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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200549datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 20, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005490740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 20, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 20, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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IIc Art $80.,000 Daddy i

-_. FIOR/Di 8fR !

Id Had With iim ;:

'jo. .. And MI'b'VSFEBRUARYO.! ,: 1950 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 1$ Cet ;

bd ----- t 1. ':>.!....:;
TiCJfcTi ) .. \

H O O I Ij f r1;. .. ..I' ':f''i.:':' : :

w W \\ACP Probe Is Delayed"I" ; ;

19 O : :

. 1i'1 : !


1\\\\ j Prober Gels 'Afficted'OfcsToy ;i ; t, .. ...\. ,' S.J.t fl ,.. s-:

,, i
--'- --- J'

eL CrJ! y er5eCJ J@ 5 O R cc I

1 Knowarig Sweet @f,1 JOb""' < 1j, Pcsee More, Afflictl 1s.j 1 1'a

TALLAHASSEE-The legislative committee Investigatins alleged
William D. Sweet. Duval Vocational School principal vas told
Communist infiltration of the NAACP suffered another setback
Thursday to stay out of the school because' he has no official
this week when a contempt hearing for two Negro ministers was
standing in the school system. cancelled Wednesday because of illness of the probe nroun's lawyer: aro
contract .... .,.,,
Sweet waS refused a ti.- --U--
Circuit Judge W. May Walker
Sweet said he was directed by
f.r the school year starting July his attorney to report for workas called off the hearing for the v
1. 1959 when the board charged usual while the case is in Rev. Theodore R. Gibson and Cross Burned

him and Dr. Garrett Fortner litigation.He the Rev. Edward T. Graham after Larry Jordan, Carey White and Michael Sherfield is seen here

supervisor of trade and indus- was instructed by the being notified that Mark Near U. of F. from Mr. Junius A. Bowman, Executive Secretary of the Jacksonville -

trial education with insubordination school board not to do so, and Hawes of Tampa, attorney for to Bolles School to take a Fcholarship Examination for entrance to

and inefficiency. advised to consult his attorney.The the legislature's investigating Exeter New Hampshire.
Sweet and Fortner sued the board directed Adams to committee, has pneumonia. Dormitory .
school board, and Circuit Court Negro worshippers of
a "Pray
draw the .
up necessary papers
issued board to an issue order Fortner directing a contractand the school prevent but Sweet the from attorney going said to that the for of the Peace"lawyer group was said"divinely the illness 01"- I cross was beneath burned the"last'- Monday $80,000 DaddyOn 'Grace Hadftlissing (

A night dormitory
his $8,500 salary.
pay since the dered" and is the beginning
hearing is scheduled Tuesday on hearing on S"eet's'petition "a series of afflictions that will window of a Florida State Uni- '
for an identical writ is to come up Tuesday, visit for admission to a Negro university Him At Dealt?I
a petition any court action now would be persecutors of the Negro I
A !
Sweet's attorneys. student who has applied
brought by race.
rattier useless.In
It was brought out at ThursdaY's other of school Gibson, president of the Miami Deputy Sheriff Joe Cooke said. i I the estate' is Mrs. Irene Noriega.. and
hearing that both Sweet areas sys- he found the cross blazing on SAMUEL P. PERRY, JR. { battle I
tem matters, it learned that NAACP refused to produce By However, a legal is fore-
was : Ii
the lawn in front of Kellum his
Fortner were informed PICK UP 2 COL
and Several teachers and newly appointed membership records for the seen inasmuch as Bishop Grace'swill
months ago by School Supt. Ish principals of both sexes committee. Graham a former Halt In New Bedford, Attorney Roy F.Texeira drawn in 1943, did not men- :
Brant that they had no contracts have been questioned about alleged president, refused to testify The cross was placed directly who was appointed the tion Mrs. Grace. Mrs. Grace contends .
: and therefore no status with the payoff for teaching jobs whether he is a member of the beneath the window of Alan adminstrator of the Grace estate she and Bishop Grace were land

I school system and were to remain and promotions Also that at NAACP. Breitler. Miami Beach senior I by Bristol County authorities, told married: on February 11, 1909 and ('
away from the schools.Board least two principals are faced Judge Walker ordered Gibson who is seeking admission next the press that he had found $300,000in there was no legal divorce.In .
: ,Chairman Raymond A. ,with accounting for school funds.- ncV Graham to show cause why fall to the College of .PharmacyI Daddy Grace's name in New I the meantime state. and fed operation.'i s
-f David yesterday asked' what they should not be forced to I Florida| ,A&M'a&asts own.Breitler Bedford7 banks.and about $97,000 in .'.. rat-inmr ta&pffitials have takenan
Sweet is doing at present and testify and produce records or "sdid that last weekend real estate. Attorney Texeira conservatively intensified interest in the- taxable S 4"J '

he knows "for certain"said be cited for contempt.Rev. he had received telephoned estimated the total porticn of the late religiouslcader"s her. II
Sweet is at School 101 dally and I Charged Graham recently sought threats because of his applica- wealth of Bishop Grace at $25 mil estate. Inside sources not
acting as principal."As permission of the court to tion but he had disregardedthem.
unofficially ques- ed that Bishop Grace had his I
1 far as Tm concerned, when I'n ROlids OnCI.nba tion officials of the committeeand lion.The prominent attorney also dis- church invest heavily in govern-

Sweet and Fortner were told they Hawes promptly filed a motion Sheriff's deputies said they closed that prior to death of the ment bonds which paid off in non- a I
had no contracts that was the in Leon County Circuit were inclined to regard the cross religious leader he had been dickering taxable interest. She

same as telling them they were Gcrne Court to block the move. burning as a college prank. with a New York City mer- Interesting: if True I I
David said. "When they In arguing against Graham'smove Breitler, a physics major will
fired cantile establishment with an eye But, an interesting question has i I
keep on working, even unofficially Criminal charges were filed to question the committee be graduated in June. to purchasing it for a sum of aboutIi been raised by Attorney Te. eira. i I
I consider it a slap at me asa Thursday by County Solicitor: members, Hawes said the examination His application to A&M, was $f million. He informed reporters that Bishop I
of this board." sought to be made is referred to the State Board of S \r
member Lacy Mahon against four per- Widow seeks One-Third I Grace had $80,000 on his person at !
Board Member Martinez Baker sons arrested on Saturday Feb. in bad faith and designed to unreasonably Control. Attorney Texeira has filed an ap- ; the hospital where he died in Los I
said whoever is responsible: for 12 in raids on an Ashley Street annoy, embarrass !' Broward Culpepper executive pearance for Mrs. Jan Grace of I Angeles. The entire amount disap- I
Sweet being on the job should be confectionary store and an adjoining and harrass the committee. director be of the board said it New Bedford so that she can get ; peared, to add still another aura !
taken !
insubordination. may up by the board
charged with house on Jefferson. of to the case. :
at its March one-third of the estate wh ch s the I bed !
meeting .
Also arrested in the confectionary I visit
Attorney Texeira plans to
Baker asked Supt. Brnnt: legal widow's share in Massacb"setts. !I I rU i
raid was Red Dan Joy- NEGRO ALDERMAN each of the 300 churches of the
"Ish, did know Sweet was :
on the job?" ner, 59, of 1307 W. 33rd St.. LOUISVILLE, Ky.-(ANP-Eishth) Ward Alder- I Seeking a daughter's shiof House of Prayer in an effort to .' \\ : I
"No" Brant answered. described!'; br County Lt. J. H. man William W. Beckett only Negro Council member, in- the estate is Mrs. Irene NOriega.j untangle the legal and financial af I
Hnmlin PS one of the principal troduced an ordinance Monday it bar battle fairs. I
"Are you sure, Ish? Baker making illegal to I However a legal; i
asked. gambling figures in Northeast Negroes from hotels, motels, theatres and eating places. i' 1
Florida. Joyner, booked on a The bill also provides penalties of from $25 to $200 for infraction ,
"Do you mean to question my off
integrity?" the superintendent charge: rf keeping a disorderly of the ordinance. Supporting Beckett's move were Court SM i1 'lled To EdA of
demanded. house, r-C ted $2500 bond. the NAACP ,and the Unitarians for Social Action. I ing
Haml'n! said Joyner is slated 1y I II I .
Baker said that since he and 1I 5e '
I II City on
for a urjlimlnary hearing at 8 jre9@1
the other board members were B. ;
a.m.. Saturday before JtVf'ntle I
aware that Sweet was working, > T ,
Court Jude Marion O"ting'ho TAMPA-Six I
stitution of the United States
then Brant should have too. 'f
\\ issuaJ the search v 'rant. filed suit in U.s. District I
of and Title 42, United States Code
Dr. J. Irving Scott, director 'I
education was questionedalso U&JI11fnold: investiam1 Mter I !.i I last Saturday seeking protection! clauses of the Four-
Negro Sweet's activities. the raid indicated that at ipTrt tion of all city-owned I' teenth Amendment to the Con- ',.ft:
44 pervns served as "w trs"in I.:,J 1 tional facilities in Tampa. 1981. :
Daivd asked hm.! "Is Sweet : i r t
at School 101'" the numbers operation *nc! I5 Ij : h'KS. t The suit was filed by the As evidence members of the sr-U
that 5.000 week" was cone"""' II
Scott answered "I don'tknow a J Jt six who petitioned city Nero; race are not at present '".: ::
in the VTjious lotteries. Ho; -=r'r t the week before to be allowed to use the p rka! the
," to that question and to a t Z Iod
statement by Dnthat: the the ra'd climaxed' a long r"1of { to public recreational I suit cites the labeling e' partsand !
undercover work when y on the same basis as I recreation areas v ;riousy"Negro" : .
chairman his i.ntor.-f\tlC1 that Ace I -ns4
nl purchases were mad" b:' were allegedly rebuffed by f and "White" ficllltles. !
I '
Sweet not oas v? vlcvnjr I :
R pntRGeor x or Julian Lane.Francisco equal'f '
1 Also it alleges (1'J" .vj 21, .
also Is runn!" t.\:' rcnuol. ':9v
,. 'e Lee Bradford, 56 wee; Rodriguez J 1959 Henry Cabot Lodge Bonier, '
Baker asked c -.t when he 1 i
.- ....r "h Sweet charred with operating a T tm- attorney in Tampa drew his children and his friends ,
last had playr !
blin? house in the confe-ft i- vat action which seeks a, were asked to leave Lowry Park i
and Scott said b* ct'.tn't remember *
711 W. Ashley St. TIr*& -'- .- ; injunction against city i and told the park was not for : :
\ was accused of unlawfully -- : refusing Negro citizens the use of Negroes.
r 4 -S :
"I don't mean "', orvt date" mittin a number of un:,"-Ie. ric: ment of all the city's : Quotes Mayor Lane >'f :
jclmately. to bet their mcV' tr parks and recreational : The suit "
Baker said. "J v *ppn> persons .. quotes Mayor Laneas ': ":
." the Cub and bond lotteries Argue For Rights saying on two occasions he ...1:
"It was or* \ "!'* tor week." Arthur Lee Harris, 42. "-,- The suit argued the !I planned to maintain the parks :-. ;
Scott admitted. unarmed with conducting a r.v- rights to such use are and recreation areas of Tampaon j !
"Do you rrear "ra7 that you lottery and aiding in a C M a ted by the due process and a segregated basis. 11"

spent an evr'lr lai-n!, cards lottery by receiving and po* _-4.' t *.-* !
... .
-- y. -'......- ---...-
J with him un'! "v kc' w what' In? money lottery tickets r \* '--, :
he's doing:?" ? V- Queried.rhat's tickets lottery tally sheet H MONTGOMERY MINISTER HURLS. CHARGES: A? t .' "t
I .- right" :; .d 'e ctt.' records showing the bettin"a MARTIN: LUTHER KING 7't:
"It would pppear you tJant lottery. MONTGOMERY. Ala.-(Air?)-The Rev. I"*'h J. .; .?
l 1 know very much shout! anything Temple McCloud 45.h,:::-.j iTT Fields candidate for tha: City-County board of fduntion: !.
that's going on in the school" charged with, aiding in a Cbi t and former secretary of Martin Luther King's "'ontno-

Baker conclude lottery and unlawfully posse?-Ur mery Improvement Association has accused MIA of misappropriation -
( )
': '. John Saare. director of voca- Cuba tickets. ct of money contributed by Negro citizens. ra. :
:" > tonal and adult education de- The team of county city and In a book he wrote, titled "The,Montgomery Story."
I dared: state Investigators conduct'n airs Louise R. Photho petite and vicaUous representative of Rev. Fields charged that MIA could not account for $100- ra
.- : "I was told these persons; were the raid said Harris and thewwaan clue Home Economics! Department of Pet 'Milk Ccoipany is currency 000, donated to the 1956 Negro boycott which broke down was : j

I. not on the payroll and had no were arrested at the appealing the Homemakers Service Fair In the Duval racial barriers on city buses. He also charged MIA with

.. : fficUl: status. He added he had house. All three defendants are : County Armory Feb. 18. 19. 20. presumably depositing another $100,000 in banks of various of C
I i 'j/" reported to Brant by letter that free on bond awaiting trial in i Nightly lecture demonstrations of food preparation will be states, thus making the group' "financilly secure." HJ

i ... ..Y G the two were on the job. but Criminal Court em a date to be I given.The Fields describes Rev. King as "an ordinary young man the
r., Homemakers Fair also feature displays'by, a number of I who by chance *placed in .
& that he waa In a dilemma 93 te ft* I was a position where he could

j, L: .'...;: '" r what to *o. about it. ; merchants hi the city. Valuable prizes will be given..>r::' away nightly. -make-his_. views known. f
.j" ) I, ..
:i .. F .. -< .xd .. :"' ..; ;'... .,..." i .. .-' .. L J'- ,. ." h. ? j.. '
! ...:. < 1-

!I i



l'} _\!:: ::": ..., ..- ,.&....

._. .....".. "1-- _

',Pap Two THE 1.0RllJA S.fA Week Ending Saturday, February,. '20. 1540U



THE FLORIDA STAR "Politics i As Usual"By



For the benefit of our readers we are presenting the list

'r Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. WO, R L 0- !'M .PROUD OF YOU 1} y of offices up for election in 1960. The list was kindly suppliedby

: Associated Press' the office of the of
':_' : ember of Negro Supervisor, registration.
i/ Erie O. Simpson for CO\GItl SS1ONAL:

.. R,-= C. Parham Johnson _Newi Staff Representative in Congress Second Board of Public Instruction District
: No. 5. Ned P.
/_ : Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept. Congressional District, Charles Searcy Sr.
County Budget Commissioner
E Bennett. District -
JUDICIAL: No. :2, Basil J. Walker

Justices of the County Budget Commissioner. District -
Supreme Court
," MAIN OFFICE & PLANT. : (1 umber 'of Offices? No. 4, Joseph G KanneHv. Jr.
I 4-6782 EL 4.6783 County Civil Service
1213 Moncriel Road EL Circuit Judges \\- Fourth Judicial Board. District
\ Phone EL 4-3773 No.2, Carleton R. Barber
Downtown Branch Offici: 423 Broad St. Circuit, Eight Offices.

STATE: County Civil Scwice Board, Ds.

Governor tact No. 4, Paul R. Akin.
:-- ) Leroy Collins.
,. Secretary of State R. A. Gray.
Mailing Address: ELECTED
I .,' Comptroller Ray E. Green.
P, O. Box 5BI. Jacksonville J, Florida .1. Commissioner of Agriculture Nathan BY D1SIEKYrJustice
; > Mayo. of the Peace, District Mo
\ 1' : 2, U. p. Pendams Jr.
Treasurer J. Edwin Larson.

Attorney General Richard W. Er- Constable, District No.2. D M.


One Tear, $5.00; Half Year, $3.00: Three Months. 51.80 Supt. of Public Instruction'Tom Justice _of the Peace, Distract :No

Mailed To You, A>a where In The United States. D. Bailey. 3, L. C. Oliver.

bscription Payable in Adrnnce. Send Check or Money Order To: v r 1 rr ,a r State Attorney William A. Hal- Constable, District No. 3, Emory

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOS 561-JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDANegroes lowes, HI, Railroad and Public Utilities V. Roberts.
I Commission. Justice of the Peace, District No.

4 t, George A. Harris.
Constable, District No.4, Lonnie
Member State House of Repre-
And The Negro Press A. Sikes. .
sentatives, Group No. 1 John. E.
\ Justice of the Peace, District No.
The Second in a Series of Editorialson Mathews, Jr. 5, D. Hsrtey C&fctefic.Constable. .
Member State House of Representatives -
the Negro
District No. 5, Frank:
Group No. 2, Harry West-
Last 'week we printed much of the speech delivered by berry. E. Branson, Jr.

William the occasion of the 75th birthdayof Justice of the Peace, District No.
O. Walker on SL? ; j 4& Member State House of Representatives
the Tribune which he lambasted the 8, Ernest R. Ilarttey.
Philadelphia in Group No. 3, George B.

"Negro intellegentsia" who find all manner of fault with LEGISLATION ENFORCING VOTING RIGHTS WILL HELP Stallings, Jr.Member i (Judge Constable) Hartley., District No. S, R. G

Negro State House of
newspapers. Representatives
PUT OUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER Justice of the Peace, District No. .
criticism of the
Fortunately, in Duval County Negro group No.4. Subject to
press is not prevalent among Negroes. The percentage .or"downers" Referendum, Nov. 3, 199. 9, Genevieve K. Medloek
(Negroes who are "down" on everything other COUNTY: Constable District No. 9. Gl urge

Negroes are doing) is very low. On the other hand, how- YaGe Weekly Clerk of the Circuit Court Leonard IL Brown, Jr.
i Justice of the Peace, District N.
ever, the criticism that comes from others is frequently W. Thomas.
10 B.
Dorcas Drake.
deserved and often helpful.No. I Sheriff Dale George Carson.
2, the local morning paper has been operating 94 ._ Ilol1oscope Guide Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. I Constable, District No.< 10, J. R.

years and evening paper for 72 years, while the FLORIDA Tax Collector Clyde H. Simpson. I Carmichael.
Justice of the Peace District :No. '
STAR is only 9 years old. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER Superintendent of Public Instruction 11, Sarah Bryan. ,
Ish Brant.
Constable! District No. 11, A. M.
'It is not unusual to hear those "downer" critics being WHICH, ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR County Commissioner DistrictNo.
(Steve) Stephens.
1, J. B. (Joe) Mallard.
set straight by persons who understand the problems of I
Justice of the Peace
District No.
the Negro press and the problems of Negro enterprise, as BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEl County Commissioner, DistrictNo.
12, T. O (Tom) Holmes
a whole. It is not uncommon to hear thinking Negroes tell 2, Joe F. Hammond. .
Constable, Distrxt No. 12. W. T.
"flowners" that it is foolish to compare the FLORIDA STAR CANCER recent days, and this may call for County Commissioner, District
(Bill Woodward. .
with the local white daily for several reasons. I Born June 22nd. thru July 22nd. a suspension of strenuous work or No.5, Joe Burnett.

No. 1, the local daily started out with thousands of Born March 21st. thru April 19th. The path of cooperation continues play. Be especially moderate on County Judge McKenney J. Davis.: SECOND PRIMARY

dollars as capital from people who invested to start the Despite substantial progress, you to run smooth, and it will be well the 24th; when you seem to be most Judge Criminal Court of Record Presidential<< Preference Prim'try

string because of the absence of Negro investors. will find cause for dissatisfaction.This worth your while to see that you susceptible to the ills that are com- Division "A". William T. Harvey. National Committeeman and Committees \

paper, while the Negro press invariably starts on a shoe may be due to a physical letdown are not taken off into devious bypaths mon at this time of the year. Do Supervisor of Registration Fleming .
while the nature of your occupa- attitudes. Shun nothing that could invite secret II. Bowden. Delegates to the National Convon-
No. 3, THE local paper fights no battles, the I by your own en-
Negro press is forever fighting and has as its main func- tion or the attitudes of people making drastic decisions, annd keepin mities and difficulties with person- Clerk Criminal Court of Record tion. .

tion .the job of speaking out for equality, justice and the working for you. Cope with it in a mind the hazards of modern-day nel or co-workers. You will not-re- Kathleen L. Hartley. S ,

rights of Negroes.The philosophical and restrained manner ri"a yej, before you act in haste sent this too much, when you have County Solicitor Criminal Courtof Remember folks, the registration :

fact that some 18,000 Negroes in Duval County' il you do not U-ant to upset i ((24th[ J: Useryour superior percep the assurance that itill mean Record Lacy :Mahon, Jr. books are now open. Register NOWif

read the FLORIDA STAR each week is evidence that the rather delicate balance between tive powers to sense exactly what greater profits, higher salaries or Board of Public Instruction, District you have not done so. Renewal -

colored citizens in these parts want the Negro press and I ,emotional stability and instability.You lies in .wait, and plan accordingly other fine rewards (2Sth). No.1, Raymond A. David. cards are now being sent out. Fill

would probably give it much, more support, but do not should probe deeper into the with the aid of those who hold you G-80-33-15-52-6S3 Board of Public Instruction, District it in and return it promptly. Don't

realize that support of' the Negro press goes beyond the causes of your frustrations and in affection. Develop latent talents. No. 3, A. E. (Gene) Stokes. let it lay around the house and

purchase of a paper, but rather, also entails patronizing handicaps, and evolve a formula 7-30-22-12-73-732 SCORPIO get lost.

its advertisers. hat will combat or eradicate themin Born Oct. 21h( thru Xov. 22nd. ments by saving regularly ((24th). 7 '

It is" important that Negroes.patronize firms that advertise the near future ((26th). Start applying LEO The resourceful person can .always Take the initiative after the 26th, improvements. The future pictureis

in the- Negro press because advertising is the life- it on the 28th, when you can Com July 23rd. thru Aug. 22nd. find ways and means to escape for you will then be favored by rather a promising one. even if

bleod of a newspaper and business firms won't place ads obtain an inspiring boost, physically You seem to have had an ex- workaday chores, or at leastto sympathetic planetary vibrations. its outlines are somewhat blurred

in the Negro press unless they are satisfied that the Negro and spiritually. citing time of it up to this point. minimize their disagreeable fa- Keep your eyes and ears open and you must be ready to take

press was responsible for bringing them Negro customers. :3-60-55-18-37-365 Do not compound previous mis- cets. Hobbies, cultural pursuits and when you are discussing things your place in it (28th). Considercourses

I ,. Many might say: Why should I go out of my way to takes of a costly nature by coop- doors to new worlds and vistas. with relatives or neighbors, in order that you can transform

patronize the Negro paper's advertisers so that the Negro TAURUS erating much more closely with Shake your self loose of possessive to obtain a lead on an impor- into sources of knowledge, elucidation -

I press could get more business? Com April 20th. thru May 20th. the person best fitted to handle friends or unrequited love, when tant opportunity or moneymakingventure and self-development.

I I' The answer is simply this: The price you pay for There is much more satisfactionin pint finances judiciously '((24th). you realize that they are thwart- ((28th). 1-2041-19-26-121

E :. tke paper hardly pays the cost of putting it out And making material sacrifices when More rapid in this direc- ing you in your search for greater 380331652383. -
progress personal freedom ((24th). You
i when you join a church you don't stop at paying your they prove to be of benefit to tion should be possible during the should LEARN TO DRIVE
have occasions
: dues You support church's affairs and others. Those many to explore PISCES
I your support who are closely tied There additional
coming month. are Secure Drivers' License
extent and quality of ex-
I. its programs because you know that dues alone won'tkeep to you by blood, or by choice, may promising signs that you can isting and latent talents, whichmay Born Feb. 19th. thru March 20tli. SAFEWAY DRIVING

the church doors open. And why do you want the require considerable attention add to your valuable possessions eventually be the means of Make friendliness toward one SCHOOL

church doors open? 'Because the Church serves a need. : sympathy affection and guidance, acquire productive property and extending your horizons and fulfilling and all,' and particularly your in- 600 West Beaver Street

In addition to paying subscription dues for the Negro when they are confronted by ser bolster the basis for harmony and your desires ((26th). dispensable allies, your outstanding GEORGE PERPENA. Dir.

paper each week it is necessary to support it by patronizingits ious problems Qr troubles. You security in your domestic environ- 8-70-99-203S-879 attribute from now on. A personal Res. PO 5-4607

subscribers because the Negro :press serves a need. It is seem to be favorably situated to ment, around the 28th. cycle is initiated on the 26th, pav-

the medium that, speaks out against injustices. It is the furnish all that is needed, and 2-1041-13-79-214 SAGITTARIUS ing the way for major personal

medium that demands and would be well-advised not to let ( --
equal opportunities equal rights.It
Born So,'. 23rd. thru Dec. 21st.
is the medium that for more anyone down on the 24th. Get set
campaigns Negro deputy for VIRGO It could take mental gymnastics 'rt 4w.
,sheriffs and city policemen Negro firemen more civil serv- a busy social season, from the26th
Born Aug. 23rd thru Sept. 22nd. to come up to the requirements of
ice j jobs ,and an end of discriminatory practices against C'n. much of which will trans-
You can find a multitude of rea- those in high quarters, but you can .
pire at home. ,
I I Negroes. sons, not necessarily valid when do it if you hold on to your self- r' ,

Those are some of the reasons whY'we* should patronize 520SS11SS.52SGEMINI- you are trying to evade an impor- confidence. The prize offered seemsto :art r % r MY

firms that advertise in, the Negro press : and thatis Born May 21st. thru Jane 21st. tant deision. Don't miss the have considerable value, and E
the reason we say: chance,*of a lifetime by adopting you should not neglect all preparations 4
As long as: everything is going
these tactics (24th). You will have to give the proper account of
f, according to schedule and plan it '
PATRONIZE another,, opportunity to form a valuable yourself on the 24th. Inspiring fam- .
/ would be most imprudent to try .
.... alliance, circumstances per- ily reunions and projects are favored '
: '\; and speed them up by introducing mitting, after the 26th. Put aside on the 28th. Do not turn far

Dimes r t ; g extreme measures. Gcciinians i as prejudices, faddism and other men- down the prospect of changes of

a whole are becoming more con- tal aberrations that really cramp location views or beliefs.
{t tit scious of their importance to their
and then. Keep 9-50-22-11-97-952
your style now 3y1.
Aid New +- : community or professipns. Their striving for financial independence.

", k chances of giving a good accountof 66-17-48496( CAPRICORNBorn

themselves should improve after Dec. 22nd' thru Jan. 19th. J {

< Healibt the 20th. Your social life will be- LIBRA Continue to be alert when walking X ;' .

come more active in the coming Born Sept. 23rd. thru'Oct. 23rd. driving or alighting from con-

: Scholars month. Be ready to establish your Drift along during the early daysof veyances. It would retard the de-

place. this week, for there is little you velopment of your economic goal

1-40-77-14-25-147: do to speed the tempo. In lose time
can up should you be forced to '
_______ n n
thru delays or mishaps (24th). You M

are likely to embark on a new :: : ,.
Get Your Horoscope Guide To '-
.1' period of mental and local activity, r .
f ;' RICHES LOVE HEALTH after the 26th. Engage in publicity, : (

#r, :-- "1 't+ Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 make yourself seen and heard and J .: -I

R ...i To Pablo The expound your views where they .
.. : : <. f Astrologer P O.Box'S61. Jacksonville
,.,. .-
;. 1.Fla.1
<- find fertile ground. A in-
"' ,> '. -- may very ft ft
; :;....1.. ,"t1.! ;;, ..7. : i : teresting introduction conversationor 4KENKNICHT ,
-- -
:' (i'1 r- '
.! :"
.,.."'iG .....,."...'. -
!, l ". .F.: t.M ;. I Guide for the month of December., I II reason to raise your hopes,. ,
: 1'0 !..- I and spirits (28th). .... .w.-.4. ,
..........,....1'... I, 2.ross.16-62-268 "'
i.. "'" NAME ___ ...; Invites You To Listen To -' .
;- :. The above students'are among more than 480 winners of new I I II :.t : .
health 1Aa' AQUARIUS :-.. "KNIGHT TRAM"Starting ,! .'
scholarships supported by the March of Dimes. Top left I I I'f .
.. to right, they are: Alias Barbara Barrel of River Range, Mich., I ADDRESS _.4 :. _. I Born Jan. 20th. thru Feb. 18th. ,

!. Hiss Audrey Beaner: of Shreveport, and bottom, left to right, ':'- By being fair and just in a self- ,-
'. Arthur W. Chancy of Hackensack N. J., Miss Natalie 11. Jack I I appraisal of your shortcomings or .....- At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
; ton of Wilmington, N. c., and Miss Mary Alice Motley of Bowl- '. ;Ll
t tag Green, Ky. 515 scholarships to deserving youth seeking professional BORN _' :-.. _:-, current problems you may recog- i

careers in nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy I *-r ..-i' a":. ,,'''':da3e.' i nize that it would pay you to become 1400. WRHC I.401f,
1 medical social work and medicine will be offered.annually economical, and to give a
from funds raised in the New March of Dimes. I ,'-.' ,, I thought to your eventual require-;

-- -


., i r.. '. ""' ...:. --.r st .' +. --.-_ ..
y"'=T- ", '''fr "r '' :''''7...' -.' "" 7 r'''' 1. ',e !!If ',' -r. r- ", 71. :. 'h. .. 'H


Week Ending Saturday. February 20 1960 THE FLOBIDA STAB" Paw 2tr'

,.t. Shirk Charge Pupil Assignment

q r Applied To Negroes OnlyFLORIDA

# Deliveries
\ .


Mr. and Mrs. George Washington. February. 1. 19o+
1932 McClean Road Girl PENSACOLA FLA.. Feb. .The Florida Pun;' ;v .....Mit
Law under 'legal attack here this reek
Mr. and Mrs.Moses Merritt. 1227 came with the filing of
W. 3rd Street. Boy a complaint in the federal district court by attorneys for the
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodward Cave, -me complaint- was iiiea on -
: 1615 W. 6th Street, Girl I l behalf of Negro children in Es-
T : ; ; cambia County, Fla., and against
4 4 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Young 2503 the Board of Public Instructionof WEBB REPLACES
McMillan Street, Boy
" the County and its school of-

: Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Randolph, ficiaIt seeks court order
; /j
> Route 1, Box 81, Yulee, Florida, prohibiting the school a# thori- ROBINSON AS
Y'f ,ioG ,* I Boy ties from operating and maintaining I

If wj H (......:.:....,....'......:...:..:. '. Mr. and Rufus Jackson. 803 W. education.a dual system of public \
>'":"" St.
; Union Boy
r : .. .<
-': ,.; : : .:. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Austin, 1540 The focal point of the attack I TOP CONTENDERPROVIDENCE

1 Ella Street, Boy in the complaint is the Florida I
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Darling Pupil Assignment Law which

f r.1 General Delivery. Middleburg, permits school authorities to assign -

<' <.%Wf Fla., Boy public school pupils on the
t = ;4 : Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jackson, 5216 basis of "sociological, psychological : R. I. The last

; : Avenue B, Boy ethical and cultural back- monthly ratings released by the
: Mr. and Mrs. John Kendrick, ground and social scientific fac- National Boxing Association have

j 2266 McCoy Blvd., Girl ors." named Spider Webb of Chicago, a
; .::. ':..:..:}ji'(:';."". ... ,. ., .. .. I If Mr. and Mrs. John Floyd, 948
>> .. '. former Olympic champion as the
, luur:11: : <:i${* 6+ _. ,. 'f. i_ (.; ?: : '. ":. .: .. : Broad Street, Girl The law also gives the school top contender for Gene Fullmer"

f SCOTT TROPHY AWAITS FAMU RATTLERS-The. A. Scott, V...-.....ur.&A&V&"J" :: ... UM11M.. VJ .4H 7_-_-_-r-...- __- :.Yee Mr. and Mrs. Sammie Davis, 638W. officials authority to ask public middleweight crown.
D, Memorial Trophy, symbol of football supremacy, was awarded Atlanta colleges. The charming young ladies, left to right are 17th Street Boy school pupils seeking reassign-
to the "Rattlers" of Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, as 1959 Spelman College's Miss Gertrude Clark, "Miss Morehouse," Miss Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, ment to dve in detail specific Webb succeeds Sugar Ray Robinson -
J intercollegiate football champions.. A. Scott III, son of the Veleta Sims, "Miss Morris Brown," and Miss Gloria Gowdy, "Miss 2205 Pullman Street, Girl reasons for the request and why as top contender after Robinson
founder of the Atlanta Daily World, second from right, receives Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Stamper, they feel they would make a lost to Paul Pender in Bostoa

f trophy from Jack Moore, The Atlanta (Ga.) Coca-Cola Bottling 2546 Mimosa Street, Boy "normal adjustment" to the recently. Robinson dropped to fifth
".," Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scott, change in environment from place and Pender was givea the
.' '"' He said if every hospital loss Albert St., Girl one racial school system to the fourth place in the ratings.
PHYSICIANS ADVISED country admitted in the Mr. and Mrs. Ceaser Timer ether.
Negro physicians Henry Hank of Detroit rose to
and if 1634 Johnson
every Negro The Pupil Assignment Law.
after his Impressive
were a the second spot
Mack 1338
TO MOBILIZE FOR member of local branches of the Mr.W. 8th and Street Mrs. Boy Baker however, has been applied only victory over light heavyweightJesse
American and
\ Medical to the assignment reassignment -
Association middle
David Jenkins, Bowdry. Former
Mr. and Mrs.
members of Negro students.In
RACIAL EQUALITY of this profession could 2903 Myrtle Avenue, Boy weight champion Carmen Basflto,
not afford the complaint filed today
( to rest on their oars Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simpson, who hasn't fought losing the title
( New Ledge Stone DesignNO "until every Negro Legal Defense attorneys also
\1' among us en- 5740 Bree Rd., Boy to Gene Fullmer last August
\ joys the democratic charge the Escambia County
'? opportunity to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Smith, 820S. dropped from the No. 4 spot to
g4 DR, MAZIQUE TELLS MEDICSTO rise to full dignity school officials with maintaining ,
amoung men in Third St., Boy I named No. 2 challenger for Inp
I "CLOSE RANKS" AND every profession, two school zone lines, one
on every job,
FIGHT FOR Mr. and Mrs. Jessie White 7237 and the other for sixth.
EQUALITY and in every institution." for Negroes
, CHICAGO (ANP) Dr. Edward Fernandina Avenue, Girl whites. The "colored school Sonny Liston of Philadelphia was

Mazique, president of the National Mr. and Mrs. Edward: Andrews, system" is staffed entirely by mar Johansson's heavyweight title.

i Medical Association, this week or- I 3979 University Avenue, Boy Negroes, the attorneys argue, Zora who ranked as
SALMON Folley once
RECORDER- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Graham, 721
dered his organization to mobilizeits and the "white" schools solelyby contenders in the
of the
and its HERALD: "The men who laid the Court I, Jax., Fla... Girl one top
resources strengthen whites.
: to
economic and social support in the foundation for these United States Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor, 741 heavyweight division dropped
treasured and gave their lives fora Venus Street Boy Attorneys for the Negro pupils the third place spot since his poor .
bitter fight for equality and broth-
democratic, free of life. Thurgood Marshall and showing in his victory over Eddie
erhood and in this nuclear way It Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baggs, are
DOWN FOR AS LOW AS peace is the responsibility of us all to I 3363 Japonica Road, Boy Constance Baker Motley of Machen. Henry Cooper of England

age.The order was given in his recent preserve this government as they I, Mr. and Mrs. James Brinkley, New York and Charles F. Wilson rose to tie third spot with Machen
PAYMENT 269 50 Medical Assiocation meeting herein intended it to be." t 11216 Tyler Street, Boy of Pensacola, Fla. dropping to fifth.

J Chicago. I .
[Win. appro .
i Pointing out that the progress of \
ISO tq. feetJ) .
" the Negro community is followinga -

PHONE FL 9-7794 Be FOR Sure FREE To ESTIMATE Visit theNMAthat zig-zag course it,cannot Mazique remain warned in- Seelf 1iy'1t1'o1f t! ft New thrift Wfdf i table TV'!! 1 I

f the NMA that it cannot remain in-
Our Booth & Home Show .
different in this period of transi-
\ t, Duval Armory, Feb. 18, 19 & 20 tion. ,. .; ; t ,; -,' :J"

,_ _, ,' '. _.. _.....u._...," .......u."_.'. U_........_..__ '.' ,','_""" '''''"u,_, ,_................_-_. .............___. ._..u.....___ .. tF : r. ..iiI __: ,
I' ', .., : ." ,, a]
' K1 cr,:; }$ ,;> F 'qa :,' : :fi ,.:,:aYc:%% '' AIL NEW 71'
;{:.:. ,
: :vafi'J : r. s.W* f :{):xro? '
'i x';
) 1 1'}# .f.rA, :. :
1960 ,

'M v, ':YO. L, IWI


'' '+ a 111 &, h' } with Remote TV Timing

4 Relax! Don't Get dp. .. r

Tune TV from across -"- _
the Room with Silent Sound 1 :TPI: )

TOUCH A BUTTON on control unit
you hold in your hand.

e Turn set on and off f ,

..;.c Adjust volume to two levels of

BOOM, TOWN OF HALF MILLION e Change sound and channels mute

.... No wires! No cords! No batteries!


.; t tt
: Jacksonville's become a boom town. A solid one. Retail business increase is the.

.... highest ever recorded in the region, including cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, $1O15DOWN

', Memphis,Miami. Around 500,000 people now live in the metropolitan area.

1 J .:\ Fellow told us just this week: and .
{" ;f" Slim Classic Portable with SPACE COMMAND
.* f* '*: "You can't see how fast the town's growing or its magnificent views unless you d

: ,. = leave home. You're boxed in when drive. Turn head The Trinidad-Model 2O1OC Soun
*V your car at you your toward *
$2.95 Per Week 17 overall 1 diag. picture. 155 sq. in. rec OVf
=, i the skyline or a new skyscraper for a second, and.you're liable to%wind up tongular picture area. In Two-Tone Metallic. ./ ,

[i in a heap. That's. why we've started taking the Coach." Gray and While. rFint

> ..) Riding the Coach also saves you gasoline, oil, auto depreciation loose change Only $10.95 Down, .

l:'.' (for parking meters), big change (for parking lots), traffic jam tensions and and Slim Classic i PortableThe

:k, ;: time. Over a month, it's like an extra vacation with money to spend. Caribbean-Model D181OB -
# 1 '
Iroverall!I diag.roes.s sire. 155 sq. inches of .
i; See for yourself what 2 Of (city limits) will buy. Start riding the Coach this $2.40 Per Week *picture viewing area.In Blue Mist cctor. '

'. week. '. >
I t

\ t":' Ask your Driver,.or write tie Jacksonville_ Coach Company,fur a printtJ Coach $199.95WORLD 1 I II
"' w .
schedule I 1

.F", I FAAiOUS giTH QU l.ITf.-.Ses' in Piclurc..BcJ in 5ound..Bef in Performance
rotit.a .. i
.. _-.....-. ._ ._----- -'- :


::2r- ;.-.' ''** COACH* Stole and Pearl AppliancemA '

I1 I': VItf)"..". ,. ; 1 .

'L'AI V.L.
:;:. !::r. > .... .,. :.. ._..\..t:3.: TSiilEL"'S' T$2 ST. CORNER STATE PIAU.' -: OPEN-
; f...
!i,... Jt! :,.- '.., u; N. 1 'Y '" csror*. AOHMSrtHTSTMIT PHONE EL'-e4

_:; ,. .tl: :: : ..< ::. : \.. -ct ..: :. ,< __- -


'&: ., :.:.. J., L j.: ;.: .. '..,. I."L_'" ___> -

; '''"

I''W''I': I

yr"s'" .i .,. -1 a W 4--...__ _... -- .- -- .. ?

JOHN tTI.QN.! i Mth,His Boston, -.University"b rlJ;lP coach ta I ;gLBos Ed-. .,- $-HTCH "SCHOOL} SENIOR DAY ':-: ':='<,':-_' '__ ,%. :..- "'' > I


bar,has p tM5{ SET AT FAHU APRIL::: 2' : ,: CAMPUS: CRIER .

ALMOSTdUMPED ,)9 tp' It id Il the J J- .. ; ..
standard was pct for 7-4 and the TALLAHASSEE The; second annual Florida High .t' .

7 FT. 4 INCHESBy bar measured p down X6.7,24. at the Institutioiqs Higher Education, will be held here April By FREDERirKA TOOLEV :..

lowest. J>>siti..9P... When, Thomas almost I 2, axordinffo'aiiannouncement: 'made by Dr. G. T. Wig- Northwesterners now hav the$f
tool: the bar en his last jump, tb S t r '' r w School Semof' ;
Day the Florida
sponsored Council
SAMCEL P. PERRY JR. chance to make known thcirjnid-T
he would have been clearing. .near. nine.. .':
-- have ,
BOSTON, Mass. (ANP) The er 7-4, than 7-2&. ty J 41 *' displayed interest In the way
The senior day project is .
a-cooperative by vying :in tryouts. ,So' fer thlrty.O .
amazingly cool John Thomas who "One pf the reasons Thomas sets effort on the. part of ..... t -:>. .' ( ) ?Northxvesterners hate tried
equalled his own world's record of world records in New York is the member institutions _JTormal: Invitations '
;of the 'council > are expected .
for of
i '.,' out parts' in "Phantom the
71at the Boston P **
A. A. meet at bar. The New York bar isn't '
a y to provide Florida high school seniors to be placed in the ,mail to the High School", a three art mystry-
the Boston Garden
also came closeto more than a fraction of,an inch." the opportunity ,talk with principal and senior class adviser.of comedy by Anne Coulter Martins..
scaling 7-& .lie reportedly In practice sessions Thomas has t officials
of Florida institutions ,of each
high school within the This is a major project for the
jumped -
'7-2-in.. practice.. consistently cleared 7-2-%. higher at central location
." aI. 'I a : state of Florida. Smith also, plansto senior class. It is to be presented

... -y I. and during a one-day'period, mail a cover letter to these individuals April, IS. and 19, at 8.00 p.m. In
a pnpa.s. ss During the day-long confab indiud explaining the various the school caf lorium.
V ual seniors have the opportunity to phases of the day.

"" .. s iw : f/S'? attend: centers sponsored by each There are eighteen parts available -
I v .3, a 1t ,participating institution during Member institutions and their eight men, and ten women. \

0 which time representatives will! presidents are as follows: Bethune- The characters are: Mindy, Rick,

discuss the course offerings, ful? 'r. Gookman College, Daytona Bench, Julie, Alan, Randolph, Betty, Nina I

cia cost, co-curricular acti\-h.s: I Dr. Richard V. Moore; Edward Sue. Chuck Miss Harker, Miss

Harlem's Famous Congressman HonoredMore and other aspects of life at t'i!' .irrespective Waters College, Jacksonville Dr. Winslow Mr. Gibney, Miss Benson,
Evelyn Cole, Lanny, Marty Red
institutions. In addition William B. Stewart; Florida< j
s .r.,.... ,Z::rc than 350 people from all walks of.life attended the gal each school prepares a display and A&M University, Dr. George W.; mond, Norma Janeway, and Sgt. \{
"Salute To Congressman Adam Powell" at the Palm Cafe in New
York City on last Monday night which xras a brilliant manifestation has, available printed materials.Dr. Gore Jr.; Florida Normal and Industrial Seniors :.
who have tried
of the continuous popularity of ti; .& famous Congressman. Wiggins, head of Washington Memorial College St. Au- already
Pictured here is Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, right, receiving of.Pensacola also gustine, Dr. R. W. Puryear; Gibbs for parts are; Catherine Marshall I
congratulations from Milt Shaw, President of Shaw Artists Junior College Junior College St. Petersburg, Catherine Barney, Ann Leou !'
Corporation, for his relentless fight for civil rights. Looking on is announced that Charles J. Smith Catherine Barney, Annie Lou John- .
Ralph Cooper, popular disk jockey of radio station WHOM who HI, director of public relations at John W. Rembert. Fredericka *
conducts his nightly show from the Palm Cafe. son, Tooley, Rodney
Florida A&M University, will .
again Howard Junior( College, Ocala, Hurst, Edward Hickson, Betty ,
.,3 :,.5 i\"C\ 'as coordinator: !. the day-I William H. Jackson; Roosevelt Cummings, Marjorie Meeks Julius \

Veterans Corner long program. In addition to Smith., Junior College, West Palm Beach, Barney, Jeanette Bryant, Solomon

the coordinating. committee will include Britton G. Sayles; Rosenwald I Dempsey! Roy Mays, Linda Tar- *
from each
representatives Community Junior College, Pana- vet, Johnnie Martin Mary Butler,
.. t ,6 1 participating'school. ma City, C. "C. Washington ;Suwan- Mary Blount, Argenia Hagen,

Because of the wide-spread interest Last April 3, somo 1000 high nee River Junior College. ,'Madison, Gloria Watkins, Ronnie Calhoun, j

among veterans and their I school seniors from throughout the ; James j:: Gardner; Washington Eugene Calhoun, Johnetta Shepjjard I

dependents on the new pension law Merit AwardsPresented state attended the first annual Fla. Junior College, Pensacola, ,_Dr. G.T. : Annie Bell .. Henry,. Vivian-. i'

r?*'* rti ,& ** i going into effect later this .->ear, School -SeniorsDay ponsed. .by l II Wiggins; Volusia< County .mmun-. Mouzon, Claudine Gay, Elizabeth :
the FLORIDA. STAR>today they council.'Smith tjo cars! i

'he third of five columns of prints pertinent c the 19CO attendance! \ wuj *be given j. GrJI ,.1p Grc, nc;;.'and Lincoto Junior !I Pclzey, mtti *Jane,. Thrcadcraft' .

information online new, law. larger. .*'i I, : j \ \i.?; ,'", '+ :f ';... fulPi. e 1:drt PicrccVLeRoy; F1Wd. Gfid/ Mills, 'Anna'Dean Bryant, '

: Succeeding columns will appear 'f -'. .. t. I. '
each week. Cutout.'and'save eery'' TALLAHASSEE : .tAt P
Three persons .
.T R '1J'f'-'
column for a complete fact sheet. r receied the Florida A and M H;' :,( : i 1

M 'R : 'The following questions' with' 'appropriate :.. University'. .Clinical Association lIm N.e O S>>I tNO\\Jf\

the Veterans answers' Administration, we're chosen from by ,, Awards the'rAMUIpspitaJ, of Ment and Award one received of Merit : Y;, I .:

the thousands'being asked: I J during the ,Association's public -_. ,,, \

"J.-:- t '." t Id c c'cr '.Q. In,order to compare the '''new' ., health assembly program in the .. -.1l \t
4' l. :::4, t .;. ,. pension system with the > present Charles Winter Wood Theater on ; .' W tiumRANT \ .: 1

one, what is the Wednesday. 10:00 : 1
amount of pension: February: 10. at 1

,. a.single veteran may receive now? i' S, a.m. Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., \ S I il. It"U. 1:.''" STILL -_ _. I,

,A. At present 'any torld.Wdr. I; A&M president, will,. preside' over. i : j S I

). II 01(Korean conflict 'veteran If he '. the ..convocation.Dr. I. t lC'i MAMED.PNE'OF.THE FOUR LEAPING :< '
is > ;
r single,and drawing a pension receives '.
,William H. Higgins, 'president COMPOSERS HE HAS ,
as $66.15 'a month unless he is ', .ff \t AMERICAN (

C' '" ,. .: :-. % .' :" -: --i..i_ ''65 years of.: 'ltge' or older,:'or has over the of the thre&day Association. confab; presided here 'at J./../ : W .I \. WON /MANy/ NATIONAL" ft 'RDS.FOR : '

-. been on the'pension1'roles?l. '10 'years' ,.:. t\ .; "' 7.I ,, : j
; in which event"ire' draws '$78.73.: the Florida A&M University 'Hospital i i 5- -ya., ),.' I;ti. HIto?' |8&, CLASSICAL' ?,I 'pOPULAR... :
: : on Tuesday, Wednesday, and'l'mIrday ,
ra.rerasw++n ti.wasl.xs_ .. .Thosp.tthQ; ..hecome...blind..or..so-. "" ). .l .. ,. .. '
!; If btti rr9-11 r. .. !> ,
r r I
helpless as to require the regular Higgins is from Palatka. I -I c t 'f ':::1 .... ........'.... '
aidfand.attend ancejol.an
': fcgrWEMrc
'i i .
., t' >y;ireoeiv liS: 5*,pel:Ji nth 11 l P; cal di- : .
.... rt '1 ;' ti: t kX\t f t.** ) H :;:. .: .j.\ $ : a. I "I 1 t Q\a I rQ.: f'OW t :in );uhg Ip t\ t mtSi ./ my\-g tI1on.a} .. J .t : : :.
Now. 'Th T. .; To-Cxtier.. Jl ,, ./ bew3gStpn Ffcobi: ;. ? .. ... ., I
..,. ._ a:ti aft ( dehvei q ".
"]I; :::: ;; ....... ;; : -,' I
__.. '
..C1' ..w ;. .. .. :-' o" -) ; : ... -/i .
.Tt1ijo61 1960 ,
? ed idle:heslip .bon meson 1 ./ .JiY'1$ ': :: ....
For stove or fireplace :1 MM _. ::'; ... I
your '' .
C.oa I the BAG. o .IY the TON e new system is planned t sage "Education and"The Public by ,\ ,; > IJealth. in Changing Africa. :?" .,,( _. ." ,. ,--- .I'. ..
ALL SEASONS :r &,, EL\C'\b t : t 'lale. the amount of pension Slated to receive,'awards of merit i :'C;. .-.' .. ':.1 t tt
"Our"17t1i eg"i' \ '} .c\ d to the' npe4'of' the pension r. :,. .were). & '>A. R Lord, M. D., t BORNMAY 11, 189F, IN MISSISSIPl 'THE"F:- I
\ ,
5883 Norwood Ave. ___ O .iJJ \ y ,a veteran without depend Sainbri4e'Georgia;. G. W. Hawk- I HIGHLY-EPUCATEP COMPOSf -CONDUcrOR; KUC.yN \' 1 I.
..5eptsday receive, pension of $85 Df : !
.ins. D. S.'f Miamif 1rs. D. M.lhamsfoN.rTaUlhasseej \
r '1N' lQ ith' if his, annual income is % ) { M. T. FOR: HIS FULL LENGTH OPERAS AND SYMPHONIES, 1 I t L :

,. ..r;:.1 : not mole Q OO0; a month; .u.. WaTers, 'R...;Ph ,JJewark* ,..Nqw.-Jersey i FOR YEARS COMPOSED SPECIAL: BACKGROUND/ .,. < \- UL I
., l r his income is abo;a $600 bul not presented by Dr. tWi 'H.
1 .f.J-" 4 I V 1 I
.. more than $1200; and $40 a month Baker Reverend E, W,|Spearman L MUSIC FOR HOLLVVVOOrpie I II II
.:: '.. r- if his- CQme,is more than Tallahassee I
/ f' rr ; presented by
-r' '
L .. ."= /r __ ; ;- ': \ c1] but Scot mare nosh. 1S0A If his k. Mr. Miller IL Johnson. "Y' .
L --- .. .. S :
J 'O t \J ,,, << Y75 -/ 1 _e 'K
nual income rs,mod inanreceivesn&thing. X1800 he The following Persons served as
'... .,
:< J..a- '
.- guest ,clinicians:';\Medical SectionDr.

Q. What pension does a veteran B., Perry Crump, Dr. JohnB.
I GRAY HAIRS peed WMI?:p UQWta. Mora with dependents receive at pres- Johnson: Dr.JEugeiie H. Dibble, f

; L tttoodt's entt Jr., Dr.n M?Haskins, Dr. Alan /
I DENNA, *"* ., _.. ..
UQUJD.. ; : A.;fie receives. the same amount P. Smith Dr.. ,Asa Yancey, :Dr. + .. -
\ HAIR COLORS ot pension as the singlet yeteran .z ;dson.H.Kr eit;.Dr. C. W. ,Ketch-

w-=..... s ray Itir fa 10 *.'30........as. Sr1w..id receives.*His only 'advantage'is ,. run, and" Dr: 'H. T;. Smith. Dental

I .:r-. OM{B-.1..fic knew_It alto-.r.w.........r.y.grab M_k .c. Kxi I that he may continue to draw: the: 1 '--Section Dr. C. O. Dummett -

tw.b. 41_ i/. N..pck.'N..m. .pension if hq has an annual income ,\ 'I .Dr.i:L.',-Hampton, Mr. Robert .
SAVE TIME AND MON T1 N* MM--.... 'as high .as 52700, whereas thecsin-u .M>er3. and;Dr. Thomas J. Pinson. BUSIES DIRECTORY (
''TOU y.w 'tl f ... .,.... tlreL L..... It ... 'R : : ;
1wt s- $.... ..-.______yMj gin veteran cannot draw? j -tat MMfm color tl proporly ......d1 exceeds
his annual income ward
51400. Joseph Eugere Mr. Bennie ,
wiu. MOT TURN HAIR uootsittt _. FirmsListed Below Are
i wiU .*t ...,b .IF. 't'a ..adw Q. How ,will the veferanith T} Lyman, Mr.. Charles L. Logue, ended As Reputable Establishments

{ I.p......e.ri.p....._..._s s d._.bbetls.9f_.>.......Iw, irati.,p.rw..sl.......i..... +R dependents fare. ; under..'. .-e the-::::-r'new1system ,t. 'arid" Mr/Bcnjamin..} A. Smith. Nurses J i Specializing Servi ces, and Products .. _10_" .. .... .

I Ie.*. t-y. ..aswt-1>..., muZ N KIACK. .V -....Ltf.r.,. HACK. ? ,, .. Section -TMrs.. Very Cruse, ": T '. v ..-.: ... '
.. AII.IIY,.... Mrs. D. T. Harris, Mrs. E. E. .M i d ALL...OaS RVICEZa :. 4t Blt Ii Walhin-gtoh'S" Health 'SeVi e'; f;
WOND1UU1."fOZ' a"a.: ta. A. Veteran with one dependent I
Yar cart le.l r 11..lest w1...........C-..............,.._--e :Jenkins, Mrs. E. K. Jenkins, Mrs. "Abundant H1ih I. RIghtfully Yours"AUTO
pewde4 b..a1 bwS...........W........_...D....N.L.s..p. may receive$90 a month if his an- IL T. Mills, Mrs. H. E. Singleton, PAINJINGICOMPAN; : ;>> TM .
NOT : nual income is not than : : B
DOES WTWW .wnM2 If wvwo more $1000; ?
4"Icti.......-dt....k 1i.pMtb s.1 r.1)0'J..sr lr.da. ,, t Mrs.: M. K.I Smiley and Mrs. V. T. Repair PAint WorkJ Lz' Colonlc TheJ"a". > .
hU : i Compile Body ,
.. IokL-fc.Nn: iR.ct Ds*'....., ................ ...it ...., $75 a month if his annual incomeis \ ';itejlteligio2s! therapy} : Chap- ,
;. ......: A.... vti' b.t 'Ut ''''- hi.w1 fc.t u.a. ., ... ... more than 51COO but not more _:- oven Bated Paint Jobs -:- p'ZYJSW 4f n. Masseiir-Ssm* Loc llot|
..d ....,. her MwD.p.d...... T..r ........ i.a u .. ii.fb** iairtf.i, f lain 6"1 bH.4'Sandstedt. Price Start $4.00 For 23 Years
that 52000( ; and -15: a month if his
nJ 1532 East Adaffly Street: EL'B-8135 .Avcntw I EL 4.2dFS
annual income is more thani $$20GO
but not more than $0 jai, O S -
:\) ff'1E '1;'] 'Qbs ,
Kings;Road ,ajid",Myxilo -' :. nual income is mover than $3000, FoRFIGIIr.I -* .mT* 1'-- 1" S.5WILLIE SMITH DRUGS

he receives notru1! '
'.' with 0? SOB .1 C, La. (i.:' ; --J'C: I GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET | Fr"\a!.'%: .11y.pan: of tkw cL'T
J Q.What about the veteran
[ha.J.1 ; point performance : If You Want The Finest In Groceries I -=- OLD RELIABLE --=-
11 t1 .. --S SS S more H I than one dependent? ['co the*"way here early last 1 601 We.i' JUhley:SfreetJOO .EL
'' : 4-I38C
Jet" I j And Meafs Come See U* ,
Yc{Don t' Have to Go to Town to
i : _rl Ax.b A'veteran with two dependcnts week as Grarnbling.. jhigpjed Texas I Street1 ,1 c '
J r ) Davis EL 6-5412L
Suthern 192-6&'to-f3k temDorarv
may receive month pgJiSjpiiipajTnents ;, .. ..... .. '
l --
"' and in the lead in the Southwestern Confer I i | JULIA GEORGE 5, & 10 CENT
LOW PRICES 0 595, $75 $45 I. MISCELLANEOUS, 1- ., r 1.\ *. : "
same tKree income ranges noted ence..race.1h'e ; JSTO"R'E
(\1. .
tl"t I --
a gryl u.S! rthA tTgers'
above. A veteran wlththrot ighth H h'"against'*-'' ''-two L1 v 6'-\J1: league AAA BONDING AGENCY "' ; '" ." 6 "Com1801a T __.ht' '! "

b' On YourDRUGSTORE ., "t.q more "depehSents PaYments of may receive Y. and pushed their over-all I' City Cottnry'ind'F d sal 'Bonk? "t f. : ,. j" '" .Openf8:30 ,to-7:p.,'m: "
monthly1! ,5100, $75 and
kt&lS-4 6 )? l< .Street;? .EL .121I'
ai'i:;; : JS ,uvlbose' income ranges. r for the year.BEAVER Law[ Exchange Bldg. : "-F3..S.ISS2i

NEEDS. .: :for Qc*veterans What will iho the require new systorn g9a3 do ,.:tq OA ,, ( ACE RADIO ,& .'TVcSERVICL. .4 'MAGGIE .

", : ,: !-.I. aid and attendance? FAILS, PA., NEWS- I'I 38 Yean In Electronics CONFECTIONERS

Trade .With Tour"Neighb rhbod Drug Store f nder|the new law all pendonswillbei TRIBUNE: "Federal state and All, Work Guaranieed. ,., BEER. CIGARS CIGARETTES

WE WILL. MEET; NV PRICES ADVERTISED 2.( increased $70 a month local expenditures are running at :343 Forest Streef J *. c' '= uso.c&& '- 'ICE, Btt" .COSMETICS'.

'V for veterans who require regularaid $129 billion a year. That is more --- Price S1. EL 3.631
\ attn ...4han one third tbePtoduct.. TIMIQUANA ROAD KTRAD1NG". L. Harris Prop.
DeUver'1i'd.AlsdDixie imM'b cc6 ttoeau4aiY ..jlpus \ t *
|n other mir s/>35 sjntaf of'every POST --

of estate" also apply> to widows d liar earned in this country' goes Complete Garden Sup: v pIi"-. r: V' QUICK
and children? to help maintain.government on Fertilizer Fruit Product, 'J' .** wx ,TP.3. '.
: PharmaciWj all levels.' .New' and tl "f a 1!: S,it.t.1t-r
A. Yes, the sajz. eas oes to _, i ft.. .1' One Day Service -
veterans. (\Thef $ere is i.widcr.vm wan tl lr 703 Old Xn Road PO 5-163 .

r I z sIGHT -,,Jp rpus 'nth...rf "JeCVrSIPHJi* 1JOHNNIES RO MINJ-IOOS ... \
url x e UWJ'j .
All Modern Convex
there is a child or Mlllklt rt .CMlkDH1X T A X I '
PAY YO WA1 Room NISLkibt .WN1uusvwo ) .
hpDan OMfWO.t-tAi'Y tir -
t' 1\iJ ouyr th florPAM 11e ; A1 1MV 1&i31 I IM Senfce'
AT OUR tate 1M.children. will I j JCjUi UiiU Pm.tl" n.-y j J C-| <(_ tf_ini > EALCJdh:4: .. '
utt :-J.: 'SI02.5 r 27 W. Aga.yig+. |, LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1811 ,





4 5



.__ ';i'.1t ',
:: "-

.. --


Week Ending Saturday, February 21, 1960 PLo.m JPrn' Ufo' .... Pigt 1Imett :
:.; 'X......:.. .d.i-L 1:&'.. M.l.: .. [,._ix.Z >l7 W "'lA' '.. :l ... __ _
---- .. .
-- -
I t. .. I
' "''' ...: f:0Gnz. : U
: : r .
<. Ie7:. P rt 1 t; ,. (- 0 T

..: = -:
'' -

i ... fj'

The Courtesy Committee of the District Junior Wo- qzL; :

men's Convention entertained Madam Ernestine Washington F

of Brooklyn: N. Y.; Prof. Alfred Miller, Brook- i

lyn; Mrs. Lillie Mae Fitzgerald, Daytona,,-Beach; and LiL Ma

Mrs. Hattie Malone, Newark, N. J., in the ]lovely homeof : ;

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mote, 551... W. 17th. Street, with a
buff ... i ,
et supper. e -'y1-

Other guests were Mr. & Mrs. Edward Herndon, Mr. '

& Mrs. Othell Burrough, Mr. & Mrs. James Gibson, the

Rev. H. L. Herod, The Rev. A* Hughes, the Rev. B. F.

Addison, Leroy Mallory, Mrs. Ruby Williams, Mrs. Mabel

' Taylor, Mrs. S. Campbell, S. L. Davis, Willie Evans, Colieri -

Herndon, Mrs. Victoria Terrell and Randolph Smith.

J., Members of the courtesy committee are: Mrs. Lucille

, Mote, chairman; Mrs. Ada Reeves, Mrs. Lucille Scott,

;I t Mrs. Mildred Gilliam, Mrs. Beulah Kelsey, Mrs. Blanche ..
'I, Miller and Miss Esther James.

-- -
Birthday parties are as traditional as time itself, yet
that that leaves with DRIVE-Pictorial hig plights of the Freedom Fund Drive held at Shiloh Baptist Church 29 and Nancy L. Brantley 1551 W.
I they always capture spirit us. an
exceedingly pleasant feeling. last Friday, featuring: Jackie obinson as principal speaker are seen here. In the photo at top 9th St., 22. Band Parents Plan

Mrs. F this 'in lifetime' left Rev. J. S. Johnson (centr') pastor of St. Stephen ADZE Church and Rev. Robert Wilson
Wright experienced once Chas. H. Kohn, 739 Court D, 21
feeling recently when she'was' feted with a lovely surprise (right) pastor of Bethel Baptisson t Church are seen presenting $500 pledges to Ruthledge 1L Pear- and Mary C. Perry 1127 Weare Annual Band-0-Rama
(left) treasurer of the Jac)ksonville Branch NAACP.
her 80th. Mrs. Til-
birthday party, on birthday, by St., 17.
At top right Jackie Robinson is i seen presenting a plaque to Benjamin Irvin a mason of the
lie Adams Gomez in the home of Mr. and Mrs. ,M. Peters, Alphonson Thompson, 1708( W. the Darnell-
3433 Phoenix Avenue. city, for his outstanding work with the NAACP. Looking on are: J. II. Goodson and Robert In a recent meeting
23rd St., 21 and Fjoria M. Bur- Cookman; Band Parents Club made
Mr. C. V. Wright, the Rev. &=Mrs. W. B. Murray, Saunders. roueks.. 1381 Prince St... 19. plans for the Sixth Annual Band-

Mrs. W. M. Wright, Mrs. Carrie ,Adams, Louis Adams, 1 Roland Brown, 1331 Woods St., 20 O-Rama to bo held in the school

Mrs. E. D. Melton, and Mrs,'..T." Gomez were on hand to Noble John Milner 1170 W. 13th. Bells and DeLoris Tillman, 1331 Woods auditorium Friday night March 11.'

help the honoree enjoy' this' affair.er About St.; Samuel Brown, Mrs. Rosa Wedding St., 19.Fred. at 8 p.m. '

oj, Brown and Mrs. Ellen Braggs, Demery, 352 Phelps St., 26 "Say It With i Music" should
Duval Medical Center Frank
; APPLICATION FOR and Mae S. Shipmon, 1537 Lee St., prove to be a delightful eveningfor

Mrs. Sophie Collington played hostess to the Duke Floyd, Brewster Hospital; Mrs. MARRIAGE LICENSES everyone. Appearing on this
Mattie Ilartsfield 24.Richard
Sun Nurs-
and Duchess Social Club Valentine Party. The usual red Ray L. Minton Gen. Del., program will be the famous Dar

and white color scheme was carried out in the decorationand POPIeY ing Home; Lee CoUler-.282i; ) Jupiter Earnest Cole 6020 Zinnia Rd., Oceanway, Fla., 20 and Sadie MC nell Cookman Marching and Con- "'
St. Mrs. Mattie Golden, 1531;
Cupid was on hand to capture the hearts of all those ; 19 and Marion Bryant, 2507 LanI I Kitchens, 1418 Florida Ave., 17. cert Band; the Orchestra, Rhythm I
Louisiana St. T. J. Jackson,
attending this lovely affair. C tanna Ave., 15. and Melody Band; Gretel and Ger
1556 W. 2nd. Lawrence Roberts 1590 W. 22nd
St. ]Irs. Idolla '
; -
Members of the club are: Mesdames Mary E. Cumm- Miss Harriett Gwendolyn, Jordan : John T. Singletary, 732 Da\isSt., tie Dance School and Bolden's College
<, Bailey; 629 W.. 4th. Street 3Irs. St., 21 and White, 121.4Jessie
; Georgette !
ings, Okella Graham, Annie L. Wilson, Sophie Collington, daughter of Mr. ,and Mrs.! 26 and Catherine Young, 732 DavisSt. of Music.
Oliva McGee SL 24.
Mary Jackson, Marie Glen, Barbara Atkins, Ora Brooks, John L. Jordan received her BS,:\ 1318 W.: 5th. St.; ., 28.Reuben. The parents: have divided themselves '.

Thelma Harris, Nellie Gilbert, Alberta Jackson, Wylene Degree in Business Education nI' Mrs.St.; Mrs.Jessie Bertha Green Walker, 310 W., 1467 Orange W. Haynes, Jr., 2971 Exora Zcna Williams, 1163 \V. 5th St., into> four sponsoring areas.. I"i i

Jackson, Cora Reese, Mercie Flowers; Messrs. Oscar from Florida A&M University: 14th. St. Mrs. Jones, Court, 28 and Doretha Toby, 1358 20 and Bethenia Merix 1142 W. Area One Mrs. Jewel Felton ,

Young, Houston Perkins, Raymond Anderson and Frank mid-term and ,is now employedas 1537 minors; St.; Mrs.Sophia Fannie Orr, W. 15th St., 25. 28th St., 19. and "Mrs. Bernice Dixon; Area. ;' ,'
secretary in the
Collington. Agricultural Two Mrs. Edith Weston Mrs
Extension Service at Tallahassee.Miss HIS W. State St.; Mrs. Sarah James Searcy, 520 3rd Ave. S., Carneli Ilinson 617 W. Duval St., ,'11 I'
E. L. Baker Area Three Mrs.
,. Avery, 1703 .Mc..UilIiaD..St'j Mrs. Jax. Beach,, 20 and Annie L. Bridges 38 and ; (I" v
'. s !. I ?'Ill.' d ::r I..':; *' .Ii' '-' Jordan;, accompanied rby I '.Charity ;Gleat9n,' .,1085,1V.) Johnnie Griffin, Mrs. M. Bass
J Miss rSonjr Williams, were hi the Ruth Ashley,, 936, Ionia St.; 3Irs. 520 3rd. Ave*S., Jax,.Beach,.20. .. .31st St.., 35.: .. .., / ; '" ,
"' Several'oc'al blubs'Bave'beeri 'organized' in the city j .t Area Four Mrs. Melvin Hogg' ...
: : .Mary Bloomfield,, 618, Court C;,
city over-the weelr-md'for a' visit James A. Laster, Jr 1411 W. '
; .
tliein'ar'e THE' CALVERETTESAVING and Mrs. Marion JeU rs.t
recently. Among Samuel L.: Evans, 1516' W."Uhlori
J. F. Patterson and Charles Cro-
with parents.A 5th St., 25 and Marlene P. Mat-
& SOCIAL CLUB, Mrs. Gertrude Moore president; THE bitt, Brewster. thews, 742 Court B, Blodgett St., 21 and Dorothy B. Waye 1189

EASTSIDE CAMELLIA CLUB' Mrs. Lossie E&banks ..... W. 29th St., 22. .
president and the SESFLORES&im.Currv Wffliain: ,Homes, 20- ; Jt D I f ; t ;rfi .: :q i

residenOffice .r1. very warm ,..welcome goes:out PRIEST RIVER .. IDAHO Jesse L. Prince, 5409 Bunch Dr:, Albert WJrfGrorgiln5 '0 Gk t -
\n \.
'aBembe of the clubs are icipating'aprofitable to Mrs. ,Frances ,Richardson).Boyd: thinks it only fair to apply a with- 23 and Rosa :L.. ,. Davis'',''1545.' \W.; "6th'i 19 and Yvonne Bryant, 627 Georgia. Deaths. Andt

year. of Mt. Vernon, N.Y who.is' in the holding tax .'to the. 'youngster'sallowance" + St., 23. : St.. 17. m&1'>O', no 1 i fjil-t t 0; ij-} .ak

city 'visiting 'relatives and friends ,: just so'.the'younger generation -: Richard Brown .1666 r.UniversitySt. Herman AL GUliam, U69 W. Slst ,
re TJ'"Ir ; and Richard Feather ol Newark .. .. / ,. : ';' Funerals
26 and
i" f .' l"r can get'gradually accusr Minnie .Stephens 1232 St., i5'ani'] .Doris Williams:1950 W. '. .
4 '.' > /
the' -4
,, Elder Mrs.' J., M.,.Tarver was recently Hdn'orecTwiChai.birthday Rev.N.H."h Anthony is visiting Feacher.his'Iather. ,. ;. tomed to !la.' procedure to :Which Oakley, SL, 23: ', : J. .. 10th..SC' .:.:. 15.":' ".,, .' .. : ,, ." ,."", ';' DEATHS 'AND'FUNERALS"1*' '
dinner. at-the Church'6f' God, located Con 27th. adults are now hardened." Fred L. Lester, 221 E. Union St., "
; .
: Before returning 'to Newark, Mr. SINGLETON-Julius P. of 1610
and SpJreS .Stsl / :.r 'f ; 'l"iA '
served:"' of the Feacher plans to' visit relatives art V Morgan Streetwi1.LIAbLSbi
delicious- menu 'was by/members/ .. /
.church; and '''many lovely gifts'were5gry&n:;: to.'.'Mrs: Taryer,. Palm Crystal'Beach'RfverV,' 6cala"fand' .J' .'West';. .',, .- SUITS ARE EVER .POPUI/AR_ WITH HOME-SEWING Jessie Evelena .
of 408 S. nth;'Street. Fernandina
'. t. .1 :, '. I'T.>o"b!
tive. For later 'it be
might th'skirt GREEN-Mrs.
, of 1525 Florida :
,' may or may not be .
'I" : : 114' r\ by EVELYN CUNNINGHAM .....
mad cottou'/ "
linen, printed = A.. ::.
r.i //;"" t Ti i''!jacKsonville", Alumnae Chapter-ot Delta Sigma Mrs.J. Emma';M iityre' of 1573 \V.- For many years, suits 'faille or silk. lined.For early spring this BRUI SONlUat.. i. e L.'trf' MiddIeb..urg' .,;

Theta Sorority' celebrated its 47th. Founders' .Day recent 1st street' {rehii1 d t({her.home have held their own as the Especially striking'ls the pattern would be perfect .' 5>, %v!.,:\*.

'"?y in the nome' pI Spror' Hettie Mills, 2Q25Myjrfle-'jAvf after spending 'a'month/m/ \V1lliari1sburg. best possible apparel$ia* fabric v used in the suit with made in a grey flannel. Any \VRIGHT-Samuel of 4213 tockhait .:

-' hue: The! ; program dedicated, ; ,\to".SprqrWino'na. Alex- ; Va.: She 'reports haying 'had' which to travel. ow"morcJ! the longer jacket.. (McCall'sPattern of the tweeds would be good. Drive. << : "'<'*4'' i'

ender, the founder.: ,.. their a wonderful time visiting her brother -: '. than ever with the development No.'5100)). It is a Other choices might be WESTON-: Baby Paula.,'Lakary of
Several inactive sordfs were'present.and, pledged. -' in law'1:and"sister, Mlnd of synthetic fabrics brown-rust-beige houndstooth corduroy 727 Venus' ]ifars.Qotirt'-
lightweight wool
support during the coming year. Rededicdtion ceremonies_ Mrs. William Edwards and Mrs. that are crease-proof and need check wool" accented with worsted DAVTS-CeorEe. of.'9l6 W. Ashley

:were i led ,,6y ,Soror .Lillian G..Smallj the, president, with Gladys Foxworth' Perthone.:. her' litde or no pressing the' three Jr.shiny J brass buttons. or wool, broadcloth.synthetic suitings A con VVTLLlAMSU-Mrs, Mary' Alice' of
several other participating. '
sorprs niece. 329..Oak Street '
This celebration marks the first year of. preparation good ole slcirtiand; jacket are single-breasted, cutaway trast in fabric or color couldbe .
V/.B. :,.formerly
to.be,observed musts for getting about from jacket is dart fitted. It has used. ; Bishop
Celebration -
for Delta's GoldervAnniversary; of this cityHARRISWillie '
'" set-in sleeves and ./
town to town; \ a shawl Weekly Fashion Sewing
in 1936. I Mrs. Wllhelmena Scriven of The obvious advantages, ', collar that is cut in one with Tip: The most important thing of. 29S2'.\0*Willow.

-Crystal River was in the city recently1 of course, to are ,that the the jacket fronts. The slim, toremember when 'fitting Street ,
visiting her brotherinlawand suit is and dart fitted, three-gore skirt is \VILLIAMS-George of 320'Caude
: average neat un- a garment don't OVCl jt. .
Miss Arey Chrispen installed officers .of the La.Palo. sister,'; Mr.' and '!In. *'Obie- cluttered, .the jacket may be has a low back pleat. The The garment isn't going (to.be Street '

mas Social and Saving club at their recent meeting. Following and sister, Mr. Mrs.,. Obie .'1 removed for comfort and the entire jacket is lined_ and worn by a motionless. FURMAN-Hayes of 173G W. 44th
the installation services the ladies and their: guests Johnson aunt Street
.and her'tihcle,,and ; blouse be for
changed but
may mannequin by a real, live
andwMrs. SMITH; -Mrs. Julia Williams of 813S.
enjoyed tea.Officers. the Rev. George W.
In between
for the new yean are: Mrs. Rosalie H. Shannon Smith. variety. traveling person, so leave enough roomto 8th Street, Fernandina
places of different climatic
president; Mrs. Delia Collins, vice president; Mrs. Mts. Scriven'Is'the'dau g hfer"of conditions : .. more freely. FORD-Mrs. Allene of T29& W.
: suit is in- -
Bernice Dixon, recording secretary; Mrs.. Mary Cowser, Mr. & Mrs. Willie Smith of Crystal a f 4 ; Beaver Street :.. -:

assistant secretary; Mrs. Nazzie Freeman, financial secretary River. valuable The jacket can be* ed : .:: NORTH-Mrs. Janie Hart of 14-i9\,_' "

\ ; Mrs. Eula Walker, assistant financial.secretary;,Mrs. worn orcarried over the arm, I.4 Milnor Avenue \ .

Delorise Cowser, ,treasurer; Mrs. Mattie Robinson, secretary depending on' whether the' '. PRUITT Mighty, Jr. of 1421 W-
Mrs. \Villiam Streets, Jr is attendingthe scene is Birmingham New
; Mrs. Etta Rubgh Williams, saving treasurer: ; or t First Street I
Dorothy 'Alston.business manager; Mrs. Johnnie M; Preston bicentennial meeting of 'Rich York. |t. ?: POOLE-Joseph of 803 W. Union .

reporter.. Other members are Mrs. Lietha GeryinjAfc. ard Allen in Philadelphia Pa. He Another distinct, advantageof ( xy. = .1Y4% Street 4 *.

Esther \Yhite, !. Irs. Willie M. Hayes, Mrs. Juanita Williams is an ardent church worker, serve the sait-for-bavel is that it SAILOR Mrs. 'Essie," Mae of *1085 i!

Mrs. Christine Johnson, Mrs.. Julia Macon, Mrs. ing in the ,junior choir, the male knows :no limitations in its 1 '. 'rlj W. Sthte Street"< ,

Susie Simnions and MIS., Willie Mae Williams.* chorus, the ACE League and sec adaptability to all ages and j SillTH-Mrs. Olivia Smith of 0221 I
retary of the.R. J. Blaine Sunday LJ : Franklin '
*' sizes. J; Everybody bat : StreetIIENRXJamcs' -
Members of the La' Palmoa Social and Saving Club School class at St. Paul AME everybody cdn wear a suit. '. of 1930 W. 23rd I

\7ilf'obs has their 10th anniversary .Sunday .Feb .21, from Church. Thesuits! pictured are two I Strci ; .., '- ; j !

'4''to 6 p.'a: thc YWUA.SOCIALITES. ., I. William was accompanied' by popularliversiohs, one:\fith av i tF, 1r CLEMMGl'rnk: > of'1118 Logan I Irf..ret

A. \V Cotrell, district supervisor of short, loose jacket/;fiie other:, & {f i. yr 1t .I i' _. !' I.. 'I'
NOmO ITEl\lIN1.ENb theACE League and director of Pi PhnUPS-Jo.att..1ni.e; of 52C '
: D' t with a hip.le18!li ifi.qjacket. } :[Lee I
Religious Education at St, Paul. .. .. ''i 4 f
j !
,cti tl
FOR THIS COLUMN: .SHOULD .REACiIITImi' 'FLOR= 'They are .buritrofof .-% + '' \
FOR ; I' .q.t" I McCall's collection bfsuits. fLLl"f1.-; Mrs. Mary of !fgtlridi
THAN f01'4'Df\Vl PM. vast : ,
: I; I f t o 1d

r PUBLICATION.' ; 111 r I ,:..1...IN. ,.. .F.RIDAY'S. _\" '.ISSUE/. I .::.. ': ..'. .I.. Mrs.' Thomas' McGee 'of io-tG' sImple. Su Then..:alai..Iioth' are classic! 'easyto j. .' ., ...>".., i *' z t3 t .VESTBROOKS ..= Noah of. 5679

I ,H ""l..i) J ,.. ;' .' .:. ,, .1 Venus Street left:the ttty recentlyfor '' needed t "Benedict Rood f
make. i
.. .. .. > J j are .
.. '. ..' ..-'". WATKIN
L !H..W ..1 'a''a 'o. I11ibdotd'o 'aeatioo'in in New athia'fabric ; r-4' &-Baby Micheal Evans of

.:r ,: .' ..,. ,I \\f i .tv-sr York, Boston; andConn.: Sbe'fnrbe sewing : c! '. ", t ,- -vim. '' 1t T n, i 1931 E/22nd' Street { .
..,, pattern an1.YirkI,. \V' ,. .' \ I
11 .... '- 1'f 't .
I Sepia Ladies1 Club.MertainsrKidr the house guest of the Rev. The suitiwirhdje short'. --, .OHNSpN-Mrs. Oara p. of 1821Venus -
\ ? f:_ .; v: :
,{' *'
and Mrs.. 'Mitchell: in' Baltimore Street ;
tic |I.
jacket (McCair .P tem : :
Before returning to the'lcity, --j. SAfALL: -ilrs. Mamie of 295 West .
[ 1 : { r 3qo Mrs. McGeewvip* islt.her granddaughter .' 5138)) is ma a fcere'in! a bright ).. / \ ''Orange Street ;; .
(jWaKiiOi ouJ 11 nl2lt red woflfiTHe: pattern iacla 4 es. .z. ., :.{' :" ;.'. I
; Shelihaa Williams' ''in' .' J '., KELLYSteph n K. of 1029
e d: of] ? Ladies Richmond, Va. < ; ;. '.> the db dimble-breasted j jacket,;; ; t ; j1f; Yen Street '
:; '
slim skirt and a rack-in. .J ;i -" '
dub entertained the chi ..& ; \VRIGHT-iSamuel of 4213 Lockhart '; i iDrive
2rt se' : ,;J\ \ blouse The blouse n'as/ a y"A. N/ ythe .
BrewsiePrH .Ct :
m.ttmg ;i oft EIotSd dadaer _
V- -a ..H :il '..'CX3th" high, ease. Ixy,. neckline/and, .
F daughter of Mrs. Eunice :

t: b to 1 W51 .J"snjoyabl the high. F azier\ to Charles Eouis"t3onyers, set-1Q jdiree-Squarter. sleeves. '.Ji.: r i i

ti f tsA\r sc j of Mr.jand } s,1ChajIesriponp( : | It zip MwjtnV; alon: at the fI. ; : ..

ugio t .&'l5t i g 1 ycs of this city was solemnized: side &*..atf the+ back nefckjiJkaf ATTENTION LADIES :
Members of the club 'are: Mrs. F4b. lsrthtie home of the:fbride's1. a p eainjO 1: .Tlrt;aatdied.. ,-jf r-r-- l WtjlJ 1ii:iEa : qi-1i ia4 Jalar suit as seen Bridge & Social Club '.
: "
O:>TtU R1aBW lk. afiSj\f & <.r : _
bb' .awdM.IMrd : ;
.. ln. 'a.U de >nglTcI6sic eyes.i..lat
urcle and aunttAIrv and Mrs. collar; pee..wi zh t g. dik"li ) Reporter
sY 71 tdd+ &1.1S6qoa Ithh43fflit an, ,,Mrs. dirence Gilmore" 2&. WoodsideA t'1 jacket fronts, is faced and A slim, dart-filled skirt, jewel frankly feminize wUi'i&j;curving Send -
red. ..-Jdure. ftadttoa1ngt asl' i iroClaur.'YdnioWiUetia} Jen19owkllprl necklined blouse and short notched ccdW jsn newlyi len or Mall :, ;
u&b yl-ita teiim m* oA>: :+cu<'f .1. interfaced. The threegoreskirt t Your ,
; So "
# tailored jacket take to a varietyof gthened tjT| ,
and lound. Tube GugrfLet r cGertrude4Btottsa j jp-k oT i Evelarllrs. has a l la b&c%.pleat: '. fAn looks and lives Fasluo. '1\' a T 11 ZI kifl 1 1p !)jhh .'Ier4d zips 7t3 ) -
d Bono ,eirh! 11 J1l11t. ''IZ'4t 1;,1 .
B.! tion of liJlt -
TaI .
interK'bag! -I flilS1ilag l 1do V ckel 'zips ref T : FLQRIDA '.
tHmz :) :JitH 17ainJ Peacock Our sick includes: Mrs. Mayo STAB :: .
f ; ouJibe[ for blouse neck- and 9 .
r this patte iKbright new Magic Zip ea t nrmoth : .
1"Mrs. Moncylaf Rd. ;
lMi1dred; .' Emma cks o f'ti2)KInte i23 -
$tKN. ) i fy : Corj
contrast control. Security a tweed jackev nth] se and line and side plackets and skirt hipline ro! aal :

S.al.d Ciraitsri biatiFe ; rd uPeaWOHe&r>st1rs. a irgaret Besso 4, 4 1 Wo,2 Qth T skirt made ilj.ffiS nd color placket, too, has .a woven sewing looVJng pllcSetT a tallored A :) .

; simulated leather or tweed MargarettVmiamsi3XifrrYlrs.. S reet, Mrs. Mamie Frazier of wooL Velveteen guide line right on the tape. and vcrsAUle.lqgi ,nf.,S1ilclwhli..h 1l0RlM R :
fkg het.170-P-06. .8UJIq R7leStleef, OOij1 1Ubetf'bnd lightweight or The ensemble, McCall's Pattern Pattern *S1W. 751 Mises' .A
I f. Nt t '"f'I".rf q- flannel would also be attrac- 5138. 63*.Misses' sizes 1018. sizes 1013. I. OfSSW&m '
: T'_ en.tma! vrllJ a \ .. ", .
1. :
'!' .
i I .' I ,. '. '>.'. 11' : y. 1 J .- ; .
f ,\,;. J
is :

1I I
4t I

t ... II

I :;. ., ( ., "- ,,'. ". I
t( ._ a:.1 '.. ;w... :{ ; "o -t. ._ I MI.II

.-----...-- ...".
:,- 'c-, : I{ !, _


Week Ending Saturday February 20. 1060

Usher Board % f. -' .

To 'Present ,. : ; L. ;i ] !9'ra12": '

; ; : t
I'" it ; : .. : : ; ; ,

y Annual Tea ; .' : : _' i' ;1-
-' ; ) 1l

I'.1..: '
,' : #!.>. l J
\ .
Usher Board No. 2 of Emanuel : :

Baptist Church will present its .,it':.">, ;;.'.. j _
l' i..
annual "Sacred Musical Tea ., ,, .
March 20th from 3 to 5.' p.m. in ,... .- I.I
the auditorium of the church. ,i I
y. R
Appearing on program will be
Mrs. Laura Harris, Mrs. Mattie / \

Blount, Mrs. Erraa J. Odum and 1
Mrs. Alice Burroughs, Soloists; '' s1!
Mrs. Lucile Mote, Mrs. Viola i e
Sneed, Mrs. S. L. Badger, the .' ?
male chorus, and Choir No. 2.

Directing the affair will be
Mrs. Laura Harris, president of
No. 2 Usher Board.

Local Schools Selected

1 \ To Participate In Tests et

Students of New Stanton Senior ,

High, Isaiah Blocker Jr. High and ,
James Weldon Junior High will

participate in "Project Talent" .
during the month of March. ,

"Project Talent" is a series of r .
test which will serve as a help- /"

ful aide in determining the abilityof .
the students and to assist each #%

student in selecting the career for
which he will be best suited. .

This project is financed by funds

tram the United States Office of 1.

Education through the Comissionerof .{ ./

Education Lawrence G. Der- .
thick. "
,. .'
Local '
; committee members of

"Project Talent" are: Dr. John V. '

i McQuitty, University of Florida; o a x.
Dr. J. Irving E. Scott, William T. av

Harper, Charles D. Brooks, ElwoodJ.

Banks, Louveni E. Solomon, Ed-
ward T. Benthone, Claude O. Hilli-
ard, Dr. H. James Greene and CELEBRATES ANNIVERSARY Ken Knight, well-known disc in attendance. Scenes from "Sweet Chariot" anniversary are seen center) Ken Knight and Miss Juanita TeUman, Runners-up (left) I

Emma L. George. Jockey of WBHC, celebrated his 6th anniversary of "Sweet Chariot here: (top center) Melvin Grace crowning Sandra Coston "MissSweet The Stars of Faith Gospel Group (right) The Lattimore Sinters

.................. last Sunday at the Dural County Armory with a large audience Chariot" with Mrs. Ethel D. _Bannister looking on. (bottomW. presenting tokens of appreciation to Ken Knight

The Rev. W. M. Hill, moderator-, G. Neal, A. Charles Robinson, the devotions at 9:30 a.m., and the

will preside throughout the day, C. L. Culver, E. R. Simpson and Rev. J. J. Jones will preachthe

: Leading Ministers and Laymen and will be assisted by the Revs.H. R. H. Wilson will preside during introductory sermon at 10 a.m. Church NewsFIRST I

H. Robinson, A. J. Hughes and the various periods.Outstanding The Rev. G. T. McCallJias been
vice moderators. scheduled to deliver the addressat
H. H. Wright,
ministers and lay-
-. Slated to Appear on Program 11 a.m. He will speak from the
Other officers including, G. W. men have been scheduled on program subject "Church and Mission."

The East Florida and Bethany Baptist Assn., will con- Patterson, the Revs. N. B? Williams during the sessions. The At 2 p.m., the Rev. C. B. Dailey BAPTIST 3:30: pjn. in the home of Mrs.

vene in its one-day session, Feb. 24, in Friendly Baptist L. C. Way, E. Simpson, Rev. C. C. Daniels will conduct will deliver the inspirational ad ANNIVERSARYThe Gallic Bowles. District 6 will ob
Church, 1721 W. 19th St., the Rev. B. H. Hartley, minister. Trustees of First Baptist serve its
will deliver the inspirational ad Church, Jacksonville Beach, will anniversary at 4 p.m.

dress., the Rev. A. J. Hugheswill celebrate their 43rd. ArmiversaryFebroaJ'Y ABYSSINIA ACTIVITIESThe
give the mission board Sunday School Department
report. 21st
at 7 p.m.
The Rev. W. C. Neal, will sponsor a musical tea Sundayat
chairman Attorney Alfred Taylor will be the
.. '\ 2:30: at the
Education Board, will give p.m. church.
a report speaker for this occasion.
''>', ; 4 Z//2 \ .. also. All choirs and ushers will serve

.0'". ; e \ The presidents hour will be held ; ......... ........ for scheduled the masonic Feb. 22nd.family program

at 3:45 p.m. Appearing will be MT. CALVARY
February the entire congregation
W. G. Patterson, president, District SLATES TEA
",' \ will accompany the pastor to
. ,' 1 Sunday School Department; The Junior Women
!I t. ,. I. "..- 1j4//7 \ Alexander Heard, president, District Society of Mt Calvary BaptistO1urch West services.Baptist Church to conduct -

I ;, BYPU Division; Mrs. M. L. will-sponsor its annual tea
I ;: .>L: \ Johnson, president, District Senior Sunday from 4 to 6 pm. A program Conference will be held Feb. 25 i

', 't = ;;.)N* \ Women; Mrs. M. K. Gibson, president will be presented for the oc at 8 p.m. at the church. The extra t
: :: ; ; :
\ \ % Junior Women's Auxiliary; casion. day session will be held at First I t
j//// \ Mrs. M. K. Heard, Ushers Union; Districts 2 and 15 will observe Samuel Baptist Church Feb. 26th. '
: \ \ Sam Davis Brotherhood their WEST
jointly Sunda
..... ,.... ::.; .. h \ y
afternoon at the church.
.... 1J'II;; ;; \ The Young Matrons I

.' : ...... ... ... ....,.. IJ' ;: \ \ .................. observe its auxiliarywill

.r ..i J.' t,.f::.. 'ttiI';;:''' .::,;;.....f.. i.iAi.:;.:;...: ...' >. ; t; Methodist Women' HOMECOMING DAY day at 2 p.m. A anniversary book review Sun-"In I.

t..'-' : t. ... A4I }:v.h.: .:;:t Mgl:::::...::,;....:...:i. ..'$.: ;;:,:":::;;:;<:; {$.:.; SERVICES. .His Steps" will be given by Miss \

I .. ; I : j / ;v"j-e': : ::OU:4;;:: : .."f ;:=- Mkf: 7.ldt Want Segregation Homecoming day services has Evelyn Bodison ,
lrJ1' 5i11
I rt- J t II ... J' i II ren been scheduled for February 28th. meet following
.. 1. 1 '.'.. "i*,.." SrvC' 'fJ'' Taken Out at Day Spring Baptist Church. Mrs. morning worship, District 12 will
," \ I I I j" ...'.,>.,:'.,......."'" .....,o");'::"t',':'":"'::;U''1l ;; ChurchBUCK Estell Williams will be guest meet Sunday at the home of Mrs.
1 .I .!' _.J' "iA" speaker for the occasion. Alice Sanders, 727 Court G.; Dis-
.5 :; / -'./ trict 11 will meet at 262 Elm
i/ '/ real I Program committees are: Mrs.
<': l I t I f S securityVe \\ HILL FALLS, Pa. (ANP) M. Bullard, Mrs. Sarah Glen and Street.

: -. I j j The national organization representing Mrs. F. Smith. Usher
t f s' \ : 1,800,000 Methodist womenrecently Board 2 will sponsor a
... 1 .
\ 1 MEN'S DAYANNOUNCED friendship tea Sunday from 4 t. 6
called the 1960 General
I .
: \ don't the t p.m., 2040 Moncrief Rd.
i f- :. mean; nicest House in the best Conference of The Methodist
!\ p f, neighborhood \ Choir No. 1 will present MC'SIJosie
R{ I the newest sleekest car .. Church to "take clearly defined B. Wilkerson in
: I' the right /:hoofs. t the right camps. I steps to remove the pattern of seg- I Rev. D. W. Bass, pastor of Central musical recital on an Sunday.after service -
; I steps to rcmov'e the juttern of segregation CMP Church, has announcedthat
IVe're tilling: about the land of -*__ i from the structure of the Mcr:" Day will be observed JUBILEE SINGERSThe
\ security i Golden Jubilee
Singers wffl
church and from its total Marh ttth
l! they can't do without. the Lnd; that comes' j : and practices." program PiseVtbb.. principal at P.sign !he presented Ji a battle of *a. *
from inside : : r J with Choir No. 1 of Moncnef Bap-
i 'rM1 In a memorial (recommendationto 3<-r..JCiJ, Femandina Beach is
i tist Church Sunday nt 2 The
be sent to the General! Confer- general chairman. pm.
i, Faith. In God. in life f in tlt.m.elves. Y. r-nce.: the Woman's Divisic-n: ol DJSnULT MELTINGSST. \churn fe ]ocatl'dt 22nd. :miVitd.en

I i# For life iy Christian Service asked that the MATTHEW SET Streets.
; is no game for.spiritual SYKES SINGERS
sissies. .
: ::>: :, General Conference make "an unequivocal District 7 will meet Sunday at
.:. .J Only F aUh the armor of the spirit. I statement of policy calling 3:30: p.m. at the hone of Mrs. The Sykes Singers will render a
,t" 'I will give them the stamina to meet it ..... .. j for a plan to change the present Lucile Murphy 1267 W. 27th. Street; program Sunday at 8 pjn. in His-
..j ', courageously ::: : organizational structure of seb- District 1-3:30: ) pjn. in the homeof born Baptist Church Hilliard) for
J no matter it brings ., :r::>.: I regated jurisdictions and annual Mrs. Geraldine Sykes, 1650 W. the benefit of Ward 3.

1; t You can show your children > inferences with reasonable. 28th. Street; District 4-3:38 pjn. Deacon Herman Canady is spa.sore .
: .. t 1 in the home of Mrs. L. Turner
: ; !;peedV'The ,,
i where find
I to faith. how to t General Conference, which is 1116 W. 26th. Street; District 5- ..................

:. I build it day by day if you! male ._ The Methodist Church's highest -
: J I Jaw-making body, will hold its
I .
: P. quadrennial meeting in Denver
: ., ;: : (3olo., starting April 27. PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN

) \1--< > Thore ar* openings Ion

:_;:4;:;..:, .>',: i EXPERIENCED N.wsptp r sporlsrn..dSloes
copy-readers adval.lriQ aleclea., dtculaSoa:

': : -' meo and worn prlnten cosapodtorn. ....
fi. '.. By WaHam Henry Huff
li-. ".j; ......... r1 'S j% type opor&ion* .
If I be real and true
can just
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.'- ;; :'it" -
',. -.1; And have no cunning ways young rtpofieni and people for all d.pcrtsuals

; If 1'OUy.. a real dtaSr to .b.cesa. a s...bee
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."" : I win"not heap a pile of wratk ,,- -., :- '. .
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." \:s., Wti .1 r ...,";OJ.: "I?t '_.'.,,'": .. '-...> .,' 11 .. .: .' "' ...0.... .,. .J.I J.... L .... .
.:"f.;t ;- .: <<..r. 'f .._:t",',< .,. '.t.: 'J Bat;' Itar'fe pace.JMtead.
'f { 11 ;. .
'. ,. .,
;. .., ':.: !. ., 'e:: :. :. ."' ::; = : ...

L.. I .,. .,. '.' ,, ', ,
11. .
f n., ', J '" .
; ;' ..
1 y-
..' .'- ...



'""T11 ---.--.


11 :-.i ;-"Week Ending. Saturday February 20. I960 THE FLORIDA STAB Page' Serve

.. ...:' ..- .
f ;"' ... -
I t ..... .j.,' ,",rrjS..:. ... L .
\ -. .."," .
{ :. ,
I ; ti
.j: IL

t ::t' I I'I

'I I I


: f .1 jl.t; ,; I.I J.,....r.-r.EJ mm CLASSI OJT'PELIC'N '! Manager Floyd 'Fat f Faces Sen's I Der Stilt Whai MouthDER } 4Agaiii.ki d

A I air

i soR.u; COIER jI f. 's p 3 a ; STILT .
i -u: 20 YEARS New LeI Woes\ NEW YCTU: (ANF> Fhe pros

f are reulj' p. Ui A4; UK .N.I eze on
NEW YORK ( ) D'Am-
I .
(9I I Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain.The .
fj BY C. PARHAM JOHNSON ato, manager: of former heavyweight I
) .. BATON ROUGE La. (ANP) champion Floyd Patterson, National Basketball Associa -

4; One of Louisiana's oldest intra-state was dealt a severe blow when a I tion's highest scorer in his rookie
'- said that
m;: recently
DID'YOU KNOW that Big Roosevelt he seems to be unlucky in bus: football rivalries terminated with' Special Sessions! court here found year, Chamberlain of the Philadelphia -
Grier, the 280-pound lineman r : .t fc the end of the 195D! season, when him guilty of failing to answer a Warriors of the Eastern Division
:1d It
ness : in marriage. aPPf' !7.: + ,
of the New York'Yankees r ro football f a Xavier university, New Orleans, subpoena from the State's Attorney has been taking quite a
that the
b'gj strong armright-
team is an accomplished gui- withdrew from football competion General office last: \vcck. beating from opposing players bent
hal: d pitcher! is headed for the J- \ T yaT
tar player? From all reports, divorce courts.C1LIRLEY I h P with southern university. It was a high point in the reversal on baiting his scoring sprees.
Grier is quite a sensation in the Xavier has been on the scheduleof of fortunes for D'Amato

I rock 'n' roll field. SIFFOZD. the out. since the days when he basked in First they tried to force Wilt to

r PAUL TENDER, the practically standing tan golfer who is f ','pl A.W. Muratord-coached' teams at he[ glory of the success enjoyedby shoot from the outside then they

unknow.i fighter who w:n the middleweight l ix,).vn here in Jacksonville! da: : M Southern sciences 1939: and annually, Patterson as champion. doable-teamed him and BOW, it ap

championship from Sugar do so badly for himself in 1 "-:9. the game has been billed as the .1 Cus will be sentenced by the pears they employing any and t

Ray Robinson in a split decision He played in the neighborhood of aT "Pel can state classic." court on April 8. but his attorneys, every: tactic conceivable, including I
to fight Sugar Of the cessation of football relationships roughness.On .
in Boston has signed two dozen tournaments, includingthe Julius November'and Edwin S.
by Xavier, Mumford stat-
in return match April 29. U. S. for the first time. said
Ray a Open ON Schweig they will appeal the
DISPLhY-Rhythmic Feb. 7
disc jocke j Cco St. Louis against
Ralph er entertains ed "we have enjoyed our football
The outcome of the fight Jan. 22 He signed a contract in June to his guest, Hamilton Posnf'r. left, president of Posner's Seauiy... I relationships over the 'OO1'S'titb decision to the Appellate divisionof the St. Louis Hawks, Chamberlain
was not too popular with many of endorse and sell Croydon golf Products and famous banUader: Count Basic: a.t the famed U-. I the New York Supreme CourtNovember was the victim of
the fight fans and commentators.Sam clubs. A short time later, he was I25th nightspot, Plm Cfe' ihc occasion was a party for Basic I Xavier, and we hope that in' the termed the Session some real rough
scored two big r.usieal .::sions in New York I future they will be rcnewed"Presently playing. Not only was he fouled
t Bird-
the promotersaid one
Silverman, fight hired by U. S. Rubber to promote and and another at ..loUo tcaer. f Court decision "a gross miscar-
I repeatedly by players who ringed
Gillette will pay 5150,000. for their golf ball. Starting this year, II Oct. 8 appears as an riage of justice." lIe stormed: him under the
basket, but he had
the television rights. Of that Sifford is a member of the Bal- -I open date on the Southern Uni.ersity "The sins of lawyers should not
several of his teeth loosened by an
amount he said Robinson will receive lantine Beer Company's athletic football schedule, but Mum be visited upon their clients."
elbow blow by the Hawks center,
5105,000 and Pender will receive advisory board. He is the first Negro Rematch Pact Shows ford pointed out that negotiationsare D'Amato's reason for not ans- Clyde Lavallette. lie was badly

526,000. Each fighter will ref golfer in history to be so honored Southern To Defend under way to fill the spot even wering the subpoena was that his shaken up and had to be treatedat

ceive 30 per cent of the net gate. Sugar Ray Robinson though it appears a bit late to find lawyers advised him not to do so. courtskle: but remained in the
You can't count old Sugar out. 1 formidable foe. One of them, Schweig was to be
:NAT WRIGHT' of the Wilder THE A & T AGGIES recently Sprint ChampionshipBATON The Jaguars, defending SWAC away in Surinam, Dutch Guiana, game.

Athletic Chb Boxing; team did a took over undisputed first place in Protected Interest.BOSTON will open the '60 season in Huston, in connection with some litigationon Three days later against the

.. fine job in the recent Golden the Central Intercollegiate Athletic (A5IP) Sugar Ray Texas Sept. 23 with Texas Southern the Nov. 18 date mentioned in New York Knickerbockers: Chamberlain

r Gloves tournament at the Arena. Association basketball conferencerace Robinson last week proved anew ROUGE, La. (ANP)-A University.Oct. the subpoena, it was stated. suffered another( elbow

He put up such a spectacular after winning important that he is still just about the glaxy of championships will bo 1, Southern University will The State's attorney had wantedto Mow, this time from the Knicks

showing that he was termed one games over Fayetteville, Virginia shrewdest boxer in the game. defended by Southern University host Grambling College in an aft- question D'Amato in connectionwith Willie Naulls.

of the most logical contenders for State, and North Carolina College. Although he lost his New York athletic teams when Spring bouts noon game in university stadium. last year's Patterson-Ingemar '
GENE BIG DADDY LIP- The blow hurt tne 7-2 star :
the Eastern tournament to be held ( ) State-Massachussetts version to the for 1960 swing into focus. The Jaguars, who played all of Johansson title fight in which badly ;
in New York. Chuck Rogers, who SCO3IBE, the mammoth linemanfor middleweight title on what The Jaguar baseball team will their home contests under the Floyd lost the title to the Swede. and he returned to Philadelphia! !

will coach the Golden Gloves winners the Baltimore Colts championship regarded as a "hometown deci-was guard titles from the N.A.I.A. na- lights last season will also meet Cus and Patterson, partners in the immediately for examination and I

in New York. placed Wright football team is doing quite sion" to Paul Pender here Jan. 22, tional baseball tournament won at Florida A & M on Nov. 19, the Floyd Patterson Enterprises, Ltd., treatment.In .
way up on his list for New York well for himself as a wrestler. Al- Robinson and Pender signed a pact Alpine, Tex., last June, and the annual homecoming game will be and the Teleprompter Corporation both games. the Warriors suffered -
he has losses. The Hawks boat
ready two matches.
competition. won for the rematch which Southwestern Athletic conference played aginst foe not yet an were accused of monopoly in con-
Buzzie Bavasi said recently that once again which them, 130 to 102, and the Knicks
in the they won by stopping nounced. nection with the June 25: promo-
put Sugar drivers
1IENBY MATTHEWS is anotherone he would certainly like to have financially.The seat, Wiley College in a twin bill in last tion and the proposed return beat them by eight points, 125: to

of the Wilder Athletic Club Big Daddy in baseball just to run. year's final two games of the match. 117.

fighters who made a hit with the Big Daddy lumbering on down to two fighters Monday (Feb.) campaign.Title BIG DON NEWCOMBE, right

public' as a fighter. Chuck Rogers second base on a close play. signed to meet in the Boston Gar- defending does not stop1 handed pitcher; Frank Robinson LEARN TO DRIVE .
was highly impressed with the Where would the second basemanbe den April\ 29 in the 15-round cham- with the baseball team, for the first baseman-outfielder and Vada

group trained by Julius Guinyard when he arrived? pionship on these terms: Jaguar track team went on to take Pinson, outfielder, all of the Cin- TheConfident Good news foraSihmatics.

which proves Coach Guinyard did THE NATIONAL BOXING ASSOCIATION Robinson and Pender each will Jaguar track team went on to take cinnati Redlegs arc reportedly Way .
Mrs. G. B. Benjamin
not do a bad job getting his fight- has warned welter- the SAC championship. Then as a seeking pay increases. The Red-
Licensed Instructor Specialist's dJtcoTery now makes It poiibl -
to meet their opponents. Jordan thatit receive 30 per cent of the gate their bronchial asthma sufferers to
ors ready weight champion Don climax to a heat season, hauledin legs have already opened (or .
,. BIG DON NEN COMBE, the big will strip him of his title if he but Robinson will get $105,000 from the NAL\ mile relay event at headquarters in the Flondan Hotel 600 W. Beaver St. quickly,paams: rand do choklny it without! couchlnir USA of inUrnBSIdrugs
Res. PO or painful Injection So ads you
righthander of the Cincinnati Red- does not sign during February to the television money, while Pau'will Sioux Falls, S. D. in Tampa. can ct Dr. Guild Gr.en Mountain without la
compound -
Office EL 5-7742 either cigarettes or
logs recently sold his liquor store defend his title against one of receive only $26,250. prescription. Ask your druggist for
for the lack of patronage has announced NBA's top ranking contenders. Thus, although he is now the 1'I

the falling apart of" hisWatch challenger, about the only concession I I
Robinson made to Pender was WHEN YOU ARE ILL

WITHIN A FEW DAYS 1960 the site for the rematch. Pender ': .. .; You Seek The Best Doctor PHOTOGRAPHS FOROCCASION

i spring training camps will be open- hails from Brookline, Mass., and When Your Doctor Prescribes
ing and all the big fellows will is EVERY
a big favorite here. ::'r R Get Experienced Pharmacists

This Clown be packing bags pulling out. All Robinson, apparently feeling that : To Fill Your Prescriptions ......
baseball fans welcome the comingof he was the victim of hometown "' + According To Your Doctor's ; : -1 Expert Photography

4-2033-14-41-423 the training sceas n. It isn't sentiment, had wanted New Yorkas Orders. We Use Only 1 Portraits Weddings Btaqut t 1

130661372.136 long after that before they will see the site for the rematch. The Best Quality Drugs At :. Passports & Identification Paolo J

some real baseball. Many experts believe Robinson Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor Photostats & Commercial Work
9 ij 7 SMOOTH: SAILING 'TIL WE will regain the title when he dnd Photos For Newspaper Cuts
-9 MEET AGAIN. Pender meet again. No fighter has
5 ,, : While You Walt
ever Sugar Ray twice. 3 REGISTERED .
& Picture
5 7 Coloring Framing
KEEP HAER FROM < ':' ; Let Us Take A Photo Of You
DRUG STORE ;L. t.l. .
9-SO-U-14-49-9S4 NO MOKC"HAW.GOING BACK' pa.oauws.RAW... Rattlers Voted j In Natural ColorAVERY'S -
1 >Sometimes :
He adds. subtracts TAWS, RARE S1UCONE..ASK TOUR BEAUTICIAN OR Cosmetics -
611 West Ashley Clara White Mlssico Bldg.
Attractions 7CFSflJ3;;; Hi
ChampsATLANTAThe Phone EL 4-7695 For AppointmentsVODKA ,
6-20-8S-16-27-62S 9 .
suet utotATMMi.a Iwu w ._ -

Florida A & M

ATTENTION READERSPlease University Rattlers were officially

declared the National Negro Collegiate -
Bring or Send Your Football Champions for the

Church News Club Notices & Announcement 1959 season here during the 25th
annual 100 Per Cent Wrong Club v
To The FLORIDA STAR Early Sports Jamboree. Halfback Clarence p pTavx4
l Childs of Lakeland receivedthe r
Scott Memorial Trophy on be- ,.. .,. I .
TUESDAY at NOON half of his teammates. "
PARALYTIC CASES .. :. ; 1' ..,. -:, .
FLORIDA STAR The Orange Blossom Classic l < OTHER CASES ':' -
Committee, appointed by the University t '
2323 Moncrief Rd Corner 13th Street to plan the annual OBC wrs' .w': 1 .

played each year in Miami, was .. -. '-., ... I
awarded a "Silver Certificate" as V

;nc .,! the Eleven of Twenty-five.: rt S

1. t R rl w. fl I K'I 1 ; oach Jake Gaither was pro- LH "- .-.'..,. !. ...'

daimed the "Coach of the Dee- : ," ,:.
:c." Former FAMU net star Al- !
a M tea: Gibson was cited as the 'Tenus i ,;f' .
: Player of the Past Quarter ofa i 1 l
Century, _
The four-hour-long: sports attire 5,000
of f air! was held in the Walu Room t

of the Waluhaje Hotel here last .000 t FriendlyBlender i

y rl week. Win Eliot CBS sportscasterfor I .
Gillette's Cavalcade of Sports
was the guest speaker. .

The Rattlers posted? a 10-0-0 record 1.000

for the 59 grid season which .. .
'J I."' .
gave Coach Gaither an unmatch- F .;-
5 : :
able 81 wins, 10 losses and four 7eiwJ 5 S Sy

ties for the Glorious Fifties. The \. .-... 1 .1 "t
ai < Orange Blossom Classic is the 1 a 1957 1958 1959 : .; ';;'":, ;. :....i't .. .

largest sports-sponsored event involving ; ii. '1--L: ,,:- :,. .' k. ,
i Nf Negro promotion in the I _- ." I
country. It ranks fifth among all r ",,< .,.' "".,, ".,' '.. ':11u_,.. '
similar grid classics. J. R. E. Lee -1 y '. J.
'ff Jr., vice-. president of Florida MARCHOFOIMES I

f rgaltagiu.c A & M University and founder of I

the OBC received the "Silver Cer-
r tificate" fox the University. Birth Defects Arthritis Polio DWIW i..-.a. a ..d 1tO pisS

) 1...'. fly s.MS. 6.. .... N .. ...

f .


---' ,' :. .'... 5SJ S- :" iJ ,.> : ; ..J.I j .. .. ... .._--Ir.. .;/:;b.-: "....2-".;">_:' ._ _, "_ _. :'=-' "; '_';' ''' --.l.--okRi-; ." ...... .<""" .: ," II J ''( ..: c 4S .;". !. -i _'


Eight TEE JLOKIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday February 20. 1964)
.. -
'" --
.. .
I .
STRAND Starts : '- .:

Sunday. Philadelphia Phillies Expect T !

t tIDREMEP3FRfDINMMAN: ,. I Tan Players To Be Ready In '60One .. T dC. Y't i -tc ,

__" fHE or two: of them will be home runs (37)). .r:< '
NII sTDRS ready this year, it appears. The It is expected Herrera will be
likelihood is strong that Frank j shifted to third base this season. .r a I fa4 i

?( ..' Herrera, an infielder, and Henry Mason, a relief artist, won 12
j TECNNIC019x Mason, a righthand. pitcher, will and lost 3 last ;year. He had an *
make it.Other earned run mark of 3.24. He was
x *
tail players on the Phil- in 41 games, including five as a a
lies spring training roster are Ruben I starter. He went the distance in f

I Amaro, a shortstop; Ruben four of the starts, pitching two *
y I Ij : Gomez, and Humberto Robinson, shutouts. ;
pitchers and Valmy Thomas, In all: Mason: pitched trl in-
catcher. 0 nings, surrendered 119 hits walk-
Herrera was voted the most valuable ed 37 and struck out S3. : !t1J i

J J1. player: in the, International Amaro, who had a brief fling
,j ;
--' ',/., .. league last season because of his with the St. Louis Cardinals, is -a if., ,
o.:}d:;:<;.- performances for penna t-w.nning whiz of a fielder but an anemic
;:;;; j
rom the most gripping Buffalo. The Cuban first sacker led hitter. He showed some improvement I--: (
land dramatic best-seller! the league in batting (.327)), hits with the stick last season ,... I ::: ./1 J.JsJ..z.i r j
a 4 and"FEMALE ((1ST, runs batted in (129) and with Buffalo when he batted .257 LLV
FIENDS"ROOSEVELT t He might be the man to fill the 1: :, :. :: -
Shl1stop'oid: left by the depar- t ; 14 A tip of the Pepe Cup
to these outstanding
of Chico Fernandez to Detroit
ture .1
American, wtto
SUNDAY.TUESDAY, in the American League. .1J young
._ aM
make our country
r I Holdovers oa the Phillies include \ : .-J .
Sunday! I o t...: l' ._ ., our community a better
all '
Gomez, Robinson and -
Paul MuniReturns I something of disappointments last ,'" : ".. .;. f: place lEI-"Web to UvTr \1a

To year. <
Thomas and Gomez were ac- The Rev. Dallas,Graham and members of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church made the first church
I t The Screen! quired in a trade last year with contribution to the March cf Dimes Campaign.Mr.Frank Hampton,a trustee of the church,pre
only a .200 batting mark and one sented a check for $100.00 to Mr Isadore Singleton,chairman of the drive while Mrs.Elizabeth T. ,

home run. The Virgin Islander, Redding, secretary-treasurer locked oh.

., considered a better .
however ,js any Phillies' farm-hand on a full- sidered at one time as the first and .238 respectively.Richard ;
player than that and is countedon season basis. It also won the Sally tan player likely) to make the Phil- Haines, an outfielder, x.
the VIP
receiver for
as ace League batting title. Dickerson is lies, played last season;; with Des Jim Stewart, catcher-infielder, and
.p, Phillies. a first baseman. Moines in the Three-I League. He Jim Guinn, third baseman, were
the fiery Puerto Rican
Gomez Eddie Logan and Charlie Fields, had an unimpressive season at bat all .300 plus hitters with Elmira ,
had 3 and 8 recordon
'# righthander a pair of outfielders, batted .263 with a .'fl8 mark. Club in the Class D New York-
THE J.D.rs M.D.rs mound. He will be biddingfor "
the and .249, respectively, for Ashe- Lou Garvin, a shortstop( and Irv Pennsylvania League. >..:i
--ZACHARY SCOTT i AND GALOOTS a comeback this year. ville. John Kennedy, who was con- Clark, an outfielder, batted .243 :.

AND v\ SPRING TO LIFE Robinson--- --- cnce considered a WCHEIAXNCOOPIII aVtn. i
+ FROM THE PAGES bright prospect, came to the Phil- :
1. THE DOUBLE 4 OFTHEAKGRYBESTSELLER lies i in an intcrleague deal with the New Stanton
!! Cleveland Indians. lIe had gone to Richelynn activities are in keeping -
: DOUBLECROSSEH the Indians, in another interleague DON'T FAil TO ATTEND with her dreams for the fu- 1
trade, from Milwaukee. The Panamanian I ture. She i is a member of the
II had 2 wins and four losses 12-10 class at New Stanton, of
while working mostly in relief. which she is president National
lIe made nws, however, by reporting Honor Society Girls Service
The 1960 d0d11elakers ShowDUVAL
FORREST TUCKER y COUMUPCTUKS : an attempted bribery by a League, YWCA and secretary of
A not KOMMA*FftOOUCnON i Philadelphia night club operator. her homeroom. Her hobbies are
I Among the future prospects of sewing and singing. Imagine a
Starts l the Phillies are such performers as ARMORY Feb. 18, 1960--Doors open 6 p.m. I singing S.-iolog major.GEKTISITDE (
SKY VIEW named the .... .
who was '
Curry '
Sun. Nite' Tony :':( """ '- -II-! '--<-42&C
i', most valuable player last year in DAZZLING. EXHIBITS WONDERFUL PRIZES
Fess Parker in I ,
"JAYHAWKERS"Technicolor I the Eastern League. With Wil- .
batted .316. had
and liamsport:: Curry I
"CRY TOUGH"Win 21 home runs and drove in 90 tal t
$590 Mon. Nite! lies. The outfielder's 179 hits also

\ |\ included 40 doubles\ and triples.. See DEMONSTRATIONS by
-Igo VILt t RAIL ; Nate Dickerson, a Philadelphia l
I I suburban native, pla.ooith Asheville 4

.\I in the South Atlantic League, '. xLOUISE\ PROTHO
average of
batting .362, the highest

The Rdtr.udi Si'ze 2 6'Iub4Nd !j _- -- -- -- ..- '

I FOR RENT PET MILK, Home Economist

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hot & cold Whenever Gertrude Simpkins,
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thru Thurs. 11 A.M. to 2:30: A.M. I witt St. EL. 4-3720. Inquire at ton, isn't busy with club meetingsyou
Fri. & 1759 W. 11th Street. and Recipes ECONOMICALLY will find her enjoying her
Sat. 1 11 1 A.M. to 4 A.M. .. favorite hobby-READING. She Is
Luncheon & .... .
Cocktails Served
a member of the National Honor
SUNDAYS 2 P.M. to 2 A.M. :I BE SURE TO REGISTER / Society, O. H. Baldwin Y-teens

at the Pet Milk Booth
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Weekdays for I roofing and pay off present bills. Exhibits ByPEPSICOLA
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J I Phone RA 5-2527. .I WARD (Tip Top ) BREAD



. ., ir I BAR-B-Q
.a. a
r4 : 'T'iJOYCl :


v i I J. ALLEN
it aa : Complete S-1rt D Display By Harper'sINDEPENDENT New Stanton
RADIO SALES DIRECTOR' Joyce already sees herself as
J*WALTER,.CARROLL one of the future Mathematic
: I I LIFE INS. CO. teachers of Stanton
', I :. of Station KSAN, San Fran? and Is doing
,<'A'a: cisco, is a veteran of twelve some; calculations on her own. She
o', years of advertising and morn t is a member of the National Hon
or Society, Student
,, chandising. As KSAN'a Direo i Council, O. H.
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Carroll makes personal contact : of National Honor Society,
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rations. Mr.Carroll is a graduate

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A-- : >h: II I rt ('(Les 10'30 t o i I 00k

., !," Lt. 6CX612Pace
w x k\\ S DAY! "-URNITl -2 CO. I w
2 -t
b \,



BE SI, : '. .tfORE'.; ; :STER Io v -.

'.' ,
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Carroll is a man who thinks for around it-this Viceroy filter cr ag e r }, r Sunday Nite, Feb. ,14, 1960 At The' ,: f ;; 0 Diebaa.'.sosr
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-.x. .

,.' -.. ... vN; irNiK R_r ,. ; t.(r: ... x;_.. ..1'0: : ; ; ."'. .t- ;* ASai I '. ; ;7 d -: ---> \., < .,'J.r i :.,,;: ; -i ,A\ ...j); :.Ya3kK.;; ,71?'; r

I ,