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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200519datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date July 18, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005190740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 18, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 18, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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< .' ----r... ;.'-, 4 '. ... Et.: ,. ,, : .. JtnES. 4i
Tennis Club adt"f

Shamed Out, ,Of Job _. IJIlIIJA( 6'AIII. ....


VOL. -.NO._- .'24 Lad. M1WS'- : JULY. 18 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA |$ c.* *, o I

r !} ?':::t x /,9'..r..h. r. tb'' Af g i l .- L. 'S&:7:i'Def..C";;9 g 2Y .. .,yd,.,.{;r 3 i !!M.e'd' +3:a:'',.,.r..v.'i'r,,. i "-'"
Djj i i''v} Jd d.n :r.+ H

Dr r. .ii.', .'. y,6.. 3 :K:, 3}4'{ w& White f
y: 4 aw+

t D' UltimatumI
% Qq
: ; r.
;,.l,. .

.a. I, 4 Given KKK 8: '

: r.dvKv } .. -- ,-
t : tI


'h.Cimicoy : A.W
: } .

.Y tt .w ,Q.. rr::'/"y.'Q 'Qr't'6.4rfi4 i a'L ..rKUILUX. KLAN THREAT INTO SEWERAGE EXCAVATION

': H'f't} ;: '
K .
8.'x 'y.i.4e'k- PLANTCITY, ,A white couple operating a grocery I I By Staff CorrespondentThe

Y store in the Negro section of this city reported to police on
} }'f a'b;. haunting dread of many Jacksonville mothers becamoa
D. s :}c z ar3m r Tuesday that they had been visited by a band of hooded
and robed men(apparently! members of the Klu Klux Klan. frightening reality for Mn. Susie Newbury on Monday
rrStDWr when her 4-year-old SOD.M1cha1e. toppled Into ,
The couple, Mr and Mrs an unguarded
: ,'a I. H. Beckum '''related how of Hillsborough. bounty and 9-foot deep excavation at 4th and Stafford Streets tad
'h y,4-:: nj'+:. :}.>y"'.4. taK" txdam AJ:: h1Nat, they were'awakened on.Sunday Plant City to put a stop to would have drowned in the muddy water at t h* bottom
wv' r? e.\w} ,. ,;a.dn %4x ::., "1 K''y: ; morning and ordered out i these brazen violations. A had she not jumped Into the hole and held the child up
A' { ww. 3 ..yy ) vN D::nr. continuance of such incidents until his grandfather: Thomas
,;. $ d'S: Yrf Z:'x' 't.*'; '.a :y., D hi the front yard where the I Mercer came to the rescueof
them both.
mysterious visitors told them without arrests re fleets up- -
SWIMMING POOL STAFF The bathing beauties shown above are members of the they. ,"didn't like what ""was on both the officers and the .Mrs. Newbury, 23, was
Jefferson Street swimming pool staff.' Reading left to right: Miss Ira Baker Mrs. going on down:there." county as a whole. And it i hoarse and shaken as she handling that link of the
Maxine S. Jackson. Miss Shirley Ford, Miss Gwendolyn Collins. They are registered ,The hooded rhen told the will lead inevitably to worse described how Michale's old- sewerage improvement
in the adult swimming classes conducted Jefferson. pool, every Tuesday and Beckum to sell their business consequences. er brother came running to is 'sympathetic' little operation
Thursday nights at 9 p. m. to 10 p. nu and Sundays at 6.p. m. to 7 p. m. or' expect; another such visit. The Beckoms, in the mean;. tell her that the tot had fallen Michale is alive and; his

The intimidated*'couple as- while, indicated that they tino the .hole, part of the brave mother is grateful.
sociated the threatening visit would continue.to operate the vast sewerage improvement But considering the
MIXED SEATINGON with the fact the their 10- store despite, the threatening operation. going on in the that could be taken precautions

NAACP, AJC.DENOUNCRRACIAL) ATLANTA BUS yeii ld' "son' had been play- ,demands. that- they.. 'sellout: city. it shouldn't have happened,
ing.bea) JtiUl'Nesml.chn4 I j in the
c first
'"' : .dida'tathink.about : place
SPARKS Ncn5 I'ff'ATLANTA ren 'itf"the: neighborhood '-' MAN"COTS WOMAN -.--..: ttJ1Y: "*""**" :VSEGREGATIONIST_ _
l BIGOTRY IN N. Y. TENNIS CLUBNEW : roundthejtore.: : WITH HER KNIFE' thing she said. ""T' ust ran '*',
> to where Michale ,had fell
A white'man In' protest against the incident Miss Dorothy Ferguson, 35,
who :asked a Negro to move an editorialappearingin of.932 Palmetta Stret was cut off 'and I saw him going un VOWS "ACTION"" tv

YORK-Wilfred Burgland, president of,the West! on,the, city's, now desegregated the r>Tampa', TYibufie (July,. on the, left..jthumb with her der. I jumped 1n'after him.I. IN SCHOOL ROW
side Tennis Club in Forest Hills New York, resigned' his i trolleys touched off a min, 15)) said, in part: own knife last Saturday by a I[ just wanted to save him.
post on Tuesday under concerted pressure and denounce- or altercation which resultedin "The people want no more man who forced her to get iri Mrs. Newbury, of medium,' LITTLE -
ments for the role he played in barring United Nations official the slight injury of two attemptes by the, ,skulking. his car, she said. height, described the water Dedicated ROCK, ARK., _
Dr. Ralph J. Bunche and his 15-year-oldson mem- passengers. thugs of the Klan(KKK) to When she was getting ,off a 8 reaching almost to her seen to be segregationists are

be:8hip.in! the club.Burgland's Police said they were in pass Judgment on the conduct of work, George Martin, 42, neck. of readying battlements -
actIons unleashed formed that a Negro youth of"any citizen black or white. I forced her'to get in his car "Somebody must have call- retalitation resistance and even
a fury of protests and denouncements world of all races colors and became angered when a white There is a law against wearing -I and he drove to Folkston,'Ga, ed my father," she said. "All moderate Little against the now
masks While on the trip they got into of a sudden he was in the School
from various religions." man near whom he was seatedat on private prop- Board's decision to
anti-discrimination organiza- the front of the trolley ask- erty; there is a l law against a fight. Martin took a water too. I gave him my four reopen the
tions. The National Associa- Attendant to burgland's! ed him to move. threatening bodily harm. knife from her pocket and arm ,and held, Michale with the height public of schools closed at
tion for the advancement of withdrawal, the club issueda The youth, added "It is the responsibility of cut her on the left thumb, the other one and, he got us last the school crisis
they September
reportedly and
I federal
Colored People and the Amer- statement to the effect that first moved still the law enforcement officers Miss Ferguson told police. out. court order to -
,. integrate the
ican Jewish ustifi- I The 4-year-old was ,rush-
Congress resignation had been
accepted nearer the front but later I schools .
ably stepped to the fore and "to ,avoid,further em- alighted and hurled a pair ot ed to Duval Medical Center, upon reopening.The
raked the cliquish Long Island barrassment. The statement shoes through the window CONVICTED where he was* treated for Capitol Citizens Council
club with broadsides of added that Dr. Bunche a Nobel where the white man sat. THIEF CAUGHT submersion and shock. The a rigid segregationists
condemnation.The Peace Prize winner and Flying glass cut two N Medical Center has since faction, said it will do every-
NAACP in telegram U.N. undersecretary and his ros. Neigher was seriously OLD SLAYING; turned the case over to a thing in its power to block
a '
son will be considered for hurt AND HELDFOR pediatrician, a specialist in racial mixing in the public
to New City's Mayor
membership if they submit Dectectives 'said the white the care of children. schools.
Robert F. Wagner, asked that '
administrator to withdraw applications. had disappeared ,when they; GETS LIFE The construction combine Amis Guthridge, an attor-
COPS ARRIVAL ney for the council and one
man and Negro youth had -
"city sanctions of nature"from
the West Side any. Tennis t arrived. It was not known if ..... The November 1957 mur- of its official spokesmen, stated
Club. The club's refusal to the white -man was injured. der of 44-year-old Eddie Lee YOUNG GROUPESTABLISHES that the people -of Little
admit Dr. Bunche and his son The disturbance was the se- A breaking and entering Griffin was resolved in Cir- Rock wil never accept inte-
was termed "naked racial and NEWS BRIEFS I cond to be investigated by of- suspect was caught last Tues- cuit Court,this week when a gration in any form.
religious bigotry.* ficers since segregated seat- day as he attempted to reen- jury brought back a verdict :, In his statement, Guthridge
.. ing was ruled out earlier this ter a building from the roof of guilty with Mercy against declared that the Citizens.
Almost simultaneous with MOONSHINE KILLS year.. of an adjoining building at Charlie Lee Johnson for the Council would not fight in-
the NAACP's attack, the Am- EIGHTYEAROLDATLANTA 754 W. Adams Street, police 20-month slaying. Circuit LOAN COMPANY tegration in the courts. He
erlcanJ ewish. Congress calledon In the first, a white boy reported. Judge William A. Stanley on said the council would use
the TJ.S. Davis Cup com- -, and a Negro girl engaged ina A witness, Andrew V. Al- Tuesday imposed the sentence "action". It remains a mystery -
mittee to move..the challenge spat on a trolley. They were ford, of 745 W. ,Adams St., which became automatic on GREENSBORO N' C. as to exactly what sort
round symbolizing tennis supremacy Manslaughter taken before. ,juvenile court stated that he saw a man outside the jury verdict The American Federal Savings of action they/ould be plan-
charges filed
from the club's For- were against judge who reprimanded them his window on the roof Defence attorneys WilliamC. and Loan Association, a ning.
est Hills Stadium to another for 24-year-old providing Margaret Moore and caled on all parents toteach'their of the adjoining building. He .I&stwick and John O.Jackson new banking institution in I Inreply to a question, how-

site. with moonshine an 8yearoldgirl which children courtesyand went and got another wit- attacked the ,validity of a Greensboro, was formally opened ever, he did say that the resistance -
club's in refus- caused the girls death after god manners in public. ness, Sanderson Higginbotham confession made by Johnson. on June 26. campaign might include -
"The policy she drank it. The girl Cathy of the same address. Hig- However, Asst. Ttate Atty. In an address to thhe 150 rallies.TELEPHONE.
and ing Jews membership makes it totally Negros un- Ann Dixon died of acute alcoholism ARGUMENT STOPPED ginbotham got, his shotgun, Richard Gordie brought out persOns present, at the open-
international last Saturday.Two WITH KNIFE BLADE went to the window and that Johnson voluntarily ing, the mayor of Greensboro WOOER
., suited for which the'U. S.com-is other children, aged caught the man as he came signed the confession after he George H. Roach said, "I con- GIVEN FINE
petion 11 and 15 shared the through the bathroom win- took a lie detector test at the gratulate you who have chosen PINE BLUFF ARK.,-A
represented host, the but,Only, became intox-glass j 1 Sam Wade 39, of 806 West dow and was held by the wit- Alachua County Sheriff. of- to place your resourses in 15-year-old youth was fined
statement' said.The Cathy icated. Church Street was cut on nesses until police arrived, police its care." $200 and given a suspended
statement focused on both arms, last Sunday as he said. was the secoqt The formal opening climaxed !six-month jail sentence last
the necessity of moving the attempted to take a knife The investigating officers man held for the murder, on a two year effort by a week for making phone callsto
Davis Cup Competition to an- from Miss Catherine Murphy, said the man who was identified Nov. 16 1957. Rudene An- group of young citizens en- a white girL The boy, Clean ..
other site (or), "the spotlight 31, of the same address. as Billie Alexander, 28, drews was arrested by police gaged in ,business and pro-. Flowers, Jr., pleaded guilty
& of world attention" will pointup RAPE SUSPECT KEPTIN Wade told.police he came of 805 W., Duval,Street hada and held for grand .jury action fesional pursuits. to a charge of harassment by
the fact that our country UNDISCLOSED JAIL from work and found his com- stolen electric razor and cigarettes -' shortly after the slaying. Officials stated that after telephone.
leader of the free world YADKINVILLE. N. C. mon-law wife gone and she *in'his pocket He was re leased pending the 14 days in opeation, the as- According to the police, the
can provide no better settingfor Bobby Frances 25, a Negro had been drinking when she Alexander said he came op grand jury report after 'Cir sets had risen from*the mini- youth admited calling the un-
an event aimed at encouraging construction worker charged came home and an argument the front steps and went to' cuit Judge William Maness mum advance'of ..$300,000 to I identified girl several times
sjwrtmanship and international with raping an 18-year-old started. Hhe said Miss Mur the,bathroom window, pushedthe ordered his bond set at $8,000( $359,000. Two hundredandf" and writing her a letter in an
goodwill than a white housewife is being held phypicked up a knife ana! screen out and went in. On Jan. 17, 1958, the grand ty depositors werepaid atempfto establish roman-
club which has not acceptedthe in an undisclosed jail here. tried to stab,him but insteadhe He then went to the front jury ...clearedAndrews.. more than $3,000, in earned tic relationship." 'The girl is I
Declaration of Indepen The man is acused of raping was cut trying to take the I. apartment and pulled the 'Griffin was shot througha interest by July 1. also 15.
dence and the concept that the young wife in her home knife. screen out, went in and stole wren door of his home At the formal I -opening.greetings A Municipal Court Judge
all men are createdequal. after her husband left for The victim was taken to the property named. when he came to the door toe were extended by suspended the sentence due
"We may retain the Davis work. "Duval Medical Center in a private Police said the'suspect was a caller. top officials of several long- to'good behavior on the partof
Cup," it concluded. "but we car. He did not want to spotted when,he attempted to ,The convicted man is 36 established loan and banking young Flowers. The boy is
will surely lose the respect of The accused married and prosecute he told police. get into the bathroom win- years old.His former:address institutions. throughout the the son of Dr. Cleon A. Flow
millions of people around the the father of one child. Patrolmen C. Barton and I i dow from the,roof. was"12OS- W. Monroe Street city. ers.ftYO"FLOIiIDAHIS .
I ... _.. ", '.
;; ,', : ; ; .<-,. : 4 "
:. '
i > ,
..., -' '"
t. ,.
: -,- s
'* ,


-,' H !1 -.4 (j

-,' # .. J

.. .
..- -- '.. -" ,

..;P g. Two: _,:,,' .-<- _-.- _... (' ,' .. ,SHEyF1.OBIDA S f AR ., ,. Week Ending Saturday! July 10, 1959
-- .. ,,,, ,
; ; :;rT .ft : \ -0 ,; = ..0-- ;" 7 "-: r :,
: '
: I "Politics, -Ac Usual'" -

,,. I -
*- '

j1.- : By Eric O. Simpson

!' COPE; the abbreviation for Committee On-Political Ed-

; ucation of the AFL-CIO, puts out a newsletter known as the
i "Political:Memo" which last week carried some interesting
information about some of the goings on Washington..
:" ..C. We are passing some<< of.this -- --
: news which we feel would be than $1,000 a year for entertainment -
interest to the public. COPE expenses, gifts, dues
: : starts out by saying:. initiation fees, and travelto
On June 25, the Senate voted outside the North American
on three measures aimedat : continent toattend
conventions -
: plugging loopholes through I or for advertising
: which -stockholders, expense expenses. The third, by Paul
account chisilers and oil companies Douglas (D., Ill.), reduced the
escape paying their depletion,allowance on'oil and
+ ; : fait share o! taxes to the tune gas wells on a sliding scale
oft some 4lyr! billion It also from 27V per cent for the
f ob voted on af measure to help smallest oil producers to 15
: dependent children, the blind, per cent for the largest. The
,- the disabled, the needy and present allowance permits all
the aged. producers to subtract 27V&
"The first measure, introduced per cent of their income" be-
by Gene McCarthy (D., fore they even start to fig-
: Minn_., repealed the 4 per ure up their tax bill.
t cent credit against.,taxes on r.. ';::r.,, 'The meas-
dividends: The 'second, spon- ': ire for depen- S
k sored by: Joe Clark (D., Pa.), ....' v glent s children
er denied deductions- of more -and: other per-
as ; :ons receiving
S .: mblic assistance
by ; CAPRICORNBorn f,,; -
Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 -: was introduced -
; .1'. The determination to p .6 b t
shape'the 1 .. y
: ... '"'" j'; -
of ''-''" ... results, planning r :. Russell Long
a ',';.r' .. you are ; ,
,- :"-.rtJ _; _(:-_. _. for should .remain firm, even ". ..!:; ': : (D., La.), andincreased
; .. -"' .:: .= if you can be flexible in the ''fJ.. ediral \\
: f -
i ..--c-. ; -, methods and uti- i
ric, '''' : adopt
''.- you for
lize Since this is the success- : grants
ful combination that few ;uch assistan-
know how to create, you already SIMPSON ;e so that almost -
have' an advantagethat every person on public
And should' inspire courage welfare would receive an average t
on and confidence. You stiU of $3 a month more ,
feel somewhat restrcted in than he now receives. \
i the monetary department, "Of the 33 Senators who ('
and but this should not be theunsurmoUntable must stand for reelection next
a o b s t a cle. year, seven voted against ev-
S : III 240221442242: evy single one of the four
tell : pieces of legislation aimed at
.. AQUARIUSBorn plugging tax loopholes and

__ Jan. 20 thru Feb. ,18 those who need help the most.
You don't need to read the "They were Democrats-
papers or ask. others to,real- lis Robertson (Va.) and
ize that instincts Strom Thurmond (S. C.) ; and
your own
provide with much Republicans Carl Curtis
for', you more (Neb), Thomas Martin (Iowa
superior:information. Pursue
by the conservative ideas that ), Karl Mundt ((8. D.), Lev-
I I r LIBRA have erett.Saltonstall (Mass.), and
helped to build
24 ihru Oct. 23 sufficient you up Andrew Schoeppel. (Kan.).
: : private or joint re- (Three of the 33DemocratsJames
( an take very con resources and refuse tobe
Eastland (Miss.\ ), Al-
stepts to'promote swayed by 'those who would 'len Ellender (La.), and John
oi those who i have you act in reverse. A
McClellan (La.) voted
his : PROMOTIONS"i" ,r' surroundings ,by rather could alarming situation against nil three tax meas- 4
sway your confidencein t
i with agents whom ures.)
those on whom
your \
PROMOTIONS'' : confidential under- rity and livelihood depend, "On the other hand, only !I\
two }
Senators who will be
but up
B e particularly t _seems as if you willl for reelection in 1960 'voted

on"the 24th. avoid" 730111773J731 comethm with flying colors. for all four of the bills. They

or.groups were Estes Kefauver (Tenn.)

in \ and you.purposes are PISCES- and both Richard Democrats.Newberg' (Ore.),

Born Feb..19 thru March 20
; ..:- -679 "The next day incidentally, ,
at Do no .more, and no less, the Vial Street Journal reported -
than is required to keep order' that President Eisen-

; SCORPIO in your affairs, home and hower has promised to makea
I 24' thru Nov. 22 The 23rd bids you major effort oto help ,elect
of heed offers that can lead toa
field of action. re a GOP successor next year.
Us : limited by the lasting friendship, union or "Ike," said the Journal, "is
lull or other local partnership w h i c h should expected to hammer on the
try ; ( ,you should en-. prove to be v e r y construe- inflation theme more than
prove to be 5c'shrdx
: I time to mull over live ident expect to point out that
in nature for all "
I and to add the parties anything else. Does the pres-
be ; touches wherever, concerned. The pressure' of GOP Senators Curtis, Martin\ ,
A events even i.f i t
: some rough seems rather Mundt, Saltonstall and Scho-
will e prudent i n your f drastic, could I be just eppel voted three times in a
with friends and you need to get you row against plugging tax
and and prevent mis- to_act for your ultimate good. loopholes and, therefore, voted -
3 90
;; ( ). -32-19-39392 for inflation?

I ; : : _1339493- '

23 -ihru Dec' 211
for you to cast
: loss of self-con
i : aside and to prepare
that is >tni.
our basic nature. Nr
:: it may not be a
to take a trip oc va
store up the extra s
will need to set

; up:with the tempo
I be steadily mount- r Y
a 23rd should be a
: day when 'some-
have desired very
I I' to pass.
: j _1ft_M_MR

Bert 19 rem- (au
by. .... beted* MIl
... cttar do.'.0&
I -
1 II 1f.1J.

# ;;.A' I
i r j! -
'II .' ;
'- Invitee You To LiUn To -
11 It ';,,
1 I : I
.. .. I II -- :- 'KNIGHT-TRAIN' -

", ,,_
I I \ : ; : ox. : :Stol. .*' 0 I II Starting At.7:00 P. M. Nightly -

I I ; :'-. '. ,
I ', I
: r :: "
; ...... ,, "... 1-400 WRHC 1400-
I I -.J. -- .. MVMB_._ ) I I
I : -- -
,., : .' ,-,"

... : A .h

.. .

::-.....:... } :".,. .' .....-. .... ,<,.;.,.,,"" ---4Y'.b'.4._'';;....0..;.. '_> ._,",.- T.' '>r .,' "...- { ..., .. i





Week Ending Saturday July 18, 1858 _i n.oBIDASTAB_ Page nr-- .

3rtt' St., age 22 and Evelyn F. r3

Wedding Bells Lewis, 1116 Evergreen Ave. -= : -' -

age 16.Joe <
Applications: for Marriage

Licenses L.Jordan, 1438 IllinoisSt -
:, age 20 and Lela. G. Wli- BT
Raiford A. Brown, Jr., 1144 'I cher, 1428 Illinois St., age 19. LOUISE G. GUINYARD
Evergreen Ave., age 28 and James Walters, 925 W. ,26 I ; *

Priscilla A. Walker, 912 W. St., age 24 and Emma L.
Monroe St., age 23. Wiggins, 925 W. 26th St., _... Jt is with great pride that we inform our readers that '

Billy G. Mrogan, 1132 E. age 25. I I.t one of our local fellows is a member of a team that has won

Frederick D. Robinson,922 international fame. We are referring, of course, to the
W. 25th St., age 23 and De- Mitchell-Ruff Duo, a musical team comprised of Jackson
lores Crews 2013 W. 6th St., ville's Dwight Mitchell and Willie Ruff, which has penetrated
kisesSHOES 22.Luther. the iron curtain with its superb renditions of jazz selections.
age ti.tcfl.to'x.4;'; NS :.o y. Dwight is the son of Airs. Lila Ellis of 1492 West 21st

J. Davis, Jr.:, 621 Street. who ,has, served'as an inspiration him through the
I W. Church St., age 22 and years. As is typical with'most mothers, Mrs. Ellis speaks-

216 W. Adams Geneva Epps, 621 W. ChurchSt. ,,:4y4 .., devotingly' of her son and is always grateful for an opportunity -
., age 20. to relate his most recent accomplishments to his friends.
r She can remember quite clearly the birth of the Mitchell-
ro FINAL Edison Arnold, 1221 W. Ruff Duo in the fall of 1954, (during the month of November
( Monroe St., age 23 and Mar- to be exact) right here in Jacksonville. In fact, many of _
fJCLEARANCE I tha L. Brown, 1217 W. Mon- the early rehearsals were held in Mrs. Ellis's living room.

roe St., age 24. The two talented musicians"started out on their own, aftera
Eugene Gordon, 3629 Bet- long series of successful performances as members of the
hel Rd., age 33 and Hattie Lionel Hampton Orchestra, with "appearances in various
Ladies- B. Durant, 7246 Luke St., age 'y Y local night dubs.
28. _
'\ 2 Friends desiring details the Russian
on concert may
c n: and Charlie J. Pinkney, 1512
consult the 1,1959 edition of the New York Times and
Steele St. 25 and Minnie
age LiT the July 16, 1959 issue if Jet magazine.
Growing Girls B. Andrews 659 S. Lincoln -
Ruff holds a master's degree in music from Yale University -
Ct., age 29. while Dwight 'is of the Musical
a Philadelphia
Fezell Fletcher, 1929 Mound THE LES CAMELLIA Social Saving Club held its annual dance at i h e Eldorado -
and has
FLATSL4199 Academy played in concerts with the Philadel
St., Orange Park, Fla., age Club Saturday Night July 4.Left side showing President Mrs. Junalta Alexander.Mrs. phia Orchestra.; They went to Russia as ,regular tourists,
48 and Willette Carpneter, Maiiie P. Harding. Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan Mrs. Flosle Parson. Mrs. DorothyM.
accompanied by a group of men from Yale, and will return
1100 Hooker St, Orange ..Thomas and Mrs. Mae W. Lee. Center Mrs. Elizabeth Ward.'"" Right side of table home as heros of the jazz world.
Park, Fla., gae 34. Mrs. Virginia Freeman. Mrs. ChrsUlne Gilbert. Mrs. Alta M. Nunn. Miss Carolyn
Ralph N. Bodson, 1545 W. Gamble and Miss Belly William Not shown Mrs. M. .L. Pleas.

: Union St, age 23, and Marie Wedding bells are sounding faintly. this time for Miss

I C. Johnson, 737 Edison Ave. THOMPSON MAKES ABOUT PEOPLEMrs. Mary Kate Blount, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clearance C.
: 24.Louia. MILDRED
age Blount, and Liston Robert Burns, Jr., son of'Mr. and Mrs.
re : Wilson. 2602 Penis- Liston R. Burns, Sr., all of this city.
: ton St., New Orleans, La., The ceremony will be performed in Grant :Memorial
I age 20 and Rosa M. Fisher,, ART DEBUT IN GERMANY A.M.E. Church Sunday afternoon, July 26, at 3:00 p.m.,

: 3116 Myrtle Ave., age 24. with a reception for the couple immediately afterwards at
White & Spectator Jacob Hayward. Jr., 1116 Jaunts Flynn and the church.

Haines St., age 22 nad Mary Miss Mildred Thompson of Jacksonville, youngest dau- sons Cedrick and Gearald, of .
LIFE STRIDE Conner, 1208 Ware St., age ghter of Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Thompson, 1411 W. 9th St., whois San Francisco, Calif., spent
21.Willie ,currently studying in Germany made her, debut on
.Heels Haywood, 651 Pip- this year in the Galerie Sandner where a one-man showof guests of Mr. and :Mrs. Wei- going surgery recently. Present reports indicate'a rapid re-

pin St., age 17 and Lillian some fifty works of painting, lithography and etching, ton Flynn 2025 York St., and covery. .

Curry. 861 Cemetary St, : all done since her study in Hamburg, were shown Mr. and Mrs._ Walter_ ___ Calhoun_________
L99 I age 17.BABY. The exhibition was a tremendous of Caljohn St., southside.n Mr. Jonathon McCone of 2703 Begonia Road, with the
I success and received In September of. 1958 she assistance of a neighbor, Mrs. Marjorie Wilson honored Mrs.
favorable recognition from began her first year 'in the Enroute home the Flynns Vermal McCone, with a lawn party on July 4.
the press. Hoch! Schple for Bilden and spent several days with Mrs. Among the many guests extending birthday wishes to
Kunt, where she now studies Delores F. Allep of New Orleans Mrs. McCone were: Mr. and :Mrs. Charles Rosier, Mr. and
CONTEST HELD Miss Thompson is a graduate on a full scholarship.! : La. Mrs. Percy Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson, Mr. and
AT ST. THOMASThe of Stanton High School She is now preparing for Mrs. William Scott,Mr. .and Mrs. Monsolee Davis, Mr. and
where she began her studyas her second one-man show Mrs. Oliver Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Webb, Mr. and

, an Art student.In which is scheduled for January Mrs. Fred Hill, Miss Edna Moses, Mr. Renzer Bell, and,Mr.

Spec. GroupHEYDAYS Senior Missionary Society 1956, Miss Thompsonwas in Stuttgart, Germany. Miss Barbara Jones, recently and Mrs. Julian Walton.. .
of St. Thomas Baptist presented in a two-man left the city for San Fran-
Church will sponsor a baby exhibition in the Howard Uni- cisco, Calif.. to attend college Another party of interest was the one given by Mrs.
contest on July 19 in the versity Gallery. Upon graduation there this fall. While she will Mary J. Jones recently honoring Miss Jimmie. Lee Rodgers,

church auditorium. Contest- from Howard she was a ,: be the house guest of Mr. and on- her birthday.The ,
ants are Sidney Tatum Jr., i recipient of the Max Beck- Mrs. H. W. Flynn event, which was a total surprise to Miss Rodgers,
Gregory L Flagg and Jackie man Scholarship to the Brok- was held at the El Dorado Club and was attended by,twenty-
Walker. lyn Museum School in Brooklyn nine guests.
7 .99 N. Y. She was one of 14
The contest will be held at students to receive such an Quite a few persons are active in morning bridge ses-
4 p.m. :Mrs. Annie Hunt is award. Mr. King Willis of Charlotte sions during the summer vacation. Such was the case of the
president of the Missionary N. C., recently visited group assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan
society. his sister Mrs. Inez Flynn of McCone last Tuesday morning: Mrs. Leona Bennett, Mrs.
2025 Jork St. Before returning Eva Rosier, Mrs. Pearlie M. Scarborough, Mrs. Dorothy
Junior Women's Mis-
home :Mr. Willis
will stop Pinckney, Mrs. Eva Porter, :Mrs. Flossie Weaver, Mrs. Sarah
sionary will sponsor a Pretty in Tampa Fla., and Atlanta, Mrs. Jaunita and Mrs. Posie Williams.
CLUB Wright, Wynn,
/( Hat and Pretty Tie Tea .featuring NOTES Ga., for Labor Union Busi- ,. '. *
e1j4 the Voices of Jerusa-
ness. New officers of the Dahlia Garden Circle experiencedtheir
lem Singers. Mrs. Hortense
SHOES -- first activity at a meeting held recently in the homeof
Neal .
is President of the So-
Mrs. Mary J. Jones, which marked the beginning of thecircle's
ciety.For .
RECORD HOP"The fiscal year.

Mrs. Thelma Green and Dahlia Garden Circle officers consist of Mrs. Queen B.

Breakfast Lunch After the Movie Snacks children, Louis Jr.,and Devon Williams, president; Mrs. Alexenia Johnson, vice president;
Dads Club of New Renee of 1252 W. 21st St., Mrs. Anie Houston, recording secretary; Mrs, Mary J:Jones,
Fried Chicken Stantbn Senior 'High School left the city recently to spend corresponding secretary; :Miss Jimmie Lee Rodgers, finan-
t have planned a "record hop" their vacation in New York cial 'secretary; Mrs. L. L. Rogers, secretary for building
Oysters Cod scheduled Monday night in CANDIDATE for Church City as house guests of her fund; Mrs. Severia Boles treasurer; Mrs. Elizabeth Poole,

ShrLnp 'Ham the school gymnasium. Post-Mrs. Margaret J.May. sister and brother, Mrs. Evelyn reporter; and Mrs. Willie L. Tanner, chaplain.

I Bacon Sausage Johnnie Shaw, popular local Auburn. N. Y. :who Is a can- Williams and Paul Hunter- *
Eggs Hot Galas disc jockey will serve as the office of Executive :Mrs. Green will alsovisit Mrs. Ora McIver is back in the city after a brief visit
1 I1 Coffee Milk master of ceremonise. The. didate for Woman's Long Island and Bordentown, to Miami. As usual, she had a wonderful time in the nation's
N. J. before returning home. resort city."Misery.
French Fr. Potatoei is at 7:30: p. m.
program Home and Foreign
Missioni likes company," so we have fin-

ROOSEVELT GRILL ary Society. ally convinced Mrs. Delphenia Brinson that I y'yS.
Church subject to the forth-
she cannot possibly manage to attend her
Ashley and ,Madison coming quadrennial meet many social engagements without the aid of
LES CHATEAU which will be held in Hart Mrs. Welch
I Beverly Free her own transportation. So, if you should see
-. TO BE HELD 'ord Conxu. August 17. man, daughter of :Mrs. Mamie
an aqua streak with just a touch of white
Hall Floud of 436 W. 17th
Club of whizz by; more on the left side of the road I
GLORIOUS The Progressive St., left the city recently for
from GRAY to St. Paul AME Church will Kingston, Jamica. She will visit than,the right, you have,just seen "Del" pass.]

11 sponsor its annual Les Cha- DOE LAKE SITE the Hyde family there. Seriously, Mrs. Brinson is now the proud]

teau Sunday from 4 to 6 p. owner of a new 'Bel Aire .sedan..
m., in the home of Mrs. Hal- FOR 4-H CLUB CAMP Mrs. D. Briason

lie Sampson, 1616 W, 28th

"A-aireex.Mrs.. July 27 -to August, 1 Has Mr. James and George Jamison -

Alexander Cottrell,I been scheduled as the camping of 1127 Pippin St., announces You.. Don't Hare to Go to Town to Get
general chairman, announcedthat period for' Alachua, Du- the death of their ,-
prizes will be offeredto val and Gadsden,Counties for brotherVlllie Jamison of Ja-
ladies wearnig the oldest 4-H Club members. macia Long Island, N. Y. The LOW PRICES
largest, most original. and funeral was held Thursday,
A week of well planned ed-
smallest hats. July 16th in New York.
ucational and recreational activities On 'Yom
Men have been invited to I will provide .worthwhile '. *
participate also. Prizes will experiences for camp- '! STORE NEEDS
be offered the man wearingthe ers. Some of the educational :
most becoming hat Re- crafts are to include nature I Mrs. lillie Campbell, .member -
.' freshments will, be served. study, swimming, boating, of First Corinth BaptistChurc.h. Trade With Your Neighborhood Drag Star*
in the Duval ,
and lectures.Dfembers is ill -
films Medical Center.She is a member WE WILL' /.MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN

planning' to attend of the District.No. 5. y":. YOUR LOCAL PAPERSw.
must register on Tuesday "
... LARIEUSE HOUSEWIVES GROUP Wednesday' from 9 a. IWhw w. AIM ra' A3 Doctors' 1'1_ 1'-'
with *' m. to 5 p.m. in the Agent'soffice Mrs. Mary Jackson C. B.
Y"'f/ 410 Broad St., Room Hollaway, members of First
Corinth Baptist Church, are
2A.1...l1s.s bah as rich shows anJ had nsmriMooktat Ooe boor..u- 211V ill in the Brewster Hospital. Dixie Pharmacy
t brlDI-back TOUIh to drab. July 18th at 7:00 at the All reservations must be They are members District
O d'e&oi.Ltimie or p.q tuh.t '.nlf m...'" ,r.,, home of,Mr. and Mrs. 'Walter made by July 18. Information 14 and District 11. IMS KINGS BOAD ftt'HTBTLB AVBfTOC ,

ova.noum: p cfc* 'D OctJaaa1r Tucker 1,593 West 11th St. concerning fees can,be obtained ,* ...- t. LWiM

Godrfroy' The ,Jacksonville Housewives at the office. Mrs. Mattie Mae Smith continues -

{;t:.iZIGlfI'II1"L r..M-. League will sponsor a Barbecue Parents are asked to make illness in her home at PAY, YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -
m wow eawnw Chicken disaer. in relationto 1666 W. 36th St. She is a
a.,..'*...... contacts personally BILLS AT OUR STORE .
L .......aMu.eocsaoy3PcLO 'The ubKc1& Invited.i Com the trip at the agents of- member of First Corinth Baptist -
C:: .)510ca.tu_''.sLiM .-... 0Re1! CQ., aI1S !1Y& w, Chwph sad,District';9. .4

i.- ... .. .
; .: -
= ._ > : : "
., ''; '
..,. A t : :
\ > "
', .., c
\'!, ,<. /, I It: ;:',

\ f1c ,. ,"
': t, !.

\ ..!,..:'; : ..., :, .J b

----- ----
-- -
:; 1


: .'- /" A' .. -, ,

Page Four THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. July 18 1959





Annual :Men's Day will be : 2 'of''Grant Memorial

observed July 26, in,Wrights- :AIM Church will observe 'its ,.ate: w $
Institutional Baptist Church made a pledge of ville :Methodist Church. The,.33rd 'aniversary'July 20th at yr j
$500" for the Brewster Methodist Hospital Expansion Fund. 8 p.m., in the church auditor-
Rev E. H. Johnson Pastor.A. .
Rev. Robert H. Wilson, Pastor of the church made the pre- ium. ? .
sentation to Rodell R. Roberts, vice'president of the board of W. King, Jr., is the general -; ? aR' +la:::Cy +.vf a: wax
directors of the hospital chairman, and :M.. A. 'Some-of the leading talentin Q' :
Brown is hairman.The' the city will participate on +. ;,,g. ..,
P.evVilson stated that he co- i the program. An invitation

was personally interested in ELKS ANNIVERSARYSET services Sunday begin i has been extended to other
the,future of the hospital because FOR 3 SUNDAYAT with the Church School _at groups to attend. -
role in 9:45 and the morning I The choir will conduct itsconseration
of its important aan., ., hiye w
; ;
712 W. DUVAL meeting Sundayat
3 awR
services at 11 o'clock. "He
of all Ne- 'I
the health and lives
Will Hot Fail Thee, Neither 5 p.m. in the home of W.
gro citizens. He also made a Forsake Thee Fear Not Nei- :C. Brown; 1142 W. 13th St. ;
personal pledge of $100.: I MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
Maceo Lodge No. 8 of the ther be_Dismayed", is the subject .
The Interdenominational l of sermon to.be preachedby I
Elks will observe its 60th an-
Ministeral Aliance, the Bapt- Rev. :Mr. Johnson. !I William Washington
ist Brotherhood and the.AME niversary and. 14th year in I:i Chapter :No. 7, Disabled American -

Ministerial Alliance, in sepa- the present location Sunday, i Veterans, and its Women's .y

rate metings, endorsed the expansion at 3 p.m. in the auditoriumof Auxiliary, with head-
quarters located at 413 Broad
fund of the hospitaland Elks 712 W.
the building
and Street, will launch their mem- ..
eration pledged in the suport effort to coop-improve Duval Street. AT MT-VERNON bership drive :Monday, July 20 ., :. ;

the facilities and services The Rev. S. L. Badger, pas- J and will continue through the I .,
first and third Mondays in
at Brewster Hospital. tor of the Emanuel Baptist August, 1959. : .

Heading the special church Church wil preach the anni- 1\11. Vernon Baptist Church All Disabled American Vet- ; ; '

and the ministerial expansion committeesfor fund are: versary Emanuel sermon Male Chorus and under the will versary celebrate and the its 14th 19th of anni-the II erans and of Korean World Veterans Wars 1, and are 1: g, ::" : ::31: ;' ,p; ,_ _" ; x- -' X ,; > 'y' '' ;' ;'r. :

Mrs. Sallye B. Mathis, Mrs. the direction of Cecil Barnes' president under the leader- eligible and invited to join the BIBLE SCHOOL CLOSES-The students and instructors of the Mi. Sinai Vaca
Ella F.'Jones, Rev. J. S. John- ship of Mrs. Eliza Atwater," chapter. The wives, mothers tion.Bible School are shown_ here.on the closing day of the school session. July 3.
son, J. B. Williams, W. B. Fisher will furnish the music. July 27th at 8 p.m. in the aunts and other relatives of '1959. The school had an attendance 200 pupils' and.'a staff of 14 workers. Mrs.

Miller, R. H. Wilson, and C. General chairman Joe H. church auditorium. any D.A.V. are, eligible to Llllie Hair. Supervisor of the school and Mrs. W. D. Lucas Superintendent of Sun._

A. Weaver. James Jr., and his program Mrs. Julia Longworth, program join the Women's Auxiliaryof day School were very pleased with the work. Rev. H. H. Robinson Pastor.
committee have arranged aprogram the organization. I
chairman announcedthat
expansion Campaign fund chairman in the for countyis the that will be inter- some of the leading talent Herman A. Gatis is Commander CARAVAN SINGERS DAY SPRING ZION HOPE BAPTIST.
esting and informal. Several Mrs. Ida E. Fowler,
D. C. Dawkin, Sr., Assist- will in the city will appear on PRESENTS RECITALThe PLANS MUSICALZion
well know personalities Auxiliary COmmander William -
ing Mr. Dawkins is Rodell F. the, program. The choir or ; OBSERVES TEA
on the M. Rose. Jr., Adjutant.
Roberts and the members of appear chorus with the largest num- -

the Brewster Board of Directors. Exalted Ruler Leon E. Gon- ber in attendance will receivea ..eGETTINLUP:" I Hope Baptist Church
Jr. Caravan Singers of Male Chorus and the Male
zalez is expecting every Brother prize. District 24 of Day Spring i
to be present. Pride of Lakeland will be presented in Chorus of Tabernacle Baptist
Any citizen desiring to The choir will sponsor a recital. Baptist Church will observeits J
Maceo Tempe No. 186, under Rain Bow 26 in the a Church will render a musical
Tea July
work with this NiGHi
group may Daughter !$ Sunday morning services annual anniversary tea
the leadership
contact of the officers. home of Attorney and :Mrs. recital July 26 at 8 p.m. in the
Jack any H. Whittington, administrator Ruler Hattie I James, will be Ernest D. Jackson, Sr., from tint Op MlgbU or Bd Wetting, too(2n will begin with Sunday School July 19 from 3 to 6 pjri.:, in Zion Hope auditorium.The .

of the hospital, present as usual. 4 to 6 p.m. Mrs. Iris Parker Strong borunt am liar Dg or.Cloudy Itc&tnc Urine.urination.doe) or to. beginning at 9:30 a.m. withE. the home of Mrs; Jessie L. Choruses will render

serves as a special resource The public has been invited and Miss Betty Jean Scott, commoo try OTSTKX Kldaey for and quick Bladder help. M IrruaUao rttra UM, L. Strain in charge. with
chairmen have prone a fety for yoqaf s ad old.ik tfrvr I Terry, 1175 Durkee Dr. special musical selections
consultant for the expansionfund. to' join the Elks in the observance program arranged Btrt tor CTBZXXondtr 1la0DeJPIP Music will be furnished by Maxie Williams featured
of the ,anniversary. .for the occasion. I AtM.-Be bOy ...jv tmprore. = .. as
eee I the senior choir wit h Mrs. E Deacon L.-D. Mungin, leader soloist for the Tabernacle
nice Julian at the piano. Holy group and A. King as featured -
Communion will be administ- announces that a program solist for Zion Hope group.
will be Pianists Mrs. Emma B.
presented featuringsome are
ered at the close of the even-
ing worship.Rev. of the city's most outstanding :Johnson and Miss Eelyn B.
J. H. Phillips, Pastor. artists. All boards
Guest soloist will be John
and auxiliaries 'have- been invited S
of Spring
II. Gripper Day
Baptist Church.

FINALSummer '


0 Camp Coacoochee is being ShoeClearance

TO OVTE put in shape'.to be ready for

o -- the Summer Camp of _the
Cherokee District, North Fla.

.. Council Boy Scouts of America ,

BUT..a : 20.which opens Monday July Life Stride Black Patent.

White & Spectators
Camp Director M.. L. Rudd
Sizes 5K thru 9, widths
Bruce R. Seldon, Program Di- B thru 4-A .
rector, Clifford Norton, Ed- $7.95
Value to 12.95 _
gar Alston, Camp Inspectorand r"
you'ret C. Parham Johnson Public White. Bone and'Vitality

Relations-.Director made a' Spectators in Black
; general inspection tour of the I Blue and Brown

camp grounds last Saturdayto ,
Sizes 5Ka thru 10 .
,check on every detail.
Widths B thru 4-A
:: .' ; $8.95
"" There has ben major
one Value to 13.95

.program change in that the will 1959 concern camping ev- 1L- I-- THE SHOE YOU

10 ckeout ': [ i 3ry Scoutmaster and Scout. ELiin3 JGvCICKSLovE TO WALK IN
: : : Camp Areas have ben discarded ALL OF OUR REMAINING STOCK
and f rom now on the f orm31 Sizes 5 thru 10
;? ;Areas will be designated as Widths B thru 4-A r>e

..,4, ;, 7' ,J:.. Villages. Area 1, is now "Sit Value to 11.95 3)O.SO
ting Bull" Village; Area 2, '
l "Geronimo" Village; Area 3, NOT ALL SHOES IN SOME SIZES. BUT
.1 : of the primary elections A : "Chief Crazy Horse" Villageand SOME SHOES IN ALL SIZES
< : Area 4, "Chicksaw" Vil
: .
unless you're registered : !lage. Paxson's Bootery

Gainesville, Palatka, Ocala,
Orange Park, Green Cove # 40 W. FOHYSTH STREET
: Springs Baldwin, Jacksonvilleand OUR NEW STORE NEXT TO FEDERAL BAKERY
It to ..
11afI wffl ba 1M fMfttMt pot the entire Cherokee Dis-

jpcdoo Day trict will be well representedin
IP YOU'VE MARRIES, MOVED OR Molt afl your irieadi wffl bop fa. T* talua'Laad_ camp. -

COME Of AGE SINCE THE LAST J la"running thk cwafey. coagty, fty *danti stats.aailittls Scoutmasters are asked to 1
an ortoaaa RECKON...roe? fttt peace pIaDI, m thsafi Hkt ptrionf metes ana strive tration.for 100 percent regis be-
m a6oab.UwMwd / Many parents are
__"Il bad..... ran vomsi If yea 4.. 9mjSXV coD MMT** X w FCJ Rflfc a 1 W1I l liAH"> do. j coming more and more inter.. CORNER MYRTLE AVENUE AND SHAD ROE 1
....,.. lId W btIIInp they don't !Hka_ or approral of thfafi they ested in Scouting and will
Medium Mullet .
...... .....,. h... r day ... the L.e eJ.ctJIa u dada b ti Uff M aD I th ofteJ. ,jroatrainka make to send Lb. 20c (
.. aie ,.. (_If wIlbeJ1lrJ'EIMv, your Oceanriew SPOTS from VirginiaLarge Lb. 42e
s-..MS... 1. __ tioauay),_T........fatfM M fanportant M thai .of a Buiirami voon their boys ,to camp. Mullet Lb. 29c r'
.%Mshd. .mr" II Y 1M book. If. Back ef Jartioe.ButyouwcaHggtiatfyouVtr. Key West Grunts Lb. 29c

1-k1 matmttJ.torecw.radTDW l regiitered.Yoo'M Shrfcnpboat -limited __ Lb. 29c
Whiting- amount
..... .. .
..... u,.. ..,...- jearVetinfQacerfertbeo... fOICII lock.d out of the dot to Tott, tut off trap lea : .. '.te- __ Salt Mullet Lb.25eLb.32c ".
:: ward" .bow JaG em rote.AVAY frie5d andiiel' jgiI,lmt out m nat&oo'l and aihM6a Sheepahead

Is ...... ...... ... -KKnoH DAY borbood--. .. tHJOY UTMOST SHAViHG Beach Whiting Lb. 35c
....... RS..wn. Veto fat-fcy Ate wB.4Da.tailrtlrf __of petof the kw C sa.r. Medium Shrimp for Boiling Lb. 49c
sr.e.ws hi-bi r .JOG w T : & Large Shrimp for frying Lb. 79cSPECKLED
**** the ballot) that make*J'O&r foverame YOITKix"'it TROUT

\ .Regiater BOW. And start adlnf yens frieafc,aid GilletteSuperSpeed KINGFISH STEAKS Lb.49


feBQ TO &88 P.M. the fcoofc' .. RAZOR RED.SNAPPER Lb. I
/..your name in 1
MONDAY THRU SATURDAY County Coax! ... ,- : wta+ eu .,,, FREE PARdf SIDE AND EWI ,
o uae a et.yro r
,' .. : .-.. ---, 0 1tyts .ATe. sad Adaaa phone EL 4-tag

-T r 1
", .. -:-





JJ J Week Ending Saturday, JWJ'8i,1959', THE FLORIDA: STAB u Page Fin _
-- -
-.: .

Announcing The.. CHECK WITH -


E r ,
: Ca ua4 NS

____ Ah _


..".....;: ,_-_-.._-_ _;' .,,.r.3.. -v&tIC:

Kti ooh ;



--15 S. HOGAN ST.

f{ f .
i .9 t(G .L..M1-nvxww..wlM1 Af/Cn.OV.vwFiCd6liYYYR Y'v t '
We Welcome Our Many.Fine Customers Who Traded With Us At Our State & Pearl Location. Now We guest attending the Joint birthday party given by Dr. and Mrs. Hunter Satterwhite
Invite All Of You To Shop At Our New, Convenient Downtown Location Aero From The New- Sears Build. for their children. Diatre and Ricky In their home 2340 Kinwood Avenue. Dr. and
ing. Enjoy Shopping For Your Appliance Needs In All-conditioned Comfort At AU Stores! Mrs. Satterwhite also celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary the same evening.
Showing lower left: Diatre and Ricky (seated) beam admirably at some of the many
g'.fts received. Lower right: Dr. and Mrs. Satterwhite and friends. Left to right: Dr.
William R. Tony (background), Edmond Collins Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Downing. Mrs.
Satterwhite and Dr. Satterwhite. .

: GENER.AL' ELECTRIC; EDUCATOR I. 1 Non-Violence", and will analyze I-Mission[ --and- --workmanshipgroups -

TO DISCUSS I the contributions of as. they explore the
I If Christiamty, and the philos philosophical and ethical as-
NONVIOLENCE f ophies of Gandhi, Thoreau, pects. of non-violent resistance -
FULLY AUTOMATIC Tolstroy and others, to the '
ATLANTA Dr.-William development of nonviolenceas
. i Stuart Nelson, professor of a moral and social force.
30"; PUSHBUTTON Washer the; theology and dean of the Dr.-Nelson,who recently returned -
eo y facilities at Howard Univer- from several monthsin MOTORCYCLE DRIVER
'SPACEMAKER"j sity, will deliver the opening India, is an educator, ad- DIES IN CRACK-UP
address at the southwide leadership ministrator and minister who
Flexible Automatic Control institute on Non-Vio- has long been a part of the
RANGE '!ent Resistance to Segregation Negro's drive for first class flIAIMI\ Robert Solomanwas
p- Water 'TemperatureSelector on July 22nd at Spelman citizenship.In killed on Monday when
College, Atlanta, Ga. addition to his major; the motorcycle he was oper-
r Has Huge 23'a He wil! discuss "The Philosophy address on July 22,Dr.Nelson ating lunged out of control,
1- g and Ethical Roots of will guide the institute's dis- struck a tree plummetted into -
,i M as r er nUA wen I Action a canal. Soloman, 27, was

1.299 I .. High Speed Damp Dry Spiced Pineapple Will Add Zest to Meals I killed- instantly.

....'. Spin
r ."};';::" i .. ._. ,
p. 1 Yr: Service: ..r HAVE .

\' A _
C ae -

.... 3A
.- .

_. Y .r


2ml : VVi
_rnrs n tr "UltraVislm"Ice V
I It
: WV rte.. FOR
REFRIGERATOR T'V An.Ideal accompaniment for meats or poultry
Glazed or broiled pineapple slices or chunks have long
FREEZER been.a favorite accompaniment for baked ham, turkey, pork RENT?!
with and lamb. These Spiced Pineapple Slices are a slight deg
parture from the usual garnish, but easy as onetwothreeto
I J4 will add that extra touch that dinner
t make. They puts
.. in the extra special class. .... --:--==..:.
SHELVES ..... ....,. 0"sd ; SPICED PINEAPPLE I ....
= Ei.I .2: 1 No. 2ft can (8 slices) or No. 2 taa) RESULTS
r (10 slices) pineapple,cut In halves!i
% cup pineapple syrup Dash of salt
% cup cider vinegar 6 to 8 whole cloves LIST IT
: = $27980 11 cup sugar 3 Inches of stick cinnamon
; Drain pineapple. Set aside. Heat rest of Ingredients together
r.w u rb j and boil gently for 10 minutes. Add pineapple; heat IN. THEFLORIDA
just to boiling oL. Store in covered jar In refrigerator.I .
Note: Pineapple chunks may replace slices in this recipe.
... :
----- "
MINTED PINEAPPLE RELISH: For an accompaniment to
roast Iamb that is both delicious and colorful, drain and
; measure the syrup from a"No. 2 can of pineapple chunks.To .
Special % cup of the syrup, add.Vt teaspoon of mint extract and HUNDREDS OF
Opening 8 or 10 drops of green food coloring. Pour over: chunks.. ..
F' R. 'EE''Grand Chill for 2 or"3 hours. Drain from syrup and serve. ; ROOM


Limbed Quantity 11.49 ... 4
Limited Ou .._.-w 29c ea.
THE KIDDIES There are openIngs fort V APARMNTHUNTERS '
GE RADIO SPECIAL PRICE! ---- ONLY $2848 ea. EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters ecI.Jeft.. '

(Hurry down and: buy sow while they..last!) copy-readers advertising salesmen circulationmen : '
-!'"' 4. ". and wooes printers compositors lisotype .
'. o .
15 S. HOGAN ST. (Near Southgate Plata) ': ,BEGINNERS WANTED TOO W. will train
(Across from New Sears) FL 9-6679 CHECK WITH young reporters and people for ell'deparimeate
EL 6-2493 Open Every Nile Till 9 If you have a real desire to become. a'numberof FLORIDA STAR
Open Every Nile Till 9 CEDAR HILLS, the newspaper rataraJfcy.
505 S. McDUFF (Across from- Shopping WE NEED Mea and women youag. or m!' A1.. EVERY WEEKCALL.
(Near Lenox) Center) aged la. all field for a chain newspaper aadmagazlnee.
EV 84624 SP 1-2880 + i
(Open Every Nile Till 9,Open Every Nice Till 9

USED APPLIANCES ACT NOW State experience aad age. .

,,; ( of King aDd RosseUe) _, EL 4-6782 :
EV 9-9871 I P. O. Box 73* Jacksonville L Fla. "'.:.: ,. ,.
*:Ett: 'Opea. Tin 6 P. M. h d"r4 s"" ",.... r, ... .-__ .-_.1--"...:-.,.-.".-""."."- --:;:-.-

j.. ....< _0_ -: '- -. -.,."

f -.




T 1 FLORIDA .STAJi' Week : 19W
_u Page__ etc Ending Saturday July 18 __


Please Bring or Send Your JAMES TIPPINS I.

Church News Club Notices & Announcement '.?j.5.Pk a --. Star Advertisers; EWERSBoWen's

To The FLORIDA STAR Early o a.+X .fF ad'Y: 'd Sts pti :. ,. "The Port" a publication tel 'AM

RrS issued b ythe Officer's Club of
the Jacksonville Naval Air I.

TUESDAY at NOON Station paid a special tributein Summer Music SchoolSix
; .( ;x ; its last issue to James

FLORIDA STAR "Tip" Tippins in naming him Big Weeks June 15 July 24

2323 Moncrief Rd. Corner 13th Street tyX W RLV y kw a .. .ryry.x "MR. PERSONALITY of the SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grad. 1-9
I l
i unytt y.o
.Y kNt: r.f: 'F} : 7r : MONTH. Piano Band Theory Voice .
,\ Accordion
.Yh.Y 2 NW. MA :.'swf' 't ;;W+..t" ..
2922 PEASCE STREET Ph. EL 8-9722
"Tippins is his ad- '
by own
mission the.oldest waiter in ,

The "0" Club. He was born in PHOTOGRAPHS FOR

...- --- Mobile, Alabama, in 1899. He
.- ..- ..-
served as dining' car waiteron EVERY OCCASION
: the Atlantic Coast Line for .
., WATCH? .. ': :. <>
AFFECT .... about fifteen years. Later he rr \.1 Expert Photography
-=-. by Beth Paul !i worked as a waiter in the .1 ,*-r">l '. ; .1 Portraits Weddiags Banquets
f" / v , Southern ;
ed and is used today in the Cafeteria. '' '
hare heardsomeone '
How you :.
;;: & Commercial Work
say sometimes diagnosis of disease. Now, if : '? t
boastfully. "I'm one of those there !is an electrical current in in :; Tippins is the father of five ,: j Photos For Newspaper Get.IWe .
people who just can't wear a' the body there must be a magnetic children, two of whom are in i While! You Walt

:: S" ,.5.5. watch generally. They fol magnetic field.field But strong is this enough human to the Armed Services. A daughter Coloring: Picture Framing
GIVEN Mrs. Bernice Saulters Richardson .
: v.>; of watch? SHOWER Lei Us A Photo Of You
: .: .; oIcL w this with affect the running a is majoring in Science
is received at shower given for at .
a seemingly We checked with the Hamilton seen admiring gifts a
1":3f t" o/f:
J r=i': :: >;'v': plausible explanation Watch Company who, in 1957, her recently: inr the home of Mr.and., Mrs.John T. Hard UCLA. He has been employedat < In Natural Color

}w%:' ., ,'(:: :. r of created first theworld's ing 2827 Begonia Road. The affair was attended by a the 0" Club for the past J. A- -

: .,,>tP'f: ,'' body owerf I gives U electric watch. number of relatives and friends. They enjoyed an evening seven years. He is.never too

w .;, 1 ,as?. off electricity which This watch electric, in of gaiety and fun. busy to stop and talk to the AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO
whkh is absorbed
by the watch mtohanha* and magnetic .- SALESMAN FOR customers, especially the chil- 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg. 5

spite earning the it best to be efforts inaccurate of watchmakers dee power been. bayeharutss'- RADIO STATIONAmos dren. Tippins lives at 2936 Phone EL 4-7895 For Appointments

F ed, marks a rLRID .YOUR HOME Moncrief Road.
Are these people correct? Is new 'era in .,,. ....
OP WATER PROBLEMSby 2e2 -" "" "'
there such a thing as "personal timekeeping and qualifies :. =<" <::::<;<;<;<::;c-:::;=c-<;<;<;<::"<;=-:-::--::--=- =Ms-=-eeisssans ssisssisag
magnetism"? Hamilton, as its creator, to Frances Fishtr .
Personal magnetism can be. speak with authority tn this BUSINESS DIRECTORYThe
different sUbJect.
interpreted' several
I Do hare water problems in
ways. No one will dispute, for This is what they told u*.The your you home? Do you know that
example, the existence of a earth itself Is a magnet Yet most of them can be solved by '. Finns Listed Below .AT* Recomzn ended As Reputable Establishment
poetic meaning to the phrase we know from experience that install;ing a Titcr purifier?
as it applies to appearance and the earth's magnetic field has Most: of **oi'? water problems SpedalMng{ Servi ces and Products
personality traits to which little or no effect upon the running arise oat of i-r: rust, sulphur .. ..iwC
e very Marilyn Monroe or ElvisrresIe7 of the watch. In a modern, and chlorine odors, turbidity,
fan will agree. anti-magnetic watch this effectis strong taste or disagreeable AUTO SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS
ftraOO of the arrya':. mt.'o: ".>:' actually nil. .d')rs c? all kinds and these can
persons .. Certain people be removed for your comfort. .
to expressthe Some friends I
belief that .'magnetic"than are more I R v.- \ of mine residing o'dic p' AAA BONDING AGENCY
the human others JZ- in a rural .
City County and Federal Bonds
body possess and the field area, had been
ed magnetic will vary plagued for AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Law Exchange Bldg. EL MM!

powers was ..... among indi many years
an Austrian "<,:,a, :, ,.,,,,*, <:::f,->.:''::1; viduals. But j with rust stainsin Complete Body Repair & Paint Work

physiciannam ed France Mesmer. In 1775 he on the the avers. r bathroom the laundry and, -:- Oven Baked Paint Job.1- ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE

applied his theory in the treatment age field is times kitchen fixtures .
magnetic 2,500 89 Yean Za meabc.I.
of the sick but today as and Price Start at $440
greater than Any yet found in 5nd their crystal glasses
study of his- methods reveals dishes had all turned amber All Work.GuaranteedI
that his *cures" were effected humans. color. Not only that but because 1532 East Adams Street EL 54135 I Forest Street ELAVERY'S 44WJ
more by auto-suggestion andhypnosis Herfe-we have the best proofto e{ the iron they were unable to ''JarBarn.. age .25
and that his magnetic offer those who insist that coffee
stake a decent pot of or the man at WOBS.
Is new
theory was just incidental to they cant wear a watch because S STUDIO
the cure.The word"mesmerism"was of their magnetic influence lea.When I visited them recently Barrs. .formerly' of Daytona Commercial .
coined in his honor.In upon the mechanism. It may lay hostess was just delightedto Beach is working I nth e Waddteii Home Potrtite
the-latter part of the 19th ruffle their vanity to learn show me what had happened sales department of the ra FOODS Yet, we do U IB cok* ate
Century _it was scientifically otherwise but if the earth, with after the installation of a new fuUtime 811 Well AsMty Street EL4.7MI
proven that an electrical poten its infinitely strong field, cannot water purifier developed by. the dio station, the only
tial existed in the human body. influence a watch- then a Sib c 0 Products Company of Negro salesman in, the dry / .
.. This has actually been.meuur- human can't xpect to, either.Spta Newark 3, N. J., which looked of Jacksonville.. Bam ia ft Royal Crown Bottling Company

like me. She an ordinary explained water that this tank little to graduate 0 f Bethune-Cook- Jl235! San Marco Bird FL 94488

S R tank is Tilled with specially processed man College with a, BS Degree ''
: minerals which complete in Business Administration. AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY
ly removed all iron, rust ao that t GENERAL UPHOLS1ERY SHOP
now her laundry is snow white; his FBESB HOME MADE Wa Specialise InConvertible
Hiking. TipsWorld's there are no more rust stains in 'He' has Just completed -
e her bathroom and kitchen fixtures first full week 'at 'WOBS and SAUSAGE DAILY l Tops Door Panels
FN a CkoaptaCbampion and no more discoloration says "I a m indeed: pleased Headllnws Furniture Slip Covers
646 FlordU Avenue EL e-3388-8
problems with china and crystaL 227 N.
with my new Job and with Myrtle Avenue EL 4811MOWS
that she
Even more than can
now make wonderful coffee and the friendlymanner I have
tea and ahe says her food tats been received the city.Mr.
better when cooked in the puttied Bam Is married and has one ; GEORGE W. POWELL, INC.
water. For the first time, ;KITCHEN
ahe says, her drinking water is child. He Is planning to more i Heal Estate Mortgage Loans

delicious. his family to Jacksonville -Home-cooked. seals served 24 hours- Beats Collected
1 asked my hostess how it an early date.BETHUNEtCOOKMAN. 110 Broad Street EL 4-63K
works and she explained that the 7 days a week
tank is.filtering system which I
requires-no servicing no regeneration 1265 Kteg Road EL c.II21.
and no ref'rH It ia Jones Institute of Physical Culture
easy to install just connect one
ofY line to the pressure tank and APPROVED TEST- School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage
the other to the main water line. Colored Owned and Operated
She also said this' installation CENTER GUS' INA'S_ SUPERMARKET. Tare As You Loon
eliminated costly repairs in replacing ,
b corroded water 112 Clay Street EL 4-6005
II You Waat The Flaw
heaters and boilers. My friendis DAYTONA BEACH'FLA.BethuneCookman .- la Grooniea

nice,just improvements delighted with in her all homeMORTGAGE these College has I Asd: JCtaU. Com See Us

been aproved asa' Testing I' 900" )..,..'... 'EL $44U TAXI
Center the ,
by Psychological
.. .- "At Your Service-
A r. --
3 Corporation to administer the
S S -
Miller, Test .Minne
Analogies -
LINCOLN CAB EL 41611Tiraiquan
sota .Engineering Analogies
LOANS Tests and the Dollelt Math-

) cuter. Johnny Dleokxnan saver lets the big oats fit Long- term ',12 'yea loans, enatical Reasoning Test. Road Trading Post
away. He spins his lures right oa target with-an easy OBOwepapproach. Dr. Paul E. Decker head Complete Garden Supplies
To get the mot pleasure and excitement oat-ol Sj4q repayable $10 per month .
Center of BethuneCookmanof
yon mutt have both food form tad fishing! taam; A on the$1.000) for home Improvements Fruit Products
ttnt Cahwnian as wan as a vetaraajantitr can enjey xtltac repairs and the Research and Testingwas I (-II.. and Used Furniture bought and sold*
Iq IPNt tree tains hOme a ttih aot a storjMjy foa&trtRf few additions to Tour xfoflyg one of the seven institu- I INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY IS64 TImhiuaoa Road SP 1-37est
ItmpIIa anise WIth l1II Mltchau reel. house. QuIckand .efficient tions of Higher Learning in
P PrsoUoe abort casts. Accuracy u more Important thin(fistafice. the State of FUu, approved by
Was up the target with your eyes a&4 rod. Both the op sad the servico. No rod tape. Just the Corporationof West .State Street EL 6-9432 Washington's Health Service
lowo stroke of your east should. follow a vertical has so that good credit rating ad OWa Psychological "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours4
New York center to
raUot" till WIth rod. as a
you target your .
or buying home
your own Try Swedish
Mimige JSaeral Steam
> Qit ready to cut ty rtUar la tits hue to wiihla six: t&ohat c? M. J. SIMON test Bethune-Cookman Col- Batfe
the rod Ups. fC4k us Bat on fiaB otj'lfl1'.IWaaqaw! ; lege' students and students t C'III r ,
ball over and down until R bola,r-- ---- 621 First Federal Bnlldiag from nearby areas. Tests reports FUNERAL HOMES D. C. Washington. Msswr=}... Locate!

.. 306 W..Adams EL B-M89 will be sent to any in- For S3 Yean

'rWith-'oW'-fortarm" cf'1D stitution or company that 984 N. Myrtle Aveaue._EL 4-2478

straight line smartly brine year. makes arrangements in advance -
hand to eye level and without stop: S for testing service. WILLIE SMITH DRUGS
pint brine arm down with a crisp
U chopping motion.As the rod reaches DORMAN FUNERAL HOME eay part ol the GUy
level position rekut line ?
Irom4n .
dex t1np r.and your lureT U"out and LILLY'S DRUG :STORE AMBULANCE SERVICE 24-HHS. A DAY 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380

ewer. 19G7 Kings Road at Spires..... Burial Vault & Tom&sioaes, Maasoleuas, JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT

w Where Notary PufeBc. -.Mrs. .Rer. A. A. Johnson STORE __
As the lure appro aches"larg' i.-the Pharmacists Prepare 6412 Dodge... Lady Attimdnf) eo.n.ou'Tret'PO

right Index finger reaches out to l-9M6 Opts 8s30 to 7 p. m.
front of spool feathering the line Your Prescripiioa: According 968 Davis.Street EL 4-1216

at U brushes against the finger This to your doctor's: .
reduces speed of the
lure="W it a' Instructions ..TJstegonly
right on target .t ._ Mahoney Terminix Termite Coatroln
the best qualityfdrugs. "
n ksa Tttalle c.tJoJCMl'E1'S -
\. I dFU iAI.1WME ....... ..u-, Materials -

Dr. C. >Eo Black PtarmartsU Br. W.,J.ACOMPLETB .''''''' ujx. M7dJe A.... tEL417H
ldraj on GArcU-MilchaU 324 i.e ,l.tiie.rs.ede.
spinning tackle keeps the line from '
:- -:- .f. >! I9MI QUICK
beakin j. Adjust below breaWag 1- .s_ ,...A&BMlfBBS SERVICE MATTRESS CO.

point by turniaf the drag mechanism LINE OFt .-C.1aSus: sx..aa.: JIIr, k1 +- au ffu1a11! '
oa front of spool.The-line will CoI ittics Robber Good CaaeWWSa&daies: osa a.mc.
-t- I Wttt BHTtrj'jfi&ife&sif&i&e&ilrwt' S c.. .
white the !
%r slip rather than his FBBSGBffXlOIiB GAUMD IBB Al 7l Oil Kfeg M* "po "I
one darts tad dataat to break trey 1 .

.-. .:.- \


I -

: -

Ii-- ...... .

-. .
: .
j. Week EllcllnlrS8.tllda-; l Y' 18:1959': THE: BlDA'STAn -- p...itrt"""..

I It Elks, :Charity Game Is Scheduled For Myrtle .Avenue Park : -I


: t .1jl.t CHANNEL SWIM -AUGUST 16

t One of the big events of the By C. PARHAM JOHNSON '

SPORTS co..... annual Fourth of July water,
show at New Lenin is the The first charity baseball game in a proposed annual affair .
cross-channel swim when contestants to'be sponsored by the Elks will played at.the
.... are:compelled. to negotiate Myrtle,Avenue.baseball park,Sunday August IB at 3 p. ... _
ROCKY MARCIANO, former heavyweight- boxing-,champion a deep'and trecherous between the .Georgia All-Stars and jho Florida All-Stan.,
quarter-mile channel of the The is under the direction -
caused quite a,bit of discussions recently'when it'was -'" game
learnedd that he would return to Florida and begin test St. Johns River.. 2 rU. of Bill James (Big most spectacular play and
of the ex-champ's close followers got This ,year's ro l < Jim) Williams, chairman of the pitcher' with the best
Many very
f training. to the ring swim was no less spectacular ,.k''t: ,", !'%.,... the-Eleven O'Clock-Club. In,pitching performance. .
the impression that he was planning to return ones.: ... , the four ; -
than preceding .if./l
also considered that he was free to deal for himself Ii.->,. --,-.. : selecting the two teams,I ,The trophies will be do*
) They A gruelling test of courage, '.f' .;t. :i"",... :, .., --m. ; Chairman' Williams said the' ,
with his old, Al Weill expired .. > nated by some of the lead
since his contract manager )".t. *:- ...". <:
swimming -
stamina and Ciio w-
"' 'oIGL, : ... ,<.0,:.. 5 '.:x Georgia :All-Stars team is business .
C June 16. Rocky save an emphatic NO to the idea. n.L << 'V \:(: \ ing establishments.
-THE BASILIOFULLMERFIGHT now, the event; atracedseven r"':' ."';;., L:. ,.. ..;.__'_",.'''' '. '; made of pro, and ,semi-pro .
entrants from the Jef-
is scheduled for San April 6.. 1953. They have no :ferson Swimming Club of STARTING FOR ST. LOUIS-The St. Louis Cardinals players' who have compileda' .
Francisco: Marv Jenson,Full. children.. Jacksonville. are battling to rise from the second division and very good record against Watch This Clown
mer's manager has announced. THE ALL-STAR GAME Trophies were awarded to they are using the fast running, strong arm. Curtis strong teams.

The fight will be held to that was played in Pittsburgh the first three place winnersby Flood and the hard hitting ,Bill White seen here to The Florida All-Stars, will 26 _':39 42
pick the National Boxing last Tuesday provedtwo J. D. Brooks, chairman of help the cause to.a great advantage. Curtis Flood left furnish strong competition. 515 44 697
Association's mid d lewejght things, one of them was the water show. has been called the second Willie Mays because of his The All-Stars boast of< some .
champion. The middleweight that the color of the skin, Isadore (Barbecue) Singleton fleetness of foot accurate timing and strong throwing of the best players in the j:! ;. .
division now has one champion. -' the texture of the hair have ,. President of the Jacksonville ) arm. Bill White, a Florida product was secured from 8 tat e. The opposing teams j
Sugar Ray Robinson is nothing at all to do with the Negro Chamber of the San Francisco: Giants as a first baseman, but was will. not be. a "make-shift"I
still the champ in New York ability of a man. It ,was tan- Commerce, donated the; trophies converted to an outfielder by the Cards: He is second group of players who will be_I 1 3 i iI s
and the NBA is looking for- ned skinned Hank Aaron given the winners. only Hank Aaron in batting. Up to June 22. White out there pretending. Baseball -I, .. t
ward to selecting theirs from who drove in the run that -Julius Guinard, director.of was hitting a cool .360. Flood and White are two of the' fans will see some real 43620 331 :
the Car men Basilio-Gene tied the score and it was the Jefferson Street. Pool, four Negroes on the Cardinal roster. competitive action on the 678992Memedmea '

Fullmer .fight.BEFORE tan skinned. _Mays who coached the swimmers' for t}>echallenging NEGRO LOOP 'SENDS part of both teams.. I I :
THE' PATTER drove' in the winningjrun ,'event. THUNDERBIRDS At "1 p. m. a game will be, Sometimes IHe he's' dowa oj '
SON-JOHANSSON fight, for the' National,. Leagu* STAR PLAYERS TO played between two junior adds subtracts
What more couldanybocf teams. The teams will be He wtrks It ifsreotdComing .
boxing fans all over thena. cently. With, iwo out In 'the BIG, LEAGUE TEAMSNEW
expect? The Negro isn't beg !FINALLY START picked from the best playersin
the two AttmrfloM
tion comparing
were Junior GUlIam
:eighth innlag.
ging for ability; all he wantsis the junior circuit. The af
fighters and comparing their an opportunity..and, :he will of the Ddogen hit ,slow ternoon will be filled with I II 54 101 _-78> -
styles and picking the"win. Andre 'theGiants' 9RK--Several players -
roller 'to Rodgers,
show his ability. ; BOOKINGGAMES action for those who all
James Mitchell close who performing
ner, a shortstop. Rodgers are now
man out for baseball. Advance
follower of boxing said: gloved the ball but dropped in the major leagues. are .
his ,
who has given out more tickets will go on sale priorto *
"When those foreigners comeover it The official scorer ruledit products ,of the Negro Ame-.
to this country to fight, tory on boxing than any man a hit because Gilliam rican Leagu.eThe I The Thunderbirds, a team the date.Chairman. FLORIDA STAR
known in the field of boxing Williamss has
they come with their eyes on! would have beat it out.Jones Kansas City Monarchs made up of young players
gives out list of the first IN EVERY
a also announced that beautiful
the American dollar and who posted a remarkable record -
said as far as he is concerned organization has made quitea
10 boxers in order, and here and valuable ,trophies
last in the
Patterson won't have to summer
it was a no-hitter. H e to both the
they are: Jack Johnson,Jim will be awarded to playersfor
of the
win becausehe the champion. junior league recrea-
pitched his first National Lea-
one against American and
Jefferies, Bob Fitzsimmons, t io has had different performances in'the. HOME ,
Our,friend Mr. Mitchellwas department COLORED
the Pittsburgh Pirates on former Monarch own- n
Jack Dempsey, ,Jim Corbett, gues Such
performances -
did not quite a difficult time this game.
right, Patterson '
12 1955 when he ,
May said.
was Tom Baird
Joe Louis, Sam Langford, er as the longest ball hitter -
started because
win. Johansson and summer getting -
went back to his beloved,Gene Tunney, Max ,I Schmeljing pitching. for the Chicago -Among' those who played of their, ambition to II: the frist home run, the *

Sweden and ,Rocky; Mardano.I .Cubs for. the Monarchs before going advance' in 9- higher bracket .. .
I I Fleischer is recognized''as the THE ELKS CHARITY base.
Jackie but breaks' through
*to the majors are finally
ERNIE BANKS the famous official, historian of. boxing ball game scheduled. for Au- Robinson Ernie Banks, Geo. the barriers-.and.'plays' some SUPPORT THE DRIVE
shortstop of the ChicagoCubs lIe hasseenthem all",from gust; 16, .at the Myrtle Ave Altman, ;Henry Thompsonand games.
is now the divorced Jim Corbett on. nue Baseball'Park! will be'athrilletvfrom
... Satchel The team informed
husband L. SAD SAM JONES; thi, Sin advance notices. TREATMENTOF
of Mrs. Mollye | that it would have to get FOR BETTER 1
Banks. The former spouseof Francisco Giants' pitcher was Two good- teams have been Baird said the best V deal he three more teams to, join
th. National League's a very unhappy, maa. when.seIected. The team from mad ewas the sale of Ernie them before of
legaue higher
195C 'Most Valuable Player"asked he .lost'the chance to'-'gaIn Georgia reportedly strong Banks, whom he sold for classification .could be NEGROES: LOCAL FIRMSI 1
for &'$65.000 settlement the second no-hitter in his and the team representing $20.000, but he said, he,could formed The members, went

instead of alimony.The major leaguer :areer, against.Florida:said to be equally have received more had he about trying: to interest'other would like to see a new policy of belter treatment :
Banks we remarried, the Los Angeles Dodgers reII !as, strong." 'Fans always, witness known Banks would turn teams to take part but to Negro customers adopted by local firs
some keen competition out to be the league's Most each time they failed. Eventually resent being called by my first name by eaI.-
-* : whenever 'Georgia' and Florida Valuable Player: ,
;'; I ; they secured a. teamto and saleswomen.I .
; '. t i f. '.''t): Enroll Now In 'The* .: 4 3 fans<.ai: the park-on August TROUBLED? The Thunderbirds finally ample rest room facilities ia local establishments cad Ian

: : South's Finest eon'A. ,_tr& ". 16: LOVE? started, to move. They play- end put' to Jim-crow sign on, drlnkiag fout..sand
r Florida Barber College '<>: SMOOTH SAILING 'TI L MONEY? ed, two games and won both, rest rooms.
i Branch O. I. Approved WE ,MEET, AGAIN. PROBLEMS? but they are still seeking To accomplish lasts changes I am willing to cess
Ill Help., competition.. They would pairoalziag firms that are. unwilling meet thses
SolutionAvailable still like' to form a league in I requests. -

Woodrow Patterson, manager Prof. James Glover LEARN TO DRIVE order 'to play regularly.
J/II. 630 Davis Street At Beaver Secure Driven License If Instructions NAME

,Phone EL 5.9874 SAFEWAY DRIVINGSCHOOL Followed -

Strictly Personal ADDRESS
GEORGE PERPENA. Dir. Dept. 15 ( ) V Yoaoaar'dlecIoee.mY! name if U I_
i Office ELgin 5-7742 Box 10 Otterr deatlal .\union indicated otlirwi 'I Still traditionally distilled for Re*. .ELgin 4-0639 I .Cape* South AfricaflCOSTfYS ANQTIIEItSTAR'TOVWE I-cnderetead.:that-ray.name w21 be held" ceaflpvs .

s: iMPORTEDQUAL1T ., .. MAJORS ,(",... ""'"'"

-- .
1.. 0. F I
,f t't '

-. Nathaniel "Pee Wee" ,Oliver,
; 1 1 1t Bait Shrimp .- Live, Crabs, the brilliant shortstop of the
't Gibbs High School team was V
4f Fishing I Tackle- signed recently by Leon Ha- BALLROOM ,' =

y milton, Dodger scout for $20, "

V JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. Oliver was voted 'Gibbs
'- High's top athlete hi' track,
m S8338 8S3833SS938S8eeSS83SS88 8Se3e3SSee8Sr Ar
r football and, bsaeball last
ar 4a -B
r a He is '18-yeasr-old,, 5-11 --
; ppmsBERGAMOT and ;weighs 165 pounds. The IN P :
young star reported Tri.
] pie A St., Paul of hte Ameri- -

J c a-n .Association immediate TARHEEL ;
ly. Bithel Price: and Joe Un ,
'i R SEPtLLtNTONDITIONER therberg were signed also.

The signing of, Oliver put :..41
t the Dodgers over the million I 5

? l r dollar mark for talent since ',-;.---, ..- SI.:.t; ,, '. ;. ,." J
they moved to the West I ." ; "
... .
: -' 7". .' ::
f.j tfOU'ffTJTPTI :Coast.' I\ : 'lit J ;. I


WALTS RADIO &.. I .?r. : i? I

l L 11
kt f TV SERVICEAll I -.f'> LIUMN I

t of i Work Getnaiead, .. ,
; cirrs" C 'O .I ,
J :.
New'tad V.tv. .
..:r. -: "
689 Florid Ave.
l lAND lr
Pteae EL 3-4888, II i )
1 l Jacksonville Florida : Dan .e-.I ;

1 libel! Fist jlWla Il! J _
t-o uzdl=:oHffled'fer.Leader; :.Dry Cia 1 JI HIS ORCHESTRA '

t r .If-l the m&k_ diyni!in_ nit ddkate: ttwr of. F JI I Ie ZWKiriKXXm&StttMOW. :

\ Vi a i
\ .. THRU*JHUW.,-_, .
F r F -oB.r.l !iR i I' .. PaJ.J'1IOI1DAWv............. .- -iI. -- -. aa1it.A'M.. '" ;;#

.1 t
rec...IPQIa11I.c, .:u'--' [ :"
-: .. ..., .
-iF ?
r .

IJ I S __ ;1f 5\





hie t', ,THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending: Saturday July 18. 1959
oo----- .
American, 'Negro jazz artists 4 ords of the incident. Local 1 lodge ,which offers the last Manual Rivera and Charles
who rocked the hall with the ]Negro editors 'regar l it as a Mug I in fine accomidations I I (Feet) Simons pulled out for
hottest music ever heard in 4 dangerous situation when one ,and delectable foods Added Chi forsome vacation. .They *
Chips Off''T'he, BlocksBy Moscow. or two people can kep things :a. all that hospitality ,dished are now calling the Tattler *
Dwight Mitchell and Willie out of the police ''records. It'I I but in the Koelman style I editor Porcher Two Gun Tay *
Ruff, known to jazz enthusi-J means some.big-shot can lor, since he has become an
tItJ'J ..u. IIA'..,.-J---"'tA..,, asts in the United States, :kill a Negro' or some small I which comparable, to'say.the Evans least Renda-is in- I I honorary something or other. *
----- *
By Jay Jaxon staged an' impromptu concert :person and fix,it so that it isI Vous is still packing them in. :
The current heat wave being 'what it around these for' the students of the con-, :not'reported ana the whole Jimmy ,Lewis of the Afro TIOIMCIESKYVIEW rti=.!i2 -

parts, there'is one thing certain: Who- ain't at the beach servatory today. 'thing squashed. Ins[ clan is in the class known,I M 1ro. u.'t Maw ai' I.U1 .IU,.
just can't afford the beach., They scored a major breakthrough Then there is the story as the "week-end vacation a.cuc:' c' qru WamsM ORAJEL.I oleiC
Tile gossip around town for. the past week has been in a field where the about the young man who businessmen." He enjoys his ./ : .On1Mtf'" '.
equal to the heat The town is just sizzling-weatherwise State Department and,the Soviet drove into the Ribault River weekend on the beach while 1 iC
_as well as gossipwise. Ministery of Culture have coming out of the.Ribault. his icecream concession and I
long been hopelessly deadlocked Supper dub Leon 'Gonsal- -
News has reached Gel,. parking pulls in the gold.
(Gate City) that two Jax musicians the caption "U.S. Jazz Duo ves the drummer and Trum-
Dwight Mitchell -I Staid Hall The students went wild ov- peteer Washjngton turned the GREAT' NTTES1f : -
.Rocks Moscow 8 Weda
Willie Ruff, had'the Moscow er the brilliant and often spectacular divers,and raised the car out !
music lovers standing in the the, following review: "Moscow's innoviations of Mr. of the river-for' a small _
aisles and cheering after their staid Tchaikovsky Conservatory Mitchell's piano and Mr. course STARTS -
brilliant performance in Com- will never be the Ruffs bass. For good meas- American Beach is just run ,mss.I f "The color line
mivUle. The celebrated New same again. And if there's a ure, Mr. Ruff played two sizzling ning over with folk trying to ; d
York Times in a dispatch single. piano or bass fiddle'left I numbers on the French beat the heat Modestine JtILY -I won't stop me
McKissick and Estelle Willi- .
from Osgood Caruthers, car- in one piece after today it horn to Mr. Mitchell's some- ,
ried in its July 1 issue under won't be the fault of the two times classical and sometimes ams have been spending the 21STI i I' tip ot the Peel 0-.'
completely abandoned accompaniment week_at the Afro Motel I Ma!...! these o.vI'
I Rosamond Satterwhite Law- Amartaan ...
SISTER I TALK OF THE TOWN this son and a' group of friends I fe I:..think oar eocntry .w
wek was about the professional were down for a little airing. community ,s ..fit
lady who snapped and start The folk we. envy- the most I white! And : ta,whleh te Bf*
Sister Kay's Temple Of Faith are. people like Frank Smith
ed telling things and caling < "
jt *
who *
and Ed Koelman can en- "
names and she caled lot
a joy the beach and at the same 4' I'm going
1925 West 45th Street PO 5-9383 of professional ladies names. ,
The workers in Memorial Unit time operate profitable busi-

Sister y Kay.God.aent Christian Women Is now located x THAT have compiled long .a the list other of names big ,nesses.Ed Koelman is the most I to pass i.

In her Own TempI. of Faith. By Gobi's Hand Sister oneabout item from the the dies-jockey gossipage is who the recent"vacationing to join busin the ranks Ssmeu'of*the as 1 for white!"_

of the Cedar .
Kay has helped'thousands In All Walks of Life. If got carved and was stiched the entrepreneur
I up quickly and rushed back rwse I *
you are Crippled..Blind or hare Sickness of any kind on the job.*the day after so BARBER WANTED UiNAiURNER II I
the audiences won't link his Apply Artistic Barber Shop.1. a.
See Sister Kay who has God's Given Powers If you absence with.the slashing .619 West Ashley Street. EL JOHN 6AYIN p I

They the disc 49231. .
hare Bad Luck or Evil Influences If not Successful say jockey'sgot BELCHER
things fixed so that there
Not Happy In Lov. Marriage or Divorce Problems. is no report on the police re- WEE FOLKS NURSERY 1ISaNKOHNER R09 HUAIQiIIMDURE Stanton Staler )
, School *
s.. Sister Below the 1031 W. 17th Street tEM1 ( Adults SOc Cola Dealer and)*>
Kay. are two of people Sister 6 GRJ(1O
6 to
Hours a. m. p. m. Bottling Coca-*
Kay,hu helped: Left;"! Mrs. Jones had an Incurable NOW THRU' MON. "ONLY.MII Monday thru Friday (Sorry No ) II I proud to tthsto,.
ROOSEVELTFIGHT I. Ages 3 months to 3 years. I of the 11.2 grade
Disease Flat on my Back. I ,heard about Sister Kay's For information _call Mrs. is a member of?
Benjamin. EL 53949. Hl-Y. and Beta
Temple. Thanks to the, Good Lord. I went to Sister STRAND He received honor T

Kay now I am Happy and Working again. I will FILMS FOR RENT 1 Sunday thru Saturday 2 Brand In Music. if 1

Imn mi Ii9Kiv Furnished rooms and private
k'i '''
Recommend Her to Any One Who Needs Help. Right: kitchen. Hot and cold > ( ( '
"I Mrs. Williams had water. Single man or woman
many Lore Problems Couldn't PAIIERSPtfINGIMIR
f preferred ,EL 51109. r-

'. ,:Sleep or Eat. Had Bad f t'-' M t FOR RENT '

'\Luck and Evil Influence.' JOHANSSON.: ifp.omciM. Five.room house with electric SHAKE
I' heard about Sister,' T water heater. Located I 2
'KaT* Temple. With her .EILflovum vumoon 2113 West 40th Street. $27.50 Y J
rues rust
';Help and Good Advice ** *warn An t < every 'two :weeks. Call EL

_:::now I am very Happl in I '1 DEVIL' ,
Marriage and able to .do j

my Work. I Recommend AnnouncingThe .' B. BRITT
Sister Kay Very Highly. 1 1L Stanton Senior
PLUS High School
Mrs Jones Mrs. Williams rrtANCoise SAeANa is paid to Helen
The Opening Of a 12.5 grade class.

colDS. and music

518 Broad Street ;CfJmE CARERE JGMY& Baptist Church. t

O ...t...
(Between Ashley and Church Streets)
AT LAST A Chiropractic! DIE"A ********

WED.SUN. RITZ Sun We L Clinic To Provide Treatment] .a J

for Jaxons Suffering from:Arth's; : SUN. MON. ONLY! 1ST RUN! !

r d ..! ritis, Asthma. Nervous condl-l "
word _
e apre !
lions. Headaches. :Back pains r -
tt r S BACK IN )O I-_ other body pains. Stomach.' T'- c' ft f
Liver and Heart: trouble an
CUBA rau s v
. JrtJII other forms of ailments.
Chiropractic Can End Your]
Suffering. Visit This Modern
Clinic During Open House Sunday R DICK .
July 18 1 to 5 p.'m. DAW AN E. NELSON
Stanton Senior
DR. W. F. WEAVERDr. School

W. F. WEAVER. In Charge Phone EL 6-7830 A Is a member of'
( Once Upon
'f rtd ip t 1 lSl 118a9Ca grade class. He
._ St. Plus Church
HELL feku. ; 2>->-.it.
reading novels,)
BELOW The Alexander Insurance and Interpretatlngi,]
Agency Is Pleased
: ZERO .
-- ?- ---. to become d
Languag. fats!
to announce the appointment o.' '
J. T. Collier in charge of lit a 0 1 a
Life Insurance Division. --4" *

AI The Alexander Insurance Agency M:;....
is agent ,for The Manhattan Life rf s' 4 S trot- ...
to AIM tale M1 a
Insurance :
Company of New York :'" .-
which, is now in its second century N. wtsflenL
of operation; Kentucky '- Listen To
Home Mutual Life Insurance '" Music-quest
Company of Louisville. Kentucky. #-. COLOR Friday Nltes
S /
s to 10:30 to ll:% ,

With, these added facilities the slogan for the Alexander EL 8-0481-2( ,

Insurance Agency "We.:Meet All Your Insurance FIGHT FILMS!
Needs" has become a reality
4 c.. LW VIllI

...:" ''Ji H.U Mr. Collier bring to the Agency a' background kk
I (training and experience In the Life Insurance Field. PATTERSON 1 1 JOHANSSON i t kk
his from Florida A & M Unl-
Following graduation ,
Cf CML rae.>rs CHAiftIIIp) fIIIft
$95. rersity with major in Business Admlnsltratlon, .he bI Mwfl Atllffi
Completed a course in Life Office Management from
<.1 f flee-Management Association: of New York COMING 1ST RUN TUES. WED. -.
:tty. He has served as District Manager for various
5- Companies in Mac 0 n. Georgia; Detroit Michigan; AWARD !
Memphis Tenn..Tallahassee;Florida and Jacksonville. ACADEMY
Bst.. Florida. IOn nts HCTVM VDUTH' ieua scour
.. =-
several occasions he has been'given awards and _.....IUIi 1BUI..mIe.
.n" "Jt r. a.e.n.
prizes for outstanding work in sales miHiyeiiiertHe aw..rr
holds membership with the NAACP_and. the S. w .e neellii
I. NATIONAL BRAKE SERVICE Jacksonville Business League and.has been'.'aa,.active
.lupporter of Important civic projects. Pined With Passion Sin Fear -.

j..1i.- ,_ '. '. Also "THING THAT COULDNT _:. ,

,' ,
\ :
r. '= .. : ; ';. ; .
= l'