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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200535datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date November 7, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005350740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 7, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
November 7, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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... ".

ti1f i T Y" a at ,carv.t! r: RJ mi+ t 1MJ : ,:

: Mississippi LynchingTo i

> V4 J D4"' ''' __ t tIi ::1 Be Probed By FBI

:: \ .




TO ACT TALLAHASSEE prominent -Florida Ne o'citi

zens who 'refused to testify about the NAACP or furnish

,\. membership records of the Miami branch were ordered cited
IN LYNCH CASEWASHINGTON for contempt proceedings by the Legislative investigating

: 7- Crime Wave .I committee currently probing the National Association for

in Day I.the Advancement of Colored People. .

.. The Rev. Theodore Gibson, president !I

of the Miami branch was Cited tended that the NAACP would be .

Wednesday for refusing to bring the
"I Federal investigation "wrecked" if the names of mem-
into the of Mack membership of the organization, before bers were made public.

NAME INTERN ANOTHER MAN, MEN HELD FOR KILLINGS; 't., Charles Last April Parker 24 was of announced Poplarville,Thurs-Miss. committee.The Rev. Edward. Graham refusedto Graham Committee said he Aim believed Cited this was

day following the failure of a Pearl say whether he was a memberof the committee's aim. .
TEACHERSTALLAHASSEE CONVICTED IN POLICE HUNTING MIAMI MAN, River County grand jury to returnan the NAACP or knew anyone else "In the present racial climate of
who belonged.
indictment in the case. Florida and the South, where we
Committee Counsel Mark Hawes are spearheading moves to integrate -

BOMBINGCASE MURDER WAVE young woman had been stabbed In Acting Atty.: Gen. Lawrence E. said he would file the proceedings schools and other facilities, 1

--- -. Walsh disclosed that U. S. Attorney in Circuit Court here as soon as our organization would be wreckedif
Mrs. GertrudeSimmons the stomach and the! left
,, By Staff Correspondent leg. Robert E. Haaberg at Jackson, possible. members thought we were goingto

: acting director of the in- LITTLE ROCK, Ark. John Taylor A killing wave which started last The 4J'mrOldVilliams+ is being Miss., has been instructed to move The committee, which is investi disclose their names" Gibson

ternship program at Florida A&M ,Cbggins, 39, was convicted todayof Saturday October 31, has chalkedup .I. held for homicide investigation. toward a presentation of the case'to gating' suspected Communist infil-

University, recently announced the taking part in one of three Labor in seven days a record of three a federal grand jury in that tration of the Florida NAACP, made said.Contempt proceedings were voted
murders with a woman being the state. little headway at Wednesdays opening
against the Rev. Leon Lowry of
interns for this semester. Day bombings and a racially integrated 1 .
victim in each I : r. session. It adjourned until 9
care. .t Tampa, State NAACP president, af-
jury recommended he be 1 : Walsh's formal statement came
The following are the names of interns -, sentenced to three years in prison ; after the Pearl County grand ajn. tomorrow after failing to get ter he failed to answer a call fo

according to area of study and and fined () t O : answers from a series witnesses th? witness stand. Although sub--
$300. : ;
: { Poplarville-the be
: _< :r'i jury at first to
I. about membership either in the
school assignment for the program ,A jury of 11 white men and one ;} ) L' convened since; the l'nChing-ad- poenaed to testify, he returned to
? NAACP or the Communist '
: party. last
Negro deliberated one hour and 23 .y Tampa night. '
art education-Willie Clarke, joumed today without consideringthe
: ... The investigation a S ,started The
minutes contempt proceedings
: before finding Coggins guilty Parker
Lincoln High, Tallahassee; Emil'Nicholson of planting a 10-stick ,dynamite (.. 44r case.. more than a year ago, but was against Gibson and Graham will be

Northwestern High, Jacksonville bomb in front of Mayor Werner C. .. );' Parker, 23 year old Lumberton blocked by a series of court suits filed fa circuit court here. That

; biology Lucious Bryant, Knoop's. construction company officer -Miss., Negro, was dragged out brought by witnesses who refusedto Lowry will be brought before the

University High, James L. -Byrd I. ..... ... of the county jail'at Poplarville bya testify or otherwise cooperate.The 1961 Legislature.
,masked mob and was thrown into present hearing was called Rep. Cliff Ilerrell of Miami: chair-
t'- Bond Third Headed for Prison r
Lhcoln.High., John C. Demps, .. '
after the State Supreme Court ruled
He was the third person scheduled the Pearl River after being beaten man of the committee, said the
,High, Jerome Mack, Lincoln High 'if. that witnesses must answer pertinent
and shot.
to go to, prison for 'partite 1 s ,. contempt action will be pushed In
r .. 1t .
i "Llflie MoseleytjGriffin Junior High. tion Jo.: the three bombings Jessie .,frf I .j" tI .".. '. questions and furnish Certa9.1Information the, courts as rap'dly: as possible

Tallahassee; George 'Green, Mat. R. Perry, .21, wag found guilty te t ;; I ,'l. ..1, fi "-" ,-; : "He.wfiite":was" awaiting=- whlch"trial Jof evidence spin;;' about NAACP;>, membership ,He.' said the committee has no fur- _
a wwTOui or'
thew W. Gilbert Jacksonville; week and J. D. Sims, 33, pleaded i ?r face contempt Action. ther hearings scheduled pending;
? : i failed to he committed._ or Both
f- 1 grove Gibson and Graham conNORFOLKBOWS -
') outcome of the court action.
guilty last month. Perry's jury recommended "i! )1r ,
Business education-Bessie Beck- three years and the -" )" ,: .....:" that 'the rap... ever. '--J--, occurred--' .. He pointed to 'economic:: reprisals

ham Matthew Gilbert, Ernestine state recommended the maximum of r. ) '- ,1.. Justice Department officials declined and physical Injury against persons

Jordan, 45th Street High, Jacksonville five years and $500 fine for Sims. : J : ,...yf to say whether the new federal identified as members of the integration

; Bettie Brown Lincoln High, Two more men still face trial in f :? A ..l"" : ; .',.' Investigation might: involve a organization. .
connection with the three explosions JAMES I t > further effort to establish a violation Graham said he already has been
Bose Burgess, University High Levi WILLIAMS ; '
touched off in anger over Integration ... held in I f' 'of the federal kidnap law whichprovides subjected to cross-burnings and his
Moss, Lincoln High, Tallahassee; of 'two Little Rock high TOM WASHINGTON the death penalty. wife has been threatened "just be-

Harriet Jordan, Carter Parramore schools.! J TO INTEGRATION I cause people suspect I am a member
killed mate with pipe After the FBI made"a month-long "
High, Quincy health and physical Judge William J. Kirby of PulasldCounty Number one victim of the current .. of the NAACP. .
Grif- investigation last May the ,Justice .. '
education Albert Alexander,
Circuit Court deferred sen- wave was Laura Beal Johnson sIn *
fin Junior High, Floyd Andrews, tencing until he can hand down all Boyd, .36' of 435.Phelps .Street who Department decided that, no violation I

Lincoln High, William: Davis, Leon the penalties at one: time. suffered death by violence, alleg- the second"killi"1g: which 'I of the kidnap law-could be. es- NORFOLK, Va. The Virgimla '
occurred tablished in view of lack of
County, Betty Smith, Lincoln High, Ccggins admitted planting the godly at the ,hands of James Will- evidenCe Pupil Placement Board, threatenedwith CIRCUIT COURT
t Jennevethcl McKinney, Gl'ffu\ Junior i dynamite in a flower bed in front iams. : ,- on Sunday; Nov... 1, that Parker was ever taken acrossa a Federal Court contempt: 'cit

High, Timothy Means, J. G. of the construction company build- Police investigation revealed that : Claudia Mae Stubbs, 41,_ of 203 Park state line. ation, agreed Monday to the assign-

'"i' Rfley Junior' High; ing's glass: facade, but he, said he Mrs. Boyd and Williams had been At Columbia, Miss. Judge ,Sebe ment of four Negroes to previously UPHOLDS FIRING
Street the victim.
i: Holland Moore, University High; thought it was a harmless smoke living as, common law: husband and Dale, who would have presided over white schools in Norfolk.It j'

r Powell,Lincoln High Robert bomb. wife. They! .had"lived at.the ,Phelps Parker's trial and in whose court 'OF
Dorothy ;
Given Street address for about six weeks The ,woman, according to a police told marked the first time the PRINCIPAL .
Taylor, Bond Junior High; Er- PackageHe I the grand jury mad its report, last
board remnant of the
nest Theme Lincoln High, Tallahassee said E. A. Lauderdale_ Sr., and according to witnesses they had report, had been involved in an argument the Associated Press he didn't think state'sold 'I
Andrew Brown,* Carter=Parra- wealthy Little Rock lumber dealer several domestic quarrels.It the federal government had a v resistance" doctrine
; with her common-law husband had
tt 'more 'High Quincy; Herman Frie- and segregation leader, gave- him was reported that last Saturday chance to get an indictment. approved integration after I, Circuit Court Judge John M. Mc-
the containing the the couple, returned homed short Tom Washington 37- who making thcusands of classroom as .
#:' man, Northwestern; Will Johnson, package dyna : 'signments : Natt last Tuesday upheld the Duval
mite, explaining it was similar to a ly ,after witnesses said they heard on a strictly segregated
Isaiah Blocker High. Jacksonville: lived at the.same- uddress..:: basis. County school board's action in firing
David Livingston, Rosenwald High smoke bomb set by pranksters at the woman screaming and callingfor t school principal Maurice H.

\ Hall t High School last summer. someone to call the police as the I Barnett for dishonesty. -
Panama City; Franlde McIntosh Police were told that daudie Mae The three member board was fold
James W. Johnson High; Fred Pink Coggins, said be didn't know ,it accused. was .killing her. ,1STAP COSTS last month In a hearing before Federal II ,In rejecting Barnett's appeal to

ney. Matthew W. Gilbert High, ; Willie was dynamite and didn't know it Shortly after the victim was seen Stubbs attempted to strike Washington .1 Judge Walter E. Hoffman it j get back his >b Judge,McNatt said:
t was intended for the' mayor's office crawling down the stairs,.head mst would bfl cited "Befas of the opinion that the ultimate
Poole, Stanton High; Clarence with a claw. hammer and that with until he read it in newspaperS the from the third floor. She died before 'failed finding of the. Board of Public
Louis MAN LOSS to the -
t Ray..James W Johnson High; I Washington struck his.-mate on the $390 approve four transfer '
next she could reach the street. The
Williams, Northwestern High, Jacksonville day. ; ,,requests. I'I Instruction,. Barnett was 'guilty
head with three-foot
a length three-
; Alpbonso Roberts, Rosen- of dishonesty'; was, a conclusion
f. quarter inch pipe. 'The victim fell Hoffman who ordered white I: .
wald High Panama City; Willie : that reasonable minds might justifiably
Weatherspoon Pemell Wright, POLICE REPORTS to the bedroom floor and diet!'' schools here to integrate last February make from the evidence, the
Johnnte Lee Brown Peterson, of had sent the four to the is denied."
Washington Juinor High, Pensacola.
1322 Wolf Court gave an envelope white schools on a temporary basis
from his
Industrial arts-Raymond Baker i Washington left the' house after was suspended
Griffin Junior High. Marie Coffins TEEN-AGEK STABBED MAN SHOT LNG EAR : containing $390 to 'a stranger for a while giving the board en opportunity job: as principal at Damell-Cook-
the-incident but ..:was picked upby
to its
Walter Cbv ngton. Henry Jones, Lin- BY HIS STEP FATHER IN MONEY DISPUTE letter to mail last Wednesday when reverse t man school last March in connection -
in the 700 block of Davis
coln High Tallahassee; Enoch A young teen-ager, who lives at David Pitts 35*. of 702 Phelps police the man volunteered to man some The board, in a' letter to Hoffman 't! with charges that he had certi-

) Jones, Washington Senior High.. Pent 1012 W. Duval Street was stabbedin Street told police he was shot Strer t. letters for him, Peterson. said. said it was uncertainas' to the i fied Some MitcheO, a substitute

oF ,sacola; Oliver MuldroW, Lincoln front of left shoulder during an through the left ear with a .33 ,Cal. I "meaning and extent" of Hoffman's I teacher. and his brother-in-law! as .

I High, Gainesville; Elijah Woo- argument with his step father last pistol last Monday at Phelps and Peterson ,told police he was at I order, but was bowing to !it on the having worked for seven days In

f ten, Rosenwald High Panama City; Tuesday.Mrs. Florida Avenue. Myrtle Avenue and Kings Road advice .f its attorney. t the last school year. Facts later

r. music Henderson Weatherspoon,' Ernestine Bryan, mother of Pitts said Arthur Johnson came Police are hunting for the ,killer I' about 3, p.m. Wednesday waiting to I I I showed that Mitchell was out. of
i Lincoln High, Tallahassee; social the youth was also cut when she up to him and said he wanted the of Almateen Davis Supper 25. who PUPIL PLACEMENTSEEN 'town on another job at the time.
mail some letters when the I
studies Benjamin Brown, James I tried to get the accused to leave $I that be had taken from his house FOR ATLANTA j i Barnett was fired retroactive
W. Johnson High Allen Fisher her son alone. The young victim fitts said he told Johnson'he hadn't was shot: to death at the.door of her came by and asked where he could ATLANTA The Atlanta school i the suspension date-and Wednesday

a. home a(.231, East Beaver,street last get something to eat. The man was I had, hoped to be reinstated on his
Northwestern High Jacksonville u was taken to Duval Medical Center. taken any money. It was then that : board is polishing up a ID point proposed ,I
i'' Northwestern High, Jacksonville; Amos Young 37 was arrested by I Johnson pulled ,the.plst l and shot :Wednesday night. instructed to go across the streetto pupa placement plan as its I I petition to the court. Representing

Patrolman R. L. Crawford at Duval him, the victim said. t Horn's Kitchen. answer to a federal court's order'I: him was attorney Walter G. Arnold.
Herbert DIckerson Lincoln High, and Davis Streets.' arrested i Patrolmen Witnesses told police that Artmr j' Speaking for the school board was
: Clarence Durham Lincoln High I Johnson was < by The victim who was- waiting f sr to cease discriminating against Ne .
f Lincoln High Ed- rztrolmen R. L. Crawford F. D. E. ,Love and A. A, Richardson "Blue" Webb knocked at the door a cab also saw one coming and at" gro'children in the! operation cf vs-; Elliott
Shaver Jenkins.
High Tal- i Mack, J. J. Doe and Sgts. E. P the investigating officers. I of, the woman's home about 13:25 i the same time the! stranger said be lie schools was pointed out that Mitchellwas
die Williams University
not in Duval County on any of
i ahassce; Ira Calvin Carter-Parra- Corley, L. A. Hamwey investigated.Louis ,Wednesday night When she inquired: i! would mail the letters for him. Peterson Judge Frank Itooper. loDowins a j'!'I the seven days he ,,-as'saId to have
started-to across the lot to Lee the man the letters recent trial of salt'
Mrklandr Carter- go who it gave : a desegregation
more High Jason was caller 're-plied- I been a substitute teacher at Barnett's -
Gardner Street also an envelope containing the I brought by Negro parents, instruct- j
) Parramore Quincy; Omega Blue." school and instead was performing
Washington Senior High Pen- Dixon 716 Dewitt Street Two men came up behind him, r 1390. The money was drawn from 'ed the school board to produce a.{! services as a chaircar at-

sacola; Peter Miller Rosenwald reported liow he was knocked down knocked him down, took his money the Post Office to buy a car. I plan by Dec. 1 show-fag how it intends j tendant for the Atlantic Coast Lineat
f containing $31 and east Beaver and north Mrs. Slappey closed the door tent| to the
and his-pocketbook ran on obey court's nondiscrimination ;
home economics
v High, Panama City; Police said they believe Peterson the time. In addition Barnett
r 1 Griffin' Junior taken by two men In the 900 block, on .Madison, Dixon said. Ue also ing him she did not want to '. I directive. j
-Alma Lusane I ,was the perfect victim of firm flame personally contacted Mitchell on six!
High, Joan Spaulding> ; Liacoln W. Ashley Street last Tuesday. told police: he would be,able to identify ;- have anything to do with tint: I mer because he' saidjhe, talked to The Atlanta plan in its present I of seven occasions to let him knowhe

High Tallahassee; ,. Dbton said be cashed a check at one of the men' aD"Ai1ere because Officers were told that the man the man several minutes before he I draft includes 19 points: that would was to act as a substitute teacher -.
the corner of Ashley. and Davis he has seen him on the street the admission of all ,
govern pupils
kicked the in fired two shots gave him the money. disclosed.
Streets and walked west'on Ashley several times. Negro and .,,'bite.rbere are 55,55 Bamett bad further of '
.. r no avenue -
.. Street-after leaving"the bar.: When Patrolmen Johnnir J': Doe and and fled.jOne. bullet struck, the_woman -- Patrolmen: Freddie Mack and I white pcpfls and 41,03. Negroes in appeal in the case following denial <

't Continued on P.p:;_Elgit. he came to Seizer", parking lot be Freddie. Md meted-' which- resulted"'in. \her 8eath'S '., Johnnie Doe investigated.. the,,city school' system. ot the writ. '
.. : .
\ : : J ;
{ ,'r 1
\;. : r : ;






.., t _
; '-:, .':" ; -: _'
'. '
:, "
Page Two ,
.. .. "
J' THE FLORIDA STAii ,. : ",:.: ;..' ;.: ;: <.::.:'. Week Ending.Saturday, November 7, 1959
,-. .
< .
.. '{ft .. r,1i:.. ". ,..'..," .:" ,l:: ii.- ,,,- .,,,

1. i THE FLORIDA STAR' '><-7( -' t'- h" '.Ivw '_/!:::s." I

S 1
NEWS : "Politics As Usual"By

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co.
Eric O. Simpson
'Member of Associated Negro Press'tike _

C. Parham Johnson _--New. Staff TO OVERCOME 3IAXFOWER WASTE

Hilda Woolen Circulation Dept. In recognition of the current serious lack of trained
npov/er in strategic fields, a new Committee to
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: Talent has been formed to enlist the interest of Salvage
1323 Moncrief Road EL 4.6782 EL 4.6783 and professional leaders across the community
country in
Downtown Branch Office 423 Broad Si. Phont EL 4-3773 to rescue "wasted talent," especially a campaign
.. in underprivileged areas. among minority groups
Mailing Address:
P. 0. Box'' 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida ? Arr me mmitte, according to a
memorandum issued today, is head- selves hearing the same story from
-=-- SUBSCRIPTION BATES ed by eight leaders of business, education hundreds of colleges."

One Tear $5JO; Half Year $3.00; Thru Months. $1.80 medicine, sports the arts,
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States. and public life: Singer Marian An- Industry is similarly concerned. A

Babtcription Payable in Advance Send Check or Money Order:To: derson; Dean Emeritus Harry J. steel manufacturer noticed that al-

FLORIDA STAB-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE..: 1. FLORIDAPLASTIC Carman of Columbia College; former though his company had granted
Air Force Secretary Thomas
K. Fmletter; Senator John F. Ken- more than $2,000,000> in scholarshipsand

-I BAGS A MENACE n e d y. Jr., of Massachusetts; fellowships none of its awards

President Roy E. Larsen of Time, had gone to a Negro. Upon investigation -

TO CHILDREN Inc.; President Branch Rickey of the company learned of the ;
the Continental
Baseball League; work of NSSFNS and has since made '
and Dr. Howard.. .. Rusk, Chairman
of the Department, of Physical Med- supporting grants. In addition to

As cool-weather clothes are brought out of storage this .ti i : It ical Center. has high school-to-college work, NSSFNS
season, coverings of plastic bags again become a menace to co-sponsored the highly sucoassfnl -
children. This warning ia made in an article by Beatrice / The campaign Is being launched i demonstration project at JHS 43
Schapper f in Today's Health, an American :Medical Associa t. i on the premise that "educated human -I and George Washington High School
tion publication. a Intelligence is in New York dry. Extensions of this

An electrostatic charge may be generated by friction I 'arf ,. our most valuable pilot project to other areas of 'the

from handling the bag. The youngster, while' peering j a .resource for assuring country have been carried on

though, is apt to have the bag literally grab him .t' k national through Community Talent Search.

through the electrical attraction to his face. The child can- tgf .'growth and suMI ers, newest NSSFNS activity, has

not tear it. Death by suffocation may result-as. it has in : I vaL" But each I I been spreading knowledge of 'the
tragic instance after tragic instance during the past,year. gain made in New York in reaching
The bags should.never, under any circumstances be used ;,':':..year more than and motivating talented children
for makeshift coverings for pillows blankets or mattressesin .... 100,000 of our most ,from deprived families in their most

baby carriages, playpens or cribs. t UNDERSTAND -I: I ,able young people formative years.In .

The child should, never be given the opportunity to han 'who are capable of I the memorandum sent to key

dle one of these bags. That means that when they are removed -; './profiting from coI.iiUt citizens who will be invited to join

Y .- from clothing, they should immediately be shredded, do the Committee To Salvage Talent
Your loge not benign
Weekly go -
or tied in knots and put in a tightly covered disposal can. ___ during the next several weeks. rw>an
The bags can prove as lethal as a loaded gun or a bottle __ ,,1f" ;c JGe.' "'.'.!..''.."'''3ona school.. Carman, one of its charter-'members

of poison and should be so treated.IRRESPONSIBLE o Simpson In addition, mill- explains, "We
Horoscope Gu de ions of bright students annually; I laborious or formidable plan no activity"large,

drop out cf high school without finishing but the purpose of the Committee'swork
GOVERNMENT'COSTS By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH or, if they finish are not prepared does not permit "mere facade

for college. window dressing." Each member

US MONEY ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR Wasted talent exists in all socio- will bs expected to give financial

I' economic groups. The "largest support and to take a reasonable
known < however, the committee part limited efforts within his
David Lawrence writes in U. S. News and World memorandum field or
Report: ----- states, "occurs community for gaining the
heavier to bear. Family and
"By overriding the President's veto of a bill to provide more ARIES crosses SCORPIO among racial minorities whose economic interest of others. Funds made avail-
than $1 billion for various 'public works' projects, Congress Do not shut out the feeling that partnership relationships are>< not ex- Born Oct. 24 thru: Nov. 22 and cultural handicaps-corn able through the Committee To Sal-

dramatized for the nation the irresponsibility of Our you should turn a new leaf and actly on the happy side and this Continue to apply the brakes on pounded by schools in run-down vage Talent will be administered by
be due to economic stress and rash
may impulses that could create
present-day Government. enmities areas lower the National
start exercising greater self-control aspirations. The Scholarship Serviceand
"Many meritorious provisions are contained in this par- This means adopting a friendlier emotional tantnuns. Things until are and jeopardize jour prestigeor largest of these minorities is the Fund for Negro Students.
side the
ticular bill, but 67 projects are included which have never attitude toward strangers and intimates mostly on the quiet impasse career. It would be foresighted to Negro. Negroes represent 10 per
13th, when issues come to an the
sense trends
been passed upon by the Bureau of the Budget or given the alike and becoming more and start creating cent of the population but only 1 per
and feeling run high. buffer
necessary study by the Army Engineers, who usually examine tolerant of their views and frailties. a forecast against the ill winds' that cent of the students in interracial 1
in advance all such proposals.'The President pleaded in (9th). 1-80-66-17-65-186 are for the 13th. colleges.

vain that these 67 projects eliminated. now and examined The outflow of money and energy }\ 54013.91574 The 'founding members of the

later."Why wouU reach its peak by the 15th, I Committee To Salvage Talent have READ THE
then, I did more than two thirds of the membersof if you have not taken the advance LEO been inspired in this national ef
both houses of Congress vote to enact the bill,anyway? precaution to contain it Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 fort by the work of the National

Only because selfishness apparently reigned supreme, as 710111421710. You will have to be particularlyself SAGITTARIUS Scholarship Service and Fund for FLORIDA STAR
considerations of local politics seemed to replace the courage restrained on the 13th when Burn Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 Negro Students. NSSFNS, a project i
that statesmen ought to exhibit in dealing with the national any emotional condition could have It is part of the human characterto begun by educators in touch with

Interest. TAURUS rather serious consequences. Leos resent having to pay off obligations hundreds of schools and colleges,
The vote on the pork-barrel bill represented "politics as Born April 20 thru May 20 I who are engaged in romantic adventures whether it being gratitude or has through motivation, counselingand EVERflYEFJK

usual" at a time when there is serious doubt if the budget sYou are not yet, off the hook and may seem to be losing currency. Such a situation could with 2,000,000> in financial aid
will be balanced. A new'high national debt ceiling has been cannot afford to relax your effortstq ground seeing that Mercury is arise on the 13th, and you can forestall helped more than 6,000 qualified ,

legalized and the danger of More inflation is very real. This I free yourself of the depressionthat scheduled to go retrograde from the it by eliminating the possibility Negroes to enter 350 interracial col-

is the road_whose end is national bankruptcy. is robbing you of precious vitality 13th thru 3rd of December. altogether well beforehand. Do I leges in the past eleven years-an .

2 'OL--50'PER CENT SALES TAX :. :. . You can take protective not make the mistake of thinkingthat organized effort no single collegeIs
What would you think of a 50 per cent sales tax on an measures on the 9th by bolsteringyour 4-30.5519.54935.( :You can shed your problems equipped to undertake. Accordingto
absolutely essential commodity, which most American fam- finandalties and reaching simply by running away from them. Richard L. Plaut, President of S e e

ilies must use every day? agreements with creditors or sup- VIRGO Instead, you risk adding a few ad NSSFNS, "Early in our experience

Maybe you'll say that such a tax would be impossible pliers. Put the blame on yourself, Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 ditional ones and straining your financial we received inquiries from a coll- IS YOUR DRINKING 'S

that no lawmaker would vote for it and public opinion the lack of cooperation .and unex- Take advantage of a lull in a position still further. I ege admissions officer who was 'un Getting To Be A Problem?

wouldn't. stand for it.I If so, you're dead wrong. pected circumstances, rather than hill in a highly-charged atmosphereto i happy with the scarcity of qualified
The federal tax on gasoline has just notched up anothercent on hoodoos;, if everything goes awry reconcile conflicting views and 3-7&88-1&87-378 Negro applicants,' and who in three Call EL 4-3178

per gallon. And this means reports the American Pe- on Friday the 13th. purposes before they are further years' search of one large mid-West
troleum Institute, that the combined federal-state levy has deepened ((9th). You will hear the Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 city had found only one boy capableof e

been pushed beyond' 50 per cent of the actual retail price of 1-20-55-1933-125:! usual comments about Friday the CAPRICORN meeting his college's admissions

me gasoline itself in 20 states. And the motorists of other 13th, but none of them will really Problems are of a minor nature requirements.: We soon found our- S. 5 .

states aren't noticeably better off on a nationwide average be pertinent to thedifficulties. that up to the 12th but thls may be only .
the gasoline taxes,' all of which are paid by the consumer are foreshadowed for this day. the prelude to explosive situations -
have hit the 47 per cent level. The average state tax Born May 21 thru June 19 Warning signs against,haste or recklessness that are building up. The 13th is the
is six cents and the federal is now four.JS'8 You should'enjoy a quiet interlude [ while in transit are again day when you will have to have: recourse -
to the 12th. but from there '
up on
another comparison: Gasoline almost five times sounded on ,'the 15th.9002215216'J5 to your whole store of ex
as stiffly taxed as such luxuries as diamonds and mink the going Is likely to get rough once perience to cope with the individuals
coats. again. A frustration Is indicated for and difficulties that seem determined -
In just one'decade I the 13th, if you have loved or spec. ,
1949-58 there were 58 to make life even more
gasoline tax: increases .in 41 separate ulated unwisely.] It would not be a for
states plus two federal in- LIBRA you. FaIl back on ywirintuitive
creases. This added up to a 37 per cent jump in the gas taxesprice bad time to get away for a periodof Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 faculties when you are in
-while rest and solitude if duties
>hll your
prices rose only 21 doubt as they win be much
per cent and the It will be much simpler to be philosophical more .
of gasoline itself a six and circumstances permit. It would reliable than
cent. advice
per about the way things turnout any even your ; /9 A)
How long is the gasoline be soothing to cultivate a greater best friends -
using can give
public which means practically than to build up resentments you. _
interest in the home artistic
everybody. pur
going to hold still in the face of this kind hat win distort your judgmentWork
of tax suits and the of
treatment? companionship a 8-50$14-65-8&1
closelv. with those who haw k.
loving and understanding person. -- -
i i a stake in your fortunes and accept
advice when it is based on sound e AQUARIUSBorn r 5 1 .4S.,
; % 044-13-42-962 principles. The fact that the 13th.is Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 .

: .nd the friday will not be the main reason Should love fly out of the window z.F .

strength CANCER I why ;your difficulties will be intensi- this week it may never return. Thisis i F .
a risk you should not or cannot ,
Born June' 20 thru July 22 fied.
afford to take even if you feel otherwise I iir
for Take comfort in the knowledge
: your life. that other people may have even '190331832193GET in a moment of oassion or re i
.a j bellion. Try to unearth provocative o (1' j 4 :1 5
factors before they do their damage y 5f
.f (. YOUR HOROSCOPE READING (9th). The 13th is the critical 3 Y x

()-() Use this coupon.. Leans more attest yoorsrtZ. Send 10 Kate (one day when showdowns could precipitate 55 1h4 a pk
h dIme In cob) for each horoscope ordered by maL Include self the consequences you have been

r addressed stamped enrelo Write pUlnly. Ttln,otter" does not applyto forewarned to prevent.
f 54i/ G residents if the dominion of 0aIa4&.I. .

-"'- -.I. II

Ii t fin (it:3 I. ,-x s.a&.3' iI I "* -
k ( tUf risers I

I Pte .t Birth. f I; Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 KEN{ KNIGHT
It Is rather difficult for many Pis-
I Date Moatfc
I J clans to buM up an armor against ; '
r< -- Invite You To Listen To _
: PABLO FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGERP. vicissitudes of life and the actions .
t .1 I I of thoughtless or malicious '
"'." .: .' people, but'this Is necessary foe the :
1 FLA. .
'. maintenance of health and
I ,.t. ., I j mind. Starting :
t&DJe.,1.- : ,'J "" v.' '; You will suffer on the 12th At'7:00P.l\f. Nightly -
If you are at aH vulnerable In these

fr. RELIGION; IN AMERICAN LIFE, INC. I. lddras-. ...}..... -,. ,...1 ; ...o--.-.jt-...'_,.: ,.' "i II respects. <: 14Q -' \WRHC :1400'

r. WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS WEEK "' : ._ > '- :' .' j:' :" :-. > :. .;; ., '. : 'I 906--561, : "i : I A-" '. .J', oN.' .. "",0 Sf.
_-_ _'_ _"_ _. _r_. '_ _
.- N" II'" ", ,Ji. ;, "..:;.;,,,, .., i ;,:)-':..Ur.t.1": ....t. '. .. :
;-\"!' /S. '- "#! "z "v -',/!*-.f's.!;.:.:. .. < r y, 4t991 I i .
f. ( r ., .;_..,;1
: if < '/ : A .\/. .. ." i :. :i' !"?, \ '. .'':". 1'f !/ \ .; } ,.>,. ?if:'" ; :
.. j r

y k:


.. ... 1'.. a ,
: :
". : :
I .) "... .

\ .. J
Week Ending Saturday, November, 7. 1959


.. .
;# # J _
: *


"; South' Finest College ': .
3 .
Florida Barber College Zen
I Comments have been heard from many sources on the
Branch G. X. Approved Jackson 133 W. 10th St.,
Johnnie I
"little team" from South Carolina that fought valiantly
'i ; Ar 20 and Pearlie Jones.. 3524 Spires '> against the FAMU "Rattlers." Naturally, we are full of remorse -

St., 16.Frank. v I because we missed the opportunity to give moral sups
Prof. James Glover
'oodruw Patterson, manager Street At Beaver Byers,,1063 W. llth St., IS I f) .port to the South Carolina State "Bulldogs" in their fight-
630 Davis and Catherine Clark 72CO Marks St., : to-the-finish encounter with the "Kattlers" in Tallahassee

Phone EL 5-9874 18. ". i ir ; : I.last week-end, during FAMU's 'Homecoming" observance.We .

I ; :" J.. ." -- I are regretful, too, over missing the many social events
Aaron J. Curtis, 1434 W. First 5t, I ...t1. .. .' ] held prior to and following the game. It is our understanding -

I Apt. 2, age 20 and Classse: Walker, \ : .... ing they left nothing to bo expected in the way of

I II 1225 Davis St., 17. '. ;:.y ': .f; 1.. ,.' good entertainment.The .

., Edw. Williams, 275 Plaza St, 20 ../" A.' ; George Brutons of 111 Lincoln Street held a "Home-

I. I' and Rosa M. Williams, 275 Goodwin r coming Party" last Friday evening where many out-of-town-

.CARTER'S TALLAHASSEE Otis E. Gir- St., 16.John. I ers gathered. Among Jaxons attending were Miss :Mozelle
.Bruton, Mrs. James Bruton, Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hender-
FUNERAL HOME I ardcau" of Jacksonville sits at Duval I II : Wright, Jr., 628 W. Church f son, and Atty. and Mrs. Earl M. Johnson.

929 West Beaver Street j I I County legislator's: desk in house cf''I II I St., 23: and Willie L. Bowman, G28 Saturday the party was hosted by Dr. and Mrs. M. C.

24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE representatives chambers, where he\I W. Church St., 22. Williams, better known as "Nick" and "Gerry." Jackson-

-:- Lady Attendant'] .:- I is attending a practical legal education James C Castor, 2176 Brooklyn, 22 Fess Parker (pictured above with vi1 ans" (new word) present included Mrs. Rose Brooks;

Phones ]' !, institute this week. The five- and Rita Wright, 1905: Brooklyn co-star Nicole Maury) stars with :Mrs. Vivian Chavis; Gardner Sams, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Claude'

O. C. JernIgan Owner EL 4-0545 day course is conducted for young Road, 22.Windsor. Jeff Chandler in his new technicolor O. Hilliard; Mr.: Capers Bradham; Mrs. Elaine Lescssne;

S. L. Davis Manager EL 4-0546 i lawyers by the Junior Bar Sectionof Miller 5638 Astor PI., 63: western drama, "JAYHAWK- Mrs. Gwendolyn Stewart; Mrs. Hattie Stewart; Mr.. and y

The Florida Bar. Girardeau will] and Othene Marshall 5836 Astor ERS" showing at the Strand Sunday Mrs. Theodore Redding; The Earl Johnsons; The James R.
be sworn in to The Florida Bar Friday I through: Saturday on the gala Armistice Hendersons and several others whose names eluded our
Place, 36.Johnnie. ;
in impressive supreme court I Holiday week bill. Parker recently -reporter's mind. Of course the regular crew from Tallahassee -
1730 W.
ceremonies for the 190 who passed' G. Campbell, addressed the student bodiesin the scene including Mr. Burr Dr C. U.Smith .
:Marie Harris 1730 were on 1.!,
23rd St., 68 and :
the August state bar exam. He is.a (person at New Stanton, MatthewW. Atty. and Mrs. L. J. Shaw, Jr.; Dr. and.Mrs. Charles;
ny. 23 St! ., .I!.:?...
For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks graduate of Georgetown Universitylaw "Ernest't White, 2069 W. 15th St., Gilbert and Northwestern High Stevens. From Pensacola came Dr. and Mrs. Spencer, and
school. schools where he was given a rousing Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Hampton of Ocala. '
803}5 -
25 and Mary L. Williams, Tyler -
ovation. Co iit on the Strand
Fried Chicken :' We got a run-down on other persons glimpsed over the
St., 19..Earl "
r- Brown, 'Rt. 1, Box 286, 26 bin is "ITMBUCTU, starring Victor week-end, such as Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Bennett Sr.; Mr.
Oysters Cod Mature and Yvonne DeCarlo, Charles Scott Mr. and Mrs. A. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Frank
; ;
I ,
and Mary B. Harris, .Box May-
.. (j $ f Shrimp Ham BREWSTER MEN port Fla., 24. ? first Jacksonville showing. Pearson; Mr. T. V. Thomas; Mrs. Catherine Jackson; Mrs.
Bacon Brinson :Mr. and Mrs. William T. Miss
t Saun.geEggs Samuel L. Cummings, Box 386, Delphinia ; Harper;
.t Hot CaWCoffee Anna B. Minatee Mrs. Meares Mr. William
Yukon, Fla., 23 and Theresa E. Dor-: ; Josephine ;
Milk MEET SUNDAYAT Adams Mr. Bostick Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tolbert
I I 1 reD, RL 4, Box 433, 21.n ; Joseph ; ;
French Fr. Potato Woodrow Burton 701 B. Venus- 'Mrs. Harold Ferguson; Mr. and Mrs. Monsalee Davis; Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Kitchings and Mrs. Hall
Mars Ct, 41 and Geneva L. Stewart, ; Sally Kennedy.
701 B. Venus-Mars Ct., 34. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity selected FABITTs campus s
FRATERNITYSET the for its Southern Polemarchs
setting Regional meetingheld
Madison Isaac McBride, 634 Court D, Blod-
Ashley gett Homes, 21 and Sadie M. last week-end in the library. Dr. Oliver Southern Pro

Holmes 802 E. Union St., 13. vincil Polemarch, of Mobile, Ala., presided over the meeting.The .

The Brewster Men's Club will Lewis Brabham, 512 W. Ashely NOV. 28TH Kappas held a cocktail party Saturday evening in
meet Sunday at 7:45 a.m. in the St., 30 and Eartha Byrd, 704% W. .I the Faculty Men's Lounge with the following from Jackson-

dining haIl of Brewster Methodist Monroe St:, 24. I, ville.present: Samuel Williams, John Floyd, Joseph H. Bost-
Hospital King S. Sanders, 2831 LJppie Road, ick, Earl Kitchings; and George Burton.
ATTENTION READERSPlease Fla. Oct 22- in Tallahassee entertained out-of-town and local
1131 Gross St,
28 and Lilian Jones,
President J. Earl Morse stress.
Send Your The Florida State Conference of the guests at "Ship Ahoy". Among,Jaxons present at this affair
Bring or
ing the importance of the meeting I 128. R. Powell, 1211 Logan St., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., were Dr. II. James Greene; Mr. and llrs.Yeiley Johnson;
because of the business
urgent on "
Church News, Club Notices & AnnouncementsTo will be held on he campus of Florida and Mrs. Ethel Spears.
331 E.
the agenda. The men are asked to 27 and Virginia Y. .
---- -- -- s
s s s s
The FLORIDA STAR Early Ashley St., 24. N.LM. College on November 2S: I
be prepared to mane a report on
to Lt. Col. David Locally citizens have adopted "casual" mood and are
6th St. 37 1959, according 1 a
the of the fruit cake sales. Clyde Jenkins, 1328 W. ,
DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS progress and Ida B. Davis 2010 Commonwealth 1... Brewer State Director of the enjoying nightly visits to the Elk-sponsored carnival located

The president will also be readyto Ave., 39. fraternal organization.Great at Edgewood. Avenuc'near Avenue 4B" It's not entirely for
TUESDAY at NOON made at kids either. We adults in the various
discuss another proposition"that Reese Sutton, Jr., 1525 Francis plans are being saw many taking
FLORIDA STAR will concern the club. All men who Ave., Atlantic Beach, 31 and Marie F.N.LMC. by the Sigma men ,on forms of amusements provided. In fact, IT'S FUN.
are interested in the general welfareof f the campus to make this one of the *
1... Wright, 703() 3rd Ave. S., 30.
2323 Mencrief Rd Corner 13th Street the club will be present to help Chas. Conyers, 1292 W. Adams St., moss interesting and challenging Miss Zelma Johnson was hostess to a recent meeting of

clear the 'agenda of the pressing 18 and Marie Battle 1231 Spearing conferences; of this kind I ever held Les Bijoux Bridge Club, held Friday evening in her Hart

business. St., 16. in the state.President Street home. This marked the group's initial meeting for the

Geo. Matthews, 4M2 Owens Ave., of the Beta Pi Chapter year.Mrs. "
M. Mann P.O. Box of Phi Beta Sigma located at Catherine Jackson was welcomed as a new memberof
23 and Etta ,
SPECIAL SIZING ARE BEING SOLVED FJUMC is Alfred Lee. Eddie L. the club. .
F pj]R SEW YOUR.OWN SET 923, Lake CitY, Fla.?: 23.
Willie Jennings, 1726 W. 10th st., Taylor is Vice-President; James Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Marie: McClain and Mrs.

By Evelyn Cunningham proportioned skirts,. slacks placed inverted pleat. Only .39 and Pauline Adkins, 2123 Mars Jackson is Secretary-Treasurer Edward Nell Cason.
and dresses. This has four G. Bellamy is the Corresponding *
an- pattern pieces' are used Ct., Apt B, 33.
swered the needs of the for Smith is Miss Carolyn Henderson student at FAMU and daughter -
Ever alert very any of the three proportions Albert"Bias, 725 Jackson St., 23 Secretary; Benjamin ,
to techniquesthat
will make home sewingmore tall or very short girl who And the new Talon and Gloria D. Thomas, 834 W. the Business Manager- ; Louis of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Henderson of.1W1 Tyler Street,

satisfactory, McCall's always has had to face the Magic Zip, skirt placket zipper Church St., 19.ATTENTION. Hearns is the Dean'of Pledges and was hostess to a group from FAMU on a recent visit to the

Patterns has with an problem of alteration. Clothesfor is as easy as A-B-C to Isiah J. Williams a senior is the city.
up the have It has Assistant State and Di the week-end with The Hendersons
exciting development that will average figure apply. a woven sewing Regional Spending as guestsof
just about perfectfit. been particularly trying for die guide line in the tape to insure rector. Professor A. B. Williams, Carolyn were: Albert Brooks, a top tennis player on the

For the first guarantee time, UcGall's very tall girl. Letting a hemline perfect application. The Dean of Student Personnel and Registrar campus and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Leo

offers a with down presents a greater classic blouse (McCaJl'a s ,s .s is the advisor for the organi nard Jones, A. (J. Johnson, Helen Griffin, Carolyn Lang,
pattern proportioned
sizes. The slim three task than taking one up. l attem..No. 3079) comes in zation. and Wendell Sumter.
skit is proportioned for Special "tall.girl shops" have a choice of three necklines. ATTORNEY MINNISTO S *

gore the tall, average and short served some purpose but have The one pictured has a convertible LADIES ADDRESS GROUP Entre Nous Bridge Club is back on regular schedule, be-

figures.The. offered too ]United: choice. neckline .and long Attorney Fred G. Minis president gun with a meeting held in the home of Miss Lauretta Jenk-

past couple of years Thus, interest in proportioned sleeves gathered into deep, Bridge & Social Club of the Etta Sigma Chapter .in ins. All members were present and Mrs. Camilla Thompson
has seen a tremendous increase apparel has grown. buttoned raffs' Either a'tie or ; St. Petersburgh will deliver the keynote i won top honors for the evening.

in die manufacture of The gay plaid skirt shown flat collar-may also be used. Reperters address for the one day confab. i Mrs. Frances Johnson was hostess to the second meetingof

here (McCall's Pattern No. The sleeves may be three- Theme for the conference is "Open the group and had as guest :players :Mesdames Sarah

4 3082) is made for the tall quarter or short.with turn-back Send or Mali Door Toward Progress." Sigma officials Wright, Juanita Williams, and Dons Jones. Mrs. Jones qual-
figure. It is dart-fitted at the cuffs. The front edges and and members from all over ified for guest prize.

'3 top, back and front, has a collars may be interfaced.The Your Social News the "state are expected to attend and Club prizes were won by Mrs. Ruby Humphrey, Mrs.
: center back seam and a low houndstooth check, participate in this bi-annual meet- Lillie B. Blackshear, and Miss,Mozelle Bruton.
V q with blouse, skirt and vest, is Mondays To :
ow ing. .
of McCall's famous '
one sepa- STAR
:a rates (McCall's Pattern No. r:. '--

5074). Features of this en- 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th Little Miss Style in this

semble include a front-buttoned
\i 4h blouse, box pleated skirt and Or Phone EL 4-6782 PATRONIZE

r +S 3t: single breasted vest. The
< blouse has a convertible neck- s s

M line and'long, set-in sleeves Star Advertisers DrtESSit:

V gathered into buttoned bands. .
,, 1! P'2141 The lined vest Is dart-fitted .. PUMP:

and reaches about an inch /F
.k below the waistline.,The four from DRAB..to DAZZLING! t 1

1 4f gore skirt is made on a wide J ,

waistband and fastens aft' the 4 JI

1 1s front with buttons and hooks

and eyes. Slight gathers are I

made at the top of.the pleats.

I Made in misses and junior

sizes, this pattern can serve
J i many purposes and offers infinite -

variety in fabric and

color combinations. The ,
: .
T blouse can be.made of cotton, 1l

i synthetic shining, silk, cotton

zt broadcloth or surah, while .
I 1 the vest and skirt may be

linen wool, synthetic suiting,

tweed or flannel. r ; GJamoUl'De1Ss
,"" ', Both patterns come equippedwith

; : McCall's new Easy-Rule .
< ,
feature for '' i
easier quicker' .

tailored Classic long-sleeved combination: shirt- and the and more accurate fit. In For every little' miss that wants lo odd glamour end '

its coordinated slim skirt. Both ;:: selecting a pattern for the fashion to her wardrobe...pancake heel and
pieces have triple pattern news. proportioned skirt-it is important : still '
". LarietaeH&ircolor fit to
.. to give proper J
The skirt is nfcCall's new remember that if with r"oaHyoalnlle slender bow. )Jaded
Misses Proportioned: skirt i.. .., _.. to grown feet. let our salesmen fit your young
desiped for the 5'3" rl6" lad<< The Jumper Look, its two your measurements do not .
5'8" Cipre. The blouse" three pieces brought together by a correspond, order by hip d s miss today.
views Tend three looks to the parade of frontline tattoos. The measure as it is easier to a aa beer fee V&ke A
traditionally good skirt. Make skirt ... bcwpleated: four-gore, alter the waist .. I this pro&sdocial moasrsT .
either the classic tailored skirt,- widely banded: Tbe vest ... pattems at One boor b afl ft take fir $6.99 to 57.99IJTSEY'S
than at die hip.FashionSewing. O efrorVLj { mlto <
the ahoet'sleeved, small col Used, dart-fitted. Underneath
tared blotse or the three qntrter all, a- classic long sleeve Weekly Tip: brinfibsck Touta M|
leered blow with tie collar. shirt with eosverUble seckllie.Vellcoordisated Don't use pinking shears for lJ 1' ''' ec faded haM SHOES
la Misses sites 10-18, the separates, they because L..eilsaN .. ioa. !iVs
blouse Is McCaU'ai Patten en teed live of their ows, too. ratting a pattern they >Nlt aM aar bslov U sixes 1115 and Hisses have a tendency poll the I rM ... ( r : '
skirt Jailer ; ; 1 "
: : c
,lZTae.ttpropad .., ,. fabric and into : Moo. And FrL Till 9 P; 1C.iB .
Eac><. uses $ l3. McCall's 'Pi tsera chef may cat, ..;._ I ,. ,. .
L \
4 .581 99*. the seam al101r ace.. era sr4t.. .Ot1lll014! .......tllier...- f"I, .m ri T B- ,
... -- r
< < i <
'i.7 ) :: ':t: : : < '. s i" :

; .

-,' ., ,,q'j. '

', '. __ >- "L



,; I i ..'. .
.; ';gc:; '- \ I

Page Four '
i '
Week Ending Saturday Norembor 7. 1959

IMt. Moriah Will Observe Women's Day Nov. 22 I IMISS

-- ___ _._ n .,




State Assembly of the Houseof
God, Church of the Living God .
The women of Mt. Aloriah AME Church will observ N : Club Reporters
will open Nov. 9 at 10 am. in S1.i i
their annual Women's
Day Nov. 22, beginning '
'$ i Augustine with Bishop P. J. Fletcher
with the:Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. '
1Lss 3lararet Adams serves i i in charge.
r. I
Officers of the day's activities i! ardsan, Mrs. Hattie MayberrY; Mrs. Delegates from' Arlington Palatka *. SocialitesSend
are Miss Margaret Adams, chair- Jacksonville and Cresent City
I Essie Elnora'Reddick .
) Mae Dye, Mrs.
Ms. Marie cochairman l expected to be in attendance.
man; Ousley, x Gs f t r I jare
; Airs. E. L. Richardson, acting I j Mrs. Thomisena Couner. Decoration and Ribna Streets. r-

pastor; Mrs. Geneva B. Palmer committee, Mrs Elnora I or'Bring Your News
The church is located on North
assistant pastor; program commjttee I Reddick, Mrs. Marie Ousley, Mrs. I Bishop M. L. Keith, chief o\er-

Mrs. Alberta Reid, chairman; j Came Meridy, Mrs: Lenora Maddox & seer; Bishop P. J. Fletcher state I II In To TheFLORIDA
Mrs. E. L. Richardson Mrs. Gq- ,
Mrs. Essie Mae Dye. k I bishop and Elder J. M. Tra\er is I
neva B. Plamer, Mrs. Debris Jack- the
son, Mrs. Odessa Lane, Dorothy The. women of ,Mt. Olive are inviting I:

Peterson, Mrs. Madeline Ilaynes; the women from ether I
and advertisement com- STARMain
churches to worship with them dui
mittee, Mrs. Margaret Rice, chairman -
Mrs. Nellie Phillips Mrs. ing their observance. All plans are t1. Casually Correct ;

Jessie Myers, Mrs. Estella Bannis- being made to make this the great (. ,, '; rr'" ", '.,. w
est Women's Day ever held in the :, \ Office & Plant
Relations, Alyce J. Mack history of the church, both in attendance ;j" I
and Mrs. 'Maggie Hamilton: steering '
and finance. *
committee, Mrs. Dorothy Peterson in k ; !:j"J. /J 2323 MONCRIEF RD

chairman; :Mrs. Boneta Davis, i I
Nellie Mrs. G. B.
Mrs. Phillips, ,
A <
Palmer, Mrs. Hattie Maj'berry, Mrs. o ';' I Near 13th Street
.I'iin1 : 1
Frances Denmark, Mrs. Dorothy :.
Peterson, Mrs. Madeline Hayes, ;: .
", :if Notices brought In Monday and
Mrs Marie Ousley. Mrs. Margaret r.!; hOQU1f1! i'}

Adams, Mrs.. Arusha Mingo, treasurer 1 ,..., ,
AT ANNIVERSARY OBSER EDMrs. Neftie Spates 'observed her Seventh Anniversary t ""'!:. &'::) ,
: will better
Mrs. L. M. Jones. 'f\ Tuesday get position
25th Shaw Memorial tist located Duval and Lee Sis. '
October in Church at .
Sunday School Mrs. E. L. Rich- ; '
Seen here are the participants who:took an active part. >::',;;; n'
ad better headlines.
GOD CAN HEAL NEW BETHELThe .. From left to right: Linda Perry Earlene Perry Philllis Battle Barbara Boatwrighl} f.'i: ': l'f, ,.... :

Second row; Darletha Perry' Daniiahel Perry. Jr.. Anthony Perry Annette Thomas. ,.::., ", Y
DO YOU NEED HELP? Ruth S. Dawson, Sharon Battle, Diana ,Perry Paula Blake Linda Johnson Constance Aboard cruise ship, at the
Then Don't Fail To See Riley Antoineti Blake. Gerlizzie Person. Third row: Deacon Melvin Grace Nettie M. ootball game, watching has- Note: The earlier the better.

This God Sent Man. three contestants represent Spates Ralph L. Spates Shirley Bush. Rev. E. W. Mainor. Predence Blakley. Leon-; :etball or for wear when

ELDER F. 'F. JOHNSONFor ing Bethel AME Church for "MissA. ella, Black. Evelyn Bellingsea Francinia Williams. Essie M. Anderson Helen Jackson. merely hosting friends for an . .
all things are possible Fourth row: Rev. J. L. Sanders Mrs. Simpson.. Mrs. W. Williams, Mrs. Gallons, informal get-together, the new

through God. C. E. League" honors are Miss Mrs. E.;Williams Mrs. Humphy Mrs. Peeler Mrs.. Johnson Mrs. Howards and Mrs.B. pageant Arrow will print be sport highly shirts popular by

Notice I am not a fro. Jacquelyn McMillian, a member of Williams. Fifth row: Mrs. Annie Mainor. Mrs. Dorothy Acosta Mrs. Mary Bryant with the American male this

tune teller and do not the senior class at New Stanton High Mrs. V. Graham._ Mrs. Annie Graham, Mrs. Ethel Williams and Gladys- Walker. fall and winter.

practice medicine. I makeno School, Miss Annette Johnson, a Unlike most sport shirts
they come in exact sleeve IS YOUR DRINKING
supernatural claims. member of the senior class at New MRS. E. BAZZELL ; lengths. Sanforized all-cotton

All my work Is done Stanton and Miss Cherie Blackman WILL BE ON DUTY wash 'n' wear fabric resists Getting To Be A Problem?
through God. Prayer Is my soil and
and wrinkling requires -
of James Weldon Johnson Junior
only tool.I do believe' that DURING NOVEMBER little or no ironing. _. Can EL 4-3176
God will fulfill all our High School wiGENEPu1L \I

needs. So if you are sick President Leonard J. Roberts! of CHURCH

crossed up home unhappycan't the ACE League ,Union and New Mrs. -Eugenia Bazzell will be {
hold money or Just The SEAFOOD CenterMedium
in hard luck, then come Bethel's league announced that P.'J. duty: in the First.Aid i n S

and let a man of God help Williams, assistant superintendentof St. Paul AME Church for I I j,
you 'with your problems.For )the Sunday School at New Bethel of November. Other ... : i COrCREXCESLATHD I Mullet Lb. 12Vic

God ha v e helped has been appointed treasurer for have served are :Mrs. FOR Roe Mullet __,_ Lb. 29c

many people to succeed In the three contestants.The for August and Mrs. I ABYS3IM;* BAPTIST !'OfilEGAS SLATE Yellow Mullet Roe Lb. 98c

health and wealth throughhis for October. General conference will be held White Mullet Roe Lb. 35c
contest will terminate the I
Holy Prophets.Notice( ) Nov. 12 in Abysalnic. Baptist Church Genuine Oceanview Spots Lb. 32c
come one come all Join fourth Sunday in June 1960. The fol- Mrs. Brown who is I with the pastor and officers in ACHIEVEMENT "Elusive' Sheepshead Lb. 32c

me at the Prayer Center lowing Monday night the crowning I department announces that I charge Business of vital importancewill I Whiting _-_____ Lb. 32c

1135 Cleveland Street. ceremonies will be held in B. F. Lee bank is being established I be transacted. Georgia Catfish __ _. Lb. 49c
Jacksonville Florida. Auditorium. Each church is askedto Paul and blood donors' Weekly. prayer meeting will beheld Speckled Trout ___.,_ ... Lb. 49c
King Fish Steaks __: Lb. 39c
enter a contestant. solicited. tonight at 7:30 p.m. The Male
6r Red Bass Lb. 39c
Chorus will meet for rehearsal at I
Spanish Mackerel Lb. 35c
i Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to GetLOW the usual hour. Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Bluefish 1 J L_ Lb. 3Sc

The following districts will meet Phi Fraternity, Inc. will hold its Flounder Lb. 39c

i PRICESOn at the church Friday night at 8 National Achievement Week Observance Snapper Fillets Lb. 69c
: p.m.: 2, 3, 4, 7,- 8, 9, and 12. District Nov. 8, at,4 p.m. at the Mt Big Jim Crabs $1.00 Dozen
10 will meet in the home of Mr.
Ararat Baptist Church. The theme FREE PARKING SIDE AIm REAR

.1 Your PREPARES and Mrs Ct., Roosevelt Johnnie, Reese Apts. at 779 8 pm.Lincoln of the observance, announced by the THE SEAFOOD CENTER;

District 6 will sponsor a pretty national headquarters of the fraternity Adams
Myrtlt AT mad Phone EL 44413
DRUG STORE NEEDS hat tea Nov. 15. A program will will be: "The Achievement of
be for the occasion.
presented .
Today's Challenge, To-
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store I morrow's Necessity".

WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED I Speaker for the occasion will be ArPRICED
f I IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS. Sister Rosetta Cohen will rendera Wiley C. Branton, nationally l known ,
Choir 2 of Little Rock program Sunday, afternoon at attorney-at-law from Pine Bluff,
""e Deliver We Al'o FIll All Doctor Prescription '
Church will sponsor a 'Big 3:00 pm. !t St. Joseph Baptist Iv

: style show, Nov. 18 at ::: Church November 8. Ark.The first week of November each AT

Dixie 'under the leadership of All singers are invited to.appearon year, the 263 chapters of OmegaPsi

Pharmacy nice Wright and Mrs. the invited program.to The attend.public is cordially Phi Fraternity, Inc. throughoutthe School Shoes 6.95 8.50Q
United States and the Interna-
ISO KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE program chairman. tional Chapter at Monrovia Liberia,

PHONES EL-UC8TM: rPt addition to the. ts.14'i West Africa, observe the achievement )i

of outstanding individuals of .
previous presentation, .
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE- have been contacted by The Excelsior. Gospel Singers will all races. ,:", .; I
PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE.IVV'.v render an after service program -
to .serve as models also. ,
Sunday night November 8 at the Achievement Week was inaugurated
Hood will dean
serve as
First Born Temple 825 W. Monroe at the ninth Grand Conclavein

........-..-.-. ..". ...- rr.- selections.and hostesses, and will sing Street 1920 which met in Nashville Q

Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From w The public is cordially' invited to Tennessee. It was first called "Ne-

The hostesses for the attend. All singers are invited. gro History and Literature Week" i
Why Continue To Suffer? Mrs., Thelma Thompson. out of ,deference to Dr. Carter G.
Hicks, Eula Dane, Ida Woodson, an honorary member of R I
Bessie Gibbs, Wylene I : The fraternity, whose address at
Florin Jackson. I the Nashville Conclave stimulated
Ii '
I WOMAN'S DAY i the idea. The celebration was abol-
ARTHRITIS ASTHMA The hosts are: Charles ./ w
!i ished by the'Conclave in Washing.
HEART TROUBLE BACK Russell Hayes, Alfred Ford Annual women's daywill be ob
ton 1924, there celebration
in so was no -
PAINS LIVER TROUBLE Russell. I. B. Stevens. Mrs. : setved.Nov..15 in First African Baptist in 1925.
HEADACHESNERVOUS ia M. Brinson will serve as Church with Mrs. Vera, Hall OPEN

CONDITJC-N BODY PAINS The lighting and settings chairman and Mrs. R. B. Hams, 1 In December 1925 at the Tuskegee

AND OTHER COMMON AIL by Charles Wells and music co-chairman presiding. Conclave the 'observance was re FRIDAY S
MENTS. DONT PUT OFF furnished by Arthur vived as the "Negro AchievementsWeek
ANY LONGER. LET US PUT The models Mrs. The Rev. W. L. Oliver of ML Project,' to give an oppor-I
YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD. Morris Miss Vivian Olive Baptist Church,, Orangedale, tunity for presentation of important f EVENINGSDOWNTOWN _
HEALTH choirs, ushers and congregation will current achievements of the Negro. I
Leola King, Mrs. Grace
Visit Our Modern Clinic Rosella Cleveland, Mrs. conduct services Nov: 8 at 3 p m. many of which may never find" their I I
in the interest of the women's day way into the printed pages of his- HEADQUARTERS
Wilson, Mrs. Thelma I
I program I tory. This project has been and stillis'
Lenora Richardson Alan
i "anoth r effort of Omega to live
DB. W. F. WEAVER veta Prater, Miss Marian ,
During the annual day the juniors and achieve in accordance with its 1
Owens, Mrs. Julia IN'S :
CHIROPRACTIC.HEALTH will have charge of the after four cardinal principles: Manhood 1
GOLDEN RULE Evelyn WIlliams, Mrs.
N er, Mrs. Charleese Hayes noon program at 3 p.m. The group Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift
win feature babies on parade., Par
Helen Toney., featured ticipants are: Jannett April ,Jenkins The project has tried to develop

CMC EL 6-7830 Mrs. ,,>Brinson will be I Timothy Brooks, Beverly Ana manhood by inspiring .race pride.It .
by Mrs: King. Prizes will Edwards. Aonett Hayes. Denise has attracted attention to the

sented daring the question j i Hayes Darlene Hayes and Leo ti&i scholarship: of Omega Men and iWest Yom it.x 1

SIS Broad. Street Betweea. AaJdey & Chardi which: *ffl be conducted! : i Holland.,Each,baby,wffl be acconv. ; others in itsjitsrature, as well as,

RoseQa Oe4t>atd. pasted bf bis or her,...... t l pefeic. pr enms.* % ...
: .. .- : -- ,
.. : '
r6 --; I..r' .1tf .I" '". .4' .J1 ";" t.- c. :

a .J.,,; / ..>
.. ;
,,- ;.. "
.; ,.
'- J

.., 1

w .-- I ,t ...'-''. ,,. 1_',--. j

_. -- -s------
-- r
,. -' -wwwW.v -
-'- -- -
-- --- -

FvY v VV Y w v"I. "I : -I----

.... ... "
.' .
; : : -. ." .:. : .- .
; : \ .

Week Ending Saturday November 7. 1959 TEB FLOBZDA STAB Page 1'1nI

: EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CAMPAIGNTO COMMlTIEE FOR Avenue.subcommittee Is chairman which of is the composedof housing NEGRO PROFESSIONALS HAVE

I some of the city's most promi-

BE EMPHASIZED BY JAXONS W CLASSIC the nent Orange citizens Blossom who are Classic members and of GOOD DEAL, SAYS PHYSICIANDr.

-- Festival Committee.
He entered Governmental ,service torium November 17th at 8:00: p.m. HOUSING NAMEDMIAMI i.
1 members include Dr. Ira P.
In 1951, to serve as Technical The Equal Opportunity Committee -
Trained Specialist Later he was appointed for the Jacksonville Urban Lea- Appointment of an I Davis, dentist; Garth Reeves, edi- George D. Cannon,'NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund
Assistant Civilian Aid to Orange, Blossom Classic subcommittee tor, Miami Times;. Samuel Cohen, that
as gue, announced today that final arrangements : I Dinner co-chairman this week suggested Negro professionals
the Secretary of War. His member- are being made for on housing, has been announced principal Northwestern High School; I don't realize "they have it so good."
ships include the American Instituteof Equal Opportunity Program scheduled by ,Florida A&M UniversityPresident Charles Hadley, Dade County

Radio Engineers, American Association !I for November 19th. The pro- George W.,Gore Jr., chairman Health Department, and Charles I l In appealing for support,of the Association's third.annual .
of University Professors, I gram is being sponsored by' ,the of the Orange Blossom Classic Lockhart community relations director [ $100-per-couple dinner, this year slated for Dec. 6 at

and Alpha Phi Alpha, Sigma Pi Phi, :I Jacksonville Urban League to em- and Festival Committee. Bonded Collection Agency. j New York's famous Commodore Hotel, Dr.. Cannon gave his
and Beta Kappa, Chi (scientific) fraternities phasize the Proclamation by Cover Florida A&M, located in Tallahassee Out-of-town persons who desire I fellow professionals some hard statistics. '
housing in Miami and Miami Beach
among others. Collins November annually the Orange i
LeRoy proclaiming sponsors "
hotels and private housing, and who Being a professional, Dr. Cannon advised Negro law-
thellavomrdiee for all Flo- Blossom Classic and Festival, which I 1
19th the
Mr. Eva cosec as day
have been unsuccessful in obtaining yers and doctors, "puts you in the top three per cent of Ne-
Mr. Evans received the Harmon I ridians to observe Equal Opportunity. : has grown into one of the nation's ;i i' "
housing to date, should contact groes economically and the top one per cent educationally.

award Research in Science in in electronics 1926 for Technical point- i! / .. "" --.- --", ; ', fop athletic"classic attractions.," as the The event 27th is annual affectionately Chairman North. His telephone number :-I "To put it another way," Dr. Cannon continued, "do you
is Franklin 96779.TALLAHASSEE realize that 97 cent of Negroes economically and 99 per
The Urban League Equal Opportunity per
toward i known, will be held the
ing radar. On April 20. 1953
less able than to the
cent educationally' support
has formulated are you
he received Doric Miller Foundation I Committee', -" .. weekend of December 45, with the I
what. it hopes to be an inspiring cause of their advancement?
i '
football being ,scheduled for
Award for outstanding! achievementin I game The Florida
improving the moral and performance program. The Guest speaker for '!I I ; 'fl2 Saturday night, December 5 in the A&M University Rattlers will play The purpose of the FFF dinner is threefold. It will honor

of the Negro citizen in the I this occasion is Mr. James C. i ,-->- ., ,->- Orange Bowl Stadium. I: the Southern University Jaguars Miss Marian Anderson, stimulate interest and participationin

Army Air Force.: Evans Civilian Assistant Secretary Charles C. North, owner of North's here November 21 in the Bragg Memorial the Association's life membership program and specifically -
!af Defense of Washington D. C., TALLAHASSEE Otis E. Gir- toward the Association's national budget.
Travel Bureau located at 1104 Third I Stadium. raise $100,000
The program will be held in the \who comes to Jacksonville as a man ardeau of .
Jacksonville sits
at Duval .. .. .
Independent Life Insurance Audi-! of many achievements. County legislator's desk in house cf ... .... "'" ,::'.: "'""-.. ..... "

I NOTED SOPRANO SINGS AT FAMU is representatives attending institute a this practical chambers week.legal where The five-education he- NORTH

day course is conducted for young ; .
$ TALLAHASSEE A young Amer- Geraldine Farrar led the cheeringand ,lawyers by the Junior Bar Sectionof CHECK '

ican singer who is the toast of mu- stated categorically to a "Newsweek" The Florida Bar. Girardeau will ;: .
sically fastidious Vienna and has be sworn in to The Florida Bar Fri-
become a sensation in the farflungcorners reporter "She is alreadyone day in impressive supreme court .ElLJ ;-- ,.,.,.,. L. ,..f' ,
of the world will appear at of the great Butterflys of our ceremonies for the 190 who passedthe )> ,'
Florida A&M University in concerton day. "She became the most talkedof August state bar exam. He is a : i

November 16 in Lee Hall Audi- postwar Go-Cio-San," reported graduate of Georgetown Universitylaw T1

torim. She's soprano Camilla Williams "Time" .magazine in an article on school. I t ?

who's been repeating abroadthe her triumph.Her .
triumphs she has won on the e .
concert and opera stages at home. first nation-wide concert tour, '

Born in Danville, Virginia, the over forty engagements, included an FAMU OFFICIALS .
youngest of four children of a chauf-
with the
Chicago Sym-
appearance .
feur to a private family, Camilla SLATED TO ATTEND .
phony, which caused the "Chicago ._ .. .
Williams worked her way through ..... -..,-
Daily News" to report that "In i.
Virginia State College, graduatingas
Paris in the time of the Second Em-
"outstanding member of her i.B
pire, the students would have un-
i class." She had started a job as
'hitched the horses from her carriage COMPARE I
1 school teacher when the College
I and themselves pulled Cam- ,
Alumni Association created a spec- TALLAHASSEE Five Florida
illa Williams through the streets.
ial scholarship to send her to Phil- A&M University officers of admin-
Last night's audiences at Orchestra
adelphia for further training of the
Hall fell little short of that in their inistration will attend the 7th an-
naturally beautiful voice that she
extravagant greeting of the young nual meeting of the American As-
had been developing and demon- '
strating all through her school Negro soprano%" sociation of Land-Grant Collegesand PRICE QUALITY .. SERVICE

State Universities in St. Louis,
years. i In the concert hall Camilla Wil- November .
With further assistance from ; liams' success has continued, to I .
many friends and by taking odd match: her stage achievements. She They are: Dr. George W. Gore e ,

jobs, the aspiring young singer was has been soloist with the New York Jr.; president; Dr. C. E. Walker, i.'t i.
able to live in Philadelphia and to Philharmonic Symphony, the Phila-, dean, school of agriculture and '

study with Mme. Marian Szekely delphia Orchestra, the Boston Pops home economics; Dr. C. A. Ford, '
Freschl, who has been her mentor I at the Hollywood Bowl, and with I head, department of home econom- '. .
ever since. In less than a year she I many other orchestras. In recital ics; M. S. Thomas, director vocational '" ".; i : ,

won the coveted Marian Anderson she has' charmed audiences from ,- technical institute, and .
Award. The following year she won coast to coast in the United States I Charles J. Smith HI, director of
it again, and also added the prize of and Canada, in Alaska, Panama I public relations. i
the Philadelphia Orchestra Youth the Dominican Republic and Venezuela ,
Auditions, which gave her an ap and in Israel as well as Eu'I Two members of the delegationhold .
pearance as soloist with ,the orchestra. rope. She has starred on radio and i committee assignments. Dr. : '
Other concert engagements began television and may be heard on several : Gore is a member of the Committeeon FINEST QUALITY

to come in as word of her exceptional MGM recordings as well as Government Contracts and Smithis l .
talents spread. Columbia Masterworks' "Porgy and a member of the Information _

Camilla Williams' "big break" Bess." Committee. e '

came when Lazlo Halasz, then mu- 1 ULTRA VISION .

sical director of the New York City :
Opera Company, signed her for the T y 'I <"

title role of "Madama Butterfly." J' JACKSONVILLE Attorney Ber; \ .JfflffhhlllifflluiilLllffljffjffljLjb

,She had never seen the opera, she nice Gaines a native of Tallahassee .
did not know the role and she had and a.. 1958 graduate of the Console TV tU

had no stage experience. But she Florida A&M University college of HAVE Model2lC24GI \
i felt a natural sympathy for the tra law, recently opened her office for '
gic little Japanese heroine, and for the general practice of law in Jack- : _

three months,she worked intensively sonville. She is the only Negro woman A Dramatic SLIM SILHOUETTE styling
under Mr. Halasz' personal direc- attorney in Florida.
J": anotherDuval In a stunning new contemporary design

tion.When Kimona- lad Camilla Will- ROOM i cabinet with rich. distinctive touches of

iams fluttered onto the stage,of the e gold trim-
New York Center on the night of

May 15, 1946, tradition was shat TALLAHASSEE Mrs. Jessie ORAPARTMENT s First REGULAR $399.95
tered and musical history "'"as made. Bennett Sams, author of the bestseller ,
A' capacity house accorded her an 'White Mother" was the con-

ovation. In the audience the most vocation speaker at Florida A&M # _(THE ULTIMATE IN TELEVISION $ 9 5

famous, Butterfly of a former time Univeristy, Thursday, November 5. ,
# At A A Savings Of $150 Y

TO Plus a huge oversized coaxial speaker system. ,

Abe L'vert RECORDS / truly today's outstanding television feature


Complete SelectionOf

All Stereo ". I ,, -'.-' :.

And Hi, Fl Records .CALL
jij.i -
Stereo &: Hi Fi Players .. CHECK WITH 4 ; }
<\ i
5404 Norwood Ave. PO .82367Open EL 4-6782 \
C) LJJ'.f L
'ill 9 P. M. : "

.. "" .
-. ..... .
.' '
r. ,- ,4 :

_ / / SIGN OF i.' i( i '

laT' ,: ."" ;VALUE



: ,. lAcron from S 115
: ': .' ." .- Coaler) ( .from New Searsj (Near Southgmle Plan) \
.. ,:.. ,- SP 1-2860 EL 8-2493 FL 9-8673 .,

. '. .'. : ',. Opea Every Nile Till Every Nile Till 9 Open Every Nil* Till 9 ,- .

: I ..; .. Near LeaeaOEV Comer ol 23ag asd RotneHt' ) ': p
L'- : .J
: : 8-48S4 EV 9-9671
tI ', "',"; e .r,. rc A ."y'am':;. :.Optm Evacy Hifto 2'fil' Opem Tffl 8 P. M. t,. ': ..." :'. "

"'" ''- j

'j> ,. ; .t- '
< A .
:: ;<} ;; ,,: : ." .. ', .". w. !' .




., L .

'.. '., .. .
'. .

Page :Six THE FLORIDA STAB .' Week Ending Saturday, November 7. 195i 1 1I I

--.. V".t" .. "''' '
BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN n/vwwvfc- i V..t'-V wwNntw* I S t t I .

1816 W. i20lh Street Phone EL 5-9722 w "
Kindergarten Begin September 2nd r-- SfanfoNofesBy tw ATTENTION LADIES I '
ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS --- nnnnnnanr Bridge & Social Club __

Piano Band Voice Guitar Accordion BTETY DAVIS Reporters ,

Theory Tutoring Adult Education Send or Mail
----'- -
MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH (Junior at New Stanton) University i ; Delores Levy was elected Your Social News

as "MISS ,FAMU" for 195WK; I
The Student Council of New Stan- Mondays To
Miss Annette Madison, Former .
ton sponsored and directed a school- FLORIDA STAR '
M"iss Stantn'o'
wide effort to secure an appropriate waaningringuSps- 2323 Moncrief Ed. Cor. 13th I .
"Miss Stanton"rocs named '"Miss
floral pece for the late Oliver Joyce, Or Phone EL 46782IS ,
Junior Attendant"- :FAMU; Albert
a local youth who recently died as a
II Thomas e Ridrsofli ( % % %
FlnOT@ JllAPIS! F.On result vof an injury suffered at Thomas Reliford is now ty presidentof I
FAMU..we all remember Joyceas
i J the freshman class at FAMU;
OCCliSII@X a clean cut American lad who !
Norma: June Wilson was named editor -
I is a g&reat competitor on the grid-
of the schoolpaper at Spellman YOUR
-- :; iron for Matthew- W. Gilbert High
Expert Photography College and Gloria J. Love along .
::School The entire New Stanton
Portraits Weddings Banquet with Joan Crawford are student
family is in deep sympathy with the! Getting To Be A Problem? ;.V
Passports & Identification. Photos leaders at the local BrewsterDuvalSchool :
| parents and friends of the
I many I Ijlate of I
Photostats.& Commercial Work Nursing.
Mr. Joyce and our student Call EL 4-3176
Photos For Newspaper Cuts NO CODY ASKED BUT. .
council as wen as the general student
While You Waits The members in the DE Class are II
r body were in attendance at the
... & Picture wondering wot hoppen over the
) Coloring Framing
:. ; >>:, ; funeral of our late friend as a reflection -
:{r.i1.: Let Us Take A Photo Of You of just howe all felt about weekend between Jeanne Jerniganand I
know who from FAMU
i" j". : him and his tragic accident you An angered John Barrymore goes to, protect Julie Lon-
< '
: & not at the
they were seen together
;' :: In Natural Color LEARN TO DRIVE I don (above) as lawyer James Edwards brings the sensational
but each other from -
AVERY Lethera Ann Floyd and Jacquelyn game watching Secure Drivers' License I!
McMillan, seniors at NSSIIS represented -distance views. C. F. found a cool SAFEWAY DRIVING I i trial to a climax by ripping her dress off. The scene is

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO I the school two Saturdays ago cat from FAMU O\o"Cr.the weekend.L. SCHOOL from the tremendous" racial drama/"NIGHT OF THE j

by appearing on the Bethune Cook- II. is certainly making the rounds 600 West Beaver Street QUARTER MOON, co-starring Nat King Cole and Billy
611 West Ashley Clara White Missicc Bidg Daniels and will be shown at the
man College Alumni Float which with the young ladies, presently'heis GEORGE PERPENA, DIr. Roosevelt today (Satur-

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointment* was entered in "Florida Classic." seen constantly with J. W. The Res. PO 5-4607 day"CITY) through Tuesday. Co-hit" is the first run thriller,

Parade. .Jo Ann Andrews did her string between J.A.B. and B.R.T. is AFTER MIDNIGHT starring Phyllis Kirk of TV

part and made a pretty sight on the beginning break and'we all.know ---- fame. I

.- float entered in the same paradeby why. Romeo and Juliet or in other

the Ski-Bees. Needless to say, words Betty and William are doing
WHEN YOU ARE ILL those marching Blue Devils were fine. .L. P. certainly does have
You Seek The Beat Doctor, ", the main feature in the parade as big eys for E. B.; while: B. B. is .
i When Your Doctor Prescribe far as we Stantonians 'were con standing on the side,'> It is veryamazing ,

c "" Get Experienced Pharmacists cerned. The band under the direc-i just how cool; ': and calm

,r To Fill Your Prescriptions tion of Professor K. D. McFarlin R.G. is as he keeps:J.;K. and E. B.

-. "A''. According To Your Doctor's appeared and performed in their from ,knowing about each other.Y. .

Orders.. We Use Only f Spring uniforms, M. and "F1uk "- 'have finally ,

.- The Best Quality Drugs At broke up. They still admit that B. N.
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor JOURNALISM GROUP loves D. N. and D. N. loves W. F

.... \ HOLD MEETING but where is Laudy%J.B. and J. W. L 44E J y ..di
The Journalism and Public Relations are trying to make their rounds at

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU Club held a special preorganIzational all of the local schools and college
meeting Tuesday in pre- affairs. Watch eut girls S. M. and

LILLY'S paration for the organizational meet- W. S. have eyes for M.J. .Wonder : f iz Ir
DRUG STORE ing held on Wednesday. More than who the rubber neck is? See you .

thirty students from all areas of the I next week and will tell all .
1907 .
Kings Road ELgin 3-8278 school population were in attend- : > I
A COMPLETE LINE OF: ance at the meeting and they are

CCiaelcs Rubber Goods Candies Sundries currently being screened for positions A
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED as officers and specialists for ; .
The Stantonian and other official INTRODUCE NEW .

student publications at New Stanton. : .
-- I The overall purpose of this organ-

ization will be to publish the school Jack, the ex lightweight 1' o r k
paper and assist in coordinating an champion of the word, helped Es- w r 7

I OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS of the public relations activities in quire introduce its new line of professional

for and by the New Stanton Senior paste polish to bootlacks. tr

PRINTERS, PRESSMEN ADMEN High School. Advisors for this or- Now doing public relations for the
I ganization are Mrs. Marie C. firm, Beau is 'also a bootblack in

There are openings for Streets, Mrs. Myrtis P. King, R. F. Miami Beach. He will make good- .

EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters, 'editors, Roberts and C D. Brooks. will trips and demonstrate jnew pro

copy-readers advertising salesmen, circulationmen On November 4 the MarchingBlue ducts., t

"_ _. and women printers compositors. Hao- Devils accepted an invitationto For the first time the company is
visit and perform in Waycross,
type operators. manufacturing and distributing a Dr. Spann. right, visits class in Experimental for the newest recipe' recommended for the
Georgia at Center High School as paste polish made exclusively for Foods and watches as student whips Carnation class: Carnation Whipped Sundae Salad.
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We win train guest for the school's homecoming bootblacks.

activities. .The feature acts for
young reporters and people for all departments the performance given by'"rheBand" Entering the professional field is Dean of Home Economics at Florida A and M University says: ,
*.!*' if you have a real desire to becoma a mtsboP in keeping with-the policy of Irving
will be' "Yuba Plays the I
of the fraternity. J. Bottner, president, of creating :
newspaper Rumba The Tuba" and this Carnation
on presentation i the milkstudents"
takes you back to the new products and markets for his cooking
company in the shoe care industry .
WE NEED Men and women young or middles "Gay Nineties" with the "O arles-

-- aged in all fields for a chain newspaper and ton" our high stepping and gay fan Mr., Bottner pejfonaHy, a long engaged time Beau him Jack for I recommend to

J' magazines.ACT prancing majorettes were in there public relations position.
strutting their stuff and at their natural -
NOW State xporteac and ag-*. best. Dr. Annabelle Spann is Associate Dean tion Evaporated Milk. to. my students

WRITE i New Stanton is wen representedby in charge of home economics at Florida It gives consistently smoother results in

; former Stantonians who are making ;'WALTS RADIO. &. A and M. Busy as she is, Dean Spann\ any 'creamy' recipe."

INTERSTATE PRESS good at institutions of higher never tires of cooking. "I'm particular Double-rich Carnation, the red and

P. O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla. teaming an over the nation. For Instance TV SERVICE about my cooking milk," Dean Spann white can is the world's leading brand

Zeta Gibson was recently % says. "That's why I recommend Carna of evaporated milk.
named "Miss Sophomore" at FiskBUSINESS All, Work Guaranteed
.. .
.". .
N cad IIs.d
ew -
., rjT1-----------------: .
Phone EL 3-4009 ,

DIRECTORYThe I I I Whipped Sundae Salad ,Drain pineapple. Heat pineapple syrup to I .
669 Florida Are.Jacksonrille. .
I (Makes 6 servings:) boiling.Pour over gelatin;stir until dissolved. I
Florida I Chill until thick and syrupy. Chill Carnation ,
1% cups(CO-ounce( can) I I 8
Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments I pineapple chunks In'refrigerator. tray until ice crystals form
1 around edge ((15 to 20 minutes) :Whip until 1 I '
Servi and Products cup syrup
Specializing ces I 1 package lemon-flavored gelatin stiff(about 1 minute).Add lemon Juice.Whip I -

AUTO SERVICEVaahington'. Health Service Acute Asthma I 1 cup undiluted CARNATION fliT stiff(about 2 minutes longer).Add nuts,. I
I EVAPORATED MILK mayonnaise! and celery to gelatin mixture.
"Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"AUTO AttacksNow I 2 tablespoons lemon juice Fold into whipped Carnation.Alternate layers I rvAPOMnDI

PAINTING COMPANY Try Swedish Massage Mineral-Steam BalhiColonlc ipMdilr to discovery by re %cup chopped nuts of whipped gelatin mixture and pineapple In I IL IC
choking.- "
CourtUm. I
Specialist. -
TharapT piping relieved to fait,fint-tun.user*.rmaied. % cup mayonnaise tall glasses. Chill until film. Garnish with I rcw ea. .
Coaple e Body Repair & Paint Work D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locatici *..No Wonderfully waiting.Mo effect drug!*,*W in painful restonac injection I I cup chopped celery romaine or-head lettuce and serve. I
Oven 'Baked Paint Jobs -:- free breathlnr.Now available without pre : .
-:= For 23 Yean. :rOM Ask your drucfist(or Dr.Guild .-L------J. -. /rofft Coatntl COIlM"
Cigarettes er Compound. -
Price Start al $4.00 ''not& N. Myrtle: Arena > EL 4-2471
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135


Erea deUrery any part of the dry -oETLlfl1 YME ICIrQW GVY iUME) WWE LiTiLEGIRLSN2Ektrowl3REEZY. KfJOW WWITSl1MP'N1r0uGION

If You Want The Finest In Groceries 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380 I
And Meats Come See UsJOO SYKrIIR N SPICB

'Date Street EL 6-5412))! JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT z=9' NIC-, Pp.YNJl1UE!' .v, 'N'EVERYTdIHG NKE.1fFP .

-- Courteous Treatment FAMILY. PJRFFT I

AAA BONDING AGENCY Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. bcbt.u Gdlf1

City County and Federal Bon 306 DaTls Street EL 4-121

Law Exchange Bldg. ELM832)) c


38 Years In Electrcmlc8'BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES -1 1ill
All Work Guaranteed ICE CREAM COSMETICS r.
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TII D1tT'S .
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and IOIdMattre8 Besoming Our Specialty THIS WE tGldNN4W' 5 rd BaE1zY
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Road SP I-3" orrfuwtit
564 Tlmlquaaa
Old Klags Road PO 5-1684
a t71a.Y GIVE Nu>ti ,

All Modern Conrealeacc* TAXI t r

-. Room by Day. NiflM. or Week -Al Your SerrlcVHEW
CllL 'DEAL CAB EL 4-M11 .! .
.( .FozSafornaslss' ,-: ,', .
5-4025 887 W. :AhJey Skeet LINCOLN CAB EL "1811 *-geiLtY a1.M

U i = V iF= = -;- ::: ::: ::: : = = l = = ::: t J ::: II ::: = = ::: = = ::: sees::: ::: ::: :! i ii::: ::: ::: ::: : ::: ::: ::: ::: : ::: ::: ::: ::: : ::: ::: 3 i! j eees::: !j

) ..

,, I .

a. I, h t"l: <. 1. o_ o_"' ., .. .- :i' '."; .._r:!".' .- -- <

-- -



l : ,''. -
.4- ;,:! "' L
'. -I,:.r : I .0 .
I I .

Week Ending Saturday. November: 7. 1959 THE FLORIDA ST.M1 Page Sores

Ii Public Sees, Answers On Rattlers Classic Rivals I I

1r.: V/oailrrfal D1 i
t- i

1 i t f 1.J.t5

I :
O F THG Ul..71MA761) CORNEIt )
1 '
It could be one of the opponenson said, "I am looking; forward to the 3, 's r. .; .+,+ OF//FISTICUFFS'THE ART )

the present Rattlers schedule, day when our football team is good z,s ''f ''- THE FIGURe 01SCJGAR = y .

said Jake Gaither, head coach and enough to play in the Orange Blossom n i TAKE rrs RAY PLACE WIL'-w/rN 4 I
1 # '- '.. x By C. PARHAM JOHNSON
athletic director at A&M. "We are Classic. Hence, perhaps it is rc ; NEALL-T/MEGREATS.

considering opponents on our cur- an understatement to say that the'C1assic" 'r TIlE NORTHWESTERN YELLOWJACKETS were GREENSBORO N. C Thirty

rent schedule for the first time i.It is the game in which all \ tt-iJIitfr")' knocked from the ranks of the undefeated by the hard running candidates seeking berths on the

several years", revealed Gaither. Negro institutions aspire to com.pete. fast plunging New Stanton Blue Devils who seemed
r I959-60 basketball team of the A&T
t In outlining the qualifications for I keyed up especially for the game.; Northwestern played well,

which the selection is made of but appeared to have no defense that could match the offense -i College Aggies have reported for

Orange Blossom Classic opponents of the Blue Devils who piled up a score of 32-12. Onoffense I drills.

I Gaither pointed out: "Only teams the Yellowjackets found much dfficulty against the Cal
Irvin, head coach,
that have played at least five games .defense of the Blue Devils They did break through that iron happy

prior to the time selection will ALBANY STATE \ ;g91At \S clad defense of the Blue_ Dev ls for 12 points I aver the turnout the largest' In thefrLetQ

be considered. I history of basketball competition at
THE BANDS, of both schools furnished
The opponents must play eight frkS : }much entertainment. the crowd, a fine disciplined group: of the college, watched carefully the

I games during the regular season SET PLANS FORHOMECOMING largest crowd to ever assemble at students ana two superb trained 20-odd new recruits going through

and must have an outstanding record i their paces. *
the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park to bands.
at the time to be eligible for
watch a high school football game. He is
definitely for
an invitation. The opponent is selected DISCUSSIONS looking replacements
The Northwestern band made a are already going
three weeks before the date for Joe lowell, the
very beautiful showing all dressedup the rounds that the Wildcats of Be-
of the classic. greatest playe to ever don an aggie '
c in their thune Cookman College and the
gold uniforms. It is
The Blossom Classic is uniform and big Charlie Harrison
!1 Orange a ALBANY Ga., Nov. 2 Home- 4./) hard to believe that school has Rattlers ef Florida A&M Univer-
any who led the
nation (NAIA)
; in.
football played in Miami, in rebounds -
; game
coming activities at Albany State ever made a finer showing with a sity will go back to their home and
,n December of each in which in 1957, both of whom ended:
year College win be climaxed by the r r' i r' GO FIRST band in the length of time North- home schedule in I960. From whereit
Florida ': "' their Collegiate careers last
the A&M University Rat- i season.
.a TN6YSAy
first meeting of the Golden Rams western has been operating. looks at this point the idea is not
tlers the host. Those two were important in
Usually cogs
and the Livingston Blue Bears of authentic, but from what the fans
the winner of the contest : THE the Aggie machine which broke con-
/ emerges : MUSIC and the formations around these
Salisbury, N.C. in Albany's Cardi parts are saying that
as the National Negro Champion.] of the band ference records in bringing, both
I were superb. It proved will be the human
nal Park Stadium, Nov. 7. thing to do. The
The 1959 game will be played on "'The coronation of Olivia Blaylock,' ;' '. "" 1 ": that a great job bas been done. If Florida Classic is falling off in attendance the visitation and tournament

December 5. : it can come from scratch as far as championships to the college for
junior from Albany as "Miss Albany : f!'., interest is waning and the
In reality the "Classic," as the a band is concerned to where they is dying two years in a row.
State College" will begin weekend t game by degrees.
game is affectionately known is can do what they did at their Homecoming
Thursday evening. Leading the list of candidates is

more than' just another football Ethel Hardoman, junior from \ game Thursday night Oct. are desirous of remaining loyal but t Joe Cotton who made first string

game. .It is an athletic institution, Athens, and Ola Mae Brown, junior 29, it doth not yet appear iThe I they would like to see a change. all tournament teams in each of the
and as The Miami Daily News will be in the
commented next three
from Albany, will attend Miss Bla Y- years. The fans would like to see some of four dribble derbies in which he

editorially on December 11, lock who will begin her reign during h Majorettes performed like Veterans the strong competition that meet participated. These included theo
1S37: it has "sociological segnificance. It was a beautiful half time shown .
the Ball immediately following her I the Rattlers In Tallahassee come t Georgia Invitational, CLVA Tournament
crowning. Sugar Ray Robinson, the ma THE NEW ST.L''TOX1) considered Jacksonville sometime. Nobody :s NCAA District Playoffs and
The "Classic" was founded in "Funeral services" for Mrs. Livingstone history has recorded as one of the greatest pieces of fight one of the best marching being criticized nor condemned,. the NCAA National Tourney. The
Jacksonville 1933 with less than ing
in Blue Bear be machinery to ever enter squared arena will defend his nor accused. Both teams favorites 6-5
will conductedby I bands in the state if not the best are big forward from Garysburg,
5,000 in attendance at the Massachusetts
and New
persons several student "ministers" and York version of the middleweight was on the field for only a short in Jacksonville but a little N. C., also was named to third

inaugural: game between Florida: parishoners directly before the Annual championship against Paul Fender in Boston in December. .i time but that short time was enough change would help to restore lost: string All-America in the college
.A&M and Howard University cf I I Sugar,Ra is shown here as he looked when he i interest rebuild the
Friday Pep Rally and Bonfire j was stripped to give the fans one of the greatest Classic and division.
of the
Washington, D. C. During the world title the
An Alumni meeting is slated for. by NBA. New York and Massachu draw the fans back to the Gator
to be .
performances at
that followed the site was shifted ,;setter do not hold membership in the National any BowL Other veterans reporting includ
Saturday morning.: Boxing. As I
half time show. The formation
first to Orlando, back to' Jacksonville sociation. It is rumored that Gene Fullmer the new JACKSONVILLE ed: Al Attics, selected all-toum1-
The Homecoming Parade built present NBA I has been a hotbed
'I [ it presented was too spectacular to
and then to Tampa and in middleweight champion is ment at.the
around the theme "T h e Golden dickering for an opportunity to be depicted on It was a of football all season long. Georgia, CIAA and
1947 to Miami. defend his title against Sugar Ray. I I paper. Games have been NCAA District tournies; Herb Gray,
Rams in Comic land"will leave theCampUS' won and lost
grandand What
glorious scene. a
The has "become of I tAll
game age"or II each tournament in the NCAA District
after noon II one had some -
shortly Saturdayand mighty finepoints
I band that New Stanton High School 1
matured in Miami, and now in proceed through the downtownarea. II I has. _' to remember. Schools: Meet Henry (Hank) Marshall, ,
attendance ranks number five in
last years freshman sensation Walter
I throughout this section have reProduced ;

post season games, topped only The Albany State Collegians will FLORIDA THE CROWD was a reminder of some first class talent Holtzclaw of Charlotte; Frank
i by the Rose, Sugar, Cotton- and play for the alumni, students, and TOOTMutro.. a big college or professional game: The coaches all around have done Turner of Richmond Va., and Bernard

Orange Bowls. guests at the Annual Ball Saturday ACHE ;:go. ; Every seat in the grandstand was good jobs and not a. one of them Haselng who returns to the

That the "Classic" has becomethe night. IN EVERY will...,.,.t.f 1 wllb an. o di UioO h filled. Every available space foSpace r need hang his head in regret. From lineup after a one year absence due

most successful Negro athletic I PI roe ell t i standing taken. The here on in the to injuries. .
Homecoming Vesper Services on I i t spas going will be rough
I event of all time is hardly] a statement ;? QlA-jQ. around the fences both sides
Sunday will I conclude the festivities. lilt. tfftIo ORA-JELL on was SMOOTH SAILING' TIL WE The
for debate. For the past five lire NtfIf. JIlt picture in Aggieland for the
.. COLORED HOMESUPPORT taken. That huge crowd that ga tlhMiEEf AGAIN. Atrmexi ..,__
) "- .""..., "
years attendance has averaged 40. I --:00--- ----- AUVIo.InaJ,
ered for the first Homecoming game
; 000 and one year, 1951, topped 43- NEWCOMBE WIN'I of the Northwestern Yellowjackets ,
itt 500 paid admissions. as a high school team was orderly

Certainly the "Classic" is now a
decent and respectable. There was

part of the great American sports BATTING TITLE I not a visible sign of a fight or an

scene, and as one president of an THE DRIVE argument. Everybody was friendly, : ; }oFcLA

"aspiring" Negro college recently congenial and sociable. It was a WIt

FOR .PITCHERS bard fought game, a well behaved -

Watch. This (1n-vn NEW YORK Big Don New- NEGROES BY FIRMSI ( .
92 100 27 LOCAL fdlow showed at
combe, the wheel horse of the Cincinnati local tackle store up the I every species of game along i
351 10 417 WALKER TEAMPREPARES the other day; river: Rich bottom farm land
Redlegs pitching staff has looking
would lib to .*. m Dew policy of better lr.*i- fisherman every in mch'a veteran produces food for deer smaB
again led pitchers for the second a faded plaid snirt
2 3 met to Negro cusio'nUTi adopted by local firm*. But, when he mentioned his game and birds. Water is read.
straight year in hitting with a markof new fly available and
cover is
l .308 the 1959 records revealThe I men being called by my first name by salesman FOR fly' pole" we saw through his provided by the wooded usually bluff
1 I 6'llIg 1se. It
and saleswomen. was awful Wnda side of the
statistics released by the Associated like, stream. Deer and
should be a mule trying to be a' cow other hoofed
I beUn..that Negro patrons provided
I 3 game prefer stream
2 Press, also showed Jim pony.PIdd.1hht
ampl. rest room facilities In local *.* hii."TTT"tt and 1959 SLATEThe turned areas for escape purposes, and
Perry, a rookie with the Cleveland out to be frequently make
end ,, to Jim-crow fountains & nice crossings to
Indians in third spot with an average an put signs on drinking guy, but his terminology throw hounds off their traIL
36 44 _, 53 and red rooms.' Illustrated the fact that it's al
of Camilo
.300. Pascual of the
618 86 262 To accomplish these changes I am willing to coasepatronising most as important to talk like a cOI
Washington Senators was second &hermaii.as it Is to be one. Be
Sometimes !e'a Of with a mark of .302. firms that are unwilling to meet these Walker ,should have said "fly rod", of g:

Sometime btft down' Newcombe, who bats leftnanded, requests., College basketball course, and eventually should Include .
Be adds subtracts team has settled down to business + the following in his vocabulary '
but pitches righthanded led major /
Ha wtrta It aO arooad for the 1359 : rig; lunker. strike,
NAME campaign under
league pitchers In hitting In, 1953 twitch. laid it In, there busted
Coming Attractions with an average of ,.36L The' averages carefully planned coaching of Julius the water, kicker, the old lady I

17 "25 33 __ 149 are based on 30 or more timesat I ADDRESS Guinyard. (lovingly though), and horsed.
I God fearing,cussln' is permittedout
batHttm The basketball team looked im- on the water,'and a little GOOD

I ( ) You may disclose' my name.If -=-azy. presesive in a practice game against fibbing is necessary. _

I dential unless Indicated otherwise below. Florida State Business College re )So talk like a fisherman. J'ib HUNT.I G ,

N I understand that my name win be held coaf1.C cently. :about your catches, sprinkle AREA
11 -I your conversation with such ,
Since the team began terms
t s S i practiceOct. as 'latch" and "dark of .
1, it.has been showing steady the moon", and you'll be a vet ..

.. .. I!I tice improvement sessions at during Jefferson.the daily Park pray and I BUNT eran. WITH TOUR BOAT .

I Jew Stanton Gymnasium. Unfold an ordinary coUnty I

WALKER -. I,j Coach Julius Guinyard stated that map and you'll discover certain ti
I !. he has an entire new team'this sea* I wilderness areas along streams

I son and aH of his boys gained experience I that abound with. game and

VoafoncrCommercial/ / : with local high school probably haven't en a hunter l -.t C
1 In.years. You'll rote that most I IJb
teams. The team has an average 5 a tQ
of the country is well
serviced 0IJ
r !height of approximately sic feet. t
with ready*but that there few-
College" I I The tallest member of the squad is er near the streams: There ,are

: Lockman Scott, 65lorn is a graduate i reasons for this. Bridges cost
9 COURSES : of Douglas Anderson High i money! and are only built for

Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating I' school well traveled roads. Because: i-

Business Administration Toiloring Walker will begin the- bas ettmlf land along streams is usually ,

Accounting Leading to CPA.Dressmaking. season Dec. 4 at Green Cove Springs hilly and wooded,;it is less suited Boats equipped. with outboards -
e G I Naval and for agriculture and! not I. however, are uiiject to
Base 'will meet-Edward eave
cthcI StenographicCleric Upholstering ,.. TvIonn1".t.. ..." Ad... ...___ .1__' almost the same ree'U.la.tfnn.
I t Radio Television Waters College Dec. 5. I lAn "j *--* -*- .w AUU. uuese Z&CUi that autos iit
M Typist to the average hunter's are. To sure,I
T Bookkeeping PBX Receptionist 1 home games will he ,played 1 tance to hike reluc- checked this with Mercury out.
A at New Stanton G more than a mfle board people, and
t; tp fl I Business Law Business Machines rJ1nasitUD., Other j from his,car and you can readfly against they cautioned
I shooting from
games have been scbedeJed. w4h'cClatlin I a boat
Additional Information 1
For I see111' almost untouched without carefully checking:: decal'lava
Telephone ImmediatelyEL i College of Orgngefcorg. S.C: ;t hunting) try can exist Close To be on the safe side, they

5-2626 or FO 5-0004 Voorhees Junior College of -SouftQmfop 1 to your home. suggest 'using your boat and

Or Write and Florida Normal aa: I With your boat,. access to ,' motor for transportation and

c d1 by CcwucKtfrv CTttpt .' Attn: Dr. J. Walker Brown Jacksonville Navy. ; these wfde:ness regions is easy, (hunting in the conventional
After an
Put, way. the
c i Members of the team. are: WUfie your right the water at the real tun'of-
r. Jacksonville 9. Fla. ] hunting is in
4 4 bridge or stalk.
crossing, and
Murray Jr., Tommy L Mains |
1 Myrtle Are. % ,begin-looking for If fate
', a good place to yom gay questions eonetrtuaf .
Walker & C Fred Davis Ernest Pcucll. Bobby] hunt. faking techniques
: Y College j tqtp*
: -f/: 4I D mbar. Lockland Scott, Johnnie] Pent, ..or vhere-to-go, write
> _Bud
L ... rore .than likely
/ ,.you'll find
1 __ j .... .. Rogers In
Richardson and Jerome Richardson ; tare of this p pcr.
..... ,_. M. .1 _. '
;" ", -
t ; : ,' I '

A.;: ;

'- '';

.. I
1d ,

6 '

I ii TT t ': I

; ',; < :
: /;! : : ; ; .:' ;- J ?i ,. ,' .

..... r
\ Saturday November 7. 1959'
1'..-. Eight THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending

Old 97 and Mtrii-Dare Cosmetic side 2 bedroom bungalow. *

and Hair Preparation. 2 MORE DAYS 2752 Inunerator Road. $10.00 *
At Factory Prices weekly. Call EX 8.8628 *
Friday and Saturday *
811 S. Ave. -
School 'of education
EV 9-3119 COLORED ELKS frown, Rutha Finely, Arthur Mayes,' Maid for Mon.. Wed. and *

\lalachTV31iams, Pearleatha Wilson -,Friday. Reasonable salary.
knows that since
who reads the 1
newspapers Griffin Junior High, Nellie Caldwell Call FL 9.6956 after 5 p. m.
Location: 1950, to go back no farther, the Federal government has Freddie Murray, Betty ,Smith *
chalked up the following annual deficits $3.1 billion, $4 Elmore Watkins, Bond Junior High, *
Edgewood& Moncrief Rd. billion, $9.4 billion, $3.1 billion,'$4.2,bilion;'2.8 billion, and Catherine Newbold, J. G. Riley Part-time cleaner 5 days a *
last but not least $12.9 billion. On top of 'the the- Federal Herd Russ J. G. Riley, Emma Sullivan I week. Reference preeferredCall 'iC
BARBER WANTED I debt stands at $290 billion. Amy Thomas, Lucy Moten, EX 81820..
f 30 RIDES 20 SHOWS I .
Apply Artistic Barber Shop. .u. S. Treasury's lowest outstanding coupon rate on old Tallahassee; James- Clinton-- A. A.- '

619 West Ashley Street. EL bonds is 2 1-8 per cent but today the government cannot Dixon High, Pensacola; Willie Den- : IWrYttffa
Featuring borrow any money on long term bonds at 4 1-4 per .cenl nard, John E. Ford High, Jackson- PILL THE PLUG
4-9231. continually ville; Vemadean Fagg Stevens
Just as individual's credit goes down, when he -
spends beyond his income and borrows more and more, High, Quincy; and Betty Hoskins, ON STOMACH UPSET

JERRYJackson's so does the government's credit go down as well,as the Glenwood High, Panama City. without k bterrapttag sleeper work! !
value of the dollar.In When constipation sours your
stomach, you feel logy, headachy.
the face of such a situation, Congress has given lip Taken Is "timed at bedtime to relieve.Black-Draught constipationfirst "Ii
STRAND service to economy, but spends money like a drunken sailor ROOM FOR RENT : thing In morningwithoutharsh A tip of, the Pepsi CXrf
Sun Sat._Nor. 8-14, !in an attempt to curry public favor by the,old pork barrel Furnished room for a respectable amazing griping"overnight"or urgency laxative helps This to these oaiatsadty.
2 Big Rew Hill! Colored Minstrel Rock. 8e routesomethig"free"for everybody. Christian couple of life sweeten looks soar sunny stomach again Made too. Then from young Amoricaa, wr...

Roll and Calypso RevueDeath chance to their or Ingle person. No children. Cure vegetable, Get herbs thorough make oar country
traMalhanep. The voters have no register approval gentle. Black-Draught. bet>aer
.. oar :
Call EL 5.43S4ROOM .. .
/ roods
in or annulate form Bole
disapproval of the actions of the Congress, as they have to icy,coor-to-t robtett. too.lUIUJUUfcH Dlaoe ta-whJeto to Bv.
I some states through initiative and referendum. tions..The -. .. Wben cen.tipetlou sours *
Defying Lion only recourse; they have against spendthrift public servantsis "- Syrup of Elset-Drsugbt.roans Tut dllMtloBi.*boacr-cvMt get ** *
to remember their names and replace them when oppor- ,FOR RENT
Race -O- Drome tunity offers at elections. Furnished room for a res-
pectable couple 0 r single
....CFLEi" i The people must take a hand in checking waste and extravagances man. Convlently located at

FEES by legislative bodies, both state and national. 765'!i. Lincoln Ct. Call EL IS YOUR DRINKING i
HI KIDS! If they fail to do so, taxes, debt and inflation win destroy 6-2572 after 7:00 p m Getting To Be A Problem
their life savings and displace freedom with socialism. Call EL 43176FRIENDLY F

Don. forget special ROOM FOR RENT
Yf@10RYYONNE school children' matineeSet
PUPIL ASSIGNMENT LAW nlshed. $1440 wk. 745 West LOANSOn
DE CARLO October 31st from 1 Duval. Phone EL 5084. Land at Bank Rates.

\ Beautiful bicycles Why Pay More
io 6 p. m.

The Adventure Hottest and other prizes to SEEN AS AIDING SEGREGATION FURNISHED ROOM-modwjx For EL Service 6-2957 Call

conv. 745 West DuvaL Phone ANN FLOYD
From Here of
be given away courtesy
I To ,- EL 5.0847. I TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPRIZES New'Stanton Senior Ili'h School

., Cola Company. I .. Tribute is paid to Lethera
11itlJrntIUSKYVIEW mow.Pepsi. Pupil placement laws on books of- eight- southern states Ann of the senior class. SheIs
will afford segregationists "the best milage" in their effortsto : PRIZES PRIZESGet a member of the Honor,
All rides and shows 10 Circumvent the Supreme Court's school desegregationruling Society Y-Teeens, Student
cents: during matinee.. John A. Morsell, assistant to the NAACP executive Your Tickets NOW For The Big Council and attends' St. Paul
secretary, predicted in an address at the annual conferenceof PRE-VETERAN'S DAY DANCE AME Church. She enjoys
Sun. Tues. Plenty Free Parking the National Association of Intergroup.,Relations Officials Featuring reading and would like to
2 Top Technicolor Hits I here this week. LIONEL HAMPTON become a PaychaUrlat.44. .

"H-MAN" And His Internationally Famous Orchestra .. .
4. .
believe "that it is .
"WIND ACROSS THE'EVERGLADES" Some southerners, it was pointed out, PLUS An Exciting Revue .
possible to apply the law in such a way as never to transferany Tuesday. November 10, 1959 .' 10 P. M.
Negro children to white schools and still not ,incur an Duval County Armory Adv. Adm. $1.85 tax and r.1';{
adverse ruling on constitutionality. The placement laws Get your Tickets at 'Ebony Record Shop, 728 W. Ash ZYPrs.
establish non-racial criteria as bases for pupil transfers. ley Leo's Shoe Repair. 845 Florida Ave. Kozy !i.t..... ",'' : fir.'J -
t SUN. WED. RITZ SUN. WED. "reduce the elements to
These assignment strategic Korner, 8th and Davis Sts. Table Reservations onlyat :r.
the levels calculated to maintain the slowest possible pace of Record ;. {;:
Ebony Shop. .
SEE JACKSONVILLE'S; OWN SUZY PARKER desegregation," by imposing difficult burdens onthose.' seeking '. ,.

transfers, Dr. MorselTs paper contends. PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES Ii J"-"". ',' .

Further it notes that "intimidation and terror are pe- ,
20. -JII>*_ HOPE lANCE culialy effective in that they need not be widely exercised to M if,::
STEPHEN BOYD be effective.

P PARKERMARTHA ( "This is especially true in the South where memories of '- UNDERWOOD NEW PORTABLE! I

HTCR the lynch years are still quite fresh in Negro minds. Economic ;.' TYPEWRITERS
DIANE BAKER pressures have been unrelenting, and public recanta- tn :\ No Down Payment MAXIE W. WILLIAMS
tion of integration views has not always sufficed to restore Low Low Monthly Payments, :New Etanton Senior lllh School
BRIAN AHEM I the victim to his old status," Dr.Morsell concluded.His = wcotoma Pepsi Cola Dealers and Pepsi Cola
ROBERT W S Srn address was read on Oct. 13 by Joseph Robison of 3veweoNew i.t'. ONLY 59.95 Bottling Company arc proud to .salute -
the American Jewish Congress because Dr.Morsell was unable Maxie of the llth grade

( INHMAScOpE JOOM to attend that session of the conference having beendetained .- class. His class selected him
COLOR by DC LUXE D'I'tIIO.-- in New.York by NAACP business'. I as Homeroom President and
I STEREOPHONIC SOUND JOAN CRAWfORD and Used Typewriters Adding Machines and Student Council Representative -
4Ia awro.t.aww .t He enjoys singing. and

TBE A GOOD NEWSPAPER Allied Business Equipment drawing." 1pf. .V.


t Company Inc., t.
TEC MNI LOR EKtor Floyd W. Shaylor of the Plain City, Ohio Advocate
has something important to say about newspapers: 4737 San Juan Ave. ii1Tr
\ "A strong editorial policy is the best indication of a good
Jacksonville 10, Florida EV 8.3621
newspaper. matters not whether an individual agrees with
ROOSEVELT 4 BIG DAYS I SatTuc.. what a newspaper ,says editorially ,does matter a great ,
Nov. 7 thru 10 deal as whether the reader, through the medium of the edi- .
LOVE CROSSES THE torial, gives consideration and thought to, the subject at d
hand. If he strongly opposes a newspaper's: > it is all
for the best since it indcates that he has read and considered TAlt.1CAVODICA
the subject and has found it to be contrary to his awn be-
liefs We will never complain because we have accom-
pushed our real purpose-that of causing you to read what FRANCES D- JONES
we have to !" *
say : New_Sain jn Senior 111;h>drhool
Julie London Nat Cole James Edwards Frances is a member of /

Into The I the senior class: Her aciiri-
Plus Ut Run Drama: Soaring Jet.'Ag'c > -" '
ties S tanto.M ualc-Cho,
: ere:
G. T. Ted Baker ;,I .._" ""j : ._.4.', -.t; r-_'".. Business, Manager of Home-
{. Twenty-five years ago, ( ) ; now president : .,. .. .
RW RADIO PICTURES ., : and attends Emanuel
sea .
: room
; of National Airlines, was an enterprising young pilot whose } ;
: :
PHYUISKIRKWED. ; :+t (I' !i1 only assets were $2,000 and \ '1 ,, \ I; -r.Q.r .. 'to k' ,.-'.(:-t'., :;: -,.';>,' Baptist Church. She plansto
f1. fjt a four-place monoP lane. The 19S4- 'f. t s t'. / become a. nurse.

Alt.O'HERUHt ts. 7 plane zipped along at 85 ;. : Q { ', :: .:;:t.:.; .,;;,": ik.t *

11 _. __ .. .. V miles an hour with a help1iD( .. t- \ .. '\'.:+j.:.....;. .r. '( -- .
ful breeze. ri
CftAFrER MI i gp Baker applied for and was JI i (\ ) \, '. \;. 'Vf?): *- Cisten To PepsiMusicQuest (

awarded the air. mail con '"'- .. ; Friday
tract from Daytona Beach to / .,, : < ;.0.0..] *
; ;
; Nikes 10:30 to 11:00?
ONLY! ARMISTIC DAYI Jacksonville, Fla. The fust flight of what was to become one _. .; 11
On Stage In Person of America's leading airlines took place in October 1934. I for Phone Request!
World Famous SILAS GREEN SHOW* o I*
4.Baker's single-engine
V/ 4oolsswtulalc I." The'i
From New rSS11 Big Roddn' Band Stage Shows ft>xy___rzz monoplane earned 400 pas A i I EL 6-0461-2
At 2.15.5:00.9 p. m. And Giant Mid-ute Ramble : a.ngers in its first year of .
Red Hot. (Also on Screen "Up Periscope" ...., .F i is operation less than a fullday's FriendlyBlender
work for just one of
KIDS! ROOSEVELT Has The Big Big Show! 'J National's big 707 jets to
Thurs Fri. Sat._ MOT. 12 -.
13 14 ... -. day.- Tbe'.AirIines of the ,
Stars," incidentally, offered 01.1
'TAHZAN* pin the first pure jet service in rk
400 MSSMMtIS AKAU.WI!DoW M tfs9 k
the U.s.A.In .
aanrs "Haase On Haunted mu" 1934.i it took 11 hours: to fly from New "
Az'timj rl York to Miami Today's sleek jets make the
Great Ghost Thriller: trip. in a short 135 minutes. .
Once when Baker was having Junch i
6c And This Ad Gets
aboard one of his own planes he spilled

la On Saturday From some food on his shirt He promptly inl... 0 "1 ,
vented'a napkin with a hole that :";tJe ..
fasten to a shirt button. ::;;.f/ -
9:45 A. M. Til I P. M-
.- Even with today's jet-smooth flights,Na:
8 Cartoon Zip tee F a_. tional's stewardesses carry a few battonholanapkfm ti ealen dI
-out of sentiment.If you'd like one,' : -
just ask the stewert L DidIecI'; frea GraIa.'Staid Ira preeL:
tb Soabd by Some CWbc, K. O. U.*
I ,',. ;, -;:t J- <' '. : :

".' cJ :-'' '.;
,. S
I ,
./ '# ..