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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200521datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date August 1, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005210740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 1, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
August 1, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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: \ : tTOR'fj

.... ):fe'RAt\Y 0 F FLORtD

-. .. b.1. .....,.". '... .

FOfiMER; w .. B re.QSRY q d



Convicted ,Rapist :. :

KR.I/li. t

,Must Die In Chair .. Q4 / HHCCK f H

-' O ""
_. Ait |' HI WC '
VOL. 9 NO.:* | ;iNotat'log
it H

f r fW pr I AccomodatiopO


3 aa' ya L .

For Negroes l At Sears$'

.x "r oz a by i ;



t. .
: c, ,i v: :


a r. .4* jt %. By ERIC 0. SIMPSONThe MIAMI-A former Jacksonville playboy got himself*
,'Y' yy shot to, death last Friday afternoon-after he allegedly>
management of the 'new multimillion dollarSears boasted to his
girl friend that he didn't need a gun to kill
store which opened I Jacksonville last Wednesday, obviously her
does not give.a'footabout its Negro Patrons nor inter- The victim,

ested in providing .them with eating and toilet facilities. Darnell Ford, ,,. preliminary hearing in circuit
:That is the general impression 29, well known] court. Under such conditionshe
given to 'this reporterby establishment that bespeaks around Jack-j' is not bondable.The .
Roy G. Harrell .general the advancement of the atom- sonville for his slaying took place at
manager of the fabulous new age but is quitely and subtly amorous activ- 167 N. W. Sixth Street.
r Yh store who talks like' a, back-. dedicated to jim-crowism and ities, is said to j Homicide Detectives Utes
woods politician. racial discrimination.In have accused! and Malones conducted the in
After receiving numerous Addie :MaeCooper vestigation.
telephone calls from Negrocitizens' short, Sears manager off"messing
who complained of'I Roy Harrell 'has said, in so

the lack:of toilet facilities for many words Negros can.take
I colored patrons ,or inquired it or leave- it. We are not ca-' COOPERaround" ;

: N \whether the'Sears'coffe fshopor1.RibauItdininl' tering with other men, according -

Qpento.colored- room was ,_....to.Negrps."r' All., ,to 'statement. .piven 1AerllAID! .
associated with Skip --.- -
WHERE It not for" -stain 'dIt''Sev -" long:ago
26. would appear to be relaxing on'the,fltau.-'Waller*"1*. actually ife1: 'vicilm/of" anearlr'ioorning pJ1one&rq', :: diYcuss- _;$) ,', '.. \. .-: per/s..Grill on Ashley' Street; TALLAHASSEE-18- year
l situation. f \ is herself widely known in old'SantWiley Odum, was denied = .
: shooting. He was shot to death while attempting to fore his way into j "
ih.rooming house where he lived (inset) George Wynn. Walters' slayer., Buell, L. Browi,sales"manager BLAMETYMCP Jacksonville clemency on Wednesday'by
She said earlier in the day the Pardon Board making
and acting publicity, Ford had struck her, and that it a certainty that the teen-
:ficer: with.whom Payne spoke, had cocked .38 will die in the electric
YOUNG JAX MAN SHOT TO DEATHAFI'ER $2 DEBT CAUSE invited our city editor to come- .at caliber one point automatic pistol a and iger hair for raping a 63year-

into the Sears .office for a BLUE MOUNTAIN, Miss., pointed it at her. old white woman.
personal talk, because he The National Associationfor The bitter arguement was Odum was convicted in
sensed the importance of the the Advancement of Colored continued, although Ford Lake County earlier this year,

matter. People was iecently sub- went into the bathroom to was caught shortly after the
I As publisher of the FLORIDA assualt when he woundedby
take a bath. In the crossfireof was
hot temper proved to be the, undoing of Leroy An- STAR I decided 'to accompany jected to an entirely novel profanities.Ford is reported buckshot during a chase.

thony. Walters who got shot to death early Tuesday morning two-dollar debt causeda Chuck Payne to hear kind'of attack when local police to have said: "You-, His case had$ come up last
he tried to force his, into the house where the .I'for what Sears'
as way night slaying last Saturday night myself blames the Associationfor -I' am going to blow your month and a continuance was
bpfoi-o. hD had shot a 13-year-old boy in the leg during an ,. 'insofar as. accomidations "
said Gov. Col-
Miss granted
when two men, one armed some mysterious happenings brains out. Cooper by Leroy
,arguement. .L._ .L_ with a gun and the other witha for Negros are concerned: in the home of a Negro I she picked up the gun from 'ins to give the Parole Com-
Threaten to giKiu tag tag ta ; knife faced each other in I I After waiting some time preacher. where he laid it and fired athim mission more time to study
The shooting took place at for Mr.Brown to return from from the the
front of the Florida Bar determined as he stepped case.
1903 W. Fourth St. where the I FAUBUS SAYS: ,to settle the matter lunch we were finally ushered The preacher, the Rev. Willis bathtub. The bullet struck Raymond Marsh, Parole
dead man had a room. The with mortal combat. into the. .office ofTrtr. Paul Booth, .said at least two Ford between the eyes. Ac- Commission chairman, recom-
fatal shot was fired bv an- O'Brian, assistant manager, Bibles rose as if by unseen
As a result, 57- yearold cording to one detective, "His mended against clemency. He
other roomer, 52- yearold DIVIDE SCHOOLSLITTLE Frank Lopez died with a .32 who seemed quite affable and hands, fluttered about the brains seemed to be allover said Odum had attempted on
George E. Wynn caliber bullet in his chest after explained, that Sears was abusiness room,and plopped- on the bed the bathroom." other occasions to attack

A police report states that I he had cut John Stewart I Ii not a crusading opened Revelations.A at the. 21st chapterof Miss Cooper, who workedas white women.

Walters, who had been huntedby i 18* about. the head with a I company.. a barmaid in one of the The Pardon Board, on a 3-2
police ever since he wound- ROCK,, In response knife.: However taken'intdithe.,, when we. officeof werefinally ,third Bible acted in a local clubs, is also from Jack- split, refused also to grant

el the ,teenager on Monday 'to the' Little Rock Stewart told police that Lopez Mrl: ,Roy Ilarrell, the gen- similarly strange fashion but sonville. She and Ford knew life imprisonment to a Columbia -
right, appeared at the Fourth School Board's challenge that attacked him without p eral manager. after receiving fell open to, a chapter in Isaiah each other there before coming County Negro convicted -

Street address a little before he "legally" stop token integration vocation. He said he fired the us in a friendly manner, he I he claimed. to Miami. held in of beating his girl friendto
is She is presently death with jackhandlein
He i a
dawn Tuesday morning. I
if he could when fatal shot in self defense. attacked us like Russia's Premier At about the same time 'of
knocked charge drunken fight
jail on a
reported to have on county a
the four schoolsare The'actual cause of the ar- Khrushchev attacked I yesterday morning Booth
city's high
the door demanding,entry. first degree murder pending a
not known until with accusations of .
gument was Dulles Mid there were other crlinst.ly
George Wynn sleeping on a reopened September 8th Justice' of the Peace Dorcus stirring up controversial issues doings.i He was reading; : the DAVIS FURNITURE
sofa in the living room, did Gov. Orval E. offereda ROBBERY SUSPECT
Faubus Drake arrived at the'scene.. the only, differencewas
Bible, he said, brushing up POLICEIS HOLDS ANNIVERSARYSALE
not respond. Angered by this proposal} on Tuesday which She was then briefed by de that his cold war.attacks on his sermon test in the Acts CAUGHT
stormed around to HEAVILY AIMED
Walters would turn over two of Little tectives. were delivered in a mountaineer when suddenly bits of gravel IN 16TH YEAR
the house' -
the side of
bedroom window and be- Rock's four high schools to Stewart who had left the accent fell from the ceiling, some A 23-year-old man who Furniture Company
who favor scene after the shooting When we explained thatwe buttons fell down him The Davis
those integrationand near ,
his into thebuilding. last Wednesday -
to force way apprehended its 16th
gan keep the remaining two walked up a short while later had come to find out what gravel hit the window panes, while trans- is celebrating
., and surrendered to Judge Sears' policy regarding.i by police anniversary with a tremen-
for segregationists.Everett was : furniture began tipping over, i several concealed
In a direct interview Wynn Drake. He was taken to Du- eating and rest room facilitiesfor and a mirror above the fire- portating dous sale of furniture and
stated: "I told him it wasn'tno Tucker,' Jr., school val County jail. pending the colored patrons,' Harrell place'cracked.. I weapons and a mask was household appliances.T .
sense in acting like that. board president replied that outcome of a homicide inves- informed us that" he would identified as the suspect who Davis Furniture Co.,
And he told me to get out.of Faubus' plan would involve tigation. make no comments for pub- He said a sofa and a chair held 'up Charlie's Market has served Jacksonville for
the way because he was coming "considerably more integra- Lopez who chose to die lication. fell over. A glass in the win- 2693 W. Beaver Street and the past 16 years in the
in there to kill every- tion" than the board's cur- over a two-dollar debt had I He added that he had spo- dow shattered. took $60 on July 22, police same location and has always -

.body. rent policy of using a public only a dollar and ten cents in ken to some Negro ministerswho Booth whose wife and reported. extended an invitationto
Wynn said that he fired placement law to keep deseg- his pocket when he was shot. were satisfied grandson were with him in Roger Wilson of 5823 Carnation the citizens to shop in
once at Walters as he was try- regation at a minimum.Tucker When I asked him strictlyas the house could offer Road was arrested by comfort and ease while providing
his the said the board has the no ex- Patrolmen G. T. Boyle and .
ing to force wayinto a customer (with several planation. Police Chief Char- them with top quality
.!house through the smashed governor's suggestion under WIFE HITS HUSBAND accounts which I plan to closeas lie Flake,said he could offer G. R. Easters a t Stockton merchandise at lowest
window. "I didn't know whe- advisement and has asked its WITH IRON IN FIGHT promptly .as possible) but one theory. and Edison Streets in the prices.
ther he had a gun or not,"I attorneys for an opinion on whether I would beserved in Riverside area, the 'officers "Mr.; Purdom Davis, proprietor
Wynn stated. "He sure had.' legality of the plan. George Sapp, 23, 617 CourtG the coffee shop answered "They're trying t .get this said. They got a mask, a mo of the wellknownestablishment

one the,night before when he Faubus proposed to inte- ,was struck on the head me. But I'am ,not at liberty NAACP stuff started down ney'bag, a loaded .38 caliber gives his In-
shot that bov. I wasn't takingno grate Hall High School in with 'an- iron causing a small under a newspaper's oath to here. The NAACP .trying I pistol, & blackjack and twoknives. dividual attention, to each
chances.:' fashionable Pulaski Heightsand 1 laceration during an argument divulge his answer. to get some publicity.under- The suspect was account and has been, in
The aggressive Walters was Horace Mann an all- with his wife last Monday S Despite .this, I feel my stand there have been some wearing two pairs of trou- many cases, the first to extend -
driven back and killed 'in- Negro school Hall previously police reported. greater obligation is to the colored, men a slipping down sers and two shirts the policemen credit to new customers.The .

stantly by the force of the has been all white.' Sapp was treated by Dr. communities in'-Jacksonvilleand here to something start- added. Davis Furniture Co.,
.38 caliber bullet striking him D. Lake and'released. There beyond that -this publica- \ The night watchman, 71- which ex tends the same
Faubus, who reiterated his tion serves: LBoth year-old W.. J. Scarbrough
in the chest. He was years were no arrests and no pro- is not an NAACP courteous treatment to all
opposition to forced integration secution. The FLORIDA STAR there member. Identified Wilson in a police .its customers does a large
old.Wynn, a Naval Air Station said he didn't see how fore finds it its duty to report lineup as the bandit who portion of its advertising!
employe is being held pend federal courts could turn Sgts.. R. T. Matthews and,that'Searsr Roebuck has erected The NAACP has declined robbed the market,police reported through the FLORIDA STAR

ing a homicide.investigation. down his plan. G.-.T.. Jones investigated. I a fabulous ultra modern coaunnt.c, ,".'. .... and local radio atDtfOH
$ .
-. .. t': "
:. -
"t ;
ti s; 't-

., ,.
'jC" -, .
<" "




\ '


... niAAt\'l OF

-. '- '- ..."-. .



Convicted I Rapist ,' : '

,Must Die In Chair t "Ii!+

; *
'VOL. 9 -'NO..16 AUGUST 1. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 15 Ce '
""" '-'" -*
r" 'r AiNlW. .... C1"

4 qvt..+A:R M?.Y6 MN3 For Negroes 1 At SearsSEARS'MANGER ;; '

.. ',
--M ----- ----

: {(S. 4+ t.M.fx

N. I Cjyh.LJ5 h ZX ... __. _

.' Y.,. __ vBy; 'ERIC 0. SIMPSONThe l\IIAMI-A former Jacksonville playboy got hImselfshot' '
: : t to death last Friday afternoon -after he allegedly;,.
: )t- management the 'new multimillion dollar Sears boasted to hk girl friend that he didn't need a gun to kill
...< y store which opened Jacksonville Wednesday, obviously her.
does riot give a-Hoot,about its Negro Patrons nor interested 'Tlu' victim.. I __ ___

.. in. providing them 1! with eating and toilet facilities. Darnell Ford j: :' preliminary hearing in circuit
,-That is the general impres- 29,'well known'around : court. Under such conditionshe
. -J sion given to this reporterby establishment that bespeaksthe Jack- ': is not bondable.The .
4 Roy G. Harrell, general advancement of the atom- sonville for his slaying took place at
manager of the fabulous new age but is quitely and subtly amorous activities t" 167 N. W. Sixth Street
tore who talks like a, back-' dedicated to jim-crowism and is said to : .. Homicide Detectives Utes

, woods politician. racial discrimination.In have accused and Malones conducted the in-
I After receiving numerous Addie MaeCooper vestigation.PARDON.
,telephone calls from Negro short Sears manager of"messing
of Roy Harrell has said, in so
citizens who complained
the lack of toilet facilities for many words Negros can takeit DENIED
M i colored' patrons or. inquired or'leave it. We are- not catering .- ADDIE COOPERaround" MAE ;

whether the Sears coffee shop -Negros.
with other men, ac-
or: Ribault-dining room was PAfEQfHAID -
cordin to'"a's rjy
tol red.honed"
''WHERE"-11- Hoi"foirfian>iso p Segrs:Zo i'tcuss.'Of. )e r Grill Ashley' Street TALLAHASSEg_18year
26. would appeuto bo relaxing on i..grau.'Waiten'is, actually it* victim,lof an on
w1rm, m1ng shooting. He wa shot to death while attempting to fore his way into situation. t is herself widely known- in old"Sam'Wiley Odum, was denied _

-rooming house where he lived. (Inset) George Wynn Walton slayer. Buell, L. Browlksales inan- BLAMEmACPBLUE Jacksonville clemency on Wednesday'by
She said earlier in the day the Pardon Board making
ager and acting publicity officer Ford had struck her, and that it a certainty that the teenager

YOUNG,JAX MAN SHOT TO DEATH i$2 DEBT CAUSE invited; with our.whom city editor Payne to spoke come, at caliber one point automatic had cocked pistol a and.38 hair will for raping die in a the 63year electric-

into the Sears office for a MOUNTAIN, Miss., pointed it at her. :old white woman.

AFTER THREATENING HOUSEHOLDA LOCAL SLAYINGA personal talk, because the he The National Associationfor The bitter arguement was Odum was convicted in
sensed the importance of the Advancement of Col- continued, although Ford Lake County earlier this year,

matter.As ored People was'recently sub- went into the bathroom to was caught shortly after the
of the FLOR-
publisher assualt when he woundedby
take bath. In the crossfireof was
hot to be the of Anthony STAR I decided to jected to an entirely novel a
temper proved undoing Leroy IDA accompany profanities,,Ford is reported buckshot during a chase.
Walters who got shot to death early Tuesday morning two-dollar debt causeda Chuck Payne to hear kind of attack when local police to have said: "You-, His case had come up last
as he tried to force,his way into the house where, the night slaying last Saturday night for myself what Sears' policyis blames the Associationfor -I. am going to blow your month and a continuance was
bpfnf L iia had shot a 13-year-old boy in the leg during anarguement. insofar as. accomidationsfor /'
when two men, one armed some mysterious happenings -]brains out." Miss Cooper said rranted by Gov. Leroy Col-
u u_ i! with a gun and the other witha Negros are concerned. in the home of a Negro!!she picked up the gun from 'ins to give the Parole Commission -
Threaten to gikill tag tag ta ; knife, faced each other in I I After waiting some time preacher. where he laid it and fired at more time to study
The shooting took place at' front of the Florida Bar determined -'for Mr. Brown to return from him as he stepped from the the case.
1903 W. Fourth St. where the I IFAUBUS SAYS: to settle the matter lunch we were finally ushered The preacher, the Rev. Willis bathtub. The bullet struck Raymond Marsh, Parole
dead man had a room. The with mortal combatAs into the',office of"Mr. Paul Booth, said at least two Ford between the eyes. Ac- Commission chairman, recommended -
fatal shot was fired bv an- O'Brian, assistant manager, Bibles rose as if by unseen "His He
57- detective,
a result yearold cording to one against clemency.
other 52- yearold DIVIDE SCHOOLSLITTLE who seemed quite affable and hands, fluttered about the
Frank Lopez died with a .32 brains seemed to be allover said Odum had attempted on
George E. Wynn.A explained that Sears was abusiness room,and plopped on the bed attack
caliber bullet in his chest after r the bathroom. other occasions to
police report states that ; he had cut John Stewart, not a crusadingcompany.F opened at the 21st chapterof Miss Cooper, who workedas white women.
Walters, who had been huntedby 38$ about the head with a a barmaid in one of the The Pardon Board, on a 3-2
police ever since he wound- ROCK, In response knife: I However taken'; intdithe we'office werefinally A ,third Bible acted in a local clubs, is also from Jack- split. refused also to grant

el the .teenager on Monday to the Little Rock Stewart told police that Lopez of Mr: Roy Harrell. the gen- I similarly strange fashion, but sonville. She and Ford knew life imprisonment to a Col-
at the Fourth fell to in Isa- each other there before coming umbia County Negro convicted -
right, appeared School Board's challenge that attacked him without pro- eral manager, after receiving open a chapter
Street address a little before iah, he claimed.At to :Miami. of beating his girl friendto
he "legally" stop token in- vocation. He said he fired the us in a friendly manner, he
is She is held in death with jackhandlein
He i presently a
dawn Tuesday morning.
fatal shot in self defense. attacked like Russia's Premier
tegration if he could when I us about the same time of
charge drunken
knocked fight.
I jail on a
reported to have on county a
The actual of the Khrushchev attacked
the four schoolsare cause argument yesterday morning Booth
city's high
the door demandinsrentry.George first degree murder pending a
not known untilJustice' Dulles with accusations of
was said there were other ghostly -
Wynn, sleeping on a. reopened September 8th, : DAVIS FURNITURE
of the Peace Dorcus controversial issues
up doings. He the
sofa in the living room, did Gov. Orval E. Faubus offereda was reading ROBBERY SUSPECT
Drake arrived at the.scene.. the on1y differencewas
Bible, he said, brushing up POLICEIS HOLDS ANNIVERSARYSALE
this BY
not respond. Angered by ,
proposal on Tuesday which She was then briefed by .. de that his cold war attacks on his sermon test in the Acts
stormed around to HEAVILY ARMED
Walters smashed would turn over two of Little tectives. were delivered in a mountaineer when suddenly bits of gravelfell IN 16TH YEARThe
the side of the house,
a bedroom window and be- Rock's four high schools to Stewart who had left the accent. from the ceiling, some A 23-year-old man who Davis Furniture Com-
scene after the shooting, When we explained that buttons fell down him
those who favor integrationand near ,
his into the last Wednesday
gan to force way I apprehended its 16th
walked short while later had to find out what : pany is celebrating
keep the remaining two up a we come gravel hit the window panes,
building. fmt .. and surrendered trTlirloro. .... .. Sears' policy regarding by police while trans- anniversary with a tremen-
--- .. .* s egrega!ti oms .v v .6. was furniture began tipping over,
.v. ; ";;) several concealed
In a direct interview, Wynn Drake. He was taken to Du- eating and rest room facilitiesfor and a mirror above the fireplace portating dous sale of furniture and
stated: "I told him it wasn'tno Everett Tucker:Jr., school val County jail pending the colored patrons,' Harrell cracked.He weapons and a mask was household appliances.T .
sense in acting like that. 'board president; replied that outcome of a homicide inves- informed us that he ''would identified as the suspect who Davis Furniture Co.,
And he told me to get out.of Faubus' plan would involve tigation. make no comments for pub- said a sofa and a chair held up Charlie's Market has served Jacksonville for
the way because he was com- "considerably more integra- Lopez, who chose to die lication.He fell over. A glass in the win- 2693 W. Beaver Street and the past 16 years in the
ing in there to kill every- tion" than the board's cur- over a two-dollar debt had added, that he had spoken dow shattered. took $60 on July 22, police same location, and has always -

body." rent policy of using a public only a dollar and ten cents in to some Negro ministerswho Booth whose wife and reported. extended an invitationto
Wynn said that he fired placement law to keep deseg- his pocket when he was shot. were satisfied grandson were with him in Roger Wilson of 5823 Carnation the citizens to shop in
once at Walters as he was trying regation at a minimum.Tucker When I asked him, strictlyas the housecould offer no Road was arrested by comfort and ease while providing
his into the said the board has the Patrolmen G. T. Boyle and
to force way a customer (with several planation. Police Chief Char- them with top quality -
house through the smashed governor's suggestion under WIFE HITS HUSBAND accounts which plan to close lie' Flake said he could offer G. R. Easters a t Stockton merchandise at lowest
window. "I didn't know whe- advisement and has asked its WITH IRON IN FIGHT as promptly! as possible) but one theory. and Edison Streets in the prices.
ther he had a gun or not," attorneys for an opinion on whether I would beserved in Riverside area, the 'officers '}.{r. Purdom Davis, pro
Wynn stated. "He sure had legality of the plan. George Sapp, 23, 617 CourtG the coffee shop answered "They're trying t&get this said. They got mask, a money -prietor of the well-known
one the..night before when he .Paubus was struck on the head me. But \ am hot at liberty NAACP stuff started down 'bag, a loaded .38 caliber establishment, gives his individual -
shot that boY. I wasn't takingno Hall proposed High School to integrate in- with 'an iron causing small under a 'newspaper's oath to here. The NAACP is,trying pistol, a blackjack and twoknives. attention, to each
chances." his to get some publicity. I under The suspect was
fashionable Pulaski Heights laceration during a n argument -divulge answer. account and has been, in
The aggressive Walters was" :and Horace Mann, an all- with his wife last Mon- Despite this, I feel my stand there have been some .wearing two pairs of trousers many cases, the first to extend -
driven back and killed in Negro school. Hall previously day: police reported. greater obligation is to the colored men slipping down 'I.' and two shirts the policemen credit to new customers.
stantly"by the force of the' has been all white., Sapp was treated by Dr. communities in' .Jacksonvilleand here" to get something start- added. The Davis Furniture Co.,
.38 caliber bullet striking him I D. Lake and released. There, beyond that.this publics ed. ., 1 The night watchman, 71- which ex tends the same

in the chest. He was 26 years Faubus, who reiterated his were no arrests and no pro', tion serves. Both is not an NAACP i year-old W. J. Scarbrough courteous treatment to all
opposition to forced integrstion The FLORIDA STAR therefore identified Wilson in
old. secution. member. a police its customers, does a large
Wynn, a Naval 1 Air Stationemploye said he didn't see how finds it its duty,to report ,.' lineup as the bandit who portion of its advertising
is being held pend- federal courts could turn Sgts.+ R. T. Matthews and that Sears Roebuck has erect- The NAACP has declinedcomment robbed the market,police re- through the FLORIDA STAR

ing a homicide investigation down his plan. G. T. Jones investigated. I led a'fabulous ultra modern ... I ported. and local radio stations.

:. .

.. ,. ..." .. ,' .. ., _r
."- ," -_ ..,. 0.- : .Jj.f :; : -" : ':' r. w '!
'_. n n T 'k :::: -- -',", ,-' ---- ".- "' -- -- .. -



I : Th : : : .

/ --

-Pfl. Two .,.' ,, THE FLORIDA- STAB __ Week Ending.Saturday. August- 1. 1859TiWFOlDA
-- -
"' .'

.. : STAR.' f t 1 1 \"Politics As Usual"By ,

NEWS Eric O. Simpson

PabUahecI by> 'The Florida Star Publishing Co."Member Southern segregationists have launched a "new inva-
of Associated Negro Press1 sion of the North," seeking "at a minimum to neutralize
Erie O. Simpson .dltm northern opinion; at a minimum tooi

C Parham Johnson ____ '. --Nnr. StaB northern opinion. ; at a maximum to enroll the North under
Hilda Wootan Circulation. DepL-, their banner, Marion A. Wright, vice president of the
k L Southern Regional Council, declared in an address delivered

MAIN OFFICE fc PLANT I J_ at the NAACP 50th anniversary; convention in New York, \

023 Moocri2 Road EL 4-C782 EL 4-67W last week._ _
downtown Branch Oifiott 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 f&4rrf Mr.Vright, a native southerner -
and retired lawyer now "he is oblique'and indirect. .t

Mailing Addvasst living in South Carolina, par- He blames the Supreme Court \
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville: I, Florida ticipated in a panel discussionof "as the author of all his misfortunes ,

The NAACP and American ," and seeks to convince J'l
'.- SUBSCHIPnOlf RATES- Public "
Opinion. Sharingthe
J the North that the
On Ytar S.OO1IaJf y. woof Than Moehe>Sl.SO
$ ar platform.with him at the court must be curbed.In t
Milled To You Anywh r "In The Unitad Siaite.ubacripnon session on July 16, were Har- their attack upon the
a Payable in 'Adranc Sand Check or Money Ordar Tot old L. Oram, president, Har- Court, they cite all of its civil
rLORIDA STAR-.P.. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA: \t :. _, 1 I 1.r old L..0ram Associates, New liberties decisions upholding
York City, and Henry Lee
rights and
THE PRACTICE OF BROTHERHOOD: Moon, NAACP director of I"little, if any thing about say the
5 public. relations. Joseph V. I the school decisions. The im
{ rte .
Baker, president of Joseph V.
!pression will be subtly con-
OFFER GREAT AND LASTING GAINS Baker Associates, Philadel- .veyed," Mr. Wright pointedout
phia, presided. "that here are nine men
; "Skilled and drunk with power and bent
Whence come the highest montains? I once asked. Then s effective advocates upon destroying the republic -
I learned that they came out of the sea. The evidence is :, ; hence, their authoritymust
written in their rocks and in the walls of their peaks. It is of bigotry be curbed."

out of the deepest depth that the highest must come to its ___ .} r. invade the I Times have changed since
height. / ____ y.t ..'a. North the founding of the NAACP,
Neitzche: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Mr. Oram
ACHIEVEMENT is the eternal challenge All men __ ".,:'.! -,- hewing the public relations, a New York consultantand City,

know this. Men have always known this; some, perhaps only ''( I term white fund raiser, declared

instinctively; others with the positive clarity that. comes ,) A r + iY&-w 1LT'S :,;# J4r. ", v psup rema- moreover, he continued, "the
of reason and analysis. But achievement does.not gain loftiness ', ," cy: but never- stakes have changed. Whereas -
until it appears; deeply rooted, as the combined 'expenditures -I 4, "', ,t ..J h Bless seekingnorthern in the old days we were
of a people: as it magnifies itself in the realiza- trying to change American
tion of the living anatomy of inspiration.It
men as LAW AND ORDER social patterns to bring a new
is not a happy realization therefore that the Negrois SIMPSON in maintaininga deal to our colored citizens,
somewhat lagging in achievement. It is of course, univer- social system of which a we are today struggling des-
sally known that he is not entirely at fault. The centuries preferred status for whitesis perately to vindicate America 1
suppression and depriviation he has endured has not been the core," the North Caro- before the world. Our stuggle
conducive to any great amount of achievement. Still, taking Your linian warned. is no (longer ,merely for the
this into consideration, .he is somewhat lagging., Weekly The southerner, Mr ..Wright benefit of those suffering
Narrowing the focus down to the Negro in America, asserted, is not frank and open from unfair discriminationand
where admittedly; opportunities are more prolific, the scar- HJrosc Guide I in his approach. Rather, segregation-it is virtu-
city of achievement becomes more glaringly evident. iii -- pe I II .. ally the spearhead in the battle
The dominating factor behind this is the fact that the I for the survival of America
American Negro has not developed a common philosophy,: PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I should be made draw to patch alliances up- and freedom in the world." .

through which social, cultural and political coordination is differences or to 5th In the light of changed conditions f
iii WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS even closer on the
acquired and consistant forward momentum attained. FORe Mr. Oram went on,
Uncontrollable gluttony for self-glory leaves him littlor. thru 9th, when the magneticpulls greater attention and more
no room for a common ideal or philosophy, which is the BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL are strongest. Marriages this- resources wil have to be devoted I
cohesive by which a people may remain a whole. consummated during to the Association's
He must, therefore, cease to boast of accomplished period will not lack in glamour -,public relations program and \
Negro musicians. They are pitifully few when measured ARIES I I throw your economy out of fore you give your heart to and excitement an d I we must learn to "call things '
iri terms'of a people. And fewer still are Negro politiciansof Born March 21 thru April 19 balance if you join the ranksof anyone. Since all specula may, in the case of p romi-:.by their names." We are no
courage, integrity and vision. Nor is the sparse rank I You will save Yourse wrong guessers, particu- tions are on the risky side nent Aquarians, capture public l longer concerned with a "Ne
of truly qualified educators anything to settle the weight considerable trouble larly from the 5th thru 9th. even when they have a gilt attention. The drain on gro problem," but with a problem
of one's complacency against. keep the blood pressure ] It would be an act of wisdom edge, adhere to good old- the joint bank account couldbe which involves the
< lood.":nto oT an 't1t .Jaat@l':*a rfyid J2& dej q eacj : His if you just take each day on your part to consult fashioned ractices. considerable, if one of the whole nation. The NAACP '

for the most part remain outside the domain -'of'his controlT" toTits prevalIing1Ho i8i mi .L advisernbetore-'" **made-.P'J, '! oo .i>-!-,,,"-*"--- parties concerned-and; has' ,eran&ose"iaeas -- now represents* tho aspirations _
He has few things independently his own, and fewer thingsof should be. the main attrac- 'firm commitments any 60881646L368 tastes of probably twothirdsof I
any outstanding significance. He bristles when told these tion to the 4th..and then as you SCORPIO the American people." *!
things, and points indignantly to some !isolated example of up seize fun may thus be the lucky recipient Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 Accordingly, the public re- '
accomplishment as representative of his own aspirations.His you wherever may it happens your to be. of sage and practicall You have all the confidence PISCES lations expert said, "we must
counsels. Preparations for a in the world Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 find the
in and
be membership the
indignation may genuine, and even to some degree Since romantic situations your strengthand
relaxing vacation are now in i It could be a pure wasteof means to the NAACP
justified.. But it is seldom productive.. could the 9th ability to outsmart those support
The black man must learn, in his climb upward, that make discretion explode on the better, order. who are standing between time, not to mention the consistent with our major re-
4 ....
even as he desparately clings to the hand that is pulling him of valor well .5L88-13-2L458 you and your chosen target wear and tear on your nervesto sponsibility in American life. 1
to. higher ground, he must as well give a hand to the one m part the days to, now as as If you plunge Headlong with- try and get jobs moving If we do these things, we
who follows him. come. Loyalty LEO out the necessary preparationyou in the face of obstacles, lack can look forward with confidence -

He.must.learn to do this. And by so doing he will have to a your protecton.established partneris I Born July 23 thru Angus 23 may be in for a surprise of personnel or scarcity of to an accelerated advance -
learned brotherhood. And by so doing he will have gained 840331848843 : Leos lead .additional and may receive a totally supplies. Since it seems as if which will bring us
his first lasting achievement. netic and mag- unexpected setback which time is in your favor in any within the next decade-not
persuasive powers, could leave dazed case, why not try to get away to a completion of all our
I which you and
they can utilize to
confused ((5th thru and forget the whole work, but to new problems of :
KICK OR BE TAXED TAURUS great advantage. Do not misuse 9th). It .
would be better for thing for a while? The 5th 'a new era. ;
Born April 20 thru May 20 them, however; when you to thru 9th is a period of un
The outcomes you have you are within the confinesof probe gently and learn all certainties and

What change has the public,for protection from constant been striving for will develop your home, as the other :you the can about the caliber of developments don't unexpected contri M1
tax increases? Apparently It has almost none.A proposed in their own time and habitants are not apt to take people arrayed againstyou bute to them' knowingly.
voted down Within too kindly to domination or the nature of the of FLORIDA STAR
days a new proposal place, regardless of what you or ficial Con centrate? o n appeasing
increase of l-c a gallon In the Federal gas tax was do or feeL This does not other pressures., Money spent first or other obstacles that your misgivings or restlessness )
came up to increase the tax He a gallon for one or two mean that they will be in- for the effect you can makeon have to be reduced. and the IN EVERY
390_22 strengthening
years, and transfer some receipts now received form ferior, but there are possibi- your friends could be. re- -56_392 of your physical
present gas taxes from the general fund into the special lities that they will surpass sented. Be particularly open SAGITTARIUSBurn 2 .90_66-15 38 296 I COLORED HOME
highway trust fund, where they should have gone in the anything you could have to the counsels of your clos- -
first place. Another proposal would raise the gas tax dreamed of (5th thru 9th). est helpmate on the 5th thru Nov. 24 -thru Dec. 21
1%c for a two-year period only. The Taureans who live in 9th to avoid mistakes: of this There is a lot of ground-
Any look at it the kind. work that has to be done be-
way you determination is to makee.publi the suburbs or who have
pay. additional_ gas taxes for a cash program of spare rooms available had 3 ,8055=17 -36 385 fore dreams can. be made to. 1t
mgnway building instead of doing the construction workas just as well be prepared for materialize: such as the 'ac-l j
money becomes available. unexpected guests who simply VIRGO cumulation 0 f knowledge,
If anyone is gullible enough to believe that a one or two overlook sending ad- Born Aug. 24" thru Sept. 23 I training, experience and financial -
year "special" gas tax would be dropped at the end of such vance notice of their arrival. You may have to adopt. independence. You
periods he should have his head examined. An one has to 74< _.55. .15_.2fi__745 new work techniques, mo' should seek enlightenment f
do is to check over the "emergency" taxes that were pass- -- dernize equipment: change,and advice from: friends,
ed for various purposes years ago to realize that no special personnel 'or even considera your intuition or any agtho- s. Y
tax for one or two years would be dropped at the end of GEMINI new job where your: par ritatve source that may be
that period.The Born May 21 thru June 19 ticular abilities can be more tapped ((3rd thru 9th). Do not
tax spenders will always be exceeding their income Take advantage of all fa- productive "better coin: be hasty about embarking
no matter how .large the taxes are. The people will never vorable leads to get yourself I pensated. These are the pro- on an extensive voyage. I

get relief until they tell Congress in no uncertain terms, organized and to anticipateall I blems that you should mull fL..30-4L1L..3L634 j 1,
that tax reductions, not tax increases, are in order. your possible wants when over n your mind should -' t t 4
At the end of two years roads will again be costing the time will come to make your situation fit in this picture CAPRICORN
twice as much as estimated, "special" taxes will ,have to them known You should I (5th thru 9th). It would Born Dec. 22 thin Jan. 19 I
be. retained and it is safe to say increases will be asked. make considerable progress i enhance your prospects of Life has been a pretty serious
and surmount many difficul- ,findng the correct affair of late, but don't
answers, .
ties if yo u investigate in- if I Jet this become a. habit
GET ..YOUR HOROSCOPE READING can, get off by yourself will you
quire and find hard
UM thtu enapw4teua -...... erploit unexpected in a guiet place where to break. A
io _eota) far each I about yoonett. goerf i. one .(.f4me tee breaks from the 5th thru 9th. nothing comes between you breathing spelt; a .change of
.MMP. rderai fey 7 .vn L IIdDIe MIl Do not exert and the scenery and a
ddraiM yourself and Divine .
<,tamped a envelop Writ Intelligence.
*fer dee* Bet strict fnancal
to reakfenti it UM dombtioa ef aa.dti apptj pay attenton to diet 4LIL2L264 be cares may now iJ
recommendations, f it is hot -' necessary in order to give
-s ... """ """,- or you feel as if the life were LIBRA you a chance to. gain a new

J PABLO, FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER "" I wrung out.of you. Some Ge-- Barn Sept. 24 lira :Oct. 29 perspective on ourself and,
P. O., BOX 561 I minlana will feel happier at 'High-flying friends and ac your philosophies. All that ;

J JJACKSONVILLE. 1,- FLA. home. < quaintances' provide happens, even if it looks
a7' a
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atmosphere, but it
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I : I CANCER allow yourself beneficial in 'the long
to run.
saeF' get Invites You To Listen To
1 i Born JOB 20 lira Julr 98 too far Be very discern 490 718.-28.497

I: '_ Don't allow yourself to be ing on the 4th thru 9th to "KNIGHT TRAIN"
: .aty, J carried away by the waves avoid being taen in by glamorous Sera AQUARIUS'
of popular <>T>enthusiasm! when offers Jan. 20 lira Feb. 18 *
[;he'. e!"JHrtJa'I I this could have an adverse which ni ay have or proposas,, Togetherness is paramount- Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
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your finances.: F1 veer than affairs of
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content couples and
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I. hardly mean assurances that there is no es-ii 1400W RH C 1400.
you '
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f ,;t :i.f'i1t ': ,, ... ,.' --.- :..--.L. '>. .-. ,. Earnest attempts! !" I

'- -.' .





... .

Week Ending Saturday. August 1. 1959

,. ENGAGEMENT ............ .6...,..

and Mrs., William G. c --

. Ford left the city -recently

for Philadelphia, Pa., to attend -
the funeral of Mr: lys'n
Ford's aunt, Mrs. Janie Wal
ker. e e e- .
They also visited friends .
.yAxG s.yY in ,New York City before 8-

returning home ,-.

left Mrs.the Amanda city Anderson for Miami :. : ; e e e e
recently : -. : ; i

Friday where for the she Sunday spoke School last h" ..... ..., .. .. .. +. ..... ..... _. ..... ...:.. .,, .. .:..:i"'A j beabit With of vacation.anxiety on days,the passing part'of rapidly'by, there stems to

Convention, South Florida t ff : ; ;::,:y { .l., from it-- ll" ,even if only for a few our days.teachers to "get'tfway

ysy/ Conference, AME Church.Mr. ; } ::. :r:;, : / i.fr.l. X Mrs. IkiiY 4s. Carrie
e e ,. ) ; i. Head of :the English 'Department'
of New"'SbCritoh" Senior
and Mrs. : :(' High.School visiting In,Kansas
Ralph A. Lee City, 'Missouri i i as '
/ i : guests of her soh-In-law '
..: returned home from a rest- .. Attorney and Airs. Leonard fchd daughter,
i.k Nr f,. ful vacation for three weeksat t f \, former Mamie Frances Currie.Hughes. Mrs.'llug'hes is the
American / :
Beach 1.
left F.
5und., *,._ n., __ Sam l'Cunie
V' '" 11 & Jr., Mrs. Carrie's
-----J ? -"".vr, u., kV .( son,:and'a recent visi
ENGAGED-Mr. and Mrs. spend a week visiting with ,, i tor to Jacksonville, has now attained the,;rating of Captain
Frederick Davis of 2212 cousins, Douglas Andersonand in the U. S. Army. He is stationed'in Ft. Benning,Georgia.

Whitner St., announces the Mr. and Mrs. Ralph *
engagement of their Williams. .
daugh '
Lillian Stokes '
ter. Miss Lorraine C. Davis aMiss has just returned home i after a

to Mr. Isaiah Little son of Amenia S h a h a b, : members most enjoyable of the,vacation Darnell-Cookman in New York City. Here she is a

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mar daughter of Mr. ,and Mrs. A. j a *faculty* :
tin. The wedding will bean Shahab and sister of Mrs.K., Mr. and Mrs. Alton Adams
event of August 16 at 5 p. Thomas, was honored with a with relatives and friends in Atlanta are having a wonderful time
nu at the Laura Street Pre. welcome-home Mr. Georgia.
party upon Adams, an employee of the
Afro-A ri riclLn Life;
byterian her
Church. The recep- return home from Canada The members Insurance Company is
of the Summer Social well
Affair known for
tion will be held Immediate Detroit and Cincinnati val County Armory given on the 27th of June at the Da- the Young Men's Christian participation in
apredaie fine Association
support shown by 'while Mrs. :Adams
ly_a.following_ the_ ceremony where she was vacationing. dance. Entertainment was by the Tiny York Band and the everyone on their lit annual is a teacher at Moncrief School.
u me Billy Moore Band. Mem
rWCAlocaed at 582 ben are shown left to right a a a a a a s
W. 8th St. All relatives and M r s. Esther Molton, wife I Willie P. Brown. Maxie Quarlerman: Standing Lvery front row; Eugene Norton Eugene Dowdy Mrs. Sallette Small paid a visit to the Veterans

friends are Invited. No invi' of Albert Milton of 2345 Brown Artis Rawls. Everett Grant Ervin Richardson tips; Standing second row; Robert tal in Lake City, Florida recently to see tier father Hospi
Leo George
tations will be sent locally. Woodland St, left the city Wade: Third row; Ruben Haynes, Levi Rawlins William Brown B., Bennett Raymond H. Sallette, who is a patient there. She was 'accompanied
recently to visit and Richard Jessie Cheesebomgh by her aunt. 'Mrs. Serena
with her Davis. Carn, nephew, Billy More, Miss
sister Photo by Averv's Vera
Studio.DELORES Flowers
in -
Washington, D. C; Rose Allyson, and Sowell Brown.
OUB She will also visit Bridge Mrs. Small is an instructor at A. L. Lewis Junior
NOTES. port, Conn. -1 I School) High

..., s .
Wedding Bells
Mrs. Annie* ; Roberts* left ;ffw Members of The Hellensian Bridge Club arid friends of
the city recently enroute to I Miss Margaret 'L. Williams is wishing for her
Applications for Marriage a rapid return -
to good(l health.
CLUB NOTES: Chicago, Ill, where she will ,
The Royal Palms Christian spend a two weeks vacation Licensee, Miss Williams is confined to Brewster Hospital where _
Club wil sponsor its first out- with her son and daughter- she wil possibly undergo surgery.
ing to Little Talbot Island in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Howard aKy *

August 22. The bus will leave D. Roberts. tea t 'K\ I Robt. L. Gyrd 1127 Kings Mr. and Airs. William Steele, formerly of this city but

Lee and 5th St., at 9:30 am.. a a a Rd, 48 and Mamie Pitts,2331 presently residing Washington D. C. were recent visi-
r verson and 6th St., at 9:45 Mrs. Rosalie Conway of F W. 1st St., 49. tors in this -area, spending considerable time at American
a.m. and Davis and 8th at New York City and Mrs. Ed a ?rn6J Beach. They were accompanied by their sOn, Billy, and ieee,
10a.m. na Clyde of Connecticut are M Major Brown 1&76 W. 3rd Miss Mary McCone of Gary, Indiana. .
in the St., 21 and While, lathe city Mrs. '
city visiting their sis age Mary E. Steele attended a bridge 'parity
ter, Mrs. E. L. Vance and Jones, 2328 Moncrief Road, given by Miss_Eunice Coker and at tlhiclfthe following

family, residents of Eastside. ,,; age 18. Airs.persons were present Mrs. Jaunita Wyatt, Mrs. Eva Rosier,
e. rJ: : Solomon D. Sheffield I Bennett Pearlie Scarborough, Mrs. Posie Williams, Mrs. Leona
Mr. and Mrs.L. A. L.Tuck1j 1j W. 30th St, 18 and Estella Flossie a a Weaver a a ,a and a Mrs.a Vermal b i cCone.
er of Souths
MY ide and children, ',i, Holmes, 3018 Lee St 22.* Mrs.
M X Wille Easton
Delores of 1424
Patricia, Jeraldine d 14tT 14tTS West Fifth Street is recu
-S; and Carl returned to the city : Jorge A. ''Delgado, San Juan, Tuesday perating in Brewster Hospital after undergoing surgery last

recently after Puerto Rico. 2t.pndJ3ar'! morning. -___
spendin an .. ag ?
ICI' ,....' -s-m- "' I Mgj... etsr.+ut",<>"u 6'-"t'i. n tess"to"AttoraeT-a rM =&Leroy H. McKinney of Washington -

Mead, Lake. Placid and Zol- : ; L. C.: Holmes, 1103 PhelpsSt. D. C,and Mrs. Elizabeth Blackwell and ,daughter
for Springs, Fla. } ;ifi; : iW i-:: affe 18 and Ernestine Ellen!,_also of D. C.
Thomas,- 2541-Wisteria -Stage However, it was family reunion time for the McKInney
17. Clan at the beach home of Mrs.- T. O. Butler. Out-of-towa
from GRAY to GLORIOUS guests included: Mrs. Frances Blakely, Miss Zora KidweB,
,. Freddie L. Williams, Rt. ij Hers McKinney, Mr. Clarence McKinney, Sr. and Mr.
: 4. Box 305 22 Clarence'McKinney Jr. all of Detroit Miss
__ age and Loretta Michigan; ClaIr
: $ Demps, 666 Millcove Road, McKinney of San Diego,. California; Mr. and Mrs. T. E.
age 23. McKiney (he is Dean of Johnson C. Smith University); Mrs.
Erma Mayes, Tallahassee, Florida; Mrs. Willie White of
Nathan Ellis, Jr., 924 1st Apatachicola; Mrs. Delores HandeD, Atlanta, Georgia. Mr.
Ave., So. Jax Beach, Fla. McKinney, of this city assisted his sister, Mrs. Austin in .
age 21 and Effie M. Graham entertaining the group.
55 10th St S., Jax.,Beach, age. a a t a .

1 Mrs. Johnnie Mae Roberts is back with us after an ex.,

18.Herbert Butller. 508 Oak tended stay in Nashville, Tenn. where she was called due tothe'
death of her father.
rr. St., Savannah, Ga., 34 and
CREWS ROBINSON EXCHANGED VOWS Inez French, Ponte Vedra Her many friends are happy to see her return and are
J WED-Mrs. Delores Crews Robinson exchanged vows Inn, Ponte Vedra, Fla. 24. doing "manyvacation little things" to make the remainder of her

__ recently with Frederick Robinson in ,an impressiveceremony pleasant .
at the Friendly Baptist Church. Following Ben Jordan, 968 State -St., a a a a a a
the. ceremony a reception was held at 2013 W. 6th 32 and Fay Sanders, 2245 N. Mrs. Clevel} Cromartie decided that the sunny West
Street. > College Circle, 25. Coast was the place for her this summer, and that's exactly
where she is, ,in "good ole" Los Angeles, California.
a S : Leonard McDonald, 739 W. Mrs. Cromartie, incidentally, is an instructor at Dar
Church St, 31 and Helen nell-Cookman School
Rogers, 739 W. Church St, a a a a a a
little miss will love this
with fl: A LARIEUSE your 29. Another member.of the Darnell-Cookman staff, Mrs.
yvuywy. Hatrco for I Levi Battle, 924 W. 30th Dorothy A. Dunlap, is visiting relatives in New York City.
SWIVEL STRAP- PUMP :St, 17 and Ollie V. Sykes, Mrs. Dunlap is also president.of The Charming Ladies
Today it,have hair as rich and natural-looking U 3317 Stuart St., '18. Bridge Club.
the professional model shown here! One hour and.Ooaefroy's Frank Washington, 349 W. c a r .' r a s
Larieuse brings back youth to drab
over-processed or graying hair.Irs easy to use 4 1no ... State St, 50 and Dora R Mrs. Martha M. Matthews and daughter, Sue Ann, are
extra purchases needed.Get lots-lamni Hutson- 338 Lemon St,.Richmond also vacationing in "The Big City" and report a wonderful
Ood roy'. Larieuse nowl VlL:, 39. .' tim .
/.tJ 1I -
Mi capsule cortMts...I...M.lAerttDkairwftftswacttar.. I gt r, JW dier Stage 33 and Vera M. School.,

t Ut*/vk*...tkM skampe*. L. Oliver, _334. E. Beaver Sage ., .

CKFMY .CO..JJ10 Oto...... & Loot*Mltmul 26.Chester. New York City does have a definite atraction this summer
Murray, 145 SpruceSt as other portions of this column clearly indicate and
age ,55 ,and, .Emma W M. we have just learned that Mrs. Rose Allyson and Miss Vera
ker, 145 Spruce_ Sty age, 59. Flowers couldn't resist this attraction, so we add their
You Don't Have. to Go to Town to Get Clarence Rodgers, 1439 W. names to the list,of, local persons visiting The.Empire,State
14th St, age 26 and Elanora this summer, along with that of Mrs. A. E. Shipp and

PRICES Thomas, 1047 W. Duval Sage t., daughter, Jacquelyn; and Mrs. Mary Green and daughter,
LOW 22. Joyce. ,
: e e
Andrew L. Green, 1317 E.
3rd St:, age 21 and Betty J. Mrs. Leona Lee is convalescing in her,home on West
On Year Greene, 1316 Florida t Ave, Tenth Street from injuries sustained in a recent automobileacxiden

DRUG STORE BEDS age 19:: t. i i i .
47it 8mfJt. Fr e d 'Williams. 522 a 5th
<< Ave., Jax Beach 41 sad+ VIviao. P.:. S. If our column seems a little "sick" this week' ; we

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drag Store ..Wilcox, 522, S; 5th Ave are slightly>tder the weather.

She can wear it with the strop 'vp or wilhlt,, .Jar Beach, 27. -- ,,- '-" 'f' -

WE WILL MEET ANY ,PRICES ADVERTISED back-Vft cute end comfortable either? way., Asher Sampson, Jr. ..,. 1013E. '* .' BtII1dMt- i Leci lfUi. tie',Jih >. ....
tSh St., 20 and Marietta
And Mother, because It's Buster Brown, you
Roberts, 1301 Oakley St., 16 _
.. know it will provide the fit to protect her gow- Carl F. cr Filii CS eYad
We Dearer Also Fffl AO >D l toW tatPU Kohn, Rt 4 Box
ing feet. 43-D, '24 and Bernice Scott r't1I itii. .
Oya C4
$7.50 to $840 According -
._. 6444 Florida Ave., 18. IJIrIB p ....
Dixie'Pharmacy '- Ernest Alexander, Jr., 630. .. 14... I-nl'
; W. State, 25 and Janet Sfl 0, .... c.-. .J
5lIID1t1 1006 'Laura St., 20. C
e: ..
1362 .SHOES Willie J. Canto, 722 Monroe '* FfiA' :
r' tom
.HU- :
UJI71 I St, 29 and AUcestose
PAY, ':YOUR LIGHT, ,: Herbert E. Culver, 735 W:

BILLS AT OUR STORE '.' .. I Church St., 23 and Roberta sari ft ,rR. ..
218 WEST ADAMB'":. ,, :ii&t: ; '. -- ..--.;--....
--' I Myrick, 726 North St,' 18.



-"" 1 ."...


1 i


Pig Few.: 'THSFLOsVDA STAR WMk Ending Saturday..August, 1, 1151 1

I Annual One-Day Session of State Grand Mason Council"BROTHFAR'SANDSISTER'SBY ::1



LOVE" COUNCIL,LECTURE Contributions and pledgesare Annual Men's-Day will be
still being received for the observed Aug., 9th throughout tea-
Brewster Methodist Hospital the day at Simpson Meth-
The State Matron Council Auxiliary of the Royal Grand Expansion Fund and the odist Church Officers are:
Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star of which Lady HannahB. heads of the various commit- Booker T. Patterson, chair- !
., Miller Is the Royal Grand.Matron held their annual tees are requesting others to man; and Rayfield Green, co-
Grand session in Lake Wales, Florida. July 13th. These make contributions to the chairman. .
ion was largely attended by the various Matrons Royal fund.
Grand Patrons, Past Worthy Matron and Patrons.. Warders, Finance received will be The women of the church !
members of the various chapters and Deputies from all used to erect a modern and met -recently to organize for
parts of the.State of Florida. I.well equipped service buildingand the annual Women's elected Day .j) ..
The council'was open WIth help provide approxi- event. The officers :
the Eastern Star rituals at i mately 100 additional beds were: Mrs. Gertrude Moore, ",
Lady Sarah E. Jones,
9:30 a. m., with the Lady ter. repor for patients. chairman; :Mrs. Mildred :Mack ;r!
Sallie Armstead, presiding.The Administrators Jack H. co-chairman; Mrs. Doris ,, i'i 1
: Royal Grand Patron; CONGREGATIONSMERGE Whittington has announced in Grooms, co-chairman; :Mrs. ,. \1
Rev. S. H. Hunter gave a 1948, Brewster handled 3,679 Mamie Simpson, cochairman; rvAv ,
wonderful lecture on "Brather's AFTER bed patients and in 1938, Mrs. Rebecca Samuels, secre-
and Sister's by Love"It more, than 6,000 with 8,791 tary; Mrs. Mary Alice Smith I
CHURCH BURNS out Cook, treasurer; and Mrs.
was very inspiring to alL patients. v
The Youth Council was :Many requests from per- Bernice P. Pugh, public re ct7a aaoard'adittaad x'S- }..
represented by the Grand su TOPEKA, Kansas Mem- sons who need hospital atten- lations.
bers of the Second
pervisor, Lady Aarons and Negro tion are put on the waiting I ,
Church and the white
Lady Biggons. Baptist list because of lack of rooms.
North Topeka Baptist Church
The annual one-day sess-. recently. ANNIVERSARY ..
worshipped together __
':cv: aratamvon aaca\aa:.i uaaK "" '''''''K'.aaM.w.w. .a'
idn "came to a close with it When a fire destroyed Se- REV. H. L. HEROD SLATED'AT: t.

being one of the greatest cond Baptist, North Tokeka TO SPEAKThe 11-! .,'.' ,.,< .
: .... '
sessions to go down in years invited the Negro congrega- CHURCHlOF.. CHRIST j. : : ":' -
and will to for the S
go history in other serv-
tion to 'share Herod,
Rev. H. L. pastor -
Order of the Eastern Star ices. The Rev. Walter Long, of Mt. Zion Baptist Chur- Miss Essie- Mae Thomas
woring .under the protectionof former head of Second Bapt- I will render service Aug. will observe her 14th anniversary -
''the ch, DEACONESS mSTALLED--Rev. W. E. Young of Tabernacle Baptist Church.
Prince Hall most Grand Worshipful ist, conducted the..morning 9 at 3 p.m., at the Mt. Zion August 2nd at 9 pjn., preached the Ordination Sermon Sunday July 26, at the Mt. Ararat" Baptist Church.
Lodge A. service; and the Rev. E. A. Methodist Church, the Rev. in the Church of Christ Writ- Ordained
Rer. Dallas J. Graham. Pasior. were: Brothers George Boher Clarence
F. and A, M. of
;. Florida. Lambert, North Topeka, the Daniel Singleton, pastor. He ten in Heaven, 1430 Kings Warren Malachi and Ohara Field. Members Installed on the Junior Deaconess i
Officers are; Lady Sallie evening worship hour. will be accompanied by his Rd.Some Board are shown in the above photo; Seated; Ethel Morris Victoria FarreU and:
Armstead, president; Lady congregation.On of the participantsare Waver Burton. Standing: Ida Mae Harris Lucille Banks Clara Jones, Doris Donaldson.
Aid 0 r a Miller, vice 'president TRIP AROUND Aug. 8, the Trustee the Spiritual Mrs.Singers S. Col-, Oletha Fields. Helen Senior. Lecy,Jones and Virgie Trotlle.
of ,
Sons Prayer
Board will an outingto
;; Lady Amelia Huston, THE CITY
lins, Charles :Mayhew, Hea-
Brunswick Ga.
secretary; Lady H. B. Miller, venly Fire Gospel Singers, GROUP TO GO ANNUAL REVIVALAT WOMEN'S SOCIETY

Royal Grand Matron andhoy Phyllis Wheatley No.52, REVIVAL MEETING Cavalier Singers, Alberta TO NEW YORK EMANUELThe SETS ANNIVERSARY
Pride of East No. 19, Orderof Rinehart, Sykes Gospel Singers -
Eastern Star will sponsor AUG. 17 THRU 30 of Kingsland, Ga. t FROM BREWSTER -
a trip around the city Mrs. Gussie 'Paige, Golden I The Senior Women's Mis-
rNmiziN'reIief. Thursday night August 16th. Revival meeting will beginin Jubile'Singers, Mrs. Ethel D. I youth of the Emanual sionary Society of Mt. Calv-
The public is invited" to come Pilgrim Baptist Church Bannister, Mrs. Laura Jackson Brewster Methodist Hospital -Baptist Church will begin ary Baptist Church will ob .
and enjoy the evening with August 17, and continue Robert Holly, Ken will be represented at their annual revival Aug. 25, serve its anniversary Tuesday
feve ". this wonderful group. through August 30. Knight, the Rev. H. L. Herod the Hospital Association Convention through the 30th. The bazaar night, Aug. 4. A program will !
The bus will leave 913 'Various ministers will participate and Mother Helen Thomas, which will be held in. will also be held Aug. 28 and be presented for the occasion.

.","1 tiIH',I"n-Ift Jefferson Street at 8:30 p. each night. The Rev. Melvin Grace as master of New York in August with 29 basement by the of young the church.people in the Choir 3, Usher Board 2 and
.,.; t m. L. C. Way is the host pastor. ceremonies. members from the hospital congregation will accompanythe
District 18 will meet Sun-
pastor, the Rev. 1tr.
personnel and the volunteer day at 3 in the home of Church
p.m. to Mt.. Moriah Baptist -
groups who, are making plansto Mrs. M. McMillner, 2074 Mc- Monday night to conduct
attend. I II I Quade St.District. services. ,
Those who are contemplating 16 will sponsor an District 4 will meet Sun-
I- -j: a4LL IrjsYauk on attending are: Jack H.I outing to American Beach day in the home of Deacon
_' VVhittington. Brewster Ad-! Aug. 24. Buses will leave the and Mrs. -A. Parson 1495
Assistant Administrator;: organ-
Nurse Betty Blalock;'Nurse
Pearl Douglas; Mrs. Margaret -i 1816 W. 20th Street Phone EL 5-9722
I Bass, Director of Volunteer Kindergarten Begin September 2nd
Service; Mrs Janelle Wilson, ALSO FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS
office personnel; Piano Band Voice Guilar Accordion
$ VOTE Members of the :Mother's Theory Tutoring Adult Education

president Mrs. Joann
; Jack
son; Mrs. Clara Carter; Mrs. -- ----

>f ....., Menson Alderman; Mrs. Ma g-
BUT : "
*, '. :' delene Terry; Mrs. Gladys I Why Continue To Suffer?
and Mrs. Virginia Rob-

---w-r- W j.... Men's inson. Club From will the go Brewster J. Earl Chiropractic Can Bring You Relief From
Morse, president and Joshua ARTHRITIS

you list given is tentative
there wil probably be otherswho PATHS LIVER TROUBLE .> ,.
will find it convenient to HEADACHES NERVOUS '
,- go before the delegation departs I CONDITION BODY PAINS 4
and probably some who J AND OTHER COMMON AIL
find it inconvenient to go. 4 MENTS. DON'T PUT OFF '" ...
At present Brewster Administrator J ANY LONGER. LET US PUT x.-<
locked is jubilant over YOU ON THE ROAD TO GOOD y,
t the list of prospective dele- HEALTH. y
o gates and expresses a desire
*. list.to have others to join the Visit Our Modern Clinic

\ .. I Before returning to Jacksonville DR. W. F. WEAVER '

f,. ." i of the primary dsctiom _' :I Nations the group,Mr.Building will Whittington visit, the the Empire United says GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC t

State Building, Radio City
,. unless you're registered ,: Music Hall, China Town, Har- | HEALTH
lem, Muesum of Natural His- CLINIC E 6-7830

tory and many other placesof I

wltbM tl. ..st .t II .. ..i&M w.. interestSTATETRI 518 Broad Street Between Ashley & Church
i I
3irt.l:,,,,,, ,,Awl f..1ti tdr a L"1 INSTITUTEBEGINS I -- --"'---------------___
COME OF Af SINCE THE LAST I III ...i.Y I tWI 11 I J. ...", .W.. 'r. AUG., 9 ---------------------

... .... .. ... .. -
mrffte A
... p.. _... ..... ..II ...... WITHOUT ATTENDANTS LAUNDRY STORE
RUTr:1 ....... wBe lir Te.... ..... ..... Plans have been completed DO IT ITS FUN IT'S EASY1
I.r-ca- ..,cIea't .... or auroral of...... .., ... for the the 11th State-Tri Institute of YOURSELF

r. ifi '.U7'-Jj .... ,.. nlllil. ... .. ... AME Church Episcopal, with District .
f.1.aL- !!PI i:" w : aliia: t.t. r ... .t a fw lilt I cC L. Greene, presiding prelate S. Westinghouse Save 500

.Yw. s.Lizta in charge. The meeting is /&u&7xa&
U ar.a AIIIID.... T. .. ..J .....IaJf saotw Meyi.Y scheduled August 9-14 at Ed-
,e;=. .. ,=-"...oa.a.r.. .lai. .. .. fit tIi 11III& M eMti wt d ; ward Waters College.! W.Nerer Cloel!
s Mw,..a.w *WI...a Mbeeti........a.W..l.1 l The building at the At Your Service
.....115... ... y 111.11....... college
'j2 is being renovated and win be 24 Hour. A Day
n 1t.-r.mr-- ....... "........,.....the. V ready to house the largest enrollment 7 Day A Week
.. U'tM heist) feitAaA ,ae.., t 7ira ever recorded in attendance
: ***** R Me gut .... ewe 1l-i. .o/ for the meeting.
:: Registration will begin OPEN SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS
August, 10. The
z ;. i-fSS -ffitj It yesr'nom In tAe beck services will be held consecration August H. & G. COIN LAUNDROMAT '
MOWDAY 'lD..IA 11, and keynote service will
August 12, in Lee Au-
CwKBty Cowl Kami ):"z. ditorium. The final service wish to thank our friend '
who .
9MEASTBAY. : aany have...
& : will be held August 14. patronizing
us despite the
\ ., of the creels la
; ''
", Rev. R. E. Lamb serves as our area caused the laying of and
.. director of Religous Educa- Expressway. boUdisf lit*

tion. .. .
I .
J -' .
'"Y'" '
-," > :: ',



l._'.f" r-.t.,"___ '_




W..k Ending Saturday August 1. 1859 ,.. PLLIj, : TAB Page Ftr


i Patronize Star Advertisers:

"- "-, ,, ... : ;.. .,



'' __. ;
"'''' -
"..4 :i- I\x
JP: '-:. d" .' _ _
r + tt :. ., _II1 .. dn.' Ja'M:, x

4jV t \ _

I r k 1-

9 .br .r't
r t I


here is Dr. Ralph J. Bunche. United Nations Undersecretary second from right.with
his former Howard University student Dr.Nnamdi AzUdwe, second from left Pre
: mier of Eastern Nigeria. Left Is NAACP President Arthur B. Spingam; extreme
right Roy Wilkins. NAACP executive secretary.

.;. NOTED EDUCATORTO Church ReportersClub


COACOOCHEE or Bring Your News
/ ft---------- -- AAAAAW' BUT.. 2 i DAYTONA BEACH Dr. In To TheFLORIDA
J": & James S. Thomas will deliver
Both Of e Full Size BOTH3ahama The second week of Sum- ;he Bacculaureate and commencement I STARMain
mer Camp is underway at
:;: ] addresses August
$ 59 and the Office & Plant
For The F Camp Coacoochee 4:2nd! at 3 pjn., in White Audi-
Scouts are busily engaged
torium. Bethune C o o k man
Price Of On e. : with the various activities College, according to Dr. Near 13th Street
that make the of
up program Richard V. Moore, president.Dr. .
,, "A *>:" "_W ww/wm camp life. Thomas was born in
:oiIiIII S. C., of
It is a continous programof Orangeburg son a Note: The earlier the better.
SEATS FORM RUBBER CAPPED SEAT 6 OR SLEEP 2 colorful and interesting Methodist pastor, and attended Notice* brought la Monday and
/ events that keep the boys en- public school there, recieved -
will better
Tuesday get petition
gaged in something beneficial the A. B. degree at Claf-
that makes them eager to lin College, M. A. degree at and better headlines.

SPECIALEXTRA get up in the morning, get Drew University, Madison, N.
their breakfast, straighten up J., B. D. degree at Gannon -
their bunks and clean around Theological Seminary, Atlanta -
r a'zo'nAS their tents and start out on Ga., and Ph D. degree at
their daily routine.In Cornell University, I t hie a,
0 y d LARGE RECLINER 0 learning the silent langu- I N. Y. HAVEA

age of communication, woodcraft -I Dr. Thomas was a memberof
REGULAR VALUE-_ first aid, signaling, the Honor Graduate, Gammon -
finding one's way through the Seminary, member of .
woods and the many other the Phi Delta Kappa, Phi
opportunities the Scout has of Kappa Phi and a member of
the trustee boards at Bethune ROOMOR
lessons that
0 $59.95 learning so many
will aid him in life, fits him Claflin, Rust, PhilanderSmith I
for a better and more use- and Clark Colleges.
ful Dedication service will be
held also for Curtis Hall, the
One of the most beautifuland completely rebuilt girls dor-
interesting demonstra mitory that was destroyed by APARTMENTTO
'bYSA tions pre sented by the Scoutsis fire. The reopening will follow -
0 $ 95 0o the scene of Indian life by the commencement serv-
Now the camp fire. The beating of ice.
Tom Toms, the various Indian
dances, the trip across the
lake in a canoe and the reflections TWO WHITE MEN GET FOR
of the Indian Braves PRISON SENTENCESFOR
and the chiefs on the wateras SEEKING FOOD
the camp fire lights up the
L '. 1L. $1.00 Down Delivers village. COLUMBUS, Miss.-Two
Parents and friends are I white men were sentenced in
I Lowndes County last Fridayby
comfortable seated as they QUICK
I v.--- We Invite Our Many Friends To Come In m watch the Scouts go throughthe Justice of the Peace M. C.
And Open An Account During Our 16th AnnlT. skits and listen to the Edward for seeking service ina
: Chief Coacoochee Negro cafe. RESULTS
history of <
Sale. Prices Are Slashed Thruout The mn
for whom the camp is named. Edward said James F. Bai
The exchange of ideas with! ley was given three monthsin
0 staff the Lowndes County Penal ,
other Scouts and members I LIST IT
and the eagerness to Farm and a $100 fine for disturbing -
learn something new makes the peace and six
life enjoyable. There is months and a $250 fine for IIUIIEFLORIDA
I camp
"? f trespassing. R. W. Bradshaw,
:F not a moment of 'idelness.
8x 30 days and'a $100 fine for
I j Every Scout looks forward the same charge. :Mississippi
; : .<:' I I Coacoochee.to Summer Camp at Camp !law'in, forbids cafes. inter-racial service -

;... I, .
"'" OF
b':" .
>: .
""'.$:;" '.....
"t. -4 ...I ROOM
""' ''
:t: ; fif ,'t<<""
1< ; ..
it. <-= i' ,z."t" I
i : .
: ''' i>j PIECE
'<} ii ..lj AND
... '" '
\ '' : f ro- WAiDCVv
.. ..*, ....,
.. .t.
n !' '..?x" 7... ,, \ r PA YM NfASY
-" d v. ., '%' Jt; i i.)f I.tif Z DINETTE TERMS APARTMENTHUNTERS
\ : /
: .,
j1 ..}:..),tea !tf' .. ,..., ... -
,, ". "" .'&,>,. \> "
+ .
;:: "* \ '.. .. .. ., ; !<; .
'f; '; t1lr rtt/ l .... \
!. ..' ,. "" SUIT
'+ .
ri 1 f 'rJf f' :

\ \ ..".....' +.' ;.:i it' "t.<';.t.";f..ii':,."<'... ,," ;.[. ;{' ...H...;. I .'<,N READ THE

M' <
> I S ,ti..,.. .t-: .ir t 538.88: FLORIDA STAR
t man? lr _:y Kv 1I

ALL D ABE Special Priced 16th Anniversary Sale Com* la And Chose FromSPleJe J IM! EVERY _?

i* CALLEL46782

Davis Furniture' ISi BROAD ST.ft. FMB CHARGE PLAN

., .
.... "


.. -




Page Six THE 7LOBIDA&TJUB.; Week Ending Saturday Angus 1. 1959
:' LOVE? Long term 12 year loans I"
MONEY?, repayable $10 per month Iran are a.ra .
.....Star Advertisers. PROBLEMS? ... .,...-- oa the.l.ooo. for home Improvements w a i
HI Help... .. repairs and ]I4Mnn.
SolutionAvailable Lagos, Nigeria--Mr. L. K. In Bathesda, Md., Mrs Mar- NEW YORK-Gov. Nelson additions to your tn0 .a
Jakande, Editor-in-chief of garet Jones, a teacher and Rockefeller told an NAACPconvention house. Quick and efficient
If Instructions: the "Daily Service", has been principal> for 28 years, has ferric No red tape. Just
LEARN TO DRIVE Followed appointed Managing Director been named.to head.the Ban- audience recently good credit rating and ownor
Secure Drivers Licence Strictly Personal of Allied Newspapers Limiteda neckburn Elementary School, that "segregation was on its buying your own home.M. GEtIINGUPNIGHIj
SAFEWAY DRIVING JOHN WAMSTEEERDepL chain of five daily newspapers becoming the first Negro to J. SIMON tint Cp MfehU or 84 Wctun* to*tnqacnt
SCHOOL 15 covering the three regions head a white school in Mont- way out in the nation. B21 First Federal Bulldlag
600 Weal Bearer Street Box 10 Ottery pf Nigeria, it was announced -I gomery County. :Mrs. Jones, Rockefeller explained that 306 W. Adams EL 6-2489 congoal tD nty LUedAr 4 Xmtattauft w
GEORGE PERPENA DIr. Cape. South Africa in Lagos. a Howard and Columbia Uni- piii o 04f4tr for,n=tzn"!
.r "the evils of discrimina? ftrt|or OTSTXX tinder lKi .
1e.oq :
Office race gieat.
ELgla 5-7742 I ...
versity graduate; is now the w.bow UrtTov tapm*..
Res. ELgin 4-0639 The 'announcement'was principal of the Rock Terrace tion have not been banished -
made by Mr. S. O. Shonibare, from but Amer-
Elementary School, a segregated our country,
Chairman of the Board of Di- PHOTOGRAPHS FOR
school ica will towarda
rectors of Allied Newspapersand press steadily i
ATTENTION READERS 0 Managing Director of the full realization of that goal.:*. EVERY OCCASION

Please Bring or Send Your eria Amalgamated Limited.The Press Daily of Service" Nig- ., DAISY BATES The governor assured his ....._. ,-, _....,.
SCARE audience that "the 15 t' .": 't:
BOMB past Expert Photography
; national Nigerian daily, .
Churck News Club Notices Announcomenis
& .
r t
., in the Federal capitol of Lagos years have seen tremendous .;" .:'" .I Portraits Weddings Basqeeii
To The FLORIDA STAR Early : progress in the history of the p' : Passports & mHflnfl'yn PhoiofPhotostats
$ .'. > i
: Little Rock Ark L. C. in t'. .' i i & Commercial Work
Negro our country. ,.,
DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS- :.: Photos For Newspaper Cute
Bates and Mrs. Daisy Gov. Rockefeller tendered f t While You Walt

TUESDAY at NOON Bates publishers of the his remarks at the opening >, : "' Coloring & Picture Framing

FLORIDA STAR ..NEW. YORK RACIST. Arkansas State Press, es- session of. the 50th annual ;}.j ":if .1 Let Us Take A Photo Of Yon"JTAVERY"

2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street RE-'CONFINED' caped injury this week whena anniversary of the NAACP "
bomb, was tossed on their which was held in the vast \ In Natural Color -

lawn presumably from' a passing new New York Coliseum.The .

car. TheBates, (she is AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
KNOXVILLE, TENN. the president of the Arkansas Association's convention -
I 611 West Ashley Clara WhIt. Mission
closed with Sldi-
a giant rally
Racist John Kasper was taken NAACP) ,have been active
i Enroll Now la The last Sunday in the Polo Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments
y ::, South Finest College .. from the Knox County jail to in the school desegregation
s. Florida Barber College the federal prison in Talahassee battle of the city's public Grounds.

Branch G. L Approved Fla. Friday to begin serv- schools. A small hole was torn I! ? :'? :- 11!' 2 2?? _? .-........ ... ._.....__
in the lawn and pieces of
a e s ing a six-month term.It .
: newspaper and. metal scattered ,BUSINESS DIRECTORY
will be the lanky segre about.. ,
-- ----
Woodrow Patterson manager Prof. James Glover ;a
630 Davis Street At Beaver >gationist's second time in the :Mrs. Bates recently visited: The FIrma Listed Below Arc Recomm ended As Reputable Establlshmsal.Sp.dalizinq *
Florida for his in .
Phone EL 5987.LILLY'S I violence prison during the court-or-part this city to spur the NAACP Servl ces and Products
drive for 10,000 new mem-
I, dered integration of Clinton bers.

The last time he served a
year. He was convicted of
1907 Sings Road at Spires contempt of court both times. .YOUTHFUL-- KILLER. BONDING AGENCYCity
Kasper was arrested in w County and Federal BozUb
Where Experienced >. ; "" I Knoxville Thursday by federal FACE TRIAL AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Law Exchange Bldg. EL Ml
Pharmacists Prepare! I marshalb. He had tried to
surrender earlier in Montgomery Complete Body Repair & Paint Work

:Y Your Prescription: Ac- Ala., but was told he _:- OVa Baked Paint Jobs -:-. ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE
tordlag to your doctor'sInstructions could himself in
only give up
DALTON GA. Four 39 Yean In El.a4ectisAll
Price Start at $440
Knoxville where he
Using was con
white youths charged with Work Guaranteed
only the best quality victed in federal court. the murder of an 11-year-old 1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8ISSre43 Forest Street EL 4-WMl

drugs. Kasper was dressed in a Negro last June 13, will go \
.ww/w tG.'a' fraKtso.n.WtDr. crumpled grey suit, brown on trial in Whitfield county AVERY'S STUDIO
O. E. Kick PfcsnnmcSste or. W. I. Graftaa I
loafers and handcuffs.He was superior court July.
transported to the Tallahassee L Commercial Wed&ags. Beoat HiiTii<
-:- -:- -:- prison by Joseph Kincaid- The four-Leroy Genry, 23, FOODS V* Yes we do H In color: ate
Panama Canal Zone Kermit Pritchett,Jr., 18, Her- $611 Wtst Ashley Street EL 4 7Mi
A COMPLETE LINE OF a shall mar- chell Elkins, 18; and Billy Joe
Cosmetics ,- Rubber Goods- Candies Sundries through who Knoxville was returning from Rolan, 17 have contended i Royal Crown Bottling Company
PRESCRIPTIONS nATJJn! FOB AND DELIVERED there was no intent to hurtor
]marshall's Washington.conference in kill anyone. fl23S San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4481

The victim of the shotgun AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY
blasts was Tommy Dwight
FRESH HOME MADE"W.. Spedaliie InConvertible _
who was among a group pic-
tiro nicking in the yard of Alonzo SAUSAGE DAILY Tops Door Panels

Washington, when the quar- (8 Flordla Arenne EL 83509.937 Headliners -. Furniture Slip Coves
tet fired"above the heads"of N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-111
the group "to scare them."


Heal Estate Mortgage Loans
4: -Home cooked meals served 24 hours- Reals Collected
BILUE IIOLLIDAYMOURNED : 410 Broad Street EL 4-6204
7 day week
1285 Kings Road EL21;
Jones Institute of Physical Culture

School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage
Colored Owned and Operated
c d A S. NEW YORK-It was esti- GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET Tarn As You Learn
: mated that, more than a ;812 Clay Slreel EL 446661
thousand people showed up to II Yen Waal The Finest In Groceries

pay a last tribute to jazz singer ADd Meals Com See UsDarfc
r- Billie Holliday a little over
Street EL 84412 TAXI
: 74 an1 hour after. the funeral par-
i t r Yee lor opened. "Al Your Serrice 0
r 3t NEW DEAL GAB EL 4-1811
p i Miss Holliday, who was LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1811 ,
felled recently by complicated FUEL OILS
sickness, suffered diminish-
at ing health until her death Timiquaaa Road Trading Post
last Friday. Cause of death Complete Garden Supplies
was listed as heart failure. Fertilizer Fruit Products
-New and Used Furniture bought and soleV
She was buried on Tuesday I INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Tbnlqu&Da Road SP 1-3781
after a Roman Catholic mass. .

She was 4LVOTER II West State Street EL 8-NS2 Washington's Health Service

TO HER STUDENTS at Morgan State College, Mrs Winder-Gilkes ''ASPIRANTS "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Tfe. "
points out that Carnation Is the safest form of milk for baby's bottle STYMIED Fry Swedish Mn ig. Mineral .....
i College child-development teacher tells why doctors \ FUNERAL HOMES D. C w..ldr.as.s.

TUSKEGEE, Ala. The F. T.
Recommend Carnation for baby newly-appointed registration H Mrrt1e A.... er5ffi.. 44
board made it a point not to
i : put in an. :appearance last WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
Professionally, Mrs. Winder-Gtlkes is cause Carnation is double-rich, it ifl Monday,, thereby frustratingthe Free delhrery
j i known as Dr. T. Vivian Winder. DORMAN FUNERAL HOME any part o! tfce dry
She ideal for coffee and cooking, too".Dr. efforts' of an undisclosed -=-- OLD BELIABLE1
i teaches nutrition and, child development Winder.,says no,,other- form.of a&k- number.of Negroes who appeared AMBULANCE SERVICE 24-HRS. A DAY 1 West Ashley Street EL-4-
at Morgan State College in Baltimore will at the Macon County "
:dC? for the smooth
: 'lumpfreecream.sauce Mausoleums
isrial VaaU & Tombstones
Md.Carnation is the most ,below. Carnation in the courthouse'.sign. up as vot- JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
i :.digestible form of milk for infant for- red-and-white can.Is.the world'slea4- ers.Voter Notary Pubkc Mrs. Her. A. A. Johnson STORE .

i mulas," Dr. Winder states. "And be. ing brand of evaporated milk. registration for both It D xfee Hi. Lady Atleadaat! Coorteoofl TrntmiiiDrd

< ------, Negro and white ,applicantscame PO 8-2265 i Opea 8,. to 7 "". .
r- / \ 4 to a halt last-December &n.t EL C-
- i p.=. I, RECIPE l. __I _______________ after the Civil Right Com-
'- mission started'investigating

i : :I CARNATION CREAM SAUCE 1: e $ complaints of discrimination o Mahoney Terminiz :Termite Ccfitrol

.I. (mtltes*Sx>ut 2 cips) against Negroes. J

'I I tablespoons butter Y4 teaspoon pepper William P.,Mitch ell, secre- CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME BST ___
t. I 2 tablespoons flour 1%cups large can)undiluted I tary pf the ,Tuskegee Civic 414<< H. MynJa A..aw EL44HI
I 24 Hour J.k"IIenSGe
.: I 1/4 teaspoon salt CARNATION EVAPORATED: MILK Assn.* ,which:"has long cam-
f I: Blend butter I '' paigned 'for Negro reg stration"saidjhe -. 'Serrteff Cellf" H.n.. ... 1H9P.C. QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS
l flout, salt and pepper in saucepan over low I I4' ; efforts will continue CO.
1 heat until smooth.Gradually add undiluted Carnation.:Con.tinue I .He. said the.TCA win JIJ..... .... SL.DtrWur .. Maun. Reaonifeg osi ... 111

I I' ,:; stirring until!thickened and smooth.Use for creamed_ I It etc ask. ,state officiate to appoint ,.... .-.w.rseat EL 1Ft OM Day SenSe. ,

... \ -' chicken, tuna, chipped beef.and casseroles. '_ .. .k;I .' a new board If no -action is Old m.e. Bead 10J.

--- -- ;;' taken by; the existing body.; .
---- : -
: "'; "'; ,
:: ., .... : :: : .
.. .;. -ft.; .;; :! ;:: .
::7tt : : ;
l -
tR \



I -i.--


Week Ending.Saturday, A'guat'i; 1959 THE FLORIDA'STAf --.. p.3rteiit' .

I Georgia All-Stars to Meet Florida AIIStars.August- 16 I

the 1959'fun show one of the
best> that has been "
: the public since ti was started -
,t' .1 ). ., Managers Major Taft
Cummings and Porcher L.
Taylor will present lineups
coRMIIEII J that will startle the fans.. By C. PARHAM JOHNSON

.SPORTS SOFTBALL GAMES atSi- i ia I' Baseball will be at its peak: Sunday August 16 when the
monds-Johnson and Jefferson jI Georgia All-Stars meet the Florida All-Stars at Myrtle
Street parks are drawing Avenue Ball Park,at 3 p. m.
JACKIE .ROBINSON the former Brooklyn Dodger star large crowdds each night. Both teams are well forts- -
has acceted a.bid to appear Yankee e Stadium for the an
Those who attend the games led with players who are j in baseball.
nual Old-Timers' pay celebration scheduled for Aug. 8. appear perfectly satisfiedover able to give the fans the
Robinson. remembered for his World Series play againstthe what they see. The type of game .that will bring Many of the oldtimers who
Bombers will be a member of the Yankees' all-tlmo games are well played and ... Y back to pleasant memories 'helped to make baseball history -
World Series opposition team. many of the teams are well r. the kind of baseball that was!!; at Myrtle Avenue will
,. MINNIE MINOSO, the hard) coached. .Somebody is doinga ; once played at the Myrtle .be
E slugging outfielder of the for the world title showedold great job. Why not attend '>.._ :, .y:tw Avenue park.Activities present t 0 witness the
I Cleveland Indians was suSpended i time form In knocking sOme of the games and' see "f; Chairman James game andd to help make the
for three days and,,out Reuben Vargas in the for yourself? One can feel .: ;day enjoable-and beneficial.
fined $250 by American League 6th round of a scheduled 10 perfectly at ease watching ., ..'" (B i g Jim) Williams has as- The jnuior game will pre-
President Joe Gordon of,rounder. MacHen believes he the because there are sured the fans that this Elks I ceed he main event and
the Indians was also sus-'i.'Is on the comeback trail asa no fights games and no; use of pro sponsored game will bring I those purchasing tickets will
pended and fined $250 in the heavyweight contender. fanity. The deportment is ,, together two of the best be able to see the juniors in
same dispute.Minoso became, Like all defeated prizefighters good. y semi-pro teams i n Georgia t action and remain for the .
so enraged over a decision, he says: 1 will not :, 11 and Florida. All-Stars game.Watch
SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL The sports rivalry betweenthe
made by second base unpire make that same mistake :
Jim Honochick in a game age? WE MEET AGAIN. two states has always .
against the Boston Red Sox, THE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT II'S. been keen and a nip and
he refused to take his turn TITLE bout between tuck battle s expected whenever -
at bat and when the Boston Champion Archie Georgia and Florida

pitcher threw three strikes Moore and Yvon.Durelle,the MANN TO SELLAUANTACLUB meet. This down
across the plate Umpire Canadian champion has been One of the featured at- _
Frank Umont called Minoso postponed again.It was post- tractions of the day will be 44 67 43
} out. He threw his bat in poned the second time due a game between two junior 717 32 _915
1 Umont's drection and almost to the 'illness of Mrs. Archie HE WILL RETURN Many boxing fans are predict- teams. The players will be
hit the unpire. Several Cleveland .-Moore, the champ's wi f e. ing that Roc ky: Martian, the retired heavyweight selected from junior teamsof 9 2
1 players stopped him The bout is now scheduled AND RETIRE champion seen here will return to the ring despite the the city. The best of the I 4 8 -
from hitting the unpire. He for August, 13. The last reports emphatic No that has been given by Marciano. A few lot were chosen to play in
was, thumbed out. given, Mrs. Moore was weeks ago It was! reported t hat the ex-champion had the game and they are also S 5
I in a satisfactory condition. been doing some training and from the time the reportwas called. the Junior All-Stars.
CALIFORNIA THE BOSTON RED SOX Minor League baseball received made questions started pouring in. discussionswere : In order to avoid a rush 136 __ 201 318
Dodgers are: all worked up finally yielded to the wishesof a terrible blow last going on and predictions were m a d .. All of It at the gate tickets may be 53 __ 42 __ 12
with the pennant fever.Team J the fans. They recalled week when the veteran minor started after Ingemar Johansson defeated Floyd Patterson purchased from members of
t is far away from what it was,Elijah (Pumpsle) Green from league executive Ear!1 for the title. Marciano says NO. the Elks famly. The game is I Sometime tMs. asIae'
Sometimes down
and has been I and him Atlanta Crackers -- being sponsored b the Elks
season it no;Minneapolis put on Mann of the I Ha sdds. sobtniefei
push over for any 0 f the I 2nd base to replace ailing announced his' retirementfrom OLDTIMERS GET THUNDERBIRDSLEAD for charitable purposes and I He works It aO round
other teams. With G i I Hodges Pete Runnels. Green Is the baseball after this sea- those who reall like baseball I
back in form, Charlie first and only Negro to ever son. will avail themselves of the Coming Attractions
Neal, Junior Gilliam, John perform with the Red Sox. IN SHAPE FOR LEAGUE opportunity to witness the I I 33116ZS28
Roseboro, Wally Moon and Green went through the I Mann has guided the des- __ I major attraction of the year
wit]h tinies of the Atlanta club I
Don Demeter hitting any- spring training period .
body's pitching and Don the Sox, but was farmed out! for 36 years and has seen I
Drysdale, Roger Craig and shortly before the regular i his club at the top of the SUPPORT THE DRIVE
Clem Labine serving up the season opened. I n his first standings for several seasons
r'' old apple, the Los Angelesfans game with the Sox after being 1 and winning something like ..--- ..r-....
are looking the pennant recalled, he did not get 16 pennents. The club has FOR BETTER TREATMENT
squarely In the face. a hit but handled his .position finished several seasons in The many participants in The National League softball .
faultlessly. the first division. the annual Old-timers game teams in the Jacksonville -
EDDIE MACHEN. who was. are making preparations for Recreation Department OF NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMS
flattened in the first round! THE OLDTIMERS BASE Some of the star perfor- whichis
I the"Liniment Classic" are hard at work to overtakethe
t in a bout with Ingemar Jo- BALL GAME is Just a short mers in major league base-
hansson, before the .latter:while away and all preparations ball have been developed in scheduled to: be played at Thunderbirds who now I would like to ... new policy of el.b.H.s-b
flattened Floyd Patterson i are being made to makeacosTtvs Atlanta, but when Mann an- the Myrtle Avenue Baseball lead the league with a 6-0 meat to Negro customers adopted by local ftaas
nounced his determinationto Park, Friday August 21. record. I reseat being called by my first name by ........
sing his swan song it Various committees have The eight teams in the lea- saleswomen.
brought a heaviness to the been working for sometime gue are the Thunderbirds, I bellere that Negro patrons should be' prorkbd
hearts,of the many fans who to make the .1959 event the Eagles, Dodgers, Towers, ample rat room fadlitlM In J local establishments ad
EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMANBait have followed his career. biggest and best since the Stars, Hawks, Senators and an end put to Jim-crow signs oa drinking] fouata&s
The retirement of the chief game was introduced. The Crowns. The Thunderbirds and rest rooms.
Shrimp Live Crabs executive of the.Crackers committees. continue to work defeated the Eagles, 13-3;the' To accomplish these changes I amwilling..10.cease
day and night to advancethe 'I patronizing firms that are unwilling to meet ,lhwreQu.rt.
Fishing Tackle does not lessen his interestin Dodgers, 10-7() ; the Towers, ..
baseball, but it ends the cause. 15-4; Stars, 10-2() ; Hawks, 9-7;I ..
8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9670 sleepless nights, the heavy At each game beautifuland and Senators, 4-1. The leaders -' NAME -
responsibilities _and-n e r v JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA"IMPORTED shattering duties and heart- various winners. This feature -Two members 0 f the Thun-
felt obligations to the fans along has created much derbrds who were omitted ADDRESS
who have given him unstinted interest along with the game from the roster by error are,
1 support. itself. Henry Henderson and Edward ( >)> You may dlscloee toy name If <<1.J._! _
The game is sponsored by Baety. .defal! unite Indicated otherwise heJ w.
Still traditionally distilled for Mann is selling out lock, the James Weldon Johnson I muUrstaad that my name will be beld caDR-
stock and barrell of everything -, Branch YMCA. For several Monday night the league -- .
that gives him .ownership -, years the YMCA has striven leading Thunderbirds were I,
QUALETYJ* of the 't;e a m.everwill Wh-so-, to accumulate enough funds scheduled to-take on the '"
may buy it, Ear, to build a YMCA Center. Crowns. All games are Interesting '
Mann is through yes, definitely ., The chief method of raising umpiring good and
1 finished.A funds has been through the the all around deportment : PALMS j
1! "J continuous drop in attendance ., "Idniment Classic..' is.I excellent
1 is too much for the Because of the non-interest The playgrounds supervisors \
s. president. Non-attendance: of the Jacksonville, public are doing a grand job \
: r-.i: brnigs about a non-proft and. and the small attendance at and they are to be.'commend- o BALLROOM
\. J a no n-profit organizationmeans the games the,-funds have for the work they are doing
curtailing expenses I been accumulating very slowly -
and it is expensive to operate I > depended .upon again this j. OF JACKSONVILLE VA.nnnnnnN
,a business of the magni I There are some who have year. It is hoped however
1 tude of the Atlanta Crack.. supported the game from its that some additional fans ;:HiJIij'
S. i. ers. beginning and they will. be"Ia will be added to the number f q DANCING ON SUNDAY : 4f
big question is: I .. "". -----______-______. ..____ ___ _41
major league TV games the :
,,. cause of the breaking down BIG GALA SHOW r
ri. of minor league baseball I
Whether it is or whether.U t ,

isn't Earl.Mann. is-finished. Harvey f Fuqua

s F AND mEMoonglows f



e." e ee aret
.' ETTAP: '

., Y, I JAMES s

V ,
Y .



.. its rigtoetbe> label 1..dlM 1a I7 l.MiD, TV SERVICE THE SWINGERS
t Indi.t"III" far urtMtfr Inn Dry Gin i ORCHESTRA rv.
All Work Guaranteed
'. EaJe7.ConIa -stiWe.,..........11 oec st Hew'and 11.d TVs889FktUt > jgggggggggggggg;. ir .a.
ia oar -
"' _.... _Phew;& ....
1- I_ Fkriek i 6 .- SAT.awJ; HOLIDAYS -; $L19kaws
-__tfest_IM_,M_ t1R.S 0....l il1r_
.. _e. s ,.

'. .




Pao'EIk3 THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday August I, 1959
.' ... .- '. ..; -.;.'
-, :..:", ,:- r ,., .. y,,'--i ;ii M
: .
....UfIr ":.$..' tJ. ." CHIPS OFF:THE BLOCK *
( >ll :: _a. : :' i ; ': ,.: .: ; *
; : ; 3 .:; ; : T..1\; ., By JAY. JAY The SEA FO OB Center *

.. ... *
: < -
-, ,, ., As Rudy Vallee said years Blue Ocean Bream Lb. 29c *
l>;: ago, "Hi ho everybody", here Medium Flounder Ux35c *
-'/, .:'&,'.'"' we are back at the same station Large Flounder Lb. 49c iC'Ie
.t'. doing business as usual. Large'Red Bass ___'._ Lb. 35c "-
F Twas sometime ago when we Medium Red' Bass __._ Lb. 45c
A I last conversed via the printed Medium Mullet ..___ Lb. lOe itit
page but lefs take up where Large Mullet ..-.-.-. Lb. 2k 7t.;..
tsere. we left off.' This is "ye olde Salt Mullet Lb. 25c iC
; scribe, Jay;; ;Jay himself and Salt Mullet>,Roe. Lb. 98c
no imitators ,so-"Away we Silver Drum Lb. 29c
go. Blue Fish Lb. 35c l/rY t
3 Red Snapper
Hottest news on the local Lb. 49c
I. nite spot circuit is, who is Snapper Fillets --_. .. Lb. 59cLb.
Y a bottle club and who ain't a Kingfish Steaks 49c

A new way of life bottle club? According to the FREE PARKING SIDE AND REAR Ea cucA
papers, there are two Negro
bottle clubs. We shall see

for Florida. with around August 1, for that THE SEAFOOD CENTERMyrtle A tip of the ftps Oey
date they will close at 12 Co theee geW 'dtef"
midnight. Are. and Adams Phooe EL ..1_ Tomg AmertcM8, ...
Over the summer we saw *
community; a bett Ir
that has been
a replacement
;. made on, drums at the Rib- Bontnzsr RITZ SUN.- glace mnvtaidi te 1175

ault Supper Club.Leo Dorsey, RUN WED. ** **
veteran Eastside skinman replaced -

'turaIgas'r4' Leon Gonzales.A .
few of the Ribault pa- The gun-hot deathon '.

trons mistook the spot for the Wild Horse Mesa! *
swimming pool. At the insis- ..
tance of Robert Grisley who
( '. stood on the lank, Max Long- c g. *

mire dived in the river and KzNe.XWZL1P If-

: ".1 had to be assisted. ,- out, of the *
drink. S".6"NS ,.

., ,. '..-"" Warren Schell who is home *
< :,' : has been the setting for .
r' '.'.'. sessions has whole:JlOg.
1 r. c" '.; : gone sfio MONTGOMERY SYLVESTER PORTER
.... .". The medico long-a jazz fan. CAL.,,"' ''u.0.R New Stanton Senior
: has installed elec-
just a new High School
'4 5+,f,xfrSw: tric organ in his home. Walter ALSO THE WHOLE TRUTH Pepsi Cola Dealers u4I
.. 'V Thornton of the Ribault, Pepsi Cola Bottling Ccaa-
christened the instrument are proud to -salttteSylvester
last week-end.cOn Roosevelt SUN. THRU SAT. I pany of the graduate i

If* fa moil the longhair kick, Mar- ,2 TOP HITS ling class. He is a memberof

; dtIq ter In years.. .. vyne Betsch ;preparing to I the Football Team. and I
leave for Europe about the Homeroom President. H

because natural gas,used for middle of August. Miss I received the Music ei
Betsch has concert contract Homemaking awards.
all it's worth,is not just t new
: household fuel. .but the Her and will younger begin sister work Johnetta this fall. 1 er *********

"open sesame"to a whole is relaxing at Cannes on the '
r new way of life. .:Ie French Riveria during the ATOHO<'ROOIJCTION fcfc
,;+ summer break. Johnetta is gilFa
). Making home tasks lighter. ', working on the decorate degree AS THE >,
r-rbreezIq through them whh"automagic"ease..saving in Anthropology. GREATESTSTORY ,

f.. v Members of the local dep- OF THE ;
l steps,saving time. natural gas uty sheriffs group are pre- FILMED! JS 1CL
paring to leave for the annual
i can be the servant which give state convention.. Longtime

,r you priceless extra hours deputy Wilbur Burney of W. J
;: to spend on your home "f t Palm Beach;'who is a Jack- NOW THRU TUES. ..
sonville native will be honoredat "I'HoAND tc : : }" ,,
yard..:"boaus" ;
your this session of the lawmen.On SEE THIS HIT TODAY!. a
tone with husband, the law enforcementkick ft SANDRA C. JONES
.:, children,friends.. 4 local patrolmen have a AH AUAZtNQ H Vf IH CfCCM TH ; New Stanton Staler
.'V enjoying more of the new cruiser. The,boys are riding *L High School
; in a two-tone '59 Chevy. Tribute is paid to San
good things of life which "Wi
dra of the 11th class
Now all we need is more cops. grade
, i Florida offers in such During the sessions of the BLACK Her hobbles are sewing

overwhelming array.'Sound V last two legislatures permis- C IKEMASCOTE IN OtOpD C UjO|.ING.. Ifpt 6 R swimming, and other
wonderful? It it sion has been given sheriffs sports. She plans to become *
wondej<i i $; Cahill and Carson to hire Plus THE HEADLESS GHOSI'Serial a Physical Educa
**. more patrolmen. Both have Also And Cartoons! tion major.
So,use natural gas not just for t
refused to consider Negros ADuLT SPECIAL! -.. ,r********
two services bat for alls thi
one or even though 'we have a large K"T\ 184 ,.y Coming Wed. and Thurs.IN .
7 Big Ways In which it can Negro population in the coun-
help you find ac"whol T ty and definitely need more THE DARING TRADITION OF

,11M. wq of life!" 'fit protection. Both gentlemenwill "BITTER RICE11... A POWERFUL STORYOF .
be bids for '
.r T' vote come next year and we
will do well to remember this! Plus J' .

..,,( On the job' subject, an exam "WomanIn -
J. will be held for mail car- A
'macro riers in the near future. Applications DressingGown" EDFM5Sr rLiiROSA
may be secured at
the local civil''service officein ,
'the' Post;Office building. B KIRKLAND

ra USVARtSUTUKJMtfafcSl r, .-..r Nor Jovial Ken'Knight, will be New Stanton Scale
rlwlk Or1rwceoaro.uncwrwi. back in the saddle again soon. REV. SISTER KAYSister High School
The popular deejay is visiting Rosa Bell Is a member]
down Carribean way. He and Kay's Temple Of Faith of the 12th grade D. C. T.
the madam are in romantic class. She attends New!
Jamica. While Ken is away 1925 West {5th Street PO 5-9383 Hope Baptist Church. She

Abraham King, Pearlie Ruth enjoy collecting stamps
> 13V
Fountain and "Jolly Jesse"Fergueson Sister Kay Godaent Christian Women Is now locatedIn and plans to make Nun.

> W\ are .holding down her Own Temple of Faith. By God's Hand Slater ing a career.
the fort. Kay has helped thousands in AU Walks of Life. If *
* *
you are Crippled Blind or hare Sickness of any kind. -

N. arc'''' WEE FOLKS NURSERY See Sister Kay who has God's Given Powers. If, you OnpaiaJaUou iron ....
*- wi.w./.i hare Bad Luck or Evil Influences If not Successful Obla to. tiacM three IGrlt
1031 W. 17th Street Award .....
a'te' as1b1 siM
wssat K Not Happy in Love. Marriage or Divorce Problems.See 1
HourSarn.to6p.m. Listen To .
Sister Kay. Below are two of the people SisterKay '
thru Friday Pepsi Music quest
Monday has helped: Left;"! Mrs. Jones had an Incurable Friday Nltes
Ages 3 months to :3 years. *
Disease Flat on my Back. I heard about Sister Kay's 10:30 to 11:00
For Information call Mrs. Temple. Thanks to the Good Lord. I went to Sister For Phone Request

1 w s isowttga-8mrae1MIa. Benjamin. EL 53949. Kay now I am Happy and Working again. I will EL 6-0461-2

I sa usl nit HELP WANTED Recommend Her to Any One Who Needs Help."Right:

1 Mrs. Williams had many Love Problems Couldn't t
.1. k
IfJ R3aoal--:. w t-.t+ s.r.Mw NEW YORK .. 'Sleep or Eat. Had Bad k
r ca.estlr s>i l Mqh ertr wAnar. Luck and Evil Influence
excellent i"
Ir tes>tt .......rytds3rrt We hare, many ,. f s f
positions :opea. for good: female 'I heard about Sister w
dbmfrttte"workers-*iea. 'Kay's Temple. With he*' k

dy Jobs with: nice prime ,: Help and Good Adrlc
families who will treat Ton :'i :now I am very Happl in
right and PrcmdI1ke Marriage and able to do -

room meals and all,priYlle- my ,Work. I Recommend
Ml gel --alary>.to'$50 weekly to r -_ Sister Kay Very Highly. '

.epriilc r new tit star*-transportation ioN.
# York advanced you an< Mrs. Jones Mrs. Williams

looking for a good sleep-la Gov
t I Job contact Florida
..; ... A1sld.
'J Supply. 2682 Hempsiead DsLakhnd. SISTER_ KAY'S PROGRAM ON WOBI.r .
THB MaMSTN CORI 9ltATIN Flaw'or phon. "

MUtual 3-3399. .
ri '
'- -

'':'';''' -'f. ,', __ .. : .,
-.-. ... --" ''' -- '-; -: ; ::: .'_, ';-"'};. .weer j. ;:r;"...-
... '