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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200588datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 10, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005880740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 10, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 10, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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f'Lottl0 .
o f
BRAttY ,
i.tI:' .
.!_ "
: :- ;' : : .- ,.' .', ,. .
.,, ; .. s : .. ,.:':> -' ..
f.f' "
W J ,f, ,
; __ .. ... \ '
7; ;; .
.: \. :. :,.'7.:.' ..": :
rp ;
'- : ,' '. :: .
; ..
s "
: 'E .
.. i .
:: : 3 f;_ .
I VictimsShipdf0r Burial Pictures ShoV* Below

if / '.
Murder-Sii/dde ....,. ,, .'!_'. .' + ... ..'.'' J.'._' .. !' 'W.>.' <
: .i-""' .
:. .
.... .... : '.
4\ .
...... .
w v __ _, ... ......L._a a a '



:: iir: STL AL:or-' DEPT.Vol. .

--.. : .

Seek Integration

.. .
P1OR/d .

l' .. Of Duval Schools
,'. .. ---
10-No. 57 All4"NEWS Sar

Date Set For'Integtaifol1 School Integration Suit

Judge Orders Arrest" -Filed By Jax.' Plaintiffs

Of City UnitsU. A suit calling for integration of units cf Du-

val County's school system was filed in U. S.

District Court Tuesday in behalf of 14-Jackson-
S. District Court

'. Judge Bryan Simpsonset ville Filed children.by Atty. EarlM. School students namedas

Of Jax Sit-lnLeader' WednesdayJan. 9 plaintiffs are:

as the effective date John son, Jacksonville Annette Elizabeth

when the City of Jack- and Krs. Boddie,Janes R.Eoddie

sonville must open its Constance Baker Motley Jr., Herbert Lee

I Payne St. MurderSuicideStirs Teen-ager* Says Official; ; on recreation integrated facilities basisit shall and,bot.h Thurgood of New York Mar- Sharon Williams BraxtonWillie, 'Daly N. and

was reported. City, the plaintiffsname Frazier WiUiamsBruceJones

Local, Citizens I :Of Store Slapped HerA The effective date as defendants: Goodson, RonaldV.
Board of Public Instruction '
Separate final rites and burials have been was given in Judge and Maderlean
completed for Mrs. Eddie Mae Hall,26and Eddie suit seeking $50,000 in damages _has been Simpson's final order c h air m anRaymond Williams,Gail Delores

Dean Atkins', 29, well-known local cab driver filed here against the J.C.PenncY' Company store thus conforming wit h' A. david, and I and Sharon Elaine
located at 3210 Hogan St., it was learned here a. prior-: decision : Supt. of Public Instruction Pope. Hattie B. andGold'e
,,ancl,_ rlncipals inthe,,, tragic Tuesday morning made
..tr......,..t....r_ Ish Brant.
a J .1 last wh n e Keal.
mur.der-s\dc ,1 cre -" e ahearing
Friday ,ni )itirs.Hall will live in Sanders- 'Q :Theenits.plaintilfsare Teachers. ; hat}-beerus t Plaintiffs. have board requested I' on a segregated basis.
Irma Josephine 1: that\the
body was shipped to, for plaintiffaand-I 4, I'I..t iSi.also,contended
and erIHtend
Carter-a teenager who, \ defendants. sup n f ; '
Sander': tine, Georgiafor -- ease operating tlTe1 by p d.rt1.f".tZa t.
lives at 1456 W. 7th
It is generally felt the 'Duval.:
services and interment AbscenceCritized public school systemof County
Street and her father that the effect cf the school system has re-
It also
was ; Du val County on aracially
Robert E. Carter As-
learned Friday that court'a restraining fused to present a
sault and battery) ; order will not become segregatedbasis to
Hall had been plan desegregateits
sent to and comply with
... charges are leveled
immediately effective public schools.Complaintant .
final MontirelloFla re at the firm throughthe since the swimming the Supreme Courts' has ask-

will be arrangements made. ii act of one of its During this week's poolsparks and Jack- decision schoolsegre-" ed the court to enter

The saddening tragedy : officialsAtty.ErnestD.Jacksoncounsel for meeting 0;fD uv al sonville's' BaseballPark gation Continuing cases.that, a decree enjoining defendants -
/ are presently from operat-
took place Tuesday County School Trustee I
"these have
aintants stated. requests
morning between the cam Board of Education, closed for the winter ing a bi-racial sy s-
To I been made from time to
Attempted season, and the final temwith specific references -
hours of 5:.30 and 5:45 School Supt.Ish Brant time it further
I ,
a.m.when according to Try On Dress was asked to investigate Gator Bowl football being made to

frs.Hall's 7-year old Hiss Carter alleges the absence from game will be played disclosed by plain- pupil assignment and
tiffs that the defendants
that she and her -
daughter Carolyn Annette sis- school duties of 14- before the Jan. date. also princi ] ,teachers -

Spikes, the ter recently went to Negro teachers who ., Judge Simpson's injunction have continuedto an d other allied
the defendant's store operate the Duval
couple became involved allegedly attended a covering some personnel.
.and while there County school system
in an argument in the recent Criminal Court 17 pages, suns up final -
bathroom of their 2041 had selected a dress trial involving two judgement and con-
from the: counter which clusions of the law Youth
Payne St. residence.The teachers Arrest Seen
child reported she was going to tryon. It_ ,was'-reported ,that in that ciscriminationin : I

hearing'shotsand upon Mrs Eddie Mae Hall 'a principal,assistant;, use and enjoymentof As Move To Kill Sits-Ins
entering the bath-, ...shot by lover. Meanwhile, accordingto principal 'and a dean recreational facil-

room, found the dead Hiss Carter, her of girls were su po-nand ities of any nature Rodney .Hurst, 16,
bodies of Mrs. Hall sister had gone' to ,another to testify* at the or kind operatedowned president of the Jacksonville Woman Faces
part of the, trial or leased by the
and Atkins} on the involving the NAACP Youth
floor. Investigators' 6 tyr. had store She stud- she two teachers which was city whether u nde r Council was arrestedand Twenty Years
the dress on-her
reports disclosed that aired and climaxed color of law, statue, charged with delinquency

Atkins shot Mrs! Hall arm, going to a storedressing here on October '31, ordance, policy, cus- T h u rsday Annie Lee Phinizy,39year -

behind the left ear room when but Trustee ChairmanDr. toir' or usage, is vio- afternoon. Hurst viU old resident of
and then turned gun 3 male was approached employee who bya .Hugh B.Wilcox said lative of equal protection face trial Monday at 3411 Franklin it., was
on himself other teachers of the laws 9:30 in sentenced to
receiving a.m. Juvenile a possible
accused her of attempting
several wounds in the i ..present clause of the 14th A- Judge Marion Gooding'scourt. 20year sentence in
to steal the
nendent to the con-
chest.It was revealed Criminal Court Wednes-
dress. stated that
that the case wastensed 1 An argument ensued the occurrence shouldnot stitution. Judge Gooding last day for assault toe
murder-suicide.' August offered local orm .t murder.
I with both parties com- be allowed to hap- .Negroes LoseIn
Reports also show that i and law authorities to arrest Mrs.Phinizy was chard
ing,to grips dur- with 'disciplinary
the murder suicide I pen all juveniles with the July 4 last
ing the struggleboth action adding that Run-Off I
weapon as being a .22 parties fell to the might be"filled'Vith participating in local wounding o f Loucis

calibre pistol. Eddie Dean Atkins floor.In the meantime courtrooms teachers racial demonstrations.Hurst Lattimore,32, of 1524E.
It was also learned -TWO 21st St. who
..killed loverself.' Miss Carterfs sister shouldbe was reportedly was
when they Negro candidates for
Friday that .Mrs.Hall's arrested for having said to be her former
ran to a downtown school.
two children, .Carolyn tactics during abs ence business where in City Coranission, contributed to the boy friend.
Annette and* of local George Engram and Court
David police.However testimony
the girls' mother is deliquency of a juvenile revealed -
Charles Spikesaged 6 it was further and Cherry, were who was arrested that the defen-
employed returned Pickets
reported that after CORE defeated by approximate Wednesday during a dant shot Lattimore in
with her.
Pickets' the youths had two to one the stomach
Capitol completed A policeman called sit-in demonstrationby during a
their attacks Ky. Theatres margins during a datebut that he
the local youth managed -
Routed and the young,girl was election
By Police general run
r police arrive at the council at Woolworth's to drive until he
scene disperse the taken to headquartersand off here, unofficial lunch counter found help.
TALLAH.SSEE'ihite booked., .. .
Durin'gtrial returns showed this
demonstrators, and Local It was also stated
L teenage youthfor' the last Monday Covington, TCy.- Two week. NAACP members
.' third straight day1ripped crowds gathered to in downtown; ,theatres in interpret Cooding'slast that a mistrial occunv_
watch the incidents. morning Municipal Engraman electrical ed when
signs from wosen Covingtoni Kentucky August order as John. Henry
picketing downtown One white youth was Court, Miss Carter, were picketed 'this engineer bowed to a move to intimidateand Latticere:: 32, husbandof

stores urging an end picked up this week charged with shoplifting weekend by the newly Glenn Smitha, barber' curb activitiesof the accused woman

to segregation duringa by policebut insofar was found guilty'by organized.COS chapter.The 2,556'to 1,299 in the youth council who was charged with

current boycott cam- as might be learned, Judge John Santoraand interracial group Zone 3,3ndrestaurant in its over three the murder attempt was

paign by Negroes.It no charges had been fined $300 with of 20 picketed the operator Charles months _boycott o f tried separately.

was revealed: that pressed. There were sentence being suspended Liberty and Madison Cherry lost to Zone Jacksonville's: down- -. Criminal Court JudgeA.Lloyd

the white youths have also no fights re- Trial .date theatres fran noon until 4 Cosoissioner RalphRichards,1,54 town variety and department -, Layton deferred

been. carrying on their ported. has not been set. 5:00 P. M. 7 to 841.,. .. stores. sentencing until!

:,. --,. late in December.

-: :;.-"" ....=;'.- ,-, ." :. >-: -- ..
-- : l '/ .,. < ": ., -

Saturday Deceaber 10, 1960 THE

THE FLORIDA STAR Politics As Usual _

.x. .Sr.C"N. ,.,hf'
Was this year's Presidential campaign: last
Pufclifthad far Th Florida Star Publishing Co. a in which
candidates will tour at breakneck
Member Associated Negro Press'

die 0. Simpson ? -:-- r._._..___........Edlior speed for months on end,exis t on a subsistence

C. Parharo Johjjton .,_-.-----____ ',. ,NWB Staff basis so far as sleep and food are concerned,

Hilda Wooten ClrcuUilon Dept. wear themselves and all the many members of
.... .
--"- their
MAIN OFFICE ft PLANT ......I-. ,.::;' entourages out, and perhaps exhaust the
minds and'tempers of the
Stl3'Mcnciief Road _,--- EL 4-8732
..DIGi That, of course, is
Maling Address y : something of a rhetor- with small business-

P, O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Florida _p. : '.L" j jI jI ical questionand only men j ranchers and farmers -
t:3'L EJ
SUBSCRIPTION BATES time and events can'.provide in Montana, Cali-

o. T a.r. 5.00; Half Year $3.00 Three Months. $1.80* I the answer fornia and Arizona,

Mailed To You. Anrwbtr In The UnltM States. Lrk But many politicians, and whatever their

dttiserlpaon Payable in Admit Send Check or Money Order Tot J >1 } newsmen and others who political preference

.. VIORXDA, STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA Jf JI I 1. t t \ rc /. had active parts to they had one wish in

f : jt play in this year's cu anon and that is
: I ; '
Diabetes Rated Tenth battle for the White that the campaign

House think that the should come to an end

i answer should be a Going on for nine or

Among Dread Diseases -I1[iI v resounding "Yes I1' ten weeks it has an

Marquis Childs is among increasingly WlSet-
.... ... .
Diabetes,which took 59 8 Florida lives to become: r tbn.f' tling effect. The

the state's tenth leading cause of death :in 1959 l He traveled business cf the nation

is the subject of a review just published ty the tI 1 4. .:*:} with and the world seems
to stand still while
Florida State Board of Health. @ ,.. ..- It both the
The disease had its greatest impact nonwhite #'\; ;.J' 1,4 Nixon and the conflict grows
: ... ,
./ 0c. louder and .
females,thfl report showed,with nonwhite: male s j .'ttI-yl" ,'.";, ..t' .....r; ..:";", ... -t:: K ennedy angrier"
.1 .. .',",:;*-\lo ... :;; 2fj6f16.. ; J _. parties. In an era which is '
t showing the lowest rate. Whites of both s exeswere f 21'11..J.', ";!-r J t.lt.1.: :_.. .5/.1::'" "..r,I. .. ...it..11-.,;. '

affected slightly more frequently than the :. rI'. ,." t-"t.. .'-.>.,.'f.f.l.'.:.. \l'.; i1 i1..r.',f' : ,WK...........'"...,.:..-J"t r.-.. .;- w+h :<- -I In one of forever gone therewas

nonwhite males Diabetes took its greatest toll I f l,t.1.;,.l..;,,,r.:' ;,'. .,, .:(, .!:'':=- .i, ;; : ;;.!.. .....r-J', f"'": : .his syndic compelling reason
t.". :;W? .-.i," : I :- :r: .v .t..i.ir.. ... ...... Jj for prolonged campaigi-
_. ated
i ..
of the elderly, with 03 per cent of the deaths /' 1fr':. 4..! "J\ ;l .w. ;. ;. .. "... V ;1
....l..i". ,..n.. .. ." Y., 3'1..:t':1...: -: ., : Means of communication
"' ": coluoshewrotet
f -1t" .r. + !4
from this cause affecting persons 55.years o ....- I. : ..;'i; ."f1'1 = "'i'_. 'r, V
:. fV" : .i1''FJ :: "" ;;
age or older", the report showed.In tr',_,.' I'-oj.. '.'v-_' : .'.,.r-?"".'" :Oo..-.L..l.r. ..... ..;. .;,,._, !_i'_'p____..--_' __'.'''_. --__ I waZ OrZ a- and transportation
the past ten years the death rate from dia- SWJ.N bout three were primitive by comparison -

betes has been trending slightly downward in the WITH ENFORCEMENT OK THE LAU, DI&IOC\UY WILL PREVAIL weeks before election with those of

state, but has remained well below the national day: "I have talked today. If a candidatewas

t average for that period, it was ,stated. to be seen and

Diabetes was described by officials sa diseasein -- Yow DtUyiHoroscope!! heard he had to hit a

which 'the pancrease "fails to produce enough long, long trail But'nov

t insulin to control sugars and starches" They Guide j planes and trains

called it a condition "with hereditary tenden- whisk him about in

cies", and said the exact cause of the pancreatic WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR almost no time. Radio

I malfunction is unknown.It is said to affect ETi BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL -s and television are at

about two per cent of the populationvdth 'proximately his beck and call, to

: half of its victims being unaware o f By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER carry his voice and
their condition. message to tens of

Dr.James E.F gham.Acting Director of the Divi- millions of people in

sion of Chronic Diseases,said,"In m 0 s teases, all the states. It is

diabetes can be controlled by proper treatment. Aries Leo Sagittarius 1' for this reason, pri-

his is most effective,however,if the disease is ... Idaidt 2ht IbnI ApriII9tbD "23rd thru Aug..22nd 111' marily that many now
diagnosed early. We beyond the Born SulY sari Nrt.12n1 thru Dee. look the tradi-
urge everyone Sat. 10th-Order. You may find it helpful Sat 10th-AllOtment. Draw list on
age of forty to have. blood sugar determinations to get your wardrobe and personal affairs in carefully, if you are planning up to distribute your SatluthAutiiutity..You can make your tional type of cam-
of the Co- presence felt where you are known and re-
order, in holidays.
every year. This is particularly important for with anticipation elders. presents around holiday time. spected. Seek guidance when selecting presents paign as an unhealthy
relatives of known diabetics because of the SUN.operate llth-Continuance. Yesterday's- 'activities -' SUN. .11th-Release. Try not to be tense for important people. unnecessary and excessively -
chance to relax. You
igher incidence d the higher Incidence of t-h e may be repeated, if they did any and give be able yourself to devise a and means to SUN. 11th-PhIlosophy. You may have expensive
may ways
leasure. You maybe also pretty decided views regarding! social I and
disease among them." good or gave you reduce the.holiday expenditures.Mon. I anachronism.
of additional'rest. religious codes. It may not be wise to reveal
in need
The concluded "It is the f I 12th--Avoidance. Not-a good day to Moreover thewear and
consensus o
report : : Mon. 1th-FtexlblUty.. Let ypur mate or in haste. Social obligations them to prejudiced people. ,
treatmentof take if feel under do anything Mon. 12th -Silence. Only your most trust- tear the candidatesis
the leading me- tca1 authorities in the other associates over you could r some problems for the family. on
pf friends should be told about
or are stumped by production problems worthy your
diabetes that well controlled diabetics will par I Depend on your partner. difficulties.Tue. fearsomeMrChilds
plans. Competitors create
seem willing. may
have fewer complications such as gangrene and Tue.- 13th-Tension. Attempts to run the Tne. 13th-Reliance.affections The persons the who are de- 13thS arch. Put off your holiday quoted Senator Kennedy
diabetic coma and.the late manifestations suchas show only antagonize those who are closest to your are most until the
may pendable when you are in trouble. Relegatesome shopping afternoon when you as saying, at the end
cripplingblindnessand hardening of the arteries Tying to aid you. An instructive evening. V of you r Duties,. should obtain better results. Go only by of 14 hours of grind-

will be postponed for many years." 330771472374Taurus 4-60-44-12-51-461 what you 2-10-11-16-33-216 have decided to spend. ing work,"I cant :!magi

De why AdLai Stevenson -
Mnimds IF@rr Xoanais oAflflan torn OK. 22nd Aw J.a. If* ever thought that
(t > lira JcOdl 20th thru Ma 201.. Vinjo he wanted to do this
Sat lOthWatchword i. Faith in yourself
Sat. 10th- Diversification. The cultivationof and in your ability to shape your destinyis for a third tim ."And
Would you like your Christmas "a"*** -to receive 'good taste and appreciation of the finer your greatest: force. Enjoy everythingthat ',he tells of a weary

the "RED CARPET" treatment? Follow these tips things in life is the secret happiness.. lira OeL 14* ..... fWt. 2W you can now afford. Mr. Nixon after 20
Ignore the cynics. SUN. llth= There should be little ,
and it will the Post Office '
help deliver bat 10th-Seclusion. Aim for
your privacy'ifj'ou
This is hours of
11th-Enjoyment. day yours doubt in your mind as to how you expectto campaigning,
mail, proigptly and accurately. ,to do with as you please. You may .have need the day to prepare gifts and surprises conduct your. over-all affairs. Reduce trying to speak at

1. Wrap all parcels securely Place a d- some difficulties related toyoungsters, associations i also indicated for your this cherished P.M. ones. A rest is your physical exertions. midnight to an airport
dressee's and finances. MOD. 12th Threat. Certain people or de-
name and address inside well
as as Mon. 12th-Cont'entration. Complete de SUN. 11th-Headway. You may need this velopments could attempt to sow doubts in crowd through a faulty
outside your parcels. votion to your work may enable you to day to finish what you have started. Your your mind. You must have unshakeable loudspeaker.
2. Remember the three C's: Address Clear escape the temptation to take risks. Do not companions are probably desirous of determination to achieve success.
ly. Complete encourage reckless attitudes. monopolizing your company later. Tue. 13th-Introspection. Consult pri- Moreover in Mister
Correctly ,Tue. 13th-Problem. Delays, breakdownsor Moo. 12th-Ingenuity. You can make gooduse vate feelings and let them determine your .Child's view, much of
3. Separate your ma.ilinto two bundles-LOCAL restrictive conditions could hold you up of your artistic talents during the fore- whether you should follow a certain course this effort is entirely -
and OUT OF TOWN early this morning. You make for noon. An unpleasant occurrence or disap-
--and use our labels. Tie can up of action, or not
bundles lost time in the afternoon,._ ___ pointment looms tonight. wasted He
securely. DO KQT USE RUBBER BANDS. Tue. 13th-Reflection. Do not force issues 8-60-44-16-95-864 writes"The outstanding
'- 1-40-99-15-24-149 -
4. Show .ZONE,_. NUMBER, if known in address and give yourself time to, calm down. conspicuous
and also in return address. Consult attachedzone Friendly aid or problem solving inspirationseems example -
due this P.M. Aquarius is the airport
map for zones in Jacksonville 01 ask any
5-90-88-19-69-598 rally. Most airportsare
Gemini; 1m jM.9fehArafch.lt.
post office for Postal Zone
Directory. five to ten miles
5. Be certain your house number shows plainly. lika Sit 10th-Calculation. Associates shouldget
together on ways and means to work for from the center of
term May 2lrt ibw JWM Ht faniMlrt.2JrfAniOd.ttr* the mutual benefit.: Economic security has tovn.If the organiza-

'6. Remember postage rates: 3# on 'postal and Sat. 10th-Agreement Financial arrangements hat loth-Distraction. .It.may be a good first call. tion works hard it is
post cards and signed but unsealed greeting should be made with those who share idea to spend some time with the friends SUN. lltb-Relaxation. This is the sort
cards. your interests and surroundings. It may pay who can take your mind off your problems. of a day when you should do nothing possible to get a
you to make sacrifices. Prepare for Christmas. against your wishes or feelings. A good rest crowd of a few thou-
4$ on first-class- mail. SUN. 11th-Ease. Let the dust settle and SUN. lltb-Concealment Go into hidingif is always necessary these days. sand out to hear the
l4 an ounce for air. mail in U.S. and set out to make this an interesting and en- you do not want to be disturbed. This is Mon. 12th-Disappointment You may have
possessions Those who love seem well the been too optimistic about achieving a candidate......But he
and also joyable day. you a good day to figure out surprises, you par-
Canada and Mexico.Check your disposed to cooperate.Mon. would like to spring; ticular objective. Do not take risks with will be talking to
post office for air-mail rates to other coun. 12th-Crisis. The earlier hours are Mon 12tb-Cleverness. The less others your cash or reputation.Tue. the faithful and the
tries. pleasant enough. but you could lose your know about what you have up your sleeve .13th-Hopefulness.The morning hours
this evening. Call on high- chances are still tense unfavorable if you try to converts who have long
4#- for cards to Canada Mexico self-control your: the better your of achieving your,
or force results. The outlook
\ regardlessof takes
a much
est ideals to guide you. purposes. Protect your assets. since determined to
whether sealed or unsealed. Tue. 13th-Overture. The olive branch Tue. 13thIncertitude.. You are not likelyto rosier hue by evening. vote for him." Thereis
7. BE SURE TO MAIL EARLYI DO NOT WAIT UNTIL should be offered as thereare splendid know just which way to turn until the 950551554951Pint
THE LAST TWD WEEKS BEFORE CHRIST MASJJ chances that it will be accepted. Curtail. the early evening.Meanwhile, it seems better tr small political
The Post impulses to spend! top freely sand pat profit in that. ,
Office thanks you for your coopera-. .
1406WL263146bur More b
tion and wiches you a Merry Chris tmas. 3-50-22-17-42-352 lira M. filth...... >ei y
far Mr. Childs adds
Sal.1Oth--SynchionlrasIoa You should get ,
> together with ethers to prevent the loss of "..the longer a campaign --
!Scorpio time effort and money that results from runs the more
I rOle v pk fen June 22nd thru July 22ad duplication.SUN.! .
$ IJ eW&i ''' llth the atmosphere i s.
22fld -Tact Don't
Sat. 10th-Verification. Check up on your Sara Aug. 23rd thru Sept. express yourselftoo heated
i forcibly when those around up and thegreater
are not
relatives and others dear to your you
list of Sat
A fine day This could be an ex- quite in the mood to listen. Additional rest likelihoodthat
heart in order to miss no one. if
citing day.
are out
you looking for presents. is always a good idea.
for writing holiday cards. You will have fun if you do not take Mon I1th-MJs.JudpJem. It could cost America's position -
G SUN. 11th-Boredom. You lobs.may It would quickly be things too seriously. you dearly if you or an associate has badly in the world will
tire of doing monotonous. 3UN.11th-Quietude. You arc not apt to miscalculated. Friends and finances shouldbe be
badly hurt. And
stimulating to invite friends or relatives, or disturbed by others when hold .
you kept strictly
apart ,
3: to go out in the fresh air. peace. Take advantage of Vmure* hours to Toe. 13th-Business. Proceed slowly and there is always the
P Mon. 12th-Rehictamce. Listen to your perfect your holiday plans. that
carefully during the forenoon. You have possibility one
make decisions or get your-
before you Mon. 12tb-Critkten.
Progress and the green light to forward for advantages
self involved in anything. prodUCfj.fty'lO press of the candidates may
hand in hand during the work and profits in the P.M.S80331878683.
Toe. 13th- -'--. Do what you can to ing hours. Be restrained at home tonight to succumb to the unending -
: cheer up your associates when they seem to forestall sharp worse I strain Sen-

be depressed.'You should be satisfied with To*. 13thScarcity.' You may not have too sible time limit
your y's-achievements. much luck finding the things you want to. :
purchase today. Don't give up too easily should not be impos-
,,'' 5-20-88-03-81-528 and keep. ,ignirmg around :. sible."

7-70-22-17-86-721 In
England campaign
i. ,.
THEY WERE THE CUTEST COUPLE OH THE FlOOtJONLY --.I' =.-,-.. '. -. ing is limited to

... ,. ,three weeks.Perhaps
.' '. '" w ,
IT! WASN'T A DANCE A HOtttE BUOY/' !>- !: 1 eventually tM
country -
: ? ,

i t coverMsN1..4r A ac --... : w ./ ,-j;.:' :, ,:j\i;:: : ;i--: : :; : ..'. ): < : ; kind will of a impose time limit soac '


..r 4 .



B C AccreditedIn
a s a s = z st 'Hi
y e
Southern Area
; '
DAYTONA BEACH- BethuneCookmah .-
;: ,: Bw K L -T I College :
: LOUISE G. GUINYARD !. ar 1 t was accepted last week
7" .
1IX -.. r .k as a member of the
: : : iLes .
Southern Association
'. 1 of College and Secon-

Treize Antes and the Debutante Ball are dary Schools president
Richard V.. Moore!
increasingly becoming the main topic of conversation re-
and with just two weeks remaining until ported.Dr.Moore cabled:

the ball, we take a glance at three of our from Memphis, where
the association i s
' ,:., future debs. TT
;.{ .. Barbara Jean Bonner, daughter of Hr.. and Mrs. F 3 f l holding its annual
t : :
meeting. It is the
". Willis B. Bonner,2006 Durkee Drive,is a Biology -
f highest regio n al accrediting -
major at Fisk University.She is the grand-
daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Butler agency. Be-

" of this city and Mr, and Mrs. B. W. Bonner of thune-Cookman was one
Palatka. of seven Negro Col-

;1' Zeta E. Gibson, daughter or Bishop Sadie L. .r leges in the South to

; "it.Gibson and the late Sgt. George L.Gibsonis an r be granted a member
.. .
education major at Fisk.
.>""- Yvonne Rosalyn Cameron,daughter of Mrs.Mildred :! be accepted, a
: Williams of New York City and Roderick Cameron school must meet rigid

of West Palm Beach, is a student at Howard standards of educationset

..i.-" University. She is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. by the association.
>> Charles W. Simons> of this city.

,. >. These and other debs will be presented t o .. 1

I .... society in the Duval Armory on December 23., I .;s a Wedding BellsAPPLICATIONS
I sponsored by Les Treize Amies Bridge Club. : r
v : *t
. # # # # # # FOB
\ M.\ltRf.Ki : Lll'L\r(14

Kenneth A Meeks 3934 Mon-
1 I took an introspection of myself this week .Y M'A .. crier Rd., 18.and Joan Norford P.
and came up with tie sad fact thatunconscious-. : { t O. Box 55, Palatka Fla., 18.
t ly, I have been neglecting ,some of our clubs. Robt Alston Gen. Del, Atlantic *
: Beach Fla. 23 and Frankie
I In an effort to make amendsI can't think of a' t M. Rock 5516 Verbina Road 28.
Charlie Pitts, 1534 Madisoh St.,
better than 53 and Francis White 512 East
to laurels
way pin on the stalwart Church SL, 49.
souls who ventured out into last week's weather FOUNDER'S DAY CELEBRANTS -- Jax' Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

in order to make meeting deadlines. I celebrated its 54th anniversary Sunday with impressive Founder's Day services at James W. Johnny., 18 and Prince Loretta, 947 E. UnionSt.
Stewart 470
.. Tuesday evening found !.Carrie Parsons,Mrs. Johnson's school auditorium.Principal speaker for the occasion was D r. Lionel C. Newsom, Jessie St., 13.
Joyce Lawson, and Mrs. Gloria Parsons playing sociology professor at Korehouse CollegeAtlanta.Shown in top photo from left are : JamesH. Ellis Simon 1104 Brady St., 20

hostess to the Silhouettes Club at the Lincoln Green Jr< I.H. BurneyDr.Lionel C.NewsomAtty.Ernest D.Jackson and Kerna McFarlin.Second cile and Ct Mittie, 20.Jax .C. Fowler, 1254 Ce-

Golf and Country Club. Photo):ATTENTIVE--The program was graced with a large attendance of ladies, among

Silhouettes took advantage of this meeting to _whom were (Seated 1.toR.Nrs.S.DavisMrs.L.JamesMrs.R.E.Jackson and Mrs.C.Stuart. Standing *
vote upon the slate of officers presented by from leftMrs.A.H.SeabrookMrs.K.KcFarlin and Mrs.M.Barnett. (PHOTOS BY BROW)

the nominating committee and to transact business -- UniversitySets
in connection with their affiliation with
the national body. CORE Launches .Recital For

Present at Tuesday's meeting were Mrs. Norma Signature Protest St. Paul Dec. 11

R. White, Mrs. Geneva Henderson,Mrs.R.E.Smith, f 1tvjt V 4i
Mrs. Delores Mitchell, Mrs. Betty Howard, Mrs. 1 To EisenhowerNew Jacksonville University -

Hadassah Dullard, Mrs Josephine Jefferson '. Glee Club will
Dorothy Sweet, lrs. JohnsonMrs.Ruth Williams, f York City-"Pe- present a recital
and of course, hostesses. tition President Eis- under auspices of St.

# # # # # .. enhower to act in New Paul's ACE League Sunday -
Orleans"asked Charles: Dec. 11 startingat
R.01dhamCORS national 4 p.m. in St. Paul
The Elites Club held
Bridge a special sessionat Pv-
the Country Club Friday evening. chairman today. AME Church auditorium.

t JL -ccrnuittee was appointed to make, plans for a CORE launched a drive 1: The well-known group
,., will ,be directed
for auarter of by
special project to be carried out during the million a ..,,Prof.,.C. Edward .Bryan
Christmas Holidays. Miss Anna B. Mihatee heads : : signatureson be and'is traieiedDead
the petition to
the committee and will be assisted by Mrs. Ann he William D.HosIdns.The
McIntosh and Mrs.; Lois Avery. President presented on Bill of public_ is invited.YWCA's .

Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons was one of the prizewinners Rights. Day, Dec. 15.
in the bridge session.Mrs. The petition states:

Virgie Gray, Mrs. IntoshMrs. Vernal Mc- "Dec. 15th will be
Leaders Slated
Cone, Miss Minatee, and Mrs.Siemens were among the 170th Anniversaryof

members present. the ratificationof The Membership Connit-
# # # # ':
tee has selected Mrs.
+ k, r the Bill o f
Rights. At this very Sara S. Stewart,or the
Kelvinette members converged upon the Calhoun moment, in New Orleans Dramatics Department of

Street residence of Mr and Mrs. Alonza Davis there are organized Edward Waters Collegeto

Saturday evening and showered gifts upon the attempts to head the Membership

newest member of the Davis clan, four-reek-old p deprive four young drive in 1961.

Robert Edward. Negro girls of their .MrS.Stewartis: the wife

Mrs. Evelyn Barnes was visiting player in the L t constitutional rigfts.: : of President W. B.Ste-

bridge game that followed the shower. Prizes We urge you to use \.. wart, of Edward Waters
were awarded to Mrs. Pearl Mackey Mrs. Essie CITED le ade College. Both o f them
--- In recognition for outstanding achievement while working o n your moral r-
are members of t h eYWCAA.
IcCray, Mrs. Dorothy Oliver and Mrs. Barnes. various farternity projectsKerna ( is ship.
McFarlinright), shown being warmly .L.Lewis Branch.
# .* *
congratulated by Dr.Newsom while Atty.Ernest D.Jackson looks on.

Another meeting held at the Lincoln Golf and
Country Club Saturday night was that of the Fall Flower Show Feted Deltas To Sponsor

Hellenesians Bridge Club, with l-rs.Pearl Miller
'hostess. By Hibiscus Garden Circle New Orleans

The entire membership, comprised of Mrs. N an WASHINGTON h e"New

Fletcher, Miss Margaret Williams, Mrs. Claudia The Fall Flower Show presented by the Hibiscus Orleans Four,the six

Jenkins, Mrs. Leona Bennett,Mrs. Leola Dudley, Garden Circle at Walker College on Xov. year old girls being

Mrs. Carolyn ashingtonHrs. Bernice Hamilton, 27th, was a grand. success. integrated i n the openthe
Miss Bernice Griffin, Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson, The Judges were accompanied byMrs.T.D.Tyson first grade of two New
Mrs. Evelyn Barnes Mrs.Vernal }lcC and Mrs. holidays withGordon's. I
one, president, .Millsschedule chsinr.an, Mrs. Orleans schools will
Geraldine Jones, were on hand to enjoy the Frances Johnson, lower snow chairmanMrs.Ivo be guests of honor ata ,

gracious, services of the hostess. ry Joyner and Mrs.Thelma Crockett.Judges care- Delta Sigma The t a .
*. *
fully inspected each arrangement and expressed Christmas party: NewOrleansSundayDec.18 : the gin that's
being well pleased with entire show.Guests

It has been some time since I have looked in were served coffee and cakes by the committee. according :c Dr.Jeanne t 191 old! ; /
Les fleurs whist Club. years ,
on Special awards presentations follow: L.Noble, Delta National
Saturday evening found them occupying a pri- Mrs. Ivory Joyner, Sweepstakes award for hav- President. ;. .
vate at The Club of Mrs ing the greatest number
room Country as guests of ribbons in horti- Each negro elementary
Barbara Walker .culture.
school in New Orleans
Mrs. Thelma Crockett, Distinction award for
has, been asked to send
Miss Eunice Coker and Mrs* Queenie Davis par- the highest. scoring blue ribbon winner in the one first grade .stu-.
artistic division. ,
ticipated in the whist session a s visiting dent to the party, 1

players, with the latter earning the higher which will be attended '
score. Outstanding among club, players were Miss ,, You Seek TL Be l' Doctor by an expected 300
Myrtle Turner and Mrs. Cornelia C. Oree. When Your Doctor PrMcrlbM students, their fami-

Mrs. Betty Belton, Hiss Estelle Williams; ,Mrs. ..., Get Experienced PharmacUta lies,friends and distinguished -
Irma Villarin, Mrs. Juanita WyattMrs.Dannette i. ".::."-iI\: < :.:. To Fill Your Prescriptions ... citizens cf .," yry ,, .'
Howell, and ,Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap were_ among \-;; :;t<", According To Your Doctor'sOrder New Orleans. .,, ; ?
.>*': We UM Only ;
others present. Santa Clause will d'i
# .* \, <: The Belt Quality Drugs Ai distribute gift m all _._
Dr. C E. BlackProprietor of the children undera

Mrs. Doris Scott recuperating at Brewster ;.1 .**" big,gaily decorated

Hospital from a recent illness, with kindest 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S TVna treea n d both ''i

regards and best wishes from her many friends.. alumnae and undergra-
* DRUG STORE duate chapters wil 1 .

contribute gifts for

When most of you read this your eol mist will (1907 Sings Road. ELgin 38276A the six-year olds. .,. ;'.'
have pa.sse4'another milestone. Want to know howI Cosmetics r Rubber Goods Candies Sundries In 1957,_t 'h e Delta :''OISTILLED' LONDON DRY GIN. 100X NEUTRAL SPIRITS D STILLED FROM '

tIe Rock Nine1.*,


'"'.- ... '.-. ,-. .
.- -" '
: r;: :':. -i--= :-. : --i "" '"" .
;::_ : : -. : ; ... J; .. .
... :. .: .." '; ,'. :
10 1960" #
11t e+.y. -- I

Abyssinia f ,

CHURCH NEWS ,Announces kk

1 4; Activities
i : '.
F YS= The regular order of .
services will commence .

Choir 3 of st.'lhcmas Baptist Church niH observe. 3r Sunday with Sunday *
its anidYersary Sunday at 8 p.m.i n the church beginning *
churches in the 9:30a.n Horning worship *
auditoriia.Choira representing < .
s will begin at
city will take part on the program. 11 with the I 1*
a.nu pastOr
# # #' # '* # ,* .
,. Rev. 8. L. Vfynn, *
Episcopal Church
Women members
and officers :in chaise *
will present a twilight musical Dec.ll from S'
: Baptism will be held
at L.Lewis Branch IWCAW.8th and
to 7
during the service.
Calhoun Sts. s Deaconess board 1 and : IWe&tiUC -
# # # # # # *: *
r 2 will meet for their
lational Convention of the Church o f God in
r'I monthly business meeting *
held at the HeadquartersMason
Christ is being
at at the
4 p. m.
Temple.958 S.Maaon Si.Memphis Tenn. church.District will ;
* t
meet in the home of
Choir 2 of New St.James AIm_Church sponsors an I E Mrs.Dora Carter 1631
entertainment .Saturday starting at 5p.m. in the
McConnie St., at 3:30
Mae Bnmson,220 Spruce St.
home of Mrs.Florida ,- A tip of the) P.ptl Copto
The public is invited.Members of the Westside p.m.A testimonialhaa'x11 thoto outstanding young

Willing Workers) Choirs will be guests. be held duringthe country American and, who our community male our
# # * meeting. District a b.tt.r plot. In which to
Mothers of the Youth Choir and the Music C om- 9 will 'meet at the 'Iv..

mission of Ebeneezer Methodist Church have church at 4 P.m.H.T.Ul *

scheduled a Youth Extravanza Sunday starting at begin at ** **
7:30: p.m. in the church auditorium. NUPTIAts. ANNOUNCED-Miss Doretha E. Tarver, daughter of Mrs. Dorothy 5:30 p. m. with the 111 R
# # # # # # # # McGuire and Ralph Tarver, became the bride of ALvin 0. Brooksson of i preaidentDeacon Hudson =

Jacksonville University's Glee Club ill be the late Mrs. Seraphine and Herman Brooks during :impressive ceremonies I Jordanpresiding. 7't

heard in recital Sunday starting. at 4 p.m. i n 'held' in the residence of the bridefs grandmother, Mrs. Addie Evening worship will

St.Paul AME Church auditoriuauProgram is being' SoYo>eon, 1225 W. 24th Street, the, "Rev. Floyd T. McAdoo officiating begin at 6:45p.nuVfedt- !

sponsored by St.Paul's ACE League.There are no during the double ring cereaoDT.Pfi.n; ipals and: attendants shown from ly prayeraervice will !!

admission charges and the public is invited. left are Rudolph Sol. cion, bride uncle vho gave her in marriage; begin Tuesday at 7:30 111
# # ittt # ttittt +ttt Mrs. Dorothy McGuire, bride's mother;.Ha.delyn Jones Thames,matron p.m. Bible study and '

The Junior 'Choir of Redeem Baptist Church holds of honor; bride and groom. ; John Bartley bestman and' Hermanr-Brooks, teachers council will
its rehersal Saturday at 6 p.m.District 1 meets father of groan.. (PHOTO BY CR&/FORDJ) be held Wednesday at 1

Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in the home o f Deacon and 7:25 p'.m.Bish'op .
Mrs.Clinton Jamesl6l2 E. 25th St. MATTIE HARVEY

# # # # # # # # # B t C Granted MembershipIn Btewster C.A. GibbsTo Duval Vocational CC

Sunday School of Mt.Tabor Baptist Church will Auxiliary's Tea )Mattie is in the 11-2
observe its annual Christmas Program Dec. 2 5* Southern Colleges Group Attend Recital 'class.She is a memberof

Gifts will be: distributed and--the. public is cordially theHomemaking Club K

invited. nayeena'seacb-as the, sixty-firth annualmeet- Brewster, Hospital Auxiliary Bishop Carey A.Gibbs president of homeroom '
# # # # # # # # # # # ing of the Southern Association of CollegesAnd has completed prelate of the A.M.E. and serves as usher *

Annual Tea sponsored by Deaconess Board 1 -o f Secondary; Schools at Memphis/Tennessee, on plans scheduled ibr its PreXmaaTea Church's 16th Episcopal at Mt. Ararat Church. *

Macedonia Baptist Church .will be celebrated Sua- Dec. 1, Bethune-Cookman College of Daytona forSun- District o f
dq,Dec.1S in the home of Mrs. Enma Walthour, Beach, Florida was one of the seven Negro col- ,Dec.l.l from 4-6 South America will be ***********
in the Chronic
Choir will presents its annual Pre-Christmas. leges granted full membership in(the highest p.m.Disease: Unit.. guest at the recital : ; .111

party Dec18. regional accrediting agency.Dr.Richard V.Moore The affair promisesto Sunday when the Jack- I
# '.* # # # # President of Bethune-Cookman College and Dr. be the most enjoyable sonville UhiversityfsGlee .

Regular services Sunday a t Elizabeth Baptist W. .. McHil1anDean of the College were in'at. and delightful Club will be .
Church will be held at 3 with the deaconsin tendance. featured St. Paul
p.m. cial function o f the at r .......
charge of prayer services.Rev.S.Gastonpas-- There are 63 Negro F NI Meets season the with various AME Church, 13th and
tor will administer the Lord s Supper. colleges and universities committees endeavoring '
# # # # # 'itRev.W.W.Wbitenead approved by to-outdo one frfyrtle. .
AccreditationSt. will include '
guests .io.
of SavannahGa. will conduct the Southernsso- another in presentingthe Other I'
five nights of services,. at First Timothy Bap- ciation. of Collegesand .,Augustine-Florida. most attractive Rev. Jack J.of -: :'e* ..
Dia beer pastor
table. Prizes will be ,
tist ChurchRev.R.L.Smithpastor.Seryices will I Secondary Schools Normal and Industrial JOSEPH WILUAM5
tart Dec.12. ,The public: is :Invited. 41 hold full member- Memorial College'. has given for the most Love Grove Baptist ie Duval Vocational
eititstaieitatsChristmas shp,10'are approved maintained its accreditation picturesque setup. Church in Arlington.The .

rehersals St.Mathew Church without notation, 8 on the approvedlist General program is being Pepsi Cola Dealers
at Baptist; purposecf salute Joseph of the
the ACE
sponsored by i;
will be held each Jfcnday+ Wednesday and Friday are approved v ith of the Southern affair i o to assist League of St. Paul's 12-1 class.. He is a
at 5 p.m. Choirs 3 and 4 will meet Wednesdays notations and 4 are Association ofCollegesand the sponsoring organization Church. member of the Student
on probation.All Secondary Schools. i n realizing
at 6 for the Christmas which will ap-
p.m. program
proved colleges must This announcement was its. pledge tot h e There will be no admission -tC[ ouncil,vice presidentof
be held Christmas '
the senior class
Brewster Hospital Expansion aid the publicis
.' ;* gain full membership made by DrP..W.Puryearpresident and
Northwestern High School's Junior and" senior b7 December 1,' 1961 ..of the college The Fund Drive. invited.J.Robots tc;Church.Zion Hope Baptist
auxiliary composed announced. .,
choir will render,''The MessiahttMonday at 8p.m.in at the annual meet- during a regular of ISO-ladies of Jr.
is ing in &ami Beach \
the school cafetoriua.The presentation ing.President the community have
being sponsored by the Choral Parents Club. Florida. pledged their servicesin
# .* # .* # Colleges approved ly Puryearvho many> ways. The Sfanfon's '48

District 2 of First New Zion Baptist Church the Southern Association had Just returned from group's. pledge i a Grads To MeetAll \ .r-

will meet Sunday at 5:30 p.m. in the church, of Colleges and the IJ1nnJl1meeting of $1,000. Generous pay
Deacon James Sapppresiding.. Secondary Schools on the Association of Cal- ments have been made

,* * *. ThursdqDec.lwere: leges andSchools which BO far. members of Stan-
Friends aid the general ton's Class of "'48
BethuneCookman of convened. in Memphis
Host and Hostess night will be observed Monday ,
Daytona Beach. dorida lenn. Nov. 30Dec. 2 are requested to attend -
night.at Sweetfield Baptist Church. Mrs. Ethel public are t a
D.Bannister will be soloist. Wiled College of Mar was highly elated over cOrdiaJ.4rinvited the meeting at
guest t o attend the
a.xatit .* .* +tit if: *: shall, Texas; South this achievement b y affair. Special guest A. L. Lewis WCA,528
Carolina State College the college. will be t h e Brewster W. 8th Street,.Sunday ELIZABETH ROBINSON
.Christmas rehearsals at Bethlehem Baptist will of Orangeburg, In his concluding remarks Men's Club and Brew- at 4 p.m.kiona .
Duval Vocational
be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. South Cam.inaCambl- President Puryear (ster.'s Mothers Club. matters for

District 2 will meet Sunday in the church basesent. ing of Ruston, Louisiana admonished his: staff discussion will be Tribute is paid to

District mass, .'eUnc'w11l beheld Sunday ;Le Moyne Collegeof and faculty to continu plans for the annual Elizabeth of the 12-1

at the church, 3 .p.m. District 7 meets Sundayat Hmphis,Tennessee; exerting all effortsin Christmas party and class.She is a studentof
4:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Dorothy Tol- Winston Salem College their respective PATRONIZEFlorida assessments for the the Business Dept.an .
bert, 1601 Madison Street. of Winston SalesNorth capacities to maintainand StarAdvertisers holiday socialsBennie honor student and
Nickerson member of the choirat
Carolina.and Fayetteville improve the college president,
College of Fay- fs total program.He .stated.ATTENTION. Friendly Baptist
Sunday's regular worship at Jerusalem Baptist ettevilleNorth Caro- also discussed very; Church.

Church begins with Sunday School at 9:30 a.' m. lisa. The approval of frankly the pertinent *** *

and morning sermon to be delivered by Rev.Jake these colleges bringsthe aspects and implications *

Ray. pastor. Evening's sermon will total of Negro of the three-day !
be delivered by the pastor Rev. R.V. Jackson. colleges having full meeting of the Asso HESDENTS OF *

Choir and Usher Board 2 aerie all services membership int h e ciation of Colleges and MAGNOLIA GABDENS *
The Trustee Board will hold its regular monthly Southern Association Schools which had as CLEVELAND DALE.! HBAULT MANOB. It Listen to PepsiMusicQuest

business meeting Monday night in the educational of,Colleges andSecondary its theme High School HEIGHTS AND ADJACENT AREAS Friday

building Schools to 41. College Relationship". You Do Not HOT To Go To Town..To Buy Your Drug Store
Nibs 1030 to 11:00
Some of the highlights Complete Drug Bents In Your
Fountain Chapel of the three Own NtlghBorhood( 1 For Phone Requests

day confab accordingto .' EL 6-0461-2
r Slates
.wa 3Sarah's Meeting
: President

.-) Drive-la'far I-Q : Rev. F.V. Jonea,Fa.- were the special remarks (Mer Von's Pharmacy **

TfF7ewBuilding tor of Fountain Chapel made by Doctor *
Francis J.. Young executive -
AHB!: Church has issueda 2735 WEST EDGEWOOD AVENUE
call to all ofYcersand secretar,,Cca-:
members to attend ndttee'on international a.Clcat.JKe To Holm*, end Wall Funwol Horn)

the church conference Exchange of Persons at ... o.. AMIP p
scheduled for Tuesday the joint ejecting of -

night Dec. 13 in thechiur.k the coadssiarron colleges .... 0 M512' _'",. .
auditorium at and Diversities : 5-9267' x." ; ?

8 p.m. a major address by Dr. : -
Hans ,fbrcoaatrixrticnof Francis KeppelDean of :_, .:-. ,. ,
OPPF RtG YOU .. \1"
. Completed For .. :
.the Harvard: Graduate
the new church on .i FlEE PICK UP "J'-:
-Sarah Drive-ki& .lor I-Q Florida ,.... gad School of Education '_ WO DEUVEHY SERVICE

OPEN Jessie Street rill be daring the ti general Stun"l >Kuui And Othtr'Stan u....

discussed: It is sat asaeafcly and special .shu, e/
Dancing on JPati .: OUaSLOOAN, -w. FI1 .
important that every remarks byDr.s.HJWdt' Any Doctor prcmfyy

i 740 UB Street Jacksonville. Fla. amber sttadthis iaportaBt president of Texas, ...' .
session, Southern University) -



1- s a -

_ 1

"-. :. ...-........ : .. -- .- ,
-. 0-: ,. ,,," .' '." :- ,

urdar; Decker. 10, 1960'- ..- ,.. .- -.-' -- -" .. .-.- -.. ..... THE FLORIDA 5T AR. Page Fire

I: New Rattler Network' To Broadcast fOB 'Classic Game I

Independent Life To Sponsor Negro ,Worker

lassie Over New Network Pleads Guilty

In Drug CaseLAKE
he "Orange Blossom Classic,Florida'sual tjiggee .
football event will be broadcast over alain f- '4 BUTLER-A Negro
of radio stations for the first time .in construction worke r

he history of the gridiron attraction. / .pF pleaded guilty to introducing -

Broadcasting through sportscastercolor, *I drugs intoa
[the facilities of the highlights aodcoBBercials state prison and was
]newly formed "Rattler by Ken Knight, ordered investigated
Network" the playby' with harem King serving by Circuit Judge
play description of tat statistician George Patton last
[colorful classic will. Broadcasting from week, Sheriff John
'be carried ,q' y
by nine y'S { Whitehead said.
radio stations in .. % The accused, Johnny
I Florida and Georgia.Establishment as 2- y S Williams is reporte d
of the : to have paascd"bcnny1
"Rattler Network saris rls !IZ ,Y pills to ixvates o f
the fulfillment of a Ralford prison while
dream for radio disc- being employed thereas
jockey, Ken ( ) night'TrainJKnightpresident a constructionworker.

and founder of the. 4

network, who has

worked tirelessly to .
set up facilities for m.; .
broadcasting the game
for the benefit, of time 8 .k}.
game p. m., .a..... .....n TARN MORE
thousands who may be Saturday, Dec. 10 the -
unable to make the game will be heard AT COTILLION theatrical public 'relation -' Jr., 20-yeaavold:> Howard University senior majoring CAH
trip Miami's famed over the following man, Rufus. Byers, and Mrs. Byers, lat:'-arid in ,marketing, stands at right of Miss
Orange Bowl. station.: 3rd from left, pause to chat with Moss H.Ken-' Holt. Younger Kendrix lad, Alan .is Junior: high FOR XMAS
The entire nine-net- WRHC- Jacksonville; dries and sons upon arrival at the Sh e rat oil- school senior. Retired, Mr. Byers was for many SELLING
work broadcast is being WIRK-Palm Beach Park Hotel in Washington where the National years director of public relations for Washington : :
sponsored by the WROD-Daytona Beach Council of Negro Women last weekend held i t a: '21 District Theaters, Inc., while Ken- I The Florida Star
Independent Life and WALTTallahassee'WTIOcala second International Debutante Cotillion o f drix heads public relations firm bearing his
Accident Ins u ranee the season. Young lady at right is Miss Edith name. Two Kendrix Organization clients,Carnation TUES. & WED.
Company through whose WERD--Atlanta Marie Holt, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Holt, of Company, Los Angeles, and the Coca-Cola Afternoon P.M.
cooperation the broad- In addition, a tape Chicago, one of twenty-seven lovely young ladieS Company, Atlanta had supporting roles in. the
'cast is made possible. recording of the broadcast presented by NCNW. Escort Moss ij.K ndrJx: NCNW event.

"The play byplay will be heard on .
chores will be done Sunday7, Dec. U over Segregationists

-by Jack- ..-Edger----- .,-noted the folio rdrg stations- .. Picket In Miami If Always Pays to Deal .with DAVIS!

"Soup Shortcut Traditional .Result? MIAMI-.Stating that, t n!. Ai
'*Ve are going to.build

a better America
\:<, JI through segregation "
J. H. Keathley, president -
o f Florida DOWN v .. I Ib
States_Rights, In c. k
said his group plans

niY rN va3c .on extending picketing
week.integrated Miami this

., ... :Last Saturday, 'some12eembers '
!;+.Ct.o: R' ,';" r& ':'t'; GAS
1Z. '
it if.j%>' .e> "( picketed
".Jjf:r >w;.v1 *k": ,... ___ R. -wl1"..>ri: . 1:: '* b %$ >l 1f.fj > ..
.,.:....t t. : i +>j i, "".i r; f %*'7"h'. Center carrying signsin RANGE
t' : ? .'x!; ;;)f" protest of the
"The north wind does blow and we shall have mow .. and now store's integratedlunch Y-
is the time to plan a dinner around a thick,rich,hearty soup.Potato counter. It was burners
4 giant size light instantly
traditional Canadian food Is delightful served steam- .
eheese a
In* from soup a tureen with a variety of crisp crackers or breads, a reported that the dem- ,.. auto'matically-soft quick, clean.cook. .
salad and a substantial dessert such as deep dish apple pie. onstration was without ing.

; : .," incident and
.. Full size porcelain enamel oven,
i> .
peaceful. .
.. ;..
.. ;
controlled smooth aetlontl'Mf"
Robertshaw ,
: : NOTICE TOTAXPAYERS :iiiii t.;:: (t broiler drawer with 2 niece broiler pan.

Win ...........:-:..... 1.$. (i) -... Large storage compartment WitJfilM h
...,.C\ shelf-compare this all porcelainrange
tl1e cards ..n.. c. at our I low installed price.
::: -
iiiiifiii::: ii
;$x f.% down delivers
:;::::::::::::::::: Only $10.00
Chapter 192.21 Florida_ Statutes provides: fiiiiiiiitiiii! .' easy terms on balance
::: ::::::;::::::::: 1- :.. -. Full size completely installed,
"All of be-held to know that ::::::::iii:::!::::: range
owners property .;.;:.:.::.:.:=.:.::.:.::.:.::.:.;:.:.:.!.:..!.:.::.: .. ready to cook.
taxes are due and payable thereon annually and are ::::::::::::; Large tank gasINSTALLED
::::::=:=::::::J=: ;
hereby charged with the duty of ascertaining the .
# t. ; -
: amount of such tax and 'Paying,the name before 0 : WITH A
the first day of April of each year." r :,
r. Don't be surprised if some of LARGE TANK
the Christmas cards you receive
193.41 notice is
Chapter this month contain sentiments FREEEMERSON
hereby given _that the tax rolls that are short and amaz- OF GAS-
ingly to the point.For example:
are now open for payment of "In the event you're waiting
1960 county taxes at Room 107, little for the Christmas mailman to remembrance deliver my

l': Court House, subject to the discounts ."He just did! Merry Christ- STEREOPHONIC. Special offer, get
records FREE .
$19.80 worth stereo
provided by law as follows r Or, a gentle reminder: "It's
more blessed to give than to
: receive don't forget it!"

4%-November 7th throagh
December 71k. : J': CALLS..*... *
3%-Decemkr Ilk thxeagh. ..d'". 21*rt AcNn..w.,Tata.........$.f11.K1r !*..sOIL TILL 9 P. M.Ii .

December 31st. .



Statements have-been "mailed to all property ., i, PeI'T ,formance 5

iJ owners er their a hat last .J known address.If : tuba table radioEmenefi S
9. $ --1

.r.this. yours office.his not been received- lease notify .[ J -. Pf-' w- $1885 S

Please Return Statement -
Stereophonic with AKV ridbJ I.jcltaJs! .

With Tax Payment "# _or akles,..abr provitUt complett 2 chiwiti '. .. .i i,- )- ". '
Hew tad Used TV Sets ..
..,.rlt'OfI$_ .. '
rna $39.95No \
\ CLYDE H. SIMPSON On Year Down Gutrtjgee Pignaent. onEDISON COMPANY

Pict>:eTa e
'. jyd' '. DAVIS FURNITURE 1 135 BROAD{ ST.PH. .

Tax Cdteefor -TVEV i a 3-5131

..... .....Do.1 COlllty'-- -. ...... '. 7-4464 .



Saturday, December 10, 1960 tfi FLOETDJl STAB'___ .. PAGE S1 -
...... ";' '. .
Couple' ." ". 1' : :' 4 ::::? L '"" Klan Leader
Elderly Negro I 1
i I' .
Live In Open Field 111-, ". .. Ousted From

Sit-in Locale
I ROANOKE, Va.-A 65-year old Negro man and hisT4year J 6F
old wife were discovered last Saturday ST. PETERSBURCiLBill

living in an on field .i Hendrixa, contractorand
Clarence Parker and F t tt reputed head of
his vifejposessed only -' Wilkens Calls the Southern Knightso

a bed, covers anda E the Ku Klux Klan;
plastic cover used Electoral College and a companion we:

during rains plus two Change; ordered out of tot
rocks utilized 'for .1 here Saturday b
cooking'whenever they COLUHBISS.C.NAACP Police Chief E. W.

were :fortunate enoughto Executive SecretaryRoy Purdy while sane 150
have food. Wilkins countered Negroes picketed dam-

The couplets plight arguments to change 1iTh1 ,l re town storesfour of
was discovered by Glen the electoral college them in a Negro sec-

Robertson, a photo- this week by calling : tion.Hendrixaccompan1ed.
for"free access to the A
grapher for television J i
station WSLS-TV and ballot box"fcr south- 1rya2 by Peter Xavierre

Roanoke Det.S gt. Ray- ern Negroes. portedly drove into

mond Belcher who found Wilkinsreferring to .. I ; .- BBSBBBr --'miiBV*..!JjMBBaa--.a j town in a trailer
the couple had nothingto the fact that only one INTERNATIONAL DEBUTANTES-Lovely debutantes are James "Bud" Wardaccount associate for bearing signs depict-

eat. They gave the out o f every four from many foreign lands and their escorts were Camation,The Moss H. Kendrix Organization, ing African tribes.

pair $10 for purchaseof southern Negroes i s breakfast party guests of Carnation Companylast John Short,escort,Washington,D.C., and Alvin Stating that he knew
food,then contacted allowed to vote,challenged weekend following the National Council WilkesCotillion production coordinator. NCNW Hendrix realized that
Salvation Army of- politicians tp of Negro Women's International Debutante Cotillion sponsored top social event in support of it a the signs on the trailer -

ficials. "propose a new plan held at the Sheraton-Park Hotel i n 25th anniversary campaign to erect Congress ,"would not help the
Through the effortsof fair to all voters." Washington, D. C. Left to right, the young approved WashingtonD.C.monument andrn oriel 's!tuatonPu1t\r threats
Salvation Army He pointed out that women are Grace MugoneKenyaFlorence HerscheQT center in honor of Council founder, Mrs. Mary ened "severe action"incase
Capt.Ken Johnson, the efforts to curb the PuBurmaLourdes-ReinaGuatemala; and Violet KcLeod Bethune, late renowned educator and Hendrix did not
pair were moved to a electoral college in Lewis, Sierra Leone. From leftmen in picture leader in national affairs. ,leave town imnediat '.

Roanoke Hotel. Capt. the past, were madewith
Johnson said his organization the objective of -

would pro- cutting down the influence ,

vide the couple with of th e Negro .
.1.-:_ _
clothing and supervise
vote in large urban
their immediate needs.Mrs.Parker centers in the North. .i... ._i-,....' -,,.... i -
.. -
disclosed "Congressman Gossett __ f. I
neither of the two are of Texas joined some ,
able to work and that years ago with the .- -- -

they were unable to then Senator Henry
get aid from the 'rel- Cabot Lodge of Mass., 1 '
fare. She further
in sponsoring a re s-
stated they had livedin olution which Rep.Gos-
the open fie d sett frankly describedas '
since May,1959having an effort to cut Put more .
benefit of house
a only down
the influence of
r last win-
during the Negro vote i n .
ter's heavy snows but the North," Wilkins o
had to move out when said. ,

spring came.Ta1lahassaan. "The resolution lost

r in Congress as did a .
later one by the then .
Senatornow Governor) stocking

Slain, CompanionHurt Price Daniel of Texas. :
"So you seethe past
In Argument efforts aimed at the

electoral college have (withinyour the money .
# ',.
Tallahassee-An really been aimed at :' .
the Negro voter he .
between ,
ment two men said. you saveDY
here resulted in the'
death of one and the Addressing himself to
current critics of the
alight wounding o f
his feminine companion system, Wilkins said, ( ou"1I save enough money for an EXTRA Christmas
police them have fair J
Dead is reported.Tommy Green- debate on all proposed b L119,1.k present .or several of them .by riding the

leeand treated for a changes." He spoke to Jacksonville 'Coach regularly especially during the

bullet wound in the more than 1,000 civil r(, Yule shopping rush when traffic is at its peak.
rights enthusiasts attending :
leg which did not require :2
hospital treat- a mass rally Quick, convenient, comfortable that's, the story '.
ment is Velma Holmes sponsored here by the
21. South Carolina' Conference when you ride a Coach. From wherever you live in the I
Police reported that o f NAACP Jacksonville Area .you'll be whisked to your .

Nazareth Austin admitted branches. .; destination faster"than Santa's reindeer. ,
shooting Green- ATTENTION LADIES
lee when the latter of arithmetic. '
And moneywise it's a matter simple _
would not return the Bridge & Social ClubReporters
Driving lour auto is costing you more and more. Our
keys to his car. The .
woman, sitting in the ...' 'regular patrons figure it costs S2.75 in gasoline and

car at that time was Send or Mail :.-t; parking fees every time they drive downtown!Try

stray apparently bullet.hit by a Your Social News .,: :".. \ riding the COACH regularly and see for yourself!

Austin has been Mondays To -
4 A Jacksonville Coach ride to downtown is one of the
charged with murder
police further stated. ; ; .;. ", .: BIGGEST Christmas bargains we know of.Take half a
323 Itfrncr:Q: RcL Cor.-)3 b "
: :
'.. '; ;: :';: minute to think it' over and }ou'll see what we mean!
Or Phone' EL :: 9'
i f ; : .
: ; r ..
: ; i ,; r
-4 _
4 ..,
..,. ]. .,1..'.,+.:. ,..,.. Ask sour Dncrt -': .... '.
State & Pearl ." -" ".'.' ::-'$: > __ -, write the Jacksonville Coach Company)' ;
Seafood House .. -':;;:_...,. .'z' .- "
BEArDDDS- 8HCRT'D"RCER8 \ call 4-7881 '
-sorT OR INKS .>. :, -:; : ,. or Elgin
ERVED AT ANY TIME _,' : ',' for a printed Coach Schedule.
; r '
l ,
You Don't Have te Go to Town to Get 4;;' + \ :


,>!- .' .
; > ,
,. .
Your ii: -'
:;. .'


With Your: Neighborhood Drug Store .-.." .:: ,' .,' .
.. : .
t ,
We Will! Meet Any Prices Advertised ,:.:: ..". \, -

!In Your Local 1 PapersWOOD'S .:':. --.ti:!, ,i .. COACH I .
-' N--. .. -.
.,< .
"' ...
,- 'v ';. :
:. 1' < T _
"' '=fhe'Fastest Easiest. Pleasantest Way to Work and Play!
w. ..1Iy., W. AJt. Ha Al Doctor PnwlptMi.



... ,




.i' .' .. ." .. .
.. ; :. ,=-. ," ; -:' -- -..-... -. -..,' .'- ....: : '

Saturday, December 10, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR PAGE '8EYK2T






Mitchell Sets NorthSouthGolf National Title In BalanceIn

Tourney Info Motion Orange Blossom ClassicBY

MIAMI-Ray Mitchell, the nation number one xxjjrF
golf tournament d1 ctorarriTCd.here this week CHUCK SMITH

, to set the wheels in motion for his sixth annual -, KIANff--Florida A. and M. University's Ratt-

"North-South Golf Tournam "Played over lers, the highest scoring team in the historyof

the championship course of the liana Springs the National Association of IntercollegiateAthletics

Golf and Country Club, the annual sports event and the Langston University Lions

attracts the most outstanding professional and are slated to meet in the 28th annual Orange

amateur golfers of both sex.For the last three Blossom Classic football game, Saturday night,

years, it has been _integrated with white players -' before an anticipated crowd of some 50,000 ians

coming in from all sections. of the country. : The famed Orange Bowl Stadium will 'once againbe

Mitchell's trip here the site of the classic gamewith game time

this week is 'a twofold Florida itself will ; being 800' p. m.

one, as he will, be, highlighted by a A. and M. will carry a record cf eight wins in

aside .from setting up water extravaganza in nine starts into the fray against the Lions,

cosnittees to plan the the Sir John Hotel : winners of nine consecutive games in 60, anda
various activities of swimning pool,a fashion string of 16 straight victories over a two-

the tournament,attend show panarama, a backto .3 year period. The Rattlers have won 17 of 18

the annual "Orange camp party for the starts over a two-year span.

Blossom Classic." One incoming baseball star In their last outing,

of the fall social and ,a grab bag contest and the Jake Gaither- A.and M.,68, Benedict,

sports eventsit will Bar-B-Q. and cook-out coached Rattle r s 0; A.and M.-46Lincoln
CONTRACT SIING-.Cassius Clay (left)Olympic
(Mo.-6A.and M-64
bring together FloridaA outing among many, trounced a stubborn ,
,champion, discusses "career-management1 contract with
S. Morris Brown-0 A.and
& H and undefeated The Texas Southern team ;
other events. Cutchins (center) of
I president Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corpand M97BethuneCookman0Aand
Langston of Oklahoma tournament itself will I Patrick Calhoun from Houston, 30-8,to
Jr. (right), former board chairman of American Commercial M.-80 South
T The upcoming golf have many new additions Barge Line. These two men, along with William Faversham run their season scor- ,
Jr State-O A.
classic will bethe ing total to 475 ;
this time. The
president of Brown-Forman Distillers Corp, are the executive and M.-49A.and T.-19
, most outstanding ever professional prize isexpected committee of points and a fantas-
a group of businessmen with whom Clay has signed
I pact A.and M.-35Allen--O
\ presented by Mitchell to be upped providing outright payment: to him of $10,000, plus $4,000 a year for tic nine game scoring A.and M.-6Southern -
and his board! of directors several thou sana the average of 52.7 per
next two and establishment
years of a fund to be held in trust 14and A.and M. 30,
, .Tb attract tee dollars and prizesfor for the now-professional fighter until he retires from game.
or Texas Southern-8.
players and followers amateurs will bees reaches age 35. Clay is now training with Archie Moore at his The Lions were not record
camp Langston's
from all the exactly pikers i n
over o increased that even in San Diego, California
country, an extra day the highest scoring scoring during the follows: Langston-13,
of has been add- they rolled Panhandle A.and M-0;
play duffer will have a season as
ed plus several new chance to take home Orange Blossom Classic BriefsThe for 300 points i n Langston-20, CentralStateOLangston

social events On the an award. BC Defeats their nine victoriesto 1/",

strength of an open 60: Orange Blossom Classic will be broad- record an averageof East Southeastern-14 Central19Iang.54 .
the FNI 72-64 ;
invitation from
33.3 points per
Kirkland cast over state-wide radio network. ton-53 North-
I governor of the Bahamas game. Langs ,
it is likely Bethune-Cookman College classic eastern7Langston27Northwestern14.Lang
It){)f)(Jt)()()(***** In 27 games .
that the event .will Obtained ts basketball played to date, the
move to Nassau for asp Wildcats von their host Rattlers have won -46Southeastern 7;
Florida A. and M. University of Tallahassee
c1alcarnivalweek.Thia By TribeST. second game in a rowFridayDec.2 Langston-6, Lincoln
13 dropped 13 the
is always host in the famed Orange BlossomClassic .
(Mo.-0 and Langston47 -
as they ;
affair is being ,
1940 Wilberforce fra-
that is played annually: Miami+s fabulous -
specially arrangedforthe LOUIS Willie Kirkland, defeated the Lions of cas ended in a tie. Texas College-0.
who with Willie Mays and Orlando Orange: Bowl Stadium. is
tournament and Cepeda gave.the San Francisco Florida Normal of St. Langston is a memberof The game expectedto

visitors as a goodwill Giants the best long-ball hit- JttttHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHBHHiIn ( ( Augustine, 72-64 the Oklahoma C o n- be a wide-open affair -
outfield in the has The lead with the Rattler
/ gesture on the ting majors changed hands ference and :is the only -

part of the officialsof been traded in the in American the Cleveland League Indiana '27 Orange Blossom Classics played to date, several times in theSixyt major unbeaten and combining a devastating -

this island paradise Kirkland. 26 was sent to the : : period but the untied Negro football ground with, a
Florida A. and M. has won 13, dropped 13, arid Wildcats "--
Indians along with pitcher John finally gota team in the 'country deadly air.
ny Antonelli in exchange for Har- one game has ended in a tie. winning edge and
The tournament in vev KuenrL .. ,In final rankings by.
kept it. The Wildcatswere
the NAIAthe Rattlers HalfMillionNot
ahead b y 17 finished sixth and '

Give the only whisky with extra smoothness whipped: in 16-25-63 period points in when the Florida third Langston U. beaten ninth.23-15 Scuth: ern by EnoughFor

S;::= :'J"J:: 9 97-346-80 j but Normal B-CC.effort made kept to a:its determined tie lead, last PrairieView outing,was in ranted their Clemente

.. :; ,. A 't.",, ... ;;.'!<,.:.'<".:...'<:.:>>,,'>< /.".._. ... 6 3 intact. seventh.Neither once-View LOl'ISVILLE. h y.
.. -:' beaten Prairie How much '0; Roberto Clemente
i ... .8 1 High scorers for Be-
"" Grambling were and cents
: ; ; nor worth in dollais
r, af thune-Cookman were Tom ranked in the top 20 If you take the word of Baltimore -

159-3-34 Washington, 27; James NAIA teams. manager Paul Rklutd. he

44-52-27 Humphrey,18Tom Hous- Statistic-wise, t h a maybe is worth moie.a half-million. dollars

ton,13; Marvin Harveyand Rattlers have rolled: That according to Richards. is
s..t M. ...'. .. Charles Wilson, 6 up 2,510 yards rushi1'& the amount the Orioles are will
f s..tt..1 he's 40WII each.William McDougaland 6 6 ing to pay to land the ylioiigarm
added another 1,3
tta miAi. rabtrscttH
., outfielder of the world champion -
\ .,. Scott Perry scored
work. H U .4 passing for a total Pittsburgh Pirate
17 each for the Lions offense of 3,676.Prior However the Pirates are not

ad Coming Attractions The 'Cats next home to the Texas Southern willing to part uith Clementeert ,
;> i \' for that high price. The
s Wednesday
70-59-34 game
game they were the top Pirates top power balsman. Clement
:. 1\D 1 night against Savannah NAIA team,in total offense led his team in runs-bat.

'. LOOTS PO.B State. College. with a 432.9 ted-In'second and only home to teammate runs and Dick was

On Thursday night, average per game. Groat the National l..I' .' /.r Dec 1, the Wildcats The Rattlers recordto champion in overall batting
;}C .. ,,
; .- : defeated Edcaid Waters follows average.
: :' :"'''' date is as :
: : -i: ', : :
a Tollege 72-52.

,'.. .. ,
... .:...-..". "< J

i.v.: MWAA
.; MeetingSlated
::; '
schtnIeip1 "'
for Chi
RESERVE jI 'C In th Kld-Vttk ZsraErtry

t".f VtdaMdi. CHICAGO, D1L-fhe. annual .1.J
for'Rotal Midwestern Athletic Association
$Seem meeting Is slated to be held at 0P1USI
Bit word if His the Washington Park YMCA; 1
ws B01EX) Dec. 15, 16 and 17. Participating .,
schools are Central State Tennessee -

....,... Fires..The AV.rtUm- tk"FLORIDA State Kentucky State and
STAI Uncoln University of Jefferson e.
i_. W...JT.., TV***. :-. (Mo.
Will Tract yM J.tter FAMU r
,,' :': .- MA1CHINOBANDtaHr I / f .
; f:: qya:: .
':'. L- spectacular Langston U.
I i if.a a4dctA, hews I OKLA.

1 : ,
k -




CHOICE SEATS NOW! ,$2.00 & $3.00

;. :' :
; ;. ': North Travel Buses Mary Elizabeth Hotel

r." -'-..., ;:..,..,.4-<..:.... ,' '4 s 1104 NW 3rd Arc. 642 NW 2nd Ave.
; ; 11 Community Drug Store A Grand. Drugs
6750 NW 15th Are.. 3640 Grand Ave.
; :

.... '.'._,..-.>,.:\ ak:. Or Write to: H. R. Partridge, Bus. Mgr., Fl.. A&M,
'. Foil fifth decanter,with crystal-cat jigger top,gilt wnpfedv r : .
-' :,, : Hotel Arcoimnodatidn N nr AralUble MUml B-arli A. in )Jlaml .
i;:v. .TO extra cast bunts and. pints also wrapped for giving.. .. X' f '. *If your toast cannot soppfy you + SHAVING POWDEFfCO.FrV.at CotiUrt North Travel Bureau. 1104 N.W. Third Ae.Miami .
:' ICMPLI''DlSTlU SCO".Y.c..IL r+ s..r.oorasw..vtru. &snats v !:- SEND M for these MACJC TEAM IUTIS ** 4S7l* Savannah.Ga. Fbu Phone FL'9479 .
/:..:;: -- L
t -
1 r .

I -

: c, .. .,, "
'. -...' ,
j ": '
Saturday, .December, 1960 THE FLORIDA..STAR Pace'Eight

_ Chips Off The Blocks. HOLLEY'S

R13$7141 COALSANTA Pouhantarlrigr.NAnthruit.rCok. BAR-B-QUE
i .,
The annual trek to Miami by all of the playboys rtti CITT-WIM ea vur
has started. Ken Knight left Thursday (ALL SEASONS ICE Pc' FUEL 00.1 I
morning. His side-kick. Abram King is also going (Sill NORWOpOJkVt PO 1

down. This year the, Orange Blossom Classic will,
- be broadcast directly frca the Orange Bowl in, ICi
Miami Ken Knight's "Rattler Networks piping RUN OtVIHITNING',,"
the game through nine outlets :is the first Leroy Holley Annie Waitress Reddick
time a Negro college gane has been given "net- J : -- Proprietor "
work treatment". ... ',roluc" h 'Bar-B-Que that's' different"
1ee.1 Sluiwp H.MLb. ---
Josh Hillr air has his chariot in readiness for CHICKEN-BEEF-SLICED PORK
the trip has Alvin James.Dr.Schell.and 29' :. PORK RIBS WITH CURLI-Q Potatoes
long so
:: : ,
3604 Moncrief
family make the Classic an annual affair also. Near 26th St.

Many who are not driving are taking the special ROESHAD \ SAYS SUN. Thru SAT.
train down. Included"in the group are Dr. andMrs. STRAND

Downing Jerry Iszard and the madam, the '
Beamon Keri : 1s, both branches of the Parson's ] 'Trade at MATHjS' and Save!" IS ITSIDNEY A FACT OR A CHALLENGE
family Frank Hampton and gobs has of'.arrived.Tic others. blue convertible 49c Lb. JBARGAIN

Caddy you see belongs to Hamp."Lcgs11! Lundy and MEN'S SUITS $23.95 BOY'S SUITS $13.95 'A SUPERB

Leila Gray are also in the "61" Caddy class. DEPT. SHOE REPAIR DEPT. IN REAR 'PRIIIERI's

William "Bo \Weaver" Calhoun has completely rt- (on First Floor)
modeled tho package store at the "Pine Inn."lie LARGE ROE MULLET 29c 1073.75 FLORIDA AVENUE EL 69445LOCATION

also has added additional space. Up the street Plus 2nd Big Hit
from him at the El Dorado, L. B. "Coast t o MULLET ROE eo. .89c

Coast" Jones will take over. this week-end replacing RED BASS for,Baking 39c

fystery shrouds the firing of some of key per-
son l in the service department of the Robert. T INI ELOIJ aTESJoi

Ayer last week. Fireworks are looming. Regard- CLASSIFIEDKENT I i I"\ "'n. ,,DE r..nI1 UNZIE-UJUtY._JOXB."IImL"fc N MMi.rw HaMn.M S,__.nLSUN.TUES_ ..
less of the so called reason for dismissals,
many see the forthcoming KLRB union electionas IN OLD FARMER'S MARKET .
the real cause. Bar and hotel owners in this FOR Roosevelt
sector are girding their loins for a strong FOOT OF WEST BEAVER ST. VIADUCTFla. 3 BIG FEATURES
Nice Room for Single .. ..... .
fight to keep the unions out Tis a pity that r. *& 9
many stupid folk of color are being used as Lady or Han.! Use' of Grade A 49c .,.,. COLOR by D. Lu..2|
foils and are fighting the thing that will help Kitchen.1403 I' Breasts Lb iitV <

them. Of course management fcs always been ableto Street. FryersSAUSAGE' Legs &Thigh; : 390 Lb. / V LtAuAKIuJt ronIAYIORBEHIOHNSON/>

dupe some folk and get them to spy on their I \ .' hr.ue T ,uw1Ep MtOT
fellow workers.In -
times of stress and strain there oftimcs FOR RENT 3Ib&- 1.00 ..,,.... J f
conies on the scene a breed of people known as Furnished Room forSingle FRESH OR SMOKED BEANSTAUC
"opportunists". These folk take advantage of Private
Man. HAMBURGER 316s.--$1.00
every situation and claim everything on the entrance with use ofKitchen.Call
credit side of the ledger. In previous years, PO 8-4716 Ground.Fresh Every Hour .
mostly whites have taken advantage of the race before 4 p. m. or mMEs JfcPSKTVI2W

situation to make hay.Look fora bread of Negro PO 5-5547 after 4 pn. Sliced ib3 V IrlmahtMi1R000lOR
opportunist to arise. For examplenote the num Breakfast BACON $1.00CLUB : MACHip! -

bar of persons who are claiming "credit" for _
getting local bus drivers of color. There will. Royal Crown
STEAKS 49c lb.
also be a slew of cases as more and more of Bottling Company THRU TUESDAY
our leaders try to "get in on the act." I pray
that most of the situations will not be of a 1)35 SAN MUCO BLVD. MILKwallop I 49c
rash nature that will cause a greater breech FL 9-4488 A e CASH
in local race relations. _
T. cLang of the Vocational School staff, ,is for Sale SPAREJ1BS._ .=. e 29c Ib, I D l ANTHONY OUINN
telling a- fish tale to end fish tales.He declares --e _. 'n't., ,... '.\1'\' '\ -
-5f 'E t HUGH( }0'BRUll1
that on Thanksgiving day, he caught a *.4 PAINT .....: PAINT YOU.SEE BOTH SIDES OF YOUR MEAT
red bass as large ns he is.Of course that's not House Paint-White
too long.If -- and Colors q ':: i<

,you see, a smug grin on Emraa Strain Mitchell's Porch and Deck HEAR BROADCAST OFOrange
face, stop her and ask her the why. She is the All Colors V .
fonner wife of "Mitchell", late of the Ribault $1.79 gal. 'P V

Supper Club. She is simply repeating to.herself DIXIE 110 PAINT E. Bay STORE St. h
"I told you so."

All of the' local nitc spots are turning into"
battlegrounds nowadays Donald ,Dawldns tried WANTED Blossom
He and 1960
out for the Tropicanna" championship. -
Francis. Williams had a. draw then Willie Quarter- GIRLS THE '
flan came; on the sc ne'and successfully defendedhis
title He was the winner and still champ. 16 to 35 years. Need

Speaking of champs, did you see Sugar Hay robbed several for Photog-

last Saturday night. raphers Models.Highest
pay rate.Noexperience : Classic

necessary.Reply giving :. .
THE NEW address,Phone andyour .
Measurements. Box 561
El 48885REPAIRSREBUILDINGEXCHANGING Men and women \ .": "'" ;''- /1 FLORIDA A. &. .M. "Rattlers"

who honeaUy''duire_ to fact .
i .. 'their alcoholic problems. Free J L1- -. ; "i.: V < f ;' V
d r. meetings: Mondays and Fri. I ,
..:t; ,;. days 8:00 Pad Clara WhIte. rr3C fJ.' .
Bl4.. Room 305. V
;T-- 7 .V

r '- ','-. .. -,
I' : \ :
Service_ SJaf'orBUMPER > .,,':.,. 1 .! ; ;
s' r ff ,
:: WITH :: SERVICES ..r..

} :



7007 BEACH BLVD. and Accident Insurance Company
Sliced Turkey & Dressing w/ Hot Giblet Gravy COR. WEST ST.

_ Fresh String _. Mashed, .

Beans Peas & Carrots Potatoes I \ ,-:.-, ,: THE .GAME WILL BE CARRIED LIVE SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 i

Cream Potatoes Cranberry Sauce' '>. SaladSPECIAL t :-;'.i".' .::, !:.--i;}; BEGINNING AT 8 P. M. OVER THE. FOLLOWING STATIONS: .'.-,< << iVt
'' HELP WANTEDNEW "., /. ,: W"T
Rolls YORK; r",------'- ", ,t WRHC JACKSONVILLE .. i

: T-Bone Steak $l.bU EzeeHent: positions araHablt at "'
once for good and steady female WATL ., TALLAHASSEE .
I.ChitterlingsCollard Green's1KiceYams neat domestic sleep-la workers jobs who with want the but perm prl. 4 : -,, ...;:, I!; ,(
Potato Salad Corn Muffins vats tamWu... oo4 treatment... .. '" '
all meals..nice room and TV... f) V :
Regular Meals Daily by >IADELINE all weekly prlvilefes.and hf&'her.Salary..tr&nlportaUon up. *o (50.00 I. ( '' : ". 'THE FOLLOWING STATIONS WILL BROADCAST A TAPE fit4t .f' .
York advanced. If .. ,.
to New you art "
looking for a_ rood deep-In Job ,< .- ;{. .
: writ Immediately to: .,,, .... '"' ..

An Letters Will Be Answertd. . PENSACOLA 1:30'P: M. .. } .
1929 Kings Rood. ;.. Elgin 4-9962 : :: ",'.(WBOP .; ,
.. "
:.- -WOKB -. -. -4. :... .,. WINTER GARDEN, 2:30 P._ M.1 '"