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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200531datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 10, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005310740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 10, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 10, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
I p, t K N ER RE D J f t .ARY "/FLQRIDA:t HISTORY ,-



;" .



!;; 1" r vn'nD VRO nA. ,nr / \\Portabl School S till o

-- -- .

., ,VOL.% ...... JK>. $8 And. MEWS OCTOBER 10 1959 JACKSONVILLE: 9. FLORIDA r 1S eec! Picketed By Mot h 1er.s-

.C 0 .p' If h 0 : ''B eat' N e g.. 'f 0k ,I'I.,' .1J1.lJ.:1 iI-' ..i. L-:TANiPA C..1.'i1-(-...f G' ST PORtABLE nl l jIJ 1r1"it_F Cf.1 lid C') L.SCHOOL.. EFrriI' t -i I.I 1 11ThiP\ 1E PLANS f fT4iIAKING ,ARD --

PoiornaIi TAMPA A sate of stalemate apparently exists here ; TO NX PARK- -

between i a group of Negro mothers protesting the assignment : .
Arrests leather of their children to a pro table elementary school at- 'P .

: ; : 'Port Tampa an.d Millsborough County school officials who' TAMPA The Rev. Lean ,Linty,

; have maintained an aloof silence during tre six-weiks-old. : president of the state ehapter ,the

damcmslralion.i : .- i i ime NAACP has apparently sucoee d in
.mothers,' aeferminaa i promoting a move toward better '
.-ii 1N0 FOR TOMORROW TODAY .. relations in this city, by encoMtog-
IriIIJFI t. iTEACHER INSUI.TED BEF6 E' 'n their efforts to draw attention school, Port Tampa pupi's!: ing the Park t Bard to integrate a

,. : I r i to the situation, I had to travel up to 15 miles.I currently all-white recreation park
'. 41/ .I ,'Jf. have the makeshift for dlildren. '
./: ; .' '\ .) (;; : +t to attend seregatedjschools.
:. : : ; school daily Park Superintendent B. B. Bradley -
ES- building without I
ESr ON FLIMSY .. told a group of Negro leaders
.R letup since the beginning of.
has that integration of the children's park
Todate., no attempt
I.. "
;,, '' [' September. : been made school officials known Fairyland would have to
}' I I The portable unit, having; come on a "step by step" basis.
drivers license clock! by policeen
early morning spot to enforce Florida'scompulsory
t,, neither! I Bradley told the group the Park
'ii!: : ': ;-;" :.. : ,. }1-'t,, a county road some five miles beyond Jacksonville's nor drinking water) attendance law. Board would attempt to formulate an
i- <.Ift.tf ; ,
"' of two and the pupils, week to
city limits resulted- the arrest Jg&l, men Their lack of action, however acceptable plan within a
I ,
: ; the scheduling of their cases for criminal court: action later I have been -described as a'| may be explained by place operation of the Lcwry Park
; deplorable health hazard". I facility on an integrated basis.
aUis month 1 t the fact that children failing The delegation, headed by Rev
.tf.tfD : The an.st; incidents, oc-: With'only 18 to 23 pupils;, to attend classes prior i Lowry, also requested considerationof
o0'bAnb1z attending
: by'-: Jt .put of the of a Negro to the
.J' curing V- sen' the hours an passenger her-rightful 77 assigned to the four-roonv to Sept. 29 are usually denied appointment board.

." 4' o'clock last title of "Mrs." advancement to the next park
<" of 3C.: a hchool house, the school The request is being taken under

't ,trt.t 't e't 'J" <,. + &unda .morning, involved '; When asked it he felt he board reassigned two of the unless gradeat-the.eiid they passed of the._pWe-year considerauon.UN .

,. .te.'n" .. .' .fi' i: John Edward Pickens'andj had been: treated with injustice four teachers that originally t ment test. It is -generallyfelt I -
made up the staff. :Many !DRIVER lRlD
Army Reservist a Major j ] Bradham "Iiwtuld that the school board
:: f!!:t; : j replied, parents in the protesting .
: : will rigidly block the adv-
"i :1. ...... Capers G. Bradham say :yes.' As an ex- group have filed applications
j jI
<' '
l' I. I:' .' ,r' l} ,,.'{ "" t!.;! ... .- ..' |I A -Charge of operating a.'' ample,?' he went on, "I did- to have their children trans- Tampa ancement pupils of all Negro who have Port AUTO DEATH
< <
.1.v 'L + -
f t I -- Y'- 01; drivior's )in't even kno':v/n what I was ferred to all-white schoolsin
j.r : f 3 : -t. vehicle with .no been affected by the cur-i
I! under arrest for the vicinity. I
|placed un- Prior to the I -
$ .. ., \\ ,. ainst Pickens who was jailed Jail' where this ---------- term ends. morning from injuries received when
/ -- --
& 1. I --- ---- -- he was struck by a car as he crossed:
in lieu of $25 bond but i highway,; patrolman wrote up I Moncrief Road early Saturday

r Slater released when such the charge of not dimming GOLF COURSE SALE TERMED The victim, Ametry Wilson, 25 of
l r 2502 Moncrirf Road was crosairg
YN bird, was posted, State, : my:: head1i fa h.s.'*: :*t.*-.....' -- v- Moncrief and Reiman at 12:50! a m.

f i: 1t bad:'"Patt. olman'rlC ,J. RHr j ji adharrt's who immediately ILLEGAL MICH0N SOUGHT 'year-old Satprdav Eddie when Rivers a car Jr.driven struck by*him 27-.

ii i, ault,' who arrested and i!, posted the $25 bond, has ; Wilson a cripple, was rushed to a

also to appear hi criminal court local hospital in critical! condition.
Pickens x
urged: ,; B M Police are hcldirs Rivers ca a
Oct. 27 to the
,' ;4 in Ihc arrest of Brad: [ answer The present low bids being offered for the two munici- charge of manslaughter. Rivers ad-.
.. : I 'ir.m who reported to the pal golf courses coupled with the fact that the city faces dress .is' listed as 10S2 W. Quv'al.Street.

fii ," ., [Florida Star of being' boldly i i The arresting officerRidault the possibility of a court injunction to prevent the sale

If; .... \ iinsulted: by Deputy Constable can be remembered of ,the f adlifCes,. has dropped into ihe lap of the City Commission DOOMED RAPISTS. r

t Iii". ..." w 3. Ililes( A. ,Keen curing I for the conspicuous role .a problem of wide dimensions.Historically .
-- ,y'I die license check. he played last March, 7 whenhe -- the current LOSE BID .'

'f r -: : .. I II allegedly sat straddle a !golf course dilemma is : Glared: "The city cannot FOR LIFE TERMTALLAHASSEE
4L j I Bradham, who was eventually Negro woman on Tyler I,(give its property away. And
; xrrr>'.ia I: charged with "failure outgrowth of a civil rights
Strret and beat her, into I that is what it will be doing
I : ,,.A : : I said such suit begun pyer a year ago i
iJ v :" ..' ','' "...'\i. .,, N t i to' dim headlights" submission, while companion if t he commission is Two
.0' officers held shocked by a group of Negro golfers I
against a
i 1" : .. !kI .3 ,charge was lodged permitted to sell those Negroes, condemned to die;
I" ..: ':" '; i ... him because there was no crowd. at bay .witn drawn against the city of Jacksonville golf in the electric chair for rap-
.f k' : ,{, courses under the appraised
,' 7 .. ".(..... ..>-N: legitimate grounds. to have guns. for having been denied values." I ing white women, lost their
t. -o ,
k :' .4 .: :: arrested him in;::' the first John: Pickens, as well, access to the Brentwood i bids to have their sentences

must appear before criminal course Jackson i commuted to life on Tudc-
ij1 place. on a day designatedfor brought to bear
4 court on Oct; 27 for his the day when the Pardon Boar;
: incident to white play. A .Federal fact that city property "
Recounting the failure to appear at an Oct. put, thumbs down on any
ia, 'representative of this 5 hearing at the court of 'Court ruling in favor of the is actually the property of further consideration of

Justice of the, Peace Negro golfers all its citizens held their appeals.
j: newspaper; Bradham said in I R. D. spurred the being i _

returning from the Lincoln jPendarvis I ,Jr. City Commission to close_ in trust. He said the City I The. doomed men, JohnPaul

Club .with friends he I WOMAN IS ARRESTED both the Brentwood and :Commission cannot< legally and Willie City, confessed -
County '
hFTEB TREATMENT Park turn over rapists, will be executed -
noticed that the cars ahead Hyde courses in the property belonging
at a date "to be set
An unldetlfiod, youngster about 5 years old is shown were slowing to
grimly contributing hid footage in the current picket line thought something had happened both races use of the facil- citizen or handful I. The commutation appealby
before the new Sears store The sign carried by the tot ahead," he ex 51 Maggie Smith, 67, of ities rather than comply the two _men was personally -
up Daivs Street was thro 'The caurses. under'the
emphatically depicts one of the main behind the wnwith -
purposes the opposed by State AtI
in 11. court order to
against wall last
determined plained. "Then a man Sunday city charter, have been ty.
campaign by Negro citizens of Jacksonville dedicated I Clair Davis who appeared
to halt discriminatory prabties ia employment. plain clothes came up to my I acusing a laceration in the cease the segregated! schedule to fhe'use of the before the board-to
lens flash-! center of her forehead while argue
car waving a big of play which allowed against such considera-
light and demanded to see I fighting with her boy friend.A public-the whole public. It i any
PARENTS PROTEST Negroes but one day a week is crime tion.
NEWS\ license. enough that ,
BRIEFS driver's' they
AC.\IXST UNSAFE SCHOOLNEW my I police report said Mrs. to use each of the courses.. have Circuit Judge John Bird,
ROcilELLE instructor Smith and James been kept closed allj who sentenced the
N Y. Negro Bradham, who is Spencer, Atty. Ernest men,
parents demonstrated before Lincoln of biology at Northwestern -. 46. of 748 W. Beaver Street Jackson, these months. But it would wrote the board he could

HIGH Elementary School this week In protest : 4ttgh School, said he i were drinking when a fight who successfully repesentedhe be a notorious fraud on the'! Fee no reason to upset. the

OX COniT RACIAL TO ISSUES DWElL of the unsafe condition of the anted the man, who was i 1 started between them. Negro gofers, is now a i public to sell them for any-' death sentence.

WASHINGTON-The new term of sducL The parents demanded that actually Keen, to identify I thorn in the corunSSiOR'I thing less than Paul, 24, was sentenced for
Smith their
the Supreme, Court is evpectod to be the 4:97: students be shifted to other himself. He was not only was sent to ap- raping a 47-year old womanat
'largefer taken up with: m :.r fccmansatfcdinc schools in tbe area attended largely called !'smartnigger" I Duval Medical Center \ for I side as he continually warns I praised value." /" Clearwater. Willie City
refused, but a
racial relabons I II
The high treatment and later them<
by white children attempt convicted
i selling was
who of
.court ups hunchcxl on the new term : by the officers Questioned about raping a
aftec..a brief 17-mmjte !jai on Ac wtnrvd 203 pupilsfaJod:: to then left to return with]I I along with Spencer and I the two courses below! theappraised t 1 his! vow -oung. widow near Largo.
>Manday darlTjt which tine the nine if show! which' charged with disorderly con- to seek a court injunction 1'
b18dc bed judges faced a courtroom ep fir. vlasses ea Monday, and Patrolman =Ridault at values.
pdcked wii; wfcre I I>fart3 -it officials t according to a report! by a stool lime the smart nigger" remark -i duct and. fighting.. i date. to prevent' "the city from MAN HIT ON HEAD

and 1tth-, atMrtgy_ *, personal friends. I t tar official vpr.,ar.some of the f"classes were in.j. : was ,made again. j t courses To appraised the Hyde Park [r selling the two golf couvgef.>f I i WITH BASEBALL BAT

Bradham said the high-! earlier jAckaofl said,, ,"Not only' do I
I I .
The opepfrg day cpremonies: were II this year to be ...
worth $006-
... oorucIu&ri ate a loud bar* by t!* I way patophnari took bis I Idriver's f I inteod to ,do it, but .I-in-i:
ctlet't:: c is vrv:'-e fVj' ,-.:::-: I' -CAPTURED" ., ffjrense and then'rtc' ] GROCER DISCARDED I 0. has drawn 'bfds barely fend to do so i i iedfatelv"r Uyfe PaullhiD 68. olrH:
\v3'id be 2n r.uaU text 1;#-- ; S:. iNG i iI ROBBERY i half that : .struekT4on
armed men his car *
Fifty IplVin > trying to get :
day. \ the ei
: ,
lowurg: ::- t'Y. jntAl JWidr, oft'the rdatl and park it'j: 1; satiation the head with abu 0Tr Ott' I stlist
exists : :
.. I N I 4 .... W.i.Lh. the' }
'- % .4- : jit> man I > t. .. : infQ c'y* tnfc week.. I* '
.. 1. eMnd t h vehicle. j ? I
Ie.': :" : ,:. :(1- courJe 1. Saturday bv Doles
Ii''t; .. ,., .. .. i inquired to why jBreatwood whicVj \\:1' ;: ,be 2 t--'Tsaef's $uit r *.:3n .
XEGB: >ES VICTIMS I : c. I 'i::23::: > K: as A local robbeor qfUfledfer I. : 00, police repotted

Or AV, AS84CLTyjEW a: was be i ng cUa'red: i ; \.J X.m..... JaIl Sat.rd"y l. f i valued at 54 6,000, has ati| -, ci. "T x :Q ,": tie .PauHWU said h* V-H Bit
to -
YOBK A gH- ? ft NHf y-o: ,"e. Pa':dam said he TT:_s told r:' Tl t w"r.... tstapiBg [traded! mstl rbT ; ei: yof: Jackson."ilt@: 1 bc afec he TTTu1'5"f! dt -v'
., ,. ". ,. .. -. v.I... ..,.. '.: ,'th '\ bids'"c '.. '
1.-. < > %.-, ,. tc deed 6v vj? < t. ; rlatly.' bw SHault, 'Tm goirg ; : i -: \ : Greu to tak !Vs 't.\'. bt r
"t t ., v'l\-.' i '..Pue, dAy tr.yj! :- ftf I"t..u.it' : !; to *rret'you." Th.: 71e't t Cba.oo! '= Fa. ess than half of tjat'"w'unt City Comnia! !t"l1er. Dallas..; from the ho .; e enGretn
.11". : t' j>ocvyr: <:":frs "l' A T or Fa; .,.......
: $ .. : ;lroyGBaoeiy-watered "h: a \' it h ( : (\ because art''' '.
r.r: \: .1 \.1 izti fh\: .' ,, The ,off:cer made some s ore. caed at 2W4 Tbdrfex Ft ..
.,. nd tg M 3 d--: .) '.: at- ''LgL' iIr times to the other oc- ;;'.u 1 H iB the eve-ar wife d yF.st 'T,., atf.dJ"' th n ; Ih tT '" r-Q.! ("' wr p1! n<1f: He /;]S't',': q' t j J">u.1.ll
: '. for no :\ !'t"ntT1. 1 as Cori'ni'tte ...
: -c alter ih :>>3.Faipn Medical .
-e:: Cer. for ,
'r 1' -. 'h r'r
;;c4 o-<- 1C-re w-oK. inThr .tJl"th 1; .. -udants: in the c&r and.&r. r..1 : y:1t: i'I eL 1
t :"' .' .? ;:;.....: #it ) ,$May; to Bradham,. seemed'to tend pafat l&r tobhm reg., r: ( p iat'in M apll'he a ,' :red the sate. of the me titof, laceration on ...3
fieved foa of IfstBiJfet, t Bft er *:tc : and.rifcht front cf he. ,f f. Yt c..
members "'lire arrest : vgrately "resent the fact? e':'urns fr fl' n in : "f' at f'AA 1 1i1
;afro I i TAe wadded: otfker Is }rpatedho'd4nx | s&re's TC rfpts aad i .pestd.. Ti'jasr'e- !' p'ie oPfe'r f 1f fun v:as acvivi tarrant. -
i MI Wednesday. I I !rs own m a L.ji: .r'p': bu lhatQ} identified, one w m-;; dad! after Sin!' y :hovt1g )ttn: ; ."f-rte them: .:t.e1r' tie- i \.* polcio colj>. g;_ ': cl

.- ):; t

.." '"




p.g. Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday October 18, 1969TE

.. ,
4 '

FLORIDA STAR "Politics As Usual"By
) -F$
3_ t % .:: :.
NEWS c r : Eric 0. Simpson


PubUbd by The Florida Star Publishing: Co. k BLACKS SAYS AFRICAN OFFICIAL
"Member of Associated Negro Press'Ezic
FAO! RE + White people may find themselves in the peculiar position

O. Simpson Nnn Staff 9 of seeking integration and even possible assimilation with black
Johnson .
Q s. .
people in the African
HUd Woolen>> ._ Circulation Dep emergent nations. This idea was broughtout
by Gikonyo Kiano member of the
Kenya Legislative Council.
ui ma article m the current issue
013 Moncrl.f Road EL 4-8782 EL 4.6783 of "Africa Today," Mr Kiano cites
Branch Office: 423 Broad SL Phone EL 43773Mailing au. '. the achievements of the Pan-African I the emergent African nations if he
Freedom Movement of East and Cen- wants to enjoy the rights of citizen
Address tral Africa, which was one year old ship"
last month. The magazine is 'published
P. O. Box 5H. Jacksonville, 1, Florida bimonthly by the American Africans! w East and Central Africa
Committee on Africa 801 Second Avenue are oopcaea to federation as proposed
SUBSCRIPTION RATESOne New York.SIMPSON by Britain for two main reasons:, the
Tear, JSJW; Half Year. fc.OO; Three Month. $1.80 .WAY The Freedom young Kenyan fxplains! : (1)) Eu-

Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States.n ,_.. .....,. J charter, whichwas strong ropean in settler Kenya influence would,be which extended i is
Pa-able in AdTance. Send Check or Money .Order To: : produced I throughout Uganda and 1
b crip8on i4' Tanganyika,
FLORIDA STAB-P. O. BOX SSI-JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA 2' .."" .--"..a!:( :: by the conference where it is not as strong: (2) the
i tw \ ,, I
I \ / '. p tt when and if federation
s e
should take place is solely the busi-
r GUILT MAY BE AUTOMATIC ..: r : : ing up PAFM I ness and responsibility of the Afri-
I .. Mt:: l .: EGA. declared can peoples.

.2 :. .., a 'Jt '''' ,1' that freedom I Furthermore he declares, the fact
n BLACK is the birthright that the British Colonial
WHEN SKIN IS .'. ... 1'" ; Office is
z \ I I
C I"i" at variance with the interests of Africans
f ..PJ.people and em "Independence first, federation -
A trailer truck killed a boY last week. He was on his 1 ( '+ \ /.t.phasized that l" afterwards!" he pleads.

,r home from an errand, and the truck ran him down. .> : "every hour The East and Central African countries -

way The police were very gracious about it.of the They road called TV for theincidenrTheythegpolicesaid his A r )c( 'a .. .,_7.l. i. "" .1'j spent imperialism under I federation which are have Kenya been and proposed Tanganyika for-

fatal death that were it not for ? was an hour lost to freedom." I the .two with Rhodesias the possible and inclusion Nyasaland of

a road (or something of that nature) the dri- 2 i The conferees agreed, Mr. Kiano The latter three territories hive already -

ver oTthetrSck would have been able to stop the vehicle tip., fRlltlhA states, that the struggle for mdepen- been federated and PAFMECA

sooner than he did. The driver was permitted to'unavold-continue' i fr denc had to carry with it "the es- I seeks which to Mr.unscramble Kiano says,, is federation now being,

on his way since the police felt the killing was WHY NOT TACKLE PROBLEMS AT HOME WITH tablishment of a form government used to entrench white settler dom-
able.' by majority rule and the strict protection ; over the African people.
We' are not going to dwell on the fact that the truck of the rights of individual citizens 1 Mr Kiano, an elected member of
." the Kenya Legislative Council, visited
his victim Negro. Nor The idea of special rights for -
driver was a white person and a white and Indian people living in the the United States last JulyATTENTION
are we going to create a din because the boy's survivors -. YouiWeekIy African territories cannot work, they
be denied certain compensation because a 'roadSideinquest' pointed out.
criminality. "In short," the Kenyan councilman s .
freed the trucker from any possible
declares, "the the Indian
European or -
We do, however, have to ponder the situation in termsof I Horoscope Gu de in East Africa would have to
another occurance: A motorcycle patrolman crashed in- learn to Africanize himself civicly as LADIES

to a dar while pursuing a speeder. The officer was travel- --! B, PABLO, The ASTROLOGER well retain as his politically.racial or cultural If he prefers identity to Bridge & Social Club
rate of speed when the collision occured. As a Reporters
Jsg a high ,that is a matter outside the scope of
result, he was seriously injured. WHICH! ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS i fOR constitutional control provided it Send or Mail
The officer was, of course, a white rojg .4&r'I>frito does not stand in the way of complete Your Social News

which he crashed was being driven Y' g who was BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL for every individual Mondays To
? lea41'16; left *urn. The Negro Ass'milatlcn
? the act of making a Hay Seek FLORIDA STAR

was l...wituecWels driving, damaging city proper- I ARIES CANtER Be slow when are I "This, in practice." he continues 2323 Moncrief Rd. Cor. l thOr
.--:- <- v\attd.'Ofitl. or two other things. Born March 21 thru April 18 Born June 20 thru July 22 you would mean that the Non-African inj Phone EL 4-6782
; To weigh these two incidents one against ,the other, the expected to put up money'on dividual would have to seek integra-
The opportunities are certainly
possibilty of injustice looms large before us. A little boy The )Uth thrl 13th are exceptional and waiting to be the strength of promisesor tion and even possible assimilation in a e t

of eleven! gets smashed to death by a truck. The driver's days for Arians who plucked ripe, particularly from insufficient collateral.

possible guilt is quickly shrouded by the authontesjes who i are seeking opportunities to I the 11th thru 13th.: Moment 9-80-66-16-79-896 AQUARIUSBorn

point to a portion of the road as being' the agent of cause. deploy their skills, hire new I ary rebuffs should not dish- Feb. 19 thru March 20
Whereas, on the other hand, a black man faces possible
their | bold-
personel, augment erten you as time and There are many challenges
fines and a jail term because he was unfortunate enoughto I SCORPIO
: and effect change', news will parry the day. You facing but as long as
have a white policeman crash into his car while he was any Born Oct. 24 thru NOV. 22 .you My Neighbors
his driver's business. that will add new meaningas must not be deceived by appearances you do not remove your
minding own Do not miss a single occasion -
look below the objectives -
and wanted
That dead boy could have belonged to any of us. The son well as material value to surface to.strike 'gold and the to be a guest and host sights from the seem perfectly

or brother or cousin or nephew of any of us. As it is, by getting their existence. The possibilL development or materialization from the 11th thru 14th, capable of"you meeting and con- R

the life smashed out of him he now belongs to all of us-in terms ty ofa secret romance or of your fondest dreams. when your stock seems to quering them. Loyal companions

of conscience. union is also brought out on 5-70-99-15-98-579 be riding high. Your ideas a sound economy and

Perhaps his death was "unavoidable," as the police chooseto the 13th-14th, but try to fore impress those who listen bit but an ambition that is fixed are
be more .
have to a
term it. But the ,possible injustice which followed the tragedyIs see just how this may affect von restrained when you feel that all the requisites that will

avoidable.'A crime may have been committed when that boy your future before you get LEO is the betterof bring you success, ease and
emotion getting
died. Maybe he was slain rather than accidentally killed. Maybethe too deeply involved. Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 Since the back rather exalting human relatios (llth .,h
320111913321TAURUS() Discuss, negotiate and draw you. thru 13th).
truck driver could have stopped in time but just felt that contracts anything from than the front door opensto !8-40-44-19-72-941

he wanted to give that little black boy on bicycle a scare, and up the 11th thru 13th, when success, do not feel daunted It

wound up killing: him instead. Maybe the truck was unsafe for numerous planetary aspects when the latter remains PISCES "...and another thing...

the road, -faulty brakes or some other mechanical inefficiencywhich give promise of highly pro- closed ((14th). Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 !f,you were ao dogawn brave'ou'd

could have contributed to the 'tragedy. Whatever the Born April 20 thru May 20 ductive results. This is a period 490441489.494 There are so many inter- rith stay home and put up
my nagging bad
case, thorough unprejudiced investigation would bring it to The most ideal conditions when the proverbial tre esting possibiliters luring you ooJrJnc!1-
light. asure'may be found in your these days that you may be
may be encountered on the backyard rather (than in tempted to each and
own pursue
As in the case of the black fellow charged with reckless 11th thru 13th, providing a far-off places. I SAGITTARIUS everyone of them. You have READ THE

driving: Anyone could have been behind the wheel of that car clue to the lucky ones who 2-30-33-13-29-231 I Burn Nov. 23 -thru Dec. 21 access to all the cooopera-

at the time of,the colliion.! It is of course unfortunate that the have the privilege of select-: I I Conf fdentiol connect ion sand tion, information and guid-

policeman's tour of duty was so violently interrupted. But who, ing the most propitious date I 'I' the .willingness of important ance that you could possibly FLORIDA STAR

really was at fault? Was he, as a police office speeding in for the happy event. There I VIRGO require from the 11th thru

pursuit of a traffic violator? Or was the fellow in'to whose car ate also signs of unusual but: Born Aug. 24 lira Sept 23 I i Make your wishes known 14th, if you don't'' let any
he ? happy developments affecting As long as know grass grow under your fee EVERY WEEK
ran the home, career and indivi-. you you from the 11th thru 13, when 5-10-11-14-63-514
It would be generally preferred to believe that these two dual aptitudes ((13th-14th). are excelling in everything you should have netree almost -

incidents have been treated with Justice and equity rather than 1-10-88-12-87-118 you' do the, inner satisfactionyou anywhere and when fa-
derive is worth
with the rancid secretions of racial prejudices. vors, promotions and other
than all the kudos a fickle
benefits ob-
are more easily
The community, therefore would like to know if that 'white public or thankless individuals -tained. This is more of afper-

truck driver is actually guilty of killing that boy or if it was an"unavoidable" can provide. You shouldgo iod when the Sagittarianswho

accident. The community would also like fo know GEMINI fowarrd in your own quiet blow their own hoursare

if that black man charged .with reckless driving is actually) guilty Bona Mar 21 tKru Jane 19 way, or in the company of the ones most likely to
of such Since Jupiter has entered individuals or confident a ]1
a crime or if someone was perhaps a little too hasty i in obtain attention and prestige.
tbj solar 7th house the
arriving at such a conclusion. on groups who share your ideals 490991943491CAPRICORN()
9th, the promise of enjoying and purposes, and prepare for
It would appear that both incidents could stand a thorough splendid marital, partnership the day when you can safety I

airing. ai.:d public relations is rend- and openly present 'your

ered all the more attractive.The cause ((11th thru 14th).
11th thru 13th 7-60-77-18-59-767
represents Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 r
i a period of opportunity
for eGminions Those who are more set.
whose inter- LIBRA
ests lie in the acquisition of Born Sept: 24 thru 'Oct. 23 in their ways and perfects .Y

ind the strength property, exceptional vocational Accept hunches, offers or i contest with things just as, ".
I will find their stimulation
they -
openings and the forma- advice from the 11th thru i are
tion of loving associations. 14th, when will in entertaining and
for life. sociability. :Make the most of
find to be interested.
all the favorable develop-
ments that should crowd in 4d
GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING from the 11th thru 14th and''

-cp17 Use thl' coapoo. Learn more about yourself' Brad 10 I Mote (one attend to the necessary ar-,'

'. dim la coin) for each horoscope ordered by maIL Include self rangements to carry out your c r
rCF1 ) v Addressed, tamped envelope. Write plataly. Tile offer doe not apply program. fl
G to rmldeott' the dominion of CaBadL 1-30-33-18-31-138

- -
( '
( ,
ny.I ) .

R I Dser of Birth '1';: I II KEN KNIGHT

I Date Moat s i i
.- Invites You To Listen To -

Getting To Be A Problem? '
1, FLA. .
I Kama ,; : I II Call EL 4-3176 At '7:00 P. M. Nightly -

1(I REUGION IN AMERICAN: UFE,INC. I tddree \; :. ,' %. ., S e 1400 W R H .C 1400.

s ;
1 i WORSHIP TOGETHER THIS WEEK I ... _' .- t -+ .: =- ;1- ..'c. .. ... ., ,
-:-. -,-.-.. -
< ','. ::.--:...-",.-. "'. I .: < ',r .

; : .,, ... '. ..
:. i :.L: <_ ; ;! :. ,i J J.
--- ---
-- -



"III!! -- --- .- -J------ w'#w' w --- w- W W _
t -

\\ f :

Week Ending Inrw THE FLoRIDA CTATI:
1 _.__ "'"'--
r .y. ro.w


1959-60. SCHOOL YEAR speaking PEOPLE -

scholardships and for the current school -
year We are happy to report this weekon I
last week today that it has awarded more than $13,263 in the remarkable
WASHINGTON recovery being: Mrs. Thomas Pleasnt of 516
D. C., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority made
.:_ by Mrs. Lilla Ellis of West
Uf this total, $5UUO was 21st Street and whose illness brought Jessie Street returned to the

awarded to ten recipients by Mt to town her famous son, Dwight Mit,
al] grants are Gwendolyn L. city aftr spending a very en.
of the Mitchell Ruff duo.
the and
national Sorority Storrs of Tuskegee Institute, .4 Although the social aspect of I oyable] vacation in New
$8,263 to 64 recipients by
Alabama who is studying : .- DWl'ight'si.sit was somewhat Iini York and other cities with
various Delto chapters. r f I tied he did attend an informal af
Awarding the largest sums speech rehabilitation at Col- fair in the borne of Dr. and Mrs relatives and friends.
umbia University's Teachers '' LA \V. VI. Sohell where he related many She time.
were Delta chapters in of his interesting reports a merry
Thom- : experiences in
Berkeley, California 1 i and College; Carolyn W. I Russia.

Tampa Florida, each of son of Orangeourg, South 1
Enjoying the
whom granted $1,000. The Carolina, pursuing studies hi Dwight and his fellowship musical selectionswere with The Golden Links Clubs

next largest, $900, was awarded pediatrics at Howard Univer : 3Ir. and Mrs Maxe! Wilson. spent a lovely evening recnt

by Delta's Los Angeles sity's College of Medicine; F Mrs\ Elaine Lesefcne, Mrs. Luth:r i Iv with Mr. and Mrs. Cas-
and Celestine Tillman of Los 421 9:1 James, 3Ir. Junius Bowman, :"Mr.\ and well Aikens
chapter.A and at
Mrs. James Schell, Miss family ,
Angeles, California, candid-: : : Pit Schcil Mr. and Airs, Simpkins Jones their home, 1604 Logan
breakdown of the $5,000 Ate for a doctorate of chemistry I k, 1\1rs. Gwendolyn SttnartIrs.: Hut Street
awarded by the Sorority re at Penn State Universe b : avc tie Mac Stewart, Mr..and Mrs. Francis -

veals that $1,000 went to the ty. Littlejohn. Dr. and Mrs Jam Henderson, Miss
Referral and Supplementary Mr Jlildml Ii. White Mr.Bruton Leon Thelma Walker, vice pre-

Scholarship Service and 1 I i INVEST IN EDUCATION Gonzalez and many other interesting Lenpfit were outlined. Mrs-

Fund for Negro Students, an I Delta, with a membership ,.. gu &ts. sided, presided.
I'of 25,000 college women,
organization which selects thus continues its tradidtion The :Ua.ue1l"llS shared bl"f'aI.1.; j Mrs. Lauvima T.'Marquez
and fast with Mr.
subsidizes students for :'.t\ :r, Mttctoil: and
''of stand- : friends | was the principle
training at interracial colleges maintaining a high on Saturday morning. speaker.
arid i l and of community service and t: .1:, Also on the... greatly improved'' I I Officers were Miss Maxine

universities. list are Mrs yancheeta Cowart of Johnson, Mrs. Annie Anderson
The national total includes 1'scholarship among women, a 1410 West 11th Street and Mrs Leola -
also two $250 scholarships tradition dating back to the t L. Powell of 1137 West 30th Street. Mrs. Sarah Morris, the

awarded : Sorority's inception in 1913.year's Mrs Powell is up and about after [ Planning I Committee and
annually to women I i undergoing surgery at Brewster others.
This awards boostDelta's 1 Hos1 (
of India ,
to study advanced ( pita recently
social work : total scholarship i Friends of Mrs Bernice
at the Delhi 'I White report Everyone departed declar-
School '!grants to more than $600- I that she is waving ga>ly from
Social Work, m 000. I the porch of her West 8th Street I ing the hostess ideal.

Delhi, India i, i home, which makes us happy indeed I -
I Mrs White is convalescing after surgery Mr. H. C Do>iald has just
The $3,500 ,vas .! ,
remaining i scholarship program, ( returned from his three-and-
awarded for study in the begun(; in 1922, has produced i It's a boy for the George Bretons one-half
of 111 month vacation
United Lincoln Street, Tallahassee
to ten women, : many outstanding persons in .. Little George where he
five i I r Edward is quite a visited relatives
receiving scholarships, various careers. k 'I familiar figure at the Brutons' IT'Si- and friends in Boston Mass.
and five dence
grants.NATIONAL now having put in his appear
SCHOLARSHIP. ante August 30, 1959 New York, Newark, N. J.,
Among them is Dorothy Mrs.era Ia\is of the A. L. I II Philadelphia, Baltimore and
RECIPIENTS Maynor, who received $1,000 Thefloral 10 women shown here are the winners of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's na- Lewis Branch \'Wc.YTem Depart. Delaware where he

Receiving the Sorority'sscholarships for study abroad m 1939.i college scholarships and grants for the 1959-60 school year. They received : moot was principal speaker; at the most of his time. spent

were Helen S. Gwendolyn Bennett, prominent -. $5.000 the portion of the $13,268 .total outlay granted by the national Sorority. The : James Teen-Age Clinic held last week at Mr Donald ,
Ueldon also
Sneed of Garner, North: New York art instructor, remaining $8,268 was granted to 64 recipients by various Delta chapters. From. top, Although Mrs.Johnson Davis SchooL is known Gadsden, Alabama and visited Nashville

Carolina, majoring in chemistry -!i received $1,000 in 1924 for left to right they are Carolyn W. Thomsoon of Orangeburg S. C.: Alma J. Blake of mainly for her work with teenage, Tenn. While -

at the University of art study. The dramatic solo Anniston Alabama; Helen S. Sneed of Garner. N. C.: Gwendolyn L. Storrs oi Tu:. her participation in civic affairs and he in Nashville -
North Carolina; Shrley E. ist, Helen Phillips, received kegee Alabama; Hilda O. ,Fortune of New York City; Celesiine Tillman of Los Angeles dared personal h,r to social life have en ,' A&I, visited Tennessee

Barnes pf New York City,, four years ago $500 for graduate ; Wilma H.; Ray of Asheville, N. C.;Yvonne O. Hooks of Savannah. Ga.; Shir persons of various the hearts.*- 1Q..eIs..of many Her I' mater. University, he alma

an advertising major j at study and has enjoyed ley E. Barnes of New York City; and Natalia T. Calm M. D. of Detroit. match kindly, sense and of humor is ham \0

Boston University. popularity as a performer in of bringing as our we readers sometimes dream. lIe reports a very pleas
Others receiving scholar Sketches of personality ant and enjoyatu '
Europe. interesting vacation.
ships were Yvonne O. Hooksof Stork FASHION SHOW Wedding Bells. in our community, we would
Savannah certainly make her one of our first
Georgia, an Delta's award to its undergraduate subjects. "pep dance" to precede the imminent
English major at New 'York: Several invited Florida classic.
chapter with the Application for Marriage guests were on
University; Wilma H. hand when Mrs. Lois
Ray Avery
highest scholastic Licenses -
of Asheville average f"the Deliveries Les Elite Bridge dub We also have word of "Miss FAMU
North her
Carolina, year went to Delta Pi borne last week, including Mrs.in Alumni," the lucky person being
, an English major at the Un Chapter at Jackson State MONTHThe Albert Kennedy Jr., IMS Pasco, Parrott Mrs. Claudia Burris, Ruth Miss I Miss Marian Ilicks.Loca1llamptonia. .
Alma iversity of California; and College, J Jackson Mississippi Births at Brewster Hospital 29 37.and Martha P. dark 1548 Pasco, fJlrs.Bernice Zelma Griffin Mrs Nell Caron and f **pnt Dorothy
J. Blake Johnson.
of Anniston, The chapter's average was The Maynor here on No renw=' ?3, to add
Alabama, an institutional 2.304. Ernest Bell 807 W. Duval St.. 31 in prizes for bridge Mrs. session resulted another bright spot to our s*,;d 0:

management major at Tuske. The Sorority's annual May Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and Hattie M. Small, 2083 W. Baldwin Cove Miss Anna B. Menatee.Vermal and Mc- endar
gee Institue. Week celebration observed Jones 1452 K 30th Street; Ebony Fashion Fair, St. 29.Abraham Mrs. Eddie Mae Bryant and lovely In parting don't forget about

Delta's five national grants for almost 40 under the nation's only travelingfashion Alston, Jr. 2018 York St.. gifts Local for each of the visiting players. I Alpha Kappa Alpha's Ebony Fashion
years 25 and A & M Alumni (J. R. E. Lee Fair October l5, New
were awarded Girl.Mr. display, will appear Helen Bowers, 1064<< W. 13th Stanton High
to Natalia T. Chapter:
the slogan "Invest In Educa- ) plan an exciting School
St., 31.Jerome pre-game Auditorium. See tbere!
and Mrs. Carl Jones yon
Cain, M.D. of Detroit, Mich1igan tion," is the foreunner of here at the New 5t an to n

to study pediatrices and Delta's 849 Spearing Street; Girl. High School Auditorium, it j; Richardson 1417 Morgant
art for various public ser- Mr. and Mrs. James Mc- has been announced by Mrs. ; 20 and Sylvia Matthews 720 MISS ROSEMOND SATTERWHITE
emotionally vice activities.
ed children at the disturb-I,' Included : Kinney 807 Jefferson, Street; Virvian Ingram, chairman of Baker Ave. 16. ANNOUNCESThe

Michigan Art School of the among the public Girl "Twins". the AKA Sorority which is Arthur Avant, Rt 1, Box 1031 Dins-
service Sgrority's other more, Fla., 54 and Annie M.
: the local Smith Opening of Piano Classes
sponsoring appear-
,Society of Arts and Crafts; community services are Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Williams 8033 New Kings Rd., 49. I t
projects For Children from 7 Years Old Up.
Hilda p. Fortune of New [ ance of the show. The touring -
York on vocational guidance, 5609 Minosa Circle W.; i Fashion Fair will be seen David H. Beckham, 1234 Wmthorp For Information Concerning CIUMSCall
City, matriculating at mental health, volunteer services Boy. St., 19 and Mary A. Tomlinson 4304 EL 4-5793 1237 West 28th Street
the New in this city only once.
York University i international understal1ding Hudson St, 19. .
Center for Human Relations.I and facili- Mr. and Mrs. George Alex- Fashion Fair Hfflard J. Brown 1505( W. 26th St.,
library ,
Ebony 21 and Elnora V Brown
Other ander 1128 E. 'Beaver Street; Davis
recipients of nation '
ni its top style collection, St, 23.CLUB.
Boy.Mr. includes 200 creations. The j I For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks

CARTER'SFUNERAL and Mrs. Walter Richardson I Fashion Coordinator, for the:

I 2080 W. 19th Street; i iI entire production, Mrs. Freda Fried Chicken
r i .
HOME Girl. DeKnight, spent three TO SPONSOR
929 West Bearer Street I months selecting the gar-. Oysters Cod
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stanley FALL TEA SUNDAYAT ShrimpHam
24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE ments that are part of the ,
-:- Lady Attendant -:. )J031 W. 28th Street; Girl. unusual one night's show. 1577 W. 27THThe i Bacon Sausage
Phones Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ca- Designers "from France, Italy, Eggs Hot Cabs
O. C. Jernigan Owner' son Box 328, McClenny Fla. I I Coffee Milk
EL'44545 ; : Irha Sweden, Germany and ,Violet Saving Club is sponsor- I .
S. L. French Fr. Potato.
Paris Manager EL 4-0548, Boy.Mr. the United States v"con ing its Fall Tea Sunday from 4 to

: and Mrs. tributed to the collection. 6 pm. in the home of Mrs Daisy
Henry Wat- Miller, 1577 W. 27th Street. ROOSEVELT GRILL

.. kins 2805 Davis Street; Boy. of th nation's leading The speaker for the occasion will r
Eight -
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Dun-/, be Mrs. Ruth D. White. A well Ashley and Madison,
Discover the True Beauty of Your Hair! nell 503 W. Church Stret female models and two planned program will be presented.All .
; male models will display the clubs of the city are invited to
GrJ. ''I months attend. s s t
clothing in a four
--- -
Mr. and :Mrs James Lang 1 t tour over the United Statse ,

Shining-clean hair styled In away > Y n 627 N. Lincoln Ct.; Boy. |I'which will take in 51 ..citiesin from GRAY 'to GLORIOUS ,
to complement your facial Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Piei' i 31 states and the District

look-again structure, can look give! any girl that rce 1810 McMillian Street;'I I of Columbia. All proceeds

By accentuating your best features .. Boy. f from the Jacksonville show
and detracting from those i iw i ill be donated to the local ,,

less perfect you achieve a look Mr. and Mrs. James Wil-;I of beauty. Here are some styling < ''x hams 1024 W. 26th Street; ,i
t ) I
tips to help you decide what will I
be most flattering for you. Girl. J Among the creations se-i;

If you have a high forehead Mr. and. Mrs. Grover ByJ J i lc ted for the two hour pre- i
select a style with softness {}lard 3925 Freeman Road Girl 1 !,
around temples and brow. Try a ; :serration which is completewith 5 ) T1
style with semf-baags. The opposite Mr.'and Mrs. Johnny Dan- scenery and music, are1 j k S ,

is true for a short fore- I iels 1311 Carter Street; Boy.i 1 t those from ,the following international :
head. Add height by setting top I Mr. and :Mrs. David Cam- .
prominent designers -
hair on large rollers and brushing ,;
it back from your face. erson 2369 W. 45th Street; i manufacturers: 1

Make the most,of beautiful Boy, [Arthur Jablow Martier '
Miss Dorothea Towles shows one Raymond -
style.eyes by. wearing,a you bnuhed-back need not of the new hair stralghtener 'Mrt and Mrs. Daivd Cam- Hannah Troy, Mauricei I ,. .

show off large ears In! doing It. products, so effective for smooth crson 2369 W. 45thStreet; : :Retner, Lanvin Costel, :Mag- i!

Set your hair to fall Into a wide hairstyles. I Girl. i i'gie Gome, Gregorina, Schu-,; I
wave over your ears, with the :Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Lind- .
ends brushed to the back. you like and laugh at wet, humidA : berth and Enzio. In describing yA y.I
trick to counter-balance a weather. One of these products. II er 1958 W. 13th Street; Girl.'I the show's appearance :

prominent nose or chin is fullSilky Strate has a special gentle j :Mr. and Mrs. Sam Myers! in Jacksonville, Mrs. Ingram I
ness In back with soft fluffy formula"for women, children, 1622 Johnson Street Boy. i
; II revealed that there
curls. and those whose hair is longer are over
Flattering hair styles create and fine textured as wen as a :Mr. and Mrs. Abner Stripling -! 400 accessories in addition with LimJS LARIEUSB .

fullness at the narrowest portion regular strength" for shorter 2313 W. 4th Street; to the 200 creations. rR
of your face,and keep hair coarser hair which Is more difficult ." .7" Haircolor '
wide facial to straighten. Both come Boy.Mr. I t
smooth at areas
Even a style In the newest In a "do-it-yourself home kit, and Mrs. Oliver Blue .. ':

vogue won't look attractive unless complete: with eaiy-to-follow In* 1271 W. 19th Street; GirL [ Today II hart hair U rich tnd ,

hair IB clean. A weekly atrucUoss. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Wilcox JBJ u dw ptofieniaasl model shown hen QS
shampoo is a must and for oOy Hake the moat of your hair- w
hoar sod
hair It should be more often. for a more attractive JOG! Burch 1894 W, 3rd Street; 1757 McQuade Street; Boy. ; Oode&oy LcrieoM bcieg back
With hair treatments GirL Mr. and Mrs. Walter And- youth BO drib,ovtcftocMMd oc fjiayluf
your hair remains new naturally ... YatraI&ht. .d allsw..s ...... Mr. and Mrs Sam 1257- L :::t' .aah fa's cur to*M t..oo exttt pmcbjaa. AM
eaiy-to-style, and easy --.v 1M1." asaeeta.ee eiw M i Rodney ers Grothe Street; Boy.H Z&Mr'1 r ts+k nli 0ac1oDt' -* 00dtll (.t.s..e...'t .
..... a.as. ... s
ps&r. 754 W. Church Street Mr. Mrs. .
_You ; Boy. and Peter :New-
to-manan for I to 0 IDOD ... elat M 18w e........ ) :
may wash and comb your hair .....Co Tena4 r+tlltab..1'.e. sea.1.1 Mr. and Mrs.. Willie 9 berry 1264: W. .6th Street; ,Ztltentalrta....... I .A .J .

regularly It as oftta as garssa.a; wart, 1207 Wear...Street; B y. Boy. .. '\ r :; ,
", ,


fat Jiiii


.>. ---Pane. ill.!Fo1U' Hf. f LOJLD. STAB, .,"'" "; ....--. Week ctober 10, 1959I

I:: Mrs0 Margaret? Simms rrJSpeak: 'At St0 POJUFAME' 1

-- -- -




The women of St. Paul AME

Church are working to complete
plans for their Women's Day observ- > Yt e 1
ance set for Oct. 25. The general ,
chairman Mrs. Wilhelmina McKee-
ver has announced that the speakerfor
the morning worship will be Mrs. i

., Margaret G. Simms member of the J W !
personnel staff at Fisk University, f .e.
serving as.associate dean dt women !
and head' resident counselor for .'t ., Ta xJ, J r
a9 \4
women. d
Mrs. Simms was at one time con
nected with Edward Waters ,College '' >
.-- and since that time she has traveled x w;.
extensively at home end abroad gain-

ing a storehouse of knowledge and 3 ,
information that has been beneficialto M
her people in many parts of the Yf4. Z tJ

country.She .
is a member of the board of R CJ
directors of the National Council of
I Negro Women with offices in Washington -

D. G., having under her super-
vision all Junior Councils in America.
She has- visited England the West ,' ,
<,-.,' J- :j A'tml: 'ii
Indies, Haiti and many other placesof -" .. ,
interest. \ .-" -

Mrs. Simms Is an eloquent speaker,
well supplied in information gained P i.py,. y tw :'!hy ,

from actual experience. She is a nat- 4 )f P4' ? ,
ural concert artist and concert party a; ? ,. :4 A'r, Vt $
conductor and has appeared in more Y: -

than 700 concerts in eight European "<
countries as well as in America. v
r '%y'rvb
The speaker will be presented on ,
this occasion by Mrs. Olga] Bradham, .'k, -
librarian of the Wilder Park Branch
Public Library and head librarian of Nt r' \
the Smart Pope Livingston school. '

Several events are scheduled for
the benefit of the Women's Day de- r 'Si arc
bration. The pastor and congregationof
Mt. Moriah AME Church will
render service Oct. 19. Oct. 21, the !lt1I
baby contest, sponsored by the cap- ;
tains of the Women's Day will terminate :lll(
with a program featuring the
Male Trio of St. Stephen AME
Church. v'3i ** Bgv

The Rev. R. A'King and his con L4 | < %,e t" r'*. vysa >, '
gregation of Payne Chapel AIM will ; $; < J.r ,'r 1. YJ
render service Oct. 18, for the.cb
: ,. ,, ,
man and co-chairman ** 'the ,Interestof -- ,-" "' & ",'5"; .'_'<"'- Wom'* vDy-- :L/ : ,:;+: > ; "i : :, i :.: > t;} _, _:,"i,, :: { ; ,J""' ': 'Y4.-?<' _
---Mrs: Marion Morse chairman of

,J. has the Ads announced and Sponsors that Oct.community 11 is the, Usher Board No. Mrs. Della Blockshear, Mrs. Emma Stukes, Mrs. Altamease 'Bivens, Mrs. Lucille Taylor. Mrs. Mate Allen, Mrs. Phenie

deadline for accepting ads and spon A Season's Tea given recently by Bethea Mr. Adam Braziel, Mrs. Ethel Rob- Brooks, Mr. C. L Williams and Mrs. Mattie Everette. A group
Oliver Mrs. ,
sors. All having ads and Ararat Church was considered a hightly suc- Daisy
I of Mt. Baptist left while at
shown lower photo
have been Isohel Mrs. Pearl Timmons, Mrs. Oretha photo of attending guests Is ;
to Stewart
sponsors requested report affair friends and members who at- inson, Mr. '
no later than Oct. 12. cessful and gratifying by right shows Mrs. Lennie Sutton, the hostess, serving refresh-
tended. The above photos captured the festive atmosphere of Bailey and '
ments to Mrs. Aldora Blackshear, Mr. Robert Goodman, Mrs.
from left) Mrs. Willie Mae
HEAVY In right ( we see
CALENDARFOR the lawn of Mrs. Willie Mae photo top
the occasion given on spacious
Corine Clark Mrs. Rosa Lee Johnson, Mrs. Ruth Williams and
Ira ,
EMANUELThe left read- Thomas, at whose beautiful home tea was given,
Thomas of 45th Street and Avenue B. In photo top .
Prince Mrs. Prince, Mrs. Velma Lopez, Mrs. Willie Mae Mr. T. W. Lesure.CELEBRATION .
Ernestine Anderson, ,
ing from left) is Mrs. Laura Winters, .Mrs. {. ----- ----
Rev. J. C. Sams preached in -

night Emanuel in Baptist celebration Church of on District Tuesday 8. j MISS ALICE BOSTON AME CONFERENCE I LILAC LADlES i LAYMEN MEET ; 4j"

Prayer meeting and teachers: meeting WILL BE HELD '
were held the same evening, with WILL BE PRESENTEDIN '
the Rev. S. L. Badger and officersin IN LOS ANGELESCHICAGO i iI

Choir No. 3 held its business meet- The city of CHURCH NEWS'

ing on Wednesday, according to the Alice Boston will be presentedin Los Angeles has definitelybeen I! ;

church calendar. The meeting was a recital Sunday night at Midway set as the site for the I .
held at the home of :Mrs. Clara -
Church, Arling- ,
Taberpacle Baptist the General r/ .
session of
1960 /
word 333 Plummer SL, at 7:30pjn. -
: Choir No. 2 held its business ton.Appearing Conference of the African -
.meeting 30 minutes later at 8 o'clock. on the program will be Methodist Episcopal Church.At The Lilaq Ladies Social: : Savings DAYTONA BEACH An out-of- IIi1 e -

Noonday prayer was conducted on the Sensational Holy Travelers of Arlington 5 of the Cub is sponsoring: a Fall Tea Partyat towner will be the principal speakerat SCHEDULE DUAL OBSERVANCE SLATED
Thursday in the auditorium of the Mystic Spiritual Singers of a special meeting the home of the president, Mrs. the.Florida Lay Assembly which |i j Sunday, October 11, has been des-

church. The monthly business meet First Corinth Baptist Church, Choirs General Commission held at Goorgiama Ford,-281J"N. Myrtle Avenue will convene here at 2:00 p.m. this .> -Elder O. S. Anderson, i i nated: as Men and Women's Dayat
ing was held on Thursday eveningat Bethel AME Church, here, re- on October U, 1959. A spicy Gibbs Chapel The observancewill
and 2 of Midway Tabernacle Bap- Sunday. in observing his 6th anniversary as
8 o'clock. A. Gib- program'has been arranged for your | be continued throughout the day
The Junior Choir, slated to serve cently Bishop Carey entertainment and the president e-c- I This announcement was made by pastor of the Church of God in Christ j beginning at 11 o'clock worship which

on Saturday at 10 a.m. at First Cor- t's: : Boston will be accompanied bs Chairman, of Birmingham -. tends an open invitation to all clubs Florida lay leader Dr. Richard v.1 was honored on Tuesday night by I will be conducted by the male mem-
inth The Ala., heard a report i and to the.public as wen in and bers ot the church. The women will
Baptist Church held their by ulrs. WUlie D. Harris program : will be the presence of Elder W. F. Faust ,
weekly rehearsal on Friday evening. |j sponsored by Mrs. read by a special committee araund.the city of Jacksonville. I Moore. The visiting speaker and congregation, who took chargeof I have charge of the service at 3 p.m.
I is being
Trs. Rev. I. will be the
'I Northern New York Conference lay J. King
The Red Circle and *
Sunshine Band: W. Wilkes the service. On Wednesday nigktElder
in interest of the headed by Bishop wide of refrcrh speaker at the service. MissArey
met at the church on Saturday'eve- Mamie Boston Besides a variety leader Dewitt C. LcFerve. A. Hines conducted the serv- morning
Ding to serve in the association. j!I Women's Day drive. Atlanta, which had under mcnts and a pleasant setting, the I E. Chrispin will be the speaker
I consideration the possibity ofa program pIan.1ed'Tal inckide the devotion The assembly, meeting for the one ice.Elder at 3 pn1.
Flax Howard
to be rendered by }Irs. Annie discuss For Our congrega-
change. A question arose day, will "Targets tisn conducted Thursday night'ssenices.
Mae Grant. Mr. Solomon Timnjons Local OlurclL". BIBLE STUDY
the Concern Every
recently whether followed on Friday night by I
has been selected to offer the iwo( HELD AS SCHEDULED
the of D. A. Me-'
presence Bishop
Local Entrtaniment Committee 9:00 i
cation. 'f Registration will begin at and of The weekly one-hour Bible Studywas
Cray Live Oak.
.< Enroll Now In TheSoulh's (Los Angeles), with Bishop o'clock in the morning in the lobbycf A fish congregation, pas.ltor J hHd as scheduled between 6:30:
fry sponsored the
: r s .. Mistress Ceremony will be Miss White Mall Bethune-Cookman Col by and 7:30 on Tuesday evening: at Bethel -
Finest .JS R Chairman I
College > R Wright, Vi..ianV sIn The welcome address The opening session is sched- is slated for Saturday evening. Baptist Institutional Church
Florida Barber College or' the General Conference will be given by Mrs.'L. V.: Starling, uled lege. to start at 10 a.m. in White Sunday worship will be conducted ',i located at the corner of Hogan and
Branch G. I. Approved Commission was responsiblefor and the formal response by Mrs. Hall Auditorium. by Elder J. Williams of the Caroline Streets.A .
side Church of South-//
God in
a Christ,
the rental of Shrine Aud- Jessie Frezier. preview of October llth's Sunday
ing celebration.YELL .
There will be four tBscussfon anniversary School lesson was held during the
s itorium and Exposition Hall. There will be solos by Miss Panea groups emphasizing Targets of Concern j I I study period. It was titled "Spirit-

'oodrvw Patterson manager Prof. James Glover Bishop Wright wired the Scipro Mrs. Byrtle Barton Mrs. Es- in the Total Operation. of the I' Filled Witnesses"
630 Davis Street At Beaver Commission withdrawing his sie Mae Thomas, as well as a duet Church { KECEIVED Following the Bible Study, '.!> regular -
rendered by Mrs. Barton. and Mrs. TIle Rev. J. T. McMflian was the Tuesday "Hour of Power" service
Phone EL 5-9374 for additional funds Over 100 lay cf the Florida Con.I
appeal Starling. : honored speaker at New Bethel AME was" held, after which the pastor
from the Commission for ference are expected. to attend. Church 0.1 Tuesday" night. and members journeyed to Giant Memorial
rental fees. Under the termsof Miss Jenst Wilson and Mrs. Essie Rev. McMillian. gratefully received AME Church to share in.a
Mae Turner will contribute the reading I bytho Bethel members was accompanied special service to benefit Women's
'\ \ vwwwwwvto"WWVWVWW WWWWwwv WWW wwwwwwyww the present contract be- to well-rounded program. 1 by his own congregation, favA : Day. I
Relief From tween the two groups, the Remarks will be teak-red by club -:.i vr ushers and choir. The Rev R. IL Wilson is pastorat
Chiropractic Can Bring You Los Angeles group and the president, Mrs. Georgianna Ford. ALLEN CHAPEL AMEWOMEN'S !I Rev. McMiUJan is pastor at Grant Bethel Baptist Institutional
"iGmonnl4: Church.
5th Episcopal District will .report of the affair will be made FETE : Church.
Contlnna To Suffer ;
Why { provide the place of meetingfor by club reporter, Mrs. C. Coley an. .

the General Conference i SLATED FOR OCT. 18!; You Don't Ha.vto Go to Town to Get

which opens May 3, 1960 fora '
15-day session i LOW PRICES ,
ARTHRITIS ASTHMA ; voting is to be used. Voting I S

HEART TROUBLE BACK ; The Commission authorizeda and Rallying-that used to re. Ally l .
The Women of Chap e -
PAINS LIVER TROUBLE sub-commission to work quife>-20 to 30 hours for one' A-M-E. Cborch is showing nwh. rvfcrest I I : On Your
with the host Bishop and en-
HEADACHES NERVOUS fa the Wes* Day! celebration
CONDITION BODY PAINS Y $ terainment committee with ballot may now be accomplished set-lor Oct. 18. i

AND OTHER COMMON AIL-|. Bishop Gibbs given full au- ] in'a few hours thus Officers elted for the t."eIebra.1ffll DRUG STORE NEEDS!

MENTS. DO NT PUT OFF' thority to represent the com- giving more "time to .legislative are captain Mrs. Shirley; Am wily r -
mission. .. CoCaptazn Mrs. HeJen Wig- ,
ANY LONGER. LET US : matters. t II
gers secretary Mrs. levenia Squite. ) Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
was I Chairman: : of grogram cotnojitteffi '
HEALTH. also 'n ormed of its respon- Progress on programof Mrs. Daisy Brown !j jX WEVWILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED
ent for the 1960 :
Visit Our Modern Clinic .
sibilty of providing voting: Minch'} is ;expected to:I rr'rj":: :ih b;>ryy contest now- nut '' IN YOUR L CAL .PAPERS4
xt machines for hte elections at, FEt derway will terminate! on our Wotftw ''
-p the Conference i attract over:110,000 miniSters I *4>Bft v Qxitestants'bsby-jirry: j: TE* timer -i-- W* AU rm All pM-ton. PNrgr4pliw.s
as per a resolution I' ;
and_ laymen to the west,coast j James Major, son of Mr. .aM Mrs"] -
DR. W. F. WEAVER adopted{ at the 1956s
T.. .
reviewed and J. Major mnffmcL by Usbr* '
vill be approved -
e s s\o n ni Miami which i j I Board N& 1, Pulpit Akt Board pni ; i

GOt!! 1R0PRACTILE states, "that the General Con" !, by" the- the trustees;; baby ... Andes j Pixie Pharmat/) I
sion. SU1i-commis-1 I daughter of Rev .Md Mrs 3. *&- .i i'trews
__ Terence Commission work out! : sponsored by J3anf I .,9fA
procedures and that all voting Bis9P''Vnght was Stewardess Board 1. and Tatofjia \3 : KINGS ROAD at MTaLEA, .' UE

Ayc: 6-7830 B done Wiih Voting It oattend themeeting.. He I I !vn. Gamble, daughter of Mr.- ad i rntwzs CLt s..un".
S Mrs. H. Gamble sponsored by Stew F -'-
Machines. ThisiU be the ocnvalescing in Samaritan arts and Stewardess Board 2. '
: first time tin the 170 year Hospital! ; Lbs Angeles,. from :: .,

.'. S18'-Broad Street Between* :A'Shl y"Cli! r :h'"r. history of theftAME church af'recent !o'perat.lon"-and 4 ;ill=:*' sponsors!The captain trill receive announces credit that on therassessment -a'' i '. .;"-*.' ",PHONEUB1LLS.AT: ..,OUR STORE.... .- ,. ,..hT --_ (._

: that mechanical means of ness. .. :
-... .





r .. t.' I
f Week Ending Saturday, October 10. 1559 THE FLORIDA STAR' Page Flr'

.- .. ,
I STRAND SUNDAY '!ROBINSON SIGNS I said Robinson would receive J

FIA. NORMAL I I TO DEFEND HIS 421J2 per .cent, of the live Club ReportersChurch .

I Bigger and Better Savings Bonds I I'resident II HOLDS FIRSTFACULTYMEET- -j I TITLE DEC.. ; 14 and gate 75 at per the cent Boston of the Garden auxiliary Reporters ,
I ,<0 BOSTON, Mass. Sugar money which includes'
Ii P Roy Robinson, who holds the television rights. Silverman'I SocialitesSend

H i New York State middle-, also said Pender guaranteed
_weight boxing title will defend -Robinson a return about or Bring Your New

I it aganist Paul Pender,! within 30 days if he should

I .. ST. AUGUSTINE-The first faculty Dec. 14, in Boston. j win. the fight. [ In To TheFLORIDA
C.N C meeting of the school year held at Robnsion, the recognized Pender is ranked ninth in
Florida' N.LM. College recently was I champion in New York and the current ratings of the STARMain
for the most part dominated by dis- NBA and Sugar Ray is rank-
cussions centered around was strippedof
r from the dean and registrar reports of the the title by the National ed the No. 2 contender for
school I Boxing Association, but he I the NBA version of the ttile. Office & Plant

After welcoming members of the I. maintained his title in New The present title holder in,
I I faculty back for another college year the NBA ranks is Gene Ful-' 2323 MONCRIEF RD
Clark Gable (above) and Dean make,Sankey his C. Chao, proceeded to York State and Massachusetts ler who dqf ted Carmfen ...

a great cast star in the neW many issues report confronting commenting the college on when the boxing commis- Basilio for the NBA ver- Near 13th Street

Paramount movie hit. "BUT during the 195 .60 semesters. sions of the two states refused -

NOT FOR ME." showing Dr.assignments Chao also for announced the school committee :year., to coincide with the action :- sion.Quite a bit of talk is going_

first run' Sunday through covering such areas as: admission around that there is a possibility .
Saturday at the Strand. It scholarship and student kens athletic -'
; Promoter Sam Silvermantheir of betweenthe Note: The earlier the better.
PlaYa as co-feature with activities, the cultural program a fight I

thetorrid, sexational _un- library citizenship service, guidance, professional and orientation stand- fellow-workers and laudedby NBA Champion G e n e Notice brought In Monday>> and

censored drama "LADY ards, public relations and social cour both Dr. Ciao and were President Fullmer and the New York-
will better
Tuesday get position
CHATTERLEY'S LOVER.1The tesy.New R. VT. Puryear as being thoroughly Massachusetts Champion Su-
:3 a wt film "But Not For Me"is faculty members were 're-in- qualified to serve in their respective anti better headlines.
troduced', in a sense of the word, to positions. gar Ray Robinson.
currently playing to huge

crowds downtown at Jack- ,., ,., ,.',.,.,.," ,.,.,,.,,.,.',.,.,
sonville's Florida Theatre.At .

midnight tonight (Sat .

Elsenhower wants the. country to know thai urday) the ,Strand plays the ,, ...
United States Savings Bonds now pay 34* per cent Interest. first! Jax showing of ''CALLGIRLS. '-" t
He posed for this photo |Iud after signing Into law a Congressional ." which will be .
bill permitting the Treasury to Increase Interest show also at the Roosevelt f CHECK WITH ,
rafts on Series I and H Savings Bonds from the old 3V* rata Sunday through Wednesday.
This enlargement of a $100 bond Is symbolic tonne, butIt Co-hit Is the Fidel Castro
carries the message that Savings Bonds are "Now bigger Cuban trill storyPIER L.
and better." The new'rate was mad. retroactive to Juno T. 5 HAVANA." .
In addition, the 40 million persons already holding Savings "
Bonds benefit by the legislation. Th. Interest rate en out*
standing bonds has been Increased by at least OII.-half TESTS SLATED .
per cent from now on If held to*maturity. "To my mind
the President sold, .'th.... Is no better way of saving, no

more effective way of strengthening our power for peace, FOR TEACHING A 1
than to own United States Savings Bonds. To buy these : P
bonds Is to express faith In America. It helps provide,1M.
economic strength In both our'Government and In h dIYW.... '
families en which our freedom depends. I bop that the, SCHOLARSiPS) T z1GENE.nALOJLECTR.19
making of both old and n.w Savings loads even MOT attractive r
will serve as a r.n.wd'imritatloa toto sissy si21laitt! Charlie T. Council, director -
buy and: bold ...... 'Sh..... In AaierieaV I of education, announcedthis
T week that students will

be able to take competitive
examinations for teaching

scholarship loajns On Oct.

Abe Lever RECORDS 13.A teaching a loa prerequisite n applicantsmust all

be currently enrolledin
a Florida approved col-
Complete SelectionOf
,- lege. Winners must agree to
All Stereo teach in public schools of F BEST

And Hi Fl Records th state at least the number .
Stereo & Hi Fi Players of years of the scholar

GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER ship or pay back the loan. .
5404 '
Norwood Ave. PO 8.2367 At present, there are six-
Open 'lil 9 P. M. ty-six scholarships available. .

Application forms maybe ',
obtained at the office of the .
drector of education the
in C
Baby's feet deserve the best! Duval. County Courthouse. \,,........'. '1.J R ', \
xaminations for Negro applicants '
( will be held at New

J1lo1ttn. Stanton High School and ,

<<-tiJr those for :whites will be .'I { -: ,

held at acksonyille Univer- ', C' :'" "

IJl1t.faI1: : Sh..CJ .es sity. 4 ,.., % f b /j\' % c ':: AV
Nursing scholarship ap- lpul-1 ,
plicationsfulfill the

same ,req, ements. ,, I \ < \ \Np. Rtwol ..".

-Knife Duel Ends Fatally uri d dalL and 4
< .. \ of 1\0 f
QUINCY A knife fight betweentwo B'g C1c\"es f ash Save ;
women migratory farm workers 1 .; .Basis f abtic.S' tom \
resulted in the death of one and hos- 4 1 Bet
pitalization of the other on.Monday. J. deUcateai\ \ ads. S ,Bar'
$5.58 To Police report that Katie Pugh 33, I .. 'Co> \ed as. on1'fute
$6.99. se _
was hospitalized with knife wounds x ,...ra\ \55\011' as
about the head. She is also being ? ua Table .
held on murder charges as a result 1'anty also avi
of the death of 54-year-old Cescsta < f 1 aria e.
Smiley with whom she was fighting. .;t." ::,1,1.1" pOr\ab\e. ,
.. ".avra'f
The fatal knife duel took place on "" '., ron .
a bus crowded with farm workers. "
.. The victim died on the' bus from a ... :
neck wound. ,
soft, flexible and designedto .

,; "
protect growing feet ''

Made of soft white buck with plenty of toe P' .
\ i'
room for growth: and a sturdy: yet flexible,sole. FLORIDA STARIN :

UTSE'S SHOlES' EVERY ",.,'" .-'It ',(-.'.-':'i4- \\T-\3 .

*- .. COLORED HOME .d \' {\ ., AtY'
216 W. Adams St. "" .
6I-n Mon. And Fri. Til 9 P. M. \ i; ;

.- y
j ".
: ,; .
.: .' ': ;'
'':j 1..
)- 'c'
,:tl :<.
.' ; ''''
\ :
... ."t: f.r.y .
1 -}": "
.Z $ A i. ; '...
,r_ .; y:
1 : -'" ; .s :, "y-F;; There's a StOre

)J.> ,IJV. : ,.. _C".c _., A.' ... .. .. 5625BLANDING{Across from )Shopping BLVD.' !:(Across 15 S.from HOGAN New SearsCenter ST. ,I(Near 3316 BEACH Southgate BLVD.V Plaxa) Y A

.. SP 1.2880 : EL 6-2493 FL 9-6679

,. ,i i& Y D U :A.. L Open Every: .Nile Till 9;0Pen Every UUe. Till 9 Open Every Kite Till 9

v.> '. 505 S. McDUFF :; : 2639 ROSSELLE ST. '
.4 '. :.: > : "'" t tf \ {Near Lenox)' t"_: =(Corner of King and Rosselie. )
.Al4d ; EV 8-4624 EV 9.9871
; < Ir .
r,2':. ';\. ? .' ,'. -'. ', r. Open Every, Nil _Till 9, ,"!" I' Open Till 6P. M. r

i:. :tll'>, t '..... 'v ::;: : "it/-
: % ,, ',.,,.',
,., s e ''
'. -----n ..yt -- ,.,, ..;I!.,, --1'

Six THE FLORIDA STAR '- Week Ending Saturday. October 10, 1959


or to advance.
II IIS.t'"t"a"'n.t."o"N.V.OAt.e.s. ------ ,
1816 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722 Bridge & Social Club
,.,....-.v They students have work I
Kindergarten Begin September 2nd .__._ ed I Reporters
------------ as general office j
ALSO ADULTS -- helpers
By JUAMTA \\11 ii.\iS'---: a candidate in this contest and ach Send or Mail
Piano Band Voice Guitar Accordion New Stanton Senior High School homeroom seems to be very deter- and switchboard operators.
Theory Tutoring Adult Education I'. The currently popular female mined to win this contest which According to an announ- I Your Social News
MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH sextette of the famed Stanto Musi will bring many honors to the winning cement made by J. S. Gen- Ii Mondays To
Cho were guest artists! on a recent homeroom and many prizes I FLORIDA STAR
televised shew over station W.J.X.T. and special honors to the winner of wright, D. T. C. Coordinator,\ i i 2J23 Moncrief Rd.
along with Vernon Grissom, former the affair. The winner will reign over Cor. 13th
Stantonian and member of the Musi the homecoming activities this com the Duval County Board;; '. I Or Phone EL 4-6782
I Cho. ing weekend and will receive an expense along with the Civil Service T 0 0 TH !
The group sang several selections free trip to the Orange Blos- saautl rroi.
on the Virginia Atter's Open House som Classic in Miami comes early Commission approved D. C. ACHE teal. Pall
IIOTOUAP2gS FOIBExpert Program and received many words December.Last wbs yas as tan I. sae.
.ads. bfIs.
musical talents 1'. students for Junior Clerical ': sryor wens PATRONIZESlar
of praise for their tuosaada
and abilities as were demonstrated year's "Miss Stanton" was a positions in elementary re.'Cu INa.. V

E\r'IEIICY @CC1\SION during the group's appearance and freshman and all attempts are being schools in the county.A .asiR'4m ORA iEi.t3T.
subsequent performance on the POpo'.llar made by the junior and senior can- Ailvuriisurs i
".. television show. didates in the contest to prevent an-
Photography Members of the female sextette are other freshman from repeating last recent Civil Service examination .
Portraits Weddings : Banquets Martha Newkirk, Edith Quick Erma year's efforts. Enthusiasm continues for secretaries and
to mount around the, and the ATTENTION READERSPlease
Badger Kathleen Crockett Pequeno campus office clerks in phblic schools
Passports & Identification Photos Geiger and Jeanette Kittles. Mrs. big question now is "Just who will
Photostats & Commercial Work. Olivia R. Smilh is the founder and become Miss Stanton for 1953-60.()." was given at Duval Voca- Bring or Send Your
Photos For Newspaper Cuts director of the sextette alsodirectorof TEEN AGE CLINIC HELD tional School during the
While You Wait the famed Stanto Musi Cho. The second teen age clinic was i month of September from Church News. Club Notices & AnnouncementsTo
hold the Thursday, during -
?,' '. :r ., Coloring & Picture Framing MISS STANTON NAMED of MONDAY 1350-GO: I which on time campus the members of the I which Lillian and Annie Lou The FLORIDA STAR Early

', ':f} Let Us Take A Photo Of You TO BE Stanton" of 19 360ill be student body were given i ample I emerged with high scores. As
: "Miss
::- .. named Monday afternoon at the climax I time to confer with consultants, staff ', a result, Lillian: was placed DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS
and : members to discuss problems
-i'- .I cf a month long contest to determine facu.ty in Bethune elementary school
:: In Natural Color of mutual concern. Some of the TUESDAY at NOON
V.'HJ. VERY the first student of the or school more topics discussed had to do with improper -, and Annie Lou was placedin

campus.ladies Some aiVs involved forty-five ht this very and proper dating habits and Moncrief Elementary. FLORIDA STAR '
AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO young which will other b isic problems confronting
tense school-wide acthity teenagers today's society. 2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th'Street
end after one of the most These students will acquire -
611 West Ashley Clara White Mission BIdp. come to an Students teachers and staff memo
exciting projects of this kind in many bers are still talking about the "Fire-I enough knowledge to '

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments 3 cars. Side Chat" delivered over the mrol's 1

Each of the many homeroom public address system by Principal, which I ..,. ,. ._ .
Brooks Monday "
Charles D. on """? .- ' ?
sponsoring ,
at the school are "
groups .r
was the I keynote address for the ''''' ;;,, ,j .
first campus conference for the stu-I < <,
WHEN YOU ARE ILL dents. The female students were later
called ti> attend a special{ } all-girl as-
Lfr You Seek The Best a w#
111 When*Your Doctor Prescribes My Neighbors sembly. D. Wyatt in the, dean auditorium of girls with in charge Mrs.J. I S4tt ptt '- a it

rr. Get Experienced Pharmacists and the guest speaker was Mrs. Etta II t : -.5-

is To Fill Your Prescriptions L. S. Brooks. The boys were called
to an all boy assembly in the gym II I
According To Your Doctor'sOrders. r.asiumith_ Assistant PrinCIpalE.

We Use Only 1 .,L. J. Banks. The guest speakerfor
The Best Quality Drugs At this assembly was Mr. Dozz'll I
Varner. We understand that both
Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor Mrs. Brooks and Mr. Varner gave
some very valuable information to I
the young ladies and young men dur-
3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOULILLY'S 1 ing their respective talks to the different .Ia 1 r i1
We must express our personal
DRUG STORE thanks to Mr. E. O. Simpson pub- k.s .
lisher of the Florida Star for permitting '

us to begin a weekly student
1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276 -- column in "The People's Paper." We i
A COMPLETE LINE OF: "...and as citizens of the do hope that our many readers of I A at xx s y

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candl*-"-''Sundries I 49th state you will file form this column will join us in supportingthe
1040 and form 1040-ES Star in its attempts to create a ,
school for all local
__ these specified dates..." page %' r .
schools. J. W. 3" '' 'Wa a r pbY ra wY .tr. 'A
$V 'Ke 4

-" ; ?4t...rh+s n a'R" Y <'. A. a s.r ",j R r 4' M W e Kr

r +a ofA

There are openings for NEGROES LOCAL FIRMSI ----k5 t1rJ1 -- -- I'S -

EXPERIENCED Newspaper repoiters. ....., d- '.-

copy-readers advertisaag salesman, drculatSoa:
would like to see a new policy of better treatment '
men and women* printers, coznpositon. ... x'We kd) 'S
type operatc & to Negro customers adopted by local firms
I resent being called by my first name by salesman

BEGINNERS WANTED TOO W. wffl train and saleswomen. dsftrer as many as 125 babies a month" Mrs. Anderson points out "I know how important .

I believe thai Negro patrons should be provided it Js for tiny babies to have the safest most digestible! form of milk for their formula" .
young reporters and people for mil departmeats ample rest room facilities In local establishments and i
If you hare a real desire to become a member an end'put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains I

of the newspaper fraternity. and: rest rooms. Head nurse tells why she selected

To accomplish these* changes I am willing to cease

WE NEED Men and women, young or mIddJ. patroxrising firms. that are unwilling to meet thec
aged. In all fields for a chain newspaper' aad 'requests.:

magazines.ACT .
NAME |Lf BE.Ids Mae Anderson fa head nurse and an equal amount of water for his cup."

NOW Slate experience and age. maternity supervisor at a leading hospital Carnation ideal for cooking, too. Mrs .

WRITE ADDRESS In Detroit She is a graduate of Good Andpmon says no other milk win do for

Samaritan Hospital in Charlotte,N.C. the failure-proof custard below."It's' never

INTERSTATE PRESS ( ) You may disclose my name U necessary Mrs Anderson and her husband have a twoWatery she explains, "when I make it

P. O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla I dential unless 'Indicated otherwise below.I year-old son, Michael Lynn. "Michael's with Carnation." This double-rich milk

understand that my name will be held oonfl- I formula milk was Carnation, of course," in the red-and-white can is the world'

-- .Anderson__..-"Now wo mix! it with favorite evaporated ---&. by far.

.? -? "' s s s ,


I UREpOr:1:': '

The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments 11' +#1*' \. I CARNATION CUSTARDttro&M&tfcUfei&Mj custard into 6-8 baking dishes; I .
,I sprinkle with nutmeg.Put dishes
Services and Products osalarW
.)YOUR DRINKINGGetting I 4eggs In 2/* deep pan pour water I

AUTO SERVICE Health V4 granulated sugar j around custard dishes. '
cup _
Serncer. To Be A Problem .
-_ "Abundant Health Is R '' ? I V&teaspoon salt .t Bake In moderate oven(350"F.) I .

AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Swedish Mineral Steam Bathi 1 teaspoon vanilla 40-45 minutes, or until knife
Try Massage IVAPORATED>; ,
Call EL 4-3176 II 1 cup water Inserted into custard comes out I
Repair & Paint Work [ Colonlc Therapy M
Complete Body
-1V&> cups(large can)undiluted''CARNATION dean. Remove from water and J/
D. C. Masseur Sams LocationFor --
Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- :
lt : EVAPORATED MILK cooL Add-topping If you wish.Page I .
23 Years s s
Price Start at 54.00 .
< ---------------- .Irwa..W CoW'
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135x>334 N. Myrtle AvenueWashington's EL 4-247 .

s s .i

------- -
Free delivery any part of the dry I ___
GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET :_ OLD_RELIABLE _=- 'roolur I TNt7ubllr N %,N E 6'WfT' >;5 THAT
If You Want The Finest In Groceries [601 West Ashley Street EL 4.1380 R IOtI'nt 0'IC'EwEREGUOB DlDOMT HrHU + 'l.I.L AEI Y

And Meats Come See Us I .. a FRIENDSWEU TELL ,I'u y 6 r AU, NAGS ANYWAY..
EL 6-5412 Itr \ I RTyrri 1hON T
500 Davis
ti JULIA GEORGE _. htiX.tl.l BETlr I
,.. STORE __ ,
Courteous Treatment v ? + ..
AAA BONDING AGENCY r r "t t .r ,
Open 8:30 to 7'p. m.
City County and Federal Bon. A 306 Davis Street EL 4-1210 __

Law Exchange Bldg. EL MS32$ : A f I l



943 Forest Street EL 4-6804J! AVON PRODUCTS _

$1102 Price St. EL 3-8312
POST \ M. L. Harris Prop. NI, AWLFoR1 0U 1 BOrY G>IIT'SbtY ONI ZY' I h150 A+,SItIXJI KMEW YJU VOI>LpffT
f tvElTTItJUTH ATIONII'VE JUSTtit7T cww oucawca ,lOtirE FCRGET ME,.r.
CO. ..
Fertilizer Fruit Products OUf A1AT1T11AT_ r t, I

New and Used Furniture bought and IIOldMattrea Renovating Our Specialty /2 .,

584 Timfcrsaaa Road SP 1-3762 Service /
, JOHNNIE'S ROOMING HOUSE Old Kings W. PO 5-1634 :! c- ;.

AllRoom Modern Conveniences -
by Day Right, or, Week "At Year Service" ,
For Information Call NEW DEAL CAB
EL <4-lftll< /
tEL 5-4015 627 W. Ashley Skecj.] ,LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 1p




.\ I, t I

,-.' ,


Week Ending Saturday, October Ie. 1955 THE FLORIDA 51".11 r
PAL.Ii.. Cas.I ...
; -- -
M _M HI_

I More Football In Store At Myrtle Avenue Ballpark



,. .


King Football will again take over in Jacksonville be- 1MAR MARKCHICAGO
ginning with Oct. '0 when the Tigers of Edward Waters

College take on the strong Albany State College Rams. Ernie Banks,

Oct. 14 the Douglas Anderson Fiery Dragons will meet V the sensational shortstop for
the fast stepping Vocational Engineers and on Oct. 16, the the Chicago Cubs, established
New Stanton Blue Devils will take on Northwestern from another
Miami. major league rec-
ord for hortstops.During .
Football fans who have ..
the past season,
been calling for: some real I ers that there is more in the Banks committeed 12 errors,
have been getting that: than t .
11. two
games game just winnnig. : + ; less than the all-time
t from the first whistle at the I It is remarkable to note .,' N ., ... -' ,, record low of 14 held jointly
beginning of the season, and that out of all the penalties i a _,u."" _. by Phil Rizzuto, New York
I -- -" --
from the games on tap for:suffered by-the various teams Yankees, in 1950 and Roy .

the very near future they'I none of them have come FIREY DRAGONS HERE WE COME-Seen here Is the Both teams ''are determined to be on the winning side. The McMillan, Cincinati last

will continue to get what from unnecessary roughnessor Duval Vocational Engineers who will be gunning for a victory Engineers have been successful in other games since losingto year.

,', they The \rant.Edward Waters-Albany[ unsportsman like conduct. over the Fiery Dragons of Douglas Anderson when they the Yellowjackets. The team seen here will be ready for Ernie also set another
Where there has been bit
F State: game is an old rivalry!I''of roughness it has been a un- meet in the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park Wednesday, Oct. 14 at the Fiery Dragons. It promises to be a well played game between fielding record. His .985

that had its beginning seve- I intntional and was just a 8 p.m. The Dragons have lost to the New Stanton Blue Devils I two well trained teams. fielding percentage bet t e r s

ral years ago, and from yearto : matter of routine. The teams and the Engineers lost to the Northwestern Yellowjackets. \ the .983 established by Eddie

year interest has always;, have been eager to win, but Miller of the old Boston

mounted high in the game. ; not wni at any cost. same type of playing that sIS .. Braves.
Jacksonville will have an op.I This article must not end won the pennant in the
portunity to see a real battle! without tribute : Banks also
paying to t ..1ft1 World Series. holds the rec-
between Georgia and Florida.|the very fine and superb : THE PHILADELPHIA YOUR DRINKING ord for hitting the most
f recently lost to
The Tigers ,
manner in which the officials PHILLIES with pitcher Ru- home runS
Savannah by a shortstop.
Georgia State at ;have handled the games. .1c ben Gomez, shortstop Chico Getting To Be A Problem '
I and Coach George Bell and! SPORTS CORNER i In the 1959 season, anks
!j There is a possibility of their Fernandez and Catcher Val-
'a his Tigers are determined :.actions being equalled, but a'very c my Thomas, the Chicago Call EL 4-3176 batted in 143 runs to clinch
not to lose to two Georgia I little chance of being Cubs with the sensational I' the title in that departmentand

schools in succession. The I surpassed. shortstop Ernie Banks second retain the title in that
team is all set to give the C. PARHAM JOHNSONTHE I
The fa iran d impartial baseman Tony Taylor and department which he won
Jacksonville fans a real game i;manner in rendering decisions BASEBALL SEASON of 1959 closed with many outfielder George Altman! LEARN TO DRIVE
be- in 1958. He tied Eddie Matthews
The intra-city game I have made the games thrills and plenty of action. Many rooters for the various the Cincinnati Redlegs withV Secure Drivers' License -
tween Douglas Anderson and in.teresting as well as enjoy- I teams were unhappy and disappointed and many of them a d a Pinson. Frank Robin'II SAFEWAY DRIVING in home runs with 45.
D u val Vocational promisesto I able. When the teams win 'were rejoicing when the final whistle blew to end one of son Brooks Lawrence and SCHOOL .
be a toss up. Both teams( or lose the conscience of the the tlghest battles in many years. Some of them are still Big Don Newcombe and the|1 600 West Beaver Street FLORIDA STARIN

are going through the paces i officials is clear and the fanr saying what would have happened if certain things had Pittsburgh Piratees with Ro-j GEORGE PERPENA. Dir.
each day to be prepared to1 I are satisfied. not happened. berlo Clemeente and Roman Olfic ELgIn 5.7742 EVERY

wrap the game up, The En-i i I --------_ Mejais made it awfully rough Res. PO 5-4607
gineers lost to the Yellow I FROM THE BEGINNING! for .the \ COLORED HOME
I nant. The Giants also have I pennant contendersin
jackets of Northwestern and A&T ANNOUNCE of the baseball wars back in the
I Sad Sam Jones whom the National League. They"
the Fiery Dragons lost to the I April rpedictions were being I Giants secured from the St.I did not win the pennant but}Ii

Blur Devils of New Stanton made about certain teams.Louis Cardinals. What a pitcher they kept the contenders on
and they don intend to lose,.COMING EVENTS labeled sure 'I
I Teams were that fellow is. their toes all the way. The'!
to each other. It should be a: winners becaue of that reason tan stars have made a great j' WALKER
nip and tuck battle. When The MIL'VAUKEEBRAVES
and this reason. contribution to major league
The big questio is can the'IN ATHLETICS certain trades were perfected -I with Hank Aaron, Billy Bru- :baseball.

Blue Devils keep the slate i, between clubs they left ton, W e s Covington, Felix r SMOOTH SAILING 'T I LWE Voaf/ona// / & Commercial
N clean in Jacksonville against i many of the fans disgruntled -I Mantilla and pitcher "J u ani( MEET AGAIN. : .
Miami :Matthew W. Gilbert! GREENSBORO, N. C.TheA and many of them rejoicing Pizzaro went right ,up to the!I '

lost a thriller last week to a-|I, and T College Aggies be- .,. -.,. wire in a .play-of .:,wUJ4he .. College
team from Miami and i( is cin hte defense of their CIAA .. Lot Angeles Dodgers. 'Each!I
'now left up to the Blue Devils football championship ina TAN PLAYERS were great i one of them played with the Watch This Clown

to keep the bacon home) homecoming .tilt against contributing factors through-, Jacksonville Braves except 236457 Executive COURSES
Every game to date has Maryland State College hereon out the season to the hard I Bruton. The records speak 303 90 111AW Business Administration Secretarial Interior Decorating

been well played and the: October 17. fought battles that kept people for themselves. Toiloring
Accounting Leading fe CPA
players have conducted themselves -j guessing throughout the I I 9 4 I I DressmakingUpholstering
ilke well trained ath-;! The game set for the entire season. What a contri-, WHATDIDTHEDOD- Stenographic
F Jtes. From the way the teams I Greensboro Memorial S t a- bution those fellows made I GERS DO ,with their array I 6' 7 Clerk TypistBookkeeping Radio Television

have played, the coaches I dium beginning at 2:09 p.m. to their teams showing. of tan stars? They won the 1 3 Business Law PBX Receptionist
have drilled it into the play- is the first home .game for HANK AARON of the Milwaukee National League pennant, Business Machines
t the Aggies. It is expected to Braves was Just about that's what they did. The 'For Additional Information
.. ..
I draw- Dodgers with Junior Gilliamat 45 60 __ 32 Telephone Immediately
one of the largest the most oiscussea player -
I NLPREXY RULES crowds ever to witness a on any learn in either lea- third base, Charley Nealat 109 01 __ 732 I EL 5-2626 Or or Write FO '5-0004

football game in this city. gue. Every baseball fan remember second and John Roseboro Sometimes be' tq
The'tilt brings 'together the hot pace Hank behind the bat refused to be Sometimes he's down Attn Dr. J. Weber Blown

AGAINST JONES twc of the foremost conten- set at the beginning of the stopped. Little Maury Willsat He adds subtract JacksoBTill 9. Fla.
I Be "rk It all around 1832 Myrtle Are.
ders for this season's CIAA season and well up into the shortstop a masterfuljob Walker
f i crown. The victor in either season with that .400 baiting teanpng with Neal to Coming Attractions V & C College

l NO JUT CONTEST case, will have crossed a big average He was comparedwith make a sure fire combinat 33 -_ 81 0 443ACOSTfVS _
barrier in its quest for the Rogers Hornsbr Ted i o n. They continued the ..
conference title.A Williams and one or two ot ....
i CHICAGO In a game hers. Hank did not hold the I I f r

[ against the St. Louis Cardinals full program of activity, .400 mark. but he did bold ,
| just before the end of including: a big homecoming enough to maintain the lead .

i the season, Sad Sam. Jones parade, social affairs for for the entire season. I EVERYTHING THE FISHERMAN f
i? of the San Francisco Giants visitors and alumni, toppedby i PALMS
i ptiched a no-hitter, which: -the annual Homecoming EARNIE BANKS, the hard I Bait Shrimp Live Crabs.
[ the League President ruled I Bal On Saturday evening and hitting shortstop of the Chi

[ against. an alumni worship hour on, cago Cubs is a hard fellowto Fishing Tackle .
( Sunday, has been arranged.The handle. Banks is capableof I
11 The game lasted only seven breaking up a ball game
I innings and President Warren championship A and T at anytime. He led the Na-
I' Giles of the National Le-, College Aggies will move two tional League in runs battedin JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 0 BALLROOM

I ague rule the feat was not;('the of their basketball games for and his home run hitting :
I an official no-hitter and coming season to the new saved the day for (the Cubson 0a
| could not go in the records Greensboro War :Memorial occasion.
[i as such because only nine I t I Coliseum. many

1. inning games are recognized: The Aggies will play North LONG AFTER THE 0 OF JACKSONVILLE

J.; as official for no-hit records:: Carolina ,College there on WORLD SERIES is over fans
|[ according to league rules ,!I Saturday evening, January vill i be talking about Bill 0-

I I the president explained. I 123, and Winston-Salem Teachers White, the tan star hte San I :...

College 0 n Saturday, Francisco Giants traded tol I .- /
"It ;
| is
a that will
February 20. The remaining the St. Louis Cardinals. Atone '
II !
I1 I go in another category. The home 'c 1
games will bt time white
played was pound-
I. ,
reason for such ruling is that 0s
in the
Charlse Moore Gym- ing the ball at such terri-
a :.
I' many pitchers have no-hit- nasium 0 n the college cam I DANCING AGAIN
fic pace he \vas the only
ters going which are' lost in
pus.The player in the National League
I the eighth, or ninth inning," four million dollar ,..f STARTING OCT. 2 THRU OCT. 10
I Giles said.Official pant being completed this who was given a half ofa '

j 'month, will seat more than. chance to catch Hank.This WITH

or not, the Cards I''IOOOg spectators for a bas- he failed to do but he did doa ii

did not get a hit as long as:!: ketball game. It is also the I whale of a job for the Car- Bobby IBluer I Bland
) the game lasted. May 12,i i i sitc of the 1960 CIAA Basket dinals. c .
ban; Tournameii. I I uhf 3
1955, Jones pitched a nohiti i[I R!
ter against the Pittsburgh 1!i a l
Pirates while pitching for the :! RADIO & at San Francisco.We o tio
I are compelled to Orlando
Chicago*Cubs. I TV SERVICE I Cepeda. Willie yaMs.see Felipe -
: Little.Junior
I He narrowly,missed a no- All Work Guaranteed, 'i Alcu, Willie Kirkland. Leon' Parker '

hitter earlier in the season : New and Used TVsPhone 'Wagner and 'later Willie Mer .= = id by sm.MO.anrw et rer. .

when the official scorer ,at 3-4009 who such teU-.
EL Covey
swung MON. THRU '
i Los Angeles called a disputed -i THURS. 7Sc
669 iri blows that they almost)] :

I grounder a hit instead, !,Ofl Jacksonville._ Florida Florida Are. .helped to push the, Giants Into i FRI. SAT. & HOLIDAYS $1.00 ,
the'National ,,
League pen "
-i- -
.. '
... ';:- f \
.. .
;. ,': :::> 1.( ....>: ,,!_ ''' ::.. =.' .; '

,''".'':1 <. ': .;:-, *'*%::' .' .

E y ( .'
-- -


'_ 7- .. -


,. ,' .
': \ ,:
:. :> ...,
'" Pa;. EIgh1 '. __ THE FLORIDA STAR. _k. .,_ "Week Ending Saturday, October-10. ,1959.
-- --
AfVWVVVUUVVVUUtfWIf V't.ANV I f ByLandlord, f' ','\.
%'''? / 7 ,
I. -' .:.Getting ..Ta Be "A Problem? s
I If you are a renter this win hap- :
Call EL 43176Over
Chips The Blocks( tR. jen to you. Be wise aid eRa your" *
I home. There will be new homes for *'
sale at 1536 E. 26th Street. You may ,
100 Concrete Blocks *
JAY JAY down
By arrange your payments: and
tI\NVVftNI"JU 1WVWVU".r..nJ/ .. terms.. Can EL 6-1079 EL 6-7406. For Sale Seconds .ISct. ea.BUSINESS' *
> OPPORTUNITY 1778 Spires Ave. *
If don't believe that IndianS r ;
imer you is here just take a ganderat tales and untold tolas. An eveningwith Rent or lease Restaurant After 5 o'clock

the outdoors and dig the high tem Donald is something else. Doing Good Business. Reli- -- -- -- --- iiC
peratures. We get soft of nostalgicat Rumor has it that John Pickenswas 4 / 3r .able Busine $man. Refer- CAB DRIVER WANTED
this time of year when we think of not the cnlj early morning playboy -
the many hued woods of Virginia and hauled in by the "rollers" early t ences required. Ebony Cab Company -'.<

other places where you can really Sunday morning. Moral-if you see ;Call PO 40289. 59+9 Moncrief Road *
appreciate Indian Summer. trouble in any form, go the other !
Robert Brymer is directing dredging way. Darn your rights. i \
from the Matthew's
for all Dodger haters. Out EWe way the'AME plant is
Bridge area I :
undergoing a close looksce by the J' I We4tVZoaea
He says that a train load of White I II / -
Sox rooters jumped off immediately boys 'froni; the Southern Association. S I
after Gil Hodges hit his homer Mon-, Rs time for the biennial check-up. '. n.l
Luck to. Bill Stewart and his staff. -L.. I +i j!
day. Frank Jenkins is claiming .. _
By the the Road .
Ralph "Swami" Maultsby went to way Kings school r I II
the "root man" Sunday and is advising has a light powerhouse on the grid- I I II
Johnny Stewart how to bet. iron this year. I :
When Lollar hit his three run homerit Tis ironical that all of the public .... :'., !
was all George Harris could do to schools are Miss Dis'ing and MissDat'ing. i ; *
keep Frank from taking all bets insight They are making more i iI A Up of the Pfpsl Cop

pleas than the 42 in 1 drive. Yet i .... "to these oot UDdlX:;
Yours truly is among the sad along when the same public they are ap- 4 Americans, wla
with Isiah White. We were yelling I I young
pealing to wants to use one of the eedT
'O cago. Chicago, go, go." and-got II I make our country
high school bands '
for benefit
caught going. Johnny Stewart is tell- a or I I f our community a Dtttt
nonprofit drive, it is always conven .
all that he converted .
ing In-which to lftI.
"Foots" Simmons and McCurdy of !inet for the administrators of the I 4 S I place

the Artistic. lIe took' them in on the schools to hide behind "school board 'I'' I Ii *
playoff bets. poHcy". !. t Ii i 1. *

The word is out that if you go to I They seem to forget policy when 1I I i .., '!
:see "Last Train From Gun Hill",. the money raising starts. Certain I I 1\\ ; '
"lod up your six-guns before you I schools look like the board walk a .- i- .. '" !J; :;:
leave home. You will not have timEto Coney Island this tim of year. Tone i '
load them before the action starts. are the days wh?0 Miss Dis or Mi5 i I; .,:'
We wonder just how closely t wfl]l Dat was the reil choice of the kids I I I ;:
"Lady Chatterly's Lover" follow the and they meant it when they sans f i II I ,-
original text. Twill be worth looking: "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". Now I I I ..Jt
-- ----- -- -- --- ---- -

into.On the sictf list is our gal Friday its most who loot gets and there get it first with the I't Ii- Has Every -Thing! t i :-
any way you I rb
at the Vocational School, Pearl K. can. In fact., tjte ''Miss who raise It's Glove-Soft .. :4-
Pearl is on the mend and ""
Mackey.expected to be back in the saddles \ money is placett: 5n the same pod I It's Feather-Light v t *
estal with the sweetheart. fina on. Down but not out is Connie It's Poised On Fashions
Cason Oree who is recovering: from gold sharing an altar with cunid.' : Par 3k Favorite Heel I
bout with the stork.A I ents you had better find out what ; _
a sadder but wiser man is John you darlinks are learning beside the ..s, It's Yours In A Blaze Of ETHEL NEAL *
"B. B." Pickens after last weeks bout three r's. Many a girl gets her first MISS JACKSON, "GOSPEL SINGER OF THE YEAR"Miss Costume Hued Colors ,
with the boys in the cream and black lesson in how to set a price in high international gospel singer has been STEPPERBY New Stanton High 3 t
cars. Pickens came out second best school. Mahalia Jackson, Pepsi Dealers and the Jt-
in a brush with the troopers. His .!'
boy Wesley and summoned Scott retreated help strategically from a Young man, 28, with know Symposium Association. Above in foreground Miss Jackson are proud to salute*

safe spot By the way, Pickens is ledge 0 f Bookkeeping. and receives The Hamilton Kendrix Memorial Trophy from MossH. this young Jaxon for her ,

announcing bigger and plans better for Monterey the newer Club.and Accounting- Desires work of Kendrix Jr., Washington, D. C. at the close of a recent interest in civic of fairs.'

Watch for the.gran opening. It will Clerical Nature -: Typl lDg; concert given by the famous singer for NAACP in New York. : She is a member of ihey
be in the same general vicinity. Rome Makers Club and+
Et 46762STRAND shows Alan Kendrix making trophy
photo presentation
The big news the big man Ken 50 v/.pon. PHone background: has been cited for mem*
Knight had must be side tracked fora to Walter Kennedy, III, Knoxville Tennessee, who is is the Honor So.-L
spell. A slight hith has develop- NGSA founder-director. The trophy to be given annually bership
We'll keep youainformect t>I the happenings ciety.
--- memorializes the paternal grandmother of the Kendrix *** sk'tC'71t t
are jumping at the Palms 7 BIG DAYS! t7t' 7f ::

," again. Last week the down home boy, 2 GREAT NEW MOVIES brothers. .
Bobby Blue Bland and Little Junior
"Next Time You See :Me" Parker EVANS SPACE HEATERIn itit
opened for a week. Both of the boys .
can layem in the aisles and rock I (JheTfitmlwithout1false 1 Good Condition : JENKINS RADIO &. v

with the best of them. I. modesty! $35.00 I .TV SERVICE P tw
On the after dark kick, Miracle ( *' Call: EL 3-9942 ), All Work Guaranteed
Productions are coming up with the I\I
top show of the season. The boys _New. and Used TV's i
will present Lionel Hampton and I New Apt. for Rent Phone EL 4.9290 : R ?
his big band on November 10 at the ADULTS ONLY1st
Armory. 722 W. Ashley St. itt

I Floor Jacksonville Florida
On the cultural kick Alpha Kappa t JOHN DIGGS
Alpha will present the Ebony Fash- Phone: EL.4-1844 I
ion Fair on Thursday night in the IS YOUR DRINKING And It's Only t' New Stanton High
On November 13, the Jacksonville I A Pepsi-Cola Merit
Stanton High School Auditorium. ............. Getting To Be A Problem? Colors $11' 95 Tlo v John in recognition goes of
chapter of the Hampton Alumni Association Call EL 4.3176TROUBLED :'.' "
will go way out and bring ID... H.lAWREXCCS'.S. cONTROVERSIAL FREE OFFER! Black \ 'J' fine sportsmanship and
in some very topflight culture. The .C' \IlASTDPIfCI. WHY BE LONELY? Red his ability to get along
group will present Dorothy Maynor, ,LADY ? Gray t 7 with ojhers. He has been
one of our first ladies of song in a FREE LISTS I Brown
concert at New Stanton. The affair pHATrERLEY'S'LOVER a valuable member of the
will aid both the national body and Send age and description MONEY? For One 3 basketball team and was

the local chapter's scholarship fund. \-'il d DIXIE CLUB BOX 1856 PROBLEMS? Week Only .. inducted into the Honors

For information contact yours truly, .. I Ocala, Florida Ill Help. Reg Price $13.95 Society. '
Ken U1' .
Knight, Wendell Holmes or any SolutionAvailable
Hamptonian. *

Steam is slow And This Hit Now Thril BARBER WANTED 1It, ..J. .... ,'r'1'W '
building up for If Instructions ON"S <' ..,, 5-.1::
the Florida Classic on October .)f. ling Hube Crowds Down Apply Artistic Barber Shop. Followed P 1 ; *

There's a sour note present. Seems town Fla. Theatre 619 West Ashley Street. EL Sfrictly Personal 4 J 1t? 1M ,.
that every year one of the other of 49231. J ,
the alumni bodies will interfere in ( "i JOHN WAMSTEKERDept. *

something or the other. As Hambone --N 15 .
says, "some folks know most every. 9'e MIDNITE TONITE : Box 10 Otter .... If;yn. < i
thing-they think." CIJH"W *
Don't know the day Hint but hint.tis rum- STRANDROOSEVELT- I Cape, South Africa 40 West Forsyth St. if a-:' .. Y: i *
ered that Billy Moore is S \ "' >;t
looking toward
i ;
us -
inn I .. "
the main aisle with a slow Tomorrow Wed. At .; 4I'f'"

S walk in mind. Wish them all luck. PA/JlEJ*CD" 1st Jax ShowingCALL wwwwwwwwvw'wvvvvFootball _.. "...-_._-" -.'"".? .?."' .?"" v.-.4'.N".... :
About town: The big noise fi
coming .LPERlBERG'SEAIONr"' ++
from the vicinity of 21st and Myrtle ''' THEODOSIA JONES i

is the one and only Harry C.,Donald B F.9 IE t I New Stanton High )f..l
back on the set and
talking loud and t
:long.-The Man" is full of new Football Football for Tribute contribution Is paid to in'Theo'helping -

to buH good character]

$ $ SAVE$ $ Fifth Annual Florida Classic Teenagers a among member teen-agers.Club of and the She Jolly theJ lai

AriMas Socialites. She is3
New and Used Clothing For The Whole Family The Beihune-Oookman Wildcatsvs secretary 0 f her history

1"'ig"' -- ,- class and wants to be a T
-"' ''' ::
Unclaimed Laundry Shoe psychiatrist.
f *

2 LOCATIONS An The Florida A and M RattlersIN *
absorbing To PepsiMusicQuest

The 'SAVE SHOP' realistic drama THEGAME '*
of the world t Friday
oldest caUiny.lt Kites 10) .30 to 11:00)
1534 Main St. 716 Main St. probes frankly OF THE YEAR *

and daringly % For Phone Request
vith pitiless.
honesty into FEATURING THE EL 6-0461-2 I

FIRST RUN RITZ. SUN. WED. the lives... Famed FAEV3U and B. C. C. .
Vis lows... Marching Bands
.1k .
of these ..

"'ARISTOCRATS0SLV/. : Saturday Night, October 24, at: 8:00 P. r .

t i EN 1T } t E
The Gator
t Bow!, Jacksonville Florida
FLIES. Plus This New Hitf V El'31

DIES! ., tT u !' %c' BOX SEAT GENERAL AD f
t'O r $3.50
f1liiiYiii v C 1f
/1 l ,-'J S SmrAfae I 'f Miil: orders for tickets will be accepted after October 12 by Paul' Hydo. DUIi1

i Yikf.A SCRlAZ! : { [ Manacer, Beihone-Cookman College. Daytona Beach, Florida; H. R. Partri'c ,

4 Business Kanac-r. Florida A andM, University. Tallahasces.. Florida. | c
; ,.. u+x p ass
locations. ions. Myrtle
r Avetue Hodery !. t re. 2212 r.li'lFe'tO Avcnue Mom's KUchen. 1235 Kin g a Road

j Dri k1ey':: Place; 1200 13th Sl.ee-, Ko zy Korner, Davis at EIghth. Hollywood Mus J

Ic Sfor e. $05 Ashley Street. Cohen Bo.t1! rs. St. James Building. Harry Pinkies ,, ltC ttr 1

Ii F lein Company, 633 W. Bay Street andTourist Bureau. Hemming Par k. P1.rfdaf
\ -,
1. r V'Jt.lV-vwwuvwirtvOww. 'tttT utie Y.ti'JlMfdlli. .
., J1ly'f1tlA/Vk1 V'J ::;' '-;

\ r