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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200551datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 5, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005510740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 5, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 5, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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"' ,. ,
: v: : :,, .





T FLOiltOA ;"IS1'



Let Negro s ,Apply To [ ": t Hefa*o


Enter Sch@ols. JudgeVot.10No.4' ; STAR. "I : -.

\ _. __ __ -'- ._

,A A-nd N WS MARCH 5, 1960-JACKSONVILLE 9, FLC.'.:l-A 15 Cr- l'P

Operatic. Jewelry Stages Comeback, Teachers ; ""Principals T estifY 1 1In _k'" .

f' WC.I > oYn < o Gbu. Probe Of" School Job Selli-ng


Leon Denies t Teachers And Principals 'Plan To DoycoAStores; ;

Parade Permit Quizzed. OzfoSale Of Jobs 1.May Resume: Sears PicketBy

More Negro school personnel were called before State Atty. WilLiam '

I Y I I f In Vote Drivei .A., Hallowes last Tuesday to testify in the investigation of ,; .'_ Staff Correspondent 0'I

I i allegations that teachers and principals paid for jobs in the Duval I Youth protests against discrimination at lunch counters In five
ya : I I The city Fathers at Tallahassee County school system. and ten and department stores spread. to several Florida cUlts this

refused to grant the non-partisan i The inquiry described by manyas I week and took on greater significance In. Alabama, North and SouthTCarolina
Voter's League a permit for a.| "politically inspired", was the and Tennessee. -
t parade to kick-off a Voter-Registration j fourth hearing held by Hallowes I --- ----- .- ------
campaign designed to put j since board members :Martinez ; Florida A and M University
10,000 additional Negro names to j Baker and Raymond David /declared FOUND GUILTYor !; students who were arrested on original contingent had: departed.

the list first class citizens. j ji they had heard that Jobs ; Feb. 23 en charges of disturbing They were Ignored.
Director replicas of famous Aida FRSTWU.V.JER r : Dr.r..REr: : Two Negroes entered a store In
UAR Tourist Office presents i The excuse given was the par- : and promotions were being |od the peace vowed to continue their
jewels to Opera Star Irene Dalis at New York's Metropolitan- ade would congest traffic. It was j among Negro school perscnntl. efforts for equal service and urged St. Petersburg during the morn-
: : ( ing, went to the lunch counter
Opera. and
also alleged that if the permit was j I The names witnesses_ who PJorkla. citizens to. join the fight
asked to be served. The
granted the group would have to have been called to testify have for equal rights managerthe
At the request of opera pri-4 isnted i to :Miss Dalis on Jan. 6 I i groups were not well briefed
madonna Irene Dalis, replicas on the Ietropolitan Opera orcak ranks when passing through jI j not been released but .it is understood A boycott of Tampa was sche- on the of the
of the jewels worn in the first stage by :Mr. Ali Xamil, Director a white section. .- i that about a dozen teachers, duled: to start Thursday after purpose

performance of the,;opera Aida of the VAn Touristin I The Voters League headed by mostly frcm the elementary.and three days -sitdown demonstra- and the sltdowns involving tar er,
Cairo in 1871 were recently Office in New York Dr James Hudson will proceed i iwlch vocational school had been st-,b- inns in local stores by Negro groups were canceled.To .

sent to New York by the UAR The replicas of. the :famous the campaign without the I j poenaedalong with several JF .n- youths. date there have been no ;

. .Tourist Department. : be in future parade in which more than 300 I cfpals! who had been oaoex_ lunch counter demonstrations In
jewels to
I and two are worn here Were demonstrations ink4Hfe .
I The jewels, a crown of Aida. block workers made up of men to their Foots in -the.: Jacksonville but it was reptfert i_ J. "
'amulets, were* formally pre- performances and walksof .JtfeJart i ,"Kr2 <"s&Tas04'| and Qjrtona ". .-
women that
jof jilj .. _a. "cne'"t: .' Beach but, the NAACP Youth Council* :
the N
expecte5To pai dplF;; -' -1 teacher who had been did: oyouths planning to resume picketing of

r f: ;(--.i Orcers ; i Sunday Feb. 28, was observed ]I after a check'of personnel records.Hallowes couriers were denialservice they \1Eit Kl. at ill. the Sears store. Picket lines were /

ar'cje PciY in the Churches as Citizens Sun : has said., the case In Tampa an orderly of thrown around the departmentstore
day. Ministers were called on to I would be taken before the grand soon after its opening last
,I -SO members: of the Tampa Youth
0 E M.a DG c School I Bias deliver appropriate messages in I jury if sufficient evidence is council of the NAACP staged year when It was learned that
--- keeping with the observance. !
; gathered during the preliminaryinvestigation.t the management had set up a.t .
r-emon'trations at
--- Wide;publicity through out the policy of not
serving Negro
MIAMI Federal Judge Joseph a Kress variety store.
county _has been given the cam- I trons in its restaurant or lunch
Lieb ruled Monday that Negro 'tvl. j
I I Luther
; .. .
pupils t..5 n : paign.W. One arrest marred the otherwise counter. '
C. Patton is serving as consultant Store ord-::ly demonstration; when Ray- i I -
allowed Tampa The failure of Negroes In Jack-
for the campaign.
school i Posts ,icnci 49, a district fire -
r "- chief: at Tampa, was arrested for sonville to register strong protests
He Closes Lunch j OTHA WEBB' I ciisluibing the peace. Officers against lunch counter and other

ney him OOO', Bond, } t 3 JaxOi5 H dJ I.1'I :aid; Jordan was talking loudly as forms of discrimination In this
a Z Counter A 55-yeoi-old man was found: + area drew much criticism from
watched the demonstration.
Negroes The Rev. J ; guilty .of fast, degree murder-last_ !! progressive Negroes and some
plan. ;,I Luther King, who- moved t FoHoldrUps TAMPA-The management of a'i!, Wednesday byan* ail-male::: jury II demonstrations official do not said result if the in ,, whites as well.POLICE "
'1 I which .
Alabama city to Atlanta Tampa lunch counter closed the: recommenced mercy in the service to Negroes at lunch counters I I II ,
off In Montgomery last I A juvenile and two young Jax- sentencing.
a boycott of stores would
with place of business last Monday Int
on his from Los t, Otha Webb was convicted' of
eon da I: I ons have been charged with armed order to turn away fifty-seven :+ the Nov. 4 follow.
pistol REPORTS]
and: posted bond at the slaying cf Alma- ,
I group entered a Woolworth :
Lieb robbery in connection with a series Negroes who demanded service. :1 teen Davis Slappey in her
what he called apartment -
a trumped of in which The members of the all- and a Kress store in downtown
to use hold-ups a variety cf group 231 E. Beaver Street.
of perjury. "
ment firearms were used according to Negro Tampa Youth Council entered ; Webb testified in Tampa Wednesday afternoon. MAN CUT ON NOSEIN
"I just was released on $4,000 I city police. Woolworth store at:4:30: pjn. I had gone to the house court that to he None asked for service. In one SURPRISE ATTACK
get .
told ; an accusing Detective Sgt. F. N. Gray said and occupied nearly every seat at I Almateen, his store, the lights were turned down I
making false returns on oral statements admitting partici- the counter. The white customers I to common-law wife but the protestants remained seat- I I| Eddie Lee Jones 27, of 418
get her to
schools state income tax. pation In two holdups have been gradually .left the store one by where the two had return lived to from Miami, ed for 40 minutes before leaving.A I Davis Street was cut on the nose
accompanied by his wife 1956 group of 12 Negroes- staged during an unexpected attack last
have made by Henry Robert Bush 27
II until
1959. Webb
-of Negroes including one.The an un- a sitdown demonstration at the Monday by a man who went to
t of 608 W,. Beaver St.; Walter crowd was mostly made up identified
Ralph D. Abernathy. who of .school man was Inthe front lunch counter'of the Woolworth'sstore Ills room to Inquire about his
Wentworth Young 7r., 18, of 818 high students and they I room with her.
him as president of the in Daytona Beach. !'girl friend, police reported..
a Carolina St.; and a 15-year-old said demonstration would
When the I
j made
Montgomery Im continue until their mission a suspicious The store immediately closed The victim said Theodore Rivers -
peals boy. was
Association. i move. Webb fired a pistol he '
the lunch' 39, of
744 W.
acomplished. counter. The group Monroe Street
that Gray said the three have ad-
f was carrying to frighten the '
trial on the perjury charge, man
stayed until the store closed. came up to his room and asked
As the
mitted.holdups of a: barbecue placeat soon as Negroes were i he said. The defendant .
could bring a maximum seated, waitresses got busy dIs- said' hefired Several asked for service but were'if he had seen his girl friend,
tunity 825 Broad St. and a grocery { twice and the
of five years prison, is i second bullet
ignored. i if Christine Jordan. Jordan said he
any store at 733 W. Fourth St. Weapons playing signs announcing the closing apparently struck Almateen
for May authorities an- t t in the The youths were probably Bet- answered no. Rivers told him he
fairly i used have included. S:1wedf j of the counter. The group head.
f hune-Cookman College studentsand had promised to "kill the next ,
off rifle a .410 shotgun..a double- < waited approximately 15 minutes Circuit Court
i I and then strolled out. Judge Charles some of them studied as they man who tried to; take her away
what i barreled shotgun and a .38 caliber LuckIe deferred the
'" Gorda pistol. The holdups took place in I Shortly after the "closed" signs Webb. sentencing of sat. :i from himRivers ."

tacked Ferbuary. were taken down the crowd returned The NAACP chapter at Day- cut Jones on the nose ,
and when did the tona Beach, has decided to stage practically cutting off the lower
law investigated,3 I Gray said the three are being j jf they.
three t ? Gets questioned about other recent robberies signs were Brought out again but an economic boycott of four portion. Victim was taken to
f I not stores, which It did not Identify Duval Medical Center in police
of I here. Also Investigating are J JI they did leave until 6:30 pjn. SHOP OWNER ROBBED -
: i i From Lt. E. B. Runyon, Sgt. E. H. Perry, 1 1' Thomas Greene store_ manager BY KNIFE BANDIT starting Friday instead of following car where he was treated and re-
would II I and Patrolmen E. J. Jefferson and I I said the counter would remain = the lead of Negro groups in leased. Victim stated he will signa

by the 8P A. J&nes. I closed as long as the Negroes remained Miss Juanita Prince :24! of several other places of lunch warrant.
would seated. There was no 1232 Fairfax Street told police she counter sltdowns. i Patrolmen Robert George Jr. .

what: I violence and police 'officers, did was in the process of closing her I Five men_ and two women visited a; and T. L. Mays investigated.

were ;' -OfficIal expressions of Teacher's CarHits not interfere. shop at 1346 Davis Street about I another Woolworth,store at Sarasota -

dren's were made last Monday I The Rev. Leon Lowry, presidentof 1115; p.m. last Tuesday when a I and took seats at the ,lunch j i WOMAN IS INJURED .

Reb(! Florida branch of the I the Florida NAACP. was man walked In and demandedher I counter. Waitresses ignored them. 'WOMAN IS ROBBED
the six concerning some inter- ; around but- said the NAACP ,was money. Four others came in after the
the cf en Interracial scftball i not sponsoring the demonstration.He She said the man asked for the

board der at Punta Gcrda last 1' said he just "came over to I manager, and she told him the I A 39-year-old woman was

[ "."submit A: Jacksonville policeman was t' observe it and to watch for any: manager was up the street but Trial Is knocked down and robbed lastMonday
the p"l: games between white and injured last Tuesday when his violence." I II would- be back soon. He pulleda Postponed as she walked In the 1700

way." : were not interrupted patrol car was hit in the rear bya I knife and put it to her stomach blocl; of Davis Street.

but Mayor Dave Deegan I car driven by a school teacher WHITE MAN HUGS I and asked for her money. After For 11 TallahasseeTALLAHASSEE Mrs. Evelyn Taylor 39 of 641;

tunity \ Oorda said he, was un on Norwood Avenue. t NEGRO WOMAN giving him her handbag he asked N. Lincoln Ct. said a man who
it. Mrs. Mary F. Alexander* 28, of Miss Ruth for the The trial of behind her
school t tI ,Mary Campbell 30. manager's bag. Havingno came up and told hera
j I i to associate and free 4516 Be tills Road was reported as of 1683 Moncrief Village molestedIn I other bag he marched her out the 11 Negroes charged with dis- woman In the phone booth lathe

: ; speech are constitutional I the driver of the car that hit the tl the home of a man (white) the back doer and made her get turbing the peace during a lunch 1600 block of Davis wanted

IN |i it that cannot be abriged patrol car driven by police officer 1' last Monday when he carried her II down on the ground telling her counter sitdown demonstrationhas to see her and when she turnedto

J' by any elected or &1>- Donald E. Love, 34, of'70iS6 Abilene to his home on the pretense of what he was getting ready to do. been postponed by City Judge I I go back to the phone boeth

Mrs. public official." Robert Road. Investigating officers f hiring her to do some house work, As he stopped to close the back John Rudd.. i the man knocked her down and

1602 field secretary of the Vance Goode Jr. and H. L. With- police reported.It door she jumped up and ran the : The judge said the trial was drew a switch blade knife,:on her

1 bruises NAACP said In a telegram:;erspoon said the teacher ram Into Is reported that when the victim said. The amount, of cash .delayed from March 3 because of I'I and demanded her'moneyshe
Airing Deegan. ';[the back of the car as\it slowed victim reached 402 W. 64th St.. was undetermined. a crowded court schedule. It will said. 1fr'

The or other officials who may for a' line of traffic on Norwood the home of white. man whose I I Patrolmen T. L Mays'and J. be set later probably within a The victim said she gave the-
volved American near'Escambia. Street about 10:30 week or 10 days according to
urged young name was listed as Archie Sites, I Seldca Investigated. pan her pocketbook and he ran.
band. of your community to pjn. he hugged her in his room. She I!ordered the counter closed. special city counsel'Edward.. ,Hill. between some houses and, disap

Medical outmoded tradition. of I Officers said Mrs. Alexanderwas broke loose and ran out of a rear The Rev. Leon Lowry president The demonstrators were mostly 'peared. She said her tot 1. 'lli&o
was and discrimina- charged with driving withouta door and called police from 6679 I t of the state NAACP. Mid larger students at Florida A' & M University was $55.

? your constitu license following too closely and Sunset Drive. She reported the ,demonstrations were planned at are tree' on $500 pendingthe I Patrolmen R. Young and N.

Kaatey I driving while into ;ea ted. grabbing Inddeat I i Sarasota aid St. Petersburg: but tdaL Newsom investigated. '



,..:, f" ."" '..' _.. ... -. ,. ,'C. .


: JI

> -
"" .
;. .' :. k ;.:.. >.; .' ,, ) : .. ".,.d. \

t..t'f.; : f., :. .' .n.'t' ::'';: r :' : -" \. ... ., ,.. :

"> '. .;.. : "', .'....". 3.+, :' i':, : :'"
.. hTwo ":" THE: V uOHiUA ,\1. ,. f STTi:.
.. { Week Ending Saturday, March 5, I960
; ) "J -. "' ''' _


;:" a sfb "Polili $ As UsuoiEBy

). ': <., '4 NEWS A1 Eric O. SimpsonIt

Publixbtd by The Florida Star Publishing Co. "- '2THE won't be long now before the political pots will so to speak startboiling
"Member of Associated Negro Press' l !> 'i .,.'.; .. for already a slew of candidates have qualified for several ,
.Czie O. Simpson _Ediior ;! ". s--'rt"irt" '. state offices. '
.. (
C. Parham Johnson News Stall .. .';; : WHITE MEN of The derby race of course is the -

BULa Woolen Circulation Dept. TUB STATE HAVE A gubernatorial handicap which has or the same percentage of the

... RIGHT TO RESORT TO something like entries probablythe statewide Negro vote for a state
largest number of entries in
ANY MEANS AT THEIR post has got himself a nice hunkof
; K3 MoocrUl Road EL 4-8782 EL 4-8783 the history of Florida.
COMMAND TO STOP votes in either case.
Downtown Branch Office 423 Broad St. Pfaon EL 4-3773. NEGROES The list of contenders includes
'p\+ .. ) IiE "J It's to be
'' Farris Bryant, a runner-up in the going interesting to
d Mailing 1954 race; Harvey Belser of Boni- see who gets the booty. It was

P, O. Box 581. Jacksonville I, Florid fay; Haydon Burns of Jacksonville generally felt that the one man

SUBSCRIPTION: RATES John McCarty of Ft. Pierce who could have gotten it wasJacksonville"s
WcL and brother Mayor Ray d o n
of the late Dan Mc-
Tear 3.00 Thre Montht $1.80
ODe Tear, $$5X0 Half ,
carty; Doyle Carlton Jr., of Wau- Burns. But from my talks with
In The United States.
Mailed To Too. rwher.
) people hi various precincts I gather
chula; Ted David of Hollywood -
Mbesipifon Fafable Adv mc.. Send Checker Money Order To: ;
lfr F-ed Dickinson of West Palm a large number of Negroes are
E-M,'Ir: ih R"'v. George Downs of planning to pass over his name

j Win ei Pa:k. B il"Hendrix. Klans- because of his segregationist standon

NAACP Supports Drive maa 01 1 L,aiia ee and the golf course issue.I .

f You can 'look don't think that Negroes expected -
On Lunch Counter BiasLocal Burns or anybody else to
I for
a large
be pro-integrationist in the golf
1l e.
tj of themto I course issue. It is felt that he
branches of the National Association for the .,
1 could have declared allegiance to
Advancement of Colored People throughout the country t fall by the the flag and declare his adherenceto
have been called upon to support the southern Negro stu ;1 1'I I the Supreme Court edict.
dents' campaign to end discrimination at the lunch counters A L WJ 4 ; ; wayside soon i;

I in .chain and local variety stores. after the starting i Mayor Burns is a shrewd poli
tician. He took a calculated risk
The protests of ''these young people, NAACP Executive NITS "'" .: .: ) bell rings.Money j 1 in picking up the segregation ban-
Wilkins said this week in letters to local suREjiACY RRaR :
Secretary Roy NATE IOIENCE BAR t I I ner. His decision to close the golf
the one of the main
branch leaders, "have the cooperation and support of 'j ; courses to circumvent the supreme
Ilf!; <', /!
NAACP for they are legitimate expressions of citizens in a t factors in run- order may have been a move to

democracy." SIMPSONning for office, win white votes because there is

Previously, Mr. Wilkins had sent telegrams to George: x especially the governorship will bea more of them than us. We can

Cobb president of S. H. Kress and Company, and R. C. AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ALLOWED MISSISSIPPI TO PROVE handicap to many. will only turn wait out.and see how his gamble

Kirkwood president of F. W. Woolworth and Company, the The real. contest will be be-

principal chain stores involved in the "sit-in" protests at THEY CAN twcenlltyant. Burns Carlton and .

lunch counters.The McCarty. As of today, the front
runners seem to be Bryant lead- As qualification for local offices
NAACP he told the chain store owners "deplores Your
Weekly ing the pack Carlton in second opened last Tuesday there was
continued refusal of" their stores "to serve Negro patronsin
place with Burns and McCarty quite a bit of activity as Circuit
North Carolina and elsewhere in the South on the same
Court Leonard W. Thomas and
fighting for the third place. The
basis as white customers at lunch counters and soda foun- Horoscope Guide picture can change of course as Supervisor of Registration Flem-
tains. We fully support the protest demonstration of students ,
the days go by and the horses ming Bowden made their way to

in North Carolina. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH start kicking up mud in each qualify to run for the offices they

These stores, Mr. Wilkins pointed out, "enjoy wide other's faces. have held for a number of years.

patronage of Negro citizens not only in North Carolina but ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR There are some who are inclined Qualification of J. P. Young

over the entire country. We urge you to give immediate to discount the Negro vote; the well-knoATi real estate man

consideration to changing present outmoded policy to one BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL but such discounters are either who ran a good but losing race

of serving all customers on same basis without segregationor fooling themselves' or trying to last year for Budget Commission

discrimination." maintain an open mind that your''J all, as any subsequent experiences fool others. The Negro will play was no surprise to political ob-

ARIES I chances of eventual success will of that sort could take a more an extremely important part in servers. Ills bus bench signs and
In his letters to local leaders the NAACP leader revealed Born March 21st thru April 19th I !I book matches all
|I 1 depend a great deal on the pri- ,serious turn (13th). The love that the county state and national over were
that the Association "stands ready, upon request, to I As long as you are not called vale and joint resources at your I I i you bear In your heart a sense of elections. the strongest indications of his

defend any of the young people who may become involved l upon' toe expend too much vitality I{I command. This should encourage II I loyalty or your desire for Justice The candidates who can garner intentions. They are great piecesof
with the police or in court action as a result of their participation or money in the I'
popularity builders.
process you to : 75 percent of the There is
i you adopt an economic protgram should enable you to bring greater Negro vote in
in this movement. With nationwide support, he could or should accept important that is as sound as it is : stability in your private and Duval County for a county post one thing that must be said, he '

said, "this student protest movement will succeed." offices such as director of aboard conservative (14th). i iI iI public relations (14th). The 16this -------- -- --- will be well-known by May 3 and

executive officer of an association 9-20-66-18-2 I he certainly has thrown tnougu ,
the day selected as being criti- CAPRICORNBorn
or political worker. Feel I matches around this man's town
cal, making it desirable for you to Dec. 22nd thru Jan. 19th
out the sentiment for or against to start a bonfire. He is a fine
be doubly watchful at work. Since there are no signs of
: you and be particularly discreetin CANCER gent with a wonderful reputation.
460331772463LIBRA radical changes in
: your handling of problems( and Born June 22nd thru July 22nd your pattern Whether he will be able to unseat :
i you should stand pat when
people (10th). Take the custo- It would help greatly when you you veteran Tax Collector Clyde H.
ind the secure. You can play with
strength, mary seasonal safeguards when feel" inwardly disturbed to seek ideas to your heart's content but Simpson who has won untold
climatic conditions are disagree- j'I guidance and comfort at the numbers of friends of the years is
L. Born Sept. 23rd thru Oct. 23rd postpone taking any action on
able It may be wiser in such a church of your faith or thru left to be seen.
for life. i i I'specialists Even if you are not pleased them until later in the month I
case, to remain safely sheltered who are qualified to
your back with the headway you are striving (10th). Appeals to your emotions A County Patrolman J. K.
within the confines of get you on the right track.
your own hard to make do not allow your- may be made on these days but I Ryan has tossed his hat into the
four walls, on the 12th-13th. Ac- Attend to this from the 10th thru
self to become discouraged. A this could be Just a trick to get I sheriff's race. He is an unknown
cept the 14th, when seem assuredof
good advice Influential in- you
retrograde Mercury 'may be held something out of you. Take the in politics but so was Al Cahill
0-0 tervention. greater personal attention and
somewhat accountable for delays warnings against fire and electrical -, when he made his first bid for
7 so 55 12 45 735 valuable advice. The entry of I
Jupiter into your solar 7th house and difficulties but these may hazards seriously in orderto the office a few years ago. Car-

GA' is another favorable indication of eventually prove to have been protect others as well as yourown I son the governor's appointee still
necessary and beneficial (13th- valuable property (16th). It, seems to be the top man. It is
splendid partnership and public
TAURUS 14th). It would be a waste of may be wiser to stay close to your I I expected that ex-sheriff Rex ,''I i

Born April 20th thru May 20th relations.3 -.J, 10 44 16 53 314 time money and energy to fret home base so as to keep a more I Sweat will be in the race when I
Do not close your mind to I and fume or to think that paying 'watchful eye on your precious the bell rings and you can be sure

J logical arguments when you know more will Improve the service or possessions. Do not tinker with that a lot of people who ditched :

that they are backed by a sincere LEO speed up results (14th-15th). TV sets if you are not too familiar him a few years ago will be back

desire to guide you thru troubled Born July 23rd thru Aug. 22ndThere Don't let a friend come betweenyou with the way they function. in his corner. Constable George

times (10th). Your compulsiveurges are splendid opportunities ? and the one most closely tied You may have to call the service I Brown's name has been men-

are very'powerful., and their to salvage things that still to you. for this would not be to man after all. tioned as a likely starter In the

highest point of Intensity could have value or that. In one wayor your advantage in the long run. 7-50-66-17-42-756 sheriff's race and if he does run

\ be reached by the 13th. The real- another can be made to yield A marriage performed In haste it will be a lively race.

ization "of your hopes for financial additional profits. You can cover would also have surprising and AQUARIUSBorn .

RELIGION IN AMERICAN LIFE, INC. independence and security hinges considerable ground and ask pertinent -- perhaps cosily, repercussions(16th Jan. 20th thru Feb. 18th

I greatly on your ability to save questions with a chance of ). You are most friendly by nature, The political organizations are

WORSHIP' TOGETHER THIS WEEK and Invest In sound enterprises obtaining revealing answers 5-70-99-13-80--579 but this does not prevent you beginning to get busy or rather, \

U4th)r The 16th may be the :. (10th). Let things work out from making caustic comments we should say are getting ready to

critical day this month when a. naturally up to the' 13th when a when you think that the personin "take" the candidates. Every two-I

mistake on your part could'ag- certain objective you have been SCORPIO question deserves it. A frank bit politician is getting some folk

gravate an already ticklish situa- striving for should be yours. This Born Oct. 24th thru Nor. 22nd discussion and satisfactory ar- together for a club to campaign

'f i tion. It may be better to sacrifice i would give you an excellent opportunity You are being very much takenup rangements for the future may be for anybody who is fool enoughto

.3a compelling ambition In.order to to check over your with a new Interest or com- just what are needed to forestalla believe that they (the clubs)

preserve family or other indlspenT books and accounts and to establish panion. You will have to use threatened storm that is darkening I can do them some good.
: i'pt s
J iJen 0lIewl.IK T j sable ties. some very needed order discretion or shroud your actionsin the horizon (10th). Maintain t *

' 12 40 77 15 31 247 ((14th). Protect family secrets with secrecy when the more author- your economic principles when I Remember folks the registration

\ \.a j- greater care. itative members of the family they have heretofore protected books are now open. Register NOWif

l i GEMINI 8-50-22-11-69-852 circle come out In opposition. An your savings placements and I you hare not done ao Renewal
/ Born May 21st thru June 21st Joint resources (13tli-14th). It is
I understanding of sorts may be cards are now being sent out. Fill
: You are likely to run into people not yet time to investment i
VIRGO reached with a friend on the 10th. change your It In and return it promptly. Don't
I who are: quick to take Issue with !Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd but the way should be left open policies especially those I let It lay around the house and

almost everything you' say or do. Play safe by being always prepared I for a change If this becomes that have been leaning on the get lost.

It would be more Judicious to let even when the warning t necessary-at later date. Call upon conservative side.

I them have the 'floor and to dis- signs are not readily visible. An the inner and intellectual powers 3-20-55-11-27-325

: appear quietly whenever this Is old argument with an assocfa.te.which you possess (13th-14th) to meeta .

feasible. Make peace the guiding Is distressing to all concerned. crisis 6r showdown that Is like- PISCES

principle where you live on the may be resumed on the 10th. ly to be provoked on the 16th. Born Feb. 19th thru March 20th ATTENTION LADIES

13th. You will realize when you .Try and get it settled once and for 6-90-88-14-35-698 The most important thing in

I your life Is yourself. This calls Bridge & Social Club

:= for moderation In all things work Reporlen
; zz. Get Your Horoscope Guide To SAGITTARIUSBorn
4i r Nov. 23rd thru Dee. 21st play and at the table. Energies Send or Mail

I RICHES LOVE HEALTH Your temperament being what It tend to run lave around this time Your Social News

Order -your horoscope gu1d for December Now. Send S2 Is, you have little forbearance with of year and it is more prudent to Mondays To

To Pablo The Fla.wr..w. be warmly dressed when the tem- FLORIDA STAB
pf Astrologer p. O.Box 561. acboDTI11. red tape, procrastination: and
.. r perature is on the fickle side. The; 2323
Moncrief Ed.
-- broken promises. It win not ease i Cor. lath
I ""* minimum of tensions and the Or Phone
*" EL
L v f mi 1 matters any to fly off the handle. 4-67E2
,Dear Pablo: Enclosed Is 200. Send my Horoscope_ You might just as well reconcile maximum of rest are your greatest

I Guide for, the month of December: I I II yourself to the Inevitable and safeguards notonly now but al- S.
Jr You Indulge in
r.l ways. can
bide time until direct action
.: I II I II fruitful thinking In this connec-
!. NAME win be more effective. Accept
__ ? tion on the 10th. Your emotionaland LEARN TO DRIVE
the ideas that emanate from your
public relationships also arej I Secure Drirers' License
.. 1I'M I I I Intuition key associate or authoritative important factors in maintaining1: SAFEWAY
., '
?-.e. ; robust well-being (13th). Fall'back SCHOOL
: I ';.:" '; part of your own program for sub- those who exercise a'I' 600
on West
SICK/ Beaver
'. r MY HUSBAND IS Iaody' -'- y. sequent development (10th). The Sireol
BORN -_' -S._ _' pacifying Influence on you. when GEORGE PERPENA.
': ... 14th is another profitable day for DIr.
( 'N1";' <- i rt4t'4 J 'i'._. I I t month. .',.dale.y.* I Ii those who have made wise invest- you are troubled over domesticand R... -PO 5-4807

'> ments or purchases In the past. partnership' problems (14th).
..:.* r I 1-80-44-19-54-184 5-10-22-14-86-51: 2 \
- -- -

If t


.. .,. "., --
; '" "r .. -'. '::-ry
j .. I \
; .
1 '.
I .


Week Ending Saturday, March 5, 1960 IILC1! 17. STAB Pg Throe: .

.'. '
, ..
--- -- - - -- -- -- -

J StorkDeliveries ABOUT Wedding Bells
JI. y; uA '

SociallySpeaking f+. PEOPLE. APPLICATION FOR .t.
y : .-
A Mrs. L. M. Henry from Philadelphia MARRIAGE
, FEB. 19-25, 1960 : is in the city"visiting her
= ,
4sf .1
Curtis Russ 743 DeWitt St.. 21
The YWCA Mrs. Florence J. Dixon, Executive director ".,,'. .,,1 mother Mrs. Emma Watkins of
and Annie P. Evans 732 Everson
t Branch YWCA with a Recognition Day Program last Sunday.
1362 W. 25th Street who is confined
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baker .
,,'ii' ": St. 16.WiUie
,Mrs. W. J. Rutledge. chairman of the personnel committee was ." :.
" main speaker for this affair and music was furnished by the Jacksonville 2473 Ellington Avenue GirL. r : \ :'<: to her home. Benson 4643 JHoncrief

Choral Ensemble, Mrs. Dorothy Bacon, John Gripper, Miss : I. : .1
,I Roberta Bacon. and Harold Nairn. 2473 Mr.Ellington and Mrs.Avenue Clarence Girl.Mr. Baker. i; ... i. :\" I 4643 Villege.Moncrief 31 and Villege Virginia 24. Walker.

, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jamesof
and Mrs. Frank Davis, >: IJ'
A'new social and civic club was organized recently and officers t. i' 1 ;> 2040 College Circle South an.. Donald Washington 2316 JJon-
Penny Farms, Florida Boy. :,
f. were elected at the meeting held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kennedy .tt:: :: i nounce the recent marriage of crief Rd.. 24 and G y; end 01 Y D.

Joseph D. White. 2109 Panye Street. Officers for the year are: :Mrs. Street :,. J :..' .', ....:'.1 I LeSesne to Jackson, 1150 W. 28th St., 17.
3122 Haines Boy. 1 t t -' their sister Elaine W.
I Ruth D. White Mrs. Alma Glass Mrs. Annie Mainor, Mrs. Veatrice 2253 '. I o.' ...../.'.
Mr. and llrs. Len Ogletree 'i Edwin Norris Mathews.Mr. Clarence L. Brazil 3334 Mon
Williams Mrs. Gallic Parson, Miss Melissa Robinson, Mrs Doris .
First Street Boy. .L.:.__ :L crief Rd.. 21 and Loretta Young,
1 Taylor, Mrs. Gwendolyn Langley, Mrs. Delphenia M. Brinson Miss Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dawson I 1710 Seminary St., 19.

Esther James, Mrs. Johnnie Cowart. Members are Mrs. Forrestine 1325 Vine Street. Girl. DELTA'S LIBERIA ALUMNI CHAPTER Members of

Donalson, Mrs. Hazel Howard, Mrs. Evelyn Jasmin and Mrs. Mary Mr. and' Mrs. Lennie Vereen Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's newly-established'' Liberia and Mrs. Mathews are grad- Chas. Warren Jr.. 1844 Jeffer-

Green. 719 Venus & Mars Ct., Boy. Alumni Chapter the Sorority's first chapter in Africa uates of Florida. A & M Universityand son St., 20 and Adell'Brown 5221

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright, are shown receiving their charter from Mrs. M. Elizabeth both are employed as instructors Cleveland Rd., 20.
fourth from left national chairman of Delta's :hi the public school system of
646 South Lincoln Ct., Girl. Carnegie, ,
Installation service for the Las Amigas Social Club was con- Duval County. Johnny Roberts. Jr.. 6944 Ever-
Mr. and Mrs. Freddie' Turner public relations committee. The members from left are
ducted by Rev. Floyd McAdoo of the St. Paul Lutheran church. 1403 E. 31st Street Boy. Mrs. Juette Johnson Neal of Tuskegee Institute, Ala.; Mrs. Mrs. Mathews is also the sister green Ave., 21 and Betty A. Phoe-

Installed were: Mrs. Wilhelmina Ebron, president; Miss Vivian Yeo- Mr. and Mrs. Willie Pace 2419E. Elvira Palmer of Tuskegee, Ala.; Mrs. June Dwellingham i.I of Mr. and Mrs. Maxie E. Wilsonof nix, 3411 George St., 19.

man, vice president? Mrs. Dolores Gibson, recording secretary; Mrs. Lincoln Ct, Boy. Cullins of Little Rock, Ark.; Mrs. Carnegie; Mrs. Elsa Jewel 1259 \V. 26th Street. Bennie E. Cummings, 705 CourtH.

Greta Gibson, financial secretary; Mrs. Mattie Richardson, treasurer; Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Jones Proctor Hines of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Beulah Stamps of .. 22 and Alma Brown. Rt. 1, Box

Mrs. Rena Owens, chaplain; Mrs. Juanita O. Jones, business mana- 2239 Calvin Street GirL Chicago, president of the chapter; Mrs. Ellen Mills-Scar : 286, 14.

ger; Mrs. Linda Mitchell welfare chairman; and (Mrs. Lolita Cole-; Mr. and Mrs.Linzy Hagan 1205 borough, Liberia's former under-secretary of public instruc- Our sick and shut-ins for the .

man, reporter. W. Monroe Street Boy. tion who recently became the first woman elected to Li week are Mrs. Gertrude Bell 825

The next meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Dolores' Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Holder beria's House of Representatives; and Mrs. Gertrude La- W. Union Street; W. G. Patterson, Northwestern

Gibson. 2851 San Diego Plaza, March 11 at 8 p.m.S. 1861 W. 6th Street, Boy. Verne Gross Tyler of New York City. 1410 W. 19th Street; Mrs. Beatrice

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Raspberry Williams 1589 Kings Road; Mrs. Preparing For ...

The Board of Christian Education of Central AME Church held 1337 Steele Street Boy. TilE NAME AND WORDSOF Estelle Cherry, 1608V.. 22nd

its Anniversary last Sunday in the church auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Allen Deltas Establish Street; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Annual ConcertInstruments

Thomas Hargrave executive secretary of the YMCA was princi- 2756 King Cole ,Drive Girl. In Africa LINCOLN Stokes 624 E. Union Street and
Chapter W. 30th can be heard tun-
of 1572
Ada lLee
pal speaker. Others appearing on the program were Grant Memorial Mr. and Mrs. James Burman. \VILLIA1\IIIENRY HUFF Mrs. ing and practicing diligently atNorthwestern's
Trio Mrs. Etta Brooks Rev. D. W. Bass and Richard Hadly. 514 W. Union Street, Boy. MONROVIA.ANPDelta- Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel 1\ols, Sigma Theta sorority, the>25.000 The name of Lincoln greater band hall. This
conglomeration of sound is the
Mrs. Margaret Starks and Mrs. Helen P. Toney entertained 1234 Cleveland Street, Girl. member Greek letter organization grows
for the Band's
university preparation third
members of the Classic Lassie Bridge club during the month of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thurman founded on the Howard
As it comes down the annual concert March 7 at
: C., on ages; on ,
February. 371 Chelsea Street Girl. campus Washlngton
Week 8:00: P. M, in the school cafe-
Several rounds of bridge was played with mesdames Dorothy Mr. and Mrs. Jake Miller, 470 Jan. 13. 1913 established Its first It blossoms like a perfect rose Religious trium.

Oliver Sarah Wright, Margaret Mathis and Ruth Bonner winning W. 19th Street Boy. African chapter here recently. And lights our hist'ry pages.It Starts This
& Sunday marks the group's first entrance -
Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Reese r
prizes.Club Founded during the fourth- is a fixture like the sea as a symphonic band and
members are mesdames Margaret Mathis Margaret Starkes 7840 Siskins Avenue Boy. for At Fla. NormalSt.
term inaugural the students are working dili-
W. Juanita Helen Grace Sykes. Mr and Mrs. William Washington -
Carolyn Washington, Williams Toney, That ever rolls and
William V. S. rages
Liberian President R. W. gently to make the concert an
F. T. Johnson. Ruby Dwight, Hazel Pink Dorothy Oliver Sarah 2015 Curry Lane Boy. Augustine-President
Wright and Alveta S. Allen. Mr. and ,Mrs. Cecil Williams Tubman this new alumni group And it will live eternally Puryear of Florida Normal and entertaining affair.
boosts the sorority's chapters to From a varied repertoire, the
!. 1774 Frances Street Boy. Industrial Memorial College an-
253 in '39 states of the 'United Like names of saints and sages. nounced that the Annual Reli- band will play works ranging from
Dts. Georgiana C. Brown. Ruby Blackwell and Bernice P. Pugh. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wright. 3118
States-including Alaska the Re- the great masters to that of the
Week observancewill
gious Emphasis
secretaries of the Pride of Maceo Temple 186 Daughter Elks were Buckman Street Boy.
public of Haiti aril Liberia. take place on the college modern com p 0 s e r s. Wagner's."Elsa's ,
honored recently during the regular meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGriff
The words of Lincoln still inspire March 6-11 and that the Professional to the Cath-
The brothers 3217 Plateau Street-Girl. campus
official family of Maceo Lodge No. 8 and were MRS. CARNEGIE PRESIDESThe "
edral with Clifton 'Williams'
; along -
theme for the week long
guests at this affair. Mr. and Mrs. William Watson founding ceremonies was programwill "
"Symphonic Suite; will be
Honorees expressed their appreciation for the lovely gesture and 2351 Weaver Road-Boy. be "The Value of Christian
presided over by Mrs. M. Elizabeth The wise in every station; among the featured selections.
pledged their continued support to this organization. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodard Carnegie national chairman of Living. Featured soloists in Morrissey's
2411 VestmontGirl.Mr. Delta's public relations committee. Of quoting him they never tire The initial program for this, "Caribbean Fantasy" are James

Members of the House of God honored A. L. Bennett and C. D. and Mrs. David Stroy, 1227E. In any state or nation. year's Religious Emphasis Week Woods and Ronald Tooley trum- I

Smith with a joint birthday dinner in the dining room. of the church Third St.-Girl. Among the eight Deltas com- activities will take place in the peteers.Mr. .
Feb. 22nd. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson prising the new chapter is Mrs. The worker in the noisy mill.
The hands back Anderson Hall Chapel on March Lionel H. Moore, band director -
on plantations
Many valuable gifts were received by the honorees. 298 Goodman St.Girl.Mr. Ellen Mills-Scarborough Liberia'sformer Repeat the words of Lincoln, 6 at 5:30 p.m. and the message states, "Because of student p

S. and Mrs. Willie Milligan. under secretary of' public still will be delivered by Reverend T. interest and progress, I believe

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Footman entertained members of Usher 5610 Verbena Road-Girl. instruction who recently,, became A. Wright, minister of the local this concert should top previous

J, Board No. 3 of Mt Vernon Baptist Church in their home recently. Mr.. and Mrs. Murney Johnson, the first woman elected' to the In daily conversation. I St. Mary's Baptist Church. concerts". I'

Enjoying this affair were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, Mr. and I 1151 W. 10th St.-Girl. country's House of Representatives. -

Mrs. E. Parker, ,Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Williams Mr. and, Mrs. Daniel Mr. and Mrs., Joseph Herring. I FEMININE FABRICS MAKE ELEGANT ASH'ONS; j

Moore. Mrs. Minnie Bailey Mrs. J. Saunders Mrs. Christine Dawson. Rt. 1, Box 412Boy.Mr. Another prominent member is .
Mrs. Lorraine Johnson Mrs. Lucille Burnette and Mrs. Carrie Anderson. and Mrs. Charlie Walker
Miss Calista Dennis, a recent
Rt. 9, Box 1027C-Boy. State and experimentation have resulted be made of any number of*cottons .
graduate of West Virginia By: Evelyn Cunningham
.5. Mr. and Mrs John Nealey 667 employed by the Liberian in the fines and most satins, cr sheers. The

The Senior Missionary Society of Zion Hope Baptist Church will N. Lincoln Court-Girl. college now Mission to the United. Among the most feminineand practical' velvets. They do not suit'would be good-looking in

honor Mrs. Ida E. Fowler with an appreciation program March 15 at Mr. and Mrs. Johnny McClen-: elegant o'f fabrics are velvets wrinkle and they are also ableto faille, shantung, synthetic

8:15 pm. in the auditorium of the. .church. ton 1638 Illinois St. Boy. Nations. velveteens.. They are withstand long hours, of sitting mixtures, needjepolnt piqueor

.5. Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Knigh- The remaining six members flattering to all women and without leaving that terrible polished cot toe. .
ton 1562 Illinois St-GirL either employed or finish the Fashi n.Scwing
Americans tead to soften the face. This shiny at back. Weekly Tip:
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tisdale whose husbands are employed in The velvet which With fabric the .
type of fabric can be dignified, nap on any nap pat- .
How To Select 2934 Bethel Court-Boy. Liberia are Mesdames 'Beulah sophisticated or sexy, depending gives it its lustrous finish tern pieces must be placed so '

Mr. and Mrs. Virgle. Noble 2407 Rattler Stamps, Chicago chapter is the be ir. direc
upon the cut of the garment major thing to considered that they run all one
\Vestmont-Boy. president; June Dwellingham Collins and the mood of the wearer. by the home-sewer. tion. If the fabric his a raised

Mr. and Mrs. Jeptha Jackson Little :Rock; Elvira Walker For a long time there have Actually, this need not reallybe nap or pile, such aa in velveteen -
1 610 W.
? L rt1 Mr. 18th St. Boy. Palmer, Tuskegee Ala.; P. Juette been a lot of do's and don't'sin a problem. McCall's Pat- the nap should run up- .

and Mrs. Aaron Curtis, 1434 Johnson Neal Tuskegee Institute connection with making a terns offer expert guidance in ward in all the pieces. If tht-
W. First St.-G1rl.
Ala.; Elsa Jewel Proctor Hines velvet or velveteen dress. It working with fabrics with, material has a flat nap, suchas
Bunche and Drive Mrs John Collins 2614. Washington D. C.: and Mrs. Ger- used to be a tricky fabric that and without nap. The yardage velvet, the nap should run

-Boy. trude LeVerne Gross Tyler New demanded careful handling.It requirement is different. And downward in all the pieces.
Mr. and Mrs_
Floyd Love
York. the '--
in which the
wrinkled attractedlint manner pattern "
W. State Street-Girl. '
; :
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wyatt, Various plans are being discussed and produced an ugly markif is Jaid out L 2 different :

5218 Vernon Road-Girl. among 'the new chapter's a drop of water fell on it. But easy-to-follow directions ,

Mr. and Mrs. Pharoh Bethea the sorority's five public service Today, all varieties of the practically 1 eliminate chancesof ?

z1/ ;r.. 368 Park Street-Girl. members for instituting in'Liberia velvet family have undergone : error. jp ;

projects designed to meet national wondrous changes. Research I The sheath dress (McCall's .' .A

1 needs. They are vocational guid- I Pattern No. 5027) is made ofa

} ance, mental health, library facilities tt H.? rich bottle green velveteen.It .'.r

Honor bore rnSVoman : community volunteers and f ;;] has a gently scooped neck
$ ': 1 1r j
'4 international understanding. and a choice of three set-in
: .
jj sleeves. This sleeve is made

t r Delta's national president Is Dr. ,, v., o..j A of two circles, each lined i

t4 j"R 'Jeanne L. Noble associate pro- i with a pale green sheer fabric.I 1t
4f 4r
4S fessor Guidance and Human Re- : As an alternative, the sleeve

M% r +- lations department, New York { may be long and gathered intoa Ii 1S a

university. ,', buttoned band or bracelet-

An instrument purchased to provM Ions-distance vision falls 11 ,j< length and narrow. A dramatic 1

Into the classification of "blind item buying for most people. w interpretation would be black 1 0'
I Since the advent on the market of low-price but high quality velvet with white organza circle
Japanese binoculars, more and more Americans are buying these 1 E
laSSes.: : SAMMY: DAVIS, Jli., ON TV sleeves. Included in the
i Is small collar that v
Because of these new When pattern a '
many buying binoculars
NEW YGai:-(ANP) Sammy
customers have no previous ; JBEPA suggests checking the ) may be used when long sleeves
knowledge of optical instruments : following points: Davis Jr., now entertaining at a are preferred.The J' tw

the Japan Binoculars Appearance: Good binoculars resort in Las Vegas, Nev., told | .three-piece outfit (Mc- ,

Export Promotion Associationfeels always look like fine optical Frank Sinatra, Peter, Lawford and! | Call's Pattern No. in- 5
that buyers should follow Instruments. They are coated Dean Martin that his recent tele-
certain simple but important with high-quality, non-peeling "General Electric Thea- cludes a dress, jacket and r $ '
rules In making their purchases.The lacquer of deep lustre. cast for cummerbund. Black velvet is :
most important consider- Construction and operation:. ter" was the best thing he has 4rfL. used for the slim dress and i'S' "
ation ot"course, Is the job that The image should be distinct, ever done. He appeared in "The
the user has In mind. There are with both sides In alignment.The Dr. Helet. Kim, president of Patsy," a film telecast over the bolero-type jacket. The dress .,, .
different types ojC binocu- moving parts should turn has a bateau neck at the front,
many Sun- ; 2
Ewha University and a, representative CBS television network on. .
lars varying as to brightness, smoothly. There should be no V neck at the back and short, /. : <- .
of Korea at the United\ 'r -
size strength and weightOpera squeaking or sticking. The day Feb. 13. set-in sleeves. 'the skirt W;: .' ;
Nations '
the 250,000 .it
with a magnI- prisms should be clean and undamaged : 0iii
glasses ,
000th copy'of The Upper Room, has soft folds at the front anda / "
fying of 3.5 of course are and the coating even. I
most power suitable for Indoor use. Of course, as with alL prod- daily devotional guide, from the : :..-v-, : .. walking pleat in the back. A sleek sheath takes a cutaway

They are light and easy to hold ucts, the best guarantee of ex- editor. Dr. J. Manning Potts. The sleeve's the thing ... forfashionright a Talon's marvelous Magic Zip jacket with tuxedo lapels. Andit r
,in the hand for long periods of cellence Is the reliability of the Ewha is the largest women'suniTersity "PORGY AND BESS" AIDS sheath. The slender for bodice neckline has a WOe looks snarl for town la rlc -

time manufacturer. In order to assure in the world. The WORLD REFUGEE FUND sinple1>> line is accented by grace- ven=sewing guide line In the toned fabrics, chic for the theatre p
the Upper Room is published in 37
For quality, Japanese gov-
any outdoor use, prism''binoculars -
feel widened sleeves. The velvet. The
so to follow for Jeep-piled ;
of tape
are preferable.These ernment stamps each pair editions and 31 languages and easy
: instruments contain two binoculars for export with the distributed around the world in MUNICH, Germany-ANP) Sew"pattern makes dress per- perfect application. The dress has a bateau neckline in

prisms in each tube and varyas ''LJ" mark (Light :Machinery more than 100 countries. In an unprecedented press con- fect for day or evening; for bean, notched shawl collar is cut in front; dipping to a "V" in back.

to magnifying power. For of Japan). This weans that the Students at Ewha, like students ference in the Ministry of Trade flared and lined or sheer sleeves' ; one with the jacket fronts. The sleeves are short and set-ln,
the for linen, or velvet or vel- '
have passed crepe be
such spectator sports as baseball instruments everywhere like to com- The to oovered.up by Its three-
football, horse racing, etc., most rigid tests of quality and the copies of the inter and Commerce. committee chairman veteen.Long darts shape the. dress three-quarter length quarter sleeved jacket. A fold- ,
four five "and that their worthis pare "and 20" closes the center sleeves of the jacket are set .
or reliability zipper
power magnification denominational guide in their Ambassador Wolfgang Jae- softened sheath skirt is given ,
glasses guaranteed by the back line. There Talon In. The cummerbund In the .
usually ade- a zipper
A are own, language with copies in nicke announced the contribution walking pleat and a cinch of com .
quate.In government.It for need with dress Is made of
simple pictured
every a mctbmnd. The
activities such as is the establishment of this other languages they are study- by: Samuel Goldwyn motion pic- jacket sits lightly <'
hunting, Because is studiedby j A-B-C instructions in each pack. warm cocoa satin. with Us notched shawl collar and
ing. English
boating and mountain climbing, rigid control that has helped ture producer, of.the'. entire proceeds '
prism binoculars With a magnifying to make Japan the number one thousands of students in: of the "Porgy: and Bess" 'agefor easy and profesabonalalplper Neither the dress nor the cropped .ilhoaeUer\howing,off
binocularsin other there is _application. The elegant suit need be velvet the wide contrast belt>> Misses' .
power of from 7 to 12 producer'of quality countries a continuing European premiere to the World confined .
.are recommended. world demand for English heath here ... McCall' Pattern sizes 10-13. McCall's Pattern .
the velveteen. The dress
or might
... .
the :
r copies all over the.world.t Refugee Year, sponsoreu If( 503'.. tosses' sizes 10-18.75. .s1M. 65. r
United Nations. <' ...:
; .?]', .
: I. -i rat:.

.' today.'V.,:.. \ r .' .. '


4 : ..

'.f : <. .:: <. < ? J. ; .* .. i s

l ',... t :.i,:,= '=-" .1. ... .. < r.,_:I 'J'1'i,

>, ,
," <' -- ;
: ;
-r r'1 1 I

; ... !

t ,
''-v f- Week Ending :Saturday, March 5, 1960 '

I 1

w ,. PreservhgPharaoh'sTreasure I '

Deaths&FuneralsDEAT1iS / I


1 JACKSON-Willie of 612 Florence Box 244, Eastport *!

Street MULLER-Baby Catherine of ..
I I 1414 Mt. Herman Street
BAIN-Alfred Sinclare of 70 N.
'" HALL-Homer of 1868 W. 5th. ;
Oneida Street, St. (
I Street .*
WILLIAMS Willie M. of 3119 I ASHINGTON11ss Inez of 907 !

PLANNEDPlans SCHEDULESunday Moncrief Rd. Caroline Street ,
service will begin with WILLIAMS Deacon John Henry .
are in the making for the SHAW-Bing of Rt. 2. Box 244
the School r of 150 McConnie Street
Sunday at 9:30: am. I
S., Eastport, Florida
-annual women day observance to ,
Morning worship 11 a. m. with I FRANCIS-Charles of 502 Shetter
be held at Mt. Olive Primitive ,
the deacons conducting devotions, PAYNE-William H. of' 11172 Avenue, Jacksonville Beach
Baptist Church March 13th. yid a --
? -
t I
Members of the steering com- BTU 5:30 pm. Evening worship. Xr Philips Highway Greenland "
7 pjn. Fla. I \
mittee were selected recently at a
Choir and Usher : 2 = -
board No. : x. '
meeting with the pastor and officers h -- I Dead Sea
will serve throughout the day. : ---4 SMITH-Mrs. Emma Smith of .

of the church. I::;:-T 1337 Ferris StreetHARTSFIELDMrs.

COMMUNION DAY : iIR Mattie of Hotel Opens J

REV. FELDER 2811 N. Myrtle Avenue ;.--
JENKINS-Samuel of 1532 HHi :
i "
Her. Samuel E. Felder, pastorof __
Holy communion will be admin- __ i nois StreetCUMMINGSEIder ;: : I :
Campbell Chapel AME Church, -
istered Sunday evening in West William of
his ushers and congregation will ,,sr,; t,c
x' ; : -
Union Baptist Church with the y c 4-n i 1284 W. 30th Street i
render service in Grant Memorial f r&rw mxeS
Rev. A. F. Cummings in chargeof i PRESTON-Mrs. Essie of 1704 E. 7 ti
AME Church, March 15 at 8 pjn. I
ceremonies. ';: 8T .. ... .. __' : =- 3 26th StreetMILLEDGEMrs. I r
This service is being sponsoredby i.2fY.ii;; --'F f !:;.i. ;f:1-: ? "3-- I
Deaconess Board No. 1 will Estella of 264 i
J. L. Preston for the benefit of meet Sunday at 3 pjn. in the The Great Temple of Abu-Sembul, one of five greatest aci.i vcment of an Egyptian architect.The Milwaukee Street, Orange Park I 1
the Men's Day celebration scheduled carved into solid granite rock formations duringthe UAR government has earmarked $25 million -
for March 20. educational building. reign of Ramses II, is considered to be the for a small! dam to protect the structure. JONES-Mrs. Annie Mae of 1801
W. 9th. StreetHENDERSONMrs i

I Early in January construction When plans were being made from destruction.It Gussie of :, A
DISTRICT MEETINGS work was started on the for the construction of the is estimated that about 1630 W. 15th. Street I

BAPTIST YOUTH MEET world's largest dam, the High High Dam builders realized $120 million will be required to SlI1THlrs. Cassie Mae of 2041 :
The Baptist Youth Department District 14 of Emanuel Baptist Dam at Aswan UAR.Although that the dam's reservoir would build protective dams around Baldwin Street I

will meet at Second Baptist I Church will sponsor its annual i UAR President Gamal Abdel flood a number of Nubian tem- the major structures and to BROWN-Will of Route 1, Box 43,

Church 954 Kings Rd., March 5I spring tea Sunday from 4 to 6 pm.: gasser has hailed the project ples south of Aswan. Realizingthe remove the smaller ones to Hasting

at 4 pm. to complete plans fora in the dining room of the church. ts more important to Egypt importance of preservingthese higher ground.Air nations have YORK-Sedgwick L. of 919 W. A 40-room luxury hotel has

Youth Convention Choir to District_ 4 will meet at 3 pjn. in than the great pyramids, Egypt valuable antiquities the been asked to contribute financial Duval Street ecently been opened on the
Is not forgetting 'the treasures Egyptian government, in cooperation and technical assistancefor !bores of the Dead Sea. Con-
the State Conven-
serve during the lower auditorium of the
Elder Raleigh 1. of 6125
af the past in the excitementover with UNESCO, has the preservation of the reniently located for tourists
tion scheduled for March 24, at church: District 5. 3 pjn. 2119 this vast engineering de- appealed to the archaeologicalworld many priceless relics of world Lone Star Road risiting the Jordan Valley,

St. Thomas Baptist Church. Run Street; District 9, 3 pm. at ''lopment. for help)in saving them history that abound in this area. GRICE-Willie C. of 1018 Madison fcricho: cud Lc IX-ad: Sea, the

740 W. Duval Street;* District 11, "}--. V StreetBURKEMrs. lew hotel provides first class 1

3 pm.715 Court G.; District 12, -- Etta of 618 W. accommodations including fa-

TEATIME AT 3 pjn.-1249 W. 4th.; District 18 Usher BoardTo ACE League Bracy Jr., Michael Winningham Duval Street ilities for swimming in the
Alphonso Dow Nathaniel Maddox, )ead Sea. A boat regularly
at 3 pm.1931 Broadway Avenue.
PO'VELL-Monroe of 1302 Fran-
DAY SPRING Event Set Loretta, Gwendolynn, Marion and buttles visitors to Qumran,
Present' Janenita Green.Women's. cis StreetROBERTSVan he site of the discovery of the
Usher Board 2 of Day Spring i
of 1485\W. 10th.
amous Dead Sea scrolls.
March 20
Baptist Church will sponsor its For Street f

annual coffee hour March 13 from I TWIN RALLYTERMINATE Annual Tea i BONAPARTE-Ruther, 1030 E.
3 to 6 pjn. in the lower audi- Day 1st. StreetWHTr'EMrs.
torium of the church. The city wide ACE League Mrs. Lula Porter and rela-
Susie of 947 Clay
The Pastor's Aid Board of Mt.
The Gospel Chorus will presentits Union will present its monthly Observed at Street tives wish to thank their many
I Tabor Baptist Church will terminate Usher Board No. 2 of Emanuel
annual pre-spring musical program in New Bethel AME BRO'VN-Frank B. of 1065 Divi- friends for their kind consid-
its twin rally March 13
March 14 at 8:15 pjn. in the at 3 Baptist Church will present its Church Tyler and Third Streets. SethsemaneWomen's sion Street eration shown during the ill-
"Sacred Musical Tea-,
auditorium of the church. Participants annual Sunday March 20 at 3 p.m. according and demise of
special program will be pre- Day will be observed FLOYD-AsWey of 2210 West- ness our belovedone
March 20th from 3 to 5 in
pjn. to Leonard J. Roberts, Jr.,
will include Choir 3 of
mont StreetTHOMPSONMrs. Sidney Porter who departed
sented and a prize given to the the auditorium of the church. throughout the day at Gethse- -
Greater Macedonia Mrs. Emma twins reporting the largest sum. president of the League.Dr. Dora Lee of this life Jan. 24, 1960.
mane Baptist Church (Hasting)
Bush Johnson, Choir 3 of St. I Appearing on program will be Richard K. Morton chap- March 6.Speakers. 1743 BroadwayKENDRICKMrS. Special thanks to Rev. D. J.

John Baptist Church the Johnson MEN'S DAYANNOUNCED Mrs. Laura Harris Mrs. Mattie lain of Jacksonville University assisted Julie of 1409 Graham funeral staff. Mt.

Pour and others. Dlount Mrs. Erma J. Oduxa and by Dean William B. Hoskinsof for the occasion are W. 22nd Street Ararat Baptist Church, Rev. H.

Mrs. Alice Burroughs, Soloists; the college of music, will deliver Mrs. Cora Harmon 11 ajn. service Edwards, Masonic Order No.

AFTER SERVICE Rev. D. W. Bass, pastor of Cen- Mrs. Lucile Mote Mrs. Viola, the address for this occasion. ; Miss Arminta Williams of Ross Leslie Killion and Cora Har- 166 ma Local No. 1408 Pall-

tral alE Church, has announced Snecd. Mrs. S% L. Badger, the Palatka, Youth Hour at 3 pjn. riston are serving as captains for bearers No. 6, Rohma ChapterNo.

MUSICAL PROGRAMThe that Men's Day will be observed male chorus, and Choir No. 2. Others appearing on programare and Mrs. W. P. McKissick of St. this affair. 20, Broad Street Coin

Sunbeam Gospel Singers March 13th. Directing the affair will b2 Jacquelyn McMillian Edith Augustine evening service. An invitation is extended to the Laundry, District No. 11 and

and the Master Keys will be pre- RoseoeVebb, principal at Peck Mrs. Laura Harris, president of Baker Annette Johnson, Wilma Mesdames Gertrude Stewart public to worship with us on this Usher Board No. 5 of Mt.

sented In an after service musical "High School, Fernandina Beach is No. 2 Usher Board. Small, Cheryl A. Gilbert Randy Bell Brown, Vashtie Rowe, Mary day. Ararat Baptist Church.

program Sunday night in Ever- general chairman. r-

green Baptist Church.


8T9ur& JashfonsblBetsy The annual pre-spring musical

will be presented by the Gospel

: Chorus of Day Spring Baptist Au.
Bhite( I #
i Church March 14 at 8:15 pjn. in .: .

the auditorium ',of the church.
I r'I Special guest groups from several -

churches.of the city will take
I '
(. ", part in this affair. /
1n # \ \ \
: Usher Board No. 2 will spcnsor
: :
: '
r l its annual coffee hour March 13

r .. _" In the auditorium of the church.
\ ) Music will, be furnished by the \
tFr1i /
.1 : Choral Group of Edward Waters \ \t

College. ,
.; .... / ,N i 1 : \

..' '\ij.\, ,'. .. \
a ,;.. :\ .Ffv : -- .-'.-- --
1.frS. Ii
: wen
/ ..Ike Picks Head 'Hi3p r. : arm.I .

V \ Of Grovp To Set fl > \

tl Goals For U.S. I I I I' I : : <:: :- ::1 real security i ,

Eisenhower has ,named Dr. I .
Henry M. Wriston former president .
of Brown University In We don't mean the nicest !house In the best
i I Providence, RX.to head a commission I,
I to develop,a broad out- ij neighborhood. the newest>sleelcest: car. .. r

,, line of national goals for the the right schools, the right '
I next'decade. Before going to I camps. iWe're i- t r.,. : I : ;
Brown Dr. W r 1 s ton headed talking! about
the land of
Lawrence College, Appleton I security

'\ Wisconsin. they can't do without... the kind! that come \ .
Mr. Eisenhower first disclosed from "
inside. -S 4
his plans for the Nation y "p-I' I I'
1 -al. Goals Commfssion in his .
I Faith. ,
State of the Union Message in In God. in life. In themselves.For :.. ../

'January 1959. '. .
Frank "Pace, former Army life is no game for spiritual sissies. f

\ Smooth wtnowy carves are assure to tbte IIeW V secretary and now chairman Only Faith. the
armor ,,. r ,.
pantle girdle by Fonaflt.: Blade of avian eJaotfo tic! willi lace of General Dynamics Corp., will spirit. ,
front panel and unique: seammgv. ; lea_worn Wit a btIfully serve as vice chairman. will give them the stamina to meet it ., .
fitting T5aY.e? bra of embroidered cotton slag e1MMA : Wriston is president of the I I'
I courageously, no matter what f
American: Assembly, an adjunct it trings.
"Easy does it" is the watchword for
spring tashlana The : of Columbia
newest which reveals suits and the dresses all share a relaxed air, aa easy fit U niversity.The I You can show your children 3 =' a
figure without hugging It for dear 11fc. .
Designers have widened the assembly twhere to find faith how II \>:: ,
top of the silhouette With expanded : consists of a t to "

sleeve n.n1.-. .t'&.....a treatments fed tiD swi_or b _slight, ..U&.uwe_,blousing.In Skirts are cut tat the bias ;I irroup Americanswho of lead. 4. t I I. 1 build it day hy da Y. if you make s

straight the spring skirts..breezes. Even elastic waistband, they hare a. ;I lag meet under ? praying a family al F air. y A
are eased
through small tummy-flattening front panel of the spon I ra

across the front gathers\sraistband.or pleats tece-over-sattn. A. tadqua rein. sorship of Columbia ;... -'- ." .. .. ,. .
.. Fabrics are light and forced seam flows from the to conduct i < \ -
supple, front panel up over, the studies t
tending to hips
over the figure: And down around of .if Y.Wiiiiwi
the seamed problems I
AH In all, tfs a softladyllke back to give a, broad national fetereat. It win '
natteringcon: i '
tool;\ entirely femn1ne-and It tour. It's a firmly controlled operate throe h tha American.Assembly ., : :: ) .:d ;
calls fear a new kind ofIlha.piDg figure line, but a natural one. : : ; 4\ ,
to : ,
Lean complete the effect. Since many designers are Mr. Elsenhower tnfficarefl in .
angular lines are oat :focusing attention on the waist- t a White House ymMEHMWTMtat.that "' -
replaced by willowy curves. to hipbone area with ehaped while he was hopeful that :. ,. *:* r : ': >' _: C'
In : lowered .
a latest tpUecttex aM princess the goals commJaBtoa. could report ? .
of spring underta3h1ons there is style dresses,, Sfcnnflt: has artt to him earrjr m January .

group* of lightweight "Sldppw 'tally manipulated the elastic to t. 1961. before he leaves office: f .
girdles and panties epeo assure a perfectly smooth neat he was !far more concerned \ Burfcfa -
laDy designed to achieve the line from ''here to there. aboUt.the breadth and accuracy : ; strongerrrictter'liftto
feninin contourinfr reouired .1 Included In this beautifully 'of the report than la the exact,' wg pJogefAgr f every week
by the'current fashioea feminine series 1 ** .'. .
:, otskfpp1ea" timing of its K&BdflB&QCU 1 : ((8))
These ae'no mere ''tuIJes'' of .are a girdle and matching pang Other znezD&ezs of the com ; :J .
; "
rf "
at1c. OZbey are cleverly! cut''' blue two loag-legsed pan- o mission wffl'lia. asaed ta er.v .. .. _. l
... ad sewn with a fine dress ties one with the contoured lit Will be ftamfffrt by pirate'foundations sbuted_ tb Religion In" American Life ." .

maker touch. Made of 8mOOthe1utJa elite fIWI--g and one With a satin qflfcrtfeaa gweo Program by .. *' .
tack "
paneL An come in melt Stf /
w. -- ., net with a ri bed I scan, medium and large sizes. ,



,. .. ,
\ ,
: <: '' \ li'

__ = ir --- -- -
-- : ;," = .;;-- : .' __
: : ?'
-- 7
I- : :: ;
-- -- ,

iJ- : ------I-- TiT:

.. ., -
: ... .,
.. :; II.
.THE-FLORIDA -- ---- Pale Five
Week Ending Saturday, March 5; I960 _' __ -___ ':_'" -- STAB :;

Palatka Mans

*4 4cc* xw. 1 } cif Dies In Fire bicycle owned by Allen J.

Foster of 1036 Pearce Street was
PALATKA-John Smith, about stolen from Daylight Store at

r-. 1' 48. suffocated last Thursday nightin Kings Road and Myrtle Avenue l

2i a fire that swept the second I last Monday as he and his mother
story of a wooden apartment went in the store to shop police
house. reported.The .
yy a rrv {q k r Af
Firemen said the blaze appar- mother said her son parkedthe

ently started when a tenant drop- bicycle by the entrance of the
ped a lighted cigarette from a'' store facing Kings Road and when

bed. The building was once a' they completed their shoppingthey

fG; R rf.W !r railroad station and had been came out and found bicycle
t y missing. They inquired around
y r yi xa4 .3 moved to llth Street.
; The death of Smith, a pipeline but no one knew anything. The

worker_from Virginia, was ruled bicycle was valued at $35.
I accidental by Peace Justice C. R.,; Patrolman R. Young investigated. -

I Kemp. .
: ;
; .6'' J w .

5 l .The Piastre that Paid off I
t : r- .

: T-- : : : 4 Waiting for a plane in the next time you're In Egypt,*.
I' ; sweltering heat of Cairo International he said. I

-Airport last year, ,Kao.got the boy's name and
Richard C. Kao, a Chinese address and then boarded a! j
American tr1\ve1ericUywatched ,plane to return to Los Angeles '
o r. a scrawny Egyptian newsboyat where he is a senior associate:!
work. Although a persistent
of research .
a planning corpo
f salesman the boy seemed to
; t iJ = ration.A .
I be having no luck selling his
>ti v.rtt" r i : df papers. Touched by the boy's month later Razek received ** '
> a futile efforts, Kao decided he a letter from Los An
% ; ( I; 4a geles containing:: a check and
; 4 : wanted a newsparer.p .
't fy $ )* thanks for his generosity.* la
another letter, a short ;while
later, Kao asked his Egyptian
friend if he would like to come
,.. .. ''.
.tY+ .C \ to the United States and studyat
j r:A:h., y"' v:
an American school before
going to a university. Razek
replied that "There is nothing;
in the world I would like

r Razek's English was not

good enough however, for im
::4 mediate work. : in an American, .. .
Ir school. So Kao boarded a
g I "i plane and made a 12 hour tripto
Cairo where he enrolled the
boy at an exclusive private
school, paid all his fees, and
outfitted him with American!
made clothes."I .
Q.b, Ar r
ri e did not lead the boy to
: v think that everything was how
taken care of," Kao said. "His
"ELEVEN OF 25" HONORED BY 1007oERS IN ATLANTA:Publishers Association. Profiled gent is Tennessee's Earle I report cards are mailed to me.
Here are some shots from The 100 Per Cent Wrong 'Clanton, III, sports publicity man of occasion, followed by Georgia Prisoner He has what I guess you would

Silver Anniversary All-Sports Jamboree held recently Marion: E. Jackson, 3rd, World sports editor, and eight Held In Duval Jail call a fellowship.each as will long be as re-he
newed ,
Atlanta, Ga. Upper left, Toastmaster Moss H. Kendrix members of ALL-SIAC football team, Tuskegee's Ross 4 it"Although year .

opens celebration. Center, C. A. Scott, publisher-editor of Owens and Louis. In lower left is seen Owens autographing I Awaits Extradition deed Newsboy teas Hefny returned whose thou-good earns the program which

sponsoring Atlanta Daily World, greets almost 500 male for Bulova Watch's Herbert Lewis and Atlanta jeweler I A recent from the iand/old. a Kao arranged for Razck is a
guests. Right, Gillette's Win Elliot, principal speaker, got Walter R. Thomas with Joe Louis looking on. Next is escapee Adel.1 tough one. the boy plans to .
to mike 3-hrs-45-mins after event opened-calling Club 100%er Ralph Robinson who cited honored coaches. Center Georgia prison camp He called the boy over and earn Kao's approval through .,"
"longest but not wrongest." Others, 1 .to r, across top are shot shows Jack Moore, 3rd from 1, The Atlanta Coca-Cola was serving a life term for murderwas isked for a" aper.Upon search- hard study and in two years ,
Jesse Owens, Joe Louis and Father Edward Banks. Next Bottling Company, assisting W. A. Scott, III, left, and apprehended in Jacksonville ng his pockets, however, Kao when his English course is ,
line down carries Jim Crisp, Langston (Okla.) University President Thompson; second from right, in the presenta- and ordered held in the Duval liscovered that he had no completed, to leave for ihe '__
coach, A. L. Thompson, 100% Club president, Tennessee'stion of The Coca-Cola Company-donated Scott FootballDr. County jail under a $5t)00) bond nore Egyptian money. He United States. \\

Grandville Sawyer, Louis, Crisp, B. T. Harvey of Championship Trophy to Florida's Clarence Childs, second until the arrival of extradition Udn't iastre even(about have three the cents single) way Razek as began a newsboy making when his own he

bama State, Clarence Childs\ and J. R. E. Lee, Jr. (back from left, and Coach A. S. "Jake" Gaither. Next Bill Rob- papers. hat the paper cost. He apolo- was.12, shortly after his father

to "Dick"P) ortin g The Erastus Foster, 30 gized to the boy and returnedhe died. He had been selling pa
are L. L. to At- escapee paper. pers at Cairo airport.for three
Gibson and Abe Saperstein, 100ers Thompson Emellanta Life Insurance Company's Charles W. Greene and was arrested last Saturday at the -Razek Hefny, the years, earning about 75 centsa

Scott, W. A. Scott, III, T. J. Crittendon, Kendrix, A. U.G. E. Delorme, right, with Thompson standing in. To the home of his sister, 1743 Broad- ewsboy, refused to accept the day, when one piastre
President Rufus E. Clement, Elliot, 100ers Russell Sim-front are Elliot, FAMU Vice President Lee, Jr., who ac- way. He was taken into custodyon )aper.. "You can pay me the changed the course of his life.

I mons, Jack Adams, Billy Nix and Joe Daniels, standingcepted citation for Orange Blossom Classic Committee, and I a federal charge of unlawful
above Elliot and Father Banks, and Birmingham World"Coach of Decade" Gaither. The Coca-Cola Company, its I flight to avoid confinement by

Editor E. O. Jackson, representing National Newspaper Atlanta bottler and Atlanta Life co-sponsor event.CHRISTMAS I I Federal Bureau of Investigation -
agents and Capt. Robert L. Star- -

Tampa NAACP i rett of the city police department.The OPENINGS ,FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS
federal warrant charging
;1 Mass Meet Set Foster with unlawful flight was PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN

TAMPA-The Tampa Branch, I, issued Oct. 16, 1959. The temporary -
I I bond fixed last Monday There are openings for:
was -
NAACP in conjunction with the reporter. ed11on.
by U. S. Commissioner T. V. EXPERIENCED Newspaper
Youth Council will hold I
{' _Tampa a advertising salesmen, circulationmen
Mass meeting at St. Paul A.M.E. I compositors linotype -
and women. printers
Church at 4:00 P.M., Sunday .
I operators.
March 5th. The purpose of the
I Send or Bring Your New
will train
__ meeting is to' bring all citizens BEGINNERS WANTED TOO -
rv up-to-date on the recent protest I In To TheFLORIDA young reporters and people for all department
P: ,. 6 against segregated downtown eat- if you have a real desire lo become a member

t- ing establishments. STAR of the newspaper fraternity.WE .
Present will be the Rev. A. Leon NEED Men and women young or middles

Lowrey State Conference President aged. in all fields for a chain newspaper and
.n.Y" Mrs. Ellen Green, Presidentof Main Office & Plant magazines.ACT .
Tampa Branch, Clarence J. NOW Stale experience and age.
Forte President of Tampa Youth
Council and Mr. Robert W. Saun- PRESSP.

J: ders, Field Secretary. O. Box INTERSTATE 732 Jacksonville 1. FU.y .

Near 13th Street IIi -, -- -, .
---- -

Woman Reduction Prison Sentence Gets In !F Mther rurmore Gom;f asy20T f I

ALL THE TIME BARTOW'-Mrs. Lena Milton, I East Forsyth St. Jacksonville! Fla. |;
: who
r: ht club operator was I :
sentenced to 20 years on Jan. 27 !?

In Jacksonville, at least! The traffic crush that set an all-time record for for attempted murder was success-

sheer numbers of autos bubbled over into 1560. There's a big-city bustle ful in getting a reduction in the

the year-round now in this town of half a'million.Jacksonville's prison sentence but failed. in her I
l plea,for a new trial.
stores both downtown and in the suburbs-are chock full Judge R. H. Amidon cut the -

'. of a dazzling array of merchandise; things to please every palate, purse and I sentence to 10-years. The longer
: \ term is the maximum that can '; s.y"t'%, i 1 OS
personality. be given for assault to commit'I

All this makes a pretty picture except for one thing: Driving your car is I murder. Mrs. Milton was convicted I.
becoming costlier and costlier,takes more and more time. One lady we know of an attempt to commit murder !
and parking fees every time she went which carries the lesser pefaalty. ,.
figured it cost her $2.75 in gasoline J .Nr 2y ft
So she's riding the Coach regularly now. I
-S on a shopping jaunt. Judge Amidon'denied a motionfor I
S /
using the ..3 .o a new trial. Appeal bond was c
do the thing. They're y
,A host of other Jaxons are learning to same I
'money they save to buy some of the ten thousand items that fill our stores. t- set at 5000. >
i ,
Think it over.
: EVERFIND is A -:, of 533 Beaver .
i .._: _, Ezel Lane II J
k limits). -..:-- Street was cut in the face by a -

.; Driver write tbe Jacksonville, Coach Company for printed' piece of glass as he sat in a car,t t: MOW Purchase This '.

Ask ,'our or .- ... .....> :" ''''. :; at the corner of Beaver and Becuiiful 7 Piece BED GROUPING :
Coach.schedule.-, H .; .; '';: .:;. 1: Broad Streets last Monday watching 1 *SOFA BED -S S 3995 "'
.f "i'r a fight between the drivers .
-. i '_ c fftfir: ; !; )1 Of two cars police reported. I **2 MATCHING PLASTIC) TOP LOUNGE STEP TABLES CHAR for Just... ss wrt oowH' r <'.
Lane said he was in a car that
: .
involved in an accident and I
,.. JACKSONVILLE the drivers started fighting Someone I J

( { glass threw hi one a of brick the windows and broke of the the i! BRING THIS AD WITH YOU WHEN YOU PURCHASE, ., ..' :. '.t{

sitting in, and when ,0., ,: :
1 S the glass broke"he'was cut on the DIVIDER FREE OF CHARGEWRfttititi&&P&ftt .' .j
l lefti cheek.' The victim was takento 1-b ONE $29.95 ROOM '. .o
t ; -. ,.. ,.,..+ "SltVINO OIOWIM0 ,J Duval Medical Center where"he "\ \--nT\tW\b7"\7'ffIYtiD1 fW'i".I"\7"r" l': 'IT 7'{ 'f 7'4
\ ', "' : :
was treated and released.


,:r....:...._- .___ .,. .. 'f._. .'.--.J.i;;:;:'4.-.1iI'H-':- 'W' --

--- -

: j


j, -' Six TIlE FLORIDA STAJt Week Ending Saturday, March 5,..!I960IF .
\.'([ BEAVER FALLS. PA.. NEWS Althea Beats MaleIn 'Singer Roy Brown King of Florida. He reportedlytold
: '',4'.. n tuf. 1&1 TRIBUNE: "Federal state and New Idea For Quick lip Beauty ,
,.-,=f. TODTIACIE RIM tilt tied .. Nabbed I In Con Deal the friend he needed $200
at I.n y local expenditures are running at ExhibitionST.
to I I
-:,. N 0It.ye..qa't li, lit t1itS ORA.J Ii.Ao'e $129 billion a year. That is more .' ROCK 'N ROLL SINGER and asked him to send it by wire.
for,..It ou-m.. Patti "411ItkS Ji. '. ..0<.. ._._ ;, -...., LOUIS-(ANP) Aletha
$ 1 1 $1N than one third the national product.In ARRESTED AS CON MAN The friend is said to have con-
1il ...... Gibson last week successfully
'" other words, 35 cents of every ; .
.i : .. stepped out of the women's class. NEW ORLEANS-(ANP)-Roy tacted the real B. B. King im
' :. dollar earned in this country goes .
; .
.J-'h and into the men's division in a
Brown, New Orleans singer who
to help maintain government on ,. .1 ... Florida from Pritchard, Ky.. and
I'* I .;.:' .. ., tennis exhibition during a basket-
-Jr.: :,x- .' P"
I all levels. ; ": rocketed to fame with his hefty
' .
'I f., '" ". .,'>"",. .' !t" ,. ball doubleheader between the then informed the FBL
4+ rendition of "Good Rocking Tonight" -
Harlem Globetrotters and Baltimore -
When Brown went to the Wee-
might find the rocking
Rockets in Kiel Auditorium.In .
: WffSe cnIPP t'IS rNHMT N the cage contest, the Trotters rather rough if the Federal court tern Union office to get the moneyhe
FAIW'Gr" : finds him of charges filed
C.tJ'tzN FOUR guilty
n; resorted to their usual antics In was arrested. If found guilty,
I .! .,. r k easily defeating the Rockets against him last week.
4 i he faces a possible fine of $lOOt
twice 71 to 61 and 76 62. I
I : "'I\ Brown allegedly ,telephoned a
. s -t In the halftime exhibition ten- friend and pretended to be a B. B.!|I or five years in prison.
_.,r I9 t. p 'i"6 ,. aRs nis match on the improvised court I

Miss Gibson two-time Wimbledon THE DRIVE
and u.s. women's singles champion I

was put to severe test but

bestedBill Davis, American Tennis
Association champion, 6-4. I FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF

4 .ahtaS. F The decision to play Davis came

after her usual tennis mate, pretty I I NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMSI
Karol Fageros, was stricken with I

an attack of birsitis. In their
cross-country tour with the Trot would like to} see a new policy of better treat

ters, Althea has beaten Karol ment to Negro customer adopted by lcol firm

I xr /, .: ti. more than 100 times while losing I resent being called by my first name by salesman

only twice. and saleswomen.
". I believe that Negro patrons should be provided
; Possessor of a powerful service
ri; ample rest room facilities in local establishments and
I* Althea plays a mannish game.
a : .
x 4 fountains
n'' Her last major triumph was win- an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking

+, '.g: and rest rooms.
'i ning the tennis championship for
; : the United States in the third Pan To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease

.Ther1 latest in lipsticks is a ball point applicator which American Games in Chicago last palronUlng firms that are unwilling to meet thes

rolls on a creamy lotion. Available in today' fashionably summer. requests.
0 bright shades, the new lipstick enables you to-outline your

.. b lips quickly yet smoothly and evenly. Called "Lip-Quick", ,
it is encased in an elegantly slender "gold" case.YOUTH NAME

,4g1A. -1t.-', GETTING UP Mans I ADDRESS VI

Weakness" Dotting
every youth in Jacksonville to join u Up Nggtts ar Bed Wettlr too Ireouent. -
burning or urination) or
this worthwhile organization and Strong Smelling.Cloudy Urine due to ( ) You may disclose my name if necessary.
attend its Wednesday common Kidney and Bladder Irritations. that will be held confidential
weekly name
try CYSTEX for quick Help: 30 years use I I understand my
Ak DECLAR@S safety for young and qId. Ak enig- indicated otherwise below.
meetings at St. Stephens Church. gist for CYSTEX under moaey.taok-guar- unless -

.. Isaiah Blocker School boasts the : antee. See bow fast you Improve.
.1. By Marjorie Meeks
SEARS PICKETING largest membership. '

# TO BE RESUMED To booster the membership, the

.. "Our organization is not as any organization is sponsoring the

other social club. We knowing "Youth Council Spring Banquet". rfH NGS SH' UL5 KNQW.
/Nr ar that the future of the negro race A delightful menu has been Y .

.. .. is in the hands of todays' youth, ___ b
planned. Mr. Robert W. Saunder, __ __" -"'-' --
1i .ur..firt" L '
.. are combined together and work- 1;::.; '
ing toward complete desegregationin state field secretary of the NAACP'

all walks of life." will be the speaker for the oc-

casion. Invitations are being sent I
These were the words of Rodney p9&9//E
GRAY HAIRS seed. wnry yon no more. Hurst, newly elected president of to members and other young

the Youth Council of the National people of the city. The affair is
Association for the Advancement formal and a small admission will ,

.* HAIR COLORER # of Colored People. Rodney was be charged.

wit covor vroy koSr U 10.SO .-......MM elected president of the youth
know It .,..,. k in'A
*r mot *v r w M w
&3' *l. 0..pGc.1.* with ***4h krwfe w t. council after holding the officeof The youth council is in the pro-
.-.b tI!M, k. N. pock.'N. .. .. second vice president last
+' year. cess of making plans for the state
1wd Rodney is a senior at NorthwesernHigh V
Y.'" LoW bas .... fir"". t..... St .her.. e'x.. School where he youth career conference, which
.... serves as
td lo tic *-iia flea4 tmlmr-mm -tfmM will be held here in June. Rodney
-% *' WMf rnt color if property a CW. ; president of the student council
WILL NOT TURN HAIR KCODISNft 3e Hurst, president, will head the '
will net nil olF%It ttoyt M crawl BMalkk ,, Y ? and student director of senior committee. Representatives of the
Sb.aooing. b.Miy. '
i.g, (.rlmg orIt NO,trG ,......u..tM, kM prase. ...biq .... ; t class play. youth council will attend confer- i40
.. ... 88
Yo ccut mm* .-y, M .Iw bw 4
tabbora or low _..c SLACK *o ys HACK. tj Other officers elected were ences in ]Miami Pensacola, and 71 / V

AU colon stay pvt.. VONDERfUL" rot fOVOUNSYo UP Warren Jackson, vice president; Tampa. V r'f PORN f. IN JAMAICA.BWI-CAMETONEWYORKIN

% .co_put it mm{jest wb.. ......... c.s.._._...dy..v whew Marjorie Meeks, secretary; Henry J
y.wJ..ro4 ..-......boo....(WOMMN-.!_eve...D..no....,....i.. The council plans to reopenthe 1917 THIS SELF-CROWNED'PROVISIONAL PRESI
treasurer Nathaniel
DOES NOT INTIRFEtE WITH POCfiUjaHT WAVING ; Sears picket line in the near I 3
fwn.. &.e.cb......Es.b..dfp CAUI1OH:"'" ._A.cte4 Wesley, business manager, and future. They believe with 100% e .I DENT OF AFRICA" INITIATED PUBLICATION OF TLg I
(latML.'cohMt ti.ct D.rk ...... .X..jMB UM trowtt Dro*
o ; ) | Betty Da vis,.reporter. '
Blond; ,..... Prig r or b.< JU k.* ....... lorn). C.t this m* ... mmmrI.n. cooperation from the public it will NEGRO WORLD INTERNATIONALLY IN THREE OIF-
S.d ear. far ..... __ ... Vow ...* ... H M fcilhifr &seisied. All of the officers are outstanding be a success. I V
workers in their school and I
DIXIE PHARMACYKings I Alton Yates, a homeboy and OF BLACKS WITH
community. Warren Jackson is OF RACIAL PRIDE IN MILLIONS ,
graduate of Stanton, spoke to the
Road and Myrtle vice president of the student coun- NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIA -
youth on "The Space Age." Mr. i-------- HIS UNIVERSAL \
cil at
Douglas Anderson. Marjorie
Yates was the first "GI" to test FACTORIES CORPORATION AND BIACK
Meeks is editor of Northwestern'sschool TIONNEGRO, \
fly a space capsule. He now plansto .
paper and a straight "A" *. COMPLETE VSTH BLACK CROSS NURSES
You Don't Have to Go Town to Get become an active member of STAR LINES
to student. Nathaniel Wesley is pres- .,
ident of Douglas Anderson's student the council. I -,. \ "i"o : ANDANARMYOFBLACK'LEGIONAIRES HE ESTIMATED 1

LOW PRICES Council. Betty Davis, chair- Other outstanding members of '. HIS FOLLOWING ATSCME 4,000,000!

man of public relations for the the organization are Richard '

youth council will represent the West, McKinley Genwright, Patricia .
state of Florida in a conferencewith Tillman, Bettie Threadcraft ,

On Your the president in Washington.The Edward Hickson Winifred Riley, .

youth council has set its Jean Bacon -and' Alfred Thomas.Mr. .

1960 goal at 1000 members. The Rutledge Pearson is advisor. .. ...,'n \
J DRUG STORE NEEDS r membership chairman is urging I I of the youth council,

Trade) With Your Neighborhood Drug Store ,

WE WILL...,.; MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN '- .. .,[ :"".:,. :j the Firms Listed Below Aro Recoznm ended As Reputable Establishments r
.f\". I Specializinq Servi ces and Products

*Ve'. Deliver We AUo Fill AU Doctors' PreecrtpUoas.Pharmacy' I<" Now The Time To Order High Quality ,
: \ ,, Clean Burning AUTO SERVICE V I Washington's Health Service

For your stove or fireplace i I? "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours I

Dixie C 0 a I by the BAG or by the TON L AUTO PAINTING COMPANY i/Try Swedish: Massage Mineral Steam Bathi

ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO.: Complex Body Repair & Paint Work ft Colonic Therapy '

l 95 lUNGS ROAD at 1In'n..JT JFLTON3 ., f1IoIt!" ':"Our 'nth Year" '4. ,1 -:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 2,JjD> C. Washington. Masseur -Same LocailotU : I

U I-UnJM ) M 5883 No-roo ;
i fl ((532 East. Adams Street EL s'n3Si t N. Myrtle Avenue EL A.l7e

AY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND 11'.Lt-: II} i 1-,; I
Krssi?; U1t FOODS

.. -I GUS iNA'S SUPERMARKETIf !4 Freo delivery any part of Ls tliy

; ;_ I
I You Want The Finest In GroceriesAnd -- --
S VEpPf VFAVtr YK2t11 (,L. BRE ZY wNAT I OLrJNO V601 West Ashley Street EL 4.1380
of IIMt1Rly EDUC1d'EDAt KAS ARF I31E wtr S PETE.NIS Meats Come See Us
I Iso / Q+1D S A RaFIAVVAfsA J A t TQYIN' W Di ,'S. MAYBE i I
/ H (CHIP OFF TN5 0l.D BLOCK IIIT'1a1bQ11ALTQY' ( HrJWARD AAO Ci4O"5 _, pt:8i4uwYE _. quo Davis Street EL 6-5412;
f IR CHIP A tY. ;O4rTi S
c,6AB It DCF j)4(1yGNTIiTt31STEl( ME'S 04 TE J. STORE --
THAT? piRFczQ; t3QAD
f ,, I
SON Aim. Y'ay gyp.BQ' ZL. cL1r BOLD cwlx if I AAA BONDING AGENCYCity t'' Courteous Treatment I

ThE Ugh' RD THE 60site onclw + County and Federal Bom >, \ Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. ,
+ oF cFrouttGQMMERL6's I tYS C306 Davis Street EL 4-1210
Min gjXFCttT1Vt (Law Exchange Bldg. EL M832J
: STtFF.< I II

: 1. "L :39 J Years In Electronic 'I

.. 343 Forest Street EL 4-6804( ICE CREAM COSMETICS :

.. _. 102 Price SL EL 3-8312
n' '- L.
M. Harris
11 -'[} gt paDS MAY t GWPSa TIMIQUANA ROAD Prop, i iI
-wl+sIl t WHITE PING II iF TItAT'S tT_ 71EE o1.0 et.OLK t3UT CNAW'' Y POST ;
allvs ARb BbTTEtt r>tu DID DROVE AND Ak'E iaNtGLETE61pCJaIrADS ,
YlwPSCawE j a TMWtSr-- ; Complete Garden Supplies QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

VIA.. t Fertilizer Fruit Products I Mattress Benorating Our
1 WNAT : New and Used Furniture bought and sold- Ono Day Service .

r. 1 564 Timhruana Road SP 1-3762; 703 Old Kings Road PQ 5.1034

I' v

Modern Coar aie&c M TAXI

Room by Day NIgld. or Week I ?At Your StrvicV .

s ,inElrrx PE tifgRlS For I&ftrmsiioB Can NEW DEAL CAB EL {4.I8H )
EL 5-4815 637 W. A IUeeIAr LII7COLH CAB EL 4-1811
y. = liyvi LLiiui 1 -i-i-e :;>.tun U" i T r4'


I & -rrage d -____

y '$ ; '" .
';:\vf v' :"i: vfcfispsgfg 1' ,' '
> 'i! ; '
: aM
:: : : f

i .
, ""

I d/ : I' .
: ; c : I .fir
: ;
; : ; ;
: :

i' :'Ar. /> ., : h': : : ::,; .

\ ,!t" ''';'. !.."... ,,.'. ,,- ; a r .r

r ?. *-1;.' <-. ..;.. .\. f ., f
tl I '

1 < :?:-"WeekEnding- Saturday, March 5, 1960 __._ ___ _u_ ___. !8)e Serea

'" 'f J Jr.
,. ,: .

1" a x

.... .... .
.}'\" -.: '


'Ij.j. i i I Minoso Trade *$25,000 GIFT HORSE f Jordan To Defend Chamberlain Says

: May Hurt Tribe i His Title In MayLOS League OfficialsAre
f 1jl.t 1--
-! A MAN wiTk ji
"i0 t
most controversial off-season (RACE FTVC44t4ftNTAJd terweight champion Don Jordan
ii. JJilcrd4FA has announced that he will defend -
PORTS CORNER I trade involved Minnie Minoso. N OWNED r' his title in May against Ben-
Minoso, long regarded as : RF7RF1o"Ex1ocxF
y. 1. I ny (Kid) Paret of Cuba in Las NEW YORK ANP) Wilt
Frank Lane's favorite ball player I

was the principal a mul- Vegas Nev. (The Stilt) Chamberlain, the Na-

BY C. PARHAM JOHNSON tiple-player deal that saw him The announcement followed a tional Basketball Association's record -
threat by the National Boxing
HENRY (Hank) AARON, the return to the spangles of the I t ffC Association to vacate Jordan'stiUe shattering rookie, angrily
I VADA PINSON. who is too fast Chicago White Sox. The Cleve- r ,YYV 'n with bias
batting champion of the National .2 wt for alleged inactivity. The charged league referees
for comfort on the base paths and land general manager gave up, + fs
Learue was very dissatisfied with NJB.A. last week vacated ArchieMoore's officiating and said he would
in the outfield hit .316 in his a performer generally acknowledged -
the first 1960 contract offered him
title the violent
first full year in the majors. He as baseball's most hustl- :, over pro- strike back at opposing players
by the Milwaukee Braves. Hank
test of the light
drove in 84 runs and had 205 hits. ing performer for younger tal- heavyweight who abuse him in an article appearing -
says he was disappointed with thecontract champ. Moore: charged the NJ3.A.
Pinson was the first National ent. in the current issue of
offered him after last
singled him out while ignoring
League player in 20 seasons to
year's feat. Last Year Hank received Minoso of course returns to heavyweight champion Ingemar Look Magazine.The .
make 200 or more hits in his first
between $35,000 & $40,000, familiar territory-left field in *, Johansson who hadn't defended
full season. He led the league in blast was anticipated byChamberlain's
but he is asking it be doubled in Comiskey Park where he acquitted since he won the title from Floyd
doubles with 47 and had nine
feel that
fans, who
1960. If he should get what he is himself with success in Patterson in New York last June
triples. He played in every game
asking for he will be the second early of his American he has been taking a beating'
and led the league in runs with years 26.The
highest paid player in the game League career. announcement that Jordan particularly under the baskets.
131. The 21-year-old youngsterhit I
in 1960. will meet Paret was made by Only recently, Chamberlain lost
20 home runs.
But what has his departuredone
THE CINCINNATI REDLEGS JOE GAINES is another rookie to Cleveland's chances of Don's co-manager, Jackie McCoy.He two teeth after suffering consecu-
believe they Trill go to spring said the fight had been arranged -
who will be closely watched at the. winning the AL pennant? Minnie's tive injuries in the mouth.In .
training camp this year as con- and Jordan has been
Tampa training base. Gaines was .302 batting and !,
tenders for the National League Pinson's roommate at Vasalia in Ix guaranteed $85,000. The only addition to the rough treat-
his at all times were big
built verve thing left unsettled, he said,
Their was
pennant. hopes are ment he receives, Chamberlain
the Class C, League
why the Indians finished -
J reasons
around the strong pitching arms the question of whether the bout
several years ago. He is a powerful second last season. charged the officials permit opposing -
of Big Don Newcombe and Brooks. will be staged May 20 or May 27
righthand batter who is almost teams to use the illegal
Lawrence, the batting, fielding as a Friday night television en- .
as sensational as Pinson but Well a lot could depend on zone defense to guard him. Sometimes -

and running of the sensational was set back with a knee injuryhe what sort of seasons Vic Power counter. as many as three players

Vada Pinson and the outstanding suffered in 1958. and Jim Grant have. They are, CHAMP ARRESTED FINED could be seen teaming up on Wilt.
Frank Robinson. trade, likely to be Meanwhile at Huntington Park
SANDY AMOROS is coming barring a And they push and elbow him
BIG DON NEWCOMBE, who back to the Dodgers. He has already the only two tan players on Cal., Jordan was arrested and around under the basket.
was thought to be all washed up Inked his 1960 contract. the Indians' roster this season. fined $157.50 on a plea of guiltyto

as a Dodger was the leading Sandy can well be rememberedby Power, It appears, will be t / li I IM being drunk in an automobile. However, Chamberlain is becoming -

moundsman with the Redlegs last the play he made on a great given full rein at first base. f \ He also received a tonguelashingfrom hard-boiled. He said in

season with an 18-8 record. In running catch he made on the hit There is no doubt that Vic is w (5 ..NOT 70 t-NTIOV \ GG the officiating Judge. San the article:

30 games and 222 innings, Newk made by Yogi Berra in the seven- the most accomplished fielderin Antonio Municipal Judge Harry R.

struck out 100 batters and walked th inning of the 1955 World the game at first. Simon told the champion to I "I intend to trade shove for
only 27. The most remarkable game catch started ,. lVE AY A COL] s 1k watch his step. He said: shove. If I have to blast some-
Series. His a dC
thing about Big Don's pitching double play that helped Johnny Despite a .289 batting aver- HE ACKrO 0GT 1'Or? "A fine looking champion you body in to a balcony one of these

1 r last year was his control. age, the Puerto RIcan was are. You are on a one-way roadto nights. Ill do it."
Podres to a 2-0 shutout that gave II 3ET ENTRY BLANKS _
of 1 ila \
f who played something a
ROBINSON, skid and if
FRANK the Dodgers their first World row you keep It up Informed of the charges, Mau-
first base and the out field Championship. Amoros came at bat last season. He also was I the first good man you encounter I rice Podoloff. president of tho
1 baseman by choice. regarded as something of a will knock head off." Jordan
first i
not your -
was a
back to the Dodgers late last sea- PRIEST RIVER IDAHO NJ3.A.. denied that officials are
t From ail reports, Robinson had son, too late to be of any serviceto goat when he punched into a thinks it only fair to apply a v.ith- the jurist said was setting a being bias toward Chamberlain.He .
special love for first base because double play In the pennant- LEARN TO DRIVE bad example for youngsters
f DO the club In the World Series. holding tax to the youngster'sThe said he had complete con-
outfield much clinching game for the White throughout the nation "who
he likes the ad-
, JOHN HENRY JOHNSON, the allowance just so the S younger gY en- fidence In them. Podoloff also said
h t better. Frank has been a powerhouse Sox last September. Confident Wd mire you and know how hard it f
Detroit Lions pro football star eration can get gradually accus- he would not call Chamberlain on
.U _with the Redlegs from the ras nabbed by police recently in Vic had a great early season Mrs. G. B. Benjamin tamed to a procedure to \thich'' Is to become a true champion." the carpet to answer the charges,

f t'i '. very first day he put on a Cincinnati Oakland, California for failure to start but in May his batting Licensed Instructor adults are now hardened:' l saying:
uniform after leaving the 600"W. Beaver 8t. SALMON IDAHO, RECORDER-
f, pay back alimony and child support went into a tailspin. Young
1 I' Columbia, S. C. team. Last year to his former wife. Johnsonwas and cagey, it figures that he Res. PO 8-2968 HERALD: "The men who laid the "He (Chamberlain) has a right

I&&?*' r : -he posted a .311 batting; average, charged with contempt of can comeback with a rebust Office EL .5-7742 PATRONIZE foundation for these United States to express his opinion. I think
jp ir ,drove in 125 runs. He hit 36 court for his failure to comply year at the plate. Coupled with treasured and gave their lives fora when he has been In the league

I if, home runs (fourth highest in the with the court order. The judge his excellent fielding! that Star Advertisers democratic free way of life. It another season or two he'll havea
], league) and 31 doubles which added the one'of I is the i responsibility of us all toI better perspective and will real-
.ordered Johnson to ,pay court would make him_ the t I
\ up_ to 315 total bases. He $3.840 within 30 days. John most valuable Indians. preserve this government as they I ize that the rules are applied Im J

.t1.( stole 18 bases. Frank is no slouch Henry said his wife was incapableof intended it to be." partially." I I1)IIOTO

as a ball player.Watch handling money and that the Another season might make ? : WHEN YOU ARE ILL air

It house she shared with their five Grant a standout has on the f You Seek The Best Doctor LEVERY IBAPns FOR
mound. Cleveland a young
.... children was "like a pig pen.
The judge ordered probation officers pitching staff and Grant is z. When Your Doctor Prescribes I

This Qown to make a study of the among the youngest. He won m, Get Experienced Pharmacist OCCASION I I1

home life of the children. 10 and lost 7 in 1959 and com- >f :>f To Fill Your Prescriptions ..-... ....
17-23-86 SMOOTH SAILING TIL WE piled a 4.15 earned run aver; reeves According To Your Doctor's -1 Expert Photography

115 20 T 354 MEET AGAIN. age. That Is not too impres- '# Orders. We Use Only ': j.. .'. ; Portraits Weddings Banquets

sive when weighed against the The Best Quality Drugs At : ;v--, '.;' Passports & Identification Photos

_2 background of Grant's potential Dr. C. ?r. BlackProprietor '. /9)l"';' j: Photostats & Commercial Work i
and 10 of his 20 major I : .
l\1 ; i Photos For Newspaper Cuts
I _4 __ Em Tunnel Becomes league victories in two seasons ; :
While You Wait
have been over Washington. 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S "; ':f i
_4 Scout For Packers Cleveland's bosses believe 4;, '::;; -i Coloring & Picture Framing ;

14-58-39 GREEN BAY, Wis.- ANP football) that Grant has the stuff to DRUG STORE t.1 t!: Let Us Take A Photo. Of You I
Em Tunnell. veteran pro :
458-40-913 who joined the Green Bay become one of the game's better S P1iz!? 1 '
player :
; In Natural Color
hurlers. He Is only 24 and can ri& -
he's Packers only a year ago, was 1907 Kings Road ELgin 38276A ,
Sometime 01ttomettmea J. AVERY
be around a long time. :
he's down made a scout for the team, Pack- COMPLETE LINE OF: t
tan player I
Ha adds subtract ers officials reported. The only roster for Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
He weeks It all aronnd Tunnell, a safety man was listed on the Tribe PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED I .
traded to the Packers last year spring training at Tucson is a 611 J Wekt Ashley :- Clara White Mlssictt Bldg i
Coming Attractions 22-year-old first baseman who ,

478-50-130 after playing 11 seasons with the looks like a comer. Harold .....- Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments !
Giants. -
New York
Jones from Tucson played for ,
Minot in the Northern League -- -- i
t I last summer and was impres- :

ATTENTION READERS sive in that Class C competition (Js.s ri 1

Please Bring or Send Your baiting .325, hitting 35 t-1 _
and driving in 127 tes Faces; .
home runs t I III If It
Church News. Club Notices & Announcements runs. r

I ,

., DEADLINE FORTUESDAY NEWS IS -.., Dodgers Shortstop ". II

< at NOON Signs 1 : y

Series -
ry Wills,' a late season J .-------4 I
Corner 13th Street hero for the world champions Los
J':3 Moncrief Rd.
I ? & _
Dodgers last :year, has 5 I II
Angeles I
tOOO .
...... T S
-- --- signed his 1960 baseball contract
.- _
the Dodgers front office announc-
,000 It
ed.The" II
salary of the talented tan I

shortstop was not disclosed but it 1 1i 1t [

is believed the Dodgers gave hima r4 1 1I

boost last sea- eooo
considerable over t
i i it

son's pay which was estimated to ,, .
be slightly over the major leagues LOGO r4 t 1 1i

minimum of $5,000.It i
'; was little Maury as muchas UOO I ;

any Dodger, who ignited the I ,

1 ff [ Dodgers' pennant drive. A .206 I j. !
rI hitter going Into the final three i

weeks of the season. Wills caughtfire : r ::: I 1

on Sept. 8 and over his last *

19 games, batted .389 and raised i

his season average to .260. u KEN KNIGHT !
:Along the way he had a five- S S

hit day against the Braves Sept. o i

15, a four-hit day against the 1957 14 1S33' '. .',- Invites You To Listen To ; :

Phillies Sept. 10 and three ,three- ,, "
Ir 1I R1'L hitters. When the Dodgers swepta !: "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting :

three-game series against the I I

1 ,' Giants, moving past San Francisco I
t .r y At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
into first place. Wills was IKE Mttl b t

'; lert voted the series.the outstanding He made seven player hits of / r .L 1 f I 1400 W R H C14OO ;I

in 13 times at. bat In that wild t
i i



__ l"1.,_ '." ; ; .': .' :.fi Jll--.ir .-, ,-'......,......,. +'. Ur.y. ;.. ..' t ..{. A-.. .... .'- \-....: ....t_ lo.. __ .J"'0".L.: .,,... --- t.i.--" t .._,--

:: T 1 1a

I : : ,

,.; : -". ." : -,,; ; ,,'. -" : -' ...-... .. _.... .. :. "' : ._ / ....-: : :.. ;: '. : .-

"". '. ." ,;" :. 'c.< ....... '.. :' ." ,.

"(V ; tai: zrLO-- STAR r Week Ending Saturday, March 5, 1960



:6r x s Chips ,Off The Blocks. RITZ TUESDAY Srndoy! I **


By Jay Jay ject "The Homemakers SeriTce *:

Show" closed Saturday before a ;.;. (! *

9 Jwb It took a tornado threat to do capacity house? at the Armory. TL.c,. ... ...LENOUNCED-ANO 5 TRILLION t

it but here I am again.doing One lucky winner was Isi&h White. I -* PEOPLE READ m tr t *

.business from the same stand in He won the Perma:*Stone grand 1 ...-. *

the same old way prize and he needed it. K ,

Since the last time there have : *
f"I Herb Gaines, Freddie Brown, i .
been happenings and rumors of 1a
I !
Tom Shropshire and two *
one or
A happenings. The most notable, is"Hizzoners" I I
of the other hucksters are still on i
entry into the gover- 1
iF' I If the scene. Next week most of the
nors race. Well, candidates come :
i and go, Sumter Lowry and the' boys pull out 'and head for parts ;( 9 I /
iI far spread.
I rest. Just for kicks sit down and 1 t' : We1h

try to figure out what progress J i The latest and newest spot to !, ..
iI is the swank Also PAUL NEWMAN "LEJT III:. ; '
the Negroes in Jacksonville have open "Safari" Bob-i i : -l.- :i
.. ._
I >0& *
by Glenn and Weintraubof : -----
made under 11 years of Burns.
I felt the all of the ccps should ATTENTION LADIES 1 .J
the Silver Star are operators of i /.1
4: ,How many jobs did Prudential, 'hi7 U JJJJ.r
: ; Our thinks I
rr: I ng. I Bridge & Social ClubRepoters
the place. It is located in the .V LVV-vr---"D""Y'
Independent State Farm and the '
v 'YHere's i d:I.ncnt.He: is giving the new *.
1 industries How!'rear of the Silver Star. Don't'take +. Oi
R other mean for us. Negro recruits three weeks of A up O I tilt'0 ap.4 ,
plumbers, fire- my word for it, go and see :; Send or Mail .. Q44e.I
many.electricians briefing and putting them to work. \ t'h r'i' I.
for yourself. Ora Bell Is i Your Social News
Harding '
men a scene from Warnerstop I They plan to send them to school S''wasS
have. little for one of the waitresses. Mondays To adnnr
Just food
notch technicolor} drama, "AJ t THIEF'TAKES RADIO *. thought. a The political fires are beginning I when all enough black class.pass White the' exam:rookiesare for FLORIDA STAR '* matte t.M"unUy: n1lt cefMty x .......

SUMMER PLACE", starring Sandra -]I AND POT OF STEW to burn. Isadorp Singleton, Frank t'I an undergoing training at the 1 2J23 Moncriel Hd. Cor. 13& 1 IU'V tn.LL I\rn to ....
Over around the Afro-American ;
Dec Richard and i \
Egan Dora
Lena Mae: Dew, of 912 Barnett Hampton. John Pickens, Otis .
thy Maguire, mewing at the I Insurance way the annual meeting ': Speights, J. C. Holland and all of present time.If I ;r *
; /
Strand Street told police hoc home xra of supervisors and board members you did not get your little'
Sunday for
seven days. ; the other
politicos are busy getting I HELP WANTED .
entered and robbed of a radio and! card back, check on it now. I -1". r
Co-hit: is the top action thriller, 1, is underway. Afro folk from : their pots ready to boil. NEED MORE .
MONEY? Make 'ii.
I she had cooking
of stew on 1
"MODELS FOR :MURDER"TEE a pot i tall parts of the South are on mean the voter identification card.
Johnny Steward,
and Nor-
Big Money In
I when she left her house to go spare time or
hand there The books are still open. -
; : Every are :
around the corner to visit a sick ,I I man are top jockeys getting in full time with Marti Dare Cos- .
all types of entertainment for the
I shape for the '
friend last Monday. races. metics and Old 97 Home Neces-
C[P.iNIXGE\ n PAYS insurance I
visiting folk.
i| Rumor has it that Sarah sities. Fast sellers,
Police said the victim believes i COMPLETE REMODELINGWe pay big pro-
By William Henry Huff whoever entered her house used a I Count Basie blew in like a II Vaughn Is next on the list for fits. We carry big stock to fill

If I can just bo real and true pass key to get in. She said her storm and left. The Basie band the Armory. May be true. will do your plumbing and your orders immediately. Products -

And have no cunning ways, son claimed he locked the door showed all of the homefolk why ,r Signs of the times: In Miami roofing and pay off present bills. guaranteed to sell. Old 97

As those who win must surely do when he left home. Victim can- it's called "the greatest". Joe I the police are attending an in- Make payments as low as $10.00. Distributors, 811 S. EdgewoodAve. j

Williams sang real pretty for the tergrated academy.The Phone RA 52527. ., EV 9-3119 "
In these and future days, not give any kind of description of \ mayor "

I will not heap a pile of wrath suspect. Her loss was valued at people and proved that Sinatra ...-: :{ I i
has nothing ,on him. The crowd I
To fall upon my head tJu". ,,. titK
I w r
at STATE & PEARL H. .u I
Or dread a fearful aftermath, $30.Patrolmen M. Young and W. H. was nlcey, nicey with some of 1 New Stanton

But live in peace instead. Harris investigated: everyone attending.,Rossie Hampton I Martha is enjoying her last .
the beautician, showed her APPLIANCE j
year of high school. She is
clients how and wowed all of the \
Starts ; M'CSf. \ presently enrolled in the 12-2
STRAND Sunday i people with her bright blond wig. '' 'rJrAV
March 6th and All Week I class and active in several
It really got results. Louise Levine -
organizations. She is a mem-
I tied up traffic in the middle
I ber of the National Honor
of the dance floor telling about : REiJAB ,
Every place you'll be hearing about IN I Society. 'Stanto Musi-Cho and
you go ; her recent return from England I II iI
I the Journalism Club. In work-
I The former army nurse was drafted i f
ing toward goal of becoming a
I 'by Uncle Sugar as traveling t
i Njr:>e always remember Success
a Surt lpIaceTHE I companion for France Nuyen.star I i
lof ""The World Of Suzie Wong". ,! is notion-: bc.t a rood; idea I i
coupled v'.th-i ii"; 'Joik.I :
I Miss Nuyen was all shook up over : .. .' .
INN...THE CUFSTS..THE SENSATIONS OF THE! GREAT BEST SELLER! i the way Mario Brandon treated I -;:rl !t-'r.<''.,"'." .,. ft',-_'.,- I

I[her. i, -'..":. {;
t' i
In Technicolor From Warners! t Delphine Brinson caused eyebrows .

--and- J to lift when she walked

"Models FofxMurder" I across the floor of the dance hall. i! \ 0't

:'I Like they say, there's a lot of ; WITHT&BLS I
BOOSEVEI Sunday Monday, \Tuesday .N .
T V coffee in Brazil. Paris Davis i ". Money Down"

: moments TRADE'
spent some pleasant
THE SCAVENGERS"1st Run Thriller!
I talking with Eddie Jones, Count's I

WONDERFUL COUNTRYRobert and. Mitchum i :I bassist about the good old days VMW Ch. .. .nn'L': .1 1

i on the Hill at Howard. ; I;! r .e: tf" / #
Of O\,1 E t tGWEN1)OLYN
i ..... ..... ,
SKY VIE W Sun., Mon. Tues. Nites I F Members of the Les Elites'.! \ L.:'

r- I I Bridge Club ,are raving about ij I Ij SCRDOGIMG

Technicolor Western, & Mantan Moreland j "club night" at the Ribault Sup-I O.t L YI \. New Stanton 1

"OREGON TRAIL"-plus-"PROFESSOR CREEPS" ,, per Club. Tfce club is under new Gwendolyn is working hard

j management and has changed i and rnak.ns future plans even

the policy in some respects. The Per : though there is stillanother I.

THE I Clown makes! HITweek new manager or host is really $1.1 J year of h:sh schooL Club affiliations f
a on the ball so the girls say. They i i Month ; induce} Student f I

were full of raves over the hors I Council, Le La t
after week I % 1 Lets, Y-Teens 1
a d.S
I rv.
d'hoeuvres and cocktails. All c( r and Stanto
i t ; Musi-Cho.
the various clubs of the city I
"Choose .
a career love.Give
with readers of the ,being invited to meet and enjoy I One Full Year ,; I It the best there is in 1

the hospitality of "club night". i ( '0n : you. Seize your 'opportunities,

FLORIDA STARFor Ted Dorsey the new manager I GU'ARANTEE t tOn :i and be a member cf the teRm"
has scads of experience and has ':' .--;;> J
I tI
worked at some of the top spots. I A. I .i-: .;: ."'." ",' '<".. f i
: v ?
Those Who Wish He is showing them how it is All .:.';'{ 7.-<:.::;;.;.<. I II
done in the right circles. I I 11"c !

To Get The Clown Early Over Country Club way, Curtisis i / ..>.,. .'... !
TUBES and PARTS i Model I 21T67 f :
h busy making plans to ntertain'the ;1 > f!
An Early Edition : 21".11 diagonal. ieasSi 04 In.picture viewing; area t.>.,.,:.
golfing fraternity. The Annual -' .)-_ I
i In Mahogany .f .
.. Gate City Open Tourney is ,
Will Be Sent Out .
: -
scheduled for the Lincoln links ; y

: Each next month. Entries are being : .. i ri

:', Wednesday received, from ,all around. ;. rte BI.G 21"wive ii ,
,, I Speaking of golfers, Frank "Last
) :
Send $3.00 To of the Big Spenders" Hamptonhas

I just returned from Miami > BaseCabinet. MOZELLE JUANITA th4 Th X'f..

SPECIAL ISSUE .' where he took part in Ray Mit- New Stanton .
chell's North-South tournament. Ij.i,1, ij \t.. f.. g' 90'd' Juanita, 12th. grade studeht

P. O. Box 561, Jacksonville. 1 1 Fla. Giro's. Fountainbleau :and 'all of No IWoney wt will soon be saying "goodby'to !
the other top spots were part of
Stanton and her school
: Not Later Than Monday j Hamp's itinerary. ; :) NS E mates. She Is a member I of.the

.. Ken Knight is all smiles. The DOWNWITH .f I National Honor Society and

I"Round One" has had two nice Stanton Varsity Basketball
; ::1 Only
successes recently.. His pet pro- team. She has
TRADE hopes of becoming -

irtiii! ; Of The Press 1\ -= ...:. ........, ",-.. a mathematics major.

Tw" DOIt1 eet! iiA : .'" 'II "No matter what your lot. In
I life
t ,.. may be, build somethingon
'- .e "

Bs :: 14 To Democracy ., : ".f'., ;.:'-. .1 t11 It.

.-' :.. 1 ; A' r "it "* "A' 11
;. ,.. .. : ;
The ixaSbn's deservethe
independent presses .'-,:;. ti.? .. .
s"'ip3 J.crt of citizens and business firms / > ., ..: $. 2 .< i E Listen', P L; ::31 i
s4 ol, ,.... E4 .. ; .-
< 't. 1"
who r-bibc o idea of freedom of speech I > '" J MusicucL '
{ .- f' ..<..11'. L Ji i ? Fri ey '
< .' .
and democracy in ,our land. t ':1- ,, ....,.. f. -rVITH YCV* i JI Nites 10.30.0 t Joo

.. I
: : : fe i an F. ; I rf' ,'" )<< "t* "** **"**" FI.cltc i CqctSf: .
3 *
; : til !/ullst r i 'h' "- -.. 7 L Li zRCp'r -irV ** I t
.. :
.: .' .. ,
... < "
I '. ,. '" da j' .J
r .. #
:: # I 4 .\.: ..,. r S ,
,"., '-
Ic5'luuer elu/ v> ;..}, .
t' ..
;; '1 +...... ,

": $ .' RPs. .....tI :dt EP
"- ; \t'tNt aHt"'bV4. V".i -f:,' : } ; S 14h"do11
: tVAMJ. 1! } :: .-. -- ..
;a "
?; :;'
-8''''. .
ausp .. :.. .

MOW OPEN DAILY .comedy. GWEN star VERDON of stage, ,musical screen I ,1'$': ;".:'.:::,I,W ?S: E E I

'* ;and TV, greets Neeta Dahl, 9:00 Stcd & .t : !
Mon thru Thurs. 11 AM. to 2:30: A.M. ( .
!"Miss Vinyl of 1960, in this i '

Fri. & Sat. 11 A.M. to 4 A.M.. dressing room of Broadway's' : :-J.'y 011 d.;:..',f' {:. ..",'I I.1 ;: r(1+;G l
y ; ,
: ; .
Luncheon & Cocktails Served hit "Redhead, during Toy al 1. .'. f
t $ .
Fair in New York. Miss and 11 .
; ((Z, rya oaar
SUNDAYS 2 P.M. to 2 AM.f Verdon accepted a consig- ,, SH8C': :T .TIOM

FAMILY DINNERS ,SERVED ment of Uneeda ,. 5 .
Company Friday : .... ,
J PACKAGE STORE OPEN dolls for ,young patients of 829 PEARL ST. --r' CORNER S7AT t.Rl.: I c/ -
sr lne
I Postgraduate Cater foe, NightsUWtAAAAAAAAAAJUW PHONE 6-O 485 .
.; .
Weekdays for your convenience Psychotherapy: _. ;, ;.. ;. 1i. '.
I, ; :'; :;1' ;; WUVAAFiAAAAfVWt

f I '. .r. ::/ ?, ; .....,.. > .;: :: ,
: L f
." '. ..... .. ,. .. ,.'. : .u. ;
> .
rJ '.
7 ;
'. 1"'.'.+. -: :; ". '-,', .' !. .

{ p 1 Jl I Jr
.. _