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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200536datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 14, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005360740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 14, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 14, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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40- .
-, ,, .., -;-:------- --- --:, -' .: HJSTOR
'If -- -_



; ._:

I.ftOR/PK8,4it t Miami NAACP Planning

Court Suit Over Parks .

:....,i.9; NO. 4i' And HSVUS ::cusoiriLLE. ,,FLORIDA, SATURDAY, NOV.-u, isssflS fie::tt -


y1 c c lax W omao.ls Arrested IK;! IAN \\VITH 'S AND HATE.. NOTES

r '

... FOR I KILLING Race hate warnings advocating "death to all race mix-
ers"*, attached to crude wooden 'rifles' were being distri-

buted this week in at.least five Florida cities Including

: 1\1"ter\ Husband's Death Police this week arrestel Jacksonville.The first two warnings received -

Miami man whom they had I in Jacksonville were notes warning against "race

been hunting for the murderof reported over last weekend. mixing."

rt I a Jacksonville woman, They were followed by a The papers said, "Deathto

described as his girlfriend!; : flood in the Riverside area a 11 race mixers. Keep

: r last 'Wednesday.. sive armed force. Be a Paul
Arthur "Blue" Webb knocked The flare-up of race hate'has whitee schools white by mas-
aroused m u c h concern Revere. T a k e arms and
at the door of Mrs. Alma-
the better class 0 f shoot.
/ M teen Slappey's home about I
white Jacksonville citizens,
10:25 Wednesday night, Nov Most Negro citizens regardthe
\ 4- When she inquired who itJ'lt'
A Jacksonville woman is being held in connection with distribution of the hate OFFICER KILLS ,'

g! I with death of her husband who died following a domestic ; ; warnings with utter con-

I argument and fight between the couple.: tempt, attributing it to the -

Police arrested-Mrs. Hattie work of stupid, frustrated OCALAMAN .

Poole, 49 of 1177 West 3rd I She then called a neighbor I I cowards.

I'Street last Wednesday after who took Poole to the hospital -, I On the other hand, the OCALA Ocala- A city last patrolman Sunday killedan night
I her husband Bennie Poole where he died an hour feeling among the younger- '
I _the' Korean and after a chase and gun battle. ,
f 71, died in Duval Medical later
Patrolman D. R. Price, a tamer'North
: World War 11 veterans Is
{ Center, about an hour after -
.. I that iif the hate Carolina state trooper, said
admitted. < mongers
being I
II : -' I he was checking out a Negro tavern
Sgt. L. C. Williams and E .' :'. <:",: "start "anything" they'll "be .when he saw Aaron Haynes, 21. and

P. Corley reported that :Mrs. .I ready. an unidentified Negro woman tussl _
"Poole told them that her A 70-year-old man who occupies

1 husband come home from I Ir a home adjacent to a ing."She was shaking I him by his coat

work intoxicated and start- ?\ r dwelling occupied by Ne- lapels and I noticed a small peari-
(!ed a fight with her. She said r vr groes in the Lackawana section handled fe\'o1\-er.in his shirt pocket

1 1t 1t he was trying to cut her I II received one of the rifles ," the officer said. When: Price

with a butcher knife ,when last Sunday night. reached for the revolver, he said

she struck him with. some a I The other was found early Haynes'spun and bolted for the door.

z object that was in the house. Sunday by a resident of the In the chase Price said, Haynes

The, iniddlpgagcd mother .f1 Paxon area, lying in his I fired three times before he returnedthe :

told officers that her soil'; ; front yard 4We 'have no Ne-: shots. Haynes was found d3 Ing

came in shortly after and ARTHUR "BLUE" WEBB :groes living!; next to us, and under a house behind the tavern.

she told him what had occurred. nabbed for murderwas I have never been involved ..
He left the house in any t y p e of racial inci-
the caller replied: I dent," the man told reporters
saying he would be back to MISTAKECOSTSMAN$39OLOSS
"Blue. While the incidents here
take the victim to the hospi-
tal, but he did not return. t Mrs. Slappey closed the i were being repdrteo 'authorities

Officers said she told them door telling him she did not in Miami, Tampa, St.

jI: that about. 2 a. m. the next want to have anything to do I Petersburg and West Palm I...
Beach 'simi-
were receiving
morning her husband fell with him. Officers I ,
were lar complaints from worried .i Johnnie Lee Brown Peterson, of _
out of the bed. She said she told that the man kicked the I residents. 1322 Wolf Court gave an envelope

tried to call an ambulance MRS. HATTIE POOLE door in, fired two shots and In the cases here both"ri- containing $390 to a stranger for a
but was unable to get one. .held In death fled. One bullet struck the letter to mail last Wednesday when
_. fles, about 30 inches in
woman which resulted in her the man volunteered to mail some
: Bsttie Newton who length contained printed
CROWNED --- Charming Marie was death. letters for him, Peterson said.
crowned "Miss Gilbert" during ceremonies: held! last weekis I
i POLICE REPORTSAlonzo I Peterson told police, he'n.,- af
seen ;Myrtle Avenue and Kings }Road
Thc.popular senior is the daughter of Mrs. Glady Youngof -- -' about 3 p.m. Wednesday waiting to
2510 D. Street Jacksonville.! LYNCH PROBE
130?: DUVAL CONGRESSMANCONTINUES man some letters when
Montgomery 54 of Monday as he sat in a bar at 627 the man
: Pearce Street was hit on the headand' I i|Davis Street. 'came by end asked where he could

CAROLINIANS ToSiYiYvN" left arm with a piece! of Iron I VISITS get something to eat. The man was
pipe by an angry motorist las: Bowman told )investigating officers instructed to go across the street '

Thursday when they met at 18tf I that he went into the bar and boughta to Mom's Kitchen.

IN \ WAITING ROOM I and Davis Streets. half pint of Scotch and.after pay. Congressman Charles E. Bennett JACKSON. Miss Federal Judge The victim who ,was waiting for ,
v1 L.2 for it out of a $100'bill he put this week will continue his visitsto Sidne r Mize will' pounce within 10 a cab also, saw one coming and at ,

Th victim told police he and hL:, the change back in his wallet, post offices in the 2nd 'CongreSsiocal days! .he site of.a federal grand Jury the same time the stranger said he

CORE TO PROTEST AIRPOTT 21 "fi girl friend were going SOUth on Da He said he put the wallet in his restrict inves'igation of the. Mack Charles would mall ,the. letters for: him. Paterson -
vis Street; and a man identified as; Parker .
GREENVILLE, S. C.,Nov. 10 -- "On January 1, Emancipation pocket and dropped 'off to sleep, lynching case.Mira gave the man the letters"also
J. Parker, 54, who lives in the 1400 I He has been yesterday set Jan. 4 as the
his visiting offices
u' and when he finished his post
nap an envelope
Day, we will 'show the tt're irar. t at re in containing the .
bock of Logan Street atemptcd tc to answer date he win present the cace to ajuy.
wallet ,was questions receive sugg: es- C90.: The
South Carolina want to be truly free. saidthe ReverendJ. gone.'Patrolmen i money was drawn from
run him in a ditch and then rein tions, and assist in federal mattersof
S. Hall chairman of Greenville, S. C. CORE I the Post Office to buy a car.
Johnnie J. Doe and M. '
in frontof
around and .
car stopped constituents.His
.. -- Mize said from the bench during his Police said they believe Peterson -
Greeov21c; CORE (Committee of I In. Newsom investigated.. "I will give' :>rio 'i.y: to this case," was the perfect victim of film hammer -
schedule of
visits is
k .!'yr.cla'e: against t Negro! : '
Racial Equality: ), aided by other organizations Montgomery said be had to stop THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 12-9.00 regular court term.MIAMIANS bccamse he said be talked to .
!nterstate pasensers.Jimcs t his car to avoid an accident and ant, South Jacksonville Station, the man several minutes before he ,
plans to march on the Albert Grant 27, of 3311 Dillon '
T. McCain, CORE field sec- whea_ he stopped Parker got out of 1722 Hendncks Ave.; gave him the money.Patrolmen' .'
Street was cut on left side of face
Court House and then lead a Car :his car 'and struck him with the WANT Freddie Hack: and
Caravan to the Airport ReverendHall !' nt:: :7, nrxrS that other ..COREgrrtw pipe. Parker, he said, got in his by a woman after visiting her home 10:00: ajn. Contract Station No.. 13, Johnnie Doe investigated.TEENAGER .
with her'last Sunday. He said when ,
declared Oil people biterly r in Sou h droli-a: alai to aid car and left and the victim went to 4462 Hendricks Ave.;
he got ready to leave, Miss Marine INTEGRATIONMINALLPARKS
resent the attempt to exclude Jackie in the demonstration by sending a private doctor for treatment. Scott 2t of S25'4 W., Ashley Street 11:00 am. Contract Station No. 11, STABBED -
Ssts. J. H. Parker and G. H.
5635:: San Jose Blvd.
Robinson from.tvhite" waiting hex:!fine.at3. COnS groups: in South Huribert investigatedA cut him ; t, BY HIS STEP FATHER

room in the Greenvflle Airport. On drclirx: are located Li Charleston, He was taken to Bevel Medical 1:30 p.m. Mandarin; A young teenager, who lives at
November 9, the .Gree-v 1012 W. Duval Street was stabbed
Monday, After
by police car. being "
Garefld-ri C : iJ: Flor 3:30 pm. Sprang Park Contract hi front of )left shoulder! ". ,
voile Interdenominational Ministerial ence. 55-year-old woman was hit on treated he was placed in jail for A demand that allDadeoHT.'y during an
Branch, 3167 Spring Park Rd. .
A1 a.nre'Oted to endorse our Emancipation : : the back of her bead in a fight with fi tin. Mss! Scott was also ar- 4:00: pjn. Oor: ract Station No. 41; C recreational facilities be Tuesday.Mrs.argument. with his step father last ..

Day protest Sa..taft :rg' anSurstcr. her husband Edward English! last rested. 3432 Beach Blvd. opened to Negroes .was made to Ernestine .
Thursday,police reported. X Courty Manaer O. W. Cie'.bell Bryan mother of
TO SIT FOR MEETING ; "Patrolmen! W. Solomon and C the youth was also cut when she .. .
I FRIDAY.. NOVEMBER 13 3:00 Monday by officials of the National: .,
Core plans a mass meeting in; It was reported that the husband Barton investigated. a.nL Murray Hill Station, 1008 Edge- Assn for Advarccm rt cf Coined tried to get the accused to have -

Baptist Church. From( :and wife were fighting in the street wood Ave.; Peorle.Tb her son alone. The young victimwas
Springfield I in front of their home when the ? Rev.!' Theodore 'GUison.; nresl- taken to Duval Medical C>ntcr.I .
there the' demonstrators win! marchto husband hit Mrs. Lillie Mae English Johnny Brown 55, a trusty at the 10:00 ajn. Contract Station No. 5, dent of the Miami: l. y A.\C-> chaptrr.; Amos Young, 37, was arrested by,

Court House. On the Court House w&h the pipe. The victim was taken city 'jail went for,a four hour ride 3620 ,Blanding: Bl\' .; I raid! if uV r if fWJt :is rot. granted I Patrolman R. L. Crawford at Duval.

steps they'win pray and read a res- > i to Duval Medical Center for treat last Sunday in a car that was borrowed 11:00 a.m. Lake Shore Branch, 4 0 th' -rroiip' wST: taiPu cao> tat die and Davis Streets.

olution. At that point a Caravan of mentBMh without the owner's permis Shirley St: '- I' ccurts. I Patrolmen R. L. Crawford F. ,

t sion. CarcpbeH said" Lttl the 1 Mack, J. J. Doe and Sgts. E., Pg' :'i '
Cars win assemble and proceed parties: were arrested on 1:00 p. m. Wesconnett Contract J dr-mr: :
tof f Brwj, dressed in his prison meeth Corley, L, A. Hamwey investigated.', _
kavfoj !ha
f 5405 Wesconnett Blvd. to
the airport, where they will sit down j jfa charges of disorderly conduct drunk Branch. ; ; taDdJ".gCount
and fighting. The couple lives at clothes took Patrolman Harry Ba 2:00 pjn. Contract Station No. 3, *.Attv. Dvr-v nv}. \
the'"white" waiting room and loot Eaverson. con's car about 2:30 p-m. and returned 5K1 Rossevelt' Blvd.; f "Yon! may' fa PSTth- t th"

present their protest against the discriminatory about 6:30 pjn. While the ,problem win be met full square andforthohtl" '
Patrolmen*. Jefferson and H. Patrolman ,was looking for his car; 3.00 '?.m. Ortega Contract Station, *1rx1t ....... rw-haf!_

policy to the managerof Karfey. investigated. Brown pulled up at the 'police station 2923 Corinthian St.; ctig for the fake of f-* IS
the tax-aided: facility. : and was sweeping out the car 4:00 pjn. Contract Station 1, 411S told the NrrTtdle2afioT! '. DRINKING '" t.
when be was spotted by other of He-schel St. 1 Gibson
In 1355 Interstate Commerce : said hIs grown would return Getting To B. A Problem
the: Clarence! Bowman, 1123 Harrison ficers. Bennett said his.office in the downtown fns 10 days.'CambeH said Davis I

Commission ruled that:airports that .I aueeft;reported'misslag a' wallet -Patrolman.. Bacon did not .Post'Office will be opento assist -- would..write,a legal opinion-for'his 'ELc.3I78 ', :-;

received federal .,secould not REV. J HALL that**** e her_lost'*or stolen last charges 'against' Brown. ,, '/ 'fi1e1 .f at other,times. ,.,. :,.. t;uidance. lac' .'...i' .. ,*.. I

,:: ,; /' -. :;'. : .. ", .._iI"'". '.'> ',-i :; :..'. ;" ./ ," ..
; 'f t .-
'\ I'

4 .
N '

1 : ') : :

.', ,. ...
.. '. .I ; ''- >;, : ._0 .,' 2. :'..' C ,,: : .' : ,. ;:- ; ..'.i :: .. .
;' 1.l/ ;- : i'J. ..'J fY' : ,..' ,,:: .;.T '.; 1 ,: : .. r/ .

:*.ooTwo. r. \ : : 'r T1KE_ !i FLORID AlSTAili '_. ;<': ?\lWJ1J.: ': ;. 0 Saturday, November 14,1959 i''

.. .... ., .. .
-_ >74. -'-, 1\-\ --F" r-. ....,> "' '
fI. "
THE FLORIDA STAR 't .ti\.t: .t7 y : .:' "

NEWS ;' .. "Politics As Usual"
f' .
Published by Tb'Florida Star Publishing Co. By Eric O. Simpson -

"Member of Associated Negro Press' $:G MILLION SCHOOL COM ELECTION

Brio: O. Simpson __________Editor WHAT'S IN IT FOB US?
C. Parham Johnson. Newt Staff Negroes in Duval County should be giving serious

Hilda Woolen ._ .Clrctilntton DepL thought to the matter of the referendum on the proposed
35-million-dollar school construction bond issue which will
be held on Dec. 22. (We might add at this time that three
EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783
Z323 Meceriei Road .
days before Christmas is
a heck-of-a-date for bond elec
Qowntowit Branch Office: 423 Broad Si. ,- Phono EL 4-3773 fir tion.) a
L. _
$3Million :school Bond Election
Mailing Addras _..JIffBbd ... What's In It For Us? ...
u "
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1( Florida facilities, Brant added.
> Nevertheless' let us hope that \\edon't
SUBSCRIPTION RATES lu %?' r '' miss the boat as we usuallydo. "Several, of our high schools are.on

On Tear, $50)0) ; Half Year, $3.00: Three Month. $1.80 W', kY It seems to me that our Negro probation now, and will be dropped
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United Stale s kMe leaders should have been investigating from the accredited list unless we
Subscription Parable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To, 1 ( the issue to see howe will correct these conditions."
FLORIDA : share in the deal and when I
1 + say "we" I mean how the entireNegro proposed bond issue, the superintendent -
+ R' f population will share in the said, will provide 345
deal not just a few individuals additional classrooms at existing
Our leaders and our ParentTeacher schools, at a cost of 11 million dollars -
groups should be: busying them ; 28 new schools, including 20
TOO MUCH PEDDLINGIN elementary, six junior high and two

4rA senior high schools, all at a cost of
I rI 19 million dollars; another 2 mil- .
SCHOOLS f lion would be allocated for school
DUVAL .. .
.' ... .J"i i sites, $800,000 for the purchase of
: f). l,, I : school library books and 5375,000 for
i: shop facilities.But .
favoritismand : "t .,. ..... Vp4 :> +!. I
that (meaning pull II.\ '
We understand "politics" what, specifically, will be
s ;; rt::
a good deal of skulldugery) runs this nation.It ., .'.;' : : .J done about the. Negro schools. Thatis
is regretable that this same "politics" has gotten into 0 + '"-y:Is 1 f :.... -' .t what has not been told to Negro
the school systems of many states in the country. But the : .fa !L--a..___. [ a citizens. Why don't we have Mr.
extent to which the diabolical hand of "politics" runs the ,.,.,.,..,. .jJ Brant out to a meeting and let him
Duval County school system is most nauseating. Why Can't They Have The Same InterestIn :0'::.. explain it to us.

We can see nothing but "poiltics" behind the situation r;;:::.: f

whereby services salesmen ranging and from peddlers.real estate of all to sorts insurance of commoditiesand and dry Minority Rights At Home ? for The them politicians; the know contractors what's know In it

cleaning service are permitted to deliver their sales pitchesin what's in it for them; and so do

our schools. hf all the other people who have some-
Whenever there is a planning session or School Board t thing to gain from additional and
authofized assembly of teachers you can be sure that some Your Weekly improved schools. .so it's time
sort of salesman will be permitted to take the platform and _.Lj&Jj Negroes find out What's in it for us.
extoll the virtues of his product. Hardly a month passes by : We have double sessions, over-
that a salesman of some sort does not appear before a facul- Horoscope Guide SIMPSON crowded, unsafe and ill-equippod

ty meeting of one of the Negro schools to deliver a sales s schools in the Negro areas Whats

pitch.The B:* PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH selves finding out how much of the going to be done about those. Our
whole is ridiculous disgusting.It Negro Vocational school is a joke.
thing : $35(0),000iU be spent pn Negro
will be recalled that some time agQ, through some sort ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR. schools. Our Negro freeholders The best it offers is a few service

of "politics"_one or two companies were_given_ _a virtual mon- should then be advised whether or trades-auto repair tailoring radio
ply to sell insurance policies to school children. And this BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL not to vote rather than let them be repair, etc. It is sorely lacking in .
selling was done in the school with teachers doing the workof r guided by a few tickets thrown on technical trades and miserably ill-
sending out literature to the parents and collecting the AK1ES etbook and cherished ones come under sconrio their doorsteps the night before the equipped, largely with handm'edonemachines
premuims as well as keeping books on the deal. With Mercury having turned retrograde revolutionary planetary' Influences. Born Oct.. 24 thru4 Nov. 22 election.It from the white schools.
What more is the teacher going to be asked to do?? on the 13th, it is'not ad- Gather in your profits, adjust cannot be denied that Duval Believe it or not no printing is
Heaven knows the school teacher has a laborious job visable to embark on anything new monetary claims, select sound investments School system is in a bad condition1: taught in the Vocational school or
trying to teach 36 to 40 children and handle bona fide extra until early next month. This does not 7-20-99-13-27-729 and do all you can to Ish Brant, superintendent of public in any of the senior high schools for
curricular activities without being burdened with insurance mean that you should not go ahead bolster your economic ties (17th- instruction addressing table members that matter.

forms and premiums ..And it seems to us that our teach- i'with projects previously inaugurated 18th). Failure to take precautions during a luncheon meeting in
ers need to hear more about teaching methods than about especially from the 17th thru J9th LEO again poses a threat to friendships, the Seminole Hotel declared thereis It must be emphasized that the
The 20th is another :day when you business ventures, positions and all Dec. 22 election will be decided by
products at faculty meetings and other assemblies. Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 only one alternative to the bond
may suffer physically .and mentally Attend to a] the, details that have you have been trying to achieve issue. freeholders-persons who own their
Something should be done about the situation. if you have gotten yourself involved to do with soda J, club,. neighborhood (20th). Also be wary of friends who .That. is to accent the fact that homes and enjoy Homested Exemption -
I in an extraordinary. love affair or and teen-age matters on the are free with your cash, possessionsand there will be 6,000 more students on But in order to vote,
.. losing venture.: 17th-18th, while you are under 'favorable trust (22nd). double sessions every year until we freeholders must register at. the
r. planetary auspices. Complications increase our classroom space," County Courthouse. The books are
1-3055-12-53-135 may very well ark. on the -33-18-31-689 Brant declared. now open for the special registration
20th, when' very forceful influences SAGITTARIUS Doable Sessions and will remain open until
J.J Edgar Hoover Speaks foreshadow mishaps and unusual financial lie said the overcrowded local Dec .8. ,

TAURUS gyrations. You are bound to system, now housing 93,000 pupils,
Born April 20 thru .May 20 gain greater self-assurance on the Burn Nov. 23 -thru Dec. 21 already has 14,000 of them attending
The most favorable period of the 21st and better able to cope with The best time for you to take per- double sessions and receiving "sec- ,
On Juvenile Delinquency month should] find you ready to bolster people and situations. The brake on sonal matters, to obtain favors ond class educations." .;, { J
your vital associations, employ-' reckless spending should not be re- from above, and to realize a wish is We are growing so fast that manyof .
ment prospects and economic 'interests leased as yet the 17th and early 18th. Don't expect the new schools we built with the
(17th thru 19th). Try to sound 417-14-75-4'i5. more than limited results as Mer- 12-million-dollar bond issue of. 1349 s s sIS
out the feelings and intentions of I cury has been going retrograde were overcrowded when they opened -
"A valuable ally in the fight against crime, the news those closest to you, and to arriveat VIRGO since the 13th. There will be little ,'.' Brant declared He pointed YOUR DRINKING ,
media of the Nation can afford further public service in focusing a proper understanding to ward Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 use fighting against the odds on the particularly to Pawn High Schoolas ..
the spotlight public opinion on those members of off the fireworks that are.to be set The best days this week for gain 20th which will be somehow similarto one to open its d;))rs to mere Getting To Be A Problem? .
the judiciary who, in the face of the present crisis persist off again on the 29th. and splendid results are the 17th- the 13th. when the cards were students than it was designed to ac Call EL 4-3176
in endangering the public by unleashing young terrorists apprehended 18th. Close deals, wind up formalities stacked against you. You will find commodate.!
at great risk by law enforcement officers. 2-30-33-19-32-263 and secure the gains that are more reason for optimism from the "And we are endangering our accreditation s .
"Parents who, throw h bad example, indifference, or in hand without further; ado. The ex- 21st onward. status if'e dcn't:: add
lust for worldly gain, inflict upon their fellow men the GEMINI plosive conditions which prevailed to existing schools, such facilities as

scourage -vicious offspring deserve to feel the sting of Born May 21 thru June 19 on the 13th, and they may be mainly 9-20-22-19-21-921 gymnasiums, libraries, shops. andS .sass.
public indignation and to face legal and financial responsibility Put love first, get married, take within yourself come to a climax on I
for the criminal acts of their children. in a partner or broaden 0 your public the 20th. S'IDpathy.and helpfulnessare ,
o contacts while benign influences are more'apt to prevail and this CAPRICORN.
"At this time, when the increase in youthful crimes con- operating in your favor ((17th-18th). should be a factor which you can Born "Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 IL
stitutes the bulk of the,shameful rise in our national crime, Once you have made up your mind encourage ((21st). The things that you say do and _ij 1
serious consideration should be given to lowering the age I on these days, make certain that no believe in are favorably highlighted
distinction between a juvenile and an adult violator. We are 'argument, pressure 'or indecision on 2-ro. -1591269U on the 17th-18th. The 20th has all
dealing with vicious young criminals, and they should be. your part comes In to undo< all the RA the signs of being even ,more diffi-
treated such. II cult than the 13th
as advantages and benefits you have when Mercury
I I so painstakingly acquired ((20th). Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 turned retrograde* complicating further 1
"The prevention of juvenile destruction lies in the establishment There are two sides to every coin the troubles that confronted you 6J ,
of juvenile disci P line. Assuredly, this is the respon- I 4-8Q4J-18-43-B3 and, this week, the winning one then. Retrospection and meditation
sibiliy of every individual interested iIi his own safety and 'should come up from the 17th thru help you to locate the source of your
the welfare of his country." I CANCER; 18th. Stop short on the 20th which errors (21st).

Born June 20 thru July 22 will resemble the 13th in many re
I The disturbances and agitation of spects. Frustration, broken friendships 370661565368AQUARIUS
the past week nay have been just monetary upsets and emotional 7.
what you needed to take advantageof reactions could make this day a I
excellent openings of a residentialand hectic and disturbing one an around. Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 1' I
ind the strength employment nature vlrich are You have a chance to evaluate the The 17th-18th are the best days of s

disclosed (17th-lSth). The 20th can I results on the 21st. the month when right, justice and
i.r& be a sort of repetition of the 13th high ideals will prevail. Any failure
for 84044-11-42-842 to take these beneficial precautions
life when your associations. plans, pock- '
your I I'E leaves you wide open again on the
20th, when the forces of discord and i __ _
GET YOUR HOROSCOFCM ? READING misunder standing take on an explosive I
., tbia coupon. Learn more abc rat jooneO.' Send 19 .rota (one power. The storm should blow ,
dim In coin) for each horoooopddnmad ordered' by matt. Include ads over on the 21st. and the extent of ( Ii
1 tamped envelope. Writeto i I plainly. Thl offer does act PP<7 the damage it leaves behind win be .,S ,
realdeat' tf the dominion of OBi determined by the measures you i fS
- previously adopted.11GU13G1116 .
i *
i StelaHost

I! t. of BirthPABLO I
DaIII < *
PISCES Invites You To Listen To .
iy FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER Born Feb. 19 thru MuCh 20 ,
d. It looks as if fate and the Individuals "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
P. O. BOX5&1JACKSONVILLE in authority win be favorably ''J.
1, FLA. disposed to deal you a good hand ,
J'-i\-' $--%':-, en the 17th18thThe troublesome At 7:00 P. M. Nightly }'<-::'

Name .>:-r. :. .... ; :d. : .;:::.;-'. '; the mndfflnns day that that Mercury prevailed started the going 13th 1400 WRHC 1400'j av .

e I TOOETII7H77v;; tliAfdreesb -. ... ..;t .1 retrograde, may ,be as diffimlt,. if 1',,_ .
WORSHIP '' -ci :-" .. \
I :: :;''; -:: \.-. not more so, on the 20th. : .... .
.;... - -'" .
'. -'"... .. :.. ;
.? :{ !i, # '
: '
-. .;', .::-



-L :

Saturday, November 14,19' THE FLORID STAB ,

I I About People 11 as" :- "- -; a ., ---- z -

-- -- =--' -' .

EDDIE LEE WALLACE of Philadelphia )' Baptist Church'and members of dis-
,.Pa., is in the city visitinghis' trict 7.Recent. '
mother, MRS. ROSA WALLACEand ENTIRE NOUS SOCIALITES were entertainedat
sister MRS. ROSA MAE BRIT- visitors to the Gateway their last meeting by Mrs.\ D. M. Mitchell.\ Plans were

TON and other relatives of .1012 w. Qty were GEORGE ALLEN and made for their annual Christmas party. Present at the session -

Ofurch St. lie plans to stay here BERNARD FEN "ELL. students at were Mrs.\ IL L. .Striven, Mrs. Claudette Fields, Mrs.
one month. Florida A and M University. Here R. C. Exon, Mrs. Delores Brown and Miss Barbara Lang.
for the Florida Classic played in Y 0. ..J I Members have been requested to attend meeting, tonight at
CURTIS TELFAIR Sr., of Fernan- Jax a few' weeks ago, they visited ; 8 o'clock in the home of Mrs.\ Elizabeth Mixon, 2332 Kin-
dina Beach, is confined to Brewster their respective parents, Mr. and b0. wood Ave. '
HospitaL Friends may call and see Mrs. George Allen and the Rev. and

him. Mrs. Namon Fennell.

MRS. TINY THOMAS of 1132 Harrison ALVIN KOHN of Paterson, N. J.
St is convalescing at the has returned home after attendingthe sue...... THE EAST GRAND PARK GARDEN CIRCLE' Wednesday -
night, in the home of the president, Mrs. Blanche
Florida East Coast Hospital in St.Augustine. funeral of his brother which was (
Williams 2017 W. 17th St. Miss Otelia Adams was co-
known beau- afternoon. He was
She is a well held here Monday
and also serves as president I the house guest of his mother, Mrs. FLEDGES $10,000 The Brewster Men's Club, headed by J. Earl Morse has pledged hostess. "Sweetpeas" will be the topic of discussion.The .
tician Chorus of Day Spring Mamie Kohn of Wesconnett.: A fare $10,000 to the expansion program of: Brewster Methodist HospitaL The club seen here October meeting was held in the home of Mr. and
of the Gospel church. well luncheon waas given in his hon has been very active in all programs that have been launched by the hospital. At present Mrs. Hartzoy, 2018 W. 16th St, with Miss W. Anderson as

Baptist or at the home of George Lee Smith, the'men are busy with,their annual Betty Stewart Fruit Cake sales which was a grand co-hostess.

2566 Summit St., before his departure success last year. The club also assisted in the promotion of the annual pro football gamethat
MRS. FRANCES BROWN continues Wednesday. is sponsored by the Jacksonville Charities, Inc., Brewster was benefitted from the

ill at the Duval Medical Center., proceeds of the game each year. The club participated the Community Chest Drive. The THE AMARYLLIS GARDEN CIRCLE held its meeting

She is a member of the Bethlehem women seated from left are Mrs. George Lawson, Mrs. J. E. Davis, president of the in the home of Mrs. Annie Mae Wright 720 E. Union St.

Two Park residents, MRS. Brewster Mothers Club and Mrs. Magdalene'Perry, a member of the Brewster Mothers. Plans for the Flower Show were completed. There will also
REBECCA Orange REDMOND and MRS. The Brewster Mothers are assisting the men in the fruit cake sales. he: an exchange of bulbs.

ANNIE LEE TOWNSEND; membersof i ,
1 z SometimesBABY St. John Baptist Church of Orange j

: fined to home and Mrs. Townsend MISS WILHELMENIA WHITE well known schoolteacher

LAXATIVE TOO I I is confined to Duval Medical Center. and ,organist at Mt. Zion Methodist Church is ill
in Brewster. Friends along with column wish her
.11ec1 For ores OD: lentIa 60 years BABY. mothers EASE.bate.Tar re- TEA SUNDAY AT'1435MYRTLEAVE. Deliveries WILL SPONSORNOV. speedyrecovery.

to_ Give Te|"
SlWwe"BABY EASE" bring Birth at Br.wter Hospital
contain opiates ortrong
does not
UzaUre Ask. your drnggi To Be Problem? Mr. & Mrs. Charlie McRoy 5806 City Wide ACE League Union THE ZETA AMICAES will present a Fashion Tea Nov.
for the ipeeial babies luatIve; The Pallbearers Grand Union Society Carnation RoadBoy.Mr. under the leadership of President 22, from 4: to 6 p.m., in the home of Mrs. Alpha Hayes
"BABY EASE." .mBE4 No. 189 will sponsor their an- Leonard J. Roberts Jr., will presentits Moore, 1329 W. 8th St. Appearing as models will be Mrs.
( '
Call EL 4-3178 .nual tea Sunday from 3:30 to 6 p.m. & Mrs. Samuel Stroming, monthly program Sunday Nov. Jannette Scott, Miss Maggie Kellum, Mrs. Velerie Gilbert,
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cass 1971 EDa Street-Boy. 15 at 3 p.m. in the auditorium of Mrs. Sadie Braxton, Ernest Crosby, Sr., and others. Mrs.

W. Shootes Sr., 1436 N. Myrtle Ave- Mr. &,Mrs. Sam Young, 1366 Lee the Mount Olive AME Church at Beulah McClellan T-U Society Editor will narrate the show
Street-GirL Franklin and Pippin Streets. and 'Mrs. Luella McBride will serve as guest soloist. Mrs.
000 nue.Appearing on the program will be The program is scheduled for one Alice Johnson is president and Mrs. Bellamy is chairmanof

.. Enroll Now In The Mr. Shootes, Miss M. Jenkins, Mrs. Mr. &: Mrs. William Benton, 914 hour. The speaker for the occasionwill the affair.
G. T. McCall Mrs. Etta Parker, Odessa StreetBoy.Mr. be Alphonso Glover Jr., of Midway
South Finest College
; Mrs. Luella Reforc, St Paul Male AME Church. The speaker is
Florida Barber College & Mrs. James Patterson 1075
member of the class at AUTUMN
Chorus, J. Earl Morse, Mrs. Edith a senior TEA SUNDAY
: Branch G. L Approved Davis Street-Boy.
e New Stanton Senior High School
& Jones, John Grey, :Miss Marva Ann
i i iFabp Jenkins, Allen Jackson Solomon Mr. &: Mrs. Willard McKinnis, and president of the Student Coun THE PALLBEARERS SOCIETY will sponsor an Autumn
i i i Small Miss Marie Sams. 2070 Woodside Avenue-Boy. cil. He is also vice president of the Tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., in the home of Mr. and

'oodruw Patterson, manager Prof. James Glover Speaker for the occasion will be Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Devaughn, Youth Council of Midway. Mrs., Cass W. Shootes, 1436 Myrtle Ave.
630 Davis Street At Beaver Miss Ane Crispin. Mrs. Mary J. 5516 .Agra Cburt-GirLv Persons appearing on the pro Appearing on program will be Mrs. G. T. McCall, Miss
Phone Mr. & Mrs. David Jackson 5705 Marva Jenkins Mrs. Maude Jackson Miss Elizabeth Best
EL 5-9874 Todd McKenzie will introduce the : gram will be selected from different ,
Moncrief Road-GirL Mrs. Etta Parker Mrs. Luella Renfro St. Paul Male Chorus
speaker. Observations S. A. "Bud churches of the city. All visitors are ,
dy" Austin. Remarks will be made 'M. &: Mrs. Joe Jordan, 276 Chelsea welcome. Mrs. Edith Jones, Miss Marion Jenkins, Mrs. Marie Sams,
'Street-Girl. John Gray, Earl Morse, Allen Jackson, Solomon Small Mrs.
i i .* i by the president, Mrs. Pearl Cal-
houn. Mr. &: Mrs William Lindsey, 1308 Mary McKenzie Miss Arey Chrispen Miss Pearl Calhoun,

Serving as mistress of ceremoniesfor Tyler StreetBoy.Mr. I S. A. Austin, Miss Rachel Brown Miss Juanita Simmons,
the program will be Mrs. Eliza- .'&: Mrs. Joseph Woodard, 1108 Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Flossie Brewer, the dean of hostesses -
For Breakfast Lunch After the Marie Snacks beth Best. She will be introducedby Harrison Street-Boy.

Mrs. Maude Jackson. The closing Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Wright' 1263 W. New Stanton ParentsTo
Fried Chicken remarks will be made by Mrs. 22nd Street-Boy. GARDEN CIRCLE MEETMRS.
I Mr. & Mrs. Homer Dillard 39 Stan
Cass W. Shootes, program chairman Present BandIn
: Oysters Cod ley Street Atlantic beach Fla.-GirL GRAYCE M. BATEMAN was hostess to the

.s e ShrlmpHam Mr., &: Mrs. Willie Griffins 7065) HIBISCUS GARDEN CIRCLE meeting last Tuesday nightat
Rachel Brown
Hostesses Mrs.
M Bacon '* Sausage : Esther Street-Boy. Fall Festival her home, 1933 Durkee Drive. Plans were made for the
-1 Miss Juanita Simmons, Miss Alta- Fall Fower Show to be held Nov. 14-15 at the
Eggs Hot Cakec mese Hargrove, Mrs. Janelle Wilson Mr. &: Mrs. Melvin Jenkin, 2971 Blodgett
ThflII Coffee Milk Mrs.:: Margaret Frieson Deanof Old St Augustine Boy, The Band Parents of New Stanton Homes auditorium.

French Fr. Rotated Hostesses, Mrs. Flossie Brewer. Mr. &: Mrs. Isiah Rice, 2076 Com- Senior High School will present its
monweath Avenue-GirL annual project "Fall :
Prof. Allen Green will preside at
ROOSEVELT GRILL the instrument Mr. &: Mrs. Willie Sorrye 1410 E. Stars" in the library of school Nov. : The CLASSIC LASSIES BRIDGE CLUB met recently

and Madison 22nd Street-GirL: 16 at 7:30 p-m. I in the home ol Mrs. Juanita Williams. Mrs. Margaret
.' ... ,: Mr. & Mrs. John Wishop 3524? Starkes 'the the business
'.1 I The section of the band that sells president, presided over meeting.
i i Fitzgerald} Street-GirL the largest percent of tickets win i Plans were outlined for the annual Christmas party. Mrs.
Mr & Mrs. Jimmie Bronner, 2566;
The Henrietta Howard was accepted as a new member.
1 a be named the man popular.
ATTENTION LADIES W.- 45th- Street-GirL high stepping majorettes and the 153 Prizes were won by Sarah Wright, first; Margaret
Mr. Mrs. Donald Blackman, Starkes second and Hazel Pink consolation. The hostess
piece band win be featured in sew ; ,
Bridge & Social dob 1138 Community Ct.-Boy.
served delicious
eral scenes. a repast.
ATTENTION READERS Rev. & Mrs. H. L. Herod, 1465
Reporters Festival committees are: Mrs. Members present were Margaret Starkes, Carolyn White-
Please Bring or Send Your Steele Street-Girt. Burnell Sims,. chairman; Mrs. ,Ruth Washington, Helen Toney Juanita Williams, Hazel Pink
Mr. &:: Mrs. Herman Brown, 2836 Mrs. Sarah Oliver Henrietta Howard and Al-
Church News Send or Mail C. Soloman, co chairman; Wright. Dorothy ,
Club Notices &
Neptune' StreetGirLMr. Evelyn' Galvin, Mrs. Mary Miller veta S. Allen.,The next meeting will be held Friday, Nov. 20,
To The FLORIDA STAR Early Your Social NewsMondays & Mrs. Joseph Clarke' 2920( and Mrs; Idella Herring. Program in the home of Mrs. Sarah Wright .
/ Redmon Avenue-GirL 0 .
committee Mrs. Bevelyn Dempa
DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS To Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Cook, 722 Court chairman; Mrs. Thelma Johnson

TUESDAY at NOON FLORIDA STAR AGirLMr., & MJS. Albert Moreland, 720 co chairman; Mrs. Marie Buggs- this
I Mrs. Dorothy Hick, Mrs. Irene Mac- Little Miss Style in
FLORIDA STAR 2J23 Moncrlef Rd. Cor. 13th W. 4th StreetBoy.Mr. key Mrs., Gwendlyn Hatton and
& Mrs. Willie Ross 1224 E
2323 Mencrief Rd. Comer 13th Street Or Phone EL 4-6782 27th Street-Boy. Mrs. Ernestine Austin.K. .
D. and students are
/ McCarlin
Mr. & Mrs. Madison Cowan, 723 W.
commit r.
i ok Adams StreetBoy.Mr. working with'the program .
; C i a t a a a tees which follows: Brenda Johnson DRESSFt1
&: Mrs. Benjamin Haywood
I Barbara Williams, Marilyn
1219 W. 3rd StreetGirLMr. Leonard Hampton and Willie
Madry J?
&: Mrs. Torrence Hansel, 706 I
from GRAY to GLORIOUS 1I Court DGirLMr. Faust.

.. &: Mrs. Alex Alexander, 1776

Nash Road-Boy.
I' Mr. &: Mrs. James Griffith, tel S. WSCS UNIT

... Lincoln Ct.-Boy.
'" *Mr. & Mrs. Willie Harper, 3219

Ernest Street Boy. HOLDS MEET
I i Mr. & Mrs. Claude Hawk 4025< W. I

: 15th StreetGirl.Mr. '
& Mrs. Andrew Johnson, 1064 'BREWSTER

Franklin St.Boy.Mr. .
& Mrs. Jackson McRae, 2112' l
Commonwealth Ave,-Boy.

Mr. &: Mrs. Leroy Rentz, 812 W. The Women's Society of Christian .

1st StreetGirLMr. Service of the Arlington Methodist i
'& Mrs. Robert Timmons Church held their monthly meetingin
5624 Mineso Gr. N.-GirL the assembly room of Brewster GiwnouWJs.
..". Mr. & Mrs. General Ward 935 E. Hospital recently with thirteen members
Ashley Street-GirL present. a
Mr & Mrs. James'Grant., 5246 Following the meeting the .women .

Poland I..aoo-Boy. and Jack H. Whittington administrator for trery little miss that wets to odd glamour end

i : Mr. & Mrs. Robert'Mays, 330:: W. had luncheon, in the fashion to her, wordrob..pancak. 'heel and ,

; with 59f LARIBUSI 1st StreetGirLMr. cafeteria. slender bow...lasted to pine proper fit toiffll

- 'j .::: yv.y 7 Haircok :.' &: Mrs Snell-..Reed. 1055'( Jeff Miss Avis Wallace, religious and Crowing feet. let ovr salesmen fit yaar 1***
] r'r :f \ erson St.-Boy. social director at Brewster and\ Mr.
:: Mr. & Mrs. Brister Skinner, 7267 Whittington took the group on a miss today.

,:< fJW .T..,................. Mark Street Boy. guided tour of the hospital. How I
1-; ,, M At peodeeeteod treisi.... ACl w Mr. &: Mrs. Bernard Thomas 637 to furnish one of the new rooms $6.99 to $7.99

....."'- ..JI'.1.Ide.a......1e. Court D-Boy. was explained by Mr. Whittington.At .
: '- ,....a dn6'"tty'o""d.r' psltB B--: the conclusion of the tour, the IJTSEY'S SHOES
.J ,.-s >..>t s..es- Ite.i. .
a acid iqe. s M etssa -- group heard the' D.CTers 'practicing
/ aA&lr'r-& rte, "at..........Ollitits_ ls=:..-.. tt4ttrp _1M, PATRONIZE: spirituals under the leadership 218 W. ADAMS ST.

> wll of Miss Wallace. Mrs. Margaret Ojn Mo And Fid. Till 9 P. M.
S .
'" __.._ ... : t'1' t-1.>et' ,* >-, Bass, director of volunteer service -w ,

j -... .. ., Star-Adwtisers at-he.hospital was accompanist. ,- -

... ..:
# \ 'oJ y.; ._ .f. ":- '. ': .
"f''t :. ':: ;1. .

o ':'._x ,., "" .- /}:'" "- f .


E -


-. Saturday. November 14i_. _1959

I Mt. Zion; -AME To HoIdWornen's Day Nov.. 15/ n* ( !1


Mrs. R. W. Gray Serves As! ChairmanFor ANNIVERSARY *
Youth,Choirs Schedules K. THOMAS GUILD 9 j St. Thomas Plans icic

Annual Women's Day ActivitiesThe CONTINUES AT Anniversary Sunday At PLANS ANNIVERSARY I Joint ObservanceThe 'icic-

women of Mt. Zion AJOL': Church, 201 E. Beaver FIRST CORINTH Tabernacle, BaptistAn The K. Thomas Guild 9, will observe 49th anniversary of St. Thomas iC

Street, have completed arrangements for their annual Worn its anniversary Sunday at 3
Baptist Church and the 17th of
en's Day Celebration on Sunday, November 15; 1959. The evening of music ,will be presented' pjn. in the auditorium of the church.
day will begin at 9:15 a.m. with the Sunday School session. by the young people of District The Rev. E. R: Simpson is host the Rev. W. C Neal as pastor will

Those invited to serve are Mesdames Myra D. King, LucilleP. Sunday services at First Corinth 3 of West Union Baptist Church pastor. Other guilds have been invited begin Monday night with the Rev. : 1Weutto -
Jones Rev. Mrs. Albertha E. Zanders Baptist Church will Dallas J. Graham of Mt. Ararat
Misses Willie.J.lae begin with thSunday Sunday during. the evening worship.District to attend.
Jones, Ruth Baety, Sandra Henderson, Constance and Willie School at 9:30:: a.m. 5 will meet following the Baptist Church and the Rev. D. B.

Mae Jones, Edith Quick and Mesdames Gloria Grooks, Em- Morning .worship will begin.at 11 morningservice Sunday. District Thorpe of New Hope AME Church

ma Cole, Margie Steward, Mary G. Porter, Lillian Stukes, o'clock.The program will be spon- Post 197 will be- present Sunday in charge of the service.
Sara Wright, Anette M. Epsy, Clementine Harris, ''Mami sored by the Sunday school and during the morning worship. Dis- ML Zion Southside Tuesday night, the Rev. R. L. Wilson

and Misses Lydia Cutton and Carolyn Gamble. BTU Departments Devotions will be trict 11 will pastor of West Friendship Baptist
Speights... ___ !__ WT1'-!_ ...__ __ .. led by the deacons., met at 3:30 pjR. in the, Church and the Rev.: H. T. Over-
me morning worsmp service wiu The sermon home of Mrs. Annie Lucas, 330 Osi To Observe Communion
will be'delivered by the the street, of Mt. Tabor Baptist will A tip of the Fepul Cay>
begin 10:45 a.m. with a fifteen min pastor ceola StreetIndependent *
Rev. W. L. Jones, music will be conduct the service. to these oatrtand&m
utes meditation period, featuring Benevolent Associa Rites The Rev. B. L. Wynn of Abyssinia -
furnished by the choirs and the Rev. Sunday EveningHoly young AfXMiicanit wte
Misses Edith Quick and Alethia B. j A. Tutson will make remarks.At tion will anniversary Baptist Church and the Rev. nuke oar country ...
Frazier as soloists and Mrs. MabelW. Sunday at 3 p.m. in the auditorium J. C Sams of Second Baptist Church oar community a oetta

Oliphant at the Console. Follow,. 3 pjn. the program will be of the church.: Communion will be adminis- will have charge Wednesday night oUco -which tit Ur.

tag the meditation period the regular r sponsored by the Trustee and Deacon The Gospel Chorus will appear at tered in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Thursday night, the Rev. C A.

service'will begin at 11:00 a.m. f.tk9 Boards devotions will be led Sunday at 3 pan. at St. Thomas Southside, Sunday at the evening Weaver pastor of Day Spring Baptist 1ri

with the following participants: Mesdames by Deacon A. Saymore and JL Wat- Baptist Church. worship at 7 p.m. with the pastor Church and the Rev. A. J.
'Nathaniel Davis, W. F. Fos- son; introduction of master of ceremonies delivering Sacremental sermon. Hughes of St John Baptist Church

ter, Sadie Tillis, Lettie Cooper, Lu- Deacon A. Mungin; masterof Mrs. Mattie Blount will be presented Services for Sunday will begin will conduct the service.

cille G. Coleman, Sara D. Washington ceremonies, Deacon John Dorsey. in a recital following the with Sunday School at 9:30 ajn. fol- Friday night, the Rev. H. H. Rob-

Gussie Torrence, ,Miss Gotelle The welcome address will be given regular service Sunday night Nov. lowed .by 'covenant meeting at 11, inson, pastor' of Mt Sinai Baptist
Seals, Mesdames Evelyn' B. Wells, j IE',' by Deacon A. Simms. Deacon R. 22. Church and the Rev. R. L. Smith cf

Etta Lee Brooks, Florence Dixon, Hatchet will sing solo selections and a.m.Evening worship will follow the St Matthew Baptist Church will:

Georgia Ben Synder, Meltonia MeGriff. remarks will be given by DeaconA. BTU which will be held at 6 pm. conduct the service.
Bessie Johnson Lillian S. Whitecombe and Mitchell Walker. Sunday at'3 pjn. the Rev. RobertH

Davis and Rev. Mrs. Amanda V. The Rev. R Walker of the Wilson of Bethel Baptist Church

Anderson. Mrs. Ernestine Jones will MRS.R.W.Graylege church will preach the sermon. KEN KNIGHT TO SPEAK LEARN TO DRIVE will have charge of the services.
be the soloist and Mrs. Ozora S Choir 3 and Usher 4
guest Board will Secure Drivers' Licence Nov. 23, the Rev. S. L. Badger

B. Shell of Bradford County Boardof Chorus and the combined choirsof serve. SUN. AT ST. MATHEWKen SAFEWAY DRIVING of Emanuel Baptist Church the

Public Instruction will be the ML Zion A3I.E. Church with Mrs. SCHOOL Rev. A.,F. Cummings of West Union SANDRA DUNCANNew
Evening worship at 7:30 is
guest speaker 'using the subject Alpha Moore, Mr. Spivey and Mrs. sponsored 600 West Bearer Street Baptist Church will conduct the Stanton Senior
by Districts 1, 2 and Usher
"Woman, a satellite in' the Space M. W. Oliphant serving as their respective GEORGE PERPENA. 'DIr. services.
Board L The annual sermon will Knight.'local radio announ-" High School-
Age. directors. Other participants Each minister will be
Res. PO accompanied -
be preached by the Rev. S. L. Bad- cer will be.the speaker for the 19th Sandra is In the 11.9 grade
on the evening program will i by his choirs and congregationson
Immediately after the morning ger of Emanuel Baptist Church He anniversary celebration of District class. She 1* the president of
be Rev. Mrs. Vivian Williams, Mes- his
night to serve.
service, a Coffee Hour will be in the will be accompanied bj// his choirs 5 of St. Matthew Baptist Church her homeroom. Hon- P cn. t..
dames Emma R. Minor and Nell
lower auditorium. Mrs. Alice L. Cason. and congregation. Sunday at 3:30 pjn. in the auditor ty andp ns to become a

Griffin, Chairman, Mrs. Frankie P. ium of the church Business Major. Sandra class
the Women's Day officers are: Nov. 16 the program will be spon-
Lang, Co-chairman and Mrs. Marie FALLSALE mates are proud of her.
the .Mrs. Robert W. Gray, Chairman; sored by the Gospel Chorus, junior The Gospel Chorus of Mt. Vernon
Calhoun, Director, assisted by e.4. .. ... .. .... .. .
and senior mission boards.
Hostess Committee and the Hostesses .Mrs. Nathaniel Davis, Co-chairman; Appearing Baptist Church will render servicefor
will serve. The Hostesses are Mrs. Evelyn B. Wells, Secretaryand on the porgram"will be :Miss the occasion. Other outstanding ...<,""V "

visitors from other churches' and Miss Lauretta Jenkins, Treas- Wilbur Green, Mrs: Margaret Simmons talented personalities of the city will Paradise Kittens ., )

they are: Mesdames Hettie Mills, urer. The combined Usher Boards Mrs. A. Campbell, Mrs. C. participate on the program. .
Janie Wimberiy Henrietta Kinnon, lead by Mesdames Della Seals and Mungin. Mrs. Tallie M. Simpson will ,
Charlie Bell Perpena will serve serve as mistress of ceremonies, t
Georgia Bell Snyder, Gertrude Hoffman dress Shoes
she will be introduced Mrs. Lettie
through the day. by
Catherine F. Mcdain, Lucille
Haversham, Catherine H. Sims, The chairman of the various com' Stevens. The Rev. E. L. Wilcox, of GOD CAN HEAL 1

Mary Lewis, Constance C. Jones, mittees are: Mrs. Fannie Foster, Bethany Baptist Church will deliver DO YOU NEED HELP? = = = = = = = ::. = = = ::; = = ::. = = : = = :
the with the choir furnishing ',
Annie P. Clayton, Ruth Bush, Eve- Program Committee; Mrs. Marie, sermon Then Don't' Fail To See x*
the music.
lyn Jasmine, Cora Ross Marion McKeever,. Ways and Means Com: This God Sent Man. > '<> PRICE x 795

Aveilhe, EK L. Harris, Miss Myrtle mittee; Miss dotelle Seals, Publicity The Rev. W. L. Jones will make ELDER F. F. JOHNSONFor '' SALE .
Turner, Mesdames Constance Committee; Mrs. Alma Glass, the closing remarks. all things possible VALUE $14.95 to $18-95 M1 }
Green Lillian Goosby, Ouida Gas- chairman and Mrs. Lillian Smith are

: kin, Alice Johnson,Julia B. Brooks, Davis, co-chairman. Sponsors Committee through ,God. WILLIE FAUST
Miss Mary Roberts, Mesdames ; Mrs. Charlotte D. Stewart, Notice I am not a fro- New Stanton Senior

Mary Jones, Janie Madry and Ora Sunday School Committee; Mrs. tune teller and do not High School

McIver. Rose. Peppers, Decoration Committee Alliance To Observe practice medicine. I makeno : '-: Pepsi Cola Dealers and .
At the Evening Service, the wom- ; Miss Alethia B. Frazier, Fi- supernatural claims. Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

Mesdames Annette Newman, Roseen nance Committee and Mrs. Alice Lillian All my work is done are proud to salute Willie of

will present a Hymn Sing. Nar- Griffin, chairman, Mrs. Frankie Anniversary Nov. 17 through God.Prayer ,is my the 12-7 grade class. He Is a

rators will be Miss dotelle Seals, Lang, cochairman. Hostesses Com- only tooL I do believe that member of the student Counil. .

Mesdames Annette Newman, Rose mittee. God will fulfill all our Marching: band and plans
Peppers, Charlotte .Stewart Elinor There are eighty ((80)) ladies work. !At West Union Church needs.! So if you are sick, ,; t 0 become a minister. We

Littiejohn and Lillian Griffin. Music ing ,as Captains for the day. The crossed up home unhappy are_wishing him much uc-
will be furnished by the New Stan- women have set 5000.00 as their The Baptist Ministers Wives Al- can't hold money, or Justin I cess.

ton Glee dub Edward Waters Col- goal for the celebration. liance, Mrs. H. H. Robinson, presi- hard luck, then come ,;, ...........
dent, will observe its anniversary
and let a man of God help
Nov. 17 at 8 pjn. in West Union
you with your problem DOWNTOWN HEADQUARTERS
Baptist Church.: For God hare helped

GRAY HAIRS need w-ry yos isWm. lIOn. deliver The Rev.theanniversary A. F. Cummings sermon.will many people to succeed In

health and wealth throughhis
.Sr.s's Mrs. Edna Gordon, program chairman
EAU DENNA Holy Propheis.Notice( )
will present a program for the
HAIR COLORER occasion. The Alliance is come one come all Join Poll Parrot
111. ....... planningto
win Mir Is II wit
ti t me at the Prayer Center.
,.._...-- ... '- fa v. .vmf- wB n.y. 11 II z, liquidate the debt on the property -
0.. ....... ...... ._ 1135 Cleveland Street. '
.mfc4.M ft. M. pack. N. SHOES FOR V BOYS AND GIRLS,
ANYONE CAN PUT IT ON AT HOMf A special invitation is extended to Jacksonville Florida.
..... everyone.
y.- Mir M 4- &w.s It **
wr + -.S.M.i.-.....
-i's, wmltrm color M r.. r.s.+.
Will ... ... Off. It (tor* OMll ___ ....... JN'S GWENDOLYN SCRUGGINS
v. _..i. L ww. New Stanton Senior
aw.."_a....,.Aw..wy.u..M..r....... -p..........
.g. YXJ c l C T T r y. High School
AH ...nlcntMT w. Tribute is paid to Gweo-
woNottnn. roa TOEMd S '-
Y.._p1 M w................CMrM -................._....... dolyn of the llth gradeclau.
4 ,.., tw..................W.w.W wr..a-...--............ She l is a member of the I.eLa
... .......WAS....... Let..Student Council Y-
Tv ai..eliwMJ hi VssI.> West 29th
......- Glra $I.d i Dot ..... ...h.. ..... ...r ....p .... Street, and Spires 40 West Fbnyth St. Teens, Honor Society and
......., A.tw.a P.Iw pr .... sue Ir... ....... tCIII .. d ...1..rar
..... ww....w...... T..r M.nw ... N Ib IIIINIr ........ New Homes for Colored People Built plans to become a Laboratory -
Technician. She is po

DIXIE PHARMACY Under Expressway 'Relocation Program Y W.l7"--.Y--: -':-_-":-. _-4'. --v-----. --.tt pular among her classmates.

King Road and Myrtle : : Chiropractic Can. Bring You Relief. From tTr'I *-

t "

: Why Continue T o Suffer? .( Listen To PepsiMusicQuest

.Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get .t Friday
Kites 10:30 to 11:00

I 3 Bedroom Dream Homes Inside City Limits HEART TROUBLE BACK *

Close to Schools, Shopping Center and Churches. PAINS LIVER TROUBLE .1 rsy ., EL 60461.2

On Your. All Modern Conveniences. HEADACHES NERVOUS 4&' %. F v



With Your Neighborhood Drug Store : YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD

Monthly .
APPROX. $4200 VIsU Our Modern Clinic k

?V. Denver We Alan FBI All Doctors' PreeertpttaasPhqrAiacy. All Salesman to assist you in qualifying .,yssy

for one of these homes t' DR. W. F. WEAVER i %9 NY <



PHONES B. s.h1>Sn e FRED RAHAIM, Realtor H HEALTH CIMC::. EL 6-7830 DI&IIn e.+.... GIla.,

BILLS !OUIt MORE 518 Broad Street BetwecaJVsliIey & ..CJmrr..TrJ7 11'leel ls ,
: "
r 707
: Atlantic Bank BM. ... Hi. B. 3- 379 t ; w -* > .
3C :..,,- "' --- -_------- '"- ,
JJtr'v .
r ... .
"i -- ,
: -: _' ; "
;,___ -, ,.,..... '. ..,.. J' : .'
.- .t.r.:
: '
J. /
.p j ; ;.,
A\ "



i \

Saturday,November 14,1959 THE FLORIDA STAB .
M4jJ ..tVJJ [IW'.l.l1..l.IJYPMQ.0 v M .Tiin..lMn.Tllii'.liIIL'J lv..WVi J.v&.l.Ij..l.." ..l.lM"tllV.U.L{ VIIIViiU'I J\Jili\J..lIiIViinTGfi.T"\/W --, .
u.1.\l..ii.\.liji\JW\/i1i\/U\.T.U\; 4 1 :J lv.1U.'MUU.4tVU\; \/D\/ln/II.l.41m.llLQ.l.i; l.i UJ..l l\L D.Til: \/


Will Not Find A Better Deal In I Quality Appliances Than Now Being

Offered At Duval Appliance Go's.

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Mew 1959 General.EteefrioFILTERFLO .

\\ .

S CYCLE washer. .. Now I In Progress At Our Warehouse King

Touch one key and torn the dial to mat cfiing number... # It'6 as easy as Po i
ting.and Rosselle St. Between Edison Ave. AndAN

IROr Ao A..arrrrle 1 dw J..
f College St. r

1 *, !! : : P L .;. OPEN 'TIL 9 P. M. TONITEGENERAL .

I .. :..i :';:: : .c. : : '<. \ ... .

P i'Cycl.J Gets cottons and linen recQy dean. _
Cyc2 Warm wash voter (instead of hot) __ "
decou without Jutting eoloi*. Cycfo 3 No deep -- (j' I
tet vrinUet in vath'n wear clothes. Cyd. 4
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I I : \\l.EUi4\nMV\/IiI\/i: I\/i I\.T.a.\LliJ.:
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: .. .
: ,

4 .

S. .

,. ti .
:' :._. -:-# :.iL >- --- ': ;- 4.1

F -

Six THE FLORIDA STAM Saturday, November 14,1959BOLDEN'S


1816 W. 20th MUSICAL Street Plicae KINDERGARTEN EL 5-3722 'MI/Y1lI/I/IA- :? W1t'A' .
-S."t"-a------n-'f--o--'II"w.N--.O.---t--e----s.v ,
J Kindergarten Begin September 2nd uwwuuul------- ---- _-:.,. ,,/. '::- : ,

Piano Band Voice Guitar Accordioa -
Adult Education a_____________ _. Thousands CheerFlorida's
Theory Tutoring ""wwvstop .--'='"
MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH I Hi there! We bet you could hard holding hands. Be sure to read ,

ly wait? We're back, so turn loose, your newspapers and buy your mag- _
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penings. Captain Lang what have you been New Way of Life
The latest is about Sylvia and
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Thomas. They are still going strong that stuff has got to stop. Oh

after 7 years. Some say it's infatuation yes it has. ; i
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say '
Dig 'this gang, B. Bryant and N. .
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haye heard of the whirling merry-

j r j Expert Photography go-round: Bettye R. loves G. W., Who is Mr. .V.? Just ask a certain 1

Portrait Weddings w Banquets G. W. loves F. L., E. S.;.loves B. R., senior Miss. I'm sure she knows "f'

4 Passports & Identification Photo but who does'E. S. really have eyes quite well. .

s y ; Photostats & Commercial Work for? N. E. wants B. M. to be his. Well, gang it seems as if the October l
C. L. and G. H. still
are swingingeven naturalgas
y Photos For Newspaper 24th football game brought
f though he is on the MIL Whois
i While You Walt
about a lot of changes. What did it
1 ,::J f Coloring & Picture Framing the majorette who won't wear the do for This is tiding all
you a
'liJ you .
of the fellow the
ring ? B.
:: on
< J'! lf Let Us Take APhoto Of You pleasant good-bye until the next edi
is still crazy about J. .
H. J. B. T. .
..' -1otjt.: .. tion. I wonder who the rubber neckis ..
"y' :(i"J'. : and J. B. have broken up for good,
< In Natural Color ?
so they say. There is a girl at Stan- .

J. AVERY ton who's mouth is always open. "Getting Along With Your Teach- r'x

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO Who is she? A. G. has his eyes on. er" was the theme of the second

three girls may the better one win. Teenage'Clinic held at New Stanton ,

,611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bid* The Romeo's and Juliett's around Senior ,High. School 'last Tuesday

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments school and the hill are: morning''' in the school auditorium. ,

Yvonne Hicks and Isaac Hudson, Students attending and participating
Sandra Jones and Gilbert Gadson, in this second of a series of problem -

--"""'! Myrtle Ford and Mitchell Campbell, clinics be held during the A\.

Betty Davis and John Darby Ger- school year at the school All students s' I

WHEN YOU ARE ILL aldine Blissitt and Ranson Michiel, in the eleventh grades at the :o

You Seek The Best Doctor Joyce Boddie and George Knox school attended this clinic along with .:

M. When. Your' Doctor Prescribes Margeret Nixon and Elliott winkley. their respective homeroom teachers '

i Get Experienced Pharmacists The members in D. C. E. "'homeroom Mrs. L. E. Solomon, guidance cour

:x To Fill Your PrescripttoB are wondering what happenedover selor was in charge of this special ;).

According To Your' Doctor's the weekend between JeaAnne program. -
N Orders. We Use Only Jernigan and you know who at I
Everyone in and around New
L The Best Quality Drags At Famu. They were not found seen togetherat Stanton is still talking about the 3"" ;Q ,
the game. C. F. a cool
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor football clash between our "Blue
cat at FAMU over the weekend.L. .

H. is, certainly making his rounds., Devils" and the Champbell street .
high eleven of Daytona Beach last a. 3
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S now he is with J. W. The string between -'
Saturday .when the home
J. A. B. and B. R. T. is beginning team
edged out the Campbell Street boys ( & .
to break. Romeo and Juliettor ; :
none other than Bettye andWilliam by a narrow margin of 14 to 13. ;
Many congratulations to coach I
I ((907 KIngs'Road ELgta 34278 Linda P. a certain little junior James P. Small the menbers of the I
A COMPLETE LINE OF coaching staff and each member of
: .
for Bel- homes : j ,
really has big eyes Eugene are 4 x
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries the football squad. We understandfrom
ton. It the feeling mutual? B. Will-

PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED iams is standing on the s de lines. reliable sources that a good happier... ,.. 1$
representative from New Stanton ;. v ;
Ross hears
Now! wait until Mr. ,

about this. We all know who E. B. are making preparations to attend r work is lighter.NATURALLY ... \ ..
and participate in the Tenth Annual ,
cares for. Will they really go back ,
Press which will be held
together? It is amazing to know how I *
at FAMU March, 1960. .The
and comes
R. G. is'able to keep J.
OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS E. B. from knowing about each Stantonian, official organ of the

other. Y. M. and "Flick" have New Stanton Senior High School
PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN broken up for good. B. N. loves student body and school family. Thousands and thousands of Florida homes are now

Dorothy N. Dorothy N. loves W. Rosemarie Tolbert is the editor of enjoying the benefits of clean,fast,efficient natural gas! .
There openings for the school and Gerald
are Faust: Where is Lawdy? Does Carol paper Langis
EXPERIENCED editors the of the Public Relations Progressive Florida housewives learning
Newspaper reporters have him? Does D. N. have him? president are why

copyreaders. adrertismg salesmen circulation Does she have either of them? It Journalism dub at New famous chefs demand natural gas for cooking... y' 'S
men and women. printers compositors u..- Stanton.
remains to be seen. J. B. and J. W.
type operators. are trying to make their rounds at HERE'SnlArS> HAPPENING I why natural gas clothes drying is preferred by 4' i

BEGINNERS WANTED TOO W. will ink all the schools. and colleges. Watch Oh well here I am again letting modern homemakers...and why natural gas 4
out girls! you .in on the latest news around
young reporters and people for all departments S. M. and W. S. both have eyes for New Stanton Senior High School u'ater heating is the most. popular of all. f.

'If you have a real desire to become: a >_-..herof M. J. Say! kids what really hap- Linda Person and Calvin Lang are They're saving time, saving steps,finding a
the newspaper fraternity. pened between Gerald H. arjl Miss the new members of the Romeo and

t C.? No. one knows it was really a .Juliet's dub. .All of the kids at I extra hours to get.out and enjoy life!
hush hush affair. iWill they make it ,'' IY
WE NEED Men and women young or middle- school are wondering what's goingon It's true-Florida's new way of life (
Gerald H.
back? I wonder how will
aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper 'and between "Cat" and "Gene", I '
magazines. pass his Geometry course with the wonder where is Gerald .It is is here-so start living it!
he is nowmaking? Who ,
new angles ,
nice to see that Carolyn and Willie x
knows will Mrs. T. S. except'them?
Roy are lovey-dovey again. 5.4>
ACT NOW State- .won.i e ,
WRITE experience and: age. Why did Isaac H., of Famu. come i der why Barbara sat with John on i 44 ,

home for the weekend a few weeks i the band trip? .Is Julian out of :
ago? Was it to keep a close checkon
I sight .What is this going on
INTERSTATE PRESSP. Miss Y. H.? about Mr..G. W. and "Miss S." G.W.is l
O. Box 732 Jacksonville said for all of her
1. Fla. Mrs. Harris
I really getting around these days. .
students to watch television every You should have known. Yvonne .

Friday Saturday and Sunday, andWashington's and Clifford have crone back to

gether. .Who is the boy that almost -

D i iiiy 22-1 I got, nm over by the band bus .
BUSINESS in a last minute effort to stop it in

order to sit with his girlfriend. s

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: : ,
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: s"
; 1


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1 1Page


1J{ I

'" -' .'," ,!! ,- i ';;" '.' ', .... ;' : "
November 14,1959 THE 'FLORIDA ST13 .
Pay Ser_

I Yellow jackets Will Be Ready For Panthers Nov. 19 \

I -





t Northwestern's spunky Yellowjackets will count on a. ... .
., lot of razzle-dazzle plus a hard'charging line to stay within J

$ the win column when they meet the Fighing Panthers of \ By C., PARHAM JOHNSON

..1' :Matthew. Gilbert Thursday, Nov. 19 at 8 pjn. at the

I WvrH,, Avenue Ball Park. THE RUMORS that have !been circulating among base-
--- ---
The powerful Panthers withes, ball fans concerning a trade the Chicago Cubs might perfect
C to get rid of their star Ernie
shortstop Banks
glued on finishing near the top in were nipped
the standing vhll throw the best they in the bud when Banks signed his 1960 contract with a sub-

have at the Yellowjackets who are PLAYERS SHARE ., stantial increase in salary. The exact amount was not revealed -
? A P but it is believed it will be around $55,000 to
determined not to finish on the bot "n K. ,f\ $60,000.
tom. Both teams are well are of It will male him! second highest paid player to ever perform

the fact that it will be nothing easy TOP MONEY IN for the Chicago* Cubs. The last one to draw such salary was
1 Ralph Kiner who obtained
was the
are bent on bettering their season by Cubs from Pittsburgh
the I in 1953. He is reported to have received $65,000.
of other.
record at the expense .
t the better 9 "
Th old saying "May TOPPS W1L\i'L"oilj UUA1, AC,

team win" is not always true in a NORTHWESTERN HERE WE COME-The Matthew W. Gilbert "Fighting Panthers"seen conducted a nation-wide poll among Right now the same old question is

football game. There are 'numerous here lined up just as they will be when they take the field against the Northwest youngsters who wrote out their arising as to what player is the

I occasions w1'iere the better team lost YORK When the 1959 ern Yellowjackets at the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park, Thursday, Nov. 19. The Pantherswill choices on cheing"gum wrappers greatest. The battle is between Wilt

because of various reasons. One reason World Series ennded; it closed out be out to duplicate the feat accomplished by the New Stanton High Blue Devils when for their 1959, All-Star major league (The Stilt) Chamberlain of the Phil

is that sometime the better be- the richest series in baseball history -_ they knocked the Yellowjackets from the unbeaten ranks. The Yellowjackets are determined rookie, team received more than I,- adelphia niors and Bill Russellof

comes over confident and will play and paved the way for the' to stop Billie. Davis, Robert Hayes, Charles Grover, Charles Sutton and all of the 700.000''Otes.. Here is the youngsters the Boston Celtics.

the other team lightly and other world champion Los Angeles Dod power stacked up by the Yellowjackets they are not taking the game lightly. I rookie team: Willie McCovey. Giant CAN ANY FOOTBALL fan imag

( times the team that is considered gers to. receive the, .biggest purses first baseman. _PumnKi_n __ Green. Boston ine how much the possibilities are

r the underdog capitalizes on the I ever awarded the winning players second baseman; Joe Kbppee. in comparing,,Big Jim Brown of the

breaks.It and the Chicago White sox to get Phillies shortstop;; Jim Baxas, Cleveland Browns and Don Bosseler

will be. hard to determine WhichIs the top money ever given to the V CAMPY SELECTED Cleveland third baseman; Bob Allison -I of the Washington Redskins? Whatis
Vale : Washington and it ,the two have in common thatis
the better team until they meet losing team, Commissioner Fore i Ron Fairly,
field of battle. Both teams Frick said. ftate Los Angeles outfielders; Jim Perry, so closely related that they can
I on the defeat and both teams FOR HONORS AT Cleveland, right handed pitcher, be compared? Since going into pro-
have sweet ingredients of The five tan players, Charlie Neal, t r John Romano, catcher Chicago fessional football. Brown has won .
tasted the
have Junior Gilliam, John Roseboro and White Sox Jim O'Toole every honor the league can offer
; Cincinnati
this ,
victory. The It is known however Maury Wills of the champion Dodgers CLASSIC DEC. 5 left handed< pitcher and Willie Tasby, broken every record that has been
not known.
drew full shares which amounted Baltimore outfielder. set in the league and continues to
will be turning)
that both teams to $11,231.18 each. Wills was voted set the pace in the league. He is

loose the best they have. a full share even though he joined I By Charles J. Smith, III HANK AARON, the National always able to produce whenever

Not only will the fans see a battleof the club late in the season. 4 ;... League's leading hitter was billedto Milt Plumb the Browns quarterback

brains and brawn but they will Al Smith and Earl Battey of the 'f :, make a barnstorming tour with a I calls on him. The tan skinned Brown.

see a beautiful half time show by Chi'-ago White Sox joined other club MIAMI The selection of former team of major leaguers but gave pulls the scales to 235 pounds and

the bands and majorettes of both members in drawing full shares Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy up on the idea. The'withdrawal of is faster. Bosseler weighs 205. In

schools. The time spent at the which amounted to 727517. Aaron has already had its effect, so 1959 Brown rolled up 1527 yards
19th Campanella to be the first recip--much so that crowds have turned with 4.3
Nov. a yards
Avenue Park on average per carry.
Myrtle The previous record for a full ient of
an annual Orange Blossom
will be worth seeing. It will be an share given to a winning player was Classic "most athleteaward" away from parks when they learned Sunday Nov. 1 1959, 'Brown set a
td fin courageous Hank would not be with the team. all
five of
night from start pace by scoring the Cleve-
interesting $11,147.90 to the New York Giantsin
at the 1959 Classic football
Willie Mays, who was slated to head land touchdowns along with plenty
ish. 1951..In that'record breakertan
on the of December 5
game the team withdrew first. The teamis yardage.. What records has Bosseler
stars also shared.
was announced here today.
now in charge of Don Newcombeand set or broken? What distinction
The Dodgers voted 29 full shares
and the White Sox. 31. The disclosure,was made by Florida -. John Roseboro. Since Hank quit, has he won as a player? Anybodycan

FIND The second place Milwaukee A&M University President Willie McCovey Charlie Neal and have a choice but what is the

FANS WILL Braves team was voted a total of George W. Gore, Jr.. chairman of Junior Gilliam quit. The other teamis sense of attempting to compare?
headed by Harmon Killebrew of SMOOTH SAILING TIL WE
the Orange Blossom Classic and
$66,997.60 to split up amon its play
the Washi on'Senators..
IN MIAMI ers. Henry Aaron, Billy Bruton, Festival Committee and head of the MEET AGAIN.
BANKS, the great short-
institution that the 27-year
: Juan Pizarro, Lee Maye and Felix sponsors '
Mantilla each received full sharesof old event Dr. Gore also announcedthat stop of the Chicago Cubs set another

B virtue of his selection major league record in fielding
CLASSIC JL 08.16. by as
DURING cuJ for shortstops in 1959 when he
The third place San Francisco the "most courageous athlete;" Watch. This Gown
made only 12 errors in 155- ,
Giants\\\ith Willie Mays, Orlando Campanella now a coach with games
and became the
first National 16 3249s
Cepeda, Willie McCovey Willie the world champion Los Angeles -

m MIAMI Housing is expected to Kirkland and the sensational Sam Dodgers-will become! the first person Leaguer to be named the most val 3t
THIS uable ,
IS DELICIOUS player two years in succes-
V be "plentiful" for ootoftopel'- Jones, each received full shares of to'be represented in the "Flor- the .

Kl sons /who plan to attend the 27th 122932. BUY IT YOURSELF ? r "/ ida A&M 'Athletic Hall of Fame' sion over since selection Baseball of the most Writers valuable took 1 a
that will be housed in the
Blossom Classic and Roberto Qemente, was among proposed
annual Orange ,174 7-
player in 193L Banks led the majorsin 2' 2
Festival December 4-5. accordingto bther Pirate players in :sharing in $1,000,000 university field house now '
Charles C. North chairman of the fourth place money. The;team's pool I on the drawing board. A duplicate runs batteyi inr'with 143, finished
SUPPORT THE DRIVE second to Eddie Matthews of the
classic subcommittee on hausing. was J2233264. The same amount ot the' plaque to be given Campanella '
Milwaukee Braves in
The classic is sponsored annually was voted to the Detroit Tigers, who will hang in the "hall of fame.', home runs 196-10-531
with 45 and hit .304. He handled
Florida A&M University. finished fourth in the American Campanella's scheduled, trip to 802 .
I by FOR BETTER chances and made only 12 errors and
Chairman North has announced League., Miami for the Orange Blossom wound the Sometimes ode u\
up season with a .935
to have availablesome Classic and Festival will be under Sometimes he's down
I that he expects the auspices of Radio Station WFEC fielding average which beat the oldrecord He adds subtracts
hotel rooms, in additionto
1,000 of .983 set by Eddie Millerof He works It all arootxt
carries the
that has been available .. CampanellaShow"
the space TfffJ-' !': 7 Curs1 the old Boston Red Sox in 1942.
during the past at such places as IJU. i .aio..Umi: t.- Jar a... rat *. .. in Miami. Bert Noble general PROFESSIONAL Coming Attractions
classic )ou un tit to th t 1"t ;t'i! c::, I said that BASKETBALLhas
John Hotel, official would like to see new policy of better treatment manager Campanellawill
the Onrtst. tt>* AJEL thrj fV9r .!?: gotten off to a good start with a
and Mary I it OR Pim ** be on hand to personally receive
headquarters the Carver you to Negro customers adopted by local firm battle of 27-88-54
UIII"n itcondi. P superiority being waged by
Elizabeth Hotels and the Booker ,-' I resent being called .by my first name by salesman the award unless illness pre- some of the great stars of the game. -

Terrace town visitors MoteL Traditionally correspond ,directly out-of- cq y..1.;.::) .:-:-.1.1.J saleswomen.I believe that Negro patrons should be provided vents his coming.

with these for reservations. -.. ample rest room facilities in local establishments and ;The selection of clT pan na to

Persons who desire housing but an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountainsand receive the award was unanimouslyvoted T 0

i who have been unsuccessful to date rest rooms. .on by, the members of the 1CA

should contact Chairman North at I To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease Orange Blossom Classic and Festival -

1104 Third Avenue, Miami, telephone patronizing firms that are unwilling' to meet these Committee. Future plans call .

FR 96779. FLORIDA STAR requests for the selection to be made by VODKAThe

,In addition to North other members the nation's sports writers. : '

include ,
the subcommittee
IN EVERY NAME The 1>9 Classic game will pit the ,
P. Davis
| Dr. host Florida A&M ,Rattlers againstan .
I Charles Lockhart and Samuel Co COLORED' HOME ,- .. ..
hen. I ADDRESS. opponent yet to be,selected. The .. ., ..' .." Ii
university athleti association head- .' '

I I ( ) You may :disclose my name if necessary ed by famed rattler Coach A. S. ;
dcnilal unless indicated otherwise below. (Jake) Gaither annually seeks to s ,}t.;) :, tiiir .

f i I understand that my name will be held confl select as: an opponent the strongest }..' $ ) .

i wj possible foe and for the past several 1 : .

years, the victor has emerged i .f. :': ..: .. .
I ;. .
asthe national Negro titlist. -

WALKER. In addition to the honors previously .. '. :< ;'.
( mentioned. Campanella is iAiJk .}.,"r. : ,. ,ii1.;
I. 11-,
slated for honorary membership in .:.. -. .\ .
I the Varsity "F" dub that already L i
Voaf/ona// & Commercial I
.1 includes such national sports personalities L

as light heavyweight

Champion Archie Moore former .. -
: I
f CollegeCOURSES world's women's singles terms :

.i. champion Althea Gibson. and professional 'Friendly ,} .

football I stars Willie Galanore ',-
-i Executive Secretarial Decorating and.Willie Lee; of the Chicago Bears,
: Blender .
Business 'AdministrationAccounting ToUorlng and Willie Mcduc g of the Cleveland. : \

r Leading-to CPA DressmakingUpholstering Brown;.- .

tiMt Stenographic The award to be 'pr wonted to \ ) :_:.

Clerk Typist Radio Te1STWonBookkeeping Camparrll '.. "* .cad as follows .
MtO .1359 Classic most 'l ;lJ :' :
PBX Receptionist J! ;
tt a. ;; 6 ..... i
r << Business Law Business Machines courageous: i-vanf presented ';
i iy
+ : "
d For Additional Information to Roy ", ,",<-' by the Florida ; ; .. ,
ft :
,. Telephone Immediately AIM t"nrv' **, ''' ral uhassee. Presented 1----:: r

. EL 5-262S or PO 5-0904 tr1. M; ty of December t"" .
Or Write H59. <) itelftime ofhe 4' '.". it .f."
; i' .
1959 Oi u" Uo.&,n ease playedin < "" '
Altar Dr. J. \VaHcer BrownJacksontllle '
se..1..1r ta. .....1..Ir. ret 9. Fl*. thCi".i ijc Bevel Stadum. Miami '" : :,. r: ::
t .- .,-. : >, 1862 Myrtle AT*. Tondct. 'ignsd; Dr. George W. ". -
f / Walker V & C Gore, Jr._ p jdcnt, and.A S Gal- : ;- :. .";' .

:: r .. <.'t"t,_ -_. 1",1 f-t. ., CollegeInterior her, ifL.'su: riroctor, and- head DfIriIe4 .... o..r.. M mA 109 pwt'Bortrf ,.;'v' .:.; t"

football coach" ";1;.* ,,,; fry SOWN c*. Ise. K, 0.. U } r Y' '"
:;, '
''t PrR.r dk J': .
o .
; r .,
{ ;,;..,., .,. :
:. J' ...

; .: '. ',.'... "'. ... ,. ':- _. '.or..:.'- ., -. rft.

+ .,
y -. ". ,' 0..
.. .
'" "' .

: '". ..
/ .


Pap Elgki THE FLORIDA STAB Saturday, November 14, 1959 .,
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a- 2' a=
Quaker Heater with two
; burners for sale. Good condition PREPARE, FOR Opportunity
: off blocks
chips the
Abe Livert RECORDS : costing only $25.00. Civil Service Exams Agents get yuor Old 97

Call EL 5.7824 or EL 5-8733- We prepare men and wo and Marti-Dare Products
By Jay Jay
18 '
menAge to 55.
Complete SelectionOf r r .. .- .! HELP WANTED Send name address and from local distributors.Phone

All Stereo Bill Shellman is a rabid angler,the truth about ,his encounter with Maid to live in with ex. phone number. to P. O. EV 9-3119 or come to 811 S
And Hi Fi Records these days. Every time you see him j|the road patrolmen. lie admits'thatTom perience. Reference requiredCall Box 561 Jacksonville. Edgewood Avenue.
Stereo & Hi Fi Players- he is talking about the that
GATEWAY ones Moore, and L W.,Harper whispered .EX 87961. .
SHOPPING CENTER got away. He has a lease on the
5404 Norwood Ave. PO 82387Open I in his ear and told' him to
Little Talbot Pier. The pier is still
'iU 9 P. M. I open and the trout and bass are stand up for his rights. I wonder U

running. Isadore Singleton is anothernew these two gents slipped him the fine. ...=-:-::-:. .- NEW I 1
angler. ,We pity the poor' fish.: WALT'S RADIO & A!:Ji.:1: UNDERWOOD PORTABLE
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question" like you'know man that's.she' .sees coming out of the Richmond eoeosc, Low Low

ROOSEVELT 1St Run! Sun. and Mon. a new term for "phony".. The new,I Hotel have been upstairs visit- Work GuaranteedNew 6eeeoaee.rnsecs$8ae; .i/"J nth15Y9Paym9en5ts r
policy at the Tropicanna is to be I tag the Club-Mootery's new quar and Used TVs : e--;' ONLY '
commended. The management has ....... .,..:. ., .. ..
2 ALL-ACTION THRILLER'S IN COLOR ters. In this big country town mostof Phone EL 3-4009 : ,
the television .
turning on --
during the big spectaculars. Last !. the folk think that a hotel or motel 669 Florida Ave .
night Pearl Bailey turned them on serves only one purpose. Memberships Jacksonville Florida New and Used Typewriters. Adding Machines and

L LPlus during the Revlon House Party. : In the club are still ob Cash Registers SALES AND SERVICEAllied
Elsie Francis, former "Star" lassie :tainable. ..... ...... ... ..... .. ... ATTENTION'LADIES
is home from the West Coast. I
If you really want service stop by Bridge & Social Club Business Equipment
for while.
She plans to stay a .
he Ribault Supper Club. Jack Ivory A Reporters
Roy Dowdell is,the man King
speaking of when he, talks about ,'the host gives it to you in the manner Send or Mail Company Inc.
of the big city boys. The combo Your Social News ,
WED. THURS- NEW! the, Midnight Flyer". Roy leaves .
Leo and Mondays
with"Teddy Washington To 4737
work at midnight but he covers San Juan Ave:
NOV. 17.18.19LOVE. He makes all of the Walter are : still swinging. Billy FLORIDA STAR
some ground. overlooked Moore and Leon Gonzales sit in 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th Jacksonville 10. Florida EV 8-3621
rounds. Not to be are
RITES INk the boys who work the early shift. every now and then. Or Phone EL 4.6782

Robert Brymer, George Perpena Meomo to Ken Knight: My public r :
for : -.r.---.L"" _'"_'----'. '-'-'-'-' ,, _TTTr_____ .. .
and Albert Frazier all report tells me that you sort of talked .r-.r- --.r- ----- -r/////-j m, "_'"
STRANGEf duty around five and make the about me the other night They say
rounds until dark. Frazier is sport- that it was in the awfulest way. Your
ing the latest in sweaters he pickedup Yell all of you play boys had better Old Friends Are
LANDSLj on in New York. hope I remain quiet Nuff sed.
Jack Legette is back in the barnes -:
Sx !. The Broad Street barber has. The Negro "leaders" didn't get a
been ill for several days. wire from downtown telling them Back af State & Pearl I
John "B.B. Pickens finally told to tell the people to vote and there
was no money in sight so they
kept quiet. They didn't make a peep
ID N A RITZ concerning: reapportionment or the NaY e our Thanksgiving Dinner on us!' '
school board trustee race. Watch
.o D a Y\ f11se nA, SUN. WED. the .school bond Issue however. The
G 1taru pt WHEN YOU R'? Ti!* wire has been sent out and they are kYV
UPPER CRUST OFF NY working about like little beavers. Y.;

Kaiywooa 'CITY.YOU'LL FIND RAW Wonder if these erstwhile leaders
r LE3MJLJ- NOE RN EATH. have.ventured to see what the town 1I

will! look like after the Expresesway w
is completed. The Negro area will
I Ii \' t 7
consist of a maze. of dead end
i I streets and cutoffs. Only one thru
iEMBEHAVtO ALE street will remain open and thats er at
j Myrfoe Avenue running North and

Y Eighth Street running East and
jI West. The Second Ward politicos I

I were able to get 26th Street openedbut h 1
'Vii 17 the "wheels" who scramble for 4 Yi
votes in the 3rd ward kept quiet.
j"A Talking about the store with wiili purchase of I

iul Newman everything, visit Kozy Korner. It'sa
"She Played With Fire'Arlene Dahl combination gift shop variety I .
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN! rhevounglladelphlans. store and serves good food. Marvin

fJanson says if we don't have it the I :
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N .
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I Those
HERE'S 1959'S' BEST d

SnoOn(I Sun:- Sat. Nov. 15'21 who I

Attend Matinee For Best Seats ', f r ,, rt I
live -instyle. .

-Vi( : ALWAYS H fED s ,

n. .1 .

i, M it
.... 'M...' .fI/ J6 ,{ : i,
,. ,
: \., -
t>:.. i fli ,
& .
\ .
; "
,.h.,.. .'..".-..' '. "....-as' ;. !
:J. i
..4r4' e.r 'ft Q .4

+ .. .

D nRJOO f ,

. As N_ 1

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't, .." ( Mahogany Color)
--: ;- J No Money Down ,

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TAMANGOPLUS ONLY A WEEK M WITH TRADE f p ctor.v< .irg oral],also ovo3c bU m Blond color,tCgStfy htgh.r.
If you have a taste for r1\DMIil- No Payment Till January 1969

the finer things, always ask for uvnuvn.J }

n.w r r Cordon's authentic London Dry Gin. f 34' FULL YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL TUBES AND r.:3Get !:
\ So smooth and dry... rJw Iut .

G Ai LER P c 1f f of such delicate flavor... b0f full details today about our Turkey 'n TV( Special
you can enjoy it STRAIGIITDr -

\ State '& Pearl Appliance Inc.
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829 Pearl Street Corner' Stale aad Pearl Phone
ELgin........ ,6-0489
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