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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200512datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date May 30, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005120740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 30, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 30, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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// 1- Closed Golf L Courses

X"d SWA Ordered! 'Reappraised'Pflf .iJ

GJ ---- -

s"tri NO. 17 And NEWS MAY: 30 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Cent: -- --- -------- -

p oj2J [

office Offer Reward ....... ..
i '- -- "'! ''
fi : ..;.. ," :'::
., .
: '' A + .,::>".;.: '..' ; OF CITY LINKS

,I'' ., '., 'i, _

: courses The closed were brought municipal into golf focus

Of F Police again on Tuesday when
jlayer Sergeant L Commissioner i Dallas L.

Lt Thomas, in charge of the
courses, designated a I t e r
I Benjamin and George Fish to

LYNCH MOB KNOWN{ { TO FBI; 'SGT./SEA FIRST CASUALTY I ,.'....'. .a \ the courses.make Hyde separate Park and appraisals Brentwood of

'J-' :*, i I II An fixed appraisal the made value late of last the
two c o u r s e s at $1,069,155.

I .. W h y Commissioner Thomas

WASHINGTON-The FBI has turned over to Mississip A reward of S200 is being offered by the Negro Divisionof i I ':." > would desire a new appraisalso
pi's Gov. J. P. Coleman the names of the men who lynched the Jacksonville Police Department for any information ;iI soon after the last one remains -

Mack Charles Parker with the result that the eyes of leading to the capture of Robert Lee,Knighting. the man I II I ; a mystery to most ob

the world, are now fccused on Mississippi to see how Jus- who shot Sgt. Charlie Sea to death early last Sunday! :\ servers. Asked on Tuesday
tice will be served in that hale-ridden stale fast becominga morning. I :. why he ordered the new appraisals -
( south. what -- -- ----- ; Thomas' blunt reply
symbol of tho segregated Sergeant Sea, making I : "
The announcement that the I -- appeared on the service to be Knighting, who lives at 313 H ., i was: "No comment.

FBI had turned over its report -, Meanwhile, the National a routine police investigation, X. Myrtle Ave.-the murder ,: I The two links were closed
April 7 by the City Commis-
toG 0 v. Coleman waej I Assn. for the Advancement was shot down by the man he scene-has a previous 'police ( sion after federal I court
made last Wednesday after sought to question in corinec- ecord a
ot Colored People wired one charge of which ruled that be
the Justice department with- Coleman from New Pork ur- ion with a reported disturb- was assault to murder. .\ to play Negroes at both permitted courses-

drew from the case saying ging an immediate special ance. Sgt. Sea, who lived at 1901 ::1' 1 the same time as whites: The
that a month-long investigation grand jury to act on the FBI The fatal incident began Grunthal Street with his fam- ; \ 'KV '. ruling climaxed a lengthy suit
had i shown no violationof report. when Sgt. Sea radioed head- ily, was 33 years old. It can .__iii4: '<>*,1 y.i; brought against the city of
federal1aws. i Coleman has said he will quarters that he and Patrol- be said that he was the holderof + \. .' ,. Jacksonville for being refused

The results of the investigation -hand the FBI report to a regular man M. L. :Massey would an- significant "firsts" in the 3..: :". ...,.>. ..0 "q- r, .t.. .".+:. access to the two city courseson
were handed over to session of the Pearl! swer the disturbance call assigned history of Jacksonville's Ne- (: ':: r' < +<{: days other than those as-

Coleman for any action state River County, Miss., grand to patrol car No. 22, gro police force. He was \,..:::':::\,'.: ...;1. < Rii., < "I'M;: I signed for Negro golfers. The
.. .. .
and local authorities might k I ury in November. since the latter was answer- among the first 6 men to don I f: ..:'._",.",...;;",;;..-.;i.__,>,.'-r1'\. .'.\<<": 7. __.. __. .4. :,'_....M' plaintiffs asked that Negroesbe
ing a previous call. police uniforms i when the permitted to play golf at
the The
decide to take. Neither governor, preparing force initiated in 1952. WANTED FOR MURDER-A nationwide manhunt is
FBI nor Coleman would ',to leave for Washington to was the two courses on an unre-
say Sea and Massey proceeded He became Jacksonville's first being conducted for Robert Lee Knighting, wanted for
what was in the report. 1{I testify against civil rights in his.CU"Vo..2itothe( area Negro",polices tTrgtkntr: And the fatal shooting of Jacksonville Sgt. Charlie'Sea. ear- stricted with whites.basis as was the case
Authoritative government legislatlanrtiecliried'comment of' the reported disturbance -tragically-waS,1he.f, i r s t ly last Sunday morning.A of
sources acknowledged that on the NAACP request. where an unidentified woman Negro policeman- Jackson police description of the suspect is as follows: 28- Closing the links by the

the FBI had given Colemana ISEGREGATION directed them to the rear of ville to die In the line of duty. years-old approximately 5 feet 10 inches in height City Commission was clearly
list of names, along with BILLS the houses on the 300 blockof of medium built dark brown complexion short crop federal recognized as defiance of the
proof of the identities of the i North Myrtle Avenue. The ped black hair a prominent scar about 2 inches in court ruling.
masked men who pulled the Popular In SenateTALLAHASSEE two officers proceeded on foot length above right eyebrow. Since the April 7th closing
( ,of the links
23-year-old Negro from his',. through an alley' to gain the POLICE REPORTSWOMAN When last seen. Knighting was wearing a red corduroy tried the commissionhas

cell at Poplarville, Miss., before -, Segre- rear of the. duplex dwellings.It shirt, khaki pants and brown loafers. He was not wear- in to l interest private
operators the links
dawn on April 25. 'gation bills enjoyed another was on the back porch of a hat. from the leasing
Parker was kidnaped from'field day Wednesday with dwelling 313 North Myrtle IS INJURED city so that theycan
-- be
his cell two days before he three stiff racial bills being Avenue that the two officers IN FALL FROM CAR reopened on a segre-
gated basis thus
was due to go on trial on hustled through the Senateto spotted a man sitting in the I Miss Gwendolyn Badger, of \ federal thwartingthe
charges or raping a pregnant the already overcrowdeddesk dark. 1412 Madison\ was thrown or-
white housewife. of Governor Collins. I from, an automobile to the 1
Nine days after he was I One of the bills, having to Sgt. Sea and Massey approached street in the 2100 block of I der.MANCAP1URED

drakged screaming into a do with state-supported pri- to withing six to Jefferson Street last Mon

waiting car, Parker's bloated,I vate schools for white pupils, eight feet of the man, at day, police reported. _
bleached body was floating''set the )legal machinery which point Sea asked: Miss Badger and a witness'

in the :Mississippi side of the p;;',for establishing up what will be I."What's the trouble, fellow said they were driving south. IN HOLDUP JOB
Pearl River, across from Bogalusa .known as a private school I They were the last words he in the 2100 block of Jefferson .
La. He had been shot I:accrediting board. The bill' was ever to utter, for, with- Street in a 1959 Pontiac ,
twice. : out replying, the man stepped owned by James Bryant. She 4 SA Aa
According to the govern-'i!is designed to guarantee qua- down from the porch and be- said she was sitting againstthe Freeman Johnson, 20, of
education if in-
lity private 1038
firing door when it flew Emerson Street, a suspect -
point-blank the
ment sources, the FBI inves-: gan at open x
tegrated schools forces white a4X'a in
I I' FA 'r the holdup of lIowanJJohnson's
tigaton developed this picture i two officers with a 25 caliber and she fell out of the mov- .
!parents to private I automatic pistol. Sea fell to ing car. I 4 r.S Restaurant, 3037
About a week before Parker's -II schools for. their children'seducation. i the ground mortally wounded The victim was treated at Kings Avenue has been ap-
prehended and has
while MasseYfortunately Duval Medical Center for I confessed
trial date, April 27, A 34 to 3 vote,:won approval possible to the charge, Detective Sgts.
I unharmed by the burst of fracture of the right hip I I'
there talk the
was of trouble around possibility the-I for a bill'which ban, the gunfire-fired at the killeras and leg. I I G. C. Starratt and F. W. Murray -

teaching or evident approvalof he fled along a dark alley Patrolman G. H. Rothwall- reported.
Poplarville jail, but local officials -I integration by any teacherin leading to North :Myrtle. der investigated. I 1 The officers said Johnson

decided against moving the school system of the Massey returned to Sea'sside. 9 was picked out of a lineup by
f Parker elsewhere be- '
state. Robert Purser,
an employeewho
The fallen man HITS WIFE
was unable -
cause they didn't believe The bill she-
empowering recognized him.
to speak. He was ON HEAD WITH STICKA
there would be violence. pro- ,
riffs to close
any public recreational Police are seeking another
nounced dead 35-year-old
on arrival at woman was
However { t'
the of
on night facility to prevent Brewster hit with stick,last suspect who accompanjtd
Hospital a short a Tuesdayas
April 24, a big crowd gathered violence in y Johnson at the
an "integrationcrisis" time of the
time later she walked out of
I by Dr. N. R. Glad- a dry
in the
of farm-
yard a getting passage by a cleaning plant at 1413 Davis holdup. Johnson an admit-
house outside of Poplarville 27 to 9 vote. son.Sgt.. Sea's murderer, now Street. I ting the holdup I also con-
and indignation was voiced ,fessed to locking the victimsin
: Plant
widely identified as- 28yearold Manager Emory Rob-
over the rape incident. WHITE MAN HITS NEGRO an ice box. '
Robert Lee Knighting, be- inson said Mrs. Lucile William -
When the three-hour meet- WITH COCA-COLA BOTTLE Cornell Jefferson, 21, of
the of 1116-C Davis Street
came object of wide
ing broke'up shortly after!' Vernon Brown, 23, of Route two-state a came into the plant, followedby I 2080 Baldwin Street; Andrew
county-city man-
midnight, in the crowd 1, Box 438 ,:
many was hit on the hunt when it her husband, Elbert Wil- Milligan. 20 of 837 Baker
drove home, but a group head with a Coca-Cola bottle he had boarded a north- liam, of 1545 Mt. Herman St. KILLED ON DUTY-Sgt. Charlie Sea who was fatally I Street; and Benny Alexander,
numbering fewer than 10 last Tuesday he stood in 20, of 2134 Yulee
as A witness are
bound freight in this city aft-] told police Wil- shot last Sunday is seen at center in a photo taken
donned masks and head- business also held
a with
men place at 37 W. liam asked his wife being Johnsonin
er the fatal shooting. somethingand when he and Sgt. Solomon Weston received their ser
ed for Poplarville.The Monroe, police reported. Nassau County deputies in-! as she turned to walk off geant's badges from Aut. Chief of Police H. V. Branch connection with other rob-
masked entered Brown said he had entered beries.
men tercepted the train at 5:45 he hit; her with a stick and in Nov 1958.ANNEXATION.
the sheriffs office and the Independent They have
got Optical Com- last left the confessed to
PJXU, Sunday, at a point scene. I
ken to the jail cells from a pany offices to see a friend some 3th miles north of Yu- The victim was treated at breaking into the Bercleve

cabinet, then unlock Parker'scell and the owner, William Ozzie lee. ;Two men, one of whom Duval Medical Center for a PLAN OFFERED TO SENATE Concrete Products Company,
and dragged him feet Wren (white) hit him on the answered the description of cut over her, left eye. She 1825 Dennis Street, and the

first from the jailhouse.It head with the Coca-Cola bot Knighting,,fled the train and was advised by; police to take TALLAHASSEE-City Attorney members, Rep John E. Mat- Patterson Cold Storage Com-
was reported the indignation tle.The entered the heavily-marshed out a warrant., pany, 3071 Broadway, the de
William M.Madison. hews Jr., George'B. StallingsJr.
victim tectives
went to Duval said.
voiced at the farm-
pine woods of the Patrolmen H.Harley and
areaKnighting A.
and W.
Harry Westberry.
yard meeting was prompted Medical Center for treatmentThe Jones'investigated ]last Wednesday introduced'to
is now being
the thatParker's wound required two the House what was term t Senator Wayne Ripley, TRAIN VICTIM
mainly by prospect sought by the FBI as well as '
however, remained
stitches. ed formula which the A
Negro attorney DIES IN OVERTURNEDAUTO a by -year old :Melbourneman
: local authorities. The. FBI .
mittal toward the
would cross-examine .the Patrolmen J. F. Luman and was' into the city of Jacksonville may an-I proposal was killed by a Florida
brought case on lIe said he will make the decision
J. .B. Branch of Duval County East
white at the then investigated. Walter Blackshire nex portions Coast Railway passen-
rapevictfm police suspicion that the mur- of Fort whether the bill is
pending trial. der ,succeeded in Myers perished in an, thereby extending its bor- ger train last week. The vic-
READ"POLITICS suspect slipping become law or not after he
ders nearly 100 miles be- tim
to identified
Some of those at the meeting across the state line into turned automobile in ,which has given it "full consideration. as William McCoy -
were represented as hav- AS USUAL Georgia, constituting unlawful he was riding. The accident yond existing city limits. ." was apparently sittingon

ing said they wouldn't stand ON PAGE 2 flight avoid prosecutionfor occured n Fort* Myers; l last The formula drew the. rea- The bill was slated for the tracks when the train
for that. ,.. struck him, according to po-
f ., ..murder.I tAF < dy approval of Duval House Senate scrutiny on Thursday. lice.

.. : ';; .. z.-: weekend."J :,: < .. ... '
: .
.. .. '? :," :::'., ; : arjCV ,
t L-"'


.- ........ .,,'. "" t


rage Two THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. May 30. 1958

THE FLORIDA STAR I "Politics: As Usual"By


Prtlisbed by The Flerid Star Publiihing, Co. p'4 On of the greatest need of the Negro people IB Jack

"Member at Associated Negr Press1 y} i vine and Dun County Is a "civic council" to study the
Eric: O. Slapson E
Pvnun Johsson ___TTfT Staff I moves that affect our livelihood.It .

Hilda Woolen Circulation Depi. has been found that sol I

many matters are discussedand findings.A .
even laws passed-thatj' Negro Civic Council
EL 4-S782 EL 4-6783
KS3 Kftocrief Road -
i;;. affect Negroes in Duval with- could render a great service
423 Broad Pbone EL 43773
Downtown Branch OffIce SL -
4 out Negroes having a wordto to the entire community-

-. '"u4i I say. j whites as well as Negroes.
Mailing Address ., ': 0 u r Negro The service io the Negro
. groups fun c-I I people would be to study and
P. O. Box SKI Jacksenv&l 1, Florida ;
:, investigate matters affecting
|ti o n, for the
lour pepole that
so we are
8YBSCRIPTXON RATES s t ', ; part, as,I I|not discriminated deprivedor

.. protest groups.. ignored And the
One Tear 5J9; Half Tear $3.IOc Thru Months. .51.80 ,4 tJ'
hey show up service to the white people
Milled To Yen Anywhere In The unUed States. ,/ I' |to register would come in the form of

Coavcripnoa Papabl le.1D Advance. Send cheek or Money Order To: jz, ,w. $ J retort when interpreting our needs to
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA -.., x. them so that they could do a
:" f. :.' 't'it's almost too better Job of planning social-
; ; .iJ t ;late or after I ly.economically) and political.
z1T ; !"l he damage ,
t is alreadySIMPSON ,

We need a council to study'I j I WAKE UP
made about us. '
being I'!I The current clamor for an-
A committee -
r the Expressway
members of,. nexation should be enough
ARE THE NEGROES here in Florida thought to rJ composed of to let our County Commis-
have met''
be like anyhow? The men and women of foreverlengthening the council should sioners know they have been
generations who comprise the black citizenry of this with the Expressway sleeping on the job. One of I
advance just
state? What sort of mammalia are these folk taken to be 1 ,1 ners to learn in have been the strongest arguments the
by that race of tottering giants known as Segregationists? < < what areas would pro-annexationist will haveis
Do those hate-propelled people regard the Negro as being affected and register protestto not that under city govern-

cowlike? sheeplike? childlike?-or just plain stupid? Is is GIVE HIM A DIFFERENT PICTURE, WITH A STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS those plans. and that I were daresay ment county residents will
perhaps believed that, for the most part, Negroes are a would get such things as garbage
shiftless, apathetic lot, totally lacking in ideals, true leader- BILL, Mr. PRESIDENT that the Expressway uprooted I:I collection and city fire en-

ship, aspiration and even hope? not Negro have homes wantonly and cut off gine service.

Something of the sort must be the case, judging from the streets in this area as recklessly All of those services could
abundance and variety of hate-soaked legislation being Your Weekly they did. I have been provided by the

generated in Tallahassee during the current session of the county government but instead -
State Legislature.An :roscope Guide The same committee should what I'| our county commissioners -
outstanding product nearly ready to come out of the have been delving into sat around and twiddled -
Tallahassee Pro-Segregation Law Factory Is a device specifically would be done about to provide i their.thumbs.and left gar- I
replace -
playground area
designed to harass Negro taxpayers in this state bage collection to private individuals -
and to ferment increased animosity between the membersof BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL that which was taken and fire protectionto

both races. It is known as the parent option school bilL by the Expressway. The a volunteer crew. ,
This biii from odds and ends of school laws group would have made a
was shaped BPABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES of | It might be added that police ,
in such anti civil Alabama. Georgia through investigation exactly -,
existing rights states as -, --- protection Is The
Virginia. Mississippi patch-work thing. made up of LEO operation beginning with the what area had been ,;'only time poor.
one sees a law-en-
legalized villainy despotism and plain old rattlesnake I[Born March 21 Thru April 20 Born July 24 Thru August 23 period fo the Full Moon on the originally alloted for Wilder forcement officer
meanness. The affectionately called the Balley-Ervin I I I These days require serious The first eleven days of'' 22nd, which may be markedby Park, under what terms, and I is when they are conducting nowadays
Bill stitched School disfavor expenditures emotional reactions.Be then demand that the every
-was together by Superintendent attention tc, career matters. May unnecessary strong their roadblocks
. Thomas Bailey and Attorney General Richard Ervin. The problems of apparent or for travel and ready late this month to inch of playground space be cars and drivers' checking licences,
One word-Hate amply describes the Bailey-Ervin bill. an official who plays a key show a tendency to lack of let others take the initiative returned for the use of Negro which is something they have
But a more liesurely examination of the bill reveals its role in your life are also stres- perception in making plans. for you are best able to deal children, already recrea- been doing with
hurtful purpose and, as such, the baneful hopes of its crea- sed. This influence shows that Some good aspects for gain with them on the rebound, tonal facility starved. i I I!lance in recent months.SEGREGATION great. vigiI ,

tors.The the pressure of circumstanceswill through work and career deal- after you have had the timeto We note that Recreation SICKNESS
Bailey-Ervin combine would make it constitutionally affect business, ambitions ings come on the 13th, 16th, study their tactics and mo Department Superintendent Florida legislators who seem

possible for white parents to snatch their children out your purse, relation- and 27th. Avoid extravaganceand tives. George Robinson has patchedsome I to have gone crazy introducing -
of any school that becomes Integrated and then conveniently ships, and domestic affairs, financial complications on 5-90-66-19-56-596 play space behind the I "segregation bills" might
draw $300 per child per year to educate the little darlings particularly on the 31st, but the 15th, 19th, 26th, and 30th. Recreation Center and left I suddenly) wake up and find
privately.All it rewards devotion to duty, 30-22-39-92-932: CAPRICORNBorn I i I another little patch where j that the "segregation
right, that's Bailey & Ervin's business. work, and responsibilities in Dec. 22 Thru Jan. 20 I I the old playground used to'form" is growing sour as !
But where do these two fellows get the staggering auda- the long run. Don't look for VIRGO By the time of the full moon )b*. in: wat sums up to be a seen in the Little Rock
city to expect Negro taxpayers to willingly-or stupidly quick advancement or recog- Born Aug. 24 Thru Sept. 23 on the 2nd, you may noticea choppy mess. I'set where the segregationists up-

support two school systems, one public and one private? nition now. Pluto, the planet of resour- change of pace and inter-I We need a council to find were defeated just si
And that's all it boils down to. Each white parent that 8-40:66-46-64-864 cefulness, continues to transit ests developing which will out from Mayor Burns and months after the whole state x
sticks a hand into the state treasury for the $300-per-child your Sun-sign during May. cause you to give much atten- the City Commission exactly I had been segregation I
handout will be actually sticking their hand into the Negro Prior to the 13th, it is well tion to work and health mat-;I what provisions will be made con.cious. I

taxpayer's pocket to pay for something directed againstthe TAURUS fortified by constructive an- ters during the last week of I for colored citizens in planning -I Some of the segregation
Negro. Born April 21 thru May 21 gles from other planets. You the month. You cannot afford of the city auditorium laws they boys in Tallahassee
Sensatonal: gall! You must allow for the influence can acquire relevant informa- t6 mishandle relations with before we vote for a bond issue -I are introducing are down
It seems that if Bailey & EniD and whoever else goes your mate partners, tion that will help you to immediate superiors or fellow of another 2% million right silly, and very often
along with the option pjan want private schools for the or opponents could wield. on maintain a wise health regi- employees now, and should be dollars. I can't forget the fact I!unconstitutional. The most
off-spring of their segregationist following then they oughtto the 19th, revealing a chanceof men. Some sound good sense prepared to do your best to that the present City Hall)i I ridiculous of them is the"sex
find some way to pay for U out of their.own segrega- upsetting experiences, terminations will be your best tonic now if maintain efficiency and phy- has no toilet facilities what .segregation" bill which is
iionist pockets and. leave the state's money alone. Negro and showdownsnear you apply it to nutrition and sical well-being. If others try ever for colored citizens. ;actually) an insult to
taxpayers support the public facilities of Florida In propor- these dates. Adjust to other practices which have a to saddle you with their prob-- :Members of the Negro Ci-,white men and women.young In
tion to their taxability do white taxpayers.; The state the march of time; don't buck bearing. on your physical wel- lems or involve you in intri- vie Council would meet with,other words the lawmakers
treasury therefore. Is the property of the taxpaying public. needed reforms or authoritynow. fare. Worth while advice gues or gossip on the 22nd, the Duval delegation when:are saying that
and Is maintained primarily for the general good of thai Have your house or office should be forthcoming if you 26th, 27th, 29th, and 31st they discuss bills to be introduced white people are not young
public. It certainly Is not a convenient bank deposit for in order and keep it that I find it necessary to visit a you should make every effortto in the House. The deciding for themselves capableof

segregationist schemers to dip Into while other citizens,i: way .between the 22nd and I specialist. avoid it. group would also study the so they must be separated ,
both white and black must endure increased tax burdens I! end of the month. Watch expenses -:' 150331553.153 3-20-44-13-24-324 matter of annexation and register l law to prevent racial mar-by

so that the coins In the Tallahassee Till may be kept'at an and any money deal- its views based on its riages.Invites f
economically-safe level. ings on the 29th, 30th, and LIBRA AQUARIUSBorn I
If the Bailey-Ervin monstrosity should become law it 31st. Born Sept. 24th Thru Oct. 23 Jan. 21 Thru Feb. 19

will be. an outrage to the slowly ripening democratic principles 33-20-62-23-362 However, be alert for upsetting Venus occupies your solar
of this nation for it will constitute a most brazen .developments or strain fifth house until the 10th, indicating ;' :
condition of taxation without representation. i upon your resources and en- the possibility of
GERMINI' ergies through friends on the some opportunities for plea-
Born May 22 Thru June 21 3rd, 19th, and 25th. By the sure and recreation early this I
Be wary in writings and last week of the month, you month. However, from the
in Discussions with others on will find much attention cen- 8th onward you will notice an s
FERNANDINA "ARREST FACTORY" the 15th, 19th and 26th, lest tering on possible travel or increasing link between social -
you say or do something distant interests and plans for life and your work. This '
which could lay you open to the future, but this does not could bring easier conditions
,SHOULD BE INVESTIGATEDYear trouble in connection with look like a good period for where service interests are 4b
work, neighbors, or kin. Mercury exercising good judgment or concerned and happy exper- A
favorable on the 13th, making arrangements that iences through fellow employees -

16th, and 27th will help you will hold up. especially on the 11th,
after year this publication has appealed to Sheriff. uncover some worth while 4-80-55-12-52-485: 14th, and 21st. Don't expecttoo :
Youngblood to curb the reckless arresting. Jailing and Imposing -' ideas and information.Good much from loved. ones during -
-- -- ----- ---
heavy fines on Negro visitors .io Fernandina and'I times for accomplishment -I SCORPIOBorn the last week of the mon-
American Beach but very little if any relef has I along these lines will be Oct. 24 Thru Nov. 22 th.
been secured.. the 14th and 25th. Watch out interest in 7-80-99-18-91-789
Show greater
Actually the situation has worsened from year to year for misunderstandings and others and their affairs this
since the health or work strain on the ;,..
appointment of Negro Deputy Curtis Telfair who month. The degree to which PISCES
has proven himself to be nothing short of ruthless when it 8th. 11th, 15th, 18th, 26th, you are understanding and cooperative Born Feb. 20 Thru March 20 f.

comes to arresting citizens on trumped up charges. and 30th. can spell the difference Jupiter and Neptune are
We have pointed out that fear of arrest and being "milked" 6-70-44-76-47-674 between forging ahead both forming good aspects to

by :fines and towing charges will eventually hurt the 'and suffering rebuffs or set- your sign throughout this portion ,,.
resort business at American Beach, but these warnings CANCER backs. If you are drawn into of the year and will,
have been to no avail. Sheriff Youngblood's summertime This a period when you can tests of popularity, rights therefore, be a protective in-
jail should yeild high profits at the end of each season. foster gain, or prepare your- or any privileges, keep in mind fluence in helping you to gain
Year In and year out we have received complaints from self for expense and possible that the other fellow has a better perspective on life Ji. 'tl
people who have been arrested and find the i loss. Favorable times are the and future. vision-
on, filmiest much in his favor also. Shoulda your Keep
charges and we urging other who 1st, 2nd 5th, 13th, 17th, ''ideas It
persons have been vic need fo'r legal recourse arise, ary and plans under KEN KNIGHT
tims of the 18th, and 21st. Use these
Fernandina Arrest Factory to contact this don't be afraid to battle for wraps, however when these I :
dates for improving in- '
newspaper.On money
interests; if you can'tdelay planets are adverse on the f
terests and belongings. Ad- your You To Listen To
behalf of hundreds 8th 11th 15th 18th 26th -
of Negro citizens who have been a decision be willing to ,
placed to great inconvenience' without cause and fined verse periods are the 3rd face a compromise. and 30th lest you be misun- "KNIGHTTRAIN" '
without good reason, we are appealing to Gov. Leroy Col- llth 15th. 18th, 19th, 2nd 7-30-77-18-59-737 derstood by others or create
23rd, 25th, 26th 27th
lins to look into the situation at Fernandina Beach. unnecessary complications for
It will be Interesting to know how much In fines Is collected and 30th. Watch the budget yourself: The last week of the Starting At 7:00 P. M. Y14tXWRHC14-
and reported each summer A little probing guard against unneces- SAGITTARIUS month requires close attentionto
around Nassau Count!'. Mr. Collins might bring some start sary outlay or financial set- Born Nov 23 Thru Dec. 21 home and office matters.
ling revelations. backs at these times. The last week of this month Avoid any showdowns.:
__ ____
._ 2-508-8-58-79-258
requires an emphasis upon co- 8-50-55-15-51-855 .1 _

4_ ,. ..... "
, ., :- .f: ; r, .1

ti 0 ::1{


.t ,

,. THr rt ,......" C'- Q .. Page Three
30 1959
Week Ending Saturday May

-_ I ydp{,S..w i :; ; rM y e? !I I CLUB NOTES \Wedding' Bells

,=, ':" -:- : ':;? _:; I LAFAYETTE LADIES Applications for Marriage
r s i.:1
: Licenses

I M The Lafayette Ladies will i)

By. 2 1 sponsor their musical tea,!I
1 : f ? June 7 at the YWCA, 8th and
LOUISE G. GUINYARD t Calhoun Streets. I I Isaac Spivey, 2228 West-

Yi, 4 The previous meeting was: mont St., age 35 and LizzieM.
1 s held recently at the home of i Jackson, 1909 Illinois St.,

4 i. 'l Mrs. Eunice Sutton, 1338 I age 33.James.

Miss Helen Marie Saunders and Russell iW. Gregory have ; .., Spearing Street. Plans for I,I N. Burroughs, 22

set the date. The official announcement r : comes from Mr. h. the tea were completed. I Jackson Road Atlantic Beach,

and Mrs. Edward Reeves uncle and aunt of the brideelect.St. 4 .w age 22 and Wilma C. Bell, 36

Paul AME Church. located on the corner of Myrtle !i 1 SEPIA LADIES CLUB Jackson Road, Atlantic Beach,

Avenue and West Thirteenth Street, will be the setting for :: ELECTS Sepia OFFICERSThe Ladies Social age 27.

the wedding ceremony schedulel for June 24. '% 1 Club recently was organizedat Bobby Davis, 1365 W. 22nd

a meeting held at the homef St., age 22 and Sarah L. Per-

4 :Mrs. Louise Baldwin, 3307 nell, 5226 Buick Ave., age 21.

Bridier Street. Clyde A. McCary, 1030 Al-
Les Elites Bridge Club elected officers for the 1969-60 a1f Officers elected to serve meda St., age 20 and PinckieL.
fiscal year at a meeting held at the New Lincoln Golf and are: :Mrs. Louise Baldwin, Graham, 1505 W. 26th St.,
Country Club last Tuesday evening.Mrs. resident; Mrs. Jaunita :Mc- age 20.Robt..
-: Knight, secretary; :Mrs. Annie
Lois Avery succeeds Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons as Lee Haynes, treasurer; Mrs.: J. Wade, 1140 E. 28th
president. while the remainder of the slate of offices is Jaunita Gibbs, business manager St., age 45 and Dorothy M.

comprised of Mr:. Vermal McCone. vice president; Mrs. ai( eJaF. ry ; :Mrs. Annie :Mobley, Wilson, 1140 E. 28th St., age
Virginia Nettles Gray secretary; Mrs. Bernice Henderson. ,' / chaplain. 39.
and Mrs. Lula Courtney, treasurer. '
assistant secretary; 4'"' s Dewitt T. Hughes, Jr., 3711
jN' f R. v
Mrs. Pearl Miller and Mrs. Catherine Jackson participated ::. Stuart St., age 20 and Annett
in the bridge session as visiting players. with the latter JOLLY GROUP SOCIAL Baker, 949 W. Beaver St., age
winning the guest prize. ; 18.
The-Jolly Group Social Saving
Club prizes were won by Mrs. Johnnie Roberts and Mrs. Club sponsored its springlea Isaac Bailey, Jr., 744 Odessa -
Vermal McCone; first and second respectively.Plans : recently at the home of St., age 32 and Ruby M.
fy Mrs.\ Blunt, 1035 Daniels St. Conner, 1208 Weare St., age -
were completed for a party to be held at American The previous meeting was 23.

Beach on June 13th. 'ield at the home of :Mr. and
Phillip Jr., 1247
Rufus Walker with S. Grant St., age 20 and Fennell
: \V. Hall vice .
> pre-
.. McCary, 1540 Swift St., age
4e iding. Plans for the beach 16.
The Smart Set Bridge Club was' entertained lavish -,,.<. rip, lIa30 were enacted
fashion at the El Dorado Club last Saturday evening. Mrs. .N. I during the meeting. Geo. Dudley, 1105 W. 31st

Thomasina Ingi-am. hostess to the group invited Mrs. Hel- 1:1:: ,.:if.... ..,.,.... "...._. St., age 66 and Mary Hills,
en Toney and Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons as guest players. r 1490 W. 23rd St., age 63.

High scorers among club members were Mrs. Lola Schell, 1. *'ic ?tt : I,! SENIOR GROUP TO MISSIONARY PRESENT

:Mrs. Lois Iszard and Mrs. Louise Walton, in the order ..," ,
mentioned, while Mrs. Simmons qualified for the guest ',. i. ,:': ''',ri
< The Senior Missionaries of
St. Stephen AME Church will
Members attending the meeting included Mrs. Charlotte : I present the chorus of Northwestern EVENTThe

Stewart,-Mrs. Hortense Williams Gray, Mrs. Vivian Holmes,I J .' :! ,.', : F # Junior Senior High
Mrs. Thelma Lewis, Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, Mrs. Gloria I v I School May 31 at 11 a.m.

Brooks, Mrs. Nellyvonne Russell, Mrs. Schell, Mrs. Iszard,I r -p tJ tt t The group is under the leadership Lincoln Douglas Mem-
and Mrs. Walton. I ] of Richard Hadley. The orial Association and American

i'X> junior missionaries preent Legion Post 197 will honor -
Miller hostess to of Les ;(O
Mrs. Carolyn was a meeting
Trieze Amies Bridge Club held in her Durkee Drive home' 1 i <:: a musical program dur- ; soldiers of all wars, Memorial
ing the evening worship. I Day, May 30 at the Du-
last Saturday evening. ; k .
I ':X<: val Cemetary at 3:30: p.m.
Mrs. Ruth Bonner qualified for first prize with Mrs. 4 uxM'* aA f:1::
I : BLUE LIGHT SAVING Miss Eartha M. M.Vhite,
Mrs. Lillian second
Winona Britt
and Singleton receiving j
and third respectively. i .:. ;ti; CLUB TO GIVE TEA is the president of the Lincoln
I Ir. I Douglas Memorial Association.

Attending the meeting were: Miss Gwendolyn Schell, I Attorney D. W. Perkins will
A Cotton Dress Tea will be
Mrs. Florence Wilson, Mrs. Josephine Means, Mrs. Vivian'' t serve as master of ceremoniesfor
ponsored by the Blue Light I
Satterwhite, Miss Coatsie Jones, Mrs. Britt, Mrs. Bonner,' the program.
I lYing Club, :May 31 from 4 1 1o I
and ,Mrs. Singleton.: '" .' l ; 0 6 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Other participants' include:

'. Bertha Walker, 146711'. 14th the Rev. J. S. Johnson, pastorof
\ Street. the St. Stephen AME
Branch A program has been arranged Church, Miss E. M.\ M.\ White,
Two recitals were held at the A. L. Lewis YWCA by the to be
W. the
group K. Harper, Rev. \ViI-
for the piano pupils of Paris L: Davis. _; t : ,p R4 :e 'PA a resented during the affair. bert Miller, pastor of the Laura -

The first performance took place at 7:30: p. m. last Thurs- 4 a d The previous meeting was { Street Presbyterian Churchi
day with the following participants: Walter Limbric, Jan- 'held at the home of Mrs. N. i I Stephen Mallory and the Rev.

ice Harton, Theodore Gould, Paniela D a Vis, Fay Price, LADIES AUXILIARY GIVES TEA-Participants, who attended the tea last Sunday U. Lowe. Charles King.

Wanda Fay Bright, Janice McIntosh, Alonzo Davis, Max- given in the home of Mrs. L. M. Wells. 1157 W. 8th Street, by the Ladies Auxiliaryto

ine Engram, Sylvia Mathis: Geraldine Wright, Shirley Ann the Jacksonville Branch National Alliance of Postal Employees are seen here. In BOLDEN'S SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOLSix

Johnson. Vicki Scriven, Yvonne Richardson, Renee Walker, the lop photo from left standing are Mrs. E. E. Williams.. Mrs. Althea Griswold. Mrs. Big Weeks June 15 July 24
Janice Bryant, Janice Boyd, Renee Davis, Gail Price, Jan- Florence Wells and Mrs. Alma Johnson. Sen in the center photo in the same orderare ,
ice Gail Hutchinson, Robin Forrester, and Rona Marie and Mrs. Dorothy Bradley. Mrs. V. Green. Mrs. Edith Legette. Mrs. Sallie: Norman. SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades 1 8
Consentena Shorter. Mrs. Fannye Laura Lee. Luella Refore Mrs. Dannye Carswell. Mrs. Mamie L. Polite. I Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion

In the bottom photo are Mrs. Essie Holman. Mrs. Ann Turner. Mrs. L. C. Moman 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5.9722
Friday evening saw performances by Rosemarie Tolbert, Mrs. J. Scott. Miss Pearl Holman. Miss Patricia Morman. Mrs. Markaret Griswoldand
Sue Ann Matthews, Emily Harper, Audrey Lee Wilson, Clarence Jackson.
Phyllis Gay Fay Harris Richardean Oliver; Fra- I .
Beverly --- ; ,
zier, Carolyn McIntosh, Estelle Williams, Harold Wilson, .. .
All members were present when Entre Nous Bridge I I ; South's Finest College l lA.

Club met at The Lincoln Golf and Country Club recently ANNIVERSARY : Satellite I Florida Barber College
with Mrs. Ruby Humphrey as hostess. Members of the Branch G. I. Approved ''
Social) Club will observe their Henry Larke of Day Spring I s ss
The Elevator Girls Club observed -
High scorers for the evening were Mrs. Ruth D. Myers '
Church left the city .
annual tea Sunday, May 31 Baptist *
and Miss Ruth M. Brown while Mrs. Helen Hart qualified its 25th anniversary
for consolation. 7 recently at the YWCA with from 4 to 6 p. m. at the A.. recently for Philadelphia, Pa. t Woodrow Patterson., manager Prof. James Glove
.wr the Dusty Rose Social Club L. Lewis Branch Y'VCA.582 to attend the fur e'al of hiss I 630 Davis Street At Beaver

Attending the meeting were: Mrs. Charlotte Stewart, serving as hostess. The service W. Eighth Street. brother, George Larke. Phone EL 5-9374

Camilla Thompson, Doris G. Bennett, Miss Mozelle Bruton, ladies were: Mrs. Minnij\ : '
Miss Lauretta Jenkins, Mrs. Frances Johnson, Mrs. Eliza- Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth: Holland l- A program will be presented \1 .
beth Simmons and Miss Theora Leggins. and Mrs. Mattie Lazen- with artists of the city ap-I'I''Mrs.S retire D. White of
pearing. : TiaV.. 8th Street is ill in the from DRAB to DAZZLING!

by.A Brewster Hospital following ,
program was presented Invitations have been ex- I 1
for i -* mb2r of :
of surgery. r :
during the observance with tended to
Mrs. Olga Bradham. Mrs. Mattie Lozenby and Mrs Ethel devotion led by Mrs E. Small the city to attend the annual the St. Pad: }ME Church and j i iI !

Spears served as judges for the "Pretty Hat" Tea held at Other participantsere W.M. I affair. A prize will be givento 1 an mstru! 'or at Jloncrief Eerientery -
the A. L. 'Lewis YWCA last Sunday evening. II Burton, Mrs Mary Clayton the club with the largest S"'JH ss ot i i ii i it I Ij ry

Mrs. Naomi Ware, Mrs. number of members. present : .
The cultural affairs was under the sponsorship of The i Jessie B. Footman Mrs. Helen I t Mr.\ and Mrs, Daniel Hud-i'

Venetianettes Ladies Club.LILLY'S Walker, Mrs. Eva Jordon, son, of !052 E. 7th Street
:Mrs. A. Burton and Aline !MRS- B. THOMPSONIS left the city: recently to visit'I

Cance. HOSTESS FOR I relatives in Albany, Ga, also !
her ill niece there. ,I
STO.HEI Mrs. ltpz Flynn of 2025 ,i iI
DRUG JOLLY' EIGHT CLUB The social meeting of the York St., is ill at her home. I II

SETS ANNIVERSARY Business and Professional I She is a member of the :\It.i .
1907 Kings Road at Spires Women's Club will be held,, I j Zion Baptist Church and Pallbearers /
The 19th aniyersary of the May 30 at 8:30: p. m. at the,j Society 6 of the r4 (
t-"HUIIII HI'' L.- "'A Jolly Eight Social and Saving' home of Mrs. Bettv Thompson SouthsicK
Experienced I
Where .
Club was recently observed at I.I 731 W. Church Street.'t'
Pharmacists Prepare the Recreational Center. The :Miss Josephine Bivins will ;. Sgt. Haywood N. Lloyd

Your Prescription According club with the largest atten- serve as co-hostess for- the son of Mrs. Annie L. Lloyd rt fm/.r L-ari
1 to your doctor'sinstructions dance awarded prize.A meeting. 4810 Moncrief Road, left I with euse
Using was a I(! (tof for Califor- !:f / Halrcolor
was presentedwith the recently
the best program I The previous city
only quality meeting was
H I in
y : will be stationed
the following nia. He
persons appearing
drugs. :held at the New Lincoln Gall. Would you trade an hour for hair
: D. Mathis, Mrs. H. and Country Club with Mrs Korea. o I like: this professional mold? ,,,
.a. Nick, Mrs. Gladys Johnson,' Ellen Connors and Miss Fannie _.0-- One hour It all It takes for ...
Dr.a E. BUck PbnDadata Dr.' W. *. Orstea Mrs. P. Preston Mrs. Flossie I ; T Gndefroys Laricuse Hairoolorto
I Blue serving as co-h os-
brine back _
.:. .:. .:. Morgan, Mrs. Bessie Gibbs, I tesses. TOOTH ;;; : G oa L 1 c---.tudl or faded hair Y011thtocrag.duD =-

Mrs. Elizabeth Solone, Mrs. Fl.. Pay. L Tau capwU CM- Everything feN need.b in the
A COMPLETE, LINE OF Clyde Merritte, Mrs. E. M. RAT YOU SAW ETIN Nana ,*s an i1MM h Z.sea Apply IIId to lute M.*... famous red box.Get Godefroy'
Coeaeiics Rubber Goods- Candles- Sundries Jones, Mrs. Edna Smith. Mrs. IIItats with 1NkItoI.I. long-tasting Lariease sort,
Lillian Reed and Mrs. Lucinda THB Hu. TN tsS .let ..........
OAILSD FOB' AND DCLITOB ...aanaa, OCCEFROT MKL OX*3510 aa.sti.sti......Y.
; Jackson, who was the flit aR xu
speaker for cerebration.. nn. ores.


Page Four FLORIDA :sri ai Week Ending Saturday Mar 30:, 1959_





The Ministers and Deacons Union and the 1VomenSub.-
j District Convention auxiliaries to the Union Progressive
U; otist Association will conduct services at the Royal Tab-
--- rnacle Baptist Church. May 31, in the behalf of the Broad

ST. PAUL CHOIR TO ing the affair. P.C Street Baptist Church
GIVE MUSICAL TEAA I wiP J The Sunday School and-
I Irs. JIamia Alice Cade oL't
lemon musical tea will be in musical 1 : BIT Departments will be in The general public has been
be presented a
program I
sponsored by Choir No. 2 of Charge of the opening pro- invited to attend these serv-
St. Paul AME Church, :May June 14, by Choir No rram, with the Rev. Orion ices.

31, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the 2 and District No. 9'of th ? ., I Johnson and Mrs. Mattie Lati-
home of Mr.\ and Mrs. C. J. Church. : a lore presiding. MIDWAY CHURCH
ro.N I
Vaught, 5906 Moncrief Road.A The Red Circle and matrons SLATES ANNUAL DAY
program will be presentedby rill conduct the service Sat-

Mrs. A. Pinkney, chairman rday. May 30, at 10 a.m. The
L 1 women of Midway\
during the affair. Outstanding MT. CALVARY CHURCH W Services Sunday, :March\ 31 AME\ Church
will celebrate
artists of the city will appear OBSERVES YOUTH DA" I vill begin with Sunday Schoolat their annual observance, June

on the program. Mt.\ Calvary Baptist Church 9:30: a.m. followed by 21 in the auditorium of the
I Corning worship at 11 a.m.
ABYSSINIA CHURCH UNIT will observe Youth Day, Sunday The Rev.V.. S. People will church.
GIVES PRETTY HAT TEAA May; 31, throughout the liver the sermon and the Officers for the observance
Pretty Hat Tea will be day with Choirs No. 3 and 4 ',p\'. 0. Johnson will serve as were elected recently in a
sponsored by District No. 10 I meeting. Officers electedwere
under the direction of L. R aHerrate./
Mrs.:\ I. C.
of Abyssinia Baptist Church, : Armstrong,
June 14 at 3 Burns, serving. x At 2:45 p.m.,, the Rev. S. general chairman; Mrs. M. A.
A program has been I Programs will be presente; ,., fasten; will deliver the ser- Benthon, cochairmanMrs.; .
T for the service with the
planned to be presented dur- at each service. Bernice Douglas, program
I i I : '
5. :'ev.V.. Rivers
5' .5- S S serving as chairman.
S alternate. Each minister will Program committee include

1: : ')e accompanied by his choirs Mrs. A. D. Wells, Mrs.: C. E.
UTSEY"S L:( and congregations. Daniels and Mrs. I. C. Armstrong -

: finance committee,
Mrs. \Vingard and Mrs R.
ANNUAL DAY SET Jackson decoration Mrs. Dru-
Million Dollar t AT WRIGHTSVILLE \ cella Walker, Mrs. Annie Fra-
zier and Mrs. McMullian;
I II METHODIST CHURCH tag committee, Miss M. Allen;
: 1 I boosting committee Mrs. T.

] I Annual Women's Day will Wingard, Mrs. J.Y.. Young
be observed at the Wrights- will serve as pastor for the
.. --" --- :Iville Methodist Church, May day and Mrs. S. B. Wright,

1l PRETTY HAT AEA GIVEN-Members of the Venetianeiles Ladies Club and 131, throughout the day, with assistant and Mrs. C. E. Dan-
friends who attended the Pretty Hat Tea. last Sunday given by the club in the YWCA the officers in charge of the iels publicity.

Building are seen here. From left in the top photo are Mrs. Otistine Matt second services.

-,. _w" prize winner and Mrs. Lorraine Johnson. first prize winner receiving gift from Mrs. Mrs. 0. T. Belcher is chair-
Louise Wash. Seen in the bottom in the same order in front are: Mrs. Jennie Elps. man, and Mrs. Lena Mae Goreis MT. ZION CHURCH
Mrs. Louise Wash. Mrs. Ruby Lee White. Miss Thelma Telfair. Mrs. Lee Edna Nick- co-chairman, and Mrs. Josie PLANS YOUTH DAY
erson. Mrs. Lois Hagans Mrs. Alma Cooper Mrs. Eliza Atwater' Mrs. Maitle Lee Lee Johnson will act as
best buys in SHOES Sears Mrs. Bsulah Harris and Mrs. Harriet W. Lewis, (Back Row). Mrs. Dorothy Logan I pastor. The Mt. Zion Baptist i

and Mrs. Ruth Gardner., I Mrs. Mildred S. Bennett, Church, Southside will observe -
-- -
e -- -- principal of Bethlehem Junior Youth Day May 31-

REV. W. M. SMITH MISSIONARY DAY NEW MT. OLIVE high School of Fort White throughout the day with the

for/ TO SPEAK JUNE 12 TO BE OBSERVEDAT I TO CELEBRATE will be the speaker for the I young people presiding.
worship, and Mrs. I Henry Jackson will serve
AT ST. MATTHEWThe NEW BETHEL WOMEN'S DAY Ozora R. Shell, supervisor of .as pastor for the day and Carl

schools of Bradford County, Tucker, assistant pastor.
will be the speaker for the The observance will begin
Rev. W. M. Smith and A"TIIJal ,y Cl en's Day will evening service.At .
with Sunday School at 9:30
( : 0.D: BEACH The
observed the New Mt.
be at
of the First New 3
ongregation the
juniors will
New Bethel A.M.E. Churchill p.m. a.m., followed by morning
lion Baptist Church will Olive Baptist Church, June II
-- ---- conduct present a musical program. worship at 11 a.m.
observe Missionary Day
services in the St. Mat- 14, with the officers in chargeof
the 31, ------- -- -
v Jiroughout day, May :' < =8
the services.
hew Church June
Baptist ,
M DOWNTOWN 12, in tug interest of the beginning with Sunday Schoolat
Officers for the observance I
STORE OPEN 9:30 a.m., with Mrs Stella
Men's Day, observance. Lola I Webb
include: Mrs.
A TONIGHT TIL 91f"j Rose in charge. rThJI! Center
Q G The Educational Club will general chairman; Mrs. EssieM.
Robert A. Strachan, along
sponsor; a program Sunday, Roberts co-chairman;
( .. May 31, at 3:30: p.m., at the' with the faculty and student Mts. M. L. B. Story, program AVENUE AND SHAD ROE
church, featuring the Glee 1 body of Rigley Elementary committee chairman; Mrs. I
will be the i I I STANDARD OYSTERS For Pint
n Club of New Stanton High School special Catherine Garner treasurer; Stewing 98c
School. The group is under guests at the 11 a.m. worship.The Mrs. Reatha M.: Long, record- I i LARGE SHRIMP _H Lb. 98c
the direction of Mrs. Alpha Rev. A. J. Dayley, presiding ing secretary; Mrs. Ophelia MEDIUM SHRIMP Lb. 73c
Hayes Moore. elder of the St. Augustine Cor bin i finance committee CLAW CRAB MEAT Lb. !95c
The Rev. Hall Moss, pastor i District will also be pres- chairman; Mrs. E. Jenkins, SALT MULLET Lb. 25c a
: Dress Flats. 3f Shiloh i I Baptist Church, ent as guest. pastor for the day; and Miss
Glamour Debs Values to 8.99 Waycross, Ga., and the Sing- The ACE League will con- Mattie Johnson, Junior 'V om- RED SNAPPER Lb.
ing Caravans will be presented vene at 6 p.m., under the direction en's chairman.Mrs. Fresh Water CATFISH: Lb.
Lifestride /; 4 99 in an after-service recital, of Mrs. Louise Romar, Eliza Rich Perry will KING IFISH STEAKS Lb. 49c m
31 in the interest of Dis- president. morning
May i be the speaker for the Speckled Trout Chicken of the Sea.Lb,
Jolene trict No.6.PALLBEARERS. The United Gospel Singersof worship at 11 a.m., and
I St. Augustine will rendera Evangelist Nellie Stalling will I
program Sunday, May 31, be the speaker for the evening BARGAIN DEPT.
HOLD at 7:30 p.m., under the spon- worship. Others to appear BLUE OCEAN BREAM Lb. 25c
sorship of the junior and sen- are Mrs\ Sarah Wilson, I LARGE MULLET Lb. 29c
ior missionaries i of the Mrs L. Mickens, :Mrs. L. Mc- 'WHITING (Limited Amount) Lb. 32c
S church. Queen, Mrs. A. Collins, and FLOUNDER Lb. 39c
26th annual meeting of MrsJosie Davis. KEY'WEST GRUNTS Lb. 29c
Heydeys ,. the o.1 Pallbearer's Associ-
LifestrideSpecial ation of America was held recently -I j
7 99 at Hollywood, Florida, ST. THOMAS CHURCH i BIG JIM CRABS DOL
:with the president, C. II. Ross, I :
group of Ladles i,
walking shoes. Reg. 10.95 : The meeting was held in the i. ACE League of New SERVICES SUNDAYJoint FREE PARKING SIDE AND

to 14.95. I "Gethsemane the Rev. C. Clark Baptist, pastor.Church, I sponsor Bethel A.M.E.a Father's Churchill Day tea, anniversary will be I THE SEAFOOD CENTER REAR I .

II The following officers of I I June 21 at 3 p.m., in the base- observed at the St. Thomas Myrtle AT" and Adams Plum EL 4-1483
I!Pallbearers Lodge No. G were ment of the church. Baptist Church by the dea- \
present Mrs. Hattie .....
: Bryant, Sponsors of the event are: cons, deaconesses and trus- /
I 1 1 Mrs Inez Flynn Mrs. Martha I II
; Miss
Miss Bettye J. Anderson,
tees, May 31, at 7:30: p.m., in
I Jones, and :Mrs. B. S. Brown.
BROWN Gwendolyn Green, Miss\ San- the church auditorium.
BUSTER The next session will be You Don't Have Go
dra ewson. Miss Mary Al- A program will be presented to to Town to Get
held here in Jacksonville,with bury and :Miss Emily i l An- with the following persons

CHILDRENS SHOES I Lodge No. 18 serving as host drews. Leonard J: .Robertsis appearing: Booker Jackson,

the president. L. S. Stevens, Female Chorus, LOW RDCESOn
I the Rev Leroy Clayton the
Boys' two-tone and solid REGULAR SERVICE -Rev. W. C. Neal, Rev..W. E. Yow-

colors. Misses white and 4 99 SET AT ST; JAMES I Mainor, A. D. Hector, Mrs.

patent dress-up. Reg. !NIGHTINGALE GROUP Blanche McKinnie Miller\, and, :Mrs:H. Simmons.Carrie L. DRUG STORE NEEDS

7.50 to 8.95. SLATED, TO OBSERVE9TH
QUINCY-Regular services Trade With Your Neighborhood
will be conducted at the St. ANNIVERSARYThe Drug Store
James A. I.E. Church, May :TRI-STATE RALLY
Use Your F. N. B. Charge PlanSHOES 31, beginning' with Sunday ninth anniversary of TO CLOSE SUNDAY MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN

School at '9:45 p.m., with the Nightingale Singers of I Ii YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe

Powell E. Woodbury, Philadelphia, Pa., win be celebrated -j i The Tri-State 'Rally whichis
6Utu tendent, i in charge. superin-I here in the Duval in progress at the Asbury Deliver We Also rm AH Doctor Pre ertptloaa

The Senior County Armory, June 14, at Methodist Church will terminate f
cietill be in charge of the 8:30 p.m. I Sunday evening, May 31.
senice at 11 a.m.: I The Gospel Consolators of Edward Singleton will rep.. Dixie Pharmacy
The Junior Choir win be California will participate in i resent South Carolina; WillieS.

presented in a program at 3 the anniversary.Others Chapman, Florida; and the 1S02 KINGS ROAD at MTBTZX: AVENUE
Exclusive Buster Brown in Town p.m. in the Old Bethel
I to appear during the Rev. I. :McPherson will repre- PHONES EL mrM8PAY
3573 St. Johns Ave. 1984 San Marco Church. The will be'
group celebration will be the Gospel sent Georgia and other states.
216 W. Adams Open Friday Nights accompanied by Mrs. :Mabel Crusaders this city; Miss Mrs. Thomasina Williams YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE
Paxon: Shopping Center Open Every ETC. Woodard, dSor.. Jacquelyn Inez Fort and the and Mrs. Dorothy Murray '
At 7 p.nu the juniors will Hightower. Brothers of Pat-i will be in charge of the program I BILLS AT OUR STORE 'M q'THE
be in charge of the senice-- terson, N:J.:; former Jaxons. after the rally. '



r-- r ,

Ending Saturday, May 30, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Page Fire

I s a s sa
a *

New Lipstick -

__ _
l Promises New Beauty .



Both jour beauty and your
IftL.! spirits are promised a rare treat
There for
are openings
I with your adoption of an exciting
j new lipstick-a lustrous high- f
gloss lipstick-extra creamy- '.. .4 ..aEstelle EXPERIENCED Neiappaper r reporter, editor
n-drying-to give your lips a 4 copy-readers adverting salesmen circulation
luscious, moist, radiant glow-the
men and women. printers competitors linotype -
most satisfying lipstick you'veever
used the producer assures.It operators.

is the first and only lipstick 3 BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train
> specially, formulated to com- $ Pfg
at pletely cover any unwanted dull young reporters and people for all departmentsif
% undertones that might distort the ny I you have a real desire to become a memberof

t s\ natural glow and brilliance of the 4 i Miss T. Williams I the newspaper fraternity.WE .
color of your choice.It gives
) lips. a soft, dewey look, a polished your school teacher and chruch I NEED Men and women young or middle-
sinning IOOK or utter elegance.It I worker will reblew the book aged, in all fields for a chain newspaper and

comes in a very smart golden Referred to I* tee new Personality Up. ; "The Crown and the C ross/' magazines.ACT .
1/ case, fluted and crested with a tick by Ro>'al Cronn-*oon u lie T1U by Dr. Frank Slaughter Sun
distinctive royal crown design. It In able tic at jour glamorous fivorlM color nclchborhood*-Pink Kisses slop, day. May 31 at the third an- NOW State experience and age.
has a swivel action that is completely Bold Lilac Roral Red. Cherry Glow. nual literary tea of Bethel WRITE:
Velvet Magic, sad exotic Orange Flam
( perfumed effortless.with It is lavishly Baptist Institutional Church. : ,
fU99WI a romantic fragrance -
to love-light She is a member of the St. INTERSTATE PRESSP.
your personlonrr -
ality. Its texture Is smooth and Paul AME Church. The' O. Box 732 Jacksonville 1. Fla.
'c'i'' I >.*. creamy to beauty-treat your lips pvent will be held in Bethel's
( ( ., e hill answer letter
1 I ii. _nlj ,- *"',_C." He sure jour to enclose on* with brilliant high fashion coloring Waldron House.
CoN' *af'r'"I": ""-" :irsM-d rn'elope. and It is the only kissable lip. Others who will appear
e loan? R. C.
tl r ". u. Cox Still Mem- stick that stays on and'on with- '
Mrs. Helen
are T.
: Bailey.
HE CAN KISS HER FREE-BUT roo out drying your lips. ; *
A : Mrs. Rosa Lee Shannon. Miss

I THERES AN EXTRA CHARGE FOR 1.'S; internationally famous negro model fashion : Altamese Weaver. Miss Bar ,- -
I E"3 :.-;' directs this beauty column under the pen ;: bara Gaines Bethel's Children -
raze l '
C N-r M""' F A-rv/Z_ Choir. Miss Sylvia Young
-- -- ,
Miss Margaret Dorsey. Mrs.

> jr .-'.-',.? """'""' "- ,-",". "" "",,,,,, ,, \Carl Young Robert Thomp-'
7''' >> ".-' "' "" ;". <*...-;.?"" """""" (o>;; ...--:;''-;- __-_ -=-- _._ ___j son Mrs. Georgia Lewis and: FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF

I '"" "" '..:'. I I;i C. Young. j I


i I Bo>' Friend] Beat;: Woman

(: Who Threaters To Quit would like to see a new policy of better treat-
Miss Mitchelene! Gipson 31, ment to Negro customers adopted by local firms.I
of 1482 W. 20th!> Street told resent being called by my first name by salesmanand
CHECK WITH police her boy friend beat her saleswomen.

rF r S about the face and bodv with I I believe that Negro patrons should be provided

I:) U L t. ; '(I his fist and kicked her several ample rest room facilities in local establishments and
1 I times in the stomach last an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountainsand
j Saturday. rest rooms.
n. I The victim said she told her To accomplish these changes I am willing to cease
A sr boy friend, Mose\ Luther patronizing firms that are unwilling to meet these
Johnson, 40, of 1213 Grothe requests.
VALUES Street, she was through with

him. Johnson became en- NAME
raged and proceeded to beat --

w her up.
e l She was< taken to D u val ADDRESS

Medical Center .in a private
'1 A car Victim said she will prosecute ( ) You may disclose: my name If necessary

.. police reported. dentin unless Indicated otherwise below.I .
1 1 j Patrolmen Robert George, understand that my name will be held txtnfia -
Jr., and C. Barton ins esti-
gated. a s t


..1 Evelyn Cunningham prints are truly artistic. Proofof small self-bow may be sewn
this is in the fact that home where the surplice meets the
i NEW I Most everyone will agree decorators often use pieces of waist seam.
that fabric be the differ- I
fabric for framing and hanging i
ence between success and on home walls.
l ULTRAVISIONTV failure in a sewityourselfdress. When you select a good The print is of tones of

.Fabric certainly doesn't i fabric that you like ;and that beige and tan, with touchesof
have to be expensive, but it is becoming to you, the tend- green on a natural back-
N..... v must be wisely selected, withan ency is to handle it with lov- ground. The cummerbund is

I :..d eye to the style dress you ing care. There might be green. With a thought to the
I intend making, your own fig moments of misgiving, when seasons ahead, velveteen
\r; ure and coloring.One you have a fear of ruining the would make an elegant choice
: material, and you doubt your for this pattern, using short

skill in making a dress that sleeves. For present use, it
of the joys of today's won't look amateurish. might be made of printed silkor

-' fabrics is their infinite variety, cotton, shantung
:* tfe-Front pique or
both in texture and color. Take synthetic mixtures.FashionSewing.
.. N ;l prints. The design of prints McCall's has a great respect -
"Set-and-Forgtt" vote ...... for fabrics and an even
has taken on the aspects of a
t Frnnt-Sound projection .. \ real art form. No longer is the greater respect for the home- Weekly Tip:

:. Ni"1 LtNt.N N choice of printed fabric con- sewer.Consequently,McCall's Do buy a new crisp tape measure
; Printed
: fined to roses, polka dots, Patterns are made by when yours becomes

.;: .. new chassis with stripes and checks. Many skilled always artisans directed whose toward effortsare stretched soiled or faded.SUBTLE .

'WI power transformer eliminating all elements of .,

,I N, .NI11.N. .... r0 APaq ,. .-:--,,<.,,- ",.):'',<':!i:,.,.,". ... .:&y.,->fh-J' '1 risk. -.; ; ::?(-;' '
1M. '
1t..t1 111-u_ .. -.".... .:;.i'!1 '" /' >
-i ; The flared skirt dress in
Model 411'2419 the
(McCall's Printed Pattern No. b. c
". 4965) is one of McCall's
J. "Easy to Sew"patterns. Avail ,

$ ,. able in misses sizes, it offersa s ,

I $10 DELIVERS ;i fjSV choice of three different
] bodices. The scoop neck may rt+
l '
'f be made with or without a
notch at the front. With a
: notch, it may be made with or
4 ; SEE OUR DISPLAY jt nr without a contrasting band.

1s 11 1, At The Duval Salesmen & Merchants ". The four-gore skirt is gathered ,.
.. at the side front and side
JY Show Sat. May 30-31 \ ." back. The short or three-
Lincoln Golf and Country Club 'r quarter sleeves are cut in one ,.W .
BASE with the bodice. Either a nar- ( ,4,
I row belt or a cummerbund N' t tx
r may
AT ONLY { r ..ua be used. r e ,i.
fJ ,

I, .e Made here in cotton, the :
ra dress could also be sewn in Pt

; printed silk, linen, solid polished V

OPEN EVERY NITI 11 mixtures.cotton, Jersey or synthetic

r :aA

; The subtler made
ri print, ,
1. AT 15 N. HOGAN STREET .. t k into a midriff dress (McCall's *'Y.j" ; ;a
Printed Pattern No. 4921) is :
: 1 GMaCK WITH L. FkV,4.V one of Mademoiselle Editors' j
ornER STORES LOCATED AT \ choice. A misses pattern, it
PRINTED DELICHT..JUII skin- offers a choice of a fly tuck
ed dress with natural waistlineand front skirt front skirt with PRI.\T....Tored for the
or a
rounded neckline Ions midriff sheath with feminine
505 S. McDuff 3316 Beach Blvd.Soulhside. printed sup-
fabrics, especially Silk, Cotton soft folds at the top. The collared lice neckline. Obi type cummer* .
Near Lenox .. and Polished Cotton. Pattern i surplice neckline is bond adds oriental flavor and may
". .- offers three different necklines faced and interfaced. This pick up one of the colors in the
dbU, for' YOB to make your very 0... dress be worn without the print. Ideal in Linen.Printed Silk
McCall's may
Pattern 496S la sizes or Cotton. McCall's Pattern *
). ', ,, .... 10-18. SOt. I cummerbund, in which case a I 4921 in sirs .



._',_ _'*-:.-.' L ,,;.,, 'r :"

I II .. ..

Page Six __Tun r -"' arUp TAff Week Ending.Saturday Ma130. 1959
-- -----

PHOTOGRAPHS FOR LEARN TO DRIVE ''GIBSON I' PLANS 13 SHOTS FIRED He have said any he money told her he and didn't she I MANY MOURN

Secure Drivers' License \ would have to wait until he


Expert Photography 600 West Beaver Street I I i CHICAGO Truman K. lie said he also told her he
I ? Portraits Weddings Banquets Office ELgin 5-7742 Gibson, who was presidentof 1TII SHOTGUNTiberous I had just given her $30, and DEATHThe

,.s Passports & Identification Photo Res. ELgin 4-0639 the International Boxing at that point she started ac-
Photostats & Commercial Work GEORGEPEBPENA.. Dir Club;at' the time it was discsolved.b Tinsley: 41, of GOT cusing him of running around
r .,:.,. ? Photos For Newspaper Cuts -I I y the cpurt, and nowVitapresident W. State Street told police he with other women and hit
..t; While You Wait I: of the National -shot at his girl friend three him with something. When untimely death of Sgt.

Coloring & Picture Framing I Boxing Enterprises has *imes with' his shotgun. she did that'he got his shotgun Charlie Sea, :of the Jacksonville -
T; ;:., Let Us Take A Photo Of You EATBERRIERS I completed arrangements for Tinsley said when he came and shot at her three P o Ii c e' Departmentleaves
I a series of prize fights going !home last Monday his girl I times Tinsley said. an aching void in the

In Natural Color into August, including three friend, Maxine Coleman, 24, He was carried to Duval hearts of those who knew
championship matches. )asked him for some money. I Medical Center in police
I i a car. him well, and the athletes
J. AVERY ICI CREAM The first title fight will I I Maxine Coleman was arrested and fans who attended the
pit Lightweight ChampionJoe bat a mweight champion. a- for disorderly o n d u c t and i various games at the parks
AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO Brown against Paoh Rosi gainst Jose Becerra in the|I''fighting: and Tinsley was arrested --|long before he became a police -
of Italy in Uline's Arena in Los Angeles Coliseum July'I! on an attempt to mur- j! Sgt.Being.
611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg. READ"POLITICS Washington, D. C. '3, and Archie Moore, lighth I I der charge. They had been

Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments AS USUAL" Gibson has also completed e a v yweight champion, a-::living together as man and among the first Negro -
arrangements for title defenses -,gainst Yvon Durelle of Can- wife for seven years, policeI policemen to be assignedto
ON PAGE 2 by Alphonso Halimi. ada n Montreal July 15. I I I reported. .. duty, he very often filled
assignments at the games
with an air of dignity and

deportment becoming a -

I i.... ... ," .. BUSINESS DIRECTORY '" ."-...."'". "'-'-. "' officer.

-. or... The Finns Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments =- ---- The student body of the

: ...."'"" .:"IIIIII Specializing Services and Products 1-: -.-".-....-. ... '- ....... various coaches schools and, the the parents.the players.

AUTO SERVICE TAYLOR'S LAUNDERETTE BYRD & SONS FUEL OIL A to Z SIGN COMPANY respected manner him with and which appreciated he-

Dry Fold. Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: went about keeping order
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY We Give World Green Stamps Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate Prices during athletic contests.

Complete Body Repair & Paint Work 3633 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 27th EL 4-9404 6330 Avenue B PO 4-8516 Gold Leaf Trucks Glass SLo-Cards
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 416 Oak Street EL 3-5109 Never loud, talkative or
Price Start at $4.00 E. G. COLDER COMPANY showey, he always went about -

1532 East Adams Street EL 5-3135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils I his tasks with a firm-
-Over 50 Years Service to JaclaonvUle- ness that depicted a police-
A and R TRIM SHOP 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643 One Day Service man's high regard for duty.
Royal Crown Bottling Company Very often Officer Sea wouldbe
1525 Main Street EL 5.8091 REED TAILORS I
INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY FL 9-< Custom Made Seat Coven 1235 San Marco Blvd. gate, giving -
Jacksonville's Only Distributor of 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 i a friendly greeting to
HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies the fans as they entered the

General Auto Repair 519 Broad Street EL 4-1735 SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLS1ERY SHOP park. The respect,and friendly -

'Specializing In Motor Tune-up Phillips 66 Products Convertible Tops Door Panels greetings shown him. madeit
I Generator. Starter and Carburetor Serrict FOODS FlUe Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covers hard to tell whether it was
J. H. HOUGABOOK Prop. Trop-Arlic Motor Oil 3227 N, Myrtle Avenue EL 4-811 the badge of authority, the

QS61 Kings Road EL 48659v --- 'It's Performance That Counts" uniform, the black jack or
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 the pistol that brought about
BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY -We Specialize In such profound admiration of

Generators Starters FRESH HOME MADE FUNERAL HOMES GEORGE W. POWELL, INC. him, or whether it was just
Batteries -
I the himself.
Real Estate Loans
Regulators Auto Repairs GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Mortgage t
646 Flordia Avenue EL 6.3308.9MOM'S Collected
Rents ,
Delivery Service Sgt. Charlie Sea's know
1050 Broad Street EL 4.1715 Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad Street ____ EL 4-620 ledge of men and events was
County for over 50 Years vast and he endeavored to
KITCHENHome 767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812
treat men and
as men not as
cooked meals served 24 hours- Jones Institute of Physical Culture
ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME I untrained brutes just to display -
7 days a week School Of Barber Beauty & Massage authority. Although not
Reconditioned BatteriesAll
1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service Colored Owned and Operated given to a lot of chatter, he
Kinds of Battery Service Serving Colored Homes Since 1918
"Earn As You Learn1' spoke enough for men to
Price $5.00 and up STRAND HOT DOG STAND O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis. mgr 812 Clay Street EL 46005SKINNER'S '. know where he stood. His
EL 5-4900
520 Florida Avenue
929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6
641 West Ashley Street EL 4.9303 opinions were highly respected. -
and he was actively en-

SEABOARD BODY COMPANY I ':gaged in the common struggles -
FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Holmes & West Funeral Home FLORIST for decency
justice anda
Automotive Repair Auto Painting -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- -Ambulance Service- Flowers For All Occasions .I fellowship for all.
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary Public) 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275:
j AAA Service Free Estimates Though blown down from
718 West Ashley Street EL 6.9169BUBBA'S 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641
All Work Guaranteed bullets from an assasin's gun,
2949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418 SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE' he gave his life in the line
Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws of duty. He gave his life in
Home Cooked Foods It
EL 4-9701 24 Hour Ambulance Service Blades Sharpened and Sold protection of mankind.
617 West Ashley Street
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service 1337_ Davis Street EL 4-6396-7 1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504t The quiet, reserved and

Free Pick-up TIPLIGHT'S RESTAURANT I I peaceful manner with which
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004 Sgt. Sea went about his tasks
GOOD COFFEE Your Service"NEW I, will be a heritage for unborn

2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4.9329 DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 generations.v

Batteries $6.95 & up LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK Complete Home Furnishings
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car I
Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que
We Invite Your Credit
"Baked On Enamel" Timiquana Road Trading Post .
We Cater To Private
5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619
Wrecks Rebuilt Chicken in the Box To Carry Ou' Complete Garden Supplies
680 East 21st Street EL 3.5080 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue -EL 6-9876 :fertilizer Fruit Products .

ROBERTS. NEW & USED FURN. -New and Used Furniture bought and sold-,
.- 564 Timiquana Road SP 1- 781
Mim's Gulf Service Station Home Furnishings For Every Room I PATRONIZE
GROCERIES 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 .
Complete Car Lubrication
Open Daily 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Washington's Health Service Star Advertisers

2055 West Beaver Street EL 4-9459 IBARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" t .
CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY r Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths S

Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables ColonIc Therapy \\l
AUTOMOBILEFor Free Delivery D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locaiiot* *
1 Les Charmette Beauty Salon
Your Next Car 1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-976 For 23 Year
.:- New Or Used .:- I II Special Attention to Hair & Scalp TreatmentHair 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247 II .
-We Can Finance Anyone- I Cutting and Styling
Phone EX 8-0677 FRED'S FOOD MARKET 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 II
Fresh Fruits Vegetables'Free
'\ Delivery LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR delivery any part of the city
Farmer's Service Station I
301 Davis Street EL 4-9240 -
U. Motor Repair & Tune-Up Free Scalp Treatment with Hair Style 601 West Ashley Street EL .4-1380 If worried byBladder Weakness" lOtUcg -
Gas & Oil During the Month of February I Up Nights or Bed
Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator quent, burning or Itcnlng artnatlon/
Road Service Strong smelling.Cloudy Urine,doe to
811 Davis.Street ELI O common Kidney and Bladder IrrlUUon. .
358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf
JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT prove safety t' young quick and help old.10 desk years drag-us*
You Want The Finest In Groceries list for CYHTKT under money-back guacanu -
STORE __ ..See bow fast_you Improve. ...
300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 Courteous Treatment
Specializing in Hair Cutting- Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. I t
CLEANING Styling Scalp Treatment 306 Davis Street EL 4-1210

MIKE'S GROCERY Mrs. Tabltha Taylor prop. I.t

THRIFTY DRY CLEANERS Staple Groceries 615 Davis Street EL 4-9311 R ea/Es tale

Where Quality Counts Fresh Meats Mahoney Tenninix Termite Control '
-Expert I yMng- Open 7 to 7 MISCELLANEOUSAAA 1'1 $ LOANS $
-Complete Termite Control-
1236 Davis Street EL.5-811 2015 Broadway EL 8-9182 t .
-Building Materials- t $1.000 $.,000 ",000
414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 $4,000 up to $25,000

612 W. Ashley Street EL 4-1629 County and Federal Bonds on unpaid balance at 6%.
21st and Myrtle 814 West 8th SL Fresh Meats Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5-1832 Let us help you to complete t
Open 7 a.m to 6 p -914 Davis Street 1302 Davis Street your or refinance 88
504 Davis Street EL 5-1532
ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE Fresh Pies Daily years in the same place.
Potato PIe Our Specialty-From fresh GUI -
SPOT RITE CLEANERS ,FUEL OILS -38 Yean In Eleetroxics: Potttow W. Deliver
Onftllottj Service All Work ChttnBteed 1429 Steele Street EL 3-0664 J. P.
943 Forest Sleet EL <4-8864< YOUNG
Pick-' &
rp Delivery AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL Kr. fllmnsOTM
760 Florida Araa EL 5-1745 CO. or Mr. Wafah
W. '.qperfiHT+ In tervteg tnSto pis AVERY'S STUDIO Kate and Uoaroe

Also 180 Dx cyHnders or Mk .... ronrnerrlil WHrflnjg.. ___ Potrsl4sYe QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. 212 1fMoaIo'BIcJ&.
ONE HOUR CLEANERS At year Lorn for your aatd..A, w. 4o it la aaior> also Mat 4 e.e.Heaovaaeg Oar Specialty boDe .. 1at4a
811 Wilt Ashley Street EL 1-1_ 15846 Well Dml Boad PO 54681 611 Will AAIey Stre* HL 4-7888 me Old 1DIagra Rood PO M884 .Ja9t.
.. y y y


._u_ -- -. r-.
Ending. Saturday May 30. 1959 0 Hage SI .,


I r(!' ,;__;;;;;;;;rjiJ-r;;; r '

LEROY T. WALKER track and field coach and professor Every player who is Inclined -LIKE TE AS[JGTN JOELOF
of physical education at North Carolina College ,will to play baseball can not play I / TE AR.T
"' 0' FISTICUFFS. The Jefferson swimming pool will open June 6 at 10 a.
be tearing the United States in June on a tour sponsoredby with' the Jacksonville Brarescr S 'TE FIGURE OF I
the U. S. State Department. He will visit Europe. Africa any other professionalteam suGAR RAY WILl'TAKE' m.. Director Julius Guinyard has annouced.The .
and the Near East. He will also visit Ethiopia. Israel until ha has proved AlL-7IMEGREATS ITS PlACE opening of the pool
and continental Europe. The trip will be made under the himself and the only way will be the beginning of the intermediates, advanced
auspices of the State Department's International Educational that can be done is to play: ninth season the pool has swimmers and life saving.
Exchange program. Coach Walker will conduct clinics Why not encourage them by t been ni operation. I'The lessons are open to any
and lecture on athletic problems related to physical fit attending the games playedat : A total of 298,961 persons one from seven years of age
ness. He will also participate in track and field ,events. the Myrtle Avenue baseball : have participated in public to seventy.A .
Olympic star Lee Calhoun is coached by Walker. park? swimming and swimming i Water Safety Instructor
LEROY (SatchelPAIGE,I j I I I SMOOTH SAILING TIL lessons since the pool was Course will be conducted at

the age-old pitcher who recently drove in 11 runs .WE MEET AGAIN.'CAMPY'S opened in 1951. the pool June 713. The
demanded and received r The pool was built at a course i s sponsored b v the
his release from the:Miami SUGAR RAY ROBINSON !} ,ryY cost of $130,000, but Julius I American Red Cross (Duval
:Marlins of the International I|'I was omitted from the ratings)' NIGHT Guinyard, pool director has:I County Chapter) and Jacksonville -
listed bT the NBA and his stated that the building has Recreation Depart-
League has signed to play
with Havana Cuban Stars t i title was declared vacant.Robinson's .I been terribly abused by vandals ., ment.

out of Beloit, Wis., for the I I'after I he had crown'failed was to defendit lifted DRAWS 93,000TO Lrif i I{I i I Applicants must be at least
is looking Last season the total admission 18-years-old and have a cur-
summer. Paige since winning it back from was 48,777 which rent Senior Life
forward to getting back into Saving certificate -
the major leagues. Old Satch Carmen Basilio on March 25 COLISEUMLOS was the largest attendance or be able to demon-
was with the Cleveland In-,1958. Dr. Ward Wylie. presi since 1951. In 1951 the attendance strate (lstanding) front dive,
dent of the NBA has proposed was 50,491 1952-39,640; swim 440 contin-
dians and the old St. Louis ; ((2)) yards
Browns under Bill Veeck, a match between Carmen ANGELES UR 0 Y 1953-27,712; 1954-29,874; 1955- uously, ((3)surface) dive a mi-
who is now president of the Basilio and Gene Fullmer,Campanella Night" at the Los 29,478; 1956-34,707; 195732,022ad nimum of 6 feet and swim
and the winner would be recognized Coliseum was greeted TNEYSAY in .
Chicago; White Sox. Last sea- I Angeles 195848,777.Each two body lengths under wa-
son his record with the Marling as the middleweightking. recently with 93,103 fans year American Red ter, ((4)) tread water 1 minute
was 10-10.() Right now at The winner would be who pushed and jammed Cross swimming classes are and ((5)) float motionless for
his he is required to sign an agreement -, their way into the Coliseum .1 conducted at the pool. The 1 minute.
questionable s
age to defend the title with.in for the largest crowd to ever is the
program sponsored by Applications may be secur-
still considered one of the .
best pitchers in baseball. 90 das.: I witness a baseball game. : Jacksonville Recreation De- ed from the Red Cross, 2625
CHUCK HARMON has J JIM BROWN, the great The attraction was a bene- .! partment and the AmericanRed Riverside or the Jefferson
been returned to the Phila\'fullback of the Cleveland,fit game between the New Cross. The public school, Street pool. The course is
delphia Phillies by the Char Browns football team told(I York Yankees and the Los system assists in the programb free to local residents but
leston (West Virginia) Sena[: the student body n a speech Angeles Dodgers. The Yankees S Jr i y having teachers instruct' out of town applicants will
I i
tors of the American Association. \ delivered at Dillard Univer- w o n 6-2, but the win- swimming lessons and to con-;be charged a fee of $25 for
The Senators had 30[; sity, the Negro athlete represents -(!ning and losing side appeared duct other activities sponsored room and board at Edward
days to make a decision on t his race in the public;' to be of a minor matter at the pool.Registration Waters College.
purchasing the veteran major: mind, h e said the racial: since the crowd turned out. STRIPPED OF TITLE-Sugar RaT Robinson. is shown for Red Cross 1 I Students will need to fur-

leaguer, who has seen service, group has been fortunate in i to honor Roy Capanella. the, here, is probably the greatest if not the greatest one of swimming lessons will begin nish their own notebook
with the St. Louis Cardinals,, the kind of representation it;,Dodger catcher who almost the greatest fighters the ring has ever known. but in Monday June 1, from 4 to 6 pencil and secure both text
the Cincinnati Redlegs and has had. He said the Negro came to a tragic end in an the eyes of the National Boxing Association were turned p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m. The,books-1. Swimming and Diving
the Philadelphia Phillies.The: athlete, particularly, has a i'automobile accident in 1958. against Robinson when ha failed to defend his title registration will be held thru and 2. Water Safety and
Senators were keeping Chuckon ;, great responsibility he must; Capanella, three time win- after winning the title back from Carmen Basilio in June 5.Swimming. ,I Life Saving. Registration for
a trial bas i s. With the| be qualified to lead and in- ner of the National League'sMost Chicago on March 25 1958. The NBA stripped Robinson lessons will be.the course will begin Sunday
Senators he was batting.231, spire. He must be,intelligent,' Valuable Player Awards of the title. He has been offered several matches conducted on Monday, Tues-I June 7 at 7:30 p. m. at the
had hit four home runs and' educated, refined and dignified -l sat silently as base since his title was taken away from him. The NBA has day and Thursday mornings pool. The course will run
I to the extent that he can ball officials, civic and poli- proposed fight between Basilio and Fullmer and Robinson from 9:30 to 12 noon. The through Friday and Saturday
'gain respect. "The Negro athlete -"tical celebrities talked of his I can fight the winner. ccurses will be for beginners,,''at noon.
plays a great part in im- courage, faith and fight wage-'

71 38 49 I proving race relations,"I Jed by Campy on his road to:I CENTEREDON
18588567 'Brown said. recovery.. ,
:More than 93,000 fans became
I DID YOU KNOW that Tommy
quiet as Campanella
2 3 (Hurricane) Jackson is I spoke. He said, "1 want to YANKEE STADIUM JUNE 25
I still fighting after
being thank each and every one of
I 0 warned to the boxing I
n up you good people for this eeI -
I game? He is not fighting This I
1 remony. is something :
:J I the big name boys, but he I will never forget for the rest NEW YORK-It Is only a matter of opinion and that.

Watch This (Jo"'n 1 believes that constantly fight-I of my life, and I thank: God is a right that every man has a right to and at the pre- ,
sent opinions are being expressed on the outcome of
ing he will soon be back n I'm here living to be able to many
shape to demand of the: the Floyd Patterson-Ingemar Johannsoa title bout to be
546099 some !see it. It is a wonderful I
46304317 big timers. H e said he is thing." fought in Yankee Stadium on June 25.

going to Canada soon for I I The attendance for the Patterson is singing his

Sometime: heft up some: fights that are lined up game was almost'7,000 great- laurels about his perfect con- weight champ.
Sometimes be'. down for him.He still has his Jack Dempsey, the Manassa -
lie add, subtract same;er than the previous recordwas dition and the shape he will
He wtrks It aD rnronndAttractions manager but different trainers. -I 86,288, set at the fifth be in when h e meets the Mauler said: "Don't count
.Tommy is seriously thinking game of the 1948. World Se- Swedish champion Ingemar Johannson 0 u t. "He's big,
of making a comeback. ries between the Cleveland Johannson and Ingemar is strong and willing.
C-htg A GROUP OF YOUNG Indians and the Boston the Cus D'Amato Patterson'smanager
poiting out advantageshe
42 68 317 16 baseball Primo
players are working Braves at,Cleveland. will have over. the heavy- : "So was
hard I "
very to bring baseball I Canara.
back among Negro player

TRANSMISSIONS; MOTORS[ ] ; I weight Gene Tunny champion, former: "Johann-heavy- 010 yov a far tafQA Urn canot MAOC TEA sappfy* MATES jrw

'son has a good chance.Any
THE EVIDENCE ..Ko money TRANSMISSION thing can happen in the ring !
; OVERHAULED) and usually does." :
STACKS UP $29-50 Nathan Neutrons, electro-
6 Hour a. k nic expert: "Nobody can say PALMSBALLROOM
Service Neutrons is neutral. Countup

there's no Gin, likeGORDON'S not down, to five and
Free OI there will be a Swedish fall-

Brigit Bardotsson, Swedish
film' star: "Ingemar is devine

UNITED) AUTOMATIC I TRANSMISSION 1 and ing man. We all hope he" "...
doesn't lead with his chin.

MOTOR; CENTER; I Al Kelly, professor of double NOW SHOWING IN
1225 HENORICKS AVE, EX 8-3421; talk: "There is much PERSON 1
t conversation anent the self
;: makadoor of this situation. I
,, would say Ingemar has an" BIG 4 STAR ATTRACTION
'oblegate of krazoo which]I
:\ a 'I
makes the situation very
strombed and Korzen. frank-I Allison"You
; ly, I am haznicrated and

proznitated and as.of. the
a .moment, really man is trailing I Can Make li If You Try"
witterment. Believe "
e s me.
Mai Malarky, micrometer
manufacturer "If all I hear
about Ingemar is true this (isaines I
N II]must be the first Swedish Earl
rubber man. Patterson will
1)S. give him a chance to prove,
how much bounce he has to''
: : k the ounce." AND THE

I I! Whitey Bimstein, Johann- '
son's trainer "Ingemar is so SPANIELSJIMMY
i itijn sharp he could get his fist
through a three inch opening -
Mkto ." _

ra, r R l N Carl Lundquist, baseball
oar,alp I expert and Swedish histo- BECKAnd
nan: "Aye bane, I mean, I've

.. ,M been a jingeleer for years His ORCHESTRA
.J.a and to
paraphase an old line
'a thousand Swedes, will K. .r ..7 .- V.". -.....?... ..7 :- .y
some out of the weeds to
watch Ingemar win the battle MON. THRU THURS. 75c

f, of Yankee Stadium' inci- Fri.- Sat SUB. and Holidays $1.00Week I

ram MB wim nan ...N ....wars m a a. in,no.L I.i dently, what's wrong with ,
_the Yankees "



.:-:.., __ ", \u _" ";;i.".: ;"'''''::;- -:III" ..lJ_,, lky'L; t "" 4>< _
iI iiI

-- -- --- ---

Week Ending Saturday. Mar 30 ISSfl

: .'- '" "-. ,: NEWS ,BRIEFSTWO MRS.E.FOY f f

.". I I. ':: HAVE WiLL


BARBECUE auto carrying five per- YOUR VACANT LOTS _
sons careened off Old State Piano pupils of Mrs. Evelyn '"
Specializing; in Ribs and ChickenNo. Road 44 pear Wildwood last Squires Foy will be presentedin Call EL 4-6782 Mr. KayMT.VERNON ... I-I'
week-end and ploughed into a their annual June recital
1 33rd at Moncrief Road fence killing two of the occupants June 10 at 8 p.m., in the auditorium -
PHONE [4.9102 and seriously inuring. of New Stanton Sen- --..--
the remaining three. ior High School. tc1 --
No. 2 Broad at State Street
The described doing
car as
PHONE EX 49789No. Students who will appear .__._
"better than 90 miles an .. \
on' the are: Thel- SEE GREAT MOVIESAt
3 Florida Avenue at 1st Street hour when it left the road" program
metia Yvette Argrett, Doro- Air-Conditioned
PHONE EL 6-9367 was driven by 24-year-old CHORUS SLATESANNIVERSARY 111ettt
thy Lee Hall, Stephanie Denise STRAND & ROOSEVELT ;
No. 4 700 Block W. Ashley StreetSINGLETON'S Charles Bert Williams, who Henderson, Patsy Ola ._
faces police charges if }fie sur- I I Brinson, James Earl Roberts, STRAND
vives his injuries. !Brenda:Marie Martin, Charles I
The dead were listed as Clifford Delano Brooks, III, Pherese Sun. Sat-May 31-June ff
SUPERIOR BARBECUE Cohen, 34,and :Mary Nell Davis, Tynia Diedra Shackle-I atJ
Wise, 30, both of Ocala 1959 Academy Award
ford, Beverly Gail Jordan, The 7th anniversary of the
JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Willie Jean Dismuke, :Marian Gospel Chorus of Mt. Vernon For Best Actress 1 A tip of the Pepsi Cap
FLORIDA STAR Elizabeth Nesbitt, Linda A. Baptist i Church will be observed y to theee out taa4OEg
Robinson, Renee S.Lilly,JohnI. June 8, at 8:15 p.m., SBSL'I young Americans, site
n* C.VE.KY .E. Scott Jr., James Henry I in the auditorium i i of the I HAMARD make our country and
-.. .: 'I: COLORED HOME Solomon, Edgaranna Jones, church. \ our community a better
Patricia Ann Roberts and oth- The Gospel Chorus of Day place In which to UY

........ ers. Spring Baptist Church will be r
the serving chorus for the ** *
Rosetta Louise C ar t e r of
Benedict College and Jacque- celebration. Others to appearare D *
lyn Elaine Small, of Hampton the Male Chorus of Zion f *
Institute will give congratu-I Hope Baptist Church Male I i
lations. Chorus of Mt. Ararat Baptist, THE MUIDEE h I *'
and West Union Baptist i rIIAL THATSHOCEEO K *'
Churches. THE r.r I
Usher Boards No. 3 and 4
.BEAUTY'S TELEVISIONAND will serve. Mrs. Bernice i Plus ROD CAMERON In 1 1I
I Brown will serve as mistress "Man Who Died Twice" :
RADIO SERVICE :of ceremonies for the occa-i Adults 60c Kids 1Sc I! r '1
sion and Leroy Williams will "
Home Calls on all Makes be the guest soloist. j
Used Radios from $5.00 Up RooseveltSun.
Mrs. Maude Moore and Mrs.I
nr- We Finance Segars are captains of Groups Mon. Tues. DORIS L. MIZELLE
816 FLORIDA AVENUE No. 1 and 2.BARBER. 2-lsi Run Action Hits! New High Stanton School Senior k-
ELGIN 6-8074 )t
Doris, is a member ljL
i WANTED 12.8 class. She Is memTher
.. ... ,.. I Apply at Arilslic Barber, NEVER B ERIC a
: : : '....: ,.. "" ..... ,.: :,.Ito:"",. Shop. 619 W. Ashley Street.j' 'Ic11. of New the Homemakers Student Coun-J of T

EL 4.9231 IN I'American, and plans to become ->-

AHHALSlFilmed \I an Elementary Edu-)f>
Wanted: Lot 50 x 100. Must cator. i
f have -.sewerage and near ***********iLtkQ

.ed'r .. .,. i EV transportation.74290. Call Sunday as ithappened t -+.
J ,y'f .: tEt. !
r. r. ,

b7 : IIfI
0 I : awRALPH

.' : Sun.-Tues.-May 31-June 2 1iII .

Brigitte Bardot +
,; -- "NIGHT HEAVEN FELL"Hottest (iR/A7STlOUIS + r

WE HONOR OUR NATION'S DEAV OF ALL WARS Since Man Created Exposure Film! BMKRDBBftf It-

-Plus- J E. GREEN
Audle Murphy j" New Stanton Senior
INDEPENDENT LIFE "No Name On Bullet" And Teen-Age Terror High School
Both Technicolor! 4 Tribute Is paid to Ralphof
Wed. the 12th grade class. He
June 3-5
4| Is a member of the Nation-
Anthony Quinn
& Accident Insurance Company; 'IATTILLA"Technicolor Plus jtol. Muslc-Cho Honor ,Society and plans Stanto-to

J become Physical Then
II Anita Ekberg In *pis!. .

k' "SCREAMING SerlaJSweepstakesCOMING MIMI" .i *******ir****

... ,) :', :. _,: I LiCCID7; aramount resent *
i : Sat. June 6 I *

., 1:4,:>; ': '.' :<:p'. ... ONE- 4 OF GREAT THE GREW KITES _! -'THEYOUNGCAPTIVES.- I II r'J _\

: (
.' I
... ;,. !-'\ > Wed. Thurs: -June 3-4
; Of Unwed Mother I
' j s
< Plus "So Young So Bad"EASE

There Is No Substitute ;' Cecil Louise Williams of)
;" :
F _._ New Stanton Senior
For Life Insurance : STANLEY KRAMERTONY Pepsi High Cola School Dealers and/')

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company
OFFERS > CURTIS r r are proud to salute j

ORDINARY/ AND WEEKLY PREMIUM NS GilletteSuperSpeed Honor member Society.0 f the National

,. OFv -- .

-. LIFE' ,./ ". _.- .;. : WITH DISPENSER BLUE BLADE AND '1.-- ,........ Ongnrtalattoos from reptf
Cola to tune three 'Meru
f "
: > "Outcasts Of City" Award winner
ACCIDENT; ; Adults SOc $10.0 t Listen to Fepsl Merit AWMmhrtaUon
: ,, : < Bid: Free In Cars! J. ea ..... CMTEEN.TDOV
I : WBH4 XiM
M yew Cal Sj t HbtjB
: ENDOWMENT ,. _, 11:'1 to 11 U AM.Page .



A aI..UIE1A PICnJII[ .. '

., I L.' >._ -0- it3 : .... .-,,.... '. "" AND rept c,
:: :.:: =:zr I
.. ,. l'- : + : tT
; *-.. : .
; ... I
# : : .. HOMEOFFICE SENIOR Jaolee.. M
r. ) A < ._ L-p.E, l'1it


Wllh Ed SulllTtn MItch MOIsr nd Many cam

.........,',........" ,,,.....,' Stan: LOUIS PHMA. LEI ELGAHT :
.... ..0 '.'l: j'

; ;', ',4; .. ,:' ,,, )0::..: ..ik;:"::" : ; e Lr

; 1. -.