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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200534datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 31, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005340740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 31, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 31, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
& .,. r"

.. t '-- .J j' .u. t r+
.. .. .. ) t






::9 ....

. H f OO White Man Convicted


( : R)8IP STAll.jt

rl H Hn :1 I In Little Rock Bombing

J.4 tao r

g ?L. 9 _NO. 39 And NEWS OCTOBER 31. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 ors:' ,t... .. -- --- ,

A g d Murder :! : : ': : f..: I II I I RACIST FOUNDGUILTY l

Wanted. In .. .... .
an .

I : I I ..::.':.'.'f:,: ',... / .I INCASE -

> : ..:"

\ v'f Se y a, a i ij t LITTLE ROCK A Circuit Court

' geantSea Caught .
j ".: jury yesterday convicted Jessie Raymond -

. ..;;. Perry, 21, of bombing the
: Little Rock School Board offices and
..: i I -

INTEGRATION ORDER REVERSEDNAACPTOFILEFEDERALSUIT YOUNG \\VOMAN SPOTS FUGlTIVE; r.:";':>'.Q: s a4st ''i'l fixed the his penitentiary.punishment at three years

i Perry appeared stunned at the

INLINE FOR' $iOOO' REWARD"- f" : wrdicL Its pretty, pregnant wife

: t 1! :l.-jlie: into tears.
t 4kc44'

By Staff Correspondent [ :;'':.:. :: -. .* '.. ;'; The prosecution hai: ; asked a sentence -
MIAMI Integration of Miami's city-owned swimming .. k.
: f. -::: of five and $500}
years a fine.
pools and parks was short-lived as the city commission voted A young Jacksonville woman vlth: a good rriGmcry for :: '. '. :: tN!! maximum under old Arkansas
Wednesday unanimously to reverse the., integration order faces who kept calm when she met face ta faee; y th a hunted ;::, ..:.... : :.,. < ... law covering
... '" bombings.
given by City Manager Ira F. HVillard the day before. Immediately -alleged killer led to the arrest ofw27-year-oBljes;| Knighton.wanted 1 ,r': ::.:: '::" .: : .=; .

following the commission's action the Miami for the murder of Sgt. Charlie Sea.I : .:::....;."'::.':, 'y" :! Tic.. ':-lc made ru attempt to
announced that it will seek of Knighton, arrested Wednesday at I : ,* ....
NAACP branch integration ., .. .. :jv7 : Perry actually was pres-
Sgt. Sea whG"1ia.t 1304 Grun- .. .. .... .. .
Miami admitted the I .
the city's recreational facilities through a federal court suit. I Opa-Locka near : : c :; Lace SciiMl 1 Board offices were
Jnl: St. with 1Iii'rnoher.. votn-! ... ,. tn
told fatal shooting of the ,
The five city commissioners 33-year-old- ten-ed I 's moo: the night of Sept. 7. It
to anser r n lint whiskaaat'uer
City Manager Ira F. : gro sergeant last May 24. sought ta show: butred that be knew
FILE Police Chief Robert car r'o-! .'. .. .
L. Chastain; 0< : the building was ta be bombed and

cind his executive of Opa-Laka said Knighton was arrested 9WeilIe call. r.tJ the. : j.f:: !.;:.:;;: ;:', aided and abetted the bomber.

day which removed at an apartment where he :': ...... .. v. ,4. ,ax : J. D. Sims 33: testified yesterday
at seven swimming :! SUIT lived with a cousin under the na..1'J1eof The police a*> that he actually set. the bomb but
other !patrol cai3'' to 317 Myrtledisturbance f :\
major parts and James Harrison. lIe described ; I that Perry knew what he was goingto
A\e. on a : _.__ '. .
borhood parks and the circumstances as follows: .Y do and handled the dynamite
Lillie Mae 23 Sea kowL-g '1fe other carwam't SfcOITLD BY SALESWOMAN:: vii > fClrt1-m ::1 seareli
Mjsg Anthony now -- < : n while Sims went on another bombing -
Willard agreed. working as a traveling magazine I in tw; volsUceredAcecrdG for Robert Lew Knighton, wait J for the fatal shooting of job.Judge.

tions-. re governed 'sdtli Jacksonville"atdr"ttle City mS&cfgaT Coni nis-lf lE v ...,. _,.dGar. tit I to. arswet: ?to:.. __ .igro Sg,, h2.rH" Le-4i th"-kJ-t'Ii. he.:1 kn k.t young William J. IQrby gave .the
of the city'co : : 'and "r{@ghtoa ute time of the shoatIn.OpaLocka -t. j stfeators, "Sea salrawoan. r a rosier neighbor called at his hidewny defense 30 days to file a motion for
putting them for
walked :
up ing. down the 91eyehind the I while on her r.tisslon of selling magazines. .Kn.ghton! being a new trial. He said he would defer
rather than J :
The vote came grant a 'request she knocked on the address and, coafronted by a h'o- brought back from Opa-Laka wh're'he was: arrested. formal sentencing until such a motion
Negroes be permitted to use gro .nan, asked\hIr.1 'What's th.
-- u -
special meeting of : door of one apartment and her I is acted upon. .
on an unrestricted basis has trouble fella?" The man\answered
Most of the alarm, she went through the routine The state's key witness Sims
ers. was ,
in the filing of a suit in with a pistol shot, then fled.The .
of trying to make a sale. lie MORE f POLITICAL ACTIVITY who pleaded to
both sides of the i guilty bombing the
court to end racial discrim- wouldn't ... alertness of .the young sales-.
buy School
Board offices
attended, but none in all recreational facilities woman may pay off ia the form of and now is
As soon as she could leave without serving a five prison sentence.
to speak. Only the City of Jacksonville. creating suspicion, the young rewards totaling between $753.:) and PLEDGED BY NAACP AT MEET year
$1,())) which were offered after efforts -
discussed the issue
petition asks a temporary saleswoman withdrew and went to
on the part of local
barely audible to permanent injunction against the police and directed them to the police 1
failed to turn trace of the
city commission and the city apartment where she spotted the fu- alleged killer. PENSACOLA, The Florida NAACP pledged more political -
Willard's: action
tion board restraining them gative. activity, efforts to win opportunities for better jobs WOMAN DIES
with The Rev. 1 any discriminatory practices Knighton offered no resistance and i increased attempts at school integration.The .

cal NAACP leader on race _or color. and no weapon was found. After ad- MIXONHELDONSECOND aims were included in a statement I -

from several mitting the shooting the suspect i adopted by delegates to the I OFCIJNSHOTA
the complaint are Charles said he threw away the .25: caliber state NAACP conference at the clo- IIP. RANDOLPH :
order was inspired Frank Hampton, Rev. J. S. pistol before boarding a bus. ing session. !
city election for the I Rev. Wilbur B. Miller: Ed- Changes ,Name DEGREE I
t I
J. Norman and Rev. J. B. Chastain The statement commended par- -
commission posts quoted Knighton
10. I ing he rode to Miami and'thm went ents in Dade, Hillsborough and Es-! Jacksonville man, who told police
j MURDER( COUNT cambia counties who have tried to i he
Hampton and Norman to the apartment of his cousin in : was "only clowning around,
Willard however, 1 plaintiffs who earlier this year are Opa-Locka, where he has been liv- : integrate schools.: :'RACIAL STAND i I shot and killed a Jpcal woman in

purely on legal suit the federal suit which ing since under an assumed name. I'I'I The Jacksonville branch NAACPwas front of a Myrtle avenue service

ferring with City in an order granting Ne Police Chief Chastain said that in also cited for "!ta vision :In seeking i station last Saturday afternoon.
Pallet Pallet the I Eddie Bivens, 42, of. 812 Everson
questioning that lasted twuhours : ,
equal playing priviledges with to open the doors of employment -,I
I +
ager that UJS. the Knighton pretended he had j! NEW YORK The Board of Di- SL, was booked into the city jail
municipal courses. opportunity for Negroes i ki thei i '
ings had made ministers are officers in the In- I never been to Jacksonville, but finally ;, communityKVthrc3gi u .thsMuce ...01.; .' rpc ors 'of the N,,tiuial; Association i, on a charge of homicide. The vie-
solete. broke down and admitted they 'i rtor'tii ''Advancement of Colored i tim, dead on arrival at Duval Medical -
Ministerial Al! I peaceful protest. ,
had the right man. t People has enders d A. Philip: Ran- i Center, was identified as Nettie
desegregation During the day order i I Knighton however\ denied know- r.: The NAACP has been picketing I ialph's "crusade to rid C:e American : Mae Walker, 29, of 1163 Logan St.

five I suit in retaliation for the I ing" the sergeent died from the sin- the cC\'v Sears, Roebuck retail store labor movemer-t of all vestiges j Bi ins said the reason he had the
Negro youths ;
30 minutes at a 65728)X i refusal to grant Ne- gle bullet wound, which entered !i <.. i in Jacksonville with signs asking i of racial .discrimination. and segre- Ir .38 caliber revolver in his hand gas:
ming pool equal use of the golf courses is I Sea's left arm pierced his body and job opportunities on the basis of,r;n"dti01.; :' i! that he was going to pawn it for

whites. There was II at such facilities as swim then struck him ,in the right rand.I qualification and net color. A resolution adopted by the Board I gasoline. lIe told them the woman

the city recreation pools, the Gator ,Bowl the I The statement' recommended that at' its regular monthly meeting here was a stranger to him
and the -coliseum the I : on Oct. 13 "reaffirms complete confidence" Officers said witnesses gave this
ported. : rthrr branches in the state initiate.
two being ,in the planning I ORA JEL IS FOUND similar I : in Mr. Randolph and "as account of the shooting about 2:45
construction stages. 'TO BE BEST FOR programs.The sates him of i\s full s.ipport.". i iI pm. at 1001 N. Myrtle Ave.

1 i! BABIES Rev. A. Leon Lowry of Tampa |I The labor leader the reaolutkKiIasserts ; Artis Myers, 48, of 1963 College
the event the federal court or- COMFORT t pn I i Cir S.
operator of station,
i was re-elected state NAACP president "in calling for the eLminatku '' was
WANT { an end to segregatknI-.whfch I Commerce Drug Company, Inc., of sitting in the back seat of the automobile
trade union Jim Crowism
undoubtedly Commissioner I Brooklyn New York Macufactur- I'' with the Walker woman,
FOR at the San Francisco convention of''
Thomas and the Commission 1
ers of Ora-Jel for teething and toothache and W.
C..Dumas, of 1411 tt: SixthSt.
be faced with the problem ot..j pains announced the purchase NEWS/ BRIEFS .the AFlCIO'Obd: Uy aspirations was. sitting in the front seat

and offering for sale all of I j of the T. A. Wise Enterprises,, A Duval County grand jury. Wed- I of of tae overwhel-ning majority i I prior to- the incident
;.Je.1f 1 both wither the labormowraeU '
A public notice jl city's recreational facilities as Emory University, Georgia. Baby.. nesday indicted Emanuel: A. Mixon Bivens drove up in his car got
cants for Library done in the case of the golf Ease is the leading product of this I 29. on second degree murder in the t; and outside."As ; : out and walked over to the other'

lished this week. company. j'1 fatal shooting Sept. 2 of 33-year-old i he cxAcxes: his heroic stnige automobile, stuck the pistol in Myers' -
!follows: Baby Ease is a mild gentle laxaj!j Deputy Constable Ja.pes'i1sm:: I GREEN COVE SPRINGSThreelocal i for democratic color: blind: face and said "Do I get some

five prepared especially for babies j Barlow. Negroes pleaded guilty t3 po.- :I trad U7jiosm, we commend him gas or not?"

"NOTICE IS and children. Its pleasant taste is I Evidence gathered by the state session of moonshine today after i for hs! efforts. express to him oargraStadc : Myers pushed the gun away from

THAT a Qty of REPORTS ;: devised from the oils.of anise, pep- .attorney's office showed that Barlow weekend raids on six residences by''j and renew oar pledge of I I his face and the weapon fired, the
.vice Entrance impart; aid cooperation in
I a sustained -
*attempted to arrest Mixon on bullet the in the
striking woman
officers"The i
county, city state I '
held on November table-pure attack the manifestatkais : '
misdemeanor upsn -
a warrant chargingassa' upper right part of her chest. Biv
tablish an eligible I f three were identified as JackZinnaman !I I of racial prejudice wherever 11 .
RIGHTS AGENTS PROBE arid effectiveJ)'. Baby Ease also contains t and battery when Mixon fled ens was a regular customer at the
of LIBRARY ALABAMA COMPLAINT I rochelle salts that helps sweeten on fpot down an alley between 529 P.udett Johnson and Albert they occur -in the labor movementin station, Myers said.

Senior high school Ala. Gov. the stomach by overcoming acid and.524::! Jefferson SL Smith by Sheriff Johaj iJ Industry or b.! rcnont" ** : Dumas and Bivens took her in the

ity to pass Patterson said Thursday that I I ity. For over 60 years mothers have Witnesses' said BarioW fired a They were placed under' $500 .bpi Presiou ly. en Srrt 21,"Dr. Qnnning car to the -hospital where Bivens

known works of Chil Rights Commission agents I relied on this special.baby laxative.AH shot at the. fleeing Mixon before each and bound over to circuit IL Tobias: chairman of theI'xtrd was arrested by detectives.
have reached 40; investigating new Negro voter : drug stores carry Baby Ease- Mixon trapped under a house re- court.1 sent a telegram to AFL-dO Myers also was treated at the

val County; must complaints in Alabama just 59c. When baby frets or cries turned the officer's fire. In voting a President: 'George Meany asserting I hospital for a bullet wound on his
amination for urged state officials to refuse. to due to constipation or colic vege second "degree murder indictment Also arrested in the raid according the Assxaation's support of Mr.Randolph's right little finger. Myers said the

White and colored table-pure Baby Ease often brings rather than the more serious first to Sheriff Hall, was Godfrey dsmand "lor positive ac- finger was grazed by the bullet

lists to be resent this interference from over-night relief.Estimates degree'murder charge the jury: evidently Thompson, who is charged with: tion lr.tl.e AF. -'RO against: racial which stunk the Walker woman.

must be on file in ,"- Patterson said. This considered the law which possession of lottery tickets. discriinfaatbn and seg1"(1atloiUi- ;

Board. 34 So. Laura another election attempt to say that grain storage holds that an officer has no rightto Hall *c its ranks as elsewhere in American
than Nov. 6. 1959. $ votes for (Vice President Rich: space in Kansas top wheat production shoot at or otherwise endangerthe Sheriff said Zinnaman had hBernard," .
60 annually:' M.) Nixon from life of 31 oneJ df pints of moonshine whisky : t
minority; groups state has trebled in a' decadeto a person fleeing to avoid
"ALMA North." 7<5 m2Boa bushels, according: toame arrest on a misdemeanor charge. in his possession when arrested IS YOUR DRINKING

said he has urged an Nation's Agriculture. Last year Such actioa places the.officer in the Johnson was in possession.ol two Bauruch says: "The -.. ,..- : ;.

Personnel Director ......officials to -give no'help or elevator operation received nearly rote of an .agressor under she law. Cve-fiaDoB containers of whisky !housewife Is'be most important Geti1f To. Be A;* Probl c mt \-.
eM Service ; to the 'rights commison. $IS million far storing. surplus wheat The date for trial has .not been and'.Smith had 5% galkzB'ot corD person: She. holds' the world'together.

(Adr. Ko. .. and other 1I''& & set _. magi in his car. .-' "- "I '.' ,f ;1 : t'l2E : 1 (,t.).
.. ... __ ;;; : Ca .44ii8 _
: L """:"' N "" 4 ...e14m.'Ii.1YM 14 -'."' "._ __ _'" ,...S" '. J', 1. '. ';' ..1, > "'..

t .



.. !, : :,J'. .
," k1.. fir _'- : S' _.

tt // : ,:' :. "r ::J,: ., :' :: ',' f y' <

i \: : ':,::: ,/; ::: ,

S. '
.. /
THE F1.OBmAISTAI1. Woek E&db
-. Sfttarday. 3L..UM;:



+vav N

NEWS ykbYYw "Polities As Usual"By

Eric O. Simpson '. ;
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co.
"Member of Associated Negro Fress 7 INSPIRED LOUISIANA
"We O. Simpson Editor v.a,1ilON An
injunction banning NAACP activity in the State of
C. Parham Johnson News Sialf
was politically inspired, Mrs. Doretha
A. Combre
Hilda Woolen Circulation DepL ,
president of the National ASsociation for the Advancement

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: # of Colored People in Louisiana this week

8323 Monoriei Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 ; I POLITICS AS USUAL&w. I
downtown Branch Officer 423 Broad SL Phone EL 4-3773 with provisions of a 1924 statue enacted
tG 4 to
S OX NAACP, LEADER the Ku Klux Klan

Mailing Addvtus ; titiy' ASSERTS
LouIsIana Court
P. O. Sox 551.! Jacksonville I, Florida Mrs. Combre tod! reporters at a Lifts Ban
On November 26, 1956, the Louisiana
"*' news conference on Oct 11 that
SUBSCRIPTION RATES State Senator William M. Rainach, Court of Appeals ruled that the
Yr &00 Half Year, $3.00: Three fconihs. S1.80KaOed ,
on ; % ,: leader of the White Citizens Councils lower court injunction was null and
To Too, Anywhere In The United States. lcQ -I,
in Louisiana and a candidate void and should never have been
Talari IpfTnn Parable' in Adranca. Send Check or Money Order To ,
governor, was issued. The
BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA ruling was on the technical
STAR P. O. -
FLORIDA ;' t behind the anti-
: point that since the NAACP

4/ ... VAACP injunction had filed a motion
in the Federal
CITIZENS MUST CHECK a K yj. f issued by a state
t -
court at Shreveport court prior to action by the state

l ..,' on Oct. 9.Campaigning. court, the latter bench had no right

SEEN AS AIDING SEGREGATIONAnyone a "'5 on to hear the case or issue an injunc
: .!;! an all-out segregation tion until the Federal court acted.

,fJ : platform

who reads the newspapers knows that since ft}, S::: Senator Rainach, Following this ruling NAACP activity

1950 to go back no farther, the Federal government has ro4o .;::::"':. -.r the NAACP leader was resumed in certain cities
chalked up the following annual deficits $3.1 billion, $4 .r Qr '""" i';.,; said, "is seeking in the state during 1957. Before the

billion, $9.4 billion, $3.1 billion, $4.2 bilion, $2.8 billion, and i to purge Negroes original injunction was handed downin

last but not least $12.9 billion. On top of ths the Federal S .5. i(7.. from voters' lists 1956 there were 65 local branches
debt stands at $290 billion.U. Simpson a membership of 12,800. There
throughout t
-,1 1\estate are 12
now branches
S. Treasury's lowest outstanding rate on old a total of
coupon because he knows he cannot 4,000 members
bonds is 2 1-8 per cent but today the government cannot carry these voters in his for I. in the state.
race the
borrow any money on long term bonds at 4 14 per cent. I The present injunction was issuedon
Just as an individual's credit goes down, when he continually governorship. Moreover, she charged the basis of the 1924 anti-Klan

spends beyond his income and borrows more and more,, THERS COULD BE THE REMEDY RESPECT FOR THE RIGHTS OF 0 his, the state senator believes "that statute and on a new law passed in
role in
so does the government's credit go down as well as the will enhance instigating the injunction ,1958! requiring all state groups affiliated
his '
value of the dollar. candidacy among with national organizationsto

In the face of such a situation, Congress has given lip whtc.otcrs.." This vl-.v: she file affidavits that no memberof

service to economy, but spends money like a drunken sailor S Y Qilir Weekly said Louisiana, has been repeatedly expressedin the governing body of the parent

in an attempt to curry public favor by the old pork barrel Robert L. Carter newspapers. organization is a member of any
route- something "free" for everybody.The : NAACP general organization listed as subversive by
voters have no chance to register their approval or k'oscopetrycc counsel announced that the Association the House Un-American Activities

disapproval of the actions of-the Congress, as they have in will seek to hath injunction Committee. The NAACP last year

some states through initiative and referendum petitions. The + y PABLO, The- ASTROLOGERWHICH for dissolved Nov. 2 at in a the hcaa'g scheduled i filed suit in the United States Dis-

only recourse they have against spendthrift public servantsis at district court trict Court seeking a declaratory

to remember their names and replace them when oppor- ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR = Shreveport. judgment that the statute is uncon-

tunity offers at elections. Registration Drive On stitutional and an order enjoiningstate

The people must take a hand checking waste and extravagances P'J NESS LOVE TRAVEL The NAACP in Louisiana, as else- officials from enforcing it The

by legislative bodies, both state and national.If where in the South has spearhead suit is still pendinng.S .

they fail to do so, taxes, debt and inflation will destroy ARIES LEO SAGITTAK1US ed a drive to increase the numberof

their life savings and displace freedom with socialism. The wrong guess regarding em- Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 Burn Nov. 23 -Ihru Dec. 21 registered Negro voters and has

ployment and pecuniary matterscan Be practical rather than bombrxs- Act from behind the scenes and resisted efforts to purge the lists.

affect your pocketbook and well- tic this week ,so as to avert the submit when you discover too strongan The Association is engaged in a

A GOOD NEWSPAPERElitor being on the 3rd thru 6th. Let this serious embarrassment that could array of opposition forces from campaign to secure a registrationof

philosophy seep in on the 5th-6t ea4ly be evoked ,from the 3rd thru the 3rd thru 5th. Individual initiative 3,000,000 Negro voters in the I My Neighbors

when your mind is receptive to surd 5th. A much more fortunate choice receives planetary sanction late on South by November, 1960. I ,

Floyd W. Sliaylor of the Plain City, Ohio, Advocate gestions provided by learned people will be made if you select the period the 5th and 6th. but there is additional l I

has something Important to say about newspapers:: and your own intuition. Reject the from the late p.m. of the 5th thru need of discretion and guile in The injunction was ordered on the

"A strong editorial policy is the best indication of a good lures that are cast with the objectof 6th, particularly if you also have order to obtain limited results. Do eve of the 13th annual NAACP con- 'I' R i

newspaper. It matters not whether an individual agrees with capturing your affection or cash the benefit of advice from the one not allow yourself to be drawn into Terence in Louisiana, slated for

what a newspaper says editorially does matter a great (7th). most capable of convincing you to exciting. adventures which hold the Shreveport 0 n the weekend, Oct

deal as whether the reader, through the medium of the edi- 3-1 11-15-31--3U take it.970331S31973. seeds of future regrets (7th). 1011. Action came so quickly that I

torial, gives consideration and thought to the subject at many NAACP delegates could assis-I nte
> notified. John A. Morsell
hand. If he strongly opposes a newspaper's opinion, it is all TAURUS 9-80-77-15-76-987 tant to the NAACP ,
for the best since it indcates that he has read and consideredthe thru 20 executive secretary -
Born April 20 May was scheduled to deliver the
subject and has found it to be contrary to his own beliefs Be particularly prudent on the keynote address.

We will never complain because we have accomplished 3rd thru 5th when errors of judg- VIRGO PISCES %

our real purpose-that of causing you to read what ment or excessive enthusiasm could Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 CAPRICORN However, the meeting was not

we have to say!" rock your economic structure to its Determination is a wonderful Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 held. "The NAACP is a peaceful "..and another thing...

very foundations. The climate for quality in many instances, but from Put promises, claims and and lawful organization: which resorts t you were so dogawn brava'ou'd
successful enterprises is much the 3rd thru 5th it could 'take the : propaganda to the courts ol the ;end when stay home and put up
in their context from
NEGRO PROFESSIONALS HAVE fairer from, the late P.M. of the color of a detrimental obstinacy I the 3rd thru 5th proper and draw up your the constitutional right; tl Negroes rith ookingI'READTHE my! nagging and bad
which can evoke consequences that are in jeopardy Mrs. Combre
5th thru 6th.MO991787197.
long range plans accordingly.. Inner
may not be to your liking. The lift said. "We have and shall continueto
1 resources and confidence are resurgent
GOOD DEAL SAYSPHYS1CIANDr. S that is offered from the late p.m. of late on the 5th and 6th. Socalled comply with the injunction."
the 5th thru 6th is the one you This was the second time within
bargains that are offered for
should accept. three years that state action bar:
sale on the 7th may prove to be
George D. Cannon, NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund GE.1Th"lBorn had ones, because of poor qualityor been invoked to suppress the Ass--
Dinner co-chairman this week suggested that Negro professionals May 21 thru June 19! 6-50-66-12-65-651 misrepresentation.:: ciation in Louisiana. On March T \ I

don't realize "they have it so good." You had better give the subject 1953, an injunction has issued r I'

In appealing. for support of the Association's third an- considerable thought on the 3rd LIBRA 7-30-99-18-98-739 straining NAACP activity in: th" FLORIDA STAR

nual $100-per-couple dinner, this year slated for Dec. 6 at thru 5th when the consequences of Born Sept. 24 thru Oct.. 23 state on the ground that the organ !

New York's famous Commodore Hotel, Dr.Cannon gave his mistaken judgment could be quite Do not encourage phobias, nega- ration had fa ::d L .Zc a list o' |

fellow professionals? some hard statistics. detrimental to all concerned, and tive attitudes, prejudices or false its members aid: 'nbutcrs. :. with! EVERY WEEK\

Being a professional," Dr. Cannon advised Negro lawyers particularly to yourself. There is an philosophies from the 3rd thru 5th, AQUARIUS toe S3crcta,y o -i accordant
Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 .
and doctors "puts you in the top three per cent of Negroes opening for a broad understandingfrom when they can be most harmful to II -
the late of the 5th thru There seems to be no limit to
economically and the top one per cent ed c'!tionally. p.m. your, financial and future interests.
what people will do in order to
'To put it another way," Dr. Cannon continued, "do you 6th, and it would be a gross over- Your mind is much more alert, and S '
achieve fame become wealthy and n 1
realize that 97 per cent of Negroes economically and 99 per sight to let it get by you. able to size up people and developments live in luxury. If you recognize this < 1i i

cent educationally are less able than you to support the from the late p.m. of the 5th
menace in its true light, you should
8-904UM3-193 thru 6th.740551453.7Z'.
cause of their advancement? U
-manage to
protect yourself fully r
The purpose of the FFF dinner is threefold: It will honor from the potential losses: that are .. 55 a9'S -
Miss Marian Anderson stimulate interest and participationin s ,
I foreshadowed from the ?rd thru I xMf )
the: Association's life membership program and specifically CAXOEK 5th. You can determine with greater f S sSh >
raise $100,000 toward the Association's national budget. Born June 20 thru Julr 22 SCORPIO accuracy the true friends from Mfr x

Changes of employment, neigh. Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22
the false late on the 5th and the 6th. .
PUPIL ASSIGNMENT borhood and procedures may be tv! Excessive buying lending or borrowing t*

forerunners o! graver problems than would create embarrassing:

those you are trying to resolve if situaticns from the 3rd thru 5th, h

SPENDTHRIFT PUBLIC SERVANTS they are made on- the 3rd thru when you have little in your favor. 51022'19'j j p 2yF .

5th. You are more likely to obtain a Your chances improve *immeasurably : ()
Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 r a Y. s i
clearer understanding: of the issues late on the 5th and 6th and
P'1r 1 laws books of southern states : Its no use to try and displace i'
placement on eight confronting you and should makeup I you can then make an effort to ,
will ''ff-rd segregationists best milage" in their effortsto I the[ immovable body when all you
your; mind to make adjustments achieve your purpose, or at least obtain ___
ciiv. nvent the Court's school desegregationruling have to do is to make a detour
Supreme in your existence, of salutary na- some: sort of promise satin htii y-1f 5 f
Jc'm A. Morsell, assistant to the NAACP executive ture (late 5th and 6th). faction. around: it. Pressures that you may % y % yt
secretary. predicted in an address at the annual conferenceof see fit to exert could only boomerang .

the National Association of Intergroup Relations Of- 4-70-SS-12-86-J71 -60-66-17-63-263 to your disadvantage, if they 5 4 ss "
ficials here this week. I.I are applied during the problematic w

Some southerners, it was pointed out, believe "that it is period between the 3rd and 5th. The ; :. :

possible to apply the law in such a way as never to transferany GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING good that operates in your behalf b .

Negro; children to white schools and still not incur an i. UM this coupon. Learn more about jronraeO/Sead 10 smug.one. likely to come under its own behalf I x E4 J.'b t
adverse ruling on constitutionality." The placement laws dune In coin) for each b4rooope ordered by mafl. IDcIu.cJe.elf. is likely to come under its own

establish non-racial criteria as bases for pupil transfers. addressed stamped envelope. Write pUlnly. Tnl offer doe not apply 'steam, late on the 5th and 6th.
These assignment laws "reduce the strategic elements to to residents xf the dominion of Canada.Pate 1 -S :

the levels calculated to maintain the slowest possible pace of - 2-:04H2-23-a4

desegregation," by imposing difficult burdens on those seek- I ,.

ing transfers. Dr. MorselTs paper contends. (t!7S IMMII KENKNthS
Further it notes that "intimidation and terror are pe- I of Birth I II .

culialy effective in that they need not be widely exercised to >Moot*
I Date I J JI i t 1
be effective.
Invites You
"This is especially .true in the South where memories of PABLO. FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER IS YOUR DRINKING Listen To -

I the lynch years are still quite fresh in Negro minds. Economic I P. O. BOX 561JACKSONVILLE I "KNIGHT

pressures have been unrelenting, and public recanta- 1 FLA. S Getting To Be A Problem?' TRAIN"t t
tion of integration views has not always sufficed to restore SF S

the victim to his old status," Dr. Morsell concluded. I K .: Cell EL 4-3178 Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly --:- __. i

His address was read on Oct. 13 by Joseph Robison of ,... '
the American Jewish Congress because Dr. Morsefl was un- I I &d4na ,,- ", :," -- .1 1400 WRHC : ;
able to attend that session of the conference ,having been -, ,.- 1400 ,
detained in New York by'NAACP tmsteeas. ,. !- ,<
> :
- ... .. '... M -
F < -



der Wsa!, Moderator. L Religion

;r .I-Tr-tll.es. 2. rii'V: .cr.' !.W! Sods.1

Studfcs. L .:el t=-41 ia Psychology -
i. nUigion: in General JLP' '
Education. : .... .

1 .
?r y.

April 5 An Evaluation of Instructional One individual could not possibly have covered the seriesof

DAYTONA Dean William A. Improvement Trends as Interpreted : ? social events occuring in Jacksonville over the past week-
McMillan of Bethune Cookman College :
Instructors Panel end. It would have
announced the''theme and by necessitated flitting about from one pointof

schedule for faculty meetings for ists: Representatives from each A" ry 1t' interest to another a matter of a few minutes, and in

the remainder of the school year- Division. Miss Berhel, Moderator. some cases being in several places simultaneously. And, although -

TTie. theme:-"The..Identification_ of i.;May 3 _IDsumeof year's program; & we are living in the Atomic Age, this writer; Dear
our Purpose And Search'for) E.'Itt t evaluation-Divisions Discus- y q RA Readers, simply could not keep pace. So; from time to time

cellence." and you will hear from various sources of the terrific parties

November 3 Improvement plans sion of Theme for 13GO-1961. ,. Aty held "here, there and yonder." When you do, just bear fci

and procedures in line with PrePlanning 1 mind that this was a most unusual week-end; one that Up

theme. Panel-Division N R ; e look forward to annually; and one that required a "round

Chairmen, -Dean McMillan Mod According" to Nation's' Business the clock"igil fix-* F: \)v evening through Sunday afternoon

erator. the older worker could be one of. and then m,,;,r.yv ? be! gatherings would have been
December 10 Some guide signs the most valuable assets in the com left uncovered.
college business world of the 60s. tie
for the small Church-related petitive
show \ .E Actually the "Fjori a Classic if it
faculty, based on years of It cites a government survey seems somewhat
of manu- smaller judged by attendance at the football stadium has
experience with faculty problems ing that some 45 per cent tkt ,
) .,' gained momentum socially. The annual clash between The
(self improvement, cooperation, facturing workers over 40 producemore :
0 manhour than the younger Florida A and ? "Rattlers" and The Bethune-Cookman
personal and professional growth, per "
et cetera). Dr. McEniry, Dean. men. The older worker also has '4tp :f4 to p' 'VIIdcats C' bS5? Providing an opportunity for alumnaeof
Stetson University. Questions and some special attributes experience. the two institutions to reunite with old friends, has served
,4 wAf F R' as for
mature appreciation t.eY excuse many delightful parties. Just about
Answers. greater dependabilty, p- ,rY: every-
one in the city was playing host to a from F AMU
January 5 Some pertinent obser- of job responsibility. group .
vations from faculty. Question and BOO (or both), and from neighboring cities and states.

Comment Box, Academic Policies .- 4 ": Again, Dr. and Mrs- James
.r .ki,1..y.1 : k.. Vv R Henderson of 2528 Spires
Committee-Panelists. ..' 'f.J'i ,... t ::4o b] 6.' "k ]yR : Street opened their doors to scores of guests throughout
February 2 Religion in teaching the week-end, climaxed by a big feast and party following
Reverend Fair, t.. {'44.. M, hVhF y.,:. the .
matter J
subject Sometimes F 6'n'dCat\'S; game Saturday night. We hesitate to mention the names
Moderator. (Based on the Teacher of local visitors M they: are too numerous for the
space provided -
Education and Religion Project, BABY NEEDS ALAXATIVE for oor column. However, We do know that a large percentage -
1355. Western Michigan College, of theHeading persons attending the
TOO 1 game eventually passed
Kallamazo, Michigan, ). L Reli- over Gen and Jimmies threshold, dined, danced and had a

gion and Science, 2. Religion and For over f' fear, mothers hue" relied -. WITH THE LADIES The National Beauty CulturistS League, the National Associa- dolly good time."
Professional Education, 3. Religion 0:1 gei.<: lo"B.\BY USE. Pleasant the list of out-of-town '
1If1Jd. ** tion of Negro Business Professional. Women's Clubs and the National Negro Home guests .
in Physical Education. tasting easy"BABY to give EASE" briDal\e Demonstration Agents Association were recipients of courtesies from Coca-Cola during reaDy consider her a guest but rather as a dSuSSgo -

March 1 Religion in teaching sub- table-pare comfort without binding. BABY their recent conventions. ess) was Mrs. S. H. Coleman of Tallahassee (GNi's

/ EASE" doe tel contain opiate or Culturists Others on the scene included Mr. and Mrs Asa Price ofoil
PATRONIZE Ark drnssW Meeting at Philadelphia, the Beauty were hosted by the Philadelphia
for irons tbe lar a nerrl tlns- Fables yw laxative Coca-Cola Bottling Company, whose representative, Christopher B. Conner, is seen serving lando, (who were stopping over with Mrs.\ Elsie D. McCray\ ) ;

'-EABY EASE." Dr. Katie E. Wickam, NBCL president, New Orleans, as Mrs. Marie S. Smith, Phila- Dr. Banks of Gainesville; Eddie Martin\ of Orangebun,

Star Advertisers EEl: delphia, right, and Mrs. Carolyn Dismond, Harrisburg, Pa., left,look on. S. !C.; Dr. and *\***; Higgins of Pak
The B and P women met at Detroit where the the Coca-Cola Company Atlanta, con- Gainesville; Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert P. Porter, Mr\ Sue K. Russell -

I tributed trophies for the Association's Miss B and P contest. In second panel, Taylor Lee Shaw Charles U. Smith, "Chuck" Smith, Samuel
Cox Detroit Coca-Cola is shown Howell, and James Bruton, Major\ Burrell of FAMTTs
Bottling Company, retiring B and P president, Mrs.
For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks Marie Harrison East Orange, N. J., right, and contest winners, left to right Miss Sandra ROTC, Mrs. Geraldine Williams, "Pete" Griffin, lUre and

Sanford,, Detroit, standing in for Miss Dorothy Ray Hinson Dallas, Texas, who was 4th l\Irs. Uarold Jenkins, 3Ir-\ and 5Ir8-\ Elbert Jones, and Mr.

Fried Chicken place winner, Miss Barbara Roy, Washington, D. C. 2nd place, Miss Carmen Cochran, and Mrs.\ William Stevens, all of Tallahassee; Dr. Swain of

Detroit, "Miss B and P of 1959," and Miss Ilene Robinson, Detroit, who received trophy St. Petersburg; Dr. and Mrs.\ L. R. Hampton of Ocala and

Oysters Cod for 3rd.place winner, Miss Sandra Graddy, Newark N. J. their daughter and son-in-law of Daytona Beach, Mr.\ and
ShrimpHam Mrs. Smith. We must confess here
Bacon Sausage At top, E. L. Lipscomb, JacKSon (!. .*o., Coca-Cola: Bottling Company, poses with ment and the rapid introduction of that with all the excite-
guests we plumb forgot
Home Demonstration Agents president Mrs. Lillian Palmer Natchez Miss. his left
Hot Cakes at some first names and
Eggs possibly missed quite a few out-of-
Coffee Milk and members of the organization's executive committee during Jackson, Mss meetng of towners who were present.
I I I From Mrs. Palmer's left Mrs. Sadie C. Hill Jackson Miss
French Fr. Potatoes groups. are : Mrs. Georgia San- Mrs. Ruth Childs and Mrs. Janet R. Johnson graciously
ders, Winnsboro La., Mrs. Daisey M. Lewis, Jackson, Miss., Mrs. Esther W Reed, assisted "Gen" in for her
ROOSEVELT GRILL Jackson, Miss., and Mrs. Wealthea R. Cox, Canton, Miss. many guests, and J. D.
Brooks spread much goodwill and cheer as he assisted Jim-
In top row, left to right, are Miss Alice I. Little, Jackson, Miss., Miss Vera Dial, mie at the bar. All we can say is, WHATTA WEEK-END!
Ashley and Madison Houston, Texas, Miss Juanita Williams, Fort Worth, Texas, Mrs. P: R. Brown, Prarie *

View, Texas, and Mrs. Berniece, D. McKay, Athens, Texas. Of course( the week-end didn't end with just one party,

as we have already told you, and another enjoyable affair

Stork SIGMAS SLATE was the cocktail party given by Gamma Rho Omega Chapter -

-ASUAL CLOTHES SERVE NUlTIPURPOSEFOR of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and held in tho spaciousand
I newly remodeled home of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. SchelL

HOME SEWER CONFERENCE AT 1510 Jefferson Street.Unfortunately .

Deliveries this is one of the ones we missed, but we

did hear that it was a grand affair. We checked on the guest

t By Evelyn CunninghamIf not high styled and it gives sleeves. When the collar and Births at Brewster HospitalMr. 'FLA NORMAL. list and found that Mr. and Mrs. Val Shehee of Tampa; The

taken it the general effect of ease and cuffs are omitted, the neck Engrams of Daytona Beach; George Starkes of Gainesville,
t a count were comfort. Consequently, casual may be filled in with a contrast The Harold Jenkins
would probably be broughtout The Gilbert Porters, Mrs.\ Sue K. Russell
styles are the most popular for yoke which is held in placeby and Mrs.\ Geraldine Williams of Tallahassee
were only a
that women are more the home sewer. Beginners When the neck is & Mrs. Ben Ashley, 3018 N.
casual snaps. FEW of the gracing The Schell's portals and re-
attired In particularly are always pleas untrimmed, puff sleeves are Myrtle Avenue, girl. ST. AUGUSTINE, The Florida persons
clothes than in any other ceiving the grand hospitality of the AKA's.
kind. There is a definite time andy surprised discover how used.Made Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Carswell, 5752 State Conference of the Phi Beta *
is here 'in dark fall
little effort and know-how a ,
and place for evening and it also be in Irish Blvd., girl. Sigma Fraternity Inc., will be held Mr.\ and Mrs.\ Thomas A. Miller\ of 1758 N. Myrtle\ Ave-
for making'a simple, print, can sewn
and necessary on the campus of Florida N.LM. hosts to trio from1 Savannah Mrs/Mil
sports wear, a relativelyshort wool synthetic nue were a Georgia,
casual dress. lightweight or Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Peele, 2030
College, November 28, 1959, according -
aside for
period is set of the mixtures. ler's brother-in-law, Abram Cogswell, Willie Crawford, and
Another Commonweath Ave.
advantage boy.
this apparel. to Lt CoL David L. Brewer, Columbus Hall former Jacksonville resident .
casual dress is that it feels Fashion-Sewing Weekly Tip: (ea )
the casual dress is Mr. & Mrs. Clarence State Director of the fraternal or *
But 1108
good. Granted, many women Be sure .to keep the same ,
forever with us. It serves undergo great stress and amount of ease the pattern Oakley Street, girL ganization. Mr.\ and Mrs.\ Paul T. Bennett, Sr. of 1526 West Fifth

many, many functions and it strain of body to fill a dress has allowed for proper fit and President of the Beta Pi Chapter Street were hosts to The Sylvester Beasley's of Tallahassee
Mr. & Mrs. Ruben 510 Ever-
can so easily be dressed up that makes them glamorous. movement. Street: Bell of Phi Beta Sigma located at F.N.- who paid their annual Classic visit. Also present was daughter -

.. or dressed down, according to They suffer all kinds of agonyto Y' '" C. ,' c:, son girl. LM.C. is Alfred Lee. Eddie L. Tay- Sylvia Bennett Beltdn, a student a FAMU,,home for the
individual fancy. make themselves more beau i'::<,..".r.::.., ... .,..1'>..>114".:.'.. << y, 1 Mr. & Mrs. James Carter, 3314 lor is Vice President; James Jack- week-end. 5--- ._.5-- .

The very nature of a casual tiful. But for the most part .1I-t\:} :" % :" ., J Berdier Street, boy. son is Secretary-Treasurer; EdwardG. .

dress is ia its simplicity. It they are inevitably drawn ,to Bellamy is the Corresponding Mr.\ and Mrs.\ Allen T. Mooro of West Eighth Street royally

is never fussy or ornate it is clothes that feel good and Mr. &: Mrs. William Cooper, P.O. Secretary; Benjamin Smith is the entertained Mr. J. R. E. Lee, Jr., FAMU's Business Man\

I that are comfortable. That is Ip Box X51, Baldwin, girL Business Manager; Louis Hearns is ager.

\' <, ';' i ;! why there will never be anything Mr. &: Mrs. James Houston, 2 the Dean of Pledges and Isiah J. *

','i; \ to replace the casual Claude Lane, girl "- Williams a senior is the Assistant Getting away from the Classic, Mr. and Mrs.\ Simpldns
vy -i\:\ ? t dress. Whatever the new style State and Regional Director. Professor Jones and Mrs. Annie L. Avery of 625 West Eighth Street

_,. treads, no matter how drasticthe Mr. &: Mrs. Booker Jackson, 1826 A. Williams, Dean of Student had visitors from New York City o'erthe week-end, 3Ir.\

Y,'>\ seasonal changes, thereis W. 5th Street, girL 'Personnel and Registrar is the advisor and Mrs. William Beauford Sapp, who also visited Bruns-

: always a casual or a casual o for the organization. wick, Georgia.
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Nickerson,
.a. ,$ ,,:: interpretation of what's new. : *
4 .% 1218 Pierce Street girL
*" ; McCall's Patterns has two TO ADDRESS GROUP Jacksonville society was far too busy for bridge clubs last

: wonderful casual dresses. The Mr. &: Mrs. Nathaniel Roulhac, Attorney Fred: G. Minnis, presi- week-end but we will be back with a menu of same next

j misses two-piece dress. is e 5223 Newcomb Street, girl dent of the Etta Sigma Chapter in week...THMhen!
a'a made of a navy blue light- a St. Petersburgh deliver the key The Classie Lassies celebrated their second anniversary
Mr. It'Mrs. Alphonso Urolia, 1550
weight woolen (McCall'sPattem note address for the one day con recently at the Lincoln Golf Country Club with Mrs.' Carolyn
No. 5022)). Shown i Louisianna Street, girL '
fab. Theme for the conference is White-Washington as hostess. .
r here with a blouson, it can l Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Bryant, 5S40 "Open Door Toward Progress." The Halloween Theme was carried out In decorationsand

S + also be made with a tuck-in Marigold Road, girL Sigma officials and members from refreshments.
blouse. It has a threegoreslim expected to incidents recalled since the
Fr- all over the state are Many pleasant were inception -
skirt and three-quarter i Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bush, 332 E. attend and participate in this biannual of the .club. The sister club in Oakland, California sent

sleeves, cut in one with the < Union Street, boy. meeting. \ best wishes.

blouse. >:- Mr.. &: Mrs. Alonza Dicks, 1205 With the exception of one member the club roster remains -

t This pattern offers numberof Wigmore Street boy. as it was when it was organized two years ago. These

ti E i variations. For instance, members are: Mrs.\ Alveta S. Allen, Dorothy Oliver, Hazel

t the skirt may be full and Mr.\ &: Mrs. Ronald Johnson, 1152 4 i Pink, Helen Toney, Margaret Starkes, Juanita Williams and

: '\ pleated. There might be a l" W. 9th Street girL : iATTENTION Sarah Wright. The new member is Mrs. F. T. Johns n.
r notched or a tie collar.Elastic & Very beautiful prizes were awarded to the following
Mr. Mrs. Allen Reed, 526 W.
may be used in the casing at ." Union Street ladies: First, Mrs. Sarah Wright, Second, Mrs. Juanita Williams
"" boy.
the lower edge of,the blouse. ,.," ;, ,. ".,' ...... ,. ."'",,-'." LADIES Consolation, Mrs.\ Alveta S. Allen.
Oxford cloth mix- -
? synthetic Mr. &: Mrs. Eliott Ashley, 1759 W. .
N tures or silk may be used, or Any war: you look at it, it's a 19th Street, boy. Bridge & Social Club
a silk print blouse, and a wool HIT. This triple-hit dress ,
skirt can be combined. In any boasts a sumptuously fall skirt Mr. &: Mrs. Clarence Johnson, Reporters
and three bodices.
case, the jOlltfit( has that clean, Make the le important- -mutton steered 2929 Lippia Road. boy. Send Mall ;- ? i
casual look. ,widely squared bodice for the or /
Fashioned for comfort sad wear.ability Mr. & Mrs. Charles King, Route .
fashion the short-
is the two-piece dresa. evening. Or 4.fyiE
The other dress which sleeved wide collaredand 7 Box 80, Boy. Your Social Newts .. Th
This is a variant of the pattern open: Enroll Now In .
design ... the UOOBOO has comes in misses and junior tied version or the one with ,.1.:.. Sonih's Fines College +"
fill-in neckline. Fash Mr. &: Mrs. Nathaniel White, 1414 To
become a straight middy with sizes, also has three versions. contrast Mondays :
contrastlag insert. OUier .possi* (McCall's Pattern No. 5107). ion's perfect finishing touchTalon's Mt Herman Street, boy. i Florida Barber College ..
:: "
bllltiea notched or tie collar oa In the version it hasa new Magic Zip ,has a FLORIDA STAR Branch G. L Approved "
a tnckIa blouse or onUide pictured woven' sewing guide line right Mr. & Mrs. Willie Jackson, 1929
Mown, slim fitted skirt or all- square neck with a four on the tape, assnring. bothbeginner W. 2nd Street, boy. 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. ISth
rood pleated version. This gore gathered skirt. The bodice and expert of a professional
fuhloa takes aanUcal air for appearing laeket.McCall Mr. & Mrs. Charles Small, 1262 46782 Prof. Jam Glover
a may have a detachable contrast Or Phone EL roodruw Patterson manager *
Pattern5107 in W. 32nd Street, boy.
easy'living. MeCalTs Pattern ,
collar with a tie and 630 DavIs Street 'At Bearer
.. .SO=. 50& b Misses* stse Jailor sixes 9>1S and Misses' Mr. & Mrs. Locale West General .
1018. cuffs 03 the-. cboxcset-fa mice 10.16.651.< Phone EL 59674SET
Delivery, Doctor Inlet, Fla., girL .
I Births At Bmvstcr Hospital :T: : : -' ..
;- t : : -I I

c y e. : .'Y r,., ..1.... '.: '..< .
't k.
J r r


iI S "

I i--- $t.. Step en Prepares For Women's Day Nov. 8 1



: :
'. ; >": : ;' ,: '::: f--, .... ,. I DAY SPRING


Mrs. Annette M. Espy will be
The women of St. Stephen AME Church will observe ,, ANNIVERSARY SUNDAY SLATE guest speaker for the 73rd observance -

their annual Day Nov. 8, beginning with the Sunday Schoolat of Choir 1 of Day Spring

9:30 a.m. 1 L j jl Solomon Timmons will celebratehis .. Baptist Church Monday night atJ:30
Mrs. C. Nelson Daniels will be the I second anniversary Nov. 8 at District 2 of the New Mt. Olive pm. in the church auditorium.
speaker at the 11 a.m. worship hour. The Dungill, Singers are considered k : :,,9 p.m. in the Elks auditorium 712 Baptist Church will sponsor its an- A program will be presented for the

She is a member of the Florida among the best artists in the W. Duval Street nual tea Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. in occasion. Mrs. R. P. Askew is the
field of music and one of the most For two years Deacon Timmons the auditorium; of the church. director.
A&M staff and is present
versatile ensemble of concert entertainers | has been active in the singing field Mrs. Amanda D. Collins will be

chief dietitian. Mrs. Nelson is Grand ,I in America. 1 I and has been' instrumental in help- the speaker for the occasion. Others District 14 will meet Friday at 8

Worthy Associate Matron of the' The members of the group are: ing to keep gospel singing alive in appearing on the program will be p.m. in the home of Mrs. H. Hodge.

Florida Jurisdiction of the Grand Harriett Dun ill, soprano, saxophonist i< Jacksonville. He has also been one Mrs. W. M. Davis: Mrs. C Colson 1122 E. Beaver St
I of the leaders in bringing some of Mrs. Jeannete Bryant, Mrs. Clotee
Chapter of Eastern Star. She is a ; Elsin mezzo soprano trumpet + 1
Tallahassee soloist; Gloria contralto, bass tuba; I, the nation's leading gospel groupsto Hicks Mrs. Lillian Smith Mrs. Bar- Rehearsals for the men's day
Bethel AME Church, -,
trustee of the city.During bara Jean Wallace Miss Beverly event will be held each Monday and
Gerald baritone
trumpet soloist
a member of many civic: ; Alexabder, baritone, plays the two years he has Colson Mrs. Maxine Royster andA. Saturday nights. Men of all choirs
of the most of C. Jackson. and choruses have been asked
organizations, and is one five instruments, specialist on the been seen participating on many to
fluent speakers in the state. trombone; Charles, tenor soloist and I the city's local programs in various Mrs. Mary Franklin will serve as meet at 8 p.m. The annual observance -
,. r S sections of town. Deacon Tim- dean of hostesses. Refreshments will will terminate Nov. 8.
drummer Melody vibraharpist.
The captains are: Juanita Johnson, .y"Y : : rc mons is an active religious leader as be served after the program. Everyone .
Choir 4 will observe its homecoming
Hazel Howard Mildred Newton Ear- c rs' ; well as a leader mong singers. is welcome.
day program Nov. 15 at 3:30::
lene Edward Lillie M. Smith, Ruby, Appearing on the program will be at the church.'
Gun-' MT. TABOR SETS the Pilgrim Jubilees, of Chicago EL; I p.m.
Wallace Carrie Adams Minnie
42ND ANNIVERSARYFOR The Voices of Jordan! of Charlotte, D. MAYNORTO District 4 will observe its home-
L. G. Gen-
Louise Durden
N. c.; Sons of Prayer; Golden Jubilees coming Nov. 15 at 4 pm. at 1763Francis
wright, Willie J. Stephens Rosa B. NOVEMBER 2NDThe and the Sons of Jubilee.A St.

Curtiss Maxie Blaine Annie Grant ? YV Ltw television set will be given APPEAR INJACKSONVILLE
D. C. Miller Minnie Woodard Ma
42nd anniversary: celebrationof r away as a door prize.SUNDAY .
mie Taylor Henrietta Howard, Isa-
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church and
bell Tarver Eva Wheeling Nellie the fourth for the pastor the Rev.H. sf
Harris Edyth Anderson Ruby, T. Overstreet will begin Nov. 2 M SLATEANNOUNCED Church ReportersClub

Cheeseborough, Annie L. Davis Inez with various ministers and their
Bivins Beulah Robinson Carrie I
congregations participating.The Miss Dorothy Maynor famed
Rogers Verree Storms Z. Gen- IS "
I Rev. G. T. McCall choir will sing in recital at New Reporters
wright.. Coca Williams. .
ushers and congregation of Mt Ver- .6 Stanton Senior High School on Nov- I

Altamese McIntosh Oestella Williams non Baptist Church The Rev. F4.ate ember 13. The artist's appearanceis

Annie Monroe Charlotte Charles Crosby choir ushers and JERUSALEM being sponsored by the Hampton

Hayes Maggie Sims Mary Spicer members of Shaw Memorial Bap- TAT Club.Miss Socialites
tist Church and the Rev. R. L. Maynor
Joyce N. Gilbert Clotee Pridgen w yx r. C os a Hampton Insti-
Matilda .Wilson, Martha Perry Janie Smith choir ushers and congrega- Sunday services at Jerusalem tute alumna is internationally famous -

Madry Carrie Butler Henrietta! tion of St Matthew Baptist Church TIlE WINNER Beaming joyfully over J his gocd fortune Baptist Church will begin with ; for her vocal ability. The lo- Send or Bring Your News
Broome C. A. Duke Rossie Wells will conduct service Monday at 8 is Thomas Thompson of 3210 Haines Street who was the I the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. cal presenters constitute the Jack-

Ozzie Mathis, Dorothy Hart Mable I winner of a transistor set in a recent contest sponsored by The morning and vening messages sonville Chapter of the National

Jones Alice Yarbrough and Mar- p.m.The Rev. Grant Lee of Mt Lillie; the Jacksonville branch NAACP. lie Is seen with first vice 1 will be delivered by the pastor. Hampton Alumni Association. In To TheFLORIDA

garet King. the Rev. R. L. Wilson of West president James II. Goodson, left and James Lewis, second The Choir and Usher Board 2 will Making an eight-stop series of

Friendship and congregations will vice president, right. serve throughout each service. performances her contribution to
The pastor the Rev. J. S. John- have charge of the service Tuesdayat I Monday night the pastor and con- the national association's scholar-
son and members of the church will 8 gregation will be in charge of the ship drive the artist has set Jack-
sponsor the Dungill Concert Com- p.m. service at Bethel Baptist Church. sonville STARMain
The Rev. A. Anderson of Bethle- FIRST BAPTIST < p I as the southernmost pointon
pany in a musical program Nov. 5 hem, the Rev. Lee McQueen of' ". / : .' z Choirs 1 and 2 and UsHer Board 1will her itinerary. '

.troauv JUDO;) reAna stfl ye Royal Tabernacle and congregationswill ,. ) serve.2ND Tickets will be on sale at Woods- i

conduct the service Nov. 4. The IN OBSERVANCE P Dixie Pharmacy, Hollywood Music

Rev. H. H. Wright of Evergreen, } Store Buster Ford's Cafe, Johnnie Office & Plant

the Rev. J. W. Jones of Mt Pleas ,-j ) Springleton's Kozy Korner Mer-

t s ant Baptist Churches and members OF ANNUAL ; 1 von's Pharmacy Cohen's The Tour-
will conduct the service Nov. 5. DAYI BAPTIST ist and Convention Bureau and 2323 MONCRIEF RD

The Rev. L. M. Levant of StMark i :.: Dixie Music Store. Student tickets,
ATTENTION LADIES and the Rev. G. Curry of I also available may be secured
Bridge & Social Club .: from Near 13th Street
Friendship, Atlantic Beach and TOOBSERVEANNIVERSARY the heads of musical organi-
Reporters YULEE, Annual Men's Day i
zations in schools
members will have charge Nov. 6. secondary
Send or Mail will be observed Sunday in First throughout the city. All members of
The Rev. W. M. Hill of ML Calvary -
Your Social News The Rev. S. L. Badger of Baptist Church, with Roy Terry I j the Hampton Club will also have Notices brought in Monday and
Mondays To serving as chairman Freddie John- j tickets for sale.
Emanuel and the Rev. E. Smith of I
son, co chairman and the Rev. ,
STAR Friendship Baptist, Pickett and their I ---
D. V. .
Singletary pastor.The
2323 Moncrief Rd Cor. 13th congregations will have charge of nVICE Second Baptist Church will observeits Tuesday will get better position
Or Phone EL 4.6782 the closing services Nov. 9. day's activities will begin I 109th anniversary and the first NEW MT. PLEASANT

with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. i for its pastor the Rev..J. C. Sams, PLANS 'WOMEN'S DAY and better headlines.

Ycu Don't Have to Go to Town to Get Porter Prince the superintendentwill PREXY"; Grover McGee Nov. 59.Many t
be in charge. The teachers are religious and civic person-
a student at the Florida A&M un-I
P. J. Small, Rubin Davis and Fred- alities from the various churches of Annual women's day win be ob-
iversity was elected First Vice
LOW PRICES die Johnson. The lesson will be reviewed as .the city will participate on the program served Nov. 8 throughout the dayat
President of the Student Nurses As- choirs. Note: The earlier the better.
by the pastor. along with celebrated New Mt Pleasant CME church

sociation at its annual convention in The church is completing arrange- Officers are: Mrs. Laurine Gelsey
.. Ocean Front Lodge 1410 of Fer-
On Your Orlando last week. Other officers ments to make this observance one chairman; Mrs. A. Jones cochairman *
nandina Beach will have of
elected Helen Bnnson of the finest in the history of the ; the Rev. Mrs. J. W. Jackson
the 11 a.m. service. The service will are: University
church.A pastor and financial secretary; Mrs.
be under the leadership of Exalted of Florida President; Irving-
DRUG STORE NEEDS musicale featuring the choirs of Evelyn Harmon program committee -
Ruler Albert Baker who will be the Holzman Pensacola Junior College,
the church will highlight the opening ; Mrs. A. R. Miller has planneda
speaker. He will be introduced by Second Vice President; and Lindsay IS YOUR DRINKING
Each service will beginat for each service.
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug StoreWE Deacon Terry. Muscat, University of Miami, Recording program. program
I 7 p.m. Mrs. R. Stevens of West Union
WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN Deacon Lonnie Patterson of New Secretary Some of Florida's most noted min- Baptist Church will be the speakerfor .

isters have served as pastors since the day.
YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe Zion Baptist Church Femandina
Beach and Deacon Peter Blair of USHER BOARD 1 l' the church was organized from the Music will" be furnished by the Female Getting To Be A Probltmt
Deliver We Also FID
>.. Mt Calvary Baptist Church Fer- First Baptist Church (white.Amongthe ) Chorus of West Union Baptist

nandina Beach, will conduct the de- pastors, the late Rev. K. D. Church. Can EL 4-3178
votions at 3 Britt served for the longest time.
Dixie Pharmacy During the one year pastorate of
The speaker for the 3 pjn. service the Rev. J. C Sams many note- MOTHERS

ISO KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE. AVE'IIIIEPHONES !: will be Deacon M. E. Patterson ANNIVERSARY worthy achievements have been ac- FIRST THOUGHTFOR
EL ran-- of Friendship Baptist Church complished. Some of the accomplish-
: Picketts. He will be introduced by
.. .' .ments are an improved organiza-
PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND TELEPHONE the Rev. D. V. Singletary John Mc- tional plan of operation a greater FIRST STEPS
Knight of Bethel AME Church, Callahan Usher Board 1 of Zion Hope Bap- mission, a well organized educational -
BILLS AT OUR STORE will make remarks. tist Church will observe its anniversary and benevolent' program an en-

The devotion at 7:30 p.m.ill be I Nov. 2 at 8 p.min the''larged teaching and training department -' Buster Brown
conducted by Deacon George Kellogg auditorium of the church. and

a strorg youth department -
V "-"VJA..? _"_ .r..r.---''''' .-..? .;.-... --.VIiiM and Deacon Benjamin Henry. I A program will be presented for .
Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From The speaker will be H. C. German, the occasion with some of the city's Several weeks ago the church

instructor at Bethern High School, finest talented artists appearing. I launched an expansion rally with the
Why Continue To Suffer? Folkston Georgia. I Some of the participants are: Mrs. !goal set at $20.000.> The drive will

The ushers are Abie White, William I Myrtle Shepherd, Mrs. Agnes Williams t terminate during the observance

Davis Joe Ferguson and E. D. Mrs. Leona Jackson the \ Proceeds will be used to promote the SHOES

McCray. Rev. E. R. Simpson and Marvin erection of an educational building.

HEART TROUBLE BACK :: I Mrs. Gussie Paige of ML Calvary *

PAINS LIVER TROUBLE I, Baptist Church will be the guest ; t
HEADACHES NERVOUS r .. JOINT ANNIVERSARY ,! soloist for the observance.. I $1


AND OTHER COMMON AIL-! 1, Isiah Jones president, has extended -, PREACH SUNDAY Y
MENTS. DONT PUT EVERGREEN BAPTIST: an invitation to all boards
.. ANY LONGER. LET US PUT '" end auxiliaries to come out'and witness AT MT. ZION AME I

YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD The church and pastor's anniver- the event. I _- -- L

HEALTH sary of Evergreen Baptist Church r The Rev. A. J. Daley, presiding

Visit Our Modern 'Clinic is now in progress and will continue elder of the St. Augustine District

through Nov. 9. CARD OF THANKS i I|I' wfl be heard Sunday at the 11 a.mm. LL::: .,

The Gospelettes will be presentedin Mrs. FRANK MORENE and :hour of service at Mt Zion AME I -V.-
a musical recital Sunday night Church Southside. Following the
FAMILY wish gratefully to i I
following the regular service in the j,message the Holy Communion. will
GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC. interest of District 4 and Usher I acknowledge the kind expressions -;| be administered.The From 5.50 to 6.99
Board L of sympathy re- regular order of worship win
j i I
The District Union will terminate ceived from their many prevail throughout the day beginning -
HEALTH CUNIC EL 6-7830 Nov. 29. The Rev. Eddie Taylor of i!!friends and acpuainiances!,i with the Sunday School at 9:30: > .

Zion Hope Baptist Church will be; following the recent deathof ajn followed by morning worship.
guest speaker for the occasion. He. Mr. Morene. I Evening worship at 7 pjn. Holy 216 W. ADAMS ST.

518 Broad Street Between Ashley & Church will be accompanied by the Female The sincere! thoughtful I Communion will be administered at Open Mon. And Fri. Till 9 P. M.I -
Chourus and Choir 1 of Tab- kindnesses
Royal l'-willU long be.. dose of service with the pastor the Uf .
Vc".r: .. _-.-_-_ ---.t"-A-A't&.7A-.7w.t"A" -""' I ernacle Baptist eu r h- I remembered --. *"c I Rev. N McCray in charge.. -

t -., -.

:.' i:t :. f/: :., :J .,
: -; .: ; ",/ :

: ': .:
: _'- ; '. .

a-. ,,,w; MnAM AT. STRAND SUNDAY NEGROES sEECCOURT cal board rejects their applications.

k. The six children include the 15- T

d. year-old-son of the Rev. Theodore

ACTIONIN Gibson,, president of the Miami

chapter of the NAACP. a

SCHOOL CASE The six are seeking admission ,to .

three schools-Miami Jackson High,

North Miami Beach Junior High

Oct 21. Wed. Page'26, F.T. Union... and Fulford Elementary.

Meanwhile the president of the
said six Negro children seeking ad- .
Miami NAACP chapter said desegregation .v t f :
mission to all white schools here will
go "clear to the top" if necessaryto of the city's public swim-

get their transfers approved. ming pools also would be sought

s s N The Dade County, school board The Rev. Theodore Gibson,said a 1 t !
has scheduled a hearing for the six -tM
Y would be sought with the
children who were assigned Oct. 7
city manager and city commissioners. -
to schools other than the ones they
applied for. .

here is one of the many attractions being featured Rock Hudson above Negro attorney G. E. Graves Jr.
( ) co stars "If
we can't he said
during the presentation of theElks Carnival show at Mon with Jean Simmons and Dorothy said if the board turns down ,their negotiate'
, crief and Edgewood. Sponsored by the Maceo Elks of which McGuire in the tense technicolor appeals the children will follow all "we will follow the only recourse.

Leon Gonzales, Sr. is Exalted Ruler, the show will offer top- drama THIS EARTII IS MINE," steps set up by the Florida pupil we have-to file suit"Gibson TO APPEAR IN JAX The Dunghill concert company.

notch entertainment and fun for the entire family.In showing at the Strand Sunda assignment law. said several Negro women one of America's most versatile group of concert enter

addition to the enjoyment the show will offer, supportof through Saturday on a huge benefit The law provides the children sought( admission Friday at tainers will appear in a cnocert at the Duval County ArmorY

this presentation will enable the Elks to continue their week for Mt. Zion A.\LE. church. must appeal to the State Board of Manor Park pool but were turned on Nov 5 under the sponsorship of St. Stephens AME

educational and civil liberties projects. Co-hit is the action thriller filmedon Education at Tallahassee if the lo away. Church of which the Rev. J. S. Johnson is pastor.

the streets of ----- -
Harlem 'CRY - -
TOUGH," with John Saxon, and '"'" '"'" "- "-. "" "-.,,

;j'etF. Gofhttitt" Linda Crystal. # 1iA4A NORTHFLORIDA'S

I I II Writing in the New York Times 4\ '
} BY BUCK ROGERS Paul Heffernan tells of Russian debt I CHECK WITH 4.3

I\ owed to this country and its citi- ; $ -;;; .

1- zens. It includes: World War I debtto L "
People and fish have a lot in or riffles. In all probability you I the U.S. government $563 million I:) IJ ; < "

common. I can find such a stream close ; Kerensky Regime debt to the \' )
This fact becomes ,evident to your home. I ; .,
U.s. government, $190 million Lend- e
when you glance around your Then gather your equipment ; ;.
town and note, I' ple's habits.. I together. You'll need a boat Lease World War II debt, $11,260-
On the hot' afternoons you'll preferably a large canoe or 213,000; World War I public loans
find them in the air-conditioned J "John" type boat, a matching sold to private American investors,
buildings, huddled around a outboard, paddles, sleeping and $75 million. LARGEST
whirling fan, or hunkered In cooking equipment, end a sup-
the shade. Only the foolish ply of food. At this season
youngsters wfll be dashing you'll also need a cooler full of '
about in the sun. ice. And. don't forget your fish- V DEALER
But in the evenings things Ing tackle. The gasoline tax state and federal .
begin to happen. People move If a weekend is all the time is almost five times as greatas
out into their backyards to bar- you have, select a campsite that the tax on diamonds or mink
becue the evening meal, they can be reached by road, and put coats. On a nation-wide average it l
I flock to the drive-In movie or your boat in the water Friday
amounts to 47 cent, and exceeds
little per
catch on the
they up evening. Do your camp chores
chores that must be done before dark, but try to reservean 50 per cent of the retail gasoline COMPA.
around house and yard. hour or so for some late price in 20 states. Total estimated
Despite their many differences evening fishing. take in 1960: $5,438,000,000.
fish have approximatelythe The next morning, head upstream A ,
under power. Start at
dawn, and run for at least an
hour before you shut off your
motor and commence to drift PRICE
back toward camp. On the way QUALITY SERVICE!
up look for and memorize the
location of the best fishing HAVE
spots. Keep your eyes open for .
deep pools, undercut banks ... .
springs, and junctions of smaller .
streams, and fish these spots A .
thoroughly as you. drift down / ,,1
The following day, start 4IGY\ 'i
drifting from camp and fish the ROOM ,
1 downstream portion of the riv- ( *: :
er. With your camp as head .
quarters you can fish the riverin ,
both directions, and find ORAPARTMENT fr\
spots that few other anglers
I have explored.The .
most important item in
a do-it-yourself float trip is
same hot-weather habits outboard motor. Your :
that people do. Because they your power plant should be properly FINEST QUALITY
have no eyelids the bright sun-
matched with boat but
shine hurts their So your .
eyes. TO
more important it should be
retire to deep water or the I
designed for the abuse frequently I
shade of an undercut bank dur-
encountered in river naviga-
ing the heat of the day. If a ULTRA VISION
tion. It should have a tough
lake is fed. they'll con- ,
spring REN1CALL?
gregate around these cooler lower unit, and a propeller as- I
sembly equippe'd with a slip-
spots.In clutch arrangement.
the early morning or evening e
they begin to move Frankly the Mercury out- __
around too. These are the times board is the only motor able to
game fish are on the 'prowl for grind through gravel bars and o Console TV .
food and it's the time you bounce vff rocks without shear- p
should be out on the water witha ing a pin or damaging a prop. Mod.1zICZsI
fishing rod in your hand. These motors don't have any EL 4-6782 4
Most anglers know this butI pins to shear, and.t eir slanted
like to know lower units glide over obstruc-
thought you'd
tions with ease. Dramatic SLIM SILHOUETTE styling

why.Thinking like a fish isn't Thusly equipped you'll havea r: anotherDuval In a stunning new contemporary design r
wonderful time on a do-it-
difficult after all.
cabinet with rich distinctive touches of
yourself float You'll fish new l .
Do-It-Yourself Float TripIf
waters explore different country gold trim :
you own an outboard motor I and probably catch more J"
I suggest you try your fish than you have in a long
hand trip.at a backyard float fishIng time. My Neighbors First.THE REGULAR $399.95 0

: r.
Select your stream first.Pick II you have any quetttoni con.
one which has enough cerning fishing techniques, equip-i' I
water to float you and one meat or ..hn -Io-fo. write Buck j ULTIMATE IN TELEVISION $ 9 5
that has a minimum of shoals Rogers in care of this_ __paper..---1 2

# At A A Savings Of $150Plus

a huge oversized coaxial speaker system ,
Abe truly today's outstanding television feature! .

aver RECORDS ; ,

Complete Selection '

Of All Stereo '? ,

And Hi Fl Records -
Stereo & Hi Fi Players "...and another thins...

GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER if you were so dogawn bray WITH" ,

5404 Norwood Ave. PO 8-2367 you'd stay home and put up '
with nagging, and bad
Open 'til 9 P. M. my :
eookingir.I ,

I.: "" r' : "'-.

I v re ,. H$ e


( At= J 15 S. HOGAN ST.. 3316 BEACH BLVD.
[Across from ,
.Center)1hoDPInQIAmuiromN.w Sean I(Near Southgate Plaza) >c _

SP 1-2880 I EL 8-2433 FL9-6679 .4

rl" : Open Every Nile Till Open Every Nile Till 9 Open Every Nil Till 3 ',. "-

505 S. McDUFF 2689 ROSSELLE ST. ;
# (Near Lenox) (Corner of .King and Bossello)

EV 8-4624 EV 9-9671 I
# ; Open Every Nile Till 3 Till
Open 6 P. 14.Shori .
ij .
\; 4 ...

... .. ... '"
: :: -, 1 to.i _
: !( ': ": : .> -

.. :-.;..'?::; <<,: ::.. !" ': lt' ,. ,' .:>J"'


1816 W. 20th' BUNt Phone EL 5-072

Kindergarten Begin September 2nd
ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS Mothers' dub of Susie E.

Piano Band Voice Qultar Accordion N n Tolbert Elementary School held a

Theory _Tutoring Adult Education M meeting recently in the auditorium
MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH with the former president Mrs. Ver-

die C. Bradley presiding.

iiIIt After the business routine, faculty

t member James Smith presided over r r" a
: e m the election of officers which fo.- az

aS j lows: Mrs. L. D. Mungin, president; YiI

PHOTOGRAPHS FOR | Mrs. Verdie Bradley vice; Mrs.. A |

Ford, secretary; Mrs. Evelyn Bailey -
r financial secretary; Mrs. Ruby
EVERY OCCASION Fields, treasurer; Mrs. Johnnie D.

dark, chaplain and Mrs. Annie M. t /.

r t Expert Photography Bright, public relations. < '

Portraits Weddings BanquetsPassports .. #'I'f /- t
w ': .
r z <\,
f & Identification Photos ; ""
: ;- .. "
Photostats & Commercial Work ',' .
: t f'
Speaking of ,'
Photos For Newspaper Cub *' :
While You Wall ', ,..:. t & '{
:i PUBLIC SAFETY ,47 $!' 1I''V I.: .>
'X <: >y"i Coloring &: Picture Framing t. t. A' ''. ."' 1
< : g Let Us Take A Photo Of You : 1i. tif''i :$ "
N I '
;" 1 < ,
Do Nothing-And Die
.. '
it '
< r.4<:: ..4re. Shirley 0rd1W&1 of lam.rte .
1P In Natural Color eat a, CLEVELAND, OHIO A grief New York, receives a check for.$ ,080 from Art Lin*
AVERY stricken woman whose father etter for taking top honors In the Senior Dmea of Jill*
had been killed by a car .in a )1Ir7'. 11th Grand Naltonal Bake-OF at the Beverly Hilton HoteJ
AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO street accident recently wrote to Her contest entry was a Lesion Cloud Fie which she baked
Eidmond C. Powers, editor of the hotel's International Ballroom alone with a hundred othel
611 West Ashley Clan While MIsslou Bid Street and Highway Lighting than $100.000 in prize money and General ElectrM
Magazine and asked "What canI SJlSSceV were preaened to winners at the Award Luncheon.
Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments do to make sure this-doesnt Each of the 80 senior and twenty Junior contestants who comp
happen to someone else?" )red for the top award received an expense paid trip to BeTcrli f
She went on to explain that the
the General Electric range and mixer used darlnj
motorist whose ear struck down Seompetttien. Mrs. Ordlwsy started with a baste lemon pfl
MISS FISK Miss Janeice Cochran of Dayton, Ohio her aged father,had simply laid: became Wt her husband's favorite worked: out her own rariationj
I resigned Saturday as "Miss Fisk" during the Nashville UnI- "I didn't see him 10 wID. She's the wife .Jerry Ordhray, an electd IaD. and the<
WHEN YOU ARE ILL versity festive homecoming ceremonies. A feature of the The street was poorly lighted, mother of three youngsters, Valerie I, Pull. and Gloria z. Shi
You Seek: The Best Doctor homecoming day was the 2nd Annual High School Band the the old dark gentleman was dressed in tas a moderately tarn recipe collection including a complete se1if
clothing would
you expect recipes.
When Your Doctor Prescribe Contest. "Miss Fisk" is flanked by her attendants Mary Jo in one of his generation,and keaatifaUy rubbury and Grand also National enjoys rtiifohhig and XBropeaa and dedfnlar,

Get Experienced Pharmacists Parker, left, of Portsmouth, Ohio, and Carole Jenkins ofVETS' his reflexes and distance judge- I01D8 day to .: ad create eJoa& *n- 's. To Fill Your Prescriptions ment corresponded to his years L member of ForAvLa41el CIrdI 01 '
M According To Your Doctor's JOHN E. FORD P-TA When the daughter thought of CJmrdI. 8he'll1lJl part of her rponey to rtasi bar
CORNERSeptember all the senior citizens whose lives uarbaD bona Will ut0 till r lllOr... i 11Ina'i
Orders. We Use Only TO MEET NOV. 5 were endangered by the poorly .

The Best Quality'Drugs '. At lighted streets in her community, s
Enrolled Checks she decided to act.Calling on city
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor Due November officials, she was told the practical : .
facts of life.
The P.T.A. of John E. Ford Elementary Money was
scarce, and what there was, had MISS ROSEMOND SATTERWHITE
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOUfiLLY'S I School will hold its regu- to go where pressure was the

The Veterans Administration today lar monthly meeting Thursday greatest. ANNOU (;ES
"Wait until there are five more
DRUG STORE reminded veterans, who en- night, November 5, in the school deaths," she was advised, "then The Opening of Piano Classes

rolled in GI schooling on or after cafetorium. the public will be ready to rec- For Children from 7 Years Old Up.
ognize the need for good street i
1907 Kings Road ELgin! 3-8278 September 20, that they will not re- lighting." For Information Concerning Classes
Mr. R. V. Daniels, president of
A COMPLETE LINE OF: ceive their training allowance pay- It reminded Mr. Powers of the Call EL 4-5793 1237 West 28th Street
the Duval County P.T.A. Council lesson his own city had to learn
Rubber Goods Candies Sundries
Cosmetics ments until November 20. Attend- before
they demanded light on
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED will show a film on the sewage problem -
ance certifications from the veteran- their streets.A .
and give a brief talk. All members child,sent to a neighborhoodstore
trainees and the schools for those< I after dark, was attacked _d _
of the Ci.ocal4\e
body the :
who enrolled to 20 : nd murdered by a degenerate on
prior September I P.T.A. and; Fare--.is w. aslced: L> fce i i j'er own dimly lighted street.The
have, for the most part, been received federation of
present Women's Clubs ATTENTION READERS
promptly and allowance pay- : r:ent a committee to call upon the
OPEN!NGS FAR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS ments were in the hands of the veterans It \:..s r.nnciii/ei.u that ;. rscetivj ; :'layer with instructions not to Please Bring or Send Your
October 20, B. J. Gannon, Officer of the er-jcuti/e board MrH be he'i! l lave his office( until they had a
i finite answer as to what he Church News Club Notices & AnnouncementsTo
PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN in Charge of the VA Office in :' I roposed to do abut lighting the
The executive bod
: is asked to le
Jacksonville, said. streets of the city of Cleveland. The FLORIDA STAR Early .
There are openings for at the e:'?.\::ive meeting Morala. 4 "Groups, such as this can pet
EXPERIENCED -'Newspaper reporters, editors He further stated that due to the aftenro: at J::-11:t tAenj" ;,-r :2 in''! tie attention" of harrassed officials DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS

copy-readers. advertising salesmen circulation late receipt of certifications from the p.n lpal's *...*i't'" Mr. Powers pointed cut.
some schools, the checks for some --- -- -- TUESDAY at NOON
men and women printers. compositors line- ?
veterans who entered prior to Sept ,
type operators. ember 20 will be a few days late.I'i FLORIDA STAR
How To Make Your Own Pork
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO W. will tram Payrolls are being made daily and \I I Sausage 2323 Mencrief Rd. Corner 13th Street
checks will be issued as soon as !

young reporters and people for all departments possible. Gannon cautioned that, I

If you have a real desire to become a member unless the certifications are received -- -----
of the newspaper fraternity. in the VA by the 10th of the i .
I month following each monthly period 4e9 .{ s *

WE NEED Men and women young or middle- of schooling, allowance pay- ?y {
aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper and ments cannot be made on the 20th i

magazines.ACT of the month. SUPPORT THE DRIVE

Those trainees who entered schoolon

NOW State experience and age. or after September 20 will be

WRITE: paid November 20 for that protiondue FOR BETTER TREATMENTC J

for September plus the full

month of provided the vet- ,.. ....,. .,.
. INTERSTATE PRESSP. October "J:; """' ="
O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla. eran and the school complete the Home-made pork sausage is a be stuffed into casings. II OF NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMSI
certification and submit it to the sure hit at every breakfast table.It Morton Sausage Seasoning is
can now be yours in a few a complete mixture, which
con- I
VA November
by would like to policy of better treat
moment's notice. Here's how- tains the finest spices, sage, pep- 1M a new
j- aa: .e.a a: Take fresh pork trimmings, pers, and other seasoning ingredients ment to Negro customers adopted by local firms.
pork shoulders or loins and cut blended with salt in I resent being called by my first name by salesman
into small cubes, mix about % exactly the right proportions to and saleswomen.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY fat trimmings with % lean make the most delicious sausage
trimmings. To make a mild fla- you ever tasted. It is ready to I believe that Negro patrons should be prorided
vored sausage, use 1 oz. of Sau- use just as you receive it. ample rest room facilities In local establishments and
The Finns Listed Below Are Recomm ended As Reputable Establishments sage Seasoning to 4 pounds of You do not have to guess mixor an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountainsand

Specializing Servi ces and Products meat, for a more highly seasoned add any ingredients. Sausage rest rooms.
sausage use 1 oz. of Sausage .Seasoning that is prepared for
Seasoning to 3 pounds of meat. 'you, is easier to use, it saves To accomplish: these changes I am willing to cease
AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Three level tablespoons equal 1 time and disappointments, and patronizing firms that are unv.'i'.I.cj to meet theserequests.

"Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" oz. of Sausage Seasoning. After enables you to get the same original .
Bathi the meat and Sausage Seasoning delicious flavor-the same
Swedish Mineral Steam
have been thoroughly mixed, put tempting taste every time.
Complex Body Repair & Paint Work [ Colonlc Therapy .- the meat through a meat grinder, Sausage Seasoning is packed NAME __ _
D. C. Washington Masseur Same T using either a 3/16th or l/8th in 10 oz. cans. It may be pur-
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- For 23 Years. hole plate,depending on whethera chased at your local meat curing

Price Start at $4.00 01BJ.934 H. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247 i coarse or fine textured sausageis products dealer, or if unavailable ADDRESS _
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-81351: : desired. locally,it may be ordered by
Sausage meat may be made sending one dollar,check or Mom ( ) You dlscloM name If
FOODS WILLIE SMITH DRUGS into rolls, placed in the refrig- ey Order; to the Morton Salt may my necessary.
erator and, when chilled, sliced Company Box 781, Chicago 9t\ I d.ntl&l un! w Indicated otherwise below.
Free delivery any part of the city into patties as needed, or it may Illinois. I understand that my name will b. held eonfl-

If You Want The Finest In Groceries (601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380
And Meats Come See Us t t+or % /
300 Davis Street EL 6-5412; JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT I, aDID'acEr a o iaa

-- -
'Courteau Treatment Nf!
AAA BONDING AGENCY Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. toerrTh PLINiYOF LEI7UCEstxtE'WST

City County and Federal Bon. 306 .Davis Street EL 4-1210 TOSSci1K4GU Y
Law Exchange Bldg. EL ':-1S32'ACE I a
Ij j


30 Years In Electronics BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES

All Work Guaranteed : ICE CREAM. COSMETICS
943 Forest Street EL 4-6904

TRADING 1102 Price St. EL 3-6312
POST I fm s rl sw 6 EWMZ/ %CHIPS W/Y- rtes Maur


Fertilizer Fruit Products NE 444A G AACt
New and Used Furniture bought and soldMattres Resenting Our Specialty 'EM HAVE TVefi HAN05.r .
'- One Day Service IN THE FORK BAJUKLBOI.DElrS /: tWl'tCsRYl1'a
Road SP 1-37M
564 Tlmlquaaa 0
Old Slag- Road PO 5-1634 ? t tI


All Modern Conveniences TAXI I
Room by Day. NIght. or Week -At Your Serrice"

For Information Call NEW DEAL CAB EL 44611

EL 5-4025 627 W. Ashley Street LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611

t ? a eee =2 22 ft ., .

: ,- -
\ i.'s"j
", <" '" ; "f. te ,
\ :! '.'.:. ,;. ...

.- .

.; :'
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;- t ; .-



,.. .. .r .rO ..

c>" ," '" 1'T: ':

; ,, f ; ;: .\ k fr' : : : ;; t

T > ./. : .. ;: ', / ;1 !

Wetk-Ea&ag Saturday October SI. iHl'; THE FLORIDA ST.I..R. Pay Sa'rsa

.. -

I( Gilbert Panthers To Play. Panama City November 6, I IFMT1GPMTMRS I

f enough slayers to operate:?" The-GOLF LINKS OPEN
; general opinion is that out of the TO NEGROES IN INJURY FATALTO

f t-l-t) minor leagues. and the Negro league

I r PANAMA CITY LNHOM10MING! : players new league.can be Mrs.secured Effie to staff Manley the, CORAL GABLESCORAL YOUNG STAR

c1POftCORNER fencer owner of the Newark Eagles GABLE, Fla. Cry: 0 V
sent Larry Doby. Monte Irvin ficials revealed recently that golf I
i The Fighting Panthers of Matthew. Gilbert will be the F and a host of others to the majors. courses have been q-ietly integrated -I

host and probably favorites in their Homecoming game with The Indianapolis! Clowns sent up for weeks with almost no not--C I

I Panama City at the :Myrtle Avenue Baseball Park, Nov. 6, By C. PARHAM JOHNSON Hank Aaron The Kansas Monarchssent I in the well-to-do Miami surburb. : _

I flf 8 T .Tn. up Jakie Robinson. The great "The city has instructed TALLAHASSEE Oliver ':oyce.I .
't The:Fightirs Pr-there are far SADDNESS GRIPPED the student bodies of FloridaA Roy Campanella was trained by course personnel to permit Negroesto Florida A&M University yearling

; away from IV record they oet "- I -,-t to brea'r lire: at anytime. Ad- and 51 University and Matthew. Gilbert as well as the Josh Gibson, win was the sparkplug play on its golf courses." Mayor I quarterback died recently after suffering

1958 but stll believed '.- .je f 'cjg inc: :tLs a:? 0_: it h:1sne fans who knew Ol'ver: Joyce so wen! when his death was an- of the Homestead Grays and John M. Montgomery said. He also a serious injury to his spinal:

enough to give the team.from Pan- fleet backs and powerful line. The nounced. There has been nothing in recent years that was considered by many to be one of said: "We have no policy of bann x cord in defensive drills last week.

i ama Qty a tough fight. The Pan- I team has posted a remarkable sea- as shocking as that bit of news. Joyce was well liked by Ills the greatest catchers( to ever play Negroes at this time." The 220-pound 5-9 sig-cl caller

thers will be battling to defend son record and feel perfectly con fellow teammates, highly respected for his ability by his baseball. The Negro American hit halfback Bob Paremoro h:ad on

their Homecoming record against a fident that they will be in a positionto opponents and greatly esteemed by the fans who watched: Lr-j".e a' : 0? laXcnapc'is: : downs in a defensive drill against Bethune-

I team that'is mean, tough and hard defend that record against the him perform on the football field. ; ctill have some: mighty: fine baseball MOTOR MAIDS Gookman plays. A&M played Beth-

to ha.idle. : Panthers.Tt" SPORTING-- IT UP ... -- 1 talent The minor leagues are une-O>okman College in Jacksonville

I I Pa-'h- en the cth2r: l-.. -lleer UVEnOYCE war one -f the 1, .m....|.. .p T--T"'_0. .p-... 1"- h"Ad I i alA full of; great prospects. I last Saturday night. He was
The Panama CJy: team can not rushed immediately to the A&M
that able LV'jorctawa main cns in the wheel that rolled i : SUGAR RAY ROBINSOX. the i
they to
l ere give coa'h of th2 ;i1-wiit. W::shingli' i
be looked v: x> as apushor.: and aa over opponent after opponent 'c. I ?:ew Ycrk and Massachusetts mid- hospital in an ambulance under the
something -
I r. Ro'V.kns, siiCc:: ':ntlv that: OIl
they arm r '-n T '"> the citx!"' :nc.tt'1 -. b ,' :: aftc.tl_ clinch three titles in l:'SS at Vat- dlew2sht boxing champion has received supervision of Dr. Brickler wherehe
: ag : riit-w.: : of trio Lcs Argc--s Ra:.a_
prepared Jo give Lw Panthers: i.:o.j thew W. Gilbert. He was a fine his physcal examination and under went surgery after being
season is over. The hometown fans Night Driving
is the finest football player in America .
I'' than what they are looking for. It of He the will reveal his j X-rayed.
specimen humanity. was one reports physical
I are in for a real good game that today and one of the best vhjever h
is assured thatill: be a battleto will be a thriller an the v vay.2S of the finest athletes eve- '---->ed I lived. Matson ...'eragc 3-ya ri: fitness to defend his title against Made Easy Coach Jake Gaither reported that

the finish. cut by Matthew W. Gilbert Jsor.ville. *- "' Paid Fender in December. Both the two units were working on defense -
p"r r r- !!:. : ;'l'. cgai'sij :
He was libeled a :'L"e"e winner Massachusetts and New York und'sound fundamentals when
Coa-h Earl K.: -C0.' :'/.1{ 'j I the: TMri.t: !e.-s: J 4-Le Tri?*>i : ; recog- j i By Martha JoItmMa
... 2{ BOXER SUES for the p- nnks. rims Sugar Ray as the world i j Dodge ComaltantWhether the mishap occured. "We can only
"W Gilbert: ha- -en c opt % who )v pi :: c- t i % ;S"e:: : tear''with J
THE FORMER FIGHTT'; :--I|' champion and the NBA recognizes I' hope for the best" he said "he
optomistic coatli rOo"' ..'r .3 1; ., .' !:;- .nIt: :1'C&.-il
THER was la. uiy injured u-rin: Gene Fullmer as the world middleweight i driving in the city ot, received the best of service and
been a deep dyed in the wool pes I I I of the Chic-TO "irdinals also sail I traveling the vacation highway
SAY ROBINSON a practice session of the Florida champion. The question now be tiresome and } continued to do all within our powerto
mist. He has been optomistic enough Matson was- ie greatest football night driving can !
however to believe his team had A & M Rattlers. He proved himself player in the game. is will there ever be a match be- dangerous. ; see that he received the best of

what it takes to take care of the to be a battler for even on his hos- tween Sugar Ray and Gene Full- Glaring headlights, ,Vm' medical attention." In a solemn

situation he has been pessimistic I FOR ASSAULTNEW pital bed in a parapyzed conditionhe I THE TIIIRD MAJOR LEAGUE of mer to eliminate a two-champion di con signs changing traffic light j voice Coach Gaither uttered "Hiis

enough however to believe over remained in his right mind. He' which Branch Rickey has alrea::> vision. ar sod. called glistening"the deceiving reflections often of. is the worst injury that has hap-

confidence has lost many games waged a battle between life and been chosen as president is the center JOHN DANTZLER the shining the night." eye pened to me since I've been coaching -

that could have been won. YORK Attorney SamuelJ. death until the end came. A real of discussion. The big quest: .. star cf, the Dual Vocational Engineers Your sundown-to-sunrise trav and I regret it very much.

Siegel said his client Phil Nor- competitor went down, but as an. continues to carry the pigskin : d doesn't have to be dangerous Joyce is from acksonville where

Both teams will be strong with man of 372 St. Nicholas Avenue has athlete he left his footprints on the I is: far the Engineers. Dantzlerhas though if you.take a few pret aw : ha was a star quarterback on the
: hets tions.
third league
plenty of depth. Panama Qty has I filed a suit against Ray Robinsonfor sands of time. i "Where will a been the br:adwrnrer for the C Reduce ., Matthew-Gilbert High School team

always been a threat and is very 25000.. S team from the time he first put on Turn your speed at night. last fall. Since coming to AM,.he
on your driving lights;!
s football togs at the school. When had been an outstanding player ont
On August 29, according to the immediately at sunset-ear-;:
attorney. Norman sustained three t. the team needs a score Dantzler is lies when visibility is poor. | >i! tears unit which is noted, forI

broken ribs as the direct result of the man t3 get it. To get a thrill Lower your vehicles.beams for ap I ita rugged defense. He was a starter
Broaching Use
WJrrh I h., 'I. n"'h being dropped with a blow delivered out cf a football game, just watch pr beams only when ups tIM ; I in two of the three A&M games

83 = 45 -87 i y l'lecw York State middleweight Daitzlef: carry the ball. road fa clear. this fall.

746-22-936" champ. 1; Look Ma. No Pins! TIIE FOOTBALL SEASON is not for Keep good your vision.windows clean

The attorney further conceeds that over by far. A plenty fOC'tballill
I 1 Keep a close watch for
]'nur relax vane in diaper history.They art] p-j;
: can
-, his client was treated at Presby- No'' seen in Jacksonville yet before destrianS. FLORIDA STARIN
6 :- 3 the easiest diapers to put on.
'_-(... terian Hospital, Morris Ho..iSland 'o more pin-pricks from a pins, no snaps, no buttons, no ] j the season :is over. The one thins f| Stop to rest when you become
fi jling father overs.nxioUiJI
5 i-: -Y 2 at U.s. Health! Service on 67th folding just touch the Velcro that can be said to the everlasting j sleepy.
I sitter when the
: baby Keep inside
.aer or I Iw lights your
j-or J Street, where he was X-rayed. Sie- d.; ers are being changed! : <: t.vtapes to closet I credit to the fans of Jacksonville is ji jit car turned off while driving. EVERY
lift to
4 1 gel said his client suffers from '7e can thank a Swiss inventor open 1 :'-: h3' team, \vereell supported e Never wear sunglasaes at

I dizzy spells and has been unable to named sorami ::4& folded They are pro-and by the fans at the various games. night.

39-70-19 : persue his vocation as a seapian. p f Mestral George for de -: ;, sewn With SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL WE COLORED HOME

188-03-96 Sugar Ray,said: "I have been told ti Or r;r,,< coming up *' four layers of MEET AGAIN. -

that there are rumors that I am rr with theidea s. t a. I x heavyweightbirdseye in ,
uuwuiiKfi nr' u| being sued by Phil Norman for assault ,r w rr of the Velcro 'tVV
'.. ? the center givme -
N..fhrthnvM h dOWD
c : fas.tenerwhich
There is no basis for the alleged ab- j' : "
Ufo add.*. subtract: ::; r is now ,' "_,.'" n extra "
iir works It .nil around litigation. making its .orbene7'Diaper ILeti OtJF
"I have passion for Phil whom I r -- appearance o n as usual where needed I SERIES MARKS I ; Ieile'I
most Most .
.importantly they j
Coming Attractions have known for a long time. Phil a countless I. I .
are adjustable in length and.
46-88-526-57 former fighter is one person I would Hooks & Loops American products. width to fit snugly even as baby. BROKEN TIED BY BUCK ROGERS

help not harm. Did you ever walk aeroii grows plumper and livelier. I
country and have burn stickto The Velcro tape does not .
-- suffer at all when washed with ,;
your clothing? Inventorde the The latest news from the things but his official name
diapers and it will last
n -
Mestral returned from IN 6 GAMES
a northland might prove to be a Is piranha.
the lifetime of the diaper. Aa
hunting trip in the Swiss moun- shock to muskie fishermen, but The world knows this little
JEJnd the strength tains one day an got to thinking independent and testing closed laboratory it's interesting.You fish as a man-eater but he
opened the
about the annoying burdock new f see a muskie is really Isn't this particular. Any
burrs that his fastener 82,000) times with n. CHICAGO Twelve major World
dung to clothingand supposed to be something real- living thing that enters his
appreciable loss in
his dog. Examination; undera holdingpower. Series records were set and eight ly special In piscatorial society. watery domain is fair game.
for life00' microscope showed the.hundreds He's our largest game fish is a And because this little fish
your of tiny. hooks that grabbed Ever since man began to tied during the six game series between real killer and is supposed to prowls the waterways in packsof
into loops of thread ft .wear clothes he has been I the Los Angeles Dodgersand have more than enough brainsto hundreds he's a formidablefoe.
animal hair. searching for an ideal fattener 1 the Chicago White Sox in 1958. match all of this ferocity. Once. I saw a school of
Those which have made their I
Well Velcro works the The northwoods muskellunge piranha tackle a crocodile andI
same until had Tops were reached in total re-
appearance now
but has brokens so many fishing timed the battle with
way it drawbacks either and attendance for Series for my
they ceipts
I's took the inventor W pop. hearts that a "reputation" Is watch. In less than two minutes
nearly \ \ pod off, got stuck or stuck/ uJE any length, breaking all-time marksin only to be expected.A Mr. Croc was reduced to

ten years to ;':'--' Bablu, who until now have money income attendance for a 13-year-old youth recently a skeleton. Sound awful? It
: either stuck
got or to all of these theories
apply the ... : single and total Series plus exploded
( \ sleep on hard metal pins I game was.Despite
.r idea to the ". : or when he pulled up to a Wiscon- his appetite and den-
new fastener. t : snap buttons, can now sleep in the largest player pool in history. sin resort and asked for help to tal structure the piranha is an

There are two 1, t! diapers held V/ The more important records fol- heave his muskie up on the excellent game fish on light
strips of Du- r"t '., tr. \' by.together as if .y : low: Largest player pool, $8'J2.365.04 ,- dock. It was so big that observers tackle. The biggest species only
1; Jp ,Pont nylon i'l'' : $ ... with Velcro- t i I ; Largest receipts game-$552- prize.thought But he this was was a before cinch fora an harder weighs a to pound land or than so. but a five-he's
is facet! .
fasteaers.If {{;,, 774.77 Tuesday Oct. 6; Largest total honest youngster explained howIt
with tiny nyLay diaper flat t ,. pound trout He's also a taste
Ion hooks tabs OD top the < tS; j receipts six game Series- happened. delicacy on the table.
Amertc a n .adiaper It seems as though he was
'CTRELIGION $5626,973.44, exceeds: seven game Meet the piranha if
(burrs); the other with tiny bri- '. easing around the edge of a you CJ.n.'lt ,
nylon loops. When pressed together could Series total; Largest single game : malce sure you do it from
gade but ;7't : weedbed when his outboard dry land.VIIAT'S.
the hooD and loops express themselves rl I attendance 92,706 at Los Angeles prop struck something hard. He
lock and will not open until coher- I Oct 6.Most. was surprised because his speed \ IN A NAME

you peel them apart. ently on this Press taba I I didn't warrant the force of the Fish have just as much trou
IN AMERICAN UFc INC. The introduction of Velcro on issue we'll for lilac fit J home runs pinch! hitter in collision. But he was even more ble with names as people do.

the Presto Chango diaper by wager they'd want to )hut .. ::1 Series-2, by Chuck EsseRian Most surprised when he saw a big For instance, a cmailmouth
Riegel ha made the greatest aa- a monument to de Hut a11! ; muskie lying unconscious In the bass got together with his
WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS WEEK J runs batted in, six game Series-10 I water at the stern of his boa, largemouth bass and spotted

Ted Khiazewskif! Chicago White Sox; According to the prcud youth bass cousins: and decided that
Most the muskie had mistaken the tha lake was to
errors inning outfielder-2. going pot be-
i s s gently revolving for some-
prop cause
a few white bass had
Duke Snider Dodgers Thursday thing good to eat and had decided to hang out there. But
OcL 1, third inning; Most pinch hitters come out second-best in tile before the
e .* .. big bass could black-
;; club, one ga.-ne-6. Dodders conflict. ball the little whites someone
and White Sex; Fewest complete: I asked the Mercury outboard dropped a g nUe hint about
people if they were now going black basses being sunfiah and
I games, by pitchers Series Club-O
to advertise their product as not baas at &J.
Dodgers andU te Sox; Fewest the newest-'thing' in fishing And
thafs the it la.
I WALKER\ complete games 'by pitchers Series lures, but they declined a com- The next time some kid calla
(any length0 Los V Angeles .0, Chicago thing is certain. huskies a argttevith nice' bare him.a sunfish don't

i 0.Individual. aren't so durn smart after niL
By the way.. bass are called
i VoafoncrCommercial/ / records tif.i Most runs MEET THE PIRANHA green trout down south.

batted in Series-5 led iCuszewski, I Down in South America try V If you haven't met up with
jungle rivers and lakes teem the stumpknocker yet, he's ant
one game; Most one base hits, with a little fish ith -. ., '
A j( a bf;- College game-4, Jim Giiliair. Oct. 6; Most reputation. lie's called a lot or jr.uly which Knocks insects off

V V runs batted In, Series (any length I .- ",'" stumps and gobbles 'em up be-

10, Ted Ksluszewski ties seven game T' :. :. fore they gel damp. His official
COURSES moniker is: rareiouth bass.
i iI
Series record of Yogi Berra ,of the "' J", '"J7 ,
Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating ': c Up north. a pike is a *aek

f 1 i iItasi Business Administration Tailoring I New York Yankees, 1356. :: or rightfully snake, called and a a walleye walleye.la

: Accounting w Leading to CPA ,_ Dressmaking Club records tied-most home runs, Down sojth, a walleye Is a jack

Stenographic Upholstering inning club-2. Dodgers Friday Oct ::R. salmon, and all members 0: the
Clerk Typist Radio w TelevisionBookkeeping 2, 7th. Most errors-game, outfielder ,s.::. sunfish family are lumped to-
O l L .. J !' gether in the brim category.If .
PBX Receptionist 2-Duke Snider Oct. L : Jr. /: .
r IIr1lQ you're confused, don't let
Business Law Business Machines l. i'I" ]'.. it bother you. I landed a big

f t For Additional Information ra .-, Lr'1'" ;;: salmon en the Uotpqua River
c "- #i who became
Telephone ImmediatelyEL ; positively embarrassed -
.. :; 1.14if when I hauled him up
'PO 5-0004 .
r -
,. on the beach. He had gotten me
r .. : V ._ Or Writ i ; JN confused with a nice guy named
: l Attn Dr. J. Walker Brown : -.:: ); ,; .' .r'!" Flash Gordon.

JactaonTfllo 9. Fla. .. .,, ;.... ..
1' ':._ -r' ?;O'r // yon live any qutttloni COMtrn'mg -
V '1tJ
t '1884 Myrlle A.... : ,':. 1r \ ( fishing technlqntt, equip4mror -
Meet the piranha: a little fellow -
Waflnr V :.C CoBeg : ..1:" -14-ZQ-.il Bnck
.: with a mean set of teeth.
.r J" : tl } Roitrim ett el this
& p.pa.
:-: '. l-.u.iIi VV V _" A< --.. -:::--- *- "' .........

.. -- --.- ,. .. ..".. ." ""' .. -. --- ...,... ,;;;..;::-- .; "" _. '




J-. __' '.. .. -'" ,--. .' -.


:',.- ; .- .,. .' : .-' ,', .. -

.;'' ,: !' ... .
!71 : -V.
.. : '" "" .. ;
; "
::7 ,< .,:;4 : ... .


; Eight : THE FLORIDA STAB _Week Ending Saturday.' October 31. 1959
< '. : '. S ROOM FOR RENT f CHIPS OFF THE BLOCK still say treat them like .they treatus. same crew along with the Down- ,

Furnished room for coupleor An eye.for an eye is still good. town Chamber of.Commerce standin
*: man Conve ':* By Jay Jay the' way of any progress which
f HELP WANTED nice single' :: _. ? Edward Waters College came LEARN TO DRIVES
MAIDS COOKSHOUSEWORKERS nienily locateed. 'Call. EL 4- A bra'with flying colors in the recent will hit the pockets of the real estate Drivers' License
1717. The big game has come and gone re-evaluation. The college is big business bloc in Jackson- C'W'8 *
, NEW yoRK: and Jaxons are more convinced than busy. making plans.for the accredia- ville.Editor's SCHOOL .*

We have many excellent ever that the Florida Classic is tion of the entire four year programby Note: The FLORIDA 600 West Beaver Street I *

positions open for good female -1 strictly a social affair or gatheringof > the Southern Association. STAR does not share this view. GEORGE PERPENA. Dir. f *

domestic workers..stea-1 ROOM FOR RENT the clans and not an athletic contest Friends of the Chester Cowardswill About Town: J. C. Holland squiredhis Res. PO 5.4607 I *

dy Jobs with n i c private Nice room for respectable I The game resembled more of \be pleased; to know that Mrs. daughter and her hubby around
( a track meet between little boys in Vanchetta Cowart is expected to return over the weekend. The Ambristersof
single working man or wo-
famalies who will treat you :
and provide nice man. Call EL 3-9847 after which the big bad rattler refusedto to duty early ia November. The Miami visited papa J. C. Jimmy I :
right a ;
let the little wildcat play with Editor informs us that Mrs. James Anders and Perry Hughes rode
meals and all privileges 5:30 P. M.MODELS
room, 1, the ball. (Thelma )Lewis Jr. has been in into town making a loud noise.. iC
Salary to $50 weekly,i ito Grief is prevailing throughout local Brewster for a*check-up.Nothing se- D. C. Collington and Jimmy Huger Coming! 3 DAYS ONLYROOSEVELT !

start. Transportation to.+'. sport circles. Fans all over the rious, we hope. of B. C are among the hardest i\ t
New York advanced. If you I town are mourning the loss of Oliver workers at every Florida Classic. ] iC
are looking for a good sleepin The new dub Monterey is open WED. THU1\S. FRI. I
Joyce who died from injuries suffered The wheels just smoke things over.
Do- WANTED for'business. The new site of the ...
Job contact Florida ,
during a FAMU practice ses- Fans[ expressed some disfavor with
mestic Supply P. O. Box I Magazine Work. Experiencenot sion. A former teacher of the boy club is in the Richmond Tea Room. the halftime show. The A & M : AWV

323. Lakeland Fla or phone necessary. Reply giving paid him the highest tribute. It was John Pickens, the manager prom- Band is getting monotonus. They ITSTHATREDHOTPICTURE I
ises big things. Members and /
MU 33389. height, weight and measure- pointed out that he was a gentle- friends pick their new membership need to vary some. ABOUT THAT ,I
man and student as well as a stellar may up The Ben Durhams had house *
ments. Pays well and takes or write in for them. They NIGHT-TIME GIRL!
athlete. So many of our lads are guests this week-end. Clara did the
FOR SALE little time. Send photographif not the either two. tell us the club is having dificulty entertaining while Ben hid from KP ato
getting its furniture back from !
Old 97 and Marti-Dare Cosmetic possible. On the local prep scene the Northwestern board member Atty. Ernest Jack- assignments. After the game most i

and Hair PreparationAt P. O. Box 1152 Yellowjackets, tthe county's son who has it out to the Ribault of the FAMceans entertained. They I !L 1(
Cinderella team" invades tthe lair had plenty to crow about. The BCC A tip of the Peps CXxp
Factory Prices .
Jacksonville, Florida Club *
811 S. Edgewood Ave. of the Big, Bad Blue Devils and at- group just folded their tents. to these oatetandiac
tempt to prove that their victory Silver Star under the manage- Grid fans are clamoring for I young American, ado

Ey 9-3119 string Is for real. The Yellowjacketshave ment of Henry arid Bobby Glenn FAMU to bring a top light game make our country Md

only had a team for three has good tidings. They don't plan to here so that we can see some real I our community a beta

BARBER WANTED years and are seeking a "place in stop with the new modern front and football. Why not think about the I I glace In'Which to llr

Apply Artistic Barber Shop. the sun." package store. Plans are on the Southern or A & T game for Jack-

''WALT'S RADIO &. 619 West Ashley Street. EL Ask the promoters of the Victory drawing board now which will in- sonville. The University of Floridadid I * *

9231.. Ball" at the Armory last Saturday clude a fine dining room, meeting itVote I

TV SERVICEAll night if it pays to advertise. There space and lounge in the rear. The for reapportionment or

were thousands of visitors in the former tenant has been dislodgedand against it Tuesday but study the

Work Guaranteed city who did not know that Joe tthe Glenns promise a first class issues and vote.FRIENDLY. Y DAYS
Turner would be wailin at uie place. .Buster Ford has openedup 1t r aasfQaDn
New and Used TV'sPhone
IS YOUR DRINKING Armory and they just didn't go. the snazziest place on the East
EL 3-4009 side and one of the finest of its LOANSOn 4,.F',. pl.w.ee Sen..FoaWJ
Jolt Yw oil of Yo.r
669 Florida Ave. On tthe entertainment kick, Mir type in town. Land at Bank Rates.
Getting To Be A Problem? acle Production is presenting Lion-I Why Pay More
Jacksonville Florida Tis no joke about the bowling GANGSTER THRILLER
el Hampton in a Pre-Veteran's Day For Service Call

R ,._,, ,. .AnJa.u .,,. dance on November 10 at the Arm alley. We talked with Mr. J. Alvin EL 6-2957 "CASE AGAINST
\ J.w .LgR Register. lIe inormed us that bids

ory.The being sought now for construc BROOKLYN"
are .1
dance of the season is scheduled I
tion. lIe promises to have one of ,
f1 SUN. WED. for the first week in December.
in the with all new I I-
St: Z FIRST The one and only Count Basic with the city 7 BIG DAYS! SUN 'SAT' --
and modern kegling equipment Bet- STRAND
I Big Joe Williams shouting the : 1"TUlCl.nROW
ter start reading up on your "spares i
blues and ballards will take over BENEFIT MT. ZION AME 2 TOP HITS!II II
and strikes". Let us hope that Ne- I New Stanton Senior Hit:; School
JAMES S7EWAR7 ( the city. The Basic band featuring '
I Patricia is a menilvr el 'hI 12-1
I Jaxons the critics wrong I
gro prove
LEE REMICK oI3t I Joe will make their first appearance
and prove that we want more than i grade class. She is the president of
I i here in some time NUSSGN : a : ifJ '
I her homeroom, Student Scc.tm of
just wine and Lkker when it comesto
j I Arv Rothschild of National Thea- recreation. 'I fffflNS 'I Dean of Girls, and plans to h'L'Ome
ARTKU.l CONNELL w fr h f ?
t tre Enterprises is offering a real !1 1 a musician.
EVE ARDEN s I the local schools. In I i
deal to
good Joke of the The of
year major:
********* **
KATKRYN GRANT fact its "Something for nothing". our fair city rode in on a big white j ,

i 1 1r Kids will see Fess Parker: and Jeff charger just like the knight in the _}. i I
Chandler in "The hawkers". Mr fairy tales and stopped the big bad II

and JOSCPH U. WELCH i*Judge Weaver Rothschild has just returned from councilmen and budget officers from I

California. lIe is the new prexy of increasing our taxes. Hizzoner came I

ALSO "PHANTOM STAGE COACH"CLIEARANCE an outfit which makes movies for in from Europe just in the nick of j I

TV. Smile when you see him and time. Lets face it We must have I i 4
you may get a screen test. He'informed an increase in taxes if we are to JOHN SAXON Some a yst' J
v' tilke
us that they intend to make have effective government in our I I JSt

several movies on location in Flor town. Tis true we need better man- tihct thzy

ida.The agement but they need money to 1Y06t. !
annual press open house at manage. Did anyone ever tell you !
the Astor Motell went over with a for school purposes. This is no longer 4 I rz

SALE bang. All of the guests left singingthe Cows Ford but a coming metropolis 4f f a Q II

praises of Mrs. Jessie Fears who In. addition to more moneywe I

served as cateress. The menu of must elect competent officials to j EDWARD LEVINE

baked beans, ham, chicken, salad, spend it. It is time for us to put ; I New Stanton Senior High School
hard bread and crab loaf was tops. businessmen in office and not poli- I w ( Pepsi Cola Dealers and Pepsi Cola
Distaff participants and guests all ticians. We need clean with ROOSEVELT I
a sweep SUN. MON. TUES. Bottling Company are proud to salute -
wanted to get the crab loaf ingre- transfusions of young blood in the ALL NEW HALLOWEEN HITS! Edward of the 12-9 grade class.

dients. city hall and court house. In the He is thte president o fthe senior

I For your information, the large court house the school board and class and plans to become a doctor.

reserved area left open at the Gator trustees must not be overlooked Diary of a

Bowl Saturday night was for a band when we start sweeping. % Jl.Jf. ." "JfJf..
which was scheduled to arrive and j

Jay on the BCC side of the field. One last thought. The increase !

o The presence of Mr. Charlie and would hardly affect John Q. Public. i
his family in some of the most
Most of
us would only pay a few
choice seats and the vision of the
more. We took the realtors
spot reserved for me at the GeorgiaFlorida I Yl l
FALL STYLES and big land owners bait and stageda.

REGULAR PRICE left and all other white games citizens revolt over an item which VIEW SUN. MON. TUES."TOXI"EUROPE'S II I
a taste in my mouth. I I affected
special interests. That"GIA

$12,95 to $14.95HIGH I "HANGING TREE" Gary Cooper Technicolor I

I CJ T I A" '



Colored. Elks Carnival .

MACEO LODGE I New Stan.n Senior High School
: : Tributr b paid to Deotho of the
S 12th grad ( !1';3o the u a Timberof
Sale Price
THRU NOVEMBER 7TH N.H.A. She plans .to become a So-
sal Study Teacher.

Location: t ,

.... _
1 t. *
S....., i ,, Listen To PepsiMusicQuest

$7 .95 i i, .. ,: Friday
t = ; '
a Featuring 1 Nites 10:30 t) 11:00

t For Phone Rust 1

JERRY JACKSON'SColored .,_ ;;\; 4The it EL 60461.2 :

:.{i.' Minstrel Rock & Roll .

'." and
.,'" :. ... : Calypso Rovue FriendlyBlender k St OscA :
\ : :''" EJ '
:_ DEATH .


I HI KIDS! 1 ."" '; .
). .

P ScN S Don't forget special school children's. matineeSet :"i.:-!i.!::' ... :: ....,"
..Vi0 'Si' f
October 31st from 1 to 6 P. M.. Beautiful 'f\ilL\ .- :

bicycles and other prizes to' be given away I r: -." i.(

courtesy of Pepsi Cola Company.All .', !. o

Wes rides and shows 10 cents deri&g matinee. .
Fonyth St '
: -
PLENTY FREE PARKING .....;,.""- !i."c'' ..;;.."'...._ ...: '

__-.-.....-_ "_ '. _.a-- Dtiid lifw -..; O'.4 ,. ,. ., -. "& .
'..... ce to -"
f7 ianss :, K. O. l* .


,- ,