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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 14, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 14, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-"- ...',
.:,.- ... .



;1- :


1 I

1. t i



B. r. IN

-= .
r -- ---- -

I Fla NAACP To Pus ,.a I


W pew!+- d+
School aa-

Integration C m mo' m .

-. .. --- -- -- I 1No.. 14 And NEWS M xY 14, 1960 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORID.15' C"l'4: ;
-- -.. i
Plan Drive '

r yy if'w To .IntegrateFla. Schools .D W. Sweet Wins -Suit fJ o.i

I Tampa: -Thu Rev Loen L:-w.;>
t state president of the Nationa: >
Association for the Advancement t p C,

of Colored People said :Munca: m

A .es that mass attempt to enroll Negro
children in schools reservecfor
.w whites will be seen in fall 01 Aga.inst School Board

L this year.No :

specific schools have been i :

; _____ singled out he said but "ail of .I -

.,e,... state the metropolitan will be affected.areas" of the United Voting Among Negroes I SchoolBoard -.Is Ordered !' "

He said parents throughout the !
state would be encouraged to attempt Seen Only ._Way To Progress

-ru to enroll their children in I '- / By Staff Correspondent i To Pay Negro Principal

the nearest school, without regard A more to consolidate, .Nero voters in Duval County into a "united" I
X.I: to v-/: 1 *\whether it is a white or Negro >I' voting group was reported to be making: "giant strides," according The Duval County School Board has been ordered to pay WilliamD.

f.,..,# t school."I to Eric O. Simpson editor of the FLORIDA STAR who polled the I .. Sweet deposed principal of the Stanton Adult School $7,270 in '

.'_ ." expect this will involve 400- I largest numbtr of vetes a Negro has ever received in recent unsuccessful -,j salary for the current school yea IT.
The order
Issued --
..: 600 children at Tampa" Lowry | bid for election to the Civil Service Board. by Circuit t -
'! Judge .A. D. McNeil is the second
said. "However I have of -- Trustees and the appointmentswere
no: j Simpson -
way who -- --- -
has --
'issued -
call -- '
; Recently, some 300 members. the US" >v oral Council a case the board has lost over attempts -.
; met Washington u.C. to discuss .'o "* knowing hew many will actually for Negro voters to unite in votingso to which made by the school boardin
; :L- *i responsibilities we aspire in the way of to fire school personnel]
to the military in the cold war' .:'::le, rresident Eisenhower,, make applications. that the Negro vote would be state and county jobs, equal justice : after approving them for employment. March.
usa national honorary ch;::- .pan, receives the USO Annual Lowry indicated that some more effective said that already educational and After the appointments were
; Award for 'his "di:*;.'-: '=ljierf service to the welfare of the schools at Miami Jacksonville hundreds of Jaxons have pledged' oppor- made a controversy developed
r nation" from USO \. two-day meeting, aimed at planning improvements in: West Palm Beach and perhaps editorial on page 2 candidates for office who have school system for 29 years, an the Negro adult education pro-
}usa morale seryi'to the armed forces, the Council heard: other cities would be affected. 1 It's Time For Action.) given the assurance after screen- Dr. Garrett H. Fortner supervis01of gram and the program had to be
\Selective Se" '..:e Chief Lewis B. Hershey ing that they would assist us in temporarily
say, "By;your presence Lowry's views came along with i Simpson said that the Negro industrial education were bot; curtailed. In the
l here, you people give assurance to our young people;; an announcement of a statewide vote is being: rendered ineffectiveby achieving first class citizenship. recommended for reappointment L j move to fire Sweet and Fortner
;'serving in uniform overseas that somebody back home does;; the school board
NAACP refused
to issue
meeting at Tampa Saturday for the current
care about them." the split among Negro voters, Simpson announced that a Bill year by Supt. Isl 1
and contracts to them.
\ Sunday.In adding: that the numerous tickets of Rights for Negroes is being Brant in February 1959.
addition to the school inte- advocating: various candidates I prepared 1 I for the approval of local The recommendations were approved Attorneys Harry B. Fozzard and
gration campaign plans will be by the Board of Schoo i I Tom B. Stewart Jr. argued that
Ministers I help to create confustion and end leaders and added that plans are
Negro Ask City drafted at the meeting for sit-in once the appointments were made ,
up doing: "more harm than good. being completed for the screening ,
and wade-in I the contracts must be issued
demonstrations or
and :
He said the only way we can of the various candidates in the
To Aid In Bid For boycotts of stores which bar Ne- disciplinary action must be ini-
Rights I hope to achieve any of the goals May 24 run-off election. C
groes from lunch counters.He ---"- l-Jy ns tiated by the trustees or superin-
I TALLAHASSEE-A group of Tallahassee Negro ministers, last said the wade-in demonstxaticns''ikiil : tendent and a dismissal hearing
r "--Monday. afternoon requested assistance' of City Commission to" clear : : be' V6nduc'teid: .S ffi' 9UCEREPORTS =-- The Loa O.f. '. _" held j, by .tha school board.. No

It up what it termed "an intense and intolerable situation" in local simultaneously from New Jersey ; DoctorThe charges were brought-by the superintendent -,
Young <<-
The group representing the In- down the East Coastaround ; '. or trustees.
terdominational Ministerial Alliance Incuded in the Florida and through the Gulfstates" : MAX IGETTING S SHOT IN LEG 'I reported. sudden death last Wednes After the mandamus suit was
group were
warned the Commissionthat several students convicted In city in an effort to end segre- i I IN HIS'CAR Patrolmen J. Seldon and T.. day of Dr. Lansing G. Childs, i:L filed, the school board adopted

Tallahassee Negro leadershipis court last Saturday on charges gation of beach areas. 1, Walter Sullivan .48, of 1044 Mays investigated. promising young physician came a resolution accusing Fortner and ,
pledged to achieving "equal resulting from a recent lunch Lowry emphasized that all Powhattan Street was shot in the as a shock to citizens and friend;: Sweet of incompetency but Mc-
rights and basic dignity for every counter demonstration. I NAACP-sponsored demonstrations calf: of his leg last Tuesday as he who admired the affable doctor. Neill ruled In his order that the
citizen:. I, would be conducted peacefully. attempted to get in his car at POLICE NAB SUSPECTIN I I I resolution was "ineffectual to set
The commission was asked to I. Kings Road and Rushing Street TilE STEALING ACT I 1 aside the appointments in
use its influence to assure better police reported. Police received a call to come conformity with the school law".
accommodations and facilities for YOUTH I Victim said he left home to go to 1437 Eaverson Street last Wednesday A separate mandamus action
Negroes including lunch counters .SHOT j to a business place at Kings Road to investigate a breaking : was brought by Fortner and

rest rooms drinking fountains OVER DEBT OF THREE MEN HELD I and Rushing Street he reached and entering of a dwelling police / Judge Charles A. Luckie Issued an

libraries and police protection.The FOR THEFTS IN 1 his destination transacted his reported. ijUV order In November directing that
businessand getting in his Fortner be Issued
Negro group termed its appearance ONE DOLLAR was a contract and
before the commission CLAY COUNTY car to leave a pistol was fired by I On arriving at the scene they ;h4 &k A paid the $8,500 due him for the
indication of a more solidi- I An argument over dollar ended an unknown person. After being found a woman identified as school year. Fortner was issued a
"an. I
fied determination to achieve I with the shooting of a teenagerin GREEN COVE SPRINGS!, hit, Sullivan drove home and was Mary Anderson in Rupley contract.

equal rights in cooperation with i Baldwin last Tuesday. Sheriff John Hali of Clay County taken to Duval Medical Center by I Crump's room packing complain: When the appointment schedulefor
city officials." r Duval County Criminal Investigator reported the arrest of two men In his wife. He was treated and re- ant's clothes and appliances. She the 1960-61 school year came

Prior to the start of the meeting -11 R. P. McCauley and ;; Clay County and another in leased. ', admitted breaking in. Miss And- up a few weeks ago neither Fort-
1 Constable E.B.Roberts said Frank, I 1 i erson was said to have an accomplice
,, a group"of Negro and white Duval County on charges of theft Sgt. Lewis C. Williams investi- I 4 ner nor Sweet was recommendedfor
students left the commission room I f Lemuel Nixon. 19. of, Baldwin is ; of about $600; in property and gated. I whose name is James > ,r reappointment to their former
: in critical condition at Duval ;t money from the home of William I Stuart. Police was informed that : posts
ordered Y.
en masse after they were
to sit in I Medical Center with a gunshotwound Downing of Middleburgh in TWO MEN ROB [ Stuart hangs around the Country
by" city policemen segregated -
f in the, stomach and an- March. MAN OF $31 ': Club and Weaver's Pine Inri. Th2j a ar

seats.TRIAL i I other in the chest. The men were identified as Willie j John Henry Jackson 57 of 1134 I j: victim says he will sign warrant, r3 Florida StudentsTo

I I Waymon Andrew ,Ray,,,.43. also Young charged with breaking Spratt Street told police he was ;!i I police said.Patrolmen.

1. I I I of Baldwin was' arrested and'is in;jafnd! entering; Calvin Thomas on his way home and when he j I George Henry and Appeal Ruling

DELAYED the county jail under,$2,500tbond t charged with receiving stolen' reached Spratt and Van Buren I i,I H. Harley investigtaed. Dr. Childs i & Wife. In Sit i Down Case
on a charge,of, assault, murder. goods, and Eddie Graham who is ; Streets last Tuesday he was {! I
FOR CANDIDATE i Ray shot Nixon,, twice' about 11 I being held by Duval authorities grabbed by two men who took his J 1 {I. Tallahassee-Five white and six

ajn.. with,a .22 caliber pistol after on a breaking and entering charge. f i i billfold and $31. Childs who lived at 2820 Be- Negro university students who
FOR PRESIDENTPENSACOLA Nixon asked him to pay a dollar I I Young was released after post- i fI I He said one of the men grabbedhim I Parent Charges : gonia Rd. and maintained offices were fined $300 each or 60 days

The trial of' he allegedly owed the victim i: McCauley -I ing $2.500 bond. Sheriff Hall said iI j from behind and held him" i on Davis St. near Kings Rd. died '{i I in jails for participating in a

Clennon King presidential candidate ,I said. ]I II I the bond for Thomas was set atj while the other man took his Pupil 'Law Defied in Brewster Hospital Wednesday lunch counter demonstration have
has been continued by I i I 1500. Hall said Graham would I money. He could not identify Miami-A Negro attorney who 'afternoon after being taken there I posted appeal bonds and indicated

i Municipal Judge Denza Rich- be brought back: to Clay County I either man. No injuries were re-I is seeking to enroll his son in a earlier that day. following 'an at- 'i they will seek review of the city

hour. InspectorsArrest I after, the disposal of, his Duval fI f ported. I white school,has charged that the tack. i court convictions in higher courts.
. County case. ,1,1WOMAN ; Patrolman E. 'Williamson, investigated. .Palm Beach County school board I I', students would have had to
King, who was arrested on a j I t I A native of Gainesville Dr. pay the fines or start serving the
, disorderly: ''conduct charge was City {: HIT f .. i by "bad faith defiance and contempt" I Childs is survived by his wife j sentences at noon Monday if they
ON (I HEAD I had prevented him from
once,admitted to a mental institution MAN IS HIT ON 'HEAD I ; Mrs. Ruth Childs,'and four brothers had not posted $600 bonds each.
I WITH BIG SEA. SHELL Florida'spupil t
; remedies of
Hall Porter For using the '
I after.attempting to integrate: Mrs. Bertha Lee Dixon. 39. of WITH UNKNOWN OBJECTA law. including Dr. L. D. Childs of' The fines were imposed by City
the University of Mississippi. He i !Jacksonville. Judge John Rudd who found
in the
47-year-old man' hit
609 W. :Union I Street told police was
was picked up by police last Satur- Robbing.Mail she was struck twice in the top the forehead with an; unidentified William Holland Sr. of West I Funeral services will be held at 1 students guilty of disturbing the

day night and,charged: in con- I of her.head,with a.large sea shell object last Monday 'during a Palm Beach asked a Miami fed- : 9 ajn. Saturday in the St. Pius peace by staging the integration
section. with, his soliciting of ,f After vigilant waiting the case last Saturday during 'an argument ght.'lzi'the'900' block of Caroline eral judge Tuesday to rule that I Catholic Church with the Rev. j demonstration March 12. Eight of

., money and signatures! of endorsement of the disappearing;money sent Into I ,with her, boy friend. Robert Street, Police' reported. his son may attend a West Palm (Father S. J. Farrell officiating.Holmes the 11 also w"-; placed en a

for his 'campatgD.I [ pay fines for parking infractions -' : Poster, 47, about money John !Robinson, of 1016' Lee Beach 'white school without pur-I! and West Funeral Home I j I year's probation: on conviction of

I King; was arrested in New ". has been solved Ul: '&; Pos f :The victim, said when. she. refused Street Lane was hit In the forehead suing all procedures under the 'assignment I is in charge of arrangements. fI i, the additional charge of unlawful
I tal have 'an ounced. while fighting with three law. assembly.
i Orleans for vagrancy shortly after inspectors i ,to give. Foster her money I {;
1 James (Jimmy) Johnson has he struck, her She told the investigating men. He suffered, [about a two : YOUTH LOSES BICYCLE The disciplinary committee of
: filing'as candidate for : II i
a president (
t : Judge'Emett Choate will hold a FSU
has the
been charged with 'the theft of officer that she did not inch laceration. He didn't ]mow: AT 8TH AND DAVIS STS. students involved
'at Baton Rouge. La., has' been bearing the issue at 2 in the
I : :
.on. pjn. demonstration
: mail from a post office deposi- i know Foster's' address. He.left immediately who hit him nor what'rie was hit I Joseph McMillan Jr.. of 1823 \ on indefinite
; held,in lieu.of $20 bond since his y',20in the,Palm,Beach Coun- probation with
tory.;. "Jimmy has been 'the well after :striking her with, with. Robinson was."treated at Calhoun S;re'.t told police his( to stay
. arrest. .
:{ liked'and' highly respected porter'at the shell. Duval; Medical: Center and re- ,ty courthouse.The l bicycle;? stolen when he went clear of future "acts of incite-

If Richbourg delayed the :trial the,City Han for a long; time. She was advised to secure 'a' leased., last federal coyr;.ruling on }j to 8th and Davis Street last Sun- '' ment.

i when witnesses ,failed to show,. up ,' The; suspect' who is 40-years-I warrant if she desired'to prosecute j the case said the boy end Ms ds.y to get his mother some ice Florida A&M University has
l" : at the trial and ,King refused a old and lives at 1411 Jefferson She was treated at>!, Duval I ENTRY GAINED TO HOME father! h.d not exhausted reme- I cream.j not announced whether disciplinary -

i : Mday'sentence which would be Street ,had access to an office .Medical Center,and,released. I THROUGH HOLE ,IN FLOOR diP under the assisntsc!.w. j Joseph saiJ when he went In I II action will be taken againstsix
I 1 suspended if he left town but where keys to the mail depository 1 Sgt.,E. Hlckson investigated. Someone broke into and enters Holland has been trying for I the store he parked hij bicycle on Negro students who also participated ,

, 1 King said "I want to campaign were kept the Inspectors reported.. ... the residence of Mrs. Cuss*,.. Rob- four years ta get his.*on. now 10 1 the sidewalk:! but when he returned in the March 12 demon-
kere." About three months ago the bie. 51. of 626 W. Ptate Street admitted to white school. 'I' his bicycle was gene. He stration.

:<4.f i i investigation launched 'when last Tuesday TS'tdJc she was steeping His motion said the school! 1 was unable to say who took it. White defendants on trial were
/ I the;; money was reported :being Don't Miss in a 1J3.cl room, police re board 'through dilatory lactics" Patrolmen M. L. Massey and Stephen Poe, 20; Roland Eves. 18;

.. .. mailed but it never reached its ported.A has "evidenced *n intent" to use W. H. Harris investigated. Robert Armstrong 21; Derek
'} Be'Su re' : H# :,' .. destination., ,Jimmy was: well ., "It's. TimeForJActjoh". hale was reportedly chopped the state law as a means of forever S Lawler Jr.. John Poland and Oscar

,, \ known around the City Hall he in the floor of the front bed preventing young Holland Don't Miss Brock Jr. The Negroes are W. A.
1'UTo! !' i ,": Vi."i .. -' had, worked? there about 4 years. : : room where entry was g Jned.I and Gthsr Negroes from exercis-; Mathis, V. K. Moore, W. V. Black.B. .
Vote '
._ .... "it's Time
., \ At'a'U..S. Commissioner's hear- on '"PQge2.;; I The fresst bedroom ms> pad- fay i&cir'rights under Supreme J. Ccwns. G. W. Carter and
; J.;)"" ) '; ing'he was ordered held foriU.! S.j s .e, a'.,, -. '. Jocked from the oatsisSe., The Cost decision on school segre-. For Action" ..... n. F Kezs:>. Brock pleaded nocontest
Qn .. .:. t '
May 24 Court action order $501 bond. \ mamtef.manq tefcen: iris not t 'eaUo. on page 2 ths others Innocent.

j::4:;' .

; fg .
l r. ,'...,, ;..- :_," ;, J ', _' ; ,' _.L,_;:'..r' .. ... ..' ,
::0 .
11: ; -'- '.., --- --...,. --.--,.ar ---





IIL. r. u..utu..,, Week Ending Saturday, May 14, 1960

.. PO C::<3 2 ::_ .- .' "' ,
' r ;;: =; J! .-,. .>,- : ".-,,"o ,
r .. ... '
.,f.' .1.L I .O-i iJ ..... -'Sf.!:!.R" ;. I [.t; :i\. J ''i P As ur'
., ;ra .. ., .;:! : .' p .
: : I .0} ....
..r },ti j :. ',: .' -1;; I -Dui actuP- CAN'T"I By Sri!,O,. :"'C
N I.n I You SEE' I'M BUSY? '
.. .. Tr-J
> ,
., ,- : -.1 :;. y _i. K I'VE TOLD VOU The first half of our do+jbir+blU lfcisa: is now ever and while TO

; :: by n..nori pr: pn Co.1 ;. ; '. a .A..NY TIMES 711'T 1 are hsinr a J feffel ,latermis ion M the. tietlsxa arc >riD: taken off

"' '*M 2 ber of Associated Negro J'nss" 11: CANT H ..PPEN1. the stage and other aeiers are ma&Ia? up for the nut Ml the
*. ..Crf O. / HEQE50 WHAT seeeisd primaries?-we feTe a chase to look over the pc"Orftm.

.,;.C.. Perhosa JaSsosssj __ -- .. .,ai..'-. -Haws Staff 1 AAE 'VOu RRY" .r In this dec-
yyiLj Wootan" r e t. IfiG Aeo BOY? ;:. -ion show the Our reporters and scout hare
e turn
1 found out that:
KADi OFFICE & PLAm'z 'to look ease fc
1. Quite number
a large of
'.. .: = HoeerUi Read __ ;0 L 4-S7SS EL 4-i7S3 the Precinct votes went to Clyde Simpson asa ,

jf / DownfUnra Brass's OtS s: 423 Bread St. Ffces* EL 4.39T3t'ea i breakdown 0 n
result of the similarity of
5t I : 2Z how we voted
i Add names.
: These figures tell
? C. Box 581. Jsckssnvillg 1. Florida '
; an amazing story 2. That a number of people did

..,; ; ; .. p they give us an I not vote for Eric Oscar Simpson

.\ SUBSITBXFTION RATES insight as to just because of the difficulty in find-

Oat Tear, $$5X0; Hall Year, S3.DO Tlire* Mcalhs, $1.89) ..; how effective the mg my name on account of tho
} Hailed To You, An/where In Tfas United Siai&s.lMeripiicn 4 various groups I I fact that the name was almost

.1 I Parable In Ado ace. Send Check or Money Order To:, II I w i and "political I i last on the ballot in most cases.

::1 FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA II I ilSfy 't i wheels" really A study of the figures shows

, It I SIMPSON were. that Negroes did not vote in a

i': Beyond The Ballot Box j Beginning with the governor'srace particular pattern, except in the:

I I case of Negro candidates, Simp-
we all know what happenedto
i son and Jackson. Actually it was
The free ballot box is the symbol;; of democracy. It provides: t candidate Haydon Burns No more a hodge podge affair.In .

a key to a society of freedom, justice and security. At the f i one person or group can take

ballot box, as before the bar of justice, every; citizen.is % /j9EEs\ credit for the Mayor not gettingthe the sheriff's rece, the Negro:

equal. Beyond the ballot box lies the Promised Land with : rT 1, Negro vote. The people them community was almost] evenly

opportunities for individual and group advancement. I \ selves divided that they would not divided. Carson pulled 4.059 to

Voting I r\ \ \ -- support him in his candidacy! for Sweat's 4.530, so this was no

Makes it possible for you to help choose the local, state< F governor. "block vote". Loran Carlton t

and federal officials who govern you- 'Eb\\ An analysis of the figures show candidate for Commissioner of

Gives you a voice in determining: Agriculture who did virtually no
that about 68
percent of the
1 5 Negro
:.: the kind of school YOUR children attend campaigning whatever in the

the kind of treatment YOU receive at the.hand of y r.i electors voters in voted the out 14 of predominant the 18.001 colored areas drew a hefty 2,500

the police. + f' votes in our section. This pvll can
Negro precincts.
the kind of justice YOU get in courts : be attributed to the similarity of

the kind of welfare service YOU can get for YOUR I Carlton garnered the largest : names in Loran Carlton and Doyle

family in time of need ,.. hunk of votes with a total of 6087 : Carlton

the kind of hospital treatment YOU get when you to Bryant's 1080 and Bums' 1814.

are sick .I IT DID HAPPEN. ONLY STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION WILL Bryant made the ;nosl miserable On the other hand the hich:
vote that Bill Hendrix polled
the kind of job YOUR CHILDREN can get with your i I STOP IT./ \ Showing for the amount of mustbe .
laid to the fact that the kuanmans -
city, state or country I meney spent promoting him f-
under hI
name was right t
how much taxes YOU have to pay and how your tax ?===--==: the Negro area uhlch' *" j roof
name ol Doyle Carlton. The breakdown : '
money is spent I iI -a Your Weekly I that it icfc't tc; amount of money reveals that the total vo*>
Helps you on the road to the Promised Land where there 1 --- -- -1 sr4ii! m tLe colored area that sets
cast in 14 precincts for Count.
will be a better life for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. I the votes, as some would have you.
-I Commission. Group I, (Hammond:
Above all, voting means that you are a free citizen with ,I __- 9 :>roscope Guide believe. Bryant';, votes in the Merritt and Sessions) was 3.734
the as other citizens. After have registered I ; Negro precincts show that
same rights
you "'7----- somebody -
I __ ____ I Merritt polled only 379 in 3-A.
and cast your vote for the persons you want elected to -:------" goofed or better still that
fh.e ASTROLOGER which shows that he is in serious
.. PADLO. aytGt1 .
office, you know you are an American doing what other ___.___ =- y -I some rf the self-made political trouble.

Americans do. You can be proud of yourself and of your I wheels and their imaginary "or-
: ARE YouK Li/CKY; DAYS "Ci; _
country. It is not only your right, but your duty as an ; ) ganizations" are not one-tenth as Ernest; D. Jackson led his oT!--

American citizen to vote. EE -- TRAVEL--- I effective as is often claimed. punent. Justice of the Peace Sa! ::11.i
-:_ -:-: WSII'JE5S LOVE -
I IIrs Bryan with 5,488 to 4765. A-:

I ARIES j I exact procedures. The 17th opens tSCOHPIO.: ",1(1 1I Tile the organization Bryant campaign that spearheaded with- though Jackson led his oppc.on)

Time For Action I :March 21st to April 20th -j 1 a new cycle of intellectual activity Born Oct. 23rd to Nov 22nd I thousands of dollars end what was in the first primary he will hava ;"
difficult time winning the clct}
You may be very active Indeed,j! which makes you even better able I On May: 17th.the initiative, in supposed to be a strong force of

ll's Time To Unite Votes I and inspired. It is a particularly j i to deal with social and cultural I so far as planning is concerned, I I'I workers was able to draw a mis- tion because Negro citizens arc f.f)
Ii I prone to stay away from the pnlh:
i favorable time for bold conception forces. smn to be with your partner. erly 116 rotes in princinct 3-A
and unusual ways of mak- j, 8-70-119-ce-9a--sir{ ; 'I Emotionally you are both disturbed -:+I lire 1,969 votes were cast. Can- for the second primary.
To Secure J
Equal Rights Ing your ideas known; but you !! and confidently .seeking I! didate Ted: David whose representative It \vc hope to elect Jackson to

It is time for Negro citizens to wake up and get the i' nuurt watch your health and do LEO I support from thwe living close to I I started working here the the office, residents of the 11th

I' not let your striking ideas or Born July 23rd i to August 22nd you. You may do a good deal by Monday before election, and who District must make it their duty
benefits to be derived from their votes. I
plans lese you your job just before The conjunction, of Mercury writing letters, provided you do only had one editorial from the to fist out and vote on May 2ilh.Check .

The fact is that Negro citizens in Duval County are I the 25th. Be careful in traf- and the Sun en May 17th is prob- not act aggressively or present I Florida Star drew 290 votes in tl&a .---.-- ----

being sold down the river, indirectly, by a handful of i fic. Take it easy. Write careful ably the main feature of th' yourself under false pretense. Be same voting booth. And here's the .

political charlatans who accept from one to two hundred II I letters. period. It stresses the possibilityfor very careful about becoming involved I I big laugh: Even: Dill Hendrix the o o

I 22 29 :21 532 you to do excellent intellectual in not-too-legal business 1 p
30 -
dollars for placing certain candidates' names on a "ticket, I 5 avowed klansman pulled more
regardless of the candidates' qualifications or his attitude i{ work publicly. There are also deals. Do not make friends with votes than Mr. B. On the other MOTOR MA'CSl

to fulfilling the needs of the Negro people. very strong emotional overtones people who could be dangerous to hand that was not so funny; it ,
I TAURUS to the situation :you are facing.Do ;ou or your partner. shows the of I ,
ignorance on part
One of the reasons why so many elected officials do 20th throw
April 21st to Slav not let your instability 3-80-88-79-87-388 I
little for the after have been some of our people. '
very Negro community they I The conjunction of the Sun and you off your emotional balance.

elected to office is that they feel they have paid for the Mercury stresses the possibility for Rely on your "Teacher," or concentrate The heavy vote that Clyde Simp- ';, 1-

Negro vote after they have settled a sum of money with I 1 you of taking valuable intellectual I steadily on your work. SAGITTARIUS son polled over J. P. Young in I ;urself
leaders. Born November 23rd to Dec. 21st 1 I
initiatives but there are shadows Watch also your health, your nervous the Tax Assessor's race is more .

The various tickets issued by overnight organizations, from the past: which presumablyhave I reactions. I The trine aspect of the Sun proof that money alone can't win Before Driving

fictitious clubs and "leagues" and; by individuals who be- to be dissipated. Venus indicates 2 10 11 13 15 210 strengthens or stabilizes greatlythe an election. The reason is that the .

come active only at election time serve to confuse Negro good financial results from constructive phases of your political 'operators' will take can I/Martha Joiuuon !

citizens and split our vote up to such a degree that our travel, legal matters or communications personal situations, giving you didates' money and fail to pio- i I Dodo Safety Consultant
I with distant lands; but more assurance and a more ma- duce and there still some
vote is sometimes ineffective.It VIRGO are : Are you fit to drive a car?

is time for us to unite and use our votes to secure there seems: to be in you a good Born August 23rd to Sept. 22nd ture judgment..You may need the people whose support money I You may think you are in good
deal of restlessness, and this is no I latter, as at the same time (MaySth can't buy. health. You may have an excellent
and difficulties
On the 17th. legal
equal rights opportunities justice improvements
time for financial speculation. and 9th) Mercury and Venus i safety record. Yet, under
in our community.Let 40 33 39 32 143 or emotional diisturbances coald oppose Neptune, as the Sun did Once again it has been proven certrsn circumstances, it can be
1 -
us use our votes to elect only those officials who I easily arise, even though you may on April 28th. This could be a that the "tickets" are not at all 1 dangerous for you to be in the
to assistance in civil service be started upon a new and significant driver's seat.Before .
pledge give acquiring county rather confusing set-up. Keep effective. They serve only to confuse wheel of

jobs, state jobs, Negro firemen and equal treatment as GEMINI road. Your profession or your common sense, and trust voters because of the multiplicity i I ,you read take through the this list

citizens. Let us use our votes to attain the goals of a Bill Born May 21st to June 20th your social position in your com- your own individual judgment. of them that flood the I your prepared car by tho American Medical

of Rights for Negroes in Duval and Florida. On the 14th of May Mars now munity will probably be affectedby 4-90-55-89-54-495 area at election time. : Assn.in co-operation with the

We can accomplish this by joining a "United Citizens in Aries, squares Jupiter. A friend what you have gained of late, In my own race for the Civil Center for Safety Education at
inwardly or outwardly. There are New York University.
League" which would support a candidate in each of the may be involved and may require CAPRICORN Service Board, Dlst. 2, all that II drive when haw
to Don't
nevertheless excellent features you
races coming up on May 24, after screening them financial help, or else you may Born Dec. 22nd to Jan. 19th can be said is that Negro citizens serious problems on your
bill. the situation; yet & good .deal of
have to meet a large lawyer The 17th should favor intellectual who of the fact thatI mind. Emotional upsets may
And by voting the slate approved by the United Citizens clearing up is necessary-perhaps, were aware
the 17th the conjunction .
League which would be published, Negro citizens will be However on self-expression, writing, was in the race voted for me cause accidents.Check *
of Mercury (ruler of your above all. in your relationship attitude. Be ma
able to help elect worthwhile officials and help defeat those zodiacal sign) and of the Sun .your parents. planning ahead reading stimu- almost 100 percent. I must admit ture.MUST your .
who fail to keep their promises. 750444934754LIBRA lating literature. Venus, makes that there were quite a few-
should be mentally stimulating.The both harmonious and strain-pro- .
maybe. as much as 3,000 who were
profits you should have been ducing aspects which seem to e
I It's Time For It's To making seem to keep materializing unaware of this.
., Action Time Unite Oct. 22nd show you in an uncertain emotional .:-
23rd to
but soon after Mercury en- Born Sept.
state or forced to spend
ters Gemini May 18th) it squares On the 14th of May Mars may
more for your children than you
Let's Use Our Votes Pluto which is not too favorable set the stage for trouble with associates would care to do. This seems to\

for your home life. Don't be too perhaps with your mar- be a rather complex situation with If ui-wKlRKic'
critical. Be riage partner. Some contract or
generous. old elements constantly intruding -
To Secure Progress _
9--60-66-59-55-966 business agreement, particularlyany -
'" old personal attitudes needing
division of profits between ,
readjustment. .
Join: The Movement For United Action CANCER you and your partners, should be 5-20-22-17-21-522 .
;.,' Born June 21st to July 22nd watched carefully. Old issues may

The same situation is developing be cropping up to confuse the

: Pledge To Support The this week with regard to i settlement; the possibility of a AQUARIUSBorn 4
.. Jan. 20th to Feb. 18th ,
ndthe need for strict lawsuit is evidently there. Whetherit
.j... On the 14th and through much \
integrity and accuracy in dealing will work out to your advantage t,
United Citizens League 'of the last half of May a "pro
-....0.. with people. The very success of depends on personal factors not 64
and ,
con" struggle to be
-. your efforts would seem to demand orseeable in such a most general .
"\ going on involving your marrriageand
of you careful planning and analysis.
"'.' your public reputation or else
Send In Your Pledge TODAY .
some business partnership or con-

',,", Get Your Horoscope Guide To tractual agreement which has .

I Went To Bcceae A Ms@r el become stale or, in your eyes at
The tint t i CITIZENS LEAGUE least destructive to your integrityas

I P'a2! T. Sorp*! Thes C<%dsej Ixdan&S By &. Scr essst eo..ttee. Order your horoscope guide for Beetsnber Now. Send 8fi a creative individual8101i1461811
To Pablo The Astrologer P. o.Box 5S1. Jacksonville 1.Fla.
Sa;: Ttot-We Con Keia Sect Officials We Hope Will Help Us To Seders Our --
-- -- -- fl
EM ** =.is-ah. .
,V' Bear Pall Sndossd Sa $2. 0 1. Ssmd my Horoscope Born Feb. 19th to :March 20th

: -" ..-, q I Guide Soy the month of Dscesaber. i I The conjunction of Mercury and ,
: ii \ ;: ,. .' '. '.k-, : I
ii '. I the Sun favors Intellectual pursuits I

: ,; ,< >+. :: ': ;' \ : I NAME I II l planning and correspondence -

'. :ii { : t : as it 'oils in your Third a
.' ..,
a AdtArf.IIri' Mr>0(r"! ...1\: -5.. i I II House. It U; Tt7 rood for writers,

.: .: ;' :&!P' 0t.." .., !I IADDgqp newsmen salesmen, etc.: but,

: soon after difficulties are likely
W"ui..,;< r"'; ; Pry H.'. ."-.:- I r to arise. Your emotional life Is A ;

'-ij. '. ; -: ::' -" LON also rather confused in that you $ HS COAST CLEAR'i / "
: ; .: y i }: : 8i. < :- i may be pulled in two contrasting JF IS
: Ji: : ,i. .. month < t .
: ;
;.: '''' }: ; M&i To FfemSa Sty 8 ,. r I directions CoiNtM'dT'va S

;, :: P/-tF. Box 61J4c.boft..ino 1, Ho. .." ...;... ..... .srr 6-srt--= 0* -. 57. __ s. 165 I
; .. ; ..r" ..;.. ; ...:..;., ;.... -. -- it ,
.,..1'r., ..,...,.. ;.. Y


;i t I

.. ,.., -w; .:.. .,_ __. ....c, ,. '. ,; ..:..:- :
n s s.---o.-__ 4

> ;-" ;. ,- & J-J--w
e _- __ __ _.


.0 -
'J' I

Week.Ending Saturday, May 14, 1960 a THE FLORIDA STAR -- Page 3Socially .


-- v.: l4 '


;Speaking"Take fj&, > ..


: ;:__ -1: _

a Giant Step" starring Johnny Nash, will beplaying l 1 ho'd' \
at the Strand Theatre through May 14 for the

benefit of the Jacksonville Urban League. The cofeatureis

"Happy Anniversary", featuring David Hiven. and Mitzi ":

Gaynor. I z
The social meeting of Les Feminae De Charme Bridge 4t.S \

Club was held recently in the home of Mrs. Ruby Plinnmei

with Miss Viola White as hostess. Rounds of bridge were

played, followed by a delicious menu.
Members present were Misses Delores Waddell, Alfreda : :

Brayboy, Viola White, Doretha Tarver, VlilhelmeniaVhite,
Cathenne Oree. :Mesdames: Gwendolyn Anderson, Thelzna

Johnson, Delores Brown, Demetral Wester. r
The next meeting will be held May 14 with Miss De-

lores Waddell as hostess.
'* # ''' ._
... : /
Sunday Teas .Y
The Ladies of Leisure Social and Saving Club will pre- ; G. Phillips

sent its annual tea May 22 at the Recreation Center, ;dru andinner

and Mt. Herman Streets, from 4 to 6 p.m.I ISGD St. Louis as a
+ convention.

Choir 2 of Grant Memorial AME church will presentits DEBS CHAPERONS-Sorors Luciie G. Coleman, Nay Scnvtn and theta right) assistant

annnal May Day Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., at the 1960 Debutante Ball held at the Duval County Ar.,cr': la LL .f.Ly.; Pictured here'
YWCA on W. 8th St. ----. ------ --- -- ---- -- director,

dept, psychia
:; :?:; :
will of the asso-
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Postal Employees !)

sponsor a Spring Tea May 15, at 4 p.m. at the Garden Deaths&FuueraIsl C os : the association.
Center, 344 W. 17th St. : -

The Alpha Sigma Tau Women's Society of Edward l!I At i'
Waters College were hostesses to their friends with a din- It t The

ner at the Ribault Supper Club recently. TOMLIN-Mrs. Carrie S. of 1202 lawn. to be Staff
this affair Misses Shela Collins Earlene W. Sixth Street !
Attending were WILLIAMS-Ivan O. of 1874 W.I\ school
Toby Sandra Oliver Lillie Mae Coppock Helen Pough,
I begin
:THOMAS-Willie of 520/2 Lee 12th Street.
Annie Bell Grant, Deloris Pearson, Gwendolyn Thompson,
and the
I Street. 1 for the
Rose Walker, Rose B. KittIes, Katherine Lomas, Margaret I i I school. official Edward
Austine, Gloria Reliford. Mesdames Queen McKnight, Clau- I i&EiONJohnVesley of 824 7th "Angel publica-

dette Fields and Carlita Walker. Messrs.: Otis Sims, Jaw es Street. ; Debating Dragons I by : the college din-

Corbett, Willie Davis, Lester Joseph, Jerome Wheeler, ORB-Mrs. Fannie of 1448 W. I Holds Meet At sented .
James Anderson Robert Randall John Sc'':U Jimmie
Norma :
State Street. I 1 president of the
Scott, Ernest Taylor, Curtis Taylor, Jame I
Duval Street. I In connection with the Merit';, as toastmas-
The girls of Edward Waters College were entertainedby 1 Other l
LE\VIS-Edward of 1050 W. Mon- Weldon'I from the
Mrs. Annie Everett and Mr*. Luciie P. Jones of St. Paul Award Assembly, > student : i
roe Street.BOYINGTON. the Debating League was
: AME Church last Saturr'' : e. ning. These girls recently Rubin of 2020 Johnson presented Anderson under i i 18: participants i
apeared as mode) r-:nion Fantasy that was held at Team of Douglas : May 20 ; J
Lewis Street. the tutorship of Mr. C. Lenwood Mary Alice
the church. WHITE-Willie of 620 Court H. Lee Thursday, April 28, in the May 28 : Wilbur.
Present wen 'I-hol'nton: Everett, Junius Jones, Edgar Alumni : ; i
Graham, Rr-.1: ".it Tolbert and Ensign Donohue of the U.S. Blodgett Frank Homes.Herman of 83 School Gymnatcrium. June 3, ; in journalism J JI
Navy'J assisted in the entertainment. KELLY The Debating Dragons used the I to Rose Walker, j
Bridge Street, St. Augustine.THOMAS i j I June 5, I
proposition: "Let us resolve that Carrie Walker.
T. of 1417 W. 6,
Walter '
Mis. Doris Nealy Brown and Miss Dorothy J. Nealy, 8th Stret.- !,! parents should be more concerned 1960-61 team 'I

twin daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Julius C. Nealy, ROBINSON-Theodore of 123 Oak. about teenagers' problems of editor-in-
were honored on their birthday at the Lincoln Golf and !;I growing up." The Affirmative associate edi- !
Street. ;
Country Club with Eddie J. Brown and Pinkston Mitchell SUTTON-Mrs. Maggie M. 811 W. '! Team consisted of Louis Knox, M;<;; ; ght, feature edi I
Ernestine Anderson, Eugenia Thomas !
serving as hosts.Present 8th Street. I To 1 ; social editor;
were Mr. and Mrs Shephard Johnson, William I and June Brown. The Nega- S
HAMll..TON-Miles of Rt. 6, Box exchange editor; I'
Pauline, Mr. and Mrs. Ansley Hicks, Mrs. Ethelyn Thomas, 140, Mandarin.HEARSTJoshua. | tive Team consisted of Martha r.\1 1 man-
Mrs. Alethea Badger, Mr. and Mrs. James Hull. George of 929 Murray Mae Eunice Gooch Nathaniel w ; and Roy J
'* 1 Wesley and Marion Mos- Miss
W. 12th Street. Ii managers. (
The Orchid Ladies Club Inc., will celebrate its 26th BUSH-Arthur L, of 1131 Grothe j I ley. Warren Jackson served as speaker I
anniversary with a Book Review, May 29, from 4 to 6 p.m. j II Moderator and Joan Stubbs, time- Day: are William (
at the YWCA on W. 8th Street. Miss Estelle Williams will ROBINSON Ray of 1292 W. keeper. o'clock \ Peterson. .. t
review one of the current best sellers. Street.RIGGINS In addition to the debate a Church. !1 Wells and Wil-
Committee members are: Mrs. Mozelle Meacham, Mrs. Mrs.: Maggie of 642 Teenage Problem Clinic Skit featured Miss : (
Beatrice Baucum and Mrs. George Lewis-program com Franklin Street. I Barbara Brown as mother: Grant 1

mittee; Mrs. Lucille Batson, Mrs. Catherine Bolden-invi- TUCKER-Festus Marion of 1778 Nathaniel Wesley, father; Eddie member l
tation committee; Mrs. Connie King, Mrs. Evelyn Scott Eunice Gooch, and an
Davis Street.HARVEYMrs.. Rice, son; :Mae PA.. NEWS- I
and Mrs. Anna L. Black decorations Mrs. John ? ? ? ? !.
; Mattie of 1714 W. daughter; daughter's friend, Val- state and
Coloda, refreshmennts. 44th Street. erie Brown and son's friend John- are running at f
nie Bass. That is more
STRONG Mrs. Daisy of 5304 I II
Members of the Les Diamontes Bridge Club were en- ton I I
national product.
I Springgrove Road. Presentation of girls for awards ;
tertained recently by Mrs. Geneva White. Rounds of bridge I NAPOLEON-Mrs. Rena of 1122E. : was made by Dean E. 1... George. : Jones j ; 35 cents of every
were played and prizes were won by Mrs. Luvenia Newman, der, \ !
this country
First Street. : Presentation of boys for awards :;
Mrs. Amanda Belle and Mrs. Hazel Argrett. Barbara I
Leola of S. 8th government on
GRAHAM-Mrs. T. V. Thomas. Assistant Prin- ; I
Members present were: Mesdames Frances Waldon,
Street Fernandina Beach. Mrs. Blondell ,
111)V .Presiding was 1 \
Thelma Geiger, .Wilhelmenia Hampton, Frankie Summers, CAMPBELL-Jesse of 13 N. 11th :Mr. J. T. Houston gave Miss r"M.
Emma Morgan, Amanda Belle, Luvenia Newman, Gladys Street. the occasion. er \ I :

Bryant, Geneva White and Miss Juanita Wright. MORSE-Robert Lee of 126 E. I :Music furnished by the Miss
Guests were Mrs. Lucile Harper, Mrs. Mary Taylor I I Boddie ,
State Street.SMITH band under the baton of Mr. E.
Verla L.
and Mrs. Hazel Argrett.
Bessie of 528 W. 4
-Mrs.: Wyatt and the Glee Club under
son I I'I
State Street. Mendez.
the direction of Miss P. Hazel
NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE DARBY-Seth J. formerly of'this Mrs. S. E. Brooks, Counselor introduced 22

COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE. FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER city. the following guests: Mr. ry.Patsy 'I !! 'I

THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION' IN FRIDAY'S SMITH-Mrs. Irma of 6246 Rest- Chester Cowart. Principal, Doug- The !\Students

ISSUE. lass Anderson High School Mr. C. der the : I J
Mrs. James P. Sch- 1 1I
Gilbert 1 Seniors Lenwood Lee. Askew, Homes
ell The Debating Dragons, Mrs. tions. I Supervised J

To Present PlayOn Emma Campbell, Mrs. Addie Mrs.

Raspberry, Mr. William Broad"ay.Mrs. ,
Baked Rice And Cheese For Quick May 16th"June Winona C. Alexander, Mrs pastor
and Mrs.: FloridaR. ; PSIC !
Lunch Fever" a three-act com- I Viola B. Muse,
edy by Jean Provence, will be Dwight. .
f presented by the seniors of Matthew The School Safety Patrol pre-
}' a ; W. Gilbert High School on sented and retired the colors and Sot '

auditoriumat the principal, Dr. H. James Greene
May 16 in the school The
awarded the Merit Certificates to
8 p.m. ment of .1
The characters are: Donna Lou : the honorees. Sunday !

Ann Parker who is in a whirlwindof nual :

excited preparation for her '.
4 b high school graduation, when Jan, Co \lcn _'n PTA sented .

Ida Scott, bursts in with the big I
To Honor .' '. : !
news that Bud is giving Donna Well

I an engagement ring for gradua- Mrs. B. C. Emanue! I cational i iI I I II
I tion.Mother, Constance Jones, throws The patrons Cookman and Elementary friends of I J JI

J a fit-Donna is much too young, Darnell ward '
i I II
:1 I; she must go to college in the fall. School are invited to attend an the I
: But Donna is all for accepting appreciation program in the school The I J JI
Wednesday, May 18,
:-\ and mother is led a
the' ring so efit the '
;t. ,
madcap chase in her determined 1960 at 8:00: pm. honoring Mrs.B. I

i ,f>. ;t ':--. efforts to keep the two apart so C. Emanuel, our PTA Presi- gation The I
,," ;.Jf -." it Bud can't propose. ers of I r
.4: Emeritus of the PI'A.The .
: Other members of the are: bers of !
Band Majorettes, and Drill I
/\ Paul W. Smith, who plays Cook is
<< ;,::1 A_ role of father; Shirley Glynn, who Team will participate on the pro-

', plays the part of Irma Donna's gram. Parents'have beenasked to r .
Luncheon dishes 7i"*d not be plain or unappetizing even -when'' : meet at 7:30 for a short' business May
they must be quickly prepared.! This tasty,"tempting.luncheon dish! younger sister; Deloris Fisher,' financial' report will
) can be yours \rithput.any fuss and bother. The dish is simple to| Avis Gartland: Frida Givens meeting. A .
prepare and fits into every budget.'It appeals to young and old; Claudia; Fredrick Young and Carl-I be given at this time.

alike and lends itself to many variations, depending on the sauces*] ton Surrency. Rufus Williams is I Mt. '

Baked Rice and cheese ? i playing the part of Bud Yoder. I. I
.2 eggs,.slightly beaten I2 teaspoon salt t Choir 4 1
8 cups: cooked rice P-. Dash jcayenne pepper" of Mt. j
1-1/2 cups grate'Americaa. ;/2 teaspoon vroreestersMw" t j present ,,, '
cheese <, .. sauce COLD SUFFERERS ...
Corn Flakes ', the D
3ctip milk. .1eup .
butter ,melted. Gt STAN BACK. tablets or po_dtrv tine in '
2 feaspopns or margarine --J PATRONIZEStar :
for r li f of 16 at 8 ::;.-::;:::
" Combine eggs, rice* "cheese mi'Ig/'salt, pepper and Worcester*} T1.. STANBACK prescription typo :
'8 Mrei sauce j mix TrclL Torn into greased l-l/2-qu&rt casserbla] formwU M combination' .f pain rolioving the -t:the
..Crush Corn Flakes slightly;mix with melted butter' Sprinkle! over* ingredient that work together Advertisers Also J
'rice'nurture. Bake In.moderate even ((350' i') i,80 IDltlnte& for FASTER RELIEF of HEADACHE. and
tune mth tob1.ato/ aauce.U.d ..tftdd..r.t NEURALGIA and ACHING MUSCLE
'-. \ leld: er J' d.. to oUH. STANBACK also RVDUCCS a 0 .0 witt ..),(0. ,
FEVER. SNAP BACK wfe 'I monies
Ii 44:' STANBACK 0 ...'..: .

, .

'_ .... L _. .: ;., \t : : 1--- ....... .
; ; "
.. :, : ,
: .
.", .; ....j,-......'"-- ;T" .<, : ...: "",,-_'.,.. : ; <;'.., : .

4"S '
t I .
: .
J \
, .
! e

, .
.,;i. .,
L _. ::_'---- -

. -'' .. .. Pr >- --" -
\ .} -, .. ,_
.' .

\ .
\ ,

I. .

I .

1 Page 4 I THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 14, 196'0i

i Women's Day Set For Sunday At Emanuel Baptist I

-- --- -- -

SELECTS SPEAKER FROM- ., .- i .a.- ..



women's day will be observed IL 3 p.m. Seme of the city's best ;

May: 15 throughout the'das male talents will participate on j La

in Emanuel Baptist Church beginning the program.A \:< t

with the Sunday Schoolat musical program will be pre- ',. HOLY CHURCHPlatform j'li !! :22 m rhe-church! -auditorium.

9:30: am. with guest teachersIn ented during the evening hour of : .::<: '. "?.: preaching will be con- Speakers for the day will be
charge of the classes.: vorship with the pastor, the Rev. ..J"-: : ducted by Evangelist Baker in the I Rev. E. L. Wilcox for the mom-

The morning r.qdreis"' will be 5. L. Badger giving the closing I .. .,:,,; auditorium of the Holy Churchof lag, Vernon King in the aft<<-
delivered by Alt-. Barbary Garyof marks. .' :" the Living God. 14th and ; noon and
: :: ,. Rev. D. B. Barnes for
Zion Hope: Baptist Church. Mrs. Officers for this celebration are f. ; Grumhal Streets: on May 20 the evening.

Gary is a:well known musician Mrs. Viola Snead, general chair % .. ',.: ,: : Invitations have been extendedto Chairman and co-chairman are

and RN,at a local hospital. man; :Mrs Gertruude TeasJey: co- i. rl all missionaries and: speakers.- Deacon Jason Ban and Deacon
,. The young women will have hairman of the program com- .. J Bishop M. Baker is pastor of the Charles Timmons.

i Charge of the afternoon program mittee and Mrs. S. L. Badger, church. The Male chorus and Choir No.
pastor for the day. f } a a a a a 3 will meet jointly for rehearsal
t./ ti I 1'I (T +TR.\L BAPTIST : Saturday night.

.;,.<'. Men's Slated 5 The Sunday School Department The Sunday School will begin
Day % '
f. 5t of Central Baptist Church will i at 9:45 a.m. with Deacon Jason
1 f por Sunday At __ ob-er\e its 69th anniversary :May Barr in charge. Morning service
i [ 4v J 11.; be- inning with the Sunday begins at 11 a.m. with the Rev.

1J 1f J a.;. Union CommunityMen's i. school and throughout the 11 a.m. II. T. Over-street presiding.
service. '
Fellowship hour with
i Royal
Day will be celebrated
: !Mrs. Vera Davis. Y-Tcen direc- Tabernacle will be held at 2:30
t Sunday throughout the" day at 'or. YWCA. will be the speakerfor pjn. in the church. BYPU will
:; atiNh
Union Community AME Church
5 the occasion. MrsJohnnye M. begin at 5:30 p.m. and evening
beginning with the Sunday Schoolat
Robert of
Northwestern High service at 7 o'clock.
9:30 a.m. School will serve as mistress of a a a a a

: 379 4j The Rev. Henry Pridgen, prominent ceremonies. : MT. LILT,.\ '

i Baptist Minister, has been Special music will be rendered The 87th anniversary 'of Mt.
selected as speaker for the 11 a.m. ; bv the glee club of Long Branch Lilla and the second anniversaryof
service. Other features of the
Elementary School.
1 the Rev. Grant Lee as pastor
morning program will be the a a a a a
will continue through May 15.
Opening hymn by the Male CHOIRS UNION The Rev. H. T.
Overstreet of
Chorus of Union Community, !! A The Friendly Choirs Union will 'Mt. Tabor Baptist Church will

Prayer Scripture by Rev. J. R. ; hold monthly meeting May 22 ;, conduct services May< 15. The Rev.

Campbell Introduction of Speaker f' at 2:30 p.m. in Royal Tabernacle W. M. Hill, pastor of Mt. Calavry

bv Marvin Teal, chairman of the : Baptist Church. The program is Baptist will have charge of services -

Men's Day: Speaker, Rev. Prid- beiner presented in the interest ofSt. at :3 p.m.

H -.-n: Public Offering, acknowledgment Mark Baptist Church. Each minister will be accompanied -
t- '(, of Visitors by D. liarrngton. The business meeting will be 1 by his choirs ushers and

r rI s hell May 18 at Bethlehem Baptist; congregations on his night to
Evening worship will begin at Church. serve. Services will begin nightlyat
6-30: p.m. with the pastor of the a a a a a 8 p.m.

r.-.qrch} in charge of services. 7IfW SISTERS BAPTISTThr *

Ml captains arr asked to make v Rev Henry Baker of Jack- lIT.Jt.RI\T

I ;f'1r reports immediately follow Mville will be the guest speaker District 1 and 6 of :ML Ararat

E a "1 : th eVf'ningsermon.. M-+y 15 at 7:30: p.m. at the Zion i Baptist Church will sponsor a

t. r'he; : public is invited to wor- :-'l.Prs Baptist Church (Kings contest which will terminate May

--'j;) at Union Community. 1'1 nd, Ga.Deacon. 15 in the church auditorium with

S. Dawson is the span a program.

Oberved in sor. The districts will barbecue

tSeen r.f'I: y : -I ; ,1 '+ r" ,: :.', "I .]Ze home a a a a a chicken dinners May 14 begin-

Antioch !.; '.: :,_ :._ :.-_ .1. ;r "r_, A.c-.i-e 3: Cf11.i.S; r.i u.: v.; <-:IKI d:1: : ..n i : '>! .;. FirmV WEST FRIENDSHIP' ning at 12 noon at the home of

.. .', _. ..1 B. .L Tlis. ':>i -. L. F.4V: iii'd Ji.1. -" '-> Ivjus. Lr-\ \:' ;v ;:rid.( L/'t.1 P.lden. Annual women's day will be ob- Mrs. Dora Jones 1315 Wolfe Ct.

hire is Sister ilarriette Joint Celebration W 'hyt.: : .- ii. 1::car-n McLani. T\Iis. E. aunt, L, J ti.oJ-i.; :Mis Clauc" .r:. Wright ana :dr::.. LucileL served May 22 throughout the dayin District No. 23 of the church
Dais who will appear along with celebration of the West Friendship Baptist t will meet Sunday in the home of
;, The joint -:;ter. Members of the district and their childreni in bottom photo.
ii Sister Rosetta Cohen in a battle Church.Officers. Mrs. Lillie &t Thomas Verbena
church's 48th anniversary and the --- -- --- -- -- -
i of songs :Monday. May: 16. at 8p.m. are. : Mas. Bra 'ZL Bead at 3:30
r. v. J. J. Jones' 19th anniversary Mrs. Cleo HigginsTo Madanne Edna I Mt. Sinai Women:,* pjn.
in the auditorium of the' will continue at the Antioch Baptist WkIUaker. Mural cteOrmsii; District No. 23 will sell dinners

First Born Temple, 8"5 W. Monroe : church, 513 Odessa Street Speak for Mt. Cooke To Appear Plan JuneObservance 26 Mrs. Emma Hawkins, co-chalr- all day Saturday in the home of

, Street. i i through May 16. man: Mrs. Georgrtte Mendenhall.eretary Mrs. Caroline Hammond. 5745
Si.StcrDais'Wm be supported by Services will be held ench night Calvary Women Here Sun., May 15 "' and Mrs. Marion Wil- Iris Blvd. Orders will be delivered.

$ Choir No. 3 of Mt. Ararat and during the event with one of the M ; Cli :-' ,' \.1]] be An "jll star' "isppl din,!'nu staction : ."' rriari: e f Mi Sinai Bap- -on. pastor, for the day.EVERGREEN iTABEUNACLE- .* .*

t IVIrs. Alice Boston. Slater!' Cohen church districts as sponsor and tae speaker:: h;- the 11 a m. hourof !.' Wi'l'J bir'lo) ai the Elks Ch 1T''h completed plans for a a a a a BAPTISTAnnual

j will be supported by Choir No. 2 visiting ministers Ch '!rs. ushers wjr.ce Miv 2? at the Mt. .' .t ?t'j"m:: } : 72 "I.'. JU\\i Street. ... BAPTISTA women's day win be
t of First Born Tempi and Master :and congregation in charge. Calvary Baptist Church in the en :Mv 15 at 8:30 pjn.- "''-i' .rJ f' )"f'r''Stn which will spring and summer fashion i observed in Tabernacle Baptist

Eddie Sutton and Samuel Hen- Friday night District 5 will rftnnufcl observance .oil Women's Featured: will be Madam EdnaG. bf h.ld June 26 in x> mpetin re- show will be sponsored In Ever- Church May 15 throughout the

I' derson. : sponsor the Rev W. K. Young, Day. Cooke of Washington, D. C. cently. 'n-cen Baptist Church May 16. day. Officers are: Mrs. Queen
1 artists and Services for Sunday will berin i Akins. chairman and Mrs. Helen
Other local groupswill > pastor of Tabernacle Baptist the Sinking Son s of Georgia and ff+'ir'pr' tna 'I."e. Mrs. Vir-
also appear on this program. church and the Rev. Richard I*, Mrs. ir-ggins is an instructor of the Pilgrim Jubuee Singers of ,..i",;., snack 11"i ir' 1n'; Mrs. Lillie[ with the Sunday School at 9:30: > M. Lawrence, co-chairman.

Wilson, pastor; of West Frtendshipv'Baptist "En"1h:: and .Romance Lan:;uaget Chicago. D. Hair co-chafrman: Mrs..JoseVn am. Morning worship 11:00: a.m. MT. CALVARY
church. H Central Academy:: ISh School. Several 'will Communion services Will be held I Women's Day will be otawredI
local also :
: groups Jon 5, spcr"* tar": Mrs. Alice
, a a i, Sunday night District 6, spon- She is a, native of Memphis Term., appear on this piegrasa. Williams assistant secretary: Mrs. pt 2:30: p.m. Choirs 1 and 2 will I May 22 with Mrs. Cleo Perkins of
sor. Visiting minister will be the and received the B. A. degree from -- V serve throughout the day. Even- Palatka delivering the morning
I I V riven't"a'rcr: Jlfry, '..Vill !-
i Send 'or Bring Your News j, Rev. J. C. Sams, pastor of Second LeMoyns College having been ma Rho Society. D. Lucas., superintendent. Sun- ;n r worship 6:30:: pin address.
I Baptist church. awarded a full tuition academic Guest soloist for the service AH ushers will meet at St. JohnBaptist Officers of the day are lIrs.Vt"rdip. .
In To The day School; Mrs. Arie L. Norton,
i 'j. Monday, May 1G, District 7, scholarship. The Master ,of Philosophy will be :Mrs. Willie L. Smith, a nTT' ha'T"' n: Ms. Annie narr. Church May 16 for the Cruse. chairman: Ml'S.V..
sponsor J. B. Phillips, leader and degree was conferred upon member cf Day Spring Baptist ushers mass meeting.: Brad well, co-chairman: Mrs. Al-
"r':' n 'epe's! r"'irrrltt"s..
FlORI IvSTA 1 : Mrs. Pearl Bowman, President. her at the University of Wiscon- Church and well known in religious Erma Bryant, Mrs. Catherine District 5 will sponsor a fish I freda Douglas! secretary; Mrs.

I ] Visiting ministers are the Rev. 'n. and fraternal circles in Jacksonville S"kec.: music chairmen: Mrs. Mat- fry Saturday at the church.ZION Susie Pierce, program; Mrs. Daisy

Main Office & Plant I Charles Dailey: pastor cf First Mrs. Higgins began work as an and the state. *'P" Kinnsh >rs chairman; frs. C a a a aNEW Capri chairman of deacons; Mrs.

2323: MONCRIEF RD .i Baptist church and the Rev. E. R. instructor. of ,English at Bethune- The f"renin"orship will be Alice Swan: Boo'st" Cnrnmitte' L. McKeever trustee chairman:

, Near 13th Street i j Simpson, pastor of Zion Hope Cookman College in 1945. Later highlighted by the presentation of chairman: :Mrs. Ruby L. Herndon! District 8 will sell chicken and I Mrs. M. Sevan courtesy commit-

i! Baptist church. she was made head of the English the "Challenge of the Cross," finance chairman: Mrs. Colline fish dinners May 21, in the interest -

s aBe Don't Miss Department. She was guest under the direction of Mrs. M. Cunningham. Mrs. Bessie Grant of the pretty hat tea in tee.Acting as pastor for the day will
j professor at West Virginia State Wright. Participants in the dramaare the hone of Deacon ..r.V.. Sapp. be Miss Joselynn Hill.CENTRUi .
Mrs. Elnora
Sure "It's Time Small, members: Mrs. .
College during the summer of Linda Howard Mamie Dix, 1G55: 'V. 23rd Street. Orders will a a a a .
I Ruby Herndon, publicity chair-
To Vote For Action"
1948. Josephine Wise Virginia Muns- be delivered by request. BAPTIST
man: Mrs. H. H.: Robinson pastorfor
I On May 24 on page 2 .|I In 1949-50 she received a' fellowship ford, Novella Williams, Rose Williams the day.City June 5, the junior department The Choral Group of Long
from the General Educa- and Carrie Frazier. ;, will observe their anni'ersary1th Branch Elementary School will

i .n_ /, tion Board and studied at the Captains of the various groups the crowning of the king and sing at Central Baptist Church
'University will be the presidents of the dis- queen contest Third
of Wisconsin a :year and Broad Streets on May
ia f Ford Official Named President oft and a summer in English educa- tricts. They are1rs.. Alberta t Ct."ir ll : "1 District 8 will sponsor a pretty 15 for the Youth Day .observance.Mrs. .
-I tion. Johnson Mrs. Emma Pinkney, hat tea May 22 with Sirs. Helen Ada V. Norton is supervisor -
I United Way National Association ,: In 1956, Mrs. Higgins received Mrs Marie Blackman. Mrs. Mary To Celebrate Sapp. chairman in charge. Prizes of music at Long Branch t

Ii ; the Mary McLeod Bethune Medallion Bradwell, Mrs. Mabel.Fountain. will be awarded.
I IntnJDuffy: vice presi I er West Pointer and Columbia : award for service and Mrs. Arvilla Lockett, ",Irs. Creola 16th Anniversary School.a a a a a I.

I dent-body group has ,been Ford elected Motor I. University. After Law retiring School from grad'uate. the achievement by Trustees of Beth- Threadcraft: Mrs. Ollie Hayes, The city-wide Choirs Union, of :3IT. SIXAI WEST UNION '*
Company, Mrs. Theola Mrs. L. Jones, vh'rh Mr. J. A. Watson The 52nd anniversary observed -
.>f Umt&l Community Army as ?. colonel in 1943; une-Cookman College. She is list- Hilton is presi- of Mt Annual Women's day will be "
president Fuada and Councils of Am. ?- Duffy joined International Harvester. ed in "Who's Who in the South Mrs. J. Frances, Mrs. Clara Jack- dent, will celebrate their anniversary Sinai Baptist Church and the May 15 InVest Uniqn

I ica, succ +iing ohn A. Greene He went to work for: r.nd Southwest." She was first'' son. Mrs. Cit T.-ee Biley. and Mrs. May 22. 3 pjn. at the West 29th of the Paster. Rev. H. H. Baptist Church. Officers are: Mrs.

Of Cleveland. l'board Ford in 1949 as a purchasing'' Grant \nti-BasilPus. Sigma Oarr. iY..n ,,' Cape Friendship Baptist Church.A Robinson will continue through Willye F. Dennis, chairman; Mrs. .
chairman, Olu"' grit 1','''rphunoIrving director moving up through; '
-- --- Sunday Lillian C. Belle, co-chairman and
I the ranks to Ids present position
i;<'O"pny., I as vice president unique program is plannedfor The ilev. Isadora Edwards of Mrs. Annie C. Ross, secretary.
I 4 this celebration. Music will be
been an active Bethel Baptist Church will deliver Othrr officers are: 1I.trs.Vi11ie M.
Duffy has furnished by the "St. Paul
: leader in the United Foundation} J .lnd the 'GospelChorus" the sermon Sunday at 11 Davis, Mrs. Ruch C. Solomon, Mrs.
5 i of Detroit and has. served as, strength and Rev. R. 'Wilson a.m. with the Rev. B. F.'Addison Martha Cummings, Mrs. Eliza R.

president of the :Michigan;; ; will .deliver the sermon. '' presiding. At 3 p.m., the Rev. S. Perry and Mrs. Evelyn Bodison. }
x UCFC he
United Fusd. With
, : Participating choirs will Davis of Oakgrove Baptist Church Boy Scout meeting will be held
: vice include -
has served as a presidentand i for life. .
chairman of.the nattonal., 4 your Choir No. 1 of Midway AME and the Rev. E. V. Grant of Jul- Saturday at 9:30 ajn. Dinners ;

., United Funds Advisory Council. Church Choir No. 2 of Union inpton Baptist will have chargeof will be sold on the church grounds 1

,! ; Community AME, Choir No. i of the service. beginning at noon. .
Other" officers elected were i i;lEverson St. Baptist?Choirs 1 and Dinners will be served in the;' Deaconess Board No. 2 will meet ,r
five vice presidents, C. Virgil '9 fim r j'2 of West Friendship and Choir' cement by District 10 followingtlie ,_ Smxlfiy at 3 }i.h11t: p. Young I
Kw Martin presidest: Carson,Pirie, ; No. 3 of Mt. Olive Primitive Bap- morning service. ; Matrons Auxiliary will meet Sun- If
Scott and Company, Chicago; a a a a .,
last Church. day at 4 p.m. at 5747 Bree Rd.,
A. Beirne, president. :
Joseph ,
Communications Workers of !I. ABYSSINIA n ..PTISTaChoir Ploradle. District 0 will meet Sunday -
a+a i i America, AFL CIO, Washington r I II No. 1 will observe iU |; with Mrs. Bate-lie Washington '
a Stern: Jr., president frI CW K\ /1 I 15 '' ,
B. at 3
; Edgar homecoming on May pm. 925 W. 29th Street. !
I 'DSU BNa* ting Corporation j 1 a a a a a ;
i At 8:30: pm. Choir 1 and Choir 11 i i Daniel Cummings will be presented -
A. Daffy Samuel "
New Orleans 'k-- I
; i Since the end of World War H i i of Evergreen Baptist Church will in an after service recital
U C F C is the national association B, Stewart, executive vice pres. %
for 2,200 United !dent, Bank of America, San i! the Association! of American Railroads be presented In an after-service i Sunday night sponsored by Choir .'.
Funds, Community Chests and Francisco, and Frank H.Woods : reports. the average railroad II| contest. !J No. 3. t
Community Welfare Councils. chairman of the board,Address- employe's hourly earnings I All choirs and ushers will ob- I .. .

United way campaigns last ograph-Multigraph Corporation, jumped from 97 cents to $2.72 an I serve a joint anniversary June 20 I \
record as the Chicago. Elected as treasurer
fall again voluntary set a tion-sectar- was Walter M. Upchurch, Jr., increase of 180 per cent and I at 3 p.m. The revival. meeting will MT. OLIVE .

,largest Jan fund-raising: effort when a secretary, Shell Companies prices of railroad materials ad- I begin July 4 trod.ccn :-i ; through The men of Mt. Olive AME l
total of $455 million was contributed Foundation, Inc., New York ,\ vanced by 109 per cent. By way the 21st. I Church wig observe the annual" 1
in support of 27,700 and reelected'as ecretsry tGI of contrast, the revenues the railroads I a a a a Men's Day :May 29. i
William D. F. Morrisson, presl* S !
health and welfare agencies.
president dent Avica Corporation, NeR' t receive for hauling the aver- MT. TABOR I Eddie Ford and Waymon Stone
The newly-elected Rhode I oge ten of freight one mile have I Mt.: Tabor Baptist Church will have been elected to
Mr. Duffy is aJ form port Taland.- WEEK I t serve as
cf .. ...... ---- WORS/IIPTOCETHER THIS
rises only 53 per cent observe: its annual {en's Day May chairman and co-chairman.

a 1 \

I \:

I i if f

I_ ..,",-.-. ...". .'.- '- --oj, Y ... .;;;, .... ;:'' ":", _.___ ..-. 4'._......"-l-.- -' ::eo f .:.( ...--c 1 .!4.li1 ::.. --.1[. .' I

.: .. ___ -

f .

i e

1i 1t t t" .. : '

t .

::!t.'$ Week Ending Saturday, May 1 14! _1 1960 THE FLORIDA. STAR H I Pay

F's Day Set
At St. JohnSt. ; NAACP SAYS
1 v for Negroes
' $ ,4 'k Tampa Ha. "Although active
I GAINESVILLE s Day wil.it -
John Baptist Church willDbsene Friends.
be observed May 9-15 at 8 pan., in \ sit-ins at lunch counters have
its annual Men's
Day May
I j Shady Grove Primitive Baptist |been discontinued because of the
15 throughout the day. Officersfor
Church. |i program of Governor LeRoy Collies The
Ii the day are: Joseph: J. Nixon ,
I to form bi-racial committees Tallahassee
;i'l' The devotion May 9 will be conducted ,. chairman; Joseph A. AlexanderSr. 'I there is still active protest against studmts'ere
1 by Deacons Sammie Camp-I ., co-chairman; Solomon Mc- "
.. i segregation in public businesses,
o bell and J. Williams. The Rev. >,.... Clendon, junior chairman; Char- out that
: ,. ; I and NAACP spokesman said this
J. C. Schumpert will preach. <:: les McCormick, co-chairman; chose to close
I ; t 1.j1; ::::" Henry Watson treasurer; Solo- I!we? i er than to
May 10. Deacon ,C. C. Price : %iiir + mon McClendon, secretary; Sam- !1 Robert W. Saunders, NAACP

J Dove L. Schumake will conduct ? uel A. Caswell Jr., program chair- : Field Secretary said that youth reference to
the devotion, and the T.?v. C. J. of Governor
man. i
! Johnson will deliver the message. i -
that Negroes
y Alexander, finance I |I
i May 11, the Rev, A. Blake and chairman; James Thompson tag II I Willie Roberts, W. E. Williams, to put such a
_ will
from Micanopy
: congregation
1 chairman; Dave Nixon Jr., beautification Solomon MeClendon, Joseph Alex- I
have charge of the service. I
j'; r chairman; Mack Walk- ander, Calvin Forehand, Leroy I "All over
fl E r/ :: y ,
I May 12, Deacon Willie Golst.pn r '-'Y', Oliver Baker, courtesy chair- I Nelson, John Lemmcn P. J. Hall said, "we are
;;r will have charge of the devotion. men; ,the Rev. A. J. Hughes, and I Curtis Adams Charles McCormick.
and the Male Chorus of Haw- Sammie L. Davis music. Walter Darrow, Alonzoa Strong,

thorne, will serve. Scripture, the Group captains! are Irvin C. Rev. A. J. Hughes, Willis Martin end
Rev. R. J. Gainous; speaker, the Cobb. Rufus David 1..IacValker, and Samuel C 'WelI. ters and in

Rev. J. S. Shannon; selection, ,. ---- --
' chorus; invitation to joiners; offering -

ments,, Deacon Earl Maddox Bennett; announce-Brook.*. rTHINGS YOU SHOULD: .A *

May 13, Deacons Bennett Brooks

and A. Brown will conduct the de- Y./ ... Y7+: ..,:.:>. .
votion. Pastor Gainous will preaCh* L .

the .ermon. Selection, chorus, invitation .
to joiners; selection, offering. 1:

- Deacon Lewis C. Williams. HENRY BOX BROWN
; Prayer meeting will be held May o .

14. .
1 CLUB ENTERTAINED Browns of 3342 Ardisia Road were host to members of the La Sabre Soc

The services May 15 begins with ial and Saving Club in their home recently. Members present were from left) Mrs. Leha Brown, EXPRESS ;

Deacon J. B. Colson; as guest superintendent Lewis Brown Lacey Sutton Miss Barbara Taylor, Mrs. Dorothy Taylor, A. Colemon and James Rivers. ..

and James Jackson, II

::4 secretary. The teachers are Deacon i Asked For : I ,/p : BROWN, AN ;
Plans _
t I Harnp Gaskins. Prances Lewis I I Simpson: hanks 1 Duval Voters;
11 and J. C. Thomas. The Rev. A. Pool) For Negroes :

Ji A. Mulberry will review the les- Jacksonville Beach will ask local ESCAPED BY
sons. Solicitors are: Deacon Sam swimming pool builders to submit PiailsJegro Organization
, Ivory, C. C. Price, Lewis C. Wil- I i plans and cost estimates for ED in A BOX

liams, Bennett Brooks. Sammie the construction of a pool near I Eric O. Simpson, editor of the FLORIDA: STAR and TIiEEE IN .<

I Campbell, Mose Blakney and Lewis I Carver Recreation Center for Negro : candidate for the Civil; Service Board, Dist. 2, failed to get
Colbert. SMRrf A
t ( citizens. 'in the run-off but piled up an amazingly high vote of ,
Deacon H. Gaskins and A. Alexander I City Manager Wilson C. 'V*nI : l."V,141 whic is the Highest number of votes a Nero has 1 BV EXPRESS
I will conduct the devotion at gate said the city is seeking a ;
I ever received !in the history of Duval County.
: < 11:30 a.m. E. H. Harrison, masterof i plan adequate to serve the Negro =' ,. SLAVERY
ceremonies; welcome, C. C. I residents, but keeping close to the E. .. '
J Price; selection, male chorus; I $15.030 total which has been budgeted b.:.. Simpson issued a statement : DELPHIA.
! hymn, the Rev. Mr. Shannon; E I for the job.Preliminary :: i I' saying:"
J li "1.Vlsll to thank the SIX HOURS
scripture, the Rev. Mr. Gainous; I! engineering plans, ..'
speaker, the Rev. W. i I last :::::.:':..,:.'" thousands of citizens who
D. Arnett; which the city ordered year :::" .
;';':'': : paced: faith and confidenceA EMERGED
announcements Bennett Brooks; at a cost of about $2,600 are considered ,

offering, Staeey Crawford, Henry too large a project for the my ability and integrity r A FREE MAN !
to cast their vote for in
Grant; solo, James Newkirk. Din- resort to go into at this time, he -- .. me
:.: ..
ner will be served at 1 pjrn, in added. :..'..'.':.'.... ,.>g.:>>;': ...'.., : an attempt to elect me to
'j'. : slit office .
the :: an important::
dining room. :
,I ',...'. 1k1 7vY and I wish to
The Friendship Choirs Union I :'::::'. 2iS .:. particularly
Church Jacksonville; script -. .... ., deepest appreciation -
will have charge of the serviceat ::: : I express my
the Rev. George Pair; sec axon ; :> to the various individuals -
3 I : I
the Rev. R. J. Gainous; solo, I: @ .:;,-., .11 11I I organizations and '
Henry Miles; invitation: ai: ,, .". ..
1'nn David Jones will con- I .:='';':'.': oups worked in my camoaign -
duct the devotion at 7:30 pjn.Master \I II nouncements, Bennett Brooks;. ME; i 0 and assisted me' in rvrJ44-
of ceremonies, Emmett I selection, Male Chorus; ofxenniI '
lumcrous ways" .
I A. Hunt enI J --- -- ---- --
and ; -
Peny; selection, Male Chorus Malachi Spivey I ii.1

Muiv doma Primitive! Baptist I .>ollment of auxiliaries. !. ,( .;.., :; :. On the basis of the con-
/. 00 00
-1 ,idence that Negro citizens

1I I : :; ; : ala'\e placed in him, Simp-

I.,....,.....;... .00"_, .. ....1.r ...... .......IC. sen said that he will lend
':?: : > :: ;:' ii. '.:: t::::
=;:4 support only to those! : ,

candidates who will give him assurance that they will give

the NeTO people fait just arid equal treatment and assist
( Corner I Myrtle} aye. >And Shad F eo [ in providing them with equal rights and job opportunities. y.U I 'L f

Simpson said, "although I have lost the election it is I .f I

MEDIUM MULLET Lb. 20s victory for us, in that it shows we are on our wt.y: to be- ; NDOWNTOWN'S
Lb. 29c : coming : united pot-Q! in the struggle for equal rights: I.
ROE MULLET a I iud nrst class dtizcnsl p." And, he l1dcd.. "now is the

SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 35c i time for us to act With more than 15,000 of us uiiited NEWEST

ROE SHAD Lb. 39c in one: idea-equal rights-\vc can use our voting strength

RED BASS For Baking Lb. 32c to ben; elect only: those candidates who give us the assurance HEALTH frOOD{[ CENTER
that they will assist us to attain those geals.
SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the Sea" Lb. 49c i

CAT FISH -______-u_______________ __-_- Lb. 49c The militant editor announced l plans for the forma- FEATURING A MOST COMPLETE
tion of a voters' in Jacksonville and indicated I
LARGE FLOUNDER __ ._ ___ _.._. -- Lb. 49c
HH -
,:soon.that a meeting of precinct leaders.\will be held sometime HEALTH FOOD PRODUCTS


Simpson said he felt he,could have pulled more votes !, AND VITAMINS! .
if he had been able to devote more time to campaigning.He .
l CExrrl l&
TiE SEF ? A added, however, that; he will begin 'laying plans in the tl PLUS A MODERN JUICE BAR !
near future for his bid for office.

Myrtle AT*. and Adams Phone El, 4-H58 f I


i I I

WHEN YOU ARE ILL I IU- I Breads, cookies, cakes, canned fruit, canned vegetables, i

You Soek Th& Beat Doctor Doc Smith Says- I dressing} canned meats, a fulll line of sodium-free foods.

When Your Doctor Proscribe ,

Got Experienced Pharmacist* \ BY A. M. SMITH' I DIABETIC FOODS !

:, r, To Fill Your Proscription" Agricultural Director I
ay > According To Your Doctor'iOrders. t Olin Mathieson Chem:ll Corporation: -= !{

.t'. We Toe Oaly YOU--- flANSPRKAT1---.- ------- IT.--. SPRAY IT OR- FEED- IT TO CATTLE ; Bread, cookies, crackers, canned fruits, breakfast foods, etc., f
.A The Best Cual. Drugs At I might have been asleep for to do is go around exhaling." i for the diabetic. '
Dr. C.' E. 'BlackProprietor 10 or 15 minutes, I don't know, "It takes a little more than II I
and probably my mouth was exhaling to get the food youeat
hanging open but I don't think ," I said. He had me on the I. REDUCING DIETS I I
I the defensive and was enjoying it.
was snoring. Anyway
spell was broken by an eleven- "I know, he said, "but why I
year-old grandson using my don't :you make just one thing I I
| DRUG STORE I knee as a seat to get a better that does everything." Low calorie. foods of all kinds, low fat, low sodium, low / : :
look at the television set. "There is I '
I was glad he did, because 4 one manufactured : VITAMINS i
12!' lr.gs Road ELgin 3-827S I there was a comedian on at the fertilizer i
A COMPLETE LINE OF: : time who made a lot of'sense, (/ ., that does i!
Rubber Goods Candies Sundries I 'as comedians often do. He was '" many >
Cosmetics -
PRESCRIPTIONS- CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED I saying something like this: .ri4 t't){., urea"Isaid-its called 'rt..:. .. '- Natural and Organic
| I "Every time you inhale you : ':i'" forget- -
I take in oxygen, and when you a tinghe'was
exhale you give off carbon di- only eleven. I I j jI
oxide. Plants are different, they ?" he asked.
It important
.,, < } take,in carbon dioxide and give. understoodif I !
.. He'ouldn't have
u :. -<, ::;
'''''''''' off Di lET SilO
r ,.: oxygen. I told him urea was one pf I DIET
think about it
r > { "So just the greatest sources of nitrogen i ;
; WHEN ... every time you exhale, you known to farmers; that it can SHOPPEHAVERTY'3
i THE r j ; < make a little plant happy." be spread for any normal soil fcLU I I-
Making plants happy has dressing; that it can be drop- AIR CONDITIONED
been a life work with me, and ped from planes for rice fields; a::: I a:: ",
I was glad to see them get the that it can be absorbed through I- I- l
COQFti. YOU leaves when sprayed on pome WEST DUVAL
grandson, who long ago and citrus fruit trees, and thatit 'Z 23 West
l S$' developed the ability to read can be fed to cattle as an I
-I my mind, was smiling. Important source: of protein. : WESTERN ,< .
"You know. Grandpa," he You see that plastic air-, g: I UNION's. 1
h said picking up a list of fertilizer plane you've been working on?** t EL 5.3750
'THEY ME 0000- r grades I had been working I asked, "well, urea was used I I
t on, "you go to a lot of trouble to make if 4- (
1 I j making numbers that- don't "Gosh" he. said, "it Is Im- I ,_ L MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY .
: _- 4 mean a thing to me, like that portant." As he walked away -' : ".
,. :"16-20-0, 15-15-15 and-a lot of thought I heard him exhaling I
49cI others,when really all you have extra. hard.



., -.- ....

,. ,. ,-. ?>"\.- ",
"i'J'7'! :n4r :; 5

1 j

-' .f : .
.'>w. ..-Ai "I.' < '". _
4 t
, i iI

I Page 6 THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 14, 1960 J

,Zt-",>:--";";:",;,<"Yq,,,,>,,,':1.J.,'...;<,....,.-.;,""';', .,"','.,',..,':<-T..:"'. ,- Varsity Letters I
I .:. :' ;;::: "'/"' : :: <
I rrt : : :" :" ATTENTION READERSPlease
Are Awarded At
Bring or Send Your

Stan ton Notes I Church News. Club Notices & Announcements I

t. II I Albany State athletes To The FLORIDA STAR Early

Twenty-six were
ByGWENDOLYN one has the magic touch? lf.V.. is i I I l j awarded varsity "A's" during the

C. THOMASTO really keeping a close check on! annual Honors Day Program' at TUESDAY at NOON. 4 I

ALL WAY OUT BIFFS AND | Deloris D. these days, wonder Albany State College. Friday.

BIFFERS: I why? I heard that'C. H. has really -I :rater 3 > May 6.Eddie. FLORIDA STAR

I've been doing a little research flipped over Ada S. Betty P. Robinson senior from 2323 Moncrhf; KcL Corner 13th Street I
work and to my surprise thingsare 1: wants everyone to know she hasher t < roydari.4.q
_:- Athens who acted as captain of
really happening and having MoJo working on John A. *
effect. The Annual Bathing i, How .much did they pay R. both football and basketball : I
teams, and Charlie Fa nbro. junior : :
Beauty Contest was a real suc- Glover to escort G. S.? M. Maxwell I ----
I Jackson received letters in
Ii from
cess B. Harper was the pride of really made the best out of I

the show, her beauty was beyond I Saturday Night, her boyfriend II i v both sports.
'' X
I 4I I
compare.B. !I better re-check that escort. I Other letter-winners were:

Bryant was little yellow rid- I, (Football Arthur Bain. Hollywood :
L. Pearson R. Daily. A. Glover. .I
inghood on the way to fame. G. I Fla.; Milton E 5t1C. Athens; i
Hubert C. stayed out till time for I
Lang really couldn't believe his I I Robert Bowens Columbus: Clifton
i the cows to come home is this -'SC"iA5 ;
eyes. E. Haynes came on the sets Bradley. Columbus; Henry Camp-
with rhythm looking the best she the way Debs are supposed to i ill.'Tifton; Tim DuHart, Orlando,;I'
act? This same group went to
could everyone knows she didn't I Ha.; Charles Frazier. Wachula. : NOTICE
Callahan. R. Daily what's with
expect to win. Jennett B. won first I I Fla,; Arthur Gamble Quitman: ;
Gator Bait? These same fevo girls
place the judges really fell for ;, David Home, Athens, Howard I
lost on the way to the Coun- 1
that smile. Ronald S. won, Mr. got : Magwood, loultrie; Abner '4.fatkey -
Club, but they beat everyone
Atlas. The crowds "wondered try : Bainbridge; Garfield Stephens, ;
I II else there. Tell me how was this
where the muscles went." Kenneth i i > Athens; Willie Townsend. Bar- :
I accomplished? S. Pearson has
R. and C. Stitt, Isaac W. and M. j : | tow Fla.: Oscar Webster Washington i
Toby, were among the inspired|I lost interest in Jax. fellows, she I | D. C.: William Wiggins, ;
.has her for some cat HISTORIC Pursuant to (law tax sale certificates will
spectators. To say the least is to eyes open I "FIRST" IN THE ATIO \l'IT.\IUerman MooreL Vidalla: and Frond Shaw, Way- ,

say the most, W. Wilson really from Fernandina. j I ( ), of Washington; D. C. is one of the first two Ne rodmen 'vrr cross. I ""
to be referred to a Federal construction project in the District of
showed off his muscular .
system.He Melvin J. is P. Pickney for real?
could take the place of Tar- R. Daily, why did you hit that I' Columbia by the local Rodmen's Ln'on: where membcrslr'p is all (Basketball) Robert Carrall, be sold for delinquent county taxes
zan's friend.R. whil lie is pictured with Ernest Seabolt, white rodiaan foreman, Sylvester: William Doulas. Detroit :
fellow on the head? Say Tony
Howell has I at work on Federal Office Building: No. C in Washington. Along with Mich.; Lerome Hancock, ;
a problem, she
what happened to your many
Is I another Negro rodman Marshall: Brooks, also of Washington, Mr.I Highland Park, Mich.; Nathaniel l I Ii
swinging with
H. Cajander and loves? Blanche Mc. what's swing- assessed on 1959 tax roll. The list of lands
R. Coswell from : Moore went to work on this project recently after pining access to i Riley, Blackshear; Frank Scott i iI
I wish
ing with and Jimmie H.?
you I '
she would make up her mind. B. Lucille R. I see you finally found I the local's referral list through the joint efforts of the President's I I Richmond, Va.; Truman Tunstall,I I II
Committee on Governent Contracts and the District of ColumbiaCommissioners' I Detroit, Mich.; and Leviticus Rob-
Easter and Ollie C. are still together the lucky guy, J. Fields, is he for I i with the amount of taxes and costs has
erts, Blackshear.
after two Council cf Human Relations. The building contractor I Ii iI
long years which real? I i I
McCloskey:! & Co. of Philadelphia.
I M I Ii

You Don't Have to Go to Town "to Get TOOTHACR: trsx. '"'I.t.' I I i Operetta To Be i PUBLIC BEACH been duly prepared and is being i publishedin

: etI.t.
., ,011 un.t It' to In C&JEI.oaliOaAJtl .

LOW 0' the but tflfli*,.. : j Presented At I WADE-IN SET
PRICESI . 4 -=/ tin
-MKSES I| TAMPA Pull cooperation is:
I R. L. Brown"Fairies
On l t1 t. > ** |urged by the Florida Chapter of j!
Your I I
Sfory.irM !<, are really truly," a May the National Association of Color-
Day operetta, will be presented at ed People to participate in a''

DRUG STQRENEEDS i I the R. L. Brown School May 20 in "wade-in" campaign to desegregate ,i

FLORIDA STARIN 'I the auditorium. Scenes are centered public beaches throughout,i

i I I around a field of daisies the state Chronicle'in
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Stor EVERY i! which are enhanced by the sunshine : I
I Robert Saunders, NAACP state :
WE W1LL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN COLORED HOME i fairies. I j secretary, said the campaign would'':',

YOUR LOCAL PAPERS Sunshine Fairies are Anges be launched in connection with a ;

Dozier Barbara Hooks Leslie Stewart I j similar program for desegregation ;
We Deliver nfl Ao! F1H! All Doctor .rt'W.'rlpUUDixie
i i iI Darcel Fisher, Gwendolyn at beaches from Cape May, N. J., ,
I i
I i ii Moore Marvette Starling, Oliver I to Brownsville, Texas. i I IA II II issues of May, 13, 20, and 27. Copies ,

Tolbert, Pearlio: Bates, Geneva I
Pharmacy PRIEST It I V i:R IDAIIO : Young, Loyce Abraham.,and Joyce I Roy Wilkins, executive secretary -j

tiiinlcs it only fair to apply a withholding i Abraham. i of the NAACP said last Tuesday i j may be seen at the office of publication,
representatives of his organization :
IS02 KINGS ROAD at MYttTLJR AVENtlK tax to the youngster's'
Dewdrop Fairies: Tasker Han- : from 10 states, including
PHONES EL J.M81.f8 allowance just so the younger generation *
non, Geroli Home Rosa Washington Florida, agreed that the hundreds
can get gradually accustomed 33 South Ocean Street Jacksonville
which ( Mildred Jones, Gwendolyn I of miles of coastline should not be i! or
\Va 'e, Gail Mclvory. Patricia Sim- shut down to Negroes. :
adults hardened.
BILLS AT OUR STORE I are now mons, Janis Woodard, Jacquelyn

I Johnson Anne Davis and Janyce Saunders said the state organization Room 107, County Court House, Jackson-

r-- ...............-.- -- -_ _-_ .........- v. ..-..---- "_ ...-.J.:2.--- --------.""'---"--.. "-"-..". ---.r_-'-rr.--r- -. -_"V- ?' "_ .........._ ---or --...;:,_..,. "'" ..__ --.Y' -...." 1 "- Hughes.Rainbow Fairies : Deborah ., in all public also would facilities.desegregation

Bunch Shirley Kitchen Marvyne "We urge all Negroes to use. ville.
Hicks, Carol; McKmght, Eleanor public beaches, parks, and swim-

Let's Elect Conner Bennett, Cynthia Gibbs, Nona ming holes in" a peaceful and law- :!;

Johnson Betty Kilpatrick, Car- ful manner.

bara Ayers, and Annie Hudson. i "We will not stand by and watch I CLYDE H. SIMPSON
Fairies are Cora Jones, law-abiding Negroes be arrested

Help Conner Fight Price Controls! Judy Beverly Robinson Jenkins,, Deborah Valerie John-Ford, ;[ for using said. these facilities," Saunders -I .

son, Harriet Gedder Debra Peters I .
and Vera Riley. Evening Breezes: I Tax Collector Duval
Conner Get
Help More And Better I 1 ,
Donald Brown, Jerry Daily, James *
Tax Foundation finds that pay
Waye George Brown. Cornelius \
Schools! I II rolls for civilian employes of the
Stripling Leroy Pate Donicia
Executive Branch of the federal
Paul. Tyrone McDaniels, Cedric
last reached an
Hudson, Onie Miller,Ridgely Cook,
Help Conner Beat The Political Larry Morse: William Mallory, estimated$12.3 billion. That works .
out to $226 for each U. S. family.
Fertanzy: Brown and James Jack-

I scs. S ..>
Machine! Rosand Foster is the Fairy

Queen and her attendants will be ..?-
Patricia Powell. Eddie Brown,

Leading roles wil be played by
.. Help Conner Protect Your Family! Linda Spencer and Levin Everett, BUSDNE55 DIRECTORY

with Thelma D6ugan as a runaway l
fairy and Regina Sharpe The Firma Lbted Below Aro Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments

. ITT : VOTE FOR presenting a solo dance. I Specialising. Services and Products

i i: RelievesCHILDREN'S. I AUTO SERVICE n t: Royal Crown Bottling Company

ii ii : 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 94438Washington's
CD n S. I D'A-II C .. J II :
r, i. over 60 *" ?r.r! '.Id. liqu a Compile Body Repair & Paint Work I Health Service
'! /"'AHC::'ALL'S;: r."'SY EASt hrs bmau: I' -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
; ". ;rdr Does not cont. -
t itno :
I c: s< > v: :
COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE :.'-i vpiat: s or strons 1: x"\tI\t'S''d; t Price Start at S4.00 >Try Swedish Massage Missral Steam 8:2u
r ltab'. pure, l:a:V e 5-8135

vow.... FOODS
y Fc 23 Tsars

: [934 N. Myrtle Avsaue EL 4-2471

FREEZYLADIES ) If CC E 'r, ( 4 ; tt J/ l g:4'SKaG You Want The Finest In Groceries jj u WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
FIRST,YKWDW/ i .. Eii ". I
Come See Us
And Meats %
t Free delivery any part of the elly -

I 100 Davis Street EL 6-5412J' OLD RELIABLE __i_
I :601 West Ashley Street EL 4-138C
A COLD DRINK,*H|?>a.FREE 2 Y' ; ij

LITTLE CHAW&E- 'f City County and Fed*al Boru," ;{. STORE __I

G s .Y d r'fow I I.iar Exchange Bldg. EL c.lI32. | Courteous Treatment

ij (\| Open 8:30 to
s' ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE :306 Davlj Street 7p. m. EL .121

I I 38 Yetrs In El io


rug sE GtvE >NE., )UNG ROAD TRADING ,1102, Pries 51. EL 3.631

t- ( NrS. LAC yMITN?'THE! C 4 MQ A' Titi f.IiECK? conHEVE POST :M. L. Harrla Prop
9 EZYl
Complete Garden Supplies .

Fertilizer Fruit Product*- i QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

tf C -New and Used Furniture bought and .oldSS4 Mattress Renorating Our Specialty .

f Tfcalquana Road SP 1-3782$,, Oao Service: _

3703 Old Klnga .a po 5-163
All Modern Coawnicacgi
J Y Boom by DaT. Nigs c? Weak "At ...,.MAXI V

I 'H For IsfGrs&ifsn Call : NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1811
: EL4021 027 W. Ac&W LINcOLN CAB
= EL 41811
: .
1 i -
? "
--1"'tr -?-=
Ri v
f .
! .. S-'7 _:'' .> ''';'::1-= r .. ; ',"'i ,


i ti { v'L.

i iI I

w. v'yf.l..j ........ ,. ,...... ,
.=", '- .

f!} '
', j; ..
'c.. .'_ .. i_.. _. '" __' :;:

1 F 7i

.'. a -

;. ;,. .:. ,WeekEnding urday, Mzy 14, .1960 11iE FLORIDA STAR f I

a ;'" age I _
> zr '
." --- -- _

i '


_____. .,
..- __ .

'""'-' ftj;.:',' ...:''-"- Three WorkshopsAre -

p t ,; I .,' Nation's Outstanding
} .awXa g ._,p 2y'K' ;,'. ;

PALMS ,, Slated At J IJ i.e;; .:. l. :,, ;r>1.. Coaches To Be z

Fla. A & M U

# -0,. TALLAHASSEE In coopers.1 i. Featured At Clinic '

tion with the State Department of I
0 0I Education School Lunch Sec. t tI : I 1 Wilbur C. Drawery Jr. (Pa.) High School an officer in
tion, a training program for school;] I + f the U. S. Navy and assistant
t :i The 15th Annual Football Clinic
lunch personnel will be held herein I .'I coach at Penn State. O'Hora's
Virginia State
College in Peters-
Florida A&M University according primary responsibility is
| I working
Jackonville! burg. Virginia will feature
to Dr. C. G. Marquess, I tJ. five of f I with the defensive linemen.
the nation's outstanding coaches
director. j i
who will give coaching techniques i I I. Joe Paterno. a memberof the

The program, July '17-19, will 1 during the session to be held June ]
Now >r I
Showing be offered in four parts U. t; 20-24 clinic to become acquainted II j!
4'lln foundations of quantity food with the ball at Brown
preparation many new trends In : University. Paterno.
r and service. ; (2) quantity x < i. football. i a quarterback, concerns himself

Persor cookery (for those who have com '.ti Z7rt3r c 9H primarily with offense, with
The faculty for the school spec
pleted number one above). Theory are t ial emphasis on quarterbacks.
will : James Benton (Jim) Hickey, Head He
presented and applied in i] I'I i made contributions to the
x i football coach at the development -
the actual preparation of food in I Sg1Miw.Riwve 'I University of such
if BAnd i quantity. This of North Carolina will be on hand Richie All-Americans as
group be Lucus Milt
Plum, Al
I for Jacks.
B B discussion. His
G limited record
to 15 persons; (3) nutrition I i coaching and Tony Randes.
Fa :1 r'i ; and (4) organization and II I at Hampton-Sydney where he was .
management. head mentor from 1955-57 was New York University has to
I .y ;dos d v"iI 27 wins 11 defeats and' 4 ties, offer to the clinic Lou Rossini
His Sensational BandMONDAYTHURSDAYSUNDAY t s and his teams won the Mason head basketball coach at N.Y.U.

TRACTOR CARL'WORKSHOP I I Senator Hubert II. Humphrey, Dixon Conference Championships. Rossini, named the nation's
$1.00 ; .;admires a Humphrey campaign button candidate for President, Recently Hickey was named Virginia I "Coach of the Year" by the New

J FRIDAY & SATURDAY $1.50 i SETA |i band leader. The two met Milwaukee worn by, Duke Ellington, famous "Coach of the Year." i York Metropolitan Basketball
: recently. Mrs. Writers
i Humphrey is a1 Association
workshop in the Opera center. Tom Nugent, head football basketball steered his
"" ','-.,'" Care and Maintenance of,Farm !1 I1/27/GO i coach at the University of Mary- With three squad to a :20-3 record.

_--n---- ._.._____, ._____._ __ __ ,_ __.______.___ Tractors will be offered here at j,i RoosevtU Humphrey for President; Committee .._ .. land, will also be present to out tournament victories the in the NCAA
Florida A&M University July :! --Hotel, Washington 9, D. C. .. .. line a few football facts. Nugent., the best since team record is
29 according to Dr. Walter 5-1 called "the 1939-40. He has
Summer .Admissions and South, been one of the
Johnson, director. i j I Students' Records Florid? I had an outstanding record this most successful
a a'E !I A & if Ofcirersfly, Tallahassee past coaches in the country with an
seasqn with
The purposes of this Florida. 8 victories and all time
workshopare record of
: 3 defeats. since
to provide information on: Registrdi ion Set I i been His football tactics have eight years at Columbia and two
<11) the operating I f considered the finest and at N.Y.U.
principles of most He is a member of the
lector engines and components s JAtFia.A&MU : ;| ------ exciting as he presented to National Coaching Association.
12> / football the now famous
how to do preventive maintenance I I 'T' formation author of a number of
service TALLAHAssEEVednesdar j ATTENTION LADIES the typewriter huddle, magazIne
II and make minor articles
repairs I II on basketball, and is the
I and
: on June 1, will be the last f. i the double quarterback. Nugfcnt's
}, component parts of the day i| .I ; past president of the Metropolitan
tractor: : and (3) how to overhaul i; undergraduate students planning t I Bridge & Social Club ten year coaching record is Basketball Coaches
i to attend 53 wins 45 losses and 3 lIeI I I Association.
tractor engines. summer aebool at .. Reporter? ties. Coach William Lawson of Virginia
: Florida A&M University to make Send or Mail the was voted Atlantic"Coach of the Year" by State College, director of-
application without Coast ConferenceI
penaUy.summer this
Your Social clinic
News Club of many coaches
i Washington,
I I Building Malntenaaet! ? The session Mondays To I D. C. from high schools and colleges to
i (lJx'r.v th i i I Another of these? outstanding
j| Study Slated the faculty pre-planning conference ; FLORIDA STAR i coaches is Jim O'Hora, assistant !
I Friday June 10. All 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. I3ih ; football
The Xjuilding Management persons : coach at Pennsylvania 1'
I and i Within+ 60 miles of Or .
Tallahassee Phone State
are EL University.
4.6782 A
r f maintenance worksb.jp will be ( graduate of THE CCXXINQ r'I:1'E1:1'.il'SLy
required ; ;
held here at Florida A&M Umersity to register Saturday, Penn State in 1930.! O'Hora returned ,- i' team Henry Han
"I I I \' July 11-16. according to- June 11. Students living beyond ; !, to his alma mater in 1936 If I cnn just be real and true
t4ior' II II R. E. Webber commuting distance who desire t-> ;seeking his Masters Degree And
I and W. E. Lee; CO- in. have no cunning: ways
II directors. | come early may also register on j Watch IhisC:]llty : Physical Education, and
As those
This working who
l rd I I five-day training I j Saturday. n 1 in the w il:t ,must surely do
coference is sponsored by the j capacity of assistant coach In these and future do+ }*.
j Registration applicants with & -1G-1-a ., for the Penn
University for the specific purposeof freshmen football I' I win not heap: a pile of wrath
I providing in-service training initials A to M will be held Monday -i 17-23-86 team. Since then he has been '' To fall upon my head
I June 13. Persons ,head
for persons employed as schoool with initials ; football baseball and baskett Or dread a fearful aftermath
i N to Z will register on Treads! .. : ball coach at '
; '
t Mahoney nut
Dtcoa. p custodians and building service u 6 3 __ TownshIp live in pence' instead.
eo Inpss ever ere ,, June 14. The late registration fee
4 --
1'I employee. Modern techniques and will be assessed for all 4 __ :
procedures for school plant care registration h id IT _0 __w I

-.. and operation will be emphasized. I I schedule.at variance Classes with will the begin above on I'I'I ___.6 -- _3 __ i'ii&TOOSAPHKEVEIIY ,'on

Wednesday, June 15. Monday ', 547-22-315
..pjI II I June 20. will be the last day for I 64-75-36 f)44Slf_

I registration and last day for : .
Y 4 I changing schedules. Tuesday and l i .. ,.a..tunes "he's u| Expert ,
h j Wednesday, June 21-22. are the' .....rletttnes he's down Portrait Photography
I Waddings Banquti
dates for making application i Ht- ad1F. ..nhtraet' R IR
v inI ''' Passports &
I ( : Identification Pbotc.
the Office of Admissions and )I H- .irk* .It ..II "mUll" 1 Photostats & Commercial Work
Records for degrees to be conferred J
at the end of summer I Coming Attroction Photos. For Newspaper Cuts
While You Walt
school. For further informationwrite S-30-22-11-65-532: i
f .. ,. Coloring & Picture Framing
T: 3 to the Registrar, Office of '"
} '_ .
; Let Us Take A Photo Of You
L -t1 .. .
iU a I I ..
/ rwc. ..,
: <
t K .A_: In Natural Color _
Those I j. AVLHY'::

it rt ( \ who I t VERY'S PHOTO STUDIO

I 1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library
.. II j
,:,: live I I II Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment

,. .
T"- _
c -..I1I
: sty 1 I
r C


IV S. i I

;;: j 4

j I II
f Lv

I Yi/
J :
p ..
7 1 j
r =r II
J1F / r .
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s t i i
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i Ir.l I\\ '

: >: s ,
.JJ -tJ 1-u J' H '

eUkk + J -
WJ I Ir"fiici'
e YOU o HLV illvil ONCBI ,.... i-hi ; ;: ": ..
: '. ., -: :< '" : :: 1 1I

be.r ::-:... I=ft about Thaw why.we say, whenever you.tsnve, -

1 ...... the car 81 clyou..and J"O'ire this fair weather.season 'o'., .t&bk twice! GORDONSIf : GIN _

f M !longer' ft l penoa? but A &rim\ tn! c Thask twice ahcat ycys'ear: t"nVtwice .- demand I T

t 6moldy about the ,v$"$m drive ... ,think 1 tr
I I .'"pn r you the wq you are. twice about vx&the other:fellow may do.Diife I .
you have a taste for

i the finer things, always ask for (GORDON* I!! i KENKNIGHTInvites .

r Gordon's authentic London Dry Gin. 4222' t '.

(erefoll'.e! !C?1'try ytv s.ve ..y''b* ytvr twn So_ smooth. and dry... % ffeputfbottlt You To ----

of such delicate flavor... iTRA "
"'- you 'can enjoy it ,STRAIGHT! !designed
1: ate! }
', .' ,. ... <''>'. commence G Starting At 7:00 P. M.

I !- v ) -- t Jj h.+ 1 77Iere "CfcfiteJORIXHft( "' ::2h1400,

Ii ;
j T
; : '''-V' J 1400 \WRHC I
: : -' -'-anars,_. vsrats-r--"ncn..II,. _GO. Ptot1!aOtoon, lIT Gfl tO.LTD.. UIDtJ.w .r.J,

i :t \ ,. : -

; .

: ... .. .
-- -- ---- ->--jIo, .

.. -
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,- ,
..;.f". : .- .' -. __ -, _, __ :'Ii-!;; _




": .-EICT
# ; : r : : \
r' r_--' -, _'__"__' _, ___'''_'_ ._ V lee <. 'Ending Sat roav.. May I it, 'rue
.. 1 'Cii: !:; .:A I _rGRO
.' [ "'
-tc C ..,,1! OFFICIAL' ';1' ., .IS, -- GONE" ',W.: IIH';" --= r.' .. .- \';\.; --- ,- ....w,. :, ::' .' _'" t, Captain' '. .i,EvontBowensandthe
'JfltST i';:':'. |{ family are& stoppin over before fine' -new suit. ills friends say that j[POLICE REPORTS

icic ....PREsTONGa.The# official in Chips i Off .TbeBJocks: > taking off'for Europe ,He and hU it is payola. 1 1I

charge of Webster County voter: 0 1 madam, the former Lois Walden j! 1j 1CO1LIS
i I I Willie Quarterman of the Trop-|j i KNIFED
ark, making of social ,
records which the Justice Department t : round ac-' LEAVING
-tct : icanna is on the bad voice set. He i
tivities] Evont
is a careerofficer..
-t< in wants a"country to inspect churchyard killed Wednesday himself By Jay Jay sale of' :my special "setaway"kits his is stale news but it is still j,i i Jis r having a'little throat trouble!'I Miss Dorothy Collier 29, of

Epitaph"My last-week. Some of the "poli .* good. Folk are still talking _about J The two foxy young ]ladies 1402 Ionia Stsreet told police she
I r candle burns at both ends; ticians" went underground and ;'Bobby Glenn's wedding party. It I t you have seen about are Delores was cut by a man on her left

.He was County Tax Commissioner It will not last the night; Ed Kohleman says that one was started at the Safari and ended (Payne and her cousin Shirley arm as she was leaving a bar

Stanley..Pussell, who had But, ah, my toes, and oh, m y in Tia Juana. Some have good I,j early Monday\ : morning at the.Ri- [, Brown Marie Wallace and Thelma last Saturday.

been ill for some time with stom- friends- reason to run and hide. On the I| bault. Can you picture a wedding i Howard chaperoned daughter She said when she saw that a

ach trouble. : ", It gives political. kick facts and figs rs : reception running from 6 one afternoon !j I Brenda and her party at the Ri- fight was about to start in the
a lovely light.
The words of Edna don't lie. One "kfnffsaaVcsonly tit six the next morning 1, bault after the dance recital. bar she was getting out before t*
St. Vincent delivered to. his candidate for This-oss dId and the cocas Marie is on the little car set..'She started, and when she reached th.
3r .- Millay took on a special
governor 52 cites<< from the precinct i were never dry. has a Metropolitan. Someone street a Man cut her. She was
: ing to me when I heard of the
:I //1Yd- Room For Rent death of Seth Darby, Jr. in Phil I he lives in. Another Mwbe!I" i flowed all night and palates were goofed when they called Barbara treated at Duval Medical.
delivered 216 votes out of 2826 tickled by mounds of delicacies. j jI Reed Mrs. Reed, Jackson'under Patrolman D. E. Love investi-
Furnished adelphia. We
room, modern were shocked to I I
conveniences voters registered to his candidate her pix in the W. I gated.
hear of his demise. On the ether I ; When it was over the guests drug
Call EL 4-1717. for the i .
county: commission. '
hand when' we t.hiniIof\ him and two Nearly '|I off to work. Where else could j jp AI Frazier is on the wagon and
what he may have said, we can I thousand peope voted in that p'II th *y go? i,I working hard trying to WOMAN IS CUT
;a .. ../) .. precinct for the governor. All or', get in
,sr JJJ-rJ-L.J STRAND SundayFor only comment that he lives his I the politicians couldn't ge* but :i i Keep your eyes open for chan;- i| shape. The former FAMU star has DURING FIGHT

short life to the fullest. 923 folk to believe! them md what es around the corner of 26th and I\ just finished a hitch with Uncle Miss Theresa Green. 21, of 815

A tip o! the Papal Vol 1 Big Week Kindly had the shock of Seth's they saM about or t. group of commission I I Myrtle Avenue. Kozy Korner i Sugar and is preparing for a tryout W. Beaver Street told police she

to these Ov candidates and but 117 number 2 will soon open its doors.Marvin '! with the Chi-Bears. i was cut while fighting with Alfair

& young A Bn'rf*&**, wb> Never> Before fllL death worn off than the news I listen' in the group one race. I'' Ganson announced the :; Before signing off Murdock at Davis and Beaver
flashed around town of the All of you
make our countryoar .., Has The timely death of Lansing Childs.un I
ozBisanity a better wheels sent out nice and began: renovation immediately. I
Dared When first class I in District 11 who did The victim was treated at Du-
Camera you think of L*'.nsing's I not
ii olaoe Ia-wtk3i to Ilrk + To Focus SoIntimately y:_ potential and of the work he was letters with "their" suggestions. I He will schedule his grand opening !I vote for E. D. Jackson last week I' val Medical Center and placed in
Listen soon.
if & doing, you wonder about the my "politicking friends". had better get the lead out of it jail on charges of disorderly con-
% You need new gimmicks. Youain't I "De" say that "Hizzonner" i5' and '
vote for him duct and
"why" of ;? all. One can but say I II May 24. Think fighting with a knife.
'. ".... So'Hei ..1ngly'! ;
3* Our and the big eye (TV) helps themto I has no one to blame but hiInSrlf.1 if he loses. The suspected knife wielder was
sympathy goes out to the I
i Tai families make their pick for governor Burns "burned his beans" when I!' placed in jail on the same charges.
of both
I .
,, :. LtbJ.L- lr S The market young men. and sheriff. Unless there is a Negro :: he waved the red flag of segrega- j I Dave Bondu popular Miami A
was good for the
in the race, they just pack u : tion in his "loyol collud friends" I dee-jay, and Jim Reid are in town

T. M I & l' R c and go hone. You wise boys ha pd'I' faces. Of course he had a "few" I Ivia promoting Carling Black Label NEGRO GIRL NAMED

better re-evaluate things before ,, supporters. He is rewarding one a record show in the local

2nd Big Hit I Sun.-Wed.Ritz the hen is killed because !hain't e by giving him a trip to Washington I bars Ask Jim about his broken COLLEGE QUEENKALAMAZOO..
"THE DEVIL STRIKESAT laying no more. I I with the school boy patrol. ankle. They say bar stools can be I Grace
r dangerous too.) Hayes, 21, a Negro girl from Little
NIGHT"Roosevelt For years Hizzonner I
1 > The Ribault has used this
r Supper Club is Rock, Ark., has been crowned as
t jumping. Fred Harris is ruling trip as a means of "paying off"loyal I LAST LAUGH: Eric O. Simp Kalamazoo College's Queen of the
over the friends ministerial and oth-
1 organ and he is doing'real a son who broke the record for vote May.
boss erwise. Such a paradox; poor
job. par
Sun. to Fred makes one pulling is chuckling the
over case
forget Thornton after ents scuffling, trying to send She was elected by the student '
F. Tues.The they listena of the Negro political "wheel"
while. their kids Washington and body. It was the first time a Ne-
Boldest Story of War! plays a full sized who didn't include Simpson'sname
VICTOR BURTNorthwestern organ which makes grown folk reaping political favors i gro girl has won the annual queens
"BLOOD and STEEL"and more sounds on his ticket. The laugh
and going I election.
than the gratis.
spinet model Thornton I that the "wheel" pulled little
,( Victor Burt of the 11-1 class .: '. $ ,. whaled on. Around Town: Johnny Steward,, I II a
"A WOMAN LIKE .)fi rY Y over a hundred votes in the largest About five of the school's 700
is very much in the swing of y "M. Goody" is !
SATAN" Ethel Spears and her models, !'I everybody's friend. I precinct for his candidate for : students are. Negroes.
activities at school. He is a *: MtTPYMUi x.t U.K i I put on a nice show 2.t'Mt. i I Watch him manipulate the girl'sSaleslady governor. 59.50
Special Ararat
member of the school chorus,, 1------ ___ ,
fima Monday. -- -'
Frank Ethel and --- -
the ----
secretary of his classroom anda "RHAPSODY I IN STEEL"SKYVIEW feeding girls arc I ..:=s; "' -.,.",__
a 1 member of the church choir S1NATRA10LLOBR1GID.1mm : can't us a diet which we still Wanted, saleslady for Watkins I
appreciate but we really Products in Northwest Jackson- Susie's Cradle LEARN TO DRIVE
Victor plans a career in Busi- should Nursery
ness Education.rTTTT.. I I so FEW try and understand the \ ville. Call EL 5-8215, 8 to 12 am. Specialized In I
Sun. Nite importance TheConfident
: of knowing how to II .
Thru Tues. Nite OnemaSccp*ftnd COLOR I look good and of knowing what I I Infant Care Way

They Used a Weapon No r ... I to look good in. It is out stupidity. I Nice Wanted 5350 Newcombe Street I Mrs. G. B. Benjamin
quiet Christian
$ Badman Could Sex! Let's support her shows and couple Phone PO 5-1570 2767 Queen Ave.
lar simi- I (children accepted) to share my Susie Owner i
5 BOLD WOMEN"and events which will give us sar home. EV 7-2988. L: : 11 Res. PO 8-2968
And torial
help. i t >.Mk_ .,,,.,_ -...""' .... 1

:; ; Action Packed! FRED McMURRAYIn : "" .... .. .. .... ...... .... .. ... ... ... ... .. .. .. .... .... .. -. .. -. -.. -... -.--.-.-... ... -..,.. ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... .. ,
: "ROAD RACERS"Win -- -..:::....-... --...-...-... -- .' ...-"" .::-.::-: :. -=,.::-.:: .::-: :: -=, .::-.:: .:: .; .::-.:: ; = .:: .:: "" "':_ -
I .." $950 Cash Mon. Nite! FOREST RANGERS : -----1-1
I II .
\ j --- t

; ,, 2 Ready
i r. ,
f Help Elect :.4 2 TANKS To PlantWorld's I
ia'HENRY > s '
1f FairGAS I



NorthwesternPepsicola v YOUR .
salutes Henry W. ;

Demps of the 11-4 class. Henry CIVIL SERVICE BOARD I ', OF THESE --,
is also a member of the National -" -

Honor Society, Football ; : With "-
team, president of the junior ,- MEMBER I I HANDLE
class, vice president of home t I CANNISTER

room the Sunday and Superintendent School at Beulah of t.;: ...): Subject DISTRICT to Democratic 2 AT Primaries LARGE Ma24 :I I 3 PC. CORNING SET! 5t
:.': ... I pledge courteous personal consideration! to F R E E SET!
Baptist football.Church. His hobby is -' everyone and a progressive administrationYour 1 Take Right From Your ;

Vote and Support Will Be AppreciatedPaid :I Refrigerator And 2 Candy

Pol. Ad. i Place On Your Stove! 1: Dishes

1 4i

r : .,y ; : I I I i i When You Buy This RCA WhirlpoolI

f I I
r Tyrie Boyer ) f j : I II II

Thank You .. I i 0;: { RANGE

Says :: I :. .,'Q: GAS H HLL

; I Wish to Express My Sincere ) r : >:. s+3.. : ti. :<;";'.
.J ,. '
JOHN R. GRAHAM JR. i iAppreciation :Tht t'
;.} Northwestern To My Many Friends x .. WITH

S ;. The St. Johns Ski-Bees, foot- $ 9 5

.-, ball team band are just a few For Electing Me .. CLOCK!
-r' ,of the clubs that John Graham :' }:.: ,
takes an active part. He is a .
10 grade student at North-
western and likes to spend his

spare time enjoying his fav- Pol. Adv. :
orite hobbies leather crafts A. <
and football f DELIVERS!
$ 00
* -

y' Plus You Get 2 TarAt! Of

Listen To PestMusicQuest Gas, 3 pc Corning 3t, 2 RoseBushes
> :: :: 4s M M Ccmnisfet Set ,end ; '

Friday THANK YOUI x 2 candy Dished!

Ii Nites 10:30 to 11:00

I *
J Pboone, Request

W EL 60461.2 I Voters of Dist. 10 I

: 1.
To the voters who carried me to the first primary victory I

for the office of Justice of the Peace District #10, I wish to I I ; 1i
i< i:
express my profound and heartfelt t -rt irg. &
y I 1 i
fI i I appreciate your continuation cf efficiency,' integrity, that I i 1i i ii ii i i

haTe marked thft :administration of Dorcas B Drake far years in
I J 3
this .important office I ;:

: I Dorcas B. Drake

Jtstioe of the Peace

e. : -i ',:<.*. District #!.
tom/ 1

r. l'' !. :'-. EL. 6-048! CONNER STATE & PEARL
M c.' .
f '
'-. ;..' ./ :.' Paid. Pol.. Mv. ;,',. ,

.... -. --- ': ; : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : ; ; : ; ; : : : : = ; ; : ; ; : : : : : ; ; :; ; : : : ; ; ; : ; ; : : ; ;