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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 21, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 21, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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..t I!


\ ,




Jt 69 Percent Of Florida


iP48'4t ( / : Would Take Integration

t :>L. 9 NO. 42 And NEWS

,.. .. ,. _- __ ...,
w.r.- < : ea. aS
-- ; F
: ; .N'v !
:., : ,

s! Attorney General Blasts v sI t w : ,


!Mississippi a i Lynch Justice I_ 1!

-- --- ,



: WASHINGTON Attorney Gen believe in the, administration of jus- } nva
eral! William P. Rogers said Tuesday tice. '

By STAFF CORRESPONDENTThe the administration may ask Con nenda FBI'.Probe

action has been branded by '"We believe the church militantto Congress for 'a federal anti-lvnch He said the FBI made "one of V .,
law because
of the failure of Mississippi the finest, most
such critical terms complete" investigations .4
as "pussy-foot. be an instrument for God to lift .
ing," "selling out" and "treachery." institutions and individuals to the state officials to obtain indictments of the murder that "I've ever
The disclaimer was issued last i highest Christian level. The church in the Mack Charles Parker seen conducted. He said some 60

Tuesday by U ministers who took must give moral guidance to the slaying. .. agents were employed in the inquiryat
He told a news conference the out- a cost of He"said
a signed statement to'the Florida community, including the courts. $80,000. resultsof
Times Union the white local news- The church should not reduce its come of the local inquiry into thebnclring FBI probe i included fingerprint
of the young Negro in Pop evidence on the alleged participants.He "MISS EDWARD WATERS'-Presldent of Edward Waters College is seen congratulating
paper monopoly, declaring that they influence by coming face to face on
had no connection with the court the same level in court fights. ularville last' April was Has flagrant said' the Justice Department Miss Vernelle Watkins upon being elected "Miss Edward Waters' for

suit which is ,being: brought: by Eye ""There are institutions and organizations and calcualted a miscarriage of justice i stepped out of the cr.se last Spring 195960. Other candidates for the title shown from left are Misses Vivian Jefferson
I Negro Jaxons one of whom is Rev.J. available to the race which as I've ever seen." : after the FBI investigation becauseit Doris Mizelle. Derrell} Johnson and Loretta Smith-{ Miss Jefferson and Miss Mizelle

S. Jchison, president of the AME I are equipped to enter and proceedin He said the case may provoke the "didn't want: to do anything to were selected as attendants to "Miss Edward Waters.0
Ministerial Affiance.' administration, 'to demand. new.Jawsto interfere;' with.the state,.of Missis- .-
battles. should be
?The suit was filed Iff UJ5. District ) legal and supported They bat ,the church employed t permit the federal government to sippi's handling of the ]lynching. He JAX WIFE GOES FLORIDANS PREFER
.t interyent In such '
i cases '" L'said INTEGRATION
CourtpoVOcE 23 bi'4iest-D.4ack must ;remain free 'to. diTed.AaDd 'in- : ... department; officials never.ex-
san en behalf of P ev.,J. S. Johnson, spire:the lofty ideal', of f.: Oifub.Ii ,Under y present statutes, Rogess. 'pected thj f11 arf'RiversCsartjfgrand
Frank Hampton Edward J," Nor- Faith. ,,said.,..to 'onfybads( ,for-a,, federal / "refuse ;lever to 1O'CRAND '
man, diaries Brown, the Rev. Wilbur 0 prosecution of Parker murderersare call"' FBI agents f r..t testimony before JI
Miller and the Rev. J. B. F. Many observers point out that the two, old reconstruction era civil It adjourned NoV.I I without
Williams.The statement is contradictory when It rights laws providing 'a maximum returning any lndictment1

ministers signing the statement peaks of the AME Church's beginning penalty of 10 years in prison sentence Reentered, Case H ..,1''G...._-WOoI-"i.-' : ""'._ ., -.., j I TAU..A11ASSEEThe Florida: to integrate the races 'inpublic.

were the Rev. R. J. as a' protest, against discrimination : and fines. I I 'After adjournment pf "the .p\grand ': ::- ...".. :' 41' Children's Commission reported schools! even if it is necessary to
but avers that "the church He said these.penalties seem to jury, Rogers said, the federal ; abolish the public school system
Elaine, vice president of the AME government i iZ 1).1i: : Wednesday that 3 poll showed nearly: ) Ja
Alliance: the Rev. J. T. McMillan should mt reduce Its influcncy by him to be "inappropriate killing."" to this kind I I reentered the case, despiteits I r: : J three out of four order to do this."
of every in
coming faee to faee on the same brutal conclusion last that persons It said 54
May federal
secretary; the Rev. A. P. Postell, no ::' : per cent disagreed
f' Florida
presiding: elder of West Jacksonville level ta, court fights. Rogers said, the Justice Depart- laws had been violated in the ., -'._ prefer integrated public strongly with the statement, 15 percent -
It has been pointed out that the ment is considering a variety of civil murder of the .J schools to no public schools
District; the Rev. A. J.. Daley, pre- young Negro truck- alL disagreed mildly 8 per cent
siding elder. St. Augustine District- ; AME Church has been !involved in rights proposals' Inclt ing' possibly driver. : J .It said that 63 per cent of some agreed mildly and 23 per cent agreed
and the Revs. Frank J. Jones, }L many court fights and is still cur- "but not necessarily" an anti-lynch-] Rogers said it was "highly un- '- 'i 17CO persons participating in the strongly.
*Hollis Brooks T. E. Shehee. Charles !recently engaged in court suits. ing bill. likely" that a case cquld be made statewide i The commission said 93 per cent
E. Toeton and D. B. Thorpe. Many see the move on the part But he emphasized that a reviewof for prosecuting Parker's murderers poll' disagreed with E.. of the persons contacted agreed that
The AME Alliance statement of the ministers as "just another federal civil rights laws was necessary under the federal kidnap law which i statement that resistance to integration the state should have sufficient classrooms

reads:. sellout" which has been describedas 'if a state doesn't honestlygave carries. the death penalty. t 1urjl. should be carried to the pointof and teachers for a 'good educational -

"The AME Church has a history .typical of the type; of Negroes shutting down the public school system, no matter the
.f militant social action. Its beginning who will get others "out on a limb The attitudes of persons in every cost.
was a protest against discrimi- and then back away.'' The commission said the poll confirmed -
of the
county state were checked in I
aation of race in religion. It was learned that efforts were i''POUCE t REPORTS' the states' tights attitude of
"The legal suit entered againstthe being made to secure official clarification r11'' j taking the.P.Jll. commission spokesmen Florida residents.In .

City of Jacksonville by the Alliance 'of the stand of the African' said. The poll was made for responding to a series of state-
forcing the integration of all Methodist Episcopal Church in mat use- at the White House Conference ments concerning the federal'government
ters involving racial' discrimination on Children, and Youth which will
recreational facilities involves the only 19 per cent said the
Affiance. r for according to observers there is BABY ,FOUND DEAD Lawrence states he was wandering be held in Washington next March. federal averment should have no

"The AME Church Alliance wishes I serious doubt whether the U signers I An 8-months-old baby was found around !in the colored section The commission said'its statement voice in State and local government
to announce that is Is not partner to I to the statement are giving the cor- dead'in bed last Thursday by its looking for leads for selling awnings regarding the race question was: expenditures and only 22 per' cent

I ,the court case and has withdrawnthe rect interpretation the philosophy'of mother at 712 day Street police In when he met a Negro man and a HATTIE POOLEA Florida>should resist any effort said federal,authorities could deal

name of the AME Church from I the' AME Church regarding in- dicated. conversation started. The- Negro I Jacksonville woman was or- intelligently with local problems. .
Wry connection with the suit volvemnt in racial issues. Mrs. Juanita Smith said she put asked
I legal her him if he would like to have dered held for grand jury action .,
baby to bed about
10:30 and a high yellow Negro
woman. by of the Peace Sarah
U her a bottle. When she got up said. The victim said yes he Bryan here Wednesday in the r;(.....
the next morning about 6 ajn. she would SOUTH SOLONSNECRO'SFOE
U death of her 71 year-() husband.
found the baby on its' ,stomach with They started out looking for the Mrs. Hatte P-x/lc. Sl. cf 1"T7 ."' :

the cover over its head. Negro woman and. walked into an Third St, reportedly had struck her: '
The 'victm was taken to Duval f alley where the man pulled a Knife husband over the head: with 'a hatbet DUVAL CONGRESSMAN

Medical Center Emergency Room and took victim's wallet that con- handle after: h" had'tieat.her "PC" :
by police ambulance and was pronounced ained $1.50.Patrolman. with a butcher knife. The rca- CONTINUES VISITS '
dead by Dr. S. Renfro. The F. A. Starling investi Bennie Poole, died of a fractured 1 SAYS IEANY i. ,

body was then sent. to, the morgue.It gated. skull after a domestic argument in.
was announced that Venita Louise the couple's home. '
Smith died accidentally NEW YORK AFL-CIO President
Patrolmen J.V, Eminisor and U.S. Rep.' Charles E. Bennett: George Meany said Tuesday night
J. D. Austin investigated. \. this week will ccnplete his vis.tso that organized labor and Negroes
l pct offices Sa the 2nd Con- I have a common foe in Southern congressmen
WIFE IS ACCUSED ;xss oral J Dsaia; ,
Nathaniel ,Puttman 59, 1763 W. OFFICER KILLS'
OMAN He has been i "It is no coincidence that the last
THROWS POTASH 19th Street was stabbed by his wife visifag brash: ol
j. 1" r: OX HER HUSBAND, last Sees and : ::=t'st3tiQ s ta: answer ''1 i- er.J':; stronghold in America is
__ __ ;{$,.;://I., .. police reported. likewise the
L- ...... __ James Mucklin, 39, of 2831 Wood- Johnnie Frazier, ambulance driver questions,' receive suggestion last anti-union stronghold -
Mrs. Verda Welcome (left), member of Maryland's state land Circle had potash ,thrown on for Dallas Graham Funeral Honereported OCALA MAN and assist in federal matters' of ," he said.

House of Delegates, presents her personal check for $1>000 hm: last Friday: when he come home that when he arrived at :oStJ :. : Look over the.roll call in the
Democratic National Vice Chairman Ilatie Louchhe-m to from work police reported. the above -address, be found victim OCALA -'Acity patrolman Jd1OC'! His Heave of Eepraeniathea on the
schedule! cf
become a member of the National Party's 750 Club.. f The victim said as he entered the standing on porch but no,other-person an Ocala man last Sunday night: Tomorrow, 9,CO visits is 2100: Ltadnm Griffin bill but Aogut.

Mrs.. Welcome'' of Baltimore wife of a prominent Baltimore house his wire. .Alberta Muck in, 38, j was around. The man told him1 after a'roue and gun battle. Street: 10.:CO:) ajn. aja.4J3 S. MDaL'Ave. Park You win fbI thai the very game
surgeon Dr. Henry Welcome turned over her checkat threw a cup of potash .on him and be had ,been stabbed by his, wife Patrolman D. R. Price, a' tamer 11.00 lOw Southern congrMsmea who tote consistently
Cassatt Aw
; axx
a National Party headquarters in Washington: this week he was unable to give a reason for Estella Puttman 40. North Carolha state: te,"r; ask i? 1:00 pm. 717 N. ilcDaff A2(1):) against civil rights k foU-
"to support National Chairman Paul Butler for the magnif the act. His wife fled on foot and Investigating officers said they: i he was the king out a'Negro tavern Tig N. ; dan lined WIt soBdly to pot 0that
icent job that he is doing." he walked to Brewster Hospital checked at the home for the accused when he saw Aaron Haynes, 24 Are ,' pm.MS W. Edgewood; 3:00: p.m. virioos piece of ntl-Ubor legislation.
where he received treatment for an unidentified Negro woman tool EdsewooJ: ; 4:00: pm. .3261Kins "Thus, labor and the Negroes not
Membership in the 750 dub, formed last year to raise and found victim's stepson. He said Ed.
$750,000 from 750 contributors of $1,000 each .to pay off third degree bums. 'Jus mother had called him and told ing."She Thursday.r i 'x!y have common cave-vre have
the National Party's deficit, guarantees two reserved seats j Patrolmen G. R. Henry and M. him, she had cUt his stepfather and wns shaking ban by bs'j" 3 CO &.TP. 773' Cfcasevffle -i cofomoa enemies as well" Meany
at the National Convention in Los Angeles next July and Harley investigated.MAN wanted him to meet her on the lapels and I noticed a small pearl- Rd; 10:00 JLSX. 1223 Atlantic! said in speech before the National ,,'
other privileges. corner of Fairfax and, 13th Streets handled I revolver In his shirt roc'.. Dlvd.: ; U:00 ajn. 9725 Beach Blvd.; Urban League Equal OpportunityDay
B et," t& 1-CO l 5322 Pearl SL dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria
SOBBED OF MONEYLOOKING I bet she failed to show : officer said. When Pric- pm. ; 2:00 pm. ,
"Mr. Butler and Mrs. Loucheim need our support," Mrs. FOB WBONQ' WOMAN Fraizer treated at up Duval Med- reached for the revolver, he said 2273 W. 45th St.; 3 CO pm. 72C HoteL.
Welcome said in presenting her ,check. ,ICY would like to call EHis Miller Lawrence 41, (white) vation. was Haynes spun and bolted for the dOOr Main Et: ; (:CO pja. 12J 1:. 8th St ,He and Lee H. Bristol,board chairman -
on all women who can afford to aid financially to join in sup- of 131 E. 2nd Street told the investigating In the chasr. 'Price said, Havre Friday,. 9:00 a.m. 700 E. Union of the Bristol-Myers Co.>> were
porting,the Party's important ,fight to uphold the Democratic officer that he was robbedat Seal Center and was held lor obser- fired three times t before he returned st; 10:00: --'ajn. 1813 N. Myrtle honored for. their "outstanding t contributions
Party's traditions and philosophies and to carry for- knife point by' a Negro in a colored .Patrol au ,Robert George. 7r 'and the -shots. HayzKS'was found dying Ave.; nOOam: : :. 1136 W Bay toward the Urban League

ward the.principles in the Democratic,. platform: '. ." section last Thursdays Sgt. L CWiffiams: ',; investigated.,'. under a house- ,behind the, .tavern. Street. -,' .- goal of equal opportunity.! .
"\ .
.. '. t ; I! ,'. '.. :'1. } '", ,,_,' ;: !\ .. x s J ..-- '; .J'
; '
,. 1 I .t\

f.. ,. !i- "" .-, \., "" ;.11't", : ,


Page Two THE FLORIDA STAi. Week Siding Saturday. Norwnber 21, 1959 _


:THE Fl iID'A.lbfj hr rr f; ,!.fi... t tp "... iIf. vB

a' ''' !., -" .' -. I "Politici.4S ; : 'I

:: ;; : \,(. .... .mwsr. %: J V : .. V ui'" n '
t: !1'.'., Ptgiahed,bTThs1 L Florida Star P1Q11Ih1D .co; .,'.." .a' !. ._';" By ric.O. Simpson ., I, : ,.' -... I

? ;:*;, "Member of Associated Negro Press' <: 't> E CANDIDATES UNACCEPTABLETO .- ,

J[Brie _O... Simpson ,j," _. -- -dU<>r ,:''':t.: \ 1 ", ,7CCGKOKS,:ROY1" N8\ ..-Si ',:i'.ti
Farhsin Johnson .. .- ,, w : Stan The record of southern P 'JnQ .
ta&1p.9PpOSiUortfJq} vil
itc. _, 'Woolen. ",. .. CIrculallon' Dept. rights_ "will\'be one, of the crosses carri d bY1he'Demncratic: i ,
,; .. party into! the 1960 1 election I ,-'NAACP F.xecttutire
RoyVilkins'ed In an address
at the annual
\ : : convention
__ EL 48782r EL 4.1783i
i "
"- '
: With few exceptions, the NAACP 1 1
Mailing Addrast wide average for white citizens which 1
leader declared, "the southern bloc
P. O. Box' SSI. Jacksonville 1, Florida I is about 60 per cent of those eligible.
in Congress has gone all-out in
Ik blocking civil rights legislation- Irilkins, \ elivthe keynote
,,' = address at the second
annual Free-
Om Tear: S&OO; ,Half Year $3.00; Three Months.$1.89: attacking the Supreme Court In defying dom Fund
,banquet at the local
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The. United States. the school desegregation ruling NAACP branch here
Subscription Payable. in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: r and in using Its influence.and "Out of 5,000,000) Southern on Oct. 31. -

'FLORIDA STAR-P. o. BOX JACKSONVILLE i. FLORIDA contacts race. to slander the_whole l Negro voting age,"' Mr. Wilkins continued Negrosof -

,, "some 1,200,000( )
were registered
'No candidate for national office .
with this regional background will I to vote in 1956.
Jax .Ministers' Action DafA1Ea "This figure represents a doublingof
acceptable to the T'cgro: c.tizrv 3 '
the 1947 total of 600000.) However,
who vote in those states which a can-
the figure for the does
didate must win in order to be elected region not
1/ ," Mr. Wilkins asserted. tell the full story; for wide variations
Stuns Negro Sitizens : & Air. Wilkins reminded the aud- are to be found from: state 19
state and, from to
county ience that Geargia is one of the four
...tilt ." seh kVti within the states.
"states where no public school dosegregation -
The action of the AME Alliance this week in disclaimingany whatsoever has taken "The bald fact of which Americans

connection with the lawsuit seeking integration of all f 4L4h! f: in other sections of the countryare

city recreational facilities comes as a tremendous; shock to vaguely aware" Mr. Wilkins

" Negroes in Duval and throughout the state., 1Ff 4J If\A1'i : :-,: charged "is that Negros are denied

It leaves Negroes wondering where is their leadership %< the right, to register and vote in

*. and it leads one to conclude that there is a bit of .treachery f many sections ,of the South."

.1 somewhere.The I ..... '. '
'=" ,
disclaimer was made with the following statement:, +l"&JfrW&-4 / P V ;

"The AME Church Alliance/,wishes to announce that it is s f t To Think Is To Share I.

not partner to the court case and has withdrawn the name f .".," Thanksgiving I ever since the

of the AME Church from any connection'with the legal suit. HAS IT CAUSED THE: BREAKDOWN ,OF 'LAW AND ,ORDER? '. r .Y 4 t first one in Ameri, has been<<
-' "We believe the church militant to be an instrument for a day for giving tho ght as well
God to lift institutions and individuals to the highest Christian i Rr { as thanks to the, blessings of
freedom freedom and
J leveL The church must give moral guidance to the Com- economic-freedom spiritual,.too. And ap

munity, including the courts.'The church should not reduce : Your Weekly"ol'oscope V 1 I predation of good fortune car
its influence by coming face to face on the same.level In : .' I IL .Ties with' it the normal human {
.. urge to share with the destitute. |
court fights. L
,, ., This, in a nutshell is the phi-|!
: Guide '
"There are institutions and organizations available to the + losophy of "Operation Clothes '

race which are equiped to enter and proceed in legal battles. : ... < Closet" to be conducted among I
'Th'ey should be employed and supported but the church must : A more than 16,000 Catholio
remain free to direct and inspire the lofty ideals of the : By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER churches in the U. S. by Catholic: j' '
Belief Services-National Catholic
Christian faith. WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR rtfw.IIiJj: Welfare Conference for the
Names appearing on the statement are those of the Rev. eleventh consecutive year. This t
R. J. Blaine, vice president of the, AME Alliance; the Rev. 1 mammoth, nation-wide activity,V'
J. T. McMillan, secretary; the Rev. A. J. Dayley; presiding -- SIMPSON I which produces mil-lions needed ofpounds /

elder, St. Augustine District: and the Revs. R. A. King, the 29th. Allow yourself to be SCORPIO I wearable used of desperately clothing shoes'
D. W. Welcome, Frank J. Jones, H. Hollis Hooks, T. E. ARIES the of ideals. place." The others are South Carolina ', blankets and bedding annually,
guided by highest Born Oct. ,
You will be no exception, unless ? 24 thru NOT. 22 for the displaced and homeless,,.
Shehee, Charles E. Toston, and D. 'R Thorpe and the Rev. Alabama and
A. P. Postelle presiding elder West Jacksonville District. you have the good fortune to be 3-40-3-38-31.343 You can tak, this in consideration Mississippi. I I the sick and needy the under
when Turning to the Association's: 50th nourished and of 51'
I despairing
invited out for a gay ThanksgivingDay you are offering your I I
This statement which was not signed by the president of
thanks on anniversary he pledged that the I!. countries is known as the "Bish
reunion ((26th). There are LEO Thanksgiving'Day ((26th).
the AME minsterial Alliance has all the earmarks of back- Col.
a NAACP will continue in I| ops' Thanksgiving Clothing
tracking move on the part of some of ministers, signs that you should be careful of Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 and this will give you the needed of fall"firmly its lection". How this may have
Imagine 11 Negro ministers dragging their feet down- your health, and'( avoid excitement You will have much to be thank- strength to keep on struggling for course seeking citizcns.1iprights come about is related in a story\ it
town to the Times Union white to exposure to bad weather and occupational ful for when you have succeededin the recognition you desire. The Negro Americans. about a Roman soldier who later
a anti-Negro
newspaper final test of the month "There is nothirg subersive in became a saint. I f
hazards ((27th-28th) those love best to comes
give out a statement that they are not involved in the de- getting you on this activity," he said. "It is the "The word 'chapel' mea n a '
segregation suit.. Of course the Tmes-Unon would print sucha Things start up on the 29th-30th. share in the Thanksgiving celebra highest tradition of Americanism."We clothes closet from Latin capellsut J
repudiation which shows the disunity and back-stabbing tion (26th). Another rather ticklish The first chapel in Christendom!
16-KW1-13-22-612( emotional situation can arise late ,5-70-22-69-21-572( shall continue. to urge, as we was a clothes closet. It was the:
among Negroes. have always" Mr. Wilkins concluded place in France when / hey kept;!
To begin with the disclaimer was totally unnecessary be- on the 28th but you may be in a "that the Negro minority not only a certain famous military cape 4

fcoose anybody with two grains of sense understands that .. ... .... TAURUS ... .... .. better position to get, it stabilizedor SAGITTARIUS claim the rights but the (eappa).
the AME Ministerial: Alliance nor the AME Church were not Born April 20 thru May 20 under control. Accept the counsels Burn Nov. 23 -thru Dec. 21 ponsibilities of citizenship.assume"' res- "That Amien cape was on a shared;wintry with road. ;
or sudden inspiration that will It seems as if will share near *
parties; to the suit you
ordeals and
Forget give
your SOUTHERN BAN ON NEGRO shivering beggar by a mounted ;
To make matters worse the disclaimer contradicts itself thanks to the powers that be be- provide the key to the solution you your prayers and blessings with VOTING RIGHTS teen-age Roman soldier. T h.

when it states that the AME Church has a "history of mili- fore sitting down to, your Thanksgiving have been seeking heretofore friends of whom you are particularly "Negro voters restless said soldier clip-clopped on into his*:
are ,
tant social action. ..Its beginning was a protest against discrimination repast, in the company of ((29th). ,fond, on Thanksgiving Day NAACP Executive tory as a Christian convert whoa
Secretary lived
Roy for charity. He became a
," but then adds, lthe church should not reduceits your invited guests (26th). You (26th). A problem related to children Wilkins here this week. bishop of the Catholic Church

influence by coming face to face in the same level in court should not overlook admonitions 1-4 -88-22-85-143 or your emotional interests "They are he continued and, m time St. Martin ,j f Tours.
could come. back to disturb angry It is our idea that anT.on.may .
fights. regarding your diet and living habits your "over the South's defiance of constitutional
Many of,us cannot understand the real motive nor what particularly when the temp serenity on the 28th. A wonderful and its consecrate his own
authority over clothes closet into a chapel by
type of maneuver waa responsible for these'11 ministers' denial tatim to indulge] is strongest (28th.) VIIN.iOBorn event lifts your hopes and spirits child-like insistance that the long- ransacking it for unneeded wear j
ojvbeir: brothers who have brought suit The 29th should be a sheer delightto Aug. 24 thro Sept 23 and may just be a preview of many, lost master-servant days be extended abl.* or worn but usable! bedding

: N$>es in Duval as a,whole are not bringing the desegregation those who take an inspired interest Although the turbulence around more to bring you personal joy into infinity." and >av'} vr these things at the 3
suit and there of who believe that and within you has not completely and recognition in the month to D"At!t Catholic Church during
are many us in unusual and beautiful surroundings.
Mr. Wilkins reported that in Southern Thus! /siTing- week November
subsided, have excellent
there are more important issues, such as jobs, better pay, you knockout an come ((29th). States where most Negros still 22 ;It 2?. You may be sure these
,better schools and which should chance to give it.'a blow will those
so on, we be tackling. Nev- live "the Southwide regis- eorj rts go to whoDeed
erthless, since the court fight has begun and since its out 430-77-79-76-486) by the time Thanksgiving Day arrives WO-77-58-75-467 tration of Negro citizens average to vote is them most in tho whole'worlL I

come will have definite bearing$ or"on rights to equal treat- (26th). If you can make about 25 per cent of those eligibleto At>-< if mIght be recalled that''
ment in other in full accord with the agreements stick past 28th.
areas we are suit being register." the young stidif was still e{
brought by Frank Hampton Edward J. Norman, Charles GEMINI when provocative elements arise, CAPRICORN He compared this with "the South- pagan when he slit his cloak. j jMCKNIGHT I,

Brown, Rev. Wilbur Miller, Rev. J. B. F. Williams., and Rev. Born May 21 thru June 19Everything the prospects of enduring peace Born Dec.. 22 thru Jaa. 19 -
J. S. Johnson. is centered on one of and harmony improve steadily You can sit down at the table, I -

The statement that "the church should not reduce its in- our mist important holidays thereafter. Aspects on the 29th- with the people you like best, and

fluence by coming face to, face on the same level in court Thanksgiving Day (26th). Romantic 30th give force to the old saw that do justice to the good things that -

fights,' is pure "tommy-rot' when we'consider that'the AME interludes or weddings should all's wen that ends weD. are traditional on this and allThanksgiving 4r

Church is frequently involved in court fights that carry no sparkle on the 29th and promise Days (26th( ) Listen

little notoriety.It excitement .for an who are partici 66-79-65-386 politely but. take no action if a

is therefore to be wondered whether, the U men who I pants. friend has a sure formula for

issued this sickening, disclaimer are qualified or authorized' LIBRA quick profits or other risky ven-
to the stand 960 54.53.5 tures(2Sih( ). You have the
interpret or the :philosophy of the AME I Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23: feeling
Church in the matter of social action or resistance to racial. Be the prime mover, on Thanksgiving that a turn fa your fortunes is
discrimination. about to take place((30th.) .
CANCER Day, (26th), in creating the
The whole disgusting incident brings to mind another incident Born Jon 20 thra July 22 proper atmosphere for' delight and

more than 1000 years ago when Pontius Pilate wash- The laws of compensation and merriment. Also, don't forget to 9-2055-153-923

ed his hands of involvement in the issue that led to the.crucifixion retribution do work, and those who give thanks for the improved pros- ,
of Christ.
recognize this fact invite less trouble pects that lie ahead. Inner conflict

and frustration than the people may again shake your composureon AQUARIUS
who don't You can look forwardto the 28th. Take comfort from an Born Jan. 20 Him Feb. 18

I a happy, Thanksgiving Day unexpected event which should re- The atmosphere on Thanksgiving t

J'ind the (26th) if you have succeeded in establishing I new' your hopes, kindle semantic Day promises to be crisp and con
strength an atmosphere of love feelings and favor you personally genial when jolly people get together -

and understanding within the fame (29th). ((26th). Do not omit offering 1I4' -
ly. A sndden and unexpected de your thanks before you do the hon L I

V: V for your life vekpment comes to the rescue on 7-504WS-J3-754 fl ors at the ,table for it seems that .
they are very much in order. Another i it

problem of a financial na-
Get Your Horoscope Guide To I be quickly solved when two heads

RICHES LOVE HEALTH 'get.to work on it

Order your' horoscope guide for December Now. Send $2
To Pablo,The Astrologer P. O.Box 561, Jacksonville LFU.I I
Gr -
- -

__ ________ -__ 4 PISCES
Dear ,Pablo: Enclosed Is 200. Send my Horoscope Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 .

I Guide for.the month of December. I Iznceih Offer your thanks with this In

mind when you join your favorite
I I II companions for dinner on Thanks-:
NAME Invites You To Listen To -
i : V \ .ture arises on the 28th but, it can V .

,d. I V ; : I II giving Day (26th). The last test as "KNIGIITTRMN"V
ADDBESS to whether you can hold on..to a :.

valuable partner or poation is
., I .. t _-":'-,:..,' :y.::. ''""".,':, ( .I slated for the 28th. It should be -'Start>t g At 7:00 P. M Nightly t .
BORN ;' -- dear piling ahead next month

4 RELIGION t,AMERICAN UFE,*C.S I (' dots, ;:..j :.:: with' business breaking records and 1400 WRHC 1400

., .. ? ,. ., .<.:i '; & 'f profits doing URwf e. V
I WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS WEEK I .' .-.. -' 70 q.," ,. '". -" .J .'..:..'4',g.- 5.3039,2697'1 -. .... t. '

J, .:, : ; .. ; ,... ,. .-. 1,1- -
> -; : :!
.. ,,,. : ) ;, .,' ,... ,.'_..t "" '' ( -' '.- : : ..... ;
., "
., r N'Ic .
't' ': ,;: .', "''". ; ;: ,, : 'r
: : ;'t. ; c ; ;{ .
>' :(> sari;, i .
", .
v /
,. .

-..- .,_ > t .

---- -
------ -
-- -
-- -
----- --
-- ------ --- -
- -



Week Ending Saturday, November 21, 1958 THE FLORIDA STAB Pipe Tires

.. .
.. '
?'. "-\ ,
s s 1 iL-
.ws s 3 a aBp !

StorkDeliveries AT FIRST BORN

i..: ti RAy L

s s s cs2Y A talent program and baby contest -
Births Brewster HospitalC will terminate Nov. 29 at the

We were somewhat amused by a recent editorial on C J I First Born Temple, 825: W. Mao-

bridge and its effects on marital harmony. 'Without agreeIng .. & Mrs. Willie Fluker, 3020 roe Street.

entirely with the editor: we do feel that on theJ basis of : Moncrief Road-Girl. Contestants are: Joyce Vanesa

some of the very enjoyable bridge parties or meetings held I Mr. & Mrs. James Johnson, 236 Jones, Wanda Elaine Turner Karen -
where men are excluded, that occasional "evening with thegirls" Park Street-Girl. Rene Green and Devorah
is for woman's morale. In fact with limited Julia Neal win
good a our -4JIICAf Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Laster, 5733 King.Mrs.
entertainment facilities we find bridge'and other social } 1 : Abenis Street Boy. serve as mistress of ceremonies.
clubs increasing in number. Mr. &. Mrs. Thomas .Ramsey Refreshments will be served at the

t IMS W. 15th StreetGirl.Mr. close of the affair. Mrs. Rosetta
faR j # & Mrs. Joseph Small, 1175 Cohen is the sponsor.:

Miss Theora Leggins was hostess at the most recent meet- W. 29th Street-GirL \ The program and baby contest Is
." .. '
ing of Entre Nous Bridge Club held at the Lincoln Golf and :: .ueooYnaaM ;M..wA Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Worth 1495 being presented in interest. of the

Country Club. Morgan Street-Boy. annual assembly of the church.
VISIT TO BETTY 'STUART_Seen here are members of the Brewster Men's
Miss Mrs. Catherine will Be sponsored
to tea
Leggin presented lovely gifts Mr. & Mrs. Willie Charleston A spiritual
Jackson, Mrs. Nathalee Clemmons, Mrs. Essie McCray: and Club and the Brewster Mother's Club who visied the Betty Stuart Fruit Cake plant 339 W. Orange Street Boy Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. at the

Mrs. Aldonia H. Seabrook, visiting players for the evening. while attending the National Hospital Association meeting in New York. From left Mr. & Mrs. Willie Flynn 2615 home of Deacon and Mrs. S. V.

Members present included Mrs. Doris G. Bennett, Mrs. Josh Hlllman Mrs. Magdalene Perry, J'.Earl. Morse president of the Brewsier Men's Crawford StreetGirLMr. Cohen, 835 W. Monroe Street

Helen Hart, Miss Ruth M..Broome, Mrs. Frances Johnson, Club Mrs J E Davis president of Brewster Mothers Club and C. A. Willis, treasurer & Mrs. Billie Lundy, 2631 Chicken dinners will' be sold all
a Mrs. Lillie B. Blackshear, Mrs. Camilla Thompson,Mrs. Ruth of Brewsier Men's Club -!(rs. Clara Carter and Mrs. Gladys Hunt of the Brows- Bethel RoadGirLMr. day Saturday at 835 W. Monroe

Myers, and; Miss Mozelle Bruton, with prizes being awarded ter Mothers were in the group but not shown. The. visitors were warmly welcomedat & Mrs. Raymond Thomas, Street Orders will be delivered by

to Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Myers. a ." the company and were highly entertained. The officials of the company were 166 W. 7th Street-Boy. request Proceeds will be used for

t .. s elated over the Old English Fruit Cake sales last year and expressed confidence thai Mr. & Mrs._ Lawrence McCutkin, the contestMr.
with the 'help of the Mothers Club this year sales would surpass that of least year. 645 Curt F-Boy.

We spent a very pleasant evening with fellow Lea Elites The visitors left singing ,the praises of the Fruit Cake Company officials a&d employees Mr. & Mrs. Roosevelt Smith, & Mrs. Simon Mostly, 2712

recently. The occasion was a routine meeting held at the for the wonderful reception they received. 1537 W. -14th StreetGirLMr. Calloyray CircleBoy.Mr. .

Country Club. _._----- & Mrs.: Jackie Stubb, 727 E. & Mrs. Eddie Pitts, 843 East-
,, brook StreetGirLMr.
Mrs. Vermal J. McCone was high scorer for the evening, Wedding Bells St., 21 and Willie M. Dixon. 1914 OWENS-ILLINOIS 5th Mr.Street-Boy.& Mis. Eugene White 2074 & Mrs. Leonard Tate, #50Moncrief .
McMtllaa St, 16.
followed by Mrs. Lois Avery and Miss Anna Bell finatee. LADIES TO HOLD Frank Street-Girl. Villa -Boy.
Roosevelt Williams, 918 DeWitt
Others present included Mrs. Bernice Henderson, Mrs. & James White, 2333
Richard Wilson Mr. Mrs
Rev. & Mrs. :
St., 29 and Loretha Cobbs, 2107 REGULAR
Virginia Gray, Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. Eddie Mae Bryant, APPLICATIONS FOB MEETThe 1056 Almeda StreetBoy.Mr. Moncrief RoadGirl.Mr. .
and Mrs: Johnnie M. Roberts. Wesley Bossard, 1543 Davis St, & Mrs. Richard Black,' 5840 & Mrs. Elijah Pucknuut

Another session that held LesBtjouxWClub COLOREDLee Begonia Road-Boy. 2787 Queen Avenue-GirL ;
delightful bridge was by 20 and Mary F. Humphrey, 803%
Owens-Illinois Ladies Club Mr. & Mrs. Louis Fields, 5740 Mr. & Mrs. Willie Smith, 4411
at the Dorado. last Friday evening with Mrs. VV. Beaver St, 21.
will hold its regular meeting in the Vernon Road Glri. Homer Road Boy.For .
Marie McClain hostess.
as N. Jones, 1312 Tyler St., 16 Eddie L. Jackson 946 Ionia St.. home of Mrs. Roberta Prince,
3Irs.: Margaret Mathis, Airs. Delis G. Bennett, Miss MarIan 25 and Shirley M. Robinson, 5415 .
and Eveline Stone, 3325 Bridier 3628 Pearce Street Saturday at 7
Sutton, and Mrs.\ Theresa Barnett were special guests, .
Bunche Road, 18.ATTENTION. Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks
with prizes being awarded to Mrs. Mathis, Miss! Sutton and St. 16. -, pm.The

Mrs. Lois Avery (on temporary leave). Amos 'McGnlf, 1112 Tyler, 19, president is asking that all !
Mrs. Geneva Guyton was welcomed as a new member oftfie and Peggy A. Jackson, 1709 W. LADIES members bring their contributionsfor I Fried Chicken .

: club and Mrs. Myrtiee King was greeted upon her return 12th st:, 23.e5Iyde the Thanksgiving basket The 1 Oysters Cod
after a short leave of absence. Bridge & Social Club drawing of Christmas Sisters will

Club prizes were won by Mrs. Alvenia Scriven, 3Irs. Cath- Anderson 1573 W. 24th St.. also be held and it will be final at Bacon ShrimpHam* Sausage

erine Jackson and Mrs.\ Zelma Johnson. age 25 and Mamie L. Crawford Reporters the end of the ..meeting.The Hot Cakes
1574 ,W. 24th St., age 19.! = Eggs :

We have. heard many favorable comments on the ultra- 2nd Send or Mail Bible verse will be taken I I I Coffee MBk
Emmie J. Mann, 1661 W. French Fr. Potato
from the book of Joshua. Mrs. N '
smart meeting of The Smart Set Bridge Club held last Satur-
St., 27 and Christine Nixon, 1215 Your Social News I
day evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs.,Leon F. Bland. .Barnett St, 19. Shipman is the reporter.PATRONIZE. ROOSEVELT GRILL

Varying from the "evening with the girls"pattern,' we Wm. Ponder Jr., 221 E. UnionSt. Mondays To
understand the group inveigled Mr. Bland to make up a 223 E. Ashley and Madison '
fourth., ., 20 and Ruby Davis, FLORIDA STAR

However the session for Mr. Pmon St., 21. '
proved profitable
Church St., 25. 2J23 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th
Thomasine Engram, Mrs. Lola Schell, Mrs. Louise Walton Milton V. Glass 627 Jessie St./
and Mrs. Nellyvone T. Russell. Maudestine Jamison, 1275 Or Phone EL '4.6782
Other members present in addition to prize winners and 26 Starilnrliscrs( -
4th St. 20.Rayrno.1d .
the hostess included Mrs.,Vivian Holmes, :Mrs. Thelma Lewis VV. Jackson 1225 W. 30th : a s' 's' i : = '
Mrs. Charlotte Stewart, Mrs. Gloria Brooks, and Mrs. Q : '

Lois, Iszard. ..'. -"j; Enroll Now ,In The [,i. ,.. :-..<}
,.. Souih's Finest College .v. t
: .
The Kevinettes met Saturday evening in the home of Mr.and A'.OMMY MADE IT. I ...., .': I Florida Barber College -. <> .....

Mrs.\ Paul T. Bennett, Sr., 1526 West. 5th Street and had SHE'S ONE OF THE SEW-YOUR-OWN SET" k..A.. Branch G. L' Approved .....

very Mrs.lively Aldonia session.Seabrook attended the if. .' : .... :
special /
as a by Evelyn Cunningham The child's dress has a yellow plaid wool, the, bodiceis -
guest. three-gored gathered skirt and of white broadcloth and the 'oodruw Patterson manager Prof. Jams Glover
Receiving club I prizes were:, Mrs.\ Barbara Harper, Mrs. A mother's good taste ia set-in sleeves.It buttons down weskit is a dark green velveteen 630 Davis Street At Beaver

Essie McCray\ and Mrs. Dorothy Olher. clothes is reflected in what the front from neck to hem with-pearl buttons. When .. Phone EL 59874GENUINE _
Other members present included Mrs. Helen B. Robinson, her children wear. Point outa and has puff sleeves gathered the dress is made in cotton, L__"' .

Mrs. Thelma Greene, Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard, Mrs. Emma- well-groomed woman and at the shoulders' into bands. the weskit may be of pique or '-. >
lee Geosge, Mrs.\ Pearl Macky,Mrs. Sarah Lovette,. and Mrs. it's safe to wager that her Lace and rick rack trimmingrun linen.
Pauline Dad young son or daughter is as down die front and edge a s a s s
impeccably garbed.But the sleeves. A tie belt circlesthe
waistline. The third l version of this
Mrs.* Helen Toney was the featured model and Mrs: Del- t pattern has a buttoned band

phenia Brinson narrator at the "Big Pay-off" Style Show even the most well- on the bodice, with contrastieg ALLIGATOR

presented recently in Little Rock Baptist Church. intentioned, tasteful mother Among fabric choices for collar! and cuffs. A tie
Mrs. Rosella Cleveland.was moderator for the "Big Pay- faces a stumbling block in the this dress are printed cottons, belt is attached at the front.

off" panel, Miss Vivian Yeoman, Mrs. Wynetta Morris, Mrs. high cost of children's wear- poplin, cotton broadcloth, calico -
Grace Sykes, Mrs: Thelma Baker, Miss Lenora Richardson, ing apparel. The cry of moth- or challis. Contrasting or Lizard By

Mrs. Evelyn Williams, Mrs. Thomasenia Wilson, Alan and ers allover is the comparative matching trim, be used. Fashion-Sewing Weekly kr R,
may Tip: The
price of their dress and theirdaughter's measurement across
Alveta Prater, Mrs. Julia. Prater Mrs. Hattie Cooper and dress Too often a' child's breast not .thechild's VITALITYHigh
Mrs. Charleise, Hayes.
is used de-
the difference is slim. In age to
Others appearing on the program included the senior addition, there is the inevitable :The has bigger full girl's dress also ': termine pattern size, because or /4fJ

class of the Brewster-Duval School of Nursing, The Friendly growth of a child, making gathered skirt a three-gore children the same age vary
it almost and set-in greatly in height and girth.
S. and S. Club, Mrs. Milton Hood, Mrs. Ida M. _Ford Mrs. impossible for him sleeves. A delightful addition Mid Heel
her ""
Lettie Hicks. Mrsti Thelma Thompson, Mrs. Bessie Gibbs, or than one to wear a garment more is the snug weskit The dress ..- ,

Mrs.. Wylene Dunbar, Mrs. Eula M. Daise, Mrs. Florine Jackson season. Buttons at the back and has > < :, ., .<.i,,: .:
Mrs. Charles Davis, Mr. Rosselle Hayes, Mr. Alfred elastic in the lace-trimmed ., /'.- --" t .. ; : j
Fofw, Mrs. J. B. Stevens, Mr. Charles Russell, Mrs. C'urlueKing sleeves. As shown here, dfe .. II. '" -' > :
The answer, of course, is skirt is made of { -j
; and Mrs.;: Bernice Wright to be found in Home sewing. a ,red-green- : ; :

This is as easily done Ci ;
as I
FT7 ,1: ,' '><1l' .
said. The woman who insists; ; .
a 1froxnDRA13..toDAZZLjNG ". .bIt I can't sew! I've "
'' or -
'' .
.: never made a thing in my .-'t.: :. '" ': : r 1't ,
i life, is in for a wonderful .
adventure, once she makes up l : f ?t
$ .: her mind that she is going to ,. '),,, ,- .
do her A: .
of economic I e
necessitycan : "tt+ ,
9 no doubt make. bet more tu'Y,.: r'f'atty t-J r i r" cd ,

determined.Half ..'
1 .f.... .
; t. If R. :
t. ..Jt .' /I t Priced Unusually. Low At,
the fun is selecting -: .,, .t : )
the pattern and fabric. This [ '" : }F"':0". : I Bags To Match .18)/95

I unfamiliar freedom of choice :: 3. 3.s .* -
13.95 and
J IJ Ij in clothes is a 'stimulatingexperience .' ; ,ir I 18.95 .

j and heightens the a Plus Tax
y enthusiasm of the most reluc- ,,3 .
tant sewer. Here she has the t l'i ,
,0> .:-0., Don't -
chance to combine her daught t --1-1 :_ 'f/ ;
I er's best color, the most flat- ,:., .,' d:+" .e..,.; ,'.. :..i .. ,, ,. ..,.: O< DOWNTOWN HEADQUARTERS
-- :" *, r: .4.ei .t. + ;
tering style and the most :') -. ; ., t ':: ': : /" -. .
Y '
+> .
: : .
adaptable fabric. She forget -' : #tjr /j .,.....# : .. -
can ;$ :
... '- : _:L f -,7 # "!<.
about' trudging through ; ;:: A r--"H--: < _- J :_:" POLL PARROTSHOES
stores, finding the style but .....,. ... ". .- H,, -.s 'Y.
not the size the.color :).'...?; ..'.,$..:'.;- .ff:,r ;; 1'j-
or but ; '
"" .
,'4 .. ':. ( :<: r; :?
f Q' ; .. .
the < '., W' '
n .k not price. Best_of all, she "
Larleuso -, ..;, : ; r ; ; :1
can feel a ti'i ; '
". with heart-warming pride iJ:, .-_. ...'._: _N ",, :1i ...
!:f""f/Wy. HaircolorWoull when her daughter'twills
about squealing, "U Front and center attraction of this Here is the older girl's dress
) mommy
child's dre.s... lots of Uce and made from lie -viewed r
1 made dress I" same tripI
you.tnda ua Iaour hot bale. my baby rick rack circling the si ceres. pattern. This version assume A iSN' t
!&e this pr (aaI D.aImod.r.rOnebourlaanktab. ,.,
.fnr ""' neckline parading down the the air of a jwiper>> with its added
.. I battened front.Fall,short sleeves doable-breasted .
weskit. The bodice
OodefroV.1.arIcwet.t1 Hakcolocto i
,the little dresses
brine back youth to pitft oaor pictured set into the fitted bodice.. fall, is baek-baUoned and edged ,
.there are two of_three versions abort skirt the bodice lace /
tGitfI faded hairl joins at a. trim. The third version of
contained la the same attem bow-belted waist. This is this child's .
only : girls' sized .
sad it tRYIh pat-
L ttr M
eat aui+ .: batons C.OMf envelope (chad's d dress.IcCalrs one charming view of" the'preschool lets takes three qvirler slaves }

=IfMfrsir IaDt'-,Lsrieose. _, Pattern No. 5084; ,school age&-.'Child's l and a contrast collar. Girls ,_ r
tid's 'dress, UcCaU's PatternNo. rises 1-6. HcCaU's Pattern sizes 7.14.. HcCaU's Pattern a .
at L =1oessleor 1M1..CQ..MM.............lif '. 5085). 158M. SOl. sees. se,. 40 1 West Fcwytk Si. Qi '
--- '

1 : .-. .. t ;s'; .a' ._ __ > 0. -\ \ <::-_ :t -,,; 4 -I -.-";. : --- '. a '.- :- /

4 ,. -. \- .


1 .,

.r ., _

: I: -- T -

FOOT THE FLORIDA STAR 'r -Week, Ending Saturday. Norember 21. 1958

I Mt. Moriah AME To Observe Women's Day ** J

I t '

MRS. STEWART American Ministers iCic
h tr Visit Bible Lands -


I U- -

Women's Day will terminate Sunday 1 Bethune. Richard-Cookman V. Moore College, Presidentof announced (t ; III

November 22, at Central Bapt- that Alphonso Dandy, Jr., a sop JF 1{ 4 c : IWJcu&
ist Church and the committee has }
hcmore from Dade City; Ella Wease R IL r
been fortunate in securing as it Llaynard, Junior from Reidsville, i _
speaker, the dynamic Mrs. Sara North 'Elaine S '
Caroline; W. Singleton _
Scott Stewart. 4ri a sophomore from St. AuguS- _
Mrs. Stewart is a product of tine; Nellie Williams a Sophomorefrom .. ,
Florida A&M University, with + Palatka and Sylvia E. Anderson i x

graduate work has had special freshman from Cowpers, South i
training in speech and drama, is Caroline have been awarded a Nat. A tip W the Pepsi Oup
to these ,oot t nfTt sj
presently employed as an instructor {
S ional Scholarship by the board of
at Edward Waters College and rest Education of the Methodist Church I young Americans, car
is the wife of President Stewart. National Methodist Scholarship Awards make oar country ee4
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest QuartermanSr. ) community a bet*
Mrs. Stewart will be introduced by our
cover tuition and fees up to
Mrs. Mable Wright, member of announce the engagement and place la'whJcli to Ur.
$500.00:) and are granted on the basisof Iv _

Bethel During Baptist the Sunday Church. School. Hour, 1 daughter approaching, Luvenia marriage and Sgt.of ,Noah their ership superior ability academic, active churchmanship standing lead-, : ** <

Henry Newman, son of Mrs. Mable
the superintendent, Mrs. E. John- character, personality and need.
son, has announced that Mrs. Jessie Newman.: The wedding will take About ,,500 such awards' are given CC V,, yy. r -
L. Terry, of Day Spring Baptist'C1urch place Tuesday, the twentysecondof annually: by the Methodist Board of _
will review the lesson, December at half after eight Education in its nation-wide scholarship -
along with visiting teachers, Mrs. o'clock in the Philadelphia Baptist program. More than 5,000 Meth-
Church .A reception will follow \
Hortense Gray, Mrs. Vernon .J. odist scholarships have been granted
the "
ceremony at "Club Eldorado
Robinson and others.
since the program was started in
Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson, St. 475S Moncrief Road. 1945.
Phillips and Mrs. Ruth McMillan,' Both Mss! Quarterman and Sgt. Funds for the support of National
New Bethel, are the guest soloists Newman graduated from Stanton Methodist Scholarship are received .
for the morning. High School. Miss Quarterman is from ,local Methodist 'churches on A group of 13 Americans from
Others appearing are Mrs. Leola also a ,graduate of Florida A. and basis of a church-wide offering on Louisiana returned recentlyfrom

Taylor, Mrs. Mixon, Mrs. Clara M. University, and is presently l.Methodist Student Day, the second a month-long trip to the
Randall employed as an instructor at Mat- Middle East where SANDRA DUNCAN
Albertie, Mrs. T. V. ,Mrs. Sunday in June. they were .t,
AHonia. Joyner. thew W. Gilbert High School Sgt. guests of three Arab govern New Stanton Senior
A very inspiring program has Newman is presently stationed at ments. S t High School

been planned for the evening hour Fort Benning, Georgia. ELKS ANNIVERSARYTO The group was composed of Sandra Is in the 11.9 grade
which includes the Stanton Glee Friends of the couple are invited. BE OBSERVEDIN seven. Baptist ministers and class. She U the president of
dub, Mrs. Gloria Paul, Mrs. Car- Photo: By Avcrys Studio wives, a doctor on the faculty of her homeroom Honor Society -
rie Thomas and others.PALLBEARERS FERNANDINAThe the Louisiana State University and plns to become a
Medical School, a woman ac-
''Past Exalted Rulers and the Business Sandra
tive in church affairs ant( a Major. classmales
DISTRISTS TO HOLD. Past Daughter Rulers, IBPOE of W. woman school teacher. : are proud of her.

SET JOINT ANNIVERSARY' will observe their 34th anniversary Their tour through the Arab 1.. ...... JI.. ..1It' / .
Sunday af 3 p.m. in Macedonia ADZE I states took them from Cairo to 1
ANNIVERSARY AT I AT MT. ZION BAPTIST Church, Fernandina Beach. Beirut, Baalbek, Damascus, Am- \ y

DAY SPRING CHURCH I \ The entire Elks famjy and friends man, Jericho, and Jerusalem. Tfi ::1.
''tist' DlsLL'ls 2 S-xl Z:: cf lit Zion Bap have been invited. to be guests at Cairo they were received by jkI M .
Church Southside will observe a Abdul Khalek
Pallbearers Association 1 will ob- the event Secretary-General ,I
serve its 26th anniversary Sundayat }I joint anniversary Sunday at 3 pm. Busses will leave the Elks Home, Hassouna of the League of Arab {
3 p.m. in the auditorium of Day in the' auditorium of the church 712 W. Duval Street at 12:30 p.m. States and Arab Christian and a i .

Spring Baptist .O1urch.All with the Rev. Albert Mobley" prea- The Rev. Dallas. Graham, pastor Lebanon Muslim religious the group leaders.had an: au-In ..

members have been asked to ching the sermon. of ML Ararat Baptist Church dience with President Fuad ,
assemble at Darnell-Cookman School, Services for Sunday will begin with will be speaker for the occasion. A Shehab and with the Maronite ,.c R : ; ,. ,
7th and Davis Streets at 1 p.m. the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m. Mom- group of singers from ML Ararat will Patriarch Meouchie. : ":." .
The annual sermon will be delivered 'I irg wors.tipill begin at 11 o'clock. furnish the music.Reservations Jordan's King Hussein wel- interested in public health! eduGeneral of the League of Arab j aWILLIE
by the Rev. J:. D. Ross. Hostesses J I BTU will be held: at 5:30 p.m. and may be made for comed them in Amman, and in cation and facilities in the Arab State II I -
are : :Mrs. Erma Lundy Mathis; I, evening! worship at 7. transportation by calling the Elks Jerusalem the group toured the countries, and the teacher studThe lower picture shows two I,
and Mrs. Sallie Neal. I I; I Home. historical sites of the Holy Land.In ied public education methods. of the American ministers chatting FAUST
-- all the countries, membersof The upper picture shows the with representatives of the New Stanton Senior
the group held discussionswith group during a conference in different Islamic and Christian High School
: '" civic and educational' lead- Cairo with Ambassador Abdul religious groups in the Gaza I Pepsi Cola Dealers and
. .' > k ers. The doctor was especially Khalek Hassouna, Secretarystrip..
.F.FIi .Fa ". plat Cola Bottling Company
,, "', ;>>.. .
--- : are proud to salute Willie of

AFRO !! 'ae 12.7 grade class He is a
BUILDINGTO I member the student Council

Marching band and plans

BE SCENE OF i to become minuter. We

De rfahing him much sueCSSS. ,
\ I .


No Down Payment :
The ,Duval County Art Teacher's
... Low Low Monthly Payments
- i ; ;:$ I Iir sional Association art exhibit will hold at the its Afro first Ameri-profes- Y0000490a.ee00Op 000000 ; .

wtS ii ONLY
q r .v can Life Insurance. Company Nov. 59.95

w tie Nw+," ,r.g + 20-27. .-
The exhibit will be. the first of its

r xes:; kind to be held in this vicinity and NeW and Used Typewriters. Adding Machines and
promises to be well attended.
'k' r, r.atirlia. {t Forest Murphy, chairman of the Cash Registers _, SALES AND SERVICE

Association, stated "The averageart
*; 't1iiihtiii1 : : teacher's professional ability has Allied Business Equipment
x -i,. _____ been hidden too long under a busheLWe GWENDOLYN SCRUGGINSNew
are hoping that this exhibit will Inc.
Stanton Senior
bring some things to light"The ,
exhibit will be comprised of 4737 San Joan High School
paintings, sculpture and ceramic Tribute is paid to Gwen

'.,' pieces. All sales resulting from the Jacksonville 10 Florida EV 8-3881 dolyn of the 11th grade class.
exhibit must be conducted on a personal She l is a member of the Lo '
at ; : : basis with the.artist concerned. La Lets, Student Council Y-

ai t Teens, Honor Society and
.f'i..aJ iZ .i .
i x .
plans to become Laboratory
S t at1U.i 1E a
CHAIRMAN GIVES Technician.' She la
S "Carnation been the milk in declares popular
5- has always baby our family, her clattmates
Mrs.Johnson.The well-known dietitian is shown with her grandson I among

Zenobia Johnson, College Dietitian for 32 .years, says: Listen To PepsiMusicQuest


"WE ARE STRICTLY A CARNATION MILK FAMILY" Miss Margaret Adams, general Friday '

chairman of the Women's Day observance It Nites 1050 to 11:00

Mrs. Johnson, a distinguished dietitian This milk is so rich need shortening at ML Moriah AME church NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMS For Phone Request

at a leading Alabama college, declares or flour for the cheese sauce." has released the slate for the activities
Sunday. I would like to see a new policy of better treat EL 6-0461-2
her favorite dish at home is macaroni Double-rich Carnation in the red-and-'
ment to Negro customers adopted local
The Rev. J. S. Johnson, pastor of by firms.
and cheese. "I make it the easiest way white can is the world's leading brand St. Stephen AME Church will ren- I resent being called by my first name by salesmen

in the world,",she says,"with Carnation. of evaporated milk, by far. der service Sunday morning follow and ul swomwt. ..+
ing the regular service for group 5, I bellere that Negro patrons should be provided
rI ------ --, Mrs.. Geneva B. Palmer, captain. ample rest room facilities in local establishments and k

I recipe I L bI A baby ,contest will.be sponsored an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains ..Sk
--------- ---------- --
I Sunday at 4,p.m. by Group 5, when and rest rooms EPSt OlA m
}I CARNATION 1. Simmer Carnation with salt and mustard J "Babies on Parade" will be pre To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease
I 3-MINUTECHEE8E8AUC6 IN MACARONI AND CHEESE in saucepan over low heat to jast below boil- I J sented. The combined choirs of the patronizing firms that are unwilling to meet these
I (UtJcet to 9 twings) i Ing (about minutes). Add. I church win furnish music for the requests. k .k .
cheese and stir constantly un occasion. .
1% cups (1 l rge can) undiluted til melted minute longer). I -
((1 The Rev. R. J.'Rhine, pastor of NAME
t. SL Paul AME Church: win have
I % teaspoon salt 2. Pour sauce over macaroni, !
charge of after service .
an Sunday
.. I 2 teaspoons dry mustard pimiento and, green pepper ADDRESS t
1 t I 2 cups(about 8 ounces) grated .. mixed together in buttered 2- evening. He will be accompanied by
American cheese casserole. Bake in mod hischoir, ushers and congregation. ( ) Ton cMscloee
process may name U .
my MeT iiiuy.I t tide
The service is 'in interest 1
4 cooked macaroni oven' (350F.) 25-30 of Group understand
.5 I cups f.qt.art 5, Mrs. Anne Felder, sponsor and I thai my name will be held confidential t a.tata dJaebaa
I 1/4 cup chopped pimiento n&lees buHcaied oiherwiee below. '
,. 1 i/4 cup chopped green pepper. "Jrwn+ Contented Cote," MIL"'J Mrs. Madeline Haynes ,captain. lt
.____ The annual Women's Day program. e e
----- -- --- -- --------------- will be held N v.,- 22. .

\ 1.' ..... ., ,-,, 'dl'
......,_ .
\ -



Ending Sa---w-: T I ISt.

AugustineST. .... "I:: ''I-: :

AUGUSTINE The Florida ; AL
State Conference ,of the Phi Beta SUBDIVISION ;
I'r <
Sigma Fraternity Inc. will be ,
held on the campus of Florida West 2'9th Street and Spires
N.L&L College, Nov 28,
|to Lt. Cot. David C. Brewer according, state r New Homes for Colored People Built
With The Purchase Of
tion.director of the fraternal' organiza- Under Expressway Relocation Program Any Major Appliance %

Plans are being made"at

F.NXM.C.the campus by' to the make Sigma this Men one on of PLUS A FREE TRANSISTOR!
the most interesting and challenging ,
: conferences of its kind ever t: .
field in the state. : .: ,----- ,
President of the Beta Pi Chapter -
of the Phi Beta Sigma located at RADIO WITH BATTERIES
F.N.LM.C. is Alfred Lee, Eddie L. 3 Bedroom Dream Homes e Inside City Limits
j'Taylor is vice president; James Close to Schools, Shopping Center and Churches.
Jackson is secretary-treasurer; Ed All Modern Conveniences.

ward secretary: G.Benjamin Bellamy and the Smith is other corresponding, business officersare I Only *9,800 i j If You Tell Our Salesman You Saw This Ad in

manager, Louis Heams, Dean of .. .,

1 Pledges Williams senior Regional,'is and Dean director.the Isaiah assistant of Professor Student J. Williams State Personnel A.and,B.a- l r' 'Payments Monthly APPROX.. $48.00 :. "THE FLORIDA, STAR" '. \e er

and registrar advisor for the Ask Salomon to assist you in qualifying _
organization.Fred. for one of these hornet. .
G. Minnis, attorney and
president of the Etta Sigma Chapter VISIT OUR MODEL HOME LOCATED AT 3612 SPIRES STREET .
( in St. Petersburg, will'deliver OPEN SUNDAY r FINEST QUALITY : 'f ,
the keynote address for the con- p CALL CONSOLE another -
fab. Theme for the conference is TELEVISION, I i
"Open Door Toward ,Progress." t FRED, RAHAIM, Realtor t ,1 J !@)
Sigma officials and '
from all over the state are expected "' EXCLUSIVE SALES AGENT 'Duval First!
' to attend and participate in the V 707 Atlantic Bonk Bldg. Ph.EL 5-6379 tit iE1J
P/bi-annual/( meeting.LYNCH .. '

r, I. i t t .\. THE ULTIMATE IN TELEVISON \ j\\ i f
With a huge oversized coaxial speaker. system truly today's "In A .; .011I
A outstanding television, featurel! \ /A 'I

PROBE Those. \ '

SET FOR JAN. 4 who '

JACKSON, Miss Federal Judge live in PRICED FORMERLY AT $ A 95 ._ ".
I Sidney Mize will announce within 10
[days the site of a federal grand jury styledemand- ...4 $399.95 49S 4 Model 21C2461 III
I investigation of the Mack Charles Y' 4' Dramatic SLIM SILHOUETTE1'
I Parker lynching case. .
styling in a stunning new contemporary -)
| Mize yesterday set Jan. 4 as the .IP" design cabinet, with
[date he will present the case to a rich, distinctive touches of "
:jury. I gold trim.
"I will give priority to this case," .
Mize said from the bench during his i .r i

|regular court tenn.LEARN TO. DRIVE ; cr.. ;eNO PAYEITS 'Tll MARCH

Secure Drivers' License

600 West Beaver Street .S J r; ., ...!. .. ,:"). :
GEORGE PERPENA. Dir. : "*P >" '' R A N j
R... FO 5-4607 t, ..;.:;"j J>.1...<.: .' .i. t/-:>>> / G E.
:; .
s :" '
i '>%". :n t" :+1;.. 'n,,*". :o,x ,',., .,"

You can't beat ',: OVEN end
Church l Reporters' MINUTE, TIMMAutomatically

I Club Reporters. i Duval Appliance' nom* OYM to

SocialitesSend GoRDoN'S4If GIN f FOR __ ,and ort .white yog're -awe..orbusy.
% "
Accurately ran Intervals
or Bring Your. News rom One to,60 Minutes
you have a taste for r PRICE t r
In To TheFLORIDA x \JVIU'Vi1's rr! ,
the finer things always ask for i
Gordon's authentic London Dry .
So smooth and dry... 1M pZnt 0
STARMain of such delicate flavor... d0"t spud ,. ,-: 'i E j QUALITY
you can enjoy it STRAIGHTI i ro'srcoeventrea Q
Office & Plant There's no Gin like GORDON'S
2323 MONCRIEF RD 1-310

Near .13th Street I J Notice! Our DowntownStore
I Notices brought In Monday and I

9aeeda7 and better will headline get better. position CARTER'SFUNERAL HOME ... J I Has Not Moved! We Are j

929 West Bearer Street
[Note: The earlier the better. -i- Lady Attendant -:'
Phooes ,Still At 15 S Hogan St.
O. C. Jernlgan Owner EL 4-0545 .
S. L. Davis -'Manager EL 4-0546
''" ''''''''' ''' % ,


0 15 DOWNTOWN S. HOGAN ST. :" r. :>> LJI _<:.. <_ ,-- V. ,

I. _.. Jr",4 (Across EL from 6-2433 New Stars* .. .'' : Z

Open RIVERSIDE Every Nile Till 9 :' ;: ;".;''; .. ".<..__"
505 S. McDUFF -rEb tTi"-.y
(Near Lenox) Y' ,
9 EV- 84624f \ 1 _<.' "

/ emASIN .. 'SOUTBSmE. USED APPLIANCES ,. '. o <' ,
(Across from Shopping (Corner. of and eeu.LLl
KJag )
I wSwtLW Plan
\ Ceaier)
.iia.. ::. A SP ,-2890H !: FL 9-6679 EV 9-9671 .
Open Ererr Ye Till 9 "Open ETSTT NUc Till' 9 ', '., Open T1H 6 P. M. .

,, <.:. :;, ," ,,., .'.. ,'..-:" ,' ; "' \ ,,- ". .

f ,




l ,' .
Page Six THE.FLORIDA, STAJL "-. Wflek Ending Saturday, November 21,. 1959

'_- '. -'- .- ;c
"' '''' '' AAA/ :
1816 % sT IWWWNA t" Makes food taste ,
nn+utnrMr "\ <-\

Piano and Sandra Jones naturally, better! .
.-_---_-._._._--- (.: I just : ,
MUSIC a tairfy i make i one for his secret ad-

mirer. .Mary cannot wait until,. '
;.: ,
is de she gets a letter from Georgia tell- :

who ing when you know who is comingto
Gatorland. C Harris is always : \
re-I trying to tag en to someone thats .
\;the beyond his reach. He has tried for r 3 y
.. by the all of the cuties in the DCE c classes
course:; and is now trying to get a toeholeon
with the members of this spec-

of ial column committee and that h
r',; -- j to just can not happen. Teddy Walker

visual] is always running his mouth off in .
'"the and the ,
wrong places at wrong
4 "Ju- times. .He is good at staying .r '\':L :-'-:: ...

..... : ," in hot water though.COMMUNITIES. g s
,' ;s.A. Dumas .;,,.:;-: ': ...i! !"" a ,i'
4 -"
< : : the :>
k "Quo "
: .i j
,-{ .b/t the CHEST WORKERS
J. is 1 1 no_ other fuel gives you every advantage*. .
debate .', '.. .
Community Chest workers of the /

: Early sis- Neighborhood Division' United IUd \ .. .. I. fast. clean ... safe. economical
611 are in high praise for the splendid

are financial support being ,given to .t i'1.\\" ... and fully automatic! .
of the Community Chest by the resi-
speech dents of Magnolia Gardens West

Edgewood Avenue communities. It
is felt that these residents realize

of the valuable service rendered by Take' tip from the world's .
t' a great chefsgo ., .
the Community Chest and are giving {. t
!.No matter what want to
gas you
the in- their share from the neighbor- #
hood to support' the cause. .cook, you'll get better results with '

: ; chair- As the drive continues the neighborhood a new automatic natural gas range! t ,

'pm ; reports workers have asked the There's waiting around for'burners and 4f ,.
support of other residents who have
class-- ovens.to warm natural startsto
':; not, made up gas
an- their contribution in order -
:uP y'A cook the instant turn the dial. ..
the that the goal set by the chest you ;} ,<
Dr. C. E.
Asso may be reached! The number of heat selections is
at the Leaders of Magnolia Gardens unlimited, so no heat's'wasted. Yes, "
!West Edgewood -Communities lend-
natural is better!
show, ing their untiring efforts and sup- J' gas, just naturally-

will port as neighborhood: workers' are

and Mrs. Daniel Lauray, area cochairman r 4..
by ;Mrs. Georgia Lewis, area co-
1907 Kings chairman; Miss Joan Taylor, Mrs.
1 1f
BUT... Lucile Bernal, Mrs. Georgia Wit- ?/ :
sell, Miss Minnie L. Sapp, Mrs.: .. : '
I. very Shirley Butler, Mrs. Janice Bell

r are Mrs. Grace Sykes, :Mrs. Rose \ .'iry'g6 tr 'F
those Cleveland, Miss Nonearl Nathan,
and Mrs. Henrietta Kinnon Mrs. Es-
make tella Burden Mrs. Gadson Burgessand tEL .: 4PL

Milton Mrs. M. L. Rudd, area chair.

off man.
: she General Chairman Is Asking ....
eyes The women of Mt. Moriah AME

eyes Church will observe their annual x
There are that Women's Day Sunday throughoutthe

I king day beginning with the Sun-
I wise day School at 9:30 a.m.
for Captains for the occasion are: 1 &J
needs Mrs. Madeline Haynes Mrs. Anna

step Felder, 'W. M. Felder Mrs. Lydia iti
of McDaniel Miss Estelle McDaniel.
many Mrs. Agnes Jones Mrs. Amy Robinson }

*lf the Mrs.: A. Edwards Mrs.
of Dixon Clara Jackson Mrs. Henrietta M.

them- Hills Mrs. A. Thompson Lenna 'Y

..' WE of the Mattox, Jordan Copeland Mrs.
Etta Cherry Louise Bailey, Fran-

cis Floyd, Marie Collins, Mrs.
Janie Johnson Mrs. Arusha Min-
go Barbara Robinson James Johnson -
: Benita Davis Luis Wilson
:: I next Walter Harley. *s s.
I .Mrs. Alberta Reid Rena Washington
for a Emma McIntyre Julia Gan- :.. "

P. II Calvin ious, Lillie Mae Hall Mary Rav-
1 special enell Annie McCall,, William McIntyre -

cer- Mrs. Geneva Blackshere
.,...; I Palmer E. McNeil, Mary Riggins,
---- -
Lillian M. Jones Essie Brown .
BUSINESS DIRECTORY I Young Henry Lewis Mrs. E. L. ;: __ rye.

Richardson, Carrie Meridy Dorothy
Peterson Thelma Bryant Walter -
The Firms Listed'Below, Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments i Smith, Lucious" Felton, Severe

Specializing Services and Products Peterson Mrs. Marie Ousley Lillie
Mae Cutliff Janie Harley, Lenora

AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Service ,Reddick, Marie Williams, Maude

"Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" Turner, Callie McCall John Ous

AUTO PAINTING COMPANY )Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baihi ,,ley Margaret Rice Nellie Phillips, .....
Essie Mae Green, Gertrude Morse
Complex Body Repair & Paint Works X Colon Therapy
Delores Jackson Alyce Mack
p. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locailoi
Oven Baked
Paint Jobs
-:- Mercedes Grayor, Bessie "'Wheeler
Price Start at 54.00 For. 23 Year.
Hollis Felton Mrs. Essie Mae Dye f
93. N. Myrtle. Avenue EL 4-2478
1532 East Adams Street 'EL 5-8135
:Luella Moore, Bertha Rhymn, Ar- .
lene Reed, Willie Craswell, Gipson z AGE FOR SPECIALISTS !
SMITH DRUGSFree Devlin, Herbert Lawrence Bessie '
'$::.:( Don't tie yourself willy-nilly to one
delivery any part of-the city j Brown, Nellie Walker. I
GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET -t OLD RELIABLE ? j Airs Wilhelmenia Dunbar Effie across-the-board service when
If You Want The Finest In Groceries 1,1601 West Ashley Street -EL-- 4-1380 Davis, Josie Daniels, Smithie Jackson there are so many things today

And Meats Come See Us' i -Christine Arnold, Calvin Red- which gas does so much better!
JOO Davis Street' EL-6-5412. dick Sammie Green Frankie Johnson -
JULIA GEORGE 5 ,& 10 CENT I Mrs. Lois Reese, Ophelia Milton -
MISCELLANEOUS Oretha Duggar, Margaret WU-
-- liams, Ruth Smith, Elviria Will- cis ctrl 1!. ,

AAA BONDING AGENCY Open Courteous Treatment iams, Lela Murray,,Mrs. A. King ._ -_ ,, --A-.t: :- ,
I 8:3 to 7 p m Richard Wynn Mrs. Bernice Lucas -
and Federal Bon.... -
City County 306 Davis Street EL
I I Maude Henderson Sallie FelI -
Law Exchange Bldg. EL MS32?
1 ton, Sylvester Henderson, Lizzie Just naturally better for the BIG home services
ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE !I. Carter Lelia Williams Nellie Jack-
MAGGIE CONFECTIONERS 'sot Louise Brown, Lena M Dye ,
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TIMIQ ANA ROAD TRADING lll02 Price St. EL '3-x31 3 Willie Harley Malachi McIntyre
Harris Kirs. Henrietta Barnes, Mrs. Es- .
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tella Alexander, Thelma Thomas
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-New, and Used Furniture bought and soldMattrea' Henoratlng Our Specialty Edith Jackson, Mrs. Frances Den- '
5S4 O REFRIGERATOR Silent with no moving parts Dependable In emergsncleslAiR
Timlquana Road SP I-ft762 Day Service mark, Essie White, Jessie Myers -
703 Old Kings Road po 'S.163 Mary Sapp EsteHl: Bannister, and
JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE Jobs White.Captains" CONDITIONING quality method..can be combined with heating!
AU Modern Conveniences
and supervisors -
TAXI are ex-
Boom Week CLOTHES DRYER-Truly today's greatest and most economical work-
by Dar. Night or averlTHE
.At Year SenIce- pected to meet at 5 p.m.to make
For Information Call NEW DEAL CAB HL reports. Tke ,major object on the
EL 54025 eel W. 4-Mil (sO 1ViLLEbGAi CORPORATION
Ashley StzeeI.LINCOLN; CAB' BL 4 tBll.e Agenda is to burn the mortgage. J/lC -

= =,=_ = = =_= = = = =.; ::::2 :::..:.= = ,= =; .= : : = ?= = =_ ; For fetter information contad,thepMw.rbe .--, :t- ...{-': ". AtMtttot ?$? __:'- r; :
? ., '' & \ '' .P' : :: ;: = 1 Rev. A.: R. Richinko i THE HOUSTON CORPORATION





r r -:,..: .



Week Ending Saturday.> ,flovexaber 21.. 1959 .; .,', '_. THE-iI.--, FLORIDA- STAR _.. Page SeND

I. Panthers And Blue--; "'Devils- ; : :To Clash; ; In Gator Bowl!' I

'- f tiM Y t e however. is that it win be a difficult

cause the list has dwindled dtfwn
:\ f .1 .t,1 ;
f 26 to a'very few and who knows 'rhowill
| : end the season among the unbeaten
i '
ranks. .
THE TAN STARS in the professional -
A crowd that is expected to surpass the one that wit +,$i' ranks are doing such a

nessed the game between The Florida A and M Rattlers and ;;.-cat job until there is an uipos-

the BethuneCookmanVildcats to be present to witness the I I, By C. PARHAM JOHNSON sibility to mention any club in the
annual East-West Classic at the Gator Bowl Thanksgiving ?. : pro ranks unlSS::! it is the Washington -
night between The New 'Stanton Blue Devils and the Matthew ;, ''a I I THE CURTAIN is gradually going down in the great out- Redskins without giving due

W. Gilbert Fighting Panthers. door arena known to the football fan as the gridiron. The credit to their performances. Who

The rivalry of the two teams has I 1933: season: heading toward the end. There arc many ktI :: can overlook Big Jim Drown, Bobby -

always been keen and every player will surpass all others since the .. ,. 'I I in evc:its that will be in the minds of the pars! eoac'ies, Mitchell Leroy Boldcn: -and

has kept his eyes. glued on the I game got underway .between the : ; :-. stud nt3, fans, officials, sportswriters and all :ho arc interested WKvi Bill" McCung of tho Ueve-:
game that has so much to do with two schools. x I. : 5" dY in the game. The memories will be favorable and, Browns. Who can ignore the namesof

the city championship. Last sea- The game will have a natural unfavorable. All kinds of explanations will be given on why Lenny Moore, "Big Daddy"

son the Panthers clinched the City, bowl setting. Game time is 8 ,0,.>$-.,',' \; J -.:> -, this happened, why that didn't happen, what should have Jpscombe, Johnny Samples and

Conference and State Championship o'clock. I : ." ;(f J .. :4.. happened and what would have happened if certain things the other tan members of the Baltimore -
Last season the Panthers .. .;, ., :; ) / had happened. Whatever happened or whatever didn't happen Colts. There are others in
clinched the city, Conference and fd it was a great football year. the service of other teams who

State Championships one of j WORKING PRESS '. .,.: 4'a; 1lt MANY YOUNG STARS have I ------,-- have really made their presence

the best teams the school has had. wF. $. '. \ d' z:': ': been uncovered during the 1959 Baby Joe Lockhart and many elL
In 1959, the Blue Devils stand at hA ;, .. .. ., <: season and many of the college
i f. ... brought fame to the
.. At.: the top in the city league and FOR CLASSIC TO .. c ""t '. ,'.,'i",.+'c':>",+ ," .It coaches have been busy recruiting gridiron on the hills of Tallahas-

Coach James Small is counting ,, : and soliciting the service,of<<; players I see. Bragg Stadium is a lasting

heavily on Calvin Lang and Alfred _: "S<1 ;: from the high school crop. Rostersof I monument to one of the great- .

Denson to keep the Blue Devils on BE FETED :. : : the college teams will be replenished est characters whoever blew a whis-

the top. 'iO.t... W by the high school pros- tle on a practice field. Coach Braggis .
The two teams have been batt-' ':: : 1j' 'f : ;_ pects. Many of those finishing from a legend around those parts. *
each at nip and tuck : ,: will be in the moneY
ling year a k\ : college big
level: Both Teams will be in therebatling ing press covering the 27th annual E :: 1i.U I bracket next season. Pro football -ERS'of- the yesteryears and there-

for victory. Coach Earl Orange 'Blossom Classic football .)1 : : ; .< scouts have kept a close watch you will see' such stalwarts Getting To Be A Problem?
Z.. : the : .. as
Kitchings. will, be relying on .r.GEI'IJNG over some of the college stars.
on Saturday December 5, I '
game t Lloyd "Rocky" Haisley, the Armstrong -
Call EL 4-3176
Power ,
playing' of Bobby HayesTillie Bob- will be the buffet guests of the SET =- Head Coach James' "BubbBn" Small THERE IS ONE THING CERtain -I.i brothers, Frank "Big Bud" 1S
\ Grant Charles Sutton Coca-Cola Company and The Moss of the New Stanton Blue Devils Head Coach Jake Gaither of. Donaldson Jackson Daniels
is Ralph
Grover and the other fast step- seen here 'in one of his .
by '
Panthers who would rather H. Kendnx Organization. This was most familiar poses as He gets set to'lead his team,to battle the Florida A&M Rattlers never'' "Red" Francis, James Wiggins,
ping announced here this week by Julian Thanksgiving night against his Eastside rivals the I gives away his secret formula of James "Dean Blue" "Evil rett, Rick d r
from Stanton than 'from .
win any this Cole of Venn, Cole and Associates, Panthers of Matthew W. Gilbert. Coach Small would like I building championship teams year Austin, Wilts Alexander Richard

other team they'have played public relations counsel retained by nothing better than to wrap up victory against the Pan after year. Gaither" has been "The Brooks Arnett Counts, Theodore

season.' Florida A&M University to handle thers and bring the banner back to the Westside. Barring Bull of the Woods" from the time Jones Robert Jerkins Chester Bernard -

thing The that football will game highlight is not the.the night's only the .promotional activities of the injuries he is planning to throw full strength at the Panth- he took over at NUt until this Morse "Inky" Jones. Eugene

famed classic. ere very day. He has done such a Whitlock and a host of others who
activities. The bands of New Stan- __ __._ IS
magnificent job until the SIAC }
the Coca- .n
For a number of years i helped to make Edward Waters a
ton and Matthew W. Gilbert High
has been advertiser championship is almost conceeded threat. ... ._ .. .. .
Cola Company an ..
said, "We 00. 00
Schools will perform at the half hope that this aircraft Getting To Be A Problem?
in the official souvenir program JET CHRISTENED will not only long before the season opens. THE EYES of the football world
time. Both bands are noted for serve as an effective
annually purchasing the cen-I I are now centered on the different
instructional tool, but that it will
their spectacular performances. ONE OF GAITIIEirS SECRETSis Call EL 4-3176
Everything is pointing toward terspread in the G4-page program. also serve as an inspiration to all his assistants. The success of bowl games. One thing certain

the biggest event of the season and Likewise through The Moss H. IAT A T COLLEGE of us who live in the jet age." any Commander-In-Chief is in having sMAPWt:. ,___________ _
Kendnx Organization, com-
from all indications the 1959 classic has supplied classic press Miss Theresa Gibson of Canton the.right kind of generals. The Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From
pany N.C, "Miss Air Force ROTC', Big Chief Rattler has a very little
headquarters at the Sir.. John Hotel ON NOV. 29

AGGIES TO MAKE with "Cokes." smashing formally dedicated the christening the plane bottle by dependable Why Continue To Suffer?

Plans are afoot to serve the
against its nose. tants as Robert Pete Griffin Ed-t
members of the working press I GREENSBORO N.C. The F- ward Olgelsby Costa KittIes, Macon .
The plane was named "Aggie
the '59 classic one of the 84-F Thunderstreak jet fighter
EARLY START IN Covering I Flyer suggested by Miss Ann E. Williams and Hansel Tookes
tastiest meals ever served any plane given to A&T College last Rogers a student of Greensboro, behind him. Do you know some- ARTHRITIS ASTHMA r" '
group in the famed press box of the month was named and christenedin thing? They didn't send all over HEART TROUBLE BACK
and selected in a wide
campus .
TURKEY GAME equally famous Orange Bowl Stadium ceremonies at the college last naming contest. the country to'get them. 'Each one PAINS LIVER TROUBLE 4

Cole said. Monday November 9. of them is a former Rattler. HEADACHES NERVOUS "

classic is annually sponsoredby I CoL Charles A. Wilkins assis- Others persons participating in ,FANS 'CANVEIL REMEMBER CONDITION BODY PAINS ;
The -1
GREENSBORO.Thanksgiving N.C.r- The annual Florida A&M: University and tant commandant of the Air Force the ceremonies included: Lt Cot the strong rivalry between the AND OTHER COMMON AIL '" '
clash between
Day each matches the A&M Ratt- Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, W. F. Simmons deputy commander Florida A&M Rattlers and the Ed- MENTS. DONT PUT OFF V : -
the A&T and year
College Aggies lers against the strongest possible Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Pope Air Force Base Fort ward Waters College Tigers. How ANY LONGER. LET US PUT
the North Carolina
College Eaglesto A record 50,000 persons formally presented the aircraft to Bragg N.C.; Dr. Glenn F. Rankin well can they remember: the daysof YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOO
be here opponent.
played on Thursday
November 26, will start a half hour are-expected to be on hand for thisyear's the Air Force ROTC DetachmentIn administrative assistant to the Jubie Bragg. Sleepy. Edwards HEALTH <
eventBABY. accepting the gift Major FredL. president and Charles A. Luther. Visit Our Modern Clinic

earlier. ,. Allen professor of Air Science Asheboro N.C., commander of the
The will underway at :
game get and commander of the A&T unit Air Force ROTC Cadet Corps.
1:30 p.m., instead of the regular '
Warch This.Qr
2:06: o'cock hour. DR. W. F. WEAVES
'L. A. Wise chairman of the MT .:.. J-r---_. --- You Don't Have to Go to' Town to Get .
Athletic Committee said .the tradi- 41 80 36 GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTICHEALTH'
Liibj 3 A
tional turkey dinner influenced the : LOW _
decision. "We are just cooperating LAAT1'TOt; ) 2 3

with the missus at borne who CLINIC EL 6-7830
wishes t. get the turkey served I For over 60( years, nolkeM have relied 1 8
peutle fcB\BY EASE.Pleasant Your
and: out of the way at a reasonable : tasting;,easy to give lirnid, weKe- 2 S
hour" Wise said. uble-pore MBAB\: EASE" brings 518 Broad Street Between
Ashley & Church
The engagement represents the comfort without binding. "BABY :

28th meeting of the two teams in EASE"strong laxative doe not Ask con sin your opiate druggist or DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade 89-04-03 "" .:f'.3JVt.'A"J8- ._ .. -"t-"t--A' \._.

the series which covers 31 years.It for.the special babies laxative
began way back in 1928. The "BABY EASE." With'Your Neighborhood Drug Store,
Sometimes bee Q|
Aggies lead in the series 15-10 EE1 WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED Sometime he'* down T t
and there have been two ties. Ha adds, tobtractt 1CA
The game as it has many timesin IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS, He .erb It all around

recent years could have important we Deliver We Mao ITO AD Doctor PreecrtpMoiMDixie Attrirtioni '' ...
bearing on the 1959 CIAA Coming

championship. FLORIDA STARIN 19610531See .t VODKA: :'." ;

Steeped in the hottest of rivalry ..,
Pharmacy 1.
high pride and prestige are alwaysat EVERY .. "" ; .
stake when these two teams tie i? .
; '
The this Thanksgiving .f 1
'up. scrap on .. J..s\ ,
EL ...,.. \ I.. .. \ I ... rIP.A" 1-\\ '
is exception. 'CLOWN' .'
Day no =- what {i ..t. ; .0.>

',. .\t1.f.tf ." ... .: I. .
1w BILLS AT OUR STOREWALKER Is Doing Early: ) \'." } ",c.: .-': :<:4: .1:" is( I

-. ..ii 4f5tf"c': "
.. 'M .\,!. .
; .
( :
U ... .
f f .
a I ., t \If't..<'"" f't,, ,. .-.'" ,.;. I
i i l.t t

For Only $3100You ... .. ,::, f ..,
I 0 .. .,-1I'f"o'.' Iii f..;
0 J iI t1

Voaf/ona// ./ & Commercial. Can Get A Copy '0" The .

Of, the Special Issue 1
College 1
I Friendly ;

The Clown \ i
R : COURSES Ao Showing ;
Executive Secretarial Anterior Decorating j, Blender }i'
Business Administration Tailoring .
.yyJ R
1 Accounting Leading to CPA, Dre maJdngStenographic' Starting Dec. 5 II I .j ,....

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Business Law .Business Mirhfaea M
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Or Writ
iesw.rrr ; Altai Dr.*J. Wilier.Brown P. O. 'Box 561 ) .-,1. -.. .

Jadaeerffle) 8L Fliu .' ,

I r 1898 Mjrtl AT*. Jacksonville 1.- Fla. .

/ PJ / 1 n Wt V. C ; Di/l.4 ... o..a. 10 ....ti00 .L'.
.,. ;111., A._. '. 'I -S ..... '
'c b ia.n.e. c.;; Ms._JL,a &..
I ..

,'. : : .: :" : ; .. .- i -
4 '''' eMi
.};; -.t' -to> ,....-.... :0-4 ':<- :.... ':" < '. =. < t"... '\ ..-. ...... .[ .G .'..l ya1labL <, -

\ : : .
: :: -
rt :->1-..; 1.

4Yi, .. t .
r ,


: ., _._ : 'Co: .., c 1 l' k',... -

M. .... b : :FLOMD&SYJUI \ Week Ea4IIIe Saturday. !for...... St. IMS


Clvfl, Serrlos Ezuu MAIDS COCD1tXUSEWO1Mnt1l. )
We sm sad wo-
...prepar A0 IS to $&* NEW YORK NEW YORK-Ulas Lena Home has
? contented to serve as chairman of ATTENTION READERS
Abe Lvert| RECORDS Send mama, addrcw ..dphone W. haT mmay +xceU nt the 1359 NAACP Mth
member to P. 0.I I po.ltlon. open for good female Qirifl&nas PIMM Bxiag or Send Your
seal it
campaign was an-
domestic worfc n... .a*
C. Stfeeilom Box Ml. JaciscarllU. nounced this week'' by NAACP Executive Church News. Cl.b Notices & Jlaaonao. .W
dj Job with nice primefamalles
Secretary Roy WiUdnc.
Of AH 8ten FOR RENT who will treat jm' This marks the 10th consecutive i' T. The FLORIDA STAB Early
And Hi Fl Useords c.o.Yient17 located apart- right md prorU a alo '
year that Miss Home has led the *
Stereo & HI Fi Ptay.n' meat for rent. 1774 SpiredAre. room, meal and all prlrl- 32-yeazvold fund drive. The coal this DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS

GATEWAY SHOPPING .L_ $11.00 per ...... Call 1e 2M. Salary t 0 $50 weekly year is $120.000. TUESDAY at NOON
5404 Norwoed Art. PO 8-IIIf' EL 39N2STRANDi. lo atari. Truuporttiton to Miss Bobbie Branche of the NAACP
Open fa 9 P. M. New York adTan<<*l. If yen national office again serves as di- FLORIDA STAB

ar* looking for a good aU Pin rector of sales. 2323 Mencnef Ed. Corner 13&! Street
Job. contact Florida Do-I

SUN. SAT. lead. Drive LakeaadL: Fla.I
mestlc Supply '2622 H mp-
GALA THANSGIVING 33389. : _________..r..T..r..r..r..r..T _P.P_P P .T ..r..T..r..r.r-'___
HOLIDAY WEEK!' telephone MU -



DUCTS.Cosmetics and Home
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Meadays To D. H. FOY
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rrorerwnuhfli '
Lt .atesur 2923: Moncrlef Rd. Cor. 13tk
Or Phone EL 4-6788 .. .r --. .. _
NOW:! Hotel For Miami or Miami
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$%.00 a $3.00 or room accoraodatkms t.C f
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Charles North
North Travel Or Write To ArmstrongRoosevelt New and Used TVs .
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N.ve Bos. Mgr. Bureau

ICommuoityA.Drag 11M Ave N.W. 3rd i 669 Florida Are.
Store Florida A ft M
750 N.W. 15th University Miami, Fla. Sun. Tues. 1st Run I Jacksonville, Florida
Ave. Tallahassee, Fla. I

1 '4ma ;; !1.

|I Speaking of Public Safety: :., .... .


rn ': ::: .f
Both First Run RITZ y
CLEVELAND, O.,-The public :<.....\ fROIEN Fft pOD StORAGE
LOADED WITH STARS! i should realize that it spends ':,v:y:,: "! 4 l6.

Victor Mature* Gilbert Roland jiuch traffic more accidents in a than year on it would night i:::, g

Vincent Price* Peter Lorre & Others pay for the adequate street light : TOT STO '
ing that could have prevented
'IEC111COt0it'PINJ the oar crashes. .
THE BIGGEST SHOW I Iff THE WORLD! ilil101BtIw Interviewed bire, Edmond C. gl D00 R ,
Powers, educational director of t I kAlIDY! SN EIYES,

\}\ the Lighting Street Bureau and Highway.backed up Safety this I 4J r
\iDGJIoon61 claim by citing :>
A Ais { F te '"''' "u an of. annual 91 billionas toll )J rtI

A the bill for .
traffic accidents >>.
that adequate -
c streetlighting


PEa ...... ... have prevented."On "
Ca l1yr JOELMcCREASKYVIEW ; '':;' of
a N Cal or.M financial toll," ,Powers said top, "at All I Th9'Most: Wanted Features
: ................. least 10,000 persons lose their YOU Pay Only
AUJED A.TilSS P*..* CIIIr h.tIlE lives while another 400,000 are FULL WIDTH CRISPER
Also "FACE OF FIRE" seriously injured in night acci
dents that street lighting, by' ADJUSTABLE SHELVES IN DOOR $2.40
permitting safe visibility, -would NEW SAFETY DOOR LATCH
"We have reports from small SAVE $30.00
ROOSEVELT SUN. TUES.Technicolor and large cities," he said,"where
thorough cost analysis has shown

2 New Holiday Hits! "MATING URGE" lower ing than overall those figures when streets after light were .
Wed., Thurs., Fri., Nov. 25, 26, 27 __... ANDROBERT poorly lighted or not lighted at All Bargain Buy!
why the country as a

D'I I JNA whole and said: buggy"still has lighting so much Powers"horse Fluorescent Plus Full Width Light! $2 4 9.9S

[ .I4 TAYLOR lOUSE "While lots of reasons are ___ ___ __ __--I
given, the big one is that while
FESS JACK the public wants all the benefitsof sisr-i
modern street lighting, people
B\RKER-IDRD expect it to be provided insteadof 1
f demanding that their public
I KI" officials install it. ,
"lake everything else in fife, Orta lights AotomBtkoHy!
the public will be given modern
street lighting when the public Brontr lights Automatically!
A ERA QI BREEB*. convinces officials that modern
UNCHALLENGED # I lighting is wanted." -: -= NORGE Buintn Ught Automatically!

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Technicolor Action! Jerry Lewis Comedy Bluefish -- We
Medium Mullet Lb. 20c With Trad. MDBIfl HIBFCOBH HKSTSOVffl!
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Roy Henderson-"Misty" & 20 Stars! Myrtle live nd Adam Fbome EL1_
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