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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200558datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 30, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005580740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 30, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 30, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. ..
.... Ii ...... 11<. --"-,-,,--,,, .......- ......






... A ... ,
4f i

*': &: Y 1 -.,
; '' 1I
-- I
; I
I.: ,. 04; "
J fr' '
: l!! ; I
p 8''''
j (!!!!fl } : ..:-... 1ri
-IJ; -- -
'=' ilJ" I. .

rNo.. .. 12 And EVi.APRIL. 30 1960 JACKSONVILLE D :: 3RIDA 15 Ce I

i! ,

. : ) II- :' i.'. I


Jax inisteraJ

g Riliance 1a I

..J.- .::; .". .
\ 'w' ."' .,. .. ,
. -#"" ...:' .....
:; .1
":'ii 1 S ifj '1. '--'''''. .. ,_. y.' 1-. ::
Endorses Eiiia .. I'1'i': s '.". _....", .'f'" ..__,
'T.c 'T. J. ,
I I. 1pson ."\" (,

-- -- -- -- -

51(7' lainervce For ? SH: J ** /%* R -
( Uo jSg l :tir-vUu" 'iven. Sj,.;,y w t asonsTo

C y "fi o '7. b I. :: x.tala .
....::' Sjt' I I Defend: Sitdovvners.TAMPA :! .

Fe-l .,.N1ees ira DlAv 1 f FLA. "The Moit::: ::n an expresfon fr ot appreciationfur i I

.... : ...... I Worshipful Grand Union of Pi iuce thA'th : s..:m, ;\tty. G. E. Graves r, ,. E, a'.
Hall Masons, Florida Jurisdiction :; legal! ciwina for the Florida ,
It was announced this week that Simpson, has pointed: out that I voted last week to contribute Five State Confer ce said that "the
Eric O. Simpson who is runningfor his election to the civil service !thousand 3 3t
I dollars to the dofenfce of \ Negro in Florida: can thank theMasons
the Civil, Service Seat in District -. would enable him to work in the I'students at Florida A & M who and their leaders for really 1

2 was endorsed by the A.M.E. i. direction that Negroes will 'secure f were arrested for attempting to' opening the door of oppor-
Ministerial Alliance in a meeting a fair portion of County jobs. '
; obtain service at lunch countersin tunity to those< : now living and
held at St. Paul A.M.E. Church. Eric O. Simpson I' that City last March 12. yet to come." Droy-f. : ', ,.. I

The Clergymen attending the Eric .Simpson. I "This is the first large contribution The lodge voted to set up $2,500 ..P ... ARGUMENT : ::: : ,15 f
f t i f ------
session voted that in view of Simp-
; of its kind ever' made by immediately and the balance. over ; j
son's militant stand for progressin .Florida group." Robert W. Satm- n period of six months. To OJfidk V/I7H S'-::.OO i > ::1GA i tf

the community, he should ba ders NAACP Field Secretary baui. Rev. A. Leon Juowry, State president The tragic death "-' -
of t t\\o J.i- :'::sri;; 1. i-hiP n wl": ) fi'-\r."u: ; ;n 40-year-old man was shot and S
given yie wholeheartedly supportof "It is an indication that Nc, roes of NAACP has written GrandMaster i. a water pit left empty :afic- .u rJas 1 d1-;::: ov?;: i is U-: .n-;; lad! to fatally wounded last Monday by a
the Negro citizens throughout J Jin this state appreciate the work Henry, Grand Secretary negLg-nu' C1. the of ..
i part Crv.io: :c-f-iC'-uU: Vv M r.-.T-: ---'- -c ih? woman who asked him to leave
Jacksonville.The iI I of the association and desire Benjamin F. Ervin and Grand area: or er .ct warning signs. police reports indicated.
ministers who voted unanimously : freedom despite the Treasurer Robert! H.
letters Shortly after
propaganda Wilson the incident oc- Walter Caine. of 833 W 29th
to endorse the Negro !lof pro-sesregaticntsts." he said. of appreciation for their actions 'curred. Robert Lavern Reynolds .
each to ,. I ,;: ; N I::ncc'n Cou t last Satur-, Street went to the home of Mrs.
newspaper man pledged sr Grand Icandidate I'
Master of the Lodge is In giving' leadership to the for County Comn s- Carrie B.
62. of
1058 E.
cay; u hen her little
urge their congregation In the ,> I the Honorable Charles H. Henry. awakening, of the Masons of Flor- sioner, District 5, said "it is re- j 10-year-old 24th Street and started
3.5 ; 8rI 'laughter; and 8-year-old cursingher
interest of progress, to turn out son were5r."v.ned
grettable that
those children lost ;
and she told victim to leave.
l' in abandoned
an sand
on May 3rd to vote.
-- | their lives because none of i iI
i our The victim
Attending the meeting! were ij : );t \\i1e! playing pif :-":ack Inflic started to go but turn-
tempo Firm HiresNegro I county officials paid attention
A. R. j | any :: water. ed and came back, accused told
Reverends A. J. Dayley. : I
I 4 I i r : S'IRL:: !IS RAPED to the hazard that existed." The victims police.
Richardson. D. B. Thorpe, J. T. j He added: "it is the were identified by
Eric O. Bus Drivers I' responsibilityof sheriffs deputies Ann Mrs. Porter said when the vic-
:McMillan Frank Jones R. J. Simpson j[ the as and
II ; ''N' GYMNASIUM County Commissioners to I Urn came back and
..Blaine J. S.-Johnson. ,B.. J. Wil-j Emory Kelly. started up to
see that
;. : 'c I Tampa, F3A.-IrrcgoUatlons. between citizens are given full her she says she shot at him.
Ua.ms.'T. E. Shehee, p. n,, Kelly said the children
H, Hollis Hookes 3. R. peIder.I'I SCHOOL BROKEN INTO : |' ; the Ten:;a Transit Company 'BY 5 YOUTHS'FORT I kin protection!." .from. .danger-cf that went Ato..1232 Moncrief Dr. to Victim ran into yard at 3332
I BY UNKNOWN PARTIES Ii | and the Tampa Branch I visit an aunt and finding the Phoenix Avenue and tried to pull i
i NAACP have ended with the plac- MYEHS; Five' youths I Reynolds told the FLORIDA aunt her across the fence and she fired
Richard L. Brown School, was' STAR gone they Joined other children -
SUIT DISMISSED 1 II entered last Monday and $23 loss ing in training of two Negroes as are accused of raping a 12yearold I that if he is elected-he in a trip to the Abandoned again and victim put his hand to'
school ate last would devote his efforts to prevent his right side I
AGAINST BUS was reported to police by the bus drivers. Thursday on sand pit which had filled with and fell to the-
principal Richard H. Cook. { The two firsts:: are Willie Floyd the stage 'In the gymnasium of i the repetition of such water. The pit is located at the ground.

TAMPA A $150.000 suit The principal said the school i] and Robert Moore. Moore an employee unbar High and Elementary I dies.Tragedy trage-I end of Owens Avenue near Mon- Victim was taken to Duval E
brought by M. B. Phillips 60 of was entered through one of sev- : of" the company was upgraded I School. struck hard crief Road. Medical Center by police ambu-
Fort Myers against the Tamiami eral windows that were locked. I!i while FloYd was interviewed Detective Jesse Driggers said all I home of :Mrs. Margaret Kelly of Ralph Kelly, 11 brother of the lance. He was pronounced dead

Trail Tours for ordering him" off The building and cafeteria were : and recommended by NAACP.I'I five,, ransln In age from 14 to THIEVES victims told deputies his: sister' by Dr. W. C. Lovett. Mrs. Porter
the bus was thrown out by a federal ransacked by the intruders. The I More than 80 persons applied for:i; 17 ndffiiiteil the rape charges. ENTER BUSINESSAND was riding! piggy-back when Emory was arrested by Patrolman: J. B. I
less than five i Driggers said the STEAL ICE CREAM Austin.
court after 1 eldest Marshall
jury Coca Cola machine in the teach- screening many were acceptablebut I sank into the water and his
discussion. of Williams, 17, would be Areatlia Johnson. 47 of Sgts. I.. A. -
minutes er's lounge was broken into. were turned down because I charged sister with him. Hamwey E. Carle,
said he is the I with and the W. 13th Street reported the N. A. Almond
Mr. Phillips There was no evidence shown! the limit on applicants. I rape others wouldbe The mother said neither could and Patrolmen T.
father of 18 children and does I the build- turned over to a juvenile j breaking and entering of her place M. Bowden. J. B. Austin and I. A.
intruders left swim. The bodies
how the ; were found at ;
i of
yard work for a living accusedthe I. I I II j judge. I i business last Sunday and the Connell investigated.
4:15: and both had bath-
j i loss of pjn. en ;
company of violating his ing.Patrolmen The girl was examined In the $25.20 worth of ice cream.
and I
C. II. Cheer ing suits. An
: rescue
I The victim .
civil rights.He : office of a physician. said she left her
I W. R. Mathis investigated.seats unit of the Duval Patrol I
; : County
charged in his suit that he I II 43 Students Freed ,! II I left place last securely locked when she under I t. Cecil S. McClure was Be Sure 10
Thursday, but when she
ordered April 23, 1959 to I I
was ; on the other aisle of the : In N.C. for returned last she assisted by volunteers *n the recovery : Vote for
give his seat to a white womanor Raleigh, j,ijax Man Held Friday found the
get off the bus. He said the bus in order that a white woman place broken into and the front attempt. ] Eric O. Simpson
with five children could have her Demonstrations i Attempts at artificial respiration -
incident happened in St. Peters- ; door open. She told officers the .
children sitting near her. i Jn Death Of value of the Ice cream given by patrolmen failed. } Vote May 3. .
burg while he was enroute to Peterson said Phillips started an iI I was $25.23.,
New York. RALEIGH N. Forty-three'j ----
abusive tirade about treatment of f
David Peterson the driver of students were freed of trespass City Patrolman .
Negroes and got off the bus without -
the bus testified he asked Phillips told. charg recently when a U. S. I Henry McSwain, 58, of 974 W. .
being I
and woman passenger. to move to Supreme Court ruled that a sidewalk i Beaver St., was arrested by city I ,.,.' -. '
--- -- even on private property is I'police last Tuesday on a charge !I

Citizens Urged To Elect open to the public. of manslaughter in the traffic i

= Trespass charges against two death of Ernest C. Register a I.

As Commissioner 'other students remained because city patrolman who died April 20 I.I
Reynolds they were in the store instead of after having been in a coma for I.I I

Jacksonville citizens are being urged to elect Robert Livern '! the sidewalk. In dismissing the six months. f F4 yl

Reynolds to Board of County Commissioners District 5, on the basis I!charges, Superior Court Judge;. City police said McSwain was I t.

of his sincere appeal and his pledge to work for the interest of allI I, Jack \V. Hooks told the freed stu- the driver. of the automobile which ,.! A tS .
citizens regardless of race or color. dents. "If you had ;gotieu :n the was in a collision with Register's j T :' -ti: rt... L Y.
Reynolds this week deplored the '- store and carried; en the same motorcycle at the intersection of I j ..

lack of concern for the safety of combatting juvenile delinquency. type of conduct as on the sidewalk West Beaver and Cleveland Sts. i j .

citizens that resulted in the deathsof Actively work for more and better : you would be just as guilty on October 20. Register was chasing -i ..

' two Negro children who drowned equipped volunteer fire departments i:, as these two." j I a speeder at the time. v i4 I I rr
in a water filled pit which'|; to strengthen fire protection ':i The 43 were arrested in Feb- Register 26, never regained consciousness -=i

had been dug out to secure: sand for all county residents. ruary on a sidewalk in the pri-I after the accident. .

I for other: purposes. Advocate better working standards vately owned Cameron Village McSwain was arrested at his i ,

I: He said he would devote his for ALL COUNTY EM- Shopping Center. Two df the stu-i home by Patrolman W. J. Jolly i}

: -' efforts to prevent the repetition PLOYEES and cooperate with all! j dents testified they 'were attempt- ,, and booked into the .city- jail on 1 is

"fi... of a similar tragedy. department heads to attain this | lug to stage a lunch-counter demonstration f the charge of manslaughter by )
Because of the fact that Robert goaL ': in a Woolworth toe automobile accident. I

Lavern Reynolds has. impressed Reynolds a native of Duval'' but were foiled when the manager J; No date has been set for a''

many that lie Is sincere in his ; County, is qualified to deal with closed the store. hearing which will be hId before I

:... declaration that he will work in ', couaty problems in such a manner j i At the end of the testimony in: Justice of the Peace Sarah !:i'Yan.1 J 44e
'::. the interest ALL citizens. Du.a.1'| because he has seen this c.omi i the trial of the first fouf of the i ;.

.....,., residents are being urged to vote I'! ire; population explosion develop I[ 43, lawyers cited a 1946 U. S.J j I YOUNG WOMAN ESCAPES
the office of|I I Supreme Court decision i 'and asked j AKREST FOS- PILFERING:
t. : and elect him to Step by step and his business experience '
District 5. for dismissal. That decision re- : Miss Gloria Stephens of 5602
,);: County Commissioner gained in Duval County
: It is felt that he will without I If 'business' circles equips him to do versed the'"tresnass. 'conviction cfj ft;Anderson Read picked up one i-I

.. : regard to race or color keep his 'such planning effectively. I Miss Grace Marsh: for distributing j pack. Tt&scr=e Hooks and walked
; promise to I! "1 feel the vision and the sense Jehovah's: Witnesses rel l!g ictis lit*f out of W. T. Grant Store at 3470

. rr J Advocate planned maintenance of responsibility of being a public I erature on the streets of a 'oei- ; cacli, :Blvd, without paying for

I I pany-owned'town, Chickasaw, Ala. them, last Tuesday, police report
i of existing roads and t&nnedoastruction servant starts somewhere; it Just
., of new roads based doesn't happen, said Reynolds. In the Alabama case, the su- ed.It I
on need. I "Mine started as a young man'] preme Court ruled: "Ownershipdoes was stated by Clinton Gabrlelson .
not always mean absolute that he did
Advocate andprlate sponsor appro serving with the Fire Departmentof not want the
dom.i 1 on. The mare an owner, ycnEng woman arrested &nd be! ,
action to correc; faulg I ear ecanauniiy. Any: cites
h& st the for his advantage, opens up his did not choose to rite The
sewage ADd drainage. can bare start polls I
property for use by the psMls in store property i?& rctsnsed to
Work for mere recrestioaplaygrooxi t Hejziok c: ; :SO. is married toss
facilities vsder fcstsisr Marfe '""- They general. the more do his rights the &nr*&. Tit pF' vf tlse goods VACATION PARTY-Mr. ""&d Mrs. E. O. Simpson entertained their daughter and ner house gusst in I

pee _ertiaw for oeM ha", two dLIi fcssosse etreusssorSsed fey tlae: sla- teas .79. their home daring Ester K&Iidaya. Several former classmates were on hand to enjoy the lovely party.

:, -the feast aY&Jfc&e raears cf I tut.a71m4 w uon a rbt of 1a- C. C.. bodeD ia- From right are: Dotergs Per&rsas, Christie Anderson Ellen Thomas, CoHett Stepson. Paler. Deralier
4. nv e il. "
md Serena JoYfia"



. .. .
- ....._ -= __.__ OF ,_ ,,-'- ,, .?';"" ...- -

--- 11:1: J J.Jl


oge 2 __ ..Jt-d- '.... THE FLORIDA:= _"!'Al. .__. '__ _L_ RiLVtek, Ending SotcrJc l. April 30 I960
"**-; :;. --- -
: : ? ,::-- 7I' -. '.'_ ,ot\--1"r".. ....{ .. .
i : ,r ), :

( f : bs. TH. E'-r ORIDA"S.'AR. ,:. \< 6 / .:; Atfn =l<\\Jaxons\Ucaed: ; ..* To'. te'ct---:I > .,,

; ti.* : ''' f'l. .

:7ff"fa., .,.....,..:.. t: : >, _.tft p, J_ ..:. : 4.
,, ., -.c.-w.. -t..J s t"! -' ERICJ3S AR SfMPSOf4 I TO j
.- .;... !:'< .- -... Ilia wy. ,_,', 'riiaJ .,,<. ; .

_._. 7i,-.....;. :::_ .?...:.T \- '; "_ a Civil. Service e M r.
.7. B .
-"; M._. :" .:.;. -: -- ......;"" it:. oar l"t'

.. -- --: ... '. ., ..I; ... .
"' '..1' -- 111 Erie O. \ "!
J, : .T; wt.. I SimpsonShear ..
.i'. ;-. ,t. !;Yr'r: 3iu Pub1bhh1g.Co.+ .,..t: Fellow Citizens: _

'. 'H1Jlember ot : tedPn.ss": ,:- a
: I taking this
am of
means appealing to you for your support .it
':',.),' .:.Edc, o. S lirrzon'Cs 'P f ', j the poih on May 3, on which day; I will be seeking election to the
_..__Hews Staff
Pa 7ham Johnson
: ---- office Member\ of the Civil Service Board.
.... .
B1Ida Woolen ChDept.. r .- I
i : I regret deeply: that I nave n.:"i

I I been able to make personal contact -
I I ..: : .;,;"..1.4K,: I with many of my frt ncis mall
I : tL: ..
PLA2TT \ < i walks of life due to the Ian
MAIN OFFICE r: : \;..,:.
4-S7S2 SL' !.519 I \> that I must devote much atten-
t 32* Moccriti Road .SL .,
Downtown Brands Oil 423 Bf&ssL Si. FboD. EL 4-3772 cLjJ 402'4T c\ \......-:...... >t-}'.:; tion to the job of running this

i i,i : T f :: informed newspaper on so the that vital:you issues will concerning be-

our community.Nor .
R. I I ..":
Mailing Mdi U '.' have I been able to write :
C. Box 551, JactssaTffle 1, FI ride -., ( : 1-? .."
P. 7PLD fr( iv 1dr .. to the various churches and organizations -
s .'... A' .,.>1
..... ; ::.... _. :. requesting support,
: l'
esl s l : for the simple reason that mailing -
I.. :
SUBSCRIPTION BATES. =-- costs run high and I am run-
f .
On Tear, 55.00) : Half Tear, S3.CS: 7hf. Month $1.80 1 yea ning with my personal funds

., K&2sd To You Aajwh&re In The Unlicd Stale I : since I have not solicited contri-

tafetcripiiss: Pb.* is Adrcnc. Send heck or MoneT Czdsr To: > 4 : : butions from anyone. It may be

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX 561--JACSSOimLLS 1. FLORIDA added here, too, that I am not
-.M"e is dt ... BACKED by any individual, organization -

Eric 0. Simpson or group.
., .

Discrimination OfNeQiOeSI I am asking your support on the basis of the fact that I have a i

I 1 : c 41) sincere.-desire to render service to. the community. rt_

In I Civii I I I Service l EmpioymentCan I am seeking an opportunity to put into action some of the
i things I have been fighting for editorially in this newspaper for a ,

Be Ended By Electing I number of years.I .

ASIA AND AFRICA! ARE SMASHING THE CHAINS would like to become a member of .the Civil Service Board so I

ANegroToTeBoardat that I could be instrumental in bringing about a situation whereby

Negroes will be given the opportunity to share in of
ro____ ,_._ .. some the Civil
oervice duos mat our taxes neap to provide.
There is no denying th the Negro is entitled to and "i!

should strive dilligently to secure equal rights at lunch Ye&11'! tVeekly I realize that there are hundreds of young men and women

counters and the use of recreational facilities and so on .coming# out of high school each year, many of who will not be f
i financially able to attend college but must still find employment t
But one of the first basic rights which Negroes everywhere -- H Ir@s @pe Guide I feel that some of these youths shouldtbc given the opportunity to ,

should fight relentlessly for is equal job opportunities. work in some of the county jobs. 5 5I

For, without jobs \e would have very little money
to secure lunch counter service or the equipment necessary 1'-: PABLO, The ASTROLOGER would like the opportunity to put forth every effort to b. .:. j f

to indulge in the recreational facilities that may be open I about an end to ins type of discrimination that bars Negroes;) I in.: .
to us. V+ hCH: ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR applying for civil service jobs by specifying "white only".

There is cause for great concern
I I I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL I Most important of an I will endeavor to work in harmony v : :
when it is considered that each i I': is left to Negroes to press for emit I I -rnpmh-.....v.1"C..! 'W'of'& tnQ-... 'RI'A AlVaAW. .vA au** **f f,"'A...**It. *w*-. .----p... __ ._._.,.,_....#. _UI.ltt'li& .. i .: -.
year in Jacksonville some 1,5001 i ployment civil ser ice. I
Negro boys and girls are graduated There is no doubt that there is ARIES .I CANCER > LIBRA _

from high schools. Of this discrimination in employment Born March 21st thru April 19th I Born June 22nd thru July 22ndA Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 22nd' feel that I am capable of presenting myself with such ch:: :: I
geat deal of emphasis is plac-
number just about; one third 6f i' even in civil service. Notices calling Duing the first days of the week The main planetary emphasis isI I as to reflect credit to our people and moreover, I think you \ ..
ed matters affecting
upon your
them are able to enter colleges : for applications! for certain I Venus and Mercury are conclud'I'I friendships and your participationin now placed for you upon the fieldof agree that I am quite familiar with the needs and desires: of tic:

far higher education. leaving positions havp on occasions stipulated ing their stay in your cultural enterprises, or in all business activities. It may deal I people of our community and at the same time possess an understanding -
about one thousand either to seek: I for "v.liite" only. Similar and the influence of the opposi- with the 'working out of contracts, I of nature of the various groups in our area.I I
that seeks to transform, improve "
business training or training in discrimination has canned out by tion of the Sun to Neptune is i or in general with all the results I
trades or to seek jobs in private calling applicants for jobs in a stitl being felt in the field of your and illumine social contacts and of sustained human relationships. have not been one: to boat the drums: about: my civic con : i-
fin group-activities. You seem to be I buttons to the community and I am not going to start now. But l rt t i I'I !
civil service. hces and business. It is
enterprise or i"white division". your Finan- particularly good for real j
helped greatly in your efforts, in suffice to say that I have spent time, and ,
cial matters should estate energy money as:-i,1: : mothers :
The doors of private enterpriseare There are hundreds of civil ser- be stressed and all operations concerned I
the realization of dreams, without
but your recompence or praise.- .
closed. Ne'grues fcr appren- I I vice jobs that Negr re completely presumably inlery constructive with land cattle and mining.
by your marriage partner or some The civil service job pays only $150'per month and virtually
ticeship in skilled trades and the \ excluded fr m'ite the I way. Your work, your The 5th nay indicate difficulties
I wealthy associate. It is at the bottom of the
an excellent political. But I believe in starling at im
little employment that Is offered fact that our taxes help to pay public standing and prestige with lawyers or advisers, their I
time to solicit bottom where
relatives I
can render a much needed service to the communityas
to Negroes by private firms in I those salaries and upkeep the op- i should be enhanced greatly by suggestions being possibly some-
1 neighbors for the support of a whole. ,
Jacksonville and throughout Flor- | erations which provide the em- what is happening. You may plan what reckless. Do not believe im- I
I community enterprises which in- When you cast your vote for Eric O. Simpson you are casting *
ida are confined to menial labor. :ployment. ahead and expect good results- plicitly what friends tell you. .
terest you deeply. vote for yourself and your children as well. You are electing your 'il .
Except a Negro attends college Imagine a situation whereby provided you do not indulge inspeculative 5 50-99-15-52-591: Keep your purse strings rather I to an office in our government. t
and comes out as a school teacher, !Negroes are employed only as or very risky ventures. tightly closed.
there is little c: nce for employ- i trash collectors but never as garbage Watch your emotions; don't let 4 30 22 12 92 432 vote.And Vote remember your own zonvictions.Vhere"cr don't let anybody. buy your vote or sell your! I

ment in theses parts And with I truck drivers. There are any them run.way from you, and do \ you live in Duval you can vote for Eric Oscar Simpson.
the output of school teachers so Inumbsr of positions in county '1nt mend whatever you have received ._ I

... high compared to the number of j I departments that qualified young I i. in theatres or night clubsor LEO SCORPIO ., .

jobs available in the Florida school j'j Negro men and women should be not too much, anyway! Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd I Bcl ac 2Cr! thru :' Jv. 22nd AQUARIUSBorn. PISCES

system it is little wonder that it'i given an cppprtunity to fill. But 2 20 -. 99. -. 14. 38 291 The square of the Sun to :?: rr.ircf i hi:? week may Jan 20th thru Feb. 18th Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th .

is alleged that school teaching j[since this situation+ has prevailedfor Uranus in your Sun Sign dom- &briii. proft\ssionai ch nTes and Your home life and your most The most emphasized field of

positions are being sold.It j a number of years withoutany TAURUS inates this Week, and may bringto unusual opportunities in terms of intimate relationships are once activity for you, this week and <'

is painful ie think that after I; effort having been made to Born April 20th thru May 20th you changes in your profes- communal: activities and social; more the fields focusing tensions the next is that which deals with .

a Negro parent has toiled and I:'rectify it, Negroes must make a Much may be demanded of you sional or social life. This impor- .. Contacts, perhaps in an expanded 'I and an eagerness to transform I short journeys and with all kindsof

sacrificed to send a son or daughter -;postive move to for a change. or at least you should have the tant triangular configuration sug- i environment. A good deal may i your capacity for interchangeswith means of communication with I

through college they must !j NEGROES MUST ELECT A opportunity of making the most gests the possibility of some quite happen through relatives and especially other human beings. The I all that links

come back and pay for the pri- j I MAN TO. THE CIVIL SERVICE out of your own personality, of deep philosophical or religious ex- ;j t through your marriage conjunction could indicate a new your environment' thus the mem-
i revealing and expressing what !'partner.I You step in personal integration, I 1
vilflge of working. i BOARD A MAN WHO WILL you pansion of consciousness, or at a may join large a bers of your family and your

Since it Is still so difficult to ; WOUX TO BRING ABOUT AN essentially', your basic nature. more mundane level a new aware- j I!, groups, social organizations, clubs, closer unification of your mind neighbors. Friends and associates "I'i

convince private enterprise about:END TO THE DISCRIMINATION You should be able to meet the ness of human and social values j!, political: parties and this: in turn and your fe lings/The Houses in-I should thus contribute richly and
[I OP NEGROES IN CIVIL SER world as a truly integrated person. may well affect volved suggest that thi::
the wisdom and fairness of ;giving caused by a sojourn in foreign your prestige and powerfully to your life. You may,
EMPLOYMENT IN DUVAU The danger, however, is that.you i public position. Be tion will act either at the business I I
Negroes an opportunity to a fair ;VICE lands. It all could be quite exciting ready for new however find your time taken by ..
percentage of the better jobs it'I' COUNTY. may be a little too eager to change I things, but plan ahead carefully. level (perhaps In terms of a job which just now makes un- m
things particularly in your home 1 40 real estate or
t 77 39 64 149 liquidation usual demands; your health might S
The Boat life. Think out clearly what you 7 40'- 22 14 82 742 of old Investments), or in terms also be uncertain, perhaps through
Are Missing want. of
Negroes a profound psychological overwork. Take it Do
9 60 easy. nt
66 15 98 961 SAGITTARIUS change. let your
partner slave-drive you.
VIRGO Born Nov. 23rd thru Dec. 21st 6-10-66-18-62-616 8 40 22 12
evident that the of in the 28 842
It is clearly progress Negroes GEMINI .
Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd The main center of influence in
United States is hindered largely by the Negro liimself. Born
May 21st thru June 21st
The conjunction of Mercuryand your life through much of this

We are, indeed, fortunate to be living under a government You may receive money Ions Venus In your Ninth House I month deals with work training

whose basic laws-the Constitution-gUarantee us due either from an inheritanceor I falls in trine aspect to Jupiter and i for service, self-perfecting, and
freedom, justic and equality. In addition we are living in a from some large social organ to Pluto. This triangular configUration all matters concerned with health

country where we have some onportunity (much more than zation. One of your parents may should; bring out the very diet etc.: also with employees or

Negroes in other. parts of the world) to share in some of have something to do with it. best of the very long stay of Plutoin employers. On May 6th Mercury j!I

the abundance of wealth that this country affords. Your real estate. or some basic your Sun Sign. It should stimu- makes excellent aspects which !I ,
value you have held in trust either promise -
late a strong expansion cf con- you good remunerationfor
t Sadly, however we Negroes in America have failed to Increases or is sold with good sciousness. Even a book could produce i services, increased authority -

: avail ourselves of the rights guaranteed to us under the profit. However you may have a such a result. In some casesa perhaps promotion in scSae large
constitution by our failure to vote and by our failure to tendency to
good deal of lawsuit may end in a notabl concern These aspects may operate
;r unite in a common effort to attain first class citizenship. your gains perhaps to meet thee victory for you or one of your as well at the psycholaglcalu -

In addition to misusing the political weapon which w needs of a close relative. Be care children perhaps affecting yodeeply. intellectual level. Your studies
hold, we are also neglecting to, use to the best advantagethe ful while driving and as you may bring you new vistas. but

economic sledge which we possess in the form of earning letters. write. 2-90-77-19-76-29 g also somewhat upsetting challenges -

.. power and buying power 1 20 33 -.12 79 .

: lack of unitr Which might be due 9-90- 99 -18 97 SS9
Through largely I .
: to the absence of leadership-we have failed to use our: Get Your Horoscope Guide To )
't dollars wisely. We have used our dollars only to buy the CAPRICORNBorn JUiI7frLq/

t items on the shelves, whereas, we could use our dollars tO"1 1l' RICHES LOVE HEALTH Dec 22nd thru Jan. 19th

'.'-; command respect in stores and secure the use of :ill facilities Via' fur horoasoPe gxlde for -December 'Yom Send SftTk May 6th re-emphasizes stronglythe Lq&dEi

in stores where -srs std otjcr money. Then, too, we I To P&b1D Astrologer P. O.Box 381. JackBOnTiHe I.Fla..1 excellent possibilities which ; ) I)

....,'. ).have dissippated jur earnings on flashy cars, expensive'clothes dog.. R1-lA -- should have developed around

J and other eeslly r pleasures? rather than accumulating -,,i April 23rd. Your creative abilities
;.. \vealth-as the Jewish people eve dons-so that" Dear 8&b: &bdoaed Is 2 03. Send ray Horoscope
should be .unusual
'_', r' > ,. .I should be able to express ccvr. your-
-. economic stature..
acquire some ]1 ,:I.'i,.:.. self socially and artistically, to

A great hinderance to ourPl'Ogres3.to ,'is that so many rn KAlE. J demonstrate authority fit some 4f%s '

I 15 of us show such little interest in the problems that face us \ level. to deal constructively with .

iF! \ It seems that too many of us are either too busy enjoying fj fji' ADD- ..... ; .-: -1 .1 I children.. However on the 7th Mr
this could add to the general
'' "
luxuries to
, .. simple pleasures or selfishly acquiring empty
.. .
i'f ;." denote time and energy to the cause of racial progress. j + .. ::: >: I I stimulation and enable you to
, transform yourself In a radical "
l'- These are the stumbling' blocks in the path of our 8 1. r :
and have abundance of them here mftmw,but It might also hare a: 'I : 'i\V -
we aa right -
f .. rogress. : .
'-' '''[n Dwwl C6imy. '" I : .','. t: 't, ;: '. I ;disturbing effect on your business "SEAS nr E& eenteKf eeofoe&lrwsn

tt : :. : : i. :: .: ;:: .- j.f: ; :and'lead- you.to,tslss unwise ritfcs. t q" t 1 1I
: __ !qR ,- 'ir'w 4-:=:,30 -.;::70 '-12 r47 427
tt..r. ,
't. : "; ; r :
; : JM4

: .T- i;

: = .,,-""' '' '4>-"- r....... _.".,..."'-', ,,,,,":- ,,,_ ,:,u __, ______ .,.;!',;_ ____ __a.1.1n. .1r

_____ _. ._..... fy ___ 1 r "" P..n 1JiII----" QI;.""';:' .... ..-i..:'"

iIr 1p ,

.... .
1 \ .., .: :' ,"" .!::" \
,.- ..,. ...
: : '1; P'
: ._ I. r
C.C : r< :,.:;':. _< :"!:? r'" .t ? #.l
-- .

::\ ;Ji.'l"

Week EndiogiSalufdcry )t April; "30, 1960*.* .-<; THE' FLORIDA:.STAR :.; L ."'. r1,- \ Pogs f 3
.,;' ... '.f_ j J. d ..,. .... __, t. yM ___
-:;;' ;; # ? I Ip

\ ABOUT Wedding BeHsAPfLlCATIGN ..

Socially SpeaKing ', L a3 9 s FOg

:Mrs. Myrtle Lee Ellison of New
York City is visiting with her

father Frank Fuller who Is ill Itch D. Harris Jr.. 4106 Victor. 3

Mrs. Audrey Kelly was hostess to the Belladonna .., t at his home 330 W. 19th Street. St., 18 and Willie M. Bacon 4183 .

Bridge Club recently. Bridge prizes were wen by Mrs. X s r s, Mrs. Ellison is a former resident : Kermit Rd., 16. r.

Grant, Mrs.: M. Mathis, Mrs. G. Adams. _- of Jacksonville and a member -' Curtis H. Tucker 1829 Arklha

Members present were Mesdames Geneva Adams, Ha- -c p of Second Baptist Church. Rd., '20 and Cecil Y. Walker,' 1S24Arletha

dassah, Bullard, Iva Grant, Katheryn Howell, Audrey Kel- Road 18.

ly, Graylayne Lesesne, Maryland Macon, Margaret Mathis, t. Dr. Leroy C. Ervin is attendingthe Mathew Kinery. 9J2 Pearl SW*

Vannette Thayer, Edythe Thompson, Ira Washington, :. I 1 E t j annual Clinic at Tuskegee 25 and Ella Gertrude 542 Peart .
Misses Cynthia Clark and Edna Moses. Guest was Mrs. ra Institute Tuskegee. Alabama. tIe i St. 22.

Bonita Sherard. will return to his office May G.I( Alphonso ail:!*!*=e. 3420 Bridier
.. ,
St., 23 and Mildred Whitehorn..
> ; Mrs. Carolyn IL Kendrick of 3419 Bridier Sty 19. ,
c 'c
712 East First Street attended ,i, Mac B. Jones 951 Ionia St. -

the wedding of her niece :Miss 25 and Joan Lester, 221 E. Union
Mrs. T. J. Singleton organist for Senior Choir 1 of
Loretta E Murray, in Philadelphia -I st. 24.
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, was honored on her birthdaywith J Pa. Frederick. Lamb 1931 College
a surprise dinner in the dining room of the church .- 10
Circle N., 34 and Anna E.
recently. The honoree: received many lovely gifts. ,. 1arUynn.UdJ'1',' daughter of ]I Jackson. 1465 McConihe St., 40. '

_a ."'- ,,- -. ........ ...- Mr. and :Mrs. Arthur won a $250']I Lester Nickerson, 1322 MadisonSt.
s scholarship to the school of her ., 24 and Nellie Graham 1414

The above persons are trained Sunbeam Bakery Hostesses and Driver for the Sunbeam Bakery Company choice in the oratorical contest Causey Lane 29.

The Sarah McGinnis Missionary Society honored Mrs. These young ladies who received special schooling instructions by a trained National Agent of the sponsored: by the Masons. She has Anthony Johnnson. 1305 Bridier

Estelle Jones, president of the Society, with a testimonial Sunbeam Bakery, at the Afro American Insurance Co., will be seen throughout the Community introducing also received a four year scholarship St.. 29 and Annie M Bell. 1564

recital last Sunday at New Bethel Ally Church, Partici- Sunbeam Bakery new product. from Spelman from Hampton Spearing St., 35.

pants were Mrs. Ruth B. McMillian, Mrs. Randolph Bracy Standing from left. to right:. Willie Edward Car ley, Mesdames Clesting Hams, chat ctte' Carter, and an early entry scholar- Keeve G. Reneldo. 1910 Venus

and Mrs. L. Thorpe. Marilyn Burns Barbara Walker Johnnie Mae Monroe Ruth B. Holzendors and Junius A. Bowman, ship at Fisk Unhersity. St. 23 and Jc uile I*. Edwards

I.Executive Director of the Jacksonville Urban League. Second row, from left to right: Mesdames Wilhel- 1910 Venus St., 23.Moris .

Hostesses were Mesdames W. M. Jones, Lillian Alston, Willa: TY naftA.UL3._ .1.. Cam1 lI a J ones, Mar ga rot Johnsen and' Svlvia Robinson. Lunsford 725!* W. Union! -
Inez Davis, Janie Robinson Mayola Robinson, Betty Sim- I -
EngagementsAnnounced I:St., 21 and Constance Chishc!m.
.. ... .
mons, Eloise Fletcher, Hattie Nesbitt, Aretha Nixon, Leona -- ;:::'" c: : ,' )16V.. Union St., 16.
Jackson M. E. Oliver Helen Hawkins Woods ,
Dorothy Robert L. McMillan. 542 W.

Serena Tolbert, L. B. Hall, Mary Cummings, Daisy Riley, Deaths&Funerals 1 Union( St.. 19.
Ernestine Rivers, Inez Pride, Maybelle Jenkins, Lula Daw-
Mrs. Juanita Davis announcesthe Isaac C. Williams 1616'/z Loomis -
kins Elnora McBride. Messes Mozelle Bruton and C. C.
engagement of her daughter I Ave.. Daytona Fla., 29 and

Morehead. --- Juanita Williams to James Eli :Shellie M Dickerson. 1296 West.

EVERSON-Mrs*. Sadie of 2341 PAYNE-Mrs. Martha Crittendenof Wright on; of Mr and Mrs. Willie :31st St., 26.

Thames Street. 1102 Phelps Stret. Wright of Fort Lauderdale.The Henry V. Sturnes, 1831 W. 30th

r VENELL-Daby Alice Lanetteof SMALLS-James Malachi of 1902 wedding will be in June i St.. 19 and Delois Matthews 5715
The Ete De Art Models will be featured in a Spring 131 :May Street. v.:<, Friends will receive invitations. !' Begonia Rd., 18.
Mars Street.WARNERRufus I .
Fashion Show May 9 in the Educational building of Mt. WHITE-Mrs. Annie :Mae of 436 Jf' Billy'J Davis 1107 W. 18th St.

Ararat Baptist Church, sponsored by members of the Carolina Street. of 2036 W. 10th Rev. and Mrs. Eugene Fisher of ;i 31 and FrankIe L. Small 924 W.

Female Chorus of Mt. Ararat. PEARCE-Johnnie of 726 W. Street. Live Oak. announces the engagement Duval St., 21. "

Union Street of their daughter, Dorothy i
KELLY-Emory and Martha Ann I to Gene L. Del'ass, nephew of Mr. I
of 658 N. Lincoln Ct. and Mrs. Mathew Jackson of Live !
Mrs. Daniels : State Gold MeetTo
The Las Muchachas Amigas Social Club, recently or- EDWARDS Lawson of 1442 Oak.The :
wedding will be an event
ganized, is to be added to our long list of clubs here in the Francis Street.THOMPSONMrs.. ".' s Be Held
Elected Grand ; of May 22 at Fort Union Metho-
city. Mrs. Vera Davis installed the officers at a recent meet- Florence B. of I \\1.- dist church. All relatives and
ing held at Club Eldorado. i April 29
1960 Mars friends are invited.Hospital
Worthy MatronMrs. ....:.: The State High School Gold
Members club -
of the are Mrs. Ruth D. White, Mrs. I FOSTER-Rebecca of 1238 E. 31st I

Vetrice Williams, Mrs. Doris Taylor, Mis Melissa Robinson, I C. B N. TOO"... .t-. "':-. of Tallahassee street. Seen here is Mrs Madeline Week I Meet will be'''held April Enf!"'c5 29 at "-
Go.: !!T'se. 6f3
Mrs, Anna Randolph, Miss Esther James, Mrs. Callie Par- i 1 i Sermons one of Jacksonville's Lincoln\
son, Mrs. Annie C. Mainor, Mrs. Gwendolyn Langley, :Mrs. past international queen, I McGRIFF-baby Ralph L. of 2041 I!! prominent business women who To 1 Be Observed : pouring in According to Edwaru

Hazel Howard, Mrs.' Alma Glass, Mrs Forestine Donaldson, I past queen of matrons of Florida Caljon Road.THOMPSONMrs.. I :Benthone, tournament director.
Mrs. Johnnie Cowart and Mrs. Delphenia Brinson., and past associate Grand Worthy I : !anniversary I i IMay8-14 M Frank Harris of Northwestern .
Mattie'L.. of
Senior high:;: School
Matron was elected Grand Worthy : Shop located at 1929 Kings Rd. Brewster Methodist Hospitalwill i ;
I 704 W. 8th Street. champion will defend his crown.
a Matron of Bethlehem Grand M r. ana Mrs. Sermons are also be among the many hospitals !

Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, I MAYS-Willie of Orange Street. I the operators of White Swan Dry throughout the nation that will Schools with golf teams registeredare fA
I Gainesville
Lincoln High :
daring the election Iisld in the Cleaners, 1933 Kings Road. celebrate National Hospital \Vt'Ck.1 :
The Blossom Social Club recently celebratedits
Orange recently.Mrs. I I Booker Washington Miami: Jones
first' 'anniversary in the auditorium of First: Corinth Masonic Temple May 8-14.
High. Orlando; Gibbs High,
Annie I*. Fleming was 1 The 1960 theme "Many Hands !
Baptist Church. Worthy Livingston School ,1Presents ;I Petersburg; Blake High Tampa I
elected Grand Associate i and Many Skills" is a very fittingone
Some'of the participants were: Mrs. Dora Swift, Choir Matron; Mrs. Irene Pratt of ; irkURiivenes for without the many hands : and Duval Vocational High. ,;;<

2 of Bethel Baptist Church, Rev. W. Badgett, Mrs Mary I Miami grand treasure :Mrs. Ellen Operetta i I needed daily the hospital could I Local schools expected to enter fl

Jackson. Mrs. Josie Kellv. Mrs: Patsy Wicres. Mrs. Lula Taylor grand conductress and "Land of Dreams Come True" ; e i not function properly.The I are New Stanton Matthew Gilbert -
-' -
Hampton, Mr.;. W. L. Jones. ,.'the Joyful Soul. Seekers and( Mrs Emma: Morrison, associate. will be presented by the pupils of Brewster Hospital has serv- and Douglas Anderson.For .
.... further information con
Mrs. Mary Kirby. .. grand secretary.Mrs. Smart Pope Livingston School on ed Jacksonville, Duval and adjac- -
Blocker -
f tact E Benthone Isaiah
t .
29 at 8 the school
; Queen n.Villiams, worthy April p.m. in ent counties as birttjplace a havenof r
0' ,'. matron of Quern of the South auditorium.The I :Mr. and Mrs. Herbeht Nelson, refuge and a source of hope' School. :':$

105 of Jacksonville, was crowned 1477 Myrtle Avenue, Boy. WHITE-Mrs. Viola J. of Nassu- ? .N
operetta opens \\ith.a. and healing in acute illness, accidents -

The Chorus of Northwestern High will present a con "queen of matrons".in the regular group of children enjoying'a holi- I Mr and Mrs Pernell Brown and stands ready at all ) ville.17th Street.Florida. -j I
contest. Mrs. Minnie J. Lawson day. Betty refuses to join In the I times to serve in case of disasters. < ,
behalf of St. John 14
of 31st
cert in the anniversary Lodge 472 Jessie Street Boy. lIAY\VOOD-Baby Kenneth of
received the deputy prize for organizing fun because she is hunting magic The trained teams of professionals .
F&AM at the Masonic Temple, May 23. i 1 I 7963 Longspur Avenue. :
Herndon chairman the extendsan the most chapters dur- berries which will enable them to Mr. and Mrs. Odell Cobb 94 S. !and the licensed practical '
oi program, PERRY-:Mrs.: Lolia of 1357 Davis
invitation to the public, Admission is free. ing the year. enter a Land of Dreams Come ,Myrtle Avenue, Girl. nurses the aides the orderlies the Street. [
Memorial services s were con- True. \ I secretaries record-keepers. X-ray!
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Simon 1104 FELTON-Mrs. Della of 711 Mar-
ducted by :Mrs. Harriett Tooks, The children fall into a deep and laboratory services, pharaucy,
ket Street. |
MrS. Emma Morrison Mrs.. S. L. sleep after eating the berries and [Brady Court Girl. I.business and admitting teams, : tI
\ Andrews Mrs. Cora Maldon,,. Mrs. are awakened by pixies who lead Mr. and Mrs. Levi Simmons operating room deliver teams. f

Members;of the Chat and Sew Club were hostesses to Minnie J. Lawson, Mrs. Corine them to The Land of Dreams t Rt. 9. Box 417-E. Boy. supply and kitchen teams all Joinin 1 ."'-
their friends with. a Pokeno party and dinner at Buster Brown Mrs. Ellen Taylor and Come True wher they encounter to supply the many skills needed BEAVER FALLS. PA. NEWS-

Ford's club. Mrs. Lillian Saunders. many strange adventures. ; Mr. and Mrs Byron McGruder, by every hospital. Just as im- TRIBUNE: Federal, state and

Officers installed by T. A. 1565 E. 22nd Street. Boy. the do- local expenditures an running at
were Some of the leading charactersare portant in their roles are
this colorful and entertaining affair
Attending were Rolle, grand worthy patron. : Raevendelyn Cooper Mae I Ii mestic teams that provide the : 5129 billion a year. That is more
Mesdames Ella Jones Bell Kate Graves Edna Hall ; Leander
Agnes I Mr. and Mrs. Boggs than one third the national product.In .
Francis Ross Cynthia Mann, cleanliness that is necessary! for
Marion Aveilhe, Fred Robinson, Floyd Pearson M. Lucile i 1771 W. 4th Street Girt: of '
j other words 3b Cft1ts every
Beverly Gilbert Shelly Holden, r everything to be "hospital ch\m". ;
Butler Elizabeth Marie Streets Madeline Jones I
Norwood, | earned in this
dollar country SDC
Under Madison Michael King Mr. and Mrs. Hilmon Sorey, Many demonstrations and displays I
Adelaide Jenkins, Agnes Reeves, Wesley Johnson, Flossie ACE '
LeagueMonthly maintain government on-
and Tyrone Powell. 1758! W. 11th Street: Girl. I will be presented to the to help
Ruble Ervin, Mabel Latson, Lessie Crowd, Paralee f all levels." !
Down, Alice Griffin, Henretta Kinnon, Marie Calhoun, Program Mis Bernice Cornell is chairman. Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Sease.j public i during the observance.
Meltonma McGnff, Lucile Clark, Pauline Smith, Sallie r "of this activity I 1174 W. 20th Street. Girl. ; "

Mathis, Maurice Mathis, Hazel Allen, Mabel Oiiphant, Slated For May 15 t Strawberry Bonus

Elino Littlejohn, Susie Black, Alveta Allen, Catherine The city wide ACE League 1 II Mr. and :Mrs. Clyde Smith: 2320

Burns, Maud Aveilhe, Alfred Pink, Alfreda Brown, Martha Union of the AME Churches will Dead Sea Davis Street, Boy. i .h I

Lee, O. J. Walker Deborah Hams Rraford Brown and in I II
present its monthly program Hotel Onens :Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wright,
Aldonia Johnson. the auditorium of Payne Chapel .... I! 1227 W. Dural Street GirL ,

I AME 3 p.m.Church Eastside Sundayat '=-.t-t.--:- >:,,, "' :- -.,- ,'S.: '" .- w Mr and Mrs. Jessie Andrews
/ I
I Miss Beniett Walker league 2053) Commonwealth Boy.

Las Amigas Social Club was recently entertained by president is arranging an inter- It.'f 4r Mr. and Mrs. William Gibbs,

Mrs Greta Gibson, Following the business session, games I esting program for this affair. : r 2963 Willow Street Boy. s 3

were played and prizes were won by Mrs. Lolita Colemaii, The speaker for this occasion i Mr. and Mrs. John H. Grler I
Mrs. Linda Mitchell. I will be Leonard J. Roberts, Jr. :i 4105 Etta Street. Girl. I

I who w LIthe address: the union from Mr. and Mrs. Willia Jackson, '
Members present were Mrs. Willielrnina Ebrori, Mrs subject "'111e Church One I IFoun ii- 1040 Franklin, Boy. I ,

Delores Gibson, Mrs. Mattie Richardson, Miss Vivian Yoe- aiion". 2 Mr and Mrs. Frank King 2SOi 9 .

man, Mrs. Lolita Coleman, Mrs. Linda Mitchell and Mrs. All League presidents, officers, Freeman Road Boy. 'I. i

Greta Gibson. and members throughout the city Mr and Mrs. James Mann, 701 !

Invited to attend tbi Court 1.
The next meeting is scheduled fox :May 13' at 8 are
pjn.in -
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Rhodes
the home of Mrs. Linda Mitchell, 130 Park Street, d
4233 Bunche.Drive Boy. WI

Mr and Mrs. VInson Pressley : I
'* a --
'. '.J Fanta.5'1" 748 Court
"SpringScheduled 40-roosa luuryhotel hasjecently A. Boy.

been opened on the I ,Mr and Mrs. Fr amon ){cNa.1r, I
Plans for the Pretty Hat Tea to be sponsored by the for May .ores cf the Dead Sea Con 5872 Marigold Road GirL and Everyone strawberry loves jelly the e-'rvwi extra bonus at mealtime.of homemade Basic,strawberry nasy-to-ioUaw jam
I :
Venetianetts Ladies Club were completed at their last Blocker reniecily located, for tourists j Mr. and :Mrs. James. MeNair, recipes for sweet xpresd furh as these are available! in a package';
meeting.The. 12 at Isaiah visiting: the Jordan' Valley J 5557 Dakota. Boy. of powdered fruit peciin. And for a ill11 ere&t variation: o* t .a -,;

i Spring Fsntesy will be toe fetkho, and the Dead Set, the }.!r. and Mrs. Moses Koha IU. strawberry jelly theme this minted version b sure to please ,"t I
following members and guests were present during em-h presides first class )
theme or the May Day exercisesat 4, Box 43, Eoy. MINTED STRAWBERiiY JELLY :
the social hour: Mr and :3ta. Grover C. Hushes, Mr. m"'lDitht: ms int"nd"K" fa. "i; ,
: '
Blocker Junior High Yields about 8 ib .
Isaiah .Mr and Mrs. Dave. Even, 181Q ram gui**e* (4 jelly)
and Mrs. Nathaniel L 11 ties for swimming la the: '
Mr. a.\d .MrsFn.mk I
Sears -1 ;
School 2. 3& juice (about 2H < &. 1 box Sure-Jell !t
on May W. 20to Street Boy. cap pondered
Mr. and Mt-s.. t ?gd_.Ses. 'A bo&i t
William Harris MI' Mrs. TIwom w lwtysrs -,
iiIitt Maatrle P!ttzsis from ripe strawberries) fruit pectin Y
v Queen fettles visitors: Mr. and Mrs. Warner Baxter: 1
oI '
Mrs. Alma Cooper, Mrs.. Rarrlctt Lewj.= Mrs: Dorothy 5 rapa: (2% Ha.) cugsj; % to 1 teaspoon speantdat u:
f the fourth grade: Eric Marshall. aUe of thrz of the, 2700: Begonia Road. Boy. extract ) --J ji ,
Logan, Miss Gladys DurhaIn., WheclQ' & eY, JOM' Pick- Knsr frcsa. the _*ixth .grade: ; Gary; :J .DeI4 =ll.t.Ae'. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Washing2617 "
ens LoWs Stukes : : First the juice. Crush thoroughly about 21A
LeonlTd Atwater and Ivory Elps. prepare quart (
Jj1aJ'oc g, Prir.o.t. '1 th if't -
ton.. Phlox GirL .
J fully strawberries. Place in jelly cloth cr i&g and t quccxe ,
s = : "'J r-7 .. Mr. and Mrs. John,C&i&, 153S oat jripe Measure ST cops into a very l&g saucepan.
1 A._.........: # _- thi,-'," .L.-A. -..$ -.m li
= .I-"' ,; :: 11'; Pl'N'eIJft E. 26th,.street. GirL Then mate the jelly. Measure saga and set, aside. Add .'
raga over thisCeros&Uon t v .r. .: 1' 3;; :Mr. and Mrs. German .Cooper, powdered.fruit'peclis to juice in:saucepan ssd mix:\\ IL Place I
exercise; will be held I I 11+9P..ink 3 4 seta el BecI, i s; tooarlnUao(OMts 1r 315 E.''Beaver Street, GirL over hi h heat and stir until mixture comes to a hard boiL At
NoTICE..TO SCCIAJm ewirJhED.! .ml.,THECOLUM {i r Sr ) cr once stir in sngaz. Bring to a full rolling boil and boil herd 1 i
!T/.s. May S in tbs ssditorhiss, A 1icr- Cie d Mrs. Eddie
.trlll1'B UuW3e. Urln did tt Mr. and Gls&tcc. minute stirring cona.am y. Removs from heat. Add *pearaiat '. 0'j' i
#SHOUUllACii THnc-iri: :TrNOT' Ti : + :t numbers aid.aonvrftra 'try-US8UJL.d aeiuaty for and Ste&0 srrUs Trtxt 11M.ar. 1778' Nash. .Road/Girt. extract. Skim off foam with metal spooapand pour quickly 1 dD '

THA..lMOHDA'Y 5'.MfCR'UL. A"" H :!.N. FlUD. '''S.:1. au rte.5. grades tld ,osacad.iQ;* ."...-.r Mr. and Mrs, Robert Lee Marl: .' cIa es. Cover idly at once with % inch hot paraffln. t
ISSUE- ,r : .. : -' !:!: D4U IIUIGIW-a.ca-pu-_ A
v : .
;" I' t'; ", I through six. e Pi: i aa ..-. Oei On y.. > _i.1*5318 Brait Avenue. GirL II -, ..- _. ,- --- -- "---


..... _. _. ..
I -
------=. --_"_-_- _______ = "'" -- ,

:: -
-_-. -., -- _%_ -


.. .
.' : .

f -- THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Satura'oy, April 30, 1960
-- --- -

I .-.. .- May. 1! J.I' fl'. vlJservance. I Set At Cenrral CM E !f I I

-- -




f **" 3E-l'l{ >*'*> >v?'< s CHURCH! women of Central CME Smith. Mrs. Annie Jvlainor Mrs.

( NEWS -hurch: met and organized for Mary Davis Mrs. Dorothy John
;heir annual day observance which
son. Mrs. Mary Ftallings, Mrs.
fiff Si > .vi !! n terminates May 15.
Mrs. Alicia
-. S -Lfe" .
; .1.1Chr. Officers are: Mrs. Eunice V.
Peggy Norman Mrs. Cleo
1 ....__ j chairman; Mrs. Frankie H.
CHaney Pearson. Mrs. Delphenia Brinson.
't FIRST BAPTISTThe Mi Carmel Baptist Church. co-chairman; Mrs. Beatrice Miss Rosemary Griffin. Miss Loi

of First Mrs. will ::1'I Williams, secretary; Mrs.
women Baptist Mary Mobley serve as Butler. :trs. Anna Lewis Mrs.

Church, Mandarin, will observe chairman for the occasion and 'Clementine Brown program char Lillie Siplin. and Mrs. Marian

L +'fj Women's Day May 8 as announced Mrs. Lee Ester Pinkney as co- man; Mrs. Julia Burwell trea- StnefcUn.Captains.

4' e I by Mrs. J. L. Davis, chairman chairman. surertrs: Nettie Leapheart and groups will be

j:? I /' 'and Mrs. Thelma Mosly, cochairI I Programs will be presented at finance chairman; Mrs. Juanita announced.

each service. Wyatt. publicity chairman.Mrs. .

man.Mrs.. Mamie Holliman will deliver I' E. V. Coker, decoration

the 11:30 ajn. address. The' ABYSSINIA : chairman: Mrs. Daisy Wallace, Jerusalem

people will have charge of music chairman; Mrs. Norman
young All participants for the mothi
the at 3 The 6:45 Walker' youth chairman; Miss Observes
program p.m. er's day choir have been asked to iomcn's
1 : "k p xt'a p.m. speaker is Mrs. D. Kelsey. meet Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Ethel D. Hamilton courtesy chair-

Actmg pastor for the day will The choirs and congregationwill man: Mrs. Essie M. Simpson. \ / Day

be Mrs. Lucie Ray Thompson. accompany the pastor the sponsorship chairman: Mrs. Mag-

.. ; ,* ,* Rev. B. L Wynn to Bethel Bap- gie Bass acting pastor for the Women's Day will be observed:
day Mrs. Ella Scott. chairman in Jerusalem
; Baptist Chur-M
n'RIGUTS"U.J.EIETIIODIST tist Church May 4. Choirs 1 and
cf ushers. Southside on May 15.
Wnghtsville Methodist Church 2 will serve.

k .'\. :. announced plans for the an- May 10, the choirs and congregation Serving on various committeesare Mrs. Mozell Jones has bt ln
Mrs. Etta L. Brooks, Miss elected as chairman; Mrs Mil-
women's day will the
>t.1 observance of accompany
Charlotte Rousseau Mrs. Beatrice dren Jenkins co-chairman M1-.
aeduled for May 29. pastor to Antioch Baptist Churchto
Golden Mrs. Luella Evans :Mrs.Const.ance Mary A. Jackson, pastor for theday
Heading the observance is Mrs conduct services. .
!: i Green. Mrs. Essie ; Mrs. Thelma Ray actinpastor -
::1atriceV.. Coleman. chairman Choir 4 will meet for rehearsalat
; Mrs. Beatrice Sunrfetan
'.. Williams 8
: h Miss Virginia as co- p.st.
nuurman. Rev. E. H. Johnson Is EVERGREEN BAPTIST pastor; Mrs. Beatrice, Secretary ;
The male chorus will meet Mrs. Annie Jones, treasurer.
,,..... .. ., pa tor NEW ZION BAPTIST
D ,' : '- p.1. t Ii't.' d! t l'W Saturday at 7:30 pjn. for re- The captains are: Mrs. Naalm!

:" :-. : hI !-.11tH ,"JHI ...... '. .:- t; i District 8 of First New Zion !Ii hearsal. Services for Sunday will Brown. Mrs. Altha Badger Mia.

didate r-r: \iBlshcp -.. u. .' ::- :. .._ /,._ ,'r: .. 'Hl:; i.l::: ... ..,-L: : ... .. d il LA t.n' ,t'l : ST. LUKE Baptist. ; will sponsor a pretty hat ;, begin with the Sunday School at Doris Grant Mrs. Marie Williams
Mrs. Gertrude Morse will be the tea May 22 from 4 to 6 pjn. at
Nesblti are platform: guests, amcng whom we Palter \'i\o l-" ,,-- -..iii G. d. Yarfcrough.Chbrch l' 9:30: a.m. followed by morning Mrs. Beatrice Singletary: Mrs.
speaker at 11 a.m. service on May the church. ,
Johnny Long and Senator Edwin Prast ar, VvOisJiip at 11 ajn. Mrs. Ella Ruth Brown Mrs. Thel-
--- _----%...-.-:..... L.--.. _--- --z----, -.....::- -I 8 when the women of St. Luke l' Evening worship 6:30: pjn. ma Ray and Mrs. Mozell Join.
I (Alachua: ) will observe their an- ''E3IANUEL BAPTISTI
I .'I r Choir 2 will serve throughout the Other committee members arc:
OfIs r-:, : .. I r n:\ :.alc Classesents I nual day.A Usher Board 4 will meet Saturday day. Mrs. Corine Smith prob .:m

'.' _.; ..,.,.' : .I" hJ motorcade will form at Cedar at 4 p.m. The children choir S chairman; Mrs. Lillie M. Men.'t t.

DedicaIn .!. d I .s. -" "" -..4 tS1' ;rda}- 'r Recital Hills Shopping Center to make 1 will meet at 4:20 PJS. The male MT. ZION AME Mrs. Mozell Jones Mrs. Mildred
; e I
the trip. Mrs. Emily Haymes is chorus will
I \ II j meet at 7 p.m. Mt. Zion AME Church, south- Jenkins Mrs. Thelma Ray, mem

I i1. .., '-. : ;general: chairman. I District 4 will meet Sunday at ,, annual bers.
: C. .: ., : : Wore than 150 oo'id-s: i are ex- I side will present
L> Th"1 Sims Music 3 at the church. District 5 at
Clas of south
pjn. 8 at 4
f ,":ted to attend the ;-u mal nwtUT I Mother's Day tea May: pjn.
cf the Florida scholastic Jn ju!crvll1: ; will pre .-nt its an- I McCALL SINGERS ,, 3 p.m. in the basement. District 9 All mothers will be honored.

The Rt. Rev. Wales R. Nesbitt Ccaches: Association on Saturdayat i ',1 jnu ical ,.reota! Friday at The McCall Singers will cele- :, at 3 p.m. at 303 Spruce Street ,: Prizes will be awarded to the St. Luke HostsQuadrennial

presiding prelate of the Churches New Stanton High School. ?t) pr-. in the B;thel Baptist I brate their tenth anniversary In ; District 11 at 3 p.m. at 2413 K. oldest mother the youngest mother -

of God in Christ delivered the :Many important proposals willb -'iL rch. I the auditorium of the Triumph j Lincoln Ct., District 12 at 1250>'2 the mother with the most

dedicatory address last Sunday brought before the group for Pat ticip acing are Miss Joyce Holiness Church Third and Grothe Street. District 14 at :3 children and the mother with the

afternoon, April 24, for the dedi- 'i cussion and legislation for the ""::ant. Mss Paulette Merritt. Miss I Franklin streets beginning at ::. pm. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. most children in attendance.Committee SessionsRev.

cation of the Margaretta Churchof .rrprovement of the association. \f-u-va Taylor. Miss Willie B. 8:30 p.m. on :May 1. J. S. Hand, 2803 Calloway Circle. :

which Elder Mack Ruise is Election of officers will be held Toombs :Miss Myra Reese Miss Appearing on the program will District 18 will meet at 3 pm. in Hunter Bess Pastor of st,

pastor.A urrng the morning session. The Cassandra Grant, Miss Deborah I be the Golden Jubilee Singers the home of Mrs. JanIe Bailey Luke A.M.E. Zion Church, which

number of prominent Negro Bailey Miss Alberta Rhinehart.lSS Celestrial Singers, Gospel Echoes 1976 McQuade Street. Holds will be host to the 36th quadren-
fernoon: session will be the meeting -
citizens from Jacksonville and \'[ Rynette Paulin. Miss Betty Union Gospel Singers and others. i t nial session of the A.M.E. Zion

nearby cities attended the.dedica- of meeting.conferences and committees Brown William Taylor, the Mer- ,. WEST UNION Award ProgramThe Church, May 4-18. announcedthat

tory event along with several att girls and others. i plans are complete for the
MT. TABOR i Deaconess Hoard 1rlll meet
North and South Big Nine con-
Relations Committee
public officials and candidates foa The church is located San I I Community meet and that from indications
ferences will meet at 2 p.m. to on Friday night Choirs 1 and 21will people department of the BTU'will
elective presented its second an- it will be the most successful tu
offices among: whom were Diego road and Bethel Court
make plans for the state cham- opposite rehearse jointly. The Male ; present the annual speaker ,
i nual citizenship awards programin the history of the denomination.
Senator Edwin Frazier, Sheriff E. pionship the school. Chorus will rehearse Saturdaynight. ]I tournament during the BTU hour .
game. Mcncnef '
I the auditorium First meeting will begin at 11:00
Ed. Yarbrough, John J. Crews
i with Mrs. Norma S. White in
Collins of
Samuel Campbell
candidate for the House of Representative t i f I charge. Elementary School. a.m., Wednesday, May 4, when
treet High Daytona Beach will o.Rrr.er5! Plaques and certificates werewardt.d. senior prelate. Bishop W. J. Walls,
; Johnny Long Maintenance -
Engineer, N. E. Florida preside over the meeting. @ (:'./ SWEETFIELD BAPTIST I Mrs. Edna Gordon and Mrs. \ for several phases of 10 ids the procession into the san-
Sarah will sell
Cummings chicken
Hospital.The Prayer meeting is now in progress I acluevemeut.. Plaques for leadership ctuary of the church. where the

inspiring services began at Amon Horne, son of Mrs. Dora for the revival services. 'in!I'and:I the chitterling educational dinners building Saturday iu the field of education were opening senu'jn will be preached

Thompson, has been granted a Preaching will begin May 2 with presented to Dr. William B. ste- and the HolyCremcnt of theLord's
3:30 following dinner I
p.m. a served .
Be Sure To
three the Rev. J. W. Frison in charge wart president of Edward Waters
on the grounds of the years scholarship to do research I Supper administered.Th .
church. Vote for work in "Economics Tri of pulpit services. Choirs 1 and 2 College and Sinclair C. Evans welcome! exercise is scheduled -

I Cambridge, England. along with Usher Boards 1 and 2. render service at Union Com- School. Outstanding feature of the meet

Home is a senior at Harvard Choirs 3 and 4 and Usher Board munity AME Church, Beaver and Ct'r ficat.c.s"cre printed to will be the presenting of a pageant -

University Cambridge Mass. 4 will serve Wednesday and Thurs- Everson Street Tuesday night James Small, physical education; depicting the story of the

FELLOW CE7EZENS! day. All choirs and ushers will May 10, 1960 in behalf 0f Men'sDay I I Mrs. Olga Bradnam Library Science A.M.E. Zion Church. The Livings
ii which has
been set for May
/ 1 Mrs. Lottie B. Gilbert left the serve Friday night. I I ; Miss Bernice Gaines law; : tone Choir will render the music.

. LEWiS? IS THE MAN city Friday for Los Angeles, Cali- I Baptism will be held Sunday 15th.Holy Communion will be administered I. James Wliittmgton, mortuary sci- : The pageant will be held in EJ tn.

!f.i fornia where she will vacation and : morning. ence; Beulah McClellan, Journalism han's Music Hall and regular sessions -
at the and
t'" visit friends. She will also attend I The Missionary Society will evening ; L. D. Ervin, insurance.E. will be held at the Memorial

r > : I the AME General Conference and i, meet Monday night at the par- morning services and sermons for L. Wecms, photography; Adrian i Auditorium.

: ,.. ''.-.' ......,>:, I<,".. ..'.,. .... Lewis Will Render visit other places of interest. j I sonage at 7 p.m. I today will be delivered by the Ken Kmght, radio; KageneCortney.
> : pastor. the Rev. J. R, Campbell. i I 1
..' :" very: labor Edgar P. Jones. Shiloh
i __. '{:" E uoblustice Friends wish for her a 1 ; Baptist
M." ..-; ..:- t 1 AND USHER BOARD 1 Fish, candy apples and snow I I culture Emmett N. Reed
1, : pleasant trip. CHOIR beauty ;
'. ;' : : To Al! 'J 1 I CONTEST j balls will be sold Saturday afternoon Mrs. E. L. Weems I Set Annual
POPULARITY recreation; Day
: : ... .j{
t. ... '' +::;,: .:: .>. at 916 Everson Street ini }
::',; :'>> : i I' Choir 1 and Usher Board 1 of i public health nursing; Elnora ,
lr' Lewis Will Treat tfi
I behalf of Men's Dinners will
R. A Day.
Rev. i
J .; t.ti:: : King I Simpson Methodist Church will I.iL'1n1pt.on. civic attains Tlielma L. The women of Sliiloh Metropolitan -

I'I .:: .,, ::: ,:.'Q All CitizensAs I sponsor a popularity contest between also be sold on the church Harris, social work.Mrs Baptist Church are com

>,< c.; < '. ':.,' .:..,; 4..."......;'..,:.. People ; Organizes | the boards. The,contest will ground. ,I Horiensc Williams. Gray, : pleting plans for their annual ob
bjI Men's 'I| terminate May 15 from 4 to 6 pm. guidance and counseling:: ; Beoinan : servance.
.: rsv. FKISON
I ; j;i VOTE for JUSTICE i1 in the social hall of the church. I Kendall, law enforcement; ; Uriah ;I! Mrs. Anna B. Lawrence has
; I | Rev. J.V.. Frison. formerly ofthis :
tJ. .'< tift I The Rev. R. A. King, pastor of :! Contestants arc Miss Joan. Portee journalism; Kernaa D. been elected chairman with Mrs.
j will
t. \'W,; and of the 1 i Payne Chapel AME Church met Frazier and Mrs. Lucille Mitchell.A i meeting city in the conduct Sweetfield revival Baptist McFarlin, music; Mrs. A. 1L i i Andrena Twlgss serving as co-

: the of the church musical program Is being plan- Moore. music; Jerry Izzard PharI eliairman.i .
: with men and
> d .. ". 'WORK, for PEACE Ei j Church. I i General
II i
,:, ..'S"r!a.I .'& I organized for the Men's Day ned.. The revival will begin May 2 medicine ; an Mrs. Ella committee members
: I : ; Riley Mrs Viola
which will terminate in
: June.
invitations have been extended
I ..:. .. Elect! I and Mrs. Matilda Brown nursing. 1 Hatcher Mrs. Georgia Payne Mrs.
."'. ,,,4 I Officers elected were Charlie MT. CALVARY to the public to attend.
'iI. f' i Powell, chairman; Freddie Richardson District 4 will sponsor a spiritual Junior citizenship certificatesfor I Millie Hollis Mrs Johnnie :Ed-;

J.4'. :f" I r-\ !I ,. ni.: I co-chairman; Arthur : tea Sunday afternoon at the DAY SPRLSG HOLINESS academic and citizenship j wards, Mrs. Barzell& Polite. Mrs.

i. ::'l": '.- ... .... r-vv 9 II .'ii King, secretary. home of the Rev. and Mrs. A. Bishop W. C. Young, pastor of | achievements were presented to I r Carrie MOJU'oe. Mrs. Beatrice P.Rd-
'! dick. Mrs.
: RlC J'lson. New Stanton; Baety.
Betty l.1'.rs.Vil.
d.i ,. ,. 11 Captains: are C. Powell, F. Themaster. Day Spring Holiness Church, will I -
and 13 will meet 1 Paul W. Smith, Gilbert; Nathaniel E ? Griffin Mrs. Ruby Kitchen
T5;<'12ar con.: .T. .T. B nekin, W. Districts 8, 9, continue his 14th anniversary
Let's. R. R. Mr iror. O. D. immediately after morning wor- w,*fey Douglas Andeistm; Itodut Mrs. Edith Lerett. Mrs. ThoJma
4 DeSue, Philips i
Make a Much Needed Change in the G'*;c p r through :May 1 in the church Gloria I SumiJson Mrs. Mamie
I r>. D. Ttewart, M. Pringle J. R. ship in the basement of the auditorium, 1771 W. Fifth Street. ; > mist llorthweatern; Btaletrs..
'lob'inson DIxon Isaiah Blocker Joseph I Snyder Mrs. Mattio
; Kin?, George Brun- church.
The Sunday School and Young
; Echols.
will meet Monday Strand James Weldon Johnson; Thompson
in I icu. L. Jcluiscn H. SmE.: T. District 3 People's Union will have chargeof
1 M. A-:trong, Georgera'ley night in the home of :Mr. and ; Arthur E. Collins, Janie L. Scott Mrs. Nita Drapers Mrs. Marion
s =- aL:Ftf H ;!l pencer Sunday service. Sunday night, I P. Glover Mrs.
1974 Tuake- i Elizabeth Williamson and Ed Emma Smith and
: O. Jcvzier. the Rev. R. A. Mrs. Leonard Gray the St. Peters Baptist Church will i Mrs. Carrie P. Alston.
K.ns the Rev. Thomas DeSue gee Rd. I Davis.
be to
present !
j will remain in SUn- serve.t i '
:and Williams. Ail women iI
; ." t. day morning tu complete psri&I I I Mrs. Queen ,n 5Women's .k
Th : ELtFO9f r @ CiterCorner t I for the women's day program with I i!
I services for Sunday begins
.... ;j; :.I \/1 e-:+ neon Sets !\Irs. Verdie Cruise. : Macedonia Day
with the Sunday School at %):30 I ,..., .
I IV1omen's Day I ajn., with (tip superintendent in Women PianIObservance r"-' jli. .r''n.'. :'\ .l

i! Annual Women's Day will be charge. The pastor will deliver I

Myrtcl2.! and Shad Reo I I II The Women of West Union met !observed June 26. the sermons for the morning and II I The women of Tabernacle Baptist -

I recently to elect officers for theJ.Omen's District C will meet Sunday at evening service. Choir and Usher Church met recently to plan

MEDIUM I ;. Day observance set for 4:15 p. a. at the church. Board No. 2 will serve throughoutthe I Annual women's day will be for ttyir annual day, to be held
MULLET Lb. 2Gc in Macedonia! Primitive May
I I' Map 15. Officers elected were: day. observed 15 throughout the day.

ROE MULLET Lb. 29cLb. I }'Irs.Vlllye F. Dennis chairman; WAYMON CHAPEL District 4 will meet at 4 pja. i Baptist Church May 8. The following officers were

SPANISI"AACPfOI:1! 25c Mrs Willie Mae Davis, program Services for Sunday will begin in its monthly business meeting. I t Mrs. Nathaniel Davis and Mrs. selected: Mrs. Queen K. Aklns.

ROE SHAD < < chairman; Mrs. Ruth C. Soloman : with the Sunday School at 9:30 Rev. H. L. Herod, pastor cf Mt. I Sarah Rice will be guest speakers chairman; Mrs. H. M. iWeneT
O!.;::1 ,: } I' I ," Lb. 3 >cLh. I I "Inance chairman; Mrs. Martha aja. with B. Woods in charge. Zion Baptist Church. Southsid?. { for the day. At 3 p.:a. music will co-chairman: Mrs. M. L. stoW
RED BASS For Baking ,.d' o.t,' t ??c Cummings, publicity chairman; Morning' worship 11 am. .Evening and his congregation will render I bt furnished by the female, chorus secretary: MM. Geneva Grant!

SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the Sea". : 'Lb. 49c Mrs. Eliza perry. Sunday School worship 6:30 pjn. Holy communion service in the church Monday: [ oi Zion Baptist Church with the treasurer: Mrs. A. C. T. Knight, I

I CAT FISK _____.......,!..-_' j_. Lb. 49c I and Miss Er lyn Bodlson. evening '! 'will 'be, administered at night in interest of Women's. : Day. 'address' being delivered by Mrs. program chairman: Mrs. Essie o
worship.Choir Geraldine Hildred, Barnes finance *
hours :jof chakmarT
LARGE FLOUNDER worship. bath major :
__ Lb. 49c
Other officers for the day are; :
,' Y' Chairman for the. various districts and Usher
,1-: '1"- ',.," are; Mrs.Julia: : Mack,' MrsV'with j Deaconess Board 1 and SteIwardessBsard,2 -, The Rev. S. J. Price, pastor of.i Mrs. M.a.Robinson., guest superintendent. S"2

FSES, _PAHKOTQ. ., SIDE. !Um'mAi:' ( : !/ Carrie Bariee. Mrs. Ella' .''Elton ViU.SK-v! tt j CQlrianc Baptist Church and i! Teachers-Mrs. Mary

: :" "'; : Mrs, Sallic: p aarpton; ''Mrs. Willie!It.sermons..?jtt v&t&d..b1 ej; q gregation will hold baptism! ,,'Latlmer, Mrs. L. S. Badger Mrs. _The captain.; are: Mrs. Aida.

THE, SEOO. : ; ., -- CETTiiLtrtl. ; \' M. Lessene, Mrs, 'Katie Dwonezy i[I pastor, '!he.Ref'. G.. W. -Smith.MT. I It Bunday morning at Rsjai Taaenisclc Janie Mae Jenkins and Mrs. Maggie SheifII AL-s. Alma Glover Mrs

":! f '.. ; f Sirs. Ruth .xd, Mrsr LueDai 1 t ..' t .1 \I .. j jI Baptist Church, located Troupe; -Mrs. Rv'-J" Qaicatis, Alice t tit : Or ac '' ScOtF
at'21st .d Myrtle Avenue. pastor;for, the.'day- assistcc. J3y t S.i,. ''LUd1C..c..1... .... ...
Hudson '
.' : Le i z: Pearl: .
Av.. ..... .. CARMEL BAPTIST'.Women's' y, ld.-fSJ"v. ''0"
'n 443s | ;
-: **' ''i. LH "< .' Sirs. B/trig: U DoctorFamnfeFelton'L I i I ,3R usual cciurdule .will prevail Mrs Rosa. Lee iJey: irsxRu SL I?r !1-t<)'Mf&r. 'Ada -
to- observed
'. fL' -., .; .r 4 -%.! -.' *: 'I.i : : .-.. ?, Oloria. Gainey and j i : day'will:* in!: .rr.'tIltrm.lrider( ._or'Uv e day.. Stokes co-chairman and Mrs. Mrs. Mattie Williams ifniton: '
I throu&ioul.th6:
dair :
May, 15 i and '
Mrs. A. Jones. "' : .i "l. : I 1-- .' S i Rosa Lee. chairman.I Damon Collier. Mr& <<

J .

.. : ......

\ \ ,..-.... .. ..,..
': -' ; < ._. .' .... .'" -
; ,._ ." -
'- ..
-- :.- :r
;?-' .. ? :. ,

1'\'\ lair lUll ana unpaiuai em or ce _. ...a.i..w..fi.c., .c ipl U Aij ..-.a.S-... .rrys w. Wa ta caN NU.1 '. ... "" -
aryl has made it clear he is running i ment., I i j I Economy and efficiency in state A not: :ber c! Jacksonville citi- ,h': biT ?arm cf Cratrford & May last Monday ]police reported. lance. Preston Smith, Sr. was arrested -
I on more than his so-called 'I' zens'believe: that It was reported that Preston i and the assault
government Tyrie A. weapon
"record. I "I tell you this because rmI can be promoted Boyeris in J uscri-111?. pad in January
1 I best suited for Smith, Sr.. of Washington and underpants were turned over
determined to carry my campaignto through immediate reorganizationof Judge of Civil 1333: b.';r.r.i? .s partner in the
The .
38-year-old law enforce- j Street assaulted his! wife, Mrs. F. Gruber of Moml-
A. the
: to Sgt.
the Department of firm! of ;
ment has you on basis of my record my Agriculture, Cramer: & May. He is
expert challenged his I
in ability, my experience and what I i \v. R. (Buster; Hancock candidate presently e*;& Td ?is the general Gertrude Smith by_.beating, here cue Division.Let' ,
opponents recent talks to
I can do for Duval County in the for Commissioner of Agri- private practice cf law in Jack -, ,-.:_-s .--"-T -""=-- .... --..----' "'=="""' !' .... !
paign on more than just "emo- I t
I culture said : r:
tional future, Car "'n said. I here today. : 4ri sonville.
and empty claims. ;

Carson, Duval County Sheriff "One of my opponents has madej.f f "I hope to make the reorganization -
an empty claim which would dis- T\Xf'R; T : BOBBED ,
the past two years, points to his I program a model l or pilot I III"
credit my administration, while OF IIGZ-S ANT MONEY
past record of progressive law en- project for other departments::) of t
the other campaigns entirely on Davis; Ls:; v7l"aTis.! 25, of 35
forcement and offers factual data ... state 2rcvernnint to follow if they ; -
s K ag Yr! A'caanniih,
and statistics to support it. wish," the candidate declared. 4)) i -
Georgia tcld police helost J his:
"I have statistics to show how Economy and efficiency Instate
I wallet :and sh:es when he accepted -
major crime in Duval County has government is cue of Iiancock's I I
en .invitation from a I
decreased despite an explosive major platform planks. He !I
'. "'1ne::; : t: a'xpicr: him home _
population growth," Carson says. 4 claims to be the first candidatefor .. i '
"I will show the statewide office S"t.1 1Y. I '
you special pledged to
.... Wiiram! .'* he met the
... .. ? !; man
moonshine vice, arson, auto theft, ," + ":> such a program. :
; ; in a bar and Uwy haddrinks &e\-e":1\1: I II
hit-and-run and other squads I 1-.... 1.:19z .,' Hancock president of the Flor- : toethr' nt different bnrs. j: i
have activated to improve law enforcement :. ,. ida Agricultural Council for the i
p .. later: the vnteoim nan invKsdj! ;:
and I have the "" <, past 10 years, helped write legis-
::1f., him to acc2r; .poay hln hone. I
figures to show you how these lation authorizing reorganizationof t >
Virtirn accepted the invitation: i
squads have paid off in better i i"v .. the Department which was un-
(' : :,
P1. v and: somehow he fell asleep and i
protection to you?' he adds. animously the ;
'q f"> rU"f. accepted by Legis- .
,, ; j' n r"n: n alley his I ', R': ; r
He said he was running on more s :'. lature. He has advised the Stateccnate ', .
.. fa! 7 v n ;it aril: a pair
than just his record. "I'm asking :;: : ..r:7: : : on farm legislation during < !1'l:; ; .. HARRY

you to keep me your sheriff because > .", % jarh legislature since 1951. Court of Reccru.: ., r *
:- :c4"- he was a WE TAr* RY
I sincerely believe you cannot \" ; i The Groveland citrus grower It is the opinion ot: mane ,',. ; ."-vrave: no ...,) .;. a9.

afford anything except mod- j '\ said he is "the man with! theelan" citizens in the county that Boyer ." House of
..... I a: ,,> (>tion of1' RepresentativesGroup
em, professional law enforce- that will save taxpayers possesses the cualities! that are ,., .
t gWw1itilt
: .t ; : / '. ... \ n"'w 'i'1'a""t"e 2:
ment. ..4tiF <. 11' : essential; for such a position. Per- '' H''m? and I Hc>try W-'sin I; v hci:: l K'(n a resident of Duvol County for morethan

Carson whose wife, Doris, is a >' sonal Integrity, Legal Training "I --, '" "."3: 30 yeorv he was born in Jesup Gcoruia, and educated in the
practicing obstetrician in Jackson- i.>>' $ft} Industriousn-rss and Judicial Temperament .... ,,t....... pudiC scrubs ot thut city.. He is a busin.f! college:: aii combustion;
ville, said it was no idle boast ,:..;;::7! t engineering' gradu.:.t t'-. .V. ,ias been associated with the Owtms-lilinoii
I are just a few of the .. I G''!\.'s Company f f-v more then 22 year and presently is the Comports
when he noted that total investigations I Ii 9 qualities that voters in Duval i __ _. Personnel MonogNary Westberry served in both the Army
by the Sheriff's Department i i' CARSON County, could look for and get in I I ., 0Ii Si an.I Navy in Weriti; War ti and spent 22 mcntiv. in the South; Pacific.
increased some 300 percent i 4 a judge if votes were fccussed toward His: I'F L: ::::DGE '

the past two years. I his so-called 'record. I ask you to Boyer. jo Ii. ,_ '_, to the People! of Duval County: '
ror I Harry: Westberry will tight; FOR .
"These statistics show that ser- compare the proven achievementsin .. Borer received his Elementary I' "/ ._ :* 'r-v 3. I .* Adequate schoo's and K-achers' pay.

vice to you by my men in 1959 the Sheriff's office the past ------- _. .. Your homestead E; empi:ioo. t
almost equalled that of the last f two years against these unfounded -----. increased assistance tor the aged and handicapped.

three years of my opponent's administration and mythical claims," Carson says.. ., : Continued: industrial and commercial developments. _.
.; WHEN YOU APF [iLl! I !
i <. :: Protection: of City, County, and state civil service persons and
," the father of three "As intelligent people, which do k z, ?. r" .? : ..' '. g You Seek The Rest Doctor tenure.'
children said.Carson 1( you prefer, the facts I have be- ;w ..... ., When Your Doctor r>r HcrbGst < More and better roads and bridges ewer, park., and playgrounds.! {
also notes that the April jfore me, cr the mythical charges :, :;; :: Harry Wt-stberry
: ExpeHenccd; rhartaadstaTo will!i fght: AGAINST .
issue .
of Traffic Safety recommends -! and records of my opponents r rb.l' H
piCf .. 4 Fill Your Pr........r' ,-t- ..nAccordinc tate intervention of property evaluation.
the same policy lie has | says the Sheriff. \ : ''::1 T" v.., r fwwtrr"OHers. S'ate tax on groceries and medicine. I ';;

WITH BROOM HANDLE .- '. .... T* Stole or I l'ILld' interference in (;')Unty government. .
I i I V/e Uio' Only Paid: Pol.! Adv.
The 3est Quaitv! i1ga! AS ., I
A 17-year-old wife was beaten i ") C. E. -, i, fQt tri -::: .I _. j jt
with a broom handle last Sunday I j Send or Bring Your News y r. BlackProprietor :'_ I
In To TheFLORIDA l -
.SI tI
by her estranged husband.

Mrs. Betty Ruth Smith, of 727 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S I 5I 5E I I E vote for I
W. Duval Street told police her t ;.. W. R. (Buster) I II

husband nom .bhc is separated E DRUG STORE.9oi I a I
Office & Plant i
from came to her father's house j I k n
and \xs; her with the broom t 2323 MONCRIEF RD I L. 4 w .
L"t'4WOODARNOLD' Kings Road ELgIn 3-827S HA COCK
handle. She was treated at Duval Near 13th Street r i ** I
Medical Center and advised to I 8for
take out warrant, police said. FOR Cosmetics Rubbev Goods Caadi?* Sundries t I !

i" u J 8
I iL1 ,. .. .J.J AtNUt..CJ, a Jgck."Y' ; ..- .. .. .. ..._. of AGRICULTURE I i
"'..'."'.........<. ". .<.+" -- '''n ..... ___ -
.<<" > ''" -:;. ...,. I sen,...- n.iva -nd !loco ausi-:
':'" : ;: :: local
:::: $ nsn, attended I
E'n"'S" :: : L. I
: '! find i a graduate of
......' ,.: ,.' ': i Jonn o. Meison univcisity i
11r.\, ::7 + Full-Time Decorated 1
\ d. gras 1.1 i us.rtess ? :nan

i .< '''-:;:.: J 0 H N Pit U IL I rr .
". ::d.. J Served :in 'J.S. ;Navy: duringW'S''ij I
r :".... ,
r' ,.' .: .:, : : I
: :" ;t$ II Former 4' Marine
t :
;r.t ':: f 1'1 E :"' <: n:: 1ocy'nivi: ': Chcp. b r, \

'! :' : tJ t: i ;
i. 'cs p-csid-"n': < j v a I
v JUDGE Group 8 n t f qty C own il'; Past Presi- Successful Combat Pilot I
dint jc.x: rooioa i Oft;claEs!
Dirts!, Clay Nassau Counties; ii Assn. Av\emb2r\ : C'.anrbar; I

g <\..Y> -i .':,, A. ....-:In :s; tpis-: F
fa C '.: r c'*, Scuthsida:
FAMILY AN-'ViIc and 2 7/9 children. 14 S ,->-_ ""w* Cfuo, Toastmasters E3usenemort. Family Man

o' Jnterrxi:-;v>nOl|, MasMCA. -
CHURCH MAN-Mayfcur Baptist Church, Chair- a '::." :;.J ,',.,daL c.r.. *

man Board cf Trustees Sunday School Dept. "* .. _, ;i SourHside' i with ""

Superintendent. I : .' :-.: v,:.3
1956 "tv an of Year" in AgricultureHancock

EXPERIENCED \ ,-10 years extensive ; pi '.. c', r'-r"";t r ::nr I has taken a firm stand against milk and

trial and appellate practice in all courts-state """ = iiii!ia i egg price-rigging schemes supported by his opponent. \
!I Sf He will insist on full protection of the consumer and !
and federal. Ii
r4 ..". i producers of vital commodities. j
I ''the His views on economy and efficiency in government
mythical ehfg.f', fid-orAaJ 1'"ot4$ his determination to resist special interests who want j

NOT POLITICAL! PATRONAGE1ATTt11WT' and anonymous mud.dle ithl.h tend to xfd' la guaranteed profit to the favored few and the professional

I the issues in the Sheriff' "55. Heia Ira *css I FACTS politicians has won him the support of Florida news-| 3

I II wary voter should know ins Ol\Qir\ t' make Dtrfll ;:>ape rs.I .

I County Decent County. I I' LEADING NEWSPAPERS"
I r .. 134 j i

t II $. i!: 1. On*..canlidat i $134; "I 1 always- ltatat iit f pr mil OF FLORIDA! HAVE

D LSte3 I ILA. i serr ce. Tmea.Uelon. Apr. 24, I 1SFfO. i
It THE FACT: TN wail-pensioned a-fhrHf Lal Fi tS r Ij
Aar.. a as I Sherin's office off chi! eenrica 1 15 years ilk! rim foe t ENDORSED"
k : I against |lob prcttt'Oft' through a law suit. DO YOU "if -
.A.I_ L. f I MEMBER?

I I 2. The plrt..time ex-tberiff, repudiated at the polb! t tI te U ;
t the last election boasts that Duval County received *fff- W RIE ute hncock -

Begining May\ 1-1960 Requirements' I eient police prslectbn under his administration i I
THE FACT: Scrca ping headlines from I 1950 to 1957 &.
I flato that bmf. Citizens ef Mandarin and other CJCH- The ONLY Fully Qualified' C'mdldot fur 'I

For Bafbering Hours Goes Up If You munities held special rsicetingt, marched on the Sheriff's .' Commisoner, ( of Agrjf ulture
office and pleaded for protection. DO YOU REMEMBER? !!

t tE Enroll Now You Only Have To Taek JUDGE MARION! W.GOODING 3.county's The defeated d ldru.cudi ate is NOW concerned %IH> Hs _- ___LR.--"'" ,;.''''' -,...-..., .. I

E FACTS: A c ti &aUf-re< I : ", )... :'t Have to Go to to I
Hours Of i; tion-after Dale Csrsan! fcecsma sheriff-gate DaT Cam. I
1,000 Traning. ty its first clean Mil; ef health! !fa history. Hs. moral! c.rt. S
mats for our child !b health fgr the first tiM\t. I

As Of May 1-1960 You Will Be Required ; CIRCUIT! 4. Tha tip' hard" Patrtsl'a!
ucti5Siiag el fetts to pmeet yltT chk" 0'8 1M

To Take 1,250 So Plan To EnJUDGE!, TN i llmifJrs.FACTS Lat "
; J".M# dtspita lit i lati tH fl etc' 'f On Your
I Croup; 7 !t9.000 em os tho c 1StJ. kighwJyt' 1M dosth! tlI WlN
I -* A proven" i.'fitr for 25 years ends teu tbs asd-ti! 1 -e fcWjdM tear rate resatd t5 it 1
roll Now You Save 2 4Hours. cn :! ; hcvlf1 under th
; i # defeated c ndraate.i DO YOU RtMtMIU.1;
ded o&?M! hrs lite; to the pursuit ;atia.i. NEEDS
t } j ". '.s -.T. *.?>fcfi CTCO oie J DRUG STORE
: rtoTi > 3rr5 P'O tw Of ftier at -

Stop A.- -.. Fa! garerlne :' '.*me Uio*-

;': to f ouFrv.. **or*lento re- ee! >ctiaa; *without t CX" I SHERIFF DALE CARSON ,, WE WILL MfeET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED

A' I.no .... I tv
,' btiBI_ ..!_ .e it >!.e',;;<.-".t,. .of U,Ford w ; :. 1r"QW"1'C I of I apt you e, n't !uye ed BirerssMeufr by It& it trmf IN YOUR. LOCAL PAPERS !

-. !' S ., -.. I' .JIi:-e; cj-. !"fir'; e"rtr QSat5.'t' .drr, ;;t r.4e vrrs.5 rte_ the polls May 3. 1''r tih'tf' -- .\.ho.c FHi AD 1 Doetdr<< "r t fJ"OftiI i;

II -= ratrsaost ret A ia* wrl' r,?tll Tr 3fporfaH m calf ELgwa 3-
: I
630 iJn Al"II + R DONt i is 'Y1-tiU4I1tS E.4t1 WAY
} d w I "er s Sarveci cis frr e' 'of Juv nH: Court
,. -..- ,. tI PeUt1t AQtetmett1a p
._-- -- "
: '' x ace State Dixie Pnarrnacyt I
j .R P.1i- <"' / ; :rlri: lo.rnc11:

... .
4 --
:O"-7t r t t.3I111el S
., ..,=. ... s5 t -; U 2 !
"! e
p. !: -
tSa1 uval, NassauH a 1f ffiO U .Mil-P j jAY

":$ J t) n.Jyjti ': jtEiiron,Og: 4 4et .. LIGHT. WATER AND TELEPHONE !

L I ..., _.._ .I '. ,-- .(' YOUR ; !

: B otC, ": M.... .. TI!i1960 JJ:' : fir'?.: 4r. Pd-.d. ti "--6,._. -.". a;IU T Ii vI I BILLS AT CUE STORE. .
4 .
.f .. .
\ .c. __ "
___ ,L .. 'i tlli.j.a _-... .!. I '5.i"f'l !>Ii< d rJlltT V' 11>-" r r
I i.16-C ',..1,. .> 7. ... _:.. __"".",' eyes ;dn

I "" ""' :o--------. .-=....-.. .".....-aA'l_ r2ae si3ktsteB=**=*...> Sip yii: .W ,,,_"""."J_ ,. !II.Jto_ ,.,.. l"'{; ...*... ..141J 4 P ,
_..1"iP" J. --- -: :- -


:' _. ... ..'V.7'; r _. .. LL ii"' ."'.l .. .. ..'_ .

...-..-.. ---'.'!'-':.- T "-" < M.i -J..?i<: :...A r iI'1IiII ....-... """. -
,/ '.:- ,-1..:;t,,;'f'j'""' .. 'fFi ., >" _


/ '
_. .' '
-: ._.' -,; L. .,';...: '. ;,; ". .-. '

H ,O {; : 5=:A'7i AQ, Q..rr .' .. .. "; :':" 1, tr..n'Pt' n.. .....
: .
._.. ..... _. .. ......... --.. .. ... _._.... ------- .. --'. _-- .-9. .- ., .. ----_.- .
--- -- --- -- '-- ----- --- ---- -- -- .
..1: ... .,; .-. .,'[' .'. :' .'d -t.. : :-J:: t. .. ,.,1 ."IR MHl"J: r 1 '. ., I :'. .... _. .. ... ') ;- ,; .s/** .- *."*, **t a i.

Pa9e6." ,.. t" .. THE FLORIDA STAR : ::W e "Endi g : Saturday* Xpri I 30) : 1960 ?

1 s t s .. -- .
D"T' MiIIpll .
I .ii : > t.

TOOTHACHE'if you' ant ttwbesti lit to s. nRA..JEL s C la tif i t: ctt! >4 i'ApDointed oaria I Shnton Note 'I S eakTg of

Et'st'. .it.OU.lf1.u stcaas hta
--- ------
KrSra. ] I "w hit'*there it no vision
..C8 United States Conference f vJules I ByGWENDOLYN L. Yeartie< is on the loose, girls j the people perish".

for the World Council of Churches THOMASTO he has all the qualifications of ; i

'will convene at Buck Hill Falls, THE SWINGING DOLLS being a real cool lover Would :you | Highway; to Happiness...

....... ,...;.-. -.-- -;- 4 Pennsylvania April 729. 1960. AND DOWN BEAT CATS: believe me if I told you C. Lang Or Horror?
... The Executive Board will meet on .. has C. Buf'gess believing all sorts
,'. As I heard
,> -- -- it the swinging dolls CLEVELAND, OHIO
rte. Happy-go-
It the afternoon before, and make (.fl{.. .-=- of things.
set.t lucky Americans who their1increased
of New Stanton are really ready pay
: plans for the noct Assembly, Dr.Viser't 1
gasoline taxes without'
and in the coolest of health but
Wonder what to the : '
Hooft will be present and happened a whimper certain they are receiving
Ik 1 lead in the discussion. those down beat cats just don'tI crush S. Rogers had on A. Devoe-? miles of model roadways'

BJ I. I,seem to understand, those Bunniesare A. Brock has a crush on L. Morgan -' in return,may be only half right.

( wtjj I.r Dr. J. T. McMillan executive really ready for a zig-zag time. you should see the way the The new system of Interstate
; u-ants'to highways,as it is set today,is
ffli !,secretary of the National Fraternal : -, a Every one know when I girl tees off when you mention a delight in the daytime and a die
Council of Churches; Admin- is the Old Established E. Hagan his name. L. Cason is head over lemma in the dark. .

i- istrative secretary of the Eleventh is going to leave. He must think I heels about Dannie Davis and as Lighting critical areas can

1kf 1kftom Episcopal District of the A.M.E. I II I Stanton is the Army and he's I I heard it. there is no one else for change the picture entirely and1
in for 20 Ada S. 'I give Mr. and Mrs. U.S.A. what
Church; and pastor of Grant a year period. Levem. they're payinj for. a 24-hour
if Memorial A.M.E.: churchill bea has cooled off but in a sly sort Raft i
t M. Maxwell is going nth a cat easy-to-driTe, highway. j .
ti njble representative to serve on of way. Ada is strictly stuck on from Gilbert (Harold J.) he's a If the law in your state I ieavos I
Y ALAi i the executive beard and the gen- the Navy.: What's wrong with L. P. lighting to the discretion of an individual -|
: + swinging cat, wonder if she can
f of individuals
or ,
t eral assembly at this time. these days? It appears the gor- group ,
Verne's great adventure story "Mourn?? To The Center of trust him? Wonder why L. Nixon ,, and does not clearly order that!
beauty has really hit the
K [ i He is intellectually prepared The Earth" opens Sunday at the Roose\'elt. starring Pat Boone call himself "Lonely Boy" can't i tone per cent of the cost of the!
.. JF'I deep freeze, no one knows she ex 'highway ba allocated to lighting,
and the co-hit G. }
is G. him !
"Oregon Trail"starrtug Fred keep interested say
I tl and well disciplined for the re-i MacMurray. ists. B. Broadrick is crazy about you may be left in the dark. r .
sponsibility. His militant and $ 4 .. i 1. her little navy man, Anthony Nai- Mary C. what happen between: The economy of including lightIng -'
---- you and F. Williams? in the original J
seasoned mannerism will wedge the sight of the one permanent ; lor. Her friend, J. Perry also has anavy j sound. highway plans'is I
the point of view of Freedom for J. Grant is really on the ball Installing a complete!
'IJ standard called "Jesus"; under Relieves '! man, Tee Dye. These navy lighting system after the road is
l all, point of view, unqualified, God, two billion separate per- .CHILDREN'SCONSTIPATION. chicks will find out too late that this year this chick was the hot- in, costs two to there times more. i

unequivocal, and uncompromising sonalities each with the same op- these "Good Time Charlies" won't test things out till Bridget Bardot Lighting the 10 dnti: -r areas of
a: n" f opportunities for people every portunity to develop his or her I came on the sc ne. ; the 41,000 mile n.'t\\-k will only
I add from 10 'JO t" i
to 1- pc-r year,
where.In potential." For over 60 yezrf.&tolld.MARSHALL'S liquid last.C. C. Pittman flamed out :Monday .
.: ; BABY EASE has brought i Terry and W. Racy are back in her per motorist t->ti--! 'I ;}{'r year
; bloody red dress, swinging j .
I J the words of Dr. McMillan: Dr. McMillan will take a planeto comfort without binding.: Does not contain I 1 each motorist \ ii ; y for the
: the meeting and return to opiates or strong laxatiTES. Ask on the scene and playing it cool those little hips left and right ; roads alot.r.'ithot '. ,
"The Church Must be First and ; for vegetable pure Baby Ease. blada and you can take it from me these what is this little foxie chick + I M-ht? ; ". highway
20 Years Law.and Public Foremost, in the creation of a' Jacksonville in time to join the especially gentle for Lufantsi ,
I two are really on the way to trying to do? When she to carr spots, cur: mi if ions of tax:
I delegation to Los Angeles, Cali- came
Service Experience tI system of evaluating each man asa J dpi': --i will be gprtit on roads:
----------------t- I :: distinct entity, free to choose in'' fornia, leaving Jacksonville, i success. Zannie H. really. havinga school she really turned on the for ..:F t);osott c' bWurc the dedl
..... ball these days with every girl light, One cat thought it cii.ril
.r'-V Friday, April 29, at 9:30 p.m. 5.5 was a ons_ .are,cut.
.......w. ..tl r _''1--==-....._. ._ _- __ -"'="'__ ... ........ 1rI!". I, -- I! in the hall, especially with BettyB. brand new day.I -- -- -- -
--- H > -- i I ., wait til the navy hears about will see you next week with
i f i pFuir RIVER IDAHO .
I : this. more of the latest news ; ..
I i i I rtw&s it only fair to apply a withms -
o .7a7kAydor H+n, Sf4 :'Z _. .
1us Ii
---- "- -- .... .
--- _
II i h';: to the youngster's ---

rn"'Wt"C-:: >t T> ?hr! younger generation
f erm b t gradually accus

IL '''''rn'ri t-- 3 pr\#'fxlnre tovhich Y

.g ;1 !: IN EVERY :;? -o -:.,\\' h:1 rdcr('d." \ r'fHiNGS H UL K iQW'

rr COLORED H0:.; :. .
p" Yt .n a"/ i i i it \ t41i Jf fI
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y.yr yyxA; II n _"___ I
;'S'effil: I
i _
: i i

Ii % L J aMt
5 I IF I
t: : I

: ( 4 8 8fi rIr S /

; fi fiJ:1 6 d I

aW hs I i72-17D 9x


,'. s I $OCLA1. REA4ONS,BUT TOLERATED rr>sHE ._ -_ 1


< MASSIVEJr -. '* !
n 4 vRcIIV1a t PuMra1loN -* .
:: # HE KEPT BE rt'ER- T* \

'aI 1t I 1 \- J Cc0Tllgv 4 FLi3 AN MANY FQEG }Yl1ITLS I Y.A

I! cap aEPtly I
1 r
I- N f. ? CAaE F0/2'IfitaiZ/ SICK ?
3' tt, \


t v .
.o "f. .
taaad fTN L ; 4 S f' ,
L \Y

r ..,
u gut iiuYCO.) burns t r e I 1-

.l'"' !(:: ... j, t'tC; (\1(. 1
1J .
pel.2n..J :: :: :;reott'st. !rnWth' -::?d prosperity t"5'WI'
_, -.-.-,, ..A...... '- I
i.\.rt n.: SI _
CtJ.'I" ": ::< 'je. : ': *.S : _
.. _
e t Cil'O': ,rtu. ; "Sr
: r'IO ":-1 :> } ; s h.S I if :1

.: MoyDr ,pUfns, :,,rhDr. ,jsbcenra Jirst pri- %

:.a.y C { our -times i a-elections. ; .as. mayor .. i ; &4lff'rl64krf'H"'TP S' calvos K/4 + >( !
.,i... to.r-u.t, ,h' ..wiinll ;..;.;; '-'.. "9 ... hii',.. '

m Apply l Business, to: Government ..
'. \ ... ," ; -;;'.(: "

End, ControJ .'pf Tallahassee tl t a. I AS-- .- t .

Lawyers ., ,t i A vote for Clatide. 'G Spears for constable. of the eleventh. j3&&Z3&e&sszTb .

Return Government to the ., i it. f district will be a vote for stron;:, honest, impartial and rfficienfenio r

.eoDI-e ., .. l..W ". .' n< .'t :get.ex; in jr.tlistict.: ; .B'U5! lSSS DlemeYQRY
'. ..'..,1g ,,: .' -- .1: e -fit -. .<.,..' I! r I For more than twenty :;.?ars. I have operated a business in .. ; =: .. j
-"ti" f
; ; 'tor JjovdorT;: 4rns, pr ;
jthe 11th disfeict, owned property in the district end know personally -]
.o.-e nor m ,tne first prirriary !May 3. .. .1 '* residents. i firms Listed Below Are Recomm ended A:> Reputable Establishments 't
of its
Hayuon5ttn! tk ccndidate of'thc-pec: e,. many: Specializina Services and Products I
t1 I realize the need for sltcnsr. honsFt. 1narti-.1 and efficient ,
vii! mcxa-fl-id Jc1ksdnvf: ( !lie! Si'ory'.lhe->rida" sr
jser\i in this c-ffic of c.-nsi.'jtc: ar ft is wilt I propose to
>tory. He of c!! the candidptcs. is the rnostsxperienced :I-- ( AUTO SERVICE *
bring- to the people, .pf the district. I have nevi before been a \ Roycl Crown
in 1 Lusiness; end government and I Bottling Company
,candidate lot p bit! office, hut offer myself new ta; give n common'j -
i 1235 San
it-trained to provide: the understanding Marco Bird. FL 94438Washington'
'' I sense business man approach to public service.I AUTO PAINTING COMPANY |,.
-and leadership Ficrida needs during this '
I invite your investigation, your support and your vote in the ,
period; bt unprecedented expansion. Coraplee Body Repair & Paint Work Health Service
f\ "Democratic Primaryay 5, 19t O. 'Phone EL 4-4731. EL 5-4641 or]
Vote for Haydon: Burns on May 3 ,, .stop at :325 Broad Street -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- "Abundant Health I* Rightfully You. "

1 I ] .. 1 aid rot Ad : Price Start at S4.00 |:Try Swedish M&ss&gB Mineral SiAm path
(Paid Political Advertisement) r j i, .''' t!:J JR '532 East Adams Street EL 5-3135{! Cclonlc Th rapT

Ssv-'- -/ ...-j.:1l 5aSOK2m ";{ i":. ,r .---- -- FOODS D. C.. W&shingisa M&:-r-SamG Ia :irZE

For 23 Y

934 N. Myrtle Avenue 1"I I

X6'1 +.. RIGHT] AT AAEJfr
; J s-S vfl And N.eafaCome See Us jjj t I Free delivery any part o! the ctr

0 tOO Davis Street EL S-5412%\I !- OLD RELIABLE ->_

MISCELLANEOUS :601 Vies Ashley Strut EL 4.1380 '
r -.
I _
4 r fitw

City County and Fdial Bca- :. STORE I

t r s !! ; Exchange Bldg. EL *-13Z\. i CotrtOUl T.... mon!

Opsa 8:30 to 7 .
p. m. _
yl NN rl RADIO & XV: SERVICE .;308 DJtTis Stnet HL 4-mf __ ,_

Are/y rt i.t .. .;. LACE S0 Yesra In Elm i. I



l:: -vuTr t t lM: A1.; I TRAD 1102 Prk:8. Et. Zr. UQ

i.: 11. 6E6 LOOK'A wWZ Sf A 4 h Y IrOT1' 5 TIMIQUANAPOSROAD I., ff tuiia (.'

r.t.. 1u F r [t'N r -, :Fertilize Complete-Qax38i FrcliJOHNNIE'S Bcyp2ims' QUICK SERVICE, MATTRESS C9.

'itaw aad..Tlud-Faxallsua. bo1tPt... Bd to 15H : Matmca,. ataa). --11't: !t .? ,-
t.l 1Rmi4usns' 3Ce.d IP 1.V 0JIIi: I9aySar.S, I i'i I
S Old. Sffi i f

rl r q ROOMING HOUSE I PO"S.l... : J
4 Tx :An x.itm c-1-- TAXI !
,. -, iEr. 8 by Ba.7. ,NE + ar WHk.FW.J .. "At Yew : I

1 j k -. eI.r-il2..o.\t 'NEW." 'CA1E: '3%; :(;KIf -: 1
P ; 117 W. i LBfCttUN' I;
, k 5-II2S m. 4-ltU
.t ....... .=.i- = : r!i"-v I= W jj i i' 'Oic:;: H I


i I

,....... .
L ,.. -'" .""" -=-. ""'---==-- _._ ..=--'"_ .4iii I l'ffII ---- --,,,-,,,, ...... _. .

,'' '

f : 1

:i Ending Saturday, April 30, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR -rte.- Poe 7

I ., ....
t w yr --

; -- :

' Q'' .::II" .
... .
I :=. :
: "
I s : =: ,j
j ... _

.t. -- _,_. ... .. H- _.'
=' J.- >/ r :': I ILL C,O --- iJ? /*--' .. J r <_V .
I I : ',, <-> ". ': l tnt'scsJ: a is ,back
II .-: : ?.R-
, 9 f :1jl.t .. /. > was;: ; their victory ';e:' Na"hville of
-4 I : .. Captained -
i # #:'\ -"' I the Southern .i\ s Xi t t-n.
AJf :> : : .
: .
'- ; PALFS r -c. lif ChMtil Wiiliaii leading -

dY I I R ck 'n Ra: _'; ; ir.ctcc ; : circuit letter i.r.d: bviiiad

, I 4 SPORTi'; co I.. pitcher who :r..tched 17
their star
[ : :::'b::rl: r.nd nb splittin.
a nk -stir ..' '" but a part of the In- victories for tbe Vols. the hostms
t bowd.. to the JtOwedulClot'DS
R team
oa diantp'l Clowns, 31-year-ek
I : ,. B&L.t.riO" ': NBWS OF THE REDS: .-. ..' i ten catchi- EDWARDS I I..1 barn-storming colored baseball! I nine dropping their set ics

The FOUI LINES at Crosley Field, hit cwo honii;* runs, each with a.I champions who take on the tourIng .. of games to the Funmakers.The .
.4 "
to.rof the Cincinnati Reds, arev man on. N. Y Relays, at Myrtle Avenue Clowns have also taken themeasure
Jj .
: r' .- J II ,c.. :}r" :,:1' uUi-.i "ames, Park here on Sunday afternoon of barnstorming teams ol

o ] J' ,3C" {;.nVi !i e i1 -. Ji R::D NEON TUBINH The Vols lost the seven Inning ; May 1. at 3:00: p.m.. and again major league stars including

I !-.1 1 \N AGE? FRED lIUTCH( SON nightcap 3-2 DUANE RICHARDS Monday night, May 2, 8:00 pan., : Jackie Robinson's All Stars et al.

Fa }.,s..:._..) -1': ( __2.. "'::, and his wi i!e, Patsy, celebrate their pitched .s1.<; fine innings, allowed :; in a 2-game series.f I ___. .
OpeJ1ing Fri. 5\1ay 6 U 1 y s -' e s ITtli; wedding anniversary on Sun- seven hits. three runs, two earned, i But the part they have played -- --

"2-Way":: Greenr *"'owayisr day, April 24. walked two. Manager Turner said I; has been stimulating to the din I i I ATTENTION LADIES

f-r he barnst u Indlan- Richards "pitched good ball but I mend whole. It the 1 1I I Club
.. ; It vou''' or tt h':1g for sport as a kept Bridge & Social
r- -.p'.::3 Clowns. Pa.t f jit i trbas: : for one pitch." Jack Damaska, Clowns running long enough t r :
Da (w"n rg Red Y'" nd b 1=.enun DILL ;MARTIN I Reporters
.. '1.1 'J Sl 41':; .rJ.. f4i i: :li.'inp: of the Slut; ot :c; -orhurl- at the opening or the season. Memphis shortstop hit a two run come up with Hank Aaron, their I Send or :Mail

:li.: ? Greene, ambit -a .* four hits all homer over the right center field j prize graduate now with the Sexual New
Billy's were Your
er, -j a star of the Ci- .:- i -.* 'nSWITCHPITCHER screen Four of the finest; Milwaukee! Braves; Jim Procter
!!>. doubles JIM O'TOOLE and I :Mondays To
i6 roll funshaw.>> Last year, pitching i fielding plays any minor leaguefan i rookie pitcher of the Detroit T-
Dia M r Charlie :Mohr the boxer who was FLORIDA STAR
B Ie with both hands, he was a 23- will ever see were made by i gers; Johnny Wyatt now pitch-

g rt. Ii ; 'JI game winner for the Funmakers. critically boxing bout injured and died in a as collegiate a result Nashville shortstop BOBBY HEN- ins triple AAA bill with the Dai' \ 2323 Moncrief He!. Cor. 13lh

Greene will be seen Sunday and RICH in this game. 1: las Club: and many others. . i of his injuries, were roommates at .
1 and 2, at Jack- --
Monday. Slay
I the University Wisconsin Il when LEW RIGGS, the popular third And it's giving many ycwngsterr
Y And His Sensational BandMONDAYTiiWRSDAYSUNDAY sonville's Myrtle Ave. Park: when they were freshmen in 1957-58. baseman on the Reds World a chance to get into organize?"
meet the
the Indianapolis Clowns Champion team of 1940. celebrated ball via the Clowns' celebrate<: wWiflttPflOT '

: m $1.00 1 turing N. Y. Eoyals aggregationat CLIFF COOK, third basemanfor his fiftieth birthday on April training school at St. Petersburg

FRIDAY! & SATURDAY $1.50 J. 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon the Red's Nashville farm club 22 JAY HOOK who won : Fla.Baseball's I
I and at 8:00 p.m. Monday night. I in the Southern Association, hada 'a
comedy kings have m
4 his first start, April 16 at Pitts- ::
big day with the bat as the I. with a fine seven-hit 11-3 !: fact contributed as much to the
''''' ''' burgh
Vols the 1960
opened season on victory over Pittsburgh credits !! game as they have to the enter-
-- --- April 16. The turnout of 5.399 :
-- -- ------ ----- 1 tainment of the fans. Their rep a-
I :
fans was the largest opening game big assist on his change-up pitch, tation as a top-notch baseball club

R r crowd for the Vols since. 1955, batter in capable of playing the staunchfst
1 1 Hook didn't walk a I
saw Nashville win, 12-5 over Mem- the Bues team draws many new rookies to
his victory over .1.1I 1?
phis. the spring camp each year. And u 1 y
0 S SCheck I MANAGER HUTCHINSON calls number who intent --othenvi \

Cook homered over the score- 1 I Hook "a studious. kid with a great I'I'I never have be"n .- 'en by a major !
Yourself I.boardilh two on in the first. I i y1 M il.1>r+lsther
arm and A" real mmn-titoTS ': lea.T'iP wout.: ': .v.1 !;)c'-.'n ..pK .* '.
lined a home run over the left I ;;:mach::: th'U' the bisr time. thi '
Before DrivingBy field wall in the fifth and Just
; I I pressed with Hook's ability was Tc.i:: 1.1 .- tivrnr: : :! :a 1 hi'; .4. .and ati c n 1,t lYtou

Martha Johnson missed getting another circuit I DON NEWC MBE. Newk said page .. ''t :e: :' ',: 7: were eo d pet uP
I drive by a couple of feet in the it
B "Jay has the stuff to become a the sr-.4 .-I > ...-, 3.sc3'jr- ,,. ba du
oJge Safety ConsultantAre d
sixth, driving tha left fielder to I I :
1 nagginl
great pitcher. All h : needed to do I Coraeriyi.: .?. :><: C1i:-: >n1
you fit to drive a car? the top of the bank for his tower- with ?
control it and he I point ; l
i was learn to v.i.a t.> i- ::1.: fine: : agt
You may think you are in good Ing drive that sent Erv Joyner t r
health. You may have an excel i certainly: did against the Pirates. they: ir.-e iwii.\l j ::p u'-aiiv: t :;-
home with the 8th Vol Tom- i
run. .
lent I
safety record. Yet, under --- -- .
certain circumstances, it can be my Tatum is the only righthand i.NEWCOMBE I i. incidentally, has ,

1 dangerous for you to be in the batter ever to slam three balls recovered okay from the injury !1 "&KAPH FORKVEIIY

driver's seat.Before over the left field wall in one :; sustained when Bill Virdon' be i I

you take the wheel of ? He did it in 1941. drive smashed his right wrist on
your car, read through this list Don i O C j' SIO
17 in the second game.
: April
prepared by the American Medical PITCHER TOM GIBSON went .. .
Assn. in co-operation with the :i had &to leave the game after pitch- I
K the route for Nashville and faced rt ..3 I
jl Center for Safety Education at i ins.excellent ball for four innin *. ,. x Expert Photography t
New York University. 23 consecutive men during one ; Portrait Weddings BIt.I1q1Mt&
o 7e; i He allowed three hits; and no runs ;
r tl0"fR S Don't drive when you haveN stretch without allowing a Memphis I land was winning 50. i : Passports & Identification Photos t

serious problems on your player. a base hit. He struck I Photostats & Conimercial Work -
mind. Emotional upsets may; out eight. f BAILEY cel bratei his 21thI .; '
I -
rrt cause accidents. .......- -*. Photos For Newspaper Cuts
Check I birthday a day late as he collected ; While You Walt
your attitudes B4 ma MANAGER: JIM TURNER was I Ji---w'i.r
ture, / five hits in five trips to
elated with the Vols showing and I Coloring & Picture Framing
t..cans ever w ere rf. I the plate on April 16 against
was especially high o catcher t :' :i Let Us Take A Photo Of You
: c-
PHS 5l3iCTP j u. JOHN ED\V ARDS. Turner Mid Pittsburgh f. I 17, he singled his first trip to the
--- I "Edwards called the plats in the plate for his sixth straight hit and br .r ;; In Natural Color -.:-.

'I i field, was!' always yelling for someone walked on the next time at bat :I J. A IIY .I
to back Up plays, was very 4AVERY'S
straight times
to reach base seven PHOTO STUDIO
I' hustler and 1 1r
relaxed. He is a fine and
on five singles, a double a.'
retired on his next 1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library
i is going<&) be a very good'player. walk. He was ,

-_ KASJIVILLES opening game trip to the plate. j I II Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment I Ia

i. lineup was Chico Alvarez,*cf; Phil Before the game of Sunday, I I II I- _' __ _. .__ ._ ._
Shartaer, 2b; Erv Joyrier, If; I --- _
1 with the Pittsburgh --
r Chuck Coles, rf; Cliff Cook 3b; I May ---
Lrry Stankey Ib; John Edwards,
I I will be honored by the Cincinnati ATTENTION READERSPlease
: c: Bobb Henrich, ss: and Tom I II .
I Chapter of the Baseball Writers ; Bring or Send Your I

I I, Gibson p. ._ Association, for his selection as ; Church News Club Notices & AnnouncementsTo I
The Vols came back in their j I the 'MOST VALUABLE CINCINNATI -j I
I Early
: c1i
E next competition with a split of ;| RED OF 1959" the ,sen- ,

= a Uoubieheader with Memphis i i' sational fielding of speedster' DEADLINEFOR NEWS IS .
19-year-old JIM MALONEY beat VADA PINSON during the four Ii I

Memphis: 12-5 April 17 for his game set at Pittsburgh robbed TUESDAY at NOON

I I( first Double A ,win. He pitched',I Pirate players of at least four FLORIDA STAR

nine innings allowed 12 hits four apparent base hits.

earned runs no walks and struck t A 1 I 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street

-- ----- -
----- --

Warch This Clow ,
By William Henry Duff t y Ii"I

For ANP 17-23-86 .r

There is trouble there is trouble 458-40-913 .

There is trouble every day:
3 __.6.
w If we mentioned it 'twill dcabla

So there's nothing we san say. I I II I ___ 9 _. j _-- 1 JO

If we pick a lot of sotto i i ___.3 ___ --.. 1 -

And expect a word of praise I I -

jl That win surely be lergottea j i 547-22-315

.' As some past misdeed feeH raise. 64-75-36

i ps n "& u; r./ r
g9g- I
; 'ifEn 4"tan"'fl' !if" n.t.a"

M&kss so diff3f s3d what we n. t.Lda. ,ut'trZ't4fk
c+fnr i. ft sit '\ro'1>>"

) 4I Ak do t0ie; Captaim's toague Is: wag- .II Coming Attractions6SSi67T&l8 ; I

giq j t !

I hike a snake'-Tm tailing you. i i I i iI iI

G L ** Oi :' :may



a j

There are openings for. .

"= c y o. derons. .... tl_ T! b .t',1'hy. .. .w ray, ;.r.hene. te'you drive in '- EXPERIENCED Nswspspsr roperiff*,. editor ,
tbti'1' r'a" J_:=';;.=...7 .d ,-g this i ir.we ther.aea.sor"t 3'. thick twice copy-retAers.; advertising txe sss U drcdstio |i I i

t t S 10 o-3 b': a grim fcfSc *" TfcssJfttffce about'your-car think .__ men and women. printers cosaposiiers, Us- j i; I ;

,.\ -.u.CcI tM about the way you drive think ..,.'-, : type operator {ttl! I '

pfQ 7Ot4_. :goat&re. .irr t-:4- OOw the otheJillow.naay do. BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will try I III I t KEN- : i

'*'. I. I'r:::. G-'" and pot fat all depa"t .ta I yb1 : :
f reporters
: ., I :; young J JF r .
I # ..:-It;.!!.ater ; .-.;.. -} .. : -II :,, if you have a real denr< to bco&s a m II Invites You To Listen To -' '- I
: '-,. ';-D';a "IDrive :!Y..a.tt! ISfe ,.u soye ,"tly be your crm_a t''::_ '''''' of _ihe ctfwspaper &tA..ity.WE .. ': .. -.-. : "V'J' 11 TR I J" : : !
.. mdd
.. NEED s Men and women ye ng or .
.1"'t "'''
... fiJ1l.i1
.A.Q 4 'ill1 1
'" .
; : } '; y;v (1 : -r .' = all flelda for rhifaSiato nwtpr a :
..:' !4 .j'- a V iK .._agecL : a I" ., '
l. : : '.-. -4'. mar&c ..:::::: Starting Jt,7QOPltLNigl1t I
{ ; '. ..- aid <
.ct. .. ,: '" .ACTHO\'i, = e p-- riaaco:'.
"_.j ..; 4E2J: WRITE L ? -
4. IKT53STATZi P m 1400 ... W-'R'lr "' ; 00f
.. .. _. -
\..... _..," < t' ,I 'ri-i O. Bok; 732' Jaslssrigsv&a. .L... -L. :.JJ,! $ "'!Ii!'___ -...,.......-

..... '";;.;, ., '_.''-, -- ..,'-- .-. \"rl' t ""'''':'':'--' 1j-i-1.rJi.---: '.! I" '-- II :--+:;:. .-?=--"," '. .,.i><,'-T..... j L ,.v ,, ""' __ __. t


... .,' : n 1l. ,. -- ..- -...g"Week ,\ ..-.... .....:- "'. --I

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__ _,' __ -0 ". .


Page_8 THE FLORIDA STAR Wtek Ending Saturday, April 30, 1960 j

,.. Boom For Rent I -- House for Rent ,- (
rice room. 1552 Windell Street. : Starts Sunday and 5 rooms with bath Marietta -
\ 'bone EL 6-5276. STRAND All Week (6 miles from Jas.). Call EL WANTED i I

4-7890 Male or FemalePhotographers i
s s s s
,.. Rln VICTIM I And

FIRST SU"L OF THE HICHH 1 j! Dark Room |

1t RUN Vr[u.RPD. ",,4 l TechniciansKiddgland
I Susie's Cradle Nursery j I Studios
f AWl I I Specialized In : 50 West 8th St.

. r LAW -, Infant Care i .. -B. .,j =cws :--",.",...."..
fe 5350 Newcombe Street :
: S' I
dWiHi.CPJi.JN. J Phone PO 5-1570
c'- .. ;,, ..'. .....-.-: ."::"" ,' : ,.-. Ii; Mrs. Susie Keith, Owner I i -:;.'...ter.;;- --
--- I
\ +*u PLUS TBG;!!' HIT YOU ASKED: BOUT. ---- _,,"U.---=- LEARN TO DRIVE
\; Afeda GIlBtltT i.LLAML! DEN !N H.-; ;REATT ROLE'"STALAG i I
1 17" t Be Sure To The
I -- Ccn..Jtnt; Way

"I ; '.. II O StVlT :-. ') T.us.; : I ::I YV i-" :.....:tj I ..te I ,i Vote for M .'vG.\ B, Benjamin;
I 'I i7o1 ( Ave
I 2 Big : ueen I
.. ../1 .,J J er ; I
I; U IJJJ J-L> I I .-- ...... To To.-s. Nite \Ii I Eric O. Simpson kes. PO S-29&8 ;
C .. I
I t1 P'UVc7- I In The Story ;tEiect r. RNt1TOTHECEHrER; I RAW ACTION! 11! Vote May 3. --1.aT.. 1.- --11

A tip of the reps tub a ', That Tore The \ f Of 1HE EARTH 2 "yCJ: h of today On a rampage! f "Iiif' -- .._...-._-_ _- .
oatatandlnjyouag : : -
to these Vast TimberCountry! i EJ. MARVIN I '" i
', I iI
Ain rica i, wft iI c I GENERATION"$ : I I
I make car country an* Apart! iI I J' ::11' .;. I! .p> tsTEENAGE Luvinia M. Rob'nson: I
I i
I! our community a .bctta i .4 SWEATrq ., II f' ", .. ). : CAVE MAN"The ::1 i
j! place la-wakli to U.0 I i
c q District 11 Pk. :r Ac- on Co.Hit'' iI' Youth of Yesterday! i Reg. Real Estate Broker 1
Le i Courteous Efficient 81 i, ,, I' Win $890 Cosh Fri. Nite I
W. 16th St. EL 6-0558
I Dependable
ar. 1531
I cni"HUMAN Will ApprvC'Gfp Your Support J __

JUN _;_= i Paid Pol. Adv. 1 .... .... ... ... .... .... ... ... ... ... ... ...... ... .... ... .... ....
I 3D ":.,.rror .r J1---- ----- --------- -__3 4 d J .... ... .... .*...'-... --_..-_... ... .... .... ..... ..... "-...... -.. ... ..._ "' _"'. -::..-
.. I
-- -

I Ij I I Thurs., Mav S R I-rz Ac vi ts /,c I I STATE & PEARL APP'LIANCE U Ui t I I Ii

4 BIG *' .
Sidney Poitier D->rot y DondrilgeSTARS
_', L.. ,. '. r ;:' i

11 I .. !$f\MUEL\ COthWy S .1 1 i WEEK END SPECIAL! i i!

/ i
Maude Yvonnie Brown ,
The chorus, 4-H Club, Jr. '
Community Club, 4-H Reporter I
president of cheer-leaders f
are just a few of the clubs and I ; 1'I I
offices held by Maude Brown. I .
She is an active member of
Second Baptist Church and -1
likes to spend her spare time

7 2 N :: /2 ,,,'

1 i iI it
i .:
t ; i iL
_. ;
I -. i iI i I I
.i' i ii ii ir I !
i LIUllllIllllUllllllfflllllllluui& I
r* I,.IL:,,
i I --/
rerf II
,' .
-- I. }

.I',-'..'... '. t 4 !!1 :

__ I:' : I "

f .. : -- ; I
T Argenia Rochelle Hagan ( ; .. f fI
PvPSSYi R 1'
!: S" )
t Argenia of the 12-3 class believes : !I :44:44c" .. I ?
pi In keeping busy. She Is !
'.1 a member of the Girls' Service 'Ii !
i League, F.B.L.A. Club of which I

she is business manager, P.AD. '" .-S'--.'
Club treasurer, soloist of chorus > .: I '
and a Sunday School teacher : < Y. 4 1E,} 4 v: i4JI
at Shiloh Baptist Church. Her .-. t :' I .y.-Y-
rdi. '
hobbies are singing dancing uy fi. 'W

Softball and reading.? .r: .I ; > t 2. ; !I [
j jr
,., .. .. .. t
':" '- Si f
: to, J i I _
I I'L ,, .. .
: ; .\;
1 I '
: :
,' i '
1' (
; ;

I Zf C I \
I I i
., .,. I! I
i: y> ; ,::, -" -- '); orI i I I'I'
fs Y ol ,9P 1: ; i;:;'4' .. !;E : : : '
: ,
-' .-:;'''"LR.Wry'::'s''.i i'c ;; : : : :
.. ,.. :! ; ,: ".jf. ""-:;"tf.l'k" 'I' I '
<:!i ,,::--: :.if:7 -
i ;
Lenorita Butler
Mary .-
:$:::: :;;'>i'- : '' I I

':' Mary Northwestern, 12-1 student High: School is affiliated I;: IJ -;;:i2, :!:C .-.."1 LL f : > ,._"' ;. i iREFRGE&'ATORI&

\, with the F.B.L..s\.. NAACP I I"f! -ggg" -"-". j ..t r.a'Moke ..:..:... .. :, : -J, /
' Youth Council Girls' Service I. i I
League Social Life Club. SHe I "Bud" Dickinson our Next Governor '

4,l also serves as reporter for the |The is voting forIIBud" Dickinson because !II
F.BJ1A. and Is soloist of the I III'III'Negro
chorus. Her hobbies are music, (he will give him i i i t i iREF.
dancing and reading. Equal Job opportunitiesUse r
Florida Citizens as Prcs'dcnt: and Dc nc
89.95$1.00 DELIVERS! MONTH
r* 1& '* -!: of our Colleges i fd $7.50 PER i

w Listen To readMusicQuest _** More Equal State opportunities Jobs for in Negroes all fields. For better&* Y U SAVE! 11 5 9 1

Friday I economic growth. r ; \f8 a I
: iii G
: I I.l J.L ""i." '" 'C :" ::::c.a,: : .z!" okl txA
Ii Nites0:30toilQQPboone! > iN.I >< !
I Iar
.l I i I t
Request I 'I,
I Have you seen
kj !
EL 6-0451-2 'I'
C i
... I Il' i LINCOLN. I-STATES t :: l

Just : A Vocation --- I I ---!'. '
3ryysr Where Living ; .

II IMAGINE! sorcad, c: or"*! c Vc -:- --.. ..aftb t & Pearl I /

Waterfront Privileges! crkr r Rd. and turn left on .rte : t..r W : [ %
Irfl 2 f 4'A I For Each Resident Ric.'sardson Rd. Office open :
IMAGINE! dd'! '/ 'til dark. ,:
I Large Pecan Shade PLUS! iI i

I Trees PLUS Everywhere! :T: large BedroomsHardwood Floors: : APPUANEEl ;] .! sl! ,r s y

.r }M r wag High Dry Lots Tile Drain boarosC.DSING
Paved Streets COSTS ONLY i Fi t
I No Septic'Tanks Monthly! < Payments From 6 0489 Cor. State & Pearl
OPEN HOUSE $49.27 Per Month
t 2 TIL DARK A'ri\ost anyone con qualify i I
--- U.S. CO. ,!
[ Directions: Corns out
i #1 to Lincoln! Golf Course Phone PO 4-6569 Day i L -
(., : -6 and turn right on RichordRA 5-1425 Nights !I IIi I.W arcs o

Iiiii ,


,.'- --,--'-' ----' -' '* < ,_ __ I