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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200589datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 17, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005890740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 17, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 17, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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NAACP Secretary kOR/dg,4R \

Coming For Rally .

Vol.10-No.S9. And" NiWSsaturdayjDecember 17,1960. -Jacksonville 9Elorldal5 Cot.... ..__

TopSunday's NAACP Leaders Spark Jax Man Killed t, '

Mass Meeting Here By Hit-Run white autoist AutoA admitted School :

Mounting interest is being manifest here concerning to police Board Plans

the Sunday night public mass meeting Wednesday that he was
appearance here of UoyWllJdns,executive secretary the driver of the car ,
of the National Association for the Advancement which struck killed
of Colored People and other top leader 64year old Negro
strategists of the organization. Program gets William Agustus o-r To
underway promptly at 9 p.m.in St.Paul A. M.B. 6569 James Road. Fight Integrat.ion.-
Church, Ifyrtle and 13th. A .
sponsored by t he Patrolman J.A. Ward, :

Jacksonville Branch special hit-run acci- _,
NAACP Youth Council, r dent investigator said
it has also been announced that David Dewey: Croft
that Mrs.Ruby 61, of,5860 Morse St. Jax
NAACP Youth School Board Seeks
Hurley> the NAACP's was 'in county Jail .
Southeastern Regional charged with manslaugh: T '
.. on Counter Sit-in lii'.tlralion..R.ply-D.lay
director and Robert -- $ ., : .,
Saunders The 'investigatingsquad
of TamPatheorganization's consisting o f Although rumors.expected racial violence have Duval's Board of Public Instruction Wednes-
director will state Wards Patrolman W. E. been branded as unfounded the NAACP Youth Council day asked the U. S. District Court for a time
the enhance Squyars and Howard Mc- has issued an announcement urging Negroesto extension to Jan. 25 in aswering the National
programaccording : Roy Wilkins Veigh of the accident stay away from downtown. Association of Colored People's suit seeking.
to council Rodney Hurstyouth. ..here Sunday squad who had worked Throughout the week the FLORIDA STAR has been integration of public schools here and also
president.The around the clock to receiving a number of telephone calls from has secured-a said 'to be staunch segregation-
sponsors feel Six SitInsConvictions apprehend the hit-run_ persons stating they, had heard that citizenswere ist-Fred H. Kent as associate counsel to Elliott -
that the appearance I driver stated that being warned to keep away from downtown Adams, school board legal representativein

..here of top NAACP Croft had been a sus- after Thursday because an outbreak of violenceby the integregation suit.
leaders is both timelyand Are UpheldTALLAHASSEEThe from the youth was It was learned that
pect case's gangs expected. Of
advisable. It is A check with various the normal extension Georgia'sRegistration
beginning. sources revealed that
realized that the City there was no basis for the time for filing; answer
veteran internationally Court convictions of According to the investigators report that the to an integregationsuit I
known civil rights six Florida A and M Augustuswas youth gangs were planning any sort of violence. is 20-days under Quiz
his Another rumor to the effect that St. Attacked
pushing bicy- Luke's
leader has a wealth of University students federal court ruling.The .
knowledge and experience charged with disorderly cle along the side of Hospital has been alerted to accomodate expected request for an ex- ATHENS,Ga.-.1 federal
in combating conduct during sit- the road when killed. victims of violence was denied by the tension of time by the court Wednesday heard
the barriers confronting I' ins here were upheld Croft, a dairy workei; hospital's director, who, however, said he had board of public Instruction Hamilton Holmes,19who
second class cit- Wednesday following told Ward that he was .heard the .rumors of violence. was signedby with a fellow student,
iensalocal organization appeal to Circuit blinded by lights of A Youth Council spokesman said that althoughthe Kent, Adams, and Charlayne Butler i s
spokesman Judge Ben Willis ct. an oncoming car andat group plans to continue it's sit-in cam- Davison Dunlap. Kent seeking to enter the
stated. The students,Vincent the same time glimpseda paign In peaceful manner and it is very pos and Dunlap are said to University of Georgia,
''Mr.Wilkins guidanceand Moore, George Carter, form along side of sible thatwhite hoodlums (meaning the axe "I be affiliated with the testify that university
advice is urgently Robert Kemp, Benjamin the road. handle brigade that set off the Aug. 27 riots) Jacksonville law firm officials asked ques-
needed tyall minority Cowins, Willie Black The accused can told are planning to attempt to stop them. 'here- of Adair, Ulmer, Mur- tions about interracial

group members whether and William :fathers Ward that he felt his' fore, "he added, "there is always a possibility chison, Kent, and Ash- parties, prostitution,
they're part of our had been convicted by car bump against some- an outbreak." But such outbreaks could be and sit-in demonstrations -
organization or not," City Judge John Rudd thing and. he stopped a stopped, if the police department would do its by.Insufficient Time while interview-
the spokesman added. and sentenced each to short distance away.He job. According to Kentthe ing him concerning I his
"It is pertinent thatwe pay a $300 fine or said that he went back It was reported that the Ku KJLux KLan will 2O-day ruling requiredto application to enter
draw upon this :serve 60-days: jail. to assist the victiir: stage a cross-burning and public speaking I answer the integre- the school.Holmes .
wealth of expert advice On charges of unlawful and asked another motorist meeting Saturday night on U. S. Highway 1. gation suit on or before stated that he
from the top man assembly, Cowins, to call the .pa The Jacksonville sit-in movement is ,part of a Dec. 27 would require told the interviewersthat
in this field, the Kemp,! .ack and Mathes trol. campaign through-out the southurging' Negroesto a large amountof he had attended
speaker noted. were given suspended Croft, according t o curtail Christmas,shopping and "Save Your preparation to be mixed social parties,
"With Wilkins, Mrs. sentences of 30dayseach. Ward, decided to turn Money" to acquire first class citizenship., done during the holi- but had not engaged in
Hurley and Saunders himself in Wednesdayand In, a handbill announcing a mass meeting on day season, which he ,sit-ins nor had visited
meeting here with us City Court convic- signed a death Sunday night Dec. 17, the Jacksonville NAACP said was, a difficult houses of prostitution.It .
Sunday night, we are tions of eight Negroes statement. Croft i 3 Youth Council states" : time t o accomplish"such was disclosed that
in aposition to demon- who demonstrated in a also charged-w i t h "Please respect,our selective buying program. vital work." university members. ,
strate the unity which I :February 20 sit in failure to report an Don't buy at any of the downtown stores.We Stating that the work Walter Danner, registrar
prevails in all echelons ''and five white Florida accident.for want all restrictions based on race lift- involves complex Assistant Registrar

,national, regional State Universitystudents ed. questions of law and Paul Kea and Dr.Morris
the site of Coll-
state and branches," who partici- ier-Blocker We want. better Jobs for Negroes.We that the case involves Phelps, adninstrations
the representative pated in March 12 Negro Ju- seek equal Justice under the lav questions o f utmost councilor had conductedthe
'continued. :demonstrations agdmt n Lor College campus. We seek. human dignity and respect." importance to the .community interviews withthe,
The site is located
It is speculated that segregated lunch counters an .extensive Negro students.It .
north of Palatka and
the origin of' sit-ins, were also upheld, the board will,purchase ,Ala., Gov. ; tupidSays' solutely nothing" for expenditure of time is also revealed
outgrowth of the August by Judge Willis.Putnam the land on an Robinson1Z the American Negro. and effort were also that university officials -
reasons given by Kent had denied acts
Jacksonville riots,the installment basis ata The affair marked'
Chamber of Ccsaerce Votes interest Montgomery, Ala. the fifth anniversary and his associationsfor of discrimination a-
five-percent -
.biracial study comfedttee rate. I Here to speak before of the mass Negro the additional gainjit Negro applicants

andpresent and To PurchaseCollege.Site The board, .announcing the week long institute boycott of segregatedMontgomeri' working time. While testifying before -
Kent former member Judge W.A. Bottle
future program of the that the on non violence City buses a ,
NAACP adult and youth will be borrowed coney froma : during its final session the first of its kind of the State Board of Kea stated that he had
branches here will be local bank stated Jackie Robinson in the South which Control, conducted, a no knowledge of any
disclosed. resulted in 1956 end- trial campaign for student being denied
Falatka-Fh e school that request for castically; labeled I
A citation per.chase of state and the admission to the university
ing city govenor's
for race
outstanding board of Futnam County action was made Alabama's!: Gov. John
local segregation 1 a* v s earlier. this on over failure to
endearorin Patterson year
as "stupid"and
approved a Cla1Xie of
Monday by. Conway
.the field of civil $20,000'ash -payment the; Azelea Ct-truc- stated that Pre. which were ruled unconstitutional a tentative platform pass all phases of regulations -
frights vill be'read sident-elect John by; theU. plank pledging con- which had
for purchase of 22- tion which
during the progr I acres of land here sold the land.; Kennedy has done "ab S, Supreme Court. 'tinued school for Florida.segregation been relative adopted to transfers.in 1959'


\ .

Saturday' December 17, I960 TEE FLORIDA STAB PAGE VWOTHE .

r -

FLORIDA. STAR! r ""Politics As Usual"By

NEWS. : ; ; Eric O. Simpson .

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co TAMP.-Three plans to give Florida's four new;

."Member of Associated Negro Pn!u' 'rI wfI # { tAt congressmen to the state's populous areas were
1IIe O. Simpson TMterNews
presented to the legislature's conmittee on
C Parham Johnson .
StafJ k
c congressional re-districting last Tuesday.The .
Hilda Wooten Circulation Dapi. : 'rV
ccmni tee,headed
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: --a.-- by Sen. John Rawls of tirely in Dade, ,one to:

M2S Moncrief Road ._','_ _... EL 46782MaSin include North Da.deand
t. Marianna, heard the'

.. ? Addrerr- .,..' l plans from State Sen. Brovard County,and the

P O. Box SEll Jacksonville 1, FItideBSt'1TIOit -. ,r'f Son Gibbons of Tampa, other Southwest Dade

.y. and Monroe
----- --- the Tri-County League County.
S RATES representing D a de Gibbons and the Tri-
Ono YII:, : .CQ: Half ?cr, 53; .CO: Thrf Morihs. Ji.80
Broward Palm Beach City League also pro-
Mal': To Ycu. Arrrhre. Ta Tt" Soiled Sates w
1xhL, riptiop Pr.rbi* !n Ravi ncr S(!ntf Chrc or Mency Cider To: Mw and Alfred Linorep- posed that Hills bcrow; i

FLORIDA STAR-P. O BOH JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA .- resenting the Pinellas and Duval Counties .

County Industrial Coun have one congressman .
\// cil. each. The Industrial

You Too Can Rais. All three plans would Council's plan would

give Dade County more put Pinellas in with

A Delinquent If. than its present one Pasco and Hernando.
Gibbons also
C congressman. The Tri- proposed -

County League proposed that Pinellas, a

that Dade be split Republican strongholdbe
Juvenile delinquency FBI Director
J. Edgar
into two congressional given one congressman. -
Hoover and others emphasize, becomes a graver districts. The Tri City

problem all the time-both in the extent of the Gibbons suggestedthat League suggested that

crimes consnitted by juvenilesandlnthe crime'sseriousness.
Dade be divided Pinellas and Pasco be
If you, as a parent want to join
.y i : into two congressional combined in onedis-
the parade and raise a delinquent, there are trict.
c. districts with one of
certain rules to follow.Frank Brabant, an authority the districts includ- All three plans split
on the subject who lectures around the 1.1 r
: : ing Monroe County. the Pan-handle's third
country,. recently listed them. Here are a few: : : Line's district in two.
From infancy onward: give the child everything group proposed .
Lino EdwardH.
a three-way splitin andMayor:
he wants, so that he'll grow up thinking the
Dade with one enter Johns of Ft.Lauder-
world owes I him a living. Don't give him any WHY MOST OF THE WOULD }rROWNS* ON OUR LEADERSHIP dalerepresenting the ,

spiritual training. Avoid use of the word

"wrong"-it may give him a guilt complex. Do Tri-County Leaguesaidany

everything for him that he'll become of
so accustomed apportionment .
-- YOHT Dally
to throwing all responsibility on t o congressional seats

others. Give him all the spending money he Horoscope Guide '" ought to be ased

wants, and never insist that he earn any of his : solely on populationwith

own. Satisxy his every craving and sensual desire ; =. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR no regard to1

i -after all, denial may frustrate him.Takehis _-' IUS1NESS LOVE TRAVEL geography.

part against neighborsteachers and the Gibbons described
police. \When, he : By PABLO, Tht ASTROLOGER
gets real trouble,apologize 1 '" plan as idealisticbutsaid

by saying, "I never could do anything with him it would be the

These rules aren't hard to follow and abide best possible one the

by-great numbers of parents have, as surging Leo legislature could a-

! juvenile delinquency shows.Youtoocan produce Aries Sagittarius dopt.

a delinquent simply and easily. The thru Politics into
authorityadds Born July) 23rd Aug. 22nd 23rd thru Dlc. 21* crept
one more observation: "Prepare for a life Sat. 17th-Mutuality. An unexpected ocCasion fern Nor.Sat the hearing when State

of grief. You will be apt to have it." porn March 21 it'thru April 19th to cultivate affectionate ties should not by .the 17tb brilliant-B icon.picture You should that is be forming impressed in Sen. Nick Connor of t
be Your creative talents receivegreat
I passed up. your mind.Take action when you know you Brooksville in Hernando
Sat. 17tb-Elation. Your heart should be encouragementSUN. have a fine future ahead. County said he wanted
18th-Anticipation. The New Moon
overjoyed emotional adventure splendid : SUN. 18th-Individuality. The New Moon
byan -
1 is wonderful. symbol of the joys and plea his county split from
AS IT or unexpected tidings, or the opportunityto a new personal cycle. You should
SHOULD that in You
BEThe make a trip. I sures are store. can spread goodcheer take all necessary measures to promote the first congressional

SUN. 18th-Projection. The New Moonrj in exchange. yourself through your mind. district,which is ecu-
Mon. 19tb-CoDcesdoD. It be difficult
should open your eyes to the potentials you may Mon. 19th-Defeatism. Lack of self-con- I'
to reconcile points of view posed of Hillsborough
divergent regard- ,
possess to create a prosperous future. Wish fidence would be your greatest enemy if it
ing the family Get wise arbiter to
outlays. a
from decisive action. Pinellas Pasco and
ful thinking is of no help. prevents you taking ,
Congressional Quarterly-which is an entirely show you how.
Mon. 19thCandidacy. Your chances are Build up larger resources. Hernando.
impartial service, providing its subscribers very good, if you arc in line for a better Tue. 20th-Conciliation. Good will should Tue. 20th-Misgiving. You still may not
in with the Conner saidhis
prevail, keeping spirit that is
with factual and statistical position. It would not be wise to put too be able to make up your mind about what county
around this time.
much pressure on higherups.Tue. engendered Selfconfidenceis you should do next. It may help if you traditionally is Demo- ,
a variety of political matters-has simna- 20th-Propriety. Friends may be very your main support. can discuss your problems. cratic but the Demo-

rized the results of organized labor's>> effortsin sensitive regarding,their private and monetary 4-80-66-18-57-486'
crats in the district
the recent Congressional campaigns. affairs._ Any attempts to pry could 9-40-33-13-68-943

It makes an extremely interesting study. The cause unpleasant reactions.- Virgo. Capricorn never to defeat have been able '

candidates which the major labor political 370771964371Tam1lS Rep.William

organization. opposed' for office were 1 in the tarn Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd urn Otc 22nd thru Jan. 19th C.Cramer burgthe of state's St.Peters-only -
successful than thoseit
aggregate slightly more
Sat. 17th-Faith.The hand of fate could be Sat. 17th-Uupretenston. The less you display Republican -.
supported. In other words, a few more candidates in back of the pleasant events that should your material worth, the mare others congressman.
whom this organization considered"wrong" make this day a memorable one. Strive for will leave you alone. An unexpected devel- Conner said he i

in their voting records were elected than those. iota April 20* rani May 20at. selfimprovement.SUN. opment brings you gain. Moon didn't see any chanceto
whom it endorsed 17th-Promptitude.! React quickly if a 18th-Outcome. The New Moon SUN. 18th-Expression. The New oust Cramer in the
as "right".
surprise offer enables you to buy or sell points to a period when results may be ex- .continues to favor secrecy regarding your- future and said he
On top of that, the attempts of Mr. Hoffafs property on favorable terms. People in high pected. Thendesirability will depend greatlyon self and your monetary objectives. ,
19tb-Sturdlntslo Refuse to budgein recocmend that 4
Teamsters Union to members of Congresswho places can be reached. your past achievements. Mon. .
purge time
SUN. Mon. 19th- Skepticism. You seem to have ; the face of demands on your or his Democratic
18th-Prosperity. The New Moon county
voted for the Landrura-Griffin labor reform if this interferes with your aims.
seems favorably disposed to your personaland reason to doubt the motives of others who pocketbook be placed in district
spectacularly unsuccessful. Active be to sell a bill of goods. Friendships may be tested.
were joint economic interests. You can help may trying you This should bea which would
Tue. 20th-Arrangement a
The P.M. hours favor
by being original and you.
Teamster campaigns were conducted against 40 Mon. 19thWatchfulness. There be Tue. 20th-Method. Don't put off prepara- favorable day if you h&ve private errands Democratic congressman. -
may tions that have to do with the home and add jobs that have to be done. Do not con-
some trickery afoot if someone is after the Conner is not a
of these Congressmen. Exactly one was defeated. same goal you have selected. Outwit rivals family affairs. Waiting till the last minute fide in those who are repetitious. member of the
by using all tricks. creates much confusion. 720111582721Aquarius com
American voters-a category which: includes the your mittee.
Tue. 20th-Determination.
union rank-and-file veil the rest of pat once
as as us- have
you played your and let the. a
follow their own conscience, their own principles others flounder about in confusion. It is not libra "" t

their own private ideas of what is right wise to reveal everything.
fern 23rd! thru.Oef. 23rd
and They c 't..be led around by the nose sept.. J il1tJie
wrong. im ... 28* feu Nb. II"
by any special interest groups-whether representing emlnl Sat. 17th-Sparkle. The holiday social sea- Sat. 17tlh Communion. This should be a

labor, businessagriculture or anything son could make a brilliant start today. The delightful day for those who reach friendly carls
else torn. May 21rt thru Jun 21*. times accent tonightSUN. is on intellectual and entertaining'pas understandings. An unexpected event may

Sat. 17th It is conducive bring kindred souls together.
-Anticipation. to l -Pursuit The New
Moon is the
progress to talk about the future with the forerunner of SUN. 18tb-AJpIradon. The New Moon is
a busy
Make This A Bright Christmas one who 'expects to share it with you. Ac- correspondence and season involving much a promising omen of hopes that may soon
running around. Interest
cept brilliant suggestions.SUN. .yourself in local affairs. be fulfilled. Get yourself prepared for an
18th-Union. The New Moon should Mon. 19th exciting social season.
Buying in
the for collaboration and Mon. 19th-DlmfmlDatloli. Things that are
pave way haste
cause to overlook
may you quality or advertised for sale not live to the
mutual profit. Give up ideas of doing things inflated may up
price tags. You should be
more claims made for them. Check on price and
if others
your way. disapprove. careful and observant this P.M.
Mon. Implementation.. Work on ad- Tue. I quality before you buy.
20th-Ori&lnaIUy. Devote
ditional ways and means to add to the com- the some time to I Tue. 20th-Conversation. Be ready to accept
plans you out for this
com or reject invitations if they are made r
mon fund. Greater personal economy leadsto
ing weekend. Ingenuity can make up for today. You have to consider obligations -
larger deposits in the bank. lack of sufficient funds. may your
Tue.20th-Analysis. You tend to be carried and duties first Left follow a young executive
away by optimistic reports that do not seem 1-70-44-12-56-174 2-90-55-19-45-295 through his business career -
to have any legitimate backing. with a series of studio
cards from Rust Craft.
150991621159COCK He 'can be congratulated on
.; Sorpfe PlKM his first promotion with: "Let's
face it you had to go up."

Sat. 17th-Discovery. Opportunities .sometimes Fc his next step up the
Sat 17tl ExctHaice. uo'out as early as' ladder there is: "SO you got a
find them rather than the
should be want to
Sat tf th-Bargain. You try you
just you what can and trust looking to chance for.to lead you to first in line if interesting gifts are offered at other way around.This is that kind of a day. praise promotion.... did The you heck get a with raise the?"

cash with you.are Carry enough special prices. Do not put off jobs related. SUN. IIth-Pro.pect. The New Moon indicates As he gradually makes his
you.SUN.ll81Care..The that in line for
to 'yuletide. you are greater way to the top he can be encouraged
New Moon opens a New Moon recognition and added They can
.nerY. SUN. 18th-AHotment. The prestige. with: "You an boundto
.Wl. ti i phase when you should make your occupation suggests that you work out your budget be yours when you really strive. rise to great heights .'.'.
and well-being your main points of carefully to lessen the drain on your re- Mon. 19th-Sincerity. Doa't try devious you're so full of HOT AIR!"
interest. Imagination shows you how. tactics as they are not apt to fool anybodythis When he's about toM retire:
Moa. 1,. Interpretation. Do not be M 19fe DfedpUne. You do your loved morning. The evening should be an ."It's okay for you to retire
misled by what tells and take .
anyone you now replacement
service when teach them ideal one for social events. \ your hu
the trouble to find out for abo. ones a great "
youndf. bow to save and behave. Easy methods may Tue. 20th-Retirement This is your low' arrived. Inside a two-headed
I ration steadies you.'he..2WIIIuIrawaL. only spoil them further. period when you would prefer to be alone I Martian.
Whether you're "going over An economical wiring job can Take extra precautions Toe.;2&ta Doaestidrjv of the action and to relax for longer periods. Steer dear
the river and through the be quickly done with one-inch to guard your secrets as there are. seems to be centered around the home and of other people's_ troubles.
: woods" to visit grandmother: or Yardley polyethylene pipe as prying eyes. R.educe'your obligations: the family. Leave decorating: jobs to those
spending a quiet holiday at the conduit material Simplyrun .
the pipe one continuous .610441691614o who are artistic. FLORIDA STAR >
home a cheery yard light will. 8-30-22-14-73-832 _,
length through the basementwall .-
brighten your festive season. "
} This year's weather: gives to the cement base of the 3-40-6 -18-j2-346' -IN. EVERY, ....
of time for light fixture. The one-piece con- '
plenty a Saturday .
do-it-yourself lighting project duit "protects against water : .' > : ;; :: '_ ,- r. .. : CXH-ORED HOME _
before Chriatmss.i seepage giving.a choice \_- # .
.L '' : .
; '. } .' -
!I \ .. ;' :
,. \ :, ._' ..:.,j'- 'fZ; 1. ; ,., S




IB .. Saturday December 17, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR,

six __ U__'__ .. PAORTHMl'Boy

I ,'., : Births Edge Wedding BellsAPPUCATIONS 1 Bitty Miller 'Atf.$$ F.B. V.C

,, _, 'Girls At Brewster 1 Hiss fiettye Milder, burn and Miss Ida M.

FOR daughter of 'Mr. and Jackson.

MARRIAGE LICENSES I Mrs. St.Glair Miller, Miss Hepburn is the \

Mr. and Mrs Wallace Cleaman S. Williams 2722 has been named "Miss daughter of Mr. and

Anderson, 1509 H lnor E.Hamilton Newborn Circle., 2722 Hamilton 23 and Patricia Circle 1'; : : : Florida Business andVocational Mrs.Austin HepburnSr

Street, Girl 17. Jt College for HallandaleFlorida.
Mr. and .Mrs. Phillip RobL L. Thomas 1109 AdamsSt 1961.Coronation cere- and is now an out-

,o> f *. .Bright, 1652 W. -12th 88,-May 21 and St., 19.Vena M. Robinson. 1t : fJ monies took place last standing senior. She i

elf Street, Girl. Arthur W. Min ey. 602 W. Du- Saturday evening in attended Lanier Junior
." Mr. and Mrs. JosephJhckson,1326 val St, 25 and Alberta Kent 702 the college auditorium Senior High School of
W. Duval St, 25.
of Homesilee Primous, 1824 Louisiana A native of Claxton, Hallandale and during

.Boy. i St, 21 and Bertha L Me- Ga.,. Miss Miller is a her senior year, she
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Cray 1824 Louisiana St, 20. : MI 1959 graduate of the was rated number twenty
Nathaniel Brown. 1411. Lee St.
SamuelsRt. 4Box 443
i 18 and Doris H. Freeman. 2920 I Evans County High 'out of a class of 485.

Boy. Begonia Rd. 16. School of that city She was a member of
res, Hr. and Mrs. Bobbie James Peoples, 735 Spearing
; and is currently a the Honor Society Safety
Sheffield,3ll5 V.45thStreet St Lane. 38 and Mattie M. Under-
Y, Girl. wood 735 Spearing St Lane 34. : junior student in the Patrol and secretary

Mr. and, Mrs. Louis i Leroy McGahee 137 9th St, business administration of her class. In 1956,
of J ax. Beach 20 gad Doris O. r department at Miss Hepburn entered
Perkins 1028 Grant I
Brown. 53 S. 6th St. Jax. Beach, the
Florida Miss NorttriestelnSenior
Street, Girl. I 19. College.
of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Elmer Mitchell. 3281 BasqueDr. Miller was a memberof High School of Miami,
Tolliver,4149 Lockhart I ., 30 and Frances M. Session: the Evans High's Fla., where she servedas

Lor Drive, Boy. 1408 Grothe St, 29. ,":.:' -7/ student council,Tri- member of the Annual

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Richard Shepard, Jr., 464 HiY Club, New Home- Student Staff, head
| Franklin St, 25 and Beatrice B.
,of Dunham, 2143 McQuade Odom 1188 W. 32nd .St, 22. makers of America Association typist and reporter of

Street, Girl. '"l .... '.; "''';;-' :: 4-H Club, the Projectionist Club.
,B, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ; and served as an active Miss! Jackson, the

.. Lewis, 368 Mixon St., Ebenezer Church member of the second runnerup in

a, Girl. POPULAR COUPLE'S NUPTIALS ANNOUNCED-Mr. and Mrs. William Armstrong school chorus. Duringher the F.B.V.C. Contest,

Hr. and Mrs. Arthur Groups Plans FeteThe Sr., announces the marriage of their daughter Carole Elaine to Spen- senior year of is the daughter of Mr.

fof Braddy Gen. DeliveryJax Woman's Society cer Walter Meeks Jr., son of Kr. and Mrs. Spencer W. Meeks Sr.; the high schoolshe held and Mrs. David Jacksonof

Beach, Girl. o't Christian Service ceremony having taken place Nov. 11 in the home of the bride pa- office as vice presi- JeffersonvilleGa.She .
Mr. and Mrs. Will and The Inez B. Evans rents. Rev. Frank W. Jones, officiated. The newlyweds are recent dent and treasurer of is a graduate of

Campbell 1963 V.12th Wesleyan Service graduates of Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach. her class and receivedtwo the Jeffersonville

Street, Boy. Guild o f Ebenezer (Photo By Avery) outstanding awards Senior High School:> as
lfr. and Mrs.
:t: for having the highest an honor student. She
Kidd,2l22 Venus Court Methodist Church will I
off Boy. present Mrs.Mary Todd average in theNHA was also a member of F
lll' for the Year. the French Clubpresident -
Mr. and Mrs. Leopold McKenzie in a Trave- .
Tucker, 1444 Florida logue of her recent As a Freshman at of the 0-A Social

Avenue, Girl. visit abroad, Sunday, ;'. : Florida Business and and Civil Club, vice

off Hr. and Mrs. Arbie Dec. l8in the churchat I Vocational College she president of the 10-B

; Gibson, 1028 W. Union 6.Along. is presently servingas Savings Club, and an

Street, Boy. with the Tra- .r. secretary of the outstanding member of

Mr. and ltrs.HandsomeMcFarland velogue Mrs. McKenzie .. F.B.V.C.Boosters Club the State Future

1725 Ella will show slides of .:. and is reporter for Teachers Associationof

"", flag Street, Boy. the many places vi-i t: her class. America. In 1958,
Mr. and Mrs..WilliamsCaldwe11,1615 ;. she chosen
sited. A cordial invitation Miss Florida Business was as a

ofah W. 12th is extendedto !. representative of the
;... .". ,.. College attendantswere
Street Boy. friends of Ebene- FTA, at Morris Brown
Niss Florin Hep-
,. Mr. and Mrs Oliver zer. Members of the .' College in AtlantaCa.

Collins, 5822 Abelia Garden Clubs will be ---
Road Girl.
of interested in seeingthe
Mr. and Mrs.
t variety of flow-
fleeing 642 W. Union 4' S Sarah's Drive-In Bar B-Q ..
!.or; ers that will be .R
., Street Boy.
shown. Mrs. Lucille H
}!r. and Mrs.[ Silas
Holmes and Mrs.S.
: II :
Jones, 1766 Cleveland .rr t
Eloise Brooks Presi-
Street, Girl. Hents. CHRISTIAN GESTURE--William D. Sweet, director of the Duval County

,0f Vocational Evening School, is shown presenting a Thanksgiving basketto

Mother Mitchell. Basket was presented to the local octogenarianwith

,of Instructor compliments of the High School Review class, Mrs. Iola Parks,
instructor. More than a score of baskets were presented to various

a families the school students.
; _. byFASHION evening :

>ve 9 FORT MCCLELLAH-Second Lieutant. Carl H.Kirksey .., New
r. a 1953 graduate of Roosevelt High school and a I
[. 1957 graduate of Florida AScK University,completed Sarah s Drive-In Bar B-Q

the officer orientation course of the Chemi- GRAND OPENING Dec. 8
H. Evelyn CunninghamOne gore gathered skirts and two- satin printed silk, peau de ;
cal Corps School. here recently. piece short raglan sleeves. soie or brocade. For more ( Dancing on ''Patio-Free Eating

Lt.Kirksey was an instructor o f chemistry a t There the resemblance ends. casual wear and for the shirtdress 740 Lin. Street Jacksonville Fla.
1, Edward Waters College prior to entering 'the Anry the following fabrics
He is the son of Mr.andMrs.Leander A.Kirksey of of the biggest selling' are suggested: shantung, I

'.fI West Palm EeachFla. points. of making your own The cocktail dress has a synthetic mixtures,lightweighttweed
clothes is the fact that a
.. ... wedge neck, deftly accentedby worsted or flannel.
-.c ,. number of garments can be
made from a single pattern. a jeweled pin near the TOYS TOYS !
For the most part however shoulder. The shirtdfess hasa Now is the time to plan your
home sewers make changes in small collar button trimmed holiday wardrobe. And what
fabric, seeking little variationin front and a bodice band. The better way than to choose one

I NC : ''', :;- .. State & Pearl Seafood House line. A new color a different wedge neckline is held in pattern with three versatile NIP N SOL

<., T SEAFOODS SHORT ORDERS SOFT DRINKS fabric make the same design place by elastic stays. versions. You're sure to have
.;. y ICC CREAM LATE LUNCHES BREAKFAST look original. outfits with individual flair
._ ., SERVED AT ANY TIME when you sew and it's an Sporting Goods Inc.

:. MOSE AND MATTIE MAE SMITH. O.&"ATO.. The third version of the imaginative venture when you .
Pattern makers have be- dress has a high jeweled choose color, fabric and style. 1844 West 45th.-Street
neckline and can be worn The button-tab shirtwaist in
and alert
come more more to .
makes a daytime dress Next To 45th St. PACKAGE STORE -
the value of offering wider with or without a belt. All jersey
shown here. One of the
three "bodice interest"dresses as
freedom of choice to home
At time depend on the sleek vividly bright wools makes the PHONE PO 5-7222
sewers. one a pattern
fit of the line back jewel-necklined dress ideal for
s held to hard and fast rules long-
zipper by Talon. And Talon'snew afternoon teas, "little evening"parties.
and instructions. There was
.- For elegant DOWN PAYMENT!IE
no room for experimenting and Magic Zip is as easy asA NO
making small changes. Evenan -B-C to apply with a choose the open-neck- Z TERMS!
experienced dressmakerwas woven sewing guide line and lined dress and one of theseason's .

reluctant to stray from simple instructions to follow.As rich brocades or
handsomely colored satins.
the cut and dried instructions.Over .
open This is only one of McCall'sPatterns' PAY Next Year !
the holidays withGordon's. : a cocktail dress sug- in-an-envelope.many"
gested fabrics are taffeta,
became a period of time it SHOP With US FIRST And Be SatisfiedATTINt40M !
that the home
apparent .-
sewer by hervery interestin

the gin that's sewing could be offered ,- .; S
more leeway by pattern makers. !
She was then able to widen a 1!
191 old! '
years collar here add a dart there BF FMn.OP

s A_'" _. without fear of completely m. A MAGNOLIA GABDEK& FtOBADALE RBAULT MANOR.

ruining the whole project.It $ .! I .CLEVELAKD UZZOBT8 AND ADJACENT AREAS

'f : You Do Not HOT. To Go To Town To Buy Your Drug Store

L,..AT naturally followed that JI- Raids You HOT A CompltU Drug Star IB Your
patterns eventually included s x Own Neighborhood I
pieces for two, three and four I
versions of skirts bodices 1'y
T j '

A : .. and variations.each blouses.provided Combinationsof endless ; \ tA J r Mer Von's .Pharmacy

': 2 2t
", ,. 1 .. 1McCa11'e 2735 WEST EDGEWOOO AVENUE
'" ---}'>- Depicting 'two completely :a kf F (Located-rfart: Helm cod Want Fustrol Horn)

: I different -moods are the two ,... 0w8M AeO,.,.,..
dresses shown here. Yet both t t t 5-1582
were made from the same pat- PO
tern (McCall's Pattern No. ;! Y i .: 59267FETE '
5557).This Misses' and Junior ''' \ "" ":..
-- '3537 : _
; comes with three seen ia casual 'A-o.
distinct versions. Neckline news on McCall's mood.Soft jersey Bakes the dress orrEIDICJ YOU. :
Pattern 5337. Junior 9-1 aDdMisses' for this version with its small
" v pointed collar HOE DP AND DBUVERY SESV1CSPmafrHcm
E 4 1016. 65* An elegantbrocade and neckline button
>. dress la cut with an tab. For an eves' more basic
neckline fashion sake the And Other 5tor litatfOOaHOOAHt
The shell brocade Interesting wedge jewelry Deck-
_-s.cocktail.' dress bodice. Short sleeves are raglan: line version. All views have unusual > ,
far '
DISTILLED LONDON DRY GIN. foci NEUTRAL SPIRITS DISTILLED M. HOM the mauve'pool a cry bodice Is fitted by darts and the net Ia raglan sleeves. Neat .:f'. Iw.. FBI Any ***3n Fr lytl
GRAIN, CO PROOF. GORDON'S DRY GIN CO. LTD UNDEN. NEW JERSEY I 1t&o.m jersey whole Is fathered to a foil sweep bodice fit Is achieved with a 24
shirt dress. Both. ,have four- of skirt. inch Matte Zip by Talon. "'r'c' : : ; ",-;.
.: ,".... t I' S. .' -
.. _.::.oF',. .," 1'F. ,. -


.. ; .
3 '


b '. :

: .' .' :
: < 'y..:',5 ; ; ., : j'I.

Saturday, December 17,-J.HO"" .j',;" -: L.o \:> ,'-" THt FLORIDA, STAR : ,::-.;:,: :. PAGE FOUR i

.. .'

Interest In Holy Communion: .: F %: : : U.. C Members,

SJaied l SundayAt .
Rome Visit : Fountain K r- New Past op. Meet .

fleers and members

AME of Union
Worldwide'ous Fountain Chapel Conmimity
Church will celebrate AME Church met with
Holy Coll union Sunday their new pastor,Rev Pro
news in recent yean hat later H. Hollls Hooker Tue&
worldwide during a '. Sallfi
aroused mow immediate : service, Rev. Frank > 4 night in the church's

interest hope and specu- W. Jones, pastor announced : .. .. first conference.The long
lation than the announcementthat All officers z' :-
Dr. Geoffrey Franc bl and meobers- are urgedto held i n conjunctionwith to tDuvap ,r

Fisher Archbishop of Canter b e present and .j ;\,"". .a I :; class meetings.

bury, would gay? a visit to friends are invited. An inspirational: AguA.
Pope John XXIII in Home Sunday school beginsat ;- .;.' ,. er meeting and song I c

early in December. 9:30 a.m. and the -, ':;:: service was held prior Te

Announced in London October superintendent is asking .: ;; :{ to the business meeting cam'

. 81 the welcomed attendance .... -' .
near was a large -, I' :} .. for
by'many churchmen around the The consecration All officers were Sa]
world, but was greeted with services' mes- =: .'h. tt -: reelected and addi- J

reservations by others. sage at 11:30 a* m* ." tional members were sit:

The Archbishop's journeywas iWill be delivered by ., ,',"", : added to serve in various maj<
to extend November 22 to the pastor. T : C other capaci- Urn

December 3;"first taking him At 3:30 p. in*, theSunday 4 ties. and
to Jerusalem to call on Hi..Holineas School A
super- Flans are already
Benediktos Orthodox
- intendent, officers underway for makingthe
Patriarch of Jerusalem, whilea
guest of the Most Rev. members, and friends NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE-Participants in recent Taeposiun inspect the communications equip- new year's pro- Frj

Campbell MacInnes, Anglican will participate in ment which linked two major Negro medical schools in histo ry-making conference. Some 700 gram under the able wonMrs]

Archbishop in Jerusalem. Next the 44th anniversary physicians gathered at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama w Nashville's MeHarry Medical Col- and capable Rev.
he would travel to Istanbul to program of the Sunday lege on December 7 to hear lectures on recent advances in heart disease. Shown Hookes most outstand- the

visit His All Holiness Athena- School. Members and Meharry are (standing, L. to R.) Dr. John Thanas,associate professor and director here of the at ing and the" full cooperation thewhef

goras I, Ecumenical Patriarchof friends are also reminded heart station; Dr. D. T. Rolfe, dean of the medical school; C. Egelston of L from all
ede rle
the Orthodox Church, who of the evening Laboratories which sponsored the meeting; and (seated) Dr. Ralph J. members i s desirousin RoslUl
professor and
ranks as first among equals of service which '.begins chairman of the pharmacology department.. fulfilling all
the Eastern Orthodox officials. at 7 p. BU goals.

Patriarch Athenagoras is making Is Conversation Class meetings, sche- Gr -
such efforts for church uni- Mount Zion'sSunday Mt. Calvary'sAnnual duled on a weekly basis
Musicale By Of Bible 1- Way?
ty that he has suggested that School'sPlay will be held on

the Pope should be considered! Suicides Tea NEW YORK-The Bible is a Tuesday nights, and a
as "first equals" of the Choir SundayA .
among Sunday word to full attendance of LyLj1 =
living speaking us
world's Christian leaders. WEST BERLIN, GermanyHundreds membersis
Here SundayThe leaders
When the 73-year-old Arch of suicides have been pre-Christmas musi- A Christmas play now, emphasizes Presiding requested. y

bishop of Canterbury and the prevented in the last four years cale will be presented entitled, "The Hidden Bishop Arthur Lichtenbergerin

79-year-old Pope greeted each by the Berlin branch of the Sunday at 8 p.m.in the Manger," will be presented anniversary tea an editorial for Universal
other in Rome, it would be the auditorium f Greater 6 Bible 'V celt December 4-11.
Order of St. Luke the Physician o by Mt. Zion ARE of District o f Mt. dE
first meeting of men in their international Protestant Macedonia Baptist Church Church's Sunday Calvary Baptist Church : Written for the American Christians ToMeet

respective offices since the year Sponsors are Choirs 3, School Sunday at 9/:30 will b e celebrated Bible Society, the message de- SundayThe
with head-
1397, according to Anglican Episcopal group Choir 2 o f Payne Cha- a.m. An invitationhas Sunday from 4-6 p.m. thDo
records: In that Arch- in San Calif. clares: "When we read the
year, quarters Diego, AME ChurchChoir
pel been extended to in the church's lower
bishop Arundel saw Pope Bene- So West Berlin Radio, Bible in. faith, we immediately Palm Chris-
says of Day Spring Baptistand parents, members and auditorium with an Royal C
dict XIII. commending the unit for its Choir 2 o f Redeem friends to attend. impressive slated become involved. tian Club holds its
Encouraging to many has special telephone service giving Baptist will partici- for the occasion. Bishop Lichtenberger quotesthe regular monthly .meeting ce}

been the establishment of a new spiritual counsel to would-be pate on the program.Worker Organizations me tubers Rev. D.T. Niles' description Sunday at 3"p.. min .
Catholic Church Secretariatfor suicides driven lonelinessand *
by the ",ere! of- Mrs.
I friends and the of the Bible as written by
Christian Reunion, directedby lack of human contacts. I Evelyn Crfa:n, 1474 Lee
Augustin Cardinal Bea, a West Berlin has three suicidesa \ / public is invited. men engaged in conversationwith St. Member: are requested -

German Jesuit. Its secretary, day and approximately eight 1i_- God, a conversation be- to be on time

Msgr. J.G.M. Willebrands, was attempted suicides, but manyof Mrs. D. B. Pruitt tween God and man that is since important mat- sIT r%
observer at the World Council the latter saved Cbtitina 1tssagt hS
an are being ; always going on.. He continues: ters will be transacted
\of Churches meeting in September by this service. / \ Passes In N.Y. c. I "That conversation which is Xrs. Mary M.
o' '"at St. Andrews, Scot- Formed in England in 1947, I960 always going on between God Dixon, president and _
land, and he is regarded as the the non-monastic order has and man involves everyone. Often Mrs. B: Woods, eecrer '
instigator of the Rome meeting. clergy, physicians,' psychia- The many friends Beale of evidently, it is a one-way fiery, anro need.
After the St. Andrews meet trists, nurses and laymen as IS WITH US; this is what Christmas Mrs. Dolores conversation.
ing, Dr. Fisher wrote in his members. means. God is the Lord of all life; He is Pruitt, former -r

"Diocesan Notes": working out His purpose now in the eventsof known Jaxon, will beshocked" -- .. o ri
: to learn of Oy EN f RQI WR
"The pace is quickening. We Sweetfiefd's Dist. history. --
must enter into the unity of Looking at the world as it is today, can her passing which occurred -

spirit with Baptists, Congrega- 4 Meets Sunday you believe this? Is this what you mean during the LIGHT AUTOMAflCALLYS a
tionalists, Methodists, Presby- along with many other good but lesser things Thanksgiving holidaysat
terians and even Roman Catho- District 4 o f Sweet- when you say Merry Christmas? I hope so. her residence in
Church For then will know the joy of Christ-
field Baptist you
lics. We,all know that we must New York City.
get together and learn to like meets Sunday at 8 p.m. mas, a deep joy which the circumstances of The popular J axon was
in the home of Rev.and your life cannot destroy. MATCHLESSNORGE
to be together before we can of the daughter of the
Christmas is more than a season goodwill *
seriously grow together." Mrs.Burns;563 Harrison a time when we think how desirable late Horace Beale Sr. Q

St. A full membership peace is, a time when we try to be some- and Mrs. Gertrude

Florida StarAdrertIurs attendance i s reques- what more thoughtful and kind. It is, rather, Beale who now resides
ted. a time when we celebrate the coming of in New York City. She FULL-SIZE 36"RANGE v
Christ into the world; we see His life and w
was for many years a -
death and resurrection as a pouring out of GAS '
loyal member of Shiloh 1. o
FLASH FLASH FLASHHave the spirit of God upon all men. God has ---=
entered His world. As He gave Himself in Metropolitan Baptist with the big
the coming of" Christ, so He .gives Himselfnow. Church, and had been 6S

Your Drag & Prescription Needs He: waits for us to turn to Him, to baptized as a memberby w..;: 21" OVEN
work with Him in His purpose for the world. its pastor, Rev.A. .
Filled At The To keep Christmas is to see in Christ B. Coleman.She Model RG-G-600
both our judgment and our hope. To keep jJ4\ '
to mourn: .
REYNO PHARMACY Christmas is to accept that 'Judgment and Pruitthusband J'x," 1
live freely and unafraid in that hope. Jerome PULL-OUT A great new vatue-only oh :
5- year old Yolando SPEED BROILER J

Edgewood Ave. at Avenue B Denise Fruity daughter BIG 21* Balanced Heat 199 S -.
The Rt. Rev. Arthur Lichtenberger, DD. Mrs. Gertrude Beale, OVEN

Phone PO 8-3497 For Fast FREE DeliveryWe -. Presiding Bishop mother, all of New COMPARTMENT BONUS STORAGE
Protestant Episcopal Church York and Mrs. 'i f
Present City, .:
Proudly SATIN-FINISH 4 Only 510"I M.'J.
Maude Beale, grand- STA-COOL HANDLES
3 Outstanding Registered PharmacistsTo
11Itl motherof 618 Beaver NEW DECORATOR ''t .
Serve You ItIl Street Jacksonville. STYLING Y 'V" ,

Bishop Heads ACU Interment was in New
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya NEW YORK-The Rt. Rev. York City.CanOpener.

-M R- To alleviate its clergy shortage, William i i Francis Lickfield, I I FREE FREE FREE

r he Anglican Church in Malaya Bishop of Quincy (Illinois), is Not

plans to use worker priests, the new president the Amer- Recommended '

;8 men'ordained to the priesthoodbut ican Church Union, largest un- CAPETOWN, South Africa"Don't Installed with 2-100 Ib. T Tanks Gas
iI. continuing their normal i
secular official teaching organizationof use can-opener to ii i
employment. They must the 'Episcopal Church. He open," read the instructions on
I. undergo long training and NEW NEW l K -
; pass
was elected at the annual meet- a waterproof zinc container
tests, should be men of good WARM *R THAW NO-SPILL
here in for the
ing October, succeeding holding a new organ
education.; Spencer Ervin of,Philadelphia. Anglican church on desolate OVEN CONTROL COOK TOP

.1 Tristan da Cunha island off
r '......,..... Keeps meals hot for
------ the South African coast. Reason -
SMART CHRISTMAS BUYS thai this hours without drying __ '
was gift
organ out! Perfect for heat- f -
J>r. C. Brewington Dr. C. Williams Dr. C. B. Florence, TOYS COSMETICS 1PEGGIE'S from Queen Elizabeth II was ti4
ing roils warming Smoothly raised edge
the second she had
REMEMBER-TTS SMART TO SHOP AT REYNO .... one plates and thawing around range top _
; The first one was, accidentally
VISIT OUR COMPLETC SURGICAL APPLIANCE DEPT. frozen foods! catches all spillovers. -
SUNDRIES dropped in the ocean during
For expertly trained and experienced fitting service. We unloading, so this one was

hem babies UMBILICAL BELTS, TRUSSES, ELASTIC STOCK 1055 DAVIS STREET sealed in zinc but safeguarded OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL 9 :!! :ttr'
INGS and related items. against hasty opening that
might damage the instrument.
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Drug Store For All Your Needs ." C 0.m crLicsEAS0 *bare pourC&rtetma

R4ht In Your Own Area .

Xmas Need* -Gifts-Cosaerics-DecotrJion; t3 ICE t FUEL co.H *

100% Colored Staff NOfWOOO AVL fNOtK M.MSIt f '. -< 829 PEARL ST. PHONE, EL 6-0489




E i' I 7

.. ,'J y. : : : .. .
.' .
... -" : .
r, ,Deceaber 17, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Fire

-rri -.ter. p __ ... .>.
,1.,1J' ""
f = f ', About People II
''I '

j ?5i .

'_ Ir ,,,Mrs. Beatrice Will jamspopular organist at Zion .

I *. By. Louise Guinyard Hope Baptist Church was cited during an appreciation -

?lies of two future debs,Agatha Roberts and i I S 'fir'4T e program in her honor Monday nightin
w.iTha h the church auditorium. Sponsors were Choirs
Solomon in sS ,
Marilyn are presented our h
twoaI! k 1 and 2 and the female chorus of the church.
column before the big event.These'

with 19 other young ladies, will be the Ik
: *
ipals of Les Treize Andest Debutante Ball T

held Friday evening, December 23, in the
Armory w 4 Scout Jessie L. Nipper received Scoutings high-
est honor Dec. 7 at Shiloh Baptist Church when
a. Robertsdaughter of Rev. and Mrs.Janes i
Court of Honor ceremonies he receivedthe
:rts, Sr., is a junior music major at .I during ,
essee A. & I. CollegeIn addition to other' Eagle Scout Award. .
activities, she serves as accompanist A

the college choir. .
lye Marilyn Solomondaughter of Mr.and Mrs The Iris Garden Circle met Thursday in the home
of Mrs. James Johnson,1358 W.18 St. with Mrs.
s H. Solomon, is a student at Fisk Univer-
'. A member of the sophomore class, she is M Morrissette as hostess. "
A X *
>ring in English.

LI the ball, we bid The Thirteen Friends" -i :I' ___.
.the 1960 Debutante Coteria "Adieu." ; The Long Branch Home Demonstration Club net
in the home of Mrs.%
# # # # # # Wednesday Myrtle Jones,927
L I Scrivcn St. Garments were collected for pre-

sentation to hospital patients and visits were
day evening found_many of us having a '
f srful time in the Ribault Heights home of ..,. planned to various hospitals.

Catherine Thomas Jackson.The occasion was ."II[ ,' 'fi-r "m'r. .,
December of the Gems Club ,,,...... .
Bridge ..
meeting ""!' ....'. ..-'- :. ': .r"v'- '-,:. ,, _. Bridge Club In
.' '" ; -
members exchanged gifts of handkerchiefs. .:, 1 .
sts were plentiful and included Mrs. Cora Recent MeetingThe

r> Mrs. Doris Bennett, Mrs.Virgie GrayMrs. < 4 I ..,Y' t -
Le B. Blackshear, Mrs. Mable Jones, Mrs. last regular
Lne Jackson, and Mrs. Coretha* Wilson.>Irs. Icf1J meeting of the year

y was top scorer among guests. was held recently by
|ub members present included Mrs.Lois Avery, the Los. Diamontes

I. fyrtice King Thomas Miss Marian Sutton, A 'Bridge Club with J Mrs

.. Marie McClain, Mrs. Susie Thompson, Mrs. : Wilhelmenia Hampton

La Sweet, Mrs. Alvenia Scriven, and Mrs. serving a s hostess.

an Davis. Mrs. Davis, Mrs Thompson, ands Guests present were
Sutton were winners of club prizes. Mrs. Lillian Davis,
* '- i Mrs. Catherine McKinney -

and Mrs.I Lucille

;very appropriate and timely selection of Harper.
fts was available to members and guests of Following the busi-

:re Nous Bridge Club which met recently in ness meeting, roundsof

home of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Stewart. Mrs. ? bridge were played
is Bennett, Mrs. Ruby Humphrey, and Mrs. Prize winners were

la Thompson, winners of club prizes, re- Mrs.! Luvenia Newman

ved items of Christmas decorations. MEET HER MAJESTY--Mrs.Eloise McLaughlin! wears a contented snLLjLeana rightly sobecause she and Mrs. Frances Wai-

Ruth Bonner and Mrs. Ruby. Dwight were has just been crowned "Mother Queen" after having reported the largest number of paid mem- den. ;Mrs. Lucille Harper

fests, with the latter winning the guest prize. bers during Forest Park School's recent PTA membership drive. In lower photothe Homeroom won the guest

# Queen and court pose for picture.Shown from left areMrs.Rutha M.DixonMrs.Marie Argrette, prize.

.teacher of winning homeroomPTA President H.B.Starker; Eddie J. Moore standing in for Don Many lovely gifts

|he entire membership was present when The Dewitt of WOES; Lawrence Jonesinstructor of third place class; Mrs.Sarah SmithMrs.Hannah were showered upon baby -

art Set net recently in the College Gardensof Rogers and Mrs.Annie R.Richardscnsecond and third place winners who served as queen's at- Melody Forte.daugh-

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Brooks. tendants. ter of Mr. and Mra
Nellyvonne T.Hussell,Hrs. Vivian Holmes,
d Mrs. Norma Bland were prize: winners. Raymond Forte. The
*, Sit-ins Whites Atlanta 1 club will sponsor a
I BurnsClubHonors; Wedding Bells social Thursday Dec.

Vo guests were present wh Kelvinettes met I
turday night in the Seventeenth Street home APPLICATIONS FOR
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Harper. Mrs. Gertrude L. MARRIAGE LICENSES 2-Way lice here reported.
Wife -_A rhubarb RadiosAtlanta
yies was top scorer in the guest category, SundayThe developed between Negro James A. Ford, 310 Stewart St. Demonstrating youths
though both received prizes. sit-ins whose demonstration .andSaphronia Patterson, 310 confirmed the report
Irs Doris BennettMrs.Pauline avisand Mrs. had closeda Stewart St. 62. --- Thanks to that the communica-

rothy Oliver. were winners ,of club prizes.scasionally D.B.Burns auxilia-Club and variety store segregated St.Willie, 35 and J. Robinson Larcenia Bowens 1923 W., 1923 12th the electronics age, tions cars have been
districts and student sit-in demon-
* lunch counter here W. 12th St., 37. operating here since.
ries will sponsor a Luther B. Rosier, 1595 W. 22nd strators here have Nov. 25.
shower for the Sweet- Tuesday and a group of St, 46 and Lucy L. Stokes. 1595 benefit of on-the-
field Baptist Church white youths,it was re- W. 22nd St, 60. communications A n adult-student
I have periods of reflectionsd ported. Daniel Merritt 1365 FranklinS committees staff haw
or experiences that I like to share with pastor and wife Sunday Three Negroes were 72 and Leila Williams, 1365 systems. set up an all-citizen
night. Franklin St., 53. While student demonstrations -
readers. Although some of the thoughts re- reported hurt in t h e John H. Hammonds, 1543 Francis employmentA
aled may not be new to some readersI am al- 10-minute hassle which St., 18 and Esther J. Randolph, go on, n adult-student
lys hopeful of striking a sympathetic chord ended before arrival cf 712 Court C, Blodgett Homes, 15. two autos, equipped coamittees staff have
others. WORSHIP police.The fight occurred Irvin Edgecombe, 1026 State with two-way radio set up an allcitizens -
!St., West Palm Beach, Fia, 59
systems now patrol
[Over a period of years I have found myself en- THIS WEEK at a F.W.Woolworth I and Leola Taylor, 1411 Steele St., downtown streets here employment groupto
jed in several unrelated occupations and pur- supervise secur-
Ing a variety hobbiesranging from paint- 58.Willie Lang, 2930 Flanders St., to check on the suc- ing jobs for Negroes,
31 and Myrtle L. Alexander, 916 cess of the sit-ins, fired by white employees

g to crocheting.Inasmuch as I have found all'r HOLLEY'SBARBQUE .
Reiman St, 25.Florida and to give instruc- '
these experiences basically satisfactory, Iow who are opposedto
tions to in
conclude that a part of my philosophy ;> Star groups sit-ins.
.fe must be necessity include the pursuing 1 Advtrtiftrs any certain spot, po- .

id participation in as many enjoyable activities -

as possible. This brings me to my newest .

raze, modern art, which began with my crit- BUSTER BROWN. 5 .
cism of several modern paintings in the pres-

?nce of one well informed in the field.
'4 of arts studied several .Annie Reddick
survey sourse, years Leroy HolleyProprietor ;" :
"'0, was not sufficient to develop my! apprecia- Waitress' .:

Ion along this line, so I questioned the acceptance -
"Bar-B-Que that's different" AJ
of llcrazyltlines and "conglomerations"
)f color and designs as works of art. In fact, PORK RIBS WITH CURLI-Q Potatoes
made it a practice to look at such paintings 3604 Moncrief Rd. Near 26th St.
Briefly, CRITICIZE themand move on. This time

lowever, the very patient art scholar suggested

at I take a real look at the paintingnot '.
ust a glance, and upon doing SQ found that < Center

(the picture seemed' to "light up" in the back-

round and I the that .
got feeling "something"as
Myrtle Ave and Adorns Wionc EL 4-1468
(as Discoursing furt erI found a suit-

a1tle explanation of and definition for modern .

[art: "Modern art tends to pursue in divergent $5.99to

(directions the two basic aspects of the art of FAMOUS Co, -
[painting, tom and content. If a painter cor-.' MAYPOITWHITHING MULLETROE $8.50According
Ties nothing derived from life experiences it : To SizeS

[is sheer decoration. If on the other hand it little gal can wear the strap

[merely copies life without translating such ex- I.cil n Slrie.u1 a h OesnC IITID'S Lb.89c. wee t asYour her heel or in front of her
periences into forms proper to its mediun, .it -; \J ankle..tb3t'part of the beauty.of .

[is nothing more than illustration, paler than Lhy.. h IUWT this Buster Brown swing-strap

|life, and without the impact of or the new: experience IOE' -. ::-: ... r: : &ttie.They're soft and comfortable
implicit in any work to vhich we give tl Y. '- '.4.,: too...carefully fitted by th.. -

the name of art." LARGE ROE: MOlLET ,_ .LB. 29c Buster Brown 6-Point Fitting Plan.' "" '-t t-

With lectures from a couple of art teachers, BUCK SHAD ... . LB. 35c ,
the reading of several books on the subject,
including ART APPRECIATION MADE SDfPLEby JohnP. ROE SHAD! ... . .LB. 49c '
216 W.Alms Opn...... *rrUar TO f 1
'Sedgewick Jr., Ph.D..and with the aid of
an indulgent husband who permits me the use of +'.Y A. Genuint Virginia FLOUNDER LB. 39c t" 914 E+.M.i. a prQR /. .:::St.jM Aw.-
his paints, brushes and other equipment, I am 772 N.rtli UctvMd Aft. (PAXONC&fTtt)
: ,
<0,w tta y HJN TB t 1YWt.
off to periods of relaxation moderV* .
through _. = trr. LI.. 49c, .
art., ; SPECKLED TROUT -= .. LB. ."... .. .. .UtMy'N..1tote-P..... Iiltway llitI
.. .
'..-...,.--- wwr' 49.c'I .: -.., -
\ I t


,a -

,:;.,, : '_' ,_ ."IO-- !. :;,,,,:, .... -- --" :it-:,

= -'

Saturday, ,December 17, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR
... .
# -- .

Federal :InvestagathnSought Deaths


In Miss. Beating And

BATESYILLE, Miss Ihs Southern Conference !i -

Educational Fund has called ,for an immediate Funeralsaarxrre.aaggie

federal investigation of the charger by a 12-

year-old Negro girlLynda Faye KuykeaQall,ttat
she was brutally beaten by a merchant and a j
412 E. St.
ii. local police official.. ,, BOSTON-Mr. Roes
In letters the rh
to of
3820 Stuart St
Department, of Justice Scores Low OWERMrs.Sarah
and the U. S. Commission 1031 Lee St.

en Civil Rights .f. THOMASMro.of Elo
Rent Housing :
Dr.James A.Dombrowski 307 W. King S1
: ,executive director of MITCHELL-Mr.Charl

SCEF, quoted an affi- i of 2135 Davis St.HRINPLEYMred.

davit by Willie Kuy- GARYInd-Cooperative ]
kendall of Batesville leadership by the local of 2811 Everson 5

Coahoma County, Mississippi NAACP here has I tia ROBERTS-Mrs.Nanc]
accusing Leo led to a significantlow 471 E.47th St.SHIPPMrs.Hinnie4.

Daniels,manager of the rent housing victory I )
;(4 ..,. Sterling Variety Store in this cityno i r .1f I J 1j 1711 Barnett St.BARNESMre.Fanni.

and l.C. Scales, the table ibrits shortageof <

town Marshal of hitt- low cost dwelling 1744 W.15th St.
ing his daughterLyndaFaye. units. a HHBHHI Hiv /mL MILTON-Mra.Minniel

:a@ Working i n concert REUNION Jax recent annual Florida State AJLU boxing tournament 1509 Madison St.WILLIASMr.Jane.

Scales was accusedof with the NAACP national brought forth a reunion of former servicemen buddies here.Shown stand- !
509 Everson, St.
hitting the girl office and other ing from left are: A.E. (Al) Wise, former Amy correspond Julius SOLCMON-Mrs.Robe

A H* .f Ik. ...- e.e to with ablack jack, resulting groups herethe branch Guinyard, former services Golden Gloves champ and member of the sponsoring 104 Callen St. ] ,
t II... ..tatzaetU 7 eaas in "her face efforts resulted i n Recreation
organisation Jacksonville Department Leon Hall of
Atn.rtcui who ukt. .., ; St41fH-Hre.Maggie,1,12 )
wintry tat ear ee1UIJtJ and head being so the scheduled rehabilitation Fort Denning, tourney middleweight Open Division champion and 1958 Ashley st.
ft INUer plate to wl.dl&e Itft swollen she was required of a 552-unit All-Army middleweight titleholder Ed Crook, 1960 World's Olympic BROWN-Mrs.LUlianl;

to remain in garden apartment development middleweight champion and coach of tourney winning Fort Campbell, Ky. 1625 E. 28th StreePRAYLOWMrs.Harri

** *- the hospital for three previously boxing team; Larry Jones, Fort Benningtwo time All-Army middleweight

days. closed t o Negroes. champion and coach of team which won Novice Division and Billy DePriest of 11Q3 w.- 26th St

the two men accused Ironicallyt h e pro- former simon pure great who assists Jones with Denning fighters. WOODS-Mr. Ishneali

ie'ie.' Lynda Faye of stealing ject was unoficially' (BILLY BROWN PHOTOS) Columbia County.ROBERTSVictoria.
some candy. This she slated for demolition ,<

iCiC denied. : Winokur,.Ga.kOODSMrs. .

Kuxkendall stated 'as a "slum.'The F.H.A. Honor Society Sentenced For Private School Mary Lj

ie.11c. that his family ,will now spend $8,524 Winokur, GaCUMCLJGSLizzie.
troubles with local. to refurnish it. Taps FAMUANS Aiding Prisoners. B,
officials started Set-Up PushedIn 318 E.Union Street.
after he had tried Tallahassee i v e BunneULawrence CORBITT-Mr.Charles

unsuccessfully to reg- Florida A&M University Smith, a Jaxon being 1462 Windle St.GRIGGSMrs. .
ANN WILLIAM S* iC ister to vote. He .. ; students were held on a moonshine New OrleansA Evelt

Duval Vocational rtc stated that he has received BrittainOutlaws tapped for the Alpna charge with Tony Park- of 1509 W. 8th St

Tribute is paid ti \ many threaten- Kappa Mu National er and Joyce Jones, small Negro BRABHAM-Mr. Eddie,

Ann Williams of the ing telephone calls,a Honor Society through aao received a 'six- I 'girl marshal, holding and the guarded hand by of a 100 U.S.ormove 913 Dora St.MARSHALLMrSc..
She is a Kappa Iota Chapter months jail sentence I
12th grade. tc threat to burn his policemen returned Monday Si
member of the Glee house down, and on Racial Bias here last week. from Flagler County to a white school. of 820 E. 5th St.CRAIGl' .

Club, Cosmetology Department Saturday nightNov.27a The local chapter of Judge Dulane Deen for William The lone Frantz Negro student at the s. Celia,|
and choir at the honor society having aided two Negro school and three
f cross was burned Negro girls at McDonogh No. 19, 573 Caroline St.
Emanuel Baptist.. near his house. London--A bill was held a reception for prisoners escape symbolize the firm stand of fed. GREENE-Mr.; Willi
passed here last the spring semester from the stockade here eral authorities that New Orleans St. Augustine.
*.**** !!!t- 7lry Ike Picketed week making it ille- honor roll students Sheriff Homer Brooks 'schools must be desegregated. AUGUSTUS-Mr. Will
60 The Louisiana
By Legislature, intenton
r-. --7..t'. gal to discriminate of the 1959-60 school stated. preserving school segregation of 6569 Jammes Rd.

... ..t, PiI&S Negroes In Go. against any person term during its initiation Officers reported speedily approved an emergency BUGGS-Mrs.Georgia
'7' ,""" because of race, religion services.Dr. that Smith, who was bill in a Sunday session, providingstate 1757 Venus St.
'" : ; aid for who
Augusta, Ga.--- Protesting or color in Jack Whiteasso- being held with his private pupils schools.prefer attending KOHN-Mrs. Bernice

{\. 1 \-'.;.,:.!f; against segregation its first approval by ciate professor of companions o n the All of the approximately 500 3451 Wilson: Rd.
I fl' 60-Negro Brittain House of surgery Howard Uni- moonshine chargetiokjail white students at McDonogh have BROWN-Mrs. J'
boycotted the school since federal
'. '4F. college students Commons. versity Medical Col- block keys to the court ordered integration a effective of 5317 Spring G
", picketed President Prohibited from.making lege, Washington, D. cellblocks and helped Nov. 14. Only 10 white studentsout
iCIe Eisenhower's vacation such acts wouldbe C., encouraged the Johnny Galvin .and of some 500 enrolled at the Pd.PATTERSONHra.Sar
f'", "' here for to Frantz school, were jn attendanceat
headquarters bars, hotels, base students to strive Jessie Ravenal escape
the school at the week's end. of 1044 Line St.
it JUANITA HERMAN the first time Sat- I s, restaurants, obtain their own potential Smith still faces the RUSH WORK ON SCHOOLS BLOCKER-Mrs. Lula

t Duval Vocational urday. dance halls, boarding not to attempt illegal whiskeycharge Moving quickly to meet the ex of 2245 Lewis St.
Although the President houses and all public to reach the a- pected demand for private schools, .
iC Pepsi Cola Dealers did not see or places. chievements reached- volunteer workmen rushed repairs LAVIND-Mr. Ezeki<
salute Sunday on a building >suburban : of 1497 W. 10th St.
( Juanita was informed of the by others. He spoke to Buying Ban Arabi to be used for some of the
BELL-Mrs. Lula
( the 11-2 class.Sheis group's presence, it the student body in white students boycotting the two ,
( enrolled in the was learned that one Plan Yew DelllSesApilst i 70 Pet. Effective schools. 1579 W. 23rd St.
the Charles Winter
(Tailoring Department of the students car- .
Jga member of the Homecmaking ried signs questioning -: Fd CeUs Wood Theatre.Dr. JACKSONTenn.TheNAACPsponsored" r-C- Zakfmt Dinner After tH*Morie

club and sings Eisenhower's in- White is a. graduate i N 0 Pried Chicken Bacon Scum

ln the church choir.BARBARA terest i n Civil sunshine Warm, days cold,rain cool.nights- that's, bright the of Florida A&M, Christmas Gift Buying1 Oyste FISH Egg Hot
VV.1pVv.JPf Rights, the sign foil ,weather story. And because class of f41 In addition campaign :is 70 per cent
autumn weather is so changeable, to his duties Shrimp Ham Cofle.
effective to dateac- '
,181l reading, "LincolnEmancipation..IkeCi- it's one of the prime seasons for
sniffles and colds. with the medical coll- cording to a spokesmanhere French Fried Potatoes Srt|
l < Most people have spent the ege at Howard, he is a this week.Dr.W.R.Bell Hot Biscuits
vil Rights???" summer months out of doors, acquiring
-.fL. A it a healthy glow swimming, cancer research spe- said Negro -
-'itd r iCtc 'golfing, playing tennis, or just sun- cialist, chief sur- residents o f the SFEOAXJZING IN TASTY FOODS
I\ : ..... bathing. You can keep that healthy
j;;} \. Your negro Newspaper look longer by following a few geon and director of city the surrounding MADEUNE'S COFFEE SHO
iCiC Stands For The Rights_ simple rules to avoid colds this fall. the tumor clinic & Madison county, are
xsr First of all, eat and drink se&sibly Air-conditioned
R: M w Of The Negro People and get plenty of rest keep Freedmen's Hospital, protesting against discriminatory
tc your resistance up. Washington, D. C. H? and dis- Elgin 4-9962 1929 KINGS lOAD
PAIG2 Exercise regularly, but don'toverdo
Gov. Collins 'Gives it.Dress was honored with a courteous treatment by
Duval Vocational for the.weather, and guard reception at the home local 'merchants .

Barbara is a member Views on Relations against chilling.Avoid crowds if possible, and of Prof. E.E. Ware of
most important, try to keep away A&M. Tennessee StudentsGet
of the 12-1 class,a from friends and business associates -
Student Council member t Hollywood Here to who've contracted colds.If Tapped for me iber- Aid of NAACP
receive award someone in your family should ship into the societywere NEW LOCATION IN OLD FARMER'S AUtKT
of which she serves a n
; catch cold do your best to prevent JACKSON. Tenn. Ruby
as secretary: and is : from the. Florida Rebuttal it from spreading. Send the Joseph Aaron, Hurley NAACP southeast regional
enrolled in the business : Eoard of B'nai victim to bed when symptomsstart Sebring; Mr*. Maria director, flew here this week from BEEF SALE
and call your doctor if a .
Atlanta for
ddministrationdepartment. I Brith for promoting fever should deVelop.Vash your Jenkins, Miami: ; Miss an emergency strategy i
human relations Gov. eating .and drinking utensils separately Ludell Magee, Havana; meeting stemming from the arrest I I the Public
Wholesale to
Hobby is rinse with scalding not of 144 Lane College student
dancing.Mr LeRoy Collins dis- water and let drain dry. Be sure Miss Queen Stallworth, The students were participantsin

*** *.. closed "real progress the sneezes cold with victim Kleenex covers tissues coughs, and and Oviedo; and David an NAACP. college chapter dem BEEF Lb.49c
White Bartow. onstration NoV. 8,
protesting the' LOINS
in race relations depends dispose of the tissues immediatdr.
denial of the vote to three out of
gratalatou Papal, in A paper sack pinned to the bed-
much less Anti-Bias
Cola to these three Merit sheet is a handy receptacle. PolicyIOWA four southern Negroes.The I1C111Sr1arJ11Stn
Award wteMrtt desegra t ion of Don't kt your husband go backto CITY. Iowa A resolution students were charged with SIRLOIN-
Listen to Pepsi Merit schools here or thereor work or your voungster rack to against discrimination.; in off- disorderly -conduct
Award salutation on Yep.si school until they re completely re campus housing was pushed by i STEAK L6. 59c
Cola TEENJCZMEWBHO on biracial eating covered. This will help cut down the student council of the State I
t lunch counters the spread of colds and protect of Iowa at the
ifit 1400 dial a University .
on .
your : your: family members from early NAACP to Appeal JaB Porterhouse- UCII1Gr111dIalJIIStn
Saturday 10:45 to: nIB ;,than it does on meaningful rein feet ion. CORE.
Sentence of Miss. Official
1.M. ; in the
hearts and minds of K. You Seek The Best Doctor NEW YORK-The contempt conviction
w. in Mississippi of an NAACP
the people of a com Prescribe:
When Your Doctor 1151115r1a1J11Stn
field secretary for his comment on T-IONE-
.. munity. Gel Experienced i. sacista the court trial of a Negro studentis .
Tc Fin Your Prescription a "further demonstration of the STEAK Lb.59c
:'fix According To Your Doctor* double standard maintained by the

Ordets. We Use Only Deep South for its white and color.
9 $ The Bes1..OuaUy'Drugs =-.-. Al ed citizens," the'Mso at on's exec $ Whale'
STAR utive head. Roy Wins declared
IN EVERY I Dr.Proprietor C. E. Black here today. Lb. 29c


COLORED HOME I i l W.un'lD-Km: and wait 29c
PeI Cola DRUG STORE who JIoDatI7"dutn' br.tux BISCUITS c-
Beetere el their alcoholic preblms.awtiaci
190? Kings Road fELgJa 38278A : Mondays tad }t\. r
day 1:00 PJL. dan wj. CAKES : :
98ct. .
/scks.Ti.ia COMPLETE LINE 'OF: > .
Bldf Room 2105. ... F)., .
Ssadris ,1t
Cosmetics Candles
Rubbr/ Good J I i&M1'B'1 G4Yl'AFRYER-
-J n. .'. ., PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED t PAnTS ...........;49....:

hx jt- I &.sa.,.b,39e... ,



; : December 17, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR PAGE 6E7EXST.


FI3PV4t'9S : IM

M t : Jackson Will lead .t.Yf r '4.e \ ; f ?'i:1jl.t

St. John's'Squad ..Ai

)AA 6-4 Senior Captains N.Y. 1 ;: ]z-P'-' / :

Quintet For '60-) '61. Season .---.r-......, _.
Jc.\ I'AttHAM O-Ir.v'
NEW YORK-Tony Jackson senior
forward and two-year letterman -
,% : : 4..
has been selected to captain
Uw'JHO.n St. John's University I k JACKSONVILLE HAS WITNESSED two high class attractions -

rr.ry .FC basketball suqad. within the past few weeks which
M 190 pounds), a
Jackson ( ,
LOUIS -.Bill Bniton the AU American choice pointed toward progress and the sad part of
regular Milwaukee Brave out. Jut consensus..fear, assumed the captanicy both affairs was that they did not get the
fielder since 195, was traded of''last year's team in mid-sea- financial backing they deserved. The first one
to the Detroit
Tigers this week
I, for Frank Bolling, an infielder. IOI .'A prolific scorer, he has Ul- was the football game sponsored for and by
This year Bruton hit .286 In 151 lie? 1,051 points in his two years Brewster Methodist Hospital.The game was played
at-St. John's to become the fifth
"' games with 12 home runs. In highest scorer in Redmen history. Y December 3 between Edward Waters College and
addition to Boiling, Milwaukee
will receive an acceptable minor Two seasons ago, as a sophomore Livingston College of Sa1isbury, orth Carolina.
league player from Detroit while the former Jefferson High WCOSHt Leon Hall, Fort Benning, (Ga.) misses vicious straight left ANOTHER NOTEWORTHY\ GAME was played between
the Tigers obtained two lesser star sparked st. John's to victor- .to the, head of Robert Carpenter of Fort Bliss, (Tex.) during finalsof Northwestern High School of Jacksonville and

I players In addition to Bruton. ies'the In National the Holiday Invitational Festival Tournament and- 156-pound Open Division bouts at recent annual Florida AAU Boxing Hutto High School of Dainbridge,Georgia. The

WATCH THIS CLOWN Last year when the Red- tourney here. Hall, 1958 All- middleweight champion won division purpose was to build a football stadium. That
men won.17 and lost 8, Jackson's title by a unanimous nod. isn't something that is wantedit is something
47-21-65 play slumped-but not enough to (BILLY BROWN PHOTO) needed. The attendance was far, far from what

maD coach Joe Lapchick fretJackson -...... Ashe Becomes 'FirsP ".. it should have been the cause for which the
82-501-39 win team at ?
with Willie Hall, a top rebounder BethecfYrmslnChicogo'l'CHICAC I Junior Tenm.Chamjp; .* game was played. .
1 who should be faster than than 4rw New'York, a-leading) heavyweighf ST. LOUIS-Arthur Ash,. .IV THE WEATHER was not favorable. It was cold on
6 last' season because he has lost ifcitender..scored s. split l -round year-old In lout-hoars eiw both occasions. Loyalty to a worthy pause very
9' 4 20 pounds. Like Jackson, Hall decision over Ernest Terrell of I Ichamplonshlp tennU, play,;i-1 ; often gives people the extra push to supportit.
stands M. Tie pinot slot goes tc; .Chicago In a recent bout at Marigold came the first Negro winner 'of
2 9. the.team's tall man 64 LeRoy' Arena. the National Junior Indoor tejtalt. Jacksonville can not remain too long behind
ElUs.who runs surprisingly fast __ title during the recefiF-roeet .:: progressive citiesJacksonville must arise and
36-9-91 for-his size. Ellis also shoots weD '1 .4< face the facts and realize that there is wwli:
i aNA
210-14-74 and is a strong rebounder.OIHoS 4 t d to be.done and it can only be done by supporting -

.. ,. 4 worth while .cither ;
:''''- F k. projects pro.ic"twa.c a
f s......... he's .p efCJII4 aft
In both offered
0 begging one. cases soncthing was -
s. .
.tines .e 4e.
He m4d t t.. re* Unanimous; ,Cfcoic 4 C. in return for the money spent to support
He creeks It ell .re.ftd CLEVELAND:'" Ohio State's: zCr them.

60-79-57 brilliant. -Junior fulback. Bob Fer- TIC :iAN .)AID whatever it take to bring Jacksonville -
rgusonv 222 pounU block busterfrom winning bascb3.1J that I will JC'. That
,Troy, Ohio, was a unanl' { ,, i
rooxU'xChoice'on the various All; Rx, man was Sam. Wolfson, :/ho is a;ain president of
Amertcan Football Teams named the Jacksonville Braves h words of Sara 'olf-
i!for 196Q throughout the country. 4a
t Other Degrees voted to All-Star son was backed up with action. He is the pan
berths on at least one team were' ALL-TDK REdT t-Henry 'Yx7i' who brought such players as Henry \aronfci-x
.halfbacks Pervis Atkins of New (Hamnerin Hank) Ann- i' at 2pf Mantilla, Horace Garner, Huibcrto: :'iobinson and
Mexico State end I It
Larry Ferguson
former >
of Iowa*.' i- strong other players vho not only: brought pennant tv
Unknown BeatsJoe immortal tho held Jacksonville but also tfc ,:euth Atlantic j.eau,
three world titles at All-Star game to the city.: '.:'olfson is thean:

Brown one time, although i w who! brought that master mind Ben Oera hty here

the Mid-Week Issue MILAN, Italy Joe Brown having taken up preaching .. JdSyw.. as manager. Since the days of Gcra hya :nanager -
Every Wednesday world lightweight boxing champion for a profession, did well to stay a full season. You ?enl3

"Total tor Score in the, alter second being round knocked for an down eight is handling ,former NEEDLING CHAMPS Preparing for the Rose Bowl His word is His* count, lost a ten,round decision welterweight champion quarterback Sandy Stevens, halfback Bill Munsey and BOND. to Giordano C amp a r i, an unknown Virgil AldLns in his ,Dean Odegard, of the Minnesota Gophers Italian boxer. comeback try shots from Dr. Philip Kernan -

c Give the only whisky with extra smoothness whipped in


:::1k- rL- k*' I Ii Ix \ .x ." .J .; R

.. .
s h.

4 .



,. .


:w -
y. y 1 ,
;1' ySb :-

1400 WRHC 1400 Y r .

1 .
-FEATURES: .vus rt, ;

-FRBBERTDiO- :; ;t"fi, RESERVri
ra 4 4f4 ') "
S.9 PX. n.i'xiaxns r r4 ;'I/4 :
-_ .
SWEET CHARIOT A "FIRST" In their bids to win top honors in the National -
40 to 10:10 MONDAY ttfll TODAY Hockey League'the Boston Bruins called up Willie O'Ree from
BLUES IN THE: KNIGHT the Hull-Ottawa Club where. he had scored 10 goals in J 15
1040.11 MONDAY thru. &ATURDAY games. The fast. aggressive forward, a native of Fredericton
New Brunswick, is the first of his race to play in the National .
Hockey League.

You Don' Have to Go to Town to Get .
i j ;.
: .
;', ,

LOW PRICESOn y"..j,'H'.' .. ; .

;:Make yourFace '
Feel '..}
:': d' "

.. .
r. -
't andLOOK t'v
,Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store i: ;
"'>, a .. .GOOD t'r

;p W. Will) Meat Any Prices Advertised :

\It. IP Your Local Papers I ..

: t .- t.C ..._ .
i I t ,
HO- KIH. MAD .t MYRTU AVENUE t,.. k. j ,, .... ; i f 9.
.1fONIS n.Mr J-SS97.. .. I" f,1: $* ehlr Flit 1 .' I 1-2.1:? i ,
w. Wo Al* Ha AH ..... 'fMI "SYVJ l 'G' IOWD L. tt a ;r.4L--- .+ .
.. .. .:
t YOUR WATER-ACID '..[. >' t".y.. ;" 'DIt- < f.l::-;:';:;:....* .., -- t\.1. .- j '- Full fifth f
r- 1 r A 1 '. ;:'"" J i :.' w. -. ', ,with crystal-cut jigger top gift wrapped "- < .
I BILLS AT OUR 'STORE. (;If your druggist cannot supply you t SHAVING -POWDER"COtVoil at no extra cost.Quarts and pints also wrapped for giving. I

I M for these MAQC; .TEAM MATES t[Vs "s* 4S7'l** _rf M* ,Savannah.Ga.* :- SCHtIlLU DSST. U1RS co.N.Y.Co*IWIOO 1fH<
." -.. .. ;:'i '::: .' .. c' .. ; :< ::;.t. ,1

.. .


December 17, 1960. THE FLORIPA STAR
,. r
WAn.i.LU-ACA &n4
STRAND who honeitly 'des re to feet TV SttYICI MOO
HITS their alcoholic problems. Frte CALLS...... L TUESDAY at NOON
0 The Blocks meeting: Mondtyt and Trl. aIwwe t,. .SlttS
iPs REVIVAL WEEK dart ':00 PJC. Clara White- if rtmr.T*...iitt rOIL FLORIDA STAR

8uD.HolI.'rUe8.GINA miiSidy., Room 305. HATERS: 2313 MeacrUI Ed. Come 13th Street
Jt Jrt
_____ y Royal Crown SMALL 1PPLIUCES

"Twas the week before Christmasand around Bottling Company CLUNED REPAIRED HID'REFINlSttDKey "Trade At

the town, folk were wondering how in the worldto QUINN 1235 Wn Marco>> Bird. MATHISand

make ends, meet." If you don't believe that Save!
hard times are here, ask any married man and Titanic FL 94488HELP *
most of the single ones. and YOU CAN USE THE
:, Terrifying
Mr Charlie and all of his relatives are on WANTED SANTA F.N.B. CHARGE PLAN

the same side in the big fight thats going on. "HUNCHBACK"NOTRE J SAYS
In the event you don't know, I mean the llth I to rare $1.00 HOLDS ANY
for child in
hour struggle to keep us from our rights. The DAME Exchange ITEM 'TIL XMASMEN'S
for Room
City Attorney threw in the towelbut the school Board.
board hired Segregationist First Class Fred 1728 West 16th Street SUITS
and- Call EL 4-0735 between and Used TV SetsFrom
Ken to spend some more taxpayers: money and 10 and $39.95 $23.95
make a fight. Well at least they hired one who "SADDLE THE WIND" a.m. 3 p.m. No Down Payment up

is an expert in the fine art of race baiting.We Wed-Thun. o One Year Gutruxtue on BOYS' SUITS

have no doubt as to whose side he is on andwho THE MOST FAMOUS SINNER OF THEM ALL!! PRATT DEI WO Pictiaa. Tube-Finincini

he will be representing in court.A _ailab'. $13.95 up

futile plea, I hope not, let us make Jack- ...elm Service Station
sonville have a white Christmas downtown by all -spMattdre M- EDISON TV UNION HARDWARE

folk of color staying from downtown.All of you S n 1 BUMPER TO BUMPEft: EY 7-4464 ROLLER SKATES

nice school teachers should ask the members of ISWAND SERVICES $1.98 UP
the Youth 1
Council about May-Cohen before
carry- AM WYIERA '
ing your checks downtown next week. You have ] THIRD EXPERT ST. AT FLA.AYE 3 Bedroom, Air Cond. Adams DOLLSAll

enouth clothes to last you for years anyway. R Stove, Refrigerator, Shoes 'Colors

Stop being fashion-plates and teach. Try and hasher,DryerFreezerRugs
fim' $ HELP WANTEDNEW $8.95 Reasonably
get our kids ready. ONSI and Venetian PRICED
The "Classic is over but the smoke hovers over r.l! YORK Blinds. 80 x 90 High

us still.Orchids to Ken Knight on his first.He ... MAIDS HOUSEWORKERSExcellent COOKS and Dry Corner Lot. Howard-Foster other famous brand

and Abe King did a nice job. Ye Olde Editor FIU..sAT.Sl once for good position and steady available female at >500 Down. 2543 Lewis Shoes for MenWomenChildrenOPEN
and Jimmy Lewis represented the local press. rwr domestic workers who want perma 3 treet. EV 7-3382.
The editor has better luck with the Clown than iiuf I I \icmI! nent sleep-In Jobs with the best private -
families...good treatment. ; Mon thru Thurs. 'HI 9 PJM.
he does with the nags so therefore his sojournin The modchallenging all meals ..nice room and TV... FOR RENT
the Magic City was sort of brief. all privileges. Salary. up *o $5000
Ifill weekly and higher. transportation
The Orange Bowl is just settling down.The hot story to New York advanced. If you are Furnished Room For :
air spread by Alvin James, Josh Hillman and of our fim'rw./ looking Immediately for a good to: sleep-in job.writs Nice Couple. Conven- MATHIS SHOE STORE

Frank Hampton was enough to blew the Los Angles and DOMESTIC iently located.$6.00
Coliseum sky-high. ROBERT"1TAYIDRIDUISE- P.O. BOX sat, VALDOSTA, GA. I .sleekly 1560 Windle 1073-75 FLORIDA AVENUEStacy
All Letters Will Be Answered. Street. EL 6-5276.
They tell us that FAN found out that other I

colleges have bands and they spell band with a FESS JACK

capital "B", The Marching Lions of Langston PARKERLORDTHE

werenft as fast stepping but they were there. I ft Always Pays f o Deal with DAVIS!

They American.All also. found out why Mr Smith was an All- HANGMANROOSEVELT ]

of the nite spots are booked solid for GROUP NYLON COVERS 4"
private Christmas parties.Ribault,ElDorado and TUES.SUN.- 7 PIECE SOFA BED 100% ---

Country Club in the Woods and Buster Fords in
9x12 RUG
town all have their quota of faculty and club "GUN GLOKY"

Congrats to the embryo chapter of Kappa which "48 tl'\/D..D\HOur YOUTH"SKYVIEW TO LIVE" Group consists- of massive 2-pc. suit, 3 matching tables and two 95

went over out at Edward Waters the other night. SUN..TUES"GUN table lamps. $17 9 I
This is the second Greek letter frat to be es-

tablished. Sigma was first which was fittingas FIGHT AT DODGE OK" \ w .
the distinguished Dr.Leonard F.Morse of the $
EtfC faculty is one of the founders of Phi Beta HONEYMOONS"Win j ._ EASY TERMS

Sigma. ( t

Next week don't miss our letter to Santa. He $305 CashHon.NiteX (
nay have something in his bag for you. Let us

know and we will ask for it. You see, we havea

direct line to the N. Pole. strong arm robbery '
Brooksie Mae Crunnel better known around 8th last i n 1100 blockof .:, .; :: :: ::__:_ .

and Davis as Tip11 is home for the holidays. Davis Street police ,.

She has been in Jersey. Jce-Keith missed the reported. w

boat in Boston and is home.' I believe it was Police said the vic-
planned. HOCKS from the "Seven Seas"for Christmas tim was walking on Davie : 2 it: Lt 44 ;
Street when two -: I
is Bill Maul complete with beard.
They that politics makes bedfel]. s. men grabbed him from : _
,say strange :
behind. They threw him : TTiJ'
I read in a big-time national publication this took his wal- iii ,
down and
reek where a local politician _had been a long- -
time foe of Hizzonner. Tis strange but i f let in an alley and he
couldn't tell what
memory serves me correctly, a few years agohewas
looked like. They
one of Hizzoner's favorite sons. In fact they .r 4 i i tr
took $9 he said.
"De said11 that the Mayor placed his hand on him
Police said the vic-
.and said "make him one of Jacksonville finest11
tim drinking but
This is not a Fox and Grapes deal'butI am just was
his attackerswere
cursed with a long memory. You know its politically -
teen-agers. r' 1 Sofa 2
Opens to Sleep
expedient at times to choose c e r t a in
Patrolmen Clarence
Barton and George L.
Incidentally, we would certainly like to meet .
Bradley investigated. .
our fellow scribe from the Smoky City at times ; t..
and notes and sources.
$7 BY 4 KEN
The loud noise you heard is the sound of the
Charlie Mann 61 of
buttons popping off of J.D. Brooks1 shirt. His .t.
951 Kings Road was attacked -
son "Chunky1 is home on leave. Chunky has just and robbed of 4r4I''

finished electronics school. He is on his way
$7 last Tuesday, police -
to join the Pacific Fleet in Japan. .

Warning-Thugs are on the loose. Watch your 'Police reported.said the vic- jg r-il ; Li a
skull and wallet.
tim was walking easton
Question of the week: Where is J. C. Holland? Kings Road and when

We hear that he is, shall we say, out of cir- he reached the railroad
culation due to non-support for a spell.
four young men

came up behind him,
POLICE REPORTS hide their money in grabbed him and threw
the trunk of the car him down.They took the

FLIM FLAKMERS GET but if he did he money from his wallet

$53 FROM VICTIM would have t6 put his and left wallet on irn IJti'r

Hailey Johnson, '25, money with theirs to sidewalk.
of 1109 W. 20th Street show good faith. After Emptying the wallet, :
:: r
was the victim of taking the rlcI I they rolled him over

film flarnners last tim's money, the two to make sure he had no

Friday when they fleeced men switched bundles. more money,victim said nUar to PictweG

him out of $53 at When the victim d e- The victim also laid. ,' T, S v 4 PIECE SUIT

Myrtle Ave. and Kings cided to look, he one of them kicked him ... ..,

Road, police reported found nothing b ut I for not having. more

Johnson stated thata waste paper and some money. %.

man walked up to cigarettes in the bundle Police said the vie Suite includes

him in Daylight store he thought was ,tim was drinking and .. ,,> Dresser EASY TERMS
and asked him if he their money. The flim couldn't give any description large Double WE DO OUR OWN

knew where he could f flanaers got away r of his at- Mirror, roomy Chest and FINANCING1351rMiSL

find a hotel and a with the victim's $5> I tackers. Bookcase Bed-All for $89.00

girl. When he startedto He could not identify Patrolmen Clarence 4

answer another man them. Barton and Robert Jenkins -
walked up to him ,and Patr olmen W. Solomon 09.'

advised him to say & and T. Mays in. investigated. CO.puy

After saying yes to vestigated. .

the man, they got in MAN IS VICTIMOF
Johnson's car and $$ ROBBER PATRONIZE

rode out to Jfcrrtle' Lorenzo Mitchell?, ... EL 35791Saturday

Ave. Johnson said the or 1536 Davis Street' ,I Star_ AmrtiJirs

two men asked him to was the victim of a