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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200515datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 20, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005150740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 20, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 20, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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;. yp DRIll


'.. J



_H_ __ __ __ ___
... ,
r .-a.-- <-n.... '.':;r-t: .,,Lk-. ';r\"It Q t-t:

'Gov.Collins Vetoes : 3 <
I kF1OR/D BMR ca KJ p
i+ FN +

Sell Segregation'i c c t

VOL. -- NO. 20 And NEWS JUNE 20 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 15 Cenl
SOUGHTIN 1 r- 0 .

MIAMI ALL-WHITC EATERIESINTEGRATION -I q rAct + iti.- Veteran Swims To Deatl awN


MIAMI-White and Negro In Oceanfront Tragedy : 11

members of the Congress of ,
Racial Equality staged a "sit- ".Pa
in" at the W. T. Grant store ,
here by sitting for several -


Saturday and Monday. ,

object to of prompt the demonstrationwas integration in 'The-- body of 23-year-old James Joseph Jackson Is seen CLAIMS LIFE OF LOCAL MANThe DRAWS WIDESPREAD CRITICISM .

Miami restaurants and lunch above just before It was transferred to a waiting am
counters. bulance on the beach of Little Talbot Island. The body Atlantic Ocean claimed the life of James Joseph .
Although they were not suc- washed ashore some 12 hours after Jackson drowned In Jackson last weekend when he drowned while swimming in

cessful in being served, Dr. the Atlantic Ocean while swimming. The victim is the vicinity ,of the Negro recreation pier at Little Talbot The now internationally discussed Tallahassee ,verdict
John Brown, chairman of the shown in the inset as he appeared. a recent ,photo. Island state'Park.It where four white self-confessed rapists were found guilty by
[i Miami chapter of CORE, im- is felt that Jackson, considered ; an all-white jury, but were spared the mandatory death pen- "
plied that his group would a better than average it had washed ashore near the alty because of a recommendation of mercy by the jury, is
1C keep returning until i some PARDON BOARDPOSTPONES: DOOM swimmer, succumbed either entrance to 'Little Talbot causing a deluge of comment and criticism because of the
progress was made. cramps or exhaustion as Island. McQueen Sharperson, strongly implied injustice of the verdict.
he swam seaward some 200 a Florida Parks employe,
OF MAN CONVICTED OF RAPE The four whites, aged 16 to
off the
yards pier. made the discovery and noti- granted with the verdict be-
One witness, ,Desso Benja- fied the County Road Patrol. 24, were convicted of rapinga
: four defendantswere
'SUMMERHOURSSummer min, told police. that he madean Judge Giddens ordered the petite Negro coed 7 timesat I cause
TALLAHASSEE-Eeighteen-year-old Sam Wiley Odom, attempt to reach Jacksonin body removed to the county gun and knifepoint after white.
convicted of raping a 63-year-old white woman and sentenced the water, but the victim morgue. abducting her. She was found The state, the nation and
Reading ProgramAt to die in the electric chair for the crime, faced the put on a sudden burst of
hours in the
State Pardon Board on Wednesday in a desperate effort'to speed and outdistanced him. Jackson, 23, an Air Force later kidnap car world now awaits the sentenc-
Wilder Park Branch have his sentence, ,commuted to life.Duringthe Benjamin told county officers was married and the father ofan by a sheriff's deputy. She ing of the four convicted men.
,Jacksonville, Public Library hearing,Odom'sattorney I that he eventually saw Jack- infant daughter. He wasa was bound, gagged and in a Some say Judge Walker will
Opening hours for Wilder W. M. Kennedy cen- son disappear beneath the former member of Mt. Sinai state of shock because of her send them home with a "slapon
Park Branch of the Public Li- sured the actions of the jury POLICE REPORTS surf The estimated time of Baptist Church., i ordeal. the wrist," or might send
brary will be changed for the that sentenced the doomed the. drowning'*was between Besides his wife and daug-
two to a"eorrec: onal institution -
summer. Beginning June 29th man .Kennedy- .said,,Od o m -- "I 5:30: )and SjOOm.nUflast; Sat- lerv who live Jat 804 E.Union I Actually, the death sen- '
I 1
and ending August 29th the was sentenced after the jury -- I urday.The. f't Sf-" Street; -Jackson is survivedby tence shouJd.Juiw:' been automatic : while ones goes to Ral- y
hours will be as follows i had deliberate only six min- WOMAN CUT ON FACE body ,was discovered his mother, :Mrs. Lucille since, the law of this ford and the third-man,,to receive -
Monday, Wednesday and utes. He claimed the jury BY HER BOY FRIENDA early Sunday morning! Where Williams of 917 Minnie St. state insists that a person psychiatric treatment."
Thursday: could not possibly have con- convicted of rape must die There is also some commenton

2:00: P.M.-9:00 P.M. sidered all the facts in the slashed 26-year-old on the left woman side of was her AUTHOR OF BIAS BAITING BILL unless mercy is recommended the possibility that they
L l Tuesday, Friday and case in such a short time. face last at The recommendation of mer- "
Saturday: "I think the jury gave no and Florida Sunday Avenue Phelps cy, therefore by the all-white, will be g i v e n sentences of
10:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. consideration for the boy's gaged in while en- all-male jury, has sparked "moderate" length to more or
The Summer Reading Program life," he said. "It was- sort .an argument with DISAPPOINTED BY VETO wide-spread comment., criti- less mitigate the strangenessof
for children and young of a mob action." her boy friend. cism and even denouncement.It the verdict. There are oth-
people this year centers Kennedy said he would not Police said Miss Edith Haysof ers, however, who feel cer-
around the theme "Florida's refer to the recent Tallahassee 1086 Van Buren Street, TALLAHASSEE-Gov. LeRoy Collins is being widely is generally felt that the tain that the four will be given -
Hidden Treasures in Books." rape case in which four was intoxicated at the time of lauded for his demonstration of "wisdom and foresight" by verdict was a product of racial life imprisonment on the
The program opened June 6th young white men were convicted the report. She said later vetoing the extravagant Senate-blessed Reedy bill to sell bias Nor is this solely day, yet undetermined t, when

and will close August 1st. but_ given _recommendations that _James Beale, her boy segregation! to the North.<< : the far.opinion of Negroes.the Vatican Fromas they are sentenced.It .
A Book Pageant and Party for mercy in the rape friend, who also resides at The bill, vetoed on Wednesday away
City in Rome it was openly is now a matter of waiting
for participants will be heldon of a 19-year-old Negro college 1086 Van Buren Street, was was called a waste of ernor indicated 10 days ago
that and
August 7th. Each person coed. the person who cut her. the taxpayers'money," by the he was considering a veto.SEA'S expressed m ercy was see.
registering for the Summer "I think this case should be governor. Collins' opinion of
Reading Program will receivea considered on its m e r its, The victim was treated by i the bill was that it would create -
"Reading Certificate" after Kennedy said. "There's no members of Fire Department more misunderstanding of
reading twelve or more books. question about his guilt, but No. 6. The cut was not seri- the South's segregated way MURDER. .RAPISTSGETMERCY .
ous and the firemen '
Children are asked to come the jury was not fair to him. of life.
in costume, depicting their favorite State Atty. G. G. Oldham, band aids to do the job: She The "sell segregation" plan,
"Book Character" for who was the prosecutor in the will not prosecute. by definition, would have en- EXAMINEDBY

the Pageant. Special awards case, said Odom had been given Patrolmen T.V.. Johnsonand gaged a Northern advertising
and prizes will be given for. "fair trial. F., A. Starting investi- combine to publicize throughall
the best characterizations.Parents Gov. LeRoy Collins'said the gated. practicable; communicationmedia GRAND JURY-
are urged to encourage case'will be considered againat the South's widely con- r
their children to_join a special meeting of the troversial system,of segrega-
Reading Program board in about five weeks. tion between whites and
the Summer -
I handed
A sealed report was
blacks. The initial appropriation -
will have fun
"Discovering They Hidden Treas- MAN SHOT IN BACKATTEMPTING needed would have been down by the Duval County
PEACEMAKER IS HIT TO RUN !$500,000. Spending of this Grand Jury after the panel
In Books" this
ures summer. IN !MOUTH WITH PIPE Rollie White, 40, of 1321 N
the money, however, would have heard testimony of witnessesin
is located
The branch on William Edward Tanksley, W. 7th Street was shot in the been dependent upon the connection with the May
corner of Lee and West Third 52, of 921 Broad Street Lane, back' last Saturday''' as he attempted
block of Da- agreement of at least four 24 slaying of Sgt. Charlie Sea.
Streets, one west
told police he was hit in the to run from a man other Southern states to put Sea was fatally shot by a
Lee 'StreetMAKES
vis Street
face with a piece of pipe while who held a shotgun. in like 'sums toward the fur- man identified as Robert Lee

attempting to stop an argument Police reported a fight at therance of the plan. Knighting, 28, of 317 N. Myr- rb
-Iast-Sunday.: First and Florida Avenue be- Collins said the idea is not tle Ave., when he went to that a' -
GRADE I Tanksley said an argumentwas tween White and new, since other Southern same address to investigate a
going on between his I
states have previously pur- disturbance. Patrolman M.
i Clyde Canady, 27. of 1412 w
landlady and William Charles
sued the same idea individu- I L. Massey who accompaniedSea
AFTER SHAKY Perry, 26, of 916 Broad Street that Street.Canady It left was the reported ally "but with a notable absence said Knighting fired
Lane., When he made an at- scene I
of the fight and returned of concrete accomplishment. twice at the Sergeant when
tempt to stop the dispute, he with ." asked what the trouble was.
a shotgun, and when
SEMESTERGAINESVILLE was hit. White saw the shotgun he at- Collins said the people of Knighting, still at large,' is
The victim was carried to Florida want the energies and the object of a widespread
tempted to but
Duval Medical Center by police run Canady resburces of their state devoted manhunt, involving the policeof
opened and shot
He left the in
car. hospital
well the
the toward making Floridaa many states as as
George before the doctor could treat
better place to live. .
Stark, University of.,Flor- his wound. He does not wishto I Patrolmen C. B. Thomp- This is the kind of reputa- FBLA murder warrant was' issued f
ida's'1I'St Negro student, has prosecute. Wns, J.. D. Austin and Sgt,R. tion no amount of money can here for Knighting
apparently made the scholastic Patrolmen T. L. Mays and ,T. Matthews investigated. buy and no amount of propa- shortly after the shooting.,
grade at the university'slaw M. L. Massey investigated. ,. 4e ganda could produce, he de- f
'h"' Three of the four white convicted last week
college after a somewhat clared. WOMAN LOSES $147 ; men bya
anxious last semester. "I do not believe this bill FROM HER HANDBAGMiss Tallahassee court of the abduction and mass rape of
I/t Stark's record the past se- DRAWS LIFE FOR GIVEN LONG TERM to be a sound, and practical : Florine :Milton of 1457 a 19-year-old Negro coed are shown in the.above picture.
mester was reviewed by the :MURDERBRADENTONA FOR SLAYING proposal. If it is not, I can- 21st Street, lost $147 last Although death Is mandatory for rape in this
law college faculty, a step taken -: sentenceof STARKE-Leroy Wheeler, not with a clear conscience onday when her wallet was
the lives the
state four
were pared by a recommendation
when a student fails to.:' life imprisonment was 17, was sentenced to 20 years condone or approve the result- taken from her handbag at
maintain a "C" average. handed William P. Young last in prison for the seconddegree -' ing waste of our taxpayers' 636 W. 21st Street. of mercy by the Jury that found them guilty.
Stark, 27, must have madeup Monday for the fatal stab-I. murder of a 72yearoldwoman. money." She said she asked Eugene Viewed from the left they are Wllllon Collingsworia
the deficiency, for he is bing of a mairwith whom he' The youth had been State Rep. W. IL Reedy of Davis to watch her handbag
eligible for readmittance to had been drinking. Young, originally] charged with first- Eustis,who authored the proposal while she was at the phono- 23; Patrick Scarborough 20 and David Beagles 18.
the law school this fall. 52, pleaded guilty to second- degree murder, but was stated that the veto graph machine and when, she The fourth and youngest of the four 16-year-old Ollie
Five other Negroes recent degree murder. The victim found guilty of the I e sse r came as a "great personal dis returned to her seat her wal- i* not shown. Unidentified in the pic
ly qualified for enrollment, was 37-year-old Hiram Ste- charge in the missing man
a trial here last appointment" but not as a i let with money was -
attended classes this week. phens. month. surprise. He said the ,gov- from her handbag. lure Is a Leon County Agent

". ',, :,. '., ,' ,t. r ,


.:i1f ". fIi'
p rt,--


Pag* Two_ --=- .=. THE FLORID STAB -.-- -' Week Ending Saturday Juno 20 1959
------ /

Y .;; .- :: "Politics As Usual" -' ',i

:: r THE FLORIDA STAR, .----" -



Pobliihed by The Florida Star Publishing Co. Y Dixie politicians, realizing thai they are no longer politically
"Member of Associated Negro' Fres*** powerful enough to push through Congress "a
die O. S1mpIOD' -EdiiorCrPaxhsza ; i :naked anti-Negro bill/ have adopted new tactics: and are

Johnson .- ..... > now seeking their_objective' through support of legislation
to, curb the, United States
Hilda Woolen Circulation DepL Supreme Court under cover of
fighting communism. Roy Wilkins NAA xecutirej secretary
charged in an address ai a Freedom Fund dinner
Ls of the Chicago NAACP.

PLANT lie cited: the inclusion ofan
023 KoecrUi Road _. EL 4-87IS'- EL ....,... anti-subversion clause in I thus hopes 'to win enough
H. R. 3 bill restrict the
a to
Downtown Branch Offlcvt 423 Bread:SL Phoor'EL' 4-377T: votes from the North, East
Supreme! Court now before
the House, as an example of and Far West to pass H. R.
the tactics being used by 3. If the trick: should succeedthe

MaU1Dg!Add::ep: southerners to suppress civil Dixie die-hards would

P. O. Box,381. Jacksonvffla 1, Florida ;,-.b:: rights- advocates.. have a rlub over the Negro
'M ; :"': Under this more deadly than the Klanor

*" .., -' bill, he warne any lynch mob."

SUBSCRIPTION RATES ... ,- d, southern Mr. Wilkins called upon

On Tr, $540; Half Year, $3.0QrTfart Manifas $1.80 -.. '"_ x, seek states to would brand voters to let their congressmen -

Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United StaiM.jtabaoipiion .. 'f the NAACP as know immediately their

payabla in Adranca."Sand Check or Mosey Order To:: I r \'r ,.' > subversive, despite opposition to this bill and to
FLORIDA STAB-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLOBHA b '' : the Association's urge its defeat. The bill can

[ -, be defeated, he said if the
: ? < well known electorate from
'H.L ; :. Boston to
anti communist -
s> record, San Diego, is sufficiently a-
TALLAHASSEE RAPE VERDICT and thus to roused to the danger it re-

SIMPSON outlaw it. presents. This imposes uponus

I "That is the neat little an obligation to greatly
I A MOCKERY OF JUSTICE '- 4,. gvons expand our vote, he asserted -
plan wrapped up in H. R. 3, .

"The Old South knows that In the fight against racial

times have changed and it injustice, "there are other

JUSTICE, like certain Flora, does not seem to thrivein does not have the political weapons which can be em-

Florida. Of course, unlike Flora, justice is an abstractismand strength to put across a nak- ployed," the NAACP leader
ed bill. But it has
therefore has no substance other than that wrought Your Weekly clothed its brain child in an pointed out, "but I need not

through human enactment. Therefore, the Tallahassee. rape anti-communist garment and stress that retaliatory vio-
trial verdict was as just as the twelve jurors were white. ,.
Guide is not one of them
And in the light of the overwhelming evidence given them Horoscope ,
judgment ((23rd-24th). Mis- Mr: Wilkins declared "We
verdict wrought by
during the trial, the Sunday morning
those miscellaneous men brought with it an odor of carrion. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER takes roost are on likely the 25th to come and exact hometo cannot fight lynching with

The four white fellows who plundered that little collegegirl's I WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR payment in ways that may restrict defend lynching.ourselves Of course,when we must at-
body were well treated by their fellow men. They your freedom of move-
were pampered and petted and protected, and no doubt had BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL ment. Powerful pressure may tacked. This is our right un-
very little qualms, if any, of having their backsides applied be brought to bear in your der all known laws. In the
to the electric chair for committing one of the most wanton behalf on the 26th. The pos- past the NAACP has defended -
session of funds and those who exercised the
book. ample
ravishments in anybody's
ARIES the future and to implement!];.verY much in evidence on the loyal allies becomes of tre- right of self-defense, as those
The existing contrast in justice is sickening in its ex-' Born March 21 thru April 19 your education and prepares''29th. mendous importance when who remember the famous

tremity. Ponder the plight of 16-year-old Jimmy Lee Clark: Money or other benefac- youngsters for the -existence1 9-50-66-19-67-956. you run up against major sweet case in Detroit well
Some aging woman poked a finger under his nose and declared -' tions, that come your way envisaged for them. Check on problems ((29th). It looks if known. We spent thousandsof
her. She white of 'anytime from the 23rd thru people and the trends before as
that he had raped was a woman you have plenty to do before dollars asd risked the life
course, so it didn't matter too much whether her identification -, 26th, can raise your hopes you give cash, or your friend- SCORPIO the vacationyou of Thurgood Marshall to defend -
of Jimmy was correct or not. He was unceremoniously:, kyhigh and lead to rather ship (29).,' . convicted of the alleged crime and slated to get thoroughly ''unusual experiences and ro 7-70-66-17 27-776. The hopes that soar sky- 1-20-33-19-81-123.are 'lumbia, Tenn., after a riot
roasted in Florida's electric chair unless some sore of merci-' mances. There are indicationsthat high on the 23rd may be sud- I there in 1946. To assert, as
ful miracle occurs to spare his life. they may evoke a trainof denly dashed to the groundby I PISCES some persons are now trying

The Tallahassee the other hand had no such events terminating in a LEO official intervention or ;Born Feb. 18 thru March 20 to do, that the NAACP does
rape, on of home other unexpected factors
change profession
Born 23 thru 23
vague and inconclusive aspects attached to it. Those four conditions 'and'personal out- The July only who August should right thereafter. Do not allow I Learn what you can, absorball not believe in Negroes defending
white fellows positively raped that little coed to their heart's: look. The signs are there for share secrets person is the yourself to be frightened from the information that may themselves is sheer
content. She tumbled, still trussed, from the back of their to see and ponder your ideas and purposes, as eventually prove valuable,,and nonsense, (spouted for the
you upon with,whom united
onto the ground after the youthful hauled them one you are persist in your search for culture -purpose of dividing our ranks
car deputy he 25th, 27th and 29th, so and expect to split the the 25th may be the kind ofa
down. They admitted to their,crime and signed confessions.And study them'carefully and decide -I (22nd thru 24th .proceeds If day when everything looks and artistic development, and fumishink: our enemies
in the,end theyTjot generous slices of mercy to quiet whether certain risks are' ) darkest, just before the ap- even if you have to go to with propaganda weapons to
any anxieties they might have had of making history by worth enough to take. Do not your disinclined vitality"is'ow to_ tackle] or you feel perance of the silver lining. foreign lands in the process use against the whole cause."
being sent to the chair. tasks responsi- 260551431265. ((23rd thru 26th). You gather
neglect your or respon- bilities on the 25th, the wise when have
sibilities entirely; otherwiseyou thing to do is 'to act accord- you a a s
There is no doubt.that the verdict represents a gross will have that much more ingly. This is a period when SAGITTARIUS loyal companion by your side
miscarriage of justice. __ to do next month. home never seemed more at- Burn No,. 23 -thru Dee. 21 who is willing to share your
joys or sorrows
730221774732. tractive and it would do youa Let other people explodeand .
It is act that has hurt and stunned the ) Money can be-
an Negro people world of good to enjoy all expose themselves to the the
but they are not expressing hate. Instead we are sym- of its advantages and com- consequences, while YQU keep come cause of an error of EVERY
pathizing with those people-the: jurors who brought in the TAURUS forts ((26th thru 28th). A disappointment your cards close to your chest .be rather conservative or a in so
verdict as well as the men and women throughout this nation Born April: 20 thru May 20 that disturbsyou and study your play before .dealings these your
who heap injustices us for their consciences make it You still on days. Excesses COLORED HOMEs
upon ; The climate for agreements, on the 29tb.nay have its you ((23rd) at work when
will torment and they will pay dearly for their wrongdoingswhen understanding and cooperation good points which you will seem to be bothered by the financial should be avoided or on the dining 29th.
the day of judgment comes. becomes very favorable recognize during one of the l restrictions that limit 8-80-99-18-38-889. .
from the 22nd thru the 26th coming tomorrows. your initiative and move- .
and you should take full ad- 3-40-11-16-86-341. ments, but a little.clever jug-
vantage of it without fear. gling of people and circum- rI
Continue to take the neces- VIRGO stances may permit you to accomplish I
sary precautions to insure' Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 your ends anyway M
safety at home late on the If you have not covered up ((24th thru 26th). Let,no one
EATING 23rd and early on the 24th. your: mistakes, when they influence you against trying
OUTDOORS D 1 Postpone social engagementson were necessary, you can expect what you desire most to do as err
the 25th, if' they require that they will lead rightup it is better to lose than never

traveling under unfavorable to your ,door on the 24th. to have done anything at all

_. t s weather 'or other conditions.The Fortunately, you seem to have ((29th). U
1 FlFTWRVE+ PERCENT OP ALL I possibility of domestic powerful friends whose presence 4-40-77-15-43-447.
OUTDOOR MEAL ONE TO discord again arises on the and support should bring t
: __ THREE TIMES A MONTH. SOME 29th. warmth to your heart when CAPRICORN
+ FAM1UE5 N THE SOWHSOUIJfr 3-20-11-13-95-321. the need is felt: Don't allow Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19
I::r JUng EVEN1N6 MEALS yourself to get into a hopeless Give up attitudes of rigidity
+ OF GEMINI mood if you suffer reverse that are imposed on you, not I. r-
-I Born May 21 thru June 19 or disappointment on the necessarily thru your own 1
Hazards can crop up under 25th. Those who have felt fault I ((23rd). There is a
the most unexpected and un- themselves'inadequate to face friend, perhaps "at a distance,
usual conditions so do not allow life may compensate for the who seems to be sympatheticwhen
your mind to wander late deficiency by taking a mateor you are loaded down
on the 23rd or early on the partner-who is'selfassuredand with problems and obligations
24th. Put off trips that are strong (29th). ((24th thru 26th). Do not be
not absolutely necessary at 6-30--44-15-92-634. the one responsible for a sep-
Wttl To GO OF EVERV FIVE AMERICAN MEN that time. If you must travel, aration ((25th). Be wary of 1
YEAR-ONE IN KXJR WILL.CO choose the safest route and LIBRA the friends who think they
HUNTlNa AAANY OF THEM MALL "* take plenty of time getting Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 should share in your prosperity -
AND TAKE THEY THEIR WILL FAMILIES EAT ALON9. there. You may be impelledto Take' 'up a career besides or who would profit from

OUTDOORS SQVVE-> make some withdrawalsfrom other personal interests. You the advantages, you have
TIME THE PUR4 TRIP. & your savings or other- may be persuaded to consider gained thru the years after
,. wise commit your word, and this aspect oa-Qie'23rd24th.A l long s pel rs of hard work'(29th
assets on the 25th. conflict of interests-is possible ( ). If you are indebted to
6--10--44-12- 9614.CANCER on the 25h when you someone, this is the time to KENKNICIIT
t may have to,'choose J between pay up. '
COOWN9 SJNCfc THE CAVEMAN RUBBED TWO purely domestic responsibilities Invite You To Listen To -
r STICKS TOGETHER TO START RRE {tS THE NEW Born .Jon 20 thru Jalr 22 or becoming a wage earn-
NEET MEET CHARCOAL BRIQUET oocAeE. Separations or friction over er. It will be up to you to "KMCIITTRA1N" ,
XX CHACCOAU) U6 4r THE NO BOX WNDUNOt;THE BOX NO U6HTS MESS,THE mutual economic resources stand your.ground when you Born Jan.. 20 thru Feb.. 18 .
NO CANCEROUS USHT1N6 RUd NO and spending may be inducedon are convinced that .you are I Weigh your behavior then
CONSTANT FRE-TENDM PROVIDES. the 25th. Where love prevails right The conditions that make this your,guiding principle Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly i .
NO WASTE.+ ..JUST THE RJ6KT nothing will matter and cause you, to spend more before you consent to a
AMOUNT OF CHARCOAL TO everyone should be ready to money than is wise'to enter I.rash course of action which i14oo WRHC 1400" a
COCK A B0 MEAL kiss and make up ((26th).Thisis tain your friends or keep up has, not had the benefit of

the right ,time to think of an impressive front are still prolonged reflection'and sober __
'.,. a

__ '-' -,-
.. .- >




.... .


Weak Ending Saturday,. June 20. 1959 THE &o A.'SIAfl Fag Tim-

9"I ..._ __ _
--- -

Wedding Bells :r. 'Yi' i h p s a x s '"

= ; M.u lIli--
l __ __ ,
Application for Mu IIIe
Licenses .
Henry Irving, 919 MarketSt. ayky LOUISE G. GUINYARD
42 and Rita Wallace ', s s a .
., age 6: .tlAV ..F.w
810 Minnie St., age 26. iNS "The wisest man could ask no more of Fate

Abraham Cobb, 3325 Bri- Than to be simple, modest, manly true;
dier St., age 22 and Veronica .. Safe from the many, honored by the few

Thomas, 2208 CommonwealthAve. To court as naught in word of Church or State .
., age 17. .But inwardly in secret to be great."

Berry Davis, Jr., 2054 The foregoing verse describes adequately a prominent
Broadway Ave., age 27 and professional figure who was the cause for one of the largest

Pearl Douglas, 702 Court B, $ social-civic occasions held in this area for some time. We

Jax., Fla., age 23. are referring, of course, to Dr. J. Irving E. Scott, Duval
Nectar Culp, 056 W.Church f County's Director of Education in Negro schools, who was
St., age 23 and Cleo Davis, j V : i given a surprise testimonial banquet at the El Dorado Club

626% VV. Church St., age 21; i last Friday evening. The verse appeared on the face of a

Henry Roundtree, 2059 1 r program arranged a group of local citizens paying tributeto
Hartridge St., age 67 and 9 Y'Yi' ',v v' .:' ...lG '' Dr. Scott and expressing its appreciation, and that of the
:Viola Sparks, 2059 Hartridge f : i' community generally, for the wonderful job he has donein

St.; age 57.Linwood. ,,< t- L the field of education. .
Chester, 1627 W< i I F- President James H. Lewis of Afro-American Life In-

11th St., age 43 and Ary L. !' 7 surance Company headed the committee which was comprised
of Leroy B. Jackson William T. Harper W. DeVaughn
Critton, Tifton, Ga, age 37; j '
James W. Humphrey, 183Q I< (\ i iJ ii Sweet, William H. Weatherbee, James H. Argrett, Mrs Lu-
.. W 20th St., age 27 and Con. ,j i cille G. Coleman, Miss Bernice E. Griffin, and Mrs RobertW.

stance Lunsford, 1487 VV. 20th tI : Gray, and which was supported by many Jacksonville

St., age 23.Curtis I : lb \ + \4 : citizens.
R. Palmer, 608 Leaf J '_: ; k1 k1p k1t ,', The group presented the honoree with gifts and a bou-

ton Lane, Houston, Texas, agq tonniere, and pinned a corsage on his lovely wife, Mrs. HelenR.
20 and Joan Green, 318 E.. I 'i Scott, who shared the happiness of the occasion with.him.

Union St., Apt. A, age 19.. !t ; : Among invited guests were Dr. Richard V. Moore, presi-
Elijah Johnson, 5216 Dodge dent of Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Dr.

Road, age 19 and Betty Ji; !,:;".. \ ::: < "'; ___ R. Grann Lloyd of Tennessee A. and I. College, Nashville,
Thomas, "2354 Brooklyn Rd., yC; 'u:>", ." enn..Dr.V.Pu. e3.! of Florida Normal College! St
age 19. L. ... _...1'Y": ; __-'>:WAW"Io.-- :.::...: .:L L.ZD L1t:.+: dl : idi\t&j.:: : ..; .s<::::':""" -w.... :_ __. .*.... Augustine, Fla.; Dr. C. E. Anderson, on leave from the

Eddie Reed, Jr., 1024 Grun- RECENT BRIDES-Mrs. Linda M. Cole, daughter of .At right U Mrs. Betty WcCor, who became the re- Duval County Board of Public Instruction; Mr. Kenneth W.
thai St., age 35 and Norris L, Ruth is at the left after becomingthe cent bride of'Willie McCoy Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. Wing, personnel director of the Duval County Board of Pub-
Mr. Padgett lic Instruction and Mr. and Mrs. Brice !Moorer of
Jackson 718 St. Sr.. 18 In the Emanuel Baptist ; Orange-
Phelps age bride of Eugene Cole son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Willie McCoy May burg, S. C.

35. Cole, in an impressive ceremony, which was held last Church. Dr. I. Williams, prominent physician, served as toast-

Ollie Randall,280 Watts St., Saturday in the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church. master for the banquet, acknowledging telegrams from

age 51 and Rosa L. Eikins, 280 friends and associates of the honoree, living in Texas, Pennsylvania
Watts St., age 36. S. G. BAKER CLUB the home of Mrs.: Magdeline Lewis Branch of the YWCA, South Carolina, other cities in Florida, and Mis-

.Allen Dowling, 1345 Steels CLUB NO1S. CONDUCTS MEET Peters, 1825 West 24th St. 582 W. Eighth. Street from 4 sissippi. Greetings were acknowledged also from Mr. Ish

St., age 23 and Carrie Robin Meeting of the S. G. BakerClub The circle will give its an- to 6 pjn. Brant. Superintenden of Schools in Duval County.
A has been
806 W. Church St. nual outing, June 27th at the program ar- Miss Powell :Miss
son, age of Mt Olive AME Margaret Miss Gerlieve Robinson,
1 American ranged to be presented for the !
Lee's Cottage,
Margaret Sykes, and Mrs. Leola Powell served hostesses.
22.James Scott, 1112 Dora St. FRIENDLY AVENUE B Church was conducted recently Beach. affair with artists of the city : *
; the home of Mr. and (
age 31 and Mary L. Burns, CLUB PLANS OUTING. :Mrs..Alvin Brill, New Berlin. I The May Meeting was held appearing. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Roulhac and son, "Pat" are hav-
1112 Dora St., age 33. An outing will be sponsored The May meeting was held recently at the home of Mrs. Among those to participateare ing a wonderful time in Miami and St. Petersburg where
Wilbert King, 1705 Illinois to Brunswick, Gd. by the in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ada M. Lee with the Rev. J. Hubert Ingram Miss Ro- they are vacationing. .
St., age 19 and Bernice Bow. Friendly Avenue B. Saving Clifton Brown with Mrs. Mar- B. F. Williams and Dr. G. W. berta Bacon, Miss Gloria Dix- Mrs. Roulhac (Elvin) took time out to drop us a card,

ens,617 W. 7th St., age 20. Club, June 21. garet Jackson,as hostess. The Waters as hosts. on, Miss Gloria Glover, Mrs. as we had repeatedly requested, and reported that the Warren -
Clarence V. Bostwick, 1355 The bus will leave Kings president presided at the Jeanette Mungin,Mrs.Martha Schells were taking advantage of the nation's numberone
W.: 26th St., age 26 and Char. Road and Everson Street at meeting. LA POLOMA'SOCIAL Washington and Mrs. Lillian vacation spot.
lotte A. Brown, 1144 Ever 8 a. m.BELAIRS.' CLUB TO SPONSOR Goosby. .
green Ave., age 24. Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Chester of 805 West Eighth Streetare
v ,Virgil P. Rogers, 152 N.Wl; MARY McLEOD BETHUNE ANNUAL EVENT The Sepia Ladies Club will the managers of a new champion, little Clarence Daryl,
10th St., Miami, Fla., age 28nd SOCIAL CLUB CIRCLE HOLDS FINAL I be the guest club for the who performed in his initial bout at Brewster Hospital, May
Victoria James, 802 W. GIVES ANNIVERSARY TEA MEET Members of the La Paloma event and serve as hostesses. 24, 1959, weighing in at 7 pounds and 6 ounces.
21st St., age 26. The anniversary tea of the .The Mary McLeod Bethune Social Saving Club will spon- The club held a meeting recently *

Willie Pollard, Jr., 2340 Belairs Social Club will be Circle held its final meeting sor their annual. Pineapple at the home of :Mrs. Congratulations are also in order for Mr. and Mrs. Wil-

Jeanette St., age 35 and Adel sponsored, June 21 from 4 to I for the fiscal year recently at Frappe, June 21 at the A. L. Nezzer L. Freeman. 1am.Weathersbee for producing a future "Miss America"

Capers, 1718 University. C p. m. in the home of Mr.I ..candidate, Tanya Weathersbee.Little .
age 23. and Mrs. Clinton Graham,I :Weathersbee put in her appearance at Brews-
Henry P. Jones, 918 Oakley 1560 West 14th StreetA ter Hospital June 8.
18 and Ethel M. Robins } .
age Cunningham
has been Evelyn ,
program plaftned and coats that can be best oo a simple skirt, or wade Chi Chapter of Iota Phi
Rt. 6, Box 922, age 16. for the event with artists There are certain little Lambda, a business sorority,
Walter Mayhew, Rt. 9, Box described as "ladylike. through. long, complicated are making elaborate plans for the sorority's Founder's Day
of the city participating.An items of apparel that seem to .
429 C, age 49 and Catherine These are always chic directions. McCall's has anew celebration on June 21, which will include paying special
invitation has been
ex- give a girl or.woman a ladylike
Harris, Rt. 9, Box 405, age 38. McCall has a way with exclusive Easy-Rule tribute to a trio of outstanding citizens, Mrs. Eartha M. M
tended to other clubs and strandof
quality: a single
ladylike* dresses, and a real feature in all its
DeWitt patterns that White Mrs. Alberta M. Frazier and
Jim Collier, 1016 Mrs. Mamie Crowd.
in the citp to attend pearls, or a pair of spanking -
groups knack for creating printed guarantees easier, quicker Mrs. Mable Latson is
S!., age 44 and Mary Dailey, the affair. clean white glo es. Of president of Chi Chapter.
that .removes the and fit. .
1247 W. 16th St., age 53. patterns more accurate *
Herschel Willie, 1110 Acorn course, a well modulated guess work for the home The two-piece dress madein :Mrs. Verdie Cruse is chairman of the special committee
CHAMPION SEWING CLUB voice, good carriage and a sewer. It is no longer necessary a printed tie silk(McCall's
St., age 19 and Gloria Mer- making plans for the Business and Professional Women's
GIVES PRETTY sound of values
ricks, 1956 W. 4th St., age 18. set are more for the woman with a Printed Pattern No. 4924) is Silver Tea, scheduled for Sunday afternoon, June 28 at the
I A pretty dress tea will be factors in establishing -
.Eugene Collins, 1247 W. sewing machine to practice available in .women's and A. L. Lewis Branch Y.W.C.A
sponsored by the Champion whether not a female '
15th St., age 20 and Rosa M. wOman misses' sizes. Its-soft, gentle Mrs. Marvyn Jenkins is president of the Y's B. and P.
Saving Club Sunday, June 21 is a lady. StiU, what a : lines and its'basicsimplicity Club.
Brown, 1479 Windle St., age from 4 to 6 at the homeof add the \ 5.?
p.m. wears can give or to are classic. The slim dart- .
Mr. and Airs. Joe Young, illusion that she is a lady. :
18.Jos. fitted skirt has back
B. Watts, 1776 Spires a pleat. Les Elites and Les Bigoux bridge clubs were among
2202 Myrtle Avenue. No what the
matter current ,*
Ave., age 24 and Rose L. Har- w The jacket is a blouson type, groups entertaining friends at American' Beach over the
Mrs. Leolo Taylor, president styles there are and alwayswill '
gathered Into the waistband.The week-end.
1210 W. 5th St. 19.ABOUTPEOPLE.
rip, has extended an 1vita- be certain chasses suits
} flattering flat collar and -

tion. to the clubs of the city .* 7Yf s,.., the tie-ends are'made' in one Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sowell and Miss Marion Sutton vacationed -
to attend the affair. ( ; piece. The short or three- in Nassau last week on the cruise planned by Florida -
ll quarter length sleeves are cut Morticians. .
EAST SPRINGFIELD k in one with the jacket front *

Mrs. Sophronia-Secary and CIRCLE HOLDS MEETA .1 l :, and the yoke back. It is hard for us to believe that we will be without the
meeting for the. ,East t r w. At
l I In This is an ideal late springor of wonderful friend Joshua Williams
our this
son of 218 Lee Street, left Springfield Garden Circle was t1 < '. ..' company sum-
At ; 4 early summer dress and.can
the for Patter .
city recently a.
conducted at the mer."Josh"
recently ;;
son, N. J. to visit her cousin;; home of Mrs: Mable Waddell, r. a. be made in'printed silk or departed for Hampton, Va., last week, wherehe
4 cotton, crepe, shantung plans enrolling in Hampton Institute's session.
Alvin Kohs. She is a mem- 1030 Odessa Street with Mrs. wlta'7> summer
ber of the St. Paul AME polished cotton, surah or More about our studious teachers next week!
Mable Walker. serving as co-
synthetic The
Church and serves on Auxiliary hostess.

Board. No.. 3.. The previous meeting was I Ss.'p pattern pieces contains only fifteen from GRAY GLORIOUS: !
held at the home of Mrs. Lor- The misses' sheath dress

.JHenrp Mitchell of 1336 W. raine Stewart, 928 Ionia St. ; tr- and jacket (McCall's Printed
29th Street is still ill in his The garden tour was held L n. Pattern No.4831) also has the.
home. He is a member of the with Mrs. Susie Shelton as the trz ladylike quality .and also is
Second Baptist Church. I I'winner of the tricolor. v ; made from only fifteen pattern I

1 : "+ pieces, Of special interest ,
is.the very new jacket length
t just above the waistline. The

dress has a square neck anda
H a high placed attached bandat _

;- the front. Short sleevesare _
cut in one with the dress. _

riqt There is a back zipper dosing
.ae, and a walking pleat. The

j Our ner" IIben1 Empire waistline of the jacketas
Each .Accotmi IIi closed with a buttoned
!r.I.I. are com-
pottnded '11..1- tusuiw insured up toelajfea band. The open neckline has I
Aaaunr Sat $1S...O bJ' the :_ a wide, round, standaway
lass fa .. Auo- ix' J red8n1 Zav .. collar Jacket sleeves are
in with the front and
Is sod Los Z- w ctt one
cbtzisnd end saby /nAlai tape c..r1M back.Both
f) .. f5 ? dress and
---- jacket are
__d se QSind br s.1o y LARIEUSE
made here in maize linen
a 44r
U. .. Oo'.IIl Mt ec.s.r- "" Halrcolor
and the jacket is lined in a .
L :j vAr maize and white polka doc
T adar.;.haft hair u rich and rutural-looking tsMfocMl
; It would be ai lovely-made of tb model shown herd One hour tndt
.l pique or a printed cotton. For Ltofaute brings back youth to drab.
:- .... right ,now or in the' fall a' owwr p.oce.: .l or grafing hate.If*easy to u.e.i w '
r LOVELY LADY.-wears FEMNNE FANCY.seas to as aua puzchues MedaL Oct 1 aa-laldDc
alae ,eatfit with alia alit "aa4 aecke4..liak waWe4ahoMk jersey, lightweight wool or o.sc&oT.1.ariIusc DCnrI'lAJbd!
.t w.Idd' lda Ia pIIaeret $o by wide oll.eedlatbet. tweed could be considered. .
d 1l,1fi la at the walatttae for ffelei Tabbed cl elac at lick Fashion Sewing weekly / ii S
'loobVUe evwl .lUr'witksto- ......*w ll&l lllIa erv-catcAJj* L ri agent aet+ss sr.....-r'
eu adds.... I*tk* ainte iota,,. a this Naic 11y l atoleWt Tip: Then pinning, use steel I.Iwtr II NIr 11M ttssosa 4[ u
..... ........
uses of Ute ladcet. UcCaQ'sPattm Becliv: iesip. McGaO'*. dressmaker pins. They slip i W rvassa ..
.. J49M. &** !>-., 40, ......... ....1I-TSt. in easily and do not leave ooeexour tea CX)..3st0ca) +n soswt...& ,w..t

: .12..14. t *. '" .. -.55--- -_. 00.. ... .. .. ,... _.... big holes. _'.vj ::. f

I .
.. ;i .; ., : c ,. I -..'. 0"'.\. : ,,- -
:- \ .'. ...

",,. ..' .
J -
I : f__ ? I
..a t '.


., _-



# ''- "

I THE FLORIDA STAR' Week Ending Satuda,.., Juna XI 199

Convention Will', Convene At St. Matthew Church





The District Sunday School and B.T. U. Convention

auxiliary to the Union Progressive Baptist Association will

convene in the St. Matthew Baptist Church the Rev. S.

Gaston, pastor and moderator.
ANNIVERSARY PLANNEDAT DISTRICT CLUB 'The session will close Sunday, with the Rev. Orion

SHAW MEMORIAL SETS ANNIVERSARY Johnson, president of the Sunday School Department, and .

A musical tea will be given,I I The fifth anniversary of F t.yF. Mrs. Mattie Latimer, president of the B.T.U. Department.At .

June 21 in the home of Mrs. the Junior Utility Club of 10:30 Saturday, June 20 I
Annie Dixon, 1427 W. Eighth the Matrons and Red Circle ,CONSECRATION MEET
District No. 7 of Second Baptist .-
Street, in behalf of the anniversary q1F will be in charge of the servo
of Melvin Grace, Church will be observed, : j- ice. The Bible quiz will b< TO BE CONDUCTED
June 21 at 3 at the homeof : :; : ;
which will be celebrated, June p.m. :&f:4ri4: conducted by Mrs. Cora B AT GRANT MEMORIAL
:Mr. and :Mrs. L. H. Hall,
28 in the auditorium of Shaw Brown. The Rev. L. W. Thorn-
501 W. Eighth Street.A will deliver the at
Memorial Baptist Church. as, sermon
program has been arranged 7:30 with the Rev. W. S.
Miss Mary Jo Hunter is the p.m.,
to be presented during Consecration meeting will
Peoples serving as
sponsor) of the event.
the celebration. Services Sunday, June 21 be held by Choir No. 2 of

will begin with Sunday Schoolat Grant Memorial AME Church,

DAY SPRING UNIT 9:30 am, with W. R. Mc- June 21 from 4 to 6 p.m. in

TO SPONSOR TEA ANNIVERSARY SLATEDAT r'a Neal presiding. the home of Mrs. Janie F.

A fellowship teawillbe ST. PAUL A.M.E. Morning worship will convene Cannon, 1431 W. 21st Street.A .
Usher Board No. and Rev. Father's Day ,
sponsored by Members of Stewardess at 11 ajn. the : program
'Orion will deliver the honoring Professor Carter T.
1 of.: Day Spring Baptist Board No. 1 of St. Paul'sA.M.E. Johnson
28 from 4 to 6 I Gaston Lewis and President George
Church, June Church will celebrate sermon, with the Rev. S. -
p.m. at the Recreation Center their anniversary June 21 in serving as alternate. Din- Stark will be presented.An .

3rd and Mt. Herman St. .. ner will be served at the closeof invitation has been ex-
the main auditorium of the
Mrs. Juanita D. Wyatt will the service. tended to other organizations
church at 3:30
be the guest speaker for the p.m. The Rev. J. W. Perry will

affair. All boards of various; i deliver the address at 2:30

churches have been extended p.m.ith the Rev. George

NEW ALLEN CHAPEL an invitation to attend the Steward the alternate. All ZION HOPE UNIT
ministers will be accompaniedby
his choirs and
Women's Day will be obserVed Mrs. J. N. Gibbs, president; tions. congrega

at the New Allen :Urs. Corene Bogan,secretary;

Chapel A3I.E. Church Sunday and the Rev. R. J. Blaine, pastor The general public has been

June 21, throughout the ; extended an invitation to attend *, No. 25 of Zion

day with the officers in ryr C4.?..A. i; 'IF*"4t Y '.' 5"rare y o: each service. Baptist Church will observeits
charge.A 6th anniversary June 21
r- : at :3 in the auditoriumof
program will be presented FATHER'S DAY SET AT p.m.
the church with Mrs. Mar-
during the observance, un- SWEETFIELD CHURCH
ian Williams of St.
der the direction of the Sweetfield Baptist Church Stephen
pro- REV. H. L. HEROD AME Church presiding.A .
gram committee.It will conduct Father's Day ,y. -
has been announced by services Sunday, June 21 w -i CONDUCTS SERVICEAT program has been arranged -

the chairman of the day's activities throughout the day.A u S., : FIRST BAPTIST for the celebration

that dinner will be with the following persons
served following the morning program will be presented appearing: Jessie Waters,
worship.ST.. during the service. ANNUAL MUSICAL PRESENTED-Participant*, wno attended the annual musicalof Mrs. Mamie Coleman, Mus.

District No. 4 will sponsoran the YpellontU which was held last Sunday. June 14<< in the YWCA are seen heda in Services Monday night, Sarah Smith, James E. Daw-

PAUL UNITANNIVERSARY outing to Little Talbot the above photos. In the top photo from,left are: Mrs. Alice Bellamy Miss Zelma June Church 22, in the First Baptist .on. Mrs. Ella Johnson, Miss

SET Island June 20. The buses Johnson Mrs. Tommie.Curry. Mrs. Louise..Wash, Mrs. WilhelminU Brown Mrs. Jacksonville Beach, VElizabeth Crawley, Debbie
of' will leave the church at 9 a.m. Frankye Garnett and Mrs Janelle Wilson Seen in the bottom photo from left sitting will be conducted by the Rev. Jean Davis, Mrs. Nellie Car-
Stewardess Board No. 1 II. L. Herod of the
St. Paul A.M.E. Church will are Juliette Hunter. Lennie Hilliard and Addle Blount. Standing in the same order Mt. Zion pastor ter, the Rev. S. P. ;Donald
Baptist i Church
observe its anniversary, June are John L. Jackson Joyce Hunter, Beverly Taylor. Edwina Pugh. Rodney Hurst Southside. Choirs No. 2 and, Rev. Eddie Taylor, Mrs. Inez

21 at 3:30: p.m. in the church ANNIVERSARY TEA SET Lela Floyd Mary"Alice Blount:Gall Gfcr&opher: and Vernon- Smith. 3, ushers and congregation Davis, Bertha Harris, Rev. E.

auditorium.Mrs. AT MT.\ OLIVE AME I. will accompany him. R.Simpson and others.

Dollie Ford of West The anniversary tea o:f Service Sunday will begin
Union Baptist Church will be Choir No. 1 of Mt. Olive AME with Sunday School at 9:30
the guest speaker for the cele- Church will be sponsored, MEN'S DAY FLANNEL MUSICAL RECITALTO TRUSTEE DAY SET a.m. An old-fashioned cow LEABN TO DRIVE
bration. June 28 from 4 to 6 p.m. at AT SAINT MATTHEWMen's enant Secure Drivers' License
BE PRESENTED AT LOCAL CHURCH meeting will be held at
The board with the the church.A SAFEWAY DRIVING
largest 11
AT MOUNT SINIAA a.m. and B.T.U. will con
attendance will receive a program will be presented vene at 6 p.m., followed by
600 West
,prize. The program will be during the affair with artists Day will be cele- Emanuel Baptist Church Holy Communion at 7 p.m. GEORGE PERPENA DIr.
the musical recital will be .
presented by program : of the The pastor will be in chargeof
city appearing.
ti committee. brated at the St. MatthewBaptist presented in the auditoriumof will celebrate Trustee Day, all the services. Choir No. Office ELgin 5-7742

Church June 21, "Mt. Sin it.Baptist Church, June Rev. 21 at 3 p.m. with the 1 and Usher Board No. 1 will Res. ELgin 4-0639
E. H. Johnson of
FATHER'S DAY EVENT throughout the day with the Edith
STEWARDESS BOARD June 21 featuring' Mrs. Wrightsville Methodist i serve.
SLATED AT ABYSSINIAAn SETS ANNIVERSARY officers in charge of.the: Jones. She will be accompanied : Church delivering the sermon.
annual I Father's Day
The 27th of services. _by A. N. Greene and
anniversary .He will be accompanied by his
program will be presented in Stewardess Board No. 2 of St. I rro ,... ..P' Cass w. Shootes, Jr. congregation.The You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
the auditorium of Abyssinia uiiicers .
are: i. Wiggins -
Baptist Church, June 21, at 3 Matthew be celebrated A.M.E.June Church 21 in will the 1 general chairman; Clyde The event will be sponsoredby Male Chorus of the
with Mrs. Mary Halbackas cochairmanVilliam the Women's Auxiliary of
p.m. Shipp. Tabernacle Baptist Church LOW PRICESOn
auditorium of the church
the general chairman of ginning at 3 Bradford, chairman of the the church for the benefit of will furnish the music. Mrs.

the program committee.The p.m. program committee; F. Kirkland the WomeriDay'celebration Laura Harris will be presented

Rev. Dewey Duncan of: Mrs. Lena George will be head of the Sunday ,,of which.Mrs. Virginia Mackis in a portrayal of "In My Your
Day Spring Baptist Church] the for James Wise chairman: ,
I guest speaker the oc Department; Father's' House.
will be the guest speaker for I casion. She will be introducedby Harrv Bradford, Nathaniel A pretty f.hat l- and pretty tie DRUG STORE NEEDSTrade

the event. Mrs. Ella Mae Jones. Choir. Floyd, chairman of the finance tea will be- nsored by District Also appearing will be Mrs.S. .
A pretty hat tea will be No. 1 will serve.Invitations committee, Leroy Nix No. 21"at the church. L. Badger, Eugene Flagg, With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
given in the basement of the have been extended on, John Phillips and .George I Mrs. Lillian Basiden, Miss

church at 3 p.m.A- program to various boards to Leavy. "....''+-:'" -. Margie Overstreet, Milton WE' W1LL MEET ANY PRICES, ADVERTISEDIN
will be presented. attend the observance. Hood, Mrs. Julia Mae More-
Dr. R. W. Puryear, presi- r land Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, YOUR LOCAL PAPERSW.
dent of the Florida Normal Mrs. Mamie Fields and the
II How Can I Be Absolutely I Sure? and Industrial College of St. Hope Rev. S. L. Badger. Deliver We Also FUI .Doctors' PTSSCTpdO
will be the TO CELEBRATE ITS
a Augustine, speaker
X'Me for the morning worshipand 1st ANNIVERSARYThe Mrs. Rebecca Lacy is the

d. J. T. Argrett, principalof general chairman for the, observance Dixie Pharmacy
e the 45th Street Junior- .
first of
Senior High School will de-
Dear Miss Young: District No.:'25 of Zion Hope 11ft KINGS ROAD ftt MTKTLJE AVENUE!:
With the bewildering variety liver the message for the eve-
of typos and brandj on the market ning service. BaptistChurch will be ob- moxss CL J.III1.11
today bow can I be sure that served, June 21 at 3 pjn. in '
the deodorant 1 am now using is Participants for the eve- the auditorium of, the.church. CONVENTION SLATEDAT PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE

living B* complete protection PerpfeudDear ning worship are Albert The Rev.'Eddie B. Taylor, FIRST BAPTISTThe BILLS AT OUR STORE
Jones, Jerome Forest, J. H.
Perplexed a member of the Zion Hope
mare U Yery little.If any, realpsyoheiogiea1 y; Argrett, Robert Carter, Rob-" Church will be the
basis for the comma ert Sams and W. Soloman. Baptist .
belief that the akin tends to speaker for the celebration, 56th annual session of T '
uBd tip a resistance or Immunity according to an announcementby the District Sunday School'and
*against any particular type. Mrs. Rosa'B. Mitchell program BYPU Convention auxili-
)t deodorant protection. w 29TH ANNIVERSARYSET ,
However, one of the beet ways Mf0' AT ZION HOPE A wiener'roast chairman. and peanut ary to the East Florida and FOR BETTER TREATMENT
I know to make certain is to Bethany Baptist Association I .
mate this simple test with a MUs Dorothea Towks says:Constant pick-up will be held_on the I will be held in the First Baptist -
freshly dratted or new blouse vigil ass Is yee lasaraaee lawn oi the.home of Air. ana
ot dine After wearing U for a for appealing. ".. eluhrN Mrs. GBbert Carter 1622 I Church} June 24-28. OF NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMS
normally active day.Lang it hi a -Dees The 29th anniversary of West 33rd Street, June 20. Bible institutes will be the
plastic or paper bar such as that District No. 1 of Zion Hope '
la which leaned salts or dress build up protection whU you Baptist Church will be ob- feature of the, program with I would Hk to oee new policy of better treatment
es"are delivered. Tour sense of ..;. The HIt mormlag bathe lerved, June 28 at 3 in MT. ARARAT UNITS teachers and speakersin to Negro euuomt..duDtd by local: firm

... smell is usually loss sensitive at underarms with clear water. sad he auditorium of the church.p.m. TO CLOSE CONTESTA : charge. I resent bekg called by my first name by salesmanmad
.. the ead of the day tad noel are reappty Bghtfer. rub la .tI7. -
not apt to notice any vapleasant then wipe off sal......Tm,* Youth"on parade will be featured -.A' "The Teaching and Train- saleswomen be
personal odorj Next morning. now ready to face the new day during the evening. t lM&ween the leader [ I believe 'that Negro patrons should providedample
k while your' nose is refreshed end without fear. This is as important contes ing Ministry of the Church rest room facfflilea IB local esiabliahmeaSa aden
alert saMf. the underarm areas of to food grooming as a dally Choir No. 4 of Sweetfield of Districts No. 16 and 17 will be the theme for the ses aid put to lim-crow aSgas on ,drialdng founlsims
the sataeat If yon' can detect bath. The loag-lastiag antibacterial Church of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church
Baptist will be the
any Bamrtag body odor,you can action of Royal Crown'snew will close Sunday, June 21 at sion. The Rev. E. R. Simpson, sad real rooms.'
be certain your' deodorant Is not super-blend cream deodor serving choir along with Ush: pastor of Zion Hope Baptist To tCT"rrM"1> !Lw --rr'l am wllUag to ceaseptiroa&teg
doing Its job ett ecttrely.A ant is one that Ian personally er Board No. 4 and 5 of Zion 3 pjn. ,in the auditorium. of Church will give the keynote firms' tfeat ..: .awllttag to meet these
dependable cream deodorant recommend for anyone who Is Hope. Choirs No. 4 and 5 will the church. '
and aati-pecsplrant is usually having deodorant effectiveness'* be the guest choirs. The A program will be presented address from the theme.- lequsets.NAME .

most effective because it can be problems You o..tt to7OUI' yoonelf. Young Adult Choir of Bethel with;Mrs. M. Fields,as Alexander Heard will pre-
friends and loved '
massaged deep into the to your ones .
pores the mistress of -
stop dor-formlag bacteria, the "to be lUre"21 hours a day. Baptist Church will also appear ceremonies. side, June 26 with G. W. Scott
cause .f the most offensive on the program. Qthers to appear are Mrs. M. and others heading the committees ,
odors C. Geothe,Mrs. Lacy.Humble, for the event. ;ADDRESS .
Miss r_elI1 salsa iedeea ...
rtv es"Isaac
,. To provide most effective pu.bUa" err aria M?dwsta. Mrs, E. Jean Smith Odom Mrs. Mary Dove, Mrs. C. 'J" '.
projeottoa. ._. wlr.alettwe .avtltata will be the speaker for the Brown Mrs LHUe Hamilton The host church will pre- JTrnea II :
apply a dependable de- / teal M ICN ataevitvt Ttew.a. I ) TOIL may my same a.a..zy
doraat liberally each night after a. ale.av iues lt.r.0. err slir.llanlale evening. Mrs. Kate Hughesand Mrs. Gladys'Abeney,Mrs.Mil- sent a pre-opening program deatfal oalees tedteale* otherwise ......
roar bath. so that your skin can Ie ftu. Mrs. Cora L. Moore are dred Kelly and Mrs. A. B. June 24 at 8 pm. with,artists I ../.hsi that ay aae wffl be X04 aw'A: ,;

<:., the program committees. Singletary, .I of the church appearing. --
;-- .







Ffcg* *
--- -
JAMES WELDON BAKER'S MUSIC Stukes, Albert Taylor, Jr.,

SCHOOL OPESSThe "THE TEN TALENTS" Mitchell, Brenda Belton, Jac-
WILL OBSERVE queline Belton and Rose Ma-
rie Jones.
Summer Enrichment "The Ten Talents" will be
Program has begun at James ANNIVERSARY presented by the pupils of the Special renditions will be
Weldon Johnson School. The Baker's Music Studio, Mon- given by Joanne Stubbs, Rose .
registration figures reveal day, June .22 at 7:45 pm.: in Marie Jones.
a the auditorium of ML Olive
larger number enrolled on the The Brewster Mothers'Club Primitive Baptist Church. Hattie Irene Lang will give
first day; than on the first will observe its fifth anniver- the story of composers and
day of any yea i previous. sary in the Assembly Roomof The ten participants are: their compositions, assistedby
In a meeting'''of the staff, the hospital Sunday, June Verona Mitchell, Angela Mitchell Gwendolyn Joyce Jackson
s 3, under the direction of Dr. H.! 28, from 4 to 6 p.m. Pamela Smith, Voncille and Sidney Darden.
James Greene tentative plans The anniversary will be celebrated -
{ were formulated for the two with seasonal tea. .
-, -s was ,a.f "y I..f. J month period. One of the features of the LILLY'S DRUG STORE

The "American Bandstand"show program will be the crowningof 1907 Kings Road at Spires
will be a weekly event the Brewster Mother of
-'L coordinated by Mrs. Edwin 1959. A program that will Where Experienced' .

,:.:._ Lawson, Mrs. L. Blackshear, be in keeping with the spiritof : Pharmacists Prepare' ;
and Mrs. N. L. Lake. The the occasion will be V V
? + ?
: Your' Prescription: According
a mn.Jat. Homemaking activity group dered.
will be under the direction of Mrs. J. E. Davis, president, to your doctor's
Mrs. Mildred J. Hampton, along with the official staff t instructions Using gP
who will present a "Summer- and members are making -I
time Show" special only the best quality
Style featuring preparations to make this I ,
I garments made by the mem- fifth birthday a memorable Mh dr gs. .K..
.. bers.
.Sm.] affair. Dr. CL E. Black Pharmacist Dr. W. J. Graftma
MUSICAL TEA GIVEN-Members of the Lafayette Ladies Civic Club, who parti- The pre-school group activity highly entertained and lav-
cipated in the musical tea given at the YWCA recently fIr the benefit of their Can- is under the direction of Those attending will be -:- -:- -:-
cer and T. B. Ddive are seen here. Sitting Peck,..Mrs. Ollie Baylock and Mrs. Gladys Mrs. S. A. Britt. served.
from left are Mrs.Iris Wilson.Mrs Ebelyn Smith. Standing In the same order are Any boy or girl, who wish I ishly A COMPLETE LINE OF
Miss Catherine Johnson -Mrs. Eloise Wallace. Mrs. Eunice Sutton, Mrs Clan D.* to participate in the summer Cosmetics Rubber Goods -:- Candles Sundries
ham, Mrs. Margaret Johnson Mrs. Anna. Burnett, Mrs. Mary Wynn asd Mrs. Cltfen program may do so by reg- Johnson on Monday through I PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOB AND DELIVERED .
tine Hunter. istering at James Weldon Friday from 8 a.m. to 4.p.m.i

V .. .. ..,
About PeopleMr. a member of the Jolly 12 So- .... ,: : : r
cial Club. -- JWJ ANNUAL r J

and Mrs. Williams Is- 4 It always to deal with. Davis!
ham and children of Los Angeles Mrs. Rosa Curtis of 1171 W. .

Calif., are in the city 12th Street left the city re-
visiting ris mother, Mrs. Flora :ently for Miami to attend the I
funeral of her cousin. She was
Mungen at 1125 Blue St.
accompanied by her son,
Mr. and Mrs. Isham for-
are Frank Curtis and sister, Mrs.A. .
mer residents of this city.
C. M. Vaught left the city The Annual Day Campofthe '. 1 >> t IN SPAIIIIS ileRM 1I AN tlliTIM PLaifli \
recently for Denver, Colo., James Weldon Johnson 4j _
wheer he will attend the 55th Mrs. Delores F. Allen and Branch YMCA will begin on .
annual session of the National Son Edgar, of New Orleans, Monday, June 22 and close .S N* ::1
Sunday School Congress, La., Mrs. Juanita Flynn and July 31.Campers. >
which will be held in the ions, Welton C. and Gerald A. will carry their )
Union Baptist Church, June >f San Francisco, Calif., were own lunches daily and are ad "
17-28.He is the general super- :recent guests of Mr. and :Mrs. vised to wear comfortable ..
intendent of the Sunday Welton Flynn of 2025 York clothes and shoes.Registrations 'E Arr.Yk
School at Second Baptist St., Southside. They attendedthe may be madeat
Church and will represent this graduation exercises of the Branch Office, 415
department at the meeting. Miss Barbara J. Flynn.IHMUOOI. Broad Street. Camp fee is ININI
$3.50 per boy. Selected grouo .,,
leaders and counselors will
A serve as assistant to the
Mrs. Mary Jackson is ill at Camp Director.
her home at 1311 \V. 31st St. r =i .' The camp 'will be locatedat
She is a member of the,First '$1"110'"1r-.o' n II srvauu"ot MIar"uo Dames Point, New Berlin. Y
sled .
Corinth Baptist Church and ,- 111I," '1:1': ". "\'"". ., The purpose of the Y Day
serves on Usher Board No. 1, .,Inn 'III'' ht IU 1\ Camp is to develop Christian .
ur ,". .1. 'Ot .. .......
District No. 14 and the Junior ,.
Y "0 rr 3 ar 11"7 character and to train for
Missionary Society.She is also, leadership. ..1.71"IJf1 !5 [ J Down Opens
$5.00 1
Your Account

i '."I .. IIGH'C..lrll
OPEN ._ .. ... "
--- R..................

\ MONDAY This is just one of many styles and sizes In

".and our New Dinette department to choose from- ..
dV Prices start as low as $38.88 for,5 piece suits.
THIDAYSTILL Open Monday and Fridays till 9 p. xa. for your ..___.. ..........
9 P. M. CCnV18nC8.

V 4 V: i

L fW t .......::_

C y' '
r j V 1 I j It I l %-1 # I -

1' !
; 4 \
+a.a rP \

1 __ frwJi t'

{ t
. '

I -.$ : J": 3 I )

TV.gpam t riiH visit des: fa*Ezpedmenal far fee assert redpoTftmmmfTidad Car fee N"
Faads aDd esMstad6Qt.l psCkaa4ioo dsss: Gunaftp.WhippedBoaSmSsJU."Carnation : [
ii sa*+r S

DcA f HOfM Fleri 4..Mlmi., f8JI: ti

is the cooking milk ,
Piece BedRoom

I recommend to students" t Group $1 '5995 I PHILCO

Open An ; Ii BENDIX
Dr. ArotainJiL e Qpana fa Associate Deaa trot Eraporated Milk to my et din 1
charge of home economics et Florida It gives oonskteatly smoother resolfis te Account.
A'asd M. Busy as aba is, Dean Spaon aaiy''creamy': roc e." BIG FAMILY
new+ tires of 000"1 Tm parttcakr DeebMeti CamatioB te.nd a... :
boat my-coed milk* Dean I7innii wIBle.eta is the rodd's .laaxSogWhippedSondaeSdad 1t ti This, includes the double dresser, bookcase bed chestdrawersTIsserspring ofo SIZE :
.. i1iy 11DeC ., c.. el&'ap Iedm. mattress and box spring. 2 phllowi .. :
'f"'lbIf. :
; -
1r \, and bed spread aU for one price. .
.... .., = "" 1- ?88Se8SS88fe 88g3888SSS -4f !
r----L -
I ..... -'I ----- -. WITH

I .... ..... Bell ... ... .. I II DAVISFURNITURE DOUBLE

I ,......e as,., leli..ItiersurMlratllfieMet. I
I ,1 :.t X11 mtleiot s10; ..QII CInIIIkD I I'I $5. 00- TUBS
t..cm. el tt.* H nfi BOev tw .. III.Jb fen
'I 1.-! f enal ..as k a..........uN II PICTURED
:\ -... ..MIlt 1.......Add.II&_, I II *
I <4 1 i PIiIII8 ao 11m u +eel. .j aer>. eiteesst(. Z.....'-" AM_ I Down Delivers AND
... .. .. -
/2 .Il 1....... 24 BOXES
We Do Our OwnFinancing
".......... i ....Rlalr.....eewsr L .
I 16.., d ..-.IIIJIa.. I IV PHONE EL 3-57W SOAP
135 BBOAD ST. .
+ I l 111......., eI..Ir.tos4 kilt ail an.. ;J __ .- 'y "
I.i -. ..."" ,,,,,,,," "" "

'. \ .


iV ... .

r .



Page Six THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. June 20, 1959



r. r

Star Advertisers I t. ,
stitutionality of two existing y y u : .

city ordinances in Arkansas ,.

Bofc/en's Summer Music SchoolSix requiring the NAACP to disclose -
Big Weeks June 15 July 24 its membership lists' S is y ( a 1 v
and to .file financial statements -i Mi' .
Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion I' will be decided by the I

2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 U. S. Supreme Court. r .., -

The ordinances, an out- ..Y

PHOTOGRAPHS :growth of Arkansas' school
"E ; w .,. a
integration fight, were es- Jt

EVERY OCCASION tablshed in Little Rock and

North Little Rock, the areas

;4 Expert Photography of the bitterest controversy. The picture above was taken at the recent session Bishop R. L. Jones presiding prelate is shown 2nd

Portraits Weddings: Baa*** I They were designed as in- of the Philadelphia Baltimore Conference of the AME from Inset. Bishop H. B, Shaw and Bishop H. T. Med- I Istanding

s,, Passports & IdentlflnMcn Pfeasoa whether ZIon Church, held at Wesley Church 15th & Lombard ford ere also seated on the front row. Rev. Dunstan. is
struments to -
Streets Philadelphia Pa.. Rev. A. G. Dusian .
} Photostats & Commercial Work pastor. seated on the extreme left.
-certain nonprofit organizations -
i Photos For ,Newspaper You Walt i should be paying tax- The Supreme Court will LES CAMELLIA CLUB. players. Miss Bettye

< schedule oral arguments in HOLDS SOCIAL MEETThe Williams and Mrs. L.
: Coloring & Picture Framing es. Mary Speaking of Public Safety:
:tf Let Us Take A.Photo. Of You the term beginning next fall. Pleas served as disc jockeys.

.w ;14'. The NAACP, on the other The decision will be handed Refreshments were served PUBLIC MUST URGE

f& s la Natural Color hand, challenged the ordin- down- in foI'IIofi, a written Social :Meeting of tht buffet style. Members presentat SAFE STREET LIGHTS I
ance on the grounds that disclosure the meeting were: Mrs. M.
J. AVERY opinion. Les Camellia Social Club was CLEVELAND, O,-Why do so
0 f its membershiplists P. Hardins, Mrs. Mae Willie
AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO would expose its mem- The NAACP won a similar e.ondueted: recently in the Lee, Miss Bettye Williams, poorly many streets lighted when remain both dark police or

611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg. bers to harassment and pos- case in Alabama last year home of Miss Hilda Wooten. Mrs. Christine Gilbert, Mrs. and public want modern safe
sible physical injury in the: when opponents of the orga- Games were played with Mrs. Alta Mae Nunn, Mrs. V. Free-:, street The lighting?
answer, according to
Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments South because of its fight on j nization tried to oust it from Mattie Pearl Hardins and man, Miss Carolyn Gamble I Edmond C. Powers, educational
racial segregation. the state. Mrs. Virginia Freeman as out- and Miss H. Wooten. I director of the Street and High
way Safety Lighting Bureau, is
=- ... a? 3&833S3SSSSSS3SS3SSSS3S3&S ? ? ? that public: clamor for adequate
---------- - ------------------------- -- -- -
street lighUng-is 't J doougb'.
51NDIRECTORY "We all know." he said, "the
.Id saying 'it's the squeaking

I TU Finns Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments .. .. wheel that gets the grease':"

... "... '-: : ,: SpedalMng Services and Products I ..,:'.: .: .:..... ;I v.'+':E''''.:' !:::"T..t there Powers out is scarcely pointed that.-

AVERY'S STUDIO ... a case in

Dry Fold. FrrtJTBmt Service. Kerosene Fuel Oil Commercial Weddings Hose PoSreUe Bureau records
-OYer SO Years Service to JacbcnT1lleY... we do. It la color also where modern
W. Gift World Green Stamps
I lighting just
329 Boulevard EL 336431 jtell West Ashley Street EL 47" 5
JJ36& Moncricf: ltd Cor. 27th EL 4-H04 happened!
\ J On the contrary -
A to Z SIGN COMPANY the relighting of a main
re AUTO PAINTING COMPANY LETTERING ; itreet or a whole community, he
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Only Distributor of. new lighting a reality.
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Taller' Sappttes and Claaaers S.... Phillips 66 Products | Royal Crown Bottling Company said, "the group has frequently
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fort for
:' Mam Street EL WIll FOODS 1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 GENERAL UPHOLS1ERY SHOPWe shop at night.customers when they

Specialise InConvertible "On residential streets," he
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J. H. HOUGABOOK Burlal.Vaults & Tombstones Mausoleums])
It Collected place responsibility for the job
EL : = Rents
1361 Road MOM'S KITCHEN I in the hands of citizen
a strong
Notary Public Mrs. Rev. A. A. Johnson 110 Broad Street EL c. : rganization."
.-Horn* cooked meals served 24 hours- [5412 Dodge Rd. Ladr Attendant

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Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service Jones Institute of Physical Culture

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-- --
.. -
!. .i



Vfctk Ending'Saturday, Jane 20, 1959: THE FLORIDA STAB Page S Ta

Boat ,Races Scheduled' For July 4. ,By' Outboard Motor ,Club


ki t-1 r aI .


LII 3 Plans are being perfected for the annual Southeastern

BASEBALL IS IN THE AIR around the' Jacksonville Championship Boat Races and Skie Show to be held at

Recreation Department with alPteams going through their Lieutenant Robert Wil- Christopher's Pier, New Berlin, by the New Berlin Out-

practice sessions waiting for the gong' to ring announcingthe cox Jr. is back home from board Motor Cli&, Inc., July 4.I

opening of the regular season. The spectacular playing the service after spending This event, the largest of I
of many of the boys on the various teams give baseball fans three years over seas, and its kind in this section of the I well chosen and well prepared
the satisfaction of knowing there are man stars of. the with him was untold copiesof .to; put on a thrilling water
future being developed. 4 1 11 communications from his country has gained national show that adds color and gaiety -
THE JAX BRAVES are commanding officers com- fame and people from all sec-
to the events of the
beginning to click. The jump near end cellar. dwellers practically mending him for the fine job tions of the nation have heard day.
they have made from the cellar the entire season has he did in various capacities. about it and many have seen the swimming event under
to the second division is recalled pitcher Dick*Ricketts Robert Jr., as he is so well direction of Julius Guin-
it. The club has been success- yard and his assistants of the
really giving-the league lead- from the Rochester Red 1 known among his friends
The team a .c and be remembered ful in securing some of the Jefferson St. swimming pools
ers a scare. as Wings. Ricketts is the pitcher acquaintances can -
whole is hitting and fielding ,who formed the tan battery T as one of the fin- best boatmen and skiers from also worthy of note. The
with the best in the league. est athletes turned out sections I swimmers are always at their
with Rochester last season. It ever many. to, participate best and spectacular
--- many
11 11I The pitchers are coming i was the Ricketts brothers, at Stanton High School.From in order- to give the- spectators motions are shown.-The-swim-
through in fine style. For the who formed one of the best Stanton he went to FloridaA something worthwhile to
see merscome in for their shareof
last few years the Braves l brother combinations in baseball + & M to win staddon with
and enjoy. the day's honors along with
have been pennant contendersand I since the Jonnard brothers the Rattlers of Coach Jake other
the fans are expecting as of National League fame Gaither. participants on the pro-
much this year. some years ago. TO ATTEMPT A COMEBACK-Tre one big question The event has received the gram. The entire program is
THE BASEBALL WORLDis around the sports world right is. can Gent Fullmer Lieut. Wilcox went into I endorsement of Mayor Hay so arranged that every min-

beginning to wonder what ORLANDO CEPEDA the shown here. stage a comeback and beat Carmen Basi* the service after leaving the don Burns, MayorCommissioner ute of the time is enjoyable.

Jimmy Dykes has put into the hard-hitting first baseman of lio for the NBA middleweight title. Sugar Rat Robinson campus of Florida A & M I of Jacksonville and From the beginning at 2 p.m.

Detroit Tigers, Since Dykes the San Francisco Giants is who defeated Ba&ilio "regain the title was strip- and worked his way to the I'nothing has happened at any to dull 5 p.m. there will not be a

took over as manager the Tigers the big gun now of the Giants ped of it recently by the National Boxing Ashodation top. Throughout his entire I of the shows to cause him to plenty moment.of fun There and will be
have been playing great repl Willie'Mays who has because of his failure to defend his within a stipulated Army career he maintained regret the endorsement in entertain-

i baseball. When Dykes took carried the honor for the_past time. The NBA is putting on an elimination bout, between his athletic prowess. Becauseof 1956. There hasn't been a ment for the children.
l over the team was draggingthe several years. Cepeda was the Carmen Baslllo and Gene Fullmer. The winner his superb athletic ability,: single casualty and the deportment -.
bottom, but in recent National League's "Rookie of of the bout will be named the official middleweight he was put in charge of the of" the thousandswho July 4, 1959 will be one of

weeks the Tigers have gone the year" in 1958. It was fear- champion by the NBA. Robinson has defeated,\both 78th U. S. Army A. P. 0..: gather there each time the biggest days at New Berlin -

on a rampage. Some managers ed that the sophomore jinx Fullmer and Basilio and will be In a position to .chal- Bussao General Depot Bron- has been beyond compare. since the organization was
just don't seem to click would eatch with him but lenge the winner. perfected. The club is going
up I
cos.He Mothers and -fathers have all
with the players. coached the Football _. out to make this the ban-
k he has defied that old saying -- -
attended with their children ner year in sporting eventsin
DID YOU KNOW Bethune- and is hitting the ball as I championship. One of the
GAME will be in the with no fear of any disorders Duval County and they
played finest are
letters of commendation
Cookman College will move though he has never heard of -
NEAL II that would the of the
Los CHARLEY mar. joy inviting
Angeles Coliseum, the was written to him by every man, woman
the "Tilt of the Maroon andGold" sophomore jinx.
I day. The club is also of and child
home of the Dodgers, Aug. 3. Commanding Colonel F. C. proud who would like to
from Tampa? The TED WILLIAMS of the
away The has been the fact that not a single casualty spend a joyful outing to
game will not be played in Boston Red Sox and S tan game approvedby Quinlan, a part of that letteris spend
has been and it with
unanimous BIDS FOR AN reported to them at New
Tampa and :Morris Brown will (The Man) Musial two of the a vote of the quoted here: "It has been from the shows. The highwayhas Berlin.
before the
p be the opponent. best known figures in the traditional players owners the most outstanding season I I been protected and '
reached their patrolled -
WILLIE TASBY of the fast All-Star Game have decision. The that Bussao has ever witnessed drivers have driven
will ALL-STAR ,
Baltimore Orioles not the of exhibi- umpires benefit from the SPOT The of
moving appears put on type second winning carefully to assure the safetyof
to be a "cinch" to clinch tion at the plate that has,familiarized game. All players and I pany Z championship com-I those attending. BEAUTY'S TELEVISION I
the "Rookie of the Year" hon- them with the fans. managers were in accord on the very fine showing AND

ors in the American League.He !Musial has been a member of that particular issue. i (USAREUR Quarter Finals in Commodore Edward Holt RADIO SERVICE
has done everything the the National League All-Star SMOOTH SAILING 'TILL Everywhere one looks in I Germany has certainly helpto and the members of the New

Orioles wanted him to do. He team since 1943. Williams WE MEET AGAIN.NEGROES the National League he will raise the morals at Bussao. Berlin Outboard Motor Club, Home Calls on all Makes

can hit, run and field his position spent the 194S-I4 and 1952-53 be able to see magnificent ." Inc., are lining up some of the. Used Radios from $5.00 Up

like a veteran. Tasby, campaign i in the service, pedformances by outstanding Another communicationfrom most outstanding racers and I We Finance

the tan star has been one of which makes him trail Musial second baseman, but one of Captain TC John M. boat handlers for the races, 816 FLORIDA AVENUE

the big reasons for the big 1514. The two heavy hitters the best in the business according Simon, Commanding, said: many of them who have appeared -I ELGIN 8-8074 -

, push that has been put on by will have to put on a terrific CLINCH to expert opinions is "Your leadership ability, before. The skiers are
the Orioles. 'from until the
spurt now Charley Neal of the Los Angeles Operational "Know How"
1 THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS teams is selected to make it.
and enthusiasm of
the in and out and THE SECOND ALL-STAR MAJOR HONORS Dodgers. invaluable assistance were in mak-an TRANSMISSIONS & MOTORS 1

I ing difficult and untiring
Some of the
.. "v r Y wh' .hf those who have opinioss given them tasks relatively easy."
IN BIG LEAGUESNegroes by seen IirH- '
all or at least most of them Captain TC'Harold Lloyd,
Enroll Now la TtSouth' :xk'MS'ri rtxWo : had this to say about Neal: Commanding, said: "I desireto $29-50
r Fines College .iaY "He is as graceful and nim- Commend you for the ex- I
Florida Barber College M cellent manner in which ) HpUTo
ble you
as a cat on the field. He
Branch G. L Approred baseball players makes difficult plays look! have accomplished your duties Service
s s have shown of the
enough easy. He has really shown while assigned to this
R t real baseball to be *Tiee
ability the real stuff that he has as unit in the capacity of Com-
Woodrow Patterson manager Prof. James QloTer chosen' as the "Rookies of the a fielding second baseman pany Executive Officer. On Towing

630 Davis Street At Bearer Year. during the '1959 season." numerous occasions you have

Phone EL 5.9874traditionally Ever since Negroes entered displayed outstanding leader- 83421MOMt

organized baseball they "He has been so good that ship ability. You have been OWNED>ND OPEtAT

have also carried off their he has handled, more than called upon to work long UNITED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION* and
share of the "Most Valuable 152 chances without an error. hours and you have done so
willingly with complete disregard V MOITOB CENTER V \
Still distilled for'f Player" awards. The string started last season:
] and went through the early; of personal feelings. J225 HENDRICKS AYE.. EX M7 1
Men who have been so ,stages of the present, caroI Your devotion to your duty
honored are Minnie Minoso, I complied with pour excellent
paign. From the he has
Don Newcombe, Jackie Robinson way leadership ability make you
been playing that second
Roy Capanella, Or- sack and hitting the ball, he an outstanding officer. It is
lando Cepeda, Willie Mays, appears to be a sure shot for indeed gratifying to serve r'PALMS')
.: Hank' Aaron, Joe Black and an All-Star berth." with officers of your ciliber.
Ernie Banks. A copy of this letter will be

ii oJ; } ,. Willie Tasby, of the Balti- Followers of the game are placed in your 201 file."
'r-? lt 1t more Orioles is way out in wondering how could a se- Since coming home he has
J front of the crop in the Ame- cond sacker of Neal's ability visiited his former coaches, BALLROOMOF
rican League for "Rookie of miss being selected: ,It is James, P. Small 'at Stanton -

I the Year" honors. He is the believed that Neal will make and Jake Gaither at Florida

r only man on the team who the National. League look! A & M. He discussed his JACKSONVILLE

l has played every inning in awfully good out there with pleasant memories while a

.. : '. every game to date. 'Charley I Neal on second baSe. !member of the teams at the


Lieut Wilcox also coached
the baseball team. He said
FDSJMRSBERGAMO when he left from overseas !
coming home his baseball .
team was i first place battling -
for the championship.
I He was accompanied home '
|p by his wife and children.The '
C'ONDITIQNCR+ Lieut is the son of Mr. and ,I .

Mrs. Robert Wilcox Sr., of

2112 Mars. ..

a sr NSA a.GA I NG 55 w amr ,: Watch This Gown FAMOUSFLAMES '

S s 10 S3 64 \ _
385 __ 06 __ 841
% 'C
__ Sa Qa 9 8 : '

5 0 .
Jk" a ,

5 .

37 48 21
It's right on the label! Fint distilled in 1769 still 14476.1009omcttmes And His ORCHESTRA

traditionally distilled for authentic London Dry Gin HEADS <- -
quality.Enjoy the t le dryness and delicate flavor of her nj AV
Gordon's Gin! R. Be Sometimes adds subtract he's down THRU THURSTSc I.

; He wvifcs It sH around
Thc;"' *no G like(GORDONS F- Comlag Ate V .Fri. Sat Sun. and Holiday $1.00 W

rac 19- ,ws Kiio IBL UM. .nav.awn m m a. UL.UHL. ft* 49 100 23 51 .. .. ..
.... .... '-'-....'-,'-




Page BIght THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday June 20, 1959

Day Spring Usher part in the cruise which included -*S8SS8SS8838S8888S88883K
I COMING EVENTS I I A fellowship tea will be 16 PASS COURSE various parts of the Si| Coming June 28th

sponsored by Usher Board No. JohnsRiver. i NEXT SUNDAY NITS *'
Julington Church- will present a Father's Day 1 of Day S pri ngBaptist t> In Person .
The Julington Baptist Tea Sunday in the home of Church, June 28 from 4 to 6 SWIMMING POOL: The trip was concluded with MAHALIAJACKSON *
Church will observe Grant Mrs. Janie Mendez, 725 W. p.m. in the Wilder Jark Rec- the group sailing down the 5 *
Day, Sunday, June.21.at 3:30 Monroe Street from 4 to 6 reation Center; 1236 Mt. Her- river to Christopher's Pier at|| E
p.m. in the auditorium of the p. m. man Street. AT JEFFERSONSixteen New Berlin.Some of the lQueen of Gospel Singers *
church. The Rev. W. S. Peer Speaker for the occasion I mem- And The Greatest *'
ples and members of the will be C. Parham Johnson. Mrs. Juanita D. Wyatt will bers of the St. Johns Boat| Religious Program In
be the for the !
guest speaker icic
Magnolia Baptist Church will Mrs. Carrie Alston, presidenthas affair. Mrs. Louise Graham persons recently Club who were present were,| Jacksonville History
be in charge of the service. announced a full pro chairman and Mrs., completed the American Red I George Starkes, vice president Direct Supervision Of
The observance is being will be presented with program Cross Water Safety Instructor -
gram Levett Mitchell co-chairman. Fred Demery;Don Wallace Miss Ethel Davenport Jic
held in the interest of the several featured numbers.A course, conducted at the Charles Green, Welborn 900 Box Seats At $150 .I
Rev. E. V. Grant, pastor. The special invitation is extended ." Jefferson Street swimmingpool Wallace, Leroy Davis Harry\ 600 Reserved At $2.00GenX.
board will to other boards and June 713.
usher "sponsor a White is president of the club. Grandstand $1.50
trip to Butler Beach in the districts to share in the .pro- Men's Day Planned NEW, BALLPARK

interest of the drive.FATHERS' gram. & The St. Matthew Baptist The the course American Church, Westside, will ob- classes are now in session sA\\ !WJatj
Duval County Chapter and H j
Day New Hope AME serve Men's Day, June 21 the Jacksonville Recreation the pool, on Monday, Wednesday -Buy Tickets ces.Cohens
Districts 2 and 3 of Shiloh New Hope AME Church throughout the day with the Depa.rtment..Julius Guinyard and Friday mornings [Theatre Boxof ;
Church will hold .its annual "Guest from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. |tMrs. Bivlns Speedway
Metropolitan Baptist officials in charge of the ac- instructed the courses with Cleaners -Buster Ford's -*
Day"' activities Sunday at tivities. A program has been the assistance of Carlton Private adult classes are WUlie' Smith's Mom &1 !
ROOM FOR RENT 9:30'.m.. with a guest super- arranged for each service.Dr. Tynes, water safety instructor conducted on. Tuesday and 5 Springleton's*
All conviences and nice lo intendent and teaching staffin R. \V. Puryear, presi- from Fort Lauderdale, Thursday nights, 9:30 to! Pop's-Johnny Records Milton
cation. Couple only. Call EL charge of the Sunday dent at Florida Normal College 10:30 and on Sunday from 65(Ebony A tip of the ftps Oof
( ft
57186. School. will be the speaker at the Florida. p.m. to 7 p.m. Hood to these ontotand&v
Superintendent J. R. Hen- morning worship which will Assisting with various dem- :&$eSe33SS3Sa33&S3e32S23&HOUSES young Americans remake

derson, pastor, the Rev. D. convene at 11 a.m. and Prof. onstrations were members of our country ,S4
B. Thorpe and the Sunday J. H. Argrett, principal of the Jefferson Swimming Club, 4 our community a betts
-WALTS: RADIO &. School officials are making Northwestern JuniorSeniorHigh Walter Mears, Clarence Win- FOR SALE olaoe In,.>which to llr'
plans for a glorious occasion will be the speaker for gate, Julian Walton and Fred
TV SERVICE with a program featuringsome the evening service. Wesley. Moved io your Lot at no Extra Charge * i

of the city's well known Choose from 10 Models .. __ -
All Work GuaranteedNew personalities.The Others to appear during the The course was a thirty Easy Terms and Low :PaymentsSee ::. XX
and Used TVs guest speaker and the observance are: Willie D.Can- hour course divided into two them Sunday from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. 1, .-
I Robert Sams, Jerome parts: *
669 Florida Ave. entire program will be released Forest, and Robert Carter. and Life . n DIRECTIONS __ -.. *
Phone EL 3-4009 at a later date. AH ((1)) Swimwming

Jacksonville, Florida visitors at New Hope Sunday Saving Come to Normandy Blvd. 3 miles pass Normandy 5

morning will be a guest of MRS. K. COHEN- ((2)) Teaching Experience.A Drive-In Theatre, turn right to the sign Sale Office.
-------- --- -- the Sunday School. Mrs. Rosetta Cohen will be .total of 22 persons en- Bring your deeds and description of lot. )to

presented in a recital Sunday, rolled in the course, but one EL 4.3695 FL 93315rg }
MORTGAGE LOANS MUSICAL ProgramThe June 21 in the Church of God had to drop out and return
Long term 12 year loans, anniversary of the Dea- in Unity No. 2.at 3 p.m.S. home because of illness. Six- .y \ 1
repayable $10 monthoh con Board of First Baptist
teen the and
the$1.000, for home Improvements Church will be observed June Cohen will be the mas- passed course
repairs and 28 throughout the day begin- ter of ceremonies for the af- five failed. : ; :>' THOMAS HINES ,.

additions to your existing ning with the Sunday School fair. Some of the colleges and ;J.I; Have Camera New Stanton School Senior
house. Quick and efficient Department.A universities represented in the <" High *
service. No red tape. Just musical program will be course were: Edward Waters, : t Pepsi Cola Dealers and '
good credit rating and OWn presented at 3 p. m., in the FLORIDA CongressThe Southern, Savannah State, ; Will TRAVELJACKSONVILLE'S Pepsi Cola Bottling Com
or buying your own home. auditorium of the church. Florida Congress of Iowa State, and Tuskegee In- pany are proud to salute* '
M. J. SIMON The Singing Trumpets and Parents-Teachers will be host stitute. Among the public Thomas of the graduating*
621 First Federal Building: the Union will be in chargeof to its body June 21-24 in Day- school teachers present were, ONLY NEGRO class.He received a Foot- -
306 W. Adams the program at 8 p. m., tona Beach, Florida at Be- Mrs. Minnie J. Harris and 3! :Jjj I' ball Award.and attends St.
6.2489 which will be sponsored by thune-Cookman College, W. Frank Simmons of the Physical MIll : FREE LANCE PHOTOGRAPHERJ. Paul AME Church. *
Harold E. Peterson. K. Harper is the president. Education department of
courtesies Beach High School, Savannah, BAKER ***********'Li
Extending are
the Florida Citrus Commis- Ga., Leon Miller of Rosenwald Specializing Only In Weddings. Parties, Clubs 4

HAVE CASH WILL BUY sion, Daytona Beach 'Cham High Florida.School, Panama City, Church etc. *

ber of Commerce, Volusia
School Board and ? :
County Isadore Singleton sponsoreda
YOUR VACANT LOTS R. V. Moore and administrative big Bar-B-Q party at his Ri- BAKER'S PHOTOP. *
staff. I bault Picnic grounds. The
Call EL 4-8782 Mr.
Kay -
Anthony Simons and his Jacksonville Recreation Department O. Box 1071 1830 Wright Ave. Ph. FL 9.1764FIRST :
of sponsored a tour of
assistants are in charge
l the city directed by Emmett
the history book.I !>>
Reed, Supervisor of Recrea- .. .
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tion.The RITZ WED. '.. _--k.J
sponsored a cruise on the St. New Stanton Senior
Johns River. Five boats tookSHOES tettl
/, BA09. ,mii: High School
s %u'tf<< Tribute is paid to Bennie
Wi1RNERCOtAR .a. .of the graduating class.
,She Is a member of St.
d. ) Paul AME Church and
.iL1 r plans to become a Bull-
,.ness major.
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216 W. Adams \ *'********* **
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." :... EXECUTIVE .
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f. is New York General Agent a., Dais
f. of a major life insurance .1 Reg. 8.95 ROSA BELL KIRKLAND
company. He has personally .f Every Mother Father Lady Man: Reg.
New Stanton Senior
written millions of dollars in Now Only Must See This Picture- Prices
life insurance since 1940.Mr. High School
Parsons has been awardedhonoraryscrollsbytwoU.ss Rosa is a member of the:

Presidents for his outstanding. p 4.99Heyday OIkY A GIRL WHO;IS IGKORANT IS.iA RA1DSRLWANT llth grade. She Is a member -
;t contributions as a member of New Hope Baptist!
of the Anti-Inflation Com- Church and plans to become -,
mittee of the National Insurance a Nurse.
Assn. He has studied
at N.Y.tt,C.C.N.Y.and Columbia r
,, University. Mr. Par.
sons'cigarette--VICEROY. ] CV FA.M * *

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Award winner:
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Pepsi Music-quest
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For Phone Request
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The Man'Who Thinks For Himself Knows a SUN. MON. ONLY JUNE 22 22

He Had 17 Children in 2 Families -
ONLY VICEROY HAS A THINKING MAN'S Joan Crawford "Johnny Guitar" And I

FILTER...A SMOKING MAN'S TASTEI I .ODDS "'N ENDS lit Run-Mickey. Rooner "Andy Hardy Comes Home"
Insurance Also No. 3 Purple Monster StrlkealSKYVIEW
smoke VICEROY. Their reason? _
Parsons is a man who thinks for Best in the world.They know for Vl S
himself. He knows the difference a fact that only VICEROY has a Y'J tROY' ill ri
between fact and fancy.He trusts tttntfu 1M"'.fUer...tI smoki x y T Ji/Ier cJp 2.99 i a.
his own judgment. SUN. TUE3. JUNE
wa"a taJ te. OCAJIKTTKK 21-22-23
Men like Mr. Parsons usually .
('HC.SIZE ,: Ethel Waters "Sossd and FJury" Technicolor
.- Pies I'M01"Gun" Comedy and Cartoon
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: : ..- Ccaaafaq Wed. Thart>Siaatra "Some Came Running"

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