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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200552datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 20, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005520740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 20, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 20, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

+ i I ,

\ i FLoalPh tlJn.qi

_trr OF ..\'
'", ,<" .. -,, >


1 .



q .... :. -. tt .. ,. -,
<'' j ': :' .ne- f
\ t. ; \
.t -j 4 \ : .. ( a 5 Li; i, t. ingTAMPA 1 _...J \.1:_ _It) <. I.; i :P.:: .!.:. .\ I Co., .\.;: .. _. ;)

> .r : Sotst I 'f'dr 'Jg Ear fg G .e? Service

srn r. '"'\ The counter service protests of Negroes throughout: the south ,

* ''' J'2d... .!' '' 'G: t I O .I brought serious tension_ to Florida as Negro st 1dents-from Ptart kx

r A and M University were shamefully tear gassed whJe. ethers in ..
The NAACP Said Wed-
Q tf ::' i ,. i St. Augustine were attacked by a: mob of white,men. :
nesftay it will :ask the UJS. Justice .
5 No. 6 MEWS 'C Enforcement officers burst some -- -- ----
And MARCH 20, 1960 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 15. fq : : epartment to determine if Tallahassee I
: tear gas bombs to break up a asked 1
-- Mayor Oran to
police violated the civil Gragson calla ;
J:> <.:hts of students arrested in a sizeable group of Negro students bi-racial meeting aimed at.-
.temonstration against lunch who were marching from the A. ; ending segregation in public
couner :

!! Negro Jaxons : segregation.State &last M.Saturday campus afternoon.toward town They late intercepted j places. Ie

RUjilningi NAACP President Leon .
( i the group while it was Trials Delayed .
Lowrey said his organization is
Trial of the
#, still several blocks from the downtown first group of 350
!gathering affidavits f rpm "all per-
sons involved..! section. Some of the youths Negro students involved in Or- .
refused to turn back, and the angeburg, S. C., demonstration
He said the incident was "an officers dropped the tear gas con- was delayed until Friday after

r"" abuse of police authority by some tainers. defense attorneys protested that
officers" He said the arrest of
iFor Political Jobs Herei i City police backed up by High- Negroes are excluded from jury
:he students appears to be a violation service.
of certain constitutional way Patrol and sheriff's officers, 18-member panel. :
drawn for
I rights. clamped the lid on the'town" tightly the first trial was.. I
I after a near-ri8t followed sit- white.
I He l\..ted as the reasons for
--- -- -- down demonstrations in downtown
W( ,' '> K !AS NAACP Wrl:I i ,!' f'0 .\ I'T., I the NAACP's conclusion: stores.A .
< y ; '
> p- .r.
: Pay : (. '.. ':r--\-) (. rc: I Direct participation of some ofTallahassee's
1-_. ...,- -J L ..:! v_h ..' ...... \' ,,' '- ..J(li. group estimated at 35 whites, POLICE

MAN WITH Costs of Court I .- 'P". F>>fJ .... .. '" :; J'. : the arrests. officials in making led by Homer Barrs, executive REPORTSMX ?
I fMo. .. .
e.r r.n r; ,.; .r: :: IiO:'t. '\"',:; ", !.fJO.I' director of the Florida White ,
l .
..- '-t '
CL.r iNG IRON For! Demons'I-miors: : 'H '. j 7'4'... # 'j( -.. ..... Indignant actions by members Citizens Councils IDENTIFIES THIEF
I -- :...;.;..:.,......',. intercepted a WHO BROKE
i"Thet" -- I .. "f the police department and the IN TAVERN
TALLAHASSEE-Tfcj( 35,(anttisegrogation i J it 50 nc 'w egi'aes h it group of about 100 Negroes T. C's. I
::: 'Ii' ?:mal ,anitfe. 11, *f .demooafetttbirs who !?1 I: officers in .th ccciiat Xsty 3 and I throwing of tear gas unto the marching toward the P.V.. Woolworth Wine Parlor Confectionery. Beer ami
959 W A'bley Street was pronounced r"up of {:students after hey had 933 W. Beaver Street '
I were tested in Tallahassee tetjt y&yz8& KM* .Jftdcson, !! 'store. was broken
.e:1.j on arrival at Duval ,': .. ._ .. turned around to return to the into and entered feet '
haW Mil r aig
Saturday wfil fhelMcouri : y, iwp. .. BSMpso lfe&tor Saturday
t- but
t1 a Displays Club the
M.'dicii Ceii ar last SundaY afterbeing J College! campus. would be thief
stabbed in ,the head and cost paid by NAACP R W. Saunclers -, :::;,maS 1 publisher! ; of tbei 9OMR. Barrs, displaying a three-foot was interrupted by T C. Curing- .
I field secretary said. FLORIDA STAR aad Jack SafS. ... Lowry also said "Remarks made ton owner .
\ he is
C'hcstlth: $ Whites iron, policesaid. I club told the Negroes, "You anything cot d t
'. I Sunders: said police handling Ernest Jackson :., aeekiag .e4c- ..; .:1",:;, tb la.cal. :'w a member of the Florida Legislature aren't ,going any further." be taken after breaking open the .,I '
-'; th'1: situation were and tion to the offi"s of Justice the ; ,, ( Thomas
"ens-sided ,
.i I :Vf Fy t & House Speaker The two only six feet juke box, pOlice .reported.
Vc:::m and :acuped, Miss Des- :t.-- .,t groups
Distr.et :
I Jl. rtia1. TwentyNegro J JI II Peace of :: 11 ago b JkCkS. : casley) with regard to dismissal ,
apart each held their groundsfor
are Oricld, :gft ,into a fight I demonstrators) from Florida A&MUarwrsity ; Sarah Bryan vhCRqa he deftafeJ ,.... '-'''' ....' -;:;;; ">f students and faculty members Curington said he was attacked
f '* a '. 1i' .:;01.13s Coril a few minutes. They Negro ,
.. .. f and six.whit-1 student* !n 195S bLt: "r, .3 deoisd th9 election .::.i' ;. ;'{ 'r .-, i1!. treed 4't'' ;1J1e ije("ause of their participation in groups talked among themselves by the intruder but believes he

; from:Florida Stare charged 1 after a c urt .ttfllil R that th3J v- .: :. 1 '.':2h: .protests must also be taken shot the intruder. Curington
/ 1 and then withdrew to a nearby accidentally
',rith disturbing: tlif _ceo ,J districts had ben: created uncon- T .t t., ; :n.o consideration by the NAACP." park. shot himself In the left

Saunders: said: several white per- !; suuitionaliy. < .. 2 4OxOi Such talk he said, "must be aand. He was taken to Ehtvat

"n" opposing! the demonstration 1| Eric Staipsojj ntilttant.etIitar, c*. I :-nstd red as a form of provoca- At least 29 demonstrator' including Medical Center for treatment

-jhTild have been arrested. ,; the FLORIDA TBTAB wHich h', ic:>-which can result in economic six white boys were arrested Police said they turned fat a
State troopers finally used tears i j I championed th 3 1&b -fat,Ne- --
-. to disperse .the d :, rights. is seeking: etectisoa, to L'_ Arsons; who1 merejy sought to-seek The: peace. Three weeks ago, the of gloves belonging to suspect who
i i P95t'..Qlvil. wet vice.;Boatel'M : -'fcrcetnekt of their rights as WM identified
who were preparing a tnOnstrators'j ;- : police arrested ,11 Negroes in a as James Edward
.. *
; j .. '
mtown._ Saunders ,District 2.Simpson. .. I "i..e. ,' ... \.. similar demonstration at Wool- Dixon 36, 'of 916& W. Beaver St
'o w gas use 'poor :and: not in Who' has for in;',-- I :- worth's. This group is awaiting Dixon later showed up at Dwl ;

: ,' a ?', accordance with proper crowdh t years spoken 'oiiu against the di I f # trial on. similar charges. Medical Center for treatment and
-. methods." He said criminatory policy where Negi c. +. I was identified ', .
.ndlin one I N. as the man who
"egro girl and several youths were j i have been excluded from civil e f'_ I !3 ': roes Urged To The sitdown demonstrations today broke into his tavern. .

vice employment said that if elei,.- "' occurred at the white lunch Patrolmen .'
burned by the gas. j Obie Bowman' ,
+ Out StoresTHai and,
L ed he will work for harmony;! an:. ay counters at the Woolworth 'and Robert Jenkins investigated. ..

E The grpup: ,was-schedule ier a.t, eelL iGt117th a "'Y Discrimmaie" "- McCrory.stores. Woolwbrth' wa s > .. '" ,........ \

: hearing last Monday in city court. i w cite'"'civn service employees.(; ze 1 closed temporarily while tension .f". \:',:".

: Bonds were set at $, 00, but Saunders -j I a better break.. IUCIIl\IOND-Tbree thousand i was at its height shortly after MAX RECEIVESGROUP _'
I said only one ,of the Negroes : t t t 'egroes attending an NAACP noon. BEATING

p'y I and five of the whites have posted '! mass meeting here this week The Tallahassee police called in WJllle'' Jones. Jr. 36, of 912 W

bond. He charged local authorities 4 :_ were told to: stay out of discriminatory off-duty officers, and arranged for Duval Street was treated at Duval '

Ziii with not permitting the demonstrators '' I1r' stores; pay up all help if needed from the Leon Medical Center last Monday after .

to post property bonds hills; and wear old hats andshoes County sheriff's office and the being beaten up by a man whom

but are requiring cash or the t if necessary. Highway Patrol. Troopers ,armed he had cut with a razor blade

DESSARE GRIOLD.. services of professional bondsmen J These actions are in supportof with riot guns and tear gas guns and other men who Joined in the

in each case.LANDLADY. the widening protest demonstrations were standing by. fight, police renort/v?.
I i I against refusal of A demonstration at Kress last A witness reported to officers
in their bedroom at 959 W. Ashley ... .. public lunch counter serviceto Saturday in Jacksonville was that Jones was in a cafe when he
Street and Smith was fatally, BREAKS LEG Negroes. short-lived.: The young' demon- and another man got Into a fight.

stabbed, OF TENANT IN .FIGHT J. Rupert Picotte, executive strators were met by police (obviously Jones is reported to have cut the-

A witness said he was asleep Miss Xallie .Mae Johnson of secretary of the Virginia tipped off in advance) 'man with a razor blade and left.

when the accused came and told 1078 Ellis Street suffered a broken Teacher's Association told the who handed them cards outlining 'The man who was Joined by other-

him she had knocked her "old leg when hit with an axe during I enthusiastic gathering bank a statute that declared that any- men followed Jones and beat him
a fight with her landlady last their > one persisting in effort to up. He
an said
Man" out and asked him to help money. none of the men
put Smith in bed. Monday, police reported. "It seems to me'we can curtail secure service may be arrestedfor were known to him.

After taking victim from hall Victim was treated at Duval A ;;;4J r4 ( gi our social activities and tresspassing. Patrolmen G. R. Henry and A.

and putting him on the bed in Medical Center and was held for : tan go on a new austerity pro-' Eight Negro college students Jones investigated.

their room, he went for Mrs. Ola observation. She said she will Tarn. We can't walk as they leaving & variety store in St.

Quinces victim's foster mother, sign warrant for the arrest ofj 1 JACKBASSBass did in the Montgomery bus Augustine where sitdown demon- JEWELRY STORE ROBBED i
Russell 40 of 1078 .. boycott, but we can save our strations had been staged three OWNER CHASES ROBBER
who lives at 610 Lee Street. Mrs. Ruby j I ,
Sgts. J..W. Parker, Q. H. Hurl- Ellis Street, police said. v money." days in succession were attackedby I James Furman Fowler, owner of

bert Patrolmen E. Jeffonson and Patrolmen W. Solomon and N. a well-known private investigator Dr. Felix Brown told the a group of white men. Fists Fowler Jewelry Store at 608 Darts

A. Jones investigated. Young investigated.Membership is running for the officeof gathering that "we have a tre- flew and the Negroes fled with the Street was the victim of armed

constable in the: 11thDistrictin "lendocs buyIng power and wean white men pursuing.The robbery last Tuesday police re-

opposition to A. M. Stephens do anything with it and group, from Florida Normal ported.
t AAC \ iI1S CotJr* Figh
Simpson announced this wee'{ Involve every merchant downtown and Industrial College, had 'sought Fowler said a man came In the ,

an all-out registration drive will if we have to stop trading service at the Woolworth store. store and asked for change for a

go Into effect to increase th* :' at all stores that don't take The counter was closed when the quarter. He also looked at
i Secret a
it) Ke,:!? : number of Negroes qualified' to our money for all their wares." Negro group sat down. watch and stated he would be-

Around noon a group of white back. The man did come back

WASHINGTON-The National Assn. for the Advancement of vote.A special appeal was made to "isiol Shots Fired men and youths began gathering Fowler said and stated that he '

Colored People won n U.8"SUpreme Court decisicn Tuesday in its citizens who have moved from around the store and police calleda would take the watch but at!; the

.fh; ht. t.n wtthhnlt... 't:; =nemb' -shitf lists from Southern authorities.. I"'to Home of"tilte cab to take the Negroes from same time he held an knife
.r.--- -- ------ -- E. D. JACKSON. open
In a unacirioufi: :: dc a-oa, the the store which is located on the in his hand.

com struck down as u') nstitu- ,| rights of frecUorn of speech and 15 Arrested -- PresidentfNAACP downtown plaza.As He then broke through the little

tional two tax oruinan.es in Little assembly. i I i :'a! program the youths came out of the gate, that leads back of d,play

Rock and North Little Rock, Ark., 'They said these rights "are beyond In Swirrffe ; .: "'p.1 alcn'? with Johnson :) I building, several of them were counter and held the knife on the

rtQTi; ring: local NAACP groups to abridgement: cither by legislation I'I\:'" ;i an Kxey. 30, J84'le TAMPA pistol shots were struck by white men with their victim and made him go where
fil,. financial statements and to that directly restrains their FORT LAUDE::DALE--The FBI ....;" _. _,,::, 'f pivi..,'tr..L r __'.19m.. reported "fired into the home oftio fists. The Negroes .fled to the' he had some money. He took tke

di; -lose th'ir =,em'.:rship roles. ,exercise nr bv suppression or impairment collecting 01 bail: cdL"atIci allow __ .w4k; ';wUt.. .;&, :>fj, nv4.Cf l .*-- Rsv. Ljrn Lowery, presidentof cab about 100 feet away with the money and reach"! fo- the own ...

The court rrM !t'.at he i'.eas- through harassment arrested 15 p."r ons on charges of :.. ," iicsh, ::.9: all d .Ftf the Florida NAACP early last whites pursuing them. er's gun about th* -":!..- time, the

ures were an "frvr.::.ana: viola- humiliaticn. or exposoe. by government ances though not students.' I ...'. lr thn.R. Johassrff "-", Sunday' mornlm one going over Chief Stops Crowd i, owner did. DurinT *bc .",.J.is the
The dean of ::>lll-rd High.School
ti->r -i the -if\\ N'v' ':r member '-. \' ,2f! : "S:1n1: :.fc'\iPh'. &$ bed where his wife was sleep- Chief of Police Virgil Stuart gun went off and Fowler said he
'Italeu for Negroes, \Viliam A. Johnson. -'. .-.... i armed with tear ordered 'thecrowd believed the
,, to freedvcmfcly. r '1 : Nevkirfc. 29 !Jrt1 'ing. gas man v c hit in the
.C.J that ---- 31, was also ar'est'd' and charged I to move or he would fire. shoulder. As the
agreed vsn ; I '', all cf J-' '- I man ran from
disclosure of tt* r: IT -. ,l11 .abject C with altering; rri ords to permit .... /," 3s:Carcbers, 25,.Dcerr Police found one a The crowd dispersed in a few the store Fov/lc r.' V gave

-. its merclv.r :i ,'..entanu nU\ "',, ,!; ..t. ... the 15 to coU"rt the racney. : !: '* ir.c! Thmv .Trr.t".f" .., I InPj flower pot. The minister said the minutes and the students left in chase but was uiiAuccessfkl la
:- r. One other ad1.l1is; being sought ,. ... -"T' came th "" "fh his wife's bed- ,
possibly bodE .'.". C' '..-' the cab with a police escort. catching him. b,' -v -J !Knowhim
In the Littleit' s,'. they INTEGRATED EATING I In the case.. ,, .,' It'\ :'?!!r 4 ." I .01:1 windW. c t: ':'101'1 e'er her bed Sixty policemen, armed with if ever sees him again Fooler
[s NASHVILLE-(ANP) -A state '. bondsof ien v/tnl l xM: a Trail and fell .
At a prtUm n'\rV hearing 1 '", ', ..' tear gas and state police dispersed -
oourt set asld- !'J'.1; rn Dcwl ar t 3Vest r a .4 1 !
official said last.. week eating I Johnson and .'.. ia th' n-sr- >?. after hitting ald.Patrolmen
two NAACP officials>*:*7 Bates, i $1.000 for $500 ... "'"; \" _.Ii:.t.\ ....". I 4 crowd of Jeering Negro W. L. Massey paid f
Arkansas NAACP present, and establishments ,are prohibited by and $750. for the others were set. I (u".1: ; P d.; :r h. {. 'mother -73n. and white teen-agers in downtown Freddie Mack investg! ted. '.
Tennessee law from serving whitesand Final hearing In the case will 7 Savannah. Ga. following a St. ..
Birdie Williams he., branch for Negroes on an integrated be held before U.S. Commissioner Patrick's Day parade.Twenty WIFE STABS HUSBAND, ."
Ltttte Rock NAACP -- i iK. ihs house oer : rindow and I
to their membership basts.ISliott. Roger Davis at 233 pm. March I .. -. .. t state troopers were sent WITH BUTCHER 3MFK r
failing produce l;:' .1 ", t; ... bounced off a roof eave. It was j' ;
roles in ia..' \.vi! '. 12 23 'EARE: to Savannah earlier after police j Aaron Demps G0r\ of lOW W.
actor Adcock. director of theHotel not found. Polica said the bulletin
ordinance The arrest: ended a year-long t I.t "-:'T" AH. (AN0> A I advised they feared trouble be- 5th Street was stabbed the laCt
and Restaurant Division, the flours pel came from a
In an opinion written by Justice said a 1958 regulation required Investigation. The government : boatb cc Lre last. week at I An'ia! .45 caliber .plstOL cause of. crowds attracted by the shoulder and cut on the lift elbow*

Fetter Btesrart the court held complete racial segregation In an contends that Johnsen aaely stated [PA''nr. High rchal !irr -* parade. An integration altdown last Sunday, police reported.

that the women "csnnut be pun- types of eating establishments, iaeludMg oa ;Jan. 13, 1959. That the IDS I "" -.. '--" ?*rcd the lives rf W'i The NAACP kftder did he plan- demonstration in the city Wednesday Victim told police he was in be* '

fahed for refusing to produce information were afci visrietar store lunch cow '
which the muni**lpall- tors. Last May tee Veterans 'Ad- aw-thed from,the building members from his eon3regatls.I Negroes. i j a butcher knife. H. said he knew '

Ues oonld sot cons ttiotl V re- ministration TOoeivetf-charges that i]l rher a the,*t was recelveu over guard his hom for a while. He i While Southern states struggled of no reason for' tM:!ott&et. ,

quire. A pr ,._ violating'this reguchid hnsoa had aHored .DUlard at- :;:: the building, and were wifely out-'J said he had 30 threateninr telephone -;' with the problem the National iAIm. ]I He said he, would 'sign a war. ..

Xn a separate
lea 'Justices Hugo L. Black and deedea r''. el'sa,; Mrt-to a.? e Jotesoa was relieved .f Wa J kM i'i i set the b'.ifldtny tl'et'r:"h It hlar down demonstrations agaiaai Cnlored People extended its in-i i i Patrolmen Henry Edwards Jr.. :

'0. Doudai said,'the ordinances ot-'ttpto.. : ....._ e dt, or Bperrisor of the BrovardCeenty i.torch I.",. .k1.-n;.., 1I"pv, 'iJArKdas lunch counter sesrefatfon began te ration ,campaign to the West;.;;:and. Edward Jtffersod A'I tareittgait ,_. .;'
-- -- .. ... ...... .in Florida. receatty. I The '! Vegas Her.; chapter ..... .
vlokite the tronsbltatioM. :,rIA m' '. .;.-! ';. ." ; ",' '; -' iMc eheel s' Me ra admit 1 .exve. .. -* <-- -- ,

., ,
; II I

;, IF f


.... ,-
-.. _. .. .. .


'/ -
.. '.'. 1\.4. ': '

.. ... ..... ;';'" ... '
; ": 'l. : ..
,.. ..', '...',' .. t. .... ... ''i, .. ". .., ,.r..t: : .. -.5tf; R- ;'f.. !f ;: .\' .\ f'
: .1 : "
: \; '
":> ., < :-%"/ ; 'I-. : 't'ez
;. Ijc ." ;. > .n""' "'" '.t. : 'T"" { '
; ''
>p Two ',:' .. ,'f"- ::;;' '- THE. FLOSIB& STAS ,< ._ .. _._ ",- (.<;c.t; "5 Week Ending Sunday, March 20, 1960J
.' -. ,- -
1 .
_. .
; ,-
THE FLORIDA STARs ";":-..- ;-. .'" I Politics As Usual"By

r Eric O. Simpson
Wfa *
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. OFFICES UP FOR ELECTION 1960

"Member of Associated Negro Press f $% : ::-: 5 1 i For the benefit of our readers we are presenting the list

Erie: O. Simpson .__...._JdUor: : ....,y.-.,W'ti.. I of offices up for election in 1960. The list was kindly supplied
F by the office of the
C. Parham Johnson < -----Newt Staff rJtlftJa'ALaU r % fllHVk Supervisor of registration.
Hilda Wooten Qraalaiten i spL '' 12PHs CONGRESSIONAL:
Representative in Congress Second County Budget Commissioner, IU.
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: Congressional District Charles tact No. 2, Basil J. Walker.

., > 3 Moocriel Road EL 4-6782 -. EL 4-6783 ? E Bennett. County Budget Commissioner District

Downtown Branch Office 423, Broad Si. Phone EL 4-3773 JUDICIAL: No. 4, Joseph G. Kennelly, Jr.
v County Civil Service Board. Dis-
Justices of the Supreme Court.
... Mailing Address: Number of Offices? trict No. 2, Carleton R. Barber.

P, O. Box 561. Jacksonville I, Florida X p 4 i t t. w4 vt' i&- Circuit Judges Fourth Judicial County Civil Service Board District -
A* 8F Circuit, Eight Offices. No. 4, Paul R. Akin.
On Year, $5.00: Half Year, $3.00} Three Monlhs $1.80) t'4 / jft&lHlS'ff Governor Leroy Collins. NOMINATED AND ELECTED

,',:' Mailed To You, A> .rwhere In The United States. \ Secretary of State R. A. Gray. BY DISTRICT

Subscription Payable in Admnce. Send Check or Money Order To: a y :'M:4w. : Comptroller Ray E. Green.. Justice of the Peace, District No.

rLORIDA STAR -P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE \.. nORmA! Commissioner of Agriculture Nathan 2, R. D. Pendarvis, Jr.

.. 1'.. Mayo. Constable, District No.2. D. .M.
Treasurer J. Edwin Larson. Keen.

U. S. Senators Filibustering f s\ j Jr 4v Attorney General Richard \V. Er- Justice of the Peace, District No.
Vivn vin. 3, L. C. Oliver.
While America Faces Ruin
Supt. of Public Instruction TomD. Constable, District No.3, Emory
| *
? \Aj\J <
The disgraceful spectacle pf a group of U.S. senators y ? Bailey. V. Roberts.

filerbustcrinjr> t6 prevent the passage of a piece of legislation : State Attorney William A. Hal- Justice of the Peace, District No.

: designed to protect the voting rights of a group of ,1jjJJ lovres. m, Railroad and Public Utili- 4, George A. Harris.
best be descriebd by paraphrasing the old saying 1 > 1 1jfltt
--: citizens can t ties Commission. Constable, District No. t, LonnieA.
'. "Nero fiddling while Rome burns," to read, "U. S. Senators [ '-* Jfr 'V'liV vs.L1AtM LEGISLATIVE: Sikes

filerbustering while America faces ruin". / V 'Member State House of Representatives Justice of the Peace District: No.

It is ,pitfully grievous and ironic that a group of men Group No.. 1 John E. 5, D. Harley Giddens.

elected by the people to uphold the principles of democracyand I Mathews Jr. Constable, District No. 5, Frank

the constitution of the United States would spend Member State House of E. Brunson, ''Jr. ; .
> 4 Representatives -
t' *-
: hundreds of valuable hours just talking-sometimes not Group No. 2, Harry West- Justice of the Peace, District No.
even making sense-but just talking in a deliberate effort berry. 8, Ernest R. Hartley.

w to defeat passage of civil rights legislation that whichwould grqrL Member State House of Representatives Constable, District No. 8, R. G.
the basic rights of citizens-the right of _
protect (Judge) Hartley. _.i
Group. No.. 3, George B.
'; citizens to vote. _: .,.J. ONLY WHEN THEY :AfeE Fttfef WILL THERE BE PEAcf* Stallmgs, Jr. Justice of the .Peace District. No.

:. .. What makes it all the more painful is thath while ) Member State House.'of:; Representatives 9, Genevieve K.: Medtock.

American lawmakers are wasting time and words in an group No. 4, Subject Jto 1 Constable, District No. 9, GeorgeII.
to defeat civil rights legislation the Russians! are S Brown, Jr.
attempt : Referendum, Nov. 3, 1953..
.',:: moving ahead of us virtually every phase of missle development i: Tif ; Vleekly COUNTY: Justice of the Peace, District No.

4- .Indeed, Russia is moving ahead by leaps and Clerk of the Circuit Court Leonard 10, Dorcas: B.. Drake.

w,_ bounds misle and other military strength, by using all W. Thomas. Constable! District No. 10, J. R

of her resources while Americans are wasting time fighting : < e roscGfIle) Guide Sheriff Dale George Carson. Carmichael. s
, school integration instead of educating all its yourtg citi- S Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. Justice of the Peace District No

zens on an equal basis so that we can put our minds and Tax Collector Clyde II. Simpson 11, Sarah Bryan.
hands together and produce missies and other weapons to S* PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH Superintendent of Public Instruc-

meet the communist threat. What folly! tion Ish Brant. Constable, District No. U, A M.

.: How despicable a group of senators sleeping in ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR County Commissioner, DistrictNo. (Steve) Stephens.

office foyers so they can answer round the clock calls to 1, J. B. (Joe) Mallard. Justice of the Peace District No.

prevent passage of a law to protect the voting rights of BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL County Commissioner, DistrictNo. 12 T. O. (Tom) Holmes.

citizens. You cal that America? It is downright un- 2, Joe F. Hammond.
American. It is treason. ARIES of method or approach may be.. cuts. To aim too high too soonis
County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Constable, District No. 12, W. T.
Born March 21st thru 19th all that is
April needed to win
.1 We only that of these democratic tra- to invite disappointment, or '
: can pray none 5, Joe Burnett. (Bill) Woodward.
:', Eastland and Wishful thinking can trip you in important quarters or turn make the way up needlessly ,
tors-Russell, Robertson, Lon, Talmadee nig County Judge J.
McKenney Davis.
.up unless you regrasp the realities your efforts in a more promisingand
ged. There are SECOND PRIMARY
Co.-suffers a fatal attack while keeping their notorious moneymakingand
Judge Criminal Court of Record
cf your situation, figure how to productive Personal
vigil, but that God should let them live to see the error.of ; direction. Job opportunities the last Division "A" William T. Harvey. Presidential Preference Primary.
'I their undemocratic and unckristianlike ways-and maybe apply provenknowledge and skills charm goes a long way to "win third for those willing to experiment National Committeeman and Com-
y. to a legitimate goal which, whenin friends and influence people"; who have something better Supervisor of Registration Fleming roittecvrcnan.Delegates .

repent. sight can be made the spring- build on earned good will for than average "on the ball," are H. Bowden.
y board for more ambitious projects. business promotion or social activity quick to learn new skills and Clerk Criminal Court of Record to the National Conveo-

Curb impatience in dealing with in your neighborhood. A adapt to new methods, equipment, Kathleen L. Hartley. tion. .

Your Neqro Newspapers subordinates or co-workers; erratic new av ep e.-for enterprise may inventive: time and labor-saving. County Solicitor Criminal Courtof S .
spurts.of energy can upset develop from casual personal con- devices. Record Lacy Mahon, Jr.

Educated For Freedom those of less volatile tmperament tact, open the way to broader 7-20-66-13-26.726 Board of Public Instruction, District Remember folks, the registration

who find it difficult to keep up horizons. "' No. 1, Raymond A. David. books are now open. Register NOW

\.. March 13 through 19 is Negro Newspaper Week. This with your shifting moods. Changes 6-40-22-17-45-642; Board of Public Instruction, District if yon have not done 'so. Renewal

Is the annual time when more than 200 weekly and daily in plans or methods are more SCORPIO No. 3, A. E. (Gene) Stokes. cards are now being- sent out. FIB

: newspapers published by Negroes obserre the founding of smoothly accomplished at month- Born Oct.' 24th thru Nov. 22ndThere's Board of Public Instruction, District it In and return it promptly. Don't

the first Negro newspaper-Freedom's Journal, in 1827. end. LEO profit for those readyto No. 5, Ned P. Searcy. ST. let It lay around the house and

These newspapers make a concerted effort to protect the I 8-10-77-18-32-817 :Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22nd venture into broader or distant I ret lost.

vital role they play in championing the cause of freedom No better time for a vacation fields, in search of customers or does an about-face and resumes:

for all peoples. I TAURUS...... for catching up on your study or clients. A show of imaginationplus forward motion. But there may
Educate for Freedom" is the know-how can win sponsors still be details to be worked i>ut,
"Negro 'Newspapers ,Born April 20th thru May 20th reading, for taking time out to
theme of this 133rd anniversary observance. The mere You've the will to go places, as perfect and discuss plans for the impressed by the charm or forceof and you can use the last half of LEARN TO DRIVE t

fact that there is still need for a militant and crusading a new 2-year activity cycle begins. active months ahead. As friend- your personality. Romance this month and the first week of Secw DriYera' LIcentt I

.: Negro press indicates the many inequities that yet exist This is the time for bold changes, ship is put to the test, only those prospers when kept on a poetic next, while Mercury retrogrades, SAFEWAY DRIVING (
level; no time like this one to finda to go over plans, make sure you've SCHOOL I
and the freedoms that must be won. new undertakings, important decisions with no selfish motives are likelyto
kindred soul, whether bent 600 Welt Beaver Street
on overlooked no detail that could
Thus this observance is no. more indulgence in self- that can carry you far earn permanent trust and regard I
praise. Rather, it is re-evaluation of original purpose and along a.predetermined course. Go .. Mind the safety rules while social conquest or new channelsfor get in the way of swift progress HaL: PO 5-4G07
creative expression. It's not toward
function hi the light of our atomic age. titter one thing at a time, but be traveling midmonth. Avoid ten-; a practical and eminently
enough to be original; new ideas worth-while
rl The primary purpose of Negro newspapers, which is ready to take a new tack when sion in relations with those you objective.
need to be salted down with hard
of great significance to the public, is reflected in the 1960, obstacles along a given road loom work or live with; the less depen-)work, the ability to solve the problems 3-50-99-16-52-359
theme-"Educators for Freedom." too large. If one 'door closes, dent you are on the services of
that may lie in the of
One of the most priceless of our freedoms is the-'right knock: on another till you find the ministrations of others, the less way PISCES I
progress. Make major contacts Born Feb. ATTENTION LADIES
.. to know and to be informed. As the eyes, ears and con one offering the broadest promise wear on serves and temper. At- and 19th thru March 20thYou've
get plans set before month-
science of its readers, Negro newspapers jealously guard and opportunity. tention to mundane tasks is the' original ideas and a
) end. Bridge & Social Club
.: every human right by supplying: the facts and information I 5-30--55-12-71-5351: I II cure-all for confusion or worryat great yen to try them out, even
9,--80 55 14 75 985 if it involves a tug of war with Reporters 1
to achieve full month-end.
i necessary citizenship. Only through any
that and motivates GEMINI 3-50-11-16-83-351 friends, co-workers or loved ones.There's Send or Mall
exacting awareness challenges can progress I
be won. This is a never-ending function, which often.I Born May 21st thru June 21st SAGITTARIUS more than one way to Your Social News
must be strong and vocal in order to give downtrodden i First week best for seeking or VIRGO Born Nov. 23rd hru Dec. 21st kin a cat, and the best way Is Mondays To

people enlightened self-interest Thus Negro newspapers I granting personal favors, cement- Born Aug 23rd thru Sept. 22nd Check on plans, work out details to eschew steam-roller tactics, win FLORIDA STAR

perform a singular service when they; alert and challenge ing practical ties or friendships II you're thinking. of changing ; backtrack over ground covered I your point by suggestion, maybe 2323 Moncrief Hd. Cor. 13th
I in past weeks to make sureou're even letting the other fellow think
their readers to cooperatively wage relentless battles likely to prove valuable to your your jobs making home or plant Or Phone EL 4-6782
? in the right groove; dig in he dreamed it up all by himvi-lf.
against all enemies of their freedoms-because freedom progress. Make decisions relating I alterations, changing methods and I for a lons-ran I I I,
po creative 1-80-44-15-67--184
thrives only in the breast of informed men. I to your job methcCS of work I II routines, purchasing equipment, : or 1 4 .
work under the subjectiveImpact : the doable-deallnff I
As long as there is a Negro press, there will be no I hiring or firing of personnel, I hiring help this month and nextis cf 1\ retropratiinf Mercury I already be- I
ordering supplies or services for the time to do it. Work closely I II i
encroachment on readers' right to be correctly informed (to midmonth). There need b!
them 1 home or business cn th.3 baste ot 1 with partners for best results.,Let I
about conditions and who would I
no slackening= of activity In the
long-range benefits hoped for, not those at home have their ray but \
their just and human rights. For this is the real functionof
weeks ahead while Mars ,retrogrades ran
:' the Negro press:; as it has been throughout the past 133 1 on snap judgraent cr hearsay evidence -!; dcn't SO ahead until all are pulling -. so long as you managed! opt fy Il w ktr K

years A dedicated mission that indeed is worthy of Spend forth family; plan together toward lone-ranre earlier to find a productive groove ...: .
rededication annually at this time.I' entertainment on the home base, objectives likely to benefit all Involved. for the intensive erao-jonal) drives I. s .
the last third. '
characteristic of thir period.: Per
2-60-33-15---68-263 1-70--44-19-57-174 !
: fect creative skills renpnt friendships
\ '.
'. '
f .1'
I ; 00 : ':" :'
; quietly nurse:;; along: :a: slowly i\: ; }.J::'>:'
:: .
CANCER LIBRA : ty rI ., :.
'ind the Born .June 22nd thru July 22nd Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. '23rd enveloping romance without :--.r.::'='..f?;'..?i .:;:"/ .:.
trying to force the pace.: liii. ;...;. '
strength \\b
Obstacles that may develop in Romewasn't built in a day.and 4-20-88-12-35-428 I I ,;:;: I \'\ \\\
the way of expected progress the the safest line of progress is
... A"t' ,
for life. first few days are a challenge to i to take it rung by run? up the S
your e : resource and ingenuity. 'A change- social.cr business ladder no short CAPRICORN I (
-. Born Doc 2Tnd thru Jan. 19th
-- .--- -
',- ; Pay attention to ideas or opinions -

Get Your Horoscope Guide To that: may differ from your

.- o-c o n. but don't let a temporarily
adverse wind throw you off the

S. S TOUT' horoscope guide for Decel*>aber"Now. Send $2 main, course. Find new ways tot
TkLiT0j G To, Pablo The Asfrolo8er P. O.Box 58KrJtdaonYille 1;Fla..t get around obstacles, to arbitrate
_. -- 'frame --- fiW fla ,At .-.::. f-.Mw i, differences. A show of ingenuity

I -- ., '- j i and cleverness in the performance
1 / ,Dear Pablo: Enclosed Is 3fcoTs o B d .toy Horoscope .f I of routine tasks should be noticed

S r". I Gndefor. the month of December. I, I can lead to eventual promotion

.trv. .I the chance to show off newly .

I NAME ', developed skills. Novel Ideas_ for .

.. ...... ... If.: ',4', If entertainment around the holidays

I -'' ". ... I add to enjoyment and prestige.
r' -" 1": '::
ADDRESS : : 8--90-22-17-41-392
.. .'It .
"I '': ... ,"'r... ':,.. > <-'. .'. ", "'v_: u I
OOD'i. {" 1' _. Jan. 20th thru Feb. lath SHE&A.NICELY' REARED GIRL --AND

REUOfON IN AMERICA!)UFE'INC; '. 1- :""*.*'7'.4.. ......, "-"\.. "! ;. ."..".. ". t s. Things may be ready to bon /,
I .. ;-:::P.- over-.in'' the-creative. speculative NOT BAD FROM THE FRONT EITHERi'

L, ;WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS' WEEK ..' 5 rs : _: \if 'i.- .: .-..- .2 ,or*:romance% -. department- ***- liars Covriv64v 7aL FFA uEEp ? +

.'. ': :. :, ..
I ,', ; 'f t. ; ; : .

'. .




iFIT ...... 1

:: 111T7 TI IT' T

..,- ,- -, ..,._..---- .
,, ,',. ,. .....

h ,
: \
'" _, _. j ( !i a'4
'-. y ,. '.
1960' r t .. .. .

Week Ending Sfondoy, March 20, S FS.Ri" .STAB \
-- - -

T .k r. S Stork ; Wedding Bells' Announced Engagements 1. I

SociallySpeaking 1 S Deliveries' APPLICATION FOR .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. SUns i

announce the engagement of their j
; '
MARRIAGE LICENSES daughter. JoAnn L. to James M.
i Ross son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
The Dahlia Garden Circle held its meeting in the home of Mrs. Daniel
Cummings, 1493 W.
: Born to Mr. and Mrs.: Ross of Washington D. C.
Gussie Rucker 1326 W. 10th. Street with Mrs. Mattie Lazenby aridMrs.
State St. 41 and Willie
Apt. 3.
Roscoe Redd Rt. 9, Box 407A.. Miss Suggs is a graduate of New
Bessie Warden co-hostesses. Jax.. FUu, Girl. P. McNeal 1493 W. State St., Stanton High School and the
Tickets distributed for the "CONGRESS OF FLOWERS"to
were Apt. 3, 25.
Julius Mathis 929 Oakley speed writing busines school in
be held April 29th. I Julius Wright. RL 1. Box' 10.
., Street Boy. Atlantic City, N. J. Mr. Ross is
Earlie James, 2017 McMUllan Bryceville. Fla.. 20 and Mae H. a student of the Milwaukee school
Election of officers was first on the agenda when members of q Street Girl.Gerald Franklin Rt. 1, Box 1A ,Bryce- of engineering.Mrs. .

the Royal Palm Sewing Club met in the home of Mrs. Viola Smith. .p n Holloway. 1251 West ville. Fla., 21. .

Elected were Mesdames Bertha Cleveland president; Marion Beaver Street Girl. Jos. Bell. 113 Stuart St. 24 Rosa Lee Hall of 1234

Glover vice president; Edith Milner, second vice president; Lucinda Marion Jackson 3224 Buckman and Wilhelmina Williams 113 Hart St. 'announce the enga -

Henderson third vice president; Agnes Heck recording secretary; Street BoY.George Stuart St. 25. ment of her daughter, Viola

Ruby Blacknell. financial secretary; Lacila Mosley treasurer; Fannie Williams 1220 Division Willie H. Abraham. 1303 Evergreen Brown to Louis Taylor Jr.

Charles Christmas savings treasurer; Nancy Bradford chaplain: Street Girl.Robert Ave., 18 :and Bettye" J. The wedding will be an eTC ab -

and Grace Muldrow, reporter. L. Battles. 1058 West Wells, 1046 Franklin St, 15. of March 20 at Mt. Olive Primitive' '
4 Beaver Street, Girl. Richard Boyer 724 Everson St., Baptist Church 4th. and
The Bella Donna Bridge Club members ,and their guests enjoyed 4. !: Nathaniel Henldey 3414 Plateau 34 and Ida Quarterman 724 Ever- Myrtle Avenue.

a delightful evening of bridge and entertainment recently at club Street Girl.Eugene son St, 31. .
Eldorado. Smith 706 Arch Street James Anderson 2921 Red- Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Jones announce -
Club prizes were won by Mrs. Margaret ;Mathis Mrs. Katheryn Students from Pomona College Claremont Calif.. Oberlin Cqllege Boy. mond Ave., 56 and Bertha Hall. I the approaching marriage

HowelL l ire.Edythe Thomson and Mrs. Hortense Brewington. Mrs. Lois Avery Mrs. Sylvester Bossard, Miss Zelma Johnson. Mrs' Bill Artis Herbenia Rt.. Green I 3801 Old St. Augustine Rd.. 55. :of their daughter Mary Evelyn ta

Members and, guests present were MESDAMES Hortense Brew- Redlands. Calif., discuss campus life with two Fisk students-reading Cove' Springs Fla*. Boy. Alex Amerson 481 Harvey St, Oscar Lee Kellam. son of Mr. and
ington Frances Waldon. Juanita Raiford. Jean Liptrot G. Adams, left to right-Carolanne Anderson, Jr. Art major of Pomona, Lesley Nathaniel Brooks. 1441 Cleveland Pontiac Mich., 19 and Betty L.1 I'Mrs. Freeman Kellam. '

H. Bullard. I. Grant 'K. Howell A. Kelly, G. Lesesne M. Mathis. Greene Jr., English major of Whittier Dave Ayers, Soph., Sociology 'Street GirL Whitaker.. 1202 W. 22nd St, 16. ; The wedding will be solemnked

T. Thayer Thompson' and Misses C. Clark and E. Moses. major of Redlands Carole Jenkins Sr., Plsk of Columbia, South Pery Palmer 1414 Grothe St., Wm. H. Price. 2022 Doll Ave.. March 20 in the Church of God
4 r f Carolina; John'Nye Soph.. Sociology major of Denison; Jim Nussman Girl. Knoxville Tenn., 20 and Claudie in Christ State Temple.

Mrs. Mary Slater was honored recently with a surprise birthday Jr.. B storr major of Whittles; Mary Cinek. Soph., Oriental Affairs James Powell 1474 West Union M. Haugbrook 1259 W.. 20th St., !

dinner by'members' of her family at 2323 Lantana Avenue. Oberlin. Ohio;.Whittier College. Whittier Calif.; Redlands University Street. Boy. ,

A delicious dinner was prepared by Mrs. Edith McDaniels and major of Pomona; Thirlee Smith. Sr., Pisk University from' Miami, Alvin, Settles, 1832 Voorhies St., 22.Elijah Hlgdon. 4834 Ave. B. 22 IABOUTEOPLE

Mrs. Essie B. Adams. Florida, Barbara Bigger, Soph.,. Oriental Affairs major of Pomona Boy. and Doretha Cross 5637 Bract

Many beautiful gifts were received by the honoree. and Pat Hasegawa, Jr., Spanish major of Oberlin College. Harvey Harper 1340 West 5th AV8.. 22.Louis ?

: Street Girl. Taylor. Jr., 1248 W. 4th ... .

Mrs. Carolyn White Washington was hostess to the Classic Willie Frank Gibbs. 1337 West St., 21 and Viola Brown. 1236 Melvin Thomas' Brown is backin i

Lassie Bridge Club at the Lincoln Golf and Country Club recently. 31st Street Boy. Hart st.. 26. the city after attending the t
Several rounds of bridge were played and prizes were won by Luther Bryant 1340 McChonie Lorenzo J. Hart 1712 Myrtle funeral services of his mother in :

Mrs. Margaret Starkes, Mrs. F. T. Johnson and Mrs. Grace Sykes. Street Boy. Are.. 26 and Allene Dickerson Tallahassee.

Members attending were Mesdames Ruby Dwight, Florence Johnson Frank Smith 1509 Logan St., 3018 Stuart St. 24. S '

Dorothy Oliver Hazel Pink -Margaret Starkes, Grace Sykes Boy. Mrs. Carrie B. McLaurin Her-
mvm-Leroy of 55 Chapin Street COOPER-Arthur Oscar L. Kellam. 3805 FreemanRd.
Helen Toney. Carolyn Washington Juanita Williams, Sarah Wright of 907 Calhoun 6 bert and Mrs. Floy Southard of
St. Augustine St., Fernandina Wife Critton 2961 Willow St. .. 20 and Mary E. Jones, 6409
and Alveta S. Allen. Chicago Illinois were recent visitors f
BRAGGS-Mrs. Eva of 826 W. COFIE Lobelia St., 19.
-Willie Lee of 1531 Boy. of Mr.and Mrs.A.J.Anderson

BIRTHDAYS CELEBRATED 4th. StreetMALLORYCarlton Logan Street 1659 College Cir- Howard E. Rowe 959 BroadSt. of 3943 Carmichael Avenue.
I Cornel Dunlap
of 1100 Dora McIVER
Jacquelyn Cruse was feted with 'a surprise birthday party at her 1 -James Arthur of 1835 28 and Jewell M. Thomas Several dinner parties wen "
Street I Steele Street cle (East), Boy.
Girl Scout troop meeting in the basement of St. Phillips Episcopal ODOM Lincoln of 510 W. Union! GOPP Jordan; of 1009 ,FranklinStreet i Curtis Eason. 1071 Dftvift Street, 959 Broad St., 31. given in their honor.

Church. Various games were enjoyed throughout the, afternoon and I .
Street Boy. '
Clyde Anderson Jr., 934 West
gifts were presented after the repast. i
Homer Butler was feted on his birthday March 4, by his mother, I CLARK-Flossie of 1457 W. 45th. STOKES-John of 5642 Cedar King Rd., 26 and Mamie L. Crawford Mrs. Roxie Bryant of Philadelphia -

Mrs. Theora Butler of 1755 W. 11th. Street I Street AvenueHARDYEmmett' 1573 W. 24th St 21. Pa., and John Robinson of

Several guests were on hand to,make this a memorable occasion. CARTER Street -James of 1525'' Windle 461 'C., GreenlandHENDLEYEdith of Rt. 8, Box New Stanton Robt. Bradham 1104 Brady St. Boston, Mass., were in the citr

Mr. Butler is stationed aboard the USS Saratoga.. the funeral of
2002 W. recently attending
ANTHONY-Mrs. Georgia of 2843 18 Sand Louise
Mae of 8022 Bahd Con'certApril
: S their sister and aunt, Mrs. Anna
Mars Street Siskin AvenueWIILIAMSDick I 16th St.. 14.BEAVER. .
COCKTAIL PARTY SMITH-George of 1611 Morgan I L. Edwards. .
of 1535 Mt.
Les Bijoux Bridge Club enjoyed "ladies club night" at the or

Ribault Supper Club recently. Mr. Theodore Douglas, manager'of the Street Herman Street Final arrangements for the
Ribault was host for the occasion. Hhe members and, their guests Gilbert of 1343 W. Band Concert to be held April 1
Street 26th. Street : "Federal state and Atu \
prize. in New Stanton 'auditorium are t.r
LAMAR-Mary Lee of 1279 W. DAVIS-Mrs. running at TOOTHACHE Nw test ect
enjoyed rounds of bridge' with each player contesting for the, grand I Elfleta of 1607 completed.v local expenditures are cN e/
Parsons, Mrs. Essie McCray, Mrs. Ann McIntosh Mrs. Bonnie Wilson 30th. streetKNOWLTONPhilipi Everson CourtEureka Various committees have been 5129 billion a year. That is more WuSKASIt .. ORAlly.JELF
of 6536 New the national productIn U OftMtU f '
Mrs. Doris ,Bennett and: Mrs. Ruth Parrott. Members present were: ,i' organized and are working hardto .than one ge,1n.yew I* tlC..I.CD.
I Kings Rd. .
35 cents every
Guests attending the affair were Mrs. Wlnona Britt Mrs. Gloria make the concert a success. other words
MERRITr-Gcdfrer.pf 2024 Tho- in this country goes
Louise Guinyard. Mrs. Marie McClain. Mrs. Catherine Jackson. Mrs. -:' The band under the directionof dollar

Alvenia Scriven Mrs. Nell CaSon. Mrs.. Myrtis King and :Mrs. Joyce. mas' 'Ct.McBRIDEMrs.. LodgeObservance K. D. McFarlin is practicingdaily to help maintain government on '
Annie Mae of all levels. ,,tI
Lawson. '1440 Whitner Street set for the occasion. ,
The grand prize was won by Miss Zelma Johnson; (club preSident : H
PHILLIPS Sam Thomas of 1078
-- '
): second prize by Mrs. Essie McCray: and consolation prizes to Davis StreetDANIELSCharl1e for March 27 I RAISE YOUR FASHION QUOTIENT WITH THESE SILHOUETTES TO SEW 1
Mrs. Nell Carson and Mrs. Winona Britt.
of 538 McIntosh The Eureka Lodge ,No. 51 and 1
Avenue, Orange Park. Phyllis Wheatley Lodge No. 52 by Evelyn CunninghamIt looked upon with distaste,pity, front bodice darts, is buckled
NOTICE TO SOCIALITES ITEMS INTENDED FOR THE might not be fair but or she is dubbed a"character. ,
: HOLUDAY-Nunnerie of 218 S. working under Prince Hall Juris- a at the center back.-.The short' ..
COLUMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER Division St. Fernandina diction AP & AM will observe weU.groomed.Cwoman almost In any case, she is usually or three-quarter length sleeves ,.
THAN MONDAY 5 P.M. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S receives doing a injustice to her
SAMUEL Mrs. LUlie Of 928 W. their anniversary March 27 at always preferred great are made in one with the back
ISSUE. Monroe StreetEDWARDSCourtney 3 pjn. in Union Community AME treatment.Whether she's walking personal and public life. and front ,of the bodice. A .

Church. into a restaurant, attend- Too manywcmen who don't part-way Talon zipper and a '

of 713 Bri- An Elaborate program has been ing a club meeting or arriving dress well complain that they low pleat are at the back. 'r
i.- ; ,.. .... f
'- -- -' -. -. -- -- I i dier StreetBuggetttdEditorial planned for this occasion. Mem- at a party, the woman, who is don't have enough money for Made here in a lipstick red

J' bers and friends are invited to smartly and appropriately good or smart clothes. They lightweight wool, this patterns

1 1t ., "-- attend. dressed gets special attention. honestly believe that a lot of suited for linen, tweed,
J, CARNATION e \ On the other hand, of course, money is the key to being well- shantung, synthetic mixtures

Vfcffetlfe an extremely dowdy-looking dressed. True, a lady with unlimited or jersey.Weekly.
t COOKING HINTS ..z $5 Million To; receives special '
EWe PlansObservance woman a means can go to the Fashion-Sewing Tip

$200. Million! !; ... brand of attention. She, is best stores and put herself Pleats should always be bast f '

I fl92'L&I A qualified witness, who fel l ; av M ,into the hands of fashion ex- edutposrtion.Andworkshouldalways .
i ftOSAlIEI travelled over and around the { perts. But there is no longerany be done from the bottom
globe some 600,000 miles in tin Edward Waters College Duval
I SCOTT toward the waistline
reason why a woman witha up,
I HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR AND HER STAFF past 15 years in the arduous task County's Center 'of higher ,learn k '

-- --------- -- _/ of directing the American Catholi ing, will celebrate the 94th. Foun- : slim budget can't competeon to insure a true, straight hang.nngPle'at.
Bishops' world-wide relief*and rehabilitation der's ?:5E the fashion scene with her .
Day Observance
on March "
Here's a molded salad that tastes just like deviled eggs! 'agency, says that the 2223. !: well-to-do isters. ; <",;' '
It is so attractive for buffet suppers and perfect with cold ,we socalled'populatIon have been reading about is in I The college was founded in The answer is in home sew lj:"

cuts. You'll like the creamy texture of this new salad and .reality a "hunger explosion." 1866 hr Rev.: Charles H. Pearce .,y ing. Dressmaking does not'require k'

it is so easy to make with Carnation Evaporated Milk "The time bomb of the 20th ten* and has progressed steadily. An unusual talents. It is iJr'

the milk that's concentrated to the consistency of cream millions fury is the, starving hunger explosion and homeles among instructional program with day p''S. I like a game and can be great

Carnation is used in this recipe just as it pours from the t overseas," Msgr. Edward E* I and evening divisions and summer fun. Long experience by the t .

can, but it also can be whipped for light salads and Swanstrom,. executive director of I sessions has Increased from sewing experts of McCall's

desserts. It gives richer flavor and better texture to all Catholic Relief ServicesNationalCatholic i less than 100 to over 1,000 stu- Patterns, for instance, has r
Welfare Conference told .
cooking, yet costs only half as much as expensive cream diocesan directors. of the ,1960 I I dents. .ti led to amazingly easy sew

Do try it in all your favorite recipes. Bishops' Relief Fund Appeal in I I Activities for the observance ing. Up-to-the-minute guidesand r

recent regional meetings across I 1 will include a special meeting ofI directions in these pat- '.

:4. the United. States. "The problemis I I AME church officials a .special terns are explained so clearlythat
not too many people,but rather
i i their inability to help themselves I I I Convocation and general programsof f even a child can follow

: 4r t5 5' This is an explosion of people for educational and cultural in- many of them.
3 } i I:I whom we have not doD enough." terests. As a special attraction Both of the patterns pictured
I I i By way of example, Msgr.
"The Apostle of Freedom" will be A here-are-simple to make.
Swanstrom refers to the 350,000 S ,
I 1 Moroccan school children his or, presented in the Duval County Both can be made at far less 4.- ,,

-Y.A w'1e I| ganization is helping to feed the Armory. March 22 at 8 pan. than they would cost in a S ::v

,j tragic, homeless Arab refugees of store. The plaid dress (McCall's k 4, '
; the Near East it has clothed and f. $3.
3 7 Pattern No. 5057) has Y Jar'Y ,.
the medical battle it is conducting
f ; ,
; against tuberculosis and leprosy TUB PEON'S FLIGHT' a soft, eight-gore, double box, r Q bYi"

e in the Far East. The newest By William Henry Half i, pleated skirt. The scoop neck y 5 t

'. aMJ theaters of operation are Africa' For ANP has a detachable collar .with ,,,,... y y
with missions in 14 5 N.l'fi
There is trouble there la trouble. 1i a bow. A cummerbund may be
and South America with missions r
in ten -countries.. And inall There is trouble every day; worn iastead of the narrow
the underdeveloped areas If we mentioned II twill touhls self-belt. This dress is made

among the 62 countries it serves, So there's nothing we can say. J ,of a maroon and gray plaid,
4 } c r- r r r ,
CRS-NCWC is placing special em If lot of cotton vcY y4.
we pick: a with'! the collar of maroon vel-
: phasis on self-help projects. And'expect a word of praise
i1 Fora
Through the cooperation of veteeu. professional
the U. S. Department of Agriculture That win. rarely .be forgotten 4 y C+FwIy .I% looking placket, always ut* ,
in..Jnakfng'surpluses." Aa some past misdeed heU raise. t Talon availableIn
a a Magic Zip
available, the eager assistance of There is aafginr. there is nagging s r 1 k+rr
dress 12".and
more than a -wW.. volunteer tipper lengths
MOLDED IGG SAlAD workers and the ''high degree of : 14". The sowing guide '
achieved its 15 V&tee mo efficiency through S
(Makes 4 to 6 servings) line woven right into the tape
:'ToIfns ". years of rigorous direction and eaaaulatire do;
Vt cvP ilia')....... '/ cup*hed! uffed knoTr-tow, CRS-NCWC An. the Qaptsirt,, ne IB w c- stares easy Application frost lie Jacket look om

1 teUtqwea(1( envetope) ..... makes each dollar collected ia'the ... Other suggested fabrics!: for tils oae peoe dres The collar

tmftovorai gutafaw 1 tablespoon prepared avtted work annual of Biah 401 paQpeal do. like LIb M W.-rm kill yo*. this |sment axe gin bam, sweeps away boa U* seek ...

% sup cold water 1 teaspeon seoened..it' The dollars that win flow fato. A pfttterm to dress .p ordown .dress linen, shantung, polished cot lie bodice battens tlxlce ... .liekalM

5 chopped hcni-coeked tfst 1 cup undid the 1960. Bishops' :Belief Fend' and near all arcmad for say ton, synthetic mixtures, price- >eIt buckles at the center
Appeal from Americana through LEARN TO' DRIVE? eccasioa.Choose a.jeoop-aecked* ed silk or cotton. The collar lack. All comblae for a look ofIcaIiie =
/ cup chopped celtiy CARNATION EVAFOtATGD MfUC the local Catholic churches across ; 'TheConfident bodice with wtee,cttamexbvd eta and cummerbund may be made slitnness wiles toppiagS ![ .
2 tobleipocra lemon juice nation-mil deal with longer sleeved l look with self '\ .
'the : BO saysterions -, of a contrast color .or fabric. steala of a skkt. Fashion'sperfect ;' '

Place the mayonnaise tD mixing 1-quart mold chill with firm, biological phenomenon.. Way bolded detachable collar sad .. The other dress has a jacket finishing touch TsW.oac '1 : .
Bather they: win feed and clothe! Mrs. G. B. Benjamin clolce '
fall cluster-
J join to a
bowL Soften gelatine in cold about 2 hours. Unmold by dip and house end he&lmeosated multitudes Licensed Instructor yosr effect at the front. (WecaU' aew Magie Zip LAS a wovea ;
jrater. Dissolve over hot water. ping in warm water for a few of the hungry, ragged : pleated skirt. Tie ailkosetto is sewing guide line rips oa the s.
Pattern No. 3060X Espedsllyflstterinf -
idd gelatine to mayonnaise seconds. Turn out on salad homeless and sick who are.tn.ppedl 600 W. Beaver SL fetafadtt asd graoefd..o rigid tipe:4asarlag'blb begiffies sad x
IQx wen. Add the remaining greens. Garnish with olives and I by circumstance in a world that:; Res. PO 8-2968 for Spring '60. Tie patters ... is the away 4uE ?Itt, of s professional appear
ngredients.Mix welL Pour into radishes, it desired. has been out of" fetot IflT W.! Office EL 5-7742 HcCali'. Pattern .JN1. ...: tioa-the-neck notched collar. .. lacket.; KcCn' Patters E. _

2214 ,Printed to UJ.A. (40) _generations.. .. ..1 6 ;Misses .rzeaj-: ;10-18. : The part-way belt s et'i iit:.vt. '..'.... &t. Misses' sixes 10.18. h. '!.
-e--. 1. .
J.. S li
; 1
; i" t;
1 y

4 .. ,

1 ,......
.. *> .
5 : :


I J ......
__ _. _
r -+ _
-L a'.e..M- .+.'d". _

'-.'. ', <-:_.: ., ...c ." e
-.- -
'-S------- '

pail'- ...
4 1 'nq.n. CT At+
,' .,'.- ; Week Ending Sunday, March 20, 1960

:I 5 ti v Missionaries \ Mt. Calvary 1)\ TIlE CUNNING NEVER PAYS
II .
I I 6y By William Henry Half \
'I v.wyt To Honor CelebratesAnniversary If I can just be real and true

,, .4 And have no cunning. ways
! Mrs. L Knox As those who win, must surely do
NEWS rrwib' In these and future days, .
I .
\ honored Mrs. Lillian with B. Knox will be The joint anniversary of-Rev I will not heap a pile of. wrath'To '
an appreciation pro- fall upon my head
gram on March 22 at 8 pjn. by I W. M. Hill and the 68th. ann1I Or dread a fearful aftermath.

the Senior Missionary Society of versary of the church will conj j)-,' But.live in peace instead.

JOINT ANNIVERSARYThe MRS. ANNISTERIN 9 Holy Tabernacle Church of the tinue through Sunday, March 21 f "'.
Lord Jesus. at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. .' y .
: deacons and trustees of RECITAL ;

'West Union Baptist Church will Mrs. Ethel Davenport Bannister Mrs. Knox serves in several J Participants during the past Send or" '\Bring Your News,

observe- a Joint anniversary :March will be presented in' a recital I !IL capacities( of the church. She is week were Rev. E. R. Simpson, fI f !in To TheFLORIDA "'

29 at 8 pjn. in the church audi March 20 at 8 pm. at Grace c h"Ich pianist: president of the I I Zion Hope Baptist Church; Rev. ,

torium.A Baptist Church 21st. and Jones i iI id iI I T"hUh Club treasurer of the G. T. McCall Mt. Vernon Baptist; STAR

.:}. '.' program will, presented, for streets Sl''Oiorrissionary Society record- I Rev. J. C. Rogers, Macedonia .

... the..occasion. Mrs. Bannister will,be accom- m- secretary of the church Coun- I Baptisv; Rev. B. L. Wynn Abys
paw by Choirs 1 -of Grace and d r>1 and teacher of Bible School 1 sinia Baptist: ; Rev. S. Badger. V*'n Of fir::* & 'mart'

CIl\1tm CLTJBOBSERVANCE Spring Hill Baptist Churches.. Class. Emanuel Bttpu-:t; R?.\". C. B. Dai- :. 2323 WONCRIt.f. R|) .

.. ley-Rust Baptist. Near t. t.StTe.f. :
An.. 0lAhArie ptflram .iciil ba 1 ----- ._-,--- ..--,_. .-
---- -
The Glendale Social Saving 'HOLY TRAVELERS, SINGERS } : : '- '
Charity'Club wil celebrate its 12th The Holy Travelers Gospel L 'k : : <, r \ Pleasing And Simple To DoA
anniversary March 25 in the audit Singers will render a musical pro j .
r 11 _. I
t torium of Mt.. "' Olive Primitive gram Sunday at 3 pjn. in the k Seasonal Ste\ ,
S Oyster
'. k Baptist Church. auditorium of Jerusalem Baptist Miss Scoft ... '
: Serving as master of ceremonies Ttourch southside. I .. Sx;+

will be C. Parham Johnson. Mrs Althea Badger is the span I
to Observe 8th
Invitations have been extendedto sor of this program. I icy 2.a j 4 7
all clubs of the city to attend .' s i

ROSETTA THARPE AnniversaryMiss t


.. Sister Rosetta Tharpe and he .} r Essie :Mae Scott gospel 2 .,n nM1k'.5

C. Parham Johnson will serve mother: Mrs. Katie Bell Newborr 'HELP THE HOMELESS AND HUNGRY OVERSEAS is the theme: singer will observe her eighth

as narrator for the 35th. anniversary I. will be presented in a concert al t of the 1960 Catholic Bishops' Relief Fund.-World Refugee Year-, anniversary in the auditorium of

of Usher Board No. 1 of Mt. the Triumph Church, Third and ,Appeal which will be conducted in the more than 1G,500 churches of Shaw Memorial Baptist Church on "'..,

'c Ararat Baptist Church on March Franklin streets March 23, beginning the United States, March 20-27. The minimum national Appeal goal March 28 at 8:00: pm. 55e
.. is $5'million which serves as the basis of the world's largest private .5
21. at 8:30: 'pm. voluntary overseas relief program. Programs of relief assistance,
will be
.5 5 Appearing on the program will The Mighty Golden Jubilee food, medical supplies, clothing, immigration and resettlement, etc.] I Appearing on program
be the Male Chorus of Tabernacle Singers of this city, will also be were carried on in 62 countries among all races and creeds during.T Mrs. Ethel D. Bannister, Mrs. Gus-

Baptist Church._Miss Juanita Williams heard on this program. the past year. You can help continue this great work of charity with sie Mae Gray, the Heavenly
.will be .guest reader. a contribution to the nearest Catholic church or Bishops' Relief Fund, 1 Echoes the Golden Jubilee Sing- < 4
I Empire State Building New York 1. N. Y.
ANNUAL'DAY i ers, the Angelites, Gospel Crusaders -
Echoes Heavenly Fire 3

The Inez B. Evans Wesleyan MARCH 27 i Gospel Singers, ExcelsIor' Singers,
St. Stephen's 'I Zion Male Chorus and the
Men'sDayanne Hope
Guild of Ebenezer MethodistChurch Mrs. Valarese Clark will serve J, : L'..

will present the The Ben as chairman !)f the Women's Day Baby Contest : *1l t' : Singing Trumpets. '. ___ S _,

nett College Choir of Greensboro,, observance to be held March 27 a -t. !, If what to cook "is a puzzlement," the king in your kitchen can

N. C. in a musical extraganza. on at Grace Baptist Church. Ends March 20, -,.' resolve his dilemma with easyto-do oyster stew. This hearty stew

March 22nd. Captains are Mesdames B. Le. Bethel AMEMen's Mt. Olive has two-way appeal,for it is pleasing to the. male palate and simplefor
baby contest In progress at him to prepare.
.. V. Clark, Parlee Way, Flossie
roy the St. Stephen AME Church will Oysters are now in season,and an oyster stew is a satisfying way
Tvc MEN'S DAY Jackson, Corthea ., McCoy and Day celebration will be SlatesWomen's to enjoy this succulent food of the sea. Easy and economical too, I*
AT GRACE BAPTIST Catherine Wright. terminate: March 20'at 4 pjn. in held'March 20 in Bethel AME New Fashioned Oyster,Stew made with instant nonfat dry milk.

Plans are near completion for the church auditorium. Church, Palatka. 1 It's a highly nutritious dish for instant nonfat dry milk containsall
the annual observance of Women'sDay the B vitamins,proteins and minerals.Only water and butterfatare
MT. CARMEL Contestants are Japhus Wyatt Speaker for the event will be Day removed from the fresh whole milk used in making this product.
I at Grace Baptist Church MEN'S DAYMARCH Baker n, son of Mr. and Mrs. Prof. Henry H. Wright of Central The women of Mt. Olive Baptist Oysters,too, are high in good quality nutrients. Both foods are low
for March 27. In
scheduled 20THMen's calories.
Japhus Wyatt Baker I Zenobia .
; Church, southside, will observe the
Mrs. Valarese Clark has been will be observed Academy High School Business New-Fashioned Oyster Stew
Day Denice_ Ziegler, 'daughter of Mr.
annual Women's March 27
Education Department. Gussie I (Makes 8 to 4 servings)
....appointed chairman and Mrs. March 20 throughout the day. in and Mrs. Walter Zeigler Jr. Quin-
; in the church auditorium.
\ Betty Jean Leroy, co-chairman of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 1500 ton Arvett Jones, son of Mr., and Frank Johnson will serve as guest 1 quart liquid Starlac 1 pint fresh oysters with oyster liquid
soloist.As 1 tablespoon flour 1/4 cup finelymmced onion or
\ the affair. Harrison Street. Mrs. Leroy Jones; Keith Edward Officers are: Chairman, Mrs. 1 teaspoon salt chopped scallions

\ Deacon David Washington will Williams,. son of Mr. and Mrs. a climax to the observance, Vinia M. Garmon; co-chairman, Freshly ground pepper 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley

,' MEN'S DAY serve as chairman, Freddie Jacobs James Williams. Anetra Danett Dr. Gilbert Porter, executive secre- Mrs. Elouise Smith; captains, Mrs.L. Pour liquid Starlac in top of double boiler; sprinkle flour and

f .\ ANNOU&CEDMen's and P. H. Holland will serve as Ayers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. tary, FSTA will deliver the mess- Baker, Mrs. B. Beasley, Mrs. seasonings over surface.Beat with rotary beater just until blended.
f -' will be observedMatch Place over hot water to scald. Place oysters and liquid in small
: Day and treasurer. V. M.Gannon, Mrs. Mayetta Mc- "
secretary Vanster
Ayers; Tommy Israel, son age for the evening service. Pre- saucepan; simmer slowly until edges begin to curl. Add to Starlac;
p 20 throughout the day in of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Israel; senting Dr. Porter will be Prof.H. Grill, Mrs. Betty Watson, Mrs. S. cook until piping.hot. To serve: place 1 tablespoon chopped onion

Mt.'kiarmel Baptist Church, according MEN'S DAY L. Dabner, son ''of 'Mr. and Mrs. L. Burney, principal of Middle- Flowers, Mrs., Mary Brown, Mrs.E. and 1-1/2 teaspoons chopped: parsley in each soup bowl; pour in
_I to the Rev. C. C. Daniels Smith secretary :Mrs. Minerva stew. Sprinkle with
ANNOUNCEDAnnual James W. Dabner Sri; M. Nixon, ton High School, Crescent City. ; paprika.- ,' -
:'. pastor: Tucker treasurer Mrs. Bessie MaeBea.s1ey SERVING NOTE: ,
Men's Day will be observed ; ,
daughter of :Mr. and Mrs. Joe Other educators 'and civic leaders
., Diced cooked bacon( hot diced cooked potatoes or canned creamed
S.: Deacon David Washington is March 20 in Grant Memorial Nixon: Victor Maurice Brooker, will appear on the program. ; program committee style corn, are. tatty additions to the above.
.... ,
&: chairman for the occasion. AME Church throughout. the 'son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas chairman, Mrs. Mattie Mae Bruce. -- ,-- ----- '

day, beginning with the Sunday Brooker. ---- ,

S ; SUNDAY SIP School a* 9:30 ftjn.

.;. The members of Simpson W. C.:Brown and Ira Coker will Proceeds from the contest will : ,I

Methodist Church will have a chairman and cochairman go toward,the building: fund of the y'
serve as ,
,..-! Sacrificial. Sip, Sunday, March 29, church.
for the ccasion.MEN'S "'
finmtdiately after morning wer- : ; ,. ,,. -
I DAY 7 .'. ,_, :
ship.This ,. :' '",,:,
is j//v
an Preparational !AT SWEETWATER John Bolden v : T ':.
a/fair. The public is invited.MT ,
-, a Annual men's day will be observed : .- -1" !

: : ARARAT tist Church March, Sweetwater.27 in DeLand Oficersare Bap- to Appear : ...: ;

ACTIVITIES Rogers Ellison, chairman and In ConcertJohn
District No. 23 of the'Mt. Ararat ctf-chairman. --
Oscar Jones, H. Bolden, band director I
Baptist ,Church wil meet Sundayin -S
will be presented in Founders _
a .
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex : r : !
SLAB Day concert in Friendly ,
Melvin, 5747 Moncrief Road at CONVENTIONDeaconess -
Church Sunday ,ate 4 pjn., by the
3:30 ,
pjn. j
Board No. 1 of Mt. \
Hospital Aides class of the Vocational ;
There will be
an entertainment .
Sinai Baptist Church, will spon- ; Adult Education Department ; i
sponsored by District No. 23, 1, 1
sor the Slab Town Convention of Bolden's College of : ,
Saturday night in the home of Monday evening March 28 at 8 Music. ..
Mrs. Helen Brown, 2457 Petunia .
'' I
Mr. Bolden, organizer and director .
Street at 8 Fish pjn.The
pjn. and chicken
is invited. .
I public of the Darnell-Cookman Band -
dinners will be sold. ,
and' the Little Symphony Orchestra r?<; -
.. )
LAYMEN will feature classic, semi- / .ftR
/ : .
';i., WEST UNION r 7il 7
CALENDARBoy OBSERVANCEThe classics, folk songs, novelty and ,l
Laymen's Day observancewill sacred numbers.
Scout meeting Saturday at
be held March 20 in the Mt. The concert will be followed by

9:30.District: Ararat Baptist Church, with the open house and a musical tea at 1'' real \
and 5 wil meet Sunday -, security -
following the morning wor- chairman, Deacon W. R. Davis, the. Music Hall, 1816 W. 20th. St. { J' : .PWe' .

; and co-chairman Deacons Charlieossie
ship. District 11 will meet at I

3:30: pjn. In the home of Deacon and J. L.... Chatman, pre- \

and Mr:. Willie Thomas 1934 Mc- siding. I Douglas Anderson don mean the nicest house in thu
Dr. George W. Gore, president' ?
Quade St.Choir 'hlxct cod. _0r
= the
of Florida A & :M University will : To B, Evaluated ne. vet, sle# +est car. :> ,
3 will present the Isaiah .. the school the .. ...
ngat *, rfchl '
I Btocker Band in a recital March service.be I committee from the Southern campsVe're (5; ; ::" .',

27 at 4 pjn. in the educational the speaker for the morning Association of Secondary Schools -a r ,\, talLng ahout fife kind of security -. ; s .
building. The anniversary of Dis- ,I and Colleges will make an official they cant Jo ithout f ;
I kind that
., .
\ trict No. 9 will be observed March visit to Douglas Anderson High comei

.. 27 during the evening hour of School on March 20, 21. 22 for .L. from insta : 'c I'

_worship. COLORED HOME thepurpose of evaluating the q. r n. d'al
Faith. In God. in life, i in themselves' ,i ;, ,
\.The deacons and trustees will school. :

observe a Joint anniversary March FLORIDA STARIN I The opening session will be held : For life is no game for spiritual sissies. '' '

: 29 at the church. EVERY Sunday, March 20 at 5 pjn. in r
I Only Faith. the of the i
- the gymtorium. Final reports will. armor spirit j

S be made'Tuesday, ,' March 22 at will give them the stamina to meet it
Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get 7:30: pm. .-
courageously, no matter what it brim .

U S J.,'You can show your children xi;;, yyf .

.. I Oakland P.T.A. i. -*: where to find faith. how to ';}

hr il00um 0 into,; adtU huild it day Ly day, if you male r

1 : t f uaoiekeq : z Spraying a family affair. .. '
.' 7 k N ..ran. ssu ayawia .o'b ski IqR' ; ;isa

a II 3io..: ... .
;T ; -4T I I
-- roln '

,, iw lAd" eoavu221b oa ebiaY 7
7 w
t o6 boa aol? tu+ ,.

I 1RD s L .. 1-Y eusDot..'&1atq.wO edJ ,dA.lot OWDK4JJK ,woif0itt -'
bA 1 sd3 aI bst Uo, ssU46--
tiuao LC i WIi I oJfliyfr > Issgga 'aq It r Aa
sea au mo ,Y awa s syt snsasts ; eneralxcha4- i Balibf -4'daIJIi. a duI
'Te A er tl1tht ,c np4fiF5. I wok IGw dsdt zTs { Ti
\.. alt Ie eelIaod O1od}l.d ,*31i11IZ 1i5tllltt i ban'd 1{:

11too1 a xt saldmoa 1 'UUO> >dT .oonos w to.aamil + : :NIfia OT MflAHJ ', elan axAY luggA JUtM CTTAJO5AYJ HOITAMIOrstii rsi., b q+l d, g '
teaol edS
-.. 1 II erfT 1(1( 'I oitaa ,di IfvI neae.l sneegs.Idat ti
fe .
a la A Build'ialfBIM ca A zaolsst'e
of aastb o e : zftFn } dIuat ,3, Beta amadt x19
'\ r'S J'1I hlI: Dlt:9 i ]I ss .4J.
Of 7I MI f od bas s 6fod > erio2 .lwoa ,
; io; lnianl As2ne tJ1 ,-berg _- ; atls t ti ant M io\ ,!Jaw oar nl -an1q .,!J o o oaa1Q .ssia

t ., 1r '!; .\' ooaI toqqrd H l ga f gWipsod balsa no iuo maT .abtlon crt aleg bbi
,'. 9 b 4Z I .nC i i tall fchow nTaooXTZmunb x baa er/Uo ifllw d&1maD nwra gatnls. A .tlsw xIN.beilssb

_. J ... 11 In nsed tad.eoodaxtss I U .t9A&ib i oaf 11/01" N aIM .afnlbv n a

4 RId *w'riaq Mother" f S: I cat .A.L.U ai tnarflz:.:

climax the'Lea.y .
'. '. '. ;>

y ,


.- .
1:!- IIr .

# "Io! :
Z'., -

___ .
------w-------- ----- --- -
-- --
----- -- -- -
7 i iF


..... .

; .. r--.y; _----- .. _._ .
----- -. -- .. ____ .
---------.L. "
'I 1 t,. <,- : _
,. ..... !
Z4 Week Ending Sunday, March 20. 1960 r 1HE FLORIDA STAR ----.---- ..__ __._. -- 0.,,'

X .. --0 The C. A. Obb Club of

'LH't: cocial4.2eafthtg AME Church will sponsor id
Highlights Of Miami Golf Tournament TT .
: f ::1::; annual Sunday SPRING trm-J Mnrd.iin FASHION TEA the

." .. ,
.basement of TSec. 1 ur h.

t / program Afiusl
ing the S .
: .. SUJ DAY TEAS I I I Chb $1' t& II
.. t .4. .. : ...d0 rR- ,.:::.r.k., a. Y .... 2..5 ..2. The Homeroom Mother's Club Male 10 .919t 1 y U 59n1ttn

of John E. Ford will sponsor its) The h'f1 fl Slt yI
: + annual "SEASON TEA" March 20 ,
$ I from 4 to 6 pjn. at the school S?!i 9lf. i m'

I with Mrs. .C. P. Pridgen. .. presiding; j jThe. I = &: 9 M% ii :
s s I to 6 'tti i a iii riJGf.2

and >*ffo, ho !bo'ItIvfiti.c} IIW(
P.T.A. of A. L. Lewis I
,Elementary 9th. &KjStjsnsJnl bn* lu'tied 810m
School will present aj I i oanith,,
SPACE TEA" Sunday, March20 a tai( Ledix9bniW, djlw.us
in the school auditorium beginning : E I :1\\ < ,g rHij v"jmuQuI

at 4 p.m. r hot2i'3oA Ibbi''sroEaNr1adP! i r60
T_ i i W.rd6Yhl! +i llt $W atbloQrAllYtIYJ: i (U'uot I
The Junior Laymen of the East
:'.;s are asked to be
Florida Conference will sponsor a ',.
"St. Patrick Day Tea? Sunday. presTtgo3 ...., :0 1 ej'DO r.fr,1i 0:I
: ni svibaiii
';i.t ;....:;.;: from 4 to 6 pm., in the home of i I Ufuo I fto 'R 0 '"%.%'. Ir t.,. -.' ,'!" '" '. :, :
-. ;! : Mr. and Mrs. Horace Durham, -
!' 1:
I 9. ; .
1170 W. 5th. Street. Miss Carolyn I I uo,1f1 6 trnil T :. :

',.... McIntosh will. be the speaker. I '99gL ;.: I':
I & i .
n l1 1 J..: 'o'! -," -

.. The Matrons Council of Day,rq no M'WIaTlJ\\ epo,e t

Spring Baptist Church will pre-- Itowoda 8pnd l1 .
*''oala naYQutT Socl N .
sent' Mrs. Alverina Alexander in
.. .3 Y d
j 9n79bnu &UlMbnY To
Sunday fronT ,
: lnl'.a
; .' 4 to 6 pjn. in the education II"h vo'( "dhW.It! \na91v 91*

I y+ .... ...., building of the church. t F 9d tC i iailOtbronBJ
-. :::.::..+::::=.t.. Ia. 1a!: :! > I

: :;:.7' .. : ii :.. Sin ; '1'

+",. .: .:..:.:f..?;.*., {:..... Y AUITh
S. : .y.. .::-::<::

} L Ki 4; f':: e e SEAC; 9 1 I II i 1JJJ]MI\'VIL I"jtt'd2Uod1 n+ii..tnu 1 1att.01 f

; u
4 qoq
k ; 19W03 810&1 1f99n 10tl .nab bna b91a1. ad\\
; f Si r .na won nag uo'( a >
Corner Myrtle l&alSiiS'li!BBO 00 iJw{ "In"1 9 a,

rsail! 10 t9vbih{ bnuot cwv9: .ciad no., *kban oj
tthidUo bled oJ MVterf l 101:
', ( 9 MEDIUM MULL 9aq unit13 .Il..1 i'rob DOW..\l t llan 10
,Did i .tl
nln apl9 9mol1O!
.q stain :\
ROE MULLET gcn ale
J Ub,
,. 93nfiJtni 4
: 10
,, w
:. :
,5 "
a.; } ; 1;, :.FM ]iy?>f --+ : ( I ,dt'aV
SPANISH MACK REbtiOJ101"1'na ::) '
& ,,UII nt E'U09 3! .11d& qoJ a no 1e'E1 tti ,e od
RAY MITCHELL'S CHAMPS, BEAUTIES AND JUDGES-All were N. J., and Dr. Charles Henry Dover. Del. Judges in the bathingon ... j Adj ntw ni nd( Hiw .ti .tadJ a1.1 urt

hand at the Trophy Ball which concluded the annual Ray Mitchell beauty contest are shown in bottom panel. From extreme le.f t they Em Tunnel Becomes RED BASSSPECKLED For o-Am"9.hlup.I [ Iv/od edJ 2nab tJ I j t.9! d"n+s
let uv9 t
North-South Golf Tournament at Miami Florida, recently. In toP are Mrs. George Treadwell, Sugar'Ray Robinson Mrs. Hazel Coulter. Scout For Packers TROUil1jff t Hte ti5ftrH 8 ltd l' Jt C

panel, from left, Ray Mitchell beams approval as the male winners !. CAT FISH Lb. 49c .
New' *"* model Mr. Treadwell, New York theatrical promoter. Mrs. ,- .-- -- ---- ___________. --
Fro Pete Brown Jackson Miss.. and amateur Joe Roach. Los Angeles,
display Coca-Cola-donated trophies. Top center, Mitchell gives an Cleo Sims, hat designer, New York,. and Harold "Killer" Johnson GREEN BAY, Wis.- (ANP) LARGE FLOUNDER : _____ _-__ ___-Lb. 49c twoM
assist to William Hudgins, New York b'anker-businessman. and Mcee Chicago businessman. In center panel, bot tim, Miss Jeanne Mastin, Em Tunnell veteran pre football JOitDJDV teesncH! etDin "

Moss H. Kendrix, right, as they make presentation to Mrs. Myrtice Montreal, Canada, second from left, accepts first place trophy from player who joined the Green Bay S PTW s .

McIver, Dayton, Ohio, winner of women's championship. Kendrix,Mrs. Coulter. Runners-up Ann Campbell, Miami, and Pat Cheatham, Packers only a year age, was moil '(awa-eibsuq :3iqoiJ H ionliUiw \ 2 nbIO 1 'UO't a'

D. C., public relations man represents The Coca-Cola Company which New York City, pose with their trophies as Mitchell looks on from made a scout for the team Pack- THE _D\UB ells u Jo i et Una

donated trophies to women's and men's champs as well as bathing center. Last panel shows Kendrix left, with John Wickliff, executive ers officials reported. &'Ji Ha lo 'ad bns "td.cUsva 9 !a 919t d nu,

beauty contestants. At far right, top panel three medics, who tock secretary and field director, National Busines League, who extended Tunnell a safety man, was b'JMW gu , honors in the senior men's division, show off their Mitchell prizes. greetings; HerbertWright, Philip Morris representative and co-Mcee, traded to the Packers last year Mrrt1e AYe. id d td Ai."j'7101moJ: rIUJB91: &fl s 1: .Jt1uF.9 ab "UTI91rt'

From left Dr. H. M. Holmes, Atlanta Ga.; Dr. C. O. Hilton, Newarkand Mitchell. after_ playing 11 seasons with the Juoda ntgelsvs boa -:not 2Um 001 bnald b tie
'f ,10 1z9w Sub 2'jUm Ct' smoa t
;. .New York. Giants.. 5 .. er u 4. aI
-- ---- x 9 _
ABOUT PEOPLE 5 : ". jut! moil esJunun ci m
; f
; :i ; ,519dju91S rio591 uot( n9rtw
; uo
: .. .
Mrs. Ollie M. Robinson, 1230 W. .. ._+ -- J r a : R r' uurauo lo (htriw barn mU VBof
'?' .. usezfiVIJjmp n5liloqf
,. 'a nt bns bnufad
3rd Streetleft the city
.. Sundayto :., ;r :, ': .' 91x1 q moo bnil sltiq 111
visit her mother, Mrs. Maggie ,. noqu aelim bas aqo! q valXniq (19

j Owens, who is ill at Metter, Geor- I ? :f"i4t" is your nil f,. Imo3 bna *v/O3 lo wlimsril /
. gia. 4: Jlool.SOU ri tttW R9tI9a9il bnr8t
v n9dw 5 f' Hh5
t f .o
j/ t ff ni Ji no bsbfisl eudwuloJ
aniisl B Wvoiqj dJJ> IHbriB
Paul T. Bennett ST., and his ... ':- ,1:: -1 I |A V1F fj pot b13ri (1t b ,r..ulstrwl eat111

sister, Mrs. Hattie Elmore of Live w t .9a* do bflfc 'ittJJud .Mm
.t t l 1 SBIr./S lhstd !)n9 1
Oak left the city Tuesday night '{ tilG 101 9111111 alt 115 ( 1 111 5 eicvn JfiriJ
for Chester, Pa., to attend the .. .... :'fJ-.;.;;. ; ; i 2'J911rruo funeral of their brother, Amos '" ..
,. Jfi IliVlTIB HO
k y uo ,trog115
# (
,,; .' f :
Bennett. 'rho d d inn ,d Iddlrr ltiw

( .I,- ". I ,+' :k.f;;i ;> *"& J rr. 1 911n9b b971bit iiub (III 9moa

fli:: -: .. ,; :'= J ,.', 1 .. .. ;:r.rlJ'/b U tl h E )' w91 A
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Lee of \ :!t' ', 79vrotlol
; loM 9zuod st'1 to
,;.:, niil ooJ Jon Borol Jn iT Ji < otU 1u .oe (
.. ,;, 1572 W. 30th. .i ;/. 1UwbttO t11
Street left the city .-'1 ..' olidj a'tlI9R is1D )uti (sw5 Jri5im uo>t anJusrtJ
I : : : / Tuesday to attend a meeting of : -'(nc osinr-gio oJ ten *1 Y rtr! ; won ,ttlaN r51D 9 u) cr5,1
.'" -' j/ the Trustee Board at Bethune- tf' : ;, sd ol Jncw odw lqoo'l srutlJsriJ 9vr9.1 i n9Td to 19 riur 1'ftVN)

i R cr s Cookman College, Daytona Beachu ... J I. zi Y 'Bftl10'nJ' I)nil J"101 IttoH! ,
I >-. -- eJiirta hoq 1oItr .9Jon 9)i 'der' ,r:9 lu 81 s,i ( 1911A .J'
1 The Lees will be guests of Dr. V (
J'j ; e 9ib od) 91r : Uur .n, d1 9lU nl eatalbrs'q
I Richard V. Moore, president of k '.bnuois 15'r' .,: Yr.t, J JOB ell bylb Jwa 9(1 ,buuwtih+flt
the college. .... ., ? .'.. U bnw Cet x1
t 91a nrnulu5 bn18: .Tits' /I) ju ;+eg
'J' 1 ,' 101 7 tnru r r rl, tt nt1tiA 10 "tNF
.. 1 G .ll
r: ,i;i "7g99tutntt (
\ t nu1J5 a7 1V'wrf T "I I 'r 'I Ireststered : n
;t iIU0,11i 99W & : { rUly 9tI1 r0 BItW 1"v
Our sick for the week: :Mrs. 7' 7't\t 1 v +J ., ) ,Jlt 1tu,+ 1 nsdvJ

r rY Eva Williams of 1009 W. Monroe \ n u1 Jni. iH A h } ;: 71 I ,.us rI IJtUrt itutA

Street: Mrs. Rosa Burroughs, 2327 .j{ -1< 1 "'ri slot riJ( ]' ,, h, (z r. y; .-,,1 .Tf r ., bud ltJ7>
Southern Ave., Southside; George 1 rlJOrr .u,1 e.f' '1ri h chadl''ti

Storks, Brewster Hospital; Rev.D. v1'+ uh ounnamerm the' 4 e boo

I W. Bass, Brewster Hospital; '4 d luu e1i ha e+a tee phone in3talled the /1 wfll'

i H a4N .r ..V V GHr .:r: j Mrs. Thelma Green, 1618 W. 28th. f .c : t l 8'w P1b telephone'' xteK.-* f1 'n ad 11
/ I Street; Mrs. Hattie Jackson: Brew- >
WAS HIS 'G1Rl-FRIEND ..!J. _$ut3 Oh andnlyou t dux
ster Hoisptal; Mrs. Louise Small, t \ .rt rry 1 f g :rt 1 n n ea
RlI's l 't thp' A o1Cu1alrrthe roll'1'1i yraat
ONt1 Wr.4L A:5- I 210 Madison Street.WOMAN'S. '.f, 1 1 '
I I t ..cf in th t'"l 1 Mli
5- R, 91P S o 'aln ,
t ar
.4 ,,u1
J fiw ,, : n. t : J1)
lujlyljt lcrllolrBobkl jl.'; hart
i / } r ')' ,nu f1bn5 a ttl
t 7 t .. Pm- e ,,irl ( r> IJe tnf ki. ou ought rsrftt, brgr
: DAYSLT A AL r 1 007 )It19do I ,as'j LIM
: ., / 'rs'1"s: Yo.ti7r _. : U : 1V r
". .". -4" j 1 10 '$ t U k) P i; rl"hclexc 4 lira 4

s : : AT ".';. 9VEti pP 1 Jection Lay, r +I ,utnsuaaY 9 d

{ 't. Now The Time To or High Quality f 1 trodJ 10YQnxIri't CVEW'VOte ftrr"d i'' !r'd: Yu, ,sXI /'
Clean : 1'f
LITTLE ROCK ( rIL>. .IIi'CKrft $ yr r
I t, a + 11t al i,w1
y For stove or fireplace n
-35 nR et
| ;your q
t C oaS by the BAG or by the TON Women's Day will be observed aTOi t J 9 p spi4e bn yOur,113mPt if ab Sxlutr 19n+ a n ho;ilia Ufut t'' '
: j"J' booir1J1u )1w1 d
the : on (
f. April 17 in Little Rock Baptist \ m
"A ALL. SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO.. j, j. Church. Officers for this cele- 9 A You-don.tevex have iierighUo.complain.

"Our 17th Year"' bration are Mrs. Vernice Mitchell., (= ". -=imlessys"So u r regstcred nct v '--_ _.... _
PO 4.4511 .sj 55
5883 Norwood Ave.
1..' pastor Mrs. Thelma Baker, chair- \ '\ :: _5i'tit j
LHfr S S.i man; Mrs. Cora onUs, co-chair-

... .. ( man; Mrs. Floree Anderson pro- I IIF eri
).1J !. 'f ) 1 of i hbors are d
"r'- gram chairman; Mrs. Thelma J. '
f Thompson finance chairman; r *-v<
Mrs. Leola Thomas, tag chairman; : ehim i
.Mrs.JVerdel\Jtt/ guest'chairman i COME OF AGE SINCE TH Xtj J .on-

WHEN YOU ARE ILL : Mrs, yera Drayton, Mrs. u at the polls! ,
.,f \ .. ELECTION. re tfi
; You Seek The Best Doctor*" ,' Curlue King Mrs Bernice JWrightj : ==\\ -
music committee It! Renelda ... r[
When Your Docior Prescribe ; rs. 1 -
= j BRIDES!Even if you had preFIRST f tR Snow .,ri
l ,Jenkins Sunday School i iMrs.WUene >
; ; I 3
4; Get Experienced Pharmacist. t viously registered under your celebm t = ._
'( To Fill Your Prescription* j. DunjSar, BTUS3s,;Annie I maiden name, you have to day er
Doctor's Cam. .bell; .IIiez Kears1ecoranon ; ; register again under your"new" if you will be 21 by Election
To Your
According : Be sure Day), get name in the .'
committee: ]lilss'"Lenora; name. your your
Orders. We Use Only : >..-' t I } I > -i "married name" is in the book. '. i, <
The Best Quality,Drugs "* "At! 1 Richardson,:junior!: chairman, book! MEMBERS OF THE ARMED

Dr. C. E.. Black : ": -: t-. r 'Othtrs H"'partlcfpatinfr /'will}tie!!- i MOVERS!If you have moved FORCES-see your Voting

Proprietor Mesdames Cora;, ;Williams. Lettie i! from were the previously precinct registered where you:-hod!!!<:' t,can vo e. .!A\bo\ 0 YS7 Y3

Hicks, Thelma Baker,.Lucille Ezell, hive to register fi arn. X01 -{ ,,:
Rebecca' Whitehead. Cora. Doster, :Make sure your new adoresji;qtr& -by'. .. y' t ,..ttTA)42

... ':, ,Ida M, Ford, Charlease.- : : ayes, ;; ":. is in the book!' J' L33'-tJCr' '
DRUG STOKE Cora Thomas Viola Johnson,Minnie .. ..... {;

Holiday Essie-K.. LaidlW Ver- ;; '; r'i'T: k.
I J / -r-
nice Rattle VA U ,
j9o7 Mitchelt M James,
ELgkx 3-8276: I / 5+ /

A CO OF: I Reneld"a, Jenidns. Annie Scott BOOKS OPE -1J& s RiSTBCAr ij *

+ 1t us pence,. Preston.; .Daisy /Smith, MONDAY THRU I RD .. .. sif=_ EAST BAiTSTREFT f ,
P CRIP g -.nnje Campbell Rosa aI
.I I e 'Vaughn and ,,,9:00 A.M.-JO U 4 Bounty .JGo rt Hous \

.It ,-







_.,.-'-- -
-- .... '. --

.... ...--.--- --' : r S/
", ."
.. :
-' '
..:... __...__.. 1& l -, '" r .. .. ,
-.- a og ix -. _.h .-: .-- '-- m FLORIDA STAB i Week Ending Sunday, March 20, 1960

... Kearns said :Moore was not
; Archie Moore shunning Johnson but feels he is

: a poor drawing card. "JohnsonIs
Housecleaning-Hints still hi the running but Archie
Wants To Meet
Does the picture window in your house frame an attractfre seem has whipped him four tunes and

otis the whole thing pretty drab? Architects usually attempt t4 we think a new face would be a

place the win!ows'to take advantage of the best scenery but sometimes German PugMIAMI better box office attraction

it just Isnt there. You can alwaysdo Kearns said.Kearns .
something about the view, however. A '//01
Fla.-ANP) Archie
small, closed-in.garden or terrace only 20 I also, said Moore Is also' '
Moore has informed Feature
feet away from the window with some colorful II 'II' I Iff I I Interested In a preferred June
plants or potted shrubs can be as I 'I Sports Inc. that he would like to title defense against Philadelphia'sVon
make his next light. heavyweighttitle in Madison Square Gar-
pleasing as a country view. Or a Japanese Clay
garden can be built in a few feet$f apace ? defense in New Yorkwherehe den.
Whatever you look out on will be much is still recognised as champion

more cheerful and interesting that picture "'; against Eric Schoeppner of Ger-

window Js kept.sparkjing clean.,.It's many the No. 2 contender under

easy with Winder,the special spray clean- 7-/ :} the banner: of the promotionalfirm.
er: Just spray on, wipe off with a paper 1 My Neighbors

towel, and the glass is shining In minutes. Use"veniealstrokes on

the inside of the window and horizontal stroke*airthe outside aOTou'll Feature
'. Sports, with Jack; Ptt-:

know immediately if you've. o missed. a spoil. i: I azy as general director, was recently !

organized and is planning
"., ,f t 'I :. Copper accessories are especially attractive !I to promote the Ingemar Johans-
i O'o'b a in a kitchen that has the popular
-. .. tl I;: wooden cabinets or woodgrain walls. ,Reserve %4: son-Floyd:Patterson title rematchin tl
: the Polo Grounds in June.
one corner for hanging pots and I r
.'-J "I 11'. pans or moulds and it will have its own w Archie through his manager
special glow. ,There Jack Kearns, wired Fugazy that
are decorative_ hooks HUMANITARIANS HONORED Frank Pace, Jr. (left), president of the National Institute of
I for hanging the utensils or they can be the Social Sciences presents a Gold Medal Award to actress Helen Hayes,'one of three recipientswho he was ready to accept his offer
t. arranged on peg board painted a color that were honored recently "for distinguished service to humanity" daring the Institute's annual of $200,000 to Moore to defend
.( --- will show off the copper to advantage. awards 'dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria HoteL Looking on are Dr. Jonas Salk and Laurance against Schoeppner. r .
,. They can, also be placed on shelves with Rockefeller, the other 1959 Gold Medal.winners. ..
hooks underneath to hang flat pieces suchas He said he had been holdingout "...and another tIdn.& ... .'
frying pans and lids. However you do it, be sure that the pans hi the hopes of getting the If dogawn '
were so
are clean and,bright. This used to be considered gation decision our parents YOUTH SPRING BALL yon branCo .
quite chore.
a But first crack at Johansson's title. He home and .
YOUTH you'd stay put up .
now Twinkle, the paste cleaner, has a new formula that retards cannot Join these struggles." The Youth Council of the \
reportedly gave up when he learned with ing and bad'oookIt
I I tarnish for some time. It's easy to use-just wipe the paste on the BETTIE THREADCRAFT says: NAACP is sponsoring its first my-naff.
of the agreement of the Johansson 1!SCOLD
damperredpan, rinse off:and let dry. DECLARES. Our youth must fight to rid our annu 1'spring banquet, Friday.
-Patterson rematch.
March'18 :!
democratic government of all at the Elks Auditorium
Although the trend today is for more bath- YOUTH'S FREEDOM MARCH the Faubuses. We must fightto We are inviting all the. young NOT CRYING OVER

rooms and larger ones there are still thousands By Marjorie Meeks be respected as a person, andas people of the' city to attend*this SPILT MILK .
of homes with the familiar cubicles for Meanwhile Archie apparently Is SUFFERERS
a race. Christianity and semi-formal affair. A small don

bathrooms and that clean.are If so difficult need to keep uncluttered t. "Not for supremacy but to end democracy both teach us this." tion will be asked. Mr. Robert W. not worrying over the fact that Cat 8T AN BACK. tablets .r powdui.
you more towel
racks you can now get an adjustable for all discrimination in housing, edu- And this is how our youth feel Saunders, state field secretary of the National Boxing Association for relit of COCO DISCOXtFORTft.

,ft corner which can be fitted with racks pole for cation, public accomodatlons and about their participation In our the NAACP. will speaker. After has shorn him of his title for not Th.formula STANBACK it a **mkJn prcMriptren lioi% of paw tjrp r.*

!towels or bars, even round shelves or free- ,"; ; employment," concludes civic strugglefor freedom., We want to the program you will dance to fighting Harold Johnson, the No. riving ingrodionta that work togothor

dom shelves to hold toiletries out of the reach I leaders on the purpose for the. dissociate our need for equal your enjoyment 1 contender. He is still recognized for FASTER RELIEF HEADACHE.
of small fry. If don't rC J. as champion in New York State NEURALGIA and ACHING MUSCLE!
you have cabinet space- d (o fight for freedom. education employment and hous-
it might also hold some of the cleaning materials J* J- This Is true, but who will play ing from the remotely Isolated Rodney Hurst is president and and plans to do his fighting there due DUCE to cold F VIR.STANBACK SNAP BACK w '

needed in the bathroom. For instance '<:?h the major part in our march for I matters of social Intermingling in Mr. Rutledge Pearson is ,advisor. i it appears. STANBACK"e7
Vanish _
special porcelain cleaner for toilet
freedom? Who will urge our the drawing room intermarriageand
might be kept on a top shelf. It in such
comes an attractive
pastel-toned people to follow the trails of. the mbngrelization of the races. ,
package that it will blend in with the bathroom color
scheme. It not only cleans the bowl quickly and thoroughly without decision of the Supreme Court Our youth are fighting to become

any scouring but disinfects and imparts delightful clean fragrance. Outlawing racial desegregation in sons and daughters in our democracy '"

i public-schools? Who shall with- not in-laws. He wants to THINGS YOU SHOULEfKNOW

stand insults and minor Injury have a sense of belonging to total
| ... *, MtyrfJdfA
t I jk fr SVi. sJw & .T1 y ji a -
et from sinners who believe in race citizenry. exists among today'syouth ii + )J

.1 Old Pilaff--' Hangout ,New Vacation Spot I Immoralty? a sense of determination.With .

Todays' NAACP youth struggl- this spirit, someday, things

So you're king for a tropic paradise-away from the pressures ing for rights their forefathersnever will be as they were intendedall AGwity'tP
of modern life and not unlike the unspoiled beauty foundin had. will be the real fighters. men are created equalandthere +s

the South Pacific by the sailors under the command of Captain will be "Unity in Diversity". .
Bligh There's one available and best of all it's within easy reach; ':'i7 i

Not only is :t beautiful and practically untouched, but it de Have you ever really given it a .:

mands no sacrifice of the creature comforts. It's a bent ..twigshaped thought just what "marching toward .
island 100 miles long and averaging about three miles _
freedom" actually means.
Wlae some 75: miles due west o(... Guard Health
Nassau. Daily nights. make It Some say. "It's a fight for the ] B ).I DG E.O W ; ff
in 25 minutes from Nassau. But right to associate freely in wor- Et'f ,

when ysu reach Eleuthera you > 16 t Y ship, in education, and in all other / ;
leave the mad
whirl of cosmo- .
departments of the common life.
politan Nassau behind .and ki
its place find complete quiet, While still others feel that it is L789 1860 YIJJi
very few people and,miles upon to have accepted the belief in the' '";' 'Si oJ I. IBORN
miles of coves and coral pink natural dignity and value of every' ; :f' f'

sand beaches which look the man of whatever color or race as ..
same as wh / .
'n Christopher Co-
created in the image of God.
lumbus landed on it in 1492.
Eleuthera provides farms to Fighting for freedom means all 3 > IN D1ALA,. POLAND OF AN
raise tomatoes, herds for ; this and even ,more to the Negro S y4yff4' r '"
.; dairy // 'A.. r
milk, butter and cheese and child. To the adolescent "De- AFRICAN FATHER AND A GERMAN OR"r 4 ,'K"'IJt

recently black angus cattle for struction to all the man-made: ; <' (l /
beef that rivals a gourmet's. wW. immoralties of the world and a .
.. \
( fair and Just chance to share in ,
'On arrival at the
airport, you 'I
w the government of our country.
will probably be met by a handsome : IN PARIS AT THE AGE TEN-WAS AN OVERWHELMING -
tall, dark-haired gentle- Many have asked the question, I' ,
man with bright blue eyes. If "Why must young people partici- ,4t'.

a few- years ago you were a Actor :Turned Innkeeper pate in this fight for freedom?" SUCCESS! IN ENGLAND,HE BECAME THE PERSONAL

,follower of Playhouse 90, or the Robert Trent Jones not too far Well there's no better way to find tt
Broadway theatre away. But Craig Kel y"s philos- Ls
t recognize: Craig Kelly now ophy is not to organize any- out than to youth themselves.Here I I FRIEND! AND PRIVATE MUSICIAN OF KING GEORGE :OX LATCR,
owner-manger of French Leave thing. People who want to be members of the Youth
_Hotel. alone find informality is the Council of the NAACP are interviewed S ;f..
After years ,of reasonable keynote. Shorts, sport shirts on their opinion on this ,
|success in the theatre TV and and bathing suits are the dressof pressing question. BESIDES PAINTINGS, compositions ,,,; :
Cgollywood, he switched his act the day all year around.* and report cards, gradeschool- SONATA FOR HIM '
In 1957 and gave up the glamour Spring summer and autumn are' The president speaks: "Youth ers may bring home something much ....- ---.... .. -.. ._-_.. \ -...,.--.- .
of acting to become*an I just as pleasant as winter for must because he is able to par- I more serious: disease germs that are .. :'
."Innkeeper' on Eleuthera. an "Eleutheran" vacation. ticipate. We are united socially picked up in classrooms.These germs \ ; >:
may then be spread it homenot '.: '
: Threenights a week a good' and economical I only : ,-
"I was on the plus side of 40 politically I I to mother and dad,but to infants and .... \v .
when I quit the theatre and 1 Governor's, ly. The whole future of the t toddlers.To help keep up her family's '
quit simply because I was tired ; Negro race lies In the hands of I resistance to illness, the wise home-
of it. The constant struggle for ten minutes away-play for the'guests. maker should provide a well balanced -? .
parts and failure to materialize There is dancing if you. young diet,make sure that all family members
as the star which had been are so inclined, and some moonlight WARREN JACKSON Vice- I wash hands always before eating, I
predicted by critics some years nights dinner is served| president states: '"We are not ; and see that: youngsters get plenty (3Dusms DIRECTORY
ago were moth'atingreasons.." from a charcoal broiler outside!t' becoming educated to abide by of rest. The Lysol Home Health
by the swimming pool where! I Information Bureau also recommends
If he never reached stardom candles grace each table. i' the laws of segregation, but to I 'that mothers use disinfectant solution The Firms Listed 'BQlow Aro Recommended As Reputable Establishment

as an actor he has reached it The I island ef EleutheraJ; help remake, enforce and abide I in routine cleaning of the bathroom Specializing Services and Products
as an "Innkeeper" at French which means "Freedom" in] by those laws." r because it's a traffic center of
Leave. With accommodationsfor Greek lives up to its name. In ROBERT BUTTS project I the home and may be the source of
71 persons, the 'twostorycoral the seventeen hundreds the island unseen: disease germs in spite of a AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Service
feels "Youth should
building is set among sea with its wonderful : I seemingly clean .
beauty : appearance.CO6GCNIT'
j "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
grape bougainvilleae. hibiscus water supply, fine beaches and fight because he has a religious
and citrus trees. It looks out harbors, fertile land and cool responsibility, which controlsthe \ AUTO PAINTING COMPANY STry Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bath

on a crescent-shaped beach of trade winds attracted another moral fiber of a community. & Paint Work '$ Colonlc Therapy
pink powdered sand stretching kind of visitor-pirates. Fortunately -: This is a religious and a P-. :. __iii, .:..' {. Complete Jobs ,D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Location
mile 1 Baked Paint :-*
R and a half and
fringedby :
those discoverers have : 't, : ,. For
d4' 23 Yeart
casuarina pines. disappeared! and its rediscovery j: social fighL"I I -J ,, --........ Price Start al 54.00 *
Every bedroom has, its in ALTON YATES says: Young .. ... : EL 5-813593-1 r. Myrtle Avonua< EL 4-24H
own the past few years for those f I : ; .. i";': : H:. : : '552 East Adams Street
terrace and all facing the beach. who want: peacefulness with; people must work to overcome ;ML. oi d .'S-5.- '
There. is riding on miles of luxury in a tropic island atmosphere : these forces ot "massive reststance" S: \ :.. ,. ...:: -:;.:r. ;3,.:.:.:. FOODS '
trails a new tennis court' and, means they.have to. rto'''' taeat'.ng .". --YJ"-. .,'r.-11t ., WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
by segregationists. ,
jolf I put up I u .?tiop.t 1":": 1,is;;.; ror l= G. d'
on a course designed by look further. .
no -'
c.-.cJa ItO\LQUUI r dtS or (.x.JjU"t1'J
As in the school dc eegre- Free.doU. any Part of the city
1 Want The Finest In Groceries
If You 601 WtAh1e; ; Y Street EI. 4-1380

: And Meats Com. See Us ; r

0 JOO Dam Street EL 6>S4I2 -

,..... ..... ..'. MISCELLANEOUS JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT

& = l I '

County and Federal B. u.. Open 8i30 to 7 p. B&
306 Daris Street EL 4-1116
M Exckaawe .1-. EL Ml


'ak .. All rs la ElI lr. BEES

943 Fowe fit:.**

: i.t.

tY YVOfC' ? 1 A0;li ,,El oucarr'r WHY PONT MDU TENP POST
S0 es LNn ti:4. : TOJDU OWN BUSINESS? I HAD; <= C. aplie Grdem SaypHiiFertilizer QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

SKA NG 1AORICiN& PERFECTIYI s New aa* Used FttnOrsr* hoi*** '... s.11- Oa BtBoratixg. Day Serrlc Our Hjienlillj_

II Sit TUexuma Bod 8P l-S71g>j5t7M OM Stogi Road PO 5-1

\4 '

/ -- __ S vi fea : All Mtfrcm CMTMfteMMby T A X I

.... DaY. M. S. Week .At T... .....

ii r c Pelt l.tsea.Y.a CtA KEW 3l11L CU KL 41iiiiN

,.S 1M w.'aL'.! $I&ut x..ccx.x CL 4-1111 -

'- -

'- yi;f
; J j

I tS tr 5- b -

: -


t ...


-.- .
: .J-': ;
,: <
__ : ,

--r $
Week Ending Sunday, March 20, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAB _. Pane- S_

) ra M "':.0- ';;" .

1) j,- \, / -- ; ..j rj t C

_._ .-
-- -

SC Tournament f Minoso Trade among pitching the staff youngest.and Grant He won!Is Jordan To Defend IHis I I

April 14-17 I Speaking of May Hurt TribeI! '10 and lost 7 in 1959 and com- : Title In May R;. .
I piled a 4.15 earned run aver- ;
Tee: off time for the Gate City I PUBLIC SAFETY LOS ANGELESANPWeiI I
CHICAGO ANP) The age. That*is ,not too impres- i ;i't .tr&l fiJltlIe' .
Open Golf Tournament has been sive when weighed against the terweight champion Don Jordan j f
: "Wbsre there is vision most controversial off-season I ;: .
set for April 14-17 at the New no : .
Hof dc- .
background Grant's potential has announced that he will ..
the people perish". J trade involved Minnie Mlnoso.Mlnoso : _S ;
Lincoln Golf
Course. '
-and 10 of his 20 major fend his title in May against Ben-j I :al -;' --... -_-...-.w_.. t1iEns .
J. E. Hutchins, chairman of the long regarded as I league victories in two,seasons ny Kid) Paret of Cuba in Las .
tournament announced Highway to Sir:: :>.es$ :
that more : .
f.CrHorror have been ; Ner.Th .
Frank Lane's favorite ball player << .. .Y1ashington. Vegas __
: : ?
than 200 invitations have been -
was the principal in a mul- Cleveland's oossea believe BOMBAY, INDIA Tk.1 I l_ v/ con: you afford such
sent to outstanding professionaland CLEVELAND, OHIO, Happy-go-: tiple-player deal that saw him !! that Grant has the stuff to announcement followed a afternoon I have a ter.lAti\e : !:" -77": I ask d him. .
amateur golfers.A lucky Ame.kans; : who.y th' r of the threat by the National Boxing date with. a IrtJa. L'c:: t:'!o::! "Sahib." he explainedit: is
return to the spangles )
increased pav.oillie: : trxe. tviti.t become one of the game's better
schedule of social events will ; i Association to vacate Jordan'stitle veiled silken clad \romf.i th' t simple. There are no tigers on
whim certain they Chicago White Sox. The Cleve-
a rr are receiving hurlers. He is'only 24 and can I
for alleged inactivity. The live:: in this fasc'nr.tint! csv.nu-y. tbs pais. but tliers! I Sis no
be held for all tournament ., '
parti.dpants. rail js of mode 1 : -wr.: sin land general upI "
manager gave be around time. .
a long I the Iratla is alo r'vsiou'; -iv S3. ?re my cittls grov fat,
retun., rr.zy be only: all rig- N.B.A. last week vacated ArchieMoore's
: The of Interstate a performer generally acknowledged The only other tan player This fish averafxa 7u 1 oun:sin taut the tiger depletes their
new system
title over-the violent protest \veight, but te. more ranks I tint it ia better
as baseball's most hustl- trov.-s;
highways, as it is set up today, is listed on the Tribe roster for
of the llJht heavyweight than 100 rounds anJjver ti Sahib to have few fat cattle"
rt deight: in .hi daytime and a SALMON IDAHO RECORDER- sprin training at Tucson is "
a \ rmal! .
lemma in the dark. champ. Moore charged the N.B.A. frit:: Ions. -t. it livesn than many thin ona! <
: W'.J : 22-year-old first baseman who singled him out while la lees which rasemble'bass cr.'i: -; :. : :1 i.a x. i8f':'_
HERALD: "The men who] laid the I.TLtin:: ( : a. is can: Ignoring ;) : .
I chun.:e t-.e: n.: t''e: n.ircly: and Minqso, of course, returns to I looks like a comer. Harold heavyweight champion Ingemar bluegill triers in the U. S. Ti! Ramani River, I'atr
foundation for these United States ,
I .iv(1l.\fr. an Sir-: U. ..\. w.irt: Jones from Tucson, played for For example.: the Jsut I plwi J'ryst: :c. is a' big bear'1t1
and thcir'lives for familiar territory-left field Irij! Johansson who hadn't defended to fLiu: is r::. sail 1 in-
treasured i
gave t:.1(''' ;*e ra .. T. fov. ,a !.be..r Minot in the Northern League st .'--a thit literally seemed to
a democratic, free way of life. It sal :. ec.j-t---rive; : '.-. ..'. Comiskey Park, where he acquitted -j: since he won the title from Floyd ts.i.ns of Sonifcny.Dte shonfish: So 1 tried it tor an,
is the responsibility of us all to If the law in your state )leaves himself with success in last summer and was impres- Patterson in New York last June : : Lie pact:. th:. India hour or so. The first Mfwral
this they lighting to the discretion of an in- early years of his American j sive in that Class C competi- 26. 1"c: t-? ["':!C"t cogrit-.s in casts produced nothing:, but finally
preserve government as .dividual or croup of individuals, League tion, batting .325 hitting 35 : lhvorW and literally teems a fltHe: saver: spoon inUucid -
intended it to. be.. and docs not clearly order that home runs and driving in 127 The announcement that Jordan with millions of.people, it still a solid strike: and a
one per cent of the cost of the :' But what has his departure I runs. will meet Paret was made byDon's is a' paradise for the outdoor heavy fish ca nc plunging out
highway be allocated to li;htins, _. '
.;V..r,1a- of the current ,
done to Cleveland's chances of Jackie McCoy ,
be left in tha t:>rk..Thee co-manager. -
i you may -
Watch down onomy of !*:'". -:i'v*, "t" Ming -. winning the AL pennant? )..rinDfe' t. He said the fight had been arranged i\I .'.:', .1"\...... S TI-Ti-ra". arid:! my ydde.
This 'I'! !iC1Ce of this wcupd'
in the orir '
: /:. -:; 'l". ; .302 batting average and Democratic Honor and Jordan has been [ .sr-; tf' _
b e c a in e apparent, moments
i is tni. lrt ,
11520354130&H372136 so: : } his,verve at all times were big : For F1or dean I guaranteed $85,000. The only .J'I--l": os 'r II.'.... .y later \: 1& the fish broke 'raylig

: _' ; : reasons why tke Indians finished thing left unsettled, he said, was ttl I 7'1: :.I rr = ?f it line with QirJr.s et. .
: Florida has been .
second last season. the question of whether the' bout TinuMlsg, I tied on DtbIr'
: arv '.l\
by the appointment of Airs. lure and began casting agile

1 '.p; ,.... 9. ..... -J : < .. .. Well; .- lot could depend on Peggy Ehrmann, Democratic will be staged :May 20 or May 27 "'.'. "' /' IUjhl'' I .. 'II' I r.tfhciit' success. Finally, '
-"-" ,.l } : \ '* National Committeewoman ,as a Friday night television en- ': \ ._ I guide announced that it ..WfcsM '.
what sort of seasons Vic Power
: -:*
for -
_3 :i .:. s.. .: ; : and Jim Grant have. They are, j i;..' .#''Florida to the counter. 1 .-t\i i: 11 1 I .. -J to thij: 3At .point. I I wcuH have
S iS ;i----3 -I :..-9:1'. ; : i'A barring a trade, likely to be i jA ments rrange.Committee CHAMP ARRESTED FINED 7 ;:} 1 11U I I p.cn many rupees for more
: the only tWCD tan players on Meanwhile at Huntington Park tt I tinge' a good boat, and my 15
< for the 1960 I I' : -
14-58-39 :::' ;:' tha Indians' roster this season. '!; 'c Democratic NaY Cal., Jordan was arrested and ___ I' ko.sepower :.: :cuy otitJjotrd "

2033-16-27-62S ".... t .. .. .-- Power, it appears, will be j tional Convention. fined $157.50 on a plea .of guiltyto W cto.-ed: at home. One of' thetrulv ..
I treat fame fish of the
f aPATRONiZE given full rein at first base. r. Mrs. Ehrmann, of being drunk in an automobile.He mahsser
: !iumutame.. hKIII 0' ; Gainesville, will i At first, I couldn't figure it world, the frequents
There is doubt that Vic is also received
no a tonguelashingfrom would
J streams
1"\ufh..wa h4 'r 4NI1rnIt. help pick the keynote out. In. the U.S., civilization
,. .Mgr .rd HerbyH. the most accomplished fielderin speaker, and the officiating judge. San means death to wildlife. Fishing require a boat and motor to

i."..we..t .*It Hrnit" the game at first. I permanent chair.Ups. Antonio Municipal Judge Harry R. becomes an elbow rubbing successfully fish for them.I .

'l. man, a n d plant Simon told the champion to proposition and hunters are almost explained this to my guWe.
Coming Attractions Despite a .289 batting average h e Conventionwhich watch his He said more prevalent than .IIe disagreed. "No motor
step. :
Advertisers the Puerto Rican was opens in Los Angeles on game. Streams become polluted Sahib." He pointed to several
Star 11. This is the first time the middle of the
rocks in
July "A with Industrial waste and the big
478". 50 -130 something of a disappointmentat fine looking champion you
in party history a Floridian has forests are leveled by bulldozers. stream "Outfcoard motor go
bat last season. He also was held such an important-position. are. You are on a one-way roadto break" he said.

regarded as something of a Mrs. Ehrmann, who is, a can skid row and if yo' keep it up Religion! seems to be one of When I openly smiled at this

Clown makes HITweek goat when he punched into a didate for re-election as" Flor the first good man you encounterwill the differences. The average statement: he seemed puzzled.I .
THE double Dlay in the pennant- ida's National'Comntitteewontan knock your bead off." Jor- Indian will go to the fish mar- I -. thinking about tho abuse
in the May 24th Primary, is ket and buy a fillet for his that I often give my motor
for the White dan, the jurist said,
week clinching game was setting a
after quoted as saying, "I consider
: evening meal. but. he will not and about such things as a
Sox last September. my appointment as an opportu bad example for youngsters physically kill it. litany are shock absorbing clutch and a
S the pity to work towards bringing throughout the nation "who ad- strictly vegetarians. Economics lower unit designed to bounce
'with readers of Vic had a great early season the 1964 Democratic Convention
obstructions .features
t mire yow and know how hard It also play a part. The averageman over -
went Into a tailspin. Young to Florida. afford that friend had never
is to become a true champion." -cannot a gun, or my
Mrs. Ehrmann J Florida
.1- STAR and cagey, It figures that he born i the time to spend a few hourson heard of.
is the wife of W. W. Ehr
S can comeback with a rebut mann, professor at the University the creek bank with a cane Yes, India Is for the outdoor

year at the plat Coupled with <=x>f ,RoridaiyTh, r have two pole. i' .5 sportsman, as well as the sight-
PRDZST RIVER IDAHO As a result, man and beast seeing tourist. Bring: your rifle
For Those Who Wish his excellent fielding, that college age daughters Gretchen
/or fins
thinks it fair to with- live together in India. for.tiger, your shotgun
and Sally. Mrs. Ehrmann has only apply a
would mafia him one'of the
:; /:* been active in Women's Democratic A conversation with a cattle: bird hoofing and your fishing
holding tax to the
i --:; ) Get The Clown Early most valuable Indian youngster'sallowance In illustratedhow tackle and outboard motor for
S ., :t. :,(:;J1o the State work Democratic, and is a member Committee of just so the younger generation grazer this situation Rajasthan works. Mohan an angling adventure of a life

An Early Edition Akother' season might make as well as' he National Com can get gradually accustomed grazes his cattle in the for- time

.. i Grant a standout on the tnittee. to a procedure to which ests of a game preserve, and // you have tny qnettloni con
;' Will i Be Sent Out moan" Cleveland has a young adults are now hardened." loses approximately one:: cow (train; fishing techniques, equip
each week to' the tigers of the r meat, or "btT -lo-zo. vrlit Rack

; ',Each Wednesday area. "* Tfff i* cat of this t>at>er.

\: _.
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.,' .: .14=f : '\:,. Photon For Newspaper Cut 1

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", '- > .: '' :" :1 Coloring & Picture Framing

: k x :. Lei 'UB Take A Photo Of You 1 ,
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.. .;.., In Natural Color -
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:'>..' '\ 1674 Kings: 1i4. -- Next to EWC Library '..: ,*

Phon :LL d-';*;"i for Appoint5.ac4s ,i .i'f S W

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Yon only have to guess wrong once about rr .t'r why we say, whenever you drive in 1

,..hIctheCU' tadot1oa..andyon'rc.-, ire. fair? weather season 6. think twice.. !. '
so longer a person. bet a grim traffic *._ .' Think twice about your:' car ', .?think'" J J,

) 1.. 'i et.U. 'c1 ..?w C'e about the way you drive think I Ij '

j ,Frankly we prefer you. the way yon are. t-t c about what the other fellow may- do.: .r.J J K" r''f4 .'P -Ji'f -
: -I' l" i .1 :
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-- w

fiI DftVt .car.f.lIy.. Uflif y air save miy 5 ,.' f 'i be your.own.a.: ; J,I ,-.. .it.. ? -, ...".. ,... \t ..".'I "t';'. .. .. ."' ...j'i.1,' ..-, .I.

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= THE .
I" FLORIDA STAR t Week Ending Sunday, March 20, 1960

-'t For your next luUrcut visit Women Sew Easy Ready-cut STRAND Starts'Sundoy I Ik t. .
", ?the"Artlstlc Barber Shop 619 '"Wrap-A-Round Aprons Home'' _. -_ -- --. -,- .. .-.. ,_.. --.7BigDayswho_ :__ --- -C- I II
W. Ashley. Phone EL 49231..: Earn $26.16 Dozen:-Spare Time II *
C.'C. : : !4! +
McCurdy, Charles Write Accurate .1\IFGWS.
The'mightiest story of fate and the flesh *
Simmons... Mgr. Freeport.- New York ,
known to our time! Il' *

v 4. I v j Y C *
t tI
4a1 .. tI I *
a. ige I IY It *

-',- NOW OPEN DAILY, h>,m f., *

Mon thru Thurs. 11 A.M. to 2:30: A M: is r :- 'icjtii "*

,' : Fri & Sat 11 A.M. 4 A.M. without sin \ *
'..::. ,:, OX ; to
} Luncheon & Cocktails Served cast the

" SUNDAYS 2 P.M. to 2 A.M. First stone.?.* : /Weda.1 -

Weekdays for
your convenience

Roger Moore and Carroll Baker star in Warner Bros.' production of i(
Sun.-Tues. R B T Z Sun.-Tues. Kirk Douglas in Technicolor Thriller! famous spectacle, "The Miracle," at the Strand starting Sunday, A tip of tae 1'epsl Ocp

MAN WITHOUT A STAR ;THE MUMMY and on the same double bill is the shocker, "Terror Is A Man". to these outaUndma
True Story of California's Lovers Lane Bandit \ young Americana wfe
Actually Written in The Death Cell by 4 Technicolor I Western '' end J. P. Young Announces I make our country mat,
Caryl Chessman Fats Domino. Count Basieand our community a better
in place In"which. to Bv..
"JAMBOREE"BLOOD For Tax Collector Post;

f i iiy4 CCtUI3I&IIrJID: JIISIIIII '" OF THE VAMPIRE Win $710 Mon. Nite * 1
J. P. Young, Jacksonville busi- -- -

CELL J HELP WANTED MALE WOMAN IS INJURED nessman and civic leader, has announced in 35 years operation of successful

P 4 NEED MORE MONEY? Make IN FAMILY FIGHT his candidacy for the business to supervision of the
x. tt U 2455,. :x. iifl4r1i office of Duval ,County Tax Col- Tax Collector's office too secure
4 ,. Big Money in spare time or I Mrs. Edith Cockfield, 26, of lector. efficiency economy and maxi

; L' 'I full time with :Marti Dare' Cos- 1602. W. 33rd Street_ received Mr. Young, owner of the real mum service in this vital county

DRUOWln V[. > bruises about the face last Monday estate and mortgage firm bearinghis office.
metics ani Old 97 Home Neces-.
.... during a tight with her husband. name, has been engaged in the
\HUUSUKFBOLROBERT[ [ sitles. Fast sellers, pay big pro- > management of private business I
I II The victim said she brume involved here for the past 35 sears. He has I
,, *:!KJUSM: CAMPBELL fits. We carry big stock, : to fill in -fight with her'hus- been active in real estate appraisal -'
unarm>: CMKT
1 band. She was taken to Duval and mortgage loansthroughout' r:.
,*w tltar6 WX OS imr.Cmd upon. 0*boat bt CIrJf dwnma your orders Immediately. Pro-> Medical in a private car. $She Duval- County since
fraJue 61KAOICE lU xsu o Kncttd to CD f.SMEI !
-* .* ducts guaranteed to sell. 0Id97' :;;was advised to secure a warrant: coming to Jacksonville in 1919.If I' Marie Brinkley

< Also "VERBOTEN" Distributors, 811 S. 'EdgeVoc Patrolmen G, R. Henry and H. elected, Mr. Young said he New Stanton
Ave., EV 9-3119 Harley -iti ted.. I will apply the experience gained : Mftrie- Brinkley is a member of

thc| 12th. grade class, Charges D.
1 Brooks Honor Society, Student
I ; Counsil, Majorette Club and
II I ; treasurer of Student Council Club
---- .=. --- j Ij 1 affiliations keep her on the go,
:.'':. t r II j but every spare moment is spent
; r.8i
.. ( enjoying her favorite hobby -
,- |
.:.; t;' \ --- =: .,... PE1 HArid .+ dancing.
irr"---" I. .'-

..\.:,- -- -
;.' R : r 00 II J. P. YOUNG s

'.: _. ,. ;-.- "The tremendous expansion of
j Duval County in the past severalyews
:. ':. y .."._ : : ,1:._ I and its growth potential In
; .
-' vit :1 ; I that
; : the! years ahead demand
: Free I'histallatoin I modern proven( business principles

; .'. ,..,' .Y.. :;.. ... Z G) ,t,<.-a; l'!the be applied requirements immediately for increased to meet

., : -"t.. 1;'service for he people and the
-- : I handling' of tremendous sums of t

I 'f '2 Free cranks 'of Cast: public county money has grown without too big waste.and This the

>:: ;' ,. tax collector's duties too complexto Jeanette Yvonne Kitties
trust to methods which were New Stanton

.3':' .:.: .\" -'; adequate stated.20 years ago," Mr. ,Kittles Pepsi 12th.Cola grade salutes student Jeanette at

ill ..r' ..... ....h..p., ......, ,,; f!..,!. ; Young New Stanton Senior High. Jea-
:: : :' ; He is a native of Sylvester, Ga., nette is a member of the Green
;:: :. : 7./ i NORflJ\: I where he received his early school- Pasture Guild Club, soloist for

iit1 $ 8'S I ing.. Later he attended agricultural junior choir. Her favorite hobbiesare

colleges in Georgia.Mr. I' reading and singing.
I ., .;;...;;..
has been very activein
30" Gas I civic, fraternal, and veterans
vfi b %; affairs for the past 40 years. He ..8Ir
I active member of
is currently an
the Big Brothers of the Boy Service '

r r RAN G E $9:7S: Perl Mo. i mittee Council of the; the Jacksonville Education Com-Area

a Chamber of Commerce; the
t Downtown Lions Club; the Men's

:_ .. ";;;.:i: -<",-.,,, ':-",-' Garden Club of Jacksomville:? Bar
'. .1 \ .f .'., racks No. 491, Veterans of W.WJ.
of1' the United States; Post 88,

00=' i American Legion; Life-time member
--.=- =' ; Chapter 1, Disabled American .A.kjqA I
r n -
Veterans; National Committeeman -
1 CALLUS t Post 1689, Veterans of For- Gwendolyn Frazier
eign Wars. New Stanton

.1 _.9__ A l i'crnssd! active pilot all of his Gwendolyn is enjoying immen-
0ii' adult d<'. ;hs owns and flies his sely during her last year of high
own plane :and is a member of 1 school. She is a member of the
the p.v .nan's organization, I I'f Honor Society. Student Council
1 TODAY d' .;- C/: ,i cJ'ic. He flew with allied and Green Pasture Guild. This
':;' f.uceia IV V.I. young lady has high hopes for the
i., .l'. I J. T. Yf'ung is also active In future which can be realized If
1 Th' e ''''.'I I local riding activities and is a I "We would not think of our
Trailriders of dreams as being .
member of the
> UiL ((1 'ERED ; JiJi-c.ivilJr:; Oreanway's: Bit and impossiblo"t

.,* tft..f __ ;! It "p.ir CrU, i1 Mandarin's: Boots ". :: *
_A_ A t.., and Saddle :!ub.
Y r _, Mr. Young thoroughly qualiftej. Listen To PCPSIMusicQuest I
i ;\ I ik :: ''n TCei.: .: appraisal: and
W&AVt \ law ,,-i ; I'TV er2nrire study : Friday
t t.'n'c ?> he r; TrsI''n department, r
3 .1iJ ti fJ I FREE HAM'y I ;! Un\T-st- F'orula. During the I II Mites, to:3G to I tQD'

past several wars he has completed Ffcccne: Rec ,
4 ;ert
:4 '. Free Installation! fW nr* rt nii, adult education .'
.''.c .- : courses at Jacksonville University.r* EC: ." #_'" .. --....-.'....: J ..-u 2'Free tanks of G .p.,I i I Ut TIe is a atrt' cf the Dale Carn '-'
J "c -- -- '" n? OfTT' and was his classpresident
.' ...... .. .
\ r' ..... t 1
>\.L3..uR. COMPLETEWATCHLSSS. ;' ':'Att ; t I 1
: n h '. '--'te member of v7
'N o :z.
/ -
1 ; \
the ." s'tkntlal
SteCiJt Appraisers. -
r. ,
: ." 'i ; : 1
: ".. .. .. .'1-- ; .. I tt .
t ." \ 1: 1' ,
,. "- -- iN I .
: f.
."' r: : Mr. Yctr; ':0 r. r: jntont oT ,1I
., .
\\ : '.n t I GE.S, I St. Luke's E: xT.v:_ ,:ch v't L J 1 I
'J: 'i j II
-. J PEl MO. he is h.r'u: : 1. -11s active la j I II 5J ;
2 l ; } '
L the men's rfjb 'i'
;--' ;. : I
.c. { .
t 3'i; witIs the foraccr Ella: :
Stat.11'pe,41. '. .EL 6-1419 ::: Daniel Cooper of .Jacksonville.Ther I M>A -*
., : reside at Pc&ne'SL in
112' Arlinston: ,
PEARL \ -.' The Young have two sons.. Dr.
/l6t J Jll"J4J J. P. Yoicr. Jr. of Lake 'l'reIea
N c Animal Hospital and Dr.
; George iTtttr
# .. X FREE PAfi KIN$ : : :: VL Tdtmsr: of Hurray Hill Animal
Hcsplted. a,daojhter, Mrs. Walter
iii .. .. !TAW .. PAW. '
-- IN OUR LOT NEXT &4oRI D. Biker of lWbonnDe' ]doh:
"10 GrtaMrfM ...
81.'L. Pa1d..PcltWca1.Ad0C. .ti '
:_ __ ._ t lli$ for ,'I
:PaTN )
__ _.. .
'> -,; -: :.} ,..:
', +- ,a' r
#" # ._ I" >
t : I -..'1If;?: {, '. -. i. ;- _, :', t i ,' :: :