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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200561datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 21, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005610740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 21, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 21, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
:,' -...' \ f ...." '.- .. ---r'-; ; ''_ --.f; <- '' "''- 1"1. T- --- h

I .

,i\:: ....

,:.d' .

.; IJ"

1"- .



.:!_Yy'":f:JI 7a "r. ON THAT FATAL DRINkING SP f, _


,:7 United Citizens League I .!

I Ur gsax9rEs1Jo Vote 'f


I -- -- ---f\v.'"' -, 3 '- ," ." '.' .-'::\' ..w.-',. J -- J.'v'.-.. .....,.. ......I.", I L' .-_.. :":) F t 1..-...\..\ ..-_' \ 15..,.,. 0....Lot--.. '
.. .
--- ---- -- -- ---- ---- '...
Wins French Title.JBWSh I Citizens Urged nt'
i Beauty i

', '. iI I iTo Vote May 24

I N:-=1'0 citi_. ",s .,. t>" noy "" Dynamite Shatters. Hom ''i
I ; tlie Florida cs r an. th' "

4.: I 3u C.ttzens L ., :ae to z<. C.: : '
:,(, vote on May 24, in the firr1: .
fort to ekct the officials who y:.\

direct the affairs of the state ft.. '

the next four years.

Citizens are reminded th :; :. "
; Killing Negro Mother,2
'rb s not.: completeinle* > '

Juough the entire procec'u: l't\; "

3tmg in both the first and H'h-: ; .
*; X primaries.
$ ------

;::a+as. Sr'r;- :x :v.cy tions A number will be decided of important by the elec-May [[Race Hate Seen In Bombing Report SeThDarbyDiedprom

: 24 primary elections'among which

I are the governor's rack,, the two That Kill ;d Negro Mother Whiskey Poisoning
county commission races and the
controversial 11th District Justice RL GOLD., GA. -- A Negro By Staff Correspondent
I of the Peace contest between incumbent mother was kiIIe-d under falling the firing of shotgun blasts into I Police have been conducting a so far fruitless search for two
(two Negro homes at Chickamauga -
i Mrs. Sarah Bryan and. debris when a heavy charge of ,companions of deceased Seth Darby who are believed to have con
15 miles from Ringgold. :,
-. Ernest D. .Jackson, Negro Attor- dynamite shattered the home while sumed some of the same poisonous alcohol which proved fatal to
the family was sleeping early the young Jacksonville playboy.

> ney.Jackson who defeated Mrs. Thursday 3 morning. Bus Drivers Darby's body was buried here
Bryan four years ago but was Negro Thursday after being brought I who have since left the city met

denied the office after a court Catoosa County Sheriff J. D: ,.Assigned !In larnpa back from Philadelphia admlst a Darby at the Majestic Hotel where
ruled that the districting 'was Stewart said a racial'angl might TAMPA-Tampa Transit Lines : series of speculations as to the the men were staying. Darby

unconstitutionally enacted, led his have been involved: in the bombing assigned two Negro drivers to city ; cause of his death which ranged worked in the Majestic Bar. ""
44N& I opponent by a vote of 5,488 to but no motive" was determined |bus routes for the first time from stabbing to taking an overdose The trio is believed to have
r ? immediately. It was the latest ina
'y 4,765 in the last May 3 elections. J Thursday.A of narcotics. gone on a drinking party where
Aeries of incidents against official said Philadelphia police attributed the "white whiskey"was
The UCL has issued an appeal j company one poisonous
to residents of the ll'th District to Negroes in the area. driver had a route servicing an Darby's death to wood alcohol serx'ed. Police said the mix-

I not fail to go out and vote for I Georgia Gcv. Ernest Vandiver area of perdominantly white per- poisoning. Darby who had workedin ture which Darby drank sometime
I Jackson on Tuesday. offered a $500 state reward for sons. No incidents were reported. : Jacksonville as a haberdashery between .Saturday midnight and
I arrest..and conviction of those
"committing this dastardly act a Negro section. / : jockey had gone to Philadelphia percentage of what appeared to
i These Candidates Vandiver also ordered the Geor- The two drivers will be on the.several months earlier searchingfor be rubbing alcohol.

Deserve Your gia Bureau of Investigation to ; "extra board" each day and will V a break in the world of radio Darby became ill and by Mon-

i "utilize every resource of the be assigned as substitute opera- and television. day he complained he seemed to
i'J state in apprehending the personor tors on route in the city the : "
Support TuesdayBased any The North Central Detective be "going blind.
t foc I
persons responsible. spokesman said.Negroes I Bureau is looking for Darby'si The Medical Eraminer's office
I on a survey conducted in \
I 'i truck driver companions on said that blindness usually occurs
cooperation with the FLORIDA 'The bombing of a. home and I
what is believed to have been a in the last stages of alcohol
*the resultant murder of a
I the United Citizens League ; mother'I Eat Again
I wild interracial drinking spree! j poisoning. One investigator said
#1 I has released a list of candidates of four children Isa cowardly j (
,In White CafeteriaAt i'held in a swank Philadelphia i. "If he had to a hospital im- ,
.. yLRf. whom it is. ,supportingand eri-JJ I;and _heinous think repugnant to j : gone I
Jail ) hotel 8P rtment.: mediately. afterbeconiiaff.illt,his ,:. _
dorses as ,the best persons suited j law-abiding and -respecUng Miami Hospital l I j !i "
.1 "saidT: 1 life might have been reared
for. the offices they seek. They1'are citizensVandiver, j MIAMI-Four Negro employesate Detectives said the two j
The FBI also joined the invesigation. { j,j ---- ----- --
\ as follows: I breakfast Thursday in Jackson .
New Orleans
Governor Memorial Hospital's cafeteria reserved Judge
Doyle Carlton, Jr.; At least 25 pounds of dynamite by custom for whites. i

1 Secretary of State 1 I were used in planting the charge j jI I) About 35 Negroes had eaten To Schools I
.. .. ..' r' .. ::..., ,. which apparently was encased in : Desegregate
n y.' :';,iy'.Yxa'c:,, a + :r2."ri f,....';; .r .q':N.t'{': :i( >n.1 .fib., '. ,: Jess i iI I lunch yesterday in the cafeteriaof
.i a i I I YARBOROUGHI a steel 'container and set off bya the big county-o .rated hos- NEW ORLEANS-Federal district Judge J. Skelly Wright fulfilled

1 1I I I Commissioner of Agriculture, ;I, long, slow-burning fuse. pital. There were no incidents an advance warning Monday: and ordered New Orleans public schoolsWright I

I: W. R. (Buster) Hancock; !j i Sheriff Stewart said the Greenes either day. I to__ desl'reate classes_n___ next SeDtember. ,I
3 | were law-abiding citizens and that "I hope they will not try to had advised the Orleans I i
;: iw County Commissioner, Dist. 3, I j chambers, provides:
i j the husband a mechanic, had upset what has been the customof Parish county) School Board to
Lem Merrett; \ All children entering the first
i caused no trouble with anyone "as this hospital for many years" submit a desegregation plan by
1 !' grade may attend either the formerly -
County Commission, Dist. 5, far as I know." said Dr. Kermit Gates, the di- today "or I'll have one for you." all-white public school near- j
Fletcher Morgan; A number of incidents including rector.
; school board's
:.ace+:{''>ds i I The est their home, or the formerly -
School Board Dist. 5, : dynamitings and shootings The Negroes spurned a privately Gerald Rault, told the attorneY'1 all-Negro school nearest their
;* have occurred in recent monthsin operated Negro lunchroom, inspired -
4$ : ", R. L. (Bob) Harris; er today the board had homes, at their option.
4 + :, the extreme North Georgia- by Negro Henry Wells, 24, pared such a plan because it believed Children may be transferredfrom
County Civil Service Board, Southeast Tennessee area near a temporary laboratory employe !
"that it does not have the
one school to another, pro-
Jack Forehand; Chattanooga, Tenn. The most recent hired three weeks ago.' He was right to do so" under state law. vided such transfers arc not basedon

Justice of Peace .Dist. 11, before today's. bombing was "released" after the incident.. Wright's order, issued in his consideration of race.
Ernest D. Jackson; ,

j I Constable, Dist. 11, I: Florida Beaches Are
I! Claude G. Spears; MIE Elect 2 shopsFaces' ; Target

I: Constable Dist. 2, for Operation IIWade Inll
Otis Lee Mccre; .' 'Nichols COUlct
I TAMPA-The expectation that
Named as queen of the 13th Cannes Festival was LaJeune Hudiey l If!|Constable. Dist. 9, share this summer of the recently beaches will! bear ample
F. Beerbower The General Conference of the"r tee, with Bishop Wright receiving announced XAACP "operation
a 19 year old model from Washington, D. C. Miss Hundley: enteredthe SjL.I ; : 1i wade-in" was expressed by an Association spokesman.
contest as a result of winning the "Miss:: American Beauty" con- i i Justice of Peace Dist. 12, 'AME Church which met in Los !.> a reprimand from the committee. uiosier -is.:: Current, me Assoc '. -
-------- -
test last year held annually in New York, sponsored by the Ophelia :, Daniel K. Kirk. Angeles, Calif., voted to continue : tion's national director of bran-I this state during 1959 was 153-

DeVore School of Charm. Her prize was this V.I.P. all expense paid _._ I the suspension of Bishop D. Ward ;I I Knife Is Drawn ches, said Negroes hope "to cool I 675. Total Negro registration in

trip to Paris and Cannes France sponsored by P. Ballant.i & Sons. Woman Wounded : Nichols and named two new 1 I off under God's beaches in Florida :,I this state during 1960 will be
Last year Miss Cecelia Cocpr as "Miss Ar.Jer:.a.i: h 'a'.ty 1 ,59"won Or Cab DriverBy from Jacksonville to Miami and .!'175,000.i "

the title "!VIi's Ft's h:d" anti tins !> eamr 1T<> f rrran, : While Playing bishops, climaxing a stormy ses- from Tampa to Pensacola." i i I r The NAACP official also com- '

the first 'non-French girl and the first Negro; ever to reign as Queenof : i j sion. PassengerWillie Mr. Current spoke of th2: As-i, mented on school integration The .

the Cannes Fim! Festival.A With Pistol! 'J i 1 The Rt. Rev. John Douglas Ceasey 46, of 938 E. scciation's new drive for full utilization 'pace toward desegregation is too I
graduate of the Parker Gray; High School! is 'Vah'rt:; 'Ccn. D. C., slow "
Beaver Street told police he of the taxsupportedpublic he said. "Only six
A 22-year-old woman was shot Bright, pastor of Philadelphia's jumped per :
finer college and to It.l r.a..tress.
:Miss HuKdlo's p'.ans are ta in the stomach last Tuesday as famed Mother Bethel Church was, out of his cab and ran last recreationalfacilities.. cent of three million Negro school
cf feminine ,
The dark-eyed beauty is a sorgeoa repre9nafcT' Monday when a whom "With summer fast approach- children in the South are today
she and her sister-in-law tusseled i swept into office with a total vote passenger J
Ii i
6 inches tall, v.tifihs 118 ;.:n .i. has browneyes
feet paf
She is "
pulchritude. '
ing. he said, "the NAACP has attending integrated
he had schools.
Her ineasgr.raeuts .. I Herhobbies i over a pistol which the victim had of 387 votes. picked up in the 1000 blockof ;
hair. e -
and dark brown Florida called for use of the public beaches "This is the same V
taken from Avenue pulled a switch as taking a
pocketbook of the :
include: skating, horse back: riding. gotffe; snug: : and (, Also elected to the Bishopric was
owner police reported. i blade knife and demanded that swimming pools and recreational 3,000 mile journey from Tampa to
dramatics. '|i Miss Ella Mae Randolph, of 801 I I Rev. George N. Collins of New;1 I he drive his cab to a certain des- "Our branches, from Cape May, Seattle and after six years of _
She lives with her family which insisges. iR3ffer> f1th r, five i 1 i Orleans, who drew 393 votes on
.- : W. Monroe Street told investigating -i, tination.He NJ.. to the tip of Texas, will be walking, not having reached Tal-
sisters and two brothers.On 'the fourth ballot. in lahassee. We
engaged wade-in. must
'operation step up this ,
officers her sister-in-law :Mrs. said after picking the
I the International : pas-
laft Paris for Cannes, Franks an -
:May :r. LaJeane >
During the summer months pace by sending our children toapply
: Juanita Young 27, 1112 Arch St. he wanted to to t
senger up
Film FestivaL Miss Hundley was accompanied J 11)- Miss, The conference took a vote on go 1
i with'her .. Negroes are going to wade in the for transfers In large numbers ,
came by the job brother Broad And Ashley Streets he
the turbulent issue involving
Miss Preeola DeVore ofVfc i rt'. 'rjt D. C.,
Ophelia De Fore, and '
j 1
I water and enjoy the blessings of in Florida and elsewhere in
who is the husband of the victim. Bishop Nichols on the recommen- changed his mind and told him 1!
her.--- --- .. ---- --- --- .- -- .- ---- The victim said she took the pistol dation of the minority report of to take him to Laura Street and God's beaches. just as everyone the South. I
from the pocketbook of her sister- : the Episcopal Committee. after reaching Laura Street in the else does." "The Supreme Court has said i!
NAACP Urges Negroes n-law and while playing with it : 1000 block he then ordered him Mr. Current also discussed the that the time is now: that Jim 1

the pistol fired wounding Miss AlthougH the Bishop Nicholscase back to where his brother was. Association's voter registration Crow education breeds a sense of

"Trade With Your Friends"A Randolph in the stomach. was not settled at the con- Ceasey said when he refused to ,drive. "All over Florida and elsewhere inferiority and has a tendency to

I Witnesses said they noticed the ference it appeared likely that he carry him and then ordered the in this nation, we are increasing retard educational and mental I

pamphlet prepared by the :lon .a Cm.t.:: -'? NAACP : two women playing but that was will face trial in Philadelphiacourts passenger out of his cab he pull- our registration and vot- progress of Negro children. /'

Youth Councils and College Chapters is urging that Negroes trade ]t quite common since the two play ,Ii on other charges involving ed the knife and threatened to ing. Total Negro registration in he concluded.

with their friends instead of spending their dollars with stores that >! all the time, but they did not: church funds. cut his throat. -- ---

continue to discriminate because of race. :know a pistol was Involved until The sessions were dramatizedby The cab driver said he jumpedout Alfred Harrell No Longer i;

The leaflet points out that in other ct.es: "Woclvjiths;:: Grants.; it fired. Both women work on the the report of the Episcopal and ran leaving his money

Kress and other stores, closed their counters rather than serve coloredcustomers. same job. Committee that charges had been changer in the cab. He said he Connected With Florida Star i
." It also called for the setting up. of Bi-Bacial committeesin |I I The1ctim was taken to Duval filed against Senior Bishop S. L. left the cab the money changer : i
local communities. i i' Medical Center in a private car. Green of Georgia and Bishops and the passenger. A passing cab It was announced this week that Alfred Harrcll former advertising -

The paper continued: "But there is something more that you She was admitted to Duval Medl- Carey A. Gibbs of Alabama and picked him up at State and Hogan : salesman for the Florida Star has severed connections with(

can dd.''We call on you to help end racial segregation and discrimination cal Center for operation to remove i; R. R. Wright of Califo>n1a. Street and carried him to the that publication ;

at Dime Stores and other stores which refuse to allow you \bullet from her stomach. police station. j Barrel gave up his duties with the newspaper last Saturday

to buy by joining the nation-wide effort in refusing to trade Patrolmen C. Barton and E. R.I However all three Bishops were Patrolman J. C. Adams and May 11 and is, no longer functioning in the solicitation of ads or;

with any business which. ; discriminates.! .". Taylor investigated._ cleared by the Episcopal;Commit- ';Sgt. A. B. Gilbreath investigated I i collection of monies for the Florida Star.


\ V ,; V ,, V. .> V t, ;/ -.: ..; '" .
: ;F :", ,. ., T .4 .... : ': .

I !


i II I

___,_ ...;:.f;;.:.:. .j Jl', .;.;ff'.L'1;,.,.: ., ..t .2,_ .:, ..' 1111ii G

-' ';;""'--1' '''' ,..,., ,, ";
.:"..f : ... ... : '.' .... "r, '! ;
; : :
: : \ 'it: ; .: : o.lr.J"i"t: t f

; ..


; ; ;
ti. : .t !

. :- Page' 2 '__ :.... .... EN, _E F.Ur1j)1, ti' .... '" <,T <<1It. ; >'# _.3 "'' ..t '? Week Ending Saturday, May 21, 1960 .:

._ .. 4
.:- : '; ;, : "'- '" "'4<;"F't JSa.; ,
I. I. ;; : THE FLORIDA STAR !l qJ-'; ; >t'I' -1o' 5t ;: :- ; :' i .-"':' -6 iJn5G'1r ;
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; ; '
." 1iI!' "
; .1.fI + :t ." {
'. ',, t : ,/ "Politics As Usual"By
> ; 'I{ .. !ii \ 1 +, ; <
i1J;, _. ; 1 : / ? : / Eric O. Simpson
fr .
Qrwc ,' ;
: a i;: y, :. ... } !, 5 ,., "
: -- i .. ,
.' IJ c.cj. ..t<'" ;,t... : S 'I
: S

. *,V; + Published by Th Florida Star Publishing Co. :i r: :.: ; 1'I : Beyond The Ballot Box ;!

.- J. "Member of Associated Negro Press'tric ; .:r ,

t' O. Simpson .. ...__ ..._ Editor : \ ; '

.. t:. C. Parham Johnson _. .____._. ,_. ._N.wl.Slaff ; = : The free ballot box is the symbol: of democracy. It provides (
Hilda W ,ten Circulation. ? Depil ; l ; : ; 4 : a key to a society of freedom, justice and security. At the
::i.: -
... : ballot box, as before the bar of justice, every citizen is

I ..f _.- -.. equal. Beyond the ballot box lies the Promised Land with
; S .. MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: S5 ....;,.S S i.tomi- :" opportunities for individual and group advancement.

Ir" ; Moaeriei Road ...__ EL 4-8782 EL 4.6783 5 .. Voting .
to'RD Branch Office 423 Broad Si. Phone EL 4-3773
; ,, r.B .-'. : Makes it possible for you to help choose the local, state
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;ir"'n.'J' '
P. O. Sox :z!, Jacksonville 1, Florida .. ,. .. _
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One Tear, $5.00; Hall Year, $3.00; Three Months $1.80 ...... J. .. _-,-- _

Mailed To You An/where In The United States. the kind of treatment YOU receive at the hand of

;3* cripiion Payable in Advance Send Check or Money Order To: the police.


the kind of justice YOU get in courts
k1 Pk

Lectu.ee To the kind of welfare service YOU can get tar YOUR
i Judges i iSitudoYners
family in time of need
Stirs -I!

the kind of hospital treatment YOU get when? you

'(iMesticns From NAACP t tF are sick

F COPY OF LETTER SETO:: THE HONORABLE JOHN RUDI, .. .. the kind of job YOUR CHILDREN can get with your
city state or country
Honorable John Rudds Judge .

Tallahassee Munirrpal: Court I *
Tallahassee Florida i how much taxes YOU have to pay and how your tax

I, as an American Citizen and a person born in the State of

Florida, am amazed at the type of lecture attributed to you by the I s
E Helps you on the road to the Promised Land where there
United Press International at the trial of several youth in jour I ,

court last.week.. ; i___ I- Your Weekly ii '.' will be a better life for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. t

First of all, the content and the logic would ordinarily con
strain us to look upon this statement as irresponsible. But since you / a-R Above all, voting means that you are a free citizen with I

chose to make such statements while clothed in your judicial garb,' nOi"Oscope" "lUDcwe the same rights as other citizens. After you have registeredand
5 cast vote for the want elected to
'it is impossible to overlook them since they are now having the r your persons you
effect of judicial pronuncements. ... office, you know you are an American doing what other
9y PABLO, The ASTROLOGER Americans do. You can be proud of yourself and of your I

May I analyze some of the things attributed to you by the press: country. It is not only your righj;, but your duty as an I
I American citizen to vote.
they might try to excuse their behavior under the guise

of Christianity but no where in the bible do you find whereso I BUSINESS '- LOVE TRAVEL I

small a group could intimidate and frighten the majority." Senator Fidbright Sees Dock Strike

The press alleges that you made the above statement. E ARIES stacles to overcome, or errors to trouble with near relatives older j l

Being a learned judge I am certain that you are aware of the Born March 21st to April 20th repair caused by your overeagerness than you. Above all watch for As Threat to Arab-American Relations ;
impact of Christianity the great Roman I also
upon Empire. am cer- easy-going attitude.
I The conjunction of Sun and or business risks implied in your relationship .. ... .
tain that are of the impact that Christianity has the ". !
you aware ;
upon Mercury should settle some finan- 5-20-77-15-37--527 to By Hussein Kamel Selim, Ph.D. ",
dominant I
world of Yet in I i social : '< : .
today. each instance Christians were and are a j r 1'-
; cial matters, open new doors perhaps political or professional groups, Emeritus Professor of .
minority group. This is the first inconsistency in your statement, as LEO Economic History, : '". Ii Iitt.
i ; but Venus in this same seeking perhaps to use you for ;'. ''\
carried by the -
press.Furthermore House is subject to contradictory \ Born July 23rd to August 22nd their ends. Keep steady and firm. Cairo UniversityThe : ? -

there was nothing frightful or intimidating in the influences. You seem still too eager.j On the 18th and on the 20this I, Plan unexpected moves. t I
recent picketing of the .
of those students if it because "
conduct ; so was only some people
to spend money the moment you not too favorable for your finances 3-60-99-15-97-369. United Arab Republic ship
through sheer prejudice, chose to look it such.
upon as i get it, if not before. Avoid all in the sense that you may / Cleopatra by American dockworkers ,\ .
Next, the states that said that who chose
press you students r
thinka and well to :
forms of and
self-indulgence I spend much of your money may prove
to follow the democratic process by asking that their constitutional \. good.deal of your public standing energy forta, demanding cause or SAGITTARIUS '.' 5 'hava' more' 'f.r reeeHiog<< re: *.!.!i;";:

I rights be enforced-rights that every judge legislator and executivein and your reputation. Do not sociaP:cultural institution. However Born Nov. 23rd to Dec. 21st suits than the participants In
our government are sworn to protect are: this *K-/ leaf boycott yet realize -
overwork intellectually. Try to meet inspiring
} and
you may May 20th and on May 25th pro-
"Following the tactics of Cuban Dictator Castro.
relax and not to rush around. friends, foreign thinkers' or reli- fessional problems arise r
Here we would like for you to clarify yourself. Are you indicatingthat 9-40-88-13-27-948 I gious leaders who may help you may or Alrea'..T the State Depart-
these students, merely because they are trying to seek equalityand in your progressive endeavor at you"social may leader.meet" difficulties as a ment has .ailed this picketing I
This would be
obtain justice for Negroes, advocating or conspiring to overthrowour I of the Cleopatra "embarrass-I
becoming a "new" person. It may especially noticeable if birth- rela-
TAURUS your ing" to American foreign (
form of government? Castro led a revolution and is now headingthe
Cuban government. Certainly students, who are peacefully dem- Born April 21st to May 20th well be worth all that It costs you. day comes close to November 25 tions. But, in a statement madein I Dr. Hussein Kamel Selim
710221887712VIGRO 26. Your financial the Senate April 25, Senator I
or situation I
As and the Sun
onstrating against racial discirmination something which is forbiddenby Mercury square ex- The UAR has a small ocean-
law and the Constitution and which cannot be enforced by any your Fifth House Pluto; a rather may be questioned and if you J.plicit.W. Fulbright He said that was this more picket- going merchant fleet of about

state or city, are in no way advocating anything as near or relatedto difficult aspect for money matters have taken speculative risks ing bordered upon irresponsible -! 10 ships. No more than one of
Castro's program. investments and all forms of risk- Born August 23rd to Sept. 22nd' around May 14th these may now private intervention in the these ships calls at an American

; We would like for you to also illustrate for us, which Castro you taking. Your children may be quite The trends just mentioned takea lead you into trouble. Your associates U.S. foreign policy. (Italics port each month. On the

. are talking about. Two years ago, Castro overthrew a government. expensive these days and educational more clear-cut shape as May may be critical. Perhap ours). The Arkansas Democrat I\ other hand, about 25 ships of
U.S. merchant
the vast fleet
' that problems may be disturbing.Yet comes to a close. Good aspects of your marriage partner is more affected and Chairman of the Senate
t was tyrannical and dictatoriaL For this he was proclaimed call at Arab ports each month.It .
some very good aspects on Mercury to Mars and to Uranus than you; he or she may Foreign Relations Committee
around the world
as a saint. Now that some of his activities are I in is easy to see, then that aa
frowned upon by us, he is looked at in different light. These youths the 23rd and the 27th should help favor your professional activities suffer an emotional loss. Think speech discussed on the the efforts picketing of "spe-a I Arab boycott of American,

,jr have never sought to overthrow any government nor have they you in solving the problems.' your business interests. You may clearly fast. cial pressure groups" to push j[I. shipping would threaten the '

: resorted to communist associations or made communistic statements. Nevertheless, watch closely your receive money due you perhaps 8-50-66-11-93-856) foreign policy in "special-in- jobs of many more American

I Therefore the comparison escapes us. expenditures. more than expected especially if terest' directions." mariners than the small number

The carries In which to have 4-70-33-19-57-473 a contract of a legacy is responsiblefor that presently being affected
a paragraph are supposed added
press you .. Sen. Fulbright by the boycott of ships han
> cautioned students against following the lead of "some professors the gain. Watch neverthelessyour CAPRICORNBorn "thesa private groups proceeded dling Israeli cargoes. Furthermore

11 who read so many books, they have completely left the earth GEMINI personal attitude. Be gentle, Dec. 22nd to Jan. 19th by'coercive devioes of their if the Arab boycott were

!! and he told the students to check with the FBI before deciding Born May 21st to June 20th open-hearted, sensitive to deeper Mpy 25th might not be too favorable own to interfere with"the official "to spread to American commercial .|

who they will follow"Arestudents The Sun now forms a square to emotions. I for your everyday work. In activities of our govern- airlines, as has been,

to ask government' bureaus before they join the Pluto and your mind should be 2-90-66-17-87-296 some cases, your health might be ment in the field of foreign lately reported, the damage to
keen and inspired. You may betaking affected. You might be disturbedby policy. Under the constitu- I American interests would be':
church? Are: we to ask the FBI for whom we should cast our vote? tion the American senator observed i
:iusi the state be asked for permission to purchase a home? Yet ; some short trips, or writinga LIBRA' intellectual doubts or religious- the conduct of foreign considerable.It .

if Trhs-i i!* :ifftss has stated as said by you is true, this is how your great deal. Communicate with Born Sept. 23rd to October 22nd ethical compulsions or fears; per- policy is confined to the Presi- most was observers clearly that,evident unless the to

statement is to be interpreted. people and try to close up' old Some matter is coming to a haps eager to break away from dent or his designated repre- New York dockers' picketingof ,

Will you clarify this for the public's consumption? Are yourtccsunending accounts and pay debts especiallYat conclusion; and if it is throughthe something. The possibility of a sentatives. the Cleopatra were quickly

that persons "check with the FBI" before selecting the psychological level. The Courts, you may not be entirely lawsuit is there, but if you use Senator Fulbright could not called off a retaliatory move

.who they should fellow or how they should think? You are perhaps 28th should bring some softness the winner. A clever compromise your mind keenly and imaginatively have expressed the problemmore I by the Arab countries was in

.......! !e.ttJ lrg. ibet iis is the exact approach used by communists. They and harmony to your professionallife. might be better and your you should meet real success clearly. It is our opinion the offing. International
:"ir'vs:t :' trict line of bureaucratic control where the individual marriage partner or a very close In the end. that in the future, it wouldbe .. Arab Trade'Unions Federation

&*3S: ', -"-'-.tk for himself but must submit to the wills and wishes of 1-80-55-16-67-185 associate may push the deal 4-30-99-13-65-439 advisable for strike-intent called a meeting in Cairo oa
S should help workers to take precautionsto April 13' to determine Arab
through. Your lawyer
he government.Last SCANCER of such to
stay out of the quagmire policy for just a move
rather -
but it seem to you
but not least the said that now may
press : international politics for the counter the American action. :
"Noting none of the students is a resident of Tallahassee, Rudd Born June 21st to July 22nd costly just as the month ends. AQUARIUSBorn sake of both national and job I The Jordanian and Lebanese;

termed it small and unpardonable that strangers can come into a Care should be exercised as you 6-30-44-12-47-634'' Jan 20th to Feb. 18th security. Trade Union federations quick.'

community and create such a disturbance." travel in crowded streets and as I May 20th and 25th seem to Ostensibly a gesture made in I ly pledged their support to any'
deal with neighbors la- SCORPIO close a period. You may have decided in Cairo. Aden:
you or r policy adopted
They In the
quoted you same article as saying that: protest against the Arab boy- I'
tives. Do not compromise yourself Born October 23rd to Nov. 22nd to take a risk; it could be trad-.trade unions also pledged to
"If to American ships
you've just got do this sort of thing, go home and do it. cott of
Again since when does a citizen of the United States have to In letters and do not overwork. The days between May 20th and a risky risk, yet worth taking if ing with Israel, the American [' support the decisions of thb'
Your mind should be keen 25th could you can face the Issue "squarely" j other Arab union .federations.Iraq' .
restrict his criticism or protest against what be believes to be an very the New Moon of the picketing which is generally I'I and the Arab Gulf states
especially after the 22nd and be rather tense. Old tendencies that is, without fear, yet also believed to be Zionist inspired,
abridgement of his constitutional
rights to his I
own locality? Does may well be expected to follow -
this mean that Negroes in Tallahassee cannot express themselves you should be able to plan very which had blocked some of your without ruthlessness or unneces- has endangered the whole intricate I suit. <*

freely when they are '''mistreated because they live in Tallahassee? well In all that concerns your endeavors may reassert themselves sary arguments and dramatic ges- ican relations network which of Arab-Amer have been I Arab indignation over the
finances; yet there be ob- You have some tures. Think clearly and In a fresh is
may emotionally. may American move now such
you saying that a citizen of Tallahassee, who has been unlaw- improving during the past 18
spirit. You. should be able to do I that there is little likelihood of
fully arrested by police, cannot contest an abridgement of civil months.
so extremely well now. government interference with
rights because the majority in Tallahassee are opposed to Negroes Get Your Horoscope Guide To 9-20-44-14-58-924 Despite the allegation by a similar retaliatory move by
having equal rights? Does your pronouncement proport to make the officials of the seafaringand Arab dock workers. .
Tallahassee RICHES LOVE HEALTH unions that the
a non-democratic island where Americans moving in longshore If a forthcoming Arab boy
from other cities, cannot exercise historically established constitu- Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 PISCES move was taken because the t cott wee extended to include

tional rights? To Pablo The Astrologer P. O.Box 581 Jacksonville l.Fla. Born Feb. 19th to March 20th Arab boycott of Israeli ship- not only ships flying the Amer-
We of the NAACP hope that will of r ping had jeopardized maritime I'ican flag, but American owned .
you clarify some the things: .r w. May 20th may indicate argu- available to American
that the newspapers are carrying as having been said by you. This I f" V ments at home with a rather stub- workers the maneuver seemsto t ships of Panamanian, Liberian,

is important because you have chosen to make them from' the bench Dear Pablo: Enclosed Is $2-00. S end my Horoscope born marriage partner or pro- be an attempt by Zionist I and could other be registry, the effect. '
of a cpurt of law and having been said are considered as a part of I Guide for the month of December. I II I blems concerning a real estate elements to use American I the oil industry. crippling/ to

the law. As such their inconsistencies to American Jurisprudencemust deal perhaps due to political pres- dock workers to punish Presi- t Although the situation 9 is

and should be corrected. ::1 I NAME I I sure or rather ruthless r associates. dent Nasser for the Israeli $ still one of turmoil: and general .. iI

The unchristian and undemocratic nature of this statement Your mind should however be boycott. I dissatisfaction on both '

leads us to believe that yon have been misquoted,by the press. We ::1 I I I'I very keen and able to cope with Obviously, such an inciaentas sides, it is clear that Zionist 1.

hope that yon will forth rightly deny these statements or in the ADDRESS the situation; but you must think i the tie-up of the Cleopatracan influences are conspiring to

alternatives, clarify your untenable position in this matter. fast use your resources to back not help but spark retali- drag America into a dispute be.
'I L I II ation in- the Arab world. The tween Israel and the UAR and! 1
VerY truly yours % LL _, your every move, and not hesitatein question now arises as to what no matter what happens, th&'
Robert W. Sounders I BORN ___ adopting techniques. Have
'.. new the effect of such retaliation United States stands to coma
Field Secretary k 1| xnonih (.dater ",, faith. Overcome emotional resent- would be. out of the fray: as the loser.
National Association For The -Adrancememt of Colored People. ment. -- ..
% I t>- ; ; < I
.' RWSmlh -: ." .;. : 5+ -70-55-18-39-STS
-'- -.'- -- i
'1- :::
: c "' : '. ,! '., ., .
; :
r. ;./ :" :' : :;" : :: ,.. ':' '
,, ,. .' r. '" :'. ., ; ., '
) .


HI\ .
...:..-;.- r

: .' ... '. J' .- ;"(; f.!:. '" .> ;.i{. .. '.. .... ... .--- ',"

.. I ..
I --


': > .,.. ':. .
; ., .
<, -,' ", .' ',
'. .
1 .

I Week Ending Saturday, May 21, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR 1 Page 3,: '. I

-- .
.? .


ciallySpeakin g i i .

DeliveriesMr. Mrs. Ozora Renfroe Shell, sup-

ervisor in instruction, Bradford

and Mrs. John Riley, 1130 County schools, will be the speakr

The Gertie and Gretel Talent School dancers will be Berteim St., Boy. Y er for the Women's Day program

presented in a repeat performance at the Walker College, Sunday at Shiloh Baptist Churcl

May 24 at 7 o'clock, featuring Darlene Morene, Murnace Air. and Mrs. Essaw Cooper, 5709 h4. during the morning worship.
Glover Florida Bree Road, Girl. .
Coleman, Brenda Johnson, Glorida Herring
and others. Henry Demps, son of Rev. and
Willie Walthour,
l Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Willie Demps and a juniorat
2288 Run Street, Girl.
The Kiddies Kollege, under the 'supervision of Mrs. Northwestern High School, has

Mary Spicer and Mrs. Clair will also participate. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Carter, 1939 been awarded membership in the

Members of the supporting committee are Wilma [__ '!Mars Street, Boy. Summer Training Program of

Small, Rosiland Howell, Godfrey Nesmith, Myra Wilson, ,; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson Science and Mathematics at A&T:

Milton Jones, John Gaety, Gwendolyn Scruggins, S. Darby, _,4 .# ,i 1975 Jordan Street, Girl. College Greensboro, North Caro-
and Silvia Lawrence. I :: lina.
Timothy Jones, James Rappley i i

: Mr. and Mrs. William Landrum, .. .
Mrs. Maryland Macon was hostess to the Belladonna 1630 Barnett Street, Boy.
Bridge Club recently. Prizes were won by Mrs. Graylayn NEW U. S. DEFENSE ADVISOR-Dr. Jeanne L. Noble, national Mr. and Mrs. Frank Draper, Twin girls were born May' 13 t&

Lesesne, Miss Edna Moses, Mrs. Margaret Mathis and Mrs. president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, receives,from U. S. Deputy 3333 plateau Street, Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gardner Jr., of

E. Cobb. Secretary of Defense James H. Douglas a three-year membership Hubbard, Singer Barbara McNair, beauti- 5838 Hollyhock Road.
Mr. and Mrs. IJppe
Members present were Mesdames Geneva Adams, certificate to the U. S. Defense Department's Defense Advisory Committee ful star of television nightclubsand Mr. and Mrs. Gardner are both
Street Bay.
1544 Jefferson ,
Hadassah Bullard, Katheryn Howell, Audrey Kelly, Gray- on Women in the Services. She thus becomes the third Negro f recordings, signed a contract members of St. Matthew Baptist

layn Lesesne, Maryland Macon, Margaret Mathis, Vannette to serve on this important committee which, among other things, Mr. and Mrs. John Nesmith, with the Posner Beauty and Hair Church. .

Thayer Edythe Thompson and Miss Cynthia Clark. Guests advises the Defense Department on policies relating to the service- !. 5543 Dakota Street Herman Dr., Boy.Tucker, Products Company in New Yorkto I .

were Mrs. Ann McIntosh and Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb. women. The first Negro to serve in an advisory capacity on service- Mr. and Mrs. appear all over the United
Boulevard Girl. ,
women was Dr. :Mary McLeod Bethune who, during World War II as, 6117 Iris States Mrs. Maude Campbell left tha
h Jefferson War- as the new "Posner Girl. ,;
Special Assistant to the Secretary of War, spoke out forcefully and I I Mr. and Mrs. Girl. A New Yorker, Miss McNair has city over the week.end to attend
The Christmas Saving Club of Madison will meet May .effectively for equal treatment of both women and men in the Armed I then Mr., 1322 and Mrs.Florida Johnnie Thomas, appeared .on many nationally-j i the funeral of her sister in Detroit.

27 in the home of Mrs. Christine McKinney. The previous Forces. i I' 1447 Madison Street, Boy. televised variety shows and has I .

meeting was held in the.home of Mrs. Eliza McGhee with : Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis, 3228 toured the United States, Europe '

Mrs. Irene McKinney and Mrs. Vivian J. Smith assisting. i I IFranklin i i I Street, Girl. and South America as a nightclub Our sick and shut-ins: Mrs.

Present were Mrs. M. Curry, Mrs. Juanita Miller, Mrs. Deaths&FuneralsRIGGINS i Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fussell, I Ii entertainer. Rosa L. Riles of 1230 W. 3rd St.
Bell J. Smith Mrs. C. i, Johnson, pastor of
Carrie Davis, Mrs. Vivian McKinney, 1823 W. 6th Street, Boy. and Rev. O.
i Hamilton Posner, president of
Mrs. I. McKinney, Mrs. Ida McDaniels and Mrs. Lessie Mrs. Wilfred Jones, Rt. I Everson Street Baptist Church, is
Mr. and
cosmetics firm, said that the
Thompkins. J I 1, Box 172, Callahan, Fla., Boy. singer will appear on posters, billboards .: ill in Brewster Hospital.

% Mrs. Maggie of p42 DENNIS Mrs. Ada Mae of 612 I Mr. and Mrs. David Young, 808 and newspaper and maga- : .- .

Franklin Street.HULL Barnard Street, Cocoa. !t I Pearl Street, Boy. zine advertising illustrations as a 'i
Members of the Charming Ladies Bridge Club and i llrsolVillie Lee Dow- Mrs. Dollie L. Grant of 1733
-S. A. Of 1178 W. 10th AKINS-Mrs. Louise of 3608 Pear- Mr. and showcase for the company's p o-
their guests recently enjoyed Ladies Night at the Ribault Street. i son Road.DAWSON I dell, 1513 Swan Street, Boy. ducts. Pohattan Street is spending her

Supper Club. CUYLER-John H. of 2170 Wil- I Mrs. Bertha of. 916 I' Mr. .and Mrs. Charles Thompson i[ vacation In Pittsburg, Pa.. with

Guests of the club were Mesdame Charlotte B. Bos- berforce Road. t First Ate., Jacksonville Beach. : 2372 Lanta Avenue, Girl. The singer will also make personal relatives and friends.

tick, Lillian Davis, Louise Guinyard, Lucille Harper, Margaret BRYANT Arthur Lee of 4843 (I CHISOLM Mrs. Bernice of 1264 1! ,Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams, appearances in connectionwith .

: Mathis, Luvenia Q. Newman, Vannette Thayer Edith Walcott Avenue.KENNEDY11r3. W. 27th Street. 1416 E. 31st Street, Boy. her new role as the "Posner.

Davis, Frances Walker and Miss Theora Leggins. Catherine B. of ROBERTS-Prince of 5234 Spring I Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Williams Girl." Several Jaxons are attendingthe

Members present were Mesdames Hortense Brewington 647 Florida Avenue.OVERSTREET Grove Road.CALHOUNEnoch. ,.1054 Logan Street, Girl. \ i General Conference of the

Delphenia Brinson, Josephine Cleveland, Clenel Cro- Willie Lee of f i Mr. and Mrs. John Mincy, 520 Cali-
of 1049 Scri- Los Angeles
| AME Church in
martie, Pearl Cohen, Dorotny Dunlap, Vermill Glover, Folkston, Georgia. i Acosta Street, Boy. Jill'Comes ;
Earnestine Poole, Lillian Stukes, Coretha.Wilson and Miss PORTER-George of 1616 Ruth- ven Street. I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McNeil, 'Cousin ;i fornia. Among them arc the Rev. .

Margaret C. Day. ledge Avenue.MCFASHIONGus. l\tcFADDEN-Primus of 726 Jessie PO Box 1202, Mayport, Boy. ToAnderson i i E. L. O'Neal, pastor of St. James

f of 911 W. 20th : Street. I Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bell 1115% : AME Church; Mrs. Gerleive B.

Several members of the City-wide Beauticians, Unit 3 Street. i Jackson Street, Boy. SchoolThe I Gardner of Mt. Zion AME Church;
CHILDS-Dr. Lansing G. of 2820 JOHNSON-William of 712 Market Mr. and Mrs. Willie E. Clayton, i McIntosh, prest-
Julia Lewis
attended the Beauticians Convention m West Palm Beach I' Senior Class of Douglas Mrs.
last week. Among them were Miss E. I. Brookins, Mrs. Callie Begonia Road. Street.ROACHMrs. 1525 W. 30th Street, Boy. Anderson High School, will pre- 'dent of the Women's Progressive

Johnson, Mrs. Bessie B. Harris, Mrs. Ethel Jones, Mrs,. Julia JONES-Mrs. Alberta of 1242 E. Katie of St. Augus- I Mr. and Mrs. Sheddrick Almon sent a sparkling comedy'in 3 acts : Club of St. James AME Church

Robinson, Mrs. Ethel L. Smith, Mrs. Annie Breaker, Mrs. 24th Street tine. 3005: Redmond Avenuue, Boy. entitled, "Cousin Jill From Junc- and P. J. McIntosh, superintendent -

Callie Jackson, Mrs. L. Courtney, Mrs. Wilner Dorrell, Mrs. RAY-Mrs. Emanda of 1145 W. : Mr. and Mrs. Smith Gavin, 5558 tion Hill," Monday, May 23rd, 7:30 of the St. James Sunday

Lucille Holmes, Mrs. T. Dorrell, Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey, Mrs. 22nd Street. BROWN-Tony Anthony of Ever- :Minosa Circle, Girl. pjn., in the school's' gymtorium.The J School who was accmpanied by
Starks Mrs. Minnie Thomas Nathaniel green Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Goldson, '\Mrs. Alice McIntosh.
Sophia Rodgersand play is about the Ralston's,
JOYNER Baby Kelvin Dale of ; .
611 Van Buren Street, Boy. .
I .
Mrs. M. Smith of
McClenny. a society family, and their snob-I\
1019 East 4th Street. j Mrs. Frank Gossett,
bish daughter Hallie. Mrs. Ralston L L '\, Mrs. Edna Leaphart has returned -
Circle, Boy.
MARSHALL Frank of 514 Lee Mrs. Alveta Allen 1970 Leonard loves to boast of her British ancestry i to the city after an extended
Sunday Teas Street. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Florence, and is helpless unless sh stay Washington, D. C.

The Venetianettes Ladies will sponsor their annual i Entertains Club 137 Chelesa Street Boy. has someone to wait on her hancand I ? ., .
Musical Tea May 22 at the YWCA on 8th and Calhoun \VOODARD Alfred of 1206 Price Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kirkpatrick, foot. Jeremy, the Ralston'son Mrs. Ida Jones and Mrs. S.

; Streets from 4 to 6 p.m. Some of the participants are Mrs. Street. I Mrs. Alveta S. Allen was hostessto 1411 Jefferson Street, Boy. is expected home from the! Eloise Brooks Basileus and Supreme -

Lois Hagans, Mrs. Rachel Brooks, Miss Bettye Jean Scott, an afternoon Bridge Luncheon Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Collier, Epistolus of Alpha Gamma
t Leola of S. 8th I army and there are no servants i
, Miss Willie Mae Walthour, Miss Frances Scriven, Mrs. Car- GRAHAM-Mrs. Beach. recently. Guests of the luncheonand 1630 W. 7th Street, Girl. in the house. Everything is in an, Chapter of the National Sorority.

rie McCall, Mrs. Mattie Lazenby, Mrs. Julia Longworth, Street, Fernandina the Classie Lassie Bridge Club Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson, 1905 uproar until Jill Skinner, a raw, Phi Delta Kappa, attended the

Mrs. Ruth Myers, John Gray and Hubert Engram. FREDRICK-Gus of 1108 H. St., were: Mrs. Ruth Bonner, Mrs. f Spires Street, Girl. uncultured girl from Texas comeson Southern Regional meeting held

Brunswick, eGorgia. Frances Johnson Mrs. Minnie Lee i Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey Miller the scene and claims to be a recently in Pensacola.Mrs. .
Gadling and Miss Johnnie Fisher. 1209 W. 3rd Street, Boy.
Helen B. Johns, Southern
first cousin of the Ralstons. The
Stewardess Board No. 4 of St. Paul AME Church will
ROBINSON-Mrs. Earlean of 728 I After several rounds of bridgea Mr. and Mrs. Henry Green, 202 the
presided over
its annual Musical Tea 22 from 4 to 6 riot is on because you know that regional director
sponsor May p.m. W. State Street. delicious menu was served by S. 10th Street Girl.
society folks like to disown their meeting.
in the basement of the church. the hostess and prizes awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pender, .
I I country cousins when they come
the following: Guest prize Mrs. ', 54mf Mays Drive, Girl. to town. Our Sick: John H Lewey.

District No. 9 of St. Matthew Baptist Church will spon- r Ruth Bonner; First prize, Mrs.i j :Mr. and Mrs. James White, 445 Barbara J. Brown, will be seen Brewster Hospital; Mrs. Lizzie
EngagementsAnnounced I Sarah Wright Second prize Mrs.
sor a Leap Year Tea May 22 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the audi- ; I Wade Street, Boy.Classroom. as Jill Skinner; Hazel Brown, as Jackson Naval Air Station Hos-
Juanita Williams Consolation
torium of the church. A program is being planned. ; Jennie Purvis; June Brown, as pital; Walter McQueen Duval
prize, Mrs. Carolyn Whlte-Wash- f
Members of the Los Diamontes Bridge Club held their Mercy Kendrick; Ernestine And- Medical Center; Mrs. Louise Brad-
ington. The Welfare ,
prize a I
meeting in the home of Miss Juanita Wright. Mrs. Gladys John Phillips an- spe- erson, as Mrs. Mavis Ralston; ley, Duval Medical Center; Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. cial feature of the club was won
Bryant was honored with a baby shower and received many nounces the engagement and ap- by Mrs. Dorothy Oliver. At each DistrictTo Beverly Griffin, as Judith Arthur; Lillie Mae Hamilton Brewster;
lovely gifts. ; marriage of their Wilbur Sandlin, as :Mr. Ralston; Mrs. Lila Marshall 1003 Dewitt
proaching meeting the club members donate
Harvey Wanton, as Anthony Tay- Street; Mrs. Fannie Johnson
Rounds of bridge were played and prizes were won by daughter, Jean to Willie Tillman a.small. fee which is designatedfor Meet Saturday lor; Henry Brown, as Wallace Duval Medical Center; Mrs. Rosh

Mrs. Annie Bell Frazier and Mrs. Frankie Summers. son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie M. Welfare. Through vatious : Members of District IV Class- Sheedy; Louis Knox as Jeremy Brown. 1726 W. 33rd Street; Mrs.
Members present were Mrs. Wilhelmenia Hampton Tillman. methods a member is chosen for room Teacher's Association are
: Ralston; and Gwendolyn Kennedy Ellen Braggs 1341 VanBuren St.;
Mrs. Gloria Fort, Mrs. Thelma Geiger, Mrs. Luvenia New- The wedding will be solemnizedJuly this prize which is supplied by \ scheduled to meet May 21st, 11:00 as Hallie Ralston. Mrs. Oliva McGhee 1318 W. 5th

man, Mrs. Emma Morgan, Mrs. Geneva White, Mrs. Fran- 16, at 5 p.m. in the St. Mat- the hostess. 'am. in James Weldon Johnson Street Mrs. Carrie Bellinger.
Our seniors working ;
are very
ces Waldon, Mrs. Amanda Belle, Mrs. Fannie Bellamy, thew Baptist Church on West i i Mrs. Ruby Dwight is the next: Junior High School. hard to make this production one L. Brewster Hospital; Mrs. Mattie

Mrs. Gladys Bryant, Miss Annie Bell Frazier, Mrs. Frankie 28th Street. I I\ hostess, at which time the club The purpose of this meeting is that the public will enjoy and Golden, 1531 Louisiana Street;
Summers and :Miss Juanita Wright. will complete their plans for the the installation of District Of- long remember. Annie Lou Morri I Mrs. Rebecca Dennard 1135 Ever-
Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. Crosby I.! annual spring activity.
ficers. They are as follows: Mrs.
Avenue Mrs. Rebecca Edwards -
of son and Arthur Burns are stage green ;
announce the engagement :. Club members are: Mrs, Ruby Mary L. Green, President; Mrs: and C. Lenwood" Lee is I Florida State Hospital; T.
Teas Henreietta managers
Sunday Bernice
their niece, Dwight, Mrs. Florence Johnson
A. M. Murray, vice president Miss
The Orchid Ladies Club will present its annual Book Marine to Joel Hiram Collier, son ,.Mrs. Margaret Mathis, Mrs. Doro- : ; the director. Tickets are now on J. Jackson, Ig56 W. Second St.;

Review and Tea Sunday, May 29, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the of Rev. and Mrs. Frank World of thy Oliver, Mrs. Hazel Pink, Mrs. Theresa Mary Ashburne Marie,, secretary treasurer; Mrs.and sale. Come out to see the "Drag- I; Mrs. Jessie Green, 310 Orange St.
; ons" exhibit their dramatic ability. and Mrs. Mary Funey, Daniel
YWCA auditorium on 8th and Calhoun Streets.
Miami. Margaret Starkes, Mrs. Grace Mrs. Juanita Johnson, correspon-

'!" The wedding will be solemnizedJune I, Sykes, Mrs. Helen Toney Mrs. ding secretary.

I The Blue Light Saving Club will sponsor a SpiritualTea 18, at St. Paul AME Churchat .Carolyn White-Washington, Mrs. Following the installation of
from I Iwith
5:30Local Williams Mrs.
Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Isabelle p.m. Sarah the officers, a panel discussion 6 to a

Bailey, 1537 W. IQth Street. "Wright. and Mrs. Alveta S. Allen. will be conducted, headed by ?/"...

Mothers Chester R. Cowart. principal of d>:

District 5 of Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Church will Closing Activities Douglas Anderson High School. 0 9yY :-

.. sponsor a Pretty Dress Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Attend Meet On The panel is composed of teachers

home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thomas, 1328 W. 5th Street. ; For Local Schools from Douglas Anderson. The topic :
Howard CampusSome will be "Understanding Our Problems b
The Ladies of Leisure Social Club will its ."
sponsor 200 mothers of Howard The Senior Tea takes place Sunday i
annual Spring Tea Sunday from 4: to 6 pjn. at the Recrea- University coeds joined their : May. 15, 4 p.m.; Junior-Senior !I Guests for the occasion. are ex- 43. ; k 4?'

tion Center, 3rd and Mt. Herman Streets. daughters in Washington during Promenade, May 20; Annual Sermon ecutives of the Florida State ,..
the University's 22nd annual May 29 at 4 p.m. and Com- Teachers Association. including' s

NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE Mother-Daughter Weekend (May mencement June 3 at 7:30 p.m.I Mr. J. J. Gardner. President, and

COLUMN SHOULD. REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER 8-10). They came from 21 states Dr. William Holmes.Borders : Gilbert Porter, executive secretary. y
THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S and the District of Columbia. be commencement speaker for the I I l ,y. 4r

ISSUE. The Weekend was sponsored by first graduating class of North- i,
the Office of the Dean of Womenat I
western Junior Senior High

-- Howard; the Women's League, School. All commencement activities ; Royal Palm Club- ; ..f
j jZ2T ji
a student organization; and the will be held in the school A _
Honors President _
ANNOUNCING Howard Mothers Club of Wash cafetorium. I j->

ington. Senior ,advisors are Mrs. Susye I Members of the Royal Palm ,

BOLDEN'SSUMMER Mrs. Maryrose R. Mien, professor -, M. Pierce. Mrs. Ruth Banner i Sewing Club honored Mr. and ,:I ,.. ." .:.; :; ;ii':>.

MUSIC SCHOOL and head of the Departmentof James Genwright and T. A. Jack- Mrs. George Cleveland with a surprise -

Bolden's Summer Music School Physical Education for Women, son. J. H. Argrett Sr.. principal. : party on their 50th anniversary i / LARIEUSE ;. k ;

JUNE 13 SIX BIG WEEKS JULY 22 x was presented the '"Mother of the ; at their last meeting in the !IP
Enroll Today Year" award at the annual Moth- JAMES WELDON JOHNSON : home of :Mrs. Nancy Bradford. :

Music Voice Gu-tor Aeeerdion--Or h stro er-Daughter Dinner on Sunday. James Weldon Johnson Junior The Clevelands the reci-
-&and-Theory- -- .j were Today..have hair as rich and natural-looking as '
Education Deportment-Regular' Summer School 1-8 for Students, She has been a member of the pients of model shown here One hour andGodefroy's
Who Heed Special Help in Reeding --English' -Arithmetic i i High School announces its calendar many lovely gifts from the professional ,
Learn to Operot'Your Own Kindergarten-Nursery School Howard faculty for 35 years. ': of activities: various individuals and clubs in Larieuse brings back youth to drab
Hospital<< Aider Coarse -For Work in Hospitals-Nursing Homes "'
I over-processed or graying hair. Ire to use
Bolden's Summer Playhouse for Children Ages 3-8 Among visitors from this area ;i June 2, Student,Government, the city. easy Ii.a
Music Piano, Bible storks, Games Supervised no extra purchases long-lasting
Story telling were: Mrs. Alberta Britt 1331 W.
Ploy, Art ;, Day and ninth grade assembly Surprise guests* were Mrs. Ar- Godefroy's Larieuse now! ___ .
All Teachers Pick Up Service-AM Day Cars-Rhythm Band. 6th St. Jacksonville: Mrs.. MarianK. I j activity period. June 3, ninth. lene "Johnson and Mrs.\ Ann ...... .:-;.-.=,-=.;.;:-;:-:
Certificated By State Deportment of Education. Goodwin, Goulds Mrs. G. L. flwfJl r.{ .. -.:::::- ,',
; I to Wyche of
grade social; from 8 10 p.m. New York Mrs. Julia :==-
I BOLDE COLLEGE OF> MUSICOffice L KU capsule contents: and fiqnid.(
Speight 4007 W. Moreland Dr. I Vesper services will be held June Courtney, Mark Reeves Mr. and %. Apply to half with appficator. i J/.u ,
: 2922 Pearce St. EL 4-0006 Orlando; and :Mrs. Inez B. Malden 5 from 5 to 6 p.m. Promotionalexercises ]l Mrs. J. W. Bolden of this city. 3. lit ...tbtasbampoa.OODEFROY .

Music Hall: 1816 W. 20th St. EL 5-9722 1467 W. Ninth St. Jackson- t will be held on June 6; Mrs. Marion P.. Glover was in MFCL CO.. 3510 C i....... St Leine,MtrowI

ville. at 10 a.m. charge of refreshments.



./ t

'.... ,: ........> :. ..- ','

"p" < ..,. 1"a-
; ;
; .""'
1 ;f"J :,

\ .

E- .

, .
i' r .

, -" ". .
I" -.r ,
: \ (' -
..._ "

i Page 4 1i' THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 21 1, 1960

I M n's Day Is Planned In Mto Zion ME Church I I.p

> : : : rep SUNDAY


' win be observed May ;R?e\'es. program chairman: J. H.

C.HURCII NEWS i : Zion AME Church :Lawson, finance chairman: John

: ( day with Henry ]H. Morris, speakers bureau chair-

.' 1 ., sf : : ., as general chair-i man:' Ra1DondVack, souvenir

Davis coi i program chairman; L. Dickson
-- -- --:- ---
ABYSSINIA BAPTIST MACEDONIA BAPTIST are: T. V. Tho- :Daiie. ushers chairman; L. Gad-
All choirs and ushers of Abys- I The graduates of Long Branch ; ; ;
t & general; Summer G. ;son. co-chairman: Dennis Stewart
sinia Baptist Church will observea Elementary School will worship in ,
general: Chester 1 banquet chairman
joint anniversary June 20. A Greater :Macedonia Baptist Church : Chester Co-
I chairman; John wart. R.V.. Gray, S. O. Wiles.
program will be presented for the Sunday at 11 a.m. .
I. i t t i
occasion. j f ... 1 i I .
C. '
May 23, the."church and congregation I trustee board of Little Rock up i ''; ,:. 1... C-. ', .. ... ,,

along with the pastor ; lFd i I
Baptist Church will 'observe its ,
will conduct services at Mt. Olive I CI ..
r-1 i iOb
10th anniversary Sunday at 3 pjn. ; U
Church. The entire : :"" '''''
Primitive Baptist : .
: .
Rudolph Johnson, chairman has : : '
congregation and pastor will invited all boards and clubs to : : day will be !perv nr.e'Vomen's ;

conduct services May 25 in Day come out and witness this affair. ? i throughout the Day will be observed

Spring Baptist. A program will be presented '.. : Friendship Baptist May 22nd, throughout the day at

Usher Board No. 1 and, the I featuring local talents. Mrs. Eva Mae Whi- Alt. Calvary Baptist Church. Mrs.
Emma Verdie M. Cruise
is General Chairman
Ushers Union will sponsor pro- I -
gram on May 30. The revival II I SWEETFIELD BAPTIST co-chairman re- Mrs. Sarah Wright and Mrs.

meeting will begin July 4 and I The Candlelight Saving Club i Mrs. Georg- Iola Bradswen Co-Chairmen. Miss

continuue through the 21st I will celebrate its first anniversaryMay will serve as sec- Joyce Hill. Acting Pastor for the

29 in the auditorium of : Mrs. Marion Wilson,

EMANUEL BAPTIST. Sweetfield Baptist Church. Serving .; "Elil ; day. day.Sunday School, 9:30 ajn. Mrs.

meeting is now in pro- !' as master of ceremonies will ii : : 2 1 of program commit- Willie D. Lucas and Mrs. Alice
Prayer ;
; : &.":
gress in Emanuel Baptist Churchfor i i ibe Melvin Grace.. yt4 1 ; < .sirs. ]i : >Williams and Mrs. Johnson Guest Superintendents.Mrs. .

These The Congregational Gospel I : decorations Mrs. Clavell Cromartie. Mrs. Leola
the 'reviv l. throughoutthe I' Chorus along with other talentof Seen here members! of the lira interest
services will continue will begin nightly t the city will appear on this ed en Edward: Waters College campus in April. From left knselin3 Arlin: ton :I I Mrs. Barbara Car- Mardgery Steward. Miss Lucretia

week and 1! program.A Standing (from lefnVi1'_iam Go alI. Leek H rr'mton.: Nehemiah Poole, James I Christine Turner; Harvey. Mrs. Myrtle Cain, Mrs.

at 7 pjn. .will be deliveredby prize will be given to the \VJli3m Fianki n Earl Lurnpkm. Eugene Davis, Wi'lie: Davis Jesse Williams: \ : : Miss Ebeneza Hortense Brewington Mrs. Gloria
The sermons
the Rev. W. ,Whitehead of club with the largest attendance. : and Ry Mitchell. ,' Mrs. Vasceil Best, Mrs. Juanita Williams Mrs. ,

Savannah, Georgia, beginning I --- Mrs. Minnie McRae: Charlottee Stewart. Mrs. Ruby

Monday night and will continuefor '! CHOIRS UNION Mrs. Cleo Higgins.( Lodge Pians ies win ; Veronica Grier, Hcrdon. Mrs. Annie Lee Pattersonwill _

two weeks. :' The Friendly Choirs Union will [ steretuigs., ; Johnson and Mrs. be guest teachers along with

hold its monthly meeting May 22 i( To Speak for Mt.Women ; May 23 Concert the Rev. ; ; publicity, Mrs. Mrs. Margaret Starks. Mrs. Ella

2:30 p.m. in Royal Tabernacle be Miss Juanita Jones will give the review.
ST. MATTHEW St. Johns Lodge 14, F&AM will
District No. 9 will sponsor a Baptist Church. The program is'I' ra.,. lv Irv present tine Northwestern High 154, of Summerville will Morning Worship at 11:00: a.m.

from 4 to being presented in the interest of Fannie M. Tho Mrs. Lois Cain and Mrs. H. L.
Leap Year Tea Sunday Mrs. Cleo S. Higgins will be: School Chorus in concert May 23
of the St. Mark Baptist Church. public to ; Mrs. Vernel Hannon, Patterson in charge of the Devo-
6 pjnT'in: the auditorium ; the speaker for the 11 a.m. hour at S p.m. in the auditorium of the
: The business meeting will beheld McRae and Miss An- tional Services. Mrs. Cleo Wiggins
I churcn. A program will be presented of service May 22. at the Mt. Masonic Temple. 410 Broad St.,
occasion. Refresh- j May 18 at :Bethlehem Baptist director; ushers, of Palatka. Florida will be the
for the Church in the announcementmade
I, Calvary Baptist according to an
Lewis, Miss Alberta speaker. Miss Arey E.
Church. Chrispin will
ments will be served at the annual pbservance of Women's by Edward Herndon, senior
; Deloris Oliver, the speaker. Others ap-
of the program. Day. warden and chairman of the pro- '
WEST FRIENDSHIP Williams; chair: pearing on the program are: Mrs.
.eo committee. r .,
TABERNACLEThe Annual women's day will be ob- Mrs. Higgins is an instructor of gram r._ '; "" S youth program, Mrs. Evelyn Hughes Mrs. Willie Smith,
ROYAL Serving as mistress of ceremon-
Friendly Choirs Union will i i serevd May 22 throughout the day I English and Romance Languages Mrs. Ethel Holzendorf. Mrs: Cleo

hold its monthly meeting Sunday i in West Friendship Baptist :at Central Academy High School. : I! June 19 and souvenir, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Alice Burroughs,

at 2:30 pjn. at Royal Tabernacle 1 Church. She is a native of Memphis. Tenn., : Ministers: Union ;' Church. : Wooden chairman, Mrs. Geneva Guyton Mrs. Alveta

Baptist Church in the interest of Officers are: Mrs. Eva M. ', and received the B. A. degree from : 1 Clark, ; ,.Mrs. Betty Col- Allen Mrs. Clementine Drown

St. Mark Baptist Church. Whittaker general chairman; :: LeMoyne College, having been I To Convene In : ; Georgia Grier, Mrs. Mrs. Bernice Henderson, Mrs.

The Gospel Chorus of Mt. Olive Mrs. Emma Hawkins, co-chaIr- : awarded a ,full tuition academic; Smith, ; : Mrs. Georgia Sut- Evelyn Wells, Mrs. Perlie Love.

Primitive Baptist Church will man; Mrs. Georgette Mendenhall, ; scholarship. The Master of Philosophy -j Mt. Salem ChurchThe ; Odum ; K. P. Williams. Evening Worship, 7:00 p.m., at

(i i I secretary and,Mrs. Marion Wilson degree was conferred upon Ministers and Deacons Mu- chairman ; is now in pro- which time a musical program anda

serve. .. i pastor for the day. '",her at the University of Wiscon- tual Union, Auxiliary of the Eman- Golphin, terminate during religious drama "Challenge of
I \ ', Schools worship. The women the Cross," will be presented. Mrs.
WEST UNION sin. uel Progressive Baptist As'sn., will ;
NEW ZION chairman divided into nine Johnnie Bird, will serve as Mistress -
The Golden Voices will be-pre- convene in Mt. Salem Baptist ;
sented .in aft after serVice recital District 8 will sell chicken and Mrs. Higgins began work as an Church May 25-30. Mrs. second and third of Ceremonies, Introduced by

Sunda T night inVest Union Bap- fish dinners May 21, in the in- instructor of English at Bethune- The program Wednesday beginsat the after awarded. The first Mrs. Lillian Dennis. Other partici-

tist CHurch sponsored by District ,' terest of the pretty hat tea, in Cookman College in 1945. Later 7:30: p.m., with the host churchin Green, a saving bond. Spon- pants are: Mrs. Emma Monroe

No. 3. i i i the home of Deacon J. W. Sapp, she was made head of the Eng- charge. Deacons A. Bright of ship. 1 through 9 are: Mrs. Inez Davis, Mrs. Lucille Mote,

The' junior usher board will :' 1655 W. 23rd Street. Orders will lish Department She was guest Mt. Salem and Edward Smith of 5.5'r'Green, Mrs. Letha Mrs. Bernice Green, Mrs. Mary

sponsor an outing to the zoo be delivered by request. professor at West Virginia State Bethany will conduct the devo- Ethel Angelene Turner, Green, Miss Josephine Bivins, Miss

Saturday. Transportation will'' June 5, the junior department 'College during the summer of Mrs. Mahone, Mrs. Marion Artie C. Patterson and several
leave the church at 10:30: ajn. ,: will observe their anniversary with 1948. tion.The Rev. J. T. Thomas will Clark and Irma Rose Johnson, students from Northwestern High

I District {6) will meet Sunday at the crowning of the king and ;, In 1949-50 she received a fel- deliver the sermon and the Rev. man of Thomas, Mrs. Ethel School. Mrs. Gladys Smith, Mrs.

3 P m..with Mrs. Lucy pollar ashostess.
District 7, 1061 Barber District 8 will sponsor a pretty I : Board and studied at the Maddrick. Brown Mrs. Eunice Sutton, Mrs.

Street; District 12,.1150 Lincoln hat tea May 22 with Mrs. Helen University of Wisconsin a year Mrs. A. Painter of Bethany will : Group 1 is Mrs. Minatee. Mrs. M. Johnson, Mrs. J.

ct. District 13 will meet Sunday I,
morning; immediately following i will be awarded. I tion. 7:30 p.m.. and Mrs. Georgia Dixon ery, Mrs. William Young and Alice Bellamy will serve as
the morning worship. 'I 1. I In 1956, Airs. Higgins receivedthe will conduct the Bible study. Horton, \ ) Other Hostesses.
.' of Mt. MT. OLIVE Allen of Mt. Zion Arleatha : Mrs. Annie Avant,
The Rev. N. Murry ,! I Mary McLeod Bethune :Me- Deacon E.
Ararat Baptist Church will speak The men of Mt. Olive AME' (dallion award for service and Baptist Church* will have chargeof Maxwell, and J. W.

interest of Church will observe the devotion 27 at 7:30 A. Mary Wilson, Eliza- Mf.
Sunday morning in the annual |' ;achievement by Trustees of Beth- the May con Mrs. Eva Sinai! Women
the Red Circle and Sunshine Men's Day May'29.\ : i une-Cookman Col1 ge. She is list- p.m., and the Rev. J. W. Johnson Mary Mae Whit-

Band. : Eddie Ford and Waymon Stone i'! ,ed in "Who's Who in the South will deliver the educational ser Willie M. Georgiana Minter, Plan JuneObservance 26

f. :;,, have been elected to serve as and Southwest. She was first mon. The Rev.: E. Boyd of Sum- er, Jessie Brown, Mrs. Mary

ZION :'chairman and co-chairman. Grant Anti-Basileus, Sigma Gam- merville will serve as alternate.The Shirley Cassie Mae Mitchell
NEW .. Sutton, Mrs.
Zion service May 29 will begin Luella The
District 8 of First New I ma Rho Society. women of Mt: Sinai Bap-
a with the Sunday School at 9:30 phries, Miley
Church will sponsor tist Church
Baptist MT. TABOR I I Guest soloist for th. service 8. Mrs. Ethel completed plans for
pretty hat tea Sunday from 4 to Mt. Tabor .Baptist Church will will be Mrs. Wijlie L. Smith, a ajn., with the local superintendentin service Minnie Mrs. Emma Hawkins. i their annual observance which will

6 pjn. in the church auditorium. observe its annual Men's Day May member of Day Spring Baptist charge. The 11:30 morning o'clock with Mary Lila Mae Gatson be held June 26 in a meeting re- I
for will begin > Margaret
will be presented cently.
A program 22 in the.church auditorium. I Church and well known in religious Deacon A. Elmore of Callahan in Martha Andrews. Each
j I the occasion. Speakers for the day will beRev. : and fraternal circles in Jack- asked to
School and BTU : charge of the devotion. The Rev. Charlie Officers elected were: Mrs. Virginia -
I The Sunday : sonville and the state.
E. L Wilcox for the
morning -
Smith Nez Zion Mack
will an outingto W. Mi of'First dricks, chairman; Mrs. LillIe
Department Talbot sponsor Island Saturday. Vernon .King in. the afternoon The evenin worship will be will preach the sermon and the kins,, H. Jones will be D. Hair, co-chairman; Mrs. Jose-
Little and Rev D..B. Barnes for highlighted by the presentation of
v will leave the church at serve. as alternate;: Isiah for the morning wor- phine Jones, secretary; Mrs. Alice
the ? thf of the
evening : "Challenge Cross. *
> c The Laymen's hour will be observed ence \! be accompanied by Williams assistant secretary; Mrs.
.:30 a.m.District Chairman and co-chairman are under the direction of Mrs M.
8 will> sell chicken din- at 2:45 pm. Mrs. C. I. Woods. The address M. K. Gibson treasurer: Mrs. Wil-
Deacon Jason Barr and Deacon Wright. Participants in the drama
Saturday in the home of Williams and co-workers will con- t by Mrs. Susie C. le! D. Lucas, superintendent. Sun- ,
ners Charles Timmons.The are Linda Howard. Mamie: Dix: a : 1
JamesV.. Sapp 1655 W. :23rd:! duct the service at 3:30 pjn. The :: state president of day School; Mrs. Arle L. Norton,
Male chorus Choir No. Josephine Wise. Virginia'Muns
and -
Orders will be delivered by Rev. R. 'B. Williams will deliver Sots BTTI chairman: Mrs. Annie Barr,
3 will meet jointly for rehearsal ford Novella Williams Rose Williams -
O. address will -Alice
the sermon and the ReA. de- Swan Boosters Committee
request. Saturday night. and Carrie.'Frazier. .The I
Williams will serve as alternate. Thelma Green. an chairman; Mrs. Ruby L. Herndon
The Sunday School will beginat Captains of the various groups of the West
Choirs and ushers from Jacksonville young people's chairman: Mrs.
DAY SPRING 9:45: ajn. with peacon Jason will be the presidents! of the dis junior
School. She will be Erma
anniversary of DaySpring churches will serve. Bryant Mrs. Catherine
The 80th ; Barr in charge. Morning service tricts. They are Mrs. Alberta hard to
Church and the Mrs. Clementine S\kes. music chairmen: Mrs. Mat-
Baptist begins at 11 with the Rev. Johnsnn Mrs. Emma
: a.m. Pinkney, 1960 1ay
of the pastor the Rev. C. A. Ernestine Green will tie King, ushers chairman: Mrs., ,
23rd H. T. Overstreet presiding. Mrs. Marie Blackman. Mrs. Mary held on
.t. .
J finance
Weavervil begin May 22 and .R,. ;'erns chairman: Mn. Collin
Fellowship hour with Royal "B!'adwell. Mrs Msbel Po''ntan!; 26.
the 30th with L. Wilson, pastor Cunningham Mrs. Bessie Grant,
continue through Tabernacle will be held at 2:30 Mrs. Arvilla Lockett. Mrs. Creole'Threadcraft Women ToObserve Dances
various ministers and their con- closing rem for' Mrs. Elnora Small, members: Mrs.
pjn., in the church. BYPU will Mrs. Ollie Hayes. tJtufe "
of service Ruby Herndon: publicity chair-
gregations in charge begin at :30 p.m. and evening Mrs. Tho'a! Hilton. Mrs. L. Jones the ; ,
p.evS.J., C. Sams man; Mrs IL H. Robinson, pastor
each night The service at 7 o'clock. I i Mrs. J. PranCt"s. 'Mrsrciara: Jack- the '
H.Vilson, and R. L. Jones 1 for the day.
Robert son, Mrs Ora'Lee Riley, and Mrs. "!1f!; D .Y dley"; the
will have charge of the closing *
i Daisy Capel.CELESTIAL. present Planned
MT. CALVARY AnnualVomen's Day will be v !
services. i
Women's Day will be observed observed June 12 throughout the mary Tabor I Cffv Choirs= Union '

District meetings District 3 ,, May 22 with Mrs. Cleo Perkins of ; day in Bethlehem Baptist Chureli. pole.
1t '
will meet Sunday at 3:30 pan. at Palatka delivering the 'morning ,- SINGERSThe 6th and Madison Streets with will be observed Sun- ") C brate ;

the church; District 11 and 20, address. Celestial Gospel Singerswill Mrs. Jacquelian Richardson as the Baptist Church r..1.1., A""ivA f
Summit Street; District 21 be presented in a musical general chairman; Mrs. Rosa Gil- Queen the Sunday School sarV; ,

2552 626 Court C.; District 26 at Officers of the day are Mrs. contest May 29 at 8:30: pjn. in l ard, co-chairman and Mrs. Mae high With Jessie Myers as The city-wide Choirs Union, of 1
1475 Wilcox Street; District 7 in VenUe Cruse, chairman; },trs. W. the Elks Auditorium with the Pil- Troy McDowell, chairman of the Bennett
of Mrs. Westpoint, Bradwell, co-chairman; Mrs. Al- :' grim Female Singers of Savannah young women'sdivision.. The by Johnny Fowler. cent will celebrate their anniversary -

the home Street. freda Douglas, secretary; Mrs. Georgia.. 1 Some of the officers are: Mrs. the are: A. L. Brinkley May 22. 3 pjn. at the West 1
State -
620 Society will Susie Pierce program; Mrs. Daisy The Gpldep Jubilee Singers will Lucille Simelton secretary:' Mrs. Lawrence, Paul Friendship Baptist Church.A .

The Missionary: outing to Jekyll Isiand. : Capel chairman of deacons; Mrs.L. have charge of the opening_ selec Perlie Eddy,* treasurer; captains, Cameron. Oscar Green James unique program is planned

sponsor an Georgia June. 16. :' McKeever._ trustee chairman; tions. Ken Knight will serve as i Mrs. Ida Buggs, Mrs. Annie Mae : Curtis, for this celebration. Music will be

Brunswick be secured fromInemTickets ; :,::Mrs. M. Bevan.. courtesy committee. master of ceremonies.: Grant, }{rs. W. B. Webbeft Mrs. Gunter James will pre- furnished by the "St. Paul Gospel

may 1: I e Mildred McDowell, Mrs. Mae Troy ;; Ann : ajn. and the Rev. Chorus" and Rev. -R. L. '
i j Wilson
of the !1
1 j
bers society.i will i i FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST McDowell. Mrs. Rose Gilliard, Mrs. pastor of Bethany will deliver the sermon. '1
1|1Acting as pastor for the day > t !
: Eureka Chapter 16, and Queenof Samatha Wright, Mrs. Lelia ; will be the speak-. Participating choirs ,
BETHEL AME j be Miss Joselynn Hill. will include ,
NEW The'' flash rally and contest: ,'. .- I .the South 105. OES. will sponsor Smith, Mrs. Ada Eddy. guest soloist; Choir No. 1 of Midway AME ;

i:l by the women and men!! Mrs. Queen B. Williams in a Program committees,"Miss Viola I Anderson; 'Church Choir No. 2 of Union (

sponsored l Church will!! MT. OLIVli AME, i,: recital May 30 at 8 pm. in West Morman and Mrs. Annie M. M. Soloman, J. W. : Community AME. Choir No.
Bethel AM? j 1 of
If- of terminate New Sunday in the audi The men of* the church will' Friendship pUst'Church.I I j| Grant: Mrs. Vivian Wilson,"chairman i J, Everson St. Baptist, Choirs 1 and 1'

wash cars the following weekends i 1 Mrs. Williams will be featured of publicity. Mrs. A. Ander- hour will be held at .2 of West Friendship
of the church. i and Choir
4 __ torium Contestants are: Mrs. M L. : May 21 and May 28 in be-,i in classics, semi-classics and"xf ll-I! son. will serve as pastor for the Price Benton Jr., *1 o. 3 of Mt Olive Primitive Baptist .. ,,

Cooper and Ellis Brown. half of the Men's Day observance. gious selections. 'day pr Vernon King. Church.: ,



f .-r '

_-- 1PIi1!' ,'.- .. << "r ,... .
.. -I ...
t '- It

, -
I ';.

.. \ .
.. :' :
.' .

:J1t. ,_ .: ., :. -> .-1-, i

, f .

Page 5 *.",
Week Ending Saturday May 21, 1960 ... THE FLORIDA STAR ,
-- -- -- .
: Mary F. Sharpe, Eunice M. Simmons -
t Bethune Cookman Laura L. Small, Cynthia M. I POLICE REPORTS ILN

\ 'To Award Smith, Gloria D. Smith, Edna E.
Degrees :Stallworth, Mary L.Stancil,Gwen- I! \ IS STABBEDIN FOOD IS STOLEN

f DAYTONA-Dr. William A. Mc- '. STREET BRAWL AT JOHN E. FORD '*, v
dolyn W. Strong, Estelle W. Taylor '

.. Millan, Dean of Bethune-Cookman Josephine H. Thomas, Mildred :>::' .., 1$ : I Willie Frank Bruce 26, of 1033 A person or persons unknown ,:

'| College announces the following C. j :', : W. Church Street was stabbed in broke into and entered John E.) .-
J. Thompson, Jimmye < } >
Prospective Graduates of Bethune- .. the lower right side of the back .Ford Elementary School. 1057 W. ;
Toby Ida Smith Turner, Cath- :fL;
I Cookman College who will receive erine Washington, Gloria L. I' last Monday during a fight in ." First Street last Monday and took

their degrees on Monday. May Worsham Beulah M. Wright, Ira ,, ". t:. i the 900 block of Caroline Street, butter cheesy, ground beef, car-
30th at 10:00 a.m. in Moore's Brantley Wright, James Calvin : ;':' police reported. tons bf milk valued at $28.27, Mrs.

Gymnasium: Wright, Joseph Wright, Joyce A. -':::' .... .t. 4' << !j Bruce told police he was walking .j Annette. Espy. acting principal

BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE Wright, Rena E. Zellner Mar- \' !|I in the 900 block of Caroline Street reported.

Beatrice Stevens j when two men called him he said Entrance to school apparently
garet R. Johnson -

Major in EnglishLouiseV. Irene Washington; Major in : : I he walked across the street to see was made through a small windowthat
Calhoun Vera Jones McCoy ll
connetta P. Young Ethel R. Mathematics Willie E. Allen, Ger- \ : ;" : } Lef7 I what they wanted. A fight started :I had already been the broken.cafeteria .
The front window of -
Jones Jack Swiley; Major in aldine Barnes Ora L. Jones, Mar- : ; : 4? j. md one of the men cut him. He '
Chemistry. Carole E. Armstrong liel W. Lee, James E. Long, Marie ;) ; ,; was taken to Duval Medical Center -: was forced open for entrance

Mallory Jimmie Moore, Mary E i for treatment. into the kitchen. Mrs. Espy reported -
Garlon Davis Jr., Charles L. -:""." / .- :
of food
: wastaken
Evana, Harold B. Galloway; Rich- Spikes Luther W. Taylor; Majorin | Patrolmen Freddie Mack and and a evidence showed that
I MarshallE.
ard N. Harvey, Astrid Karona Physical Education Johnny Doe investigated.
part of the stolen food had been
Atkins Lillie C. Black FrankG. :
Mack in Edu-
; Major Elementary
Breaker Juanita Davis Buggs, .. : cooked and eaten there.
J cation, Johnnie Mae Abrams Min- Willie Dillard : The glass door to inner office
me E. Baldwin Altamese Brooks John Henry Denson UADIO IS STOLEN !
Hamilton John W in kitchen was broken and en-
I Jr., Lorenzo AUTOMOBILEDave
Gladys P. Bryant. Claydelle E. FROM:
: | trance made but nothing was
't Capers, Cleomie'F. Carter, GloriaA. Heggs James R Hudson, MalachiC. .: (S .. A 5A3 ... .; .". lt r ; '.V .. Mooney Va-105 CecilField 1 taken
police reported.
Coleman Savannah Coleman, Kiner Carletha R. Loper, Cath- :, ....".."...' .. NAS told police a Philco :reported. Patrolmen E. Jefferson and A

Evelyn M. Cooper Marie T. Cor- erine T. McDonald, Spencer \V. .k < ::v '" : : portable transistor radio was taken
: !Jones investigated.
bett, Jean V. Cotton Cora A. Culver Meeks, Carl E. Sutton and Reuben : :;S.'p. +<" : from the glove compartment of :
I --------, ---
Mary J. Curtis, Clifford D. Sutton. .q .. iv' Y :A I his car last Monday at 3707 Main

Dorsey Lillie L. Fleming Fran- ) :: Street. I WOMAN: INJURED

cine J. Frazier Vissadean O. Bus Line Hires ..,.....S'.'''' ". The victim said he drove his I DURING FIGHTA ;

Frierson, Samuel J. Futch RoseE. <. 1 Car Wash and his I Green Cove Springs woman
: car into the
Gordon, Maybelle M. Green, 2 Negro'Drivers < :c\ ., < ; : ::;Z,' : 4. radio was taken. He valued it at received multiple incise wounds

Melvarose Green. Ostavia B. Guin- / i $46. : last Sunday when she became en-

yard Norma L. Hankerson DotheaE. TAMPA The Tampa Transit I gaged in a fight with another
Patrolman H. C. Newbold investigated -
Company will hire Negro bus : woman known to her as Mary,
Hardy Frankie Lee Harrell, .. ;,
drivers for the first time in the .::".;:.:'". ..'";;.':: "::;.0:0:;::;: ::.;::.;.}.. '. and two suspects were police said.
Chester M. Hayes Lenore W. Hep- .. .. named. D. Davis 36 of 1026 W. i'
history of the company. SSI Mrs. Helen Anthony, 35 was
burn, Nancy Lee Herring Betty '
':;.'; <: Church Street and Leroy Glover, :
The names of two Negro driverswas I T .. '. ? taken to Duval Medical Center to
Doris E. Howell 4
Hopson Gladys .. I Street were'
.. Leona A. Johnson Willie E. Lar- scheduled to be placed on ',..' ." ...:;".,,,.... ....;.," ., .. named 24 of 5330 suspects.Newcombe :. be treated for wounds in the neck.
the assignment board last Thurs- and chest which she suffered dur-.
kins Ondrea M. Lewis, Pearlie M. "
Mainor Melvese L. Markham, day or Friday, C. J. Helbing,, ',., .".'' VARSITY SHOP ENTERED ing a fight at 923 Caroline St.;

: manager of the Tampa Transit police reported.
Dora Miller, Sarah E. Miller Elea- ; INTRUDER IS NABBED ,
'; Lines Inc., announced.Mr. Patrolmen G. R. Henry and E.
L. Geraldine V. Mon- .
Mitchell '
nor The Varsity Shop at 2309 Mon- : .
roe, Shirley H. Moore, Latha L., Helbring also said the driv- <, I broken into and Jefferson investigated.
; crif Road was ,
ers have been in training for several l : '
Marvella H. Major in
Mackey; weeks, and they would be I entered last Monday but due to I j I
Speech and Drama. Edith R. r I the quick work of police the Intruder i, i
route in the city
Sipp; Major in Religion and Philosophy assigned to any 'r was caught before anything Since the end of World War II.

I Alfonso ET Brown, LillieB. needing a driver.1LTTIIEV $ / b S could be taken owner reported. the Association of American Rail

Spell; Major in Music DorothyD. GILBERT \ Entrance to the building was 'roads reports the average railroad I

Hooks, Lillian E. McDonald, : The calendar of events for the gained by forcing lock on screen employe's hourly earnings

Alyce J. Shipp Lowell A. Smith; ,commencement season at MatthewW. door. The front door lock was also !j jumped from 97 cents to $2.72, an

Major in Social Science Mildred Gilbert High School has been forced, police reported. i increase of 180 per cent, and

Anderson. David Edward Boles, announced by the principal, Henry Sherman 38-- or zaua; prices of railroad materials advanced -

Gladys Boston Ethel M. Busta- w and by 109 per cent. By way
Charles F. James. "-Shown here are members of the cast of Cousin Jill From Junction Hill, a sparkling comedy in 3 Moncrief Road was caught ,
mante Ruth T. Dunmore, HelenB. of contrast, the revenues-the railroads -
I On Sunday the Gilbert family acts by Philip Steele. The play will be presented by the Senior Class of Douglas Anderson High School arrested by investigating officers. >
Gallman, Mae Katherine Hut- receive for hauling the aver-
the Jr.
will accompany the seniors to Monday, May 23rd, in the school's gymtorium at 7:30 p.m. (Top row L to R.) Harvey "'anton.fho wi Patrolman Robert George, ,

chins, Richard W. Kelly Conella 11 a.m. worship at Payne Chapel, 11 be seen as Mr. Anthony Tajlor; June Brown who will be seen as Mercy Kendricks; Hazel Brown, who and Sgt. L. C. Williams investi- age ton of freight one mile have
O. Keyes, William L. Range and risen only 53 cent.
,. the Rev. R. A. King, pastor. Bac- will be seen as Jennie Purvis; Wilbur Sandlin, who will be seen as Mr. Godfrey Ralston. 12ncl row L gated. per

Helen L. Rivers.BACHELOR calaureate will be held in the to R) Gwendolyn Kennedy, who will be seen as IIallie Ralston; Ernstine Anderson who will be se .

OF SCIENCE DE- .I auditorium of the school at 4 pm.. en as Mrs Mavis Ralston; Barbara J. Brown, who will be seen as, "Cousin Jill From Junction Hill"; Beverly V

GREE, Major in Biology, Timothy with the Rev. B. J. Williams of Griffin who will appear as Judith Arthur. ((3rd row L to ID) Louis Knox, who will appear as J V T

Bradley, Jr., Elbert H. Bragdon, I:Mt. Olive AME Church, delivering eremy Ralston; Annie Lou Morrison, stage man'Herrthu Burns;, assistant stage manager; and lienr

I J Julia E. Kenchin Cleveland D. I II I IJ sermon. Brown, who will appear as Wallace: Shrelly.1::. Chester R. Cowart is principal of Douglas: Anderson f .1 WHEN \
Kiner Emmett A. Kirksey, Gracie \; Class night exercises will beheld High ichoal.Moihodisi. 'THE p l'COSTS

I D. McArthur\ Ella :M. Martin' May 30 beginning at 8 pm. a
-- ------ -
---- -- -- ---- -
(f Dennis McMillon Jr. and John i ii June 1 is Student Government oratrations have been conducted commend the good proCessional .
2 Alumni Day. Commencement Board '''
i June
I Day; ;
; I
Business everywhere."We performance of Southern police YOU'
: be held
Education. Sara L. Bell, Nor- exercises will
forces which have prevented chaos.
that citizens l
I June 3 at 2 pm. in the school many I I
ris Burgess, Roosevelt Burley Statement
Adopls I Should such demonstrations continue LESS
auditorium. of our country are denied basic I
Delano Filer Jimmie Peal Harper,
we hope that they will be

McKinney, Yvonne W. Massey I I OnD *\-.,,\: .-* \I"_..rra*."on- human of* sit-in rights.demonstrations The recent wave and carried out in a similar manner.
Samuel Kicklighter Vernald L. The Board of Social and Eco- picketing at lunch counters has ; Demonstrations must be seen as "THEY ARE 6000'2
Billie J. Merkison Viola L. Newton .
School of
\ Baptist : nomic Relations of the Methodist reminded us of such denials. : a means awakening community
Eddie Q. Oats Evelyn B. conscience and not as a goal in
Church adopted the following "We commend participating .I
Owens, Beatrice S. Payne, Morris j Set Talent Niqht I : themselves. Economic sanctions of
statement March 16, 1960 on the students for the dignified nonviolent :,
E. Smith, Earl L. Sykes, Minnie :
kind should
The Metoka and Galeda Depart.. decent dignified and non-violent manner in which they have : any viewed as a
L. White, Leroy R. Wilson La- I 25c 24 POWDERS 49c
\ last resort when at 12 POWDERS
attempts negotiation 5c
ment of Second Baptist Church l I'I manner in which the Sit-in Dem'ind conducted themselves. We POWDERS!
Murphy: Bennie J. Nelson. Jery- furtherI I i faiL'Students -
Sunday School will sponsor its annual -
lean S. Newbold Juanita J. New-.1
should be free to
22 at 8:30pm. ex- .
t Talent Night May
bold. Dorothy M. Passmore, Shir- f ercise their personal Christian
will be I II
The pre-
!I program \
ley R. Payne, Annie D. Phillips, responsibilities. Methodist institutions -
I sented following the regular even'insf -
Mildred the WHEN YOU ARE ILL
Daphne C. Porter B. strength should not penalize students :< .
Robinson, Charles T. Rogers Bernice worship. who do so. I F 'W I You Seek The Best Dodor
I Well known religious and educational -
J. Saffold, Elliott J. Scavella, : "All of us must recognize that I ., When Your Doctor Prescribe

l i program.figures Several will choral appear groups on the,I for your life. the dimensions of social changeare I Get Experienced Pharmacist
DUVAL VOCATIONAL 1 including the Teen Tones of Ed- tremendous. view the present : ,- To Fill Your Prescriptions .

Activities for the 1960 com- : ward Waters College, will sing for I action by students as a challenge -, /V? According To Your Doctor'

mencement season are as follows: the occasion. to community responsibilitya i : V Orders. We Use Only

May 23 Student Government Day: The project is an effort to ben- i I ()-0 I IG i ii challenge to accept Neg.roesin \ h..4. .k.w.A The Best Quality Drugs At I

May 25, senior chapel will be held efit the National Congress Delegation their respective communities on Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor
terms of dignity."
at 1:20 pm.; May 26, senior out- Committee. i '
I --- ----
---- -- --- -
ing; May 27, veteran-adult social ;I The superintendents and teachers I
and Green and White Day; May : of the department are members !
'cnd or Br'ng Y OUTt"W: ,
29 senior worship at 11:00: am. i, of the committee. Bernest .7'S I 1
in Second Baptist Church; May Cook is chairman. \ iL r' i i DRUG STORE

30 junior-senior promenade in the I
.. A J"e
cafetorium from 8 to 11 p.m.; I I! STAR i ISO Kings Road ELgin 3-8276

May 31. class day at 1:20 p.m.; t I A COMPLETE LINE OF:

June 2, commencement exercisesat I! ,rY --n Offico & Plant I Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries

All events to be held in the
are. ; I Uh Mr--' o4tl
cafetorium with the exception of -To Vote
---------- --------- -- -- I
the annual sermon which will be -:"""" -..--- -- .... --""' ---- -- -""' ". "....,, -...,...;::;.=. +- -. ='",...,.- .,- "
In the auditorium of Second Bap- ; On May 24
tist Church. -. ..

i class Miss advisor.A. -E. Chrispin- -- is senior t s 55 ---;-- WORSHIP- ,-, TOGETHER THIS WEEKIfarr V Le. 'S Elect Conner V I


1ou A O S CK1. CALLED Help Conner Fight Price Controls!
f# ZY'WILL tJ NJ ;c uc t JA I
.THIS ISTHE THIRD i r TtER1+OrEQf A.flnx. TSK'1 M.

TIME s, I1 il,11 JL'CJW .' Help Conner Get More An.d Better I

4 ccFTHEOw .i .
6UTKP.IT'LL V THIMCI'YE M h1 N 6aEtiw'Al 1I { '
Ct1 P Ef-YY?tti'IatT G01'AN IOFAJTth -I sc 60x0tET'S I Schools! -
R 1 b4Y( yy y 1155ENCtyT -- TRYITp'n
BY IN T+ir1T t71. .
? f
EXAM 3 > ,
4Fp .
Ar mil'I '

Jz1P 1 'k 1], i Help ,Conner, Bea1f :: The, ,Political.

I cownwon : V. ": i'- -

-a Machine! : ;r > ,

Conner Protect Your Family! !
-... Help
S lY44Ai7 DIlZ ? KA'THOSEtfTVOU FfiaOltii FElUX7. -Alt.Ni6 r--VVe V
w..' fr 1h, sPC1nEr wog. t OFR HERE COMcT16 LIRACicETF FtUASLEE ., ,
r.IC V\

1 WSph6 ( NN J, j I Ky : 'V VOTE FOR .

i SO


i '


'f Pol. Adv.I iI
I ___ -"" r '--' --I\--' .p.---4L A -=-A-"" ..........--, ,..... ....--... ------....,-..-. ...-.. ..........-..... ....... ..... ....-.-....-..............-. -_-- -...................-.


....J.::: ., '. '
1 :' ... .:..,-. ; ', J1
-.L' .. -z.f ,.:.:i"r ..."':.. .
:' TA..4 ..w..j,''''" i. : ;..s. .I'! 1 ; .

--.- .. "'!I'J; -- 5 t .... ..
-,. '" .
j. .
\n-. ) I '
r .

i' '- ..

1" i / .. i 1k

j jt' -..-': --
'. ''" i ir

1 Page 6 THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May-21., 1960 II III

Tax Foundation finds that payrolls -
S. I Nation's Outstanding I
PRIEST RIVER IDAHO for civilian employes of the 55 I ATTENTION READERS

thinks it only fair to apply a with- Executive Branch of the federal Coaches To Be .. Please Bring or Send Your i
.. holding tax to the youngster's I: .S&S'S Church News. Club Notices & Announcement

allowance just so the younger'gen- government last year reached an! Featured At ClinicWilbur > 's1 To The FLORIDA STAR Early

eration can get gradually accus- estimated.$12.3 billion. That works'I

tomed to a procedure to which C. Drawery Jr. Penn State in 1936 O'Hora returned DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS
adults hardened.." out to $226 for each U. S.'family.
are now 1
Student SportswriterThe to his alma mater in 1936 TUESDAY at NOON
.- 15th Annual Football Clinicat J |seeking his Masters Degree in

',' ., Virginia State College in Peters. i Physical Education; and working; FLORIDA STAR

if i !burg, Virginia will feature five oi f t in the capacity of assistant coach f I 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street
the nation's outstanding coache s for the Penn State freshmen football -I i
who will give coaching techniques> team. Since then he has been .
Relieves FLORIDA STAR during the session to be held June e 1 ball coach at :Mahoney Township

I 20-24 clinic to become acquaintedwith 1 the U. S.' Navy and assistant .'

..CHILDREN'SCONSTIPATION IN EVERY the many new trends in' : coach at Penn State. O'Hora's .
I football. I i primary responsibility is working S
: I
For over 60 years fculd. liquid COLORED HOME The faculty for the school are ': with the defensive linemen.
MARSHALL'S BABY EASE has brought t I Benton (Jim) Hickey, Head i
comfort without binding. Does not con James I I Joe Paterno a member of the''
tain opiates or strong laxatues. Ask I coach at'"the Universityof ,
for vegetable pure. Baby Ease. Made : I football football coaching staff at Pennsylvania NEW ANTI-BIAS COMMITTEE
especially gentle for infants I II North Carolina will be on hand State University played foot- mER-Harold L.Graham,Jr.,

I for discussion. His coaching recordat ball at Brown University: Paterno, pictured above has been appointed -
I Hampton-Sydney where he was himself a new member of the Presi-
I ia quarterback, concerns ,
You Don't Have to Go to Town to GetPFCESi head mentor from 1955-57 was |primarily with offense, with special ; dent's Committee on Government NOTCEPursuant
27 wins 11 defeats: and 4 ties, quarterbacks. He Contracts which seeks to end employment '
I, emphasis on :
and his teams won the Mason 'j made contributions to the development discrimination in work :

LOW .Dixon Conference Championships.A : of such All-Americans as!|performed under government con-!
-. ATTi iir rras named v''"- i
i iI tracts. l
iirc -
i I r 1 Richie Lucus, Milt Plum, Al Jacks,
gi"Jc: "{;';j1 ti of the Year. I I
and Tony Randes. I \
On You Tom Nugent, head football -- j
.. coach at the University of Mary- 1! New York University has to
sale certificates will
Eleven Colleges to law
land, will also be present to out- I offer to the clinic, Lou Rossini ( I

DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade line a few football facts. Nugent i I Ii head basketball coach at N.Y.U.;I To Receive i i
called "the magician" down South, nation's'!'
:, Rossini, named the I
I be sold for delinquent county taxes
With Your Neighborhood Drug Stor had an outstanding record this "Coach of the Year" by the New ,I ScholarshipsNEW
past season with victories and York Metropolitan Basketball :
WE WILL YORK-Eleven member
MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN football tactics have ,
3 defeats. His : Association, steered his'
Writers colleges of the United Negro Col- : assessed 1959 tax roll. The list of lands '
YOUR LOCAL PAPERS been considered, the finest and basketball squad to a 20-3 record. :' lege Fund have been selected to on
I most exciting as he presented to With three victories in the NCAA'! .
eye Deliver receivethe second of
We Al o Fill All Doctor Prrvrlprirm.Dixie group
football the now famous "I" formation tournament, the team'record is;
I the typewriter huddle, the best since 193940. He has I'' scholarships Foundation.from the Reader's'Digest ''; I with the amount of taxes and costs has

and the double quarterback. Nu- been cine of the most successful i I

Pharmacy gent's ten year coaching record is coaches in the country with an'':' These scholarships, totaling:
53 wins 45 losses and 3 ties. He all time record of 159-80 since :' $11,000. are part of a three year i been duly prepared and is being published
ISO* KINGS ROAD at MYKTIJE! A VFJVTJFPHONES was voted "Coach of the Year" by eight ;years at Columbia and two :program during which all 33 mem- i' \
EL L3S,+iTB8 the Atlantic Coast ConferenceClub at N.Y.U. He is a member of the : ber colleges of the Fund will bene- *

Washington, D. C. National Coaching Association, j fit. : in the

AY YOUR LIGHT, WATER .AND TELE- Another of these outstanding author of a number of magazine ( The colleges scheduled to receive -i
PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE coaches is Jim O'Hora, assistant I articles on basketbaH, and is the]I scholarships this year are: '4
i football coach at Pennsylvania past president of the Metropolitan ;Barber:Scotia College, Concord ;

-- State University. A graduate of Basketball Coaches Association. i N. C., Bishop College, Marshall, ;,
+ .. .
-- ---
; Huston-Tillotson College \

I II x .. J Austin, Tex.; St. Augustine's Col- ; S ,, "
I I v S. !lege, Raleigh N. C.; Tougaloo Col- Chronicle'
,, s <:: lege, Tougaloo, Miss.; Tuskegee!
Institute Tuskegee, Ala.; Atlanta
, University, Atlanta, Ga.; Fisk Uni- I

!I / .: ,.': k- .: ; 4r .; ;: versity, Nashville, Tenn.; Lincoln : ,I
i' I University, Lincoln University, .
i :: : Pa. Virginia Union I ,
; University
*igLs in issues of May 6 13 20 and 27. Copies I
..... Richmond, Va.; and Xavier' University ,
1 rt% New Orleans La. ; \
i The executive staff of the \' \

% I U.N.C.F. selects the individual ; may be seen at the\ office of publication,
recipients from recommendations j ji .
i made by the colleges.

j i The Reader's Digest Foundation 33 South Ocean Street, Jacksonville, or \

: } was established in 1949. Among its'
tl ki I| stated objectives is "to help youth I

), r make the most of its educational I Room 107, County Court House, Jackson-
; .J opportunities." It derives its funds I
from the income of The Reader's I

1 Digest, which has the largest ville.
magazine circulation in the world,

1 and is published in 30 editions in ,,
S :.A 13 languages.
, 7

i .. I
!, : i


, for relief STANBACK.of COLD tabUU DISCOMFORTS.or powders 55 Tax Collector, Duval, County !
t Th STAN8ACK pr. cription typ.forma.la ,
tII .
U combination of pan r.
: fttving tngr.di.nU that work togth f
iL diM t* colds. STANBACK also Rft7 .{/
.. !
." : ':': ,.. :.: ;
., 0'... ..: I
, '.. .,....
' tS I i
; '
-? -? I
r ...

I*. "., : .. 7 5r BUSINESS DIREfTORY!: ,

1: \ The Firms Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments i iI

ii T ; I Specializing Services and Products :

Royal Crown Bottling Company !
f 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488 f
.., ,. Gas Genie says it-and he can prove it! ,+ Complex Body Repair & Paint Work 1 : Washington's Health Service f

I -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- to. "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
Price Start al 54.00 \Try Swedish I
f 1uSOlVE YOUR 2 BIG WASHDAY PROBLEMS.: : (1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 Colonic Massage Therapy Mineral Steam Bath* i
\ ps D. C. Washington: Masseur-Same Locatios I
Y For 23 Year.


3 4.t If You Want The Finest In Groceries $ WILLIE SMITH I
: M TURAl GAS'' 11 NATURAL GAS WATER HEATERS produce more And Meats Come See Us J DRUGSFree

: E1H hot water, faster for less money, than_ any other 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412,]$ :delivery OLD any RELIABLE part of the dty
method! And, ; --=-
they cost less to buy, install, and
601 West
\ Ashley Street
EL 4-1380
are more economical and efficient. They dry for -
one-third the ctfst of other methods!,And experts :

: 0' L estimate that a natural gas clothes dryer will ,;', City County and Federal Bon. \ X. STORE _
> t Law Exchange Bldg. EL ..1S321{ Courteous Treatment
: : save the average homemaker the equivalent of 4<

.i .'0 .' ; 20 full working days annually! See any natural .:_: ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE &.:306 Davis Street Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. EL 4-1216,i
= '
; gas' appliance dealer or come into our natural .y 30 Years In Electronics \

i -'. :'i ; :: O:;' -', 'r gas showrooms, and let us prove it io you! : ,, All Work Guaranteed MAGGIE CONFECTIONERSBEER

i.}' ,.' -y,> _;' *, S 1. 343 Forest Street EL_4-6804}, CIGARS CIGARETTES,

i.. r'i' f& lit oIJJ l vPr'l! <<_ fOltfPi "' ,. TIMIQLIADIARt3r'.D TRADING f:1102 Price ICE Si.CREAM COSMETICS EL 3.83121

i ': COOKW8 WATER VIWH&! CJ.OTKES CrfcS' JIGUC' MWTISCCAB3A5E. / aUICERAilOI'C! { n at U .a I A gas ;! ..T1 0 Complete POST Garden Supplies |J'J j M. L. Harris Pro? I
,0 .
Fertilizer Fruit Product MATTRESS
... V\' '' -,'' ,/? J./ -,, -- CO.
i. : < : ;.v ,. 0 : -New and Used Furniture bough and sold-* Mattress Renovating Our Specialty-
ji C< \ :. .:\ i
-'i- '
: ) _
.:: :' 1 4 : 564 Thnlquana Road SP 1-8762 One Day Service _
.<:' ":.: :: ', ', ;- \ : :;,,;:\ ;,Jhe Jacksonville Gas :Ji -' ., : -"' >}3 3JOHNNIE'S !TO Old Stop load I
.... .,. ";,'" .. "" .. po 5. 34!
"' :
J ,.' '. .... ROOMING HOUSE ft ,
::,.:\ f. 4:f' Corporation .. :, \, ,- ,. p.AtTAX
; .- All Modem Conveniences iv .
_ : affiliate of 7 !
: : '
.H Room by Day. Night or Week "
. 1 :' }., The Houston 'Corporation .' I
r ': 'It. ". t ; For Information Call NEW DEAL
0 ..i )"-],.:, a Florida corporation _......, .. EL 5-4025 627 W. Ashley Street LINCOLN EI.
: 4
: !
f .. .
t>., ..... ': 29 E. Adams St. EL 4-7181 + .. '> "<;"'"t: .iiT.iiT ;' EL !:1 t tw

(, -,

,. S -

I':"'-, -'" '-- ._ -
-- = --- -
"= --

.. q'J. "' > '
"" .-- : ,- : .:: ;"r" ..

I ;

STAR Page .7
Week Saturday May 21 1960
I ,. Ending. -

. i : .:T:

I : .

t r: L S 4 .

f FAMU Has Schede For I t Comment item; fit Capital 1 ti
: : $t..',;.....

I[\ 15 Workshops institutes 3 f .1jl.t What/ You Have Complacency Or Competence? ij. ..

' I some <*f the leading authorities by Vant Neff '
TALLAHASSEE-A total of 15 J ; I I
in their specific fields. Some carry FORTS CORNEF
r'l/ workshops, institutes and work credit which may be used for' Recently a team of Russian in other phases of rocketry and chance in our method, bet the
conferences will be held herat various purposes; others (mainlythe ,women beat a team of American in certain scientific defense past proves it has served tn
Florida A&M Universit during credit. women in a basketball systems. The details of com- welL We feel we do not need
institutes) give
the nine-week summp :.rra, June no I Gordy Coleman, handsome new for the Reds also visited camp. game: at New York's Madison parison we do not know. What governmental assistance, suchas
I 15-August 6 TNvr'li not be a Special features for the summer. : Cincinnati Red first baseman Smitty is in business in St. Peters- '!' Square Gardon. America won we do know is the almost-hys the Soviet provides to guarantee -
I the men's game. That's fine terical emphasis with which team or personal suc
six-wccii yrm wily summer. will be Coaching Clinic, June 6-10, I. ran the hundred yard dash in burg. with us; they were good games, every Russian advance is cesses.

Coach A. S. Gaither, director; ::10:1 in high school. Another great relief star of the and someone had to win. boomed across the world as The danger in this practiceis
Speaking of the summer pro- Economic and Resource Use Education -' Second baseman Billy Martin, The point is, Russia won a proof of the superiority of the that it can: lead to compla
gram, Dean H. Manning Efferson acquired from Cleveland is one past for Cincinnati Hersh Freeman game as American as the Indi Soviet "good life." This way of cency. So far, oue- haphazard
Ij said: I' June 13-July Walter M. of the hardest workers in camp. was also on hand. Freemanis ans. And they 'broadcast their life "in the workers paradise' "individual" system has worked
Austin director; Guidance Improvement now a Scout for the Reds. triumph loudly and happily is so productive, so forwardmoving' well; therefore we feel it will
I; FAMU provides within the June 13-July 3, Dr. J. i Martin has been working with throughout the world. But here we are told flatly, that continue Perhaps we are too
limits of its budget and personnel,I D. Beck director; Nursing and I Coach Wally Moses on hitting Bill Henry the 'southpaw hurl-I is the significance. Not that the Russia expects not only to exceed optimist
some of the special services need- Convalescent Home Administrators i I and has asked to stay after sche er, giving the Red batters "fits" ;, Russians won an American our growth but even eco- Remember this attitude of
I duled workouts for additional with his game, but how. nomically to "bury" us! ours has a terrible historical
ed by individuals who are engagedin :| June 20-22. Mrs. E. J. Bur-. during batting : Here is how. Athletics is not parallel.! Complacency was the
educational, business profes- l i| gess and Miss Helen Monroe co- |i work. He spent an hour in thecage deliveries rookie lefty Claude fun and games in the Soviet.It curse that so frequently softened -
sional, and civic work in the directors; Landscape Management, i with Coach Cot Deal pitching Osteen impressing pitching coach is grim government business. older civilizr.Lions.: Egypt
state. i 1 June 20-24 T. T. Lewis, director; i, ; Coach Reggie Otero in right t; Cot Deal with his curve ball Anyone who show aptitude and Y O of the great Pharaohs- Greece,
j I field; Manager Fred Hutchinson l physical qualifications for the Roman Kmpire, Spain of
Each summer it conducts several Elementary School Improvement, : in center field and Coach Whites. Rogelio Alvarez, the long-ball hitting track, soccer, basketball, the Phillips. France of the Empire -
in which eligible I'July 5-23 Mrs. L. S. Davis and .. first baseman up from Havana : hockey, skating or for practically all were complacent
programs Lockman in left with Moses observing
| Dr. M. O. Alston co-directors; impressing with his fine defensive -I any other sport, receives t And all paid the catastrophicprice
may register and partici from behind the batting
persons j special treatment behind the for their smugness.
for and
'Workshop Supervisors
pate. These are very stimulatingand | cage. skills during infield Iron Curtain. Jobwise, he is Can: we do anything to

informative, giving partici, ( Principals July 5-23, Dr. A: E. i One of the finest persons eve. drills, Roy McMillan, Eddie Kasko '' given preferred work. He undergoes chang complacency to competence -

pants opportunities to broader i Teele director; Home Food Freez- I to join the'Reds is outfielder and Leo Cardenas amaze the intensive training. He JYes.
I baseball gets special grooming and First, we can be awareof
and people
their perspective by contactsith l. ing, July 12-15 Nathaniel Saylor, I infielder Lee Walls. Visiting scribes .. spectators i coaching, enabling him to rise it. Then, everywhere, let'suse
director; School Lunch July 17- I photographers and telecaster s: alike with their amazing fielding' to what we would call profes- n our !individual initiative

I 29, Dr. C. G. Marquess, director; are unanimous in their praise oj:f : ability around shortstop. sional heights. Yet technically 1 a while we still have it! We can
Teachers of I insist i he maintains his amateur be active in politics, ir. medicine i-
State Conference for the 27-year-old. They the:
i Manager Hutchinson, very po-i i standing. When the individual, in business in all those
.--- Vocational Agriculture July 24- I have never met a nicer nor mor e< ''pular with the press as well as1 I II or the team, wins, the victoryis Such an attitude on the pact important areas so easily socialized .
EVSOTOR rwnA!;::.:..,.. ,,29. L. A. Marshall director; Op- i cooperative athlete. I I with Ute ball players, has a very' exploited around the world of the Russians makes a com by go\ernment. By retaining -
eration, Care and :Maintenance of I Outfielder Teny Gonzales,stock3Ilefthander ]' !1 well-organized camp and is send-i i with all the arrogant boastfulness parison with our own way of our duties and functionsas
.t1 r Farm Tractors, July 25-29, Dr. on the Havana roster, ing his athletes through a vigorous | attending a major military life inevitable. Let us see how men of democracy, we retain
conquest.The the Soviets get their result something individual
greater r'tr -
Walter L. Johnson, director poul- immediately demonstrated whj, '
; I : daily workout. same boastful attitude For one important thing, they identity! And, i turn,
et try, August 1-5, W. L. Bate, direc- i he is regarded as one of the finest .: 1 I Ii prevails in the far more important so to school six days a week. we help our nation to caep tha .
tor; Building Management and prospects in baseball. The 23- Southpaw pitcher Joe Nuxhall's j area of scientific con Their government creates, as strong shape of its heritage.In f
Check Yourself Maintenance. July 11-16 R. E. I, year-old was blasting the ball fo r j 212 poundage continues to startle I IJ I tribution. we said, special living conditions America, ours is still the
Webber and W. E. Lee. co-direc- j tremendous distances on his firs t J camp -followers lefty Bob There is no doubt that "Sput- for those who excel in any choice. So we must not surren-
I : Miller of the Reds' Havana roster, : nic'. was a great achievement."But field where the results can bea der our individual initiative to
Before Driving tors; Automotive Technology, day in camp.
: Sputnick's success prompted loudly-tooted political boast. the government or to any other
June 20-July 1, S. L. Beasley i, Former Manager Bill McKechniiand e, is training with the Reds. He i e ee an outburst of Russian political -,I e i The whole stress is on mass agency. The rights and dutiesof
By Martha Johnson director; and Beauticians July ; his son, Bill, Jr., who wa;:S was a straight "A" student at I braggadocio so swaggering production of talent. personal initiative and personal -
Dodge Safety ConsultantAre 11-22, Mrs. E. M. Cromer, director t( Farm Director for the Reds, cam( 'Morton High in Cicero, HI. and I as to cloud the ins accom- It's not our way. It never responsibility still rest
p'lshmpnt: itself. It ba was. Part of our Constitution where did.
awarded four scholar- may they always Righton
a year
fit to drive a car? was
you t 'i over from their homes in Braden true that the Russians opportunity to the individual
: are opens up the individual. On YOU. And
You may think you are in good i ton Florida to renew old acquain_ ship at Yale but decided to en- r': :.1 1 of ij in space probing.i but does not ram it only your OWP ompetence can
health. You may have an excel !1 tances among the Redlegs. Fran!c role at Northwestern University is possible that we lead them down his thro-: :. There is moreDr. keep them there.
lent safety record. Yet under i in 1953 he signed as a bonus'
certain circumstances it can be Smith, the former great relief sta:r
dangerous for you to be in thedriver's j, t S t player with Detroit in June of Trustee Board i Alfonso Elder since 1948. His father served as

seat.Before TilE CUNNING NEVER PAYS I 1953. i' principal of the Elder High Schoolin

you take the wheel list of II t : Cincinnati Farm Director Phil :, Holds Meet At To Address Sandersville for 50
your car, read through this By Wllifoin Henry, Huff I : over years. .
\ W.irch-1 bis ( ]} .
by the American Medical t vn assistant Tal Smith ar-
prepared be real and trueAnd i \ Seghi and : Florida Normal
If I can just j I GraduatesDr.
Assn. in co-operation with the I i rived iri Tampa to ready the. Albany President Elder is a graduate of
Center for Safety Education, at have no cunning ways. I 10 11 14 61 811 ST. AUGUSTINE : I
New York University. As those \\lv win must surely dIn }I I Reds' Minor League Training The Alfonso Elder, president of Atlanta University and Teachers'

Don't drive when you have these and future days !I 458 40 913I ;"Camp at Plant Field. First club Board of Trustees of Florida Normal I North Carolina College at Durham -I College, Columbia University, asa

r.. serious problems on your I will not heap a pile of wrathTo __ due in is Nashville on March 11th. and Industrial Col- will address sixty-five Albany special General Education Board
mind.Emotional UDseta may fall head I _1 -----9 -- The Reds' new trainer, Dr. lege held its annual meeting last State College graduates at I
accidents. .,> upon my i Fellow. After further study at the
" cause I Richard Rohde, is making an immediate Thursday May 12 in the Jona- commencement exercises, June 6. I
Check your attitude. Be ma- I Or dread a fearful aftermath. -1 :; J --2 University of Chicago, he earned
* .. ._ I 1 hit with the players. Doc than-Sewell Library. :1
* > -- -*' tura. 3ut live in peace instead. : : Dr. Elder is a native of Sand- I the Ed. D. degree from Teachers'
"' j.'.<;--.J 9 (Rohde- way traiuet""Iuri'lhe Reds The board's day long sessionwas
.. 'Wt ersville, Ga., and has been presi- College, Columbia University, in
1 ft* from 1934 to 1947 when illness devoted to matters and pro-
:2J h--22\ .L:17: 21 522808879'87388 dent of North Carolina College 1938.
blems ,
IDl1ICi 1fO I'l I'Jlns iQ it necessitated his relinquishing his affecting the Baptist Institution ----- ---- ---
I I duties. Jim Turner, the former of Higher Learning in -

I Red hurler and ex-Yankee coach, general.Dr. j
I .Sometimes he's
EVERY. OCCASION I Sometimes he's down calls Dr. Rohde "as fine a traineras R. W. Puryear, president of 9

II I He adds suhtractsI I have ever come into contact the college was given an extremely

Expert Photography I work it all around :, with in professional baseball." i thigh "vote of confidence by the

Portrait Weddings Banqusts !i board for the great role he has PALMS
": Passports & Identification Photo Coming Attractions Marv Fodor and Jim Maloney, : and is playing in the life of the
*118 and 19-year-old righthanders .
% ': : Photostats & Commercial Work 478 50 130 i, 68-year-old church-related college. :'
:'to ..,? Photos For Newspaper Cuts I respectively, displaying fine'pitching : The board of trustees also were''
< : form. Everyone tabs them as
While You Walt .. ; high in its praise of the staff i. BALLROOM ,
', sure-fire major leaguers of the
: S t
:faculty, and student body of the'I
<: : ':..: Coloring & Picture Framing future.
-1" Let Us Take A Photo Of You college for a job well done. ,
U.: i, Dr. Edward T. Graham, chairman Of Jacksonville
/>>..<. : : .. of the Board of Trustees was '
In Natural Color .. .
: "w. ;
j the
recipient of a'Special vote of :
J. AVERY Those j appreciation for the excellent guidance Fri. & Sat 20 21

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO { and leadership he has given ;
who I in the interest of the work and '

1674 Kings. Rd. Next to EWC Library'f I progress of the board, and the
j Walker, Panama; Miss Josephine o MUDDYWATERS
Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment
live instyle.
Jones Jacksonville
; ; Dr. John Maguire :

I Jacksonville; Attorney D.W.
Perkins, Jacksonville; Rev. N. G. l

Staggers, Orlando; Rev. J. C.
;Vii, college. Other members of the i\
: il Board of Trustees are: C. Blythe
l: 'cc Andrews Tampa; L. A. Alexander A

West Palm Beach; Rev. E. Armis-

ter, Clearwater; Rev. J. H. Dol- Ar

,phus, Riviera Beach; Attorney And His Sensational BandMONDAYTHURSDAYSUNDAY

3.ti.. ;. 'Henry Arrington, Miami; Rev. J. A
i A. F. Finlayson, Miami; Dr. Geo. $1.00

I Gore, Jr., Tallahassee; Rev. W.H. I FRIDAY & SATURDAY $1.50.1
c Wilson, Jacksonville; Mrs. Susie 4 ,

a Holley, Ft. Lauderdale; Dr. Elmer '
f I """
Sams, Jacksonville; Rev. R. H.
; G. Million, New York; Rev. Enoch

,. Davis, St. Petersburg; Dr. Von

,.- t Mizell, Ft. Lauderdale; Attorney

iI James C. Collier, Orlando; Rev.
I 1 l .t tI' I Charles Lee, Philadelphia; Rev. A. t ti

f B. Coleman, Jacksonville; Rev. A.

rI r ; E Eerr i i H. Parker, Marianna; Attorney

l Paul Raymond, Daytona Beach;

James C. Evans, Washington, D.
.. 1x:> .I C.; Rev. M. C. Bascom Baltimore;

i. ;, Dr. Guy Ballamy, Oklahoma City;

Miss Dorothy Bucklin New York;
z '
i Dr. P. Wilkerson, San Antonio;
M Dr. Ronald V. Wells, New York;

Dr. J. M. Ellison, Richmond. Va.;
and Rev. G. S. Leichiter, Plant
II. City.

i! >j If you have a taste for I
the finer things, always ask for ATTENTION LADIESI /

I Gordon's authentic London Dry Gin. iSo GgMpT

J Invites You To Listen To --:- \ smooth and dry..-. 1M riia f. I Bridge & Social Club / 4r'

"KNICHTTRAIN" of such delicate flavor... b Itle,M4 I Reporters '!0IR ,'A.a.linat

you can enjoy it STRAIGHT C faros lrtlnuDlCtne" Send or Mail I II I

Starting At 7:00 P. M.. Nightly Your Social Newt !
'.no Gw like GORDON'SXX = Mondays To !i

1400 WRHC 1-406 I 2323 Moncrief FLORIDA Rd.STAR Cor. 13th .
I Or Phone EL 4-6182 t _':, --
:':. :
I .... \. :

1 t



k .. :, .. .. .-.,'. I .
>;-.i ;: :....1 ...;..'! ..> !, .v..iJ- 6 :: : -
--- -

... : r Pl
I I ..-r"" '

r .


'K -EIGHT_ THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 21, 1960
I I'
1-v -Ie' OPENINGS -
For 3 Avon Representatives.
.I ic The United Citizens League Minimum age-25. No experience Susie's Cradle Nursery
it necessary, we train. Call EL 6-8810 Specialized In
I, Endorses The I I Infant Care *
-t< Following I I 5350 Newcombe Street
; 1k Phone PO 5-1570
j; So Candidates L S HAIRCUTS: Mrs. Susie Keith. Owner
..r"R For your next haircut visit ""''P'C P.!}._ 'n.2'v ....:..--- -_
the Artistic Barber Shop, 619 :
I ; Governor "'. Ashley. Phone EL 49231. __ r.................. _
C. C. McCurdy, Prop.; Charles
I 4 Doyle Carlton Jr.I Simmons, Mgr LEARN TO DRIVE
. I TheConfident
I \ .G'kifiittikS! suaM+iswNwi di + Way!
L I of State t pELtr.3x3 .+K tA cax; R>kl>yisyurar +aai iI 1
Secretary ; I rJ} fcLD i3c sfl w I c L t'wTlus+ w0. : Mrs G. 6. Benjamin
trek*I -w$ I :ass wss s
1! y ;.T.4 ,? 5'tUfRl P) HELP WANTED HLVLE 2767 Queen Ave.
r. .: /ed Jess Yarborough # k L ''IL yl k li1..lfOliM1M NEED MORE MONEY? Make .&i Res. PO 8-2968
/ : .
r L Big Money in spare time orfull iij'--' .

I Commissioner of AgricultureW. 4; ... .. i N time with Marti Dare Cosmetics --Saleslady-----

I /1" X \ and Old 97 Home Neces- Wanted, saleslady for Watkins
R. ( Buster) Hancock
/i IIt J1J.!J1J I NEW YORK CITY-Tlr- fi't picket line of Woolworth outside of ;Products in Northwest Jacksonville
I ;._ L sities. Fast sellers,pay big pro- Call EL 582158 i to 12 a m
nal u .oeuiied Sn Pu-'o ZI ,
the ContJ ? :a ? :a" m i.c : co .
I A tip of the Fejkl 1 Oii| County Commissioner. Dist. accrdin:: to Charges S. Z'mmerman. tits We carry big stock to fin
to these oatatantltni Zimmerman 13 a. mgr oer of the national adtQnriiiee: o$; Wanted
I young Amerteaa. wtv Lem Merrett CARE (Congress of Racial Equality> which has been coordinating your orders immediately. Products i, Nice quiet Christian coup!!' !
I' make our country aDI toe picketing, and tt a Viee-President of the International Ladies : guaranteed to sell. Old 37 !i (children accepted) to share mv

our community a DeU' i Garment Woikcro Union. Local 609 of the union sponsored the effective Distributors 811 S. Edgewood :home. EV.7-2988.. .
I i !
melee -which to UT. County Commissioner, Disf.. 5 picket line. Ave.. EV 9-3119 .. r
Picket signs say, "Don't Buy in Woolworth Stores" and "For l Qna1
'. .. * Fletcher MorganSchool I Human Rights." I Help Elect .

-' ,
: FTVTK',' r.r -::) TD: l 1E
Board Dist. 5 THROUGH HOLE I\: FLJ :I:
f r ,: Special Care Given ChildrenFor
; i Someone brcfce: into :

I f ., .. : ; : R. L. ( Bob ) Harris I j the bit3'residence:. :,:, 6'?of'' M.-'?...3.,C-i,.ss..c-Robct,. ,- 7 Working a.m.to 6 Mothers p.m. .., CIVIL SERVICE AS YOUR BOARD
'. t 2 2I 5 week
: \4\4t. last Tuesday whelp she was sleeping days a f
\ : t.to Civil Service Bd. in bad room, police re- Reasonable Rates !.
., ;: '!<,. \ .......... ; County I ported..a ;11336 W. 21st EL 4-4861

... \. '\ Jack Forehand i'A! hole was reportedly chopped,I -__ DISTRICT 2 AT LARGE I
.' I : in the floor of the front bedroom 1 FOR RENT
.. "y' >: I I II < f where el*ry.15 gain?'' I Nice room in Christian home. "" 32 year old family man
;, '.'' .. ., Justice of Peace, Dist. I 11 1 I The front bedroom was padlocked Phone EL 4-1302: or EL 56096. Jacksonville business man
f.'t t'. ; : from the aut<:icie. The ) Graduate Jacksonville Junior College,

I Rodney HurstNorthwestern Ernest D. Jackson I' amount .cf money taken- was noreportfed. t: 1 i FOR RENT I k And University of Florida
I Member Brentwood Baptist Church
High I 3 room house (with bath), partially -
Rodney serves as presidentof furnished. Will rent to two 14 degree Mason .
Dist. i
Constable I 11 1
l.1"sith equal justice to all
i Ritz I pledge io enforce the Civil Service
the Student Council and : persons of the same sex or elderly
Youth Council NAACP, and Claude G. : Sun.Wed.C. couple. Phone EL 4-1844. Paid Pol.! Adv
Sunday School teacher at St. Spears I --- .- -
S Philip's Episcopal Church. His S. FORESTER'S r

hobbies are reading, singing, Constable Dist. 2 MOST AMAZING
tennis, and softball. : .. TALE OF TRUEADVENTURE
.. Otis Lee Moore !

I Constable, Dist. 9 1 \

r L. F. BeerbowerJustice ;; BEST QUALIFIED BY S


of Peace Dist. 12 } i. 1Rr' LIFETIME IN AGRICULTURE ; rr


rrK w. W-RfBUfiTER .- i
Linda Darnell Tarver Electqeeejea W.J
Northwestern High <
Linda is a member of the
12-1 class Social Life Club, J{ RqQ

Girls' Service League treasurerof 5.. LIrIiXi.TM.
FBLA Club-Reporter, and >a
County Commissioner Dist. 5
an active member of Zion Hope :
Baptist Church. !|1 To Linda we He Sponsored % Obtaining funds for AAAa
say "Learn as if you should not .
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reach object, and were
your Duval Medical' Center, ; and i <
always fearing lest you should Legislation Alan Ladd Robert Preston
lose It". I .-- .- -
2 i" Making Duval County Brewster Hospital, Ed- ,

-,':';" ,}. .: IVernon South.Insurance Capital of ward and] Jacksonville Waters College Uni- Sunday All Wee.& '. I i FACTS V SF I C.1 ION I

Creating of Jackson- MOTION PIc'rLJRE I

ville Expressway Auth- ',. POLITICAL! i
\1L i.,
VOTE FOR \ r'y a
ority. ,.BR ifNERGua CLIQUE :
,r thrown up by the s.p e cia i I interests
r i (L 1 !
FLETCHER MORGANCounty lOLWBRTOIEXEBUF FICTION: groups because they will be out in
\ the, cold with Lem Merrett County Com- ,
Leon Smith '!
Lem Merrett is backed by the Machine ;
Northwestern High Commissioner District 5 SOlOMON. missioner.
Pepsi-Cola salutes Vernon Politicians.The ,
and SHEWRoosevelt I
Leon .MtoMBB.0 .
Smith 10-1 student of (Paid Pol. Adv.) ,
Northwestern.: Vernon serves as incumbent CommisI I I The commissioner retire
chaplain of the Honor Society j elderly County present can

Accompanist and soloist of the r sioner District 3 will be out of a job Unless tomorrow with a pension for life in excess I
Chorus and president of the 4
Bible Club. In his spare time you keep him County Commissioner. of $150 per week or $7500 per

p.Jq puu Suiptwj sjtofua stiwatching. 1 ( P ,
5 f" LOOK -The Famous year.

f * The political propaganda is; that the. The facts are he bought the propertyon

. INK SPOTS ; Commissioner say he donated propertyat a tax deed for about $300 and soldit
Listen To PepsiMusicQuest I .
'" I : Commonwealth and Huron for 1.
,'!- a CityLibrary. to the city for $8500 on July
;: I .
With Charlie Fuqua -- '+ I
ii. Nites !10:3010 11:00 I -

1 Excerpts from Times-Union August 28,
.J, Phone Request .- t
EL 6-0461-2 Appearing At The Sun. to The present Commissioner'says he is for 1954, speaking against the Expressway,

Tues.The I' progress, growth and development in District present Commissioner said "I hope the I

Ribault Supper Club ,! That Mightiest Eever Lived Man! i 3 and Duval County. north leg (Myrtle Avenue overpass to

I SAMSON i Imeson ) will be built.
Airport never
\ ---
.. Mon.; 23 Tues., 24 Wed., 25 DELILAHIn Four years ago his neighbors voted to

fr TechnicolorPlus I The present Commissioner, says "if you change commissioners and again on I
3 Shows Nightly 3 i May 3 they voted overwhelmingly to replace -

M I i "The Beast of Budapest" Hnn't know.----.. p.---him ask his neiahbor." the present Commissioner.

1 I 10:30: p.m. 12:30: a.m. =. 2 a.m. i j.I SKYVIEW


i -* / $1.25 .Per* Show: ,*.** .... Thru Tues. Nite ,
i tI I ."' ." ." '. .- "- 2 Shocking Horror Hits!
Tickets ct Hollywood'Music Stcre '* v, THE
l I / ..,c' COUNTY COMISSSONEB Disf. 3
I! And' Ribault Supper Club "BEAST FROM A {


I I ,',I ... .. V-, Win $110- Cash, Mon. Nite!

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