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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200514datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date June 13, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005140740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 13, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 13, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- .

: 'io... "
: ::.: : : \ '
:1T. .



,Battle :Looms /Fj lliJA7jc Dd


..Over'.Bus Franchise m

D *3 t1
VOL. 9 'NO. 19 And NEWS JUNE 13. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9, FLORIDA 15 Cm 3.C4

ur W


NAACP Urges Governor' o %i.

ON NEW BIDS .. .- 9' p P*

A grim struggle is shapingup Y'o 9 c. ,>.YY To New Race .P
in this city between the Veto, BiIi' .

Council Public Transit over council's Lines and sweep-City x4 : 'q : 1 f

ing action on Tuesday night lY a tA

which applications,on by all voting bills,,dumped resolutionsand "unfayorably" '.the-. &: M CQD TAKES STAND; SEGREGATION BILLS ASSAILED'AS

PTL's application for a new ,,; t: w' z f
bus franchise in Jacksonvilleinto < % { t wwnot DESCRIBES _
the proverbial wastebas-

ket.The :TALLAHASSEE now nationally-known Tallahassee TAMPA The Florida adverse publicity received by
council's Tuesday rape trial commenced on' Wednesday after an all-male,' NAACP has urged Gov. Col- our state in the Tallahasseerape
night's housecleaning renders lins to veto all segregation case, and because world
all-white jury wfcj picked late in the day from a venire"of
the PTL court suit a "dead over 200 person*. bills passed by the recently- opinion feels that America is
issue,"according to City Atty. On Thurtpay; the second adjourned legislature "in the concerned with a 'white-only
William M. Maddison. The name of Christ, human rights type' democracy. "
day of the !trig, the jury of in the
rape a Negro woman and "
suit, in actuality, representsa democracy.
heard an accoiht of the abduction history of the state.
claim by the BTL that City and rate by the four I The crime itself has stimu- In a telegram sent to the
Is three of the
Council ignored"PTL's A Leon County Agent seen escorting
t white men on from the nationwide attention.But Governor last Saturday, and CONVICTED OFMANSLAUGHTER
House dial lated
hear- four accused white rapists to County Court
.for public ,
pleas a Leon
signed by Lowry, State
lips of the victim, a slim, 19- the trial in
ing since PTL filed its applica- wh'ere-ther are now on trial for their lives for the mass now processis President of the
year-old f A. & M. coed. focusto
tion last:Nov. 25, offering to rape of a Florida A, & M coed last month. Viewed drawing even sharper asked "to
was use the
state has !
providebus[ ,service with a be- from left they are Willion' Collingsworlh. 23; Patrick The formally this capital city and to the of 'veto in
power keeping
charged the four with abduct- entire state of Florida for
ginning fare of 10-cents-r; Scarborough. 20; an David Beagles 18. The fourth and these heinous, reprehensibleand
according to their slaims, half youngest of the group, not seen in the picture, is 16- ing the you g coed on May 2 wherever news of the mass undemocratic laws
the existing basic fare year-old OllIe Stoutamlre. and taking,ier some distance rape has penetrated, people erative." IN SHOOTING .
away whes, bound, gagged I are pondering what sort of
charged by the Jacksonville and held .& gunpoint, they justice will prevail. Robert Saunders, state
Coach Co. raped her Although the four Veteran jurist, Judge W. NAACP field secretary, said Isaac
YOUTH 16 PLEA I Gandy, 48, who on
The PTL Has not been idle ENTEBS..GUlLTY pleaded hnocent at their .May Walker has pledged that the plea covered "every segre- Feb. 28 shot Larry Sikes to
since :-he _Tuesday night arrajgjgnett.i Sheriff W. P. his court will! function "with_ gation bill passed by the-LegThe -' death because Gandy's wife
howev';.Theif, '-- islature.-.. ,
'bum'srush .
TOrBALL Joyce saldafl/Tiaorsigned confessions out regard;race: 'creed or .
MANSLAUGHTER: Ruby QQ was sin by-bim
fiery attorney, Fred S. Rizk, ',-f vApparenl color." The all-white jury, as telegram I said "If. 'is entering the victim's car, was
has pressed court proceed- most regrettable that
a rtien
the trial will bea well, have unanimously stated. convicted last
Wednesday by
ing by filing a written legal charged with the solemn '
responsibility -
swift since Circuit that the racial of the
owe aspect
Milton Thomas Robinson 16-year-old a criminal court jury of man-
brief with Judge A. D. Mc- Jacksonville youth of making laws I
Walker is at-
Judge W. liy case will not affect their judgment
Neill. The attorney's actionsare' charged with the killing of,; -another youth in the Myrtle -: in an enlightened age like this slaughter.
in compliance with the Avenue Ball park last September 18 during a football game tempting? to.omplete week the end.proceedings on the guilt or innocenceof II would bring shame on "our I Gandy testified that he
bie the accused.
jurist's previous instructions, pleaded:. guilty :Thursday!! to manslaughter. ,. Actually, tie trial could The defendants are William I state by enacting legislation :pulled1 his wife from the car
which on May 8 he. ordered :sentencing: of Robinson was in designed solely to deny partof and was questioning the man,
turn out to b? momentus Collingsworth, 24 Patrick
issuance of alternative writ deferred by Judge A Lloyd ; : the citizens their Sikes, when the latter reached
an also that_,the, youth conceivably crimi- demo-
the history of jlorida's Scarborough, 20; David Beagles -
Layton until Tuesday. Maxi cratic and in his coat as if for a
of mandamus weapon.
commandingthe equal rights.
could have received the nal proceedings, for if the 18, and Ollie Stoutamire,
mum penalty for manslaughter Gandy pulled his revolver
council to hold a hearingon : Lowry said he asked for
PTL's application and take is 20 years imprisonment minimum 20-year-sentence if four accused rapists are con- 16. the vetoes "in light of recent and fired one shot. He and his
action on it or give reason for Robinson and Ellis Butts, convicted of second degree victed without A recommendation Collinsworth has pleaded events in Virginia when ad- wife left, and he said he was
refusal to comply., 18, of 1725 Harper St. were murder. The maximum for of mercy t 'ey will be the insanity as reason for his in- herence to the Constitutionof not aware that he had fatally
-In his brief Rizk declared jointly indicted for second degree second degree murder is life first white mell to die for the nocence. The others have the United States was wounded Sikes until later.
that under the law the coun- murder in the fatal stab- imprisonment. stuck to their pleas of innocence found to be the only sane and On the stand, Ruby Lee

cilmen "are not only under bing' of 19-year-old Clarence Tanzler said that accord- HOUSE AP ROVES without any specific de sensible approach to the prob- admitted that she had com-
Newman at Durkee Ball Park.Newman fense. lem and in view of the mitted perjury by lying at
duty to act but they must ing to witnesses, the disputeat COSTLY PLAN TO the
died Sept. 19 of coroner inquest.
also act reasonably and fairly a the ball park arose when
and without bias, caprice or deep chest wound. Newman wanted to Rob- "SELL SEGREGATION"TALLAHASSEE She said she denied at the
discrimination." Asst. County Solicitor Hans inson in the-stands and pass'asked FIVE NEGROESTO time that she had known
Since six of the nine incum- Tanzler placed Robinson on him to move his-feet, where- The? LAST RESORTSCHOOL Sikes prior to the shooting
bent councilmen will return to trial and the youth's guilty upon Robinson objected. half-million? dollar :plan to because, she told the court,
office on June 19 after the plea brought a halt to a parade I "sell segregation to the ENROLL she was afraid Gandy would
June 16 general election, a of prosecution 'witnesses North" had little troube getting BILL desert her.
genuine legal brawl is antici- after Butts took the stand to through the House Appropriations -
pated between that body and a testify that he!saw Robinson Committee on IN FLORIDA U.GAINESVILLE .

very determined PTL. inflict Newman.the fatal wound 'on SHOT 6 TIMES; Wednesday.The one .restraining condi- DIESQUIEILYTALLAHASSEE? RAPEGUILTDOOMS

GOLF LINKS SALEA Tanzler dropped the mur- tion was that Florida would -rive Ne-
NEAR REALITY der charge against Butts. The GETS 5 YEARSWillie spend the mony only if four gro teachers have qualifiedfor The notorious YOUTH
prosecutor said there is no ,, other Southern states joined admission to the state- 'last resort school ,
evidence to support that alle- with it in the plan. Rep. supported University of Florida bill which for a while during .
In a strategem designed to gation against Butts.In Reedy of Lake said he sent graduate school where, the late session of the'Legislature MARIANNA, FLA. The
elude the Supreme Court's accepting the manslaughter copies of the bill to other after registration, they will stimulated the high mandatory -
ruling that the two municipalgolf plea, Tanzler said Hall, who miracul- Southern legislatures and expects pursue their studies duringthe hopes.of many segregationistsin in the case of penalty a conviction of death for
links be operated on an he considered that Robinsonhas ously survived being shot six most to "join in the pro- summer session. both Houses as being the rape
unsegregated basis, the City a history of mental retardation times in various parts of the gram." Because of what has been stopgap against school inte- life apparently of doomed the
Commission, on Wednesday, and epilepsy, and body and the head at point "We've got to take the offensive termed a 'long standing pol gration in Florida was quietly Lee Clark last week.Jimmey The
decided to definitely sell the blank range by a policeman; in telling the nation icy" of the school by the university killed in two committees last youngster found
Brentwood and Hyde Park VAGRANT SUSPECTEDAS was sentenced to serve six1 about the segregation-inte- news bureau, the Friday. of raping was white guilty
courses to private operatorson months to five years last Fri- gration question," 'Reedy names of the five enrolleeswill The measure, termed ."too I. an all-white a which woman by
the provision that they be CAR GUNMANTwo day. Hall was found guilty of said. With this programwe not be released until after extreme" by many prosegreI I,to recommend jury failed

operated on a segregated ba- aggravated assault by an all- could bring about a bet- they have completed their gationists, died for want of i Clark 16 years mercy.old, testified
sis.A men were taken into white jury on May 13. ter understanding not only registration.Two the necessary two-thirds vote. i during his trial that he-
second provision to be insisted custody on :Monday when police According to testimony, between the races but betweenthe > other Negroes are already If channelled into law, the had signed a confession to the
upon will be that the surprised them at a Duval H. C. Ray accosted patrolman North and South. studying at the formerly "last resort" bill would have charge under duress. He in-
courses be operated'on a Street rooming house :and Hall early in',the morning of In Tampa the NAACP all-white sch ol. George made it constitutionally possible sisted that- a deputy sheriff
"semi-public" basis. In other charged them with vagrancyand Feb. 1 in the Brentwood area roundly attacked the"sell seg- Starke Jr., the first to gain to close the State's pub- had threatened to cut off his
words,the complete"cliquish- no visible means .of sup- of the city as the latter drove regation" plan, calling for admittance, has been enrolledin lic .schools immediately upon head "and throw it in the
ness" of a country club will port.The by slowly in his The "swift defeat of: a legislative the law college since last the' admittance of any Negro river.'.
car. area I
not be encouraged at the men were Eddie Wilson was staked out by police be- measure which would provide falL High school teacher student Intq any white schoolin ,
courses, although segregationwill Furlow Jr.,30; and Ernest Lee cause of a series of break-ins $500,000 for the plan. Daphne Duval, was admitted the system. / GIVEN LONG TERM
be enforced. Brown 26. Brown, who gave and rape attempts reported The state NAACP office last February.The FOR MURDER
There was no indication his address as 912 Ocean there. Ray on duty at the here issued a statement claim- school was ordered bya :MOBILE, ALA.-A white
when the commission might Street, may also figure in a time, was in plainclothes.Hall ing the Reedy bill calls for federal court judge, in 1958,' MINISTERS IN BIAS SUIT grocer was sentenced to 20
begin calling for bids on the Sunday morning auto chase expenditure of money .for a to admit qualified Negroes. .DALLAS, TEX.-The Rev.J. years in prison recently for
courses. It is felt that no ac- and an exchange of shots with insisted during his cause that is "illegal and can- Lowell Ware of Birmingham the second-degree murder ofa
tion will be taken in that'di police. trial that he did not know Ray' not be enforced by the state SOLON MAKES HISTORYIN Ala., and the Rev. C. H. Negro. The shooting which
rection until a late valuationof Patrolmen James F. Luman was a police officer. Ray or any component part of it." HOUSE OF Williams of Detroit, Mich., resulted from an
the two courses is completed. and James R. Branch reported claimed to have shown his This action, the NAACP REPRESENTATIVESHARTFORD have asked damages to the extent $6.50, took place argumentover last
Last week Commissioner chasing a car, believed driven identification. said*, "demands that decent CONK of $15,000 each in a suit JuJy.
Dallas L. Thomas, in charge by Brown early Sunday, during :' citizens of Florida, white and State Rep. Wilfred K. Johnson filed here against the Statler- The convicted
Hall's man, David
of the two courses, ordered which the suspect fired charge stemmed from Negro, call for an immediate! (D., Hartford) presidedover Hilton Hotel G. Lester, 60, contended
the fact that
that he
fired shot
'a reappraisal of the $1,069- three shots at.police. at the officer one halt to what lawyers have a session of the State They say the hotel.accepted. he fired at the victim 84-
155 properties. Officers returned the fire during the called the illegal and wasteful House of Representatives re their reservations for the year-old Alfred
clThe courses have been and chased the car to 26th shooting attack. spending of tax money for cently. According to record; June, 1957, National Baptist when the latter reached Grayson for Jr.. .
since April 7, in theY street and Moncrief road The maximum penalty for purposes that are inconsistent this marked the first time in Convention here, then refused I small pistol in his a
**? of a District Court or- where the driver abandonedthe aggravated assault is five with our democratic. form of state history that a Negro the, rooms when the men ail j pocket. The "pistol" watch
der to desegregate> them vehicle and escaped years. ,I government has so presided. peared. 3% inch. cap. pistol. was a

.,. ... -
; .
,. ., : :. .'.- ,_..JQ._, .......".. _."." "h'-:';'': .. ,
> .I '" ..





Page Two THE FLOBIDA STAB ____ Week Ending Saturday,.June 13. 1959
'. ,.

... "Politics As Usual"


old saying "politics is a dirty racket" takes on
greater meaning each day when we observe the treacheryand ,;

crookedness unfolding before our eyes each day.

r: Publish by The Florida Star Publishing Co. The painful thing about it
Member of Associated Negro Press' ringing in the air.
is that the
> .cUtor: people are being There,is quite a bit of talk
Erie O. Simpson 9t
played for suckers on the lo- that
C. Paxham JohnlOD. --- Jltw. Staff Mayor Haydon Burns is
Hilda Woolen 'Circulation Dept.; cal'scene as well as nationally feeling out support for a try

.. by our politicians and the at the governorship; but it's
t.. Influence men. hard to tell how much he'll

.. ..... t y get at this early stage. (
f ... -MAIN OFFICE k:. PLANTS ; As people become It seems certain that Farris
1323{ttoccrUf- Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 to -. more aware Bryant who made such a
Downtown Branch Offiett 423 Broad St. -' Pbos''ELam. -.. ',. r that they good showing in the. 1956
I are being governorship race will be in ,)
played it is there again-PosSible startersare

little wonder Doyle Carlton and Hay-
Mailing Address a, that citizens don Burns. 1

P. O. Box 581. Jacksonville! 1. Florida k\ //1 1C + .: are showing The man who hopes to get
lack of interest elected will have to make a I

r. i n elections. strong bid for the Negro 4
SUBSCRIPTION RATES The people in \'ote-or at least have heavy

Three Month $l-8fl J cksonville support from Negroes-as
On Year SSJJO; Half Year $3.00; a ,
tailed To You Anywhere In Th Unil.d Statos.Bntecription for instance Florila Negroes will have a
Order Toi _have in recent whopping vote count by the
Send Check or
Payable in Adranct. FLORIDA SIMPSON, months been time the 1960 elections. roll
displaying a waning interest

in the political activities of A concerted effort to dou-

the city and county. ble the registration of Negroes -
SEGREGATION throughout the state
The fact that at least three
will be put into motion soon
members of the City Com after the books open on June

mission went back into office 17. .

THE past two or three weeks have produced three outstanding ., 'J ....., _,;i- .. e X: without opposition is evidence
examples of the shaky mental and emotional con- -40.: '- that ii is hard to find
dition of many men in public office and in positions of LITTLE ROCK REFUSED TO.LET. THEM PUSH BACK THE CLOCKr men who are willing to get .
here in the South. A disturbing examplewas -
civic resposibility
into the Advice to Graduates
Louisiana Governor "political racket", as
the sudden nervous collapse :; ..
Earl Long, a few weekends ago. The Governor wilted into the business of politics is so By Noted Industrialist

complete nervous exhaustion after raging pointlessly for frequently called.Of food For Everyone '
almost two hours before stunned members of the State
Legislature in what had: started out to be a joint session of Your Weekly % course- we have had Gilbert W.Chapman,presidentof
what is now called the "poli The Yale & Towne Manufacturing -
that body. Company, has this advice
named David tical racket" with us for to give to 1959 graduates:
Here in Florida, a Miami segregationist Horoscope Guide "Excellence'should
and scores of years now. It is .. appear not
Hawthorne succumbed to ari attack of irrationality ,->-, *, only in the care
subjected the traditional and delightful child's storybook"The nothing new; it has become r" ,:- I and skill with
attack of hatred. B* PABLO, Tj, ASTROLOGERWHICH r which we do
Three Little Pigs" to a psychotic a past the American civilization F'I !

Hawthorne who reigns as president of the Dade County ARE YOUR LUCKY< DAYS fOR Such political scan /j .. J also our labors in ,our but

Property Owners Association, tried frantically to convincethe dals as the infamous f I character. Do
State Legislature that the book is an integrationist in \0VE Teapot > 'w.:, ; not be sloppy
strument to "brainwash" American youngsters.. He argued .1 Dome affair, and the Spoils .," d In your work

of the System under ,, nor careless in
that integrationists had put '"color" in the story which political yonrmoral

three little pigs, making one "white", one "black" and one ARIES LFl) The patronage is passed out A" standards.Our
'mulatto". He insisted that when he was a little boy "those 231 rewards of patience, are evidence. future rests
19 Born 23 P August
Born March 21 to April July persistent effort and faith in upon a rebirth\
pigs didn't have any particular :You often are tempted to You have theblessing of a your destined place in the New York's old Tammany Glb.rt i W.Cbapmaa of a desire Inl 1

Mr. Hawthorne regarded the whole disastrous subterfugeas become more daring when you fine sextile asjsct between world may be harvested on Hall political machine which allot us' to ddi
our'best, to in daily1
an integrationist master-plan-and, of course, a commu- have sufficient resoures to Saturn and Nepune ((16th-: the 16th-17th. The younger divided tasks a quality produce of performance1 our
nist super-plot. juggle around, but this ,may 17th) to obtain 04 give super- generation may be more interested the; "take" down the that can be obtained only by the''
. not be uite as, good an idea lative service, o augment in taking up careers line to the ward heeler, viha most sincere and'constant efforts
The man's irrational diatribe (was sensibly ignored by as it appears in your more your tangible.asets and to that combine mystery as well would be the equivalent of through" Ve need care a and restoration dlUgcM.of..oar. ? 1
even the super-duper segregationists in the Legislature.In optimistic moments. When create a more inpiring home I as adventure and they should iur local precinct committeeman -. belief in the ideal of excellenceso '

a similiar vociferous departure from good sense, Ala- you make use of your impulses atsmosphere toie( shared by not deny their fellings or impulsions ran well because that we, as individuals, may
bama Senator E. O. Eddins let out a bellow of alarm upon to create or promote yourself and hose who depend to give a good 'ac every- lire happy,competent,and useful
the of child's book called "The Rabbits' Wed- learn the Y the bodyNegro and white- lives. We need it as a nation BO
publication a high ideals you can on you. >u'are one countof themselves. that we may ever be strong and
ding". full meaning of bliss or the to point the m/giawand, par- 1-20-88-15-98-128 got a taste of take. just in our'relations{among our

all the frayed banalities and catchphrases of die- significiance of human exis- ticularly if yoi are being un- Not so in these parts. selves and with other nations."
Using tence (19th-20th). Those who obtrusively bilked by a fond Mr. Chapman made these suggestions -
" hard segregationists, Eddins ranted from his minaret in enjoy the blessings of father. and persuasive mate or part- CAPRICORNBorn Jacksonville has a strange it the 117th annual
that the book communist tool and commencement exercises of Roa-
was a
should Montgomery be burned all because white girl rabbit hood are. justifiably remem- ner ((19th-20th). Joy given or Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 bunch of politicians. They noke College, Salem, Va., which
promptly a bered. received on the 21st has a A wish that comes true come out and beg Negroesfor conferred upon him the honorary
marries a black boy rabbit-in the story, of course. 5-20-11-14-74-521 special qualify. could be the significance of votes but after the elec- degree of Doctor of Laws.
The and amused author of the bookquietly'
surprised, probably 4-50-55-16-39-451, the fine sextile aspect be- tion is over many of them do
implied that he didn't know there was any blood e *
J. tween your ruling planet, Saturn not have the courtesy to say
animals and white folks. .
relationship between white : f .
TAURUS I fG9 and Neptune on the 16th- "thank you".
Hmm! Born April 20 to May 20 Born Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 17th. A friend made during .
Whatever the case hysteria in the deep South is enjoying -
If need; a, push\ from this particular sponsorship
an increasing popularity. Nor would it be too far removed The events of the 16th-17th you: FLORIDA STARIN
above the sexfile between should have lasting and inspiring
a Jaxons have
offer an excellent opportunity, already begun
from possibility to believe that in the event a
the Southern perhaps in disguise, to get on Saturn and Neptune ((16th- influence on the development speculating as to who will ben
"third should political scene EVERY
party" : appear on '
17th be of ideas
) just what and
your the
may you
the bandwagon of success, race for governor.
the Democrats and may be faced by a somewhat -
Republicans need. This indicates the com- personality, Meanwhile the Such
new philosophical concepts or names as Doyle
wild and faction known the
vituperative as "Hyste-
". a more stable way of life. Con- munion Jjearts: and soulsor drain on your bank accountor Carlton (Wauchula), Earl COLORED HOME
nans the of marriages that resourses could still be
tinue to exercise .caution on type Faircloth of Miami, Tom
the 20th when you are being are termed "made in heaven". pretty serious and you should Beasley Defuniak Springs,
stimulated by; uncontrollableurges Keep a close: check on your take steps to plug it up. Thisis Farris Bryant of Ocala are .
'and subject to emotional cash- ,' possessions and phycical a problem you will have to

DiAU: t 4? upsets. well-being on the .20th. face squarely by the time the. .
# 3-90-22-13-27-392 There may be some dangers 20th arrives. j
inherent in unconventional at- 80-80-22-14-24-812 MA
tractions, speculative ventures -

Ll GEMINI .and future commit AGUARIUS :
0 !! :
.. Born May 21 to June 19 ments. Born Jan., 20 to Feb. 18 ,
2-40-33-12-85-243 opportunity sextile as-
You no doubt have become
pect between Saturn and
of the
increasingly aware
LIBRA tune should encourage Nep-I _
/ bear
power you can bring to
I when are financially in- Born Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 eliminate the negative ,
dependent and the proud pos- Be ready to acquire property in your life and to adopt a
sessor of an excellent credit or a house if the price is new philosophy that will be I
rating. The 'efforts you have right and you see possibilities at once workable and beneficial -
} exerted in the past to achieve for extensive improvements. : to others as well as your- ':
this commendable objective You are being aided by a fine! self ((16th-17th). Eligible I

4.Ra should now be crowned with Saturn-Neptune aspect which Aquarians"who have not been
7 success and put you in line points! to bargains in old habitations -, swept off their feet in the 1

for a more important and responsible or lands that may wake of an impetuous romance '
tole in life (16th). contain money making poten- heretofore, may have their
+. 7-50-77-18-62-757 tialities (16th-17th; ). Surpris- turn under even more unusual
f_ ing developments which may and dynamic circumstances on
0 affect friends as well as your- the 20th. Life is intended to

i CANCER self may be expected on the be exciting. -
Born June 20 to July 22 19th-20th. 5-10-44-19-32-514 WE-
It may seem to be a simple '9-70-66-17-56-976. *
matter to obtain all the cash *' PISCES

you want, since you have so 'SCORPIO Born Feb. 18 to March 20 y

many favorable aspects on Born Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 The fine sextile between <4 .4
your side.'Watch ,It is not good to live in the Saturn and your ruling planet,
yourself ,in this respect past when nothing emerges Neptune, on the 16th 17th
: on the 19th-20th, when from it but regret and out- supplies the evidence that no-' J1.
unpredictable moods and cir- dated views or customs. When thing replaces experience and
cumstances seem to direct you'have profited from your lond acquaintanceship when KEN KNIGHT
their attention toward your lessons and Experiences) you you are in need of information

funds or valuables. Betrothalsor extract the makings of a'brilliant and guidance. Your'own in- Invites You To Listen To -
( unions that take place on and opulent future. Dd tuition will not let you down !

the, 16th-17th, have the stamp not ignore the possibility of if you have given it leeway "KNIGHT TRAIN" .
of' permanency and future increased competition and and encouragement in the

stability applied by the fine personal animosities ,as thisis days gone by. Make sure you
Saturn Neptune sextile as- one of the prices of success1. are not speaking out of turn Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -.-

pect. Note the 21st on your 3-80-77-19-27-387 or getting involved in neigh-

"REMEMBER. TABLE MANNERS. calendar if there is father to borhood disputes or scandalson 1400 WRHC 1400,

ARE MOST IMPORTANT WHEN DINNING OUT' be remembered. SAGnrAiuus' the 20th. ,I
2-60-33-15-97-263 Born ,Nov. 23 to Dec 21 6-30-29-17-48-639: "

.. -







Week Ending Saturday June 13 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Pap Tires

- .
wr nv.w- i .' J ABOUT PEOPLE

'The Rev. and :Mrs. J. B.

w K y..' x k.. t v.jr Morisr 1351 Grothe Street, : kirI \ k \
left the city for Avon.Parkto
W ; attend the funeral of their
t .
mother, Mrs. Floya Hewett.
\ 4 -'*
Mrs. Libbie White of Lone
Star is recuperating at 'her 4
home. She is a'member of the

Mt. Zion Methodist Church,
secretary of the Men and Wo
v men's Charity. Club, memberof 4

the Stewardess'Board and ..nFf
Homemakers Club. -
i a s w
Mrs. Gladys L. Butler of c
1192 W. 12th"Street, left-the _
city to attend the funeral of a: V k\ \ :

1 r her mother, Mrs. Hattie.;Rob-
:r erts in Newark, N. J. L

r Mrs. Adeliade Clark Willis -': : : ; ; \ _

and Mrs. 1;. V. Taylor of New R x a Y 4, a \: a
,. 'n' York are in the city visiting
2 ak their relatives, Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Morene, 1991 W. 24th

:1 Street, Mrs. Willis and :Mrs.

SPRING PARTY GIVEN-Employees of the National Theatre Enterprises, who attended Taylor are the _sister and \ \

the Spring Party given recently at the New Lincoln' and Golf Country Club mother of Mrs. Morene, whois
the Brewster
are seen here. From left1 in front are: Hugh Wilson C. Thompson Irvining>Cov'I g- ill in Hospital.
ton. E. C. Shawalter. Mary Best Rita Wright Gwen Gaddls: Nellie Oliver and Ida
Mrs. Janese Daniel of 5806
Johnson.'Seen:in the back row in the same order are: Tura Gooden.,Joseph Long B. Iris Boulevard Magnolia Gar- BRIDE-ELECT GIVEN SHOWER-Some of the guests, who attended the miscellaneous
A. McKissIck Odessa Jennings. Marie McKeever. Doris Robinson, L. R. McTeer, Sylvia -, shower given for Miss Charlotte"Brown bride-elect by Mrs. Willie M. Jones
dens returned tb the city recently -
Thompson Modestine McKUsIck Jewel Mays. E. Watson, Maybelle Cottrell. after visiting in New and Mrs. Vivian S. Lewis last Saturday evening are seen here. From left sitting are

Sara Long and Mrs. M. Covington. York State the guest of Miss Catherine Oree, Mrs. Saran Seymour Miss Charlotte Brown, bride-elect; Miss
---"- Ann Foster ad Mrs. Dorothy King. Mrs. Vivian Lewis and Mrs. Willie Mae Jones
Miss Mary Walker and )
Willie Bradford, 2019 W. GAlETE DE COUER and Mrs. David D. Alston in hostesses are seen sitting on the arm of the Suite. Standing in the same order are

Wedding Bells 45th St., age 23.and Jaunita SOCIAL CLUB SETSINSTALLATION Norfolk. Mrs.. Daniel is plan- Mrs. Lillie Mae Anderson, Mrs. Eva Brown mother of the bride; Mrs. Thelma
Small, Mrs. Beatrice Williams and Miss Myrtle Turner.
Martin, 2019 W.' 45th St., age ning to visit Cuba in July. Sheis
Applications Marriage 17. MEET a member of Day Spring -Photo by Avery's Studio.cthBEFf

Licenses Snow Baggs, 1237 24th St., Baptist Church.'-.. ,
age 22 ,and Inez Bailey, 1470E. Officers of the J Gaiete De i }
27th St., age 18. Couer Social Club were in- F. C. Lindsey of/Washington .

John C. Thomas 3616 & N. Booker T. Channey, 708 stalled recently at the homeof D. C., general'Car /' chairmanof a s a"i: i. s ,-
Myrtle Ave., age 26 and Alta- McCoy St., age 24 and Louise the Dining ;Employees -
Jaunita P. Lewis in
Union, Local 495 was in the PANSY BLOSSOM CIRCLE
mese :Mitchell, 3616 N. L.. Wallace, 3611 Drew Ave., Orange Park. They were in- .city 'recently to conduct a PLANS ANNUAL OUTING

Myrtle Ave., age 18. age 21.Jesse. stalled by,Ollie James. meeting in the Elks Auditor-' The Pansy Blossom Sewing
E. Simmons, Rt. 2, Circle held its annual By
ium for the the Din- meeting
BEAUTY'S TELEVISION J I Byron, Ga age 68 and Ella Officers are: Miss JoselynP.
recently to complete plans for
f this
ing car area.
Hill;president :Mrs. Jaun- LOUISE G. GUINYARDSara
1127DH11DI0 M. Moss, Rt. 2 Byron, Ga., age ; bemfr' the annual outing.
ita P. Lewis, vice president;
SERVICE 62.Levert Miss Gwendolyn D. Maxwell, Albert of 2345 The Lou Harris wooed Jacksonville with her performance
Linder, 491p Ave.B. Woodland Street'',was honored previous meeting was in the "Million Dollar Fashion Show" held recentlyat
Heme Calls on all Makes recording secretary; Miss held at the home of Mrs. Est-
20 and Emma J. Ross,
age with a surprise,birthday din- the Str&nd Theatre.
Thelma F. :Matthews finan-
Used Radio from $5.00 Up 1934 McQuaid St., age 18. elle Thomas, 1522 Swift St.,
ner recently Jby his wife.
We Finance I Chas. L. :Murrell, 3659 cial secretary; Miss Thersa C. Among the quests presentwere with Mrs. Ruth Barkley serving Miss Harris modeled fabulous creations by top New York
and Kennedy, treasurer; Mrs. as cohostess.Mrs. and several hats Archie Eason of Cohen Bro
118 FLORIDA AVENUE Freeman Road, age 21 Barbara Walker Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Milton designers by
ELGIN 6-8874 Mary J. Hamilton, 718 CourtC. Mrs. Edith Jdnes, chaplain business; of Detriot, :Mich., Mrs. Nellie Brown, presi- th rs. Outstanding were a green sequined gown with

., age 19. manager; and Mrs. Annie L. :Milton is a member of the dent and Mrs. :Mattie Sapp, matching hat, a white dress with matching reversible cape,
White Grant Memorial AME Church reporter. and a gold lame gown with matching turban-style hat. It

..... reporter.The and a member of the steward is easy to see why Sara Lou, as she signs autographs, is
next meting' will be board. such a success. The lovely lady with the magnetic person-
from DRAB,..to DAZZLING! held at the home of Miss \ ality is a native North Carolinian and former third grade
_..."L.... oJt- .-_-- Gwendolyn "Maxwell with Mrs. Berniee'Strickland- left 'Th Federated;Garden Cir teacher. She plans to leave the' Countryshortly for South
Mrs. Thelma Matthews as co- the city recently to attend the e America where she is to be married and thereafter reside.
cle held its annual meeting
a. N hostess. Local models included Mrs. Mainor Brinson
Portsmouth, Va. She is a Homes Auditorium.The Mrs. Azzie Lee Anderson, Mrs. Theresa B. Mackey, Mrs.
member of tie Day Spring meeting was climaxed Juanita Foster and Miss Emma Lee Wilson.

Baptist Church and serves on with a social hour. Plans for I Mrs. Brinson, who is a local schoolwarm, modeled an
LADIES: See This AtSTRAND Usher Board Po. 1 and District the instalation, which will be 'eight-piece, sequin-trimmed, ensemble created by the model -

r 4 I, No.- 6.* held, June 26 were enacted. and her mother, Mrs. E. W. Mainor, Sr. The outfit'con
( The annual report of the sisted of two hats,%a walking coat, a short coat, skirt, cock-
Mrs. Ada M. lie president-
president and retiring officers tail dress, and stole. -
emeritus of the Mary McLeod
SUN. Thru SAT. Bethune Circle, is confined in were made. Among items displayed by :Mrs.' Anderson was a white,
sequined cocktail dress, originally designed, worn with a
bed at her home] 1572 W. 30
-' Street. white fox stole and white rhinestone-studded opera pumps.
.44 "SOMEWIVES"l S j '* YWCA DAY CAMP Mrs. Mackey, local and personable disc jockey, modeled .

!OPENS JUNE 15 two very lovely outfits, which included a grey sheath dress.
CHEATBECAUSETHDR1IUS Mrs. :Mary Green Williams with candy pink accessories.

of 1617 Steele Street left the Milton Hood, sponsor of the show, also served as narra-
BAN OS' city recently for the Maine tor. Music was furnished by Frank Williams and his or-

State to spend the summer. The 1959 summer programfor chestra, while Little Misses Patricia Ann Crawford and
.. DO...AND SOME the YWCA Day Camp for Wanza Crompton perf9rmed creative dance routines.
L.k girls will begin, June 15 and
with := lECAUSETHEY'REJUSTNOGOOD close July 10. .
_.. ......
1"- 'lr "'" -. ""''''
'!'n TO BE GIVEN AT : :Mrs. Vera Davis will serveas \,:. '. ,J Mr. and Mrs. Reid E. Jackson II were at
Would you trade an hour for hill camp director and a staff f
IAJ I like this professional model' ABYSSINIA CHURCH will assistants. A shame to friends last Wednesday evening*
I One hour ia all it takes for serve as,
,-..' Godefror's Larleuse Haircolor Julius Guinard, director of from seven to nine o'clock at 1760 Myrtle
to brinfoack youth to gray,do! the Swimming Pool and his
bJi&tf'/ or faded halt! Abyssinia Baptist Church staff will assist\ the YWCA Avenue.
L MX ewb CM- Everything you need U fa th. ,ltt will in 'i The lovely Mrs Jackson Is native of Au.5S .
teats 1M ..... famOus red box.Get OoJefroyak give a Pretty Hat Tea, Day Campers their swim- a
L AIfIJ. 1I..nII > -ladng Larkuae iwwfoocenjor June 21 at 3 p.m.'in the audi- ming program. l derscnSouih Carolina, a graduate of S. C. -

L Lit,.acator.fsnisas torium of the church. A pro- ,. 5, State A. & M. College, and a member of
wpss' ua cxx mo oiha...k ia.t,..... ras. gram has been arranged for The'Day Camp is under the '
,." ... WFTAi the occasion. administration of the Teen- Alpha. Kappa Alpha Sorority.
Mrs M, Jackson
Age Program Department of
w aaa A musical program will be the Branch YWCA. Mrs. L H. Mr. Jackson a product of Jacksonville also a grad
ovWRY .presented the auditorium Burney serves as committee uate of S. C. State A; & Mt College and holds membership
.of the church
II June 14 in the
chairman. Members include In Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
interest of District No. 9 and : .
Choir No. 2. Mrs. R. D. Henderson, Mrs.J. .

All choirs and ushers will' L. Lewis, Mrs. Ralph Lott, '
observe a joint Mrs. Harry Collins, Mrs. F. D. Looking chic in. costumes representing our newest state
June 29 at the church. Richardson, Mrs. C. D. were Mr. and Mrs. Claud O. Hilliard, Mr. and Mrs. Fran-
$10.95 A program .will be Brooks, Sr., Mrs. O. .L. Brad- cis Williams, attorney and Mrs. Rogert Gray, Mr. and Mrs.
I during the 'joint presented ob-- ham, Mrs. Wilson, :Mrs. T. J. William Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Belton,.-Jr., Mr. and
plus Susan Hayward I.servance. Pearson, Mrs. Oscar Hillman, Mrs. A. J. Whitehead, Dr. andMrs. J. R. Henderson, Mr.
'"Thunder In The Sun" I Invitations have been Mrs. Ulysse Beaty, Mrs. Mor- and Mrs. Dublin Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Simmons
extended -
jTechiilcolor- to'the public to attend ris Goosby, Branch chairman' Mr. and Mrs. Monsolee Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Eric O.
i.the celebration. and Mrs. F. J. Dixon along Simpson, Mrs. Delphine Brinson, Mrs. Theresa Mackey,
with Mrs. Vera Davis serve Mrs. Sadie Broxton., "Mrs. Josephine Cleveland, Mr Mai-v
-- --
COMING! UNFORGETTABLEI COMING I Godwin Mrs/'Mary'Taylor, James Fowler, Lawrence Council "
BELAIRS SOCIAL and Miss Barbara Robinson.
SaLMIdnite S .
SJRAND.Plua June 20ih CLUB TO SPONSORANNIVERSARY.TEA Mr. and Mrs. William Scott moved recently into their

7 Big Daysl and spacious home In Ribault Heights This It truly a
-- "dream,home."

l The anniversary tea of the j. sNow

ONLY A GIRL,WHO Belairs Social Club will, beheld that school is out many persons are preparing to
June 21 from 4 to 6 p.m. take long planned; and much needed vacation to various
IS IGNORANT: in the home of Mr. and Sirs. parts of the Country and some few abroad, while other

Clinton Graham. Less fortunate souls must grind the axe on some college

.STARTING ...IS AFRAID! A program will be pre- campus. From all indications, "The Hill" wflj have a.large
SATURDAY sented during the occasion enrollment from this area, while others of us prefer staying -
1tri with some of the leading artists at home and attending Edward Waters College. More
FOR.ONE WEEK ONLY .1u of the city appearing. about who is going where next week.
: An invitation has been ex- S S. -.
DOT NEW STORE NEXT TO'FEDERAL.BAKERY tended to other clubs of the

The Case of Or Laurent" city to atend the affair. Mrs Mary Frances Waldon,Young Adult Program Direc
Faxon's Bootery The club will hold its next tor for. the A. 'L Lewis Branch YWCA and Mds.! Genera

meeting, June 8 at 8:30 pan. Guytoa, Slate Chairman of the Young Adult Confereace
STRANDIT BEFORE YOUR VERY ETESIRte. in the home of Mrs. Elinor
an currently attending a conference
40 'W.'FOBYSTH"STBEET' In Nassau. Wail
d ., Jackson, 715 B Venus-Mars: there 5h.y-are guests of the Nassau International Group.

..: I. .._._-, '. _._ Ct t. __ i{ e s




.. -- : S
Page Four' THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday June:13." 1959

-- .$';,..' .----. ,

J...' \\\f. ;.., ,'H'.,.. ,
\ .r. :\ '




Annual Women's Day will be observed at the New Mt. vM't r

Olive Baptist Church, June 14 with the officers' in chargeof ,' .
the services. *\2S I- .
,Officers for observance

include:'Mrs.: Lola Webb, gen. The observance will begin MRS. HELEN HAWKINSTO I Ezekiel Haynes, cochairman.Plans .
eral chairman; :Mrs. Essie M. I with the Sunday School Department '; 4 SPEAK FOR LEAGUE for the observancewere

Roberts,co-chairman;Mrs.M. I with the acting superintendent Mrs.. Helen T. Hawkins will completed last Sundayn
L. B. Story, program committee in charge. Morning .. be the speaker for the ACE a meeting held by the men
chairman; Mrs. Catherine worship will convene at $ -F-- .i tU-f Fd League Hour at the New rf the church.

Garner, treasurer; :Mrs. Rea- 11 a.m. with Mrs. Eliza Rich'erry Bethel AME Church,.June 14,
tha :M. Long, recording sec- as the speaker and from 5 to 6 p.m. in the audi
retary; Mrs. Ophelia Corbin, Evangelist Nellie Stalling will torium of the church. Independent Benevolent
finance committee chairman; be the speaker for the evening Group to Hold Session
:Mrs. E. Jenkins, pastor for worship. Others to participatein BETHEL CHURCH UNIT TO The fourth grand lodge ses-
the day and Miss Mattie John- the observance are: Sarah SPONSOR CONTESTA sion of the Independent Be-

son,junior women's chairman.FATHER'S .' Wilson, Mrs. L. Mickens, Mrs. .d contest is being spon- nevolent Association of
L. McQueen, Mrs. A. Collins T : sored by District No. 12 of America will convene at the
and Mrs. Josie Davis.TABERNACLE % Bethel Baptist Church between Mt. Calvary Baptist Church,
DAY I the assistant deacons June 17 through June 19, at

TEA SCHEDULEDAT for the benefit of the educa- 8 p.m.
WILL a: r" ; __ tional fund of the church. The Rev. C. L. Culver,

NEW BETHELA OBSERVED-Officers and members of the Gardenia'Garden Circle The contestants are Howard grand president and George
CELEBRATE who attended the 9th anniversary of the circle are seen here. From left sitting Singleton and Horace Free Sweet is the vice grand presi-
Father's Day Tea will be DAY SUNDAY in front Mrs. E. J. Mixon. man. The dent.
are C. B. Plnlpaey and Mrs. E. Graham.Second( row) in contest will termi-
sponsored by the ACE Leagueof the'same order are Mrs. E. Jenkins president; Mrs. H. B. Robinson.. Mrs. M. Har- nate, June 28 during a fruit I
New Bethel AME Church, The Tabernacle Baptist vey. Mrs. E. M. Bulled and Mrs. F. Startling: Third row are Mrs. M. Brrant. Mrs. sip at the home of Mrs. P. T.
June 21 in the basement of
Church will celebrate youth N. Robinson Mrs. E. James. Mrs. L= Moore, Mrs. S. Wynn Mrs. A. Elmonson, Mrs. Thorington[ with Mrs. Rena
the church from 3 to 5 p.m. day, June 14 throughout the C. Sparks and Mrs. E, Johncon. Owens serving as the hostess.
Miss Estelle T. Williams
will :be' the'speaker. for the day with the officers in Members not hown are Mrs. E.A, :hiey. Mrs J. Benthene. Mrs.' F.. ,Morgan Mrs. Office ELgin 57742Res.
Ida Davis and Mrs. E Smith.xjau t FOUNTAIN' CHAPEL AME
of the service
charge ELgin 4-0639
affair. She is basileus for'the ,.'r PLANS MEN'S DAY
Officers for the day are: GEORGE PEBPENA. Dir.
. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority MIDWAY CHURCHTO
Miss Joyce presi- LEARN TO DRIVE
and is a faculty member of --
Church will
Isaiah dent; Aldonia Katok, vice president CELEBRATE TO GIVE Annual Secure Driven' License
Blocker Junior High \
Day, July 19 with the
Marilyn Kato, secre-
EVENT officers in
Maxine Simmons '. charge of the ac-
All ACE League presidentsand tary; as- I SCHOOL
members have been invited sistant secretary; Ann P. Regular services will be tivities. 600 West Bearer Street
Young, treasurer; Amanda Annual Women's Day will conducted..5unday,'June 14 at Officers are: Walter John-
to attend. Miss Martha'Rice be l observed at the Midway Church beginning son, general chairman and
will serve as mistress of Williams, devotional director; the First Mist Airs. Bernice Wright and I
ceremonies for the event and Maxie W. Williams, business Church June 21 ;:t;"wl?the SundaySchool ,the Congregational Gospel
manager and Mrs. H. M. Law- throughout the day in the auditorium *Dwmnt at 9:20: /Chorus will present
a "Night
Mrs. Jamie Mendez
will be the
with the officers in You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
guest soloist.It rence, director youth depart- am. withiGf.Wr Scott, superintendent )f Imitations", June 25 at
of the activities.
has been announced ment. I I 'in!urge.Mornin I 8:30 p.m. in the auditorium
Leonard J. Roberts that by Maxie W. Williams will be Officers for the observanse ..i"o .f I .>f Shaw Memorial Baptist
"Miss: ACE League" for, the the speaker for the morning are: Mxs. I. C. Armstrong, 1r'a.: /9.rshltMwil1' with con-the Church, the Rev. C. J. Cros- LOW PRICES
at > ,
worship and Miss Bobbie Jean general chairman; Mrs. M. A. vene _:, I by, pastor.
will be crowned
year during deacons in ? ( the devotional
tenthon, co-chairman Mrs.
Mervin will be the speakerfor ;
the tea. I
the evening service. C. E. Daniels, secretary and e Rev. Famous Gospel groups will / On Your
Mrs. Bernice Douglas, program Landon W' 'll deliver be imitated by local gospel
chairman. the sermon,!"'iujiChoir No. 2 groups and soloists.. DRUG STORE NEEDS
and Usher 'Boa1':' No. 2 will
GOSPEL ECHOES SET Program.committee will in- Some imitations and local x
server throughput
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug
lJ clude: Mrs. A. D. Wells, Mrs.C. '"- participants are: Mahaliah :
( l 11TH ANNIVERSARY E. Daniels, and Mrs. I. C. A Children'' Day-/program Jackson, Miss Jacquelyn I. ADVERTISED
..... Armstrong; finance committee will be present at 5 pm. Fort; Edna G., Cook Mrs.
SHOES The 11th anniversary of Mrs. T. Wingard, land with 'Mrs. Lour i $ MoseS and La u r a .Jackson; Albertina IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS
the Gospel Echoes will be celebrated Mrs. 'R. Jackson; decorations; icr assistants huKarge.: } : Eve- Walker of Caravans, Miss ,
s", 216 W. Adams June 21 at the Duval Mrs. Drucella Walker, Mrs. ning worshlp=)'i11, begin at Jarva Jenkins; Dixie Hum- 'F We DelIver We AIM FBI AH Doctor TreBcrtpMoM
County Armory. Annie Frazier and Mrs. J. Mc- 7 p.m. fA ming Birds, the Swanieers;
The famous Staple Singers' Millan; tag committee, Miss Hightower Brothers, Charlette -
SemiAnnualSALE of Chicago, BL, and the Rass- VL Allen; boosting committee, Choir No. 2 vill sponsor i its I I ; V. Brown and Gwendolyn Dixie Pharmacy
u of Cleveland Mrs Mrs. J. W. annual tea, Jure 21 from 4 oI
berry Singers ;; Wingard, Bevins; Clara Ward and Ward
Ohio, will be the guests for Young will serve as pastor 6 p.m. in the: "Educational Singers, Gospel Echoes; Car- IMC KINGS BOAD at MTJCXLB AVENUEPAY
the affair. Both groups are for the day and "Mrs. S. B. Building: MrsSusieVilliams avans, Versiteers Gospel Singers I'' OC8 s. UIft.II
is the chainraiL Hats will be
nationally known recording Wright will be the assistant. and others.
\ artists. ; Mrs. Helen T. Hawkins will modeled by: the men of the WATER AND TELEr
': NOW IN PROGRESSLife The general public has been deliver the address for the choir. l.' Melvin Grace will be the YOUR 1JGHT-

extended an invitation to attend young people, June 14 during I master of ceremonies for the PHONE ,AT OUR STORE

Stride the celebration. the ACE League from 5 to event. .
6 p.m. } F The general public has been
Glamour Debs SWEETFIELD CHURCH SUNDAYJSCHOOLUNITTOjCONDUCT;: invited to attend the affair.

Buster Browns
Sweetfield Baptist i APPEARS IN EVENT I

Are On Sale Church will celebrate Annual ,FOLKSTQN 1- GA. -' The MT. CALVARY UNITS There are opening Ion
'nI Women's Day July 26 Mrs. Mamie Cade will be 31st S session of the Sunday TO CELEBRATE J EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters. .dttsr*

ONLY'1WICE \ throughout the day. presented in a recital, by :SchoofiiCaavention, auxiliary JOINT copy-readon: idrerttsteg salesmen, drcuUgaa
Program have been arranged Choir No. 2 and District To.. :of theTEurelta Baptist Associ- ANNIVERSARYA. men tad womea, printers compositors ....
for each service. 9 of .Abyssinia Baptist, ation will",be conducted the .
A YEAR The contest between the Church.The event will be held Piney,Gf if Baptist Church I." .joint anniversary will he type opinion.
: Rev. W. E. Young of Tabernacle June 14 in an after service in June r7 12-14.; beginning; at 10 observed by Deaconess Boards
I,Take Advantage of, thuds : Baptist Church and the the auditorium of the church. a.m. I No.; 1,2 and 3 of the Mt Cal- BEGINNERS WANTED TOO w. win trite
values today at the low : Rev. D. B. Barnes will terminate Mrs. Cade will be accompanied vary Baptist Church, June.16 young reporters and people for all departmejia
price of June 26. by Mrs. Edna Jackson. The Rev E. L. Morelandwill in the church auditorium.The ,if you ban a real desire to become a moBMT
: The dedication and house Mrs Alice Wynn will be the be the host pastor for annual sermon will be of the newspaper fniezaitr.WE" .
warming of the parsonagewill narrator for the occasion. the sessionThe delivered by the Rev. S. L.

4.99Values be held, June 30 with the officers are: Henry Badger, pastor of the Eman- NEED Mea ad WOBMB. young or middlaged. *-

Rev. C. A. Weaver in chargeof MT, TABOR CHURCH Thomas, president; Mrs. C. uel Baptist Church. He will be In all fields for a dials aewsyapar sad
to 10.95 services. He will be accompanied UNIT TO CELEBRATEITS Pickins, clerk; H. Vallion, accompanied by his choirs' and .....
by his choirs and con-i treasurer and Mrs. Essie Mae congregation. .p.

J gregation. j ANNIVERSARYThe Brunson assistant clerk. Usher Board No. 1 will .
.. ACT NOW 9tat experience and eqs.VPAI'IEt
---- to American
'" '! ... of Dea- sponsor an outing -
== < coness Board No. 1 of Mt. Beach, June.20. The bus
Tabor Baptist Church will be AMERICAN WOODMAN will leave the church at 9 a.m. INTERSTATE PRESS

The SEAFOOD Center celebrated June 14 at 3 p.m. GIVES
in the auditorium of the GROUP TEAM I P. O. Box 732 JadaoarilU 1. Fla.

church.A .
COIURB MYRTLE AVEKUE MID SHAD ROE program has been arranged : e 111'b.er s of Camp 36,: MT. SINAI CHURCH-

for the celebration I American i \ will
MEDIUM SHRIMP j_ Lb. SOc with thefollowing appearing: sPonsor their annual tea, Sunday SIJPPORTThE
Mrs. L. Smith, Mrs. Mamie June-1l from 4 to 6 p.m.
JUMBO SHRIMP __ Lb. 83cMEDIUM Kate Williams, Carrie' Bell ip the home of Mr. and Mrs. The :Mt. Sinia Baptist
I Rdd. :Miss Shelly McBride\ Robert Mallard, 1508 West Church, will celebrate Wo FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF
MULLET Reduced to Lb. 20c M. L. Johnson, Lois Johnson, 23rd Street. men's Day, June 28 with the

,KEY WEST GRUNTS Lb. 29c Augustas Johnson, Martha A program" has been arranged following officers presiding:
Washington, the Rev. David for the annual affair Mrs. Virginia Mack, chairman NEGROES BY: LOCAL FIRMSI
SILVER DRUM 29c Johnson, E. M. Singleton, Le- with..local artists appearing. ; Mrs. L B. Parker; cochairman -
i olo Stewart Elaine Cobb the '-!- ; Mrs. Josephine
LARGE, MULLET Lb. 2Sc '\ .c. Jones, secretary; Mrs.*Alice would lib to anw policy of bitter le.d-
Rev. H.ll'. Overstreet and ,. local IInu.
eastoman .adopted by
to Hero
CATFISH Lb. (Ic :Mrs. Annie Bell, Grant. Williams, I assistant; Mrs M.K. .
GATE CITY GOLFERS !rrt by sat' -
Gibson, treasurer; Mrs. W. I cwt.... caUed: by' my atm
,SPECKLED TROUT Lb. 49c GROUP hoLD MEET D. Lucas and Mrs. J. Dye aadft1I..1 .
RECITAL PLANNEDBY I btitm tkat Ntgro paiioe* lAoald b. 9ro1dM
'mG'MACXEREL I The Gate City Golfers As- Sunday School; Mrs. Queen
STEAKS Lb. 49cLb. MT. ZION UNIT sociation which was reorgan- McKnight and BTU; Mrs Er- ample nIIIl'OOm' fadlitlM la local rtibllritmCTtt and

RED SNAPPER _< 49c ized recently*held a meetingat may Bryant, chairman of aa ..d pat to "-crow rigs cm drlsttag fosaiafa!
PALATKA-A recital will the Lincoln Golf and Coun- music; Mrs.Alice Swan ush- and net I'OOmI.'
FLOUNDER. ,. Lb. 32eOCE1NVIEW be presented in the Mt. Zion try Club,and elected officers. ers;and Mrs. J. Stafford, dec To aceoupHia tkM cbzg I am willlao; tofira ew.palrad.kq .

SPOTS _''Lb. 32c Primitive Baptist Church, Officers are: George HarrisJr. orations. that ar* TBiwHltog to a.M 0.-
June 28, featuring the Bivens ., ,president; Eddie-Monroe,' Finance committee will 'in- .
BEACH WHITING Lb. 35cTHE Specials of Jacksonville. The vice president; Ben Turner etude Mrs. Lillie Hair, chairman -
church is located at 15th and Sr.:, recording secretary;. Os- .Mrs. Flossie Rhim and NAME:
Bronson Streets. car Fletcher, financial secre- Mrs. Addie Ruff, tag committee -
-- lAEtT 6 M. AB 8M District No. 1 will hold its. tary; J. E. Hutchins, treas- Miss Mary Wimberly ADDRESS ;t(..a,
SEAFOoD meeting, June 28 at the homeof j urer; Joe Crawford, business chairman, Miss Annie L <" -- .. '

," CENTER Mrs E. Bryant at 4 pjn. I manager; X'(X: Bailey public Thomas, Miss Claudett Clark f ) .T.ay. dl.Ass. aT .... W'aicsy.d.setM .
Myrtt* ah and Jae ...rs R.,..181 Armstrong.. The, cars will relations chairman; John H. and Mrs.. Pearline Johnson. ,t iw 1'---- .!lrewL I mtiw
leave !It. Zion Church at 2:45"1 Johnson, chaplain and.Charlie J Mrs. H. H. Johnson ,will I aiulrfi.t IBY wCI be leU-

p.m. I Bennett, Sgt.-at- Arms. .serve as pastor for the day.. -



,- :-



r .

*1t 1 .

if t r Week Ending: Saturday June. 13, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB p... Plr
--- ---- --


John Wayne's Son Stars At The RitzPat


t \

INFIVEYFARS YORK-In a telegram Governor James P. q, ..ra

I Coleman of Mississippi, Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of
the NAACP, urged Coleman to use "all,the powers and per-
suasion" of his office to immediately impanel a speciaf grand

RAIFORD-Two Negroes jury to act on the FBI information on the :Mack Charles
i Parker l lynch case.
and white died in the.
a man The FBI, last week, turned
electric chair on Monday, constituting over.to Governor Coleman all NEW YORK,RULES

the first triple exe- the evidence accumulated dur- ROBINSON STILL
.a h: cution to take place in Floridain ing the month-king investi-
the last five years. gation following Parker's Ap- TITLE HOLDER

ril 25th abduction. and lynch-
tb,. Frank Peterson, 33, died
for and murder committed ing.Parker
1 rape was beaten and NEW YORK The New
t : in Holmes County a year
Peterson wen to his dragged from"his jail cell in York State Athletic Commission -
ago. the pre-dawn hours of refused to with
death calmly. He was heardto April go along
25 by band of hooded the National
L softly mutter, "Save Me, a men Boxing Associa-
three times. who later lynched him. His tion in a surprise move in allowing -
Jesus, two or
body was discovered ten days Sugar Ray Robinson to
Other than'that, he said noth- later floating in the Pearl keep his middleweight crown Wayne the son of The Great John Wayne, playIng

t ing. River. He had been shot in New York State.In the part of a sheriff U threatened by a killer in

John Frazier, 44, was elec- twice. this scene from "The Young Land" playing Sunday
trocuted for a Union County lifting the title from thru Thursday at the Ritz Theatre.LILLY'S .
Mr. Wilkins' I
telegram to Robinson
drowning after he had failed I the NBA arranged
in attempt. Frazier I Governor Coleman I pointedout for a match between Gene
a rape
k that "postponement of Fullmer and Carmen Basilio
he prayed.audibly was strapped from in the the chair time grand jury consideration of iwo former middleweight, s ''.:". "I': ,..,

until the electric shocks si. the Parker lynching informa- chaampions. The winner will
lenced him forever. tion fosters the suspicionthat be considered the middle-
the six months delay may weight champion by the NBA.
Harley Sonner, the 58yearold be designed to permit fritter- The New York Commissionruled

white man, entered the ing away of evidence, intimi- that Sugar Ray acted in ,
death chamber with downcasteyes dation of potential witnesses, good faith by signing for a DRUG STORE

mutely sat in the chair, and flight of the suspects." middleweight title fight in!
and died without a word. He Philadelphia for Sept 21 even 1907 Kings Road at Spires
The .telegram also
was electrocuted for killing a empha- though Basilio hadn't been
sized the fact that "the Where
projected Experienced :T 0.M
sheriff in Gilchrist County in contacted until the promoter
1956. delay contrasts sharply Sam Rose had Robinson'slame ., Pharmacists Prepare z
with the speed and bru-
the dotted line. rte Your Prescription' : A0.iY
"MISS EMANUEL" CONTEST Mrs. Mae Helen Each man electrocuted was tality of the mob which could on

Shields, who was one of the contestants in the "Miss pronounced den.d by prison not wait 48 hours for Parkerto Basilio fight and Robinson Fullmer refusedto which u cording to your doctor'sr

is Miss Idella E.' be tried in a court of law" .
Emanuel" contest seen crowning physician Dr. Donald Moseleyfive makes the NBA dicision hold. instructions Using
Miss EmanueL The contest sponsored for the alleged rabe of white
KnIghton as was minutes after the switchwas '
Unless the NBA changes its. only the best quality
the people of Emanuel Baptist Church. woman.
by young thrown. "
decision New York State is lrugs.Dr. .
I I Coleman announced last the only place where Robin-
SUSPECTS SABOTAGE ELECTED TO week that the\,parker lynch son will still be considered the CL E. Black Pharmacists Dr. W. I. araaaae

Mc.RAE, GA. D. D. RIGHTS COMMISSIONWASHINGTON SANFORD, N. C.-A posseof case evidence Would not get middleweight champ.
the attention' -:- -:- -s-
of a grand jury From the way the NBA has
Strench, division superintendent 200 armed men tracked until next N
vember. TherBIgathered it figured out, Robinson will
of Southern Railway in down and cornered a rape suspect A COMPLETE LINE OFaeoe
i evidence is reported have to fight his way backup
M. Johnson was installed as a after he successfully Rubber Goods Candies- SundrteaFBE8GRIFTIONB
Atlanta, has stated that the to postively implicateat the ladder. He can however ca :- -
derailment of 19 freight cars I I eluded them for three hoursin least 10 I CALLED FOB AND DEUTEBBDt
:member of the Civil Rights persons in Park- challenge the winner of the
in this town last week apparently the swamps here. er's untimely/death. I Fullmer Basilio fight.

was caused by some- Commission last Friday by a The suspect a slightly-built I... 0 ,....... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... WI.... ..
one tampering with a switchat Senate voice-vote confirma- Negro of about 35 shot
years ph
the main line and an auxil-
tion. A few Southern Senators and killed a Deputy Sheriff

iary The track.wreck caused great sent up a weak chorus of "no" before swamps.taking The flight suspect into was the Look What *250 Down $250 Weekly

anxiety in the town since two votes, but there was no demand wounded in an exchange of

of the cars were loaded with made for a roll call. gunfire with the posse. He ,
dangerous chlorine was rushed to a.hospital after
e. The possibility of gas.sabotageis ,Johnson, a Negro, is an attorney his'capture.He.is expected to, Delivers At Cunningham'se
still being investigated. and an educator. recover. ;;,: .
-- ---


by Evelyn Cunningham.. the return of the waistline -
I / .-..: .' ; was greeted with mixed

r.' rm:!! emotions. "Hooray" said one t 1 11r1 r
: iR" group; another.
1 But, by now it is generally '

{ I. t R. fr, conceded by all that garment r.
i r s wg that follows the natural linesof i'ii

: the figure is more flatteringand :
;-" .. .fl.'(1"....".... .... .... -;..\.. 1 wider offers more assurance of i m +!
..: .l. ..' ,,:t :..;. :. .'t, j .Ever alert
.., ... ,...., 1" ', 'I to changing
\ 1::,,,, ( oJ trends and tastes, McCall's
'. .JIi" : yytft
8k Printed Patterns keep an eye
': ,J on the ups and downs of waist

: : i } lines. ,Pictured here are two
'J dresses that focus attentionon \
,, \ .
: :; .waitts. Both are easily
1l .""'...J..r.\\, :,! 1't ) 3 made by the home sewer.

it .1*, ..,' ie' f; The black and white random \ Limited Offer:
1f.h1.f'.t.e.q \" .g I polka dot dress (McCall's'Prated .
'\ { ir : Pattern No. 4927) is
";-,:oJ.t".1. :.... ,..f t'tii. ., "' available in misses' and junior n Down F.
-" ...< ;t. .l ; e
\, .-'.'t sites. There $2.50
,, .. are only tea
:,. '. t S. Weekly
-": ; .A 6 -
> 1\
.. ,1s. pieces, thus :
i, v.: '. .., f'''' at-..., pattern
\.; .; 'n.f -" ." 4 t it quite a simple job for the
.;,..,./... ..:... it/..' ./.,;. inexperienced sewer. The ., -

1'->',P'y.Y,...J......:1Als.- '. .\..., ...:.:J-,";..."' midriff dress has a scoop .. I THIS BEAUTIFUL MODERN
<\ > 1
{ .. :. e ;' neck with a four-gore, box
,' ,, K, + vt .
<>> .1f pleated skirt. The midriff ALL THISINCLUDED

", ....' t. :: : which may match or contrast \
f {\. .,h.b.M i" with the dress fabric, is faced .

". ':.', / t and trimmed with buttons at 10 PC. BEDROOM OUTFIT .......
; the center front: Cap sleeves
in with
are cut one the bodice.A .

: +';, : great variety of printed Complete For .
frWAIST ., fabrics with a contrasting
:o ; midriff, nay be used in this
.Z. .Z l 'Le dress. A solid color shantung,
feat area ACCENTED foil bo:*pleated midriff dress skirt linen or faille could gin it : 95
cooped ckliae aid cap sleeves another look. : %.
cat la one wit* the bodice. The The Empire dress, with the $1 159
midriff which may either mack
higher waistline UcCall'sPrinted
the dress fabric or be made in a < r ,
coatranttag cola .. trimmed : s1 Pattern No.- 4845) is .
with battou for farther emphasis yet another departure from the ,
treat and neater McC.U'. Pat. i sack. Made here silk
ten 4927. Sire IMS and 10- polka dot, of a Bristol impure blue t -
18. SO<*< NIGHTS UNTIL 9 P. M.
FIGURE FLATTERY ., fitted and white it may, be bought
One of the things 'hat was high.waisted sheath hat Hthtlj in misses' and, junior sizes OPEN FRIDAY & MONDAY ,
disturbing about sacu dresses collared neckline and uderbodice and with slim full
comes a or.
with bnttoa detail match the
(remember them?) was the collar. Slimintjjr yean-a perfee. skirt. The scooped neck may
wasted years of counting calories fit for anydaj, anywhere. McCalTa be collared or simply trimmed nt _
and rolling off excess Pattern 484S. Sizes IMS and with a band. A belt or band Here's What You Get:
weight. For the sack eliminated 10.15.65E may corer the high waistline Spacious Double Dresser
the waistline, hid the seaa The underbodice *
mayor Chest
i Mirror
hip and made a virtual mys- absolutely out of style. may not be buttoned to the Tilling
\ BedInnerspring
tery of the figure that it con On the other hand the sack topbodice. The skirt stay be = Bookcase: Mattress .

cealed.. found great popularity among either slim and dart-fitted ;. *
In a sense, it was a pretty the girls who were' either flared and four-gored. In th. Box Spring 2 Pillow
mean trick to play on the girls shapeless or had too much picture the collar aad under .. 2 Loraly Boudoir', Lamps

,with the tiny waists. Garbedin shape. They put aside their bodice is made in'solid white Tropic Tan Or
diets and let dust, gather on
sacks they were no longer silk. Other suggested fabric
1 1.ack' SUrer Miat,Finish
the object of admiration and\ their bathroom scales. The. are J printed cotton, shaatoag, BEDROOM SUITE
might as well was a cure-all and a lines nix-
I envy. They crepe synthetic FORSYTH COR. BROAD '
cover-all. Some Teamed
hare had one or two spare eYeD tares and barathea. O
tires around the middle. And out wjthOut their girdles so Fasbion-Sewingyeekly Tip: ,
if, in moments of otter frustration secure were they in the know Baste before*you stitch nov
they placed a'belt a.round ledge that the sack eodctb all less you have become aapert. n-
'. their waists they were figure problems., .. -




THE FLORIDA STAB Week Endlag Saturday, Joa 19 1959

'Road in front of,the Arlington as. Tommy Donnell, was 17 .FRATERNAL NOTES CHRISTMAS SAVING
NEWS BRIEFSSPEEDING Shopping Center. old. '
EAT years


Star Advertisers TICKET COSTPOLICEMAN'S COSTLY with their fists for about five SESSIONThe MADISON-A meeting for
Id CREAM LIFE I I ALBANY, N. Y.-A white minutes before Donnell fell i Independent Associa- the Christmas Sayings Club
GREENSBORO, N. C.-A swimming pool manager was wounded. Smith, who surrendered -tion of America Inc. will con- was held recently at the homeof
Negro police corporal was I sentenced to a five-day jail duct its fourth annual grand Mr. and :Mrs. Charley
to had two
shot to death last Sunday by term recently for refusing a police, lodge session, June 17 at 8 Moore.
Bo/c/en's/ Summer Music School an angered Negro cab driver, Negro girl admission to the cuts on his back. p.m. at the Mt. Calvary Bapt- Mrs.\ Irene McKinney pre-
who had been given a ticket Mid.City Swimming Pool, in ist Church, 330 Spruce Street sided over the business ses-
Six Big Weeks Jus* 15 Jalr 24 for speeding by the officer. Menands, :Y. The Rev. W. M. Hill will be sion and Mrs. Mamie\ Curry

SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades. 18 The cabbie,31-year-old JosephD. The ,manager, Henry G. the host pastor.FAIRFIELD. received the hostess' gift.

Piano Band Theory Vote Accoreton Herring, was quoted by Finn, was 'sentenced by New Suspended NAACP Head .. Present at the meetingwere
2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-8722 police as saying, "I'm glad York Supreme. Court Justice Makes Integration Try GARDEN : Mrs.\ Elia McGee, Mrs.
he's dead and now it won't Roscoe V. Elsworth, who also MONROE, N.C.-NAACP CIRCLE HOLDS FINAL Christene McKinney, Mrs. Vi-
take me long to die in the fined the pool's owner approx- official Robert F. Williamslast MEETINGThe I vian Smith, Mrs. Mamie Cur-
PHOTOGRAPHS FOR gas chamber." imately $400 for the discrim- final meeting of the ry, Mrs. Thelma Hester, Mrs.
The policeman, Joe D. Massey ination incident. Friday asked the City Fairfield Garden Circle was Rachel Benjamin, Mrs. James

a veteran of 12 years on The sentence and fine were School Board to admit his two conducted recently at the Miller, Mrs.\ Lessie Tompkins,
EVERY OCCASION the force, was shot six timesas imposed for failure to comply sons to an all-white school in home of Mrs. Mildred\ Riley, Mrs. Ida McDaniels, Mrs.
% he sat at his desk at the 'with 'an order:'given by the :Monroe.. Williams is in a moreor 620 Pippin Street. Irene McKinney and Mrs.
!,. 'J Expert Photography police station, shortly after New York State Commission less controversial positionfor The previous meeting was Nettie B. Cason.
>' ,', ;. Portraits Weddings Banqmets giving Herring the ticket. Against Discrimination. conducted
,'. Passports & Id""HfI"UMI> PJIoaPbotftah' having made a speech re- at the home of Mrs. The next meeting will be
& Commercial Work cently advocating Negroes Bertha McCollough with Mrs. held, June 26 at the home of

,/ >:z:,," r Photos For Newspaper Cute GRENADE BLAST INTERRACIAL FIST meet violence with violence in Margaret presiding. Griswold Garden, president problemswere Mrs. Vivian Smith.

"1' i While Ton Walt INJURES THREEAn FIGHT ENDS FATALLY race issues. He was subse- discussed and refresh-

:-1.t.N: Coloring & Picture Framing unidentified person MEMPHIS, Term.-A fight quently suspended from the ments served.TOOTHACHE.
; } Let Uf Take A Photo Of Ton NAACP administrative staff
/ i. tossed a phosphorus grenadeinto between a white and Negro YWCA MEMBERS
f.l:(" """',# the automobile of John boy ended in death for the by Roy Wilkins, the associa- I
<,:"i. ,' tion's executive secretary.The 'Ulrlntnd. ASI PLAN CRUISE TO
la natural Color white when
y ; Montgomery on Sunday, inflicting boy last Saturday : lot new fast ut
J. burns on Montgomery, he was allegedly stabbed near If ,011 Cln't let to the 1111 ,.11' celled NASSAU _
AVERYAVERY'S his wife, and a friend, Archie the heart by 16-year-old Ern- Monroe School Board dtllU,"UOAja.Pviiistits tht belt tlllni I QRA-JEL9 r
PHOTO STUDIO Jackson. The Montgomerys, est Smith. denied a similar request by for 7'oe i I. ...condl.4fI A National Young Adult

811 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bw,. who live at 2934 Old St. Au- Police have not been able to Williams last year, saying his 1 Cruise to Nassua will begin
gustine Road, told police l determine w.h a t caused the application was filed too late. ( -lsa0e June 8, and continue through
Phone EL 4-7885 For Appotatmeats"- someone tossed the grenade fight between'the two youths. There is no school integrationhere. June 15.Mrs. .

into their car on Arlington The white victim, identified Mary Frances Waldon,

J J v../\tlV/. A si 1114TOwkmWMVM.. .T\MAA....,.....
; : = : : :: c .v .ub XXUUlb J. ogram .C\-
tor. YWCA and Mrs. Geneva

: : o ,.. BUSINESS DIRECTORY ...:, Guy ton Adult, State Chairman,
-; :; ::; ::; ::; :; :: :; = ::; ::; :: :; 5-oJ :; = :: :: = Young Conference will
TJua FIrma Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishment attend.
a:-: o"o sw"
Specializing Services and "
The group will consist of


Dry Fold. Excellent Service \ &erosene Fuel OIL Commercial Wedding Home Poiralts the Miami United States. They left
the S.S. Florida last
W. Give World Green StampseYer'SO Ylara.Senice to JacboaYUJ6T. we do It in color also on

$3633 Moncrief $d.. Cor. 27th EL 4-9404!!12329 Boulevard.. EL 3-3113 ill West Ashler Street EL 4-J. Sunday While in evening.Nassua, the Young

.' y A to Z SIGN COMPANY Adults will stay at the Sinsor
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY' Hotel as guests of theNassua
Comple Body Repair& Paint Work 641 West Stai/Stritet EL &9192 Prompt Service Moderate Prices International Group.
Woman in
_:_ Oven Baked Paint Jobs --i- .- Gold Leaf Trucks Glass SLo-Cards "Being a Today'sWorld
in the Bahamas in
Price Start at S4.OO) 116 Oak'Street EL 3-51C ,
the United States, will be the
& Adams Street EL 5-813SJ COMPANY OF FLA.
532 Jacksonville's Only Distributor of SOUTH OIL discussion during a joint ses-
Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies Ph&Mps 68 Products sion.
Royal Crown
519 Broad Street EL 4-1735$ FHt...Fo l Gasoline Company
A and R TRIM SHOP Trop-& tIc Motor Oil ((1235 San Marco Bird FL 9-4488!!

'It's Performance That Counts'
Custom Mad Beat
S1525 Main Street EL 5-8091$ FOODS 11721 Franklin Stmt EL 6-7881 GENERAL UPHOLS1ERY SHOP GENE BAKER PLACEDON

.. FUNERAL HOMES Convertible Tops -

Auto BepairSpedalixlng S SAUSAGE DAILY '- '
General 24-HRS. A DAY Pirates returned utility
In Motor TuneuP648' Flord1a.enu.. EL 6-3308-9 GEORGE W. POWELL INC.Heal .
Serrtct Burial Vaults &>ombstone Mausoleums ; infielder Gene Baket to
(;inerator. Starter and Carburetor I; Notary Public -Mrs. Her. A. A. Johnson Estate Mortgage Loans the active list and immedia-

J. H. HOUGABOOK. Prop.EL 44859 MOM'S KITCHEN 5412 Dodge Rd.' Lady Attendant Rents Collected tely placed him in the wai-
[1361 xmQ. Road ,";>0 8-Y205 10 Broad Street EL 4-82C ver list for purposes of unconditional -
,-Home. cooked, meals served 24 hours' release.At .
7'clays. week GETER & BA t:R FUNERAL"HOMEgServingacksoeville the same time it was
1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321! & Dural. Jones Institute of Physical Culture announced that outfielder Roberto -
Sales & Service -
Vilalyte Battery Count for 50 Years Clemente had been
;,, ever School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage puton
Free Pick-up $$767 West Beam Street EL 4-1812 Colored Owned and Operated the disabled list.
Street: EL 54864 FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Baker who acquired
3711 Main : Tarn As You Learn"Homemade was
-t-,Specializing 35 Cents Plate -*- CARTERS FUNERAL HOME 912 Clay Street EL4-6005i_ ; from the Chicago Cubs by
Pies and Cakes 24 Hocr Ambulanc* Service the Pirates in 1957, sufferedan
BROAD STREET BATTERY: .SHOP; N8. West Ashley Street EL 6-9169; Serving Colored Homes Since lIlt SKINNER'S FLORIST injury_ to his left knee

Batteries ... Generators ,Starters n. C. Jernigaq;owner" S. L. Davis miR., last July while fielding, a
Regulators' Auto Repairs ,929 West Bearer Street EL "::= : Flower. For All Occasions bunt in St. Louis. He has not
Delirerr Service BUBBA'S, COFFEE. SHOP |ISle H. Myrtle A.... EL 4-7271 been in the lineup since.

Broad Street- EL -1715 Home Cooked Foods .- iiI'" _______
J17 V4.t.Ah1.t Street EL 48701TIPLIGHPS Andr ._.f'V**.",f Huff Funeral Home MOORE TO FIGHT

24 .KMBE.Ambulance Service TAXI. DURELLE INDOORS
[1337 Davit Slnet ., EL 4-6896-! "At Your Service"NEW
F .
Automotive Repair Auto Paintog Home Cooked Meals t-tHIKNITURE* LINCOLN CAB EL 41611Timiqna MONTREAL, Canada The
Servtes Sf GOOD COFFEE: ,
Body Work 24-hour F .-. light title rematch -
2837: Myrtle Avenue EL 4-6329)) :. -
Estimates |
.AAA Service Free a,Road Trading Post between Archie Moore
All Work Guaranteed FURNITURE and challenger Yvon Durelle
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Southern Fried Chicken HarE-Qw -invite H-New and Used Furniture bought,and sold" Montreal Forum instead of
Your Credit 3564 TlmUxnan* Road SP 1-3762 the Montreal Ball park as
W. Cater To Prlvato Parties
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Chicken in the Box To Carry Out.
Mim' Gulf Service StationComplete 1448 N. Myrtle Avenue EL &9876 Washington's Health Service Eddie Quinn announc-

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Open Daily-7 A.M.to 9 PJ* GROCERIES S02Home Furnishings For Every Boom Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BiColonle 1 bout outdoors would to too
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ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE Simmons or Mr. YaWl

__ w. pperfrltTe in serrteg teslhr :.... 8f Yee Is Ell I wi QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. Main and Monroe
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? ? d ?5> '' '' ie <<
,, ,"=" ; ... 1! !
-!I \ '-4" "



i .


I .
'" -
Wwilc Ending Saturday, JuDe 13 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB : Page Srrsn

... .

Louisiana Jim Crow Law IHard"-Hlt.: :By Decision of, Supreme Court

.. .. ,..
}.t; -
; : .


4sPowTs CORNER .
I The United States Supreme Court has again ruled a !Jim
Crow law unconstitutional when it failed to uphold

Louisiana law: barring_racially mixed sports events.
THE MONTH OF JUNE is a blcr month in the boxing The highest court in the
world. Man of the most famous fights have been fough't in land lost no time and no ex- state to defend his title a-

June. Jim Jeffries won the heavyweight Hilt from Bob cessive use of words when it gainst Kenny Lane. Ralph
i Flizisznnios in 11 rounds at Coney Island in June 1899.Max kf affirmed a decision given Dupas, the nationally known
Baer knocked out Primo Camera for the title in the llth AX last November controversial figure his
three on
i. r; v n r Yx by a
round at Yankee'Stadium in June 1934. w racial identity had
to to
judge federal court in New go
----- -------- -
MAX SCHMETJNG, who Orleans. court to prove he was white
now a prosperous businessman his own. y before he could fight a white
Supreme Court used
in Germany, knockedout .
Ko y d
vC man in is home state. TheN
11 words in
Paulino Uzcudun in 15 THE INDIANAPOLIS only handing
rounds June 27, 1929 to gain CLOWNS gaseball team has down its ruling. "The motion, e w Year's Sugar Bowl
game could not be schedule
to affirm is and the
tre limelight for a championship several stars who have a ma- judgment is granteo affirmed." ]with a team that had Negro

bout. In June one year jor league tag on them. From players, and the New Or-
later he the heavy- COUNTY CHAMPIONS ugl Anderson School The suit was filed in Loui-
won the the big league : s High is gradually coming into leans Pelicans of the Southern -
weight title on a foul from scouts way watching the its own as a strong competitor in aihJeilcs.. Shown is the Douglas Anderson Dragonswho siana against the state by a Association suffered a
Jack Sharkey in New York. Clowns it that some- defeated the strong New Stanton High Blue,Devils to take the dry-county base. Negro boxer who thought a terrible ,setback because Ne-
He later defeated Joe Louisin i seems ball crown for 1959. The Dr k D won+ 6.2 behind the steady pitching of John Walker man should have a right to fell off
body will soon be signing a gro patronage so
the 12th round for the who struck out 11 Blue Devils. The team U coached by H. Edward Joyner and assisted persue the course of his the
contract. The scouts are sharply team could feel
first defeat for Louis as a watching three of the players by Harold O. Hair Jr. The entire student body of Docglas: Anderson was jubilant own home state against all the loss.
pro on June 19, 1936. closely. They over the teams first baseball championship comers. The immediate effect The United States Consti-
very are of the action is to bring box-
JIM BRADDOCK was the watching Ulysses Grant tutition set forth the Ameri-
champion when Schmeling Greene, the pitcher who can the baseball circles is, Will ALLEN ing within the area in whicha can way' of life, and. all the
CONFERS BRAVES state not bar
defeated Louis Braddock won pitch a double-header any Leroy (Satchel) Paige go KEEP racial may gronds. a conteston Supreme Court is doing or
the title from Max Bear. day, using his right arm in back .to the majors? Bill has done is to see that those
The defeat was one of the one game and the left arm Veeck, president of the Chi DEGREE The lower courts ruled' laws are interpreted correct-
most surprising upsets in, in the second game.Nature- cago White Sox is the same pN FANS GUESSING that the 1956 Louisiana law ly.,

boxing history. Braddock boy Williams, the hefty first man who gave Satch his first covering athletic contests Never before in the his-
r wasn't given an even chance baseman who can hanle the chance in te majors at Cleve BRANCH( RICKEY ABOUT generally was unconstitutional tory of this nation has the
against Baer. initial bag assignment with land. When Veeck left Cleve- WINNING in that the separation of high court been called uponto
the best in the business.' He land to become a.part of the Negroes and whites solely because rule on the national laws
JUNE, 25. 1959 will be another can also swing that bat at a S t. Louis Browns, Satch .- ., of race violated the, as regularly as is is now. Ne-
big date in boxing. In- mighty rapid clip. The third moved on into St. Louis also. COLUMBIA,S., CLf Branch The hot and cold Jacksonville constitution's equal protec-! ver before has there been

gemar Johannson. : the Swedish -man is Byron Purnell, the The big question now is, will Rickey; board chairman of Braves are doing a tion clause. I such mass action against the
champion will attempt fleet footed outfielder, who is Veeck bring the fabulous Pittsburgh PirateiJ who as grand job in keeping the The Louisiana State Ath-I laws of the land.
to knock the championshipcrown also a mighty handy man' to Paige up to Chicago.JACKSONVILLE '. baseball fans guessing whatthey letic Commission was also I Like "A Man Without A
off the head of Floyd have at the bat in the needy president of the' Brooklyn will do next in the matter hit by a description given by Country" what would Ame-
Patterson. The fight is creating time. There are others on BASEBALL Dodgers cracked* baseball's of winning and losing. the court. It said is is "no rica be like without its Con-
much, interest with the team who are good also FANS have always racial barrier by signing! Jac When the Braves are goingstrong less unconstitutional" on a stitutional laws?
meter pro-fight predictions. but watch Greene, Yilllam's boasted of the fact that they kie Robinson,**'received an and looks a sure win regulation of the State Ath- Let men rave and rant,
Patterson does not have all and Purnell. were among the most loyal honorary doctorate degree at ner the next report one letic Commission prohibiting buck and kick like a buck-
the backing because he hap fans to be found anywhere.If the commencement ceremo- hears they lost by one run. mixed boxing in line witha ng bronco; let them and
pens to be the champ. Inge- THE ONE BIG QUESTION that Is true then the Sax nies a t Allen University :The report comes in that the state law. romp and sound off like a
mar has some followers all that is being asked around Cardinals would like to see school officials announced. I team is two runs behind and The Louisiana law seriously fog horn on an ocean liner;

.a. large turnout to some of Rickey delivered the com- :in the very next report, Bill affected sports in the let them puff and blow off
their games, at the Myrtle, mencement address. Rickeywas i Rittman, John Demerit or state. Major league baseball steam like a mountain jack
a Avenue Baseball Park. The scheduled ,to L deliver ad- !'Jiminez or Larry Click has teams stayed away on their pulling a grade; let them
young players are striving dresses at other institutions.In hit a home run with one, twoor spring training tours, majorcollege show off their oratorical abi
to give the fans some real other sports on the campus three men on base to winthe athletic teams, refused -lity like a booster on a car
baseball. Go cut to the park !, Leroy Hicks, Allen's : game. to schedule games with nival side show if they wish.
and see some strong compe young; pitching star, is reportedly No one has been able to state colleges, lightweight THE SUPREME COURT
tition. eying a baseball careen second guess the 1959 J ax champion Joe' Brown was HAS SPOKEN IN LOUIS
r'i THE JEFFERSON STREET jvitBtJieBaltimore Orioles Braves. Manager Sibi Sistihas forced to leave his home JANA.TRANSMISSIONS.
of the American 'done a very' good job in .
POOL is buzzing with acti -.J> ..: League. keeping his lineup hustlingand --
vity. The youngsters are real]
pulled from the &
& away MOTORS
ly enjoying themselves since Watch This Qnwn South Atlantic League cel-
school is-out for the summer. lar. With

Julius Guinyard and his 8t\?'12 98 going all the men time coming, it is hard and Money TRANSMISSION OVERHAULED

staff are anticipating good 371'tI 22-. 515 for him to tell just what he Down = -
i times ahead throughout the \' :$: has to work with himself. $2950L
__ summer. Visitors are wel- ,!W -:4: 9 Before the end of the sea- !
come at the pool. 7 i\\ 8 son there is a possibility that N."L

THE JACKSONVILLE RE- 1 the club will be set with a
4 8 regular and -
lineup hopefullya Free
CREATION tplayground
Depart e n *
i7 Sally League pennant tuck-
,, baseball league 39 55:: -.06 ed away.The .
is getting off to a good start. 117 _.40 :.. 100
foot Auiglit emit tspstj yo* Some of the finest pitchers appear to be _Sipt
SOS)5I far tbm I HACK TEAM KITES pr pects can be seen in young action Bomet oN i ..xs, ...DiEiometpdell coming through in a fairly r tx S3421HOMt
..tt sown good manner. Botz. Lemas- OWNED AND OPERATED
around the league. All Be adds,..... .... ter, Hamilton, Butler and UNITED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION'andMOTOB
.teams in the league are well Be .trtra Jt ..'rroeIid i Olivo are
fixed with some mighty fine i, *;r v toiling on tJENTEJt .

A THE EVIDENCE base talent Tj mimg AHfinlTfiTii mind mound and with the others a pennant in 1225 HENDRICKSAVE* ; EX8 42t
SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL 100 _18 :.:::;04lk are giv-
'Z t...o ing their best.
Follow the Braves and give "
M STACKSUP them an even chance to pull I,
i out of the second division.

there's: no Gin likeGORDON'S EnroH Now In The, .. I PALMS {
Soulh's Finest Cone,* c PETERS SIGNS

Florida Barber College *" ; .

Branch G.'e. Approyed s iss s CHICAGO BEARS : BALLROOMOF

Woodrow Patterson* manager Prof. James Clover
830 Davis Street At Bearer i 1959 CONTRACT JACKSONVILLE

Phone EL 5-9974 I A
.. ,,
s -- .1
mond (Bo) Peters, captain of
> the Fort Valley State College
PUSHERSBERGAMOT I "Wildcats" football team has

: a signed a contract with the I JAMESBROWN
Chicago Bears professional
football team, Alva Tabor r
WAttR KEPtLLENT head football coach and ath: I

lode director, announced.
"b Aw S s Coach Tabor_ said Peters I .

: win play'defensive linebacker

and as an offensive cen I
ter. _He will report to the
Bears at Jlenslar, Ind., July .
17. .
1 Peters, .who: % naifa.: from FAMOUSFLAMES

F Georgia's capitol city, is a J 4t;, :.4
graduate of Turner High r

1 ', School He is a senior major- J
ipg in social sciences at Fort %
Valley State College.

4fiio While playing as a. center I''
for the State Wildcats foot- .

>>i, ban team, Peters was elected J. C. DAVIS \
All-SIAC center two times I' ,
J and elected d captain of the 'r
And His .
.8 team one of the A
two limes. 2323333S33S288888@S383&3333333S83@883883SS2 7.

e. ,In going to tre Bears", Peters -t,,f MON. THRU TOURS75c 4

will join other former'I .

members of the SIAC.Coach Fri Sat. Stm and lidar$1.00' 0 A
Tabor .believes .the young i :

_-...-. .................__ player make it has, what .it ta1 iiI tel ', -
; II I .... "" '"

i ,

r. "

_. ;. .t X" .., .. ...;;..r.-...... i5 k .1 <_ '._ ..; :5t: K A- :- : i c ,




Page EIght THE FLORIDA STAR Weak Ending Saturday June 13. 1919

working as a maid and askedto
NEW YORK-The 37yearold she showed it to him, she
;_. HAVE CASH WILL BUY wife of a Manhattan busi.; said, he raped her. *'
TO APPEAR IN JACKSONVILLE ness executive reported to I *
police on :Monday that she *
YOUR VACANT LOTS and her maid had been terror- GETTING UP NIGHTS
The Incomparable and belored] Makalla Jackson Is che- ized for 40 minutes in her f
duled to appear-!n Jacksonville in the New Jadaocvlll XT wcrrUd BTBladder'WeakntM" Call EL 44782 Mr. Kay fashionable Bronx home by a Vp NlgbU or Bed Wetting,too tn-
Ball Park on Sunday nlghL June 28. in one of the greatestrellgiom described N qlleD'bunW1r or noising vrtoaUon) or *
man as a young e- 'SBMlUBf.Cloud Urlne.CSue to
programs erer held In; this city. gro.The man, who robbed the Common Kidney and Bllddertry >0 Irr1tat1aQ1.Tr ue iCiC
women of $30, is alleged to prove:tutor qUiCkt .Aik drat
triumph have raped the maid twice before -I &dct.&...BM OYSTlXnader bow but you mooty-bMk ImproT.. gur.... icic
!leaving the_two women .1
ma, "IMITATION OF LIFE, bound to posts in ,the base- -
BARBECUESpecializing Miss Jackson;recently scored ment of the house. ic
heavily with 'personal ap- kyview
in Ribs and ChickenNo. pearances on the Ed Sullivan The two women managed to
R.a show, the Diah Shore show free themselves and sum- TONITE THRU TUES. :
1 33rd at Moncriol Road #; :and on Edward R.,Murrow's moned help.. The maid it is I... A1eL.
PHONE n. 4.9102 reported was left nude by her
: I personal appearance program I attacker. ..
:.- No. 2 Broad at State Street on television. ; Meet Anna-
PHONE n. .-97" ,Next week's edition of the ,
*** wr is? wfecsefzUurthrew
No.. 3 Florida PHONE Avenue C1. 4-9367 at 1st Street Florida plete listing Star of will places carry throughout com- PENSACOLA A white .: l her CJt [a

the city that will carry man was acquitted yesterdayof because she
No. 4 700 Block W. Ashley StreetSINGLETON'S advance::tickets for the spiritual a charge he raped a 51- A tip of the Papas Oaf
was a tarpp
2I extravakanza. year-old Negro woman here t*. to .theee oatrtaadts
There will be 932 box seatsat Nov. 18. lo>aA AmerIcr.DI, wr

C $2.50 (incl. taxes); 650 reserved A circuit court jury of 12 make our country MIl
SUPERIOR BARBECUE our community a betty
grandstand seats, white men deliberated 35 min
$2.00, and plenty of general utes in freeing Wesley Cox. Disco In-which to Br

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA admission in the grandstandat The 29-year-old defendant *** *
$1.50. had moved to Pensacola from -... .tJUANITA
----- --- -- \ *
Chicago four
years ago. BR1KIITSUHDUffiJl ,.

ROOM FOR BENT Cox claimed he did not 6
Furnished room for rent. force or threaten the woman. :
Single man or couple. See I She testified he threatened to asHaaaf
I Mrs. M. Adams 1027 Julia. kill her if she resisted him. *
Street. The woman said Cox came *
to a house where she was ,..
Nice store good for office HOUSES FOR SALE .
or Beauty Shop.. Located at
1115 N., Myrtle Avenue. Call ,Moved\ to your Lot at no Extra Charge. BRADLEY :
t' Choose from 10 Models
EVP 9-4627. New Stanton Senior
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SPECIAL Pepsi Music-quest

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,$149.95; EL 6-0461-2
The Son Of John Wayne


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; Davis Furniture BROAD EL 3-5791 ST.Pk ;

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