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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200520datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 25, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005200740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 25, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 25, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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\ '






US 'Show'- In Russia :

: kJFjRIQ 8M/l1t

Shows Racial Bias 1j

rr terr. \

'1-9: -' NO..2SAmi: NEWS JTIL25.. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. -.ter FLORIDA. '- f Cll"" :
0 .. >-CD

:: _.- :iJ i-:


: ,

S. N.Y. TEACHER'S JOB ::.I, .:

.-- .
f A(

I t 2. S'fic+nftiwg':_' t ckfw N. y TEACHER DISMISSED: AMERICAN PLAY IN MOSCOW .


)t'i wab' W'+.
'' YONKERS N. ;Y_An ':unusual case of discrimination
made the news last week when a 27-year-old school tea MOSCOW. USSR-Wedding scenes depicting Negro guests
cher with a high efficiency rating was dismissed! by a al a while wedding have been omitted from the fashion
'. 1 show which will be staged at the American exhibition In
Yonkers school board because of Her "southern accent" I
o3. S 'R ra.,< aYa T1.n tea t!:-her.- _. a.ttraltive.1_______0 _.I i this Soviet city.
Staring bravely at the camera is 3-year-old .Jacqueline Patrlda Cole who fortunately Mississippi-born: Miss Fannie would have received tenureat I Burt Shevelove, writer and
escaped death when she was thrown from second-floor porch by her liquor- Chaffee, taught at the High: the school.The exteacherat producer of the show,denied 10 DAYS ADDED
madden'father. The child sustained fractured arms and multiple bruises and con School of Commerce since: the school has been so that the ommission of the
t tusions in the fall. Shown in Inset is child's father 38-year-old Charlie William Cole. September 1957. She was one: qualified by the school board.;' interracial scenes had TO SUSPENSION1OFSCHOOL
of four Negro teachers on Miss Chaffee has taken any-
thing to do with the recent
the staff.:
TOT THROWN FROM PORCH WHITE MOB. Dr. Rocco Rescigno, principal -|against her case discriminatory to a state agency prac- hot' protests of 40( American HEAD
of the school, told Miss t ices.BELLHOP. fashion editors to the effect
Chaffee that her "Dixie Leroy B. Jackson, given
ac- that the scenes were not typical -
SUSTAINS MULTIPLE INJURIESA ABUSESMIXED cent" made it impossible for 'of the American 30-day suspension from his
way post as supervisor of
her to communicate with her Negro
GETS of life and therefore shouldbe elementary
students: This was in April] education on June
3-year-old child was the innocent victim of her enraged CHURCH Her resignation was demanded dropped from the show. 4 due to what was termed "an

father last weekend when,,as a result of'a quarrel between : .. as of July 1. 30 DAYS According to M r. Sheve apparent the shortage of funds"in
her parents she was tossed from a second-story back "We will have to ask you love, the scenes were finally Susie E.internal accounts of
r C.: porch. ..to land in a fractured. heap on the ground. to .resiftAg.: she..was 'told. omitted "because. the show School while he was Elementary princIpal

! .. Cole uuie stared Jacqueline ramcia i him..He took her to"the back 'mixed congregation being "Thesis''bec uge*:pf 'your\ac- FORPROCURINGThomas : was too ,long and it was. .(necessary there",faces an,additional
bravely preached cent. ,these students da -
porch and threw her over/* to by a white min- not \ to cut. suspension recommended on
camera as the Accordin ister was subjected to sustained understand what you say. Tuesday by the board of
STAR photographer gto neighborhood mob ,abuse In other words r Still the other hand
during Miss Chaf on school trustees.
reports, the vindictive father Williams, a
her picture in her services. held.. recently in this fee, the principal stated, another controversial scene School board
mother's home. Both -like his little daughter-is, hop in, one of the downtown attorney Elli-
'J arms.were encased in himself, lucky to be alive. He city.A "y 0 u Jail to communicate. hotels, and a 39-year-old showing teenagers in black ott Adams and Edward E.
supported by slings may very well have become rowdy mob of about 100 Therefore, you: are of no white woman, were arrestedon leather jackets, dancing t orockandrollmusic F. Francis, internal accounts
tiny shoulders. And the victim of citizen violence persons gathered outside the service to us. morals charges on Tuesday and auditor, appeared before the
to the -waist, the for his villainy were it not for First Holland Baptist Church MissCh ffee, a typing in- night as the result of a which was also criticized by trustees.
bruises on her body I the speedy arrival of the po and shouted. .curses because structor, has her masters degree vice raid on two downtown the same panel of fashion. Francis brought in receiptsand
plain to the But lice.Little the. Rev. Charles Osborn was and 13 credits toward hotels. editors as beng not "typical record books covering the
most grinned at one I Jacqueline, crushed conducting services for the her doctorate. She received The woman, Alberta H. ly American"-was left in period from July 1, 1957,
the photographer spoke and stunned from her fall, white and Negro. worshippers. her 'masters from Columbia Grooms, was charged Speci- the show. through last June 30, and the
I was rushed to Duval Medical University. with results of an audit he per-
reassurances to her. fically prostitution/She The talented Mr. Sheve-
cried, too, in the" Center by Lt B. W. Rowe, executive church The minister door four came times to and the Terming the.charge that was released_ on $200 bond love defended this contradic- formed internal on accounts.the Negro school's
things. She cried very officer of the Negro she was unable to communicate until yesterday when she tion by saying; "Teenagersrock
tried ,
police precinct. Sgts. G. H. vainly to quit the crowd. Jackson, Francis reported,
nitely. Hurlbert and E. P. Cprely Then he ordered his choir to to her students as "ridcu1ous"i' !- was scheduled to appear in and rolling to an Elvis kept two sets of receipt books
Actually, little Ja conducted the investigation. sing and drown; out the Miss Chaffee, explain Municipal CourtWilliams Presley record were included which the auditor said he
immensely lucky to be Cole is being held in Duval shouts.. The crowd broke up : 'I was onlyrecently 50, of 632 W. because these healthy exube- "could not reconcile." ,
According to her County 'jail on a charge of at the end of the hour-long commended for the fact that Church Street, was given a rant youngsters are not 'cra- The trustees said they .
Mrs. Thelma Lee Cole assault to murder. service.It my students finished in the sentence of 30 days at the zy, gone' people and Elvis would arrange a conferencewith
gument developed_ upper level 'of all students City Prison farm after he Presley sells millions of records Jackson and his lawyerto
her and her husband, was the first meeting of taking' the Regents examina- pleaded guilty 0 n Wednesday in the United States," determine whether a hearing
old Charlie. William NEW YORK CLUB the local chapter of the Pen- tion. If I 'were unable to to a charge of procuring he added. "He must there- will be necessary to press
Friday night. The tacostal Gospel Holiness. communicate; 'would this for prostitution. fore be typically American." charges.
Church of America since the happen?"
the argument was VOWS NO MORE group moved to larger quartser Miss Chaffee M.P x -
apartment at 1172 W in the First Holland Bapt- real claimed the : I
Street ist Church. reason for her: dismlaal
"He.told me to move," was that after'thiS year she
Cole stated. "He told RACE BIAS Membersof the crowd said only one of the Negroes
get out. He said he shouted "V 0\1 shouldn't have _
going to give me any NEW YORK-An officialof Negros in there" and "A
money., So I went to the controversial West white preacher should not GAINESVILLE MAN
mother's place." Mrs. t7'i Side Tennis Club in fashionable preachrto Negros." They also r
mother and the Forest Hills, New York, yelled profanities and pointed GIVEN 3 YEARS.
Jacqueline's has declared under oath that toy pistols at the church. FOR MAIL THEFTS
located at 1227% W. : the club will "accept members Osborn said a police escort YJrJ
Street who meet the organization's will be on hand at the next -
Mrs. Cole, 20, went' standards' without regard to :service set for next Tuesday Johnnie Perkins was given
explain how her: race, creed or color." night. a three year prison term
in a 'drunken Jesse G. Heiges vice presI- Monday for a number of mail on
the Monroe Street dent of the club, made the thefts he admittedly committed
about 7:80 Saturday statement to Dr. Alfred J. .HUSBAND HITS WIFE while under contractas -
"He was drunk, all Marrow, an official of the DURING ARGUMENT a driver for. the post of-
she said. "We saw' him City Commission on Inter- A 51-year-old woman was
ing a woman across group Relations. The statement the victim of an unidentified fice.Perkins, whopleaded
street before he came was made on Tuesday.The weapon used by her husband to five of 11 counts of guilty mail
my mother's house. He commission began in when he struck her on the theft, had a mail route be-
me to come on and go vestigating the dub after Dr. head last Monday during an tween-Jacksonville and Gains- >Z D .%
I told him I wasn't Ralph J: Bundle, a U. N. official ,. argument. ville. Ijg I
cause I didn't want any was denied membership I He was trapped in Gains- ,I
ble. Yfci afraid of him by Wilfred Burgland, then l Police said Mrs. Beatrice vile last week when postal.in
Gresham ,
and her husband
he's drunk, Mrs. president Burgland is quoted I
spectors caught him in the
Henry Gresham, 57, of 721 W.
plained. as having told Dr. Bunch
act of. opening ,
a dumtnmy
She related how that both Negroes and Jews I Adams Street had been drink- :package placed aboard the ,'"f"yi r,s..
tempted to shove her were barred from club mem: ing when the argument. truck. by investigators.
teen-age sisters off the bership. Burgland has since started.
Perkins is said to have
Mrs. Gresham treatedat
porch of the se resigned as presidentAlthough was :given a large quantity .of
Duval Medical Center aor j
apartment because the governors of jewelry j to two women. Two' kiHci
11 laceration on left side of head 4
fused to go with him. the club have promised'and both i bushel baskets of cosmetics,
parties were ar- ,
started down the "prompt: and courteous attention also taken from the mails
: rested for fighting and dis- :
him Dr
get away from Bunche said thereseems
were in his home. .
orderly conduct Jacksonville Florida Branch members and Committee Chairman
said. "little Jackie" to be no immediate gaze at11GB' Begfslra*
; A
resident of .
inn Gainesville, campaign. Left to Mrs Leos Davis,
rights Jacksonville
to come, with us* He dication that he or his Patrolmen E. Jefferson and :Perkins was not postal WomsjuFeltea -
couldn't would apply for em Brown Cfesirmia Publicity Committee. Her. Mrs. Willis L. Mack:, MembenWp
her membership '
,quick we > H.
so << I Harley investigated. plo te. .
: C"--"JI- sd J. H. Goodtea.: Voter0 .......... -
:_fJ'. -.: .- ': : -""-' .- :';"'.' -
'. > } ',"';' .. ..,
., .- '. -- -' ,. -. .
)+ : ':: ; ; :: :- : -
-:: ; : '
: .-, '
: .:J< : i.F
: : ; .... .
> .' I ( r : !ft :

-.3 +'>.'...'........ ..' -, ,'''T :'''' '-. ....... .'. ;..,...,... .'



h... Two : THE"FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. July 25 1959
;: ..:.. : '-,' v 'i ; -1 .- 0 : Jj" ;,

:!\7 11I1 FLORIDA STAR & :'. 7,9': ':. ?* 14' ::...W .. s. .. "Politics. As Usual"
> ,
-. .' ., ::
rt -- ....: V. 3* .'
iF- ....-,.. \ -t'T. E "
f NEWS c -'. :" -- .. :; *$ ( By Eric 0.: Simpson

.'a, ({'::- T PolllicaUy 'spealdng.] these T are 'the days of scrimishes. It
PaBahe4 bJ.ne Florida Stir PaHhiag Co.
I' will be another few months before the full-scale
"Member of Associated Negro rreu" OSCRS akau begin; the days when John a Voter will be expected
Ida O. Kuveea Fi ,, to digest all sorts putrid'revelations about the men who
c. Pezham, JcJnwon _-News Stall run the government for him. '

>aw. Woo_ r _______________ CLrenlaHoa De pt. : ., In the mean-

MAIN OFFICE fc PLANTi0f & : v-- .: P ,'" '" while, during lived only seven years in a

t Mcacriftf Road 'EL ...782 EL 4-C7S3 ..' the present tax supported nome, spent

,....". Braach Offices 423 Broad Si. Phone EL 4-3779 ii'% ? Ic shoot duck $3,021,215 in 1952.
_- : and -' run'' war! Salaries and expenses for
Mailing Ad&ene: \ ;( goin g-on between -'the White House staff a-

P. a,Box 581. Jaefcsonvfilft 1,_ FloridaSUBSCBIPnOK k --<." :',:tf the ne't -'mount to $2,052,000 for 19-
--.L \ i mocrats and 59 under General Eisenhower,
Republicansa I which is $168,000 more than
y..., *34fc Three Me&fta. l.tO .. :T. ; there is cer-,for 1952 under :Mr.Trumanand -
ODe Yes:, tSJO; Kal t .
ffi : tainly no Berth seven times as much for
Mailed To You,' Anywhere IA'The United Slate 1 t of criticism 1940 under thatVastrel",
WierrTpflnn Parable in Adraaee. Stud Check or Moat Order Tot
being bandied Franklin D. Roosevelt.The .

SIMPSON two parties.I Library of Congress
BUNCHE-BURGLAND INCIDENT- Nor does our golfing Presi- listed other services enjoyed

b \ dent enjoy an immunityfrom by the President, but paid for
) -- r l ,- the barbs and "stink- by the Army, Air Force and

BARES BIGOTRY IN NEW YORKA bombs forth across being the tossed political back and' no other"President agencies.Eisenhower It said. has

man's land of preelectionAmerica. at his disposal a fleet of lim-

ousines, planes, helicopters,
two cabin cruisers All
LUCKLESS New York quasi-aristocrat named Wil- For a n instance, an en, by the Federal supported taxpayers -
fred Burgland got fed to the lions last week when "he was lightening tidbit is here presented The air fleet available

unceremoniously elbowed out of the presidency of the WestSide for your perusal and, for the ,President's use con-
Tennis Club for refusing Dr. Ralph Bunche's requestto possibly, for your bitter sists of a four engine Super ,
become a member of the club. amusement.' It was taken Constellation, two sixpassenger "
-One has to suppose that Dr. Bunche ,had no malicious f.IS .4 from the files of the Commit-' Aero-Commanders, and a

intent in requesting membership in the first place. One as fee On Political. Education,,number of helicopters. In ad-
well has to suppose that Dr. Bunche merely wished to avail 4 A AFL-CIO, and published: by dition, thre Boeing 707 jet
himself-and son-ofthe club's,fine facilities and not the them in the form of a news- air liners are on order for use

possible social elevation which having his name ,on that ONLY STRONG. CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION CAN DO THE JOB letter of the president, high rank-
s *
roster would afford him. "(; I ing officials and heads of
Dr. Bunche, after all, is an independently outstanding ; SHOULD EVERYONE state.
man.Hence, after reflection Dr. Bunche's membership denial EXCEPT IKE? "The Super Constellation,
loses weight against the fact that Wilfred-Burgland got "President Eisenhowerwants Columbine III cost in the

,himself thrown to the lions by persons who are slyly perpetuating Your Weekly people to believe he's neighborhood of $3,000,000. .
the very condition he haplessly'defended racialdiscrimination. '_ all for economy in govern- The Air Force estimates the +
per hour cost of running the
ment. So he cuts down on
It is not a matter of feeling sympathy for Burgland.His Horoscope Guide \ funds for health research, plane is approximately $711.
haughty demonstration of bigotry does not leave' him schools, the armed services, "It is reported that at least 1

deserving of sympathy. It is, however, a matter of focusingour I ASTROLOGER and so on and so forth. But 20 cars are rented on a regular -
attention on the dangerous deceitfulness of many so- -i By the White House, for come basis for use by the presi-

called anti-discriminationists and anti-segregationists up --- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS fOR reason, is an exception. dent and his staff. Additional
vehicles made available
North.These "The House Appropriations are
'righteous and humanitarian people, who claim to BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Committee reports that a when the use arises. The president t
deplore-denial in any form,are:the very ones who advocate study by the Library of Con- is reported to have
,and daily practice'racial discrimination1 and hate. The Burg. I gress, based on Budget Burea three cars: A recent model
land sacrifice left this a naked revelation, for many of hi; figures, shows that Mr. Ei- Cadillac, a bubbletop Lincoln
tormentors who let stentorian roars of protest, denouncement ARIES I give up hope.The real thing I overcome the in. Financial senhower has asked some 80 costing $30,000.and a Chrysler -
and condemnation are members of golf, tennis, yatch- Born March 21 thru April 19, soon'due. considerations have to be per cent 'more to run the Imperial equipped with a
ing and other types of clubs in which Negro membership is If you allow yourself to 3.-604L1L..34--364: taen into account 'and' it1'1 White House in 1960 than I sliding roof. The Army furn-

absolutely out of the question. be diverted by the, lure of would be prudent'to:see that President Truman spent the ishes chauffers for his fleet L
Burgland's outspokenness, of course, was his undoing. adventure, romance or speculation LEO they are disposed of prompt- last years he was in office, of cars."
lIe told Ralph Bunche that both Negroes and Jews ,were you ''risk 'getting all Born'July 23 thru Angus 29 ly. !1952. :Mr. Eisenhower, who J
.barred from club membership.,He simply didn't handle the mixed up or losing considerable It is the others who' are 4-.807718-87487 has lived nearly all his adult It is certainly of pertinent "-
situation wisely. He might have fared a lot better had he sums of money (26th-( barking up the wrong tree life in homes paid for by the value to know such things "
simply told Dr. Bunche to go to the devil. But, instead., he 27th). Since you, are inclined and you'*will serve their in- government, wants $5,401,000for before we cast the big ballot.
told the truth: No Negroes. No Jews. to chafe under routine jobs terests- as well as yours If White House expenses After all with all the windy
So the-racial equality hyprocrites necessitythrewhim and endless detail, investi- you refuse to follow their next year. Mr. Truman who claims of our healthy eco-
to the lions. Mater all,somebody had to feed the lionS. gate the possibility of finding leads, The people to whom SAGITTARIUS mcny, a lot of us are catch-
And it was-certaily better,him than one of them. more interesting outlets for you are'Iiilked' are 'likely to Burn Nor. 29 .1 ru' Dec. 21 ing the dickens keeping our-
Some situation. creative 'urges or talents have extreme ideas as 'it The heat is not the only PISCES selves shod.
R your (31st). peems "to be, up to you to thing that should impel you Born Feb. 19 thru March 20
7--30-9912-92-739 keep them from living up to get away from the hustle I I An exciting or Inspiring
to them and bustle of your everyday development transpires around *

5.10.1114..41561 i environment. Team up with the 26th<27tk. and this S t
'your favorite companion and be 'the beginning of a
2es? may
fJH J, 1l tW"'ttW. TAURUS find just the, spot where you beautiful friend s h i p. You
thru *> '
Born April 20 May
VIRGO can commune with nature should not squander your s s
You may be taken up witha and Bom Au;.24 Jfern Sept. 29 and the higher forces when money nor affection on individuals -
* ;ecret love or ,hope You may hare the desireto you are so inclined The pos-I who are not worthyof FLORIDA STARIN

tempted to give it greater have extend a helping hand to sibility of placing your trust them when you are aware

expression able t h do a n heretofore.It -you a neighbor or relative who I.in the wrong person, causeor of the fact. Be more percep- EVEriYCOLORED

been however to if may ,be confused, ih wantor method is in evidenceandthis tive late on the 27th. if you
seems surmount, the, as limitations you-- the:victim of a wasted could become a very feel you are the victim ,of''' a HOMErain
cannot -
: obligations istence. You will be faced confusing and expensive ex schemer or of your own inner -
placed upon you by with the question as to whether perience. compulsions. A financial R s sS
to family, society
: 0 r a Ii unfortunate al- you ,are ,doing the right 62022i6.676 matter persists in darning
\ iance. ,Be prepared with mon thing.to allow sentiment to your 720551225725 attention on the 31st. sr
e overridde ,
better juddg-
and should
ey' provisions unexpected -
ment on. the.27th.. It still is CAPRICORN -
guests suddenly Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19
not thejjig'ht moment to
G drop in on you ((31st). '
.40L771764947 meddle with personal and Although you have all the
joint funds and resources; intentions in the world to
w however 'they should b e live up. to your claims and

f .. GEMDfl where ,they are fully cover- promises, you must allow for
Born May 21 thru June 19 ed and, protected. unseen difficulties, and developments

The inclination to dissipate 2_.50. _fifi. TR._.52_.256 which could
your'mental as welll as phy- I cause you to renege. You

sical energies by assumingtoo LIBRA cannot depend on anyone or
many roles or interests Born,"'Sept. '24 thru Oct. 23 anything, and even leess on

c" should not be encouragedthis Meanwhile, you can 'tap yourself, on the 27th whena
week. This is confirmedon your confidential sources of particularly fine intentioncan

'WITH POOD COITS SO DISH the 26th27, when the information and infl u'e n c e crumble before nightfall
message clearly states that ;and get them to stand by un- Continue to mull over a bril-
one goal should be selected til you can utilize them to liant idea on the 31st, but do
IT* CHEAPER TO.EAT HOMEY/ and all your strength and advantage. A serious prob-: not be premature by .revealing 4r
abilities concentrated purelyon lem arises on the 27th when it to others. t

c! PTtPtAT"drU S' ___ ,the task of achieving it. advice and-statements are L33J883873<
The suggestion or notion to undePendable and your own
do otherwise is very likely l reactions negative. Make,.no "
to be presented on the 27th,' assumptions and turn every

GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING and its acceptance will lead stone to unearth the truth or AQUARIUS

eke ibis ......, 1.... -. ,..... ,...-E. R.. t. rein t w I only to frustration and love's facts to 'avoid detrimental Bona Jan.. 20 lira Feb. 18
Oar .... labor lostA persistant idea results. Listen to the voiceof Everything seems to be
hr -b N.esaepa eNn.l by ieletese .. .. '
... .. ..... _. 1 .._ .... ,...." ..... ... ... ... ..", it returns more on time.the 31st but give 1,30.551737135SCOBPIO intuition,., if you hear it made just to your order on
resWar. Y the i---.s 8IaML but this may
a._9n ._ .
L'1L526'i be.just gold plating over a
--- i
rlAlLOr worthless base. A retrograde
FOA4Bl1 STAR ASTTOLOCBlI CAHCEB' I II Boca :Oci.:24 :lira Nor. 2ft Mercury confirms that,

| P. 0. BOX 561JACKSONVILLE I I Born' Jose 20 tin July 91 Your,hopes"'tend to rise so h a v e nothing to lose, you and

I, FLA. Everything points to the: high:asio -leadyou into believnig perhaps much to gain bj L 1

I, I I value of the positive: steps i -thfit, ,you _have the postponing decisions and I _
IF..e you have taken up to now green light to drive right evaluating exactly whereyou -
Invite You To Listen To ,
L-- and that they were practically thru to their realization. stand, in relation to the -
I! dictated from on highs miss, this illusion before it others with whom -
you TRAIN"
,.- You maybe: ,tempted ,to think becomes; the cause of a set wish to >team up. The may 31st 'BOO
I I otherwise and adopt an entirely back, reprimand or" frustra may be rather ,
air surprising in
sw. different point -of, view tion. You are; agtan made the sense that an tmysBal Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
I I ......f-Brfh :I I on the ,27thand that would aware'of certain: factors that experience which had

I :.: 7. ,> : .: .'-1 ,, be just'. .too had 'Seaaingff3 stand .in Yom' way and of oa the 11th may be you'repeated. 1400( _WRHC 1400
,.. a ...... -) "I l.butc: -oa 4be31* are I the_ need Q f waiting :jsrtil -
.. tSU11: false:alarms, but don't next )month beforeYOU' can 2 A09C. ) nM go 2' :
.. -.
-- .. -
.0:' :
... .. .... ; <' .: -.: .. -: '
...' v, ;.,'."" .. '. 4. -' .r" ;; :' ,:


.4- _
-- --


1 .

Week ''Ending' Saturday July 4&, '1959 --. -. T FLORIDA STAB t g.Wedding Thre*


Bells t .; CLUB NOTESCAKE : t c.>w ;:t tI.1'1! : :.. -:.. ="! :-.. _- -a u' -. -<0

., i .a s e ] t ; :
ti. .
f f.4 r aL' .. ,
.. = :
Application for I4htTlII ....
-.--- -- -- -
f bV.iA 26
Sarah Dawkins Court, Her-
oines of Jerico i will sponsor a *

$5 cake tea at the home of

Brooks .Fowler, 167''Me- Mrs. Hattie Jackson. 1141 W. BT ....-t'.:'.,..<,...:,.,:'..:-....;. >...:.
\ -
12th St., July 26 from 4 to .. : -'
Conihe St., age 21 and GloriaJ. LOUISE G. GUINYARD -, '..
Hollis, 824DeWitfStrage;
20. Several students from the c ct .
I band 'of James Weldon John-

son Junior High School will
Roman Pool, 1051 'ro .+
musical selections.
Ave., age 48 and Velma Hol- give y Mr. Franklin Jones, Sr., or Atlanta, Georgia visiting
zendorf, 1051 Florida Ave., +Y yS""' .. 7T+. Hyi. in St.
'"v4v' Augustine and makes frequent trips to Jacksonville.Mr. .
age 47.Lemon. 1165 ANNIVERSARY' SET BY Jones is an avid bridge enthusiast ,a member of the
B. Hamilton, SOCIAL CLUB
American Bridge Association, and we certainly wish
W 6th St. 37 and LottieB. The Nightingale Social and some
age of our local "masters" could meet him. He has expressed
1165 W. 6th Stage Club will observe its
Striglers, his
disappointment over the fact that the bridge players in
21st July 26 at
37.James. anniversary Jacksonville have not fit
seen to organize and apply for mem
3 pm. in Brooky Prayer bership in an organization that would permit them to par-
Miller, 729 Court G House. ticipate in regional and national tournaments. The procedure

Blodgett Homes, age 20 and Mrs. Vera Davis will be the for joining as outlined by Mr. Jones is relatively simple, and
Brenda J. Bonnett, 2584 W. guest speaker for the occa- he emphasized the fact that one need not be "tops" in the

43rd St., age 16. sion. A program will be pre- :. t game to become a member of the organization nor to par-
sented featuring some of the ticipate in its tournaments, as they are arranged so as to
Henry J. WatkinS, 2065 city's leading artists. furnish competition on all levels. He, has promised to sendus

Pleceda St., age 20 and Doris I some material and several copies of the-American Bridge
Johnson, 2479 Doby St. '''' Association's periodical, which: is published in Atlanta.Mr. .
age 15. 4 Members of the Century The Century Social and Saving dub, will observe its 8th anniversary Sunday July 26,

Social and Saving Club will at 4:00-p.mat:, the Wilder Recreation Center. A program has been arranged for the occa Jones, incidentally) is a native of St Augustine,
Henry Pitts, 55 Simmons observe their eighth anniversary sion.; Shown seated left 4.0:right: Mrs. Louise Jiles, vice pres; Mrs. Rose Lou Durham, but has lived in Atlanta for a number of years and is,principal -
Road Atlantic, Beach, Fla., Sunday at 4 p.m. in the recording sec'y;; Mrs.. Lucille McPherson, treasurer; Mrs. Ruth Mae Brown, reporter; of a school there.
age 20 and Eloise Fanner, Wilder Reacreation Center, Mrs. A. B. Huston, finance sec'y; Second row,. standing: Sandia Durham, mascot; Mrs.Betty .
362 Atlantic Bch., Fla.,'ae 18 Third and Mt. Herman St. R. Johnson, Mrs. Evelyn Bell, Mrs. .Isabel Cooper, Mrs. Willa B. Moran, Mrs. Mary e .
The Owens Illinois Ladies Randall, Mrs. Mildred Francis. Third row standing: Mrs. Edith Foston, Mrs. Mary Woods,

John H. Barrett, Jr., 132 Club will meet in the homeof Mrs. Martha Thomas, Irs. Cora Brooker Not,shown are: ,Mrs. Eris Johnson, Mrs. Eas- Another interesting party for the "young set" has
Mellie Myrick 1521 lyn Jackson, Mrs. Allena Longs. Mrs. Martha Ann Richardson and Jonice Jiles. mascot. come
South 10th St., age 19 and Mrs. to our attention that honoring'the recent birthday anniversary -
Dorothy Campbell, 915 1st W. State St., at 7 p.m., Sat- I of Miss Richie Grace Bossard, given by her god
Ave. South, Jax Beach age urday night.All members are aunt, Mrs. Louise Parnell of parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kyan in their Sixtenth Street
.10. asked to be'present.'The Bible ABOUT PEOPLE aunt, Mrs. Louise Israeli: ,of I The Rev. J. D. McNealy wasa home.
Verse will be out of.the bookof of Mt. Dora. recent visitor in the city
Edmond Campbell, 630 W. Genesis. Mrs. Ruby Fields, ..
< "" .
: ;' > .
State St., age 22 and Clara President. attending the Triumphant r.. ,<< Among those wishing Richie many more
Mills Rt. 7,Box 77, Jackson- meeting. He was the house such pleasant occasions 'were: Joyce Boddie,

ville, Fla., age 21. j Mrs. Rachell Zeigler, and Mrs. Julia Brown of 1830 guest of his mother, Mrs. Em- ,< 'i ,Frances Boddie, Yvonne Hicks, Janette Bryant -
son, .Homer Lee and sister, ma McNealy at 1568 Ever- r .x .: : Marilyn Soloman, Veronica Glass, Linda
friends in
is ;
Swift St.
: CLUB NOTES: I Mrs.. Callie Mae Knight of visiting green"A\'e. :;Sargent, Jaunita Hart, Jackie Toms. Betty
J VINE. CLUB SPONSORS 1402 \\". 16th Stree> left the Atlanta, Ga. 'She will also ,. ,Davis, Johnstell Wilson, Geraldine Blissitt,
ANNUAL OUTING their visit her son and daughter- \ ',: ;Frankie Ernest
city recently to spend ;: Porter Wilson ?\filq>n White,
District -in-law the Rev. and Mrs. J.
LEARN TO DRIVE True Vine Club of f vacation in East St. Louis, Ill. : **$Earl Harris George Knox, Issaac Hudson,
Church Hicks in St. Louis Mo.
(Secure Drivers' Llcanw: 4'of Second Baptist 'They were accompanied by f John Demps. Willie Roy Thomas
annual Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pres- Joseph
SAFEWAY DRIVING will Little sponsor Talbot its Island outing, July! their mother, Mrs. Mary Mrs. Margie Dicks of New ton of Leary, Ga., and mother I I f.I .. .".'' ;Strain John Bradley Corinthian Morgan, Lu-
4 SCHOOL to Clark of Baxley, Ga., and York is visiting relatives were recent visitors in the :IZ .1-;.. .. ..;:cious Morgan, Ricardo Hatton, Julian White,
leave City
The bus the
30. will
:600 West Bars' Street their visiting aunt-and uncle MISS BOSSARD
city as guest of Mrs. Ann
and friends in the city. She is
GEORGE- PERPENA. Dlr. church at 9:30uiu* Mr. and :Mrs. Jessie Williams. the house guest of Miss Fran- Brown Evans, 1566 Ever- David Sargent, Barbara McClain,Bertha Martin, Gwendolyn

: Office ELgIn 5-7742 SEWING CIRCLE PLAN cis Washington at 1526 green Ave. Scruggins, William Akery, III, Andrew Boston, Quitman

Res. ELgin 4-0839' SELDON/ PARK OUTING: :, Mrs. Ernestine Anderson of Harrison St. I Arthur Reddick, Freddie Mitchell, Vivian Davis, Eulis Davis and

The UltraModern .Saving 1122 Hart St:, left the city e f Robinson. S '

Sewing Circle'will"sponsor an 'recently for.Philadelphia, Pa., Mildred and Linda Wilburn I
outing; to Seldon Park, Brunswick ,and Washington, D. C., to Harris Jr., are spending vaca- Mrs. Mary Hartsfield of Richie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bos-
Ga. July 26. The bus'visit relatives., and friends. tion with their grandmotherin 1100 Franklin St., is conva- I sard, 1517 Myrtle Avenue.
will leave 13th Street and :She was accompanied by her Lagoff, S. C. lesing in her home. .
IAT' Myrtle avenue at 8:30 a.m.

This is the annual outing of SEW-YOUR-OWN_ WARDROBE CAN BE FILLEDWITH.ALLOCCi4510N
BEIRIERS'IcIc the group and invitations Mrs Julia Dix and Mrs. A. W. Cradduck of St. Louis,
have been'extended to the FASHIONS! Ho., house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bennett, Sr., 1526

public. I By Evelyn Cunningham minute that men aren't Involved don't dress" affairs. I, West( 5th Street, have been the inspiration for many bridge
V The sleeveless dress parties and other social gatherings.Mrs. .
in die problems of a _
then hostess of
a a
GIVES party *
,"don't dress" Invitation. with the cummerbund (Mc-
"Doa'e dress it
TALBOT OUTING arm almost anything.. Unless can- Does it mean a dark suit Call's Printol Pattern No. Bennett honored the St. Louis matrons with a
North Jacksonville Lodge Mall die affair is formal or ,and white shirt or slacks and 4836) has a four-gore-full bridge party last Wednesday morning. Mrs. Caledonia Simpson -
11"LQp.._ 387 F&AM will sponsor an Is specified as a Bermuda a open-collar sport shirt gathered skirt. The shined Miss Theora Leggins, Miss Gwendolyn Johnson, Mrs.
hunts't1s to 01' 8M _tiun. _IN- 'outing to Little Talbot Island short "don't dress" In the end, of course, he cummerbund Is sewn to a Ruth D. Myers, Mrs. Lucille P. Jones Mrs. Geraldine Hilliard,
mwLC.bonunf B or' itcbttf trt&aUfe,, & "July :;0. Refreshments will 19 patty wears what best complementswhat shaped facing and stiffened I Mrs. Dorothy Oliver, Mrs. Essie McCray and Mrs, Ruby
Interpreted as everythingfrom
=l =:\sawss free. The bus will leave I
e casual shirtwaist his lady is wearing with featherbone. Made hereof I Humphrey wereother guests on the occasion.Mr. .
try OT0TCX tor Alu1Ck:1 ::: .he Masonic Temple, 410 a
:,Mc5Sr sat! o .'wt.. 8:00 dress to a strapless cock- In the. meantime die ahuntung, the bodice is
Broad Stret
tnt.. B4. toowttit Ton .... a.m. tall number question what to wear still pal orchid, the skirt violet ..and Mrs. Junius B. Jones were the host to the next
Hit trouble wish "don't has to be answered. The Idea and the cummerbund deep party given for Mrs. Dix and Mrs. Cradduck, a lovely affair
drtss"" parties is that die la to look like a partygoer I purple. held in their home on West Fifteenth Street On hand to
lady guests are always In without overdoing It, to be The pattern for this dress greet the two visitors were: Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Graham,
from DRAB. DAZZLING! doubt as to what they should prepared for the party turning also carries pieces for a Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warren, Mr. and Mrs. George Whitehead -
three slim skirt with 1\Ir.and, Mrs. Paul Bennett Mr. and Mrs. .
wear what the others will into a cook-out or a record -gore a Joseph Paul.
.., wear and whether or not they session with all the rent at the back. Another ine, .and Mrs. John Pauline, Mrs., Mildred Green, Mrs.
; will be die only ones there In guests sitting on'the floor optional piece is a harem R. T. White, Mira. Annie -Evans, Mrs. Lucille Bains, Mrs.
} the type of dress they decideto Tearing just the right panel placed in die front of Annie Brown, Miss Joyce Pauline, Miss Gertrude Glover,
wear dress isn't as much of aproblem' the slim skirt and attachedat and Mr. Nelson; Glover.

And don't think for a as it might, at first the waistline and hem. Altogether
appear. McCall's1 Pattern there are only fifteen The visitors from St. Louis were also given a trip to
,Books arc full ,of easv-to- pieces In this versatile de Pomona Park where they were guests at barbecue given

{ asM make styles that lend themselves sign.Besides by Mrs.,Shellie Dix, and a tour of St. Augustine.
beautifully to the an interesting
combination of colors, the .
home sewer select a
wide variety of fabrics, suchas Mrs." Josie B. Wesley- Granger, a native, of Jacksonvillenow

?' "'! printed silk or cotton, living in Detroit Michigan, was the guest of honor at
L polished cotton'' satin, peau a*recent dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs. Junius Jones.
de sole, velveteen. The MrsT Granger and, Airs.\ Jones are old friends.
..i'with bodice might be made of lace W ':'

6 -Si and the skirt of crepe. .
'i k The pattern for the em-
pire dress (McCaH's Printed < .

t Pattern No. 4334) also comes
cIIIiI4IlAP ,Larieuse t with pans for a full,or slim
Y""f/Wf'{ Halrcolor skirt. As pictured, it Is madeof

4.4et' a pencil-striped turquoise You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
and white pique, with solid
'WoW1fO'1md.uahourlDralike { raoddV -cite- turquoise band trim The full,
l5J this proaaloDal take for "' n shin is four and gathered -
One hour U all k MIL gore '
Godefrot'i: Urkuw HaI :obI -:rGadl .., 'Applied bands are, PRICES! :
to bring back youth to pay..dull r K placed around the scoop neckline
n GIf or f d3 halt! ; ,
sleeves and I high waist-
L art eater..... Evetytlxlna you Deed y la dM r/e1 On Your
aM .... famous red box.Oct Ood [..,-. y line. The three-gore slim
I.= .'+ lonc-bsrinf LnkoM MvfOOOEFROYMPO : .. skirt has a walking pleat. .A DRUG STORE NEEDS
.. 1 pert bow may or may not be
$ to any
uw .: OCX 1119 Oto Sv *v t..l&
die bottom of die
placed at Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Stor
narrow.V neckline.Aa ... ., .

For Breakfast 'Lunch 'e'A .. the Made Snacks color. sad fabric to aatca or, ."
contrast: can stake this IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS
p.... KCirr .At illteSe eo- dress a version piece.
L ;: Fried Chicks _.4-. ttl-akiiteea* We Defivtr We AIM FBI
AD Doctor Pr
. wMh sssesped seethes ssld Not eafy i* it sdtftabls to
'fI IiW\ Oyaten Cod rinsed sssss....8CI. &III surreal ALLKXXAfiHN FAffiKM<< saner. ootteas sad sifts
Shrimp Hsm sssls d this dry .y else Elspte*drag wA a fcm l|fa bat It is also Ideal wfeeomade
Bacon 1.. ads widk .ptlael .aria rats shim to fcsa. wtau.ad .a in a ligbnrel.tv wool Dixie
Sftasagtj Pharmacy
i aasoisl at 1M swe* scoop aecttlae, aleaiM acid)
Egp Hot Gates .1 1I e sal .ataiisg t.-ta* waUtiiae. Pstkyi hew to A. with nurrfilng saga tends .
1 1 is i Coffee Wt tea ,eC t*. airy far dlwleeeeesl.ss. Ida fait,* Ss ....... ._,1 to fee the fill .a wtstegseMoo.FasiteSevlcr. ilea KXZTG8 Bonn at MTBTLB> : AYKfTJB
ill I 1] 1 French Fr. PoUio ....' Mf to s.aafthk s else W sore rasa fct nt..JteMj.uSvcnta. .- ..TeddyBe PIIOKIIIi B. tin: .N
M es Mk1eW.ts fecsmasseVfag
.esksabrg *Te t e aos
ROOSEVELT GRILL > ..... It yw .. ta .. Nat si. Isaaa, stfeiiil nylit< ....tall
.. or cettoa, sltsslts:. ei&er oetiaa. area! PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -

J aM' MI IR 12.. ter a :t.-. es -Orr :-: sloe! SMVS.....y..OUT. aim**evt ate.k tW'wM'c. BILLS AT OUR STORE .'
.. .: a. r

.. ,
'...i t:.,.:. "s., ::0"-: :t ,. :;' :,,'- :;-
'." .
'".'Z -'r': w: ;:" ,J""r '

--. .r

J _

: : -

I .

,Page Foar ..
THE. FLORIDA STAR Week Endlna Suprfav_, T..1.. )_t iota.
-- '


m ,, Yq. M ayxpye ef UNt a.b.W yryw -


Annual Revival of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, '
was conducted five nights by the powerful preaching of Rev.G. outstanding Church figures, from all sections of
G. McArthur, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church St this state and others of the Nation came to the city of Jack- 1
Augustine, Florida. God blessed our united efforts and five; sonville, last week to attend the 44th annual session of the
candidates for baptism were saved and the Christian community Progressive Baptist State Convention, which convened in
revived. .. j a five-day meeting July 22-26, at the Bethel Baptist Insti-
We are grateful for our, J I tutional rpu.... _Church-_-.__ ,:-the.l.L Rev.- ___R. .H.- Wilson, minister. .....
many friends and sister! JOINT MEETING r.7 Q .a AIIC uJUU is me annual
churches for their fine sup- meeting of the Sunday School Miss Evelyn
Wright Clewis-
port' in this Revival Camp AT HOLY CHURCHDual .7 and B Y P U Auxiliary, of ton, Rev. O. D. Williams, Pa-
which G. W. Scott, of this
aign. The candidates will be hokee and
y ?' f' Rev. A. J. Hughes,
-- city, and Leon T. Freeman
baptized on the fourth Sunday this city.

morning 11 ajn.-July 26,, Day wil be observed: 'AYQTv..Mt./ r { +..?O.y1. of Bartow are the presidents.The .

1959. July 26 throughout the day general program will

Services are scheduled for at the Church, of God in feature well trained choral FELLOWSHIP

Sunday July I 26 '8 u n day Christ State Temple, 338 1. __ and groups speakers., excellent preachers !SET SUNDAY MEET

School will begin 9:45 ajn. Chelsea St A. program will ;
Mrs. Clara Williams will be be presented at each serviceby Among those to appear are
Superintendent ,fn_ charge. Dr. R. \V.-Puryear, Presidentof -
worship will beginat the chairman and coch air the Joint
Morning -Li1L- Normal Indus- fellowship services
11 ajn. The Senior Choir man. trial and Memorial College., will be held in Emanuel

will march with Mrs. Alberta THIRD ,ANNIVERSARY:. Roeeiia Cohen local Gospel singer U shown here Rev. G. W. Jenkins, Rev. L List Church Bap
Williams as pianist. Baptis- Proceeds from the services: following'the Third S. McCree, of St. Sunday at 2:30p.
Anniversary ,
I program given in her honor at the First Born Tern m., with the
mal services will be conductedby will benefit the building fund pie 825 W.Monroe July 10th. Standing left to right: Mrs. A. CoWna. Miss Louise Rev. F. G. Hilton, Tampa, sters in various mini-
charge of
the pastor.Fellowship. drive, which will help to begin Rodgers Mrs. Rosetta Cohen, Mr. S.''V. Cohen., Mrs. Ida Dixon. Mrs. Viola Vickers Rev. J. J. McGriff, of Lake- vices. pulpit ser-

services will be the new church in the and_Deacon Melvin Grace master of ceremony. land, Mrs. H. Miller, of Green
immediate vicinity of Magnolia Cove Springs, Mrs. A. L. Deanof The Junior choir will
conducted at the Church of
Gardens and Floradalein Sebring.
God at 5 p.m. Rev. N. Nelson,: the near future. I 23RD ANNIVERSARY MT. CALVARY CHOIR' SUNSHINE CHURCH 6 meet m.for Choir rehearsal Friday at
p. 1
I will
pastor, At 6 pjn. The pastorof OBSERVEDMrs. PLANSpOBSERVANCEMt. JOINT RECITALS AT" W. C. Taylor, of Belle Glade, 8p.rn. meet at
Mes. E. L. Jenkins
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Sebring,
Various talents of the city ,.-" SECOND
specially requests the follow- BAPTISTThe The children
wil the choir will
appear on program. '' ..
ing members to be present: Among those appearing will Laura Jackson will Q- -- y meet Saturday at 4:30: p. m.

Brothers James Brown, Jr., be Mrs. L. G. Coleman, principal observe her 23rd anniversaryJuly OUTING PLANNED The junior choir .will sponsor \\t//j
Ronald Williams, John Clark,' I of the Forest Park Elementary -26 at 9 p.m. in the Elks Calvary Baptist Church Baptist Training Union FOR SUNDAY BY an outing to Little Tal- \
James'Villiams and Bennie School, who will be Auditorium, 712 W. Duval St. !Choir 3, will observe its 27th I of Second Baptist Church bot Beach Saturday. The ]
L. Alexander; as well as Sisters :the 11 a.m. speaker. The Rev.J. Appearing on the program anniversary, July 30 at 8'pjn. will present Miss Allie Faye bus will leave the church 'j
Edith Carter Lea t h a will of in the Roundtree lyric oThe at 9:30 a. m.Enroll .
L.: Hall assistant pastor of be The Sons Prayer church auditorium. soprano s Sunshine Spiritual
Bryant, 'Luvenia Wright, :Second Baptist Church will and Soloman Timmons, the Various choirs of the city'will loist and Amos Ealey, tenor Church will an outing
Martha- Price, Rosa L. Sey- :deliver the sermon for the 3 Singing Trumpets Holy appear oh. the program. soloist in a joint recital Sun Xittle
more, Gwendolyn Seymore T a 1 bot Island Now in theSouth'
af 8
]p.m. services. Lights, Versiteer Gospel day pm. in the auditorium
Vera Scott and Jaunita Al District 9 will observe its Sunday.
Singesr, Golden Jubilee Singers under the direction of
exander.The purpose of the The pastor Bishop W. R. and others. 30th anniversary Sunday at Charles Maxwell, a music ma The bus will leave Finest Cone 0 s
meeting, is for the organization -:Nesbitt, Sr. the chairman, 3 p.m., in the auditorium. The jor graduate of Florida A&M. 1495 W. 8th at 9 from FLORIDA BARBER
of a Baptist Training J Irs.,Essie M. Jones, cochairman Also apearing as special Rev..R. A. Rodgers, pastor of University, and an associate from the church a. m. and
Union. ] Mrs. Conie' Edwards, guests will be the Dixie,Hum- Walters Memorial AME Zion music director of Second e Avenue 674 Florida COLLEGE BRANCHG.
:Mrs. Clara Williams, is J have extended invitations to ming Birds, of Philadelphia, Church wil be the speaker Baptise Church. The artists at 9:30: a. m. I. ApproTtd

secretary. j the public to attend. Pa. n ___________ for the occasion. wil be accompanied by Mrs. Mother Sarah Jones, pas 630 Davis
i Rosa Lee Glass.Invitations ter, and members are invit-- St. at Beaver

:. ... ing the public to spend the Phone: EL 5-9874 .
have been ex day with the church.

//T /IS YOURcivic I tended to all to attend. A


/ btiYe HELD r :N
I t# 4 wx
Beulah Baptist Church will:
L i) 'observe Women's Day July I rt

26. The morning speaker will I

e bp Mrs. Aldonia Joyner, principal -
of Susie E. Tolbert
School, with Mrs. Eliza Rich
Perry delivering the addres

:: .r.. for the evening service. x Y3 ..
_I : -
RuT :". --, .''It- ,_. .. Mrs: Renetta Vaughn will :'j
.7 be guest soloist.Choir No: 1
of Tabernacle Baptist Churc
.. will be the
--- guest serving

__ ::T choir. Beautician Research Consultant

On Monday night; the Rev. ,
E. Duncan will) render services Works on Royal Crown Cosmetics!
yourelocked in behalf of the Women
: Day Drive. J. Strickland &,
Dressing and cosmetic Company' makers of Royal Crown Hair
products adds
to staff Mrs.Mlllicent another Research Consultant -,
well Qualified. comes to the Company
*.*.;& ** ,. She is* graduate of Beta's_______
I Beauty School Memphis,,Tennet- "
: research
; :ANNIVERSARY castanets.
# see.She
I --5. '" .-' ....... OF CHOIR SET University School of Cosmetology State, the Mrs.J.Strickland Bolton's primary Job with
w Nashville Tennessee,; where win
out '- she be to
won a pre-Ust an new prod-
scholarship to Comer &
frtrf -- acts before
) they
are offered
Doran Beauty School, Hollywood to the
.-'... ?% '., Choir 3 of Mt. Bernon Baptist California She Is a member of the are conaumer.'Ban4redi made before the of such Usts

?i \ Church, Mrs. Eliza R. Atwater State and National Beautician ten into national distribution Company en-of
*:-- president, will celebrate Association, and during the year any new product!
of IMT, Mrs.Bolton will
of the primary elections :;=( } : its 19th anniversary and the tlon In New the Orleans National she Con.venworn won the Research directly with the Marketing
14th Staff,
: of Mrs. Atwater July 27 National Trophy for the most headed by Mr. I*
'..... : .. .' I at 8 p.m., in the church audi- efforts for that year. The ere- search C.Ashby.for Director of Market lieslir -
: torium. Mrs. Julia Long- lady whose hair is betas styled Is the Company, who is
unless by Professor
you're registered .. I wort program chairman, an- Mrs Gladys Brodnax of Memphis. Hardy, faculty Joseph D
: Tennessee, one of Mrs. of Jack-
that talent of the -Cotton's son College, Jackson
4' city will appear'on the pro- ,

Tlifa wffl ba ete en** ifeito vartf. ., MMTITixt gram. The chorus with the .
fnn DBJ. t. largest attendance of uniformed -

V ,YOU'VE MARftllft, MOVED OR Moat; all jour fdeadi. wffl drop fa Ti tab a hsdte members will receive

COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST s mrmfng this oot zy. GOUBtJ. dtj aad ... "". a prize. OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS
-- .. opiDba ... w.. .. ........... ... PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN

LECTION...iWfWt .... pta*. oa Kite thtDta.J6., .... aM
had If aave. ..... aa ectioo.. To nfte A onmpliM ifeoel Then, ar. opening* ton
!!!!Irm tf 7.a p%- rem. Vomtl yy
1.,. t>ods acrele last .: thq dolt Kka appraral oftfafc.. kbty do,, ANNUAL ,DRIVE EXPERT ED N.wepap.r npodm ......

.....,. "'p&. r orfer year lie a1 ...- HeN'JOR'TOfee fa M Uf M afl the othsw,jrsoginfan BEGINS AUGUST 9 ..' oopr-readers. tdrtriladBg nlesre. drcsJfom
."rte' ...... .!esjB 9MV 1115" 700 a.o at 'M faaportaat as feat"Csocyoa.rokecfaryo a fluiwrni CeartJsatka men aDd womas pri&lan._ c8iupMtoiar! ....
.... fa feie -* ., --- .
type operators.
1 ,"' ............... .
AIM} t0l0 fo.e..e.. .not nffeer l The men of Simpson.Methodist -
= If y hive"'" y ............ Lost.d feftrifbi* te e% .. .. ges: weEddt Church met in the kick- BEGINNERS- WANTED TOO w. wffl InI

.. ... .. M bow,. afi9 BafBDOB BwK eat OS Brtbiiiie !.\t.t. _ad D! off drive, for the.annual ol b- young. reporters and p opl* for Hif d.par.
a ft .. .....w. s ... AWAY_ awmMs F W.rJd...... _,.;- .. servanco'of Men's Day at the yon BT a ml dsiair to bcom. a --n
'' Y. home'of William of the '
Miller chairman
ra' fM f&.al __ ri newspaper &aten1tr.
It I juu' bare.OPEN yD yaay'taie rgn. K .I.. '
of the
Steward Board. ,
) --7W- f
.. The observance has been WE NEED Man -
and GCi i J...
*** :Radftar'BOW And'ttart atkkf ftjanda, r wamY'01 Ig
yoor scheduled
.. l for August 9. aged'la all field for a ckaja &.w,..... wd ,
Elected as general chairman map"CT.
&oo AjfTro &WP. C. h your nam*'in the, book? A was Latimer Williams,

MONDAY TB8U 3ATTJBDAY .DGIIA&.a AS r .. with the complete! organization \ NOWT- SWe .,.s.c.-aadKTEBSTATE ...
Cot d7' CeiotMS ..... to be announced.

EASTB AY, STKET ; .: Speakers for the morningand .

;.. evening 'services. along PBZS6 .
O. Box
'Ii 738 Jaeb

.l---I',;' : 'I j--Il--l: 1.-=-='=AI1 1J..JJJ.I.._[ ',1' :iln-J-I.-t-]TI TIl:. {..:; '',.I--. ..... ,--__ :z.:-:::..: ;;..,d_Y.'i.-' ..J.I'':T S-:':',_".I".Il''l.t"- ';:-,:-:-,-eavttl. L Fla.-.'" ,--- .

.. .. ;'. J
; --- ---- '- -' .
'-. ", ,- ,..,' .,-.: .. -- -


.- ..

_- .

jj Week Ending Saturday July 2S. 1959 -- THE-FLOBJDA STAft Paa. Fir

i -

--WJ -_ _-_-_ -_ _'f:. -_ .JJ.. __ -

Announcing The.. aNtCK WITH

, '
: + +


Ui. i.J:""_ 4''A- '.:: .. _- $.JJAY" -1- iT j: 'v

-...... OPENING !' L.4Lli

: .1.-'





We Welcome Om Many Fine Customers Who Traded With Us Al Our Stale fe Pearl Location. T How W. &'F
Invite All Of You To Shop F.! Our New. Coaveaieni Downtown Location ACTOM From The New Sean BulldIng. -
Enjoy Shopping For Your Applianace Needs In Alrcondltloned
Comfort At All Stores! Among the many prominent educators lectured and discussed problems of teach.
ing at the instruction session held last week a I Edward-Waters College was (top
photo L. to H.) James H. Argrett. Leroy Jackson H.James Green, Miss Caledonia B.
Simpson, Dr. J. Irving E. Scott, director: and chief consultant of the session, and
William T. Harper.'


HA A & M FACULTY MEMBERS Church Reporters ReportersClub

CIVIC or Bring Your NewsIn


"SPACEMAKER"RANGE TALLAHASSEE-Three members of the Florida A&M STARMain
University faculty were cited for their outstanding contri- 'Office & Plant
Flexible Automatic Control butions to the City of Tallahassee Civic League here recently -
during its second annual
program. 1
Near 13th Street
Cited were: Dr. George W. -
;Ja:0t.u1Per&tur. Gore, Jr., president; Mrs. Le- 1 t rational, social and economic Note: The earlier the better.
Has HugeMaster 23" betterment of the Tallahassee Notices brought In Monday and
ii i itia Williams, instructorIn
Oven Famous Activator Washlag- dance; and B. F. Holmes, community. Tuesday will get better position
and better headlines.
Action director of maintenance. The
J.299 "'>" scrolls were presented by Mrs.E. .
HJga Speed Damp Dry E. Ware. .
Dr. George W. Gore, Jr.,
cr--- 1 Yr. Serrlce president of A&M was awarded PARTICIPATEIN HAVEA
t a scroll for his outstanding INSTITUTE
-. contribution to higher ed-
0 ucation. He has been presi- -
dent of A&M\ since 1950 and
$158'7 One hundred-twelve local
was recently appointed tocren"e
\ r for four more years on teachers participated in the ROOM
the. Board Southern. Re. Directing Teacher Institute
rgional Education' Board for held at Edward Waters College -
Florida by Gov. LeRoy Col-
.. ... liMe
Aimed at improving instruc-
Since its establishment in
1941, the Tallahassee Civic tion of teach g internes,the
FillAtrroHUtic I IIII League has continued its efforts institute ,h a d'as its theme,
2lnl towards the civic edu- "Guiding the StudentTeacher. .

UItr. VIlltl. ." Dr. J. Irving E. Scott, TO

director of Summer Schoolat
i COMBINATION Edward Water College
; KI& REFRIGERATOR 2 VIRGINIA SCHOOLSTO was director and chief consultant FOR '
T. V. INTEGRATE BY of the Institute. Ten
FREEZER educators, serving a s panelists -
with SEX SEGREGATION brought to the assembled ROT!
instructors information on

SLIDE-OUT r 61r6M as ,many phases of directing
= CHARLOTTESVILLE. Va. teaching. Leroy B. Jackson QUICK
= Unable to avert racial inte- diqcussedTeacher' Preparation -,
y ; : N6 r gration in its public. schools before Student-Teacher
hMlr this fall, the CharlottesvilleSchool Arrives"; ,H.. James Greene, RESETS
Board has approved a M/"W"' ...<.i..!*;.;.n tats/'.... and .!Rtti/l C...........*...r&A" t.
proposal to segregate the students Teaching;" William T. Har

7j.H; by sex. per. "Student-Teacher Plan- IISTff.
School Superintendent Fen- ning;" 'James H. Argrett,Sr
"Room Control";; Chester Co-
dall IR.Ellmwhoofiendtheproposal
wart, "Techniques and .En-
said that, as an experiment -
boys and girls richment"; Mrs. Edythe H.
would be separated at certain Anderson, "Procedures in STARHUNDREDS
levels in every city school Teaching Readnig"; Frede-
next session. Levels at which rico A. Dixon, "Proceduresin

Grand the segregation by sex is car- Teaching Mathematics and .. OF
Opeii Special ried out will be determined Science"; Dr. Milton Smith,
FREE! later by the.city. school'prin "Procedures in Teaching Social -
cipals. Studies";; Mrs. Amy H.
The School Board author ing Language Arts"; and Jo-
Limited Quantity! 5143 ft* '
ForKIDDIES ized Ellis to try and.plan seph C. Paige, "Evaluative
Ice Cream REG. 2 CELL FLASHLIGHT wlla BULB one year. He is to report to TechnIq\ies." AND
the board on its results next
Qutaiiiyl Me e*. year. Morning session opened
THE : with Dr.Scott ,presiding.The APARTMENTHUNTERS
SPECIAL PICEj! -_ ONLY 9HM e*. "wholesale The segregation thing won't and it be is a Rev. James L King offered

(Hurry'down and buy sow:wklle they 1U *- experimental,". Ellis the invocation. President W.
B. Stewart welcomed the
DOWNTOWN SOUTHSIDE p said. participants. The director
3316 BEACH BLVD.- Ak: : stated the occasion and in-
15 S. HOGAN ST. (Near Southgate Plan) A SEEKS ''TO PREVENT troduced the panelists. Miss :READ THE
; VOTER BAN Caledonia B. Simpson was
(AcrosstsomN.w Sears) FL S-6679 OMt WITH
EL 61'98 Op.n Every Nile Till 9 secretary for the sessions.,
Open Erery HUe Till 9 CEDAR BILLS Washington Sen Wayne Teachers were enthusiastic FLORIDA STAR
RIVERSIDE 25BLANDING BLVD. Q V Morse (D-Qre) has mtroaac- about this initial venturein
505 S. McDUFF' (flaws from Shopping ed a bill to prohibit use of such instructional aids,
(Near Lenox) Center) the poll taxi, property qualifications and expressed a desire for EVERY WEEK
EV 8-4624 SP 1-2880 o 0 r literacy 0 r in other such sessions in the
Open Erery Nile Till 8 Open Every Nile Till 9 telligence tests 1 n elections future. Evaluation sheets
a for federal office. Morse said were sent to each participant
USED APPLIANCES s that such testa often are used :after the institute, requesting CALL
2669 ROSSELLE ST. to. discriminate against Negroes his recation on the orga-
(Comer of Else and Rossello) and other mInOrity nlation of the institute; time; ,
EV 9-3671 groups. He'said that just be- moat helpful phase; improve EL 4-6782 ,
cause, a person can't read or ment by additions; eliminations
a.-. Tffl P.,M. .-. ... write dot mean that he I from program; andsuggest1oufOr ,
is not a good citizen. next institute.:
,' : .... ,- .,, :: ..






: "... ..
Page &Six TUB FLOsTAJt- 1' # Week Ending SaturdaY, .July 25,_ _1959 '

_, _...""", ..._'._,__ _4 ----- --- C' __
'. t : -, a- -... ,.. ALL-STAR ; ; .< .
; ./: MANMIEs
MONEY? SUNDAY5AUa i luea see ,re this # iauWnte
Long term 12 Yur loan Tk Has II I The Turners' Picket 16. MONEY AFTERGIVING *1U
PROBLEMS? Star Advertisers
repayable $10 per month 't' ntr ow e
on the$1,000, for home Improvements Ill Help. '- '
SolutionAvailable : .. wr retti, m t
repair and strength of.the Florida HELP '

additions to your existing AD Stars._will'be tested'when ,
hours. Quick and efficient If Instructions
they ga-against the Georgia
Followed Summer Music School
service. No red tape. Just AllStarsat'the,'Myrtle Avenue -

good credit rating! and home.own JOHN. Strictly WAMSTEKER Personal: Baseball- Park- at- :3 pm: : Walter, :Kinard, of 2951'Old. Six Big Weeks .- June 15 July 24
or buying own '
August 16. ; ?>- St. Road"said he SCHOOL
M. J. SIMON Dept. 15 .p' .* F ;Augustine SUBJECTS Grads 1 -8
521 Fiat Federal Buildup Box 10 Otters The Georgia All-Stars will was 'robbed .of $41 last'Wed- Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion

30S W. Adams EL 6-2489 I Cape, South Africa come into Jacksonville sport nesd yin the'home of'a woman 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722

ing a long string of victoriesand who 'asked him to 'helir-]
they will be out to stop
-Obsolete government construe. the Florida team coM in their carry some,groceries to her PHOTOGRAPHS FOR
lion :
specifications annually:cost louse. -
: the taxpayers millions of dollar* tracks.
ATTENTION READERS by allowing unsuitable materials have EVERY OCCASION
The Florida All-Stars
to be installed in public,works I He said he was standingon
Please Bring or Send Your hitters who can breakup
projects,reports the Code Advis- some the corner of State Street
ory Council of the Sanitary Engineering a ball game at any moment f Expert Photography
Church News, Club Notices & Announcements! : Committee of Washington :- and they believe their pitching and Myrtle Avenue waitingfor Y. I Portraits Weddings Banquets

N To The FLORIDA STAR Early The,.D.reason C. reports_ E. E. can match anything the a bus when !Miss Ruby ss,..w s e. s Passport & Identification Photo

Collins,head of the committee is Georgia'team has to offer. Graham, 40, of a W.. Beaver Photostats &. Commercial Work
DEADLINE FOR NEWS IS that these federal specifications k Photos For
Newspaper Cull
Williams Street adress came with
\ often permit the use of less enduring James Big _Jim, up
TUESDAY at'NOONFLORIDA .. materials in government who knows his' way around groceries and asked him to While You Walt
# I projects-especially in underground when it comes to baseball is ;\:, ..' Coloring & Picture Framing
help her.
STAR sanitary installations.Although activities .a Let Us Take A Photo Of Yon
initial costs are Iowertbe"saving" in charge 'of the day's ,4 CdlrS

2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street eventually costs the taxpayers says he is mighty proudto He consented to help and
more"than double when be able to line up two teams ?? ___ In Natural Color -
the substitute materials after reaching her home he
prematurelyfailandhavetobere that he believes will satisfy J. AVERY
: laced. down ina' chair and' fell
.. One example cited by Mr.Collins the baseball loving public. AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
occurred in Luling,.Texas.A asleep.. He said he woke as
concrete sewer line in place only Before the main attraction she was taking the money 611 West Ashley Clara While Mission Bldg.
Honor ride-To-B e With Shower Breakfast 4 years,had to be dug up and replaced comes off, a team of junior from his pocketbook.. Police 1

The photo with\above vitrified shows clay this pipe.in leaguers will play a game..The said they advised Kinard to 'Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments:

stallation. The pipe skeleton on teams are chosen from the take out a warrant. .
the right was all-that remained circuit.
. ::- !! an
uncovered I The game is'being sponsored I
pletely deteriorated from the by the Elks charities and BUSINESS.DIRECTORY
effects of acids and other corrosive .
l for charitable -
sewer wastes.. the; proceeds,. go

Vitrified clay pipe, on the left, I purposes. Advanced The fIrms Listed Below Art Recommended As Reputable Establishments I
is chemically inert and can't fail tickets will be on sale at
i because of rust corrosion decay, placest to be designated later. Specializing) Services and Products
chemical decomposition" or disintegration.
's Had it been installed
__ initially,it would still be in service AUTO SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS
I and would have saved the tax .. ..
I ,
ir4 payers 'thousands of dollars in A:=; : :. _.'...,... ...., ":-" ., '
: '
tax monies.


fASi AND CONVENIENCEGillette : City County and Federal Bonds
Law Exchange Bldg. EL MttS
.r A V

Comple Body Repair & Paint Work .

f : Ii: _:_ Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:-* ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE

FLORIDA STAR Price Start at $440 38 Years In Electroales

There probably are no surprises In a girl's life which she LADE b.818S1 All Work anv.at.dn.
IN EVERY WITH EWE N 532 East Adams Street EL ) .
remembers quite so long as the showers given for her just Dot ANDSTYRENICASI :, t3<< t Forest Street 44864

before her wedding. Details of these parties often are lor- COLORED HOME f 1 I '

gotten however, since many of them ring of similarity; both $100 .. AVERY'S STUDIO
in style of entertaining and in the refreshments that are (; o s4 I' |_ ': '
served.If Commercial Weddlag* Home PoiraJiJYee

you would like to add a touch of originality and novel- FOODS ; S we 'do 11 la olot'I'

ty to the showers you gIve, plan to serve a Wedding Shower 811 West Ashley Street EL 47N9fc

Breakfast for the bride-to-be A perfect menu for the occa.. I I" :

sion is compote t>f succulent fruits, a bowl of Special K- .. ',' Royal Crown Bottling Company ,
wholesome ready-to-eat high protein cereal-coffee cake .
Ned a beverage. Such simple yet delectable fare; served In "r 1 ( ;y '.... ; .if $1235 San Marco BITe FL 94488AZAR
... TheSoulh's
4. .
we relaxed atmosphere of the ,* .. ., Enroll Now.
breakfast table i b sure to '" ;, M q "
please.. your guest of honor each and every time. .' 1\ Finest College #a SAUSAGE COMPANY
., .. I
'{f. Florida Barber College .

"" e Branch G. L Approved, 'FRESH'HOME MADE W. Specialize InConvertible _

---- SAuSAGE. DAILY' I Tops Door Panels
'Plastic Bag Safety Rules 4 .. Headliners Furniture Slip Covers ;

Woodrow Patterson manager ProL James Glover au Flordla Avenue EL 8-330a-9 3227 N 'Myrtle Avenus EL 4-8114 :

630 Davis Street At Beaver., -
v .. .
Phone EL 5-9874

,, ,
: Hal Estate Mortgage Loans
--y -Home,cooked meals served 24 hours- Rent. ,Collected .
LILLY'S DRUG ; 110 HrosdSlr.o:; Si ELI 4-623i
STjCIBE ..I 7 days a week

.. L ..x4 k rt i 1907 Kings Rood rte Spires ; I 285 Kings;"Roads EL 4-9921 ". -

); T: '. :i. Jones Institute of. Physical Culture

Where Exp ri.acedPharmacists j .. School Ol Barber Beauty& Massage
; ,
P l'. a i )
P : Colored Owned and ,Operated
Your Pr-T'' <<=7Nrd1ng GUS1 INA'S SUPERMARKET Tarn As'Yon" LearnH .

;,1 Th 812 Clay Slreet EL 4-6005
e s -
w .
? If You Want The Flaas In Groceries '
:. J'Fi .
instructions 4 i, .
r ; Come See Tsnise.tF .. : .
'' only the besJguallti.drugs. ; ': ,, ,
&e9 EL 64412 lt TAXLk
.. _
{ f {/ pWHH" ., iW.:; .J r"j.-' .' # '! "At Year Service"

Y-'" ""t Or. O. E. Black nan.aa+u &*-&j: ."*.Oraaata.,- -. NEW'.,DEAL CAB ,- EL 4-1611
: "
NEW YORK-At a recent meeting held here to warn the fk't *' '. ; LINCOLN CAB -.EL 4-1611
public"about the potential duIaen from Kls-un of disposable -:- aqjfSj; *. y FUEL OILS .
ultra-thin plaatle ban. the baby's crib, wu pointed to a* the : '
greatest source of deaths resuttl &-,irotn.suflocation by. plaitta A COMPIJBTE,LINE .OFt"tJ'; r,;*.::i> ,jcmm.ttca : -, Tuniquana Road. Trading Port

uap. : :- Rubber Goode:-t- cj lli.. -.i.aStmdrIee'rttLsca1rT10NB Complete Garden Supplies
Dr. James I* Goddard. left of the potential danger of the OAULED, FOR ANe,@ ;7l Fertiliser Fruit Products
head of .the Accident, Prevention mis-use of this ultra-thin ,,.,_-; :-l a.y.: "*., '-New and Used Furniture
Bureau, U.S.'Department material. ,. .. bought and soldS64 : -
of Health. Education and Welfare Mrs. Rita Hunt, mother of : INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY $ << Tlmlquana Road SP 1-3762;
said his department's, ,four. small children demonstrated .
findings showed tha mis-use of, the proper uses of pla8.lIcbal's 1641 West Stale Street EL
'_ 8W2Vuhington'
Health Service
thu ultra-thin disposable plastics and showed ways many .
as make-shift coverings in families were mis-using the PttSKfcRS t : "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"
cribs play pens. eta. was the ,uUra-umLWm. Try Swedish
out'thit'heavier : Massage Mineral Steam Bate
principal cause of suffocation Mrs. Hunt pointed ,."
attributed to plastics. plastic bags, such as BERGAMOT Coloalc Therapy .
Dr. Goddard said that when those used for fruits and vegetables FUNERAL HOMES D. C. Washington Masseur Same y
an infant lies on its stomach.: have many additional For 23 Years
safe.uses around the home For .
as prescribed by pediatricians. instance she told the audience' gu: N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-2478
its face may come In contactwith 0 1 0
the bags can be used for storing '
the non-porous material
a result of moving. around in leftovers or putting In the foodstuffs refrigerator as WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
the crib.
sharp,cheeses onions, etc., in a delivery
He reported that each year without having the DORMAN FUNERAL HOME.Frs5 any part of_ the cityAMBIILIINCE
refrigerator ,
approximately l .OOO children odor-penetrate other foods ,or Wau OLD RELIABLE __t__
under the age of 1& die as a for such other uses as carryingwet .SERVICE 24-HRS. A DAY 601 Street EL 4-1380
result of accidents. The princi .s
pal causes of accidental deaths'' Mrs.garments Hunt demonstrated or diapers. the ii Surial Vaults & Tombstones., Mausoleums JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
were and drowntngs.listed as automobiles In older groups fires' safety experts points In health recommended'safety. medical by- Notary Public Mrs. Rev. A. A. Johnson STORE

firearms were also included.. : and:other fields which are t 5412'Bodgir'Rdi ': ,; Ladr Attendant Courteous Trea&ieat --
William T. Cruse right executive cooperating with the society in f ., : .
t. ,. PO 8-2116 Opea Bi90 to .
: *
vice president of the its campaign. These points are: *
Society of the Plastics, Industry Never use the disposable ((366 Davis Street EL 4-1219
told the meeting his association ultra-thin plastic bag as covering i : .: ,-to :- r
has embarked on a in cribs play pens on i -
nation-wide program to educate furniture, or leave the bags .1 Mahoney
J Terminix
every mother, (father boy and where they can come into contact -i. 1- Termite Coetrol4'CARira.
girl on the proper use and not with the face of an Infantor .A '.-" '-Complete Termlle Control i.
the mis-use of the ultrathinplastic small child.Immediately. t. .'I'FUNElALiHOMEv "--i--Br"

material.He hang garments ': :: ... : =c= & "'.*'!,**s UCH.'MyrtleAT8HY. -I-
reported that one of the protected by such bags in a .: ; EL'C.lftI
:A 24 -... vT": pi
the took closet. .
first steps Society was : ''l'-t': :: ..
to voluntarily print and distribute Once the bags have served ataaas.e e ., :i+i.j th nt #i..w i.e. IIH QUICK SERVICE- MATTRESS
millions of leaflets and their-tntended purpose Immediately CO.
establishments public _health and/or knotting and place W" .y.IIneftC.. .. ,-.One. Day Service
offloers. doctors and other them In a covered: receptacle Old .
groups. ,as.. a warning.. parents. sate from clffldreiu !; ".'". .-....."'" 11788 Sage" Bead.{ 4 .. ._,__.I'M.'
----- -- -- s
i es
"':-.' /.., ...........,- r .... il "',M: 1r. ... rtOi r .II _41. J>4. ... J --z d .1104I",," ____ "-." __-A, '.. __. ",....-.., ;..' .A sse .. _........
,.. .




I f f '-- --

';'-" .. _: p. ...... '
Week Ending Saturday, July 25, '1959 _. THE FLORIDA STAn, ---- .e
-- -

I YMCA "Liniment: Classic" To Be_ ,Played At Myrtle Avenue t I IBSEE.




The Thunderbirds met and By C. PARHAM JOHNSON

defeated the strong Towers Jacksonville's major fun attraction will be presented to

team in.a softball game played the public Friday night August 21. at the Myrtle Avenue
"Before several spectators Baseball Park when the, Oldlfcners meet la their tanusl
:at Simonds-Johnson Park benefit clasale.
last week. The stellar attraction has

The highlights of the game been named t h e'"Liniment games make .a contributionto

was the hitting of the Thunderbirds Classic" because of the aches I the building program.The
and the stellar and stiff joints that occur money taken in is added to
a v' pitching of J. Knight of Towers. from the*-game. From every,the other and that makes

Knight had almost standpoint the game produces -!. the pile a little larger. Se-
perfect control and was as enough fun and en-'veral added: features will be

; cool as an ice cube out on tcrtainment to draw thou- presented at the 1959 classic.
; f J4tiFMf .S : gt$ 5/ 7.4-4::"<<9'Y,. ;;""'>""" <1'T" 1c-!'] the mound. The speed he sands of fans from all over Managers Porcher L. Taylor

Memers of the American Bosilc, McKinley Grant and C. Buggs. Standing from possessed in throwing the the city. It is strictly a fun and Major Taft Cum-
FETED BY Instruction- enter. left: Charlie Henderson. Ezekiel Burkes,. Mrs. Minnie ball was amazing. The performance show that carries no clown mings will be ready to present -
coursetamed were
Red Cross with Bar-B-Q Safety party recently by Isadore Sing J. Harris M. Thomas' Carlton Tynes, William Hegg of Knight was acts with it. the lineups in a snort

leton. The a affair was given at the -Hibauli picnic Leroy Freeman. MenU Baker Mrs. H. Woods. L. Miller commendable in many ways, The fun comes from natural while. Attend the game and
p grounds. Seen from left kneeling: Philip Shaw John W. Frank Simmons, Harvey Woods Elisha Handy. Julius but the calmness of the 'pitcher performances such as support the YMCA.:

Bennett. Johnnie Thomas Harold Ferguson. Sylvester Guinrard, Isadore Singleton, Emma Hightower and Em was .a standout. A tri- batting stances, swinging at I ;

McArthur: Charles"! Morgan, Julian (.Bill) Walton Leroy met (Chip) Reed. ole a double a single or any pitched balls, fielding ground
---- -
iecisloni8d by the unpin :ers, chasing high hit ballsand
Robinson which read: "I,MANAGERS POUR 3d not upset him in the running bases.
have the pleasure of least. Not one time did he
hope to OUT VENGEANCEIF protest the u pire's decision The players are serious
: fighting for you soon." Waller IRRITATED and not one tune did he get and determined. They are Watch This down

f .1.jl. said he hopes to stage a upset over a hit. giving their all out service 26 39 42
fist ,between Sugar Ray and for, a worthy cause. The' 515 44 697
The Thunderbirds continuously
Archie Moore in Los Angeles baseball. building program of the YM
: CORNWt 'I When managers pounded away at the CA is still in and '
c SPORTS this fall The former University become irritable, restless and I offerings of Knight and those who see the present :

E of Maryland star appears unreasonable, they start look- pounded out a 15-4 decision. location will readily know I I ; _

JOHNNY CARSON star end of the Washington Red ; toe reaching the end ing around ,for somebody to :The all-around play of The that no organization .is more 1 :

sklnr.'will not be retiring"ihis,s e a 80 D as previously of a fabulous football ca- take ito- t oh and the victim Thunderbirds kept the spec in need of a building than I
s 6-2tf, 200 pound end will be playIng ,- 'reer. tators cheering throughout the James Weldon Johnson
nounced. The 29-year-old of the manager's wrath the 436 20381
his seventh year ,in the National Football League. must take the blame, for theteam's game. Branch YMCA. j 67 89 ee
{ Johnny revealed the fact that he had received his con TANK YOUNGER the veteran The Thunderbirds lineup The present location is too
tract. He will be seen In the Gator Bowl when the Bed- fullback of the Pittsburgh slump' the pitcher'swildness against the Towers team was small and inadequate for recreational Sometimes He's c]

skins meet the Chicago Bears September 5. Stealers 'pro football and the slovennessof Bobby Walker, 2nd base; activities. The Sometimes Be ..w.. sobtrmeto he's dow
DICK: KLUiusrrs: :::), a former team retired after last season the other players. Samuel Maddox, right field, actual work' of a YMCA is He wtrks It sH mrotsrf

A 11 American basketball a career. Ricketts played and Coa Buddy Parker When Al Lopez was managing James Ford, (Capt) third I hampered ,in Jacksonville be-
at University professional basketball with Is on tho hunt to find a base; Paul Freeman, short cause of the non-existance Coming AitracSoss
player Duquesne the Cincinnatti Royals, now fullback who can replace the Cleveland Indians, stop; Levi McIntosh, center of some place to carry on. I 1 I 11 54 101 78
has been... called up by Younger: For many seasons a player by the name of field, Richard Ford, leftfield : Everyone who attends the
the St. Louis Cardinals and that h ehas made the'majors Younger starred with the Larry Doby 'was playing ; Bonnie Royal, catcher; I

since joining the Cards,Rick- and baseball offers more, security Los Angeles Earns. In ,his centerfield for the Indians. Roderick Freeman, first base -
etts has pitched some great ,he will stick with collegiate football days. Big and Otis Williams pitcher. SUPPORT THE DRIVE
He considered of
balls. The tan pitching baseball he said. was_ one
young Tank ,was the talk of college Bobby Walker and Levi McIntosh -
.4 star formed the other RON WALLER, star halfback circles at Grambllng College.I the most dangerous hitters went 3 for 3.
half of a great"brother bat- of the Los Angeles He Is one-of the tan stars in" the American League. FOR BETTER TREATMENT

tery with' Rochester of the Rams seeking a career as that made footballl historyIn Isadore Singleton was loudin
International League. Dick a boxing promoter. The the ranks.SOFTBALL Doby was highly acclaimed his praise of the all-around
did the pitching and his whole idea is in its infancy pro by the Cleveland 'fans playing of the Thunderbirds OF NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMS

brother did the catching. stage right now, however he at the Jefferson and respected by opposing He said the team play toget '
Dick is contemplating giving ': said his intentions were in- her ,as a unit and.if, they \
Street Park and Simond- pitchers, but tor'some reason I would like to nee a new policy of better treatment
up basketball and con-'greased when he received a stick together as a team,
furnish much z's to Negro customers adopted by local firsts.
Johnson. park got in 'Lop e "Dog-
centrate telegram from ; will be hard handle.
only on pitching as Sugar Ray I Ithose' they to
competition and interest to I,house" to remain there un- The regular shortstop, Romeo -' I resent being called by my, first name by ealoemaa
who 'take enough timeout !
to visit the games. The til, Lopez could' get. him ship- Dow was on the injuredlist. I believe that Negro patrons should be provided
ACOSTfYS I pad off. Doby :went the Dock Graham is mana
teams are made up of players -I ample restroom facilities in local establishments end
who capable of giving' rounds and Lopez went to ger and trainer and Mrs. aa end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains
EVERYTHING ,FOR THE FISHERMAN Evelyn R. Freeman is business
some real performances.The the Chicago White Sox: and rest rooms.
Bait Shrimp Live Crabs interest shown by the play I manager of the Thun' To accomplish: these changes I am willing to cease
ers who make up the teams! Lopez went :his way feel- derbirds. patronizing firms: thai are unwilling to meet these

Fishing Tackle _, would ,remind,the spectators,ing he was rid :of Doby for I requests.
;; of big time baseball players good and Doby thinking he

8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN:4-9dT0 who draw big salaries fort' was finished_with Lopez,but I NAME -
shows that PAGE TO PITCH
JACKSONVILLE."FLORIDA of as time moved ,o n D 0 b!Y
players are very desirous found in 'FOR ADDRESS
real himself a Chicago CUBAN GIANTS
the fans
giving some
uniform and back in the
competition to witness. I,, clutches of his, old Cleveland :IN NEGRO LEAGUELOUISVILLE ( ) Ton may iHegloee ay same IIdeafial nec.rary..

I THE ELKS ALL-STAR I; manager. ,sales* fau&mted' otherwise below.
THE EVIDENCE GAME scheduled for Myrtle I I -.I I I thai my same win be held oesfii
Now as the SUn goes downon I Ky.-Leroy --
Avenue baseball Park Sun-
day ,August 16,, is gaining in: the brilliant career of : "Satchel" Paige, who h a shad ,, "
r he
STACKS UP Larry Doby, must now the baseball world guessing -
interest. Big Jim Williams I his time the chief I -
spendd as about his age for many
js completing plans for a bench warmer of the White i and of the J
many years, one
there's no Gin likeGORDON'S gia real All-Stars game between n d the the Geor-Florida I Sox. Doby the has almost become greatest pitchers in the game ; PALMS ?

forgotten playerof will again toe the rubber in .
All-Stars.The game promises the major leagues. the Negro American League.
to be a toss up. Both, 1W"i. Paige the legendary chaI I i .
teams selected from' !,,;
., I are J"" racter of baseball is known BALLROOM
some of the best players ,in "-- -
wherever and the game ,is
both states.
: i I RHODES TO ENTER played. He pitched for a J
EZZARD CHARLES the t spell with the Cleveland In- JACKSONVILLE

._ .,1- former heavyweight boxing GOTHAM TOURNEY dians the once St. Louis I
."- t Browns. His latest 3 u
champion preparing t ostag. exploitswere
.'' :" a comeback.: The bout, with the Miami Marlins I NO DANCING ON SUNDAY I
will between Charles and -- -- of the International' Lea A W>Art/VWM, AftAAAAftWVWAftrfVWWW/VVVWMW. TAf

.. Dave policeman.Ashley Charles a surburbaa has NEW YORK-Two nation gue.Old I BIG GALA SHOW f:;

says ally known golfers,Theodore "Satch the Great"was
in the best physical shape
.! I Rhodes, the 1958 championand scheduled to pitch for the I
He has been in for 10Dttime.
a Charles Sifford, runner- Cuban Giants against the
The bout will be Itaged Harvey
In Cincinnati. The up are scheduled to play in Baltimore Elites. He is still *

champ has. made, fermer''the second annual Gotham one of the greatest drawing
cards in the
: Golf tournament sche-
Open game.
... to comeback
tempts ,
butt duled for August. 18-21, at I f
z 1 1
everytlae smoothing h Paige,once had his cat-
,Blue Elms Golf Flor- as
,. pens to cause a throwbackand ham Park, N. J. chers the one and only Josh I i Mobnglows o
It is usually the fists of Gibson _and William !"Bro
the opposing' baUl_. Rhodes and'Sifford are ther" Perkins back in the

; BASEBALL ,FANS have familiar figures in 'Jacksonville days when he was called the I .
having participated in greatest pitcher in baseballby 4
". :;, been,veryJDUch in,Sad Sam the Gate City Open Golf several big league managers I'
,.;. Jones' corner since, he pitched ETTA.PJAMESTIT
tournament onseveral players. The
r '.'$ his one hit, 2 to 0 againstthe occasions old wonder is still age
Los ,Angeles Dodgers. J
Fans ,believe Andre Rodger Another well, known ,character JI
should have been given an known.a 11 over the JI I
error ,instead of giving: Junior sports world B* Jackie Robinson j BOMBSHELLS
I tt -Gilliam 'credit for,a hit ; vice-president.Chock
t----- since Rodgers; caught the Full 0' _Nuts company has WALTS ,RADIO 4b, I
ball ,and dropped it The of endorsed ,t.h e tournamentand / THE SWINGERS
ficial scorer said Gilliam is also scheduled to TV SERVICEAll I Af
would have beat the throw play.Gotham's. ORCHESTRA

:J1yway.'ana said Jones Work CunaIeed I '" -' .- <<-..... :d...' /
,, Fred _
was robbed of second no- President, few and Vied TVs .
hitter ..of"h i s major league McLaughluvsaid; the tourna. 4 MON. TfIRU-INURE-4&
t ment has gained in 666 Florida Ay. /
career: popularity I .
1 -and now promises to be Tai EL s.I --. FRL SAT. and HOLIDAYS -

HMIEIMig 1X,01 Li :S l On i TIL ODe c of the."largest" planned Jaelaaamrf_ a, _Florida j ,.. -..., _', sl.004
WE.MEEX ,AGAIN,, .,<.; ,for, .tte.iaetTopetttaQ, ;lea.- I 't ""

.. -
< -
: '; <: :' .,. : ;; .,, 1.' a" '. .,; "'""- ." ,' -.'' -. .. ,. '- -

1 .

__ r-_ ..-i ...


-.,.- '" v '<'- '- "" .
: .o.: -- .' .-,.- -{ -" -,..,
!fiF': ; """ _. :.


.ge EIgkt : THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday July 25 19W

Starting FrL July 31st *

The taut atmosphere surrounding IS USED TALLAHASSEE <. An escaped *

Little Rock's school TO HIT MAN WITH murderer was returned -, NEW- *

WED.WATUSI) crisis seemed to abate on James Herbert Washington to the waiting arms_of ieIe
1T Tuesday: when '''five Negro ;'34, of 1056 Julia Streetwas the law .this week when his HORRORS.OFtHE -

: students'one a girl on nit on the head with a uncle delivered him'to Leon
crutches ; for Sheriff -IeIe
--registered en- by County W. P. Joyce.Bassie :
hammer last Tuesday a
rollment in the city's embat- Jackson, of this city/" -
tled, formerly all-white high person he did not know, police -Ie
chn/co schools reported. received .t:h e news :that his BLACK
nephew, 27-y a r-old Daniel
b GEORGE MONTGOMERY ._Four of the students were. Washington told police he Brown, had escaped from a :
; ; among the original nine was fighting with a man in state road gang near Fort
DAVID whose integration into Cen- the 600 block of State Street Pierce. Brown was serving i ,

HOD CAMERON IN tral High School in September and during the scuffle an- 40 years for second degree
I 1957 ignited mob violenceof other man unknown to him, murder.
SPOILERS OF THE FOREST such preportions that fed struck him several times witha
eral troops were brought into hammer. Brown, who went to hisuncle DNEMASGQPECOLOR
play to restore order. Actually s for help on 'Tuesdayn .
1 the four students themselves Police said they found the i g h t, was turned over to 'Ii A tip of the repel. thy
s .' did not appear. They victim in Broad Street Lane the sheriff on Wednesday. to theee eatotaa@s
were represented. by their and took him to Duval Medi- He is being held in county Plus "Headless Ghost" young Amsdaas, W..
parents. cal Center. He was treated jail until his transfer backto make our eon W
and arrested and so was St. Lucie *
County. bstiee
CMU --'tr a
The fifth student to regis- Charles Theodore Huston.
REV. SISTER KAY ter was 19-year-old Gloria The two were charged with DIaee ba+whtah to ....

Gant who hobbled into Central fighting and disorderly con ** *.4w
Sister Kay's Temple Of Faith High School on crutches. duct.. HAVE CASH WILL BUY
She was not among the orig- X
r inal nine. Patrolmen Johnnie J. Doe
1925 West 45th Street: PO 5-9383 and Freddie D. Mack investi- YOUR VACANT LOTS
Jess :Matthews, principal of gated.

Sister Kay,Gocbent Christian Women is now locatedin the Central first High 20 white School,studentsby greeted Call EL 46782Mr.. Kay -

her Own Temple of Faith. By God's Hand Sister saying: "I'm glad to see MULE IS STOLEN
.you. It's good to have some
Kay has helped thousands in All Walks of Life. If customers again/', Ben Bolton, 74, who bunksat I .

kind As a precaution against 1323 W. 13th Street was "<0;' ..' '. ,
you are Crippled: Blind or have Sickness of any NOW OPEN ..,'"" "
violence, police patroled the quite sad 'l Monday when ,, ;"j
See Sister Kay who has God's Gtven Powers. If you surrounding area of all the someone took his mule ftom w
schools involved. The regis- 13th and, Whither Streets
have- Bad Luck or Evil Influences, If not, Successful. tration was carried on with- while he took'little jaunt THE GOLDEN RULE CHIROPRACTIC JOHN ROBERT DIGGSSealer
> out incident. New Stanton jft>
Not Happy in Love. Marriage or Divorce Problems. Bolton's Molly, a brown HEALTH CLINIC High School j.
mule with black tail and
Dealers and
/ Pepsi Cola ,
See Sister Kay. Below are two of the, people Sister ELDERLY MAN JAILED white mouth, had been cut 518 Broad Street Pepsi Cola Bottling Campan ,
free from where she tied.
was (Between Ashley and Church Streets) proud to salute'
Kay has helped: Left;"! Mrs. Jones had an Incurable FOR STARTING FIRESAn The mule is valued at $100. John of the 12th grade1'class.
85-year-old man was Patrolman. Solomon in- AT LAST A Chiropractic!
Disease Flat on my Back. I heard about Sister Kay's jailed last Wednesday on vestigated. He Is a member
charges of disorderly conduct Clinic To Provide Treatment) the Safe Driver Club. He]
Temple. Thanks to the Good Lord. I went to'Sister and carelessly setting fire ina plans to attend college. j ,
.. RESTAURANT for Jaxons Suffering from:Arthrltls. .
rooming house ************
I and will
Kay now am Happy Working again. I When firemen answered a REFUSAL UPHELD Asthma Nervous condl-1

Recommend Her to Any One Who Needs Help."Right: call at 2:23 p.m. from 816 W. .-- BX COURT lions. Headaches Back pains! ';,.
Monroe Street, Asst. Fire other body pains, Stomach, q' t tic
"I Mrs. Williams had many Love Problems, Couldn't Chief W. A. Jackson noticed Liver and Heart trouble, and '' 'b y'

something familiar about the ] | other forms of ailments. .
RICHMOND, Va. Charles | Chiropractic Can End Your rc l
y but he could not determine -
\ .;Sleep or Eat. Had Bid: what it was until he E. Williams, an Internal Rev- $ Suffering Visit This Modern? t
Luck and Evil Influence.I rain into Phillip Alley, who enue service attorney, lost a Clinic and Let Us Help You.
heard about Sister suit against an Alexandria
lives at that address. ?
',Ka '. Temple. With hn Howard Johnson's restaurant
;;Help and Good Advlc' Chief Jackson the nremembered because the U. S. Fourth Circuit DR. W. F. WEAVER j
that about an hour Court;:of Appeals uphelda
know I am Happl in .
very | Dr. W. F. WEAVER In Charge Phone EL 67830wwwwwwwww
Marriage and able to do before a call had been Dade lower court decision that ,;
Work. I Recommend to that same address. The the restaurant lawfully can *
my Sister Kay Very Highly.' first call'was to put out a fireon refuse service to Negroes. BETTY J. KENDRICK

.. -. .the bed in Alley's room. Williams Negro, soughta ROOSEVELT1ST. Mew Stanton Sealer
The second call was to put outa High School
Mrs. Jones Mrs. 'Williams' declaratory judgment that ,
trash fire in a vacant room his Tribute Is paid to Betty
exclusion from the
across the halI,from Alley. violated his civil rights.He -. JAX SHOWINGI! Sun. Tues. July 26.28 .of the 12th grade class
LISTEN TO THE GOSPEL HOUR FOR Her hobbies are reacangtr
Chief Jackson became disgusted said he was refused serv- -
SISTER KAY'S PROGRAM ON WOBS.BRAKESn. with that kind of car- ice on April 20, 1958. I INNOCENT VICTIM VIOLENCE and SIN!! (attends and music Friendship listening. She
and had Alley put Church '
rying on '
where he could start no fires The suit was dismissed by "SHE BATHES A LA HEDY LAMARR IN 'ECSTASY'!" iC

-maybe. District. Judge'Albert V. Bryan. .-Walter WinchcUyToTfceYkfofM.Sfce C***** *** ***

In its unanimous decision, ,'6le f t

FOR RENT the appeals court said the restaurant 1

Private furnished room for is at liberty to deal "
one person. 2024 Run Street with anybody "as it may se
lect" and is 'not operating in
FOR' RENT violation of any constitutionalor

Five room, house with electric statutory provisions.

RELiNED water heater. Located Alexandria is in northern t .
2113 West 40th Street. $27.50 Virginia just across the Potomac rARTHUR-
WAITHOUR every two weeks. Call EL
WHItt YpU River from Washington -

NO GOWtf PAYMENT 41132. D. C.PAYS. Ck, a

New Stanton Senior
Controls Hardware for $30 FOR
I The Prize! High School
$175.00. Was N..._ Arthur Is a member of J
s.. Kt $19.95'1.... Boat Trailer and Controls
the. 12th grade class. He
GUll-II for $275.00. Contact Mr. Solomon 'LEG
.,', .IQ OOxMII 1249 W. 28th Street LOOKING'RICHMOND attends Second BaptistChurch ]

EL 61018. fI \ and enjoys read-
Ing. He plans to become ft,
$19SlOi0.i Sailor.
BARBER WANTED Va.;...Twenty- ,..

ptY.o 619 Apply West Artistic Ashley Barber Street.Shop., EL six-year-old''George Hunt col-'. I[A.mWI ca l &f i * *
with conviction -
a a cou- i
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towed into court for recklessly U W Cola to ,these three >...
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eyeing the legs of women Award WMMA
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1031 W. 17th Street Pepsi Music-quest
.nt\"u t'i.ttr) :It appears that Hunt anda
Hours 6am.to6p.m. companion posted them- 'SUN. THRU SAT. Friday NltesIfc30
i 1 Monday thru Friday selves at a point where they to 11:00
3 months to 3 For Phone Request
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look' down the wom-
I For information call Mrs. AOBERt jj.tjSj -.I EL 6-0461-2
en drivers as they entered a ;
I Benjamin.' EL 53949. certain parking garage. t

s -- 0aa Patrolman W. R. Blaylock I6Ro k

testified that Hunt and James MV krk

Banks were watching the -. : 5 ;.
iWTT women of a hot day last i ; 'I -
I month. Many had raised their '. -I., __
skirts while :driving to take rI' -----------------------.' kk

advantage--pf the breeze. I' .... 1Li 1 "

therefore, was convicted -
of being of ill i I +sstth0e
: a person
fame for "conspicuously" I ftt&tte&foSKYYIEW !

. :. I drivers.looking at the legs. of women ...

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Charges against Banks 5 '
have not been pressed, since
he js ill and, quarantined at 1'fs1Mar '


,. #. The eyeballifig; H\lDt.posted -.MD TATKN..... -. OF LIFE" 7:40 10:13. P. -M. -
''' '''''',w. ,' :a $SO,good behavior.bond. A
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