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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200530datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date October 3, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005300740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 3, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 3, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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: ', : :

: ayo.r Burns eaffrms -/FLRIDIf'/ If ,


Ia; gregat'ionist Stand STAll' -- !-...--- '

-.; --- "t VOL. 9 NO.,s ..Ad NEWS OCTOBER 3,_ 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA&if

'.. b.
: I t r

;:tdt t f rM Seers Business

o : rJ a4i''r Slump

"' r 0:. .

(.to ..

lr:o:t 1 Y y? R, / yr

.... .... Rumored FearedSTRIFE

no >C 0d ; Layoffs

:: .>.- S4""d:: '



... _

The month'tad, a half old antidiscrimination'pro est being A hazardous road condition existing in the vcniy of

staged by a. large segment of the Negro population of Magnolia Gardens caused the death of an I-year-old bo? ;
Jacksonville has reached what many people term as a critical on Wednesday when he was struck by a &acto, ?-trailer at

stage cf :maturity: ... the intersection form d by Edgewood and Avenue B- I.
AJunior AWARD TIME FOR CHAMPS marked the successful conclusion of the National The campaign to abousnjob The lif e. o f anyearo 1 d -,--
Tennis Tournament of. the American Tennis Association at North, Carolina j discrimination i ia this 1,, "are working in unified'purpose boy was lut brutally short on: that point as haying a prominent

College in Durham recently where the: largest number of youngsters ever to competein city was decided upon a sig toward the abolishment Wednesday when he was. hump m road bed
the ATA tourney vied'for,titles in fourteen divisions. Shown here from left are nificant time before ''the appearance ;' of dressed-up savery." ,struck by a tractor-trailer at,' forcing vehicles to travel ata

Judith Prince -and. Imogene- Williams of Hawkins, Texas. winners of the girls' of picketers before j In the meaawhile, no word the tricky intersection form-; slanting 'position."Undoubtedly .
doubles 13-15 event; Clifton O. Matthews. Winsion-Salem (N. C.) Coca-Cola the Sears & Hoebuck storein i j comes from the managementof cd by Edgewood' Avenue and,i poor road
.age 13-15, and was put by Sears, which would seem Avenue B. condtions on" Edgewocd ave-
Bottling Company; Charles Berry Washington, D. C.. boy singles champ August. Asjit ,
Marlene Eversbn, Detroit girls' singles Chimp 1518. an officer ,of;the Interdenominational -t to indicate either that they The lad, Albert Morrison, I nue did" contribute *o-, the accident -
4'I s Ministerial Alliance -{are completely indifferent to Jr. of 2164 Wilberforce Rd., stated Duval County
; 1
: "The present picketingof the daily presence of pickets lingered for ten minutes after Patrolman B. K- Kennedy

,{[MAN IS ARRESTEDON Sears is the:; .released power -i t before the:store and the rumored being hit by the truck whc investigated the occur-
MORE, CHANCES FOR NEGROES driven I awce. The officer said Mus-
CHARGES OF of protest.' The need to. slackening of business by a 29-year-old
awaken 'the public at largeto -orthat,( in their silence 1:white man iden t i f i e d as I rove, who was traveling at
ATTEMPTED RAPE the injustices ''the Negroes ttey are nursing troubled 'Devvey E. Musgrove of 430 a: speed.less than 35m. p. h..

I WITH SEGREGATION SAYS .BURNS M av being?asked to. bear has, hearts. I' E. ,Second St. could have stopped hu truck
:Polce conducted' :an inves-: long existed.: That. the'funcy -;, The' same source 'said that No charges were lodged sooner had it not been" fur
.. :TALLAHASSEE one answer to a' .barrageof, ques:*Itfgationof"at ttempteirapa tion.ot ,rt} ta ub.t last week..there..was.ndics-j 1[I against the-driver since under the poor road conditions.
tons thrownt him by capital n wsmen.JacksonvWe'. t > the that Sears I i -The v1C'tfm'"h-W1tr.{:"3'"id'
i rklort:' from a 33-year-old lithe each,and"ever ;day : tion was laying] the circumstances the = f
accident -
'mayor Haydon Burns said.he would, make no, changes in woman who was attacked by injustices being practiced i off several employees due to t I I was regarded was returning from the grocery -
Florida's racial policies If he should become the next go-' a man she did not know and I right under their noses." 'slump in business avoidable. According to as Mus un- store on Ills bicycle and

vernor. called officers between llp.i It s generally, felt that the grove, he saw: the too apparently tried to beat the
The statement was madeat m. last, Friday and 12:15. a-1'i!, .picketing of Sears is accomplishing -I!: ; late 4'i avoid hitting boy him. truck across: the intersection.
a formal news conference Although it generally expected -:, m. Saturday. I. its purpose. Sources. MANFATALLY'STABBED Police describle time of his death was
on Wednesday night during for Bums to run for: The victirk"r ported an un.,:from ;within-the' store insist the road at.. recorded as 3 P MHome .

which' time Burns assured governor in next year's race*,I known man' approached herat : that there has been a noticeable ,
reporters that 'Jacksonvillehad he has made. no rfomalan- .20th and" Myrtle: Avenue falling-off of business (

harmonious race rela- nouncement 'a S ,t 0 ex ctly'what and put a pocket ,knife in the past six-and-abalf weeksof
tions. He said the two muni- ,he intends to do.: ,He t her back and ,forced her togo picketingMany people
cipal golf courses, en which did tell newsmen at one' into a'' house. When she are seen daily to approach rn t: .r Y ryy s
Negroes sought to play on an point, however that they 1 entered the house the man t the store, stop and study the !
'unsegregated basis, were i could refer to him as ,a "po beat: and chocked her in an t, pickets and finally turn away
closed. rather ,than risk racial tential" gubernatoral candi-,attempt to rape her, she said ,without, entering the, building -I' The eternal triangle urned ;, ".
:troubles. date. She said also that she bit up fatally again this week,! n
I 1 causing the life of local _
the man's finger and m'anagt It is learned from a reliable : ,
When asked if he would i
I Regarding Negroes specifically i man and the detainment of
I t ied to call police. that the Sears i _
to escape sourse ""'"
take "such action as governor Burns reaffirmed his : 'a young woman in connection : : J ,:: 0.
1 i i The victim was taken Du has been desperately -
if a public school management
were I
!! strong segregationist stand.; : with his death. _
val Medical Center. to lure the allegiance
threatened with integration I He stated, however, that, he i : trying 1 According to Homicide I de
officers said white
Investigating Yy.
Biifns answered by saying felt in Florida 'of' prominent I teefives t ,4
Negroes Ida
I 22-year-old '
I they arrested Parnell Dixoe,groups! ni the offer- '
,that schools were a different i should have more opportunity city b y Mauzon admitted stabbing'' ,
the suspectet his home 30 them from >
matter. I 1 "
I within the traditional : 10 Edward Solomon Graham, 45, :
N. Myrtle Avenue. Officers -i cocktal t dirigible
parties 0
I:segregated pattern in orderto also sad they found one : rides. .. in the right leg with a long'butcher
hold better jobs and improve i knife during I I.j II I. "rrr.
a strug
sheet j
STUDENT SAYS and-one pillow casein I i I There has been some talk (
themselves generally.The j gle: i
the bath room that came '!that dissention has develop-
Wednesday night news : The_slaying, which took;
from tfie"bed"of"the' : suspect.i'i ed among the leaders of ,the .
MISS CHARGES conference followed a get-;i The beddingliad blood stains!I 1 antidiscrimination 'campaign. : place in a rooming house !J rEa
t listed 818 Florida
dinner attendedby
I acquainted as Avenue
on it and on the floor:the report -1 This has been roundly denied : j
I Bums. climaxed a violent
stated. I particularly by offcers of the argument"K I
I between
'j the and
TRUMPED Police said they found vici NAACP and the' Interdeno-I man; woman -

.1 MIA[ lI BLAZE i!itim's rocm. shoes' in the suspect's. I!'minational i i: who :Ministerial insist that Alliance all-, It oyer has a been second decided woman.that I 'x R I

MATTIESBURG, Hiss. Patrolmen IIIOUPS Graham bled to death as a !
Jtsse Jackson and their members
result of the knife wound( (
In a follow-up of his recent!DESTROYS-HOME: and. Henry .Harley investigated. -t I : Det. Lt. O. A. Johnson and II

arrest. on the grounds of an1 I ENDS Sgts. E. P. Corley and G. M.

"all-w# ite Mississippi college,! I ARGUMENT :,Hurlbert investigated the in- week-end owners"Mr. >:ixits"who try might to be save better on repair off if tftej'd bills by take becomta up jolf I
33-ye a r-olci Clyde Kennard j bottle gas explosion Icidcnt. or fishing '
was slapped with a fine and,i caused a fire here en LOCAL MANfACCUSED WITH FATAL I j According to a recently concluded survey taken by the Natl-.al i
court costs amounting to, Wednesday which resulted in WOMAN IS STABBED Home Owners Cub in twenty leading population centers, in cluwng'c
I I" b t c a go, Detroit St. Louis, ,
burns r
$600. or injuries to at least WIT H POCKET KKIFEI :Seattle Denver Phoenix and
j t
was "Mr. Fixlt. He .
a f
six persons, total destructionto OF KNIFING I I few York paying for repair said that better than 33 per I
Kennard arrested two
was one building and bills outranked rising real estate cent
damageto I Miss Dorcas Gore of the club's numbers
25, of
weeks as he left the registration t taxes crab grass and un- joined
ago two others. because they wanted to
: 791 W. Church Street was fnen: neighbor! as the leading avoid
building of Mississippi : CHECK THEFT previous high oosu forc3
Southern College after Two occupants of the one- Violence ended the life of stabbed ,twice in the head who complaint spend on of the home owners.of upon them by "trying to iJx! it
average ,
making an unsuccesful at- story frame house where the I a local man last Monday!with a knife last Wednesday: more than $-100' a year for The myself.NHOC
fempt to enroll there. The fire raged escaped with their:1 A 31-year-old man, accused I evening when he was stabbed by a woman who*expressed"t maintenance: and remodeling a three-year survey period was Likenover and ..'
arresting deputies claimed, lives by jumping through i of stealing a $250 government : to death, climaxiag heated -t desire for a fight, the vie- cervices. showed without much doubt '
they say Kennard speeding;: windows. They were, Caries i' check and forging an endorsement argument?with a man,:tim said- The there survey are two further kinds showedth4t of,do- that.the maintenance high-cost of home repair .

and driviing'recklessly in the I Magette and John Fletcher/ on it on July 3 was I known only as ''Deke''. I I :Miss Gore said sher was in U>yourcelfers. Those who do it is a major problem and remodeling facing
before I freed Monday afternoon und- Willie Morris' Mitchell, 42: : her back yard when There for the fun of it and becawethey' all oj the na one home owner
vicinity of Hattesburg both 22. Both men were hospitalized The John of ,sfa Green, 24, of 510 Jeffer- have certain skills and today, andt suppcrt8 U.S.
I suspect, Henry .1983! : Broadway_ Avenue,: those who have been forced to
h: arrived at the college. The for-' of i Street Department of Commerce fig
treatment jscn and
:j I er $1000 bond. !died after receiving stab: came over do their own repairs because ;area which say,that Americans
officers further claimed Ken-'burns. l San d e rs of 3228 'Moncrief I told her she wanted to fight- I of being overcharged for tn.'Wlequate snell cut more than $23 fciltlon

nard's car contained five bot i.(;Road,is charged:with! written wounds during the argument. f The victim said she toldthe men in workmanship the put.: Tills by included stpair- 'a year c for hone repairs and
ties of whiskey and wine. One fireman was burned and ,uttered forgery as well He was pronounced dead on:I young woman she did not: fixing everything from leaky Rational Home
'the arrival at Duval Medical: want to fight and started faucets to television antennas.In Owners
and three others injured battling -,I as unauthorized removalof Club i*a member of the United
,Kennardj 'a former University the blaze. They- .were the"check from a mailbox. I Center.. 'I I back in the hotel. It was then addition the survey revealed States. ai.her of Commerce
of Chigaco student. sent home after neat: The check wag made but to I The slaying took that she was stabbed twice per cent oi (the)n1r.a homeowners meager; 6 and ties is which a' :"ibllc**: '& institti* I
charged: 'the arrest hospital I I Etna C. Wilson of 3230 Mon- a dance hall located'at 7872.in i the head. were properly equipped with, ',.Pl1Ce.Euarisateed'work-member- ;
.' : rnenk .. 1 rief Road.: The, victim waken iq the necessary costly tools and. nxanship and_immediate ser/ie
"trumped up'C'Th officers, Dekle Avenue jnechajucal.,skills.to undertake'doayourself '
........however ,Both Beighboring buBdings Sanders was, teasedpend- | ..: j I Duval Medical Center by ? maintenance: .*' -.* palrmen screened- "+and.- reliable- ra- I
claimed teey we e JEhe-aysterious.assail
ing further action 'after "a p&iee*car*w b e r e-she was Edward C Spellman educational New NHOC franchise
not aware Kennard was try t. the north and south':\)f the hearing' last'Saturday after I known as "Deke" is at prent tfreated and released. Police direetor for the National still available in comnius4ies are .
to destroyed house were en-I noon before the of said she Home Owners Club said repair across this country and Canada. :
ing integrate :Mississippi. 'a U. S. Commis- object a police would take out warrant tins oo a yearly average: were said Ernest Curtis of Detroit. t
Southern. dangered during the blaze. .onet": .! un t. feigner in homes where there executive vice president. '


':,''<-.. .$L."' _, c. -" y -, > .' ',. ,", ,'. .- -



... Two THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. October 3. 1959

,i.!' ., .- .

'. :, i e : i 1""' i. :' itA ....; 2', '
iJ.r :; ; i7r ;W( : :; : "
THE FLORIDA STAR ) "";ii *'l .... ,, .J"-c:... : f::'fCJ-i. { :;; t"... ;;' "Politics As Usual
fiJ : '
... I ..r "... .\...:';::. :... .........,.-.!,.... ."''''':'- l"'l"" ; : ; .. '- .
.' ; ..'; : .; ; ; 4. J2"t." } ,
"bt :
.' # kf'r. :; .. ,
.t. ., '. :;. ,, .. '' .. : .f;: -6 !;" .
NEWS .' .. '::: : :: t-- ; I By Erie 0. Simpson
):i'*- J'

'._' Published. by The Florida Star Publishing Co. 'ir----: ; : THAT: RIGHTS LAW DISAPPIONTS NAACP
f '"Member of Associated Negro Press' ; The extension of the Civil Rigbis Commission Awhile

bio O. Simpson E cUo% Justified and welcome Is in no sense a substitute for leg-

C. Parham Johnson News Staff ,- /' islative action of the kind the Commission's own investIgations -

IJflrft Wosten Circulation Dept. \.... ._,, h"L' have shown to be so necessary' NAACP Execu-

\ tive Secretary Roy Wilkins charges in a statement last

MAIN OFFICE .& PLANT :1= [ J week on the failure of the first session of the 86th Congress .
M23 Moocxie Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 _- \ .
to enact meaningful dvil rights legislation.The
Downs Branch Offices 423 Bread S!. Phone EL 44773 .: \4sOUULAWDDN full text: nf Mr. Wil-.. .
--- -- -
Two conclusions and
'- tins' statement follows: may
Mailing Address \ should be drawn: First, the
P. O. Box 561 Jacksonville 1, Florida ; / I \ -Fm JI The wind-up of the 86th dedicated striving to over-

,.I. I ., derelictions well the
SUBSCRIPTION RATES .. Congress' first session has as as
., K I 1 been ;them shar-
Ode Year, $&00; Half Year, S3.00) Three Mcm u. $1.80 } s+ characterized by numerous come were fully

Mailed. To You, Anywhere In The United Stales ,r-.,-' post-mortems contrasting ed by both part. Republicans -

!ribicripflon Paymhle in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To .,. -, the bright hopes held for it and Democrats alike

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA at the start with the insigni- contributed their share of

r' ficant record of its eight dcnothings and of valiant

..: ;-- .... months of work. In no re- battlers for meaningful act-

,;; ,.,. ..... spect was this contrast ion. But in Democratically
'. more a
it I "D e an" of U.S. Piano Indusryl[ o .... .t... dismal than in the case of controlled Congress, the onus '

." "'". ifs r1t vitally needed civil rights le- for failure (as well as the

\ La Grange, Illinois-Charles w M3I }, ..,,e .. gislation. kudos for achievement, if

Frederick Stein, who has spent '. ) belongs chiefly to the
Despite any
t this, oatire life building better e, rt--i r ,f.r
,pianos, and helping technicians ... i. .l'-f clear evidence Democrats.
''; ''
"Improve their skills, is still, fri/p :_ of
bId at t work here in his little \, .,".1."p : systematic Second, it must be said
:; '' T denial of voting -
research laboratory.If that the Democrats dug the
you pass by and hear the : l'./.. ,'." .. rights and hole in which they spent
'insistent note of a string being $ f t < of widespread most of the session when
tuned to perfection, you know .
'CbalJie's at home. If the placeis ifr "".' to they failed at the very outset -

silent, the chances are that r .... ':': start toward ito. assume a decisive pos
this 79-year-old young man bin 'c- ) :; ,_ ;r.o.. ,c o m p licance ture by adopting sensible
Ivoryton Connecticut, at s4 SA- v
Fratt, Read and Co., Inc., f.,B. -1/ : Supreme rules for the control of fili-
makers keyboards of and piano actions and organ for .. ...'. DID IT AGAIN. WILL HE BEPERMITTED TO DO IT IN 60'? ""'" ..." A' desegregation Court's busters. The Democratic

,, .
leadership its
;::. [J own
of the nations
percent : ,the
.J:: rulings,
piano and organ manufacturers, -1f. :::j ;:[ handcuffs. It served notice
where he serves as consultant < Fli!. ,-, Congress sub- that this would be a session
end technical advisor. Or, he x.s. ; V;; mttied to bra- not of imaginative coming-
Your Weekly
be classes of
may lecturing --
young piano technicians teaching -,- .In_the early twenties, when I SIMPSONzen I to-grips with basic issues but
them the skills which have Charles Frederick Stein set up manipulation by southern of shadow-boxing and avoid-

made ,him one of. the greatest his own company, he createdone 9oroscope Guide I committee chairmen arid I ance of injury ,to everyone's
piano makers in America. of the finest pianos ever
I supinely abandoned attempt I feelings. In this kind of
Charles Stein began workingon made anywhere in the world any atmosphere
pianos with the W. W. and they were much in de- ASTROLOGER to pass civil rights i the will to achieve
Kimball Co. of Chicago whena mand by concert pianists until = By PABLO, The bills at the first session. i could not survive and the
boy of 14. He set out to World War U when he had to The '
learn everything there was to close his factory because of = WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR two-year extension of leadership's last-minute ef-
know about a piano and by government restrictions. the Civil Rights Commisson, forts to revive it were doomed -

1912 he had learned enough When he became associatedwith -- BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL s in no sense a substiute for to failure. Surgeons Johnson -
draw his first scale and build Pratt, Read and Company. --- while justified and welcome and Rayburn had
removed -
his first upright piano in his he found keen support for his,
the Commission's the
spare time.. program .to help the young ARIES I own inves- Co'ngress spinein
Many times he has been technicians of the'industry ana March 21 thru April 18 CANCER egislatives[ action of the kind I January and their art

honored 'for his outstanding he continued to conduct classes I' Born Born Juno 20 thru July 22 LIBRA tigations have shown to be was not adequate to replacing
contribution to the .American for piano tuners and others. Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23
mind. This is so in
Make up your no other than have necessary. it August
piano industry, for in addition Through his nearly 40 years of Something you
:.,1. to his instrument. designinggenius teaching, beginning with lndi' time to waver if love has entered been striving for is likely to hap- Pay no attention to the gloom The
around and lift and National
'. he has conducted classes vidual instruction to piano tun.' heart for not soon you your eyes PISCES Association
your you may A home in-
new or a more
pen. to the future which shouldbe
hopes for the
for piano technicians from all era who visited his factory from, Advancement of Colored
have another such opportunity to teresting and remunerative job as fulfilling as it will be exciting Born Feb. 19 thru March 2G I
parts of the U. S. spearheading all over America, he has rightfully .
-4 II make life exciting and fulfilling. could should lose People and its supporters -
an .
of public education earned the title Dean of emerge you Takes no action that is not No matter in which categoryyou
A program : ,
Friends could introduce you to old one. The 9th is a splendid dayto absolutely demanded of you from find throughout the country
In the care of the"piano. the American piano may yourself, there will
proper -b411t:1..I..., the person you have been awaiting draw up contracts that will be the 2nd thru 6th. You may receivean be no lack of openings to display will keep a watchful on
.: if you accept invitations and binding, to sign up for administrative offer to buy or sell propertyand your know-how, abilities and in- the implementation
: of the
: keep your eyes open and your wit or business courses and to you should waste no time in ventiveness. Lack of faith or
keyed up (2nd thru 5th.) adopt sound and realistic princi- taking it up. Circumstances may self assurance would be the only bipartisan leadership agreement
;.r_ Geminians who are working fora ples that will guide your footstepsto also have a say in some instances factor that could stand betweenyou to take up civil.rights
: living can also look forward to the, higher realms, Take proposals and there will be little and an interesting future way sion on the fifteenth of Feb
-. ind more interesting and remunerative ] under advisement on the that can be done to change them. of, life. Do your best ,work and
the strength jobs, if they scout arowtd. 10th.as they are worthy and sin. leave the rest to chance from the legislation in the second ses-

cere. ., .9-san-l2.72-9s1 ..... ..... ..... 2nd thru 6th. The entry of'Jupiter it will Continue to ,make the
..... ..... ..... .. '-. --ww_ ., J1'!e'"" into your solar 10th house ((9th) ruary next: In the'meantime
for .1-104j.ls:48-8&t .... .... .. .... will no doubt inflate ambition ,
life. your issues clear to the America
your : ,. but make certain that it is
LEO not just 'a balloon. that can be people and to maintain noticethat

TAURUS Bom July'23 thrrn Au 29 SCORPIO punctured at the prick of a pin. only genuine ;and mean-
I/'" ; .70-77-13-91377" ..... ..... .. ... .
Bon Oct. 24 thin .Nor. 22 ,ngfulilegislation will meet
Born April 20 Jam May 20 It oftentimes is blessing in ; ; -

disguise when plans, which weretarefuflr .Torn are one of,"the more fortuoatepersbns .the_need.
., 1S Something very unusual and exciting drawn who seem te.be in AQUARIUS' .
J, Vj : fe happening in,:'the> ,monetary ; -abandoned' .because up of,, have unexpecteddeve1opulmts. .te: be slow touch with the. >Higher Intelligence -. Bern,. Jus. 20 thru Feb. 18

j Ga1 department and this, should ,. mart (be: disappointed I : ud you should mahrtaftiyour.faiflj Mutual understandtegs- are favored S e
/ 1mer8DY; and afl.extraoeous ; irom'tbe'2ndtom eta regarding -
enable you to achieve an end, acQUJK yon have to revlse'yaa ,
valuable property or find 'program from the 2nd thru 5th as conditions.' The' --aspectson eventual' aims ,and 'the ATTENTION LADIES
{ r aad stimulating this :save youfrom getting .the 2nd,.fhru 5th reveal thai measures .that will have to be
yoorscH Jn new may ) under Bridfl* &: Sockl Ctefr
opportunity stirring aLdtsgtdseaad taken to provide for the
'lbe. nrities m comyHra- necessary
cuRonadtngs. involved
opDort> unforeseen
< .
: that you should be .eapiial. A sound idea maybe Reporters
'that bock on your door from the does or mishaps.1 You have :.the
1'f ''4ad thru fth.may .be.be twn sent whole month ahead d you 18'C8J'- ;,amongithe first torecagjtize It. barn on the Jth and this is the Seador+lid
,and they.should not, be tired ry out-your intentions and win be The entl'y.of.Jupiter.feto your.2ad one you should go by hereafter ,I I Your Social T esnMondays
away before yea have expIOMJthem'to .gainer-wben,.you Bide yon .money house en the 9th.Is.about when decisions are.made. Jupiter, : *
; To
the ffiVO able
best'omen for > .
their utmost 'dpfei If time pad: allow events to blue the a entering your Ufa solv house on
( \turn'' in your fortunes. Yon:also the same' day brightens FLORIDA STAB
yon+ -tiavc 'any>:doubts'.abbot the passage for you. Something of interest ,: your
have 'backing. of) a mature hopes.ytxrr and helps you to expand 2323 nef Hd.;
,stead you pbouM! Jake /consultyour to'yon and the family maybe mind and !mstinct MOD Cor. 13th
: mate an authority and loved brought to attention by a an unfaQtig soth1.and club activities
your Or Phcfa:: EL
The 10th is a* ideal day te invite ..4-6782
i : oaes cp'the 9th for you will re- friend oa the 9th..This may.mean M .' .
: :
friends who
mean something special B-M.M-U.7K41 _
ceive:u correct answer. a ,pure 'responsible and better
to you and .to reveal. your in
paying Job for those who are in '
i D&WON M AM8MAAN UFS,ma i. tentions.
1.Xu.a7.Tll terested. Also consider offers that
have to do with residential, matters f.
8 THIS WtEK and .sew!' 'personnel
I 10 (r.n sr..., .ID

.. .... ,., Born May GEMINI 21 thru JUDe .19 -12&44-BC3-124 VIRGO .4. Burn Nor.SAGITTARIUS 23 -Ihru Dec. 21 I

,. ; A Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 Now that the alms are becoming -
14ft Despite the shadow cast by the It,often is said that things get much brighter it would be too
., ..-, Sun's eclipse there are excellent better when they look blackest bad to give in to a'feeli g of futility
-- (2nd.) The favorable
-- indications and opportunities for This may be said of the 2nd thru
that dot the heavens this
., fulfillment of your desires on 5th, when excellent planetary as- month
: and there will be like
) the :2nd thru 6th. You nay have pects should turn despair to elation many are
promises that have not striven
to figure on a hitch in the affairsof and reverses into unusaal you
in vain. Seek encouragement
the person with whom you are profit making opportunities. An
from frimh'or mentors from the
negotiating or formulating plans attraction that captivates you on,
2nd thra' 6th if find
t for .a life to be spent together. the 9th could be enduring, of an weakening in you yourself
Since economic and ineflectual the harbinger your purpose as
your : professional character or -
they should make the ad-
" interests also under favorable closer alliance event you see
are .Qf.a .
vantage of pursuing objective
J. aaspkes the Follow
on 9th-10th. ually. your customary pro- with greater vigor. The 9th-
'- do .not* spare any efforts te see cedares and be as analytical and 10th are fine days from the financial

that you obtain the full measureto logical as you are reputed to be. and career points of view.
.which you are entitled. Perfection is unattainable.

-! -33-28-83 ..... ..... ..... ...
.. ..
9.2t6G12 936 : J.7O-a-lj.z.t..I1! ..... .. .

j/ '

TJee this' eoapeo. Xeara mere' 'about ,...... SendObM If .... (ors CAPRICORN

ta eete) for each baroscope, ordered by .L IIIcIaIe .u
Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. IS
Y addiceeed.: stamped envelope. Write pbtady. ... .Ilar 4O... met 8ftI7 To the surprise of most who do'

T to inliViilii M the dotnfalnB of Oars not reaDy know you, you can be I

-- -'- -. ,- .- quite daring when you see that
I the stakes are high and success 11- j
: atw .... t a matter of sound reasoning. This
J I II' is just the way you may feel from
the 2nd thru because of
5th ) some KEN KNIGHT
.ktoefPABLO BktIa -
very splewiid epportunities that .
-qs .,116od I II have afl the signs of befrg what -

:you. have waited for. Sta it Invitee You To Listen To .
( FORID STAR ASTBOLOCOl, woold be wiser to wait a spcl Meaaraeof .
I P. a BOX 56laACK50NVILLE '-' I ; gads that are.Isrklz : -

; ... 2.3 J J'I"W fa tfie lactf grad dteunig yev "KMGHTTRAflPSUrtkg -
;;."oo\_ I ._ 1, FLA. '.'view ef the fary>tri that fie te

i.Mfl* :1JIS 1ItORIfI'Ii-- I I II ,. :Y...Cried,aloe true oaaeerv-
.r*".'viwrff HI7L&M. .lCAWAV/< wee ,...Mite.res wIt.lI&Md."OQ fa .- At 7:00 P. M. Nigitlj --

f & *#WW*** tt*. .- ..,- -- ( .-lltlad04:.reveal .eaact'y
'-goo. :+iTMii-rrienriri I -- when ted how yev dborfd pen
A=: ": : .' I II' tftk). 1400 WitBC.111 :
'. ;.: -_ :, :. .:. : _, !

of'fIi!, ;.-: + :- --" --:b i JI.: _.,., f/l"/ .... ,.... ".... .: oJ .' '.__'. -- ... .. ....
_"1"r- .tL .. r.v ir J .. :: +3,;.in __ .. ., :: .
i :: ., iw" ".' :- "" Ss :: It.- l1 ,.:1f: .
'- .
.. ;: : :;''- -, ., : [. ; -iJ1if.


-;; H &7<;(!


.. L !


.t.wt.2 2 fhW HATE AQIflOJI 3HT uoVrl
fictt .C 13dolo0 onibj3 --

Saturday; Oct r 3, 1959r THE FLO H FageTiYearsOld
; --- -,

IS k


i ) 'lle ol pfdb::Ct'assos ;, ,rJ ,t i

fJlAJ2J "iO 3.Ig113T ul 1 ,dr'.Childreir frotnt7 ,Uh. : & 2

For Information.:Concerning, "Cla .e. : .n ,. '

., I Hb? .n,_ :. : :' \ ',Bi flJflisdofx at11VlIA Call ELM-5793 :.V A I', ;1237 ?Wise '28th', Street'r +.t \

'." 'to 'JIa'Y'G1'q'f .,.rf.,1 ;'. '"
.. ., 1'.,:.. .. ,! .. VOUT2 TMf' ', 4 yk; $ .. :' .: .1 ,
/ I 1i'ft.i
i'Bi'HkfUt: .I n IbbTIQQSEVELT
I J ; ;
,. .ModerSnacln'T'iled
....,.. --' .. q
i')' :
{ for a_ peedyrecorerl "t0i 1 11
Our slricer 'wwhe andTprayers I : Chldaa
"Yancheeta! Cowartbt1418feWee; : 11th I
ar V extended=fo'Mrs. Jf it'0 1 ysy
Street- :'adfd of>Miv GfiesterCowinrtd .Ccwrat 7isconfin- I'I .' Opsleril .- 'Cod';.t'. 11 iI

ed [to'-) BrtiwstersHos t thl.').J ,k" i,4; iN.; '.uztorr; : ''L' I _I :Shrimp' Ham ': '{

f' ), .: :. 43\) ? r .. "' ; .....;::...111, C''t! 1 : 2.rf.! {' "!o1 Jf'1.dt Sri'" w; ''Eggs' .r. Hot'CakM'-' ')

The (j i SBtoTUl AlamnarC hapletTotipeUafSigBia- t ; ; zer I 1 f.,'Cpffs*' ,- ..MUk>'l t'I'

yctSndticltid.fffth -imrtifiitfi t i /insrtriBro; l!{ 1 :* ;Filiach'.!'r.'''Potato s It (1'L I
SororU: i t in Nowi'sthelt1AME 1J ( ..: f".l, 1-Jil: ..r d
; :; evenlrr
'S ceW last Sudday
shipCfturch.., J '.:< Jj.L a1 nor.: .notJi>'.t rut.i. ; .. !GRILL. : '.!' ::1 ,..1 .1Ashley'"and
-- -. 'i J .- rl as:f .. '.' ".- '. /
: 1 : "j ; ,2 550 ; iL.fl : Madison ,
i {
"j d '(In :
Small .T"
Lillian ;; m.
Participating in the; service Altfrnna waif,Mrs.Charpfcr|i\;t MIsS Pud- f .' + ; asr ....J ', .', .1., ." ,' ,. ; .... .. ". ...
pTcsident-oftbe-Jacksottvllle ...
rica Wdeaf t'M& MuWaferrM! .:!Lticill6-P.UonW?; 8 a. ;ak (" I'I! .l.: .r

Miss FldWaTJan 1 ifl El Pfnnfe; ''Mr*. ;Roylestiridt-Bowm: .: S aS
an Miss Helen Stoddard Mrs.-,LUiie;B.: Blackihcar j')MIss. Ji
Moielle 'Miis\Marlan I Button;' DRAB DAZZtlNG!
Bruton MarypColemari; : from .. .._ to
,Mrs.;:CalKerine' Jackson;,;and,, Mist Myrtle'rurner. '

.. '. '..: ;

sf f yd a xfg .. ...". .., r 'p.
_Also making; IIBW.' -at;:!ihl* ;!tim,-U,..GanunaRho Omega, tX5 b.. n '1JdQt sYav+ : wR
Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha .,S ororitT which, Is In, .,the ; { kt 1it ft14m. >

midst of preparations for ii:'gigantic "Ebony'Fashion- :Fair"to : "W ft Jo t: ,
New Stanton ---
be'':held October' 15 in the auditorium\ of { -
High School, -, *TLiGHT'ON' THE MEDICS-Durlng,, recent +lam ua1Coi1: eDUon'of: : the National,
off of the, assoclatloni\ e r e' found oni\
Medic.Association In ,Detroit? sereral coral! + 1
Alpha Kappa AlPha'i'secoad' annual fashion display promises break between; sessions"; ,Above:. left:!to. right are 'seen Dr. James T.., Aldrich presi
to be highly-!'entertaining'' and 'enlightening, consisting dent-elect, St. Louis, pausing with retiring president Dr.--;H. Stilhnon ..Smith.. Macon.

of two, hundered ,creations that' will be''' shown in fire Ga.. and Dr. J- W. Maxwell Milwaukee. Wise. Below,' Taylor Cox, Detroit Coca- :

scenes ,by, some of ,the nation's, leading-,models. Cola'; Bolllihg :Company, left heats with Dr. Smith:N M A president Dr. Edward 'C. I ErS: : ,1

Mrs. Vivian Ingram is chairman of'.the' sorority's special Maiique,) and Journal 'editor Dr. Montague Cobb, both of Washlngta. D. C,

"Fashion Fair Committee'.' and Mrs. Norma S.. WhIte'Is Young" lady Is-Louie Barnes, who erred as hostess I ,. .. ,
public ''relations director.. tv

e e e party, the group had, 'a' lovely time when forced indoors I r ; ""W"

Mr-Edward: Longsworth,. British.Honduras,''Mr..John Fox by inclement"weather.. ATTENTION LADIES y .Z'R,'" '

and Mr. Eric: ally, Long,IslandrB.W.I..were1recentguestj; Knolone for the evening received a Bridge, & Social Club
of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Sowell, 1168 West Ninth Street Mrs. Iris guest .
did Mrs. Meares, ,and Reporters n: k. Larieuse
; : beautiful gift from the hostess, a$
Several:partieV were' given for the visitors, mcludirig'onE<. ,
: Mrs. Florence Wilson,' Miss Gwendolyn ScholL. and Miss Send or' Mail with lDtDjIJ' :
at, The Sowells' where guests participated; the'Cha-Cha for club prizes. Your Social New
Merango,. and 'other dance, steps that are specialties of th< Coalsle Jones qualified Mondays To
islanders. ''Mrs Jeanette Scot, :Mrs ,Jessie ,Belle 'Loney, FLORIDA STAR you trade an hour for kak
Members/present, in addition to prizes winners Included ; lice thU profeMlonal modeTiIOne .
Miss Elmira Bustamante ,Mrs. Bertha and Miss I e I
Tprrence ,
: ?. Miss Ruth M. Broome,' Mrs.! Vivian Sattierwlhte, "Mrs, Van. 2323 Moncrlef Rd. Cor. 13th ; i hour to all k take forCodeftoy'a
Marian Sutton.1were! partlClp ntS. : :-f Larieufe
among Or Phone' EL 4.6782PATRONIZE
'e e. -. orian SchelL Mrs. LUli Singleton, Mrs. Carolyn. Miller, -- ,' ,- 'to back youth to gray,doS fjj.fffli
Mrs. Cotillions and Mrs. Wlnona ..BrU : -'r/ or faded halrlEverything( :
Hortense: Brown :was hostess when the : need bin th.' 'It-I/*' '
met,at.: The Xiincoln Golf,and Country ..Club.last'Saturdaevening "4'" -' .'ct :.. :-' i L teats ini acwli Md Bquil.ros! famous red you box. Oat OodefioyS, -- !

with Mrs: : Delphine Brinson attending; .gues Miss. :Myrtle' Flowers,'a ,sophomore ate,Southern'Th ivera- | Apply I tdluirrdu bng4eaingLarteuatawl. ;
'catered | Creolemenu. tppbcator. .
ty who for the affair, serveda\delicious.
player "j
i"i '
; 1.ld .. Ii. J )
I Oolumar11e1,: OOOOTOT MKX:COf tsuaMtka"Li _
Prides were won ,by} ,Mrs; Viola Monroe, Mrs: JoseplilneCleveland i : '

and -Mrs.-: Eva' Alexander. '., I'e. -StarAdvertisers ...... .. ,.' ..\. *' ,*.- *- ..,.' ., 5 5J "
Other members"present included; Mrs.-:M 'orieyGilinorp, .
Mrs. Dqi, 1f V oMrs.. Mary L Singletoh, ...HrsiParsons :', 'Plg I Mrs-Charlotte' ; ,/Stewart "brok: T hejceji: Jj orjaSef'with 'Tlsd Smart ''1' "At. vji'' ..j.*'* '-> u* j 0,,, .a j gfASHlONS

Higgmn ham. wtS Carrie ,Air: $.. Edith Weston I '.a''meet 1g J laSt'week-e ; .ei4iin.'h r 1mrellydipmd.; ,J:: v 1 OlS..1:0: ,',,EIH MOTHER SEWS FOR :fH'Mlu! I
Mrs. .Bessle l can a. d : f 1YnTP; son esident IOlan SChll Irs and iMrs.r- ::. -- -> H
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.V JTltl*via.I II>vr-Jk f 'j IBOlq I JiWli: .5* 1** IfcrVJtiir j.m: ni-: : -'to' Vhle: Mrsi-PrailcesrJqhnson''won: out oveiiS :EubgBtDirighfcforj .l .v9, .!1Jr a.Uf' 1"f WN1 '!cs.1d falls? according: ?!9 middffis4atedsacbincludedJlnsthTlttdtfis

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t bough'the original plans were made for an ouHoo; ].. Bt Olm'l? ce')'...1-eSfii e1J, secretary: : M: : tlttk :iio1k! } most part lildrentsQtfs.Lffi bodice u ro 1.t
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..."......."-.."" mJiltRJsr "' ''''' ':t5 iP alJltl Bland flY,. t tMIS. and f1uffertbn their brothers.! 1"wjufig"inf erpr e- collar: an fiji>> bf M 2

most 1 i ; :> l .iviarn Holmes r Tina Lewis; \.. I IorifMMiisrEli .t2 And rt Pf rodtssie'ttr. afj] eyl ?ack'were seen sleeves. ..,ttff50
; ..r 1}a' IJr: # I g S1 period. rive is tb
abeth9'1 Mr&tmll ; j\\ .-.1tQ'P .'1 t. S, ex o C. b44t1,3about
} "for childrend '
f! "tlll 9 m.p3 (.IIW O J1tl+ P 'b.? '(sbwZ 9d1' 1.Ia lfi is t.r J ,L .. : 1 l llft ...... 4b0bi 1m -ifihte .. the 2 81 Y'e"fra
24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE '1-,1 I hnJ2 daS! oj .9vA slit DutrLknltu4r Be S r.rt; ) yrh Jh"sI d'!f .t e.bft; t r-' misses and IIB.lIle Eevfty's i Ie bat tdMtluhedressfabric.!
-: Lady Attendant -:- i eyU wor AT ;r "IIt1'1!'/I3I'i.1i
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: 1 u,, "
t xsrr si8s I I i2'w.... } .. l'JgroURiI! Jilitdingt 1t.affafr'11hm.9fU L iI : w ttlnilWstJj'bI t. E n Bh1 lglT
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Davis 4 ManagegSOAa :3 J fl U O fl fL n v pu ? -* I tEe" rpt- patee
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.bouId+6e 'selectsd not.pyja -
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r 8HIA1 YQOfl 111011 l1Yl Fi svo, 'n'rcir bcu i(: '; i length. Little girls mess sannCfustemai siD .r cI.
::3HTO: QMAX sr12 dt8 ol 19rr r .'o : w d di a'! I Ir. ;'w-eU above -=Prec .yrii f fJi
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to. ..OttOJ YMA 5 i!! f 'dt,, ulna fiMJ" no ,qov ,. .1 i.1J AppHcailormfor'Marrltg': 1, .- ('I tt Vn Ji. i fits boremov{daU; ssi-I I. ,
aocD OT Aon SHT MO UOY I tofffi' i3) aS J'Yi'1f7. I, '.': ". :.t ? ;Licenses... L" 'Jilr. :. bdi :- '9 i'f then. apearingfoolishly' !
.,bJurl'it 01 l bar, .r-1 '- -t\ .
i'THE. ru "nTi
SHOE;. THAT LOGIC BUILT" ttJ : ; \ l :;bT"dati 8hter 11
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f"' ,1zti0 c"!'.., cM 1.110 ----- __ 1\' : I.r.d' \.!. ) ...,. looking"chiI bly' 'gro criOp; ;1 Y f

''Joe'\V\\: bb:; J529' 11'x'Bea'ver' 55 \. -- :;
't/l' :
: :
: St., 26.,and Franki, ; .t.", Sumner nm :.tll.j : '. ., "ti ,!
.BEnUI.ME : ,
1 1529V.. Bearer St., 20... .- --" .,. :': ; Tne; taro,bere.ate"both'adjorable dresses=
Jerome E..Ray:: 653:) W. ICth St. ; pictured the A
... .. .. < ,
"" : exclu'sive- cCdirs-r-des'lgns
\ 22 and Martha White, 727 Spear-. "il 7' t1. : -
": .. J71..;.." : : ins St., 19.Charlie .;.. ,... ;.! ..;. :: ..: of Helen' Leej' one' of the .
> 4otitstaad' '

,; ..U9IiKi; 57 and Mary 1.000..146 A. Taylor Magnolia 146Mag-St., ;' designers nation's. most children: -s'trear.? I

!I nolia SL, 158. f M,2; R ...;.-- i-'Y j
_, t : .
} < .
Isaac (L Daniels,2524 Davis'St.- The little dress and smock f
I 41 and Allie; V. ones"p W. ,... (McC ll's Pattern No. 5127) ;.
: : ,, 19th St., 23.: a is a natural for nursery school ,

{SHOES'A, it Miller L. Freeman 1129 Lincoln tt and kindergarten.< The\ r es"s ;4
" Dark Brown &: Red C Sr T4 XY. 'i Ct., 23 and Willie,R. James, is sIetv ltss.and..bas a
1131 Lincoln Ct; 16. ,- threegoregathered skirt.; It ,
Roosevelt Stokes 1227 W. 25th fastens with-,four buttons at
St. 22 and Barbara Cummings. the back and has the ends of !'r
BAG 1 $13.9S 1772 W.. 26th' St., 17. dieback belt in the side:
Roland E. Porter, 'Jr., 3349 t
The gathered smock. :
plus tax Palm St., Houston Texas. 23 and steams. ;
ij $7 ; Virginia Johnson, 1741 McMillan ::: 1.1 oJ' is made on a yoke and buttoned
; \W SL, 25. in the_-front. The three-
s Jesse Norris; 1208 Price St., 23 ..::. quartet sleeves are set in and '
COMBINATION9o r Also Available and Minnie B. Cunningham, 2934 .,.' gathered into bands. Thetiay'
SALE ; i ;
Bethel CL 37. '1!' made of
collar .a contrasting
s in Style Charlie J. 1219 Hart .. may
!k BAG & SHOES .Harvey .,. .. tR. .
: color; so might the
Shown Below ., SL.. 30 and Bertha McKinzie. 1236 1 M J.
plus tax ti ,. Hart SL.2L ,1 ,. V P ., armhole bindings and piping.in .
; .. -.: h1 d' -. >1 Frank M. Coleman Rt. '9. Box .," 'ILa ;she front waistline seam of
'lti r 401 B, Jax.'Fku, So and Lover L.' the 'dress.. In the picture the 5163 '-' Daughter, dressed op there.
Lacy. Rt. 5, Box 976 Jax., Fla., ADd Mother and daaghter
; 10"-1'i : ,. ;- I 'smock is made of a red-black-
SIZES 6 THRU 55. t.i : can look alike I*,.tick,,full- t
I >'" : a white Suggested fabrics, skirted Ittfcotttma, cteated ,
print. by
', ", Bennie J. Pryor. 1519 W. 6th St.. ;
[ WIDTHS Ac: .r 23,and Gwendolyn Miller; 1535 are printed c&fon, linen, Helea/ Lee. Tbcr ;cisralated
W. 7th St.,19.James 51271_- Baay-woA, ad play UFirst. calIco .we Ut-v'bodice' too Uta d la '
broadcloth pop1i ;
r UIDC1-eowr d seeveless .w... : ricfcrack' 'bsttosed" trtcf sad
j -: ::! .u }lil"T i 23 am''Wanda Stewart. Barrington 820 Houston SL'820' .. a diesa. wiik .ttree gointkred polished cotton sad synthttlc :"pped la' to joia a' 'ptJlered .
\ kirt, bade b tt6u ud mixtures : : '" -J .1sktrt."Me th ,"Jri',tebroldered'fabttc .
', Houston SLj 2L -Jn ..
"iOT AI30? .L belt) end collanTke lie'
: sad
cootrasliBg : "l. bodice :
Russell 1. Kleer.Rf 2. Box.303
'4Paxson's. Bo.oery e. ', Blaine Washington. 22 and Christina : ',boldly a yoked bitto&ed snock froat catbetedaad or The-*ocher-.dtessx 5 eay 7 LJ be.; Lost s .....leeTfff.n'/ao.'h.'... paar/ oolLat all,edae oft, >
": :
J. ,3515 SL. 17
Chancey Myra ,
; back its'.et Ia sleeves like > '. ,
i Abraham M:; Green, 1810 'West late bands. Voila..la- brovgkt artiste. used fo :!:ischoolorpartyLJKtade: ;1Iior,.....bq.ricb be.\ud"-.1i-rlW"fa s\ ise f

.. .J...... 20th St..1.9-and'VenneIl'' Walker, Make Oils> practical' sad pretty of a dark green and green and tkallift, cal1eoaya1hetfc inUtwe .
< _A _"4a WeetF'orsythSt. ...';; '..11 I. '. 604 Ri3rd SLr.15. ... : :' tmtfit for 7oar yocsg sad actlre white print it has its own net *. Ctrl* sizes 4-12-
I -- '-- 'u 1'1 t-.. .1.' John H. Allen. 1513 W..21th St.:' child ;.i. soaks: It la cottons petticoat included ia the McCall' Patters *163. Of.
i3T : vi'agoT2 : 38 and.Came XL Cook.2402 N'.. deabn. 'calico.e' It tOlstktsa, McC&11' FS147. .... 1"
AWgrormeriT seim
i .13T QVA; ) CMltfran' BootsYI .t ? waistline 'fbe"dres"s'T'rs- t;
I' .. '.". .: ( ';" L.: .., QuiDcy'St.. .TtOsa.; :'Oklai 29. :tabbgle., Odldrea's sizes '1-6. J..I- gas 9c:1S ttd.
SUO TA J.lf3 ",: ,01-1'1 i IU.R-'I, !'N"11. ih'o Tale Bluce,-WManatee ,St., ":1deCs1.Patten'tS121.sOf.+ '!; buttoned in the back and has .Wsaes' sues_K16..)_
-" ,xW'i..H' (." 71 Cam7: .- TaIbhst_. FIa.;:23.1and Gloria I .........1./-: ."-,-,','... ;. n./.(.J. ----- ----- 4'
Y. Sykes, 1635 W. 22nd $t., 22. l .

.. : ..

-, ,


.'i. Yow THE FLORIDA STAR Week Boding SarardeT. October< 3. '1869I .

I I; Mt. Moriah Women Set Observance No vemfcer 22, .!




: : AS GENERAL CHAIRMANThe p_ UNION Two meetings are scheduled ,
on Sunday, October 4, at

Muhanunad's: Temple of Islam -

SET STUDY located at 329 W. State
women of Mt. Moriah AME Church hare completed ,

plans for their annual Women's Day obeerrance which Street.
wll terminate Nov. 22. The first meeting will take

Officers are: lnssrlarga-! The Baptist Training Unionof place at 2 o'clock in ithe aft-
j the Second Baptist Church ernoon. The second meetingof
Adams general chairman, : Hayes Mrs. Marie Ous-
ret line ,
co-chair- will sponsor its annual fall the day is alated for 8 o'-
Mrs. Marie Ousley ley Mrs. Margaret Adams, -
id I
; V.x f F study Oct. 5-9. clock in evening.
courses the
man; Mrs. E. L. Richardson, Mrs. Arusha Mingo treasurer I
The theme for this sessionis Minister
j guest speaker
pastor Mrs. Geaeva Mrs L. M. Jones.
acting ; ,
"Growth Through Train- Jeremiah X of No.
B- Palmer, assistant pastor; Sunday School, Mrs- E. L. "
committee, Mrs. Al- Richardson Mrs. Hattie May- t ing. Subtopics will be 'cen- 15, Atlanta, Georgfe,
program tered 'around Training Union The public is cordially in-
berta Reid, chairman, Mrs.E. berry, Mrs. Essie Mae Dye,
Administration.Eaeh vited to atteid either one
L. Richardson, Mrs. Geneva Mrs. Elnora Reddick, Mrs.
night discussions on of both of these important
B. Palmer, Mrs D loris f; Thomisina C uner. Decorations ,
.five areas of the complete meetings.
Jackson, MrsOdessa Lane committee, Mrs. Elnora -
union will be conducted..
Ml:. Dorothy Paterson, Mrs.]I Red Special features will be the
Madeline Haynes; Icy, Mrs. Carrie Merldy,Mrs. I
!Lenora Maddox. Y \R y Stewardship talks by selected LADIES TO MEET
Sponsor and advertisement { speakers. Following the address

committees, M r s. MargaretRice I s3 a forum will be held.

chairman, Mrs. Nelliej ST. PAUL USHERS The Rev. J. C. Sams willbe The Owens, Illinois Lades

Phillips M r s. Jessie ,. COMPLETE PLANS will bold thEir next meatfifg 1
consultant the
the during
Bannister pub GUESTS OF BISHOP OF RHODES tMshop and Mrs D. Ward Nichols oi Philadalphaa on Saturday, October 3. at
Mrs Estella ; FOR and New York chat wilh/ high chnrch offioals period. Instructors wit be:
lic relations, Alyce Mack and I ANNIVERAR'lAlA during reception givon hy tHe the home of Mrs. Emma D.
Mrs Maggie Hamilton; steer- ttshbp of Rhodes at Phileremon Monasfe ry In Greece. Affair was one of
committee Mrs. Dorothy Usher Board 1 of St. Paul AME social events given during World l Council }f Churches Central Committee Meeting Mary K.: Heard, Mrs. AnnieL. .
ing ,
.church are making plans for their held In Rhodes Greece. Others kx photo ire Dr. Franklin Clark Fry of New York, nue.The
Patersoo, chairmalh, Bon@?ta 47tjj! anniversary celebration Chairman of the World Council Central Committee and President of the World Huff, Mrs. Louise Shef- president has asked
Davis :Mrs. Nellie Phillips which will be held in the church
:Mrs. G., Palmer Mrs. Hattie; auditorium Oct. 7 at 8 pin Lutheran Council;, aad Bishop Sanle Uberje; Barbieri of Buencs Aires ((1-r), one of field, Mrs. Alean Tarver and that all members be presentand

Felder I The president Mrs. mlhelm- the Presidents of the Council. Bishop and ,Irs. Nichols of the African Methodist Alexander Heard. on time singe Chirst-

Mayberry, Mrs Annie -i ima McK ver. announces that Episcopal Church (AME) were the only A nerican Negroes attending the 90-member Speakers on special sub- Sisters will be
; finance oommittee, Mrs.G. I the proOTtm' will feature t&lontedpersjfiaHSes I names
Council m eting. representing 163 churches in 32 countries. jects v$& be :Mrs. t
P.Palmer, chairman,Mrs. of the city.. Other Queen- B. drawn during the meeting.
boards in the city have bewi invited
Frances D niriark.. Mrs. Do- to participate in the cele- Williams, Mrs. Clevel Onma'rtie ') > The meeting, will begin at

rothy Peterson, M r s. Made- bration. REV S. BADGER A. C. Jackson: and 7 P. M.: sharp. ,

e .
John Payrie.
t The Bible verse will be

: : : it : WilL\ J Visual aid will be used taken from Leviticus.
.. s ) );j jp 6 throughout the five day ses

./ -. '+. ]i Enroll Now In The t.: ,> '.\'. I sions. Directors and Training ELKS TO ORGANIZE
",jJ. j South's Finest College r-, '. -. ..
i. ; 1 SERMON! Union workers :from JUNIOR ELKS LODGE'.
Florida Barber College d I I t
,' -, Branch G. I. Approved .. i } I II other churches are invited to BY COMISSIONERSAn ,

s. s. .. : x k, 1 1i ThQ Rev. S. L. Badger, pastorof study with the official greup.
Emanuel Baptist Church will announcement has been '
Prof. Jam Glover w preach in West Friendship Baptist made by officers of Maceo Lodge
'oodruw Patterson
manager : Church Sunday afternoon in USHERS SCHEDULE 8 of Elks of the proposed organization
630 Davis Street At Beaver the anniversary observance of of a junior Elks Lodge.
Phone EL 5-9871 I the church and pasf r. He will be ANNIVERSARY AT Boys between the ages of 12 and t
accompanied by Choir S, Usher 18 years have been invited to
j Board 3, District 18, deaconessesand FIRST NEW ZION meet Oct. U at 3 p.m. at the
congregation. Elks Home, 712 W. Duval Street
District 3 will observe its anniversary Usher Board Commissioners for the organi-
No. 1 of First
Sunday at 3 pm. The Zion Baptist Church New zation are Jimmie Johnson, Doc ',
Rev. J. C. Finnar of Galilee Baptist will observe Graham and Uriah Portee.
its 31st
The SEAFOOD CenterCORNER ; Church will deliver the annual 8 p.m. m anniversary the auditorium Monday of the at Plans will also be discussed for
sermon District 4 will meet church. the several activities to be promoted
1 Sunday afternoon in the base- The by the group.
president: Getrge White
MYRTLE AVENUE AND SHAD ROE ment of the church. will observe his 16th in
District 9 will meet at 3 p.m. year
TO APPEAR IN JAX The Dunghill concert at. the church. District 6 will position. The joint anniversary READTIIEFLORIDA
Lb. 20c company has been well
Medium Mullet one of America's most versatile meet at 3 p.m in the home of planned by the 1a
of board.
Large Mullet Lb. 29c group concert ,eater- Mre. Irene Evans, J51: Copeland unique program has
tainers will appear, in a cnocert at the Duval been arranged and a prize will
Red BassGenuine __ Lb. 4Sc County Ar- Street. District U will meet at 3 be
Pink- Salmon' Lb. 79c mory on Nov 5'under the sponsorship of St: Stephens> AME p.m. in the hwne of Mr. and Mrs. largest given number to the of board members with the STAR
Church of which the Rev. Eugene Flagg. District 12ill present
J. S.' Johnson is 'pastor;. in uniform.
Lb 32e
Oceanview Spots meet at 3 p.m. in the home of
Small Black Sea.Bass Lb 32c THREE MINISTERS Mrs. Rosa L Toukt 1093 State The Rev. W. M. Smith pastor
will be
present to assist the ushers
Catfish (Fresh Water) Lb 49c BABY iiNTEsTlAUNCHED Street. District 9 will meet at 3 in extending welcome to the EVERY WEEK
Speckled Trout Lb. 59c TO RENDER SERVICE. pjn. in the home of Mrs. Tuessie visitors. N
Lucas, 114 Oak Street District 14
MEDIUM SHRIMP Lb. 49c AT GRANT will meet at 3 p.m. in the homeof
MEMORIAL Mr. and Mrs. T. Thomas, 1686 ..._ .__.._
LARGE SHRIMP Lb. 79c AT 8-V "" _" -.1j --------
Standard Oysters Pint 88c McMillian Stret. District 18 will Chiropractic Can !
The Rev. R. L. Smith of SL meet at 3 p.m. in the home of SContinue You Relief From
Claw Crab Meat Lb. 83c Matthew Baptist Church, the Rev. Mrs. Janie Bailey on Baldwin

Florida Lobsters Lb. 5Sc B. H. Hartley of Friendship Bap. ALLEN CHAPEL Street. Why To Suffer? I
BIG JIM CRABS Doz. 1.80 tist Church 'aid the Rev. M. J. The Sunday School bus will go t
Jrwwell of St. Luke Baptist out Myrtle Ave. to 36th Street left
AND' Church, choirs and congregations A baby contest has been to Avenue B and turn right and
will have charge of the services launched for the annual Women's stop at Mt. and Mrs. A. Hentngs
THE SEA ,FOUR CENTER Oct. H in Grant Memorial AME Day drive in Allen Chapel AME 4919 Avenue B, then on 45th Street
Church in interest of the Woman's Church which is scheduled for left to Cleveland Road, stop there ARTHRITIS ASTHMA
Myrtle Ar. and Adam Ph De EL t-l_ Day celebration, Oct 18. October. for a pick up. It will then turn HEART TROUBLE BACK<
The service is being sponsored Usher Board rj. Pulpit Aid right to Edgewood, stop on Edge- PAINS LIVER TROUBLE
-- by Mrs. Mamie Smalls and Mrs. Board and the trustees wilt sponsor wood and Iris Blvd, then to Avenue
-rF--T: ; -----Ii. tain-lot* .waa Alice! &llanI.y.BAPTIST. Baby Larry ;James Major, B, right to-45th Street. Pick HEADACHES NERVOUS '"
'. '. '\ son of Mr. and Mrs. L.'J. Major; up on 45th and Springrove Road CONDITION BODY PAINS ..
'FRESHEN YOUR Cheir 1 and Stewardess Board 1 thea to Men rief to 8th Street to AND OTHER COMMON AIL 4 ,,
.. will sponsor Baby Shelia An- Jefferson stop at Court G and
ASSN. drews, daughter of the Rev. and Court B and on to State Street to MENTS. DONT PUT OFFi .
Mrs. S. Andrews. Stewardess Lee, stop on Lee and Beaver then ANT LONGER. LET US P
f Board 2 and the Stewards will on Park Street to Chelsea and YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD ".
DRAPES sponsor Baby Mar.lyn Gamble, :. Forest, stop and on to the church HEALTH r
TO HOLD MEETThe daughter of Mir. and Mrs. E.
BLANXETS Gamble. vial Our Modern Clinic s R

Mrs. Shirley Ann WilEams and 4
SLIPCOVERS Emanuel Progressive Bap- Mrs. Helen Wagers are chairman flf. K: HARPER'MEETS
Wit Association-not the largest and co-chairman for the annual
BED SPRCFADS but the 'best in the state-wfll celebration. Mte. Daisy DR. W. F. WEAVER
open its 34th Annual: Session in a Bwwn is the program chairmanand :
nrc-oroning to be held at the WestFriendship Mrs. Odell Watkins; \\Tike, BOARD GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC.

Baptist Church, be- public relations cftai11' aA. .
gmning Wednesday night, Oct. 14,

.. and week.Programs wfll continue have throughout already been the MALE CHORUSTO P ALATKA HEALTH CLINIC E 6-7830 }

mailed to the different pastors,
tslsslonariea and other key lay PiN The executive
men and members of the cabinet. ) b The moor asks that OBSERVE P-TA, in a recent meeting called
churches send a full delegation by President. K. Harper where +MA/ww Mn *jvw\rwi f/ IUWV'UN'I'V'.NNWI '
and **p nse with or susparti all the wo k of the previous year
usual weekly services during the was reviewed and new plans l.r
Association Week in order that a ftj made for the
i fliU attendant of the various i iI The president year.said he had made r Yeti Don't Have to Go to Town to Get '

churches cart participate in this51th I several visits to units, comcQs,
r The Male Chorus of Zion Hope I
,; omual session. county and district meetings and
Baptist Church gig observe its
I West Fnendshtp is all new, workshops. Several county coun- LOW PRICESOn.
I Sth anniversary Oct. 19 at 8
I spick and span built and. just recently p.m. ali were organized districts setup
f finished by the Rev. H. L. in the auditorium of the church. and two workshops planned
Wilson, fearless, militant young Mrs. Erama B.:Johnson is organ for Duval and Leon Counties.
pastor, church Wilder, scholar 1st. The president also visited a Your
; and puplftecdan. meeting of the District of Columbia .a
I- Watch this paper for "more Serving male choruses will be P-TA. The state.congress has ';':Al3'..i"P tZ r, r : 'Jt ,
: about the Association JA. .Pt .'Lt jJ"
-their follow been invited to participate in the s : Y
the crowd to West Friendship, Tabernacle and St. Th.mas Bap- President's'White House Confer

corner.of Carrie and Weodside tist Churches Guest choruses will ence on Children and Youth, Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

i -- r&+ ,l. Streets.R.. B. Williams, recording sec be lit Ararat and EmanueL named Florida by Children's the Governor Commission.is the I

... retary. Harry Lovettill serve as guest Another meeting scheduled to WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED

soloist. Others appearing will be be held in Tallahassee was to follow IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS
MONCRIEF President Harper announced.
Mrs. Queen Akins, Mrs. Hazel

ANNOUNCES OPENINGOF Gross, A. Conway. E. Chatman. Cst: Deliver tte Ale FID AU ioois+..' i'rnscfDilea.
KINDERGARTEN William Wffliams. Deta Belcher PRE-pPENING SET

is Mrs. Lucille Bell will serve as ASSOCIATION

;71 "r J.RS Mbncrief the Baptist Church an- dean The of Rev.Hostesses S. Andrews of Allen AT ABYSSINIAThe Dixie Pharmacy: f -
; nounces opening of a church
AME Church will be
Chapel ,
kindergarten for pupils from 2 to pre-opening of the Union 1402 KINGS ROAD at IIYSTEXFI1ONE8 : Ac!': I'
5 years of age. speaker for the occasion. Usher Progressive Baptist Association _
: Fti, 1-Ui1-i$
The school is under the supervision Boards 2 of ML Ararat and Zion will be held in the auditorium of _
.I of Mrs. Ruby Lee Dixon. Rape will serve. Abyssinia Baptist Church, Oct 14.
who announces that the children AH Choirs and usher boards PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE

..I.--.matt-Iool... .. .. am..1'1' .n .> __ .-> -.- will be picked parents up may each contact day.Mrs.Interested A contest of the to chorus determine will terminate the"king" will will be serve held] for throughout the occasion.the week. BILLS AT OUR S x ORE'&&,& I

Dixon for information. : .'- The ] activities --41.... --'
at'the program1; : regular weekly : !
; ., jS rxr
-- _.
; ::: ; : :- ;'.
> :i. -- : ," -" ', '}t ., .,. -. :-, -711 ,"'; :. :'

,}- .




I Week r.c
'1 -

S C ts brlt Church ReportersClub FOR FIRST GAME *


The Florida
SocialitesSend A & M Rattlers have .worked t

Y I .hard and long to be ready for
.A Y or Bring Your New their opening game with Benedict
i i4J is
Saturday and Coach Jake Gaither -
is planning to come with t .
f d F up something .-
AFr In To TheFLORIDA new for the 1359 season. NORMAN, Okla. Football
t.y fans of Oklahoma, all creeds and n
For three weeks, Coach Gaither
_____ and his assistants have been nationalities are singing the praises I
STARMain working on three units, which he .of Prentice Gautt, the first
hopes to be of equal strength-the Negro to play varsity football at
A c; y4 blood unit, sweat, unit and the the University of Oklahoma.A .
: tear unit. Benedict is sceduled to
r% z Office & Plant be the first to feel the impact of pre seas xi AH American
pick Gautt the
the three units. was leading
ground gainer for the Sooners
2323 MONCRIEF RD Gaither has never beea a boast- last season as be picked up 485
ful coach or on to make predictions yards ia 62 efforts which is nearly
; Near 13th Street
even though he has always silt yards per carry.
expressed! confidence in his Irk.R1
charges. He says he feels that he __ Despite the fact that he is tie
has the material and the poten- leading ground gainer, Gautt says ...
tial this year. How well this he would rather block and tackle.
tential comes through po Head Coach >Bud Wilkerson and
the Rattler story. may tell. his coaching: staff say Prentice
Note The earlier the better.
3 3r
Automobile seat covers in a >variety of patterns; colon' was not mph on defense until be 3x
and styles are responsible for the deodrativt look in car Notices brought IB Monday and "We plan to pass more this came to OJd homa. *
.interiors.'Michael McCarthy, dIr' jf.design for the Rayco year be improved.and our passing"Jacksonville's game should His high school coaches liked
seat l ewer people, points,out that colortnd'texture of fabric Tuesday will get better .position Richardson and Miami's Ted his running so well that they did
is no longer Jimited to the bogie is h! shoos tome of this Collier are the Rattlers top.Emery.pitch- not bother to teach him the basic -
Year'. top JtYl es. They came-!n bold patterns-arid handsome and better headlines. ers," Gatther said. rules of blocking and taokling.
weaves. In Addition! ::perkinj'tip, he decor.,of an auto Interior The probable "I lib to carry the ban all
tHe covert: .provide.,needed coplnesi: on humid day' the Saturday's game starting with lineup in right, but for pure enjoyment I _
Easy to clean.with a. damp clog; coves' axe not marredy : ends, John Glover, \VHCam Blfnediet would rather block. It is a great :
> thlldr n'.nr.lernarkl.lUck7.em4T; 1IDl! .t$* Iftsu ,Cos-; Barber; tackles, Jake Bradley, feeling" to take a man out of a ,; ;; i
tom fitted fret pf charge} ia Hayed' item from+ coast ten Peter Livingston; guards, Robert play, the 196 pounds, 5-11 full-
coast, the coven-ire'designed for-every:laate ef ere teJ IS YOUR DRINKING \Vffliams, Johnnie VVUHams- half back said. eOMTINCNTAi.
backs, Clarence Chflds, Lewis RCATURG4 1
eluding foreign and Irports models. Gautt put on a great performance
Getting To Be A Problem? Johnson; fallback, Jordan
... .. quarterback, Ted Richardson.Pope, in the Orange Bowl in Miami DON'T BE SO LOUD IN PUBLV
last '
January L
Call EL 4-3176 .
.."" .... ,.. .... ,.. ...-... -- -.,
J ,




,., .

ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC READING WRITING MONDAY-:- 6:00 THRU-:-- FRIDAY 9:00-:-P. M.-EVENINGS:- E E These Outstanding r. !_ :!t fs.ln z r

SCIENCE Duval County Vocational Evening School .

GEOGRAPHY Comer Broad and Ashley Streets(Old Slant=) JUNIOR GILLIAM CHAREY NEAL 7 ,





+Lv :... ..... .. ..
BUSINESS Honcrlef Bead and 45th. Street -" ON A
TYPING Atlantic Beach .


SPECIAL 145 Upland Street



SPEAKING 8th Street at Calhoun Street
r ..' ..". ,. ..- ,. ,-. .
BRICK MASONRY HIGH SCHOOL '';1it' ... .':ot'.'".,."or-.-,';..Jl"" <,'. ... '"_ ..... ._'..1
2000 yam Street

CULTURE (Extension) Forest and Goodwin Street "

J "

Front-Sound ProJection.. "-._ ..

"AN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY" Sot-aad-Forgot Volume Controls- --- "-

Hl-ImparJ Polrsryrena} Sliver-. .'
Provided By The Grey Cabinet

New Wide Angle Longer-life i
Duval County Board Of Public Instruction i Picture Tube ."-
J i? ... .
."-...' -.. .,.... ';'';. A,,. ''..;. ::--, -:-: -= .:,.<;-4-.. .
# ".1 ?H.f3'J-
-; >:. : <4itr. ,
; -.;. = .<
,., r. .. ,.- ..." .,.;> ."' _

B V ; -'". $1 '....;"> .... .' ::::!,..-, ..<. '" '_':" =r m" / ,
: /
: -: .
,' -- _... : ,\ ';Jtft'U '\
.' !""-;.;,,, IIto \, 'V
; : iI ... .
44 'f. .
: There's. a Store :
J' Near Yon ...

i Across from St OPP
4 oNeCK wrtfr ) (Across from New Sean Near SoutHgeis Fly Y_

r. SP 1-2880 EL 62493Center FL E-S6JS

Open_ Every Nile Till 9 Open Every HUe Till 9 Open Every lUte 'Tm S '"

1cA ; 505 S. McDUFF 2689 ROSSELLE SIT.i : roO'.
1 ; 9 (Near Lenox) (Corner of King ,and Ro s. U.) _
% '
EV s.&W. EV 9-9871 IP
i ..
Opea Every; Nile TUl. Open Till 6 P. M. ,


... i
: -

..::-r' ;-- .. ,
'. -. ..' _"-"' ,- --.. .-.. ..

I ," _> --J 11'1 ijF.':kl?4 :: }}$: --M":; "E'r.; ,A-R E.rD. .' .

: <: "' .

TT .q :
Jtd -v- 1
BATe Aamo..n. Dr<
mJ' ,: -s0 .THrwlrl1 per, 3 IMJW_.
> -
. P.gettx t I flMAW1TLOR'I L 1t J __ _week*End Slurday! ? October 3. 1S53 Ij

j .::11t1h&) j CJU't J1U"1.I a iiog9R doiud0rt

Jfio' "aer v rS
Speaking o t a3I dul0 JfsT
i :
SAFE R l \ i sri p
SAY, LE3A EY : ,, W t93iJii3OEK !

CLEVELAND, O., The public 'J- f" +
: uaY gri'fa yes bti
should realize thatat spends
a aweh more 'in a year on night ,.w ?1
t [:iraffie"aeeidents than it'wouldpay t dr oT l1I
for the adequate street lighU;
: ; ,ing that :could :have' ..prevented ..
the,,car'crashes C.l\ -
oS ,\ laterviewed ,here'Tdmorid, -
Powers educational directorof:< ,:t.rf';:" rr
and & Safety': ,
the Street! 'o.t rf'G
Li hting.,Bureau! backed up, this [,:,J..' .'>:<- 0 Y

-.r' ... :;::::': ,. 'claim\ by qtingian'annual'.toll*, r;, t :.qf"'; -x $ s i1 0 rtis31BD t;
"o.::":""" :2+ ...
ll.( *
..ax qti .b1'; ;billing ..- a
1 \ 1OM .
a$. the ript.fo1""fQ .J.o 1> rr: '_ t
fjffflJ/ : t-atf ie 1.ee1 ..!(: 9 !(.en : b ?
t. ,t2 dJEf yasl
adept' >>'
entr hat :.. asri r 1 :tt ..
f quate.?,stFttet :.ri lU ':1'trrJ D..>":': ? -
I F. 'lights ng could. ,j JW tt l s. i: r
z, aI tve..preveAted; <;], .n'3toq :;, ,:!: -
.;;::: ',3a: 't6tf"V6f| '
financial 11.*!. PoWUS._'aaidi i "at.; ,: fP3rl; :
< .lose' th .
I W3LW" I least"10.0D9Sersbns 1I. it :' J ri: -- KiJcs sill a .o
Eves' while another; .400,000are' '
f seriously injured iri liight"'acd r, ;STRAND. PRESENTS NEWmTHIJU.LERS!t.. 1 I ax -

dents; that.!safe treet.lighting hibUity.wouldhave : ,- ., ypermitting' Kirk'' '.Douglas "('above_ ). and.,Ant h! onT' Q u inn star an:in! "tnew .'

preyented. \ .technicolor: super-wesern t'd r'a m";* "LASTi TRAI N, Y z -
"We, have reports from 'small'and FROM"'GUN7 HILL* showing; Sunday through Saturday. *L! HOLLY.WOQDCALIF/ cSachaugescTatJieli,& da4iustsithevolutxatnthree :
\ large cities," he said,""where] the Strand. Co-feaivire is the mlrder I ''HII! ). I Jayne Mansfield and friend relax clt:rk 1eV. ,,
: thorough cost analysis has shown mystery. In the} comfort of the,screen star's' es:"When not 1n USG the ca P& t
lower-.overaU figures afterlight-i DEN HOMICIDE.Regnlar: prices prevail, ; luxurious bedroo with a 17.1nchAdmiral' untttol! 'stored in ''thiJ" fJ'sew
ingthanthose, when streets,were, port ble teldvfslon"re.ccivei l '
pocket 1 on the left side! efite TV:
.,....... o
"' poorly, lighted or not lighted cbmpletS With SonR wirelessremote' -
ati i ; eci1r ers c&!Id< thereccnsldetablecohtEtJieace'ap if'
I'VheD. ite6nvCT'toSontdoor. barbecues the lady and her lore all.' controL-It;the
Want the--ehal'fGA11o light easily and'burnuniformly..That's why Asked why the country as ,a World's.first;pwrtableiTVr with a is
they protect their investment .in Juicy steak*.'.with" hkndy 'pushbutton -; whole still has so much "horse remote control,unit... -- : In beth' ,!able to watch *'lt to
{ aerosol charcoal lighter that makes the "paper-wood-and- and buggy" lighting, Powers -- I '''The American public's constantly jscrta rhilt relaxing- a com
wait" metbocl.obsolete.'Youro: barbecue trill,b "even more said:. ,' f increasing desire for convenience ferteble bed In addition, the r,
enjoyable if your picnic basket also contains aerosol-barbecue, "While lots of reasons are Research_ _Produces NawM/f/c/cfo/ / / : features ltd to the mote control unit alp enables
..sauce, insect repellent. and spray-on suntan preparation. given, the big one' is that while -- c' \ development of this remote on' hospitalized or !home b a -rddeA!
the"public wants all the'benefits For: Florida Citrus trolled portable TV.Smaller than pmons to enjoy teleits l on prop
t-, 'of modern'street lighting, people' :, ; l.*., half ,pack, of cigarettei/ the grams and control the set wit ont
expect it to be provided insteadof Son-R unit in Miss ,Mansfield's reouirins: nurse to cfcfcagachsaneb .
.. demanding that their public hand has no.wires,transistors or I'' adjust the veloni or turn
BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN officials install it. A M batteries. It turns the set on and_ the set on ors off.:
a _
"Like everything'else' in life,
EL 5-9722 -
1816 W. 20th Street the ':public' will be given' modern'atree.t

Kindergarten Begin September 2nd lighting when ,the publicconvinces t .
ALSO FOR CHILDREN &: ADULTS officials that modern,
.' Piano Band Voice -- Guitar Accordion 'lighting is_.wanted: ,.

Theory Tutoring Adult Education f



fi, You Seek The Best Doctor .' -. it J H '. ,t' -'e'1: .... Expert Photograph
t'i ', Get Experienced PharmacistsTo Night Driving 4 t S -r p, rW :E 1 Passports & Identiilcmtiou PJiofes
f ..,:: ;. Commercial Wont
.. : FlU Your Prescriptions.. I : f I Photostats &

; ;iw. ..,. .,.. i" Accprdlng ,Jo Your Doctor's J1l.arle.Eqsy, t r' :.4 b" Photos For Newspaper Cuts
; .
; .
h While. You;Walt
r : .. Orders.. We 'Usef Only i i. '
r :j ;-B//-Martha) tJ hBaon ,,. ; "1. ,Coloring & Picture) ,Framing
.l L< The Best dualifydDrug At : ? -:.. <_ 'l' 1F x ':' ; .
Jl Let Us Take A Photo Of You
Dodge Yt
Safety.Consultant 4
.. .
Dr., C. E. BlackProprietor .. ,; -i- .: L..I"t? i. ;' *I. ;- F xy .- r.s' .' : : ....
"" Whether driving in the city or nzw ... ... 'F i ..'
raveling the vacation highway, ; : '; Sq; # In Natural Color -
PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU night driving be r .
3 REGISTERED can tiresome and t. >3.-AV BY'
fedangerous. ':;*\' .6 : -4 4I O''J } I 6 ;, ; r-:, ,:
f; Cbria bSidllghu; AVERY'S PHOTO.STUDIO; .
? flashing ;
aiux'st'ct' V 9 oeoa sign*,-chncing,traffic lights .
J cod RI)itt_" nfleedons often 't P ;? lrW 1 eal Ashley Clara fie'i !1dg. f
are eallear"the deceiving of .. ". 1/ ;i. )J v:5:
)1907 Kings Road ELgin 3-8276 the eyes 4-7695 For
nJght. IGPhoas' ELl Appel l
T T3III+ -.J'
A COMPLETE LINE OF: Your sundown-to-sunrise trav.: _

Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies .Sundries. d doesn't have to be dangerous, .-1'- .. ... I W3IV3B JAAi311a0J3 :
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AHJ..... > D' ions though,if you take a few precau.' JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 'Ifitions 2 itJ eYt3 ?3IR0G1DM _
Delnav an outstanding 'new {Unites from QM+apa' tsts3nolG
5- Reduce your speed at night.' chemical for control of mites o>b, |; ipit bloom. However, there leo rL 2SIri2UtluA
C Turn on your driving lights citrus, will be available to FlorIda
immediately at sunset ear-r growers for the approaching bb -
h. ATTENTION READERSPlease her when visibility is poor. ". fall and winter season. Thk reatment of oxtegesTTfriSe'1i DHICJYT
e Lower IOM lygmn for ap announcement,was made joints i rult, tanopji RWlrM.S FO L NEWSPAPEIUBS :' RTEKS I
vtI'\J\! rt oSe&tI g es. Use up.o Jy by Hercules Powder Com.. d tang owun
S'Rf when the pany of.Wilmington! DeL an same De S L
C1 V 1 jested day LIra k ME.ftT
roes clew.I PRINTER
Church News, ces the Florida Agricultural Su o k uec ,
Keep your windows clean 'ply Company Jacksonville. YAa23U.T :>IT3MHTIHA Z231Zd3: I
To The FLORIDA STAR Early for good vision. : The latter organisation wl% Ion H8IJOW3 aa3HI2Ug
close f formulate the new.mrfterUl an J lew ) ed e bR
O 14t3kledi IMA 23QRE8ZENCEI Newspaper nport9s.ltU
b fwaftl1 1 available In all 0J14ti q copy-readerk advertising w dh.u1Q.I3W
iIK [ IB..e citrus areas la tta for fall d ,omen. prlnterfcT tors Ufi-
r, 131 ittsid$ ppuoatl tj HOEI A i Cribe Deli nn 0111 THA

Aft. R' c ) fa f,; .< .wn \ .. .,. c bubsta letf ial mlUc1de"t economies Federal Washington Register, D.C has, M pub Tt&! i CMJ BEGINNERS ANTED TOO :: LW. will tram

It will'in control a mite control both, rust programs roUes* fished a F 9d'f,JUtDrpg'A.11 g ei tab1LS%dminlstrati { I IJ3 iiI K.young repo rters and peoples nr fpepa.r1mw..

-: and purple mites on citrus at a Ing a tolerance l of 2.8 parts if you have! a real deeirQlfo-X a mmba?
lower cost than many growers per mlHion,f or.thaffienucal the newspaper fratersiity f-; : I
are now paying for : 3 .i VI3.I' ..Jo\
Li v control of< 2,3 p-dioxahedithiol-Sp: bll
st! t.im E9 : purple mites alone. Delnav also! (O, O-diethyl:pnosphorddS- +< t b'k rft .. '. .. '1Uq
provides effective .control ofj thloate). Specific fruits! covered WE NEED Men and womeaggouag or middler:7HI2 -
the Texas citrus mite and the" in t C:i latHotmcwaent-, : ; in all fields for thIC JJl and
fAfe nim end .4.Reputab, l Establishment_ .... Haged a [ J !? ?apex ;
six-spotted mite.
The Firms Ltsted : has been are oranges, grapefruit { 'TI magazines. r. "r PTJ
eSpecializing and ;Prbductg thoroughly tested in Florida;* gerjnes, !
t- Services tangelos, lemons.. '. ,
and large-scale demonstraUona'have and limes.. {'i -I' Rg
[ ,
( \$ Washington's Health Service been conducted through ThU ode .",..'t";:&.t..G. neW'-'' ri I : .;ACI2NOW Slate a erlegnr;: 6eTti f.
AUTO SERVICE ,: : I out the state with marked suc.. I ;mltlcide, Delnav, be, d' :, '. .
\ Is.BIghtfullY Yours" ,, can UI :" "WRITE: .: ,;,'.: 'V:0: YTUA38
= $ "Abundant Health including such leading
I' : on bearing citrus trees, .
MIneral Bath 1 groves as the : ,.,;: !JVt .!A:>IT:1ACi
; COMPANY Try Swedish Massage Steam Waverly Growers tup to the day:rof-'harvest a ;': ": :'::
'AUTO PAINTING | Colon1c Therapy I Cooperative at Waverly, Flu : '"without fear of illegal. w ... INTERSTATE PRESS
Jompiee Body Repair & Paint Work |D. C. Washington. Masseur-Same Locallot activity Delnav has a long -residual residues -- 1 '--p:-o. Box'32-=Tackscnvlire T,"F ""----- -
that under normal con- i
ft .
Jobs .
.. _:_ Oven Baked Paint : \ aFor 23 Years I> -t--

Price Start at 54.00 EL 5 135 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL <4447< ,$ Lri'r 'f t.. :1' __'j' :, _-+ .__...... _. _i_' --
1532 East Adams Street ? ...

't FOODS Free delivery any part of the diy i 4AYPATT pIDYOU\ I l\s' ..ANDAFTER 1'


*. If You Want The Finest In Groceries 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-13SO HARRlEI"5 HAUAWE'EN MY PARTY BAST "'

And Meats Come See Us mt //
JOO Davis Street EL 6-5412 '

; --
Courteous Treatment .
Open 8:80 to 7 p. m.
;- 'CIty County.and Federal. Boa,*" ''306 Davis Street EL:4- lACE '
; Law Exchange Bid;.- EL M932J 1 :I f

i -
"'In Eleciroalcr- ICE 'CREAM COSMETICS .
:Alh"Wirk'Gtiaraaleed: AY 0 KPRRODIICTS 5 { U T FOPS ON NER,
343 Fore: Street ..E&.... -: : I iONEY DEUYERS'EM

1102;Price. Si.M. .: :EL 3-6312


%. ,< Complete n.GardeaSnpplietis ; "'QUICKJ. SER\1C&;MATJRESSMaitresa ; CO".,- JJ...
: Fertilizer r-5FTultlPkrodueto Oar SpecMOn =
-NeW and Used Furnlliire.bcmghi""and'Sold564 l, Hsfiorallsa1 9' t sN0 TE:
JDay Ser+iiee Y
TlmlquaJUL'lRoad "!,, ,. :SRZl-3762| PC.l.=
8783 Old 1QagI >Hoad..... .. -.,.- -
F rr ::
1\ All Modeni'Dbaveniencea 'Tt A TXYt

Room iry Dar. Night. or Week J ,.. ,Your ferric*"
JI" ., for .hlorma11aCaBf' JLT! ..NEW DEAL CA3'El5tl. l .l' 1 g e G ...1m'eti ..a._ ,

EL 5-4025 627 W. Ashley Street LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611

t Egggggggggggggggagggggggs = = ee c ?


.: .. .... -:--, ..
-- ----


s' THE FLORIDA STAR Page SavesWilder
Hading Saturday, October 3. 1953

Ii Boxing Team Trains .For Champion I





Matthew W. Gilbert's Fighting Panthers, New Stanton Blue
Wilder Athletic dub boxing team launched its training sessions .... evils, Duval Vocational
last Thursday to begin its eighth year of competition and to Engineers, Northwestem's YellowjacketsM
Nov.. the Douglas Anderson Fiery Dragons are giving the fans some
get ready for the annual Florida AAU boxing championships
30 through Des 2. real football, but rtie of the most beautiful sights to the fans is
the way the games are being handled by the officials.
The Wilder dab has turned outsome
of the best leather pushersto l 9 a.m. and 12 noon, Nov. 30 at the The officials nave hauo handled the
I Arena or Jacksonville Naval Air games with such smoothness and only say: "We won because we
be in action at the tournaments
seen clock like outplayed them and
Station. A, physical examinationwill precision there has not becausewe
and many of them were LP \ been were helped the referee
be given .from 11 am. to no room for alibis criti- by ,
marked for great success had
the head
1 pant"The cisms or complaints. lines, the umpire or the
continued to the
they persue fight "
game. During the Championship official weights in both di- a > .Y r Football fans like to see clean time-keeper.
matches they met some of the, visions are; 112 pound' 119, 125 clear and sportsmanship games Clean, well played games arealways
brightest prospects to be seen and 132 pounds; 139, 147, 156, and that are properly handled games fair goed to see, but clean,
around these parts and they handled I 165 pounds, '178 and heavy- where nothing is taken away and impartial decisions is
f the life
of any game and that is
their assignments in grand weights. a team and nothing is given.
style. 'Boxers will compete for prizes The fans like to see games won thepe of officiating that Jack-

Many of the fighters who that include 50 trophies championship or lost with unquestionable deci- sonville the has been getting since
showed great promise developed runner-up and third team sions and the men in the white season opened.

ring fright when they lost a match trophies in each division and in- pants and striped shirts are giv-
and pulled in their gloves. Manyof dividual trophies to winner and ing the fans what they want.
them were so sure of their runner-up boxer in each of the None of the home teams have Watch r
!P This Clown
ability they became disgusted and 10 weight classes in each division. won a game this season with the

f disappointed after the loss of a The Wilder team will be strong help of the officials and no losing 21 50 79
match they faded out of the pic- contenders for championship bon- team has lost by playinj the 38611214
ture. ors. Coach Guinyard will be striv- ". #) team and those handling the
Julius Guinyard who has done ing to maintain that notable record h game at the same time.

such a magnificent job in devel- that has been made. The ,,,y"....'*. N. "3.c.:; .,....."'!" "<'-<'' 'x, The officials have done such a 3 1
oping the fighters has never team has one of the best recordsin magnificent job they deserve the ;
coaches and the cocaptainsof
STRATEGY-Shown here
been discouraged when some of amateur boxing.As GILBERT'S BOARD OF are commendation of the fans, the 5 0
his top mn quit. He immediatelystarts a team 18 trophies have the Matthew W. Gilbert "Fighting Panthers" who will be gunning for the l959champ- praises of the coaches and the

to preparing another fighter been won since its organization in ionships. The 1958 triple champions are well on their way *o repeat the performancesthey everlasting appreciation of the 7' 1

'f a team to take ready his for place the thus tournamentat keeping 1952.The record is: 1953 AAU displayed in 1958 when they won the county conference and_ state championships. teams.
Teams coming into Jacksonvilleand
all times. champions and runner-up in junior Reading from left (kneeling), co-captain Charles Sutton; heacl coach Earl Kitchings and going home on the losing end 18 37 49
Coach Guinyard never looked and senior divisions; 1956-run Hill. Charles Waldon assistant backfield coach: Alvin White,
co-captain Louis Standing did not leave with a bitterness or 799 05 __ 110
for excuses or offered an alibi ner-up in senior division; Golden assstiant end coach Willie Cannon, line coach and Willie Huggins, end co a c h. The a disgruntled attitude. The only
Gloves 1952 and 1954 ;
when one of ;
i lose a match.top He scrappers always answers would champions in novice division; I board, of strategy of the Panthers are not"saying they will repeal but it is serving notice thing lost. they The could winningteams say is, "We can Sometimes Sometimes he's he's down uj

by saying: "Well he fought a good 1955-56-58 open division runner-up I that the Panthers will be out there trying.. I
boy" and in 1959, runner-up in novice ..... He adds subtracts:
division. He works It all around
The tournament is sponsored
r and conducted by the Jacksonville The team will train at Jefferson DANTZLER STARSIN
Recreation Department, and two Pool Monday through Friday i EVERY GAME Coming
divisions will be held,at the Main from 7 to 9 p.m. Application FOR ENGINEERSJohn Securo Drivers' License 20 37 218 .- IS
blanks available. '1) t SAFEWAY DRIVING
1 Street Arena. are 'R'f .

The junior division is for beginners i Dantzler "Mr. Engineer"of SCHOOL FLORIDA STAR
or boxers who have never the Duval Vocational Engineers GOO West Beaver Street
won a title in an official amateur ) is one of the brightest pros-
championship. The senior division GEORGE PERPENA. Dir. I
-. c SPORTS CORNER pects for collegiate competitionever IN EVERY
Office 5-7742
is for boxers with more ex developed in these parts ELgin

perience. c continue to be brilliant in his performances Res. PO 5.4607
Boxers must wear headgear on the gridiron. .1 i COLORED HOME
cup and mouthpiece in all bouts.
Dantzler is more than just a
All boxers must be certified : JOHXSOX
ama- DY C. PARHAM -
football player he is sensationalOne
teurs and must weigh in between IS YOUR DRINKING THE MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL TIGERS'of City of the hardest problems the
werelike lambs driven to the slaughter in the game Thursday night Engineers'' opponents have had
Sept. 25 against the powerful Yellowjackets of Northwestern. The
over the past football season and
Getting To Be A Problem Tigers appeared brave and fearless but helpless. There will be many the beginning of the present cam-
TOOTHACHEII refast act others who will feel the sting of the Yellowjackets before the end of paign is how to stop him. WALKER
ft: + EL the season. It is certain however that a 75-0 score is no test of the The big question has been how
you cant let to tilt far jill called Call 4-3178
'''Ointist till test thing ORA.JEL strength of a power laden team. to stop the man who seems to be
P for you Is ORA-JU.Pats VIRGINIA UNION UNIVERSITY able to do everything with a foot-
The combination looked
I fiaishts U seconds.r is looking forward to a better passing ball but make the air that goes Voaff'onaCommercial; / ,
qoR season and a stronger team in like a Johnny Unitas, Lenny into it. John Dantzler is a power-
i 1959 than they had in 1958. The Moore or a Norm. Van Brocklin, ful running back who takes the
4._ Panthers will be playing such opponents Jim Mcdairen combination. The ball and scoots around end or

as Virginia State, Shaw one point loss to Blake High of through a hole and. goes for yard- CollegeCOURSES
Howard, Elizabeth City State Tampa aid something _tub inspire --
Lincoln Bluefield State, Morgan' the'Blue-Devils.:If that combina- age.The thing that has made hima' .
I State and Hampton. At one time tion continues click for the remaining highly .respected player and
Virginia Union played in the Ga. games as it did againstthe one to b admired even by 'his Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating
1' tor Bowl in a Tropical Bowl] Wildcats:the,'Big.9" Confer- opponnts is that he is not an individualist Business Administration Tolloring

t JFl4It e"BY game. Many fans in the city remember ence will know they are serious ,He is a team man. Accounting Leading to CPA Dressmaking
; the time. He plays for Duval Vocational Upkolttering
DON,, JORDAN, welterweight THE FIGHTING PANTHERS School Instead of John Dantzler. Stenographic;
1 BUCK .ROGERS champion has tfeen suspended by of Matthew.W. Gilbert: are also He is not a swell headed"player Cleric: '-- Typist Badls TelrrUSoa
the California Boxing CVmiTnis- blazing the trail in the confer- who seeks personal 'glory. He is Bookkeeping PB3S BssapHoaisi

sion. It was reported that he was ence. They are coming back not out there seeking vain glory. Ontsaa Law Easaaea MachIa-
suspended because of his failureto strong as If they did not lose a, :Dantzler is a player's player.
I had'_a 'chafwith large- either. I use -a Mercury 22 take a'physical examination. man for this season. Keep an eye on Dantzler, he is For. Additional' Iniorziati&s.

aouthibats the othea'day and horsepower outboard for. this The champ was scheduled to fight WHAT A CROWD, WHAT A not the type of player to stop at' T.pkos. T-Mlet.IY. .
learned come ..Interesting. facts Job. and it functions perfectly. Art Aragon; Sept 22, but because CROWD attended the game between being AH-Cbnference, but be is EL-54Me'a PO 5.. 5664
:about fish'Yt jon.'Ywu .: Other successful anglers' that. he felt his unfitness bad'the bout Pensacola and the New headed toward' an AH -' State ,1' "h Or Writ

Informed that fish.have I. I know, use similar outboardsin postponed untfl Oct-27. Stanton Blue Dev s. Just the berth. Should be'continue to stay 'At to Dr. J. WaSar Brown
the 30 to 35 horsepower in football, it is almost certain :
,excellent'eyetghira"facl prov- TOMMY "Hurricane" JACKSON crowd alone was a beautiful sightto .
ten by trout:lasMtbeyjeed on els in. has .hit_the comeback trait see,If it takes a crowd to encourage ttaf scouts from the National .1...". a PIa.
'insects I : almost too small to be .I. Especially if you have at i] again with three victories after 'a team the Blue Devils Football League will be giving X88fi Mrrtle ]1M.

![Mcn'by'humans. FWt' IfO have large outboard, which isn't considered -] .being told to retire by his manager had 'nothing, to'worry;about be- Mm the eye. WaSwrV&CPALMS Cmikg.e .
!la color sense, and'can tell even I. '"a' fixhin. -" motor-.try, : >,and;"everyone who has thebest' cause they rear had the support It is the.opinion of many that
slight differences In some cole trolling. i. 'itrvst''of! boring at 'SMGOTH-SAIL1NQ -TIL WEbEBr Dantzler wfll go far and will be

!out They're also light sensitive. How Deep .heart He ,was 'even suspendedby ., AGAIN heard from U should stick; with
.Fish have no eyelids,.and their One 'ot,tbe..bottrRlema'In -:tke:' .National'' Boxing Association -. : 'the gara. '1
eyes are tuned to function in fishing'is ,trying_to ,deter-, after he was unmertifrlly '
the subdued light of a watery mine .how -deep"to fib This .beaten by Eddfc Macfeentn -

world. For this reason they question., has been complicated Nov.,1957. His last victory was .ACOSTfi'SEVERYTHING
seek shaded waters or extreme ,by;a number[of;theories t which over undefeated George Logo .
depths on a bright day-a'fact may or may not have any bear* ,who once knocked out former ,

to remember. tag on the subfecL.Xa: rey1 opinion heavyweight champ ErzardCharles. FOB: THE FISHERMAN
if a guy.Hs to spend all It Is now 3 in a raw r -,!*." .
of his time worrying about for the "Hurricane." Live Crabs
Shrimp .
water barometric,
temperature THE VARSl'IT.SHOP at 2309

a pressure might as and wen oxygen stay home.content j I the interest Moncrief Friday.Road was Sept.the 25,center daring of a Fishing Tackle .

So I that atop ,
= suggest you
considering: the "how deep?"t! crucial game between the Chicago STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-8670
Cubs and the Los Angeles ,8019 MAIN I IOF
question in terms of feet and ,
The moments
confine your efforts to top and,' Dodgers. were FLORIDA s
bottom. j tense as the crowd listened attentively JACKSONVILLE. BALLROOM
to bear the defeat of the
Here's why. Most of the food .
and cover are found in these. Dodgers since the crowd was
strictly a Milwaukee Braves aud-'
two regions. Frogs small land- ,; '
born animals and insects are' ience. Much criticism was beaded
found on the water surface. upon Sammy Taylor, the Cubs
And. the cover along the shore- catcher who allowed Duke Sniderto | DSNIRIBERGAMOT
steal a base. "Of aH people JACKSONVILLE
-line is the favorite habitat of
minnows and small fish. Other[j Duke Snider," they said. ,. .

food.-sawfish helgramites.', GIL HODGES HOME RUN did
{ and bait fish are to be found I the trick after the scores were
on the bottom of a lake or > tied 44. His home run broke the atENTMlLLioKS
stream. j tie and sent the Dodgers ahead .,.,m22 << ?

Fish view the outside world Cover is a factor too. Game 5-4 the hopes of the Braves '
through an overhead window fish seek protection from their: rooters were raised when the
which can be highly distorted, enemies or lie in wait for food Cubs got a man as far as second
.If the water surface is ruffled. in the shadows of logs brush. base in the last of the nth inning
>Because of this optical barrier, rocks, and weeds. And this- and,Bale Long went in to pinch I. 4 DANCING AGAIN .
I they can see a bird flying over. cover is usually to be found on fait Long became foul-happy and .
the top or bottom. continued to foul until Sherry,
!head easier than they can a low
;silhouette boat several 'yards"away. Fish 'on the prowl look for the Dodger pitcher eased one by -a t1 .,. STARTING OCT. 2 THRU OCT. 10 V

.._ food in either of these two him to end the game. There was s Y'7 I

Ii .fish have spot places. And .when they'rei! only one Dodger rooter in the WITHBobby
Thusly a
should simply resting they seek out> entire crowd..
which every angler the shade of a rock shelf. an : I II
,know about-a field betweenthe THE STANTON BLUE DEVILS
horizontal and a 37 degree undercut skip bank the water or the in between.If bottom.So .. clicked like clock work in their 1 i Blue i Bland

angle. Keep low in a_boat,wade surface shallow defeat of the Wildcats from Peo-
or running'
deep in the water and you can lures dont pay 'otf. shift to sacola on the_night of the 25th.

_.approach fish without., them_ completely opposite equipmentand 44&0 l
seeing you. techniques. Go to the ,PLUS A
,Try Trolling bottom and don't be satisfied WALTS RADIO &. Satisfied tl1Fart
The more proficient an ang- until you feel your lure bouncing IY .
!ler becomes in handling his over a rock or plowing
i'tackle.. ,the more he neglects through a mud bank. ," TV SERVICE Little junior Parker
trolling. And this taxi"a mis You may not always catch* HEADS : : ;

!take. Casting'Is more fan. but fish. but. if you'll _confine.your AU Work, Goanaietd
frequently the best way!to put 'angling efforts to top' or bottom .- ,New j and, Une.,TV
fish on a stringer is to throttle .'you'll be right:90 percent. .
:'down your 'outboard and let of the time. S Pie. .- EL 3-4669 ,MON. :THRU TOrURS. 75cFRL .

'your lure bounce a.1oaChe bottom lJrf. Jurre *,y qmtttlomt recermimi *-, .. Ip -
'-" .119 Flcrid* AveJ t SAT. & HOLIDAYS :S1UX)
s behind yon; ftthimg fccfoifMM,'*?*< -' ; -:
-A,, good trolling motor isnt >*..{, of miktrtt*to,, vIe:8'cf4f.R ': ,. n-w. '
.xeaaestly!a >tatsleed er. gars is'un .1-1h 1rs. t: trees e.r 7! .'\1 -- _..93r3Sn1 r oft. res.we. .
: : ,'- '. ... ; ,
: f 1 .. '._ -.1. -- "'-' -
: J r.t7Yaa: 10 Ls11Ttu of Via M-OKTI !CITY O1 tM :.* t.r
P : : '
...,:;: ,, ,: .$
t\o.J\ ',- ., .1 t.h'.1.A. --; : 'i- : ._ } _.. ..,.' :' ..
':_. ..1 -1! ; 1" .
,r ..... .
---- ,'T;.

w ... ,, "": :f0CT t :::;GJ i ...,. '. ..
'f'" /'' is, u'_' K II '1: :".@ r:.>. '1 "Cot>", <:J J1q 1-""" !'" {- (: .t' 11 :=:- .:::- 'i rWeek : ";:;:"'; ":'' : J .: -....



', ; -, ,__ _, r -- .- --.:,.: d-, -. __,- '--,- -. ;.-_, "'-"'... ; -- -
.. _
... ..
"' : ...
--" Pstg. Eight THE FLORIDA STAB f. Week Ending Saturday October 3. 1959


1 $ $ SAVE $ $ : TV SERVICE .. *
ledge of Bookkeeping and All Work GuaranteedNew *

n lng. Desires work of I RAPIST MM t and Used TV'sPhone *

New and Used Clothing For The Whole Family: Clerical Nature Typing, The Los Diamontes Bridge i I EL 4-9290 *

I ''i 50 w.p.m. Phone :EL 46782. Club held its regular meet-; DEATH CHAIR j 722 W. Ashley St. *

Unclaimed Laundry Shoe ing Friday night, September} ,! I I, Jacksonville FloridaIS *' "

I _. 18th with Mrs. Fanni$ Bell-; MACON, Ga., TJie word i YOUR DRINKING itI

2 LOCATIONS amy serving as hostess. Of-, ,of a white man was taken';
t ficers for the were elected Getting To Be A Problem?
year )[ ;recently against that of aj I ;
and,tliey are as :
t the
I i I I young Negro girl whom ,
Mrs. "NhitepreSldent; Mrs. ;
Furnished rooms for adults; ? ; :;l man was charged with rap- f
Fannie Bellamy, vice presl-: ?
only. Not and cold water' in I
1534 Mala St. 716 Main St. I I dent; Mrs:':Frankie Summer.'! mg. I LOVE? n

each. room. Covenlently located Secretary; :]Mrs. Wilhemenia, The man, 26-year-old Paul' MONEY? fA17J
: at 111 Davis Street. ,Hampton, financial secretary; Daniels, testified to an all- PROBLEMS? : /

COMING! BRAND NEW! :Mrs. Emma Morgan, treasurer -:I i white jury that he had re- I'll Help. '
Mrs. Gloria Fort Chap SolutionAvailable
EVANS SPACE HEATERIn lin; Miss Juanita Wright business -;ilations i with the girl while .

ON THE EXPIRESAT. Good Condition :Manager; and Miss 1 I she was ,baby sittingi for aI I If Instructions: I ;

UtSIN w $35.00 Luvenia Luar termn, reporter. -!,'I local family. j I Followed toad

11\\ !. Call: EL 3-9942 Other members are Mrs.:j Daniels contested that the I Strictly Personal I ")It;

:4 Thelma Geiger, :Mrs. Frances : girl submitted freely and I i JOHN WAMSTEKERDept. t I A Sip ef tine Ptpel Cup
Waldow Miss Annie Bell 15 >to these oatatandtefnerieaa

New Apt. for Rent I Frazier, :Mrs. Amanda Belle, i, only hollered rape "when thepressure (II I Box 10 Olierj y..... ".- *. wfcaoettar

ADULTS ONLY and Mrs. Gladys Bryant. I was put on." This Cape, South Africa aaelte Uw'try ad

GIRls. I claim remains unexplained. |I ..... )If Wi' commas4ae !./
( let Floor I
;; ; Prize winners for the night te.wbiefeROSEMARY So Ilya t
Phone: EL.4.1844 were Miss: Lurenia Drarter- I .' :

," ,uesnxRrrsotsrr. .{.3 +bkedubess lA.WJpFtia. 1 man, first prize; :Mrs. Am- .I. THE DRUMMING LOG i *'* *

anda Belle, second prize; and I '. by.JOHN MADSON J| it
I ; :
deeh..11 :Mrs. Marjorie Gilmore, guest V '. at .
r t Conservation Department
t!' the big *
shoe \.
Gov FREE OFFER prize. The club was delighted -
r- Olin Jlathlesoa
to have :Mrs. Lydia Hart m .
FREE LISTS Sweet and Mrs. Marlorie Gil- WISnnOOKS-- I <

more as their guests. Some men reality by What real ,it :- *
MIDNITE OCT. 10TH Send escape sportsman cw > ..
age and description sipping absinthe, watching resist that? 4. ",,,!'..,- *
AT THE STRAND DIXIE CLUB BOX 1856 Mrs. Helen Robinson whois girls; or practicing their fast I'm, top mark ci at Vi.i I ;;: .. ";.-Set-'?" .

Ocala, Florida .. not a member of the club draw. But I'll take sporting twenty sucker lists and. \'.;i il *.oas :,:, .' lPa1V r ".
goods catalogues every time.. high as a dime i" t .'.v '-. *
very gracious 4 entertainedthe They're wonderful, those outdoor wishbook. A month dcesr: : t ..=
I *
) BOTH- club wfihbooks that extol rods, without finding a new n':' *amy .' .
BARBEIWANTED in her home .
SUN. RITZBOTH lures, guns and boots. ,They're mail. : :1 *
Apply Artistic Barber Shop. Friday, September 11th. special license to open the sea- My first move is to grad U:j *
WED. FIRST RUN Eon months ahead of time. In catalogue and sneak off like t*
> 619 West Ashley- Street. EL The next ;meeting will beheld winter you read abdut fiShing gun dog that's just eaten a I GRIFFIN *
49231. ow i 't stuff; in summer you,_study quail, taking it to ny vc'l Ll'P New Stanton Highthey
THE SCREEN'S BIGGEST WARSHOW at the Lincoln County'Club hunting gear.. In between are or other safe place v ;.re I Pepsi Dealers
with Mrs. Amanda Idle weeks of compasses, crow can study it with glacier'i w Bottling Com.r:
Pepsi-Cola [
calls, and ThM -,'
folding grills canvas thoroughness. <( eD
A THOUSANDS BOLO iHIVES( AT HIS I BACK Belle sering as hostess. Officers toilets. g much list-making, piicet.ci, panT are proud to salutcTRosemary
IS YOUR DRINKING for the year will be in- Some of my favorite" wish- ling, and budget-juggling A/Ut for bar inter st*
Getting To Be A Problem? books are Ones listing sleek, years of this/I can reel -J Hi* ia helping humanity. She*
tailed at this meeting.STRAND. costly items. Now I have as cost'of anything from riilhar.
a. Call EL 4-3176 much use for a salmon rod or hats to folding bathtubs in vice president of her+

,f. 4 a Mount Everest*tent as a pig Now and then I even cr i.r ,hlttcry class and a student..
'fi s has for pockets, but I take something. And althoug;: f'\'e I class.
teacher of typing
great pleasure in being exposed been buying from ishboo.. -; {,i;'* .
to them. Besides, there's a a long time, it's always d>:. Her ambition Is to be a j.
HELP WANTED vicarious kick\ in buying fifty.cent same. There's a brief, aprp zM nurseL .
S bootlaces that lie'over- travail,with the .wife. and t.tv
THANDESSUSANCA8OT! 4 to 6 huors_ daily In the a. page from a three-hundred the equally painful 'wait for tote !***********
m. 5 days a week. Call Sun dollar trout rod. postman. For whenever :;a;. '"
day only. ET 86877. SUN. SAT. / My Tad mecums, though, order from an outdoor wte'i-: r.L< [ t .".} ,
-- are the 'salty,.two-fisted wish- book, it's Christmas. all over -.i'F ..
KiRK OOUGl1SAAT \ books that cater to the little again and you re ten years rM '
man. Free catalogues with'low and waiting for that first a-- "b.f.
Over 100 Concrete Blocks Or1Y prices, plenty of big .pictures, gle-shot ..22.Women .
AND "BATTLE FLAME"Inn QUINN and some of the most vigorous can't under stard: this. .
For Sale ,-
.. Seconds .16cl- ea.. prose that ever rolled rough Taking time to fish and huntis t +" '\0 "-
1778 Spires Ave. HALWALUS1pRccu\ shod over a rival firm: strange enough but takif I i ;; J
'-AS.- : "Users of our Surescratch time getting ready to spent! .1- 'I
'" After 5 o'clock Watertight :Matchbox include money getting ready to taks <_ >.C '.
... _
:J -_ TRi 'N Old Woodsmen and Others. time to fish and hunt is utter ; :
"M These matchboxes have saved ly beyond them. Nothing In a t
11 countless lives in the Cruel woman's background equips her
Ti. apanese ,,Happiness North, and our president J. L. for such a thing.
.. Custard, would not set foot There are hazards in such James Weldon Johnson
/( 4 from his office without one. buying. A man might be better ]{L< Junior High
,, eIf' Knurled for a good grip with off buying merchandise he
A of the
1 IIB1 lOR But tip Pepsi cap
frozen hands the seamless could examine. no storo I
yA SHOES 5 Surescratch is made special for shelf can be as adventurous. ,to Beverly who Is record-

.1.,.. us by the nation's foremost and no clerk alive can spout ring secretary of her homeroom -
:Maker of Watertight Match-: the sterling, lifesaving virtuesof
;& 10.4 and
serves as
.u boxes. By comparison, our competitors -. the Surescratch Watertisnt
offer only Trash :Matchbox as well as J. U <'-'us- p chaplain of the History
MatchboxeS093,- plus tard's Annual FaIl Outdoor Si clasa She is cited for Interest -

r freight. Catalogue. I t. in building a better

Y'. k community

r Plus "Hidden Homicide"ROOSEVELT JI. Jl.JIJI. *
b y ;
Small Fry Like FuddyDuddiesSchoolAgers *
Ii4 *
Caramel .. '-
Y Vdo.Utet- ;
} Apples
-, : 'ti.. ,.
..k... .
dr you know SUN. TUES. .. ;.; *
All-New Thrillers! t f"'v!.
they FIT *

k if they're .;. *'

t *

f if ,


v. DYfiAMii1B i.. New Stanton High %f
OTS! Tribute is paid to 'Theo'

rx q syzr' for contribution in help."

,4 We fit your child's TANK COMMANDOS !'Jag to buld good character *

feet perfectly in BusterBrowns' among .een-agers. She Is

A with our exclusive ANDs I a member of the Jolly 3
6-point fitting p'n! Teenagers Club and ihej

ArlHas Socialites. She 13

't( '& s PCRATIPN5JSKYVIEW Alit i cretary 0 f her history
class and
wants to be a4

SHOWS ychiatrist.
r- t j
216 W. Adams } f *
r .

3573 St. Johns Ave. Listen To Pepsi ..d
.M -
] 1948 San Marc Blvd. Music-Quest.Friday

:; : 772 N. Edgewood Ave. ( Children will come running for "Fuddy-Duddies" once they 'I*: Nifes io:30 to i 11:00 -f

have.tned thesewholesome sweets. Bite-sue, they just
SUN. TUES. are right For Phone Request
for the preschoolers.Fuddy-Duddies please mother too.In addition 1:
i ., 2 GREAT MOVIES! to being good for the-children, they are easy to make and involve EL 6-0461-2
THE YEAR'S IlMSTrTlllltSfi' no baking. The use of breakfast cereals in confections increase 11
their nutritional value by the addition of protein, important B .
RODM vitamins,essential minerals,and food energy.
My Neighbors Crispy Caramel Apples will make a hit with the school-ae
: .. crowd. Juicy apples are coated with caramel and then rolled in
cif TIE oven-toasted rice cereal The use of cereal on the apples in lieu of
__-" expensive nuts, not only decreases the cost but it increases the
Ed Kelser, manager of Swissair's Tokyo office, has found the IUP'I'J nutritive value of the treat
tswer to g tUnj-away-from-lt-alL Take your family to a Cereal Faddy-Daddies
Ipanese inn or r>okin. which adheres to the e
v w credo of hospitality. centuries. e .......:. % pound (4 squares) semiA pound marshmallows E rJ
\ sweet chocolate
oven-toasted rice
Rooms are either Western or "The inns are not suitable for Gus-BBo 6 32 plastic or heavy wooden cereal cups _
regular presweet-
ftpanese in style serving at the aged or persons on diets Y Slut Ps ened,or : flavor
let u a dining drawing and Also don'fexpect to find West .
droom.They are built of wood I em cuisine wines or liquor. The ,Tb.W.M '/ Place chocolate in custard cup in pan of hot water and let melt
bng traditional line*. Each one local food is delicious and features ,w- Insert picks in marShmallows and dip and roll in melted choco
out on to late to cover sides and bottom leaving uncoated.Roll
fens' a garden IUkI1 J.tempara (avar iop in cereaL:
;; fcmtd through sliding, ,glass Uty of fish fried to crispness 'rIIE--, '. Stand upright on waxed paper to,cooL Yield: 32 confections
i' intled doorsT (n batter), poultry and ao ono Crijpy Cereal Caramel Applet
Numerous ryokana capable Byokan residents always .. rttl 1 pound :
-3 caramels 8
ti ::.;r- 1 accommodaUnr: foreign wear Identical kimono for easy "::.and another thing... 2.tablespoons water 3 medinm-BasdTeating-OMtodS apples, washed -
.iVFroi' tests. art located'In..tummer. recognition. This is the Japan- if 701'were-MTdogawif brareyou'd 8'beagwoodea! skewers lay arpe, cereal regu-
Inter and tourist resorts ass equivalent of togetherness' presweetened or cocoa flavor
roughout I 9 stay boa and put up Combine caramels and *A !
Japan. Spotlessly So. when Nipponese hotels water in small revered saucepan; place le
jan, warm and friendly,guests hang out the Standing Roots with my naf ia* and bad over low heat aM melt caramels,stirring frequently.Insert wooden 1
tfoy the novel experience.Keiser'a Only sign take the advice oi ,cootiagU' {8i4 aresi skewers in Hem ends of apples. Swirl apples in caramel mixture
enthusiasm was Swissair' Ed Keiser and head -: to cover epmpletely. Lift asset of caramel mix and hold over pan
red with minor restrra for the nearest syekaa. t ALSO 3 STOOGESI! to dram.Swirl while draining.Ro'J! in cereal at once.Stand j t
:. t e on waxed paper to cool and set.Yield: 8 Caramel pples.

.. i