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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 15, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 15, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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( .





-- -


!SCHOOL MOB Jacksonville ministers this week registered a strong ;py l n ct:
I protest to the Mayor of the City and the City Commissioner I-. C't"

VOL 9 NO. 28 And NEWS AUGUST 15. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA II Cn! against racial discrimination and segregation which the cit'> N 4
LITTLE ROCK, ARK., fathers have fostered over a period of years. 0
Because of the successful integration The protest was sent to Mayor Haydon Burns and th Ii
: of six Negro students City Commission following a special meeting of the Intel ,
into formerly all-white denominational Ministerial Alliance called last Saturda 0 .it
I schools, this city's Wedner-' morning at St Paul AJI.E. Church to discuss the Sea :! 0
Sears Policies, Studied day up-dated' school opening' store eating discrimination situation and other problem a 'r
saw a demonstration of seg- The following is the text of a resolution,sent to Mayc {
regationist resentment which and the City Commissioners of Jacksonville by the Inte n
could have become serious. denominational Ministerial Alliance. ,
quickly and effectively squa- ANCE OF THE CITY OF JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA '
shed by the combined methods AND DUVAL COUNTY ;
By NAACP Ministers > of water assault by fire To: .
hose and determined police THE MAYOR AND THE CITY COMMISSIONERS C.
The angry anti-integration-I Honorable Sirs:
___ .t, ists at one time ,gathered at! We, 'the officers and members of the -
the state capitol and demanded ipnal Ministerial Alliance of various churches located in
I SURVIVORS OF FATAL WRECK NAACP AND GROUPS PLANNING 'the presence of Gov. Or- the city of Jacksonville,' and in and about Duval County,
vii Faubus. The mob was told Florida, do feel that the time has come to make known to
by the governor, after havingrun the City Officals and the Residents of the City of Jack-
RECOVERING FROM INJURIES CAMPAIGN AGAINST RACE BIAS off three Negro reporters sonville, our official position in regards to this all-important
I that such actions should be problem generally characterized as Racial Segregation and
.. used "only as a last resort. Discriminatioin[ to be a direct challenge to our Christian
By STAFF CORRESPONDENTAVON 1 see no use for you to be belief that all men in the sight of God are created equal, and
Barring Negro from in of its lunch
patrons eating any beaten over' the head and everyman ought recognize the fact that he is his brother's
PARK-A spokesman at the Walker Memorial rooms and failure to provide any eating facilities for colored jailed," Faubus added. keeper. We believe that Racial Segregation and Discrimination -
Pauline Walker citizens in'the multimillion dollar Sears Store has aroused
Hospital here stated on Thursday that
in fact indicative
The demonstrators then are of racial hatred and unfair -
Thomas, riously injured in a head-on collision on August such resentment that Negro citizens are forming a united transferred their energies to and that no Christian Can in good faith, sanction such
resi- front ,for all-out effort to combat various forms of dis
well. Mrs. Thomas well-known an
1, is coming along a Central High School where hatred or practice it in the pursuit of their daily lives.
dent of Jacksonville, was driving on the wrong side of the crimination-discrimination in employment by'civil service Christian Justice and
means that
they; were formidably checked man, regardless -
road when the smash up occured, according to a statement and local firms!, as well as discrimination in the use of fa- of color every
cordon of race, creed, belief
by a police and fire- or nationality or religious -
Patrol in Lakeland. cilities in public places and city-owned operations:
rendered by the State Highway be afforded
.. men. Police Chief Gene Smith by government, its officers and employees
ALSO injured in lone Thomas The Jacksonville Ministerial ;ordered the firemen to turn the same equal opportunity as any other person, to utilize,
car was 28-year-old 'Dorothy :yearlold Marvin Austin Alliance representing 58 attitude of the local and
manager the hoses on the demonstrators enjoy participate in public programs, facilities and
Grant of 1142 Grothe Streetin Churches composing over 70- which was aired in the FLOR- when public office. -
Burke have returned him to they began"millingabout
Jacksonville. Like Mrs. 000 members called a special IDA STAR, !several Negro We have
pa- cursing and yelling. He watched patiently the ideas advanced by our
Thomas, she-is still hospitalized Jacksonville. The boy was also meeting last Saturday to con- trons were reported closingout succeeded in breaking up the City Officials in connection with the Golf Course mater;
at Walker where her con- in Mrs. Thom- sider the Sears issue and oth- their accounts and Negro have to
a passenger demonstrators a block from we prayed God to give them guidance and courage
dition is termed as "satisflUtory" :- as' car at the time of the er the forms of discrimination in shoppers. refraining Central High School), whichin in handling this important matter. We have read with
crash. He suffered burns and city. from shopping in the store. 1957 was the scene of a patience and humility the many derogatory remarks and
According to the hospital I The group named a com- Although other.stores have blody clash between segregationists .- insinuations against Negros made by public Officials. It is
spokesman, the parents of 9- :shock. mittee to investigate the eat- confined Negroes to menial and Federal troops ,apparent from these statements that the Officials, have-'not'
Mrs. Thomas' condition is ing conditions Sears and positions. in:* thfcypast'' and over the..integragatiori into concerned themselves seriously with the problem of supporting
I-. : bring iwiclt' "a1 report. The there'are stilj bfne eStablish-I the school of nine Negro students equal,justice as between the races, but have more
FLORIDASTAR. beingclosely watched by the body's decision: on action will ments'"-which do .or less concerned themselvs -with custom or habit;of'a few

State Highway Patrol auth- be based upon;the report. eating facilities for Negroes In breaking up the mob_action of the non-colored population of our comunity. It, must be
orities since the collision, for Aty., Earl 'Johnson, president patrons Sears has come in this past Wednesday police recognized by the intelligency of these groups that custom
_ GETS SUPPORT which she is specifically 'of the Jacksonville bran- for criticism because becauseit were compelled to club and habit do not spell out justice, and for that reason can
I ch of the National Associa- has erected an emporiumwith two men into submission and not be the all-important stabilizing factor in determining
charged with driving on the tion for the Advancement of the "forward look" but discourage another with a rib- the RIGHTS arid PRIVILEGES of the individuals who con
CHURCHMEN wrong side of the road, caus- Colored People conferred last instituted ante bellum policies whipping. The mob, waving stitute our citizenry.Government .
I ed the death of a prominent Saturday with local officialsof'the within its walls. flags and shouting"Communists its Officers, Employees, and Agents underour
Daughter Elk of Jacksonville, Sears store and reported There is every, indication Communists!I" over and law, is an impartial body whose chief concern is exe-
Jacksonville's ministers who Mrs. Orelia :Mosely who lived that "nothing was accom- that the campaign by the over, fell back as the high cuting equal justice as between individuals and the many
shook their heads in Christian plished." NAACP, the Ministerial Al- pressure water pummelled various groups that make up the Social order. Because of
at 511 Jefferson Street. Mrs. the unique position in which we as citizens have placed
indignation over the injust- liance and other local organi- them. our
ices and various types of dis- Mosely was the fourth pas- Johnson Protested Sears'employment zations to secure equal employment Over twenty arests were government to become or remain to be the instrument to
crimination dealt to Negro senger in the car with Mrs. discrimination opportunities and made, at least six of which I' be utilized by any individual or group to impose his pre
Jaxons are taking steps to, Thomas. policy which confined Neg- unrestricted use of facilitieswill were girls and women. judices upon the will of the majority or the minority. It
combat also the type of racial roes to positions as maids and be focused at other estab- In counter-integration action Is impracticable, immoral and un-Christianlike for and Of-
discrimination practiced by The Thomas car collided janitors, and asked whetherthe lishments in the near future.Protect the home of Mrs Daizy ficer, employee or agent of our government to segregateon
the Florida Times Union and with that of a white driver manager would considerthe Bates, narowly missed being the basis of so-called racial characteristics; character-
have pledged themselves to employment of a qualified S raked by concentrated gun- istics over which the individual has neither the choice nor
supportthe FLORIDA STAR. William Robert Griffin of Negro clerk or stenographer.The fire discharged from a speed- the opportunity, if you please, to change to fit his own

The clergyment who met in Tampa. manager, according to Your Right Ing auto. The bullets, instead, personal desire: characteristics which our Creator has the
a special meeting of the In- The two cars were described -Johnson, said he would not REGISTEBtNOW: penetrated the neighboring sole power to determine to his' wn liking; characteristics
terdenominational Ministerial because he was afraid he home of a white family, bare- which our Creator undoubtly felt has no bearing upon the
:Aliance last Saturda expressed as demolished. An estima-I would lose white customers. So You.,CaD Vote ly missing the head of a minor moral or religious attitude of the Being Himself.
dissatisfaction over the local ted $7000 damage was re- child. May we call attention to the past harmonious relation-
dailey's policy! of handlingnews ; ported. Meantime, ,because of, the Mrs. Bates is the state president ship that existed between the ministers of our organization
concerning Negro citi of the NAACP. She and the Mayor and other City Officials. This i indeed had
zens. was instrumental in sparkingthe been remarkable considering many things that have been
It was pointed out that the 1957 school integrationdrive carried out to the detriment of Neggro citizens of Jack-
T-U confines all the news con- I which resulted in Gov. sonville. We have been slow to critize, and anxious to explainas
cerning the better activitiesof Faubus closing the city's 4 best we could, and give excuses for some discriminations,
Negroes to a page behind I high schools in order to nullify but, Mr. Mayor, and, elected City Officials, we do not feel
the want ads which is sent a court order to integratethe that you have kept the faith with us as you gave promisein
I only to the colored citizens schools. your many campaign speeches a few months ago, to
_ homes. On the other hand give the best of your services for ALL.of Jacksonville's citizens -
crimes committed by Neg- SUMMIT MEETING regardless of race, color, or cred or religion; equality
roes are placed in the regular IN THE OFFING for ALL, said you all, but now as we have studied your recent -
issues which go into all homes FOR NEGRO LEADERSIt actions in.this Golf Course Affair, we cannot agree
_- with the result that only the -; that trying to get a decree of the Law of the Land (our
criminal activities of Negro .. ; .was reported this Land), by selling the Golf Courses of our City, in order to
_ .life are seen by readers in week that a "Summit Meet hold to a segregated pattern that discriminates against
other parts of the city and ing? of Jacksonville Negro 'any citizens of Jacksonville, Florida.
state. 0 leaders will be held here We cannot agree Gentlement, that this is equal and fair
Readers have observed that this month. and that you are carying out the duties intrusted to you by
the Times Union which recently Information regarding the citizens who valiantly went to the polls for you and
bought out the Jour- the time and place of the helped to place you in the responsible positions you now
nal has been following a pol- meeting have not been disclosed hold.For
icy of editorial attacks upon + but is was learned the reasons stated herein, and for others too num-
Negroes, leveling scoring cri- N from reliable: source that erous to mention, we respectfuly submit our Opposition to
ticism at the National Association I the purpose of_the meet. ALL kinds- and types of segregation and or, discriminationput
for the Advancementof ing is to form Late a program in action by any or all of. you as our Honourabie City
of the welfare and Fathers. _
Colored and Negro citizensin .
general for their quest for __ _i i.GOING advancement for Negro We further hasten to remark that we are not held responsible -
citizens with the backingof for any one who calls himself a minister representing
equal The rights. went on record the various organizations this organization of Fifty-eight churches compriz.
group the FLORIDA and their leaders ing over seventy thousand members, unless such a minister
to support brings to your offices a written deposition from this body
STAR and help to build it into throughout the city. ,
with signatures of the duly constituted officers this is
a bigger, newspaper be- INTO ACTION-The Investigation Committee chosen lest Saturday mom- It was understood that our
statement in reference to
statement that the
,cause they felt is was the Ing during an emergency meeting of the Jacksonville Interdenominational Ministerial employment discrimination isters a Negro
satisfied. "WE
only newspaper thatwould Alliance is seen with. Eric O. Simpson, publisher of the Florida Star, who was asked inlocal civil service and SATISFIED"
publicibe and reflect the feelings to a.Uend..the meeting. The function of the committee will b e to Investigate racial as well as private industrythe Humbly submitted to
e of the Negro people. discrimination! in eating,facilities al the now Sears Roebuck & Co.'. store on Bay golf course situationand THE INTERDOMINATIONAL your MINISTERS Honors
Street. The Alliance: Has pledged Us united suppo, to the Florida Star In Us community other forms of radar OF JACKSONVILLE AND ,DUVAL COUNTY ALLIANCE II
bias, together with the employment
and Its efforts build larger and increase Its
campaigns a paper readersUpamong Reverend R. J. Blaine Vice President (acting)
ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC? Negroes. Committee members are L. to R.) Her.' B. J.BUme.Her. J. B. F..W!>alai s, of Negro firemen Reverend Wilbert Miller President
w. Can Help You. R... A. J. Hagaes. ReT. J. T. McMillan. Her. D. B. Barnes $av. J. S., Johnson and will agenda.be top questions on the Reverend J.B. F. Williams Secretary

Call EL 4-1378 Mr. Simpson, Pkoto by Avery Sindios. Reverend A. J. Hughes Assistant SecretaryI

r .

:.. ,, ,

,. < "-',,''- ..,. >. .. ..... -"' :. -' .- ;... ,, -- -





Ii -


t>*fl. Two. THEfl.OR1DASAAR-- --.. Week Ending Saturday August 15 1959THE

:: --- --""""
.. t? f"R'; ...>-
f:: }\ :. -
::: k> '
NEWS' GROUPS" t.aj : i t! ;}:.,

:_"._ Published by. The Florida Star Publishing; Co. r j AM'! 1GHORA I. I: !

_- "Member of Associated Negro Press'
EAR .. ..
:Eric O. Simpson -- Editor: fj.: I' v > > 'T."..
Johnson N w Staff :
;a Paiham fJ '
:Hilda Clrculaltoa Dept. u IIT
Wooten f ":r se } <. -

l\ ?..
01 ": -
j 1+ .
r \f r ;$l .. _
013 MoacrUi Road EL ,44782, EL 4-8783 *!1! .
C'I' )oWDD1rD.Branch I Officw 423 Breed .S!. Phone.EL 4-3773 ia t& "

.. Mailing Add?***t '
4. ---- I ...... .
> "
Jacksonville 1, Florid < ""
P. O. Box 561, :

rM 'Y'" -
One Year, SSJO; Half Year, $3.00: ; Three Months.. $1.80 i'.'.

Mailed To You,. Anywhere In The United 'States \ '''

ParahJe in Advance..Send Check or Money Order Toi .. ....
fobccription -
-It .i
,.!;' .! A,[ .f S4F.

t .. .J .
.. ;;;.: J. : .. ::.
I .. it:"'
... ,. a
l' :' 'ttJ

JOB DISCRIMINATION .. -Ii--. .r-:.: .:.-..f\.'..... .

:t4,:;(!!. 1'sM < ,
: J '
HARMFUL TO CHY'SGROWTHTHE .. ... :if4>( \:" ,.9... '.;f Y '
t'_ ..:.r- rrfl ..,.,.;'S"i .v. .. "I
.. t
: *
.. : rt' g'r If't:
t. f. ;, \ t,t (:" ",.' ; ';..: : 1,4r 1: ._. '. .
f. 'ilt... ".. .. :. "t. _;s ... ." .I. .rt'l. .. t.J; __ _' .. .1c..
j; .fll. "'r, .:,:...., 1...el..J.-\1.;. t "... '::\ #;"' l1f.t';;'.'. :\ "6".1frH":6'O ; '
'\ .: ( Is Robert Lee here in Jacksonville? Is he still
\ : f.to :\ }' : ffl'" ,")' I Knighton
1 ..fU'1h' -..(;.;-:-it:-.... _f{.-l..<-::J. i.r!";:L.\t-.!. .t:,-. .#, ?.;,:". ,..1'": ,,:., f? ;_.s. ; walking these same streets thai he walked prior to the

night he is alleged to have shot Sgt. Charlie Sea to deathin

unfair employment policies maintained: by the majority THEIR GRIP CAN BE BROKEN, WITH .EFFECTIVE CIVIL ,RIGHTS a It. Myrtle Avenue backyard? Above all, wherever he

of Jacksonville businesses is an area of discrimination LEGISLATION "t is Is he tired of cowering and dodging as the police and

which must be quickly cleared up if; this city.is, to FBI press a relentless "search for him? ;

enjoy continued growth and that. solid prosperity which is' Is he ready to surrender?
For Instance, a bare week ago someone claiming to be
the backbone of
economic a communty. Your Weekly
KnIghton telephoned a local law enforcement agency'asking

We are witnessing a heartning transition hereabouts; a __ _assurance of safe conduct if he surrendered. The law officer
transition of building, renovation and otherwise general readily supplied the caller with the names of reputable
improvement-all wholesome indications of an enlarging :3roscope persona in this city among whom was mentioned the publisher -

municipality. The predominating evidence of this transi of this newspaper as well as several ministers.

tion, however, is the increasing number of major business ===-- 6" PABLO The ASTROLOGER That was not a lure. The readiness of a cerilan numberof

concerns appearing in this city. These concerns, for the -- reputable persons to assist Knlgnton.Sn any way having
most part, have inter-state breadth on the limited or, WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR to do with his surrender to the authorities is a fact. This

national scale. Sears Roebuck & Co,'s vast' new establishment newspaper, at least announces its readiness to do so, and
on Bay Street spells this out. :McCory's, the five-arid-, I EE BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL will act in. his behalf immediately upon being notified of

dime minirA-is. in the nrnr* -
outlet in our city. The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, ARIES LEO SAGITTARIUS is 28' years old 5 feet-10 inches in height and
zing the terminal-importance of Jacksonville has rethisal'I'1 Born March 21 thru April 191 j'Born' July 23 thru August S8 Born Nor. 23 thin Dec 21 weighing between 150 and 160 pounds. He is of generally

city its home base, erecting a major building in the 'I' Arians are not made to stay You may again be handi- There will not be much ofa medium.build. His complexion Is dark brown with closely

town area. To punctuate such enterprises, one only n still very long as their curiosity'and capped in carrying out certain stir i& your DrofessionaT or cropped black hair. He bears a noticable 2-inch scar above
look to the great, new Colesium. the rapidly-advancing: pioneering instinctsare immediate as well as long- business environment for his right eyebrow.

Expressway the proposed Auditorium .. all these things forever driving them onward range projects, with Venus awhile. This gives you the
of which stand as concrete evidence. that Jacksonville, as to see new sights and retrograding.. Be guided by ,time and freedom to familiarize -
a city, is being carried toward,a position of State prominence adopt fresh interests. the suggestions or intuitionof yourself more with Warm Days Mean Extra Treat For Feet

as' well as national recognition on a tide,of bold en- Work a little and play a lit other interested parties on your residential environment, Foot-care is especially important during warm weather. Vacation
deavors.It tie, according to the existing the 18th,when it may be eas- neighbors and the art of liv- time,you know,means double-duty for your feet. Most sightseeing ..
circumstances, and reserve ier for you to se the light. ing for pleasure. You can un- trips call for more walking and standing than you have ever dreamed
is, therefore, both a racial and economic crime that :the bulk of your leisure hours There are some very promis- dertake constructive changes possible. _

the with general the employment policy in this city is not in gear for sleep and relaxation. This ing signs of recognition, hon- in the home to make it more fn"p Unhappy)"-..d..It..cr.feet,b..1c..It..cr.can ruin an And entire O't'n..pJl.1.vacation..___fAti_...n.n.._They__,...,_!can.bpitAhilitv..n be__responsible. ., _c......,. __
mass machinery of municipal growth. The calcu- saves money. ors promotions and salary increases practical, attractive and in- little Utiio; karW l "

lated discrimination. practiced against Negroes by the ma- 2-40-22017-86-242 for the Leos who have viting. Substitute resource- make a big: difference in your .
jority of- our business firms is something we must all: recognize performed in an outstanding Fulness for cash, if the latter holiday. r J.
as a dangerous detriment to the growth of this city I i manner. is somewhat on the sparse Start foot-are with your daily
because it is forever TAURUS bath. Scrub your feet briskly,
the determinedefforts
most side. You
Born April 20 thru May 20 can start preparing then rub them thoroughly with a
toward establishing racial equity. for a in towel both circulation
pickup business
This has al the earmarksof s ((23- to step up
and take loose skin.
rd). away
The Negro market in Jacksonville has' reached consider- a tranquil and restfutweek Followup the bath with a foot

able dimensions. No longer is'it solely a field for door-to- unless you adopt some unusual Born Aug. .24_ thru Sept. 23 3-80-55-18-87-885... ...... ...... spray on your feet and in your
door canvassers and Saturday morning bill collectors: It ideas about transformingyour AS venus has embarked on shoes.A spray like Eez gives you

,has become concentrated and metropolitan force, of demanding living quarters, perhaps a retrograde journey at the Born Dec.CAPICORN 22 thru .Jan. 19 built-in lete's foot protection and it against deodorizes...ath-,
and discriminating taste, representing a volumnof alongmore modern lines. As start of the preceding quar- Business absorbs moisture and guards
buying.. power that can in no wise be ignored. you usually prefer comfort ter, you shouldn't expect too activities professional against rubbing.
above all else make sure that much in the way of profitsor have probably slowed Clip your toenails straightacross.
Nevertheless, Negroes applying for employment at most down to a snail's pace. Don't try to shape them.
of the city's major stores and other business firms find contemplated changes will not changes for the better- in Your loved ones seem''' to be This helps prevent ingrown toe- a chair in front of you for a few
themselves rob you of them to an appre- the economic field. If you in the nails. Push the cuticle back too, minutes and you'll see.
that of automatically relegated to chorish jobs like ciable degree. This could also have cleared up your tasksor mood 'to cooperate and as you do with fingernails. At the end of'the day, treat
janitor, errand-runner, chambermaid or something be period of slowdown the 18th to make you feel that a few Remember at all times that tired feet to a refreshing dunk-
of the sort, despite the fact that in many instances the a as I backlogs'byb; you frivilities will not do.you any proper standing and walking will ing.Soak them alternately in hot
applicant far and work might
as commerce are: as well take time out
is the possessor of a college harm. The world around help ease y.ur feet. Sitting will and cold water for about thru
diploma or some other degree high school concerned, but you should not I and find a desirable location and its inhabitants you, give them a lilt...prop them on minutes.
proof of their qualification. become alarmed. where will look
I you can rest your much -
better when
Negroes are no less qualified to function in managerial, 5-80-44-52-15-584 I Ii weary bones, while you exer- not hampered by a confining you are ._-

supervisory and even administrative positions than are i This'may impel you topd environment. Choose
whites. They can s : cise brain your i
manipulate office machines and conduct your power. friends well
office routine with the caliber of effeciency that most GEMINI 4-10-33-18-37-413 ,7-3045-43-739

business firms demand.In Born May 21 thru June 19 .. *

short, should A project related to travel ," AQUARIUS -
of they not be kept confined a prison learning and higher-mind in- LIBRA w
discrimination expending! their gifts i and Born Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 rJK .
energies opera- terests should reach
ting elevators and keeping restrooms a culmination Born Sept. 24 Ihru Oct. 23 It goes against the grain ''
attractve simply because point by the 18th.TInse they are black. Since there is hardly any- when others are tryingto M
who are staying home thing of consequence slated make you .submit to their
The Negro dollar is readily should investigate residential 1 for this week wishes
accepted whenever he pre- you might as even when you realize
sents hImSelf as.the I, CreIn accord with this, his application problems such as renewals of well lie down in your favor- that it is for your own good.

for a job be as readily accepted so long leases; intended removals ite hammock or under gout It would serve you, better to .
as he can satisfy the existing requirements. I property purchases and j i shadiest tree and dream away develop more pliancy in this x

After all, that dollar he alterations or renoviations. the time. Make sure that the respect, as you know, or
,,: And dollars take cities spends where haa to come. from somehere. Financial independence and; friends you see the whole should know, from experience wF
rive. And whether the they eventually err family security are the rewards year round do not have your that too much rigidity usually J

Jacksonville is-going places.discriminationists like it or not' for thrift and' economical address, as it should be your reacts to your detriment

practices. |intention _to be separatedfrom ((18th). There are changes y k
And the Negro is going with it.HOROSCOPE 1 7-20-55-19-25-725 them for -awhile. This in the offing which wil great-

: S s 'could lead to some very important ly affect your plans and you .
I discoveries and enable should wait until you have an
CANCER you to adopt.a more constructive I inkling as to what they are -
GET YOUR READING Born June 20 thru July 22 program. likely to be.

c. Wa eoape4 Lea... moro aboaI 7"GI'MIt. send The beasts andpromises I 6-60-66-13-51-615 1 1 1-50-80-15-72-158
II.-ta .
dime. u sofa l for eel (0 that are,'lightly made 1
Inl'ODDOpe ordered will be .
by me& Iad.de .u .
etamp..d ea"VrtIe, pIabaIJ. fta found to be lacking in substance <: i .
to Naldenta ",tile domInIoa of 0IIIadL oUw- doe",ae& '' if you take the pains- aSCORPIO PISCES 5

-' ....:. to do a little research or investigating Born Oct. 24 thru Nor. 22 I Bora If Fab. 19 helpmate tier l Mcrek 20 -;'.
--- on your own. Andup Venus has started your seems x.
STAR on 'a re
}I pAH0A ASTROIOC to, the 18th, you have a trograde journey of its own troubled and agitated it

stake in keeping your finan since the beginning of the would not be wise to pour'fuel
JACKSONVILLE 1, .FLA in on the fire by
j ces tiptop order Those who preceding' resorting
quarter, consequently
are on the .job should find to critism or--recriltlinations.I HNKMGHTInvite
Name I : .the. coast. is still not little
the week fairly productiveremunerative entirely-dear. I more, understanding tw'
b- although your 'and forebearance on your You To Listen To
: yOU'mustn't surer hours poring over .Y our -- -
part would
I expect to set goa long way to
the plans and making the revisions
I '-, :world on fire. Unflinching cooperation that 'make them sound- calm troubled spirits and to "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
: restore
: : (- : .I with your life or' opinions and efforts. harmony in valuable
-" -.aa business relatioBships (18th). The
partner gives you 920881459928er '.
I 1e:. .I Birth I stability-and makes it easier and -more workable.. .Will th is a perfect day for friendly At 7:00 P. M. Nightly .

I ..' ., o er' .... to met obligations. Bolster,ing, collaboratorsmay; ; be just overture, wisdonrandma.ranty S
---:- :... I your key associations when dealiajr th 1400 WRHC
-- i waiting for.'y'01f: to'give-them 1400
.. .:, .: : troversial
; .'\. ...:b,; .... :. 3-50-88-1638-358 'an invitation to lend, their ( questions.

...... <.' J- >... .. '"
: :;:
$ '. : -' _, <--




Week Endlna:Saturday. August- 15, ''1859 THE FLORIDASTAR. 2Tttw'
-- -..- ._ Pe9tt
-- ---



Allen M Scotts :r., Atlantic -
Beach, Fla., age 19!) and MRS. ELLA BRANCH of I
Pauline Warker, City, age 3222 St. Johns Ave. left the The Sweet Dream Saving The Blodgett Homes and Nursery and. Kindergarten,
city recently for New York Club will, hold its aniversary a Comunity Chest Service, sponsored by the Day Nursery

17.Rudolph H. Pearson, City, City to visit relatives. Sheds observance August: IT at 8 Association of Duval County, is accepting applications for

age34 and, Gladys M. Lewis, a member of Mt. Olive. AME p.m.at the Antiock Baptist the fall term, which' begins August 31, announced :Mrs. Ruby
Church and.vice president of Churchon Odessa; H. Morrissette, supervisor.
City, age, 31. I
the A. L. Lewis Club. Invitations: have been. extended i rie'-nursery;ana JUnaergar-
Adam Fluker, Jr., City, .
age to the'various clubs of ; # I ten-is located at 1207 Davis
# ren are required: to bring
18, and Esther Drayton, City, : a
the city. St. Office hours from
-.are 9 doctors' certificate- stating;he-
age The club with the largest ka ,Ia.m. to noon and from Ito 3 or she is in good physical.
B. Johnson, 1047 number. of members will be con
Madison St., age 23, and Lil- MR. AND MRS. HENRY awarded p.m.The dition. Parents are' also required -
lian O. Jackson,1726 High- JENKINS of 3925 Davis, SU a prize: school is, open' from 7 to come in for:an inter-

land Ave., age 19. left the city recently for a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru view' to determine the. fees

Robert W. Featherstone, Fredericksburg and Danville, PRETTL HAT AND' DRESS Friday for the entire-year except to- be paid the coming year.

810 Blanche St., 43, and Gir- Va., to visit' Mrs. Jenkin's TEA SLATED *Tv : + on special holidays. I The staff consists of a supervisor
tie M. Mewson, 806 Blanche mother and other relatives.Mr. LIVE OAK.LlV.tOAKThe ; v5 Children are eligible for en- Mrs. Ruby H. Morris-

St., 29. Jenkins is principal of Band-Par- rollment from two to six sette; teachers, Mrs. Alpha-
Jim Williams, 1029 OakleySt. the Bethune Elementary: ents' Club: and the Volunteer years old. Children who are I Omega Rowe, :Miss Daisy M.

., 57 and Anna Sanders, 10- School and Mrs. Jenkins: is Helpers Club of Ebenezer : of public school age, from six il Haris, Mrs. Irene C. Bryant,
29 Oakley St., 56. a teacher at. New Stanton AME Church will sponsor _ti nine years of age, may be Mrs Clara B. Kindred, Mrs.
Otis Philips, 728 Cay St., High School. "Pretty Hat:.and Dress Tea", 4. enrolled. for atendance before I Ellen Allen, cook; Mrs; Fran-
47 and Annis Hamilton, 805 August 16 from- 4 to 6 p.m., and after school each day. cis Roulhac, maid; Mrs. Ida

Jefferson St., 42. at the. Recreation Center on The school Is inspected by Pearl Burney? janitor; and

Charlie Turner, City, 67 Houston Street. A program i iI x:4 city and' health departmentsto John-C. Hurston.

and Lelia Hayes, City, 51. THE REV. WILBERT B. ,will be rendered. insure adequate fire and
Herman Wynn, 1510, Madison MILLER I FREE:: &- FRIENDLY CLUB : sanitary conditions. All child-
pastor of theLaura
St., Apt. 4, 22 and Eve- Street Presbyterian Church SPONSORS: BEACH' TRIP "..- MUSICAL PROGRAM
lyn Rogers, 3411\1ixon St., 18. is spending his vacation at -, SLATED AUG.: 17

Cairy Lester, 118-32198th his home in J.liami.Vhile The Free' and. Friendly 1if'nb t Y .. : PLAY FEATURED FOR

St., St. Albans, N. Y. 34 and there he will fill the pulpitof Assn. will sponsor an outing OBSERVANCE DAY A musical program will be
Lillian Palmer 112-19 34th WED-Mr and Mrs. Theodore Leroy
the Grace Presbyterian to' Daytona Beach- Aug 23. presented by Mrs. Bernice
Ave., 3F, Corona, N. Y., 25. Church The Rev Miller is They bus leaves Firstk-an : p.m.
Andrew J. Jr. 1222 the marriage ceremony held at 1643 W. 8th St., August "Woman" a play depicting
Buggs, president: of' the local Inter streets at 7:30" a:' m and at the Little Rock Baptist
Grothe St., 24, and Doris :M. denominational returng- at 9. p. nv 9th. Mrs; Hunter Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie women from Biblical days to Church.
Hall, 1621 Louisanne St., 23. Ministerial DeSue-of"IhU-city: She attended the' Matthew. Gil the present; will be the wo- master' of
David J. Hayes, 626 W. Du- Alliance. HEROINES'OP' JER1CCTSET bert High School and Florida AM' University Mr; men's day;featurefor the evening Serving will as be Melvin' Grace ceremonies -

val St., 21 and Lillie B. King, TALBOT ISLANET; OUTINGSt.John' Hunter* is-the son.oi Mr. and Mrs:William. Hunter' ofthis service in Mt. Ararat "The Deacon". Other talent,
626 W. Duval St., 25. -c1ty. Hen is,a graduate of, New Stanton Senior High Baptist Church August 30. will, also'
Silas Oats, 5759 Tillers Ave School and attended the Florida A and M-University The event, sub-titled "Eve The' appear'is,

62 and Anie Cohen, 5759 Tillers Jacksonville delegates at- Court 144:Heroines graduating with a B. S. degree in chemistry Mr. Hua-' and Her' Daughters," is an interest program of:District beinggivenin -2 inr behalf
Ave., 57. tending the National House- ter bon the staff at the University of Pa.. and also, original) and is under the di-
of the Youth observance
Walter Black wives League Washington of Jericho will sponsor an working on his Doctors the (rection of Mrs. Hazel Renolds Day -
808 MinnieSt. I I Little' Talbot Island degree at University of Pa. f with Mrs. Wylene Dun:
., 49 and Dorothy :M. King, D. C., last week were L. I. outing' to Photo by Avery's Studio.'Gross Mrs. Eliza Rich Perry bar .
The bus leaves captian.SEAFOOD
603 Court F, 35. ALEXANDER, vice president Sunday. I will- serve as narratorCharacter _
Grover Byard, 3839 Free- 'of the state business lea- Broad and State St., at 10:00 iTWO MEETINGSSET York to attend the Hospital! to be sportrayed

man Road, 20 and Bennie E. gue; MRS. LENORA A. DA- B. m.; Union and Florida AT BREWSTERTwo Association Convention for a!include Eve, Delilah, Jezebel, COOKOUT

Brown, 2112 Session Lane, 17. yiS, president of the House- Avenue at 10:30 a. m. brief meeting. Bathsheba, Joan of Arc, and MONDAY AVe: 17THA

James Mann, 2027 :Mars St., wives League; MRS. M. Following that other Biblical, historical and

34 and Edwin Singleton, 20- HART, vice president; MRS. LADIES AUXILJARY.PLAH: meetings are called_ all members of the meeting.Men's women of today. "Seafood Cookout" will

27 Mars St., 30. financial ESSIE TUCKER, executive TRW TO JEKYLL ISLAND for Brewster 'Hospital for Club are asked to meet presi- observance be presented.Monday at 8-p.
Eddie Shaw 1291 W. 30th secretary and the
dent Morse in a special call m., at the home of Mrs. Mer-
St., 21 and Barbara J. Whitlow REV. JOSEPH EUGENE Sunday afternoon, one by meeting to transact address by Mrs Hortense cedes Williams Lac k 1 and,

1291 W. 30th St., 17. RAY, public relations coordi- i The Ladies. Auxiliary 36, Brewster Administrator Jack matters which are of some vital Gray and.-,a musical program 1339 W. 25th St.
Maceo Brown nator of the National Busi- sponsored by Choir 3 at 3
1850 W.
at 3 M Williams announcedthat
ILA Longshoremen, will HT Whittington p. m., importance. r 8.
28th St., 24 and Mary A. ness League. J. Earl Morse president of'Se2tf ocls selected
sponsor an outing to JekyllIsland bys pjn.Mrs. variety ;
Brooks, 1756 W. 26th St., 23. Aug;, 30. Buses will of the Brewster Men's Club.|'| Both afternoon meetingsIare I' Ouida Gaskin is chair- by choice wilTbe serv
MRS. and Mrs. Corine
ANN FELDER of leave Julia, and Orange Stat The administrator is call- urgent and all persons man Williams ed.Each person. will be allow-
IATBERIIERS her Orlando, is in the city visiting 8 a. m.. and First and big'all persons who planningto concerned are requested to co-chairman for the ob- ed to select' his or her'choice
aunt, MRS. M. L. JOHN- the to New he I ITHfftt'S servance. of
Florida Avenue at 10:30 a. m. make trip presnt. seafood.
SON of .
1137 W. 21st St., She An invitation has been .extended -
is accompanied by her baby I KINDERGARTEN to friends to attend.
daughter, VICKL Mrs\ Felder =A FASHION ,FOR: EVERY HOMESEWERsliffliM : : I
ICI CREAM is a teacher at theJonesIIigh:} MONDAY AUGUST 17 MRS: MARY' BETSCH
'School Orlando. I "' .", :co..betdelkect;, 4920)" is mad=ora;nary and I

O rof;thdms often.ofItauy Of coarse;-, there arc alwsys white' checkwldn a nary I The' College Park Kinder SPEAKS FOR SOCIETYMrs.

styIssaIsstbw a fasadfttl of r[rls and ,leather bclr-The dress has a garten will open its doors Mary Betsch will be

from GRAY GIORIOmS: : eta ardi-finso tJaecaH;. 'mmen wbcrwilllikea'stylec&scr fourgoIe"kirrwidnmpresscdpleats. Monday August 17 at 8 a.m the speaker for the Sarah
sliffliM oedeii figure-,tec?coap is woefully wrong for ; The buttoned band Registration will begin Aug McGinnis Missionary Society
IzI wn; J plttdf? out off the*cpcstbaifoi ;dram andi they'll' wear it down- die-fronr of I' the waist /ust 12 and continue through} of New Bethel AME Church

J'DU2" else* Toes** :aajrwmy..Bat for thrmost part'tbeaveragefemsle.wants provides=: opening in the the 14th from 9 ajn. to If Aug. 30 at 11 a.. m:, for the
,styles cams be wit adwea .. toTook. skim extending below the noon. The school will be located inspirational program.
.beg very best playing band. An inrerteda pleat is Mrs.
mlrefkbacm.rCIID1hudfrbet ari764 West 6the St i ; Betsch will be introduced
.bpr ladies wteseleave me.... .u I .- her strong points: and* placed below die",yoke in thebackof The school will be staffer by Mrs. 01 g a Brad-
;1, euremauu soatasdtiair pisyiagdovaJienreaknessesrUcOdl'v the waisr. Either roll- with a well trained faculty ham. Other outstanding persons -
designers: face- up-or:long'set-in sleeves may Educational experiences wil will appear on the program

lineup.to the:facrthat:: ,very'Pews be made. The long sleevesare" include utilization of the re throughout the day
k ': women's haTe perfect gadiered' into buttoned sources of science, (Nature

ftgptes So-widrall-the-Im--- bands; study) creative art, music, WALT'S RADIO &-
p.mectioaSk the" human Suggested fabrics': for)this language art and Christiar .

:3.L body in-raiadf,they seek the design are- silly or cotton growth; TV SERVICE
scyie that:. will &**' ,the broadcloth,- surah j shantung, For further Information

:wearer a< definite sense' of tissue'weigbt'wool- printedsilk call at, 1785 West 6th Street, All, Work; Guaranteed

beingrwell-dressed Chicness'isinerer or cotton: or call Wednesday afternoor New and Used TV
sacrificed for wear Fashion-SewingeeUy; EL 50714. Mrs. Everett su Phone EL 3-4899
ability: No mattertwharyoor' Tip: Don't take liberties with pervisor, states that oper
figure- type; there-is. a' Mc-' the design oFyour-'pattem un- house will be held on Sunday 669 Florida AT*.-

Call'-Patteiu-you-- less you are' very sure of August 16 from 4 p.m I'' Jacksonville, Florida
Typical of the-dresses that yourself. to 8 p.m.
: ,do norretjoire-an'ide figure"
,'p LARIEUSE; ;, .
here -
with are thrttroipictared In
HatrcolorToday..have either'caw ones doesn't-hare'
Wti'y : to*worry about'the-problems'
hair as rich and-naruraUooklng* MQT2R
she profestional model shown herel One hour andOoddfroy's of ai spare5tire around, the' :
Larietue bring badt-youth to drab. piddle," or4 an- oufc-of-pro- .nG r.W R ;# ,rs!
over-processed or graying hair Irs easy to'use... portiotr bustlinef or!a'\ shorr
oo extra purchase*needed.Get kmp-la. dng, Watch Car InstrumentsTo
Godefroy*Lsrieuse nowl or long'' waistlneair die
i other hand; if die figure-does
l b.$ Avoid
SIr. ..
)) happen to. be' mod e1-aize. Being-Stranded
L III capsule consuls sad
1 Apply bit wt i o ppBub. 7-. b iIt'' thereis nothing in either : Y
L tft."r.lorteassampa.w" f I I By Manha"JoIwoa'
pattern,.that says, "For pro' _
90OSTOY MPa Oa: :3510 OlivSn.... &.t ooh MId, blem figures only." Dodge Safety Consultant ___

The dress and blouson So your neT :Aor ran out of eaa'the other day/whO purring
jacket (McCall's Printed along the highway en route to visit her Mother. _
Pattern No 4838) is made of That'll never happen to you! -
You Don't Have to Go to Towe to Get :j small and white check You're right It won't IV yOu play it smart ---
It wouldn't have happened to your neighbor el&er(If abe WM
cotton. waist-length i smart drirer. If she was in the habit of periodically taking
LOW PRICESOn bloused jacket tops a sheath puck cheek of all those gadgets sad gauges oa tk..Iut.ramea&. a
dress. The dress has cap panel to make certain the ear was la top-notch opentia eoadltlc

sleeves cut in one with a Whenever you are driving the car whether it be to the con** .
rrocery or to a neighboring town, check the
k----- gaaolixte pup fraluently -
bias The skirt back .
yoke. -to saw a four walk to a toning station _
has a walking pleat. ; ;... Keep '
.- 4 an eye oa the temperature and oil pressure gauges.
DRUG STORE NEEDS a a The open front j jacketis : 1"P Watch the. .....eter.If the pointer shows"d eharp'1 whoa tfcodae -
_ hooked at the waistline and "jfJ is.......rapidly,something. .. la aeed of atteatloa. .
has elastic in the :casing at' k ,.. By being alert to the position of all gauge indicators, you CD'-
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drat Store ,., .... "'/ lYe yourself a lot of time and inconvenience. .
the lower edge. The set-in ".
':,")!'it". : -
PRICES ADVERTISEDIN sleeves are diree- uarter; V! .)> .w.
WE: WILL MEET ANY length. The rather wide,collaris -' -'ir.t' f':, ,> ..
; .... ,
PERFECTION. cJ t. J.Jf < For Breakfast Lunch
YOUR LOCAL tar wsrser and .late naa.er flat and away from the FASHION IDlE IS SHIRTWAIST 'theMoYle. Snacks
tfcta'a* a< hloasoa- Jacket tkak> neck. The bias bands are HUB FOR THE H0ME-SERER -- /
tve Deliver We AIM FBI AH Doctors' Pwscrtp<*... top*, a belted, aomare edcedskeatk really' fake pockets. -Both. .ad iJcCall'. klrtwaist fills a Fried Chkkaa.
dfess. Tke lloasoa bas jacket and skirt are folly- lie canal bill. TbU shirtwaist I/ I
aa laatlciaed waist, aidsalitpockata dyer bas baUoa- omi collar aad i *
sad jast-oelawtko-el* lined. fall, four-gore skirt with w ; I Oysim Cod
Dixie Pharmacytsot tow at reel/ Tko-aksatktkaa* Checks and plaids ire pressed pleats. The bo&oe Las ', Shrimpxaa
.---- ttbatt .aaeo ed sleeves ta'bass. good although. linen, syndietic a bvttoaed bud at d,s (net sad f r.*, Bacon' SUi....
) ... ,
W..J eearaable=i'aR' back boast as lorerted pleat for Egr
; mixtures,printed cotton
KINGS BOAD at afTKTLB AVENUE ovatr ftgaM*rpo; Ucfc* It tackaekav = extra cohort. Yos caa sake itwilk B' i i Coffee 1.
PROS BL ..-us or plaids; eottoa, aya*. or ailkpolisbedcotton, lightweight roll mp or Isag setLisleeres.
taetie adxtarea, priata* atik>areottoa wool or flannel 'may Tryliaea, prixted silk F..F* PeMor
PAY YOUR LIGHT WATER AND ;TELEPHONE or area lifktwelgU wool, be used. er- costar, cotton ....cloth, 'ROOSEVELT GRILL
naz&el or wool ctepa. fcfcCall'attera The full-skirted shirt dress avak er .yataetlea. MoCall'a '
BILLS AT OUR STORE \ 0489e.iB Mssss* slues Patten al 4WO Sa Jsalor sues
_- ...; -_- '66tt- McCall's Printed Parma No. IMS,*Bs s.'err ''W1tf:_ __ r__ .. 14ejdeY''tta -<
i ,
; -



FOB THE FLORIDA 'STAR Week Ending Saturday, Augusi 15, 1559I


.. --
MEMORIAL ".. ,.. ',;-- -- -

SERMONS TO BE DELIVERED The of Rev the New Frank Bethel Jones,AME pastor [- ::4 4 The annual observance ofMen's I

Day will be held Aug.
Church, announced that dedi- 1A
Woodbine, Ga.-The 43rd annual sesaion of the Gtlu- :cation services will be held ( r' + 16 throughtout the day, be-
mane Bapiisi Asm.began Thursday August 13 and will August 16 at 3. p.m. in the C, S, ginning with the Sunday
continue through Sunday August ID at the home of the church. S School at .:30 a. m.. with
Deacon J. T. Bynum servingas
ulo .tl D. Rev. Mr. Jones also announ-
The meeting opened: at 10 ced that Bishop S. L. Greeneof guest superintendent.Guest
a. m.,Thursday with annual will be delivered by the Rev. the 11th Episcopal.District teachers will conductthe
and financial reports followed L. S. Frazier,the Rev. G.M. AME Church, wil deliver the by enrollments. The mo- ..R e v. C. A. Weaver dedicatory sermon. be reviewed by the pastor.At
derator delivered his annual of. Jacksonville and an ap- : the morning service,devotion -
address at the 1:30 p. m., pointee. The closing sermon Ministers, presiding eldersof will be conducted by
service. The Rev.G. H.Jack- .will be preached by Rev. J. the East Florida Conference Deacon J. M. Francis and
delivered the doctrinal have been invited to be Deacon 'Samuel Session. The
son M. Walker. : '
sermon. honored guests.MISSIONARY. .message will be delivered by
Saturday at 7:30 :p. m.Rev. i The Women's Home Foreign -: i the Rev. Leroy Clayton.The .
M. V. Mangham will deliver Mission Auxiliary will' speaker for the 3:30
meet in the women's build- hour of worship will be the
the sermon.
Sunday School mass will big, with the introductory SOCIETY Rev. Eddie Taylor. The Male
begin at 9:30 a. m. The miss- sermon delivered by the Rev. PRESENTS PROGRAM. Chorus of Zion Hope Baptist
ionary sermon will be delivered R. G. English on Thursdayat 3 Church will render music '
by the Rev. E. .L An- 3 p. m. The Rev. G. H. for the service. Evening service
Hines will deliver the sermon begins at 7
moderator. From 1 r .yr. p. m.
derson, 12:30 The Mary F. Handy Missionary a
Friday at m.
to 530 m., four sermons .
p. Society of Mt. Zion
The Rev. J. H. James will SOUTHSIDE USHERS ,
AME.Church. will present a"Tuesday
deliver the closing sermon
CHOIR 1 OBSERVES11TH Sunday at 8 p. m. Evening" musicalIn ....... ,-, --- ".. ''''''>>: SET ANNIVERSARYThe
ANNIVERSARYChoir the auditorium of the CHURCH CONVENTION-The Young P.0 P 1. Men here from the Methodist Southside Ushers Un- .
church Aug. 18 at 8 p. m. ion will observe its 17th anniversary -
Choirs the will Youth Fellowship of Ebe&ezer Methodist Church a r. bound for Lafayette. Indiana
city appear August 17 at the
1 of Everson Street LOCAL,CHURCH on, the program, rendering io'attend the National'Youth> Convention. Reading left to right front row: Lybeiia Mt Moriah Methodist Church.
Baptist Church will OBSERVES MEN'S DAY gospel selections. an A. Maxwell. Harriet Norman. Barbara J. Easter and Ronald Galvin. Back row left The speaker will be the Rev
its 11th anniversary Sundayat thems solos and dduets. In- Maxwell D. B. Barnes, pastor of Swet- '
3 Rev. S. Andrews, to right t;Jeaneii Mickey. Mtxine Willie Planning Cheryl Ford Gerald
p. m. vitations have been,extended field Baptist Church. Mrs.
and Jo-Ann Photo
pastor of Allen Chapel AME Styles Kennerly. by AveryStudio
to the
public. Mozell'Jones is president.
Church will deliver the' ser- Annual- Men'a Day will-- be :/ .Lr.

mon. Some of the guests to observed Sunday Aug Church.The 16 In. ,.." '' ''''''''''''' '''''''''
appear will be the City Wide Tabernacle Baptist
Choir Union, Mr. J. A. Watson Rev. W. E. Young,pas- .
president and the Male tor, will deliver the messageat ,16th ANNIVERSARY SALE '
Chorus of the St. Paul AME 11 a. m.', and the Rev. \ ?
Church. Charles Dailey of First Bap- ,
The Nightingale Saving tist Church, will b e .the .
Club will be honored guests. speaker at 3 p. m.

The ten d.r public s. Geraldine.is invited Burgess to atM -, Williams A.The_ _Lawrence_ officers___Jr.____.,_chairman co-chairman are u_ _:_ Maxie; C.; : It Always Pays To Deal With.. ,

reporter. Lawrence V. Jones, secre-
tary; Charles Keed, treasurer -
; Edward Allen, program
MINISTERS WIVES chairman and Berry Sheffield ,
,flower committee chair- DAVIS ,
.l .

.-...& ST. JAMES AME ..
The Baptist Ministers Wives S.
Alliance will_ meet Mondayat Quincy-Services at the St. C? dN I
5 p. m., at Mt. Sinai Bap I'James AME Church, the Rev 55 :
tist Church, with the presi- F. H. Ashe, pastor, will beheld < i sF .
dent, Mrs. H. H. Robinson, II, Sunday at 7 a. m. At
presiding.Mrs. r this time the congregationand S

Edna Gordon wil pastor will leave for I
conduct the devotion with baptismal services at the
the teacher instructing the Little River.
Sunday School lesson. Mrs. Other services will be Sun-
D. W. Demps will give the day School at 9:45 a. m.with
review of the lesson. Soloist I Powell E. Woodberry 1 n
will be Mrs.B. W. Williams,I charge. The 11 a. m.. baptism 4 !
with the with the pastor in
president giving re
marks. charge. Choir 1 and Usher 4 i.a
The group met in previous Board 1 will serve for the,
session with Mrs. A. F. Cum- day. Evening worship beginsat .
mings and Mrs.Edna Gordon 7.
serving as hostesses.A Miss Christine Roberts and
demonstration :Miss V. Williams are attending -, .
was giv-
en by the Rev. A. F. Cum- the Tn-State meeting
mings. The president presided. convening i n Jacksonville, W sYa
along with the pastor. M/

V 0+ % 3 ft I Ii I

BusterBrown :\ ,


k a ,,.dF ryf

t-Strap h s aweYZ
y aQl"
,: ; ? d2! 5,5f
> Aa
-.S S
EXCITING jnc A + jn
0 p/

,. .:._ WITH TRADITIONALLY -: I.*., ', r
; .
TINE FIT .xgtiffof
$7.50 to &SO y

-- I

-. .- ". # '
: 0'

: < 'IHCLUDM- _

A C: :" 10 .t- Double Dmst",Cka*. _
: BookcaM Bed Box

Red Leather- '; ;' : Spring! and laaanpriagMaiirM $ 95

Black,Pahm ;, *. a P11I n, 2 1' .

PIECEBedroom:-, VaaltyLaspa cad Bed '

Calf r .I 119 : :.-....- G.1. $. : w-' .:. '-. '


,** =". ......
21ft W. Adams SL OPEN FRL NIOHT.TIL 9 P 35791P.
Paxoa Shopping"Center Opea Era? Htpt "TO 9 I
373 Si. Jofe&i Aye.iM8 SHI Mtroo'Boulenrd2UWMT


,- -

-; -:;; :- ..... < .:.._....... _, v -: ..:.:..,... .

'-' ..


.. "'\ ''" -
: .
... ; "",



Week Ending Saturday August J5, 1859 THE FLQBIDA STAB PAle FIft

Smith of 5886 ?Moncrief Road. The Wilson's were accom-

panied by'their. sons Wilmer IH and Lincoln. .
j. *
: Mr. and Mrs.Joe S.' Davis of 1225 Pippin Street were

1 hosts to Mrs. Willie F. Williams of Miami and a young friend, '

.' Beverly Barkley. S S. S .
natural l
By Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jackson of New Orleans, and,sons

LOUISE. G. GUINYARD Joseph Jr., Carl and Mark recently completed a stay in the
s city-as guests of Mrs. Jackson's mother, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. .
Realizing that "it's just a matter of time" so far as lie- Vaught of 5906 Moncrief Road. They were lavishly enter-

sure activities are concerned, some of our teachers are trying tained by Mrs. Severia Boles, Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Neal, Mrs.
to cram a full summer schedule into the-few remaining Essie McCray, and Mrs. Willie Steele of Washington, D. C. :
days. t a gaS .
S Fishing is wonderful and
a sport, they say, we are in- .
Mrs. Elizabeth Tisdale of Jacksonvile and Screven, Ga., clined to agree, inasmuch as quite a local women are
is among the fortunate few. Her husband, Coolidge Tisdaleof bot Island last.week, catching a nice string of speckled trout. .
the U.S. Navy, is stationed in Berumda (of all the hea Mrs. Sara S. Stewart outfished 'her husband at Little Tal- .
venly places) and she is spending her vacation there. finding it both fasinating and successful. We ,understandMrs. .

Enroute to Bermuda, Mrs. Tisdale stopped over in Holy- Isaiah White- is also. somewhat. .of a '.masters*. -
i S S S
oke, Mass., to visit her sister. and brother.in-law, T/Sgt.
and Mrs. Eddie Wright. Little Claude Hilliard,, Jr. and sister, Portia, are visiting
St S SI in Miami with their grandmother Mrs. Lucile Ervin and anewwayofEfe !l lHOT

Mrs. Herschell Bailey is back in the city after a most aunt, Mrs. Helen Hall.Their mother.Mrs. Geneva Hilliardof [

enjoyable summer with her folks in Boston, Mass and vi- 2948. Begonia Road is spending her vacation at home. I
cinity. She was accompanied by her daughters Joyce and NEW REDEEM SLATES ANNIVERSARY .
Cheryl, and hubby Jimmie, who made the trip to bring his SET
'. St S .

Miss Barbara Robinson, who studied at Indiana U. this Natural gas heats water 3 times faster-because it'. instant hx! /

summer, is back in the. city. and.trying. .to- catch up on events. Matthew BaptistChurch Today's natural cu water heaters give you more hot water per penny

s Men's Day will be ob- eastside, the Rev. S. Gaston. ...and keep giving it to you through stacks of dishes,loads
Mrs. E. D. Mainor is taking a brief respite at American served throughout the day will observe the 16th anni- %-- of laundry and shower after shower. Easy to install

Beach after a very busy summer. She is accompanied by her Sunday In New Redeem Baptist versary of the pastor Aug. "; I they're available glass-lined or galvanized
daughters Little Miss Marilyn Mainor and Mrs. Delphine
various -v
pastors and
Church. Officers for the carry guarantees of up to 10 years oft
Brinson, and grandson Michael Brinson. and their congregations in *.- +l
c day are: C. IL Smith,chairman troublo-free service!

Mr. and Mrs. L Emerson Bryan are Spending a brief ; Eddie Richardson, cochairman charge.The R e v. S. Andrews of Modern,economical gas water beaten coma:

period with relatives in Farmville, Virginia.Mrs. ; Jerry Richardson, New Mt.Zion Baptist Church in a full range of sizes and styles to

Bryan has just completed the summ resessiou J t program committee.The eastside, will be present Aug. fit every home or commercial need.

Syracuse University. v_ 17 jointly with the Rev. H. Easy terms can be arranged. and,in many
S s SS S S ... .R" Sunday School beginsat
Edwards cases, can purchase new unity
pastor of St. Joseph you your
We are.always happy to hear of a home- %.ii,*, 9:30 a. m., with P. J. Mc- BaptistOn y r just a small charge added to
Intosh as superintendent. -
town girl making good, and we are especially 11 The teachers guest are: Os- Aug. 18, the Rev. E. your monthly gas bflll!

pdoud of Miss Doris F. Payne of Wash : sie Phillips. Roosevelt BaconP. Rawlins of Mt. :Pleasant Pri- Call our office or any authorised

ington, D. C. who was recently promotedto t J. McIntosh Jr. The lesson mitive ,Baptist Church will dealer for details .do it nowl! .
assistant supervisor of secretaries in her 4 will be reviewed by the conduct -the service. The Rev.S. .

department in the Pentagon. ." ReV W. M. Grimes. Love of Bethel Baptist ., Don think of natural gas OM jwt a I.
Miss Payne is the daughter of Mrs. Vio- Church, southside. will have ., < a, e a a better way to teat water. Use U for all

leita Baughknight Jenkins of this city. The devotion at 11:30 a. charge Aug. 19. if.worth...to make'oarlife better,

m., will be conducted by the Aug. 20. the Rev. C. E. happier,tatter in 7 Big Ways J
Mb D. Payne Rev. A. McFadden. Master Smith of New. Bethel Baptist .
s 1 Church, Dinsmore will 'Y.ri
of ceremonies will be James ren
Major\ Virgil Daniels was in the city briefly en route to Lee Hodge. der service, with the Rev. 1'k .
a special Air Force School in Keesler Field, Miss. He stoppedover \V. M. Lavant of St. Mark

to visit his mother, Mrs. A. W. Daniels of 1371 Ever- The will Baptist Church in charge on .? :W ra
green Avenue, and other relatives. young people pre Aug. 21.Invitations. 3
St Sk sent a musical program at 3 have
m..A number of been extended -
Mrs. Naomi Doggett and Mrs. Johnnie M.\ Roberts were p. to the public.
selections will be
on hand when the aircraft carrier Essex sailed from May-
port recently. Mrs. Doggett's husband, Odell, is a memberof the various choirs and .
the Essex crew for its six months European tour of duty. choruses throughout day.:
tional Hour at St John
Mr. Junius Bowman of the Jacksonville Urban Leagueis Bap
tist ,
Church Rev. A. J.
combining business with pleasure on his trip to Lees-
burg, Virginia. DISTRICT Hughes host pastor, .Aug. 21
-* !It JR. WOMEN at 8 8Slk
*- p. m. .r c c

Mrs. Flossie Jones of 1261 Grothe Street, who is re- HOLD INSPIRATION A program will be presented -

laxing Swelligant at American Bridge Club Beach recently, was hostess to members of the ,.HOUR 'and will the'beiin.Presidents: charge of Council the- a s ,as? ser?<. s,3., '4rdiKw .,,qA }.A aam Wq,> ;,, Re "
.. -
Among those attending the luncheon were Mrs. J. D. arrangement. -:
Buchanan, Mrs.\ Lizzie Mae Harris, Mrs. Ida Walker, Mrs. The District Junior Wo- Mrs.' MaudeU Huston is
Listen R. Burns, Mrs.\ Mary. Washington, Mrs. Theodosia men's Convention, auxiliary chairman:, Mrs; M. K. Gib
Childs, and Mrs. Rose Peppers. to the East Florida and Be- son, president.; Members are
SF SF S Sk to be uniformed. ..
thany Baptist Assn., the Rev.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Wilson of Richmond Virginia, W. N.. Hill, moderator will
were recent guests of Mrs.- 'Vilson's mother, Mrs. Irene observe its annual Inspira-

>' y s
F".v. ; .' ... Ltr tft ;.' tdr'a


: .t. -
Mr..htt d llrYe..hstl :t- -= 1; Safety Leaden

9*..........footwear, gIrai'
.M.......ef rWorrrfb AndCitietShineGaofatulationaareiiiordefto

tyteStr iuHr<"an" z't14w Ib itlaiia lea.-

1k Mwtl.sudiM. W "1: .,.("-_... .

;: ,.;.,.,11III..1rII..oed
mrbls Mt.......M ti- driven la Detroit and Chkaco: ... ..M L. .- 6' ., %fjir .-' j j4
t l'. ...MM11f ttf1N Ordv The two share the title of
"safest in which
bttf city to drive
......... ..b srery p*. II. M tar this year.**according to the
National Safety" Cow ciL:
And if s .the motorist,wbo
l loci
_. jassa H .... helped achieve this record.rV % ;: ;:
fT tn fitfons also:
S T. the CathoKe HIP SeheelU
Beaalagtea,Vu,amd Father
A ; C.a.rd Breaaaawh..p..nda
$6.35.L50 ufe-driTta de.oa.tratba
rtadeau.The program,...- ti- "'
rifutd to ........ the ... BaUM 6AMAtiMFAflai
: that a ear cut..".......
.a a dime," WM print ili J ky 3 r
a ..... aaMSfthhr ,dariac
which......were briefed OB
the deiaaaalTaitim sad heard
k. aa ffiaatratad ta&ai the ..* .
0 : ........ef driver attitadea.To cll11SCpE r;
J.Edgar Hoover Chief of
the'Federal Bureau of Invetiffation -

lic vwtators Enemy, as who Number the Huarifled Dati Daesay Q". "Pub traffic* ;;::::::_ curumceMridFU fr

iDen.. autt 'lQ le
is videos aimia ." mIs
a : : M'1aPr N.Y.'s wYn d.pc
Ta Charlea Caadala. traffieaad +ss .
a-eaapeHallaai _....
u. a j5S
...... He aarat TW. sacstrieaet gs alar.tAtoe ,
.MJIII1II .... se.ssas.tb Fi rdgs wl s s
fat a ..... .k' __
...... toad*Je valr am klaef eldl!
...... .....".tmg e.at.'T.ptt..o .
.nap iq far law esss..rs. FsaratW
_4 ab.. ..... csacosmrtc.5suuoi -
Mga d r...r.Ara it ww s.t.,+s p..at eatlPV...
wbisL-....aso ..It...... w.o.awd M t+ArAf
2: ... .r .satin. ...... w u.trt
.- -


'!; -- .. ':'-:! ;,. :,:. iiti-t ,uk t



Bootery .
r.. .- -: ;
-. ."".. FJf .'''''' I ; TItlE' -. :
.' ., '
: .. .
,. tt EAST iL.111;
4 k -..,," APAMS ST. -
Y'F-3: < ., :: .#-.. J: --- '; e
.. -






'. .. .- '- --. .

Page Six ____ __ __ THE FLORIDA STAA Week Ending Saturday. August 15. 1959

HUMAN FINGER I RACISTS CONDEMN J Southerners has preferred LLcAL '


acceptance, There are still Long term 12, year; loans 'ACHE ueIz::
Southerners who talk in repayable $10 per month fT1/s ,y/g Ir/
,- oa the$1.000. for home 1mprorements -
terms of "last ditch resistance" 4'
Denver Suburban Den- MAN AND WOMAN CUT repairs and w OIAJtI erica ORA..JLeGmING
ver family charged last week La. "The SEGREGATIONAn But greater numbersare BY ANGRY ASSAILANT adcWona to your existing n+e ells!, hat

they were seated at the table First Book of: Fishing," n succumbing the doc- Albert Williams, 21, of 15- house. Quick and efficient

when one of them found a children's book containing illustrations 'I trine of inevitability. Many 66 W. 12th Street told policehe errice." No red tape. Just

human finger in a dinner roll showing white who talk .uncompromisinglywithdraw was stabbed in the thigh good credit rating and OWn UP NIGHTSIt

they were preparing to eat. and Negro children fishingand article in the August issue in silence when the by a woman, known only to or,buying your own home.M. worried by -Bladder WetkaeM" (O t-
In a suit filed in Denver picnicking together; has of Harper's Magazzine time comes actually to defy Him as Mamie, struck at an- J. SIMON Cp sets or Bed WttUnj.urination too)trey or
bornlnf or itching
District Court .Friday, the ben removed 'Om.the shelvesof states that most Southerners the. laws. other woman whom he was 621 First Federal Building : Strong Bmtmni.Cloudy urine-.due to

Joe Jones family of suburban the Shreveport "Memorial prefer money, law and order dancing with at749 W. Ashley 306 W. Adams EL 6-2489 common try CYSTXX Kidney for and quick Bladder'help. SO Xmuttoni.zaraLM
3. Traditional Southern qualities Street last preys satesy for young tad old.
and be banned Saturday.
Arvada charged Safeway library, may
and maintenance of their re- cut for U HU under montyback.fitsr
Stores, Inc., with negligence' permanently.The putation for'good manners to of good manners. Many I Williams said he had been an'... See bow fart yon tmpror

"in allowing a roll containinga segregation.The I Northerners have noted with dancing. with a woman and I t
human finger to be sold to chief librarian, Inez surprise aphenomeon which Mamie'came into the club'and
arthur Dr. Howard : PHOTOGRAPHS
Boon removed the book l last '
attempted to cut his
for dancing
the I the South takes granted;
Zinn, head of the history department' -
week saying she felt the book a vociferoilS segregationist in partner. Mamie missed the .
The family asked $45,OOO: "probably should not be, on at Spelman College personal contact'with.the Ne- woman and cut hinT instead. OCCASIONExpert
Atlanta outlines in his
damages as result of" "ser- the shelves in this I area because amples in of the, values of which ex- gro,. can- often be ,gentle and He said his dancing: partner ."", =v v......._._."'_.'" .
ious and severe.chock. its ilustrations presentas white Southerners con- courteous. As the Negro dares ; no name given, ran, and t.t.::-\ .' l Photography .
typical, that which is not may situa- Mamie ran after'her and cut .'..
sider more precious than con- to appear in places and : .; 1. : 1 Portraits Weddings Banquets
The suit said Mrs. Elizza- typical for the area. tinued segregation tions where he has never beenthecourtesy : her ,on. the. ,hand. The two :;f' ,. ,'<, .+.< ..! Passports & Identification Photos

beth Jones, 29, was seated The city library board must 1. Money. The power of the I will face a genuine knife-victims-were treated at j;*. ? .. or I Photostats; & Commercial orA'

with her familyat: the din- examine the book before'a"fi boycott; directed against the test for the first time. DuvaLMedical Center. .t1''.w, Photos For Newspaper Cuts
ner table last Aug. 25, and nal decision is made to disCard bus in Montgomeryand Patrolmen Johnnie Doe and 1 While Ybu Walt
found the finger in the roll company And in many cases the in- M. Newsom investigated.FLO&DA .
it, however; the book the'white tradesmen in 'dividual white facing situa- .ti: u '1 1 Coloring & Picture Framing
she was buttering. will not be returned to the'library Tuskegee, "needs no elabora tion where he, must a violate ., J i Let Us Take A Photo Of You

shelf pending the decision tion." Also, a white plumber in
rules of courtesy
ordinary .
"They don't eat bread.any- of the board. contractor will hire a Negro order to defend'racial separa- s .- .- In Natural Color -
more, the family's attorney helper and sit beside him on J. AVERY .
Three,books "The Rabbit's tion will maintain his con/ STARIN
said. In the' suit, the family .
the front seat of his truck
- stated they have lost theirappetitp.s Wedding," "The Three Little duct"at the cost'of permittinga AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
rather than hire a white helper EVERY
andVhite" breach in racial tradition.
and "Black
for food of all types Pigs, -
have under fire recently and pay ten dollars more COLORED_ : HOMEs 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg.
"and more particularly for come in per week. Too, Negroes are From the angle of politics, .
bakery goods." from Alabama, segreagtionists and Louisi- respected customers in the Dr. Zinn points out that poli- Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments
stores of'the Deep South, and{ tical, power in another value ,
ana. white stand that be importantthan --- -- -
.and Negroes in more
may i"5' << -?? .? ;? ..
a a aa
the same lines in supermar- segregation. "So long as
---- kets, handle the same food, few Negroes voted," he states BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe

encounter for the most part I"Southern politicians could
the -same courteous service .successfully exploit the race I
: PATRONIZE LEARN TO DRIVE which is r special pride of the issue. But with the increasein f'1nuIJ.&ecL.BeJow Axe Recommended As Reputable Establishments

Secure Drivers' LcaM. South. Negro voting, the "Southis Spedffiftring{ Services and Products
SAFEWAY DRIVINa 2. Law and order. Even in begining'to approach the

Star Advertisers SCHOOL the most flagrant cases of point where political power

600 West Hearer Strut violenb opposition to integra- may; depend. more on conces- AUTO SERVICE. I GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOPWe

,GEORGE PERPENA. Dlr. tion-Little Rock Clinton, the sions to the Negro than on \. ,
Office Elgin 5-7742 Nashville school. dynamiting, the kind of demagoguery j Specialize In -

a J..Res. ELgin 4.0639 the Autherine Lucy affair= John Rankin and Eugene Tal- I Convertible Tops Door Panels

onyl a small minority of the madge made''their: ,;specialty." S Headliners Furniture Slip Coven
3227 N. Myrtle Avenue
--- EL 4-811


ATTENTION READERS % 'What is an ulcer? The word means open sore, which ran ,an Complex t IBodY/Repm.IE Paint Work
Please or Send Your Joe occur in any part of the body. But most often, when peopl)
ipeak of ulcers, they mean a "peptic", ulcer an open sore in th .-Orew-BabdrFa3at Jobs -:-
Church News Club Notices. & Announcements stomach or duodenum (upper part of the small Intestine) 'whit I GEORGE W. POWELL, INC.
1 Haul f\f discomfort 1 Price Start at:$4X0:

To The,FLORIDA ,STAR Early Americans and susea pain.a gout And a year.kiiia about' 10.000 I iS32.EulrAdama.SJNel EL 58135FOODS Heal Estate Rests Mortgage Collected Loans

DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS Nearly everyone knows "too 410 Broad Street EL |.o u.
much acid" helps cause ulcers.
Nerves that supply the stomachare
TUESDAY at.NOON overstimulated the stomach i '

STAR becomes overactive and pours out
too much hydrochloric acid. At .
the same time doctors suspect, :
2323, Moncrief RdL Corner 13th.Street the ulcer victim's stomach is par a Jones Institute of Physical Culture
ticularly unable to resist this onslaught _
of acid which eventuallycan \ School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage

cause an ulcer. J' Colored Owned and Operated
.. : "Earn As You Learn
First Sign I h Pain '","'.""" KITCHEN.I 112 I Clay Street EL 4-6005
Early symptoms may be very MOM'S
..3 Enroll Now la The x ; like indigestion. The first sigh new prescription tablet called

South* Finest College : sometimes is excruciating pain.If Enarax does all this.-It which combinedoxyphencychmine cuts -u..m...Cookeci meals-serred 24 hours- '.

Florida Barber College A throug the the ulcer stomach works lining its ,way an down hydrochloric acid by 80 per 7 days a week,
Branch G. L Approred infection starts which may prove cent in two hours-with Atarax.
s sa deadly unless surgery comes a tranquilizing agent used by 285 Kings Road EL 4-9921 TAXI"At
doctors for several And
a quickly to the rescue. Severe
bleeding is another dangerous one dose of Enarax lasts about Your Service"IIEW
Woodrvw Patterson manager Prof. James Glover complication. 12 hours.- DEAL CAB EL 4.1611
630 Davis Street At Beaver Unfortunately,treating an ul rua"'orkIW ol1- LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611
Phone EL 5-9874 cer is a round-t a-clock job. Our In an early, test of the new GUi r
stomachs do not sleep at night, drug 135 out'"of C 140 patientswere INA'S
and healing medication is espe successfully treated. Dr. '
cially needed through the long Bert H. Leming Jr., of the If You Want Ta%,7& slIn c.rnl.rAnd ;
hours without food. In the past, University Tennessee. Medical
' patients had to wake up take Units, Memphis, found Meats Come See Us
LILLY'S DRUG STORE their medicine (or a glassofmilk Enarax worked;well.for '100 of : TimiquaBa Road Trading Post
), and hope to go back to 103 patients. : 300 Dates Sfeeel EL.8M12JFUNMwSE Complete Garden
1907 Kings Road at Spires their much-needed sleep. Many*physicians believe that Supplies
Ideally, therefore ulcer medi ulcers could be prevented if we '* FertI11zer.Fruit Products
Where Exp.I'I.DC.of ::' cation should cut down the learned to avoid tense.emotional :'. cIFurnlure! bought and sold
amount of hydrochloric acid in states..Unfortunately.the.ulcer 8iiTimlqaas wRoad. SP
Pharmacists Prepare] the stomach calm the tense and victimis: usually much toe busy 1-3762
driving ulcer patient who is liter to slow'down'and.take.itusy.llis c
v Your Prescription: According ally "chewing himself out," and stomach responds with more
to your doctor's last through the night. Medical acid-and the chance of his getting ,HC11itFS'CARTER'S : 'a
'! scientists have reported that a an ulcer.
Instructions .. Using I..
J y : Washington's Health
only the Best quality Service
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FCTMiAE-HeME : Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bathi
Or. C. E. IKsek PtanaacsBte Or. W. i. Orftimm il. Answers to Your Beauty Questions .._ : Colonic Therapy

"- 24 Hour'AmbuliiiMii BinItmSening .. ,D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Location
-:- -1- '-1- .. :
For 23
Hosa Slta Years
Colored w l 111I
:34 N Myrtle Avenues '
A COMPLETE LINE OFs Q.:.Can I.oise a*hair .tnIrh en- Q.rve heart a lot about sill- I |. C. Jernigan omMr S. L. Davis m EL 4-2475
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies -,- SundriesPRESCRIPTIONS er safely on color-treated cones. Do they' really help
GALLED' FOR AND DBUVEHED haUt your.hair?, |3t9 West Bea T6*.Sfee i ELO6451MISCELLANEOUS'

A.A leading cream hair..traJrht'A,.Definitely SUicones act as a S
ever advises testing first on a conditioner to hair AND scalp
few strands of hair before attempting and also protect against mols- 1 WILLIE SMITHt DRUGS

SUPPORT THE DRIVE I treated hair.to straighten Be sure to color-read ture and e perspiration.e I Free delivery any"part of the city

erections very carefully. \ -. =-- OLD RELIABLE ;_
.Q..Can I use spray net if my :: Ml West Ashley.Slreet,
EL 4-1380
hair= a pressed style? r'.1 ; .
FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF ...Bow can I make my hair glossy -
A. '
and shiny? By an means. Choose a spray jMAt H0li 8 GAiCENCY
net containing lanolin (the
A.Keep.your, hair shampooed label .will give' yon this information 'aiy County and'FWwal Beads
NEGROEM LOCAL FIRMSI regularly then use a creamy ). Some spray net
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pressed styles-so check this
would like to see a new policy of better treatment before you buy. STORE _'.

to Negro customers adopted by local fan Sk *.. r Courteous,Treaimanlf

I resent being called by ay first name by aleIID&D'aacI S&r Q.'Why.do-1 perspire-more when_ .Ofw8:3G'to,7'p. m.
saleswomen. rm excited,.or upset t' leG DavisuSireet
; EL
4 belier that Negro patrons should be providedample A..This; nervoutpeapiyatiori' ACE RADIO & TV -SERVICE." \ / 4-12W

rest room facilities In local ectabHahments. c' <> .comes rom largo-;mere pWerful 31 Yie.r'Ier.EF.le.o1JUl "0/" .
an end put to Jim-crow signs 'on drinking fountains $ \ "gfsiiiisjjTTMi: : giandy are '
and rest rooms.' stimulated by tension?excitement irdc.Q eatd f

To aeceapUsh these changes I am wilting to cease _].h;. ; C Nervous or perspiration emotional Is upset.more ((43 Forest Street ELAVERY'S 4964} MAGGIE CONFECTIONERY .

psirosWng firms that ere unwilling to meet these .
,.; offensive and causes stains I BEER- CIGARS CIGARETTES .
requests. and odor. To, guard against ICE CREAM *
x .. -
offense at.
times use a
1102 Price St.
deodorant'with base EL 3-6312
:NAME 4 *creamy
:> { rather than alcohol-base prod ,
ucts that evaporate rapidly
ADDRESS Mb Dorothea Towle*. laternatiooa&r WfiffiJtnai ... PoYee. ... QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO.)*

:.famous Negro model, __ y__ ... ...... .... ..... Mattress Renovating Oar, ._
( ) Tea may disdoco my name U flakiest and beauty expert shows "s...* .........,. lie _" .. ....... .w..dd.tt,IL__ fJesu_. ,.. ,
nse.ry.dialW ....... ........ Oa. Day.Senlce .
: unite IndlcsJed otherwise below a spray hair set by Beyal Crown, :N =i. -KIM+aa G........ y.-c4 ill W..t'11a11.r. ,1 fee! ; EL: 4-1! 1788 OW DIll Reed ;
nude.exprr.y for pressed hairti. L d" aep, .. ... PO
Issas P.0. sass
r\"fl tMt' e84
vB41be'phei .
IIy--> :: .
: :::. .1 J __ lkaade So Taa. '
_. : ? ? r'I" 'f f
1 i ojc> -:; .. '.'; .." *?*:? i -, L '- ........ _. ... "
., -- .,..",-
t .




Week Endina Saturday.'Auoiut 15, 1859 THE, FLORIDA_ ST I.!: Pay Scraa'::,


M consultation, consternation,; TWO POWER LADEN TEAMS MEET
i conversation, administration ( h ... -.' .
and accusation that the third
f .1jl.f maj6r,baseball league is causing INELKSCHARITYBALLCAMEBy I
quite.a bit of discussion.The ;.. aA
main question is. "Where
win it get the players?" A C. PARHAM JOHNSON

I .SPOIITS 'third major baseball league When the umpire turns his tween two junior teams beginning -
V: will be another divine step back to the crowd takes out at 1 pan. Everythingis
By C. PARHAM JOHNSON toward a real, true and honest his little pocket broom and keyed up, be there.
#: OLLIE MATSON, once the pride of the Chicz&o Cardinals American Democracy.,' sweeps ,off home plate and
and called the greatest football player in the pro leagueis THE THIRD MAJOR LEAGUE V yells, play :ball Sunday at 2
now on the roster of the Los Angeles Rams. All eyes of wfl bring together more p.m. in the Myrtle Avenue
the football world are now and will be watching Matson. white men and tan men which Baseball park it will be the BEARS TO USE
Matson, said to be the fastest runner in professional football will automatically create a start of the game between the
is expected to beat full back when the Rams open the better understanding between Georgia All-Stars and the .
season. The big 210 pound, fullback is the, holder of a the'races. It wiil help to eliminate Florida All-Stars for the Elks CAROLINE ON

i !Master's\ degree in education.__ the soapbox oratory Charity Fund.
cut down on ministers of the Charity covers many phases .
Stengel of the American Lea- gospel being dismissed from among human beings. Manyare OFFENSEIIERE
have come'a long way since gue All-Stars after Moose the churches that profess the lame, sick with dreadful
p the entrance of Jackie Robinson Skowron's injury preventedhim Christian religion, cut downon :diseases, burned out, thrownout .
into the major leagues. from making an appear- the racial issue being usedas helpless, blind, hungry, -' -
When a game that once closed ance. Howard is the Yanke'sall a "political football", and E -r' aged penniless, educational J. C. Caroline, one of the
the dor on Negro players in around man. help to stamp out for all the needs for deserving students, most feared runners in fott-

the majors can come up witha JACKIE ROBINSON appeared hypo critical tactics of men r. :-d Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts ball during his collegiate playing -.
whole dozen of tan stars in the 1949 All-Star who sit tsraddle the, fence. r 4& churches, welfare needs of days and one of the mainstays -
for the All-Star game, huw classic played in six consecu- THE FIELD, OR, SPORTShas -- many descriptions and what of the. Chicago .Bears
much further can it go. The game to break the ice in that been a leader all the i way I4yw eM, 9Q A have you. win be seen in action in me
12-players named to the tive. All-Star., games.. and through on establishingPeace x In bringing two well bal- Gator Bowl Saturday Sept 5,
teams were Orlando Cepeda, l sported a .333 batting average on Earth; Good Will to- anced teams together, the when the Bears meet the
Willie Mays, and Sad Sam for the classic.The one ward Men." The white ath y Elks have striven to match Washington Redskins.
Jones of the San Francisco great consolation that comes lete and the black athlete give IYw two' teams that will give the
Caroline the
Giants; Junior Gilliam of the to.. alL baseball, fans,.. both their best at all' times with fans the value of their ad- joined
Bears he used
Vada Pinson and mission fee and work towarda was as a special -
Dodgers; white and-colored is that every never a thought 6f a Negro 7 p
defense artist who has
Frank Robinson of the Cin- step of the progress made being next to me or'a white worthy goal. It is the pur- been given credit for saving
cinnatti Redlegs; BilUWhite by Negro players have comeon athlete being next to me..The pose of the Elks that when
for his
I team.
_ of the St. Louis Cardinals; merit and favoritism. asks the the game is over the fans will many games
shortstop once ques- .
He was considered one of the
Ernie Banks of the Chicago: There has been ,no partiality tion of who will be on'second be satisfied and the sponsors best defensive backs in the
Cubs and of course the one: shown them, but their all or third base. The pitcher WITH GREEN BAY-Willie Taylor, one of the Florida will be benefitted.The National Football Leogue.
and only Hank Aaron of the around hustle, ability and big never asks what is the' color' A&M Rattlers who played a very fine game of football Georgia All-Stars are ...
Braves. stick have brought them to I of the man who will be cat-: everytime the Rattlers took the field. Taylor seen here in coming to Florida well recom- The speedy back who once
THE AMERICAN LEA the front. I ching me in this game. one of his most familiar poses was good enough to be signed mended and the team is said caused so many headaches to
CUE PROVIDED the others by the Green Bay Packers of the National Football to be composed of some of opposing college teams while
with Vie Power and :Minie INTERGRATION, SEGREGATION SPORTS MINDED AMER. Coach Jake Gaither said Taylor was one of the best centers the best -playerszvb vzb vzb breaking Harold ( Red )
Minosa of the Cleveland Indians has caused so much ICANS are more concerned he has coached at time at Florida A&M both the best baseball talent in the Grange's rushing record at
any defensivelyand
and Elston Howard, aggrevation,' perspiration "< about the "home -team" win- offensively He is. just another Rattler to be state. The Florida AllStarsare the University of Illinois has
who was named by Casey, contemplation, concentration.. .. ning the game than it is by a professional team. signed losing no time in getting been moved from defense to
I "'I about who will I be next to in_ shape_in order to be ready offense because of his sneed
on the "Old Ship of Zion" for the highly recommended and ballcari1ingbiffti.
e OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER: 'REPORTERS' bound for heaven. This dear TEAMS LAUNCHCHAMPIONSHIP Orioles. vs. Royals and Bravesvs. Georgia team. The one significant point
Thunderbirds.The .
land of ours is not only Sports It is the purpose of the about Caroline coming to
PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN, Minded America; but is also results of games played Lodge to gives the fans the Jacksonville is that this is the
called Christian" Minded Am- last week are: Hawks Royals same type of baseball that place where he got his start
w There an opimfnga for erica.' and Eagles over Rookies who was seen on that same spot The first football knowledge

EXPERIENCED Nennptp relterkfl iMenad.ertlshtg BRING ON .THE THIRD were dropped from the Minor several years ago. Every obtained by the powerful run
a z 1 1i nlewtest. *tuJt-.' LEAGUE and 'bring, men GAMES MONDAY league; Eastsiders defeated player on both teams is con- ner was received from Chap-
.. sidered a star in his pie James, who then
mea and womca* prl&ttn.opartiers. cot pedIsN. .. closer together' and ev ntu- Eagles 12-2, Braves defeated respec- was
tive position. coach at A. L. Junior
qp. ally'''men will, realize' that if Thunderbirds 10-4; Cavaliers
II defeated Stars 11-0 j Thund- purpose game is School.
the hUman cun'participate -
erbirds defeated Stars a natural incentive to draw From all evidence the present -
BEGINNERS WANTED TOO w. wig .....' *in sports together, they The adult Softball champ- and Royals 5-4. at Simond; ,the fans and the brand of ball Matthew W. Gilbert
young reporters end people for all dfp.. '-AO. 1'' can go'tb'heaireh'together. ions major and minor league, Johnson Braves defeated :that will be played will also High School principal did a
If you fer,a rul d dr* to boom. a meoayet SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL WE teams.launchexHhe last three Crowns ;17-8 Boys Home de- 'urge the fans to attend. Base-I bang-up job, for Caroline was
of the MWipaptr frt1ty. MEET AGAIN days of the.:.first half of its feated Senators 13-12; Caw 'I ball in. its highest form will one of the greatest stars to

.:.. schedule last:Monday with a aliers defeated Orioles 8-3, be presented at the park Sun- ever perform in college foot
WE NEED Mea and worn ytrasg QI'.e. full slate. Braves defeated Senators 10- day.A. ball. He has been one of the
aged in all field for, a chain u wt *pe[ .dmega OLDTIMERSSETFOR At Jefferson Street .at 7 6; Boys Home defeated Roy- I feature of the afternoon brightest stars in pro ball
--.. pjn.: Eastsiders vs. Hawks als 11-10; Braves defeated activities will be 'a game be- since leaving college.
and 8:30-Boys Home vs. Or- Boys Home 10-6; Cavaliers
ACT NOW 8tal..xp rUne. and ag*. YMCA-GAME ioles; at Simonds Johnson at: defeated Royals 13-5; Orioles
WHTTEt ,7-Senators vs. Royals and defeated Thunderbirds 19-3 ACOSTA'SEVERYTHING

i 9:15-Stars vs. ;Braves. and Boys Home defeated Cav-.
INTERSTATE PBESS 81. M. AUG. 2L I With a change of the schedule aliers 3-0 at Jefferson St. FOR THE FISHERMANBait

p. O. Box 732 JacksonTill' 1. Fla. on Tuesday : Jefferson Live
Street at 7-Boys Home vs. Shrimp Crabs
Thunderbirds and 9:15-Cavaliers -
vs. Braves; Simonds Watch This Clown 1 Fishing Tackle:
The YMCA sponsored Old- Johnson at 7-Senators vs.
timers is 17'_ 49 __ 86 8019 MAIN'STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-S670
game shaping Cavaliers and 9:15-Stars vs.
Still traditionally distilled, farQUALITY ,up with.the managers and Royals, .Wednesday: Jefferson 157 __ 55 319 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
players: making preparationsto Street at 7-Boys Homevs. 6 r
play Friday night August Braves and 9:15Cavaliers 7
21, at:the Myrtle\ Ave. Base-, vs. Thunderbirds; Si- 0.6 "
.. ball Park at 8 pJTU mond Johnson 7Senatorsvs. 0 0I '
,. The proceeds from 'the Stars. The second half 6 3 ..
game-ia applied ,to the-biiilc- will begin Thursday; sche- PALMSi
fng:fOnd-for1 \YMCA Build- dules may be obtained from 25 50 .- 99'
ii&,. -;:.' ing in-Jacksonvllle'One of the Riley and Fields. Simonds 113 72 _. 244 .
r means of raising money :has ,Johnson at 7-Eagles vs.
been' through' 'the oldtimers Hawks, and 8:30-Senators Sometimes Sometimes be'l ttf* down o] BALLROOM
\' game. The progress has been [vs.Cavaliers; Jefferson St., 7 De add. cabinet
very slow, but those who hay !-Stars vs. Orioles and 915 He works It aU around
; '" supported it, in ,the past will Royals vs. Braves; Friday # OF JACKSONVILLE
tI be ready again. !Simond Johnson 7-Stars vs. Coming Attrtrtfnna
,h J S'eV. Word, the'exec Braves and 9:15-Hawks vs. 19 05 131 95 I 933S8833 ?@333339S33335s&?? 3S3a
tive secretary has attempted Terrors Jefferson Street 7 I
Wt I giant many extra features
I A WWMW\IWIftftA yV* *>ft W
from time to'time to add color -
and create. interest The
building;of a YMCA building FD situsBERGAMOT
in the city of Jacksonvile is :a
major project"and is one that i ; ; :
neeed every bit of the-cooperation -
} from the citizenry WATER REPELLENT ;
that it can get in order to ac- CQNDlTlONfft
eompish'the task.
h 2 The."men who make up the

teams mare, alway ready and '.
) wining to do whatever they WOWING'
can to make a physical and
financial contribution to the ;
cause. The men are ready MI
again this year.

Managers, Taft: Cummings .
k:1 and Porcher 'L 'Taylor are ,
working to get.teams' togeth. i
er ,that will give the fans .a 'k'lwt
show for..their'money. Those I
t who are interested in the fu- 1
ture welfare of the' city will Satisfied #8
always add :their bit by attending +if1 ORCHESTItA
It's right on the label! First distilled in 1769.still the games. :: : '
traditionally distilled for authentic London Dry Gin Advance tickets may be HEADS \ 1WSTAii1NG AUG..2i2:

quality Enjoy the subtle;dryness and delicate flavor orGordon.s purchased at, the YMCA of- -
"!-! lice on Davis Street at anytime lit Before 10:9fdoe W.
A .Any ( Per Penea.
during office hours. Goby
:rr..e+e's no Gin- m.(jOROOtIJ the office or contact Mrs. i f MOW. THRU THUR5. Tie 4

Erma Lynch at the James FRL SAT. HOLIDAYS SLJ8 "'
%IQIUJ.SPIm....:waa rm.:ran_ m m OL:.....11' WeM John! Branch YM ,
", A.of: !:_ ""-." 'L,
: __:., I..... '
..,.. ,

,. : ;" : .;<" .; ,. "

# :





.-- ESP. THE FLORIDA STAB ". -Week Ending- Saiurday\August' 15 199SOLDER'S -

Protect Your Rights FOR RENT -
1818 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722 So You Can Vote private home. One block We Will Build On Your Lot For $250.00 Down *'
Kindergarten Begin September 2nd from bus line and school -2 Bedroom $57.00 Monthly -- : *
ALSO FOH CHILDREN & ADULTS Colored Female zone. Call PO 56275. 3 Bedrooms $67.00 Monthly *
Piano. Band Voice Guitar Accordion College Graduate B. A. in For InfonnaHoD3'52 *
Theory Tutoring Adult Education Social Studies Desires Work FOR RENT s. *
'MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH Please Call EL 4-9105 Two room apartment with %
A.M. or P. M. hot and cold water. Adults GOING OUT OF BUSINESS *
only. Conveniently located at ie
BARBER 111 Davis Street. The Mission Thrift Shop is Going Out of Business icic
Apply Artistic Barber Shop. this M 0 J1 t h. Everything goes\at Give-Away Prices
iiW1b1 619 West Ashley' Street. EL Open Monday Friday and Saturday.. from 9:00 A. M. ieie'
U 49231. 0 _sneezing to 4:00 P. M. 807 Main Street.\ .

Skyview WED. AUG. 19th 8:30 P. M. IS YOUR DRINKING Wh hay fever :
Adults 75c KIds.Froo In Cars Getting To. Ber A Problem? I L41eti
I Call EL43176 Mountain oR .r.. .

., ,., ""-"-. ".III1...:": : : ..I'.;.: : .- HOME -
929 West Beaver Street -
-:. Lady Attendant -:-
SPECIAL! CHECK Phones "'I( A tip of the ftps Oat
: I
WI.TH O. C. Jeralgan Owner EL 4-0545 to these outs
> s. L. Davis Manager EL 4-0546 ..
Vtf IP y ***QO1)GB2UL) e
1:1. AL I make our cmattrj MA
.. *
our commmlty a
The SEA FOOD Center Dace tanvbkii te Bf..

*** **
PayDay colt MYRTLE: A7HRUE AIm ---.
I Medium Mullet Lb. 20c
Large Mullet Lb. 29c t.r: /
Salt Mullet Lb. 25c f'I
Mullet Roe Lb. 98c P. l .
0 OceanYlew.Spob Lb. 32c "h ;. :' .
Shrimp Boat Whiting Lb. 32c I :
Mangro Snapper Lb. 49c ..',"."''i.'d''...:......,.'...
: "">:: ;
Genuine RED SNAPPER Lb. 59c .1 r .
GENERAL ELECTRIC I Beach Whiting Lb. 39c I .. ; r t
r ; Kingfish Steaks Lb. 49c: t '.,
BIG JIM CRABS $1.00 Dozen. f.....:" .1

\...., *T odAiMa+ PJaaae EL 4aU. High School *
.', Pepsi Cola Dealers t&d) '
= c. "
SLIM-Style I Pepsi Cola Bottling CosaO
RITZ 1ST RUN THRU TUES. any are proud to falato) .
Dorothy of the 12th grade s ,
: class. She is a member of.
.. .0.. ..r.. the New Bethel AME '.

# U lira Vision"Deluxe flg---_ s NOWWWID To1t1>ts ..\\15"&c1., SKklUtlts '\( .< Nurdng Church and her plans career.to make 3 '>

k< HEROFA4MPDObI Vtr!: ******** ***'i

Console i11iLI 111R .....

i T-u II WIlt iIr Ianeyi '' 1/1 I t :

eIMRtiN. "
& *
New Wide .Angle 110"degree : bMr"'AIWT1tn mo
Alumlnlzed picture tube "- 111 aJISIK.KVIIf.. _t CDICaM
Front Sound projection i ------.----- CECIL L. WILLIAMS
Mahogany wood finish New Stanton SeniorSchool
1 Bn11!-la Antennae ... r Also See Dale Robertson and_Ward BondIn fc High
Y Set and Forget Volumn, Control :.4 DAKOTA INCIDENT Tribute Is paid to Cecil
Jof the graduating class.
I 7 She is a member of the
95 lC42 Strand SUNDAY THRU SATURDAYIi' National Honor Society,
229W and plans t o major 1 n
I 4 Business Administration.
/ 0'0_ .:c-:. / I*****."**A*r rJ
J j

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3316 BEACH BLVD., :.I.II r r
15 S. HOGAN ST. (Near Southgat* Plaza) :.. l .
CH.CK WITH (Across from New Sean) FL 9-8679 "
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