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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200547datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 6, 1960dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005470740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 6, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 6, 1960
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
,',r '--0.. ,' '. ...... q .. .. T \ _.." .....--- '- "... .-, -. -.. .... -- '.----::,;' ,.. -
r imf
T : '!


", 8.x Qt t:.



-- -----

AFIORDI 8M A\\Seeking Integration OfTampa'sHaygrods

.... ; .... .. --

; 3-No. 52 And NEWS February: C. JACKSONVILLE(;, 9, FLORIDA 15 fter: -- .-- -

f4 .-'-,;r.,_', of Y 1y .
t" ,. .. .. .. .
\ .: .+

w Laws ... C ,11 r "} ., ..,'''' .'II
iii BarCIosing > '
> .
ii.r :;
.: : .
: ,
..... '
t- 1'1:
IlJ 'fI' 1a--
"' ',v'ft(. :. ,,. "=
,5 ;,.,,.. ......- ., 1fi ....< c---.;; ," .
i" ...;..;'. ..,1. '. .. .
fair To Beer Taverns >; ,: : : '
\ ,
J :,,-.
nfIt. : '; ..
; r'
a ; r
I ; : f' 't' .".,.. P \ aNS

I...>::...., : .: .t r
i, jrge Assignment Beer Tavern Owners Urged tJ'
1t r IMpi ;4! 1f .f <\'r
rLI A > : :. r .

Applie 'if Negroes Only To Protest Closing Law( .,: x > r 1

FLORIDA PUPIL ASSIGNMENT LAW Last week, after a terrific uproar, the City Council !.e

ONCE MORE IN FEDERAL COURT ,finally passed bill extending the closing *hours of M t
February 1, 1960 the local bars. '

PENSACOLA, FLA.. Feb. 1.-The Florida Pupil AssignmentLaw It turns out now, however, that the new closing
came under legal attack here this week with the filing of hour law is a discriminatory piece of legislation that '------_:'-- '- ..

a complaint in the federal district court by attorneys for the has completely left out the beer and wine taverns.
The irin pal u.. 1 r't tcuiry of Duval County Vor moral School announces the graduation of the imrtical
and Educational Fund Inc. Common reason would tell that if the hard
NAACP Legal Defense you ; liquor Nursing Stu,l.:nls oi Friday evening. February 12, 1900 at 8 P.M. in Duval County Vocational School auditoriiTm. -
'The complaint was filed on -- ---- --- places can be permitted to stay open for an additional 621 West: Asliloy! Street.

behalf cf Negro children in Es- Eeas', side Man hour, the beer and wine emporiums should certainly Mrs. Hortenfie Williams Gray, Dean of Girls of North.vcstcrn High School will be the commencement speaker.

cambia County, Fla., and againstthe be ;given the same opportunity. to cater to those who ;
Instruction. prefer the less alcoholically contained This is a 12 months course sponsored by the Duval County Hoard o! Public Instruction nul approved
of Public
Board S 1Ct By Wife There : by the Florida State Hoard of Nursing. Candidates: for graduation arc; (left, front row' ) Alice Ooe-
of the County and its school of- seems to be little doubt that beer imdvine man Yvonne Hasting, Rose Ella Wilson, Queen Singleton, Gloria ttidiardson Ttico oshia Gudsden, Normri
ficials. It seeks a court order l\nSTEItIOUSLY'VOUNDED license holders would be well within their rights to Walker, Susie Fields; (back row left) Mary Cobb Barns, Jessie Mae Gr+rn, "I110I13SCn.Davi.. Kemilcs

prohibiting the school authorities BY 17-YEAK OLD WIFE protest such a discriminatory closing law and demandan Jenkins. and :Maggie Denefield..Gardner. Not shown, Annie. L. Pope.. _.
-- ----- ----- -- --
from operating and maintaining A 17-year-old wife was arrested amendment to include such places. --- ---- -
... a dual system of public last Tuesday following the Eli 4-6783 Beer and for information wine tavern owners are urged to call NGCTOTesf w Stsdents POLICE REPORTS f' a ecweifion; i I
regarding plans for a protest. r.S
I education. shooting of her husband duringa RaceGREENSBORO Bar I
The focal point of the attackIn altercation in their V I II
, family f Tm"o
the complaint is the Florida I. home at 1047 Franklin Street. WieWcR md G 1y i in N. C. !:fora: FORMER HUSBAND, SHOT I 'Sirfes I

Pupil Assignment Law which Mrs. Linda Joyce Hall Is alleged BYnFE'S BOY FRIENDA I,

permits school authorities to assign to have fired three shots O'f Mmoder IfJ Third Degree croup of Negro students, N. C. -- atone A 33-year-old man was shot j I Acei: I

public school pupils on the with one shot hitting her hus- I last Tuesday by the boy friend i iI
_. time numbering up to 27 TAMPA-A group of Taropa
"sociological, psychological other -- of his estranged wife when he I
basis of I band in the back and the -- I men and four women sat I j Negro.c1UY.cn.. Tuesday pelltlon-

ethical and cultural background two missing. Willie James Hall '!\fiMD-A: jury last Wedrwfe- 5e953ec+ 'teG l I down at a 5 and 10 cent store went to her house to roe his I(I cd the City Park Board. for integnd.ion I
and social scientific facThe listed In serious condition i children, police reports indicate. I
Jr., 20 is day: found the so-called] '-white lunch counter: today in an 'attempt j' cf all Hy iecaeaUonand !
,". ,-, ,. ," --Duval ,Medical .- Alfred Walker of 920 w.
tors rat Center.
> ; to obtain I p 1ayr1"ound faci.ijt.1re. !
fk- sorvkeand'
school bolita Qu hjD rith Did : W- Union Street-said. when lie wentto
law also gives the ,Detective Sgts. W. C. Barber 5j) Break racial barriers. Frank left, superintendent of
to asS public Homi- County Negro districts guilty of the door of hip wife's house
officials authority and F. A. Gruber of the the parks department. said
school pupils seeking reassign- cide Division said Mrs. Hall f.hird degree murder. JQn s 1 They failed but one of the he was met at the door by tho petltica came in the r..al. jp ...u..-... ...... i:
students said the is
I group "pre boy friend. Walker said the man r-
in detail specific shot -r
ment to give had admitted firing the It; has no legal weight but ,,1;
pared to keep coming! for two' .
said to him, "I told to stay
reasons for the request and why that-.seriously wounded her hus- The jury convicted :Mrs. Cath- OCALA-A State NAACP officer could be a step. leading to court
i years if we have to. from here, and then
make I away I
they feel they would band. evine Tresslar.: 25 of slaying has: protested the City Councii's -i' The action.
students enrolled at
are I
adjustment" to the I pulled a gun rind shot him.
environment from She was arrested and booked Norman King, 34, Coconut Grove plin; to develop a golf course |; North Carolina A. & T. College. The victim walked to Dnval I

change one racirJ in school system to the at city jail on a charge of assault Negro, last Oct. 12 by shootinginto for Negroes northvresl. of the I J. W. La;ben of Atlanta district -j, Medical Center where he is being I i Francisco Rodriguez or Tampa
superintendent for the store ; aa attorney for the National
to murder. city.A t treated for a
the window of a house I
Assignment Law, letter from Edward Davis i s:1.idVe: ,. haven't refused a.1Y-l. Police said '\ gunS10'j'wound. Asn. for the Advanoeuicnt of '

however The Pupil, has been applied .only where he lay sleeping. read to the council last night: I i body service. Our' girls have sign a y: -rant. Colored People, said he may file :

to the assignment and: 're j I f Circuit Judge \William. Herin objected to the a;r'onditure as a been busy and they couldn't get J Jl Patrolman G. Bradley Investi a federal court suit against the ;

of Negro students.In Film-Rammers !I deferred I sentencing. wa&-e: of tax mon y. lie said ,l around to everybody." I gated. recreation depanjmsnt( if requests j
assignment the '= urt., have been specific i Two police officers checked 1 in the pctitioii are notcarried f j
the complaint filed today, Trick Jos 1Cf1Out .
Legal Defense attorneys also I The former blond, now au about uifccgraton of public facili- I the store several times during out. I II t
'ties and that the council's plant the day. They said their only
charge the Escambia County Of $60. burn-haired: woman took the I WOMAN IS CUT BY MAN
I I -.- .y.) tl integration: of the pre- interest was to prevent md: dis- A Negro called
school officials with maintaining : variuct without a show of emotion c WITH: HER OWN KNIFE group on
prlf course by construction order.
two school zone lines one A fl-Y ar-old woman was cut Mayor Julian Lane several
WITH OLD MONEY TRICK I of link 'for '
Negroes would ail.Durins .
Negroes and the other for'I i on Ui thigh last. Saturday while I month,' ago to open city-owned
for Rufus Hall,' 32. of 1052 Madison -
She testified Tuesday she had Tuesday night's r I whites. The "colored schoolsystem" i flchtii with Jake Washington Lowry Park to Negro citizens.
Street was robbed of $60 shot into the home in frightj sion, the council voted to: call thinks st only fair to apply a withholding 39 who said he The :set .
is staffed entirely by I was only try mayor up a committeeof
the attorneys argue last Tuesday at Ashley and j without knowing: if she hit some 1 for bids on clearing the tractcurd !i tax to the >\Vmfister'sallowance ing to take the knife when the prominent Negroes and white.

Negroes the "white" schools solely Davis Streets while dealing with cne. She. said .she had been i<| set a maximum of $ (),OOO ,Ij I just so the younger gcavuDot victim was cut. to study the matter and makerpcwnmcneiations.
and film Hammers: after he had frightened by a prowler when to b1+ spent in developing! ; th' ; : f...i ;'t gradually accu&SDGAK .

by whites. cashed a check. I i I she went to collect $259 in bolita j .irr>ursc. A ceiling of $30,003: as t h.. '' Lv :l p'etL re to wr1 Police were informed that the
for the Nogro pupils II I I
Attorneys I i J I money .she thought a former vd in .. .. ". victim Mrs. Lola Mae Clark, of Neff said the i
Thurgood Marshall and Hall said he met two men : : t t/iji improvements: to the j'IYt.I: :t' 0l1.' tlfil-ltI(1': petition he received -
are i f I i maid! liao stoentrom her. r,, -io nt course:}?. 1181 W. Eeavor.Street and Mrs. requo:;t. for an answer
Baker Motley of and they showed him some .
Constance ---- Alice Washington, within 10 'da,' .
were arguing : :\
.New York, and Chutes P. Wilson money and told him it was: I ,. I Ii when Jake Washington came up
of Pensacola, Fla. $SOO. The men asked him to The
petitino. rigid by six
and hit Mrs. Clark In the 'face
keep it for them. lIe said he I R r 4 : Ijersons' ww +" 9.l1.fit
f recreaticnal -
Str cjClerit i with hi; fist. Mrs. Clark then
Dal"vis put what they had given him I it l ;4 H turned: on Washington and facilities "now used cx-

.s in his pocket and later felt for started cutting him with a cluMvely. far white persons and
shccGMrnw it, but it was gone also his own I .Y 'air f denied
; f ft knife. ''The fight ended with Nrgrot* be open .to all

money. Mrs. Clark being cut. The victim! citizens of Tamp: '

[ He said he chased the men t was taken] to Dar al Medical The city i s t io th< midst of I

By down Ashley Street and lost Orj\Jer where she was tixatodvxl bniJdlne! a' sari +e and providing
I Ii
Vincent Dennis, a Negro clerk them in an alley in the 600 : put in jail on charges; oftIironk'T1y other t rjowiUoml facUi-

f ;, at the Davis Street Hardware Block. Hall described one of the 'iri K conduct and fighting. ties for Nejrrfjf:s at Holers Park.

store was wounded Wednesday men to be about Si-years-old Patrolmen C. Barton and W. .- --- '
I 4 after being robbed of npproxiuaUdy and the other jibout 23. i t Iesilrl# I I'I roIon.on investigated. WO3LW j*; "..'sr."=:r-"T
$200. by a gunman. Patrolmen A. James and W. v/rra AX IE PICK .

Dennis, who was alone in the I H. Harris investigated.sh A 3'-)_ :L\ rrr' ::'n ":(3&

store when the gunman entered MAN IS HURT FIGHTING stabbed. in thp tutfv"1s n.1.1 shoalte -

was net: seriously hurt. The bullet "- 'I OVER PINT OF U1IISKEV: nth ;3a <1.- JSclr; .lu 4ua, f

gra m the victim's scalp and Amos Carter: 28, of 716 W. I (!!!.,. wh9n Mn t. to ..J *.*i&9rarr t
went into the ceiling. '5G Blocker. ; -. rriVL -. Church Street was injured last of her hu.l.. fA"> ':? his 1
Patrolmen H.: W. .,, : !3 .y tr I .
Dennis told I \ \ rr Tuesday in a fight which ocrcurred t"'tpr&o rMrs. 'f..
Keclcr and E. V. Some the robber ,.:'().'...A,,\.tr.: .J. .,.,.".v.' \.J-'Jrt4I. at SOS Davis Qtreet : VestbL; :. r t'i I4'scf p' _11yALhert

a Negro described as about VALUABLE :ITEMS STOLEN fiTter and Bennie Lea Robin- S7..=: :. lA Rl, .'9-.1.. ; in

60. came into the store and purchased FROM ISAIAH TO.OCKER x t son of 205 W. Myrtle Ave, got |t carry her ll..::' 't'(; r..;::, ,"td

six .32 caliber bullets fora Isaiah Blocker Junior High into a fight when Carter poured | w..en.he knit d on ,th,, ib); rat I

wcapdn which he displayed. School, 2335 Davis Street was fI ou* one hair pint of atiiakay' Pjoelps f.Ati t+k r :,J .... w. ,i
.. The man left but returned a Into and entered last :, : tcoo.'Tffi to Robm.sonart- % voflifci., fc--t; Z&s rf. "::4 ':dix+r I IC.d
short time later, claiming he broken items amountingto i J 4 y LV' s"'1R..a yvfJ.p (F r also ripped Ilohinson's ab Iz:t. 1 asked what .she wanted I Is 1
Tuerday and t M li O 1F Fw rr ;
was :circa; incorrect' change. Den- were missing. 1 (. CC p"rtt4cL :h tii m.tn. ,","t.uri ..t nbeE.artecl '

nis said the man then ti1xlbehiahd $130.76 1I C&!ier was taken to'Duv&l| .-....:......-.jt.,,,J. V> -,_'- .......... .the n.--. ...0.&K..fitd .-.-...
the counter and t ld1m. Edward Benthone, principal. I I ?.!.* car Ontfr wlwre .he nv. ; :. t.1r the I
;; "Just give me all cf the money'" said when he reported for work wired trc&.iaie.t, and rcl afietijzuid J,'b Jf..ck. ;

: .. again displaying the pL to1. ho discovered the school cafe- L put in jail Tong with Ben- ; T"i? vlctrfja vni. teJceu to DavtJ i
Dennis said he complied. hand- teria had boon broken into' A lAs Loo Robinson' and bo-->ked! MfeSoal Oeeiier! fw treat r

Ing over an estimated $200 in record player and several food on dfcordly conduct find fight- 1 menu She said she tlW not I

>; cash. Tha gunman then led items were reported missing. The ing. It was reported to police; to*>W the houflfr stir JT. but '

"- Dennis to a room at the rear of principal said he would prosecuteif t CHILE GROWS UP. Frank "Sugar Ch e" Robinson of Detroit who was a thud piano proQ that Carter was drank when be';. could point it out and neither

the 802 Davis St. store and fired the thief or thieves were ap- at th' Rj;' of six, is cow 21. To protect his earnings of die past Li years and to proiido future seeurtty. tore Robinson's; shirt and pale. did she Mow ttte naMe of ,her ;
.4 at him. prehended, police reported. ho his established a trust fund at the N ficw Hank of Detroit. Here he Is shown signing the agreement out the whiskey. '. i f attarker.Patsvlioan. I
: are "Sogar Chile's father, Clarence Robinson (left); Probate Judpo Thonu s C. MsrI&y .
Investigation Ixwklp OA
; Assisting in the Patrolmen J. J. Doe and JLinvcetagatcd. W. Solomon In-
Patrolman Robert L. Jenkins wlio sopcrvised Frank's income; DCrOOrt'lf. Elge: attorney and family\ advisor; and Guy deW. '. .
were Lt. B. w.: Rowe and Detective student at the Detroit lastifate of TechaoJegy. Ncvoo vestigated. -
investigated. 1 WuCer,. essistnnt trust omo 1 of tho bank. Frank is DOW a / ,,
Sgt.. F. A. Gruber. r -: ." -'
I ..!: '5 .. ; : / '-. :::. t.....r "" re s'..L'J' ,
; '. : : [ .
: .
:. r -
; _
::- ": 'l'Ji' ': : : : -
:. .li. ; \ ; ,.:t' .: ...-- :;:: ', _. ... .. .. ".,
: .>'_ 't.1:' -' :-"-' !,: r :..,',",'. :: '_.:-'".'? .; t1. ":'. ,. #" '"
a Y I a sI I ,
/ -, -

.. '
w f ..

.J.. ... if'! .' "a..... '" r -i.-. .r .'.. ..,_. 1 .....- .! .


". >':_" .:. ... .
: _, .. ..,.. : .. ,, _. : ., ... _
< 4 > 'f, "' 'Ii .
> !:.r. a i ''i ; 1.7, ', }: '; n, .;.'t 1 ,
1./1' ; t\\ f : : ;'f" fiy ?- : ). ,. ;.. ,. \ r. ; y 4 r" ,;-- ; .'r j\ :"
.1"r ,
I f'J. ''. :
: $
,. d :: .f : <
; -
: :
\iif/ : .r"- f'r.: ;;.t I ;;1? : : : .... 1 : : : .

.... .
/ ,. x. ;.".:' '. Two "'f f .' --".... .. Wee Ending Saturday February; 6. 1960

f&;. \' -- .
t.;.;. .... -.

'k THE FLORIDA STAR NOW THE YOU MASTER.ARE ? D e j $ ;r(JA '' .. ?? "Politics As UsuciB"By

RACE ..s
t 4 ,
.c 7 ) J'jr
NEWS Eric O. SimpsonCUT

I, .

: SUGGESTEDBY lative business," Mr. Wilkins said.
PoblUhad by The Florida Star Publishing: Co. JA4iJN NAACP LEADER "When the Democratic party is
Member of Associated Negro Press" .
in control of Congress, they be-
f Eils O. Simpson _________________ Editor : "This step would decrease Dixie come chairmen of most of the committees -
-\ C. Parham Johnson .-,..-K w Staff House members by 20 to 25 percent as they are in this ses-

Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept. and clothe them so to speak, sion.
; !iI; in the proper size britches," Mr.
Wilkins added. "Not content with protectingtheir
The NAACP chief executive own brand of apartheid back
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: 1, B rOI1 Tlit: spoke on "Freedom Franchise home, they are not hesitant to demand
023 Moccrief Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 Pit liEVI'"- : 1'J.l1SI extention of their racial phi

Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad Si. Phone. EL 4-3773 HASt EaS E losophy and practices to the rest

r .",' // I ZThcEsSs : of the nation," Mr. Wilkins said
I. 4 "
% "In general, Secretary Wilkins
t. f : : .tt 4 > continued, "the Negro tends to

Mailing Address* vote according to l Ins interest asa

!c.',> P. O. Box 551. Jacksonville 1, Florida citizen and only secondarily

(barring a hot racial issue) as a


., '.. .TIIE : .
& P1 4: "Negro citizens are interestedin
national defense, foreign affairs,
On Tear, $5.00: Half Year, $3.00: Three Months. SI.80 j :: k.n
taxes, health and welfare cost of
Mailed To You, A r/where In The United Stales.Bsbtcription %
iaii living, education, jobs and wages,
Payable in Adrrace. Send Check or Money Order To: 4kfbr4 as are other Americans.

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE. t. FLORIDA S. '? "They are also interested in

civil rights, in attacking prejudiceand
r : +w ;. bigotry in American life,"
': a Mr. Wilkins said.
Moral Re-Armament Shows The .
: As of today, he asserted, "no ,

.; 'S Way For Us To Meet Without HatredMrs. ., one Negro can voter predict will exactly do on what election the

day." However, "he does not like
Daisy Bates, President of the Arkansas NAACP, said that it SIMPSON much of what he sees in the behavior
with Moral Re-Armament that made it possible for fn .t r k b/
was her experience of either party."
kr to meet Governor Orval E. Faubus "without hatred" recently. She

: told 600 people at the MRA Strategy Conference ,at the Willard Hotel I Theories Lead Us To Destruction He reported that "only five i
: that three months earlier his would not have been possible. Stop Him, Uncle, Before forum and Segregation"celebrating at the a Southern states still retain the poll ,j

Mrs. Fates and Governor Faubus mat in the state capitol for the centennial of the founding tax as a prerequisite to votingVirginia -
thirst time since the fall of 1957 when the school crisis erupted. Alabama, Arkansas, Teas *-
of Cooper Union
"Little Rock is known around the world as the symbol of American 5.5S Ii:: ,if CJSlfr Wedy for the Advancementof and Mississippi."But .
democracy," she said. "We must now change that symbol from 'hate'te Science and Art. He "
'hope. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Frank Buchman who through he added, "other deviceare
IRA is giving the world the answer to hate and bitterness. pokes in the same effective in barring \cgr
"'y '!"oscope( Glide- Great Hall that housed citizens from the ballot box.
"We have won our law suits, but somewhere we have missed the the mass meeting 51
boat," Mrs. Bates admitted. "We have fought against all we felt was "No wonder Wilkins
that Secretary
wrong and for what we desired for our children. But the suspicion "-ABLO. n' ASTROLOGER years ago, helped
;: South wide basis
added "that
bring the NAACP into on a ,
katrei and fear that I grew upwth was always with me. I saw I could .
mot be used by God with hatred in my heart." .t-S-* being. It is also the only 25 per cent of the Negro citi
a..,cTI1 aA f you( ,_L .. Y DAYS! FOR _
Ei hall in which Abraham zens of voting age are registered
She told how three months ago she invited Moral Re-Armament
speakers to address the Arkansas NAACP TXI the answer to hate and -&N"'t < ovf TRAVEL Lincoln made his famous "There are wide variations be- \
bitterness. "They tayed in my home," she said. "I saw MRA working. tween states and still wider variations
I learned how to fight for what' is right without hatred. address on Feb. 27, 1857) between counties wit him
"When I met the Governor I said 'I am not interested in fighting ..... ..... ARIES .. .. ....... CANCER These are the kind of days when indicating the principles of the. states
< the Civil War: I am interested in where we are going from this hour. Born March 21s4 to April MKfc. .Born Juno %!nl.: te July 22 nd. you should not take issue with new Republican party.
I am interested in tomorrow and the future of America.' Without MRA I Sentiments that have been allowed It will not take long for you to your loved ones or friends, or better "Mississippi," Mr. Wilkins cited
Q't think I could have done that." she told the Conference.Mrs. to get out of hand rr.3S: be feel the affects of the disregard of still, not to ace them at all. Mr. Wilkins pointed out that dis- by way of example, "has only 3.89
Bates concluded, "Moral Re-Armament is what I want for the that should Do not franchisement of citizens ef both
ccr.3crrative principles permit
the of rather scene : your health to suffer
cause a per cent of its eligible Negro citi-
children of the South and for America. We now see on the horizon a
.... new d y." She was give* a standing ovation by an audience iacluding where you live er play (8th). A guide the management of precions thru needless worry, overwork, races allows Southern congressmen zens registered. This state has 14
,t..nS Hembers Congress attitude between resources ((8th). Your emotional long hours or and senators to be elected
,, z of the Bipk} auc Corps, anlJtary and government give and take over indulgence counties with a, total Negro population
facial '&nd, reorcsentatiYOs of the steel workers and industry. friends and sweethearts is manda reactiens, in this respect, are ra- (12th). and re-elected through their one- of 109,000V> In which not a

tory. Stay at home, on the 12th, if ther on the confused side and they 3044-12-41-634 party system. single Negro was registered to

you feel below par or if the weather should not be trusted exclusively.A Their resulting "seniority gives vote in 1955," he as\cluded.
conditions rake this desirable. A showdown of some sort may be them a disproportionately power- Turning to the segregation issue

thorough perusal of the economic precipitated on the 12th, and it SCORPIO ful influence on the nation's Icgis- the NAACP leader noted that in

:: :: J Airlines Violate Public Policy reports should help you to arriveat would simply be the aftermath of Even Bom if Oct.you.101.believe to Nev.that 22nd. Little Rock, "the parents and business -

a very sound conclusion regard- previous indiscretions. The 14th is your above the head ci the ordinary count iity became 00

Racial Equality Leader Pretests ing your individual prospects an ideal day for engagement par- been sense violated of fairness, it and would justice be has mortal. I alarmed over the harm done by

(14th). Bring joy where loneliness ties or announcements. more 9-2041-14-5S-924 the closed high schools and improvised -
prudent to remain silent.
The next
exists, if .you can. OB this; day. 5-20-77-15-37-527 lilywhite private school J
In a protest to members ef the House of Representatives Committee few days should be passed doingtxhiable
9-40-88-B-27-WS{ PISCES that a series of moves was iratt
en Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Congress of Racial Equality.ecuiive research, accun plating
secretary James R. Robinson charged that ""ost aajor LEO vital data and Born Feb. 15th. to March 20th. ated which resulted in the reopening
appraising the
domestic airlines violate the stated public policy of our nation." Dem July 23rd b Aujf. end. of sort You can easily get upset and of the schools on an Integrated -
Robinson in his letter to the Congressmen called attention to the TAURUS The 8th is the day you will have opposition you will have to over agitated when you run up aunpI'edictable basis.: In Virginia, the parents and
fact that the airlines the come. Emotional outbursts the
are beneficiary of subsidies from the federal on
watch to the flares of ; conditions that ham- businessmen and enlightened citi
.to prevent
Borg April 20th to Hay 29th.
government but continue to evade its fairhiring policy "by dit- part of others as well aa yourself,
kninating against Negroes in the hkiag of flight-crew "embers." The tensions that have been dissension from spreading further. _may strain the affections and long per productivity. This would be zens finally rejected a 'massive
., The CORE leader said that "Negro stewardesses have been hired building up during the previous The sacrifices that you may have standing if just the wrong way to g. about resistance' policy which involved
hy TWA and by Mohawk Airways. Pilots have been hired by Seaboard quarter may reach the breaking to accept may not be as bitter aa friendships, they are getting things back to normal closed schools with the result that
and Western and by New York Airways Hardly a record to point pout *n the 8th. You are doing they seemed once you have decided suppressed quickly and effectirely (8th). Your rather sensitive con- six Virginia communities now have
to with pride. Theairiines for llto-12th).
are fighting engineering But
supremacy. considerable thinking and will be b go tkru with them. The moment stitution is not made to withstand desegregated: public schools."
America in today's world 'struggle must reach for moral supremacy. 0-99-15-97-369
Ask Posia\ Action inclined to seek other opinions you become ,angered or em- rude shocks. You should carefully
binson urgd the Congressmen to "take positive action so that the than your own. Pay more heed to otional is also the one when you avoid all controversies that make .

., image of airborne America" will no longer be blotted out by the murky those who are counseling moderation should refrain from taking drastic SAGITTARIUS you especially vulnerable in this Remember folks the registration

t y loud of racial exclusion. and less to others who are steps. All should be serene on the N... 23rd. to Dee. 2L#. respect. Your prospects are much books are now open. Register NOW
New York CORE has
City working for several to end
:, discrimination 'against Negroes as flight crew members.. years CORE "era- more aggressive-minded. The llth- 14th, especially if you have congenial You could arouse a hornet's nest brighter when you have the advantage If you hare not done so. Renewal
leers have distributed thousands of leaflets calling upon passengers to' 12th are the days when feelings friends over for dinner. if you become too critical of the of legal talent, confidential information cards are now being sent out. FlU'

:'F protest to the airlines. The National CORE Coraal has called upon all may run high and discord dominate 7-10-22-18-87-712 persons or groups who believe they and influential or secret it In and return It promptly. Don't i

CORE affiliates te assist in ending this disainuination.I in your intimate surroundings. Get have a 'monopoly on knowledgeand connections (14th). let it lay around the house and ]

into the congenial mood that VIRGO enlightenment ((8th). It is more ; -7&55-18-39-175 I'etlost.
should prevail on the 14th, and fall to_ be on your side, but you are sagacious to hold your own counsel

back on the wisdom that counselsa People seem to want very muchto when you realize that they
course of action which k more be on your side: but you are could turn the power of their connections -

Do's conciliatory. the.e who may prevent them or affiliations against you.
I And Don'ts
4-7&33-13S7-173 from doing so. Shun activities or Consultation with members of the

human contacts that make you family, and your alter ego, could

GEMINI overly nervous and tense, on the be productive of splendid sugges- t

Born May 21st. to June. 21st. Sth. Climatic conditions can be tions leading to greater stabilityand a

1 1 High principles need not be abandoned very frivolous this> month, and it security (14th). '-

: just because others are com- would be foolhardy to expose yourself 8-5&66-11-9W56

pletely indifferent to their mccr- to unfavorable elements. A

ing and valu Travel is not ad- shm;;;dawn should not be provoked ..... ... CAPRICORN

vised, if conditions in general arc when you feel dissatisfied with Dora Deo. 22nd. to Jan. 19th. ti rr .
fp on the hazardous side. You also yourself, inclined to criticize unjustly The pressure to draw you into

,.l cannot afford to expose yourself to or under emotional stress the ranks of the intrepid ones wbr _
a the seasonal ills that are (12th). Your be S. % \
prevalent thinking wijl more are willing to take or lose al,
during this time of the year, for inspired on the 14th. thru a spectacular] coup, should be

personal as well as financial rea- 2-90-66-17-S7-296 resisted to the last ditch (8th). The

sons (9th). Feelings would runhigh wrong decision is the one more

..... wherever domestic discord | LIBRA likely to be made on the 12th, if 'I J rk

has been created, particularly on !I Carn, Sept. 23rd. to Oct. 23rd. you come under the influence of % b
the llth-12lh. '!! Your feelings could be stirred up others whose motives could be

1.r0.55-l9-6115 to the explosive point on the 8th. described as ulterior. Do not travelon
that day, if your intuition if

.\ :. Get Your Horoscope Guide To flashing out warning signals. Avoid a
haste should you have occasion tr
RICHES LOVE HEALTH use sharp implements or median k

: Order your horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2 ical equipment.

: To Pablo The Astrologer P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville,Fla. 4-30-99-13-65-A..39

, .' ti -- -
- *
i '. s, ,t b i
? ---
: Dear Pablo: Enclosed Is .SZ-00. Send my Horoscope Born Jan. 20th. to Feb. 18th. '
) I R Guide for the I KENKNIGHT I
month of December. The crisis that may provoke a I

L .;1 1f I S .- .... :;; new understanding or a separation, .5

=iI I NAME _. ._ ___ / : l would be' more likely to arise on Invites You To Listen To ---:_ .
> ." : the 8th, if nothing was previously .5
.. :$1.! ;, ;I"I JI; U I I II done to head ft off. Those who "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting 1
f. <
*_' ADDRESS .:.<". have safely ridden out storm up

y .. ; .. to this date, may heave a sigh of
,. I ,'.. : .- I reliefand start preparing for an -:- At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
'*,__.. __.. .. [OMT/(1ElIL11.'F6' "uas. .BORN ,,' ;!- ,
inspiring and remunerative period

: ; Watch Your Language, Junior Is Listening I month S .--"; "';{,.;.-.$3 :.' .'<::...' dale i that qualities is lying should in be wait called(14th up).to Your answer 1400 WRHC 1400. (

I ;,-' ; \ questions that are baffling or
i ,- -,- "':'- -- -- -


,- ,.. .. -.
, '.:: ''''''''- 1 _n." ,-'"' ;.- ./ ;;<-.- ; ', '. ,
\ <
i I

iI I I -

, 1 t v

j ji i -

I Wee]: Ending Saturday. February .6 1980 / Tttfi: FLOHIDA blArt Peg* Thxot

i .
"' --

'Stork'I Wedding Bells, { -
I -
Alpha Gamma Chapter of the : -

National Sorority Phi Delta Kappa APPLICATION FOR = -- "

presents the Gretal and Gentle
, Deliveries Dance School in "Tomorrow's MARRIAGE LICENSES : ;
3956 Greeman Rd- j-
Wm. Only .
World Needs Today's Teaching"in ; by "Del" Mainor Brinson
30 and Wanda M. Humphries, 21Cb
Mr. & Mrs. Fred McQueen Box New Stanton High School Friday Jerusalem Lane, 25. The Satellite Social Club will meet Feb. 17 at 8 p.m.

8228, Arlington, Fla., Girl. Feb 19 at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Juanita Lindsey, 1407 Jefferson
Geo. Taylor 1325 Oakley Sir 22
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Black, 2965 Willow This exclusively trained groupof and Addie L. Woodberry. 12S4 Ken- Street, Apt. 24.

Street, Boy. young artists will interpretate tucky Lane, 19. : Officers of the club are: Mrs. Ann Turner, president;

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Blue, 2423 creative rhythm and modern '", .> pr Mrs. Christine Newson, vice; Mrs Sallie Norman, record-

Horn. Street, Girl. dance.Their costumes are brilliant TonyJohnson, 1314 W. 'State St. ,( ? r. ing secretary; Mrs. Ann McKinnis, assistant; Mrs. Mary

Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Adams, and beautiful, their feel is youthfuland 39 and Fannie Preston, 1314 W. Jean Jackson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Juanita

1131 Kings Road, Boy. nimble. They will give you an State St., 37. Lindsay, financial secretary; Mrs. Louise Blakely, trea-

Mr. & Mrs. Otis Key, 1424 Illinois evening of entertainment Willie Wright: 806 W. 1st St., age' surer; Mrs. Henry Walker business manager; Mrs. Ellen

Street, Boy. Williams, chaplain; Mrs. Geneva Cotton, critic and Mrs.
Alpha Gamma Chapter gives a 25 and Betty J. Jones, 1322 Wolfe

Mr. & Mrs. Hezekiah James, 1 scholarship to a senior high, young Crt, age 26.Roosevelt ',a n .I Bernice Wilson, reporter.
Route 6, Box 466, .Jax Fla., Boy. lady, through a competitive "exam *

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Gamer, 14MMiddleburg ination. The student has an oppor- Groomes, 1973 W. 13lb: Miss Eartha M. M. White and William Broadway was

St., Green Covet tunity to win both the local and St., 23 and Geneva Wright, 806 \v honored with a surprise testimonial in the spacious and

t Springs, Fla., Girl. the national scholarship. The most 1st. St., 21. 'id Y .a beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Singleton.

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Tatum', 1462 recent winners were Miss Harriet Artis G. Williams, 709 N. Lincoln Receiving the guest were Mrs. Florence Wilson and

Golfair St., Boy. Whitsell of Stanton High School, Ct, island Della M. Bradford. 6Tx> #K ? rr 91t 4i 44i Mrs. Clementine Brown while Mrs. Thelma G. Greene presided -

Mr. & Mrs. Mannie Thomas, 1482 now studying at Florida A&M Un- Brady Court, 20. at the punch bowl. Greetings were extended by Mrs.

I W. 26th Street, Girl. iversity and Miss Gerleive Robin- Lenora L. Payne, Porcher L. Taylor, Mrs. Lenora Davis,

Mr. & Mrs. John Stafford, 1424 cilia Jones are the founders and Bennie Dukes, 42? W. Union St. r the Rev. I. N. Christian and Dr. H. James Greene.

W. 13th. Street, Boy. Dance SchooL 61 and Johnnie C. Freeman, 423 W. Miss White and Mr. Broadway expressed appreciation -

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Mccray, 1505 Union St., 63. for the wonderful surprise and extended their sin \
W. 26th. St., Boy. Sorors Ernestine Cox and Pris- 'p l s'yi! e TAG+
cere gratitude to Mr. and Mrs
of the Gretal and Gertieson Richard Hampton, Jr., 61 May '4 rA Singleton.
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hair 5323 organizers
Mrs. Lenora Lawson wife
I Special guest was Payne,
St. 19 and Y. Turner 711
Carolyn ,
of Haven
Polan Lane Girl. Boylan High
of the Rev. George L. Payne of New York City, a former
Court H 17.
Mr. & Mrs. James Flanigan, 313 I now studying at Tuskegee.Mr. resident of the city.

Spruce Street, Boy. I Aaron Wrlliamc,1505 W. 27th St., .
Mr. & Mrs. Spurgeon Robinson, 25 and Mary oWens, 2309 Myrtle The Los Diamontes Bridge Club held its first meet-

1330 Tyler Street, Girl. & Mrs. Bobby McGriff, 22 Ave., 23.Earl .. I ing of the year at Club Eldorado with Miss Annie Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius James,
McCoy Street, GirL Frazier as hostess. After the meeting, rounds of bridgewere
Wilson Plant McManus
1040 W. 12th Street, Girl. ,
Mr. & Mrs. Riley Anderson, 1231 Mr. & Mrs.. Daniel Williams, Brunswick Ga., 40 and Marilyn A. enjoyed by members and their guests.

Evergreen Avenue, Boy. .j 2110 Wishart Street, GirL Ashley, 226 Osceola St., 23. Members present were Mrs. Geneva White, Miss Fan-

Mr. & Mrs. Russell: Lambert, I nie Bellamy, Mrs. Emma Morgan, Mrs. Luvenia Newman,
2320 Moncrief Road, Boy. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown, 1043 Larry R. Stephens, 630 W. Du- Mrs. Gloria Fort, Miss Juanita Wright, Mrs. Gladys Bry-

Logan Street, Boy. val St., 21 and Irene Robinson, ant Mrs. Frances Waldon Mrs. Amanda Bell and Mrs.
:Mr. & Mrs. Herman Wakefield, 2297 Run St. 21. __...____u..u. U'U'__' __' ,
Annie Bell Frazier. Guests present were Mrs. Mary Har-
1327 West 7th Street, Boy. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Johnson,
The wedding of Miss Lm'crin Quartcnmn: : and Sergeant Mrs. Rosa L. Shannon Mrs. Saramce Richardson,
Mr. & Mrs. Clark 743% Levi Starks 1056( W. 19th St., 3iand per, ,
Joseph Route 9, Box 40SG, Jax, Fla., 'Vr-nl d December 22 at
Noah Henry Ucv.:3 s' z on Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore Mrs. Lillian Davis Mrs. Hazel L.
buval Marshall 520 W. Union
W. Street, GirL Lillie ,
8:30 P.M. in the Philadelphia Edpf: : C' u-ch. The Rev- Argrett and Mrs. Ernestine Poole.
Mr. & Mrs. John blames, 4519 Girl.Mr. St, 30.Willie. theceremony. .
_' dt'c: c'r: h performed
& Mrs. Willie Collins, 5635 erend J.t.. Jo_a3oa, r:isW: c
Highland Court, Boy.
74 Bellafonte Drive, Boy. J. Smith, 1403 Lee St., 24 Les Feminae De Charme Bridge Club held its meet
Mr. & Mrs. Artis Fegins, ?
and Betty J. Matthews, 1542 Fran- The bride is the daughter: c,, LLrLd: I. "?. Ernest Quar- ing in the lovely home of Mr. and Mrs. Arburn Lovette, .

Magnolia Mr. & Mrs.Street George, Boy.Harvey, 4130 Mr. & Mrs.Avenue Fred, Reed, 2&U W. cis St., 18. tcnnan. the brric JLax..a .:. Jit i.1:; *--.. _.::":. _akIcwman: 5431 Cleveland Road, with Miss Doretha R. Tarver as
Edgewood Boy.
of Jack o:'\'l'e.I hostess. Games were played during the evening and a
Fairfax Street St.
Boy. Robt. Lyles, 317 E. Beaver Miss
Mr. & :Mrs. Roy Jenkins, 845 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wings, 614 19 and Rosetta Jennings, 317 E. A prc -un c'nirrtial: .. 'music:; :was: Iurn by I delicious menu!: was served.
: ';"; *rl': pp %i pr; "c'orvvmiedat
Ali C't'
Shutter Avenue Mary Members Miss Catherine Oree. Miss
Baker Avenue, Boy. Boy. Beaver St., 18.ATTENTION. present were
:Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Simmons, 743 the p'rro by M.. Ver on Smith. miss Helen Stoddard Viola White, Miss Gwendolyn Anderson, Mrs. Thelma
Mr. & Mrs. Royal Goodson, 1745 '! Y7eddnr rnrcbci.M .
.West Orange Street, Boy. plaved the tmd'tKna' : Johnson, Mrs. Delores Brown, Miss Wilhelmina White,
Hiram Street, Boy. v- li'l't. Vo -1 muriate. Sfc.
Mr. & Mrs. Corker Wimberly, Ouar'crmVc; Miss Delores Waddell and Miss Doretha Tarver.

1710 Rowe Street, Boy. Mr. & Mrs. James Evans, 1454 LADIES Thomas: Gordon acted as best m:rt.: Ushers were Theodore The February meeteing will be held in the home of

Mr. & Mrs. Amos Barrs, 1410 E. W. Union Street, Boy. l rldge &: Social Club Newman: Paul Cbroths-'3 of the groom; Charles Mrs. Thelma Johnson.

23rd Street, Girl. Reporters s Reed, and Ernest Quarter ian, Jr., brother of the bride. *
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Baker, 1740 ; Send or Mail Boon sister of tve bride, served as matron
Jcoiiottc ,
Mr. & Mrs. George Simpson Lire. The Hibiscus Garden Circle will meet in the home of

14&J W. 14th St., Boy. W. 30th St., Boy. Your Social News c: h3iD.fc:::: : .:ss -T__.?.-t: .* r. w-v .erv0fl n, senior Annie i Mrs. Ivory C. Joyner, 1122 W. 8th. Street, Tuesday: Feb ;

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Bryant, 1997 Mr. & Mrs. Elgia Brown, 53 Mondays To bridcs:aaid wIJi: :,Mz: Ch 1iettc Washington, Miss ruary 9, at 8 p.m. I

W. 20th. St., Girl. South Sixth St., Jax Beach, Girl. FLORIDA STAR Pea. '-_.':.Lt .. aril Vvfcn. Newrr "'"n'T* of tho 'room as This being an annual project of the cJ'rcle. the president is I

Mr. & Mrs. Isaiah Rodell, 755 Mr. & Mrs. James Key, 1290 W. 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th junior b'>>-.' '.: T:> i'- '.:T.C7.11: : Ler:v. Pn'th, and Roll call will be "AUCTION Of HOUSE PLANTS."

Court 31st. Street Girl. Or Phone EL 4-6782 : S 1" : :: '''.:.: that .
A. Boy. LUCT" '', ::11 J '_._-.-.- -- --- asking members cooperate by attending the meeting
---- -- -- ---- --------- and bringing a house plant to be auctioned.

I I Il Venctlanoetes Meet At Country Club
About I
'- A GROWING WARDROBE FOR HER DAUGHTERlined .j l The Venetianette Ladies Club held its regular meeting in the ..
-',-- 41 r Lincoln Golf and Country Club with Mrs. Alma Cooper as hostess. if' of"
sleeves. The neck has set-in sleeves '; "J Plans were completed for the Club's installation service which will '
length jacket
by Evelyn Cunningham i Wilbur of be held, February 10th. in the Lincoln Golf and Country Club.
and f I. '- .
front and sleeves of the with detachable collar -
Experts on raising children edges During the social hour games were played and enjoyed by all.
have theories jacket may be bound with cuffs.The People ; ::1 SSI Cleveland Street. Mrs. Dorothy Logan thanked the hostess for a lovely dinner and an
what many many do avoid dress is made herein ; Mrs. Vandora of 2105 enjoyable evening. Other members present were: Mrs. Lois Hagans;
parents can to braid.The other dress with at- red poplin, with the skirt WHITE. Mrs. Jennie Elps; Mrs. Ruth Gardner: Mrs. Lee Edna Nicholson; Mrs.
the pitfalls of the so-called S DanSDfi Street Ruth Myers and Mrs. Eliza R. Atwater.
trimmed with heavy lace
awkward age in children.Thereis tached petticoat and jacket a j i ii Lewis The next meeting will be held February 23rd in the home of the ..
bordered both sides with of 2036
often wide disagreement. (McCall's Pattern No. 5128) on r i DAVIS -' Aususius president. Mrs. Lois Hagans. 1317 West 31st Street.
Sometimes the has a sleeveless, scoop neck black rickrack. The black vel. Mrs. Mirgarct R?c a-.d con. t| ', Street VENETIAN'S PRESIDENTTO I
experts are not .
dress and single breasted, veteen jacket is highlightedwith Alvin of 1CG4 Frankli: Avcnre, INSTALL OFFICERS .
even in accord as to the spe- Henry of 1693 Hi- of the Venetian Club Inc. his
pearl buttons and white visitors: WILLIAMS Mr. Frank Cooper, president or
waist length jacket. The back- Bronx, N.Y. were recent .
cific in which the awkward
years Street.LEAZER annointee: will install the officers of the Venetianettes Ladies Club
collars and cuffs. ran
age occurs. ... buttoned dress has a three- pique Many in the city. 7h y :::e.1 the h '"we (Wives! and Sweethearts: of dub Venetian) February 10th, in the Lincoln -

Be that as it may, all parents gore gathered skirt, with a variations in color and fabric guests: of Ilr. and firs. Jchn Fran Walter of 7925 Mon- Golf and Country dub

are aware that there are gathered net petticoat included may be used for this pattern. cis, Mrs. '.stcII'l! Gants. and: Mrs cref liclcnsIcT.LEITO : :: NOTICE TO SOCIALITES- ITEMS INTENDED FOR THIS COL-

certain in their chil- in the waistline seam. The ashion-SewingWeekly Tip: Lucille Krs and Joseph DaIs ofMandarin. I UMN SHOULD REACH THE FLORIDA STAR NOT LATER THAN
periods when John M. of 615 JeffersoaStre MONDAY 5 PM. FOR PUBLICATION IN FRIDAY'S ISSUE.
Allow growth se- Irrc. the vision
While .
drens' lives when they seem s s e
to be all 'out of kilter. It hap ,.'" ....", ".,., .,",. -... lect and make up a child's were lavishly ente-taincd by Miss *< !
,", .,". pattern, but don't make it so Burnell F rd r .cl M;. G:rsx
: of this city.
pens, for instance, when ':, <,' ,,. ,. >, that it's almost 'f DAVISSdne: AUTHOR ADDRESSES Musical Slated
.. large worn Bannistars. of 1350 West II
baby girls become little girls, 'j O' EAL Mary Ann
and then become ,,, out before it actually fits prop- For Feb. 8
teenagers. ,.' James G. Th .nas of New York 33rd.
then adults.! erly. ENGLISH COUNCILV.
City was n th? city lost week f Joseph of 735
Rb"rt MidWinterThe I
One of the mistakes a mother p i attend the funeral of his sister! I I SI I
:: Everson Street.
make and which I
can can t .. Mrs. Emmi Thomas of South:;ide.
be avoided is -E ,
'so easily to + of 1031 Free-
house Leroy I
., t While here he was guestof MITCHELL -
dress her little in I I
girl too t i'. : ':; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thomasof man Street, N.Y.C. combined choirs of St. John
young or too old clothes. A 1 i Street'Mrs. I
-- ) 1056 W. Church of 959 Broad i Baptist Church will present the
child about the age of the PORTER Sidney:
young model shown here is t : 1 1i 1t Street. annual Mid-winter Musical Feb. 8 1

l;.> i at 8:15: p.m. The presentation this i
definitely no longer a baby. of 1975 W.
t it FAUST Mrs. Onie is titled Over St. I
Yet some mothers would be ',. it t Ruby' Washington ol 341 W Sixth Street. 'I John.year

tempted to have her wear a i t .. 16th. Street returned recenUy: fror"

dress she wore in her "young- t t i iy 1! k'x New York City where she visited DAVIS Mrs. Lila Jane of 312 t The group is directed by the Rev.

er" years because it hasn't her son and daUbhtcr-; 1-aw, Mr. Ernest Street. A. J Hughes and the program Is .

quite worn out' or the deep and Mrs. Ro Washington and Elizabeth of based on songs sung by tlw famous
hem can be let down. This t other relatives. THOMAS Mrs. Wings Over Jordan" choir.

can do great personality damage ; ; : L Ir I 1725 Helena Street. I
little ,, 5 I It Many social affairs were given w Songs to he rendered include: "I
to a girl who is just i r Miss Carris Lou of 724
beginning to be called young y; a d t in her honor and she reports hav- YANCY I Wanna Die EA!*y." Charlie McCor-

lady and who is exceedingly 1 1't 1t I'i f ing had ?'enjoyable. ; stay. Madison Street mick; "I Can Tell The World,"

proud of the fact that she is t t McCUlLOUGHValter of 1962 W. E. Williams, Joseph Alexander,

no longer a baby. 't i 1 Talledega Rd.Elbert. and Miss Thomasenia wilson;

Nome :. # Our sick and shut-ins are: Mrs. "The Greatest of These," Miss
sewing can I
eliminate "
F : HILL Astor of 1425 West W. Walter, consultant In Alice Nixon; "Well Done," Mrs.
this danger. First of all, it is Sallie Neal of 1243 W. 18th. Street
very economical. Secondly, it I is confined to her home. She is a Second Street. speech and drama at Edwaters Hurlene A. Thomas. .

can provide a child with a e.fa member of Mt. Tabor Baptist SMITH Mrs. Susie of Box 193 College, is pictured here addressing "When I Get Home," will be done
wardrobe that grows as she II r RCt church and president: of the Pall members of Dial County
.. ,.. Lawtcy, Florida. by Mrs. Sadie Alexander and Miss
grows.She need never be self- MN 't4-......".1X''+<"jo,... bearers Society 20 and the Eastern Council of Teachers of English Agnes Belle; "Where Shall I go?"
conscious or ashamed about I .' : rI -; Star Chapter; Mrs. Corine Ellis of RILEY Jade of 318 :Madison during their January professional "Run. Run, to Jesus," and "Holy

looking different from other i':, Annie B. meeting. *
Street Mrs. Street.
733 Spearing : be rendered by
Thou will
,.J. ...,' ..,, 1' Art ,
members of her age group. I (*, ""' c.--. '. '<"' Joyner, 824 Davis Street; Mrs. Hopkins of 340 Dramatist Walter, author the
Anna group.
Both designs pictured here 1/j/:, ''0. ,:t.#\w'<:" 'i Louise McBride at her home, 10617 HOPKINS Street. books on play production and a
are equally '''useful in class :>:: ':' Causey Road; Rfrs. Annie Mae East former radio announrer, dIs- Mrs. Mildred Forehand and Mrs.

rooms or at parties. The navy n \. :i Jackson of !987 W. Ashley Street; WILSON Nathan'of 1537 Francis cussed techniques of school play Clarice Hughes will serve as pia -

blue and white check jumper, William D. Cannon, 1519 W. 5th. StreetMTTCHELL production for the local insrntc- 1st' and organist. '
The Chanel I look becomes all Young girl glamour sewn right .
blouse and Street Mrs. Margie Bessent of here an intheroond
Jacket (McCau'sPattern ; tors. He employs I
Here In of Into full-skirted dress .
ages. an adaptation a scooped, : Mrs. Dora Jacyn- .
No. 5123) can be worn 1759 W. 20th. SL; Mrs. Mamie method of presentation in
the 59-60 suit look, Is a scoop- and fitted Jacket. StrIp go round, Street.
without the blouse and Jacket necked Jumper with box-pleoted with an encircling band around Frazier of 2719 Wilcox St; Mrs. thia of 2026 Venus which he speaks and demonstrates for each act.Northwestern. I Ir r

and become quite a dancing skirt, a Bound) Jacket and long the skirt bottom. Helen Lee designed Magnolia Newm th of 2815 San KING Lucile Jackson of 512 Calhoun from within a quadrangle Teacher I

frock or sun dress. The jumper sleeved blouse with choir boy this duo and we think It Diego Plaza. Street Fema tv1ina. .formed by the audience seated at English II

has a scoop neck and the collar. Especially right for the looks smart all.ofa... -fabric or tables in the auditorium of Northwestern were hosts for the afternoon.

blouse has long sleeves. The young, easy to wear with no tuck- with contrasting Jacket. The HART Mrs. Esther .of 955 W. Junior-Senior High School T. A. Jackson, council president i

back-buttoned blouse has set- in problems Is the Jumper line simply lined dress has a back- State StreetWASHINGTON Title of the discourse"was iIat ar.dW English department ,'

in sleeveCgathered into but-' made the most of In this McCall's buttoned bodice cnd dons a makes a good play" methods chairman, Introduned the Syracuse -

toned bands. The three- re Pattern 5123. SOp Feminine and waist length single breasted PATRONIZE Joseph Jerry of Boggested were: Organize a University trained censultn '

skirt is box-pleated. neat the spit and span touchof locket, possibly collared and S 8th StreetLONDON A Next: session of the body to
The collariess ; select
playpen group
a white blouse Its collar and cuffed In contrast. Girls' sixes set Jar new Station Senior IHgb
jacket which may bet Ii cuffs making an appearance. 7-14. McCall's Pattern #5128.SOf. Star fUiertisers Jimmie of 715 Dewitt II cast; minimi meongmities; School! February'IS.LI .
lined, has rr.ia lines Me one week ,
three-quarter i Girls' sizes 412. ., Street mra rbo ;

," .

., .. Sf ;;.
.. .l'i. ( ; ,5" .
-: : !'r ,' / '1, '- ....' r'a "'. ;: .'--*:,; .t -d i1: ;f. : t. ,- .. ;'. .,, f -. ;..., /

,'. ,. .



-_...-- --
.\.. 'I''J P':':"'.''''''''''" '.' ,'., :.-...... .,:. '= "f!'': "''. ,",- '" .'-- ".; '.--'1"t.Iii. .. .',- -. .. .. -- '. : <. -_- r' --
: / .1"1
; ; :
; 5 : : ,4' _

,, .
I .. I
S ... \. .

'/. i f-' : ': ,

..: ., .
"' < ,/, : > ., .. ::' '

; .' : ,_ .. I I
d \ .
Pag e Four THE .
Wee Ending Saturday, February 8, 1960 ,

MUSLIMS PREPARE f Gospei Group I Ii ;,;!:.. :;.- .' __
: ..
: .
I I i -.: jrr 1 '
Set To '
i Appear jI


MUSLIM LEADER DUE IN JAX wA spiritual homecoma g week!I Ii ACHVRCM

CHICAGO Last :Fri aytt:-I will be observed in Day Spring Bar-: i i NEWS

hammad's. Temples of Islam! formally -f tist Church Feb. 14 through the :

: opened headquarters in preparation 21st featuring the Stars of Faithof I

for' their annual convention Phitedalphia, Pa. I

to be February 26th, through -, II I
February .28th, at the Chicago The Rev. Mr. Hughes will speak .. ; '> .; 7It/ 1 f

Coliseum. on "The Prodigal Son:" The combined .:I. t. .'..... .',,,.'(, .r.k,::if.,; ........1.:.;,'Y.. 7.".."';,',",'f'Ji;1..! .,,.:t, ,., \ .. ..". SIMPSON: PLANS ..... .. .. .. The Anniversary celebration of I!

choirs of Day Spring will. ;.:10't i of\ ......T:.-.' ,._' .\/.; i'''''';';" ;J \ .t-. I Usher Board No.2 of Simpson. Tabernacle Baptist Church will begin .
Messenger Elijah Muhammad, al.oix' heard.Association i I i :.;,'". ',-y.,.' # ..t'1 -, ): :: : Methodist Church will observe the Fob 8 with District 1 in charge i

whose headquarters are also in day will be obsarved i -' ;::: .. '.-. ..' -:.,. ,,' ,. t. ..... )i-- '. ..: \ \ -1 tenth annual Valentine Tea, Sunday of services. Tuesday night, District 1:
r. :.,.J: : ;'.... ; :' ..' J .
the February 14th -3.30 to 5 2
Chicago, has been the subject of Sunday throughout day begin-1 '. ''+!I.l':... .< .,...' 1 .\. ,.l' p m. Wednesday night, District 3; i
,articles in most of the major news- ning with the Sunday School at : .' :., ... "t'i: in the Social Hall of the Church. Thursday night District 4, Friday I

papers and magazines about thecountry 9-30 a.m. : "The Garden Tea" at Valentinewill night District 5: Feb II t, District 6 I

during the past >ear. Choir 1 will serve for the, morning be repeated this year in memory will have charge. of the closing serv I

Currently the representatives of worship.. Choir 2 will serve for: of the late Mrs. Orelia Mosely, ices. t I

NBCs "Meet the Press" are negotiating the afternoon sessicn at 2 p.m. and. deceased member who named the

for possible !live inter- the Gospel Chorus. will serve for : tea I II

view of Messenger Muhammad by the e..ening.fr hip The following steering commit Oratorical Contest Launched I

the Nation's top reporters on the t tee will 'serve: Mrs. Maruyn Jenk- Tha Royal Arch Masons of i

.last day of the Muslim Convention. Urban League AnnouncesThe ins and Mrs. Vanburen Parker, which Rev. A. E. Crumadjr Is supervisor I
Messenger Muhammad returned Jacksonville Urban
General and chairman; Mrs. District No.1, has launched -
from a forty-five day inspection has,announced that plans are being The Red Cross Aides of Zion Hope Baptistary 26 at 8 pjn. ,in the auditorium of the church. VemeU'R. Glover and Mrs Pearl their 4th annual state oratorical -

and observation tour of the Muslim j made to compile a comprehensive Graduates (front row, from left) Ruby JoMae Ola Tanker, L. E. Allen, Susie M. Bulter (b Susie Jones and Mrs. Berniece P. contest.

countries in Afirca and Aasi on directory of all social and Scorfield, Fannie Smith, Sarah Allen, Mrs. Reesebackground.Church Pugh, Publicity; Mrs. Evelyn

January 6th.Messenger. civic clubs, churches, and other held their Graduation ceremonies Janu- Green, Mrs. Rosa Lee Shannon Contestants from Douglas Anderson -

Muhammad an- community institutions. nes,,Susie Fcrd, Gusie M. Rhodes, Clemmie Bruceack row) Zelma Merriett, Lucile Morris, Vern'aand Mrs. Annie M. Days Refresh i Matthew Gilbert and New
nounced at the opening of the Muslim 'has asked all organizations or institutions Rev. E. R. Simpson, pastor of Zion Hcpe in ment; Mesdames V. $ Stanton of this city and Central
Parker. Ruth
Convention headquarters that that are desirous of ,i High of Putnam County are expected -
Brewton Mesdames V. Gladys,I j
his topic during the conventionwill having their names appear in the REV RICHARDSON Band Parents Stewart Decoration to enter the contest.

deal with what he has seen, 1960 Directory to register with the St. Stephen's i The Band and Choral Parentsof \/. Young- F. Turner; Olivia Mesdames !i!j Feb. 22, contestants from Duval.

what he heard during his Muslim Urban League office located at i Group ToPresent Isaiah Blocker School will pre-I Brcnvn-Hostesses chairman: ; Mes : St. Johns Putnam:: and Nassau

world tour and what the American 109 E. Union Street I sent the annual Band-C dames S. M. Gadson, B. P. Pugh, Counties will assemble in Abyssinia -
Negro must now do for himself. ChoirThe Concert March 14 at 8 pjn. in M. Baptist Church for the dis-
Finance -
Rev. David C. Richardson, assistant -' ; :Miss trict
Prior to the convenfion, Messenger It was also reported that thee the school auditorium.One Floretha Anderson contest. The winner will
Muhammad speak at th American Muslim leader is due to pastor of Good Shepherd James Shannon Gadson, vie for State honors.

Shriner's Auditorium, Los Angeles, make an appearance in Jacksonville Building Fund Committee t Baptist Church, wishes to thankall of the main features of Green.Appearing ; Treasurer.HissEvelyn

California, ,on Sunday, February where a temple was recently of St. Stephen AME Church will\ of the members and friends the program will be the joint on program will be The
nationally famous
Band-Chorus selection. The chorusis BothuneCooknnn -
7th. established. present the' Allen University Choir that participated and helped to Joseph Johnson, Louis Reed, Mr. : College choir will be
-. of Columbia, S. c., in concert Feb. under the direction of Mrs. 'James, Mrs. presented -
make the last Sun- Dorothy Williams,
program on in concert here March
4 in
Ruby P. Askew and
Mrs. Nom
7 at 4 in Lee Auditorium,
p.m. Miss Cozie M.
OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS Special Gloria JeanGlover the auditorium of Ebenczer
Edward Waters College. day a great success. S. White, band director. Methodist
; The
Kindergarten of
PRINTERS PRESSMEN ADMEN thanks goes out to Rev. N. H. Assisting the directors are: Simpson Church.
uioir No. 2, Miss
c The choir consists of 100 trained Dorothy M.
Linda Hall, band captain Algred
Hicklin of Varick Meth- ; I
Chapel The
Lang, Doris Grooms and others. presentation is in connection
voices and has been heard
There are openings for odist Church, Deacon Clarence Cooper, co-captain; James A. Hostesses are Miss Joan Frazier with the 33rd anniversary of
throughout the city, state and Reed, student director Gloria
EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editors Cunningham of Mt. Ararat Bap- ;
and Percy M. Tolbert, other names Mary McLeod BeUiume Circle of
under direction of Prof.
copy-readers advertising salesmen. circulation tist Church Rev. Milton Mc- Dixon, secretary; Emerson Bryan, this
John Hunter. appear later. city, found!' I in 1921 by :Mrs.
men and women printers. compositors lino.type Swain of Evergreen Baptist I publicity director; Cynthia Jones, Ada M.\ Lee who is now president

operators. The group has been cited as one Church, Mr. James Bryand, choral president; Beverly Douglas, ACE LEAGUE GIVES emeritus of the organization.The .

of the best singing groups in the The Pilgrim Gospel Singers, The vice president; Elouise Ray, secre- The City wide A.C.E. I
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train tary; Beverly Smith, treasurer; choir has
Sons of Prayer Gospel Singers, gained national
country by critics. The program Union of the AM.E Churches
young reporters and people for all departments will feature classics, secular and Mrs. Allie Hendon and all of the and Mrs. Vivian Satterwhite who present: its will fame on the coast to coast radio
if have real desire become memberof has been appointed chairman of program in
you a a spirituals selections.The other many friends. the auditorium of St. Paul AME network of the United Negro College
the newspaper fraternity.WE the concert committee. Fund
Church They have made
The order of service for Sun- at 3 P.M. Sunday February -
NEED Men and women, young or middle- Tickets may be purchased from numerous television appearances and
21, 1960.Alexander!) (). I
I aged in all fields for a chain newspaper and day is as follows: Sunday School members of the Band or Choral is rated among the outstandig Col-
Senior Missionary Society: of will begin at 9:45: ajn., Morning Parents.1IECITAL. Cottrell, president of I lege
magazines. in
Mt. Baptist Church will .. the St. Paul ACE League and I groups the countiy.
ACT NOW Stale experience and age.wroTE Calvary worship at 11:00: BTU at 5:30, --.1 t vice- .
: sponsor guest program Feb. 7 at 3 Holy Communion will be admin- president of the League Union has I Singing at Bethune-Cookman has

: :: ,- INTERSTATE PRESS p.m. in the auditorium of the church. istered at 7:00: p.m. worship SET IN MT. ZION arranged an enjoyable programfor I been one of the great traditions of

1.- "" Yft ..... '-" P> O. Box 732': Jacksonville 1. Flaw Local talents of the city will parti- with the pastor Rev. C. Hale in Prof. Harold Boggs and singers this occasion. I the institution founded by the late

.:::: cipate. charge of the service. will be presented in an after service Religious groups appearing are i I, Dr. Mary :McLcod Bcthune. Many
<> The Stanto Musi cho of New Stan- ': outstanding musicians have
in" Mt been
''"I'.1' ...f ... program Sunday night ton High School Choir I
: No.
of St. developed at
t .. .1" Zion Baptist Church, Southsidc. I the college while taking I
\ f Services for Sunday will begin Paul, The Brewster Hospital Nurses an active part in the singing !

.. ..., ., with the Sunday School at 9:0::: Quarete, Boys and Girls choir of group.
: St. Paul Junior A.C.E. League, Thomas D. 1
a.m. followed by morning worshipat Dcmps, a graduate of
11 a.m. BTU 5:30 p.m. Evening Students of Edward Waters College Bethune Cookman and a former
Speaker for this occasion will member of the
worship 7 pjn. Depau Chorus of New
/ District will meet at 3 p.m. at be announced at a later date. York City, is in his seventh year as

4 ... the home of Mrs. Lucretia Mar Officers of the Union are: Leonard director of the choir.

... t. gan. J. Roberts, Jr., President; Tickets for the March 4 concertare

Miss Evelyn Presha, Secretary now sale
'. on and may be pur
Carolyn McRoy, News reporter. I chased from members of the circle.sri. .

The Sunday School Departmentof

.. Abyssinia Baptist Church will '

.. ,. .,.. musical tea Feb. 21 at I 1:1{
sponsor a ,
; : :.: ::::;:::::x.::::.;.:._i.*: :: sented for the occasion. (Qjtft TrHJhtdi1N

fifo. .
The Red Circle will present a t .

-.:< : :':t)1:<'\?:.:::: : ;: ''.t'' y.''..':'''''''': .. ;: musical, hour Feb. 14 at 3:30 p.m. .
S 1: ,.....: : : :! at the church.
.. if
\\0 ; ........ \.x <. +' r ti Whtte
0I 1 I 'i i' .f S 7'v"e" {: ;..: .0
': ...:' .4; ..... > 1il?
Feb. 22 for the
: ;:
I .. : fraternity organization -
: : ::..> ..;< ... '
:t >
/ :
< .. .. ..;
/ ; >
: .<
: : : :5:: S \. !,
: ::: \ program. \
: .t. 7._

:t'l f ti : l \i R-!Ir oJ a I -;-.if':; .-1 e

ea 1-:
security .
I CHURCH NEWS ..... .. .. .. .. -. r..'# ;J' .
r r : J"t >tf .
i t ''
I I I'J ; '\ Af'1 <(
I We Jon t'rnt\1n' the nicest honFe in i the best 1 A spiritual homecoming week .;t \t \ f
> :< l./h ( .
il' 5 will be observed in ,. '' "" -4 : .. .P. .L: t
} Day Spring ,
neighborhood ." l' \ ,
newest sleekest 1./j'..r ".
: 'car 5 Baptist Church, Feb. 14 throughthe : '" ;......, .,..... .:"" .,-
; -
''I I' the: riqht'school. the \r.-- ) pr.
richt "amp". 4 21st. featuring the Stars of r. \ ... t' i
t .. j \ .
\\Vrc Faith of Philr-Uelpn-i, Pa. R lfi t ___''t I
talbi ,
t about \
,' t the i ind I of i. '' \ '
security : ;
f ..;'Ii J i (Ley can't Jo wditheut ti. Lind that : -i. ii The .Rev. A. J. Hjgiies; will tilt" "r. !...'\ lJ("" "' /- N : :
e } comes ,. .. S" eak :i "Tho Prx"isal l Sn. Th2 t. ?
\4.\.1 j
i (Von insiJe. : : j combined choirs of Day Si'mg : : J.;' '. :. $I.t" .f. \ ti I -, i \; f 1 : I

: :. will also b? 1a:,...rt. 1 3-\. :.. J "r. :: 1 < \ I<. I
: Fnilh. In (; 'f1 ; .. J!; o J 1'y ,
0J. .
Itfc. ..
". in in ihcmielves.For ::; ,.
w w. //.n.\ \ ) ,. .
r -' ( rt 1\- "
J 'j- .' ;: t \. / .;: 1trr" .. \
; t life.is no game for spiritual sissies. t WOMAN DAY OBSERVED \ '- % ; \$. -;.% ,

.. ::. 1 Only Faith.: the armor of the spirit. Annual Women day will be! observed "r f '" ", t' "" \U1 1 ..'. ,
r March 13 at New Zion
.I' ;
,I If \vill give them the stamina to meet it ist Church, Fernandina Beach, '

l/; ; courageously, no matter what it brings .-- during the morning hoar of worship 1"I\ I r1

at 11 a.m. The address will \ i I
., You show 1 't ,
'_ .. can your: -children be deliyered by Mrs. Franlde! Simmons -

5 ;5. ,,: ,,r where to find faith. how to Y a a public teacher of Duval New body-proportioned "Sklppies Tl-r.* LJ"e'rna(}., bj

.. :::i. .. ::1 I huiW! it day Ly day. if you make a County.the host The pastor.Rev. C. J. Watkins is regardless Formfit in1! of three height.lengths They to arc fit your nylon vuiW:power?.t"-thiti net with measurement sJimn1ing-,

: i praying:;: a family a.I ir(1tJ'iiid The Senior Usher Board will satin elastic front and back panels and ri:+bed elastic ualstband.
You'd think that a short \
e r r .__ girl -
sponsor a Valentine tea Feb. 14 wcuca wear a ShOrt.gird1e and
I I my and hips each has a two
tft %' from 4 to 5 P.M. at the church. A a tall girl wouVJ wear a long and one-half inch band of ribbed

L < program will be presented for the girdc. But it ain't necessarily elastic at the waist A narrower
so. according to the figure experts band of
occasion. Fame elastic finishes
y v S \ at onnfit.Th off the hem. Just for fun
r point out that your correct and fancy they adJed a delicate
; NORWALK, CONN., HOUR: girdle length is determined, floral spray of embroidery to
net::.by your Qver-all height, but
"This is a land of free speech and the diarons.eFed: front panelThe
I by the distance from your waist And
girJfst matching.
,. free. prophecy, too. Anybody can .0 thigh. Three Jlrls of the panties con f i its: rjnall. medium
3 : z i: make guesses about what's goingto same height could .*ch have a i and large sizes. 'test's measurIng
happen. What's going to happen different waist-to-thigh measurement around r- '. : ">rt, regular
." ., next to the 'shape of automobiles? and require girdles In and 10:1- i ;easur-
1 varied lengths.To ing down). .
"Will many more new yearly accommodate these Individual It : *
; you've h:1. wing
stronger, licfier life models come and go before the ad- figure variations, Form- a girdle that LJ
-. ... worship together every week vertisements begin putting delicate fit has just Introduced a most able the new ixx1:.:.. ..'.*dufort-\.Imed;

.' xE> emphasis on a person's not having attractive set of body-prop6r- "Skippies. may li Just the tick
tioned "Skipples" girdles and et. For the -secret of ,
f .. -fl.,. i'. i\ .- '.to bend double to enter a car- pantie girdles. and flattery in uriterfrrjora= coal Is
: Conttduted'to the Reli 'on In American b&.. i .. ., .' and on his having plenty of head- Fashioned of a lightweight, fit. The girdle that fits ;your
Pro m b : -: : r room once he's seated?" silken-smooth nylon power net own figure exactly ''uU"ncver
: -J > :: : ; with satin elastic front and ride up or bind
... i J >-&&& ** <' .,. ':,,', ,} : .; back panels to trim both turn- wrong places. you Jn the
_' ;_, :... .
t f J .< ',' _. -<: '" .j.i";! -
'.+ : p" "'.' : ;, ,< \
j' ; ..


.1 : 1II v., _, .'d-4w '.-<< 1..1;.:. .. .....:,.. -......_ ..' ,} '. \ i ---- : .

.r < ?;. rii '!".h" ; .f:'"* _...' <

.. .t .
,: .

... .

: I .' ;; i. ..
l .'": .:; If.: L ., ; .t'1:-'.t;:, -" : ;: ,- k ., ., '
ii -' -' .
.. ,, "
4 .

f :i Week Ending Saturday. February 6, 1960 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Five"r,


t -., I When Tfie Face Of America Began To Change ,

1 '>ab'ti: b7S
"" '
44v 'PT'.
f i

fI I

t 4 .a : '

i "'rvSv' 4 1

I ...,.' ...,..
,. 3
"' : <
/ z.Y

take them to train and air ter-
OI'fuNS SC D.\Y AT TIIC ROOSEVELT! minals. Exchange Students from
Heading a star.filled cast in Howard Hanks' "Rio Iira\o," exciting Fisk University, leave for a second rtf '"A s1 if 2Zf iY *.
I Technicolor western drama for Warner Kros., are Ricky Nelson, John semester of study at collegesand
Wayne> and Dean Martin. The picture opens Sunday at the Roosevelt Universities in California and
Theatre, and on the same program you will see a first run science Ohio. 1st row left to right are:
I fiction thriller "Satan's Satellites." Delbert Glover of Savannah. Ga.

enroute to Denison University,
Granville, Ohio; Miss Dianne Hamp-
hill of Nashville, Tenn., Miss 'S v V y V\
Brenda Qey of Baltimore, Maryland .
Council +
I Of Negro Women and Joseph Rooks of Suffolk l ti

Va., to Pomona, Miss Yvonne
To Aid Crisis In EducationPlans Wood of Syracuse, N.Y"0 Ober-
: lin College, Obcrlin Ohio; Voris
Glasper of Houston, Texas. to Red-
r for "Operation 1700" were operation; that as representativesof lands University, Redlands, Coh- t \
., discussed at an emergency weekend fornia; 3rd Row Amon Martin of
organizations they committed Pendleton, South Carolina to Whit-

conference attended by repre- themselves to return to their or- tier College, Whittier, California. L ,: __ _____,___ .
m -
entatives from --- -
33 national organizations --
throughout the country. ganizations' to stress the emer- In mid-afternoon of June 1, 1309, five primitive motor- Included .n the caravaa are a duplicate of the victoriousNo.
gency of this situation and seek cars started out from New York City Hall headed for
Also attending the conference were 2 Ford: Ford Motor Company's 50 millionth vehicle, a
help for service within the frame- Seattle, Wash., in what was officially called the "Ocean- Galaxie
Reverend L. Francis Griffin, headof ; a Model K Ford which paced
work of PECCA. to-Ocean Automobile Endurance Contest.
the Prince Edward County the competitors from New York to St. Louis, Mo.' and an
Two of the five were Model T Fords
designated No. 1 and
Christian Association; W. Lester Sony* of organizations that HoGhid7lHints'j No. 2. The others were a Shawmut, an Acme and an Itala- exhibit van, the displays of which hew a look into the

Banks: Executive Secretary of participated were; The National names now long since forgotten in the automotive industry. past and a glance at the future of the automotive industry.The .

I the Virginia NAACP and Robert D. Council of Churches; American J Ford No. Z reached Seattle at 12:55: p.m., June 23, nearly above picture shows (top left) the two Model T Fords

Robertson, President of the Virginia Council on Human Rights; Wom- d by 17 hours ahead of its nearest competitor, the Shawmut, and on the starting line in New Ycrk City Hah plaza: top right

NAACP. en's Auxiliary, National Dental As- was the first car ever to travel from New York to Seattle Ford No. 2 as it stopped to cool off in Cleveland, 0.; lower ,/
sociation; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Vivid green foliage in solid under its own power. Ford No. 1 came in third, the Acme left, a duplicate of the original Ford No. 2,_along with
j Miss Dorothy I. Height, National ; Women's Auxiliary, National brass or copper containers can fourth.The Itala broke down and was shipped in by freight. Ford's 50 millionth (the exhibit' van is in the background);
President of the National Councilof Medical Association; Community brine life and freshness to your The historic contest is being re-enacted this month by a lower right, the late Henry Ford (in derby hat and long

Negro Women, urged support Council for Social Progress; Worn home this 'a'r.Springand throug' : ,ford Motor Company caravan which as nearly as possible, overcoat) greeting Ford No 2, with driver Bert Scott and
from all of the women's organiza en's Auxiliary, National Alliance of out the )'( "- The :js following the same route and same day-to-day schedules mechanic C. J. Smith :n Seattle. At left (in checkered cap)

, tions. She also asked for financial Postal Employees; National Beau- f"7'' '.1 warmth sunny of the the original contestants. is M. Robert Guggenheim, sponsor of race.

i help for 'Operation 1700' to help finance ty Culturists League; Sigma Gam- t: r 4"1 ':ff. copper and
the program through the '1:: I :j i,'i' brass: and the .
ma Rho Sorority National Leaguefor
; : ----
end help of defray next the June.tuition The money of 50 high will Nursing; Young Women's "; .. _,V'o. -:'. r !aid=: woodland* coolness the- City Is SuedPALATKAA By flan's Wife For $250.000- --. i I TRIBUNE BEAVER FALLS, PA., NEWS-

League; Chi Eta Phi Sorority; :4J ; plants are : "Federal, state and
school seniors now completing Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; National ":'\: ... k-t.9t' ;i CC-0 S of all suit seeking dam- County Court asking damages for 1959. local expenditures are running at
f. their education at Kittrell College '- ....n.t.!! ouvfoor To- ages of $250.000, has been filed the
Education Association; The Links, : ,. .c death of her husband, Rumley $lZ) billion a year. That is more
( in North Carolina. Incorporated; Jade and Jill of jretner they against the city of Palatka by a Moore, who was fatally shot by a A coroner's jury ruled Kite than ono third the national product.In .
Mrs. Vivian Carter Mason of cn form the main ornanejuation Negro widow for the death of
, I her Palatka policeman other words 35 of
America, Incorporated; United of the room. acted legally in the case every
Norfolk, Virginia, past President of Church Women; Grand Temple, I Even if you don't have a husband.Mrs. The widow charges Policeman A previous complaint was dismissed dollar earned in this country goes

I. NCNW, chaired the conference. Daughters of Elks; Delta Sigma "green" thumb, them :ti'j plants Emma Moore filed an Perry Kite with negligence in the when the court ruled no to help maintain government on
She described the that will flcur-sh; Wn little help amended complaint in Putnam
crisis in :
present. shooting of "
Theta Sorority; Order of the Eastern Moore on March 1, foundation for the allegations. all levels. I
from you.Tust member to keep
, Prince Edward County and its
Star;: Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority plants moist but not sodden I ...-.'
, implications. ; American Association of One plant' is the Whitmaniifern ... '
j) W. Lester Banks said it would University Women; National So- ssn.Tttmies: called lace fern.
f take$16,500 to set in operation anew The National This plant ha" a delicacy that ,
ority of Phi Delta Kappa; i
rJ&)' ts: hardiness. It shunsnerrt
j plan to help the youngsters. Association of Women 1 .1 !
College > 8umi h: so ;t is a natural r r
f Centers with educational and re- ; Iota Phi Lambda Sorority; m the foyer or' a drab corner of
| creational programs would be set Women's Missionary Council of i room. lle ui'!! cnn oe spec acu-
, | up by February 1. This date is the the Christian Methodist Church; ir TV hen you grip this fern m I
mid for children who a large upper kettle or b-ass
year point American Friends Service Committee -ase, either, at floor level 01 on 111 I
I really should be in school.
Tri Association .
; State Hospital \ tan.;
Robert D. Robertson who has l ALi
; U. S. Commission on Civil Or you nip'"rl v*. I rauescantis, ; NEW r
been working closely with the Rights; D. C. Board of Education 'a hara."r, etocrow !\ )'. --: : ; _
I Prince Edward Christian plant i' r' 'I"
County .
and American Nurses Associationof with colorful, \ \ a'l I960
. Association stressed that the pro "
D. C. s: h i in y leave :- .
posed centers for the youngsterswill 3ecau it is r ;
only operate until after the For further information on what a Ir-ilcr. this j tr SLIM PORTABLE TV with

schools were reopened. you can do either as an organization nla! "t looks especially ) ;,.1o. S i
individual contact the well E ,,_ \ \ ,
The conferees passed a resolutionto or as an -
endorse the and plan- Headquarters of the National Council .n a hanging ''';'';rA -".
program 3!t."3 contain- rr.I COMMAND
ning of PECCA as an organization of Negrp Women. 1318 Vermont 'r. S isp-uled from the ceiling by SPACE]

in principle, and as a channel of I Avenue N W. Washington 5, D.C. cans o. two lone: brass chains, t
can :tdl1.thp finishing touch
.- :;or .. cist:::'o; of drawers or in a"r ( with Remote TV Tuning
SUPPORT THE DRIVE type of fern which is
aid *o produce more greenery
vith less; care than: almost any
'Miet pant is the Boston fern. Relax! Don't Get Up. .. -- == w
FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF I t cpT."*; in many charming
"l'i: ie0, both: laced: and frilled. Tune TV from across -- -- ---
his fern which seeks sunlight, a w
be MDjfVffestive" in a brags the Room with Silent Sound rN
"tn :
NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMS ':rater clonj' the' \\Intiow; sill. TOUCH A BUTTON on control unit ,

'r,. you might pre* r to place the you hold in your hand. I z ., y -

I would like to He a new policy of better treat '' "xngfulut.'<-. a'!- 1._?'-r rn-., ,-t?' stand ts a Turn set on and off 'q

ment to Negro customer adopted by local firms. I' Adjust volume to two levels of ; "

I resent being called by my first name by r salesman sound and mute '

and saleswomen Change channels
I believe that Negro patrons should be provided I
" f' No wires! No cords! No baferiejL13 / / ,.
ample rest room facilities In local establishments and

an end put to itm-- ow signs: ca drinking founh.11. I r 0

rind rest rooms. i J
r. To acromplUh there changts I am willing to ,6&- I 0J YI

patronizing firms that are unwilling to zn* irequjots. the

I t- I 0 $ : .Ou15 DOWN k

: NAME __ II .. ,

STYRENE CASEL10 Slim Classic Portable with SPACE COMMAND

I' ( ) You may disclose my name 11 l1eCe ary. 0 The Trinidad- 2O1OC SOU d

. I I understand that my' name will be held confidential $2.95 Per Week 17* overall dtag. picture. 155 sq. in. rec Out

unless indicated otherwise below. I tcngular picture area. In Two-Tone MetaJfcc" '
Gray and White.

It r "'"''" '- ,, Only $10.95 Down : i

I .$ 'At i' and Slim Caribbean-Model Giassic PortableThe D181O3 .

i J7"overall ding 155' inches of
! :. .,: $ ., $2.40 Per Week
.. -. : I picture viewing orea.ln Blue Mist color. R
: ;,.' .
; JJ- t ; :' ',. i ir '. .. I
:" .. All .
i. f'Ft.
o ;, '. I f : .: $ ', 99.95

' ;f : ': I I"l : WO.RLD FAMOUS 3fe&f7f* QUAUTy..Bef in Picture..Besf. in Sound..Best in Performance

( i -I

*. ;:
t. \ 0 ofrr .. \
) .. .. .' ... .. --- --. h'" 41t. and
.1. .
> State Pearl
..I .," : : : :,.' .:,, ... Appliance
t. f. 1jt f. 4f'4'fw... S\ "'I' e. :>-.., -.,1'' .,'" ,..... ,' .

I t f ACROSS THE STREET PHONE ELgin 6-0489 9A.M.-9P.M.; : ....
'- ''
I .


I, -

:... : : q' "..,: .... ." '. ...'. .: ..

'" -
.: .>'::"- :...- ,. "',:-':"-. 7--: :}.:-qo-.. r-" -''; -.

\ \ .


i .

Page Six .
Week Ending Saturday February. t:.. I9fia
-- -- -- ----

COLORED HOME Lewis Timmons, a 1515

graduate of Florida A&M University, PENSION LAW These pensions are not affectedby SET AT FAMU, APRIL 2 I Ik Not Closed j

has written a book entitled Teaching GOES INTO EFFECT the new law.

English. The book deals with Because of the wide-spread interest Q. Does the new law change the TALLAHASSEE-The second annual Florida High

LEARN TO DRIVE such fundamentals as seeking out 'among veterans. and their eligibility requirements for pensions Institutions 2 for Higher Education, will be held here April : WASHINGTON A Justice De- J
Secure Drivers' License individual pupils' interests, teachingoral dependents; on the new pension paid to veterans? School an announcement made by Dr. G. T. \Vig- partment spokesman said Wednesday ,
SAFEWAY law going into effect later this A. Not basically. Ninety Day, sponsored by the Florida Council of
DRIVING and written composition, gram- days active gins. the lynching of -;)-ear-old Negro I
SCHOOL mar, vocabulary year the Florida Star this week wartime service and an hon-
building, and the The senior truck driver Mack Charles
day project is
600 West Beaver Street understanding how to read fine prints the first of five columns of orable-type discharge are required.The a cooperative I
pertinent information effort on the part of I- Parker at Poplarville, Miss., is "not
GEORGE PERPENA. Dir. literature-prose, poetry, the drama. on the new veteran must also be perman-
member "
institutions of the Formal invitations a closed
councilto case
law. are expectedto yet.
Res. PO 5-4807 Mrs. Timmons is presently employed Succeeding columns will appear ently and totally.'disabled. There
provide Florida
in the JPinellas County School each week. Cut out and save are important? changes in the in- iors the high school sen- be placed in the mail to the Luther A. Houston, departmentpress
opportunity to talk
System. each column for a complete fact come limits under the new systemas officials of Florida with principal and .senior class adviserof officer made the statement
sheet The following questions, with well as some changes ,in the higher each high school within the when asked about reports the
learning at a central location government
state of Florida.

(iwse C?I. p S NHGATFN J Ji appropriate by the veterans answers,Administrationfrom were chosen I pensioner's methods employed annaul to income.compute Under the During and the during day-long one-day confab individual period.- mail a cover letter Smith to also these plansto individuals the nine-month-old is considering case.new He actionin de-

Cd FGVIJ FAhf/ 'ti'S0. the 'thousands being asked: the new law the veteran's estateor seniors have the opportunity to of explaining the various dined to say what steps might be
phases the
: ,. Q. When will the new system of "Worth" will become an eligi- attend centers sponsored by each day. taken.

pension payments go into effect? bility factor.Q. .
.:.. .. = ... .. .,.. --- A. On participating institution during Member institutions and their A special federal grand jury in
.. July 1960. The firstchecks Let's onto this
.-. .U'n. go a step at a which time representatives presidents are as follows: BethuneCookman Bilon
'" Miss., closed
: its
_. *c.. -:v a Ul under the will investigationof
new system time. What
are the criteria for discuss
'. es- the course offerings finan- College, Daytona Beach, the lynch
-- Jan.
not be mailed before August 1. tablishing permanent and total is- cial cost, co-curricular activities, Dr. Richard V. Moore; Edward ..returning case 14 without
any indictments.
... 1960.Q.. ability? and other aspects of life at their Waters College, Jacksonville Dr.
.Oqt i.r Who will be affected by the A. The degree of disability may respective institutions. In addition William B. Stewart; Florida There is speculation a new grand ,

new system? vary according to the age of the each school prepares a display and A&M University, Dr. George W. jury might be convened or other

A. All veterans of World War T, veteran. Generally he must have a has available printed materials. Gore Jr.; Florida Normal and In Legal proceduers might be used to

World War n and the Korean con- disability which at his age prevents Dr. Wiggins, head of Washington dustrial Memorial College, St. Au bring to trial those suspected of the

1 et! flict and their dependents who him from getting regular, full time Junior College of Pensacola, also gustine, Dr. R. W. Puryear; Gibbs lynching.

y qualify and begin to receive non- employment. This disability must announced that Charles J. Smith Junior College, St. Petersburg, Parker was dragged from his cell

service pensions after June 30, be such that doctors do not expectit m, director of public relations at John W. Rembert. at Poplarville last April 25 while

1960, will be under the new system.Those to improve materially.Q. Florida A&M University, will again awaiting trial on charges of rapinga

already on the pension roleson What are the changes in a serve as coordinator of the day- Howard Junior College, Ocala, pregnant white woman. His bullet-

t'ri June 30, 1960, will not be affected veteran's income limits? long program. In addition to Smith, William-. Jackson; RooseveltJunior : i pierced body was found 10 days
unless they choose to the College, West Palm Beach, later in the
come A. Under the old law a veteran coordinating committee will include Britton Pearl River.
under the Sayles; Rosenwald
new system. They
without representatives
dependents could not drawa from each
make this choice at any time, but pension if participating school. Community Junior College, Panama
his annual income ex-
once the election is City, C. c. Washington ;SuwonTERRE HAUTE IND.
made, the ADVOCATE
ceeded J1400. Under the new law Last April 3, some 1000( ) high nee River Junior College Madison
pensioner can never revert to the he : "The hunting season a
receive seniors
may some pension if from throughout the James J. Gardner
old system. ; Washington here, and each millions
year of:
his income is as high as $1800. state attended the first annual Fla. Junior
Q. How does the new law affect College, Pensacola, Dr. G.T. Americans look forward to it. Un-
Under the School Senior
old law Day
a veteran with sponsored by
those drawing compensation or dependents the Wiggins; Volusia County unfortunately, hunting accidents. .
could not receive a council. Smith forecasts that ity
service-connected benefits College, Daytona Beach, J. have multiplied to an alarming
? pension If his annual the 1960 attendance will
income be
was even Griffin Greene and Lincoln JuniorCollege
A. The degree-mainly because the .
new law does not affect number
more than larger.
benefits paid for service-connected system his $2700.annual Under income the may new Fort Pierce, LeRoy Floyd. of hunters has increased."

disabilities.Q. .
be as much as $3,000 and he still
Does the new law. affect ser- will be eligible for some pension. .
information to fit your (
A. No. Service pensions are paid individual case may be obtained
only to Indian War, Civil War and i : ,
d't from f.
a contact b
Spanish American representative at W v'.r! .
veterans. any VA office.

__ .V ...
', Pat Nixon Honored By Cosmetologists

/J1T .

tai CWARlES! ,

d011'1 iitT-!-:,! t j'AnHj O iJln1F. $ i' ,. .
_: '

w4r & &

e t i 4 e
t r



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Clean Burning I z HIS PORTRAYAL OF EUGEtfE O'NEILL'S ,. I i t? 'P..r

o For your stove or fireplaceby EMPEROR JONES IN 1920 ;
Coal I

"Our 17th Year" gac.4>< AWAY FROM SLAPSTICK AND
5833 Norwood Ave. PO 4.4511 :5 .t I i ; ti

_, ..rt I I
zw.c.. .(pir z. :..._ A RECORD RUN AND WAS ACCLAIM

: :' by the'Vice Mrs.the Richard President M.,Nixon was honored,wife of benefit premiere luncheon showing,highlighting of the new thi ED OME, OF THE TOP TEN OF NEW YORK y'S \1

e e and National Hairdressers Spring and Summer hairstyle --r; 7H YEAR I Ipgggggessgggggs
Cosmetologists Association of which the
"Pat-Tress" wa>
in .,
Washington at a preview fea named for Mrs. Nixon.
ture of National Beauty Salon
Week, February 713. The Association presented
In above photo, "Pat" Nixon Mrs. dixon with a silver bowl I.
is shown with (left to Inscribed "To Mrs. Richard M.
need won? yon no more Florign W. Harvat of Fond du Nixon in recognition of her excellent t t
Lac, Wis., national president, representation of Amer. f fit i&e
unu1D EAU DENNA and Joseph Weir, Knoxville, ican Womanhood in the U.S.A. (< 4f .
Tenn., vice president. and during her extensive travelsin ,1vl w

HAIR. COLORER The Washington event was a foreign lands." PEW';: _._ _. ..... .. ___ __ __.__
..... ...
Will wrar gray bait U 10 M 30 .tM ,
y.. would ..! know it .v. WM ""T. It.ItCqvU. ._
p --- == =
On. ppltcott with s tHi bnnh b. :
svro b 4_ it. N. p ANYONE CAN PUT IT ON AT HOMI ; 'Make I.
Je icious Corned
pact y'"r hoi ha b... rfy4. lov ft .*! DIRECTORY
.d Iwtrw.-we dead c.1as...-.-.... .
-l tt uniform color if property o.pK.4. +,.
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It .ff. Yo. can fev r -? ,rr> ...M.r ...
.......... .r *.w ..*.ed; HACK Hey* "V7L :. 5 r
AU alas titty p... AUTO SERVICE [ Washington's Health Service
WONDERFUL FOX 10 T...s,rvt It..1ft............ ....Cno4. -......--........,.-v....... I, "Abundant Health Is
---'-"....... ..."... .W...........Iw D.-..........,.. 3 h PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Rightfully Youra"AUTO ,
Muaage Mineral
Steam Bmthij
hII_ ctM.ea.; ....I s E.plidi rid........CMmONnh._.ancto4 .Complex Body Repair & Paint Work : Colonlc Therapy
r Deft Brow M.... e""t U M Ir. Orak
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the hidden natured flavors in time is about half
LOW PRICES the meat is intensified and developed To hasten the cure and give! MISCELLANEOUS 5 & 10 CENT

h and the meat will leave i more uniformity to the larger! -- STORE
excellent appearance when cook.., cuts, the meat can be pumped --
ed. w with the same pickle used for!' AAA BONDING AGENCY Courteous Treatment

t On Your Either fresh beef or beef from curing.Use a Morton Meat Pump!' City County and Federal Beau* Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.
the freezer can be"cured.. The and stitch pump about 1 ounce EL MACE 30S Davis Street
Law Bldg. EL
brisket is the most popular cut of pickle per pound of meat, di-1 Exchange U 4-1211
l DRUG STORE NEEDS for making corned beef but bone stnbotlng it uniformly in small i
less cuts froui';the plate, flank! pockets throughout the meat. RADIO & TV SERVICE

i. !chuck and rump are also good If the meat is not used at the] 30 Yean In Electroala MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Storm I cuts to use. Of course the better end of the coring time leave in)! BEER
' 'the grade of-meat.used, the bet the curing pickle an extra I All Work Guaranteed CIGARS CIGARETTES
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED ter will be the finished product. days. If It is not used then seven, it;: 943 Forest Street EL 44004 ICE CREAM COSMETICS
Coring Pickle..make a brine should be taken from the brine'* 1102 Price St.
IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS by; mixing two pounds of Tender- washed, dried, and placed in the TIMIQUANA ROAD TRADING M. L. Harris EL 3-6312

; We Deliver We Also FBI AD Doctors' Preocrtptioea Quick to a gallon of water. For refrigerator. Cook within five Prop.
small batches, 1 cup of Tender-- days. POST
: Quick to 3 cups of water. Both Morton Tender and
-Qulck Complete Gardes Supplies 'QUICK
Coricg..place meat in coring the Morton Meat Pump may be Fertilizer Fruit Products SERVICE MATTRESS CO
I[ Dixie ''crock or dean container (allow purchased at your local'meat Mattres* It
Pharmacy ''come space for brine) and eoia coring products dealer, or if unavailable .5A1'S Used Furniture bought and 801d- Daat7lIIgS.r Spedaty

'pletely cover with coring pickle. locally they may be floadSP 1JOHNNIE'S Old Sl_ ee --
4S IMS KINGS ROAD At MYRTLE: AVENUE: 'Weigh the meat down to keep I(\ ordered.A Road" PO 5-163

I,t. FBONBB ....,. completely submerged. two pound package of Tend. ROOMING HOUSEAll
Curing Haw cure in a re er-Quick costs a dollar twenty
frigerator cr any cool place, not five cents and a'Meat Pump two; Modern Coavealesces TAXI
; *: PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE over 45 degree*. Core for 14 to dollars. Send check or money or- Room by Day Night. or Week] ..At Your
, Sonfce"For
20 days allowing approximately din to the Morton Salt Caos !
Imfonnaiion Call
1 BILLS AT OUR STORE 1% dayi'ptrpogad;for example,j Boar 111, QIeqo SXJ. I1H p&Jq\\ s.4025 117 W. AIWer IJnII NEW LINCOLN DEAL CAB CAB_-EL EI.4-1811 4-1111 .

.+ { .. r :: E :: i : i i :: .8 : t J i : j = : I -: = .. ; -
\ .... o rll = 1Q&j

, .. -' \\ .. ....
. '
t ''-
.. .. "
., '!'. .. ,', < '. -- '.. ',- .. .; ;, : .t'J.. : :'.../ iiit.
"dL. .
--' "J:..;,;;;. tti. .._ ...: ;;,.;

---:--:- ,. .
",.. .. .. t. -- -
J -'--,' -' : I

rM '. .i 2c--

... ,-/

1"', V4' J"'i' .... .., ....,. .": .. ',:. .. .
: .
) = '
I" '; s -. -. ._......-..-"': ...{r.atr '.- ., .. i

-* frfe
.-*' "' Weck Ending Saturday February- 6. I960! r ;. '.t.,. t f p
.- _' _..:. ::: _: : __ ___ _. __ __ __ __ Page_ Sera
''Io<: -" -
< :'''' ,/ -
.. '\; / '''J ... ,
':' ':.... ,., ,
If I ,>.. : .
\ '
.> $t ;.

> t:: t'iiJ
;I t : ,
I <:

Jl .'rlr'' : '

; : I I Jacksonville! : Gi-o4js Childs,

11 ; ,, Aggies Keep Winning 'I CLARENCE CHSLDS Lakeland; Chirle.fcjs: Miami;

f .1 .t : Returnir ktte'-ei r Jake

< --:, ." I! Over HOC r and St. Ayg. WINS MVP AWARD Bradley, Lake City; items d Cam, !
+ Tommy Chandler Jacksonville:,
r I
Willie Qarrington T_'errino-: Roosevelt i
.. "OR"I"S CORNER Pt GREENSBORO, N.C The .\&T TALLAHASSEE Florida A&M t, Coleman, An.ilston, Ala! ; Emory I

f; ---.n f College Aggies, defending CIAA University halfback Clarence Collier, Pcmne. Melvin Crawford I!

basketball champions, continue to Childs from Lakeland was pre ,, Jacksonville; Hewntt Dixon,
t BY C. PARHAM JOHNSON 1k nAly .' roll in bowling over North Carolina sented the most valuable player Alachua; John Glover, Frank Griffin -

; College and St. Augustine's. College award at the annual Rattler foot. John Hamilton, Ralph Burns,
BASEBALL SPR ;. TRAINING CAM S wf' soon i by impressive scores. ball banquet held recently in the Jimmy Miller, Harold Scott, Austin I J
be goiD"" frU 'tree ant I h1 nr"ds r'. ''1ns all ever the nation I I ii? i I Playing before their largest home University Commons. Wise, all from Miami;
,. ,
: ,
wi'i bo I Coking r'.l 1 thing si'vt! r:w come 1 1".1 I "3te T of oth-r .year0.".e t i i War Memorial Coliseum, the Ag Childs, the team's leading rusher Lewis Johnson Bartow; Napoleon

big que' L'or: mark in 'V nrhether; i o* not .Larry I : gics sub"iergd the Eagles 88-67, and scorer during the past season, Johnson, Raleigh; N.C.; Benjamin
I'I Doby will be able to make a comeback. Veteran baseballmen I on last Saturday night. received the J R. E. Lee Sr. Me- Lampions, Winter Park;

j have expressed a doubt about. Doby's return to; the Leading at 3S-23 at halftime, the rriorian Trophy. The entire A andM Bobby Lee, Tallahassee; Peter Livingston
major leagues. I i Aggies saw the Eagles reduce that team, national Negro and southern Tallahassee; Wendell Lo-

-----1 I gap to eight points at the start ot Intercollegiate Conference champions more, Tallahassee; Jordan Pope,
ELGIN BAYLOR of the "Innea- the h'-$ -. since Sta Musiaf r the second stanza, at 4&3S. In the were honored. Forty-three Fort Lauderdale; Theodore. Rich-

I ,' polls ketball "re St. T..cn:-, Cards slrg ed for i next three minutes of play A&T players received letters. ardson, Jacksonville; William

/ :)' in IS)"'. rank Robhson of A uncorked a tremendous scoring Sims, Qcala; Eddi; Simmons,
of the individual
I .' trophies were
7WSt drive chalking up 21 points wnut Ch'pley' ; Benny Strong, Bartow;
,ncuuaati, was hit 8 times by the _
given to William Davis, outstand-
( 9 NE/5 JUST i holding NCC to 11 points. Nathaniel Tudr, Delray Beach;
been and Del Crandell of Mil hYsiz Ei .. ing all-around senior; best blocker -
.. The Aggies bombarded the :x.Augustine's Charlie Williams Ocala; Johnnie
J j it is grounded into double plays Falcons Benny Strong; outstanding Williams, Louisville Robert
II College ; 10>67, I\y;
perts times. i on last Tuesday night (Jan. 26) at lineman, Curtis Miranda; outstanding Williams, Pompano Beach; William
major the Charles Moore Gymnasium. freshman James Pare- Wilson, Tallahassee; trainers-
hot on SAD SAM JONES, the workhorse .
more; outstanding engineer, Benny
I Taking t}s lead at the opening tip- David Curry and .McKenna Ma-
of the San Francisco Merchant; and Quarterback Club
GENE off, the Aggies headed.
were never hone, both from Miami.
a ". --f-the. was officially confirmed as w The margin widened as the contest Award for x Sportsmanship. Jordan
1 the 'National League's most effec- progressed. Pope.
tag for pitcher for 1359. League fig. All individual awards were se-
revealed that the 34-year-old Al Attics, number two in the nation lected by vote of teammates In i
t. division. WILLING BUT NOT READY-Sugar Ray Robinson, among small colleges in field the case of Pope's sportsmanshipaward
worked compiled a league leading New D. C. COLLINCTON
the Massachusetts and York dethroned middleweight
earned run to beat goal percentages with an averageof the voting was unanimous.The .
where average
t champion was quite a willing scrapper but far from being .664
Stu Miller and Bob fattened that record as he principal speaker for the occasion -
H lor teammate of the Milwaukee Braves in ready in his recent fight with young Paul Pender. Robinson sank 22 points, 11 field goals in 13 was former A&M star Nathaniel ATTENDS INSTITUTE

p back close three cornered race. He shown here, was outspoken in his praise of Pender. trys. Four other Aggies hit in double Powell, now athletic director
years-old a 21-13 won and lost record "In this game somebody wins and somebody loses, and it figures in that scoring barrage, and coach o f Miami Carver

hidden out 200 batters in 271 inn; just happened to be my loss in this case". Here is some including: Hank Marshall, 19; Joe High School. CHARLOTTE, N.C. D. C Cok

appeared in 50 games and dope on Sugar Ray's career. 1946-Won vacant welterweighttitle Cotton, 18? Herb Gray, 15 and Walt Dr. George W. Gore Jr., president .
gfeiff four shutouts. Jones will beating Tommy Bell; 1951-Won middleweight title, Holtzclaw, 11. of Florida A & M, anlong with lington, assistant director of public'
Cubs is \"e a substantial raise in 1960. beating ,Jack LaMotta/ gave up welterweight crown; The two wins gave the Aggies head'coach A. S. "Jake" Gaither relations at Florida A. & M University "-
barter 1951-Lostmiddleweight title to Randy Turpin; 1951-Won 10-1 record in theN current confer also spoke. Among alumni attend- attended the 3rd annual Public

sports FROM ALL REPORTS' Jack middleweight title second time, by beating Randy Turpin; ence campaign. ing the fete were Willie Galimore Relations Institute held here at
Johnson C. Smith University
Us SO : 1952-Abdicated as middleweight champion; 1955-Won former A&M halfback now with re
\ will have some red hot
the 1959 .pro tt'ants'heR the season middleweight championship third time, beating Bobo Olsen; S s s the Chicago Bears; center Willie cently.

.Xattatal around. Plans are being per 1957-Lost middleweight championship to Gene Fullmer; ATTENTION LADIES Taylor, the newly-formed. Angeles

pion and the groundwork is be- 1957-Won-middleweight championship fourth time, beating Bridge & Social Club Charges; Attorney Charles.
to rank laid. It was also reported that Fullmer; 1957-Lost middleweight championship to Carmen ReportersSend Wilson, president of the General

I ,of 13403.909'v of the old familiar stars of Basilio; 1958-Won middleweight championship fifth time or Mall Alumni Association; and Wills I

walked past win be active in getting beating Basilic 1959--Stripped of middleweight champion- Your Social News Murray, president of the Miami) LEARN TO DRIVE
of game off to a good start. ship by N.B.A., retaining possession in, New York and Pen- Mondays To chapter of the Alumni Association. TheConfident

.i lor oat for big' things im base nsylvania; 1960-Lost New York and Massachussets title FLORIDA STAR Senior lettermen are William Way

l walked this sanuHer. to Paul Pender. Will Robinson quit now, or will he con- 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th Barber, Miami; Eddie Danields, Mrs. G. B. Benjamin
tinue? Bartow; William Davis, Fort Lauderdale Licotujod. Instrvkoio:
Or Phone EL 4.6782, ; Frank Merchant: West 600 W. Beaver St.
I as. Palm Beach; Robert Taylor Res. PO 8-2968 !
Braves open spring training March 13 !
I' Dania; Fred White, Chicago, HI.; Office EL 5-7742
829 times Jacksonville Beach. Teams to THREE RATTLERS I and Donald Woodruff, Bartow. '
uaark. there will be Salt Lake City, .

; Columbus, Ohio; Savannah, GO PROFESSIONAL .. WHEN YOU ARE ILL
: ; Burlington Iowa; Grand You Seek The Best Doctor PHOTOGRAPHS FOR

North Dakota; Dubuque, r!' When Your Doctor Prescribes
; and Hobbs, New Mexico. TALLAHASSEE Three Florida Get Experienced Pharmacists EVERY OCCASION
familiar faces will be seen A&M University Rattlers have 4i
) :: To Fill Your Prescriptions .
:: ..theoe parts when the teens re- inked grid contracts to play pro r According To Your Doctor's ;; Expert Photography
I fessional football this fall according
Orders. We Use
Only : Portrait Weddings Btuguett
to an announcement by Jake The Best .
Quality Drugs At Passports & Identification Photo
SPREAD Gaither FAMU foottedl coach.
1 GOOD NEWS Wli Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor
: i Photostats & Commercial Work
Jacksonville when the Jack- William Barber, a :2M-pound; Mi
1 Braves, the old home town ami end, signed with the Calgary ,: ..,t Photos For Newspaper Cuts
t Y begin to assemble for Stampeders of the Canadian 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUfiLLY'S While You Walt *
year. The team will pre League for $9,000 and a ;$500 bonus. Coloring & Picture Framing
t' Mj Let U. Take A, Photo Of You
new faces and come of the Center Willie Taylor and fullback DRUG STORE !
ones who have been Jesse Heard agreed to terms with Y

The Braves will be pulling Coach Sid Gilman of the newly 1907 Road In Natural Color -
Kings 3-8278
t : formed Los of the I J. A
two things when the season Angeles Charges
... one will be the attendance American Football League. No figures : RYAVERY'S
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries PHOTO STUDIO
and the secoad will be the were released on the signingof I
i ,. .-" Taylor and Heard. 611 West Ashley Clara WhIte Mlsaititt Bide-
Barber snatched nine passes for

1 I SMOOTH SAILING 'TILL WEMEET 116 yards, two touchdowns and one Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments

.AGAIN. two-pointer. Taylor was released
f t by the Green Bay Packers of the

National Football League early
; ATTENTION READERS- last fall after playing in two exhibition a
j Please Bring or Send Your games. Heard is returning
t from a two-year hitch in the United
; Church News, Club Notices & Announcements States Army. iWarch
I This brings the total number of Patient AM Demands
To The FLORIDA STAR Early ay voDEAi
ex-Rattlers under professional football
I DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS contracts to six. Halfback ,i ii ii it i-

Willie Galimore and tackle Willie tr I
f TUESDAY at NOON Lee are with the Chicago Bears. ,- PARALYTIC CASES

FLORIDA STAR Tackle' Willie Mcdung is with the I
Cleveland Browns. OTHER CASES
I 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street CASES

t J)
"000 '

i f
I 1,000 .

tcLLt't!) 7,000 \ ,1'd": : -, .,..
I r'
O 1 ,000
I mysterious disappearance of the .
famed and beloved college bell has The
A&T College students befuddled. 1,000 :

The bell, apart of the collogp t,. *
I since its opening more than f fio 4COO -
It 1 years ago, was last June placed
i. atop a new tower constructed and ?
given by the graduating class oJ'
I 1959.
[ It was removed by parties unknown '
from this honored position t 1,000Ei'

J on the night before the annual !I : ] .

gies basketball and Winston-Salem clash between Teachers'the Ag-' :

J' 1957 1958 1959 ;
BlT College ../ jr
NtRn. Later, it was revealed that the STUUTO ;
/ "parties unknown" were enthusiastic .: '.. .
;"Ram" fans, who> promisedto '- "
,return the bell once they were -1
defeated by the Aggies. -1'." s
A&T won the basketball game. : E i.0)i.,

but the bell has not been returned. Birth DefectsWhritis fbi( DIdW Los Ofoh. M J 100 PM&ClMvM.O.U.
This worries Aggie students.
tiara iy .


.. .


t --

-,-- '. .- -. 1- .. .-, I _
} _
: -- -
:! -> / -

-i---- ,

Page Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, February 6. 1960

Thre rooms & bath, partially MAIDS COOKS
furnished for nice couple. EL HOUSEWOHKEHS

41844. NEW YORK

i We have many excellent -
I Upstairs apt. 6 rooms hot & I posItionS open for good fe -Ierc

I I ip ic i Ii i i I

i { r ,
I I .
: *
I ,
II I I I :
: I i

I I[ I ; \ ? a : I

: iIedTi
i cr ie I

!I ; .miTCf
v# ,, /* *

fefAJ'l. l a /1 jII.
.I v ) J J J".

A tip> uf t;.. L't'iml 1.-tJ: I

BIlEAKJpIw Kappa: Sororit officers beaded Hw ter to ti! <- noW.'htt arcad rp.pt''lhh'U, 3linph _: ,"'\ .. I tip them outstrlltIfl t
:1. .10001:31 J.trr's I
: oath uug AnllrrIcana at.i
{ : tho son iity'a convontion! at Cincinnati! recently From left KcndrLT Organization, 'Wasiiu'-rton' 5l,('.; D'b.: .:- -..*,* !art mile our country a.M'
; : ; clU6 B. Bryant, Los A !gees.' Far Welt I>si oWl dirwior; in-tofi. D.C.. Suprwne naleos anJ Sin >!%.:- 1'\J'11 t'r.:1. J'i:: .
Torian, Nashville Tfcnn., Finaacial 'direct; Johnnie AT- (. 'v, Mo.. l'1id.Wt'foofem(' Rea1:, Lrccf 4. ____ __ I our conimuult to t UP Mtlrla'which
-- -- plate(
window. I Shirley Diane Malone, 4, of
Frank Sherman. 818 Caroline
:174 North Street was wounded Charlie Brown, Jr.. 29, of Ct.
an 18-year-old: Street told police someone entered J by two bullets last B
Tuesday was
last severely beaten about
name is II
Young his room last Tuesday arid I
when her 3-year-old brother
the head and face
818 Caroline last Saturday
stole his roTolrer from under his '
threw several .22 caliber cart-
when two
mattress. men approached him
ridges into the fire. ')
and started
investigated. beating him after
Ha said his room was en-
I Standing near the fire when taking a 22 rifle he was carry .
the bullets exploded, she was ing.
hit twice Detective Sgte. L. A.
'' ; Hamwey and E. P. Corley said. Brown said he was In the rear
I. SEAFOOD of 1135 Lee Street when the two I
Center She was treated at Duval Medical -
Center for bullet wounds inthe..lowen mea jumped on him for no
known reason. He said he broke
park of her body. '
away from them and ran. A

Myrtle Ave. And Shad Roe police car picked him up and BUUXUA LOUfSKVIIJXAIS
carrlad him to Duval Medical Ntnv Stanton
Center where he was treated Brenda Williams is a memberof
"It has been said that every congressman
Lb. 29c and arrested. the 12-4 class, and very activein
SHAD needs 19 assistants on .
several organizations: on ma
Lb. : his staff one to answer his correspondence Patrolmen J. Seldon and R.
FLOUNDER SIP is member of the
,., Lb. 39c and nine to assist him j George investigated. campus. a
: SHEEPSHEAD National Honor Sodety, Future
Lb 32c BiasinQV I.., ders of America,
MACKEREL Lb. 3Sc I For Breakfast 'Lunch After the Movie Sn*ab- president of FBIA and Student

CRABS $1.00 Dozen dircnrtix'ss of Stanto Music Qw.

-_ _. ._____ _.________ Lb. 49c I f Fried Chicken With such le dershq ability,
TROUT "Chicken of the Sea" Lb. 49c Oysters Cod that Executive Secretary position
for UV fatiire sluiuld
FLOUNDER -' ""' _____. .:_ __ L6. 49c t Shrimp Ham ful. be success-

SHRIMP ?. 0._ ._ ___ _. u Lb. 59c Bacon Sausage e--:; : ....-;... -- ..;. ..;;>
Coffee Milk

: SEl jet( :t C! TlEIC 'it French Fr. Potatoes
... and Mama
Phone EL i-1418 .
Ashley and Madison

; f is I name /.'', (era"".1.1't.K'.n"I r 11clntoMi f.

your New Stanton

T'W/ Can yu w: a member <,f the
!: : ': { 12th. grade dass. SK isi;affiliated -
r v.-itii! the National Honor S>
: ck-ly. Student Cwincil, Stanto-

in the .book ? inuaodo Scphers ;AME and secretary Church. at 0 St.u r

wGJu't 1-",'>) out for a bnghr future. I
\ l -??&

e It . 0 e e 0 e> 0 0 e

.: .

. -, I

": Ypu can't vote

rr r: '
( if you're not J

f 1A 1I'\' registered CES3n New i MAE; DUT3Htantmi/

Ecs&le l12tl1 wratie student

'' When you graduate from high'school, lliey at New Stanton likes to keep';

( ) f ',\\I',tI, put your name in the Fcliool l yearbook. ba cy with th > 1 t l Ili} pus activities. Ste is a memberof
When have
you a telephone installed, they
National Honor Sr Stanto
>ciery -
put your name in the telephone book.
:IV>JSic Qw, Student Council -
; % t to But you and only you-can get your name Foreign L tnguage dub. Secretary
; t ,,, in the most important book of all-the roll Senior Cla-js and a mem-

: .. of Registered Voters of your. precinct-tha l.a01 UK Junior Choir at her
"Election Book."
church.: Her mutt proaons dream
And if you're not in the book, you ought is to b-Jcame a teal her of fcreirn?:

to be. .
i!1; S rT 4
a r
; ,, 1 Because,if you're not registered,yoa can't.. .
; get in the polls come Election Day. .
i f t .1t 'ie ,.
: ; y : 'trf ; You can't even vote for dog catcher

I : r t : 4\\1 ; much less mayor, councilman; con,r& smmi, Li:' .
= 'Pepsir
\ f r' r : !g senator, or president-unless your iiaitoe is
: : : in'the book. Mwsic-aLesf Friday

s 1 \, You ddn't even have the right to complain Kites !
I k o:3o s;o 11:00
t a unless you're registered and vote.

: r' So don't cut yourself out of this)'ea.r's key: fir ; .. request:

f'. elections. Get your name in the book. A lot rr
: of your friends and neighbors are already

.; ;: j YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED, OR }lt listed there. If you know of. one who isn't,

.. take him with you when you go to register
'; COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST on this "Roll of Honor" of Americans. And k

Ir ELECTION read this I then-we'll see you at the polls! ,"-

i : ,. ; :. ,
I ICESI!Evca if you p.'eRRST VOTERS! If you have '; y y'ti
: registered under your celebrated :your 21st birth- ":: .
: den name, you Lave to dqy : ; the last election (or ". 1 B' ,
asain uniar your if you will be 21 by Election .&..
>?" naiaa. lie sure your Day), get your name in the 1 ,
:riM nama" is in tho book. :. _e '
: MEMBERS OF THE ARMED :.. ; .: ie registered!,
I !If you have moved FORCES-see your Voting ., .':. ... .
1 Officer for the wo.on. r'. .0' .
the precinct where you .:t
I ( J previously registered, how you can vote. .,,;. 4' i '...' .. .' I

f : ( ) have to register again. GOING AWAY ELECTION Absentee .'.. -r t ..:.".,i,' ...-,'t.a 'l/: :;, '., '... i...."" .' i...:
!eke sure your new address DAY?Vote first-by : : '- /111or laCSt.
"" 0 .. ... t/n n1tnr
: :: in the book! Ballot. '.'.. ..., '''.c cG/
: : f,1. : ': -

: 1 "'I' .__,. .

: > : : : ; ; ''; :; tifiC-.; .- : ;, ; "_ : : : ; ;- : .,...:_ ':1 ... ;. : :' 1
; o' ;
., : :. : <7 : : ; 1 :. ; : 55T :; '_ ........ .- ,,,,--;",,; r ..: i

t.' ,

\ .

'__' ".., :..,jJi .' : ______