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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200548datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 13, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005480740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 13, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 13, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
: {ti.

f.-...r, aTV *-'
': ." > "' 7. : : .. ,. .,:-. '" : t
: .

to-. ...... r.LOFlIOA :



: t :Selling Of School Jobs


Is Under Investigation

1 And NEWS February 13, 196") -- Jack:-n' +"' ? 'n-',,f? |g Celt! .


r 1tt ii- ? ';it' .. ; ;:
I ( \
,. t n'irt'.I ""i
iJ'nch 'Counter Pr.fatestsl ,
f F
] .:- 'Ke e' i t r '

I ,k
# I lr'O

,\. '. i.fi i..

Iii :y Youths Spr'ead To Fla.I ?ii.' ash, F 2V "


I Woolworth CloseCeuunters linle ed SCene I
.,-.. 55, { Ag n

I fri Two States Off Violence Qver, SC r fOO S rf t

By Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, ARK.--Little Rock, the scene of r:'ria1 violence 4 .,

GREENSBORO, N. C,Students who staged a sit-down strike at upon'children, Little Rock, the name that has become lliejsymbolof .a,

downtown five-and-ten-cent stores pretesting: lunch counter segregation bigotry is In the news again. Co-x: k ,

agreed to a two-week 'armistice to allow for negotiating Yes, they've done it again perpetrated a mean hateful ;
I and study of the situation. Student leaders emphasized that'if the x lowdown act that violates every concept of democracy and the C *R e y g 3k a s ,. 1if
issues are not settled favorably the slt-.... strike wovld be spirit of Americanism. ;

resumed. Instead of planting seeds of

The passive resistance move brotherly love, cooperation and The route of the explosion went 7t. i y
only to lunch counters leadersof
started In Greensboro on Feb. 1 the movement said. understanding into the minds of through the front room, around

when A & T students took seats I young America that small groupof into the 'kitchen and blew out
They have vowed to '
at the Woolworth and Kress carry hate-mongers tossed a dyna- the kitchen window.
their action to other stores in
lunch counters and sat quietly mite bomb Wednesday night into "If that winnow had not giv-
the city heavily by .
waiting to be served. The demonstration Negroes. Action will patroatoed begin, they the home of one of the five en, it would have blown the hell ..

spread quickly to Negro students attending the out of things" Jackson said.
say, when they have recruited
Charlotte and Winston-Se em "reliable and competent students court ordered integrated Central The Rev. Dallas Graham and members of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church made the first church
Carlotta, her mother and two
BAd Raloigh. for the purpose.** High School. contribution to the March of Dimes Campaign. Frank Hampton a trustee of the church,pre-
other children were in bed
WooIW'Grtih's on sented a check for $100.00 to Mr. Isadore Singleton chairman of the drive while Mrs. Elizabeth T.
The blast
Lost Saturday afternoon ripped a three-foot the far side of ,the house when
store closed its lunch eo :hole in the foundation of the the bomb exploded. They were Redding, secretary-treasurer looked on.

counter following an alleged :brick home of Oarlotta Walls 16. not injured.

bttnb threat. A telephone caller ProtestSpreads It shattered windows In the immediate ". Negro .H i ksbcnd Kills Wife I Probe Begun .

b supposed to have informed the To neighborhood was felt Police Chief Gene Smith ordered .

store that a bomb was hi the LANDApprozimaately. over a five block area. and was i five men to stay at the In Arms Of Whie Lover I Irdto Sale .QfSchoo'

I basement of the store. \ DB 20 I heard more than two; miles away. house as guards during the

At this time most.of the forty- Negro high school students attempted Praise,GoC no one was injured I night He declined to say NORFOLK. Va. An ,inter-1 I -- I Jobs

., Jive lunch-counter seats were oceupied \ unsuccessfully to obtain and :,may He have mercy whether he 'planned, to post racial romantic triangle ended in I Union \
by Negro students 'from service Wednesday- at the upon.* thpae,..who..-eoinmUted thia ,guards At*the homes of the four a burst of hate and rifle shots \ International An investigation into charges'

,... 0 A acd: T and Bennett colleges,) -Pi: W. Woolworth lunch counter, crime and cleanse their heartsof other Negro stucitints' attending that left, two ,persons dead here Takes Over BranchIn Negro school teachers and principals

and the Dudley High chooe) here. the contaminating disease ef Central and:the three Negro students -II last week. Racial Issue '! had to pay for job in the- ,

They had been Joined by sjn- J Police said there were no hate before it spreads to ethers enrolled at Hall High Willard Bowser, 53-year-old :MEMPHIS, Tenn.-An inter county school system begin Wed-

dante from three nearby whiter threats or violence when the .and consume us all Thou i School Negro who has a home in the un1on'took over nesday by State Atty. William
national opera-
colleges. demonstration occurred about knowest, Lord, that unless we it was sending a laboratory ex- rural area of the county was A. Hallowes.
They left the Woolworth store 3:30 p.m. A few Negroes of high learn, !. live together In peace Im Washington, the FBI said being held here on two countsof tion of this city's largest union Although some sources insist

and went across to nearby Kress school age attempted a similar and harmony, we are doomed... pert to Little Reck at the request felonious assault and killing local Wednesday after its officials that the whole thing Is Just "*. I

variety store. It closed also. Management demonstration Tuesday afternoon Far while we are buy hating: of local officials, and was following the fatal.double shoot- refused to integrate rest lot of politics" and that nothingwill

of both said the stores witnesses said I II and fighting each other, in this offering Little Rock police the ing Tuesday. rooms at the union hall. come of it, others are equally -

would reopen on Monday-but For the third consecutive day vast and fruitful land of ours, facilities of iU crime lab and I The United Automobile Workers confident it's a scandal that's

the lunch counters would remain I Thursday a group of teenagers we can become easy prey for the identification division In Wash- "TRESPASSER" SHOT International assumed administration going to "rock this town."

shtt. attempted unsuccessfully to ob- forces, of Communism aad the fagtontJ. I 16 TIMES of the 2,000member The state attorney and members -

No "spur ofhe moment" tain service at the P. W. Wool- Red menace. Amen. J. Casper, FBI agent In'' ments Meanwhile were being funeral held arrange for his local. Its orders to desegre- of the school board met
worth lunch counter her*. "It (the bomb) 'was probably in gate the rest rooms were re- behind closed doors and
thing the "sit-down" was organized Arkansas was on the wife Carrie, 46, and Charles questioned -
by four freshmen who Thursday's effort was better set" police Lt. Carl Jackson said. scene of the bombing within white jected. The local whose mem- I several witnesses in the

had tanned the Student Execu- organized with approximately 40 "I imagine it had a fuse on it. minutes after the explosion. Betkey, a 46-year-old shot 16 times man witha bers work at .the International !
whom Bowser case.The
seated around the has between
or standing Harvester plant
names of witnesses
tive Committee for Justice. They found were
.2'i calibre rifle when he
counter and others coming and 500 and 600 Negro members.
not made public and Hallowessaid
are Ezell Blair and David Richmond tourt BaCrS NAACP'sEgh' the two together in his home.
both of Greensboro and* going for about 30 minutes. Ray Maness local president that in the best Interest of

Franklin McLain and Jo?', Neil. 2:30: pjn. at andshell Park and To Secret home of Bowser Hill in responseto not available for comment. Other should not be revealed.
marched to the store about 4. white members of the local
PASSIVE PROTEST a call from Bowser, they He said publicity about the
Inasmuch the approximately They sat at the counter read- Membership found Mrs. Bowser on the front said they had retained an attorney witnesses would hamper the investigation -

three thousand Negro studentsin ing school books and chatting porch suffering from several and the matter probably and possibly cause

for about half an hour. bullet wounds. would be taken to court. intimidation of the witnesses.
two colleges spend their NEW ORLEANS A three-
money for nearly everything else Clerks anticipating the action said, the U.s. Supreme Court She was rushed to Mayview Statement Expected

in the store they decided they at had placed "Closed" signs on the judge federal court ruled Monday ruled using the phrase "freedom Hospital where she died shortly A Joint statement from Hal

least should be accorded the counter before the Negroes ar- that the National Assn. for after her arrival. lowes and the members of the
of association" for the first Pelice
privilege of sitting at the lunch rived. the Advancement of Colored The bullet punctured body of school board participating :In the
time that the NAACP
The store announcedthat was pro
counter and eating like other manager People does not have to comply tected against forced disclosure Betkey was found on the floorof investigation is expected. i its
well-behaved customers. the counter was "closedpeitianently" i the living room where the ReportsYOUNG completion.The .
with a Louisiana law requiring of its membership.
No settlement was reached after the group i shooting had taken place. lIe case could go to the grand:
had been In the store some 25 organizations to file membership I THUGS GET
jury for
The was dead. a more exterk,
with management which refusedt three-judge court was : ve probe
minutes :They left shortly afterwards lists. Bowser sat nearby in a daze $20 IN STORH HOLDUP into possible criminal
them. activity,
see made of U.S. District Court
I up
went back to the in II Two Negro youths robbed a 1
POLICE TAKE NO ACTIONA and rifle still In his hand. or evidence produced by Hal
Judges Herbert W. Christen-
I The court, which met in New
body and Davis street five-and-ten cent
a dispersed without FOUND WIFE ON LAP I lowes' investigation
wire to New York headquarters mistu bs
berry and J.Skelly Wright, bothof
brought the response thatthe further incident. Orleans said forcing the NAACPto New Orleans and Judge John Police said Bowser told themhe store of about $20 last night. turned over to the county soli

issue was a local. problem comply with the law would Minor. Wisdom of the UJ8 Fifth awoke and went into the liv- Detective Sgt. P. N. Cray said. citor's office for prosecution lot
of the house to find Julia George owner of the Criminal Court.
and out ol quarters: hands. violate the First Amendment's Circuit Court of Appeals ing room
r his wife sitting in Betk'y's lap. store at 306 Davis St.. reportedthe It was pointed
.- By Friday scores of Negro townsmen that J.'wer:
> t efrO 5tu en freedom of speech and assembly j
Joined them carrying American : clauses and 'the due process;; "Unlike the Ku Klux Klan the i AS he turned to go back into youths entered the store on echelon personnel aie involved ,

flags. Out, Off U., of F. clause of the 14th AmendmentThe NAACP, however 'unpopular: in I t the bedroom for the gun. he told I the pretext of buying a pair of in recommendation Of the

They 'were countered how- Louisiana officially and unofficially j i police, Betkey pulled his wife dungarees. One of them drew an 4.000-teacher( ) staff of he school
1924 law originally was
by white youths and some GAINESVILLE The University is not show to be an across his lap and attempted to automatic pistol and demandedthe system before the names reach
ever designed to curb the activitiesof
of Florida said last week
from the cash regis-
dedicated her shield. money the
who carried confederate organization to 'un- use as a superintendent'stdesk.When .
'men : that the first Negro to enroll the Ku Klux Klan.. It requires lawful intimidation and vio- Bowser returned withtne rifle ter, according to the .
trustees have
"flags. Police, 'in the meantime, ( acted
L organizations to file a list ,
: there'would not be back for the I I rounds into the the
lence 16 en
said. and
1.. takl&g no action pro or con the judges emptied superintendent's recommendations -
'last of their members each year. .
sew ester,.which started :;
merely patrolled the store and I the names are .submitted
said the evidence sub- pair.Betkey
..- attempted frighten- the Negro M.ada At the same time, the judges mitted They the NAACP shows is manager of a servic:? BREAK-IN SUSPECTS to the school baud

'students out by,staring at them. He fe George H. Storke Jr., ruled that a 1958 law aimed at that by members after being station there. PLACED IN SHELTERTwo which has very little authority

Throughout the whole of last 28, ,nu of a Sanford pl ysician.lie the NAACP "would require the exposed some as members had been Negro boys were placed in accepting the names or rejecting -

week the passive proteslaate entered ftakred the university law impossible" and is "clearly unconstitutional. subjected to certain. economic in the juvenile shelter for investigation them. The school be *rd

the store, asked to bs tthoeri Sef. 15, 1S55.. T oxe were ." reprisals. integratknTp&s' of a break-in at the cannot drop anyone recommended : -
refused and thenproceeded Capital Loan Co.. 601 W. Bay. by the trustee withouta
served were no disturbances when he beganUases. ''
The law requires that'a Louisiana St., last night. formal .
"to>'study while wait- : "The court's attention. called hearing.
chapter of ,an organizationwith Of
Patrolmen Freddie Mack
bMf.i to the fact that the record shows
j He wa, on academic re'J3.: affiliates in other states that ,of and; Johnnie Doe said witnesses
{i The "sit down" itself was eov5 I & large part the NAACP .
' : erect nationally by both TVi t*
i: ', cameras and radio comraenUtors. he would have Bad U maintain i affiliates are not connected with ani that, Louisiana window glass! at the loan FROM: ISAIAH BLOCXCB .

t(_ '. Student organizers o! the a C avcrare io return M.nd,-y.The. groups cited by Congress as statutes deny employment to TAMPA-A group Jot Tampa company y Pith a heavy piece of Isaiah Blocker Junior Hl U

.*\f *. protest refused to e.nlist the aid vxrfvenity has a policy of I' Communist, Communist front or teachers' and others who believe Negro citizens Tuesday petitioned wood dashed inside and then School, 2335 Davis Street was
not dfaeMB&BC ttedeat cradec subversive. the City Park Board for integration .broken into and entered lastTuesday
"li et "northern" students in the in the integration of the races fled.Officers .
\ move "unless they. were eenufate and wsmld Live no details In his About the membership list In public schools. of all city recreation said it ,was not yet and Items amountingto t

,I! ,. ly mom" CAM extent U My he was note law the court said the decision and playground facilities. known, anything had been taken $160.71 were missing.
IRe" ..fter disclosure of the mem- Frank Neff. superintendent of from the building. The two Edward Benthone prinoijul. ".
MEETINGS on: it was controlled by a U.s.
: lathe bership of NAACP affiliates in the parks department, said the theresult said whoa he reported for
":t. No organization meetfags have Thfc loft only eat: Negro I Supreme Court decision in the boys were apprehended as work ,
,; : 'h been held on the campus cf ..-* : Bsior Meaii Larrfoa. i 1958 ewe of the NAACP n. Ala- Louisiana virtually all the petition came in the mailIt of a description given by he discovered the school cafeteria I'

} '.. either college. They; met eke- St .f Orlaaie, wh eJI-I teachers resigned and the general has no legal weight but witnesses. The third boy was had beea broken into. A

,. .g.: where, In town. The Mtojtua. tired the C.i.r* .t ModUbtotecifa I membership was recl11en1t1canU7 could be a step leading to court still being sought. The breakInoccurred record player and several food ;

.C.,: ;\'. xnpfgn is not to be restricted *. la that ,docUion.. the oourt ,**"the court Said. acttoa.;' ; about 9:30 pm. items.,. were reported mttgfng. ,.<. .

I -AiI' ..": iOJ .. .-;:; : I 4 'l'r br ....._ v .... i,., .. ", q .. .: ; '. ,<
7 '
:; ;
}'....1 t ; ,. \ "
; _.
':'i : ,
. 'J. 4"1i .
., O' 1
..;',': ;'; : s

: 1 V
f;;!1...'' ,', t f I
,'__. ,."hIlE--.l;".ry t' _'J:1iaiL.-aorai6.; : >""A." j'F:9E4: STft ,-:, J .b. to .... .


><' .- -' ': : : > ..
\ .. ., ,)", ,. '. > \' J., .. .

: '
!: : .). ., :.: ,;;- ; '\ -V** ,.< "" '. -, ,. ... ." '.', e

I ; : ,-, ,., m1 1'Jr,: ?r> | r aw -: .1. ----II: Ir ;.r .-." !}. : :. if/:
.f',1 : M' 'J, : } % '
|ifeg. .;> :.J : : .,'4- 1 :..I,1}::' : :. ; i >: ; : : Week: Ending Saturday February; 13, .1960

+ '." ":- I'1. .
: .
: >o- 1

; THE FLORIDA STAR ''"_ "Politics As Usual'"
: ,


'* For the benefit of our readers the list
we are presenting
',:: ', The Florida Star Publishing. I'A PROUD OF YOU '
: ",.. Published by : of offices up for election in 1960. The list was kindly supplied
.;. / "Member of Associated Negro Press'trtc the office of the
.. by Supervisor of registration.
: ... O. Simpson ,_ ._ ____:. ..:. ,_.. __ Editor (.U.\Uktl__ IUXAL_ : _
:.* Ptrhaxn Johnson' Newt Staff Representative in Congress Sec- Board of Public Instruction. District -
/j ': Circulation" D ond No. 5, Ned P. SEarcy Sr.
\ .. Hilda Woolen pi. Congressional District, Charles
w r E Bennett. County Budget: Commissioner, District -
't'" a -- toll i JUDICIAL t No. 2, Basil J. W leers

J"., Justices of the County Budget Commi>i4ner, Distract
Supreme Court.
Joseph G. Kennelly, Jr
Number of Offices?
:"i 'S3U ":maid Road ._-.r._..,._.._.._... EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 r. Circuit Judges Fourth JudkaaJ County Civil Service Board, Dis

,'fj.i:i., 'i oaa Branch Office: 423 Broad SL Phone EL 4-3773 yt r Circuit: Eight Offices.j trict "No. 2, Carleton R. Barber.

e 5 STATE: County Civil Service Board, District -

',- GoYerOOtLeroy Collins, I No 4, Paul R. Akin.

:"1'' ..... Mdlfng ,Ad ."! I J Secretary of State, R. A. Gray JUSTICE OF TIlE PE1CEXOaaNATED
Comptroller Ray HC.T''n.
::',}?, i ;'d' .. O. Rox 561. JacksonviUe 1, Florida. f ; \ 57 Commissioner .. BY KS7EICT
< of Agrur: ";:>
; ; : .., than Mayo. Justice of the Peace, District >;,o
; : I 2, H. D. rendarvis, Jr.
;. tr'r'1 Treasurer J. Ed>>riD L", .
Attorney General' Richard W. Er- Constable, District No. 2, D. M"Keen.
:- SUBSC11IPTION: RATES I2wFi vin. .
k cI
One Year, 5.00 Half Year, $3.00: Three Month $1.80 SUpt. of PubSc Instruction Tom Justice of the Peace District No

Mailed To You, An/where In The United States. | D. Bailey. ; 3, L. C G&xr.

Bbcrlption! Parable In AdYl nce. Send Check or Money Order To: I iri ii 1 w fr State Attorney William' A. Hal- Constable, District..No. & Bnor!.

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BO:: 561-JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA lowes, III Railroad'md PufcHe UliR- V. Roberts. .

iYx .. r I ties Commis on. Justin of the Prate, District Xo

LEGISLATIVE: I 4, Gpjr"; A. rt ni$.

Negroes And The Negro Press Rfcmber! State "House of Representatives i A.Constable Sikrs TXsiaj.: ; :. 4, Lonnie

Group Xo. 1 John E.
Last December when the Philadelphia Tribune celebrated its 75th Mathews' Jr. Justice cf the Pea,-'p, District No

anniversary, the guest speaker for the occasion William O. Walker, s60u y Member State House of Representatives 5, D. Harley Gfddens. '

publisher of the Cleveland Call had a few words to say about Negroes Group No. 2, Harry West- Constable. District N': '-. 5,, Frank;

and the Negro press that are worth passing on. I berry. E. Brunson: Jr..
I Member State House of Representatives Justice of the are Dfetrkt No

Among other: things the scholarly publisher said: Group No. 3?' ,George B. 18. Ernest R. Hartley

"College students who think Negro editors are fools and Negro LEGISLATION ENFORCING VOTING RIGHTS WILL HElP Stallings, Jr. Constable, District No. S, R. G.

newspapers much effort misspent remember this: The 1950 Member State House of Representatives (Judge) Hartley.
just so
census shows that Negroes still earn far less than whites who have group No.4, Subject to I Ii Justice of the Peace, District No

the same amount education.- In the North and West as well as In h_-- i Referendum Nov. 3, 1953.! 9, Genevieve K. Media
whites COUNTY Constable, District No. !9,. George
Ih 1949 :
college graduates earned less
who the South had attended, Negro, but not graduated from high school. In 1940 Negro T::: Yc3aI Veeldy Clerk of the Circuit Court LeonardW. II Brown Jr.
Thomas. Justice of the Peace, District :\o
not graduated
college graduates earned less than whites who had -'
10, Dorcas B. Drake.
from grammar'school. The only way to improve these conditions is Guide' Sheriff Dale George Carson
through the use of a militant Negro press. : --'. -. : rlrcsQ@pe: Tax Assessor Leon E. Forbes. Carmichael.Justice Constable. District No. 10 J. R.
Tax Collector Clyde II. Simpson.
"To the so-called Negro intelligentsia who find all manner of fault Sv PABLO, The ASTROLOGER -_ Superintendent of Public Instruc- of the Peace, Distrfct0..
with Negro newspapers I direct this question: Where would you"be 11 : tion Ish Brant. 11, Sarah l'1l11.

1' there were no Negro press? No groups have profited more than the ."'+r+ :.CM ARE YOUR LUCKY !DAYS fOR County Commissioner, District Constable! District No. 11, A. M.

crusading of the Negro press than have our white collar and professional No. 1, J. B. (Joe) Mallard. (Steve) Stephens.

groups. I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Justice of the Peace, District No

do 2, Joe F. Hammond. 12, T. O (Tom) Holmes
"To all who criticize the Negro press. I ask,
AHIL.S fer splendid prospects of success :your heart and succumb to your County Commissioner, DistrictNo. Constable, District No. 12, W. T.
of business?
have If out
you "The Negro we go wants victory .in this fight for desegregating Born :March 21st to April 1 t1L' and gain ositions. 5, Joe Burnett (Bill) Woodward.
America because no one knows better than we do how hard the yoke The ground .you have previously 4-90-77-10-58497' 7-40-99-15-35-749 County Judge McKenney J. Davis. SECOND riCUIlRV
V of a master race presses down upon a helpless people; no one knows I prepared is now in shape to pro- \ : Judge Criminal Court of Record Presidential! Preference Primary.

'*w* ..the deep yearning our people have for freedom and justice. vide a bountiful yield. You sorely LIBRA Division "A" William. Harvey.Supervisor National Committeeman! and. Com-

Who e1se'h'A4.vvas n harder climb up the Hill of Hell ,for just a peek should cash in substantially and CANCER of Registration Flem- mittcrwoman.
at the rays of freedom.,, m rising behind a horizon of hope that make new and warmhearted Born..JI'.Juno 22nd to July 22nd. Born Sept. 23rd. to Oct. 23rd. ing H. Bowden. Delegates to the National Conven
One of the decisive
friends in the (17th-18th). I moments, tion.
seems ever so near but yet so !&**_, process There is._no 'need to be hesitant Clerk Crminal Court of Reconf1
Pay close attention to offers and I when you must take the initiativeand Kathleen L. I .
"We can delude ourselves with the.opiate of magazines that publish once you know that those who are, insist definite t f
care: r.dc:1: t mc r": "nate in' on resultswill Solicitor
,, : beautiful pictures and pollyanna articles but the more we .seek tc distant places. Important plans and behind.y&ircan be trusted to serve' be at hand early on the 16th. Watch County Criminal Coat Remember folks the registration
of Record
fool ourselves in this manner, the more difficult we are making our your intere&s. as they would their everybody at home Lacy Mahon Jr. i books are now open. Register NOW
statistics had better be kept under mostly
The recognized this in 1827: Board of Public Instruction, District fit >*ou have not done Renewal
fight for our civil rights. Negro press own.'Settlements that are left in yourself to so.
wraps so as to forestall possible : prevent disharmony
the Negro press recognizes this now. their hzjndSf should prove to be I and accidents No.1. Raymond A. : cards are now being sent out. Fill
competitive moves. You have few at your base of op-
MINORITY NEWSPAPERS more thaw satisfactory on the 16th. I Board of Public Instruction, District it in and return it promptly. Don't
obstacles in the of perations. Splendid openings for
"The Negro press during the past few years, has come in for a business or financial way expansion career, Make full use of your occupationalskills I desires. The 17th 18th are your No. 3, A. E. (Gene) Stokes. let it lay around the house and

lot of harassment and opposition from Negroes themselves. Many ol to gain a promotion, greatercompensation I days of and get lost.
other than the doubts that you may opportunity, you should
our people are saying there is a lessening need for Negro newspapers. create in your own mind. and economic security take advantage of them to improveyour AQUARIUS I
'For the doubting Thomases and the crepe hangers, I would like 6-20-88-16-27-628 ; shdUld you see a favorable living quarters working conditions DornJan. 20th-to Feb. 18th. PISCES

to call attention to a recent compilation'of daily newspapers publishedby opening on the 17th-18th. Weddingsthat and economy. Do not waste time feeling sorry Born Feb. 19th. to March 20th.

other minorities In the United States. There are today 69 daily -- now.take place should endure, 8-50-33-17.78-853 for the days that can never be recalled Piscians who are now free of

newspapers being published by 21 nationality groups. None of these and become the pillar on which and begin a forwardlooking ( binding ties may well consider the

minority groups are subjected to the kind of racial discrimination that TAURUS Cancerians, who are the fortunate SCORPIO program that will fulfill your possibility of selecting someone

Negroes are, and none of them represent as large a part of the na- Born April 20th. to May 20th. parties, may lean.53022U65532 Born Oct. 24th. to Nov. 22nd. desire for greater security and hap. from among their friends to share

tion's population as Negroes do. Yet, despite all the opportunities they The conflict between your de- I You should not fail to reap the piness ((16th). You seem to have avery their fortunes in the near future.

enjoy, they feel it necessary to 'publish 69 daily. newspapers and an sires and better judgment can be benefits of wise moves that ensued benign and generous friend Do all that is expected of you front

unknown number of weeklies. activated by the trend o( events, ;' i' after sound and meticulous plan- upon whom you can call to assist higher up when you are assured '

"The Negro is the only minority group in America that feels indifferent the pressure of others or your own ning. Be quick witted and also you in solving domestic or marital that your prestige and position wilt

about his own newspapers. And the Negro i$ the only racial need for a change (16th.) You receive LEO discreet, should you encounter the difficulties (17th). Do not stand on* be considerably enhanced as a re-

group excluded from all the full rights of American citizenship. The 'the benefit of excellent plane- -.no *(m9I) saouuds; paAOJdun! pus person or circumstance that would your pride if this means falling fcs h->u'Ite. H7th 18th). AJcret assignments -

sixteen million Negroes in America are about three times the number tary vibrations, which should help suonowOJd 'jCjtAnonpojd 'sampao; complete the picture you are try- your nose, and accept the good offices I the sponsorship of an inv
of Jews, yet the Jews support four daily papers. you to gain greater prestige and -o.Id uo XRSOUI si }UOOOB; our ing to assemble (16th). There and offers that will restore nomic manipulations can all be-
A LETTING OUR add to your basic assets (17th- Born July 23rd To Aug. 22nd seems to be an old friend upon the conditions and associations. come sources of the gains promised

BUCKETS DOWN 18th). Apply common sense and may have come to fling it aside whom you can always depend, which are the mainstays of your for this period. You must also be

"The guiding precepts John B. Russwurm gave -us 152 years ago mature judgment in matters that and to let your feelings take over. when you are up against doubts and existence. Accept a more frugal active, if you want to extract these

are just as true today as they were then. Many of the objectives he include your friendships, hopes and ry out innovations, alterations and problems. Find your way to his way of life if necessary. benefits. Nothing can happen when
other projects that have been cal-
so wisely set out for attainment are still without realization. higher mind pursuits. Key associations or her door (17th-18th), if you are SSO-55-1W1-685 you just stand stilL
"The same Is true of the aims and objectives of Christopher James should be strengthened by culated' to bring you up fully to in need of advice or
Perry. Because Philadelphia has had the TRIBUNE as one of Its pulling for a common cause, and date. Meetings, with aliens, church ment. Income encourage-lessen
main In bat- pooling talents and heads and publishers could also re- may soon 'r
fighting instruments this town has made great strides qualifications. and costs could rise even further. t
tling down the Jim crow practices that prevailed here for so many 3-70-1232-375( sult in satisfactory working ar- 9-80-41-14-49-984
years. rangements. Happiness is spreadin

THE STILL SMALL VOICE"If generous measure, wherever SAGITTARIUS

the Negro press has become the voice of the Negro, it Is because GEMINI Bora Nor. 23rd. to Dec 21st.

it Is the only clear warning our ship of fate can hear through the Born Hay 21st. to .Jane 21st. Do not reject an assignmentthat ,

hick fog of uncertainty that shrouds bur progress. This has the earmarks of being VIRGO promises to be well paid, if yr.p A 6 d V ry4 6 ev, ti F'iR. .

"The Negro press Is our outpost of thought and action. Only theM < the most favorable quarter of the Born A c. 23rd. to Sept. tndL you have the honor of being chosen

support of cur own people can keep up in this position. month, when you can gather in You seldom de anything without (16th). Reject committing yourselfto

"People who don't read-and this Includes newspapers-fere not the spoils. The arrangements you the benefit of: logic, but the time a project which could make too a

well-informed and people who are not well-informed are a back- have previously! made, and the important Weddings or other unusual events great a dent in your monetary re

ward. and exploited people., Knits you have ,forged In take place (17th). Leos who are sources. The 17th and 18th are

"In most of the cities where we operate, if we could sell one of your associations, are going to unattached should revise their your most fortunate day of the

.ur newspapers each week to every Negro who owns an automobile, play a major part in the developments thinking and see the advantages of month, when individual enterprise

we would be very happy with our circulation. If every Negro who that are foreshadowed for teaming up with someone who can and bold planning will enable you

spends $.oO) or more for whiskey also bought a Negro newspaper, we the 16th thru 18th. Give carte bring excitement in their live to take pant stride toward one --r. ii_

wouldn't be worrying about,the competitiom of white newspapers, radio blanche to your principal associate. The products of your past labors of yow prfadpal goals. A definite II

.er the Johnson Publications."Freedom even if the ideas or products that should command a satisfactory reset agreement regard an alliance,
for minorities and subjugated are being promoted are of yourself the 16th It you
: peoples always comes your go on the acquisition or sale of property,
kigh. If the Negro thlnta: he can purchase his freedom from segregation own creation. Capital may be secured turn by the 18th. Accept firm prop- or ether confidential matters, maybe

and poverty in America at a bargain cut-rate price, he is going to back enterprises that of have an occasion ,to bring joy to reached during this period. I
M be sadly mJ.ftIbn. 1-3066-13-72-136

"The Negro press wants and will lead the way to freedom, but
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Horoscope Guide To
we can only do this if we haTe followers, and are backed up by the CAPBJOOfiX
cnity and cooperation of all RICHES LOVE HEALTH
Negroes. Bon Doc Clad to .Jan. llth.
A very Important point which we think I*. Walker overlooked Order your Horoscope guide for December How. Sew $2 The impulse to get results more
is the failure of-Negro readers support the firms that advertise in To Pablo I
Tn Astrologer P. 0.Boz 561 Jadesoarttle LFla. 'quickly than they seem to be coming -
Negro newspapers. It should be emphasxzecl that, no only Negroes -r
-- -- bad better be curbed, before '
read their own papers but they should patronize inose rums mat it in 1i *
I -- gets you OSta). You
advertise in the Negro press and refrain from doing business witn Dear Pablo: Enclosed Is $24)0.) Send EoroeotlpeGuide doubt
I my no are being motivated bya
Wove firms,which refuse to carry advertisements In Negro newspapers.In I I for the month of December. I II great desire to succeed and to KEN KNIGHT 1

the first place the Negro press needs' advertising revenue in achieve your ultimate ends. Your
,, trder to survive and carry on Its fight for Negro rights. In the second ,I II I
chances should
place NAME : improve by -.:...... Invlt"KMCHTTRiN"You To Listen To -
patronizing that advertise In' the Negro press and boycotting 17th, if you utilize the more efficacious -
those that don't brings respect for the Negro newspaper methods of back -
I I II room dip-
and this as absolutely necessary If the Negro press is to succeed in ADDRESS' I lomacy and secret negotiations..
-' Its demands for respect of the rights of Negro citizens. ,
You have a financial stake in
Negroes should be awakened 'to the fact that, the firms wnicn I .' .* I II whatever you undertake on this Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
4refuse to advertise in your Negro newspaper are firms whlclTregara BOBN ,. day, and this should] provide theoccasion

Negroes, vnder: any with circumstances contempt and feel that Negroes will trade- with.. them- I ''.' monik> '-"-' S.7."" "%*) _:.T',*'\ data in.t '*,-'-. I I IN outstanding for abilities.you to utilize your 1400 WRHC 14tK.

..}t (To Be Continued Next Week) 'I I 4-20-33-14-41-423
... -
Y1 - -- -
,"'iiLV',- ;4..;+C. '" r



;- .'i; .zt'W f; ", .- ,, '':''-\ '!f-r- .---------d t"i' < -'" -, --.
', r.-
? .
; "
01: .,' .;$ 1: t ;. < : ,.

} ---- ,, ___ w-
--- -- ---- -- -- -
-1 -'--- -- -

. I S

I jjeek Ending Saturday, February 13, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAB Pago 'I'hrea

.. *-. ...-- -

-= --- = Vocational Guidance Meet AboutPeople Wedding Bells '

rem. as a 1IiI41


by "Del" Mainz BrinsonThe Curry G. Collier, 1115 W. 16th

St., 20 and Alene E. Howard, lOffl
Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of SleepingCar
Remain St., 19.
Porters J Division will its annual \
Jacksonville sponsor
i1t Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kirkland of Roosevelt Mitchell. 2111 EmersonSt.
tea Feb. 21 at the Mt. Ararat
Sunday Baptist
; \ ., 26 and Ruby M. Faison, 13H
200 S. 9th. Jacksonville
I Street
Myrtle Ave. and 16th Street. t : D. <, Cleveland St. 26.
Speaker for the occasion will be A. Philip Randolph Beach were entertained recentlyby
; ? ra a Louis Thompson, 1987 W. 23rd
international president of the Brotherhood of SleepingCar I their daughter, Mrs. Thelma
St. 40 and M.
II Dorothy .Jackson,
Jackson on their Golden Wedding
Porters. The tea will begin at 4 p. m. a 5866 Harris Ave., 47.
I .vf Anniversary.Mr.
f Y Marion 1"ise,1292 W. Adams St.,
and Mrs. Kirkland are the
32 and Fannie M. 1292
parents of 8 children, 26 grandchildren Chancey,
I rrx W. Adams St., 31.
The Mary McLeod Bethune Circle will sponsor a f and 16 greatgrandchildren.Mrs.
Joe Johnson, :20S8 Baldwin St.,
Valentine Party Feb. 15, in the home of Mrs. Sallie Bald- and -
23 Mildred Ingram. 2163 Mc-
win, 1251 Hart St. Dinners will be served and games will : Beulah Hierrezuelo was recently Quade St., 19.
be played. : g k a honored with a surprise

Mrs. Ada M. Lee is chairman for the affair and Mrs. 97 birthday dinner given by her Matthews Cotton, 1091 Florida

M. A. Crockett is co-chairman. Heading' the refreshment 4 a daughter, Mrs. Delores Logan, at Ave., 29 and Mamie R. Hall. 1214

committee is Mrs. Madeline Jones, and Miss G. L.. Styles. ,: her home 5628 Belafonta Drive in Jessie St., 20.
?4 Floradale.
will have charge of games. Members of her family, mem- Calvin Butler, 1935 Venus St., 22
Proceeds from the party have been earmarked for I
and Catherine D. Barnes 2651
bers of the Church of God and ,
educational institutions. .
I friends help to make this a memorable Crawford St., 19.

occasion. Earl Hobson, 1218 Swift St., 50
Y1t. a
and Ora L. Stephens 1218 SwiftSt.
rY Wedding bells will be ringingsoon ., 39.Lionel.
Mrs. Rosa Lee Shannon entertained her husband t..
: for Beatrice Bryant, daughterof H. Moore. 1329 W. 8th St.,
James Shannon and her mother, Mrs. Julia P. Gilmore
and 25 and Alice A. Foster, 927 E.
Mrs. Corene R. Bryant,
with a birthday party at Club Eldorado recently. The affair -
Scriven St., 25.
of Columbus
Carl E. Crowell
was largely attended by friends who enjoyed the
Georgia. Robt. D. Parker 1266 Grothe St, :
activities offered the evening.
many during Miss Bryant is a senior at Flor- 1 23 and Audrey Rhodes, 1617 DavisSt.

Guests present were Mrs. Odessa McPherson of Way- a ida A and M University, where she ., 21.Millie.

cross,'Ga., Mrs. Delia Collins, Mrs. Mattie Robinson, Mrs. : is majoring in Home Economicsand Wimberly, 1710 W. 17th

Lucille Edwards, Mrs. Ellen Reese, Mrs. Mozelle Pruden, .. i Mr. Crowell is on the teaching St., 19 and Barbara J. Banks, 710 I

Mrs. Alma Boventure, Mrs. Daisy Kelsey, Mrs. Geralding I wr---Nr-- }ew.R. 1... o. : staff at Marshall High School at Court A, 16. "-:

Williams, Mrs. Maxine Royster, Mrs. L. G. Davis, Mrs. wIp. Plant City. Geo. Hayward, 2150 W. 41st St., f

Willie Mae Williams, Mrs. Eula Walker, Mrs. Florence ( s The wedding will be solemnizedin 22 and Maxine Maxey 2231. 44th .;

Sumpter, Mrs. E. T. Wilson, Mrs. Mayonia Corley, Mrs. the Poplar Springs Baptist St., 16.

Evelyn Collins and host of other friends. church in August.

ckF Miss Norma -June Wilson, daughter Deaths/ AndFunerals

., of Mr. and Mrs. Maxie Wilson,

Les Belle Toujours Club will meet Feb. 14, in the 1239 W. 26th. Street, is serving as

I home of Mrs. Alexina Jones on Lincoln Ct., Roosevelt i y4 editor of "The Spelman Sport-

: at Spelman College -
Apts.The light, newspaper
contest committee will make their report at this in Atlanta, Ga. -

meeting. Miss Wilson, graduate of New HARRIS Mrs. Mary Lee of 1051

Stanton High School was recently W. State Street.

.. chosen to be listed in Who's Who '
:\b HARVEY James David of 1012 -
Among Students in American Uni-
The Ete de Art models, under the direction of Mrs. bJ versities and colleges. W. Church'Street.

Ethel C. Spears,' will be featured in a spring fashion show s' > GRIFFIN Dan of 1021 J Jackson

Monday, Feb. 29, in the auditorium of New Stanton High : Our sick and shut ins are: Street.

School. This affair is being sponsored by the educational Charlie Wiggins of 955 Albert PARNELL Mrs. Janie of 17 E.

committee of the Emanuel Progressive Baptist Associa- Street; The Rev. Mrs. Inez B. North St. Lake; City. _.

tion. Johnson, pastor of St. Paul 'Methodist ALEXANDER Mrs. Julia of 570
church of Macclenny; Mrs. Caroline Street.

$ Dorothy Bowden of 530 W. Orange PAULJN Wilber of 802 Dewitt
i" :<: Street; Mrs.: Francina W. Robinson Street.
Members of the La Palmoa Social and Saving Club ..
of 1435 W. 23rd. Street; Mrs. DUNSON George Willie of 639
will observe their 10th anniversary Sunday, Feb. 21, from Elizabeth Norwood, 1109 Durkee .W. 16th. Street.

4 to 6 p.m. at the YWCA.Participating Drive and Leonard Atwater who is GORDON Walter Francis of

and helping to make this a successful 4:. confined to Brewster Hospital. 1650 W. 31 Street.

affair will be Mrs. Vera Davis, Y-Teen director, who will I GANTT Mrs. Lula of 445 E. 21st

be speaker for the occasion; Miss Dorothy Lang, pianist; Street.

Mrs. Eula Walker, program chairman and Mrs. JohnnieM. j.vp PATTERSON George Edward <' -

:Preston, cochairman.e ass 4 Yd N Band Parents Plan of Rt. 7 Box SOB Sweetwater).
I ; HULANDMrs.. Maude of 3502

Ii.i. J. Annual BandOtfumaIn Florida Avenue.
I THOMAS Herbert Thomas of
Members of Eastern Star hapter 169 helped Mrs. W., '.ut u6i +e Callahan. ..

L. Tasker, 2138 Baldwin Street celebrate her birthday re I 4. a a recent meeting the Darnell- STEVENS Selina of'-762 Spearing

cently. The occasion was also the annual party of the :_ Cookman Band Parents Club made Street $ ..
plans for the Sixth Annual Band- v
chapter.Attending. STEWARD Mrs. Mittie 'of 1716
held In the school
O-Rama to be
the affair were Mrs. Leala McQueen, Mrs. W. Sixth Street.

Mary Bryant, Mrs. May Frances Edwards, I. Preister, auditorium Friday night, March 11, STEWART Mrs. Leonra of 701B

Mrs. Eldora M. Black, David Hixon, Mrs. Nell Williams, 1 at 3 pjn. Venus Mars Court.
Music" should
Daniel Hudson, Harold Mathis, Mrs. Alvesta Williams, "Say It With DAVIS Mrs. Lucinda formerly 4"

Willie Hargrove,. Mrs. Ruth Fedd, Mrs. E. Mathis, Mrs. prove to be a delightful eveningfor this of this city.

Sylvia Priester, Miss Geneva Joyner, Mrs. Pearl Hudson, everyone.will be Appearing the famous on Dar- JENKINS Robert of 2145 W.

Ralph Black, Mrs. W. L. Tasker, Mrs. Elouise Denmark, program 45th. Street.
nell Cookman Marching and Con-
Miss Marilyn Cawley, and Mrs. H. Mathis. V BROWN Mrs. Rachel Estelle of
cert Band the Orchestra Rhythmand
rod : -. Melody Band Gretel and Gerj j .
__ ; RENDER-Idus of 719 Lelia Street.
tie Dance School and Bolden's Col- It
COOPER Miss Coline Sandra of

Usher Board No. 2 of Grant Memorial AME Church lege of Music. 809 Caroline Street.

held their annual dinner party in the home of Mr. and The Vocational Guidance Committee of the Jacksonville Urban League held a special meeting The parents have divided themselves WHITE James of 2714 Davis

Mrs. Ira W. Hennby. with Miss Ann Tanneyhill, Director of vocational Guidance Services for National Urban League Office into four sponsoring areas. Street.
The house was beautifully decorated with a variety of February 5th in the Library of New Stanton High School. Area One Mrs. Jewel Felton CORBERT-Mrs. Aquilla of Green 'l'
flowers and a delicious repast was served. Attending the Special Meeting with the guest are from left J. A. Bowman Executive Secretary and Mrs. Bernice ; Cove Springs. ,

Members,.and friends report having had an enjoyable Mrs. Vanorian Schell Dr. W. W. Schell, Chairman of Beard of Directors. Miss Ann Tanney- Two Mrs. Edith Weston Mrs. JACKSON Mrs. Sarah of 141 S. '
E. L. Baker Area Three Mrs.
evening hill, Director of Vocational Services, Mrs. Lucille Coleman,Chairman of Jacksonville Urban League's ; Oneida Street St. Augustine.

a Vocational Guidance Committee Dr. Earlinn W. Thompson, Mrs. L E. Williams, and Mr. Theodore :Johnnie Griffin Mrs. M. Bass; WYNN Mrs. Ethel of 2358 W.
Area Four Mrs. Melvin Hogg
Redding. 1st: Street.
*__ Seated from left: Mrs. Eleanor Gay Mrs. Frances Johnson Mr. Henderson, Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Jeffers. HART Mrs. Esther of 954 W. .

0 P. Johnson Mrs. Essie McCray and Miss Ann Tanne hlll. Standing: Mr. Rodell Roberts,"Mr. Em- State Street.

mett Reed, Mr. Melvin Brown Mr. Ford, Mr. J. A. Bowman, Executive Secretary Mrs. Lucille WILSON Nathan of 1537 Fran-

Problems? : Coleman, Chairman of the Vocational Guidance Committee. Saves: Money And Space cis Street. .

Your Beauty Also attending this mfetin;, were: Mr. and Mrs. Fet! r1ck Dixon, Mrs. G. Dunbar. Mrs. Rebecca For American Consumer LONDON Jimmie of 715 Dewitt .

Jr., Mrs. Willie Mae McLendon ._..: = .,.
Preston Turner d .r. .
Samuel, Mrs. Helen Gibson. Standing: Mr. ,; ;:Zf' ';W"":"'i( ';? ;; P'W Street
: '
1 i Genevieve Answers! Mrs. Louis Davis Mr. Douglas Lewis, Mr. Randolph hove Mr._ Melvin T. Brown, Mrs. Ruth II! : > J. BOLDEN Mrs. Ethel of 821 De-

Holzendorf and Mrs. Ruby Claw on; and Mrs. Hla .Jo'anson. : witt Street.

J YOUNG aandths.of an inch a day. Ask McKIRE Mrs. Ada of 1009
by about the magic
: your gelatine pharmacist tablets which taken. Club! Series Set At FAMU I Pearce StreetMONCRIEF
WENDY You'd better atop bitIng new reported to stop Community Lecture -Mrs. Luzena of
If /C' .l.i6f
your nails right now youwant 423 Dew Drop StreetHENRY
them long and graceful breaking cracking fingernails.accent TALLAHASSEE A two-day lec- philosophy degree, from the Uni- Mrs. Cynthia Wallace -
CLAIRE How can: you
'looking for your future fingernails dance your eyes? Popular New York Elects OfficersThe ture series in mathematics will be versity of Illinois.Dr. of 814 W. 18th. Street.
dates. Doctors say applies a d KELLY Stephen K. of 1029!
Patricia Stevens I
three-thou- model Florida A & M University
only about held at Blackwell will lecture on
grow Crown HairDressing '
touch of her Royal Scriven Street. ,
to ,brows lashes and' Mandarin Community Club begining Monday and Tuesday, .of "Game Theory," 'The Settling of REED Mrs. Maggie of 1119

)Oai Ysag wm wiry.. JMI'. kttI -a.1tampe4 eyelids to make her eyes shine and sponsors of the baseball team next week, February 15-16, accord Arguments," and "Gambling Sys- Jackson Street.

."1 II ,g"dt'M' a. p.eroi. ae softly. want to met recently for election of offi- ing to Mrs: L. Beatrice Clarke- tems." He will hold conferences on HENRY James of 1930 W. 23rd.
do .
I. 01Seut7 LEE W.: I
.. .. if. MARY
rw 1astJ&ate. P. aIZ $u. Yaa. help with your problem butyou cers. head of the FAMU mathematics "Why Mathematics for Everybody"and Street. .
.pnb J.'I'tU.' must send a stamped self : Officers elected were: Lavern' department. "Introducing Statistics, the Max Hess, nationally known WILLIAMS Mrs. Laura of 5344 I
Allentown(Pa)retailer, who has Rd.MftHELLWillie.
In order to Dodge
addressed envelope Washington, president, and team Dr. David Blackwell. head of the Secondary LeveL" The first conference been encouraging the creation of of 1473 GrotheStreet
receive a copy of my captain; Raymond Burney, secre- more multi-purpose products to
University of California mathematical -
for Problem Hair. will be held for high school
-How to Care American
the consumer fI
Giles Hartley treasurer are
tary; I will be
SABA a: "do-it-yourself Walter Anderson general consultant statistics department students and teachers and other money and space since 1951 when
hair stralghtener kit which the the guest lecturer. He has been founded the annual fleas
Nobles ; Horace Young public rela- of interested persons. The latter will and Use I
amtus Disc Jockey Gene described in a recent edition Versatility in Design I
w. r..r.,. talks about on Radio WLAC Is tions chairman; Mr. and Mrs. Robert FORTUNE magazine as havingprofound be held especially for departmentalstaffs Contest, has revealed that ATTENTION LADIES.
one of the best on the market to- Hartley, business managers; mathematical talent plusa junior ana senior 'mathematical entries in the 1960 competitionare Bridge & Social Club : .' ,
day.:It'is effective for an types of Jessie BlackmonoT.: paying manager worldly outlook which has made now open. Reporter :
the majors. Mr. Hess invites 'manufacturers -S 5
hair and Is guaranteed by.lovely. t ;' Joe Davis assistant; Lindsey him a leader in probability theory designers and inventors ,of Send or MallYOU1' 5-5
to give you '
manufacturer hair In CaldweU,= assistant captain; MissA. and its recent offshoots, 'including doable duty garments and pro- Social Newi
straight easy-to-manage Hartley, reporter. The lectures are sponsored by ducts, to enter the contest. The
minutes in the privacy of your < game theory statistical decision Association of well Mondaya To i
this the Mathematical items can be brand new or
Members at meetingwere
own home or your money back. present theory, and information theory.He America and Florida' A & M Uni- established products, as long as FLORIDA STAR ... 'A
self-addressed en- : Steve Manna Zeb Summer- ; ..
Sen*stamped they serve more than one pur- 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th J.4
be held .
velope for details If you cannot ran Edward Summerall, Augustus was an invited speaker at the versity. Lectures pose. A free: entry blank may be ., j
f yet find it at your favorite beauty Denson, Mack TtfcLendon, Leo Anderson International Conference on Infor- the Charles Winter Wood Theater obtained brewriting to Hess FLORIDA STAR aIN -I

>r: counter. Junior Robinson Clyde mation Theory held inC etoslo- and the conferences will be held Awards Committee, Suite 1019; EVERY ,

Hartley, Junior Aiken and Clyde I vakia. He received his formal in the faculty- lounge of Tucker 527 22, New Madison York.Arenas. New York COLORED HOME ,

.r,. / Hartley. .' > training including the .doctor of HalL Yiy: ,; .

; frII { .. a'a '-> .' .' ..
: or
T1<.+:: .w\ .

'jr ',.
-' : .' ,
: '-
1 + .
1't: ; ; i. i ik

;:A- .. ; ; o-." I ..?-'<..'-..'.:; '. .'" '- .. ..,...:t>"_1-< ._'-_..;___'-.:

-- ----- --- -
--- .
. v'.TuuI.-----

1._ _

".*./.' )'nu. 3
I Week Ending Saturday, February 13, 1960

rti-;: I Leading Ministers and Laymen .1 1u11frv;! : ;

I : "
__ t ) .

It&; Slated to Appear on Program $ t J Ja

6 ,y ___1 ,
It 1t I

t t I

d! The East Florida and Bethany Baptist Assn., will convene :

in its one-day session, Feb. 24, in Friendly Baptist l lI

I Church, 1721 W. 19th! St., the Rev. B. H. Hartley, minister. ,

I The Rev. W. M. Hill moderator, F'I
The hour will be held
will preside throughout the day, I
at 3:45 Appearing will be
and will be assisted .by the Revs.
W. G. Patterson president, Distract

H. H. Robinson, A. J. Hughes and

II. H. Wright, vice moderators. Sunday School Department; I ,.
Alexander Heard Dis- X'r'l
president .
Other officers including, G. W. t
trict BYPU Division; Mrs. M. L. ., .:.. ,... '" ',. ." t'.. ..
Patterson, the Revs. N. B. Wil : .\ >
.. .
Len aha Hrjan. employee of liams. L. o. Way. E. Simpson Johnson, president, District Senior .. .. ,,.'-:... ".. ....'.>. ':'

the Flo,*da St3 and rw" nt of the W. C.: Neal; A. Charles Robinson, Women; Mrs. M. K. Gibson president I. :.f ;, ( : "
Junior Women's Auxiliary .
Simpson Kindcrgartn cal serve C. L. Culver E. R. Simpson and
Mrs. M. K. Heard, Ushers Union
as hostess for the lt'1.;; : Annual R. H. Wilson will preside duringthe ;
Sam Davis, Laymen's Brotherhood 'j ?
> '
Valentine Tea sponsored; by Usher various periods. >i
Board No. 2 of Simpson Methodist Outstandingministers and lay '; :'-:-. 'i

Church, Sunday February. 14 from men have been scheduled on program Calendar \ .. >: .. .. : AcTh.su1T::
: I It
3:30: to 5 p.m. during the sessions. The .

The Garden Tea is beihg repeated Rev. C. C. Daniels will ,conduct :
Events ; i
in memory of the late Mrs.' the devotions at 9:30 a.m., and the 4 :

Orelia Mosely who named the tea. Rev. J. J. Jones will preachthe IN DANCE RECITAL Louis .

Other hostesses are Misses Percy introductory sermon at 10 a.m. Johnson, who will appear along i t S :. ,
M. Tolbert and Joan Frazier. The Rev. G. T. McCall has been 'with his dance company at New

scheduled to deliver the addressat Stanton Senior High School on n

11 a.m. He will speak from the March 7 in the auditorium begin- kAh

COLD SUFFERERS subject, "Church and Mission." ning at 8 p.m. is seen here. A spec- h

At 2 p.m., the Rev. C. B. Dailey ial matinee performance will be
BACK, tablttt powdtrvfor
relief of COLD DISCOMFORTS. will deliver the inspirational ad held for all school students on the N

The STAN8ACK prescription type will deliver the inspirational ad- same afternoon of the main per-

formula is a combination of pain r. dress., the Rev. A. J. Hugfieswill formance.Mr. .
sieving ingredients that work togtthorfor
FASTER RELIEF of HEADACHE. give the mission board report.
NEURALGIA and ACHING MUSCLE The Rev. W. C. Neal, chairman Johnson is considered one YI
due b colds. STANBACK also R&$. of the bright young lights of the ,
Education Board, will give a report i ,
8TANBACK. also. dance world. This nationally zx ; t w

artist has been seen in the Broad !: '
way musicals "Damn Yankee";; :A; K P


PRINTERS PRESSMEN ADMEN and "House of Flowers". *
The Louis Johnson dance com- 4'v :.. : .

There are openings for pany appearance is being spon-

EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters. editor. sored by the Volunteer Organiza-
Methodist REFRESHING GREEKS-Frat-soror conferences abounded in recent First Anti-Basileus; Moss II. Kendrix, Jr. Coca-Cola: representative -
copy-readers, advertising talesmen circulation tions of the Brewster ,
linotype All proceeds from this weeks. In Cincinnati, Ohio, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and ; Mrs. Larzette Hale Atlanta. SupreniTnmiouchas, and Dr.
I and women. printers, competitors. Hospital.
men Phi Alpha Fraternity held forth. In top panel members of Marjorie 4
performance will bd turned over too Alpha Parker Washington D. C. Supreme Basileus. Fhl Beta
operators. ; the Expansion Fund of the hospital A Phi A paul to refresh. They are from left John W. Fleming, Sigma Fraternity held its convention in.Washin ton, I>. C., several

BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train which will be used to ,erect Cincinnati, general convention chairman; Mrs. 1IargVilliams members of which are shown in bottom photo bein; served by

young reporters and people for all departments a proposed $1,000,000 service build and Joe Williams Cleveland, sales representatives, Cleveland Coca- Coca-Cola representatives Horace E. Cccraft anJ II. Najlor Fitz-

if you have a real desire to become: a member ing. Cola Bottling Co.; Miss Carol Burton and Walter S. Houston, hugh Washington Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Inc. Brothers

of the newspaper fraternity. Cincinnati l. public relations chairman, local chapter. In center: are William E. Dear center. New York, national executive secretary -

WE NEED Men and women young or middles TERRE HAUTE, IND., ADVO- panel AKA Sorors shown from left are Mrs. Sujettc S. Crank, ; James A. Squires Washington, Conclave chairman: and

aged. in all fields for a chain newspaper and CATE: "The hunting season is 'South Atlantic Regional director; Mrs. Mayme Williams, Miami, the Rev. L. F. Morse, founder.
here, and each year millions of
\ magazines. -Americans---- look forward- to it. Unfortunately of Gospel Singing, Monday, February Usher Board .-- -
Local Even
ACT: NOW Stale experience and age. hunting accidents. 15th. at 7:30 p.m. featuring I I Friendly

,j! WRITE: have multiplied to an alarming GOSPEL SIXGIXG SET the Male Chorus of the church and Considerate'

INTERSTATE PRESSP. degree-mainly because the number District No. 23 of the Mt. Ararat other' outstanding singers of the To Present : Servjce
Jacksonville 1 Fla
O. Box 732 ,
of hunters has increased." Baptist Church will present a night city.The -
public Is cordially invited. I I I

I I I Annual Tea i

female Chorus of Zion
The Hope

\ .;2:'" ': Baptist Church will be presentedin .
Ir ,} after service Sunday
-, .. r. .\' an program -
'. ....i-' .'-, .;.' t. "''':. '. ::- night beginning at 9 pjn. in Usher Board No. 2 of Emanuel .
: : ;! < '."', \ .., Macedonia Primitive B apt i st Baptist Church will present its

\ Church Forest and Run Streets. annual "Sacred Musical Tea",

T .' \ .\.=" March 20th from 3 to 5 p.m. in

'ff< r. TRUSTEES END PEW RALLY the auditorium of the church.
1 r". \ (f, _
.).-'.. ., Trustees of Mt. Zion AME IiX0UNGt
;: ,. 4 .' Appearing on program will be
Church. Southside will "terminate
U -' !: '. Mrs. Laura Harris Mrs. Mattie
their Pew Rally with a special program
Blount Mrs. Erma J. Odum and

I :: : ::: ::: : ;:...,'::.::...'....<..-:..::.:.:..':..:,....',.<>:,,"*'".-tc..:..... ,. .. ..,"'"'?' Rev.Sunday G. W. Smith.at 3 p.m.Pastor of Way- Mrs.Mrs. .Alice Lucile Burroughs Mote Mrs.Soloists Viola; -

:: man Chapel AME Church will be
:: Sneed. Mrs. S. L. Badger the :
speaker for the program, selec- male chorus, and Choir No. 2.

.. tions will be rendered by the Bart- Directing the affair will. be

: : ; =: : :<..."'t...,....... ,.xa...(.i y, -'J*,., *..... ley ''Singers. Mrs. Laura Harris, president of
:: : ; : :: : ;;::; : : Pew Captains are E. H. Butler No. 2 Usher Board.
:;: .
H : :; ::: :: ; :;l C. B. Johnson Mary Hicks, Jim- ,
::: : .
: : : : .,- .2
; weyouiehiLJren\: : : mie- L. Davis, Dan Wright and the MENTAL MEDICINE
I i \ : \ Rev. N. McCrary.
I i
I' I > Q. : ; ; : ..:..... Emotional Problems are Concern I
s h. d1.d:
f Jr;::::!;:semwMKv.*.vJs'::.:. \ WEST UNION ACTIVITIES of Family Doctors Meeting Told i
\ I The church and pastor's anniver- fiJ

It ::1 I ;I' 7 1 :.:],.. real'I t sary of West Union ''Baptist Church
Because sick
security'I \ : will begin Feb. 22 and continue people see their 41 veston. Texas. said patients who
] f: # tI family doctor first the general are anxious and agitated are
through Feb. 29. practitioner is "the first line of
\ likely to be helped most by the
\ Deaconess Board 2 will meet defense against mental ills," tranquilizing drugs. '
: ; I i We don't the : Sunday at 3 p.m. in the educa- Baltimore psychiatrist Frank J Dr. Samuel II Kraine*. Lead t -
mean nicest house in the best # Ayd told a medical meeting in of
private psychiatric clinic InCnicalo.
) : I Ii at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. .
I neighborhood the / Washington recently.The told the
meeting that
newest sle 1est.car. ,
<. ., .. .. \ tional building. District 9 will meet meeting-a discussion of mental
J depressions times
;1 I the right schools I th o. right camps. .. '$.at .<,"_ "ti! ) :'.f>::- : Beatrice Copeland, 1WO W. 13th. everyday problems in psychiatry result from bcdistur nrces. ,
.1 (;:J't: ::;;:""'; StJ- t.The. was caded by te) Maryland Ol"Chnng t. ice? an lten J wo-
(. i We're tailing about the lind of er II
.1 : : ters of the American Academy p. preictajJe? : .
:: / Y''fl riitern.Near
I'"i can't do '' 1 .
; : i Without..the-LinJ that ames .1: /Ii' present: 1'1C Good Little Servant" of Ca- Iva i tt. !;, alua' %'s. h" +.U, patient

,cm i>.,ule.Faiiri : ..'( f.tff15 Sondiy night during the regular .:al Practice ..". It .i1.lf "J I e I'ttJ,.,ti ncast and blue find i
I J > 3 If It d to ter Yet
., :> they
service. and J. B. ....:...' .
!I In God in life, in themselves. i: : : wr": r r bi Ush?r R
., ,,. p For life is for :... ....:: .. fJ' friendly tea Feb. 21 from 4 to 6* Company, New': and their ability to concentrate
I no game spiritual sissies. pjn. in the home of Mrs. Eliza York pharma and make decisions Is Impaired.
JrJ ,
i Only F aU h .'the ;, ; 2040 Moncrief Rd. .11; Untreated, he said a mild depression -
armor of the spirit. ::/' : M' Perry, ceutical firm. 1., :/ generally becomes

'e / I will give them the stamina to meet itcourageously 4--.'." '.' { 4: Its purpose. J!' worse The doctor can help a
: was to .1 n- Dr. Frank Ayd great deal by sympathetic understanding
i f no matter what it hrin s. c ...,.:>:.: :" crease the family doctor's and reassurance of
ABYSS ACTIVITIES awareness of emotional prob- recovery Dr Kraines declared.
h. You can show your children: lems in his patients and to sug Medication he ,said seeks to
;.,.. "elevate mood. help the patient
where find The Sunday School Departmentof gest ways of treating them.
to faith.
i. I how f fo., :a Church will Alike Gorman, director of the sleep and reduce his tensions."

'" I build it day b S :day if you male I Abyssinia Baptist :National Committee Against Stress Personal Touch
: sponsor a musical tea Feb. 21, at' Mental Illness, said there are But the speakers at ,the sym
;: t.\ 'T..praymg I a.faffiIly.atFaIl.;: '. s 2:30 p.m. A program will be presented not nearly enough psychiatriststo posium repeatedly stressed the
t .. { for the occasion. help the 12 million Americans point that drug don't replacethe
Mitabled by emotional and close personal relationship
{ > The Red Circle will present a mental aberrations." between doctor-and patient.
;: However. Ayd said later, For example. Dr. Henry A.
L .. t \ ;i musical hour Feb. 14 at 3:30: p.m. many can be helped by the general Davidson, superintendent of

: _; ,' .. r. : at the church. practitionvr if he knows of New Jersey's Essex County
:' their difficulties and avails him- Cherbrook Hospital, .utloned
.: All choirs and ushers will serve self of suitable drugs to help his doctor audience that an
: .r !;t-r, Feb. 22 for the fraternity organi- them. overly "scientific app arch to

f.t.; ,': ; i ,. qi zation program.SALMON Milder Medicines desirable.patients Is** "neither poe! nor
"Most patients according to
,'..3 .' : Dr. Ayd, do not require the morepowerful Treatment works best when
drugs. They can be the doctor has a strong stakeIn
with his patients recovery Dr.
helped milder-acting medicine
: : 'Build l .. Atarax one of this latter Davidson declared.Dr. .
.. : : : a stronger, richer life worship together t week IDAHO RECORDER- group; is especially useful in Charles E. Coshen, mem
every ( HERALD: "The men who laid the treating upset school children ber of the New York Society of
'" (8)) foundation for these United States and working adults. Dr. Ayd Medical Psychoanalysts, predicted
i'j r treasured and gave their lives for said because: the drug does rot the family doctor's work
: .. appear to cause drowsiness or within the next 10 years will be
;:.. .t .: a democratic, free way of life. It mental largely with the mental health .
'J. t Confuted to theReligioala ; : ; fogginess.
; .. American Life Program 1 :. "fT' : is the responsibility of us all to of his He will
"i : by ; j- -;' Dr. Irwin M. Cohen director patients. be most
< r :
: '
: .'. .' ,. .i.. .: '. : ." .' preserve this government as they of the neuropsychIatry clinic At concerned with preventing mental -"-
1$ :" ... .. 'i. 'i't;;;: ;< ..: > : John Scalv Hc taJ in Cal l- disease.
i..oM 41'I t, I ( ., .. c : ,
intended it to
.;1< '. fej / +' .. t' ....9 '4"-/.... a
/1. .f .. .. '_ ; le "
i." ., .
: -

'*'; "., .... .' .'t'4,. .,.. .;';'k.t; .....JA'c: .' >'.' "'" ..'. .<,."..iIM1. .: -. .:.' .': ':+'-j! ., ., .. /* .' :: =. \ !i
; ::, : i ,
\. t II
; ,

I w I i

; '-- :;; -.: 1' ,* ;'1-" 'Ic ,, ." .,. ; -- ... J .
:So!" / ,- ". : -. .. ...( ;" S ." .. ) .: .." '' ,
: t'

I .

Week Ending Saturday, February 13, 1960 1HE FLORIDA STAB

_____________.___.__ ._.___.___ ___________u_ Page Fire '.__

; Stork Charge Pupil Assignment ... :.. .

c Applied! To Negroes .' ;;1'it
aa' >n ,.< ;i;:% Only />

agvi Deliveries 5Z,... -
' ,3k.Y tin 4 f \ !.-
IIf Hp :..
Mr. and Mrs. George Washing \ February T. l"M 1 .

I If ton.. 1932 McClean Road. Girl PENSACOLA FLA., Feb. 1.-The Florida Pun! ...-_v..fc
\' Air. and Mrs. Moses Merritt, 1227 Law came under legal attack here this week with the filing of .

t' W. 3rd Street Boy a complaint in the federal district court by attorneys for the

t'I NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc.

I; Mr. and Mrs. Woodward Cave, The complaint was filed on

1615 W. 6th Street, Girl behalf of Negro children in Es-

cambia County, Fla., and against
::1I Mr. and Mrs. Carl Young 2503 WEBB\ REPLACESROBINSON
I McMillan Street Boy the Board of Public Instructionof
' \ the County and its school of-

1 : \ c V2t 4 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Randolph, icials. It seeks a court order

r -, .. : ,g Route 1, Box 81, Yulee, Florida, prohibiting the school authorities -
.4 ( : Boy from operating and main- AS

) b :' t OY Mr. and Rufus Jackson, 808 W. taining a dual system of public

Union St., Boy education. \
fs 4
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Austin, 1540 The focal point of the attackin TOP CONTENDERPROVIDENCE '
Street Boy
the complaint is the Florida

: f : .;. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Darling Pupil Assignment Law which
I ; General Delivery., Middleburg, permits school authorities to assign -
Fla., I
t Boy public school
pupils on the
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jackson 5216 basis of "sociological, psychological R. I. The last
Avenue B, Boy
ethical and cultural back- monthly ratings released by the
Mr. and Mrs. John Kendrick
ground and social scientific fac
National Boxing Association have
2266 McCoy Blvd., Girl "
: tors. named Spider Webb of
Mr. and Mrs. John Floyd, 948
: Broad Street, Girl The law also gives the school former Olympic champion as the
top contender for Gene Fullmer's
Mr. and Mrs. Sammie Davis, 628 officials authority to ask public
4 W. 17th Street, Boy school pupils seeking reassign middleweight crown. .

Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, ment to give in detail specific Webb succeeds Sugar Ray Robinson -
2205 Pullman reasons for the request and
p Street, Girl why
# g as top contender after Robinson -
; Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Stamper, they feel they would make a
lost to Paul Pender in Boston .
2546 Mimosa Street "normal adjustment" to the
-- Boy
recently. Robinson dropped to fifth
SCOTT TROPHY AWAITS FAMU RATTLERS-The. A. Scott, Company, daring ceremony witnessed by the queens of three Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scott, change in environment from '.
place and Pender given the
n, Memorial Trophy, symbol of football supremacy, was awardedto Atlanta colleges. The charming young ladles, left to right are 1055 Albert St., Girl one racial school system to the
fourth place in the
the "Rattlers" of Florida A & M University, Tallahassee 1959 Spelman College's Miss Gertrude Clark, "Bliss Morehouse," Miss Mr. and Mrs. Ceaser Turner, ether. ratings.

intercollegiate football champions.. A. Scott, m, sbn of the Veleta Sims, "]Dss Morris Brown" and Miss Gloria Gowdy, "Miss 1634 Johnson Street, Girl Henry Hank of Detroit rose to ,

founder of the Atlanta Daily World, second' from right, receives Clark. ,;: Mr. and Mrs. Mack Baker, 1338 The Pupil Assignment Law the second spot after his Impressive -

trophy from Jack Moore, The Atlanta (Ga.) Coca-Cola Bottling W. 8th Street Boy however, has been applied onlyto victory over light heavyweightJesse
the assignment and
reassignment -
Mr. and Mrs. David Jenkins, Bowdry. Former middle
of Negro students.In .
2903 Myrtle Avenue Boy weight champion Carmen BasUio,
Registration the complaint filed today
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simpson, who hasn't fought losing the title
Legal Defense attorneys also
1 5740 Bree Rd., Boy to Gene Fullmer last August
charge the Escambia County
Set At FNIC EASE AND CONVENIENCE Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Smith, 820 school officials with maintaining dropped from the No. 4 spot to
S. Third St., Boy named No. 2 challenger for Inge-
two school zone lines one
PERMASTONEANNOUNCES Mr. and Mrs. Jessie White, 7237 sixth.
for Negroes and the other for '
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. Feb. 3- Fernandina Avenue, Girl \
whites. The "colored schoolsystem"
Registration for the Second Semester Mr. and Mrs. Edward Andrews, Sonny Liston of Philadelphia was
is staffed entirely by
began this week at Florida 3979 University Avenue, Boy mar Johansson's heavyweight title.
Negroes the attorneys ,
Normal and Industrial Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Fred Graham, 721 argue Zora Folley, who once ranked as
New Ledge Stone Design WITH BLUE BLADE and the "white" schools solelyby
College and will continue until Feb- DISPENSER AND Court I, Jax., Fla., Girl whites. one of the top contenders in the

ruary 16, which is the last day for STYRENE CASE Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor, 741 heavyweight division dropped to

: S iii registration. The announcement Venus Street, Boy I Attorneys for the Negro pu- the third place spot since his poor

was made by President R. W. Pur- $10.0 Mr. and Mrs Clarence Baggs, I pils are Thurgood Marshall and showing in his victory over Eddie

year and A. Williams, registrarat 3363 Japonica Road, Boy Constance Baker Motley of Machen. Henry Cooper of Englandrose

the college. Mr. and Mrs. James Brinkley New York, and Charles F. Wil- to the third spot with Machen

iJ. 55T Persons interested in registering I 1216 Tyler Street, Boy son of Pensacola, Fla. dropping to fifth.ALL .
: T
: S : for courses at this institution of

,higher learning in the "Ancient

City" should write, telephone, or J

visit the office of The Registrar, .... .
Florida Normal and Industrial Me- Ir I

'\ I NO DOWN ''t FOR AS LOW AS morial Florida. College, St. Augustine, ...

I. 1I
,2695 .-- ,--..--. '" i
) Honor KoreanVoman l
\ ;' ,J\ \ > Qtn.
[ .
.ppros. ,
7.1'11. ;
.'. .. ,' < 1"-1 1&0 f..t) NEW ; :
) ; sq. I.
""t J -.. .-..... 1 .
I960 ,

;. Be Sure To Visit SLIM PORTABLE TV with /- .

Our Booth & Home Show I

Duval Armory; Feb.. 18, 19 & 20 ; .. 4% SPACE COMMAND .

(4i with Remote TV Tuning

Relax! Don't Get Up...

Tune TV from across .

the Room with Silent Sound t '
control unit
Dr. Helen Kim, president of TOUCH A BUTTON on I
hold in hand. r ; :!. r
Evha University and a representative you your r ,
would like to eee a nw policy of batter treatment of Korea at the United Turn set on and off f "r,, I

to Negro' customer adopted by lewd firms. Nations receives the 250,000- -( Adjust volume to two levels of
I resent being called by my first Dame'by salesman 000th.copy of The?Upper Room, .. sound and mute r
and saleswomen. daily devotional guide, from the
I believe that Negro patrons should be proyId.pl. editor Dr. J. Manning Potts. Change channelsNo
establishments and Ewha is the largest women's wires; No cords! No batteries!
facilities In local
rest room in tie
university world The
on end put to Jim-crow dgns on cirlnldog iouniklas Upper Rocrn is published in 37

and rest rooms. editions and 31 Ir.nguarss and

To accomplish: these changes: I am willing to coesepatronising I distributed\ aroui.d the world in O lY F> .
firms that are unwilling to meet xhftf acre tl.an 100. c untr es. 17 v / II Y
Students at Ewha, like stu-
rtvrucstf. dcjits evcri''.rhere; ', like to com S
.., pare the copies the inter $ 10.1.5 DOWN
NAME denominational guide in their

own language' with copies in

ADDRESS other languages they are study- S and
ing. Because is studied
English Slim Classic Portable with SPACE COMMANDThe
'by thousands of students in

( ) You ,may dsrlns! my name If necessary. other countries, there is a continuing .. Trinidad-Mode! 2O1OC QUnd

I I understand that my name-will be held confidential demand for English $2.95 Per Week 17 overall! diag. picture. 155 sq. in. rectangular out ,-. .. .-
unless Indicated' otherwise below. copies t.-. over the world.. picture area. (In Two-Tone Metallic. '
Gray and White rOnt. *,

,." ,. ....," '" .. '
Only $10.95 Down.

I and" Slim I Classic! PortableThe I

S Caribbean-Model D181OB

17"overall 155 inches of' % ,
diag. measure. sq. r
". .d-2 40 Per
: Week picture viewing area.In Blue Mist cctor.
{ I

S.S.'t ; .

f.V Jr $199.95WORLD
t.; ( '
"t i1
[ ,, ;
; '- I Z r'I FAMOUSI 1t. Il QUALITY...Best in Picture...Best In Sound...Best in Performance

'I {. Z. y.e A.

". --- -- -- -
l \

f If 7.1r1: r : II Stale" and
," Pearl
.. :
.f :. .' .. ", -',..;.. _. .. ApplianceFREE
;. : '
4.P. : '' "
I i' : ; : ;.' ...61t '


t, '" 1 ACROSS'THE STREET PHONE ELgin 6-0489 9 A.M. 9 P.M. ... ;



-.. ..-.. .......-....-...... ,.-...;;......:. ..,...,-. -- ....... "'< ..:-',," :- ..< .. _.._...a..:,.. ::.,_ 'J. .. '. I .:-- ____

:!"t"' : "';" <"',' ." : -. ___
: -- -- --w-- _
,, ---T-----------: i


'"'-. .

.. > gage.Six THE: FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday, February 13, 1960


: The game was played between ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER

r: MIXED SPORTS Loyola of New Orleans and Loyala HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR DAY

Loyola of Chicago. Everything Alpha Gamma Chapter of the

wascalm and peaceful during the SET AT FAMU APRIL 2 National Sorority Phi Delta Kappa

I' COME BACK TO entire contest: Loyola of New Or- presents the Gretal and Gertie

leans won the game 66-64 on a TALLAHASSEE-The second annual' Florida High Dance School in 'Tomorrow'sWorld

Y jump shot.Clarence. i Institutions for Higher Education, will be held here April Needs Today's Teaching"in

NEW ORLEANSNEW Redd and Bud Dawson 2, according to an announcement made by Dr. G. T. Wig New Stanton High School Friday -

School Senior Day, sponsored by the Florida Council of Feb. 19 at 8 p.m.
were the two Negroes to break theice '
ORLEANS No demonstrtions for mixed in Louisianain 4i.y gins.
sports This exclusively trained groupof
:j.4. : The senior day project is a cooperative
no excitement, no dissatisfaction > the four period. They were the y : I I young artists will interpretate
effort on the part of
and no protests were first, of their race to perform member institutions of the councilto I Formal invitations are expectedto creative rhythm and modem
shown during, a basketball game against whites in the state since dance. Their costumes are brilliant
provide Florida high school seniors be placed in the mail to the
between Negroes and whites forV fullback Bobby Grier played for talk and beautiful, their feel is youthfuland
the opportunity to with principal and senior class adviserof
the first time in four years in Pittsburgh University in the 1956 J nimble. They will give you an
r}) officials of Florida institutions of each high school within the
Louisiana. of entertainment.
Bowl evening
Sugar game.
: higher learning at a central location state of Florida. Smith also plansto

4 y and during a one-day period. mail a cover letter to these individuals Alpha Gamma Chapter gives a

--- -. '- "q 'i ;} During the day-long confab individual explaining the various scholarship to a senior high, young

$iWk/JH I .x .. seniors have the opportunity to phases of the day. lady, through a competitive exam-
iHI"MH.NI.lIlfJP .t
..... : attend centers sponsored by each ination. The student has an opportunity -
Member institutions and their
<<;.;:).' participating institution during to win both the local and
Diane Baker in Jues! Verne's "Journey to the Cen-
I Pot Boone and star presidents are as follows: Bethune-
\ t1 S ter of the Earth", that opens at the Strand Sunday.....- ,and on the some which time representatives will Cookman College, Daytona Beach the national scholarship. The most
"Louisiana discuss the course offerings, finan- Harriet
program the co-hit is Hussy"Veterans recent winners were Miss
d/lft r cial cost, co-curricular activities, Dr. Richard V. Moore; Edward WMtsell of Stanton High School,

I -, and other aspects of life at their Waters College, Jacksonville Dr. now studying at Florida A&M Un-
CornerBecause 'i respective institutions. In addition William B. Stewart; Florida iversity and Miss Gerleive Robin-
A&M University, Dr. George W. .
.It each school prepares a display and olla Jones are the founders and
Gore Jr. Florida Normal and Industrial
r has available printed materials.Dr. Dance School.
k1 of the widespread interest the age of the claimant, hid life Wiggins, head of Washington Memorial College, St. Au-

among veterans and their expectancy, his state of health, the Junior College of Pensacola also gustine, Dr. R. W. Puryear; Gibbs Sorors Ernestine Cox and Pris-

vP dependents on the new pension number of persons dependent on announced that Charles J. Smith Junior College, St. Petersburg, organizers of the Gretal and Gertie

law going into effect later this him for support, and his income HI, director of public relations at John W. Rembert. son, of Boylan Haven High School

year, the Florida Star this week from other sources. A veteran's Florida A&M University, will again Howard Junior College, Ocala now studying at Tuskegee.

prints the second of five columnsof dwelling is excluded from ,consideration serve as coordinator of the day William H. Jackson; Roosevelt
pertinent information on the as part of his estate. Each
long In addition to Smith
program. Junior College, West Palm Beach,
new law. Succeeding columns will case will be judged individually on the coordinating committee will in- Britton G. Sayles; Rosenwald
each week. Cut out and its own merit
appear clude representatives from each
Community Junior College, Panama LEARN TO DRIVE

ti3 I save each column for a completefact Q. Does the rule regarding "cor participating school. City, C. C. Washington ;Suwannee Secure Drivers' License

: > } sheet. The following questions, pus of estate" also apply to widows Last April 3, some 1000 high River Junior College, Madison, SAFEWAY DRIVING

with appropriate answers, were and children? school seniors from throughout the James J. Gardner; Washington SCHOOL

chosen by the Veterans Adminis state attended'the first annual Fla. Junior College, Pensacola, Dr. G.T. 600 West Beaver' Street

aQ r. tration from the thousands being A. Yes, the same as it does to School Senior Day sponsored by Wiggins; Volusia County Community GEORGE PERPENA. DIr.

ti I asked: veterans. (Where there is a widow the council. Smith forecasts that College, Daytona Beach, J. Re. PO 5-4607

j, and children the corpus of the the 1960 attendance will be even Griffin Greene; and Lincoln Junior
Q. What would constitute "hard-
Widow's estate only will be con larger. College, Fort Pierce, LeRoy Floyd. ,
ods to be used in computing income
sidered. Where there is a child or
under the new system'? -
children only, the.corpus of the es-
A. Income received by a veteranor
tate of the child or children will
by his widow from source,
any be considered). f jWGl\f TIHrfUtD'.KN
with few exceptions, will be con W1

r sidered as income under the new Detailed information to fit your

system. In cases where the vet- individual case may be obtained -

eran's spouse; has a separate in- from a contact representative at

ewe .-... _._.______-_Y'q' : ; come the new law provides that any VA office.Merit I

all such income over $1200 per IJ
a'r.t year shall be counted as the vet- J
eran's income, unless to do so f RANT STILL

would create a hardship.Q. AwardsPresented ,

..,.",....... --ro... ..._. .. w What income is specifically NAMED ONE OF THE FOUR LEAPING
"? .. I I' .< : ship" in this instance? -
,. ..-r1,. '. ," r AMERICAN COMPOSERS HE HAS
Q "v. ii..i I' ;f A. If the evidence shows that the ,; ,

N; f1I H S 1e1 4. .- entire income is needed for large ; WON MANY NATIONAL AWARDS FOR

.4.6 and unusual family expenses-ruch _! HIS WORKS CLASSICAL AND POPULAR.. ,I
those incurred serious illnessor
as by TALLAHASSEE Three per /
f t unusual expenses incurred for sons received the Florida A and M

the education of childrencountingall University Clinical Association a wiz .

k rh but $1200 of the spouse's in- Awards of Merit, and one receivedthe :

come as the income of the veteran FAMU Hospital,Award of Merit P:. III

might be regarded a hardship during the Association's public
ti Now's The Time To Order High Quality Each case of this nature is con- health assembly program in the

Clen Burning f I. sidered on its own merits: Charles Winter Wood Theater on '! g! ,.
stove fireplace 4\ ;
For or
Co I your R Q. What income is specifically Wednesday, February 10, at 10:00: 3. 3 .
a by the BAG or by the TON .: exempt by law? a.m. Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., ii

ALL SEASONS ICE & FUEL CO. | A.. Eight categories of income A&M president will preside over .1 !
t; "Our 17th Year" are exempt from consideration in the convocation.Dr. ,
5883 Norwood Are. PO 4.4511 calculating the annual income to HIGHLY-EPUCATEP COMPOSEfc-CONPUCTOfc KMOVN ,
William H. Higgins, president -
", determine They; are pension: eligibility.. I of the Association, presided FOE HIS FULL LENGTH OPERAS AND SYMPHONIES, .

.j L Payments of the six months .over the three-day confab here at FOR YEARS COMPOSED SPECIALBACKGizDUNA ..-
N kI the Florida A&M University Hospital
death gratuity by the Service ..Departments. MOSfC FOR HOtLVWOOP( / '
on Tuesday, Wednesday, and I __
,Thursday (February 9-11)). Dr. ,
2. Donations
from public or private '
Higgins is from Palatka. .---t \S.- -f !-
I I relief. or. welfare organiza- \
tions. Dr. Eugene Dibble, medical di-

TIONS. rector, John A. Andrew Memorial

GRAY HAIRS peei vy you us .. 3. Payments of compensation or' Hospital, Tuskegee Institute, deliv-
pension by the VA. ered the health convocation mes-

W..A tk..dl'z? nCMNTAuosao 4. Government life insurance sage on "Education,and the Public
1; payments and.paymets,of service- Health in Changing Africa."
#I. 1 HAIR COLOKDt men's indemnity. Slated to receive awards of merit -
........ .. <- '-
.. 1S M 0 -. -? -?
wW. ..root-WNYbew II w.. .... ...... 1Y 5. Social Security lump sum were E. A. R. Lord, M. D., -- -
__ w1ItI .... .... -
..tl .
0. death Bainbridge, Georgia G. W. Hawk-
payments. ;
..... 4... ((1. H. r.ck ... ..... BUSINESS DIRECTORY
ANYONE CAN PUT IT ON AT NOM I 6. Payments to an individual under ins, D. D. S., Miami; Mrs. D' M.

TOU.ct.SAYS.W Mr TIM..AND.. ...MONCTI.. ..,*....'.U MM.*w-k ...-.- '' public or private retirement Williams, R. N., Tallahassee; M. T. .

p.-l.It Iwo.-T. ..ihIM.&....t alw-if p..wh.................. annuity, endowment or similar Waters R. Ph., Newark, New Jersey The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments

WILL HOT TURN HAW REDDISH plans equal to the amount he contributed -. presented by Dr. W. H. Specializing Services and Products
.. ......
nib eW. 't sm ,
II .t
wUI syt
...... ... .,r... t s- thereto. Baker Reverend E. W. Spear-
S..wlaN'f II' .-b.H-.......M.r.. ...pf... ....... ..... 7. Proceeds of fire insurance pol- man, Tallahassee presented by
It ... Yss t..,w WI'y.. -- AUTO Washington's Health Service
....wt..w..c.t;; ILACIt ..... rLAC t. icies. Mr. Miller H. Johnson.
..... "Abundant Health I. Yours"
All t tteJ M Rightfully
.. 'N CI.II .. 8: In the case of widows or chil- The following persons served as
Y.... pd it_'HONDrUUL.i.st.,......rot..1.. c.w.........Mt. -t.bwRwdat dren of a deceased veteran there guest .clinicians: Medical SectionDr. AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Massage 'Mineral Steam Baihi
..................w.1.M..a sil_M iw___t...dAll-,1- Coloale Therapy
are excluded amounts equal to the E. PenCrump, Dr. JohnB. Body Repair & Paint Work
WRY .. Complete
DOCS* NOT.to..iNTtUPtl>w.fc.t.iBifc.WI1IC miyii rt *M.UoII J.R OIII-u..**.... amounts paid for settlement of theveteran's Johnson,'Dr: 'Eugen-; H. Dibble: Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- D C. Washington Maxwur-Same La
v.n i* *: -
....... ...,. ...... .... -
.. O.1t .w LIIbtl..d For 23 Tear
M I.baL -PrIce.$ ,... b. $t tfI-st- t.. t-.1.. C. ... .l .. ... just debts, the expensesof Jr., Dr. R. M. Haskins, Dr. AlanP. Price Start at SlAO 4
I$- tsr; k iMrw......-. T.w ...... CIiL\ N NA R.b* ....... his last illness, and the expenses Smith, Dr. _Asa. Yancey, Dr. ', tS32 East Adams Sire!!! EL S81astS 934N. Myrtle A.enue EL4-247C

of 'the veteran's burial less Nelson IL Krarft, Dr. C. W. Ketch-

DIXIE PHARMACY the amount reimbursed by the VA. urn, and Dr. H. L. Smith. Dental 'FOODS WILLIE SMITH DRUGS

Q. How does a vt 3ran's estate Section Dr. C. O. Dummett,
Road Myrtle
Kings become an eligibility: factor under Dr. IK. R. Hampto., Mr. Robert GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET Free delivery any part of the city

Myers and Dr. Thomas J. Pinson. --i-, OLD RELIABLE,'-
rf the new law? If You Want The Finest In GroceriesAnd
Section Dr. Ed- 601 West Ashley Street EL M38C
Pharmaceutical -
A. It is one jol the need factors MeatsCome See UsJOO
ward Joseph Eugere, Mr. BennieT.
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get used in determining eligibility un- Lyman Mr. Charles L. Logue, Davis Street EL 6-5412!
der the new system. It means that JULIA
and Mr. Benjamin A. Smith. Nurses 10
pensions will not be paid to vet MISCELLANEOUS

LOW PRICES erans who have sizable estates. I I Section -, Mrs.. Very Muse, __ STORE __
Mrs. D_ T. Harris, Mrs. E. E.
0 (The estate of his wife and children AAA BONDING AGENCY Courteous TreatmoatOpen
Jenkins Mrs. E. K. Jenkins, Mrs.
will not be considered.) Those __ 8:30 to 7 p. m.
H. T.: Mills, Mrs. H. E. Singleton, City County. and FedralUw '
On Your having quite a bit of property will {03 Davis Street EL 4-1219J
Mrs. M. K. and Mrs. V. T. Bldg. EL -19K
,...4.. not, be eligible until they have Swilley, Exchange
T Whiter Religious 'Therapy: Chap
used up some of their estate for living ACE RADIO & TV SERVICh
lain Daniel H.. Sandstedt
j DRUG STORE expenses.Q. .
39 Years In Etoetreafai
; Does this that if veteran %

> Trade: With Your Neighborhood Drug Store. owns a farm or an apartment TRIBUNE: Tederal, state and 343 Forest Street EL ICE CREAM COSMETICS
house he will have to sell his at
property local expenditures are running 1102 Price SL
EL 3.6312!
before he can be eligible to $129 billion a year. That is more TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING L. Harris

IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe receive a pension? I than one th { d.the national product.

We Also FIB AH Doctors Cteecdpftloe* A. Not necessarily.] It would depend l-{'t f other words* '35 cents of every POST
Dearer -
upon the size and value of dollar earned:in this country goes Complete Garden Supplies QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

that property and many other fan I to help maintain t government on Fertilizer Fruit Produces Matires Benovating Our SpecStUy

tors. The VA has made no attemptto an levels." -New and Used Furniture bought and so! One DaY.Senice. '_

Dixie Pharmacy provide an absolute yardstickfor .."' ah A 1pr 564' 11m1 iuana Road SP 1-3' Old, Kings Road PQ'' 5-1634.

measuring the corpus of an es- TIOTiMME tut
net Euros BOAD at MYBILEPEONBB 4VIINtJB> tate. Nor has the VA set a dollars u art te: its I, az0 'uta JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE

.i .......,.. and cents ceiling where the valueof e. ott. mt QIA.J ttettie..raaa QRAJEL8, AU Modern Convenience TAXI

4 't an estate will operate as a bar .ttt1itt .t ..A...is. Room by Day Night: or Week "At ,Your Service"

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE- to pension entitlement For Information Call NEW DEAL CAB EL 4.1811

4 PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE In each case consideration must 1 EL 5-4025 627 W. Ashley' Sjree*... LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1811 -

be given.to.thet:type,of property, 'v ; 6i. n ? ..
; .
: 4 tT

J. .




:: : -
:Of. ; -; ,
"i ,,

; i .

V .-


,; .... :. .. .:" : ..
> ,
.. -, -
l t: .' .' '' ,',' ', ; ; ;1'\f4 fir 4 ., -
'. -' .: ... .. ,P>, .. ... __: .-- __ .... ''" h't
.. Week -Ending Saturday, February 13, 1960 'TO t"1.lHt D" -:-pu;. eTtiaL
., -- -- __. _._ J"1r. '

l ;;, : ;: -V\ ,

.. .
: I
.1t- ;t'-:

",,'.;;'<". ...,, 'i.. ,. :;, !,r.-_ '

, /. : :
,, .., ''1\0...,.,, ". .$ :.
;;i "\,.; J.. ,

; I __ ____ __
. I
, ,

L ', tI I : f 1 jl.t I T t r NAGERS LA :J -BlfflLNFUR-- %4 I.;at..t[1 I:It'J I THOMl1S BFJAKSQF I II


SpaR"I j:3: CORfM R

1. .. f iC- lEB( ( i :
s < i pC
.. r i 4 UJ1J i

. BY C. PAKHAJf JOHNSON P'.n Sq hf s v :3..4bec NEW YORK Co Managers
j i Johnny DeJohn and Joe Metro who
: GENE (Big Ddy] ) LTPSCOMBE the
294-pound handled the ring activities of Car NEW YORK John Thomas,
All-Pro tackle, of Ih Uiraore f'
'I .' > changed over from OC men Basilio are planning an apxal Grreral Manager Danny O'Brietf t-o 'T!W: Negro jump star of Bos-
. foo'JxuI! vo when F "QJ
to their life-time ban theN .is ton :
; by ta'ldily making plans to toe Unlverdty leaped higher than
1! he w ',-3fd t i_ > c the Olympic Audito: ant In Los :, {.:'w York.State Athletic Commc- *!" J, *sc-mille Braves off any man in history recently when
At"e1..1.T31 T I. c"-: :., aside Vi :. mous f '.r- :.' k'e ri t on he
w tirjlt! foot by securing whatiiajj set a world indoor record ci
) for h'o r jnmt anJ w I r? 1 soon.The
; i Jot -amj
\r.u severe and most unusual been recommended to him St.'ven feet, one and one-half inches
a lot to but I'm strong, and I I like to wrestle,"'Big i! ruling by the commission in bar- the right man to manage the club as before, a roaring crowd of 16,000in

I Daddy gar3. Vy. of the fans.wh"? *kept up with.:* football I | ring the two for life from any ac- and a roster of players that are a Mifcrose track.and field games
career ? at ringside tc 'f' i his perfonas.a tvr n tivities with the in held in Madison
- .. [ game expected to be what it takes to Square Garden.
I VEV: WILLIE "''. ?VrrMbis : I v *- '-. Ta -' 'fe;" .n 't.r .
,t New York state for having paid bring a winner to the city.
, T, baseball :f-a }rb> r '' *, '. Not long .after other
co t :x"f !u do net .n., t TQ H- i S55.COO during the past four yearsto competitors

, cam_ 'he higlt p-1 I r>:,cr i>1l I ," r' :w\. AON Gabe Genovese of Syracuse, Manager John "Red" Murff had won their respective events
( the r.'ne. His .". !Iary' t. ,-" ,t,..*. cf ; :; : Thomas soared the
\ J. 'IET.Z H A US? *f to solar '! N. Y., an undercover manager comes to4he club highly endorsedby through air to

l I ,V Stai The Man) Musial, who will players with the Dodger Wally ''DISPLAY-yt hmic disc Jockey Ralph Cooper entertains matchmaker.It former Jax manager Ben Ger- wipe out all previous high jump .

be drawing $80,000 from the Cardinals Moon, $30,000; Duke Snider, $38- ills guest, Hamilton P sne?' left' President -of Fosn r' Beauty was reported that Metro, saidin .aughty and John Mullen, farm di- records in history.

}i and Ted Williams who will be 000; Carl Funllo 525.P90; Don t2 Products th and famous bandleader Count Basle at the famed W. a telephone conversation in his rector and general manager of the Ills new record erased the seven
drawing the same from; the Boston Drysdale 525,000 and Gil Hodges, nlghtspot, Palm Cafe. The occasion was a party for Basle one
L' pho scored two bag L1useal! home in Ithaca, N. Y., that he Milwaukee braves. O'Brien feels foot, and one quarter inch
.i sstons in hew
Red Sox. Mays salary is at and Junior Gilliam one M Bird-
tops 540,000 $18,000.
and and that both
another have mark he
at Apollo t'cter. was uncertain whether an appeal men enough baseball posted in Madison Square
/ 555,000. Horace Stoneham, president The big Question is what will 0
--- would be made to New York state experience know whom Garden on Feb. 21, 1958 and also
i of the San Francisco Giants -------- .
Jhe increases be in 1960? Larry --- -- -
---- they rubbed his
were out
courts or to the grievance committee recommending when own record -
, said he was very happy to see the sensational mound artist
Sherry, -
they put their stamp of of seven feet. It also
of the National Boxing Asso approvalon was one
Mays get a hike in salary and will of 1959 received $15,000. WIUJERBOXERS WELL TRAINED ciation. Murif. half inch higher than the outdoor
be gald to see him rise to 5123,000 TAKE A LOOK at some of the "
world mark
Anthony Maceroni, presidentsaid by Russia's Yuri
per year. other club salaries Yogi Berra The planning did not stop in securing
FOR JAX BOXING[ "I don'f recall that the NBA Stepanov.
THE SON OF JERSEY JOE (Yankees), $30,000( ); Nellie Fox TOifRNAr ENT a manager, the next step
'recognized lifetime ban in boxing Thomas
a cleared the mark his
for the ministry. Vincent, the 19- (White' Sox), 12,500; Ernie Banks was getting- the men for the man- on
WALCOTT, has given up the tins (Cubs), $6 .OOO; Hank Aaron Guinyard, a former Florida AAU : lost :ror's Open Heavyweightranks ager to manage. The training season very first attempt to defeat Olym-
year-old son of the former heavyweight champ and He did say however, that the will pic champion Charlie Dumas, an-
(Braves), 540,000; Sad Sam Jones runncrup for Southern "Frank! the Tank" open in Waycross in March
i boxing champion had his (Giants), 530.000; Minnie Minoso Olympic honors in 1952; did as.usual ? : Brisbane. NBA will regard Dejohn and Metroas with a long list of hopefuls who other Negro Champion of the University -

( eyes set on the boxing game but (White Sox), 550,000.: Many of the present a strong 15 man teamto Championships were decided in suspended in NBA territory at 'will be out there to win placeson of Southern California as
changed his mind and chose the the following eight weight classesin least until they appeal-to the NBA's third place in the high jump wentto
top ranking stars have not signed. stand as a threat in its bid for the team, and among the newcomers
ministry. Walcott appeared well all three divisions 112-118-126-' grievance committee even thoughthe Wyoming's Jerry Lane at 6
I Some have come to terms at the Open team honors. Heading the !9 will be veterans from last '
J fensivo and offensive star of the same salary, some have acceptedcuts Wilder team were Captains Nat 135-147-1CO-175 and heavyweight. New York Commission is nota year's squad. feet, seven inches.

pleased over the change. and have refused to member of the NBA.ATTENTION .
:some Wright and
I Jiaimie Thomas. Champion: and runner-ups in PRIEST RIVER IDAHO
Los Angeles Dodgers has signed make 'moo until better terms Tommy Aaron, younger brotherof ,
a re Wright
copped the 135 pound title each class in all divisions received Hank thinks it only fair to apply a withholding
I -ap jeuS otft 1V3M: .ATRIYIK are offered. in the recent AAU championships, individual awards. In addition Aaron,. the NationalLeague's tax to the youngster's
1 his I960 contract with a sizable TII E JACKSONVILLE while, .,Thomas of leading hitter will againbe
one the team'sveterans Open Division champions won s s s allowance just so the younger generation -
Increase In salary. Neal led the BRAVES have made' the first seen in a Jacksonville uniform.
in jackets
great showing and trunks, and an can get gradually, accustomed
National League second baseman step toward the 1960 season by The fans will be out there rooting
middleweight class. all
expense paid trip to New Yorkto LADIES to a procedure to which
r in fielding with a .989 Red Murif, and tooting for the 19GO Braves.
a\erage. bringing Manager Other members of the team take part in the Tournament of 0 adults are now hardened."
lie made only nine errors In 151 who will attempt to get theBra'es were Robert Gaffney, Wilber Jack Champions. Bridge & Social Club

games to tie Jackie Robinson's back on top of the league. Collins Reporters
son, Ralph Tim Fond, Paul
record for second basemen. lie Some returning \eteranstill be Robinson, Joe Murchinson, Milt Included in the mammouth Send 'or Mall LEARN TO DRIVE

led his team In games plated, on hand to help get things started Harold,, William Myrick James award list were championship, run- Your Social News The Good news for

at bat 616; runs scored, 103; h'4s, V off In the big .way. A lot of new Early, Frankie Glover Albert Rob- nerup and third place team trophies Mondays To onfidentVay
= iesG
I a 177; total bases, 286; doubles, 'SC; faces will be here to help get inson, and former Golden Glove in the sub-Novice class. Outstanding FLORIDA STAR Mrs. G. B. Benjamin ast 1ma

j triples 11, and sacrifices, 21. It\ the ball to mO\" ng. and '33U champ-John Wood, d-- boxer trophies were also I 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th Licensed Instructor ilble Specialist's for bronchial discovery asthma now make sufferer It poi-t.
600 W. Beaver relieve chokinc. coughinff. .irsipta
t Is estUndteawttiat"rIiIs i salary win, BIG DON NEWCOMBE, right Florida AAU titleholder awarded in both the open and No- Or Phone EL 4-6782 St. patms quickly and do it without use of internaldraes ;
\ be around $34,500. That is cojj-: handed pitcher; Frank Robinson Matthews Henry vice Divisions. I J t sR. Res. PO 8-2968 can t.or t Dr painful Guilds injection Green Mountain So safe you to
and the sensation ofRattlers I Office EL 5-7742 either cigarettes or compound form without -
sfdered top salary for a Dodger.It.has : first baseman-outfielder and Vada prescription. Ask your druggist for It.

been conceded that Neal Pinson, outfielder, all of the Cincinnati

fs one of the best defensive' stars Redlegs are reportedly .
I seeking pay increases. The Red-,
legs have already opened their Voted :. : You Seek The Beat Doctor PIIOT IIAIIIS FOR S

J headquarters in the Floridan Hotel When Your Doctor Prescribe

in Tampa. <. Get Experienced Pharmacists E\rERY OCCASION

Watch This Clown DAYS 1960 Football 4 To Fill Your Prescriptions I' .,. .'. ..... .. '.
J' "' "
According To Your Doctor.rT : Exp.rt Photography
18-34-03-509 will be
spring training camps open- '
r M Orders. We Use Only
:> v' Portraits
145-02-411 Weddings Banquets
: and all't big fellows will
Y" ing be packing bags pulling out All Champs' S : The Best Quality Drugs At V Passports & Identification Photo

9 ., 7 baseball fans welcome! the comingof Dr. C. E. Black VI Photostats & Commercial Work
Proprietor Photos For Cuts
5 9 the training sceasoa. It isn't A'It..ANTA-The Florida A & M
While You Walt
x 7 long after that before they will see University Rattlers were officially 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S
-5 t V Coloring & Picture
i some real baseball. declared the National Negro Collegiate ; Framing
>.. :. Lot Us Take A Photo Of You
SAILING 'TIL WE Football Champions for the
16 -5038 MEET AGAIN. 1959 season here during the 25th
39.52.26 annual 100 Per Cent Wrong Club Im Natural Color -
1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276
Sports Jamboree. Halfback Clarence I J. AVERY
Sometimes toe's u| A COMPLETE LINE OF:
Sometimes bo's down PATRONIZE Childs of Lakeland receivedthe Cosmetics Rubbe Goods Candies undrles AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
f De adds. subtracts Scott Memorial Trophy on behalf I
Re work It all around i 611 West
i t of his teammates. .. Ashley Clara White Mlsslca Bldg

Coming Attractions Star Advertisers The Orange Blossom Classic Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments

914 22- 114 Committee, appointed by the University .

I to plan the annual OBC

played each year in Miami, was

awarded a "Silver Certificate" as O
i ATTENTION READERS one, of the Eleven of Twenty-five. el .l I P0t0l! itfiSft INCREASE I QV

4 Please Bring or Send Your Coach Jake Gaither was pro-

claimed the "Coach of the Dec March of PTmjiBS Faces
Church News. Club Notices & Announcemeais
ade." Former FAMU net star Al- VODICAi

To The FLORIDA STAR Early thea Gibson was cited as the 'Ten Heavy Patient Atd Demands

nis Player of the Part Quarter of ,
TUESDAY at NOON The four-hour-long sports ,attire I _. .iIII PARALYTIC CASES ,

FLORIDA STAR t affair waS held in the Walu Roomof II1omm CASES
the Waluhaje Hotel here last : ,
2323 Moacrie Rd. Corner 13tk Street week. Win Eliot CBS sportscaster : 'CASES .. "

far Gillette's Cavalcade of Sports, "
was the guest spe ler. I i l UIO -- -

The Rattlers posted a 16-00 record ; ... i i M .
for the 59 grid season, which -

gave Coach Gaither an unmatchable : /'
,. t
V SV SI wins 10 losses, and four I
ties for the Glorious Fifties. TheOrange "v;

Blossom Classic is the ... !

largest sports-sponsored event in- '
r- The
volving Negro promotion in the "OM i \i

country.: It ranks fifth among an

gfrrrfifly grid ca.slks. J. R. E. Lee, ucoL FriendlyBlender i

Jr. vice president of Florida '. -

A & M .University and founder of ; e. i '-
the OBC received the "S2ver Cer S 1 ,
tificate" for the University.
O .i P
# 'FV Childs was named to everybody's sl 1 '

1 All-AmeriCan team i Lot
V Ir
_. uee rko';
was :honored as a member of the ./f -" ,

All-Southern Squad. Tackle WillieClairington -0 ,

Miami; and William : .i 1167 1B 1959 -

Sims Ocala; and center Curtis ..
Miranda Jacksonville, were also

honored as members of. the, ,SLAG i .

league team. "
Former world heavyweight box- .J

ing champion Joe Louis and Olympics ,

track star"Jesse Owens W represent a.-.d keel McYs. s0 ..4 100 ....... ".
to receive their honors. .... fry s- c-. .... a u.



5 \, .
i I i

.-<", '
'- ,


PafeBufct I".lWnftA" f ftU Week End:;...:; Saturday, February 13/'1960

which set an all-time Reds record for appearances in one signinents. --

Cincinatti Club Notes season by a Cincinnati pitcher. He won 14 games against Zone 8--Jack'Caasiiu.; Chicago, Northern Indiana, Nor-
only ,five loses and in addition saved 19 games. He also them Ohio and Michigan.

recorded a 7-4 record in 1955 in 53 games, and a 7-2 mark Zone 9-Dale McReynolds .- Wisconsin, Minnesota, N.
Hersh Freeman the former relief for the in 1957 in
agent pitcher 52 appearances.The Dakota, S. Dakota Nor- -tcit
r. Reds, has been named Area 'Supervisor in the Florida- addition of ,the 31-year-old Freeman is another them Iowa and Northern,
Georgia area by the Cincinnati Baseball Club according step forward for the rapidly expanding and aggressive Cin- Illinois.
I cinnati. farm system.Freeman's Zone IQ Mike Ryba Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Southern -
SUNDAY, TUESDAY addition gives the Reds complete coverageof Iowa, Southern Illinois and '
RITZ 1ST RUN .' the United States, and adjacent Canadian, Mexican, and Kentucky.Zone itIe

Latin. American areas. 11-Ray Baker Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, 1

.- M .cf[ =. = > =.-AI.. _, { Farm Director Phil Seghi has allotted areas throughout and Northern Texas. I *
GARY COOPER CHARLTOH HESTOHTHI the country to sixteen Area Supervisors.In Zone 12-Stan Hollmig Texas, Oklahoma,.Arizona and I
Seghi has 240 scouts and sub-scouts who
r I IJiI IWIfI tLCDa'rI work under the Area Supervisors. adjacent Mexican Territory.Zone I

WRICKTNt WW DARt .? Paul Florence, Assistant to the Reds' General Managerand 13-Bobby Mattick West Coast. I

vY general' trouble-shooter, will scout the American Zone *
14 .
-Nap Reyes Caribbean area and special as- r
League and will make all necessary assignments for full signments.Zone .
coverage of the professional leagues. Florence will also be
available to all of the scouts for consultation any place in 15-Hersh Freeman Florida and Southern Geor- -

AUOIE MURPHV( the country. .gia. : ; /Vle i i
Seghi has made the following assignments for Area
JOANNE DKU Zone 1& Combined
:r a Supervisors: "- under supervision of Mattick, Baker,
GILBERT ROLAND McReynolds, Hollmig, and Ryba with

Yt r JIM BACKUS Zone 1-Mick Connolly New England and ndjacentCanadian include Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming l a.l' .to..h !

; area. and Montana. III
Zone 2-Chuck Ward Greater New York and upper l .
A L'NrJ'EKA.ir.-;.;... ;TO i: OPOC4TJad- .C If
New Jersey. A u? of H'MJ Ou
--- ,. Zone 3-Dutch Dotterer. New York State and adjacent to 11 e' 'ta.ut: a'

Canadian area. n spans' Aiaerico&j* vrfcc
Zone 4-Ed Liberatore Southern New Jersey, Penn- 'fl. a 'S"I' make our country *o4 I'
sylvania, Delaware, Maryland, our community B bettexLawhich
NOW OPEN Washington, D. C., Northern Temple of Faith place to UT
Virginia and Northern West 5520 Moncrief Rd. at 45th St.
Virginia. Sister Pocahontas, Godsent Christian WomanIs ifESSIE 1

Zone 5-Paul Southern New Located In Her
Campbell Virginia, Southern Own
,lite s (/ dJ. A R JI West Virginia, North and Temple of Faith
Sister Pocahontas has
South Carolina, East e r n helped thousands in all walks of life.
Tennessee and East Georgia. If you are Crippled, blind, have sickness of any kind
Zone 6-Jimmy Bragan Mississippi, Alabama, Eastern If you have bod luck or evil influences
I Jacksonville's newest Georgia, Western Tennessee, If you are not successful, not happy in love. have marriageor u
& finest Restaurant Southeastern Louisiana and divorce problems

Featuring v Northwestern Florida. See Sister Pocahontas \

Luncheon Specials .. Zone 7-Buzz Boyle Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio Who Has God's Given Powers .
Evening Dinners and Kentucky.Zone Sister Pocahontas is recommended highly
.From 12 noon to 2 a.m. weekdays 7-Cfarl Ackerman Dayton Ohio and special as- By those who received her help.DON'T .
Weekends open to 4 a.m. "

(closed Tuesdays) SegregatedGolf
Sunday Dinner'Specials for the Entire Family STEWART
I Enjoy an evening of eating & Dancing New Stanton

pleasure in the beautiful atmosphereof Course FAIL TO Essie Stewart is a member of
the Neptune Safari Room. ATTEND the 12-2 class Creative Dance
Located 5672 Avenue B entrance on D Street Plan Is Hit -= Gruup, Stanto Music- Cho, An-
We cater to Banquets! and Parties nual Staff yet finds time to perform -
For Reservations Phone PO 8-314 OCALA-A state NAACP officer -
The 1960 extra such as serving -
: has protested the City Council's HomeMakers Show as vice president of her English
plan to develop a golf course clash and treasure of speech
for Negroes northwest of the
\ FIRST TIME IN YOUR AREA class. We predict a very bright
city.A letter from Edward Davis Feb. 18 I 1960. Doors open 6 p.m. future for this young lady.

f objected to the
i expenditure as a
HEALER READERADVISOR '. I waste of tax money. He said ALL FREE
; the courts have been specific

about integration of public facilities -
; and that the council's planto See : 3
Are you suffering; sick; need advice on all affairs of Life? avoid integration of the pre- DEMONSTRATIONS by : __ yl Cre
See Sister James She has the God& iven Power to heal by Prayer sent golf course by constructionof jJ _
Guorantees to heal the sick and ailing. There are thousands who have links for Negroes would fail. ;'
been helped by Sister James. The price Is within the reach of everyone. PROTHO / ,

Bring your problems to me, PO matter what they are: love, business, THREE RATTLERS -' \ "
marriage, success, happiness. I can bring the separated ones together. .'
Satisfy your life in all ways: s. your problems to me. COME AS YOU GO PROFESSIONAL : PET MILK, Home Economist
ARE. I have deveteJ a lifetime to this work. I'H never give yu failingadvice. ( MABILYX FRANCES 3IADRY

She shows you how to prepare > New Stanton
TfcIXAHAS3EB Ttawe Florida ',; ., Marylyn Frances, 12-2 studentof
Ueated at Callahan, Florida, just If miles keel Jacksonville: A
Located at the edge of the city limit,,next to Dick's Bar AtM: University Battlers have :, variety of Tantalizing dishes' .; New Stanton likes to keep on
Look Ur Mother Church sign Located on Highway No. 1 Inked grid contracts to play professional the go. Aside from a very busy
OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. TO 10:30 P.M.seven 'days a week. football this fafl accord. ; ,and Recipes ECONOMICALLY r class schedule she holds mem-

I Ins to an announcement by Jake bership in the Honor Society,
Gaiiher, FAMU football coach. Student Council Band and serveson
William Barber, a 2IH- ouDcllD BE SURE TO REGISTER ': the Newspaper staff. Marilyn

The.aauIi ee dJ. ami, end, signed with the Calgarystasnpeders plans a career of Music and we
Splie4 'r
i of the Canadian ,'N / at the Pet Milk Booth are anxiously waiting to hear
League for 59,00 and a $509 bonus. the date of her first concert.SANDKA .
AnJ..E Ceater Willie Taylor and fullback .' Exhibits ByPEPSICOLA'WARD .

Jesse Heard agreed to terms with

p NOW OPEN DAILY Coach Sid Gilman of the newly Tip( Top ) BREAD. .
formed Los Angeles Charge of the prwr....
/ Mon. thru Thurs. 11 A.M. to 2:30: A.M.; American Football League. No figures -

' .. Fri. & Sat. 11 A.M. to 4 A.M. of Taylor were released and Heard.on the '8ining BUDWEISER & BUSCH BAVARIAN BEER

Luncheon & Cocktails Served
Barber snatched nine passes for a
SUNDAYS 2 P.M. to 2 A.M. .116 yards, two touchdowns and one COCA-COLA SINGLETON'S
.. FAMILY DINNERS SERVED twc- iDter. Taylor was releasedby I BAR-B-Q

PACKAGE STORE OPEN the Green Bay Packers of the .
National Football League early HARPER'S
: Weekdays for your convenience last fall after playing in two exhi- CO.
bition games. Heard is returning YVONNE CUMMINGS
from a tnro-year hitch in the United Complete Stage Display By Harper's Sandra New Stanton
Starts Siiriday States Army. Cummings is a member
: STRAND This brings the total number of of the 12-1 class of New
Feb. 14th t. Feb. 20th INDEPENDENT
ex-Rattlers under professional ,foot- LIFE INS. CO: Stanton, a member of the Honor
,ball contracts to six. Halfback: Society Annual Staff and pianistof
'\\\'ft'tClmRgEA N Willie Galimore and tackle Willie Sunday School and BTU at

I Lee ore: with the Chicago Bears. CUNNINGHAM FUNRITURE CO. West Union Baptist Church. Bon
', Tackle Willie McClung is with the Voyage on your first trip abroad.
F\ 1 ,
; Cleveland Browns.
*' '
,} t I
.r ...,. -,, APT. FOR, RENT t:
{t\'"."","':;;:a. UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS To Pepsi!
,', \ y ;;"'.$;: 1/'N'$ 1532-1534 Pasco Street, 6 rooi supper I : Music-Quest
1*:' ," .1.Vr... "-"', ( ) $12.50 week. Phone EL. 3- Represented by Isaiah White Distributing .- S ''It Friday
I CINEnnAScePE '_ cocoa ercawxeI ,0973. -, SMIRNOFF. VODKA-OLD FORRESTER GRAND McNEISCH "N't 1" < I1ES'' I IC.!G '...c .II 1 :CO
V.L SCOTCH & Other Popular Brands -- .
I :: For Phone
AMD Request
"; Upstairs at. 6 rooms, hot and :T--" AFRO-AMERICAN INS. CO. C: EL 6-0461-2

cold water. 724 Dewitt St. Phone ..
'. r
_ BORN EL 43720.

.. TAKE Three'rooms and bath partially .
furnished for nice couple. EL
; LOVE 41844. r. '

...... _LOT FOB SALE ': "
i J Nice big lot, reasonable price. BE SURE- TO REGISTER
iJ :
t"o Inquire at 1815 W. 45th. St. Mrs. ,,, .. "
LILIMM.t11Y Irene/Levy, Owner. a:. -"l') : '>> .
: .: :.
: : ; <
': '
r / l' 11 '; : ;< ? : ,.
LOT FOB' BALE '; For. Free .
Prizes 'f"aL
Mot big lot reasonable: 'price..IIqWe' r ., "
.t. '
} ..:..;, '- 'fffZ r.t-t.f' 1
( t I nS
at 815 W. 45th. SL ,Mr;; .
ROOSEVELT SKYVIEW --.Ledy, Owner. I." ',-,-.,: .T':- > You Can Get Your Free TicketsSunday t-!': ',*.&' .

Sunday! 'Starts ,4 Nite Feb. 14 ,. '
1960At Trte: : :- w
r 2 Action Hits! Sunday! : '
I ,- FMC Parker In "RIO BRAVO""THE wffi des year ylmxbiano&me g aM :: DUVAL ARMORY
.5 .; ,
aid bffit.Hafc 'iii
.' pay off west -
I 'Terzen and and the She Devil", Tarzan'c Win $360 Hidden J I." pajmeata M'fcv as tll.lt.nitam. ."'f- k : : ;.
Men. NiterI' :
.; .
':' .. .... .. > '
". 0 ; '
K. r: .T -
: "' i'f': -} ,', ,.- 1
/ "
.\ _; .: ; -;: : < ;.. .

'I'I ti 1 .
Ii I

i .S