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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 26, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 26, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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!P Y Principal W. 04 Swee

,Denied New ContractVOL.

t :: 9 NO. 84 And NEWS SEPTEMBER 2e. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15Ercmanuel Cen!:.

r __-., ...,.,....,.." 1.3k .

< I oroner's Jury Finds

v .i+:i Barlow's. layer Guilty

1 1h !

: 'I i. ,

,.J I

(,_.)' '"; -. '. .i t! 1\ !!SXQI.I .JFaces. rand J IrYFOI Ci1 r coMLo;

", f > I. Sbooting Barlow BAliS AT At TIDilAS


It I ....The inquest into the death of Deputy Constable James PETITIONS .

t Wilson Barlow ended on Wednesday afternoon with a ,

coroner's jury bringing back a verdict of guilt against ;
In a stormy Wednesday afternoon session of the City Commission
Emmanuel who admitted the fatal
Mixon |
I a group of Negro citizens made known] their determination to
shots into Barlows body on the night of Sept. 2 as_ the ; press for equal. access of all'municipal, recreational facilities..
office! attempted ot serve him with a warrant. \ -Ute session produced gross misinterpretations ---
The returned in the white press
jury the guilty
after a brief deliberation. Mi'..on who investigated the shooting particularly in the case of the BREWSTER.GETS
were also questioned. Jacksonville' Journal whose offensive ,
immediately served
was with
.r -tnf s 9 warrant charging him with mur-a Mixon now faces a hearing, as I II headline: "SEGREGATIONDEAL ii'
I yet unscheduled because of the I OFFERED CITY" was
der.Twenty : suspect's failure to obtain a law- I rushed into the streets Thursday 1 T
-nine -year old Mixon yer. evening.The .

,.. remained impassive through&ut 1Barlow, who lived a day short I deal in question is the
A the inquest, which lasted more 1\\ of two weeks died at Duval Medical shoddy interpretation deliberate :
: than aa hour. -He stared at the Center last Tuesday morning. misinterpretation attorney OF MUSTERS.:
floor most of the time and appeared I Ernest D. Jackson's
J- I His body was laid to rest in lit. statement I
,. to be. completely removed Olive Memorial Park last Satur- that if a golf course arrangement
'. ..: .j f the proceedings. day after impressive funeral satisfactory to the Negroes .an I .
Witnesses"were closely ques- rites. ,be reached the matter of the ., F
tinned ,by Ass't. State Attorney The 'Wednesday inquest was Bother city recreation facilities
Nathan ,Sohevitz as to" exactly presided over by Judge Sarah would be "one of negotiation and \
what they knew about the slaying. Bryant who in the end ordered not of litigation." The Interdenominational'Ministerial !:
:They included men and The City Commission, doubt
women Mixon returned to custody and no -
%: L situ witnessed Barlow's attempt held' without bond. Mixon who irked by the fact that no bids had Alliance of Jacksonville

/ ; ;' .. overtake Afixoa as he dashed said practically nothing throughout been received on the two munici- has highly endorsed
: .. I' ..: ., .. >. '.along Jefferson Street and then the inquest, was asked at one pal golf courses which they are r Meth
> "'.f' into an.an+ea between two houses.A point, if he had anything to say trying desperately to sell rather tie current. .. :. *, .
I ll:,: ,, ::; :!. :, .. .- '.. O-__.. ; ? .. cab driver who allegedly picked In a barely-audible voice, he saitfNo. that integrate did not take kindly odisMJospital Expansion :
.A '
c Mi"'QJ1'up 'and the police officers to the double petition attack ren-
Asbury Mixon accused slayer of Deputy' Constable James Wilson Barlow is seen be- dared by the fiiterdenominationar i frond and set up a special -
.t ':"':.ikKitabeii....handcuffed-from the court of Justice of the Peace Sarah Bryant' after a coroner's': jury Ministerial "headed by 'this
verdict of CBilt'bouwWMOLPver forgrandry: 'a.tiorh! ., Mixon alleged: to have. ;three bullets into ARMY HANGS NEGRO their president W: B. Miller, anda' committeeo spearhead .
... the body of the peace oif rrBNje-teie4tr elude service of a assault:; and battery"warrant. fJo date group of Ngio golfers, represented -. eff6rt?"'fitouglf local ',member

has been set for.a hearing in the case,'tl'>nca 'hilr''}.Sig held.g3tlx. >ut bond in ounty VETERAN by Jackson. churches;ma coraiag'to Rev-
t The
; adc
i1. 'f- petitions jointly d.an,
j ; :
; "' _.J f .erend1 W. B. Mfller, president -.e
J1. *- f end tt> racial.u&CErimmatibn at..
r t u P.RI&ON. aH municipal i recreation facilities. of the oqan: uticn _4ti *

PASTORS SCHEDULEDTO S to. t- #Mayor Hayden Bums, for instance -
SCHOOL BO CLOSES .. '..'l.", climaxed a heated exf Some of the lmrch groups
REND rti *\ '
Ore 1nnuendees with Jackson
FORT LEA and their ministers
VEN1fORTH. Ian. respective
the u.s. '
choseto :
hang a
Army ..
bi ..
calms heauc
DOOR ON FORMER :: !1' .. ;r-J4EM9NAL 3).year-old prison) for niae Private on Wednesday alter keeping him in suspense; in "unmitigated 'Dar.r a Jackson y--an have organized, regular "BTe's
de he
years was convicted
j by an eonrtmagal'for chimed roster Boos er'Jrclufcs'
,.' 'o .. slaying a Korean dvifian. that no attempts 'had toJhelp .}
.. .
> ::t 1 .been made to negotiate a settle- -1<
NEGRO PRINCIPAL : 'rt The' llev. Wilbert B.lei' Mil* The nange man John E. Day r ment on the golf and plan and promote special "_
courses "
I .Jr., :was sentenced Dec. 23, 195. charging the gun. Burns insisted that these had.,' fund raising activities irx : ',
pastor of Laura Street for slaying ,Lee Mak Chun of Day, aJfegro: is believed to be
In resolving the case of former school official William D. Sweet Presbyterian Church and the .Seoul.. direct the first U. S.' military man of he. that was unless very the definite'city commissioners instating their churches. ,-t ,II!

the Duval County School Board ruled on Wednesday _to reAise a 'Rev. D. B. Barnes pastor of A telephone line.was kept Korean war to receive capital indicate they are will- A special delegation from
from the Army disciplinary bar- punishment for a civilian's death.
contract of re-employment to Sweet because he failed to dischargehis Sweetfield Baptist Church racks 'here-scene of the execution ing to,adopt" a "measure of com- the Interdenomnational :Min-

As duties.principal of Negro adult vocational i will worship in Grant Me- -to>the Pentagon in Washing MINISTERIAL GROUP der for integration with a federal el court the coifcourses or- siterial meets with the 'Expansion -
Negro evening adult education ; morial AME Church ton in event of an llth-hour com- '
education Sweet came Sept. CALL he would be compelled Funds' advisory com-
discontinued the mutation'of the death MASS MEETIIGThe
under fire in the spring of. this' program was on 29 in interest of the annual sentence. to file suit aimed at ending racial mittee each
A last
grounds of "no funds. However minute attempt by psychiatrist Saturday from
over school funds totalingsome interdenominational Ministerial .discrimination at'all municipal '
year J65.550 allocated for the when pressure was brought to Women's Day ebservance Dr. Karl Menninger to Alliance announces a mass recreation.facilities. 12-1 ::00 p. m. at the hospitala

195&S9 school budget. bear funds were quickly found which is scheduled for Oct. stay the execution on the basisof meting to 'be held on Monday. City Commissioner Dallas L. make regular reports as ..
School board chairman Raymond and a week titer the Negro adult. 18. Day's mentality after nine September 28, at St. Stephen's Thomas in charge of the golf well as financial donations .
A. David claimed at that school program 'was continued.It I years' imprisonment also was-un- AME Church. "The meeting" courses, said he has no plans to in
left was thought then that reopen1 1 successful. stated Rev. W.. B. Miller the interest of. this worthwhile -
time that there was nothing The service is being sponsored prest: open negotiations on a compro
of those funds. The board contended in? .f the schools freed Sweet of Mrs. Vivienne Eut- According to testimony the Korean dent of the ministerial group. mise. He added, however: "I'll- cause.
that as early, as October the disciplinary action the board by was shot by Day while try- "win be a dedication to the sPiritual be glad to meet and discuss it
1958 board member Floyd R. threatened to take, against him say and :Mrs. Pearl Eutsay. ing to protect his wife from the and communal unity and coordination with them." The delegation consists of ...
Jaggers voice alarm at the "ex- for what was termed "iEsubordi- The ministers will be 'acjcompanied soldier's advances. Day's attorn- that the Negro citizens the following, ministers Reverends
treme seriousness of the budget nation.- their choris ey's contended he had suffered an of this city have demonstrated in -
problem in the Negro adult school The board's Wednesday, action by ,,epileptic seizure at the time of these many issues pertaining to : W. B. Miller, Laura
program. Jaggers stated that he I proves the length ot their vindictive memories ushers and .congregations. th incident involuntarily dis- the rights of man. MALE CHORUS Street Presbyterian Church;
and their
wrote Sweet to this effectA attitude toward the former J. S. Johnson, St. Stephens
of this muddle the
.a result principal. Sweet in an effort to A.M.E. Church; J.B.F 'ViI- f.

retain his post filed a mandamus TO OBSERVE hams Ebenezer Methodist
suit .Circuit Court on Sept I .
CongressmanWill 4 to force the school board to issue John Rapist: Church; Rob- ;,

his contract of employment! 1 9 Church; A. J. Hughes, St.

Talk ToCitizens .-or show cause the why board not. referred I : ANNIVERSARYr ert H. Wilson, Bethel Bap. !
In.response. ti<
3t Institutional thurch I
; R.
'. to' the fund 'dcpJctiQlissue
last sprain, stating that Sweet +L J. Elaine St. Paul A.M.E: J

was "insubordinate in not follow- r Church; W. F. Foster, Mt., \
ing the directions-and instructions male Chqrus,:.of ZionHope Zion A. M. E. church.
of his superior :and further I
Congressman Charles E. that rriator. (Sweet) had refusedor Baptist Church will observe Other local civic

Bennett- has announced that inexcusably failed to dischargethe its 9th anniversary Oct. citizens minded
dudes of his employment." who meet with the
during adjournment he will M principal of the Negro adult 19 at 8 p. m. in the auditorium group are Rodell F. Roberts, ;

visit with constituents at school program. Sweet's. salary of the church. chairman of the cpmmittee; !I
every post office branch'post was $7,270. I J
office and contract, stationin Serving male choruses are James Lundy Mrs. Ella '-I
I %
i Tabernacle .and St., Thomas Jones, Mrs. Sallye, B. Mathis
and Counties.He 1 1,1
Duval Clay
2:00 Maxville. Wed., Sept. r mr Mrs.
it Rosa Wopterm Mrs..
Baptist c u re h e s. Guest -
said| : 1 'am making these 30, 10:30 and 2:00 Green Mazy -J. Todd McKenzie; "t.
Choruses are Mt.- Ararat and and
visits talk' with I
to- as many Cove Springs. Thurs., Oct. Avr Monsalee
Davis. Any
J Emanuel Baptist churches.
residents of-our Distrect as .. 10:00: Baldwin; 2:00: White-;t who is niterested person
Harry Lovett in
will as attending -
possible. would like to hear
house 4:00 Dinsmore.
; and
guest soloist. Others participating in this
their views on legislaii and Other visits will be announced appear-
to offer services t',+?Y t'isxk ing will be :Mrs., Queen Akins, specal fund raising and ed-
my on per- later. Bennett has; : uactional '
Mrs. Hazel Cross,A. Conway program are welcome
sonal 'problems. It will not office j r ,
an during adjournmentat t
Chatman William Wm- any of the
be necessary to make ap- 226 Jacksonville
Room weekly meetings sta<
lianas and others. : e? },fr.
point enbl in advance 'at downtown post office and The Rev. S. Andjews of Roberts the chainaan. .who i "
: SEPTEMBER BRttJES-From Uft-MU*. Gloria. Pattre-becaiu*' the ,
these locations }ie'would I '
and all 'constituents stated ,that beglad Allen also, seryes all vice..pres1d, ',
Chapel AIdE Church :
Ucal brid ol Lawrence Jeff iioep"S.1'he osrwnwy'WM perforated
regardless of. to visit with anytae coming IK Vm er-$Oc UtiCirMirr:JT = will be speaker for the occasion of- brie hana. '= hoar'd 'jt-
rcsi4eM are inrHecf *o iliac. that ...; 'a e bsrSd* UTf is !ia oirectors. -
but .t'
...:; 'J ,,.t J te; eeehu ttlmre us fisher Boards 2 V. :
I &l& tllt'-ii"3 ttbBenaebt ually' >made t 'in' -
appoaateaeate I I ML ,Araat and Zen HopewTb .
INIeIIiea ... e at...*! tt :=: f1o ths.. '''- ta.n.t. < ..1> ....- ,-
of viIit.:1 dos,' In i,: kcs I
letrt a featyre
.. ; .
aln:3l -; I.
; "
: 11eC e the IS' YeTTa
tic Bess ; .... .. If4d decal _..1rJ iJ.f !ham will Job i a

=- ... '. : .w. ... ad Iae "K.' .. ...tn0.0 A i
r; .
tai:" ; 4 ;tart '. B' Brt 1 Cain ", t7f' ..

f* r
A y tf q
&* *<&*+ I-

a i*_ f. Iw
jfi l t'1'.p
w ;,

+ -

.f, .. ,', .. .. ._ 2g '* -...., .. ... < x- ,

t .q. TwoTHE THE FLORIDA 51 AH Week Ending Saturday. September 26tPoilfacs v

FL@tiUt > STAR I IN e, u mr

v"s b By_.Eric O. Simpson
-- ---
Well, it looks as though Jacksonville Negro are aboutto

I wake up and fight for their rights after all .. And-it's
Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. y5 about time. *

"Member of Associated Negro Press" tz : i There is every indication that Negro Jaxons are supporting -

Eric O. Simpson ._._.'_'_'___--- ----_diior : the 'trade freeze' which is being directed at the new

C. Puham Johnson _--.-:.._.____ .- ___._-Newt Staff 1 1s Sears store in protest of the managements discriminatory ,
? : policy of employment and its denying Negroes the use of
Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept.. + its eating facilities.

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: The 'trade freeze', another form of boycott, (we don't '
l -- like the term boycott) which the
W23 Moncrief Road ..__.__. .. ._ EL 4-8782 EL 4.6783 is actually withholding
of one's
I '- patronage from an establishment in protest of its
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4.3773 policy has been working to good advantage even thoughit

Mailing Address: has been somewhat spontaneous. There is need for a
united group of Negro Jaxons to form a solid front to t
P. O. Box 5S1. Jacksonville 1, Florida
make the-- trade freeze' more effective-not only against

SUBSCRIPTION RATES R Sears but against other institutions as well.
rOn ..
'., 9 A united body of Negroes is needed effectively
Months. $1.80 to
$3.00 Three
Year, $5.00; Half : .
Ik!:, campaign for civil service jobs of
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United States.
rr't 4 r e 1. which Negroes are being unjustly deprived.
p'arable 3 in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To : 4 -
Subscription '
., The right to play on the golf courses and

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA ,,;;,ot....: 3 the use of other municipally owned :recreational

.. ; facilities are rights to which we are
:'- f entitled and are worth fighting for but

SEARING SEARS ISSUE SPARKS } .- ':. more important than the right to recreation

;'I |is the right to work.

't : J There are hundreds of city i and county

THE JACKSONVILLE AWAKENING. ';fft-. '. .- ." Mobs from which Negroes are excluded de-
-0.."V':... ",.f ,..; spite the fact that the taxes which Negroes
-Y, contribute help to pay those salaries.
affected by the Jacksonville Awakening.
All of us are

All of us here i in this port city, and within and wMiout MISSISSIPPI, I SIMPSON repeat again that there is no reason why a portion. of

the County of Duval. and within and without the state of the jobs as water and light meter readers should not .go

Florida. We, all of us, are inescapably affected, regardless to Negroes. There are hundreds of clerical positions in city

of race or any of the other popular dLs't'' actions. we are affected hall and the county courthouse that Negroes should share

because the Sears issue, in these few short weeks in and depriving colored citizens of an opportunity of
THE NEW GOVERNOR OF THE STATE. PROMISES PLENTY OF BOTH earning a living through some of the Jobs which we helpto
since its eruption, has become a searing issue, its meaning and downright undemocratic.
for is unjust, unfair
spreading with the speed of a bush-fire, and-like a bush-, pay
Take the simple matter of typists hired to fill out the
fire-driving higher to ground foe and ally alike. .

Higher ground? True, of course. Naked, untamperedwith Your Weekly new driver's licences. should
It seems only fair that at least two Negro typists
fact; Whether we be an impassioned racists i or a be employed, or given jobs on a basis of protortion to po-

faith-in-stilled Christian or a yearnfcig pacifist or a belligerent Guide pulation.We .

reactionary or, for instance, a determined Negro-the horoscope cannot be satisfied with a few menial city jobs. Our

only high ground in these parts these days is the conspicuous Negro girls must have wider. .opportunities because there

rockbedded fact that the clock of racial stultification B? PABLO, The ASTROLOGERWHICH are hundreds of young women who may not have college
degrees to teach school but are qualified for clerical positions
has run out. That the realities of numerous
unless colored girl is
As is
In civil service. it now a
to be lift the
now as commonplace-exist only to majorityof
humanity out of the agonies<; of oppression. That the blackman BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL able to go to college and come out qualified to teach she
can only hope to secure a Job as a maid or waitress.
-here, locally, or wherever he exists en this earth has -
I There is a rank policy of discrimination even in the garbage -
developed uprightness, even beneath the burden of the whip
ARIES SAGITTARIUSBurn collection department which, it seems, permits a Ne-
uprightness, discernment, organization; and a skill for an- 18.1 I LEO
thru April Nov. 23 hru Dec. 21
21 -
March be but truck
to tosser
Born gro only a garbage never a garbage
alysis, an ear for negotiation, a scent for compromise: a zeal important day Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 An excellent time to seekto driver. ;
for adVancement His desires have become discriminating Quite an The bright and early hoursof
; somethinig goad *ay carry out plans, probablymade Indeed the time has for united front to
his needs when come a cam-
positively identified. He can no longer today offer the most. Proffered
absorb the calculated mutely happen, and something sur last night. Opportune paign for civil service jobs and better jobs with business
punishment of diversified hand of lore or friend-
oppression seek- offers are probable especially
firms that derive their from
for Negroes.
tendered by the numerical handful of prise. Fine An excellent time to support
jaded supremists entertainment, also :ship. as the day advances into a a s s .

who They abide.are still busy committing costly nuisance wherever for ing enterainers and who want to make a conciliatory gesture night, when greater satisfac- Well it looks as though Mayor Haydon Burns has got+
when such is
make their mark upon public necessary or tion may be found in friendly the proverbial lion by its taiL From all appearances Mayor
As the forenoon
consciousness. One of these is expected. company or in association I Burns who has been sort of pet with Negroes in Jacksonville
,Here in Jacksonville, a city scarred and gutted by frenetic something advsi-ees some snags of discard with kindred heart ties. Again for many years has almost slipped to the bottom of

efforts of improvement, the Negro has awakened. Here, apt to perform probablythe may crop up, or something a romantic time,, for 'Tneyoung the ladder of favor.
in a city cloven by a serpentine river, a city which when rather spectacular may tend to, impede well #
least expected by his or qualified. In recent weekssince he has set his sights on the
it acquires maturity, will be a community of distinctive be- one Adecision of some delay or gum the works in 2-90-44-19-64-294 governor's mansion_.his actions (his segregationist rant-
auty, culture and prosperity-the Negro has awakned. And fellows. some manner. Too selfish at-
be reached, ings) hare cost him a barrel of votes. There are Negroeswho
with his awakening, the complacent slumber of ,all others consequence may tiudes may lose. Better take CAPRICORN his
of somesignficanCe are watching behavior utter dismay and
has been broken. or an agreement be made. I I pains to avoid people or ways Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 there are others who are saying they didn't expect much

The picketing' of Sears by the local branch of the 520441372.524 that past experience has proven A day of probable contrasts more from him.

.NAACP cannot be indentified solely with race. It is are not congenial. The with the range going I have talked with any number of folk in various walks

lastly racial. Fundamentally, the Associations' perhaps TAURUS p.m. hours/ row better, more from an earlier high tide of of life and never before have I seen such a large number
picketing of
Sears is in quest of life, Liberty and the pursuit of Born April 20 thru May 20 :}gree able.. optimism and even a tend of people to turn sour on a public official so soon after
piness, the keystones of democracy, and surely the Promises of very late last 9 30661986906VIRGO ency of chance-taking to a they elected him And there is no doubt that Jackson-

stones of civilization We, all of us, are the custodians corner-and night or very early today more serious trend of pati-I ville Negroes gave Burns the majority to re-elect him toe

perpejuators of these things of life, liberty and may fall through, as would ence and following the course office. '
Which happiness. anthing made under the sit- Born Aug. 24 thru Sept 23 of duty in the later p.m. But I I Another point that seems to perturb Negroes is the n-

the race of man, then, or which ilk can thhnk themselves mulation of alcohol. Marked J I Those who are abroad very good work and the right i formation that Bwrns allegedly boasted that Negroes elected -

Which: discretionary custodians! of these things? None. contrasts, strange cases of av- early are under favorably exciting kind contacts should really him after he ordered the golf courses closed.
breed I
these things or chIn can declare themselves dispensers of crion or antipathy, and of attraction -! aspects for ideas and pave the way to improved I Mr. Burns, is a dexterous political manipulator, it is
allowing full access to some while in action. Early risers may ex I circumstances. granted. but from
the basic denying and repulion, are { Better avoid,, where I sit it looks as though the
tempt of such need of others? None. Indeed, not. only is the at- evidence. The late p. m. and pect to make excellent head undue haste or impulse tonight -I mayor has got a roaring lion by the tail and. can't let it
impossibility tyranny an intolerable crime, but an unending eve are especially favorablefor i way on the public highway,, or act only along considered -I go. He has made a big pitch for the segregationist and theVhlte

Liberty, however as well. work, romantic happiness i or in expressing their ideas!!, lines that have proven \ Citizens votE-a collective group who don't have

essence of life qualified, concern all people It is the and young love. Better seeka on canvas or paper, as in the worthy in times past. too much love for him-and with the same stroke it seemsas

the Sears, issue beyond the beating of one's keart Therefore secluded spot or congenial case of artists and writers. 4-80-77-15-54-487 I though he has 1 lost a great deal of Negro votes. Only
eoneerns all people with th The stimulation of black coffee I time will tell.
True the company, preferably
,ter. But, that Negroes is only in this city are to the fore in this mat chosen one, and make the may be all that is neededto But as one sage put it. Jacksonville is the Cape Canaveral -

so because it is against them that the most of the fleeting moment. release the "mystic muse". I for Burns' launching of his guided missle 4o the State

tf the nj-discriminatory.of indignity! is being thrown. It is against them that Something may reach a turn 260221226.262 AQUARIUS I capital and it just may be that when he launches his

employment practice at Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 "" hIs take-off to the
the t/
store directed. new Sears ing point or a decision to ? ? mansion he might
suffer"J111 the adverse* And, finally, it is they who must night. LIBRA A day when serious concerns "phhhhhhzzzzzzzz"!
social economic blend well with
of such and psychological effects 8-50-33-17-28-853 Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 2 3 I optimistic i __ --
\A7Vi. suppremist.._ ____. devices.__ or eeneronc O'pdl1,. aI
...**4- %* '''' AI Attitudes -
---vC4 wic case, we, all of and confidence to promote the
snville Awakening The us, are well into the Jack-' GEMINI rise today, making the daytime I advancementof 'lffJH-vOP 4- lewKjltt(
now. NAACP I something
Sears until this matter is ,has vowed to packet Born May 21 thru June 19 hours especially good "As luck worth while.\
favorably would have "
resolved. it
Ministerial The Interdenominational After some early morning for work and taking advan- ,
Alliance find
support to the anti-discrimination has pledged their active I delay is pased or surmounted, : tage of opportunity. Action many right themselves in the

even greater dimension while campaign, giving the efforts the day picks up speed and taken promptly, at the right form.spot A, in some manneror Y r V o i ;,;

er focus. bringing i it into sharper busy folks should be able to ime, assmres the best opening great deal depends ry/ 5.h

the meanwhile, this Sears accomplish a great deal, especially and cooperation from kind of upon having the right :F yF
issue backers
fire. And, like a bush-fire, it will no doubt is quite like a bush- in relation to smallor others, especially partners or et cetera. Then,that agents, fans,
as long as anything remains continue to burn routine-type duties. Contacts collaborators. Better element
in its postpone, luck
path may show itsl f
or the expression of social
or romantic interests to the best s
ideas of value and good sense], tonight, or proceed along, orderly -' 1-30-66-12-42-136 advantage

GET YOUR I tonight and early tomorrow or established, lines
HOROSCOPE are favored. I whenever 0
U4 talc cooped. READING possible. Don't allow PISCES

am la COlD) for Leant men aboef yovneO. Send 10 Mat 3-70-22-19-42-372 distractions to hinderand Born Feb. 19 thru 0
each (one; I' March 20
a ddremed, horoewpe ordered by don't let disparaging /
: Those
stamped Iadade'tell who
to envelope Wrtte ptetajy. CANCER teas ; fast to k kGIVE.
reddeotif. TO penetrate. '
the dot faith
dom>ntoe e* Outada. not apply; Born June' 20 thru July 22 1-40-77-14-49-147 and high principles
I An excellent day to arriveat see something
an agreement besides an illusive mirage to. .a C'dR'1
or compromise SCORPIO
tI ->l. day. It -
1 do to wait out
I ... preferably with Boca Oct. 24 thru Nor. 22
late of _> those o-a any clouded or invoved angles -
superior calibre Better
1 or take the little turns and
I. Duo who back natural ability with I in stride, even if some of 'tuition follow which the star of in-
lR_ should
PABLO experience. Friendly surprise them are annoying, and turn fail not
FORJDA in final
STAR A5'I'ROLOcEJt !may be in order the with the accounting.
I P. or way i tide when necess- An
O. excellent
BOX 56x1JACKSONIVILiR. made easier where once it ary. The eve is .apt to bring creative p.m. to express 2Lit

I I, FLA. J was hard. Better take time a pepper-under in some unforeseen -and to follow or perceptive ideas V
out to relax and enjoy or artistic pursu
N.... manner." Something, its. A note of
i else magic be
recuperate energies tonight probably in relation to enter struck
I by .those who
Also ,a good time to tainment have
"- : or TV :offerings
__ they dress
or .
express them-
make little
of in-
I gestures nay riseJna
1 friendly inventive
: terst find-raith: exciting fa sh ion'. : in the way
." selves MEAS.Uflf
6'90-$5*la- *se st +
; '}'" -: ...- _..- IO-M-15-SMII+ ,
va } V ::
,,,.-., .. ", :. .. : .:. ..r'' :. t.s ,. '
1\i, ... '... ( );; .10. :. ; :, -" .. '. '., \'; 'T. .; .. .;.: .:rr '.:" ... L rr : 'i .
: ;: ak.;' ''I' !II t. .:, ...-t A tr.II...., .I .A,,: ...1' :tt(.. ... ..,;.) t.2 ..1t4 <4,....,.; B.Jf V
.'t .. L V/ 'V
It", .m w dt.V # :J .. V
.. ... '" .. "1 t v--: -.
... __ .., "" ..; :- ... :..a i"-C; : .. ... ';'" '. 1tE : ,''
:J.; : .,. :- .
:t: ... .. # .
.. ... .. ....:... ; ', 4.. ""


... ... -

y L -
_ :.'





F '.' ,. ;; .',.1 .. '. T .,:)0' '. ,- __ I

:, .. .

Week Ending Saturday, September 26, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page ThrMStork _


DeliveriesBirths Applications License for Marriage AT GOLF CLUB 1 t .. Fs M OFFICIALLY AT NEW\ STANTON \ f

at Brewster Hospital BY LA PALOMAS 1 The annual "Miss Stanton" contest for 1959.60 has beea
officially opend following a special announcement made

Jimmie McFarland, 2042 The members of the La by Mrs. Juanita G. Wyatt dean of girls at New Stanton f

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis W. 40th St., 23 and Betty L. Palomas Social and Savings I! Senior High School; and Chairman; of the committee.in h
Crews, 605 Court F, 19. charge the
Girl of activity.
2114 McQuade Street; Club held their social meet- S .. ____
2513 4
:Mr. and :Mrs. Brady Lee Bennie L. Osborne Dorothy, ing Sept. 18 at the lincoln Each of the various home- men, Mrs. W. L. Lucas, Mrs.G .
3214 Barnett Street; Girl Stewart St., 25 and Golf Club. *$4r room groups of the school C. Bowen Mrs. Ruth C.Solomon .

:Mr. and :Mrs. Daniel Mote Burgess, 1516 Madison St., The menu for the evening! have been invited to enter R F Roberts, Mrs. -

808 Pearl Street; Boy 25. r consisted of shrimp Perlion, candidates in this student M. J. Hampton, Mrs. T. H.
Bose Harrington, Jr., 2725 baked shoe activity which will last for
ham string'beans
Mr. and Mrs. Charle Wright I ,we Jones, Mrs. M C. Streets
Street Magnolia Ave., 24 and EvelynG. hors d'oeuvres, hot' four weeks, according to 1\frs. M. p. Gadlin, Mrs. T.
1944 W. 21st ; Boy Tillman 1113 Cone St. Charles D.Brooks..
Charles rolls and soft beverages. .,. principal S- Williams'Mrs, A. H. Wilson -
Mr. and Mrs. Street 24. Those enjoying the gongenLal ; .SaM The contest is open to any T. W. Montgomery aid
Pough 12C3 N. Clay ; i Arthur Jenkins, 1896 W. 3rd atomsphere and hospitality I girl enrolled at the school] Mrs. S. F. Folson.

Girl I St., age 21 and Catherine Cof- of the hostesses were: Mr. II II possessing good moral charc-

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest fee, 1896 W. 3rd St, Apt. 2. and Mrs. Clarence Dixon, I ter and with an average

Washington 1841V.. 12tfi age 24. Mrs. Mary' Preston, Mr. and ; I I ik scholastic standing. The win-:ADULT CLASSES :
Street; ; Girl Emory Baliey, 2344 Lan- Mrs. Mbry Preston, Mr. and ner of this crown at the nine

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Felton tana Ave., 32 and Carrie Tor- Mrs. Charles Gervin, Mr. and !,ty-one year old institution',

3125 Myrtle Avenue; Boy rence, 1713 W. 12th St., 21. Mrs. Samuel Williams, Mrs. o will receive many honors and:IN HOMEMAKINGTO

Mr. and Mrs. Moses Gil- Ernest Williams, 1617 DavisSt. Johnnie Preston, Mr. and prizes. In addition to a cash i

more 2030 MeHarry Avenue; ., 22 and Alice Y. Grant, Mrs. Leroy Cowser, Mr. and 4 prize, "Miss Stanton" of 1959-! BEGIN AT Y
Boy 820 Van Buren St., 22. Mrs. Joseph Walker, Mr. arid Y 60 will receive an expense

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hall Luther Blue, 8818 HainesSt. Mrs. Milton White. ,* I free trip to the Orange Blossom -I

1026 Almetta Street; Girl I ., 22 and Joyce M. Hofl- Mrs. Nezzar L. Freeman, Classic, which will beheld i Homemaking classes for
Mr. and Mrs adults will be offered at the
Clinton Alston, Miami the first part
4910 Buffalo Ave. 22. in.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mulling man
Mr. and A. L. Lewis Branch Y.W.C.A.
MtS. Thomas FriallJr. ;
; of December.
Girl L. Mack Gunder, Jr., 1043 It
2408 Wesmont .
; .. Mr. and Mrs. 528 W 8th Street as a partof
Leroy Col- The first two runnersup
Rand-I Logan St., 23 and Ida M. '
Mr. and :Mrs.
Leroy lins Sr. Mrs. the Board of Public Instruction
Matte Robinson will also receive local honors
Jones 1043. St.
olph 2459 E. Lincoln Ct.; Boy Logan 26. "
Morris Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. and cash prizes and will beI program.
Jos. 2020 York St. \
I' Deary, .S
t f
Mr. and Mrs. John Walker 24 and Walker 2624 James Shannon. LOSSJA Lim- < I I declared the official attendants The following classes will
515% West 17th Street; Girl i San Diego Rd., 22. i brie, Mrs. Janie Macon. Out I for "Miss Stanton." I be offered: sewing, glamorizing

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Best i of town guests were Mr. and!, A lucky this ing food, home care of thee
camerman caught one-hundred
Albert A. M a r s h a 11, Jr.. graceful pose of Mr. I Some or I child '
2662 Wisteria Street; Girl Mrs. Willie Gaines and Fred and Mrs. L. M. ; and injured, care,
I 4607 Mt. Creek Village, City, Argreii on the grounds of their beauti- candidates are expected to
and housing.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Clark' :S2 and Lucille B. Bellamy, Merrett of Berkley, Californxi. -II ful Illinois Street home. Mr. Argreti. who is chairmanof : throw their hats in the ring : development

422 East 27th Street; Boy 4607 Mt. Creek Village, 31. the Cherokee' District of North Florida Council of I and vie for the annual award l:' All classes are free and one

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Dur- Willie J. Bush, 2212 Mc- The evening was well spent i the Boy Scouts of America, is making plans for the Plans are being made to may attend anytime between.

ham 5812 Geranium Road; Millan St., 32 and Emmie L. in an enjoyable eveing. The II continuation of the scouting program through 1959; he I make this one o f the most t; thp hours of 9 a. m. to 3 -y

GirlMr. Sturnes, 1831 W. 30th St., 18. crowd departed giving praise is as well looking toward next year's scout camping I interesting and colorful contest ..'' p. m. on Monday and Wed-

: and Mrs. Willie Mc- Milton K. Richardson, U to Mrs. Leitha Gervin, Mrs. I program, and urges all parents to start maknig preparation programs of this kind l nesday, Friday from 9 a. into

Daniel 414 Goodwin Street; S. N. A. S., Jax, 22 and EllenM. Mattie Robinson and Mrs. ,now to get he boys ready to help make their I ever conducted. The mamothI ]l 12 noon. .

Boy McKinney, N. A. S. Jax, Rosalee H. Shannon, the hostesses -I troop 100 per cent in registration for next summer's I coronation ceremony will J I l All persons who are inter-
Mr. ,and :Mrs. Arnold West- 20. for a most delightful camp. Shown with the Argrett's is the their pedigree have Hi of the earmarks ol f: ested may reg i s t e r at the

moreland 1711 Eaverson Ct.; Talmadge C. George, Jr., evening.Mrs. ,.-boxer- .-Rusty.-- a real royal arraif. Y.M.C.A. in person or phone
BoyMr. 6907 Wilson Blvd., 19 and Faculty members serving r Mrs Waldon, Young Aduft

and Mrs. Moses Bell Dorothy ClarK: Bethel Rc:, on t h e "Miss Stanton" Committee .: Department.
1554 E. 24th Street; Girl 16. Rebecca L. Debose A & PLANS HEADS CHOSEN are Mrs, J. G. Wyatt.,"= Mrs. A. S. Allen is the instructor -

Mr. and 1'dr's. Charles Edwards left the city recently to 'visit I 1 chairman, Miss L.E. Solo. .

P.O.: Box 416 Calla- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flenoy Mart with D.her Clark daughteer, Mrs.I TO ORGANIZEFOR FOR HOMEROOM ---- ---_
at Essex -
Junction -
ham, Florida; Boy 1737 West 29th Street; Girl
Mr. and Mrs. Frazi :Mr. and rMs. Emory Rc4 in- Vermont. Mrs. Debose
Harry r
sen 1756 West 23rd 'Street recently retired from the COURES
1580 W. 10th Street; Girl ; Public School System. 10-3 CLASS

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jones BoyMr. .- b
and Mrs. Sims
1193 Beaver Street; Boy 1195 West 2nd Street; Boy Leon E. Gonzalez, l Exalted Members of the 10-3 home E7
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Seneed Ruler of Mace0 Lodge No. 8, TALLAHASSEE room of Douglas AndersonJunior .
1128 Roland Leroy of Elks Florida A&M University Ex LOUISE G. GUINYARD .
Street; Boy 5211 Vernon Road; Boy recently returned to'I : classes will be organized and Senior High -
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Walker Mr. and Mrs., James Sutton National Convention of I School
recently organized for'
Wednesday, Sept.
the on
5312 Mays Drives; Girl 1080 Safer Court Girl Elks. While being out offi i i to be
; appropriate song
the he 30 at 6:30 p. m. at Moncnef the school year 1950-60. "Autumn Leaves' is quite an ,
:Mr. 'and Mrs. Joe Young Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Williams city reports a very, :Elementary School for in- these days-fall is definitely herd I $o, our minds
1423 Wilcox Street; Boy 835 Oakley Street Boy delightful visit, with his I : Officers are: Barbara singing world series, football games
; .service teachers in the Jacksonville i start wandering-school, the
:Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bryant I Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lowery daughter+ Von ceil and her, : area according to I George, president;; Lucidean i (and fashions) homecoming parades, house parties, and ,

618 West 18th Street; Boy |I II 1798 Kings Road; Boy also husband enjoyed in New the York. He! I director_ E. F._ Norwood._ __ Waters, vice president; Cath ,: many other things hat delight us during this season.
pleasure. nf
h erine think of is a
being 'j I Course will be offered on Moseley, secretary; I Just about the most pleasant thought I can
MISS ROSEMOND SATTERWHITE ter's birthday present on the his daugh.j the graduate and undergrad-, Ethel Anderson, assistant Ii visit to the seashore (not for surf-bathing, mind you, wear
ANNOUXC in 16-years. one nate level. A special course secretary; Erma Simpkins,t a bit too timid. for that!). The beaches are so crowdedduring
S for teachers who are in treasurer; Linda Kay Presley,' the summer with folk dodging the heat until one

The Opening of Piano Classes M r s. Mary has,, charge of special education reported; Russell Tisdale, ser-: finds oneself concentrating on "p eo p 1 e" ("what the eye
For Children from 7 Years Old Up. returned from Wimberly will also be offered. The fee geant-at-arms Joyce Anderson -i sees. the mind will consider") rathe than the scenery.However -

For Information Concerning Classes City after New York,: will be $9.00 per semester parliamentarian; Willie'I the beach has considerably fewer visitors now and
Call EL 4-5793 1237 spending a plea- ; stroll to his heart's content eventually finding a
West 28th Street sant vacation with her hour. All fees will be paid Bell Tombs, chaplain. j one can
daughter the
during the time of registration. comfortable spot on whioh to relax and reflect on su-
Mrs. Agnes Burns. Barbara and Sandra,
George dual
perexcellent works of nature. One may experience a
Special consideration will Singletary were elected to emotional sensation on a beautiful Indian summer day by
For Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Deacon James
Gordon of 10-3 the Student,
represent on
Shiloh ibe given to teachers who are the sea_ that of nostalgia and serenity.
Church Metropolitan Baptist I trying to meet certification Council. And. of course there is nothing like the reflection of the
Fried Chicken celebrated his birth- The class unanimously elated the clear October night to add a ro-
on a
r } requirements. of credit moon on ocean
f day last I recency
Tuesday night at the one'slifelike the in "Carolina moon". ,.
7 requirements Mrs. Laura Hargette,:mantic touch to one
Oysters Cod Recreation Center. A i college credit -
1,< a ShrimpHam crowd attended the large i, graduate credit and re- Mrs.! Celeste Presley, Mrs. for instance. ,
affair. A *
Baccn I newal requirements. I Thelma Ray and Mrs. Hazel
t Sausage short
Eggs Hot Cakes program dedicated to i Any persons seeking any Tisdale as its homeroom i Socially speaking, things are beginning to hum, Many i

1 ; 1' I Coffee ?Milk the honoree was rendered. A:'additional information write I others. ''of our clubs that disbanded for the summer have resumed .'

French Fr. Potatoei very delightful dinner was: or meet Director Norwood I Miss Elizabeth Simms, of their regular schedule, which makes us very happy. Our

also served. I at 6:30 p. m. on the 30th ati!; Nass u. Bahamas, was a.vis- happiness! is enhenced by the fact that most of these clubs

ROOSEVELT GRILL Moncrief Elementary School.!Ii I Ii itor to the class. She gave I i participate in a civic project each year. .
talks i' Mrs. Lois Avery president of Les Elites Bridge Club, is
i, Jofurth r information contact -| about Nassau; and conducted -
Ashley and Madison the in its initial meeting of the year at
YW-WIVES\ SETS I of Moncrief S. C.. Evans Elementary, principal',period.i a question and answer i: The Linccln Golf group and Country Club Tuesday evening.

,! Included on Les. Elites membership roster are: Mrs. Vir-
School Jacksonville. Miss !
Barbara J. Robinson
I ginia N. Gray, Mrs. Bernice Henderson, Mrs. Marie Mc-
MEETING FOR i is the advisor for the 10-3 Clain, Mrs. Vermal McCane, Miss Anna B. Minatee, Mrs,
from DRAB to DAZZLING! INSTALLATION HELD homeroom. Johnnie M. Roberts and Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, who has

I : FOR OFFICERS OF taken temporary leave. Elizabeth is studying at the University
t"! ; ;!;! JOHN E. FORD'P-TA of New Mexico. this s #year.. .

,! The YW-Wives Club will The Changing Ladies Bridge Club met at the El Do-
meet :Monday evning at the 1! The P-TA of John E. Ford Reporters rado Club last Saturday evening with Mrs. HortenEe J.

YWCA 582 W. 8th Street at: Elementary School held its Brewington as hostess. '

,8p.m- j I installation ceremonies recently Club Reporters Mrs. Sophye White, who will be studying at Florida A
( Program planning, Leadership -: with R. V. Daniels, and M University this year Vas: given special recognition tat
Training Day, and the: president- Duval County I II Socialites the meeting. ,

Hostesses list for the year, P-TA installing the officers. 'f Prizes were won by Mrs. Margareet C. Day, Mrs. Ver-
N- are the major issues on the j I Officers are: :Mrs. Margaret ; meil C. Glover and Mrs. Lillian Stukes'with Mrs. Corea-
agenda, Mrs. Ann Marshall,Wright, president; Mrs. Em- Send or Bring Your News I tha Wilson receiving the guest prize. ,

president said .- !i ma Cobb, vice president; Mrs. Others present include Mrs. Hortense Brown, Mrs. Del-
: ir x .j jb Person expected to be pre-;!:;Birdie Thomas, recording se- In To TheFJLOR1DA i I' phine M. Bnnson, Mrs) Ruth A. Carter, Mrs. Josephine '
sent are: Mrs. Ann Marshall cretary; Mrs. Marcella Mc- Cleveland, Mrs. Pearl Cohens, Mrs. Clevel Cromartie Mrs.

I t1M MrsMildred Cain, Mrs.. Ivory -i Nair, treasurer; Mrs. Constance Earnestine Poole and Mrs. Dorothy A. Dunlap, presidcnt..
: ,As bell Mrs..Beatrice: C. Jones, parliamen- STAR *
I Coleman, Mrs.. Rosa Sturgiss t!tarian i ; Mrs. Louise Lewis Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Amiker, Jr. of 'Washington D. C. "'

Mrs. Evelyn Lowe Mrs. Dor-;I chaplain and Mrs. Julia M. were recent guests to our city visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
oth,.. Alexander, Mrs. Daisy Prater- ; director of public re- Main Office & Plant I Amiker. Sr. of West Fifth Street.
Fields,.lt '.s. Marie Carter lations. Mrs. L. Glass Mrs. .
% LarieusoHaircolor 2323 Ransom Carter, Mrs. Carnell Dunlap/;'
with MrsJanie. Evere'tte,. Mrs.: ----:. and Mrs. Oscar C.'Fletcher, Jr extended social courteesies '_
Olivia Fedd, ..MrsOne- Mae 13th Street to' the couple during their stay here..

Robin ion, and Mrs. Alberta ATTENTION LADIES ..
;.. Would you trade an bout for kak
-f I like this profetttonaT modcTat Carol ,Bridge' &, Social. Club. The J. B. E. Lee Alumni Chapter of Florida A and M

One hour*is all frtakes fix The YV-\vives dab is Reporters I University will meet Saturday evening.. September 26, al'

Oodcfroy brief back*Lariaue youth to Haircolorto tints Ador ; pen for membershipA11 Send or Mail i-I The Lincoln Golf and Country Club with Mr. Claude 0,
lAr6m/l faded hairlL M persons who are interested in Your tSodal. News I Note:. The earlier the better.' Milliard president presiding.

Hx apsalt a Everything you nerd b a*tfaiMtiurfBqML yW joining the YW Wives Club ..Monday To .-*., I '" ,qc *, .
sn famous t.d box.Oat. Oud 6.T* or and 'adult Club at the Y FLORIDA 'STAR;; .. ';Notices brought tboDsam bng uthi=lstlm Meal may register- af the 2323 Moncrief I romp is busy with for its '
+ YWCA Rd. Cor. 13th pjaas second E bon Fashion
Is t.t tMnkuvM sne f ocxxfiarsaa.ca.tsin aw.w A twr,u. with Mrs.Waldon.; and her Or Phone__EL 4-6782 Tuesday wffl get y t betterrposttiaisMbeta Fair, scheduled for October 15, 1959 in the auditorium;( oft :

stalL .-1* *,, .... ,: : :} .' .' :;,:/ F 'headline*. -'''. New Stanton. High School. ? \ ..
:,, > (
', i:
1 ", r '. i. ,- .: ., ", ,
> J Ai
., ; : ... /
't ; i->; e
.,: r. < '"' :l' : Y

i ..

f :

t .... .'' .

THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday, September 26, 1959

Simpson Women 1/Set Annual Observance.. October 11 A J J.8b


f ..


PAGEANTThe Women's Day will be observed in Simpson Methodist Church
-- 7 .. Oct. 11. with Mrs. Gertrude L. Moore as chairman and Mre. Mamie
-.are 'o n- the busiest I Simpson, Mrs.Mildred Made and Mrs. Rosa Walker as co-chairmen
f I Mrs.A.,.P.Cook pastor for the day.
t -
Other officers are: Mrs. Doris
youngJeetjntOWn ) II Senior Mission of Mt.!' Groomes. chairman of youth activities I[ Group captains are: Mrs. Theresa -
COLORFUL 5 d I Sinai Baptist Church will,!t ; Mrs. Mary Alice Smith | Aaron, Mrs. Johnnie Cbwart
i present a pageant "Bible; treasurer; Mrs. Rebecca Samuel, |Mrs. Hazel Carter Mrs. Edith
; secretary; Mrs. Louise Thomas, !1 DiedelI, Mrs.\ Arelia Daigeau,
Women" 27 at 7 m.
Sept. :
I p. program chairman; Mrs. Wilhel-
4.'s CANDY i in the auditorium of the mina Anderson, co chairman; I I Mrs. Annie.Mae Days Mrs. Viola
I i church. i iI Mrs. M. A. Smith music chairman i,Frazier, Mrs. Julia P. Gilmore,
i ; Mrs. Lucille Edwards"Mrs. Mrs. Wilma Irving, Mrs. Mary
; STRIPESIN I Representation of the Bible j Celia Johnson, co chairman; ,'Alice Johnson, ?Irs. Irene John- d
Women will be made by; Miss Dorothy Land, Mrs. Idella son, Mrs. Marvcyne Jenkins, Mrs.
GENUINE : members of the Senior Miss-l. Kirby, organists; Mrs. Irene Harris Mamie Lang, Mrs. Beatrice Langley -
1 Mrs. Altamease Miller, Mrs.
I decoration chairman; Mrs.
REPTILE rT ion of the church. Mrs. Vir. Beulah Califf. ways and means Alberta Muella. Mrs. Elizabeth
.X. {' ginia Mack will serve as mistress chairman; Mrs M. Simpson cochairman -'Mundy, Mrs. Viola McMillian,
CANDY STRIPE R of ceremonies. ; Mrs. Johnnie Preston. i i Mrs. Carrie Presha. Mrs. Ellean
COLORS ARE AS corsages chairman: Mrs Estelle Rease, Mrs Annie Ruth Williams,
Representing women Mrs Janie Wilkerson, Mrs Johnnie
Dunlap, co chairman: Mrs M
FOLLOWs: will be Mrs. J. D. Evans, Mrs. Gibson, ushers chairman; Mrs. Preston Mrs Vermeil Glover
I A. W. Wilkins, Mrs Julia Sadie Gadson, Mrs. Rosa Walker and Mrs. N Williams ,
TUTTIFRUTTIA Houston. :Mrs. Willie Mae'Oliver Co-chairman, Mrs. Bernice Push, The women have: set $3,000 .as
1 public relations chairman. their goal for the observance.KEN
Mrs. Harriet Mathis.
:".' combination of r,, 4z 1 Mrs. Agnes Cobb, Mrs. Hesta
red, green, beige.
navy : Durham, Mrs. K. D. Hughes, .rY
K f R Iklrs. H. S. Jackson, Mrs.*.! m
-A Susie Johnson, Mrs. Robert
combination of Dean, Mrs. M. K. Gibson. ]1
black, brown, red green, Mrs. Mamie Buford, Mrs.'I
't aAw r'r grey. :Mary Wimberly, Mrs. Rachel Y
Holland! Mrs. Louise Thompson .e
iM LICORICE Dr. Julia Walker Brown :Mrs. Hattie Foreman

President and Founderof Mrs. Minnie Gaye, Mrs. 4
-combination Fletcher White, Mrs. Ida Mae
grey, black, white. WALKER COLLEGE Cohens, Mrs. Susan Fulton
w Mrs. Rena Harvey, Mrs. S

BUTTERSCOTCHA ACE League and director of: Maudelle Jones, Mrs. Clem- .
combination of LEAGUE UNION public Relations for the AME mie Smith Mrs. Addle Ruff
\ J+I' ombre tones of beige and I Church as the speaker for and Mrs. Blanche a1ker.
Attendants will be Mrs.
brown. PLANSPROGRAM occasion. The address is the
Alice Williams, Mrs. Ida Mae
*,. SHOE kiok off message for the ACE
; 'IS.HPlus Myers, Mrs. Julia Bacon and F.
Unioa which Leon-
League of
{ Mrs. Carrie Reese.
Tax AT MOUNT ZIONThe ard J. Roberts Jr., is presi-
Bag to Match dent. Serving as narrator will be
$15.85 ,Plus Tax Mrs. Arie Norton. Choir 2
r The participants on the will serve with C. Shootesat
: ACE League of Mt. ,program will be members of: the console.RECITAL.
1Pofit.({ ZiOn AME Church will pre- various churches of the city.
erBOOIERY sent a program in church Several singing groups have S
f auditorium Sunday at 4:45: been invited to appear.
,; p. m. President Roberts is" making .
23 West Adams St Mrs. Maggie Smith, president an appeal for strong support
.' Roosevelt Hotel Bldg. has announced Dr. C. S. of the ACE League Un- BY DAY SPRING
Williams,_ State President of ion program. KNIGHT

.. .
.... ...... ,.: : DISTRICT .. ;.. .=;",' Invites4You To Listen To -

r i !IA r District 24 of Day Springs "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
argan' Bargains Baptist Church will sponsor At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -

I the Gospel Chorus in a recital '
{ Sept. 29 at 8:30 p. m. in 1400 WRHC 1400
I the church auditorium.

(The Biggest Bargains' In Furn. Abe I Deacon of the L., district D. Mungin has, leader a.--\'L\r---------------------------------------------.

nounced the participation on. .BrlY ---
the program of local musical'' Chiropractic Can Relief From

Cunningham's Great I groups District and 15 soloists., will celebrate I Why Continue To Suffer?

: I its homecoming Sunday at I I
3:30: p. m. in the home of i iII .
Mrs. Olivia McGhee, 1318 W.i, 0 1
i 5th Street, Mrs. R. P. Askew i ARTHRITIS-ASTHMA. f
I will be guest speaker for the' HEART TROUBLE BACK .c .
_. A.f
,7'" i'f' .' I occasion. *j PAINS LIVER TROUBLE .
: '' 5
h The Baptist Training Union II I Ia HEADACHES NERVOUS 5
a I will observe its anniversary i CONDITION BODY PAINS ,, ;r
Sunday at 3:30: p. m. in the AND OTHER COMMON AIL t.
.., ..... ,', ''# I auditorium. L. M. Argreet of! MENTS. DONT PUT OFF K'
Si Bethel Baptist Church will
be the
I guest speaker. '
:.4f. '. ". P'" i I District 3 will meet Sunday -: HEALTH
FREE ': ({: at 4 p. m. ni 'the home' Visit Our Modern Clinic

AMPLE Downrown: "' : ;' P' ': of Mrs. P e a r lie Campbell,
< -: FREE j 11478 \V. 16th Street.
Disticht 4'' DR. W. F. WEAVER .
.PARKING ;, I will meetat :
": BUS 4: p. m. in the home of :Mrs.J
';A ,v: J. J. Daley delivers yOU' I, Eddie .M. Butler 958 Julia _GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC.

.. Forsvth arJefferson directly to P';i Street. District 11 and Dis-' '
", -
: :'-.' .._em: door. |, trict 20 will meet at the|I
our HEALTH EL 6-7830
', ",' ,' J? i church at 4 p. m.-, J CLINIC
p. '- J: District 21 will meet in the :

,, In Our Stove Iteduced : i 1!Fearl home of Street Mrs.at A.4.Wallie,'p. m., Dis-1016,:j 518 Broad Street. Between Ashley & Church
Every4ern '.,: tacts .7. and 13 .will meet inj j jf I ,.N"JVfA.'V'IIt.
> the, home of Mrs. Leona.
f f: Harte, 623 Orange Street at''! -
i: :. ; r WARE MOVING acrosslthe: ] street toa bigger. building.. I 8 p. m. You Don't! Have to Go to Town to Get :

..,. "' ( I II
We oWTv/31. ? to /nova: a singh piece of furniture with] us to ourjiew. /I t fRECITAL SCHEDULED. LOW ,PRICESOnYow

We are slashing the pricesjfo a fantastic/ /owllWeSguaranfee:' | i SUNDAY 7:30 P. M.'

P unbelievable'savings aft// of FURNITURE; 0 '
you on I 'Ckoir 3 ef Mt. Mori{ahAME Rp w STORE HEEDS

'jYou: Don't Need Cash-Buy On Easy |ITerms! \I, in recital the.Church'Sunday auditorium will at 7:30 present of p the m.a Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store ,


J Soloist for the occasion YOUR LOCAL PAPERS

Guaranteed SHOP \ will be Miss Cynthia Pasco,
I Miss Bonita Jtnes, Miss Dar- tve Deliver We Mao mi AD Doctor Freacrlptiaac

lene McCord, Miss Area a'
SAVINGS I" I Brown, Miss Gwen Nelson '

e FRIDAY NIlE0Pp Miss Emma D. Riggins, Miss Dixie Pharmacy

On EverY. Piece Of I Rosetta ,Bonds, Mss Carrie .
Albright and Miss Tbom .S- 1382 KINGS BOAD at MTBTIX: AVENUE! J
Furniture. BedcHna and :.', ina Conner. PHONES> > EL UttTM ,
P M /
tWig Miss Barbara J. Robinson
Rugs In Our Store. will serve as mistress of PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -

,. ceremonies. The Rev. A. R. lULLS AT OUR STORE ,

't."",,",,,,, ,,,,,,,, .,Riohardsoa- is pastor: ,






twIT -..ThL 1 ,

; .

: ..
'. :-. .1

Pag* Fir
Week Ending Saturday, September 26 1959 THE FLORIDA

,. aH civil service jobs with can't even drive city .owned Clark Boatwkght is hwne- ;are. school maims Uwthe Pota,the whites in the end zone.
the exception of health nurses trucks and collect our own bound. She had a minor toe City. J Personally I ,don't. want Mr.
i. Chips Off The BlocksBy )' librarians, city rec and the garbage. He is the "people's operation last week.Margaret Harry C. Donam ReSbbotheo sends Chalie anymore than he
handful of police. Yep he candidate" for -white people. Williams is still on the ail: greetings: from wants me. Let's give them

._....----u JAY JAY ."--- .A should be proud to tell our Rumors, are rife as to future -ing list. Hope she gets out, .each, Delaware. We are a taste of their medicine and
.=...=. colored bretheren: in Miami: entertainment plans in soon. ; looking for him soon.
Ever grab a tiger by the sell the golf,.courses to Keep and Tampa how we constitute this burg. It's a fact that The' new light in Attorney Bill Pierce, formerly of the i place them in the end zone.
tail and can't let go. That's us out, now is the tithe to 35% of the population and Drive In Liquors are plann- E. D. Jackson's office is Lillian State Employment Board is 'stove for Jaxons. The local
the feeling "Hizzon.r" has make them sell everything have 6% of the law enforCe- ing to open in "the woods." Williams of Ocala. He now associated with Eethune Hampton Alumni Association
now. The erstwhile city hall including schools and the new ment officers and just a tkur The site for the new Trade- intends to make Jacksonvilleher Junior College in Daytona.He in'' cooperation with the National -
patron saiat of Aunt Hang- city hall. Hizioner spoke of fraction of city jobs. Hi zon- nnick enterprise is: on the temporary home. Ken and his family Rlan to I body will present world
gar's chilkin in Jacksonvillehas his eleven years of helping er will really lay'em in the .corner of Edge wood, and Knight is still on_the go try- move .to Daytona.
tarnished somewhat sine both races we must have aisles when he tells the folk Cleveland Road. "De" say ing to wrap up his biggest Most people are betting on I reknown concert artist Dor-
eoe he announced for Tall: been looking at different sets we'don't have a single licens- that the, spot will,include alltypes deal yet. We'll break the who will play in the series,' othy Maynor ni concert. De-
ahassee. Since he and his fel- of record books. He can lay that in our progressive city of businesses. Mack of news, when he says "go". but Jerry Nash is betting tails are forthcoming. The
low commissioners decided to claim to keeping us out of ed electrician,or plumber. We Half Dollar House fame is Don't miss"The Foot Sold- that-since the games will not date is Novermber 13 on a
next iers" at the Strand next I be held in New York that
opening on Edgewood .
.. to Mervons. By the way Ike \v4eek. It is supposed to be!Albert Frazier will not --at Friday.
i real gone. I tend. Frazier usually takes Gamma Rho Omega
HarriS of Mervon's Pharmacy
ADULT EVENING SCHOOLS lays claim to having the fast- Nip Sams is still baskingin I his vacation at this time of Charpter of AKA is again
est delivery servce in town. 'I the glow of plaudits stem I the year. presenting the Fashion' Fair.
ming from the a fair he arranged Texas Bob of 21st and
He has a fleet of motor bikes I This year the affair will be
and a small car. for the visiting pro 1!I Myrtle is taking all National Auditorium -
New Stanton
Bob is betting
Have you seen our man Al- football players. Isadore' and League money. -
fred.Harrell. He's the man Mary Singleton played host: on Chicago. I on October 15. It's
the Busch Bavarian truck.on and hostess to the, grid greats! It's in the air that the supposed to be bigger and

REGISTER NOW! He's making like the ant!and guests. The affair was :Monterey is about to reopen. better.
I while the hot daze are still the only sweet note on a spur II The popular club had to give ,
6:00 9:00 P. M.. here. I week-end. way to the expressway and *
ELEMENTARY. It's a boy for 'the Rosce J. D. Brooks singing the move from its former quart- .
I MONDAY THRU FRIDAY EVENINGS. Webbs. The Jacksonville byois praises of the Morehouse ers. .
READING the new,principle! 'at Peck football team. His'son Albertis Memo: We wonder where IS, YOUR DRINKING
WRITING -:- -:- -:- -:- IJigh in Fernandina.: Also on a candidate for the squad will the Florida Classic Com
ARITHMETIC Duval County Vocational Evening School the :stork front The/former Johnny Wheeler is the lead- mittee seat white fans. Do Gelling To Be A Problem?
SCIENCE Betty Wilson and her Son are ing candidate for manabouttown -. you think the group should
':...4 GEOGRAPHY' Corner Broad and. Ashley Streets(Old Stanton) I visiting grandamn for a week. laurels. The popular. plop the whites down fron t Call EL 4-3176'

: HISTORY _:_ _:_ _:_ _:_ Connie and Tony' Oree are bachelor squire'd ,Glaretha I center in choice seats 01 ,. .

... MONDAY &WEDNESDAY EVENINGS also waiting on the long legged -, Campbell and Betty Harris i should they take principle .
HIGH SCHOOL bird of Hastings around. The gals i over a,few dollars and place ...
.. -- --- -
r ENGLISH 1149 West 13th Street .:," ,,'" ...'-6. J







SPECIAL. & Upland Street NEW 1960 -

MUSIC 1840 West 9th Street < F
i E

CITIZENSHIP HEALTH Baldwin "Designer Series" fi -A ,

PUBLIC SPEAKING.* _- 8th Street; at Calhoan Street '. .... : "
r 'u- ., }
".. -
BRICK: MASONRYAUTOMECHANICS 2000 45th Street -" -,. T : V. ty t-- t
: l
BEAUTY CULTURE (Extension) Forest and Goodwin Street .
PACTICAL NURSING Extension 7 ,. .
;;:'''': Front Sound Projection
9 5 "Set-and-Forgef. Vol- SHm-Lk&a. Styling I
< .4 Yours for Only ume Control Weights only 40 pounds
$1 .,*Wlde_ Angle Screen 115
"AN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY"Provided sq.. inches of picture a .-
9 -:

By The

Duval County Board Of Public Instruction


.. ,. .. A -
.SPECIAL SALE '{,-.i.2., ; ..: ,:," :-. ..,.>> ., : "oi..>\, ,..
., .. -&"" .,-.- ..... '.f.' ', t .. .;:'( ,, .. ,'. R A N G E"s ., :T.!., '
,('):.:"" '-; ;
A ) <. : ,
}> ::
> D .. ,
'. ; .
V :-_- _
,' S "' .. IJ. '
D t
< ''''<< .
One Lot Poll Parrot and I >.: f. ," m-n: ;. -,., ... OVEN andtit 'W

Scamperoo Childrens !; / "
: .
r : Shoes $ .Jl} 9S :;rMa;:c H" '' ; 't. ...;9.. ;>.-. $1 .0

s" 'Valve I fi.1iJfI; ; AutomaHcoHy Turns Oiren Oa .

tktf .. .......... ,- fond Off wIllIe .
., : .' To 850 :.4 >"I; .' r '. ; you're-away.or :...4p.

/' I 'W v:' ;;.9b ; ; : ; busy. Accurately: TimesInfervok: 6elnvers'' y
One Minutes
'-',* ." x .." from to (I
; : &&&*&*
T .
Youngsters Love Poll __ .' ... ..4 : ;;; : ,:
y ...y v,. +[,f, ., .aP "" .
Shoes Love : t
Parrot < ,4: ; ; ..':t ':.:.,::-, OPLY
'Their ,Looks. Their FitTheir :,";' :;" ': ,-q.: '

54 ..4 t'ii:1. .
Feel Afoot.
,. ,.. ..
: '
C :-
You Will Love Their .:' -: -. ;; $1687"NORTH <>

Modest Price And Long: J.310 New No Drip Cook Top
I : Pushbutton Surface Controk .
Wearing .. .. ., ,
.0\. 0 Removable Oven Door
.....: o: ...:. < ?4-CaIrod Surface Units .! \ -

-\ '<,,'.:. ,:'" Poll !; Parrot ; :' : ,; : .. FLORIDA'S LARGEST' G-E DEALER* ....:', I

: (Acres from Stepping (Across from M w Ser,Near Soullig io pta)
S : ; OW-CK wm+ SP 1-2690 EC. 8-2493 TL 96879Opea.
;' S DA L1.Open Every like TIll 9 .: Every Nile TIN Open Every: Nile Till 9
Bootery 2489 ROSSELLE ST.
505 S. McDUFF
r (Hear, Lenox) -. (Corner of King and Ro* ell )

40 West Forsyth SL EV S-4W4 r EV 9-9871
I Open Every Mike' T81 9.; Opea Till 6 P. M. .
(Formerly &Sldre n's Booted) .. -- "
,a. ,..... ..I: ... '

y< -f,. .


6 1



; :' ': ; .. : : ';.. .. .. '. '
; .
i. .. ., ;: : ';, .. .

Page Six THE.FLORIDA STAR, Week Ending Saturday September 26, 195S

--- -





i MOONSHINE RAP SCHOOL BUS I: Walker-' Vocational and;: ..LITTLE ROCK- An er-

23-year-old local man,/ J:,(Commercial College will of- tjanizalicn known as iLr- Ar-
classified} as a first offender kanasas federation of DJs 4
was sentenced to two jail! MATTIESBURG, Miss, -' LITTLE ROCK A bes-, A 33f-year-old man' was i i Coach George Bell fer.. athletic scholarship this Clubs announce-1; this E

terms on Monday after plead- )I A man attempting to enroll I peetacled 16-year-old ,white 1 1 I sentenced to 25 lears in prison -' rounding: the Tigers 0 f Ed- i year for the first time in the tly their plan to seek a recen-compromise -

ing guilty to a of burglaryand : in 'an all-white college here gIrl pupil at the now integrated -: on last week after he 1 ward Waters nto shape physically -!hstory of the school. between Negroes and

larceny committed here!'not only got turned away, Central High School1: confessed to having, fatally!I mentally and morally I segregalionises in the turbu-
i Walker Brown
in Jacksonville. from the school, but got him t here became involved 'In an] stabbed hiS' woman compan-j Jin I preparation for the game i Dr. Julia ,i lent scheel inic,,r d: ';on issue
: self arrested as well on very altercation with a 14-year-{ ion last Spring. I I wth the strong Morristown I founder and president of the in. city this city.

Criminal Court Judge A., unschlastic charges. (old Negro male student atj; I 4 I-' College team at Myrtle Avenue ,school, stated that the school
Lloyd Layton sentenced Roger -,i I Clyde Kennard, a 30-year- the all-Negro Dunbar Junior', The ,-Hollis, Ball Park comes 8 p. m. will have a physical educa- The compromise plan wculd
: degree :
Wilson, 23, to six years in(, old Mississippian, tried on High School last Monday. ,pleaded guilty to second Saturday.For integrate two of tb_ city's

prison for burglarizing the i j Tuesday to enroll in all-whfte Police are mystified as to I murder in the death of I II I tion program this year. four high schools and leave

store of C. D. Merrett at 3835,! Mississippi Souther College. what started the incident I J Grace Lyvonne Cooper Har- four full weeks the Scholarship will be givenin two segregated, The plan was
\\. Beaver. Wilson I mon,22, of 1083 W. Duval St. Tigers have been
According to I( sharpening
I His application was firmly which resulted in. the girl basketball Julius G u i n-I originally propojsd by Goy.I .
tfie break-in netted him I "deficie- The woman ied on April 22,|J their claws to b ready. Orval EFaubas.
rejected of getting her eye-glasses broken -; e yard, a member of the Jacksonville I It was turn
$90 worth of merchandise three days after e had'sus- Coach Bell believes he hasa
ncies and irregularities" in and sustaining facial abrasions i Recreation Department ed down however, by themoderate'
and $20 in cash. vestigated.Jr. tamed multiple, knife wounds combination all set to click taff has been appointed -! Little Rock school
after being struck by
Wilson was senetndced to ., and Clarence Barton in- the Dunbar student. in the chest,:and abdomen.r I defensively and. offensive as coach and physical edu- I Board which said the plan;

a five-year term for plead- the papers he. submitted. It The fight, which took placeon The knifing climaxed fight. j against tie invaders.The cation instructor. i would not stand a couriINTEGRATION lst. ...

ing guilty to larceny of $65 was to Kennards's enter the school.third futile a ,crowded school bus, in FI'lf\r's.ro: Q m. :where the Tigers will go into the The basketball team will :
from J. J. Scarbrough of 750 try woman suffered .her -frist I determined to give the
will be investigated by juv- game Florida Normal -
ad- play against
As he left the college 1 '
Sarranac St. wounds. Witnesses testified i I
: enile authorites. fans the kind of blocking, Waters Col-I
'I Edward
ministration he College,
building was
enchased the'wo'man
that Fryer ,t
I The told her tackling, running, passing,
Judge Layton specified that,intercepted by two constables girl reportedly leg e, Jacksonville Navy,I
mother that she was struck down the street,stab-", line bucking, kicking and !
the latter him Green Cove Navy, Voorhaes
sentence, should be They promplty arrested a
her' and second
bing woman
to receiving that all good
after she told the boy stop pass
served concurrent with the for possession of illegal whis- several times. Jr. College and Claflin Col-
six years. I key: and reckless driving. Theofficers bumping her. Shortly after his arrest, Fryer -.: teams Teams are with supposed such to men have.as lege. j PROTEST ENDSNEW I

claimed that Kenn- The boy involved is not said he had been drinking Willie Bussey, Dennis Williams f The physical education

ard had half pint bottles of one of the five Negro stu- heavily the(previous day. i'I Henry Matthew Roy gram is as follows: prO-j .,

moonshine whiskey in his car dents attending freshly-inte He was sentenced on Tuesclay -!Mitchell. Robert Parker, Al- September October November t
COP'S WIFE They also claimed that when
had him grated Central! High School. by Criminal Court Judge,| len Sistrunk, Roosevelt Holmes : tennis, volleyball, basketball YORK A spontaneous -
they tried to
I stop A. Lloyd Layton. rI 1{ Morris Grooms, Julius and horseshoes. Winter -' means boycott by
he "stopped the and
gas I Mack December !i white and students
VISITED BY got away". I Kirkland McKenzieand January,: parents
J a host of players like 1 February: basketball, volleyball -,; protesting the transfer of
In the meanwhile, Dr. W. I RACIST MINISTER \WHO GOES? those named, a team is, and horseshoes. Spring' Puerto Rican and Negro stud-

STRAY BULLET D. McCain, president of the- bound to go places. I March, April, May: Softball,i' ents into their schools ended "

.college, claims he knew noth tl l IN ELECTION BIDTALLAHASSEE Fill the stands and watch tennis, first aid courses, volleyball quietly and generally with-

ing of Kennard's arrest. The WHO KNOWS I the: Tigers go. social activates and out incident on last week.

'. president went on to state swimming. Summer June,I
that the school has turned ,I School officials in five affected -
July, August: swimming and
A hastily-fired bullet cause down "hundreds of studentsfor A 48- Queens' said enroll-

the wife of a patrolman a bit I the same reason, becauseof year-old Baptist minister an- TAMPA the In an effort vote'at to'LONG TERNS tennis. ment is nearly normal for

of anxiety last Saturday night i i deficiencies" in scholastie, nounced this week that he keep its maximum segregationist solidity< American Red Cross certificates the white -otudcnts. t

when it entered her home i i records. will ,run for governor in 1960on I when the gubernatorial dies ; will be given in swim- The protest was sparked
and firsat ad
of total GIVE rang courses.
a platform segre- tions finally roll around next about 300 students
and embedded itself in a wall _Basketball wll be the only when
gation. three candidates -* from slum-ridden area of ,
over her head. mm\ VICTIMSOF year, potential competitive other a
sport, activities -
The minister, George A. for governor, each a' Brooklyn were transfered to
will be conducted
The wife of on
T.I last-ditch segregationist are schools the Glendale and
Downs, said: "I am enter- individual basis. in
L. Mays summoned police TEEN WRATH\ ing hte race to give the peo- being kept ,busy trying to,, an Ridge wood sections of
bout 10:15 p. m. and reported decide between themselves' The feel
ple of Florida whose philoso- [ Softball and volleyball I Queens. White parents
someone had shot into her which two should out Combined sentences of 45 will their i.
DETROIT-Three white phy agrees with ours a clear- drop I compete in the that the character of
house while she stoed at an, men were set and cut choice in the election." I of' the race so as not to! years is all that two men Jacksonville Recreation Department's children will be paired by
ironing board. upon weaken the segregationist' have to look forward to after annual lea- the inclusion of the Brooklyn
f beaten by a group of Negro He said he will run as the being sentenced in Criminal city
Six rushed to, candidate of the Florida Citi-! vote. | childen.
police cars youths last Sunday in what Court !
the residence located ''zens Councils of which he is I However, Sumpter Lowry, last; Saturday for the gue.All
Mays' has ,
been described as an that it
) Tampa businessman and $500 robbery of HowardJohnson's activities will be con- They asserted was
at 984 W. Ashley St. to executive re-;
only unprovocked attack. secretary. ducted at racial
tired National Guard lieutenant restaurant at 3037 Jefferson Park not fundamentally a
soon discover that the shot 1 THe men told 'police they '
Downs is the second can- general; Fred Kent. Kings Ave. last'l\fay 9h.{ playground. matter.
was not intended for Mrs. I
were walking through a didate to officialy notify the I I Jacksonville theater'chain' Criminal court Judge A.
Mays but for the former husband -, mixed neighborhood when eL Lloyd
secretary of state he will run, owner and former Layton handed av 20-
of Mary Jackson of 983 even boys, including five I BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN I
term to Oscar
although nine or 10 others.!Board of Control chairman year Boykins
W. Ashley Street attacked them. The 1816 W. 20th Street. Phone
juveniles, EL 5-9722
I Jr., 25, of Miami. His
are out testing the political J and Senate President Dewey: accom-
Miss Jackson told police, carried knives and Kindergarten ,
boys Begin September 2nd
winds and are right on the'M:. Johnson of Qunicy admit!i plice, Freeman Johnson, 22. -
James L. Dues tried to force chains, the men told police- 'of Jacksonville ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS
of making it official. i that they've received a
way! I verge no
into her house and The men fled the scene 15-year sentence for his Band Voice Guitar Accordion
she shot through the door to and ,were pursude by their agreement on who should t the robbery partin Theory Tutoring Adult Education

scare him' off. The bullet I assailants stop aside. Johnson, who implicated MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH

traveled 'acroSS Ashley' and, Two policemen broke' up Boykins, told the jury he de-
through the door of the Mays I the chase and arrested the EIGHTEEN ATTEND'PRIVATE' cided to do so because

apartment. I eleven. SCHOOL / PATRONIZE Boykins left town with all the

loot from the robbery and ,

N. C. gave him none I IE'fERY
Boykins, who had
The basement of a churchhas pleadednot

Enroll Now In The become the private school Star Advertisers after guilty, was sentenced OCCASION I
'' ', for eigthteen Negro students I being denied a motion
;r :: South's Finest College >,.x 3s
for ..
Florida Barber Coll' who were denied admissionto a new, trial. -. I
. t 1 Expert Photography
Branch G. I. Approved this white area. public schools |[Take Care Of Your Husband-;] ., Portraits Weddings Bacquats
Passports & Identification Photo
"' ; ", .", l The makeshift private [Slim Men Have Longest Lives jt! Photostats & Commercial Work

odl"UVf Patterson, manager Prof. James Glover school is sparsely furnished, ,' .' Photos For Newspaper Cuts
By Cynthia Carroll
630 Davis Street At Beaver with only three church pews, (Seeend of Twoarticlu) While You Walt

Phone 'EL 5.9874 three tables and a potbelliedstove .' _____.-___. Coloring fie Picture Framing
to supply warmth. I Although more American women than men are overweight, ;* ,' Let Us Take A Photo Of You
Seven other Negroes, of I in men that xtra pounds are most dangerous. _. c 4
/ Heavyweights are more susceptible to diabetes,strokes,and .1
------- -- -- high schools age, are now ,
attacks, and it's the men who are overweight who are, as ,: In Natural Color -
forced to attend school 40 I put it"the most likely. candidates". J. AVERT'"
miles from here after an unsuccessful I for heart, attacks. To no-one's
at- great surprise, wives are often AVERYS PHOTO STUDIO ,>.
WHEN YOU ARE ILL integration blamed for their husbauds'- xcess a

tx : You Seek The Best-Doctor- ,tempt. They are attending a poundage. 9 611 West Ashley -- Clara White Mission Blsg I '
'When Your Doctor Prescribes Methodist-operated ins t itu-: Husband Demands Big Meal -
ak"" Get Experienced;.Pharmacists '( .libn for Negroes'near Ashe- "But what can I- do?" plain- phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments
tively asks a typical wife. "If I
4 ; To Fill Your. Prescriptions ville. Because of the great don't put a hearty dinner on the

: distance, involved they are able: my husband throws a fit,
Doctor' ? forced to live in Ashville and then fills up on snacks all .

',The. Best Quality Drugs At during the school week. j evening.'This is"a question doctors* hear' q ..4f S

Dr. C. E.Black., However, last week a Burn- often, and they've been hard ,
sville educational! project was ressed to offer a good answer.
Proprietor. 't* + launcher by white and Negro I I Brags have been used to curb thl = f OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER RERORTERS
ppetite and to the rate
3 ,REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO,SERVE Y9LILLY'S citizens to raise funds to at which the body step burns up food,

; cover the expenses of the but all have had drawbacks.: They PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN
DRUG STORE. private schooling for the denied may cause such 'undesired reactions -
loss of .
as sleep,
whom openings for
children. None of
,upset of the body's delicate I
1907 Kings Road ELgin 3- 21' 11 a ve not attended classes hormone balance,or worse. .. EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters. edttom
A COMPLETE LINE OF anywhere since last spring. This picture teems be chang: copy-readers advertising salesmen . Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries: 1 ing, however.bn Speakers at a Dr. Aaron Spielman of Beckman men and women. printers. "competitor:; Una-
ymposium Overweight and Downtown Hospital in New
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED; Underweight held in Detroit recently York said he gave diethylpropion type operators. I
.' ATTENTION LADIES told of a drug,'exhaustively to 70 fat people including five
Bridge & Social Club tested top more than two years, children,with no dietary restric BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will tr*!* ,
which reduces appetite without tions.He simply said:"Take these ;; I
C' ..:.....: ':',, ; ,-._... -: :: ,t' -: :._ :" Reporters harmful effects. and rat whatever you like." young reporters and people for ell d".pxf wttr .,
Send or Mail Dr.Gunther Heels of the University -: "Sixty-two of the 70 patients if you have a real desire to hN'Om8: a m k'r -
READERS Your Social News cf Giessen, West Germany -,, had a satisfactory weight loss, the .
newspaper fraternity.
ATTENTION: Mondays To came.to Detroit to tell offcis taking off pounds at an average .
.1 Please'Bringor Send Your 1 ". FLORIDASTAR1323 experience ,with the drug, of .2.29 pounds per week/'.said I. '* .. '*C :' Iof
t wnasT. panil 1:It doesn't ex- Dr.Spielman.He considered that WE NEErMen and.women,, young or middle
Church' New& Club::,Notices & Anhounce= *. ; ,' Moncrlef Hd. Cor. 13th- txtethe\nerjD9i: 'ferstew or cause, rate good; not so rapid. that it aged In all fields for a chain rawspape? acidmagazines.
.. to iVeaiiHbe taken might Cause trouble. ,
*- ,,: Or Phone EL ".67 2. eeplessness.JSP -' -'
Td'Ad FLORIDA TAR-Early \ :':: vest,at bWt rl a to"fight off ? .rr. -r }' .' ,. .' '. ire:fo !* he not ordinarily study,weight eon* : .'... t. < .' F 1 <;:' f'\-' ji
f"Q iS" I ,. ; trot he : ...._"
Bjit saidhe ecftmelnter-
: end's'
DEADU E : < -: t : !; ACT NOW State ,..
J. -. _. ,.
: .t.i ad dUd in! Tepanil Vhen'he W"it.,, .. ,, 'WHITE: -..','*. .-.", '*. ._,
TUESDAY NOON: t. 4.4 1V 1 V.1 .",..a.rr. :. 1 ,- :1i,.. had such agre margin fcl* fety. t
< .; Irl 1 alt It is that same af-ty tt offers
.FLORIDA!STAR is'YOTJHGetilng'To :DBIXPIN I lau promise to the overweight INTERSTATE PRESS
?. :it is hatband. If he can be prevailed
A.pl'ObI..f .
2323 Moncrief R \.comK' 13th.Street ..' 's. r Be' ;1(11'Kfe'that'even persons withUiert I upon to visit the:family doctor ,( ..-... P. O. Box 732 JaciBonrille 1, Fla. .' I
: Call m. 4-3176 troubles may take it., I hem*,BOW find the Lelp he,needs '< ." ,:. '-- ,, '_f:":_
"--7[" ."" l_"'' r" i"" .. 'to stick to a diet and aba down, < "
:,',-': 'i,. :' u.. /J/ ':' :',_ f7; '. -
'. ;; _

.;,) wXr11r ':., '. ,, ,
: -
... ', .. I-- '
? '
'- j
l. r3
\ :: : : ;:: : ;';1 .' ; -: _

f' 'f; ,. If

:i.- :,

i sit

..: .
_. ,

Week Ending Saturday. September 26,. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAl. Pays Seven

I I 3 Big Football Games Sched led For : extkj Week

..... -

to the Browns. .. ,

: one ever } '
t.1 L
: t : t f ki; ; .
t'turned out at New Stanton ; ;: ; .

High the Betheune-Cookman School is co-captain Wildcats of ,, ,'': ; : .t ;" ; t 4
1.S OR S CORNER f this year. It is gratifying I .,f"V% :' : 4t' ,' ," :< C. PARHAM JOHNSON
___ .
..si to know that a,first year man 4 .. ? j :
Football fans in Jacksonville will have
-. nothing to worry
at any school can be so hon-
1 about as far as the need of a lively place to go when Thurs.
ored. It here T {
is and and
l now
BY C. PARHAM JOHNSON in order that congratulationsare ,.","!! day Oct. 1 rolls around because it will be a busy week in
town with Matthew W. Gilbert's
"Fighting Panthers" taking
to Blackshere.
passed .
NOTHWESTERN'S YELLOWJACKETS victory over the We hope the on reports are true..i .-;,_',.,. on Miami, Northwestern Yellowjackets taking St. Au
Duval Vocational Engineers last Wednesday did, not comeas SUPPORT SUPPORT, i gustine. Oct. 2 and New Stanton Blue Devils battling Lin- I

a surprise. Ii was this column's prediction that Yellow. SUPPORT is what'the Tigersof .I cola High! of_Tallahassee._Oct. 9. .
jackets would be about the toughest thing to handle in the, matthew W. Gilbert, the
city. Any team that can stay together from one year to the Edward for. When Waters are take call-the ; I. three time champions of 1958 When the Yellowy-Vets: ;

other can build up such team play that it can be mighty field ing the they team from started: the 1959 campaignwith defeated the Engineers in e-
tough to handle. The Engineers were not taken lightly, because against a clean slate defeat- their frist game of the season j.
: by
they would
Mornstovyn, II
any team with a man like John Dantzler on it is to look'p in the stand and I ing Campbell Stret High of they presented! a granite

always__a threat. ____ .. j i see a crowd of I I D ytona. The Panthers prov- wall line and a fleet: and deceptive -
kith N1'IS5 U A U TT, the spactators backfieid Tho battle
I ed that they will have ,
a plenty
pulling rooting for the
first tan member of the I six men have contributed to offer all cry out Northwestern way I
aj I|Tigers. The Tigers opponents.
champion Oklahoma Soonersis } going .
f whole lots to the pennant]i to give the public a good I Ww6 a a Should they fail to repeat as "Bring on Murray High. ;
the man to watch in big:i drive of the Giants. Jones is'' champions, they will be trouJ' The New Stanton Blue De--
team, what will the public
college football this season.1 ia' 20-game winner and the I blesome to handle throughthe vils were not as f fortunate in '
The big line plunging fullback -; others have give them in return? .a+ aI their initial
i been swinging i stretch. game against
I III I Smooth
played a major role in some wicked bats to kelp, Sailing we The I Blake High as were Gilbert I'
will be
meet again.ALBANY. built a-
the Sooners' games last sea-II the team to stay in the thickest | and Northwestern, but the ::
son. The big fellow is now i of the fight. They are not I I .W Y 4ALL round the eight returning loss did not have any bearding -

ready and raring to go against -' too far out in front howeverto RAMS OPEN !f A lettermen. The men returning -! on the conference standing -
opponents. I' rest too easily. are, Charles Sutton, Char nor the county standing. I
SANDY AMOROS, the lit- WILLIE McCovey I I Kenneth Clair,!',Blake High is not amemberof
appears SET AND READY-Clearenoe Peaks, the 205 Frank Timmons and Freddie '
tle fellow who played a lot; to be the man who furnished 6-1. the "B i g 9" conference .
of baseball for the Brooklyn! the spark that set the Giants t pound fullback of the Philadelphia Eagles Is all set and Hill. The Panthers clicked I I and the loss will only serve

Dodgers and 'then sold to the, on fire. Since coming into Albany State College will here ready to, go for another big season. Peaks who is seen like veterans in the game against -:to give Coach. Small and his

Montreal Royals has been!the lineup the Giants have, open its home schedule with one of in one of his most! familiar 'poses as he starts out on Campbll Street. They assistants an opportunity to .

bought by the Los Angeles I'been' hard to stop. Manager JI Bethune-Cookman College atf I stars of great the runs. He was classed as one at the greatest will be gunning for Miami. iron out all the kinks and
Dodgers. The Dodgers at-I M game by his coach when he performed for The Northwestern Yellow- smooth out the
are I Bill Rigney is already mapping -,'Cardinal Park Stadium, Saturday -: Michigan State his rough edges
tempting to replenish their during collegiate days. For the past packets served noticed in the in for conference
I strategy to throw at the night Oct. 3.State's \!two season Peaks has been preparing
strength for this last minute wheel horse for the Ea- against the Duval Vocational .
I Chicago White Sox who seem game will make the|gles. The tjhing that makes Peaks game competition.When
stretch against the San Fran-R certain to win the American first collegiate football game he is lust as good at halfback so great is the fact that Engineers that they the Blue Devils meet

cisco Gaints who seem to be League. to be played hi the reconditioned coach, said. Those who keep track as he is at fullback his will be able to give a good,Lincoln High of Tallahassee,
headed toward the 1959 of professional football report of themselves. The wlil down to business -
pen BIG JIM: BROWN, has, former professional will do well to keep tab on ,one Clarence Peaks. they get
nant. The Dodgers alsob been playing in the xhibitionl1 baseball park which was used I Yellowjackets h a v e the potential in their conference

r 6 u g ht up Billy Harris, a games like he was in mid-as the SU Louis .Cardinal's of being very close game at heme.Football .
right handed picther f x omMontreal season: form. The old saying'minor-league training camp DELTA DEVILSTO I FISK BULLDOGS to the strongest team in the : is on the agendain

around Cleveland is "Just as I and as a home for the classD city. Any team that has the Jacksonville and the fans
WILLE MATS the sensational Jim Brown Albany club. good fortune of remaining in I will have somewhere to go.
gbes so go the
star ef the San Francisco Browns. Jim has won every Now controlled by the cityof OPEN WITH PREPARE FOR tact from one season to the From all accounts up to date

Giants is planning to I I honor that the pro football Albany,4,000-seat Cardinal other is mighty hard to han I here isn't a sorry team a-
hit the road barnstorming -j dle. round the circuit.
on a league can give a man and Park Stadium will be the
I iI
tour after the season is! he"is playing just as strong l'permanent home of Monroe mRTVALLEY! ROUGH SEASONNASHVILLE 6 I
He he is
over. says today as he did when he first High School and the temporary -
to include Hank Aaron, Wes 1 field for Albany State.. ACOSTA'SEVERYTHING

Covington, "Sad Sam Jones A new 7,000-seat stadium ITTA B E N A, Miss.-The .
Brooks Lawrence, Don New- will be constructed for the Mississippi Vocational College FOR THE FISHERMAN ,

combe and Bill White. .College on the eastside campus -, Delta Devils will answer -Coach Eu- Bait Shrimp Live Crab
FOOTBALL IN JACKSONVILLE e, during the winter months!their 1959 football season'sopening gene D. Stevenson, the new I

is on in the big way Watch This Clown I II bell Saturday, Sept.I mentor of the Fisk Univrsitjr Fishing Tackle I
with all of the major High J II 26, when they trek to Fort I'

I Schools and one college,, 76 40 93 TOOTH I Valley Ga., to take on the gridiron Bulldogs, has been 8019 MAIN 'STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9S70

starting out on a long and[ 411 44 733 ACHE (it MU*.*r free/U Fort Valley College eleven{working out with the largest I II' .1
strenunous: schedule., .Northwestern will rl i m ( I* /1 with their hopes riding main-l and strongest squads in re-' JACKSONVILLE FLORIDAWALKER
Douglas Andersonand I 8 N S 2 MNnt..NtAORS 8SJU8'ORAJE15J the untried
ly on and untested cent years.And he's got some

Matthew W. Gilbert havealready 3 4 lifted the lid ,on the ntfet ante freshmen and sophomores.
1959 campaign. It is almost 8 6 In opening their 7th season upcoming season."Enthusiasm I

certain that most of the colleges .
a a of gridiron competition a- is high, mo-

will be watching individual 81 _J 11 __ 31 gainst eight highly touted rale is keen and the fellows 4
a s
players around the opponents, the Devils will
88130712 are really conditioning them- Voof/ona// / & Commercial
circuit this season. 1 YOUR DRINKING largely rise or fall on the talents K
Go WILLIE MAYS, Willie Mc- Sometimes he's o] of relatively inexperienced slves, Stevenson said. "We

Covey, Willie Kirkland. Leon Sometimes he's down Getting To'Be A Problem?. lowerclassmen who dominate feel these are the necessary
adds. subtracts
Wagner, "Sad" Sam Jones' He He works It all around i the squad. ingredients for a fine club." College
and Orlando Cepeda will be Call EL 4-3178 Of the 35 players carried
t ready to go if the Giants Coming Attractions s on the MVC roster only ? Thee chief Bulldog is pleased REGISTER NOW
t Fhould win the 1959 pennantin 1 20 37 216 IB 4 seniors 5 about the crop of fresh- r"OR OPENING SEPT. 8, 1959
juniors are up-" he
men to work with COURSES t
the National The
'League. perclassmen with the remainder -.thi. and said of -
year several
Executive Secretarial Interior Decorating
'' 1' .., ;; "' #"" 1" first econd j
JJ Y-> :> "''''' or yearI them "
-------------------- show
"great promise. I Business Administration Toiloring
Il iiNisi I students 11 sophomores. 15 j 1 Accounting Leading to CPA DressmakingUpholstering
:freshmen. Cautions about any direct i ,Stenographic,
? : the multi-talented predictions, Coach Stevenson .
i: I Among 1 j; Cleric Typist Radio TelovldonBookkeeping
The Firms L Below Are Recomxn ended As Reputable Establishments '!freshmen crop are such po-!. did say that "we ought to;I PBX Receptionist

i Specializing Services and Products 'tential grid greats as tackles come out on top of a couple J Business Law Business Machines
I {I'B e rI ey Pruitt _and Walter of games we will be expect-I For Additional Information

AUTO SERVICE || Washington's Health Service (Wild Bill) Elliott, both tall td to lose." Telephone Immediately

I 1} "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" It((6'3" 6'2"), heavy ((205-220)),I Forty-one Men reported for I EL 5-2626 or PO 5-0004

AUTO PAINTING COMPANY |\(Try'' Swedish Massage Mineral_ Steam Bathe and speedy Willie; fleet afoot halfbacks practice September 1 and Or Write

f Complete Body Repair & Paint Work j Colonlc Therapy I Lightfoot and Coach Stevenson said that Attn: Dr. J. Walker Brown

-:-. Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 1\m. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locmilo* Eddie Geodwn withe the cocky -I most of them appear to be Jacksonville 9. K*.
fc For 23 Years cool and competent fresh- 1832 Myrtle Are.
Price Start at 54.00 !in good shape.
1 532 East I Adams Street EL 5-8135'*{'934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247J man trio of Floyd Williams, I I Walker V & C College I
i Billy Knight and: Norman Athletic Director H. B.

I Smith alternating in the "Bus" Thompson, who turn-
quarterback slot. ed the football reins over to
delivery any part 'of the dry I Not to be overlooked is the Stevenson this ,
i GUS INA'S I year
S _
If You Want The Finest In Groceries ; --: 'fact that Bell is in his debut!ced the Bulldog's schedule.
$601 West Ashley Street EL 4.1380 as MVC coach It follows
And Meals Come See Us and with "a : :
{ 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412] lowerclassmen domina ted Oct.

1 JULIA GEORGE 5'& 10 CENT team finds it easier to instill 3 Tuskegee away.
10 Alabama
MISCELLANEOUSAAA j his brand of ball A and M-

L. STORE __ home.

BONDING AGENCY Courteous Treatment 17 Dillard home(Home
City County and Federal Bon i u Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. coming) '
I MT Exchange Bldg. EL "'llUj1 306 Davis Street EL 41210)I ) LEARN TO DRIVE
Secure Drivers' License 31 'Knoxville away.:

38 Yean In ElectroaScs !ft I'' BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES 600 West Bearer Street 14 '. Alabama State-away

All Work Guaranteed j J) ICE CREAM* COSMETICS GEORGE'' PERPENA. Dir. 21 Morehouse home. I

; 943 Forest Street EL 4-<984j\\,1102 Price St. EL 3-8313 Office ELgin 5-7742 ..


Complete Garden Supplies < SERVICE MATTRESS CO.I I r -

Fertilizer Fruit Products Maltreat Benovatlag Our Specially WALTS RADIO & tl +1,4 r FS

New and Used Fumitore bcmght and sold One Day Service S a s .t1L

564 TIm1qu a Road SP 1-8762$ Old Bap Road PO 5-1684 TV SERVICE : Ss


leDCeI TAXI IN Y New. ee.d Us.t TV's i

a 10r Week -At .Year Service" tlrw EL S4MttD' /' -.-
: NEW DEAL CAB....;.EL'1.1111 tI' .1
C /
f. l Sftmi LDICOLK, HO1NE .. .. L -
CABf 4-1
-. ..... J'1
1 '> -- .
er.; 1
.. I
Iii i llllllliIIJlilll.e.rnllii. 1 '. ar .
1t i'_, .ft.U' .nJt.: ) ..!. Ui # ;JI'W"t-K'I _./! "-1 '":-. '' '. ,, tlCM!! 1"BJ 1
," I.' -
: '- rt ",Y 4r I r
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"" :) : .. '(
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J --; ;; "'. .- ...,: ,_ :!:; .. :'!" ?." ,. ,.,.' '. ; < --
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:;; .


':" r'M .... .' .

.. .- '
.. Week Saturday September 26, 1959
\ Light: t.-. 0( THE FLORIDA STAB_ Eatfing *

DISTRICTS SETANNIVERSARY groups. The program will be FOR RENT the. home that's ''- !3

in keeping with the ,joint Furnished rooms for adults "Happy *

.celebration. only. Not and cold water In *
,*,- each. room.. Covenlenily located r*t : v ; *'
A 11 presidents!, organists 1 ErT
at 111 Davis Street. heated with
I and program committees.. of .; : ...:. s L* ,

AT WEST ONION i all singing! groupjp; of thechurch ji f.;. ti:; .:!- .#.' .;. .. : : Cr" >. .. .
have been asked! to ... JtfL-"j .-' ..- .
P l iJ.t.-'f' ,. : "t -. &,a. .. ; \ .jcic
remain for a brief meeting I"
F '. Districts 1, 2,3,. .6, 3 nad Sunday "following'" the, morning New Apt. for 'Rent :
10 of West Union Baptist + i \
"To Nice .A dultI :: > '
Church will observe a joint : worship worship.a.< ...1-...... -
anniversary Sunday at 3 .p. The Missionary, Society. w .A\ .
.' % tvltucatienal ,: Phone: EL.4-1844 "
m. -..- wi11' sel( l S-'S a tird .

A-.t apodal,prgotara,has"been L.' ,- 'ginaingat,12: oh rI' ii ed, ..,, r. v : } :i' *,Mat
*_-arranged, by *the Yji r oju s t'" ; : .fcuildlng., '. :: &
--, 'groups' featuring. tajented I' J.S,.. ... 4'-'..'i, F..,I ......- ,FREE-- OFFER I t!! : *. l'
.' person, alities, and. WHY-BE LONELY? .' : r
-. .
FREE LISTS '..-, '. .
: Send age and description -- L' rI : aaea

$ $ SAVE $ $ pIXiE CLUB, BOX 1856

Ocala, .FloridaBARBER -' A tip of the Pepl Ono
A to these oabtwtttta0

New and Used Clothing For The Whole Family r Clean, economical, automatic young Amtrleana. wfc*
make oar country Mi
community a ben. .
t-_ _* Unclaimed Laundry Shoes safeguards health. keeps wery place Intwhleh to llr*

2 LOCATIONS Apply Artistic BarberShop.' Y ::, corner toastywarmim' .-- ** 4'S'c

f 1 6l9 West' Ashley Street. EL ,,' .." -.': )

The 'SAVE SHOP'sAs 49231.. -

., 3 : I I'FRANIiIE IY
: '1534. Main SL i 716 Main St. G l. IS YOUR DRINKING ->

a..: I Getting To Be A Problem? ; \ .**

Call EL 4-3176 < ; t
;: ; *
RITZ ; ..: /' ,.: .
; Sun-Wed. r. ," ,)(
I : :
IILARIOUS MIXTURE OF MISSILES AND MIRTH! ",R: FOR RENT J' .' : .'k'0&:.::', ....l' ."."
.. 'A'
\ .
qi *;* MAN PREFERRED ....{ ", :'' ...".: *

Kl THEIR EL. 3.1614 .;.1, I.. :,I'0..'-A,'-.,' *
FIRST ,. )

ya d "- to
w FEATURE ROOM FOR RENT c New Stanton High rL
I FURNISHEDCOUPLE Pepsi Dealers solutes Frantic
r I Lafe, popular student who is a*
OR SINGLE member of the Blue Devils !
MI band and concert en- Ifr
EL. 3-3277 marching
semble. The daughter of Mr. and j*.
jOCK1t wILL'ELe After 6 o'clock Mrs, Frank Lafe, Frankie sets a J
I t fine example in detriment. rMATOB

Over 100 Concrete Blocks ... *"."

For Sale Seconds .16ct. ea. ***********
; PRODUCTION t 1778 ,Spires Ave. ..' ., :-t
A COLUMBIA PICTURE .After 5 o'clock <.i;. iiiC
4"T : :. :
'i> 11_
4. x
1 iC .1L

._. \. ',
'lI '4 -.7,8" :iC -1Ei:
This winter's going to be different! .
SHOESUete < For the first time, Floridians can
s 1t"y' .
.. :<:-.w,: r: : enjoy America's most widely used ,- t '

BIGGEST +r { ( \ p home heating fuel-natural gas. .. .. t.. '
4 There'll be no more worries about \ '
JOHNWWHEWllh N-r' sudden chilly spells and bogged-down .\ ,, LOU McGBIFP
New Stantoa lligU
s. Natural is t I. .., to
> ;: :: fuel deliveries. gas This young student deserves
delivered home. be cheered for her contribution to
.: continuously to your our comauniry. A former mean
you never run out, never have to J ber of, the Miss America dub,
;Phe now serves as secretary of
re-order. It's dependable, too. ,'" : history class and is a member
w ( doesn't have to be conserved or *of Mt. Olive Pf ptlst Qxneh.Jr .
t.:' pampered to maintain full heating
you know }>' t efficiency, even in coldest weather. ..'.''''''.. ..
they FIT ,

,,r if they'reWe % j) So check our showroom or see your .i.ii
--- -
You'll find
Althea GRbeon jn dealer now. a complete ...wi
Her 1st Movle.l Tecnnicbcorl!r. :.. selection ranging from compact .

Plus "INVISIBLE AVENGER" ". awl' i wall and cabinet models for heating ,

., 1 : '1\, a single room, to large central units ; !KANGELA

F 'RnAcveIt s that will warm your whole house. M

Sun. Thru Wed. fit your child's : Easy terms, too ow monthly r

t, 4 Big Day i Reg. Prices. feet perfectly in Buster ": payments with your gas bill. ...

1 ve reei erhQoe Browns with our exclusive va ... .
to 6-point fitting plan.

3.., .' '' ." ,; New Stanton KINO Illgti

'lI IJ'4 We tip our Pepsi cap to this
Stantonian who sets a fine ex.am-
SHOES .'Look at the EXTRA advantages of pie for teen agcrs. a former> \.
member of the National Junior
216 W. Adams natural home heating!" Honor Society, she serves as vice
4 i gas president of Home Room 10-4A.)
This talented student is the
3573 St. Johns Ave.
i pianist at Payne Chaplet *

y 1948 San Marco Blvd. Church. f

iL ?q 772 N. Edgewood Ave.SKYVIEW WER II I II Ii 1 =: y *
IJ '
i .
OR 1 a wtygY
r Listen To Pepsi
fiUD 'r J ...: 1 ( \.4 *
Jai 4Don't i i '_ "sIcrQuestTFriday
I 'tJ:
Sun. Mon. Only E :. t tFAST. Mites llo:30J to 11:00))',
2 In Technicolor FLEXIBLE. Instant: beat '! Natural: gas pr;vies i Na'.uril gas burns up [ For Phone Request
Victor Mature 4. u*. hotter flame (for even heat tvcry corner I I ccmpkitiy l no soot EL 6-0461-2"
"BANDIT OF ZHOBE" 'f. sudden cCU snaps,to 1 of the. ,:iO!!'. ;1o i erg tasodcortains:!
Miss Pat Warne in .r : waste..you can easy; 'I drafts no chilly: floors. I wallspnolsteryyou'n J Jadiust *
This! "YOUNG LAND" up or down with 'I I '.' 1': on leaning bins! '-' .
Plus Co-HIt >,, ,.the,temperature. I I t, I: ."
Coming Tu s. Wed. ------. -------------------- ------.--------
',' J> I fk
; V Thurs. ; ., fA. I '$!t \ I' : rI41
q : .
I .
j- > : .Yw4j .
1 'c-i-i-i-- ? LI '. .aft
i ,,.. .. ; I %; k
;xt u'bK fi' I ) I 0 .&ff- k st

( 1'. "...':.:.:?.?::....;,"
I. CJ : .;' '

; :_ ? EMI CHKY. CL9CCCB I r 1OIItIPUTBI race C1i.CH >IIEDttlill .:"
IUllBS.A dart.blue t OEMKO. Prices don't All e*tmGIIIC. rot -'. .
,-...flame bun* with ro I nstUlttwitbtfclrtafMr! yar.roradcomfort ... -
--waste e' cdor Umts or 4cm"'tf. thro fho t y'oui6oa' +.. :-...',; .
ti .i rxafh a utond u r'I. I fPSWGtll.Jd.aa .; -: s
'<. ., \;... lypee,' I -"' --I1./aT__tCt 'aw cs.dsti sg.Writs _'- .. : .".'
.) ......... .
#- '_ :-: ,.., ----- .,:,_ ,

*ft** ..

1* II..,..... ... ......


4 ,
P .