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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200559datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 7, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005590740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 7, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 7, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- --- fl..- -- r--- :- II ]' ..,.c-.""". .-'..,,,-I. .: -_ -
.' ..-:; 4_ -- o -. .------_- : ..-. --


LIBRARY C FLCftt&A HS5? ..u,
J .. l.!!1ft

r Pt ni s5c.

3 l

ULe .


1-i '" -t

", ... :*''.. /. ..." ,!: Jackson Leads RUins Blames Louisiana Gets C

... Another Order
/ Imn J Rrice' Defeat o
I To
SJ gqMAY Integrate
!&tIl I I Certified election figures showed t
NEW kVi.-\No.; LlA federal -
I i
v. :>t'>. 3-/fn, Negro attorney Vote
Negro ro-rt today denied a move
i r led the District 11 JP rac i I I J
.. .. .., by New Oilcans school aalhofl- ;
1 1VO with 5.488 to 4,765 for Mrs. Sarah I' Mayor Haydon Burr;* lost hi3 bid i j
: (tie with &
to avoid compliance
:. ; I\?, 13 A d i WS 7, 1960 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 1S c. ; j ''11. for the governorship of Florida court order to produce a desegre*

... last Tuesday when he failed to I
'; twe "ffici'1 gation plar 16. .
on May
C3- "" !.n ..... .
carry his home county largely because -
; :;;'.1t3"? :t' 'c. Brv'tr. 4.615 to
I Negro voters went against ; On Friday. April 29. the sama -

Driver him. 11i f court ordered two other counties
: PassengetKilledBy !i in< Louisiana to make preparation
Burns It is had generally received conceded the support that ot if j;: j to desegregate their public schools. __

Lypd: -4 :: Jf 0 O ,, The federal court also on Friday
Duval and especially the Negro j I
enjoined the LouisianaState
citizens, he could have easily led
I Board of Education from discriminating
the race to put him in the second

primary and possibly could have against qualified Negro r
: i students seeking admission to six
won the election. i'i
Mystery Shots of the state's trade! schools.
According to the *hite press: i iBums !
; The same court had originally
admitted that the county;
rp |j i (on February 15, 1S56. ordered the
Negro vote went against hin! 10'i ,
r Orleans Parish School Board
to 1 and attributed this to "#lr ]

Cab Driver ,Ad : er Simpson Thanks Duya! Voters; certain amount a.'ca.a"of money and the pourrf fight over into'I!I which proceed Includes with desegregation.New Orleans The to

: I school board engaged in a series .

Pound Shot h .1zi. : ,.a. h__ flans Negro Organization .W4. I which integration were MId of the by the golf city.courses I of unsuccessful appeals and on

.....,.. July 15 1959 the court instructed
The shoQtln of a Lineoia grid New Deal 'cab Jher and a passenger I, ** 'Eric O. Simpson, editor of the }FLORIDA STAR a....>d Negro leaders scoffed at the I, the school authorities to bring In

who were found damped fiver with shots in theIr: bodies in j candidate for the Civil Service Board, Dist 2, failed to gaTiri t mayor's reference to money and\ :j a specific plan on May 16. 1960.

the 1200 block of west Sixth street last Tuesday cifhi still remains' IHe run-off but: piled up an amazingly high vote of said the vote agaInst Burns was'4 j The school authorities later asked

-a -m-.,.-rv.-_ 15,141 which is the highest number of votes a Negro hasj a demonstration of the fact that I j f the court to vacate its own order.

Theodore Robinson 48 of 123 1----' j ever received in the history of Duval County. colored citizens will not endure, The request was denied today and

Oak Street, driver of the cab was 1 rushed to Duval Medical Center to investigate. i Simpson issued a stat tl't'mtr.It i board to bring in a desegregation
: : : 'bon to the various individuals j plan
for treatment for a bullet wcmdTHEODORE *' i by May 16.
i S t i is generally felt that N
a Investigating officers dismissed i;h.y. and groeswould i j
i"M' organizations
.. i have supported him almost II The April 29 decisions of the
r- ': 1 1 the idea of robbery after finding j 'ked in campaign 3ack.?on's 4560. The first count I
;;;:;: ? : i group. ? my I solidly had he not taken the stand |I court involved St. Helena and
.. .0, .N.r'.. '. .......'.. I j j eight $1 bills in the shirt pocket :. and assisted me i innumerous I had placed Dr. Daniel Kirk in aI that he did on the golf courses j East Baton Rouge Parishes ando _
t j of the cab driver and I
: '; an empty nm-of with former County Patrol
.r" i :nays"s; but instead had left the issue t ; the Louisiana State Board of Edu
.' i wallet in his pocket both II I
_L Chief:: J. T. Love for the District
the courts to decide. cation. The St. Helena
j case has
1 j eniiy untouched by the killer. On me basis of the con- 12 Justice of the Peace but the
f ? !I denc:: that Negro I IStudents been pending since 1951 and'the
I official count brought J. W. Jones; I
I't J ;| Nothing was found at the scene in him j i East Baton Rouge suit was filed
1ced" Simp- in the run-off vrith r.219 vote: jI rt '--i:;i::
a I j of the murder to give any clueI I in Both school boards were
wn said that: hs will ler iL'ooort I
: ; I ;(irk 3,423 and Lowe 3,095. i March Iordered
I ..... I I upon which to work, police said. ; iiis $ only to those I to make arrangements for
I The murder cab was thoroughly orient aying: There are runoffs May 24 in I I desegregation of their school fac-
I | { examined, by police laboratory On State House lities.
I iffi 3 the District 3 and 4 County Commission i .
I-i 1 3c c 1 technicians in search of some : "I wish to thank the contests, the District 5 .
i physical evidence. results of vw.' thousands: "or'citizens whoaced it I TIle order enjoining the Louisiana
c The school:: : board race and District 2 S. CarolinaInterstate
: :'' >} i Ii the examination were not reveal- / faith and confidencem Civil Service Board race, four justice i n I State Board of Education

j eO by Detective Captain R. B. : my ability and integrity of the peace contests and :I I from discriminating against Negro -

z I. \Vhittlngton.j ito: cast their vote for me ian n four. constable races. =. Press students resulted from suits

attempt to elect me to Singing Negro students marchedon l\ brought against the Shreveport
I j Taking part ,in the investiga- i such an important office. -. Total official votes or the run- South Carolina's capitol and l Trade School, Southwest Louisiana -
:ioa rere Patrolmen. Htnry Ed- and I..pfflizci? !' itjrj&feh.; .Q ctf f:;;*n
t i s wards..;Jr''J. Seldon, Sg s. L.: B.j!i ERIC O. SIMPSON j express my deepest: apprecia- races on*?ray 24'areas..fol but were blocked by police Natchitochee Parish TradeSchool. .
} Williams, E. P. Corley, L. A. UamI j lows: '- from entering the ;I in Natchitoches. St. Helena'Parish*' .
grounds ofj
candidates who will Will
I wey and Captain R. B. \VhittingI give him assurance that they. give [ j either building. Trade School in Greenberg; So-
I ton. i the Negro people fair, lust and equal treatment and assist County Commlssiosjrr-Distrlct; 2, wela Vocational-Technical School

I ;j' in providing them with equal rights and job opportunities. Joe F. Hammond, 30.560 and Leia I II State law enforcement chief J. :: in Lake Charles and Harris Trade

RG3IN3ON; j Simpson said, "although I have lost the election, it is i I Merrett, 23.836; District 5, Edward P. Strom told the demonstratorsthat ;School in Opclousas.

; '* j f a victory for us, in that it shows we are on our way to becoming j I. Acosta, 20,377 and'Fletcher group demonstrations on

... .. | MAN | a united people in the struggle for equal rights : :Morgs.n, 17,973. i I state property are prohibited bylaw i NAACP Legal Defense and ".Edui -

rr' : I FOR ARRESTED -' i and first class citizenship.: And, VIA added, "now is thej i School board, District 5-Ned i in South Carolina. He warned rational Fund attorneys for the

I time for us to act With more than 15,000 of us united I P. Searcy, Sr., 27,978, and R. that any demonstrator who moved Negro students in these cases
i ..KSc + Willie O. Frazier 32, of 1319 in one idea-equal rights-we can use our voting strength !' Harris. 22003.: : L.I onto the gorunds -would be ar- ;: were A. P. Tureaud of New Or-

Cleveland Stret was attacked witha i to help elect only those candidates who give us the,assurj Ii i rested. ;I leans; Thurgood Marshall and

knife last Wednesday as he at- j ance that they will assist us to attain those goals.' j i Civil Service Board District 2- I I Constance Baker Motley of New

tempted to stop an argument be- i j The militant editor announced plans for the formation -j i Jack Fo hand, 20,503, and Carle-; A group of 29 Negro students York City.

y tween a man and a woman police I of a voters' organization in Jacksonville and indicated li L i! tonJl. Barber. 18,223. ; at Allen University and Benedict ;

rc'r : said. i that a meeting of precinct leaders will be held sometime j I College in Columbia marched 1 1tiNurses!
Other second JP
primary contests -
1 j! soon. : around the capitol grounds bustayed ;
; An argument was going on between |! will be between Dorsey J. the : Reject
Simpson said he felt he could have I on sidewalk. A group
: I Sandy :McClenon and a if he had been able to devote more time pulled to more votes.j I' Motes .Jr. who received 269 votes, of 54 Negro students marched to | Resolution
; campaigning. j and L. C. Oliver, with 253, in On
woman in the 1000 block of Kings Dist
j He added, however, that he will begin laying in the governor's mansion, 20 blocks -
I plans trict 3 William S. Gullford, 1.23, j
Road and when he attempted toi I near future for his bid for office. i ; I from the capital and paraded Georgia n
1 stop it, McClenon jumped on him j' and H. Earl Lighty 1,015, in Dis- j halfway around that block in single Group
with the knife Frazier reported. trict 5.Second. i -fiie. Then they MIAMI BEACH A resolution -
I gathered hi

Police said they carried both j, Secretary Herfer Renews primary constable con- ,' groupS and sang songs with an that Georgia would have required the '
I Association to
men to Duval Medical Center for ,! Keen 224,and Otis Lee Moore. 122; I i integration theme. admit

treatment and then carried them i tHis! D3AACP L !i i Ketn 224, ad Otis Lee Moore 122; Negro be nurses, within two years or
i They carried
MembershiD I lyrics to songs, entitled dropped from the national organization -
to jail They were charged with! I District 9, George H. Brown Jr., ;| "
i "Integration
Is ,
Democracy. was
I conduct I NEW YORK Secretary of sociation in !I 3,281 and L. F. by the
disorderly and fighting. i 1944 while a con Beerbower 2,100; "We've Got the N-Double-A-C-P American Nurses
Patrolmen W. H. Harris and S. State Christian A. Herter last j District 11, J. Marvin Sweat
gressman from Massachusetts.
li Spirit" and others set to the tune The nurses' national
G-aines investigated. week renewed his NAACP membership I. 3,705 and Claude G. Spears, 3,013; convention
went on to become governor always ,of religious hymns. The lyrics were adopted a substitute
JOHN W. LENON : for the 16th consecutiveyear. and District 12, W. Woodward, i j. resolution
i I i printed on sheets of paper. which "further encouraged"*
a maintaining his NAACP 7,176, and Clifford P. Moody i
I Secretary Herter joined the As- membership. 3,887. Officers Georgia group to recognize all
WOMAN KIT ON HEAD I matched the demonstration i
behind his right ear died during> ; II professional nurses. Georgia Is the
emergency surgery. The passengerin BY HER BOY FRIEND i i I.I for about 15 minutes and only state in which nurses ot all!
POLICE stepped in and halted
John Lennon. I i REPORTS! i races are not
the cab Wesley Miss Lorakse. McClinton. 23 of it, saying. "That's enough. Break accepted by state
W. 7th Street dead nurses association.
of 824
37. .was I 816 W. Hocros: Street was injured it and
up now go on home or
on arrival at Duval Medical Cen- I Wednesday; when she was hit on 'THIEVES ENTER AUTOMOBILE HITS i ARGUMENT ENDS you will be arrested." The measure. was adopted by A

ter from a bullet wound in back 1 the head with an unknown objectI I MOM'S ANNEX 5-YEAR-OLD CHILD j substantial majority in a standing

of his left ear police reported j I i I causing a 2-iseh lacerations police I* Mom's Annex was broken Into : Gary Moore 5, of 1557 Logan WITH:. SHOOTiNG Dozens of police kept watch en vote.

Homicide Detective Sgts. E. P. :;i reported. and robbed last Thursday: and $20 I Street was seriously injured last 1 the antisegregation demonstrations -
Corley and L. A. Hamwey old ;s was reported taken from the juke Wednesday when an automobile 1 in Colus&ia.

the victims had apparently been;i Miss McClinton said her boyfriend I' box which was broken into the ran over him hi front of hia A 40-year-old I Mc Ji
man was shot and At Savannah: Ga.. 44 Negro sitclov.n n eid!
sat the front seat j to her house andstarted -
shot as they on ;. came owner seated.Beauregard. home police reported. f fatally wounded last 1
Monday by a
I i j demonstrators went trial
en a
of the cab. an argument and then hit Police said Johnnie Fred ive' D Qtn
woman who asked him to leave I with more than 103 Negro r
The two men were found slumped :her. Victim was taken to Duval Gallon, owner said 37, of 891 Van Buren Strt SUtto2'1 police Indicated. t syinpathteers -
I t closed his of business for reports |j gathered outside the !! STARKE-Tobe LJttJ*$, was
he place arrested -
over in the cab by j j Medical Center for treatment by the driver of the car. i t
Henry Edwards and J.Seldom,who> ]t police ear. It :v sa reported by t I the night and when he returnedthe Investigating officer H. L.. Wit-t Walter Caine of 833 W. lath t 14 c courthouse chanting and singing. and held on an open charge

t ): police that she -seiH prosecute.Patrolsnes {I following morning he foumdI herspeon said Sutton told 'hiss a Street went to the home of Mrs.1 j' Twenty-three were found guilty'of I in connection with the slaYing of

I the does: broken open. group of children were playing in Carrie B. Porter. 62, of 1058 E. I violating Georgia's new ants his wife. Mrs Lila Littles. Sheriff '

Plans Asked For J .1. Jackson BIHS J-. ; Patrcfcen. JMw rd? Jr. ndlJ. front of hIs.car which was parkedat 24th Street and started cursing ]j trespass law; 10 were found guilty I P. D. Reddish said.

Jerkins investigated. Seldon investigated. the her and she iof, unlawful assembly to create a Reddish said Littler te accused
Pool For Negroes a curb. He said he thought told victim to leave j I
I i i i j disturbance: eight were acquitted, of killing his wife with a 12-gauge
The victim
Jacksonville Beach will ask local children were out of the way when started to go but turned :
i and three shotgun
: cases were during
an argument last
r 1 and !
sub he started off slowly. came back accused told
swimming pool builders to
i Judge Columbus Alexander Tuesday.
mit plans and cost estimates for WIFE IS BEATENANGKY ,WO5IANJPOURS POTASH :! As he drove off slowly he heard police. I I tenced the 33 convicted to sen-I I '
the construction of a pool near!I ION SLEEPING HUSBAND ; one of the children shout, Suttonsaid. .. Mrs. Porter said when the
Carver Rr-creation Center for Ne- I BY HUSBAND I James Jackson. 28 1039 W.f fI He stopped the car and took tim came back and started vie-I month ;i iaiir a $103 I
Attorneys for the dcfenaiantI
J t
gro citizens. Union. Street told police he was the child and his mother to Duval her she says she shot at him. :
City Manager Wilson C. Win- 1.rs. LIiiie :Mae Fadin. 40. cf I.I asleep in bed last triday when"Medical Center where he was admilk Victim ran into yard at 3332 served notice of ppel. Since the end of Florid War IL

I 723 W. Duval Street was the Tic- about with chest injuries, police Phoenix Avenue and tried to pull the Association of Asieri:an Rail-
gate said the c'.ty? is seeking a his wife Ruby came home Under the new trespass law, enacted -
1 lira Of a fist beating in the face j jilast liquid. which Wd. her across the fence and she fired roads reports, the average railroad -
plan adequate-to serve the Ntftro !; 9 a.m. and poured a by the 1360 Georgia leg sinjure.
residents but keeping close to the j'; Thursday by her husband i I the, thought was water, on his I again and victim put his hand to t i those convicted of refuin; employe's hourly'earnings .

$15.000 total which has been budgeted I during an argument over another J'I back bathe found< out later that. .. i r ,. his right side and fell to the I j to leave the prey of a business jumped from Si cents to $2.72, an

far the job.Prtiuiuiiary 1 Ism. lit was poissh solution. The .automobile has proved to ground. I when requested to do so could increase of 120 per cent, and

engineering plans,I The victim told police -her' husband -1 J!I He was taken to Duval Medicali I'I'I be a great force in America. It Victim was taken to Duvall I]hare bscn sentenced to up to 12 prices of railroad materials advanced -

which the city ordered last year j' came home about 9 a.m. and Center for treatment. Patrolmen has almost completely eliminated Medical Center by police ambu ]months in Jail and $1,660 fines. by 109 per cent. By way

at a cost of about 2600. are considered about s man whose napie is!I J. J. t>ce and P. Mad investigat horse stealing. lance. He was pronounced dead I of contrast; the revenues the railroads -
lets large a project for thercaprt Aaron. He has been accusing here I I Hay is something: must make by Dr. W. C. Lovett. Mrs. Porter The judge said he was "not inclined receive for hauling the avers -

to go into at this time, h ot the same man for some time I ed.Mrs.. Fadin TS taken to Dural i it between the time we get out of was arrested by Patrolman J. B.I I to be harsh" because th age ton of freight one mile have

"added. she;.said. .: > Medical Center..for treatmcnt.t t It and the time we hit it. Austin. ...'"..J defendants were7n young. risen only 53 per cent.

.. ...... '.- ". ;.,. '-' "
; ." .:- i'i": : : : '.<, -;-. ; > -.... '- -. .... ,....'-.. ..' ;

4--" 6 .
t -

.. qll"4 .

44 1: ',.. ; -, )::. ,.."- Jij,- -.) ... ',...' -" --s;; ----r: N ":;T

:; -"" .... .. .. 1........... ... ......... ""w -
:. j -_.-
., ... 7 .
, :; r'r:'::,.::, ';'" ': ; .


.v... .
i" .
.. .

.;; Page 2 THE BOA STAB :.,: '- '_ Week EnJIng: Saturday, May 7f|

r -- .

;:..;_.. THE FLORIDA! i ST AI ? .. 'PGgtacs As USUGE."i T. ;:

t' _,
NEWS t yJM' ... : -...-...., By Eric O. Simpson 0- : x

__ + A A
i lir l by T&i Florida Star PublUMsg Co. wAw... Gubernatorial candidate Haydoa Burns fallure to carry 11 : .

"Member of Associated Negro PreY" county and the art that Nero citizens voted agaia&t hi
6, should be & to ether
lid O. Jd tf? u1.34 t.e. wsramr politically ambitious men.
it is a warning that '
C, Parfesrs JoJmsea -- T r__.JIjW'l Std1 I running as
the chsJdpion: of -
segregation Is
EUd Wooten Ck i DMfs I not the Burns could have danced 1
principal ingredient for
primary with
-- --- I ease
H&B? OFFICE &' J-AHT winning an election. Although in I not taken the stand that

au ? Ess4 -_ EL 4-3782 .R EL 4..s1nB some instances, it has proven effective on the golf ccurzes and the

? OiSc&s 423 Broad St. Pbsn EL 4..377$ r 1 3a the segregation platformis i matters worse by being
4 4 = much like some drugs that i
t hoist the segregationist ban ---
i |
gwa Ad HU f. when administered could kill the :

P O. Bess 531. .r4:&saY0s: : X, Flssids patient or extend his life. What the two top can

The outcome of this May 3 primary say in the next two weeks

SUBSOHXPTIOH HATES I elections also proves that I II subject of segregation wffll-

# ODe Tear, $$S0; Hall Year 3.00; Tfcre Mosihs. 31.1 O J I Negro citizens will take Just sowry I to do with which one win G'i;

H81W Ta Tea, A sj rhers In The U&id Sisis.ft&ls slaps in the face. Not only i' Negro vote, not only In
1M\: did Negro Jaxons go against Hay- county
ptio12 P fa: JUhrKaes. Send Chaek or Mer Otdsj To:f ,, ., but throughout the
; don Burns, it was: the patternthrouhut
fQHID& STAB?. 0. BO2 JACKSONVILLE: I. FLORIDANegroes the state. Negroes I can only say that fa

r have reached the place when you i bottom of my heart I a

And The Negro Press a 1 the vote of confidence: thaidtlseas

-Negro and whit
The Second in a Series of Editorials me'last Tuesday. It Is the It

on the Negro Press number of votes ever cast

i4 I i Negro candidate tar office
Y Jt 1: II
_ Last week we printed much of the speech delivered "by 1 I history of PIorfd&
William O. Walker on the occasion of the 75th birthdayof

the Philadelphia Tribune, in which he lambasted the It Is my hopa that I

"Negro intellegentsia who find all manner of fault with ; able to keep these ass

<, Negro citizens thai;
Negro newspapers. : 'Ii! tilted so

Fortunately, in Duval County criticism of the Negro ././., ,' gether we could: tree cur vo/

pre. is not prevalent among N"downers" egroes. The percentage oi 1i P\'. .. ., secure the rights entitled to t

(Negroes who are "down" on everything other ... ,'''' citiass.
Negroes are doing) is verylow. On the other hand, how- I --t" i I wish
to state
; : here. too.
ever, the criticism' that comes from others is frequentlydeserved I !, iii_-. ...__ I shall: o& the support of

and often helpful.No. 15,000 citizens who have

2, the local morning paper has been operating 94 I Eric O. Simpson confidence In me for only tj

yesrs and evening paper for 72 years, while the FLORIDA candidates whom I am com

STAR is only 9 yeas old. hurt one you hurt all of us. will represent us fairly and
ONLY A STRONG 1 I firmly believe that Mayor us equal rights to which we

It is not unusual to hear those "downer" critics being THESE WORD l. entitled. -

set straight by persons who understand the problems of 'TP<
the Negro press and the problems of Negro enterprise, asa YOUTH
whole. It is not uncommon to hear thinking Negroes tell"downers" ;] our Wek1y We are united

that it is foolish to compare the FLORIDA STAR DECLARES ly, politically, and econt '-
with the local white daily for several reasons. eYOUTU'S
u. ly.
The wholo future
Gde i of ,
Qiicscor: e FREEDOM: MARCH
of Negro race lies in the hond'lthe
No. 1, the local daily started out with thousands lid By Marjorie H tks l

dollars as capital from people who invested to start the by PABLO The ASTROLOGER "Not for supremacy but to end young people"WARREN
because of the absence of investors. ,
string Negro
---- all discrimination in housing education JACKSON Vl -

paper, while the Negro press invariably starts on a shoe -.* HICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR -: public accomodations and president states: "We are"

No. 3, TIlE local paper fights no battles while the .-..--- employment" concludes civic becoming edu<:ntt'd +o ,' td

Negro press is forever fighting: and has as its main func- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL ___. leaders on the purpose for the the laws of segrr:..;' bt.
and the fight for freedom. help remake, enfr .' 'I J.it
tion the job of speaking out for equality, justice
rights of Negroes. ARIES j,i suggest .that you be careful in I you accept hew".opportunlt1eSalong This is true, but who will play by those laws"

Born March 21st to April 20th I J handling money and in not an- professional or :social lines. the major part in our march for ROBERT BUTTS,
The fact that some 18,000 Negroes in Duval County May 8th is very good for all' tagonizing those of yqur associateswho This creates possibly d freedom? Who will urge cur -
good chairman
a feels: "YOIl n :ncYu
read the FLORIDA STAR each week is evidence that professional matters and solid investments are helping you. of confusion and the influence calf people to follow the trails of the fight.because ho h:1'.1 I +

I colored citizens in these parts want the Negro press and ; also for your relations 2 60 33 15 97 263 the old square of Uranus to Nep- decision of the Supreme Court l ;t
responsibility.;< i h :
) would probably give it much more support but do not to father outlawing racial
: your or to people in i tune so active during the last desegregation in the moral fiber !
a r !turf
t realize that support of the Negro press goes beyond the authority. However, the oppositions j LEO seven years be somewhat public schools Who shall with .
may revived ty. This Is a rH l ",ir:,. a.wl
purchase of a paper, but rather, also entails patronizing of Mercury tend to reawaken Born July 23rd to August 22nd leaving you feeling rath.'runcertain stand insults and minor injury social fight."

\ its advertisers. financial difficulties experiencedApril I The trine aspect of the Sun if not insecure. from sinners who believe in race

28th. Do not undo by may stress your capacity to servea immorally? ALTON YATES
your 3 80 sat
77 19 27 387 ]
Lo firms that advertise -
Jt is that patronize -
: important ,
: ":r.t.: ; "
'*' > impatience and social Cause or a great "Teach- people must work Ccl
'-' 1m the Negro press because advertising is the lifeblood I i Todays' NAACP youth, stru l- u
of a newspaper and business firms won't place ads was built up, professionally. er;" or In any case to do significant I SAGITTARIUSBorn I I lug for rights their forefathers these forces: of "ntance" rc.,.

in the Negro press unless they are satisfied that the Negro a few days ago. I work at the professional or I I Nov. 23rd to Dec. 21st I never had will be the real fight put un bv tw: or -att
5 -20-11-14-74-521 social-communal level. This, however
.. .- press was responsible for bringing them Negro customers. disturb home life As the week begins a stabilizing ers. As In the school Cecen -
Many might say: Why should T go out of my way topatronize .j' may your influence operates which Have gallon decision om :
I TAURUS or you may be a little too entranced you ever really given it a cannot join these I:TU"
the Negro paper's advertisers so that the Negro counteracts the Uranian disturb :
thought, just what I
Born April 21st to :May 20thA by the glamor of what is "marching toward oarel
could get more business? I ance. The former operates mostlyat
press freedom" BETTIE T1i: .. i
rather complex set of influences open to you. Relax and do not actually means.Some i ; .1
the level of
The answer is simply this: The price you pay for surrounds the Full :Moonof I overdo anything. you something giving say "It's a fight for the Our youth must fight to
upon which you democratic I
the paper hardly pays the cost of putting it out. And :May 11th. You may have to i4--50-55-16-39-451: can fall back if costs right to associate freely in worship government o' -

., when you join a church you don't stop at paying your take a strong or clear stand in I f higher than expected. Watch have been in education and In all other I the Paubuses. We miiot nd 1 i
your to be
. dues You support your church's affairs and support order to meet problems caused by health and do not departments of the common life." respected as a person, aj
VIRGO get involved in While still others feel that !it s' as a race. Christianity aj
its because know that dues alone won'tkeep your partner or by some
programs you subversive social
Born August 23rd to Sept. 22nd or dis to democracy bota
have teach
accepted the belief in the us thi .i
the church doors'open. And do want the and organization to which ;
you you appointed if ';
The trine aspect of the Sun to your work or train natural And this Is how
dignity and value our youth f
church doors open? Because the Church serves a need. are linked by an agreement or ing seems slow-moving. -everyman
Saturn Concentrate
contract legal action would be gives more stability and of whatever color or race as about their participation in o.!

In addition to paying subscription dues for the Negro quite favorable early in the week. strength to the developments of on mental activity. Do not created in the image of God. struggle for freedom We want

paper each week it is necessary to support it by patronizing Keep steady avoid arguments at I last week; the opposition cf Mercury accent your desire to "'expres.syourself" Fighting for freedom means all dissociate oar need for eq1
its subscribers because the Negro press serves a need. It is home and could be rather confusing.This or to have fun. The this and even more to the Negro education employment and hou|

the medium that speaks out against injustices. It is the reactions.unnecessary. oversensitive is probably a reaction from I latter could be costly. Do not child. To the adolescent, "De Ing from the remotely troll( .

medium that demands equal opportunities and equal rights.It 3 90. 22 13 27 392 recent events; a reaction fostered gamble in any way. struction to all the man-made matters of social intermingling I
I 1 20 _
is the medium that campaigns for more Negro deputy perhaps by your relatives' attitudeor -. 88 t -. 15. -. 98 128 imaioralties of the world and a the drawing room. Intermanial

sheriffs and city policemen, Negro firemen, more civil serv- that of a social or religious fair and Just chance to: share In and mongrelizatlon of the rag

o ice jobs and an end of discriminatory practices against GEMINI group to which you belong. Avoid CAPRICORN the government of our country." 1 Our youth are fighting to becor]
Negroes. Born May 21st to June 20thA giving vent to emotional exuber- Born Dec. 22nd to Jan. 19 Many have asked the question i 1i sons and daughters In our dews:

very good aspect of the Sun ance and do not argue with your Emotional factors seem rather "Why must young people participate I racy not In-laws. Ko wants
Those are some of the reasons why we should patronize to Saturn consolidates whatever, unsettled and perhaps upsetting have
i hildren. Be careful also of specu- I in this fight for freedom?" a sense of belonging: to tcjjcitisenry.
firms that advertise in the Negro press and'thatis gain yen have made, particularlyin ation and risky business practices. but financial matters should re Well, there's no better way to find It exists among too':1

the reason we say: the case of a legacy or cf some 2--40 --33-12-85--243 main satisfactory even if your expenses out than to youth, themselves. youth a sense of l'tennlnat1o ;

group-benefit.. Yen really should are somewhat high, particularly Here members of the YouthCouncil With this spirit, someday. ihl

try to rest and relax yuur nerves. LIBRA if you travel. The 17th of the NAACP are interviewed will. be as they were intended .

You seem tense, which might lead Born Sept. 23rd to Oc 22nd should stimulate all intellectual on their opinls' *. on this all men are created equii-- s\\
to some valuable inner realization Real estate deals and all matters activities; it favors employmentas
pressing question. there will be "Unity to Plvsrsityl
Negroes Are Missing The Bore r &nd a clearing up of old related to your home or your a secretary accountant and the The president spew: "Youth Rodney -
mental images, but it could \ like. But problems Hurst is president an
may soon de
home life should be favored. May must because he is al*a ::; par- ,Mr.
I I Rutledge Pearson Is advisor: !
h a v a unpleasant repercussions Sth and 9th indicates the need velop through personal relationship ----

It is clearly evident that the progress of Negroes In the I upon your health. for financial caution.: Payments with at least some of your

United States is hindered largely by the Negro himself.I I,7--50-77 --18--62 757 might not be made &s expected::: ; associates. This may be particularly 11L-;
We are, indeed, fortunate to be living under a govern- there could be deceiving clauses strong if you are connected rtHt rqp{ ; :

ment whose base laws --the Constitution-guarantee us CANCER I which might lead very soon to, with legal or political matters.8SO22t421. 0/

freedom, justic and equality. In addition we are living in a Born Juno 21st to July 22nd Legal entanglements. Try: to distinguish -- -- --12- .

country where we have some opportunity (much :more than The trine aspect of the Sua to between what te definitely \ -n.-. I

Negroes; in other parts of the world) to share in some of Saturn is now another indicationof good in the situation, and: faxtors AQUARIUS : "" I.
;:f- .
) the abundance of wealth that this country affords. your ability to arouse the imprest of conflict. Born Jan. 20th to Feb. IS q /, -?" ,' .'1;:.' I.: -';...L.I;'.X, i.'Iii..

and good will ef May 8ta aad 9th the : ) tIt
:jour associates 9-7i-68-17-55-576 oppositiot' -
Sadly, howtver, we Negroes in America have failed in I I Ifr l 1-:.;' ... ';:;, '
in favor of your projects. of Mercury aad Venus to Neptune trt ',,;/; ll/ 'rO ;A.
avail ourselves of the rights guaranteed to under the:: ; :)
us \ : ;
evokes ....:t' J'r= (.j
Be very strict in fl.oo;stink for SCORPIO a good deal of psychological ,, :%- "
constitution i failure to T&te and failure to :"
y our by our I <"" '/' J
everything receive and be confusion due perhaps to th
you sure Born Oct. 23rd to Nov. 22nd : -
unite In a eomiiion eliort to attain first class citizenship,
do not get compromised pressure &t what you consider,
through You feel attached
may yourenmonme.t '
In addition to misusing the political which we' -
weapon < .
carelessness or gullability. Some I "public opinion, or of one of you r' '
and thus resist the /
hold, we are also neglecting to use to the best advantage I / 1 -I'f' I,
parents. It is
difficult old
aspects made this week &a pattern bJ:7 tII
efforts of your partner to make E i" "
the economic which in the form of ,
sledge ,we possess earnIng .1 nowwhich probably has recurre:I ,f \ .' .
power and buying power. late in Apnl. Your t\ \ r ";, 'io:. 1
mind seems! :
Through' lack of unity -vrlitch might be largely dur;I Get Your Horoscope Guide To uncertain-next wsek !it will t*: [ \ ; ;\\ } "" "';-. { .

to the absence of leadership-we have failed to use ousslolls RICHES LOVE HEALTH more your feeling To conform 03 r I \ \ I I. i
We have used dollars to the .
?* wisely. our only buy to accept being udJ1fereat.-1hiJ I'' : \ .wf \, j
items sa the shelves, whereas, we could use our dollars te;!,iOytfer your Horoscope guide for December Now. Send U. may be the queMiiea.PI3. \ ... _- 'I ;,

eommand respect in stores an'd secure the use of si futilities .t To Pablo The Astrologer P. O.Box 581, JBckscavllle ),Fla., 5 19 << 19 32 51 4 \ \ t ';;'y I if' i 1

in stores: where we spend our money. Then, too, we. -- -- -- - s : ....\ t :, J.;'" '
have clissippsted our earning os flashy: cars pensive: I J f' I ) .. "'$-".? .
and : Dear Pablo: Enclosed is 200. Send Koxoscope ] : / ; .
clothes elks costly pleasures rather than accumulating nsy Born Feb. 19th to March 20th :; : i'

sreailh as the Jewish psople have done--&& that I Guide for, the month of r.fNUm I II I An excellent aspect should a d !I' [] I ." .. "\ J '
#e cpulis. establish business and industry a&d eventually to }
your enjoyment of Irieads and t :
/I II I __ /, f.
economic stature.A
. aetguire soass -I- serious cultural events. On ttis \ \ (' ; .\ !
\ ,
.. great hinderance to cur too is that so (.J. --;;- .
progress, manyof I other hand, :you may hare to take ,, \ ) \ '.A .
us show such little interest in tfee problems that face us. a somewhat confusing long jour. $ :

It seems that too manv of us ere either too busy enjoying ADDRESS I I ney. or become involved ia a legal ( ,\ jL/!I/J 7 1---.

simple pleasures or selfishly acquiring empty luxuries todevote problem fie the solution of which \ / ti .
{.me and energy to the cause of racial progress. BORN I III you should nevertheless findtrustworthy a ,\': ? .: : .

These are the iiim& '; blocks in the path of our I lawyer er ecgnaelor. ;; .
progress and we have.an abundance of them right. x hare II month dH. ) Relax aid watch yocr expenditures. I'. 6uG3!; 10 ? 'r r

.. ....._.-. m Bavai County _- % '* i i i.[i .. : I SCHOOL.ANDIM *a5 \"JlJ.: t
; : -... -. -- 6-30-29-X17-43-6 COPLIl-- -'. t= ,- .'" ._' .-
.. -
'r..:", '. .:,''-'_. : ;.. ", :,,:-::,- ;''-.*%.".:' : '. ._ ", ," '::'-: -. .:', .t. ',.-<; :' f rl.0:"_'::'" :_" '",:," _, _" j..

\ .

.r._. '" "" a--'------ ..... .". ..-.-- .

_. 'I' I .... .---- """-" -......,... -- .. .... .
I c


,I.. I I

I Ending Saturday, May 7, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page 3 _. I.

__ ,
, -i:::: -ter n- ---- .
? $ 17""

_- 9 -;: !r Wedding Bells I College Plans Annual Choir rg

S cit2Iiy Speaking1 1 APPLICATION FOR I' Spring Musicali

, ?- ..?rte i iI !MARRIAGE LICE" : i Waters College Choir .
iI I !!II/is now in the process cf making
I the Perthon A. Lamar 86 Park St..J[r plans for their spring musical .
The Duval County Orchestral Parents CJub, under j: 18 and !!
Bernice Graham. 2274!1
t supervision of E. Graham, held election of officers recently. Calvin :' which trill be held in Lee Auditorium -
St. 18. .
Officers elected were: Mrs. N. Walker, president; :Mrs. j! May 12. at 8 pjn. _.

, L. Blue vice president; Mrs. M. Parks, recording secretary; I + James H. Philyaw, G2C1 C1e\'e- This :year the program will be a.

, Mrs. V. Parker, financial secretary; Mrs. D. Cohen, treasurer Ists' I land Rd., 50 and Dorcas C. Miller. 1 i divided into three sections. A section 6

) ; A. Buggs chaplain; Mrs. J./Drayton, reporter. I Ii s II II 3524 Ardisia Rd., 45. devoted to religious numbers e
i $ I .
Calvin Moore, 1226 E. 31st St.. one to concert numbers and "'
Douglas Anderson High School Band Parents will pre-
one to secular numbers. Several
27 and Altamese J. 3404-
I sent the band and chorus in a spring recital May 12 in i I Haines St., 19. Lang solos and selections by smaller

the school gymtorium.. I groups of the choir will also be
j' -
I Isaiah Cheesebourgh Jr., 720 +1 rendered.

SUNDAY TEAS. --. ; ::r W. Union St., 23 and Geraldine ,
A calendar Tea will be held at Shiloh Metropolitan I' r ': --v: .".f1 Belcher. 1592 W. 10th St. 20. Howard Spirey, Instructor In

Baptist Church on Sunday, May 3, i rein 4 to 6 p.m. in the : : I. 1 i music at the college !Is choir dI-
church auditorium. r Willie L. Cowart, 2120 Mar-I rector.

Appearing on program will be Mrs. Grace Sykes, Mrs t'k Venus Ct., 20 and Ora E. Smith, ,;

Rose Cleveland, Mrs. Verve Crews, Mrs. Bertie Carter, Mrs \ 5241 Old St. Augustine Road. 16. ,

Ella Jones, Mrs. Queen B. Williams Mrs. Iris Knox, :Mrs. Jessie E. Hicks 934 Jefferson : Douglas Seniors

Eva Jordan, Mrs. Kaltie Mayberry, Carter T. Lewis and L'irJL .. St., 29 and Jessie B. Nelson, 834

others. Mrs. Emma H.* Smith* is* chairman.* !*: : Jefferson St., 30. i I Set Class Play

1w Chas. L. Manning, 1551 Van The seniors of Douglas Anderson -
District 11 of St. Thomas Baptist Church will sponsora i
Mothers Day Tea, May 8, from 4 to 6 p.m.: in the church i Buren St.. 18 and Betty J. Walk-1 I High School are holding rehearsals

auditorium. er. 1421 Franklin St., 17. !j daily for their class play
which has been set for May 23 at "
Wm. E. King, 630 Duval St, : 7 in the
pjn. school
The Tuberculosis Association of Duval will .. ,' r l gymtorium.
County _:}::..c't 23 and Isia Page, 628 W. DuvalSt.
sponsor a Community Tea, May 15, from-4 to 6 p.m. at the j -.- ..' ., 25.Zack. I I The characters and actors for

Oakland Elementary school. "Cousin Jill From Junction Hill"

,Mrs. Callie Jackson and Mrs. Irene Baggs are servingas Scarlett, Jr., 1747 Ella St., i are Godfrey Ralston, Wilbur

chairman and co-chairman of the,affair and Mrs.. D B. < 25 and Euria B. Tatum, 1750 I Sandlin; Mrs. Mavis Ralston.. Er-

Kelsey is program chairman, ,. Pearce St., 21. t nestine Anderson; Jeremy Ralston -'
; ; I
I Louis Knox; Hallie Ralston.
The Granduers Charity Club will sponsor a :rviother'sI Jos. Wm.. Faust, 5853 CassidyRd. Gwendolyn Kennedy; Jai Skinner

Day'Tea, May 8, from 4 to 6 p.mat 2934 Begonia Road in ._ :.!, ,: .._I.. :' ., 44 and Ruth L Shover, 1035 I! Barbara Brown; Mercy Kendrick
: Dudley Ave., Bartow, FlE,, 39.
Magnolia Gardens. *,. j June P. Brown; Anthony Taylor.
Ronnie Hicks, 1345 Steele St.,
I Harvey Wanton Judith
; Arthur.
.r 22 and Jeanette Cullars, 1028 *
The Birds of Paradise Charity Club was recently or- II Beverly Griffin; Wallace SheedY
1 Pearl St., 19.
ganized in the home of l1rs.Iinnte Banks. Officers. elected -. I Henry Brown; Jonnie Purvis.

were: Mrs. Minnie Banks, president; Mrs. Bessie Word, ;, >; .. .. "t:.t xT .. ; 1 I t Gordon P. Shaw, Jr., 7239 i Hazel N. Brown.
secretary; Mrs. Mary Price, treasurer; Mrs Mable Hall, 1. ."..1, "- ? Rhode Island Dr., 25 and Char- I

I chaplain; Mrs. Verdell Brewer, business manager; Mrs. .. ,> lene G. Motley 8848 Ya\es St., |I Annie L. Morrison is student

Minnie Bailey, chairman of sick committee; Mrs Gessie s Detroit, Mich., 19. stage manager and C. Linwood

Forrester, Mrs. Virginia Sam and Mrs. Lizzie Vanadore, I Lee is director. I
members. Stacy Newkirk, 1C20 S. :Myrtle I

j s: s r II I I Ave. are 22 and Betty L. Brown. I\ I

1627 Myrtle A,-e., age 19.
The College Park Garden Circle will conduct a tour I
of Killearn Gardens, State Park, May 14. Persons interested Horace J. Young Maypcrt, Fla.. 1M. rs. L Coleman I ![

I in making this trip may do so by calling :Mrs. J. E. -e 26 and Johnnie M. Davis, l I
Tunsill or Mrs. L. M.: Cutliff. -layport, Fla., age 22. !iTo Speak In

$ I muiel Kimbrough. Jr.. 2C08 | Mt. Ararat

I i, Jupiter Ave.. age 23 and Vera P.
I .,National: -Home." Demonstration Week was observed : couiJttec for the Youth T'clrnt Nloht to be presented Carpenter 124 Ma Syt, age 18. i Mrs. Lucile G. Coleman principal

throughout the natfon-during the past week. Locally the i ii T NIGHT-5hown above is the planning carat Baptls' Church Seated rom len are: !\tn>- I of Forest Park Elementary

Duval County Home Demonstration Club pave specialrecognition May 27 at 8 p.m, In the Educational Building or Mt Campbell Ml:. H.uth I Andrews. Schoul. will be speaker: for a
I Betty
i Bryant I
to one of their outstanding famines, i.:r. and Johnnie Holloway Scott l\irs. Leala L. Powell,'James -ion Riley, Jr., Thomas Fowler Syl- special Mothers' Day program
Mrs. Nathaniel Prime of 7119 Richardson Rd., and their I,i I Standing: Mrs. Paul Collins. Herman Harris, J. Lewis Chatmanr I Re-elected C. H. May 3 in Mt. Ararat Baptist
( '
I Church.
seven children. vester Ferrell and Eugene Campbell. Church Miss Fran-
I place winner in the Fashion show at Mt AraratSHOWSecond I Henry as I
FASHION Trotteri
,* 1st place winner from the primary department .._ I The-- combined choirs of Sit.
.. with the _...
above I
Ik i- 1ickett; tfot Shawn ____ .._._ _.. ., ,__ -- --- -- -: -- ---I Grand Master ,
__ ___._.__ ._ _, ,_ n' \ Ararat win furnish music for the

NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: t ITEMS !INTENDED; FOR THE / I Stork grand C. H.master Henry of the was Most re-elected Worshipful 'j 41 ". .- t-S '..!'ko'. .... .. :.--4 -'

COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA: STAR HOT LATER ieaths&FurreralsloMASMrs. I II Union Grand Lodge, F.1 i\ I
"' and A.M., P.H.A., State
ISSUE. ,- of Floridaat
/ !
x, 10,. Deliveries the 91st annual communication ; Jscsonviiiei : /< I
PEOPLES-.Dianna of. ;1136: East t held in the Masonic Temple,
air 818
Tl Georgia( of 1st Street f. 410 Broad St. i i Worn en To ':
\V. Monroe of 833 W. 2DU: Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Neal 827 I \
Walter iBe
resident CAINE Honored
r--- > nRYSON[ -. ohn T. former 15th Street Boy. Other officers elected were Dr.
-- .w------+rrn-4.. I of Elkton "'. 'Street. "," R. R. Williams Sr., deputy grandmaster In recognition of outstanding
I cI I JONISS- Theodore Leroy of 1167 I Mr. and :Mrs. Freddie Davis, ; J. H. Goodson, Right performance in the field of busliKss -
I West 8th Street JUBUUKE James of 617 Lafayette 5551 Rumax: St., Boy. Worshipful grand senior warden; and the professions
J CARNATION i. a. WALDEN-Fred B. of 112 Madison Robert Williams. :Miami
: grand Jacksonville
: i'; Mr. and Mrs. David Solomon, will be honored In .I
l II Street.Madeline Elaine ol junior warden; the Rev. RobertH. a program: called "Women's
COOKING HINTS Roberta of \ .. p. O. Box 181. Middleburg, Achl1 -
,. ..4R'J EdAmEItt--ltiis. Wilson, grand treasurer; Benjamin -1 evement Day" on Sunday. May 8. 1
tI 2107 Baldwin Street 1204 W. 2th Street. Boy. F. Irving grand secretaryand '19CO, 4 p.ra.

I I DAY-Mrs. Louise of 8035. Waxwing DAY-Mrs. Louise of' 8035 Waxing Mr. and Mrs. Frances Sykes the Rev. II. IL Robinson I The
43g7& program will be held at
I I GAUE Avenue PickettROSJNSON I Atenue.Zeta 1504 W. 24th Street, Boy. grand chaplain. i! Ebenezer Methodist Church the
T. of I
SCOTT Baby James
J. HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR AND HER STAFF W. 15th Street Mr. and Mrs. Charlie: Nelson. Elected to the board of directors !' corner of Clay and Ashley $ta.
j 1339 643 Court G., Blodgett Homes It is feeing .
of the
\ -- --------- -- NIXON-Mrs. Leaner of 1210 E. the Masonic Burial Fund j by Mem.
CotillionSet Girl.Mr. Department were Preston Rainey. i J bcrship Committee or the National

Here's a family dish that's pretty enpugh for a company 32nd StmtVILSONWilliam of WUliams- I and Mrs. Slmic Bowers, 1344 St. Petersburg: W. N. Tarptey, I|i Association for the Advancement

dinner. Chicken is so plentiful and delicious this time of \ for May 6 I Mt. Herman Street, Girl. Tampa; Whitt Lee McWilson iI( of Colored People.

year,I'm sure you'll enjoy serving this one often. Creamy town N. J. I II ILONG1.1rs. Final arrangements for the presentation Mr. and Mrs.VllUe Farr. 707Court : I Pensacola; the Rev. D. B. Thorpe, There will be a featured speak- .
Carnation Evaporated Milk blends the soup to make I Georgia Mae of I II of the Junior Debutante I K.. Boy. Jacksonville, B. F. Irving, secre- i er and awards will be given following -

delicious gravy. Serve with fiuff Yon cooked rice and you're I Dellwood Avenue cotillion. to be given on May 6 1, Mr. and Mrs Frank Girl. Ford 1990 tary and the Rev. R. H. Wilson | the address. Women chosen
: W. 20th Streeet.
your way to Carnation-good eating! WILLIAMS-Madeline Elaine of f at the Duval County Armory! are '! 330 treasurer. j to be honored will be selected
Mrs Joseph
:Mr. and
Elected to the board of trustees from the
29th StreetALBERTIE'Airs. completed by members of J Sembership Committe of
1204 W. being
: I W. Fist St., 3. Girl.
Apt. were the Rev. J. C. Sems, T. D. the organization.
.... the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Basil- ,j
: '..a. '""-- J. of i Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nelson,
: r. ,- Donnnle eus Ella L. Jones and the sorors : Dix. J. J. Lane, the Rev. A. E. | Mothers and their daughters

i..ot's: :. : ,=.' :. 6607 New Kings Road striving to make this one of 1012 Oakley Street Boy. Crumady Fred Alexander, treasurer -i will want 4o attend this program ---
.; are
it :: Mrs. Eddie Williams,
t'. ; '- > .t ; II I the outstanding events of the sea- Mr. and and F. Henry Williams sec- which is scheduled for Mother's.
.,, .. I '1 171G Harper Street. Girl. I retary. 1 D Ny.
t ': ,, ; I son. I Mr. and A1rs. Wilbert Rogers,
.: ... i
,. "
a> J ; '>
'" r." < ... ""'"- : I ACE LeagueUnion Committee chairmen for this I 1477 W. State Street No. 2, Girl.
.. .
..... ''' I
"'. .. =- <- ;.f..'''' I H. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight PeAcher.
,<<::..v. : >;; presentation are: Soror Alpha GRAY GLORIOUS
; from !
.: I PlansProgram to 1
..,." ,oofI!!, .. : ",iFAMILY Moore, general chairman of the 2125 Danson Street, Boy.
v. : I : Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Ether- t
; Ait ; I Cotillion; Soror Fannie
,... w .' I idge. 2077 Baldwin Street. Girl.
-<: Soror
the guards; :
of 1i
... ; ... .. .. chairman I
,'.,- (, 1'. .- -,. "!:. --; !I The city wide A.C.E. League j Alveta Allen chairman of the I
"" ... J5 of the AME Churches will r I
; : :;r: Union souvenir program; Baseileus EllaL. iPeck: Hiqh Seniors:'

.." -- -. <' : present its mcntlily program in : Jones, chairman of the'decora, -
I .! :/- ,. ,' ,.'g -.... j- 4'::: the auditorium of Payne Chapel i tions; Soror Alpha Moore, music: Selects Class Play I f i

r '"" : ,"" ...,- AME ('-Tir<:Franklin: Street at chairman; Soror Lucile G. Coleman I d L :

:: -wf. 22nd.I easteide, Sunday, :May 15th, financial chairman: and : Masons i (

ft. >. ... #. at 3 p.m. I Soror< Rossie French publicity;' ; The-seniors of Peck High School) t .
\ :. ....j .-,,"'" f i Fy I
f ;i A special program of music chairman. | will present "Aunt TUlle Goes To If
L ."' are Soror Minnie Lee Gadling wil]' Town" their cteas play 9 f
readings solos and trios being ; as on May j
..:. 11' I arranged. Mrs. Helen Cleveland, ]supervise the. standardized test' 113 at 7:30 p.m. in the school tatxti0 I -, II
: which will be administered t } torium. i I
1; : : church organist, will direct the :| I! 4
I interested during.th 1 :
SKILLET CHICKEN I combined Youth Choirs for this participants ;, Other commencement activities ,
? STYLE occuIon.I week. i, are: Senior Class Day, May Do; > !
(Makes about 4 servings) The of "Mi&J BluE .
crowning e!
,i Junior-senior promenade May 2 tablespoons !butter: 1 can (iO1/* ounces) cress I Speaker for this program hour Revue of 1960" will be a special 127 l j ; Commencement Vesper, May :,.n ,
will be Leonard J. Roberts, Jr., feature of the evening.
2 Ssb'espcons shortening cf chicken soup 131 j school gymnasium 4 p.m.; It
who has chosen for his subject I Invitations are not being sent, t
undilutedCARNATION > j Commencement. June 1, 5
3 tablespoons flour 1% cups(tells can) p-ia. ,; !
"The Church One Foundation". but tickets may be secured from:L school speakeri .
gymnasium I
.=.K .
pounds frying aucken FA7C5A7I5Vi : I ; :
the sorors and also at the Armory
jJamea Evans civilian
c assisiant,
tecspran l poultry$* : Miss Bernett Walker League j (
a'o. ? on the evening of the event, I
1 can (ilOVa ounces) creera 6 Is 8 peeled carrots ..; president will preside. i Dancing will ..follow the presentation ,;i Secretary ton D. C.BEAVTR. of Defense, Wacfainf-i with / ;z4r LARIEUSE .

et'*-*&.!.9Tf soup 6 smel!p ed! whIte crib I which begins at 8:30 pis. !: : l Haircolor -
chapped pan/! I i 4-
: 21 sblsipocns ACE' I -
The next League Union 7oca3 i..h&ve l lutlr 99 rich and nAturaUookinj SA '
:Melt feuiier and shortening in in half ngth vt'. Place car meeting will be held in Fountain the OTofrssicBal model hon herd One hour, andO
deep frying pan with lid. Roll rots and or'oaa erotnd: chicken.chickentnfour.E.rownlnmelted COLD SUFFERERSG.t FALLS PA.. NSWS- efrov' Lsdrutft bring*back youth to drab,
Heat to boning: Reduce heat to Chapel AME Church 611 Bridier, ,- TRIBUNE ."Feda over-procewuji or graying hair. It; easy to UM IK I
mall Street Thursday, :May 12 at'8:30 STANSJACK. .,bh.r'.J' Wd.rs.. : state awi
fat When wed browning low. Caver and simmer I no extra purchases oeedodUGociefror' Get kmgbsdn I
chicken spoon (\t tscss fat. dikken and vegetables ere ten p. m. f e. ,r,|,"> .f COtD; DISCOMFORTS. i local expenditures Are rte at Lariaue now! ...,.
Mix soup Carnation *.** th g 2er' (about SS to 45 sr&ralef). -JT 'i7. S T. A h!! ft A.C btft.tio"K "K"'ptiOft f '7"fM'fl"w' -.. i $lID billion a year. That is more I. L .,l._M_. I J'. w._:_: ::.:;_:_/EE:. _:
: ate. p. rthevln' '
poultry seasoni=t ihum%!.. Sprinkle parsl".TOfi3rta3.B T8 All :Union' officers and- League J .v.eati.ett tket w.rtl t 9th" than ene third the national prosfect H< L MIa anete temtseia vtd Bipak .. .
Ppur over cilclcen.: CUt carrotsC225 W1th e nfesiS 4aN. f -4 members,,are'invited" to attend for FASTER RELIEF ef HEADACHE. I' In other words 35 cents of every :LDODEFaor Appiy fcj Hit a:"fc i satbr. .s ;o.....:;. -
.. iT! '
Prlntt4kV.u;: .to this meeting and ,build greater ,NEURALGIA ACHING MUSCLES. dollar earned in this country gore 3.1.=l .atG h
dxn t.'c.tdt; : 3TAh ACIK s! a R'
future tor-our own 'Youth of"Ib- DUCE FtV!'. SNAP BACK ...... \ to help maintain government ca UFO.CO... 3110 Oars ila+cet. &is.st Titer .

.- :: .,.. ';t >; morrow 87AN8ACK. I all leveb- -*;. .



., ,, .... .. ,. ,- '
.. '' -
''; ':/ --.o; :" -" -.d;- '" +..- '> .. --Ao. J. I AI .1.l! '' 1i'm_ l"Week .>

_ -- mr-- lLl ,- ..'- 49C '- --r.' 1.9" :<.::::- "':::; :---4: '


I +

Page 4 THE FLORIDA STAR Week Erdir-;; Saturdcr::; AAcv- 7. 1 Q60
--- ---- ---- ---- -

[L. ';: i S nt Thomas Women Set Ann Ii a8! Observance I

-- -
! .. .
--- i
'r-, !--1. L PARKERnpOSM7Cn
.& i -=

'?: ." f r tiF \. : c: OAiT\&
S .c v- 1. : ** ; ir *v it v--' \

\, AIIiIIiiio =..=ii! ... +4t Zae I '
iiluji" tM l ,
m women of St. Thomas' Bap- ore: : Mrs Daisy: Rushing chairman -
I is* Church \\11 observe their anal ] ; M.S. Verdell Brewer cochairman -

f: .., I 1' stay on Mjy'15th. beginning I : Mrs. Annie Mae Tatum.
,.ith the Sunday School at i:30 secretary: Miss Gertrude Wilcox
MEMORIAL\ !n behaii ot the annual Men' ,jn. with Mrs. Jaunita Thorpe as :secretary; Mrs. Carrie L. McKin-

May 8, the Education Board Day observance. p J nest superintendent.Mrs. ney. treasurer; Mrs..Blanche Miller -
will present: a program during the The artists are members of: : M. L. Parker will serve aspastor financial chairman.
Sunday School period TP'Bch- ; Choir 2 of the church and have J for the day and Mrs. Janie

ers contest will terminate May 15. : presented recitals in the various Y. ,dr a r v .Jackson will deliver the morning Decoration committee: Mrs.
churches of the city. x Margaret Mackey. Mrs Etta Watkins -
May 23. Alvin Jon s of Ocala : I ddress. I
wift deliver the sermon at 11 am.. 2 # ff 1 ; The young people will have ; Mrs. Bertha Rozier. Mrs.
1 ,4NCi: :: OBSERVANCE ; Hortense Neal and Mrs. E. \V.
and the Stanto Mu*i Cho of Nf.1I' z ; ; charge of the afternoon program i ia&
stanton will furnish the music ;: The annual Cancer Sunday observance ; 3 pm. i i Mainor will have charge of music.

during the service at 6:45; p.m. i will be observed May: 8 The closing address will be de- ;
"The Rev. Jonas wit preach for the i and all local ministers and z&g; : : 2e ,livered by Mrs. Johniestine Young'
occasion and the Young People's churches are being asked to assist of Bethel Baptist Church. Baptist.Ministers
Choir will serve. I{ in this special effort by the Officers for this celebrationIllinois "
I ministers and church division. i AnnounceAioick: !
CENTRAL BAPTIST i Rev. J. B. :'. Williams is chair- I
The Choral Group of Long j man of the ministers and church P- ''! Ladies l ToMae E ForThe

\ Branch Elementary School will division and Rod n F. Roberts is MonthThe
sing at Central Baptist Church. cu-chairman. I I !: Saturday} \
Baptist Brotherhood
Third and Broad Streets on May The Owens-Illinois Ladies met schedules
15 for the Youth Day observance. MT. TABOR ,I recently in the home of Mrs. I the following events on its
Mrs. Ada V. Norton is supervisor The :Male Chorus and Choir i Lucile Davis, 1725 W. 17th Street agenda for the month:
of music at Long Branch No. 3 will rehearse Saturday at j I with the president Mrs. Ruby May: 9. the Rev. E. R. Simpsonwill
School. 7:30: pjn. I PREPARED FOR ZION MEET-The persona shown above is: one of the groups that went to makeup Fields presiding over the business give the order of the day
*. Sunday services begin with the{! the General Arrangement Committee of St. Luk AJMLE. Zion Church Buffalo. New York. Rev. II. n : session. Plans are still underwayfor and the Rev. R. H. Wilson will
WAYMON CHAPEL AME Sunday School at 9:45 aon. with:i Bass, pastor for the entertainment of ihs 36th general conference who opens at the church. 10:04'i the annual spring tea which deliver the address from the
Services for Sunday will begin the superintendent in charge. Lesson ; a.m.* \\'tdnuda This is part f the Young Adult Society of the rhnrch. Seated If-It-right: Mesdames will be held in June. theme "Sermon Building..
with the Sunday School at 9:30 will be reviewed by the Rev. : Eva H HI. Ituneite Brallsford Dorotl<'a Atkins and Minx Paltie Loull. Standing Willie B. Billiard 1\11'5. I' At the close of the meeting Mrs. May 16, the theme will be nn.

a.KL. with B. Woods in ctar Ce. ? II H. T.. Overstreet. I Catherine Smith Walter William, Marvin'Smith. Mn Geneva ibrk and Haywood I1llliard Not Shown: Davis served a very tasty repast isterial Ethics." The Rev. R. L.
Morning worship 11 am. Even Districts 3. 4, 7 and 8 will meet but who contributed much to the program Mesdames Pearl Moore Ida Salisbury Mary McCormick i i and birthday gifts were exchanged. Jones will conduct the question
L'lgv.or jp 6:30 pm. Sermons at S pjn. at the church and District -, and Miss Jt'ilnd& Core along "Uh.mi. Davis, George Davis. Joe Alston, Thomas Tripi and James I', period.
will be delivered by the pastor. 1 will meet in the home of I lIunter. I Members present were Mrs. May 23. Rev. J. C. Sams will
Stewardess Board No. 1 will firs Bernice Smith 4210 Connie : ----' --- Irene Morgan Mrs. Emma Mel- give the order of the day. Rev.C. .

meet at 3: pin. in the home of Street. District 2 will meet Sunday i Ford School Plans 'Mother's 1 Contest1 i i Mrs. Pearl Bell I ton Mrs. Viola Snead Mrs. Ad- A. Weaver will give the report

the president 1!rs. Martha Jones,I at the church. I 1 ritrice Peters, Mrs. Ronnie Singleton !I on current events
2544 Jerusalem Lane. I The Mother's Day tea will beheld "May Festival11 j! Terminates May 8 I To Speak For Mrs. Nadine Shipman Mrs. May 30 Rev. T. J. James of
s s s s I from 4 to 6 p.m. at the 1! The Primary Department ofj i Annie Thomas Mrs. Alberta Pearson I Tampa will Rive the order of the
ST. MART BAPTIST I church. I I Ii John E. Ford Elementary School i May Day Housewives'League Mrs. Lucile Davis and Mrs. day. President H. H. Robinsonwill
Communion services will be observed S t i is presenting a "May Festival", :j The second annual "Mother of Ruby Fields, deliver the address from the
in St. Mark Baptist WEST UNION. May 10 at 8:00 O'clock pjn. in the Year" contest, sponsored by The next meeting will be held theme 'The Baptist Outlook iss
Church. New Berlin Sunday nightat I AnnualVomen.':; day will be'observed the School C&fetoriuci. : the Moitiers; Club of New Stanton i Mrs. Fearl L. Bell president of Saturday :May: 6 at 7 pjn. in the .
7 pjn. with the pastor in charge May 15 in West Union Beautiful fairies spring blossoms High School will terminate Maya j the National Housewives League home of Mrs. Alice EUcx 1533 W. I s s s '

of pulpit services. j Baptist Church. Officers are: Mrs. elves. Indicus and wood from 4 to 6 p.m. in VIe library jof I America will appear in this 19th Street. I
Other services will begin with I Villye F. Dennis chairman: Mrs. : nymphs ;111 dance against a! of the school.A I I city. Sunday May 22nd at St. Send or Bring Your New

the Sunday School at 9:30 ajn.. I Lillian C. Belle co-chairman and : colorful background of flowers I'I musical program has been j'Paul AME Church to speak for borhood Clubs of the Urban League In To ThefLOR5DA
followed by morning worship :lti 1\18. Annie C. Ross secretary. I and shrubbery. The costumes will planned with the New Stanton the Jacksonville unit of the House vice president of the Senior
11 ajn. I Other officers are: :Mrs. Willie M. I reflect: every hue of the rainbow. Glee Club the Stanto-Musi-Cho wives League honoring the founder Ladies Council of U.S.O., Directorof S TA
Rev. P. Josey pastor of St. Davis. :Mrs. Ruch C. Solomon, :Mrs. !; The dances are as follov/s: j: Miss Gwendolyn Johnson Mrs.: Mrs. Fannie B. Peck. Lincoln Recreation Center fora
Church will have Martha Cummings Mrs. Eliza R.'erry First Grades Waltz of the -- ._- Director of
Peters Baptist I. I Ethel Bracty Mrs. Dorothy Bacon number of years. Main Office & Plant
charge of services during the i and Mrs. Evelyn Bodison. Flowers The Bunny Hop Sunshine ;: and others appearing. will have charge of Table arrange Senior Citizens Activities (Golden MONCRIEF RD
evening worship. j I Boy mat: meeting will beheld I i and Shadows, The Elves j i Age Group) and was elected to 2323
1 Mrs Dorothy Sreet and Mrs. ments. 13th Street
Saturday at 9:30: a.m. Dinners Dance Honey-suckle Dance and Executive Board.
willserve the Republican
I i Jennie V. Crockett will serve on Mrs. Mildred Seruggins
EVERGREEN BAPTIST \will be sold on the church grounds"I The Dance of Narcissus; Second]I II the finance committee. Mrs. Vera I as mistress of ceremoniesfor All of the Housewives and f am..1- 5.5

Choir No. 1 will hold its meet- Beginning at noon. I I Grades Dance of the wood I Wiles along with other mothers the occasion., **,'. lies are invited to attend. f e
ing Saturday at 7:30 pjn. in the Deaconess Board No. 2 will meet I nymphs and the May. blossoms?. ..... -.;;
-- --- ---
;; .
auditorium of the church. \ Sunday at 3 p.m. The Young I\Third Graders Dance of the, L ; ; \ S. <- d.i" ;..' 1
Sunday services begin with the Matrons Auxiliary will meet Sunday Blue Bells The Indian War Dance 1:
Sunday School at 9:30 a.ni. MornIng at 4 pjn. at 5747 Bree Rd.. I and the-Pixie Polka. ,, _
worship at 11, evening serviceat 'loradle. District 9 will meet Sunday You are cordially invited to
6:30. with Mrs. Estelle Washington come to the Festival and enjoy \ -\-
925( W. 29th Street. an evening of excellent entertain- N S

SECOND BAPTIST Daniel Cummings will be presented ment. < .
"Family Day in the Church" in an after service recital I I \:\ \ : .
will be observed Sunday beginningwith Sunday night sponsored by Choir \
the Sunday School at 9:30 No. 3. I
am. The Rev. J. C. Sams pastor Day"Slated ; : \.
will deliver the sermon at 11 am. ST. PAUL BAPTIST I for May 8 i\ / \ ta
from the theme, "Building Chris- District 3 will meet Friday s / S '.
tian Houses." Gifts will be presented I nitwit at the home of Mrs. Gladys at Duval ArmoryMrs. I \
to the mothers present Walker 11th and Payne Streets. I 1 } \
with the tar:est family. The Sunday School and BTU ;i Ethel Davenport Bannisterwill
The Mother's Day: program will 1 Department will sponsor an out- i present the first annual
Little Talbot Island Satur "Choirs Day" at the Dval County \
be held at 4 pjn. BTU at 4:45 ins to
pjn. and the evening service at day. The bus will leave the churchat Armory on May 8.

7 o'clock. S 11 9:30: om.S ,I All Choirs of the city are eligible ..y \
u for participation. Choirs that
..' JERUSALEM: BAPTIST' .. ST. STEPHEN"AME I have registered thus far are from
The women of the churchill Mrs. JuaniUi Johnson will be Tabernacle Baptist Little Rock ,
present their annual banquet the speaker for the Mother's Day
Saturday night in the educational'service I Sunday at 11 awn in the South-de. \

li nding. Mrs. Hannah Miller of ;r St. Stephen AME Church. Baptist Southside Choir 4B of'('
Green Cove Springs will be the i: Mrs. Johnson wil be introducedby 1 i.Mt. Ararat Evergreen Baptist!
speaker for the occasion. Mrs. Altamese McIntosh. Shaw Memorial Baptist. St. Mat ,
\I w I w ecuiity
Sunday services begin with the thew Baptist eastsid; St. John I ", \. I d.\\
Janc\.y School at 9:30 a.m. with : ABVSSINLn.PTIST 1 Baptist, Macedonia Baptist : ; : I
-Rte supt. Herman Singletory InMorning I The following district will meet I' Church and the Congregational : J _
worship at 11 at 3 pjn. Friday night at the _
c1. Gospel Chorus. We don't (
the house
I mean nicest In the L S t
9 and 12. District i I *
church: 2. 3. 4. 6. !
Mrs. Leila Btinbar, the oldest 7 will meet at 8147 WaxWing ', Participating choirs will be ; I neighborhood the newest, sleelcest ca*..t 1

the in the church will beat Avenue, Dimmore. Transportation competing for the four prime to! the right schools, the right camp*. :" Et na
t tI .
CI'01fttf'd i 3 jun will leave the church be awarded Fj-st jirtae, ..a set oft 1 ,
The Mate Chorus c* rlsa an1tf'l I;at i;:: p.m. I choir robes for the entire choir: Were talking about the 1 kind of security ;X

'.,.' ,Bay**** Church will be presbfkd !; The Susdsy School chorus will I second p.rIIIe-a set of satin stoles; 'I they cant do without the kind that come ,
MI *-* Suaday night in an.:meet Saturday at 5:30 p.m. forE i third prize-a set of choir collars "
fte **tvtet* nom in inter***,t E:r h I for the entire group; fourth prize from Inside. : ... f fI.

of" the W uen'S DAy observance.JUT. AH moiiicrs participating hi the : !
e : .;Jfcf u cnAp program have been I Judges for tt,* aifalr w nil be ; I.
4 .AXA3AT i yak*I to'mew fsi- rehearsal at t!7:. C :focd D. d '!biIob t tt ,

The Mother's Day program iriHbe # :6:38i p t. apfcist, M ':. One B. Wl1Ufur.s : '
presented! Sunday at 8:30 pjn.fa ..I'i a: i and Allia Jaelestn.TABEHXACLE 1 J Only Faith. the armor of the spirit.wiH -rn_ f/ _

Mt. Ararat BantUt C&nrefa,. -YT: :tA&Yut 1. a give them the sea ti13a to meet it .. ,,, _
with Mrs- Suste McOra a.i t ehair-.1{1 We rrsi<'s Day will be observed courageously no matter what it brings ;
.8 ,22'\\ith Mrs. Cleo Perkins of
JIUU1 and y'"tbt7 Pomwr eoSfT. M& BAPTIST |
ebakman. I Paht-ka t!*,!iv rlntt -the morning Annual women's day will be You can show your children

'II'adtiras.j observed in Tabernacle Baptist ? where to End faith how to
Church May 15 )
throughout the
.... PLEASANT BAPTIST I Offof the day are Mrs. day. Officers are: Mrs. Queen i _build a day by day. if you make"c 7
service ambe I jYerdie Ctuae. chairman: Mrs. \V.RT3dafeIi .
tacttmcnlal ;
A Al- AJdns, chairman and Mrs. Helen i praying a family aiFair. tic'r .
held May 8 for all iss&er* in : co-chairman; Mrs. j
Mt. Ffewant Baptist ChurefcVTheatnrlees .t freda Pouglas secretary; Mrs. M. Lawrence co-chairman. It""
Will o observed at U .Sim Pierce program; Mrs. Daisy e s s s.s 0 "I' ,,,.. '"' -. ......-I'" "'-
a.m.. Z p.m. and 7 PJO. i Cupel. chairman of deacons: Mrs. .o $ 1! i

Ordination services will be held !lit McKeever: trustee chairman; I II IMrs. ST. PAUL A3IE :' I
May 15 at 3 ivra. for Bober 3= 2 I, 5I> Bevan courtesy commit- Mrs. Pearl L. Bell will be -_."'.:.. r. iiTT 1
J i principal speaker for the Fannie "
and Johnnie W. Jots?$ Jr.. son of I
the Rev. J. W. Jones. 'f AcUsg' as pastor for the day will l I B. Peck Day observance slated for 1 T- '- :
1 I Hill. ay 22 at 7 p.m. at St. Paul AME ;
jbe Miss Joselynn
.1 I II Church. 13th and Myrtle. .,. :. ,', S .-'-
cmmcii OF GOD i {I All chairmen are to be presentto
The 3 th aixn",;: Assembly orthe make their reports.

Church Church cr of Cod Dod wilt Auditorium convenein ,I EMANUEL BAPTIST i. a s e s ;i : r t :
Use Deaconess Board 3 of Emanuel :: Tif R'log lMro' cree :1
b streets. May 915. '- : .- .
Steele and.,z+ S? ..--S iPAYNC [r Baptist 5iurch will observe its SIT. OLIVE : ; 0
1 ittL- *i2 isary May 10 In the I The men of Mt. Olive AME : > .
y CHAPEL .L-.*.a.u.*}tt inn of the church. The Church will observe the annual- '" .j ; ,;

f v Club 2 of Payne Cnaprl'T4 ",,'T nnual sermon will be delivered Men's D.y May 29. ; ;'-. IIItJ M lilt > ocScaa 1.Ira l'.oi'BDI bl .
k'al'tty' I.. Wilcox. pastor Eddie Ford and Waymon Stone '
: Church rUi press the Rev. E. :: < : it
I*. BoyJdns and 'Mrs Cdps Lrn:,I tot Bethany:Baptist.Church. have been elected to serve ascha,1nnan :, -: ". : "i" ", ..",,,,._ '::.
Wayne in & sees recital BundaY and co-chairman. .' '" ,- ; '; :.



.. .J'., .. '';: ."..1', _..:_ -- ;;.. :' _. -::=- ::-- >,

-.,-., .z:. .' ., -. -> ..ic1'
.. _" ...,....... :'j '}" :.

t .

,x .

v '

,, Week Ending Saturday, May 7, 1960' THE FLORIDA STAR Page 5 .
: .I..

v H'.: i

,c.,,. ,; .f R.:: ., ; I, : : Stanton plates
:y 4y -\.. ::1 ;,;".. !es oo

s, f Dean and :Mrs. J. B.
,'t, : .. : y Epperson
B i:s:.:+ g i ,i n: e .:: iu :"''r. :' p7 h.. <. ; N 'W iY i attended the General: Conference] T .
*i of the AME Church in Calif ornia.4 byGivendoiSua 1 H. Vaughn is it true that you're

'' Dean Epperson served as one of \ C. ThomasTO going steady with G. Boston inthe
.. .. /..! -.. -' :q.f" ?'f / I .iS : the chaplains for the 1
,, session.
# *- -: : V ?#: f j'j'I ALL YOU ACE SPOON 10th grade? M. Chisholm are

d.f -,... COONS' 3NoW' still trying to prove your

k. ,,'.. ': ';",: -I A.'Verdeii Jones from New york t that May has really come !11 point to F. Williams? Not that

f '" .f x: City was .a .visitor in our city j.:in with a zig-zag atmosphere, the j ]rm"trying to get in your business
1 i K- t they I but I do hope two make up
r recently. :Miss Jones is the niece' Pros' and Cons' realize that you

I of Dean and Mrs. J. B. pperSn. :, school scene has only a few more | :your minds.B. .
I \dead alive Hinton what happened to
i to some, very much i
1 .
;\ to others) eels to go. All the : :you and A. Pinckney? Has M.

f Miss Eartha M. M. White, will1 j\1 D&\chiF-O.S will dig the tropical bit J J Newkirt taken over? ConstanceW.

; ''* be the JoIother's".Day speaker and c tch up; on some Zs. t! ., we would like to see the junior
** "'
I 'p R St4 -T V "s -2 ys.fir% iyt ,
vik 1 "
4. gt {s.1x e i I
.,, t= i: f 4/ t v:.A, :f. E i ,' b. I the- H. Y. Tookes Library annex, you speak l so much of James

fe-X oV { .-yt: #Ja****. -. -i..Y'. ;O.S.iS'g S.4y4.s 'DMR4'S .iWfc.4'9eit t5 A &Hr'. a, "j. >, Edward Waters College, May 8, at I Wonder what has happened tot\:Buchannan) at E.'\YC.. Is he for
s the friskey little II. ilia:' :
'- ,,. '. ::< \14 pjn.Mr. Every real? '. Blackshear please turnus
4 ,,...:t".,:".. W, < ?;i5Th one knows "she ain't what she i. the
: : >'' I on. who ara you taking to
a 4 s I used to be." Woodie wants all his' .
+< prom?
; ; top guns to know that soon het t
: and Mrs. Gilbert Syhes! cf See you next week.
:11 /, i will be like crazy in the lap of a I
: 1504 W. 26th Street are the proud ;
1 chick who enjoys. an occasionalvisit I
parents of a baby boy born April Y
I to Sccttland, he needs a ;
.. 25. Both are members of the
7ti .. ..
I: : ; iubericaiion job and this chick j Women'sConvention
i r Twilight Social and' Saving club I
: is just the one to lu?-ww him. ;j
,d4Ja of which Mrs. Sykes serves as
I M. Drayion has been cut loose T o =,
financial secretary.
this real cool .operator has been I
i Convene At Mt.
: S f cut loose, has he played out? I I :

really don't mean to put any- I|

; >. .r.- :Mrs. Juanita Lewis, president of : body's busines into the street but I I Calvary I
the City-Wide Beauticians League you really know how the ball The District Junior Weu "?'3

r: and Miss Dorothy Thorpe also a I bounces. Convention, auxiliary to the East
.... .
.. :,:.. ..K .:.:Mib., :: beautician of this city are at- I I Florida and Bethany Baptist Association
; .
:.. .. c .. .. ; .. ,.( tending the General Conference I Last week the Yearbooks were will / >; y. a.;: of the AME church in Los Angeles, given out and you can believe me nual one day &c ,";n 'at the ML

California. Both plan to visit other I when I tell you that the "Class Calvary Baptist Chutc'i;' Dora and

,. places of interest while in Cali- of 60" Is really the "Cream of Spruce Streets. May 12.
/ I
,': ;..,.; .' ," ; w r;;;Y\ ':: :S : 'W.O'::" ::>:; ; ;;i ; : ; fornia. the Crop." All the coolest of the The theme, "is acing the Crisis
> '
: : ,.; ,.:, ::: : ': ::: ; : ,::,:": ,;; ..:,:Z ;: ; cool Boomerangs and Boomer- with Christ", will be discussed: by
.... _
ar. .:-......a ....,o.. ..w.vW(rL..w.Y.6 : (v- will be Like
angers gone. crazy I. Mrs. Ruth Bryant. Mrs. Annie L.

FOR BETTER LIVING-During the observance of the 15th National Home Demonstration, May 1-:,.emphasis is Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Jonesof baby, they're taking every thing.I Huff will have charge of the Bible

being put ca letter living: Top left, Home Demonstration Agent Jerelien L. Bollard, Jefferson County, Ark., and District 1576 Florida Avenue are vaca- really mean it when I say period and the worship during

Agent Marguerite Williams get pointers from Acting President Earl C. Evans of Arkansas State College on tioning in Baltimore, Md. They they're taking the salt out the the afternoon.The .

making concrete block Homes more attractive by sawing lines into the blocks before laying them to make them will also visit relatives and friends shaker. Rev. H. II. Robinson will

look like small bricks.: Mr. Evans' country home in back-ground is such a house. Top right, Mr. and Mrs. Henry in Annapolis, New York, Atlantic Joan H. is having a real time bring greetings from the district.

Cotton tenant farmers of Bailey N. C., proudly show their freezer full of food to their home agent, Mrs. Margaret II. City and Philadelphia before returning trying to explain to R. Brown why Other leaders of the district and

Made Bottom, a group of Florida county home demonstration agents improve their skill in making slip covers. Left to Jacksonville. she is in the heart with G. Cue. state: will represent their deportments. -

to right: :Mrs. rte Mae ..Clark, Tallahassee; Miss GladysWilkins formerly of Lake City; Mrs. Idella Kelly formerlyof .* 9 \ I visited the salt not many I -

Ocala; Mrs. Leonliae Williams, Gainesville; Miss Flop Britt district agent; and Mrs. Ethel M. Powell, JacksonvilleEngagements The ROY. and Mrs. R. J. Blaine I moons ago, to my surprise all the Choirs and ushers of Mt. Calvary -

-_USDA .'Dhntn.. A.VI,4' and son are attending the Gen- top Biffs and Biffers were there and Friendly Baptist

_. .- eral Conference of the AME and traveling on cloud seven. L..I Churches will serve.Men's .

i. Ions, to Eddie Wilkes, son of :Mr. A Nathan W. CollierDay Church in. Los Angeles, California. Jones was having a little trouble '

'I| and Mrs. Lee Wilkes of 1343 Evcr- 1. J:111S BD"It'F.. .J I with Jonny Mc., that cool cat; I
Announced I green A ven;: .
ObservanceSet Our Sick and Shut-ins: Mrs. I saw Fedricker and that was all

The wedding will take place at I GAINESVILLS Hen's Day wil; 1 Mable White of 1053 W. Duvall it took, he fell like a ton of bricks Day Set -

Mr. and Mrs. Curious McKenzic the home of the bride's parents j be observed iMay 9-15 at 8 p.m., in At FNIMC Street Is ill in Brewster Hospital; i I but Laura opened his nose and I At St. JohnSt. i

of 623 Pippin Street Sunday, :May i 3, at 5 pm j Shady Grove Primitive Baptist Jackson C. Ross, Brewster do mean wide. Mary C. and Con- ,

announces'I Church. St. Augustine, Ha., May 1 tal; Roesenior :Murray, HOSPl-\; \| nie W. were on the sets: and were i i John Baptist .Church will .
the engagement and approachingmarriage Friends and families of the The devotion May 9 will be con ball. L. Yeartie R.Mangram observe its annual Men's
I The Annual Nathan W. Collier's Hospital; :Mrs. Catherine L. Bal really having a \ Day May
of their daughter, Dc- couple are invited.I ducted by Deacons Sammie Camp ,
Day Observance and the Alumni den at 1066 \V. 8th Street; :Mrs.' and R. Taylor, all new-i t 15 throughout the day. Officersfor

bell, and J. Williams. The Rev.J. Day Celebration will highlightand Tasker Jenkins of 2063 W. 16th \ ly elected top guns were on the I the day are: Joseph J. Nixon

New Car Women Will Love I C. Schumpert will preach. add special color and dignityto Street; :Mrs. Rosa Lee Edwards of I, salt trying to catch; up with some chairman; Joseph Alexander
I May 10, Deacon C. C. Price. I! \
I the many activities scheduledto 1911 W. 22nnd Street.Operetta ( smooth operators. Sr., co-chairman; Solomon McClendon -

.. t Dove L. Sehuinake will conductthe take place on the campus of Words came from the nobel \ junior chairman; Char-
j devotion, and the Rev. C. J. Florida Normal and Industrial that Major M. has been joinedin 1 les McCormick co-chairman;

I Johnson will deliver the message. Memorial College during the deepest emotions by Linda Me., \Henry Watson treasurer; Solo
i!-ay11, the Rev. A. Blake and To Be ;
A month of May. one of the most foxiest misses at mon McClendcn, secretary; Samuel -

I war i x< congregation, from ,Micanopy will ; Stanton. John M. has become regarded A. Caswell Jr., program chair
: 4 I have charge: of the service. The Nathan W. Collier's Day Presented At as-a blood-thirsty tyrant, man.

Observance will be held on May and on the barren heath. Joseph Alexander, finance
}4 i May 12, Deacon Willie Golsten R. L Brown
will have charge of the devotion, 19th beginning at 10:00 ajn. and The Glee Club and Stanton hada chairman; James Thompson, tag

1 and the Male Chorus of Hawthorne the Alumni Day' Celebration will "Fairies are really truly," a MayDay real jazzie time at Tall all the chairman; Dave Nixon Jr.. beau-

f .. 1i will serve. Scripture, the take place on May 28th._ On both operetta, will be presented at girls made the highlights. Carol tification chairman; Mack Walker -

I Rev: R. J. Gainous; speaker, the occasions several hundred alumni the R. L. Brown School May 20 in I D. came back with the address of Oliver Baker, ccurtesy chair-

<:. i Rev. J. S. Shannon; selection, members former staff and faculty the .auditorium. Scenes are cen- a cat who says "n ire soon> I7.1be I men; the Rev. A. J. Hughes, and

members as well as others who tered around a field of daisies waiting." Melvin are you goingto Sammie L. Davis, music.
chorus invitation to joiners; offering -
I II ; are a part of or interested In the which are enhanced by the sun- stand for this? Group captains are Irvin C.
Earl Maddox; announce- '
I Florida Normal and Industrial shine fairies. Why doesn't W. Pinckney reform Cobb, Rufus David, Mac Walker, ,
ments Deacon Bennett Brooks.
-t ,.} : .W College will 'vISit the campus and I[ Sunshine Fairies are Anges and get off that boomerang i Willie Roberta, W. E. Williams,
May 13, Deacons Bennett Brooks
participate in the activities scheduled I Dozier, Barbara Ho ks. Leslie Ste- I kick? Say have you heard the Solomon! McClendon Joseph Alex- ,
and A. Brown will conduct the de- \
: to take place on these forth- 'j j wart, Darcel Irish er, Gwendolyn latest F. Williams and N. Gore j ander, Calvin Forehand Leroy
votion. Pastor Gainous will preachthe
e coming occasions. The Nathan W. i Moore, Marvette Starling, Oliver I John P. J.
.. sermon. Selection, chorus; invitation i l I I' were indulging in some violent i; Nelson Lemmon Hall
',9 ti17tolo by Tommy iicber : to joiners; selection of-I Collier's Day is set aside each i Tolbert, Pearlie Bates, Geneva actions over a young lady called Curtis Adams, Charles McCormick,

Only ten feet long -- .- ; the: size cf the average Americanuloracblic I year to pay a special tribute to Young, Loyce Abraham and Joyce :j Superman. i ij Walter Darrcw, Alonzoa Strong,
fering. Deacon Lewis C. Williams.
-- yet G.a.-j C...' ". fcit ef Luericr Eficc i fccTj.uig Ij j the late Dr. Collier and the great | Abraham. ;j i'Vhy does \Vc.:die say he's free Rev. A. J. Hughes, Willis Martin
rte-r IQs rr.l rocri for fmr pascs,! Seven stparzie cargo Ii I role he played in the development || Dewdrop Fairies: Tasker Han- Caswell.
as a bird, What's wrong F. E.?and Samuel I
new iMporied car An Lai/aiorns "e5& rides smoolmy at 70 snphacj I 14. I .. .. .H_ 1.
delivers cp to 45 ullea ca a gallon of g.,.,. i I or this well Known ijapiist institution ;.; non, Geroline Home Rosa. Wash- --
;I The services May 15 begins withDrawn : of higher learning! in the : ington Mildred Jones Gwendolyn!
1 bsparked ,
Most woman, when! they think end-to-cnd: ani so C; 11 i I i J
about it, zrs onksrpil itvara: where rot even r. ".::mPlct" I J. B. Colscn as guest superintendent ':; "ancient city." f I j Waye, Gail Mclvory, Patricia Sim- ; WHEN YOU ARE ILL

that most autos are designed ear could squeeze in. It I and James JacksonlI ''I coons JamsVoodard, Jacquelyn i I"; -: You Seek The Beat Doctor
for men. Auto makers give .n has a unique rubber suspension The Alumni Day Celebration ,
I secretary. The teachers are Deacon :; Johnson, Anne Davis and Janyre. When Your Doctor Prescribe
ostentatious nod to the distaff which gives it a soft ride. Andit busi- I
i will be devoted to pertinent
side with their annual talk of offers a very sens'bjs: i t novation Hamp Gaskiiis, Fiances Lewis \ Hughes. iF : Get Experienced Pharmacist
and "de onLtor' i in vital j I and J. C. Thomas. The Rev. A.LA. ness affairs of the association anda Rainbow Fairies : Deborah i -a
p;int colors one really re- i .; : ., To Fill Your Prescriptions .
upholstery. But the car itself specttiIah and e2., iy-; t&RL'- I.. >Mulberry will review the les- .'-pecial educational and recreational I, Bunch Shirley Kitchen, :Marvyne i J: To Your Doctor
is not easy for worsen to man verable ss the car is, it provides !i-SODS. Solicitors are: Deacon Sam program designed to honor. hicks Carol McKnight, Eleanor iiLW' oJ'"",: rry'<: : According
With all its helpful power- a full eight fesi of interior I r Orders We Use Only
age. j all students and graduatesof
I Ivory, C. C. Price, Lewis C. \VU.I| former j Bennett, Cynthia Gibbs. Nona, .
assists, it is still a :slightly fearsome space, simply by mounting 1 : The Best Quality Drugs At
monster. the cngiue across "the chassis I'i !faros, Bennett Brooks. Sammie l li the college. i Johnson Betty Kilpatrick, Car- = Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor ; .

"Without ostentation, in fact under tbs shortened hood.There's : I I i Campbell More Blakney and Lewis Other activities scheduled to ( barn Ayers and Annie Hudson j ji

with typical British reserve, the plenty of interior room i Colbert. ;i Dream Fairies are Cora Jones I
for both parcel. and take place on the campus accord-
British Motor Corporation which is If the latter! are children passengers. Ii j Deacon II. Gaskins and A. Alexander *-!, ing to Dr. R. W. Puryear, presi Judy Robinson: Valerie !ord, 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS To SERVE YOU
offering s new car was
will conduct the devotion at Beverly Jenkins Deborah Johnson ;S1,
the available polyvinyl leather-
quite deliberately designed to I dent of Florida Normal are as ''
appeal to women who drie and lttth upholstery will resist f 11:30 a.m. E. H. Harrison master I follows: Sunday School and a Harriet Gedd er, Debra Peters !1 I ILl V' D'RUG STOR

who go shopping by car. A i!.air wildest attacks.la I of ceremonies; welcome, C. C. i Gcrgin Yessin. | and Vera Riley. Evening Breezes: j Sl a U 1
woman can climb into it and ctb&r ways too, the carS i iwa Price: selection, male chorus; concert featuring : Donald Brown, Jerry Daily, James ,
out without subjecting herselfto denigned with women in : May 1; a special chapel program I (1307! Kings Road ELgfa 3-8276
hymn, the Rev. Mr. Shannon Waye George Brown Cornelius I
undignified postures. mind. The loni! ? reach and gropefor sponsored by the Phi Beta Sigma ;
the lla.nd-brake is eliminat1 1, scripture the Rev, Mr. Gainoos); : Forum and Stripling, Leroy Pate. Conicia :; A COMPLETE LINE OF:
There is parcel space g&krenot e; since -this lever is handily', speaker the Rev. W. D. Arssrt; ': Fraternity, May 2: a : Paul Tyrone MeDanlels, Cedric; ; Cosmetics Hubbe-/ Goods Candies Sundries
on the seats or floor baton Oratorical Concert :I.fcv! 3; class I
between the Trout seats.
a four-foot shelf under the placed Also eliminated is the familiar :\ announcements Bennett Brooks: ; ; meetings and Prayer Services Hudson Onie Miller, Ridgely Cook,; PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDVeu
dash, deep pockets on each hunap of tha drza-'' t tunnel : offering; Stacey Crawford Henry Ii i 5 chapel program sponsor Larry :Morse. William Mallory :

door, two 'more pockets next to which bisects the floor of most i|! Grant; :solo: James Newk rk. Din- Mav -: a- and the Junior- Fertanzy Brown and James Jackson --- ----, --- --- ---
the seats sad another ed by Fisher Hall
cars.. Becatiss of front-wheel ;: nr will be served at 1 PJIL, in j i
special innovation--fitted May 6; tile an- .
Senior Prom on
carsro drive, the floor is flat | the dining 1 i'I Rosand Foster is the Fairy t I
baskets which slide under the room. i
:Budget prked at less than Dual May Day activities sponsored ; Don Have to Go to Town to Get
rear seat. All this in additio $1500 p.o.e. east coast, ikis the 'I The Friend 'Jp Choirs Union :; bye Physical Education Department t j Queen and her attendants will be !
to a 5Vi cu. ft capacity trunk lowest cost standard four pas- w4H have charge of the service' Choir [ Patricia Powell, Eddie Brown
with !let-down lid for really : en May 7; the i
a onthe market. I at 3 OW PRICES
sen gar car p.m.Peacan Jacksonville ] Leading roles veil be played by ;
Church of -
bulky objects. Feosoaiy doesn't end there of Seeond Baptist Linda Spencer and Levin Ererett, i ,
The Austin and Morris t' ouga; the car delivers an +j David Jones will con- will appear and perform ,Ion
"850"5, M they are called arc honest 40 miles per gallon at s; duct the devotion at 7:30 a special program on :May 8; : with Thelraa Dougan as a ruii- ,
net only practical for *l.ojmsgr an easy cmlse of 59-55 miles p.m. i Hay 8 will be : away fairy and Regina Sharpe On You
Master Service or.
but also for driving cut thcto per hour. For ICJ! :;C home ina of ceremonies, Emmett |: Vesper presenting a solo dance. I
week-*Rd jaunts and va Uons. hurry, it will do UT:'=JIs of Perry; selection, Male Chorus ]i I sponsored by the Fhi Beta Siginaj Daisies are Jacquelyn Calvin I!

The car |$ small, only tea feet 70 mpk Macedonia Primitive Baptist i 1 j I Fraternity May Seth; and Briefing ;
Deborah Adams Sharon Perry DRUG STORE NEEDS
i10th i i
Church Jacksonville; scripture, ; Session for church leaders; May
Beverly Reeves, Maxine Dixoa
: the Rev. George Fair; sermon Dramatics Club presents I: -

+: iA ;y. .....ra the Rev. R. j. Gainous; solo. I' "My Friend Irma" and the Annual I!, Carolyn Porter Gwendolyn Waye, ; Tt',dc With Your Neighborhood Drug Stor.
| Daise
Ernestine Wallace, Peggy II
Henry Miles + of Board of Trustees; I
; invitation: announcements '' Alpha MuHOllor [ Josephine Sutte;< nirley, Greene ",''r WILL !MEET ANY! PRICES ADVERTISED i if
Bennett Brooks; M-' 1y 1* ch p aI. Kappa I
.I!Teresa Rcbt! ;on; OvJedo Qu&int-
f ... selection Male Chorus; offering, Day: May 25.. Class Night; .! ante Tssi ;Lerris Linda Ezell I IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS

.. : ,iI Malachi Spivey and A. Hunt; enrollment i May 27, President's Informal Eat- Naomi Thomas, Katherine McGee I! .1 r !ti' ''ivrL Ua \;-.n FH All Doctors **rcrfptisAY ; !'.. -
of with graduating seniors -
: ; auxiliaries. Together
'JLor I >tca Green, DruelHa Corona i
May 29, Baccalaureate- 1
'. THE CUNNING: NEVER PAYS ; remen1I !ebbrah Whitfield Joanne- Cross, .
30 COIim=
_, [ Tr By William Besry Half 1 vices; May .Gwendolyn Davis Patricia Williams -II I ,Dixie Pharmacy ..
If I can just be real and true I | and Sharon WJson.i .
I i Chariot attendants will be Fred
And have no cunning ways I 1 '; KPJI'J BIAD _t HurU.JC AViuE.i .
:NIY. SaGO As those woo win must surely do J 1 Tax Foundation finds ih:.t-P301- I Taylor and Tonie steward. i t'lW.Nm EL ua1-18

la these and future days rolls for civilian employes of the I Spearheading the presentation -

., I will not heap a pile of wrath Executive .Branch of the federal is Miss Mabel B. Wright, chair- YOUR LIGHT, : WATER AND TELEPHONE
,,, <
a ae To fall upon my head government last year reached an man and Mrs. Juanita Armstrong I

Or dread a fearful aftermath. estimated $122 billion. That works :and Miss Marian Bessent, eo- BILLS AT OUR STOREt

Z (POWDERS 3c; 12 TOWDERS 25e. ; a 24 rOWDERS 4Sc But live In peace,instead. out-to $226; for each U. S. tamUy.IABOUT. [r chairmen. I .. r



", -- t.:-: i -. t x. .. ; 1

,,, ..."' --=..- ." .. _..- .. ". :- -rill. i-_ 'w-m' ,, ... .'.
f.-. "_ '- ." ;.;:;:;o. _._ -. -.. .. y.. .:r. J -- : '-' __"! : .. -


I .
sTAR Week Ending Saturday May 7 I960- -
Page 6. _". THE FLORIDA ,
". ___....__ .._
Shorn is AIT. VJioster B. Cur;- life mercer m the IVrs2.CP.he .
-' *.. t. .
l: Coaches Walter M. dets. :: Clark. Time: 3:24.0100YARD i te
Florida A & M tcrow: t Y \'* 'j 1 ( :rent Director of Branches of t Mr Current Is a graduate of ,
of FAMU and Alva Tabor i THE SUMMARY DASH: 1. Teni j i
:National Association for the Advancement *' West Virginia State and holds a
Wine r [I Valley State upset : .nLZ RUN: 1: I\ Murray.Fieri' nestee); 2. Vniite.. (Florida); I I
lea.rn.Honor1 of Colored Peopte. I masters c\: in Adrruiis* itton. Specking of
I .', ) AHums ;, free
: TJ for the 'FICffda I Ittc. ( *; Vilksrson, (Southern SbeI1ey, (F1 i :
In Sr "">...* ,. rr. -rb : byeiUe.. Wtlt.tm f>.,1 I *; ?. ,I >,; (F- ,d-- 'T"s (a ..shorn) Ti9.G: : I Mr. Co:':l'"nti' '! be the pr ne5 He vas formerly executive secre- PUBLIC SAFETY
: pal ir for the Sixth Annucfc t'k ita how tow .h I
i or ;
1. Floridaw spe > l' i-an
w::. pay c f the final ir: ; (Xavic I .J' .21q: : r' .V .*- ILE '
TALL l1LtSS-A n.t so hospitable FkJlcU G*;en srtd the !..-*rc; cord) SuattiCTn: .3. r..nnesow 4. Ala-13 I J Freedom _.nday observance k....t 'I'tl; eUJt NAAC? raL"::-. k- lFhert tbtrt is not'isionthf

Florid' A&M University ate singles championships tam* SteifTime: 8:03.7.: t t sr bas held the position of Director people trish". ,
host institution walked off with :ti'!I: TPek, t ; -YARD DASH' 1. JZBKrr, 440-YARDRELAY: L Tennessee i;of Branches)since 146. He is married -
all of the tetm honors curing the uSoutHeirn); 21: Bettewn. (Florida -I and the father: of
two ehil'dren.
Tuskegee Hi !
4. to ..
: -
:tJ ; Kopplnass.
& FT-i. a : : __ sway
Pole uiter James -c -' ,.. '
v ,,
second wim..ii Spring Sports Carnival ;, ); 3. Armstead litre :.f-t week. |I FAMU broke his own I' 4. Singleton, (Fioridftl tl e- ', ; ; :- dC.n f
1. Lane Flor-
I durance of 14'6'Other 48.3 -fW : : Under his direction are the activities -
The Floridians. who scored a ida> ; 2. Murray (Florida); 3. '> lucky Americana who pay their'Increased
-' ; of the entire association '
ul the t
? *{ i : rjnno: 'South- i < -\ gasoline taxes w ithouta
IOT PUT: 1 SWjfWon .
Johnson. (Southern): Murphy. =
lam of the maorts (
grand !lwel'3 he on 2 mi!? l"1 t 3ililllahs. y and its more than three thousand whimper certain they are receiving
-rn): 2., Yean. 'Florida ; (Southern Time: 10:26J t ." -SI .. ,: I
in the sac last y f'af. came **ie rt.ocus Frar.kIl.:Tav. =--- -. I branches which are located from miles of model roadwaysin
through with a clean: *.*ecp cc xreslunan, seta new \ Flouda); Trent. 129-HIGH HURDLES: 1. Duhon. :'.y '--m :, Maine to California and from return may be only half right.
carnival ) DMoee: 498" | (Southern) 2.Peters, (Florida) : ; The new system of Interstate
their on 1 (Southern ; Alaska to Key West. He heads I
the mile run with a time of highways, as it I is set up today,is
The track and field team edged Charles Granger JUMP: 1. D1 cn. Tuakegee | 3. Darin (Southern): Jenks ; fq11 : staff of three regional secretaries a delight in the daytime and a dilemma .

Southern University 77''2 to 78 Va. new discus mark with a ROTC'c 5'10" 1. Southern 2. t N critical
The baseball team had little I Height: MQ-VARD RELAY: i Lighting areas can
154 feet. (Ala- .. : t change the and
\ JUMP: 1. Branch Florida 3. Tennessee 4. Tuske- i' picture entirely
trouble swatting North Carolina. Point distribution for the : ; State) 2. Granger. 1F > V.I Y ![ WIFE IS BEATEN I give Mr. and Mrs. U.S.A. what
A&T 12-4 and 8-1. arid Xavier Florida A&M, 77 1'2; bama ; flor- gee Time: 1.28.0 I r i i i IN BACK OF HEAD they're paying for, a 24-hour i
8-2. (Southern); 3. Denmark HURDLES: 1, safe, easy-to-drire highway. |
slugged Xavier 7-1. i A&I, 19; 220-YARD A 32-year-old wife beaten
i was I
61 ; F.oriia) Dis-
ida): Harris ) 2. Peters If the law in your state leaves t
The Florida! A&M (Southern ;
golfers took Duhon
11 Alabama in the back of her head
Institute ; with
fc I 223" a. lighting to the discretion of an in-1 j
tance: Southern):
the team honors from Clark Cul.jlege l! Florida) 3. Dried (
7'2; Xavier ll/2; Clark 1. : THROW: 1. Granger. ( ; j piece of building material and dividual or group of individuals,!
with a total of (645 strokesto house. 1.; South Carolina (Southern 4. Perry (Florida) Time: 24.1 tied around the neck with a pair end does not clearly order that '
Clark's 667. Tuskegee Institute : and Clanin, ','_. (Southern); 2. Singleton. DISTANCE MEDLEY 1. Southern of underpants by her husband j 1 jore per cent of the cost of the! :.'
2 )
had 693 for third pl a<.-. Clark's''! i ): 3. Trent, Southern ; : 2. Florida 3. Tennessee 4. Ala- : last Monday I highway be allocated to lighting,!
'! police I
Florida) Distance: reported. be left in the dark. --
4. Williams. ( 11:045POLE ; j you may ;
Carl Seldon was medalist with ft. The events were formally bama State Time; The of including lightfng .' :
total of 154 strokes. Oliver Col- t:ed with an Olympic-type 154'0" (New Record) V VAULT I. Beiusark, (l 10!'- i It was reported that Preston 1 i in economy the original highway plans*:;::

lins and M. T. Brown both of i|!with lovely Antionette THROW: 1. Patterson, ida); 2. Sims, (Southern); Bur-: Smith. Sr. of Washington I is sound. Installing a complete:"

FAMU tied for second plaes with j f reigning as queen. ': (Florida): 2. Narcisse.. (South- i rell. (Southern) and Wims, CLOSTER CURRENT Street assaulted his wife, Mrs. lighting system after the road is:_:.
3. Lancaster. Southern); ; ) : ill, costs two to three times more.
159 strokes. : \y. Core Jr. gave remarks i ern) ; Florida); 4. Bell. (Xavier Gertrude Smith, by beating her
It t I Lighting the 10 danger areas ofthe
Albert Brocks and Claude Wil-j i I being introduced by Jake 4. Thcaias. (Southern) Height: 14'16" (New Record) in the face and when she attempted 41,000 mile network will only
reached ., athletic director ,* 179'10H>" I i (Flor- is being held by the Florida State: I h& chased
son the finals of the FAMU 880-YARD RUN: Rivers. : her and on add from 10 to 20 cents; per year,
I singles and defeated Tuskegee Institute : tional Anthem was played MILE RELAY: 1. Florida; 2.4.i ida); 2. EubankS, (Southern); Conference and the thaI]I catching her he beat her In backs I per motorist: to th( $*).00 per yc reach
Tennessee 3. Tusk ee; Westbrook sixty branches of NAACP in i motorist v ill pr:> for he
in rifle salute by the of
C-l. 6-1. for the doubles a Seals (Tuskegee); j i < :..
State. terial.i roads alone. *>t B
-- --- I (Florida) Time: 2:00.2 m a : : I Without ligh.ithe i higbwdanJT ,
The meeting will take place or Tie victim wan taken to Duval spots} our millions of tax'dolKr "
I were against closing schools to Sunday. May 15th at the St. Paul]l Medical Center Tn ,police, ambu will be I''r.t J onN' roads

: avoid racially integrating them. AME Church 506 East Harrison l lance. Preston Smith.. Sr. was arI thai ate obsolete before the dedication -
*, ribbons cut.YOUSHOULD7KS .
Street in Tampa Florida at 3OQ I rested and are
the assault weapon ..
....:... 1 1------ --
pan Chairman will be Dr. Von D,. and underpants were turned over
Mizell, Ft. Lauderdale II I S *.
I : physician I to ,, F. !. Giuber of the Mcml- .
and newspaper publisher and j tide Division.
I ; ,
II --'
II I t''of the nation's older 'population

I' least(65 and$6 over billion)' has in increased the aggregate by at i :.... :;;--,...-:.;.;-- _._-.. .... -=:.::--.. :;.:;; .:-
i t
since the mid-Fifties and is now THINGS ]

1! about $30 billion. This rate ofgrowt.h. :.

it adds, is in keeping with 'f'iI:4. .. ,. J
:._:_ ..o.a.. V-"'7JL"1: '---.lr t :=---" ;:. ....:: '_< ...
in income levels :"' --" r'J r
1 the general rise Pn.M01T
.'y @ ', and the progress of the economy. v
r s v I *
.* *
'' f +'yr Writing in U. S. News & World : -

Report, David Lawrence says:" :
: "How can there be any progress
toward disarmament when there
ii ,* is xs little faith in the word of

the preset Soviet government? -

Only the peoples of the Soviet :. PUS K N

M ,.. S h rv Union can assure world peace, I
and they can do so by ridding
themselves of a tyrannical gov- :

ernment that doesn't honor its '

4 agreements and by substituting a ,, & t ":-,.:- -...>1799-857.' .t.. .'.. .<,'!.;:.:...._''-.'...- .',......:... .("''......"'.......
free governnment that the world : ,. -. ..
t .-> :r:
I can trust. That's the only sure I

read to a reduction of armaments :. )ESENDED FROM HANNIBAL, HIS FAMILY WASJ .. .
:' \ iZF
....Intl/1 ..1 ,
.TOOTHP.CHZWHEN .., ... fn' ,ct.I Tins.fATHER
"Carnation is the milk that whips like cream explains to a student. Carnation in the red'i' UI": It te I'S 1111 ..1.'" cued t. SIA! OF RUSSIAN lITERAT' RE.WAS

-with far fewer fat calories' Miss Thrift and white can is the world's favorite brand. I "JOU."t. ua best \111111 C'RA-JEL ii /
9 .* .11. r r eq

: Home Economics Director tells why. .] ..r .. i awl. WAS EXILED !IN 1820, BUT IN 1826 CZAR NICHOLAS'
.. '
S1b .
._.7; t t Ski ..
:t. ""'-"'. ..
is the milk I use like ..

SAB'NEEDS ,. t_ t *&

with2 the '-
:: cream- fat calories !I" ALAXATIVB\. --. '.. --- -

--, ..:: .

l\fiss Pinkie'Ifcrif is chairman of the homeeconomics ...rich, quick cheese sauc ...moist meat Gel mild gentle MARSHALL'SEASE. IfK';1 '
For over 60 years Mothers havaft
department* Southern University loaves. And whipped desserts and recipes ; relied on this pleasant ta!tinff. T9ST

Baton;Rouge, Louis:;;oa. "In class we like Whipped Sundae Salad!" (Recipe is I table liquid. Ask for E, 1 FaW2/. .

tti@ Carnation like cream, to make favorite shown below.)A special method of evaporation 1-- -- -I.J'tAM- i-. artf- ta .

dishes lasso extra special: ," Miss Thrift ex- gives today's Carnation. the consistency 1I I FLORIDA STARIN

plains. *Smcother cream sauce,for example of golden cream-with /2 the fat calories!,
-- -
.. .
------------- I EVERY
.. .
reaps: L---------------- l & :.??
I WnipT1 1-1 unda;, lid TO WHIP CARNATION: Chill 1 cup undiluted I ; i EMiS1.I 1

; I (Make 8 serving).Y CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK in refrigerator I ...= I U" i. :TJ.,s 1:1 I fa& \iitl'a 11 .
tray until soft crystals form around edge I' I
/ r .
i I 13; cups canned of tray((15-20 minutes).Whip until stiff(about i ,
I plneapph ;;i i. .jiis 1 minute) Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice. I?4...., -.' t..-;.':>*.. ..<, .' -, I Ii Trio Firms Listed Below Are Recomtn ended As ReoutoHe [S.cblishmentJIISpecial
1 h 1 eye! :_:f>ssppie Whip until yery stiff ((1.2 minutes longer). 7. l1a S-Srvi CR? ?per" T>r '> c'*
)0 r. Makes about 3 t PRIEST RIVER ?
:. I I 1 package lemon: gelatin RECIPE INSTRUCTIONS: Drain pineapple.Heat thinks i it only f :Ir to 'a:)ply iDA110\1: \ AUTO SERVICE '.

: Vt cup chopped nuts syrup to boiling. Pour over a latin. Stir until heading tax tj the )' u Royal Crown Bottling Company

i i / Vi cup mayonnaise gelatin dissolves. Chill until thick and syrupy. EVAPORATED I allowance just 'o ilie >-ou-* 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488
1 Add mayonnaise and celery.Fold whipped eration r-:groG ally uC f AUTO PAINTING COMPANY n ,
I cup chopped celery( can g t ws
t:i 3 Carnation and gelatin mixture together.Alter 1 ..0'i {, tom d to a T.rooethr ? *.", .. ... .. I Complete Body Repair & Paint WorkVashington's; Health Service
whipped Carnation
II cups nate layers of whipped gelatin mixture and .,
i I '- pineapple in tall glasses Chill I fuUs are no\ horde ed 1 1I _:_ Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- .i x "p' vadan! Health Is Rightfully Yours"

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s 'STORECourteous
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; ffI" e
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j4. -:: -< to.Y. .


.. .
Bl i' : : T .


60 <. Week Ending Saturday, May 7, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page 7

::' -

IL' : 1 iii iiie

.. ,, :

_._ _.. -- __
---- ----- --
-- -
he e ,. ,,Archie Moore To 1 :I CFfy! Want Lease ;, Vv'itr ham erhani

did 9 : Gaifher Park i
fl. jOf
ido r D !!!!". ...4 Defend Against ( ( ': TALLAHASSEE The City of Leads 'Trotters

to ,.- A LMS r ; Let}iOoThkgWsY 'I Tallahassee last week offered to

1M r ; Will! Besmanoff I j 1 lease to the Board of Control for Over College Five

I$1 a year the 120-acre Jake Gal- CHICAGO Wilt Th': :4ti!!;
the INDIANAPOLIS-Light Heavyweight BUCK ROGERS : ther Park which includes a nine- Chamberlain scored 28 points for
BALLROOM m hole! golf course tennis court, the Harlem
vete. Champion Archie Moore -- k... I recreation Globetrotter- Satur-
I e will -- | building: and picnic area. day night to lead
the fight former German cham- The person who thinks the men aren't subject to wild I I us; w an 88-
pion Willi Besmanoff for the Hot Stove League" vanished wagers. I The Board of Control supervises [ 82 win over the College All Stars

a American heavyweight title in the with the demise of the pot Bumping With An OutboardI I the operation of Florida's three ;; in the Chicago Cage Classic's 21st
Of Jacksonville r Coliseum here next month, it was bellied wood burner and the don't really believe there's j state-supported institutions of 'annual game.
$ 4 I cracker: barrel just hasn't Wandered *
a higher learning.
i: announced Saturday. anything new In the way of \ Chamberlain, who rejoined the
i into local tackle
M the emporium
f, lately. This organizationstill fishing techniques, but It's possible The proposal: was taken under i Globetrotters after leaving the National -

,141 Fri. 6 1 Jack Dec Kearns, l\l,OU'S man- 'functions throughout theU.s. interesting that you method haven't of tried trolling an consideration by the Board's executive j Basketball! Assn. Fiiiladel-
ro Opening May commmittee.It .
and rm
#b agar, als- raid there was "a possi- mighty happy which has been producing some phia Warriors last week was
rA .. I -bility" that Moore would defend ,that It dogs outstanding results. The tech- calls for a five-year lease at scheduled to have a contract huddle -

his lightweight crown here In July I nique is called 'bumping," and $1 a year with option for renewalby with Globetrotters' boss Abe

an Person I,I against Erich Sehoeppner of Ger- it's down done to with trolling an speed.outboard idled the Board at $1 a. year on a Saperstein Sunday
to basis for 20
rinyit :: year year years.
I The Mercury outboard people Some five years ago the city leas- High scorer for the AllStarswas
bo I tell me that "bumping" Is more
,000 !t Kearns saW--e ID-rounder interesting, and produces more ed the Tallahassee Country Club Bradley's Bobby Joe Mason,
to- n U would be staged either May 25 or I etrlkes than conventional troll- golf course to a private group who netted 29, top for the game.

toaa ; B Dill iIi1' I N G I ,. May 28. He said if television a- ing. Of course: "this firm has an (white). The Jake Gaither Park'I Both clubs had been tied 33-33
"axe to now,
grind. Honestly
!!II Ii greements could be made, it would I I bet they're not nearly so interested site was constructed following I at the half.Watch.
err I be May 25-otherwise three days( J in the recreational aspects and/or about the time of the
_ later.It f of "bumping" as they are lease for use of Tallahassee's I
Nba i, And His Sensational BandMONDAYTHURSDAYSUNDAY would also serve as a tuneupfor in the prospects of most sensible Negro golfers. '

r Moore, whose light heavy- fishermen doing the Job The park and its activities 'I This Clown:1
with of their Mercs.
one new
$1.0 weight restored planned for recreation of Negro
crown was by the
But, the idea is good, so let's
one FRIDAY SATURDAY $L50 National Boxing Asn. executive After all, the average red discuss it"Bumping" youth in the community, was 478 SO 13013Om.1372136

committee less: than a month ago. blooded American has to haves differs from ordinary established four years ago by the "
ve place'to "hang out"-a place trolling in that it employsan City with some assistance from
b.-" '''" 'to hunker around something
lure "Ill fight anybody\ they put ," 1 -and-down motion as the County. In its letter of pro- .7 _
up and discuss topics of mutual lateral It UteraUy.means h _8 ___.
said Kearns. "Eddie Machen would interest with his fellow man. progress. lure posal, the City pointed out that "
kid had house bumping your en the facility is 9 ._._ -' r _8 _
have been okay with me, too. I'm As a he the club the bottom lifting It over a patronized predominant I h. h
'the one who is gambling, nobody in the vacant lot er the old reck or."fIef! and letting It drift !/ by A&M University near I r'.' a__<
ial- else. But I think :Moore will lick 'apple teen-ager tree ,In the the local backyard.drug store Asa ::=-r* ---:-;? submerges pot delicate hole."Bumping" which it Is located in the south- --
requires a
light heavyweight sufficed for west section. 115-20-354
any or heavy- a meeting place.
hand on the tiller and a "fesava
e ti weight around today." !Adults require similar habitats'to and ho" process reminiscent The golf course has been a 9SO4414I9SSS4,. _.
satisfy their togetherness financial headache for the
of of sc:-far1i :: men hauling in city. n
r,, 'instincts. Women do their gabbing an anchor chain. You lilt your Receipts last year amounted tcj i iI 1,4'a ::1 I
+ Furthermore he said that an- In the
beauty parlor or
rod tip, and let your lure settle $1,11G white expenditures totaled ;7 ril1Cilaltrs nt'tt 4+iWit
r cient Archie would meet Ingemar over a card table, but men usually there I il
back lift, lower you'redOing
a 13691. Mr :ulrilo. u..rr.ctJtHt
feenot- !
have choice between
only a -
Johansson for the World Heavy- it. You're feeding the I
A ...11'''. I: ILlI R1raWC
[ ;7 a "club" or the corner part of the course has been I
weight Championship on Labor I bottom probing Into every hid-
byto I tavern. ing place that a lunker could under water for some time and I
Day-provided, of course, that the But, fishermen have another Coming Attractions
haunt. And pretty soon you'llbo cannot be drained without pro- !
Swede vail defend his title SUCcessfully i alternative. Almost any sport-
tide able to tell the difference t hibitivc expense engineers have 458-40-913
against Floyd Pattersonin I Ing goods store has a spot between the pull of a rock anda I
June and Moore gets by Bes- i where a group of guys can pair of piscatorial lips. told the City Commission.
gather around and
ct manoff. notes about fish and compare fishing. This technique is so highly

lid Moore gained a split decision i Here, a man can look, listen into effective the because crevices it and puts crannies a lure i ilT4)f'i I &PIIS VEYSSSKY .
Basinanoff, in Louisville .and learn. He lureor
over. I j can finger a
which fish haunt. And,
fii 47cw nearly._ two, years. ._:ago.ATTENTION: I cent flex in his a new pocket.rod And without, he can a when you bounce an bass's appetizingtidbit (HTAKSOIVExp&ri
: ---- '-'-- -- --- become Initiated into a grand off a big nose
you have a better chance of .
aI LADIES organization without doing
attracting his attention than If
more than proving that he's Photography
Bridge & Social Club I as anxious to get out on the you drag a lure by ten feet PorsraiU V/eddlngs Banquet
'Afr water the rest away. Like people fish are lazy, '
I Reporters : as ot us. too. Passports & Identification Photo
For who object
you girls may -
Send Mail .
or Photostats & Commercial Work
I to such associations, remember // you hare any questions con
;- Your Social News I strange blondes cernirtg fishing technique, qp. Photos For Newspaper Cut
mre- : ry HQ Mondays To aren't admitted, drinks are con men!. or hcTe to-got write Buck I While You Wall
fr i >iiTii im FLORIDA STAR fined to lOji Cokes, and fisher ReIn in care of this paper.
.. Coloring & Picture
8s R M i4 fey BecuikiaRs emywh e e \ Framing
Its y"i 2323 Moncrfef:: Rd. Cor. 13th I Ii -j : /.1tf.: Let Us Take A Photo Of You

_ Or Phono EL 4-8782 .--,--_.,. .'- --""-' -' .-------. -- .- -- --- .- K' ::" .!t.' ,. .
I' :'-:.":: .' .:;;.. l M In Natural Color -

I J, AVhrti"

New Spanish Rice Mix Perks Up Moalf imc \ I! AVEIIY'S: PHOTO STUDIO

d d I i II 1674 Kings Rd. Next fo,E\VC Library

rt_ : Phono EL 4-7695 For Appointm&nti
sal '

s i __ _u__ __ _, ____ _ _
11'Q k.EIpd iI


I Please Bring or Send Your

I I Cbwrrh New Club Notices & Announcements

n : 4fl %% -SS- I 4'L. wt I To The FLORIDA STAR Early: ]

j( : I 4 y tl ]{L I
__ ::'- DEADLINE FOR NEWS: is .
... .
." .- j
,/ d i \

.i- w+1 al.r i 232J Mott .net Rd. :Corner (loibt Slrws

,.:!-r: ,_4' .-. # "':_ '_ .........,..,..-_ I .- ._-

J I Ii
i Ck
Pork chops atbteva real seat when served with SDmhb: -
rice. Prepare this esdSE not 22sh unrtn'
just min Mt'' !
without fuss or gueaswcrfe with new packaged S --t ;;: :
:2 rice mix. TcaTl bs juggy mUl fiae !
: .:, appetizing Ssror ., 7
colorful contrast it offc i zrF mew. _

r.S1.z CHOPS : : a y 'sly

1 dip (watts'f u'Jltbgect Upw.h
,1 r _
tens : !eojax: f-
2 ccpa f blnpc u Int'I

.. -c 0 pet):c.h rs, IJrcl1e& J JI
Or usa 2 cups ( .1- ?Fda) fes tess end 1 34 cups mtU JI
or 2% cups (18-c me*'esa) fesat* Juice! ad *| cup W..t

Bring tomato gases: and ttfr to a boil in csccspan. R&*

move, from heat Stir In P .Jcalod Spanish rice rill-,, and + 5r r.W
butter; cover, and let stead 20 minute. JTnff with a fo s..

Arrange paifcta a Jei'ring tllih. top with c'k i cl1opJ. + T
Makes 6 a .

# *
i .
1 () ------- -- -.- --- AMY



r There are openings for: J
1 : ?: Wg'eu wrcaf once about That1 why we say, whenever you drive in EXPERIENCED Newspaper purlers saitoI'.

,,-.-..- ;: the car ahead ef 733...aad you're this'fair weather season .. think twice! copy-readers. Adrsxiising salesmen, .circulation I I II

F:' id 'S-Ser a person bo a a frfa traffic Think twice-about your car think men and women. printers composite. 11w'- !

& -, s l4UUoI twice about.the way you drive think type operators. .
t--t i{ kiy. ws priflgr jrsa lh* way you are. twice about what the other fellow may do. : f M t "t'
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train : : t\L 1 : Tv.MuurvM : : !
.' young reporters and people for: .U!! .deptrtraenlj -, .
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.11 you have a real desire to become member' ...':.- I-. Y uu.T ., .. .It' r.. '. <; -' .r- ,
Drive (GeuI jee.fbllif.i you save- be own of the newspaper fraternity. .: -: .': ..... r- .
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15 1I WE NEED Men and or mlA1? >.. '
young :
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: l 1,[ 1 I' 4.-"i -
: : aged In all fields for a chain newspaper & .4 I '
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.' :& magazines. i1's": .Starting At 7:00 P. M.': I --
I ACT NOW Stale oxpcrience and age. ,

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.. : :- _'. :.;" ,.i.: ":: ; .. =.' INTERSTATE PRESS ; IL14 -
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... : .. ..-;; "" "-"", ..' .-<-.c' '--1.., ,".:\.If....- ,< P. G., Box 732 Jacksonville 1, FIlL :;:'

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: '
?- : -" -EIGHT THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, May 7, 1960

, .',. ', .,. -....... ....-.-,,-..... eait -- .,.".,..,-.: HELP WANTED MALE
I' <.if'.. .. .'.. ;: i {.. NEED MORE MONEY? Make
"r Susie's Cradle Nursery
I ''; -' ': I It jS .< < H f. :. : : Specialized In Big Money :in spare time or

L ;r Infant Care full time with Marti Dare Cosmetics -
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! : \ Phone PO 5-1570 and Old 97 Home Neces-

: J Mrs. Susie Keith, Owner
I sities. Fast sellers pay big pro-
I ,
: ., r4Z stock to fill
) & fits. We carry big
I r, "..'.-...
I your orders Immediately. Products -

I > Prosper! I guaranteed to sell. Old 97

Yi = : Yt --- ; If others prosper In Life Distributors, 611 S. EdgewoodAve.
You can too .. EV 9-3119
_% I .;:.: 7 N No matter how hard it .
.. a'
y : s
J1j.I. .t, The sun can shine in your
... paths too i .... .. .. ...

.' leut i Rev. H. ClarkP. 1 1 LEARN TO DRIVE
:: IV O. Box 4791Jacksonville

i ... Fla. I TheConfident
roi fl : ; x a

.I Mrs. G. B. Benjamin Way
11 a f' ;
///F : > HOUSE FOR RENT 2767 Queen Ave.
!A J .J.I-a ;. 'i 5 rooms with bath at :Marietta Res. PO 8-2968
Jrl (6 miles from Jax.). Call EL
s' Upc1 the 1'epll 0aJ i %' :_ ._ : ;": <"i... 4-7442 or EV 4-7890. I

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i our community a better : S. Purusuant to law, tax sole certificates will be sold for delinquent
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place tanfhteb to It : z 4 ; county taxes, assessed on 1959 tax roll. The list of lands with the
amount of taxes and cats has been duly prepared and is being pub-
* lished in the
w.rH .
t wa\\
: ':Ai(

:, .. W'.a' issues of May 6, 13, 20, and 27. Copies may be seen at the office.of .
nr.> 7yy
SI L % i':: 107,
publication, 33 South Ocean Street, Jacksonville, or Room

.:. .i ..,d .r ? ra iq County Court House, Jacksonville.
: .:arWr, ; .;r CLYDE. H. SIMPSON
s a :v-{ :xiryk To* Collector,-'Duval County

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: a. 'k:!c .tit
Help Elect

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... _..,... 'N o V_......,......__,.....__....,._._..__. _,;....fp:1_.._ ---_FWShov .--=--........ ...-- '- S j AS YOUR
Pete Dunmyer ..
Northwestern High s here are scenes of the Annual YMCA Fellowship program held last Thursday evenings in the Mt. Ararat Baptist church.
Track team, School Boy Patrol In the top picture left is the wife of the Executive Secretary Mrs. Geraldine Margraves, pinning a corsage on the wife of the late CIVIL SERVICE BOARD
Student Council NAACP. Executive Jessee W. Word. Looking: on is Mr. Hargrave. At top left Mrs. Hargrave is seen presenting a bouquet of flowers to the presi {
DCT Class are just a few of dent of the National League of the campaign Mrs. Thomas Me Gee. Mrs. McGee was made this presentation for the excellent work and S Ii MEMBERDISTRICT '
the activities that keep Pete good sportsmanship.The .
on the go. He Is also a memberof bottom left photo shows the office Secretary, Mrs. Irma L. Lynch pinning an orchid on top member on the honor roll, Mrs. c>:: 2 AT LARGE
the 12-4 DCT Class and Hazel Tisdale. Mrs. Tisdale is a captain en the Continental LeagueAt Subject to Democratic Primaries May 3-24
serves as reporter for the bottom right the Continental League president, Sammie L. Davis is seen receiving the coveted YM trophy from the Americanthe 1 pledge courteous personal 1 consideration to
class. His hobby is photography League president Isidore Singleton. The Continental League won trophy three straight reports and the American one. : everyone and a progressive administration
Participants on the program were the Rev. Charles C. King, pastor of Fellowship Temple Elder II. M. Barker Ephesus Seventh I Your Vote and Support Will De Appreciated

.,F Day Adventist Church ana his choir. The RPV. W. P... Nesbitt, Jr., Church of God in Christ Temple. The choral group of the Temple.
Sammie Davis, Hubert Ingram, Rev. Samuel P. Nesbitt, Dr. E. W. Thompson Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Board. Paid Pol. Ad.
Judge Marion Goodixig. The Ili-Y club of Matthew. Gilbert served j
as.... ushers... ... ... .for... ..the. ... ..occasion.. ... ... ... ... .. .. ... .... ... ... ... .. .. ... .. .. ... ... ...I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ......._. .... .
;: .'
_. ,,_ __ __ A _. A. : : : : ... : .: .:
-. ... 1 .. _., .....,..jo.. -DEATHS----- &-; -FUNERALS---- -- SAMUELS1rs. LeOla- or -1251--- I\ ... .. ... L-...-...-..... ... :.. ... ... ..... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... A ... ... .. ... A ... A A A ... ... .. .A A & .'": "' ''' ''' ''' & '

; 1t I JONES-Fhalis of 5038 Avenue B.' Lincoln Street. !\ II \ I

t t u .' ., ,.. ; JONES-Dolphus C. of 1519 Pear- TOMLIN Mrs. Carrie Sloan of''I } \ r
\ ( ,t -., 1202 W. Sixth Street. : 2 Ready
"; .. : I 9
!'i:. : :: ) ce Street. yon GET
,. IBRO\VN-Rlchard of 1010 W. PATRONIZESlar I To Plant
-, ..r" "-. ; 1j'j Duval Street. I t TANKS _
EVANS-Mrs. Doretha of 413 W. AdvurtisnrsNOW i World's Fair =

( ; : :; ';f ; ; Orange Street. I dp i. 0rnaQ f ALLS ROSEBUSHES

., j ILiiir',:,.f,,...",,',<,,-0'.,'", .. ,'"..'..'.;.f'S'. I S I IS
RITZ Adults 75c
Annie Bell HenryNorthwestern ""
Kids 15c -.
Annie is affiliated with the I I'o.JJ'
FBLA club of which she is 'It
;" .
It With FFJ
vice-president NAACP Chorus -- -- HANDLE: < cT
and Girls' Service League. She I I"V" CANNISTER

also School serves teacher as Senior at Abyssinia Sunday GOLDWYN SAMUEL \\IiLL) I II I 3 PC. CORNING SET! F R E E m iU J SET!I '

Baptist Church. Her hobbies .. PRESENTS Take Right From Your ,

are singing, music and dancing al111 THE MOTION PRODUCTION PICTURE cgndr Refrigerator And 2 Candy

., .. Place On Your Stove! --.._ j0.
.:. \ o I
i i : ..... \..._
\ i i : ) J I When You Buy This RCA Whirlpool .

I It
: .
--. .. .

Pearl Bailey Dorothy Dandridge Sammy Davis, Jr. i -
ii i I '
Sunday Thru Saturday :
STRAND 2 Smash Movie Hits! :

Ed BrownNorthwestern Ibday THE SCREEN GROWS ; WITH
w i
High ) @ $ 95
Ed 12-3 student at Northwestern AUTTLE BIGGER AND A LOT BOLDER! I Ias : :;' CLOCK! 5

is a member of the
Varsity club and baseball team "5, HUGE .
at school. He has received the i
:x. OVEN!
citizenship Award and is an
active member of Second Baptist -
Church. His hobbies are
baseball and music. !

*'f'* I iii1; tia n DELIVERS! :

III wr 'II N VU"a
Listen To PepsiMusicQuest Plus You Get 2 Tanks Of .

II Pius 2nd ,Bring Mother to See : Gas, 3 pc. Coming Set, 2 Rose
Bia Hit "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" f fI Bushes, Cannister Set and
I-I r Dishes!
Nites 1030011:001 j 2 candy
I Sunday-Thru Tuesday .
RooseveltT 2 First Run Hits!
Phoone Request
1 1r
V. ) .
,-- EL 6-0461-;. I

j jI

RIw Mercy a4 ,
I ;

.L. bkt FPk +4 f Cuban SSehel Gifffa 'I IJOhLN 1 I !!
AADLAXDM : rPwini i
r rfe Edmund '
rI I t,,I I
it ti N 4 j la U1 4t IMw9. 3 i i

r I I Plus-TheShocking| Story Of '

r. __-. "VIOLENT WOMEN" t .
l tl

Dsetiees SKYVIE\V\ I ""FRANK CI3TR! ,..r ./, DARTS FOY e 1 1I

Sun. Nite tr.rj Tues. Nite 1

.. HAVE Plus 3 Stogy ROCKET;* fun V/iLL length TRAVEL"Win feature I Ell 6..0489 CORNER STATE & PEARL .

."__ $920 .Cosh Monday Nite! ._.. i ... ...... ...... ... .. ... ...... ..... ...... ..y. .... T ... ... ... .. T... -.i.Tj; ... .. ... ;--T-"T. p--". i -r-.. ..-,,-..-.-. -... j ... :-... ..... ..Y.. ... .... ...,..,:1 r : '.

.. .
.,. -. -- ..
'T "
.,. ..',
.. '
-:> > :.;,".;; ':-r .
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