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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200532datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 17, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005320740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 17, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 17, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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."" Y lti' ." ...



'. .
\ -


Is N* 'ix Father Of : Seven. .'J 'I".r",' t. LOCAL RECEIVES ATTY.

1\t Jiil -


ain.i. I'n.Love Triangle M

i a Ernest D. Jackson, "local
I Negro attorney reported this
t & < week that he has been receiving :
l **. 1 threats over the tele-

MINISTERIAL GROUP, GOLFERS FATJ\LSHOIFIRED:: ASMAN-l .M r (/ phone themselves from persons as representatives identifying --

f of the Ku Klux
yJ of the attorney, received the
...... r first
,. telephone threat at approximately -

of the citys two golf courses was postponed on A father of seven chldren was shot and killecj Thursday OBEDIAH J. STOCKTON ANDERSON WHITE 9:30! Thursday
: filet Circuit when he advanced in rath Obediah James Stockton (left) was the victim of an evening. The caller was quoted
Tuesday apparently in the wake of a suit : in morning allegedly anger ?
Court on Monday to enjoin the city from selling the courses drawn dagger on a man and woman who had just returned early morning shooting on Thursday when he allegedly I as saying: "We're going
threatened Anderson White and his friend.Lois I to blow house unless
below the appraised value. from. .a... date. girl I up your
and a group of Negro golfers. The victim, Obediah James [! University in Louisiana. At I Kirby. with a dagger. Miss Kirby admitted to police I that damn nigger stop filing
The suit, filed by a groupof affray. I Stockton of 1621 Grunthal :' the time of his death he was that she had been the girl friend of Stockton for i suits against us white folks."

Negro citizens, is being The petitioners are being Street, was fatally shot in the 'employed by Jacksonville many years. Stockton who died within thirty minutesis Jackson is representingtwo
handled batty Ernest D. represented by atty. Jackson I chest by 39-year-old Antler- Papr Company. survived by a wife and seven children... civil actions which could
Jackson who stated it wouldbe who stresses the illegality of son Whine of 101 PearceSt. White, assisted by Lois --- well break the
"a notoripus fraud-on thepublic" enforcing segregated use ot.: White had just brought I Kirby and her brother-in-law PATIENTS BEATEN WITH CHAINS very tionist grip on public segrega-facili-
:to "permit City Com- public facilities since such I I[:Miss Lois Kirby home froma Arthur Williams, carred: the ties now existent in this
missija sell the courses facilities, under city charter, date to find Stockton wait-!i fatally-wounded Stockton by city. On Monday he filed suit
for anything less than the I are dedicated to the use of ing for them, according to a I I car to Duval :Medical Center, IETTER TO NAACP CHARGES for a group of Negro citizensto
appraised value. [I the public as a whole. I police report. The report list-I i after which they went home.E enjoin the city from sell-
Early in the summer the i The suit to prevent sale of ed the location as 1931.! White was arrested: short ing the two municipal golf
city commissioners hired the golf courses was not giv-j,I Louisiana! St., the woman's time later by patrolman M. courses below the appraised
land experts to assess the,en a hearing date on Monday. i residence and the scene of the ,i Newton 'and .M. L. Masey atI values the
value of the two facilities. Asa slaying. his home. TAMPA; -The Rev. Leon Lowry, state NAAcP president i- forcing city commissioners
result of their appraisal, iCORAL GABLES I revealed this week that he had received a letter froma to postpone sale
I He has been with
According to a statement charged until
the Park was I Ii Negro patient confined at the State of the two courses a
Hyde' course Jthe Hospital at Chat-
valued at $605,000 and i given police, Miss "Kirby said : homicide, pending put-xPOlICE'ARRESt -I tahoochee charging that Negro patients were being treatedas court hearing, as yet tint.;
GOLF LINKS j J Jr' Stockton had been her boy- come of, an inquest I slaves there, and that ,some had been beaten into scheduled. -
Brent. wood at $496,000. friend for a number of years." J' .' .I consciousness.Ketemng .'- .- ,- un--
The highest bids! ,jrecei ed '. ,
I ,She said' Stockton:was:waiting :' -- ::> Jackson admitted to this
last week for Hyde Park were I r' f 1 1CORAL in the front of her house I! to the letter as newspaper that it is not the

$366,001 and $306,050 respec- :QUIETLYMIXED I II when she came home with I i said"Patient it X", Rev. Lowry BATTLE LOOMS I first time he and his family
not the first
was such
For Brentwood, $260-
tively. I I White little before 3 o'clockon : have been threatened with
000 and $193,000. The low:bid GABLES T h eattitude Tuesday monrng.: WOMAN FOR report the NAACP had re- Harm. He told of receiving a
left the city commissionersin taken by city offi-I Stockton is then alleged to ceived protesting the treatment -i OVER AFL-CIO I bomb threat while campaigning
a state of disappointment.In cials here has contributed :have come at them with a I of Negro patients at for a seat on the
a separate legal aetion greatly to the smooth initia- ; dagger. He was begged to LARCENY S the hospital. "Patient' XV city council.
involving segregation: a petition tion of racial integration in i leave them alone, the state- identity. was concealed in order : UNION BIASNEW I
to prevent .retaliatory Learning of the Thursday
has been filed with the
this fashionable Miami sub- ment'relates, forcing Whiteto James Hunter, 27, of the: !
action Lowry said. night bomb threat, neighborsof
ecreation Board asking, urb.A shoot him when he con- U. S. S. Bache Fleet P. O.
that body to open all recrea- Negro couple played golf tinued to advance.The ;' New York told police $375 Excerpts from the letter i I YORK A Philip the Jackson's all volunteeredto
tional facilities to the publicon for the first time on Sunday' I taken from him list released keep an night vigil
victim, 42"as well- I was I byLowry vividly:; Randolph, president of the around the house against'any
'a non-segregated basis. on the Granada golf course, liked and well known ; Tuesday when he went to the described the inhuman conditions :' American Brotherhood of racist .
The petition was signed by after waiting for nearly an I II' i home of whom he under which possible bombing.Late
the He a woman Negro
throughout city. Car Porters and
,Sleeping ,
a in the
night one an-
members of the Interdenom-
hour with other white golfersfor star quarterback while at-I had met in a beer parlor at patients are living at the institution of Negro leaders Jackson
I' group are caller told :
inational Ministerial Alliance I onymous
i their turn to tee off. ; 1005 W. Duval Street Monday The letter stated,
Edward Waters Col-
I tending planning a show of power for "Nigger, we're going to hunt
The couple was allowed te The victim said when he in "I have
lege. He also attended Xaviar part: actuallyseen the benefit of AFL CIO and to death
STOPS BULLETA play as a twosome on the checked his front car seat,. patients (Negro) beaten you worry you
fist fight between two president George Meany. right there in your home and
crowded course. White golf- his money was gone. Patrol- with metal chains, leather
men ended in a bit of gun- ers were put into foursomesby' RAPE SUSPECT men E. Jefferson and A. belts, rubber hoses and Randolf and Many en- in your office.

play last Saturday morningat the starter.It TRAPPED BY PRINTS I: Jones investigated and was. boards. I have seen them gaged in 'a public];) argument When asked how he felt
Fisherman's Inn, a May- was disclosed by Mayor assisted by Cruisers 307 and I unjustly kicked and beaten recently over the expulsionof about the situation, Jackson
port tavern. Willie Anderson John M. Montgomery that MIAMI Police arrested I until they lose consciouness. the Brotherhood of Rail- merely shrugged. "Peoplelike
32, of Fort Caroline Rd., told Negroes have played, golf a man here last Monday on 304.Eartha Lee Brown, of 1008 Ninety-eight per cent of the road Trainmen for "failureor that don't come out of
police he had been fighting. several times iIi the last two charges of assaulting and at. West Duyal Street, was ar- ordered by white supervisors. refusal" to eliminate discriminatory their holes until you put some
with a man known as Willie months at the city's Biltmore' tempting to rape a white woman rested for grand larceny in clauses from heat to them."_ he said. "Now
Anderson said Hendersonville N. C.
he in
Young. ,
course their constitutions."Our .
of themin
knocked Young down three The 'woman, left .fordeadby madeto it's a matter keeping
"The city has instructed "Negro patients are can get
times before bemg shot in the golf course personnel to permit suspect John G. Perkins, yestigation.HAMMERS work. They,even have to main' object' said the open" so .they
right thigh by the floored Negroes to play golf on is the wife of white, police- : clean up )the white patients' :Randolph,' "wfll "be to fight some air.

,maL its golf courses." the mayor man in that city. dining room. Negroes do all for the elimination of segregation MAN-SLAIN

The wounded Anderson said. "We have sno policy of I The arrest. of Perkins, 34 the work at the laundry. We at in all forms and at
showed up at Duval Medical banning Negroes at this FLEECEVICIIM are held as slaves. Many of
was accidental Police bad aH levels within AFL
teeter two hours after the: time. ., usare, well enough to be discharged OVER 60 CENTS.
picked him week for
up ago and they won't let CIO. We have gotten wonderful -

., -H prowling him for lack but of later evidence.released Be- OF HIS MONEYRoscoe us go." Negro union support"The

fore releasing him they tool Lowry said he would ask! fact was brought out A 42-year-old woman is
his fingerprints which disclosed Ford, '18, of 822 the delegates to the annual that there are 1,500,000 Ne- being held pending the outcome
the'faot that the name Georgia told police he was state convention of the gro dues-payers in the AFL of a homicide investigation -

he had given was an alias, and film flammed out of $14 while NAACP at Pensacola next CIO, yet, at the massive un- following'the fatal
that 'he was wanted as "a, he waited in the bus static week to adopt a resolution shooting of Nezekiah Sanderson -
ion convention test month
rape suspect to catch a,bus for home. calling for Gov. LeRoy Collins Tuesday 'night over a
ti a He is being held in .this: Ford aid while waiting to conduct an investigation these Negroes were represented I debt of sixty cents.
city until his removal tc I 'last Saturday a man came in at'' the hospitaL by only 10 of the 940 The woman, Ann Simmons.
North Carolina. and asked him if he knew Hospital officials have of- delegates. is said to have gone to 537

anyone who had lost a bill, fered .comment, regarding: Lee St., where Saaderson
TWO BOYS JAILED fold containing $600. He told,. Jthe charges of, alleged cruel Randolph said Negro unionists roomed, in search of him. A
FOR SCHOOL BUS FIGHT the man he did not know ol ty. must be inspired to witness told police the woman

loosing a switchbladeknif .I anyone losing a billfold leadership.. He said they said Sanderson owed her 60

respective and lead weapons pipe as, their twc I t j While they were talking another -, CHURCH NOT SAFE learn to participate mere ful cents and she was" going to
boys inflicted'damage. man came in and sup MEMPHIS Tenn.A 22- ly in union activities. "colle or else.
to I 1 gested that all three of themj i wife 'discovered Sanderson was shot a few
each,other during a fight on a. year-old recently
"Our will be dif-
school bus last Friday. j inquire f that the traditional job more minutes later when he returned -

Urban .nii suburban problems are discussed by DemoCratic 1 ; The victim said the mar: refuge found in the church r"ttt since we w'll have to to his room. He was
National Chairman Paul JL Butler .(center), ,Nathaniel George McKay, ,18,.of 19TJ r i with the billfold said he S. Colley, Sacramento, Calif., (left,) and Arthur W.23rd St.wound up in county -.1 I going out and ask his boss: the case. member in each unicn rather Medical froma
Duval Center
Chapin, Assistant to the Deputy Chairman for Political I jail booked on charges ol i about what to do about the
'Organization of the Democratic National Committee I contributing to the delinquency : money. When he came''back Mrs. Louise Anderson was than the un'ons them- bullet wound in the chest:.
of a minor Theotherboy he said his! boss told ,him chased down the aisles of et'e3i he stated.'
3lr. Colley, a member of the newly named i Advisory: i 1 i tot Miss Simmons, taken into -
I a 15-year-old, was delivered r'keep the and split East Trigg Baptist Church '
Committee on Urban and Suburban Problems of the Democratic money The stniT betTreenMean C.
Advisory Council, attended the first to"the juvenile center. with the ,other two parties. last Friday evening by her custody by Patrolman
meeting: of the
estranged husband Clarence -. : and TndoJph willi:Bowman and C. Seriven. was
Ford said the man with the
committee in D.C.
Washington, recently. Thts 23ner'bergroup I
toured Washington slum areas and former slum the According to police report,j pocketbook said it had 6 $100 who reportedly mir- probably begin in November I afro charged with the illegal!
i 15-year-old slashed the sued her with .4. in
bills in a pistol when.ndolnh and 25 I
before the session. i older'boy with knife only to it; but he needed hand she fled vsoce posesipnof non-tax paid
Mayor Richard C.Lee of New Haven, Conn., Chairman, get soundly wacked .with a some change before' he could 'the,church.screamingthrough : Negro labor leaders meet in I whiskey. a thorough sMrch, .

reported that the committee win have a series of m I lead pipe {o:; his,trouble. divide the :mOney' .equally.Yiqtuu.gavethe .I, Anderson erentuallvjsubdued"and Cleveland,to form the sleet af her house revealed dVa',;,
datlons to make early next year. Membership:1m"-j The;18-year-old: ,received a ; ijr ,man.$14.and: $ **. :carted ,off* to big coffici'tf ee cf the National ,pints ol moonshine ,whiskey :tt
raittee includes t
experts. in the fields of urban: aad'. .. :cut requiring 3 stitches. Continued'bm. Page Elgbt. I jail .> I 1 Negro Labor Council. hidden in a safe. :..2'o" ,
9 .

... -


I --7 '

Pag* Two THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturd ;October 17 1959


: THE FLORIDA STAR "Politics As Usual"

NEWS ,. 1 rt r i By Eric 0. Simpson

Harassment of individuals for their work in behalfof
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. integration and civil liberties was vigorously assailed at
"Member of Associated Negro Press hearings in Atlanta last week before the U.S. Court of
Erie O. Simpson _Editor ) Appeals.Attorneysr'.
C. Parham Johnson N wt Staff '

B1lda Wooten Circulation Dept. for Braden I Union. Braden is also represented

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: i + and Wilkinson J\Q" by the Rt. Rev. C.
1323 Moncrief Road .-.- EL 4.6782 EL 4.6783 N $ s : __ -C_ told the Ewbank Tucker, Louisville,
; Th \It
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4.3773 i. c\\ ; a p p ea1s;; : presiding bishop of the

Mailing Address judges that! ,1tJ.' II! A.M.E. Zion Church! ; Conrad

P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida their clients5; : : J. Lynn, New York, civil
called : I rights and
were attorney
fY: ._. 1 _,
before the : ... E NAACP lawyer in New York,
One Year, $54)0) ; Half Year, $3.00: Three Months. $1.80 : -..... .. .
and Victor
Committee -" :: ; I Rabinowitz also
In The United States.Sobseription
Mailed To You, Anywhere '
Payable in Adrance. Send Cnecl or Money Order To: becauseJ5g| / ,''F.I! i of New York.
A" ,;
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA they are aca;, "'t Boudin and Coe pointed out

SimpsonThe to the judges that the House (
hearings were on appeals -
to overturn the one- Committee quizzed Braden

KINDER GARDEN VEHICLESSHOULD year prison sentences of Carl about his work for integra-

Braden and Frank Wilkinson tion; his acquaintances
They were found guilty of
Harvey O'Connor, chairmanof
contempt of Congress last
winter after refusing to ans- about a letter
wer questions of the Un- that Braden and his wife

FOR SAFETY OF CHILDRENAt ____ American Activities Committee Anne wrote to a number of
I 5 resentatives.of the U.S. House of Rep- friends.

tive in fields of which mem- This letter urged people to
too-frequent intervals we are jolted out of any bers of the House Committee write Congress opposing revival -
complacency we may be enjoying by reports or actual observation disapprove. of state sedition laws.
of vehicle accidents involving school buses laden Braden, a resident of Louis- The Bradens were jailed In

with children. Such accidents are usually always accom- t ;. '+ I ville, Kentucky, is a' field Louisville a few years ago
panied by death or serious injury. And the more immediatethe --, ----- ,- -. --- ,, -- secretary and editor for the I under one of these laws after
scene of such catastrophe to us the greater our concern Southern Conference Educa- : they helped a Negro family
and realization that the possibility of our own children be- ALL EQUAL tional Fund, Inc., a Southwidc'' buy a house in a so-called
coming the victims of such a dreadful occurence. interracial organization work- white neighborhood.

Here in Jacksonville .as, no doubt, in many other grow- ing for racial equality. Wilkinson Braden's counsel asked: "Is
ing cities throughout the nation, the distinctive color of the Your Weekly'Drcscope of Los Angeles, is executive | an American citizen who exer-

school bus in recognized by all as a symbol of a community's secretary of the Citiizens cises his right to petition Con-
determination to educate their young, however great the Committee to Preserve Amer-I I press to be the subject of a
obstacles. It is also a symbol of the great responsibilityborne Guides ican Freedoms, which is conducting : Congressional inquisition? We
by school bus drivers who are the sole guardians of a campaign to abolish say .this violates his rights

the safety of their youthful passengers while in transit. By The ASTROLOGERWHICH the Un-American Activi- I I under the First Amendment"
The vivid orange hue of those buses, therefore, is a ties Committee. I to the Constitution.

badge of community pride, recognized near or far and treat- ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS t FOR _- Arguments for Braden A similar contention was
ed with the caution, consideration and respect that faithfully were presented bv John M. : made by Watts. He declared
promotes life-saving safety on our roads. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Coe, Pensacola, Fla., presi- i that the only reason Wilkinson -
With this in mind, if is not surprising that a great many dent of the National Lawyers was called before the
a dent in your cash or re Guild and Leonard B. Bou- i
sober-thinking parents become anxious whenever they pon- Committee "to investigate
ARIES was -
der the system so popular here of transporting little tots to unwanted revela- serves. The Cancerians who ;your purpose and obtain the din, New York, general coun- his hostility to the Com- 1
Since support of associate
ambitions an
have who
high may sel for the
and from their kindergardens in station and Emergency Civil "
wagons pas- mittee. Wilkinson has been
tions and emotional compli- has the
% find a short cut to the top daring and reputa- Liberties Committee.
senger cars. could result from leading the nationwide campaign -
cations thru matrimony or thru a tion for success.
It should be immediately established that such to abolish the House
persons lapses of conventional behavior partnership with a high- Wilkinson's case was argued -
among us who have chosen to dedicate their time, resources on the 22nd-23rd look placed individual or organization 2-90-33-87-31-293 by Rowland Watts, New I Committee.
and interest to the guardianship of our tiny citizens while before you leap. The 24th is ((24th).' | York, staff counsel for the Among the attending -
their parents pursue their daily bread are to be commendedfor another splendid day for American Civil i Liberties persons
the great and honorable service they are rendering the ambitious and moneyminded 680771975627.LEO. SCORPIO I the hearings to express
It cannot be but that Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 I their support of Braden and
community. argued they are preparingthese I Arians, as they can start fiscal affairs in order. Be i
Avoid I Wilkinson were Miss Ella J.
little to become adults bucking authorityor
well-adjusted by
occcupy- i the ball rolling in new and ready for a challenge on I! Baker
creditors and the Rev Martin
them delicate of their lives on the 22nd-
ing now, during a very period directions. :
with pursuits having to do with sociability, cleanliness, more profitable i Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 23rd, for you may get the the 22nd-23rd that will strain Luther King, Sr., both of At-
alterness and imagination.The '2-60-80-59-87-268 Right now, there is a ten- worse of it. The 24th is by your emotional control or I Ianta. %

transportation of these energetic tots from their dency on the part of many far the best day, when action been pocketbook, if you have I Miss Baker is executive director -
tempted to take
homes to their respective kindergardens and back again TAURUS Loes not to count the cost follows good judgmentin warranted risks. un- I of the Southern Christian -
should be scrutinized. before they make large purchases matters that concern you,
Leadership Conference
Any weekday morning or afternoon can produce examples Born April 20 thru May 20 I or embark on ventures I relatives and neighborhoodaffairs. 9-20-33-18-32-923 I' a Southwide organization
of ,What is done is done sodon't that are bold and un- Don't give in too
kindergarden carriers plying their way to or from working for civil rights and
their destinations, and in no way immediately distinguishable waste any time or usual. The results .may be, easily to your feelings or integration.
from the rest of the traffic except for the fact that tears over commissions or somewhat startling if you unreasonable demands from PISCES i
they are often loaded to capacity with little children.It omissions alike. You could make an error of this sort your loved ones late on the Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18,t Mr. King-is a I leading Baptist -
is not so much the vehicle used to transport these have some second thoughts! on the 22nd-23rd, and parti- 24th. If you have a hunch of minister in Atlanta and
children that should be scrutinized as it is the uncomfortable on the 22nd 23rd/ but cularly upsetting to associates 5-70-GG-19-63-57G this nature around the 22nd- :( is the father of Dr. Martin
fact that such vehicles cannot be immediately recognized they are not likely to be who share the responsibilities 23rd, it would be plain com- Luther King, Jr., Montgomery -
as carriers, therefore exposing them and their occupantsto very good. All should be involved. There mon sense to give it credence Alabama, president
the sudden dangers of carelessness, discourt*y or hasteon sweetness and light againon I seems to be ,a brilliant future SAGITTARIUS I regardless of v.'hat of the S.C.L.C. and of
the part of other drivers.It the 24th, when matters of I in store for those who Burn Nov. 23 -thru Dec. 21 'other people say or do. Se- the Montgomery Improvement -
the past may be utilized for' start undertaking on renity and stability should i Association.
a new
seems, therefore, that even as there are laws making Strange rumors or reports '
it compulsory that all school buses be a conspicuous and mutual and future profit. the 24th. | could:: create some sort of when reign once again find on the it exalt 24th i, Braden and Wilkinson
uniform color, there should be like laws the 23rd 24th but I you may
or stronger 9-70-66-16-63-973 4-50-33-19-32-453 panic on ing to render I asked their friends to write
making it compulsory that all kindergarden carrier vehiclesbe refuse to be 'stampeded into a public service 1 Congressmen and aboli-
painted in a uniform and immediately recognizable color. making a decision or move 1 or to a tion of the House Committeeas
Not only would this be a sensible safety measure, but GEMINI VIRGO which will throw your long f worthy cause. a menace to the freedomof
it stands as an extremely needed one. Born May 21 thru June 19 Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 range project out of kilter. 7-30-22-29-12-731 all Americans.
After all, they are our little people. As such, they shouldbe The news you receive on Mistakes of judgment or You have access to much
givep a much wider margin than they now enjoy to be- these? days could prove disturbing mishaps caused by faulty sounder information whichis
come'our big people trips fraught with, electrical lines or apparatus forthcoming from confidential -
unexpected incidents and should be guarded sources or your in-
statements provocative. All against on the 22nd 23rd. tuitive powers (24th). -T-;T9
should _be serene again by Your mood should be defi-

-, the 24th, especially if you nitely -' have succeeded in
; : carryingout when you can lean on the
.,', .. ... "", ,:'- social and economic projects solid'shoulders of those who CAPRICORNBorn
..,:" '* !" J.r..;-c '..., -' ,)- : ;' which mean very are .true and, dePendable. I Dec. 22 ihru Jan. 1
much to and the
: ', s ;.: > + you word'of
who shares your fortunes. 3-80-99-79-97-389 Read every con-
tracts, sales agreements ,or
8-40-55-3953459. other documents that are
LIBRA binding, before affix
;'ind the CANCER Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 your signature, in order to
strength Born. June 20 thru July 22 It would be a mistake of eliminate the surprises they
It would be refreshing ,to no small magnitude to rushin could contain ((22nd 23rd). x.
for take things easy from ,the and agree to the terms The 24th is a much better
your life. 18th thru 21st, so as to be that are offered on the 22nd- day to gain your ends.
more mentally alert on ,the 23rd.: The situation may be
22nd when a mistake of reversed in your favor on 1-10-11-14-21-122 .

judgment could make quite the 24th, when you hold to ,

GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING Born Feb. 19 thru March 20

.CM this eoapea. Learn more anoot>> jonraeZZ.' Bend 10 Mat (one There is a lull from the
+ 1 din: In coin) for each horoscope ordered by aWL Include, sell 18th thru 21st, which you 6 -
4r : addressed, stamped envelope. Write plainly..This otter doe not apply should utilize for the pur- I
.. cRt to residents the dominion of CaIIa4a. pose of relaxing and other-
wise putting house and I
-. - your 1

I "
CWy State .
.. KEN'KNIGHTInvites
t, I I II
Bate of Birth \ S
Date Montt .
q I Y I :- You To Listen To -

: ; : s .
P. O. BOX 561JACKSONVILLE '. II I Getting To Be A Problem? "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting

'1:. :'i WORSHIP TOCETOH77v I ;' ;;; I Kama 1, FLA, .. .!'.: :' ,; I II Call EL 4-3176 At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -

.. p
,. ,
., '
I lLddre.s -' ,;, :< t. WRHCf 14001
.1400 -
,S.., : : : : : : ,
,). -. : "7:1: '; S.. Li
j : : \
v ..',,'tJ ;..", : ; : i ;_. ];_ .
::. ;, ;:' .. ,_ .-.. ;. .1" ': r .. ; ;... s + :+ W'I{,

I. ..' 0.0w -.' .

.. r
1 1I



Week Ending Saturday. October 17, 1959 THE.FLORIDA STAB Page Three

Wedding Bells A y -
;A p U J -

Applications Licenses for Marriage voY f.

t John Gray, 3759 Freeman l By

Road, 78 and Julia J Johnson LOUISE G. GUINYARDThe
3759 Freemas Road, 60. Keninettes have moved quietly into "bidding" position -
Van B. Cornelous, 6735 S. (the initial meeting having been held in the home ef

Parnell, Chicago, HL, 19 and BIrs. Dorothy: Oliver a couple of weeks ago) with the second
;ryt meeting of the season being held in the home of Mrs. Sarah
Eather M. Laster- 2123 Mc-
Lovette,5431 Cleveland Road.
Quade St., 19. Airs. Lydia Dwight Fletcher and Mrs. Coretha Wilson

Frank Stevens, 820 Dora participated in the meeting as special guests, with Sirs.
St.. 60 and Lucille Wright, Fletcher winning the guest prize.

820 Dora St., 45. High scorers among club members included Mrs. HelenB.

Eugene .Simm n s, 1003 C : : Robinson, Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard and Mrs. Thelma
Walnut St., and Earnestine : t Greene.

Robinson, 1003 Walnut St., All members were present at the previous meeting held

in the home of Mrs. Dorothy Oliver, with prizes being won

; 17.Kenn C. Davis, 1010> Cal- by Mrs. Emnalee T. George, Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard and

loway St., Tallahassee, Fla., Mrs. Thelma Greene.
33 and LaVerne Person, The Keninette membership roster is comprised: of Mrs.

5331 Newcombe St., 26. Celestine Nicks, Mrs. Doris G. Bennett, Mrs. Barbara Harper -
:Mrs. Pauline E. Davis, Mrs. Essie D. McCrary, Mrs.

Thelma Greene, :Mrs. Sarah Lovette, Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard,

t y StorkDeliveries Mrs. Emnalee T. George, Mrs. Helen B. Robinson, Mrs.

k,. Dorothy Oliver, Mrs. Pearl Mackey and Miss Gwendolyn


I Lameck, left, 27-year-old Tanganyikan political leader who
N Patrons attending the Japanese Tea at the A. L. Lewis.
has been called "
"The female Tom :Mboya of East Africa,
Branch YWCA last afternoon fascinated
Sunday were by
is shown after
shortly arrival in this
country on a study trip
Births at Brewsier HospitalMrs. sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sororit),. She and Miss this very unique affair. The program featured an array of
Hazel Dunnings, Delta's newly-appointed associate director, fall costumes modeled by :Sirs. Ethel Spears, local charm

and Mrs Horace hold in their hands a catalogue describing the courses :Miss school director.
Brown 2236 East 24th St.; Lameck is studying at Western Michigan University in Kala- Other participants included Mrs. Beulah McClellan, nar-
f mazoo-political science rator of the program, who designed two of the outfits displayed -
economics and under
BoyMr. sociology a by Mrs. Spears, Miss Esther James, Miss Estelle
I University-granted scholarship.INSTALLATION .
: and Mrs. Edward. Giles Williams, Miss Meltonia Cobb, Miss Agnes Robinson, Mrs.
I 1320 Harrison Street; Boy I Queen Williams, Miss Allye Faye Roundtree, Joseph John-
:Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jack- DOROTHY MAYNOR son, Neal Bland, Clarence Felder and the talented St. Paul

son 822 Cleveland' Street; ; IS HELD FOR TO APPEAR HERE Male Chorus. .

I'BRIDGE CLUB Hostesses, appropriately attired in Japanese fashions,
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Jordan of 1169 W. 28th Street BoyMr.. and Mrs. George Mix-: NOVEMBER 13 included students of the Ets de Arts Modeling and Charm

announce the engagement of their daughter, Ernestine son 1987 W. 22nd Street; Boy School, Mrs. Barbara Reed, Miss Agnes Banks, Mrs. Bar-

Loretta, to Mr. Cornelius Wadsworth Grant, son of the I Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Patterson The Los Diamontes bara Bentley and Miss Barbara Spears.
Reverend Everett V. Grant of this city. 1139 Harrison Street. :
I Bridge Club held its installation
Miss Jordan is a graduating senior at Florida A i Dorothy Maynor, internationally :Mrs. Delphenia Brinson entertained The Charming
and M University College of Law. The wedding will I BoyMr.. and Mrs. James West! of officers Friday known Ladies Bridge Club with a "come as you are" party held

be on December 27th at St. Thomas Baptist Church !4 East Brook; Boy :I night Oct. 2 at the Lincoln soprano will last Saturday evening; in the home of her i tt'rin.laJlrs..
Photo by Avery's Studio 17 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cal- : Golf and Country. f sing here Nov. 13, under the E. W. Mainor, Jr. of 2817 Begonia Road.

i lahsn 1473 W. 9th Street; The officers installed I auspices of the HamptonClub Mrs. Margaret Mathis, Mrs. Marie McClain, Mrs. Rosa
were Jacksonville Chapterof Lee Shanon, Mrs. Doris G. Bennett and Mrs. Eloise Fletcher

I BoyMr.. and Mrs. Lucious by Dr. H. James the National Hampton were visiting players, with Mrs.' Fletcher receiving the guest

Dunbar 213 Chelsea Street; : Green, principal of James Alumni Association.Miss I award.Qualifying
MISS ROSEMOND SATTERWHITE f Girl i Weldon Johnson Junior for club prizes were: Mrs. Harterose J.

Maynor, an alumnus Brewington, Mrs. Dorothy A. Dunlap and Mrs. Margaret C.
High School.
:\NNOiJXCES :Mr. and Mrs. Lemmie of Hampton will appear in I Day (who incidentally is awaiting that "special" visit

The Opening of Piano Classes "Hudson 1870 Anderson Lane After the installation ceremonies the New Stanton High i Members present, in addition to prize winners included

For Children from 7 Years Old Up. I Girl 1 the group played School in interest of her Mrs.: Clenel Cromartie, Mrs. Josephine Cleveland, :Mrs. Hart-
For Information Concerning Classes j Mr. and :Mrs. Robert John-: three rounds of bridge. Mrs. school's scholarship fund. I ense Brown, Mrs. Pearl Cohen, Mrs. Vermeil Glover, Mrs.
Call EL 4-5793 : son 509 Campellina Drive; I Earnestine Poole and Mrs. Lillian Stuckes.
1237 West 28th Str tCARTER'S Girl :'Amanda; Belle, who was the Jacksonville is the southern

I Mr. and Mrs. Richard f: hostess awarded prizes to most Present stop in plans her itinerary.include i The past weekendtas! a happy one for us, as we were

I.cck vood 1446 :Moncrief; I i the winners. Mrs. Luvenia special student tickets for I paid a surprise visit by relatives.Mr. .

Quarterman received First those enrolled in local I, and Mrs. Booker Watson of Hempstead, New York
BoyMr. ,
: and Mrs. Columbus prize and ,Mrs. Frances Wai- schools. Persons in near-by and Mrs. Queenie Whaley of Chicago were warmly received
Williams 921 Beaver Street; cities bold friends.
I don awarded second are being contactedby
Boy was Mrs. John H. Roscmand of 1137 West 20th Street, Mr.
Hamptonians. Full details
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baker -I prize. I.I.I may be obtained by contact- and Mrs. Jonius B. Jones, Mrs. Doris Glower Bennett, :Miss
HOME ; Gertrude Glover Mrs and Mrs. Chester Cowart, Mr. and Mrs.
Street Girl! ,
4004 Faixfax
929 West Beaver Street ; Other members presentwere ing Chapter President W. P.
and Mr. and Mrs. V. Cowart were
I I Arthur Madry Ashby
:Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Baker Holmes.
24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE I i i Mrs. Gladys Bryant, among persons extending greetings to the trio.
949 Beaver Street
-:- Lady Attendant -:- W. ; I Mrs. Gloria Fort, Mrs. Thel- :Music lovers will be able

Phones Boy I ma Geiger, Mrs. Wilhelmenia to obtain souvenir program As we go to press this week, folks, an important social -/
O. C. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burroughs -
Jernigan Owner EL 4.0545 I Hampton, Mrs. Emma highlighting the occasion, event has already taken place-Alpha Kappa Alpha's
S. L. 6th Street
Davis Manager EL 4-0546 1570 W. ;I Morgan, Mrs. Frankie Summers and giving a' biographical "Ebony Fashion Fair" which was held Thursday evening at
GirlMr. sketch of the noted singer. New Stanton High School. Details will be forth coming.
and Mrs. Charles Greene I Mrs. Geneva White

I I 713 Court I; Girl I and Mrs. Juanita Wright The Hampton Club stages Mrs. Bernice Henderson, who has graciously assisted
For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks Mr. and Mrs. Jmmie Hayes annually a cultural presen- us on past occasions with foreign words and phrases, advises -
I Mrs. Gladys Bryant will tation in the interest of
3300 Moncrief Road Girl aiding dance
us that the correct name for the popular step
I Mr. and Perry Robinson be hostes at the net meeting. worthy students to attend .
; Fried Chicken Mrs. referred to in our column recently is umcrin e': "
rL'int i 1623 W. 10th Street; Hampton Institute. We gratefully acknowledge the correction and wish our
This is the first
Oysters Cod presentation readers would take note of same, especially those who are
GjrlMr. cciJllpellkilt9
ShrimpHam and Mrs. Willie Thomas of a nationally famous able to perform the intricate movement.
*Bacon Sausage P. 'O. 344, Baldwin; Boy .- .. .... .
Egg Hot Cake Mr. and :Mrs. Nathaniel r "

RIlIiltlrIitI1lIlI Coffee Milk Termble 1983 W. 6th Street; FLORIDA STARIN .... .
French Fr. Potatoes --- -- $
Boy '. Enroll Now In The f i
ROOSEVELT, GRILL 'Mr. and Mrs, Willie Woods EVERY South's Finest College L t

12f S. Myrtle Avenue; Boy The Swelligant Bridge COLORED HOME .a' Florida Barber College t :
Ashley and Madison Mr. and Mrs. Dun- "
Henry Branch G. L Approved'oodruw
Club held its first Fall meet-
nigan 831, E, 5th Street; .
ing in the home of Mrs. J. O. LADIES! M ... s .
GirlMr. See This At TheSTRAND
Buchanan 1230 West 12th
and Mrs. Bennie Giv- : Patterson. manager Prof. Jam* Glover

little miss will love 'thisSWIVEL ens 1743 E. 28th Street; Boy I St. with Mrs. Buchanan hos- 630 Davis Street At Beaver
your Mr, and Mrs. Henry Brinson :prize were Mrs. Claudia Phone EL 5-9374

1843 W. 25th Street; :Burris first prize Mrs. Flos- Sun. Sat, _
Girl 'sie Jones second prize; Miss.
Mr. Mrs. Thomas Collins
i and Edith Boyd, Third prize. I
i 6423 Calloway Court; Members who attended from DRAB ...to DAZZLING!

Mr, and Mrs. Jordan Copeland include Mesdames Rose

1630 W. 27th Street; Peppers, Edith Boyd, Flos-

Girl ise Jones, Claudia Burris,

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Dunn Marie .Calhoun, Lizzie Har- i iI

b 1615 E. 24th Street; Girl ris, guest-Mrs Edeanor Lit-
r : Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ed-
tlejohn. '
mond 1823 W, 6th Street; yS
t I -I II r ,
Girl 1 < y

I 2238 Mccoy Blvd.; Girl i iI TO MEET
I :Mr. and MrsDaniel. Neal r a 1 % r,6p"sKv ?
West 10th Street; Boy AT 1492 W 19TH w r 4 n
,,1-198. I II
I and Mrs. Joe Sanders I Ii

1 i' 8104 New Kings Road; Girl'' The Owens Illinois Lad-I y s' S

; "Mr. and Mrs, Jessie Williams -'I'
ies will hold their regular c'I
1836 W. 26th Street; V )
': meeting in the home of Mrs. ;
ga 4 ,t BoyMr.. and :Mrs. James Davis 1 I Irene Morgan, 1492 W. 19th ;

i 1002 Daivs Street; Girl 1 Street Saturday Oct 17 at

She can wear it with the strap up Cf with B Mr. and Mrs. Jerome 7 .p.m.The. SEE.n with /$* Larieuse r
back-?', cute and comfortable either way. Franklin 919 3rd AvenueSo. 9oqtq Haircolor
Bible verses will betaken
And Mother, because It's Buster Brown, you .; Girl
Mrand Mrs. Fred John-i from the .Book .of' Ex- d r. Would you trxfc*boar lex...
know it wffl provide&Ujo 0 to protect her grow" 1 s a" Vi I Eke this professional model's ..
6211 odus. Christmas Sisters will ;
sotn Lobellia '
fag fw. ; p One boor Is all it takes for f "'
Boy be drawn also. j .. __ J' Goderror's Larieose Halroafar _
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 1 {EST to bring back youth to gray dull _
&50 8.50 SizeIJTSEY'S A PICTOtB
,. to According to Mathews 1954 The president is asking:all ,! UHOttSTOOO IT ADULISI (.aoE, L'ri M'1 or faded hair!
S. CollegeCir. members to be present in L Ilk ca.Ie... Everything: yon need lain! da* r/y
SHOES .; Boy order to be- in on the draw. tIIdI ... famous red box.Get Godefioyt

216 W. Adam St.Open Mr. and Mrs.. James,Morton -, hag..No one must be left.out. Plus AUDIE MURPHY .t..AWl"........wr oet. ba-IudnIl.ati a6e BOW*
""* *- .. ......,... -- --
Men. And Fri. Til 9 P. M. 5846'ranitml Road: I Mrs. N.. "Shipman, "Cast A Long Shadow- _lit ....... OOCeFSOTWCa35 I Gkwft.ft.U >*Ua. I.ti I.

-.Boy ,. -r is reporter. '


,.a LJ L. -

I '



Page Four THE FLORIDA STAB Week- Ending Saturday.. October 17 1959

I Saint u_Phillips. ; '! _Launches Every Member Canvas m

-- -- -


tlc- ,,
AT "
: I, .... 'y.i ;.' (J r
i :-::; t The Business and Professional ALBANY Ga. Homer
T 'cT" 'V c"'ery-rncmbcr canvas of St. Phil'ps Ep sco- J ;
pal Church which got underway Sunday, Oct. 11, will term- t.r Men's Club will pre- Thomas, professor of math-
y. the Stanto Mus -Cho un emritus at Alb 1Y
sent macs
inate Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 7:30: p. m. with the Annual i j
Parish Mcotm" and supper. .r der the direction of Mrs. State College, died recentlyat
Father T. Vincent Harris, : Olivia Smith and the JamesWeldon his hmoe in Botetourt

rector of St. Philips has requested Brown Sr., George F. Cash,, : Johnson High School County, Virginia. He wah 80.
;1 Glee Club under the direction Many of the former students
that all active and inactive Com
Ivey Carter, _Publicity
members of the mittee: Elwood L J. Banks, 'i of Miss Padrica Mendez I I..;: of Florida A & M at

church participate. the ev- chairman, Porcher "LI Taylor at New Bethel AME Church r 14 Tallahassee and E d w and

ery-Member Canvas and the I. Eric O. Simpson, Miss i Sunday Oct. 25, from 3 to 4 x. Waters College in Jacksonville -

Parish Meeting. The Parish Lucille Glymp. Buildings and p. m. remember him. He
Meeting which is to be held Grounds Committee: W. Russell .< al' Leonard J. Roberts, president taught at both schools before -

Oct. 21, will cover several Robinson, chairman, A and organiZer of the taking up his duties at

very important matters in re St. George Richardson, Atty.A. club will deliver the address J'TO Albany State:

gards to the life of the church R. Taylor, Harold Nairn, for the occasion. Miss Delo- i Dean Thomas. as he is af-

The officers and members of Hospitality Committee: Ivei I res Z. Pearson will serve as fectionately known in Jack-
the various church organiza- Carter chairman, I. H. ceremonies.
of had
mistress DELIVER ADDRESS srjYille degrees from
scheduled to be! TO OBSERVE ANNIVERSAY-Mrs. Nettie Mae Spates -
tions are Burney, Kerna McFarlin, will\ observe her seventh anniversary at Shaw Memorial Members and friends of -Seen here is Leonard J.I I Atlanta and Yale Universities -
and make their annual i
present Paul Harper, Charles Kelly. Baptist Church Sunday Oct. 25 at 3 p. m. The young singers all religious faiths are cordially -I Roberts Jr., president and and had, done aditional

reports. have seen here with Mrs. Spates are members of Peace Tem-j invited to attend the organizer of the ACE League -i study at the Cniversity of

The following officers the I BABY CONTEST: SET ple CME Church, pastored by the Rev. E. W. Mainor. Appearing program. New Bethel is located Union and the Business Chicago.He .
membership -,
pledged to contact the canvas in AT CENTRAL WILL on the program will be the Waycross Gospel Singers at Tyler and 3dd Sts. and Professional Men's Club retired from Albany

during OCT. 19 of Waycross, Ga. and the choirs of First New Zion who will deliver the address State in 1954 having taught
that delinquent mem- ;TERMINATE .
order active in1 Baptist Church. :Melvin: Grace will serve as master of cere- Sunday Oct. 25 at 3 p.m. at: there since 1943

bers will become Offi- A baby contest is scheduledfor monies and Milton Hood, dean of hosts.ACHURCH LEAGUE UNION SETS i i a program that is being spon-:
the overall program. Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. at Cen- -- sored at New Bethel AME ,
cers: Father T. Vincent Har- tral Baptist Church in inter- MONTHLY MEET AT. i Church by the club. The Clubis I ASBURY METHODIST:

ris, rector; George B. Nairn, est of the Women's Day ST. STEPHEN AME presenting the Stanto Musi-i 'SET ANNUAL DAYThe
senior warden; W. RussellsRobinson 1)Drive which is set for Nov. Cho under the direction ofj i
junior warden; W. I, I
Mrs. Olivia R. Smith and the: men of Asbury Methodist
W. Johnson Sr., church clerk; ;( 22.Contestants are sponsoredby James Weldon Johnson Glee, Church. 1st and Almcda Streets
N. C. Paul, treasurer; Vestrymen districts of the church. NEWSCONDUCT The ACE League Union I I Club under the direction of1 I have completed plans! for their an-

I. H. Burney, George a t I Vieing for honors and representing will hold its regular Miss Padrica Mendez with i' nual celebration which will be
Sr. A. St. George Richardson districts Dis- Oct. 22 mO'nth-I' held Oct. 18 with W. D. Limbrie
are: ly meeting President Robert as speaker. as general chairman and Leroy
W. W. Johnson Sr., Ivey, trict 1, Torey Alveta John- Stephen AME Church from i! Wilson as cochairman.The .

lor, W. Russell Robinson, Ha- : son; 2, Gary L. Brown; 3 and 330to9pm; ---- Rev. I. McPherson, pastor.
Carter, Attorney A. R. Tay- : 4 Audrey Deanece Younge; i 'announced the other officers for

rold T Nairn, K. D. McFarlin -: 5, Carolyn Yvonne Oliver; 6, PROGRAM I POPULAR GROUPTO Leonard Roberts Jr. president ,$10,000 PLEDGE the observance are: James Du

George F. Cash, ElwoodL. Clinton Reed; 7, Bonita Ma- An after service program); BE HEARD and organizer of the I.GIVEN BREWSTES Zebedee mas, secretary Wilson;, W.Edward S. Chapman Singleton

J. Banks, Alton Adams, ria Alston; 8, Launic Paul; was given last Tuesday night II St. Stephen AME Church Union is asking all league I 'I finance committee; Edward
Eric O. Simpson. 9 Dannie L. Carter; 10, Al- by the Rev. R. A. King, pastor I will be presidents, officers and ministers EXPANSION FOND Wilson, program; J. B. Limbric,
the scene for a recitalto
chairmen: Finance of Payne Chapel, and the public relations; Isaac Jackson,
Organization gerine Annette Murray. be the to be in attendance.The .I In a determined community -
given by widely Daniel Allen, music; Wesley
Committee, George B. The district reporting the congregation. The affair, I known Stanto Musi Cho on next rpogram of the i effort to reach a goal of I Hockman, Obie Walker, decoration
Nairn, chairman; N. C. Paul, highest amount will receivea which took place at St. Stephen -I Oct. 25 at 11 A.M. The Union will be renedred inNew one half million dollars for. ; James Singleton, Wallace
: Sinai chorus AME Church, was given pro- Wilson Morris Murray and Larry -
Mt ----- prize. I Hope AME church at I the Brewster Hospital ,
will be given for the expan-
: in the interest of 5 of, gram Williams ushers.ATTENTION.
B. Nairn Raiford A. Brown and Mrs. Group
Mrs. Ethel Seldon benefit of the Woman's Day Davis and 17th Streets Sun-: sion fund, The Brewster I
W. W. Johnson Sr., Raifprd :Mildred Riley are chairmanand which Mrs. Lelia Mae Smith I program slated for Nov. 8C: dyOct.26from3to4pmllMiss I Men's Club of Brewster I
I is captain.A'Voman's. I i s s
co-chairman for the wo Methodist
The group will render Evelyn Presha president : Hospital recently
MT. SINAI CHORUS *men's observance. Day program classics, semi classics and of New Hope ACE:.made a pledge of $10,000 to- LADIES
scheduled for Nov. 22 willbe! ward the furtherance of this Bridge & Social Club
WILL APPEAR IN because of- spiritual in their distinctive League and Miss Carolyn i :
RECITAL SCHEDULEDAT greatly l style. They will be under the McRoy, secretary will be in i worthy cause. Reporters
I affair. Send Mail
CENTRAL BAPTIST the Tuesday night or
BETHELOCT.26AT8PM direction of Mrs. Olivia R. charge of the program.. Earl Morse of
NEW president
GOSPEL SINGER 1 Your Social News
Districts No. 3 and 4 ofi Smith. the
Gospel singer Mrs. Rost- organization? made it Mondays To
Central Baptist Church will
clear that after each member
ta Cohen will be presented in Mrs. Arthur C. Madry, FLORIDA STAR
present the :Male Chorus of
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church A dramatic and musical a recital to be given at the principal at John E. Ford YOUTH PERFECTORGANIZATION f| of their the individual organization and pledged 2323, Moncrief RcL Cor. 13th
in United Church of God No. 2, School, will serve as masterof group Or Phone EL 4.6782
Sunday night. recital will be preesented ceremonies. services to help pay off the
Mrs. Freddie :Mae Jackson I New Bethel AME Church located on Danson Street, on Officers of the AT GRANT AME $10,000 pledge on or before e e
Nov. 15. The is be- programare
the president is asking I Oct. 26 beginning at 8 p. m ing sponsored program by Mrs. N. : Mrs. Geneva Guyton, The youth of Grant Memo- 'the promised three year per ---
for atttndance to will be Mrs. M ( iod allowed.
a large Featured Harges. Deacon S. Cohen will i Chairman of the Women'sDay rial AME Church were or- ';
hear this musical group.II.0 Crockett in dramatic renditions -. be master of ceremonies.t! celebration; Mrs. Jen- ganized to participate in the Another pledge of $500.00 \ MOTOR MAIDS

Each member is asked to and Mrs. Enlora Mc- The program will include''! nie Vee Crockett, Coordinator annual Women's Day celebration was recently received from

bring a friend. Bride in musical numbers. other singers. ,', for the celebration. Oct. 18. | : St. Paul AME Church towardthe

I I Mrs. Mildred C. Hill is' Hospital expansion fund,
I II I chairman of the group, and i' also $100.00 or more from lo- -'"'- -; e

BAPTIST ASSN, is assisted by Mrs. E. M. ': cal citizens.

ANNIVERSARY SET PLAN CONVENTIONThe Richardson, Mrs. Frankie According to Rodell Rob- Mind Your,

WALKER BY CHOIR NO. 1 i 1 East Florida and Summers, Mrs. Georgia"erts, who is helping to coordi-
nate the fund raising cam P's and Q'sBy
Henry, Mrs. Luella Mcbride
OF ST. THOMAS Bethany Baptist Assn. have \
and Mrs. Thelma S. Small. paign, "We are just about
Vodf/ona// / & Commercial Senior Choir No. 1 of St. scheduled their convention to The youth will passing our halfway mark of I Martha Johnson
present Consultant
: Safely
Thomas Baptist Church willIobserve begin on Oct. 2\ at Mt. Ararat their $100,000 which was Dodge;
at 4 pur
Baptist Church. The con- program p.m. I Pay attention to what you're
its 38th
anniversaryOct. j Youth members of the pledged share of raising
com- I doing.
19 at 8 in the church vention will end Sunday, $500,000 from local
p.m. mittee sources
CollegeCOURSES Oct. 25.The are: Bettye D. Rich- We all know how thaf appliesto
auditorium 11 i for the fund."
i ardson, Frankie Samuels, expansion I our work. But we shouldn'tforget f
Choir ''1 of Philadelphia Deaconess Council and Carolyn Wright and Wyan- Mr. Roberts added that : that it is most necessary 1
Church will be the j i when we are behind tho wheel ofa
Baptist Dorcas Sister Auxiliary of ette Adams. | more cash donations and
Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating
serving choir. Other choirs! good pledges will be neededin car.Don't
the District Women's Mis
Special youth
Business Administration ToDoring Captainsare be a da/dreamer. You
Dressmaking of the city will participate:'sionary and Education Convention : Bettye D. Richardson, order for the half-million I' might hit a youngster crossing ,
.Leading to CPA
Accounting on the program. I held a final meetingat Leila Floyd, Wyanette dollar goal to be reached. He I the street from between park..

Stenographic Upholstering. The contest between the I r the home of :Mrs. E. M. Adams, Kathleen Crockett, also requested for more E ed car*.
Radio Television
Cleric Typist Don't window shop while driving
and the vice
president president church
organizationsand I
Bookkeeping PBX Receptionist Singleton, 315 W. 18th St. Frankie Samuels, Joyce groups past your favorite shops and
Business Law Business MachinesFor is now in progress and This meeting, final only in Springfield, Joyce Hunter, individuals to join in the I, stores. You might crash into the
Additional Information. will terminate at the close of :' the sense that it was the Susan Roberts, Yvonne Mc hospital's campaign in the ear ahead of you.

the anniversary. Ceremonies last one to be held before Millan, Carolyn Floyd, Sha- : interest of all the people of I Don't comb your hair on the
Telephone ImmediatelyEL will held for the to bridge dub meeting.
be Duval way your
Oct. 21st convention date I ,County.
ron McBride, Laura M. I
5-2626 or PO 5-0004 the winner. Ii You might not be able to stop in
Or Write was presided over by Mrs.I. Lang, Valveta Turner, Carolyn -i! time to avoid hitting a blind man
I Mrs. Mary Alice Miller, crossing the street
Aim Dr. J. Walker Brown Taylor, group president.Mrs. Wright; Sheila Collins,
: president, has extended an Taylor was assisted by Beverly McIntosh, Uvonne ABOUT PEOPLE Don't wave to your friends
"' Jacksonville 9. Fla. invitation to. all choirs and I walking on the sidewalk. You
Mrs. Lois Cain. Branch, Deborah Wilson Miss Annebell (Cookie)
1832 Myrtle Ave. and I might not see the stop light! in
Walker V &: C College choruses to come out The meeting included a Margaret Ford, Mercedes I,Whitehurst of 625 2nd St. has i time to stop at the intersection. -
witness this event. bible lesson taught by :Mrs. Duncan, Yvonne West, Bar- 'just returned from a short .

i Josephine Jones. bara McClain, Phyllis Ann I vacation and busines trip. Don't visit with your passen.
MUSICAL RECITAL Coleman, Gwendolyn Scrug- ,: She visited relatives in New I gers. You might not see the car
pulling out of a parking spot.
... ... ... WILL BE GIVEN I gins, Evelyn Collins and Sa- Jersey. Mrs. Whitehourst is Don't turn around to disciplinethe
"' 'V. .''_-_ ''.V.V.:'_' ..? .:'_' ...-..-..? _'V.-A I '
rah Roberts. | the daughter of Mrs. O. B. youngsters in the back seat
Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From AT ST. MATTHEW :1 DAY SPRING The Northwestern Choral : Whitehurst We, her friends I You might; not see the jaywalker

A musical recital will be Group, under the direction : say welcome home "Cookie." crossing in front of your car.Ycu

Why Continue To Suffer? presented at St Matthew} of Richard Hadley will ap-

Baptist Church on Sunday, '' ANNOUNCESACTIVITIES pear on the youth's program. 'I Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
Oct. 25. The program, spon-

sored by District No. 1, will I


HEART TROUBLE BACK h.. Mrs. Allen, accompanied l '

HEADACHES. NERVOUS Baptist Church, will render| ST. STEPHEN j On Yow-

CONDITION BODY PAINS : some of the latest gospel se I Day Spring Baptist church The Freeman family will .

AND OTHER COMMON lections. Mrs. Victoria Ter- will observe Men's Day.I appear Sunday evening at St. '
MENTS. DONT PUT OFF rell will be piano accompanist the day 8 Stephen AME Church hi.a recital DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade
I throughout NOY.
ANY LONGER. LET US PUT I featuring solos, duets,
YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD with programs to be, pre- r trio selections and dramatic With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

HEALTH. sented at each major ser-I,readings.The I WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN

Visit Our Modern Clinic SomsllmssBABY vice. Music will be .furnished L
program is being YOUR LOCAL PAPERS
NEEDS ALAXATIVE" by the: Male: chtrus with I sored in interest of Group spon-12,
Te o.llvfw., >' Al fail AH Doctor PrearrlpHoos
C. Barnes Fisher, SammieL. Mrs. Rosa Curtis, captain.
TOO Davis and Verdell Jakesat The program is being ren-

For 60 mothers have dered for the benefit of Wo-
GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC. ever years relied the instruments. Dixie
on eeutle"BABY EASE.*Pleasant men's Day.Barbara | Pharmacy

tasting,easy to give liquid,vege- District 20 will present a Freeman, the
uble-pure"BABY EASE"briniescomfort Oct 20 at youngest of the Freeman tvn KINGS ROAD at MTBTLJC' : AVENUE
HEALTH CLINIC EL 6-7830 without binding. "BABY musical recital _
'EASE".does not contain opiates or r daughters will make her. debut PHONES EL I4MTM
strong laxatire*. druggist 3:30 p. m. in the auditorium as a dramatic reader.

for the special "babes{ laxative,.. ef the chruch featuring Barry The captain and membersof PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TElL

518 Broad Street Between Ashley & Church "BABY EASE. Simmons 'of Second. 12 /
t : pap.tistCrureli. Group are asking for .rffr PHONE,anIL1.S AT OUR.STORE
,,,, -uW'.4.. u *_ u-----tJ.w H ;. ._-_-_ J. '': 'A I. its .: -**$* ,- -'! film support of the pr gr ih.f i. :






Week Ending Saturday.. October 17 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Pap Ftr
in the world only when it accepts The Urban League believes
that true democracymust that through the devoted efforts -
not be comprised by prejudice
of men exerting their

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY DAYThe The Urban malice League or fear.believes energies in behalf of estab-

,that our nation can afford to I lished American principles of
!1 1a Jacksonville Chapter of the Urban League has .1 condone no practice which I democracy, we vail be a nation -
issued a reminder to all citizens of Equal Opportunity Day threatens the dignity or sec united in purpose, strongin
which is observed on November 19, of each year. Governor -I urity of rights of any of its its convictions of right,
LeRoy Collins, in recognizing the significancfe of suchan citizens, or fails to extend the I secure against attack from
observance, has issued a proclamation declaring Novem- enjoyment of full citizen and without or within, and in-
ber 19 as the official day for Floridians to celebrate and be I human rights to every man I spiring to the hopes of man-
aware of .their responsibilities, and urge each citizen tc i I regardless of his race, his co- : kind everywhere.
t make Equal Opportunity a reality for all ;i lor or his religion. :
mat day. nas been selectedfor I The Urban League works I Equal opportunity Day is
this special observance be I Opportunity Day, in 1956, be- to create, through interracial therefore consonant with Urban -
cause it is the anniversary of:cause Urban League leaders ; teamwork and cooperation t League beliefs, and the
President Lincoln'.; famous j beleived that it would befitting and through effective organization Urban League, a truly dem-
Gettysburg Address delivered I to ask Americans from of community resources : ocratic agency that has served -
on November 19,1863; and I all walks of life to re-dedicate I an American society America and democracyfor
.: 5 rte'- r fi_ 9 J because the President, in h'S! themselves, on one day each. free from racial bigotry and nearly a half-century, is
1"' 1 First Message to the Con- : year, to the affirmation of i! mis-understanding. The League proud to take national leader-
rA M gress, expressed the hope and; their belief that "all men are ;I strives to build Stronger ship on one day each year, in
2 concern that all citizens be afforded -I created equal;" and to pledge I communities by insisting that rallying citizens everywhereto
r p : "an unfettered start : their allegiance to the American ; the full rewards of citizenship make equality of oppor-
and fair chance in the race of way of life. i be extended to everyman tunity a living fact, and to'
life." The Urban League believes without abridgement for strengthen America againstour
The National Urban Legue that our nation, under God I reasons of race, color or re enemies in the cause of

inauguarted this annual Equal ,can asume a role of leadership : ligion. freedom.
-- -- ------- .
: ."""" '-.. ... '-

9 9

c' ,a. A '

ADULT EDUCATION CLASS-Mrs. Marie B. Grimmage is seen as she conducts a class '., .. -=;pJ 4.t
of young men who are studying reading, writing, talking habits, spelling and arithmetic. ,\ ." ;,*. > CHECK WITH -.t \
The course is in general education that is taught two nights a WCCK troni 7 to 10 in many \ <"

adult centers. For full details call the Adult Evening School -at Broad- and Ashley Streets. >T' *JKftjassgqK tESHEB m Vig'irrjy 1b: $' L 1V

complete the new house. &
ARSON NAMED Police and fire authorities "I "" :, -i---it. -' .,. ,
t agree the fire was deliber- ,..' A A C! F ,
II I IM ately started, reporting they ,.-- '. -0 ." :.ff' .
-:1-i-: -
AS CAUSE IN i M had found a two-gallon can 1. tii r_"', ., <%: .' '_. 1
I which had contained gasolinenear i!# \ o" r. ,
\ :L ) "
.. '
II yt... "" ": !; .. .
I ;; .1 : or ::=wo. .. -'!
the house. 1 y T' '<,- c..... ;,;: j.-,: ./
i ': '
conducted.An investigation being I f tf vvv vyV.

MAN CHARGED WITH : 3 : : i:: 8as .::Ji rt i"' i jGENE.RALDELECTR1C
constructed home of a 67- of 1930
White Spring
year-old Negro woman was W. 23rd Street was arrestedon
damaged by fire last week in
Wednesday after eluding
what apparently was an attempt -i arrest for four days in the
by racists to intimi- manslaughter slaying of !

date her. .Charlie Ballard of 411 W.

The fire, which police sayS I State Street. '
was started deliberately, I Spring admitted knocking
was discovered by two white Ballard to the pavement dur-
men last Friday night. The ing a fight on Saturday morn
men fought the flames witha I ing on Davis Street Ballard >r :
garden hose until firemen died the next day from head

arrived. injuries. t ,Ys BEST DEAL
Spring told police he was
Elizabeth Jenkins having
was among a group of men who
the new frame house were arguing. He said Bal
built on a portion of a 2y2 lard intervened and he hit :
acre tract which she has him tim with his fist.
owned since 1916. The tractof Spring was arrested on
land is surrounded by a Wednesday by Patrolman
white neighborhood which Sidney Gaines. ''
has been developed in the f;
past two or three years. WRECKED BY 4 .

According to Sheriff Roy VANDALSINDIANAOLIS .P1 .
Baden the woman had been Ind., Q
approached by white devel- A home up for sale to either D
opers who wanted to buy her white or Negro buyers was .
land for which she asked wrecked this week by un-
$20,000. When such a price known persons who police RECEIVES CITATION- \
was met, she upped the fig- believed to be vandals. George Lee Smith, seen here, : \\pjcotsW\Ths INpS'

ure to $40,000 and later to Sherman Clark, owner of was recentlcitc.d by; East- .
$50,000. i the house said damage totaled '
Air Lines Inc. for faith-
ern ,
Mrs. Jenkins said she had $4,500 to 5000. :
received no threats prior to covered ful and meritorious service \ "

the fire. Well known in the Clark,, told police he discovered rendered the Company. Smith .
West Bradenton area, she the vandalism Monday received letters from John P. c a p&cUT. and i
had cared for the children of when he opened the un d > a\
Jr. District Sales Manager \O-pO norm
Ingle, ;i r
white families and had ;house to show prospectivebuyers. \\19 clew tot asb save. ,
and E. L. Williams C'l .
worked in many of their He said draperies '.- .. ,,:asb f_"'r\c.&' tet ,
_. .
.. -- '- ... let
Florida Division Sales and ,
homes -
domestic slashed
as a ser and rugs were light T deic&OaQs. war.
vant. I fixtures ripped from the ceil- Traffic Manager, pointing out __ ,. cor small lectot. s--eat only-
Somewhat despondent over ings, holes punched in the the many points of meritorious f t..-. .'. "' lute toe Steuar 1..C.\Dn. as ,
the fire, she said: "I might I walls and bathroom fix- service rendered by .geta on aQau able ,
as well give up." However, tures broken. pan tY also
she is undecided all- Smith. He revehed congra- : ._ '. / ", wide. able.
as yet The house is in an ;27 port ;
I tulations from both and .
whether or not to repair and white neighborhood. men la'f
welcomed to the family of

the Eastern Achievement

I League. The Division Sales ., : .

and Traffic Manager said: > '

Abe Livert RECORDS "I have read quite a numberof .-, ;: 6 O .,,,

Citations that have been \::.}, Ao&e\ WA .
Complete Selection awarded around the system, i ;: } \\
S t
,;t I
.r"0'. \ -
Of All Stereo but I do not know of one as ''t.-'.,4' 4 '
And Hi Fl Records well deserved and appropriateas :.
Stereo & HI Fi Players yours. Smith receivedmany ,. ; ., r
congratulations from :
5404 Norwood Ave. PO 8-23S7 ;
friends the cityon
Open 'til 9 P. M. throughout
his achievement.I i --
t. \

. .....: '"" "':'WIt.. '-:'. .' ,
JfIr =' '
..; .
,..,. .,,> .

/ftr.....---, ... .' .>. ,. :.>",'_. ,
';'C=W;'_ i- $, .
I 'fOi: ='r... "':. There s a Store "NORTH FLORIDA'S LARGEST G-E DEALER!I"'f
I .
Near' You ...
x ..... DOWNTOWN .
BLVD.: 15 ,S. HOGAN ST. 3916 BEACH BLVD. "
: (Across from Shopping
; \ .,, c.t Center) ;(Across from New Sean (Near: Southgate Plan) A
wt TM SP 1-2880 EL 8-2499 FL 9-S679
Open Every Nile Till 9 Open Every Nile Till '9 Open Ererr ''Nile Till 9 -
; # .. 505 S. McDUFF
.. "- (Near Lenox) (Corner of King and Rosselle) rEV
8-4624 EV 9-9871
I pp Open Every Nile Till 9' Open Till 6 P. M.
," .. "- 1 -
... .:t':." ..."-,- _-. "" ': .4' : .. .. .. "
-., is 9 .. ," ..." '" ....'. ." .... .... I, '
----j TL '.x
: :
:: .p : :. '
: '
: -\ < ,.

i -

1 4
t r' .. ; .
} 2i. .L n e.p L P

-- -
I : -

... .
Page :!Ix'. .. .:.. ,. r ,..., .;; THE FLORIDA STAR f Week
r ;!II. ...... .-" t : Ending Saturday, October 17, 1959

: 'z. "


1816 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722 lita raids
I on Saturday last in
Kindergarten Begin September 2nd this resort town resulted in
ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS {, aL LOCATION CHANGE the arrest of six Negroes .
Piano Band Voice Guitar
cornered by police in a variety -
Theory Tutoring Adult Education .. of places. ;i
MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH Steve, that's Mr. W. L. Stephens; he's now at 633 W. : Deputy Gene Petrone said
.d.. Ashley St. Mr. Stephens that
says sincerely THANKS to all places raided included a
w the patrons and friends who have made it possible for tavern, pool hall, fish mar-
I I him to move to his new location. at 633 W. Ashley Street. ket, snack bar and resi-
:; Special thanks
I goes to Mr. dences.

I Nathaniel Rodgers. Mr. Arrested and booked, with
"PHOTOGRAPHS FOR I ,.. Ralph Tisdale and his staff bond set at $5,000 each, were:

who has. for 8 years been George Butler, 58, Helen Gallery -

EVERY OCCASION; so considerate in letting him l 38, Ella Mae Buxton,
38, and Francis Gordon 40.
I be associated with ,
their barber -
-- z J. B. Wall 60
& was charged
F. < : r shop The Roosevelt
Expert Photography
with count each of
'I one con-
f 't."fJ'" :. Portrait Weddings Banquets + Barber Shop -. I ducting a lottery and sale of
f '
... :.:t ;> Passports & Identification .Photos
1 :1{ Special thanks also bolita with bond set at$2,500.
..... ...; ': Photostats & Commercial Work goesto /
: Mr. Sylvania Gordon, 46, was
; .i Eustaquio Arencibia
't Photos For Newspaper Cots
: + i While You Walt .... without whose help this I '\' itil.J. under booked$2,000 on a bond.lottery charge

';f::: t Coloring & Picture Framing move would still be a dream. .
/. ; fi1lfll: Let Us Take A Photo Of You SFC Carey Lunsford 25th Transportation Car Company Mr., Stephens would like to

".-{. ;.'ifj});+; Fort Sam Houston, Texas, receives congratulations from say "Come to see me at my POLICE NET
tso;:; JiY '- In Natural Color Fourth U. S. Army Commandant, Colonel H. E. Brooks upon new location" 633 West Ashley RACE BATTLE

J. AVERY being chosen Soldier of the Mouth for his unit. A native of line St.of. wear's He has for a both complete NASHVILLE, Tenn., -An

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO Jacksonville. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Lunsford reside and ladies. He also has men a ,- estimated 75 white and Negro -
at 344 Delwood Avenue. Sgt. Lunsford is married to former complete children became involved -
611 West Ashley Clara White Mission fine luggagefor
I BI4Phone in a stickandstonebattle
Evelyn Cook daughter of Mrs. Kemper Cook, 1027 Logan travel.I
EL 4-7695 For Appointments Street. r,.,_ ___ last Friday believed to
I That's "STEPHENS H A- have been sparked by racial ,

GERDASERY" 633 West '. W L, STEPHENS differences. The battlers, of
j .VV'StantoNotes both sexes, were eventually
srluvvvvv+ Ashley Strest. i
WHEN YOU ARE ILL = wwuvw'lUVWWUXf dispersed by seven carloadsof
who rushed the
police to
You Seek The Best Doctor ATTENTION LADIES ,
I scene of combat.It .
When Your Doctor Prescribes II i PATRONIZE
By MAGARET NIXON Bridge & Social is reported that three Ne-
a, Get Experienced Pharmacists ____ _"_"._..._...-.w_____' .. Club ; gro teen-agers were arrestedand
To Fill Your .
rk Y >" To Prescriptions Your Miss Gloria Loyetij7I Everyone is still talking Reporters I Star f t S'llrIislfti! : charged with disorderly
According Doctor'sOrders. ior from the 11-1 homeroomof about the band's performance conductATTENTION ,
We Use Only which Miss Ruth L. in the Community Chest .c::,eor M ail i,
The Best Quality Drugs At"- Broome is advisor became: Parade last Thursday. Theyare Your Social News
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor j"3IISS STANTON" of 1939-: also talking about the! Mondays To READERS .

60 Monday afternoon to cli- role our band played in the! FLORIDA STAR Please Bring or Send Your

3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S max a month long contest at homecoming activities for j 2J23 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 13th .
Church News. Club Notices & Announcements
New Stanto Senior High Bethune Cookman Collegelast i Or Phone EL 4.6782
School involving some forty- Saturday. As usual the
i -
five contestants.Miss band !
or more was superb and received t
: Lovett is the daughterof the usual high praise i ,(TOOTHACHE. Guararteed for: H3'*! fast: act Jst: DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS
1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276 Mrs. Betty Sparrow and from the hugh crowd of spec- '! Ilf I you can't get to thedentist ice jelly called!
A COMPLETE LINE OF: she is active in several cam- tators at the parade and ; lor you,is the ORA best JEL thing Pain ORA.JELnnlslln ? TUESDAY at NOON
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries activities. ; in seconds.
pus homecoming game at. Day- FLORIDA STAR
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Both of Miss Stanton's at- tona Beach. .' I

tendants students in will the be freshman of The high stepping major-I t ._ 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner- 13ih Street
ettes accompanied the band !
:Miss Claudette Joyner of the
as usual and were featured
10-6 homeroom and :Miss Ruby -I <
during the banes various per- 'I '':,,;;: d
OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS Walton from 101. formances. The majorette .
The coronation for Miss I i
Stanton and her court will squad is led this year by Annette I !L "-.... ". -!..- .-.. Hf .:
Johnson and assisted! :

There are openings for: take the place school Wednesday auditorium nightin be:I by yours Dorothy truly.Nixon, sister of I .',..".. :,'- ..:..: ./N' UNDERSEA EXPLORER ..Jr'
promptly at 8 ;' I :j LEE J. PRETTYMAN JR.
EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editors ginning p.m. i Other members of the !I }?
copy-readers advertising salesmen circulation Some fifty or more young I''
I squad are Lynda Sargeant, j ji One of the nation's
men and women printers compositors linotype ladies and their escorts will .. top
operators. make up the official royal i! Marie Brinkley, Jo Ann Ken- k experts xon SCUBA Ask
court for the "Miss Stanton" j I I i nerly' Margaret Nixon, Birdie *.<' aquatic director of the
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train coronation. Travis, Myrtle Ford, Jean- x P 1lartfordConn.Gillmen :
MISS STANTON TO REIGNAT i nette Breaker, Beverly Tay- Club, Mr. Prettyman '
young reporters and people for all departments HOMECOMING: lor, Barbara Easter, Gracie S > ._. 4. Y 4 Y has taught SCUBA (Self-
if you have a real desire to become a member ACTIVITIESMiss : Brown and Myrna Wilson. I 1 Contained Underwater

of the newspaper fraternity. Stanton will be the : HOT NEWS COMING Breathing Apparatus)

belle of all activities scheduled -' NEXT WEEK diving and undersea ex
r WE NEED Men and women, young or middle to.take place Friday. Beginning next week this 1 t ploring to hundreds of .
aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper and which is the annual home-i column will feature some men and women. Mr. '
magazines.ACT coming day at the School. In I real reporting on some of the I Prettyman's cigarette .f"
exciting and interesting hap- VICEROY.
addition to being presented k
the half-time show at penings in and around our
NOW State experience and age. during ,
WRITE: the homecoming game which: campus as it pertains to stu- '
will take place tonight, she dents. For instance you will
be amazed to find out how
will receive free
an expense
many fellows and girls lost
O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla. trip to the Orange Blossom
"steadies" as a result
I Classic also receive other I
cash and snecial nrizes. I of a recent program involving *
the and of "Go-
pros cons
.? _
r- ? mI ing Steady", Stand by for _
next week and learn whats i
BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe what, wh 's' who and etc.
M. N.

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::: ::: ._ Ii

t 1

!S .h
w .. V _


Week Ending Saturday. October 17 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page S8Y.

I! Wildcats To<<>> Meet, Rattlers At Gator Bowl Oct. 24 I I Iu


;.. .. r. I'' TAN. REGISTRYI

3 e:

Mt I
-' If I,



i Triplett. back; Roosevelt

9.G, +, + Brown, tackle; Roosevelt
Y 4 a Vh Grier, tackle; Sidney Williams -

I, back; George Scott,
back; Howard Glenn,
i guard; Ellison Kelly, tac-
I kle.

.Lenny Moore, back; Milt
1: Davis, back; John Sample,
# r 3F" + / fyk fS+a"9wno.".pr 34,..a <.t ': back; Gene Lipsomb, Tack-
I kle; Jim Parker, tackle;
Sherman Plunkett, Tackle
\ Jesse Arnelle, end.
Galimore back; J. C.
Caroline, back; Eric
.I ; I 4iL Barnes, back; Willie Lee,
r r
SHARPENING CLAWS FOR RA'lTLERS-Thc Be- will against the Wildcats, but the team is hoping to presenta It is a regular conference game and Coach Matthews wantsto i Clarence Peaks,
thune-Cookman College Wildcats pictured here are making different picture on the night of the 24th when the two add it to the win column of the Wildcats. \\'hoe'erins i back; Arthur Powell., end-
I ready for the big annual "Florida Classic." The team seen it will be a fight to the finish. The Wildcats are serving: back.
her, is a determined group who are planning to give the teams meet again. Coach Bunky Matthews is planning to warning that they will be out to take the poison from the: GREEN BAY PACKERS
Rattlers from Florida A&M a tough night of it at the Gator throw full strength at the Rattlers and barring accidents Rattlers bite. Meet the teams at the Gator Bowl Saturday' Emlen Tunnell, back;
Bowl. Each year the Rattlers have been running scores at from HOW until the game the team will be in tip top shape. Oct. 24 at 8 p.w CLEVELAND BROWNS-
----- ------------ Harold Williams, back; A. D.

I weight lifting for 30 minutes, Williams, end; Nat Borden,
JAX FOOTBALL FANS ARE READY i : 125 I MEN REPORT I rope jumping nine minutes, end. Jim Brown, back; Leroy
I Bolden, back; Bob Mitchell,
f \i:1jl.t-- and shadow boxing for 12
., back; John Wooten, guard;
k FOR ANNUAL FLORIDA CLASSIC 1 I f:FOR BOXING AT i, exercises.minutes and other necessary'I Willie Davis, tackle end;

dl i Willie McClung, tackle;
I Boxers in
Football Fans Are Ready e ... Johnnie Thomas, Army I Ollie Matson, back; Tom
Just a few more days are left before banners will be I i champion 1955-57,147 pounds, Wilson, back; Jim Jones
flying. whistles blowing, corsage buying and frock hunt- By I'ARHAM JOHNSON Kenneth Wilson, runner up,I back; John Baker tackle;
ready ready for the annual "Florida Classic"to -- !I
ing ARCHIE MOORE the light heavyweight boxing champion Coach Julius Guinyard and AAU 1958, 135 pounds Rob-, Floyd Iglehart, back; Lamar -
|be played at the Gator Bowl Saturday Oct. 24 belwe :a Lundy, end.
the SIAC Champion Floida A&M Rattlers and the Beth- : has gone into the movies and there is some questionas I W. F. Cannon, assistant ert Gaffney, Norice Golden I CHICAGO CARDINALSJim |
une-Cookman Wildcats. to whether the champ will give up boxing for good and coach of the Wilder Athletic Gloves champion, 1958 147 Hill, back Woogley
/ remain in pictures or hold on to both. It is reported i ijhat I Club Boxing Team reported pounds Grissom 11th ;
; Alby Lewis, end, Luke Owens,
The thousands of spectators not h SIAC ;;Mcore will receive $50.000 to .play the role of "Jim' In j the attendance of twenty-five Airborne champion, 1957-58, tackle.
through a er
I who .attend the game Sam Gildwyn Jr's movie version of "The Adventureh of hopefuls who came in for the 170 lbs.; Nathaniel wright, DETROIT LIONS, John
i championship. His three Huckleberry 'Finn." It ,is also reported that Moore asked practice sessions now in progress
hop- J Army Division
from year to year are champion, Henry Johnson, back; Dan
teams, SWEAT, BLOOD and for '$75.000, was offered $35,000 and to prepare for the Flor-
ing to see a well played and,. finally settled for ida AAU 1957-58; Thomas W. Smith, Lewis, back.
TEARS destined to pack 50000. Not bad for Boxing Championship -
a hard fought game between are one picture. be ,Joe Howell, Michael Winn- SAN FRANCISCO 49ersR. -
to held
a world of power both in SOD SAM JONES, of the Nov. 30 and ingham Alphonso Smith, Na- C. Owens back Joe
to well prepared teams. I j Dec. 1 2, at the Main and ;
I defense and offense. The San Francisco Giants is call- average. Roy 'Campanellawas !Beaver Street thaniel Ford, Timothy J. Perry back; Jim Pace,
The Rattlers will come into -' Florida Classic has been a ed the saddest man in base- rated the greatest de Ford, Maurice Young, Mil- back; K. D. Smith, back;
Jacksonville heavy favorit great: drawing game from I II The tournament is sponsored ton Harrell, Joseph Murch- John Thomas, tackle; Leon-
-s to repeat the type of the start. Fans from all overt ball for three real good rea- fensive catcher in baseball,I and conducted by the inson, Ronald Cherry, Harry ard Lyles, back.PITTSBURGH.
performances that have es-'|'the state and out of the sons. The first one is the but the best he could do at Jacksonville Recreation De- Grant, Johnnie O'Neal. Willie STEEL- .
tablished them as tops from state gather at the Gator sudden collapse of the giants 1 bat against the Yankees was;I partment. Fifty trophies will Bingham, Frankie K. Glo- ERS-Tank Younger, back;
year to year. The razzle Bowl to watch a game be-I, ;near the end of the season. 182. I( be awarded to the various ver, C. Duke, James Earley, Jack McClairen, end; Ho-
dazzle Rattlers have marched tween two SIAC teams in 'The second is being denieda SOME BASEBALL WRIT-;,i teams and individual winners Nathaniel Griffin, Andrew ward Glenn, end; Fay
throught the SICA each a regular conference tilt and no-hitter against the Dodgers !ERS say one of the most;'; in the junior and senior McNeal and Robert Byers. Mitchell, back. ..
year without having to exert they will be there on the! in a diipiite play that'beautiful rtibutes theey have,: divisions.
the full extent of its power. night of the 24th. 'I|gave Junior Gilliam credit| i ever heard was paid to John l. Practice sessions are held
Jacksonville is hungry for The big question is what for a ht instead of charging! Rcseboro by Larry Sherry., at the Jefferson Street pool ACOSTA'St
some strong competitivepower w'll the Wildcats do with a player with an error. The) The hensational Sherry had[ daily from 7 to 9 p.m.,
laden team to give it the Rattlers? The fans are( third one is being denied I this to say: "I give the cre-;' through Friday. W. F. Cannon EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMAN
[ assistant
some football that all fans hoping to see a real games!' credit for a no-hitter in a': dit to John Roseboro for boxing coach,
gave remarks to the club.
like to see. The city is desirous They are hoping the Wildcats seven inning stretch. Base keeping me relaxed and be-: He outlined the condition-t Bait Shrimp Live Crabs
I of seeing the Rattlers will be in there mixing ball Commissiiner F or d:. ing all business behind the I',
ing program as: All boxers
exert some of the strengththat it up with SWEAT, BLOOD Frick ruled that a game 1''plate.." To have such a thing: are to take part in the conditioning Fishing Tackled

is displayed in other and TEARS. I muht be nne innings to get said by a pitcher who put:,: program; roa'::) I 8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9670
sections. I The famous A &M Marching -: credit for a no hitter. How,on the performance in the I work, one and one half mile ;
The loyal fans who crowd Band will be there to unlucky can a pitcher be box that young Sherry di lito I run the maximum four JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA
out to the park wheneverthe "ive the fans one of thee' DID YOU KNOW that i about his catcher goes a long r|, miles; calisthenics and l .
"Florida Classic" is; most beautiful half times i Head Line Coach Robert i' long way. ., WVVVVWVVUVVVVVVWWWVVWVVVVVXA=-=-::: --:-- --- ------- ------------ -- ----- --
played is hoping that the i shows in the nation. The|Pete Griffin of the Florida, JACKSONVILLE, THE ,
Wildcats will 'push the Rat- famous marching band isf I A and M University Rattlerswas : GATEWAY City is just about -
tlers to the last .notch to i something to see within it- ,an All-American centeron I the hottest city i in the ,
win on the 24th. The fans; self. They will be joind by, the Rattlers national'!state now with football The Football Football Football !
will be there. The. women L the band from Bethune-I championship team in 1938 i fans have been, getting.some '
will be bedecked in their. Cookm'an to add to the beauty -; Since taking over coachng real], real first class and well] t
beautiful frocks decorated I of .the- half time enter-"i duties at his Alma Mater,I played games. The New Stanton ,
with corsage to see a realfootball [ tainment j ji football at the University Blue Devils Matthew W Fifth Annual Florida Classic'
game. i ON TO TH5 GATOR,,without the name of Robert Gilbert Fighting Panthers:,
Coach Jake Gaither has i BOWL OCT. 24 is .slogan Pete Griffin is out of place.I Duval Vocational Engineers,
developed a three team system around these parts at this I NOW THAT THE WORLD Northwestern Yellowjackets:, The Bethune-Cookman Wildcatsvs
with which to ease on L' time. ,SERIES IS OVER. newspa-"Douglas Anderson Fiery Dra
per men had these expressIon gons and the Edward Waters
? to make: Johnny Rose College Tigers are giving '

boro and Joe Pignitono. two I the fans everything they The Florida A and M
big men. tried to be one 'want in football. Within a RattlersI
rneered at those guys; They I i few days the Bethune-Cook- 'I.
are the heroes of the day."man Wildcats and the Flo.; IN THE
.1 {They may not be the greatest rida A and M ,Rattlers will 1''I .
of the great but they,: be heading this.Way for" the 1' ;. GAME OF THE YEAR
are the best we have today:, Florida Classic; r
behind thee bat when the 'WE MEET AGAIN. THE

Dodgers 'won the pannent., j Famed FAMU and B. C. C, Marching Bands
they were the same '

two behind the bat when I)I Watch This Oown I Saturday Night October 24 at 8:00 P. M
the Dodgers won the World*,! 20 3169 ,

Series. I I|I 612.---44 73 i The Gator Bowl Jacksonville
bit of history on the 3956 2 8
aE, Dodgers in what they call t ADMISSION !F-; -
the "Jackie Robinson Dod- 7 s 0 BOX SEAT GENERAL ADM.
; gers" when Shortstop.PeeWee $3.50 -
3' ') 5 2.50
Reese was hitting .222. -..... f
I NfI Gig Don Newcombe now a 19 08_ Mail orders for tickets will be accepted after October 12 by Paul Hyde. Business
Cincinnati Red, won 27 and I 303.915.4Sometime- 11 Manager. Bethune-Cookman College. Daytona Beach. Florida: H. R Partridge
'' lost only 7. He was expected !! Business Manager. Florida A andM University. Tallahassee. Florida.
to cut the Yaks down like 1 ode c| Tickets on sale after Ictober 12ntthe following Jackionvile locations: Myrtle
;Ir.---- e/ sewer tinpr tI a scyth in ,a wheat feld. but Nnmettme btf down Avenue Hosiery Store. 2212 Myrtle Avenue. Mom's Kitchen. 1235 Kings Road
he only appeared 4 and 2/3'j'I He wens add*.,It vobtntctaRe all aroundAtradbns Brlnkley's Place?*1200 13th Street- r, Koir Korner. Davis at EIghth. Hollywood Mus
innngs. Big Newk got credit J Ic Store. EOS Ashler. Street Cohen Brothers. St. James Building. Harry FInldes
for a. loss allowed 11 hits Coming ieln Company. 633 W. Bay Street andTourist Bureau. Hemming Park.

good for 11 earned runs and l .27.-.54 -,771
posted a '21.21 earned run
x ;i.r .
I /" : 1'tf 1- ., : .
i "
; t .. t,
... \ -1 ." _. ::--- : ,, '
: -1 f.'M \
: I : :' "" 'If' :- .
: V -"
t --+ ...i"*.*..". ". !I"; -'' ."- c '--: ''-1 : : : : : :;: ,"" -- ;i.I i.t i.

.R Si


Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday October 17 1959
--- -- -

--- Ezell McBride, 35, of 1414 21-year-old woman, who Why Pay More *,

ML Herman Street was hit': lives at 5666 Soutel Drive For Service Call *
STOEKEEPER HIT when she did he reached j on the head with a broken I was cut on the left-hand with EL 6-2957 *"

'j plate last Saturday as his :;, a butcher knife last Wednesday i *
WITH THROWN BRICKW. over the counter and slapped wife argued with him about ': when she went back toi FOR SALE:

A. Parnell, grocery" her. staying out the night before, i a house where she had been,J Old 98 and Marti-Dare Cosmetic *"

store owner at 657 Florida Miss Thomas found a brick! McBride said. 1 living as the wife of the man i iI j ji 4stx and Hair PreparationAt *

Avenue was hit on the hand who cut her police reported. Factory Prices
I i ,
I and threw it at Parnell, hit- The victim said his wife .
with a brick thrown by Jer- Miss Geneva Vann went to i 811 S. Edge wood Ave.
ting him on the left hand. t Louise McBride, 34 started iCc
aldine :-
Thomas last Monday 1042 W. Church Street to get k EV 9-3119)
Police advised the victim to him about h is
questioning t .. .
during an argument in his welfare check and an ar- --- ,
small ; take out a warrant. He did staying out and hit him. He -
grocery at the with her
I gument common- f
above address said not want to go to the hospital \ was taken to Duval Medical
JeraldineThomas i law husband started. During
; ; for treatment. Center by private car and BARBER WANTED
came into his'store I Lawrence
: the argument,
and he told her she smelled 1 l'' Patrolmen J. D. Austin \left for treatment. Police said !!i Mercer, 28, of 1042 W. Church y\5 Apply Artistic Barber Shop. :

bad and needed a bath. He; and J. S. Gladden investigat- he stated he would prosecute. I Street cut her and carried H 619 West Ashley Street. EL

said she called him a lie and l I'ed Patrolmen Robert GeorgeJr. I'her to Duval Medical Center 49231. t/Wed i

., and Clarence Barton in.' in a taxi cab, police report- I
1 -1' t .
GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT vestigated. ed. I ,
Get Into The Movies This Week! Police advised victim to These scene from 'World atJatcdi : 1". :

STRAND SUN T HRU SAT. take out warrant for suspect. I Flesh and the Devil" shows' TROUBLED? ::: -

: ACQUITTED OF RAPE Both parties were noted for Harry Belafonte' and Inger LOVE? -

2 GREAT NEW HITS.! __ BY WHITE JURY such brawls witnesses said. Stevens in an unusual storyof MONEY? A tip of the Fepal Ctap
-- I ATLANTA, Ga. An all- Patrolmen J. Seldon and three survivors alone in PROBLEMS? to these ontotandtBC ")"

I "-.." '"-- .._...-' W. Solomon investigated.PEACEMAKE York City after a Ill Help. American, wfw .
r E !?! ,!!r r ( :,t, male, all white Superior 1 young ,
Court returned verdictof Bomb Attack. 'SolutionAvailable make our country trf
jury a
;: ,1 r; 1:1: ':VIiR h 3Et not guilty last Wednesdayin IS CUT Playing the Ritz Sunday our community a oettw

fl1 a. favor of a Negro who had WITH BUTCHER KNIFE Wed. If Instructions. place in-which to Uv

,' 'ti '., "been accused of raping a Miss Edith!T Jordan Hayes j i Followed * *
Strictly Personal
white, woman. :26, of 721 Oakley: Street I II j '
.' The verdict makes,25-year- Lane was cut on, the left} ROOM FOR RENT 1 I JOHN WAMSTEKERBox *
I knife board 10 Otter *
shoulder butcher :Furnished room and
I I old Arthur Williams only the
Cape. South Africa
1 0 t f second 'Negro to escape the last Sunday as she attempt-i I:available. Conveniently located r *
f death.penalty in recent Georgia -,i ed to play.the. role of at 1244 W. 4th Street. *

( judicial history. I maker during wan: peace-I'Will interview after 6:30: P.M. v yP *

AUDlEMURPHY-TERhr Plus : i An ar t-betw. 1 *
1 I i.uuKE. The jury deliberated: approximately Willie' MaV.Cos! Well and

Released thru a, United! Tfr1t[Q Artists Sex at ion 1 sixteen'f hours i: Jackson?t32T<5 tQ21': Franklin ROOM FQR RENT I LEARN,;,TO DRIVE P 1. *

'after Williams' delive"ed Street I Secure Drivers' License I *
? attorney ;, 1 was .in"progressvJ1fn
:". j Furnished ro m for nice ou- :
'h his concluding I SAFEWAY DRIVING *
'argu- the ''vIctlm'at mpted to. stop ple. Located at 1244 W. 4th
..$ { ment. The attorney; Dan the argument As'-she did, Street. Will interview after 6 I SCHOOL \ iI:4Frankie *
Duke, reminded the jury that Jackson reportedly: took a \ 600 West Beaver Street *

"a Negro man has a right to butcher knife and cut the victim GEORGE PERPENA Dir. 1 ,*

protection of the law." i on the shoulder. She was P.M.'O II Res. PO 54607WALTS I-aFe
>t i i ims *
iJ He cautioned the 12 white taken to Dutal a New Stanton Senior THigh

"t1 jurors to be swayed by the 1 ter for treatment. School J

"1 evidence and not fall back to Patrolmen J. W. Eminisorand Pepsi Cola Dealers and J

1 prejudice in the absence of J. B. Austin investigated. I Pepsi Cola Bottling Com-*

1i i, proof. Acute AsthmeJA RADIO &. pany are proud to salute *

I of the 12th grade
} s 3 3e 3u A TV I Jt-
tcc sNow class. She is a member of
I Continued from Page One I yield spel'd'I 10 c's: <.Jef'r b. r@splrawry and Concert T
the Marching
I Spec"a'st! C.'tang. d.oLing. All Work GuaranteedNew
I FLIM FLAMMED gaspngrehecedsolasttrt-.eus ;areamazed. and to become
Ii band plans J
to w.tinR No Areas(Or p'nful tujection -
: he left to get the change, i IS YOUR DRINKING free breathing,, Wonderfully,tiow a''aii.S.with N.c. !. tie In n"-,'t'utc-. nit' and Used TV'sPhone a Musician.k .
leaving the other man withi I scription.Ask}ourdru'!gist for i.Ir f rl. EL 3-4009
i To.Be A Problem? Green Mountain Cigarettes or Compoand!
i him. He said about 10 minutes I Getting **********

later the second man 1 II I II I II 669 Florida Ave. ;.
>k a ?3 Call EL 4-3176 .
bathroom. {I e e Jacksonville, FloridaNOW tr k

SUN. __ TUES I I i Y
i i back. e
I tr

1 AMERICA'S Capone When !;{, Look Ma.J'ir I. .No Pins,! IN .

WILDEST, ERA! owned baby can relax vance in diaper history.They are i ..mss.I M.
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HARRY BELAFONTE \ Regmlar. Price it 4.95
1 MEL FERRER Medium Mullet Lb. 20c \

Large Mullet .
-A Lb- 29c
Red Bass
Lb. 3ic
S S.
f Bed Snapper Lb. SSe l EIS, ,
wnlgDEVi1. .
Medium Drum. Lb. 2Sc
., .- ., .
Whiting Lb. .32c II I J
Q. t J Flounder ._
ti .-Lb. 3k
Spanish, Mackerel .. Lb.' 3Sc
I Catfish __ Lb. 49c
n..fwwpraooatte..eM Speckled Trout Lb. sSe P t
/t-rrmL Lb. 19c
_KOIU DIIiWIG I Peed 0 Isw1v

TilE. S.;" f..D'CENTER. J JacAr.rpl,
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