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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200524datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 23, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005240740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 23, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 23, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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SPECIAL ED 111 ON. :. :. I




Loney Key, who last week DEAR FELLOW CITIZENS: ,

.,9N0.29 And NEWS SPECIAL EDITION SUNDAY. AUGUST 23. .1959 15 Cer:!- was charged with the mur- Hundreds of you were no doubt greatly disappointed
der of Fred Dubose was when you found out that you couldn't get a copy of the
[freed Friday after a coroner's FORIDA STAR Friday night or even Saturday morning .
c: jury returned a verdict of And as one lady told us over the telephone: "You never re
justifiable homicide. alize how much something means to you until the day you
!+!t Minister Drop Charges Key shot Dubose after he don't have it..

c was chased by the victim Indirectly, that was the finest compliment ever paid us
Tr, for our efforts, under the most trying conditions.For .
with a knife during an argument -
all we know, this might well be our last edition.
which stemmed from

c the victim's refusal to pay Because Why? we have had just as much of it as we can take.

-tti his share of the house ex No. we're not quitters, we are just getting plain tired of
NCI t> For
h ** n 'leainst Cop Kicking penses.. beating our brains out and spending money week after
Key was representde by week trying to put out a newspaper to open the eyes of our
: Attorney Ernest D. Jackson people and to defend the rights of Negroes in this city .
Sr But it seems that one portion is satisfied with being treat-
1 ......
MINISTERIAL GROUP ed as second class citizens, while another portion is only
interested in a few luxuries for themselves and would sell

? MCKED IN THE PANTS; their brothers for a handful of greenbacks.We .

are not feeling sorry for ourselves. But the fact is
: that because of our militant stand we have had pressures
MINISTER TURNS OTHER CHEEK from various sources. Both political pressure as well as eco-
: nomic pressure have :been brought to bear on us to hinderour
-- ----- allPs
AME minister from' Bayard. Florida graciously I I We are not patting ourselves on the back either. But
turned A young the other cheek on Thursday by withdrawing Jacksonville an : : i I from the day we opened the FLORIDA STAR and subtitled -

assault and battery warrant against a white kicked: I it "The People's Paper", no one can deny that we
policeman whim manhandled him and then soundly f have devoted our efforts to the bests of our people.
In the seat of the trousers Monday afternoon. I I Over the years these are some of the things to whicl

The minister, Rev. G., ., he pay the additional four I we devoted our attention.
I ti Campaigned for Negro policemen, yelled for an increase
tnTs out.
Jenkins Sr. reported to dollars or get I i I
in the number later shouted for for then
that he had been "He, suddenly shoved me I patrol cars
newspaper cursed, shoved around and: up against a stack of tires/'j I o.. .. e Y and then shamed them into taking the Negro policemen
finally kick in the seat of Rev. Jenkins explained."He i i out of those dillapidated cars and' putting them into some

the pants by patholman Ce- (drew back his hand a s .Q af i new ones.
THE FLORIDA STAR carried series of editorials and
cil I. Beasley who also owns,. though hes was going to e a
the Beasley Tire Service located slap me. But, instead, he aq w ,pictures until a traffic light was placed at the corner of
% AAj' Beaver and Eaverson to minimize the danger to school chil-
at 1955 Phoenix Avenue shoved me around and then M AI i
where hte incident took kicked me." t 3' 1t p SF dren crossing the intersection it has raised funds for
place. "I didn't resist or try to ::: < widows and homeless families it has spearheaded a
According to Rev. Jenkins, tussle with him," the minis- I drive to raise funds for a cornea to give a schoolgirl back
to ter said. "I went there for' her eyesight (which she now has), and it spotlighted the inJustice -
he went to Beasley's place I of placing assault to local
fairness not trouble. The an rape charge on a
get a tire, which he had: tire I bought from him was I youth with hie result that the charge has been reduced.

bought only a shor*. "while 'no good..'I simply wanted *an I On the other hand we find that with increasing fre-
ago from Beasley, exchanged. -' exchanged: I got kicked, ,in- :The Jacksonville IDter enoniutational'Maistor1 a) Alliance, which recently issued a quency the FLORIDA TIMES UNION has been editorially
The tire, a recap, had! stead. formal protest to Mayor Burns and the/'City Commissioners over conditions ,of racial Attacking Negroes and the, National Association for the Advancement -
proven to be no good. The t In withdrawing the war- ,discrimination and segregation existing in the city have also been focusing their at- of Colored People.
minister was told by Beas- rant, Rev. Jenkins explainedthat tention on discriminatory practices: in ,the new Sears. Roebuck and Co. store. In the Each day in the year the T-U shows Negroes up onlyas
ley that he would have to J Beasley had "apologizedpublicly" photo above are some of the members of the Alliance who attended a recent meetingto j criminals by publishing only Negro crimes in the regular
pay an additional four dol-:, to him. "He said I discuss racial problems in the city revolving: around employment opportunities sections which go into white homes all over the state. ThE
lars. He became loudly bel-i he was sorry, and that he' use of public facilities and other areas of unfair practices. (Front Row): Rev. R. A. I jim-crow "star" edition which carries news about some ol
ligerent when Rev. Jenkins would never do that again,! King; Rev. G. Green; Rev. G. W. Crockett: Rev. Tyson Rev. S. D. King; Rev. E. V. j our other activities is sent only into Negro homes. Thai
told him that he thought to any man." Grant. (Second Row): Rev. I. McPherson; Rev. C. W. Whitten; Rev. D. V. Young; I page of "colored news" in the back of the paper is pulledout
that was unfair. The drama of brotherly Rev. S. Cooper; Rev. L. G. Ingram Rev. R. L. Jones; Rev. D. W. Welcome Rev. of the regular editions.

Rushing into a rage,Beas- love is supposed to have tak- Hampton. (Third Row): Rev. D. B. Barnes; Rev. J. B. Williams; Rev. A. J. Hughes; Just last Thursday the Times-Union came out with an-
ley cursed the minister in en place at the office of Rev. J. F. Johnson; Rev. J. Blaine. other editorial formula for weakening the Negro vote and

vile terms, demanding that i Judge Dorcas Drake. ', I, keeping a Negro from being elected to a pubic office. T-U
NAACP editorial read in part: .
I I I "Politically wise Memphians say the only way to In-
: sure defeat of the Negro candidate before the election and

'CALLED DEMONSTRATIONOF !SAYS HE'S I'to upset the stragegic advantage they have in the Negro
FORSEGREGATION I minority votng bloc Is to cut down the number of white
: candidates in the race thus shifting their votes to other

UNITY AND AWAKENING :A stronger candidates .
I I "In Jacksonville where the identical situation exists
f a r potentially there is another choice which will render the
,. I (/decisive citizens meetin Thursday; ;; ---- I Ii I|I Negro bloc less effective. That choice is annexation which
VJ'L.___ night By the Jacksonville branch of the National Association ,i Mayor Haydon Burns has' would restore to the registration lists those thousands of
for the Advancement of Colored People the climax 'been quoted by United Press I white voters who have moved into urban areas outside the
of which was a unanimous standing vote to picket ,the new International as saying he is city limits."
Sears. Roebuck and Co. store on Bay Street because the' en "avowed practicing segregationist. -:. "The choice is the peole's if it' should reach that poin-
stores hiring policy "is an attempt to perpetuate discriminatory i I i''where the choice could be made directly by the electorate
Burns who is considered
employment practices._ almost bet for the Unfortunately as in many cases' of such issues, they art
a sure
"The Duval County Negro left to the machinations of politions.In .
( 1960 gubernatorial race reportedly -
can no longer tolerate the abuses -: I Jacksonville with the Negro voter numbers remain.
of the made the
ness Negro public for statementin
.j ...
ing relatively steady the ratio here could be
and injustices that areevident better conditions." Miami last week when he substantially
in Sea r s' policy of The meeting, held at the spoke on a public service boosted in favor of the white majority by bringing into the
not employing Negroes according Second city some 147.0CQ residents just outside the city limits. The
Baptist Church,, last- program on a Dade television
i1 to their qualifica- ed for two and one half station. great majority of these are whites and and would swell
the white voter list by several thousands.This .
t ion s, declared attorney hours. The Jacksonville
Earl M. Johnson at the cul- who. in his fourth mayor term in is but another of the many facts which are sub-
r mination of the twoandonehalf office, owes his election to 'a mitted as evidence that annexation would. be of great bene-
t hour long meeting. heavy Negro vote. fit to our city.

Johnson, president of the MOTOR MAIDS Mayor Burns who has been Is that the attitude that a newspaer should have to-
local NAACP branch said,ina n drumming up support for his ward a group that constiues about ont-fourth of its subscribers -
statement: "We have determined entry in the governor's race ? Does the TIMES UNION believe in 'democracy when i
that we have no recourse also criticized Gov. LeRoy advocates ways for depriving Negro citizens of representa-
except to persuadeour Collins, saying "the Collins tion'' It woul dappear that the T-U is interested in annexa,
members and friends Check administration has been a big tion only as a.means of weakening the strength of the Ne
from purchasing from Sears Yourself disappointment to the big gro vote in the city.

Deputy Sheriff Willie Weston is shown instructing Junior until such tmie as Sears is Before DrivingBy cities in Florida." and charged Over 20,000 Negcoes are paying the TIMES UNION fifty
Deputy John T. Betsch Jr.. how to fill motorist remin- inclined to hire an expert "he has not lived up to cents each and there by supporting a publication that paints
der tickets in the city campaign against auto thefts. Negro clerk-typist as" a clerk, Martha Johnson his promises." them as criminals; insults them every other morning and
j typist, rather than as.a maid, Dodge Safety Consultant advoocates ways to keep us second class citizens. For
Auto theft has become one of the. major police head-i i elevator or the like. Are you fit to drive a car? the good f?) the T-U does by running our church and club
aches in any large city. j We are, therefore, undertaking You may think you are in good SPlECt\L notices with a few pictures on the back pages it does us
Patrol activity .is.not especially effective because the to picket SearS' store health.lent safety You may record.have Yet an, under excel I twenty tInes as much harm on the editorial page and news
majority of the stolen vehicles are taken by juxiniles who|from and after Monday morning certain circumstances, it can be jj. )( )f. l(.. L pages. ,
drive the car around.the city for a few hours and: then aban-< the 24th..of August." dangerous for you to be in thedriver's When will Negro Jaxons wake and
UP stop
don it, often before the owner has discovered it missingand I seat. firms: that h11der their supporting
"The fine and
meeting was a Before you take the wheel of NEXT WEEKS/ Progress treat them with dis-
made to the police.
a report ; demonstration and crimination unemployment and the
of unity your car, read through this list use of facilities?
More than-95% of the cars :awakening," observed vice prepared by the American Medical
: to either use a jumper wire a The FLORIDA STAR
stolen Duval Countylast Assn.in cooperation with the can continue Us efforts
year were recovered and re- :i or tinfoil from a pack of cig- ; president, of the local branch. Center for Safety Education at ClowniIONPAGE7 Justice and equal rights for our people only with the secure
tunred to their owners, but f i&rettes-rolIed into a ball- ,. "The meeting was attended New York University. i iI of the Negro citiens by way of increased sup.
apprehension of the theivesis then putting the ball betweenthe by a wide cross-section 0 f a Don't drive when you have and support of our advertisers.WE .
another fifficult two contact points. Some- the city's Negro population.: serious problems on your I
and more mind.Emotional upsets may
I problem. times a regular paper clip is Ministers laborers, housewives cause accidents. I MU5THELP ARE DEDICATED TO, SERVE YOU. BUT YOU
Since 1950 there have been'11 used in the same manner. 1 doctors, students. A Check your attitude.Be ma- ii'ii'I UST Q SERVE yOU.

over IVfc million automobiles Continued' on Page 8. healthy index of the rea i-I 1P.r& _', M r.- I I By Eric O. Simpson .

J ... "



... -:- '

Pag Two THE FLORIDA STAB Special Edition. Sunday, August 23. 1959 ]

\ V .
'sa ., ..

THE FLORIDA STAR / NATlON# ;V "Politics As Usual"By

_"r, NEWS Eric O. Simpson
r -
: Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co.

"Member of Associated Negro Press' DISCRIMINATION
'.Erie O. Simpson 1dJt07: USE TRADING ,
C. Parham Johnson Yf... Staff

Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept. TO END RACIAL DISCRIMINATION

1323 Moncrief Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783

wtwBranch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 !
-.. sri / e}r,H y The ministers of Jacksonville through the Interdenominational
Mailing Addvewt rf# Ministerial Alliance are taking a stnad against the

P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida many dlscrlminlory practices leveled at the Negro citizens
under our local government and local firms.
Three Months. $1.80 is heartening that these religious leaders of some 70,
One Tear. $5.00; Half Year, $3.00} It
Mailed To You, ''Anywhere In The United Stales f 1 of our people here are stirring themselves to do someg -
In Adrance.' Send'Check or'Money Order Tot } about discrimination in civil service employment
fcbacription Parable P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE-1. I. FLORIDA wucrimination in employment by local firms which d rive1bili"
profits from Negroes and second class treatment of

Negro patrons by these firms.
SEGREGATIONISTS, /i u.s These men of the gospel are to be commended for their
J aV decision to against unchristianlike racial discrimination -
TOBLOCK PROGRESS WILL FAIL for it is an indication that they realize that in
addition to preparing our people for a better life in heaven -
they must also assist in attaining those rights that

WITH NEGRO UNITY p IJ.\N\\J I Ia will provide us better living on this earth.

Denying Negroes jobs as electric and water meter read-

: 4) } : r ers, firemen, city truck drivers, clerks and other civil service -
t positions is utterly unfair when we consider that the
f Mere the free spirit of mankind, at length Negro population contributes a good share (in taxes) to the
I Throws its last fetters off; 'andwho shall place 1yi y upkeep and operation and upkeep of the various city-own-
I A limit to the giants unchained strength." u ed or city-oerated facilities.It .
r Or curb his swiftness in the forward race?
f William Cullen Bryant (The Ages) ituL Is equally unfair of local firms such as Sears and +
to and maid positions -
Cohen porter
-- Bros. to relegate Negroes
hire saleswomen, shipping -
and refuse to any Negroes as
abnormality about segregation EFFECTIVE CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION WILL DO THE JOB clerks etc. And what makes it so utterly Inequitable
THERE is an appalling I is that of these stores depend heavily on Negro -
tat They appear, in passing. Lobo like the rest of us. They many
them in business.
to keep
from the strain patronage
appear, for instance to have no immunity
and: stress of this life-just like the rest of us. They are In view of our contribution to the support of many of
neither indestructible nor superhuman; nor have they been Your WeeklyHoroscope the larger department stores it seems noly reasonable that

guaranteed immortality. So, they would appear to be like Negroes should get some of the clerk and sales positions.We .
other folks, until one is exposed to he worknigs of hir phi- hardly believe, as one store manager implied, that
losophy .. and hn their abnormality, with all its appall- Guide white patrons would stay away from stores that employ a
ing products, outrages the senses. few Negro saleswomen. It is to be doubted that a white

Segregationists are enslaved by their own ingenulness. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER woman would resent a colored saleswoman serving her a
Their bombastic claims of protecting and thereby perpetuating stocking or shoe or a white man would kick about a Negro
the purity of the white race is one of the most gust- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR salesman fitting him with a suit or a pair of shoes because
ing lies ever disseminated cheapening even those of the I. both buyers will entrust their food orders (to go in their
most ambitious communist propaganda. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL stomachs) with a colored waiter or waitress and eat food
History accords millenniums of promiscuous debaucheries : prepared by Negro hands.
to the gallivanting .forbears of" these same dedicated ARIES ; CANCER inspiration and success,even
Unless a colored girl comes out of college with a
boy or
protectors of so-called racial purity who, if permitted, Venus now going retrograde Go quietly about your business if you have to keep them on I degree in education there is job in local business firms
would fetter whole races of people to perpetpal abnormal- shows that an unsatis- but keep your eyes and ice for a while because of for him or her and heavens no knows there aren't many
factory situation of this nature -ears open to not miss a single -i seasonal factors. school teaching jobs left.
are esecially trapped by the obsession of checkingthe would not be too long clue that will help you 4-9022 16-62-492
growth of the Negro i in 'the South, in the nation and, lasting and may 'only be a add to yourprestige and profits We must use the best weapons our votes and our
if possible throughout,the entire world. trial period to test your efficiency ((27-28)). There are signs I sending dollars to secure employment for our young
Using tiS expanding city of Jacksonville as a laboratory, and abilities. The that success will not elude LIBRA people with high school diplomas and 2 years of college.
segregationist abnormality can be studied at intiniath rangeas prospects for economic ex you for long, providing you Use confidential sources of I This newspaper will cooperate with the ministers in urg
it labors t oarrest the growth and e Neero I pansion in the future are have utilized your mental information and pull influen ing our people to back a campaign to withhold our patron
citizens of this' city. Their every effort is designed to strongly accented on the 24, and creative aptieudes to the tial strings to raise necessary age from firms that practice iha various forms of discrimination
destroy initiative n the Negro, hopng thathe may literally 27th and 28th. Romance may full and have not been afraidof cash or to have interviewswith I that keep us second 'class citizens.
himself in bitter frustration and the involved. Those the individuals who can
turn against despair, .work
beacon again after several
will have
we to
practice discrimination
Negro leadership, of course, will not permit this to hap previous tries and this time who surround you are 'also give you a hefty boost toward to end racial discrimination by local trading
our goal Those who our firms.
pen. The current Sears. Roebuck, and Co. discriminationissue you must decide ((28th). pillars of strength when you
demonstrates a heartening example of.the coordinated 8-2066-.J.L2L826 are in need of companionship now have to respond to the
forceof Negro leadership in this city existing betweenthe recreation and affection. call of duty may find them- PISCES AQUARIUS

churches, the press and various other organizations of 1-80 ...11. ,,15-_58-.181 selves in a better and more The hopes that have I I
The hunches that
legitimate community influence remunerative position due to crys- [ agitateyou
The most effective counter-force for segregation in. any unforeseen developments. tallized in connection with I are more likely to be
guise is the organized determination of the Negro popula- TAURUS i 8--39_55-13-53_-351 employment' service and J I right on the 24th. 27th and
tion to resist it, and by so doing, eventually destroy It. It not only is farsightedbut LEO .- health matters have been,. 28th, when a series of plane
materially profitable to SCORPIOYou brightened by the cheerful, tary aspects favor joint en-
Negro leadership in this Sears Issue, has met squarely
The of and I
with the enemies of human dignity; has met with them lay the cornerstone for the successful prospects transactions gain should have some very attitude of someone on whom!I terprises, financial maneuvers
and has challenged their right to block the road of human kind of a home and existence appear happy moments this last, you have placed much re- : and ambitious goals.
progress. They must no wanswer or step aside. you envisage for the days to. much brighter now than I quarter because of promising] liance. It would be wise to'' Your true friends, too can
;Yes they rae dedicated people, the segregationists. But come ((24th) .C o n t i n ue to]I they have Be been for quite a ;financial developments, successful -i[ explore the possibilities of I Ii give your aspirations a healthy -
they are also abnormal shun attractions that come, spell. right on the ball interviews with im-i[gain and a rise in stature on(!i" boost S9 cultivate then ,

That abnormality ,will before long s ho W itself 'as the between you and your mateor when ed you see I signs of renew- portant people and brightening -( the 27th-28th when you are I I even more arduously than
,.enemy in their camp. other valuable collabora- activity in, your particular ( social prospects. Good I,; the possessor of an unfailing heretefore. Those who are
tors. But, if are in love field to cash in while friends will act in instinct the '
you ethers still your be-]i[ regarding coming -: employed may expect greater
and snigle, you have the are asleep. The27th28th [:half if ou"are lacking the necessary -\ trends and events. recognition.

: DISCRIMINATION WANING green light for declarationsand are banner days connections to whom 5_70 _?? 15--52--572 1_30-99_12__92_139
V alliances of a personal when you may buy, sell or you .can present your case I, ..
and financial nature. You acquire something of great: or ideas. The days when:
,1. ACCORDING TO SURVEYA will have anotber chance on value to you and the family. powerful planetary influen'I

the, 28th to make a :very important I I Get together with someone I ces will be on your side are
decision or move and who has, been ,very much in the 24th, 27th and 28th.
recent survey conducted bV' the American Jewish Congress the consequences will be beneficial your mind as the moment for I 16_10_77-18 71617SAGITTARIUS I
and titled Summary of 1958 arid 1959 State Anti-Dis! and far-reaching. declarations 0 r understand, ; ,
.. crimination Laws, discloses that ,twenty-four laws dealing L88L194L248< ings is at hand !f \
with racial and religious discrimination were passed by 14 7_50_44_12-24 754 7 I! You should start moving

states during 1959. "Both in number and content," the study 'around I in order to obtain
notes, "the civil rights laws enacted by the states this I i leads nad. advantages, how-

.. year The exceeded the product of any year in the past decade GEMINIPave' VIRGO l I! ever do it in a way that will
Congress study summarizes the |
tive advances of 1959 as follows: principal legisla, the way with all the, The Virgoans whose birth- not tip off the cometition as
((1)) California and Ohio adopted enforceable fair i discreation and ingenuity you days 'fall during this last'to what you are up to. The
ment l&ws. This brought to 16 the number employ-''can command before the 27 I( quarter have something to: makings of success can be
such legislation. of states having -4 which is the date indicated celebrate about. The 24th,I assembled on the 24th. 27th
((2)) The first state I for decisiveness and bold ac-I 27th and 28th are the red- and 28th, when you are fill-I t : tS
laws ed
general housing against discrimination in the 1 ticn. The 28th. too has much letter days when love, friend with enthusiasm and in-
laws on housing were confined were adopted. Heretofore, all state :to offer n thei way of hunch-'''ship and pleasure reign su which dividual enterprise' qualities,I
ing some form of to accommodations receiv: cs, unexpected assstance and preme. Take the ideas that can prove infectious
lorado, Connecticut governmental assistance. Tkis year, Co t brilliant ideas or suggestions.I come t 0 you seriously as in the quarters where they
broad fair housing i and Oregon adoped 5_60-33-17-31563 'they have the earmarks of can thrive and multiply. Just W
legislation, thereby following the path make sure you get the cash
recently marked by New York City and Pittsburgh. ; as well as the credit for it.
((3) Maine became'the GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING 9 20 44_
twentyrfourth state to enact an 13_ #924 j jz.J
lic enforceable law prohibiting discrimination in places of pub-| U.e this ooopoo. Learn more about J01IJ"I If..,"Send 10. eta (one I ;.3
accommodation. A number of other states improved the dims la coin) for each horoscope ordered by owUL Include self CAPRICORN y u. Y
effectiveness of their laws in this area. I i addreMed. stamped envelope. Write plainly. Thl offer doe not apply Whether it is by choice
19o9 inS16 state Congress survey also reveals that the work of the : to residentt the dominion of CaD.a4a. .; ':'by the force of circumstances or-''

number legislatures "brings to an imressive total the :- : you may be compelled
SIXteen of state antidiscrimination laws in effect today. 1 PABLO, FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER -I hto start preparing for the :;}.
enforceable states by it notes, now have fair employment laws | P. O. BOX 563 busy days that lie in wait.' \
an administrative agency using the method 1! : The 24th, 27th and I
of conciliation, backed JACKSONVILLE_ I, FLA. *" 28th are KEN KNIGHT
by the !
power to issue splendid
orders enforceable administrative n- s s days for those who I ,
laws broadly in the courts. Four states have :, lame .. "' ,.L,, ." ,J. f.I ... I are seeking the psasword
prohibiting? discrimination in ;- "" : that 1 Invites You To Listen To .
by administrative education enforced -': I A' .. z> :. ._::. will open many doors r!
have more limited agencies, while a number of others -: I Addre* T' ". \ I! to opportunity and lofty!
legislation "KNIGHT TRAIN"
'.' five states have prohibIted crimination that area. Twenty-!i, \ ..A places. Read printed matter]!
m .substantial i I I carefully ,
portion of the general consult the experts i S -
b ted i discrimination: housing. : market Three others have .. (7. ssw and make a profound Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
Fmbi iii f fI study
virtually all
public and r of I
lSted public- : : current trends
V to
fete of Birth
and a number ot states Ii I I !! unearth '
limIted have more their hidden
statutes in this are a. I Dalia :! -f!: -, ./ : :" Kaatlr potentialities. meanings and 1400 WRHC 1400

F- -; .- 1 '-. .., \ : :, r< : I : :.,::;_ '; -,,". /;. ., : .> ...1t_ t<:",,-....' -. _'_. T,_, x: _. .):_ .It:3-90< .99..-75_.Q5_.;.395 I I .
.. '
": ,.- ; a
I :::1 : -: -o .. : d} : 't ',
>....:. ;- -- '-- -. J 'J 1< r.}-p.a:T,Ht .;:') fiit.'f.?!:, '{ F i

..... .". = ". ':0 -7 -V; >:>
"- ,





Special Edition Sunday August 23. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Page. Tit

...: > ..-...... '' --
: : .f'- : : .'' : ( Mr. and Mrs. Liston R. Burnes :

V'' ':o. .. "j-r. .o.'., .. ."j
't. .: .; J .;t: : ':. :': : f.i'I' : \}; .;; -a- ;-. i ; --_

t :R""Y.. Y "' .:.::: ,. ., Applications for Marriage = : = .
;:) :: I

Yi ;f 'it r F vvJ .. aa .
F. './ .
., By
: H
; :: :
A14i ...''...:', 1 .> LOUISE G. GUINYARD
i! *,+ t' ..., ..,,. Theo. L. Hunter, 1643 W. .
J '..tt '.1. >.1' 8th St., 22 and Nellie DeSue,
/::o..r ", ,1'<: } 1412 A, Grothe St., 18. ,

t' > :' :: ;;'" .' Ike Roberts. 1164 W. 30th .. :r} t Speaking but not necessarily in the social sense we
5.; i '41 ;. St., 35 and Fanie M. Reese, could very well dub this week's column "A Eulogy To" A
.. .L. .
.. ',+ :
: .. 942 Spearing St., 27. Summer Vacationfor when you read this many of us
t' .
,kiut \ Bobbie A. Watson, 1428 will be "back in the saddle." However lest you think we
; Whittman St., 24 and Ber- are complaining consider the fact that the saddle can be
rpIH4: : ,- S nice Frazier 751 DeWitt St. mighty comfortable to an "old ranger."

22. .
fo" ,. '* % Edw. Sheppard, 2906 '''Pull- w. T11p1 + We received a lovely card from Mrs. Catherine Jackson

'I". ,,--- -' A man Ct, 25 and Jacques O. reminding us that we had only a few vacation days remain
'r > I Fountain, 311 Spruce St., 20. ing and urging us to make the most of them. Catherine

r' Nelson W. Pinder, 115 S. ...- ? : spent the summer i n Bloomington, Indiana where she attended -

<1J Terry St. Orlando, Fla., '27 '; Indiana U.
,':' ?' "t' ..1 and Marian E. Grant, 1741 s r : j > *
\ .. i Highland Ave., 23. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Henderson arrived In the city: last

a y Walter B. Fenn, 2151 W. .. week from Haiti where they had a lovely vacation even
.t, "': x'i t\ : .' 1 41st St., 25 and Claretha B. though it did end rather hastily Luckily. Edward and Bernice -

:. ::,, : ;"' i\/\ ; ',, l" '( 1 Jones, 2831 Lippa Rd.. 21. were able to get away before Castro made his entry.
Z1 W H:" v d ? *
'. 't 'r.. : "
">'''''\ .... ,. -.f.r&,:' ., i Elsewhere on this page you will read an account of the
., ., h'". ,.. ." ;: >f :I 4 wedding of :Mr. and Mrs. Liston R. Burns, Jr. which took
'fl.: v'o." ;. : ... < i tJ place recently in Grant Memorial AME Church. We were

/ ON ...7f.ffi-. 1#.;-,>1i.,.. "': ;''.'j..:;' <.d.i.1 1t'1:? { ABOUT PEOPLEMrs. h7}, r..t, :; .i D$' there, and we do wish all of our readers could have seen
L 'v' : : ;l <'V.t1.. the beautiful and truly radiant bride, the former Miss
_:k" ...: ? d Mary Kate Blount.
RECENTLY WED-Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Leroy Annie K. Roberts of
Hunter are shown cutting their wedding cake following 1326 Tyler St., returned to '; s'n Attorney and Mrs. Robert W. Gray left the city Sunday
the marriage ceremony held at 1643 W. 8th St., August the city recently from.a visit morning for Milwaukee Wisconsin and the meeting of the
9th. Mrs. Hunter is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie with her son and daughter- National Bar Association. They were Joined in Pensacolaby
DeSue of this city. She attended the Matthew W. Gilbert in-law, Mr. and Mrs. HowardD. MISS MARY BLOUNT BECOMES. Atty. and Mrs. Charles Wilkinson and the two couples

High School and Florida A & M University. Mr. Roberts: .of 2991 South exect to stop en route in Nashville and Chicago and possibly
Hunter is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter of Park Way, Chicago. Illinois., make Atlantic City after the meting ends. We understand
this city. He is graduate of New Stanton Senior High Mrs. Roberts is a member of BRIDE OF LISTON BURNSMiss that the association has planned a round of social

School and attended the Florida A and M University, the New Bethel AME Church activities for visiting barristers.
graduating with B. S.
a degree in chemistry. Mr. Hun Mrs. Roberts is proud to be
ter is on the staff at the University of Pa., and also back at home with all her Mr. and :Mrs. Junius B. Jones of 1540 West 15th Street
working on his Doctors degree at the University of Pa. many friends. were hosts to Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Smith of Plant City,
Photo by Averts Studio. Mary Kate Blount. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cla- Florida. The Smiths were in the city for a week during the
rence C. Blount of Cuthbert Georgia became the bride of recent Tri-State meeting at Edward Waters College.Mrs. .
Henry Hudson of 602 CourtH
was honored by Mrs. Hud-;f Liston R. Burns Jr. In a double ring ceremony performedin : Jones spent the past week-end in Waycross, Geor-
with 1, Grant Memorial AME Church on Sunday July 26 at 3 gia with her nephew, Rev. and Mrs. Griffin.
For Breakfast Lunch '. After the Movie Snacks few son close a friends surprse party. A p. m.. complete with J Junior and senior bridesmaids and .

sent and the honosee were.received pre-ushers. The Rev. J. T. McMillan, officiated. Miss Edith Albury and Eddie Be s s are among Jaxons
jv_ Fried Chicken gifts. A program of wedding mu-I seeing the sights in New York City. Knowing them, we
i 1 many. I sic was rendered by Mrs. given in marriage by her, feel certain that they will cover all the interesting places.
ilii S Oysters Cod Mrs. Bessie Parish Eunice Richardson, organist, father, Mr. Clarence Blount. .
of 1526
8 a ShrimpHam and Miss Henrietta Dawson I' Following the hostess to intimate
W. 25th St., left the ceremony, a Mrs. Gladys Woodard was an group
___t t Bacon Sausage Saturday night for city and Mrs. Vermeta Powell reception was held in the' in her Durkee Drive home last Monday afternoon Among
Eggs Hot Cakes Chicago. soloists. basement of the church after ,'I session Mrs.
Ill, to visit her relatives. t those attending the luncheon bridge were
I I I Coffee Milk Parish Mrs I Kenneth Burns, brother of, which the couple left fora ..1 Johnnie M.: Roberts Mrs.: Bonnie L. Bush 'Wilson and Mr.
French Fr. Potatoes Mrs. Eliza Mitchell.accompanied by I the groom, served 'as b est' brief honeymoon at an undisclosed Capers Bradham.
They are man. Ushers were Oley Coleman -I Horace A. Woodard.
ROOSEVELT members destination. Mrs. Woodard is the wife of Mr.
GRILL Grant Memorial. I I .
AME Church. Alexander Anderson,I I Out-of-town guests include *
Ashley and Madison I Eugene I* Norton, Charles: d Mr. and Mrs Solomon :Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson of Miami -were in the city
Mrs. Ethel* Davenport* Ban- Wilderson. J., Julius Guin-j Guinyard Mrs. Minnie Don-I over the week-end for a brief visit with Mrs. Nelson's sister -

nister left the city Friday 1 1I yard, and Cornelius Smith. I I aldson, :Miss Lottie KirklandMrs. Mrs. Ora McIver of 1362 Hart Street.
for Phil., Pa., where she will Mrs. :Marilyn Burns, sister-, L. Kirkland and :Miss *
I visit her sister, Mrs. Eliza- in-law of the groom, was matron Geneva Kirkland,all of Barn- Mrs Nell Cason and Miss Aretha Johnson are back In

'beth Carr, 121 S. 44th St. of honor, with Miss well, South Carolina. the city after a trip to St. Louis, Mo. .
Shirley Green, Mrs. Florence The bride attended Still- to the music staff of
GRAY She will return home in Mrs. Cason was recently appointed
from GLORIOUS : Sep.
to Lester and Bernice Hill
tember. Miss man College in Tuscaloosa, one of eur local public schools.
serving senior brides-
----- as Alabama end Walker Vocational -
,;>,;-! Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Tay- maids. :Misses Wilma L. and Commercial Col-I Mr and Mrs. English L. Gerideau, Sr. of 1223 West 11th

lor and :Mr. and Mrs George Guinyard. Anita Guinyardand lege in Jacksonville. She is. Street report an interesting and enjoyable summer spent
Roberts of Sharon Hill Pa. Nellie Kirkland were now employed as clerk at I I with relatives and friends indifferent parts of the country.
were in the city recently as junior ushers. Butler H i g h School, Barn-r The Gerideaus spent several weeks with their daughterand

the house guests of the Tay Little Miss Verdell Jones well, S. C. son-in-law in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mr. and Mrs.

lor's aunts, Mrs. Essie Green .was flower girl and Micharl The bridegroom is a seniorat George Exura.
Mrs. Helen Grffin nad Mrs., .Humphei was ringbearer.The Tuskegee Institute. Tus-' From Raleigh they proceeded directly to Pittsburg. Pa.
Mercedes Grayer.. lovely bride who was kegee, Alabama. for Mrs. Gerideau's annual visit with Mrs. Lucille Bailey
they were guests at a dinner and the eampus of the University of Pittsburgh (her alma
rii party at American Beach, I mater). Mrs.- Gerideau described- .her. visit to Pittsburgh. as
given by Mrs. Green. being socially noteworthy, describing tne various luncheons -
_y I LOVELY BRIDE dinners and other affairs given in their honor.
Mrs. Rosalie Milwaukee, Wisconsin was the final stop for Mr. and

New York City and Conway Mrs Ed-0 f Mrs. Gerideau, where they had a lengthy stay their with

na Clyde of Connecticut, sis- their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett 'Geri
ters of Mrs. E.: L. Vance Sr.t tj: ;} : deau.

left for the irrespective I : *

:. homes after an extended va- ". : As a follew-up te the trip made by Mr, and Mrs. Julian

cation here.They were guestsat ",. ..1...<:.:.,, '... ..1,: Ar Walton in the company of Mr. Wilbur Ruffin, they have
, LARIEUSE several dinner parties and :;. .. .' l found that The Waltons' destination was Gary. Ind., while
with YV4 4orr Haircolor beach trips given by their '. t I Mr. Ruffin went to Chicago. However, they all made stopsin

families and friends. i ., :.... Atlanta and Nashville, Tenn., where they visited Mr.
Today...have hair as rich and natural-looking asthe A' Jr' ,' '-: .. and Mrs. Meridith Fergusen, president of the oldest Negro
professional model shown here! One hour, and bank in Nashville. They alse stopped in LaGrange, Ga.. as
Goaefroy's Latieus& brings bk youth to drab, I
guests of Mr. and Mrs. .George Moore. -
over-processed graying hair.Its to use.. NOTES
or easy i
no extra purchases needed.Get long-lasting i White i* Gary, the group was entertained at Chicago'sLondon
Godefroy's s Larieuse novel '- House by Doctor and Mrs. Danny Williams.
)O -. .. =-:.:=== BENEVOLENT SOCIETY
L'74. vGl. I -.-- --
< -- --- ,
r .. --- SPONSOR TRIP \ @'
L Mi' eipsult contents and Squid.t. ow
Apply to hair.itk appkutor.S. :-l. _s_ ;
.lit dmlop..taw shamposaooEFROY .I Tit e Independent Benevolent K rt
Letters to Lolly
MFC.CO.. 3510 Olin Street .St Louii." Miwovrf Society 3 will sponsor a :

trip to Little Talbot Island 1
I Aug. 23. The bus will leave Career's rot'enough for this girl !

New Hope Primitive Baptist .
Church, 1409 Cleveland Stat ',. 7 By Lolly Lorieuse ..

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get !9:30) ( a. m. ist Dear Lolly: '" Dear Under Thirty: ::
r i + 1 am 26 yean old and liny yourself a present ;
LADIES AUXILIARY t Jd have a good job.But sud- -fcmoe* GODEFROV'
; et Lariease Haircotor. You'll
LOW PRICESOn denly I feel like I'm living ,
BRUNSWICK OUTING | ,:. j, IT5 xw in a cocoon because I took yean Younger and
husband will. be
meet new your
never any
t tI.
bringing you diamonds! to "

The Ladies Auxiliary 36, cept! with the girU..Sometimes match your sparkling r.peopleorgoanywhereez .
Your L. A., will sponsor an out-1 t I think its because :f:, N, .S .

ing to Jekyl Island, Bruns. of my prematurely gray ,;... "'
nnnr. STORE NEEDS wick Ga. hair. My hairdresser says Dear Loll,:
Aug. 30
leaving I'm foolish not to change The other day I overheard
Julia and Orange Strets at it back to the color it was. Do you toy girl friend-at least 1
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store 8 a. a., and First and Florida M f + think it would give me a new thought she was my friend-say."Isn't .
; lease on life and maybe help me it too bad Jennies hair is
I Avenue at 8:30 a. .. i. meet some men? Lonesome so dull and lifeless-looking?" I
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN Tickets haven't her since.jDon't
mav be secured tram .... x spoken to
members of -- -- Dear : you think I'm right? Jennie
YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe organizationand Of ) The Editor of ibis news- Quit playing solitaire and eon-
Note Apolegy Society
at the aua.'WALT'S ( : centrate on wearing one. Do take Dear Jennie:
wishes to apologize to newly-weds Mr. and Mrs. hairdresser's ad flee. Watch
paper your Sometimes the troth Isn't meant
Denver We Also FBI AD Doctors' PresotpeJoos I
Andrew J. Buggs) Jr. for the wrong sui-liaes that appeared GODEFBOYS Lariense Haireolor to hurt but it does. Fortunately .
; RADIO under tke bride's picture in last week's issue. give TOOT hair gorgeous natural your problem is an eaay-to-solro
&. color-gire JOG new confidence. one.Get GODETROY'S Larieose
We are therefore rerunning the photo ef Mrs. Bugft Loot for the bright red box at your ,.nd watch the lustrous flow return
Dixie Pharmacyliet TV SERVICEAll In order to clear: up\axxr-'coaf asSon la the matter. Mrs. favorite cosmetic coaster. to your halt. Then yooll feel so
Buggs formerly Miss Doris MlHicent Hall, became the fowl Un be easy to forgive your

KINGS sole at MTBSUC: AVENUE Work Guaranteed bride of Mr. .Andrew. J.- Bum Jr. on August 9. The Dear On LoOy ninth: wedding anniver- friend.

Euo1= .. ...... Hew and 'Used TVs wedding: took place at the home of the bride's mother qty my our husband gave me a shawl If you have problem with your
I PHoae EL 3-4069 Mi*. Hansome Hall llU' Txmftlana Street. The recep- and a pair of slippers. Now.Lolly, hair color GODEFROY'S Lari
PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND.TELEPHONE tion following the wadMrag was hold ai. the sumo Address ... just because there's a little gray in ease can help.Get it in the famous
669 FloridaJacksonville. An. my hair it doesn't mean I'm ready red box at your favorite cosmetic
:BILLS AT'OUR STORE and was attended by macy reUttTes and irked for the rocking'chair. What can I counter today!$1.25(plus tax)buy
Florida 7'iI" Mr. Bus is tbehonoi.Mr. sad Mrs.:Andrew J. Buns & do to" show there's life in the "old everything you need-no extzs
....tt yet Under Thirty purchases DeCeD&l7.f. .
:Sr. .,.: 'i .-A. : 1 I ,
.. "h. ... .<;.... ,... .T /; ." >Ar' -.. -.-.,... ...,.",.. .....,... ', .I '"-\'' '
4.t's:: ,' -: G, # 4-r' -- 4' -;' r -" ."A ., _.,;,Lr "...'2'A -_ -..


p ,


Page Four THE FLORIDA STAR Special Edition; Sunday. August 23 1959I '

. Ministers; Deacons Union Sets Meet In New Hope I



SPEAKER AT SWEETFIELD Pleasant AME Church I ,,. ,w .. ,
at Fruit Cove will observeWomen's I .r
I Day Aug. 23 in the',
Rev. R. L. Jones, pastor of Central Baptist Church and i| church auditorium throughoat -!
Dean of Education of. Sunday School and BTU Congress.i' the day. Rendering ser-;
will bo the morning speaker for the Annual Men's Day I I I vice in behalf of hte Observance -i i I Ii
program at Sweetfield Baptist Church. 4th and Harrison. :' will be the following Ii i ii i t
Rev. D. B. Barnes, pastor. i i ministers* .. '
I I Monday, the JKev. u. .t;. Jenkins -; :i
Speaking at the afternoon A. D. Grant, chairman and' of New Allen Chapel at' %
service which begins at 3 p. Mn Sam Williams, cochairman -I Bayard Tuesday, the Rev. J.'I ,
m., will be R e v. R. J. Ar-, I W. Jones Qf Mt. Zion at k : ,"" '. '
noJd, pastor pf St. Peters! I ings. Wednesday, the Hast-I I 1".,..,... ,,1. '
Methodist Church. j S. Sneed of Hurst Chapel fo I .. ..,11
I -
; St. Augustine and Thursday, ..,, .t .
Guest speaker for the even- 'y. '. <
the Rev. S.Andrews of Allen ,.'. ,, .
;, i '
ing Willie service Smith at,3 prominent:30 pi: m.,:Mr.local r. I I Chapel .. i1.fa.. '.- ..-",.-,,:,.'--. .. .-. -, .,. -. -.>. ....-"...: \. \, ..':., ".. t':. ';.I'Z'
businessman and.drug e :i, r Yfyp' Beautician Research Consultant.
store LOCAL TEACHERS 55a ; j

Simpson.Remarks by Officers Mr. Eric for the 0.,:' N.;. I(i RETURN FROMEUROPEAN TOUR _. Works on Royal Crown Cosmetics i !

Men's Day program Jire Mr. J. Strickland & Company makers of Royal Crown Hair I
Mrs. Lucille J. B. Shrop- Dressing and cosmetic products adds another Research Con.
shier joined the Teachers well sultant qualified.to staff! Mrs. Millicent Bolton comes to the Company,
I European Study Tour which She Is a graduate of Bobo's
visited eight countries in Beauty School Memphis, Tennes research customers. '"
thirty-one days(July 7- Aug. see.She attended Tennessee State Mrs. Bolton's primary Job with .
7.) Twenty-six teachers from .: .,..,..:.. .,";.:: ... Nashville University, School of Cosmetology, the J.Strickland & Company will
: ,
five states made up the group ':.:' where she be to help pre-test all new products .
Protect Your Rights States represented were won a scholarship to Comer & before they are o.ffered to tho
Doran Beauty School Hollywood, consumer.Hundreds of such test
Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, California.She la a member of the are made before the
.REGISTER NOW A Company enters
ar Georgia and Florida. Boy Seoul Marchtai 0. T. King I* wen rtcttrlng the State and National Beautician Into national distribution of
The three retired teachers Association, and during the year
any new product!Mrs.Bolton will
So You Can Vote representing Florida were: "God and Country" award from his pastor the Rev D. of 1957, at the National Convention work directly with the
Miss Susie Chambers, Mrs. W. Welcome at New St. James AME Church. His mother In New Orleans she won the Research Staff headed by Mr. U
.ya aEV. Edna Leapheart and Mrs. Mrs. Terese Tucker King pinned the award on the National Trophy for the most creative C.Ashby, Director of Market Research .
honoree who is a life scout, president of Post 58 and efforts'for that year. The for the Company who is
.$ R. S. JONES i Shropshier.This den chief of Pack 58. The post Is sponsored by; Emanuel lady whose hair is being styled is assisted by Professor.Joseph D.
trip gave them a wonderful Baptist Church with Ted Story as Troop Committee Mrs.Gladys Brodnax of Memphis, Hardy, faculty member of Jack-
opportunity of a lifetime Tennessee, one of Mrs. Bolton's son College, Jackson, .
chairman. Post 58 Is a part of the Cherokee District Mississippi
to re-live many of the North Florida Council Boy Scouts of America.
WALKER historical events
the class rooms.they taughtin ] -

-- - - -
Vocational & Commercial

CollegeREGISTER .:&1.-' !tk; -' ,, .. ,
; : If .
:' ii.r.r
ABroad ..
FOR OPENING SEPT.NOW 8. 1959 t :,i: ;,. t .'.

Executive Secretarial COURSES Interior Decorating (jI. '" .'$v..., .k ',,z:;'. ._ .. "..... /._;*'; 'J '"._'''.; <_,..', :t .< ... > .... ,

Business Administration Tailoring and Fcrsyth Streets
Accounting Leading to CPA DressmakingUpholstering '''' .. .
; .

Stenographic Clerk Bookkeeping- Typist Radio PBX Receptionist- Television I. ; fr ,.:<:" "'1....i.'.:f.1r'f..;.._........ .......:_;;..I:.;"'.;.. .""'.:,/ ..... tiI'.:.. .r. 4 r IA' ":..4-

Business Law Business Machines .... ,'. .. -' .
For Additional Information /f' .... r

Telephone 5-2626 or ImmediatelyEL PO 5-0004 _.:t"-v-..:-r--. .;:. I"-. "..".","...".""." ..,....' "".. V'A

Or Write .,. '. : :-
Attn:Walker Dr. J. V Walker& C College Brown I > > ': : :.r f .f

1832 Myrtle Ave. .. Me4Po t
Jacksonville 9, Fla. 5-
i B '
J l i i 1

.."......,..:..":.. 'f'7. .-:...._..::....'...J................ .. ( .1'!.
"' ;;: %::: !"s-; ,.
You can't "


unless y

they FITI t t .

urjuOO '

: To.&w & ;i

For Your Old Heater i "

a : On Your Purchase ,

I tY ? ,y kI


1 :1! \

J 7.50 To 850According _

to Size

our fitting exclusive plan Insures G-poInt NEW QUAKER, % t1 : k'' :

perfect fit every time : OIL HEATER LI Fit .1
You can be sure that Buster Browns
really fit because they're made over ,; d r :
."live foot"lasts-modeled after the feet A S fj (II S ; H- _
of active, healthy children. We use the NO PAYMENT UNTIL OCTOBER! '% : f
famous 6-point fitting plan to check '
your child's foot size at six vital points.

Bring pair of your Buster youngster Browns.in now for a new H D o n'tI Wait Until Cold Weather ; I J


"J.J '
6lLt4e '\..' .
; ". / 1
> '
:' '- .F'

TA r f
O. " '


f tj : .

Special Edition Sunday, August 23, 1959
Page Fir.

>> ;Xt<>Z.'h* i see Durham's the boys.Service John Coleman Station. "O" %:" % .

Stop by'20th and :Myrtle and ,

Chips. Off The Blocks wash is now business.specializing You in the shouldsee car : "" '" j .., '. .,"I .,.

**ISf the automatic car wash : ,.; -
By JAY JAY jive he has.Friends ,. .:. ,>, .,,: .
[f r IflAAAAASUlS. AAAAAAAA/l of :Marie Fernandez J : :: "'" ./f:". .<(1/: I
-- --- '""y"""" Wallace Ji. '
The sound of the ten thoUS- Wymon Surceys entertained are welcoming > :
the former Jaxqn back home # ,
and drums they are talking former Jaxon Matie Mickens "
; > '
from ; \
the ? \r :
Big City. : ;
the records '
about on are quite! Henderson and family. y. ,' ) ,
tends to awhile. :
compared to the furore raised They now live in California.On stay "" ,.Y 1&4dfff
concerning the new Sears the Southside of town, Roscoe Webb is the new .' <;;> 5:, : :, .
principal of Peck High in Fer- I' .,'. ,. .,
i '- :
store. As one sage said many Helen Bradley had hosts of nandina. The local boy has :< ; > .,. ,
years ago, "you just don't friends out to help her cele- 1 t ( \/" .
know how white previously served as Dean of > 2---
folks think. brate her birthday. The pop- U
Jones High in Orlando and -
It is hard to believe that a ular hostess at Jan's bar and IY '

multi-million be constructed dolar in store the could deep I, and lounge all the served trimmings.wines turkey Mixed I'Miami.worked We at welcome Northwestern him backto in .

rebel equal"South facilities and no "separatebut built in. drinks were the order of the him North success.Florida and wish 00 I N G OUT OF

The only thing to believe is I day.Albert "Pops" Frazier is Bernice Toby, popular Baptist -
that they intend for everyone i among the lonely. Recent Hospital R.N. is currently
to use the same facilities. A on vacation. She has as her I
marriage ceremonies left the
After all the money is all popular playboy at the alter. houseguest Shirley Seawrightof
placed in the same register.For Grenville S. C. Shirley and I i
I His friends Brymer :Murray I I
Bernice classmates at
chuckles read the paperback I and George Perpena are help- Grady Hospital were School of BVSINESSSALE I IE44
book, "Only in Ameri- .ing him to forget bygones.Ben Nursing. I'd love to get sick]
ca" Its a beautiful satire in i Durham, Jr., boiled a around either one of these
which the author to
proposes i few crabs and opened a few girls.
solve the race problem by so- cans of beer in his back yardon .. STOCK OF MEN'S QUALITY CLOTHING
The home Edward
called "vertical integration". the occasion of his madam lor the of Tay- SUITS, SPORT COATS. SLACKS AND HABERDASHERY
was setting a piano 0
The social in town has
pace returning from a summer of session. Alvin and Jim-

sort the the only of slowed noise you down.can About hearis her study at in the California.airport with He a new"Galaxie" met mie Butler as Walter provided Paige Thronton the audience % SAVE 50% AND MORE!

feeble shout from a as a back home exercised on the "88"I .
i birthday party or two. Last gift. By the way Ben and
week the Eddie Monroes and brother Ed are operatingbe Bobby and Henry Glenn at ,
I II' ?'.riE'l:2g.rt;;: '
the Silver Star are greetingall ::1- LANSONS

smart-look smart! I' the old remodling friends. ,To electronic complete j' : i '! ,,
equipment for placing your j. !"
order is being installed in the "::;
1 1I "drive-in window". Also on J, I .... SUITS ,
the subject, it is rumored
that Drive-In Ligours is plan- J
I ning another place. ,
James Waters and family J, \ D. cron & Wool
are visiting from Washing NOW 24 87 ,
ton. James is the son of Dr. J Regular 49.95 $ .
y$7&er G. F. Waters. He and his twin '
brothers make the Capitol WashN'Weu. "
City their home. Herbert NOW 19.47
r : James and Alphonso Weath Regular $39.95. f '
ers-bee are showing them'' ._.. .
7 around. Ivy LeagueRegular
I t Former Classmate Captain $49.95 NOW 22.47
Leon Calhoun of the FAMU I
ROTC staff left for Korea .
Wednesday night via New Orleans AllWoolFlannel I
and the West Coast. Suits NOW $29.47 ,
Calhoun will spend two years HURRY
\ ] '', overseas. r Only A Few Left 1
1k assisting Mrs.\ Thelma How- ,.
George "\'1 p'' Lowery is ALL-WOOL
ard of the Richmond Hotel in FLANNELRegular ___
entertaining her son Bobby ,
:McDonald of New York. Bobby I SLACKS
is in charge of Physical S14.95
Ed at the large Goldwater

Vets Hospital. NOW $7.972 For
Johnny Wheeler is spending $1.500

1 ; xAPjANERS ing Doggett entertaining a a while while, a on navy hr friends.the neate man-about-beach baoch Odell and ,: r.Z S LONG SPORT SLEEVE Shirts $3fXo: $2.29 4 I $9 x r # .

town; is leaving this week for COO
duty in the "Med". Jimmy I AIO iCoats $22.44 2 $42.50sox
i ida Jenkins'bon voyage"is emceeing parties.all of his en x S l CO z


We Can Help You. Reg. 89e Reg. $9.99
-.d. ._. --' Call EL 4-1376 Reg. $1.00 ? ,

-btTttnart-look- -- smart : ,.-- ** ** .. % I i NOW SOC NOW' 69c NOW 4.97 i.

.__..., 0

., .'c'';'," A.. cern. ENTS.HEVER. _-:: j, !!:fEo. Shirts NOW$&.2Q ,

_t\\,"' JOHN SAFETY H.SPECIALIST TERRELL #, I Solids. andColors Regular 4 FOR 9 00 P'

:__ TAkE,, of Philadelphia is a top-flight illustrater 4, to $5.95 __ "-
--. who has devoted his art to bringing the
Ij ", a: message of Safety to millions of Americans.
+ ga. A delegate to the National Safety Council.
y r Mr.Terrell known as one of the country SPEC.
a leading safety specialists and acts as consultant LONG SLEEVE ALL-WOOL
on safety to many industries inaddition1 f GROUP SPORT SPORT "-
'" b to working for the U.S.Navy on' 0 SWEATERSRegular SHIRTSSHORT
I ,, recruiting posters. Mr.Terrell's cigarette COATS
q ,
I $3.97 r
a $1.0O $14.88 ,
$5.00 NOW


Reg. $9.95

0: Now$2.47 $2.88 How $4.97MEN'S ,

r, f I CreaseResistant SUITS Regular$49.95 $22.47

t r 0r Sports Coats Regular 529.95 $14.88

.r+ ,: Leisure Coats $7.77 ,,


The Man Who Thinks for Himself Knows ; Y '



Safety Specialist John H.Terrell smoke VICEROY..,Their zasoat, << .
Is a nun o e. ?f .!. .' ,
who thinks : 'nsR .
for himsdf Best ia the world.They know for t '
to everything he does.He bows 'a;fact that only VICEROY has a a"'o stt' t .
the difference 29 WEST FORSYTH STREET
between fact and w..ma.a1&'ftUa.a[ : moifef ..
ttncy.HetnttUhisowniudtment.i WI 1I',taste ': Sale HW Pamunt to CUT Per. U No. 14153 .. .
like vir. T-n ...... .. ..p. "._ __ ,> "
UauaI:1, : 1M* a taa-on. .. .
f.', ". ._" _... ...," ....," '"

... f


Page SIx THE FLORIDA 3TAA, Special Edition.; Sunday, August 23. 1959CARTER'S

s .J.

FUNERAL HOME YORK-A workshop Wilson this week revealed -
929 West Beaver Street' COUNTERPARTS IN EUROPE in direct, non-violent action in a tsatement issued
24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Bell Waters Choir of techniques to achieve integration through| | { the Jacksonville
Attendant Second Baptist Church will I wil be sponsored by the branch of the Florida State
-:- Lady -:-
Phones Washington D. C_Ninly-sbc delegates of the Council of present Miss Allie Faye I II ,Congress of Racial Equality Board of Health, that many
O. C. Jernigan Owner EL 4.0545) Negro Women are in Europe on a 31-day lour, meeting I I I Roundtree, soprano soloist,I I (CORE) in connection with sections of Florida are shortof
S. L. Davis Manager EL 4-054S I their European counterparts. Headed by national President ,and Amos Ealey. tenor soloist the Greater Miami Committee dentists. He added, however -
'Dorothy I. Height. 81 of the delegates boarded a chartered in a joint recital Aug. 'of Racial Eguality, it was that the Dental Scholar-
[BOAC plane and 15 left by KLM. 23 at 8:15 p. m., in the I announced by James R. Robinson ship Program, which was

BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN landed in church auditorium, under the CORE'S executive sec- sponsored by Gov. Leroy Collins
1816 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722 delegates direction of Charles T.Maxwell retary. and passed by the Legis-
Kindergarten Begin September 2nd London where they will WEBS SURVEY music major,graduate Under the leadership of lature in 1955, has helped to
ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS spend four days. Then they of Florida A and M Univer- John D. Brown, M.D., Miami alleviate this shortage.

Piano Band Voice Guitar Accordion will spend two days in Ams- sity and an associate music CORE) is presently engagedin According to Dr. Sowder,
Theory Tutoring Adult Education terdam, Holland. Some of SHOWS GAIN director 0 f Second Baptist interracial sit-ins at a number -I who is the state Health Offi-

MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH the other countries they will Church. of lunch counters in that cer, ten scholarship recipientsare

visit are:Brussels, Germany, IN POLIO CASES'WASHINGTON Mrs. Lillian P. King will resort town. Several times, recommended each year
CORE members have waitedat
the artists in this to the State Board of Health
Switzerland, Austria, Italy presentation.Miss accompany dime stores for service all by theState, Board of Dental

and France. Examiners., Dr._ ._Sowden. states
There -
Roundtree is a seniorat that three of the ten recom-
The delegates will meet 117 paralytic polio cases many as 50 persons
ir: were FAMU and is taking special mended this year are Neg
have in sit-in
joined single
last week setting a record a
their counterpartsin
Enroll Now In The European Health voice training.Mr. demonstration. The sit in roes. He explained that selections -
for the the Public -
:' South* Finest College ... a variety of interests rang- Service year reported, July 31. Ealey, a graduate of 'technique has been used by: are made on the basisof
Florida Barber } from leadership trainingand with CORE the scholarship and ned, des-
College ing The report for the week Stanton High School groups across
Branch G. I. Approved social welfare to the arts ended July 25 showed an in- further study at Edward country in successfully open- cribing the scholarship stand-
ards to be met .
ing service to all. as "rigid"
and crafts and journalistic crease of 11 cases over the Waters College. .
::x', enterprises. 166 reported for the previous Invitation have been ex- The workshopl will) work The three Negroes receiv-
faodruw Patterson manager Prof. James Glover week. with the Miami Core mem- ing scholarships this year are
630 Davis Street At Beaver Among these women travelers The new cases bring to tended to the public. bers and give workshop Parris W. Brown of Escam-

Phone EL 5.9874LILLY'S are tree men; two ac- 1,133 the total number of paralytic -I ticipants actual experiences par-in bia, Monroe L. Billingsea of

companing their wives and cases recorded this combatting segregation in Palm Beach, and from here in
one with .his daughter. !year. This was 'more than the South. Duval County, George \V. Al-
double the 510 reported during FALL TERM BEGINS exander.
Under the Council's Inter-
the same time in 1958.
national. Relations program, The PHS said 55 polio FOR KINDERGARTEN According to Dr. Sowden,
DRUG STORE of which this tour is a part, deaths have been reported so A. ever since the initiation of
the organiational conferences.It TOOTHACHE the program four years ago
far this Officials said eQtl11S11rem
1907 Kings Road at Spires participates in interna- the: death year.rate of about three Registration for the Day- tree.I,rile see, there always has been at least

tional conferences. It is a per cent is not considered spring Kindergarten will beheld Who tfiiptuU doe with art sees oils Uap w one sucessful Negro appli-
Where Exp.rl.Dc.drPharmacists member of the International hiRh. Aug. 26-28. The fall 91*. roe CMtity thooieeas at; cant.

Prepare! Council of Women of the In adition to the paralyticcases term will begin August 31st.. Int.m ouJUfw +tffMttr DRA-JEL J
Your According World and in for nail Just
Prescription participates there have been 413 Children are eligible
to your doctor's] international conferences on cases of non-paralytic polio in, enrollment from two to six

.' Instructions Using ; fF global problems.' the first ,29 weeks of this years old. All children attending .
year and '194 unspecified, public school may MORTGAGE LOANS
only the best quality.] bringing the overall total to enroll for attendance before Long term 12 year loans FLORIDA STARIN

.x drugs. ; 1,740. and after school each day. repayable $10 per monthon EVERY

Dr. G. E. ICY Pharmacist Dr. W. J. Orgasm MRS. H. MAXWELL :More than half the new The school is open daily the$1,000, for home Improvements COLORED HOMEPHOTOGRAPHS
cases were centered in seven
r RECENT VISITOR from 7:30 a. m. to 5 p. m., repairs and
Alabama 20 Texas
states: .
-:- -:- -;- ; Monday thru Friday. Mrs. additions to your existing S i
15; Missouri, 14; Tennessee Williard P. Smith, instructorand house. Quick and efficient
A, COMPLETE LINE OF !and California! 11 each; Arkansas -
:Mrs. Allen Sloan, super- sendee. No red tape. Just
Cosmetics Rubber Goods .Candies .Sundries Mrs Helen W. Maxwell of and Louisana,10 each. visor. good credit rating and ownor
Alabama and California reported buying your own
Basileus of the National anincrease of five M. J. SIMON

Sorority of Phi Delta cases over the previous week. 621 First Federal Building
Kappa. was in the city last Louisana also showed !
a sharp 306 W. Adams EL 6-2489
ATTENTION READERS week as the house guest of increase from thre cases reported -I BEGINS FALL TERM ICE CREAM
U r s. S. Eloise Brooks Supreme last week. Seven of
Please Bring .or Send Your AUGUST 31
Crammateus. While in the cases in California occur?
Church News. Club Notices & Announcements the city Mrs. Maxwell was red in Los Angeles county. FOREOCCASION
accorded several courtesiesby I
Virginia and North Carolina
To The FLORIDA. STAR Early members of the local chapter reported eight each; New Classes will begin Aug. 31

DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS Alpha Gamma, of which York and Pennsylvania, seven for the 1959-60 school termat
Miss Nathalie Clemons is Ba- each Iowa, six; Nebraska, Cooper's Academy.Grades
TUESDAY at NOON sileus. Mrs. Maxwell returned Florida and Oklahome, five from one through nine will -1 4 Expert Photography

FLORIDA STAR to Brooklyn v i a of the apiece. be taught. Portraits Weddings Banquets
Eastern Airlines Friday, Aug. The Passports & Identification Photo
2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street Florida and Oregon each Kindergarden depart- '
7, declaring a plesant visit ment will be in operation al- .Photostats & Commercial Work
4 while in our city. reported two polio deaths. Photos For Newspaper Cuts
. Meantime, the PHS week- so. Feature of the academyis
While You Walt
ly report contained final polio a for sound beginners reading and foundation indi--' .. i::'< Coloring & Picture: Framing

.''-'Y.... '"1<"O'-.r.-, '. ..---io!.'..._, .-... .., .) "', -,. there figures were 5,787 for polio 1958 caseS-when vidual help to retarded students -'I .' -: tj_; Let Us Take A Photo Of You
from the first grade t,. tk11n
of them In
3,697 paralytic.
SCHOOL DAYS. :.TJUST: A HOP t 1957, final figures showed through the ninth. i .. J., AVERY jpjc In Natural Color .

5,485 polio cases, 2,499 of
Parents have been asked i
.SKIP AND A UMP_ AWAY I them paralytic. to register their children before -! AVEHY'S PHOTO STUDIO

+ ;::: 4 .' Aug. 31. Registration I 611 West Ashley Clara While Mission Bldg.
lively feet'deserve the I 4 hours arefrom 8:39 a. m., to i
For bock to'school footwear, give 3:30 p. m... and from 6 ,to Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments
v them the benefit of Poll-Parrot's p. m. 71
quality construction and ,
finer fit.- Adorable sandals and r

." t pumps; for little girls..rugged BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe
..aA In tP.
n ready models for boys. Annual Women's Day will

the newest styles and be observed August 23 in DaySpring Recomm ended As
Finns Listed Below Are Reputable Establishments
baAers.long wear In every P<*. it.. Baptist Church, with
Services and
Mrs. Leola Taylor as general
chairman and Mrs. Daisy
l 3 t s V
As featured on TV A Ford, co-chairman. AUTO SERVICE Washington's Health Service

$6.95 $8.50, ,. Other officers are: Mrs. "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours0

Minie L. Brown, secretary; AUTO PAINTING_ COMPANY [Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bathi
Mrs. Ojetta Oliver, courtesy & Paint Work $ Colonlc Therapy
Complete Body Repair -D. C. Masseur
Washington Same
committee chairman; :Mrs. :
__:_ Oven Baked Paint Jobs -J-
Alice' Logan decorations I For 23 Years
chairman, and Mrs. Lucille Price Start at $4.00 1:934: << N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-2478

41E Martin, public relations chair- 1532, East Adams Street EL 5-8135
man.August 16, a home talent
delivery of the
any part city
will be presented in
program FOODS
-- t
connection with the celebra-
tion. ,601 West Ashley Street EL 4.1380


If You Want The Finest In Groceries JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
-. LEARN TO DRIVE And Meats Come See Us .
Secure Drivers' License 100 Davis Street, EL 6-5412J --
SAFEW Y DRIVING Courteous Treatment
SCHOOL $ Open 8:30 to7p.m.

600 West Beaver Street MISCELLANEOUS, \305 Davis Street EL 4-1210

Office ELgin 5-7742 AAA BONDING AGENCY

Res. PO 5-4587 City County and Federal Boa ? MAGGIE _CONFEC1IVh -.



;, 38 Yean In Etetraks,

v .C _._ Street EL 4-8164! Mattress
u 1 ... ....' ;o .; '-
... r" .,> < !PATRONIZE On. Day Senrle: -
j:; t-
; > Old, Kin Road PO
NOW LOCATED AT .. h tPaxson'S .
.5.Star;;Advertisers TAXI
,- Garden Supplier |
Bootery ,4't.M Fertilizer Fruit Product 5 "** YOUr Serrlc

New mad: Used Furnltur ,bought and midHEW DEAL CAB 0 EL 4-1811,

1 40 W. For.yth 'Street ." s S64 Timlquama Jload' ,SP 1-37625 LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611- o.

\ '. ', :: : : .....;; : ni ,. .i' .'*.-..'*I/""* t.::::' .:: =i : -=-..-= -=.:: -= -= .:,::: -= : .:>-= i! .:: .:: c_= .:: ; ":I":1:. ,=, << "- u' :pt'' '?! ...n._ ': = ar I: 2
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'" :(1'
: r
If> #I-.f- 4i'.AY J "'f'-





--- -

I .

Special Edition. Sunday Augutt M 1959 r- l''' THE FLORIDA STAB '
; !: ) : Pay SeT_

I J. Jax Clarifies! 'fee., 'Sponsor' Pro Game Sepf. 5th I




44c Jacksonville fact becoming pro 'football. conscious and
T -- ; interest In the game between the Chicago Bears nad the

... C. PARHAM JOHNSON" The annual Oldtimers base- Washington Redskin to be played In the Jacksonville
WILLIE McCOVEY the sensational_ first baseman of the ball game is scheduled for Gator Bowl at 8 p.'m. Saturday Sept. 5.

San Francisco Giants has been more than sensational since Friday Aug. 21, at. the Myr- The game is creating much
t putting on a Giant uniform and taking over the:.first base_ tle Avenue Baseball Park atC attention because of the Florida g a m e. Caroline has been
I position. The big tan first baseman has been super sensational p. m. representatives on the shifted from defense to offense -
as a glove man and aticlc 1an. McCorey Is a definite Over' a period of years the teams. The Jacksonville Charities and the fans attendingthe
threat become "Rookie of the Year". with his Inc.. has succeeded in
to the epeciacular 'oldtimers have played a be- i game on Aug. 5 will see
performances since being brought up from. the nefit' game to aid the YMCA giving the football fans of some fancy running by a
Giant Pfco.nlv. ArIzona farm club. this seetion the best in the
building fund. Many of the man who knows how to run.
THE GIANTS WILLIES players participating in the y line of sports that can be
After last year's the
E have already been giving the creation Department has game are stars of the past secured. game
other National League teams shown some great baseball i and they are remembered r Both teams are coming Negro fans were just as highin
the willies in their constant potentials, for some of those I for the broad of ball they S back by popular demand. their praise"of Carson, Le-
i Softball do the of ____ Both teams are favorites in Baron, Baker, Bosseler and
playing can gave public. Many
penrant of the other
the city because of their some
equally as well on the base- the oldtimers have playedno powerful
M Willies, Willie Mays, Willie ball diamond.In other towns baseball at all and they teams. Every footballfan ton. players as they were
Kirkland and Willie McCo- tt in the nation knows the several of the Negro play
soft ball is one of themajor make their contribution to a 1(
vey are playing a major role attractions and is largely attended worthy cause by playing in w "Mighty Mite", Eddie LeBa- with the Eagles. To them
in the Giants battle for the but in Jacksonvillethe the "Liniment Classic." ron who has led the Red- game was a game regard
Pennant. The big bats of the game is practically ignored One of the manaers is Por J? skins to victory in many of to players.
three are ringing out home by adults. cher L. Taylor and the other the Redskins games."Thefans Tickets are going at a ra-
runs, triplets, doubles and CAN YOU IMAGINE a manager will be, announced w also know of the kick-\ pid rate and all who are
singles with men on base. baseball going 17-inn- Liter. The 'purpose of the "' ,,OM(. ing battle that is waged each I planning to attend the game
The tan skinned Willies are 'ings and game a player who ''played game is to raise funds to Y year between Baker of the[ are asked to purchase tickets
producing hits when hits the entire game not having build a.reputable YMCA zz t Redskins and Groza of the 'e a r 1 y. Tickets can be purchased -
mean runs. the first fielding chance? building in Jacksonville. Cleveland Browns. Baker is at the Hollywood
JUAN PIZZARO, the left- Well fans, it did happen in Most of the men who also a favorite here among Music Store.ROBINSON.
bander who was quite a favorite the 17-inning game betweenthe ed out with the stan-I colored and white fans.
around Jacksonville Chicago White Sox and are still loyal and are will Willie Galimore, one of the
when he pitched for the the Baltimore Orioles. Willie ing to give their best. Someday -, most sensational runners to

Braves is now doing a grand Tasby, the great tan outfielder a YMCA building will READY FOR REDSKIN -WiIU Gallmore, who has put on football togs in colle- AGREESTO

job on the mound for the of the Orioles did not get be erected in the city and averaged 4.5 yards per carry; in two National Football also giate be orpro seen competition in action.Gall-will DEFEND TITLE
Milwaukee Braves and might the first chance to fieldball. the e n who play in the
seasons for the Chicago Bears is all set to go againstthe
agame more is the Florida A & M PENDER
well be the difference be- will have
f During the game therwere played a major Washington Redskins in the Gator Bowl In Jack- Rattler star
tween now and the end of 154 part. from St. Augus-
fielding chances sonville. Saturday Sept. 5. at 8 p. m tine who strated
the pennant drive for the 100 putouts and Tasby did The game has been live- Galimore seen here in one of his most familiar poses and has continued to as star a pro NEW YORK Sugar Ray
Braves. The 22-year-old lefty -not figure in any of it. The ly, interesting and fun-mak gained 1.157 yards and scored thirteen touchdowns on pro. This season the Flo-asa Robinson. New-York and

1 himself.appears to have found game was won by the White ing. The game has been 257 running plays since he joined the Bears in 1957. rida flash will be more sen- New England's 39-year-old
Wit h Jacksonville Sox 32. played voted him the most valuable player of
on a very friendlyand His teammates sational because he has ,
been middleweight campion,
In 1957 he won 23 games, FOOTBALL I S IN THE unbiased the Cleveland I
Bears 42-31
level. The fans last year's victory over elevated
to the defend his of the 1
lost 6 and compiled a 1.17 AIR and im the next few have enjoyed an evening of Browns in the 13th Armed Forces Benefit contest. In department pass catching I.pound title against part Paul
earned run average and recorded days the coaches of the various fun. This year the game i is that win over Cleveland. Galimore scored 4 touchdowns I I
dar, of Boston, at the Bof
318 strikeouts in 318 teams will be calling expected to be just as lively one a 95-yard kickoff return and runs from Wllie Lee another ex-Rat; Garden Dec. 5.Robinson's .
innings. Manager Fred the teams together. The as it has been in the past. scrimmage of 21, 35 and 15 yards. tier will be plyaing with the on failure to defend
ey of the Braves says Han-I teams of New Stanton, High Whatevre the attendance The former Florida A and M flash scored 4 touchdowns Bears. The Bears have had I the. title after winningit -
pitches better when he s School; Matthew W. Gilbert, is. the proceeds will go into In regular season game of 1957 and against the many players who have long I back from Carmen Basilio
than when he relives. I don't the the Baltimore Colts last returned kickoff 95 since been
triple champs; Douglas buildng fund treasury. year a yards gone, but because I at.the Chicago Stadium,Mar.
know why, but he does." Anderson; Northwestern for a score. For his NFL career he has returned 14 of the brand of ball the big
25 th'e National
JACKSONVILLE IS A Duval Vocational will ,soon touchdowns. He Is 6 feet 1 inch, 187 pounds and 24- man has been playing he is I Association have
GREAT baseball town where heed the calls of their coaches years-old. He has been making his off-season home still a member of the team.I his Boxing title to
the game is played, but since to prepare for' the 195! SWIMMING CLUB with his wife and two children la Chicago. Galimore Keep an eye out for Big I Pender vacated.
integrate4 baseball came to is a product of Si. Augustine Florida. Willie Lee.Another. Robinsijn's junior
town all easen.M. by 10-years is ranked eighth
Negro teams have
suffered for attention. It Is Johnson Jr., who: 1 n1952 and won again in gigantic hero of by the NBA and 10th by
formerly basketball COMPETES the gridiron
sad but it is true. Fans I played DOBYTOPLAY 1954 with the same number. wars is J. C. Ring Magazine. He earned
i and football Caroline
on Paul Quinn I who is recognized the title shot
on 17
to forget that the players I College teams and brotherof I II For five years he battedin by football fans all over the by

must fore prove: their worth be. C. Parham Johnson win as ,CHAMPIONSHIPS IN I SAN DIEGO more than 100 runs and country as one of the best I Jones outpointing, who once Ralph won a Tiger de
they called
are up by the city last week to' at-I aU around players in the I II
was once the leading batter!j I, cision from Robinson.
or minor I
league teamsthey II
teed the funeral of their
mae in the league From 19491 I I i
must show they sr ther. Mr. Johnson is in the I The Jefferson Swimming I WITH PADRESSAN through 1955 he\ was named
ready. Jacksonville has had newspaper, public relationsand Club participated in the I to the All-Star team. ACOSTA'S
some mighty fine baseball real estate businesses in ,first annual Orange: State
throughout the summer. but Waco, Texas. He was a visitor Recreation Association swimming I t EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMANBait
the attendance has not shows to the Florida Star while and diving champion- DIEGO, Calif.,Larry
the true spirit of the fans. in the city. ships held at West Palm Doby the hard hitting outfielder : Shrimp Live Crabs .
SOFTBALL GAMES spo nSMOOTH SAILING 'T I L] Beach, August 14-15. who was recently
sored by the Jacksonville Re WE MEET AGAIN. Coach J u Ii u s Guinyard I,I seat to San Diego by the Watch This Clown" Fishing Tackle

said he was minus of two of I j)i Chicago White Sox will soon 8019 MAIN STREET
his best swimmers in the ,e- break into the Padres lineiup 23.1989 PHONE ELGIN 4-9670

I THE. EVIDENCE vents: The two were Julian'Bill {. :Manager George Metko- 574 60 765 JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA
itch announced.
( ) Walton,who was away
on his vacation and Clarence!| Doby, a left handedd hit- 1 9 '
STACKS UP- Wingate, who was above the ter, the first Negro to play 2 8 ." "_"_'
I age limit. 'iin i the American League,
i Fifteen swimmers made was optioned to the Pacific 3 rL 1 7 s

there's no Gin likeGORDON'S the trip, and heading the, Coast League by" the Chicago -, PALMS

squad"was Walter Mears Jr., White Sox. 94 __ 33 73 .
co-captain of the Sea Horses.,' In 1947 the Cleveland In-, R6 __ 41 __ 239
Age ,classification for the I'dians paid the Newark Eagles !
events were:. 12 years and of the Negro American; +nwtlmf'3. hr'- QI| BALLROOM
r !k etlinCM he" clown
.. under; ages 13-14-15-16-17 League $20,000 for Doby,;' Ho adds. nhtrarUH
and 18 were in the other then a second baseman. Dur- work It all roond
classification. ing his 12 years in the majors OF JACKSONVILLE
Coach Guinyard said the' Larry was twice the Coming Attractions
32 88 678 50BERGAMOT --- .
team was greatly strengthened -' American League home run 2 .;- ,
by the return of Joseph hitting champion. He Hit 32 NO DANCING
Pauline 111, a student at '
. 1 jMorehouse College He won DANCING 10 P. M. TO 2 A- M. AS USUAL
1I I several honors in the Southern ---_._-_._------- _.- _. :o.Ift
I Inter-Collegiate Athletic iUtLI FRI. AUG' 21 thru SAT. AUG. 29 M A
Association swimming and
diving championships. ;

[ I Willie R. Thomas also join-" BIG DOUBLE ATTRACTION
6ojQ.R'- I ed the squad after a brief I NOW SHOWING D
II ijlness. He competed in the
three meter diving event

Thomas won the .diving
event in the South Carolina THEMdighters
1ST tl D t: iQHDOIi ,I,State championships last

"year.Members tl _

1 1itoC tto F I Ii wree: Walter making Mears the Joseph trip '

I Pauline and Willie R. Tho- r
M MMry ,i n.ss, Seniors; Ronald Mears,
..,.. Willie Peterson. Wendle Hol- 1 ,
'mes 111, Roscoe White, Dorian ttiL 4
8E19 -
Dallas and ennard Wilkes !kt PLUS
Intermediate; Earl Wilson

Charles Davis Billy a Olp'1ID I1AN ( MOORE

Pavers, CharlesVhite. Ber- XE. i .
nardVilke and Horatio + t
ki Brown, Midgets. And His Orchestra

Coach Guinyard. who" was '9 2 ...
?2 ';
appointed ";?;;
chief inspector V !CC/r 1fl predation the meet,to expressed his ape A .Any Night Before 10:00 SOc Per Person
+' contributed to make persons the who r MON. THRU TOURS- '75c 4
YW .possible I., for ._the. .Jefferson ** QUl! SHBB toni nan twi. SB PV.i .t--, II!.. CL lW t>aQ04 I. l i I Street s" uad. '. A

1 .. ., -_ i\. *.=-f:: : *,''_&. ;'-' .; ,: ""." :":. .' se",,'. sa: e,, ...,f_ ,

....... '



.... EIgILt f THE FLORIDA STAB Special Edition Sunday August 23. 1959G
In Duval in 1958 I
County, ,
Continued from Page 1 Nice furnished room for singles College Graduate B. A. in
1,080 automobiles 11\
AND J BUILDERS were or couple. Apply 1242 Social Studies Desires Work *
stolen, valued at $1,915,579.
We Will Build On Your Lot For $250.00 Dowa There[ were 1,024 automobiles stolen in the U.S. In dollars W. Duval Street. Please Call EL 4.9105 *
2 Bedrooms $57.00 Monthly recovered-valued at $1,385- and cents this represents over I A-M. or P. M. *
3 Bedrooms $67.00 1 billion dollars. Of this
Monthly 118.00, resulting in a loss of
For Information Call SP 1-3452 amount, 94% were recovered, FOR RENT
$530,461.00S e leaving 12,956 unrecovered *
automobiles which repre- Two unfurnished rooms for BARBER WANTED *
It 'is fact that .
proven rent with all modern
sents a loss of 12 million dollars -i con- Apply Artistic Barber Shop.
75% of all automobiles stolenare
viences. Use of kitchen hot
stolen by juveniles. a year. I 619 West Ashley Street. EL -tc
and cold water. Call t
Did know that if 49231.DONT iCiC
\ you your 1
alter 4 EL
ings 5.9396.
p. m.
Mission Thrift Shop is Going Out of Business car is,stolen it could be usedin
this M 111 he IS YOUR DRINKING a bank robbery? I
0 Everything goes at Give-Away Prices. iCiC
Getting To Be A Problem? Or, in the process of being I GO BLIND SEE ME FIRST
Open Monday. Friday. and Saturday from 9:00 A. M. .
the theif When your eyesight is falling you. put Faith In
to 4:00 P. M. Call EL 4-3176 stolen it is possible your
.. in his anviety to make a fast God and not in man. God said: "I will reveal my
807 Main Street Protect Your Rights getaway might'drive in such secret unto my servants." (Amos 3:7)) Eye healing :
REGISTER NOWSo L a manner as to jeopardizeother water for those weak eyes. NO CHEMICALS.' /WJatoad
You Can Vote lives as well as his own. Ml made by the Power of GOD.
.. -- The spirit of GOD is In the water. All I ask you to
"..: .... "'.: : .: : ,.: .. :io is to try me. I DO NOTHING-BUT THE FATHER :
:SOD said: "1 am least seen, but always present when
asked for" (Gen. 1:2))

: SPECIAL!! CHECK WITH EL 5.1214 JOHN ZINIMON EL 51214ATTENTION *" A young to tip these of American the outataad F.p,l wftemake Oat!>ag

r *
1772 Davis Street
EJLI: our country' S.i
oar community a belt**
place In..which to Ur

** **

Pay Day t4:4 **.

Due to the tremendous public acceptance of the new :
I Doctor's Office at 1245 West Beaver Street, and the
excellent results which have been achieved in relieving *
headaches backaches, and stomach trouble, a free
examination will be given. All children will be treat- J
: ed Thursday afternoon.For .

cENERAL.ELEcrRIc; : '- appointment Call EL 51885. r kEDITH .-

r ,/ *

RITZ New Stanton Senior *

; .. Pepsi High Cola School Dealers andjj.*
SLI -- -- -- Com
Cola Bottling *
M-Style = WARNER BROS.PJestntsIJINJOlPJI pany Pepsi are proud to salute T

I seunWESTBOUND Edith of the 11.14 grade J
aa? class. SheAbyssinia is a member of
$ Baptist Church
"Ultra Vision"Deluxe Wdl and plans to become a*
[ .!!!! !! concert artist. *

***.*******. .

Console -Jt { ,
sCY. -
1 I ic
I .
Sn W fll lF S Z t tIr

11ff. .; f

I-V- t Sa-and SUN. SAT._AUG. .23-29 ic *


"# New Wide Angle, 110 degree They're together and nothing can tear'em. apart! -
Aluminized picture tube i' JOHN DIGGS
Front Sound projection aOHN WAYNE.DEAN MARTIN -tc* New Stanton Senior
Mahogany wood finish + High School
Built-in Antennae.. E RICKY NIKON HOWARD HAWKS''RIO' iRAVS"rf jt Tribute is paid to Johnof
Set and Forget > the 12th grade class.HeTis
TECHNICOLOR from WARNER BROS.@ a member of the Safe
T Driving Club and plans to

Vi'g95 S Model 121C2442 : 1 j**gineer.become an Electronic En-

: ziPlus -t1lJl.l-Jf ....


... 7 *


@ @ I "3 Stooges" and Cartoons

General !
August 29th ADULTS ONLY 75c rt. n
"ISLE OF LEVANT" Nudist Camp Technicolor

RANGE ROOSEVELT New Stanton Senior

.+.....k...' Ethel is a member of;
? 'r AN''yl the llth grade class. She;
f, :14k OR W RE K H f 7 Is a member of the Honor.

r >> : l+trGftSlSt l p I 1, Removrfle Oven Door "- {>.1 r ,w s ,' NO plE M W t SOU A.r Society and plans to be-'

':)\r. 4 Calrod Surf .Units rome an Elementary Edu
.:: I ace teacher.
I : New No Drip Cook Top
; .j.V Pushbutton Surface Controls
,: >i Calrod Bake and "Focused Heat" * *
:.4 Broil Units .. ""
", ...-t ': r.-_ Broiler Meter and Shelf Guide [ "IF MARILYN MONROE is the girl most likely to thaw OMfratuUUofu from PefII
<,. Fused on Oven Lining I' out Alaska, the Antarctic Chamber,of Commerce Cola to then taros Mortt
r K Y ought to seek out ROSSANA PODESTA" Award crfniMn.
-NtY. Listen To
\ GIANT 1 ;t Rossana PODESTA a Tim.. Pepsi Music-quest

WASTER 'i ,w.. ROSANNV"Also Friday Nites
OVEN $1 4 98-0 10:30 to 11:00
p For Phone RequestEL
a Complete i

$10 DELIVERS Oven People Meal at One For TimeDOWNTOWN 30 1 Coming 1S1 Hun Fri. and Sat. Aug. 28-29


(Near Southgate Plaza) ; ; 2'I
CHECK WITH (AcrosafromNew Sean) FL 9-6679
V EL 6.2493 Open Every Nile Till 9
... Open Every Nile Till 9 CEDAR HILLS3625BLANDING

505 S. McDUFF (Across from Shopping'" 'f Q j
(Near Lenox) Center) f k

EV 8-4624 SP 1.2880 1 I t
:Dpen Every Nile Till 9 Open Every Nit.Till 9

2689 ROSSELLE ST. Plus 3rd Feature "SAN FERNANDO" I t7.rYs

.' (Corner of King and Roselle) Sk wicw NOW THRU TUES. ONLYI!
r EV 9-9871 ,

Open Till 6 P. M. "10 OOMMANDMENTs- 8: P.M. Nightly I
.=..: -. .I:" : .I

-.ifi}': "':-