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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200550datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 27, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005500740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 27, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 27, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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- .: ''? r .
y t."j ; : T iie

e -
i ..

4lty OJ

:F C
r O A.



: F'RI9TA :"i>f- Our Kids' Settle. RaE IiI

!Play Ball. Galt W Hsji w r..o

10-No. 3 AndNEV.JS TcBRuARY;: 27, 1960 JACKSONVILLE' FLORIDA. '! 15: Cel";, ';; tto' -\
1 (. tsj

NA A C P'1 Wilt Batl.le / 01)W o'

To Secret Member List *, 4 iaE v.

i t=; 4' .

-- :

NAACP Wins, Court Fight Counter Service Protests 5

Spread ; Violence Erupts

I To Membership Secret
Keep TALLAHASSEE-City court trials were set for larch 3 for 11

Negro youths arrested for sitting at a white lunch,counter in an

WASHINGTON The; National Assn. for the Advancement of attempt to secure service. ...

. Colored People won a U.S. Supreme Court decision Tuesday in its They pleaded innocent to charges -

withhold its membership lists from Southern authorities.In .
Cght to of disturbing the peace. Their early doling of the Kress store

a unanimous decision the attorneys Tobias Simon and brought about when some 30 Negro ,..

court struck down as unconstitu- Probe Howard Dixon of Miami, received I boys and girls occupied seatsat

tional two tax ordinances in Little Begun permission to file a, written motion the lunch counter for the aec-

Rock and North Little Rock Ark.. to quash the charges. A hear- ond day in a row. t

requiring local NAACP groups tofu ing on the motion was act for the In seconds nearly 100 white
Into Sale Of
financial statements and to came day as the trials. teen-agers moved into the store. two ra'4

.disclose their membership roles. The youths seven of whom are Jeering and shouting brought the

The court held that the meas- Florida A&M University students tension-packed situation to a
School JobsAn
ures were an unwarranted viola- were arrested Saturday when they 1, head.

-tion of the right of NAACP mem- turned down requests by Mayor : r tit

bers to freedom of assembly. It investigation into charges Hugh Williams that they leave the The combatants 'besides bodily tt

also agreed with the NAACP that Negro school teachers and prin- Woolworth lunch counter. contact threw various objects iij

disclosure of its roster would sub- cipals had to pay for job in the City Judge John Rudd permitted I from the store counters sugar *

jects its members to harassment county school system begin Wed- them to remain at liberty bowls napkin holders, flower pots

and possibly bodily harm. : nesday by State Atty. William under bonds of $500 each. and other objects. -.

In the Little Rock case the I A. Hallowes. The Rev. C. K. Steele. Talla-', Police moved in.to disperse the +

court set aside fines imposed on 1Although 1 hassee NAACP leader who was a-:f battlers and large crowds of on-

twoNAACP officials-DaisY Bates. some sources insist I key figure in the Negro boycottof lookers outside. \j\-jI
that the whole thing is"just "a /:/'" :
Arkansas NAACP president and buses here three years ago Two at H '
previous -dtdowns the >
lot of and that nothing :
of the North"Llttte'"Roclc he
Birdie Williams head .told newsmen personally arranged _
branchr-fSffi- ,wlll-,come rof"it.-thers save equally fbn ; tstore -Monday e'l filast Friday I _., I
NAACF- turattonieys: : the 11. fI
"' 'endedwithoutirip -- 1'. 'P# '
nce- : : ,..
their membership confident it's ,a scandal that's ..Two of his sons were in the J -, 9 .
failing produce group I
J .. ) In the Carolinas, the demonstrations _
with the going to rock th1s* own" 'arrested.i. .*.:-r ..... t :
roles in accordance ::i:_..., :. resumed.after'a lapse of .
ordinances.In The state attorney and mem- In ordering the arrests, Mayor k w

.an opinion written by Justice bers of the school board met Williams said the students had put several days and apparently were Platform Guest at the Appreciation Pro m. poasjied by the Jacksonville'tThban League
a strategy
Potter Stewart the court held behind closed doors and ques- themselves in 'position in which statewide Sunday Feb. 14th at James Weldon Johnson J nlor High School Auditorium to honor football
meeting "of Negro student leaders
that the women "cannot be pun- tioned several witnesses in the they might incite a riot. He said : at Durham N. C.'jTie students : players and workers who participated in the Urban League's Football Classic (from left) were:

ished for refusing to produce information he asked'"to preserve the peace voted to continue] their protestsby Mr. Andrew A. Robinson. Director of Education-Helping teacher; rCharles F. James Prin. of

which the municipalities case.The dignity and tranquility of the llatthewV.. Gilbert; Mr. A. S. Gaither Ath. Director of Fla.A&M Univ.; Dr Earl1nn.Thompson
names of witnesses were sitdown demonstrations boy-
could not constitutionally re- community." Board Member; Dr. W. W. Schell Jr., Chairman ef Board of Directors; Mrs. Lucille G. Coleman -
not made public and Hallowes cotts and picket lines until they
quire." said Meanwhile, the state branch of Chairman of Urban League Fund Drive: Mr. William. Harper Supervisor Negro Elem.
that in the best interest' reach their goal of complete inte-
In a separate concurring opin- the National Assn. for the Ad- Schools; Rev. Lloyd Richie, Jr., Assistant Pastor-New Hope AME Church and Mr. Junius A. Bow-
the investigation the names gation at public lunch counters. "
ion Justices Hugo L. Black and vancement of Colored People man, Exec. Secretary Jacksonville Urban League.
should not be revealed.. Rock Hill S. C.. felt its second
William O. Douglas said the ordinances He said publicity about the called for, more public protests demonstration since the movement Eastern and Western All-Star players who Citations and citizens of the community. are' see. '

violated the constitutional against segregated eating facilitiesin born in were honored at this program, persons receiving here. .
was GreensboroFeb.
witnesses would hamper the investigation -
rights of freedom of speech and businesses licensed to serve the .
assembly. and possibly cause public. The Rev. Leon Lowry of I. Negro And White'
intimidation of the witnesses. In Richmond Va., pickets In Council Race
They said these rights "are beyond Tampa, head of the Florida marched outside Thalhimer's a POLICE REPORTS

either by legis- NAACP. said the NAACP would
abridgement Statement ExpectedA
quality department store in de- Ignore Race I
restrains their fully support such protests con- In Virginia
lation that directly joint statement from Hal- finance of the arrest of 34 Negro. .

exercise or by suppression or im- lowes and the members of the ductec in a peaceful way. students there Monday. 'I POLICE REPORTS (
harassment. Interracial fighting broke out I' And Ball CHARLOTTESVILLE. Va. (ANP)
pairment through school board participating in the Police arrested 21 demonstratorsin Play JL\NT HITS WOMAN Charles C. Johnson 42

humiliation or exposure by gov- investigation is expected at its in the South Wednesday as Negrostudents Winston-Salem N. C.-12 Ne- WITH WHISKEY BOTTLE mortician and year old
president Blue
ernment." completion.The stepped up their demon- groes and 10 whites-as they sat PUNTA GORDA Youngsters Ridge District
strations against segregated lunch Mrs. Leola Wright, 32, of 220 Associa. .
at a white lunch counter markedfor
proved once again that the tion,
case could go to the grand counters in variety stores. Jefferson Street was hit with the Saturday announced his can i
tie use of F. 'W. Woolworth racial could be
called question didacy for
jury for a more extensive probe Six white persons were arrested fist and whiskey bottle by her nomination to the city '
Co employes and, their guests. easily solved if they are left alone council
PolicemanIs into just'a few hours short of
Negro possible criminal activity, and charged with disorderly con- The common-law-husband last Sunday
Negro students came from and are not poisoned with hatred the deadline
or evidence produced by Hal_ duct after a free-for-all with Ne- during an'argument over some for filing declarations.

Suspended lowes' investigation might be gro demonstrators in an S. H.' Winston-Salem Teachers College 1 I and prejudice by grown-ups. money he was supposed to have Johnson who will contest in the \
and the
whites from Wake Forest
Negro and white youths played I
turned over to the county soli- Kress & Co. store in Chattanooga, given her police reported. April 5 Democratic primary election
Police Chief Luther A. Reynolds citor's office for prosecution in Tenn. College.In together at the Southwest Floridacity's Mrs. Leola Wright'said her hus- seeks to represent all citiiens I
patrolmanJesse Charlotte two Negroes were Softball field last
suspended Negro Sunday
today Criminal Court. band Willie D. Paxton 32. hit her "regardless of race or social stand
Jackson for 15 days for Nonviolent demonstrations be- arrested on assault charges and a before racially mixed spectators ing." Married to the former Miss
in the head. ha was taken to
neglect of duty in connection witha It was pointed out that lower gan again in the Carolinas by ;:t- third on a charge of violating afire mostly girls. Duval Medical Center in taxi cab. Evelyn Lightfoot he is a newcomerto .

shooting Friday night in'the 600 echelon personnel are involvedin gro college students who apparently ordinance. Some! 50 Negro youths appearedat She was treated and released. She the local political scene.

block of Davis street. recommendations of the w-lcomed the prcMTality, : of the city-owned bayfront park,
states she will sign warrant police
In Montgomery. Da.. Negro students
Jackson was charged with neg- 4,000-teacher staff of the school arrest. Police in two North Carolina around noon and played with 30 Johnson was born in Scottsville,

lect because he failed to reportto system before the names reach citiics arrested demonstrators. staged Alabama's first segregated white' youths. There were no incidents I said.Patrolmen Va., Jan. 31, 1917 the eldest of
W. Solomon and C.
Duval Medical Center to assist the superintendent's desk. Police squads broke up the ; lunch counter sitdown dem- police said. : nine children. He completed his
Barton investigated.
'Officers in the investigationof brawl in Chattanooga in about 30 onstration Thursday by taking "We didn't know which way to elementary and high school education

the shooting. When the trustees have acted mates but not until several scats in a snick shop in the Mont- handle it" said Police Chief Sim in Esmont Va. After serving

en the superintendent's recom- persons were hurt none believed gomery County courthouse. Holt. in the army during World War 11, I

Jackson was standing across the mendations the names are submitted seriously. They requested service but the City officials were reported unhappy THIEF TAKES RADIO he attended Worsham College of

street when the shooting occurred. to the school board. shop closed immediately. "Sheriff AND POT OF STEW ,
The battle began following the about the integrated play Mortuary Science, Chicago. Activein
He was off-duty and dressed in which has very little authority Mac Sim Butler ordered the 35
but didn't know how to stop it- Lena Mae Dow, of 912 Barnett civic affairs he is a memberof
civilian clothes. in accepting the names or- rcJec1Dg Negroes to line up single file
It was also the first time the Street told police her home was Episilon Ku Delta Mortuary Fraternity .

Inspector W. L. Bates repri- them. The school board against the. wall. field had been used. on Sundayfar entered and robbed of a radio anda of the State and National
International Union
manded Jackson for failure to cannot drop anyone recom- ,
softbalLTelephone pot of stew she had on cooking Funeral Directors Association; Masons
follow police officers to DMC as mended by the trustee withouta
Takes Over BranchIn calls flooded the
when she left her house to go Odd Fellows, and board: member
Jackson had promised he would formal hearing. POLICE, REPORTS / police department and the Char- j
Racial Issue around the corner to visit a sick Instructive Visiting: Nurses

do.Bates WOMAN IS ROBBEDBY lotte County sheriff's office from friend last Monday. Association.

said an officer technically MEMPHIS. Tenn.-An international NEW FRIEND angry white residents of the area. Police said the victim believes

Is on duty 24 hours a day and The park is located across town whoever entered her house used a I
union togk -
over operation Mrs. Hattie Gibson Rt. 1, Box
off-duty officers are responsible in j from the Negro section. pass key to get in. She said her I I'WOILo.V
crimes which occur in their presence IntegrationOfTamp of this city's largest union 494 Willtstcn "Florida was robbed I Negro and white girls lined the son claimed he locked the door POLICE REPORTS '
whether they are on or off local Wednesday after Its officials last :Monday b7 a man 'who-I sidelines as spectators. Prior to when he left home. Victim can-
.. duty. tPCI.rks refused to integrate restrooms walked with her. from the b"1S the start of one game, a white girl not give any kind of description of "
Chief warned Jackson 's at the union htlL station ton Alley: on Clay titre'
Reynolds was scan tossing warmup pitches suspect. Her loss was valued at A 37-year-old woman was
that he will refer any future coznpUlnU The United Automobile Workers where he pulled!: her' in theand alle- with Negro boys. knocked
down and stabbed in the
against him to the city International assumed administration drew a knife on hw and took $30.Patrolmen
M. and W. H.
Young head with knife her
a fishing by
commission, which has authority Asked of the 2.000-mem- her pocketbook and ran. police re- Holt said he was told the Ne- Harris
boy friend during an argumentlast
to impose longer suspensions and 5er local. Its orders to desegregate ported. gro boys came to the park at the
Sunday late hours.
can discharge an officer from the the rest rooms were re- invitation of the white youths who over "
TAMPA A group of Tampa The victim said she met the the Negroes said the white boys I.
had been playing recently at a
foroe. jected. The local whose members Mrs. Jessie Lee Wright cf 2043
at the bus station.
Negro citizens Tuesday petitioned They had played the previous four or
softball field at the Negro school. :
Jackson was suspended for fire work at thf International Brady Court told police they were
Park walked west Street to
on Bay Clay
the City Board for integration five Sundays at the Negro school
days several months ago for neg- Harvester plant, has between and when they walked Clay Holt said he told the Negroes I arguing over late hours when her ;
of all city recreationand up and had invited the Negroes to
lect in ,improperly investigating a playground facilities. 500' and 600 Negro members. Street to the alley. he robbed her. they were "causing trouble and to play at their field. boy friend attacked her. The. was '. i
finish their game In their quar- treated at Duval Medical
burglary.The Ray Iftnftvt. local president Center ;
Patrolmen H. W. Keeler and
r Holt said Punta Gorda has no
latest case against Jackson: Frank Neff, superintendent of was ill with a heart ailment and E. V. Stine said a man identifiedas ters. city ordinance forbidding inter- and released police said. She was '

involved a gun .fight in which a the parks department;, said the not available for comment. Other -" Allen Johnson was running west Some: of the white youth's racial play. advised to take out warrant. Police ;.

Negro laborer suffered a chest petition came in the man. white members ef the local on Forsyth Street when they names were taken. Holt said and "The whites were the cause of said! the two parties- lived togetheras

wo snd inflicted: by a Negro night It has no ,legal, weight but. said they had retained an attorney stopped him at gun point with the I he added. "Well see them next it.- Holt said. "It's just one of man and wife.Patrolmen.W. .

watchman Alfred W. Johnson 54 could be a step leading to court and the matter "
I| probably I purse"under his arm and the knife week those things that happen." Solomon and C. .

of SS17 Brooklyn Bd.a action.. would be take to court. in.his hand. j William H. Jones, a leader of Barton investigated ;

.- .. J
:,. I :1 eft(, "w : :_it.-\-.i; ;:."-,-..Z ,,", _".v: ';1 1 ;jM". ",.: ", '.- \ J ,
tt7 a



.. I. if' JT't._ : :\ .="' ... ... ., .
.,A: .. 'oft.'i. ,. '.1 '\ .' ..... .7, << "'; .' -\.. 1f. :t' '1i": .. .' ,:-":.'-; .-'., 1'S.: 1t''fo' ;." > ;
,'LJ:} << T : : < ., '. .j; ", ; -.. : I ..:f:: ,' '. :. .. ..
;. .. -! d.'j : .. ... tt 1 .... kif., ; < ; \-t
.r-, -- <. .1i ', ; > _. ;' '
'0_ .:It. 't' ,". 1.. '\ ". ..-._.d.'z. -i'... "'' .. J-':;'i+' .' .:... ""!*'It "1" .:M' -".G."'. ,'."l'\; .., -"'' .+.
,. : : t .q.
: '
t :
; .
.r..p : ; : ;
+ Two : \ THE FLORIDA ST/.- ,, : : : ; .'_ t}, .. Week 'Ending Saturday, February 27, I960(
.... ----- -
: ,

1 s

.. t "Pol ts<<:s As' Usual"By

'4q Eric O. Simpson
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. OFFICES UP FOR ELECTION 1960

"Member of Associated Negro Press" For the benefit of readers
our we are presenting the list
Eric 0., Simpson. C JL_ __---EdUorC. of offices up for election in 1960.The list was kindly supplied

Parham Johnson'r.. ._.___..__ ._.___News Staff by the office of the Supervisor of registration.CONGRESSIOVAL .
Hilda Wooten ..__ Circulation Dept. :
''. Representative in Ogress Second Board of Public Instruction. District -
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: Congressional District CharlesE I No. 5. Ned P. Searcy, Sr.
SJ23 Moncricf Road ....______ EL 4.6782 EL 4.6783 Bennett. County Budget Commissioner, District -

Dowmown Branch Offic: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 JUDICIAL: No. 2, Basil J. Walker.

.. County Budget Commissioner. District -
Marling'! AddbresssP Justices or'the Supreme Court
:Number No. 4, Joseph G. Kennelly, Jr.
of Offices
O. Box 551. Jacksonville I, Florida
M'Y44ikc4 Circuit County Civil Service Board. Dis-
; Judges Fourth Judicial
I SUBSCRIPTION: RATES k M Circuit Eight Offices. trict No. 2, Carleton R. Barber

Ono Year, $5.00: Half Year, S3.00: Three Months. $1.80 STATE: County Civil Service Board. District -

Mailed To You, Anjwhere In The United States. Governor Leroy Collins. No. 4, Paul R. Akin.

Subscription. Payable in Adri'nce. Send Check or Money Order To: Secretary of State R. A. Gray. JUSTICE OF THE'PEACE

Commissioner of Agriculture Nathan -
Justice of the Peace, District No.
4 f Y. t Y Mayo.Treasurer
t J. Edwin Larson. Pendanis Jr..
Constable District No.2, D. M.
Attorney General Richard. Ervin. -

Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Justice of the Peace, District No.

D. Bailey. 3, L. C. Oliver.

5-z x M State Attorney William A. Hal- Constable, District No.3, Emory
J '
The American Civil Liberties Union observes its 40th birthdaythis lowes[ III, Railroad and Public Utili- V. Roberts.

'week by releasing a special issue of its monthly publication, -- .k ties Commission. j Justice of the Peace, District No.

"Civil Liberties which summarizes the ACLU's most famous cases sk A I 1 LEGISLATIVE: 4. George A. Harris.

'In the last four decades. The special issue initiates a year-long Member State House of Repre- Constable District No.4, LonnieA.
t Sikes.
educational campaign designed to show how civil liberties directly \ sentatives, Group No. 1 John E.

affects the personal freedoms of all Americans.The Mathews, Jr. i' Justice of the Peace, District No.

ACLU was founded hi January 1920 by ,a ,score of eminent Member State House of Representatives 5, D. Harley Giddens.
., ; Constable, District No. 5 FrankE.
Americans, including Jane Addams, 'Helen Keller, Roger Baldwin, -i. Group No. 2, Harry..West- ,

I- Arthur Garfield Hays, Norman Thomas,' Rabbi Judah L. Magnes, sr berry. Brunson, Jr.

and Rev. John Haynes Holmes. Since then the Union has grown L. s .: r Member State 'House of Representatives Justice of the Peace, District No.

Into,. .a .nation-wide; o,( ap1Zatiqn' of, .,8,000.mem rs and .27'..local Group No. 3, George B. 8, Ernest R. Hartley.. ,;
affiliates.A n t cooperating ENFORCING VOTING RIGHTS WILL HELP Jr. Constable, District No.8, R. G.
.Its 'work is' aided by network of 800 attorneys LEGISLATION Stallings,
throughout .te country. ,Baldwin led the ACLU 'until his PUT OUR OWN HOUSE I IN ORDER Member State House of Representatives Hartley.
Justice of the Peace District
retirement,. ... in_ 1950 when he became';:its International work advisor. : group No.4, Subject ,to No.
'J:_ .... and was succeeded,..bY/Patrick. Murphy'Malin, ex-economics professorof Referendum Nov. 3, 1959. 9, Genevieve K. Medlock.

Swathmore College and vice-chairman of the World War n InterGovernmental COUNTY: Constable, District No.9, George
+ Y Weekly H.
Committee on Refugees. cur. Clerk of the Circuit Court Leonard
W. Thomas. Justice of the Peace, District No.

Commenting on the Uni n's growth, Malin said the organization I Sheriff Dale George Carson. 10, Dorcas B. Drake.

can look back at a number of constitutional battles that stirred Horossope: Guide Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. Constable, District No. 10, J. R.
major controversy when they occurred but which are now hailed as [ Carmichael.
Tax Collector Clyde H. Simpson.
respected landmarks in the history of the United States. When the Iy PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH Superintendent of Public Instruc- Justice of the Peace, District No.

ACLU was formed Malin said, the Palmer Raids (mass deportationsof : tion Ish Brant. 11, Sarah Bryan.

persons who held radical beliefs) were opposed by too few Ameri ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Count Commissioner, DistrictNo. Constable, District No. 11, A. M.

cans. "At stake," Main said, '*was the well-being of hundreds of 1, J. B. (Joe) Mallard. (Steve) Stephens.

people called aliens. But equally important to the tiny ACLU was BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Justice of the Peace, District No.

the principle then as now: that all people possess certain inalienable 2, Joe F. Hammond. 12, T. O. (Tom) Holmes.

rights as set down In the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. However ARIES CANCER This may be due to a physical let- County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Constable, District No. 12, W. T.

banal such words may seem after so much repetition, the ACLU Born June 22nd. thru July 22nd. down, the nature of your occupa- 5, Joe Burnett. (Bill) Woodward. '

took them seriously all these years, every day." f I Born March 21st. thru April 19th. There is much more satisfaction tion or the attitudes of people County Judge McKenney J Davis. SECOND PRIMARY

Drift along during the early daysof in making material sacrifices when working for you. Cope with it in a Judge Criminal Court Record Presidential Preference Primary.
Among cases noted by Malin and described In the special I
this for there is little
issue of "Civil Liberties," are the Scopes "monkey" trial (of Clarence. can do week to speed the tempo.you In they prove to be of benefit to philosophical and restrained man- Division "A" William T. Harvey. I National Committeeman and Com-

Darrow, right-to-teach-evolution fame): the Children's Crusade, up others. Those who are closely tied ner, if you do not want to upset Supervisor of Registration Fleming mitteewoman.
recent and this
call fora
which petitioned President Harding to release imprisoned World suspension days, of strenuous may work or to you by blood, or by choice, may the rather delicate balance between I H. Bowden. Delegates to the National Conven-

War I civil liberties victims: the Sacco-Vanzetti case: the Gastonia play. Be moderate require considerable attention, emotional stability and instability.You Clerk Crininal Court of Record tion.
N. C. labor war (free speech for textile workers seeking to organizea the 24th, when you seem to be most on sympathy, affection and guidance, should probe deeper into the Kathleen L. Hartley. .

union): free-speech for employers In labor disputes (the Ford I susceptible to the ills that are com- when they are confronted by serious causes of your frustrations and County SolicitorCriminal Courtof Remember folks the registration

Motor Company case); the Scottsboro boys: the Bonus Army evic- i mon at this time of the year. Do problems or troubles. You handicaps, and 'evolve a formula Record Lacy Mahon, Jr. books are now open. Register NOWif

tions; "Ulysses" and "The Miracle" censorship cases; the evacuation I nothing that could invite secret en- seem to, be favorably situated to that will combat or eradicate themin Board of Public Instruction District you have not: done so. Renewal

of Japanese-Americans to detention camps in World War II; McCarthyism mities and difficulties with furnish all that is needed, and the near future Start applying No.1, Raymond A. David. cards are now being sent out. Fill

; and blacklisting in the mass communications industry.In nel or co-workers. You will person-not resent would be well-advised not to let it on the 28th, when you can I Board of Public Instruction District it in and return it promptly. Don't

releasing the special issue Main warned that despite the this too much, when you have anyone down obtain an inspiring boost. No. 3, A. E. (Gene) Stokes. let it lay around the house and

success scored in firmly planting civil liberties principles in Supreme the assurance that it will mean 7-30-22-12-73-732. &SO-5S-18-37-365 get lost.

Court decisions and public thinking, many issues are still unresolved. greater profits, higher salaries or l. ments by saving regularly I

Among these he said are desegregation in public schools, governmentnews other fine rewards (28th). Take the initiative after the 26th, improvements. The future pictureis

and private group censorship, illegal police detention and other 630-33-15-52-683 LEO SCORPIO for you will then be favored by rather a promising one, even if
abuses of citizens 'rights and Born July 23rd. thru Aug. 22nd. Born Oct. 24Ui thru Nov. 22nd. its outlines somewhat blurred
a host of issues affecting separation of sympathetic planetary vibrations. are ,
church and state. "And there always will be frontier problems not You seem to. have had an exciting As long as everything is going Keep your eyes and ears open and you must be ready to take

yet foreseen that will require the ACLU to exercise its 'watchdog' time of it up to this point. according to schedule and plan, it when you are discussing things your place in it ((28th). Consider

role" Main said. TAURUS Do not compound previous mis- would be most imprudent to try with relatives or neighbors, in or- courses that you can transform

Besides cases Involving major national issues, the national ACLUor Born April 20th. thru May 20th. takes of a costly nature by cooperating i and speed them up by introducing der to obtain a lead on an important into sources of knowledge, elucida-

one of its local affiliates are handling many unheralded cases. The path of cooperation continuesto much more closely with extreme measures. Geminians, as opportunity or moneymakingventure tion arid self-development
The run smooth; and it will be well the best fitted to handle a whole, are becoming more
central con-
question asked in these cases is how a person's constitutional person ((28th). 1-20-44-19-26-124
rights have been infringed. ACLU attorneys now are arguing worth your while to see that you joint finances judiciouslyMore scious of their importance ,to their 38033152383.

against police abuse of a girl who walked barefoot on a San Francisco are not taken off into devious by- rapid progress in this direc- community or professions. Their

street late at night; for a couple who wish to marry in Arizona but paths by your own attitudes. Shun tion should be possible during the chances of giving a good accountof PISCES LEARN TO DRIVE

are of separate racial origins, for book and magazine and newspaper making drastic decisions, annd keepin coming month. There are additional themselves should improve after Secure Drivers' Licenca
Born Feb. 19th. thru March 20th.
sellers whose wares are condemned by pressure groups. There are mind the hazards of moderndaytravel promising 'signs that you can the 26th. Your social life will be- Make friendliness toward one SAFEWAY DRIVING

ases involving Communists, Nazis, pacifists racists, and gangsters, before you act in haste add to your valuable possessions, come more active In the coming and all, and particularly in- SCHOOL
people who are condemned for their views and unsavory character Use your superior percep acquire productive property, and month. Be ready to establish your dispensable allies, your outstanding 600 West Beaver Street
rather than action which threatens tive powers to sense exactly what GEORGE PERPENA. Dlr.
any really the community. bolster the basis for harmony and place. attribute from now on. A personal

"Their predicaments, which Involve loss of civil liberty," con- Lies in wait, and plan accordinglywith security in your domestic environ- 8-70-99-20-58-879 cycle is initiated on the 26th, paVeing Res. PO 54607Invites

chides Malin "illuminate concepts of freedom created by the foundersf the aid of those who hold you ment, around the the for major personal
this nation. This is why the 40th birthday of the American Civil in affection. Develop latent talents. 2-10-44-13-79-214 SAGITTARIUSBorn way

Liberties Union celebrates the core of what 'Americanism' means 5-2038-11-86-528( ". ,"IV Nov. 23rd. thru Dec. 21st.

today the absolute conviction that each and every person has It could take mental gymnasticsto f fa3w d,.
clear and legal freedoms protected by the Constitution." VIRGO I come up to the requirements of
Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd.
The copy of the special anniversary Issue is enclosed.. those in high quarters, but you cando
Born May 21st. thru June 21st. You can find a multitude of reasons
it if you hold on to your self-
The resourceful person can always not necessarily valid, when
confidence. The prize offered seemsto
find ways and means to escape you are trying to evade an impor-
have considerable! value, and
workaday chores, or at leastto tant deision. Don't miss the
you should not neglect all preparations
[ THE AMERICAN WAY I minimize their disagreeable fa- chance of a lifetime by adopting to give the proper account of

cets. Hobbies, cultural pursuits and these tactics You will have
yourself dn the 24th. Inspiring family
doors to new worlds: and vistas. another opportunity to form a valuable -
reunions and projects; are favored
Shake self loose of possessive
your alliance, circumstances per-
the 28th.
on Do not turndawn
.\ cav rausrAND friends or unrequited: love, when mitting, Put aside .: .
PROUD prospect of changes of
I you realize that they are thwart- prejudices faddi-qn and other men-
location views or beliefs.
1ss %, A CAPITALIST 13 A MAN WBQ ing you in your search for greater tal aberrations that really cramp 950221197952CAPRICORN

,. : IF HS HIMSELF 13 LIVING .' personal' freedom (24th). You your style, now and then. Keep

V 1t'_L1.. DOESN'T MIND IF should have many occasions to explore striving for financial irdependence. ', ,,3taY
.l s 1 t OTHERS ARE LIVING BETTER the extent and quality of existing .HXJ-G6-17-4S-J95 k
: I Born Dec. 22nd thin Jan. 19th.
and latent talents which jo
\ Continue to be alert when walking -
I may eventually be the means of LIBRA
driving or alighting Iron con
extending your horizons and fulfilling Born Sept. 23'd. th u Oct. 23rd.
veyances. It would retard the de*

-.',. : ..... ." i&if: your desires1.40Tt1125.147 Despite substantial progress, you velppment of your economic goal
.r'c will find cause for dissatisfaction.
: ,-. should you be forced to Jos tirrethru
c delays or mishaps (21th). You

Get Your To are likely to embark on a new
t Horoscope Guide .
period of mental and local activity -
IAI Ap RICHES LOVE HEALTH after the 26th Engage in publicity -_.

SO A1.1 sf Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send S2 make yourself seen and hoard, and Y IJ
':;:, ,-. DOB3NT A S.ALIST CARS L91 HOW NAiT SADLY Wt0 .. v To Pablo The Astrologer P. 0. Box 561. Jacksonville. 1.Flt. expound yori where they

I f -- -- -- may find fertile ground. A very In- j 'r
LIVHK3AS UON'r t3Ri6 I .- _... .__ teresting introduction, conversationor
c : a800T I'f1' Dear Pablo Enclosed Is S2-00. Send Horoscope .
: additional
ALLowr? TO I1V BETT1B + my development may give you -
.a* o I Guide for Jhe month of December. I reason to raise your hopes : KEN KNIGHi f

a. ( and spirits (28th. .
.. I : I II 2-6033-16-62-263:!
r NAME : You To Listen To -

"i;:' ', I I II AQUARIUSBorn "KNIGHT.TRMN"Starting r -
? ':' '
;V\* *: >' : Jan. =rob. thru Feb. 18th.

f 4 By being fair and just In a self- .
**>=*.'* *ri i<: ,, w' 3 I '' .f I appraisal of your shortcomings cr At '7:00 P. M. Nightly :';
-y ., : errant nroblrrs, you any recos-
i I BORNmonth. nize that it would pay you to become WRHC!
date 1400
: 1/
,. 'j.:1, : w t Definitions :_ 1 t economical and to give a iii I II

L thoigh2 to year eventual rstiuire- -
.L -- -



... -:- -- .- ;:-
r ,- ,"" : : "i\' ,\ <*ti'7':
r .!' r .



1 ... ,
; ; ..
,' v.
: ";
: "5" .r


Page n-

I Week Ending l Saturday February 27, 1960 TKE; FLOKDA STABWELCOMING "

Wedding Bells
-' --'f a .v S.
"5l y4


-4 i I


...,y,,, 4
{ a vt
J t tj i David Knight 2060 TalledagaRd.

., age 36 and Diana Roberts.

J .1 i 1253 W. 27th St., age 33. R.y .
'-\r.'Q: yy' \ {

} V 'O Jimmie O'Neal, 72tf Davis St.. -
4 Y fi I.f I.
S age 30 and Rebecca Franklin 729

w 3 Davis St., age 26.

r Henry J. Smith 1360 W. 21st

: St., age 22 and Annette Brown

S 1556 W. 32nd St., age 24.

Horace Griffin Jr.. 635& W.

Ashley St., age 30 and tiller Carter -

r\ T 625 Ms W. Ashley St., age 23.

*4 R Y
James A. Baker 1513 N. Myrtle

\ Ave., age 20 and Juanita L.Woods,
1513 N. Myrtle ,Ave., age 24. ILJ :t:': : 1. 1t

t- .
:- --- -"
Melvin Wilson 1505 BegoniaRd.

". ., age 23 and Cozzie M. Lester

221 E. Union St. 19.
JACKIE-When Jackie Robinson appeared here he was extended a welcome by age

several prominent Jaxens. Seen here as they enjoyed dinner at Bubber's Cafe are: Ait. McGriff. Charles L. Conyers 1292 West

Mrs. Presley Hampton, J. Robinson Brown, Airs. Ilougabook, Mrs. Wilson Singleton and J. II. Adams St., age 17 and Elols M.

Goodson. Frazier, 1808 Dennis St., age 15.

James Miller, 735 W. Church w,5 .b. Lr4JM..w.'NU'J..

turkUBlivHries St., 21 and Brenda J. Bonnett,

2584 W. 3rd St., 16. "Miss Valentine" carnation was held in the auditorium of Oakland Elementary School Peb."'

SociallySpeaking 12th. Miss Valentine is seen here with members of her court. (Top Center) Buna Vista Harrell-
Paul Parrish 1703 Hiram St.,
Gilda Wynn Bottom Yvonne Green Lillian G artrell, Jacquelyn Brymen, Denise crowd. (top
26 and Betty J. Morman 1697
left) Loraine Turner Deborah Williams Beverly Jennings JoAnn Manning Edna Boyd Shirley:
Mr. & Mrs. William.Jackson. Hiram St.. 18.
Mungin and Brenda Lavont. (Bottom left) Gail Davis, Jacquelyn Henderson. Deborah Williams.

The P.T.A. of John E. Ford Elementary School celebrated its 1435 E. 22nd St., Girl. Norby Smith Jr.. 1553 Davis St., Norma J. Parker (top right) Bloneva Morris, Jackie Hicbon Carolyn Smith. Mamie t. Cozen .

annual Founders Day celebration last Sunday in the school cafe- 20 and Virginia Williams 1523 Joanne Richardson (bottom right) Hazel Webb, Dorothy Hayes, Joan Jackson. Johnnie Mae Jones.
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Harden, .
torium. Davis St. 17. *
Mrs. Mary Alice C. Smith was guest speaker for this occasion.S. 911 Everson St., Girl. ,

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fleming Theo. Sapp, 1616 W.: 17th St., Deaths And Funerals I

4124 Etta Street Girl. 23 and Ora L. Allen, 1819 HarperSt.

Members of the Les Coquettes Club gave a baby shower for Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brown, .. 17.Troy.
294 W. Bell of 143 Palmo St. St.
and Mrs. Claude Polite at their home. 1568 W. 8th Street. 1758 King St., Boy. NIXON-Mrs. Mary of Augus-

Attending the affair were :Mrs. Mildred Robinson. Mrs. Valeria :Mr. & Mrs. Q. Bean 1437 Wilcox Haywood 1063 W. ChurchSt. King Street St. Augustine tine.

Gilbert, Mrs. Lillie Mae Battles, 'Mrs. Ruth Johnson Mrs. Agnes Street Girl. ., 25 and Verna L. Fleming. 1063 HOVARD1rs. Edna Lee of 1754 Greenland.WHITE-: Anthony Wayne of Sepia Ladies Club

Walker, Mrs. Naomi Holmes and Miss Maggie Kellon.S. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Morgan, W. Church St., 25. I
Mt. Herman Street LOWERY-Mrs. Mary of 1918v.
1210 W. 10th St., Boy. Entertains Kids
Willie Hackley. 1739 Pheonix HARVEY-Gwendolyn Delores \ N. 6th Court :Miami.MONTGOMARY .
Mr. & Mrs. Soloman Ken-
The Brotherhood of Citizens Club will celebrate their 10th Ave., 18 and Evelyn Everett.. 1158 232 Chelsea Street Jessie of
dricks, 1546 Jefferson si, Boy.
anniversary Sunday, Feb. 28th at 3 pjn. in the home of Mrs. Alice Pacetti St., 16. BENNETT-Charlie of 1517 E. 1061 Albert Street.
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kohn, Rt. 4. Members of the Sepia Ladies
Conway 1288 W. 28th Street. 30th StreetVHITESandra
Box 477A Jax, Fla.. Girl. of 6314 Kohn LOGAN Mrs. Mary Louise Club entertained the children of
All clubs of the city are invited. \ D.
I Richo of S. 9th St., Fernandina
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Franklin, Brewster Hospital recently.The .

Iris Blvd. ._ .. Rd.. Wesconnett 1\10SLEY-IDS. Fairy B. Car-
5922 Boy. -' '- ------ SMITH-Linwood of West Union Story Hour was enjoyable

The Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Mr. & Mrs. John Devoe 4618 Honor Korean Woman Street ter of 1069 W. Fourth Street. but the refreshments were the high

observed their 51st FOUNDERS DAY with an impressive service dur- Moncrief Village Girl. BAILEY-Enoch of 2367: W. 3rd McCL DON Mrs. Georgiaof light of the evening.
3310 Buckman St.BARFIELD .
ing the past week. Mr. & 1.frs.Villiam Spigner,
Street Members of the club are: Mrs.
The group attended worship services at Bethel Baptist Institutional 4634 Moncrief Village Girl. LEVISSadie of 1024,Madison -; Mrs. Betty of ReaUn Paul! !Mrs. Franris Craw.
P.O. Box Callahan.
Church on last Sunday and terminated this celebration at the Mr. & Mrs. Geneva Raines, .. 4i StreetTAYLORMrS. 405 ford, Mrs. Delores Sullivan, Mrs.
FARLEY Nathaniel of 1651
regular sorority meeting in the home of Soror Frances Johnson, 2030 !1052 Imerson St., Boy. Idella of 1464 W. : Gloria Glenn, Mrs. Violetta Jenkins -
Durkee Drive.I' I Mr. & Mrs. Mathew: Ray, 1727 17th
StreetFIELDSMartha Mrs. Dowell Mrs.
25th Nettie of Gertrude
W. llth St., Girl.
Copeland of Brown, Mrs. Evelyn Edwards, Mrs.
1661 Blue St.
Mr. & Mrs. James Jackson
i i 1029 Odessa Street Mary Vann, Mrs. Orlcan Peacock
! The home of Mrs. Luvenia Newman was the setting for a lovely 1572 W. 9th St. Girl. Julia of 3300 BACON-Richard of 2710 W.
1 LIVINGSTON-Mrs. Mrs. Mildred James, Mrs. Emma
, surprise birthday party for Mrs. Rosanna Quarterman mother of Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Hopkins 1 15th Street.
Moncrief Rd. Pollard, Mrs. Pearl Reed, Mrs.
. Mrs. Newman. Rt. 9, Box 425B, Jax, Fla., Girl. I Louis of 908 W. JACKSON-Samuel David of
EDWARDS Margarett Williams and Mrs.
! Attending the affair were Mrs. Ruth Malone. Mr. and Mrs Mr. & Mrs. Climmie Davis, Alabama.

Australia Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Demery Mrs. Margaret Davis, 753 N. Lincoln Ct., Girl. WRIGHT-John Orange Street of 1044 Pearl CAIN-Mrs. Lucy J. of 1203 W. Gladys Anderson.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Butts, Alonzo Blount, Mrs. 'Lucile Davis, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parker, 24th StreetALLENMrs.

Bertha Brackett '''Mrs. Rebecca Teasdell Ernest Quarterman, Mrs. 1125 Palmetto SU Boy. a .x-3fl Street Elizabeth of 322 Jefferson Victoria'Allen of TERRE HAUTE, IND., ADVO-

Jeanette'Baggs and Mrs. Luvenia Newman. 1266 Grothe St., Boy. VEAIr-Ws. Thorpe Circle.FRAZIERPrince. CATE: "The hunting season ta

Street A. of Cleveland here and each millions of
Mr. & Mrs. Wency Quinney year
Mrs. Janie of St.
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Scott 2019 Ohio. Americans look forward to it. Unfortunately
The Lucky 16 Sewing and Saving Circle held election of officers Augustine
Yulee St., Boy. DINKINS-Mrs. Annie Uae of hunting accidents. .
In the home of Mrs. Ida Bugg, 1344 W. 20th Street recently. WILSON-Wlllie of 1236 McCon-
2615 Davis Street have to
Mr. & Mrs. Odum Wells, 2616 an alarmizcdegree :
Officers for the year are: Mrs. Fannie Robinson, president; Mrs. nie Street
Phlox St.. Girl. DrlIelen Kim president of KOHN-Mrs. Amelia of 6327 mainly because the nua*
Polly Whitfield vice president Mrs. Alta WILLIAMS-Henry of 119 S. 8th f
; Moss recording secretary; "
1436 Louisiana St her of hunters has increased.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Anderson, Ewha University: and a repre-
Mrs Inez Johnson financial Mrs. Minnie treasurer Jacksonville Beach
secretary; King ; the United Street
3961 University Blvd., GirL sentative of Korea at
Mrs. Mildred Jones, sinking fund secretary; Mrs. Theresa White, sink- Nations receives the 250,000- ANDERSON-James E. of 1351 r ,
Mr. & Mrs. James Dues,
Ing fund treasurer; Xmas fund secretary, :Mrs. Lucy McDonald; Xmas W. Ashley St. Girl. 000th copy ef The Upper Room, Van Buren Street J ------------,

fund treasurer Mrs. Ida Buggs; reporter, Mrs. Clara Johnson. daily devotional guide from the HAINES-William J. of Raiford, 1 t.- I
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin McMillan
S. editor Dr. J. ManningPotts.. Florida I
Mrs. Fannie Wright of 1724 E. 28th Street was feted with a 1415 Powhattan St. Boy. Ewha is the largest women'siniversity CLARK Ruben of 2117 York 1
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Roux. 1610 world. The
in the
surprise birthday dinner recently on her 80th birthday by Mrs. Street
Adretrice Peters. Fairfax St. Girl. Upper Room is published in 37, HAYWOOD-Mrs. Francena Eliz- I C BOOKING HINTS

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Wright editions and 31 languages and+
Present to enjoy this affair were C. W. Wright, husband of the 1141 Bernita St., Girl. distributed around the world in abeth of 1475 Davis Street I (b "1J /

honoree; Mr. and Mrs William Wright, Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Murray, than 100 countries. RICHOLOGANMrs.. Louise of 6 //
more tfff1RftOSAU.
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Walker, I # .
Mrs. Carrie Adams Mrs. Emma D. Melton, Louis Adams Jr., Louis Students at Ewha, like stu- S. 9th StreetCOPELANDMrs. -
1068 Spearing St., Girl. I ICOTT
Adams m, and Mrs. Tillie A. Gomez of Philadelphia Pa., daughterof .dents everywhere like to.compare Caroline of 106 I HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR AND HER STAfF
Mr. & Mrs Willie Whitehead,
Mrs.. Wright. the copies cihe interdenominational S. 10th Street ,-- --- ------ --- _/
2048 W. 19th St. Girl.
S. : guide in their LAW-Mrs. Rosa B. of 718 CourtA.

Plans are in the making for the Spring Fashion show to be Mr. & Mrs. A. C.. Jones 5839 own language with copies in Blodgett Homes If you've been looking-for a butterscotch frosting that'sreally

presented by members of Emanuel Progressive Baptist Association, Iris Blvd., Girl. other languages they are study WHITFIELD-Tom of 1904 W. delicious and really easy-you'll be pleased with
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Singleton, ing. Because English is studiedby
Feb. 29, at New Stanton High school auditorium featuring the Etc de 5605 Mahalia Drive. Girl. thousands of students in 25th StreetBUTLERl1rs. this one It requires no cooking and, thanks to Carnation

Art Models under the supervision of Mrs. Ethel Spears. Mr. & Mrs. Amos Wiggins, other countries, there is a continuing Theresa O. of Evaporated Milk, it's perfect every time. The cream-liko

The latest in spring fashions will be presented by these well 1144 Weare St., Girl. demand for English 1706 Jefferson StreetWALKER consistency of Carnation gives you the smooth texture

trained models. Mr. & Mrs. Junior Wells, Box copies t3 over the world. ; Mrs. Rosa L. Mitchellof you expect in a good frpsting, but at only half the cost of

Tickets may be secured ,from club members. 86 Fernandina Fla., Boy. 720 Broad Street expensive cream. Do try it in all your favorite frostings

HENRY-Willie of Oak Street and see the difference.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alexander,
SMITH-Rev. William M. of 1070
S. 1559 Swift Street. Boy.

Mr. & Mrs Ezekiel Bryant ATTENTION LADIES Troyan Street
\VATKINS-Rlchard of 992 W.
5464 Bunche Drive, Girl. Bridge & Social Club

JOUr Beauty Problems? I Mr. & 11rs.Villie Clark, 1304V. Reporters Ashley Street >RVI, r r
WELLS Mrs. Bculah cf 632 W.
\ 45th "t.. PC--. Send or Mail

Answers! ; :M!'. & Mp Car: Dixon 1103 Your Social Newj 10th Street '
Genevieve WILLJMlStti of 1052 Imer- : 4!
I W. 6th St. 3"T.Mr Mondays To -
..- I on Street
& ;' Fwd :
? Rogers.
by GENEVIEVE YOUNGWENDY sandths of an Inch a day. Ask 720 Court B Girl. FLORIDA STAR HALL-Cozy of Callahan,' riorit'aDAVIS

your pharmacist about the magic I 2323 Moncrief Rd. Con 13th Jeff of 1055 Pearse Street

: You'd better stop bitIng new gelatine tablets which, taken COLLLJER-Eli of 323 Jeffer-
nails right now If you Internally are reported to stop
your Band Parents Plan son Street.
want ,them long and graceful breaking cracking. fingernails.: FLORIDA STARIN
LUKES-1m. Lucinda of 3510
How can you accent
looking for your future dance CLAIRE:
? Popular New York EVERY Ardesia Road.
dates. Doctors say fingernailsgrow your eyes Annual Barid-Q-Rama a
only about three-thou- model Patricia Stevens applies a 'LIFE-Mrs. Olie of 11 E. 115th

touch of her Royal Crown HairDressing In a recent meeting the Darnell- COLORED HOME Street New York City.
to brows lashes, and
FREDERICK Bernard of
Cookman Band Parents Club made
KIss Younr will answer TOM Ittten on eyelids to make her eyes shine
.beauty problems." B e sure to encloso sv plans for the Sixth Annual Band- 1889 Leo Land.GRIFFINMrs.. :
seir-addressed envelop aa softly. Estella of 800
Stamped O-Rama to be held in the school
end to Miss GenevleTo lonar K. C. MARY LEE W.: I do want to
Bent Institute P. O. Box *81, Memphis help you with your problem but auditorium Friday night March 11. W. Monroe Street.CHALTON i
,X, Tenn. Ulysses of st.
you must send a stamped, self- at 8 p.m.

addressed envelope la order to "Say It With Music" should Augustine.
receive a copy of my booklet EDWARDS-Mrs. Anna Livingston I
". prove to be a delightful eveningfor CREAMY BUTTERSCOTCH FROSTING
"How to Care for Problem Hair of 624 Court "D". 4
everyone. Appearing, on this 'Hakes icing for large sheet cake or 9-inch layer cake)
SARA G.: The "doityourself"hair JOYNER.-Mrs. Fannie of 740
will be the famous Dar-
which the program
stralghtenef kit 1/2 cup soft
nell Cookman and Concert W. Church Street.
famous Disc Jockey Gene Nobles Marching Hattie of 1248 11/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar .
Radio WLAC is Band; the Orchestra, Rhythmand
talks about on '' undiluted CAWJATIOM F/AFOPATED P.IKi
one of the best on the market to- Melody Band; Gretel and Ger Kings Rd.DEAN 3 '.' "t

day.It'Is effective for all types of tie, Dance School and Bolden's College Herman of 1329 i teaspoon vanilla .. II

w. hair and Is guaranteed by the of Music. The Eldorado Sportable. Florida Street.PIELDSRev.. 3 to 3'/2 cups sifted confectioners sujcru. ."
156 "
lovely New Verj.hfo portable of 910
manufacturer tQ give you The parents have divided them- In Front tuning William .'_..& uutter in small electric or until very duCy. Add confectioners
ti straight easy-to-manage hair In sq. picture. W. 1st StreetBAILEYMrs. 1 at a time,
,selves into four sponsoring areas. god sound. Tub Coord beater bowl on high speed until sugar crp
; minutes In the privacy of your Idella, of 629 very light and fluffy.Add brown S beating after each coition, until -
Area One Mrs. Jewel Felton finished back. Transformer f
back. '
own home or your money: W. '4th StTAYLOR sugar and continue beating until sprrainr<< consistency.' Use
self-addressed en- and Mrs. Bernice Dixon; Area powered chassis, -R
Send stamped Leroy: of 727 tenlight Add Carnation and on your favorite chocolate or
velope for details If you cannot Two Mrs. Edith_ Weston, Mrs. quoHzer and new HMeveJ vanilla. (Mixture will have a spice cake.Sprinkle the finished a )

yet find It at your favorite beauty E. L. Baker; Area Three Mrs. contrast control. Security Blanche StreetBENNETP curdled appearance at first.) cake with candies or chopped.
of 4 W. B. '
Seated Grcuits.Choice Bishop rl -*" .
counter Johnnie Griffin Mrs. M. Bass; Beat vigorously for 2 minutes nuts If .
-. ...- simulated I leather or tureeelfobhes. .j formerly of this city : t. "
Area Four Mrs. Melvin Hogs .
ci Prinf vl In U-S A (:iOt ,
: -P-O6rr WASHINGTON'1trS.. Daisy \ -
-- -t:.- :> and Mrs. Marion Jeffers. \ -, > :





':' ".t... = .,; .. f' ,1.'i:1- : '.......," ,, L ;. _._

..,.. :" -, "-..... -.' --.. :'Ti- < r.1. ,'..'" -. --. .....-.


.1- '
.. 3.. : 1 '
; .
.: .. d!'; -" ,, ., ,':;. : '" .n i' it -
: : J "
.: :: : .

aoi Four l .
Week Ending Saturday, February 27, 1960

Methodist Women Local Schools Selected -- T w 'bt af -

t I -

Want "SegregationTaken I I To Participate In Tests Church News

StudentsofNew Stanton Senior

Out ChurchBUCK High, Isaiah Blocker Jr. High and

James Weldon Junior High will .

participate 'in "Project Talent" 1 CHURCH NEWS ........ .... .... ........ +i WEST UNIONACTIVITIES
HILL FALLS, Pa. (ANP) luring the month of March. I: ANNIVERSARYOBSERVED

The national organizaticn rep "Project: Talent" Is a series of I

senting 1,800.000 Methodist women test*whkh will serve as a help- District No. 1 of Bethel Baptist' The youth committee of West
recently called on the 1960 General ful aide* in determining the abilityof Church will observe its 35th anniversary II Union Baptist Church will observe

Conference of The Mqthodist the ctudents and to assist each Feb. 28 at 3 pm., in the their anniversary Sunday night t
Church to "take clearly defined student in selecting the career for church auditorium.Rev. during the celebration of the

steps to remove the pattern of seg- \ Jjzch he will be best suited. s =f'dq R. J. Elaine pastor of St. church and pastor's anniversary.
steps to remove the pattern: of,s* g This project is financed by funds Paul AME Church and the Rev. Various singing groups will appear

rogation from the structure of the from the United States Office of J. T. McMillan, pastor of Grant,on the program.

church and from its total program Education through the Comissioner Memorial AME Church and their District 2 will meet Sunday at
and iractices." of Education Lawrence G. Der- congregations conduct the 3 p.m. in the educational building.

thick. program. District 6 will meet Sunday at
In a memorial (recommendation) 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Ida
to be sent to the General Conference .I Localcommittee: members of S. Thomas, 1163 Steel Ct. District 13
the Woman's Division of "Project Talent" are) Dr. John V. GOSPEL CHOIR will meet Sunday morning follow-

Christian Service asked that the McQuitty, University of Florida; HOUR OF CHARM ing morning worship.DEACONESS .
General Conference make "an unequivocal Dr. J. Irving E. Scott, William T. The Gospel Chorus of West
statement of policy call- Harper, Charles D. Brooks, ElwoodJ. ZION DELEGATION IN NASSAU: This delegation, representing the ADZE Zion Church, was caught as Friendship Baptist Church will 0 e .

ing for a plan to change the pre Banks, Louveni E. Solomon, Edward it embarked from the SS Florida to inspect the work carried on there. The delegation was led by Bishop present an "Hour of Charm" Sunday BOARDANNIVERSARY

sent organizational structure of seb- T. Benthone, Claude 0, Billiard Herbert Bell Shaw, who has charge of the work. Elaborate plans were made to expand and a new night, 7:30 pjn. in the audi
regated jurisdictions and annual Dr. H. James Greene and church will be built. It is expected that other islands in the area will be explored. L-r Rev. A. C. Rolle, torium of the church. Rev. W. C. Mitchell of Little

conferences with 1 reasonable Emma L. George.About. the local pastor; Alexander Barnes, director of public relations; Rev. D. L. Pridgen, Miami, Florida; Sunday services will begin with Rock Baptist Church will deliver

speed." Rev. J. M.. Butler, Key West, Florida; Mrs. Pauline Ferguston, Miami, Florida; Rev. V. R. Hill, Pensa- the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. the sermon for the anniversary of
cola Florida; Mrs. M. Ardelle Shaw and Bishop II. B. Shaw, Wilmington, N, C.; Rev. A. F. Hooper. Key Deaconess Board No. 2 of Mace-
The General Conference, which is West, Florida; Miss Frances Atkins Wilmington, N. C. and Mrs. V. R. Hill, Pensacola, Florida. Little donia Baptist Church Sunday at
The Methodist Church's highest Michael Himm, son of ,the Pensacola couple is standing in front. 3 pjn. in the church auditorium.
1 law-making body, will hold its TRUSTEE SPEAKERRev. .

quadrennial meeting in Denver, .................. V -- John James will be the
Colo., starting April 27. \ .......... ......
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Flem- I speaker Sunday at 3 pjtn., in Mt.

ing announce the approaching' Tabor Baptist Church for the pro- HOMECOMING DAY

Poeple marriage of their niece Adell gram sponsored by the trustee SERVICES

Usher Board Brown to Charles Warren, Jr., the Board. 1 Homecoming day services has
grandson of Mrs. Lunette Brady. The Male Chorus will furnish been scheduled for February 28th.
Mrs. Johnnie M. Thomas and -
Miss Brown: is a graduate of iti 1r ; music for this affair. at Day Spring Baptist Church. Mrs.
To Present daughters, Sylvia and Dena, spent schoolat ) .
Lowndes County Training Estell Williams will be guest
the week-end in Port TampaCity
Valdosta Ga., and Warren is SUNDAY WORSHIP speaker for the occasion.
recently visiting her father and
Annual Tea a graduate of New Stanton now Sunday School at 9:45 ajn. with Program committees are: Mrs.
brothers, Oscar, Glenwood and
stationed at Keesler Air Force t 1t4 Mrs. J. M. Allen in charge, will M.: ulIard, Mrs. Sarah Glen and
Leroy Lewis.
Base in Biloxi, Miss. begin the regular order of servicefor Mrs. F. Smith.

The wedding has been set for N I Sunday, followed by Morning .........:........
Usher Board No. 2 of Emanuel February 25th. worship at 11 a.m. with the dea-
Baptist Church will present its "Here Comes the Bride" will be I u ( cons in charge of devotions. Ser- MEN'S DAYAXOUCKD

annual "Sacred Musical Tea", heard in early June when the S. t tOur I mon will be delivered by the pastor -

March 20th from 3 to 5 p.m. in marriage of Doris .Linda of 1 the Rev. O. Hohnson.
sick and shut-ins are: Mrs
Gainesville and Edward R. Foun-
the auditorium of the church. Evening worship 7 p.m. Choir Rev. D. W. Bass, pastor of Cen-
Bertha Brinson, 1144 W 9th
tain of this city will be solemnized.The .
I 2 No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will tral CME Church, has announcedthat
Street Doris Brown 2233
Appearing on program will be bride-elect is a junior in ; Mrs. ,
serve. The Rev. L. M. Lavant and Men's Day will be observed
Mrs. Laura Harris, Mrs. Mattie the school of nursing at FloridaA College Circle; Manuel Rivera
congregation of St. Mark Baptist March 13th.Roscoe .
Blount, Mrs. Erma J. Odum and & M University and the groomis Veterans Center in Dublin, Ga.. F'
Mrs. Alice Burroughs, Soloists; presently employed in the Pos- Mrs. Ada M. Lee, 1572 W. 30th Episcopal Church. Photo church will conduct an after Webb, principal at Peck
break service in the interest of the build- High School, Fernandina Beach is
Elizabeth confer coffee
Mrs. Lucile Mote, Mrs. Viola tal Department in Los Angeles Street; Mrs. Redding, THREE EPISCOPAL BISHOPS during
Sneed, Mrs. S. L. Badger, the California. 2113 Wright Avenue; William it the final quarterly meeting of the -Church's National Coun- ing drive. general chairman.

male chorus, and Choir No. 2. Drayton, 2554 Jerusalem Lane: oil in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last month. Host bishop is the
Directing the affair will bMrs. Rev. W. M Tucker Brewster Hos- St Rev. Donald H. V. Hallock (center) of Milwaukee, and \i '

Laura Harris, president of Mr. and Mrs Ernest Wyatt of: pital; Mrs. Dorothy Bowdens (left) the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the .

No. 2 Usher Board. 5218 Vernon Road are the proud 1285 W. 31st Street; Mrs. Marie 'J. S, the Rt. Rev. Arthur Lichtenberger, and (right) the Rt. Teeth Affect One Out Of Four
parents of a baby girl born Feb. Wilder, 721 W. Union Street andS. fcev. Stephen F. Bayne, Jr., who became Executive Officer of Jumpy ; ;

-- 17 at Brewster Hospital. A. Austin of 1731 Calhoun he worldwide Anglican Communion on January 1, 1960. New Home Treatments Are EffectiveBy
Street. I

Calendar'Events Helen C.Anderson I t i

If you've ever experienced a sharp "boinnnng" of excruciating -
pain when something hot or cold touched a tooth, you share a prob-
: l em: with millions of other people. Sensitive or "jumpy" teeth are
found In in four.
one person every \ I
ti :' Dr. Irwin Abel, New York dentist, explains that the pain arisesin
: the innermost part of the tooth,known as the pulp. But the effectof
I "" temperature changes-or even the mild pressure of a toothbrush
reaches the pulp through nerve
74 patients with sensitive teeth.
ends near a tooth's surface. I
IS SUNDAY 54: Of these, 45 reported complete
relief, 25 had moderate relief,
Pride of Maceo Temple 186. ," and only four could recognize no
Daughter Elks will sponsor their ; ; : : benefit.
annual Similar good results with the
Fellowship Banquet Feb.
dentifrice were reported earlier
29, at the Elks Home, 712 W. Du- -
__ ,' by Dr. Gerald Fitzgerald of
val Street. Lathrup Village Mich. In the
1 Mrs. Louvenia Turner is general \ journal Dental Digest,he reported
chairman of this affair and has complete relief in 39 of 92
< patients,with varying degrees of
announced that a lovely dinner \\ benefit in all the others.A .
" in banquet style -will be served. ,< : Chicago research team head
Friends are invited. ed by Dr. Patrick D. Toto put
i the new toothpaste to a more
rugged test. When people need
t.Yt rr' .. y 3 the
I : :a : treatments at tooth-gum line,
PRE-'SPRING I including the planing of tooth
/ / I1 :. root surfaces, they often have
MUSICAL I's I' \ ,;;,. sensitive teeth to begin with and
/ 1 I the dental operation increasesthe
The annual pre-spring musical I I I i' : ; 't \ sensitivity. *
: In 71 such patients Dr. Toto
will be presented by the Gospel i f'I '
Chorus of Day Spring Baptist : :-i ',i.. fi.4 f I!!' ..'..._',.I ..ti _<..:,:..., real and associates at the sta found" .46.id with 14 more sensitivity ,

Church March 14 at 8:15 p.m. in ,i.! i .i f :::: \ security \ t I oinnnn:" whose teeth bc aT.. -:::isitive afterward -
; '
the auditorium of the church. .. f I _, a I Ir with only 11 who did
Special guest groups from sev- _: j : Painting: sensitive teeth with not have the problem at all. The
eral churches of the city will take I 1 silver nitrate will often relievethe dentists gave some of the patients I
part In this affair. i We don't mean'the nicestliouse in the best } f c: pain, but there's a major others the active dentifrice and '
'J drawback the chemical also an identical-looking
Usher Board No. 2 will sponsor / n _i b hborhooJ. the newest t, sleekest car. .. I turns the teeth black. Applica- toothpaste, instructing all 'to
; its annual coffee hour March 13 the right schools tions of such varied substances as brush vigorously and effectively.All .
r In the auditorium of the chU h. :) the right; CardS. t : miners salts, formrdt'cayded: i but one of the sensitive;
Music hot olive} oil give only tcmne:;jry, ptir.t.Vhn: used the active ',01-:
will -I.
be furnished /
by the Intl} ,: relief making it r.ecesc rr': to r:- I iirrie"7tre I'eHn'!f1 1 in tro to
Choral Group of Edward:: Waters I they cant dovith t r'r to turn tkr': _':st'or t..- i tkrc'>> ...tv':-.. wh'lj! ."'I I hid i :: :
} College. "- ,. ut. ihe land that comes agcm end R:'.i >. i t.3: :.t y:' ::' 1r : :.. J
i Cut treat < ... '. rr.c .(.n.; p* ': '.-
\ > :.1::! "an i : s jk
"-.. a i fr:0: plied cCcctive.j: .r', come,:,!:_ .1 I : 1 ":i.
life reports to his fellow! danlr j ?M ': :.e (h-*;. :.: i.. .:ll.r. ;:.e
AFTER SERVICE. 'I. 1': in in themselves. t. ., ',. ..> a proc tonal) journ 1. A t jv ;- .::_..t r': L.. v.;. : U11 SPEAKER ; For life pft;: ccntsiniiiT mineral l sr":';it ,i : :::3. :iJi.a the trouble will
'-' is no game for spiritual sl; sies. I ..t... r.d lormalin ill usu'ally; } provide j bs :-ae&teJ, and require the

Rev. Charles J. Crosby pastor i Only Faith) the armor of the spirit. } relief daily far brushing.a short period. of regular -. attention reason, Thermodent of a dentist.should For that be

of Shaw Memorial Church will be ". will give them the stamina to meet itcourageously Dr.Abel gave the special toothpaste used upon a dentist's recommen-
heard ,
In an after-service ,, t
sermon .. known as Therm odetit, to, dation.
Sunday in Grant Memorial AME no matter what it brings, ,

Church. Ypu can show children
The service Is being sponsoredby i your +' v

Mrs.Helen McMillan in interestof where to find faith. how to d. a

Auxiliary Board No. 2. ".. :=, i : 1 i build it day by Jay i if you make a Y -

....> /: ;. I l :praying family affair OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS I


By William Henry Huff :-l: :: ::: ": There EXPERIENCED are openings for- Newpaper reporter editor I(

; If I ,, ,: : : copy-readers advertising salesmen
can just be real and true _, ,. ,. :. circulation
And have no cunning ways, :..: t.{(. ::'!'_.' -'-4'-_': "' ,: -" ''.-':.'' .!'".,,".. :f' men and women. printers compositors, linotype .

As those who win must surely do operators. .
) .
In these and future days, ,
I will not heap a pile of wrath f::> __ BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We win train
reporters and people for all '
To fall upon my head young department!
Or dread a fearful aftermath if you hare a real desire to become a memberof

But live in peace instead. the a.arrpayer fraternity.

f a Stronger richer life worship together week WE NEED Men and women yousg or fie,
I ::_ : y I .every 0 .. aged in all fields for a chain newspaper and

FLORIDA STAR .t. '. maoazlnea I
." -. ._ .' ,. ACT NOW Stats experience and age. ,
7 IN EVERY ',; C'itNt ,
,> t tbuted te floe Refi i*'oa k timed Uf. Program WHITE
r '. ''i'{? :- "' ;: : ly : : INTERSTATE
.' PBESS _
:$.. .
.. .
: .. '
., : I W' )... 4>- .:;> P. O. Box 732 JactaonYille :.j ,_ '
: 1 Fla. ,
:3 : ?
:: ; : .
: > / ;:: .;,_ ,_, _, ..-1'1< :"J; > ., ". ;rc' ., ,, '
':':" :' .! -A' P',: ,:, ::; ;N-f': .-

.... ,
r" d '


0- '. > '

__ '. ,!.'-..',. ." ;_;).;.<-,:r. .11- ,,_.(".:..:,:"..Jt.:-"_;:"
:Ji" ,

I : 4_ \ :1


,' -

1960' 1HE FLORIDA STAB pu s3 Five
( Week Ending Saturday, February 27, -

I School Officials Deny ? YIY

On JobWilliam
r Knowing Sweet '

D. Sweet, Duval Vocational School principal was told

t Thursday to stay out of the school because he has no official

standing the school system. ,' .r
t; -
Sweet was refused a contract ;
r Scott answered, '-X I don't J.
I for the school year starting July 4' >< .% J
know" to that question and to a ;
f' I, 1959.!) when the'board charged I
statement by David that the
him and Dr. Garrett Fortner, ,
supervisor of trade and indus- chairman 'has information that ?9l r ::,, Y.. ,;clw 'aa. ks w !/! ta
Sweet not only is working but
trial education, with insubor-
also is running the school.
dination and inefficiency.
Baker asked Scott when he
Sweet and Fortner sued the
last had played cards with Sweet,
school board and Circuit Court
and Scott said he didn't remem-
issued an order directing the

board to issue Fortner a contract ber."I s rt .rt qca -
don't mean the exact date"
and pay his $8,500 salary. A ,
kt, ;
Baker said, "just approximate-
: hearing is scheduled Tuesday on (y." f

a petition for an identical writ
"It was one night last week,"
brought by Sweet's attorneys. -
Scott admitted.
It was brought out at Thurs-
"Do you mean to say that you
day's hearing that both Sweet r .a M v

and Fortner were informed spent an evening playing cards -- .-_.- ___ __, __ _u _. ,_ __ '. "_ __._.,,--- --_---- ---- -
with him and don't know what .
months ago by School Supt. IshBrant held at Shiloh Baptist Church: -- -- ---
he's doing?" Baker queried.That's FUND DRIVE-Pictorial highlights of the Free dom Fund Drive

that they had no contracts ,right," said Scott., last Friday featuring Jackie Robinson as princi pal speaker are seen here. In the photo at top
and therefore no status with the Church and Rev. Robert Wilson $80,000 Daddy Grace Had
"It would appear you don't left Rev. J. S. Johnson (centr) pastor of St. Stephen AIHE :

school system, and were to remain know very much about anything (right) pastor of Bethel Baptist Church are see n presenting; $500 pledges to Ruthledge IL Pear-

away from the schools. that's "' son (left) treasurer of the Jacksonville BranchAt NAACP.a '
in the
on school On Him At Death MissingBy .
Board Chairman Raymond A. Baker concluded. top right Jackie Robinson is seen presentingcity plaque to Benjamin Irvin, a mason of the

David yesterday asked what John Saare, director of voca- for his outstanding work with the NAACP. Looking oh are: J. IL Goodson and Robert I
Sweet is doing at present and Saunders. SAMUEL P. PERRY JR.
tional and adult education declared leaders estate. Inside sources noted
said he knows "for certain"
: In New Bedford, Attorney Roy F. that Bishop Grace had his
Sweet Is at School 101 daily and ,
unofficially acting"as principal."As "I was told these persons were PHYSICIANS ADVISEDTO MONTGOMERY MINISTER HURLS, CHARGES, AT Texeira, who was appointed the church invest heavily in go.emment -
not on the payroll and had no adminstrator of the Grace estate bonds which paid off in non-
far as Tm concerned,when I
official status." He added he had MARTIN LUTHER KING by Bristol County authorities, told taxable interest.
Sweet and told
Fortner were they
reported to Brant by letter that MOBILIZE r FOR the that he had found $;00,000in
had no contracts that was the MONTGOMERY, Ala.-(ANP) The Rev. Uriah J. Interesting, If True
same as telling them they were the two were on the job, but Fields candidate for the City-County board of educationand Daddy Grace's name in New But, an interesting question has
Bedford banks and about $07.000 in
fired," David said. "When they that he was in a dilemma as to RACIAL EQUALITY former secretary of Martin Luther King's Montgomery been raised by Attorney Texeira.lie .
real estate. Texeira con-
what to do about it.
keep on working, even unofficially Improvement Association, has accused MIA of mis- informed reporters that Bishop
servatively estimated the total
Sweet said he
I consider it a slap at me as was directed by appropriation of money contributed by Negro citizens.In Grace had $80,000 on his person at
his attorney to report for workas wealth of Bishop Grace at $25 mil.
a member of this board." DR MAZIQUE TELLS MEDICSTO a book he wrote, titled "The Montgomery Story," the hospital where he died in Los .

Board Member Martinez Baker usual while the case is in "CLOSE RANKS" AND Rev. Fields charged that MIA could not account for $100- lion.The prominent attorney also disclosed Angeles. The entire amount disappeared -

said whoever is responsible for litigation.He FIGHT FOR EQUALITY 000, donated to the 1956 Negro boycott which broke down that prior to death of the to add still another aura =

Sweet being on the job should be was instructed by the CHICAGO (A.WlDr.. Edward racial barriers on city buses. He also charged MIA with of mystery to the case.
been dick-
charged with insubordination.Baker school ,board not to do so, and Mazique, president of the National presumably depositing another $100,000 in banks of various religious leader, had Attorney Texeira plans to visit
with New York City mer-
t asked Supt. Brant: advised to consult his attorney.The Medical Association, this week or- states, thus making the group "financilly secure." cantile ering establishment a with an eye each of the :300 churches of the

"Ish, did you know Sweet was board directed Adams to dered his organization to mobilizeits Fields describes Rev. King as "an ordinary young man House of Prayer in an effort to
it for of about
to sum
on the Job?" draw up the necessary papers to resources; and strengthen its who by chance was placed in a position where he could purchasing a untangle the legal and financial af

"No," Brant answered. prevent Sweet from going to the in the $6 million. fairs. .
economic and social support make his views known. V _.
school, but the attorney said that Widow seeks One-Third
"Are you sure, Ish?" Baker bitter fight for equality and broth- -
since the hearing on Sweet's Attorney Texeira has filed an appearance -
asked. erhood and peace in .this nuclear .
petition is to come up Tuesday, lor jurs. Jan Grace 01 Club NotesThe
"Do you mean to question
my any court action now would be age.The Zeta Phi I Beta'sPlan To participate in this cotillionthe New Bedford so that she can get
integrity? the
superintendent in his recent
order given
rather useless.In was ladies must be enrolledin \\hch the
young one-third of the estate s Spelman College Club will
demanded. Medical AssiocatxSn meeting here CotillionMembers 10, 11 or 12 grades in
the. legal widow's share in Massacb"- of
hold Coffee Hour in honor
Baker said that since he and a
( other areas of school sys- in Chicago. local or neighboring county high
the other board members setts. Dean and Mrs. B. R. Brazeal of
were tem matters, it was learned that:
that Sweet Pointing out that the progress' of of the Beta Alpha Zeta schools 'have satisfactory recordsof Seeking a daughter's she of Atlanta, Georgia Monday the
aware was working, Several teachers and newly
then Brant should have been too. principals of both ,sexes appointed the Negro community is followinga Chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta conduct, and a high scholastic the estate is Mrs. Irene Noriega. ,twenty-ninth of February from

warned Sorority are making plans for average. seen inasmuch as Bishop Grace's o'clock at the homeof
to nine
course, Mazique eight
Dr. J. Irving Scott, director of have been questioned about alleged zig-zag
Negro education, was questioned payoff for teaching jobs theNMAthat it cannot remain in- their fourth Junior Debutante Eligible and interested persons will, drawn in 1943, did not men- Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso Wilson.

the NMA that it connot remain in- Cotillion to be held at Duval may have their parents contac tion Mrs. Grace. Mrs. Grace con- 1357 West 11th Street.
also about Sweet's activities. and promotions Also that at
David asked him "Is Sweetforking least two principals are faced' different in this period of transi- County Armory, May 6th. Mrs. Ella L. Jones, president of tends she and Bishop Grace were All graduates, former studentsof

tion. A "Miss Blue Revue" contest the chapter 1449 Evergreen Avenue married on February 11, 1909 and Spelman, Morehouse men and
at School 101? with accounting for school funds.
will be conducted in connection or Mrs. Alpha H. Moore 1329 there wasno legal divorce.In their wives, and friends of the

r with this presentation. W.. 8th Street. the meantime, state and fed- college are invited to attend. .

eral income tax officials have takenan Mrs. Juanita P. Smith Is Presi-

intensified interest in the tax- dent and Miss Dorothy H. Oliver

-: able portion of the late religious is Reporter.

Do's And Don'tsPERM I ,

Charge Pupil Assignment ,


e 4 Wwe a :.' feAT 51- Applied To Negroes Only1.' -1. .

.ar'd 2 te '

t. a. orsso .a .r f



JJ- PENSACOLA, FLA., Feb. .-The Florida PUD!' A s lg..:.: !:it

arc Law came under legal attack here this week with the filing ofa

complaint in the federal district court by attorneys for the

t 1 1 wrr ;,'1 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

The complaint was filed on

"- qrla behalf of Negro children in Es. Chamberlain Breaks

a x v f + ri:2 cambia County, Fla., and againstthe "

: Board of Public Instructionof NbA( Scoring Record

,y + the County and its school of-

ficials. It seeks a court order DETROIT (ANP) Although

.Y k I prohibiting the school authorities there are 18 games remaining,

I from operating and maintaining Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain, bas

.y e i a dual system of public ketball's most heralded rookie, \

education. early last week set a new National

Basketball AssrL's all-time single

The focal point of the attack season scoring record with a 41

in the complaint is the Florida point splurge against the Detroit

: : Pupil Assignment Law which Pistons. However, the PhiladelphiaWarnys '

,:" ; permits school authorities to assign I lost the game, 112113.
':',; ., /.: : '. l t rHJ'v t.. A t publi: fchool pupils on the The 7-foot-2 is thus in the proC' -
: \ ,
-.. '" Yj j basis of "sociological psychological ':s '>f Nritim :he ef Ltc bosMb -

;- ''.'' "Owmation is the milk that whips like cream plating to a student. Carnation in the red -" 'bi4' ethical and cultural background l I .a ;--\.JJ; boo':. In'diti, t(> \

yamwith- ,. far fewer fa ,calories," Miss Thrift and white( can is the world's favorite brand. and social scientific fac- I tile fo ig tit'"". Tilt; ; a.: :vay out

; 4IL' tors." in fruit in rctoun'Is, topping the

... ."- Celtics' BJ1 Russ10: \ previously -
[.:. Horde Economics) Director tells 2Ljc4 .. -= M' The law also gives the school dominated that area.

officials authority to ask public
In setting the new scoring mark

,.I?;"Carnation? : is the milk I use like : school ment tc pupils give seeking in detail reassign-specific Chamberlain 2,134 points hiked, bettering his season by totalto 29

reasons for the request and why
: ... points the old record of 2,109 set
they feel they would make a
xi cream-with 1/2 the fat calories "normal adjustment" to the last season by the Sl. LouisHawks'

Bob Pettit.Qhamberlain .
.fy STONE change in. environment from

,:.. Miss Pinkie Thrift is chairman of the home ..rich_ quick cheese sauce...moist meat one racial school. system to the who scores most of

economics department at Southern Univer- loaves. And whipped desserts and recipes ANNOUNCES other. his field goals on "Dunk shots,"

.: sity/Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "In class we like Whipped Sundae Salad!" (Recipe is The Pupil Assignment Law set the new record in only 57

::- use Carnation like cream, to make favorite shown below.)A special method of evapora New Ledge Stone Design however, has been applied onlyto games with the Warriors. It took
dishes taste extra special Miss Thrift Pettit 72 games to set the former ,
extion gives today's Carnation the consistency the assignment and reassignment -
plains. "Smoother cream sauce,for example of golden cream nth / the fat calories!, of Negro students.

Thus there is possibility that ;
F a
---------- 1 In the complaint filed today,
I* : I ____ also Chamberlain will score dose to
recipe ----------- Legal Defense attorneys
2,800 points before the season is
.I TViiipped Sundae Salad TO WHIP CARNATION (ChillI cup undiluted I charge the Escambia County f. 1

r I' CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK an retngeraI school- officials with maintain-
(Makes 6 servings) ( -
I tor tray until soft crystals form around edge ing two school zone lines, one

I Hi cups canned cf tray((15-20 minutes).Whip until stiff(about I for Negroes and the other for Send or Bring Your New

I pineapple chunks 1 minute). Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice. I whites. The "colored school R=> I
j I 1 cup pineapple syrup' Whip until xay stiff ((1-2 minutes longer) I system" is staffed entirely by In To The j\J.' : '. I
J Makes about 3 cups.
I 1 package lemon gelatinVi Negroes the attorneys argue, 11
!t. I cup chopped nuts syrup to boiling. Pour over gelatin.Stir until i r NO DOWN 7 FOR ,AS LOW ASJ269" and the ."white" schools solely .
V.i:f. K cup mayonnaise gelatin dissolves.Chill until thick and syrupy. I EVj f D by Office & Plant
i 1 Add nuts,mayonnaise and celery.Fold whipped PAYMENT 1 :
cup chopped celery
: .
t Carnation and gelatin mixture to ge th r Alter* I h for the Negro pupils r .:,>'':;.1-
::. I. ,-4 ,3 cups whipped Carnation nate layers of whipped mixture ,. ;
(" ., gelatin .and (Win. tppcI5D are Thurgood Marshall and 2323 MONCRIEF RD |1't
: pineapple in tall g l asses.Chi(). I sq. hell) Constance Baker Motley tf

-' -. .--------------.----_______Irf1a "'w Ootetf Charles P. Wllison 4 '..
I New York, and -
PHONEME 9,7794 FOR FREE ESTIMATE of Pensacola, Fla. Near 13th Street t,<- .'
: ,
r 'i- '
iH. : ::,, : .:'; :{!: >'> ,.., .' .i j .. ,, -r.-E e-.b.. ,. t' r. -, ; -i.:j-f',,-<.:'<.-.;u-: ,< '

i 41 t f s ... ..
... /'It',,;..,.... 'J 7" ,1x "
#.t=-- .
,, 1 ,"

I .. I
:.:';O. _

,-"",-.,- ...--:., ;I-. ---.tr:
. ..... '("' ,. ....' "
: -; ,fr't'l",!'!" --, ,- '. :? '. i ...*"> V, .
It : : : \ ; ,


, .
.'. .
,' t al '

" )Jt.J.. I :: "' t /: ,\,:. :. : : L .> r:

-- ;*
z .
:' ... .

, A j jr

r .' Page Six THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday, February 27, 1960

1 '
... '
: 'For the third consecutive day 1
Protest SpreadsTo POLICE REPORTS
Thursday a group of teenagers I '
DeLand Ffa. attempted unsuccessfully to obtain I CAMPUS CRIER ;!
service at the P. W. Wool-
DE LAND-Approximately 20
worth lunch counter here.Thursday's LONE BANDIT ROBS WOMANAT WOMAN IS HELD ur .
Negro high school students attempted -
unsuccessfully to obtain By FREDERICKA TOOLEY.
effort better
was :
Mrs. Rhonda Williams, 34, 1514
service Wednesday at the : Mrs. Lula Mae Stinson, 19, of
< organized, with approximately 40 Van Buren Street was the victimof Northwesterners now have the .
P, W. Woolworth lunch counter seated or standing around the a robber who put a knife around 720 CL E. Blodgett Homes was chance
to make known their hidhave
here. robbed of her handbag and >$3 in -
counter and others coming and her neck, shoved her down and
: i displayed interest in the \
bills last Saturday when she was
going for about 30 minutes. containing
Poliee said there were no took her pocketbook held female robber by vying in tryouts. So far thirty
by a ,
up police
threats or Tiolence when the The group organized about v. $a.99, police reported.The ru ,orted. ((30) Northwesterners have tried I

demonstration occurred about 3:30 p.m. at Bandshell Park and victim said she was walking out for parts in "Phantom of the !

3:30 pjn. A few Negroes of high marched to' the store about 4. along day Street and when Mrs. Stinson said she was walk High School", a three act mystery-

f school' age attempted a similar They sat at the counter read- she reached Ashley Street, a man ing south on Davis Street about comedy by Anne Coulter Martens. :;

t demonstration Tuesday afternoon ing school books and chatting, who had been following her puta 9:30 pjn. and when she got in This is a major project for the i'

. witnesses said. I for about half an hour.Now' knife around her neck and took front of 1043 Davis Street a woman I senior class. It is to be presented

! her bag. After snatching the pocket- stopped her and forced her into an April 18, and 19, at 8:00 pjn. in I j

..'.;, book, he ran through an alley be- alley with a straight razor and the school cafctorium. I

I 7 $ CRIPP SNeEA N tween Ashley and Church Streets. robbed her. There are eighteen parts avail- I

() G N FOV PAhF'G'S.t: .....:............ The victim was treated at Duval able, eight men, and ten women. I

\I, Medical Center for laceration of her The characters are: Mindy, Rick. 1

vc4' 1S BOY FRIEND CUTS chin. The lotal loss was given at Julie, Alan, Randolph, Betty, Nina I

rr'.r LOVER IN FACEA $6.00. Sue, Chuck, Miss Harker Miss I

32-year-old woman was beaten Winslow, Mr. Gibney, Miss Benson .j
4 and kicked in the face by her boy Patrolmen T. L. Mays and R. Evelyn Cole, fanny, Marty Red-

friend last Sunday while visiting George investigated. mond, Norma Janeway, and Sgt.
his aunt's home, police reports in Madrigan.
dicate. -T-
Seniors who have already tried
Mrs. Carla Tyson of 822 Cleveland -
:Y..yy.. ?fk' 'A,?* '*., *< Jr>. WOMAN IS STABBED for parts are; Catherine Marshall,
'' Street said she and her boyfriend
1 ?** **i Jr POCKET KNIFE
Catherine Ann Leou
+ %&&' Kof'tff Charles Lane, 27, of the
Catherine Annie Lou Johi-
*' j same address got into an argu- Mrs. Sara Auling of 1086 W. 13th Barney,

,. **4--v* .- t, '*' ? T vJV r ment in the 1000< block of Jefferson Street was stabbed in the left chest son, Fredericka Tooley, Rodney I
; __L faeJ5LJa>jLlaS:IV_JWITHCR Hurst* Edward Ilickson, Betty
Street. She said they went to m.aunt's last Monday by a man !mown only I

,, c Striking and charming Terri Springer of Cleveland- ,* Ohio PHOTO, house where he jumped on as "Beefsteak," police reported.The Cummings Jeanette, Marjorie Meeks Solomon, Julius i,
t Barney, Bryant,
', C has been appointed account executive by Arnold & Associates, her. He knocked her down and :
victim said she was Dempsey, Roy Mays, Linda Tar-
, kicked her in the face she said. :
.. public Relations Agency of Memphis & Chicago.
22nd Street and a man came ver, Johnnie Martin, Mary Butler, i
9 1 Miss Springer 36-24-36 will campaign for theagency's Police said the victim had been i
and '
,.. Up'to her and stabbed her Mary Blount, Argenia Hagen
Taystee Bread account.VeteransCorner. drinking and could not give thema
--.-- -- .. left. He was gone when the police Gloria Watkins, Ronnie Calhoun ,
of what happened.She
clear story
: came to the scene. Eugene Calhoun, Johnetta Shep- :
4' was taken to Duval Medical
Duval pard, Annie Bell Henry, Vivian
Center where she was treated and The victim was taken to
arrested for disorderly conduct and Medical Center and left for treat- Mouzon Claudine Gay, Elizabeth ,
Gauldin Penelope Jones, Peggy
drunk reported.
t being police
Patrolmen Freddie Mack and Patrolman F. L. Cooey and Sgt. I Pelzey, Bettie Jeane Threadcraft, "'

1I5. T: Because of the widespread interest Q. Does this mean that if a vet Johnnie( Doe investigated. O. R. Branch investigated. Gladys Mills, Anna Dean BIj'aIltfHn'G.s ; ;

Fia ,ar .e among veterans and their eran owns a farm or an apartment .,

S year, the Florida Star this week house he will have to sell his
prints the second of five columnsof erty before he can be eligible to r ;
y uL[ KNOw
pertinent information on the receive a pension?
new law. Succeeding columns will -. -.# ". .
A. Not necessarily. It would depend : A
appear each week. Cut out and t f'f
save each column for a complete upon the size and value of E,

V fact sheet. The following questions, that property and many other fac f
tors. The VA has made no attempt '
with appropriate answers, were
to" provide an absolute yardstick om'T I
by the Veterans Administration '7
from the thousands being for measuring the corpus) of an es i I''

.. asked tate. Nor has the VA set a dollars ,
;f I
and cents ceiling where the ?
.. valueof '
'ti, .Lr3' S ""f&R .
Q. What would constitute "hard- an estate will operate as a bar '* : ;
-i. ods to be used 11' computing income to pension entitlement. T:
r *
under the new system? ; .5'I; J
In each case consideration must '
'- -'- A. Income received by a veteran be ,, y vz
given to the type of property, .,
or by his widow from any source, the age of the claimant: his life : I
with few will be \ ffJJ:6 : .
f f f con- : "
expectancy, his state of health, the \\i\ :" v. ,'
sidered' "
income under the new '
number of persons dependent on : :
r- In where the t ;
-" "' :$ u.'T.; .. : ,'T .WJ system. cases vet- him for support, and his income w .
"\ .,... 1.) eran's spouse has a separate in- from other sources. A veteran's : if/
come the new law provides 'that is excluded .. JoORN IN COUJMBUS, OHIO SON OF i
J HI'9'h dwelling from consideration }
TIme- To Order QualllY all such income over $1200 per .
's The as part of his estate. Each :
Clean Burning & year shall be counted as the vet- will .
j case be judged individually on ;
For your stove or fireplace dependents on the new pension its own merit. OF AN AUSTRALIAN SAVAGE-CHANGED
Coal I the TON law going into effect later ,thisship" Detailed .
by the BAG or by z to fit your ,
in this instance? individual \ t.t.ANT INDUSTRY WITH HIS INVENTIONS!
{I Iii ALL SEASONS ICE. & FUEL CO. case may obtained .
"Our 17th Year" A. If the evidence shows that the from a contact representative at .

I't' 5883 Norwood A re. PO 4-4511 eran's income, unless to do so any' VA office.M. !f INVENTION WAS A STEAM BOILER FURNACE -. \

I I would. What create income a hardship.Q. is specifically. 5, 1 IN I884JN 1905 HE PATENTED AUTO-: I

I ; entire income is needed for large V. C. CAGERS -/ ? -MATICAIRBRliKESAMDATELEGRAPH FOR '

I and unusual family expensessuchas rITA BENA, MISSISSIPPI- I

jI" those incurred by serious illness Aiming at their third South Central x USE BETWEEN MOVING TRAINS IN ALL HE HELD

.", or unusual expenses incurred for Conference Co-Visitation Basketball

, the education of children-counting Championship in as many FIFTEEN ELECTRIC RAILWAY PATENTS AND STILL: '-

all but $1200 of the spouse's in- years, the red hot Mississippi Vocational tcoryriNfIytAL

come as the income of the veteran College Delta Devils were MORE. ON OTHER. DEVICES I .

might be regarded as a hardship. one win shy of wrapping, the title .
GRAYHAIRSIIWSIIYYOIIOSw. Each case of this nature is con- up at this writing.

sidered on its own merits.Q. .
J "LIQUID L mat's EAU DENNA What income is specifically Boasting their longest consecu- FEA fU.P6S -:--
HAIR COLOURWH exempt by law? tive win streak in their cage history .

!....vpy Ulr U It I*'30 .*....w*- '; A., Eight categories of incomeare the Devils have set their
,.-p. w*.U'io. k..w II.... w_ *wf. M IIi 16 home ;JBU5NESS
sights February
from consideration in on a
14. 0.. eppIicat....with ...... b.wb MX2.h : exempt,
i. 41 MC It. N* pock. N* ..... calculating the annual income to court conference finale clash with

OU ANYONE SAYE TIME CAN AND PUT MONCY1 IT ON N.AT w HOMI w3 .... determine pension eligibility. Paul Quinn College as their lone DIRECTORY
.> t hair k.. b.- *,..&. U-.. It ..* P roadblock to another SCAC title.
.?.,J..yww....***_.a dta4 e.!__,tr k *lf* They are:
t wmfonw color W ph Hr ...'..* {fir 1. Payments of the six months In their latest conference tilt
REDDISH- The Firms Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments
... the Service De against the Paul Quinn quintet in
It wit) ot nib elf. It.dart .a .. ... .lri.Shomp.o death gratuity by
*,. ... IHotNll9. twy ....ew -- .. ).:; ; Waco, Texas last weekend, the Specializing Servi ces and Products
I ........ .... partments.
,. ttroislilotiutg iro* .
a.tiq or
t r:'. It ..:V.. car ceww ."/ ....,. .. ....- Mir ;: ;:v 2. Donations from public or private Devils eked a 6967.double. over-
Mbboni orbow canal BIACX .Mn au.cx. :) AUTO SERVICE 1 Is Washington's Health Service
{, AU t.lon ,t./ pvt. relief or welfare organizations. time win to run their,victory streakto ,
(. WONDERFUL' FOR ova.. IYa six straight with Albany State, I b "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
... .............1 wI+--
( e.k..ew.put it Ison.a test M"wk.r a.d.W..4.d.d.e. --...kin h..w ywdr....wpwdM.d TIONS. Jackson State, Stillman, Alcorn AUTO PAINTING COMPANY 1;Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BathiJ

f' DOES.. NOT.INTIKmtt b.k t. WIT IkIt..t.KJWUMfNT..... CAoVno-fa.WAVING.,.....di+..d:1 3. Payments of compensation or and Mississippi Industrial the earlier Complete Body Repair & Paint Work 'j{J Colonic TherapyD.
r.u cr: :t a.a i. rck vic-vvj. C. Washington }Massmtr Same Lccxlfoaj
IobelCe'a: Irwin D-r: Cwt N..t y+wi tkwa: : Dr .( pension by the VA. O"'P.B:-! 4 Pc 1 nl Jobs -:- I'
w .. ., :
k a. S1- ..t ) CtiM. rr vet wbswid Split.vith I. and lorn, nwin j!L
rr&p4f' + i : For 23 Years
a.MA +
... S+ti.l.i 4. Government life insirancerayr I I. .: .OD j{
ad .... i S' ti .. tialw.w \.r 1..t .. ?!' C .\ "
I t I !
PaC -
; inr iblvictoric
ov % [tl. .C ; /{S34 N. Myrtle Avor-ue EL 4247EWILLIE
I t -<*nts and paynnts: of servicemen EL 5-8135
!S;l. Ear idn<> Si:?e=
j I, 's indemnity. I : over .&. maac !;. itse ......--... -.-.-.. (
DIXIE PHARMACY A\T liveL cr.. fo'ecce .V".iw-
I 5. Social Security lump sum fOOD: i I
Kin;s. Road and Myrtl I I death payments. ing record.! SMITH DRUGS

-.--., Th? six ..;traigfn win streak represents :U Free delivery any part of the city

f'f 6. Payments to an individual under an uphill pull for the GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf K' OLD RELIABLE vX601
-- -
GroceriesAnd --
You Want The Finest In
''. public or private retirement, Devils who saw academic ineligibility : West Ashley Street EL 4-1380

t You Don't, Have to Go to Town to Get annuity, endowment ,or similar cut five from their. 14-man Meats Come See Us

plans equal: to the amount he contributed squad. Reverting to a "control" )JOO Davis Street EL 6-5412

I' thereto. ball club, Coach Paul Collins has :: JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT

LOW PRICESOn seen starters James Graham, Rob- MISCELLANEOUS
7. Proceeds of fire insurance pol I ; STORE
-- I __
icies. ert Sheehee, Lloyd Williams, Clyde I

8. In the case widows or chil- Corbitt and Walter Miller come AAA BONDING AGENCY : Courteous Treatment

Your dren of a deceased veteran there into their 0 w nith reservists City County and Fedrl Boru' I i Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.

are excluded amounts; equal to the Frank Boyland, EU Selph, MarzellMitchell Law Exchange Bldg. EL M832'U306 Davis Street EL 4-1210
amounts for settlement of and James Grey proving
paid the
DRUG STORE NEEDS veteran's just debts, the expensesof themselves under fire. ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE 1 MAGGIE CONFECTIONERSBEER

his last illness, and the ex- BEAVER FALLS, PA., NEWS- 30 'Years In Eledroaia :I

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store penses of the veteran's burial less TRIBUNE: "Federal, state and All Work GntrmnlMd : CIGARS CIGARETTES

: r.' .., I WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED the amount reimbursed by.the VA. local expenditures are running at 343 Forest 'Street EL 4-8804. i ICE CREAM COSMETICS

Q. How does .a veteran's estate $129 billion a year. That is more '-.oIIi 1102 Price SL EL 3-6312

r IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS become eligibility factor under than one third the national product., TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING : KM. L. Harris Prop

We Deliver We Also Fffl AD Doctors Frescrlptloas the new law?. 'In other words, 35 cents of every POST

A. It is one of the need factors dollar earned in this country goes Complete Garden Supplies I QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS; CO.

used in determining eligibility under to help maintain government on Fertilizer Fruit Products Mattress Benorating Our
Dixie I' Pharmacy the new system.It means that all levels." -New and Used' Furniture bought and sold- One Day Service '-

; pensions win not be paid to vet- 564 Timlquana Road SI* 13762JOHNNIE'S 3703 Old Klnga Road PO 5.1634
erans who have sizable estates. llt -
!; (The estate of his 'wife and children : w't tars l 4 'ROOMING HOUSE

: ftI8m 118. ... S7.N will not be considered) Those .:.. t1, C Dial ORA.JEL. All Modern Coarealea.ee* : TAXI .
..JIll II ) .
AY YOUR UGHT, WATER AND 'TELEPHONE having quite a bit of property will gent":: .. 1IJbt f Room by Day. NIgki. or Week : .At Your Serried" .

not be 'eligible until they have For Information Call !: NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611

BILLS AT OUR STORE used up some.of their estate for Ihr- EL 5-4025 K7 W. Ask1er Street LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1911

-fog expenses., i=>g>yggyga9aigggggggaCTg>yg = i ::il ?>igiiaa': : : ..ii.e .


t .

: ': ;, ';"-if.: .:... ... -.>- :" <. 'Ji..r r .L:: ..!_ ;. ,,.; d.ff _...: _r4-" ,.,.. '. 1 _. A..h_ .-- '. .., ". ; ,

--. -- --
-- ": '' .
.' '



\ ,. ., .L. .
" < :
..i- .. : ":' .. .. '", y ; L :; ... '' :' '': '. \.. ; '... < -
I i ; : :
: .. .. .. ,, ; ; ,'. ,, ,.. .
1 '...,' ,'::0 '. .".. ,01.,. '. '., ,. 'f' '.... "'"'9'W''V'"t'. U.;"' '', .. ';' ; ." '-. "
: 'i- f .
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\ : : ._ '-l: j: ;; '.. ..: .. : :: -J :

-. -" >, ... .. ,
'. '.
tr ;,. ( r

Week Ending Saturday, February 27, J960 Tri: FLORIDA STAR Page SITU

..:' ':"I -
\ y
'.: :
\ t_
I '. _
v.: '

t .. :


I i I !.F."t...",1- ei a .... Pat: {: TSrlsya "" 1\n's
( n' l. .. teManager
hiiies ..
: x hw- *-. W.:frif Expe j :

f .1 .t? Faces

Tan Players ie Be Ready 50 I

1.8P CRNE ; New Legal' I 'es
-- -- '-- -- i :%
I / : tine cxtwo of them will oe player than that and is countedon

ready this year, it appears. The as the ace receiver for the NEW: YORK (A.1>)-QJs D'Am-

I BY C. PAflHAM JOHNSON, ;. likelihood is strong that Frank PhUhes. ato manager of former heavyweight -

\ I 1 r s r 'S :f Yt' ? I IF4 Herrera, a.i infielder, and Henry Gomez, the fiery Puerto Rican champion Floyd Patterson.was .

J DID YOU KNOW that Big Roosevelt m"'"iaTo. He said recently thath Mason, a righthand pitcher will righthander, had a 3 and S recordon dealt a severe blow when a

: ? f-: ":-s b be unlucky in bus1 make it.Other the mound. lie will be biddingfor Special Sessions Court here found
Grier the lineman
f JKO-pound .
ne =- and in marriage. It appeal I a comeback this year. him ,guilty of failing to answer a
of the New York Yankees:; ro foot- tan players on the Phil- '
that the bg: strong arm: r:ghtIm sobpoena from the State's Attorney
ball team 1 is an aeco"p1'!'nhrd gui- lies spring training roster are Ruben Robinson, once considered a -
:L d pitcher is1 headed .for the I General office( last week.
tar player? From all reports, t Amaro, a shortstop; Ruben I bright prospect, came to the Phil-
divorce courts.CILULEY It was a high in the
Grier is quite a sensation in the I ; Gomez, and Humberto Robinson, lies in an interleague deal with the point reversal

rock 'n' roll field. SIFFO7I5. the out : pitchers and Valmy Thomas, Cleveland Indians. He had gone to of fortunes for D'Amato,
I since the days when he basked
PAUL TENDER, th practically starling tan golfer who is ro 'nl!1 1Ixoivn catcher. the Indians, in another interleague in
unkno\v.i fighter who w'n the middleweight : here in Jacksonville! did not a I I, trade, from Milwaukee. The Pana- the glory of the sueces.; enjoyedby
Herrera voted the most val- Patterson as champion.
was \
championship from Sugar do .so badly for himself in 1959. i manian had 2 wins and four losses
uable in the International Cus will be sentenced the
player by
I Ray Robinson in a split decisionin He played in the neighborhood of 1 4 while working mostly in relief.
Boston has signed to fight Sugar two dozen tournaments, includingthe league last season because of his court on April 8, but his attorneys,

Ray in a return match April 29. U. S. Open for the first time. performances (for pennantwinningBuffalo. He made news, however, by reporting Julius November and Ethvin S.

f The outcome, of the fight Jan. 22 He signed a contraft in June to : The Cuban first sacker led an attempted bribery by a Schweig said they will appeal the

was not too popular with many of endorse and sell Croydon golf the league in batting (.327), hits Philadelphia night club operator. decision to the Appellate divisionof
the fans and commentators. (187), runs batted in (lag) and the New York Supreme Court.
fight clubs. A short time later, he was
home (31). Among the future prospects of'the November termed the Session
SanxSilvennan, .the.fight promoter hired by U. S. Rubber to promote NEW YORK-Frank Frciniann, President of the Magnavox -, runs I.
i Phillies are such performers as Court decision "a miscarriage -
said .Gillette will pay $150,000 for their golf ball. Starting this year, company announced at a news conference that the' It is expected! Herrera will be gross
Tony Curry, who was named the of justice. lie stormed:
'. television i Of that in the Collaro
'iiEi .righ'ts. interest
Sifford is a member of the Bal- company had purchased a majority shifted to third base this season.
most valuable player last in The: sins of lawyers should not
*rartaoauatr'hesatd"Robinson, .' will receive .- lantine Beer Company's athletic company. a British maker ef phonograph coM on.ents, from; Mason, a relief artist, won 12 the year be visited their clients."
$105,000 and Pender "wi 1 receive. advisory board.: He is the first Ne- Great Universal Stores.. Ltd., and lost 3 last He had an Eastern. League. With Wil- upon
.$26,000.< ;) Each fighter will re- gro golfer' in history to be so honored :leading British retail system. manufacturers of radio-phon earned mark year.of 321. He liamsport, Curry batted .316, had D'Amato's reason for not ans-
ceive. 30. per.cent: of the net gate. Pictured above 1 eft.'are, ographs, television receivers, run was 21 home runs and drove in 90 tal wering the subpoena was that his
You can't count old .Sugar out Frank Freimann, presidentof and electronic equipment, in 41 games, including five as a lies. The outfielder's 179 hits also lawyers advised him not to do so.

NAT-: WRIGHT, of the Wilder THE A & T" AGGIES recently the Magnavox companyand will: use the same merchandising starter. He went the distance in included 49 doubles and 9 triples. One of them, Schweig, was to be

.Athletiq Club Boxing team did a took over undisputed first place in Isaac Wolfson, head of techniques: of selling four of the starts. ., pitching- two away in Surinam, Dutch Guiana,

r fine job in the recent Golden the Central Intercollegiate Athletic the Great Universal Stores direct to dealers of high integrity shutouts. SALMON, IDAHO, RECORDER- in connection with some litigation

%Gloves tournament at the Arena. Association basketball conferencerace Ltd., ..0 f London, England that it has developedso In all, Mason pitched 123: in- HERALD: "The men who laid the on the Nov. 18 date mentioned in
:The "Gus" stores number successfully in the United nings, surrendered 119 hits, walk- I
He such a spectacular after winning important foundation for these United States the subpoena, it was stated.
put up 3,000 throughout Great Britain States. FEeimann commentedthat ed 37 and struck out 83.
The State's had wantedto
games over Fayetteville, VirginiaState attorney
termed treasured and their
that he was one lives fora
showing gave
will the Mag- their United States
and give operation Amaro, who had a brief fling
and North Carolina D'Amato in connectionwith
contenders for College. democratic free of life. It question
of the most logical ,
immediate established a n a 11 way
navox an -
company with the SL Louis Cardinals, is a
I the Eastern tournament to be held GENE (BIG DADDY) LIP- wide distribution for its time high for 1959 with sales is the responsibility of us all to last year's Patterson-Ingemar
whiz of a fielder but an anemic
SCOMBE the mammoth linemanfor Johansson title in which
in New York. Chuck Rogers, who products which it plans to of more than $107,000,000which preserve this government as they fight
will coach the Golden Gloves winners the Baltimore Colts championship manufacture and market in represents an increaseof hitter. He showed some improvement intended it to be." Floyd; lost the title to the Swede.
football team is doing quite with the stick last season Cus and Patterson, partners in the
in New York. placed Wright England using, "Gus" distri- approximately 40%, andit
well for himself as a wrestler. Al- with Buffalo when he batted .257. PATRONIZE Floyd Patterson Enterprises, Ltd.,
way up on his list for New York bution network as its entry is expected that the com-
competition. ready he has won two matches. to this vast new area. I pany will far exceed' this He might be the man to fill the and the Teleprompter Corporationwere

>> Buzzie Bavasi said recently that The Magnavox company., figure_. in 1960..._ shortstop void left by the depar- accused of monopoly in connection
I HENRY MATTHEWS is anotherone he would certainly like to have --- -- -- --- ture of Chico Fernandez to De- Star Advertisers with the June 25 promo-

of the Wilder Athletic Club Big Daddy in baseball just to run. troit in the American League. tion and the proposed return
host in aft-
College an
fighters who made a hit with the Big Daddy lumbering on down to XAVIER BOWS OUT Grambling : Holdovers on the Phillies include match. *
noon:: game in university stadium. Robinson and Thomas, all
public as a fighter. Chuck Rogerswas second base on a close play. LEARN TO DRIVE
highly impressed with the Where would the second basemanbe The Jaguars: who played all of something of disappointments last TheConfident

group trained by Julius Guinyard when he arrived? 'PELICAN CLASSIC' their home contests under the year. Way PRIEST RIVER IDAHO

which proves Coach Guinyard did THE NATIONAL BOXING AS- lights last season will also meet Thomas and Gomez were acquired Mrs. G. B. Benjamin 1 thinks it only fair to apply a with-

not do a bad job getting his fighters SOCIATION has warned welter- Florida A & M on Nov. 19 the in a trade last year with Licensed Instructor holding tax to the youngster's

y ready to meet their opponents.BIG weight champion Don Jordan thatit AFTER 20 YEARSBATON annual homecoming game will be only a .200 batting mark and one 600 W. Beaver St. allowance just so the younger generation -

DON NEWCOf, the big will strip him of his title if he played aginst foe not yet an- home run. The Virgin Islander, Res. PO 8-2968 can get gradually accustomed

righthander of the Cincinnati Red- does not sign during February to ROUGE, La. (ANP) nounced. however, is considered a better Office EL 5-7742 to a procedure to which

legs recently sold his liquor store defend his title against one of One of Louisiana's oldest infra-state adults are now hardened."

for the lack of patronage has an- NBA's top ranking contenders. football rivalries terminated with

nounced the falling apart of hisWatch the end of the 1959 season, when > WHEN YOU ARE ILL

WITHIN A FEW DAYS 1960 Xavier university, New Orleans, .. You Seek The Best Doctor PHOTOGRAPHS FOR

spring training camps will be open- withdrew from football competionwith When Your Doctor Proscribe

Ing and all the big fellows will southern university. u 2>' 4 Get Experienced Pharmacists EVERY OCCASION

This down be packing bags pulling out. All Xavier has been on the scheduleof i t To Fill Your Prescriptions .

baseball fans welcome the comingof A.W. Mumford-coached teams at t t'V Ps According To Your Doctor's Export Photography

:2-70-12-82-375 the training sceason. It isn't I Southern science 1939, and annually, r: I has been billed as the ,Y'
&SO-55-16-31-685 long after that before they will see the"Pelican game state classic." .yb.r : The Best Quality Drugs At Y>.:. Passports & Identification Photos

some real baseball. rela- Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor Photostats & Commercial Work
Of the cessation of football
1 5 7 SMOOTH SAILING TIL WE tionships by Xavier Mumford stat- 1 Photos For Newspaper Cuts
MEET AGAIN. While You Walt
5 9 ed "we have enjoyed our football 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU
Coloring & Picture FrazsJng
the with
9 relationships over years
q KEEP'HAIR FROM that in the h:< Let Us Take A Photo Of Yon
Xavier, and we hope LILLY'S DRUG STORE .
GOING BACK future they will be renewed." s s

740-99-1S35-749 MO You-HAIR GOING BACKPKOBLUISI..BAM.... Presently, Oct. 8 appears as an In Natural Color '
WATER rasraiATIOM..NOTKI UrCLLXNT KRRIL.NaDSDI001L11ADlGO..TODI ATTXCTS A VONDOOTI. open date on the Southern Univer- 1907 Kings Road ELgfe 3-8276 J. AVERY
Sometimes he'l ul HAIR CUTTERS ANN uu IU f.R WtKXS schedule but Mum- A COMPLETE LINE OF:
Sometimes he's down ..REMAIN*>MATURAU.T SOFT AND>>NOT GUMT. sity football AVERTS PHOTO STUDIO
Cosmetics BubbeGoods Candles Sundries
adds. untracU RARE ford pointed
He works It all around I HI. U..IHU U are under way to fill the spot even PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDPARALYTIC 611 West Ashley Clara White MIssicu Bldg.

--rJ.still/l though it appears a bit late to find
Coming Attractions ; formidable foe.Rematch Phone EL 4-7695 For AppointmentsVODKA
r i
430-77-10-58497 .
I 1'I'I

Pact Shows 0


Bring or Send Your
Sugar Ray RobinsonProtected'interest

Church News. Club Notices &: Announcements


BOSTON (ANT) Sugar Ray ,'
TUESDAY at NOON Robinson last week proved anew CASES
he is still about the ') '
i shrewdest boxer in the game. .
Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street CASES 1., E
2323 Although he lost his New York 1 1f

State-Massachussetts version to the .

middleweight title on what was 1.000 J i )

I iii regarded as a "hometown deci-

k ion" to Paul Pender here Jan. 22, 8,000 ;;
} .
Robinson and Fender signed a pact : "-' ;

for the rematch which once again

Sugar Ray in the drivers seat, J .,
put ,r .. }

financially.The two. fighters Monday (Feb.) t t

signed to meet in the Boston Gar- 7D0OE E The .

den April 29 in the# 15-round cham- irIE

pionship on these terms: \
Robinson and Pender each win FriendlyBlender

receive 30 per cent of the gate, I

but Robinson: will get 5105,090 from 1,000 .
jo television money, while Par* ;

will receive only] $26. 50. 2.000 .

Thus, although .he is now the
hale: .ger, about the osly conces-
tao f ff"
sion Robinson made to Fender
BERGqe..b.e n .. : I
::11..1'11site for the rematch. Pender 0t' ,.,:;, .. ,1.\,: ,, t' ..; i' i
hails from Brookline, Mass., and :
lSS7 l,3 1959.ennKATED
is a big ,favorite here. ..i1J I'
= -
Robinson, apparently feeling that z t i
s 'he was the victim! of hometown j;

sentiment, had wanted New Yorkas :
the ate for the re atch. I ,

Many experts believe Robinson t 1

L will regain the title when he and

Perder meet again. No fighter has DiriUUd .... Orab. M ... 100 "..&!.

ever beaten Sugar; Ray twice. IIcW ter s..c c-. hi. tL 0. '-1


'", .>> ;.:..J.- J; _.1 "j. '. ... "
,_ _.__.

.. ___ ......_" #S"'ipals n svy' ."'-
.... ..,... "'.! .' .- : .- '
.. : ; ;
';',rf 7 r r-iLE+} ,".'" ,r.: J _


.' '" .

F' //Y : ; ,::... ,. :lp..e.: *1L : 2i.> .,;,:-'', '; '\;; ;"i': .. : ;,.;: '';.... ","' .\ 7;_;,' < ,; '. '.:" ,., J,r >' v.i .., _\
< :- ( : .:
: : \
;' 'fl' .
B < Page Eight THE FLOJUDX STAB Week Ending Saturday, February 27, I960
<. .
i -. PLACED IN SHELTER Cross Burned *. \ STRAND Sunday
:.Jf t' $
; : .r We will do your plumbing and
Two Negro boys were placedin
ii*'. roofing and pay off present bills. + -IeIe
the Juvenile shelter for investigation of CAPONS" !d'tI11L
Near U. F.
: 1.1-
1":. ._ Make payments as low as $10.00. of a break-in at the x
> Phone RA 52527.ATTENTION. CAE
f Capital Loan Co., 601 W. Bay -
; LADIES St., last night. DormitoryTALLAHASSEE mastermindFfonte -tct
j'' ..- Bridge & Social Club City Patrolmen Freddie Mack A wooden Carlo's -t tIe

I{ Reporters and Johnnie Doe said witnesses cross was burned lasT Monday t,. est
,:. night beneath the dormitory > f
Send or Mail told them three boys smashed: rcI !
I r". : Your Social News the window glass at the loan window of a Florida State Uni- berI *
" Mondays To company with a heavy piece of for admission to a Negro uni- ; *
FLORIDA STAR wood dashed inside and then versity student; who has applied i :
fled. : Deputy Sheriff Joe Cooke said a *
2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th
he found the cross blazing on Zi *
I APT. FOR RENTApt. Officers said it was not yet the lawn in front of Kellum ; ;' *
known if anything had been tak- -
for Rent m from the building. The two Hall.The cross was placed directly i ;

Downstairs apt. hot & cold boys were apprehended as the beneath the window of Alan .1 : -
water $$53.00'a month. 726 De- result of a description given by Breitler. Miami Beach senior I c rr.J '-. '..,. !
witt St. EL. 4-3720. Inquire at witnesses. The third boy was who is seeking admission next \. :'I '
1759 W. 11th Street. still being sought. The break-in fall to the College of Pharmacyat I ( .20-
occurred about 9:30 pjn. Florida A&M: across town. ":
I'I Breitler said that last weekendhe ( : ; _/1. /1
had received telephoned ;.I.f. DjDI /j JJTJ.I.L-'I
THE} Clown makes HITweek t1 -
.a threats because of his applica- JHIIr"lSr.tmftl 1* _
tion but he had disregardedthem. A Up of the Pepsi Cap:
after week to these outstanding
with readers of the Sheriffs deputies said they COPStlllllACIIr young Americana aM
were inclined to regard the cross EDWARD G. ROBINSON ROD STEIGER AND JOAN COLLINS tt make our
burning as a college prank.
FLORIDA STAR Breitler, a physics major, will THE SAME PROGRAM IS A JET HOT ACTION IN "JET OVEE Imwhlcn to Ur

be graduated in June. THE ATLANTIC." Plus 2nd Hit! * *
For Those Who Wish His application to A&M was ONE YEAR OLDRICHMOND This-marked the beginning of "JET OVER THE ATLANTIC"

referred to the State Board of Va. (ANP) On public school integration in this ROOSEVELT Sunday thru Tuesday

To Get The Clown Early Control. Feb. 3, 1959 four young Negro pu- state. Thrills and Chills FiSr.tTI.rI
walked into guarded "THE MUMMY"In
pils heavily :
'. An Early Edition Stratford Junior High School in On Feb. 3, 1960 there were 103 Technicolorplus : .
Arlington and took their places in Negro pupils attending integrated Manton MorelandAll
Will News Briefs
Be Sent Out
classrooms along with white school classes in 18 schools located In six Negro Cast
TALLAHASSEE I mates. cities and counties. "PROFESSOR CREEPS"
Each Wednesday Negro spirituals t

.. I' operas, classics, and popular .
songs will be included in the one- '
Send $3.00 To hour-long program of the Florida ..L at STATE PEARL

A I M University Concert Choir
SPECIAL ISSUEP. which is scheduled to begin its annual APPLIANCE RICHELYNX OaVBTUIO60PES

winter tour of the state Tuesday MOSTIN

0. Box 561, Jacksonville 1, Fla. February 18 in Orlando. THE New otevtMiRicbelynn
Mrs. Rebecca W. Steele, choiraBKtcr activities are in JDJCJVfa
+ Not Later Than Monday
inncmced recently' that a RELIABILITYM011 .: with her dreams for the its
group of 50 singers had been ture. She is a member of tke
through long rehearsals during the 12-10 class at New Stanton of
first semester In preparation for which she is president National
Freedom Of The Press the state tour. Honor Society, Girls Service
The program for the 1960 tour League, YWCA and secretary ol
\ will be rendered in five parts. her homeroom. Her hobbies are
Part one opens with Bach's Can- and singing. Imagine a
I Is Vital To DemocracyThe tata No..140: "Wachet auf uns die MOTOROLA sewing singing Sociology major.
Stimme. The second part will be
Nation's independent presses deserve mainly a medley of popular tunes

the support of citizens and business firms which Mrs. Steele has grouped 1 1i ,

who subscribe idea of freedom of under musical memories for today. WITH 1Y 1i
to speech :The choir returns after a brief No Down
and democracy in our land. intermission with Negro spiritual. / TRADETABLE i
"Hail the Crown" by Wright
Dawson's "Talk about a child that MODEL
A FRIEND do love Jesus," "Don't be weary Your Choice
Traveler," by Bron, and "JoshuaFit OR CONSOLEONLY
the Battle of Jerico."

-. ': A B '
: .

P !'I New Stanton .
Considerate er "" .
;: :< Whenever Gertrude Simpkins,

y. Service. $12 Month : ." ,., y :: '. .. '- U I 12th grade student of New Stan-

< .., ., i'. ', I ton, isn't busy with club meetingsyou
.. .y, S find her her
::- will enjoying
.? ', :- ::, Y -', ,'9'" ::iZ5 I'I'j I
I favorite hobby-READING. She is
:\ 555
: '' g a member of the National Honor
One [Full Year ,, :
tI ; fE < -'. <:!. :;.. ;; .: Society, O. H. Baldwin Y-teens
v'. S i. j. F'J. <. N./. .... 11<-:;1::: i;; and Student Council.
1. i ; ., .!
< J8SS88S88823S883S3S5JOYCE

MQONE and PARTS Model2tT67. F

I J.P. OUNG j jftm & ,. 21*overall diagonal meas.;263 sq.in.picture viewing area
4 ; uancpumsTite MM W SSS3S838S3 SSS3

;_ BIG 21" '..Y

kiiaultAtui Supf2e4 Glult- 1 _. 1

1 Swivel Base

.lolJ.lUj _
Wood Cabinet New Stanton
No Money Joyce already sees herself as
Mon. thru Thurs. 11 A.M. to 2:30: A.M.. one of the future Mathematic

Fri. & Sat. 1 11 A.M. to 4 A.M. DOWN 'i CONSOLE teachers of Stanton and is doing
some calculations on her She
Luncheon & Cocktails Served '
And Only is a member of the National Hon
Saves< Money SpaceFor .
SUNDAYS 2 P.M. to 2 A.M. '
American*Consumer WITH TRADE or Society, Student Council, O. H.
FAMILY DINNERS SERVED Baldwin Y-teens assistant secretary
PACKAGE STORE OPEN .4 i $1 Per of National Honor Society,

______ & and treasurer ot her homeroom.
Weekdays for your convenience Lu Month

I I *k f *

...:. -. .. Listen To PepsiMusicQuest I .

The SEAFOOD CenterCorner a Friday

WITH YOUR II*, NIteslO30toiiooPhoone Request I

Myrtle Ave. And Shad Roe PURCHASEFREEAITi EL 60461.1:


MEDIUM MULLET Lb. 20c Max Hess, nationally known A WITH "
Allentown(Pa)retaUer who has
SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 35c been encourxqiiag: tho creation of Ii ETHERT :
ROE MULLET Lb. 29c atet a1I1U-ptarpose products to I
MY tile Amezioa. consumer
RED BASS For Baking Lb. 32c tam and apace wee 1961 when .,.--M---- ---. I
SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the Sea"Lb. 49c he founded the annual Hess OPEN k
Versatility ia Design and Use I
CAT FISH _Lb. 49c Contest has revealed that FREE I I
ROE SHAD Lb. 39c retries fax the 1960 competition Til 9OO Bids & Pecvd I I
we sow open. A
LARGE FLOUNDER .Lb. 49c'PME Mr. Hess Writes manufactnr- I, 3
n. .de IcDera and inreators of Mondays PARKING: ,, 7t
au. toi>le duty garme&ta and pro4aeft -
puma saxSEAFOOD AB >, to eater the contest. The and /1,61-.1-1 I,
iteaM caa be brand new or welleatahiiahedpTodsets VrSHEEL STATION I
CENTER as long as .1 II II I I II
THE they ores 'a more tai oee pur. Friday
poce. A :free entry blank nay be 829 PEARL ST. CORNER STATE & PEARL CROSS THE STREET! _w

) yr$. ,M. .a ...... srr &-1... obtained Awards Committee br.trritlBfr, &uU to 1019 Hess Nights PHONE ELgin 6-0+189 I p. -

B7 Madtfon-AtwaP., New York. ,--.fVr"' Vl.-.v'VIA.-! ,
V> New Teak. -
1 ,
.. : ......
..... .J '':, "r .. u ; ; :', h.: ,'., -. ': .:..- ';>- '.; e'



VI .
..<;,.. ;.. ]. -'-'.... '.... ,. ".,, ...'f": ..