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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200576datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date September 10, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005760740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 10, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 10, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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'" 0 .
'" i:," ',' ':r ." .

What Are The Factors That Led To Jab Riot ? ',


Pictures On Pa S See Editorial, Page 2

t ** o ,
p +

Governor skiiii PardonMininsters :0: ; R

:: ,
> :1
{4 a

.: ., F f
Sen.ten.ceFIORII" "m't:-vq; -
Under ;.1:. ,'gg' ''." :

; -.
; .
i ,"

t Parker ReleaseDenied I' :} .. !t t'i
.::0( ..
JudgeA Y.<: "
i 8// ..:..'>"< ..". ."Jr. #- \.- >..

immediate 1 ,., ,., '";' ':'. ;' .
plea for .,.. ''. _. iI ,-At: ,,(. ,)i
releasement from .....>.,. ". ._ .:..'..'"., 'f-": : << "
., '*. t;
confinement of 25- .." :'''to,'.1 'f"i.: ','$.: :to.
.". x.,. ..: ,. ,"
tj' .
')y '., : 9 Florida f Cntft year old white NAACP t.. : ,:.. -: ; ,. ;
Jacksonville ,
n: And NEWS September 10,1960 t. -"- '41. .
Vol. lb-No. member Richard Fran- t ;:', $- ,f' -

ed cis down Parker Wednesday was turn-by f'r.''V.>. ;: :;'>., ; fr .,"

No One Is Held For Circuit John M. McNatt.Court Judge ,, ."J':l ,t ),. '\,'. :. 'M'" > -::4c.
/ :
Parker, who demonstrated r'. ;'; .:. ,.._ ,

with local .,.:": v"'" x:'....

NAACP Youth Council k: :;: I' ;r.... L.
members durin rec- :: j \ :
Victim's Death ent sit-ins *t downtown l\ii. .. 'h :.. \';w.z; 4

Riot -t" variety stores, 1 l HO BEAT KEM9--Jiininie L. Wright bloodied and

was arrested during > fined $250 or 60 days in jail for

---,.. --- recent incidents, !iarticipating in the race riot seems to be

Victim's Death fined $200 and given: rendering why the person or persons who beat

Two Sentenced Fla. Ministers Local Riot a 90-day sentence on dm were not arrested and sentenced. The an-

__ wer is seen in the picture below............
Court Decision Shrouded In Mysteryby
-- Await Supreme Still ID I crtc ri t L

TALLAHASSEEWhile two fined and sentenced ALYSON E. WISE I Ifem. yin

Florida ministers awaited outcome of appeals'to Star Staff WriterIn t

the State Supreme Court this week, a national .

organization in New Orleans was preparing last weeks issue of the STAR, i t was Og C, it

nationwide protest action and also urged stated that the mystery shrouding the deathof

Gov. Leroy Collins to unconditionally pardon 27-year old Negro riot victim Charlie R x

each of the Miamians.On Edward Davis "may or may not" be cleared up .,
Aug. 30, Circuit the nation ,and in the at the inquest scheduled for the following YjgjjjS -

Judge W. May Walker South to organize Tuesday in Justice of the Peace Dorcas Drake ......-..,-....( ) .
sentenced Rev. Theo- immediate proteststo : .. ... ..
court. ,
resulted in the util- I
dore Gibs on,state NAACP the Governorits This past Tuesday crash.It \ < \,.. .
ity-pole .
president and the Rev memorandum adding some 20 witnessesincluding has been further charges of inciting; .'"
Edward Graham, former "This is a grave- assistant to riot. .
learned that the coroner -
president, to six situation which thr- county medical exam- wasn'table' In denying Parkers
; :
month jail terms and eatens the whole integration iner JavidBooher.. ave. jury.decide'" who immediate: release '( .._ II
to- .. .
fine of $1,200 each movementin testimony before thesixmemberaU Davisorwhether fran jail, Judge Mc- '
proceed- the South. These Natt told NAACP attorneys -
contempt white)
I. he died as the resultof Jacksonville police did what the
for failure t c ministers are pro- that proper
jury. -folded their
the bullet woundor the picture above is seen doin g:
answer questions of a tecting the right of The coroner's jury action would be to .
internal injuries hands. (See pictures on page
legislative investigating citizens to belong to finally ruled that the accident. file an appeal of

committee organizations workingfor Davisi death resulted from the 90-day sentenced
This weekduring the better conditions. from undetermined"causes. Despite the apparent ven the plaintiffby Speaker
of the Davis Mrs. Ruby Hurley
appeals hearing; before The memorandum went a city judge.

the State Supreme Ct. on to advise"Address However, many people casethere are sever- Atty. Earl. M. John-

Atty.Mark Haveappear protests to The Hon- aren't satisfied with al puzzling would questions like son, one of Parkers At NAACP Mass MeetingMrs.

for the legislative orable Leroy Collins, the manner in which which many legal defenders said "
committee charged the Executive Mansion, Davis death has been to see up, that defense attorn- Ruby Hurley, ver a youth council

two defendants with TallahasseeFlorida.. handled since there namely: the ser- eys had sought to Southeast r egional progress reportGeorge -
1. Why were Putsonin a vocal -
circuit ct. of have their client
adding"Residents has been conflicting station attend- director of the NAACP
instructions in fail- Florida should also vice released on a habeas number and Rut-
stories and pattern armed since all will be the m ain
to answer questions ants petition, but ledge Pearson who
ing relative to this case corpus speaker when Jack
write their local gun permits were sup- has will introduce the
and failing tc ever since first reports that an appeal ; sonville's N.A.A.C.P
have been
NAACP member- newspapers and their posed to been filed -. main speaker.
produce and of the incident.The cancelled during and already Youth Council holds ,
ship lists and re- state senators initial reporton since the riots? with no date set for its weekly mass meet-

cords.In representatives. the faalitystated hearing.MAN ; 30p Sundayin
2. How were (accordto ing at : :; I
sentenc- ;
refusing to answ-. Following that the car which St. Paul A.M.E II I II
) a
of the two men police ports IS STABBED I
er the committee'sthree ing Davis had allegedly Churchrfyrtle Avenue .
of at the Aug. 30 heariniJudge group oT Negroes able WITH BUTCHER KNIFE \
year probe allowed stolen from a local to.the accid- and 13th. Street. \
Walker to get
alleged communist in- the: defendantsto .used car lot sped bya amt scene,andi'etrieve Leonard Smith 44 of Rodney Hurstpresident I
filtration into Dade service t stion of the local
s ;
*gim when police '
remain free thus Davis : 88 Short Dexnis Street :
County's NAACP activities minutes stated .. i;
which some be youth council / )
,the two defend- allowing them const- earlier had been the were supposed,to was cut and stabbed .I that one important .,.fJ...' ,.))1;..,,)'.t.'
itutional freedom in in close pursuit last Saturday by a ..
countered that
ants target: of gun shots phase of Sunday's
their briefs 3. Whose gun shot roomer at the above I
their constitutional from a car-load: of session will be the Mr.Hurst inccraaent-
for the appeal Davis? address,police report-
right of free associ- men said to be Negroes.It : kick-off preliminary the
charges ing on overcapacity -
week. 4.Why are no
t.- -- violministers hearing
: being also stated ed.Witnesses
was the annual member-
T! pending against the stated that to a t t endance
THIEVES-ENTER HOME that Davisseeing investigating service station a t- Leonard Smith w h olives 41: ship drive for both which has attendedthe
officersat ; youth and\adult coun- council's
ON SCRIVEN STREET tendants? at the same address youth
:d that answ- the scene, speededup came to the door r: cils. first two mass meet-

stions would The home of Robert his car with the And finally, what of the room where Albert : Program participantswill ingswishes to thank

red "harass- M. Harvey,1080 Scriven officers immediately has happened JUSTICE Wheeler lives include Robert the general public
odd acts o f Street was broken into giving chase, firing in Jacksonville and knocked on the Saundersstate NAACP for their admirable

to membersMoTement and entered last several shots at the MAN WHO CHASES ANOTHER door and asked about field directorAlton support of the coun
between 5am car which resulted in 'Yates,who will deli- cil's
4t Wednesday I BECOMES VICTIM HDffiLF Smith paying his rent- ; prof ram.
Orleans, the and the time,he returned the utility }\Q1ecrash. Smith answered b y

i Conference hose last Wednesday Another strange twi- James Turner, 42of telling him that it Muslims To

c.. inal Fund, in ,Harvey reported st in the everchanging 605 Davis Street was was the landlord's Black

:for a nation- accounts said that "beaten up" in a bar business.It .
test against A Royal.Portable typewriter Davis, in passing the
last Monday by a group was reported that !
Invade Georgia
ofthe valued at $185 service station, was
HHt1g; of men after he had Wheeler vent back into ..
3,sent a wire was missing. He also fired upon b y its chased another man the roan and returned This Southern City is-buzzing with "ap.prehension" -
79 Collins urgX said the house was three white armed at- ATLANTA-
P inside the police with an 8 inch as news reached here this week that the militant
r "isaediate ransacked. Entrance tendants. reports indicated.Witnesses butcher knife and followers of Muslim religious leader Elijah
:ndi onaln was gained by break- Final analysis i n stated that started cutting and Mohammad plan to march upon

1J Tor both min- ing the glass in the this daily r e port Turner chased a, man stabbing: Smith. Smith Atlanta from all over America..,I from New York influence City where is Mr.Muhammad's felt.

front door and reach- drama was unfolded at in the. bar with a vas taken to Duval Muhammad head of America's outsponken fastgrowing spiritual among Harlem's many African

A AAO V" ?X ft jy TflBl. told .n&-through to unlock the coroner's inquest knife and they went Medical Center a nd Black Muslims is slated to Nationalists. Garveyites Black

Collins,"The 'jailingof the door. when it was said that to the rest room.A Wheeler was ordered speak at a huge "FREEDOM Hebrews Moors and other pro-

men for refusing Patrolmen T. L. Mays Davis (himself) firedat group ,of men :then held for investigation NOW rally in 690 Atlanta Magnolia at The St. black Mr.groups Muhammad's long sympatheticto "militant"
Magnolia HaH ;
to become Judasesand and J.Seldon investigated the service sta- caught Tmper'a.; n d 1 P.M. Sunday. Sept. 11. t problems.

informersviola tion and in the return beat himpolice said. can't Word is spreading that Mr. CaravanA
ted the liberal *. fire by service The victim was takento voteifyou're Muhammad's fiery young follOW.' caravan of busses and ears
principals espouse attendants Duval Medical Cen- en are set to invade "the. I ill leave Temple No. 1 Restaurant -
you .Cds'u'fie station notregistered South's Number One City" by I 113 Lenox Ave.. at 9'P.M.
and should be small: cal- by police busses and cars
received a ter car. planes, trains II Friday Sept. 9 and win return
repugnant to :you." :Tai,CIa Y.tIe .ibre bullet in the Patrolmen T.Mays,and from aH over America. I Monday Evening, Sept. 12..
is expected I I
SCEF urged its- _head which evidently C.Bart on investigated Largest contingent

friends throughout ..

";'./ ," ,
I "'" r.' :- '

I '

\ '" t. I ..' 2.'f!.



Week 'Ending SaturdaySeptember 10,1960. THZTLOKDA STAB '. P. .
., ,. .
,,u ___ -

a s
- THE FLORIDA STAR I1 ;Ct, .fr .a \ "PoRtkc JU Usual"


ti "' 1 V By EIc a S'.p-wt
NEWS 0' '
1 _
Pvb1J.br Th Florida Stair Publishing Co. 'It doesn't take Political Pundit or an Elmer

"Member of Associated Negro Pres*** Roper to discern that the handling of the

IIIi O. mm.oa. .._.._._-Editor ( situation that grew into a bloody race riot

C. Pehtm Johaton TTt.t Stiff will have its repercussions wen the next city

HUia WootWL. Circulation,Dcpt. :IE 1t'. and county elections are held.

MAIN OFFICE ft PLANT: y t's There are still many questions to be answer-

MM MoncrUI: Road EL 4-872 EL 4-8783 k ed and as time goes by well get many of the

Mailing Addrtcst p answers, I suppose. It is obvious,' however ,

P. O.Box 561 JftcfcsonviHt 1, Florida that official negligence somewhere along the
line led to the chaos that occurred two weeks
i I ir.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES : ago. Or, maybe, just a bit of politics was

On Y'lr, $54)0) ; Half Y.ar, $3.00; Three Monihs $1.80 \ ; being played.

Mill*:! To:You, Anywhara In The Unliad States.Sobsaipt1on ,' Most of us should be concerned now with the

Pafabla ln.Advsne.: S.nd Cback or Money Order To matter of what all of us can do and must do

FLORIDA STAR?. O. BOX JACKSOITVILLE 1. FLORID to prevent a repitition of such racial out-
r bursts. It is going to take sincere efforts

to reach a better understanding between the

Some Causes For The Riot a race.

.,-.. Despite Mayor Burns refusal to

And 'y appoint a bi-racial committee
Remedies NeededN
to work on the problems that

,+ face us, it is clear that the

setting up of such a body is
that the violence which flared up two 14 t +rl k}
weeks ago has subsided. it would be well for F t f..fs'.t :' 3 the only intelligent and logical -
to begin working
way on
all usNegro and white alike-to a thorough ___________ V ,,R ., solutions to the problems that
soul-searching in an endeavor to find o ut o ct\\
what were the underlying factors of the out- .:} Fw a' beset us in this community.The .
} lack of communication
burst that about finding the rb
so we may go
and the aspect of the white
remedies.Our .
necessary r people and the colored people
citY's leaders must realize by now that .
1714 S ; 'QSJr i :1W .. .
.ry. i..rs lalasS.+IC e.r eaie+is .ra.r w.lt. +a 1.Lr.a.rr 7u.4 being complete strangers t o
Jacksonville cannot afford a similar outburst Simpsoncauses
each other was one of the main
such as experienced here recently. It has MUST BE DESTROYLD, IK AMEUICA IS TO HOLD ;"WORIJ LlADKKSllIP'has of the breakdownin the first place.
hurt the cityfs reputation throughout the .: I..
nation and throughout the world. On the local also been for irritation. Unfair. This situation is bigger than any one man.
a cause the Judgment'and"services
-I I rely on No one man can meet with a croup of Negroeson
front the tension and violence cost business employment policies where of experienced
Negroes are con- people
one side, then meet with a white group on 1'the
firms thousands of dollars and any letdown in when associationsand
cerned is another wound that has pained our your other side telling them both "let m'
business operations has a severe affect on public affairs become ,
people who spend millions of dollars to pro- handle
it" and
the troubled. You tend to be too hope to bring out any real an
the economic structure of city. vide profits for local and national firms.
forceful and impulsive for : lasting understanding between the races. The/
this terrible conflict
Just two days
It is therefore safe to that a numberof
the almost your own good on the nth blood brothers of both broups must sit do
broke discussed subject
out we ,
firms are going to find themselves boy-
18th and 21st. A romantic and discuss the issues and the desires ol
phophetically, under the caption: "Time To cotted by Negroes because of their attitudeand situation could arise on the each race.Sensible.

Change Policy Toward Negroes If We Hope To treatment of colored patrons. 20th, and that is the time
citizens will
the olc .
not permit
Keep Racial Harmony". And this is true now, There is so much that our business people when you should express
political pattern of "divide and rule" to]
more than. ever. Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Associationcan your feelings.
for the breakdownwe 2-90-33-18-83-293 prevent them any longer from settling their
One of the main factors do and
to promote a healthy prosperous
problems and making the progress be
saw is that Jacksonville Negroes' rights,
city with good race relations There wouldbe
desires and aspirations have been ignored and considerable improvement here if our bus- LEO achieved, economically and socially by con-
ference and free discussion.THE .
disregarded much too long. Jacksonvillefs elected iness leaders who elected officials would Born July 23 thru Aug. 23

\ city officials have a most consistent The 16th produces a good '
think more about how to "utili e" the Negro FREQUENCY with which Negroes are repaid -
1 record for delaying the provision of facilit- rather than how to "use" us. sign of what you may expect, with disregard and contempt by officials
ies The records will show that providing :you can hold up
All too often the Negro is not consideredin
for another 14 days or so. Do whom they were instrumental in electing to
facilities and improvements have come to the various activities cf our city. For example not miss an excellent opportunity office should be a signal to all of us to

Negro community long after the other sections some years ago plans were afoot for a to acquire property or study the records of the people for whom we

have been provided for and, invariably, only pageant to depict the growth of Jacksonvillesince make a good profit from the vote.

after a protest and petitions have been made the Great Fire but'no thought was given 17th thru 20th. If no agree- I Councilman Ralph Walter, in the estimationof (I

by Negro citizens ,groups. to showing the Negro's part in this growth ments have been reached did not show much consideration for
The recent instance ot'the attempt to move citizens started inquir- then, it would be judicious to many,
; until some colored which him his election
the Negro vote gave
funds provided for the Wilder Park Libraryto postpone the whole affair

be used for the Springfield Branch is an !f Another example of oversight is seen in until later this month or when he introduced the motion to shift the
I ing. early October. Decisions Wilder Park Library funds to be used for the
illustration of official disregard for Negroes' I the booklet titled "Economic Survey" ofVJacksonville .
ruade on the 21st have the Springfield branch.
rights and needs. That bit of maneuvering was Florida 1959" published by the of
; sura great frustraion. *
engineered by Councilman Ralph Walter who i Chamber of Commerce.: Under the subject o f 2802215.28282 of throughout the nation had hoped
Many us
owes his election by the skin of his teeth to mention is made of the
i "Labor Supply" no that the an-ti Catholic propoganda an g Ie
the Negro vote which also illustrates what labor which keeps sane of our
t Negro VIRGO would not be used against Senator John
contempt Negro citizens are repaid by some I bi zest industries in operation. Bern Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 Kennedy. But it has beeun. We have already

officials after they have been elected. The failure on the part of many business Follow the noble impulse received a treacherous piece of literature.

Still another instance is the case .some firms to utilize the Negro press as a medium that should activate you o

years ago when Councilman Joe Doney engineeredto for advertising or building public relationshas express your rue feelings. especially -

have a traffic light moved from a busy seriously retarded bi-racial communication toward those who cJo not give it entree by leaving have always desired (17th

intersection on Ashley Street to be placed ina and the building of good business- connmnity are. joined to you for life or possessions unguarded or thru 20th). Do not force a
in enterprises that mutually showdown make final
white area. granting unwise loans (20th- or a
No direct appeal is made t o
relationship. profiable (16th). Your 2st). decision on the 21st as you
The Jefferson swimming pool for Negroes wasa Negroes via the Negro press. It is, simply a judgment is also reliable and 630661476.636 would then have cause for

project that had been under consideration matter of placing an "ad" or message in the imaginative from the 18th regret

for nearly 10 years-and was used as a political white papers and "yo'all come". thru 20th. You would spoil Capricorn I I 320831525.323

football for as many-- before it was And finally, the situation was not helped everything if you give way Born. Dec., 22 thru Jan. 19;

finally established.The by .the local daily press which kept digging to a tendency to become As Saturn- in- your Sun-sign- 1

eastside library project is a n other its editorial anti Negro claws into Jax Negroes jealous, suspicious or posses- has started to move forward IS YOUR

example of official stalling on needs in the while preaching its doctrine of Confederate sive the late 21st.on the 20th or earlyon I since the 4th you can now I

has been talked and ond rest assured that your personal NAMEIN
Negro areas. That project white supremacy and upholding s e c 7-40-99-13-92-743 affairs will

talked over for about six or more years and class citizenship for Negroes as a perfect do liewise. Put the begin past behind to-

it has been worked to shreds by politicians pattern. LIBRG you and profit only THEBOOK

seeking election or re-election to the ,city Born Sept.*2t thru Oct. 23 from its lessons to chart the

council. Since you are favored from course you expect to follow ?
I Your Weekly the 16th thru the 20th, strew henceforward (16th). Do what

Lack of recreational facilities for Negro I gthen he bonds of kinshipand you are asked with good

youth is one of the conditions directly r e-I V Horoscope Guide partnership during this ,Trace and find solace in the SIOiIffiS
knowledge that you are gain. **
sponsible for juvenile delinquency and the phase. Difficulties crop up
ing strength
end revelations could be em- some tI
birth of youth gangs. Imagine just one ,swim- I WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS'fOR Jay be able! to assert N
barrassing late on the 20th your **
colored kids in this city *
for all the rompl l, *
ing pool TRAVEL :te independence (1.9th-
BUSINESS LOVE and early on the 21st. Do not
and county Here is a city andcounty with sane I let anyone outside of the 20th). The 21st is another

110,000 Negroes being served by o n e branch I PABLO ASTROLOGER family know how you stand vexing day when tactfulness
feet nestled in the midst of one By financially to prevent trouble.
1,748 square and forbearance will do more \ I
of the citybf most destestible slum areas and t- ARIES rents of peoplewho do not S.50881972858SCORPIO' for you than emotional out-
the another branch being kicked around have your interests at heart bursts.
Born March 21 thru April 19 you're not on the roll of Reg
for year after year. ((21st) Born Oct. 24 thru Nor. 22 3-70-55-18-82-375 istered Voters, you're going to
Look at the way Wilder Park has been hackedup Owing to the great in progress 1-90-11-17-28-191 _. The 16th could usher, in be left out of this year's big
and a portion sold to the Highway Authority you are making your the start of a lifelong friend- AQUARIUS elections. Imagine missing a
attempts to excel and earn, Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 trip to the polls with
the your
what ship, although fact
.....And, it would be interesting to know you could be lulled into & GEMINI not 'become until may Security projects, safetyand friends and neIghbors miss

bus been done with the, funds from this sale. sense of false security. Be Born May 21 thru June 19 I the, end of the apparent month. Slow good repute are enhancer ing the lift you get in pulling
Jacksonville was among the last to employ especially alert for sucheibiuities po- the 16th thru 20th that lever or marking that ballot
I Anything you can do, therefore down when you find a drop on missing your chance to
police. We followed years after a small on the 17th, 18th to strengthen when repulse the efforts
Negro your economy n vitality and efficiency you speak up on taxes, bond issues,
city like Savannah, Ga.and long after Miad and 21st, when rival moves family ties and protec- (17th-18th). Since sociability of aggressive people to in- and the next President of the

These are but seme of the conditions that are more likely to be viorous overlooked on the 16th, when i brightens your existence on fuence you against your bet- U.S.! Imagine not putting in
goveroBental bodies are responsible forcontributing and concentrated. Continueto tive measures should not be the 19th-20th, make it num- ter judgment. Any departure your plug for peace! And if the
our ward off threats to ones you're "agin" happen to
your interesting ber from the conservative principle -
to the moral breakdown in Jacksonville vial associations. opportunitiesknock one on your itinerary. win, you won't even have the
'on your door. The! 4-10-44-13-59-414 which you have adopted right to squawk if don't
.. ;' 9-60-77-16-56-967 18th-19th are also propitious would underlie frustrations register and vote. Get your
Our business leaders, too, have contributed days for those who want to I SAGITTARIUS and monetary reverses (20th). name in the book of Registered

to the explosion by their attitude to Negro TAURUS expand or change their liv-i Born Nor. 23 -thru D c. 21 1-70-44-13-91-174 Voters now. \

cou\&era. Too long businessmen have seen ing ,quarters and gainful oc-. Those who are security- .
the dollars Bora April 20 JIm May 28 cupations. Decisions should minded PISCES
Negro Jaxona only in terms of I should not pass u Pan
without You should take advantage not be made later than the opening to create the Born Feb. 19 thru March 20
that can be extricated from us any I con .'
consideration for our feelings comfort o r of a quiet environment to UQtth and documens duly ditions of thenr choice on the Since you probably willhave
weed out the clutter in your signed and sealed, as thereare 16th, when they have planetary to change your mind
rights background and surroundingsand signs of Hifficuties, cropp. support. Make the dis- before the month -up, stall
The recent flare-up is serving to unite to prepare yourself for ing up for those who delay creet moves that will advance for time and give yourself the FLORIDA STAR

Negroes and makethem more determined to secure the new-; way of life tha (later 20th and 21st). your cause in high places, necessary time for profound
the rights and priviledges they are entitled seems to be snapping up for 5-20-55-12-45-525 when you learn about opportunities and mature reflection (16th). IN EVERY

to. For many years Negroes have reseated you ,(17th thru 20th). Do not for persons of your They can be surmounted and
referred that : descend from your lofty / CANCER caliber (lOth-20th). Since the you should not 'allow themto COLORED HOME
being as, "girl" or principles because of financial .Born Jon 20 thru Jolt M threat to and prevent you_from choosing -
'!bey". Calling cuBtcaers by their first DameS properv yourpocketbook .
I I considerations or the state- The 15th js a good day to, again looms large the sort of future you

,'-' ._ .-'(>

,- .,


y Week Eftdimg SatttrdaySepteBber 10,1960 TEE FLORIDA *TA3by '
__ _
---- --- .0. 'M.
-.- ---

ipilitiarl :College r '
a -
; ;
":' = '
DoesLaGuardiq _

Book. Y F NAAL

Mrs. Louise lard ij'. "
Atlanta .- On December
'a>1969.LaGuardia In Confm;
Social Activities in connection with the a new beck written by Down

cnrrcBt football season were lassched recentlyat Ztan, chairman of the Depart Complexion Care

the Nev Lincoln Golf and Country Club when ment' at of History and Social Science fi1;: Skin beauty depends upon two things nutrition, general good

a trio of local businessmen sponsored a banquet Spelman College, was health and circulation for good looks from within; the care you
several aeabers of professional published by Cornell University fire the'exterior'.
honorific Tress in its 19th anniversary The first is by far the more Important. Lotions and cosmetics*an
football tee in the city to participate in a Tyear for the American Historical 3 disguise: _the surface, but your complexion will never be glowing

for the benefit of Jacksonville charities.J. Association. The book without inner nourishment. Skin
gave won WATHU. AXER EVERWHERE but how to be most effective beautifiers are vitamins and proteins too. And removal of unwanted
C. Caroline, Willie Galimore, Herman Lee, Dr. Zinn the Beveridfe ,Award in it is being -and a balanced diet that I hair is vitaL Today a good rotary
Lionel Taylor John FarringtonCharles Bivins Honorable Mention for 1958. explained by svicadng promoter health. Fruits green electric shaver Is actually a cos-
In doing research for the coach Sylvius S. Moore (left). listening to metic accessory Your own shaving
Erin Barnes, were the ,notables honored by J. book on Fiorello LaGuardia who sow of Coach Moore's instructions are l.to schedule depends upon the

Gardner "Nip" Sams, Solcaon: Weston, and L. I. won fame as the Mayor 1)t New Mrs. Susie S. Keele, Scotland Neck, N. C.r; tempo week of is hair a minimum.growth but If oncea you

Alexander: York City, Dr. Zinc made use Otelia Fisher Weeas Va. Frances Smith St. have a rotary razor such as
Other guests at the banquet included Hr. and of the personal papers and.Ales ; Norelco's Coquette, it's easy to
Petersburg, fia. ;L1zzie PooleYanceyvilleN.CAt do even around
of LaGuardia and talked with problem spots
H**. Edward Benthone.l President V. B. Stewart his calves and under the arms. Don't
widow Mrs. LaGuardia.
of Edward Waters College Charles D. Brooks, According press; let the shaver do the work.

Hr. and Mrs. Christie Maniganlt ( she is the Guardia to'expressed Dr. Zinn the Mrs.belief La. Bethune Cookman /j'tfl Delay Here using are general deodorant skin for care a day.pro-

former Mrs Vivian Chavis); Mr. and Hrs. J. that the period,during the '20's cedures: x

Gardner Sass Jr., Mrs Davis DvightJr., Mrs. and early 30's when LaGuardia 0 Daytona BeachFlorida Otto H. HarveY',Hampton ( ci.- Apply rounded lotions,upward creams motion.soap with

Edythe Anderson, Alfred I. TaylorElijah Handy represented the 20th Congressional Va., has been appointed as an instructorin Use Turkish towel after the

Mrs Marie Woodard Mr. and Mrs.Benjaadn (k+oae District of the metropolisin physical education and assistant coach at bath holding an end in each
time will prove to be the hand and drying with a shotshine -
Miss Barbara Lang, Hiss Annie Pearl Hill, Mrs most important in his life. This Bethune-Cookman College. motion. Then massage

Ida Anderson, Miss Theresa Hall, Hrs. Norma district is known as East Har He received his Bach- structor, of music and Most with teenagers body lotion.need lots of

Flynn, Miss Rosamond Sattervhite.Kiptus Green, lem. elor of Science degreein director of the Band. % soap and water.Post-teeners,

?!r. & Mrs. Thomas Hargraves, Earl Morse, Nathaniel Physical Educationand Carter received the unless they have oily skin
should get their cleansing
Washington, Willie Richardson, WilliamWeathersbee Stork Master of Science Bachelor ofScience degree from creams or crum- n-

Richard Weathers, Abram King, degree from North Carolina in music from Arkansas taming toilet bars.A is
weekly steam cleaning
State and
Carlton Bryant, Freest' "Chip" ReedEarl Kitch- College State college wonderful for the complex.

ings James Johnson Leroy WoodardArnet Green DeliveriesBlrihj studied at Ohio State at Pine BluffArk.and ion. Fill a basin with very
toward the hot water, make a tent for
James Cunningham, Ernest Wilson, Oscar Norman, Master of Arts degreein the head by holding a towel
Washington Payne, William Helds,James"Dickie" .. at Brewster Hospital Doctorate degree i n music from Columbia over it, then let steam do its

Robinson Mrs. Clifford NortonJulius Gtdnyard: Physical. Education. He University New York pore-cleansing. But.
let hot
I Mr. and never very or icy cold
John J. Coleman, Joshua Williams and of course Lonnie formerly served as instructor City. He formerly was water touch your face.
Bennett,715 Court A Coax blood the head for
: in Physical a
the of the event. employed by the Volusia
sponsors, w vegetables and-liquids are vital; few minutes each day.Standon
Ott \ girl. Education and was assistant County School Board. so is ample sleep. your head, if you can!
Hr. and Mrs William coach at Hamp- Carter will As we grow older skin dries Otherwise,lie down with feet
handle out and loses resiliency. We can propped higher than head.
Dayson 1409 E. 24th
The 5ilhonettea began the fiscal year with a ton Institute. applied music courses replace some oil from outside and Coquette Cue: Keep an open

meeting Thursday evening in the have of Nr.andHrs. Street, boy. Andrew Jinmie Carter and hope to develop a add to elasticity by massage. It mind about new beauty aids.You
'Mr. and Mrs. is a good idea too, to see a skin can't buy them all so test by
Leon Bland,47ll Avenue B with Mrs.Hadassa' George was appointed as in- 50 piece marching band. Socialist every five years, from purchasing the small'uneconom

Bullard and Mrs. Joseph Bostick serving with Hampton,1625 Moncrief on. A careful analysisof ical' size of those that tempt you
Road boy. skin condition can eliminate or most.Miracles are happening fast
Mrs. Bland as co-hostesses. prevent the'old look.' these days; it's only in the past
Mrs Alvin White president presided over Mr. and Mrs. Freddie I Graduate Study Remember that skin care should few years that we have had
Blackshear 4838 West Deaths And not be confined to the face.Creams creamy toilet bars,lanolin creams,
the business session which included the filling and cosmetics are for the throat, very special medicated lotions.

of two vacant offices (Mrs, Fred Smith Virginia Avenue,girl. Funerals.WINSTONMrs. Grants AvailableAt r
Mr. and Mrs.' James
new recording secretary, and Mrs.Richard Williams '
new financial secretaryand the appoint- Boatwright 2138 Wil-
ment of two ccsnittee chairmen ( Mrs. Willie berforce Mr. and Road Mrs., boy.James Julia of Fort Valley

. Bullardl membership, and Mrs. Robert Mitchell, 2930 Sandlin Street.
Murphy,906 Everson St, PORT VALLEY
A limited
by-laws). girl. BROWNEdward of 1059 number of graduate assistantships

The Silhouettes were honored .by a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Logan Street. ShTS1Seto qualified Holders

several members of the local Kappa Alpha Psi Standberry,2140 Oalckgr HARRIS-Mrs. Mary Kingof of graduate. degree studies In the at The division -
1226 W. Duval St. Port V.n.y &t&te
CoUeso for \nc
Fraternity connection with special projectto Street, boy. RANDOLPH Jimiie o f 1960-81, school year recently an-
Mr. and Mrs. George pounced, Prudent C. V. .
coasdttee Troup ,
be initiated shortlyand a was
2011 W. 15th. Street.
Alexander 1128 East ?lifSJ'Drk at. -fort Valley
named to work with the group. now 1
VIRGIN Mrs. Francis M leading to
Mrs Longineu Parson, Mrs. R. E. Smith, and Beaver Street, boy. degrees In elementary.,education
of 1027 Street.
Mr. and Mrs. John Julia and guidance and counseling
Mrs Billie Howard were those re sent
among p Additional information
Wilhelmena be
EARLE-Mrs. may color
Hughes,1044 Pippin St SOCIAL GATHERINGS are one way to build bridges acro's
secured from Dr.
during the evening. boy. of 1410 W. 14th. St. lean of the Institution's Wesley graduate J. Lyda. barriers. Here young people of First Evangelical United Hrelhren
ClTlslon. School 'hoir.. _...
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DAVISCharlie Edward Church St. Petersburg. Fl.. entertain Gibbs High -

We regret to report that Mrs.Delphinia Mainor Jones, 4904 .Tennessee of 1026 W. Duval St. '

Brinson was indisposed over the Labor Day Week Street, girl. GIBBS-, Mrs. Beulah of J "EASY TO SEW"" MAKES SUMMER SEWING SIMPLE I

end and wish for her a really swift recovery. Mr. and Mrs. David 116. Lincoln StreetSt

Mrs Brinson had edited this column on several Cole, 715 Market St., Augustine. By: Evelyn Cunningham The living is cool and the Making this pattern even

occasions and you will probably .hear from her boys (twins). BARLOW ,Mrs. Arizonaof fitting easy with this propor- more easy to sew is the fact

in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. William 1546 W. 35th. St. When McCall's labels its tioned princess sheath sans that there are only six piecesto

patterns "Easy to Sew," it sleeves. Choose your proportioned work with. Both misses'
Mathis,1431 W. 10th means exactly that. There is size by height (Tall, and junior sizes are avail-

boy. no need for years of experienceand 58" 5'10" Medium, 5'6"to abl.
to ;
The New Lincoln Golf and Country Club was Mr. and Mrs. Jeff know-how with a sewing 5'7"; Small, 5'3" to 5'5")

buzzing with activity over the week-end as a Tillman,64 Jackson Rd machine for. a home sewer to plus regular pattern size. Long Want a free apron pattern?

result of the golf tournament being held there boy. School Guards tackle one of the "Easy to line darts on this dress are Just write to Evelyn Cunning

Local golfers were featured in a real "19thhole" Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Sew" patterns. easily adjusted to give your ham McCall's Patterns, 230
sheath a sleek fitting look. No i Park Avenue New York 17,
play when members of their families and Williams,1122 Van Bu- Return To DutyAt Sew"
wonder it's an "Easy to N.Y.
friends were honored with a banquet on t heclub's Making the job even more
ren Street, boy. errozplOofMcCall's has ..and you'll want to make it
patio. Mr. and }.!rs. Carl their posts earlyin introduced proportioned again! We can see this sheath
Among those enjoying the feast Mr. and of the patterns made -in jersey or
were Cicero, 4844 Booker anticipation made for the tall, many ways
Mrs Oscar Hillman, Hr. and Mrs James Burris, Street, girl. influx of students as average and short figures, velveteen for Fall as the

Hr. and Mrs. P. J. JenkinsHr. and Mrs. GeorgeMcClellan school opened Tuesdaywere and all pieces are containedin sleeveless look continues tobe
Mr. and Mrs. WilliamLooneY' fashionable or in wool and
Mrs Margaret Williams Mrs. Wil- the one pattern! I
experiencedand I ,sleeved for a daytime classic.
helmina Rutledge, Mrs. Florida Cave, Mr. and ,4248 Ovens Ave well-trained staffof I'

Mrs C. W. Dunlap, Mr., and Mrs. Samuel Monroe, girl.Mr. and Mrs. school guards. Proportioned patterns have The three sheaths shown
Hr. and Mrs. Isaiah White Hr. and Mrs Jeff been so well received by
James Charged with the
... here are made of a cornflowerblue .. "
J. Haanond Mr and Mrs. Willie White and Robinson,4073 Atlantic women who sew that McCall'shas A
Mr. Blvd. protection of students extended its line. Slacks, and white printed linen
and Mm. Elwood Banks. girl. at busy traffic inter- bermudas and shorts, shirtwaists (McCall's"Pattern No. 5395).
Mr. and Mrs.' Elizah
tatstat sections and treet with slim or full skirts, The sheath is dart-fitted and

Hr. and Mrs. Roy: SykesJrf, of 5832 Iris Williams Street, 1216 Harri- crossings, the guard princess or basic sheaths and the neckline Worn may sleeveless be scoopedor by
son high.
Boulevard boy. classic Jumpers, can all be
just returned home after
two supervisor
a Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Sgt.Charles scaled-size the three models, the dress
weeks stay in Nassau. They stopped in Miami en 0 Scriven has already made from patterns. may have set-in short or three-
route hcme to pick up the children who spent Anthony., Whitman warned the public to quarter length sleeves. At the t

the two weeks with Mrs. Sykes -Street boy. drive and to center back is the zipper
parents. carefully '''''" ''' w
Mr. and Mrs. Robert ,. ...,-:' '" 7 ;i' ', ,:,',' closing and a low pleat. It'sas
be alert during school
Everett 2549 Calvin '; easy as A-B-C to apply
Twins were born recently to a faculty couple Street ,girl.. opening and ,closing the new Talon Magic Zip dress

at A & T College. hours placket zipper with the woven
Mr. <
and Hrs.
Arthur P. Bell, assistant-teacher-trainer in RandY'Hezekiah Guards reporting to Y sewing guideline when follow.

Agricultural Education at A & T College, and 1118 frank- respective schools are ing the clear, concise instructions -
lin Street In the Need-
Mrs. Bell became parents of the twins Benita ,"boy. M.M. Parb KarJ' H. Be- package.
Mr. and Mrs. .Louis less to say, there is little,
Paulette, 5 pounds and 9 ounces and Bernard Bryant,5537 thune; Josephine Stat- if any, need for altering' this
Agra Ct.
Edgar, 6 pounds and 3 ounces boy.J hem Forest ParkMarieShorterjSusie y
The.Bella have one. other thild.Calvin. Arthur. Hr. and Hrs. Lewis Tolbert; decided which proportion is
age 2. Johnnie Simpson Long best for her.
Floyd,3325 Plateau St
boy. Branch; Mbzelle Jones,

0 Douglas AndersonEver- The other "Easy to Sew" .."'
Hr. and Mrs. Andrew .0.
lena Norman, St. Pius; dress is sleeveless and has
Gilley, L743 W. Second Mildred Forehand Oakland a fitted bodice and one-piece
Street boy. s" gathered skirt (McCall's Pat-
r! WHEN .YOU ABE ILL Grace Horne Dar- D
t .. You S..k Tfe Best Doctor Mr. and Mrs. Walter ; .o" MM '* :M tern No. 5415). Extensions on The spinning full skirt and trim
When Your Doctor Pmcrlbta Jones 1427 Franklin nell Cool an; ':? the matching or contrasting bow-tied bodice make a con-*

Gel Experienced Pkrmad4a Street, JacksonVcst Jacksonville ti armhole band are tied in pert fection of a cotton. Spun cotton-
r girl. candy color is used for the dress
To Fill Year Pmsriptioa ,and Marie Jenkins bows on the shoulders. Both
and white for the contrast. It'sa
die back and front of the
According To Tow Doctert WeddingAPPLICATIONS Bells A. L. Lewis Properly proportioned for the feminine color and s flattering
neckline have a straight edge.
Orders. Only
Azzie L. JohnsonE.L. sail, medium and tall. Properly cut a sweet cooler for a warm
Dr. G.E.Hck: Tb Sid QtttUly Drugs .,. At Brown; Mrs. Alicia neckllaed, high or scooped. Properly Summer's day. And. U this isn't
with appetizing enough it's aa
sleeved three-quarter
Proprietor MAfiRfACiK, LtfKXKES FOB Bacty, Isiah Blocker; or start sleeves 'or without any This dress is made of pink "Easy to Sew" McCall's
Mrs. Alger Brown,Jobn at alL Ttofa Just bow UcCaU's and white polka dot silk. It Pattern 3413.: Junior sizes 915
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S Herbert W. Wanton. 4108 Vic E. Fordf Hrs. Rochelle new Proportion death comes. may also be made in lengthwise sad Misses' sizes 1016. 50*.
tor St, 33 and.Rose M. Walton Lad U'. sa "Easy to Sew" striped fabric, printed To make your zipper application
: DRUG STORE 3617 Bout SU 37. Brown.Mary H.Bethune; Sees here, in three proportion, silk or cotton,.linen, birdseye easy and professional ate
Oscar Widemon 1061. Scriven Johnnie Clark, Susie Is the sleeveless Eomaer version. pique, polished cotton or Talon's marvelous Magic Zip
.117 Ziig. lead 0 ELIIR 3-8S7 St, 57 and Carrie Reese, 1251 W. E. TolbertLillian P.DavisS.P.Livingston. Basle as can be, this Is ft fashion synthetic mixtures with simple instructions in each
29th St 49. make times package. Talon zippers sue avail
to many maay ways.Hccall's
Robt Barren' 1054 W. 13th Pattern em,. Misses'sires able in 12" ud 14" dress
", .,, Hurts Geefe dags taortei,
? and Frances Edwards
St. 21 and Elizabeth A. Bradley 1..11. 15t. placket lengths
PRESCRIPTIONS.CALLED. FOB. AKD DELXVEBED 0 1054 W. 13th St, 16. Mary H. Bethtae.i .

:....:.. --' '-0 :,_ _= 0 ._ ,'. .,":'. .r---=-. ._- -- Y'.


."-< ,,," ;.E c

'. .

\ ,


i '-

leek Ending SaturdaySepte ber 10,1960 THI FLOIIIPA'tZJ .. Ptg Four

New Bethel

_. -
., Activities
Suaday will be observed
as*Trustee Day
and all trustees are
to be presentfor
I Harvest TeaSeptember 25 in the educational
both the 11 a. B
building will feature Day Spring Baptist Choir
and 6 p. ,.. services I
,* Sunday school bedAs 4's annual homecoming.
# #
at 9:15 o'clock vith- i
Superintendent F. FDonalsom $
and associ- I Usher Board 2 of Sve:-tfield Baptist Church

# ates in charge. i I ,.' will observe its first anniversary Sept. 26 at
The vice-chairman T t 3 p.m. with an interesting program. Public is

of Steward Board 2 is S-S : t invited.
# *
: calling for all memb- t
c2a414M0. era to be present for l
the meeting F riday j Homecoming sponsored by District 30 of Day
Spring Baptist Church will take in the
A .4r4t. night in the -basement ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE of Mt. Yemen Baptist Church (shown above) super-
..... residence of Mrs. Estell Handley 3922 Witsen
.. J.
-" .. 1Mb .. of the church. vised the highly successful progr comsemorating the church's 31st.. ;
Street Sunday at 4 A .
p.m. 3:30p.m. meeting
w41 .I ... and Means
w The
.e.i Ways
held 18-25. Seated from left areMrs.Hattie
.MJlIOM. anniversary August Lazembye,
r7/YYYF by District 17 will be held in the church.Mrs.A. .
committee will meet Mrs. Lois Mrs Mrs. Eliza Atwatter Mrs. Mable
Hagans Julie Longworth
* .
Flowers, 1745 W. 15th Street will host the
Friday night at 8:30 I' Gray, and John Gray, Jr. Standing from left: Deacon Fred Gray, Leonard
'*** *.**,.*! o'clock in the church Attwater, Miss Francie Scriven, Ben McCallMrs. Lorraine Johnson, Deacon Pulpit Aid Boards during a 4 p.m. meeting Sun-
TyTy: day.
- basement. All memberfare Grover Hagans and Deacon A.L. Isham. The Rev. G. T. McCall, pas tor,
i urged to be pres- standing in background.

e.Business of vital (Photo by Avery)
importance. ..... Districts 5 and 7 of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church
will hold joint services Sunday afternoon.
ent Choir its 2 anniversarytea will pres- I I Mt. Ararat Youth A. C E. LeagueTo Hear # #

Sept. 18 at the 9 '?

p.m church* 'A from planned 4 to 5:30 program I. Organize New L J. Roberts Jr., September 18 Choir 23rd.2 of anniversary Macedonia Baptist services Church September will present 26-

will be presented Group at 8 p.m. in the church auditorium.
and the public is Cityvide*monthly meeting of the AME Church's # *

invited, Mrs. Ollie Mt. Ararat Baptist A.C.E. League Union in session SundaySept 18
LOTTIE ASHLEY Mae Williampresident Church youth groups at ,Mt. Zion AME Church will hear outstanding The Zion Hope Singers of African hated Church

Duval i Vocational announced. met recently to forma speaker- Andrew W. Boston give the main address. 1120 Milnor Street will give a concert after

Members are requested classical, s e mi- Host church is located at Beaver and Newnan the 8 p.m. services Sunday. '
Lottie 10th. grade in classical and spirit- Streets. Program # #
to keep gets underway at 3 p.m. Leon-
student is also a mind the annt.alWcmen's ual singing unit which ard J. Roberts, Jr. organizer. and president
member of the business Day observance will be known as the announced. V.r_ __ Annual Women's Day observance at Anderson AME
Education Dept. : in October. HLtchelites. Mrs. Maggie Smith ster Hospital nurses, Church is slated for Sunday, September 25.
Sin serves as secretary'of Meetings will be on president of the host Miss Alfrondia Chis- *

the Future : the second and fourth church league will be hoLa and Miss Ernes-

Nurses of America and Joint Services Sundays with weekly in charge during the tine Jones. With the return of its pastor, Dr.R.H. Wilson

president of classat NightlyAt rehearsals slated to meeting. Program par- Mr. Boston, who is fran a three week's vacation, Bethel Baptist
,' Planned
Day Spring. be held on Wednesdays. ticipants from local widely recognized for Institutional Church announces some of its fall
'tIt Officers elected dur- AME churches will be his work at St. Paul scheduled events.
*********ac- 1st Baptist ing the meeting in the Mt. Zion Grant AXE Churchis a Stan- Final Budget; Day is Sunday, September The

First.Baptist Church cludePresidentBettyCampbellivice MemorialSt. Stephens ton High graduate and pastor requests all church groups to prepare

Fourth and Leangle St presi- youth choirs, and attended Edward Waters for the call on that day.

will celebrate the 9th dentEugene Campbell; Grant Memorial trio. College. Dr. John W. Williams of Kansas City will supervise -
I anniversary of t he secretary.Jean Wright Readings will b e Full coopers ve efforts preaching during the annual fall revival

I church and pastor, assistant secretary, given by Miss Edith towards m aiding services September 20-27.
Rev. F.D.DavlS Monday Carolyn Conway; business : -BalcerandHies. .Shirley'ruso this meeting one of J v # A
Alberta .: both of New the most successful
night, Sept.12-18. manager, in the monthly seriesis District 13 of West Union Baptist Church will .
of services Winkley, treasurer Bethel, and two Brew-
Program urged of all hold a "Talent On Parade" program Sun day .
follow: Monday night Thomas fowler phaplair Usher Board Cites18th churches by Roberts. evening. From 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Mrs. Odessa
services to be con- Stuart WashingtonSgat \;,
Wiggins and Mrs. Ella M. Rafe cosponsora
cv ducted by the Rev. J. armsBarbara, Hopk- Silver Tea at rhe residence of Rev.and Mrs.A. .

: W. Jackson of New Mt. ins, reporterBeverly Anniversary Women's DaySeptember Rafe, 1551 W.. Union St. Able Business
: .
Pleasant AME Church Douglas Observance of its 18 Social Club will hold anniversary services
. ANNA L. BODDIE and the Rev. R.Rogersof Adult advisors, Mrs. 11th At
anniversary will be Monday night in the education building. Dis-
Duval Vocational Mitchell musical and
. Walters MemorialAME celebrated Monday, at trict 9 meets Sunday at 3 p.m. at the resi-
& Zion Church. Mrs. Powellcounselor. 8 p.m.by Emanuel Bap-, Midway A. M. E. dence of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Terry, 1330 West
currently a
f Anna is Tuesday night service tist Church's Usher Mesdames Hattie Anderson 33 Street. Deaconess Board 2 will meet Sundayat

t neaber of the Club 11th.of will be supervised by Arthur Scruggins Board 2 in the church ,' Annie Frazier and 3 p.m. in the educational building.
grade.library the Rev.W.M.Smith and auditorium. J.W. Young will serve .
which she is presi- congregation of First Dies FollowingBrief Mrs.Eliza Righ Perry as chairmancochairmanand

ent and has received New Zion Baptist. mistress-of ceremonieswill pastor for the day, Mrs Lottie Charleston is sponsoring the
several awards Wednesday night's Illness introduce welcome respectively when Mid Sentional Gospel Singers in concert Sunday
hobby is reading. joint services will ., way AME Church celebrates -
v address speaker, Miss starting at 8 p.m. at Orange Park's Community
"yt7t'7t'+R'- n 7rrki *'" be conducted by Rev. Friends throughout Margie Overstreet. Women's Day Sun- Center. An invitation is extended to all

..:.... : Tabernacle Lee McQueen aptist of Royal .the sudden area passing mourn of the Arthur -. Other program participants day Officers, Sept.to 11.serve. are: musical groups to be present at the event..
include # *
: Mrs.
.. 'ii Chinch and the Rev. W Scrue inspopular Loise Cain introdiction Mrs. A.D. VeilsMrs. I.,
C. lr
Pullman Portervhich trongsecr<:ales
.. L. Bell of Ephesian occurred Tuesday of the mistress ofceremoniesinvocation Mrs. Sarah Best, pro-' Monthly meeting of Willing Workers C h o irs
Baptist Church. i Union win be held Sunday at 2:45'p.m.First
gram; Mrs. T. Wingard.
..:.. Zion Hill Baptist following a brief and closing remarksby Mrs. Juanita Hagans Mr. Corinth Baptist ChurchDuval and Madison Sts.
illness in local
rsw7 Church's congregationled a the Rev.A.B.Blair C.E. Daniels, publicity Deacon Willie F. Smith, president announced.
Cole- Veterans Administration .
by Rev.F.M. *
pastor, selections by chairmanMrs. J.B. Wil-
.. manpastorwill spon- hospital.A the choir and male cox, music chairman;Mrs
native'and lifelong
sor Thursday night's chorus and solo by A.M. Benton, Decoration First fall meeting of the R. B.Suton Club of
resident of the
services.Rev. I Miss Nettie Fair. chairman; Mrs. R.J.Red- Mt. Olive AME Church will be held Monday at
If W. M. Mack of City, Mr. ScniRgins Memorial service will dings, treasurer., 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Mary Lucas, 1602W.
.,;- Greater New Jerusalem was a member of St. be given by Mrs.Maggie Mrs. C.D. DanielsMrs. 9 St. Mrs. Gertrude Hoffman,president. will
Church and the Paul AME Chum wherehe
Baptist L.P. Mitchell Mrs. T.
Troupe, Mrs. Laura preside.
I- Rev. P. Josey of St. served on Usher Harris and Matthew McCoy Wingard, finance ccen- .

PAUL E. ROCKER Peters Baptist Church Board 1 and Class 39. solos, Deacons ittee;Hrs.A.H. Robinson

New Stanton 4 will lead Friday He was also a memberof Walter Fulton and tag Ccmittee; steering The Sons of Prayer will present a concert

I: night's. services. Sons of Solomon Thomas Balkcom, presentations ccBBdttee, Miss Christine Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of 3rd
The 11 a. m. Sunday Lodge 166,Rrotha'hood Johnson, assisted
behalf of
Annual Mt. Lion Baptist Church, Oneal, on
Staff i
and will of Sleeping Car Porters by Mrs. I.C.
morning sermon Armstrong,
Hi-Y Remarks will also be Women's Day. The is being sponsoredby
Club program
are just ,be Maceo Lodge Mrs. A.H.
given by the Rev. ,A.M. Wright, Mrs. '
given by. Mrs. Laura Mrs. Elease Baker.Attention.
a few of the clubs K..
C. Minter, pastor of 8a World War 1 Vet- Harris and Miss Maude Jackson.
that keep Paul busy. Captains Mrs.Anders
I.B.P.O.E.W :
Good Shepherd Baptist eran and Wi liams. ,
He is also a member t Church. Rev.J.S. Sams Surviving are: Mrs. Hrs: Stella GreeneMrs. "

of West Union Bap ... and 'congregation o f Mildred Scruggins I.C. Armstrong, Thelaa

List Church. "' Second Baptist Church widow; son, Percy L. "Challenge OffThe Note,Hrs.L.P. Mitchell,

&** **.*? service.features the 3 p.m. Scruggins Louis Scruggins, brother,Hrs. Cross" At A.D.Mrs.Dora Wells Anderson,Kiss Matilda, Mrs. Readers !

.. AllenMrs. Sarah Best,
LUte T.hyMMkMMt Choirs and congre- Alice Saaiueslerand- Hrs. Marian --
Grace Young, Hrs. -
Baptist :
gations will all of Jack
: [t1/r accompany mother T. WingardMiss Sihgle-
.fM 1_ Ie ICON pastors each night sonyjle.JlOCltJi.lOCIOClOCIOClU. "Challenge Off the tary, Mrs.M. A. Benten. You Asked For NOW Hear This !
Cross a, religious
#. a & $.s441:3 if u vehicle will be presented Starting TUES. SEPT. 13 .
ALL ALUMINUM at Grace\:Baptist -

1F o. o Church Sunday CARD OF THANKS

SCREENS D night, .Miss Victoria This is to express 11FUJRIJA
I .0 Breaker, sponsor. CARD OF THANKS

o I I MADE TO ORDER C M w Participants.will This is to expressmy aMBit

ij \ AND INSTALLED vBLM 9 5 n fee the Misses Dorothy sincere apprecia-

AVERAGE SIZE B Gibbs, Rosalyn King, tion to all of you

2 NOTHING DoWN-BANK FINANCING 8 Jeraldine Jackson for your many kind

I] FLORIDA ROOMS O PAINTING Margaret Gibbs Jasmin Eleanor acts during the ill- Will Be Published -.
g e ADDITIONS SIDING 0 and Cynthia ness and followingthe ,
O ROOFING REPAIRS / Breaker. passing of Hiss --. TWICE
If DRIVEWAYS PATIOS D Proceeds from the Rosa Lee Peck o n
U FREE ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIYEN play will be turned July 2, 1960.

O lL1tRA+LAIiI'S CO., INC... O over to the Grace Mrs. Maude J.Hawkins

n tNt lYEXCUlN- AvE.Z7iorArrxrr 5-2931 n Baptist and Spring 390 Spruce St. TUESDAYS. & FRIDAYS

"asom; 080a0a0iaQ I Hill Building Fund. Jacksonville, Fla. ,


.. ." .- : -- ...., ..-

-r1 a--

/: /' '
.' _''ii ,
_.' '. ;,&.-.t.- ; '--


Week Ending SaturdaySepteBber 10,1960 rsCl A.sYcie' ;- .
I :... rtft

By Erie 0. Simpson ._" ,-_ ,. -.- .---- .

Nov that the ax-handle attacks and the retaliations .iUFr-V: _
with bricks, bottles, knives, e tc., i __ u
hare subsided there are many who are asking: '
what led to this sudden outburst?
There are a multiplicity of underlying
factors..and the basic causes may be S -
e ized under the following:
1, Discontent among Negroes with poor housing --
and recreational facilities; lack of job
opportunities, inequalities in justicesocial
economic and political exploitation, all of ;; h IS.
which were manifested in the sit-in demon -
strations and picketing which Negro youths _LI :
( started about 4 weeks ago t ;
2. Intolerance on the part of white groupsto p _
Negroes' aspirations and their quest for : ;
,.. ,. _
first class citizenship which is a result of ---;;':' t'.- -
r r / As
the lack of interracial ccoRunication or positire -
efforts to promote better understanding '.
between the races.
3. An unhealthy political atmosphere wherein -
the people hare lost control of the government '

.because of their. lethargy and indifference. p 11LWZ1N11ALj!! _

4. Poor law enforcement at the time immediately -
before the clash.

1 ayp
: ? ___
Y -
l. 'I n.I TTl
{i Vlf.

+i s

yr" -J

I _

SO WHAT White ho'odltas carrying ax handles Wreckage caused by home-made
were very much in evidence early on .sad SaturWhite\ Hob Is Seen Veilding Axes, etc. bomb is surveyed by cleaning
day, Aug 27, but Jax police (arrov) store operators

J a

S ..
., .

r. -____ 11 .' -19i E E.tjf I -i .;

Negro youths began with peaceful protests.




tOtlp.tott :

: i _


Poor housing Outdoor latrine in the heart of the city
o' '
'.. ,, 'j ', ". '" ,S_; M i1IS S ; T:1-----r---: _

Yx A "
s __

4 1 -.. 1. :;f ;'


Lack of inter-racial understandingYouth holds
[ sign giving new: meaning to NAACPNiggers; Ain't -D- x / ,
Acting like Colored People.AttentiooReadersI. S : S M/
-: .
4 _
:_ 'L- : -
a ;


.- Beautiful homes on dilapidated streets Standing Room Only in the single library
branch for Negroes

You Ask e.ort-. NOW Hear This !IStarling .' .. ', -. .
W..d! 'I !1 I .1)-
.-. !!.. -' .! .B ':': '-:

TUES., SEPT. 13 ., T .,., -! C. """'l ..J;..:... ...''-" ,
i. .
l. .1-:: ,, : '
-_ '..
':- --' :" > .# .. L''T' ,,_, 4IIIt
f' '- .1 l. if _
; ... -. "
: : : if;; / i':"" e .. .A '.' N ,
: : Jf...or."--".,.",.".'..'-. .;;..:.' ..,.t .,s -,.. -4' ."' "'" ';1.".. .."..- t'-a': .. t't ..... ,_....: .. -;.'...'.-.?..:<.4" r.'>1f''L.'N:J"-"., -! .r."" ", _
: ; I'\ ,
; .r 4 -- r -
8'11f i.'l.
RIJIIIM :-ft ,
.s ft1t; .- "'! It.-

S'S &
( t\ .. ? ; [
'" ... '. :_:... '-. .. ... -
:!; -
\ -- .
1 .'
.' i : ., ;111.>- .
: .
:_ :: :: ., .4< "1'
it '
.:4.' ...
.. ,. ... \ \. : '<5.- -"
.... -". } .: .. ,
: L w.z
.. Will l Be Published K -... .
7 t, -. .: .. .R.
,. <'.::;!: ic

TUESDAYS. & FRIDAYS Character" building stifled. This tiny, inadequately -
Poor recreational facilities This Single ." ".,,'.". ... .t furnished building housed the TICk up-
'svingCcui pool serves. the entire. Negro. ....; '.:.'.,"':".? to a fev weeks ago. Present quarters are no:
.. '
r.'F- L :: better. .

.. ..
<:'. .. '...... '



TVeek df"I' S&turdaySepteabe 10,1960'I .. ; n.eIIUJI l' : :..Ptg Six

I NAACP Youths Swim in New Riddtr's Dlge-' r- CORE: MembersPlead

Create Grants : .

Savannah Beach Integration Innocent

Savannah Ga.-A dozen NAACP L For 66 NegroesNew
council fora ruling on
Youth Council members whether city Negroes could use the York The creation of In Miami Court
went swimming this week at a 68 scholarships for Negro col
public beach u part of the As- beach. leg. students daring the next I MIAMI Fla.-18 participants
.. Southern units of the NAACP i in the CORE faterraclal Action
Iodation' "wade-in" campaign three years was announced today .
hive been urged "to take tht Institute pleaded not guilty to
urging Negroes to use tax-sup by the Reader's Digest
ported beach facilities. leadership in encouraging Negro J F4. 'Foundation They will be provided charge of being "undesirable
families to seek service at I guests," that grew out of a
Led by Amos Brown NAACP through a grant to the
all municipal and state beach sit-in at a Miami lunch counter.
assistant field secretary for maintainedby United Negro College Fund
and park
youth, the youngsters used the taxes. In a memorandumMay which will administer the schoU' The eighteen both white and
beach for ,an hour and a half arships.
13, Roy Wilkins, executive Negro, entered their plea in
without incident, but were finally 1 A Foundation I
declared: The Digest announced Criminal Court through their
secretary, '
ordered from the water and -The right of Negro citizens 4TJ- that two scholarships a lawyers Howard Dixon and Tobias

arrested. to enjoy unrestricted privileges year will be awarded in each Simon. The two attorneys,

Charged with disrobing in of public beaches.and pools has of 11 member colleges of the : noting that men of the defendants

public inciting to riot, and disorderly ben affirmed by state and.fed UNCF. Thus in the 3-year cycleof hire been in jail since
conduct, they were held the all of the Fund's
eral courts." grant I (their arrest last week asked for
.in the Tybee Island jail and Diamond of 33 member colleges will be cow trial George
On April 24 of this year Negroes WINS MEDICAL AWARD-Dr. Samel R. a quick Judge
released five hours later on were driven 'com a pub- Mead Award ered. Shull set the trial for August
receives Johnson -
bonds of ,$34 each. One youth white Grand Rapids, >fi.ch., The United Negro College :s.
: in Bitaxi, Miss., by
was also charged with violationsu c from Dr. E. Clarkson Long, e x ecutive- Fund was founded in 1944 by

to parking and license identi hoodlums.On May 17 the Federal Government secretary of the Michigan Academy of General Dr. Frederick D. Patterson, then One of those still in jail is

fication. He was released on a brought suit against Practice in Detroit while Charles M. Cofflaan President of Tuskegee Institute. James B. Robinson, CORE executive
104 bond. .. In explaining
$ secretary.
Harrison County, Miss, to open ( ) of the sponsoring firm 1 o o k s on. ___ It seeks $2,250,000 annually for
Mayor Jimmy Brown called _.... right apportionment among 33 private why he and some of the others
the demonstration "orderly," the beach to Negroes. And this Honoree is Howard U.Medical school grad.Grant accredited Negro colleges located had refused bail, Robinson said
week the U. S. District Courtat
but told the wade-ln leaders he Biloxi heard a motion by 32 .. is ,for deserving young physicians wishing to in the 12 states havingthe I "Law is supposed to be a resection

was "sorry 'to see this happen." that be joined with further medical education in residency at accredited largest Negro populations.John of justice. So if the
Negroes they
He then said he would ask the D. Rockefeller, III, is chair- I ,law is unjust then the only place
the Federal Government as hospitals. :
of the Fund's National for a just man to be is in jalL"I
man ,
suit. The
plaintiffs in the court 4I
Knoxville Gets is expected to rule on their mo Council. I Those arrested with Robinson

tion. .. NAACP Official Announces Plans To Colleges to be granted scholarships 'are Alice Parham, 28; Carl Yea-

The prospective\ plaintiffs are during 1960 arc: Benedict ger. Jr., 38; Henry Pringle, 17;

Grade A YearDesegregation represented by NAACP General Intensify Organization's Vote Drive College Columbia, S. C.; Be- I Barry Cohen, 21; James H.Lane,
Counsel Robert Carter and Attorney thune-Cookman College Daytona '23; Robert Paul Young 20; Mar-

A. P.-Tureaud of New Charlotte C.'- Kelly M, Beach, Fla.; Dillard University i Tin-Robinson. 25, a CORE field

Orleans. Alexander, chairman of.the voter Negro voting, he- declared. Is ference in Charlotte. N. c., January ; New Orleans. La.; Paine i secretary; Thomas Rowland, 23;
.' registration committee of the the fear among election officials 30-31 Mr. Alexander ar College, Augusta Ga.; Philander Thomas Gaither 21; Oliver St.

Federal I National Association for the Advancement and other white "that nouneed. In addition to his roll Smith College, Little Rock, Ark.; Pee; Angeline Butler, 21; Ber-
Judge Robert persons
approved the Knoxvllls L. Taylor school I Professors' of Colored People, .Negroes want to take over." Thisis In the voter registration campaign Spelman College, Atlanta, Ga.; nard Lafayette, 20; Dorothy Miller .

board' grad.- .yest school aeseg- Give lhis.week announced an intensification not our aiu. We simply wantallquali1ied Mr. Alexander is a member Knoxville College, Knoxville, I 22; Joseph Perkins 26; and

relation plan Friday. during 6O, of the citizens to be registered of the NAACP national .Tenn.; Livingstone College, Salisbury Patricia and Priscilla Stephens
The ruling means that approximately Dismissal Association's driv.0 a Board of Directors,' and. president had in
17 ReasonsSouthern '. expand to votee"The ... I N. C.; Talladega College, who served 49 days jail
enter the city's Negro first grade. will measurably the Negro vote. of the North Carolina State Talladega, Ala.; Wiley College, in Tallahassee for their part in
previously til-white drive is less a
school Aug. 31. University, Baton Special effort; be said, would more.or Conference of NAACP Branches. Marshall Texas; and Hampton a sit-In.
stimulation of already
In approTlB the 'plan Taylor Rouge, La. -Dr. George L. Rob- be made to set up the word an established Institute, Hampton, Va. A crowd of more than 100
amid that It ."Menu to offer moreul.ty inson, 36-year-old political-science among' churches. Some 1,700 campaign,by the NAACP Welfare Workers supporters filled the courtroom
Mr. asserted.
and assurance for an, orderly professor, said he was dismissed clergymen, leaders in ,community for the arraignment.
profrftjtion: toward a fully "Although the vote drive is nationwide -
unified fenooi 1)'Item.DESEQUOATE ." because he was the only professorin affairs throughout the South the major emphasiswill Launch Strike
the are being encouraged to take .
YEARLY university who supported -
be in the South where the
Taylor aleS that student demonstrations, a charge active roles in the campaign. smallest proportion of -1 FIRST tin
-when the risks Negroes
The church Mr. Alexander In } 1t
also Philadelphia t'LQSS
of which this court is cognizant denied by the college.In is registered. This is an important '

are taken into account, plan nine addition, at Vanderbilt University pointed out, ?is one of tie most election year and we think : JOBS ** '
Philadelphia (ANP) Loyal 1- i
aeems meet
the teats laid down
in ;
Nashville the potent influences ;
expulsionof the
by the Supreme Court." com we will get results. welfare workers whose job is to rUM'
The plan the Rev. James M. Lawson, munity and we1 feel that voter A southwide
Taylor approved was meeting with secure public assistance for the RSTCLASSr,
one of nine the board studied after Jr., for his sit-in activity broughtmass registration is a citizenship re- NAACP'leaders, representatives needy, went on strike last week, rl aye,

attorneys for Negro children resignations of Divinity sponsibility" which should be of the Southern Christian Leadership declaring they are underpaidand DOLLARS e>
brought suit to desegregate the of
School concern to
religious leaders.
/CA0010 inPoplarville 3940 faculty members and Conference, and others is overworked and live undera ,
threats of supporting resignationsin "If 'half the church members scheduled -
for Atlanta, January wage scale that hasn't been
other sections of the university. registered we would have more 8. Among persons. scheduled to increased since 1936
IsSegued This situation was partially than 3,000,000 Negro voters in attend the NAACP -
resolved : conference ,are The 700 strikers are membersof -
when a compromise the South he said. Executive Secretary Roy- ,
was State Employes' Local 1623, ;
By effected whereby Mr. Lawsonwas The campaign envisions,the Wilkina; Rev. Martin Luther and pickets in front of the State I
given the right to return to establishment voter within churches of King of the Leadership Conference Ode banding declared they are 6 '
get his degree after completing registration clinics designed Mr. Alexander; John just as' much in need of relief I
Guilt And Fear studies elsewhere, but the resig- In to. instruct church members Brooks, director of the NAACP's as the clients they serve. Signs

nation of Dean Robert Nelsonwas registration procedures, roadblocks voter registration campaign in proclaimed{ : "We're living on
New York, N. Y. -The white ,.and tests.
population of Poplarville, Miss.. accepted.The One roadblock to increasedElks the South, and others. starvation wages, under outmoded I.ht.t., by M. J, Porter

is "wrenched by conflict between SCEF statement also noted Also scheduled is a two-da working conditions." WHEN WHITE PEOPLE join Negroes in public expressions of sup-

dread and gulit" over the that "there is no way of guessing statewide political action con "We can stand a bit of relief port, as in this recent interracial picket line in New Orleans the

lynching of Negro Mack Parker, how many superior teachers have Recognize ourselves". struggle becomes sharing. process.

a magazine editor.. declared to- left the South quietly and voluntarily

in recent years because Women Officials t
in the current issue of they could not continue to func-

Look' Magazine Georgiaborneditor tion where freedom of expressionwas
George Leonard Jr. said stifled." At Convention .

he found during a recent visit "If we drive from our schools

to Poplarville that people were : and colleges every person who The Grand Temple of the is name
Grand of the
Lodge Improved
tryini'desperately to'force the think for himself' the statement -a your
Benevolent Protective Order of
ugly matter from their conscious said "we will destroy education :
Elks of the World held their
minds" itself .,. The ultimate.losers are
The people of Poplarville our young people and, of course, Fifty-eighth Convention in Chicago H .
HL from 22 !
Aug. through :
ware obviously' trying to fool our democracy which to survive

themselves. Some of the less educated must have citizens trained to Aug.One 28,of, the 1960.outstanding occasions in the book ?

already has woven a web think, not robots trained to con was the conferring of the
of fantasy to protect them from form." Emma V. Kelly Achievement
their own feelings," Leonard
Award to the following nine Negro
wrote. Lexington women members of the state

min Ht that said"most he was people"told in by Pop-one legislature: ., ,e., 'iL1r.1 ej .. . ._ . .

Lunch Counters .
Mrs. Sarah A. Anderson,mem- :
.lanrillt think that the Parker ...-'
ber of the Pennsylvania State
cue was "a frame-up by the
NAACP/ and that "there wasnt Desegregate Legislature; Mrs. Bessie A. Bu- _. '
chanan member of New York's
no rapt and there wasn't no -
lynching. LEXINGTON, Ky. Lunch State Legislature; Mrs. Irma

The Parker cue made Inter- counters in four Lexington dime George Dixon, member of Maryland You can't voteifyou're

national headlines last April stores opened this week to end State Legislature; and Mrs.

when Parker was dragged from. I seventeen-month campaign by Elizabeth Drewry, member of *7'J\ not
the CORE announced
'!>> West Virginia State Legislature;
a oplanm* jail by a band of
Julia Lewis, chairman of the Mrs. Frances R. Jones, member 7' 7' .
masked men two days before
local CORE croup.NeloUations registeredWhen
he of Pennsylvania State Legislature 1c.1c.
wu'to fo on trial for ripla -
with the managers ; Mrs. Blanche P. McSmith -
a pregnant white .
woman. of the Woolworth, Kr 'Ie.1dtCro1'7 member ol Alaska State Legit "
Nint days later Mi bullet-rid. When you graduate from high school!, they
and H. L. Green stores lature; Mrs. Susie Monroe,mem- \
den body was r eoyue4'from. -1c. put your name in the school
had begun in March 1959. Negotiations ber of Pennsylvania State Legis-
the Purl River. proceeded for months latureMrs.; Verda F. Welcome, --r' \ When you have a telephone installed they
Leonard said b'Look that he \
before the CORE group began 'member of the 1dar1land'State put your name in the telephone book.

was told that by a.ths Southern local newspaperman attitude- picketing.and sit-ins. [lLegislature. \ But you and only you-can get your name

iupportiag the lynching was far Judge Bart Peake had been Mrs.Alice S. Hannibal 1 in the most important book of all-the( roll

more central when the story asked to call the managers of was given a special award -of Registered Voters of your precinct-the

rake than most of the local all restaurants together to agree for being the first Nezro'wouwr "Election Book."

leaders art now willing to admit -. on a Joint opening. This failed in the south to be,elected.to a 1- \ And if you're not in the book, you ought
but laid the.groundwork for later city council B 1 to,be. '

efforts. 1 Because, if you're not registered,you can't

get in the poljs come Election Day.

\ You can't even vote for dog catcher-

much less mayor councilman congressman,

senator, or president-unless your name is
a in the book.
You don't even have the right to complain

',. unless you're registered and vote.

So don't cut'Yourself out of this year's key

i elections. Get your name in the book. A lot

'vat of your friends: and neighbors are already

IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, OR listed there. If you know of one who isn't,

COME, OF AGE SINCE THE LAST take him with you when you go to register
on this "Roll of Honor" of Americans. And *

ice f ELECTION. read this then-we'll see you at the polls!

.4'N&P' I MUOtSI! Even if you had previously FltSTVOTfftSliryouhavt
registered under your celebrated your 211 birth .
maiden aim, you have to day since the last election (or '
register afain under your If you will be 21 by Election B e sure
"new" name. Be sure your Day), get your name in the ..
.. TREAT YOURSELF TO "married name" to in he book. 1" t\ :
MWlHS OP TMf AMK> .1" .: !, '
-. MOVftS!If you have moved FOftCH-see your Voting :: :: you're registered
CANADA DRY BOURBON from the product when you Officer for "the word" on "
wars previously registered how you can vote. '. 44'"
you have/to/ register *ni n. GOING AWAY IlICTION ,
Make sum your new adore. DAY Vole ant-b/ Atwen- "W
IT'S "AMERICA'S FINEST" fe lath book! tee Ballot. (8)) REGISTER AT -..


lJIHt iTwuiT WISH tflitfttu rtttf HUH HT inmun II.IIHIUITIUC.01111111 ettfrCci County Court House

-. ... :,.-' '. .1 ,,. ,

-. ,. ,,: f J =1


Ii : -

=l ,,,', .
v < '}.

IfVeek Ending'SatmdaySePteber 10,1960 Tj'lLQr! ..Sdi':,. :,. age Snm

r i ,.: -
r .r "
':.r.; ;f' '

I..... -


I'i SPORTING IT OP- y"'a {p : D ; ,Newcombe Public Says:

I Resented-
:: __ _
: *
I i4 ; ( His Business
i Are*;>ev. ccacfcH'fem Mi ,-John Thomas, former first 1

.t -'io H* ira y Wildcat stiff string quarterback at Southern ; ?. 4yt Los. Angeles Major
r ,.."Ooacfl'Loar! prepared to field university, has been signed by
: .. Set*edition orth local Purple the Boston Patriots of the. American : : league baseball pitcher Don
HPd IWfe, J.Tcntst "Shipwreck"ZeDey Football League, but : l 'Newcombe' said Monday that he
'*&: again be Long! firrtItaztesast will not operate from the slot 1 is going to tell his valuable Newark

position for ,the new pro team. X J., liquor store because
f A fie to the WD ealeta according" to an Announcementfrom the city's Negroes not only fail

Hone'Austin, former star the unaentity.Tfa ; A g ed to support it but apparently
'ffi Albany State college, resented his business success.In .
terre u end coach.Ana- -" United States is 3- t __ addition he said, the store
tin.will alto, be bead basketball 'superior In track and field be
of bar-
has been target police
tine tor- sad',wHMiare charge of cause it has so many Negroes a .
the Wfley tennis .pmape ta! next on its team according to menv k4 rassment.
,. Doing good job of rebuild
Ipring. a
begs of the Soviet Union's Olym-
'r I. J2spy of Idaho state wfflssist&ney 'pie delegation. 4 h w :ys ing his once shaky baseball career

with the backfield. ..rt combe had an impres-
,') Tie former Body Mountain' con Ia aa Interview title week Gri- she 1953 season with the Cincinnati
'iezenet.atar..all-aroaad athlete was gent Kuknihkia, director etBuaata'i Y4rs1 rtcdlegs after being sold
!t 'a' standout In football boxing and central planningboard :F '1 .rS 4iItj by the Dodgers when he ran
for the training of athletesstated
prior to his
( graduation In
'I' into front office difficulties because
that Negroes "spe
1859. HU official position at Wiley
\ is director of subsistence, but he is eta physical endowment for .; of a fear of fljinj. The
expected to give aid to the staff I' sports." big fireball ace consulted a hypnotist -

.ia football and track. Ha added that the physical or help in overcoming

Earnest James, a 1960 graduateof characteristic of Negroes cave his fear and today says he not
f "Wiley returns to his alma mater them aa advantage Kukushkia only has no fear of flying but

in the capacity of line coach. Despite aIM said, "They harea differ has even been considering studying -

fiix. inexperience, Long be- eat nervous&' system. for a pilot's license.
[jj, lieves that James win make one of
It was also pointed out that But ever since opened the
the outstanding' young coaches- in approximately 40% of the men's place in 1958. I\c been having
U the
Sixty candidate for the 1960 U.S. track and field team are all kinds of difficulties with that
Negroes. Twenty Negroes are liquor store inewark," the
7squad are expected to be on hand
on the team. Thirteen of the 18
here on .Thursday September 1, member U.S. women's lowering fastball pitcher n 's.
Ft .When,the locals begin prepping for One guy said my brother Harold -
team are Negroes. The headcoach
a rough I960 grid schedule which of the women's team is t k': and I beat him up. Thenit
U u. follows: came out in court that the
also a Negro. He's Ed Temple of I .-
September.24-Bishop at Bishoptight Tennessee State. fellow was an ex-cop who was
[ ). .., '
wes kicked off the force after just
October 1-Alcorn at Alcorn,
(night). Maryland State Athletic ..Commission I 2{ two months. Thh week m\ brother

October S-Open, I took Bay Robinson's costenteation i has to ;o Jo court because

f October. '17-Priirie View at Dal- I that he failed to keep a box- some while girl shouted' 'New-
(Cotton Bowl) (night). fag date here May IS because of combe's place when the police

f October'22-Arkansas at Mar- a misunderstanding in good faith asked her where she bad been

night). and lifted the former middleweight : drinking. She had ncr been in

> October 29-Texas Southern at champion's suspension.The the-place but once and she was
sustoa. commission chairman,
out that time.
November 5-Jacksbs at Marfjhall Charles Rosenbaum, said Robinson's FLOYD PATTERSON World's Heavyweight Champion, is of identical quads. Pet Milk Company protegees since put

,;at 2 pm.November fine ring.career "was a factor cdmirad by Althea Gibson, Women's Tennis Champion, birth, the pretty teens are on a summer tour of Midwest Newcombe declares that the
12-5outhera at Baton In the decision which, ... not too store grossed nearly S280.000 its
November 18-(kaabhcg at difficult to make." Nevertheless _and the Fulrx,Quadruplets one of the world's rare sets cities. first year of operation but has

Rouge.' the commission admonished Sugar been falling off steadily e\cr:

Marshall, 'at 2 p.m. (,Homecom ring Ray to"set_ the example" a the Banks roBe Grid Slate Announced By Arthur Ashe since. T\c had four or five major .

ia, ). fame. police complaints to answer,"
November 24-Texas college at The commission suspended Robinson Defeats StewartIn he asserts. -It looks like the
lyler. indefinitely at a hearing May HonoredSports
19 for failing to siow.up for. May: Bethune Cookman people or the police or both of
I IS.fight Baltimore's. Memorial ATA Finals them together are trying to harass
-- While heavyweight champion i Stadium against Pedro Gooiales.Boseabaom WritersChicago me out of business:'

Floyd Patterson is traveling' : told'Robinson! :."You'' HAMPTONVirginiaArthur The thing that has botheredhim
Swedes Ernie BEACH Bcthune-Cookman College
through exhibition Fla.-
I most be about 40 and close to has been
th Ashe, the 17'ear-old slasher most, however,
tour, Ingemar Johsmson, the man ilanksl the National League mbst iettermen this
twilight of We I wont have 16 returning year
I your career. hop .
he dethoraed two months is valuable from Richmond. Virginia is the hte lack of community support
ago, player and RBI
anrfcmsly sweating out the yon have many more bouts and:we king says Coach Bunky Matthews who states he will new ATtennis rhampion for for his business enturr.

proposed dost want to stop at this stage head a list of baseball stars who
title rematch between them, flwjrame."* you. JT "" TJe- will be honored at the 20th annual have to depend on inexperienced freshmen i n 1960 The thin youngster. asenior "Because of my baseball career -

ia much .the s-unt manner txoiteri doialnated'the 'annuaMld; diamond dinner of the key positions.'However, he states the Wildcats! at Maggie Walker High I han never been able to-
a* PatterMB following bit knock in Richmond took, the line from be in the store more than a few
out by lagemar In 1850. western golf tournament. here.te; Chicago Baseball Writers at the are well thought of in the 18 member Southern
the !ix-time former ATA champion months out of a 3ear. but when-
Irked when the cently. Palmer House here, Jan. 17. He Athletic Association.
recently Intercollegiate
promo The men's championship was will be : George Stewart natne1 t\tt I've been there I could see
tors of future: Sports Inc honored along with Nel
him m early negotiations for won by ODeH.Bradley, Detroit, lie Fox of the White Sox, who l Matthews continues by born Panamanian, now residingin people walking right past my

I&. fight! Fattersos has said ha with Joe Reese, from Dayton, the won the MVP award in the saying he doe n't have follows: September 17, Washington D. C.. by scores door going down the street to

definitely,will not fight os the prO. nmnerup. American League. enough reserve strength Fort '%&lley State-there of 6-2, 6-2, 63.Displaying make their purchases in another
Alice Stewart .copped the 'wom, the of veteran store. When I asked why, I was
posed November 1 date, and there South poise a -
slugging Chicago Cubs'&hortstop although he labels his September
was talk that the fight wont beheld 's'-division crows, and the run. campaigner, the tall, pleas- told that these people were saj-
another Motor and Fox each will reeehe "a Carolina State- Home
nerup was City starting team real ;
until next year. ant youngster; belied his appear. ing 'I'm not going to buy from
t Last week Johansson! expressed linkswomao Thelma Simmons. an award as Chicago's good one." He antici- Albany State College- ance as he unleashed his power him so he can be riding around
The senior honors went to Tom player of the
year. They will be
optimism about the bout but admitted I Home October 1 Oct. rut rounded in biz Cadillac.' Tie 11
Western Inkster UtUc and Adelaide pates defensive weakness ; game, featuring a a jot
f it jaigtt hit a He nil { among six honored guests.to be ,
he would fight Patterson m Los Anf Adams, Washington, D. C. cited at the dinner. The othersare through loss of 8Morris Brown College vicious overhead and scrucr. years of my major league ca
( Ell Butts copped the first flight combined with precision ground recr tied up in that bu'mc s and
eles' is Robin ThereOctober 15Bene-
November. 1 have already Roberts, Hank Bauer, the two top men each
for men aid Edith Ewan, Flint, strokes all blended into a truly I guess I'd better salvage whatI
with the promotersand Glen Hobble and Jiramie Dykes. at guard and the departure dict College There; **
.for: my aide, it's fine. Fatter Mich., bagged similar laurels, devastating: combination. can, he concluded.The .
Banks is
a two-Uroe of|
the winner October A. Ashe. who had defeated Slew-
sos may have something to say, S&U8C- women.: the through graduation 22Florida store will be put up for
MVP ,award .
but thats not my problem," he explained. In 1958. having won it of his best two lineBackers and M.University (Home art a month earlier in Washington ; sale, Newcombe says as soon as
The Roman Emperor Nero was D. C., convinced the large the mod recent complaint:
but he thinks coming-230 pm.Home;
dictator also
i ,. i I a as regards Olympics. audience overflowing in the
The 211th edition of the ana 14 Lettermen his offensive will be October 29-Open; Nov. stands thst his previous victory is settled.
(Kid) Paret of Cuba, neirly-crowa* dent lames were postponed twJeatl Morris
better. College-Home; was no fluke, as he literally gave
| :
ed'vtMerweight boxing champ m. because Nero said he- was
last week dropped a surprise upset too busy to so to Greece. Bolster Albany An eight game sched- November 12-Open; Nov. the veteran Panamanian a lesson

decision Jo fame Denny Meyer Wrestling made its first appear ule faces the Wildcats 26Allen UniversityThere. in bard accurate tennis.

In an overweight, nontitle bout lance at. the STttr edition of the State HopesALBANY
with the 1959'National .
is Madison Snare .Garden, is ''ancient Greek games In 632, B.q.1' -
'which, a low blow delivered by the Ga.- Fourteen let. College Champions Fla. All bcae games will

cfeaap. proved the deciding! factor. 12 76 49 termen, including ten first-string A & M University a shoBeccedng be played at Welch Those

The split decision went against players, are expected in the Al foes. Memorial; StadiumGameTime sy
Faret,attar: the seventh round was 854 30 326
'tan: avay from .hfas for low bany State College Fall training The schedule is as 8:00 p. m. except who

Hows particularly a left hook toP camp, Sept. L homecoming
$ body. Faret Watch This down
concentrated oa
Head coach Obie O'Neal will live in'k..
body blows throughout fight
Hayer mixed Us Pmchu,-1t :Sq have a light yet speedy and 10 Negro Stars

with short,. straight pencils 2 8 aggressive veteran unit to open

Ifct tight was a close'one, starttU 2 I. 8 the season with Miles College ofBirmingham To ,ParticipateIn Coach Wins style. .

Qat slow and,encUq In furious Sept. 24. in-Albany. 4

*e &Agei. Is several of these u. 7' 8 Bowl
&tsje, Pam shook Moyervbat The Golden Rams' will be defending Pro Game Title First
their: Southeastern Athletic
tA* Fofgaad, Ore, 'fighter held
53 SS 68 Conference Championshipwhich Chicago Three tan
oa and fought back each time. Year At
Moy! r'was awarded the decision 296 they have won in alter players *ill represent the eastern MVQItta
oa''fire.cards of Beferee Al B rl nate years ('3 -'37.39J. division and seven will be -. Benz Miss4 -John 1c

I andJaid: !! Tony CasteHaaL The 8ometsaoe WI op on the western squad in the Anthony Bell, head football
olhet.,stlge.TteyKossi, toted fer eomet4aes be>e down Despite the return of his com annual Pro Bowl game in Los coachof Mississippi Vocational

Paget V M-l, the same margin al- He, adds, subtracts. plete starting unit except &11. Angeles January 17. college, won the distinction of S

lowed' Moyer WxaQow jodfes. He wades it aB mrotmdComing SEAC halfback; Eddie Robinson, The representation on the east gaining'the South Central Athletic :

Paret Won fhVtitle from.Doa Jordaa Attraction O'Neal" relates that aU positions will be exclusively offensive per. Conference football championship .

:1- ,pditeaia, two;*yvto. '.......... are'open. "Hard work will haveto formers. Jim Brown of,he in his initial year at
75 07- 95 compensate for the short 3 Cleveland Browns will be .j
the the helm of the Delta Devils, as
weeks in which-we.will have to No. 1 fullback. Other
: playersselected his team finished the, season N
get ready," emphasized the veteran include 'a pair of deviating with a 3-1 record. q : t

You Don't Hare to Go to Torn to Get mentor. Mockers tackle Roojfc- Losing only to Alcorn college t

O'Neal expressed his disap welt 'Brown of the eastern in conference play, liVe down. 1 1

LOW pointment,.With the team work champs, the New York Giants, Paul Quinn. Leland and Mississippi '

PRICES and synchronization his and John Steelers.Nisby, of the, Pittsburgh Industrial college. Alcorn, f's

championship aquad. He says however, finished behind 'the
DRUG he will stick with the slot-T offense Picked on the western offensive Devils. with a record of 22.

STORE HEEDS but put, more emphasis squad were Jim Parker, Bell attributed the success of

on.it than he has previously. offensive tackle and Lennie the team, dominated by freshman
OB Vow )Moore halfback both of Baltimore and ."their "
sophomores to
trade With Yottr NeigUwtood Drag Star* Line coach Ken Dunson and and J. D. Smith, ,Saa never say die spirit*

backfield coach Joe Mitchell will Francisco, !fullback, also on the. I G0RDOIIGIN
WE WILL He hopes to do even better demand
MEET ANY FJUdfi ADVERTISED again work with their respective offensive unit >
next and has
season revealed
units Defensive unit
IN YO LOCAL PAPtftSWe includes Gea
Games with three SIAC and 4 Lipscomb, another Baltimore plans for an intensive talent .

Sr, r We AJpo'11! 4t Da loet ?,tnsiyWrDixie ;, SEAC teams compose part of the performer, at tackle; Lunar .' land hunt top throughout stars.the state- to the finer If you things have, a always taste .for ask forGordon's ,

nine-game Albany State College Lundy, Los Angeles, end, and prep
cttr/cntfp London Gin.
football slate. defensive inarti Erich Dry

Pharmacy Barnes chIcago Bears, i.ndhe So smooth and dry... :::-
Defending Southeastern "Con Woodson, San Francisco of such cSdica flavor... .

im Terence champions, the Golden Parker r..relief.. you can enjoy it STRAIGHT Mrs
df a* Roosevelt and .
XOAD N IbIIIL1I Av--. Rams, under Head Coach Obie' Jimmy aaral4arThere's .
,80.'tFd .. Mitl 48' O'Neal, Ken Dunson line), and Brown and Moore were named

PAY YOUR I.lGHT .Joe Mitchell (backfield wfflr* to the first AU.Pio'oeJUive .boyfmr- no oi like (GORDONSm (
WATER AND : team'.eJected by
again,play home games, in Cardinal : NEA.Scrvice. _
BILLS AT OUR STORE Park pending completion* picked Nisby ea the and second, Smith unit-were* 9r./.A O,..$d'a flOf Grt.n e0Y.0.11.MevafeiaC % wai nn muo net (lama mar;'1OI'JQI111'f' a CL1T1.ucu.1.1,

of a 7500 seat 0I1-e-: us.


<11.E1ti -
.< .


L-.." t'k THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending SaturdaySepteaber 101460y

< Starts Sunday
UsED >ff* A it*.


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it y. ;
T: hill

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IvM 9-6955 t bedroom apt. with kltrhen. I

-.r bath and thing room Phone
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HUDDLED ON AFRICA Former Gov. Aver- the UN.. Standing is Ernest Dunbar, an Amer You can't voteifyou're i BARBER PLUS #2AMAZING
Ill Harriman (left), who is making trip to ican and an authority on African affairs I Sa TRANSPARENT
West Africa as a representative of presidenwho will accompany Mr.. Harriman on- his & If
tial candidate Sen. John Kennedy, talking to trip. Photo was taken in the Hotel Barclay, notregistered Apprentice MAN"HIT
Antoine Gizenga, deputy premier of the Congo 48th St. and Lexington Ave.. where the Congolese #3"SITTING
and head of special Congolese delegation- to delegation:. to the UN is staying.Catholics Needed at Once BULL" 1
--;- to Manage

!New Dean NY Doctor Well Established Shop SKYVIEW SUMTV Sx -


Howard Carries On 742 Tyler StEL49447I "THE WILD RIDE"

-Mrs. Miller- PLUS \

fn Congo 'n $595 Cash Mon Nite. ,

D. C. -. How First Time Offered 1Be
ard University officials today an NEW YORK, N. Y.. Dr. Wil New Houses Sure To Visit The Fountainette
flounced the appointment 01 liam T. Close, formerly Chief ,,-
Spottswood W% Robinson, III, 44 Resident Surgeon at Roosevelt
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Five of Richmond, Vai, noted civi Hospital here, is one of two white ..FAYETTE SUB-DIVISION Sundries
areas of race relations were rights lawyer and Southeast re doctors in charge of an 1800-bed 33rd Street at Spires '
f ? **'k *
gional: counsel Congolese hospital in an unprotected '
for the
explored by five different a! 1ll9/Gt R
dean of the Howard School of area of Leopoldville. Dr. for YourCoametica
speakers here during thefirst
to the Congo three $53.00 month
Law. He succeeds Dr. Close came per
annual meeting of the National -- Bby Needs
Catholic Conference for Interracial Madison Nabrit, Jr. who was ap months ago with a force of Moral Open Sunday 2 to 4 p.m. Breakfast lunch Snacks 'atent Medicmet Sund,..,
pointed Re-Armament at .
president of Howard in
Justjce which 'ended Sunday July. the Congolese and the Bel J.7' Pit BarBQ ServedFAST FREE DELIVERY
'' .
_-"f-:' '' ewNEH _
Dean Robinson has been gians. : William 'Doc' Jimrson Prop. Call PO 54572Pr
Heading the a
Carlos P. Romulo list, was Philippine Gen. practicing attorney in Virginia, 0 and When all the hell Congo broke army loose mutinied, Euro r D (C3Lj?
Ambassador to the U. S., who specializing in civil rights cases, Congo Riverto 111E ( l j
discussed "Human Relations on for since the 1948. He served as counsel peans Brazzaville poured across by the thousands D e) u Ti--
the International Scene;" while Negro students of Prince and the shortage of doctors was I .
the Rev William J. Kenealy, a Edward County in one of the :
law professor at Loyola University. cases which culminated in the acute.The New York doctor's offer COSTS, YouLESS t _
Chicago spoke on "Civil Supreme Court's decision outlaw gladly
voluntarily was
to help
Rights Legislation of the 1960's." ing racial segregation in public 'Among his first pa
George Schermer, executive dI. schools in 1954. tients were wounded Congolese
rector of the Philadelphia Com The new dean is a native of soldiers; and there is no more THEY ARE GOOD.
minion on Human Relations, Richmond and a graduate of Vir ,, bitter man in the.world today
who made a study of relations ginia Union
race University in that than a Congolese soldier shot by
in St. Louis in 1949 after city. He holds the Bachelor of Belgian bullets. They operated
the racial clash at this city's Laws degree from Howard, and and night. '- .
morning, noon .p.re Now For A Good 'eriA'
Fairgrounds Park covered "The served on the Howard Law facul One Nun ._ In Berber
2 POWDERS; : S4.JZ POWDER ?5? 24 POWDFRag.- Coreer 'ng
Interrelationships of Problems of ty from 1939 to 1918. As a studentat In the last four weeks Dr. Close Enroll Now In The South' Finest
Racial Discrimination." Howard, Dean Robinson ac- has done more surgery than in PHOTOGRAPHS FOKEVERY << Ccl'ece' Gi Approved
Father LaFarge Speaks hieved the COLLEGE
highest scholastic av- any three months of his workin FLORIDA BARBER
-- Harold Fleming, executive director erage in the history of the School New York. In New York he Branch
of the Southern Regional of had a laboratory, X-ray techni OCCASION 630 Dam; At Beaver-Phone n 5-917.

Council, explored "The South To- Law.MAN cians, an anaesthetist, several as .... .... -.::-"* -,
> day and the Future." while the IS STABBED sistants and nurses. In Leopoldville -'''''''*.:-.? ucptrt Photography -

nevI John LaFarge of NewYork' WITH PARING KNIFE he has the help of one nun. 3y -J Portrait Wddlng Basquta
honorary chaplain of the
4 Passports 8e Idt-ntiflcatlon Photo*
conference and founder of the 1
Photostats & Commercial Work
Catholic interracial movement Charlie Buck

the addressed conference.The the .closing banquet of 30, of 1111 Price Jackson 0 St. NBA EndorsesStudent } Photos WMU For Newspaper You Walt Cuts ATTENTION READERS!

four-day 0 meeting included was stabbed in the ._ z:1: Coloring & Picture Framing .
five clinics and five workshops, left arm at the elbow Let Us Tak: A Photo Of Yon
including one for the south.
during a fight with SitinsAt
Other workshops were on discrimination In Natural Color
and justice in employment Miss Marie Pitts of A
school desegregationand the same address. its annual meeting in Phila EftYAVERY'S t,
education, housing and delphia, Pa., August 24-27, ?t PHOTO STUDIO
Miss.Pitts said her
neighborhood life and Civil the Sheraton Hotel, 300 delegates You Asked For If Now Hear This ,
Rights including restaurant ac reason for stabbing of the National Bar Association 1674 Kings Rd.- Next to EWC Library .

commodations.The Jackson was becausehe from 30 states, by resolution endorsed Phon EL 4-7635 For Appotntns.nx.orl .
Rev. Patrick J. Molloy, was choking her. and supported the current
founder and chaplain of the host
Catholic Interracial Council of She said while he was "sit-in lunchcounter demonstra- Starting Tuesday. September 13 1
St. Louis, delivered the sermon choking her she picked tions."

during a Pontifical Mass during up a paring knife and The Resolutions Committee,
which Archbishop second floor .
stabbed him.The-v1ctim ,headed by Judge Lewis Clymer
St. Louis was celebrant.
of Kansas City, Mo., Chairman The FLORIDA "
was treated at Duval STARwill
Medical Center. and former NBA President and Vounq| (Den's Shop3tucenfj ,

Congo And Patrolmen C.C.Rhodenand Sidney R. Redmond, St. Louis be published )
Mo., Chairman and former NBA

Israel InTrade W.H.Ruby. investigated President, and Sidney R. Red- Twice Weekly
mond. St. Louis, Mo..
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TEL AVIV Israel Israeli !
experts will leave shortly for the ill, mind. tlif wit
Republic of the Congo and Congolese -
trainees are to come to 1 move on our part and at great
Israel later for courses in leadership
it was announced this expense is being done .
week in a joint statement by
Premier Fulber Youloii of the 1 In response to your hundreds of requests
Congo Republic and President It- ,
mat Ben-Zvi of Israel. for .
The statementwas made as
Premier Youloii prepared to return More UNBIASED News
to his capital of Brazzavillein I
the former French colony
which is cow an independent republic A Newspaper To Serve the Peoples Interest I
in the French Community. t
15 Requests
The Premier attended the International
Conference on Sciencein THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST
the Advancement of New
States which ended last week in !

IsraeL You Can Help Us By
Abba Eban president of t'ae fhcrc'5 a Chancaccaunt5int: fnr you boys S

Weiimann Institute of Science S fifteen and over too Mmll weekly pay- Sending in Your News Early- -,
said Israel was considering re ,
quests for aid from fifteen coon meets will lust suit you. Ak for a card 1i

tries. He said that Ghana had; like the one below .
asked for help in organizing science J .!
-- "
courses and that East an : ,
Welt Nigeria also had request ;; 1
V VAltSIXY Noon for Tuesday's Issue. Z
aid_ at the University level. ; SHOP Saturday ;
Tuesday Noon for Friday's Issue. *,
John Esquire
PoweH On Picket' -- -Name-- I }

Line In Md.WASHINGTON KEN KNIGHT Addr.sa34.Y14OLaa i -

Rep. Adam ,, Account No_Idjounq 0 Bring or Send Your News: t to ./ _:. f '1
Powell and three other Congressmen = Itxvitei You To Lilian To -...:.- o r I
--- : I
Joined a picket line here last 6 ..u I./
Tuesday at nearby Gkn Echo, ,' \ Florida Star
TRAIN"Starting Si
Md., amusement park to protest "KNIGHT a ure f

against the ban against Negroes.The fflen's f
other Congressmen included At 7:00 P. M. Nightly':- Shop ;0' 2323 Moncrief Road Phone EL 4-6782 1
Rep. Charles.Digs of Michigan
340 Main-Comer Dural Phase EL 9M71TSS
; Rep. Seymour Halpern, of S CUED MUST K fOUMllO WITH Alt tcaauss; I
Queens, N. Y.; and Rtp. Charles 1400 WRHC 14. L .-
O. Porter of Oregon. S :

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