Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200557datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 24, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005570740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 24, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 24, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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,. '" _.____" ."_- .'.. ,.---.r-. ':0- ..., '!r,"', ...-..VJ.--T---.. "; -. J;,..'t3- .... '"" r..":. '!i"7".'< '':J"'i'I"--. '''''
,.r-i: ; < ..... .. '.-t1"' : :;n.'J.. iI"_ T
'" .
.r : .
: .' "..' :: -
: ,' _. ..: .. ?' : : : ) '. : \ '. .

b -
f ,.

i ,





IA .
t N

: : r

; .


:g d. : : And NEWS APRIL| 24> 196 -.- JAC.'--v Vf'n: .',;R'DA' 15 Cel1 :.
...,... -

//1 1 bgro Candidate Appeals t,.... ,> : '..7i ..... '.

; ._ .' --- ,
.:. ;, '. ." \jt.:'. .-i j )U H ,: '.. .>-. '. .. .. .,

',,:.;,' ,0". ...'.. .... q ,,.'...v.!I:.Ik.' *", COUNCIL.. '., ".. rc/' -:: .......,.'.".. .>,t.....j..."},'," ''.', ', --..i.. i
.. < '>t; '' **:*" l. "., ..
..i.'S1k:', '"Li. .... .. .. .-NAACP '" .' ,';' ....-.
: ; "'
.:' .: .., ; :
ll g1o Jaxons For Support ;J ,..,'-. 'i<'. ;::' ;..; ': >.r :- .. ,

.. ., 1

I. Bfebop Greene Is Named JaxonsUrged To Elect

Chairman; Of NAACP Drive ERIC OSCAR SIMPSON TO'ivy : '. I I 1

The Florida State Conference of senior Bishop in the AME Church Service Board 4

Branches NAACP this week an- which numbers well over one million I
'. nounced that the Rt. Rev. Sher- eight hundred thousands By Eric O. Simpson _
\ Dear Fellow Citizens '
man L. Greene Presiding Bishopof me bers. : j'I w t.
the Eleventh Episcopal District, Bishop Greene in accepting the I am taking this means of appealing to you for your support at | ,

:AME Church has accepted the Chairmanship, issued the follow- the polls on May 3, on which day I will be seeking election to the I 1
office of Member of the Civil Service Board.
position as Honorary Chairmanof ing statement: ;

the 1960 Membership and Free- "Segregation based on race is evil. '? I deeply that have not (
; .
Jesus Christ and should not be ; It is therefore that i !
necessary ) : | s
r t?! to make con
advanced nor supported by those I Christians of all races and faiths I .::. &many of J in
who purport to be Christians. of
come together for the purpose :Jail: of life due the fact
ridding our state and nation of a ; _
> that I must devote
: y 4f much attention -
"For this reason and as one who ." ;:'j :
a ,
believes that all men are childrenof system which does most to pro- t :... t "..... ,.:::8: .;:):? to the job of running this I i r
God, and that the cause of the ( mote discord and distrust between r'. '';;:newspaper: so that you will be j
National Association for the Advancement citizens. Certainly that which is ;, ;. : informed on the vital issues concerning -
evil is against all the teachings of : <
of Colored People is ; !:.. :.. ? our communityt .

closely allied to the teachings of .... t;, "..'.:.? Nor hav ;"*." peen able to write J
Christ, I call on all citizens who : .L.'.v \ .
: :=to the various churches and organizations -
Florida Students : ,
believe in freedom and justice .. .: ,
based upon the laws of the land Jailed In S. Carolina ; .! requesting support, x 2 'SIR 1.c 1
and the principles of sound religi- ::" :"/ wg .jfor: the simple reason that mail- '
COLUMBIA, S. C.-Sentences '
ous convictions.. support Its: .. : :. r ting costs run high and I am running ;
\ ,
of 1, years each. were imposed en. .; '" aF I
work by .jolrtinz: in the drive for I I'a: ;: ? with my personal_ funds > p
I four Allen University Negro football .. ,: < .
Florida."I :: '. : .... ....
15,000 members : 1:r. .
: z : since I have not solicited
I players from Florida on their ; contri-
; r'ris.v
; c r ,nrr1.r.. ....:.."
am making a special appeal to : pleas of guilty to charges of raping : .I. :. from anyone It may be ,2"
ministers and lay members of the : I t .i'i''. ,
a 16-year-old Negro *
: added here oo, .h t I am not

Church's African Eleventh Methodist Episcopal Episcopal Dis- selected An all-white to try male the jury defendants had been .... ....'.,. ,...:....<.<... '''......:..:.........:>::..:;::':::,::....:..:..,:::.::...:..,.:,:...:.::::::::::1-1: _.\....KED by any individual organization F ( .
... .
trict to do all 'within their power when they made their pleas last. .C '-' pson or group. t1r : 1J

to cooperate fully with the peaceful I Tuesday.The ,
yet progressive steps that are four are James Walker, 18 I am asking your support on the basis of the fact that I haw ; J

being taken in Florida to bring an I of Orlando Otis Prescott McClen- sincere desire to:: render service to the community.

end to the evil of racial discrim- don 21, and Mack Dixon 19. both I am seeking an opportunity to put into action some of ta:' I
I thIngs I have been fighting for eJ: ;iially in this for
ination. I am also appealing toI(.of Bradenton, and Bobby Allen, newspaper a
moral well number d seai:;.
them to give their as i
financial support to the work j(19.. of St. Augustine.The ''Ii I \o......._ ..:.e to become a me: :._=: of the Civil Service Board so
as > victim told police she. was
of NAACP in the State _of Florida -i and that I could be instrumental in bringing about a situation whereby .
dormitory .
into I
dragged a
Negroes will be given the opportunity to share in some of the CIT...

dom Fund. Campaign for this I raped. Service jobs that our taxes help to provide.I i 1, .
realize that there are hundreds of )'ounmen and women t .bV

State."Bishop Greene heads the more I coming: out of high school each year, many of who will not be : "",",.,t. ; I .... .. '\.

than 60,000 members of the Elev- More SchoolSuH's financially able to attend college but must still find empoy: 'nt. : : ,. ,.
enth Episcopal District Florida I I feel that some of these youths should be given the opportunity to I "!
work in some of the county jobs.

African Church Rev.. Methodist A. Leon Episcopal Lowrey\ ; Hinted ; I would like the opportunity to put forth every effort to faring; I I

about an end to the type of discrimination that bars Negroes fromapplying !
said. He is an outstanding for the
TA.tpA-An attorney :
of for civil service jobs by specifying "white only". I LfrTTi:7
leader and First Vice President National Assn. for Advancementof '
Churches.He Most important of all I will endeavor to work in harmony with 1
the World Council of Colored People today said FlorIda -
members of the Board in an effort to bring about better racial :
is an outstanding learned recognized may face at least four more understanding.

by many as the voice of federal court suits to open white I feel that I ". 2i1 I .....
am capable
presenting myself with such dignityas I ,2t' ,
Afro-Americanism and serves as : ...
schools to Negroes. : L
j I to reflect credit to our people and moreover. I think -you will i iI F F :'!....,. : : .
--I r
| Francisco Rodriguez of Tampa : agree that I am quite familiar with the needs and desires of ths 11r. \<
Woolworth Sales said such action could be based of ," .. .._ .,.
I, I people our community and at the same time possess an under- -" #4 IP I or1' ..
!Ion the federal court ruling in the I standinz of nature of the various groups in our area.I ,
Reported Down i Tampa school integration suit.I have not been one to beat the drums about: my civic contributions .

New York April 18: Woolworthsales I|I yesterday in New Orleans. to the community and I am not going:: to start now. But let it ..

dropped 8.9% in March according Rodriguez said he had four inquiries suffice to say that I have spent time energy and money assisting

to Gordon R. Carey, boy- today from Negroes inter- others without recompence or praise. ..... ..,...,
cott coordinator for the Congressof ested in the possibility of direct The civil service job pays only $150 per month and is virtually '1
Racial Equality. In March, suits to federal courts. One in- at the bottom of the political. But I believe in starting at the

1959, sales were $73,476,000 and quiry came from Negroes in bottom where I can render a much needed service to the communityas

fell to $66,959,000 in March 1960. Volusia County, he said, and the a whole.
"The 500 picket lines aroundthe others came from counties where When you cast your vote for Eric O. Simpson you are casting a i

nation have undoubtedly no attempts have been made to vote for yourself and your children as well. You are electing yourselfto _7, th
played a significant role in this seek racial Integration under the an office in our government.And .

decline. Our objective is not to Florida pupil placement law. remember don't let anybody buy your vote or sell your

hurt their busines. Our objectiveis He would not name these counties vote. Vote your own convictions. I

to out- Justice into their busi- but said all three are..-heavily. Wherever you live in Duval you can vote for Eric Oscar Simpson.
and are either in -
-.eEIL" populated
As late as March 17 Mr. RobertC. Northeast or Central Florida. POLICE REPORTS

Kirkwood. the president of The U. S. 5th Circuit Court of I. : : t

Woolworth in a speech before the Appeal at New Orleans ruled in ,
New York Society of Security the Tampa suit that the Negro -- S
Analysts predicted the Company plaintiffs were entitled to have

would increase sales by 9% for their case heard on its merits In FROM SHOE STORE ANGRY HUSBANDMrs.

the year. Yet. sales for the first the local federal court even .
quarter have increased by only though they had not followed all! Three teen-age boys walked out Ella Parish. 55, of 711 Jef- 'nw

3.1%. the procedures provided by .the I of Sample Shoe Store with a pairof ferson Street suffered an injury e
The first sympathy picket line pupil placement law. I shoes apiece, Louis Goldman to her right eye last Saturday .' <., .I
said the store owner told investigating of- when she t # '. <
stabiished by CORE in New The NAACP attorney was knocked off the .. .-. i >'
was 11
York City on February 13. Since ruling appears to open the way to ficers.. porch to the sidewalk by her ._._, .. r" _' .. "" :. ;

lines manned by unions direct action in federal courts. husband she said. .. .. '. ,
then picket The victim said the three boys .
to apply to any : : ,..: t.< 0
NAACP branches This seems i ;
churches I racial came into'' his store about 4:45 The victim's report to the t: t.':,,.':fi'i.'oj,.
spread the I class action against segre- police
have ,
and other groups last and tried 1. :. :"If: 1.fJI.oJ .. .. .
discriminatory 1 gation in schools where Negro pm. Saturday on was sanctioned by a witness. The 5 ",.. : < "J_ _"'" : )
boycott of this a pair of shoes. Two of the teen- 7 / '... < ,
charge that a school husband denied committing an offense : (t": :;-- _
chain from coast to coast. board plaintiffs is operating a polity .of agers left with the new shoes on, and said the eye injury was ; -:. ....' .< -it.,J.l:: ? '-<',.,:S.>....
restaurant -
largest .
is the .
Woolworth operator in the country segregation said. leaving the old ones behind and caused by an accidental fall.* .. ; ': .o w. >.' \._-'/-4 4>., _i.;_.,. :'. :' #,._ "..if-. >y>" .
lot number of units Asst. State Atty. Gen. Ralph the third one took time to take The victim was taken to Duval
oaly in the off the new shoes and put Us old
but also in TOlume. Restam- Odum at Tallahassee: said that he Medical Center for treatment and
rant and counter units are the hoped the New Orleans court de- ones on again and then he walked her husband Charlie Walker Par- NAACP Banquet-The NAACP Annual Banquet was held in the Elks Auditorium on April 8. (top photo) ti

Ugga dollar volume producer for dsion applies only to the Tampa out with the new shoes under his rish. 45. waa arrested and charged Youth Officers are seen enjoying dinner with Robert Saunders, Regional leader from Tampa. (2nd

the company. More than half a arm. The three pairs of shoes with assault and mayhem police photo) Guest officers from Tampa and local NAACP officers. (3rd photo) Members attending the ban- Ii

mOllon people are Bested durine case.X hope it does not set a legal were valued at $29.85. reported quet were: Gwendolyn C. Garner, Jacquelyn Y. Yates Barbara Harden Kenneth Yates. (4th photo)

fee> teach hour at WooUcrtto each precedent for other direct suits Patrolmen J. HlHtr aod J. P. Patrolmen A. Jones' and B. Jefferson Henry Demps. Josephine Wise. Eddie Morgan. Laverine Morgan Annie' Pearl Smith. Roaby and Bar- '

.. M-inffim to Cat+d. to fedaral oomrU" h> aid: ImDm ffivesUgated. .J investigate bara Johnson.r"OT.. I.




-.-.... .....:.::: -- .".

IT : : L. TTIITIIi 3

: d : ; ; '

: i : : : .
;i' : :
,, ,>" ..

,. S
.. '
-- Two. fMK: 'LHb! SI .-.-t. ,' -
---___ __ .._ -- -_ _, L ::..7:__....-- Sunday... April. 24.. 1960


t. NEWS 1! As US\'Jal"! fi1
-- j I By Eric O. Simpson i iI

; topic cf considerable! discussion I
r jc this week is the ea&eeUimr ef
I Ball Park rally last Friday by chairman of the DavIA
Published by Tb Florida Star Publishing Co. I r : Executive Committee. Richard Barker
"Member oi Associated Negro Press"BIll OCMUU f uy AIT. iiarser, to
O. Simpson EditorG least was extremely dis-
way or another. Even before the
; Pvfaam Johnson rim Std w to the candidates as days of television and radio and

... Wo@tezi Ckcalaifea X2tpi.I many citizens. all the other attractions that hold
r Barker had threatened ear- the public's attention
p l + i f political
-= S / take such action after rallies were stimulated by marching -
the sparse audience at bands, torchlight parades along -
1CJUN OFFICE Ac PtAHT Ball Park several with free barbeque and

: KM Mmffrirf B.ad EL 4-8782 EL 4-S7SS Despite this, it is the sodas.It .
Mov.1.wa Braech Offiow 428 Broad: S!. Phone EL 4-3773 of many that Barker acted may be that in order to
hastily. For one thing, revive interest the political rallieswe
Park rally was called should resort to seme cf th&

I 7:30 pm., almost prom- practices employed in the days 0: =
M''g the Democratic d pmft- the oldtime political events. L

I P. 9. Bee bat JiefeMBYfiU 1, Florida t'. i.'R- % tat1v'. arrived and
: t' find' j ,
the park jammed y 1..Y'0. m1.
__ r -
!,' ,. ,,prf : USt ners; Demo
erotic !
$. e ; i HG11or f
is $6 dmibl tlia>t* there .
some lack of interest For'-a&idkm
..eceaa o RATES % in f
: 0.' T... Uit Kdf.Y' qt, KIMST : ''''''M: -:-' 81.N r rallies in recent years. bt Florida( the -appointment:ha been reccfcU o& $..d.
.. seems to me that it ;
....., Tea. Aagirher' IB Tb vstsa .... .Mr. is the l7.U'7 Ehrmann Bemtsrsti .

Illll:sis lm h r.b+. la .] ..:,.-. Bmd .. or rd. To tq''try Barker: and, his com- .' N Cam,
: I._ __ / tpcreatg: 'interest# ::in mI ms s foFr +
O. -
; >les ,or find sOme C?tier i .i te tht
ofbringing the,'candidates < Aptrar; jt as -
the me Corcmlt ;
The committee y for the
s IfFA x
the televised pro- :, Deiiocratie Na-
Negroes Are Missing The Boat candidates and now it :c floss Cou'i'enUon.1r& .
the rallies. Exactly E-.rsann. cfbcb
Gainealle raft.
and his COmmit- '
ti P* s the key-
It is clearly evident that the progress of Negroes in the to do for the candi- note i speaker* and 1
United States is hindered largely by the Negro himself.v. something many would '" peraurter't chair !
know. )f m&&, and plant
rs. muaa
We are, indeed, fortunate to be living under a government ASIA AND AFRICA ARE SMASHING THE it has been recognized h. CenY'e1UCD1Vhidt
cpe&i ia Lea Angeles on
whose basic laws-the +
in the rallies has July 11. This 0 ti* first time _-
freedom, justic and equality. In addition we are living in a the wane, it would ap in party hi! iC7.a Floridian has
country where we have some opportunity (much more than some effort would be held sock &:1 hapostaatposition.
Negroes in other parts of the world) to share in some of publicize the affairs be- Mrs. Ehnaass. who is a candidate .
Your Weekly for reeUet>oa as Florid -
the abundance of wealth that this country affords. date for which they are '. National Cojaz&itteewoman

Sadly, however, we Negroes in America have failed to Except for one or two In the Hay 24tli Primary is
avail ourselves of the rights guaranteed to us under the GMe there has been quoted appointment as sayics: "I considermy
as an opportunity t
constitution failure to vote and failure to any, publicity In the way
by our by our to work towards bringing!
unite in a common effort to attain first class citizenship.In advertisements or the 1S64 Demos-ttic Conventionto
addition to misusing the political weapon which we By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER announcements heralding Florida."

hold, we are also neglecting to use to the best advantage events. Ida Mrs., is the Ehrmann wife born W. in Flar-
LUCKY DAYS FOR Duval of W. Ehr.
o. HJCK AE YOUR Democratic Execu-
the economic sledge which we possess in the form of earning mann professor at the Univer
power and buying power. is being naive if sity of Florida. Thy have tv.-o>
{U3SINESS LOVE TRAVEL to find large crowds college age dacghUra. Gretchenand
Through lack of unity-which might be largely due out to rallies when all Sally. Mrs. Ehrmann has
to the absence of leadership-we have failed to use our ARIES bloom soon after the 25th. You done is release an an- been active in Woi en's Demo

dollars wisely. We have used our dollars only to buy the Born March 21st thru April 19th may then make a new friend or Born to the newspapers the cratic State work Demoorstie, and fs a member Cb1nmittc.as cf.

items on the shelves, whereas, we could use our dollars to Try to sense which are prevailing take on a partner. Be particularly You out letters to the candi well as the National Com
command respect in stores and secure the use of all facilities from day to day and make cautious on the 27th-28th so as high In mittee.
in stores where we spend our money. Then, too, we your decisions and move accord- not be betrayed by a false friend, can take a negative at- r
have dissippated our earnings on flashy cars, expensive ingly. You have everything in your sentiment or a break with a I vors. these rallies by just ATTENTION: I.A.DaBrld ....
clothes and other costly pleasures rather than accumu- favor on the 23rd, but from the i powerful ally.4803313S14S3. :your them and expect the r
lating wealth-as the Jewish people have done-so that late P.M. hours thru the 24th, ably turn out because we feel Il Sea1&.b
we could establish business and industry and eventually there are risks of monetary loss t i i support should be interested _.
acquire some economic stature.A and personal reverses. Let reason (25th). to attend rallies to find lei: fir l lYcri'
take into account just how your LEO the end about the candidates Soota1 1
great hinderance to our progress, too, is that so manyof heart feel, and let practical con- Born July 23rd thru Aug. 23rd petition 5-64-a. they stand for. fnday3 TiePL.cDA
us show such little interest in the problems that face us. siderations motivate j. or future You make have to give some could generally, react only to STAn
It seems that too many of us are either too busy enjoying actions:: (23th). thought to your well-being before (27th). of stimulus, consequent- 2323 Mbaerfsf Hd. Cor. ISlb
simple pleasures or selfishly acquiring empty luxuries to you consider taking on an even must be aroused in one Or Phoaa -
devote time and energy to the cause of racial progress. S-l 0411162- -4 [ heavier load which may be destined EL 4cf82

These are the stumbling blocks in the path of our to your address 2d24th. --

progress and we have an abundance of them right herein TAURUS The cycle that is inaugurated on Born t

Duval County.Discrimination. Born April 20th thru May 20th the 25th contains opportunities The 'ind! the

s s s Be- patient with friends who for greater influence: authorityand pects strengthi
.I may be somewhat reckless or the economic betterment or
thoughtless, when you have no privileges that are companion your -
Of reason to doubt their sincerity.You benefits. Difficulties that can affect ly on for your life.
Negroes will have additional oppor- your home life, personnel. !*: *b-2<; at .

tunities to express yourself and 620111457621VIRGO j I I irr,"|
In Civil Service Employment display your talents from the P.M. .f : :' 1. : :
of the 25th on. Accept offers from { vcrable: :

Can Be Ended Electing people who can contribute to your r" ""**
By cultural and spiritual develop' Re rn,Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd i JT?-- T>K : :
ment. The pursuit of success or a You should be cognizant of the : ',):: 'e rt
A Negro To The Board fixed purpose may necessitate blessings that momentary frustra- .I ": ? ,., ....a.i ..,

severing ax alliance or making tions often contain. You have < 'i ( ,
There is no denying that the Negro is entitled to and other personal sacrifices (27th), everything to live for, if you are f
should strive dilligently to secure equal rights .at lunch 5-30-22-15-92-532. perceptive enough to Hit :'0'1-: j: T cm /
counters and the use of recreational facilities and so on sights and ideals, and to trust in I You -
GEMINI the coming cycle to furnish the I -p f
But one of the first basic rights which Negroes every- Born May 21st thru June 21st elements for progress and en- I lif rn".i { : :: :_.d
where should fight relentlessly for is equal job opportunities. The cycle starting on the 25th lightenment (25th-26th). Your 25th to be
For, without jobs we would have very little money will be a fine one for turning new great danger can be the failure to fused
to secure lunch counter service or the equipment necessary leaves, bolstering the character, adhere to a decision and to allow -
to indulge in' the recreational facilities that may be open and becoming more subtle in your mind to wander thru tor- reason and F
to us. utilizing material resources and I tuous paths.
> are :
mere is cause lor great concern influential connections. Get your 2-50-77-16-46-257 RELIGION IN /LM&BCAN CtE,11'c.
when it Is considered that each mind made use I
:Is left to Negroes to press for employment up late on the 26th, tactics.
year in Jacksonville some 1,500 '' in civil service. when you see things as they reallyare. LIBRA air for TOGETHER THIS WEEK
Negro boys and girls are graduated There is no doubt that there is You may thus be enabled to Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd the 26th
from high schools. Of this discrimination. in employmenteven sidestep the pitfalls hazards or You should have resolved your on the
umber just about one third of in civil service. Notices calling reverses that negligence or reck- problems and banished your to be a I
tfcetn are able to enter colleges for applications for certain less behavior could invite (27th- doubts by the time you reach the :

for higher education leaving positions have on occasions stip- 28th). Guard your well-being. dawn of the 26th. Take action in __
-9FbA .
about one thousand either to seekbusiness ulated for "white" only. Similar 7-40-66-17-75-746k. matters that encompass housingrelationships _
training or training in discrimination. has carried out by vocation and alli Born j: .

trades or to seek jobs in private calling applicants for jobs in a CANCERBorn ances. There is a new difficulty There I c."'I.,.... ..-., .. :- ; ( _.,, t r
enterprise or civil service. "white division". June 22nd thru July 22nd : arising on the 27th which may -< j\ '

The doors of private enterpriseare There are hundreds of civil service The friendliness and good will I compel you to disburse sums that as there :_ '..- i -A''o, /
closed to Negroes for apprenticeship I *jobs that Negroes are com- of those around you may inflate I you had earmarked, savings or last i ,; #/ fjl -::::"
in skilled trades and the pletely excluded from despite the your ego, unless you are perceptive investment purposes The sacrifices .. : : J \
little employment that is offeredto fact that our taxes help to pay enough to realize that an important that you have to make will be rewarded scl 4i&A C\ ,J
Negroes by private firms in those salaries and upkeep the operations favor may<< be expected in return in due time. Just be patient I I and of 1 II \
Jacksonville and throughout Florida which (23rd-24th). New social developments I and forbearing. t .
provide the
em- 11
I money ;cr
are confined to menial labor. ployment.Bnagine. I may be expected to 17055163517iI I 25th r. : : >: h'f <
accept & Negro attends college a situation whereby I days ] \." ... ;
and comes out as a school teacher ; :: ''' ,4 \\ ,IJ
are employed only .
Negrpes as Get Year .
Horoscope Guitie ToMICHES should:: : .
there is little chance for eaploy- trash collectors but never as garbage I ually. f.4 $ L\\\ 7\----- ,
amt in these parts And with truck drivers. There are any LOVE HEALTH ( ,,,, '/' R ,

the output of school teachers soUgh number of positions in county Crier 1 3*"& epe 9fe -for Denote Vow. ... _
compared to the number .f, departments that qualified young T. Pablo The Aairoleftr P. O.Boi 881. JaetoonrW* LFlfc I

jobs available in the Florida school Negro mem and women should be - -- Born : -J> ,
rctem it is little wonder that it r -
given an opportunity to fill. But Owing J
i* alleged that school teaching since this situation has prevailed, J. Dear PaWe.11.. IB 52-08. Send. sry BoresOTpe big. \\i .!..- .:':-:---io .- *
.... portions are being sold. for a number of years without 1 merle for ifss .-tJ- of D3ce &. I nnf& /1 t.O : ,
It! fc painful U thbik teat after any effort having been made to friend, -=- -/ -- .- -.h

r a Metro parent ba toiled and rectify it Ncgross must make apQlt1Te I. I Ii 'irelf: a / 1- '.,... I
aMrtfleed. to sew a MO orUr dAda- more to for a change.: consult 111f1\5t\
(:: :=: :..:.-..:=---1: -t '- ;
ttxreoik ooflece they mast I '
NEGROES 25UST ELECT A I provide ': "' i.
wee lark and pay for tb pri- MAl TO THE CIVIL SERVICE i B for such i.-1',.. \ I I1
Tiieee el worklsic.iiaaae BOARD A MAH WHO WILL 23rd: :YlI.i; ,: \3M
it is aWl ao .difficult to WORK TO BRING ABOUT ANZD I Ir your : : '".
coBTteee' private enterprise ,about TO,TUB DISCRIUINATION'. -_ r should t! r ; \ .. ,
: tb* wisdom and fAkneai of giving OP NBGROBB' IN CIVIL BSR- I t cri rf !HitiU.\.1'-'t: -,4F IP.R I 1
= .. SS
'" Ne tial an opportuoitr to fair TICS DUTAL AEf.jf!
DIPDO'YIImT IS t .1 fOSil : A ..I/. ... ... ; ; I
1 MILlo of to tetter it -I "
.Ier Jete COUNTY. ... w .... : ..
- ..:: _. CtP'.lot.. "7I. F"..fr '
: >>



"" -
: ";:<
." -_ .. -

cr-:: :.4a ; .: '
.- '" .. ,. ,.... ___-r"'W'" wv11ft ..
'J"-T< \ I ; -

: !

I Il'


F .

_' ', : I 1
,\ ,.' ,.. :I

Sunday, April 24, 1960 TIffi FLORIDA STAR n !


iG>e oe'Oe ic: <5 ooe5 :. Bells I
4iji .t. ."" rfi'".' ,'i Wedding f

So 8' /Speaking/ .' : ;: !'t! PEOPU 1
; .: t soMr. APFLICATKIN FOB f

Y ji \ ..: J .- ,.- and Mrs. Vance Barnes of MARRIAGE LICENSKS
:. :- ;: : Oakland California were the
: Bobby R. Sanders, 1337 W. 3lst 1
The Mothers' Club of New Stanton High School will # week-end guests of their cousin, ,
St.. 23 and Elsie L. Cook. 2151
f,1. .
close its second "Mother Of The Year" contest Sunday, ? \ Mrs. Sallye Baldwin 1251 Hart :Martin St., 22. I

April 24 in the library off the school with a Spring Tea. A i4j .7 Street.

A musical program will be rendered by the Stanton 4r Many social events were plan- Harry H. Leftwieh. S12 W.' ML

Glee, Club, under the direction of Mrs. Alpha Moore and : ned in their honor. Herman St. 29 and Jean O. j

the Stanto-Musi-Cho sextet under the direction of Mrs. ... .. ., Stokes 161 Goode St. Danville

Olivia Smith. Vt.*, 21.1Iike.

Williard Morris, commander of
Croomes 1598 '\. 33rd S&.
; American Legion Post 197 attended -
57 and Florence Williams 1598V.
"Stars of Personality Revue" will be sponsored by the the funeral of his father the 33rd St. 39.

Congress Club of Day Spring Baptist. Church on April 25, Rev. C. J. Morris, AME minister $

at 8 p.m. in the church auditorium.Well Williston.. I Hezekiah Peterson, BoIl e s .

School, 37 and Viola. Taylor
known models will be featured in hair styles and I Bolles School, 41.
spring fashions. Bits. Hazel Argrett wild serve as narrator. } George Lee Smith of 2566 Sum-
t Y' I f James Dunlap, 2733 Bres St.
7.i : mit Street is the house guest of
I Floradale, Fla., 56 and Mamtnio
irwi i his cousin Clifford Jones in New
The Le La Lets Club of Walker College, 9th and Myrtle York City. Robinson. 2733 Bret St.

Avenue, presented a fashion show on April 18th. The latest dale, Fla., 41.
fashions for morning, afternoon and after five, school, 9 Ulice Anderson. 1348 Whlttner

church, beach, sport and evening wear were modeled by Mrs. Larma J. Smith of this St., 23 and Fleeta D. Solomon.

members of the club and guests. I city will be among the beauticiansof 1225 W. :24th:! St. 20. r

the'Alpha Chi Pi Omege Soro-
I I Rogers L. Robinson. 943 Pearl !
rity who will leave on April 25
i I St., 26 and Nettie R. Hayes 1143 I
Soror hostess to members of
Sylvester was for a six weeks tour of foreign ,
Chi Chapter Iota Phi Lambda Sorority recently at the I countries. Before leaving for New !| Julia St., 18. i

Ribault Supper Club. Following the business session, the York Mrs. Smith will attend the i, Buford Littles. 1937 Broadway.

president presented Soror Matilda Walker Brown -- ''- ---- ---- ._ 15th annual convention of the 46 and Catherine Lowe 2165 I

hydrangea plant and "This Is Your Life" was wi'.1 p.: :.. : :.- -;' .- ..... Cu'i' -- Sorority which will be held iuDa.tona \ Yulce 6t... 32. .
.- "'.. 1f
Sorors Carrie Hammond and Maud Higdon. : Beach at the Bethune-I
'Jl .
+. ------.1------S-- -.$ Dura
$> Maxwell Harris. 929 W.
Members present were Sorors Edith C. Boyd, Kathryn r.' ; ;> .,.." Cookman College. j
p:. .' .'!' i iI St., 26 and Lawanta Stocking.
Blanchard Sarah Hicks Julia W. Brown Carrie Hammond .," '
31)18) Davis St.. :0.
Mabel Latson, Matilda W. Brown, Georgiana C. \ Mrs. Dororty Flowers of Washington -

Bowen, Lucy Mae Martin, Alethia Frazier, Robbie L. Baker, f D. C. is in the city visIt- Edw. M. Ben 4003 Carey SU

Netty Leapheart, Irene Alexander, Evelyn Hillman, Beulah I' .} ing her brother, Felix White at E. Chicago. HI.. 22 and Shirley j
McClellan and Sylvester Bossard. 1 3rf .> his Atlantic Beach home. T. Brown 735 W. Church St., :20.:!i i f
I *
: ri: r Aaron Williams. 1716 Pierce Si,
1 Our sick and shut-ins: Felix I 24 and Dorothy N. Price 522 Carl

Mrs. Frances Walden was hostess to the Les Diamontes I r White. Atlantic Beach; Roosevelt St., 26. ,
Austin, Brewster Hospital; Mrs.
Bridge Club at its last meeting. Rounds of bridge were
I, Rosa Broan, 1726 W. 33rd Street; Arthur T. Sanders 1766 W. 2nd

played and prizes were won by Mrs. Luvenia Newman, I, Mrs. Daisy P. Strong, 5304 Spring St., 20 and Rhoda M. Young. 1010
Mrs. Geneva White Mrs. Essie and Mrs. Lucile i
McCrary Daniel St., 1C.
Grove Road; Mrs. Ellen Braggs, 1
Harper received guest prize. II
1341 Van Buren St. Mrs. j
I ; Mattye
Ii Cosvia Smith 2117 A, Mars CU t
Members present were Mrs. Gladys Bryant, Mrs. Fannie I I I I Golden, 1531 Louisiana Street; 23 and Rebecca Tender 123C E. ;

Bellamy, Mrs. Amanda Belle, Mrs. Gloria Fort, Mrs. Thelma i I i Mrs. Oliva McGhee, 1318 W. 5th 26th St., :SO.Rayfield I

Geiger, Mrs. Wilhelmenia Hamilton, Mrs. Emma Morgan, I Street; Mrs. Fannie Orr 1448 W. I! S. Brown 1912 Lenox

Mrs. Frankie Summers, Mrs. Luvenia Newman, Mrs. Geneva State; Mrs. Rebecca Edwards, Circle S., 23 and Mary L. Best.

White, Miss Juanita Wright and Mrs. Frances Waldon. i State Hospital; Mrs. Rebecca Den- 1455 Florida Ave.. :20.

I I nard 1135 Evergreen Avenue; Charlie J. Rawls, 785 N. Lincoln
Guests present were Mrs. Helen Robinson, Mrs. Mar- Mrs. Jessie Green 310 Orange St.; Ct. 26 and Betty L. Gaines,
garet Day, Mrs. Lucile Harper and Mrs. Essie McCray. Lee Collier 2825 Jupiter Street; j 935 W. 28h St.. 19.

I Abe Washington, 1727 Highland Clarence E. Stone Jr., 1474
Avenue Mrs. Rosa Dallas, 708
MONTHLY MEETING-The ; : Grothe St., 21 and Katherine
Charmettes Exclusive Social Saving Club held its
The Gladiola Ladies Club the honor of monthly meeting in the Court B Mrs. Sarah 2808
request Avery
your home of Mrs. 1130 Bertram St. 20.
Beatrice Williams, 659 W. 10th Street. Officers (top photo) are Mesdames Edna Chavis I Riley ,
presence at their Annual Tea and Program at Wilder Daisy Davis, Gladys Henderson, Willie Mae Reese, Harriet Butler Beatrice Williams Daisy Foster. i Begonia Road; :Mrs. Lula Daniels, N. J. Eut.. y. 806 W. 1st St., 66.
Parker Recreation Center 3rd and Mt. Herman Street Mary 1073 Ellis Olivia
Street Mrs. 1
; i
Bartley and Mamie and 806 W. 1st
Smith. Members present (bottom photo) were Mesdames Doretha Grant Mattie Dorothy Wright
Sunday, April 24, 1960, 4 to 6 p.m. Miley, Brewster Hospital; Frank
Lucas, Willie Helen Evans, Mammie Hare, Gertrude Brooks and Ethel B. Caffa. St., 44.
Fuller Duval Medical Center; :
Mrs. Cora H. Lewis is president.
I Mrs. Will Ella Harris, Brewster

Engag'ementsAnnounced Hospital; S. A. Austin 1731 Cal-: \ EWe CLOSING [

The Lincoln Golf and Country Club was the setting Deaths&funerals I houn Hospital Street in Dublin; Manuel, Georgia Rivera; Mrs.VA; :; ACTIVITIES l,f

for the meeting of Les Feminae De Charm Bridge Club Loura McCant of 230 Copeland[ | Dean James A. Espy of Edward

recently. Following the business session rounds ol bridge I Drive; Mrs. Willie Snead of 322 j Waters College, announces the ;
were played and a delicious menu was served. I Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie G. Ingramof Oak St. commencement schedule at the i
I WILLIAMS-Herbert Lee of 935 JONES-Rev. Hensley J. of 2107 1702 W. 15th Street, announcesthe I
New members accepted into the club are: Miss Alfreda East Ashley Street. fJAbIISONCharlie Baldwin Street.Hospital engagement of their daughter college as follows: I
I i : Mary Ann Pough, daughter of i May 9, senior chapel; :May 18-
Mrs. Hannah Jones Mrs. Edith
Brayboy, King, Mrs. Mar- Byllye Yvonne to Wesley Lee
I of 1195 W. I Mr. and Mrs. Cleaven Pough will 120, senior exams; May 20, sophomore i
jorie Ayers and Mrs. Demetral Wester. Avery, son of Mr. and Mrs. WesleyW.
30th Street.THOMASMrs.. Week leave the city soon to re-enter soiree; May 21.senior picnic: [
Avery of Birmingham, Ala
Members present were Miss Viola White, Miss Delores Temple University. She is a junior I May 22, senior consecration; May
Frances of Yulee. bama. Both Miss Reddick and
Waddell, Mrs. Thelma Johnson, Mrs. Delores Brown, Miss i To Be Observed majoring in Chemistry and Bac- commencement play.
TUCKER-Mrs. Etta Mae of 317 Avery are graduates of Talladega 1123 I'I'I
Wilhelmenia White, Miss Doretha Tarver, Miss Catherine I' teriology. May 27, junior class exercise; at
Nixon Street.WlXLIAMSJessie. May 8-14 College and are employed at the I .
Oree and Mrs. Gwendolyn Anderson. 11 a.m. and senior class exercise :
Northeast State Hospital at Mac- '
of 1045 W. Brewster Methodist Hospital I II i Sgt. Richard Sermon left the at 8 pjn.; May 23, senior promenade -

The City-Wide Beauticians will present their annual Union Street.JACKSONRobert. I will be among the many hospitals I|i clenny in Occupational Therapy. I' city recently for Camp Lejeune in ; May 29, baccalaureate, 1

Hair Style and Fashion Show at the Strand Theatre May B. of 508 Clay throughout the nation that will I|I The wedding will be an event of Jacksonville, N. C. after spending senior reception; May 31, comencement. -. t

6, at 8 o'clock. Models will display the latest hair styles, Street. I' celebrate National Hospital Week I I i June 25 at the St. Paul AME 30 days here with his family and .

May 8-14. I Church. relatives. -- --- ---- -
along with spring fashions. DUPREE-Mrs. Geneva of 1116-C. I I' I .1I
I The 1960 theme "Many Hands !
Tickets may be purchased from members. Davis Street.
I "Spring Fantasy11Scheduled
ADAMS-Jessie of 7144 Esther J and Many Skills" is a very fitting I I

The Name and School Association is sponsoring its Street. i one, for without the many hands I I Gold for Maya
: needed daily the hospital could Key Chapter 51ur.kDeliveri
annual Spring Flower Tea, April 24, from 4 to 6 p.m. in TnXMAN-Will of 818 W. Adams !

the Ephesus Academy, 1750 Mt. Herman Street. Mrs. Sadie Street. 'i not function properly. i 2 Isaiah Blocker I II
Gibson will be the guest speaker. WASHINGTON-Mother: Ollie of i The Brewster Hospital has serv-i i| of Honor Society "Spring Fantasy" will be the :

This tea will benefit the Ephesus Seventh Day Adven- 731 W. Monroe Street. i I' ed Jacksonville. Duval and adjacent -I I !; s I theme of the May Day exercises; .

tist school, Mrs. Elnora Clipper is president. GRAYSON-Isaac M. o f 1010 W. 'I of counties and as birthplace. a haven : Gives Awards I at Isaiah Blocher Junior High
refuge a source of hope i
26th Street. and healing in acute illness, acci-I i Twenty-two Northwestern students Mr. and Mrs. Lovett Johnson. School on May 2. ,
The Congress Club of Day Spring Baptist Church will McCOY-Matthew of 1423 Kings Maggie Pittman. Queen from
dents, and stands ready at all i chosen No. 9 Dale E. 49th St.,
sponsor a Fashion Revue April 25, at 8 o'clock at the I Road. I by the society on Quarters the fourth grade; Eric Marshall

church. Some of the city's well known models will appear. NEWSOME Christine H. of : times to serve in case of disasters. : the basis of leadership, service I Boy.Mr. I King from the sixth grade; Gary J
The trained teams of .
profes- character and citizenship, re- and Mrs. Grant Randolph.
3737 Pineview I
I i Blaylock Prince from the second
t Jessie St. sionals and the licensed practical i ceived I certificates for the school 510 W. 17th St.. Girl.
NELSON-Henry of 613 i
| grade and Chauncy Danzy, Student -
NOTICE TO SOCIALITES: ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE I GLENN-Jesse of 1117 FloridaI nurses, the aides, the orderlies the ;i year at the first annual Honors Mr. and Mrs. Willie Brown, Sr. from the third grade will

COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER I Avenue. J secretaries, record-keepers, X-ray I.i! Award Assembly for the Gold Key 1105 W. 28th St., Boy. reign over this festive occasoin.j .

THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S I I I HOLMES-Arthur C. of 400 W. j and laboratory services, pharmacy. I I Ii Chapter of the National Honor Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Jackson I Coronation exercises will be held
ISSUE. f i business and admitting teams, I! Society.The 241 Chelsea St., Girl. j
I i May 2 in the auditorium. A variety
i operating room delivery teams.i Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCoy, 2171
supply and kitchen teams all join purpose' of the program is I Brooklyn Road, Girl. I of dance number:>> and songs
Far ARegal Repasty I IStateGoldMeetITo 'ito encourage and strengthen the with an Easter parade bj grades
:: in to supply the many skills need- I' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morton I 11
students through six, will be presented.
determination to
ed by every hospital. Just as important : apply 1540 W. 3rd St.. Girl. I
( Be Held i roles the domestic themselves to every phase of j
in their are Mr. and Mrs. Henry Townsell, .
'Ii school work. I BEAVER FALLS, PA.. NEWS.i
that provide the : 1691 Moncrief Girl.
Y teams Village, '
i TRIBUNE: "Federal, state and
i i April 29 cleanliness that is necessary for Speaker for the program was Mr. and Mrs. Hesakiah Gamble, I local
are at
1 running
The State High School Gold 'everything to be "hospital clean". '( Ralph Green, a freshman at Ed- I 246 May St., Boy. $129 billion a year. That is more

r Meet will be held April 29 at Many demonstrations and displays I ward Waters College who addres-'i i i Mr. and Mrs. George P. Harper, than one third the national product.

I Lincoln Golf Course. Entries are I Ij will be presented to the sed the group on "Constituents of 5148 W. State St., Boy. I
In other words, 35 cents of
1 : : every
j pouring in according to Edward !! public during the observance. Achievement": ::: I'!! Mr. and Mrs. James Smith ]!i dollar earned in this country goes S

Benthcne, tournament director.Frank 1 I i I 5349 Cleveland Street Road Boy. i
i I ; to help maintain government on
Harris of Northwestern Recipients of Merits in leader- : Mr. and Mrs. Willie Way 1259 j "

flY4 t Senior High School, defending ( ACE LeagueMonthly : ship were Rodney Hurst Floyd : W. 22nd St.. Girl. j j i all levels.

: I champion, will defend his crown. Kirkland. Vernon Smith Benny:': Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Gordon,

Schools with golf teams registered Program; Thomas, Catherine Barney; Citizenship i j 1936 Tuskeege Boy. i My Neighbors

1.-w J4f4 are: Lincoln High Gainesville: i Rosby Hayes, Bettie i, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fossett, 1109 aI
Slated For May 15 I ''I !
Booker Washington Miami; Jones Davis, Ed Brown, Annie Smith I Dora St., Girl. |

High* Orlando; Gibbs High St. t The city wide ACE League 'I Mary Blount; Character Augustus!' Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Stokes, .

Petersburg; Blake High Tampa Union of the AME Churches will; Singleton James H. Smith Gloria !J 604 Court F. Blodgett Homes, Girl. I

and ,Duval Vocational High. 'present its monthly program inthe.ditorium Moore, Barbara Pearson Minnie :i I Mr. and Mrs. Hortense Ford, I i

a Local schools expected to enter of Payne Chapel j( Hand Eugene Calhoun; Service, I 1418 E. 24th St. Girl. !1
are New Stanton, Matthew Gilbert AME Church Eastside. Sundayat Pete Dunmyer, Margaret Cape- 'I Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hammond -

3Sb ?yi gJ a3 || m-i m B mmM and Douglas Anderson. 1 5 ;;.m. -. I i hart Joyce McKay Lillian Bryant j*I 1166 W. 21st St., Boy. r i

>n Hays when fish is a must on the menu, consider she For further information, con Miss Bernett Walker 'league I Fredericka Tooley and Tonya Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rufus .

merits of the quick-frozen fish fillets which are Pseasoned tact E. Benthone at Isaiah Blocker ':prevalent, is arranging an Toney. Law. Sr.. 2018 W. 13th St. Boy. s

with a butter-paprika-lemon-parsley topping and packaged.h School. i jesting program for this kr..er-I Mr. and Mrs. Theoa Mckinnies
Members of the honor society
regal-looking silvery foil envelopes. Because the season- WHITE Mrs. Viola J. of Naisu- j The speaker for this occasionwill 914 Bakers Ave.. Boy.
needed participating on the program were i i I
figs are built-in no further preparation or is ville Florida. be Leonard J. Roberts Jr.I Linda':' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simmons,
And because the Mamie Dix Robert Brown ,
before the fil1eta are baked or broiled 17th street.HAYWOODBaby. who will address the union from 2454 W. 42rd St. Girl. "
iluminum acts the cooking pan, there is no Howard, Johnnie Holmes Marjorie ..and mother thfnz...
foil pouch as Kenneth of the .subject "The Church One Mr. and Mrs. Florence Luster
nessy to after cooking. Meeks Carrie Frazier and Barry t If yea were s da awn bnnw7ou'd
pan scour 7963 Longspur Avenue. Foundation". 1337 Pippin St. GirL .
'to cook Watson. sisy bo=- tad pot up
If you decide to broil th e fillets, why not plan PERRY-Mrs. Lolia of-1357 Darts All League presidents officers I Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Ray. 1531 with sad bad I tII'
You'lltave s m.
at the same tune? ay
omato halves and mushroom caps Street. and members throughout the city Sponsors of the group are W. 27th St.. Girl. I
meal that's fit for a king on the eoo1Q't.
a complete broiler time PELTON-Jlrs. Delia of 711 Market are invited to attend this pro- C. P. Thompson William Mrs.1 I Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Smith. 3870 iI i
able with no trouble and in practically no
Street. gram. ington and Mrs. S. R. Freeman Road. Boy. : il l

1;. -. .- f,.! .1" .'", ',c < .> : v: ', I i
,. I 2 f

r I

.a '.---e'"' .-a -3 r ._ rI --,,

... .. -
--w---w ,--,-_- -- -
; ; -r---- --- -- -- w

T:4 _____

'. .
,,v ,; -'. .: i .f-: :" s -.,. .

: .. .
rplgb ,

Sunday.,. April 24.. 1960 i

I Union Community AME Plan Annual Observance


.. Talent from various churches \ Mt. Zion AMEWomen .Women's Day Set MARVIN SERVES
in the district will appear on the i, : TEAL 1

program. I\ at Mt. PleasantAnnual
\ i. a aMT. Set
\ [ women's day will be observed -

TABOR BAInST |I' Sunday throughout the day

CHURCH NEWS Choir No. 2 of Mt. Tabor 'Baptist ObservancePALATKAWomen's in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, I. OBSERVANCE

Church will sponsor its spring i, southside beginning with the Sun- j' r I

tea May 29 in the church. i Day will I day School at 9:45 ajn with Mrs. 1 Men's Day will be observed at Fred White Cleveland Johnson.

Sunday services will begin with be observed April 24 at Mt. Zion I Dorothy Wright as guest superin- Union Community AME Church, Cleveland Crane, Johnnie Greg

the Sunday School at 9:45 am.., i|Baptist Church in Lundy Com- : tendent. Various guest teachers i 1! Eaverson and Beaver Streets, on Leroy Mosley end Richard Hall.

and the morning service at 111! munity. Heading the day's activities 1! will have charge of the classes. .i May 15. 1960 throughout the day. An invitation is extended to

SINGING.GROUPSThe ABYSSINIA DISTRICT oclock. The BYPU will be held are Mrs. T. Williams, i Morning worship 11 ajn. The According to Marvin Teal, chairman the public to worship with us on

Singing Angels of Bruns-|J, :MEETINGS at 5:30 pm., and the evening service chairman, and Mrs. Clara B. Williams address will be delivered by Mrs. and Albert Manning. co- Men's: Day

wick, Georgia, Randolph Sisters, The following districts will meet at 7. The Rev. H. T. Over- co-chairman. Florence T. Johnson, an instructorof 1 chairman for the day, this year's

and other talent will be special Friday night: 3, 4, 5, 6, 9*and 12. street will have charge of the Services will begin with the Douglas Anderson High School celebration promises to be both 3 t

.guests of the Lambert Gospel All members of District 7 will services. I Sunday School at 9:30 ajn. with and a member of. Day Spring educational as well as inspira i I W oman essWedding j

Specials in the St. Mary Baptist meet in the home of Deacon and a a a a a 'I Ia Mrs. C. Williams, superintendent Baptist Church. Music will be furnished tional. Planned !{

Church April 24 at 7:45 p.m. on Mrs Lewis Boyd, 1941 W. 5th St. a a aNEW i in charge assisted by Mrs. I by Choir 2 of Mt. Zion While plans have net been com-

Old St. Augustine Road. at 8 pjn. ZION BAPTIST : Martha N. Price. Teachers are Baptist Church. pleted, groups have already begun Choir No. 2 of Mt. Zion AME ;

Rev. R. L. Lambert will serve Transportation will be providedfor Choir No. 2 will observe its anniversary i Thomas and Mrs. ,. to talk-up expected activities and Church will present a Womanl] j 1
Mary ,
as master of ceremonies. the various district meetings. April 25. District 4 will Miss Ruth M. At 3.30 pjn. the young people invitations have been extended to Wedding April :25! at 8 p.m. in
K. H. Blanchard. (
.. will have of the
a a a : meet Sunday at 4:15 pjn. at the charge program. several churches to join us in the auditorium.
a a a a the lesson.
Broome will review t
: EMANUEL BAPTISTThe church. District 7 will meet at will be Miss Betty.Johnson will be guest this celebration.A i The men of the church will participate f
Delivering the address '
WESTSIDE UNION junior choir will meet for 1851 W. 22nd Street. '!I Ij Mrs. T. H. Jones and Miss On- !speaker for the occasion. minimum goal of $1,000 has as bridesmaids bride. !

The Friendly Westside Union rehearsal Friday at 6 pjn. ChoirNo. a a a a a dria King, teachers in the Duval ': Evening worship will begin at been set and it is believed that flower girls rinpbearers." Appearing ;: i

Choral Class will observe its 20th Twill meet at 8 pjn. j WEST'UNION BAPTIST County Public School System. They : 7:30 pjn. The closing mesage will with 100% cooperation from the will be Il-Uford: Browns pie.>t-

anniversary April 25 at 8 pan. at The children's choir will meet District 5 and the BTU depart- will be heard in the morning and be delivered by the Rev. Mrs. entire membership: this goal can dent of the choir; J. B. Oliphant

Grant Memorial Church. A pro- Saturday at 4:30: pjn. Usher Board ment of West Union Baptist afternoon respectively.Music ': Amanda Anderson. Choir 1 of be easily reached. Edwin Lawson Monsolce Davis

gram will be presented fpr the 4 will meet at 4 pjn. The male Church will present the James will be furnished by the Bethel Baptist, Sweetwater will Captains and group leaders arc: I and others.

occasion. chorus will meet. it 7 p.m. Choir Weldon Johnson Band in a recital West Union Bap- furnish music. Other artists will Marvin Teal, Albert Manning, Members of the program committee

The Union will sponsor a trip to 1 and Trustee Board will sponsora Sunday at 4 pjn. in the Gospel Chorus pf I Mrs. Waddell Mathews.
Jaquill Island April 24 to benefit trip to Dinsmore April 29. The educational building. tist Church Mrs. Mattie : also appear on the program. i i Mis. Anna Brooks. Miss A. B.

Blood Bank. Bus will leave King bus will leave the church at 8 p.m. Choir No. 1 will meet Friday at I Mrs. Alberta Williams the Gos- Deacon Archie Simpo Jr. has I, Frazier Mrs. Annie W. Jones and

Rda' r.nd Div; and 8th and -. 7:30 pjn. Bdy Scout Troop 141 i pel Echoes Allen\ Chapel choir, i i asked all trustees and junior dea- ( Mt. Zion Women Mrs. M. W Oliphant. are working/:

Davis at 8:30 ajn. Donation $2.00. MT. CALVARY BAPTIST will meet Saturday at 9:30 am. (I Mt. Moriah Baptist Church choir, cons to be in attendance throughout Plans AprilCelebration 24 hard to make the affair successful.

District 4 of Mt. Calvary Baptist District 3 will sell chicken din- : and Mrs. Maggie Black. the day. I II
It t
Church will sponsor a spring tea ners and potato pies Saturday in I The Rev. B. H. Hartley, pastorof
MUSIC FETE ,I The-pastor the Rev. Fred Williams Chester Cowart
Sunday from 4 to 6, pjn. in the the home of Mrs. Ella Elton, 1694 I Friendly Baptist Church, with I
AT BETHEL i will give the closing re- The women of Mt. Zion AME
home of the Rev. and Mrs. A. \":. 2nd Street in the interest of his choir, ushers and congregation -
The students of Miss A. Sims Theamster. the women's day drive. i will render service May 4 at marks. Church Soulhside, met recentlyto Named Chairman (

Music Class. Southside will render Senior Choir 2 will observe itsanniversary The Sunday School and BTU 8 p.m. in behalf of the building make plans for their annual t Fund DriveThe
their annual spring concert i day which will terminate May Negro
:. Monday night at 8 anniversary will be held Sunday drive.
April 29 in Bethel Baptist Church, I public schools of Duval
Rev. E. L. Wilcox and School hour.
pjn. congregation during' the Sunday 29.The
Southside beginning at 7:30 pjn. o of Bethany Baptist District'- 13 will meet Sundayafter Caravans To Sing officers elected are: Mrs. County joined with Dr. RichardV.

Participants are: Stephenie Vernell Taylor, chairman; Mrs. Moore. State Chairman. Dr.
Church will have charge of ser morning worship. District 14 i
Henderson Joyce Grant, Deme- Mrs. F. ThompsonI Here on April 24 Anita Paulin co-chairman; Miss James H. Lewis County Chair
of Mrs.
vices. I will meet in the home i if 1
trie Merritt, Gail Merritt, Elsie i Barbara Hicks. secretary; Mrs. man and the people of Florida to
District 1 will sponsor its annualtea f Bertha Ware 1746 W. 43rd St.; I I The Caravan Singers of Chicago -
Wesley Cassandra Grant Con- Sponsor Lillie M. Clark, treasurer; Mrs. raise funds for the United Negro
Sunday from 4 to 6 pjn. at District 6 will meet in the home Illinois will appear at the I
stance Johnson, Marva Taylor, H. I! will Amanda Anderson pastor for the College Fund Drive. In a meeting
: I Mrs. Frankie M. Thompson
the home of Mrs. Emma Pinkney. of Mrs. Amos Walker, 1708- W. I Elks Auditorium, 712 W. Duval
Cobb, Betty Brown. Paulette Mer- 1 music j day Mrs. Audrey Brown program with elementary and secondary .
a r a a a 10th Street: District 7 will meet i sponsor an afternoon of Street April 24 in the celebrationof ;
ritt Lynette Paulin, Willie B. Williams 1 April 24 in the auditorium of chairman; Mrs. Bernice James, school principals Dr. J. Irving E. f
ST. THOMAS BAPTIST in the home of Mrs. Lilla : i the fourth anniversary of the '
Tommes, Myra Reese, Bobbie beautification chairman Miss Scott appointed Mr. Chester R.
I| Shiloh Baptist Church.
The annual observance of 760.Acorn Street. j Biven Specials and Jacquelyn Inez I '
Davis, Sharon Johnson Deborah Women's Day will be held May 15. a a a aNEW I i Some of the participants are: I Fort. Martha Riley, co-chairman; Mrs.V. Cowart and Mrs. Sadie Tillis to

Bartley Roseland Lewis, J. Hay- Chairman of the day's activities is ST. JAMES )i| Mrs. Jessie M. Polke Mrs. Irene T. Goines public relations serve as Chairman and Cochairman -

den, Blanche Morrison, P. Linchc, Mrs. Daisy Rushing.. The Women of New St. James'' Washington the brass ensembleof Local groups appearing will be chairman; Miss B. Hicks cochairman respectively: for the annual

Willie Harrison and : A.Johnson the the Gospel Mrs. Hicks drive in schools.In .
Mary District Fellowship Meeting will AME Church will celebrate their New Stanton Senior High Angelite Singers ; Mary sponsor
Echoes and the Golden Jubilee chairman Mrs. L. M. Clark subsequent meeting, Dr.
i'! be observed May 29 at 3:30 p.m. annual Women's Day May 22 in1 School Oscar N. Argrett, Bartow ; ways a
a a a a Deacon Allen Chavis chairmanhas the church auditorium. Woods, Lewis Bennet, Choir 2 of Singers. and means chairman. Scott, Mrs. Tillis and Mr. Cowart

REVIVAL MEETING Shiloh Bapist members of the The captains are: Mrs. Inez organized the public schools into
asked the cooperation' the Ethel Davenport Bannisterhas <
Mrs. One of the main features will
Evangelist Frances Brooks i Ethel Harris, Mrs. and named Mrs. Roosevelt
Mary ,, members. been selected as chairman of Church of God in Christ Elder Warren Mrs. groups
will conduct a revival meeting at L. Ross I J. Williams, Mrs. Ethel be the crowning of the king and Myrtle Smith, Mrs. Jimmie Davis Madison, IL James Greene. 1..,. B.
a a a a a the uay's activities. Mrs. ,
Roberts Temple, 75 Lewis Street, : port Bannister Rev. A. J. Daven-I I queen which will take place the Miss Corine Alderman, Mrs. Doris | Jackson. II. W. Jenkins. John
Atlantic Beach April 25-29. i SWEETFiELD BAPTIST is a a a a a' choral class Edward \ early part of the evening. Miller, Mrs. Roxie Jenkins Mrs. i Morris and Mrs. Estelle Lovmuood

Mother Roberts, assistant pastor Prayer meeting for the revival HOLINESS- lege, Glee Club of Murray High Contestants are Johnny Lee Mattie :McCloud, Mrs. Audrey as group leaders. The committeeset
of the church is asking the cooperation -' meeting in Sweetfield Baptist Evangelist Gladys Smith will be School, St Augustine and Mrs.I. 0 Johnson, Benjamin F. Reed, Cc I Brown, Mrs. Vivian Williams and a t go& of ZOO and April 18th

of the citizens of the Church will begin April 25. Preach- the speaker Sunday at 3:30 pjn., Mozell Meachum. Gilbert and Vonderia Daniels. :Mrs.. Altamease Bailey. as the final date for the report. j jI

beaches and Jacksonville.RELIGIOUS ing will begin May 2 with the in Mt. Sinai Holiness Church,

a a a a a Rev. J. W. Frison in charge of 1146 W. 2l5t Street. ,. ,r

ASSOCIATION i, pulpit services. The service is sponsored by ," \ ; / ,/ "
The Independent Civic and Religious \ District 4 will meet Sunday at I I Ii Mother R. M. Taylor. EvangelistSmith ; i "

Association and the Tram-i 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Jessie is a rnemoer of the Church ," S/ / '- \ .

phant Gospel League Association I Spencer, 1424 E. 22nd Street of God in Christ 4. I S S, / .f \ \ '

will sponsor their first annual : S a s a a / \ 'S
S a a a a I &I / .
spring musical May 1, beginning I ST. THOMASThe # \ I I r \ \ "Ir

at 3:30 pjn. in the Myrtle Avenue DISTRICT USHERS UNION Female Chorus of St. Thomas rj3S. / / \

Ball Park. i The District Ushers Union, auxiliary I Baptist Church will presenta \ '

The program will feature the ;i to the East Florida and i musical recital Sunday at 8:15 4-- \ \

Consolators of Pasadena, Califor-(I Bethany Baptist Association,* will pjn. in the church auditorium. \ \ tti

nia, Golden Jubilee Quartet, Sen- sponsor its eighth annual Florida II! Appearing will be Mrs. Mary L.

sational Gospel Singers and other I Normal Day Sunday at Friendly Wise, Mrs. Rose Williams, John :':" : \

local groups. I Baptist Church, beginning at 3 Simmons and Mrs. Nettie F. ...../<'l' .. M.j.( .ri;;: ,:' ...

a a a a a I pjn. I II I! Flagg. .. .'J 't......;..:..:......:qfW'9iF;: .:;:.:!:. ..Ir:; :: "". \

The will render a varietyof \,
-- spirituals, hymns: and gospel t.mtI'; ; l \

I I I r ;.,. .... ... .....,..., ,
Hew Many Cf.a.tnsis Con Stereo Have? songs. ." ::"*-:WI:;!::::; ::{t:..>..i':'!1...:.:..;.;..:::?;;.,::tf..: .. ::..."t': ..:.: .n
STUDY COURSEThe ',,.':::.',:.':\Mr.............; \:!:k: ;... :i.i;:.: ,../A =!: {:.- '
In recent months we b t\ -: I WSCS of Ebenezer Methodist :, ""v : 'Iitt'i1Z. :. ;r < J: \
tf :Bard so many different clcbns :e : :
as IL'
I to how rr channels Church will conduct a study 9 i Il Jf1: )
any a E.creooljcnic: : phonograph can have, that I (! .i '>+ f. i.

-\ve lively have used wondered at Cape soiietii Canaveral.u'* if the claims eo.- -!-dn't-- htnr.-- ...-..".... :...---'".,..... course Hattie- -- under-L. James- the, April direction 25-29.of Mrs.Theca lvey} 'itjUn; # '! l Ld ren

When : I f.#
stereophonic wag first .
announced I We a d v i s e d J.Ir Freiraann sa will be centered around N.9 1J' '
about .
two years u;; o, : _
that .
the mounting claims for will at 7:30 '=% '
we were toM that this was the "Africa" and begin .
answer to in hon 'I competitive advantages s t e m- .
:: music t'n.jO'Iner.t. I p.m.ANNIVERSARY
Actually, a whole new ming from seine: mrnufact: ---' a a a a a -/.i/

promised world of listening by this new pleasure and was biZ f ed misrepresentations us beyond the point have of ccs: lak-; Ii SET real security \

step forward In high fidelity ins a decision.We The Ebonetts Social Club will

recording techniques! were told by this: c .- rt observe its; anniversary May 1 at.

As the fanfare: passel into that any claim pro matins 3 pjn. in Mt. Zion Baptist Church. We don't the house
"three mean nicest the
or fn test \
more channels" : :
z a
an obscure past, and rev words: "blatant, "' A program will be presented for'I \
joined our dally vocabulary, we He further misrepresent advised that: *:..C:1.' ::ue I I the occasion. neighborhood. the newest, sleekest car "
suddenly: were faced With ,
the '
i a right schools the
::: decision should I, or stereophonic reproduction :- a I right camps. ,
shouldn't! I two channel system cf : .:. :oducui i USHERS ANNIVERSARYThe I
buy these
one o \
much talked about stereophonic ? sound that is compatiblewith : Friendly Westside Ushers We're talking about the land of security 4

creations? If the answer is yes, that sound.the method There of it recording nothing 1 Union Coral class will observe its they can't d.. : .
'what should I coma \
buy, hew many that can be nddsj to the record- i20th anniversary April :25! at 8 : from
chanr-ls i inside
:: and whet is stereo I .
'anyhow? ing: except distort. !t'.J that. i p. m. in Grar t Memorial AME
simple according to him 1 Church Faith. In
When : God. in life in themselves. : --
we cskej "What
i A program will be presented for
high fidelity music?", v.Te were For life .
the occasion. is for ys'
told that it had been ill oat no game spiritual sissies. .=
lost in the shuffle between prig a a a a Only Faith. the '
armor of the f ,
> c
spirit .
balls railroad i SILVER LEAF
pong tra J:s, nonexistent I ,
stereo channels- ;"1j.1'- ANNIVERSARYThe will give them the stamina to meet it \ s N ,

ical supepc.c! : claims .ir i tle Silver Leaf Women's Club courageously, no matter what it %u r. e. .,i
3r baffling multiplicity c. : iob3: I h.rings. s: r
will observe their 10th anniversary
that ivou3 cl fcr ens c. the I
SIP Astronauts to operate ccrrecU .. : April 28 at 8 pjn. in Brooks can show your children B

People buy a modern phonograph : Prayer House. where find
I to faith. how to r' ,. = 'K. '
primarily to enjoy music
--they enjoy music most when ; build it day hy day. if you maLe:
rel'.I"Oducedith the greatest:: pre i BatistV I
realism. Stereo is an. improvement .. praying a family affairs .
I A I : ,
an embellishment, o; -
I ; :: j -
I K high fidelity. It wag not conceived -_ Y..1 :";'. f'k
as a substitute cf obnoxious { Plans Annual'Observance
distortion for fcsautifi:! '" i
tone. Pr -sterco: goad .---h: :l fldcaty 'I ., '

i rink F're....:\ -..-J than! ph::nosraphs sound teller ,:. :
many of the stereo sets 4&4
The Male Choir of Bethel Baptist z
This wsl] we 1:.1: t:'.. <-rt::. ncvr telngcffered.. z /
! : tunity or interrls.Ir r.rJc* Institutional Church, Hogan
g He pointed out that stereophonic .i\ .. ?
I Freimann, president of one of high fidelity Is a wonderful j and Caroline street will observeits ,' a :
I : the oldest and most respected phenomenon It can be seccni anniversary April 24 in :'ff.- .5- : a .

I -.i r companies in the field of electronics exciting, it can be entertaining the auditorium of the church. S -,
r the ; ,
Magnavox I
-- company .
it should be ric reproduced A has been
J of Fort Wayne Indiana. .. special prcsram
I!( :3Ir. Frelmann's company has more faithf 7 than planned featuring a special chorus I
have ever
:you heard befor.e.
devoted long to the of members from Bethel and various -
many years We learned t
Il development o f phonographs, from Mr. Frei- churches of the city comprising 1ifp toflQ. ib..er every week.
I mann that If want
.radio, and television. As a mat you good ,
I .ter of fact, it Invented the elec honest stereo enjoyment:, seek a mixed group. (&)
' : trio phonograph and has been a out a good reputable dealer fcr The Male Choir la under the

i i'i r. 'leader In the field of electronic your neighborhood and compare direction of :.::._ Asdrc=r D. 2 sr- .. --- !i ,
fe ._
I sound reproduction' equipment notes with him, for me, well tin..music: instructor In the Dural IsAa. l.1t. Prorraaa L, ." : ., .

I; since 1917. ___ rYe-- made up my mind! i County School system and Deacon # "
-- -
I JRudoIpli -i'-. McK inr a,


! l.
1 "
1i a -( .' '

::" ;" ""
; "
.- -- .Ji..' y. !i '
= :
'Id& ;
I'I! __ .. ...-...;."""-- --.1. .ar- :..-> 4. 1Ii: .. '

,- ... .p ,---.L =-- f' ... .
;T: i'F: I .. '

lf'i';:- ... ""'.. "_. !


i .
.. .:-- .., ,- # ,

I Sunday, April 24, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR .


Citizens Say Dale Carson Local Events Union Donates Page

I I! Ban is Asked On

iii'I i "Has Done A Good Job11 I j DAY"Dollar SPRING Day"BAPTIST will be observed $5,000 To NAACPNEW !! African Lobsters

; Sunday throughout the day In YORK-A large New York NEW YORK. 14-Major food
By Interstate Press Day Spring Baptist Church in the union last week donated $5,1)00:) to Importing and distributing associations I

The majority of Duval citizens Traffic Safety magazine. J interest of the building fund drive the NAACP Legal Defense and were today urged to

seem to be of the opinion that for the educational building. Educational Fund to help continuethe I "cease importation handling and

efficient law enforcement as pro- The Willing Workers Club will : legal efforts against racial discrimination : sale in this country of South

Tided by Sheriff Dale Carson over serve dinners at the church Sun- ,r .,r in all phases of Amer- African products." .

the past two years is the best day Immediately after morning ieA ican life. j
thing for rapidly growing area. worship. The Joint Board of the Dress I In identical telegrams to officials

District 3 will sponsor a pretty and Waist Makers Union, a CO.OOO i I of the South African Rock j
Because of the efficient man- hat tea Sunday beginning at 4 Ar member affiliate of the Interna- Lobster Association, GroceryI

ner in which he has protectionfor p.m. in the home of Mrs. Vivian tional Ladies Garment Workers j I j Manufacturers: of .America, Na- I

the community it is not un- Copeland, 1438 W. 11th Street Union presented the $5,000 checkto tional Association of Food Chains, I

common to hear citizens declare: Mrs; Jessie L. Terry will be the Thurgood Marshall, director- U. S. Wholesale Grocers Association -
"Carson has done a good job". I I speaker. t .i counsel of the Legal Defense i Association of Food Distributors I t

Carson it appears has won rrxY 4 The Congress Club will sponsora Fund on Tuesday, at the Joint i and the Eastern Frosted

much admiration for his recordof .,G ;I fashion revue April 24 in the I Board's New York headquarters ;j Foods Association, NAACP Executive -

law enforcement in Duval auditorium of the church at 8:15 Charles S. Zimmerman, a vice |! Secretary Roy Wilkins I
County during the matter of t president of the ILGWU and ge n- said that "continued purchase and

months he has served in the post p.m.District 7 will meet w 1F F oral manager of the Joint Board sale of South African products I
Sunday at
and there are strong indica- 4 hi [I said that his union "feels very strengthens the bloody hands of
pjn. the home of :Mrs. GloriaL.
tions that his modern methods strongly that the fight for civil the government of the Union of (
Luncy, 737 Court D; District 12 1 "j
will bring him many votes from .b will rights deserves the support of all South Africa". ;
meet at 4 pjn. at 635 CourtE
t' persons who feel that training in / ; -t i j Americans who take democracyi ,
; District 21 will meet in the isericusiy. I
law enforcement and detection i ." Mr. Zimmerman is also
home of Mrs. Ella B. Evans, 1261 1 j I
will benefit Duval County. I I chairman of the AFL-CIO Corn-I
Clay St. District 11
; and 20 will
i .
The increasing support which meet jointly in the home of Mr. I mittee The union on Civil leaders Right.said that the |I i!: c !

t Sheriff Carson is gaining each I CARSON and Mrs. A. Cummings 5644 Bree $5,000 contribution to {the ii

day can be attributed to the fact; Carson has noted that he has: ,: Road. Members of both groups .r a I. Defense Fund was part of a Legal con-i j 1 speak the same
i .
that in his appeal to citizens he '' will meet at the church at 3:30 i !
Set up special moonshine, vice, tinuing program of support for |
in all
has pjn. for transportation. : i! parts
pointed to his record during
: arson, auto theft, hit-run and agencies and organizations in the '

the past two years, since his ap'I I j other squads. : .;;;: ....- .."" II; < field of civil rights. He added that of Florida. I won't
pointment to the office. .IItY. ,' 4 .. '. .: :"5". contributions
also been what
Employed modern-day,laboratory- V } made ] weigh I do or
Dale Carson has a superior record i approved, crime-busting iechnl- i' ":'i i .i'i.iL... ',lit' <' ;.: J to other organizations such as the
of recovered stolen autos. In I : I Lets I .UI say against itfiether
I I ..r National Urban
i ques in conducting: county-wide Kip League, Congress ,
1959, the Duval County Patrol recovered raids. .',...', ... of Racial Equality, and the Jewish 1' I it wins or loses ix tes.
94 per cent of all autos I -\1 Labor
Committee."Our .
stolen. This exceeded the national Reduced major crime and increased KATHLEEN L. : : jl I I concern myself
I union has always been
arrests active -
average of 92.2 per cent. increase. despite a population CAMPUS COEDS TAKE TO THE RANGE. Shown above is the in the defense of minority! I only with whether

Dale Carson's record of auto Established crime HARTLEYCLERI i recently ormed Hampton Institute women's rifle team the Piratefrs.i groups" he said. "We regard this I the issue is
larceny arrests was above the na- prevention i Kneeling from left to right are Captain Janice Brewn Smithfield as a duty of good citizens in a'' "
tional average. In 1959, the Duval :! bureau which cooperates with i i Va.; Sandra Norrell, Richmond, Va.; and Gwendolyn Moon Miami, democracy" i right or wrong.
County Patrol made 84 auto lar- parents, school officials and coun-i iI
Florida. Standing from felt to right are Sylvia Bryant. Jasper
: I
ceny arrests from 321 known of- selors in assisting juveniles' with 0": Florida; Doris King Locust Hill Va.; and Henrietta Jackson, Darlington I Ii Iw

fenses. This was 26 per cent as their problems. i I ( :i S. C.Nashville. I

compared with national averageof Praised by the State Auditor for .- _. Science Fair
23 per cent. I excellent budgetary operations, :. xv'-: f
Dale Carson has destroyed including proper accounting of .all I .'>i.._ -"I I Mayor Favors Set for April 30 i

multi-million dollar whiskey op I I collections, adequate and well-I <:.. Criminaland The second annual Science Fair

erations in Duval County. In 1959, ::kept records, and expenditures .. is scheduled April 30 in the
the Duval County Patrol destroyed j Not in excess of budget appropri- .."_ ,#tx '" Civil Desegregation; Of CountersNASHVILLE Stanton High School., H4Q w f
z --- '
73 stills which, if permitted to I, ations. ;,: Cts. of 13th Street.
: Tenn. A mass nection with sit-in demonstrationshere. ;
operate would have produced Arrested kingpin pornographers. _: RecordLifelong I Negro demonstration, touched off The theme of the event will ;i i -
1,278,960 gallons. This representeda be "Wake :
Established the
( VFW Auxiliary ; I by an explosion which wrecked a Up-Explore". The science ,
potential tax loss of well over I Patrol. i I He said he would not be intim- fair is designed to give '' 3E _
j resident of I Negro city councilman's home, I the'community
$15 million or half the total I' County.
idated or hendered in his work
Sent his men to the FBI National j Mother of 11 children and a Gold ended Tuesday with Mayor BenWest's an opportunity to1:
= cost of the $30 million school Star War Mother. i i meet
for integration by the bombing.The teachers and
Academy. National Training Cen- students In
j Member of the Assumption Catholic declaration that he favors the i
bond issue. 1 ter of Lie Detection, Treasury DeI I 3 Church.consecutive desegregation of all-white eating city council, at the request i school room and sec what things I i
The patrol made a concerted I partment Agent's School (Illegal I this office. terms unopposed in II facilities. i lof West, has offered a $10,000 j are being done in the field of'! "

effort through 1959 through firm, whisky). State Arson Detection ings Has from consistently State Auditor received for high rot- I 'reward for information leading to science. 1@ ft f CC'"t

fair and impartial enforcement of School, Auto Theft School, University of funds. ,. handling I II West told a group of about 'the arrest of the persons who I Projects to be evaluated are .
laws of the state of Florida to First office to 33 off fee system at I
I j of North Carolina Jail her request. 3,000 Negroes who marched on ; bombed the home.Alabama creative ability thorougJmess, i I iI
reduce the traffic and fatality j i j Administration School, Conference' and Held in City high Officials regard: by other C0uny I, / city hall he thought it was wrong i I skill, clarity and dramatic value r tr

rate in this county. These are not on Corrections at Florida State and integrity. for her ability I| to discriminate against anyone. t E. B. Marshall, science fair j !! 1:5 IJi'i.'
Active in church and civic I .
standards work!
the maintained
only by
':i: The agreed with the chairman and A.
| A mayor Man Gets A. Robinson,
University, and others.In PUBLIC
Sheriff Dale Carson, but they are I Negro students that lunch count- ordihator, are asking that
identical with those of the Presi- j the past year ((1959)), the Duval OF PROVEN ABILITY! j ers and other eating facilities.. Stay From ChairWASHINGTON students with projects for exhibition science ':|

dent of the United States, the. County Patrol serviced 65,509 calls; CIRCUIT COURT should be desegregated but addedit Supreme or competitive -, ... .. ,,'c' c.'T: '
National Council and other I almost the total number 011 j rating may i S1 C..e.-;'' t.:: ; _v. .., F oo''q' .
Safety j-or Paid' Political' I would be a matter for the merchants Court; Justice Hugo Black granted contact the Science Department j I :
national safety leaders as pointed :i! calls'serviced during all of 1954- AdvertisementOF ,j to decide. i a stay of execution Tuesday for II of their schools. i !

out in the April, 1960 issue of 5556. "I cannot tell a business man Charles 'Clarence Hamilton a Iii
c how to run his business" he i Negro Alabaman who had been I

il I 1 said. scheduled to die Friday in the
1 PROVENABIWVsfe | A heated debate between West state electric chair. I to ,.

& i and a Negro misfster, the Rev. i wavepGfiic s I I IOn
I II. J C. T. Vivian preceded his re- Black gave Hamilton until May

JOHN PAULBOWARD I I.II Ia I marks.I Vivian read a prepared statement i;j court.20 to file Hamilton an appeal is contesting with the high his

I conviction on grounds that he did :
for the group which charged j, YOIII I.
+ and not have legal counsel at his arraignment -
West with lack of decision
Q, r, not using the moral weight of and was not represented -

his office in the racial conflict. ( by effective counsel at his RUG STORE NEEDSTrade

CIRCUIT! 1 JUDGE Group 8 West vigorously denied the | trial. He also contended he was
j denied due process of law because
I charges saying:
DUVQ! Nassau Counties I of remarks by the trial With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
Cloy, e "I intend to see order maintained | prejudicial

I II I in this city as God i judge. WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN

FAMILY MAN-Wife: and 2 7/9 children. | is my helper the law will be enforced j Hamilton was sentenced to YOUR LOCAL: PAPERS

1 ." I death for night-time burglary
CHURCH: r.IAN-ayfair Baptist Church Chair- 1! I I'I :j The demonstration termed by with intent to rape. He was tVe Deliver \V" AJMo FBI All Doctor PrMcr1ptwmJIDixie

man Board of Trustees Sunday School Dept. i .I. the Negroes as a "non-violent : caught in the bedroom of an elderly -

Superintendent. i silent march" began shortly after woman.

!! the home of Negro City Council- Pharmacy
EXPERIENCED \VYER-IO years extensive i :; man Z. Alexander Looby was shat- ATTENTION LADIES
trial and in all courts state ( Bridge & Social Club
appellate practice : tered by an explosion. & Utr SINGS ROAD *4 MYRTLE AVBO7E
and federal. I j I Looby and his wife, asleep in I Reporters PHONES I
EL LU.1-1S
For JessWALLER Mail
Send or
a back bedroom at the time, escaped -
injury In the explosion. I Your Social News YOUR
Looby, 62, a life member of the Mondays To I
.. ....
I Negro students arrested in con- 2323 MoncrIef Rd. Cor. 13th .. ---
-for- .


District 11
Reynolds As CommissionerRobert <,I
With my many years of business -
:i experience, plus my several Lavern Reynolds, candidate for County Commission, District -
years as a Duval County road 5, is winning hundreds of supporters each day by his sincere !

patrolman, I had a chance to i: appeal to voters: in Duval County. fl. '
familiarize myself with the duties -
Because of the fact that Robert I fir :: :
of the office of Justice of I
the Peace. !, Lavern Reynolds has impressed Reynolds, a native of Duval

Ir Elect the : many that he is sincere in his County, is qualified to deal with
I shall be fair and impartialto
r the best of my ability. If 'r! declaration that he will work in county problems in such a manner (OMM1SiONEUr
I ALL citizens Duval he has this com-
People's Man elected any person coming before the interest because seen
me in the People's Court ''residents are being urged to vote ing population explosion develop

J. will be considered innocent I I and elect him to the office of step by step and his business experience j District Five
until otherwise proven guilty (
BOB- iL beyond a shadow of a doubt.I :J County Commissioner, District 5. gained in Duval County ; F f
1 .: | It is felt that he will without business circles, equips him to doj,

1 .,. 'ttI the Duval am -charter County Playground member of I regard to race or color keep his such planning effectively."I -; "Economy h a metier of proper

Association a member of the !I promise to: feel the vision and the sense i 1: planning and so are the
I HARRISCOUNTY Riverside Baptist Church and Advocate planned maintenanceof of responsibility of being a public *i needed new services and improvements -
I secretary of its :Men's Bible existing roads and planned : servant starts somewhere; it justdoesn't
Class. I also belong to several ; of existing services
... : -
construction of new roads basedon I| happen", said Reynolds. 1 1 1 ;
civic and fraternal organiza- ; needed te meet the rapid growth
.tions. need. "Mine: started as a young man
I I Advocate and sponsor appro- serving with the Fire Department I ; of Duta! County I .
Your support and vote will
be greatly appreciated. | priate action to correct faulty of our community. Any citizen J lI I .
COMMISSIONER I '! sewage and drainage. I can have.his start at the polls." t ; I
t I
i ii \\c operate a complete Work for more recreation and Reynolds, only 36, is married to

.\ VACUUM CLEANER playground facilities, under proper ,l j the former Marie Shanks. They -* Wfff serve in the Publi c
i' '
District 1 j supervision for our childrenas i have two children. 4
J Knows the people Has the vision SERVICE the best available means of I I 1 He is a member of the South- interest \

combatting juvenile delinquency. 1 I side Methodist Church Graves :- : : } WI3 .
J 9 Knows the needs 8 Has the experienceYour :,t Strengthen Vefar! *r
2739 College St. EV 7-2790 Actively work for more and bet .Sunday School Class Duval Lodge Fire
! vote for BOB HARRIS will put a full time public ter equipped volunteer fire depart- No. 159 F. & A. 1L, Morocco Z Department?, 1WiH .'

i servant, in office. Bob Harris is not running to GET a I Paid Political Advertisement ments to strengthen fire protec- Temple Riverside Chapter 218, work for heifer jJJsy*
; job' he is running to DO a job! Star Jacksonville
tion for an county residents. Order of the Eastern grounds, sewerf, roods one!

) BETTER ROADS! ,BETTER DRAINAGE! PATRONIZE Advocate better working stan- I. Board of Realtors Jacksonville drainage, ---- ..- 1, .

I 1 .a and cooperate with all San Jose Country Club, YMCA, ,
Star Advertisers Paid Political. Add .
( Political )
Paid .
department heads to attain this and the Methodist Church BuildIng ..
t __
eoaL! Assocta on. T Or, .: .;.:

II I .


I .

., ', ..... .
: ... ...: "'k ; ;It. cl' : ;
t- ,4t..Mr
: ;;,K. ,7 ; 1 HI'"- ___ i': ..;;..;: :-"-"

--- ,. ..-..... .. .--- ,
''-"'''''' ''' "' -
''' i' -- __ '.. .' ---


., .
; rs i
Page Six
LOOK PRAYER CHANGES ,- ___L:_, -.---- Survey, April 24, If60hfc' I Is
Ewe Announces ]hours credit) and Biological ---

THINGSAre Science (4 hours credit). l EI
Its Summer i --- I l
you winning success and Happiness Notes !II I I
ij II
Stanton' Teachers cf Internesone
thru life. Are you in need Pi' j Directing P THE t HQME13S AND KUNSkY OVERSEAS! II I
'' :ram I ( day). June! :24. I
prayer God is able. Would you I i t7orkshco .

like to have a Cross to carry in I I E'tw,!d Waters College announce .' ih i/a CATIL :HC?$' : : :1"L >

your purse or wear around your BYGWENDOLYN : ,* its summer school: program \ JU::J :20-wOy C, 272: !
of course was Roy although she
neck. The price is only a $5.00 / with.all courses offered approved -! developmental; Reading (3 hours r.Q
C. THOMASTO loved him half to death, he's still .
bill-no COD'S. credit).
A Free gift sent by the Florida State Department -
THE LOYAL READERS not her boy. Who would have y
with each Send : j.
cross. birth
name, of Education.The '
This is to inform that this guessed that L. Cason wanted to APPfALr '
date self addressed you t' :'
stamped envelope For further information ,
paper will again have "STANTON.NOTES" be a model. Woodie C. I heard courses may be used to write w SOUTH! AttEClCA.ONE OF THE RICHEST A7EAS '
to Cross
Dept. AS-244 Mc- ,
that latest I Oran Wiggins, direc-
F. E. is
your just
Intyre Street Savannah Georgia. with a new roving re- I work for a degree renew certificates RE4SANS GNE OF THE A105T NEED=Nr' THE
porter. itching to get her hands on A. add courses to face of tor of Summer School, Edward :<: VAST AVUORiry OP! IT5 PEOPLE IJ51N7 r"
I f Whaley you'd better get your business A\EK SUBSISTENCE LBELSCATHOUC t
present certificate and extend Waters College Jacksonville 9,
Hear ye! hear ye! on April 8, straight cause that chick is j I Florida. ti
I I certificates. : i
FLORIDA 1960 at 11:00, Gloria Crump en- going to have a big'fall, when she I> ? ? "
STARIN tered surgery. How do you feel finds out who you're really interested i Various courses offered are: Six-I AID TO THIS AREA VS SERVICES HIC-HLotTED! -H.C.W.C. :
without tonsils i week three hours each: Introduction tAr F ) i
your Gloria? It's ) 6y Gumtzli v agEUEFr, t
EVERY none of my business :Margaret W. to Philosophy Fundamentals I FEOweAM IN UCU< ., Ab AN I OUTGROWTH f ewHCH
COLORED HOMEPRIEST but, how is R. B.? Sandra D., : When are the school officials j' of Art Audio-visual Aids Principles Florida Council STRUCIGTHE RSAS7KCVS lltct3TLEO RCOT REe-iC:+. / z" \

please tell me what is wrong why going to find out that L. Y. and of Guidance Public School I ftC PROGRAM' I IN CHILE BECAME THE SECONP '=ti i

haven't you latched on to R. Man- I R. C. want to be hep chicks from Music, Child Philosophy Materialsand I Plans PageantTickets LARGEST 1' CATHOUC vtci.D AND FR0tftttBOLIVIA \n t it

gram? Nobody knows what's withE. PEYTON PLACE and when they Methods of Health and Physical -j

RIVER IDAHO O'Neal but that longhairedchic are out for 10 days they just Education in the Elementary j .
are now sale and 1\\
thinks it only lair to f on itt
holding tax to the apply a with. is really on the ball. Miss RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE. Schools, Measurement and Evalu- ( may be secured from members of \ ,.
youngster'sallowance ation of Educational Growth, Elementary -
Stanton has a diamond ring, won- When will Patricia C. learn how j the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and t if f to 4It
just so the younger generation der who gave it to her? to treat Ivory P.? When it's too School Curriculum, Community -j Explorer Scouts for the April 30th ,
can get gradually accus Three of t'f" late? Don't get when Recreation, History of ,
:: nfclli0ent Play- nervous I pageant"FIFTY GOLDEN YEARS AS ;
tomed to a procedure to +
which I i
makers went to Tallahassee; andas these teachers get tough nearingthe Florida American Minority WITH SCOUTING" at the Gator t ry lie GROWTH OF NATIONAL I
adults are now hardened." : I heard it "Old Tall" isn't the end cause they just want to Groups Social Psychology, American |; Bowl. I; s+, CARITAS ORGANIZATIONS IN it t

I same. Grassy Roseann S. really show who is really in power.I Government, Consumer Econ- I: SEVEN Cf THE TEN CRS.PCO&RAAN 1 i i
showed her true color and it's nota shall see ,you next week, with onmics, Public School Art. I r--j: ;, BROU3HT SL'PFLEMENWLASSISTANCE I i
1 .Ray Splinter, show director, is I t
secret now; every one knows more of the latest event. TO tAN
Nine-week courses, three hours : asking all scouts of the Council, ESTIAWTED J
TOOTHACHE Swrn.t..g. lit. that the Service has nothing to credit each Communication, -V.420.COO NEECY' I IAtt"t
hr ..+ Int Ict.V : along with their leaders to take I
you ant I.t to tna jag j.uy" hilt4ntltt. offer him any longer "Old Tall" Spanish, World Literature for part in this event. I ,B t.Al50 WQlirtd r .
tll. but thinji ORA.JEL has it all. Bettye 1L, :another one CCLUV.SU.;EOJASOR;; AND CHILPCEN
Children, Educational Psychology, I
tDt rtw I.GRA-JEL. Palagt.itnet Negro American I f"MAOO\y'AND pau; StFRE REGARDLESS CP i
la' tttona of those hep chicks cut the monkey .
Introduction to Education, Personal CECIRENTS OF REL1EPSttFMENTS :E,CE END
with a cat from Alabama and Community Health, Pageant Directors from various : : TOTALING u- a = I
(John Patrick) Mr. R. C. won'tlike Baseball districts are: Bill Chambers, Mohawk 150,095.078 POUNDS 4
League Principles of Guidance, General
4iI Psychology, Language Arts in Elementary 13,OOO OCOl !1 f
B. has a soldier friend, Cherokee District; Joe Coffin, 6ti { rt
Schools Public School y
I Meeting in q
of course lib name is Walter. Chicago I Art, Public School Music Methods Seminole District; Bernard Dykes. YOU C.\M HELP rriEst CMSSCAS RfcUKPRO& j Cr''"a. I
Patricia, you'd better watch your- CHICAGO There will be a and Materials of Teaching Science I Alachua District; Bill Aderhold, :A\\S WITH! A CCSTKBUTJCN THROUGHTVE ( ; 'tZ f p7 M .

self, Be careful! Do not falter! meeting of the Negro American in Elementary Schools, Principlesof I Muskogee District and Miles NEAREST! CATHOLIC CHURCH I Oft TO... f 1
Freddie B, what's happening in Trusty, Shawnee District. .
\ Baseball league in the office of Elementary Education, General t;
.. ... ...' .. Louiseville?
17.t--:( ','\ i "J ? the President, Dr. J. B. Martin Mathematics, Algebra, American I l!
[ p
... ;;...... .:JI ,'( ij NOTICE PROM: SENIOR
'. .. "'..-. \": ; t. ;f.1 ; ;'r GIRlIS. :Monday, April 18,1960 at 100 East Institutions American Civilization ..- -&- i,
II ZJrrP.1 1> G-t: :Y.at!_tii,' t/et- Boys, what's wrong why World
tiEg '%, ,? Erie Street Chicago Illinois at Geography Principlesof
s or WetMtrf ICuent. : > haven't
b .clCl or Itchlrr!? Ur1t.p..lOnt or you started to asking for 11OOA. M. Economics, Current Social : \ .
ttrosg; meLlrg, Cloudy Urlac. d-e to dates to the Prom? What is the THINGSYOU SHOULD.IcNOWI
ncnn Kl-lacy and Batter! IrrlUtloas. Problems, Introduction to Sociology \
try CY. rEX for quick help 30 year use name of the little cocker spaniel The of
prove safety for young and old. Ask drug- purpose meeting is Methods and Materials of Y'f'" {; ;; .,.... ;I".::>1; ,a.r .d<" m.-o.\. ... .;...,:;
that follows <: ;
gist for CYSfEX under money-back gu- G. Lang all day? to formulate plans for the forth- Health Conservation of Natural &r -.. .- : -?!" ... ." i
antce. See how twt you Improva. Jackie had t "
a friend his f"
name coming baseball
season. Resources, Physical Science (four
: t


Gas Genie-says it-and he can prove it! BOBN 1810, tiOD I I4I to ,. .

h r TRAL. 0F DNE L 111R

P4 O t C n is F t: I t.C .h


I I I H l g J} Gr R GI wI; /1&T -

4 9,500/ !

Nis.Y. f r naffiiK

.. r yAV.Yt ,. I
yy py :Pct
.. y.py tS 'tb 4 ::QC,


I n :..,obt r0: ;?p wv" .'us':4 ,

\ fx y. ':Of Y
Ga sltAr;rY

>r AP4't JJbr

: 4 \ / AFTER 1IWNPN

L7YhIEA tii
Yt:4 .. ,
% .
Nf Ss rnM PS F

,..... TG'

.wOr A/6s./ll e' caM : l -F>Ar ,rS.a.2'2 -


Sc S & g8g8g8ega3e S 82J :C!

\ N v t ,: ,';x BUSINESS! DIRECTORY :

r I

Tho Finns Listed Below Aro Rocomm ended As Reputable Establishments

; .Y r L t't Speclahlnq 'Servi ces and Products

g AUTO SERVICE i Washington' Health Serr
t ate
"1lhissds. t H alili la HlgktfuSIy! Yarmt'&T17

AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Ivr&dlils Msas&ge Minsr&l Siray

Complete Body Repair & Paint Work 1 Coloaic TiiAr&py
I jjD. C. Wttahlngion 3+Tassoa Saia.
-:- Oven Baked Pala Jobs -s- I C -
Price Start ai $4.00 :I 4{; For 23 Year

S. 1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135J: JS34 N. Myrtle Araaue EL 4-2478:
nn A "
i1 FOODS :i!\


I R s Washing dishes, shaving, bathing busy homes need I GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET : Free tioUvary any part of ih: dtp

"N aYU HAl L. Gt' n bd I :s lots of hot water.There's always plenty with a natural I If You Want The Finest In Grocer* j j> 601 Was._f_. OLD RELIABLE ---_
gas water heater. Fully automatic units start heatingmere And Meats Come Sea Us \Jj Axalay EL 4-1380

pi .. water the minute A faucet is turned on. And, BOO Davis .5412))|
Street EL &
mnr f! r.
'rJ A I E"' t d"T&I rc e they always keep the sxpiy ahead of the demand! |ti JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
;, .. I.., Regardless of the size of your home or family, there MISCELLANEOUSAAA

is a natural gas water heater that will fit your needs -- -- U. STORE _

FO R LESS M n ILl tv sse ry exactly and it will produce wore hot water-faster BONDING AGENCYCity Rl t CotO
I'd L for less! than ether of unit A 30- Cpo& E:8Dw7p.m.
., .. V a money any type ; County and Fed.ml BonJ-
.' gallon natural gas water heater gill do the work of an Law Exchange Bldg. EL1132 1 L306 Bsis. SUM t EL 4--I21tJ

80-gallon non-gas unit. And you get a warranty that j 'I

.:. .I', ., assures you of up to teif years of trouble-free service. I ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE |L l'l

.. 7--.T,... ,:': .t. ChtxJt with your gas appliance dealer or visit your : 30 Year In Electronic A CONFECTIONER
.. natural gas showrooms and get the proof of why j All Work Guannieod

natural gas is just naturally better! __ 4 943 Forest Street EL 44O4 ICE CREAM COSMETICS

. : 1102 arcs SL EL 3.&212


! := 'o6J ?codai k'ac& POST

j jj 1 : ; t 14eu U( 1 fA Complete Garden Supplied B QUICK SERVICE MAT'TRESSCam.

j i t ;. ;} COOONC WUtlIlUTIIIC> aOTKCS OCTItt MOW t KUTl c ctrIJCD'TICa natu .a gas Fertilizer Fruit Prodaclj S Mattrww Bfistomaag

: ." ,:,; ..... .. .,.ate AID TKAStt IiIiP9SAlUR/ COROlTIOHiKC' OUTDOOR.IUKTWthe ".... -New and Used Furniture bought sad cole Oae Our Sp_ :fniip
' BAY $arvSus
'r' I. = .
.: L. -
if 564 Tiaiiquana Road 5P l-578gj{
S3703 Old
f5 gcga Head
I ; <:,.f' .f Jacksonville Gas Corporation'Afflllato PO 5-1
.1; \ '
; : of
: All Modern eo.TW1 TAXI
: i. J -,' \ The Houston Corporation Bar, !flPt. Week .
; :;:; ky ce .Ad YAW b.
I-t.: '_' .;t.k ...... .... ...c..... A..I...__ JII .".. '., .
"J''" ;. .--;. S..., ..1--1111" "...p" ::. ":"i.' ;..,'... For WI_ra.n I I JEW DSAL CAB >- EL 4-111

. ;;- >::."..""; .t.- .;.- ". -0.... ,. _.... .. ,-,' .> r."*.. ." 40-. .- : .-' .... .yi. ...=. L 5.4N6. 8V w. 1t.JL'f2" t 1 .5? t-UU1
',' *. : ..-.' -;:) => ,
) ; : -- : :';. ".., : .. ;!!t-- j : ? ?S3S3323S&* & iK23353! -i' l'B
r- ;

1 ,

dit. :
: oM"'" .._ ..".0 _".t."k -;:':2. ;; ;'.. r: -: ".'. ._i '0"I"l'1' i., :; :/ ,

"- :--- -'- !
_. lJliI1 i
; ; .. _- j



: I .. .
..,. '., : ,. : ',- ,.: .

1 r
"TIC 'LC'V' 9 u1RP "V9$
Sunday, April 24, 1960 a---- --





sos ass Ciowns: Appear I opp ncnts. few seasons back!
I I 1I : ) in Bcl5 Park was ther victory over Nashville of I
1 f i:1l.tSPORTS the Southern Association. Captained -
PALMS On [May 7. 2 circuit by Charlie hitter Williams and behind leading -

) Rock 'n Roll dances, shadcw- their star pitcher who notched 17 i

4 CORNKR ball. acrobatics and rib-splitting victories for the Vote, the hosting

, 1. ____ f. 1 antics ere but a part of the Indianapolis team bowed 8-6. to the powerful

BALLROOM C low n s. :31-year-old Clowns nine dropping their series
a i One of the real pleasant surprises of the Cincinnati Reds 1960 I barn-storming colored baseball of games to the Funmakers.The .

;spring training season was 23-year-old Andres Antonio "Tony" champions, who take on the touring -
I Clowns have also taken the
onzalez. N. Y. Relays at Myrtle Avenue
I of barnstorming teams of
Of Jacksonville Park here on Sunday afternoon. measure
While the performance of the five foot, seven inch, 170 pound major league stars, inducting
May 1. at 3:00 pm., and again
0 outfielder wasn't any surprise to the Redleg .officials the all around Jackie Robinson's AU Stars ct &L
t ULYSS S "2-WAT' GJIE 'NE, I Monday night May 2, 8:00 p.m.,
ibility of the young Haitian amazed most camp followers.
SWITCH-PITCHER Ulysses in a 2-gamc scries.

c # JAMES BROWN'J \ "2-Wa,." G r e e n e is a two-way Tony, with only three years of experience in professional baseball But the part they have played I

star for the barnstr-i"inT Indian- displayed very fine ability in batting, fielding, running and has been stimulating to the dia- Baseball Season
apolis Clowns. Past Jitterbug throwing. He trained with the Reds while on the roster of their mond sport as a whole. It kept the

FAMOUSFtANiES champ of the State of North Carolina Havana farm club (International League). Clowns running long enough to Opens SundayThe

Greene, ambidextrous hurler come up with Hank Aaron, their I
lid will be pried off the
J Tony batted .295 for the Reds during the Grapefruit League
is a star of the Clowns' rock 'n prize graduate, now with the
1960 baseball in Jacksonville
season, obtaining 23 hits in 78 trips to the plate. season
NAT KENDRICKS roll,, funshow. Last year, pitching Milwaukee Braves: Jars Proctor. Sunday when Uw COOQ&

I with both, hands, he was a 23- On April 8th the Reds officially moved him to the Cincinnati rookie pitcher of the Detroit TI- Clowns, champions of tlid Florida

came winner for the Funmakers. I roster as they purchased his contract from Havana. gers; Johnny Wyatt now pitch- State League cross bats tritti the
JICDAVIS Greene will be seen Sunday and ing triple AAA ball with the Dallas Cardinals At tba
:4: Honda :May 1 and 2, at Jack- Gonzalez started the season in right field for the Reds on Opening Club: and many others. Jacksonville: ATcaus B&ft&all p.trot
\ sonTille's Myrtle Ave. Park, when Day and immediately became a favorite of the sellout crowd of Myrtle

: and His OrchestraMONDAYTHURSDAYSUNDAY the Indianapolis Clowns meet the 30.075 who were in attendance at Crosley Field. In his first major a And chance it's giving to get many into youngsters organized 1:30 pm.

taring N. Y. Royals aggregationat league time at bat he singled sharply to center field off Robin Roberts I ball via the Clowns celebrated Th Clowns com. to town -rJoh
to initiate a five-run-rally which brought the Reds to the front
: $1.00 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon training school at St. Petersburg. one of the strongest: aggregations .'
night. from a 4-0 deficit in the second inning. In the fifth Gonzalez homered -
SATURDAY $1.50 and at 8:00 p.m. Monday Fla. to perform in the Myrtle Park htmany
: FRIDAY & into the right field bleachers with a man on to knock Roberts Manager Charles
Baseball's comedy kings have in years.
out of the box. I.
Croomes leads his team into ths
fact contributed as much to the
I ', In 1959 with Havana Gonzalez was voted "the most improved game as they have to the enter- game with 3 or more .300 hitters

Wildcats 1960 player in the International League"; picked second in the league as tainment of the fans. Their repu- and the strongest pitching staffin _

the best defensive outfielder and also for the best throwing arm; and tation as a top-notch baseball club the League.

I r Football ScheduleAthletic was selected as one of the four best outfielders in the league. capable of playing the staunches The Cardinals, after finishing
team, draws many new rookies to their spring training season last

'tJAP1i11j Director Rudolph Matt- The 23-year-old was known as "Little Dynamite" around the the spring camp each year. And a Sunday will be ready to meet the

hews of Bethune-Cookman Col- League. He his the first home run ever hit over the right field fencein number, who might otherwise Clowns with a team in good con- :
Havana Stadium's The Haitian's blast cleared the to meet all
lege announces the 1960 Football history. young never have been seen by a major dition and ready
Schedule for the Wildcats as fol- bleachers about 450 feet from home plate. league scout have been upped to comers for the 1960 season. The
the big time. Cardinals will be led by manger
lows: Tony led the International League in triples with 16 in 1959,
Touted in a three and a half! Eugene White, former teammateof
batted .300, hit 20 home runs and drove in 31.
Ebony magazine feature for Ernie Banks, of the Chicago
September 17- Gonzalez made his pro debut in 1957 but was plagued with mis-
the second time as "Baseball's Cubs and Charley Neal of the Los
fortune. With Wausau, batted .342 in 14 games before he took sick.
A Fort Valley There Comedy Kings," the Clowns also Angeles Dodgers. The three play
When he recovered he was switched to Hornell and in the 86 games I
September 24- point with pride to the fine record ed together as members of the
there hit 22 home runs. I
they have rolled against top famous Kansas City Monarchs.
Soutn Carolina State up
In 1958 with Havana 'batted .265 in 1S5 games with eleven
i October 1- nomers. I. i c

I Albany State Here Cincinnati Scout "Buzz" Boyle, after watching Gonzalez play PIIOT ICAPlfS FOil

I October 8- for the Cubans, said, "Tony is a big league outfielder defensively

Morris Brown There right now. He has a great arm. In fact, you have to rate his arm I
October 15Benedict- with Willie Mays'. He's a very good hitter and can hit the baU for a 1r

GQd There long distance. He's an excellent prospect."
? Gonzalez defensive skill. Expert Photography
October 22Florida displayed uncanny During one game
A. & If. Here last summer with Havana, which won the Little World Series, Gon- x. Portraits Weddings BssqacisP&uporis i

(Home coming) zalez fielded a ball in the right field corner of center field, whirled .< .j4 & Identification Photos ?
October 290penNovember and in one motion whipped the ball to third base to nail the runner Phoxosi&is &: Commercial Work I '"

i 5- '. by a step. i Photos For Newspaper Cuts I

Morris College Here LIFETIME RECORD While You Walt
November 12- YR. CLUB LGEAb R H Tb 2b 3b hr ah ab are rtl bb so I Coloring & Picture Framing !
North 14 38 9 13 21 2 0200 .342 11 12 10
Xavier There 1957 Wausau Let Us Take A Photo Of You
Hornell Pony 86 313 64 86 169 11 3 22 2 6 .275 64 48 44 SI
November 26- I
Int. 135 427 51 113 172 12 7 11 1 9 .265 47 38 82 .
Allen There 1958 Havana In Natural. Color -
1959 Havana Int. 149 563 86 169 292 31 *16 20 6 3 .300 81 48 110 I
-led league. No. major league recordo

.. oUNIFORM !!
/ .:ss..>:,v) y, NUMBERS, 1960 1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library I

Hutchinson, Fred, Mgr. 25-Bell, Gus, of Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment

2-Deal, Cot, Coach 27 Walls, Lee, of -- ------,-- I

ny :I 3-Moses,,Wally, Coach 2S-Pinson, Vada, of I

+ Y : ': 1 sr7bnSF 4-Otero, Reggie, Coach 29-Whisenant, Pete, of Please Bring or Send Your
k } rwr t j I it6 Church Newa. Club Notices & Announcement !
r y -Bailey, Ed. c 31-O'Toole, Jim, p

: 8-House, Frank, c 32-teen. Claude, p

9-Dotterer, :Dutch, c 34, Wieand, Ted, p
: 10-Kasko, Eddie, inf 35-Sanchez, Raul, p at

? I IO 11-McMillan, Roy ss 36-Newcombe, Don, p
II I 1323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th StrtK't'
12-Martin, Billy, 2b 37-Purkey, Bob, p --
1-- ,
I I 14-Jones, Willie, 3b 39-Nuxhall, Joe, p !

17-Chacon, Elio, 2b.toMcLish, Cal, p I

-Lockman, Whitey; 11>-0? 42-Brosnan, Jim, p s+-

20-Robinson. Frank of-inf 44-Henry, Bill, p

l rL 22-Gonzclez, Tony, of 46-Lawrence, Brooks, p '!

24-Lynch. Jerry, cfPBOWS 47-Hook, Jay. p i

I ShL tstop ROY MCMILLAN drove in four runs in the Reds, 9-4,

opening game win over Philadelphia.] Roy hit a three-run homer in a -

the second off Roberts to put the Reds ahead 5-4 Mac had 1

for 3; Pinson o for 4; Bell 1 for 4; Robinson 1 for 4; Gonzalez 2 for .

4 (homer); Bailey 0 for 3; Martin 1 for 3; Kasko 2 for 4; Lynch 1 j

______ '!o:,I (pinch hit double 2 RBIs; OToole 0 for 1; Newcombe (p.hJ 0 jj c .

__ t __ for 1. j f
Brosnan pitched 1% 1ngs4; hits; 4 runs 3 walks; 1 strikeout. *

nYI Lawrence pitched :# Inning, no hits no rums. : 4 r"f

strikeouts.O'Toole WINNER pitched six jugs 2 hits, no runs, 2 walks, 4 I II

Henry (SAVE) pitched 1 inning, no hits, no runs, two strikeouts. a

I -tJn ...u' ,.mow I i iI

: .. rI
By WfflbutHoaiCar ltli Warch This, ( :1Wt: (
V'4 J .. YOU ONLY;'LBV3E'.HCE! ;
,AHPTbere 14-58-39 'f,

I There to .6lt1 there ie both, 9-804144-49-&I( I

\ Tea only: hv to'CUCM wrong once about Theft why we lay, whenever you.f Mviin S. is wtros&te-CTa7 Gun It t a l li

imrfrc the'c4rrrhead of you...and you're this fair weather season think fwJ.ce110 If we aemtieaed It tv& do1It&e -5 _/. i is

'longer a person, ba4 a gram traffic Think twice about your car think So tberVi matnixs n .** say.Htwe -o :? Jtr' _9 {. .
III&tMl1oI twice about the way you drive think -

r;key we prefer you the?r&y you are.. twice about what the other fellow may do. ptottJot' of'cettom --5 _--.7- Kr t-K'\IrWT! I
_'at .
A3td ;.... ) 1 i
r t b0it oifezgheri 1U-20-354

: 'Jl.... 1-30 6-13-72-133 ,'_ -- invite You To l.islrn u .

Drive CarofiliS ...*.IS! yea save: may be your own Patin.oIIV. .... ..!;II lde f- ( "e"' "C! lMia VI| : I fi' : i

w .r..r: o.JiIIIMe.... .. 1 _, rrcare ..aes brtIt lowo11A .
r ; '
-* _if 1ft" 7lb .d8t. H i tl<
t fe: Ea'.a.. aLarstw. : ------ .+ 1t+ftkig At 7:00 P. M. Nightlyr !

:: : e._ /k { ., AUttft.,..' .....JI,....I I .cAI"......"" t r I !

-, \. "-,, ... 1400W R H l 1408
.... "' ''''''''''''J''I@;:k.4. ,,1i.Jtf ... I." 1'J1- !I)'- 13. I i i4

1 .,f r +7K' .. """ --11 ,7Ia ...., l _, IT lOot r ;i
s ,
I t
'... ,, .. ., -"
.;; ..:.:." ,i: -. -{ '' 1 .

_; ,.=-------w -.. .-rJ



. .: -
f..r ..
Page .8 ; : ?'; THE FLORIDA STAR Sunday, April 24, 1960
'- '-'
.. -,' ..' l lItE1'ORTS
: .. :- 1' I Local Briefs li
.. .
: <., '': rV::- <: :" ; .. ; .. uf Re-elect
: -t- f I. : j'
Mrs. Mamie Rice of 1771 Apt. ;
I 4, Cleveland Street reported the : John E. (Jack)
4 ,
Be Sure Attend
: t To i loss of a lady's watch last Sunday

k ,... .. rf "T y when she missed It after :young MA TIHEWS
oJ I house ..cleaning helper had gone :

** '. THE BIG RALLY i i home House of Representatives I
-. -4z"----; I The victim said her husbandgot
a young man known to themas Group 1
i Willie C. or "Skinner," to come
In Myrtle Ave. over to their house to do some Named by his colleaguesand

i cleaning. After missing the watch. the press an outstanding -
it is believed that the watch left!'
Ball Park when Willie C. left. members of the legislature
[ c "-
Wt/tif \..:'!','> The young suspect and severalof
I; '(.. '1"', in 1957 3r 1958.
< his relatives are well known to

>" .: Sat. Nite April 30Starting I Mr.Patrolmen and Mrs.Marvin Rice she Young said.and Attorney Native of Duva! 1

r World War II!( _
I,7 s. 4: j w Freddie Mack investigated. Vetsron

'J ./1 ..,J'I 8. -.. I 8 Awarded Bronze Star.
/ I

.. ) ENDS IN STABBING I i Jaycee Good Government
;t A tip of the ftipel O9 A domestic disturbance ended
.. F' And Hear I Award
.. .
.1 f
i to tjieae oi r t with the wire being stabbed in
i 7CMmC A.muIeaaI.I i the forehead with & knife by the i Allan Morris Award I
make our country tom/ v tr husband last Saturday. .
I oar bates: "THE MESSAGE" Mrs. Clarice Robertson 30. of j
place .,. -.' 311 Jefferson Street told pollee ; S.
she wouldn't let her husband in
L* *.* r To Be Delivered By the door because he had been I .

j drinking and when she tried to : Send or Bring Your Ncw-e
M' make him go away the victim was, in To ThoFLODA
ERIC O. SIMPSON stabbed by her husband. She was!
taken Duval Medical Center for
,. a r -... treatment.
..' i--R .- Candidate for Civil Service Bd. Patrolmen M. L. Massty. and 8.' Main Office & Plant
Gaines innvestigated.MAN
\ i iI 2323 MONCRIEF ltD

F I Near 13th Street
& Also
.. !....> r 1. A IS BADLY BEATEN \ S .
'-4" j. t z ea George Williams 43, General ,
:.[ [ : Ernest D. Jackson Delivery Lawtey Florida told ez
; ) police he was attacked and beaten I i
LAVERENE by several men last Sunday while :
rCAROLYN CONWAY Candidate for Justice of Peace walking in the 900 block of W. j jDuval

r, Carolyn. 10-1 student participates Street.
The victim said while he was
extracurricular -
in many And other candidates
activities. She is a memberof w J! in the city he was looking for
club some of his relatives who live in
the chorus library

secretary Junior civic'of club the and:Mt.serves Ararat as VOTE I the called 900 for block help of and W.some Duval.neighbors He-

Baptist Sunday School. Her FOR AND ELECTb..w said they were going to call I

hobbies are sewing and.dancing. police and the men ran West on

I Duval. N..
Police said Ue victim was too

highly intoxicated to be of any
help in identifying his attackers.

f'. ::. ...,.....-,:,..... ;.J. to I Patrolmen Marvin Young and -
: ,:.--"J O. SIMPSON I I Freddie Mack investigated. t4 -

1 ... .., I
..s. .,.,t 1
; 1r I 1">> .
I .l
... t A.,, ., I: LAST SUNDAY NIGHT
,. ,-..,.. 'tJ" Lawn chairs were taken from

:-:. i!',, :' .,.. .'-.:;. <::' <:l For CIViL SERVICE BOARD Dst 2 At large !: the 1532 home W. 14th of David Street: Willis last Sunday 48, of I II I JUDGE

.. [l 1 niplit. lIr.VnUs reported. I MARION WGOODiNS
1 'I He said when he arose the next
'(< .:. 1'; "..,... !5.Itl! I ,
the chairs missing
---- morning were
.. .z ':!I -- -- i I I I
Mr.6li,W"' : .J I I and footprints were found in the I i !!
IIAHICUTS -- soft sand around his porch. When I
DANIEL WILLIE PAYNE Starts Next Week For your next haircut visitVHEN BABY'the j victim was unable to locate chairs. ,I II CIRCUIT
Northwestern I Corning R illMURDER 4 I he called police. The value of the ,
"Pepsi.Cola salutes Daniel I Artistic Barber Shop, 619 NEEDS A chairs were placed at55. ;::1 JUDGE t.
Willie Payne 12-3 student. He Phone LAXATIVE I Patrolmen Edward R. Taylor i iI I
I W. Ashley. EL 49231. 7
is affiliated with the Honor !I ; I Get mild gentle MARSHALL'S BABY* and Clarpncp Barton investigated .*. A provenVAN' Group: to' 25 yews on.
society junior deputy sheriff j! f HE C. C. McCurdy, Prop.; Charles I EASE. For over 60 years Mothers havoc I : on sxoenencad tidye novinq.
[J'i'Jj' relied on this pleasant tasting, \'cge.- uet:,-u.ed- h. ',':? '') the:: pu u.t. oUrtzs
: league, varsity club baseball I table liquid. Ask for Baby Ease. : I FOK. SALE | : sane 1537, when oppol itt.. i
club. He spends his spare time I I : Simmons, Mgr. I' !;I Used FrIgidAIre Refrigerator. attorney and Probation Officer <;'
..... juvenile<< Court.
reading and enjoying baseball. .J. ; $75.00 excellent condition. Call !Ii }I f His outstandingjd cid ability and.ntoegrity
rewarded wIth oppont-
122 2 2 i MACHINE! I Kids 15c NowAdults i RAymond 45870. .' Went to Juvenile wo Court judge, elerj.c-
R nTZ I ..---.ou__ to four-yew term flection without I
\ PAT 50c Showing I HELP WANTED MALE ; i Qppositi0n. of
Ptesident of Ftondo
: of NEED MORE MONEY? Make Juvenile Court Judges known for
and the Founder
Bible of Christ's Chief
Story Disciple II I church civic ont!
interest In
MAT! Ui-u in time hn active
I His Church I Big Money spare or welt re:: orgonirctions.PROMOflOW TOR' .A J08 HELL %
I i full time with Marti Dare Cos- DOME IS THE AMERICAN WAY
ALCAPONE\ Serve as i ije of Juvenile! Cou
1 : j i metios and Old 97 Home Neces- V ?: '<'C". > t..' .
a'l '
t /-.Jr.! r. } -a f-f '
I i ..r- i :;' .. ,r' c ;gI
Also NATCHEZ TRAIL ; sities. Fast sellers pay big profits. I _

We big stock to !,Wi I
la l I II carry
,,' lt ... I
I i -- .
t I your orders immediately

I I I Have you seen Beautiful :' ducts guaranteed to sell. Old 97 I
1 Distributors, 811 S. Edgewood' j Paid Political, hi. JIiitMti I
I I l Ave.. EV 9-3119 .
Joyce is certainly preparingfor .
tz rll ''rsl i!
a career as Business Educa- Just Living is A Vacation I I
,. 1 tion Director. She is secretaryof I iFfI
the FBLA Club Glee Club IMAGINE! son Road, or come out Mon- -- -- :::-_____ _.__________J .1 !
i Friendly Baptist Church and II Waterfront Privileges crief Rd. and turn left on JI !. i I
Sunday School. Joyce has se- For Each Resident Richardson Rd. Office open I ;
celved awards from the Honor I IMAGINE! daily 'til dark. STRAND Starts All Sunday Week and IJ ,II I LsT CAll

Society Glee Club and shorthand I Large Pecan Shade PLUS! I IIDWOO (II I
and typing awards. Her Trees Everywhere 3 Large Bedrooms
hobbies are singing and read- t PLUS! Hardwood Floors i II
!ing. High Dry Lots Tile Drain Boards D n Begining May 1-1960 Requirements: I

I * No Septic Tanks Monthly Payments From ----- For Barbering Hours Goes Up !if F You
OPEN HOUSE $49.27 Per Month He Actually Lived!
2 TIL DARK Almost con qualify He Got Them All With A Smile Or A Gun
Listen To PepsiMusicQuest Week cays.8 til dark JIMMIE anyone RODGERSCONSTRUCTION Enroll! Now You Only Have To Taek

: Friday Directions: Come.. out U.S. CO.
Nltes 1 #1 to Lincoln Golf Course, Phone PO 4-6569 Day t tsttflies+ 1,000 Hours Of Traning.
IO:3QtonOQiPkoone and turn right on RichardRA 5-1425 Nights -

itl RequestEL I 'I-I f As Of May M960 You Will Be Required I 0

6-0461-2 .J 1it *

WHEN YOU ABE ILL 1 To Take 1,250 So Plan To Enroll -

You Seek The Best Doctor t

Whf'A Your Dceio Preft9&gExperienced L i. ii.;:. I ji Now You Save 250 Hours.

Gftt Phmnftdais :
k'sue 'To Fill YomAcomiIng Fiescrrpik S Stop At FIae Barbering
To Ye r Esctos i: Set II
Orders. We Use Gsl? i I L {

The Best GoaUiy Drugs: Ai = ,
I College
Dr. C. E. Black I ROOSEVELT S... to Tim. I SKYVIEW Tues.- Nste Sun. Nite to I p
Proprietor II I "GIRLS TL WI'1" I i
:3 I REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO S HVB YOULILLY'S I Girls on the road I 630 Davis at Beaver
that leads to nowherei! I

Or Call EL 5..9874
19V !:his Beed i-ii i I
A ooP..ETh LDffE OF* 1 PEDRAS BLAHCAS- Save $75.00 Ig Tuition I
... By Enroling
... Plus Mantan Moreland
v c.M.. O?: Gsods ciia? !- .U i A Honor+ xtucr; !

p aIIOKe C712L.SD :FOa..ABD- J). -"\ I 51' j "UP JUMPED in THE DEVIL" Win $860 Cash Mean. Nt a.t I Before May 1 I960I I

.. ;1 I _
--.1 4 ,1
'. ')J .


.... 1 \

= ........" .- -, -- ., .-........-- ._ ._.--