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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200556datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 17, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005560740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 17, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 17, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-.... .',' -- ." ..-- ... .L ... ...... .. ..- ... .. _-__+___ ----.A. r, r___..... ___-.."....- --
: .. .. w-- -pv -r-- T 7- '. _._

r7 TWT I



! t
I 1 I


MIAMI-A mass meeting \was

held last Monday night and it
j-NO. 10 And NEWS APRIL 17, 1960 JACKSONVILLE: 9, FLORIDA 15 Cen,! was agreed that unless lunch

Sd counter integration has been accepted -

& rl in Miami by next Monday

fi d ult School Prinoi i other Negro methods leaders will heard be used.ChairmanA.

: D.of Moore Racial of Equality the City's declare Congress -

"Unless this thing is straightenedout

. by next Monday we're goingto

1: ;enied! New poin men 1 1l '.!line, heard city announced In use and publicity an every of.boycott"unrelated plans demonstration director that to development anyone seek Lew picket Price more ever,

.. Negro convention and tourist i JL z

l L. Swoef's Appeal To Court I POLICEREPC1TS- i: trade."Practically everything is open i I Is

i > Ito i| Negroes here now except the

To Get Back Job Pending i I downtown hotels," he said.
J: ------ l
I VISITOR IS HIT secure warnu;*. I

s> .- OVER BOTH EYES Patrolmen J. V/. Eminisor andJ.

r William D. Sweet veteran schoolteacher Ribault High. Louis Glover, 34, of 1318 John- D. Austin investigated. Golf Course

and principal of the Stan- And Mrs. Amelia Erwin, prin son Street suffered lacerationsover VMAN -

ton Adult school is one of three cipal. Cedar Hills Elementary; KNOCKED
his left and right eyebrows IS OUT | : ;

administrators who were not recommended I Mrs. Evelyn Stack principal I while visiting Miss Sarah Bush, AND ROBBED OF $2 I Hearing Set

for reappointment Timucuan Elementary; James E. a friend of his at 1405 Illinois Z. T. Holmes 47, of 925 W. IP e y }q=, 47 ,

Thursday. I Thompson assistant principal I I i Street last Sunday. I State Street was robbed of $2 ]last j For May 2 1P :
School trustees Matthew W. Gilbert Junior-Sen- : I
yesterday approved -
I, It was reported that Glover had Sunday as he walked across a "

a recommended list of 26 ior High; Sallye B. Matlis, dean, : been drinking heavily and was I vacant field at 1st and Expressway ) Arguments on the city's motion L. .. .. .',

school system staff members 116 : Matthew W. Gilbert Junior-Senior! asked to leave. Victim refused to police reported.The j to dismiss a suit calling for inte- ; : -

administrators in white schools High: Elwood L. J. Banks assistant leave ania fight started and, he I victim said he was walking gration of all municipal recreational -i

: and 37 administrators in Negro I principal New Stanton High; :' was hit over both eyes. The victim I across::: the field when two men ] facilities will be heard by I CAMPUS: CC E: 3 TAKE TO THE RAI7OE. Shown above is tEi arecently

schools for reappointment. Lawrence A. .Williams assistant was treated at Duval Medical 'walked up behind him and as he U.S. District Judge Bryan Siinp- armed H i".pton Institute women's rifle team the PUateens.iCneelinar .

I principal Northwestern Junior- Center. : turned to see who it was one of J son May 2 at 10:30 ajn. from left i uo right are Captain Janice Brown Smltttficld
The other two not recommended i
: Senior High; and Hortense Gray : Patrolmen E. Jefferson and A. ;i the men knocked him out. He : A group of Negro citizens has Va.: Sandra Norreli:, Richmond, Va.: and Gwendolyn Moon. Miami,
to the school board trustees by
School Superintendent Ish Brantare i, dean *Northwestern Junior-Senior Jones investigated. i I Ii doesn't know how long he was : filed a suit calling for an end to I Florida. Standing from felt to right' are Sylvia Bryant. Jasper

Dr. Garrett H. Fortner and : High. i i c"t but when he camelback to ) any racial segregation at the Florida; Doris Kirn, Locust Hill Va:; and Henrietta Jackson. Darlington .-

I himself the men i-tere gone and i,Gator Bowl, the Jacksonville Baseball !I S. C. N
William E. \.Vebb.t .
1- ----- ------ --- ----- ----- ----- ---- -
Fortner was refused a contractlast :1 I $2 was missing. Tip victim could I j|: Park, the municipal zoo, tennis :j'
WIFE HIT ON HEAD rive; no description of his at- j I courts playgrounds swimming 'COMM'f.TOMREFUSES! ;
but court order forced Teacher's
year a Gov' Names i 1 1A Plea
: !i WITH BABY BOTTLE .tackers. I i i owned or leased by the city. i .
( his reappointment: in January beer .. .
young mother was hit over t 1 I, ; ..
I Patrolmen T. Lv Mays and J.I The city has filed a motion to I -- --, : .l.lr
use!' his name had been on a Bi-ricial BodvTALLAHASSEE '! the head with a baby bottle while Selfion investigated. 'dismiss the suit. The same .
i personnel list as supervisor of I "Governor : arguing with her husband last ;, successful last 3IRAC.V.TALLAHASSEE, .. "' <.," 3 .: CRORa..
; year in obtaining y
( .., .
adult education before the con- : .- .: ;' -' ; 'oJ'JJA ;
.... -",. !l Lego. C011is-has: appointed his i, Sunday over .who would take the : r.!.V IS SOBBEll a federal court order for '----.1.. ,
tracbii.W r"Y! en ieatie -l&hw't'4 ; :ibat3L Cl !: :'COI -f., ;; '.,'" .- ': tL motion by a Jacksonville
1IiIt' bi- acl: t"f ouf M"ER'B IIIifTwo : t.. .:i.-:S&te atioa of_municipal_-. olf ....,.. -"- -10..ft a'' .
pr rcbi of the Stajiton \ Mrs. Gladys of 2631- school teacfaer tojootitfi JI
Kmg23f :
r. and two Negroes to seek ways to ; unknown !''courses. Rather than integrate,1 r'T .
ndult vacation program was also Davis 'Stieeir aid/fcer fittshandClarence t.- men gbd S A.ir: ( .: t'1 prison'sentence for income
eliminate race tension and discoid i ; grown : the'cl'f.sold Its ttfo links. t .,0 '.1 .'
refused:,' contract. at the same )'*&. 2% had been out I F i'4n. 30 of 1327 W.23rd 1! f T'h' tax fraud set aside and permission -
time. His appeal to Circuit Court, i in Florida. tirin&na, dne;*&me to take the S 4t last Saturday at 2$' d St. .Commisi to change: hr: plea from nocontet <

to get his job back, is pending. I I "The group, headed by Cody babeut.. Sha said she told him and Myrtle AvenucgL and strong,.: d ChairmanSpeakerfor i I'stoners for, the clt:,' of Talkhasseehave !' to !:. t "tit: V was den!\d

The school board accused Sweet Fowler Tampa attorney also will would take the baby out. acne; ,...u CvU :C3;: #ice reported, :,,0 9f !: ref.:used to r-'t c.;J i biracial by US L.. :.v .Tu2ee! Bryan'

and Fortner of exhausting theY give whatever hel;. it can to local rina: the argument vttrt "busu ;!\:: .-:The victim told police one of ; j comihittc: txyti 1(,; Trr.bC(>; of .p1P_v.ll 1 l'6: F .sMis. \'\Y.

(J r'J' appropriation for adult education bi-J' clal groups which the gover-. <.nd hit his wife and fled.Lli2 : \L4he men struck hJm in the right ending! i-cicl tcn,_on in the state
: knocking him down After he Ar1Jo: : :r.:'on D't'a: ; \\Ira.
long before the school nor advocated in a talk on race called pttfte and King was $c ; County Classroom i capital. :-- '
had fallen they searched his pock- has .tar'hL: ?cho.,I L for : 3 'cais
year ended by hiring teachers relations last Sunday. picked up. police sai their i : ets and found ,&te.money. He also :' Teachers Tina gannounceni'nt rf ttirt dec!- and in the Duval Countclnoi
students in Medical Center.
vho had no treated at "
i "Other white members appointed said he received treatment at the !SJmt Rd6 nad after an. informal system since 1349, entered ihnnolo
classes. I Patrolmen Edward R. Taylor lard I
Running for Office t Thursday night are Don Gen- i, and Walter Solomon investigated. !;' office of Dr. L. B. Childs by telling i School chairman Racy'I f meeting. was. held bc-twcn. tlie"commission con tender c plea on Feb. 1:1:
i mood K. David '
: was a guest afctf-
I him he injured accidentally. < and tin rdbtions and the sentence was imposed onMarch
was race
Brant said Webb wasn't recommended un? of Clearwater Pinellas County It 1 i -
because the Maxvflle sheriff; Mrs. C. D. Johnson of. j I t j He later went to Duval Medical principal speaker at the April 2 !, committee of the white I Iinisterial 4.During. .
j meeting of Duval
Quincy. chairman of the FloridaChildren's i Center where he was treated by County Class- Association of Tallah \.eei ,
Elementary School principal, a ROBERS TAKE room Teachers. i,i' the hearing: on, her motion -
Commission and JohnB. Dr. '7. C. Lovett. It was reported
resident of Green Cove Springs The to have the
slot FROM MAN association adopted a sentence act
that Dr. Lovett said Brown will i 'Said Chairman David: 1 think \
Turner of Miami, a businessman -
ie, running for'pubUc office ( aside she
currently Murray Henderson 44, of 712Court j i ton urging the biracial committee testified that she had
probably lose the sight of his right recognition the best thing I'veheard" '
and civic leader. The Negro i
in Clay County. H, lost $104 last :Monday i but the city officials said not understood what the nolo con-
i I members are Perry C. Harvey Sr. eye. Victim said it was dark and with reference to proposed ->
Tenure List when he became the victim of a i 1 that such a group could acom- tendere plea meant and that she
of Local 1402 he could not describe his attack- recognitions of the organization
of Tampa president -
Earning tenure this year, if the strong armed robbery at 3rd and : I pUsh nothing. thought she was going to be plac-
school board gives final approval of the International Longshore- Pearl Streets. j, ers.Patrolmen to various school perronnel. ed on probation.She .
men's Association and a members i Henry Edwards Jr., He continued: "I congratulate you A similar reply was given recently
Miss Alice Stanford, principal. :''of Tampa's bi-racial committee The victim said he was walking and Henry Harley invE stigate3. I on having the courage of your when Gov. Leroy Collins also declared she had I enforced

Annie Lytle Elementary School; : and the Rev. E. C. Tillman of north at 3rd and Pearl Streets I! convictions. I would rather be' called for biracial committees In by her husband Bob Davis

Ray Fritz principal Lola M. Daytona Beach, pastor of Mcunt about 7 ajn.hen two men walk- ,,I' MAN FALLS ASLEEP I judged en four years of past performance all communities following lunch I I to make out the fraudulent tax

Culver Elementary; James Kir- i Bethel Baptist Church. ed up to him.' 'One of the men : AND LOSES MOENY i than four weeks of pro- ; counter dembnstrations in a half- returns. .
i stuck a knife in his chest and the i iI I I Alfred McBride 37. 2937 Willow mises. All I'm : She .
sey principal Annie Beaman Elementary I trying to do is tell dozen cities including. Tallahassee. : said for three tax years
"In announcing the membership 1 other man grabbe hm and took Street went to the grocery store people "This is the while
; Harry IL Kohtz principal -: I I problem i she was separated:; from her
of the committee Collins said the billfold out of his pocket. at 3300 Old St. Augustine Road you've got to face .
full-time adult school; Mar- up to it" husband she made out and Bled
vin Rooks, principal Loretta Ele group 'will not stand by and wait He said the man *ith the knife last Saturday and was robbed of I' President Capers G. Bradham White and Negro ministers in an individual tax return for her-
: for trouble and disorder to de-; knocked him down When he fell the state capitol have formed
mentary. $?5, pohze reported. I responded to the speech emphasizing self. Then she declared her husband
Jeffry Henderson assistant velop.' the men ran south r n Pearl St. I) Police investigation reveals victim "What teachers want to do their own biracial. committee butit visited her and at gun point

I 1 Patrolmen T. J. Hodges and I. beer and falling is teach". Senior has no official government
principal Landon Junior Senior II drinking some Board Member forced her to make out a Joint
i "Instead, it will seek out ways I
MacMullen, teach- ,, C. W. Horne investigated. i i' asleep. While he was sleeping Ned P. Searcy followed Chairman rating. return for both of them which he
High George
; in which progress can be madein '
his mon: was taken from him David and : took from the house
Ribault Elemen- -- y ; gave particular attention and filed.
ing principal. many areas and how underlying -i :
tary; Mrs. Virgie Cone dean causes of racial tension and RESISTANCE AL'l- police records indicated. to the problem of school Mrs. Davis added she never 1
Investigating officer sold ha i sites in his remarks. Another vit *"' knew the tax fraud
Lea Hteh; Mack D. Barnett assistant discord can be eliminated. INTENDED> ROBCi.ilY i ,. NEGROES changes! constituted (
principal Jefferson Ele- An attempted armed robber ; tr.lkedvith Clarence Stewart. ":. I *. wh spoke briefly was Pete: a criminal offence an'

mentary-Junior High; Dr. Patricia I failed last Monday when the intended cf 2J37 Martin Street and hs said: ,I P-role. *, a candidate for constable BANNED BYCOMPANY that prior to her indictment ch"

Carter mincipal. Jacksonville I victim deienucd himself f"'! -org Duffy 38, of 2213 Tortjrneet In the Tcurth district. : had mad prrar-'Tirnt'j with -io I

Beach Elementary. :, CITY WORKERS QUIT successfully: against two men who :)(I tcH him he took the ; The meeting held at Isaiah Blocker AND! Internal Revenu. S--vice to payoff ,

IX PROTESTING OF ".) .. 'Cie: officer said he talker featured also alleged *"i; :*
ra an ca tax deficiency
Walter Wagner, principal Technical i t-v'>Tcd him on B""ne: !' Street. \ : an explanation ; : t
High; Mrs. Elsie White TRUCK ASSIGNMENTS James Murray; 45, of 1513 W. with \.' "7 and Duffy said he c=,tate and national delegations PUBLIC! O !rMONtt and frp'"l i-oalt7 a. *! ..

principal Spring Park Elementary PALATKA-Negro city S mi1*'v 6th Street s.+id h? was walking' paid? <. .a it. George Mack I\i"rfr id p.roJ1"'e1t bv Mrs M TV T. /-a It was repcrte.l 1 by rat "f *"5 *>er *nr nth- '

; David Brown assistant principal department employees wall*e4 cif ,- -iuph am open Held! and met gas i :)ted on a char c Jreen correspondence from FST\ : H air.i's: biracial connrai tee last The J lot."" T'f>prcs.'M''f'v* Jrr

Englewood High; Edwin their jobs last Monday, apparently '.. 1 men and one of the men told cin..l. ->' and was held Fi i Lr d 'TJTtmer of Classroom TeichT I"-iay that it was company when she pi" J no!3 cell*( i

Brown prinicipal Pinedale Ele- in protest to hiring of white ....10 put up his hands. Murray ? "5.n, of petty lara:::.7 o* ;: Presdrnt :Mogul Dupree: rr; .try and not public opinion that testified hr *-'-. ''jiv fjri '*t t I I
; records show. ::ponVnc'j; "f: the body to GCT of the nat '- the "liR :
mentary; Mrs. Helen Tarr principal drivers for recently p'rchadgarbage 'ii when he out up his hands tr ed departmpnt stt0 t- ban %
Sherwood Por?jt Elementary; trucks. Partial garbage. ;i.? of the men :started in his T 'r'a Rl: L: Evers wJ ; *n nor: Lcror Collins: a report fr. gales from their inn- '">in1ester against her *.- tt!+'. n1"- c-f I

B. B. Mendoza principal. Ribault collections were resumed Monday .*:H>ie" and a shuttle started be- v; .. the case said u.f':idc the constitution committee: *n' 1- the pip-.. "ti ? fSfibll.y "?'c ,

High; Miss Mary E. Hooks dean. afternoon. aasa he put up -ine'resist ncb.Lrres'agatin ,..v i,' V 4roud get a vr; ; an* -lectlcn.w additional members f it might b!' n"' .. 'r ''Jail sfnt '', :
: cffUrs said Mur- .ST* ins a witness. Tj'exectivr. committee: and delfrt Morales, herd i :' The cr*--' .. tics fatrtrt.an ,.

y was shoo : he left hand ,' *rt FlTida! State Teacherscommittee :seiab r cnmmtFtFe s. k' aft: '. ': /

during the sc'if;, bullet passing ,1\ t c. f AN 'ISI. :'-"iti4'n.r' : .)und no fri-tftm "'r" r* ji--: h 3b3nt! : '" s r'f.. t '3.

-.icr skin. I"r was treated by i I..., 1t C'tif'e electees races crowing out o* L; rf ..r n- lr. wJ. s ;..
Do;for S. II. Wsshlncton.net. ?'TWO --0 '!rnaa. D. McFarlin. Mrs ter sitdown dl'1cno; 'i- : thwr 1.1) : 'X: '"ar t'jfi Tas: tin J
; .
Sffts. L. A. Hamwey and --'et Alexander. andMrs.. ,, Lillian I' Several 6t frnidl."C tis.TIis .
.i : ; managers .rat n :
.- TERMs '' 'l 1 Tv>tera*es are :Mrs. A. S.'u'rie '
T.' 'I r. Corley in'Tsticated.P .. '. stores were talked to by $113 t! hJI- >t v, ec.jcd .eG-
"- Mrs. Ruth Solomon and mittee. leyt'lay! '. ". ,.') ,ao-i.,'. of -o>urt .
I ',f> .... ALl Nf: ..
: ( U 'LE ARE INJURED j -.J.; A. Jackson. Alternates are Mrs. procedure.d: : I .d n->t tin ?r fod I

THREE-WAY FIGHT i ."urlmi :n T.. Hane.. <- ,'- r*: D. King and Mrs. Mary "Wo found no SOUTM' o' irit,,_ th t when "ii., ."; i rrctf" *.' -

r t to yt *"-s. Rosa Moore. 54, of 1227i I tI'U"" V ; Brena John i .r.trhell tlon bit that. th! -fvnye pear In eTTt 'o: rinte! cin' 1r'e'rt !5 I

jai .. mnklin Street was hit in her I t'G :a' _. in RaIford Prist. If :;. --- certain policitf hp f"*J the' .'z. .o"tk; h:are 'to

'let side by her boy friend. Jesse I r!iw':; t in Criminal Com firth r.t !.;. Ball. When told by neighbors I I (,flee the stores T"1i-_ th-'t it further opy ntr:*v to offer **-

I 1J, hason. 40, of 1227 Franklin St. -t .' t3E\ !Liat nobody was at home, fhef c's t*''ir ftlicyvlcr."t; .s causing dence in her own behalf.
""hile! they were engaged in a t f .';L'J .-en was hired to tc:*.' :i!:! fro brcke open a screen doer the ..row',1e. I vn sure ther win The fiuu rb; 1 rres! brut.ut

: I t1:/'ht last Tuesday. in: acr .ig job and it 'a-. "1t t|*r.i* !in ind look the money. It!: :oo1f'f.bim ::-_':' 't' 'so.als. against :Mrs. Davis by the'IRS '

Johnson was also hit In the t'c 'L':C of_ novinF wl.en > v'! J't ge larvey" asked her vhat ; '1.'iralrts 33. he ',Tcu report: : included netiv the alle- :** j

I N. c'ro ".* ..- ;".. J v ) '." Ctty that ??h". f'IP,' co', .VIcl! and
head with a stick by Joe I ros" Trf spotted n a *:> r si h-ul done with the money I :: m i
Moore:: the son cf his girl friend. 'lrar \. Jer some clcthps. t Miss Johnson said she had spent :*ci.- -' ?-n' fnr it"n 3U. tx rcau:. fo: tht tax .

HI:: ,- s .' LI fe hoer ArVansa, <5r-nd lrae1';s i The victim raid he was in bed M J< .j ;1e C. Ball cf .10' money' and could not mate I-If rut lea nc ot.t.-( 'rai... ... b,.i. tli..t* : he Maim 'i est }i
I with! f ge&tion of Uflv' Lfn" : ; : v 'h !'.. '. '.. ':OfrntiMpd
b' ... award to I v""i-n the argument started i.'ja re t. Neptune Bci:h JO.-KJ Sh* also admitted thaf she .
,. of >. !. ,H J 4.3"t t i !prosen.oi: an I I
to 1trs.nlc.... Li'. lyr .' 'f *..t ini: the recent National BmJe a tnal t the son. The boy friend and the box 1 1: ,'-hr ..s t' he:1:" i.e:*j ba I serr-i: t
T ? NaUoC6t1Fr11t. girl friend were taken to Da"'-al dr.letter with'some: morin". Afl"r I IvJ"u ;'y for !iliorUft1n?. She also tr? dt;non;-tra' ins lr: N ml in claimed deductions *sr "!" flic !. J
the >ir ba Ai7r HjW 21 ..uiJ Is the scene of many .. '
.tlli < Medical Center. Investigates <:!- slotting the rnonev she iwtur i, pi l :aJjtl 1 guDy to the theft of the .9.10. but a <_ T vrpl in expenses to which "h? r:
.th :TV r and immer.
:; I
METRO NEWS BUREAU PHOTO I ficers said they advised victim 'to a few days later to ,the home of -)30. lY, 1: 1959. entitled.
J ,


-.....;;.. v ........."" .'. -

-. -__, __ _
uV.- .
-y y w--'w _
--y-- v "v _
-- --
v- -
-y----- 'yi.-

F 1

.... .. -
.. .. 'f"F' : > !
\ ,
.'! 7;"' ., T'i: '. : -, ;:., _:. : ..,. ,, .,,;;. '0't'....::.',.
Tab : ; : : i'': 'r E l' : :-_ : ; 4,
: ; ln".f :{ .'" 1 ._ ,\ ::::::'" t Sunday, April 17 1 'I960!

:rf" ',.,. .1 : ; Y I

t; THE ,FLORIDA STAR ri.' '. ./_-. .'" J

k' ::;:;;;;' .:2 : "Politics
.- "" -: As Usual"By
#/ NEWS -- .:':-:.:::-.

._ .t.,.. Eric O. Simpson
.. -- -'" -
f;: .:: Gubernatorial Candidates Kicking Negroes Around:

f-' Only One Seems To Have Courage To Speak Truth 4

Pobliihftd by Tb Florida Star Publishing Co. -_--..-......: "- The way most of the candidates are kicking the Negro around

"Member of Associated Negro Press one way or another, it will be a difficult task for Negroes to decide )

Cd* O. Simpson ____Editor :. which one of them to vote for.

C. Parham Johnson ---Newt Staff HIGH ; Just about every man who has ,
his eyes set on the
Bl1da Woolen Circulation Dept. governorship "I disagree with
'COUQT merchants haying -
has picked up the segregation
--:-:: :S'. banner declaring staunchly that II will such make a moral responsibUity.
-- recommendations to
:: he believes in "separation of ,
'; .r ;.. theraces" the Legislature."

I MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: W :& i ts issue. as if- that is such a big Mayor Haydon Burns of Jack-

Sttl Ronericf Road EL 4-6782 EL 4.6783 r t I sonville expressed his views this

Downtown" Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4.3773 If you would think about it, way:
::-- :":"
\ : : one will come to the realization I I "I am a firm believer in separ-

I- I I that it is the politicians who arc i ate and equal faculties."
;:.;-:.:. :: "
: making a big issue over Doyle E. Carlton Jr., of Wau-
;; Mailing Addvecss tion keeping of chula said, "I agreed with Gov.

P. O. Box 551, Jacksonville 1, Florida white children from attending the Collins with one exception. I questioned '

I same schools and keeping Negroes I whether there Is a moral '

.' from using the same recreational responsibility involved. There is no J

if : faculties, etc.I I question of morality but of economic I

.: SUBSCRIPTION: RATES firm!:' believe thai r survival." ,
If.:. : ., .
One Year, $5.00; Half Year $3.00: Three Months. $1.80 Its' ''' ',",-""-.t' -"<;:;'- would forge the "separate things" I John McCarty of Fort Pierce

Mailed To You, Arr Where In The United States. r :. l ;: ,..'. and "separate facilities" for said. "Sit-down demonstrations '
1 .. Negrcc :: the politicians should not be condoned. They are ,
Svtecription Payable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: .:; 'g would
FLORIDA .; p it L--........ I let them. This separateness whIch 'I illegal. Every merchant has a right j
a? L' ..p.- 7 --- has become an obsession with' to choose his as'ociates."
; ; some people is ridiculous because I i The Rev. George Downs of !

____._._---- ;. ...-.-- it is so inconsistent. I I' Winter Park: said, "I do not
'It "
i| agree. j
.: Imagine a gubernatorial
shouting -
\ -
Discrimination Of NegroesIn 1 -. <"-. .f5I., (." 4 ..__.JIr.--' '..-' into a TV microphone that hebelieves Jim McCorvey of Hialeah had
I : -
1 : .i- :t ""' :; _,'_ _::1. .... '.-:. .r,. in "separate but equal" i this to say: "Segregation Is the

Civil Service Employment "' .' (t::' : : "::." :o. t-: .," facilities and that he would have. custom in the "South.' .1
i'' I Bill
.. Hendrix
\.t --" Ku
the city sell its i
>rit+3 .c, golf courses rather Klux
: than permit Negroes to use them Klansman from Oldsmar
Can Be EndedANegroToThe By Electing when snapped, "Collins Is trying to run .1
this same has
I got off a plane where he rubbed )

Board WORLD ? elbows with Negroes or probably i, The 10th candidate fer governor -

sat next to one. Harvie Belser of Bonifay, was

There is no denying that the Negro is entitled to and I--- With a little reflection, one can I not present.All .

should strive dilligently to secure equal rights at lunch y &;] WeelKg"t think of dozens of intimate con- except Hendrix said they

counters and the use of recreational facilities and so on tacts that Negroes and whites were against closing schools to

But one of the first basic rights which Negroes every- : Guide hare daily contacts which are far I avoid racially integrating them.

where should fight relentlessly for is equal job opportunities. tTi :)roscope more Negroes intimate playing than the a group of I

For, without jobs we would have very little money on same golf

to secure lunch counter service or the equipment necessary 3" ..PABLO Tfe* ASTROLOGER course at the same time that a I
of whites is
to indulge in the recreational facilities that be group playing a game. I
may open Democratic Ho-
.: How many times a day we don't i ::
There Is cause for great concern see white- people putting up to For Floridian

I I their ears telephones that Negroes : Florida has been ,
when it is considered that each is<< left to Negroes to for tUSIMESS LOVE TRAVEL i -
press em- '. : have just finished using? If the by the appoinime'Ehrma :.' <.-
year Jacksonville some 1,500 ployment in civil service.
Negro is such Foggy '*T\ I 1).i.V ;
Negro boys and girls are I ARIES our'services are fully noted and! derstanding, a contaminating : .
There Is no doubt that there is '. worldly experience then >: oi, ii] ,
from high schools. Of this discrimination in employmenteven Born :March 21st thru April 19th !r I rewarded. or acquired knowledge in superior person ninety-nine percent i) w.t' : ,-Ci. iI

I number just about one third of 'I in civil service. Notices call- The 18th is a day when it 4-90-77-14-53-497 ways, providing you have the of the white people are fearfully !!I .-r i tA -> ;
be contaminated with whatever Neg- r r ft i. -
may wiser to refrain from talk- c
them are able to enter collegesfor ing for applications for certain necessary qualifications and train- E -4 Coj,

higher education, leaving !positions have on occasions stipulated ing, particularly when you are LEO Dg. If you still have; an opportunity I roes with. contaminate white people ".,, rm.its for the 1 if ',
about one thousand either to seek 'I for "white" only. Similar dealing: with experts or individualswho BMn'July'23rd thru Aug. 22nd to acquire these advantages I Democratic ""
jealous of their Those who depend on you will give the It is sad to think that politicians 3 tional (\jiui
business training or training i, discrimination has carried, out by area power possibility your most ser- /
trades or to seek jobs in private and prerogatives. Love may be also benefit from your generosity, ious attention (16th). Easter stir up and keep alive pre- : Mrs. EhnGainesv.l't
calling for in
enterprise or civil service. j"white division"sThere a awakened suddenly and under I for you want those near and dear (17th) should prove to be iner- judices by playing on the emotions L. r' .. \. ; .
I help pick > I
The doors of private enterprise I i are hundreds of civil ser- unusual circumstances, on the I to you to do you full credit as esing in many ways particularly and susceptibilities of people note spe.i', .

1' are closed to Negroes for apprenticeship 'f I vice jobs that Negroes are com- 22nd. Even if you are in a state I r well. Do not be persuaded into outdoors. Deduct a fair percentage just office.It for. the sake of getting into I 9 permanent cxvr.'ch '

in skilled trades' and the pletely excluded from despite the of enchantment, it may be far- giving money or making a promise from the claims and promises Zlrs. Ehrmann 'h' a n J
sighted to evaluate the possible until you are assured that that is hard to understand how I Con,r.. .
little employment that is offeredto are made lightly on the
I fact that 18th.
) our taxes help to pay there most of these gubernatorial opens in Los Angt : s
repercussions. are no ulterior motives behind
Negroes by private firms in those salaries and upkeep the operations 9-GO-11-19-34-CG1 the I July 11. This is tho fu. ;t tin ''.. :
7-50-22-15-32-752 such requests (18th). Chance i gall to stand up and admit .
Jacksonville and throughout Florida party history Florin i '
: -
II whIch'provide tile em- the that they will deny Negroes >
are confined to menial labor. prodding of a genial or of heM such.an important t: ...
i ployment. TAURUS the position you now all.Y. II I their rights and then turn around Mrs. Ehrmann, who is a r.' s
Except Negro attends college '
a 1-I Imagine a situation whereby Born April 20th thru May 20th) should enable you to add to'your SAGITTARIUSBorn and ask Negroes to vote for them. c date for reelection as Ito.; :
and comes out as a school teacher, i la's National
Negroes employed Nov. Ccmmiltecwor.cn
are as 23rd thru Dec. 21st Take the issue of
I You should derive considerable I power and prestige (22nd). the counter in the
there is little chance for employ trash collectors but never as garbage Easter (17th) is May 2Uh Primary, i i :
ment in these parts And with benefit by listening to sermons, 3-70-44-13-43-374 the one day service demonstrations. Only one quoted as saying, "I con.:V!, :
truck drivers. There are when
any so
many derive pleasure candidate for appointment
/ of
lectures and the words of people governor Florida ray as an opport i-
the output of school teachers so I number of positions in eounty from spending rity to work towards bnn
who are erudite and world trav- VIRGO money in order to agreed with Gov. LeRoy Collins ir.j
high compared to the number of that make the 1DC4 Democratic Convention
departments qualified
young elers (16th-17th). This should Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd an impression with their that merchants who go after the to Florida."
jobs available in the Florida school
Negro men and women should be new outfits
help you to resolve many of the Let expenditures rise above the and adornments. Negro trade have a moral responsibility T.Irs. Ehrmrr.? born in Flee
system it is little wonder that it
given ,an opportunity to fill. But doubts that are now lurking in limits imposed by your budget, if Your deeper sense of humor may to let Negroes use all the Ida is the wife cf V. W. Ehr

is alleged that school teaching since this situation has prevailed your mind. Besides, it may arm it gives real happiness to your again be tested on the 18th, per- facilities of their stores. mann, professor ot the Univer
positions are being sold. for a number of years without haps because of situ of Florida. They have two
loved excessive expenditure Ted David of
you with the necessary facts and ones to buy new finery or Hollywood said,
It is painful to think that aftera effort having been made to It college age daughters. Gretchcn
any dress for would do you a worldof "I agree with Collins. When I
resistance to withstand the pressures up Easter (16th-17th). merchants and Sally. Mrs. Ehrmann has
Negro parent has toiled and rectify it, Negroes' must make a or persuasive ways of individuals Attentions to those who mean good to be associated (unless attract trade from Negroes been active in Women's Democratic

sacrificed to send a son or daughter I positive move to for a change. who may like to dip into everything to you can never be you already are) with a person they are morally wrong riot to let work, and 13 a member of Ij
through college they must NEGROES MUST ELECT A who will the State Democratic Committee
your cash or joint reserves (18th). measured by mathematical. figures counteract your sober' them eat in the store, if facilities
come back and pay for the privilege MAN TO THE CIVIL SERVICE 2-80-55-13-87-285 I but only in human relationships I! temperament and teach you to indulge are provided for white people to tnittee.as well as the National Corn

of working. BOARD A MAN WHO WILL .. that form and develop thru the in some of the frivolities eat." j

Since it is still so difficult to WORK TO BRING ABOUT AN GEMINI years. Something still weighs that make life more interesting. Fred O. Dickinson Jr., of West

convince private enterprise about END TO THE DISCRIMINATION Born May 21st thru June 21st heavily on your mind, but you can 1-10-66-12-51-161 Palm Beach said "It Is not a ATTENTION LADIES
the wisdom and fairness of giving OP NEGROES IN CIVIL SER .
Yozr more frugal instincts; best counteract this by concen- moral issue but a social issue. A Bridge & Social Club
Negroes an opportunity to a fair VICE EMPLOYMENT IN DUVAL ou.c'> : be permitted to take over trating on the job at hand (18th). CAPRICORN man has a right to serve whomhe Reporters
percentage of the better jobs it COUNTY. Born Dec. 22nd
len you feel you: are weakening 520991679529LIBRA Jan. 19th wishes..
You fell Send *r Mail
under amply rewarded Nine of
when the
friendly pressure. The ones state's 10 guberna- Your Social News
.ho are fortunate enough to be those around you pay their com- torial candidates in a television

Drive traveling for pleasure business Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd pliments and undivided attentlnn panel discussion in Miami last Mondays To
NAACP or on ----------
Supports to There FLORIDA STAB _
should have no trouble pIcking Easter (17th) is one of your you. remains a possibiliy month gave views on the Issue _
up new friends wherever they days when you can indulge your of misunderstandings caused by when it was raised by Gov Collins 2323 Moncriaf R4 Car. 13lh I

On Lunch Counter Bias are. Brilliant ideas that open up taste for the finer things in apparel financial consideration of somebody's March 20 In a TV talk. Or PJiQ.no EL 4-8782 i

excellent prospects for gain in- and life In genexaL Get an I extravagance, which could Farris Bryant of Ocala said, i
cresting combinations and a early start on the preceding day very well be yours (18th). You

confidential assignment should be and enlist the aid of your mentor : may be swept off your feet by a

Local branches of the National Association for the followed up(23rd). if you have put off making some new friend or !intereo*, on the I

Advancement of CrloreJ People throughout the country 8-40-33-17-61-843 of your essential purchases. The :22nd. a day that 'fs T !., fo- cur- n (* I

, have been called ur" i support the southern Negro student :gathering of the clan in your prises.

s' campaign to nd '4isc'mination at the lunch counters CANCER own quarters would add piquant. 47044r7.. 174 --' ..-:

in chain and local variety stores. Bern June 22nd thru JuiThere ;/" n' flavor to the day's diversion .-. .
The of these NAACP Executive is an opening Terre if you have undertaken a bit man
protests people
young Jan. 20ih
U terms and to wind up ,'h a I than you can handle comfovt- t'r Feb. 18th i't
said week in letters to localbnmcb
3 TTtry Roy Winters this You find
may it
handsome profit to boot 22nd). ably you must expect the letuuvn more to your
leaders, "hare the cooperation and support of the taste to shun ;
i '
citizens in It may be essential to s' j::n. -;e on the following day. )U j n Q.
l :\ACP for they *ro legitimate expressions of a four throngs on the 1't'otter .- \I."
feelings, and to cons< the 6-30-88-19-92-638
democracy. future advantages to be accrued I day (17th, i- "WI)

Previously li Y UIn hd sent telegrams to George when you are concluding n 'cai or SCORPIO quiet way. The 18th 4. .-. '

C K:bb, '-rcsidonb{ 0S.. 1. Xn ss and Company, and R. CKirkwporl past on'this date. Your hii.w J o Born Oct. 24th thru Nov. 2:111: day for games of chance fJ1 t:/' I 1. 1 j :

..rrc'ren ..tf I!'. W. Woolworth and Company, the soar when you are aw'.r.: that You can use' your Innate un- friendly reunions. Yri r*y "nitresyour flit

principal r.hr.h.J1: fc;.' (olvcfl in the "sit-in" proteiN at -.- 4deas but ln".1 rv= % t. I '. ...

lunch counter l that this will not TVsthen to

Gat Year H! ': n': -ast.23055H70235 11ATcr( "
The NAACP ;-s tw-M the chain store owners, ''deplores'cntinuad WCHES 1 s s.

refus '.,'' their stores "to serve Negro patronsn LOVE HEALTH /

North Carolice ar i elsewhere in the South on the same Order'ui' ..:a....,. .H) Hoar. s.M S2 PISCES G,

basis as white curtoLi rs at lunch counters and soda foun- To Pablo> ThftArtral.i-r ". 0.-. c ML Jtcbemfllo I.FZa. Porn Feb. 19h ffc M! **"rrh ?0th H IUkJ'5f
the demonstration -- s,.. .. ..... ..NI + -
tains. We fully fwppori protest of students ; -- v- Faster li Y* *?*.?;? a *ap,7 arvj

in North Carolina.: I .. r festive day wh n twt '!
people like
Dear PaWet Hestia. G 3B... 8 ..d ay ......,. fo appear rt the"!-
These stores, Mr. Wilkins! pointed out, "enjoy wide J his for Ae.-nh D.c dber. I and fTJiriuaUy. J*. ber t phrdcally
patronage of Nero citizens not only in North Carolina but .1 b* an

over the entire country. We urge you to give immediate I IiI unusually gluaorom:' :nni friendlyone

'consideration to changing present outmoded policy to one t{ 2 __._ .. this year, particularly If you I

. of serving all customers on same.basis without segregation have arranged toe in the company !
: Usc 1mInation.'' I I JI of consul! cud prominent
oc ( Qss. ____ ._ ..._ Personalities ':'t'UBe! on your 1
In his letters to the NAACP J ";:r tcs on the 22nd. ;
loosl'1.efIden., leader re- '- ir !en surprise
I .' .' r J .
Pa1ed that the Association: "standa ready, upon request, to -.ree: may be made which you ,
4i f'nd any of the young people who may become inTelved BQRN :"_ sh"uldonslc'rr ?n1pt '--Uh ""so mArs 1

'. tin the police or in court aciios as a result of tbidr partI-]I I _v" :-ct t. alacrity. It may mean a. better 11rNA'fKiN" D OF PRESS A Gemr'
: '(d : !on in this mavomaz&" WHh BAttoawida support, ho position, and increased pay. ARe.// ,,: .-
f .
." : 'I. .1 ,' -
i ," ..: '-this student movement will succeed. 9-10-22-17-24-012 .
protest -- -- -* ....... .- -- c II1"iT'". Fbf rN S'.<<

I -



.... -- '
l. ''' _. ---7 "
.. ; '
.' -.. \

\ "
.. .. .l_. -
.. ... '
: .. _, .

Sunday j _April' 17, 1960 THB FL* BDA STAB, .... nr.

-. .
--------- --:- .
--- -

-r ABOUT ''f'

I I Socially Speaking r *,+T PEOPLE WeddingAPPLICATION FOB Bell

Soror S. Eloise Brooks Gram-
mateus. attended the executive
The YWCA Ladies Sewing Cen- for this occasion wil be Misses meeting of the Phi Delta Kappa
Johnny Roberts 1324
ter held their annual Houseon I Myrtle
Open Josephine Biggins, Joyce Whig- National Sorority recently In Ave., 22 and Doretha Woods 1627
April 14 at the Y, 682 W. 8th Washington D. C.
ams Patricia Simmons Carmen Myrtle Ave., 23. #
Street. Attractive dress and house- -. .

hold pieces were displayed by the Twiggs, Thelma J. Henry, Deloris i i Chas.Vllson.. 84 Lovett St..

students. Henry Cheryl Bright. Elizabeth I St. Augustine Fla. 25 and Sara
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Lee attended
Miss Joyce Varnetta Baker.daug.hter i Alford Barbara Easter Bennie >. > -i'f a family reunion and visit-- Jones 1017 W. 31st St., 22.
of Mrs. Anna R. Baker Irving Georgia Ann Walker Pa- : "u, .
tricia Rankin ? t .h4' f .P ed with their cousins Mr. and Robt. Spearman. Jr. 224 K.
has been named "Volunteer of Doris Rankin -
.11, yo Mrs. Douglas Anderson and Mr. Union St.. 27 and Eula Cal-
the Month" because of her faith- Olga Christopher Barbara :Mc- \
t r. and Mrs.. Ralph Williams, Sr., in vin, 1444 E. 30th St. 26.
ful service rendered to the Brews- Clin, Evelyn Johnson Gloria Glover Cocoa. ,

ter :Methodist Hospital. Almaria McClain, Ceclia A t
Henry Pee. Jr.. 1227> West
Miller and Marylyn McClain: .
e e Monroe St., 20 and Jeraldine Cutlers -
Mesdames Erlena Edwards, Peri-
The combined choirs of St. Paul I dine Smith Emma Watkins, Flos t. Mrs. Alpha Hayes Moore, direc- 1227 V2 f W. Monroe St.. 16.:

AME Church will tor of the Glee Clob' of New Stan-
a -
i sie McLendon, Leonara Lee; Nathaniel Cicero Bell 1564 Spearing St..
I Easter Cantata entitled "The ton Senior High School has been .
Love, Walter Henry nr" 19 and Louise Green, 3824 Franklin -
Cross and The Crown", under the Richard Henderson. : authorized to serve as organizing St., 19.'Villie .
direction of Prof. A. N. Green -. chairman of Modern Music Masters -

Sunday night at 7 o'clock. Music Tryone Williams, Mrs.. Alice ; for the Florida State Music Green 1324 Fairfax St.,

I lovers and friends are invited. Griffin, Mrs.. Alice Smith and TRAFFIC'SURVEYORS-The' County and State Road Department Educators Association. age 68 and Corine Robinson 1324

Charles Martin will be featured ..',';-1 habits of local conducted a survey recently on daily Fairfax St., age 65.
residents. .
I in vocal selections. Among those serving on tn- County traffic survey are left to right) t ,
Mary Ann Pearson. Lera 'to Peele, Anna M. Hutchinson, Celia \L
Johnson Elmira Bustamate Future T. Cecil McTaggart. 1421 W. 1st
, Members of the Ministers
wives Alliance I The Hellenesians Bridge ClubI 3urcey. Gloria Best Esther S. Rahming and C. A.Villia.. Mrs. Ethel C. Spears directorof St., age 22 and Carrie Pruitt 1421

", their annual Easter will Egg sponsor Hunt I, met recently in the home of Mrs. the Ete De Art School of W. 1st St., age 27.

I Evelyn Barnes, 1712 Calhoun St. Modeling, appeared as guest
April 18 at 5 pjn. in the home of :i Engagements mod-elln the Palm Sunday Fash- John D. Bell. 2164 Talledaga '
The theme "April Showers"
Rev. and Mrs. H. II. Robinson, carried out in the bautiful decor-was De aths& Funerals r ion Show in the Terrace Ballroomin Rd., age 22 and Helen M. Curry.

1110 W. 8th Street.A ation and gifts of umbrellas were AnnouncedMr. Newark. 1 710 Mars-Venus Ct., age 25.
program will be presentedand
Mrs. Edith Jones of Mt. given to prize winners. S Ezekiel Brown, 1265 Hart SU'atre

Sinai will be guest soloist. and Mrs. Ollie Ellis announce i 26 and Ethel M. Bell, 1820 ;
Prices were won by Mrs. Geral- BAILEY Willis of 1436 Davis;;:-RANT-Elder William 1C01 Lee the engagement of their Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pratt and
Mrs. Sarah L. instructor I Louisiana St., age.25. '
Stewart an dine Jones, Mrs.. Bernice Hamil- Street .
Street granddaughter Mary L. Ellis to children, Chcrye Elaine and Gregory -
in the division of Humanities ton, Mrs. Catherine Robinson, IDEAS-Louise of 1174 26th Street I
Lawrence Elvis Jones. Leroy of 5547 Lee Road are Robt. E. Johnson 1217 W. 19th
was one of se.eraljud Mrs. Leona Bennett and Mrs LAW Mrs. GOFF-Mrs. Emma
Dorothy M. tf 2412 Anderson of
visiting friends and relatives in St, 22 and Connie R Crenshaw,
es at the statewide Dramatic Venorian Schell. 7th Avenue of New Yor City 1516 Harper Street The marriage will be an event I Campo La., and Houston Texas. 5826 Ave. 8. 18. I I
Clinic at Florida A&M University. CLARK-Junior of 522 W. 21st of April 16. at 7:30 at 1459
Members present were: Mrs ALBERTIE Mrs. Mary of Route pjn. They will return to.the city May
Street Johnson Street. Friends and relatives Primas Bryant* Jr., 315 W. 18th
Joseph C. Paige and Stanton B. Claude Jenkins, Mrs. Nan Fletcher FOSTER-Earline of 1065 Lang- 1, Box 119 Lessie Florida of the couple are invited. i I 3. St 28 and Myrtiee M Jackson.

Show, members of the faculty at Mrs. Leola Dudley, Mrs. ton LaneWATSONJimmy REID-Mrs. Minnie of 10-B N. 1083 W. 22OOSt., 27.
Edward Waters College and Char- Geraldine Jones, Mrs. Bernice ,
Lee of this city Whitney Street St.
les Hamilton Mrs. Catherine Robinson Augustine. The Rev. and Mrs. George W. Ernest Waters 631 W. 16th St.V48 ,
Wells a student represented JOHNSON
;-Mrs. Marinda Fagenof
the college and Senior Day activi- Mrs. Leona Bennett, Mrs 1217 N.E. 8th Avenue, Gaines- ALTON-trrs. Rosa. L. of 914 W. E. W. C. Holds Crockett and son had as their 1 and Bertha Wheeler 621 West

ties at Peck High School Fer- Carolyn Washington, Mrs. Pearl ville State Street. house guest their sister Mrs. 16th St., 44.

nandina Beach. Miller Mrs. Vermell McCone. Miss McFADDEN-Rev. Toney of 1576V. j Drama Auditions Elizabeth Crockett Thorgood of I ,1

Margaret L. Williams. GREEN-Tommie of 6278 Avenue Laurel, Delaware and a friend I
\ 12th StreetLIBRARY "B". Tryouts are being held for rolesin
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Bell- "Black Menagerie" which will, Mrs. Rose M. Shockly of Baltimore LEAGUE GUILD

inger hosts to t membersof LOGAN-Nathaniel be Md. I
were e of Mobile presented this month at Ed- HOLDS MEETINGMiss

the Royal Art Social Club recently Alabama. ward Waters College. 555, '5 I

at their home, 2018 Cleveland SUNDAY TEAS WEEK Edna Moses President of
JONES-Mary of 1031Vest The play is the seventh major the newly formed Urban League
The Gladiola Ladies will spon- Mr. and Mrs. Arnett Grifin of
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, Toronto sor their annual tea. April 24 from CELEBRATED'Wake Church Street. I dramatic presentation to be pre- 1263 W. 28th Street motored to Guild announced that the Guild I

Canada, were guests. They are 4 to 6 pjn. at the Wilder Recrea- up and Road" sign.- SIMMS-Martha of 603 Odessa sented at the college this season. Lake Wales to see the Passion met last Wednesday in the Afro-

the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. tion Center 3rd and Mt HermanSts. were displayed last week in the Street. Other plays have' been "Caine Play on Palm Sunday. They were American Life Insurance Company 1

Tom Staples. The club having the largest observance of National Library Mutiny Court Martial", "Portraitin acompained by Mrs. Catherine Penthouse. I

Mrs. P. E. Jones and E. B. Cox number of members present will Week TOLIVER Mrs. Rosa of 1544 W. Black," directed by V. W. Walters Hardy, Mrs. Ethel Wright and Miss Moses stated that the iI
will talented students ina 25th Street.JENKINSBaby. Guild had successful meeting
present a very -
receive "Flame Maxie Bolders. I
a prize. This celebration was launched ; and "Glad to be .
Dance Recital at the Strand and they are well on their
April 1958 by the National Book Vaughn Bernardof Dead, directed by Calivn Hern- .
Theatre April 29, at 8 featuring way to plan many activities that
p.m. ) ton "A t
f Christmas
; Pageant directed -
Committee: and the American 107 N. 10th St., Fernandina.
creative dances and I will help to improve the living
? cos Library Association to acquaintthe by Mrs. Elma Minor, and Our sick and shut-ins: Lawton\
I tumes. Dancers will include Sandra conditions in Jacksonville. She ,
: :Members of the-Woman's Socierty public with the'procedures and WALKER-James B. Walker of "The Apostle of Freedom" directed Williams 2920 Bethel' Court I
Milton Yvonne Mitchell Elvis of Christian Service of Ebene- 2316 San 'I also made the announcement, that
I Diego Road.
available material in the public by Mrs. Sarah Stewart.Mr. Southside; Mrs. Eliza Johnson,,'
I Davis, Stafford Thomas, John zer Methodist. Church will spon- libraries. 229 Elm Street; Mrs. Nellie B. I on April 20, 1960 there will be a

I Houston, Florida Herring Fred- sor an Easter Tea Sunday in the SIPLIN-Sam of 1209 W. Beaver. Walters director and con- Smith 730 W. Beaver Mrs. Geneva very important meeting, where the ', .
Some books of interest that can : .,
erick rinkney, David Thorpe, social hall of the church. sultant of Drama at EWC will Guild will have a "sip and 1at..i.t': '
be found on your library .shelves WALTHOUR-Willie of Fernan- Dupree 116 Davis St.; Mrs.
direct "Black session. She all ladies in
Woodrow Nathan Donald Berr- Menagerie urges
are: Choosing A Career In A dina Beach, Florida. Katie. M. Brown 1641 W. 22nd
inger, Earl Harris Benjamin Jacksonville who are interested in
Changing World by Virginia Street; Mrs. Hattie Balcon. 1131E.
.. FrazIer, Gregory Jones Frank GREEN Tommie of 6278 Avenue doing something constructive in
Usher Board No. 1 of Mt. Ararat V e e d e r Westervelt Librarians Union Street; Mrs. Eula Graham -
"B". helping to improve living condi-
Morene and M. Jackson.
Baptist Church will sponsor a Wanted: Careers In Library Serv- Brewster Hospital; Robert
ContestMasons tions in Jacksonville for its citizens -
Pretty Hat Tea Sunday at 4 pan ice by Adrian A. Paradis. Lois THOMPSON-Eugenia Thompsonof Morse 1174 W. 6th Street; Mrs.
Circle 4 of the WSCS of please attend this meeting
Simp- In the educational building. Lula Thomas, 1029 W. Church;
Thornton, Librarian by Rita G. 1482 Steele Street. To and make it a must.
son Methodist Church extends an Sponsor
Mrs. Lula Blocker 245 Lewis St.
Brady and The First Book of RICHARDSON-Baby Robert Anthony ;
will be awarded TIle Urban League Guild is an
invitation to the public to attend Three prizes '
Mrs. Zanders 1924 Myrtle
Public Libraries by Clarence R. of 128 Mays Street. Oratorical ,
the Spring Fashion Show, April to the persons wearing the most Graham. Avenue; Mrs. Lucille Purcell 1831 affiliate of the Jacksonville Urban

20 at 8 pjn. at the church. Models attractive hats. The Royal Arch Masons of BIsbee Street; Harold Ferguson League it serves as an interpreter,
Visit your library often!
and assistant to the late
Florida vrill the
sponsor third 1458 Grothe Street; Mrs. Hattie
Cotillion Mothers annual Oratorical Contest April Jackson W. 12th Street; Mrs. Anyone who is interested In becoming I
: NS Girls Attend 18 at 8 pjn. in the auditorium of Louise Flowers 1351 W. 5th St.;

COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER Honored By Zetas the Masonic Temple 410 Broad Joseph Sims 314 Lee Street; Mrs. contact Miss Edna Moses or (
THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'SISSUE. State Convention : Street. Phone' the Jacksonville Urban
The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Dosia Preister, 605 Davis Street; Leagueuconcerning information.
Three students from New Stan- Mrs. Selena Natiel 1038 E. 1st
.house was the scene of a : The contestants, all prospective
ton High School along with theirfacuIt.y June graduates will represent the Street; Mrs. Adline Scurry 448
ful organization and delight-I Street Mrs Esthel Harris Knights To Hold
sponsor represented the eleven Masonic Districts of the Tyler ;
Parsley Biscuits and Savory SteakServapiping school at the 1960 State Conven- party honoring the state. 2222 Myrtle Avenue; Mrs. Ruth

tion of the New Homemakers of participants in the Junior Deb I Watson, Tyler Street; and Mrs. E. 69th Session

Florida A and M University. The Cotillion which is to be given on Participants besides the con- Washington 1117 W. 12th Street. Union Grand Commandery 22. I

America held March 24-26 at May sixth. testants are: Glee Clubs of Ed- Magnanimous Order of Knights

tudents attending this three day The Get-Acquainted party was ward Waters College, New Stan- z I Templar of the Commonwealth of

confab were Edith Home Wil- given on March 29th and was attended ton and Matthew Gilbert High Florida and Bahamas, will meet

: hemenia Riley and Sandra Hollo- by 35 mothers and. guard- Schools, the Union Gospel Singers 5t.urkDeliveries I April 18 In the Sixty-ninth Annual ...
and the Mt.
; Ararat Male Chorus.
ians of the junior deb tmites. Ba- Grand Conclave in the Com-

!+ aT way.The theme of the annual convention i sileus Ella L. Jones who pre j' William B. Stewart, Charles F. I mandery Room of the Masonic

4 r was "Blueprint for Ac- sided over the meeting intro- James Charles D. Brooks. I Temple, 410 Broad Street Sir' t tI

tion" and the entire program for duced Soror Alpha H. Moore, gen- The program is being presentedby i iI I Rudolph Bradley Rt. Em. O. .

this annual affair was full of well eral chairman of the 1960 Cotillion the Educational Committee of I'Commander presiding working ,

i. planned activities in the interest who gave specific informa- Royal Arch Masons. of Florida. APRIL 1-7, 1960 j'I under the protection of M. W.

of the many high school students tion concerning the presentation. Members are the Rev. A. E. Union Grand Lodge of Florida

who attended each session according Crumady, chairman; the Rev.,F. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton'.James I F&AM: Inc., and Its Jurisdiction.

to Mrs. Snyder, who also Delicious refreshments were D. Riehardson C. A. This JamesA. 1612, E. 25lh. Street Boy i The Grand Commandcrry will be /' !

reported that Edith Home was served. The social guests hour enjoyed a their delightful Hawkins of Jacksonville; C.-P. Mr.. and. !Mrs.' Walter G. Berks, Bulled: to oraer yt 9 njn. by Sir' 'I
elected as vice-president of Sec- Hilton Br D;juty E. G. Cmmand -
3w organization. Bently of>i" Miami; Prof. P. E. 942 Broad,Street, Boy., ": >
ticn.. B of this '"'"5an'r."cTest : > Williams, treasurer of Leesburg; : r, who wilt conduct. the I"i

'.. ct : acco'int of this ccn- Officers of the mothers groupare Dr. Gilbert Sorter of Tallahassee Mr.and.*L'," .rbarfleJl Bryant !!'i 'opening: service ..

CI.l..1_,::..<: ill Is oth-?'"5 attendedMa : Mrs. Ruth Wilson, president; find Dr. L. B. Childs of Jackson 5729 :MariroiU Read, Boy. 1| The:session, wnt close! at tta

b7 _'' :"-"ts from New Stanton will i Mrs "Florence Johnson Vice-pres- ville. "- Thomas Lewis I j{I will of the Ri ht lininent Grand ,.
Mr. and Mi;s.;
Biscuits be hirer nw special representativesthe identI1s.. Pauline Marshall Co mano>r. t
; hot Parsley and Savory Steak seen-they're fine ; 221 Osceola Street Girl.
eating. If your family likes bhcrtts with gravy,there's.plenty of both. :>cho-J auditorium designed secretary; Mr$.. Lillian Ford, assistant -

What could be better than Savory Steak and feather-light Parsley.Biscuits? during the assembly program In "secretary;, Mrs. Juanita Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Bell. Jax Seniors '-
Gently simmering the steak with vegetable! juice,onions and mushrooms brings for this purpose. "
t .Williams 'reporter; Mrs. Rebecca 705 Court-I, Blodgett Homes Boy.
out su h hearty flavors N1 Takes I ..
cues ern
Bakcd-potatoes.a hot vegetable! ,a crisp green salad,and beverage complete Principal Brooks recently informed Foster: ,chairman of the, social Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson At Tuskegee "
the main ou se.For dessert,try puigerbrcad or spice cake squares topped with the members of the.school GirL I
ice cteant ; chairman for the Part In Field Day 815 Court D, Blodgett Homes
Biscuit'bakirig with enriched self-rising flour Is easy.The flour contains just staff and faculty that each mothers; .of Fernandina and Calla- Mr. and Mrs. -Willie Herschell Attend MeetMisses

the right amounss of baking powder and salt to give light, delicious biscuits faculty, staff member I dlor'st han; and Mrs: Alma Jenkins cal- The Business Education depart- 1956 West 4th Street Boy. Irma Jean McIntosh and
time. Besides/biscuits also give your family a good measure of calcium,
every dent who has the i
represented of
ment Nortflwestern
food iron and three essential B-vitamins. endar chairman of Starke, Florida. High School 'Mr. and Mrs! Freddie Butler Venita Mazeke, seniors at Tuske- :-
.. '. school at any school connected participated: in the second annual t.
PARSLEY BISCUITS AND SAVORY STEAK '. ....III-' ;:; affair wouldL be given ample time Guests who were registered by Bur'ness Educational Fid Day Box 534 Green Cove Springs. gee Institute in education and

SAVORY STEAKi ... and an opportunity to report on i Sorors Ozora Schell and Ella L. at Duval Vocational School. Fla., Boy. I biology, respectively recently attended .

2 pounds round steak, cut V teaspoon pepper -J.- such activities in order ,to bring Jones were: MESDAMES W. D. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gibson, 112 the Region in Intercollegiate -

%-mch thick! 1 smell garlic cave,minced the entire school up-to-date as to Hies. Willie jWUliamsJ Bernard Demonstrations sand explanations South Myrtle Avenue, Boy. Associated Women Student's

y"3 tablespoons cup enriched shortening self-rising% flour Vi 1 medium cup mustrooim onion,sliced, canned thin i,. the many educational cultural Singleton, Benager Sykes, Saul of their'respective products ...Mr. 'and Mrs. Charlie Johnson. Convention at the University of .

1V, cups canned vegetable lake or fresh and professional activities attended Andrews, Leon Foster Leroy Williams were given by representatives 2903 Flanders, Street, Boy. Missouri Columbia, Missouri.

Cut steak into six equal serving pieces.Coat meat with flour.Brown In melted and participated in by William S. Kennedy Lillle from the National Cash Register Mr. and :Mrs. West Tarver. 705 March 25-27.

shortening over medium heat. Add vegetable juice pepper and garlic. Cover members of the New Stanton Mae Wright William A. Ford. Company Southern Bell Tele- Court A, Blodgett Homes Girl. Miss Mazeke 22, grandaughter
and let wmmer. After 30 minutes add onion and mushrooms. Cover and let phone Company the Royal Type- Mr. and Mrs. James Perkins of Mrs. Arnie Mazeke of 1524
school family. -Simon Foster, W. S. Johnson,
simmer about: : another hour. While steak is cooking prepare Parsley Biscuits.
.- Morris C. King Henry Slaxwel; ?:riter Company, the Comptometer 1053 West Fourth Street Boy. Evergreen Avenue' Jacksonville

PARIJ.IY BISCUITS e Dorothy Brown Booker T. Marshall Corporation and the Coca-Cola .Mr.. and Mrs. Nathaniel Pickett, Fla., heads the Associated Women

2Va! cups sifted: enrtch.d V cup hortentng BEAVER ;FALLS PA.. NEWS- Alphonso Jenkins. Harry Bottling Company. 1529 West Beaver Street Boy.Mr. I Students at Tuskegee. She is a

1 tablespoon self-rising flour sugar T tablespoon or 1 tablespoon dried minced parsley parsley flakes TRIBUNE: "Federal, state and Young, King Holzendorf, Leroy High point of the assembly wasa and_Mrs. Edward Sheppard. graduate of Matthew W. Gilbert

3 tablespoons butter %to % cup milk local expenditures are running at Lov.e, Alice Conway Archie Be- speed typing test for beginnersand 2906 Pullman Street. Girl. High School.

or margarine Melted butter or margarine $129 billion a year. That; is more I i yard Lillian Williams, Morris advanced business studentsof Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lee Brown. Miss McIntosh 21. daughter of

Sift together flour and sugar.Cut or rub in butter or margarine and shortening than one third the national product. Simmons. Wesley Herring. Lillie the city. I 730 Lena Street, Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Prince McIntosh Sr.,

until mixture is crumbly.Stir in parsley.Add milk to make a soft dough.Turnout la other words, 35 cents of every Mae Givens Norman Wiliams. Th affair was a countywide Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Brookes, of 1568 W. 16th St. Jacksonville
lightly floured board seconds. Roll I
on 30
or cloth and gently
.out H'tach thick. Cut with floured pastry biscuit cutter or sharp knife. Brush tops dollar earned in this country goes M. C. Gooch. David Andrews activity, sponsored by the Duval 1725 West 16th Street.Girl. is a New Stanton High and Edward 11

with butter or margarine. Bake on ungreased baking sheet in very hot oven(4S0tr. to help maintain government oa Lloyd Pearson Arthur Parker, and County Business Council Nathaniel Mr. and Mrs. Casey Hamm. 1306 Waters Junior College gra- -'
.) 10 to minutes.. Makes ,
about 18 biscuits. ,
all levels." Miss Helen L. Price. Davis, chairman.' Rushing Street. Boy. duate.'t +,

: .. : '5" S
: :
1 1i.
: 1
': i. :. C. ';' ", .



,. .
-'---' -

---- --. .--
( r > :.:o_ "'.?_ -.. \ -' -


.. '- t

.I .
; .
:: ,4 _. ,_ ,. .._, ::: ',_"" .
0 .
0 \
: I

Pap Poor \ TSZFLOfilDAfTAB Sunday, April 17. 1960

I St. John Baptist; Hosts 29th. Annual Cnoference Day I

.. -
REV. G. McCALL I CARD,-.. OF THANKS Mrs. Genwright
T. J I, Friendship
I -. Jt "
: To In

Dramatic Role I
G. T. McCall, pastor of I
CHURCH NEWS; i I A wide following of well-wishers AnniversaryThe
ML Vernon Baptist Church will secretary; Mrs. Rosa Mozelle ,
for the friends and the general publicare
deliver the opening treasurer; Mrs. Esther Boat-
29th Annual Conference Day wright. Dean and Rev. A. J. looting forward to the appearance -I 53rd anniversary of Friendship i.
April 28at St. John Baptist of Mrs. Louise G. Gen-
Hughes host pastor. Baptist Church will begin
Wright in a dramatic recital at
Church. April 19 and continue through
the Mt. Sinai
WEST UNION Baptist Church on
April 28 with
various ministers _
Many educational and inspir- REV. PHILLIPS ACTIVlllESDIStrict Friday Night April 22nd at 8 pjn.tn and their congregations in charge I i ._
ational topics revolving aroundthe The Rev. G. W. Phillips pastorof 8 will sponsor a trip to the church auditorium. of services.
t h .' m e "Perserverance in ] the First Samuel Baptist the zoo Saturday morning. The .x Ir Mrs. Genwright Is the wife of t I

ChhricService": : will be pre- ] Church and his congregation will bus will leave the church at 10 r McKinley Gcnvight. Sr., the |! The Rev. B. L. \V/nn of Abyssinia
centurepresentatives: : from' M render service at $t. Thomas Bap- :onion represent
per:: .' .I ,'Itl,c churches. tist Church on April 17 at 7 pjn. ajn.The Trustee Board. will meet and Lincoln Cab Drivers.' They | the morning services sponsored by 1
The Female Chorus of St. Sunday morning' following th are loyal members of St. Stephens i District 1.
General outline t>f the pro- ry Thomas will be presented in a morning worsh'p. District 5 wiT x4: xa AME Church holding offices of ( )

gram: 9:30 A.M.-Song Service musical recital April 24. The program meet Sunday morning after morning responsibility. As a missionary i April 19, the Rev. W. M. Lavant

and Formal Opening; 10:00: AM.- is being sponsored by district worship in the educational worker In the AME affiliation I of St. Mark Baptist Church and

Enrollment; 10:30: Workshop; |I 8 of the church. building.The Mrs. Genwright is director of the the Rev. F. Williams of Bethel
1:00 P.M.Dinner; 2:30 PM.- Young People's Department in the Baptist. Sweetwater will conduct
Song Service by Convention | Easter program will be pre- services. Greetings Mrs. Jessie
STUDY COURSEThe State of Florida '
lv..r.' !1'''.n; i;h to than: teacher of English -! 1
Chorus and Enrollment continued: WSCS of Ebenezer Methodist sented Sunday at 3 pjn. District at Isaiah Mae Mattey.
kind Blocker
his rn:l1:' ; }> :p f tr their School, a
3:00: P.M.Reports from Boards n y., Church will conduct a study 11 will meet Sunday at the homeof consideration: : shown during his : soror of Phi Delta Kappa Soror- i April 20, the Rev. R. L. Wilson
and Counsels; 3:30: P.M.-Inspirational I course, under the direction of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Zellen 340 confinement in Brewster Hospital. -: ity, a charter member of A. L. 1 I and congregation of West Friend-

Address; by Mrs. M. K ; i:1T |i Hattie I. James, April 25-29. The Nixon Street. District 8 will pre- He is now at home, 1630 V7. .Lewis YWCA an active associate : ship Baptist Church will have
Gibson; 3:45: P.M.-Echoes, State course will be centered around sent Mrs. Ruth Fedd and Billy in the Twelve
I 2nd Street an i doing fine. Links Cine Club !1 charge of services. Greetings, Dea-
'President Mrs. H. B. Miller and : A lr. TLr: iueIc= T He". "Africa" end: will begin at 7:30 Walker in an after service pro- 1 and 6hairman of the membership I''con Monroe Patterson.

President J. C. Sams: 5:00: P.M.- l J. -.,-, .. ..itn Fa-.'e'trv,,A, N. C., ', p.n. gram Sunday night. ] 'I"'i.1"f: ) I committee of the Negro Youth
Youth Hour with Miss Joyce J .. ...- H :
| announced that he is a candidate p a I. \1 1 r rAd\isory Council. April 21, the Rev. J. M. Dixon

Daniels, president in charge; 7:00: I Zion Church, subject to the gen- t, REVIVAL MEET j i,i. BAPTIST Ac r+L-': : .1 ..,J., -ve The artist's natural ability, ; and congregation of Mt. Olive
PJLI.-Sacred Drama: -"The Challenge ual conference. He is pitching Revival meeting will be held at I SWETFIELO charm an t. poise was discovered Primitive Baptist Church. Greet

of the Cross". n''> <" :np: gn on the expansion of 1 the Mt. Gaiem Baptist Church. The annual Easter egg hunt for "International Day" will be observed while she was a student at Ed- ;, ings.. Shirley Black.

Officers: Mrs. M. L. Johnson, rr t'le bishopric of the A.M.E. 1:43V.. 22nd. Street through Swectfield Baptist Church will be I Saturday at 11 am at ward Waters College. Slio received
president; Mrs. Bessie Hill recording ; :'13 i.r.-:;&:tjon-the conversion .April 17th. I' held Monday at 5 pjn. on the I Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist further training from a noted i I April of 22 the Rev. A. F. Dum-
mings West Union
secretary; Mrs. Beatrice greens to the faith :and a Rev. D. J. Sams of New Hope church-ground. I Church. Heading this observance French actress while studying at ; Baptist.
closer Ipok at the expenditures. Baptist Church at :Marietta, will i will be the presentation of the Columbia University. She possesses Church will have charge of <* iiVxces. "-
Hawkins, financial
: 'I
; ... deliver The Easter program will be presented "Old World" by the women of the I Greetings, Arthur Bn>wni .
Mary Washington corresponding H2 .sc itly] ;vat::: to Fayetteville, the sermons for this re- I dramatic talent worthy of pro- i
iff"" a successful pastorate in i val b';' he Sunday School De- i church. fessional note. Her pleasing personality April 25, the Rev. A. Andersonand

..:..,_cstr3.: C. He :'s proud of I i i Joartment Sunday at 3 p.m. with I Guests soloists en the programw keen remembrance excellent congregation of Bethlehem
she feat that ho has hcM pastorates I \ rhVERSAHY SET I i t Mrs. Johnny Bennett in charge. ,11 oe ).1-''. Al*, 'nr Aan<*.er. decorum and fine sense of
throughout the. connection.He : The Ebonetts Social Club will Prayer meeting: for the revival and Stanley Ctlcaj cf C. :cago, humor will captivate any audi Baptist Church will conduct scr-

District is considered a liberal. Mrs. observe its anniversary May .1 at. will begin April 25. Preaching wf Illinois. Other participants will include ence. t vices. Greetings. Mrs. Peggy
Emma B. Watson his wife 3 jn.-in Mt. Zion begin May 2 with the Rev. J. W. I |I Hartsfield.
servedas I p Baptist Church.A Mrs. Vernon Robinson, Mrs. The Women's Auxiliary of Mt.
Conference To cxecutivesecretaVoman's program will be presented- Frison in charge of services. Aldonia Joyner, Mrs. Julia Walker Sinai cordially invites the public I April 26, the Rev. E. HT: Simpson -

Home and Foreign Missionary the occasion. Brown, Mrs. Esther Rahming, to. hear this talented dramatic and congregation of Zion
In -vc.cty; far: sight 5ears.CANDIDATE I and Mrs. Gloria Cr mpler. reader. Hope Baptist Church will drive

CHURCH NEWS charge of services. Greeting, Dea-
Mh Pisgah AMEThe .'" ZION HOPE Bethel Baptist der H. M. Barker, pastor of j 1I I II con Simon Brown.Refreshments .
: : II the church, will deliver the
East Jacksonville District .. Rev. E. R. Simpson, pastor of Male Chorus 1
Zion Singers will be served at
Conference will convene Mt. I Hope Baptist, will deliver
in .,
Pisgah AlChurch, Federal ''. ':' Ithe''I sermon for the early sunrise Plans AnnualObservance young adult choir will fender I the close of Session.
..' ,. I several selections. ; T! (' Appear More
Point April 20-21 with the Rev. 6 4t :': Easter services beginning at 5 ajn. .
A. J. Dayley as presiding elder !1 The annual Easter program will Invitations have been extendedto ; The Caravan Singers of Chicago -I

and the Rev. W. L. Austin, host [ be presented at 3:30 p.m. BTU at I The Male Choir of Bethel Bap- the faculties of the Duval Illinois, will appear at the
tl 5:30 pjn. Evening i Elks Auditorium, 712 W. Duval tended to all singers, singing
pastor. worship : tist Institutional Church, Hogan County Schools and the public to ( I
pjn. Choirs 1 and 2 will serve and Caroline street, will observe attend this program. I I Street April 24 in celebration of I groups and the public to attend.
The service April '20 begins at M r along with Usher Boards 3 and 5. its second anniversary April 24 in the fourth anniversary observanceof 'I' One of the main features of the
10 ---- ---- : observance will be the coronationof
a.m. with the Rev. \V. L. Aus- the auditorium of the church.. .I the Biven Specials and Jacquelyn -
tin in charge. First hymn, the EVERGREEN BAPTIST A special program has been The Male Choir is under the Inez Fort, as special guests. I the king and queen, which will

Rev. H. A. Hankins; prayer, the Services for Sunday will begin planned featuring a special chorusof direction of Mrs. Andrew D. Mar- Local groups appearing will be I precede the musical presentation.
Rev. Ernest Brouner; selection with the Sunday School at 9:30 members from Bethel and various tin, music instructor in the Duval the Angelite Singers. the Gospel Contestants are Lee Johnson
choir; scripture, the Rev: H. Hol- churches of the city comprising County School system and Deacon Echoes, and the Golden Jubilee\Benjamin F. Reed Claudette Gilbert -
lis Hooks; decalogue the Rev. K. t a.m.Morning worship 11 ajn. Com- a mixed group. Rudolph W. McKissick. Singers. Invitations have been ex- and Vonderia Daniels.
S. Sneed; missionary offering, the munion service will begin at 2:30''

Rev. B. C. Williams; sermon + : p.m. The Easter program will be .. / ,
hymn, the Rev. B. J. Williams k presented at "
; the close of the service yn / \ .
sermon, the Rev. Anthony Jackson < a with Mrs. Mary Pierce, sup- J/ "
: invitation, the Rev. C. E. erintendent presiding. I' ., \
Jenkins; communion, the Rev. B. FOR HIGH .. ." s .,

J. Williams, the Reverends C. E. CHURCH OFFICE-The Rev. J. SECOND BAPTIST j

! Toston, T. E. Shehee, J. W. Jones W. Wactor, pastor Greater Hood The Rev. J. C. Sams, pastor of \

f H. H. Hooks; organization, offering Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church, Second Baptist Church,' will deliver "

I finance committee; doxology *TOTIT york City. is one of the the sermon for the sunrise ',

t benediction. ministers of the denomination service on Sunday.

wbr is c*kin!! to hold the highest The Sunday School begins at
At 3:33: pjn, the pastor's council -
t nffice available-the bishopric. He 9:30: ajn. with C. M. Vaught and
and rc:'orts. Thp Rev. Mr.
Hors will lfinLst hoops to be elected at the forth- Lucius Chester In charge. The
astuii, "The -
r.om'nZ' general conference that lesson "Children of the Resurrec- '
r's Rote in Our Present DaySociety.
." will be held in Buffalo, New York, tion" will be reviewed by the flwsav : : :.:; .:
.lion 4-1 R. v.:

The evening service begins at The New York pastor has maden ST. PAUL AME

T o'clock. Call to worship, the .> pnh+b'e ref....d and is believedto The Men's Day committee of ><**
Rev B. J. Williams; first hymn, have a good chance to win. S. Paul AME church will sponsora >0 ;?

\the Re7. Mr. Toston; invocation'' He is a native of North Carolina car wash April 16, from 9 ajn.
'I the Rev. Mr. Shehee; selection "id 3- rvoduct ot Llvinsrstone Col- till dark on the church grounds,
ch: lr, Mt. Zion, Hastings; scripture -\'''"- 9. He srved S. as a Chaplain In Myrtle Avenue and 13th Street. / I Si* **
the Rev. A. Jackson; deca- th" United State Army and has The Boosters club will meet j, wet : \

,, love( the Rev Mr. Sneed; missionary done a remarkable job in placing April 18 in the church basement.All 1i i /

offering, the Rev. Mr. a"vyi Church in the forefront. He persons desiring to Join the fJ

Jenkins: ermcn hymn the Rev. Attributes his success to the fine club please attend this meeting. iui i r '
}.{r. Hooks: sermon the Rev. J. cooperation that he has received .

"W. Jones; invitation, the Rev. Mr."Hankins from his wife. Hildred. who has USHERS ANNIVERSARYThe real security f": .

; offering committee: also made a wonderful contribution Friendly Westside Ushers 1. .
welcome host church, doxology to the Missionary work of Union Coral class will observe its

"btnedicUon. the church. 20th anniversary:! April 25 at 3 .
p. m. In Grant Memorial A2J2 We don Ot mean the nicest house In the bed >
The devotion at 10 a.m., April .
21 will be conducted by the Reverends : .i.iI Church.A L neighborhood the iwwefit. sleekest -JM. ..
mill be presented
rrjgram for
jSecond Baptist
B. C. Wnifcuns. H. A. t.,e ocousicu.a the right sehooli. ths rl::!ht ramp*. r
Hankins, H. S Hnrcd; sermon, Youth Presents ,
the Rev. Ernest Brenner: terttation. -I ; a We're tatting about :h Ihul of-fecurfty + x

the Her. Mt. Jenkiijs:. : offer Easter Drama"H SILVER LEAPANN1TERSARY I Z ., &ey.can't do without t. the bnd that com*
In literary reports : and
Is Risen" win be presentedby I rromlnflde.! .
Benediction. The Silver Leaf Women's Club .
the Youth Department of Secind 1

At 3 p.ra.. the devetienwin be Baptist Church, April 17 at will April observe 28 at their 8 pjn.10th anniversary in Brooks Faith.,In GoA to 6fo( In thertue Ivey. r

conducted by the Reverends James 3:30 p.m. This dram win 'eoveiChrist's :For life
Prayer House.A Is for
no fame fplritual sissies. '
entrance into Jerusalem
Ormond John Rowe, and Mrs. '
Clara Joshua. A panel discussionwill on Palm :Sunday the Crucifixion pared special for tills program affair.is being pre- -. ., Only P aith. the armor> of the tpbtt. .. ,

be held. The senior xnlsslon- and the Resurrection. /> will give them the'ttamma to meet
ary society will have charge at Members of the committees are: .
5 pjn.. with Mrs.. L M. Dayley Mrs. Emma L. Feather, 'Kiss courageously, no Maker what tt"biztl QL L .'
Clevel Cromartie, Mrs. Ruby SIn- GRACE BAPTIST 1 _
presiding. The Missionary Chau- You show
Sunday cervices win begin with I can your children _
tauqua will be held June 2223in clair. directing; Mrs. Charles Max- .
St. Paul AME Church. St. Augustine well, Mrs. G. C. Vaught. Mrs. the Easter sunrise services at 5:30 '. where to find faith how to ._ a

and the Sunday School Rosa Lee Glass music; Mrs. Lena am. Choirs 1 and 2 and Usher build dab .
ft if .
day. s
male ,
convention will convene in 'ML George. David Roundtree, Nelson Board 2 will serve. Sunday Schoolat I Y you ___ .: ,.,, .e

Zion AME Church Hastings, July Grant decorations; Mrs. Ruby 9:30 am. Morning and even- praying a family aH tr. _
27-29. Morrissette, A Heard, Jr.. narra- ing sermons will be delivered by -

tors; Mrs. Frances Rouhlac, Mrs the pastor. t "
The evening service begins at Fliz'.beth Chester. J- !"S. Mary J. The Sunday School departmentwill ,. :.;, 1 .
7:30 p.m. Call to worship, the I Jones Mrs. Aide Roundtree, Mrs. present its annual Easter exercises .i. ,oyy f
Rev. Mr. Shehee: first hymn, the I I'Minnie Weathersbee, ccstumes; at 3 pjn.,with Mrs. Lucille ; ; ,_'- ." !

Rev. Mr. Jenkins; invocation, the i George Payne Lucious Chester, A. Merritt in charge. BTU begins, at : __ S y

Hev. Mr. Jones; selection, choir, Baker, lighting; Althair Simmons, 5 pjn. with Mrs.: Adline Brown L .. ( 4f
: .
St. Luke St. Augustine: scripture Charles Vaught. E. Anderson, presiding. ..... '.- : -r'- .. _. _-
the Rev. Mr. Toston-: decalogue stage: Mrs. Alberta Williams, publicity -' Monday night the Pulpit AM ; :_

the Rev. Mr. Hankins: missionary : Mrs. Roberta Hal. Mrs. and Home Mission will meet Jointly -
offering,' the Rev. S. L. Austin Ruth Bryant Mrs. Annie Burnett with the presidents in charge.

: : sermon, hymn the Rev. B. properties.Mrs. District 3 will meet Tuesday nightat 1 -ter

; ,J. Williams; sermon the Rev. Alean W. Tarver is the the home of Deacon Joseph d4 ..s r life r ,
"Mr. Hooks: invitation, the Rev. president of the Youth Council. .Thomas 2951 Bethel Court. WQ I 4 8i wee

Jackson; offering, committee; ob- .AME Church Friday through 9Li 0'

servations. Presiding Elder Day- Sunday. The presiding elder the /
Rev. W. ,R will conductthe IN '
.ley: resolutions, the Reverends B. P
business session Friday night. WAYMON CHAPEL c.+F
J. Williams C. E. Toston T. E.
Usher Board and Choir No. 1 will The second quarterly conference
Shehee; doxology, benediction. serve throughout toe day. will be Held air Wayman Chapel

-, L'I I

.- .,:'i' *




", :' '. \

-, :

April 17, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR- Pog, 5 I

Carson's S.hort PerformanceSeen Alpha Kappa Mu I Chester Cowart 1 l,'

I'' As Aid Election Honor Society Named Chairman ,;

Elects Officers a.doy4v. 'r. aF1 aQ Negro Fund DriveThe Accomplishment, t

I By Interstate Press INSTITUTE, W. VA. Three public schools of Duval

Although Dale Carson has held the past two years, since his appointment members of the Florida A&M County Joined with Dr. RichardV. not authorship ;I

the position of Sheriff for just to the office. University faculty were reelectedto Moore. State Chairman, Dr. 1 don't care WHO F
about three years following his Carson has noted that he has: office during the 22nd annual J s James H. Lewis County Chair- I

appointment to the job many Set up special moonshine rice convention of the Alpha KappaMu Y: man and the people of Florida to authors a ,
arson auto theft, hit-run and National Honor
Jacksonville citizens are saying Society held raise funds for the United Negro .

m they are satisfied with his per- other squads. here recently. College Fund Drive. In a meeting legislative measure

formance. Employed modern-day,laboratory-
Dr. George W. with elementary and secondary
Gore Jr. presi-
approved, crime-basting techniques only ; I
school I
principals Dr. J. ,
Carson, it appears has won dent of FAMU was re-elected Irving E.
much admiration for his recordof raids. conducting county-wide secretary-treasurer Dr. Lucy Rose Scott appointed Mr. Chester R.1 it benefits the \ ;

law enforcement in Duval Adams was named convention Cowart and Mrs. Sadie Tillis
Reduced major crime and increased .iu serve as Chairman and Coch3.lrI I people of I
County during the matter of secretary, and J. W. RIley was e
months he has served in the post arrests despite a population given another term as the organization's <. man respectively for the annual II
increase. t S drive in schools. II I
and there are strong indica- director of public rela Florida"i
tions that his modern methods Established crime prevention tions. I H !I In a subsequent meeting, Dr. I II

will bring him many votes from bureau which cooperates with Scott Mrs. Tillis and Mr. Cowart
parents school officials and coun- Other officers elected were: Dr. organized the
persons who feel that training in I A DOUBLE FIRST was scored this week when Mrs. Mae McCracken public schools into i
selors in assisting juveniles with Walter Ridley Elizabeth City and
law enforcement and detection I on left scholarship committee chairman presented the first Nation- groups named Mrs. Roosevelt 4 I
their problems. Teachers' College, president; Geo. Madison .
win benefit Duval County. wide Hotel Association scholarship check to Miss Mary Bourke Presi- H. James Greene L. B.
Praised by the State Auditor for David, Central State College vice- dent of the Lewis Hotel Training School in Washington, D. C. This Jackson: : H. W. Jenkins, John I f

Since Carson announced the excellent budgetary operations, president; Rufus Sanders Lemoynne was also the first time in the 44 year history of the Lewis School thata Morris and Mrs. Estelle Lovingood F11I ;!

opening of his campaign head- including proper accounting of all College assistant secretary; scholarship has been made available by an organization. Interested ,: as group leaders. The committee }

quarters at 111 West Forsyth and collections, adequate and well- Robert Hard Hampton Institute applicants should contact: : Mr. Theodore R. Hagans, Jr., President of set a goal of $2500 and April 18thas
I I1di8
issued a call for volunteers who kept records and expendituresNot and Harold Vincent Grambling NHA c/o New Dunbar Hotel, 2015 15th St., N. W., Washington, D, C. the final date for the report
are interested in seeing efficient in excess of budget appropri- College were elected to the executive Mrs. Simmie B. Raiford acting I

law enforcement in Duval County ations. I council. principal of Darnell-Cookman i

Arrested kingpin pornographers. Several scholarly presentationswere I Elementary School, and her staff
i Favor
Established the VFW Auxiliary made during the convention. Many Clyde SimpsonTo have set the drive in motion by 4 r

Patrol. Among which were the following: making the first report in the

Sent Ills men to the FBI National J. C. Evans, one of the founders, Remain As Tax CollectorBy amount of $236.ATTENTION. C

; Academy. National Training Cen- Civilian Assistant to the Secretary ---------

i&w ter of Lie Detection, Treasury Department of Defense spoke on "Alpha Kap- Interstate Press |'r LADIES j

.. Agent's School (Illegal pa Mu In Retrospect"; Dr. U. W. I A series of interviews with Jack- high in their praise for the bUSI- Bridge & Social Club t 1

C whisky). State Arson Detection Leavell of the University of sonville citizens gave every indication nesslike manner in which he has Reporters B

School, Auto Theft School UnIversity ginia discussed "Alpha Kappa Vir-I that a large segment of :, handled the monies for the different Send or Mail i I

of North Carolina Jail;. in Prospect"; and Dr. the voters favor.Clyde H. Simp- i departments of the County Your Social News i GOVERNORPAID .

Administration School Conferenceon Davis, president of Phi Kappa i son for the post Tax Collector. Government and add that hand- Mondays To

sSi Corrections at Florida State Phi president Winthrop Col- ling of the county's funds requiresa FLORIDA STAR POLITICAL ADV "T1SaMUI1' I
University and others.In lege discussed "the Future of It has been pointed out that man with experience and in- 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13ih: i I

the past year ((1959)), the Duval'' honor societies in American uni- Simpson has for a number of'' tegrity. ..
versities." The theme of the con years operated the tax office as I
County Patrol serviced 65,509 calls i, Based on his past performance a Judge you expect these qualities PERSONAL
I vention was "Alpha Kappa Mu: well as the auto tag office with I : 1
-or almost the total number of i Duval residents appear -reluctantto LEGAL TRAINING,
Si I Retrospect, Introspect, and Pros- the utmost of efficiency. J
calls serviced during all of 1954j j 1 pect." change Clyde IL Simpson fora IMPORTANT .JUDICIAL TEMPERAMENT:: Elect TYRIE; A.
:rfir o 'r'l 4' i 5- G. II A number of citizens have been ,! new Tax Collector. BOYER and you will get these qualities! 1
I'sed' latest lie-detecting vices.rstabJ At an assembly of the delegates ,

'shed Sheriff's Mounted ,and the students of West Virginia FAMILY: Born Levy County .

Posse, staggered daily relief of officers i i State College, Dr. William Wallace near Will iston, Florida September '. I

in the field and set up 1 the president of the college Rey no ds1 Sincere Promise 10. 1924. :' I
the and visi-
Identification Bureau. welcomed delegates ,
the number has skyrocketed to an Has a record of arrests on clear I' tors in warm and sincere words. To'IVark FOI.il Citizens Resident of Jacksonville sincu

unbelievable figure. violation only. Dr. Charles Wesley, president of 17 years of age.

The increasing support which !!, Worked with other municipal I Central State College, was ill and' .;,
Sheriff Carson is gaining each. county state and federal agencies could not be present to give his Winning: Many Supporters Elementary and junior High: a 4 :.'

day can be attributed to the fact throughout the country for the : paper, but it was read by Dr.
I Robert Lavern Reynolds, candidate for County Commission, District School, Williston Florida
Thomas Freeman of Texas Southern -
that in his appeal to citizens he detection, apprehension and pro-
I 5, is winning hundreds of supporters each day by his sincere Graduated from Robert E. '
has pointed to his record during secution of criminal elements. University. The title of the I '"
'paper was "The Pursuit of Excel- appeal to voters in Duval County. Lee High School, Jackson-
Interviews with citizens indicate ville. B. A. degree with '
lence. At the annual banquet I
, which was held on Friday night that increasing numbers of citi- Reynolds, a native of Duval Honors, College of Arts and ,Y i 1 I

---fULL Tlr 1 E Dr. Saunders Redding spoke on zens are becoming impressed with I I County is qualified to deal with Sciences University of flor- ,

/ "American Intellectuals The Pros- his pledge to work Improvementsin I county problems in such a man- ida. F 4
the communities.He f
pect before Them. ner because he has seen this com- LEGAL EDUCATION AND

Dr. and Mrs. William Wallace has pledged that: "I will ing population explosion develop COLLEGE ACTIVITIES : \

LEADERSHIP were the hosts to a beautifully not forget you after the electionsare step by step and his business experience Graduated with L.KB. degree r,

planned reception on Thursday over". He has added that he gained in Duval County with Honors. University

evening. Perhaps fitting close to will work to provide playgrounds, business circles equips him to do of Florida College of Law.

t the social side of the conventionwas fire protection and improved such planning effectively."I January 1954.

.t Elect thePeople's f...: t < .,. the dance Friday night given roads in the areas where they are feel the vision and the sense MILITARY SERVICE: U.s. Navy Flight Engineer. South Pacific

for the delegates. This was indeed needed regardless of the race or of responsibility of being a public World II.

a colorful and delightful af- color of the residents In the area.. servant starts somewhere; It justdoesn't
Man LEGAL EXPERIENCE: After graduation from Law School was
; In a recent Interview Reynoldstold i happen", said Reynolds.
associated with the law firm of Crawford & May in JAckson-
a Florida Star reporter: "Mine started
as a man
young in the firm of
ville and in January 1958 became a partner
I BOB Scholarships I For "Sound planning today Is the serving with the Fire Departmentof Crawford & May. Presently engaged in the general private prac-

only way to better government tomorrow our community. Any citizencan tice of law in Jacksonville.
Dental Students Economy is a matter of have his start at the polls."
proper planning and so are the Reynolds only 36, is married to ELECT

HARRISCOUNTY Now AvailableThe needed new services and improve- the former Marie Shanks. They JUDGE OF CIVIL COURT OF RECORDPaid Pol. Ad.

ments of existing services to meet have two children.He .
State Board of Health an-
the rapid growth of Duval Coun- is a member of the South-
nounced today that May first is
ty. Through such planning these side Methodist Church Graves
the deadline for receiving appli-
can be supplied by present taxes I Sunday School Class, Duval Lodge
cations for the ten state dental
because waste will be eliminated. I'No. 159 F. & A. M., Morocco
scholarships which are awarded
COMMISSIONER This statement from Robert I Temple Riverside Chapter 218,
I each, year to students who willagree
Lavern Reynolds came shortly Order of the Eastern Star Jack- The SEAFOOD CenterCorner
to practice in Florida communities -
after he had qualified at the court sonville Board of Realtors Jack-
which have no dentist at
District 1 house as a candidate for County sonville Chamber of Commerce
the present time.
Knows the people Has the vision Each year the Florida State Commissioner District 5. It aptly San Jose Country Club, YMCA
expresses his practical approachto i and the Methodist Church Building Myrtle Ave. And Shad Reo
Knows the needs Has the experienceYour Board of Dental Examiners in the political issues 'at hand. Association.
with the State Boardof
vote for BOB HARRIS will put a full time public cooperation scholarships to ___ t I
servant in office. Bob Harris is not running to GET a Health grants MEDIUM MULLET Lb. 20c

job he is running to DO a job! financial ten worthy assistance students to who meet need the Dennis Dingle's Platform ROE MULLET Lb. 29c

costs of studying dentistry. Each SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 35c

BETTER SEWAGE FACILITIES! scholarship award may be for as Of "Equal Justice" Seen ROE SHAD Lb. 39c
thousand dollars per
(Paid Political Ad) much as one RED BASS For Baking Lb. 32cSPECKLE
for as four years.
as many
year D TROUT "Chicken of the Sea" Lb. 49c
These grants are maito in an Winning Many Supporters

effort to provide d m'-3t& tar Florida CAT FISH ._ ...._ --- ,_U>. 49c
-- ---- -
that he wig treat his office public tnri
His declaration as a .
t = CLYDE H. JMPSCJ1the 11 I ccirinun Lies which have aon**. "with equal Justice for all" is winning many supporters for Dennis: LARGS FLOUNDER __,__Lb. 49*
t.enttSR I so Kided l in taar! ec.lea; ; ;
i Dmge who is seeking elecflcn to the office County Solicitor.
tide acre to smre: in f.Uch: a com.auaty -
SEEKS A growing number of Duval FBZE PJUOOV9 HBC
fifteen months for each
cttlacra are becoming .convinced here fine his graduation frca

f Over years the people of yoar are: not of scholarship'employed provided.by the state They that Dennis Dingle would be best John B. Stetson Law College in THE SEAFOOD CENTER

I suited for the important post of 1952-
Duval County have kad the but serve their communities inptlvatd
County Solicitor by virtue of the A veteran of World War XT having I
opportunity to and judge pracUce. he Is seeking Aft. ort .u- ftcM EL t-HSU
see The committee makes its rtf- sincerity: with served in the 17. B. Navy .

I the manner 'in .thich their, commendations to the State Board support in his bid for election to Dingle is seen as a brilliant young
the office. lawyer sympathetio and understanding -
business haVbeeS Handled by of Health after careful 'consideration __ I
; and capable of tempering -
of each applicant's scholastic Citizens who are aware of tfie I

me and toy1 ,'efficient office record. character and need. possibility of collusion between the justice with kindness and coa- You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
and Isaiah Blocks James Weldon I
force-both in the tax office They select students consideredmost Solicitor's office
'... worthy of aid and most practicing criminal law are heart- Johnson Washington Junior High
J and the auto tag office. likely to be of the greatest serviceto ened by Dingle's statement that Band from Pensacola Charles R. LOW PRICES !

Based upon the services rendered a rural community.The he win not "enter into any partnership Drew High Band Winter Garden;

announcement said that nor allow any of my assistants Phyllis Wheatly High Band Apop-
the courtesy and effi
; application forms may be obtained to enter partnership with ka; Central Academy Palatka; On Your

ciency of my office persOnnel. from the Bureau of Dental any attorney' practicing criminal A. L. :Meban High Alachua;

the trustworthiness honesty Health. ,State Beard of Health. law. Campbell Street Daytona Beach;

Box 210. Jacksonville 1. and must Realizing that improper investigation Euclid High, Deland; Eustis Vocation DRUG STORE NEEDStrade
[ as and integrity proven over the
High, Eustis.
be completed and returned to that of cases can often lead to

.l, past several years. I am asking office by May first. a miscarriage of justice and result II Monroe High Band.. Cocoa; With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
in trials that are costly to ,Carver Heights Leesburg; Hung-
i you to re-elect me to the very I sideration. ANY PRICES ADVERTISED
4w., 0 S taxpayers many Duval Countians WE WILL MEET

J important office ef Duval are impressed by the young at- IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS I

County Tax Collector. Practically all of the monies for the different; S torney's'foresight in pledging full I MAN IS HELDIN
I departments of County Government handled I We Also Fin AH Doctors' Prescript***
are by me as your II Send Your New. [investigation of all cases. fVe Deliver -
collector. IT IS BIG BUSINESS and and or Bring
experience dependability -
my I Citizens who have seen the turmoil SHOOTINGi
I is valuable to the electorate of our county. Only last year ,I In To TheFLORIDA ,( I
over 25 million dollads that has existed in the i
was collected and distributed to various ,
agencies-: all of \tfiich-in the words of the State Auditor were I Solicitor's office over a period of turpentine worker Dixie.' Pharmacy
'f 4 property> accounted for and my records were adequate and weB kept years and the hardship that many was held for the fatal shootingof
Trust and dependability is not just promised-both have to .
have suffered due to the
persons a at Bunnell tavern last
man a
be earned and I believe I have done so. Office & Plant 103 KINGS BOAD afMTBTLE AVENUE ,
slow processing of cases are eagerto Saturday.
2323 MONCRIEF RD see a man of Dingle's ability Sheriff Homer Brooks said Jesse

t ACTIVE HELP RE-ELECTING. ME Near 13th Street elected so that he could put: the Love. 19. was being held in the WATER AND TELT ;: j
f TAX COLLECTOR house In order. fatal shooting of Thomas Oliver.
Born: and4 reared in Jacksonville 29, a truck driver who was slain PHONE ,31LfcS AT OUR STORE j
(Paid Political Advert1se.enU't I I .. .
i r: ._ I
Dennis Dingle hair practiced law during an argument at the tavern.

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,'''- ,. ', ,- 3 al, .r -' jSunday
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Sunday, April 17, 1960
PRIEST RIVER IDAHO BAPCALATJREATE EXESCISES LOOK PRAYER CHANGES Ewe Announces '" Music, Child Philosophy Materialsand .: ;'j t1-1:' i
minks it only fair to apply a withholding AT FAMU SET FOR MAY 28 THINGSAre
I Methods of Health and.PhysI- f
tax to the youngster'sallowance TALLAHASSEE The combined
you winning success and Happiness
Its Summer. cal Education in the Elementary
just so the younger gen-I baccalaureate and commencement
thru life. Are. you in need '.. and Evalu-
crati'i: c,:n 1Ct gradually accustomed I',exercises will be held at Florida of prayer God is able. Would you ProgramEdward Schools ation of Educational Measurement Growth Ele- HELP THE HOMELESS AND HUNGRY OVERSEAS! .

f> tr procedure to which A&M University, May 28 at 6 p-in.. like to have a Cress to carry In mentary School Curriculum Com-
adults ALe row hardened." I in Lee Hall Auditorium. The your purse or wear around your Waters College announces munity Recreation, History of throng the cAnuisscsrruUEFFu:3SOUTH : :: ,
speaker will be Dr. Benjamin F. neck. The price is only a $5.00 its summer school program \

e. Mays, president of Morehouse Col- bill-no COD'S. A Free gift sent with all courses offered approved Florida Groups Social American Psychology Minority, American U
with each by the Florida State De- '
cross. Send name birth Y1rAR
lee Atlanta. Government Consumer Econ- :t+
date self addressed partment of Education.The I
stamped en-
APP 1.t .
1welRleel. iii I onmics, Public School Art.
TOOTHACHE MM flit *Ct'l velope to Cross Dept..AS-244 McIntyre courses may be used toI AMECCA
If you unt' lest to Bit: :f .',!EI!/ ez(>, iCHAJEL !. Street, Savannah Georgia. work for a degree, renew certificates Nine-week courses, three hours THE WORLD 5N,cat NAJURAt.CfHE KtaOORCtSREVV.NS RICHEST AXEASOF

Otnttit.)'OU tfK thineiioA.jtt.rim add courses to face. of credit each: Communication. CNC OP THE A\OST NC4-tint THS
1lihU u neenci. GEnl e {j UP i Ml6MTS> present: certificate and extend Spanish.Vorld' Literature for VAST MAJOZTTi SUBS:5TENCE Or ITS LEVELS FEOtt.h. iJVAEEE AT -

S flni If worried by "Bladder TrVxj-3 es iOt- certificates. Children Educational Psychology.Introduction .
ting Op Nights or Bed Wetting, too Ire- 'rr
fluent, burnlaz cr Uctlne crtactlon) cr FLORIDA STARIN Various courses offered are: Six- to Education. Per- '' JT V
Strong coa.non Smelling.UlAaey all Cloudy:! Balder Urine Irritation, due to, week three hours each: Introduc- sonal and Community Health, a: .n. CATHOLIC! RELIEF SERVJCES-H.CW.O- "* **
try CYGTEX for Qtilrk hf'o, 30 years A, V A? TO THIS AREA> WAS W&HLltHTEP I
prove tafet? for you ar.d odd Ask druggist EVERY I tion to Philosophy, Fundamentalsof Principles of Guidance General LAST >EAR. YIN'ITIATIONOFAP.ELIEF /r51 ) : TvU'3fT
for. OVisi r r.:'ersntee. -' ",y-b"ck C'-ar- Art Audio-visual Aids, Principles Psychology Language Arts in-Elementary :-CA-U IN LteUC-LWAS AS OLrCM/ > ti f,
See hew fast
you 1:1prove.I COLORED HOME of Guidance. Public School / Schools Public School GROWTH> + OP TOE SASTi JS FLCCD5 &JT JJ2jl1
., \\WICH STRUOiTHS, A\ONT; VireO IEaICN. '/x' ai r i"Tte
Art, Public School Music, Methods } PROi5RA.\\CHiLE KCA\VH THE SECCS3 M JwV J
r ;:_ e3c and Materials! of Teaching Sciencein I LATEST CATHOLJCANPFWSW.UM / / / -* -i"

t'3,2t Lev.cJcwf-LL'1TT&"Sri'LL' } A f cS'7 1YiY; 6KCZY/ -' Elementary Schools Principles I I TKuOCLD jfjjp t
KEEca1CUiw iiccYdgI .+.Fra1q
T I b Jtiv/I iC1 f nA wNr'W. ,Tr rAT rc1.5? 1r ISH,G; :T Y JU I of E e.tint.w Education, General: Tr s\
tor T ttwS/ -r Matheriaao Algebra, American
i Institirnns American Civilization -
+Nc ,nuv 8of World Geography, Principlesof

I l s Economics Current Social
Problems, Introduction to Sociology : Gas
t '
Methods and Materials of : 4 ;, CARITAS ClCANtZAnCN5 IN
J Health Conservation of Natural SB-EN OF THE TEN CXR.5. _,
Resources Physical Science (four V % ; rtOCRAACOUNTRIES (
bqf 6k lk: a E FFLEAIEYL3:
hours credit) Biological SISTANCE TO
i r rr Science (4 hours credit). AN EST.\VATEO4.420.0OO j
NEAN = ,
y r, Z"c Directing Teachers of Internes ou\\\\ ,6 -i IL;, .50 MEN,1OS EN, '
..:.:; : i- J." "\\j: '.. :...:- .1 .. hi:!" ;," ''':' -;.:-'/... > :.: '- .: ..--, (one day), June 24. 1 .,1 a L'Ay'A'C \\' I 1
.. Workshop June 20-July 8, 272 ":; t1ENT5 c;? RELCPSH'RMEN CACE.CCEEDYcyCAMHrJ 'S r v
: :: iS Tcr: :N":'
; a YcPAND Isou HA! LO t AT N"r2 GtTCN,(++ti LY!I LCNqLY LX1NT 1 ANY A +SN CM Developmental Reading (3 hours ISOOOS,018 f'CtPND5
&P1PN -- '
STR''CCr' r
!tla'NOiorc credit) ASP Ve WED AT
A '" NEW
;) iE '
Cft x$4T THAT Fes'X4 6ctiSTEL'' iTNT AT TO TU\TO1.P&QUM LOT OF 1
ANP HE TWChd-- ( EVEN Sf X StQr) ,IT'S I IN S S/AALL .A'GW" WEJGNT// /, I For further information 'write X13000000.; I
2tDNT Et1G4ixa' INS wN&l vTAFTZAL1&i TWO I Dr. Forrest Oran Wiggins direc-
l J HOURS OC CIGH l il,3J S >THE Ov.lR5eA5REU6P I -
tor of Summer School, Edward Jfir0Z&ffjF3C
g E Waters College Jacksonville 9, THE NEAREST CATHOLIC. CHURCH. CS TO... -
Florida. .
4 L i 1 J
Ml f I

I L 1 1pJr Va. f 1.......!' ............-_ -__, .. ... .. "__ '..._ ... -


r"- .. v" '," _'
f' -""."..-.--'a.--" .t .!.!...:., ){.tr .f-- "." .,....-7"- :' --,J'ti.-,--.-::-<<- +.-.tt"-- : t

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Gas Genie says it and he can prove it'! ot UO



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hrlY d T x, r' z.. t A4R tlI

't 9 r
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\ + 4: : ; r-.j '

:1 :: + + ,c COU 1r E5S AWAKPSeS2 /,

+ $

a + r ('" .v6l'Pf -F'M"P'V .s-


1 SS&&S 2&e2&23&32 23


The Finns Listed Below Are Recomm ended Aa Reputable Establishment*

Specializing Services and Products

AUTO SERVICE ) Washington's Health Service

"Abundant' Health Is Rightfully YOl1rl"

AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Maxsage Mineral Steam BalhiColonlc
I .
...... I I Compile Body Repair& Paint Work Therapy tb
_:_ Oven Baked Paint T- s ,_:_ D. C. Wa alt!agt:. l-IUSO"U'--.mft Lc-nJ1

1, Price Star ai VJS .43:4 For 23 Years
,' j.. t d L. N. Myrtle Aveave EL 4-247
JJiSJSi fii!?
.-. -. "- ..'L
I ""
nc. t
r-'J v aJ .J "'ILl.f 1 : SMITH DRUGS'

5b; ing dishes, shaving, bathing--busyliome:, need GUSJNl-\S: Froo (1311910: any; part .'!!. the dy a,

.' "NATU RAL GAS II EATSV of-hot!water. There's always plenty with a.natural If You Want The SUPERMARKET Finest _In Groceries I' -=- OLL RiiLiABLS. .:., .
.. gas water:_heater. Fully automatic units start heating 601 West Ashley Street EL -138. "w
And MealsCome See Us .
is turned And
more water the minute a on. .
1 WORE ATER' FA'STER they 'always keep the: supply ahead of the demand! 100 Davis Street EL 6-5412* -

i Regardless of the size of your home or family there MISCELLANEOUS JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
is'a natural gas water heater that will fit your needs __ STORE __
t't, FO R LESS HONEY:!I" exactly.-. and it will produce more hot water faster AAA BONDING AGENCY Courteous Treatment

for less money than any other type of unit: A 30- Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.
.. City County And Federal Boutin ,
.-. .t_.: gallon natural gas water heater will do the work of an Law Exchange Bldg. EL 'c..1132 06 Davis Street EL 4-1210 "
JBO-gallon( non-gas unit. And, you get a warranty that

..) .'
\ Check with your "gas appliance dealer or visit your 38 Years In Electronics f MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS

_. natural gas showrooms and get the proof of- .why AH Work Guaranteed JK BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES .

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y natural I ( das Complete Garden Supplies QUICK SERVICE MA TIRESS'CO..
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1-: ,... ........ -New and Used Furniture bought and sold- One DaY Service _

, ." 564 Timiquana Road SP 1-376'703 Old Kings Road> PO 5-1834
: : Bie Jacboiwille Gas Corporation .
t t::" ; -'. .
! -'';. >. f Affiliate of ,_, ... _" /
:,. lTi& Houston Corporation ;; All Modern Conveniences TAXI
; ,
: I
f.: t : /' Room by :Pay. Night or Week -At YOUr Serrfca"
Iii <{ 4\ .y Qp Fast Adams S1.,EL 4-1t8t -.1: ; .'-.,, : Ii For InfentaUon Call NEW DEAL CAB
-. : -.. .. ., ".- "' -. -. '- ':., ., EL 4-1811
'- : .-.-: ": j EL 5-4025 G& W. Ashley Street: LINDEN GAB HL 4-1011

r '. .. .... .. ; : H'p ;..., << ;i "T.lag. .


.-. T-.:. ".. -,.- .. ... ... .. .....- .......
-- -
: ------ ... .. ,
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". --.p" .. ---.r ---T-r7 T- -. -.--' w .... ---- .... .... 'J


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:1 \ I itl r\ 1o.: (

; r. .. ..-... -. '. ,.- .I \ ...-. w.... -- '- ., _" ..-- ........ .. ,"' .. ,.- .---_. .. ... ___ __,,_ "'i t I I
Sunrinv *April 17., 1960 J 1 ... rJLP>> OA ii
.. Fajja S !
] l' -" '

I / ,. r rrr r
'. '


t Ii I It

t i

Wildcats 1960 -err I II

Football Schedule I I II01'O IVu"ns ;:nu j
p J
a Athletic Director, Rudolph Matthews Many Channels Can Stereo Have I

of Bethune-Cookman College J.\'I: Jl' cac"CSft
f announces the 1960 Football In recent months v/e: have ieard so many different claims
: as
BALLROOM Schedule for the Wildcats as follows to how have many channels a stei-acjfcooic. phonograph crn hare, t11..t Expri Photography
rte wondered
dr : \ +: 1__ .. _.... 1"0 __sometime_ : if_ the claims co.Idn't tTaM : wen :- Portraits Weddings BanQuri.
Vljr l it\l 111.ape La.r.aVt-ral: -
September 17- When stereophonic: first Passports & Identification Photo
Of Jack 3 onville Fort Valley ThereSeptember announced about two year'Z ago, that We the advised sir Fre mann r' Photostuls & Commercial V/ork
mounting claims for
24- \ve v/ere; toM that this :
v.:; ; the '
j Photos For Cut
competitive Newspaper
-' advantages stemming -
an er to in-rom mu _' '
South Carolina ca-
State Here if from terns mass::.=aturs' While You11.U
'- .
Open Easter Monday April October 1- -; k','-r---' :/?,;!!r'. Ah inew:: rfiiaepresentationa: have a):.--s- Coloring & Picture Framing
Albany State Here '- ed us ijjyond the point. of :.!.!!:.
:- l y t. ; :.ew a:: big ing a decision. _. .,; .. Lei Us Take A Photo Of You
IS thru 24 October j 8-- I s.. ) -Jrvr. "ti' 7ii: fidelity: : 5 .
I Morris. Brown There, I re".ing; tehigttes. We were told by this c.pcrt .
that any claim promoting Y .' In Natural Color
October 15Benedict -znfars pass&l Into -
I 11sobscure "three
:' past, and new words or more channels" is no"bla.tant 3. AVfcWY
S JAMES BROW t There joined our d:1JyO.alr.I1.. we misrepresent Lica.: ." 1
I 0 October 22Florida He farther
3 j sr'.lp7 v.re farit1 a advised that true AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
A. & M. Here I I ;seat d ,ck-Ion! : ..;cud: I, or stereophonic reproduction is a
0I 9 I II (Home coming) I shouldn't I bry one or ese two channel system of reproducing 1674 Kings Rd. Next to EWC Library
: sound; that is
much talked about compatible
FLA'SVIE stereohcnic
FAMOUS October
29OpenNovember I
;; j
with the
I 5- creations:: ? If the ans-.ver: J; yes, method of recording Phoce EL 4-7695 For Appointm:..
f :j that sound. There is nothing
Morris College Here I'I what channels' should, and I buy what, hc\v is stereo many that can b: added to the recording --.- -... .-
November 12- 'anyho\*, -. except distortion.. It'3: teat -- -------- ------ -
f Xavier There simple When we asked "What about
November 26- ATTENTION READERSPlease
high fidelity music?",
I Allen There tcld that it had been all cut Bring or Send Your

lost in the shuffle:: between pIng! Church: News Club Notices & AnnouncemenbTo

pong balls, railroad: trains, nonexistent
I Baseball
A and His Orchestra Season stereo channels, mythical The FLORIDA STAR Early

t I super power claims, and tho
MONDAY THURSDAY SUNDAY $1.00 "A1rJ I Opens Sunday baffling multiplicity of loioJ3 DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS .

FRIDAY & SATURDAY $L50f The lid will be pried off the that would call for one cf the

) "" ,,'''" '-, 1960 baseball season in Jacksonville Aslrcnauts Seoplo buy io a operate modern correctly.pliono-! TUESDAY at NOON

Sunday when the Cocoa graph primarily to enjoy music! I FLORIDA STAR
t Clowns champions of the Florida I -they enjoy music most when,
tf reproduced: with the greatest ;23 Mancrief Rd. Corner 13th Street
State League cross bats with the I
f I __
I Stereo is an improvement -- v.---- -" -
4 1M I Jacksonville Cardinals at the I a an embellishment: of I -
1 ,Myrtle Avenue Baseball Park at j jj high fidelity.; It was not con.cei..ed
, j 1:30 p.m. : as a substitute of obnoxious I

The Clowns come to town with j ry distortion for beautiful aC"1st
I tone. Pre-stereo
one of the strongest"aggregations good high fi
j!i delity phonographs sound bettor
to perform in the Myrtle Park in ;j Frank Freima.m than many of the stereo sets: r. .t s- t
." many years. Manager. Charles I I II This week we had tho oppor now being offered.
'. Croomes leads his team into the ;i Ii tunity of interviewing1 Frank: .He pointed out that stereophonic -
i II Freimann, president of one of
game with 3 or more .300 hitters j the oldest and most high fidelity a wor.tlrrlul tk1cf
respected .
phenomenon it can be
and the I
strongest pitching staff companies in the field of electronics exciting, it can be entcrtainin;,' _
in the League. I the If a s n a v o x com it should be- ic reproduced
The Cardinals, after finishing I\ pany of Fort Wayne, Indiana. more faith:: ,- than .x
their spring training season last I devoted Freimann's company has you have ever heard before.: : 8r-
Jongyears to
many thee
Sunday will be ready to meet th development of phonographs, We learned from Mr. FrcN!

} r I Clowns with a team in good con- radio, iuid television. As a mat mann that if you want good,

If' {i edition and ready to" meet all electric i j I I honest stereo enjoyment: ;; see;; ;#; I
phonograph and has been out a good reputable: dealer in
for a ,
I comers the 1960 season. The j +. ,k } 4 i Y
I leader in the field of electronicsvund your neighborhood and compare s .S
: Cardinals will be led
manger: I reproduction equipment notes with bL-a, *or me, well :'i"
Eugene White, former teammate j since 1917. .
I made up my mind! + R al1
of Ernie Banks, of the Chicago I
Cubs ,I 5" '
and Charley Neal of the Los .. ( JY d 6.
-- ---- --
r NfQ I Angeles Dodg rs. The three played -

j together as members of the I have made during the training
t famous Kansas City Monarchs..
season. The team has been chosen -' aa

j Manager. White was also a I from a list of 40 aspirants. Watch This Qov\' !

i f member of a barnstorming team I Willie Prince, general manager
-ra ty ewu.uioni everywhere '
headed by Jackie Robinson in and Willie Thomas, coowner.ha.ve. 37-11-50 ,
1S50. White is well pleased with ,I worked hard to outfit the team

the showing many of his players : to make it one of the best equip- 547-22-315 _
, i
,ped teams in semi-pro baseball. iI
_8 _n_ _.1 ____ I

--3 _1 .
; .
Arts Festival -r\( : : : : : 'r I
.8 _2 izi: ,
r lky -' j J.... L _
Slated At FAMU ,

TALLAHASSEE-Florida A&M' 647536Sometimes 17-23-86 .. '; ;: ; I
will j r r T "I :,
..N; ., .. University present its annual i rui .lU r"'IT t ,,
r "Spring Arts Festival", April 19- Homed men: he'he'e,. down nj 1\1 L4 I i-f. \J'1J.t't 1

,,30. Qe adds subtracts
This year the affair is expected At 7sOO P. Ai. NightlyUQO ; '
i I He works It al around --- Starting --- I II
to surpass the one given the pre-

vious year. Lasting for two weeks, Coming Attractions I U /' i .' f' I

I it will include the areas of fine I WR'H W 1:'1'\.t .1.
arts, music, drama, poetry danc- 458 40 913 _

ing, painting, architecture, writ-
a ing, and soul expression in many ,
forms. q ,

r The festival will commence its *
3ti+ r
srkf. c grand opening on the 19th witha

brilliant African art exhibit

from Xavier University. ,
Among the outstanding guest .

participants are Dan Branch,

architect of the State of Florida's i' -- r -
Board of Control, and Dr. WinJ-

I .. akx:a fred Ward, professor emeritus BARON H. MARTINis -

Northwestern University Chicago, <:. one of the key members of the
t ni. He id also an outstanding
Legal Department of Boston :: <
: k authority on Children's Theatre.A 'y Metropolitan Transit Author '

( special feature of the festival ity.Mr.Martin,a night-school
will be a concert piano recital by ''. graduate of Suffolk University

2 4, Mamon L. Morrison, chairman .., Law School,has risen from the
4 __ keyboard division music department h ranks. Mr. Martin's cigarette '

Florida A&M. The program YVICEROY.
will consist of works by Schubert,

Beethoven Brahms and Chopin. + K
Other special features the productions r
by the Children's Thea-

tre. One of the productions Is an

IA---r Q... 11l experimental one of an original _
play by Michael Calhoun and Nr

.:.. George Bollingmembers of FAMU
.. Children's Theatre. The title of
..J f)
'::1 \) k w1t the play is "Growing Pains." The s

other Is "Rurapelstiltskla", adapted -
y OnLY LiVE! t t lElY by Irene C. Edmonds.:

.,s ,.. .Mlv

.-u.ti..K- >,**>* to sea wrong once about 1':.,, s why we sajr. whenever you drive: .in Bj K&UR Hour HnfffPw [ZL

p ttr :J i*i"'wr a).**.)!ctyott ..and ybv'rt tip: file'weatherseason' ? think trite! ANP

DO'f .r 4i Mu but a grim traffic Thick twice about your far think There is trouble, there is tr.ubte, w;

.ay3\ h.s fp e&xit the wiy you drire. tfiihk There la trouble every day: S

)fill '" iwtor roa tht way yrn' are. "lee Abd..tr..tt e.other fellow may do. If we neatiened tt twffl dtukleS THE MAN WHO THINK FOR HIMSELF "%ifJ.t r t

then'. nothin* we ea n...
If wa pick: a lot of cotton I

And expect: a word of prate

IW7 t %&
If I It As some put mlsSee! heU rate. HAS A SMOKING MAN'S TASTE YICEb L4V

There nacia&, there tsMakee aa.g-
Transit Attorney Baron H.Mar "For
says, smooth smoke, this re !
: s. .''' 'A'r.Rl- ,tin is a man who thinks for himcelf. Viceroy filter is way ahead.Real R p +t
.' so dtff eremeo what we a e i i4q 5
Ho finds out the facts hta lY
smoking man's taste .. comes es t ',
: *; theatrustahrsownjudameat.In smooth and mild through the 1tt f1'J
..f Ah. the (Captain.teass la wa ib
."'. > ; ; judging cigarettes Mr. Martin Viceroy filter."
; Bfeg0ca ,
; ... -.-: -'"',,- J : a fflUkaV-Tm ttKn 70. .t HOt BTWB WUUMDMM....*QwP;:


i -

b l .IaK -

-- ---- .,. ..... ..:- ; ;.l.it -.... r -'- -YO- ..... --.Y. .. .,.- ...- .... ......- _. -r ..- ......- ". .. .. .......... ......... 'I".r" -"


Page 8 THE FLORIDA STAR Sunday, April 17, 1960
.... .
"" ---- --------

*. Furnished Room For Rent Man only. I SITUATION WASTED. Porgy And Bess Coaching Clinic NEWS BRIEFS
wants work in
Colored girl confectionary -
663 W. 27th. Street. EL 5-3545. Runs June 6-10 Re-elect
\ *' Call after 6 p.m. i beer garden or ratau- ComingNegotiations

"\:a. I r .nt. Phone EL 6-7091. are underway now At Fla. A. &M.TALLAHASSEE Veterans who have been ineligible John E. (Jack )
FOR SALE I by the management of the RITZ -The 16th annual for pensions because their

i 1934 Bridier Street. $450 Total THEATRE to bring Samuel Goldwyn's Coaching Clinic will be held annual income was above limits MATTHEWSHouse
down payment. Neat 5 room Bun- CHILD CARE at Florida A&M University June
famed PORGY AND BESSto prescribed by the
I present Jaw
it galow, excellent condition, ready Tiny Tim Nursery. Open 24 6-10 according clinic directorA.
this 'city. The exact date has may become eligible under the of RepresentativesGroup
to move hi. Off East 21st and I hours deily. 544 W. 17th Street. S. Gaither.
not yet been settled but it is hoped new pension system effective
Phoenix. Hope O'Brien, Real Estate I Phone EL .5-6723. ,Emphasis will be placed on recent 1
I that the much heralded George July I, I960. B. J. Gannon, Of-
218 W. Church. EL 4832.
offensive and defensive
I I II SALESLADY Gershwin musical will be signedfor ficer-in-Chargc. VA. Office, Jack- Named by his colleaguesand
trends, fundamentals and coaching -
,.. sometime in the near future. sonville, said today.
HAKCUTS Wautsd saleslady for Watkins techniques in football. Varying the
The theatre will I press an outstand-
For your next haircat v slt Products to Northwest Jackson- manager an- offenses and defenses, movies of
ville. Call EL 5-8215, 8 to 12 a.m. nounce the date just as soon as The present law requires that ing members of the legislature
the Artistic Barber Shop, 61S games, basketball drills and demonstrations i -
contracts are fIrmed up with Col- a single veteran's income
: must not
IWPAtt W. Ashler. Phone EL 49231. and tournament preparation in 1957
\ HELP WANTED MALE umbia Pictures who are releasingthe exceed $1400 while a veteran with & 1958.
will the basketball
O. O. McCurdy, Prop.; Charles feature -
I film. dependents may have an annual Attorney
Simmons, Mrr. NEED MORE MONEY? Make section. income Native of Duval
of $2700 and still be eligi- :
PORGY AND BESS was broughtto Football wil run from June 6
1 ble for pension World War II Veteran _
Big Money in spare time or the screen by Samuel Goldwyn to June 9. Basketball June 9-10. payments Mr. :'

t;a .. ./1 ."J Sun.-Tues. with Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dan- All sessions will be held in the Gannon pointed out. II I Awarded Bronze Star.
/ Marti Dare Cos- II
P JJ-T.J J.zJ RITZ full time dridge Sammy Davis Jr. and air conditioned Charles Winter I

Sun.-Tues. metics and Old 97 Home Neces- Pearl Bailey in the leading roles. Wood Theater.Science. Under the new law a single I I I Jaycee Good Government
A tip of the Fepol Oat Otto Preminger director and An- veteran's income limit is increased |: Award

to these out4tM"k* ............ sities. Fast sellers, pay big pro dre Previn conducted the orches- to $1800 and a veteran with dependents I'

young Anwriea&i, 1I'b fits. We carry big stock to fill tra for the memorable song hits Fair may have an income up I Ito I'I' Allan Morris Award
make our country flld such as "Bess, You is My Woman i

'I our community a better OFTHE MOST WICKED your orders immediately.,Products Now," "Summertime" "I Loves I Set for April 30

place In-whlch to UvL + guaranteed to sell. Old 97 You_ Porgy.._ ."_"It_ .Ain't____Necessarily,.. .. The second annual Science Fairis

* 1 tERA OF"- ALL...T1f1. !I Ave.Distributors, EV 9-3119, 811 S. Edgewood so score;' "i Got of other Plenty beloved O'Nuttin"melodies.anda scheduled April 30 in the New r-.---. ',, -- '
\.. CI PORGY AND BESS recently Stanton High School 1149 W. I '- -------------1I

r-- c completed 31 capacity weeks on 13th Street. I i I II
The theme of the event will i f
Broadway and will not be seen CARNATION
Advertisers be "Wake Up-Explore". The sci-
: Star
CSS?OF here at popular prices, on a con-
'TOUSUdros< ence fair is designed to give the
tinuous performance policy. j COOKING HINTS
\ N GITwJ community an opportunity
COLOR! PATRONIZE meet teachers and students in the

r p school room and see what thingsare I I J 1 +
s l being done in the field of I ftOSAUeI
I By William Henry Huff Projects to be evaluated are __ _
> MM ----- mammmm**-
t 1 9 If I can just be real and true creative ability, thoroughness

'./ 4 And have no cumins ways I skill, clarity and dramatic value The Lenten season is drawing to a close and by now your
As those whin must surely doha I E. B. Marshall science fair supply of new recipes is probably running low. Here's a

these and future days; I chairman and A. A. Robinson coordinator new dish your family will like,and you'll welcome it's

Vernon Leon Smith I will not: heap a pile of wrath are asking that science quick and easy preparation. Fish and Potato Bake is
Northwestern High To fall upon my head students with projects f'r: exhibi- made with Carnation Evaporated t.Hlk-the form of milk .

Pepsi-Cola salutes Vernon Or dscad a fearful aftermath tion or competitive rating may that can be used like cream. It gives rich flavor and
'III Leon Smith, 10-1 student of But live .in .peace. instead.. contact the Science Departmentof better texture to all your cooking. Carnation "creams"coffee

Northwestern. Vernon serves as i their schools. I to perfection, too. Do. try it soon.

.. .._ __ .
chaplain of the Honor Society, N> IWf 1 11I> < 11..1 rJ'!
Accompanist and soloist of the .1' '1<:x al 'tJ.ll; : rr"T{ ; L ff'I ; l

Chorus and president of the 81F+W Rt ., "Let's make a much needed change in the office of I Ir
Bible Club. In his spare time Peace Justice, District 1 10."

he enjoys reading and bird I .:=._-_.., .u......._..

watching...) .-:... ,"' ""' iyC r I :<::1 Elect i
s r ,, '
I r ft :; ../ LARRY I :
'> '
1'. : ?- + :: : ': 4' ,, ; ,
;. ", .'tll". JUDGE ( ." : / : j I K f ,. '. ,' ;./;
1 3 :
; + .
t ; -
: S I "" i.r
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I '
..a: ,
: 'p,
M Y 'ti' MWQANNA MARIA CANALE MARION W. i d f ... '. -/I' + I I '' 'i: : -'
: : ::': ;:: ': ; + .
; :; .' :r:;.:. ; ,'" t-i
: I GEORGES MARCHAL-mORE MANN! ... :;' :;:. ,.' ,' :
.t .! : : .' ': .: ,, ;! A successful businessman 2 s.
'..\' z;" "''''.>;srN: j GOOD1NGCIRCUIT

':.:" .>>'ii! I I I I f 4 ; -J.t.; :";J. ; ) and Democrat.: He will 3 y,{ .,\>,,

: k" ': {.:... .', .:.:J restore I
..,'. I <' :'iI/If/ '; tt Y w
""' C
; JUDGE ._ 1If 1 Dignify I II I \; \ Vi 'di
/" ,; '> i. Confidenceand i i t \
i ? BABY F \ I .
yaM a 3 ,
( r
j ; I
\ I
,! -. w NEEDS A Duvalv Nassau :
Linda Darnell Tarver Efficiency & &:&
Northwestern High EAE.:mUd For, gentle Over Cj MARSHALL'S sears !Mothers CADY i j
have : to thePeace !
Linda is a member of the ffi.n this rl! :"l\nt lasting vege FISH! AND POTATO PAKE
l 12-1 class, Social Life Club liquid. Ask for Eaby Ease. I II Paid Political Adv. I (!;: { t.o 6 s tn': :.. rs)
r Julia Ccurr j
i Girls' Service League treasurer -,. ... I 1 pound fish fillets '.' ;- ,'icf!!
'l of FBLA Club-Reporter, and I. h ---- District 10 2 lemon slices V .:,j Fper

an active member of Zion Hope WHEN YOU ARE ILL Equal Jo:::ca to Every One 2 cups prepared fatant 1 aV 'i! graved; on;ony
Baptist Church. To Linda we I Seen mashed '
You The Best Doctor Vote \"/;th Confidence pots ; )- -- crv i' :J
say "Learn as if you should not I When Your Doctor Proscribe r/4 cup melted butler :. _. jr.bs

reach always your fearing object lest, you and should were II Get Experienced Pharmacia .... ... / cup crumbled bleu checj 1 f it.'!:spoon butter

a. To Fill Your Prescriptions 3 eggs PC"f.1m
, lose it" k.-';... ;. I- According To Your Doctor COMING! RITZ Starts Wed., scup (small can) undiluted


.. .. The Best Quality Drugs Al The Story of Christ's Chief Disciple and the Founder i i Place the fish in top of double Spoon in... 1 lit'. cd SXN2-inch
I II i
/ Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor I toiler.Md lemon slices. Cover baking t,. .- Alix the u: rift l 'rand
of His Church steam J-sh over hot water crumbs and one tablespoon *it- ;
s until fish can bo flaked about ter. Spoon over top of en:. < .>$*.
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUILLY'S 30 minutes.Remove lemon slices Sprinkle generously _it', ; p-
and flake fish. Beat potatoes, rikn Bake in modern'te o\< n
". DRUG STORE VfirSrarfflE! SWING SUNDOR! butter,cheese,and eggs to btend &,0* F.) aboet 40 to 4 5 in. -
well. Add flaked fish, Carnation, tjtes. Serve at once.
salt, pepper and onion.Mix weU.

1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276 I 1 C-215 Printed; ii oS.A. (
.- ..,....ROMNOV.fEll)
4 Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries l ?

:- Rodney HurstNcrthwestern I !A !

Rodney serves as presidentof
the Student Council and I LAST CAll

Sunday School teacher at St. x TECH NICOLOR PANAVISION'

Philip's hobbies Episcopal are reading Church., saving His, I : : :: : : Braining May 1-1960 Requirements

tennis, and softball. i\f'u.t j .
... .
I w.- -rr. (
.. :;:'J+,I -,.-. ....,.. j I For B'::;rbering: Hou-s t Goss Up if You
't : Ii

,.. ftf STRAND 't. \U!!9 Week;.1.11.-1.1! I E** r'1!! : ; / You Only Have To TaeksfiJ

f> l; .;:,1 To Persl I I I'_l

tit ,1l Ev'' .: CUi83t ff Jdi'-tJ I .... Il r f fALLbP1G J ) Hours 3f Traning.l
i : : :

't'j.r N t:.a. 'ere.0:30toiiOGi Request I i I'District j Five DIAMOND ,if ; "i r.V'y 1-1960( You Wi1!! be: Keo Ii

; ELi 64612 I 1 / C 1 4| Economy is matter. of proper I, /'... .- Take; I II 2.e'J, .ic Plvs. To! -rn-

: HIplanning[ and so are the K I IA
\ 1 / -f.l needed new services and improvements I.% :b ,1 You 5 30 (Hours.C { .

t .,. "" !, :t I Of existing services ,[ :

': :** needed to meet the rapid growth ..- .. 0. ,... a
: FI!
1 \ t .
T'1 I t1 of DUYQ! County Cl a r'g
---- -- -# nil .
; 1
r'.. : ,,J # L tPks ', .
t ... '. : 4' l f Jnl"6.,. V... .j'
.a. ..
l"..K'.}. f'.. .t...',t4: i I' win serve In the public

1''.., ..\.I I/f/:. TFfii I ,: interest. -Th,.... \0 '"' ooA.+ 70 .P' "'-) rSsvi<5 if S v i4
1 Kill the So. .... V r.. ,(' !_. /. **.- > <&. "V>

... ; f I *' Win Strengthen Volunteer "3 UI--. .-1 'S. -$:-- -.. ---

\ f ,ffibto-- 1 1 1 ?'fie 1 Fire .Departments '7 -\ ROOS!'-" _: :: ua. 10 Tua". : "fVet'-J"t;" ,:: K(;' ti .v : t'.tl' .; 71' .tie ] r-'< :;'rg 4

f 1 tf :S 1 .4! ., T5WN"The ; teFarzdl Ees cv:1! .t tta: 1 f"r.1 1 !tt .W
: .
(. .:Ai.k.: I 1 Will work for: better. ploygrounds 'N. r: n ,,; (Y' ': t'u,,'
sewers, roods and storof yirfr on,!he oaJl! .t, "j ;r.isS TO .*...?'." ,"
-'lib : ". Sr'5.00 I InTuii.on Sy
,.:" ,: J .HI RJzrt! Mtc4er; : ,. Enrolling:
: ; : Pfs ... .... ZFr
: I': drainage. ,. 1 'wt'f !)!" HJl :. : ; .. .
......!f'.Ja kJR..QII.r I Political .'1o'r. _':IOI:''AN.'. H'JiSf" i ;!yin. sa O M.n. Niel II I I Before May 1 1960r .
I L Poid .. ,,,... ..
.' .. ", __ a.r.r.L .--...-.,..... ..- i..y. w -- -- -- -" '- -'-- .
: : ,4
; ': I
: t -. .

F" .


...... --!:.; -_... l.liU. -=, ",,"... 11 .. l -,.!_. ,_ _', \.