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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200522datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 8, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005220740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 8, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 8, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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1' ,





FiiiilIPL'ST"ii Ifd Bishop Nicho ;_ 2p19'/'= f

( ,Gives Up to PoIk *

.' ....

.Rid 4.b.i 1 HO. 27 And HEWS. AUGUST 8. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA '15 Cent=



Pa., -i L. Dash, produced a writ of
Bishop D. Ward Nichols,' ed on Wednesday immediateD. -

j LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Dr. former head of the A3I.E.

411 ; illed In Auto C'rackUp T., J. Raney, segregationist- Church's First Episcopal District -
week leader compelled in this city to, announce was this here last Wednesday to authorities to-

that the private segregated face charges on 42 counts of

high school named after him embezzlement.
is now out of business be- Bishop Nichols, for the past

SEARS DISCRIMINATORY POLICY PAULINE THOMAS BADLYINflJREDIN cause there is no money to two years a highly controversial -
continue its operation.The figure, was found guilty
collapse came in the in April 1958 of embezzling

a BLASTED BY NEGRO LEADERS WRECK; SHE FACES ARRESTAVON sion midst program.of a $435,000 The school expan-was church approximately funds. He$207,950 was at that i n H- __

By ERIC 0. SIMPSON ., 1 I established last fall in the time also charged with mal
wake of Gov. Orval C. Faubus administration of the law, and
PARK-At approximately 3 o'clock last Sun- placing burdensome
closing of the city's four high assess
Aroused Jacksonville Negro citizens are expressing resentment day afternoon two cars came together head-on on State Road schools to ments upon the pastors and
prevent court-
over the fact that colored patrons are barred from 25 some 2 miles north of this city causing the death of one ordered integration.The people .for his personal gain. WARD NICHOLS
eating in the dining room and coffee shop of the new'multimillion woman, severe injuries to four other persons-one of thema closing of the Bishop Nichols was origin- *
dollar Saers store while the management fails to 9-year-old-boy an estimated $7,000 worth of damage school releases Raney 1236 ally indicted in absentia on
provide any eating whatever for Negroes. to two habeas
new cars. students who the 42 counts but was unableto corpus signed by
were registered
The Jacksonville branch of the National Association A State Highway Patrol- there for the Fall semester. be served due to his absence Judge Joseph Slaone. A hear-
Association for the Advancement of Colored People as well report asserts that Pauline and fraternal circles in Jacksonville. from this city. He was ing was set for Sept. 18,1959.
as the State Conference of the organization have sent_tele- Thomas of 618 W. Duval St. She was an out dotide ] presumed to be in New York. Mr. Norris attacked this,
grams to the Sears head office protesting the comp Dy'sdiscriminatol" caused the accident by driv- stating
on Thursday afternoon
standing Daughter Elk-Pride register in the city's three Atty. Austin Norris, council -
} policies. ing her car on the wrong side of Maceo. It is believed she white public high schools for a group of complaintsin that he will take actioh
The resentment which has resulted, following an expose of the read. Mrs. Thomas, 47, killed which the AME Church's district before Sept. 18 to have the
was instantly at the are expected to
made last week by'the FLORIDA STAR of, the lack of eat- and open
widely kown in writ overthrown. "This
time of the crash. under an integrated has charged that procedure
ing accomodations at the Sears has reached the pupilplacement
new pointof Jacksonville, received multiple Bishop Nichols is highly irregular,"
a spontaneous boycott,of the store by hundreds of local injuries of a serious nature. of the second car system on August avoided purposefully Norris said.Council .
citizens. wasVilliam" Robert Griffin, 12, nearly a month"sooner service of the war
Rev. Wilburt B. Miller, president of the Interdenominational She is in the Walker Memorial Jr., 24. He sustained multiple than is usually the case. rants which he knew were for the complaintssaid
-: Hospital here. fractures and larcerations. This decision out for him in this city, and he will ask "where it is
Ministerial Alliance denied that and local ministers by the now
Two other
condoned the discriminatory setup at Sears. He also indicated Mrs. Thomas' passengers car are also in Griffin, white. is a residentof mi derate Little Rock School that he deserves. no furtherconsideration. been regular issued for after a writ'criminal to have
that the group was considering means to be adopted to deal. still hospitalized at Walker's. Tampa. : Board has been roundly attacked -
with the situation. A,patrol._report states that by segregationist factions The charges brough have already been
In addition the Theyre: DorothyGrant 28 Mrs. Thomas was: driving who against Bishop Nichols were made in .circumstances like
resentment them
was spreading accuse ofppeniJig'
through of Grantsustained
a '1142 Grothe St.Hiss "
number of Women's Clubs and other organizations whose lacerationsand north oa'SiateEoad 25\whep: ilia.schools at the made in behalf of six or nine this.
members have begun a "stay out of Sears" drive, until the contusions severe and multiple the collision occured. It was height of"a polid'epidemic n district conference members He'declared he will l further
situation is rectified. fractures. Little Marvin not'yet'determined what ha p:'Border. to force integration." who called for an accountingof ask the question as to why
The ,lack of eating facilities for Negro patrons was Burke, reportedly'a Austin rela- pened' immediate! prior to 'The segregationists have funds allegedly entrusted. Bishop Nichols has not been
aired the'smash" up, bur she has not to the prelate over a periodof "finger printed and photographed
last wek in the FLORIDA STAR following an interview tive of Mrs. Thomas, suffered announced any plans. to,
with Sear's General Manager Roy Harrell, after the burns and shock. A late been charged with driving on resist integration. about five years. as are all other per-
report the wrong side of the Bishop Nichols was releas- under
newspaper was swamped with telephone calls concerning road. sons criminal indict-
restroom facilities at the new store. ,. available of his at.press condition time.was not As such, an arrest wanantawaits ly after his attorney, ,Samuel ment."

When this reporter asked :Mr. Harrell whether colored Mrs. Orelia Mosely of 511 her release from the POLIO WARNING'e
patrons were permitted to eat in the restaurant or coffee Jeffeson Street was the only hospital.The RACIAL DISCRIMINATION[
she'1 he told us in a hostile manner he would not make a cars involved in the
fatality of the collision. She
ent "for wreck were a 1959 Cadillac I
i.atr publication. ;
was also a passenger in the driven by :Mrs.\ Thomas GIVEN BY
rooms In are investigating.provided for the colored facilities men it was and found women.that Colored rest Thomas car. In life, Mrs. 1959 Chevrolet driven ana by I LOSING GROUND AT TERMINALSATLANTA
Mosely was active in social
patrons are not permitted to eat in any of the eating places ,Griffin. Both vehicles were MACON DOCTOR
in the store.INTERRACIAL. demolished. Polite, well- phis, Augusta and Columbus,
MRS, JOHNSON Highway Patrolman B. F. dressed Negros may be served but the degree of segregation
LOVE STORY FEATURES PASSES>> AT HOME Brown in the restaurant: at Atlanta varies. The other cities have

JULIE LONDON NAT COLE AND Billy Daniels.. MACON, Ga.According l Municipal Airport without non-segregated rest rooms,
I to Dr.R. Stillmon Smith of the report said.
Mrs. Ophelia Johnson, mo* this city, polio fo rthe incident; .others be
Showing at the Ritz Theatre starting Sunday is "Nightof ther of'Mr.-C. Parham Johnson case may Seven cities have non-seg
the Quarter Moon" one of the most controversial and Sports Editor of the 27 weeks of this year ar up turned away.A regated railroad waiting
probably the most daring film ever produced,in Hollywood' FLORIDA STAR, stricken S 60 percent over the same per prominent Negro reported rooms Memphis, Ports
Starring Julie London, the .-- by death,in.her was home last- ( investigated.'U iod for 1958 and paralytic polo he was told flatly by the mouth, Richmond Lynch-
famed sutry voiced singer, costarring Tuesday August 4th. Mrs. has risen 105 per cent. restaurant management thatno burgh and Norfolk Va., Lou
John Drew Barry- and Billy Daniels. Johnson has lived in Jackson- Dr Smith who is the president Negro could be seated and isville's Union station and St.

more, the film tells the story The ville for eight and .. of the National Medical served. Another was told Negroes Petersburgh, Fla.
stirring drama years wasa
will Association issued this would be served behinda
of an interracial marriage.The member warn In Nashville Greensboro,
of the St.
play-for limited to' aid
a ing the
engagment AME Church. polio vaccination screen. Little Rock, Louisville and
drama portrays Judy at the Since coming campaign of the In
air-conditioned National Columbus
,Ritz to this city, she had Agusta, Ga. Memphis, Negroes are allowed
London as the part colored Theatre. friends. accumulated : :' Foundation which is attemp and Memphis, airport termi- to sit and be served at the

bride of a ,white aristocrat, Survivors many include her ting to bring the polio protect restaurants are segregaed. same railroad station restaurant -
sons, tion to more than half In 17 other
major cities
and together they fight a bat- Mr. C. Parham Johnson and lunch counter as whites.
MAN UJS. population which has not the airport restaurant s egreIn Memphis this, applies
tIe against prejudice. Featured HURT IN FIGHT Mr. Francis M. Johnson; sis- had
yet the Salk
vaccine. gation practices in
vary as only to interstate
in the film is a supportOVER ter Cornelia Muse; grand- passengers.
DRINK REFUSAL Although Salk vaccine has Atlanta's case. In Chatanooga's Terminal
ing cast of top notch Negro children, Miss, Van dol y n been licensed by the govern- In the Atlanta case observers station, a Negro interstate
actors which include A 59-year-old man suffered Johnson, -}figs Gwendolyn ment for four
: Nat Johnson over years, less for the Southern Regional passenger must go to the kitchen
King Cole, James Edwards scalp lacerations and fractured Green, Francis M. than half of the people in the Council believe the policy is to be served.

skull when hit on the head Johnson and m, Marvin Johnson country have been vaccinated, so ill defined that treatmentof There, are no eating facilities -
C. Parham Johnson
last according to Dr. Smith. Negroes depends "almosentirely" t
Sunday during an, argu of the.U.S.. Army also a host for Negroes at railroad
YOUTH ment over a drink. of relatives and friends. PAULINE THOMAS .. Dr Smith viewed as t"ragic" upon which em- stations in Augusta, Tampa,
s14ARVINfBUSYE the 1956 Chicago epidemic ployes are on duty. Others attribute and Richmond although these
BY TEEN-AGER John Wyman, of 1125 Lee The Dallas Graham Funeral in which the attack rate the differential treatment have facilities for whites.

Billie Summers' 17, 1729 W. Street told police he and a Directors are in charge. for Negroes was 81 times the to the dress and bearingof There are separate eating facilities -
man whose name is Edward rate for whites. "The same the Negroes themselves.The in of the
Beaver Street was shot three MAN seven cities.
times last Sunday by an 18- Jones, of 1145 Lee Street had WITH HIT GALLON IN SIDE JUG sad story was reported in De- SRC issued a report Bus carriers "have been
year-old assailant 712 an argument because he re- triot in 1958 when 78 per Saturday on the status of segregation the most resistant to change"the
near fused Pressley Jenkins, 51, 2030
to give Jones cent of all
a drink polio paralysis
W Duval Street during an Moncrief patients practices at band us SRC said. Richmond and
arafter he Road was hit in the "
gument. had asked him for"it. were Negroes. He train stations and air Portsmouth alone have non-
side with
a gallon jug : stated adding that "the same ports in 21 southern cities.
He said his last "j segregated bus waiting rooms
assailant became Sunday as he attemptedto
The told heasked pattern is It said
'victim police now appearing segregation which ex although Negro interstate
Beny Byrd, of 916 Julia fight angry and hit and him.started He to stop and a fight her husband.between a woman the Des Moines, Iowa and isted prior to 1955 is "slowly passengers infrequently use

Street why he committed the taken to Duval Medical Cen was Jenkins Kansas City, Mo., outbreaks." cracking" and that the situ general waiting rooms in Atlanta
said Mrs. Estelle
rape and Byrd said, "it is ter for treatment. Douglas 55 of ... Concluding his warning on ation is in a state of trans Lynchburgh Norfolk,
1335 W.
,. ,.
a note
Dr. ition.
none of your business and Street ; ;/ ungency, Smith Jacksonville, Greensboro,
was fighting with her
told the victim to get back. Police said they picked up husband and he tried to said: "I cannot urge too All 20 airline terminals Louisville, Nashville and Little
He pulled a pistol and shot the suspect at 2:45 ajn. at them but instead part strongly ,the importance of surveyed, have nonsegragated Rock. .
Summers once in the left 1145 ,Lee St. He is charged turned on him of stoppingshe and hit getting protection from para.lytic waiting rooms, but ,there Only in three 'cities are

chest right hip and left, with assault to" murder! and him with the,gallon jug. polio through Salk vac are no airport eating facilities there even limited eating facilities ,
held for cine., Go, see doctor for
shoulder. investigation. The Victim your or Negro passengers at Aug for Negroes at bus
taken to
Summers was taken,to Du Duval Medical the nearest clinic or health usta. At Memphis Negroes stations Portsmouth, Louis
Wyman Center for .
was admitted
val.Medical Center by private hospital) with skull fracture.to treatment. station, or your county or'city- may be served at a snack bar. ville and Nashville. !
car. He was held for surgery. Patrolmen William Harris health department. But go At Columbus they may eat All bus stations surveyed
Patrolmen Solomon and T. Patrolman Me.L. Massey, and Sidney Gaines investi now and get your three polio at a lunch counter. have segregated restrooms,

L. Mays investigated. and R. .George investigated. ted.- -'. -. shots for every- member of Airport toilets are segregated except those in Richmond and
your family.
: ..,' In ChattanoogaMom Greensboro. -


-..;; "' ;_. < ;';: ". 'J .. : t.:. ,'-:', :_



:.. ", .'....- -
: -
Week Ending Saturday. August 8. 1959 '
... : '!tt. !! -iL'-:': .' _

.,::l:'-:,:'- THE. FLORIDA STARPafeUthai i 1 Z'Ct'r "Politics As Usual"

::1 .
By Eric 0. Simpson

bf Tb.'Florid. Star PufcUihlag Co. GOP RUNS OUT OF ON CIVIL RIGHTS TAG

-Member of Associated J7 fro tress' ) President Eisenhower and the Republican
party were
(Ceic O. II ....
DpeoD charged last week with, "running out on the civil rights
!Co1PRJaam JobtNoa wort 8Idf f issue," by NAACP Executive. Secretary Roy Wilkins.)

\ Wit*Wcoua CIrDIId. -
4\ ) Wilkins referred to the 18-

MAX OFFICE fc PLAHTsB29 13 vote of the House Judiciary have gone backwards on civil

Mooerltl B0d EL 4-9792 EL 4I7WOiflc Committee on July 28 to ated their stand of 1956 and }

Dowalowa Bnas6 *: 42S Broad St. _:ftcme EL 43773A4dmss E kill language of the civil rights to 1955."Southern .
rights bill
authorizing, "the
ICaBIaf 3 Attorney General to acton

P. O. Box 551. JackMavflte 1, Florida all types of denial of civil Democrats have,

rights. only nine members ,on,.the

s At the committee. By" themselves
present, Attorney
General's office is employed they could never have struck
; T. r, $&$O; Half Tear, Sl0*:TfazM Month*. SL80 to act in'situations where citizens
out the
Mated To Yon, Anywhar In-7h. United SlaiM.ftvfeooipflon / 4 A are deprived of theirElaborating language, which

Pic' bte In AdTcae. Sad Chack or Mo&ay Order Toi __ means they received help

n.o&mA'S'fAB-P.' .MI-JACKSONVILLE ,1. FLOBZDA ti from the Republicans.. 'Mr.

4" Thi71,' ___ m the stricken Wilkins asserted.

--- ___________ 4 portion of the

NEW SEARS.A: GILDED .CAGE At jill, Mr. Wilk- "We know that only two

4"ns said that, Republicans voted for the lan-
: t 0 + 'the Republicans guage, leaving nine to join
'ItI. : : the Dixiecrats and
t' : ; ) T supported to makeup
the "
'I 4 t.' ? o .. his language 18-13 vote.

r. SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.'s newest gold mine-that: !r _, ,m the 1956ind
multi-million-dollar four story money-magnet down on Bay \ i "The Democrats mustered

Street-got a much needed airing last week. And this is at: \:.+ 11t1'1r\' 1957 bile eleven out of their twenty-one
once a contridiction: for besides being big and,new,.it standsas SIMPSON and the party
Sears' most extravagant effort at the under-one-roof, :Nl' :''Nt. :z. voting rights.. members in favor of the Part

supermarket type of monoply which within the past decade rt" A 1' : : r'. leadership made it a part of III language," said Mr. Wilkins -
has nudged countless thousands of II.'{ :
oblivion. private businesses into fi ;. ,6 :- : \. the 1956 campaign platform. referring to that portionof

RELUCTANT ABOUT FOLLOWING, LEADERSHIP' SO WEIGHTED "Under preasure of theirultraconservative the bill most hated'by the
Sears is of
genuinely proud its new store, and no doubt Mr.
: wing,
its presence on Bay Street is an accentuated asset:to Jacksonville continued "the Republicans Southern politicans. "If the
Wilkins -
-at least, architectually. However within the store, have thus repudi- Republicans had,done as well,
the vast and, costly air conditioning system simply cannot
the the section would have been
dispel decadent odor of racial discrimination lingering .

in.certain quarters the building. --- Your adopted he said ,
a Weekly j
?Henee-; of;necessity, Sears,got an ,airing in the mindsof social interests and acquaintances -
the Negro,citizens of this Turning his atention to the
city. They are 'no longer un- .
sure. The odor they thought they had detected from the out- H roscope Guide ;Jl881532378; < nation's Chief Executive, Mr.

side of the store is now an unpleasant reality within. Wilkins added that, "Presi-

Nor does it take long after entering the fabulous glass' By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER dent Eisenhower did not in-

and marble (or whatever it is) emporium to discover the AQUARIUS clude civil rights among his
sources of the odor: The Coffee Shop, located on the first -- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Born J aD. 20 thru Feb. 18\ 'must' legislation and obvi-

floor, can be sniffed out almost immediately. Then there is There is nothing wrong!
the much publicized Jean Ribault Room a restaurant ,'oi f ,II BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL with enjoying each day to ijously gave no leadership on
__ __ ;
the full extent of this vital section of the bill

well-planned your capacity
.. : \._ __.I _beauty. ...J.L.-!__taste'-_.__, ..where_ ..-the. odors. .. of delicious. if are not mortga- 'before the committee.
U1)U lUlU wuurumg Drana 1)1 tllScntn1natlon ClaSh to you ,
produce something quite unappetizing. 'In the background ABIES 'I I I Jed by the more 'pleasant diversions terfere, with your rest or gng your future stability i

of things there is the big, BIG question revolving around Born March'21 thru: April 19 I' you.can considerthe pleasure. You could run across and security in the process. "If Negro citizens are tore
restroom facilities for Negro shoppers.On Although the emphasis is 10th thru 13th as eminently Do not make decisions se-cure enactment of this
an opportunity to acquire es-
on routine during the greater' "satisfactory. Avoid gar ding investments, disbursements -
the top of all this, way upon the fourth floor, in a part of this quarter, there'I snap judgments or impulsive, property that may be 0 r other monetary sential section, they will haveto
beautifully-appointed temple sits the mahatma the I on the ancient side but a do so without the of
of store help
; are some 'reefs 'ahead which promises f you are under, operations, if you are
a largish man of small perspective who smiles narrowly; you must watch and avoid. the spell of an enchantment. bargain nevertheless. The being swayed by your emotions -the President," Mr. Wilkins
while mouthing calculated ambiguities.about store "policy Should have choice the 14th guidanceand :;aggressiveness and pointed
and you any on so as not to have of romanticism people out. '
regional 'custom'a; 'man of small perspective who. is in the matter, you may select reason for,:regret once it :is your spouse or other key who know our sensitive

'obviously devoutly attentive to discriminatory practices.The the last.'weeks 'of the broken. The drain on your well associate in obtaining should serve results you_ spot (14th). "Weintend to suport ef-
store is magnificant, both inside and out. Ant month for your vacation.pocketbook could become a the 14th, but remain in on '2-40--3318-5L..243 forts which wil be made to

'passing observation leaves the impression that 'the sales Something of ''importance to II'I flood, f you 'pin your faith charge of the purse stringswhen fullj I I attach the. Part III language
staff is made up of courteous people who are genuinely in you and ,your pocketbookcould on chance or try to outdo daring and enthusiasm PISCES
.'terested in the shoppers' needs and who are intelligently be forthcoming ,from yourself to make an impression the' limits Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 to the bill when it reaches the

acquainted with the products they aspire to sell. : headquarters. if you have on someone, who may surpass 6..JO66--16-2L696, of safety. A person with whom you floor," he concluded.

Out of sheer measured up to what is ex not prove to be too 'reliable. have had :financial dealings
justice these thing are noteworthy.But petted (14th) Friends :L..9017:15.g2.397: : or who lives 'nearby may

sadly, in certain,pockets in all that magnificence, provide: entertainment on the SCORPIO suddenly become friendlierand '

there is thenasty. nasty odor of racial discrimination 16th.however this could cost LEO Born Oct. 24 ,thru ,Nov. r 22 if ou are free and sus- *

andrthat'' otherwise efficient airconditioninl"systennin; the you far too much if ou joinin Born July 23 thru AuflTUl 23 Those of.you, '!who have acquired -;ceptible, lead you to the altar '

store' cannot :do a, solitary thing about it, because it's not games for higlt, Stakes "() r There may be a great temptation ,outstanding, skills,can before you get to know *:. .

the sort "of odor that can beblown 'away. Itfs the sort "of allow yourself to be 'drawnadventures on your part to wan- ,usually give a ,good ,accountof ,your oWn mind in the mat-
thing that has to be aired in the minds of men and in the iatodaring der far afield phsically, emotionally .yourselves[ when ter. There are indications
press, and in the churches and clubs and'various.other types 4-. -661i56446TAURUS and in the ''realm of called upon to utilize you them. that there are many prob"lems FLORIDA STAR

dislike organizations nf navcnnol of influence, as well as in the- individual wishful thinking. .Althougha Exertall your -'efforts' long to be considered, such ,
-----". I highly! satisfactory g a 1 n.. these lines UD -to the 14th. a s religious differences, relations IN EVERY

True, the policy of the new Sears got aired last week." Born April, ,20 thru May 20'r ay oe made on the loin, when the desired support; --with existing or{prospective -
Start out.:the build-I the
.But one airing cannot be period danger of dissipating an'equaJ and in-laws and the prospects -
expected to deodorize the situation. agreement may be ob-. -COLORED ,
It, will ing a protective fence ,against -| amount tained. for advancement offer- HOME
require many more such exposures to:the ,clean atmosphere or more is also Do not take too much
of progressive living before that nice, shiny new your sensitivities and present. If you make a for granted avoid talking! ed by your vocation or pro .
store is freed from the putrid odor that a dying but still weaknesses' to keep trouble mistake on the 16th it is likely back to a minion of the law fession.

cunning jim crow managed to secrete there out of the home and family.' to be "whopper.. You can and shun all the 'pitfalls 4-. J_77_1648467 S t tr

Extravagance is j just the forestall it by discussing the that lie in wait for the over

thing that you, your partner matter that stirs you with confident (16th). I ,
and other loved ones should your mat ego r others who 520J331348523:
avoid as it could lead to cri share
your objectives and
CAUSATIVE FACTOR.IN : ism and '' '
recriminations giving way when they point 'SAGITTARIUS
POLIO? You :risk being carried out the weakness
away of your Burn Nor. '28 .-Inrn Dee 21
by' your feelings or an irresistible -' 1 position. It is not always easy It may be safer to relegate

attraction on the 14th for you to 'cede an inch. projects to the future where
To, answer this but you should pause before 6_70LJ99 1986679 they
question belong and
reference is made to the Rocky 'should -- to concentrate -
Mountain Organic Survey of Oct.1958: Ice cream-manufacturers you go ,the whole pause before you on the immediate objective
are not required by law to list the way. of having a good time.
the manufacture of their additives used in 2-80 SS-IB......:.*fi-?fi? VIRGOBom Parents and
products. Consequently children. as well
ice ,today most Aug. 24 thru S.pL 23
creams are synthetic from start to finish. ; as sweethearts, can become
Analysis,have It often is difficult to
shown separate -
the J, better
following: GEMINI Jl intuitive hunches friends, whereas

DIETHYL GLUCOL, a cheap chemical is Born May 21 :thru June 19:, from-plain wishfulness.This friends can turn Into sweethearts -
emulsifier instead of eggs. It is the same chemical used as an in Many "signs point to exctement is your biggest problem this romantic when love spread its
antifreeze and paint removers. around home base. week and you should abstain mantle. It may all
Those you love would naturally 'fr 0 m making decisions be a question as to how long
'is used Pn to ERONAL kill lice.ALDEHYDE .is used instead of- vanilla. This chemical ,be ,welcome, but there taking action when there: are' it will last. ,The career and
may also be some people reasons for doubt Take all monetary problems could puta
who simply r e too much damper on the best of in-
C17 is used to flavor cherry icecream. It necessary precautions 'whenever tentinos.

,is an inflammable liquid which is also used in anilene dyes for ,your strength" patienceand ,you can sense or fore 8-50 99 14
plastic and rubber. pocketbook Love" may see trouble and rely on your -- -26Lj859CAPRICORN .

ETHYL bloom on; the 14th if nothing loved ones to, discover the -
ACETATE is used to give ice stands in the safest
cream a pine way but paths and
I procedures.
apple mvor. It is also-used ascleaner lor leather tiles. And its vapors have been Known to a passing! con Your innate prudence will
liver and heart cause chronic lun g. fancy'on one or tamed before it gets ou involved -
both give
sides. It is wiser not to in a situation that you ample warning
make declarations until could when you are treading on
is you turn
used in
out/vezy much
nut-flavored ice to
. :It is one of the ingredients of rubber cement. cream: have had more time to know your pecuniary* disadvantage dangerous'ground or 'getting Ji.

AMYL your own mind and the ((14th). You can. too emotionally involved in f
place little
ACETATE is'used for ,its banana depth -of an adventure that is KEN KNIGHT
flavor. It is your feelings. reliance on : as unstable -
also.used as oil :anything,Jhat is
an paint solvent. 7--: .. l1L65'l51'CANCER said or promised on the 16th. I as .it is exciting. You

it is8;BENZYL'nitrate solvent.ACETATE is used for-its strawberry. flavor, 5-3flL .44w12J32 '534 future will want welfare to consider as well your as y Invites You To Listen To -

; ':Born Juno 20 ,thru Jolr -UBBA your present joys and should "KNIGHT TRAIN"
The next.time you are tempted It is better to 1 not jeopardize it In .
.banana a luscious looking pay bills BoraSIpt.. *4 ifcrn Oei. '23 I any way. ._
split sundae, think A bad .
of it as a mixture promptly than to accumulate Elie slip. in judgment is
:find ofl:'paint it so and- nitrate solvent and lice killer-and'Of'anti-freeze.1 you ,woa't f'them until they become ,a Pal beat circtmistancesmake, :busjsess lull or the one thing you must --:- Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -

source of serious embarrass- Jt guard against on the
appetizing.VAftor'THE 16th
: CALL ''ment. Outside .,of, unnecessary for 'Y 0 u to if you 'Wa n t to .
(Kaasw City. .) vexatious '< cem f BJlelf'Ioo\aiUch! a. friend preserve a 1400 WRHC 1400I
which are outweigh-1 1 gout anything that would in a beneficial or money to expand, or both.your It '. ,

.. f"
..il'; ': .' ';' ,"-,..: ,: _.' "=-,,,,_, L' ,.", y ,. 4


r -


WeelrEndteg', Saturday; Aomut 8, 1959 THE FLOSWA STAB j>>.. T
-- -
-- -
Wedding Bells ; -_. '
SX" -
'1'-7"' "T ; -
'1: : t. 1 ;: : ;:;..:-jit: I I : -- f ; ;::
; _\ I Ix =
GIVES AD) TO Applications for Maw p' ,. .,...,.., L;, ''" : ". j -

LlcensM ;:.i:.A :: t : >: I RUPERT BROWN, a former I .
:'7t 4, J but
.; axon, now livingin s a s s .
JAX CHARITIESThe James L. May, 3425 Hick :tJ:fk rI 0: 3 Columbia, S. C., is in the city

o r y,-St. Louis, Mo.. '22 and ... : visiting his mother, Mrs. Lena "' _. Br .". ..
Barbara J. Aikens, 1742 W. < 'Brown of 1266 W. 21st f> <
i St. and his sister Mrs. Nan- LOUISE G. GUINYARD "
2nd St., 18.James vPYt hV.'
'+ r ; ..% ..tt.sy cy Mae Brown Eutsay. He .,. .
Wm. Grant, Jr. \ 'was accompanied by* his
Brewster Methodist 5246 Polland Lane, _19 and [ : yLY .\ + granddaughter, Pancheta Jekyll Island is increasing in popularity as a place of
Hospital Men's Club has been Barbara J. Chester, 1732 Pope Brown. entertainment that is easily accessible to persons living in
invited for the fifth consecUtive -Fairfax St., age 18. I this area. We have heard from numerous sources that the

by the Jackson-J I ; i accomodations provided are the lastword in modern design
year 't
Sam McGee, 605 W. Bea- f and construction but our most convincing report comes from
ville Charities, Inc, to aid,t ver St.. 65 and Mamie Fogle, Miss Theora Leggins who visited the island out from Bruns-
in the promotion of the an- 741 Court D, 58. MRS ETTA PARKER, con- wick last week-end and is most encouraging everyone to
tinues ill at her home 1950
nnal pro football game at Floyd L. Waters, '1516 W. Lp:: : :.i ____ Ellis St.Friends. "go see, for yourself." Making the trip with Miss Legginswere
the Gator BowL .q y Mr. and Mrs. Marion Guyton and children and Mrs.
34th St., 22 and Inez Brown : .. are asked to visit
527 Acosta Dr., 20. her. Mildred M. Jackson.
Theclub has been invited n'r 3.
Benny Stokes, 603 Cleve- .
because of the fine showing land St.. 22 and Barbara L.

fans made who by have the' Nero attended football the Newton, 1120 Davis St., 24. Local delegates. who left Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon McCone are off to Miami again,

games each year The' Tax 1 I James B. Whaley, 1932 the i city Sunday night to at- this time stopping over in Ft. Lauderrale where the State
1m. Baldwin St 21 and Lillie B.I Deputies are holding their annual meet. They are accom-
Charities. :, ure, expecting tend the AME Laymen meet-
kind of Haddox 823 Acorn St. 15. panied by their son, JonathonJr. ("Jo-Jo").
that same sop- ling in Cleveland, Ohio, were
port when the Chicago Bears,I I Eugene Morrison, 1544 W. MRS RUTH WATSON, corresponding .
with former Florida A &M 3rd St., 23 and Deloris Rish-) < r secretary; MRS.

Stars on the team meet'' the ardson, 1335 Wolfe Court, WILLIE MAE HART, auxili-
Washington,Redskins Saturday -. 11. ary president; T J. McINTOSH Mrs. Bernice G. White, who has been so helpful in

night Sept. 5. I conference president; 'keeping us informed on social activities in. the city this
Theo. Wm. Higdon 1750 FELIX WHITE state presi- summer, is scheduled to enter Brewster Hospital this week-

Brewster Methodist' Hospital Francis St, 22 and Ophelia ,dent; and MRS. H. H. WAL-I end where she wil oundergo surgery. We are, of course,
Moody, 2811 Everson St., 21. for her .
has been a recipient of DON. : wishing a most rapid recovery.We
Robt. L.Durham, 2013 Mars
contributions made by the e .
St, 18 and Barbara L. Robinson

Jax dervied Charities from the from game proceeds The. .. 2097 McQuaid- St., tired of the city last weekend and took our two

attendance of the Negro 16. MRS VIOLA SHARPE and daughters Sadie and Regina to American Beach where we

fans' have made those donations Benny Walker, 1082 W. 11, son, GERALD, and MRS ROSA saw many of our friends' trying to "beat the heat." Westopped
possible St, 22 and Eva M. Moisette Miss Faye Wayne Davis, daughter Mr. and Mrs. W. FRAZIER and daughter, to'chat;with "Bill'. Broadway and found him enter-
his sister and brother-in-law
9 1105 W. Adams St., 19. L. Davis exchanged vows recently-in a double ring ceremony DOROTHY left the city Friday taining from Worchester, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. James and their Grace
Davenport daughter
Administrator Wfelttingion with :Mr. Ben Jordan at the Royal Tabernacle Church, with for Philadelphia, Pa., to
Clifford C. 1650 Jean._ Mrs. Evelyn Jasmin niece of Mr. Broadway and Mrs.
of Brewster Hospital said Rodgers, the Rev. Lee McQueen officiating. The bride was givenin attend the funeral of Mrs.
recently that'since 'the mam-', W. 34th St.. 48 and Annie marriage by her father, Mr .W. L. Davis. The; bride was Sharpe's daughter, Mrs. Hel- Davenport, was alsq on hand to help make the Davenports'stay

moth expansion program is,: Lee Gold, 1559 W. 22nd.St., dressed in a ballerina leggth blue chiffon dress and worea en'Smith, Mrs. Sharpe is the pleasant.On .

intact, the contribution will'43. single strand of pearls, a gift from the groom. She carrieda sister of Charles Timmons. our second stop, the ocean front home of Mr. L. D.

aid the program greatly. Liston R. Burns, Jr., 2124 whit Bible covered with a bouquet of white orchids. Miss Ervin, we were introduced to a noted member of the Ervin
I I Davis St., 28 and Mary K. Corolyn Lockett, sister of the bride,acted as Maid of Honor I clan from Augusta, Georgia, Mr. Wheeler Ervin, who is

Those who attend the game: Blount. 1810 Cleveland. St., wetaring a ballerina length imported pure silk blue dress. i known in educational and business circles in that city. Mrs.
will see many familiar faces. 24. bars Daisy B. Davis, and the mother of the bride, wore iI MRS BIRDIE MORGANand Mae Ervin Latson and her daughter, Mrs. Ernestine Smith
who have played with and,: Hercules Easton, 1359 beige> linen dresse'with accessories to match with an orchid I, ALBERT L. MORGAN, were present to greet Mr. W. Ervin upon his arrival earlierin
against, the Florida A & M:: Spearing St,. 22 and Elise gvien I her by the couple. Mr. Torrence L. Davis, brother of Jr., of Thibodaux, La., are visiting the day Ernestine had her lovely youngsters with her,
Rattlers in the SIAC. Way, 1517 E. 24th St.,, 22.:_ the bride, served as best man. Ushers were George Lockett with her son and dau- Angela, Lenora, Mae and Tina, and naturally if we had
Chas. E.'Gay, 1312 Florida and Danny boy Davis. The reception was held in the homeof ghter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. yielded to our children's wishes we would have stayed there
Ave.. 24 and Olivia E. Gold- the bride. The couple are receiving their friends at their Frank Morgan, 1210 'W. 10th for the remainder of the day.
smith, 1133 Van Buren St., home at 2245 N. College Circle. .St. They are enjoying a very

22.James I i pleasant stay in.the city. However, they reluctantly agreed on a change of scenery
Grate, Jr., 741 W. Mr. and Mrs. Jolfert Evans,I I and we found ourselves at the Sutton's cottage where Marion
lAY Beaver St., 37 and Betty G. Stork 1620 Illionis St., Girl. I Sutton and Lettie Sowell were entertaining a cousin from

Lewis. 741 W. Beaver St., Mr. and Mrs. James Cald- I Orlando, Thaddeus Hargrove. Dr. J. M. Smith of the Edward

KRRIERSctcuAM 32.Percell well, 1549 Pasco St., Boy. II I After spending a few days :Waters College faculty and Mrs. Mercedes Hill were' also ,
Williams,, 1150 Deliveries Mr. and Mrs. William Day-:vacationing at American enjoying the occasion. We learned that Mr. and.Mrs.Wheat-
Franklin St, 22 and RosieL. son, 1425 E. 27th St., Girl. Beach with her children, Mrs ley of Miami (heis with,the Urban League there) who were
) Adams, 1533 Florida Ave. Mr. and Mrs. John Good- VERDIE CRUSE left the city guests of Mrs. Wheatley's sister and brother-in-law, Mr.

19. ] BIRTHS AT BREWSTER man Mr.,, 1438 and 26th Mrs. St.George, Boy.Mc- recently to visit relatives and and Mrs. Douglas Arter, had paid a call on Marion and
:- Lettie earlier.
friends in Washington,
; Mr. and :Mrs. Robert Gross, Griff, 2744. Incenerator Rd., and New York. She is
Girl. Girl. I Our final stop was at Tony's Seafood Inn" where we
Box 157, Mayport,
her brother
from GRAY to GLORIOUS Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore I accompanied Gullatt by Jr. 'enjoyed a most delicious dinner and chatted with our friend

xr\ 1478 E. 23rd St., Boy. Brill, Ft. George Star Rt.,,:l Ulysesse and co-worker, Wilbur Ruffin, who informed us that he is
Mr. and, Mrs. Willie Reed, I I lI I leaving: for Chicago in a few days, along with Mr. and Mrs.

932 Ionia St., Boy Boy.Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Butler, I lI Julian Walton. The children had a wonderful time with
.>Ir. and Mrs. Charles Harris, 5131 Avenue B., Boy. "Mr. Tony." We spoke to "Jimmie" Lewis, who was alsoa
2312 Moncrief Rd., Boy Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coles ,I MRS MABLE OWENS of patron at Tony's, and chatted with Zelma Johnson and
Mr. and Mrs..:Marion Brown, 2235 Lincoln Ct., Boy. New York City has been visiting Marie McClain who came in later- to dine.

633 S. Lincoln Ct., BOY. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cum: her mother, Mrs. Emma
. Saunders and brother and sis- All told, we had a wonderful time engaging our favorite -
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lawrence mings, 6121 Japonica Road, and Mrs. Willie pastime talking and the children, having left their
ter-in-law :Mr. '
Box 461, Callahan, Girl. GirlMr. I I 1319 W. State .swim suits behind, enjoyed wading in the surf. -
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Royal, and Mrs. Prince Grant,i Saunders,
855 Van Buren St., Boy. I 711 Court 'B., Girl. '1 St. She reports having had an .
_ij Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Ack- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ham- enjoyable stay in the city.
Mrs. Ora McIver is all smiles this week-her Robert
rman, 2529 Summit St., Boy. I ilton, 1532 Carnation Road,, son ,
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Badge, Boy. a husky seven-year-old lad who spends most of his time in
1352 West 16th St Boy. Miami, is visiting her. -
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hutto, I
a >3? Mr. and Mrs. Willie Stephens 1022 Albert St., Boy. Bishop Scott of 2024 Grun- .

5666 Vernon St.,Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Welch; thai St, is recuperating at
:Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor 1485 Grothe St.; Girl. I home.*She and family wish Mrs. Doris G. Bennett of;1526 West 5th Street "slipped

653 S. Lincoln Ct., Girl. Mr. and Mrs: Henry Wil-!i fo thank their friends for away"..from us for a week to Buefort, South Carolina. We
Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt liams, 607 Odessa St., Boy. visiting her while in the hos- say "slipped" because we only heard of the trip the day be-
Thomas, 2820 Lippa Rd., Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cop- pital. fore her scheduled return to the city. Doris reports a won- _
,t IM LARIEUSE Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Can- per, P t.1 Box 199 Arlington, derful time spent with her cousin, Mrs. Sallie Flood Taylor,
with !fI'"f/IVYt* Haircolor ,ty, 804 W. Monroe St., GirL Fla. Girl. formerly of Jacksonville and New York City, is now residingin
I Buefort. _

Todaf...have hair as rich and natural-bolting as l Answers to Your 'QuestionsQ. _HUB NOTES) .
the professional model ahown herd One hour,andOodcfrov's Beauty i
Larkucc brings back youth to drab Mrs. Jaunita A. Taylor of Pa recent
Pittsburgh, was a
ovet.piooeud or graying*****.It*easy to we..r I ;
no extra purchases needed.Get Iong4s ting ? .... visitor in this area, being well entertained by sisters Wit
Godefrov't'.Larleuse now! CAHBARETTS CLUB helmina and Floretha Anderson and brothers Brownie and
GtAXiPai I cf Q.Cut use a hair straighten- Q.rYe heard a lot about sill- HOLDS MEETING Theodore Anderson. Places of interest visited by Mrs. Taylor
safely on rolor-treated: cones. Do they really help
4 III CIJSIIII aatwts........ r. I ,..ri ., hair er your hair included the Chiefs' Club at Cecil Field Naval Air Station -

L set aMb...II..aeir.st....tags 1NJIaIW.ataagrt,: : A.A leading cream hair straight- _..A. Definitely! Silicones act as a' The Carbaretts Saving Club American Beach, Alachua, St.. Augustine and Haw

...-eTUJIQ.: CXX.JSIOCIMSnwr. St LMk.Mt..OS.tYou ener advises testing first on a conditioner to hair AND scalp, met. recently at 1536 E. 28th thorne, Florida.Mr. .
few strands of hair before color-at- and also and protect perspiration.against moisture St, with Mrs. Hurlene Thomas and Mrs. Lemuel Jones,2nd, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Day

tempting treated hair.straighten Be sure to read as hostess. Refreshmentswere .Alachua, Mrs. Genivieve Jenkins Steele of Hawthorne,
directions very carefully.Q. served The ,club is Mrs. Gloria. A. Finch, Mrs. Delores Anderson, Dr. Leroy
Doo't' Have to Go to Town to Get Q. CaD hair'Is I -a use pressed spray style net if my planning a beach outing .for Ervin, Mrs. Hattie Mosley, Mrs. Gladys Quick, Mr. ,I. M.

.How can I make my hair glosBy Choose a August 14 at 8 p. m. Grayson, Mrs. Emily Maultsby, Mrs. E. V. Bailey, Mrs. B.
ABT mean spray
PRICES: and shiny? net containing lanolin (the Tickets may b e secured F. Lewis, and Mrs. Vernell Glover, all of Jacksonville, were
LOW A.Keep your hair shampooed label win give yon this, Information from the club members. among individuals, contributing to the wonderful time had

regularly then use a creamy. ). Some spray net s by Mrs. Taylor.We .
type (not a greasy type) hair products are specifically for SEAFOOD COOKOUT
OB Yew creme. pressed styles-so check this SET AUGUST 17 have heard of some. interesting happenings and
a 4 before you buy, visitors; at the Moncrief Road home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J.

IJIIUG: STORE HEEDS .. Abenefit seafood cookout Vaught, and we plan giving you a' detailed report next

q;Why do I pereptre inert whtnTm will be sponsored Aug. 17, week. Se you then. .

Trade 'WWr-Ycwr fteiffcfcerfaood Drat Stow... ,.excited, or upset? beinning at 7 p. m.. at the
A.rods t nervousperspiration home of Mercedes Williams

WE WILL-MEET A PRICES' ADVER1UED1N"YCJtJW comes glands.-front larger The\gland more powerful are- Lackland, 1339 W 25th' St. For Breakfast Lanch' After the MorU Snacla

LOCAL.PAPERS stimulated by tension excitement *
of emotional upset. CASABLANCA CLUB' *
Fried Chicken
'V. OMI..-c* W* Ato'J"III" All D toWDixie Preter1pthie.. Nervous perspiration is.more SET BEACH: OUTING -r-I If
offensive and tmitft stains *
Or ie Cod
I .
.Y and odor To guard against The Casablanca Social Club *
off ettsv- at antimes, use ,a ShrimpHas
PharmacyPAY will sponsor a trip ,to.American *' Bacon Sassaoe.
; deodorant with a creamy base
?rather than alcohol-base product Beach Saturday. The bus Eggs Hoi Cake. ...
that- will at Kfegi Road and\ Coffee MSk
tts AVENUE ,-"" evaporate rapidly. stop I i I
I"Bi>! f 'iosa'ar' Mini Dorothea Towks, IntenatScoaBy Davis Strut at 9 a. HL, 3rd French, Fr. Potitnai
,,4M"=& u.PI'
famous Ne:ro model, W3w Y-..O a.wi ..... ._1 and Florida Avenue at 9:30
-- .. .s.. ........ ROOSEVELT GRILL '
fttV"n mmA beauty expert shows ndPhoenix at
( AT:TELEPHWC .... a. m., 21st *:
... ... .. .. I, .
YOtlJt.ICIKr'WATtJ; a spray hair set hy Boyal Grown.miiln .............m.1......... ....y.s 10.,a. m. Tickets may be- obtained -'
STOKEr ezprenly-far'prtnni hairstyle _..... and Mid .
MCL5':AT OUR ""' I. R a ----.I'.O' from members or oa- AaUey *

.1 ; .. the bus. .
< ,
,, -
'. ,: .
'- -
Zi; << ,. .
? ? -

\.- < < ,- !

r\ ;. w. ".

1 -_' H a1 ._ f 1.,-., -


J -
Pa0. Few THE FLOMDA STAR Week Ending S uday. new 8, I9$9 1 jl

.' national Praying.... "I ;Band To Meet"" at West )Palm ,Beach' Fla. -



___ v
The Annual Convention of the National Praying Bandof < The,YWCA, A. L. Lewis Branch has launched a "Green-

America, Inc., has planned its session to be held August back" Shower to assist in liquidating the mortgage on its

10-14, at Payne A3I.E. Church, West Palm Beach, Florida. Mt Olive Sunday Baptist School Church of New will property 582 West Eighth Street.
Rev J. C. Blacknell is host pastor.
Mrs.: :Mattie L. Bryant, La sponsor a trip to Litle Tal- The chairman of the proj- ,
8. The bus
bot August REV. W. B. MILLER
Cross, Florida, is national DEACON BOARD SET Arill leave the church at 8:30 ect- is Mrs. Hortense Brew-

president and will officiate: 91ST ANNIVERSARYAT ajn. All Sunday school students ngton. Committee members

Officers, members, delegatesand will be transported free.TALBOT working with her are: .Mrs. bs'a.
friends from Virginia, BETHEL SUNDAYThe
s s e
Georgia, Florida and the Car- M., Gloria Best, Mrs. G. B. Gard-

olines, will make up the 300 TRIP ner, Mrs. Lilian Goosby, Mrs.
or more expected to attend.A JERUSALEM Marion Sutton, Mrs. Vernell
has been
daily program Glover, Mrs. Vennette Thayer
'Board of Deacons of\
set beginning each morn-
ing with Daily Morning Bethel Baptist Institutional Mrs. Vernell McCone, Mrs.

Watch from 7to 8 a.m. which Church will observe its 91st A Jerusalem Baptist Church, Ouida Gaskin, Mrs. Cora IiaLLewis

will have a break for break- 3 /7 eastside, will spuusor a tripto Mrs. Gwendolyn Randolph -
fast at 8 a.m., and conclude anniversary Sunday at p. Little Talbot Island Aug. Mrs. Winona Alexander 2g.
with the song service from m. in the church auditorium.The 10 The bus leaves Union and' .
Mrs. Mildred Bush Mrs.
9:30 to 10 a.m. Rev. Charles B. Dai- Franklin strets at S.30;; ,a.m.
The session will concludeits and the church on Milnor St. Mable King, Mrs. :Mary Am.
program Friday evening ley, pastor of the First Bap- between Third and Fourth Pearson, Mrs. Mamie Mitchell

with Rev. Charles J. Crocby, tist Church will preach the sx 3t., at 9:45 a.m. Mrs. Florence Wells and Mrs.

pastor of Shaw :Memorial.I anniversary sermon. He will i Louise Crunady.Mrs. .
Baptist Church delivering the be accompanied by his choir,
Communion ushers and congregation. DEACONS Florence J. Dixon, MinIVU me piupu UI 41.

During the 91 years of its The Rt. Rev. ,Stephen F. Bayne Jr. Episcopal Bishopof 91ST ANNIVERSARYThe Branch Executive Director, Grace Presbyterian ChurchN.
has received the first contri-
.-- W. 14th at 69th st
BAPTIST existance. Sunday will only of Olympia. Washington recently announced to the bution from one of the one ave. .

OPENSThe be the third public appear- people of his riocese that he had accepted the newly created Bethel Baptist Church hundred women who are ask will be filled by the Rev.
ance the board has made in post of Executive Officer of iha:Episcopal Communion. will,sponsor its 91st anniver- ed to bring in $10.00 each. Wllbert B. Miller duringthe
Blahop Bayne's Jurisdiction as head of the Convocation of sary Aug. 9 at 3 p.m. in the Mrs. Cora Hall Lewis, entire month of August.
79th Annual Session of a similiar service.A programhas American Churches in Europe will nclude eleven congre- church auditorium: : her gift Friday. reported The Rev. Miller Is a native ;

the National Baptist Conven- been arranged for the gatons n four countries. of Miami. He graduatedfrom
tion will convene in San Francisco occasion. The annual sermon will be Booker T. Washington
California September delivered by the Rev. CharlesB. The committee hopes tc
BISHOP High In 1939. He completedMorehouse
8-13th. Dr. Joseph Harrison The Rev Robert L. Wilson, WASHINGTON Dailey, pastor of the First have $1,000.00 before the et College his Semi

Jackson, is president. pastor and L. M._ Argrett, Baptist Churn He will be fort terminates on or before nary work was completed

Among the persons sched- chairman of the board will BECOMES CHURC HEAD accompanied by his choir, September 20th.A at Gammon Theolgical Semi-

uled to appear on the program personally welcome the ushers and congregation. nary. He is now In his fourth
are: Governor NelsonD. contributioi year as pastor of the Laura
Rockefeller, Dean Roy Bethel. has been made by the Young Street Presbyterian Churchin

Nichols, Dr. Ramsey Pollard, The officials of the various We do not need new mach- lieve and pray strongly en- FRIENDSHIP TEA AND Adult Department of thw Jacksonville.

.I>r. Herbert Gezork, Dr. Fel- churches inery, nor could our Anglican ough to make it so. I believein BABY CONTEST AUG. 9 Branch YWCA, which ha:
ton G. Clark and Dr. SamuelD. of the city are Invited witness be given simply by God's sending of his churchin helped to reduce the amoun. Rev. Miller is very active In
Proctor. to be the guest of the I needed to complete the effort. the civic and religious life
multiplying secretaries and Her World Mission-
board. The public is cordially Mrs. Victor Sampson ant of Jacksonville. He is President -
invited also to join the :ommittes.What is needed is enough to stake my life and II A Baby Contest and Friend Mrs.. Mary Frances Waldpn, of the Jacksonville

MUTUAL UNION SET board of Deacons in their some- superman who can hold my family's on it, for that is ship Tea will be held Aug. have done a tremendous joL branch of the Interdenominational

AT LOCAL CHURCHThe ,Qlst observance. all these diverse interests together really what we are doing, I 19 at Mt. Sinia Baptist Church with the Young People for Ministerial Alliance.

I in his mind and heart, hope your loyal and loving I in behalf of the building program the effort promoted to make He Is on the board of the

Ministers and Deacons who could help each part of prayers will go with us, and of the church and the this contribution a success. Urban League board of

mutual union of the Eman- National Convention.The management, of the YMCA.He .
the whole Church to be mind- sustain us in what lies ahead.
uel Progressive Baptist Mrs. Lillian Goo s by Is a member of the
SENIOR WOMEN ful of the whole, who could program will precedethe Branch chairman aL Mayors Youth
Church Association will meetin SET The Rt. Rev. Stephen F. is asking Advisory
excite and interest our clergy 1 contest, and will begin at members of the Council
Branch Com and other
the New Baptist organiza
Hope BABY Jr.
CONTESTThe Bayne, Episcopal Bishopof 4 Mrs. M. K. Gibson is
and people to see and do the p.m. ?
Church, Marietta, Aug. 26- mittee on Administration to tions. He is the past mode-
common work of our house- Olympia,:;in announcing to sponsor.YOUNGMINISTER. rally to the cause and have rator of the Knox Presbytery

30.Shortly after the session, hold together, who would be the people of. his diocese that their reports in by September17th. of the United Presbyterian
District Senior \\" able to dream and imagineand jhe had the .
the parent body will assem- 0- I accepted newly ,. Church in the U. S. A.
men's Convention wil Ispon- speak for possibilities created post of Executive Officer -
ble in the West Friendship
which existed who
Baptist Church in its 34th sor a baby contest Aug. 13, would never have the yet patience, and of the: Episcopal Communion PROF. BUNREY TO SPEAK ,
annaul session. at the home of Deacon and persistance to bring togetherthe t
President Sarah Rice and Mrs. John Francis, 1586 W. I
needs and and insights
Moderator William Williams 10th St., at 5 hopes Bishop Bayne's jurisdictionas I
of all scattered PLEADS FOR
are currently making plans head of the Convocation of : .

for the sessions., Contestants and their sponsors brotherhood, and who wouldbe American Churches in Europewill .

are. Lawrence Sibley, set free to think of nothingsave include eleven WHITE ROBBER
the President Council; Fran- our family as a whole, Harry Burney, lay leader of the Jacksonville District
RUBY ALLEN APPEARIN \ndo A. Daniels, the Dorcas and the work our Lord has tions in France, Germany, Italy of the Methodist Church, Central Jurisdiction, will deliver

sisters Council; Edward given us al to do, in this dark and Switzerland. Bishop the address at the morning hour of worship August 9, at

MUSICAL RECITAL Thomas;, the Deaconess Coun- world. Bayne, who wi<; elected a I Simpson Methodist for the observance of the annual Men's

*il, and Timothy Brooks and A Negro Ministerial student Day..Music will be rendered by the Male Choir of the church.

Mrs. Ruby Allen will appearin Catherine Johnson, Education If you were to ask me member of the Episcopal talked a white youth out ofa Others participating in the
a musical recital Aug. 9, Toard No. 3 of Green Cove today where I shall start I Church's National Councilits robbery in Memphis, Tenn. day's services wil be Harold extended to the public to attend -
these services.
at the Mt. Bethel Baptist Springs. could not answer you. Yet, ( boadr of directors) at theChurch's recently. Nairn, William D. Cannon E
Booker T. Patterson is
Church for the benefit of the needs and the hopes will General Convention James Taylor, who was or- and Robert James.
1 of the Women's Day in 1958, will continue as a dained minister Sun- The evening will chairman \of the day with
group The contest is being speak for themselves, God as a on worship
sponsored I Raifield Green
drive. Mrs Estella Barney is in behalf of the presidents willing, and the ways will be member of the Council, where day, said of James Hayes, 20, include a musical program chairman. Program committee as co-
chairman of its -
sponsoring this affair. found, if there is flexible imagination |he serves as who admitted in court Satur-
trip to the National Christian education depart rendered by male talent of chairman is Latimer Williams. -
Mrs. Allen will be accom- Baptist Convention in enough in me, and I day that he had taken money the various churches
Sept. of the The Rev. O. A. Burnsis
He will also continueto
panied by choir one of which if there is a united will among from a bus driver, that, "he city. Invitations have been of the church.
she is president, with Mrs. ourselves in our Communionto attend the" annual meet- does not know God." He asked pastor
Victora Terrell at the piano. the Deaconess monthly Council meeting and of support this work and cooperate ings of the hl1rch.s Houseof the judge to let Hayes ... BOLDEN'S MUSICAL KINDERGARTEN
Bishops.He .
and his
with it. accomplice, Lloyd
Dorcas Sisters will be held at 1818 W.
20th Street
Phone EL 5-9722
the same ,time as the contest. will succeed the Rt. Rev. Pryor; 26; "know justice. Kindergarten Begin September 2nd
12th ANNIVERSARYSET If this vision is to be- Norman B. Nash, retired Bishop Hayes admitted that he had ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS
come a reality it can only be of Massachusetts, who been persuaded by Taylor to
All Piano
AT EVERGREENDistrict workers are asked to the Band Voice Guitar Accordion
because people such as : has had charge of the European return money. Hayes: '
in your
turn their reports to the pleaded guilty and Pryor Theory Tutoring Adult Education
No. 5 of Evergreen oresident, Mrs. M. L. John selves hope and care-and be- churches since, 1956. pleaded innocent to chargesof MUSIC CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 8TH

Baptist Church will observeits son, 1137 W, 21st St, before I I armed robbery and car

12th anniversary Sunday Aug. 21.CONTEST. INTERDENOMINATIONAL MINISTERS theft. Both were bound over '
at S p.m. Delivering the sermon to the state.

will be the Rev. A. Read. ALLIANCE CALLS SPECIAL MEETING After the hearing Hayes BRAKESRE

District 20 of Day Spring and Taylor met and both
Baptist Church will be guests. SLATED BY SATURDAY August 8th broke into tears. Taylor plac-

Saturday, the Male Chorus BETHANY JR. CHOIR. Rererend R. J. Blalne. Vice President of the Interdenominational ed a black leather-bound Bible LI NED
will rehearse at 8 p.m. Dis- Ministers Alliance of Jacksonville before Hayes and said,

strict 6 will celebrate its anniversary and Dura County. Is urging all ministers of this "You know you will have to YOU WAIT
Aug. 20 at 8 pjn. Area to be present at a special call meeting of the be punished. But still havea V/HUE
Alliance: at SL Paul A. M. E. Church 10 o'clock Saturday life with" God. Do you take HOUR .NO PQWN PAYMENT

The Junior Choir of Be- Mornln 'to go over some very important matters Christ/ t
REGISTRATION SET thany Baptist Church will pertaining to the welfare of all citizens in and around "Yes, yes," Hayes said. SERVftit EASY TERMS

sponsor a "Mr. and Mrs.Bethany. Jacksonville. "There isn't anyone to help
FOR SCHOOL TERM contest, to terminate me.
27. Her., Blaine says that this meeting is not restricted Both shook hands in parting --
to members only but embraces any and all each saying he hoped to .= $19.93. YaW.
Registration for the school. ministers engaged In the pastorate of any church in see the other again soon. ""' .MII III 1 Tn .
term of 1959-CO begins at; Choir 1 will present a recital the iris or associate thereof. This is a :MUST meeting_ .

Copper's Academy of the Sept. 13 at 8 p. m., in and every red: blooded minister of the Gospel Is ex -

Apostolic Church of God in the church auditorium. The ,pected to be present to voice .his sentiments of the S $ Ii.As
Christ Monday. I group will render classical subject which will be discussed .
and gospel selections and Negro : i *
Registration hours will be spirituals. The subject will be disclosed al the 'meeting",and If .

. from 8:30 a.m. to 6 pjn. For you u a minister care anything for your people and tw"fs.GAAdI \

further information contact District 3 will sponsor a wish for them the beat in this,life as well as the life $14.95 1I 1-
at 1205 W. 22nd trip to American Beach to come you cannot afford to be absent. ..... .
the Saturday. The bus w leave This Meeting wUl be !h ld at St. Paul A. M. 'C. IN EVERY ba {yoadss.,. .ti' .
Grades church at 9
from one throughnine a. m. Church MYRTLE >
at 13th. St.. AUGUST 8th.
will be taught: Individuals CHARGE PLAN

'help will be offered to retarded Choir 1 will sponsor a trip Rer. J. B. F. Williams Secretary. COLORED HOME i
students. The Kinder- to American Beach F I' NATIONAL i t BRAKE; i SERVICE
August Her. B. -J. Blaine : Vice President .... -
garten department will, offer 14. The bus i
will leave
at 7 I f E ,
special training for beginners. p.' m. I : ; ." oil _

\ .:..) J'. ": '- j
....., ..._. -.- \



Ending Saturday. August 8. lass -- '" THE FIAIIDA HAB '--" _

Page Fin .
-- ---

Ted has !I
ACCUSED OF RAPE: .. keep Drewery the wives of decided his em-to I NEWSBRIEFSRACE

AFTER PROMISEOF PHILADELPHIA,. Pa., -- ployees happy by putting _
$; them the payroll
I : on
A new twist to the old chargeof
He said the wives would BUS STOP

r PUNISHMENT arrest rape last developed Wednesday after nightof the be paid $8.40 a week for nothing BUCKROE BEACH, VA. -

32-year-old Daniel Ran- but being contented. A racial battle erupted here
happy wife is husband's inspiration
recently when Negroes began
dolph for molesting a 12-year- "
I A 9-year-old-Brooklyn girl odl girl identified as"Gertrude he explained. boarding a bus at a stop re-
served for whites. Two white
Guest of West Philadelphia.
I ent ti her room by her mo- WATERLOO, IOWA
men were injured in the af-
Gertrude- told detectives
:her to await punishment for When
Mrs. Betty Jo Robinson fray which involved 30
;tealing doll clothes from a a week ago that&Randolph some
reported, reported that her persons of each race. The in-
the who attackec
wry eighbor child, jumped from was man
: 1-year-old son, Ronnie had jured whites were taken to
fifth floor window Sunday. her on July 21 in a driveway drowned, men from the Na- Portsmouth Naval Hospital

She was reported in criti- Following Investigation, Ran k val Training Station dove fully with stab wounds.
al condition buf'holding her I dolph ,was located near hi clothed in the the Cedar Ri-

wn" at Kings County Hos- home. ver trying to find him.

i ital.. I'' He has been charged witl! MRS EVEL MORGAN: In the midst of the search BAD
-. Police said the child, Fran-. criminal attack on three pre- a small boy wandered by and ADVERTISING
tne Gibson of 35 Nostrand. nous occasions and twice has IS BRIDE OF asked "what's going on here? LOUISVILLE, Ky.Charles -

vve., had first told her mo- been arrested for contribut, It was Ronnie.CHATTANOOGA. Paxton, a white produce
her that the doll clothes were ing to the delinquency of i DR EDWARD WOOTENMrs. merchant brought down the

liven to her. minor. wrath of community leaders
Her mother Mrs. Mattie ivandolph sand that Gertrude J. E. when he hired three Negro
Democratic National Chairman Paul Is!. Butler (left) Gibson, said she checked a- -approached him and offered Evelyn Williams, dau- Scott founder a grand dragon and boys to'eat watermelon on
greets Harvey Johnson Cleveland attorney, who has just round the apartment discov- herself for 1. He said ghter of Mrs. Lomie Richardson Inc. of the Dixie Klaus the roof his stall. Paxton admitted -

joined the Party's 750 Club, at Party Relations Conference red Francine. had stolen the he accepted and paid her. became the bride of chartered in Tennesseein it was a promotion

in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. things, told her she would be After being told what Randolph Dr. Edward W. Wooten, Jr., that 1956 he is revealed quiting the last week I stunt to attract motorists.
punished and sent her to her had stated Gertrude of Cleveland, Ohio, the son ization.A organ- I Dr. R. H. Biggestaff and
Mr. Johnson who atended the two-day conference of room. changed her story and said of Mrs. _Rosa Lee Wooten Lewis H. Hammond complained -
more than 100 Negro and white Democratic leaders, becamea Francine told her 7yearold the attack' was not done for- and the late Mr. Edward W. Klansman for 32 years, the stunt was a "carica-
750 Club member with his contribution of $1,000 to the sister, Florence, that she cibly. \Vooten, Sr., this city Wednesday Scott also said he "will have ture of a minority," and told
'National Party. Goal of, the Club, which now has 326 memo was going to jump, police" She told detectives her life July 15, at 8:00 p.m., nothing to do with" any Klan motorists and people in the

berg, is to obtain $1,000 each from 750 Democrats to pa s mid. She did so while Flor- had been markedly such or- in the home of the brides group He hereafter. area not to patronize the mar-
off the Party's deficit. 750 club members are entitled to twc ence ran for their mother. currences since she was eight aunt and uncle Rev. and Mrs.L. said he was quitting ket until the boys came down.
tickets to the National Convention with preferred seats ira 4 years old and had been left H. McLendon. "due to development of very Paxton said he got approval -

750 Club section of the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, admission BENTON, Ark. The with an older man. She said unsatisfactory conditions" and of the boys' mothers beforehe
to Clubrooms reserved for members during the convention I death penalty will be asked she has had frequent love affairs Music was by personal reasons. put them on the roof and

and other special convention arrangements. for a white man charged with with boys in:the neigh- Miss Williams Dorothy Mae nephew Lang of, Tyrone the- that the stunt "was not

raping a Negro woman, the borhood. bride was soloist. MARTINEZ, Calif.It meant as an insult." Howeverhe
ounty prosecutor's office i Detectives aid they will was purely a question of definition added:
said last week. obtain a list of the boy's The bride was given in when a former sher- "I definitely know I'm not

Bobbie'Burnett, 21, of Lit- names and bring-them in for i marriage by her uncle. The iff's aid denied that a stag going to put three colored
tle Rock, is charged with luring -questioning. 'ceremony: was performed by showed he allegedly promotedwas boys on the roof again."

21-year-old Verna Mae Rev. S. S. Robinson, Jr., Sup- lewd.
OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REP.ORTERS Faylpn, also of Little Rock in- erintendent of the Gainesville "I particularly resent the

PRINTERS PRESSMEN ADMEN ;JQ his car on the pretext of JEW HATER ADMITS District, The Florida Confer- implication that there was a OUT OF THE
)ffering her a baby sitting ence, The Methodist Church. nudeshow," said Raymond D. FRYING PAN

There ax* opaalnge Ion -job.Instead COSTLY VANDALISM I Miss Hilda Wooten, sister Van Tassell, 55, referring to VICKSBURG, M ss.- Isa-
according to the i of the groom was maid of charges that women were not ac King, who makes his living

EXPERIENCED Nnraptfttr POf'". ...., harges, he drove her to a i honor. She wore pink organza properly dressed. selling hot tamales was clear-
copy-m&ft: tdraifatag talteaia, drcalatSn wooded section and raped her. COLUMBUS, Ga.-AN 18- : over pink taffeta and carried "He's absolutely right," replied -ed l last week of murdering his

men and women, printers compodtonu Iba* Since the attack Burnett has year-old youth, reportedly a i a cascade bouquet of District Attorney JohnA. wife, but he was immediately
iyp operators. % seen declared insane and com- known "hater of Jews" and feathered carnations. Dr. Wo- Jededly.. "They both had charged with murdering his
mitted to the State Hospital. an "avid follower of the Nazi ten chose Mr. Eric O. Simp- their shoes on." wife's male companion.

BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will trato County Prosecutor Lawson doctrines of Adolf Hitler," II'brother-in-law of the groom Police said King shot and
E. Glover meanwhile his best COLUMBUS Miss. It killed his wife and Benjamin
and announced has confessed setting fire to for man. a -
reporters people for all
young departmamis
after the suspect's the Columbus Museum of was bad enough when a sus- Harrison May 17, witha
if you hare a real dtdre to become a k..abetof I The brides was of
gown a1 blast of .
the ;plea of innocent at his ar- Arts and Crafts, police disclosed pected bootlegger took single a shotgun.A
xmrapape? frtltralty. raignment Thursday, that he July.22Columbus I white silk organza, styled swipe at Constable Tom GloV-1. jury found King innocent

would seek the death penalty. .- Police Chief E. I with a fitted princes empire er with a steel hook of murdering his wife af-
WE HEED Mea tad women young or aldtll.. F. Moncrief said Richard Ren- bodice, the voluminous waltz end of his arm. I ter the defense said she was

aged..la.. all field for a chain Bvwtpape tad ka who recently moved to length skirt of silk organza But when Glover finally unfaithful to him but the
-.81' .. Columbus from Atlanta also over taffeta featured a bias subdued Charlie Smith and state stepped in and charged

.admitting painting; Nazi ,swastikas -fold across the front which tried to arrest him, Smith'a King with the murder of Har-
ACT NOW Stan experteace tad .-.Ita.W'B1TEJ' -. FLORIDA STARIN in the museum and at ended with an encased silk dog bit him. I bison.i I .
white rose.
EVERY two Jewish synagogues s here 1 rat",..l..K 11
COLORED HOME last week. A crown of lace held her i
INTERSTATE PBESS He said .the youth has finger-tip viel of pure silk illusion -1
P. O. Box 782 JtekaoaTille 1. Fit been charged with second and and she carried a cascade -

third degree arson for the bouquet of white steph- !iee1ooThk

$50,000 blaze at the museum. anotis and feathered carna-

I t or s. BY BUCK- ROGERS 'Z. I

The bride attended Stan- ,
ton High scnooi, .Hetnune -
One of my neighbors recently Recently. I encountered several
Cookman College and Detriot
SURPLUS caught me In the backyard boats anchored the ntfd
Business College. pMvinf practice lure at a die of a lake. Most of the occupants -;;
bucket. were patiently
The groom attended Stan- He watched me for a while their bobbers but others were:
STOCK ton High School, Howard and before he said, "kind stupid casting with artificials..
Northwestern Universities Isn't it, fishing: in an empty "Having any luck I asked.;
and did further study in Eur- luclwt. "Nope." one fisherman said..
"Maybe. I agreed, and kept All the other fishermen echoed,
I ope.O inn catting. The next cast hit 'him.
reception was held for ;bucket dead c nUr. ""Then why are you fishing:
Sale Starts Friday Morning Aug. 7 the wedding party by the "Good cut" be admitted hen?" tasked. i
aunt and uncle of the bride .few I missed inches. the next time by a The answer was a familiar

After a wedding trip the "Does ImproW one. One boat had anchored because -
your !tcur&cy.
the spot looked like SM
couple will make their homein ." he said.

$500.00 In Special 'Gift ,Checks Given to Cleveland. Ohio. / joined good thing the first owe they him fishermen and because dldnt, the.N they others. UIouI21t\had';\'!]

catching any fish but, wasp'
Just too much: work to pail tIP i

First 100 1 People| In Our Store Friday A. M. FLORIDA A&M chor spot anchor I dont rope and like any move tog better.oa to oa than another aa. an-the,,'

next guy so I leave,tt n
TO CELEBRATEDIAMOND the boat. I crank up the trusty,
Mercury Idle her down to a
1.98 to 14.99 PATRICIA REG. to WO MEN'SONE gentle purr, and let my outboard '
1ST QUALITY GROUP reserved for an anchor. Z fish
DRESSES MEN'SBELTS more water by keeping? on the'trove !'
NYLON HOSE SUMMER'' DRESS and once In a while I''
1/2 PRICE catch a lew.fish.
49c SLACKS If you don't agree ,with men!'
79c A p ISTwo because you've found It takes;
LADIES Value to 8.98 Now 3J8 pointment of a Diamond Anl three arms to fish and jockey
EASE ACTION i niversary committee by FU. "t. your outboard at the came1
A&M University president \ time, you conceivably could

BRAS CIUNXLE. 8'to 16 SIZE George W. Gore Jr., to be- I caste later, the rubber of have the the new wrong Mercury motor.outboards Try one

59c CREPE gin planning for the 75th plunked In the bucket again.XmmedfiUal with one-hand throttle and

2 For $1.00 BOYSDUNGAREES FREE birthday celebration of the a dub for?,the my friend house made and shift I controls and youTleee_
MATERIAL' WIN A PRIZE institution during 1962 was slwwfcl up in a law minutia mean.
announced here last week. with his own rig. "Move CYST" WHERE TO 00 :- I
20c YD WHICH ONE 'The A&Mcelebration will was his only oommeat.Backyard near
ONE TABLE 1.49 The hottest tlIhIq,
AU Other clih AtCloa coincide with the casting pays off.
DO YOU WANT Centennial that's come along i& a Isag
FLATS and DRESS 6ome to
Others .98 1.69 1.. anniversary celebration of the anglers prefer do their time concerns the need open.lag
SHOES ,"Out Price 1st., .. Bedroom ,Suite practicing out on the water,but of Castro's bass fishing
American Association of 1 i il maintain! that this is the placeto bonanza.: Treasure Lake la
$1.00 Land-Grant Colleges" and : fish, act learn how to cast.iWhfle Cuba is probably the greatest
r:; .- I State Universities ,of which most anflsES are getting bass Csh&r lake m the world,
Reg to 5.98 BOY'S FAMU a member. l the kinks out of their casting and is now avaSsMe to, V.a.UIfarL .
ONE TABLE (arm and practicing with their
2nd. LuggagaSet A&M's long career of dis- ate, rm busy putting fish astbestringsr.
BACK TO SCHOOL I Z was there a short time ajoj,
BOYS and GIRLSBACK tinguished service in resident
Men's Khaki] and Grey 3rd. SID ,Gilt .Check *" and can vouch for the daInsl
I 'Fm lacy. Td rather
instruction, research exten- foese *t ,
made tor this ft f IaftreIPS ::
WORK PANTS For" train my casting arm to a minkY.l
Full Information
sion and public service, had backyard thaa mata 200 bass a day and aught
$2.59 SHOES 97c Com* In And Ask ForContact its beginning in October of the day climbing: trw to a ntsaber in the IWo-U-pousd
The rest of the time
1887. On October 5 of that retrieve,mis-east,lark category.
2 .Pairs For &GO $239 : I battled tarpon and a.rough
Short Long Sleero ;
.or Manager year the first student bodyof ..... ,Get yourself a bucket, and tough pan fish caned a flddaoa.i
15 enrolled. During; the JSM I It you loot agree with me. IneMetittuy, the next woz14'tncor4

first semester of the current HEAVE OUT THE ANCHOR largemouth If &sI,
school year, some 2800 stu- 1 A boat anchor .. a mighty certain to come from this lad
488 SOUTH McDUFF AVE. bandy pike of equipment to since bass in.the 80 pound category >
lents education
were pursuing an have to the boat with you, but 'are known to esjat....
McDuffDept. Store (ONE BLOCS No. of Edboa) in eight academic units ;Jilsot a tIIIdDc tare. Despite The current record"Is cdy
: -agriculture and home eco this fact tt.seems to me that a J314, pounda, '!
JACKSONVILLE FLA nomics, arts and sciences edu- Jot of teats spend tsere Use
cation a tli e*earners CIlIa ttor Ire.. Are tmj pttrtlse* ..4|
I .. graduate.studies law, ,...ea or ""- eesalaes.tttyr Aad. ctrnbg fltUtg udtmlfut, e fe-j I
t pharmacy, nursing, and the de>!t oMiNit a matt er 9ktrt4oo. PYlts',,-i

.vocational-technical institute. "-_. -_ :- ---- .s a z wars of fit ....1.Wselc .

-' ,





pip.ft.;,. \ : '" n.oBmA- riu. W.Jc-EndIng Saturday. August 8. 1959

I::.' astt MT.: -,ZION-SCHEDULES
k'Colorful Accents For Summer
Long term 12 year loans. AVItE ofatkea W
-< .fawt:rG
repayable $10 per month erhNtte '

-- PALATKA The Mt Zion on the$1,000, for home Improvements aat :

You can brighten up your Church will observeits ", repairs and
life budget with a Baptist addUloaa- to tagdl, settGEThNGLkNmns
on any 65th and the your sdng
colorful wardrobe and cos- anniversary hou... Quick and: efficient
5th of the' Rev. N. B.
metics to match! year service.. No red tape. Just
Willams as pastor, Aug. 13-
There's a rainbow of colorat 17. good credltrailsg and ownor

fingertips in dress'ormakeup buying your own home worried byBld Mr-W II IIu
to help sparkle A number of churches will M. J. SIMON tins Up & or Bell WIUtII: ;, Sod be-
you .
from head to toe. .wet. participate in the .observance 621 First Federal Buildup: trnr SmtUiBf.Clon itching I..Crytae: ,to te
common Kidney and ffl
with their choirs ushers and 306 W. Adams Wnep1OL
EL 6-2489 try CTSTXX r'or Uiek-M1. M ywn M*
Be colorful but beware of colors congregation. prep islet yoca< ilW.eia .
that do not complement jour MIM few. Bt,oailQnadir. bow teat rv 8MOI7 taovnrn.1IM&_ eW!'
tones and personality
skin your I -
Be certain that your favorite .,....a14a- _,.. I Theanniversary service'

your colon complexion.How are the most. flattering for _A _'..,4..... 4 xMis a. Y'eY S K will close' Aug. 17 with a vi- PHOTOGRAPHS FOR

siting minister. A local program
'do find out.which colors -'
you will be conducted
do the most for you? I: Golden Girl, America'* by EVERY OCCASION
choosing a wardrobe and match- inning Queen choose the'oew the choir and members of
, ing accessories, don't let your shade "Orange flame" to accent Mt. Zion.
own judgment be your guide. her lip for cool rammer fdrwAl. Expert Photography

Seek advice from friends whose MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT. ... Portraits Weddings BanqoeJs
opinions you respect. Trained favorite One or mot.* of these basic Dick Contiao who starsi ta.the new,rock "a roll hit : t Passports & Identification Photos

sales store personnel can be very at helpful your too. shades will be most fluttering for "DADDY O," Is beat up by gangsters;and:thrown from Fraternal Notes ,:: :: Photostats & Commercial Work
you. With a variety of shades. a,car in the_ above scene from the picture'which plays ',. Photo. For Newspaper Cols
In choosing cosmetics you can you can follow out any' color and at
(Saturday) at t
tonight W'hlle.You
midnight Wall
let freedom reignor'nample scheme your mood, oryour attire at
your, America's largest,selling ,dictates; thsf Roosevelt] :regular program"Sunday and Monday. The International Beauty ti, ?: ;--1r.. Coloring & Picture Framing
hair dressing and line of beauty Co-hlt is the roaring thriller. "ROAD RACERS. Association, a Professional ; f ; Little, Take A Photo Of You
products has just recently introduced Fraternal Society, will meet!
a complete line of Personality KrlrmJ to .. th. new I'e.-IIU ttf 4it !1
Lipsticks in six glamorous .t'rk by lUral.Crewe-.ear. *. *. .*.*- TEENAGER BEATENIN -at the Les Charmettee Beauty .. In Natural Color"jTAVEHY -
shades, especially formulated to ta tMf alE al rw cHaMTMii I wrlt ceIen-I'JaII l.elebber.nd. DM an.**. POLICE REPORTSWOMAN BEER, GARDENA Salon,1427 Davis St.,Aug.
beauty-treat your lips and "love- Rol4 LI1M, Iterftl .*.. Ckerrr 01w.t 11 at 5 p. ra.' Mrs. Tobitha .
lite" personality. ". '.' Marie. aad ea.ne 0raIIP riew.- I XVERVS
your PHOTO
teen-ager'was, the victmof Toby Taylor, beauty instructor STUDIO

a brutal beating sufferedat will give instructions oil 611 West Ashley Clara WhIt. Mission Bldg.: .
one t a z e of advance work.
II TROUBLED? HIT the hands of an unknown
PATRONIZE Mrs Katherine A. Brown Phone EL 4-7865 For AppolntmentsBUSINESS
LOVE? BY UNWELCOME GUEST.' assilant who hit her in the reporter.,: '. ,.

MONEY face and'beat her last Tues- .,..,. .,. .
:>::> ...::> ::>::> ::>::> ::> ::>
Star, Advertisers PROBLEMS .f tday. when she accidently :<:==: -e-: -e'e'f: : sssess -=ssMweefcsa -e'" -e'e'

Ill Help. A 67-year-old 'woman was l stepped 'on his foot' in' beer '

SolutionAvailable i hit oil the back. of her head,,gar enThi the 700 block of DIRECTORY

I with an unknown weapon W..Ashley Street. -
+ last Saturday by a 'man Tfaer.Firms Listed Below Recosmesded As
LEARN TO DRIVE IfFollowed Carolyn, Lockhart, 17, of Reputable Establishment
to '
whom she had .
Specializing Services and Products
Secure Drivers' License Personal he 3616 Franklin Street
Strictly leave her house because _
SAFEWAY DRIVING WAMSTEKER police she went into the beer .
JOHN not wanted there.
SCHOOL Dept. 15 was garden for a. personal pur- AUTO SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS

600 West Bearer Street Box 10 Otleti Mrs. Callie Mae Johnson, pose, and oh her way she ac- # '

GEORGE PEBPENA Dlr. Cape South Africa of 1017 Ellis Street told police -oidentlly stepped on a man's

Office ELgia 5-7742 Jeff Coates came to her foot. AAA BONDING AGENCY'
Res. ELgin 4-0639 him '
home and not wanting{ .
The who was unknown :..
S a there she asked him to City; County, tad Federal Beads
leave he turned and hit heron to her pulled her around AUTO PAINTING COMPANY cUw Exckaafe; .Bldg.. BL 1.
and hit her in the face.
I the head. He "started beating her until Complete Body Repair &f Paint Work

ATTENTION READERSPlease Mrs. Johnson was takento she fell to the floor, she -:- Oven Baked Data : Jobs -:- ACE ,RADIO & TV SERVICE

'Bring or Send Your Duval Medical Center for said. Price Start at $1.00. 98. Years In Elifflinilai
treatment. Victim does not '
Church News' Club Notices & Announ Mil* She was taken to Duval All Work Goanalee
k now 'where her assilant 532 East Adams Street EL SASS 943' Forest Street
Medical Center by taxi cab EL 44N4.
To The FLORIDA STAR Early lives. where she was treated for
Patrolmen Jesse Jackson
NEWS IS asxhall cut under her left AVERYS STUDIO
DEADLINE FOR and George Henry investi
gated. eye and released. No arrest I' .... Commercial Weddtaa, ... P ..

TUESDAY NOON ,was made. FOODS Yes .. do U Is ceter als.

FLORIDA,STAR Patrolmen William H.Harris .. III West Ashley Street .EL".4.9VN
: and' Robert L. Jenkins
2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street WITH HER RAZOR (
:investigated. Royal Crown Bottling Company

-. .A 27-year-old-woman was C 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4496

cut with a razor last Mon- AZAR 'SAUSAGE COMPANY
S, day while engaged in a fight GENERAL UPHOLS1ERY SHOP

: with her boy friend. FRESH HOME MADE -We _
k1 Specialize InConrertlbie
Enroll Now In The .< Police said Miss Daisy M. WIFE HITS HUSBAND
South' Fthe-Coll g.'Ii Blackshere, of 1146 E. 3rd WITH IRON IN FIGHT Tops Door PanelsHeadliners
Florida Barber College ? Street S46 Flordla Arenue EL 6-3308-9; Furniture Slip Covers
pulled a straight razor 3227 N. Myrtle Arenui
EL Hilt
Branch G. L Approred
'Ii "from her purse and cut '
Willie Green Holmes 35, of George Sapp, 23, 617 Court GEORGE W. POWELL, INC.MOM'S .
VenusMarsCourt during an G was struck on the head
Real Estate Loans
Prof. James OJorer with iron small KITCHEN
Woodrvw Patterson manager argument. an causing a Rents Collected

630 Davis Street Al Bearer Aftre cutting him, Holmes laceration during an argument 410 Broad Street EL 4-63K
Phone EL 59574LILLY'S took the razor and cut her, I with his wife last Mon- -Home cooked: meals serred 24 hours-

police reported. Victim was day, police reported. 7 days a week Jones Institute of Physical Culture

taken to Duval Medical Center Sap was treated by Dr. 1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 School] Of Barber. Beauty & Massage

where she was treated I D. Lake and released. There Colored Owned and Operated ...
DRUG STORE arid released. Tarn As You Learn .
: were no arrests and no pro- .'
Det Sgts. G. H. Hulbert
secution. 112 Clay Street EL 4- 088
1907 JOB;. Road at Spires and J. M. Parker investigated GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET
I Sgts. R. T. Matthews and TAXI

'Where Experlenceo e o G. T. Jones investigated. If You. Want The Finest In Groceries "At Your Service.

:Pharmacists Prepare And Meats -Cose See Us NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611
'' '. : Your ,Prescription According i iM II LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611
: to- your doctor's Requirements for Becoming, a Model i 800 Dark Street EL emu

Timiqua&a Road Trading Post
; ,.. .Instructions Using :. "d- W- -
Complete Garden Supplies
only the best quality Fertilizer Fruit Products
I have received vJ- '' r FUEL OILS .
drug-.- many inquiries about -New and Used Furniture bought and sold64 -
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Or. a K.Rsxk' rk rmuctatt. Or, W. J.A QriaLal.t. a successful model.The pictureof "

flawless perfection a model pre- Washington's Health Service
-:- -:- sents is no accident. ? .
"Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"SjTry

t '' COMPLETE.LINE OFi Being a model takes painstakingwork COMPANY Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Basle
.;. I ij Colonic
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Cimftee : SundriesPRESCRIPTIONS and rigid self-control. Well. Therapy

GALLED FOB AND BKJVERED proportioned bone structure is only the >41 West State Street EL 6.84.M.D'| C. Washington Masseur-Same Loaee
befianlag. It takes
real stamina to ad- For 23 Years
here to the strict diet and exercise r. .tf
134 N. Myrtle
to develop and maintain bat, EL 4-247
your '
; ::

t SUPPORT THE DRIVEJ Walking proportions.. standing Or sitting a model .i WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
must present a uniformly perfect picture. FUNERAL HOMES Free delivery any part of the dry
This requires hours of practice. Never r --;- OLD RELIABLEL
: allow yourself to have poor posture even 01 West Ashley Street EL-4.1380
FOR BETTER TREATMENt in private.A .;

model must become a make-up artist ..- JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CANTDOItMAN

trained the careful selection and application STORE
: OF NEGROES M: LOCAL FIRMS t of cosmetics to enhance the color FUNERAL HOME. -
tones of skin and clothes.The Ideal look Courteous, T...alm.ntJ1MBIIf.11NCE

I would Hks to se a new pow of belle:"treatment today, it Is requires called the expect"natural skill look.-_to achieve However < SERVICE 24-HRS. A DAY Cpa 8:30 to 7 p., m.

: to* Negro customers. adopted by. 1aca11.... the perfect balance between the lurial Vaults & Tombstones. Mausoleums .06 Davis Street EL M1t16Notary
,, .I'salstwuussu veeeaft balmy;-ea1JM by ny first .... band saleeletaal
I believe that, Negro patrons siould...:',.. .J&.Q: Your hair Is always' fashlea CoasuMaat. authority aad-EdveatZosml.Is new Beauty Director 412 Dodge Rd. Lady Ali ado1+ -CompleteMaterial. --

ample reel" room fadHtfes in local rrtiMhlusninfn suet -coax !t-late looking your as If crown you for Boyal' Crow Hair PO 8-2205 .--t-
.. an end. pat to Jim-crow< stgc. on drmsteg; fruiatstnsasd have Just come from the stylist Drasias,tat BeatrtrProdoeta. U4 N.Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1788 '
i rest nom. shintof. clean and perfectly
groomed. The use of the proper
To accomplish thwe.changes am wtft&g ie;.cs* eu type hair dressing will keep it -
: pcrronblag. firms that'.. nnwiffiag. to- ..../-the,.. soft smooth, and .easyt4manage. Whether-youlong to become a MAGGIE CONFECTIONERY

requests.. as professional a hoosvwife model.or;e&ftft'weman-or are happy .. BEER CIGARS CIGARETTES'

,. There are many excellent schools school girl.the above basic rules CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME ICE CREAM COSMETICS
NAMEvADDRESS In our: countryoffering self* ,can be an asset to J'O'Ila appearing 1102 Price SL EL 3-6312
improvement courses or the more beautiful always! 24 Hoer Ambulance Service
more exacting training required
Jto be a ,professional model. If Serving Colored Homes .... 18MX QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS
I )nee ual ...... ...... CO.
U.et as
yow' desire to be a model and are "....... ......" ...fur........... .
:_- willing to fellow the aever-to-be ........ =-M JJ. .-......... ..aeeea ... C. Jemtjian...... S. L. Dcrlsvn8 ayr, Mattress Resorating OUT ffiiii-
I ) You map"ilay asaa. tfLksted ; broken"rules, I suggest yea talk aae..ae1'T- sr. C.. -- Ou Day Servie i. .
.. dual -s.. or write to the :e. =., 'w-.t. Beaver itftet 'EL 4MFI
1 othevwiM.belaw; student counselor ... ..... J789 Old EIap Road
: ..
itee 4I+md that--..y smawffl ibo:iisM; -wejR; at the school. nearest you. _. u 4 ... POS.1884

.M J'. --- ,;0.;, -.._-...'-: -. <, "" ,- '-'-'.. .- ..... -; --

...... -- '




Week Ending Saturday Augxi 8. 1859 THE FLORIDA.STAI: .
-"_._____________________________Page.lna_'___.._., -


1 .




s i I Professional football will be on'ln the big wy In J{ckonville -:

By C. PARHAM JOHNSON I ( comes Saturday night Sept.5. when the Chicago
i Tommy Aaron, 19-year-old Sean and the Washington Redskins meet In the 'Gator

PITCHER DICK RICKETTS, who was 'recently calledup brother of Henry (Hammer- BowL
ing Hank) Aaron is hittingthe Jacksonville Charities..Inc., .
by the St. Louis Cardinals won one game and lost six ]lows have had.
ballat :a triffic clip for has striven for the pasttour to offer and
for the Birds, has been: sent back to Rochester.Just: a few still
days before being sent back to the minors, the-big tan right Eau Clair;WIS","In-the'Class years to give football fans has comeback:been : .wizard fighting. He5
a wellas
hander decided that he would (give up professional basket* C Northern-fceague. the very best to be;had In as
Tommy Jis the Aaron who ( of the top a mystery to fans every-
ball completely since he had made the majors. Rochesteris bringing some
at the bottom of the,International League. spent the training season teams to the city. 'Up to now v.hereTheold'saying. around
with Jacksonville and the football circles is, "Stop
THE! SAW FRANCISCO they h a v e brought in the
GIANTS are,making plans ,to \VILLIE MAYS, the congenial shipped -awaybelaaccaue, Chicago Bears, The Chicago the LeBaron and"you will stop
play the World. Series in Can- centerfielder of the suddenly shippedfiway because Cardinals, The Pittsburgh Redskins.
dlestock Point. The Giantsare San Francisco Giants paid a he wasn't quite good Steelers, The Washington Willie Galimore is one of

battling up to the last visit to a,San Francisco hospital enough for the .6th place Redskins and the Philadel- the most sensational perfor--

wire to win the pennant and to visit his 11-year-old: Braves. phia Eagles.On mers to ever hit ,the big frail+
hero worshipper Zuretti Mc- Tommy is 'playingsecond in
the SanFrancisco fans are pro He has beena
bubbling over with World Se- Lemore. Mays was sped to base.:for Eau Clair and has each of these teams star from the jump off the
have come s o m e of the top
ries fever. The New Candle- the hospital in a police 'car developed'into a ,pretty goo4 campus of Florida A and M
stars of the nation. Many of
stock Point will seat 45,000 when doctors thought'the lad one Manager Travis ,Jackson to the Bears. [His playing did
might die after appendix i said. Jackson said( 1tedoesn't the stars were closely watched -
r fans. The Giants now play rup not flare up like a flash and
tured and 'peritonitis set-in.1; 'think he'has! had an infielderin throughout their collegiate -
their games in Seals Stadium then die down, he has remained .
which seats 22000. After receiving Young McLemore had askedto -his ten -years with the career and on into pro brilliant each
build- see his hero. When Mays Braves organization who had football. What
word from the football
left the hospital, the doctor more potiental than he has. Brooklyn Dodger catcher was honored recently by the city I The general opinion is fan can ever
ers'of Candlestock Point thatit forget of
World said, "This visit of Willie's Strange as it may seem, of Philadelphia. Campanella, seen here has beenparalyzed that the 1959 game will be one the greatest
be in
ready by players
since he was injured in an automobile accident two the collegiate football-
about years attraction
a good a medicine as I Tommy's batting average is top drawing
Series time, the Giants have J. C. Caroline
order can think of:" only .260, but he has hit 14 ago. The star ,catcher received an engrossed copy of an since the,,professionals: first ? 'Caroline is
life in to still
taken with
on new the Bears
homeruns to make it a three honorary resolution"passed by the City Council, The honor- came to town. Florida will and he
r play in the new park. TOIVL. YAWKEY, .Boston way tie for third place in the ary scroll notes that 'Campanella was born and reared in be well represented with has been taken off the defensive

DID YOU KNOW the major i Red Sox owner issued a special lomerun department. Philadelphia and learned to play baseball on sandlot teamsat players from the Universityo and put on the Offensive -

leagues'have set up a fund order that he wanted Young Aaron said he always Simon Gratz High School, where he was graduated. It Florida, Miami Univer- team and his .running

of $1000,000; for minor 'league Pumpsie Green on 2nd base. played a' lot with bro- paid tribute not only to Campanella's baseball skill but to sity, Florida A and M and has paid' off for the Bears.
player development? The Green is the Negro player ther Hank kept a close watchto his modesty and sportsmanship, his courageous fight against Florida stars who attended At 8 p. m. Saturday Sept.

money will be passed out this that the Red Sox cut loose see how big brother did death, and his contribution- to racial tolerance and .under other institutions. 5, two top teams of the 1 nation -

; year to Class AAA, Class AA shortly before the 1959 sea- ,things. Tommy said Hank standing. Other players familiar to will go into action..
Class+ Leagues.'Clubs,owned by major by the club "Big Boss" :in-fieldipg and,batting. Tommy played against Florida the Hollywood Music Store.
league teams will ,not lost no time in letting it be proudly boasted of the MANAGERS MAP RICKY NAM) Schools in Jacksonville

sharein: the money. known' that he did intend for- I help he obtained from bro- Gainesville, Tallahassee,and
such a valuable man to be'a ther Hank. .
Under the terms Class AAA bench warmer. Green is the STRATEGYFORANNUALCAME LOGICAL HEAD Miami.

win ''receive $22,500; .;Class first Negro to play with the The game is considered Watch This

AA, from$5,000 -$12,500; Sox. The Red Sox is on the tops because such stars as Clowr

Class A from'$5,000 to'$7,500 bottom of the American Lea- ELKS PREPARE OF NEW LEAGUE Rick Casares, and Ed Sears 27 32 91

Class B from $4OOO.to"5,500 and certainly couldn't
gue go from the University of Florida 846 77 564
t Class C, $3,500 and Class D, any lower with Green on se Willie Galimore and .
$3,000. Minor League presi- cond. << 3
FOR CHARITY Willie Lee horn Florida &

dent George Trautmen made THE CHAMPIONSHIP Managers Taft .Cummings A third Major League is M:, Earl Leggett. who went 1 : 0
the announcement.
GAMES are now being playedin of the I from Lee High in Jackson f\
and Porcher Taylor
> JIM BROWN, former All- the Junior and Senior soft- definitely making with <4<
I GAMEAUG. 16 Boa Constrictors and the ville to Louisiana State,and 0
( American, at Syracuse University ball loops in the Jacksonville to some cities already signed in Don Bossier of the
and now of the Cleve- Recreation Crocodiles are beginning II and a movement is on foot Redskins
land Browns of ,the National The games Playgroundgames. are of the map their strategy for the|to secure 78-year-old .Branch from Miami U. 57 60 15 -

Football League, was clocked highest'quality and those of The Elks are making final Oldtimers, game. scheduled Ricky] for president Two of the most talked about 447 82,- 689
recently at 4.5 seconds for 40 the fans who'really like ball preparations for their cha- for: Myrtle .Avenue Baseball '1 ,players in the BOOM Hum eva
The game a]
t yards in a speed test to deter games are missing'something rity AU-Sfar game scheduledto Park, Friday Aug. 21. 'at.8p. :tal newly with 'Contin-1 will also be seen inaction $ometta es Ae'a dowe

mine who was the fastest worthwhile when they fail to be played Sunday Aug. m. I :Houston League and they are Sam Baker the He ,add, subtract .
man on the Cleveland Browns the 16, at'' the Myrtle Avenue fie wrfc ftComlsq U anmre
see teams in action. The The men are going for;)and :Minneapolis-St. "Paul already kicking specialist 'a n d the
team. -Coach.. PauL Brown, Simonds-Johnson and Jefferson baseball Park. for little man who is
ward 'with the.plans a in the fold with (three adored Attraclu
grasped tnost of 'his fastest I Street Parks are really The game will be played grand time just as they have more cities to be added. throughout the nation Ed- 03 119 10 _'18
men for the race which was alive with plenty of-action.. between ,two.,crack teams done in past., Many of die LeBarron. The little fel,
won by :that massive struc- 'G i and years (I' _'
THE ELKS CHARITY representing e1rlg a the players who participatedlast It has bee announced that i
ture of thninanityJlm,Brown, GAME will Florida. Each is Buffalo Montreal Atlanta S
be played Sunday player considered have been in ,
the' fullback. Brown has ,won Aug. 16 at the Myrtle Avenue a ,star-in4ils.respective year started every I I.I New Orleans, Miami, .Indianapolis ; ACOSTtfS -
since it was \
Jest. .about 'every, honor that Baseball Park between two position, sand .the -fans game and have -expressed. determination Dallas-Ft. Worth, San !
can .be gained in pro footbalL crack All-Star teams. Big have been assured that they Diego, Portland, Seattle and' EVERYTHING
to part again FOR THE FISHERMAN
Sports cemmentators.say the Time baseball is in'store for will 'see.a ;game suited td San Jaun, Puerto Rico have .

big tan 'fullback has,not yet the fans. their fancy this One year.of the main workersfor I expressed interest in beromN Bait Shrimp Live Crab

reached his potientals as a' Smooth sailing 'til we meet The Elks charity activity the cause is Solomon!'N ing I members. "

football player. again is s partof the vast prograto Smalls fonnost religious |i Fishing Tackle
one of It was ,agreed by the committee -
that is b the
sponsored y and civic workers of that Branch Rickey is 8019 MAIN
,, is the organization. ennuAl game the city.is again working the most logical choice for
[THE EVIDENCE beginning, with the program and 'will president. Rickey was men- JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA
events to b e conducted bjrthe be 'seen in acton when the tioned because of his long experience -
local.groups:in E&dom.: Boa Constrictors meet the and wide knowledge .

STACKS UPthere's a Jacksonville is xi baseball Crocodiles. A I lof I the game and players. The ... ... ,...... "...
town and the Elks are going .
The game is a benefit game committee said it did not
all out togivethe fans some for the purpose of collecting knoy whether or not he would .
no Gin likeGORDON'S thing to apprecciate in the funds'to erect YMCA building -''accept, but it did know Rick- ; PALMSBALLROOM:
game they love. 'Those whoa '''I is the 1
4n .Jacksonville.' ,Those ey logical man. .
r e :wondering where they tthoJhave seen th'e limited I j
: I I The league hopes to.get
: can 'go to enjoy themselves
the office
on ;&ug.: t&th; ''Can 'availthemselves space present underway in 1961 with a 154- ,
location of the James Weldon -
of thfe -opportunlty Johnson branch YMCA game

to attend '"'the.All-Star' have :seen the .necessity of;

: game.Advance tickets can b!: render the,service need- to see the game is another #

t I purchased from any memb& ed and also be a credit-to. dollar to a YMCA building! "
of the organization. To j ''?N
purchase the
1 : city. *-* \I(I in Jacksonville.
tickets '- arly is to I NO DANCING ON SUNDAY
avoid -the at the 1 --- -------- --
stop ----
gate. ---- ------------
It is an All-Star attraction' .i STARTING
and fans .attending it will i AUGUST 7

J!I definitely see.a p good game.

4 ro

j i o r


,. '' 'C N.4 .Y d, % .

J M ;
j .
{ : ::0-. x1 '.
.. .
i "
---- I

IO &. re, iayfI Lloyd LAMBERT'S o


All idcli.f e eggggggggaaggg; ??? = ii eAsy

- Night Before 10:00 50c Per Person. ;


; f
s d "
to NIvI1 tin a ;t>i, !1 I:j_ FRL := SAT. HOLIDAYS. =,$1.N

..., ". '"
-, -,,,... .-...
.. ,

t ...




....JIeM .. THE FLOHIDA STAB + Week Ending Saturday August 8. 1959

..... ,.... : .
4J. :- typewriters and the like. Lillian -
fOPS OFF THE BLOCKBy Vaught Jackson and sons | *
..f have returned to New Orleans 2TtRROR-TOrWffiHDHRDRHffS *
ATTENTIONA JAY'JAY after a few days home. *

Elmo "Crack" Davis is still j *

New Doctors Office has opened at '1245 West ahead of'the pack as the bachelor *
Vacation time is here again : who is showing other ref'z *
Bearer Street. To all who call EL 5-1885 Free Examination
and the boys and girls are bachelors how it should be iCit
will be given. Children under 12 max recelre making their way home to done. "Crack" ,has the last I .
Free Examinations and Treatment on Thursday afternoon spend a few days with the word in apartments. Nothing

_only. Call EL 5-1885 for Apolnlmenl Today.. Tomorrow home folk. Johnny and "B.- necessary for the comfort ofa
,be too late. playboy and his guests is _
may "
B. Ross just arrived from missing
California to spend a while 11.

with their mother Mrs. Cora If you,want to have some

Ross. Elsie Francis, former real fun, try fishing for trout I : %fe&t7oaa
G AND BUILDERS STAR girl Friday, is home: from the Little Talbot Island
W. Will Build On- Your Lot For $250.00 Down to spend a while with her Pier The spotted one will give VINCENT PRICE % LON CHANEY *
2 Bedrooms $57.00 Monthly family. She now lives in Berk- you plenty of fun. Our only ALL-NEWl 7 GREAT DAYS
3 Bedrooms $67.00 Monthly regret is that David Dwightis California.
.For Information Call SP 14452 I ley Betty. not around to cast from the Adults 50c
of'the Atlanta Uni-
I Roosevelt
pier. The late political
versity secretarial staff is I Children 15c
home getting from was on'"e'of the leading advocates A tip of the Peat Oq
away I of the pier. All duringthe to theme oatsisad: .
winter he would drive
down and check the progressof yoBBjr make our Americans/ country wen Mi

It Always Pays To Deal. the workmen and was look- Starts Sun. RITZ No PriceAdvancel our coin .mb a ....
forward to the opening.
ing Fire Big Days I olaoe tatwhfch te Bre

For the unusual look to See Colored Stars Nat ** **
Otis Jackson. At the present KING COLE. JAMES EDWARDS ,
WithDavis time he is promoting a com- 'AND JACKSONVILLE'S BILLY DANIELSIn t
: bination of boat races, gospel A Frank And Darina Presentation Of v.wp p'M
singing and the Saint Johns LOVE ACROSS THE LINE aF
River. What next?

You know we holler for certain -
types .of things then A 7M:
Be warmer in every roomS prove that we "just ain't I1 2.I
ready."Public. response to theAcademy'

Award winning .,yft Yr In CINEMASCOPE tlorring; l ."'>.
itL movie "Gigi" left the local I JUUE LONDON JOHN DREW BARRYMORE
/Ifo on FUIL cinema Downers with a bitter: HELEN B.: BRITTNew
taste in their mouths. I was 1-r- ANNA KASHFI DEAN JONES E Ej Stanton Senior I

dismayed to hear so-called : High School
"people-about-town" say that j
Pepsi Cola Dealers and
catNr C osaY ;
they didn't like the French q and HAT KING COLE Pepsi Cola Bottling Coca*,
"My Fair Lady". Looks like
to fatal T
FOR YOUR "they" are"right when "they"say JACKIE COOGAN pany Helen are of the graduatingclass.
4O- that,we don't have any THIS IS CHARLES She received awards
taste. A second class movie i '
t THEME', from the Science Fair and'
with lurid pictures of mons- + SWEETHEARTSR BILLY DANIELS Honor Society. She Is a
OLD HEATER ter and half-naked damsels,
\ WHO LOVE ; member p f Second
will pack them in. Seems'as
ACROSSTHE'LINE'J tut Church and
tho we thrive on violence on ''" B&P-i
Yl. become a n
and off the screen. Engineer. ; 1RALPH

the Early Purchase of this Quaker Heater
on equippedwith Yours truly had a nice sum- l. ******* ***

automatic Forced Air Fan and Automatic Air Feed, mer. We spent the break; M 4
studying at the Alma :MaterJ
t" Several Jaxons were on handj
Automatic Camilla Perkins Thompson is tt k k
attending the National Science A
FORCED AIR FAN Institute at Hampton. tt

e Makes your new Quaker an automatic Earnest Linwood, Jr., is a aYAI
forced air'heating system. BMOC (for you squares, Big t

Turns Itself on and off automatically. :Man on Campus).Horace Pat- I t.. v
terson and Harold Lawton are W yI
Circulates ONE-THIRD more warmer both residing in new homes I
air than ordinary beater,blower or fan. Patterson built. The former t AH :

local boy contractor in ad- .
dition to his postoffice chores. N r
New Stanton
Automatic "AIR.F ED" Florida Cave is busy study- Also First Run "CRASH LANDING" High School SeaIos-
ing. Florida is living with her
niece, Constance Cave who is : Tribute Is paid to Ralph
TURNS SMOKI -yo of the graduating class.
Dean of Women at Hampton.The .
INTO HEATIAutomatically books and if f He Is the president of the
0 are open
. supplies you hurry down town and MIDNITE TONITE AT STRAND 4 National Honor Society
correct amount of register "that's what's hap SUNDAY MONDAY AT ROOSEVELT +Physical and plans to become a
air to burner.Eliminates draft A pening." jt Therapist. .
problems Assures highest burning Johnny Shaw'was in a hurryto [ 'I"jOAD '* *** kOr7k7r ***

efficiency; lowest fuel.COIL.. explain that he was defend-
,. ing the right of his childrento -_

,. '.... play where they desired
.: ; !utsY involved in
:- I ':; U when he c became
& 1: ." the previously reported skir-
.. .
mish. Fortunately the radio s4 ND

figure ,was not injured ser

iously. 4

Apply: ArtUtle Barber Shop.
619 Weetr Ashley Street. EL ? S


BENT 7 2 Sunday'trlziiJ.ii RUDINE DAILEY
; FOR Big Top
OIL HEATER I Lower apartment for real. Strand New Stanton Senior

Af. Located 1781 Venus Street. High School -
4 Call EL 4-3364. the graduating class. She
Here a advanced design offering you real attend Second Baptist
besting economy combined with moderate cost: Church and >
FOR BENT to become -
: '* 4 Apartment and room will .. a Doctor. >
Prepare early at these ..- e:;: .
special trade- < -
private bath for rent. CcnTiently 2OexcntBlattoBa
Pin \ .... -c.....
Talus for winter. W. will install C, located at 111 Darin 0 * *
ine healer you select at your conTenlence Street.

with 55-flaL steel dnun-1 FOR BENT SEX IS RAMPANT + tracts .....

angle Iron stand all Citing and Furnished room fro real In AND RAW!" 'Dole to tkeM three local
copper tubing, complete with Award wteMn.
healer. private home. One block from *
All for only $154)0) -Ie Y..... Listen To
down. w. guarantee bus line and school one. Call
all work and do our own fl- POS-8J75. It Pepsi Music-quest
.+ :. Friday Nile
A ft.aftr4"go _.. J!.....;.; 10:30
to 11:00

-.. Relieve L 1eroeS For Phone Request
... sneezing -
.. r .' EL 6-0461-2
..a... r-. ,,' *- ....,, ', ,.Q"....f,...;.-:....'.i\-1#. r:......,.-,!L..-.":...."....... .. .... o.:;,. '.I a.j
:< ; -Jt {! '
: 111' Ixttolve tetfleftt "HeatAe" Froet-BesUai .. hy feverUse SninersSniners I
., fotced air circulation .you fat a smooth flow -
of radiant heat warmth throughout the toco.Cjwoker AJl..StMI Co8lfn:Ho-Bifflt 1 like tte most -

:y Uiig>llf. "Smokeless". Bumtr-GtvcB" modern warm-up furnace than: old-fashioned five* 5ft gaes cast iron.faster' ci 5A..r.Dr..CujU':.*-gl CT..crro.. MavntaiWANTED ... starfing r1 !; kk
extra heat from every drop of oiL Doomt
.snob at any state of fir*. Handy Front Lfehtinx Door Approved for ,
+ ,. safety by Underwriters Laboratonef Watt CORT JURONS[ 1,
Welded "H sISawr' Boffl end uw CMmiMy bifh finger-tip control Err Clear Flame k
V o*-Act a*a beat barrier-hoi'beat in the doOr. Luxurious baked-on finish Automatic
beater long. Safety oil yah Automatic draft regulator. DRAMA OF -RACIAL PREJUDICE!
'- Plus 'This Technicolor. Super-Western


Apply Setreoa, MCQS t
Davis F .
urn.. Pk = l-ert a JI:: :
.- .' ": : ii., -- ... GET Bf THE STRAND THIS WEEK j
6t2 Bread Street


'" :"t "'..


.- 4.-- -., .