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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 23, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 23, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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--- --

Negro Judge In Miami F'iJill/J

Quits Post Under Fire 8TAIl "tt< *'f

-- OP *S

-- --- VOL. 9 NO. 16 And NEWS MAY 23. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Ce ; 0


FOR CONTEMPTMIAMI only Negro '' Heroic Action By Jax Ma, il r o 5Tt p

judge resigned last Mon

r son day.The, had judge been, John ordered D. .i J-jailed! ( Saves 2 Tots From : o

court.last commissioners week At for that said contem time they, t city!' ', 3.

,, would request his resignation. '

rks. ing order County had, saying issued Judge Johnson the Frank contempt Dowl-hads i,2 INFANTS LEFT UNATTENDED i FIRE VICTIMS --ra ur--YmS'; {

., NF.1 6n how e d a continuous disre-
.. in : -- --- ---- --- -- -
>3 ffi 1 spect his handling for the county of estate court casesas PERISH I I APARTMENT BLAZE ;.----

a private attorney. !
Johnson had presided as a L The swift and heroic action of a 28 year-old man saved

city judge over the central the lives of two children last Friday afternoon akhough

r :'seaj district, a Negro precinct. their infant brother and sister perished in the twoalarmfire

| Judge Johnson, who holds that swiftly gutted the small rooming house apartment
QUESTIONED-Two of the persons questioned by i i Mi court at the Colored Precinct i where the children had been left unattended.
the FBI in the lynch murder of Mack Charles Parkerare before
was brought -- -- --
I Willie Sugar was on his '.
seen here. County Judge F. B. Darling. !lunch hour and happen to be apartment to see if the door
J. P. Walker, candidate for
At left is grinning a He paid the estate of the late : I i
sheriff whom the FBI is quizzing to determine his part Mrs. Clara Romer $506.45, 'passing the three story frame was locked. It was during her

in the lynch mob which took Parker from a Poplar- and Judge Darling declared I'rooming house at 435 Phelps'absence that the fire broke
vine 25 shot him and then dumped him Street when he noticed
on April him purged of contempt. out.
| i
in the Pearl River. Walker said the FBI agents "treatedme smoke and flames in a ground
had similar I
Judge Johnson a ,floor apartment. Prompted to Fire Marshal!
and talked to me like I was a nigger or a dog or According
with \V.
something." brush Judge F.j I into immediate action by the E. C. :McDermon, the fire .
Blanton last October when he '
At the Rev. James Lee of rural I screams of the children trapped -
pastor a Baptist was fined $50 and ordered to started when a pot contain-
Church is seen with his bible as he addressed a I within the apartment,
pay $467 to the estate of Mrs. Sugar dashed inside, swept ing corn boiled over a gaso- s MN
group of white people last week telling them he was I
"the number one suspect" in the lynching. He said fe- Ruth Lee. the first two children he saw,,line stove, causing an explo- N
It is being rumored that i ..
deral agents had "bothered"] him with long questioning into hs arms, and carried sion. .t a
i L. E.Thomas, former \
sessions. I Judge a them to safety'He was driven -
| judge of the Municipal Court back by the heat and The surviving Simmons

-- --- ------ I of Miami will replace Johnson flames when he attemptedto children are Phyllis, 4, and 2

when the City Commission reenter the house for the year-old Sandra. Supervisorsat

SCHOOL SEGREGATION:BILLS .goesjnto session! _, ,_ two infants. The brother,and Burnett Chevrolet 'has be-
sister, aged 18 and 7 months 1'"gtuxta:; clothing and.furnituredrivefortheburntout

respectively,,.were burned to i family
death. They; were identifiedas 1, ..px
I Randolph and Brenda Sim- Sugar, who is em-
mons. ,ployed by the DeMott Paint

Staff Correspondent The heroic I!Company, was praised by
Sugar, who ,Fire Department officials for
barely escaped with his life I
i hs r ens cue of the Simmons
TALLAHASSEE-Four bills designed to maintain segregation i!MAN IS STABBEDBY in a fire about nine months I girls.

in Florida schools were passed b y overwhelming MOTHEUWN-LAW, ago, and who will bear the I

I votes and sent to the Senate this week as the legislative Eddie Morris: 18, of 1.165 scars of that ordeal for the <."yYxA"R .6 Nsy,. rT' :!:;,

session which has devoted most of Its time to segregationwas \V. 25th Street told investi- rest 0 f his life, g a v e no, Ji'X, .)'y w :

nearing its end. gating officers he was thcught of that horror when MOTHER 2 TOTSINJURED
1 I stabbed in the chest by his ha saw the flames and heard ,
Although all of the bills I mother-in-law last Sunday the screams of the Simmons
t 0 submit written
are obviously unconstitutional requests I night. I children. just tried to get BADLY
the only bill which caused for transfers to the local r The vrMm said his mother- them out of there as fast as
boards and if the transfersare in-law. Mrs. Freddie Lee [ could." he said. I youngsters.
debate was the measure C I I dra. 3, and Phyllis Simmons 3. who were heroically
denied the child would,! Greer. 35, was arguing with Palmer and Gwendolyn
which directs the governorto !IN SMASH.UP rescued by Willie Sugar (inset top right) from a blaz-
him a'out his friend dropping parents 0 f the
not be required to attend I I .._ ing house last Friday are seen in the photo at top. In
urge local school boardsto cigaro'te ashe on the floor, ;children, were both absent
school. i the bottom the dolMike
photo are two victims who
transfer students whose and v-'ien he smarted to bed. !when ,the tragedy occured. iI
I perished in the blaze Ralph Simmons 18 months and
presence in a school threatens The fourth bill }providingthat Mrs. Creen stabbed him. The father was at work at Brenda. 7 months.
local MOT is was taken to DuvalMedic I Burwell Chevrolet where he
: governments
1 Center by cab and ad- :is employed. Mrs. Simmons I A t w o-c a r collision last ..- STAR PHOTOS
c-nool facilities
: to
The bill directs the gover-,; private -' \, the suspect was ar- :had gone to the store. Thechildren
,,Sunday night accounted for
grounds 'under 5-year .' l EORMAN;
left in
were the
nor to urge sheriffs to arrest: WHITE RAPISTS
persons whose presence in contracts was passed 80-1, I temporary care of Virginia i the critical injuries of a mot- HOME ANNOUNCES

school areas threaten violence -.with Rep. Miner of Hendry !MAN IS INJURED Donaldson, 12, of the same ;her and child and the less DEDICATION' SUNDAY

and failure of the casting the 1 lone dissenting DURING FIGHT !;address. The child told firemen -j GBAKTED NEW Dedication services for the

governor to act in such situation William Brown, 26, of 2532 1, she left the children and Ichild.I serious injury of a second ; D "::1a Av. ,__ ,.. 1_:me, 3412
would constitute malfeasance. vote.The Moncrief Road told police he ,went upstairs to her parents'I r>.. -- loih! and
bills were set for was at 13th Street and Mon
I THAI DATFTALLAHASSEEThe :* 'I 'frill! be held
!cial order by the Rules Com- crief Road last Saturdaywhen Duval County Patrolmen % ;)1.21- : *
3 t. G
Rep. :Mann of Hillsborough:mittee after approval by the James Raymond hit him Richard Brooker and M. P. .. p.m.
WOMAN 'r: *M 1
objected to t h ebill on the t General l Legislation Committe. I with some object. INJUREDJUftlPING I :' > : hit 21-
\ ivladay'toervke
Patterson Joe will be ofTered.
grounds that it was unconstitutional -' Brown said he and James
but it was passed!, I Raymond had some words .Louis Holliway, 30, was making legal 'i he i,uI/Jc, has been
69-11. j t In other Senate action, the about some money, when the FROM maneuvering which has been invited, ..to.. atie-j: the dedka-
committee, on Monday, approved accused drew a knife on him I a left turn on Blanding going on behind tve scenesin tie S !\y.

Rep. John Matthews of: a parent option school and the next thing he knew boulevard when his vehicle the Tallahassee rape case
Jacksonville upheld the bill a i bill offered by Attorney Gen- MOVINGAUTO :I was brought into the
he was hit. He said he did was struck by a car driven open STRUCK BY AUTO-
saying it is based on a Texas:eral Richard Ervin and School not think he was hit with the i'by a 21- 'ear-old white sailor. this week when the attorneysfor (CO.DITION CRITICAL:
law which "has been Supt. Thomas I
never I Bailey. knife. the four white selfadmitted IINy
I 1.373Vest
upset." I The Ervin-Bailey plan would The victim was taken to Miss Annie Mae Davis, 43: !I In the collision, Mrs. Holli- rapists succeeded in get- 11th Street was struck by an

The House passed 84-0 a:permit white parents to with- Duval Medical i Center for of 1732 \V. 30th Street was way received severe internal ting the trial date, originally auto 1 last Sunday morning

bill which would broaden!draw their children from integrated treatment. injured last Tuesday when I',injuries. Her 16-month-old set for May 27th, extendedto while crossing Myrtle Avenuenear
1: she jumped from a moving I I, June 10.
schools the
Florda's pupil assignmentlaw to draw a son sustained a fractured intersection of Sev-
to conform to one in t$300 annual subsidy from the HATCHET USED automobile at the corner of I postponement was enth Street.
TO CHOP UNCLEA Pearce and 30th Streets. skulL Another child, 3, was granted on Tuesday by Cir-
Alabama, which has been up- state to educate theim pri- I I The car that struck Joynerwas
held by the courts.A vately. 52-year-old man was She told police she was having j:badly shaken up and receiv-;;cuit Judge W. May Walker driven by 53-year-old
chopped on the right arm and an argument with her boy ed severe cuts and bruises.I who admitted that he saw Marshall Gordon of 2319 Mc\
-bill which would grant Last Monday also saw the' hand with .a hatchet last Tues- friend Alonzo Montgomery, I I.I They were admitted to Du no: need for the extension Millan Street. Joyner is listed
exemptions from the compulsory -I passage .of. a bill calling' for' day while fighting with his 55, of 1303 Pearce St., while I. but granted it "o u t of'an : in critical condition at Du-
val Medical ;
school attendance law the dismissal of any Florida nephew at their home, 1161 she was sitting in his car. As abundance of caution". Call-' val Medical Center.

for students who are refused I professor who teaches an in- W. 22nd Street. he drove off he said he was The sailor and his three ing the suspects "gentlemen". The accident was investigated -

transfers from integrated;tegrated class, "except by Ben Home told investigating going to Mil her and when he also sailors Judge Walker stated his de-: by officers H. M.\ Haw-
schools was passed 80-1 in'court order." This bill, it is officers he had an argUment turned the corner she jumped passengers, were sire that they have "a fair ''ahd aJid l J L. Jordan. ..
the House. 'I said, is aimed at the Tallahassee with his nephew, Her from the car. Miss Davis said. treated for cuts and abrasions -j and impartial trial consistent -- -- ----

Council on Human Relations '- bert Roulhac, 35,"earlier in i Miss Davis was taken to' at St. Vincent's HospitaL -with law and due process." year-old Florida
.(Editor's note: One bias aspect an organization set up the afternoon and during the' Duval Medical: Center to be i State Attorney W. D. Hop- after A & M student -

of this bill is seen In the i to keep open communication night they got into a fight.I I treated for an injured left leg I+lans: who will prosecute the -their The abducting her in

fad it does not provide for between Negroes and whites, The officers said when they and foot. She also complainedof Mrs. Holliway, 23, lives at I case,. objected to the post-.in the car.car with girl was found

exemption from the compul- many members of whom are arrived at the scene Roulhacwas pains in the.- ide of .her 1421 Francis Street, c. ponement of trial. "1' do not by a deputy the four men
sory attendance law for stu- professors at Florida State gone, but it is believed stomach police said. I see what more time could be bound with She- was
dents who are refused trans University, and, to a larger ex- that he was"cnt-also. .Patrolmen_William"H. Har- The exact scene of, the ac used for." he.said. I i ed with a belt and gagg.

fen from segregated scools.: ) tent, Florida A. and. M. University Home was taken to Duval- ris and,Robert L.,-.Jenkins. in- cident. was.Blanding bouie-I The four men will be tried;I four men a baby diaper. &'

>The bill calls for parents Medical Center in'a police car. vestigated. vard and 103rd. for repeatedly raping a. 19-, turns raping admitted her. taking



Two 1",
Week Ending Saturday, May 23 1999
-- --- -- -- ----
-- ------ -----
--- -
-- -------

"v r ,tMA 1
A "Politics As Usual"By
Published by The Florida Stu Publishing Co. ,q ERIC 0. SIMPSONThe
"Member of Associated Negro Press"

Eric 0. Simpson '" ___......._______Edilor

C. Parhaxn Johnson "._".._ ____,,__, _.. ".. News Staff first and second democratic primaries recently held

Hilda Wooten Circulation Dept. should have taught us some lessons by which the Negro
-- -
MAIN OFFICE' & PLANT: !people should profit.

1323 Moocriei Road _.._._._.__.... EL 4.6782 EL 4.6783 One thing we know is that
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4.3773
do the
Negro citizens not turn :fighting some of very

out in large enough numbersto groups whose support they

Mailing Address: vote; and another is that solicited.
Jackson forces should have
P. O. Box 561 Jacksonville 1, Florida "" we still need to have more been satisfied to get support

people registered. for Jackson from all the
RATES -'* groups and leave the other
*t'i -e '. -. 'The most resealing races alone because by put-
One Year. $5.00; Half Year. $3.00; Three Months. 51.80 '. -4 : lesson ting out 'tickets' themselves,
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States. jq ? !-. we have learned the Jackson forces were

Bobccripiion Payable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: : .\ L--' ..;'. > however, v .


." is definitely a We see where the men who

f. ," hit i e bloc I are supposed to represent all
t of usa r e busy putting
:. j a 'vote" which
through a bill t 0 providesome
; ::S' ::' '-C.w i 11 go into $300. to families who.
,,... .
YOU IMAGINE -; ::'" J'. /J.action t o d eJSeat -:I want to send their children
h ;
1':' .? Negro to private schools rather
: .' i
I __ :' than let them attend integraed -
SIMPSON candidates. : schools.

THAT FBI-sponsored melodrama unfolding down in 'Still another lesson that I 1! In other words they are

03 swamp-exiled Popularville, Mississippi, and which, in real most of .us should rememberis forcing Negro citizens to help

ity, is the most tardy sequel of the skull-crushing, bullet- how quickly after the elec- pay: the cost of sending the

riddling and water-logging of young Mack Parker for supposedly tions are over the politicians children of prejudiced white

raping a white woman, j is taking on fantastic pro forget about the Negro citi- parents who oppose the ruling

portions. GIVE HIM A DIFFERENT PICTURE, WITH A STRONG CIVIL RIGHTS zens they had been wooing a of the United States Su-
The provincial folk down in that dank and barbarianquarter BILL, Mr. PRESIDENT few weeks before.It preme
of the nation "foul!" because of I i This taxing of people-the
are actually crying .. is really ironical the way'
the FBI's determination to apprehend the 'stout-hearted' Negro people in ths case-to
of the politicians expect -
masked mobsters who ganged up on Parker, beat the life ---- our Weekly some satisfy the prejudices of a

out of him, and then exploded his insides with highpowered : citizens to work to get I few bigots is a good exam-

gunshots before soaking him to jelly in the Pearl River. ? Guide them elected so they can
) pie of taxation without
No, they don't like those grey-flannelled cops hanging 'ff-oscope land positions that yield re-

around one damned bit, those unaffectionate agrarian left them handsome profits.If presentation.
overs from another world. As a matter of fact, they're "" n,Ch A'' -- -
downright indignant about it. ,'.INPs; LOVF TRAVEL the last two prmiaries1teach is seen .in local
nothing else, they
One resentful semi-literate, who reportedly aspires to be us government where our city

the next sheriff of the murder-town, accused FBI agentsof : Ti 6; PABLO The ASTROLOGER ___. should teach us the utter councilmen are elected at
treating him like "a nigger or a dog" because they, --- uselessness of the voting"tickets" r
1 large instead of the votesin
questioned him about Parker's untidy exit from this life ARIES I more stable conditions around workers and immediate superiors which various or-[ by

The outstanding twist to date, however, in the Poplar-[Born March 21 thru April 20 your office and residence. I especially during' the ganizations and individualsissue. wards. There is no sensi

vile FBI drama, is the case of a farm hand, supposedly I You need to review and You may not be too successful first three weeks of May.. There is such an abundance ble reason why the people in

named Arthur Smith. Now, this fellow Smith, described,by r|reorganized matters linking in this connecton during Watch out, however, for a : the 9th Ward, for instance,
his brother as being "a husky, healthy man who's never your funds with those of May, for the only good in- tendency to get off on tangents of them issued, manyof should have anything to say

been hospitalized", conviently had a stroke after being others. Look out for extrav- fluences noted are those on that can put you at a them altered duplications about who elected in the
recently questioned by the FBI. Some doctor who relishes!,agance and misjudgment the 14th and 25th. Be wary disadvantage through wrong"of originals put out by or- is
to remain unknown said: "The cerebral hemorrhage was!'!which could prove costly of unwise moves or changeson judgment or visionary plans ganizations that they serve 5th Ward

brought on by extremely high blood pressure, and it's very I'when! adverse aspects are in 26th and 30th. and ideas. Don't invite mis|i only to confuse voters, and in Mr. Ripley. the Senator
possible this was the result of instensive questioning by the!force. Effect wise settlementsor 440551445545VIRGO understandings during the from D
for fllhe I final analysis, serve no u val could undo a
FBI. j lay the groundwork third and fourth weeks of
better conditions on the 14th (: this i month, for you could[ useful purpose whatever. great wrong by introducinga
To punctuate Smith's plight, his mother is reportedly "on and 25th. You may notice a Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23i easily set off unpleasant reactions I bill to put the election of
the verge of a breakdown" because of the FBI's grilling.In tide of events this i month i i i Mars rs sure to be stirringup through thoughtless\\i! 0 n e strange paradox we city councilmen back in the

the meanwhile, Smith is said to have lost all powerof which puts some emphasis on a lot of action for you words or deeds then while noticed was the situation in wards. The manner in which
speech (God bless 'im!) and can recognize only his wife. affairs of the 22nd, and 29th. durng :May where social interests under nervous tension. "I which the Ernest Jackson the
To take a tally, therefore, shows that Our Friend Smith's 510111356511TAURUS i are concerned. You 920441747924 group asked all of the leading people's right to elect
mother is on the verge of a breakdown because the FBI insists ; seem to be brought into contact their own representatives in
on bringing a crew of vicious killers to justice. Whereas I with enthusiatsic, con- 'CAPRICORN I I organizations t o carry the city council was taken

on the other hand, Mack Charles Parker's mother had Born April 21 thru May 21 structive individuals w hen Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 20'J a c k son on their tickets. from them is an example of

to beat a fast trail out of Popularville before she was cart-I This could make you more :Mars is well placed on the 1 Mars will b e transiting:Ninety-nine percent of the how
ed off to oblivion like her hapless son. outspoken in your views and'25th, 27th, 30th and 31st. 'cur opposite sign throughout t''organizations agreed; but the politicians have devised

Take the now wordless Smith: No doubt this Southern- more interested in the affairsof These same -aspects will pro- this forecast period; while jj!:Jackson group turned right methods to r o b the Negro

style Paul Bunyan is even now reclining comfortably in your community and close vde you with the opportunity this encourages joint enterprise around and put out a ticket people of their constitutional
relatives. More energy is re-: and to forge ahead to and activity rights.
some utterly-white: dispensary in Popularville. As we understand i energy -jwhcih in some cases carried
it, he was interrogated in connection with Par- leased for use in studies corKespondence -I'I improve income from busi- it is also likely to bring r I candidates in opposition toj I II

ker's lynch-murder. His strangely delicate system could and negotia-I:ness or occupation. Don't be periods of aggravation and I j I many of the groups supporting -I .
not stand it. He collapsed. Quite regrettable. But, then, tions. The phases of the moon slow 1 about letting others stress into your personal life, Jackson. !j

Parker, too; was questioned in connection with the claimsof occur in angular signs for know your hopes and ambi- and affairs because of the'I II ', I II It is my hope that the Ne-
during the first three tions tactics of others. If In other words the Jackson
a white woman that she had been forcefully violated you now. you find
black man. Parker was questioned, all right-with clubs bya I weeks of May, denoting new'i: 860991767869LIBRA i I yourself forced to cope with group wanted all the groupsto gro people will not be misled

and gun butts and righ velocity bullets. And, like our re- developments, changes and. !rivalry of any kind, be sure I support their choice i when the bus franchise
portedly striken friend, Smith, Parker collapsed. The tra-j adjustments o l importance 'that you let the other fellow:I Jackson, but then turned comes to a head, nor that

gic difference, he won't be back among us. jon the 7th, 15th, 22nd and Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 set the pace, for you thereby.1 j!I right around and opposed they will allow themselvesto

I 29th. After the 10th, you may have a chance to benefit n,,many groups on their selections be taken in when the time
A thought comes to mind as one ponders the Poplar-30881838738 :notice a tendency to mix so- some favorable way. i in other races.
l comes to vote the
villains and their contemptible indignation: If the FBI-a cial and business aims or 6_.50_ 22_17_52_652 It seems to on annexa-
that the
human agency-has wreaked such GEMINI ; me tion issue.
with their con- activities, which may carry
sciences, what is going to happen when the whole bestial Born May 22 thru June 21 i through the rest of the month

lot of them have to face their Maker? Mercury, your ruling pla-,i Venus in your solar tenth I AQUARIUSBorn

That should be an interesting conclusion to witness. net, is in a sign which has'I house should bring an increase -, Jan. 21 thru Feb. 19
much to do with your friends in popularity and j You will probably find affairs i-;:-
and their
12th. This affairs indicates until consi-the: some ences very through satisfying channels experi-f going pretty much ac-i

derable communcation with[ romance and entertainmenton 0 :cordnig to schedule, but this

acquaintances and the ,is, for the most part, to your
personal 21st. However
BUS FRANCHISE ISSUE thought given them and their I 16th, look out for any, pitfalls on the i liking. Jupiter in your solar I I

interests during the first: which could arouse trouble:(tenth house continues to fa-
portion of the month. You''at home I;vor advancement of career.
or in
BEING your community !
WATCHED BY PUBLIC must be careful lest you car-I through elders popularity, and credit; and
or jealous I
ry this to extremes and bur-i individuals. the good aspect between this I
den yourself I planet and Mars on the 25th
Now that the city elections are Just about out of the with problems unnecessarily or demands,j I I 661 551156 j.indicates a period of special I : rti

way except for the general election on June 15-it seemsas particularly] on the 11th. ''I I |I accomplishment and success z,.
though Jaxons are in for a long filibuster over the city ;;__20 4.1242324 SCORPIO |I where your work and ambitions -
bus franchise.At I I Born Oct. 24 thru Nor. 22 are concerned. Unfavor- aK

the moment there seems to be a battle brewing over I CANCER 'i. Be sensitive to the attitudes able aspects on the 18th and

the question of whether the city council is required to holda Born June 22 thru July 23 and reactions of others in 26th recommend the exerciseo

public hearing on the application for a franchise by the Throughout the month. Mars"your handling of things on good judgment if moves,
Public Transit Lines, a newly formed corporation. occupies your sign and makes I the 22nd and 29th. The matters changes, 0 r major dealingsare

The PTL wants a public hearing but City Attorney Will .a number of good ,i influenced then will, scheduled then.
iams aspects to,;.probably be linked 7 ..30661836736PISCES
Madison with
contends that there is no statute requiring other planets, your
the council to grant one on an application for a bus fran- the 25th, 27, 30th, and 31st on business, finances, heart in-I'

chise and has asked the court to quash the petition for a This signals a period for '.terests.. .,. or. pursuit_ _of_ recrea -.r-
writ of mandamus (an order from the court) on the grounds acton and audacity personal if- uon. plaice such adjustmentsas I
that the matter did not belong in court. you want to forge ahead are needed to preserve Born Feb. 20 thru March 20
It will be several weeks before we know what the outcome your affairs; People will harmony. Much depends directly Indulge and tendency you I
of that phase of the fight will be. But whatever the probably be upon you where earn- have to correspond with ot- l.1J.
noticing that
decision is;.-whether it is to hold a public hearing or not- you are more forceful ings and budgeting are con- hers or to let people know I

we cannot forget the disgraceful spectacle staged during gressive, even impatient, ag-in cerned. Look out for a ten-': your views and ideas, especially KEN KNIGHT
the last dency to make in
public hearings. striving to get errors judgment when good aspects are
things done.
The behavior of all parties-is being watched the 2--70-99-13-73-:279 or to become extravagant in force on the 27th. You
by :
public the PTL forces, the Jacksonville Coach Com- when Jupiter. adverseto could make some worth-while Invites You To Listen To -

pany 'and Transportation Committee Chairman Ralph Wal- other planets on the 26th.i agreements or achieve better
'LEO 6.80-77_19-89_687 understanding with those "KNIGHT TRAIN"
ter.After I
all is Born July 24 thru August 23 who I
said and done, it seems that the only demo- are important to your
cratic way to settle the question is to let the citizens decide noted Major emphasis may be SAGITTARIUSBorn affairs at these times. Your I Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly
whether they want another bus company or not life now in phases of your Nor. 23 thru Dec. 21 sign is one of the best this I
whether the operation of the city buses should be placed tion which require coordina- Don't overlook any chance month, so be ready to make
under a Transit Authority. business and home now: to improve your relationships : the most of opportunites. 1400 -. WRHC 1400Page .
matters.You: will want better and ties. with co-.1 >. .sn .ftfl.-.-19.---_58;-258 .


Ending Saturday. May 23. 1959 -_u ___ THE F'4r.n'D 1 _STAH___ __ ___ __- '- Page Three

1 I.'BOUT PEOPLE I Wedding Bells .

I i _
Desiree Ball of 5428 Bundle Applications: for Marriage

Drive and niece of Mrs. Al- i Licenses
By \ erta Pentdieton, left the city
LOUISE G. \ recently for Jersey City. N. J., I
I fo spend the summer. Shevas I
Our pleasant surprise this week accompanied by her grandparents .' Clarence Jennings, 1156 W.
:Mr. and :Mrs. George 27th St., age 17 and Sylvia
dence from Mr. J. D. Marshall of I
that acquaintance Ball of Jersey City. Desiree Hall, 712D Venus Mars Court
informing us an
's a member of the
Day: age 17.
Joint Class Reunions of South
Spring Baptist Church Sun-
uates Sunday evening. Mar 31. # day School. | Solomon Roberts, 1625 E.
'N ..',....1;, --- We : I '22nd St., age 19 and Coretta
:- :+ ,:://fjJ: ,#" to Mrs. Patsy Johnson of 1608 ''Han-ell 1710 E. 21st St., age

t'.i--!'; !)?Z i able Preleau Street, is recuperating ]8.I .
I at home, following surgery -I
Cole 1106 W. 25th
I Eugene ,
n u e
,\ '. ., "4" '1> : : pital. in the Lake City Hos- St. age 22 and Linda Padgett,
1619 W. 27th St., age 19.

i E4" ther, :Mrs. F. Adams of 1874 W. Hughsie Owens 926 Hogan

soon : 13th Street, left the city last I St., age 29 and Katrine Al-
by Saturday for Jersey City, N.J. I derman, 2229 Cato Rd., age
nos D. } 1 to attend the funeral of her 21.

r : 3 I mother, Mrs. Carrie French. I Cleve Smith, 706 E. 9th St
-s his i Mrs. Beatrice Ashe Bussie (Panama City. Fla., age 24
tion i of 1183 \V. 23rd Street, and and Audrie Bell, 628 Blod-
: daughter, Mrs. Helen McRoy gett Lane, 17.
of 724 W. 18th Street, left the age
and city recently for New York Johnny L. Taylor, 2965 Willow _
City to attend the funeral of St., age 20 and Christinei
from :Mrs. Bussie's sister, Mrs. Er- i Mitchell, 3042 Bethel Court, _
nestine Ashe Brown. I age 19.Johnnie.

MRS. C. T. JACKSON I L. McCray, 1140
thematics and Science Departments I E. 28th St., age 19 and GloriaY.
High SchoolOn HEADS DOWN FOR Thomas, Rt. 9. Box 414B,
the social side Mrs. Jackson HAIR BEAUTY! age 20.Bobby.
a member of Delta Theta Sorority Lovett, 1642 Dot St.,
Club, and participating in various 30 and
age Alice Watson, 16
given us broad hints of a major Daniel Neal, 1498 W. 10th
place in the very near future 42 Dot St., age 26.
tainly inform our readers.It .
20 and Christine
is also our desire to attend age
Williams, 1571 W. 23rd St.,
hear Mrs. Jackson's address. i/
age 18.Alfonso. -

We have been hearing much A. Johnson 1610
Fashion Show"' scheduled to be ,33rd St., age' 21 and Gwen
Friday evening. May 29 ( ) dolyn Mitchell, 1531 W. 30th
model. Miss Sara Lou Harris. St., age 16. '
We are particularly interested Edw. J. Blackman, 1045 E.
ber of local models will appear Union St., age 19 and Janie
ing a wide range of styles for all Williams, 1053 E. Union St.,
Mesdames Delphine M. Brinson age 16
are two of the local figures who f Fred Davis, 1536 Mt. Her-

respect. : ifDaily man St., age 23 and Dorothy
brushing, so Lewis, 1526 Illinois St., age
The HellencKians held their I l I essential to beautiful 19.
day evening in the Calhoun hair, is more efficient
.:< Henry J. Townsell, 115 Davis -
Barnes with the full quota of II I \ I I"held if done downward with the head r St., age 24 and Doris S.
Mrs. Nan Fletcher. Mrs. t more fun if a pretty, i Temple, 1116 Stonewall St.,
Miller and Mrs. Leona Bennett ; pastel-bristled brush is fj,; age 20.Lee .
prizes consisting of an assortment I used. Long, smooth
I Wm. Barren 1211 W.
I ,
The group is planning a beach !, i[ colored strokes of"Tynex"a brush with 22nd St., age 18 and LaVern
final gesture for this season's ac ( filaments help remove nylon ; Warren 1211V.. 22nd St.,
: Ii dust and oils from the age 19.Lovett.
We have had a difficult time App"1!: the hair while stimulating Mobley, Jr., 821 W.
ties of Les Regalettes Social Because
I nylon is soap and Duval St., age 22 and Juanita
finally corneied our good friends j : ; I water washable and.quick to dry; Lewis, 21 W. Duval St., age
mine that "April showers and } I i l I it is a simple matter always to ]3.
group having a delightful time j ,: have brush a fresh, clean, sparkling Roy A. Brown, 527 AcostaSt.
Country Club under the New brushes like the ., age 27 and Sylvia Jenkins
LaNra Pmckney and Alice Slater. II trated are designed with one a handy illas- 327 Broward St., age 16.
During the business sessions i! thumb rest, to make holding and Marvin Young, 910 Jefferson -
for its summer activities ,which, I, ,: styles handling by the Phillips brush easier. These St.. age 29 and Doris J.

be quite enjoyable. s ?n soft shades of pink are, blue available, aqua, :Gibson, 603 W. 8th St., age
3r beige, with color-coordinated 23.
The benefit dance for the handles -
to match or contrast Linwood Berry, 1153 Pa-
held last The I I with, decor in boudoir
Friday evening at or bath. cetti St. 21 and
joyable affair and I ['hey are the first hair brushes age Mary
of proceeds. I D be made with colored "Tynex". age Clemons 24. 1153 Pacetti St.,
r a s
Jessie E. Randall 2213
Local Alphas are making the Whitter Ave., Baltimore. Md.
ticipation of Achievement e e PATRONIZE I age 37 and Modestine Hall
nationally by Alpha Phi Alpha i I
) 1013 W.: 5th St,. age 27.
Appearing at local high schools Obadiah Sias, 942 Julia St.
vis. Mr. E. E. W. Bryant. Mr. ( age 21 and Lee O. Robinson

James.Walter Cole.Mr. W. P. Holmes Mr. i I I 1101 Stonewall St.. age 21.

During the week, achievement I
business and industry was emph : SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOL
o Six Big Weeks June 15 Julr 24
We are wishing a speedy SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades- 8"
Sapp of 2838 Jupiter Avenue who Piano Band
Theory Voice Accordion
after a lengthy stay in a local 2922 PEARCE STREET -- Ph. EL 5.9722I
Our wishes for good health and
our very dear friend Mrs.
West 9th Street.. who is currently \ I
S s s I -
Las Bonitas Bridge Club, -
regular meeting last Saturday !
home of :Mr. and Mrs. Cassius I
lovely Ribault section. Mrs. Emma t t II

f for the Bonitas evening.Las .officers and I I I tI I : I

Mrs. Sarah Washington. president
vice president; Miss Erma !
Williams treasurer, ; Mns \ r
Mrs. Mable Jones. Reporter: Mrs. ;
Eunice Coker: Mrs. Rachel PATENT
Brown. k OR WHITE

I ,

D I _
I PolI'Pfrot _. .

\ f fojrtkBandGtrls d.l I FEATURES FINE FIT AND

Expert .*.,(.HPbllSRarrof',.a. SMART STYLING YOUR
;. a, Portrait \ I, YOUNGSTERS WILL LOVE_

< Photostats &
Photo. For I
Coloring &
Let U. Take
$5.95 to

In $7.95 BOOTEHY-. ...

< / [I! Bootery
811 West Aakley "- Clan .
Pfcom EL 4-789S For 49 W. FOHYSTH
l'LaA' 8TA


Fr.tiT THE FLORIDA sTA.I\ Week Ending Saturday. May 23 1959


-- -- -- -- -- --



The :"_..".Til <> 'Tan f----: :;; c'ur-:-- -xh and pasUr's anniver ctRcH MEWS

nary of Day Spring Baptist Church will be delivered by Dr

J. A. F. Fiz,las son of Miami, and president of the'Baptist qe- Y kJ Y
Ge orrS".<.:3 "' ..vertio.: of Florida, Inc., during the morn- ..,
tn :1 UNIT TO
DIE J.AF.-'FinI3: = Slated 4 -- -- ,7. }_ya H. V4k.N TO SPONSOR TEA I i OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY

The celebration will termi- Mrs. M.\ L. Brown, Mrs. T. I A Russian Tea Sip will be The anniversary of the Sunday
nate May 25 with devotional Thomas and Mrs. C. Mallard sponsored by District No. 1 of School Department of

services led by :Mrs. Leola Districts No.. 7 and 13 will i i'l'et : .. r3-3: Day Spring :Baptist Church Macedonia Baptist Church

Johnson and Prayer Band St1nda' M:124: a' .11 t : :May 24 from 3:30: p.m. to 6 I will be observed May 24 from

No. 5. p.m. in the home of Mrs. Ma- ww. p.m. at the home of Mr.\ and 4 to 6 p.m. at the church.

Program committee are: mie Fogler, 741 Court D. 4'a.. Mrs. James Sanders, 1366 Some of the participantsare
the Rev. J. B Kinchen, the, A f e" Rill !h- sT:1ns'TP.1: Ijy Madison Street.A the Rev. W. Ashley, Miss

Rev. E. Gardner, and Mrs. C. District No. 1 on May 24 from i .Y program has been arranged Malissa Robinson, Miss Betty
B. Sloan. Courtesy committee V30: to 6 p.m. in the home of for the affair with artists Mikel, the Overstreet Singers

Mrs. Pearl Collins, Mrs. Mrs. A. Sanders, 1366 Madi-' : ,. l of the city appearing. Miss:\ Glen Nathan Miss Gloria ,

Tiny Thomas, Mrs. Asylene son Street. .. Smith James Burney, Sr.,

Turner Mrs. Sarah Carswell, ___ I *14 Y > I :MRS. ROSETTA COHENT Miss\ Shellie Mikel, .the Red
Miss Betty B. Paulk, Mrs. OGIVE RECITALMrs. Rose Singers, Mrs. Maggie
Ethel Hall Mrs. Ethel Walker WOMEN'S DAY SET a'ti + Rosetta Cohen will appear Felson and Mrs. aJnie Brown.

Mrs. Eddie Mae Jackson, AT MOUNT CALVARY : in a recital May 24 at 3
Mrs. Wilma Williams, Willie p.m. in the First Born Tem-
Thomas and Miss i Jeanie I iif ple, 823 Monroe Street.S. MT. TABOR CHURCH
Thomas. Annual Women's Day will SL V. Cohen will be the master OBSERVES ANNUAL DAY
Music committee includes: be observed at the Mt. Cal- t'.b of ceremonies for the pro- Annual Men's Day will beobserved

Mrs R. B. Adkpw. S. L. Da vary Baptist Church May 24 : gram. The program is being at the Mt.\ Tabor

vis. C. Barnes Fisher, Claude throughout the day with art- t sponsored by Mrs.\ Viola Vick- Baptist Church, May 24,
Bryant, Mrs. W. L. Smith, ists of the city appearing on ers. throughout the day beginning

the program.Officers with Sunday School at 9:30:

WEST UNION CHOIR are: Mrs. Beatrice WOMAN'S SOCIETYTO a.m. with Charles Timmons as

Tranp, chairman; Mrs. Emma I GIVE TEAA general chairman and A.
GIVES SILVER TEAA Pinkney co-chairman; Mrs. tl vp + Spring tea will be spon- Right, co-chairman.

Susye Pierce, co-chairman; zi ;ored by the Women's Society The folowing persons are in
silver tea will be sponsored Mrs. Alma Williams, secretary 'f Christian Service of the i charge of the program: Parish -

by Choir No. 1 of West ; Mrs.\ Bessie Hill, acting Ebenezer :Methodist Church, I i Edwards J. Hopkins, Sr.,

Union :Pantist Church :May 24 pastor. ; 4, May 31 from 4 to 6 p.m in I:I Fred McQuay C. Timmons,
in the home of the Rev. and The observance will begin :he Social Room of the Oscar Green. Jason Barr
Mrs. S. Rafe, 1551 W. Union with Sunday School at 9:,80 I, Church. I :Mose Abram, Herman Carter

Street.A a.m. with Mrs. Beafris Hawkins if rot Three circles of the organi- Davis Johnson and Hugh Wil

program will be presented and Mrs.\ \\\ D. Lucas Z ation will have individual arrangement liams.

for the affair. serving as superintendents. of tables. Mrs.
DiVrKt No. !5 will Ghosts;; from various churches ;
sponsoran I .; Lucille H. Holmes is the president -
outin" to the zoo and beash vial serve as teachers. ; .

on May 23: The bus will leave Pf- TM"ne G. Coleman, I FIRST BAPTISTTO
the church at 9:30: a.m. District principal of Forest Park Ele-
No. C will hold a meet- eitnrv School will be the

ing, May 24 at the home of I ANNUAL TEA GIVEN-Members of Chair No. 2 of Grant Memorial AME Church I Usher Board No. 2 of Ebe- I DAY
:Mr. and Mrs. II. Brewster, I
1727 Ella Street. A meeting I ship.A program will be presented and participants who attended their annua! lea last Sunday which was held at the I nezer Methodist\ Church will I

will be held for District No. : :'It 3 n m. bv the North- YWCA Building are seen here. Seen in lha top photo from left standing are: the Rev. sponsor its annual tea May\ 2.1 The women of First Baptist

7 in the educational building i I western High School Chora1 J. T. McMillan' Mrs. Lillie Battle, Mrs. Martha Polite and Mrs. Mildred Robinson.. from 4 to 6 p.m. I en's Church will celebrate "'om-
The affair will be Day; May\ 24
with Mrs. Ludie Dykes as Group under the direction of i i In the bottom photo in front standing In the same order are William Ellison. Mrs. tile Social given in ;I the day with the
Room of the church. officers in
hostess.A I Richard Hadley. I I 'Nancy Brown.. Otis Williams Mrs. E. Milbn. George Srarke president; Mrs. Hosland charge. Mn.; Rosa J. Howard
musical recital will be : Invitations have been extended Darby and Mrs. Doris P. Smith. (Back row) Robert Moore, Mrs. Agnes Walker and i is '
I general chairman
_mrl 'airr
: .. ......
given by Choir No. 3 during to the general public to Miss Maggie Kellom. ,ST. LUKE SUNDAY I Carrie L. Moore-------is on.the &

the eve-iing worship.: I attend these services. chairman.The co-

TO SPEAK SUNDAY ':TO CELEBRATE ,: a.m. with George W. Morris-
by Evelyn Cunningham thing from short shorts to ball :sewing is the'- decorative 87th anniversary of the i, ette of Second Baptist Church
gowns. They can hold their :stitching that outlines the ANNUAL DAY St. Luke Baptist Church Sun- as the general superintendent.

Like chop suey, oriental own through all the seasonal neck and sleeves. ;, The anniversary sermon for ;lay School l will 1 Ie; celebrated Guest teachers are: Mrs.

touches in Lome decorations changes inline and silhouette Fashion Sewing Weekly : "Deaconess'; Board N,>. 3 0t. At : Annual Men's Day will be May 21 at 3:30 p.m. in the au- 'Eliza Rich Perry, Mrs. Miranda -
:nai Baptist i Church will 1 be'elhered
and fashions are always withus. by French and American de rip: Keep your eye on the observed:: in the Bethel Baptist ditorium of the church.A : Tennant, Mrs. Emma MiI-

They are never really out signers. arrow printed on each of the Eddie: May 24 by the min-Rev. i Church. Sweetwater, May program has been arranged -:; ton, Mrs. Beatrice Hawkins,
of style. Pictured are interpretationsof McCall's pattern pieces. The Taylor, associate ,! throughout the day with for the celebration' Mrs. Carolyn Washington and
3f"r Zion
Simple features like the both Chinese and Japanese ,arrow indicates the direction Church.at Hope Baptist the officers in charge of the with sortie\ of the leading artists -'!| Mrs. Ennis Caesar.
in which the straight grain of \
turn of a collar and the cut of influences. For sports or at- : tivities. appe.ring.Choir i!,, Morning worship will con-
home the and 1 the fabric should run in. each j He will be accompanied by The o'.servance! will
a bodice can give a garmenta wear are pants i begin No. 1 will observe its venne at 11 a.m. with Mrs.
definitely oriental feeling.It blouse (McCall's Pattern No. J piece of your garment.ORIENTAL he Female Chorus of Zion : with Sunday School with As- anniversary May 25 at 8 p.m. j Rena Woods in charge of the

then becomes a standout. 4940)). The tapered pants have { 'li Hone> Baptist Church. I' ker John in charge. in the church auditorium. The I''devotion. Mrs. Mary Alice

Since the basis of all Chinese side vents at the bottom, ....r:i' Invitations have been extp'1led Bishop Robinson and Willie Waycross Gospel Singers will : Smith will be the speaker J for

apparel is classic,it becomes accented by frog trimming.The ,': :.." ; various auxiliaries I 1 Sinclair will conduct the devotional appear at the church May: 31, I the service. Sre will be introduced

doubly simple to sew your same frog trims the short- of the church and city to at- r service for the 11 under the sponsorship of the by Mrs. Mary L.
own American version. sleeved blouse which has a end the service.ANNUAL '1 :P.ru worship. The Rev. J. R. choir. Greene.

One of the reasons for the mandarin collar with corded ,,4'<- I :Crawford will deliver the sermon ;r A program will be presented

enduring oriental influencesin piping. e for the service and the'L'1le :NEW BETHEL LEAGUE at 3 p.m. with the follow i

fashions is their adapta- The beauty of this easy- :.. 1 Chorus will furnish the I ing persons participating
to-make is that it includes : I DAY SET TO SPONSOR EVENTA :
bility to all kind of apparel. pattern i I music. Miss\ Nancy Jackson, Miss
Typically Chinese or Japanese a skirt and shorts. i AT NEW MT. OLIVE i iI i At 3 p.m. E. D. Jackson Sylvia Burden, Miss Fannie

touches are seen on every- The slim skirt has insets and and assistant will conduct Father's Day Tea will be Blue, Miss Lottie R. Worthen,

low inverted pleats at the Annual Women's- willh devotional service and theRe sponsored by the Allen Chris- ; Mrs.\ Annie J:. Brown Mrs.\
sides. Frog trimming may be f I ,', S. P. Farham will deliver tion Endeavor League of New Vermeta Power, Mfrs Inez
placed at the top of the inverted < at the new Mt. the Bethel AME Church June I
message on Jones Davis and Miss
i Marion
OV! "
e( Baptist Church June 11':
pleat. The shorts, like The Rev. E F. Gamble will 21 at 3 p.m. in the basementof Bessant.
the pants, have side vents. i throughout the day with the !'deliver the sermon for the the church. ,i The Baptist Young
officials in charge of the service j People
Made here in black and
a .
evening worship at 7 p. m.witl sponsors of the affairare i i Union will convene at 5:30
white cotton print, the pants t : Jackson : Miss Bettye Jo Anderson
Henry and Jasper
: Officers for the observance i I pm. with Mrs.\ Annie Huff as
and blouse have endless 1!' Tierce in charge of devotion vice president, Miss\ the guest president. A '
in : are: rMs. Lola Webb, general program
,. possibilities choice of (
j Gwendolyn Green I
t ; has been
chairman arranged for
F Mrs. Essie Mae
fabric.The dress madeto I ;
maybe Miss Sandra Newsom treasurer
Roberts co-chairman Mrs.\ M. featuring
look even more authenticif 5. ; young
Miss \
L. B. chairman Mary Alburv. reporter -| church workers of the local
sewn in or shan- I program! I'
pongee Miss
tung. An elegant satin or bro i : : Mrs. 0. C. Corbin, fiance LITERARY TEA SET assistant; Emily Andrews, j I churches.
cade may be used for either ; : chairman; Mrs. Catherine AT BETHEL CHURCH The Rev. Frank J. Jones I Evening: worship will begin! l
: at 7:30: with Church meditation
Garner Mrs.
treasurer -
the dress. ;
pants or I
I pastor and Leonard J. Roberts i conducted by Mrs. Minnie \ t
Franklin flower
The dress pictured has Mary committee -
District No.C of Bethel Jr., is president. Thomas.
Miss Barbara Genet:
more of a Japanese flavor. : !
Bnntfct i
Ys : Institutional Church
(McCall's Pattern No. 4922)). 4 i Simmons.-! courtesy commit- '
':gal; I
i. tea
The detachable shirred ; I tee Mrs. Retha Lang recording sponsor a literary
cum- I You
t 31 in Have Go
Mry theValdron's to to Town to Get
merbund is akin to the Japanese !, secretary; MIrs.Annie Mae House of the church. i
obi sash.The soft,flattering ;Tones finance secretary; and ;

i scoop neck is a delightful i 1;, Miss Cheryl Garner, publicity j i i ii Miss Estelle church T.worker Williams, 1 lOtl\f
concession to American style.A }, rseA .a=o i chairman. I I I young and PRICES
school teacher
t fitted bodice tops a slim : : I' Leaders of the seven churches I'1 r of Jacksonville ,
Till give book review
a during
three-gore skirt. Again we W. are: Mrs. Louise Hardy, 1! the annual i i On YourSTQHE
have frog trimming on the Mrs. Retha Lang. :Mrs.:\ Lola tea. i
.f bodice.Tith this Grant 1 i Other artists of the city
pattern Webb, Mrs. Mamie DRUG
will HEEDS
participate in the affair.
for Net !
come pieces making a z+ Mrs. Clotee Hicks. Mrs.

flared four-gore skirt, com- tie Mi1Is'and Mrs.\ Mary I! Trade With Your
GOSPEL SINGERS Neighborhood Drug Store
t pletely changing the whole Franklin. ,
tone of the dress. ; SET MUSICAL EVENT
The model wears the dress
k made of beige shantung with I I IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe
A musical
< will be
and .t ; t ... I
white cummerbund .
frog ,
.. ; "' ''- -' SET' presented Sunday 24
trimming, a particularly fresh i":;" ,,.:/,';j-, 1 '" :-'y featuring the Interdenomina- Deliver We. Also nil AD Doctor Prescription II

and, popular spring combina- ," ", "t.," .,,,'t_ ;,- 'V 11TH ANNIVERSARY tional
x. tion. The dress could be a b .,..,"... -- ,' < j i'j Gospel Singers of llacjclenny -
f May 24 at 3 at
printed cotton or silk with a r>:' ;; .': .. .' The llth anniversary of the Roberts ML Pisgah AME I.I Dixie/ Pharmacy
solid color cummerbund and LOOK adapted will be,
the Echoes
.. Gospel Church.
witk wide obi .11 .
trimming. as a distinct In a a I I ;
ORIENTAL FLAIR for sport orMione frog of a cocktail circling lie waist tad a bodice celebrated; June 21 in the|I The affair is.being presented ISK KINGS ROAD At MYRTLE: AVENUE:
wear altrMftlve change pace made .closed witk two frogs. SlgUlyronded Duval County Armory.The in the behalf of the junior PHONES EL I47.-11 .
dress could be
using amdftkort
tapered puts have side reals cat-away Staple Singers of Chi church for the king and queen II :
satin and the flared four-gore ...oofiaiaked -.t d sleeve are
set Hatching oft by filled frog bloue.trinniBg MaadarUcollar and ,skirt. In this event a narrow with a row of atllcnlag.' cago, HL, and the Rasberry contest. :Miss Elouise Farmer I PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -
Sin akin ken a waUdag pleat.McCaU'a Singers of Cleveland, Ohio is the The is
kin corded trial and frog belt could be used. sponsor. group BILLS AT OUR r
cloalac. Pattern 4922. Sizes will be the forthe STOREPage
ftfeCall'a Pillerm 4940. special guest under e direction Mrs. W. I
SlaealO-18. 65*., A final,bit ,of.easyno-do: 10-18. Sot, observance. M. Lewis.. -




Page Four THE FLORIDA sTitA Week Ending SaiurdaT. May 23. 1959

__ _


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --



-- -- -
The -.':11 <*- 'T.IOT) fy the 'lux-h: m pastor's anniversary
of Day Spring! Baptist Church will be delivered by Dr

J. A. F. Finlay sun of Miami, and president of the'Baptist } : ,"YY I .

General Sv<"_e C"r .ivortio! of Florida, Inc., during the morn-

ing worship i at_ 11 a.m..=.. P1 DAY SPRING DISTRICT MACEDONIA UNIT TO
DR J.A.F. Finlayson Slated 4 -- -- --- t TO SPONSOR TEAA OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY

The celebration will termi- Mrs. :M. L. Brown, Mrs. T.I( Russian Tea Sip will be The anniversary the Sunday -
nate May 25 with devotional Thomas 'and Mrs. C. Mallard ; : .1i sponsored by District No. 1 of School Department of

services led by Mrs. Leola Districts No.- 7 and 13 will I I i Day Spring Baptist Church Macedonia Baptist Church

.Johnson and Prayer Band ',cet Sundav May 24 a* ,it i May 24 from 3:30 p.m. to 6 will be observed May 24 from

No. 5. p.m. in the home of :Mrs. Ma\ : p.m. at the home of Mr. and 4 to 6 p.m. at the church.

Program committee are: mie Fogler, 741 Court D. '. Mrs. James Sanders, 1366 Some of the participantsare
the Rev. J. B. Kinchen, the, rte;; will b> S'TIs'1rp-1: !by a 4a'x. Madison Street.A the Rev. \V. Ashley, Miss

Rev. E. Gardner, and Mrs. C. District No. 1 on May 24 from A program has been arranged -I Malissa Robinson, Miss Betty

B. Sloan. Courtesy committee V30 to 6 p.m. in the home of for the affair with art- Mikel, the Overstreet Singers,

Mrs. Pearl Collins, Mrs. Mrs. A. Sanders, 1366 Madison ists of the city appearing. Miss Glen Nathan Miss Gloria -

Tiny Thomas, Mrs. Asylene Street. r. Smith, James Burney, Sr.,

Turner, Mrs. Sarah Carswell, .__ I I fK MRS. ROSETTA COHENT Miss Shellie Mikel,.the Red
Miss Betty B. Paulk, Mrs. S, :Xr OGIVE RECITALMrs. Rose Singers, Mrs. Maggie
Ethel Ban: Mrs. Ethel Walker WOMEN'S DAY SET Rosetta Cohen will appear Felson and Mrs. aJnie Brown.
Mrs. Eddie Mae Jackson, r in a recital May: 24 at 3
1.lrs.Vilma Williams, Willie p.m. in the First Born Temple -
Thomas and Miss i Jeanie 4"r 825 Monroe Street.S. MT. TABOR CHURCH
Thomas. Annual Women's Day will I <; V. Cohen will be the mas- OBSERVES ANNUAL DAY

Music committee includes: be observed at the Mt. Cal- } a ter of ceremonies for the pro- Annual Men's Day will be

Mrs. R. B. Adkew. S. L. Davis vary Baptist Church May 24 gram. The program is being observed at the Mt.\ Tabor

C. Barnes Fisher, Claude throughout the day with art- 4 sponsored by Mrs. Viola Vick- Baptist Church, May 24,
Bryant. Mrs. W. L. Smith, ists of the city appearing on ers. throughout the day beginningwith
the program.Officers Sunday School at 9:30

WEST UNION CHOIR are: Mrs. Beatrice z a } WOMAN'S SOCIETYTO a.m. with Charles Timmons as
Tranp, chairman; Mrs. Emma GIVE TEAA general chairman and A.

GIVES SILVER TEAA Pinkney, co-chairman; Mrs. Spring tea will be sponsored Night, cochairman.The .

Susye Pierce co-chairman; by the Women's Society folowing persons are in
silver tea will be sponsored Mrs.\ AlmaV lliams secre- l \f Christian Service of the charge of the program: Parish -

by Choir No. 1 of West tary; Mrs. Bessie Hill, acting ( 4 Ebenezer Methodist Church, i Edwards, J. Hopkins, Sr.,

Union Pantist Church May 24 pastor. g : May 31 from 4 to 6 p.nu in Fred McQuay, C. Timmons,
in the home of the Rev. and The observance will begin the Social Room of the Oscar Green. Jason Barr,,

:Mrs. S. Rafe, 1551 W. Union with Sunday School at 9SO: Church. Mose Abram, Herman Carter,

Street.A a.m. with Mrs. Beams Haw Three circles of the organization i- Davis Johnson and Hugh Wil
program will be presented kins and :Mrs. W. D. Lucas v> will have individual arrangement liams.

for the affair. serving as superintendents. of tables. Mrs.
DiVrKt No. 5 will sponsoran G' >sts from various churches q 3 3a Lucille II. Holmes is the pres-

outin" to the zoo and beash win serve as teachers. ident.

on May 2:l. The bus will leave PTA. T "ne G. Coleman, ?t : FIRST BAPTISTTO
church of Forest Park Elementary !
the at 9:30: a.m. Dis- principal ". '
trict No. G will hold a meet-I School will be the ._, .__ ._::'-: ::::..w""h> h __. ,.4 \.'. 'I EBENEZER CHURCH CELEBRATE
ing, May 24 at the home of I pn< aVr for the morning wor- ANNUAL TEA GIVEN-Members of Chair No. 2 of Grant Memorial AME Church I Usher Board No. 2 of Ebe- I WOMEN'S DAY
Mr. and Mrs. H. Brewster, I ,
ship.A and participants who attended their annual lea last Sunday which was held at the nezer Methodist Church will I
will be
A I presented
1727 Ella Street. meetingwill program The
be held for District No. pt 3 n m. by the North- YWCA Building are seen here. Seen in tha top photo from left standing are: the Rev. sponsor its annual tea May: 24 I Church women will of First Baptist
from 4 celebrate
7 in the educational building western High School Choral J. T. McMillan' Mrs. Lillie Battle, Mrs. Martha: Polite and Mrs. Mildred Robinson.In to 6 p.m. i en's Womi -
i Day May 24
( The affair
will be given in throughout
with Mrs. Ludie Dykes as Group under the direction of i the bottom photo in front standing in the same order are William Ellison. Mrs. tile Social Room of the church. i the day. with the officers in

hostess.A Richard Hadley. j 'Nancy Brown.' Otis Williams Mrs. E. Milt an. George Starke president; Mrs. Rosland : charge. Mm. Rosa J. Howard
musical recital will be,, Invitations have been ex- 'I II Darby and Mrs. Doris P. Smith. (Back row) Robert Moore Mrs. Agnes Walker and is general chairman and Mrs.

given by Choir No. 3 during tended to the general public to Miss Maggie Kellom. ST. LUKE SUNDAY I Carrie L. Moore is the co-

.>/1 the evenng worship I attend these services. SCHOOL TO OBSERVE chairman.The .


SPEAK SUNDAY | CELEBRATE a.m. with George W. Morris-
by Evelyn Cunningham thing from short shorts to ball sewing is the. decorative ANNUAL I The 87th anniversary of the i ette of Second Baptist Churchas
gowns. They can hold their stitching that outlines the DAY St. Luke Baptist Church Sunday the general superintendent.
Like chop suey, oriental own through all the seasonal neck and sleeves. j I The anniversary sermon for School will 1 lie celebrated Guest teachers are: Mrs.
touches in home decorationsand changes in line and silhouetteby Fashion Sewing Weekly i Deaconess; Board N,>. 3 of ;Mt : Annual Men's Day will be May 21 at 3:30 p.m. in the auditorium -' Eliza Rich Perry, Mrs. Miranda -

fashions are always withus. i French and American de- Tip: Keep your eye on the Qnai Baptist Church will beleliveied : observed ia the Bethel Baptist of the church. j I Tennant, Mrs. Emma Milton \
signers. arrow printed on each of the I May\ 24 by the Rev Church,. Sweetwater A has Mrs.\
May been Beatrice
They are never really out i i I program arranged -I i Hawkins,
Eddie mini
of style. Pictured are interpretationsof McCall's pattern pieces. The i, Taylor, associate I II ]121[ ; throughout the day with for the celebration i! Mrs. Washington and
Simple features like the both Chinese and Japanese arrow indicates the directionin I s"r at Zion Hope Baptist : the officers in charge of the with sortie of the leading art Mrs. Ennis Caesar.

turn of a collar and the cut ofa influences. For sports or at- which the straight grain of I Church. ::: activities.The ists appearing. {i j I Morning\ worship will con-
bodice can give a garmenta home wear are the pants and the fabric should run in each He will be accompanied by observance will begin Choir No. 1 will observe its, venne at 11 a.m. with Mrs.\
definitely oriental feeling.It blouse (McCall's Pattern No. piece of your garment. I Jhe, Female] Chorus of Zion!1 I with Sunday School with As- anniversary May 25 at 8 p.m. I I Rena Woods in charge of the

then becomes a standout. 4940). The tapered pants have i ,-, I Hone Baptist Church. i i I I Ker John in charge. in the church auditorium. The devotion. Mrs.\ Mary\ Alice
Since the basis of all Chinese side vents at the bottom, f Invitations have been ext -,I Bishop Robinson and Willie Waycross Gospel Singers will :I, Smith will be the speaker for
apparel is classic,it becomes accented by frog trimming.The '..t.i I ided various auxiliaries 1!Sinclair i will conduct the devotional appear at the church May 31, .I the service. Sre will be introduced
doubly simple to sew your same frog trims the short- of the church and city to attend I 1! service for the 11 under the sponsorship of the I by Mrs. Mary L.
own American version. sleeved blouse which has a the serce.. i 1 I a.ru! worship. The Rev. J. R. choir. Greene.A .

One of the reasons for the mandarin collar with corded I rawford will deliver the sermon t i program will he presented

enduring oriental influencesin piping. .i; -I for the service and the NEW BETHEL LEAGUETO at 3 p.m. with the following ;
fashions is their adaptability The beauty of this easy- II I 1 I Male Chorus will furnish the persons participating:

to all kind of apparel. to-make pattern is that it in- _.:..; .f; ,-'';b4C :-IIf ANNUAL DAY SET i'I music. SPONSOR EVENTA 1 Miss Nancy Jackson, Miss\

Typically Chinese or Japanese cludes a skirt and shorts. ,' --:,." : -.','; I AT NEW MT. OLIVE I! At 3 p.m. E. D. Jackson Sylvia Burden, Miss Fannie
touches are seen on every The slim skirt has insets and ," : I. I i I I and assistant will conduct Father's Day Tea will be Blue, Miss Lottie Worthen,
low inverted pleats at the i devotional sponsored by the Allen Chris- '
service and the Mrs. Annie R. Brown, Mrs.
: 1 Annual] Women's willi
sides. Frog trimming may be ,::rr. : : ; observed Day Rev. S. P. Farham will deliverI tion Endeavor League of New Vermeta Power Mrs. Inez
i :: at the new Mt.
placed at the top of the inverted i. ) I the message: Bethel AME Church on June Jones Davis, and Miss Marion
lip 11'I
Church June
f,:.,. x pleat. The shorts, like (I e Baptist ,i The Rev. E. F. Gamble will 21 at 3 p.m. in the basementof Bessant.
the the
I throughout day j
the have side 1 I the church.
vents. deliver the
pants sermon for the The Baptist Young People
officials in of
charge serv- ,
Made here in a black and The of the affair
ices. : evening worship at 7 p. m. sponsors Union will convene at 5:30
white cotton print, the pants : Officers for the observance witl Henry Jackson and Jasper ,. are: Miss Bettye Jo Anderson pm. with Mrs. Annie Huff as
and blouse have endless i j I,{i Tierce in charge of decotrove. vice president, Miss the guest president. A '
rMs. Lola Webb program
; are: general
in choice of |
possibilities 1 Gwendolyn Green
secretary has
: .' AW1k. chairman Mrs. Essie :Mae ; been arranged for
fabric.The dress maybe madeto I ; Miss Sandra Newsom, treasurer the occasion featuring
look more authenticif Roberts, co-chairman; Mrs. M. young
even } ; Miss Mary Albury, reporter church workers of the local
shan- L. B. Story, program chairman j -
tung.sewn An elegant in pongee satin or or brocade r I!! : Mrs. O. C. Corbin, finance LITERARY TEA SET assistant; Miss Emily. Andrews churches.
r -: : chairman Mrs. Catherine reporter.The i Evening worship will begin
may be used for either ; I AT BETHEL CHURCH Rev. Frank J. Jones, at 7:30 with Church medita-
Garner Mrs.
the pants or dress. treasurer; i pastor, and Leonard J. Rob-
tion conducted
by Mrs. Minnie
Mary Franklin flower
dress has corny -
r The pictured District No. 5 of Bethel erts, Jr., is president. i Thomas.
more of a Japanese flavor. I mittee: Miss Barbara Genea )! i
(McCall's Pattern No. 4922)). I ; 4 Simmons.- courtesy commit 'y.. '!1 sponsor'a
literary tea
The detachable shirred I tee Mrs. Retha Lang, recording I
cum- 'r ; *'*' You Don't Have
I t. ?y 31 in the Waldron's to Go to Town to Get
merbund is akin to the Japanese I secretary; Mrs.\ Annie Mae
House of the church.
obi sash.The soft,flattering :Jones finance secretary; and i
.. r t scoop neck is a delightful 1!i Miss Garner publicity'i I Miss Estelle T. Williams_ ,
church worker Ot1V
concession to American style.A iChairman.. j young and PRICESOn
;- school teacher of Jacksonville dear
fitted bodice tops a slim ',* Leaders of the seven churches -d;
) 1 1' will give a book review during
three-gore skirt. Again we ,._ t' are: Mrs Louise Hardy, You
the annual tea.i
have frog trimming on the I Mrs. Retha Lang. MrsLola
bodice. With this pattern t Webb Mrs. Mamie Grant i Other artists of the city
A F3 >I'r for I will participate in the affair. DRUG STORE HEEDS
come making a Mrs. Clotee Hicks. Mrs. Net-,
flared four-gore skirt, com- tie :Mills and Mrs. Mary
Trade With Your
: pletely changing the whole t Franklin. I'GOSPEL SINGERS Neighborhood Drug Store

tone of the dress. SET MUSICAL EVENT
The model wears the dress 0'I.
: made of beige shantung with YOUR LOCAL PAPERS '
and ;; ; A musical program will be
white cummerbund frog
: > GOSPEL ECHOES SET';.presented Sunday, May 24,
: We Deliver
fresh We
trimming, a particularly Also rm AD Doctors'
t" Prescription
I. the
., 1 featuring Interdenomina-
,- and popular spring combina 11TH ANNIVERSARYThe j
.. tional
,' -.y\. "' tion. The dress could be a t J Gospel Singers of Mac-
,,..<.J'. .,. 'Jo'9< printed cotton or silk with a t : llth clenny, May 24 at 3 pan. at Dixie
anniversary of: the Pharmacy
Roberts Mt Pisgah AME\
and .
cummerbund LOOK adapted
J solid color ORIENTAL the Gospel Echoes will be.I
: Or a distinct U a dress witk a wide obi sash
trimming. as
for frog cocktail circling the waist aid a bodice celebrated; June 21 in the I: The affair Is,being presented ISO KINGS EOAD at UTBZLE AVENUEPHONES : .
t-Looa wear attractiveUpered 8pOrtell' change pace made ,closed wttk two frogs Sigtlly Duval County Armory.The in the behalf of the junior B4PAY 1.aI7..
dress could be uS secl liaeshort and
Dgsatin' lOaded raVawsr < .
puts bare side vests and the flared fourgoreskirt. mnwTftl'** sleeves .. Staple Singers of Chicago church for the king and queenBayberry
set off by frog UiouniBg and this fiaisbed with a row of stitcaiag.Si .' HL, and the contest. Miss Elouise Farmer YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE .
a aaaow
awchkIc fitted bloBse.) Mandarin In event. '", skirt has m walking pleat.McCall's Singers .of Cleveland, Ohio I is the sponsor. The group isor
sad used.A
collar has corded trim frog belt could be AT OUR STORE
IMIBC.. UcCall's Patter 4940. .final bit of easy-to-do: Patterm 4922. Sizesto1& will be the special guest f under,the direction Mrs.W.
SsealO-18. 65*., ___ __ the observance. :M. Lewis.. ,



t .


Week EndIng Saturday. Mar 23. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB .. Page FiveFNIM


:: :: ; :
::; I



I I I HGRPME' GETS \r 4 .. I was closed held 20-minute on Tuesday conference between

I : Mississippi Attorney General
1 The 3rd annual celebration *_ T.yn"i.1: merchant marine Joe Patterson, District Atty.
of the "Nathan W. CollierDay" f' TALLAHASSEE The
The engine who recently of- Vernon Broome, William Stewart
will be observed at Flor- I fered $1000 reward for Senate Thursday upheld Gov.
.. a any a Pearl River County
1 ida Normal College, St. Augustine "IT WAS HORRIBLE ." House of Representativestook i !i-formation: leading to the LeRoy Collins' dismissal of Al attorney, and Ralph W. Bachman -

May 28 at 10 a.m. IIATTIESBURG, .-E. T. pause early this week whereabouts: of and reunion Cahill as sheriff of D u val 1 : the FBI agent in chargeof

The General, Progressiveand Hall, proprietor of the Hall from what has seemed to be >i with his white wife and their County. the :Mack Charles Parker

the Missionary and Edu- Mack' (' anti-integration acti- Three children, arrived i in The lynch-murder investigaton.
cational Convention will i Funeral Home where ,mostly governor suspended
Tampa this week with the I
sor the observance with the Charles Parker's body; was vity, to grant a measure of hope of finding his missing Cahill on Jan. 30,1958 for in- ; The conference was called

Rev. C. A. Weaver.as the gen-' embalmed l described the ;relief to Negroes of Okeechobee family.} competence and n e g 1 e c t of (,because o f reported c o m-

eral} chairman for the year's I Lynch-victim's remains as a County who for some The man, Jean A. Brown, duty after a grand jury hear- I plaints made by white citizens
event. in aj'hairraising' ing which did not return an of Poplarville to the effect
"horrible sight. 'time i have been trapped claims that his family disap- I
A program has been arranged .1 indictment. The jurors, however that FBI
I situation.I peared from their Norwood, I agents were
for the celebration to I "There must have been a i I X. J. home on April 25. He asked that the record of .meting out rough treatment

lend particular emphasis in a I million maggots in his skull," I I appears that there are Mr. and Mrs. Mack C. arrived in Tampa because of their; inquiry be sent to Gov. during the investigation.After .
church related institution. Hall stated. "His face in the Collins who had requested the the short
I was no Negro barbers Gooch, 1323 Vine Street of a tip that the missing Mrs. I meeting
"Christian Higher Educa- I all smashed to pieces, and I.whole of Okeechobee County, Brown and the children had :investigation.Collins between the four men, Atty.
tion will be the this city wish io announce in addition had
Chalenge" I received Gen.
could look in his face and see i Leen living at a Tampa trailer Patterson told newsmenhe
black folk desiring
the betrothal -
theme for the session. Choirs of their daughter. reports from a hotel
park for the past two weeks. was satisfied the FBI had
of the state will present a va- the bones of his skull. i Ii a professional haircut often Ever Lee Gooch to Don- However, upon Brown's arrival and restaurant commission investigator I I not mistreated anyone. He

riety of musical selections. Hall said that Parker, who I have to travel as much as ald Merreit of this city. The his wife, Louise, and the and from the Navy I'I added that no official report

Groups to apear are Choral weighed 165 pounds at the t i i thirty miles to Fort Pierce wedding will be solemnized. children, were not to be found. Shore Patrol deal with vice of mistreatment 'had been
from Shiloh June 21 at 3p. in the in Duval along with affidavits I
Groups Baptist, m. made
for tonsorial service. Brown said he and his wife to him, and consequently
time of his d eat h weighed I
Daytona; First African Bap- ( Bethel Baptist Church,South- from three of Cahill's' he
eloped to Nebraska while the planned to make no
tist, Green Cove Springs; Sec- about 265 pounds when ;I Recognizing t h i s-somewhat I side. : two attended high school at aides. complaint.

ond Baptist, Shiloh, Day brought from the river to be : belatedly-as a deplorable Photo by Aver Studio DouglasVyo.. When he first The governor attached con-
Spring and St. John Baptist. embalmed. condition, Rep. Mark- s offered the $1000 :reward siderable significance to the

Representatives- from the mu- ,'ham, of Okeechobee offered aI I -- 'through a New Yotf newspa- fact that Cahill refused to appear -II without first being granted
sic of Parker was dragged bloated : of I before the
departments bill for the consideration per, Brown blamedhis wife's grand jury immunity from prosecution.
schools will be heard. and decomposed from the ;this colleagues which would LOCAL YOUNGSTER !I disappearance on "threaten- --
Pearl River 10 days
after swampy his bloody abduction ,.qualify as a licensed barberanyoiie ENROLLS IN USA I ing and slanderous telephone I ". -- ....
in the with 'f. 4'
county calls because of mixed i : o. '
1 cell bya Luther i our
from a Poplarville jail Corey 22. son "f
ALUMNAE GROUP mob of hooded men. Parkerwas (more than 10 years expedience Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Corey ; marriage." Th Browns were '
SPONSORS TEA being held in connectionwith as an apprentice. was recently enrolled in jailed in 1944, in St. Peters- ; td 8-1J F lt e. .
1 burg, Fla., because of their interracial s
An annual tea will be spon- the alleged rape of a This brings the whole the United States Armv -

sored by the alumnae of Du- white woman. I i thing down on the shoulders whore, besides his regular duties i marriage. .
val County Vocational Schoolof ,of a fellow named Arthur %is a soldier, he will pur- ,I Brown said he is convinced BY BUCK ROGERS .
Besides being beaten an sue studies in Radio and Car- there can be a reconciliation if '
Practical Nursing, May 24 t McGill, who happens to be ( L_
autopsy revealed that he had he can find his wife "and talk H
n' Luther has
1" -
barber and ac4usiTl
in the Social Hall of Simpson i an apprentice "
:Methodist Church The event been shot twice before being I the only one so qualified in Henry Newman, whois 'to her. There's a story going: around deep water at all times and they
thrown into the river. I The Browns moved to NewJersey about the lass who wised up to can see after dark Just about aa
already soldier in the
will be held from 4 to 6 the county. As a matter of a I
p.m. in the fact that<< aH the best male well as they can In the daytime
1 1948 and
f Appearing on the programto fact, kindly Rep. Markham's United States Army, and stationed according prospects are not found in the Pass up your favorite television
be presented will be Mrs.\ bill was specially designed' at Fort Benning, Ga. to him, "lived in contentment cocktail lounges or drug stores. program some dark night and
I Luther local youth was for nine years. Then we She took a long look at the head for your favorite deepwater
s Ernestine Watts, Ruby Plum- for Mr. McGill, since the latter a ,
I!started neighborhood lakes and streamsone fishing hole. 1
1 getting threatening
mer, Claudie M.\ Jones, Jac- serve as mistress of ceremonies was refused a license by signed into the Army by Sgt. i' day and promptly bought & !
queline Fort, Barbara Ann for the occasion. She will the State Barbers Sanitary, First Class Charles E. Troutat phone calls. fishing outfit and a course in FISIIIN MOTORS AT LAST
Mrs.\ Indi 'I the Army Recruiting Sta- bow to heave a U It looks like the outboant
Hall, Mrs\ Janie Wilkins,Neal be introduced by Commission for failure toI !
Bland, Gerald Porter, Tyrone nese Everett. pass a certain test. I tion, 250 Post Office Buildinghere makers the haven't fisherman completely after forgotten sill*!

Williams, the Williams family Members of the senior cast in Jacksonville. The newsoldier's i I had an opportunity of looking:
and others. will be the hostesses for the Bravo-Rep.! Markham. A address is 6334 Avenue NEWS BRIEFS over the new Mercury outboard

Mrs.\ Lillie M.\ Smith will annual affair. deft stroke in human rela-!1 B. r line the other day.. and got a
F - .-. CUTTING ENDS FIGHT pleasant surrrisr. This is the firmthat
.?7 -.-- ..., -'.. ...... I WOMEN:\ ARE ARRESTED
"x22v'wee''e2re'e222 c' ,2c22 .c' e' 2e'irc'e ducing big outboards to haul
Dorothy Cooper, 23, of 1344 weekend pleasure seekers and
1 Franklin Street and Des s i e water skiers around the lake"
Lee Williams, 35, of 1344 and up until now they've staked
IT IS YOUR their reputation on speed
Franklin i Street also were and power. This reputation still
fighting last Sunday when stands but the 1959 line is.
Miss Cooper reportedly fell definitely tailored for the / .ierman. -
as well. The smaller Mercury -
i window the
against a on right
side of the porch and was cut lower outboards unit designed have a to slanted wade

1 It CIVIC DUTY i itI on the head. through weeds and chew up sand
wii lIissVillian1S was cut on bars a tilted powerhead that
tfh I the arm during i the fight. makes trolling a snap, narJ a
"shear pin" in the whole .
: if Both women were taken to and a fingertip shift-throttle line
I D u val 1 Medical Center and trol that at last makes it pos-
I h um- VO TI: treated for cuts. On being released 1 0 i 1.
I t tii I from the hospital they' a boat at the same time.
were arrested and charged. She has no big fish to her, WHERE TO GO
I. credit yet but she did land a:
iJM \j with disorderly conduct and I sun tanned husband that her' Hanker to tangle with one of
N' fighting. folks are proud of. I' the fight'nst fish In the world.:
Patrolmen L. C. Hjggin- It's been said that there's Well, the tarpon is for you. He'
to fishln' than meets the an oversized bundle of spray
BUT. botham and R. W. Powell in- eye and this incident might flinging dynamite that has gain.
!* vestigated. prove that point. Fellows the ed the respect of every angler
XI ) creek bank's no longer safe. who has hooked one.
Tarpon are sought in Florida,
-- -
: 9 IN BROTHER'S FACE Most anglers have long had and in some Caribbean waters.
Johnny Lee Woods, 26, of an educated hunch that most Top spots at this season how-
-I II 749 Cemetery Street was game fish were nocturnal feed ever, are In Cuba and Mexico.
smeared with ers, but this fact has almost Considering everything -- price
,I youre potash on his been proven now. Wise tarponand facilities, size of the fish etc.,
face and arms last Sunday nook fishermen have alwaj Mexico gets the nod.
I! while engaged in an argumentwith 'adventured out after dark, The Panuco River for instance -
his sister. and top-water lure addicts have holds the current world's
1 ( lIe said he long stalked bass and trout in record for tarpon (247 Ibs.), and
]: and his sister, the shallows following d u s k. annually produces a number of
$ : Jessie :Mae: Woods, 19, were This past year, however sea. 200 pounders. Colorful Tampico
II arguing and she threatenedhim soned old veterans of the Ozarks offers an interesting base of operations -
.X) : with potash. She wentto big lake region have proven and good boats, guides
''N I lo kd '. 7 II the that daylight fishing: techniquesare and tackle are available. The
out kitchen, mixed the solution even more productive at price of a week's fishing trip
: and came back into the night -. here Is attractive also. A 7-day
: '
.,f.' ll hall and put it on him before This technique, of course is trip is available for $236 Including -
_ ,;<:r'r- : he could defend himself. fishing deep with a bottom hug air transportation from
) ;\ H-u ging lure. Choice doesn't seem Houston, food, accomodations.
t V Woods was taken to Duval '
1 to make much difference. Vibrating boat and skipper-the whole
:"'. ,. 1 Medical Center by police ambulance lures that send out ad. works. .j
::1 > < of the primary elections- and Jessie Mae was vane sound waves work well, J This one looks good to me.
\\ arrested. but so do the almost soundless If you hare any <;ufilion con
\ Patrolmen J. E. Regan andB. eel-jjgr combinn: corning lifting ltdintqn'1, tquip'
There's r.o avubi aoout it. The
menor nhfre-to-fo. Mite Dick
unless you're registered \V. Hagen investigated. broker sized game fish prefer j Robert in tare cf tats paper. _;


..1k This will be the greatest ipot fa fbI world, com* rt, SUSPECT FATAL ARRESTEDIN CLUBBINGPolice OPENINGS FOR NEWSPAPER REPORTERS

Election Day. } 'L
c IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED OR Most: all your friends wIll drop in. To take a hand &. have arrested John- PRINTERS, PRESSMEN, ADMEN

Ri' COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST 1 in running this country, county, city and state. T3 .'v nie Lee Harper in connection

A, voice an opinion on big things lik presidents and 11. with the slaying of Willie Bus- There are openings for .
i ELECTION. .read this peace plans, on little things like parking meters and icy sey who died in a local

garbage collections. To register a complaint about L hospital last Saturday nightas
had prePIRST VOTlf II If y et have EXPERIENCED Newspaper reporters editors
h viously IUDESI Even registered if you under year celebrated your list birthma1den things they don't like, or approval of things they do;; the result of a skull frac- copy-readers advertising salesmen circulation

R name, you have to ,day sine:: the last election Election Here your voice fa ai big as all the othecs..7rna M ture received in a fight. men and women printers compositors. linotype
will be 21 by
1 new"register. name.again Be under sure your your (or Ifyoa Day), get your name ta 0 opinion as important as that of a Supreme Court 1Bityouwon'tgetiattyontemtegistered.Yoa'ee Police say that Harper.36 of operators. .
N 1205 Houston Street admit-
mark el ,
t h tn the the book. Ifa a Justice. >
book-married! mam maturity to register and TOW f.I ted striking Bussey twice on BEGINNERS WANTED TOO We will train

AJUUD roRcn Mouasi See the head with a heavy pieceof young reporters and people for all departments
Movnsi If you have moved yoor Voting OfBcer: for "th locked out of the right to vote cat off from has. wood during an early morn- if you hare a real desire to become a memberof

A: were from the previously prednct:where registered you word"on how you can ToU.OOMO friends and neighbors,shut out on national and.-p. t ing argument on the corner of the newspaper fraternity.WE .

have to register again. AWAY HJCnOM DAn borhood issues. Adams and Stuart Streets.
you Make sure your.*addreaais V to first-by Absents Balb1betbn --- Don't miss the thrffl olpalalc the Jenr (or i kisf Earlier, a witness had told NEED. Men and women. young or middle-

In the book! you lean. **** the ballot) that makes your IOvt=u u"ent.IOU1'I'N. police that Bussey was in possession aged: In all fields for a chain newspaper' and

****1\t friends. aaftneighbors. of a knife during the ,magUh2M.
***** Register now. And start ftfikfeg your

.*; argument. 0 ACT NOW Start experience: and age.
Bussey, who lives at 1807 .
i 9:00 A.M. TO &00) P.M. It your name in the book. ?.. W. 22nd Street, was 55years- WHITE.... .

MONDAY THRU ; arrest of Johnnie Lee
JacksonTlIU 1. Fla.
P. O. Box 732 -

!! Comet ltew :: ; ; .." Harper night. Until took place that on time Tuesday, Bas-; :-.J': .. .: o. i o. :... :I: ':

.. .
sey's' assailant had. remained
__ __ .
F fF:=_ ?:-j:5-- ---g E':::: _-_!sf' ::! unknown. l -- .I .. .
.. .. ,


,. .
1 ...

i l

T". :: J

Six I : "' .. TAh Week Ending Saturday. May 23 1959

S 1 24th St., and Eugene Davis, COOPER'S ACADEMX I I STRAND HIT!

U- t Secure Drivers' License i 1
reported by Gallon to have
LILLY'S DRUG STORE SAFEWAY DRIVING WITH\ 'I Cooper's Academy will present -
SCHOOL ;flashed their phony badges its closing exercises May

''i and to his house. 24 with a program being pre-
1907 King Road at Spires 600 West Beaver Street gained entry
LARCENY sented by the students. The
Office Elgin 5-7742 GRAND Gallon told police that the two Rev. \V. L. Bell, pastor of the

Where Experienced Res. ELgin 4-0639 made a pretext of checkinghis Ephesian Baptist Church, will

Pharmacists Prepare GEORGE PERPENA. DirBEAUTY'S house for lottery tickets, be the principal speaker for
the exercise.
Your Prescription According Dime-store detective
badgeswas and found the money and a The baby contest, which is
,.f to your doctor'sinstructions trjraA.A all the needed by 1f
Using = props I .45 caliber revolver, both of in progress will terminate dur-
the two men who smoothly ing the program.
only the best quality I which thedecided to take to SQ
drugs. TELEVISIONAND fleeced a local money-lender I The Rev. H. L. Herod, pas-
of $3,400 in cash last April "police headquarters." tor of the Mt. Zion Baptist
; Church, Southside, will be the
Dr. C. E. Black PfcannadsU Dr. W. J. GrahamA SERVICE 30. The victim, Abe Gallon, Police have recovered speaker for the service May

-:- -:- -1- Home Calls on all Makes of 1759 W. Ninth St., surren- around $700 of the money. 25 at 8 p.m.

Used Radios from $5.00 Up dered the cash to the two men Marshall and Davis are be- The educational address 1a

COMPLETE LINE OF We Finance after they convinced him that ing held under $5,000 bond will be delivered by the Rev.B. .
Cosmatb Ie Rubber Goods- Candies they were detectives investi- \Williams, moderator of
816 FLORIDA AVENUE each of larceny
on charges grand -
gating lottery activities. Immanuel Baptist Associationand
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED ELGIN 6-8074 The two men, identified as and impersonating police pastor of Mt. Bethel Bap-

I Jack Marshall, 35, of 1664 W. officers. tist Church.

------ ------

I j. '" ,''' BUSINESS DIRECTORY ,, "

The Firms Listed Below Arc Recommended AP R..t> itrrble Establishments =f fSpecializina :""'

1.\\\v\\ P\ Senrt-oc rmd v.'e4.i.t. .. .


I Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel 011 Fill Dirt :: LETTERING ::
Fold. -
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Dry Novak (above) star in "VER-
Service Moderate Prices
We Give World Green Stamps Accurate.Meter Delivery I Prompt -
Complex Body Repair & Paint Work 3633 Moncrief R& Cor. 27th EL 4-9404 6330 Avenue B PO (-9518E. I Gold Leaf Trucks Glass SLo-Cards TIGO." new technicolor su-
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- :416 Oak Street EL 3-5100 per-suoe thriller showing
Price Start at $4.00 G. COLDER COMPANY I
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils tTi. Strand. Co-hit Is the CO-
-Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville- rrterly ri'\t. "A NT( P T TTTT.r
A and R TRIM SHOP 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643 One Day Service RANK THAT SHOULD BEPOBBFD"
Royal Crown Bottling Company Rtr''''' MickpvRoo'
EL 5-8091 I
1525 Main Street REED TAILORSJacksonville's .
Custom Made Seat Cover. INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY 1235 San Marco Blvd FL 9.44881 I ,pv. Strand management
Distributor of I
Only 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 I i announe It' the encrafrement
'HOUGABOOK AUTO| SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies of the 1qSq AcJ H ip mv Award
General Auto Repair 519 Broad Street EL 4.1735 SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP winner. "I WANT TO LIVE."

Specializing In Motor Tune-up Phillips 66 Products Convertible Tops Door Panels I starring S u s a n Hayward. .
I Generator, Starter and Carburetor Serrlct FOODS FlUe Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covers jonenino a weeks run sbtrJI '
J. H. HOUGABOOK. Prop Trop-Arllc Motor Oil 3227 N- Myrtle Avenue EL 4.8114 |ina Sunday May 31st. It will

1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 ---- -- "It's Performance That Counts" b*. shown loner with co-fea-
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 I ture. "THE MAN WHO DIED

Batteries r
DAILY --- ---- -
Regulators Auto Repairs 646 Flordia Avenue SAUSAGE EL 633089MOM'S GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Real Estate Rents Mortgage Collected Loans '
Delivery Servlce'1050 -
Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad Street EL
Broad Street EL 4.1715
County for over 50 Years I
KITCHENHome 767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812' I

ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE cooked meals served 24 hours- Jones Institute of Physical Culture
7 days a School Of Barber Beauty & Massage
Reconditioned BatteriesAll 1285 Kings Road EL 4.9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service
Colored Owned and
Operated I
Kinds of Battery Service Serving Colored Homes Since 19IB I
"Earn As You Learn"
Price $5,00 and up STRAND HOT DOG STAND O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis mgr I
812 Street
Clay I
520 Florida Avenue EL 5-4900 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6
641 West Ashley Street EL 4.9303 4.6005'r LONDON England The,
murder Mac Charles I
Parker ba mob of hoodedmen
SEABOARD BODY COMPANY FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Holmes & West Funeral Home SKINNER'S FLORIST r has stimulated bitter de- ,

Automotive Repair Auto Painting -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- -Ambulance Service- Flowers For All Occasions nunciations from :Moscow:; Ra
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service Homemade Pies and Cakes (Notary Public) 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL dio. British monitors pickedthe
I M AAA Service Free Estimates 718 .West Ashley Street EL 6.9169 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 following accounts being
-- All Work Guaranteed I beamed "Soviet style" to Africa -
2949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418, BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW 4.7275'1. :
Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home
All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band
Home Cooked Foods "It is perfectly clear that
617 West Ashley Street EL 4-9701 24 Hour Ambulance Service Blades Sharpened and Sold none of the criminals con-
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 1526 Gary Street .EX 8-9504 cerned will be punished, for in

Free Plck.up.- TIPLIGHT'S RESTAURANT r the U. S. those who murder
3711 Main Street EL 52004THIGPEN'S Negroes are not punished."
Heme Cooked Meals FURNITUREAIR TAXI I Further broadcasts said:

GOOD COFFEE 'At Your Service" "The Kq Klux Klan lyncherswho
2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9329 NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 If are intensifying racialist
BODY SHOP BASE FURNITURE COMPANY LINCOLN CAB EL 4.1611 terror in the U. S. enjoy the

Batteries $6.95 & up LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK Complete Home FurnishingsWe advantage afforded them by
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que complicity of the authorities.
"Baked On Enamel" .. We Cater To Private Parties 5953 Roosevelt Invite Blvd. Your Credit EV 7-4619 Timiquana Road Trading Post "Mississippi: authorities tookno

Wrecks Rebuilt I Chicken In the Box To Carry Out Complete Garden Supplies measures to punish the
680 East 21st Street EL 3.5080 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 Fertilizer Fruit Products murderers of Mack Parker.

ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. -New and Used Furniture bought and sold--, The whole thing was premed-"
564 TImlcxuana Road SP 1-3762 itated and. prearranged.
Mim's Gulf Service Station Home Furnishings For Every Room I Parker was the victim of a
Complete Car Lubrication GROCERIES 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 pre-dawn lynching in Poplar-

Open Dally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Washington's Health Service ville, Miss., on April 25. He
2055 West Beaver Street EL 4-9459 was ,being held in connection
BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours'
with an alleged of
CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY Try.Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths rape a
white His
woman. body was
Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables Colonic Therapy
discovered nearly two weeks
AUTOMOBILEFor Free Delivery Les Charmette Beauty Salon D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Location' later in the Pearl River He
Your Next Car
1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-9762 For 23 Years I
Attention to Hair & Scalp TreatmentHair had been shot by his abduc-
-: New Or -:- Special 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL
-We Can Finance Anyone- Cutting and Styling 42471I I tors.
Phone EX 8-0677 FRED'S FOOD MARKETFresh 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 I A
Fruits --- Vegetables WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree

i' Farmer's Service Station Free Delivery LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR delivery any part of the city GETTING
EL 4-9240
nl Motor Repair & TuneUpGas 301 Davis Street Free Scalp Treatment with Hair Style -:- OLD RELIABLE. -
& OI1 During the Month of February 601 West Ashley Street EL 41380I If worried Dp Wlf by bU Bladder or Bed Wettlnc.WeakneM"too(Getting tr.qsent .-
Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator I burning or Iteming urination) .r
Road Service Strong Bmeillng.Cloodr Urine dal to
811 Daris.Street EL 4.9530TORY'S I common Kidney and Bladder IrriUUooj.
158 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET f JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT prone try CTSTXX safety for for young quick and help.old.SO JUk year drag* n*.
If You Want The Finest In Groceries gut for CVtfl'U' under>tane.b.ct.rte. foaj
STORE __ *.See bow fat JOB InnroTt, ._iRealEstafe
Come See Us
300 Davit Street EL 6-5412 Courteous Treatment !
Specializing In Hair Cutting Open 8:30 to 7.p. m. I t
Styling Scalp TreatmentMrs. 306 Davis Street EL 4-12M

.t MIKE'S GROCERY Tablthm Taylor.. prop.
615 Davis Street EL 4-9611 /

Where Quality Coasts Fresh Meats ,
Mahoney Termini Termite Control
-Expert Dy.1Dg- Open 7 to 7 MISCELLANEOUS $ LOANS $
-Complete Termite Control-
1236 Davis Street EL 5-8115 2015 Broadway EL 1-9182
-i- BttUding Materials -- 11,000.000 9>ooo

\ 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 ,,,000. up to .,GOO
612 W- Ashley Street EL 4-1628 City County and Federal Bonds dred on unpaid balance at 6%.
21st amd Myrtle 814 We. 8lH Si. Fresh Meats Law Exchange Sid* EL M98t Let ui help you to complete
914 Davis Street 1302 Deris Street ** Opea 7 LID. to 6 pr"f NELLIES PIE SERVICE your house or refinance! U

504 Davis Street EL 5-lttft ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE .Fresh Pies Dally yean In the aama place.

Potato Pie Oar SpecUlty-From fresh GUI -
SPOT RITE CLEANERS FUEL OILS 36 Tears la II.44raeiatt Potatoes We Deliver

On Horss Seca AH Work C_ IIJ 1439 .... Street EL 3464 J. P.:
S4* Forest' Street M. -- YOUNGg
Pick It D
760 FloridaArees* X 54T4S AA BOTTLED GAS '& FUEL CO. Hr. &snrs, ev Mr WrKe ...

W. seer..L"- a la serrto10Q I8 5tI ler psI. .AVERVS STUDIO ... >w..ae

ONE HOUR CLEANERS AJ. fe. cyHBden'orAl IRA __ Oossac'41Wei seas > ... QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. IU its ..... ....

.rodr baa for:.7our.osa..o.-.. Ye w. eY> S* fe odor .. Sias lt.ts ra 'q 0. Spl -itT Pksi .. I.I &
911 !We* Ashley SlrMt EL UNO 1SM6 West Dint Botd PO S4K1 fill West AsUsr Street .BE. ''- .,. 'OMPagi Bead PO S-1W4' li'Y 1.81.
-:- ', ,.c 9 9 9.-

.' 4 :r s.. ...... '
.. -., -., .tl .,... ;""" ..-- I It

,, .. ". Q

.. ,


Week Ending,Saturday May 23. 1959 *' *"'p Sera

I I Negro American League Opens Season June 17bLiEiiSPORTING I I


IT UP / .-,.;:> I i


THE CITY of CONSTRUCTIVE THINKING. STATE of no buyers. Nobody wants to,
SOUND JUDGMENT. MONTH of RATIONAL MINDED- buy and nobody wants to sell,; t : 1 The Negro American League will begin the 1959 season
I I NESS. 1959: DEAR Mr. and Mrs. Public: Have you thoughtof what they want to do is play 'l+ t June 17 with six teams participating and league presidentJ.
how easy it is to solve problems. work out solutions golf.Go B. Martin predicted the best season in many years be-
t and reach agreeable decsions when minds are made up to over to Daytona Beach cause of the well balanced clubs.
An so? and talk with Negro golfers I Discussions have circulated I -- -- -
Have you thought of how --- -- --- I and white golfers or even throughout the country that 'by Sanders, a former FloridaA
i difficult the tasks, how heavythe of both races are at peace the City Fathers and get a| I t1 $* vr.tjiIJd4J I since baseball teams have! & M shortstop have made
load and how great the with each other. Around the vivid picture of how easy a I been mixed with white and': things I look much brighter
barriers when minds are golf course serenity peace job is accomplished, nobody i) Negro players, all Negro II I around the Black Barons
made up in that direction? .harmony and good will toward .I is hurt, not even any feelings.j teams were doomed but from
Oh! How hard, how strenuous all golfers reign su I At Daytona Beach there I Preparations beng made in" camp.Davis said the former
1 how impossible it has preme.T have been no court scrapes/. < ?. .> the league for a banner season Florida A & M star has been
been in most of SOUTHERN 11 e golfers at Daytona, no cises have been filed. th3. > ': -... IE Negro teams are far from hitting and fielding brilliantly -
STATES where the golf .situation -Belch have moved the bar- only lawyers in the case have, folding up.President. during drills. Manager Da-
and the Negro have riers, solved the problems, been man's conscience and:I Martin has predicted -I vis also said he expects
caused such grave concern. moved the impossibilities and the only judge has been the that all six teams will] Sanders to be the key performer -
4 Why not go over to Day.:'found a solution that has i souls of men. Golf is what be in the thickest of the fight' in the infield this sea-
I .
tona Beach another Florida made all men happy. they want and golf is what .n23+ N... for the flag, which was won son. In speaking of Willie
city where golf is played ona !1 Each day. not Mondays and they have. b. by the Kansas City Mon- Smith and Billy Martin, Da-
municipal golf course. Overat Tuesdays nor Wednesdays The club house is not clos ro archs last year by the slim' vis beamed with smiles. Both
Daytona Beach the municipal -I and Thursdays nor Fridays ed up for moths and rust to Nom. margin of one game and a players are pitchers. Smithis
golf course is used by I'and Saturdays but EACH corrupt and combustion and half. Memphis pushed the a left hander who won six
I both white and colored and day Negroes use the golf I corrosion to break through Monarchs very close all the and lost two last season.
with some constructive think. course free of charge until and steal. They are not pay- way.'Last season the league Mumford was secured from
Ing. sound. Judgment and rational '!9:30 a. m. and after 4:30 Eachday. t Jim; care takers to take care J wM went through a full schedule Ashville at the close of last
mindness the golfers In the morning before of something that nobody is with only four teams. season.
9:30. Negroes tee off the first permitted to use. To do so is With the addition of the When the season opens
tee white golfers tee off the I like burning a house down Raleigh Tigers and Newark June 17, Birmingham will be
tenth tee. The same programis I to get rid of the renter. ,, y Indians, two new clubs, the at Kansas City for 2 games;
18 32 47 carried out EACH afternoon YOURS as always, and y. interest is much keener and Raleigh at Newark for and
546 __ 55 139 at 4:30. SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL sr the competition will be strop Detroit will be at Memphis
I In Daytona Beach, Negro .
_. ger.Many I
golfers are satisfied and of the stars who are; President Martin says it
4 v' 5 white golfers are happy. "N o- now performing in the major I will be the most prosperous
: leagues are of the season for all the culubs
4 tr 8 body is mad at anybody. i products
f p- "J' They all play and get along BATTLE 5 \V a Negro American League.I'singe World War II.
9 "S fine. Negro golfers haven't' Kansas City has sold several!
>{ turned white and white golfer players to the major leagues,I
Watch I his ( 'IFOR
s haven't turned black. FROM FRANCE-1st Lieutenant Robert Wilcox but the Monarchs are still EATBERRIERS
I The game goes on in th Jr.. is back home again after wide and varied ex- slight favorites to clinch the 1 II
252087 midst of peace and tranqui- periences in the U. S.Army in Germany and in France. pennant for the second t]
531 63 112twtiriw .SALLY LEAGUE Lieut. Wilcox is a former football star at Stanton High straight year. Manager Marion I

""... nr'. lity.The city of Daytona Beachasn't h i' School under Coach James Small and from there he (Sugar) Cain has de- ICI CREAM
......I-I.II.H ti..'.. down up sold the golf course' --- achieved stardon at Florida A & M in baseball. Over veloped another strong team
I', ..d any { minus a major drawing Depot football team. When he left France for his homed
tic w>trk* It *ll around car gue stars.
about it. has I
selling Nothing 1 is waging a hot battle ward journey his baseball team in first II
been said about buying it very at was place Lorenzo (Piper), Davis the
this point for the cellar battling for championship honors. He is shown here I I READ"POLITICS
position as newly appointed
Coming Attractions I either. The people of the city manager I
with Charleston he appeared as Florida A & M Rattler. I
another a
Birmingham Black Barons II
36 42 367 15 I realize that with no buyers cellar dweller. -
has said he believes he I AS USUAL"ON
i there can be no sellers and i
l'One closer than they are now. has just the team ',i
with no sellers there can be of the main questions CARDINALSITOMEET that will I
I that confronts the baseball Very often when a team is JAX upset the :Monarchs. Two I PAGE 2TRANSMISSIONS
'fans I in the city of Jacksonville I pitchers and 21 ear-old Bob-I:
on a losing streak fans :
to :
a. < team is, what has the present the park to see some or one STRONGVALDOSTAJacksonville I: -- --- --
got that the team at I
r Enroll Now In The I Waycross during swing training ers extraordinary perform. player It could or either play- I & MOTORS I
t' .i South's Finest didn't have? Men '
College coming be a pitcher, a catcher, an in- TEAM
to the
Florida Barber College I Braves from higher I I fielder or an outfielder. At TRANSMISSION
'' Branch G. I. Approved classification haven't added this stage of the Jacksonville OVERHAULED
too much to the club as far as i season The Cardinals Down
1 r .: ,v. I winning is concerned. club has neither a winning who will play the Valdosta I i $2950EX
nor a spectacular performer.
Woodrow Patterson. manager Prof. James Glove I Games played against higher I Trojans Sunday, May 31, at
(I, 630 Davis Street At Beaver t classification in exhibition : the Myrtle Avenue Baseball Service
Phone EL 5.9874 contests were much closed and Manager Sibi Sisti is doingan Park at 2 p.m., are making a
l better played. Whether that, outstanding job with what big efort to rerive baseball in
f ---- -- team could have done any bet- he has to do with. It is how- the :Myrtle Avenue park.
R ter in South Atlantic competition ever, too early in the seasonto The Cardinals, with some of Towing
w is a question that will give the Braves completelyout. I the best baseball talent that
.' yI never be answered, but thereis A little support and less have been seen around these 8-3421
I one thing certain, it could- condemnation will do a worldof parts for many years, are giv- HOME OWNED AND OTCtATtD
k AN n't have done any worse. Ex- good sometimes, but how ing the fans some exciting UNITED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION and
j, our hibition games were much i will it help the Braves? moments.
Among the players is Harold MOTOR CENTER
k ++ r (Buster) Hair, who is- 122*JHENDklCKS AVE EX 8,342f

Still pounding the ball at a cool .
; + P '' ,x 3ti1 traditionally distilled for .400 clip. In the game played
Sunday, May\ 17, he had 4 for
"IMPORTED QUALITY!" 5 and he has one home run to
his credit while Manager Eu-
gene (Stinky) White, another PALMS
stellar performer, is giving I
the fans some examples of
fine play.
J't: There are several playerson BALLROOMOF
.. .
... the Cardinals roster that
Fqp ;: "10...,:1' : are worthy of note.
<.r .f. : The Trojans are coming JACKSONVILLESTARTS

W .. '. ..; 'I-.'r;$)!:-. I advance well recommended notices they, and will from give "?-...? ..? ?-?-"_.?._. -.
tf pur dreamt einoot supply you 6WdER
SrtAVt b o "yf the Cardinals
: some tough
SOffl 1 for tbftt IUCJC HAM HATES .z a'I :t/e. '. t competition. STARTS FRIDAY MAY 29A
: b .
.:" ...
----ot-Votot.1'itotot.otr-'tA.- .. -oI?'"

.....-.....-. TATUM
$2,000 PER MONTH
J G' Allison"You
CHICAGO-Reece (Goose)
ittiL Tatum the fabulous basket-

s XJ' ball player, has been ordered Can Make It If You Try"PLUS
by a Chicago court to pay
$2,000 a month for support of I

J' ::; an illegitimate child, born to
Pr'eSSt Fre Naomi Hirsch, a 24-year-old
white, secretary. Earl Gaines

+* Tatum, was one time star I
hgy ''
g oWa; first
wsox4.. baseman of the Indian-
CCe -t apolis Clowns, but deserted
'I baseball to become AND THE
one of the
zke nation's top performers in I

I t'N. basketball with the Harlem 1 SPANIELS
.r'S. Globetrotters to team up with
Marques Haynes to form the
0 ; I Harlem Magicians.

rluj 4ItII I" Tatum and Haynes dissolved JIMMY BECKAnd
j p. partnership and the
It's right on the label! First distilled in 1769, still Goose organized his own team.

..i.I traditionally distilled for authentic London Dry Gin He was reported at one time His ORCHESTRA 4 '
quality.Enjoy the subtle dryness and delicate flavor of of having deserted basketball
I .
sw..rN t,..oo. .w, Gordon's Ginl! .to return to baseball and that ft:" .;7'C.7'Y "tw. -_. .. .v.r..x4.7.xru
he had purchased. Detroit
nm'no Gin rye GORDON* Stars baseball team. He play- MON. THRU THURS. :. 7& ,

ed a few games with the club. Fri.' SaL SUB. and IJolidayi $1.00
UK I misus! i nai ma.m i,..-.os 1Ir.t4;.a I.." He beloved finally basketball.went back to his i

... ----1
'. ; I't



Pag Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saruiar May 23. 1959

ImB I 4.
.' RUN SUN.-

f "" '.h .
T''t' '$.v. *
tmh :..;;.:: 3 ..
c ;,'*" :.;::1.;"1:. LYNCH STATEDETROIT icic

,..Y.l.yf. 't'. $:, ,.
rf-:: ", f. r.if -tc

ifl1' Mich-Plans ftc
are '
;; ,. .1 A STO Rr As BI6 as THE SEAS 1 .Maverick JAMES' t.....<:.<::t.ir',r. being made for a national icI'

"tJ' t'. :"' :March on Mississippi to protest "
j mob violence against Ne-
groes in 'that state, the very

W EDMDNL M latest being the lynch-type
murder' cf Charles Mack \ : 1W&Zd-
:,c ffBRIE \ s Parker on, April 25th by a

"s mob of hooded men. Epweoptl Church Photo I
1ECHNICO1B -from WARNER BROS BV/A0aSaH/ The pprotest March is being GOVERNOR ROBERT MEYNER of New Jersey welcomes I

sparked by Charles C. leaders of the Legislative Caravan, sponsored by the Christian 1
.. Diggs St., of this city, despitea I6Zoaea :
Also GUNSLINGER social relations department of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark,
warnng from the Mayor of to the State capital in Trenton. The RL Rev. Donald McAdie,
Vicksburg, Miss., John E. Suffragan Bishop of Newark, Mrs. James Sweeney, of Grace
A of the
tip Pepsi Oup
Holland, to stay home. Church, Orange and Canon Benedict H. Hanson, chairman of *
IT ALWAYS PAYS TO DEAL WITHDAVIS I Diggs sent a lengthly telegram Newark's CSR department, were among the more than 150 to these Americana outvtandtxg, w*.
I; to Mississippi Governor men and women from the diocese who visited the State Houseto young
James P. Coleman in- discuss their Christian concern on legislative matters with make ear country sea
BOAT MISHAPCLAIMS forming him that he was organizing state representatives and the Governor. I our community a better
[ the March, set for place In which to Irr*

Nov. 11, Veterans Day.L i
** *
1 LIFE y n c h-victim, 23 year-o 1 d ,
Parker, was a veteran. ,. *
Diggs, a native of Mississippi ,'U *
A boating-outing ended in is a former member of HAVE CASH WILL BUY 1t.
Michigan State .
tragedy on Monday when one Legislature.He ,.,J
is also the
of four young men who madeup Charles C. YOUR VACANT LOTS I :
the group drowned in the Diggs Jr., the fiery H M. Xa

St. Johns River. According to visited congressman Jacksonville who recently to spark I' Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay ,..
their small
reports, craft '
sprang a leak and shortly voter registration among Negroes ... *
thereafter sunk,stranding the t *
four in the water. ; *

W A ar { The victim 17 :year old MAID

James Martin of Mill Cove, Good presser and general IIM Hbl) STRAND WILMA JEAN SMALL j

was unable to stay above the, store work. Must be under JQMES STEWART Sun.- Sat. May 24-30 New Stanton Senior k tHigh i I
water until Alexander Brooks 25 years old. Good salary. 2 TOP' HITS! School )t I
one of three brothers who had Apply at Grayson's 221 KIMNQlfflKfflfREDHUTHCDCKS V' s'VERTIIiU' Trbiuie is paid to Wilma*
been in the boat, was able to Laura Stteet. Mr. Phillips. ; ; 2 MICKEY RooNEY ,Jean of the 10th grade 4'
I give him assistance. 1, MICKEYSHAUGNNESSYI class. She is a member of

I 'I Alexander assisted his two UlNA MERRIll I the Stanto-Music-Cho... El f:
brothers, TI>.eodis and Walter HELP WANTED rECMNKaot .,l ii d ',Manador Community Club"and
Lee Brooks, to a nearby river House-keeper to lira In. ',," I affilliated with the*
bouy, but when he swam back i Health card and reference+1 _1. ':[_ 'New Bethel AME Church.*-
to the spot where the boat II required. Salary $30.00 per I II **** ."'k..L.,
had sank, James Martin had I week. Call EX 8-9382. '
disappeared beneath the sur-
NEW from Congoleum-Nalrn face of the river. I ROOM FOR RENT I COMING TO STRAND SUN. MAY 31ST .
FORECAST Martins body was not found For quiet single man or 4
VINYL woman. 431 W. Beaver St.
until Thursday, when it was EL *

wipes clean with a damp cloth! seen Sisters floating Creek toward in the:Mayport.The shoreof SUSANHAYWARD 1

9 Bleach fruit acids,hot grease,mer- body was retrieved by 47211.HAVE In th feus story or hose Jf.

curochrome...even lye won't stain, State Highway Patrolmen murder Barbaro trial shockedw the world) .. 4t .*
won't spot.Easiest floor in Americato about 7:30 a.m. The officers *
keep clean. $1.49 notified the Dallas Graham de.. *

Never needs scrubbing or waxing, Sq. Yd. Ambulance Service who pick- A ..
Patterns sealed in vinylLay ed the body up and deliveredit
to the City Morgue. MARY A. JACKSON
it in minutes! No Installation. '
New Stanton Senior
e Less than $20 covers the. average 12'wI4...ls...,aIIlhtll....t.il 11,1q Police listed the accident as ROOMOR 1959 ACADEMY AWARD WINNEH1 I High School
9' 12'room... off Fulton at
x gives years of hard ghee.t"1 happening Camp Mary is a member of the
est foot weareSATIACT10N f M the end of Fulton Drive. 12th grade class. She Is a
GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACH member of the Marching
Sun. Men. Only and Concert Band Le La
R It Jf Lets Teenage Club and
APARTMENTTO 4 plans to become a nurse
**+.**-w**** I



4- CLASSBOTtlE_ RENT? 2\1: a *'

) Paramount Presents '' I
An 18-year-old woman was = 6' ,
hit on the head with a bottle FOR lIa HS'DAF ?
last Friday by another wom-
an who followed her down the *
street and hit her as she at- QUICK

tempted to get in an automo- D R'RR_ ff/ a s.N M/i

.w..>. y bile.
Miss :\frticeVilliams, of RESULTS I New Stanton Senior ,.

., 1361 W. State Street told police Tues. Wed. Thurs. May 26 -27 .28 1, High School
the husband of Mrs. Clau- Elizabeth Taylor As 'Maggie The Cat In i Pepsi Cola Dealers and,
\ dia Mae Wright, 20, of 1221 LIST IT "CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF" Plus I Pepsi Cola Bottling Company
W. Duval St., told her he 1st Run Paramount Thriller "HOT ANGEL" I are proud to salute'
knew where her boy friend (Theophane Belton of the
was and for her to walk up INTHEFLORIDA Sunday Thru Tuesday I 12th grade class. She is a5|
ROLLABOUTS HASSOCK STYLES the street and he would pick Regular Prices member of the Annual jrf

OSCILLATING TABLE FANS her up and take her to him. I Staff, and plans to be-*
Mrs. Wright followed Miss STARHUNDREDS I'come a Dental Assistance.
WINDOW FANS Williams the street on foot "CAMP ON BLOOD ISLAND"Comedies
up and Movie SweepstakesSUPPORT 1 * *
and just as the young woman
5 YEAR GUARANTEE attempted to get in the car, OF --- Congratulations from Pfyoft >
Mrs. Wright snatched her out
Cola to these three liertt
OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY AND BE PREPAREDFOR and hit her on the head with
Award winner
HOT DAYS AHEAD. EASY TERMS. the bottle, the victim told po ROOM THE DRIVE *7 Listen toPeprfl&eritAwwculoUtloa '

l lice. She was taken to Duval *

Davis Furniture Co. Medical Center for treatmentand <* TEEN'.TDIZ-oo WEHO Pupal, Cfeta 1_
were arrested. ;,00 jour mal datar! aye
135 BROAD STREET PHONE EL 3-5791 .. 1':43. to 11H* AM.r .

TILL 9 P. M. F. Nasworth and J. H. Smith
I investigated.
would like to see a new policy of better treatment *
to Negro customers adopted by local flrma. EIS! 01q ,,
I resent being called by my first name by salesman

READ THE and I saleswomen.bellerrf that Negro patrons should b. provided

ample rest room facilities In local establishments and
...'an end put to !Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains
FLORIDA STAR and rest rooms.
i"i ( To accomplish these change I am willing to C.BM r

patronizing firms that are unwilling. to meet these
EVERY WEEK requests. y Ode

NAME ; Ip I ;lute, Devises f4


L EL 4-6782 (, ,,) You may
.... dtatbd gals Isdicmlsd otherwise below. .
. I I desd lh l. ay ; ;#.:
-- "'.,:
\ ;::.
j ,. .- ... '
t "
y .
I c ,