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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 3, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 3, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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:i! >
"'; '
: .. '';-... '

y. I

it t f tr




-. '
: ....... _z---J.-.
\. A Negro, one of first is being arrested..but whites are still attackinghim.
1 t calm but police expected trouble.... Finally, he is rescued by County Patrolman.

You can't vote I i -.

'riot Victim's Death if registered you're not' 4 + R4

I : ,.
viiteiA CP ,

ircause!; Still A Mystery Plans Member AppealRichard Fined; IY.k

III k member Parker,26whiteNAACP and a stud-

FLOR41NO. ent "at Florida State

$T'// University that he stated will "defin-Thursday -

I .J.: itely" appeal a 90-'day White Mob Is Seen Weilding Axes, etc.

: Vol. 10-- 30 NEWS Seotember ,-lYbO aeckeonv 111e 9Florida vagrancy-_ r

Saturday Parkerarrested for partici-last .r -

Ministers Sentenced pation in the local ,
: NAACP Council sit-in I 1r

. movementwas fined$250or

i .. 90-days Monday in

Poor Law Enforcement 6 Months Jail Sentence, police After court.his trial andsentencing .
jf. '
Parker received -
Blamed For Race RiotIt $2000 Fine Given .MinistersTALLAHASSEE a fractured jawas f
the result of an
affray with A d rian
is just about generally agreed that poor, Refusal to answer questions of a Imus, a white man who
and in most case, one-sided law enforcementwas legislative committee resulted, in two Miami had been .ned for par-
directly responsible for the violence that clergymen being sentenced to six months in jail ticipating in 1 a st
A erupted last Saturday in Jacksonville and was with an additional fine of $2Cfc)0_.0: ) each on contempt Saturday's riot. .
followed by: a series of racial outbreaks. of court charges.Not Both men accused the 1WTwo -
Gov. LeRoy Collins who immediately jailedbut Repotedlythe two de- other ax-armed
of starting the men are seen. Note policeman
t blamed the riots directlyto who had lined up, at, several still free u n tilthey fe !.refused to say fight during their-trial
points to bar their '
the people of the file appeals t '0Florida' whe the ryor hot tney'' ere Wednesday. Both were
city and their elected reentry.The a supreme court members of the'national fined $25.NAACP. .
gang boys then returned -I are Revs. Theodore Gib-
officials said: "Unrest Association for the Advancement -
has been festering in, to Ashley Street son, president of Dade of Col ored 01;
Jacksonville for the past where, in retaliation, County NAACPand, Edward People.The Urges U Kf
they began throwing bot- Graham, past presidentBoth 4 -4
few months", and sunned defendants refusedto
tles and whites Selective
are Miaraiams.
up the situation by say- produce membership t
passing in cars. By this Circuit Court Judge W.
ing that poor housingand lists of the organization. -
recreational facilities time the State Highway May Walker who presidedover Buying HereIn 3 .
patrol and the Naval the men's hearing
two -
were among the major In passing s entence,
Shore Patrol had b
causes for the unrest. een Wednesday, allowed Judge Walker stated that I
called in and Ashley them to post bond thus its Sunday mass
The violence that came, when an NAACP member of
began Saturday morning street took on the appearance allowing them to be free such individuals of any meeting, the Jackson-
when large gangs o f of a city under until the State Supreme other organization refuses ville NAACP passed a i
white males armed with marshal law with lawmen Court reviews their appeals to answer questions strong resolution urg-
baseball batsax, handles brandishing and tear of 'conviction.InfacLng of State of Flor- ing all Negroes to ban
golf clubs (some partly gas guns. a legislative ida investigating committees patronage at all busi-
wrapped with By nightfall, one white committee's investigation .j
paper) and and the mandateof ness places practicing
youth who had been stab of communist infil-
walking canes lined up state judiciary,"de racial discrimination.The
bed in' the chest by a tration into Dade Coun-
on Hogan street in the mocracy will crumble and resolution, the Youth holds sign that rephrases NAACPWreckage
vicinity of Hemming Park Negro and: was erroneously ty's NAACP, the two freedom will be de- NAACP continues, urged
reported dead, IJ Negroes clergymen regused t o
while police cars pa- stroyed : Negroes to stop buyingall
troled the area without shot by whitesnot answer questions,countering Both Gibson and Graham daily newspapers J Y ,
attempting to disarm or seriously- white man with arguments 'had no consent to make practicing bias in news
disperse them.Ax handleswere who was hospitalized for that the investigatorswere regarding the judge's stories concerning Race
having acid thrown in interfering with
being passed out statement. members.
from a pile in Henming ,his face reportedly by their "civil rights.

Park in full view of the Cont. on page_8

_ police.The whitetrouble mak Inquest Set In Death of Negro Citizens UrgedTo

ers, many of whom were

out-of-town esidents Negro Riot VictimThe
who came in at daybreak, Help Keep Order
lined the sidewalks wait- mystery of whether Charlie Edward Davis,
ing for the appearanceof 27-year-old Negro died as the result of an auto So as to avoid any further racial disorders or
Negro pickets and sit accident or from a bullet in the head mayor conflicts the FLORIDA STAR is urging N e g ro a.
in demonstrators.Shortly may not be cleared up Tuesday when an inquest citizens to STAY AT HOME OVER THE WEEKEND,
after they appeared the will be held in the court of .Justice of the starting Saturday, through Monday.Stay at home
white mob began their .P.www -11ww.w.v.v.wiww.nPB swvwrv and Protect your homes. It is advised that you s
attacks of Negro youths. Davis died early last car with one presumably do your shopping at neighborhood stores and
Several members of Negro, Tuesday moming when the hitting the deceased. that you go downtown Saturday morning only if
gangs on the scene were car he was d riving Whether the service absolutely necessary. Go to church Sunday but
severly beaten and driven crashed into a utility station attendants are stay away from the local beaches on Labor Day. caused by home-made bomb is surveyedby
out of the downtownarea pole at Clay and State being held for investi- There have been reports that certain elementsof cleaning store operators.
while the police Streets. His companion, gation also remains in whites, many from out of town, plan to resume : -
watched and went to the 44-year old Willie Green conjecture.Green more violence on Saturday. These are sim- I : ; .
aid Negroes only after was taken to a local has been released ply rumors which may not be true, but for the _- '. ". : )
they felt that the Negro hospital for injuries without charged from safety of Negro and white citizens, alike, it _
victim had been beaten received. the hospital, eports would.be best for both groups that we do every-
enough. Invariably, the Reports that the car disclosed. thing possible to avoid further incidents.We e iE1 r
Negro victim was ar- which Davis was driving especially urge the Negro youth gangs to :
rested. was stolen also remain refrain from any acts that would result in conflict -
Members of the NAACP unsolved.It : : or disorder. We are given ass u r ancc 7. L __
Youth Council which ,spon- vas learned that earlier this week by some of the gang leaders
sored the sit-in demon- prior the fatal crash i that they would maintain order, and up to the
strations withdrew. How- Davis drove by a service moment of this writing they haw kept their E l
ever, Negro gang members station which had been word and only a few isolated incidents have occurred -
the target of a fuailade. 'since Monday night.We ssAL
who felt they were at-:; of gun shots from a car urge "the boys" to stay in their .neighborhoods 6iTQR BOWL
tacked without provocation -. driven by Negroes. and DO NOT go in the vicinity of the
annedthselves with Whea Davis' car appeared Gator Bowl Saturday. You ,have shown that you IW LLJ".V
sticks and bats and on the scene some are not afraid and that you can retaliate..... WA. L
headed toward the down- 10 minutes later, the Now, let us prove that we are still law-abiding -
town area but, were white attendants repor- citizens and that we want to live in peace and Damage by bullets at a service station is
driven back by police tedly fired shots at the harmony with all. surveyed by attendant.

.,..:;-.:" -" ,'-- ,.. :'..: <:-_'


<-- -

'. .
: t ', ,
'. .


-- -

Week Ending Saturday; September 3I960 THE FLORIDA STAB Face Two


Politics As Usual"By
: : :'.vY


.... by 'm FteU ftitt PuMb&Iag Co. & Cool Heads NeededThe

'7Gaaber of Astociattd K fro rrua" ..... ;.

Irk C. .iIUm 0. ttafttaWoottn Johaoa ..+t.11-situ BUT WE'RE MAKING \ --3 1 outbreaks that started last Saturday and ,;5'

...I ClrnJ.1S a D t.MADC are still coninuting to some lesser degree
.... .. E ::
-- ----- were in the offering for a long time, but, i.
OOTCE ft PtAXTi.ttt because of sheer lack of sociological percept- :

) KaaoM ]toad EL 44712 EL 44718Malik ion on the part of city fathers along with the
Addwr complacency of Negroesconditions ran on until
a +: rt1t
P. 0. Box 111. JtokMnvfila 1, Florid they reached Saturday's climax. 1.b 1.u

SUBSCRIPTION RATES-:: Now that this situation has exploded it be- 111

On Tear, IS JO; K U You, lUG Thrto'Mo&tha. '1.10 hoves the Negro people to keep cool heads and
Milled To You. Anrwhtrt Xa The UslU4 StUw.mJbtalpHoa weigh carefully the measures to be implementedto n
: P ribl. in Adrtneo. fiend Chock or Monty Oir You remedy the problems that have confronted us. W
We must not make wild and ridiculous resolutions -

and above all, we must stand togetherand
J n
t r +t./.ww keep those resolutions that have been a-
L Flrtmos.a. .
Negro Moro Negro *.Oiikor greed upon as the best plans for action.It w I

t. S tad Can for the Negro Pellet. is agreed among a large majority that no r.T
4. Hpr and Bttttr School. and Spoodlog Up of Ik* self respecting Negro citizen should patronizeany r.I

B1 W1&I Pxogrra. stores which have lunch counters and refuseto

rf serve them after taking colored patrons'

Poor Enforcement money at other counters. Many are demandingto

be treated respectfully, in place of the l

ld To Race Conflict '..P. Ft Ih 1. .l.Ct w. frequent treatment as boys and girls. t'

These things are necessary. But we feel thatan

r&L all-out boycott of "downtown stores" is un-
words had
The ink hardly dried on the we
desireable for many reasons.In the first place
the need for
written on this concerning
page r 4Z4g
there doubts whether such
toward Negro are serious as to an
adoption of a different policy
all-out downtown could be effect-
good race boycott very
citizens and their problems to keep
before the flew ive. In the second place it would be unfair to 1
relations in Jacksonville, top
off the pot of racial feeling that had been -- --!_- ....-:. those stores which are not guilty of the prac-
tices which In the third
Negroes resent. place,
steaming for a long
We wrote our editorial last WednesdayAug.24 THE WORLD DOES NOT VIEW INTERPOSITION AND GRADUALISM AS PROGRESS general boycotts are highly impractical and FTt

and among other things, we said: "Despite the serve only to create economic chaos that will

relative calm that exists here the Negro peoplein -- hurt everybody.In .
Florida, and particularly Jacksonville are : Your Weekly I an effort to clear up the doubts about the t

faced with many, and in some casesmore of the attitude of local firms to its colored patronsthe

problems that have in many instances led to Horoscope Guide FLORIDA STAR proposes to submit a questionaire -

unrest in other parts of the country. Such unrest to local firms,which, when answered, will 1

has resulted here because of the failureof WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR give an indication of how they intend to treat

both white and Negro citizens to sit down BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Negro customers. With this knowledge determin-
and discuss the problems in a sincere attemptto ation of the stores that should be boycotted .

solve them ."Too long have Negroes been By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES could be made honestly and fairly. t

accepting the crumbs from the tables of city t
government..too long have we been denied SAGITTARIUS 1t
facilities in our ccorniunities to which we''are Born March 21 thin April 19 I Leo 'Burn Nov. 23 ihru Dec. 2 1 ?. '. ,

entitled..too long have we been denied civil accomplishon 2orn July 23 ihru Aug. 23 : You could be spurred by Letters to U.S F IrtiIL
The things you The portion of the your ambitious urges to reacha
service employment in jobs that our taxes helpto the 7th should setthe place of prominence, but I
pay for. .much too long have we been forcedto pace which will bring you planetary accent falls in the you must also take inta ac h

live in areas with jagged, unkept streets, guicklv: and directly to your department ruling and finances, count the price you will have the Editor.
buying, selling
poor lighting and inadequate drainage. .. ."It oal. It would be forward-, ions. possess- to pay. JBe aware of all these .. t
You find it much
may '
is indeed a'pity that the business leaders of looking to get completely up more agreeable to spend the factors if they are part of t
consideration to to date in your' thinking as your thoughts on Labor Day ]7 J
this community give little Labor Day holidays' at home.
well as in your methods, because ((7th). You should enjoy the -,
the welfare: (our needsrights and aspirations) the This may mean considerable Ii
you can depend on tranquillity and :
of soli-
of the Negro people, but instead only think of competition to be alert and entertaining if you have tude if you are peace averse to .
us only in terms of the dollars that can be aggressive. Since splenndid many friends or if membersof crowds and Florida Star
congested highways
squeezed out of us." I partnership and labor reiat- the family circle decideto that are encountered JacksonvilleFla.Dear .
drop in ((7th). Check
It is clear that the disinterested attitude I ;ons could be among your the ads, for there over during the holidays. It teems
that our city fathers have shown to the Negro most valuable assets, bring plently to choose from.may The be better to let events decide Sir: trn
closer if it is at
citizens problems has brought on to terrible them even rest of the week should be just which way you are head
all feasible ((10th thru 13th). ed from Please the tta
catastrophe that has visited us. 5-40-77-13-29-547 fairly quiet with the routine now on, as this will accept congratulations of my numer-
Lunch counter integration has been brought a- trips and chores consuming make your voyage moothcr ous acquaintances and myself over your coura-
bout in several communities with little or no -- most of your attention. and more fulfilling. geous stand for impartial reporting of the news tr

friction when the two sides took the course of TAURUS 810661242816Virgo 230-99-17-39-239- by the Jacksonville Times Union and associated trP trn
Born AprU 20 thru May 20 newspapers.
negotiation rather than demonstration. The Although the 7th is a holiday -; OA Of IN .
Tampa Tribune said this week: "Sadly for Flor- .(Labor Day), the aspects' Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. t 9'
ida's reputation, Jacksonville could have had most exciting and beneficial Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 You seem to have some In regards to the Negro in the news, the reticence w

it this way but Mayor Haydon Burns turned it ingle it out as being the There are so roam/ things pretty fond.and loyal] friend of the Jacksonville papers in reportingthe 0
down. He disclosed that variety store operatorscame cf the week. A second honey- 'o retire out. do or plan to who can inspire you see better side of the news other than mayhem,

to him several weeks proposing to open moon spent in a spot that is likely Accomplish to do that you are not There the better things in life drunks, and slanting the sordid side of events
dear to both would further much sleeping is no reason why local is As
youshouldn't among Negroes sickening. far as
their lunch counters to Negroes, but he told :->n Labor Day ((7th) the
strengthen the bonds of affection or as culture anc
the Negro Star Edition is concerned I've been
them not to do so." whore days that follow. You haveso higher-mind interests ,
between these contri
POOR LAW ENFORCEMENT many factors in bute given to understand that this section of the
already joined in matri- your more to your over-al 1
It is plain to see that poor law enforcementled mony. Since there are some that they should not be wast- hj ppiness than mat c rra paper isn't even inserted in papers sent to
to the bloodshed and violence that occurr- very interesting. interestingto abandon but do not for a moment gains alone. You should hay white areas.

ed last Saturday and has continued for several be undertaken at your pIes and your caution, prince i a splendid opportunity t<
days. home and'place of work, You cannot sense of discretion discuss these and relate* In order to read news daily on an impartialob-

The principles of law enforcement are viola- make good use of your know- people around always trust the matters with someone yni jective reporting level, I'm forced to find my
you nor sdmire
how, artistry and gcod tasteto and whose
ted when the tacit to the statements judgment sources in the amiTampaand other metropolitan t -
police give approval get them under way ((9th or form ati 0 you respect (7th). Those wh t
gathering of an armed white mobcongregated :fir thru 13th). > for upon sound which you have to rel &retin search of additions papers.

the purpose of breaking up a peaceful demon- 3-66-44-15-92-364 planning. learning should get busn
-20C441565624LI without However, I wonder if most of Jacksonville'sColored
stration. delay in mak-J
GEMINI ing the preachers and socialites are satisfied
necessary contactand
'Born May '21 ihru June 19 UA with their daily portion of publicity published -
As the Tampa Tribune pointed out editorially: Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. arrangements, as time i:
"It is the police duty to disperse both at the Happiness in your domestic It. seems that when -i precous as well s fleeting. in a local morning paper simply because r
and workaday environ- on i 4-70-55-12-44-475 they feel such publicity places them in the
wait talks
onsetnot to until, weapons in hand, they ments is the thing you need about making new re "
head for each other. The constitutional rightto most of all in order to develop solutions they seldom are AQITKIFS: .position of "untouchables.

peaceable assembly does not include sanction to your full potential that kept for very long. Those, .born Jan. 20 thin Feb. 1 IS
for gunsknivesbaseball bats or ax handles at The 7th (Labor Day) shouldbe stck are the. ones theare Believe what the Thanking you again for your courageous stand

the gathering. a pleasant one for you which never mentioned, bu predict regarding the dangers experts and hoping that I for one may be able to aid

"Whether the decision to wait so long was if you are satisfied with the c t r e n are g t.h backed and ,convictio by inne on the highways during such you in your efforts to serve all of us more /

theirs or Mayor Burns', Jacksonville's policeby to status be a guo.bit You more may taciful hav at Labor Day 7th) should find days as Labor Day ((7th) and 1 than once a week editorially, and with hope

delaying action to head off an ugly incident home so as to eliminate the you mulling over these mat you may save yourself a few that more local Negroes will, like their young

gave their city and all Florida a black eye- ources of friction and tc ters and looking for the for unpleasant experiencesThere folkrid themselves of their seeing eye dogsI t tt

with black headlines across the nation to attest develop greater understand mula those that will\bring you and are times when you do remain, t
ing with those who you love greater com
to same. want tc not know mind ,
fort and your own
be loval security. You
and true to you.' must
*9302212.48932CANCF1 also find the kind of environ and it is comforting to have Sincerely yours,
ment and A Jaxon
occupation where
someone on whose lap
you can be at ease* nnd you
: hap
FREEDOM EVERYBODY'S JOB Born June 20 iHru July 21 py n order to make the most can lay :your troubles. Star (Editor's Note) All letters to the Editor must

You may have the best of profitable 1-80-99-13-57-189 use of your abilies. establishing the basis for your be signed by writer. However, names will be
intentions to give yourelf
Here 11 a put of the law of the land law that is of the and thoe you care for a good future operations and take witheld upon request).

people, by the people, and for the people. time on Labor Day ((7th).. You SCORPIO the measurs that will keep \
I'T a judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one may have a better time visit Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 personal and joint finance

Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts. as the Congress mat ing people close by or simply The accent is mainly on sociability secure.
from time to time ordain and establish"That foing to the movies. The on Labor Day ((7th) '
\\ :
is a part of our law law that binds us together as one pace is not likely to pick up and you will no doubt hear i 5-70-33-19-25-57S; 'v.

advaadaf people one hundred 'and fifty. minion of us : very fast after that; there most unusual and in nesting PISCES wi l t jlfi} { ildren
aU races, &n creeds, all colors. an equal. fore don't feel disappointedwhen things if you confine yourselfto
Born Feb. 20 thru March 20 .J{ {I
Surely we steadfastly give our respect and allegiance to the you cannot find people a listening rather than "
law. Protecting our rights and encouraging our dreams, it. has receive answeres or talkative rile.'Since the day Good aspects to this planet
brought us through many a dark uncertainty and, on occasions, wok up any enthusiams for is nearing when you may b on-the 24th and 29th show aj .real
peri our freedom atm secure! your work. Slowly, but sure: able to boost your earings egood chanee for strengthen: security
The eloquent J. P. Curran, in a speech one day in Dublin said ly, you will make orne 'progress profits, start rawing up the ing alliances and for benefit
this about freedom: if you plan, put orderin plans that will make this pos ing through cooperative ac Besure
The condition upon which the Lord hath given liberty to man, your books or desk and, sible.,You.can obtain considerable tivities. Friends may also '
aid play a very important rolej .. ., .
la eternal vigilance! shop around for the essentials thru your friends

Wq, too you and 1 have something to say about you will ened when you research and professional in your life during late\Sep-\ | t$& you'Ite registered! ..
ber when show : ::
freedom. Something that is at once challenging and reassuring."FREEDOM really get busy loth thru consultants, if the stakes are tern they aj .

," _. w. say .'. "B EVERYBODY'S JOB!" 12th)). high (10th'thru 13th). willingness to help you ;.:: ,
.G-30-33 '
1-20-55-18-15-125 3-90-22-14-37-39? -633. ",



..,, -.'". 'f,.. .
:' .... :" < : "-.
Six Week Ending Saturday. Dtember. 3.1960 THE FLORIDA STAB ..".. .

........""- ....,,,..._ II '. __1---J.. I
ij1 J y j ,|StJ5* %ffg/rg-?TfrH5:?ff nj'C : Li J b

Socially Speaking ?..,, Stork : a 1 .'Yf s,

.., ;;:p > i ? ::> f m x A
U: Deliveries
was honored by the group with a sumptuous birthday party at the .
!Car- Ribault Supper Club last week A new member. MRS. 'VALARE Births at Brewster HosplidMr. !
took CILBKRT.vus also honored during the occasion.. The honoree ; !
>lks- received I many beautiful nnd useful fiA delicious luncheon was,: sw-_ .. and Mrs. Lester
been scr\';d.'Present for the :affair west: )Mrs. J,nctte Scott. Mini, Nickerson 1414 Causey r.
t Maggie Kclltm. Mi-s. Martha Polite Mrs. Ruth Johnson. Mra.." Lane Girl.
: ,
ere- Mildred Robinson. David Scott. Clifford McMilhan. Claude Ploite. Mr. and Mrs. Corner r ,
apd Elmer Gilbert. '
Mrs. Menefee, 740 W. Church

[Mrs. GLORIA JEANETTE WATKINS now on vacation has visited her \ .: Street, Boy. a
grandparents MR. AND MRS. CHARLES WILKERSON in Phila JL Mr. and Mrs.Lewis Key
re- delphia. her brother. CHAF LIE. JR. a member of the well-known Rt. lBox 292, Girl.
lalem Fabulous Fabulaires stage screen and recording group in New Mr. and Mrs. Charles
York City. Boston. Mass and Detroit. Mich. were also Included ..Rl'SOOULUZ Kohn,1127 Weare St.Boy,I
in her ti ip. Upon returning; home AlbA Watkins I enter her first Mr. and Mrs. Robert x
year nt Edward Water College. Mrs. Atiie Lee McFarland is shown ._--
Carson, 1823 Frances St
alighting from jet passenger liner here after Girl. MARRIAGE ANNOUXCED-Hr.and )Irs.John S.Phillips,

SOCIALITE, Mrs. Azsie Lee McFarland has returned having spent a delightful vacation visitingwith Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 1516 Mitchell Street announces the July 16

to her palatial home,4408 W. Moncrief prcalnent friends in Houston, Texas and Brill, 9462 August Rd., marriage of their daughter Ilean, to Arnie W.
Los Angeles, California. The well known local end Mrs. Alfred Tillaon of
Road after having spent a joyous vacation with Girl. Tillmonson of Mrs.
,Ion friends in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, business woman made the round trip by plane. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Clearwater, Florida Ceremony took place at

California. In Houston, the popular Jaxon yak Johnson 422'W.lst St., St. Matthews Baptist Church, the Rev. L. J .

#Mr.E.. the recipient at a gay round of parties givenin Wedding BellsAPPLICATIONS Women's Day Girl. Coleman, officiating.
led her honor. While in California, Satelite Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt (Avery Studio Photo

to Ballroom, os Angeles, was the gala scene of September llth At Buckner,921 West ChurchSt.
another affair for her. Others attending included FOR ., Boy. THE
IonsBig top flight artists James Brown and M:1RRAlLICENSESJoseph : Midway A. M. E. Mr. and Mrs. Delmon
Gene Allison. Another of Mrs. Mc- Davis, Rt. 1, Box 393-D,i
highlight Mesdames Hattie Ander- HoweUU40 Haines St., NATURAL
S. Jax, 33 and Annie R Johnson,I
Farland's trip occurred when she attended ex- 1403 W. 5th St., 20. I son, Annie Frazier and Boy.

son, world's heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis James Holmes, 904 W: 29th St., J.W. Young will serveas Hr. and Mrs. Earnest LOOKIt's
yes birthday party where noted Jinnr/ (Mr. Five by 28 and Lena K. Anderson, 1008 chairmancochairmanand Jones,1439 W. 25th St.,

[fax Five) Rushing serenaded Joe with a rendition Mt.Hermon Herman L.Crews St., 22., Jr., 1928 Pull- pastor for the day, Girl. Your Mouth-you Can It! .
oyted.- of "Happy Birthday. Numerous sites of interest man Ct., 20 and Theophane I. Bel- respectively When Hid- Mr. and Mrs. William Change

were visited in both cities. Mrs. Mc:' ton. 3023 Jupiter St., 18. way AME Church cele- Walker,475 W. 19th St., Th object of all b. uty effort U to improve the good,and to correct -
Henderson J. Gamble,214 Stew- the Nowhere U this so simple as In doinff and
Farland is still thrilled over her twoway brates Women a Day Sun- Girl. or disguise poor.
art St.. 22 and'Vertha M. Porter, redoing-the mouth. Changes, however, must be minor or the
.icr jet passenger plane flight from Jacksonvilleand 510 Acosta St.. 17. day, Sept. 11. Mr. and Hrs. Ronald ,I results will be garish. '
re- return. She is founder-manager of Anderson Lloyd Rideaux, 2010 E.CrockettSt. Officers to serve are: Ragans, 718 Jessie St., If your mouth is too large or full,cheat a little. Don't do take lipstickto will
the outside limit of the lipline. (The area you not cover ,
Nursing Hone on outer West Moncrief Road. ., San Antonio, Texas, 21 and Mrs. A.D. VeUsMrs. I. Girl. fade after a few weeks,making mouth look smaller.)
wit Jane E. Smith, 201 Annie Ave., C. Armstrongsecretaries Mr. and Mrs. John To make a-small mouth look
San Antonio, Texas, 20. larger.cheat in reverse. Go a bit shade of lipstick and somewhat
see THE JULIUS MACKSRtS of 720 Spearing St. are Ed Harris. 2028 Hartridge, 32 Mrs. Sarah Best, pro- Rogers,1758 W. 11th St. beyond the Upline,but not so far heavier eye makeup.
receiving happy returns of the day from their and Olla M. Rivers, 1920 Decottes. gram; Mrs. -T. Wingard, Girl. as to draw on a clown's mouth. Apply lipstick with a brush or
liner. Start with dry, slightly
numerous friends, in the area. Just recently, 30. Mrs. Juanita HagansjMra Mr. and Mrs. MarionPelzyMorehouse parted lips coated with a film of
Scott Jr., 8032 Smart St.,
Willie ,
the Mack's quietly celebrated their 23rd wed- Roberta 8038 Smart C.E. Daniels, publicity Road, 3 foundation. Trace the outline
30 and Brady of then fill in
with brush
er. ding anniversary amidst the peaceful serenityof St., 39. chairman;Mrs. J.B. Wil- Girl. with flat point of brush. Blot.
. r.of their residence with the family and close Frederick D. Richardson, Jr.. cox, music chairman;Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Milton When you are away from home,
1169 Hart St., 19 and Dorrell C avoid applying one layer of lip
A.M. Benton Decoration W.26th St.
Hannon,1437 ,
[toor 102 W. 17th St., 20. stick on top of another.. Anne
Johnson chairman; Mrs. R.J.Red- Boy. Philips of the Norelco Grooming
Wm. R. Blevins, RFD No.4, Is this
A RECENT guest of her sister was former Jaxon North Vernon, Ind, 21 and Doro- dings, treasurer. Mr.and Mrs.C.P. Grier drying Bureau; it advises.also gives Not an only artificial
Mrs. Joan Allbritton Ross of Jamaica. N. Y. thy M. Richardson, 1743 Laura Mrs. C.D. DanielsMrs.L.P. 1123 Julia St., Boy. look. Cream or rub\off\ old color,
d who visited Mrs. Lillian McMLllan of 1350 W.7 St. 19. Mitchell, Mrs. T. Mr. and Mrs. Willie before you apply the new.night.If
Henry R. Ford, Jr.. 1011 In- Use a cream on lips at
d Street. Mrs. Ross also visited with relativesand wood Ter.. 21 and Dixie L. Al Wingard, finance committee Dortch,2929 Willow St., you moisten your lips often and
r- friends in St. Augustine and the beaches. britton, 1545 Landon-Ave.. 19. ;Mrs.A.M.'Robinson Girl. eat with oft'.only lipstick an outline you will of be color.left
Eldon M, Wirtz, P.O. Box 22;" tag committee; steering Mr.and Mrs.Josh Baker Check suth bad habits quickly.
jirId. Gillett Grove Iowa, 20 and always
j jI REV. AND MRS. G. i. CROCKETT are again at home Myrna H. Smith 2131 Felch St., committee, Miss Chris- 744 Spearing St., Boy. If face is especially broad narrow Your be teeth clean of and course in good condition -
i after having spent two months visiting relat- tine Johnson assisted Mr. and Mrs. Eugene it by widening your mouth. -or good repair-to make
ives and friends in Canada, MichiganNew York 25.Jimmy E. Hicks, 956 Spearin 70 by Mrs.I.C.. Armstrong Thomas,723 Jackson St., with If lipitick.face droops, sadly, cheer It ,from you r srumline mIJ.attractive.upwards Brush,not'roI"teeth
M. Jones
oyr'T. -Ohio and Delaware. Their Kathleen St. 26 and Daisy Mrs. A.M. Wright, Mrs. Girl. up with a tiny upward flip of col. wise.Do inner sides of teeth Justas
Bridier St., 20. .
or at the corners of the mouth.If thoroughly. And scrub across
i Mr. and Mrs. Thomas .
Anita accompanied them. Frederick Cheesebrugh, 4627 Renelda Jackson. I mouth is crooked even it the biting surfaces.Follow brushing -
1 VIoncrief Village 30 and Elouise Captains:Mrs.Anderson, Lane,2308 Southern Ave. with lipstick. (But remember that with use of dental floss anda

FRIENDS of Charlie Wigginspresident of Grant J VIcLoyd, 4627 Moncrief Village, fl,Mrs!stella GreeneMrs.I.C. Girl. often special a crooked charm and mouth makes has a its smile own Coquette mouthwash.Cur:Don't limit your-

Memorial Church's Choir_ #4 will be pleased to :21. Armstrong, Thelma Mr.and Mrs. CleasterWashington,1555 engaging.) self to one lipstick shade.Have a
that he is his home 955 Lawrence Outlaw, 1424 Kings Mote Mrs.L.P. Mitchell W. 3rd. If, in spite of all efforts your rainbow of colors for day and
know recuperating at Rd. 27 and Mildred Coats, 949 mouth is still your least attractive evening for different outfits.And
Albert St. following confinement in a local Grant St.. 24. Mrs.Dora Anderson, Mrs. Street, Boy. feature direct attention l remember that a suntan calls fora
hospital as the result of a car accident. He Joshua Williams, 1702 McQuade A.D. We Us,Miss Matilda away from it by using-a light more brilliant hue.

is now able to receive visitors. St, 21 and Jacquelyn Thurman, AllenMrs. Sarah Best, YWCA Gives Report
. 1823 W. 3rd St. 19.
; .., Mrs. Marian Young, Mrs.T. .
Rev. Daniel Singleton, 2048 Davis -
DISTRICT CLERGY and laymen friends are requested St., 50 and Janie L. Daniels, WingardMiss Single- On Program Children
to visit the Rev. .R. Elwin Lamb, pre- 1547 W. 14th St, 36. tary, Mrs.M. A. Benton. -
siding elder of the AME Church's North Jack- Richard Black 5535 Dakota According to I.L.Lewis Classes To Begin

sonville district. Rev. Lamb is ill at his )ir.. 19 and Gloria J. Baker 1755 Branch YWCA, the local A pre-dinner party at
home 1425 W. 25th. Street. V. 30th St. 17. and adult
Edw. W. Hall, 1151 W. 23rd St, Spend Labor Day younger-set the home bf Mrs.Chester Children's dance classes -
institution was head-
4 and Dolores W. Levy, 1910 at JEKYLL ISLAND Satterwhite followedby under the directionof
AFTER having experienced a pleasant visit with Myrtle Ave. 22. Fun Galore quarters for numerous a dinner party at Mrs. H. P. Robinson,
relatives and friends in and along the eastern entertaining events Club Eldorado officially instructor will start

seaboard, Miss V. Patterson has returned to during the past sinner .brought to a suc- Saturday morning, Sept.3at

the city. months. cessful close Young
11 o'clock it has
The most participatedin ,
Adult Cosndttee's Activities been announced by Mrs
Those recreational pursuit
felicitations to for the year. Frances Waldon, program
NUMEROUS friends are extending was bridge with local
Bishop and Mrs. M. Scott who celebrated their who' clubs and players meet- It was announced that director.
the residence,2024 Grun- adult group programming Registration for chil-
silver anniversary at ing at the "T1 to play young
thal Street Sunday. and discuss points of was closed dren from three yearsof

live instyle. the game. for the month of Augustbut age upwards are being -

A MOTOR TRIP to New OrleansLa. to attend the The Business and Professional will resume Sept. 1 conducted this week
Grand of Prince Hall A.F. and Satter- between 10 a.m.through
Supreme Congress .. Woaen's Club, Hrs. Chester
A.M. was enjoyed recently by Mr. and Hrs.Jams Mrs. Marryn Jen kins white is group chairman' 5 p.m.
H. Holmes who were accompanied by Mrs.Miller, :i j. president hosted a delightful and Mrs. Frances WAldon Parents are urged t o

Royal Grand Matron, 0 E.S. of Florida and week-end party is program director. register children early
financial secretary of the Supreme Grand Chap- recently at American since classes will b e

ter O.E.S. of America. Mrs. Pearl Hudsonfirstvice .' ",,-t!', Beach. limited. i,

Royal Grand Matron of Florida and Mrs. A I1'i I re The YT.-JW.V-nm1 Club im -- -..-..-..--,-_.- ......--..._..
.. Arie Anderson also made the trip. The group, still talking a bout '

which resided at Marsalis Mansion, reported a that fine beach party I

pleasant stay while in New Orleans., enjoyed by all recently AVMSW i iOF
*' .- \- at American Beach. Mrs. )0Q
Blondell Matthews i s q qa
Mrs. Mildred McKenzie announces the marriage of president. 0
her daughter, Jessie Mae to Samuel Mitchell Jr. A sustnous party with JACKSONVILLE J
son of Mr., and Mrs. Samuel Mitchell Sr. T he husbands u guests was I

reception was held in the hose of Mr. and M rs. recently sponsored by D I .----..-....--. ---.....--..---- ---..-<<"
John Henry Johnson, 1586 W. 25th.' Street. Lincoln the T-ViTes Country Club Club.a t I D4"'- DoysV ;;;:';'; e--: 0

,, .. .
., The group is headed by 0 It --- lWVW----JWTRIPLE---J------------------'"

: t You Seek Tk Beat Doctor .. Rounds of bridge high- .
-- Wh a Your Doctor PrtaorftM, lighted the program at j O

I, Get To Fill Expert Your sc.d PmcrfegaM Phimnidrti". a party given recently D RUTHINBROWNflq

I Accordisg To Your DoetertOrdm. demand GORDONS! GIN by Miss Johnnie fisher I O
I W. UM Qely in honor of the Saturday e

.. Tfc_ Bid Qualify Dre0B Ai Evening Bridge Clubat
!Dr. C. E. BlaticProprietor If yoa haw a cants for'r.Nll'.Nlr the Williams' Lodge
the liar tbiogt, always uk for ,J American Beach O TED TAYLOR I

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU Gcrdoa'i cdA/mk-London Dry ala; I1JJJtI: A deliciously prepared D .
So smooth and dt1... c- covered dish menu is

UHY'S DRUG STORE of rah delicate flavor... :.., still receiving praises O -BZ SINCE EVER TOS1Z W01l HOME D.rm.-"
3W caa osjoy it STRAIGHT! s+rp+ from the many guests Q 00

(90 Kings Road ELF s.aI7I the recent picnic pre- O .um.
A COMPLETE LINE OF mire.110 C1ln IlM GORDON( sented by the tuesday
Counttica Rubbrs Good e, CaadJto Morning Club at Little D

\ PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED 11i li mm*ma. neua rat uu.N..... fof III ca..u .usa.a* Talbot Island. O =PIaLJEwYWQJ


:',' .


iit "


*.Week Ending .Saturda;,September 3,i960 I ft _ST12 \\ Page Four '

r .. ...... ., .
.. '-"' ,. --.. '.
Deaths AndFunerals ..- .0< r- '' '' .
.iii1 / '
:':\;' r
1Y Urban
fi > league Representative*
: _:':
/ ':.- ._.'.... -.; f .
tJ 0.,'. 0"." ,..' fittend Annual Conference
DENEFIELDLawrence .\!:.->.. .r..
A. of Callahan.Fla. .,
RILEYJames G. of Dr. W.W. SchellJr., chairman of the board,
1216 -,1 Mrs. Vanorian Schell member of the guild and
Acorn Street.
JOHNSON--Mrs. Lizzieof tJ, Junius A. Bowman, executive secretary of the

1403 W. 23rd.St. Jacksonville Urban League, are attending the
SIMMONS--Mrs. Hattieof Golden Anniversary Conference of the National

1471 Morgan St. Urban League in New York City.The theme of the IJ!
a conference is "Race Relations in the Sixties:
--Clifford o f
I What Course for Americans." An estimated 1,100
1012 Gum Street. y
persons are expected to attend.
SETZLER--- O'Neal of -..
1262 W. 28th. St. <<.' L ., ,. Representatives from f Labor will also be represented -

FOSTER Mrs. Essie .I-;.>.'. .... :t.:(j 1-.I, Urban Jacksonville League executives will joint J; with Philip

of 1317 W. 5th.WESTONCornellus. t and board i Randolph, president,
representati- .
of SUMMER SESSION GRADSSeen here proudly holding certificates are a yes from 62 other cities i Brotherhood of SleepingCar
229 W. State St. group of students who recently completed Summer courses at Edward- across the nation for ?i Porters and vice-

Waters College. Seated from leftAllen Sistrunk, Gwendolyn Anderson presidentAFL-CIO, delivering -
the will i
CHL YWill of the meetings. They i
,A..i 4...,..at.......I'QII-J cay.:,...M&u7 Beach Charles F. Brown, Helen T. Felix. Standing: Garatha Etta Alexander, hear major addresses by an address en
*. "a&b", of 2040 Rutha Holden Brown, Alexander A. Anderson, William D. Williams, Rose Jamaican Premier NormanW. labor's stake in equal
.HtterfttaeetawUeAiettre.mm mm* wm ummMm Brady Court ,Lynn Watts, Cora Lee Bradhley. ManleyGovernor Nel- economic opportunityfor
(photo by Avery's studio) American Negroes.
COOPER- .Clorene of son A. Rockefeller, and Other speakers will -I
-- -
---- -
W** 7lf* *i, 938 E. Union Street. the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther includeWinthrop Rock-

PAUL--Mrs. Dorothy Mae Mt Ararat Baby King, of Atlanta. efeller,national chair- -

: of 622 E. Union St., Highlighting the con- man of the League's .
: LESSENS Mrs. Estelle Crown Wan ByL. ,. ference will be a business Commerce and Industry
: of 1616 W. 36th. St. 4 LL1t and industry session Council Carroll Newsom 1-
NOBLESJohn P. of Rt. C 'Holmes Jr. entitled "Race Relations --
president, !New York l
--Widening Fron-:
8Box 865-X and
University JohnH.
Mt. Ararat Baptist tier for American Man-1' ,
CHESTERJake of 244 .. .
Johnson, president -
Church's Aug. 21 Baby H. I. Romnes
... Park Street ,t MSILVER agement. and editorJohnson lub- -
Tyurrxvt + TurSONFrank of 1016 Contest sponsored b y president,Western Elec-

.+ Hayward LaneWILLIJI Districts 16 and 19 was tric Company, and JohnJ lishing Lester Company.B. Granger,
S- won by little L.CLHolmes H. Wheeler president
i Mike of 928 ,
executive i
... W. Church Street.COLSONNathaniel son of' Mr. and Mrs.L.C. Mechanics and Farmers 0 1
I. Holmes,1032 Pearl St. BankDurhamN.C. National Urban League,
r c( It, of 1355 The contest winneris also address the dele-1 will deliver the keynote -

+ Henry St.Mayport.MXERSEdward the grandson of Dea- ANNIVERSARY for the Rev. and Mrs. R.W. address t o the ,

I of Rt.lBox88KingslandGa. con and Mrs.E.C. Thomas Gibbonsshown above) was celebrated recentlyin gates.One of the Jacksonville; conference's meetings.

of Magnolia Gardens. beautifully decorated for the occassion Urban League leading

COLLINS Shepherd Baptist Church.Miss Virginia Gibbons board members will also
f Dural Vocational AME Minister's Wives daughter of the honorees sponsored the well t pend Labor Day
r Group participate in the panel at JEKYLL ISLAND
attended highly successful event.
/ discussion during the Fun
Tribute is paid to Ar-f (Photo by Avery) general session. Galore
I Slates
thur of the 12th grade Installation Services J

I class.. He is president ..
of Speech and Drama, Installation services will highlight the Wed- '

.I Club,vice president of, nesday nightSept. 7 meeting of the A.M.E.Min GENERAL; ELECTRICVACATION I l lrjl I .
7:30 'clcck
.iStudent Council vicepresident ister's Wives Alliance starting at o
in New Bethel AME Church Third and Tyler Sts.
of his class.K .- ,._J '
Rev. A.J. Dayley, presiding catibnRev.G.M.Cirampion / t

1rk******"' -k-k .. elder of St. Augustine SelectionChoir; Scrip- DAYS : l i'

VI- District, will tureRev.J.W. JonesSe-; l I ISc
conduct installation
lection, St. StevensChoirConsecration ,
1 services. The Rev. F.J. Hymn

Jones, pastor of host Rev.B.J.WilliamsIntroduction -
church, New Bethelwill of speakerRev.D.W. Win M Expense-Paid Vacation To I

deliver the sermon. Welcome speaker f.. 1
; ; ,
K Choir 2 of St. StevensAME InvitationRev.R.A.King 50 GRAND PRIZE .

I Church, will render Offering, Rev. J.T. Mc- JAMAICA !r
music and VACATION FOR TWO. :
K, new Bethel's Millan and Rev. T. E. TRIPS .
$ 1 Usher Board 1 will serve. Sheehee. ,

MARY HARRISON i, Rev.J.S.Program Johnson follows;: Hymn Invo-, Refreshments will be TRAVEL BY AIR, LIVE IN LUXURY 7 DAYS AND 6 NIGHTS }
Duval Vocational F following ser-
., vices.Public is invited. 1. Pick up on officiol entry blank with complete contest 3. Mail your completed entry. according to inductions
rules from us. on entry blank. ,
Pepsi-Cola Dealers are I
Dental AssociationTakes 4. Enter as often as you like; each entry must be on a
proud to salute Mary 2. In 50,words or less tell.Why you'd like to own one of separate official entry blank.

of the 10th grade. She General Electric' Frost-Guard! Refrigerator-Freezers. 5. Contest closes midnight i September 10, 1960. 0
k is an honor student, a. Stand On Human Righto

and class __
secretary. ST. LOUIS, MO.- The National Dental Association -

JlJl.JI.tc at its 47th annual convention at the .. Frost: Guard

Claridge Hotel, St. Louis Missouritook a definite -

't stand nn human ridtts. .. I REFRIGERATOR'J
----- ----- --- :
The Convention '
$1000.00 to the in Washing- !. f
Freedom Fund ',! FREEZER
In addition to Doctor -
presidency of i

Medley Proffitt.In Elliott other officers .---- No messy defrosting ever in refrigerator -
elected were Dr. J. B. -0".
of or freezer r '
down strikes Singleton, Nashville, *?
Tennessee-President-- Packages never'freeze together ,

unteer lectDr.. Richard Layne,
$25 per member St. Louis,Missouri,Vice A No i f ed-up or frosty packages to handle
lected for use in
where needed the president;Newly elected Labels are always readable
Executive Board members
A resolution was Dr.James C.Wallace Ice trays never need to be pried loose
SHIRLEY A. CRUSE ed to pressure ChicagoDr.H.W.William-
its southern August'g
New Stanton
tal societies the ton,0kmulgee, Oklahoma I Model BG 1ST
. and Dr. B.M. Jefferson,

Shirley the 12-9 is class a member, where of C ican to admit Dental all I I Birmingham.office were Re-elected Dr. E.N.JacksonSecretaryTreas. w Y9."R BE T -. UY IN R FRIGRATION .

she serves as secretarrlC to membership t r

She is a member o improvement for H.C.Edwards
the Student Council, health and ; Secretary and- BLoct REFRIGERATOR
benefit all
Y.V.C.A.Volunteens Brewster Hospital. o 1 les. Venson Board.,Chairman

Dr. William K.
Prelects while defrosting .
*** *.*.,il.; of Huntington, ., .' --' does eot cut vftJt off completely. t 'I -
succeeded to the
fell-width freezer, door ,_
Ultlb T.p Yy. Spend Labor Dayat jJ
and will '
dency .f. 'f- hinged prevents damage '
Mlllc-lallt( t'-r through the 1961 JEKYLL ISLAND : ,. ..: door...protective 80
Fun Galore :;:!
It WtM 1030 te 11:11 ..,. -.. stop controls door .,...., $159
For PfaoM RetMHt .,.. five removable shelves." ..Two -

t144412rwa 1or O=rO=OClOClOClO=r. doer shelves ore odjvtlableMa & I Model IA 9TDOWNTOWN


\ 3625 81 Wins Blvd. 505 South 'buff, FOR USED APPLIANCES -
SCREENS Across, from Shopping Near Ufxw 3316 Beach Blvd. 15 S. H 0". it. .
Center 0.n Ne" Southfjte Across from New s.arst
.. II MAR TO OIDIa OM Tl 9 b." Niffct Every NiPt 2619 Bosselle at Kin SL OM* TM Plat 9 Evwy NifM .. Oe :...1 PrLEL

AND INSTALLED $4 95 jl SP 1-2180 EV '84624 EV 7.2554 FL 9-6679 62493YOU

..- D AVUACI $121 .
cnstcA N ri. -


..... .. OD '
MaaTMiy ca.we.
,. y -
J"L.1 .. naoRBrr '
1 MAE ". [OJlollolloa.


ss...--.- .
a 4.

: (
..--- _
iJ. ..., -- -- ,_ _

.. .-- _.'-......c > .
.p _. '
.F. c ; >' : ; : t -: r -: ( : .: '- ':
} : c:: :
f ...?,. ; j.> .
he Ending, Sa urday.September 3,19'60 ', ::, .;: THE FLORIDA STAR PtflO Fir



.Excitingly New -" -" for You ]

rfII"tM >'
> :

Flori da' ; \ I. : .. .

1 -

I -
r J
\ \ 'TI '1fl -


.. -= -
: ::2c\


':..., ., .::.;.... n Io

C I1I r


\\s)4IlxF\ : ) r ter :
: r t Q l hrinn oe

c2:2 Vu c1'' p1 ,, o
Ici? l


e av .

Tp e' 1 a 8 o'! ,1o q .i \y1 r Fn T'L'I'. Q I, rt V Il / :

o o 0A

,': .


. F rl th 1,.:

You had to walk across a wooden plank sidewalk to the front door of the first Cohens The change is in the transformation of its appearance, a masterpiece of architectural

that opened on the river side of Bay Street in 1867. It was quite an addition to.a,growing achievement. and in the name MAY-Cohens, a new concept in merchandising. We

community! Thirty-five years later, in 1912, Cohens moved to its present blockpresent an EXCITINGLY NEW setting with you in mind, where shopping will be more

square building a move that was a monument to the vision and courage of its fun, easier, quicker. You will walk on handsome NEW flooring, gaze at NEW show

owners. And now in 1960 Cohens changes again but not its location of almost halfwindows, enjoy NEW lighting, ,NEW entrances, NEW departments, NEW services,

a-century..nor its'warm-hearted Southern hospitality and tradition I NEW spirit, and, most exciting of all, NEW MERCHANDISE.

..i'A:'<'t.. _' "_ -

.; <"S>*- -.. *" !4" ';" < !'f ";: ''';'':' -; ;:>T :. #i<::: ; '.-' ,: .: ,:::: /,..- ;.. : : .: ;::' ;l :;> .' :_>: :. ;jXi'"





_Week Ending Saturday, September 3, 1960. THB FLORIDA STAR \

,I Marrfage l j


.'' CHURCH NEWS AnnouncedVu'i


The marriage of]

PETERSBURG- A strongly written protest: Mary Norman and

letter, signed by three of its officers con- REVIVAL AT SPRINGHILL field A. Griffin

deeming practices by state executive board officials -, j..a. Four persons joined Turing the Union Revivalat place Aug. 13 in Fj

was received by the FLORIDA STAR this Springhill and New Nt. Zion Baptist Church. ton Georgia it has]

week from the West Coast District Baptist Association Services were directed by the Rev.C.H. Parker announced.

a member unit of the General Bapt- and S. M. Howell. Present at the
ist State Convention of Florida. mony were Mr. and
Prepared over t he Percy Lewis and
: if Deacon Board of Sunshine Church 674
, the Revs. Spiritual
signatures Arthur Davis.
chairman gard for his own self- Florida Avenue are sponsoring a Labor DaySept.
J.E. Williams The Griffins ai
ish desires. The offices 5) bus trip to Jekyll Island.Bus leaves churchat
C.V. Fordrecording secretary 2235
siding at Jeru?
of the convention
Delaine 8:00 a.m.Broad and First streets at 9 a.m.
and Enoch Davis CLIRBKDCN COUNT HERO CITED-Rev. J.A. Street Southside.
moderator, the c muni- belong 'to the body"and right former integration leader in Clarendon Eighth and Whitner Streets at 9:30 a.m. ,
not the president. -
cation accuses the pres- County, S.C., is cited in New York by Associa-
ident and officers of Inclosing, the pro- tion's South Carolina organization. Rev.George A Jekyll Island Sept. 5 Labor Day outing i s ABOUTPEOPLE.

the convention's executive I test reveals"In light &. Singleton does honors. Clarendon County Negroes being sponsored by District 1 of Rock Baptist
of the foregoing, we credit Church. Bus leaves church at 8 a.m.
board of numerous the Pastors the West are undergoing dismissals, curtailment .
"unchristian practices"dating denial of farm supplies, m ortgage
back to the 1947 Coast District Association foreclosures and numerous other hardships for Little Rock Baptist Church's District 13 is Mrs. Minnie L. C<

in executive having a Sept. 5 Labor Day tour to Jekyll Island -
state convention.In seeking equality under NAACP banner. of 2302 York St.an
meeting, this 2nd. day Tickets be obtained from members
the 1947 state con- may or and Mrs. Glover, 3;

vention, the 1 e tter ready of August to make, 1960 our, stand con- 18 CORE Members Arresled; at the church.Arrests. Beaver,recently ret

states, a resolution, from a motor tri
tributions :f>r missionsand
limiting terms of offi- education direct 10 Choose Jail Over BailMIAMI. Pallbearers Tour South Carolina.

cers to four years was Mark While therethe J<
until these injustices
adopted, adding, since breaches of etiquetteand ': FLA.. Aug. 19 -- .Participants in CORE'S Inter- Planned For attended the annual'
said notion S left out demoralizing racial Action Institute chose Jail rather than bail as a result of NAACP'SWadein Jekyll Meeting of Second

of the minuteswhen the prac- arrests in a lunch counter sit-in. Eight others accepted bail. tist Church at Drum

deletion matter was tices are corrected. The 18 were arrested after they Pallbears Society No. also visited relat:

brought up during the Lunch Counters OpenSays had sat quietly at a lunch counte Dr. M. L. 18 plans a MondaySept. and friends at Fai
1948 annual meetingthe of Shell City grocery for,an hou King.Wins Campaign 5 Labor Day outing to and Hampton. An en

presiding officer ruledit Lexington's CORE and one-half. They were arreste Man Of The Jekyll Island with two able trip was repo
as "undesirable guests" under a SAVANNAH BEACH, Ga., Aug.
of order. buses already charteredfor # # # # # *
out Lexington Ky.. Aug. 22 The Florida law. Sergeant John Suggs. 19.-A dozen NAACP youth council
Also mentioned in the Lunch counters in four Lexingtondime I the arresting officer said the Year CitationA members went swimming this the occasion. Mrs. Farrie C. Joy

protest transcript was stores opened this week tend CORE group was "not disorderly, Man of the Year Award will wek at a public beach as part' Buses will start pick- of Early BranchS.C,
of the Association's "wade-in"
the state e xe cutive a enteen-month campaignby I just mouthy." be presented to the Rev. Martin campaign urging Negroes to use ing up passengers a t turned home after
conznittee's approval ofa Lexiongton COKE announced Those in jail are James Robinson Luther King on Sunday by the tax-supported beach facilities. 7:30 a.m. at 45 Street ins. spent a pleas]
Julia Lewis chairman of the I I. CORE executive secretary; Holy Covenant Baptist Church, Led by Amos Brown. NAACP and Moncrief Road.Other here he
motion to improve organizational sojourn as
210 Lewis
Brooklyn, it
local CORE group.Negotiations Marvin Robinson field secretary assistant field secretary for
financial was announced by the Rev. stops are scheduled for guest of Mr. and I'
youth, the youngsters used the
with the Patricia and Stephenswho
matters under a check- t'I'1II of the \Voohvoith KresgoMfCiory manag, served 49 days in jail in Charles H. Ancrum. i beach for an hour and a half 23 and Fairfax at 8 a.rc John E. Hicks, 910
account systemufaLch The plaque to be presented to i without incident, but were finally 10 St. and Fairfax at witt Street and her
ing and H. L. Green store Tallahassee for defying segrega- '
Dr. King for "his contributions ordered from the water and arrested
the West Coast associa- had begun in March 1959. Nego- tion; Thomas Gaither, Bernard ,to humanity" Is called the Holy 8:15, Jackson and Park phew and family, Hand

tion feels would elevate 'Uttons proceeded for months before Lafayette; Joe Perkins; Tom Ro- Covenant Greater Achievement Charged with disrobing in pub. I 8:30. Mrs. Joe HicksSt.

the standards of busi- the CORE group began picketing land; Leon Bailey; and Angehne Award.Dr. lie, inciting to not and disorderly I Another bus will leave Augustine, prior]
ness conducted a m ong and sit-ins. Butler. King was selected for the conduct they were held in the I Florida Ave. and ThirdSt. returning home.
Judge Bart Pcake had beer White customers told the manager award by the church's men's day Tybee Island jail and released
lesser units and prove after five hours later on bonds of at 8 a.m. and KingsRd. # # # #
for his
asked committee
to call the managers of al George McKelvey, "You "outstanding,
the "honesty and inte- ,restaurants together to agree or nhould be ashamed of yourself." intelligent and tireless leadership $34 each. One youth was also and Davis St.8:30. John H.Boldendirec
grity" of its executive n joint opening. This failed bu and "I see nothing wrong In in the fight for civil liberties charged with violations as to Buses will join at Mt. of Darnell Cookman b

officers."It aid the gioimdwork for"later ef Negroes eating here." The New Rev.Canaan Charles Lewis, pastorof parking and license identification Olive Primitive Baptist recently participat
Baptist Church
He was released on a $104 bond.
is the moral obli- forts.Miss Gordon Carey, CORE field di- will deliver the morning sermon Mayor "Sorry" ChurchiMyrtle and 4th. in the Indiana Univ<;

gation of the presidentor Lewis praised the loca rector, reported that members of I at 11 A.M. Mayor Jimmy Brown called the Street. sity Music summer ch presiding officersof ministers particularly Rev. A. B the Institute, will begin picketing I The 'R v. O.D. Dempsey honorary demonstration "orderly," but told and the workshop re;
Lee and Rev, w A. Jones fo of Shell City. In addition the I' mayor of Harlem and assistant the wade-in leaders he was "sorry inc band.
any deliberate bodyto th:..r ""wholehearted support o! ,group is continuing its work on I pastor of Harlem's Abyssinian to see this happen" He then Spend Labor Dayat
the business Baptist Church. will de. -said he would ask the city council
that -
see this effort to make Lexingtonmote !employment theatre discrimination for JEKYLL ISLAND Take the Kids and En
liv ran Address at 4P.M. a ruling on hethcr Negroescould
of that body is democratic *' restaurant and voter rtgI.-
community I. use the.beach. Fun Galore Jekyll Island
carried on with impart- Last week fortyfourhite an I tration.--, .. Picnic Area.
Negro ministers write woras Of
iality and without re- sat-in at th I encouragementto
. local stores. [ those In jail* urged Carey.
CORE has continued sit-ins a I"Mall should be addressed to .

I Walgreen Drug: Store which ha; them at the Dade County JaiL" _
Women Form not yet opened to all. There hav< : -IS:
been sit-ins at Walgreen's everj Letter Carriers Union ,, your name -

Christian Society I day this week from 10:30 A.M t' ,
until 1:30 P.M. "We shall con i Announces

A last Friday night meeting tinue until democracy wins at -

in the home of ,Evan- Walgreen and every other" restaurant .; Mixing PlansCINCINNATI : '- in the
\ in '
Lexington, ?
said Mis; In national :
gelist Alta Washington, I Lewis. session here, the National \ -

1170 10th' resulted- i n Letter Carrier's Association .
the setting up and form- has ordered -directors to-

ation of an organization New Schedule start gradual integration of its

to be known as the Chris. separate Negro and white: . . .e. . .
tian Sharing Society. Given By Cong. locals in southern areas, it
Following a brief de was announced this week.

votional period led by Bennett .In current action the organi
sation 320 resolu-
voted on
Washin onthe
Evangelist *
Jions and also instructed its

following were.. elected Congressman Charles E. president, William C. DohertY: You can't vote
officers: an dother officers to immedH # .
Bennett stated today tha
Evangelist Washington, ately begin setting up pro }
Mrs* Sara CunningsMrs. his Jacksonville office cedures wherein locals operating 1c .. : if you're notregistered

will be, open in the Federal under separate machinery .
Beatrice L. HamondMr3
Room 226 and where integrationis -1c 7'
Dorothy PosterMrs Mamie Building, 7'1c: :
on September 6.He invites in process to begin settingup
Starling and Mrs., E. K. residents of the main functioning unit! .-

Mason. Second CongressionalDistrict ., When you graduate from high school, the)

Hrs.larion G. Marshall; to visit Mm six NAACP, To put your name in the school yearbook. I
Mrs.Ethel Johnson Mrs
to discuss individual When you have a telephone installed, the}
Annie L. DavisMrs.Beitt problems and legislatio Step UpChurch 1' put your name in the telephone book. 1
Mrs. E.H. Pri don.
pending in Congress. But you and only you-can get your name]
Members include Mrs Assisting Congressman RoleNEW in the most important book of all-the roll]
Cora WilliamsMrs.Jindc 1 of
Registered Voters
of your precinct-the!
Bennett will be his ad
YORK-A series of social 1 I
SadthMrs.Melissa Brad "Election Book.
ministrative assistants action workshops for ministers
leyMrs. C. Washington, Arthur C. Canaday Mrs. ,and lay leaders has been an- And if you're not in the book, you ought]
and TheIm SmpldasMonthly nounced by the NAACP Church 1 to be. '
Jeannette C. Savers, and Department.The v
meetings vii Because,if you're not registered
,you can'tpolls
Hiss Anona Collins. workshops will "seek to
be Held on the firs stimulate increased church participation get in the come Election Day. 1

'Monday eights ,of eac in current selective You can't even vote for dog catcher-

Bonthjthe next meet in, Spend Labor buying and" voter registration much less mayor, councilman, congressman,
Day campaigns according to the
Vfll be held at 1170 10 At TheDOLPHIN Reverend E.J. Odom, NAACP WK senator in the book., or president-unless your name is

Street. New masters CLUB tional church secretary.In .
cordially invited. addition, ministers will survey You don't even have the right to complain
Jekyll Island techniques. Rev. Odom said, } unless you're registered and vote.
of developing interracial church
activity in preparing communities So don't cut yourself out of this year's key ,

PHOTOGRAPHS FOR for ,desegregation.. elections. Get your name in the book. A lot
of your friends and neighbors are
EVERY OCCASION Unions Aid IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, OR listed there. If you know of one who isn't,

'COME. OF AGE SINCE THE LAST take him with you when you go to register .
on this "Roll of Honor" of
CORE GroupNew Americans And
Expert Pkotogripiy
ELECTION. read this then-we'll see you at the polls!
a Wtddlsgi Bftft attePftMporit York City. Aug. 18 Five-
x Ic TrlfttitfflntlBii fhotoi
hundred Union members and
ftftlDESt Even if you had pre FIRST VOTERS! If have
",( PkolotltU & ComaiwcHI WotkPlt&tot friends of CORE picketed the viously registered under your celebrated your 21st you birth
a- For Ncwip..trWklU CAM largest volume Woolworth storein .maiden name you have to day since the last election (or
Yea Walt America for nine hours today. register again under your"new" if you will be 21 by Election Be sure
Coterisa name. Be sure your Day). get in .
& Pklttw Fri your name. the .
Members of the Furriers .ToinCounl'il "married name" is in the book. .
Let TJ T t A Phfite Of Yo .\
of District 65; of the Re book!
tail. Wholesale and Departmen MOVERS!If you have moved fORCESrsee your Voting :: :: you're registered!
Ia Kited Colw Store Union; of the Amalgamated from the precinct where you Officer for "the word" on .
.A Laundry Workers ACWA; SCME were previously registered, how you can vote. -,;;. .,
you have to register anin. GOING AWAY
AVb" PHOTO STUDIO Nc. 1701 and locals 23 and 62 o; Make sure your new address P ATT Vote ELECTION
the International Ladies Carmen is in thbookh Ballot. first-by. REGISTER AT

1674 Kbift. R A,-Net to EWC Library Workers joined CORE on th ,- r'. 320 EAST BAY STREETf

.. .... EL MTNi'Fs ApJl'._ *. picket store dosed"at line from 9:00 noon P.M.until th< _. f-; :. 'County Court House

.. < ::5 ,'
: : "' '. < -5- \ : ; :



','- h :.- ,-. ,:", ,,. '


.k Ending SaturdaySeptember 3I960 THE FLORIDA STAB
-- PtotiSPORTING Sn8

: 1 IS PcQr.sI 1

..-.. -. .

Gallimore Casares Dooley Ready
IT UPBy = ,

O. PABHAM JOirvsnv For Bears-Redskins Sept. 3 Selle

lead. OI-m'IC"" TriukIIM ('Clarla '. Thnv foitmr iiiUcjn. football stars from llinv
; se'|Miiiili wllou1'
For three and the early iLrNit-Yr1
err .Hnjifrr al seasons in KKniila' ,'
"o tiilprrd xHvttt| | to l IN* key mm in the (Chlcax llfiir iiffi-nw
.1raa drrirrru., "Kuilwn, l. a portion of the fourth JUAN when they mcvt the Washington' llctLsklnM
(ad Jump PIZARRO showed occasional In JarkMuiivlllr'M Cilor'
rtMl'Irllat and fur Jowl September 3.
''r, aIf Ilian Ottrn. TVtbr fashes of the brilliance expectedof
ar. hrnad jump'".... him when he entered the major The Unit each with an outstanding xx'rlallly arc Kick
['rely uhlrllnr. lie lead !I'.I leagues amid much fanfare at s70- (-uelrt'oC. (fulllwu, from the University of Kloiida; Jim Ifcioley I Mid',

fl I MI. "|.,Inc. llolon li*. Irrrnlou the age of %,. And there was 28;: ? Univrrxity of Miami, ntxl WillC.illiiunrc.! halflcuk. Kloilda A.M

"triiiff and jirrllyHuston plenty of reasons for all the : Hoar Oarh It-urge I alas( pieilict.s that the combination of
tel .perd." noise bdm* made over the left '\ <' ('as lr"H' (Kiwer and lallimorv'
bieakaway l will
give the
\1.11. established minor A :: i ..
frjJ" \rrrr hacdcr. lie e.R team the "most '
(. : -., devastalinx cne-lwu running pmuh profeMMinna)
top limdllnr nuUrro.aiii league strikeout records by thedozen. :, : football.
UlC .ylnjr ",ulan Tlmma Including a 300 plus effortIn .
K-"lwn ..l off the ( UCt""M. .starling' his sixth .soa.son, already ha
r aiKilhrr :- 1931 ..But this season .iA gained H.fllR
9t I"u" jun4r Friday' night.utaar kid has come Into hi* own ., r .: yard and need only an additional 181 yatiLs lit break If situ, Niigur-

Iraprd. 7.1 I.. .....Iu,. .* xki'M all time Hear rushing' mark; of 4.0'lt yard
high.. .
For the third year in hank w apparently has tecuvered fully fitint tin- leg; allmenlM
hnl.hlcd him
Aaron's major league the. t through most of last! neason. "Willie'M traveling
BILL WHITE, of the St. at full
spend (!
oaeh Hulas
Bouts Cardinals Milwaukee I'.ravc slue Bing outfielder 'c'IMrl.oc| "II lid Dial meant he'll
became only 1.0
le fourth pIa'er.1D five has hit a home run against every c.t n constant touchdown threat. He was the mol feared! break*
> hit a home run over the years National League club both at home away runner In the league in T 8 and we aie confident he will regain
to.rr.I :
ceoreboard I and on the road that HtatiiM this Fall".
g In right-center at -
I .. Homo run No. 30 of the seasonat ; l Dooley. n
bole college halfback
Mack Stadum. EDDIE < converted to end bccau.HO of his'
11IEWS, Milwaukee; CARL XLlvraukoc's County Stadium, offN.ih t passe'tttching' ability, likewise has been Injured. lie tnlM.scd all the
Jlorchcacl. of the Chicago:
AWATSKL during his stint with JL'ultf. completed his home park GAITHER MEETS BEARS-Coach Jake Gaither of the Florida A and M Rattlers 1D.1S xeason because of n ph-N.nSlln ankle fracture I. ist ,.season"

Uwaukce te Phils,, and are JOE the ADCOCK. .cl clc against each club. is seen hers as he meets and greets two of his former Rattlers at the Gator Bowl In upon his return to action ho caught 41 pas"es fur IW yards and
only other three
uggers' to pull the trick .Ulaiik had previously closed the Jacksonville September 3 during the game between the Chicago Bears and the Washington touchdowns and was voted the outstanding player of bust
eavywelgat champion FLOYD road cycle on July 1st at St tows, Redskins. At the left is George Halas. owner-coach of the Bean, Willie Gall- year's Armed Forces Benefit game victory over! the New York
KO he is now the first to hit homers Giants ,
UTERSON showed Up at a more, who is said to be one of the greatest runners in pro. football. Coach Jake Gai-
'11 game la Chicago Comlslrej's ,;all 1t home and on the road against ther of the Florida A and M Rattlers. Big Bill Lee who played a lot .of football Dooley, 64 and 193 pounds Is starting his seventh season. Hn

irk the day after BILLY MAR .. dubs. the for the Bears. From all led Bear receivers in 1953 with 53 catches for Sit yards and In Ii.pi7:
\.VS This is. no novelty for Hank.He while at Florida A and M and now doing same thing appearances _with 37 for 530.
one-punch tattle with.theabs' is the only player in major lea- it was a happy meeting of the chief Rattler and his former Rattlers.
\e1d. JIM" BREWER In Wrigley pis annals to hit homers in all _u____ All three will be in the lineup against Washington in the CJntor ,
** \011 came in here a day parks in each of hit first seven ('aloOns. 'I Bowl the Saturday evening of Labor Day weekend. Kickoff on Sept.
o late for the fight" cracked lOne New Press Section 3 is 8 P.M.Reserved.
reporter "When I'm la When he turned the trick this Quarterback Ready
year he broke a tic he shared with seat tickets, selling for $-1. and 52.. me on hale. over
W ring. I do't "
play baseball balm Ruth for performing this feat the counter or by mail at the Tourist
At and Convention
Id the amiable Patterson. "1 A&T Memorial Stadium Bui can. 307
consecutive from the 1926 Needed Hogan Street, in
paid for fighting." PatI'5On's" six: years : Apply AtN. Jacksonville:
boyhood idol was season through 1931. They arc also available at Van Fletcher's fJieen Derby llestan-
1CIE For Hoik, the feat Is even more GREENSBORO N.C. scribes who Cant Howard's Bar
KOBLNMW, and Hoyd I Sports cover and Five Points Lounge in Jacksonville. the
let considered baseball ,/ui.standing since he has hit for the Carolina A&T A&T Atlantic Boulevard
eaer College games will be afforded Pharmacy at Neptune Beach and Hollywood
Former World feather. lark cycle in each of his first seven Record Shop.Southern.
eight champ IIOGAN (KID) major league reasons. In his first new quarters for the upcoming

VSSEY. BOW a boxing; coach, reason with the Braves in 1054.: he CIAA Football ChampionsIn season.

-- ived io Rome last week with waited only 13 homers but mana'jal Dire Need Of The City of Greensboro is constructing anew
Nigerian boring team. to club one in each park, Brainy, U. Grldders
He box at Memorial Stadium .home
supervising the squad during though only one was hit on his home Big, Good Signal Caller press play- Hope To Repeat As
e Olympic Games Bassey field. In 1K;j 8. he iced the rake still ing field fpr the Aggies. The new facility, SWAC : Hank Aaron Buys
ned the championship la an further with two home runs in each Bert Piggott head football coach according to Oka Hestersupervisor of Greens- Champions

rumination& tournament follow park. a rare feat for the park cycle (time at North CIAA Carolina A&T College two. boro recreation will be ready for the open- BATON ROUGE, La. -(ANrThe )-
Iff the forced retirement of SAN hitters. ( champions is on the Southern $$34,000 Home In
JY SADDLER. He lost to'DAY' .. verge of placing an ad in. help ing tilt, the *&T College Aggies versus Tenn- team 1959 champions university of the foothall South

[Y MOORE MEL TRIP. The announcement this week wanted sections of the nation's essee State University Tigers on Saturday western Athletic Conference is

teteraii New York Giant by Kddle Gottlieb that Wilt major newspapers.Reason night, September 24. looking optimistically toward the Milwaukee Wis.
Ellback who Is called : he-Is in dire need of a 60 ,
one of the season and another conferencetitle.
Chamberlain haw
hs* blocking backs la the Na .-,rar contract signed with theriiilndelphU alhrr. I good, big brainy, flawless quarterback Besides a completely glassed-in radio booth .

Imal Football league by coach rluh of the National who can throw the ball and partially enclosed PA roomthe new facility That's the word received: from Milwaukee Brave Slugger

\U LEE HOWELL will be out "a kefhall AMIATmean .IaUo.. signal run and caller kick but most of all the will give "front row" accommodations for the athletic department at the college Hopes To Move Family Into
must be
action for at least intuit to local able to de- -membera where practice drills
a month cage velop Into of the;'working: press. On a raised are be.
buUA. an experienced field Ing held under the guidance o( Three Bedroom House Soon
art injured knee 'T"T"T'Mai www general within the matter of weeks. level at rear, accoraiodations are available Coach A. W. Uumford. The Jaguar

*- WhitXield. former golu inuM When discussing his quarterback for a dozen viiiting scouts ,and "spotters". Cats, as they are .most frequently MILWAUKEE Henry (flank)
problem coach Piggott 1 called will the Aaron, batting star of the Milwaukee
winner said "Noth open season against
(While the United States' men'sjack in the SOD meters Is coach
ing short of a genuine miracle will Texas Southern in Galveston Sept. Braves, has purchased a
--- and field team is picked to lug Liberia's track and Field te&t1.
permit us to win the CIAA 24. $34.000 home in an exclusive all-
with the of Herb Mehh wly. who helped the I grid Jerry Lynch Is Tops
away championship for the third straight Last year the Cats were ,unbeaten white suburb of Milwaukee It was
vents, Uncle Sam's females West Indies win the 1600-me'rr re year." in conference play but dropped learned yesterday.

in a sorry state hy In 1932.: Is in. charge of the SOS CALL As Red Tinch.Hitfer"You've their last two tilts to Tennessee Aaron said he and Us wife and

fact we are so poor in con- West ladies entry Hogan (Kid) Piggott'i best prospects to fin the A&I university and Florida A&M three children hoped to move into
Jost to,other nations, that former Bassey. ex-world featherweight box QB Job in case be doesn't n to finish the season with an 8.2 the three bedroom tri-Ievcl homein
{ational AAU 800-meter run cham- leg champion flew into Rome with answer to his SOS call will be get Jim an got to rate him with the best record. Mocuon very soon.

on. Grace Butcher says. "011.estly the Nigerian boxln* team.. Mitche. a2.. 180 pound sophomore pinch-hitters of all time. I know he Reaction to the move which has

I could just sit down and lie Jf. from Newport News Va., and has shown me as much as a pinchhitteras been building while rumors of the
leep whenever I think about it." purchase circulated through the
NBA Wants Archie Bobby Williams, of Fayetteville, anyone I've seen Negro ChosenTo
Prexy during my baseball
However with the sad state of our neighborhood has been divided.

Omen we can expect a few bright Moore's Title Vacated N.C.These two untried field generals days and I've seen some mighty g oo d t Aaron said he expected no trou
laments. Wilma Rudolph. Ten- represent the full squad as quarterbacks ones. Carry FlagAt ble.
[essee State's new world-record NEW YORK National Boxing go. unless a surprise shows The realtor said the people cut

der for the 200 meters, should Association president Tony Mace- up to help the cause. The with marks of 346 there would be glad to have me."
will furnish competition fortralia's toni issued storm warnings tohampioos speaker was Olympics Aaron said.
Piggott in
cautiously admits that 1958 and .368
Betty Cuthbert, a triplecr : Floyd Patterson and the remainder of the backfield Fred HutchinsonThe
in the 1956 Games. Archie Moore. In 1959.This sea-,
should be one of the best that the speaker was ROME. A Negro was chn ri
Jl.Jl.JI. Maceroni announced that If Pat Aggies have had in recent years. Fred Hutchinson son he Is battingat 'oday for the lint time to carry
[die heavyweight champion Floyd terson intends to defend his heavy. he United
Among the expected returnees a .361 clip for- States flag in the
( is popular mana-
traveling through weight crown in a third match with Cal,. )Iympic
Lang Lloyd Oakley, Bernard the Reds in pinch games inaugural parade rail NLIO 5CVIILLNE NAIN Sit'.I nu1Ctn. *r iusrKongolent
S eden on an exhibition tour, In- Ingemar Johansson of Sweden; he Anderson, at the fullback posts and ger of the Cin- jn Thursday. rWlcr A YUI'

mar.Johansson the man he dtiironed ti must dolt this year. a bevy of outstanding halfbacks. cinnati Reds and hitting roles. He is Rafcr L. Johnson. 26. of ;Ctj-"t.:- ,.
two months ago, is anxious- Included in the latter group are the the Jerry has a good the University of California al i :' f. ....' .'. "1..lra
sweating out the proposed titlematch "Florida ". recipient 'of Los Angeles world decathlon : .; ';..<," 'r.bit
16-14-88 Ponies. Joe Taylor, re shot at the record record .:%
between them in much turning to the lineup after a year the lavish praisewas for most hits in' holder. He is a native of HiII 11/ :: ;.
fie. same manner as Patterson fob
boro. Tex.Johnson
layoff and Gene Cambridge both of Jerry Lynch,
winK his knockout by Ingemar in 971- 50-375 Miami; Dick Westmoreland. Charlotte the Rhinelanders' a season by a was Ihr unanimous f'J

'J"It ; Bateman Jones, Beaufort and pinch hitter with choice of the executive board of
Irked recently when the promoters Watch This down Hervey Keaton of Shelby. 30-year-old south his sixteen 1960 the U. S. Olympic committee.The -
if Future Sports Inc. outfielder !
Ignored him paw-hitting safeties.The board voted this morning. -, ,' I
-. early negotiation for the fight. 3 2 Behind Johnson will march N.Ire
Patterson has said he definitely will American Lea- four U. S. Olympic committee officials
3 of
fc lot fight on the proposed tTov. 1 9 9-Game Football Card gue record is 20 and 240 athletes '' .Ntirb.ctmttateua.
ate and there was talk that theght 6 9 ch's pinchhittingrecord set lamed to ha....,
won't be held until next year. For Albany State 'IT with the by Parke Cole- (alt CllltIt.L T.
man of St. Louis Herbert Willie tannin ono deeU..n >
Last week Johansson expressed Games with three SIAC and Reds proves Hutch- : Mays ss.sataltas '

,ptimism about the bout but ad- 48-34-9 four SEAC teams composed part inson knew what he 193o and the National Tied For First PlaceIn (Just.'twice at as.

'tted It might hit a snag. He said 614-90-161 of the nine-game Albany State was talking about League rec- Voting For Top Pro J.ar..."f......
College football slate. ...
ord Is 22 ..
would estab- A' "
fight Patterson in Los LynchIn his 4th .":' ...'YW.... ..
leles in November "I have 8omeu. he/a op Defending Southeastern Conference lished by.Sam Les- NEW YORK Willie Mays. ,;..0'.- t., K'';';;. 0

_ !ready talked with the promoters ISoIDeUmeI Des down champions, the Gloden,Rams Cincinnati season lie of New York. slugging outfielder of the San .;.e" ;" ....IeeI.. Ce,......
Ind for my side, it's fine.Patter"n He adds. aubiracta under Head Coach Obie O'Neal has a pinch-hit Francisco Giants, and Jay Her. :-: Vp., ::-.:=.a.=:
may have something to Be wwfca It aD wotad Ken Dunson (line), and Joe !!it. ting mark of .301 Red Lucas. t he bat winner of the PGA title, ... .1i;; :r+racw
say, --
deadlocked for first place in the
:t that's not chen (backfield), will again play former pitchingstar
my problem, he exWned. Gaming a.t1r&dlou home games in Cardinal Park' for Cincinnati. July voting for the S. Rae Hickok

pending completion of a 7600-seat during this time for the Reds Professional Athlete of the Year AMtA'1 tirtpstl hlr. Ifti illalrl.

37-049 l.oncampKs.stadium.. ( in gamesthrough and a pinchhitter award. .

-- I August 19,1960)) extraordinarywas

y In his first Bear a weekend visitor -
son- with the Reds in Cincinn- 'You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

., (1957 ) the six ft. ati recently to

iulii' :i:;:;; :,?: j one inch. 183 "Ib. see his former LOW PRICESOn

Lynch batted only mates perform and

.190 In emergency was deeply impre- Your

roles but clob- ssed with Lynch

:,. bered three home a pinchhitter."I've DRUG STORE HEEDS
r '
runs in his last followed

six In the
1 t ;rf Lynch followed ers and over pap-tel- 'Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

evision whenever' W. Will Meet Any Prices Advertised
He has
NCC Grldders Open In Your Local
a fine swing and PapersWOOD'S
1960 Grid Season
YOURSELF TO is very strong.
With 23 Le'.termen

j Carolina college's football team
inaugurates its 1960 football sea. SHIll Roy Defeated 1302 KINGS lOAD .! MYRTU AVINUI .

son against Morris Brown college MIAMI BEACH Sonny Ray. Chicago PHONES EL 3-SSf7-98

"AMERICA'S FINEST" on Sept. 17 at Atlanta, with 23 lettermen light heavyweight dropped a w. D Uv.t w. AIM Ml All Doefe/i rnrenw.i
.IT'S on the overall squad. lO-round decision to Freddie

Seven of last year's regulars are Blades of Fort Lauderdale Fla., PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE

UTlCtl ITIIIUT 04..ilNOtlhlUI.l8tlEM. tui". among NCC's starters and 10 others in Miami Beach non-televised
IMUM IWttlT,M HOOf IUlu.n HIWIUI saw duty playing with the second in a Miami Beach non-televised> BILLS AT OUR STOREiU

unit. bout -


.. "-
_ ;. : :",:.. .0;;__.".. ..

.' -Ending. Saturday, September 3. 1960 _.THE FLORIDA STAR .. .. paB 0

Poor Law Enforcement HAIXLCUTS Ie Sure To Visit The Fountainette

For your next haircut visit Sundries
Off The Block

Blamed .for Race Riot the Artistic Barber Shop. 619 .. ((1 j?Il 2025 West 45th Si.

I W. Ashley. Phone EL 4-923L I For YourCotmclirt
ii: Colored men and some cct.nmity.Agsinthe.
by "jay jay"Just C.C.MeCurdj, Prop.; Charles Baby Needs
seven or more Colored FLORIDA STAR Breakfast __ lunch Sn.cks Pa1_nl MdJcin t Sundries

youth hospitalized but urgently requests all Simmons, Mrr.TROUBLED. -:- Pit Bir-B-Q ServedFAST FREE DELIVERY-

heard that Dr. Derricotte, former A. not in critical c on- citizens to remain in William 'Doc' J nenon. Prep. Call PO 5-4S72
dition partially sized their own residentialarea
and M. in --
College prof passed Washington.The -- -
casualty reports. thiscooing .
The riot's first deat as a precautionary &
Ribault has changed music-makers MONEY PROBLEMS? ,
once 1
occurred shortly after of personal and public
more. They feature a guitar lead. Walter is /1 h.1.. s..tiM ....I.We. NI

appearing midnight when Charlie safety.Segregation.. ,.k.da s t.ll...d. Slrid'r ,.1
at the Kon-Tiki in Atlantic Beach. ,.,.....lJOHN
''Edward Davis,27-year old

Jacksonville Negro died In WAMSTEKER
You should dig Harry C. Donald at his sa-. D.r. as. .
shortly after being fired I ..,. ..
torial best. He is very pretty in his elegant'I I**SOUTH 10. 0"Ata7CARoyal Ce *
three white
Madras sport coat. Donald has found the Fount upon by Schools IssueIn I t
service station attend- 0 .
of Youth. ants lost control of his Crown b; !_: _

car which crashed into a
The Classroom Teachers Association kicked utility pole at Clay and Weslbury Bottling Company P raare N e V ,A G..4 Ie rat

off their membership drive at the Country Club 1235 San Morca Blvd. Carter In Bartering
State Streets.A WESTBURY School} Enroll How !In The SmrH'i Fiat
Wednesday night.President Capers Bradham got Col'ece' G.I Approved
wave of incidents in- become
has an
segregation Fl 9-4488
them off to a good start with a "blood and vandalistic FLORIDA BARBER COLLEGE
volving important issue in this small

guts" speech. All of you crying teachers had have been occuring both but growing Long Island com 630 Davit At hivePb.Bronck ... tt.S-f 174

better join up with the group. in city and countypolice munity. How to resolve the is- HELP WANTEDMAIDS
sue in view of the nearness of,, 'OOHSIIOUSEWORHEKS
reports.Numerous Negroesand the opening of school next month STRAND STARTS SUNDAY, 72 NegroPriests
Thelma "Bonnie" Robinson had to visit in
whites have been week 7 BIG DAYS
arrested was discussed last by two NEW YORK
the bottom on a sad mission.Her sister passedin by police o n key groups who made contrasting We have many excellent position.
Miami last week. Maggie Thompson also madea proposals to correct the problem.One open for rood female domestic
varying charges ranging with nice
workers ntcady: jobs
of the
now bting
visit to "the Magic City. .from illegal possession private families who will treat you sl
considered by the school board, nice room
right and provide a OrdainedBAY
of firearmsunlawful assembly came from Schools Superintendent nirals and all privileges...Salaryto
FLASH: The former Paula Williams of Miami Cecil L. Rice who suggestedthat $Su weekly to start....Trans TOTALS COPE
passed through and called us. Seems as tho she ,assault,and numerous students; from Westbury's purlation to New York advanced TECNMIcotoR ST. LOUIS, Miss
met a handsome fellow in this other incidents. Negro,residential area be broughtinto It you are looking for a good A survey conducted recently
past M.
MR. A.
largely white classrooms in glcrp-in job. contact Plus 2nd. Big Hit!
by the of the
Society ]
sunner and it the :622 Drive
was the thing at first sight.All Despite negligenceof the fifth BAUM Hempstead:: :
grade. "WALK LIKE A DRAGON"Action Word
Lakeland Fla.. telephone MU. missioncrs here indicated]
in the same motion she married him returned city officials t o
The second proposal came froma .3-3389. DramalSuspenseIRoosevelt that twelve U.S. Negroes have!
home, quit her job, packed up and left to make call a bi-racial committee Negro civic group, representing been ordained as Roman Catholic -
Sun. Thru
Dee Cee her home. All in a matter of days. She together in emergency residents of Westbury's New FOR SALE Tue. priests this year representing -
community. feel that the
They largest number of Negroes
will be remembered by Jaxons as the exintendedof sesSion, a small Rice's proposals would be goodif 100. O Books 10 & ordained in any one )'car.
2 First Run Hits!
one of the local playboys. P.S. He got bit number of local Negro they were. stepped up a year 35 each.Every sub- The survey, which was conducted *

by the bug before she did. citizens and NAACP Youth sooner. under the Sun. "WILD RIDE"Plus by questionnaires sent out to|
Council officials and Myron Leslie, president of the ject 205 major Catholic seminaries,]
school board reportedly is in favor Here are a few o f "GIRL IN LOVERS LANE" monasteries and houses of study,
Workers of wonders. "Fifi" is working on members have taken it of Rice's plan because, he the subjects covered met with almost 100 per cent co-|
a slave The belle of the 600 has. been "making upon themselves to con- said it includes sounder educational Adventure ChristianltyDebatesHealth SKYVIEW Sun.Tues. operation and disclosed that some I -

it" for several months. tact leaders and mem- planning. 50 Negro seminarians arc now]
Equal Balance JAMES STEWART IN stud)inn theology and philosophy! -
bers of Negro teenage and will become candidates
Jokes Songs andMusic.RiddlesEduc ]
The community believes "BEND
Joyce Whitehead of the teen-age set groups asking for order the priesthood vp to 1Jf! 6.
gavea that if a proposed new elementary
going-away for and calmness during the Technicolor WesternAND The previous high of Negro ordinations .
party her friend Gwen who will school is built on Park Ave., ation, Languages ,
enter Allen High in North Carolina this Fall.I citywide tense situat- the white students living in the was compiled in Ift58,'
area would go to the New Cassel Business Manuels "4D MAN" when ten became priests Fifteen
ion. school there instead of the New Sex and Love. are scheduled for ordination in
Win $560
don't have to make my annual plea to all However, while known Cassel school to which they are Cash Mon Nitel 1961, the poll found.

red-blooded citizens to stay away fran the "Pro Negro teenage gang lead- now going. ', Order Catalog 25 Belafonfe JoinAFLCO !

Case". this week-end. Events of the past weekend ers have kept a tight This in, they contend, would result Refunded on First Baptists ___
segregation at the New
should keep most of Aunt Haggar's children out rein on their respective C4sser school which presently has Order of $1.50 o r

of the streets comes Saturday night. You know members activities, more white than Negro students. more. SpectacularIn

few of us really realize how George Preston of the hit and run tacticsof Under Rice's proposals, school COOK'S MAIL SERVICE NASHVILLE (ANP)-Em to -_ "

the Redskins really exploits the real die-hards their white counter- buildings would to .a be kindergarten.allocated according 9105--A Mack Ave. The Fall cs of Baptist a publishing churches house voted for last Negro =

South of the Mason-Dixie Line. He makes money parts maintains an ever .through fourth fifth through Detroit 14,Michigan, Betafonte Enterprises Inc. and week In favor of union represent
by appealing to their rebelish attitudes and present; explosive atmosphere eighth 3attd."ninth througb-12th Revlon announced this week that tation, reportedly becoming the_ _
sentiments. Oh yes, for none sports fans G. P. : grade division, insuring that New actor-singer Harry Belafonte'sfirst first church employes in Nub _
Cassel students would transfer to special for the 1960-61 seasonis ville to unionize.
Marshall is his full Many Negroes are disturbed SWANS NURSERY
name. the largely white classrooms aft., set for Sunday, November 13th The action to form the union
over the annual cr the fourth grade. AND (CBS-TV, 10:00-11:00 P.M.) was taken in an election at the

Once again the colored players will haveto pro-football game here ProposalThe DAY CARE Belafonte was recently awarded Sunday School Publishing boardof

attend a make-shift after-the-game-affair A Saturday night between Negro group would if their an Emmy for his outstanding the National Baptist convention
proposals are followed make the performance on the "Tonight with USA Inc.
friend will pay. The friend is you Mr. John Q. the Chicago Bears and groupings smaller, beginning with Open for business Mon. Belafonte" CBS-TV special for Union officials listed the voteas

Public. Washington Redskins with kindergarten-througMthird grade. thru Friday 6:30 a.m. Revlon last December.In 28 to 22 with five ballots void

the influx with thousands This, they feel, would give class. to 7:00 p.m. Ages six Far East ed by the National Labor Relations
rooms after the fourth grade as The entire production will be board, which supervised the
of fans from a wide weeks to 4 old.
years election. The church board said
under the of Phil
If you don't like what "Hizzoner" pulled many white as Negro siudents. supervision
area coming into the Health certificates ace Stein, executive producer of Bela they saw the vote as 8 in favor
this week, REGISTER AND VOTE so you can meet dents. of the union and 27 against it,
citymany citizens have I required. Mrs. Edna fonte Enterprises Inc., packagerof
him at the polls in 1963.
the program with Norman Church Version
raised questions as to Polite supervisor.
I Jewison directing. Both Stein and "This has broken the ice," saidA.
Fifty thousand Frenchmen can't be wrong I whether this is right Spend Labor Dayat 1536 W.21st. Street.EL Jewison, serving in similar Capacities C. Stevens, Louisville, inter

unless they disagree with "Hizzoner." Every time for the game to be Jekyll Island 4-4861 or EL 6-2582 were a part of the creative national representative of the

body agrees that the Mayor's refusal to admit held in light of the Fun Galore forces behind last year's International Printing Pressmen
award winning show. and Assistants union (AFL-CIO).
that we do have a juvenile problem plus a present mood of the At present Bclafonlc is on the "We have hopes of gelling other

race problem in this town led to the events, INVEST IN A HOME last lap of a three month con church workers here."

of last week. Negroes and white alike wonder I $7,200.00 2 bedroan cert tour of the Far East during The Rev. D. C. Washington, exccutivc -
which time the singer has saidhe's director of the board
who held finest back and would Block Home
Jacksonville's I concrete
been seeking new interna said he considers the vote as
not allow them to go into action and protectthe on,second floor Garage, good location tional talent and folk material being 28.27 instead of 28-22. with
Negro citizens who were the targets of the > I near bus line. $800 for his forthcoming television spe five votes uncounted.

local and imported white thugs.On .. tkVjounq (Hen's Shop.Stutenl : down to qualified cial. You Can't Beat

West Ashley Street after the downtown Bought Homes
$10,500 11 rm.2-story For Holiday

fights quieted down, the County Patrolmen rePresenting building. 2-Apts 2nd. In a poll of candi law and order almost caused another 0 0 00'u" : j
America of 1'JCO itva I I'-arncd Spend Labor Dayat
Floor large dwelling1st
riot by their brutal tactics. Many innocents } /."' in,.i"/'II 'U'"' ihrafoi that eight out of leu had saved JEKYLL ISLAND
floor.$1,500 Dn. through United Slalom( Savings!
had muzzles rammed into their sides ..With-
gun Fun Galore
out due cause. ,/,('.,, ;:,,,'(/ in//i you-' $5,500 4-rm home bath Bonds to buy their homes

In mind. //a //cifThere's H/water, near US 1 on .,
Memo to Judge Santora: Isn't carrying an
Moncrief Rd. $395 Dn
ax handle without visible use in sight and applying $48 month. Corner Myrtle Ave. and Shad Roe
the ax handle to a Negro's skull "in- r

citing a riot?" Isn't placing a baseball bat $3,200 Lg. Home,lar e MEDIUM MULLET . LB. 25e

against the head of a person not too gently a Lot. Needs improving, LARGE MULLET ... . LB. 29c

cause for arrest? JUSTICE may not have been awake N Stuart St.Moncrief YELLOW MULLET ROE, Frozen LB. 98c

last Saturday. Road. SALT MULLET ROE . "LB. 98c

G. D. Rogers, Jr. of Jekyll Island along H LOTS IN COLLEGE GARDEN OCEANVIEW SPOTS . ... .LB.: 35c
with his two daughters passed Jax.
I t ti E.S. ColemanSalesmanHORACE TABLE GRADE SQUIDS . .LB. 35eIIV
is plannedat
Labor Day
us that a gala n't ru h. w. M". ..nnuch.rc JlIII

the Georgia playground. Rogers says t hat r A. WOODARD FLOUNDER . .'. LB. 45c

they will have something for every member of l -RegisteredReal CATFISH . . .LB. 49c
to Big expansion plans are ,
the family enjoy.
Estate Broker SPECKLED TROUT Chicken .of the Sea .LB. 59c
in the near future.
underway very i '
1227 Kings Rd. MSM WATttCATFISH
1 "- :i \ EL T. . . .LB.19,
Junius Bowman and Dr. Warren Schell left ....... 5-4673 'T.
1lJ.\'E/ES." lKl
annual meeting of the Urban a chic'Ic-'cc'lunt: just' for you boys
town to . .
Snapper Fillet . Ib59c
fifteen anti too small
in New York. They are expectedback over weekly payments
League . .Ib. ?5c
Florida Lobster .. .
in the next few days. will |dust suit you. r Ajk'for. .c> o. card Protest U.S. Oysters, Standard . PINT $1.10

Joe Flanders has won the title of Hr. Up- 'like the one below ClaV Crabmeat i . . .Ib.. 95c

et after the happenings of Saturday. Joe was rYAHSI'1'Y funds for "l Mfe White DeLuxe CJabmeat .. Ib. $1.15

minding his own business downtown when all- of SHOP ACCOUNT Sca Scallops . . .">. 59c

a-Judden all Hades broke loose. You know the .. "- Only" HousingThe Jumbo Shrimp . ... . .Ib 89c

; rest of the story. He was really "shook." Nam.- John Esquire-. NAACP this week cited civil -, Medium Shrimp . . Ib. 59c
In 10 lb. lots Med. Shrimp Only)
(Special- -
of both
The first of a series of public meetings Addr.,5-340 -Fas-- han- Lane. political rights parties planks in an appeal major to Pound . . .. 49c

sponsored by the Youth Council of the local the Public Housing Administration Shrimp Steaks .. . each 2SeWeek

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