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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200587datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 3, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005870740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 3, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 3, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

;; University of Florida _,' -.,'
Gainesville, Florida ." .. ': ,. .

i"' l ." _. ,':...,. '...,;,, '
,. ,' "

"Nip" McfCeever, Ashley St. Figure Fatally Shot


:, ,. .. : ., ...
',.', \:: ; '. > ) '

***** ** :' ..VVY;}f".. ... .



.. "-.' .--.&..,:.-. i -
q -
,' :



t ** *

.rr .
Rooming House Prop. Candidates.

Killed' By Jax Woman Eligible/ ForRunOff


; S'4 Nathaniel lfNipw McKeever, well-known Westside

figure was fatally shot by a woman Thursday '
_. afternoon in what was alleged to be the aftermath DAYTONA BEACHNegro
of earlier engaged in by the City Commission candi-
an argument
Vo1. 10-No. 55 And NEWS SaturdayDecember 3,1960Jacksonville 9Florida 15.. Cnf# pair. dates George Sngraa

f ., Being held for investigation .and Charles Cherry ran
of murderis closely enough to the
Mrs.Rachel Jackson leaders in Tuesday's
Held For 40, who with her husband primary election to
fax Woman ,operates a roan- :. '1 c i+ rI force a run-off in the
jug house at 755 West ; 'I d I II : Dec. 6 general elec-
Ashley Street.
The I Engrsn, running in
incident, whichis I
said to have happened 4. ''', Zone 3, received 791
l :in the 700 blockof \, .: '..'.".'.?. ballots to winning
2nd Man Killing '
West Church Street ;: candidate Glenn LSmithfs .

Jackson disclosed.hailing that Mrs.Mc- t .'.."... l 4Cherry 863.received In Zone 634

( votes to iacimbentCarmisaioaer
s. Keever he walkedalong'thestreetfired
Recreation SuitOpens :', : f. Ralph
Eastside Woman KillsMan r ; ef.Nathaniel Richard's 953.'
four shots fran a .38

In oomi' _New. Vistas. :; calibre pistol fran The ballot tallyingwas
.. -!{ --. ""-' 1qJiRut, ,.. *.- :' *.--" '' about: a four foot McKeever : unoffldalbut., the
aAt.' which had filed'suit: DLs votes. plus 60 absentees
J, 'group iipU.-S rangeDet. Sgts. J.H.' ?"** '
'J. rl-i" t' ? .
A.Jaxon woman,po3essingva: iig. c co>> '.
trictCourt baa of racial segregation will
seeking officially
record, is in formal Parker and George argument a : '
policy ua1'odt'aWa.itbg .
filing of charges in a second murder, it has at all city recreational facilitiesheard U.S.: Hulbert said.Investigators. earlier to the shoot- counted this. week by
District Judge Bryan Simpson in ,a mooentuous ing at an Ashley St., the City Commission.
been reported this week.' report
a____ to_ decision Thursday afternoon issue an injunction .that one bullet struck supermarket. However, it 'has been
pouu.ce ..- ... ordering the City of Jacksonville to learned that the official
records, Miss RutdeDorsey,230pound stop segregation McKeever in the left Mrs.Jackson also revealed
Mae at any and all. recreation facilities.It chest, but the others that she carried count will not
51 foot woman charged has been reported' missed their markOne her groceries home, affect the necessity
with the fatal stabb- that the order will own legal representative bullet reportedly I picked up her pistoland of the Dec.6 run-off.
ing of 50- year old become effective in contended that pierced an anayfati 8ue then returned to .
Joe Henry Buckner at; Z1 the near future. the plaintiffs had cap whichMcKeever was the store.
752 Odessa Street lastS Motion for the suit never specified which holding in his hand. McKeever, pronounceddead Deputy Sheriff
aLurdayLadPreviously: was filed earlier this facilities were being It was also stated on arrival at
killed one man and year by Atty. Ernest operated on a segre- that the woman told Duval Medical Center, I Is SuspendedA
wounded D. Jackson who represented gated basis. .
others detectives that she had been a previous
Last March 14,the de plaintiffs The district court and McKeever }had become I object of a near fatal
fendant who residedat Frank Hampton, E. J. went on to state that engaged in an I stabbing. deputy sheriff has
944J E.lfoion St., Norman, Charles Brown after the injunction been given a 30-day
was fined $25 in Municipal and the Rev.J.S.John becomes effective, suspension and hi s
Court forhav- Ruthie Mae Dorsey son who later Joinedthe future complaints of Mixed Marriage ,dismissal has been
group. would be ordered following end
ing cut Buckner. segregation
On Oct. 20l950Mi3S : Mixing !In Dallas Following .1 nit ial handled through con- Angers Neighbors'FORT : of suspension, it was

:Dorsey was acquitted"l Ordered B! Court filing of the suit, tempt of court proceedings reported here this
by ,a coroner's- jury Atty.Jackson: requestedthat and, if a' LAUDERDALE white woman who had marrieda week.
,in the slaying o f NEW ORLEANS-In a far Judge Simpson facility is leased by Negro in the Bahamas and had brought him here It was also disclosed
Angus Frazier,43, of -reaching move this hold final hearing on the city, the leasee with her to spend Thanksgiving was the objectof that notice of Deputy
949 Grant St.records week, the U. S. ,Fifth the suit Dec. 1. would be required to angered outbursts by neighbors, it was re- James Conrad Bailey's
reveal. Frazier was Court of Appeals Wed 'FarReachingIn adhere to the court 'ported this week. suspension which has
killed ;in a fight over nesday directed a p- indicating that order if said facility The woman, a small been filed with the
a woman.The defendant proral of a 12 year the injunction will is being sponsoredforthe sized blonde told released on $200 bond county Civil Service
vas.married to another integration plan for be filed in the next general public. police that she had to municipal court. Board by Sheriff Dale
sam at that time DaLlaiTaxas fs public week or so,Judge Simpson Reverses Former Move married Kenneth H. According to police Carson, occurred fol-
police said. school system. went on to say In a previous .integration Moss Jr., 27, in the records,Mrs.Moss had lowing investigativeaction
The coroner's jury. In stating that n we that his order will suit filed in Bahamas ,Nov. 10 and been divorced before relative toBailey's
ruled it justifiable do not mean to approve be na broad; general district court here, stated that Moss marrying, .Moss.She is presence on
homicide when the defendant the stair-step planinsofar injunction which will several. Negro golfers would return home said to be a nativeof Sunday,November_ 20 at
claimed! Frazier as it post-. not lUBe any special asked that the city Sunday.It Dover, Ohio.Convict a tavern raided by
tried -to hit her withan pones full integration? facility,nand made it be enjoined from preventing was reported that state beverage agents
axe.The defendant Ys the court went on to clear that the order negroes use the irate neighbors and members of the'
record also shows an I iWal.that: the plan will apply to any city of two cityowned numbering some 30- Is Duval vice squad.
assault t o murder originally filed owned facility open courses. persons gathered outside -
charge on Nov.8,1947. provides ;'for integra- to the general public. The suit resulted in of the home where Found Guilty. The raid is said to
tion o.f the first This has been interpreted oitzad the couple were at ay- been staged at
the city being enj .
grades,;in 1961 and for to include the ingPatrolmanRichardFletcher 3863 Moncrief Road
Two Flee With the desegregation of new Coliseum, Gator from segregation practices said.Fletcher A. verdict of guilt where the owner,Hillman -.
one grade a ye ar un- Bowl, swiB&ing pools The city later further reported was returned againstJerk (BuckLee was arrested -
Watch and parks and the zoo closed the courses and that witnesses Marshall, 37, of on' charges of
& Cash AlI'WecomeTo located cnTIWt"RiTer.Pla.1nt1ft then 'sold ,them to told him Mrs. Moss 1864 W. 24th St. Wed- sale' Ind'poslession
private owners who came, to the.door. of nesday during a Criminal of illegal nontax
Two Negroes were reported Inaugral suit contended in their that now operate the facilities the houseaddressedthe Court jury trial other paid whiskey Three
to have robbed racial for play by crowd profanelyand which found the defen- men were also
,an Adaas St.confectionery Says Bryant been practiced segregation by the had white' golfers only.It threw gravel at dant guilty of robberyand charged with vagrancy
store operator of City in facilities is believed that then from the driveway assault with intent It was also reported
$125 and also a $75 TAUJLHASSEE-Florida's operated by the the outcome of Thurs-, striking Garvin to commit second that the raiders found
coamunity -
vatchpolice reported GOT.- Elect Farris Parke. day's suit will open P.Wladrop,34,who. was degree murder.
Bryant announced this the uninjured.The .
Thursday .sviDBdng pools, P1a1'gromtds actioa contending 'In finding Marshallguiltythe 18 halfpints of moonshine
The wtoberv week that invitations constitutionality of crowd was irate
of E. P. and others jury heard whiskey and 21halfpints
Kincaid 58 to the Jan. 2 ioaui Negroes being prevented because a Negro was of
on the while at the Gator charges against the tax-paid
sidewalk in front oi ceremonies, accordingto Bowl and Jacksonville use of the visiting in the defendant accusing vhiskey; Raiders also
his 719 W. Adams St. tradition will not Baseball ParkNegroes 'former_ c1ty-O.ad'golt said.neighborhood, police him of taking $300 by ported finding cups
is said be seat expressing courses now being operated containing what
store to have t' force froa C. apparently
were required to sit Ralph
"everyone la velc+ _." by private An assault charge alcohol
occwred was
at in
noon is certain 26
restricted Tyre, a deliveryman
The owner for use of .,vis filed by Waldrop in front of the
the of ceremony startsat men at
presence sc&edo .
for National Biscuit
areas .
.en....witnesses. U .... : The ..yhites_ only.; =against Mrs.Koss,who the taT8rn.Library .
its Company.
City. through ".Y ... when arraigned, was



'" L -

sakrrdy, Decker 3. 1960, THE. .FLORIDA, STAR PAGE TWO


IRE FLORIDA STAR "Politics' As UsualBT



PnhHth rt by Tb* Florida Star Publishing.. Co."Member F. .f 1'fls b Frances Walters Speaking from the New China

O. 81a@s0a of Associated' Negro- Pres.OM .. raia.G : Club Form of the Air in RenoNevada. said:

JP'amJcmIcm _New Staff This week I have an interesting question to

Woobaa f Clrcslaitea Dipt. .J pose-one the answer to which is fraught with _
i. great importance to 117 race and to the world

o'J in general. -

MJfiN OFFICE PLANTs I It is thistHas control -- preponderant control.

KB K acrid: Bead, .,.._ ._- EL <49762MaSiag of the United They have also paid

Nations passed from a disproportionate
r ,,:
j; ... ', ..... the hands of the. share of United Nations -
,A.cdleu :.. great to those
: t .. L powers expenses.In .
P. O. Box 551. JadaonvCl 1. Florida of the smaller nations fact, it is interesting -
j .
'ffi7 ? to note at

\ .' ri What is even more this point that but

stJBStmIPTIOH BATES i \ interesting is the for the extra con-

0.- TMT, f&CO; Half Y..r. $3.00: Thre Monihs. S1.W (( it ,, ..! secondary questionthat tribution b y the
Hailed To You A .rwber. In Th United Siaitt. ;'", .- "1. is involved: Is United States the
8d riTfilrni! P rab!* in Admoc 8.ad'Ca.ek or Monrf Ordtr Tot .,: :' '. '. this control of, the United Nations could

n.oamA'STAB.. : -*. 0., BO% MI-JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA; :,' :':" ( : United. Nations now not operate for a-

flt: in the hands of the nother month.
: nevlyconstituted
\ What :Kind ,Of President it J African block? 0, The Congo alone has
'f' taken
.. ,.0' Until now the United every spare

Will John F. Kennedy Be ? t !, more Nations or has less been as run a dollar the,possesses United Nations in-

1 tr. closed club by the its treasury. Troops

Throughout this countrythere. will. be one surefire .- krNYt United StatesRussia from member nations
'subject of conversation for a cons1derable. Great BritainCanadaFrance have been transportedto

period of tins to cose. It can be susaed up in and Nationalist the Congo ty United

a question:, "What kind',ofa President will John jChina. Other nations States aircraft---on

F. Kennedy be, and in' what direction will he have sat on credit. Supplies are
lead the United States?" the council being sent the United
leads or "attpto but the
There are groups which argue-either fearfully THEIR PRESSURE nations I have men- ; b y
or hopefully, depending on their own views-' tioned have exercised similar aircraft-also

that 'the Kennedy Administration will go far.to on credit. .
the left will be ultra-liberal poetically This is at a time '
= :
everything, .and that, come net January vil]. : T: YOHT DailyI n when the United States
-see what will amopat to re-enactmenton' an faces a gold crisisit
:" .
even greater scale, of the famous "First Hun- .. F .;:' : Horoscope Guide _EE has not seen in
dred of F.' D. Roosevelt's' its historyif we except -
Days" Administration : .
.... the so- called
That ;was the period when President sent one r LOVE 1)AVELoj '
: .<. "Crime of Seventy-
sweeping unprecedented legislative proposal .'" ,_ \
.., -_' By PABLO, Th ASTROLOGER Three Vhen the United
after another to Congress,and Congress,virtually: _,_
abdicating its powers' of debate and dissent, States nearly bankrupted -

rubier-stamped hem in short order. itself-and did

But cooler heads forecast a very differentsort :' bankrupt Virginia City
of situation nov:=and for a variety of $ by going on the gold

impressive reasons Arias -;;. LBO .. -'. Sagittarius i ; standard and halving
t )
To begin with, 1932 is not the present. Then f : (the value of silver.

the"c.ountl7'VU ;in 'great depression unemployment lorD March 2111_thru- App 19t1a'Sat. gem July) 23rd thru Aug..22nd: I' gore-Nov. 23r. thrv Deer 211' .' As the economic war
'was.:at enormous 'levels, and despair was 3rd-Preparation. A fine day' to start Sat 3rd-Purpose, ,Be on the furtive side Sat. 3rd-Interest,Mutual economic affairsmay against this country
widespread Men, ,and vcaen uho faced destitutionfelt ,giving your home the holiday appearance. when you are preparing surprises for your beOriginal brought to a more satisfactory stage, comes into clearer
You may also organize your correspondenceand friends.and cherished ones. You prefer to ideas and advanced planning are
that that they could not possibly beworse methods.: do something-unusual, valuable ingredients. focus we see an extraordinary
oft sad that any ,experiment, no matter holtrdcal SUN. 4th:-Nervousness. You may spend a SUN. 4th-Consent Be somewhat more. SUN. 4th.-.:.Obstacle. Check on official regulations redistribution -
'restless day, if you are worried over business > the ideas before decide'to take rather
was worth tryingTodaydespite a faUi.aw.ot'L conservative you propose you of power within
affairs or someone dear to you. Shun all than warranted.The Partnership obligations -
drastic measures.
threaten to be more costly steps or
in sass lines of business, spending, emotional extremes tonight. family,deserves consideration. could irk you. the United Nations.
incase, employment and savings are ator near, Mon. 5th-Brilliance. Success may not be Mon. 5th-AvaUabmty.You would be justified Mon. 5th-Bonanza. This may be your day This redistribution
.the= all-time high too far away and with if you foresight.have planned Insure safetyat systematically hi pressing your case when raises and 'to'chalk up a great success with interesting of power imposes a
advancement are in order. Pull strings when I results as far as your pocketbook is con-
For another Mr. Roosevelt had most solemn
been home and in the office. cerned. responsibility
this is
elected ,by an enoimoua popular as well a s Tue. 6th-Challenge. You could get the, Excessiveness.. Be wary of adopting Tue. 6th-Turn. A sudden switch may nullify on the Negro

electoral vote He had every reason to claim a 'worse to impose of it by challenging will at home authority this evening., or try- techniques that may bring' frustration in aH the gains that were indicated vester-, races of Africa, and
ing your their wake. Health and employment connections You should keep all your valuablesand
mandate Hr. Kennedyon' the other hand, won by Results cannot be forced.82O.U1893821. 'need safeguards. day.assets locked on the Asian races, a
about as small a :popular vote margin as one : 8-50-77-19-58-857 -? : 8-l2-36-678 which now have a majority -

cani"'gJn1eIS; than 250,000 out of close, to VJrqD upricorn of the assembly.

70 million ballots cast.Putting; it another way Taurus Asia and Africa both

his .advantage Icier Hr.. Nixon was less than two Born Aug. ?3rd thru Sept....22ncl led Dec 22ad thru.Jon.Sat. 196 are inexperienced in
tenth :of' one 'per"'cent* lena APdI 2Oththat lADy 20eh Sat 3rd-Surcease.i Extract pI asure- from aid-Comfoit."Make, the best arrangements international politics.
Sat. 3rd-Review. You do well to go can without putting yourself out
For a third reason, one cannot' conceive of over.your plans to determine whether they the presence of old friends, but, bar business' in any you way. There 'is nothing very sure It is important-rmore
the next Congress following the Executive' lead will stand up to adverse influences. Research discussions.' This is a, period for gaiety.take about financial trends. it is urgent- -that
almost without ,question Nor, can one conceive is indicated. ,SUN.I rather 4th-FenDent.explosive Resentments forms, ifthey can are SUN. .4th-Refusal. It seems better to stay they are influenced.
Contention.' differencesmay some from social events when .feel
4th Family
SUN. you
of it u being anything resembling left-wing :lead to the explosion that can do no allowed to 'master your Better judgment. that away they may be too much'for you. Keep :16 play"" the. game of
liberal.' Republican actually made scae small 'one any good.You could be inclined to take Listen to those who love you. yout ideas to yourself tonight.
gains in ,both House and Senate. The longes {yourself too seriously. Mon. 5th-Personality.obtain You results could that,apply are MOD.'5th-Luck. Some of the good fortune Soviet Russia.which
tablished coalition of Republicans and conservative IMon. Sth-Communications. Phone calls, personal fressure.to, talents. Shun belligerent you have been praying for should come 'is doing its utmost
: and consultations,add to worthy today. Trust mate.
letter writing up your way your
Southern Democrats will be as potent progress and .good returns. Take your inspiration people. an1tour Tue. 6th-FrlctionrThis could be one of to woo the Asian-
as:ever, perhaps more' so. from those around you.'Toe. Tue. 6th-Su could overawe your most difficult days in connection with African block.Obviouslythe.
Finally there is the M.iH"g of the Presi- ..'6th-Brake. It.would defeat your purposes those who dignity.are seeking Controversy quarrels by can standing only partnership or public relations.. Do not United
on your keen
to press too heatedly thingsin competition.
dent-elect States and the west
himself difficulties.
which you believe. Watch the speedometer deepen your _
William S. White-one of the-moat experienced if you should be driving. ern powers are also
and .dispassionate of the leading Washington '6-30-99-16-82-639 0-22-17-61-182 4-90-55-14-44-495 doing their best to

colxnnlsta, and a man who ccaaonly takes a dim Ifomini Stsrpie .... woo this majority
block---for upon it
'rieraesiroenists at either end of the political ., bra May 211. tfcni June 211. Aparius
apectro&.has Sat. 3rd-Lift You should'feel'better after torn Cd. >41k.... Hrt, Dr- depends the entire
) assayed MrJCennedyf position. you have purchased something' you have Sat 3rd-Preservation. Do not expend any Mra JIL ti tbrv 1111a program of the western -
fr. White : "President- elect John F. always wanted., It is depressing to have to more energy than is absolutely necessary. Sat. 3rd-Activity. You"are likely to enjoy world.
Kennedy no doctrinaire professional 'liberal deny yourself fun. Coming events are likely to make many new doing things that bring pleasure to others as
and never was. He has not the smallest inten SUN. 4th-Damper. Take all the precautions demands on you. wen as yourself. It stimulates when you obtain Therefore.with such
necessary against the spirit of rebellion SUN. 4th-Cheerfulness. Dark moods cooperation.SUN. small voice as I
flan of going off on any vast spending Spree.. that maybe seething within you. Do not fall should be dispelled as quickly as possible 4th-Affront You could be overly possessI would urge
The- nature of Kennedy's; victory forecasts' .whztr for extreme ideas. before they get you in trouble with others. sensitive and react to criticism regardingyour
he' will do. He 'win proceed with full Mon. 5th-Unity. Joint enterprises that are Obey local regulations outlays. It would be wiser to submit upon the African
for respect related to trading investments, and public Mon. 5th-Fortune. This could be one of when you are in the wrong. delegates the utmost
the views-particularly the economic views promotions shuld.highly profitable. your most important days. Extract benefits ,Mon. !tb-Co rl1l.ffoa. Good judgmentand discretion in votingthe
-0' those. who voted, against him He is folly Heed conservative advice. from your intellectual or intuitional powers. a sense of justice should prevail The affairs of the
ware that substantially Mf of the Tue. 6th;-Protection. Lending, borrowing .. Make new friends. sacrifices you arc willing to make now win
RicLardH. people, or excessive spending could place you under Toe. 6th' Reversal. A complete aboutfaceof pay good dividends later. world.
preferred "
&.., --- .. _..... Nixon. obligation for a long time to come. Protect circumstances could give you plenty to Tee. 6th-Safety. Take, all precautionscalled
.u. cuuiutcj exaggerate on the neat or campaigns all your:"possessipns..._ ._ .... worry about. Step. lightly on .the gas and for to prevent occupational mishaps.It .
and Hr. Kennedy VAl po exception to 5-10-88-17-71-518 avoid all obvinus dangers. seems try new necessary methods.to plan carefully before' Will You. Give

what tetma, to be an inflexible-cf politics 2-60-33-a9-72-263 yon Yule Gifts

But, going by: his record and that of Senator .5-30-66-13-25-586. '

Johnson, he realize ,that, polities' is :the art r/-- Uki : ,. Or Goofs?

of the possible, and that persuasion and reasonableness fern'to!22ml feu: July 22ad .bra .22nI dIN.OIL U'" Pa Believe it or not paying the,
are potest tools end the imerican ., 3et+M. 1'* bills I* not the chief Yuletim
jam '3rd: that taw
: (l. 3rd-Loadteeta This should be a time Sat. --Forbearance. Accept theJLact Jleti.. bugaboo among moat men, according -
people, in this election, certainly did not when you enjoy being alone with your your business or worldy affairs are not likely Sat 3rd-Agreea Olty.- It may be very to a poll recently made
demonstrate any' stomach 'for extradauTo quote (thoughts and recollections. Be secretive to make much progress for a few months. pleasant to make some changes around the by a New York advertising
Hr. white again ,"Our 'peo 1.e.have show about your holiday projects.; SUN. 4&-Disbelief. Take a dim view of house. Prepare if you expect guests or have agency.
they SUN. 4tb-VIgflance. Be watchful to pre- those 'who lose flattery or any other un-' intentions to hold parties. .More annoying to these men.
reipect rHlODf they reject the glandular ap' ''vent.youngsters from getting into mischief. usual means to extract money' from you. SUN. 4frTCoBtaiaae8t You could be it turns out. is *he problem of
proach to .politic. They cooly: weighed up ,two Secret adventures could cause. you monetary Watch all precious belongings.Mon. ,seething inside because of an injustice or what to do with unwanted lift
cool. and able men In the end they toss or unhappiness 5lh Instinct You have a ,great reserve domestic, problems. 'The wise move would shirts of the wrong .aize.
the : preferred MOL Stb InMatiTe.. You should be the one of power upon which you, can draw be to. hide your feelings. expensive shavers that don't
one; bat they did aotthereforethlnk to offer jour servtcer or cooperation when today. Expand' your living quarters, but Moa. 5th-Aaky. One of your finest daysto have closely or mecha.n1ca1
the other ,should be ,treated a* ca eaemy of the the cause b appealing. Guard against being. ,along practical lines only. make friends and obtain cooperation.Future gadget that .don't work.
republic." .... brusque this evening. ,_ Tue. 6th-Contention. Differences of opinion 'success could hinge on how weD you Whether it is returned to the
Toe.-Dpe&.There is no telling where or"conflicts of interest could'make this handle yourself today. shelf or gathers dust on the
an ill-chosen .
it will lead to if you allow tempers to flare ore of your most critical and frustrating' {Toe. 6th-Reverse. You could mar your reflects_ favorably pruent.harcS.Iy -on the
unchecked. Separations could' harm .the 'days..,Injure safety. thanees: altogether if you succumb to your givers good taste and judge*
Itnd P icip $_ ua1Y.! .. jemotional impulses. Your social and a&ec- menL
the. strength '. J ..; : : ', ,' : --00-. .tionate interests are,.at stake. Then what should you give

..9-40-11-18-69-941 .:,. : ;:_,. /1- -99-J.3-4.7-769 r: .:..-' ;;;v '. men for Christmas? Gifts that

foryour..u';: ",' ; : ;:; :;. \ ';':- :. :r f -";;':., LLG;.: '3-40-44 15-53-345 you the pollsters.know they Items can named use say,!Delude -
,.i ,, .,-'I..r : .
: .. ,,- e l.:y 1f :1'r a useful aid for his favorite -
'-7::,, ; ; Trf > '""" : .... hobby, a long
:. : ( ; : !, J -Iaztng supply -.
'/ ': : n,YyJr: ; .- .i '_, of auper'-aharp razor blades
;L: .. :. ., a gift certificate to a conveni
ifrORSfI1PR14ETflfR THIS: WEEK t .1" : : r-- 0 "' ". 4, -' ent store, or a subscription to
1 ",
a welMiked -
R. ... M magazine..



"'. .
,' .
'' : ;
Saturday, December 3, 1960' THE FLORIDA STAR

StorkDeliveries / H. Burncy

.e a sr sus sz c =_
C'!Y/s" ForumSpeak.r

Mr. and Mrs.Ronnie

We review briefly a most enjoyable Thanksgiving Hicks,1028 Pearl St.,
with Urban Varieties vill"
week-end beginning
Boy. "
I.H. Burne),II,
of 1960" which was presented in the Amory last Mr. and frs. Lewis be the.guest speaker

Wednesday evening. We are ure most of our readers ljohnson, 1115 PacettiSt. at the Saturday Luncheon

supported the Urban league Guild in i t sfirst ., Boy. Fovea,sponsored b1-
effort 2nd we proudly hail the show as ..
: < Mr. and Mrs. Thomas the Janes. Weldon John

a "successful success." i. ) a :' Mitchell, 3042 BethelCt. ,I son Branch YX A.
The dancers and torch singers were great, and. '. 1t ., Girl. Burney will discuss
we personally commend Mrs.Essie McCray i n her --
Mr. and Mrs. Norman the background of the
protrayal of Eartha Kitt.. We have been hearing : -'> Priester,3135 Woodlavn wave of student sit-

favorable comments from all directions:, which J\JJ- : '.. ,:.' ; St., Boy. in desonstraticns that
indicates a bigger and better show. next year. .. .,.. Mr. and Mrs. Issac have spread across the

The stage was beautifully decorated. Mr. L.I. ._. T.1' Spivey, 2228 Westmont south this past year.

Alexander was a "natural" Master of Ceremonies : .,. .-";:..... ;'''_. .' St., Boy. I A discussion period

Mrs.Elizabeth Redding "pinch-hit" for proxy- L. ." ': ., Mr. and Mrs. Willie will :follow his pre-

Edna Moses Bell was wonderfulMrs. Janet John- 'n : -', S--i. FeltonGen.' Del. Green
: : : sentation.The .
'". i
son "scored" as a chorine, MrS. Helen Robinson .......... t1r.". ..-...,. ; :_ '" ;. >v'.,:.<" ... -4";# _.--r........ r_. Cove Springs Mrs.NathanielFrederick Boy. SaturdayLuncheon
performed superbly as dance director, and our 'Iff '.;e .. w i..l.. --', : Mr. forums is one of
-.. ,
r-r .C"'V'.s 5702 Vernon
own Executive "Sec"Junius Bowmanwas in there -:! > .... >. several cultural
l. ;: ..-0'." ..."-. <" pro-
4 .- "...t Road Boy.
pitching to put the show over. To sum it upitwas .k \ : -owCELEBRANI'SA :- ->- ""'- grams sponsored by
Mr. and Mrs. HaroldKeysRt.7Dox
a grand affair. the MA as a public
# # # # # # # # # # # colorful ceremonY 80BBoy. be
wedding and will
celebrated in Mt.Ararat Baptist Mr.and Mrs. Clarence service
The holidays found many citizens visiting away Church SaturdayNov.19 at 5:30 p.m. with the Rev. Dallas Graham, Pastor Stamper,5637 Brait Ave, held bi-aonthly.

from Jacksonville. officiatingunited Mr. and Mrs.Robert Flowers.Bride is the daughter o 'f Girl. Persons interestedin

Mrs.Lucille P. Jones planed to Atlantato visit Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Taylor of 933 W. 17th Street.. (PHOTO BY AVERY) Mr. and Mrs. Felton attending the:forum

her niece Joyce Pauline Bostic and hubby,Harold -: Burse,720 Ct.J.(Dl 0 d- are requested make

She reports a wonderful stay, and mentioned a .r -- gett Homes), Boy. reservations by phon-

visit with Mrs.Catherine Wilcoxa former resi- IF' ; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin ing the Branch office.

dent of this city. .. Sinclair, 1018 Milnor Lunch will be servedat
# # # Ave. Boy.
12:30 p.m.
The Arthur C. Madrys of 1437 West nth Street Mr.and }Irs.Ross 1'ac1)

and The miia B. Bonners of 2006 Durkee Drive a, r-, .2130 Caljohn ltd.,Girl. "Y" 'ProjectsNew

motored to NashvilleTennessee to spend Thanks-' .., Mr.. and llrs. Theodis Forum
giving with daughters Marilyn Mady and Barbara M. \ Chatman, 1205 Gun St.,

Bonnerboth students at Fisk University.T hey Boy. Series Dec. 5

were accompanied by daughters Jacquelyn Madry Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie The James Weldon John

and Mary K. Bonner. Wilson, 705 NorthCt. son Branch YMCA wi'll

Dr.and Mrs. W.W. SchellJr. and children also' ., Boy. begin a series o f Bimonthly

participated in the trek to Nashville,accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Samuel luncheon forum
by Mrs.Barbara Harper and son.They spent i ollinsJ632i.Duva1St.., at the branch fer busi..a
Mr.and Mrs.G. Varnor
the week-end with Mrs.Barnes, mother of M r s. ness and proteasionaImen
1849 W. 45th St.Boy.
Schell and Mrs. Harper. and women. A guest
Mr. and Mrs. Jinanie
& # # # # # # # & # # # speaker will give timely -
Wynche,2435 Johnson: St., discussions on cur-
'. '
A fitting climax to the week-end was the gathering 4'
BRILLIANT CEREMONY -During an impressive performed Boy. rent events on Social,
at the Ribault Heights home of Mr. and ceremony Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. James .
Mrs.Earle H. Cumbo.Mr. and Mrs.Frank Strayhorn evening in St. Pius Catholic Church, Miss Patricia AnnBrYaunt,da ughter "Dove,5340 Newcombe St. religion and world af-

and Mr. and Mrs. Lavon Alvenie honored the cou-. of the late Horace Bryant and Mrs. Edith Fletcher,became the bride of Girl. fairs The first forum

ple in their new home, located a t 6751 Alaro Walter Fields, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Fields, 1503 Milnor Sfc, Mr. and J.lrs.Troy Hay- ker will be I.H.Bumey spea-

Road. the Rev. Fr. Meldon ElwoodS.S.J., officiating. The happy couple are wood, 2653 Perry St., I vice president o f the

The home beautifully decorated with seasonal shown during the cake-cutting held following the ceremony. Boy. Afro American Ins company -

flowerscourtesy of Mrs.Skinnerwas blessed by (PHOTO BY BROWN) llr.and Mrs.David Hen and Chairman o f

the Rev.G.W. Wilkersonafter which Mrs.Be mice fi'J5Jc'ft'S> '>lft- *""yft "" """ derson,!05 5 PhelpS St., the YMCA Forum Commit-

C.Green sang a solo. Mrs.Alvenia Scriven was hostess Mrs.Doris I Brewster Boy. tee.The First luncheon t
Misses Catherine Williams and Sandra Cunbore- G.Bennettguestwhen :The Gems met last Friday Mr. and Mrs. Leroy will take place on Saturday ;

ceived guests;Mrs.Alberta Blackshear, Mrs.Lil evening at the Lincoln Golf and Country Club. Auxiliary's Tea Jennings, 2402 Lantana ,Dec.5th at2:30 I

lian Brown and Mrs. Carrie Mallard served e- Mrs.Lillian DavisMrs.Lydia Sweeta n d Mrs. a Ave., Boy. p.m. :
Sunday Dec. 4 Mr. and Mrs.James All interestedIn
freshmentsand Mrs. Ruth HarrisMrs.Rosa "*Ashley Marie .McCl in'were 'winners of dub Prizes. Jones,. 17 42 Booker, attending persona the forum= .
.Mr .Beatrice Gilliardand Mrs. Pansy Hicks ** 413.3: '* :
Brewster Hospital Auxiliary Place, Boy. are requested t o make .
received gifts. The West Sixteenth Street home of Mss VivanM.
has completed Mr. and rfrs.JessieWilliams,1836 reservations by: calling :
The affair well attended by friends of the Johnson was the setting for a recent meet- plans ibrits PreXmasTea W. 26th the James W. Johnson .I

Gumbos. ing of the Kaperettes Bridge Club. scheduled forSun- St.. Boy. : Branch YMCA.

tt & tttttttttt Mrs.Mattye Montgomery, Mrs. Vertell Simmons, day.D c.l 1 from 4-6 I

Jacksonville Society is still looking toward and Mrs.Leola Powell were high scorers forthe p.m. in the Chronic Plantation Baked Chicken Dressing

to December 23 and the Debutante Ball to be evening. Disease Unit.

sponsored by Les Treize Amies. Mrs.Floria Jones was special guest at the The affair promisesto Whipped Mashed Potatoes,
Fresh Peas and Carrots- Lima Beans
Included among the beavy of select ladies meeting. be.the most enjoy-
who will be "coming out" o n December 23 # # # # # & able and delightful -. Lettuce and Tomato Salad

are Joyce Florine Graham and Mary Elizabeth 'TIL NEXT WEEK, 'BYE; 'BYE; cial function o f the j 7 7

Washington.Miss season th e with var- .f SPECIAL: T-Bone Steak $1.50

Joyce F. Graham is the daughter Mr.and ious committees endeavoring .
Jax UniversitySets WeddingJohn Bells Y Chitterlings, Collard Greens, Rice
Mrs. John R.GrahamSr.,2581 West 45th Street.A to outdo one
..... Yams, Potato Salad, Corn Muffins
product of local schools, she is currently a Recital For another in presenting .
student of Florida A & M. University.Joyce has Williams Jr., 137 Chelsea the most attractive Regular Meals Daily by MADELINE

selected Home Economics as her major field o f St. Paul Dec. 11 St.618, Court 22 and G,Thelma 23. A. Morman, table. Prizes will be \. w .
given for the most x
study. Leonard R. Robinson 3069
Miss Mary Elizabeth Washington is the daughterof Jacksonville Uni vcr- Brasque Dr., 19 'and Dorothy M. picturesque setup. MADELINE'S COFFEE SHOP
Kleckley 747 W. Orange SLr 14.
Dr. and Mrs. Bnmet H. Washington, 1125 West sity'B Glee Club will
Abner Manning, 1069 W. 4tht. General purposeof tte 1929 Kings Road Elgin 4.9962
8th Street. Miss Washingtonalso a product of present a recital ., 23 and Vernell Carter, 1069 affair i s to assist .
local schools, has attended Palmer Memorial under auspices of St. W. 4th St 21. the sponsoring organization

Institute of SedaliaNorth Carolina.. She is Paul's ACE LeagueSun- Bobby M. Drewery, 225 Magnolia i n realizingits .
:presently a student at Fisk University shvifeTennessee day, Dec. U startingat St., 19 and Doris J. Inmon, pledge tot h e {:i- 1 -r r.
St., 17. ro
and has selected Biology as her major 4 p.m. in St. Paul 227 James Smith Jr., 527 W. State Brewster Hospital Expansion 3

study. AMP: Chuxdiauditorii. St, 35 and Joann J. Rogers. 946. Fund Drive. I
# # # # # # # The well-known group ulia St., 19. The auxiliary composed

Among the recent events was the annual dinner will be directed by of lOO- adies of -.!

given by the Imperial Dragons for the wives and Prof. C. Edward Bryan I PATRONIZEFlorida the community ) have ; .

sweethearts and friends. and'is: trained by Dean ''i pledged their servicesin o en' 'I
Wilder Recreation Center,'corner Third and Mt. William D.Hosldns.Thepublic many ways. T h egroup's.

Herman Streets, was the scene of the elaborate is invited. 'AdvertisersATT'ENTION pledge i s the

:banquet. Following dinnerguests danced to the $1,000. Generous pay-

music of Billy Moore and his combo. menta have been made holidiy.seaso!
f- .,
Attending the affair were Mr. and Mrs. AdrianK. so far. ;. with the fcgin A
Friends and the
KnightMr.ad Mrs. James HallMr. and Mrs. general. '
that's.Mvearsold :
Chester SatterwhiteMr. and Mrs.GeargeStarkes; RESIDENTS OF > ,.
public are cordially '
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Whitehead; Mr and Mrs. MAGNOLIA GARDENS. FLOHADALE R1BAULT MANOR. invited t o attend the ?. .'. .:.

Isadore Singleton; Mr. and Mrs. Ennis Ceasar ; CLEVELAND HEIGHTS AND ADJACENT AREAS affair Special guest -f--< -..
, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ingram; Mr. and Mrs. John
You Do Not HOT To Go To Town To Buy Your Drug Store will be the Brewster s ,
Gripper; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vaught; Mr.and: Mrs. 'a Club and Brew- -
Nd You HOT A Complete Drug Store In Your
Lawrence KingMr and Mrs. Walter Taylor;'H rand ater's Mothers Club.
Mrs. Rheuben L. ButlerMiss Mozelle Bruton Own Neighborhood: I

Miss Gloria BrownMr. John Torrey o f New York Stanton's Class .. .. '.

.City; and, Mr. George W. Hulitt of Detroit. ,Of '51 MeetsSaturday ', c' r a .- f. ..-; -I
: J
Officers of The Imperial Dragons areNah a mMcClellan. Mer Von's Pharmacy .
... ,. -
BsperorjPaul T. BennettVice, Emperor At 8 PMmembers' ;

Allan T. MoreSecretaryHarry Little John, A s- 2735 WEST EDGEWOOD AVENUE ; ; .

sistant SecretaryHuae G. Lee Financial Secretary the. ,,
All of -
(tocatedNat: To Holmta end WM Funeral Ifame) .
;. Major Bryanttreasurer; and AlexanderStewart,31Chairman Mid Term and June g4 s
of the Board of Directors. ".". OwMrfAatf Class of 1951 Stanton

*. * .* nil 5-1582 ,' .
-. High School are reminded ..11' ..
Another big social event taking place this of. .-
\ 59257OFFESWGYOU of the final < /
month is the animal Coronation Ball and selec- .. before the
tion of Miss 'Florida at Florida Business and :<",i-!,, .- meeting a,
Christmas Party/*atur- r fi.
Vocational College which takes place Saturday pn/
Dec. 3 at
night, Dec. 10 in the college aaditoriia.Ycang :.. FlEE PICK UP AND DELIVERY 8 dv1CEPam in day the, home of Harold

ladies vicing for the Miss Florida title are '
: And Odw" Store : Iris Street
u.u Brown 6002
e : : ,
Fiorina FordClara Finn .
Misses HepburnVillia .
Gardena Henry
Lula Washington,Ida Jackson and Gloria Swain. '-Ottft ltOCWlavi.. FlU Any Dormer Pmcrlpaoa : ''.' Magnolia announced
This is one of the school1 pre-holiday festivities ,. Rhisa, president DISTILLED LONDON DRY G>H. toox NEUTRAL SPOTS DISTILLED FROM
which is awaited by all with an air : .:..: ': ....;-. ;:-"

.of great expectancy. I -




December. 3. 1960 __ I 1
t. _
D.-aths AntIFun.raJa Mother Maggie

r Hines Celebrates16th

i jCIiURCIINEWS r! AnniversaryThe

BURNER-Joe Henry of

k kc 752 Odessa Street.
Church of God i n
jUTIHSon A ,of
t,. Christ No 2,1329 Fran-

nr8d.ly Clan Gathering Day" will be observed M 1731 Calhoun Street. cia Street i a presen-
FQULSl-Hrs. Annie of ting Mother Nag i e
with an all-day series of planned pro- g
: : 1981 McQuade Street.ROBINSt1iHrs.Jmde Hines during her 16th
Church. Follosdag: j
grm* at St. John Baptist of
of fasilies will 3 anniversary prcgraa:: Fri-
worship all Berbers
morning 4
i ; during, dinner which will be 100 Railroad Avenue.MARSHALL dayDec.2 i n the Elks
tit together Isaacof Auditorium 712 Duval
f -Baby ,
the church. The fasLly: ina.slxlaegest
i : served at
1030 V. 25th St. Street.
awarded aplazque.
attendance will be
GOBLET Infant Wayne
E ssittit Guest lor the occasion -
of 1747 Brevster Rd.
p! will b e Sister
DRAPER[ Thoxas of 706
t Choirs'ot Beulah Baptist ChurchRey.V.Deaps, r Rosette Shaw of Phil-

pastor .vjii,meet ,in; rehearsal Friday+ night' : Court E.JIETCHERJerry. adelphia and Miami
: : :: ; of 1054
; ii
will :
E r in the ,church auditorium. Holy Ccwunion Phelps Street. Milton Hoodwellknown
f be administered Sunday at 3 'pa Testimonial barotcne will be caster

I'1'services "fit be held during the morning worship r fty I ?QTCEiF7dr--Saber Brendaof of ceremonies and
1547 W. 26th.HOGANClifton .
I with the pastor in charge. Madame Davenport Ban-

I airs ,. of Vero nister, first lady of

.. I Beach. the gospel will also
i Services- at St. jaws 1MB Church,
I with Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. with the Baldwin, FloridaDEWIrrRale1gh program.

Superintendent Powell E. Woodberry and instructors of 730 Program appearanceswill

i in charge Holy Ccesunion will bet S. 10th Street Fern- also be made b y

administered by the pastor,Rev.F.H. Ashe, assisted andina Florida Choir 1 of Francis St.

by the pulpit association.Senior Choir c Church of God in Christ
f ONGRA1'tJLATED-Rev. Theodore Roosevelt Snovden(center) veteran steel 1iII.IlmTJanette of
and Usher Board 1 will serve. The F. H. Ashe Choir 1 o f Apostolic
worker who
was a recent guest at the Nigerian Governaentfs ins 5014 Hall Drive.ED41dRD64.otd.s .
1 Club will aeet Sunday at 3 p.m. in the horn e ration of Governor General Church, and the Houseof
Benjscin Nandi Aziki we,is shown being of 1098
of Mrs. Josephine Willii God Saints Choir 1
i warmly congratulated upon his return to this country by Howard Hague W. 19th Street.

l' ,* left, vice president of the United Steel Workers of America and Meyer BLUNT-Mrs. arlane of Other participantswill
be the Bivints
i Bernstein right, an official of the U.S.W.A. 1626 W. 11th Street.

-Ceaa Jams JU Espy of Errant Waters College SpecialsMrs.GeraleenJonesAngelite!

q 1d.1l.attea the animal Besting of the Southern Rev. i. B. Johnson Plastics .The Pain For Gospel
t Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools FNI To Slate Singers, Mission Gospel -

; x.30-Deoc 2 in Haiphii, Tenn. Serves New Post 9 SingersHoly Lite
rwwrlriesdrn Testing CenterST. Wagearner During Holidays Gospel Singers, Wings

.to. Travel Gospel Singersand
One of the city's
; ':and,church seabers are requested t o oldest churches r e- > others.

visit, Mrs.,,::Caady OriffU. of 1619 Vest Union .AUCLLSTINE--Flopida ceived a. new past or 4 .x Madame Fitzpatrick
Street,who 'ia.ill at Mercy Hospital, 1449 Milaor Normal and Industrial here recently when fill present the master -

Street. Mrs. Griffin is member of Mount Memorial College has Rev. Inez B. Johnsonwas i of ceremoniesNu_

lion IMS Church. been designated as a appointed to serveas merous door p r i z e s

wsrr.r' testing center for the head o f Asbury will be given and the-

I 1961 nationwide administration Methodist ChurchWest. public is invitedpas

Bridge Club Meets of the Na- First and Almeda Sts.Abyssinia tor Elda Hines and

nation t Mother Maggie Hines
I qK. 'rr k14

Mrs.Thelma Geiger was trar,announced. ----

hostess when the Los and,Mrs. Emma Morgan, College seniors pre- AnnouncesActivities. ,

Diamontes Bridge Club. MrsLucille Harper won paring to teach and ... Student Poet
the guest prize.At ,,
held its recent meet- teachers applying for '>>

I ing.Guests for the occasion the coning: Dec. 2 positions i n school Services for Sunday t.. > AtFla. Normal
neetingMrs. Wilhel- :
were Miss Cyn- systems which encourage will ccaroence with ,
minia Hampton will p
thia ClarkMra.Lillian or require applicants Sunday School at 9:30 "" Gets Citation
entertain the club at .
to submit their
Davis and Mrs. Lucille scoreson with the superintendent -
the YMCA. A baby shower -
; the National Teacher De acm U.U.Me Ne al' ST. A11Gr.5TI1E--Jesse
Harper. WHITE CHRISTMAS or not ii will I>e a'plastic Chri lma8
Club prizes were won will be given for Examinations along and teachers in charge in most U. S. home tin Dec. 25. Chemists for Allied L.' ,Anderson_ a sophomore -
by Mrs Fannie Bellamy Mrs.Gloria Fort. with their other cre- Morning.worship wi 11 Chemical's Plastics Division say ounjster will Make up at Florida Xoraal:
r dentials are eligibleto \ begin at 11:00 wit h Christmas morning to find plastic gifts under the tree and Industiral Memorial -
I The FLORIDA take the test. the pastorthe Rev.D. ranging from fishing rod molded of reinforced polyester College has been

STAR L.Wynnand officers in I. to fire engines molded of pohetlnlene.YOKK infomed by the iva-
charge. :-ttJw Plastics may tional PoetryAssociation -
not make it any easier for the with greater temperature lange
Twice CulturalProgram Choir 3 will trans- that his poem
Weekly wage earner to get up and go than conventional polyethylene)
late the selectionsfor to work during the holiday season into a dish pan of the same has been selected for
the services.B.T. but they can ease the pain: material. Her colorful mixing official publication.The .
: TUESDAYS Mr. Wageainer is awakenedby bowls, pails, dmst pans garbage
AND FRIDAYS; U. begins at 5:30 with soft music playing from his ,container canisters, colander, youthful and enthusiastic -
Deacon ;Hudson Jordan, new electric clock radio encasedin clothes hamper freezer containers collegianwrote
Set For a cabinet of strcnp bright and ice bucket are also a three versed
presiding.Evening worship urea the first successful plastic,which mean they are
t : will at unbreakable entitled "To :Mary -
begin colored plastic. practically and poem
Hone cul-
sj 6:45 p.m. "He steps into a bathroom lighter to handle. With Love", which
tural series of le c- where both the floor and ceilingare Meanwhile driving to workin entered in the
and The Sunday School made of vinyl tile and walks his 1961 compact Mr. was
j tures exhibits
Barbecueleroy chorus will meet Satur- into a shower stall decorated Wagearner grip a plastic steering nationwide college
will be presented to 5:30 for with a functional door of reinforced wheel and turns on windshield students competitio
day at rehearsal
the public Dec. 2 and polyester," details Henry wipers actuated by means
All membersof DeVore, a specialist for Allied of self-lubricating nylon gears. in October o f this
{ 3 under the sponsorship the church are requested Chemical's Plastics Division. He sits on long-wearing stain- year and along with
of t he Cultural by the pastorto "Emerging from the sho\ler. resistant nylon or vinyl covered entries from 5000 or
upholstery, and checks instru-
he uses a polyethylene tumbler,
I CcKBdttee, according worship toothbrush with nylon bristles ments clustered in a dashboardof more eager collegians
Holley Annie
Roddick to Dr. Sankey C.Chao, and plastic handle, toiletries in reinforced polyester resin. representing collegesand
Proprietor Waitress dean of Florida Normal : polyethylene containers, and He's protected by a urethane universities all
Gonzales smooths his hair with an easy- foam crash pad, and by a seat
FOR THE BEST and Industrial to-clean nylon brush or comb. belt woven from nylon. over the nation.
BAR-B-Q IN TOWN Memorial College St. His electric shaver given to The smart, metallic finish of The announcement of
Chicken -Beef Sliced Appointed him by the children-is housedin his new ear will retain its high Anderson's literary
Augustine. moisture-resistant melamine" polish longer because it is painted -
Pork Ribs with .Curli-Q Potatoes A lecture on Orien- ":\Wagearner serves her with a finish coat of mela- achievement was made
Dist. DeputyLeon husband bacon and eggs on mine-based paiut and if he by Dr.S.C.ChaOj deanof
tal Arts will
3604 Moncritf M. Near 26th St: givenby smart melamine dinnerware set should skid in the December Florida Normal and
: Professor Cazmin g' on a table topped by colorful, slush, the dent in his fendercan
4- E. Gonzalez indestructible melamine decorative be almost perfectly disguised Industrial Memorial
K.M.Young of the University ,
exalted ruler of Macco laminate," continues DeVore. by hit! automotive body College who also reported -
: o f Florida "She pouts the orange repair man with polyester putty.
Lodge 3 IM-OS of If. ")Ia"bt)11'. Wagearner will that he was a
College of Architecture juice from a polypropylene bottle
PREMIERMEAT has been officially into a nylon tumbler. think of it and maybe he won't" native Floridian from
and fine Arts on -When it conies time to do concludes DeVore, the fact is
Friday Dec. 3 a t appointed district the dishes:, Mr?. Wagearner that plastics are playing a constantly Ft. :{vers.
deputy grand exalted squirts a detergent from a con- growing part in his
MARKET 11:00a.m.in Anders o n ruler of the First tainer of high density polyethylene d:1illife and make possiblemore WORSHIP
Hall Chapel.. A native District of Florida (tougher, more rigid and and more products for hisconvenience
of China.he is an internationally -. and comfort.". THIS WEEK
r .
architect and
va s a past president NOW'S THE TIME TO ORDL

r The Meat Markets That of the Cheagtu COAL PouAoatu-/rtqu. D/X/-MA17C TRANSMISSIONS CO.
(China) Rotary Club, A.t6ncit.--Gk..
and lodge master.He rni GTT.MfIM Wv71TML
The Who!. City Is Talking About is a member of the SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO.f7i1 '

A.I.A., and the presi- NOtWOQO AVL HON[ P0 MSI EL -

dent of the G&iDes1il1ePlorida -

2WHOlEHENSforS1.tQ ) Fine '{ ,

Arts. Association *

Also on FridyDec.2 WHEN YOU ABE ILL 11

HAMBURGER, 3 1 .-$ and Saturday Morning You Seek Tfc Beat Doctor

Dec.3,there will bean Whsa-Yoas Doctor Pzs.L
Ground) Fresh, Every Hour Get Experienced p- ;-
exhibit of paintings To Fill Your Pt..esiyYa .
by; Mr.YoiaBg i n According To Year DsMWs IE'AIISIESUILQING-EXCHANGING

_Sliced Breakfast IAGON ib3>, S1._ the College Library: Ordtn. w. UM OalyTh COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE'
reception has been _.N_ Bafti Qualify,Dng Ai _
plaaaed for, '3:30 in Ds. C. E.-H1aaT n WITH n

CLUB STEAKS -, 4Ic lb the atte1"B Ol1. Touog Proprietor S 25 YEARS EXPERIENCENO


MILK I / gallon 1 4kSPAIERIBS (; Chiseae painter. and the Vest- LILLY'S DRUG STORE ALL WORK GUARANTEED, *

era styles.The forthcoming Bring Your AUTOMATIC To "DixiMalic'"JACKSONYIUES
exhibit will 1987 Klaga Bead ELMs 3-8878
.Md. Size Zic lb I 1itc11de works in water A COMPLETE LINE OF

color ChiBee-ink sad Cosetics Bubbt Goodj Candles hadrSet MOST MODERN 6Vf1 JElfI9atareiu
.Y TH -SIDES OF 'YOUR 'MEAT charcoal ..



or __ .; _'.'..,,!,:.: 7 .. fo .. _',.,.,.:,,:-':....:::;, '. :'.

f Saturday December 3. 1960..- THE FLORIDA STARt .. Page Five
".. & .


:_ fleet/ Reserve: Association
Y + .
4F 4 c. NY Slates December Activities/ / '

It L 4 rt"

.!t 'jfUKON, KLa.-The Yukon Branch 126Nav Marine

Fleet Reserve Association President, Paul Hetz
> L ff cordially invites all shipmates: the Jackson-
c- 44Gf
the five im
viHe-Mayport area to following
December Fleet Reserve Association
portant activities
: :
u Y 8 Its annual Christmas Jax.and Capt.J.R.Re-

Turkey Shoot Saturd ij; dyC.O. N.A.S. J'ax.

Dec.17, from 9ain. to KLa.
", -w d a' sundown at 6670 103rd Tickets are available
?$ St.,' rile west o f from B.O.D. for $5.00
12 donation for the New
Blanding ULyd.Only
gauge shotguns will be Years Eve dance at, the
: M LY used. A donation of Morocco Temple, 21 9

one dollar per shot Newnan, Jacksonville,

\ with 12 shooters will Florida.
': <.t H''''' !. comprise each contest The annual cliiLirs: ps
'!' 't<"' > _"Ji:' You can van a 12 pound Christmas, party i s

euc turkey. If you can't Sat.Dec.10 at the
r i
attendcontact one of Riverside Lions

A Up ot the repd Cap u ., ..,. the meubcrs for a Bach lady: is to bring
... t h... .nUUndlnc TVUIAntrteAiu l." :., t chance. Refreshments one covered dish anda
I who mak..ut __ --'r cake or pie. Bringa
will be available dur-
and our communftr
h.country dollar bearingthe
pUce la which t 0 lire. ing the shoot. gift
LADY OF THE HOUR-Lena Horne receives her citation from NAACP President Arthur Spingarn. The board of directors name of your childon
right, as Roy Wilkins looks on. Miss Horne vas honored along with Oscar Ha=nerstein, H. it.Santa will present -
** will meet :Tues.
in memoriam, at the .NAACP Fourth Annual Freedom Fund Dinner in New York City Sunday.A the gifts and
Dec6 the 13r.mceting
at -
total of 1,030 attended. show novies.Cocnitteechairman :
hall at 7:3Op.n.heregular .
: 13r.r eet- are:Hrs! .C.F.

.1 Noted AuthorR. District Judge ing! held on the third activities

,, Thursday: each month, [
5 A pu' will be at the branch party C. and W. H.
) v1.a1f
Wright DiesPARIS Gets Tampa .l f 1P.
x meeting hall 4530 Johnson, activitias

Mix Suit 120th 3t., YukonFla.at chairman.
City axti 8 p.r.l.ThursdaJlec. For information. a-
native born
: 15 and Jan. 19. Only bout fra contact pub-
Mississippian who
rose T1MPA-A motion seek- rctir d lic relations C. Lowell -
or career enlisted -
o ._..._ .. free huable surround- ing desegregation of :n. men in the Lorbeer a t :I.'AS
ings to world literary
JACKSON Tampa's recreational
ro ular navy or marines Jax. xt.G53 or President -
Duval Vocational fame, died suddenly facilities vas received on at least Paul ::ict: at KAS

from a heart ailment Tuesday by US their second enlistment Jax.Mxt.S2l9 or SP 13065.
Tribute is paid tofe here. He vas 52 years District Judge George .
: have earned the -
Barbara of the 11-2
of age. V,
class.She is Cheer- right to join and are
a Wright's laborer- The motion, filed by
velccnc visit
leader of : to anyrceting.The
secretary father deserted his
Atty. Francisco Rod- AMBASSADOR MEETS GOVERNOR-LeRoy Collins, left, Governor class
It new
her homeroom and has
family when the laterto riguez for the NAACP, of Florida, chats with W. M. Q. Halm, Ambassador to at ix"AITUnitA2-Ii class Says Clergy
received a citation be renowned writer is one of the many the United States from Ghana, while Dr. George W.-Gore Jr., 60-49 will beth
for outstanding! work. was five years old. court battles being president of Florida A&M University, looks on. The Ambassador c Hurt
in the science class. His mother became presented the Governor with a book entitled "Ghana Is ,loner guests at the PrestigeIn
instituted the
** irir .ririrtr paralyzed when he was by organization Born," and he received a pair of cuff links with the state flagon ;)ccI i.ieetins.Corvrass-:
f ,, to integrate them from the Governor. The Ambassador was on a four- nan Charles: 3. Bennett -
I Iwj 10. At 15he left for. the city's parks. day visit to A&M as guest of the university.-A&M Staff Photo I honorary menber Campaign
'-" It 11' MemphisTenn. to workas
and playgrounds. by James Walden. of Or. 126, > will be SEW YORK. (ANP).-A prominent
a laborer until It is .reported that s thc speaker. Other theologian warned last week'
advent of the depres- during.the preliminary .,.U. ,. . guests iShipnatc Char-! that expressions of bigotry by
I. sion years when he White-. .' Past ': clergymen during the precMentiaJ
Li1'r hearing Judge PATRONIZE FLORIDA "- ;i e Lofgrcxi; -a election had Jeopardized their
11' ....".' ..... : went to Chicago. hurst stated that the ADVERTISERS 'tional Secretary lo.:. freedom to Influence other elections
*. = .' It vas here that he case's real issue is A.3at.:: 1.J. KLening, In which real moral issues
-.'..- tf,T.t. wrote his first big vhether the city has C.O. K.A.T.T. Un i t might! be at stake.

:/ 4'. ....... _,..... ... '" seller, "Native Son" denied Negroes equal
MARVIN WHLIAKSDuval which was published acess to the recreational I -'
.. Vocational in 1940*Several other areas which are I ,

controversial publications operated by the city
Marvin is a member
.ot tailoring dept. Case Of Mrs such. Wingate"as"The and financed by taxes. j-
The judge gave City
serves as business
"manager of the senior followed.He Atty. Robert Carlton i ANNIVERSARY

*class and is organist has been livingin ten days in which to
Paris for number
file an answer.
*of First Corinth Baptist :i
of yearS.
Church. Hobbiesare

chemistry svianing. ALE ,
*and"' 'JfWWW1r-tennis. Negro, Police Negro ,

T ..
** CandidateScorer MichiganAuditor FINAL WEEK


*.. lILAIlI-Moses McMil-

.1.1p ljan, 5-year old Negro 4
student training -f
unprecedented turnout of of QUALITY.EVERY
: integrated .
r .. infiami's first voters here last week casting JJ
police train-: their ballots mostly for the
ing class, placed 2nd: Democratic slate, succeeded

among 16 0 applicantson in establishing a political
Otis M. Smith 38-year-old
Duval Vocational jk .
Flint; attorney was elected SALE
Pepsi Cola De&lersk Several otter Negroes anditor general,becoming the SIZE TYPE LEVEL or GUARANTEE
salute Beatrice of thek received high examination jfirst Negro to be elected to a AB pric* tcluif ,Ev

10th grade class. Shekis ratings among [statewide. top administrativeposition.
( .
'a member of the k the 30-dcraber class. I In TERMS TO

leaden Student Council-Cheer-'and Allen*. Ii! ['11I II1TVAkDUNLOP 12 MOS.

Chapel Church. Hobby

is sewing. fr

* MyiHe Avc. and Aclami Phone EL 4-t4g%. I

***. Listen' to PepsiMusicQuest Friday Medium nfl. 1 1.. ST TIRE' Rgu LlsiPflti lr'

.. For Nibs Phone 10:30 Requests to 11:00 GNI !I V

"Best catch in 15
welcome relief
EL 6-0461-2

,.*** dill'S.34:2': ,N gj SALE 2!!. TIRE) 9ge


(M Fin Flea) -
'5H EPNOSE .,.. ".. ". .... ".....0....!.h. 32c FRONT-END ALIGNMENT
ROE MULLET ...... ..................,Lb. 29c : _FREE! WITH PURCHASE OF TIRES!

Yellow MULLET ROE ........ ........Lb. 89e .

RED BASS.for Baking ...........-.....Lb. J9c
Small RED SNAPPER ... ..... ....... .Lb. 59c 1104 W. IEAVER 4301 N. MAIN
Pepsi C.Deehre. ."a steal* Fred .

et3sckeo.t Large FLOUNDER ... .:says. .... ,......Lb. 39c Bcartr at Expressway) T IRE I 0ITY I (153N.dM.Iel)
Spa"!** MACKERELLI.LIt.. 35c -
SpeckleclTROUT aiirirt<* Lb. 49c EL 4-7693 PO 5.5591U

Fresh Water CATFISH...'.:. ...:. :....Lb. 49e: -
I .._ Mw M.wck'-'$c....... c. .


Ui J l
; : .
, "."" '

. Saturday- ,-' December 3, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR PAGE SIX' 1 _
-- -

Thomas Mix Student9s Dad
Urban League's

t Fired From Job-
Cites. Role Of College sR

NEW ORLEANSLa.-The father of one of the four

Julio Thcwta of the National Urbaa Lai3astaDepartrnt f Negro youngsters attending previously all-white

of Labor rated the recent Career schools in this bias-torn city was fired from
Coafereaee on GorenBeat B xLcj est forNegroeaM epk his job this week after four and a half years
.,PWCt1Cab1e,-. & Tiad ti.estieial.Ptbsi- w of service.NAACP .

., daat*, Job co eielorsaad nicmefflt' Of&ciala Field Secretary Perez called Mayor de-

ire aver, thirty pwdadMBtlr Negro colleges Clarence Laws has assured Lesseps S. Morrison a,

and ttd-rersitiea 'attested the Co&ferencefi&ich the unidentified' "little 'weasel;snake-

vu' presided orer by. President Stephen Wright ., i' A fa x parent that the NAACP head.

of Hk, and President V. S.Deris of Tenaessee will help him find Mayor Morrison has

State "Such a conference tf. thia is so Dew another job. backed the school

that the plijCMcnt personnel of Negro schools b Laws revealed that board in keeping the

should Meet together in order to pool their the parents of the schools open.

techairoes and experiences"advised Mr.Thaas.aecausu :I four first graders Rep. John S.Carrett,

= tile earner ; "are holding fast chainnan of the joint
derelopKnts of place- gainfully employed,* 1 z' + despite the violence legislative committeeon

.eat services din Negro he var&ed \. ;: Although the identityof segregation pledged

Ichool8,! a related Thorn** asserted that the parents -and that "l., slators'

his difficulties i n this Conference o n children has not been heads arc not bowed."

selling such a service Goreraaent aiployaentis revealed to datetheir w r

to Howard Uniyeraity.Nerertheless.he siglficatibecwsethe r F homes) are under twenty Negroes Klan stated Federal Gorexment four hour police security ,

that the Urban League uses a "co1o 'of ndn guard. Walk In Atlanta

is still orerloadedidth procedure in employing The NAACP spokesmanalso

request fran lION workers "But until we said that the ATLANTA Rea pt10n

than 78 industries shake private industry _Irr "teachers have been Of picketing demon-

which are seeking to and business up to the x tr nice to the Negro strstiona by Negro
employ "bright Negro point where we hare girls who appear to college students against -

boys and girls19 "The the sane opportunities be oblivious to what downtown department -

National Urban League for employment that we is happening."

caanot be a repositoryof have in Goveri gBtyou All four children stores began

bright Negro boys wUl need to invite are only six years Again Saturday while
and Your I old. :in the sage vicinity
.girls. placeeat twenty college presidents
services amst see annually to such INTEGRATION STORY GRAPHICALLY TOLD-An authenic Southern girlMargaret Laws praised police and across theatreetavb1terobed

to it thst they are a conference as this. Leonard,right,college student and member of CORErecounts results Sit- saying "theyhave been iCL&ns&en
in demonstration with Anna Mae Gilesleftwhich took place recently i n working to their utmost conducted their own
Orleans store lunch counter.The two women were crested lines
a New variety young a. to protect life of protest.

CORE Breaking St. Lcuis I by local police as aftermath of sit-ins. and property.They are This was reported as

trying to do a job, the v first time that
Biased Lunchroom Policy '; even though they have Negroes and Klnnamen'
Jack's Negro Appointee Bi Racial been under terrific demonstrated at the

attack the White same tine in the cityof
,- Serving
approved in principle by the Negro St. Louis customers c- pier was- Well Qualified Newsman Committee Citizens Council and Atlanta

of the Missouri Restaurant Association others." Klansmen were revealed -
week. The change was recommended by the executive WASHINGTON-Andrew T. Hatcher, the first appointee Seen Ended The marauding mobs to hare picketedthe

committee of the Association after months of selected for a tojy'post in the forth- have received ample area at Richter

negotiations with CORE. coming Kennedy administration, posesses a aiderange TAIIPA-It was reportedly stimulation and en- Department Store for

The Restaurant Association of qualitative experiences for the job. indicated by the couragement from the SODS three hours before -

represents born in Princeton, chairman of Florida's White Citizens Coun leaving the scene

350 restaurants. They ready to help make the N.,37-year old Hat- Commission on Race Relations cil.A to Negro pickets Thera

appointed a coraaittee change successful in cher was educated in Saturday that three-hour rallywas wore no disorders reported -

to work out the details every way.; the local schools and a the organization maybe held earlier this and no arrests
This change climaxesan attended Springfield 93. week The thousands o f
I of the opening. ,disbanded in Janu- a t Municipal
This conmittee will 11-year effort by College, Springfield ary. Auditorium w her e Christmas shoppers in
CORE to end racial Mass. From 1947 to ths auto jfiB&ed area
meet with represen- ;-- a In revealing that the several thousand ,
tatives of CORE, the discrimination in St. 1950he served as edi group bas organized by screaming, stomping it was statedwent a-
City, and the NAACP Louis restaurants.Lunch tor of the Sun Reporter Gov. LeRoy Collinshe cicnwomen andchildren bout their various
this week. counters in drug in San Francisco, further mentioned that applauded and cheeredan duties paying littleor
and dime stores were and in 1952 he no attention to
Sound Thou tful: was was > the governor's term is array of segre-
opened to all in the Court either
Attache to Fed- group.
CORE national chairman "about over, Cody gationist speakers.
period from 1949 to eral Judge Oliver J. stated Sane 30-3dan3men appeared -
Charles R. Oldham Fowler of Tanpa Assistant District
1953.Departmentstores Carter wit i 1 his on the scene
appointment that the will
praised officers of agency Attorney Lean cr H.
lunch counters openedin as Assistant at approximately lOa
the Restaurant Asso- report to the state'sdiief
1954.Just two weeks Labor Commissioner. and marched in single
ciation for executive :in De-
"taking a
sound, thoughtful andconstructive ago the major St.Louis During the Stevenson cember. Speculate on D. C. file, 15feet apart.
cafeterias changed x Others in civilian
-Sparkman campai gn,
view of Noting that Gov.L 1cct
their policy. Today Hatcher West dress passed o ut
their responsibilities. was Coast Andrew T. HatcherHe Farris Bryant i s a Post 'For ReevesWASHINGTON.
St.Louis and America more than 300 St. representative for staunch segregationist, pamphlets decrying:

will be the better for Louis restaurants, Rep. William Dawson is married to the knee1-ins, sitins,
serve everyone. (D.-IH. ), later becoming of the South"where Many speculations are Heard in push-ins aid announced
it. We in CORE stand former Ruth Avery of
Democratic circles about the
assistant t Negroes are following appointment a segregated meeting
N.J. and. V
Middletown of Negroes to political
a planned course of scheduled for Wednesday
I Rep. Dawson at the the parentsof positions under the new adminis- -
Democratic National are action, integregatior tration. Oce of the names heard night in a down-
Committee headquarters: seven child r en has been ordered by most frequently around Washington town hotel.
ranging in age from the federal courts. is that of Frank D. Rtev!!.
in The Negroes began
r 2! to 12 years in age. who served as consultant to Presi
in the California Hatcher is returningto Fowler further stated dent-elect John F. Kennedy. their demonstrations'
State Central to that the end or c o n- Reeves who is national committeeman about an 'hour later
California resign for the District of Columbia
Committee, Ha t c h e r tinuance of the 9- carrying antisegre-
his post as Assistant has ben'lugg'ested for a
served as liaison in Labor C o It- month old commissio n District commissioner's post Butit gation placards and

the campaign of Sena- missioner and will rests upon the decision was learned from reliable sources signs across the
tor Clair Engle and of the governor elect. that t'eVIS '-*-n "at-ne street from the k1ans--:
make his home in Wash- has his eye on a federal judgeship -
is one of the origina- ington D. c. Composed of four : men.
tors of the Democratic wiiite and two Negro:

Clubs of California members,tre commission

was created by Gov.

He traveled with Sen- CORE Leader Collins to bridge understanding -

\ ator Kennedy throughout between C

,'. his presidential Freed By CourtLEXIK'GTONIty"Breach the two groups through
l"I campaign while o n conferences and d,i s-
Date ,Peanut Butter Drop cookies and' mugs of chilled milk leave from his postas cussions.In .
make a mighty good snack for hungry youngsters Just home
from ,school. Assistant Labor declining to eval-
of the Peace"
With plenty of Date Peanut Butter Drops on hand, you're well Commissioner: for Cali- charges uate accomplishments:
prepared for after-school raids on the cookie jar. Youngsters will fornia against Willis LeeVice
a post t o of the commission
for the dual taste-treat of familiar "butter ,
go peanut and Sweet, chairman o f LexingtonCORE
chopped dates in these chewy cookies which he was appointedby Fowler disclosed that
These easy-do drop cookies provide a quick energy pickupas Gov.Edmund G.Pat) were thrown out by the group i lad been responsible -
well as generous amounts of food iron and three B vitamins prosecuting Attorney "
needed for good health and hearty' appetites. When "famished" Brown in Feb., 1959. in the -. _
youngsters reach for Date Peanut Butter Drops After school, During World War II, Maloney.The creation of 25bira- !
you know they're helping themselves. to a handful of wholesome' he ,night before Lee I
nourishment. served with t hQ cial groups in cities .
I was arrested by Police ,
DATE PEANUT BUTTE DROPS Arras a second lieutenant throughout t 11 state
2 cup sifted enriched flour 1 rup sugarZl2 for :3 years. I' Captain Pu r d y while although more than 100 _
tea-spoons! baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla extract leading-an interracial
\'t teaspoon salt 2 eggs 'COHS other communities including -
Honor stand-in demonstration
; -
yt cup shortening 1 nip chopped dates Highest Jacksonvill c ,
j/4 cup peanut"butter't cup milk before t h & turned down k
Sift together flour baking powder and salt. Cream together Strand Theatre down- requests
'shortening, peanut butter and sugar. Blend in vanilla extract From IsraelTo town Lexington. The by the governor that
and eggs Add dates. Add flour mixture to crenmod mixture they set up conriittccs.
alternately with milk. Strand i s part of the .
Anong these ignoring rw
Sammy DavisBEVERLY nation-wide S chi n e -
the sovcnioi's
1ik chain of theatres.The requestwas
'. .c .. .." HILLS Calif.-Sammy CORE group interspersed Ifayorllaydon Durns
V ; Davis Jr. was one of 10 world of J acksony1lcwho '
and white
11 Ii' famed personalities selected to rtceive negro is said to have stated
l' "" TNE members in the line 1400 WRHC
the State of Israeli highest 1400FEATURES
P' that he opposed originof
honor to nOD-n.tives-the UetJ-. waiting !brservlc .Lee ':- .
such becausehe
lion of Valor. groups
I IESS a refused -
negro A s
CA.S TS You A recent convert to Judaism, the did not believe in --
versatile entertainer'representingthe and the white CORE- mea "cocrcing"busincssmcnwhether '-'_ KEN KNIGHT ..
arts, thus drew the decoration ',
that is accorded to "world leaders bers refused t o buy it be a citizens PRESENTING_
_who have utilized their special tal their tickets U1 1. he councilbi-racLal :' KNIGHT TRAIN .-
THEr 11Rt: Gooo eats and high abilities on be.kilf! of was admitted.Mr. Pew, group or the NAACP.An S.!; PM. 12.1 NIGHTLY .
all people and particularity In behalf -' f;. ..
of the people of Israel. the theatre manager, invitation t o all SWEET CHARIOT .
Besides Davis, folk singer Harry complained to the police -' workers who aided his 80 to 100 MONDAY thru FRIDAY '3
,, Belafonte was also named for the -.' BLUES IN THE KNIGHT
and Pur-
1. 't. Captain campaign: was extended! ,,
2 POWDERS 3e 12 POWDERS 2Sc 24/f>OWDERS 4Pe honor as t representative of the ,100.12 MONDAY thruJ SATURDAY -. v :.,
.sue. -dy orderedthe, arrest. by Bennett.



F ,

". ,/.'. .;. -- -.-:', .; -:
: .
." .. .
Sat dpi December 3, I9601 .. THE,.FLORIDA'STAR PAQE.BEFEIP

'.' .

.-'. r I ... .; : i

-- '- .' .. .

:;;$PORtiNGIT UPS! Local Fighters Prep For Toirnaweit battlers / 'SiIL/ H aChange

4G ,. ...}

Prarie' View College of Texas
ANTEDATED THINKING A dream pro-football team
constructed around Colts* quarterback Johnrr/ upset Southern U. of Louisiana last Saturday

Unite and flanked by backfield stars :Lenny a 23-15, it are aaple iapetus' to the idea that

Moore, (ColtsWillie{ GalliaoreBears); J. D. the annual Orange Blossom Classic pitting FAKD'c
Smith, ((49'ersj Bob Mitchell ,and Jim Brown 5 Rattlers against undefeated Langston U. will

(Browns)* Front Liners Lamar Lundy, (Rasa) and "s t 1 -( actually be played for_the. 1960 Negro collegiate -

t R* C. OWens, (49fera.enda'';, Jim Parker,(Colts) f-\ s 4 ss cha&pioaahip. ,' ODe ,has been over
and Roosevelt Brown, (Giantstackles; Tom Day? Just two weeki ago white'.colleges.

(Cardinals) and John Wooten,(Browns) guards Southern ended theRattlers Thnir-v3.os have been
victory; skein -
at 17-straigfc when over Texas; Cbllege470PanhAndle
it defeated the 0 &i- A tad M.130Ceatral .,

i DEFENSIVE':GALAIT Willie Davia,. (Packers) and : theen 4-6 at Baton -0East Central,34-19 State,20

Nate Borden, (Cowboys)ends; Big Daddy Lipscomb r.,h 4sF Rouge. This ran the -Southwestern 54-14;

(Colts),arid: Roosevelt Grier, (Giantatack.eeJohn ; T iY : Jaguars season's winto Northwestern 53-7;

Baker,(Rame) and John Nisby, (Steelers) 9 straight. Northwestern, 27 -, 14
guards with Willie Clung,(Packers) lineback- r Meanwhile,the Orange and outhwe terD .'
ing; Emlen Tunnel, (Packers), Johnny Sample, Blossom Classic promoters On a comparative basis -

(Colts), Abe Woodson, ((49'eraJ. C. Varoline. ,aftercarefuyscreening "'both the Lions

and Erich Barnes,(Beare) and Dick Lane,(Lions) the records and,Rattlers have':defeated -

secondary. This is the .dream 'team conjured by of the major Negro Lincoln of Missouri -

i a well-known sports editor recently. However, colleges choose a this year, the

the days of such a galaxy of stars being rounded I likely opponent in Rattlers by 46-6 while

up for play has vanished since them st outstanding Langstonfs Lioni which the Lions barely eked
players, regardless of race are now BEADY..WILLING. 'N' ABLEJ--Coach Julius Guirryard of the CitY'Recreation had romped: to an impressive out a 6-0 vine

blended together on nearly all areas of sports' Department and his Wilder Athletic Club charges will be season's rec- If all well the

under a splendid demonstration: of democracy. in there doing their utmost come Monday night when the recreation ord of 9-0-0 in the '60 edition goes of this, .
department presents its annual Florida State AAU bouts at Main Street integrated sou t h-
Arena. Some of the year's Dec. 10 classic -
country's top amateur fighters Ft. ltem
representing .v conference
BREWSTER BOWL GO-Jax' famed Gator Bowl win Benning, Ga., Ft. Campbell, Ky., Marine posts of South Carolina Air where they hold membership should affair be a since big
Force and Naval teams will be seen in the three nights of action scoring
be the scene of another fine grid extravangza ', hem tallied
the -
Saturday night when Edward Waters Tigers, which ends Wednesday, Dec. 7. Last year, the Guinyard-coached Jax Langstonwith a predominant S 9
team won the Open Division team title. Shown from left
h boasting one of their finest seasons in years, are Coach Negro student while the Lions -
Guinyard, Milton ,Harold, Timothy Ford, Kenneth Wilson Nathaniel settos
face an outstanding opponent Livingston Col- hodytis an integrated
totaled 300-
Wright, (Team Capt.) and Ralph Collins, Ralph Gaffney is the team's have
lege of North Carolina in a charity bowl contest co-captain institution and all in an equal nwbar of
for benefit of Brewster Memorial Hospital of this season's wins
--- current Expansion Drive In addition to a surefire ...' .. '..._-..>... nO.oi with the exception ofPro
contest between the collegiansa colorful .
halftime show is already programmed with the

Tigers, visiting team's, local high schools :@MKte p aAq: I: :a+Yy Grid Leagues -
banding together in making this one of the t 4aQgrymA : I

finest local shows ever presented. BrewsterTs I- Draft Seven Stars
friends in the Jax' community and surrounding '

areas are"urged to support this grand project 3 _'
NEW YORK-Seven colored Palo Bills on the third round.
for all that it's worth in this effort to expand \ V: :; p. Art Bak. standout, along
collegians, headed by He has been *
one of the city's most worthy and needed Atirx r M '7.w er, Syracuse' fullback, were with Ernie Davis, on the
drafted by teams In the American Orange eleven the past two Ma
; < ;, Football League at its annual sons.He was one of the stars of

; .. .' .{.'ft.1.oj.N{ ,>%.. .... faker draft was lat taken week.bjr.the!'Buf* the 1960 Cotton. Bow 1 victory..
''' iII> ', .. DRAFTED by the AFL
1 '
SATURDAY' 'NI'rE'S Too Vee bout between N B A's J. .. J.ff;' '.i r\{ clubs were: Bob Gaiters of
world middleweight boxing champion: Gene Ful- '/ ) ;,-...".,.,. ,,"'i-1..+ a, New Mexico State: Herb Adder
t .f ley of Michigan! State; George
mer and perrenial challenger and multi-former .' it: : .fir Fleming of Rose Bowl. champion
titlist Sugar Ray Robinson might mean the curtain ;; :. >. + F E Washington of Northwestern Elbert Kim-University
call in the career of the illustrious and } ; > trough
i.:i : Earl Faison of ludi-
colorful Sugarman With each fighter havingwon 1-.",>'0'Y:" ". ana, and James. Johnson of
the' other in two : Y UCLA.
over previous encounters, ,
bwp The AFL already has several
this third match is one for the books Question topline tan athletes.'Notable
can the old phenom whose brilliant record has f : :: among these are Art Powell of
$ : ; :;
....,. .. : ,," -- x + a the New York Titans, Abner
earned him the cognomen "pound for pound, the .; t. yw Haynes cf the Dallas Texans,
t, l { and Gene Mingo of the Denver
greatest. fighter who ever entered the SUGAR RAY R03WSOH t I Broncos.
squared .
circle," command: this final effort in his ..RETIRIN'Regardless, halfback GAITERS was a.the hard No.running 1 pickof
sixth world title offense? of the outcome of his ij.A- Denver. Adderley also a
title halfback was selected by New
Saturday night
York toe second time around.
IIt bout with NBA world's _- and halfback Fleming was
r plucked by Oakland on the second -
SPEAKING OF BQHNGth City Recreation Department middlewright champion H,; : round.
"'\ ,, ...
Gene Fullmer in Los ; .." <<:
> the
brings a to town for sports fans t \ if-v Kimbrough, an end was

.'.. when-it project: its annual Florida State AAU' Angeless xn1s dopcters fourth son, an choice all-Big by Ten Oakland.end at Fai-Indiana
.. bouts starting Monday nightDec.5)( and ending predict that Sugar / was the first selection

Wednesday night,(De.c.?) at Main St. Arena. Top Ray RobinsonboxLng J "* ak+ Johnson made by, the Los Uclan Angeles.halfback And

f amateur boxers from Ft. Benning, Ga.,Ft. Campbell Golden Boy will hang followed him two rounds later
t !Ky*, Marine teams from South Carolina, up hisiglovesbring : ::5f. : ART BAKER into the Chargers fold.

Naval and Air Force fighters' will clash in one 8to'vi=,close one of tdil Read the FLORID) STAR

T of the finest amateur presentations in the colorful .....\ >,, ....
nation. Coach Julius Guinyard of the recreation ; TAPPED BY COACHES Ernie Davis, halfback -TWICE-A-WEEK I
department has a team of local boxers entered two decades of action star of the Syracuse eleven, last week was named to __
in this the 1960 All-America football team. Davis' electionwas
year's Last
tourney yeartheJac' team
by the men who should know, members of the
,C brought laurels the community; winning the American Football Coaches Association.
l Open Division. WATCH THIS CLOWN

Negroes .
by that conferences coaches last
.. week. An honor squad picked by
S .: 53 136 80 Dominatein ,Titers also five a
S sports% placed
Negroes on the squad.
I* PATRONIZE_ FLORIDA STAR 1 The team an named by the UPI Qk1!
1 4 Big 10 I poll of coaches had Bob Ferguson -
7 8 of Ohio Stale at fullback.
A r ADVERTISERS: I Larry Ferguson of Iowa and ftUS'
_ 3' 6 CLEVELAND ol Ohio State, Ohio-Bob,the country'sconsensus Ferguson Herb Adderley of Michigan State ,... 1fo
I at the halfback slots and N.rthwestern's .
All Amerfca fullback saIAMU
i El Kimbrough arid Indiana's -
:14 211-29-99 was among five Negroes named 1n.Piece '#
Earl Falson at the ends.
i >
to"the All Big Ten team as picked _

You Don't Have to Go to- Town, to Getj 13-481=31 .. .: 17 V'IIirl: "'\I 7' MUauNOlAND.'a.... __ 1irflV UldtfeaJej

...t..... h.'s .sy Langston U.
odoalar .
.. !
s..tt.a M's
i LOW PRICES H. ..... ntbtrach xF4ilafs shows ,, OKLA.TKCUIECfTttYIHl .
) He woks it all CNea4

? Oft YourSTORE Coming: Attractions .ydur

Trade Whh' Your Neighborhood Drug Store V y I Ir i ,

:: W. Will Meet Any PrlcM Adrartistdl 1!

'a In Your Local) Papers \ CHOICE( SEATS HOW! 2.00& $3.00
j '
: ;, IN MIAMI:
: ....
WOOD'S DIXIE PHABMftOr : :; ; North Travel Bureal .. Mary. Elizabeth Hotel
". 1104 NW 3rd Are. 642 NW 2nd Are.
. __i 1112"KIN. lOAD .t MYtTU AVfMMFHOHB :..! ,: i t : > tW1; Community Drug'Store Grand Drugs '
& S4397-M 2a. ta 1ridtF i1t 7' >KisaIj I 6750 NW 15th Are.. 3640 Grand Ave.
t w. ......- w. AIM fHf All ........ JwyYr .' ]1-- "...
tar'1 Or Writ to:.H. R. Partridge, Bus. Mgr., Fl. ARM
1Ii. s.a.. y If your drcuist cannot supply you SHAVING PGWDERfco3 lintel AccomiDOdaUon Now AvallAbU on Miami Brarh L In BIUmT
AT OUR STORE .-' .' [/SttO st for these IUOC TEAM IUTIS [r.a. a..auT/iSawe. uM,ca.w. .i Contact North Travel Bureau. SIM N.W. Third Ave.
Miami,FU. Phone. FB. N179F


T t-

atan1a7 December 3. 1960Cbfps : .. \ .
] Ps 4 a Eigh'

Rape Trial Motion -TV SERVICE Royal Crown

a>Vj5131I Denied Hearing !. $2.00 Bottling Company

21" Picture Tube.,..$19.95 1235 SAN MARCO BLVD.
"Cry Me A River" may be the song that made Motions for separate trial for two Negro 17" Picture Tube. ..$16.95!

Julie London fofious but at'this scaent Hizzoner ,youths charged in the rape of a white woman FL -4488

has stolen her tune.The champion of the segregationists were denied during a hearing Tuesday before __ SMALL OIL HEATERS APPLIANCES FOR SALE

is singing the blues over Federal 'Criminal_Court Judge_Claude OgULvie F REPAIRED Lot 50 x 100sidewalk M

Judge Bryan Simpsons 'nil.ing.The federal courts Judge Olgllvie ruled J I r: & Sewer on 15thStreet i
gave all of us in Jacksonville the right to however that the state j' West of Myrtle AvenueEL CwswsLeooE COLOR by Oe LUXE
sit and play and enjoy some of the things we could not use a signed POLICE REPORTS 4-8974 AND

pay for. "confession" given 1- I
Frank Hampton is standing on the corner of police by one of the' SUICIDE ATTEMPT .FAILS I PRATT DEL WO SMAllfN-ilMHHWS?
16th and Myrtle mailing broadly.He loves cold defendants. : +

weather better than a polar bear. As long as It was disclosed that Service Station ;

the balmy "Indian SiBBer" weather stayed with Aaat.State Atty.Nathan: A 27-year-old woman ,-'ill' ;\ -Sp.ciolWne M- CONFIDENTIAL

us, Hap was frowning. His oil truck stood Scheyitz told the attempted suicide last SUN.THUR.. '
still and he shed tears. court that he would Thursday after bee co- BUMPER TO BUMPERSERVICES : ROOSEVELT /

Next Friday night at Myrtle Avenue Ball Parka not use the signed ing depressed with financial One Year Guarantee on 1st Showing at Regular

show of shows will be presented. Eight high statement during the difficulties, Picture TubeFinancingAvailable EXPERT ATTENDANTS Prices Adults 40$

school bands will perform in a special pre- trial which is slatedto police reported. THIRD ST. AT FLA AYE Child 154

lame show After the bands perf OnD,Northwes tern start January 3, Miss Doris Hawk, of EDISON. TV- \ l---.-r...

,will meet Hutto High of Bainb ridge,Georgia agreeing with Judge 726 Court E, stated EV 7-4464 :

.in a' gridion contest. All proceeds will go Olgiviefs suggestionthat that she had been BOYSEARN

toward construction of a stadium in the rear the statement be drinking earlier and Sale
of Northwestern High School. The stadium will barred during trial became depressed with MORE

be for use by all public schools. testimony. financial worries and

Tomorrow night at the Gator Bowl, FMC will The two youth, William decided to consult sui- House PAINT PaintWhiteand- PAINT CAH HOSIMHEHDOUSMOlNPiClUREEVERi
of North Carolina in Bluntj20jOf 2023 ;
meet Livingston College Colors XMAS I
After slashing her FOR
Thomas Court and JamesK. i
a game for Brewster Hospital. It is moored Porch and Deck
that Bethune and several of the name colleges Payton, 18of 4141 wrist with a razorblade All Colors SELLING
: :
.down this way "chickened out" and would not Old StAugustine Road t he victim $1.79 gal. ';) ;

pi ay each ,Bells boys.He has a semi-whip out have Been> indictedfor changed said.She her mind,tak-police DIXIE PAINT STORE The Florida Star
on Kings Road.Regardless theSept.3 alleged 110 E. Bay St. ,

of the rtffiors,the Ribault is still rape of the woman near en to Duval Medical TUES. & WED.
Center for treatment'and
swinging. Enoch from Palatka presides on theHao&ond St. Augustine Road. I
and genial Hazel -is your hostess and During the Tuesdayhearingfdefense released. Afternoon 4. P..Mi
Police said her sister -
manager. "Fatboy11 is burning in the galley. coun- WANTED-Men and women
The only mystery is "Where is Mitchell?" sel Ernest D.Jackson who lives at 606 who honestly to face /
motion for W.lSth St.Apt.l took their alcoholic problems. Free SHELL HOME SALESMAN- ....
' argued a !
back from flying tripto 'S
Ike White just came a ..
Mondays and Fri. Former Insurance Men Route : "ON ti4tifj
separate, trials for the victim into her meetings: wt
Washington on business Also on huskster days. 8:00 P.MClara White I Salesmen any energetic man j ILStONBRYNNERBMRSKYVIEW ,
row, Al }Myles of American Tobacco Canpany was his clientsemphasizing protective care. .Bid*., Room 305. I who wants to make money

in town along with John Harris of Schlitz. the fact that two WOMAN IS INJUREDIN .I' Why not step up to a real I s.... -T-..
All the of the state wit- moneyMaking position. Join
Herb Gaines is due in next week. of STREET FIGHTA
and the Sales Force of South's fastest RORY CALHOUN IX
this around "Classictime" nesses rape
boys to
manage get way HOUSE FOR SALE growing business. Train for
like birds south. victim could not "SAGA OF HEMP BROWN"
i just 27-year-old woman College Garden.$650.00 : managerial position while sell- PLUS
The Shangri .La came back fron patrol duty in identify Blunt as a was cut on the lip and College ing.Ve need salesmen and "13 GHOST"Win
Castro's waters and as soon as it docked Odell participant in the kicked on the leg South. lead men in this area. Con- $275 Cash Mon Kite
Doggett and his boys hit shore like the boom- incident' I tact: Arthur O. Silvers 2155
had While ruling out the while engaged in a Modern 5 Room Bungalowon W. Beaver St.. Jacksonville.
erang g&Dg..J Jenkins a delegation HELP WANTEDNEW
fight at Union aixL:: 1)avis large lot. Just repainted Florida, ELgin 38289. Southerf -
waiting at Marport to meet his main man including signed statementjudge
Sts. last Wednesday Finest Shell YORK
inside and out. States Homes -
a crew of pretty gals. The big Dog is Ogilvie stated that i Homes an'where.FOR MAIDS COOKS
police reported
despite instructions All Tile bathroan.Very IIOUSEWORKERSExcellent
in the harness again.
The boss gave his former adman Alfred Harrella from the .court, the Miss Sallie Moseley, large kitchen, plenty SALE once for good positions and steady available female at
confession could be of 712 Madison Street closet space. Vacant. domestic workers who want permanent
the other day. He called the erstwhile -
new nane: 7 PUBCADILLAC LIMO. .
stated that she and sleep-in jobs with the beat private
playboy "a henpecked single man." It is I considered ty the jury t Door open for Inspec- Ex. Condition.R. & H. families...good treatment .
with only in regards to i some friends had been tion. all meal nice room and TV .
rumored that Harrell runs a shuttle run Push But. Windows ,
all privileges. Salary 15000
; bar-b-que and, other goodies for his friends. Paytonthat it wouldbe drinking together. and HOPE CHBRIEIT Cuh or Financed weekly and higher..transportationto upc

When a new visitor hits town, H. C. Donald difficult' for the while on their way REAL ESTATE Private Owned looking New York for a advanced good sleep-in If you job are,

finds them like a homing pigeon finds his jurors to disassociate home they met another 218 W.CHURCH-ROOM $250 write immediately) to: .
roost. He is a good candidate for former Jaxon it from their minds group who had been I DOMESTIC J}
I Phone EV 8-6496 II EX 8-1779 after 3130pa- P.O. BOX 34. VALDO9TA CA.
Eddie Roux's title of chief greeter. Capers while pondering separate drinking also.The two I Alt Letters Will Be Answered,'
Bradham was the original greeter along with I verdicts fo r groups got into an argument Y

Duck Davis. Capers has retired and Duck is : the two defendants. over s o me; financial -

busy making little Ducks. J. D. "Mr.Goodwill" It was also revealed fought.The matters and_ FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS_ FREE GIFTS

Brooks is another retired "greeter11. newcropis ,
on hand led by Ralph WashingtonJimny Jenkins victim could not
I identify anyone, police RND WIBNllNG
and Johnny Stewart. Human Bones said. She was
The ,staunchest FAMU is
rooter in town Longineau taken to Duval Medical -

Parsons. Next to him is Solomon Weston. When Found By,' Boys Center b y taxi
Southern defeated FAMU both the
were on verge cab -

collapse They have recovered now When Southern A skull :and several Patrolman }1. Young (A To Serve You
lost to Praire View and assured FAMU of a other htanan bones were M.L.Massey inves- t Another
slice of the national title Parsons
resumed o
found b y Negro tigated.
wearing his big smile. UlUl
'boys i n a heavilly-
Music hath chares and does wonders should wooded marsh area near REYNO'PHARMACY

.see some of the usually staid citizens perform the "and ,
when the combination of John Barleycorn and, Phillips Expressway Highway this ('rusty,six-inch bone hurting Ofi I y
knife was found at '"
swing music hits them. weekpolice reported. 2304 EDGEWOOD AVE. COR. AVE: B
the scene. A pair o fman's
A new jazz spot is on the list of places for Deputy Roland Grantof I
fun folk visit. Buster Ford is shoes were also O
seeking to having
the Duval County found 'at the spot but Free PHONE PO 8.3497
weekly "sessions" on the Eastside in his Sheriff criminal division uiin : Delivery T
identification could eco
dining room every Sunday afternoon_ d1 Wash- no "" m
stated thathe
ington and all of the boys make the set and be Bade, at the scene. O
was unable at the pre- The investigator reported I
wail awhile In addition a menu of native and
sent time to ascertain
that the four
exotic dishes are available. GRAND OPENING I
all Tis the whether the bones were boys, Charlie Flowers, g I
Warning to playboys. time to get '
that of male female
mad with all steady girl friends and avoid new 11Cscar Flowers, 1 2, O

ones Why? Christmas is just around the corneaDonft the or .to belonged.It what race. Royal Jackson, 12, land I GRAND OPENING TOYS, $1.98 Value Now 59c yam
person John Jackson 15a 1 1 "
let it slip up on you. I warned you, get I tnO
was also disclosed I Sealtest ICE CREAM 25c
the residents of Rt. BEox457Sfound 1'1 GIVEAWAY pts.
excess weight off of your handS. that the skullseveral I .

Concerning the incident we>mentioned last week 'ribs,leg bones and a the bones at I S HEATING PADS ....Now $2.98 '"

When the ,boy friend of the sales girl case up, piece the pelvic sec- 7 a.m. while setting FREE Values to $8.95
wild 1ts.
traps for I
the .likker made like the wind and the
supper 'tion were found s tattered The bones Ie said to FACIAL TISSUE ..........Now 21c400's
b.f ,began to dim the orbs of the gal friend.
over n ofabout uiUl *
a area
have been found under GIFTS : GIFTS Reg. 35c '
That came from the bosses mouth. Sfin .
three-square Ft.
three-inches o f waterapproximately Unusual Values In All Depts. 3OO
Nip Sams is bearing gifts'again.Seems like he, :Grant said that this 200 feet
is making with the cement to do some patching
:may have indicated that the 3vt
east of
up. 'He is planning to. get in power real soon. 'an: aniIr.alh- d car.ied

His side. kick in promoting/Pax-ham Johns en,is some of the bones away and also Phillips Alt.U.S.l Highway acd U.S., I t FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS T

under the weather. Hope C. P. gets out soon. According to Grant, a .5 m

Folk ,are returning home from treks in various 1respectively. UlUi -. O

directions for, the Thanksgiving week-end A eta ee" $72.50 LADIES WRIST WATCH! J & J GIFT SETS. :3O
Alien jtnped across the pond to nearby Nassau. '
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Willie Wells and his madam went over to Hines tzui 500 LADIES" BIRTHSTONE RINGS-GUM-FLASHLIGHTS m

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.: New Building Completed For I' -Name ........ ':\. "' .:.- "' ....._..,... 3 VII

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Seafood House 'Patio-Fr Phone: ............... -... ... .
a t BCAraODB.sHOaT'cROCas-BOFT DRINKS Dancing on Eating O At Edgewood Ave. & Ave.. B :--- ...!"..'...:.,.._........ =m
ICE CREAM PLATE LUNCH; CO BRCAKFABT r ,:; 749 Lime St. 'Jacksonville, Ha. ui '
f. ,: ''', 1 SERVEOATANYTIMEi Drawing To Be O
... Drop In Grand Drawing Box : :;P.M.
.j;: '."Mt1it..,AND MATTIE MAC SMITH, i O.auaou ':December-3/1960'- 3
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