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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200585datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 19, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005850740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 19, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 19, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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'_'. J : _. ._. .._:. < _'\ &_' '-. "..,+ .

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.. .. ...r -. t. :

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_; -.:,:'-'" 1 ...":..-:::. :; ,' -... ";" .- .... '. '-.. .'.,::". ':' .. ,;.



..... :,.
.-' ,..-. '> ..


r' .0. lot
a .Oct -
fiat r-t ,.

(O C ji r rg"RIM'SI/ i' 2 Youths Indicted

t, x4c
.. On Charge :

,. __. / Rape
',l.'c iJNo. 51 UWS SaturdayNovember 9, -Jacksonville Florida, 15 CtW
._. .

U! Youths Rap Whites' Names OpposedIn

Rioting In New Orleans Trial Jan. 3 Integration Suit

Trial in Circuit Courtof DELAND--In a preliminary hearing to an impending -
two Negro youths school integration suit here, counsel for
indicted for criminal the Volusia County school board has asked U.S.
: assault of a white District Court to rule against a petition ask-

Over School Mixing women has been slated ing the court to amend a brief stating that
for Jan. 3, Judge John four of the petitioners arc white, it has beenreported.
M. McNatt announced .
Wednesday. The request by school
Arraigned by Asst. board counsel came a- POLICE REPORTS

axon'Facing Armed Police Quell ViolenceIn State Atty. Nathan bout when lawyers for
Schevitz Wednesdaythetwo the NAACP first asked MAN SLIGHTLY i\JUHi: iJG.U'fLItG

Robbery Charges Here Gulf Port City defendants pleadednot the court to amend V/Ifil !UX
guilty to three their original peti- Uoland Keeth Logan,
..,. counts in the rape in- tion to state that 22, of 1112i Prince
"Parade" bandit number one is in police custody NEW ORLEANS-school integration here closedout dictment.Defense Atty. four of the persons Street was'cut last
awaiting trial for armed robbery w hi 1 e its first uneasy weekscores 'o..ffY1 Cite pro- Ernest 'D. Jackson told signing their petitionwere Tuesday while defend-
federal, state and Ideal authorities are still testers and Negroes had been arrested for a the court he will seeka white. The white ing himself againstan
conducting a wide-area search for "parade"bandit wide variety of incidents ranging from stabb- trial severance for signers are also .residents intruder, police
number two, and a bearded individual who ings,}hecklings, disorderly conduct and other one of the defendants, I of the Halifax reported.In .
held up another federal savings and loan association unlawful acts. and .
Judge McNatt suit
siircned set area where the reporting the incidentthevictira -
here Wednesday. ir-... *- -f.. .; t*:=%.- *; ?z Wednesday overthree prophetic y r ,.
.-- ,' -. .-_. -'- < v; ,* up:.*the situation..!\ore Nov. 29 for J hearing of originated. v :: said
"Para.de".ba.ndit.'number Loan Association "a' hundred white when he conmentedMthe .-the motion. LJcfeiiding'imseJ.: .-- he was awakened.b),,a.
one has been identified 2107 Hendricks Avenue teenagers said to have situation: Washington The :youths, William. claim that the NA.4CP man moving around in
as Ellis Boon been egged -on bysegregationistsdefied might get 'iorsc..-...we Blunt, 20, of Thomas seeks to "substitute" the hallway of his
31-year old Negro of simple do not have the Court and James K.Pay- a ncand distinct apartment.Whan; he saw
755W. Church St.- who policy orders to move votes." n,18of 4141 Old St. class of plaintiffsin the man he attempted
has been charged with until fire trucks were Augustine Road, were their requestedsuit to apprehend hint but
the Oct.29 armed rob- brought in and water N. C Govenor charged with the Sept. amendmentit was was knocked down by
bery at the Lenape Bar hoses turned on to 3 criminal assault ofa revealed.The the intruder. He received -
and Liquor Store, 641. disperse the mobs: white woman at a court was also a minor cut on
W. Ashley St.Detective A group of white Frees Pay7nsIlALEIGHN campsite near Incinerator requested by defend- the) left hand and a
Sgt. E. H. teenagers were reported Road.Other charges ing counsel to slatea cut on the left side
Perry reported that to have attackedand of beating the woman's. hearing on the of his face. The man
Boone entered the liquor stabbed a lone .-Coverajr husband and amale com- amendcnt question and escaped before victim
store while the Negro youth near Charity Luther II. Hodges last panion will be aried also asked for 20- could get any des-
pre-game parade of the Hospital. The youthwas Friday commuted s c n- against the two in days in which to answer ceiption of him,victim
Florida A.and M.-S.C.r later reported to tcnces of six-Ne g r o Criminal Court.It motions by the plain said. Nothing was reported
State College wa s in r : be in very' serious golf playinho: had has been learned tiff's counsel. missing.
been found guilty of
progresswielded a gun condition. that Atty. Jackson is
trespassing on a golf
and ordered the store Another incident reported seeking the severance IIIT IN MOUTHBY !
clerk to lie on the ELLIS BOONS white motherof course here restrict trial en the basis of Xmas Boycott 1301FRIEND
floor while he rifled Parade Bandit No.l two having grabbeda to white golfers.In conflicting testimony
the cash register of police officer by commuting: the given by defendants to Planed By S.C. Mrs. t Esciae: Watkins,
$125 and took a bottleof was robbed by a bearded the trousers crying, nen's sentences,. Gov. criminal investigators. 39, of 1843 Bisbec
Scotch whiskey. nan. i "Chief, help us..not Hodges f stated that he NAACP Street was hit in the

Density of crowds lin- Summary: "Pa r a d e" the U.S. government. refused pardon the mouth and kicked in
ing the streets a f- Bandits, one down... The officer is saidto men condition that COLUMBIA,:*.C.,--Four the head last Tuesdayby
forded the bandit an one for apprehension. have repliedirWe\ they pay court costs Ga. Supreme additional NAACP units her boy friend,
said to involve $7,000.It this week launched .
if do it police
police help
easy escape, you you
/ is also reportedthat Refuses fullscale drives stated
stated. 'fCeepPub/i'c in orderly manner," Court a- victim
Sgt.Perry stated thatan but firmly replyingthat court officials gainst Christmas buying that the attack occurred -
extensive investi- Schools Open the police went along with the.Governor's Sit-ins Plea in protest against when sic enteredher
racial discriminationby and
Patrol suggestion. hose 1 where she
gation by man "weren't" going: to
Sidney Gaines was instrumental Says BaptistsSAVANNAH let .tlc mobs take over Arrest of the Negroes retailers. her boy friend, Oscar
in Boone's the city. occurred whenit, i s ATLANTAGeorgia's The new selective Patterson, 27, lived.
capture. During a police Ga.-It was While turbulence raged saidthat they walkedon Supreme Court stated buying campaigns are She was sent to Duval
lineup on Tuesday learned this week that in downtown sectors, the Gillespie Park Tuesday that it has being carried out by
Boone was identifiedas spokesmen for nearlyone the Louisiana legis- Golf Course in 1956 no jurisdiction for the Greenville, Dun- Medical Center b y
the Lenape Bar million Georgia lature heard U.S.Sen. and attempted to play. hearing of appeals by barton and Oran eburl: police ambulance. Investigating -
holdup man by Mrs. Baptists have requested Russell LongD.-La.) five Savannah sit-in NAACP brances as wellas officers
state officials to by the Claflin advised her to take
Perkinsstoreclerk. demonstrators convicted
Juanita say that he would Sues
allow public schools I personally impeach the Champ under the state's new College chapter of out a warrant.
X # % *
to remain despite
Similar Incident open' U.S. Supreme Court if anti-trespass law.
While the Nov 11 Veterans integration movements* possible. BeautyIINEOLAN.Y.World's Salon The move by the Tlie state's first MAN HIT WITH STICK
A resolution pass ed state's law Christmas withholding ovar UNPAID DEIIT
Day parade was Also during his harangue highest
in progress .in downtown here during the 139th against govern- } courtit is believed, campaign was launchedby Field Carter,39, of
of the
JacksonvilleMrs 4 meeting Convention Georgia ment officials i n Heavyweight; Champion has momentarily held the SpartanburgNAACP 1509 fyrtb Avenue was
Frances Dedericktell Baptist Washington Long Floyd Patterscncharg- up attempts to test
stated."We pledgeour sug- branch last week hit on the hand witha
er at th e front win- and gested thatthclegis ing that his wife the constitutionalityof under the guidance of stickduring a fight
dow of the First Fed- prayerful "sym-ina lature abandon opera- Sandra had been refused Georgians new law NAACP Field Secretary last Monday at 20th
eral Sayings and LoanAssociationJulia pathetic support worded, tion of public schools. service in a which was passed by !. Dc;uincey Newman. Street and Myrtle
and directly plea Meanwhile, the four local beauty sal on because the 1960 legislature.The .
the delegatesto The Rev. Newman announced Avenue,police report-
Adams,reported that .a by 2,000 Gov.Ern little Negro firstgrade she ds Negro, lav was instituted !ran his office
Georgia's students quietly has filed damages a- by die General Assemblyas that ed.The told
Negro walked up to her est Vandiver State, here the Christmas victim policehe
entered their classesthe gainst the concern. a storgap..agai t
window, told her that county, district, and .sit-in and other season selective was standing on the
he was armed and demanded municipal officials. first time race It has also been buying campaign i s corner when aman whom
money. She reported The delegates failed mixing: in the public learned that Patterson demonstrations and expected t o spread he- called "Dillie"
makes It misdemeanorfor
giving him an to act on a measure schools has occurred is asking $3,500 a a to stay throughout: the entire attacked him when he,
assortment of bills stating that Federal here in more than 60 damages, $3,000 for in a place person of business state. did not give "Billie"
R totaling $4,000.At Court rulings on race years. himself and $500 for after being requestedto the $15, he said he
1:30. p.m. Wednesday -* relations were..." in Sen. Lo ,however, in his wife from Maz and leave by the proprietor P"rtltum Prize owed him. The victim
the Jacksonville opposition the tra- anticipating that the Christine Kuck, the .or management. GiBoline is the most raluible was treated' at Duval
Federal Savings and dition, practice trouble might get worse firm's operators. petroleum product. Medical Center.

1J a < .' -...... : .:.."'" }:L !JS I i:4: : ..' .


19, I960THI I



.WIw --

Nov that John F. Kennedy has been elected he
Mf-.t" 'B! .. ""'q eo.M .
thought to some
!hIrO..rr." will have to start giving

o. wvoo" ._ f- the things that need to be doneafter he has

0. reY.o J.... ----- ------ 14... .... settled upon his Cabinet.Two .
BJWa WOD ta sti C1r-L.f problems that will require his iioaeaiate

attention are: Housing and overhauling of our
HJUV ernes. TLiiTs -
_'MoaaSrf.ft d ---: EL W7II- tax system. During each of the
last few r.' 1
Ad".R' Fifteen million ....
P. 0. Box WJ JwiatmTOit 1. F7slEaT \ s 1 American familiesoneout Years,in- '". ,. .
14 ? .. \ I, J Jr \ L.-' I r four-are adequatehousing M

CUWCaUPTXOH( RATESTtw I '\ __1v still of ill-housed.every In tails hare V'f' .. ft' w-.

.c.JM T... iii0i HaU lUG 'thiM 1iofY" .1.10 'I'IJ&IIW order t o eliminate been en- t ,
T' low AarwMn to Th. 1Ja edT'rV ...... this evil during the actedduelarge t:,
!!- l tLh \4nMI.. *.* Qaeok or IIIMr Or'- TalI'LOBIPA next 15 yearsand to ; :
WlWWXSOXVttU:: 1.rLOBmA with \v ,1" ;
J u-P: o. BQ* keep up ou. '

.- 4 t.4 rapidly growing popu- to t 1: ... /!
lation it will be opposition ;.:;:: -
1 .J 0 of'J; 'I

State Health Board Cites 1 million necessary housing to build ts 35 the Adr.,:ra. t L. "'.. .

New or about 2,250,000 a ministraSimpson tion to basi" improve-
Many Syphilis Casts year.But today's rate

.. iz is about a million ments in the program.In .
1960the AFL-CIO
less than this.
the Congress -
According to the Florida State Board of Health upon
Read the FLORIDA STAR to enact a comprehensive -
the number of early infectious syphilis cases''' AWFUL I .

has increased substantially throughout Florida I housing
bill which will do at
during the past two yearswhile the total cases TWICEAWEEK-
least the following:
of the disease in all stages has declined during
+ Provide at least
the same periodsays a, report from the
Florida State Board of Health. 200,00

During the first half of this year 261 cases'of _zi public housing

early syphilis were reported, compared with Wednesdays .and Saturdays units annually.Make .

155 during the same period In 1959.At the same HARMONY DEPENDS ON CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL available lowinterestlongterns

time the state's physicians and clinics repots ;
ted a total of 2003 cases in all stages for the -- .- loans for middle-

first half of 1960and 2262 for the same periodof T Your DaDy' E income housing.

1959. Guide Tackle the problemof
Officials explained that 'syphillis :is a unique ____ ----- Horoscope =. special housing

diseasecarrying its victims through several =. __ WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR forth elderlynotjust

distinct stagesthe symptoms of which a r -e BUSINESS LOVE a token gesture
quite different. If the disease goes uncheckedthe
PABLO Th. ASTROLOGER = Assure every familyan
final stage can cause insanity, s e r i 0 us By .

crippling," blindness and death, they said.They I I equal opportunityto

attributed the decrease in a number of over-all obtain decent

cases to the state's vigorous anti-syphilis campaign l housing without regard -

of the past decade or so.They gave credit Aries Lea Sagittarius to racecolor,

also to the same program for increase :in repor- 19th or creed.

ted infectious cases,saying it was due parly Born March 21rt. thru AprU Born July 23rd thru Aug.. 22nd Born Nov. 23rd thru D.c. 2ht Provide least SI

to the fact that the case finding program is 'Sat 19th-Communication. Others are only Sat 19th-Search. Check on pnces before SaC 19th-Imperiousness. Those who hold at
the trends, or to billion for
more effective. too apt to misunderstand Avoid buy- you allow anyone to sell you something of the power are not averse to show it should a year
Florida I make them suit their purposes. value. The one who is looking after your you defy them. Intellectual freedom is one ten years for expanded -
citizens begin contacting the worst of ing things you do not require. '
advise. be
interests' can that cannot suppressed. slum clearanceand
the venereal diseases at an earlier age than SUN. 20th-Analysis. The underlying rea- SUN. 20th-Disguise. The same worthless SUN. 20th-Cognlzance. You could rind
those in ohter s t.esthe figures showed. h e sons that have affected the economy mind. Gains may proposition may again be presented in a the key to your deep-rooted problems and urban redevelopment -
now be explained in your own different garb. Get at the root of things, before start piecing the solutions. Money can be programs.
incidence 20
times for
was as great persons under and progress gather momemtum
to terms. most powerful
any weapon.
agree your
15 compared with the national averagea,nd Mon. 2U4-Authority. You have powerful Mon.'21st-Progress. This should be one of Mon. 21.sf-A ftdOD. One of your best Encourage co-opera-
five times as great as the average for the eight backlog:and Services should assert and your rendered qualities are of .your, best days for productivity and the days to reinforce your prestige,.professional tive and moderate-
leadership. rewards it brings. Hire personnel. obtain standing, and monetary status.
southeastern states. After 14 the figures priced rental hous-
age exceptionally gainful
supplies or astfovors.Toe. ; Tue. 22nd-Consolidation. Protect yourself
reverseand Florida hag only half as much syphilis Tue. 22nd-Consolidation. Do not press to- 22nd-Suspension. Hold everythingwhen and your possessions from every eventuality. ing, especially for
as the southeastern states, and only day, for it may be wise to.digest You yesterday'sreaarkable.'achievements. need rest you see that your affairs are taking a Obligations that are not liquidated could migrant farmworkers.
turn. You may have to be: more become hurdensomfw
slightly more than the national average. wrong % --r iiOViIUTAUL
occasionally, too. careful about revealing secrets.
The report termed it significant that approximately 7-50-33-17-67-753 1-40-33-16-35-143 2-70-22-18-92-271 TAX SYSTEM
one half of all the cases reported came In theory our tax

from private physiciansindicating t ha t this Capricorn system is based on the

was a highly satisfactory degree of cooperation.It Taurus VinjD principle of stability

was emphasized that the contact tracing ser- Born Dtc 22nd thru Jon. 19th to paJ".nTI s principlehas

vices of the State Board of Health are avai- lorn April 20th thru May. 20th Born Aug. 23rd. thru Sept. 22nd Sat. 19th-Review. The individuals for been eroded over

lable in all cases reported by physicians,co Sat. 19th-Passivir/. Do-not disturb the ar- Sat. 19th-Restraint Curb impatience and whom you have no respect can be easily the years by a combination -
health. departments and clinics.The (lrangements that are adding to your re- inclinations to criticize when this upsets avoided. You can always pretend do.that you of low per-
have things to
ideas important
Some of very
home companions your
:sources security prospects. your sonal
You should exemptions a
SUN. 20tb-Comprehenslou. ,
report concluded"Communicable disease SUN. 20th-Insinuation. Some sort of pressure stem from doubtful sources.
20th Inconsistency. Don't waver Between begin to see and understand the reasons steep rate of taxationin
educational SUN. -
programswith be subtly applied to get to
special emphasis on may behind lack of You can makeup
thoughts but arrive at some your progress.
venereal diseasesare have a change of heart. See if your financesare conflicting the first bracket,
being presented to select sort of conclusion. These who care for for previous oversights.
ted a tempting targetMon. Mon. 21st Tactics. Start working from the operation of the
in several be able to help.
counties i
n an 21st-Clarity.Sincerity and true sentiments
effort to Mon.21st-Expression.Voice your thoughts behind the scenes when you recognize that withholding system,
give It
correct information to should act as shining beacons.
our teenagers in creative vein this is the best to succeed. Your
smitten, a way
when are and
would be fruitful to work out joint plans to you the many tax escape -
attending school.We also benefit.
Thereis economic interests
recognize that e d u- undertake changes. and inclined to enjoy life in general.
is individualism. Tue. 22nd-Pause. Do not press any further provisions that
our goal in for
combatting the room
high incidence of Tue. 22nd-r Restraint Check the ideas that
Tne. 22nd-Disregard. Don't be deterredby when this threatens to undo the advantagesyou favor the- rich.
infectious syphilis found existing are more:enthusiastic. than practical. Thetendency' it is Be
among our what others say or think as your have previously gained. prudent Individual
speed could be the- makingsof exemptionshave ;
teen-agers. like it when at work.
privilege tq males life as you '
*mishaps" bad.j judgment been $600 since

4-30-99-16-73-439- -- ..... 8-20-44-18-54-824 3-90-88-15-62-398 1948, even though tic:

Make Cftrttfmas Shipments Early cost of living has

increased more than
In a few weeks the Christmas rush will begin Scorpio 20 percent since: then.
spread through the land. Department s tor es, tern May 21U. mru Jun 21st Aquarius The very first taxable
postal facilities and transportation services ;Sat. .19th-Objection. You may have to 10m Oct. 24th t6ry Nrt..22ftII dollar is at the 20
take account of opposition from those 20th thru 18th
fern Jan. Feb.
Sat. 19th-Resistance. Steer clear of situ percent ratcJhe with-
will themselves for the
begin bracing holiday
to before come to .
you con
you Sat.
any 19th-Seclusion. Your inti
ations sales that make own
dent in male
or too big
onslaught. Among those who will be carrying a clusions. Jobs cannot be put off. your cash resources. The late hours may environment may be preferred particularly' holding system assures
major share of the load will be the Railway SUN. 20th-Moderation. Do nothing that provide congenial company. if you have some weighty matters to think payment o f every
could The advice of
you. your com- about. dollar of workers1
Express Agencya private taxpaying company that be SUN. 20th-; Determination. You have an-
panions should sound and elimi
may SUN. 20th-Appointment. A social
other opening to evaluate shortcomings event I II
your income while other
in the shadow of nate the chances of ,
lives complications.Mon.
tax-exempt government and to adopt corrective steps. Your may have been postponed could finally
ompetition and still otanages to provide efficient 21st-Returns. One of your best good judgment is a great asset I come to pass.: Start reorganizing your plans groups have no such
to excel work in '
days at
your financial for an active automatic rol.
service the fact Mon. 21st-Persuasion. You should haveno season. c ont
to shipping public.In
manipulations. You look forward to Mon.
may 21st Initiative.
trouble ideas One of
selling and your brightest
your Moreover workers
during recent years it has integrated all modesof an evening of fun and gain. all opposition. Make confidential ar- and most creative days." You may arrange pay
transport-rail, highway, air and ocean. It Tue.what 22nd -Status Quo. Be content with rangements for the holidays. for future trips, study courses or friendly taxes even on that
offers you have accomplished to date. At- Tue. 22nd-Conduct Let no one provoke gatherings.Tue. part of their income
shippers a single negotiable through tempts to enlarge on obtained results could .
22ndDiplomacy. You
into this
bill of lading more than 45 million boomerang most disadvantageously., you making sharp retorts morning nay arouse which goes to pay for
covering It would also be: Imprudent to go too fast strong opposition if you press people too
origin and destination combinations served by or become reckjess outside. forcefully. The friendly approach could Social ecurityRail-
its World Thruway Service. Also during recent 6-50-22-12-38-621 succeed. It's worth a try. road Retirement and

years farsighted management. has spent many 5-50-11-19-84-518 9-30-6 -19-43-936 Civil Service nctirc-:

millions of dollars on new fleets of trucks and ment.

other equipment and facilities, for expeditious
Cancer Libra On the upcr hand,
handling of the hundreds of millions of. packages .' Fixes upper income groups

that are transported by the. Express Agency I hm' June 22nd thru July 22nd Bern sept. 23rd tbru.Od. 23rd are favored with tax

every; year. St 19th--Stri4ta.'ttie pressures from with- Sat 19tfiAnxieir.. You arc apt to have lenttb thru JrkrA 29tfc favors such as pre-
The convenience of modern Railway Express is in and without may have left their telltale doubts about, the development of your Sat 19th-Avoidance. Keep out of the ferential income for
worth in I marks on you. There is nothing like a good monetary projects. The sound backing of and
keeping mind this Christmas season. provided way strangers steer clear of any dividend income and

Also keep in mind that other handy bit of 'SUN.rest to 29tb perk-you DbcriaJnitioii.up. Be rather discerning SUN. 20 by Correction.the family is encouraging.Straighten out any working public disturbances.or resting quietly You may at home.be happier capital gains income,

perennial advice-"ship earl y's. when someone is making a play on muddles in the way funds and jobs arc SUN. 20th-Penetration. The questionsthat excessive depletion
your sentiments.You may need more time being handled. You arc again in a producUve have been puzzling are
you beginning ,
to know just how allowancesliberal
feel. -
you really profitable expense -
cycle. form clearer
to outlines. Your friends
f Man. 21*-Wisdom. You may.
could add Mon. 2
con- 1st-Concession. You stand to gain give you useful pointers. ace o un t
siderably to your knowledge, if you take even if you have to give up something ui on. 21st-Ambition. The _
right social privile tfgct-rich-
your questions to a wise and understanding return A splendid '
evening to rid of inhibitions
get connections could
Imd person. A fine night for TV. and worries. give you free access to quick" sjstem of grant-
the strengthforyourhfe. Tu*. 22ad-HOBO*. Do not allow yourselfto Tne. 22nd-Firmness. Let no one sow fresh important advantages people of new and alliances.places. Consider the ing stock options
get cranky this morning, when ,
know doubts in
you your mind and stick to the'pur Tee. 22nd- Get
Composure. yourself under split income'
that companions-are their best. have pro-
your poses you made your own. There may control this
Help uhsesa is trait be early morning and do your visions and
< a good a scramble for dominance. unruffled. You other escapes -
: job do your best when you
'realize you are getting ahead. from taxation.The .

2-80-77-14-51-287; 3-90-55-17-21-395 AFL-CIO calls fora

1-70-44-13-49-174 major overhaul in

I .. the federal, tax .
WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS WEEK ,'h'i:1";;;;:: ',:.", > __.,! -c'::;":.-.;,.!. .. -- )'" r.- :_- .....; '. ,$ _
; -



Cornaf/on/ ; ." .. House Wives

Set For FNI do Socialites Pitching In To Aid Urban League Fund Drive League's Tea

'::,"..' Sunday At 4 P. Mj j
St.Augustine,Fla.,--A ).. \.T: The Housewives League.
colorful coronation t presents their Annual
\ Tea Sunday
ceremony for "Miss flo- starting at
rida Normal and Industrial '; ___ 4 p.m.i n Walker. Col-
Manorial! College" lege's auditorium, 9tl
of 1960-61willsPear- and Ifyrtle Avenue, i t

head a busy schedule of was announced b y Mrs.
Lenora Davis,president
special events o n the
campus o f the college An invitation is e i-
tended to the
this week.

The annual. coronation h 4t
activities will begin .'
promptly at 8:00 p.m., -- '-.
in the Heckscher gym- id.

natorium during which
tine charming Hiss Al-

ean Miller, a senior,
will be crowned "Queen 4-
of the CampuS" b y Dr. 4 r t t
R.W.Fury ear, presidentof :0'.L' -
the college.

Others participatingin Y
the coronation as -
members o f the court i

will include Miss LuciaGarnicaattendantM1ss '" w3 '.n W F..mv.

Joan BrittMiss Senior N *= ,

and the queens of each 7.

campus organization and 7
their escorts.M 1 s Florida -
Normal wi 1 1 be .w.
escorted by Eddie Hud- '' -
son, president o f the .f s : r

Student Council. "

:: .

!' ;

,. DOING THEIR BIT-When the Urban League Variety
Show is presented at the Duval Armory on Nov.
- : --_ 23 Jaxons will see sane faces doing some thingsin
Br : the way of comedy and terpsicore that they
j .
LOUISE G. GUINYARDLes t _, never would have believed had it in 'em.In the

Treize Amies' 21 future debs are becoming photo at top leftthe "Chorus Girls" are: Miss
increassingle more excited, with the DebutanteBall Marion Sutton, Mrs. Sadie Braxton, Mrs. Inez
just a month away. The big event takes Ritchie, Mrs. Dorothy P. King, Mrs. Virginia
place in the Duval Armory on December 23. This tx Long, Mrs. Helen Robinson, MrsHelen Gibson ad
week we feature two of their very lovely par- Mrs. Janet Johnson. Doing the "split" in the
ticipants, Serena M. Joyner and Annette Veronica J foreground is none other than Mrs. Marguerite

Harper. r Kelly.In .
Serena Joyner, currently a pharmacy studentat 1 .. the scene at right, top, we see a line of
Xavier University and a former FAMUanis the r 4 "Chorus Boys" composed ofJesse Ferguson,Junius
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Joyner, 5713' Bowman, Ulysees Baker, Jr., Abram King and
Moncrief Road. She is a graduate of New Stanton Harold Holmes. "-

High School, where she enjoyed a." high degree : ':; ,, At center, making like Eartha Kittand looking
of popularity. She holds membership i n the' ; -e. much like the "cat girl" is curvaceous Mrs.
American Pharmaceutical Association and hopesto Essie McCray who will do a take off on the
become a registered retail pharmacist. Her r famed artist.At .
hobbies are playing the piano, swimming, and bottom, the invitation committee are seen
reading. at work, namelyfrom left,Mrs. Claudia Burris,

Annette V. Harper is the daughter of Mr. and O ..x Mrs. -Clara AustinMrs. Alveta BowmanMrs.PearlMiller
Hrs. William T. Harper of 1198 W. 10th Street.A I 4 and Mrs. Essie McCray.
product of local schools, she cherishes .... .And its all for "sweet charity".a showto
memories her : aid the Urban League Fund drive to. raise
of reign as Miss Isaiah Blocker ;:
funds for the the unit which is
Junior High School". While in junior highshewas ___ operation of
also a member of the majorette squad, the doing a creditable job :in the community withoutthe
Glee Cluband president of the local and State aid of Community Chest contributions. Subscription
< ,a to this show and dance which is expected
Vice of the New Homemakers of America. 4
She continued participating in extracurricular to be one of the glittering social events
of coming season is a single buck. It will beheld
activities at New Stanton, such as the Stanto-;
Husi-Cho, the Blue Devils' Band, The Honor : on Thanksgiving eve.

Society which she served as. treasurer, t he jr
Journalism Club, and reigned as fiss Stanton"for _
the ;year 1957-58.

Annette is classified as a junior a t Fisk .._ ... ..
..,. ., .... .. w .w
University, Nashville, Tennessee, and is an ........"" :1"" "
English major. She continues to be active, ;; !
2 IC3
having served as treasurer of the Freshman l HEN/C/ ) ( .

Class, 1958-59, Tennis Club1958; Newman Club } f TE lSeJ U t
President, 1959; the Fisk University ChoirRe-, J. .
treater; Forum Staff; Treasurer of Scribner YOU j

Hall; chairman of Honor System; apprentice .to Goodu'sCOSTS
Stagecrafters; and Junior Class Representativeto
the Student Council. She enjoys reading,
listening to records,playing cards,and playingthe Susie Thompson and Mrs. Lois Avery. WeddingBells "THEY ABC GOOD-
piano as leisure 'activities HEADACHE POWDER* $
# # # Homecoming activities at Edward Waters College _
Watch the Jacksonville Urban League Guild on last week-end brought many visitors to the city Stephen E. Dorn, 347 W: 19th .'
St. 28 and Bernice Gaines, 2045 2 POWDERS Sc. 12 POWDERS 25e. 24 POWDERS 4h
November 23 J It's their night to present "Urban and put local citizens in a festive mood.Againwe W. 6th St.. 25.
Varieties of 1960" in the Duval Amory.RegW.ar were hosts to fellow South Carolinians who Theo. R. Roycraft, 604 Patricia
rehearsals have been held at Wilder Recreation had a wonderful time despite suffering defeat. Lane 23 and Donna L. Brashear
Center, featuring ,a line-up for "The Madison", 1432 N. 9th St. Jax. Beach, 21.
a chorus line, a portrayal of Eartha Kitt by It's a boy for Mr. and Hrs. Alonzo Davis,1722 Charlie Hagen. 1411 W. 1st St. You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
and Carrie M. ,
67 1411
Mrs. Essie D. McCrayand many other entertain- Calhoun Street, born November 10, at ,Brewster W. 1st St., 34.
ing acts Participating organizations include Hospital. Mrs Davis and son are fine. Otis Crowell. 2230 Brido Road. LOW PRICESOn
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternitythe Athletic Associa- 21 and Juanita Harris 2230 Brido
tion, representatives: of the postal workers, The Eighth Street home of Mr. and Mrs AllenT. R& 19.Robl..
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternityand Phi Beta Sigma Moore was the setting for a tea last Sunday L. Fowler. 1351 HarrisonSt. Your
Fraternity. afternoon, sponsored by the Glee Club ParentsOf 27 and Marian E. Hicks: n, 931
W. 17th ;
St., 27.Adorables
"Urban Varieties of 1960" is being sponsoredfor New Stanton High School. DRUG STORE NEEDS
the benefit of the Jacksonville Urb an Among persons. attending the colorful a f fair
League which is in the midst of its fundraising were,. Mrs. Lizzie Rucker, Mrs.Everlina' Freeman Ladies Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Stora
campaign, and is under the direction of Hrs Luvenia Redding, Mrs. B. I,,.. Brown, Hiss
Mrs. Helen Robinson. Delphine Thomas, Mrs Hattie Montgomery: Hrs. SS Club Plan WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED

Mrs. Claudia Burris, Mrs. Clara Austin, Hrs. Susie: Coker, Mrs. Marie HcClain( president of Sunday TeaA IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS
Alveta Bowman and Mrs. Pearl Miller are work- the sponsoring organization W. Col ado,Mrs
Kolin Mr. and :'!irs. Allen Parrish 2firs.
ing hard in the background, performing such'tasks Jiranie ,
as soliciting sponsorssending out sub- Louise Genwright, Mrs. Susie Smith, Mrs.Louise Blue Ribbon Tea is WOOD'S DIXIE PHARMACY
being sponsored by the
.Nelson, William Smith and Mrs.Rosetta Marshall..
scription invitations;, etc. Persons attendingcan .* Adorable Ladies Social LIB 1DN08 BOAD..t JCTBIUE AVBTUZW '
look forward to a colorful affair. Mrs. Bertha Jones and daughter Charlene have and Savings Club Sun- .YOPt.6 1t' i6ItJ!
*. returned their 1271 W. day from 4-6 p.m. at
to : 21st Street residence Ddtor. w. Ate VB All Doctor PeesetlYsSAY r
Mrs Joyce B. Lawson was hostess when The Gems after having spent an enjoyable vacation i n Brad's Prayer House.
met last Friday evening at the Lincoln Golf and Alabama. All clubs and friendsare YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -
Country lone Club, and Mrs. Maiine Jackson was the Friends of S. A. (Buddy) Austin are re q ues ted- Roberson invitedMrs.Mamie, presidentannounced. ,BILLS AT OUR,STORESaturdays

guest. to visit him at Brewster Hospital where he.,is '
}! -
High included rs.
scorers for the-evening confined with illness.:

... .




Saturday, November 19, I960 THE FLORIDA STAB PAGE FOUR

i t .- ...-_-...- ____ _. I

ACHVRCH NEWSThe II ".. j.t-: Activities Aby.siJljtaAnnounces ..

,. ;
x r .s s The regular Border of
l service Sunday will -

commence with Sunday

.Baptist Minister's Wives Alliance meets School at 9:30 a. m.

Monday at 5 p.m. in Mt., Sinai Baptist Church .i. % ,, with the superintendent : -
where the 'president is expected to ,appointdfenmittees Deacon W.McNeal
for the annual Christmas Par ,t y and teachers in charge.The .

which 'will be held in the church. All membersare t.. -y 11 a.m. worship
urged to attend since Mrs. B.W. Williams L will be held with the

secretary, will present the year book. .. pastorRev. B.J. Wynn
__ delivering the sermon.
#)HHHHHHHHHF) # The Home Missionsand '
Matrons Society

Lone Star Home Demonstration, Club hold its will meet at 4 p. m.

annual Pre-Thanksgiving program Sunday at Mt. --'',: .? in the church.BTU will
Zion Methodist Church. Principal speaker will k .- start at 5:30 p. m.
be Mrs. E.. R. Lovingood, principal of Arlington : I. with the president,
Elementary School. The program will center Deacon Hudson Jordanpresiding.Evening

around choirs 2. and 3.Under supervision o f wor-

Mrs.Ethel M.Powell, home demonstration agent, W ,/ ship at 6:45 with the
baskets will be distributed to needy':familiesin pastor and officers. :
the community. Friends and the public are CANCER CLINICAL WORKSHOP-Techniques for treatment of cancer patients charge. --
invited. were, conducted in a two-hour workshop last week at Mercy Hospital. Consultants by practical nurses The Sunday School
ci Pants, shown above from left were Mrs. ltrrtis B Harris and Part, Chorus meets Saturdayat
JOOIXII IIlII) H Sessions, Duval Medical Center; Mrs. Martha. L. Gadsden Mercy Hospital; Mrs.Nora D. 5:45 p.m. for re-
Hospital Mrs.
Williams ; B ea tr ice
Mere hearsal. District 6
Hospital Mrs.
Y ; Margaret J. Bass, Cancer Society director Mrs.
The Truevine. and Queen of Sheba Courts will Boswell, Brewster Hospital; Miss Yvonne Hastings, Mercy Hospital; Mrs. Ida: M. Lewis Delo res Mercy meets Friday, Nov. 25
present a Spiritual,Tea Sunday ,from 3-5 p. mein Hospital; Mrs. Rebecca Y. Thompson, RN, staff supervisor ot Mercy Hospital and Mis at 8 p.m. in the home
Ertha. s
Me White, founder-operator of host of Mrs Willie Mae
the Masonic Temple, 410 Broad St. Mrs.A.B. institution.
Williams will be speaker for the event.teitronB Wilcox, 2910 W. 29th

are: Mrs. Ernestine Lewis,Truevine Court and Women's Day Shaw Memorial's 1Men's ] Lily White FAMU Founder'sDay street.
Mrs. Ruby Robinson of Queen of Sheba Court. Lodge

Sunday AtSt. Day Fete 149's Harvest Mar. 10.12mLAJIASSEEFlorida Gonzales/
4HHHHHHHHBHH) ) ) ) Sunday Nov. 20
Matthews *.. Tea .SundayLHy

Mrs. Rosa Lee Johnson, 1121 W. 16th St., will Mrs.W.E. Harris'will Shaw Uemorial'Baptist- Appointed
A&M University
be hostess to a Spiritual 9'x.t Sunday from 4-6 Chur h,705'l.Duval St,
be pastor of the day celebrates its annual White Lodge 149 facultystaffstudentsand Dist.
p.m. for the benefit of Mrs. L. B. NelsonMrs. DeputyLeon
and Mrs.E.L. Giradea, Sr. presents its Pre- friends will observe -
Men's Day fea-
Quinell Frazier will be special guest. program
a member of Simpson "tured by a series of all Fall Harvest Tea Sun- Founders' Day,
Church will be speaker day at 3 p.m. in the March 10-12, 1961. E. Gonzalez,
'Jf"Jouooot x)I 10f* day events. exalted ruler of Macco
during the 11 a.ra.wr- Chairmen for the observance home of Mrs. Mary J. Appointed to serveon
ship services when the Harris, 13 5 9 W. 29th the Founders Day Lodge 3, HU-012 of W.
The W.C.Mitchell Blub and District 2 will co- are eacon L. Wash- has been officially
women of St.Matt hews Street. Committee with Chair-
sponsor a Pre-Thanksgiving Tea Sunday from 4- ingtongeneral.DeaconJ.Murrellcochairman appointed d i s t riot
AME Church
The ill .
program w be man George Conolywere
6 p.m. in the basement of Little Rock Baptist ; deputy grand exalted
annual Women's Day featured with the
Church. A is and friends nd appearance Mrs.L.B. Clarke,
program planned a Brother D.Johnsonsec- ruler of the First
the public is invited.Mrs. : Sunday. Vetary; Rev.W.W. Wade, of wellknown lirs. Carrie P. Davis, District of Florida
Music for the occasion
talent.of the
W.Ban- city. Dr. B. L. Perry, Mrs.
**", will be furnished by treasurerDeacon Deacon Heading the committeeis H. J. Riley, Mrs. SueK. comprising" Duval, St.
nisterprogram; John Putnari Nassau
Choir with Miss ,
Asbury Mrs. Georgia Ella RussellC.J. SmithMrs. '
iF. Westbrook, finance; and Alachua counties.
Winnie Tread Williamsat RichMrs.Mary J.' Har- A. P. Stewar tard
Thelma Sampson, captain of Georgia,, was Brother F.Westbrook Jr, Gonzalez will also
the console. ,Mrs. ,ris,. and Mrs. Lillie J. Luther Thomas The
the winner of the recent States Rally held at decorations and Rev.C.J. have supervision in
Shiloh Baptist Church. Competing teams were Ruth Hayncs will open Crosby, pastor.. King.PATRONIZE appointment was made other counties where
the 6
captained by Mrs.A.B.Coleman of North and Souti p. m. program An invitation i s .extended by University Presi- lodges have not been
which will feature the
Carolina, Mrs. Blanche Scott,,Florida and Mrs. Stanto group from to t.; ,he general FLORIDA STAR dent George W.Gore. organized within first
Ifyrtis Cobbs, Alabama and other states. Stanton Senior High public.: '- ADVERTISERS district counties.'

B-JHHHHHHHHHHfr-' Monday night,starting Emanuel Choir's:

I at 7:30 o'clock, the

Featuring, the "Everybr the Roberta;dy's Revival Martin Meeting"Singers of is Chicago stillin I chairman Board is of the requestingboard Trustee ;ObservanceMonday Night l' NOW'S THE TIME TO i BUY: QUALITY-BUILT I '

progress at Day Spring 'Baptist Church, Rev. members to meet-
Robert L. Wilson of Bethel Baptist Church i s
with him the home
at '
Observance of its
Evangelist. Next week's sermons will be' delivered of Mrs. Ruth Haynes anniversary will b GENERAL TIRES
by Rev. Sams oJf Second Baptist Church. 1994 McQuade Street. e
programmed by Choir #1

4.JOOnOHUBUUUf.Sunday' of Emanuel Baptist Chu- .
: rch Monday at 8p.m. in t

a services at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church $1.000000 Tea the church auditorium. : th all sizes !

starts with Sunda YSuperintendent School at 9:30_a.m. wit h Slated SundayBy Serving groups w ill 7
H. 'and the teache s be Choir 2 and the male '
D.Singleton r
in charge. Morning and evening services will be Jr, Lodge 131A chorus o f Tabernacle : r ., all types :

delivered by the pastor, Rev. R. W. Jackson. Baptist Church. Guests '
Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 will serve throughout Million-DolarCon- will include Choir and NYLONRAYON :
Usher Board 2 o f Cen-
the day. testants Tea"will be
tral CME Church.
sponsored by Junior :
JHHW-WHHBHW)( Lodge 131 Sunday from Other program. .participants i

4 to .6 p. m. in the will be Rev.A. .
The Delatones of South Carolina observe the i r home, of Mrs. Bcaluh Blair, Mrs.Leona Jack- Blackwalls .
first anniversary in Second African,- Baptist Cooper,330 W. 19th. son,Mrs.Mamie Coleman,
Church Nov. 24 'at 6 p.m. Contestants are Miss Mrs.Josie FossettMrs. Whitewalls :

Pamela B. Williams, Hannah Holman,. Zion _
-f'UX JOUXOUO()( : 'Hiss Patricia Warmack Hope Baptist's Ch6ir 2 I .
J ; Miss VoncelHa Dccarlo Rev.S.L. Badger, Mrs. .

Lilly Specials and groups' from' Green Cove Stukes, Miss :Pauline Laura HarrisMaxie Williams

/ SpringsFla., .,. and Willie Poole will present. a JonesMiss CeclaNeloms and Mathew Mc- :
programNov.. 27 with Elder C. Howard, as sptakeaJHHHHHttBHHBt Master Lee Calhan Jr. Coy. o OOi
Master Henry Lawrence
)( ) )* Master David Alexander

Master Arlo Cooper Dsaths And vU'I
The Southeast Georgia Youth and Adult Associa- and Master Jerome
tion holds its quarterly meeting Nov. 26 27 Clyde Crawford. ftmcrab I
in the Church of God in 'Christ, 2300'Gordon SU Mrs. Pearl Washington I YI .

Services begin at 8 p.m. each night is conductor and Mrs. FIELDS-Mrs.Kathryn cf II'
M. R. Collins I
is assistant 1357 Davis Street.tARKII'SRev.S.J._ .
4BHHHHHHHHHH) )( ) ) conductor. I
., of
Mt. Zion Baptist'chur h will hold, its .monthly 954 W. Ashley Street. per I

services Thursday at 8 pan. with the pastor, Tea _Sunday 'KINS-Mr. Ben, of
Rev. H. L. Herod and officers,,of all districtsand 1038 Madison Street. month e eI
auxiliaries in charge. Yearly reports will A Spiritual Tea for HOUSTON--Mr.Albert,of : '
be made and, election of new officers held. benefit of Mrs. L. B. 919 W.First Street. J
Nelson will, b e held .
St. Philips Episcopal 'annual bazaar Sunday from 4-6p.m. in .

sponsored by its members will IB presented Fri- the home of Mrs. Rosa TOOTH .
day night in A. L. ,Lewis Schoola Lee Johnson, sponsor, ACHE Ihf/II h1 I'add
WI.. .., a 1 c
Beaver and 1121 W. 16th Street. p. ,
Evcrson Streets Activities will
f ::?r;:, a.wKIN J
start at 7 o'clock and a baby'contest with 12 Principal speaker on
entrants featured. the program will be n&- ?,?, L ORA JEL'
# dame Quinell Frailer. f
A musicale featuring the"Three Angelic Voices .

will be presented Sunday starting at 7 p.m. ,in : .
St., John Baptist Church, Oakley and Bridier HOW'S THE TIME. TO ORDER lksd. WJ tUJll'TTTUiE.) @ lID
Streets. Trio members are Sandra Forehand Pocshoetas6rlquetsAafihnciteCoke I cMrkrW b.*M. .
)r4 COAL I pKnun -1U5t bf Art.' -
Janyce Hughes and Eloise Mervin. I et't ca <<....s irrOR. -
...... ... CITT.WIM DtUVtiY .wnKlw- 1.totI ', .
.JI.'k J( 'IU out Mlne*both front., '- "
; NLLL SEASONS ICE & FUEL COT"! whMlt w.ifhrt.. WHt a MCMMry MMny ''' -': 630 W. ADAMS COR. JEFFERSON ,
I The Baptist Minister's Wives Alliance meets sIn NORWOOD AVL PHONE PO 4-IS11 c. ..... w : ,

, Monday at 5.p.jn. in Mt. Sinai Baptist'Churc h. 1: .
, where the president is expected.-to 'appoint* '

I i


.. ,


Saturday,November 19f 1960_ J .
-- -

17 i. Stork ',Brewster HospitalProjects ;: About People

Fund Drive
The Anicae: Annual Fashion Tea will be held
Nov. 27 at 4 in Walker Vocational
Brewster Methodist Hospital is now engagedin Sunday, p.m.
-- .. .. -at, a..... aJJ..' a great fund raising campaign for the pur- College, 9th Street and Myrtle Avenue musical

pose of renovating present facilities and to program and modeling display of the latest
Hr. and Mrs. Johnnie construct a new 80bedfive story wing at a fashions will be featured.Hisses Joan Saunders

R Stephens,2433 W. 45th combined. cost of $1,135,000 it has been announced Debra Dennis, junior models, and Mrs Maggie

Street, Girl. by S. Gordon ELalock,president of the ,Aaron, Mrs. Lillian Coos ,Mrs.S alii e Braxton,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Board at Brewster. Miss Margie Alvarez, Miss Viola }Morris, Miss
It Tay.lor,1030 West 25th The joint Commission order to continue Mr. Blalock itsservice" Gwendolyn Collins, Mrs. Gloria Coiney and .Miss
Street Patricia Bryant. '
of Accreditation of
a aid.:
Mr and
Hospitals and the: # .# *
Williams, 1535 Hill Florida State Boardof Woman's .Day Ribault Heights Civic Association will meet

Street, Girl. Health have said Sunday at 5 p.m. in the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. George W.12th these provisions shall Sunday at Mt.Church .' William Scott Jr., 6704 Alaro Road. A full

Pictured ,above i s Patterson,5184 StreetGirl.. not be made anylonger. membership attendance is requested for dis-

Miss Padrica Mendez, Brewster. must stay rt n cussion of plans for the beautification of the
Mr and Mrs.
Music Instructor, at within its, allotted The community and other matters.
church is
Meeks,2571 Summit St., very
James Weldon Johnson .bounds. The hospitalbed fortunate in havingthe # # # # #
Junior High School who /Girl.Hr.and Mrs.Joe Jones shortage is most, leadership of two Lucky 16 Sewing and Savings Circle will hold

was the featured severe. The heavily of its outstanding its anniversary observance Sunday, Nov. 27 at
: soloist at Carnegie -7225 Mark congested areas slowsup members for this observance 3 p.m. in Brooks Prayer House on Tyler Street

Vle4t Hall, New York City, V Mr. and Mrs. Brown the work, much of .}!rs. LillianG. with a planned program. The public. is invited.
1151 E. 30th
Saturday November, 'Bailey the present equipment Small'has been"Se- *

for-the 25th anniversary Street Boy. is ,outmoded, and Mr. lected as chairman and Friends and the general public is invited to
of the National Mr. and Mrs. Baory Blalock said somethingmust }.frs.Sarah J.Smith will the Blue Ribbon Tea sponsored by the Adorable

ltIad Council of Negro Women. Robinson,1376 W. 23rd be done. serve as co-chairman. Ladies Club Sunday starting at 4 p.m.in Brook's

This anniversary assembly i Street, Boy. "The future 'opera The following ladies Prayer House, 1404 Tyler Street.
honored the Mr. and Mrs. Floyd tion of B rev ster have willingly agreedto # # # # # *

A to Up these of the oatataaIIIC Pepal Cop late Mrs. Mary McLeod Simmons, 1507 English Methodist Hospital is head the various Junior Lodge 131 will sponsor a $1,000,000

yoonff Amertaru. ..., Bethune,founder of the Street, Girl. at stake If we do committees and are Contestant Tea Sunday beginning at 4 p.m. in
make oar country bet aM.' organization. Miss Mr.and MrsBradford not make',a. number of going all out to make the home of Mrs. Beaulah Cooper, 330 West 19th
oar community *
pines IB which to Hr*. Mendez, a graduate of Brooks, 2125 W. 39th essential improvements this the most success- Street. Public is invited.

Bethune Cookman was Street Boy. in ourpresent: ful Women's Day in the *

*** ** signally honored to. Mr.and 6128 Mrs.RooseveltLee Strawflower structure soon; our history of the church. The Shoshoneon Club sponsors a PreThanksgiving -

have been invited. In accreditation by the General Secretary Tea Sunday at 4 p.m. at the YMCA\ 8th and
I .
:; Place Boy.Mr.and
:: addition to her appearance Mrs.Joe Shef- Joint Commission of Evelyn B. Wells,as at. Calhoun Streets. Program participants will be

rJOYCE at Carnegie field,1041 East Union Accreditation of Hospitals secretary; Mrs. SarahJ. Mrs. Callie Jackson, Mrs. Lucy Tremble, Henry

Hall she sang at the Street, Girl. and the Florida B.Seymourways and Cotton, Miss Yvet Scott, Mrs. Dora Black, Miss
State Board of' Health: J.b.Agnes Reeves Minnie Lee Brown Otis Will-
luncheon meeting of Mr. and Mrs. Wandell means; Lavern Cason, Mrs. ,
the group at the.United Ford,636 First Street will be greatly imperiled program committee; iams, Mrs. Cornelia Prime,}.Elouise Johnson,
Nations Building on Girl.Nr. ," Hr.Blalock Mrs.Hazel Overstreet, Mrs. Ellen Williams, Mrs. Edna Lewis, Mrs B.W.

Monday, Nov. 14. and, Mrs. Leroy said.. Captains: Mrs. GussieTorrencechainnanMiss Williams, Mrs. Margaret Brown, Mrs. Mozella
In _the fiscal year : Buckner and Miss Phyllis Rice, organist--
Dr. H. Duval Girl.
James Greene, _1039 Vf. ,
ending May 30, 1960 Lauretta Jenkins, co-
principal of James Mr. and Mrs. Carl cha raanAds and .
Brewster admitted : sponsors *
WHITEHEADNew 'Weldon Johnson, was a Porter,1427 West 26th 6,417 inpatients and ; Mrs. Frankie P.

Stanton participant in the 3rd Street, Boy. had 1,116 clinical Lang, Sunday School;, The Lafayette Ladies Civic1 Club will sponsoran
annual National Education Mr. and Mrs. James Mrs. Lydia Sweet,past
patients and 365 emer- Auction Sale for benefit of tuberculosis
Joyce is a member of Association.Y Wiley,911 Everson St. chairladiesMrs.Daisy
gency patients. These patients at Lincoln Country Club ThanksgivingDay
the 12-6 classChorusRosa Salary School, Wash- Girl. figures include the Duncan, chatnan,Mrs.. at 10 p.m. Mrs. Clementine Hunterpresident -
Fern Club of which ington D.C. on Oct.31 Mr. and Mrs. J.W birth or ,557 babies. Florida Dwight, co- announced. The public is invited.

she is vice-president, C Nov.2 There were 50 Braziel, 1132 Lincoln Our total inpatientdays cha.1l11WPublicity: ; *
Volunteen Nursesandan estates repre s e nted Court, Girl. Hiss Clotelle Seals,
numbered Mrs. Pearl Timmons weekend
I 49,890. was a recent guestat
active memberofSt. with approximately Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo decoration; Mrs. Mary
There were T.,729 Tuskegee Institute where she witnessed the
Mitchell souvenir
in attendance. Plansand St B. : ,
Pius Davis,1722
operations performedin }.VeraDavis crowning of her daughterMiss Florence Griffinas
. :******. *.** developed prescriptions for appointing were- Boy. WilliamT. our operating rooms. program finance;; Miss Alethia. Miss Engineering of 1960-61. Mrs. Timons
Mr. and Mrs.
-Ie R<< "Brewster must reno- B. FrazierYouthMiss accompanied. by her daughter,Mrs! .Pearl Jones.
I ,; salary scheduling Outlaw,1901 W.3rd.Street
.. oW "" .. vate and expand in Delphine Thomas. .
" and devis- Girl. t
i1KL 'ing effective means Mr. 8.nd. Mrs. Alvin
of having these sched- White,: 629 Court E.,
I ules approved; and im- Girl. FLASHU&HT

plemented.Mrs .
Simpson FREE!
RONALD CRUSE chairman of the Social Pre-Season WITH EACH FILL-UP

i New Stanton Studies Department of Court Game: (Minimum 7 Gallons)
Tribute is paid to James Weldon Johnson, 'lI\
clan of the Twelfth will attend the 40th

rade. He. is a member Session of the National Nov. 19AtFNI N \ ) PLUS
Council o f Social .
of the Journalism
Hub, of which h6 is Studies, in Boston, on National Alumni Association -
resident and serves November 24-26. DuringMrs. of Florida FREEBUBBLE

:as secretary of his Simpson's attend- Normal and Industrial
Sunday School Class ance at the meeting, Memorial College will
Jat Day Spring Baptist she will tour theschoo'ls sponsor a pre-season SATURDAY GUM & BALLOONS
of Boston and
basketball game o n KIDS '
-tc. Greater Boston area //1 FOR THE
)LJI..4V.Vr.1 .... to observe the latest Saturday Nov. 19, i n .
the Heckscher Gym a- .
r i; T trends and practicesin
the teaching of torium. The game will' SUNDAY ::
.rr r I social studies.Partic be between the regular NOW SEE

ijI ular attention will be varsity cage squad and .
members of the National -
given by her .to the f
1 : .' use of television in Alunzii Association, .' :{ .' { NATIONALLY ADVERTISED
teaching 'as this is her who graduated iron the .
ctc college prior.to 1955. .,
speciality being one This announcement, was : PREMIUMS ON DISPLAY
of two teachers of the \r
made by John L. Jackson
school who is a tele-
i vision teacher. executive secretary '. -
LOUISE HOLZENDORF New Media for Social of the Alunni Association ." S. e.e e e
New Stanton who al s c: ; :
iC ;
Studies and
Teaching a
Louise is a member; Two YearSocial Studies stated that some of ... '

of the 12-6 grade program for Grade 7 and the participating a-

class.She is a member iC 8 will be some of the luani members would F--

of tie Student Council'-Ie sectional meetings to include Isaac rick- --KEROSENE

and Choir.Hobbies are -Ie.: which she will address shot" Campbell of Ti- :

singing and art. :-ft I her attention. tusvil1e Bernard Irv- .

ing, of St. Augustine

*** *,',* Atty. B. Gaines
Sidney Wynn of Miami;
Lawrence Bell of Orlando ,. .
Feted toAttorney t 9
Listen to PepsiMusicQuest .
Danny Smith of '
Friday Bernice Gai- Miami'Nathaniel; "Nat" : PER GALLONKAYOSEEELSfflEN
nes, bride-elect fo r ; .
Nibs: 10:30 to 11:00 November 19th was honored Washington of Jackson- 14 .
and'Iose Rich- .
ville (
guest at a per- ; 1 ; '-
For Phone Requests of .- /, '
ardson Jacksonville. .
sonal shower last Saturday < .
/ / :
EL 6-0461-2 evening at the ? The reserve squad 7 '

Zinnia a tr e'e t homeot will be made up b y .

Mrs.JaneUe W.Wil-* alunni members from
all sections of the
son. state and nation.serving .
The decorative motif
as coach,for the
was beautifully done -
alirani team will b e
in pick and greenthe
colors of the 1onoree'ssorority. Thomas "Bill" Brown'
of St. Augustine and

Present to extend felicitations the varsity coach at
and tokensof Florida Normal and Road-JACKSONVIl

esteem were Hesda- Industrial Memorial 1095' King [OPEN

c mesAnitadngNor- College Hugfr Davis,who OPEN '
Dealer* elJaciaoBYfll ma R.WhiteJanet Johnson was an Al\:- rican on SELLS FOR LESS 24HOURS
,Helen ToneyEl.iaAtxeterElisa the Michigan S 't a't e .
College as an undergraduate .. .. -. .
Johnson "
0 :
HOURS 5.. .> '." .. .
and, Lillian Glover.' student. "- '

: ,7, ,_ '



November 19
SaturdaY. -
.. a

: :" /J ?; 3t -' ,... .. Albany State
: r1 j 'f -.c.. ,._,'
.A.L. Lewis School's6Week's .
'. .' ,- :i. .:. "' frr Prexy Tapped

Honor Roll .:1 .- Honor SocietyDr.W.H.

.f ...': tf Dennis, Jr.,

GRADE: 2nd >: +-- president of Albany

Syneda Monte n Isaac Ronald White ,' r Ys I ..., J.o .' .i. State Collegewas inducted -

Waxy Carol Smith Pearl Cohen c .. as an honorary
member of
Marie Hogan Dianne Whitlock Alpha KappaMu

Claude Sharps Evelyn Burnam General Scholastic

Joseph Brown Doris Cooper : Honor Society this
Sandra Carolyn Hall"Joyce Ossie Baker .1:1 month

Mungin Johnnie Henderson '. Dr. E. K. Williams,
Louise Crews Matthew Marshall .' .. .. i .,t Regional president of
Beretha Deloatche .' Patricia Ann Porter : r..JMt a. the society,and pro-

George B.NairnJr. Nellie SamCynthia \.l"- fessor at. Savannah

Vernon Chandler Sparks ;. State Collegeinducted
Dr.Dennis at weekend
GRADE t-. '
: 3rd :;". il4 -.::,:
Vivian Lewis .Gwendolyn Candy : ;.: : ", regional meeting a>?
> .
:_' .. Ft.Valley State.H. .
Brenda Cooper Gwendolyn Scott "r r .- -; .:: .;: ; :
Gloria Oliver ,Caroline Roberts '' 4';- T. Hutchins, Jr.,
.,, .
1.'t director of the Hazard
Vanette Donalson Edward 'ThanpscnNathaniel .: .':- iI'/.: ::. :
.. -.....: ," : School
Jennie Watkins Nichols ., ,. Laboratory ,
,11J. -
Ollie Williain.sCynthia ... ;. '" Albany State College,
Eugenia Cncaady wl .V '
.. ,. .
; '
.3. -
... and adviser to Alpha
Smith Oliver McGowan : _
Sherrie Johnson Annie Sue Robinson ..;,.....A.. ;., .L .. t' +: a... Iota Chapter of AKM,

Prince Pearl Tucker Robert Jones L ._.. ;'J\' ,- : }. "f_ ..,.). '.''._?'... accompanied the presi-
dent to the meeting
Lillie Mae WashingtonGRADE JoAnn White l' d .;I ,
: 4th 1 which included eight

Bobbie Burns Florena Oliver colleges from Georgia

Arthur loungblood Janet Marshall and South Carolina.

Anthony Benedict Linda Faye Gillian of r ,ty, e I '1'nr ___ __

Willie Jane Milton Deborah Thorbs

Mary Alice Rockwell .Raymond Sellers POMP AND SPLENDOR REIGNED in James Weldon Johnson School gymnasium Marday night when colorful Acute Asthma

Corliss Theresa Upshaw James Brinson coronation ceremonies highlighted crowning of Mr. and Miss James Weldon Johnson for the AttacksNow

James Brown Ruby Lefi Holmes 1960-61 school year. JWJ Queen is Willie Sarah Bentonshown enthroned,and :Ronald Blanding, reiplratory.. yield'SpecUUst.speedily Couthinr to.dtacovery.,. choktn by-
Don Witherspoon Rosalyn Major shown at her left, was crowned Mr.James Weldon Johnson. Courtiers shown from left areEarl er>CMptDf.r..aiAied relieved.No to w f ltux.flnttUneu No draft
or painful Injections Wonderfully effee-
Clinton GradeFred and Marion Johnson Back rowLes- U.. to rtilortnc free bre.thlnt Now
-- Glenda'SmithJohnnie Bermudy, Harris and Carol Friedman,8th Grade; 7th King ; syllable without preurlpUoa ask your
Brown Willie Holmes lie Evansformer queen, this year's royalty and Joseph Strain. (PHOTO BY AVERY) druggist CUtrettet for or Or Compound.Guild Green Mounula

Gerald Isreal Ivory Joe Robinson .

James Valentine Deborah Hall Gearld Leon Johnson Patricia Ann Mungin Club Reporters

. Saraa Smalls i 1'Violetta. Miller Silvia Miles Veronica Phelps Allen Griffin Louise Lewis SocialitesSend

JoAnn Mason Walter McNeal \ or Bring Your ,New
GRADE 4th I Arnett White Mary Alice Bailey In To TheFLORIDA
5th I Lillie Mae Blackshear Lavone Harris

Joseph Dunham Roy C. Mbbley Carlene .Joyner Willie Dan Roberts STAR
Adolphus Stevens Ethel Lou Crapp Leroy Bull Dent Nathaniel
Connie Woods Williams
Note: The earlier the better
Shirley Crawford Joyce Ann Dawson Ronald Lott Thomas
ElliotEddie .Joyce Harris Patsy Kellam Notices brought in Monday an
Louvenia Griffin Keys
: Goosby Casantry Tenpie Tuesday will get better poalttoi
Barbara Lewis Vila Maw Mason Betty 'Joann Lee Hatcher (Continued on Page 8)) .

Y..R, ::
: { # !tiC

,A;' .. '
)., .
+ .
s r"
7$1 A LLte' ti ? arnAR r) : fh ;.yr


th : : ;

s ON- ,CLOUD 9 !


>:" : i ':; iJ <

t ; ;
: i :: k4A'
\, : > ,, < : : 'V' .;],{[ A, ; ; pRr ii y rr [ : 45a !

: : .a r.o wwwvaaaw,, + x. "TheV'rre' 'y ere; :::.,...,,.':,the:'first' delivery from'Genera]l--: t'y S

ter";. &:}..'wa,$:?, A : :Motors:;; :;{':. th e new "DRJEAMLINERS" .

.. :y
'ten :glamorous, brand new, luxury-styled, air- 4'

55 .conditioned City Coaches! More to follow in ..;'" A --
:+wq ;,. the next, J months_ Tomorrow's dream come true

a : :today! Enjoy the most luxurious, most

'' '
x v;,: fortable ,ride ever -. Its like riding on _.:
l M ..../ '4i;)::t ;; :-:' v'\ \fV< '; _; !if: ,<<,; .

.. 1 ': e1W ; :. :<9.t New, smooth, air-suspension-ride, .
... ',',' ..- ..:..,, .::.4i! .h + "...,,",': ..
>.1\; : *
{tw .
; ,/Ie'- %...,, :
/ '
t '}.4>.r,-6 ,y lights super! +, [BODt
'".,..,. >,. \ (' .
,,' I -
:t,' ;.v .t"
'. < '."':' x, :' less sound better US "
'f. ,"", ,,'I'!;." ., ..............,...t-j. ,";:\" '. -' :, :yY
':'" ,: ': : I.
:. % .: ndsome, relaxing, decorator-design'ed,
.',\ t 'f 'f'
:, .. 'v /, .. ti y '
'> :,1t' ... .. tep aboard our "DRE
...... '' .
rA e ?> y."': ; ..
> .y. .r l
,, 9 i'r e! .1. x
.j + Hang ,up another Christmas stocking, with money you will t (: #.;... serYl
; >
.. r'-- save riding the Jacksonville Coach. .4! ) + f;:, .

; ij : '
T:l' ,
;: y

; .
acksols r : A +t
af d as

K YsA.a

o i. ekr .t a
} 'e. 9S
Y t

j n
j ____ ___ _

,,,,'I ,
__ ,I. '. \ -.,_ ..... ,:. ,', _' : J-' t.
.. _



'Saturday, November ,19,. 1960



FAMU Thinclads .. '

r Whip 'TuskegeeTALLAHASSEE kt: e _.1jl.t-

l The I' ; -p- Jj 'S CORNER /
Florida A.and_ M. Uni- 4" $POR1

t versity 'cross country ; .k. t t .i. ..t: f'z: wBy

i track team defeated Sr :
the Institute
Tuskegee fw
cross .county team,2134 -
THE HOMECOMING SEASON is the time of the
here during Homecoming 4t+ ... year
t weekend. when high schools, colleges and :-nivcrsitics;

t Frank Murray was the t look forward to the homecoming of former stu-

top man for A. and H. dents who are living and working in different

i with a run of 16:48. parts of the world. Their return is like a big

This was the third family reunion. It is a time of fellowsliipre

victory in a row for 'f'i;,, "..--...-- --,-- ----- ---- J joicing and of rededication. It is a time when

FAMU over Tuskegee. I former classmates, schoolmates and tcarmates

r Murray: was the leader I I come together to talk about the good old days

for A.and M.each time. II I gone by.smlE .

l Thomas Monroe ran a NEVER SHOW UP for several reasons, many

lt 17:46 for Tuskegee. of which are, sickness, jobs and lack of

' Others running for A. finance. No one can accuse those who could not

and M. were Charles be present of being disinterested parties.Hany

, HolmesWiley LaneEu of the graduates of an institution look back

gene Mason an d Hard- with pride to the days when they were studentsat

rick Day. Holmes was the schools. Homecoming ceremonies usually

I second to Iurray witha bring obout a multiplicity of eventsbut the

17:06 clocking. t one particular feature is the football same'
between their school and some other team.:

Joe Brown To !' : 'p' '. football team lost the former students
i .# ,e. ... ., ,, i2+ .:J& won or ,
Fight In Italy 4- mr --.0..,.. ; make their departure to their various homes
rejoicing that they had an opportunity: to meet
rj in another reunion. leave
family They
TIGERS STOP CLAFLIN 17-0In one of their better than average season's play, the Edward Waters praising
! LANItalyforld each for his noble winning
s College's 5-1-0 60 grid series was climaxed by a win over Claflin College last Saturday player performance for -
Lightweight ChampionJoe '- night during the annual Homecoming festivities.Lensman Averyin photos shown above the game or giving a player or players
Brown of Houston credit for dumb and disastrous
caught some of the contest's thrilling action. Bottom photo left shows EWC back Henry Mat- some play. They
stated that he, will thews striking pay dirt for the games first score after pulling in a long pass from back may leave feeling that the quartcrbac'callell

probably. meet Italy's Robert Parker. Top shotleft: Claflin back is nailed on 3-yard line. Top, right: Injured a bonehead play, or the fullback fumbled at the

Giordano Campari in a Claflinite is shown being carried off field.Bottom right, Tiger's defensemen, as exhibited wrong time, or of the halfback getting caught
nontitle 10round behind the line of scrimmageor the end missing
throughout, the game. (PHOTOS BY AVERY)
bout here Dec. '3. a pass in the end Then they start ''wonJerin:

Campari's manager is if this is the kind of team they came home to

said to be waiting Iowa.Upends OSU 35-12 r Florida .Normal's see. Homecoming is a grand season of the year.A .
confirmation of the LONG TIMS HAS PASSED since 1936 when Jesse
match:from Lou Viscusi IOWA CITY, liwa- 0 w a's ,
feated rank and their numberone Owens won three events in the Olympics held in
Hawkeyesr, boasting 01 the
Brown's manager who youngest and fastest starting rating upset by Purdue 23 Berlin. That was the time when Adolph ilitler
t said that he hopes to backfield in college football to 14. The Boilermakers were BASKETBALL SCHEDULE refused to shake the hand of Owens,Cornelius
final proved that they still rank with .also responsible for the Buck.
canplete arrangements eyes' earlier defeat Johnson, Archie Williams, John Woodruff another
the nation's best last Saturday
within the next by blasting the Big Ten title The Hawkeyes successfully November 19 Alumni home tan stars who made Olympic history. If
1 two or three days. hopes of Oho State 3S12 before contained the one.two punch o* December 2 '_ Bethune-Cookman there Hitler had been in dome at the last Olympics,
f a sell-out crowd at Iowa City. Ohio's Tom Matte and Bob Ferguson 3.: Edward Waters there he would have seen a parade of tan stars who

call With on such as Quarterback peed merchants Wilburn to ,while. the employing Big Ten's their top speedy rush- \,6 Savannah State home helped to lead the American teams to victory.He .
,, Games This Week ers ..
I Holds Halfbacks Sammy Harris backs in an amazing display of '. }\,,\\L"'' Voorhees ".' home would have become dizzy wondering if 4there
and Larry Ferguson and Fullback razzle'dazzle. Fullback Ferguson I '10 Albany State there were many more hands to shake if he had refused -
Delaware State Saint Joe Williams and Gene Mos- the Big Ten's scoring leader '- '
15 Area Trades : home
zuaUDe. ley. the Hawkeyes closed out scored his 12th touchdown of the ; the tan skinned ,hands of victors in the last
at J. C.; Smith. retiring Coach Forest Evashevski year with a one-yard plunge with J anu rry6/ Albany State home Olympics.
Virginia Union at Hampton. Midwest Conference coaching I Matte adding another for Ohio's t 7?; Paine College there SOME OF THE GREATEST ATHLETES( of all time
Lincoln (Pa.) at Howard. with the lopsided victory dozen markers.
over 9-- Area Trades there were Negroes. Not only were they Negroes but
Maryland State at Shaw. previously once-defeated and fa Fullback Joe Williams no relation -
Wlaston-Salem at St. Paul' vored Ohio. to the singer of "Every. 10._ Morris College there they were truly great and honorable Americans
Texas Southern at Arkan.M .' They also proved to the nation day Fame," sang the blues for 11 Savannah State there Not one act of a questionable nature did they
AHftN. then ability to bounce backas Ohio's Woody Hayes, as he
12 Claflin there commit to smear the name of an American Athlete.
Grambliar at Wiley. only the week before they had scored pair of touchdowns.
Texas at Jackson state been upset by Minnesota In a 13 Allen there The roll is too long to name all who made a
View.Tennesae AftI at Prairie contest I involving the country'stwo Grid Scores 16 or 17 Allen home contribution in the field of sports. But it is

I1 rt4a top-rated teams. Saturday's 21 Edward Waters there almost impossible to know sports and forget
.4 &IIen. actibn also saw the Golden Gophers .. '
f Tern. UL. 58-Lincoln.Mo.8GroafcUng.
Paine College such Fritz 'Pollard of Broi.ni Duke
knocked from the unde- ... 33-Arfc. AM&N 12Southern. names as ,
t ...- .... 27-Wiley..... lTukegee. 27 Gibbs Jr.College there Slater of Iowa, Paul llobcson of llutrers; Brud
Unbeaten Untied Jaquars .... 80-Hampton.. 28Fla February 4 Bethune-Cookman home Holland of Cornell, erulY Washington of U.C.L.A.
I AL3L..30-Alien. .. 6Hd.
State.... 74-Ettatth." .. 10 Gibbs Jr.College home Leroy (Satchel) Paige, from the college of opportunity -
Faces Invincible RattlersBATON N. C. A&-Yii.Stete..7 11 Voohees there and many others who have made his-
II Savannah St...6-Asrk..r 0 13 Claflin home
Bhaw....... l&-IincomPm..7
18 Alumni home torical contributions the field of
ROtcELa.-The coveted National Negro intercollegiate Jackson St.TeL South. 28XAOfston. to sports.
.... Southwest*... 7 TIC HAIILEM: GLOBETilOTTEItS: have so conducted
gridiron title hangs i balance
n Kings College 14 Del.State.. 12
themselves that they are as popular today as
here Saturday afternoon when the two giants of Alabama St.,l&-F'lat........ 0DiHard
current football play-Florida A. and M. University ...... 20-Ala AAM.. 14 they were when they first started.On the court
J. C.'Smith.:.IS-St August 12 Orange Blossom ClassicSialea they are at their best an! when they shed their
s Rattlers and Southern U's
Jaguars-clash Kjr. State.... S4-BIuefleM.... 0 uniforms for still
in a contest which is rated tops among the nations KnorviDc.... 26 UUM..-.... 1.'WJnatoD.SaIem regular clothesthey are at
small Fmyetteville 12 their best. In every section of the world ?c
fairies.. Mile*........ U-FL Valley.. 7 for December 10MIAMI Globetrotters have conducted themselves as me I).
Morris Brown IJ-& C. State. 12
FAMU, winner of seven Prairie View..43-Blshop: 14 If there is anything like Ambassadors of Good-,

straight this season, Janfe...... 20-Baiter.... 18UvlDptone. will, the Globetrotters have been just that.
has an average of bet- .."38-8a. Paul.... 0 FLA.-The 28th annual Orange Bio s s om In every part of the world where tlieyhavc performed -

ter than 60-points a Classic--tenned by many as the "football showof these tan skinned athletes arc always

game, and is rated third WATCH THIS CLOWN the yearn will be played in Miami's Orange given a hearty welcome back.

among small colleges in Bowl Saturday night December 10th. FUOM IHu \/AY THINGS LOOK from here l Edward

total offense and defense 18-312-58 The game for the National Waters College is again taking its rightful

21-96-83 Negro Collegiate greatest teams in Negro I place among the top ,in the field of i.tld ctics.

Although the Jaguars Championship will football competi- The Tigers of 1960 have made all graduates,

have won eight straightthis 6 5 feature last year's tion. The F1MU team, former students and citizens of Florida re- _

year, .i n rollingover 2'? 3 challpions-the Florida under the guidance of joicc. They have played the brand of football,
the colorful, Coach the Timers arc noted for.CongratulatiorE Tigers.
SWAC competition 1 7 .A. and M. Rattlers a-
dopsters believe that gainst an outstandingNegro Jake Caitheris unde- Keep up the good work.
the Gaithercrewmenhave 615-37-56 team.Sharing feated and untied in
.. Winanother title
sufficient support 81-49-32 the spotlightwith 16 gamesED.NOTEdocs R V... ,y.. -, i4M ; 'v y. .r .r. .

in its three platoon offense and defense the football game not count game of Sat. '.. hloOp9 ;

system plus an overageof eager Southern may attempt Sometime he's up ; will. be the interna- Nov.12and is leading A : _

strong reservemen to display here Sometime he's down tionally famous Florida when Florida A.and M. Rite
overcome any type o f Saturday. He adds subtract A. and M. 132 piece the Negro Collegiate MBr rourY
Be wag It all amend won ,
Hand. Under /,,:
Marching crown by defeating :', :
WHEN YOU ARE ILL Coming Attractions the direction of Dr. Prairie View of Texas ""

j : You Seek Th Beat DoderWfea 64-3S-76 William P.Foster, the 28-7. ;;,: COMFORTABLE" ,.
Your Doctor PmerifcwG
FAMU organization will According the rec- r r'andLOOK r Jf
i ExptrU&csd Phataad.isx 1001 FORt
: To Fill Your Pswcriftlo.. .'. present two spectacular ords,this year's game f GOOD
shows highlighted should that one
Aceordteg To Year DoetertOrder top y,
*. W. UM Only by their amazing 320- since tic Rattlers are
.. 't ., The Btti Quiliiy Driq..11!
steps per'minute cadence the nation in scoring ? ,
Dr. C. E, Bkck ,
with a better than 67 ;;:::+\ -
"',/. .
Proprietor >
Last year's classic point per game average
3 BEGI3TEHED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S attracted a record The Rattlers opponents ,ij.< .
crowd of 44,000 and will be announced "
DRUG STORE 1 s is.nothet rlz f .
provided the fans witha within the
ID.- the 1U-1Itik Ions thrilling contest next two weeks. .MAGIC' SHAVING., POWDER A ,

1907 Kings Road ELgfe 3-8276 Inz7 fR.WeIR'. *, considered the best .: Ys2ROQU L :
A COMPLETE LINE OF: "lQ.t&1 .....rEjit in SAY YOU SAW Tt H your dfBUttt cannot supply you SHAVING POWDER%t6fP .
CosmftUcs Rubbtr Good Casdto Sundries '- : 11 w team th e school'shistory IN THE *.SUP( tl for these 1UGC TOM MATES .a Bo* 3457 3 Sane.sh.C*.




Off The STRAND 'Starts Sunday
Chips Blocks
APT. FOR HENf All Week
q fi.r I
By ,Jay Jay (No. 2) 4 a L r 4-Rooa Upstairs APT.
I $9.00 Per Week

It is to be supposed that the failure of this 1551 W'. 33rd StreetPO

column or any :other to appear stirs up .a numberof 4 .(1 8-4760

questions the same manner that people start
wondering whoa happen when your favorite disc-

jokey fails: to show on his ,regular ayem or 'I .r
,pyem stint. So, finding ourselves without any FOR SUB

.good, answer for the failure of this column if Lot 50 x lOOjSidevalk I E IFICENTu==,...uanCOLOR
it should have & Sewer on 15thStreet
not appear we pressed into
P 3 West of Myrtle; AvenueEL i PLUS
service one of our versatile staffers to pro- j
- vide this week's menu or trivia. ', 4-8974 I

In plain words that man of quantum avoirdupois .[Y
again faile d to show with his script and we y : \

don't know the reason why. Off times when i t u HELP WANTEDSHELL
does not appear, its due to the fact that he ;I :

filed it on CPT (late), but this time we sup- HOME SALESMAN-

pose he got tired of being late and just didn't GOING, COINS, GqNEI--Iatthew. Gilbert Willie Grant Will-O'-t h e- Salesmen Former Insurance- Men Route ROOSEVELT SUN.-

show for the gig. Some say the Fat Han has wisps around left end to score the game's third TD during the rousing who wants any to energetic make money.man TUES.

taken to. the pursuit of the femmes more strenuously annual gridfest Wednesday night between Gilbert and Northwestern High Why not step up to a reaL 3 BIG HITS -

since he is mobikLttylized: (riding a Schools in the Gator Bowl. Gilbert won handily_ a 25-0 tally. money-making position. Join KIRK
Cadillacdope). His more slitical friends (those Sales Force of South' fastest (. .
who would slit his throat) infer: that its justa Royal Crown For Best Foods growing business. Train for "' DOUGLAS.,
WANTED :Men: and women who managerial position while sell
case of "period wealth" honestly desire to face their alcoholic Bottling Company VISIT ing. We need salesmen and a ''J 'J 1IlhuscoPE
TOWN 'TALK The most talked about item among problems. Free meetings U3S Sin Marcs II... lead men in this area. Con
the cafe socialites is the reopening of the El Mondays and Fridays. 7-30 P.M. DRYHDEFISH tact: Arthur O. Silvers 2155 'liaisicoiotAND
Dorado, remodeled in the most lavish fashion Clara White Bldg., Room -305. n '...1. MARKET W. Beaver St., Jacksonville -
Florida. ELgin 38289. Southern -
and sporting an ultra modern decor has
as never "- ,-- FISH SHRIMP States Homes-Finest Shell NMGRYIBDPIMET
been seen in these parts before. You'll.b. e For...Breakfast Dinner After the Movie Snacks OYSTERS Homes anywhere.
flabbergasted by the parachute cloth 1 ceilingand '- I
the snazzy layout. Info is that limited \\.7. -1 Fried Chicken Bacon Sausage Fresh Daily

memberships will be opened in ,the near future. Oysters FISH Eggs Hot Cakes Live Oysters HOP WANTEDNEW I PLUS-
Meantime, Open Housefor inspection invitees ': 701 West Ashley YORK J J:
Shrimp Ham Coffee Milk MAIDS COOKS .
will be held from Monday nightNovember 21 to ", .,- Corner Jefferson HOUSEWOBKERSExcellent JUt .

Wednesday night, Nov. 23, to be followed .by a '\ .I :i French Fried Potatoes! Steak j jrl PRATT DEL RIO petition available female at { 'I
once for good and steady
grand opening shindig later in The week..If SPECIALIZING IN TASTY FOODSMADEUNE1S. domestic workers who want permanent JO.LQIS
you're a member of the clan and did not get an Service Station sleep-in jobs with the- 8..vOO/
families food }
invite don't feel offended; just call the Star .COFFEE SHOPAirconditioned !I best treatment private. .all meals nice E! ,- ;
office and the Editor will, fix. -SpMtaOitav In- room and TV all privilege SKYVIEWTue I ,
to$ O.oo weekly and
Speaking of Joy Joints. .Jady Doris is holding BUMPER TO BUMPER: Salary higher up. transportation to New
forth at the Rib ault,holding down the drummer'sseat Elgin 4-9962 1929 KINGS ROAD SERVICES York advanced. If you are looking "SHS WALKS BY NIGHT" !
for a good sleep-in job write
and giving out with the chirps.The man on EXPERT ATTENDANTSTHIRD immediately to: AND
the reed is lady D's tarzan, so no winking at FAYEITEVILLESUBDiVISION DOMESTICP. "ADVENTURES OF SADI::"
the drummer 0. Box 434, Valdosta Ga '
please..The Ribault's.Chef is ST. AT FLA.AYE All Letters Will Be Answered Win 5245 Cash !on.Ki J
the most, like the host. .
,DIG-You oughta dig the colorful berets tit e STREETS
boys are wearing these nights. These "Pshaws"
like the Shahs do not remove their berets when : PREMIER
HOUSES Under Construction
seated in public. Like oriental Man..Word's out

that Frank Hampton, E. J. Norman and the other .-: SMALL DOWN PAYMENT =
members of the I5th-Myrtle political clan are MEAT MARKETSYourliome
getting ready; to attend the Inaugural Ball. vie Salesmen) On Duty

weren't able to find out whether it's Bryant's 12 NOON"fIL 6 P. M. OwnedJ/tq? ( Markit Where }'on Sec noTJI ides otjthe McnlA

or Kennedy's inaugural..Anyway there' must be
some truth in the rumor as Mr. II. was seen
practicing upon the Madison and getting some I
pointers on the Hulley Gulley the other nightat i sr .Ncr.ivo
the Ribault. lEM TURM ROAD -,* FOOIOF BEAYEH *,

4791 ORTEGA BLVD. :-: PO 8-4291 yJo'Cflf'QRom KEW ior izmvs YQVR xEiGiiiioMioQn

SWEET CHARITY-Come next Wednesday: some of FARMERS MARKET
Jax's leading citizens will do their bit in the -
way of a variety show to aid the Urban
Fund. Dig the line of chorus boys........ Jesse I THE 1TEWDXIMATIC ;J .: COUNTRY SMOKED t A A (1 C
anploynentFergusonAbraham (WRHCKing, CO.
Junius (League SecyBowmanEarl (atty.Johnson 1/2 or

Harold (Hanscoe) Holmes and Ulysees(the Frame) BEAVER AND BROAD-
Bacty..and they tell us Chances are James Slab
(.the denist) Henderson may pitch in with some El -- LB.
sort of, specialty number.Wilder Park RecCenter r .

director who is also producing the show with .: if a

the ,aid of Helen Robinson is cooking up something ,." -
real special...Won't tell you names of .f- SPARE RIBSNtt' 29

pullets and hen who'll be on deck on turkey day

eve but its' nuff'. to say, take it from us AZAR COUNTRY
there's gonna be oodles of fine frames shak- Buy Now for

ing a leg for the cause. Place is the Duval
Armory. A Washington green (buck, silly) will REPAIRS-RIB UJLg1NG -EXCHANGING' 45CThanksgiving

get you in, the show and dance,. that is. HAMS Half or whole
number of didnotrmakcit LB.
;. system, a reserves :: WITH ::
on time when the call came Thursday I
number of student attending 25 YEARS EXPERIENCENO
night. Any reserves ,
the Vocational School didn't know what C
was happening even though the sirens blasted : ,
"' :
like mad. Reason: The sirens were not heard in WORK GUARANTEED- lW PoundWhole
the building built of cement block. When the t 7
night principal finally got the message and

checked it out and then notified Ids boys to "

,get on the double, several "missed the boat" MOST MODERN ft EFFICIENT'
Local security should set-up better and more ..

thorough for alerting service men in the case $4 oo
of emergency. Maybe the whole communication HAMBURGER 3 LBS.

system for alerting should be surveyed.This .
is the tThin Man" hoping the "Fat Man"
will be with you next week. '

L Lewis

6 Honor RollJohn
You Do Not Hare To Go To Town To Buy Your Drug Store FRESH PIGSWe Wrap LB. 37
Andrews Mary Ann Donaldson Save
Need ..You Hare A
Complete Drug Store In Your
Daisy Mae Thomas John Lewis
Willie Cowan Brenda CarterGwendolyn Own Neighborhood'I 1

Holmes Yvonne Walker STEAKS WHOLESALE *
Sherman Brannon Johnnie Lee Wilkerson

Linda Clarice Collier Thereasa Gilchrist Mer Von'sPharmacy Restaurant Style-Ideal! for home freezers
Josephine V. Glover Judy Gordon

Hazel KingShirley .Ollie Mae Mosley 2735 WEST EDGEWOOD AVENUE New York Boneless $C95
Alease Sutton.. Elizabeth Winn Box -
Isaac Gandy ELouise Mobley Qaea.d-N.st To Holmee and West Funeral Home) 10

Delores, Witherspoon Laura Mae Butler ., ':": Nhn OUdAel 6p it*NDli Boneless Tendered
Leonard Hunter Paullette FordState 5-1582 Lb. x 550
: ', DELMONICO 5 f
,_ ',-*, ,--: of
1UIIrC ell II U 5-9267 ", -'
t ;. -- ;
Bonaleu.Strip.-T.ndereci' -$ '

-' ,,,'.:.:",.t., ,..J','''t.4 .. .:-- OFFERING YOU K. C. STEAK 5 Lb.of 10 oslONE 4',95

'1 r ,- ./ FREE PICK UP AND :
: & Pearl% Seafood 'House8EAF0008SHORTOROERB80FTDRINKS ri n
I' -" STEAKS 5 oF10 TENDERED $495
: : :; Pmcrtptias And Other Store Iteu

r_,', BER.VCD AT ANYTIME OUHOOGAN-W.fU1Aar octora Sorry-No deliveries or phone calls at these low prices
MOSE, AND.MATTIE MAE SMITH. O.c.ao" 1 '.- _-_ ''. .. Prescription I' ...,_ _
.' {.t.t.; ._ -r ': '''', \

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