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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200505datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 11, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005050740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 11, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 11, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-------- -
-- ---- -- ------ ---- --- -

Negroes( Left Out- ; '

I F/tJRIIJA ,t'f

'Star' Slates Rally STAR- '1 K N

--- --- -- ----,-. --- '. -- -..--- -. '..-,,, VOL. 9 NO. 10 And NEWS APRIL 11. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Ce T 0 }''

5iI .
-- ---

'. ::8-,yd c -' ,t a :ate 1 t. 1.piF. I IM Vet Caught In Rape Tray! .

Y.5: .: S a_'7________________ .Given, M" under Char :

<. ,. L .


u .
.pr .Yy.
,,.,..,':' Q

a .1 j :

'-.,;,.. .<, ...:x; '. ...: Willie Uoy T Daniels, the 22yearoldvar veteran who on I A damage suit against the City Recreation Department
__ -: _'' : t.l:;:: January 4th of this year was arrested and charged with "as- and possibly a suit to end racial segregation at the Jacksonville

The Enquire Lounge played host to the hotel chiefs of Jacksonville on their March sault with intent to rape" in connection with an alleged attack } Ball Park loomed this week as a result of a sealing
24th Award Presentations. Shown above are the gentlemen honored by the occasionor on a 61yeiroldhite woman, will be arraigned in criminal i, mix-up last Tuesday night when Milwaukee played Jhs

representing those honored. From left to right are: Pat Saunders Head Bellmanat court_on_Tuesday_ April 21,_on a charge of assault to murder. I Los Angeles baseball team here. _h ____
Hotel Seminole; Eddie Sawyer of George Washington Hotel receiving award for me yuuiig ux-somier: :) -------- 1 Isadore Singleton. promi- ,
Fred Murray of the Hotel Jefferson; William Stewart. Bell Captain at the George identified by the white woman nent businessman who has,
Washington receiving award for Chester Ford. Head Bellman same hotel; Isaiah "as the'colored male" who on: GOLF COURSE i+been active in politics and SAMUEL BRUCE
White representing Consolidated Distributors of "Old Forrester" and "Early Times" January 3 attacked her in a civic affairs said that he is ,
bourbon whiskies; Cornelius Morgan of Ponte Vedra Inn. receiving award for Collis parking lot in the vicinity of planning legal action on be-
Quarlerman, also of Ponte Vedra; Jimmy McMillian. Head Bellman at Mayflower Otto Street :half of his wife who was GAINS SUPPORTFOR
The made claim
Hotel and. finally presenting the award certificates Isadore Singleton. President of woman no denied seating at the ball
that her attacker to
the Negro Chamber of Commerce. I game when she appeared at
l her. COUNCIL
j, rape j the ball park with a partyof
The "intent to rape'9Y chargewas .
MYRTLE AVE BALL PARK RALLY GOLF COURSES a police contrivance A relatives. I
: ARE CLOSED 'BYCOMMISSIONERS I police official defended the I Singleton did not say specifically -
railroad plot by saying that I t W. B. Hart ield, Mayor of j what form of legal!\
I the man's intent for assault. ;: Atlanta, Georgia-where the : action would be taken. He
SET FOR TUESDAY NIGHT golf '' hinted that he seek,
ing the woman was known. ( )ur Je are integrated j i might i
The city's entv\ood 'andHyde Actually, Daniels is alleged exploded the myth which' damages from the ballpark!I I I I
Park golf courses were to have seized the woman l i Jacksom}' 's City Commission I!|a n d the promoters of the i it I

A political rally to give Negro citizens the opperrunlrj Lds fi R Pcru t&day ,in; accordillance 1 tb:;{t-ttic:: tiu t"tne. hCfun'" ; has circulated; : .-th a t-t t ,aTjeorptirsue'-a. courscTttfl 1i
of hearing and seeing the various political candidates'Ic with the City Commis- ter causing hem to fall "to,I"there'lr'LoodsKea""if! this:''bring about an end of racial i j I
person will be held in the Jacksonville Ball Park on Tuesday .\'sion's decision of last week to i the idewlk." The police re- i city's t-.-o municipal golf ,:Segregation in the park. The;
night. April 14. starting at 7:30 p. m. cl'se the two municipal courses ,nort continues by relating courses are integrated. j j I letter action would entail a'i I'
The rally is being sponsored -, __. | rather than permit the facilities :how the woman screamed, at Mayor Ifartsield made his :j petition: to the City Com-I I"r
by the FLORIDA STAR to be shared equallyby ] which point, "the Negro ,comments on a te'evised' program !iiission: to end racial segregation -1
because of the failure of the:SCHOOL, BOARD J whites and Negroes. ]turned her lose and walkedto presented hy the Jack- :: which would be followed :

City Democratic Executive j I During the closing the Otto Street, where he '!'soavffle: Forrm list Sunday. ',, b'a suit for a court.:
Committee to schedule any I Commission is ;supposed: to I turned ,North." i i Qu>stioned ah'ut the suejoessfui : order to end the segregated ',
[ : i
rallies in the colored area. TAKES ACTIOI I I'seek r. preventive solution to j The outrageous way in ; integration of Atlan- :' mating; ; method. '.eastside Samuel Bruce. the young
j taps ; Negro who entered
:nuriclprl golf ,
Upon inquiring as to whya I Court's order cf courses I
the Supreme :lich Daniels bc- .. According to Singleton his
I "' young : was the for the
!lla t :nld said Atlanta offi- race city council
rally had not been set up II ;complete integration. The in the ; wipe and relatives-Mrs. Laura '
I + info put jeopardy; by i Jcials}! virveye'l t ti 1 e South and | -, from the third WIS-< seen this
in the Negro neighborhood,II i Duval County School BoarcI :j j Commission: is said to be considerimj ali ce charge prompted{ the +found that I; Little;ohn. her mother,! week
"other i as gaining heavy
it was learned that the De-I either outright salet i I Sruthern Littlejohn sup-
FLORIDA STAR to her fa-
challengethe ,
I on Thursday recalled:: : 1 the con +, j ] cities dot away with it without :'I pert for his candidacy from
mocratic Committee said that:, traces of William D. Swee t t |lof the two courses, or leasing ( flagrant injustice\: that | anr trouble.' i talon, end Lee Hume her un- Negroes throughout Jackson-
it had not receivel! any requests -, them to private operato1 about to transpire right cK appeared at the
was ballpark
and Pr Garrett II. Form f I ; j The Mayor analyzed the I bilJe. There has been some
for a rally from the The entire maintenance j under the of the citizens with box seats tickets which 1
for the next :year. Sweet i s j I ( noses ;, game of golf as being not too indicatoin that he is also
Negro leaders such as it had staff of the golf courses will I of this city. were purchased the be-'!
i i( Principal of the Negro adull t t I popular among Negro citizens. day winning support
received from the white sec l be retained while the closing I As result of this fore. among.,
a news
|education program which was s$ ]I He called it a "time-consum- II III whites who feel that Negroes
ti:>ns. closed down on March 17, f 01j I remains in effect according to I paper's vigilance, a group of i i ing game which appeals The foursome was ushered+1 should have iopresentafion
Eric O. Simpson, publisher i j I reasons the board describe I Commissioner Dallas L.S fair-minded citizens responded -I among Negroes, mostly to I to seats in the colored section I'!on the cit council since
of the "STAR" who is alsoa 1 j Thomas, who is in charge of: to Daniels' plight and se- but they
as lack of funds. The prograir i I I doctors, dentists, and other !! was later requested to compose about one-third of
precinct committeemansaid was recorded a week later. the courses.LAWMAKER. cured the services of attorney I professional,business people." move by other parties who'. the population.
that all candidates are I The board's decision to tat{e +! Earl M. Johnson to assure the ire said Atlanta officials ex- t claimed the seats. Mrs. Sing-:' Bruce's
invited to speak at the rally. action against Sweet was discouraged veteran proper legal representation I Ipect3d: a "large curiosity attendance" leton then asked the u.her'I cil is entry into the coun-
It was also announced thata by their attorney,i O. K. in court. < of Negroes at the to provide her with seats''', n expected to bring outa
meeting of the city precirct Elliott Adams who exDlained Daniels, now in Duval municipal links when they that her tickets called for,!vote unprecedented eastside
County Jail, lives at 752 W. I from colored citizens
committeeman will beheld that the school board had nr wr-e first integrated but now whe"nipon she was told that
on Monday night, April power to enforce such disciplinary ;.S FUND INCREASE Ashley Street "only a few dozen of our Ne- the tickets they held were I I clamoring fair representation.
13. in the auditorium of Ed- action: against school] I I gro citizens play." designated for the white sec-' Although he is a virtual
ward Waters College at 7:30p. personnel. MAN CUT ON POK HEAD j tion but that colored newcomer to politics, Bruce
have :
"They complete freedom
m. Committeemen and The board's lack of funds t FOR COLLEGES i.DURING AN AKtibMENT I to play anytime, any-- could not be seated patrons in the I j i!:has fairs been for a active number in civic of af-
committeewomen are being claim was denied by School I where, and there's been section. ears.
j no ivIrs. I He
urged to attend the Ish Brant who submit Tccoliu 38 of 1026 I I"V. has been president of
meeting Supt. Ivory, ;.trouble," Hartsfield said. He .
which will provide them an I ted statistics showing that the I .r- '! Church Street was cat on i said he received Singleton said she the Eastside Civic Club Inc.
opportunity to ask the va school budget was not over, TALLAHASSEE Sen.!j the {'"or head by Martin Coney I I I the eomp'.aintsabout appealed to George Robinson,'IJ for 8 years and serves as Cub
I Wayne E. Ripley and Reps. integration policy I director 0 f the Recreation\ Scout Master\ of Pack 176.
rious candidates direct ques-,spent. last Tuesday du!Jng an argument "but I to the I' Heis
came conclusion Department
:Mathews Jr. and to 'pt TIPI-. frig !
1 IIJohn| E. P business
tions. ,
I The board overuled ths about Coney's common- :'that those .u'" manager of the
opinion o'f its attorney, Elliott. Harry .W. Westberry influenced law wife, Ivory told police. : racket played raising the most seats she had paid for.: i i long Branch P-T-A which
no golf and
Adams, that the board has noauthority ; the passage of a bill Con/and Ivory were taken i didn't I ,he is past president. In ad-
2 MEN ARRESTEDWITH care anything about
on Thursday which will give II ,, i clitjon, Bruce who
to initiate disciplinary to Duval :Medic.alenter fore j i I playing it." MAN LOSES MONEYTO is married
STOLEN SAFE action in the case of the legislative permission to th nicdical attention and were the to the former Helen B'?nne-
two Adams j City Council and County' Regarding touchy FLIM FLAMMERS I kin of a pioneer
IN STOLEN Ti UCKMIAMI men. also warned immediately arrested school eastside
question, Mayor Iartc-
that if the board rescindedthe Commission to donate up to ing their release fOllOW-I I field said he "believes" the i I family, is trustee of Payne
two contracts it would be, $50.000 a year t 0 Edward Medical Center, police Chapel AME Church.
Two Waters College. .!peopb! of Atlanta would vote Henry Washington; 810 E.
young men open to a law suit which it. ed.
to close! : the Union
public schools Street
were caught hauling a stolen probably would lose. Jacl onville University will told police he
safe in a stolen truck last The board said it had three also benefit from the donation VICTIM IDENTIFIES :rather than integrate them. was flim-flammed out of his WOMAN HIT IN HEAD
Wednesday! to bring about- steps in mind: law, and will be able to KOB3ERY SUSPECTS Th, varied interview also money by two men last Thurs- WITH GLASS BOTTLE
"the first big break in a se- To remove Sweet and Dr. receive up to$100,000 annual aired the issue of city-county day while standing on the cor- -

ries of oof-bursting burglaries Fortner, acting director of vocational lv from. the Commission-' Andrew Lewis Jr., 14C2Milncr :;. annexation. In tHs respect ner of State and Hogan ITrs. Doroth Robinson, 3L
," Director Thomas Kelly adult and veteran ed Council source. I Street 4old, police he Hartsfield said a city's population Streets. of 916 W. Church Street was
reported.'_ __ -, ucation. .for incompetence VT h institutions now''' ,reel was'he1d;' up'. sad robbed' at figure is "4 .\'ery im Washington said he put$60 hit on.head with a bottle last:
.',He said the piere,.'WBEtei and ineff icie'icyr"! : f&ye:$25Q<&.av:<*r:from;each Oakley and.Tlorida. Avenue portant- psychological factor'in in a bagwith what he.thoughtwas -Friday! by her,husband,. she ;:,_
; ;
'Morris -Baker:;-*20, :3977 To'lay before thepublic"the: .. cf jibe:gq... 1.. es. last'SoiurdAy'by three'xnen.victim attracting; near-? business ,' $33().. He saidhe was:;ttf said. ,"
-S.. ,. Wi B"-"n_ .Ave,.:. Coconut prabJera of.conflicting'authoritxifcrihg '. ; :.: -, : :Ttte pointed out the a ::iodastryj,_ .,> keep ,the' bag: until-the ;men. ;: Berme.' Rnson. the' htispolice =f;
( fiom; Wheel- -the:.bcarfihr handspower': AtPEi .11tA)) iPOiiINTEGRA'TION' three.'mentis the bnes;.who ercity: ojEAtlaufa' 'wasex81 -' fj"? 1, !bat.Rhen."tIi .men: 'fi.nand .t. :Tifc: wife_ ag*' .
2r... .Dn Av e.,.Co"prime :- acd;leaving it'n- .Teal :. .: PARK- "' ,' robbed hi* : 5hetsuspects 3; 6
c.iutt'Crotre; suspects"efU regarding the appointment,**; *.-... ;: -' --=* : were taken;hito :custody/.but annexation*. .in'.:1952.;j?.. .;' thebag' and -foun d--nothing: 'dOOrs>} fWail1il-with. a bottle:
e ," which included disciplining of school personnel .,MONTGOMERY; Ala A no money was -recovered. but plain: paper.-He does not I bfl unknown man.
t bungled .try at breaking except in cases where' group of Negroes asked U. S. Lewis said he would sign VOTE FOR A MANWhol1BeAFriad know how nor 'Then is $eo She was taken to Dnral'
through the'roof of the Per- major breaches ef.conduct. are,. Dist. Judge Frank M.: Johnson warrant. disappeared; Medical Center by police am

rine Bank recently.. involved.To Jr., today to outlaw city Police arrested'Milton flar- To AH Th People I Polity aid Washington was balance where she was treated -
attempt to force legisla. park segregation-- .Jn Hontgomery reD, 911 Oakley Street Arthur Vote,For I intoxloatedAhen. he made his by Dr. W. Gorganious: and
Vote For tion to give the board .real without going )Minnegere and.Alfred 'complaint released. Sgt8. Hnrlbprt wa
BRAD T8CDENICK I power over school personnel or through trial. Wood.. BRAD TREDENICICCooadlmaB. '""...S Pariecoyera notified and both
.Councilman; ,Ward. L .. else tale aWay from it any All of thecrty's parks) have Patrolmen I. M. Green and ww'r: I Patrolman BT"KT'Mdsseau W. J. Vake and noshed and wife were ar-

.. s a authority, it does have been,. dosed .since Jan., 1. t tY ... J. H. TUlman investigated. I investigated j i L*-ested, police And said.charged with fightng -




Two THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. April 11. 1959

I THE FLORIDA STAR 'F' .rvv v*** !' 'Y : "Politics As Usual

NEWSPublished '

by The Florida Star Publishing Co.

"Membtr Associated Negro Press'

Eric O. Simpson .____ ______._-Ediior is regretable that some people are so selfish that they

C. Par ham Johnson ____._.-____News Staff expect even a newspaper to see their point of view and

JL tamae Richardson ....___.__.._._.-_.._.-._. Circulation Dept. tf, would resort to criticising asides newspaper that tells both
r; of a story.
1 :1' Ir -% ,
-- 3 ...
1l -- We reported
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: .., that many Nc- \\hat doubts some of us

.323 Moocncf Road _.._......_._..__....., EL 4-8782 EL 4-6783 1 'a + h':. ,i ;''groes express- might have as to the deeper
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 oil 1vl h '. ed the view motives of those pursuingthe
1 .
suit the fact remained
f\'J\l: \: "t that the golf! ,
So. that even though some might
Address \
Mailing : f course suit
l lose: s me personal favors
P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida -1. seemed to be avery *
..;ofo'\ from \>n high' the suit is an
issue -
.+ ; '; attack for freedom from segregation -
to create
SUBSCRIPTION RATES t.F:; _:: .' such a stcrm and to win a fundamental -

One Year, $5.00; Half Year, $3.00; Three Months. $1.80 i4N N iTES .4Y .:--.-, /'a bout when,, right. .

Mailed To You. Anywhere In The United States. / I t : !::::::; .. '. there are some F .'
Subscription Payable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: Jjl. ::.r.M.lems/ .,.,, .t(l larger such prob-as j I II 1 GOLF COURSE ISSUE

SIMPSON j job and educational -

---- opportunities c o n- golf course suit has
fronting us. loomed as a big political

141t r afIT-S Y headache for at least two incumbents -
OLD SENTIMENT AN OBSTACLETO \ c tj .'\ Last week I ran in to a few Mayor Haydon
people who thought the Burns and Commissioner

FLORIDA STAR should nothave Dallas Thomas. Emory Price

SOUTH'S RACIAL HARMONYSENTIMENT printed its findings after is using it for everything it's
a survey of the reactionto
worth in his attempt to cap
-:1. the golf course integration ture the mayorship: and John

is the predominating factor in shaping \ ; suit, but those who praisedour P. King is working the theme
: ,
opinion. As such, it can hardly be isolated from the pro- 0,0 : unbiased reporting were to death to qet the commission -
Nor it be voluntarily : F in the majority.I from Thomas.
cess of calm, analytical reasoning. can ; ; < ... ':: ; ,,:.

suppressed in making decisions, forming prejudgements or .'0,.__;"".J.' ......... ... :: ',: do not. necessarily agree Burns and Thomas are on
influencing human behavior in general.In with those who feel that the the well-known "spot"as a

the troublesome area of race relations here in the THE MAIN OBSTACLE' TO RACIAL HARMONY golf course suit is unimpor, result of the suit brought by
South and elsewhere in the nation, the tenacious grip of ___ Frank Hampton and
company -
tant. On
sentmient is indeed doubling the race problem, and quite 11 the contrary, the but the two city of-
nearly making a mockery of the most sincere efforts to right to use the golf courses; facials placed themselves

solve or at least to ease the situation. Your Weekly ii without restriction is fundamental : squarely on the spot by fbsI -
The reactionary resistance of the white South to the integration since it could well I l tcring the idea of closing the

pressures being brought to bear upon it poceeds PJ5 Guide decide our right to use any: ;:golf courses and threatening
from sentiment native to white Southerners, and doubtless 1)pascope of the other to sell or lease them. But
to any people who acquired historical prominence by municipal facilities everyone should realize that
shaping communities, commerce and government out of I' WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR without restriction; It they were both playing for
wilderness.The -- might sound farfetched but t the segregationist vote.Plaof ,
'5 I ''F.S5 /AVETRAVEL .1111
t'' -
white Southerner interprets this sentiment as pridein if restricted use of the golf] f ed in the same position Price

tradition cultural achievement and, mistakenly, racial course is accepted we couldone | and King would have doneI
superiority. He feels, finally, that racial segregation is jus-. -v PABLO." !".c ASTROLOGERARIES I likewise I believe.
day wake and fin I
tified and should be perpetuated. up
." On the other hand racial sentiment in the Negro of the cond House Jupiter. This of your community. Be positive I that Negroes are to be pe rOne thing sure, it's going

South is net so definite in its manifestation. Historicallymore Born March 21 thru April 19 ; should be an excellent omen I and do not hesitate to I matted the use of electric or io be interesting to see if

recent, it has no background of popular reaction to. A long journey may be of financial expansion. I take the initiative, particularly -i. water facilities only on certain Frank Hampton will be root-

support it in times of stress. Its entire motion, of necessity, very valuable but much 6-50 33- 49-31-653 i iI ] in matters affecting ,, days of'the week or inq for Haydon Burns and
is forward-away from conditions which are socially ad- would depend, in this connection I your surroundings or your'amily Dallas or their opponents
verse. on your reaction to LEO : group. Sustained: for that matter, that Negroes i Price and King or will hei

The result of this forward momentum of Negro senti- 'the eclipse. Such an eclipsecan Born July 23 thru Aug. 23' work should bring a very i(can go to the zoo only o i I root for one and not the

ment, as opposed to the static character of white sentiment, I be highly stimulating, if: The Solar eclipse of April'7th valuable reward, especially certain days of the week and[ other.

is producing an ever-widening breac in the relations of the yt/u can use constructivelythe will no doubt strengthen':of the intellectual or secretarial -'I!ias ridiculous as it might t The

two races in the South; a breach which is being filled with energy it seems to re the story, and perhaps bung type. J'S o u n d-to walk golf course issue is
; on main serving to weaken
potentially explosive issues having largely to do with edu- lease. Your inner life of subconscious -j temporary confusion to the ;3-20-11-18-13-321 I l Burns' Haydon

cation, econcmics, housing and voting rights. nature could be:,\\eak. It would be better to,I I street only on certain days colored vote strength in the

White sentiment is mainly at fault in its determinationnot very much affected, and pro-. start new ventures only after| SAGITTARIUSBorn Yet, I can understand the that secticn it's and it appears -

to be budged from its position of stale infatuation with bably in a constructive or at the 12th, particularly if you;, Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 feeling of some Negroes who I Thomas a lot. going to cost
past achievements. Nor is Negro sentiment without blamein least stimulating manner. have to use your mental energy It could mean a love affair -1 feel
its somewhat racy desire to acquire minor privileges Theatrical matters and all in the starting. The': and a child might be involved -: that we should not strainthe I What about the Negro candidates -
good relations
which, unfortunately, are popularly mistaken as rights Fifth House affairs should be' 12th and 13th would be good, in the situation. This vails between that pre- ? Ernest D. Jackson

gained. benefitted. : days: for rest and recuperation -;,week, excellent planetary a whites I here Negroes and[ has a good chance to win if

In rapidly shifting social and economic patterns, Southern 4-30-22-28-21-428 :I -perhaps to move to a pects prevail and you should I of golf. over the playing! Negroes would turn out solidly -
whites are striving to preserve the self-estimation and new place. i find at least temporary happiness Undoubtedly there: and vote for him. There

self-identity, in the face of great reactionary resistence.ed TAURUS ; 9-80-66-78-69-936 | or excitement. It is a are in this many fine white people,! are some who ''don't like him,
city who
as racial superiority in the faces of psychologically ig- Born April 20 thru May 20 t fine period for writers, ed charitable I I and considerate are very personally. but the fact remains -
norant Negioes. The aspects favor real estate VIRGO* caters and all those whose j of the tc t h a't he is the best
This being no longer the case, the Negro is now determinedly and all types of business;'Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 .minds are the main men ns,' and it problems would of Negroes -.,, qualified academically. Jeal-

seeking to acquire his own self-estimation and related to land which you':I j Your children may take:,of obtaining pre st i g e and; to lose seem imprudent cus Negroes who hate to see

slf-identity, in the face of great reactionary resistence.In own. However, do not act ag'much of your time, or you( personal power. ( over the good friendships ': other Negroes rise to high

the meanwhile, as sentiment continues to govern the gressively about the prospect i may be very much occupied' -90-88-89-87-797 I ing golf on the matter of play. positions should put aside

direction of thought end reaction, the need for negotiation on the 11th and watch the,, by some new project which'releases I with the white folk.same days; that attitude and realize that

between qualified representatives of both races makes it- action of your lawyer, even in an unusual manner CAPRICORNBorn ( we can't hope to rise to betain -

self more felt. if he serves well your in, your personal energies-, Dec. 22 Ihru Jan. 19,'! I don't think the m ttr status until others of ournt

Surely, there men and women, intelligently acquaintedwith terests. There may be, unexpected I this could even be a ramance. It could affect one of your I point is that Negroes wa l race rise to the top rung.
the problems of their race. and genuinely interestedin at 'first, legal en;18, -70-77-69-76-376 parents rather vitally. It may Ito I play golf with whites. The. Sam Bruce in the Third

promoting solutions to these problems, would no doubt tanglements. i ;,Ii also, in connection wit h a i I tissue, as I see it, is not th I Ward may not be a college
contribute more to those eventual solutions, than the present 1--60-555954165 l( LIBRA j r strong :Mercury in your,I matter of playing golf. It i is: I graduate, but he has good
cascade of retaliatory legislation which is threatening Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23:1 fourth House. give you new. securing the right to use the. common sense and he is certainly -
to overflow the banks of human tolerance. ;, Possibly, the problem abovei opportunities for intellectual municipal facilities which W as intelligent as several -
GEMINI i i mentioned may have been I pay taxes for :
I development or some rather without re. of his opponents.
Born May 21 thru June 21 I !. temporarily smoothed 0 uti I sudden, but perhaps not last- striction. 1
C.i You might enter into some and your conjugal life may ling, illumination of LET PEOPLE DECIDE
new relationship, perhaps jibe:: particularly harmonious at I A partner consciousjness. -'I It is true that there an j THE BUS ISSUE
breaking away from old bond:!I least on the surface after.:active, and may very: l important problems tc Another
be big political foot- ,
m4 age-or) having to struggle against Jsome; rather vivid expends:,urged to take you a might long Jour be!.I.and solved there wrestled with ball is the bus company Is-
social prejudices or a j L tore of energy or resources I!!n around l are so many, i t':s. Since the
y 12th. hard sue. City Council
Qt detrimental legal judgment : aruond the 10th and Hth.;,:however This:,,,J to say where we shoulc
could also start has played around with it
Yet the week .:,Whatever was spent refer to,I especially since there SOS
contains excellent particu- the i i.I i. .
signing of much It only fair that
a contract -I seems
i in requiring .joo co-ordinated
planetary aspects, so thai tilarly terms of your own, some movement o:1 ;, the matter should be be-
legal put
the eclipse psychological: '' process s: plan for
activity and progress.
may actually indicate 'efforts should which should be to our advantage -( fore the people and let them
t a startling stimulationof l I worthwhile., prove very I, A start had to be mad< ole on whether we shruld
; your sense of human '
l lationship and new opportu re; G-10-9-12-98- 519 |j I I Ii 9-30-44-27-42-733 some where and des P ate* .: allow in another company to

xi. nities. I i ___ ____ come or not.
i. .. 240443943243CANCER SCORPIO I I Born Jan. 20 thru Feb.

; :M!Born. All Oct.this stresses 24 thru the Nor.importance 22- I around A great deal of travelling 18j' SUPPORT THE DRIVE
r N Born June 21 thru July 22:, of your profession or
your i i some
Mercury is stationary now, public prestige and, in general -t of: study.very You stimulating seem type FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF
in your Sixth t I very ea-
.4 House and, all that deals with your ger, i indeed
twice in trine aspect to a Se-. participation in the affairs I I your work. Write ambitious to influential in-
friends, or try to join
a GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING I important clubs or fraternal

4 4w Use tUc' eoupto. Learn move about yoaneO. Send 10 Mis. (one a3Sociations. wonlc UU to ... a nmr policy of bet1n -', a-

dnfle tn GelD) for auJi horweop* ordered. by ..... Xaotode& art 1-20-66-19-65-126 zntnt io Nc.ic customers adopted by local firma

f .,. :. c'idreoaed, tamped ecTBlopa Write pfetety. ate Oo **. not apply and I rccetnf bvuij: called b7 my first name by .a1..mm
.ir71 r' LI rtrtdcets tf the PISCES alen7omta.
daatotoo e fI fly aaa. .
Bo,. Feb. 18 ttru March to I UUr that Kegro' patron. aot>ld b* pforidM
1J. I rl p-'W: ",1 1I The first alternative seems -.y1. red soon' ladlltlM la local tr: UHm... acI
FORIDA STAR A5IROLOGEK ,an end put to Jim-crow
KEN'KNIGKTlarkes more likely because of a on .drliJctegTo fo"la5.ad .
I P. O. BOX 561 I slstent trine aspect of Mere nil I'8GIU.' _
JACKSONVILLE 1, FLA. u ry to Jupiter throughout aoa J" 1M. airr.. I am wIBag So .....

You To Lbtea To, I I the week. It stresses good JJah j firss Sad M ...an., 10 AMtNAME flea
I" I 1J
and an
iMGllTTN" I = : .1 I.1tali increase in prestige, either .
directly to you -o!" through

Start!** At 7:00 P. M. NiahiJT I I.I I. your! ?*&*& partner. Aa ADDHZS3dwtfal -
OIJ'. .;... :"gfcultural or real estate de-
1" opment seems t.. warrant I aadae r bo beLl wl .
'i 1400 WRHC -. 1400 I eq Bfetti' 4. .- r j9e lujw. contrac*. presume+ tecteatedwffl ..
... .. ,. al t .
I .. .... ;;: f to your advaflt
.1* ',,, re. l ) YouasyPage ..-- a7...... f1 \
-. .- -- 5O- -7o...=287 L n ,,::
i) '. ;: ..:.. .i .,

.. ,',,. 1 .
.. .' ; !' : '.. &o.: ) .
1 -


- -- ---
.w- ----WW- w -
-- --


Week Ending Saturday. April 11. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Thr.


:: === f. H. BOLDEN
n \ CLUB

&JitiiuU 1J1 f6wUll: : .'.s.: ::

The first annual Kin-Da-
MEET ttlla will be held at James
... I ,Weldon 1 Johnson School,
By ?S' I
I ., 'Pay V I V J\pril 24 at 8 p. m. A program

LOUISE G. GUINYARD t'!''; I The regular monthly meet- hay been arranged for the
which will feature
the Azalea Garden vent,
s s t ing
s.:3 4. : trar'SO4a I Circle was conducted recent- r rhythm: bands from ten kin-
Mrs. Lilian Stukes was hostess and Mesdames Thoma- i jly at the home of Mrs. Lot-:iergartens.

sena McKirlin and Jessie Fears were guests when the I tie Gilbert, 1307 West Eighth Each school will presentan

Charming Ladies Bridge club held its recent meeting. X Jet I Street. : : individual rhythm band
f selection. The is
E1 ; Mrs. L. Gilbert Mrs. M. program
High corers for the evening were Mrs. Margaret C. Day, i.. ;Porter and Mrs. F. Middle- I\being: sponsored bv the BolIen's -

Mrs. Delpbenia Brinson and Mrs. Hortense Brewington.who ifs 9 I f f brooks served as hostesses c College of Music and

were awarded prizes in the order mentioned. Both I for the meeting. "What 1,1 l L h e Kindergarten Teachers

gues'<* receipd beautiful gifts from the hostess and, along 9t have Blooming in My CarI (!Association.
with dub ir: tubers, souvenir tokens. Other members pre- I den" was the roll call. John H. Bolden, Music con
sent included Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap, Mrs. Sophye White, I'
V s: !ultant of the association,
Mrs. Ruth Carter, Mrs. Josephine Cleveland, Mrs. Vermeil i --" +- t ,will direct the program. He

Glover, and Mrs. Earnestine Poole. I AMARYLLIS GARDEN .]will i be assisted b v Mrs.

C i i CIRCLE PLANS FLOWER Gladys:: Greene and the kindergarten -

SHOW teacher and super-
Among those enjoying the music and food at the Riboult visor.i .
Mr. and Mrs. ryf' -- -.- .
Supper Club during the recent holidays were: : The Garden -- -

Earl Mainor, Jr.; :Miss A. L. Latimer; Mrs. Delores Mixon; ....." i Circle will lAmarvtlis I .-... -
Mrs. Annette Taylor; Mrs. Mildred White; Mr. and :Mrs. 4. Y h sponsor its annual'. ....
flower show, April 2526. -- --- ..
Francis Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wyatt; Mrs. Luther j \
The Circle 1
James; Mrs. Geneva Henderson; Mrs. Rose Exson; James. j its Previous I ;
Fowler; Eugene Vance; Richard Williams; and Mr. and CHAIRMAN RECEIVES CHECK-Eddie Wilkes president of the Matthew W. Gilbert meeting in the home i Tve trle d... j
Mrs. John Lewis. Senior Hi-Y Boys is shown presenting a check for $50 to RMCA Board Chairman ;of the vice president. Mrs. Es- I

., Alton Adams Jr., as executive secretary Jesse W. Word of James Weldon Johnson ,sie J. Williams 1135 West 1: I
9th but I can't
Street. 1
Branch CMCA and members of Gilbert's Hi-Y look on. The check is given to help i *
of the YMCA. !j "What I Have Blooming in *
toward the
Theta Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. held support !My Garden" was; the mil rail.. I i hate anvone... I II
I ---- ---- --
its recent meeting at Club Eldorado with Rudolph L. Dan- J for the meeting.. JI i

iels, basileus, presiding i I (
i N i i : Wedding Bells i I
Miss Charlotte Annette Brown and Mr. Clarence Von WHITE ROSE CLUB I I'.ve
i got every
Bostick have set the date for June 13. GARDEN CIRCLE Miss Eartha M. M.: White] Applications for Marriage i I i
The announcement comes from the bride elect's parents, visited the Forest Hill Cor-;' I Ii The regular meeting for I II reason to!" k
rectional School for Girls for I
Mr. and Mrs. Raiford Allen Brown, Sr. the White Rose Saving Club I
SLATESMEET i' Sam Green, 1034 W. Church!
t Easter. She was accompanied I was held recently at the 1 1.y 1f
Mr. Bostick is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. An- by Mrs. Helen McLaughlinand : St., age 59 and Sara Corley, home of Mrs. Bertha Singleton -

derson of this city. i her daughter, Mrs. Ann;:, 1034 W. Church St., age 57. I :: 2616 Kings Avenue.
I The Carnation Garden Circle Leroy Howard, 540 Margaret -: "Honor
H Pinkney. j thy Father and thy
I was organized recently at '! St., age 24 and Mary L.'j:Mother" was discussed by

Mr. Cyril! Alberry of New York City was a recent visi-i I the home of Mr. and Mrs. .': Mrs. Marie Timmons of Burgess, 2235 Forest St., age I Mrs. Mozell Jones.

tor to Jacksonville. He and his son. Cyril, Jr. spent the i Arnett Griffin, 1263 West 1071 Scriven Street is ill at 118. I II Mrs. Annie Mae Johnsonwas

Easter vacation with his mother, Mrs. Edith Alberry, and 23th Street. [i I her home. She is a memberof I Grady Hardy, 509 W.!! added to the club during .

his sister and brother-in law at 2845 Jupiter Avenue. Officers elected to serve the Mt. Tabor Baptist i Church St.. age 40 and Beu-1' the. business session. .

Church i lab Johnson, 967V.. Union
t for the circle are: Mrs. Lil- S r *
S I St., age 44.
1 li.i Goosby, president; Mrs. rr .4J
Tickets are on sale for the Spring Dance Recital of the:j Ernestine Holzendorf, vice Mrs. Estelle H 0 I man of, Henry L. Hill, 1130 Jessie! POPPY GARDEN, CIRCLE

YWCA's children's dance class. |president; Mrs. Ethel Wright, Donaldsonville, Ga., is ill in I St., age 17 and Lula Brown,j HOLDS MONTHLY MEET .

!recording secretary; Mrs.: the home of her daughter, 1145 Jessie St., age 15. i J :
The affair which is under the auspices of the '
young I!Bessie Allen, treasurer Mrs. Mrs. Johnnie Mae McCoy at Sam Green 77 Venus Ct., The Poppy Garden Circle \ tr
Adult is scheduled for 24 1959 in Wilder
Department, April ( :
Recreation Center. :,| Mary Whitlock, financial sec- 1559 West 31st Street. Mrs. i age and Lillian Humphrey ]held its regular I monthly I
!. retary. \I McCoy is a member of Grant 2536 Sammy Lane, age 20. :}meeting in the home of Mrs. ;I 1 meet "ANNIE JOHNSON*

Mrs. Helen Bryant Robinson is the very capable instructorS .I 'Memorial AME Church. Burk E. Culmer, 955 DavisSt. Helen Matthews, 1559 West the
!J Flower committee are Mrs. I ., age 41 and Beryl L. Francis -J ISth Street. one of real-life

S t R i 'Maggie, Lott, chairman, Mrs.: Mrs. Phyllis Brooks is ill 926 Scriven St., age 29. i The previous meeting ol' people in the all-time

is not our intention to overlook The Florida A & M Maudie Calloway, Mrs. Ola, in the Duval Medical Center.I Jackson B. McRae, 816 E.1 the club was held in the best-seller!
Alumni Dance held at the Duval Armory, last week end,I Jackson. Mrs. Willie Griffin,[She is a member of the Mt. 3rd St.. age 22 and Minnie M.1 home of Mrs. A. Law, with great

for it really ushered in the spring season. Everyone present I welfare chairman; Advisory Zion Methodist Church, Lone Mitchell, 5748 Abelia Rd., age.':Mrs. Deloris Brown, the

had a wonderful time. Members of the J. R.E. Lee Chapterand ':Board, Charles Lot, Arnett:, Star and serves in Choir No. t 25. I;sident, serving as hostess.pre-

their guest danced to the music of the FAMUans un'Griffin and Chester Satter-' 1. Theo. W. Anderson,. 1122 Mrs. H. I. James, former

til the wee hours of the morning. ;i i white. I I # # Hart St.,' age 18 and Edith l lM. president of the EWC Gar J eYOU'LL

j Other members of the cir- Dr. C. S. Williams left the,, Bryant, 2115 Run St., age den Circle, was the guest at
Mrs Alneta Allen entertained the Zeta Arnica Club last; for Richmond, 16. o
,cle include: Mrs.Willie Mock, city recently the meeting. She discussed
Monday evening in her.home on Florida Avenue. l Mrs. Mary Harris, Mrs. Nancy Va', where he has been invited Milton Griffin, 507 Odessa!growing flowers and gave a I
t s s t .tSt., age 18 and Minnie
Hawkins i Mrs. Marion by the Rev. T. B. Wal t demonstration on how to
Les Juenes Filles, a youthful group affiliated with the!,Monroe, Mrs. Rose Benjamin,. ker, pastor of Third Street:Johnson, 65 Ardella St., age I;make corsages. I

A. L. Lewis Branch YWCA staged a lovely style show Mrs. Birdie Scott, Mrs. Nao- Bethel AM E Church to be 19. I MEET HER AT
last week that was well attended by both teen-agers and L mia St. Jacobs and Mrs. Vic- speaker for the annual Youth f Andrew Griffin, 1184 W., OWENS ILLINOIS CLUB

adults. toria Clark. 'I Day celebration. I Beaver St., age 34 and Minnie CONDUCTS MEETINGThe Roosevelt
:Miss Juliette Hampton and Miss Linda Pearson were;, The circle will conduct its L. Lewis, 1184 W. Beaver
among participants on the show. ;next Mrs. Maggie Sloan is recuperating -! St., age 31.'Valter .
meeting, April 23 at the Owens Illinois Ladies
i i !''home of Mr. and Mrs. M.i at her home at 1439'|'i!. S. Moore. Sr., 1217 Club favored the girls of the I Starting-.
We have news of two new ladies clubs recently organiz, Goosby, 1243 West 28th Street, West 5th Street. She is a L Van Buren St., age 48 ando,'I:Parental Home with an Eas- Roadshow WED.APR. 15

ed, The Carnation Garden Circle and the Chat 'N Sew club., '|with Mrs. Ernestine Holzen-i j.member of Second Baptist;;Evelyn Davis. 1217 Van Bu-jj!ter Egg hunt recently. Engagement

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Arnett Griffin of 1263 West;I dorf serving as co-hostess. Church. ren St.,* age 36. The club meeting was held -Co-Starring-

28th Street was the setting for the initial meeting of the d Willie Oliver, 1731 W. 20th recently at the home of Mrs. MAHALIA JACKSON

Carnation Circle, which saw the following persons elected Mrs. Marion Kelly is con-''St.(' age 25 and Dorothy Col-!]L. Ellex, 1538 West 19th St. EARL GRANT
as officers: Mrs. Lillian Gpolsby, president; Mrs. F. Earnes.:! valesing at her home at 1537 ville, JJ439 E. Lincoln Court,! S S Adults 75c Kids 25c

tine Holzendorf, vice president; Mrs. Ethel Wright, recording ;SETZERS SOCIAL Logan Street. She is a member age 24. I -

secretay; Ms. Bessie Allen, treasurer; Mrs. Mary Whit, SAVING CLUB HOLDS'' of Second Baptist Church I I Fred Williams, Route 4,i iI

lock, financial secretary; and Mrs. Margie Lott, chairman.!REGULAR MEETING I Box 34. Wesconnett, Fla., age
of the Flower Committee. I Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Mc-I 64 and Roxanna Brown, Rte. e ,S
S s Ghee of 1421 Grothe Street
I I 4 Box 438C, age 53.
It's just about "Jobberwock" time and we invite allow'I The regular meeting of the 'left the city recently for Philadelphia Robert W. DeVaughn, 1354
readers to attend "Epoch Panorama" with members of the Social Saving Club Pa. to attend the!I W. 7th St., age 19 and Mary Reelect

Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority .I was held recently in the reception of their son, RobertF. ,L. Carter 1333 Cleveland St.,

on April 20, in New StantOn Senior High SchooL home 1217 Harrison of Mrs. Willie Street.M. Holt, McGhee, who was married U!i age 18. Ralph( N. Walter l
---- --- -- -- ---- --- ---- to Miss Mamie L. Harrell o f Weldon Hunter, 4774 Laba- i

held The at previous the home meeting of Mrs.was Ola,! Philadelphia, Pa. I die St., St. Louis, Mo., age 22 CITY COUNCIL : t i. '
{I The reception will be heldat and Deloris H o Ide n, 5355 -
from :Mae
to DAZZLING! I Mays. 845 E. Union St. the Fairview
Golf Club '
,Newcombe St., age 19.
The 8th Ward At-Large -
r.' I following officers were 5723 Vine Street, April 12. I -
fleeted I during the .
meeting; e I
"12 Years Of Dedicated
Taylor, president; : The Rev. E. L. 'Wilcox, -' I
John Hills pastor GLADIOLA LADIES
vice president; of Bethany Baptist i Public Service"Paid '

::iR : mese Leola Miller Porter, chaplain; Alta-. Church, left the city recently --!CLUB GIVES TEA II
recording secre- 1 for Tallahassee to attend '
I tary; Ernest W. Shipp, financial -,( the State I ( Political Adv.)
meeting. I am.ual tea will be }nAn -j
>> st"
i l l secretary: David King '
: .*
ored by tbe Gladiola Ladies
treasurer ,;
( and Gertrude
i Shipp, Mrs. Pearl Denison, hair: Club, April 19 from 4 to 6, nomvw. + sv 1WtWrwwuw....
reporter. I .,,,;r-.y.'VV\??.?.?_...
stylist and consultant is in p. m. in the Wilder Recrea-//

I the city visiting Mrs. W. tion Center, Third --
i iDorrell and other friends. Herman Streets. I
: .: H. H. SAVING She will I I
be the
CLUB guest of the A program has been arranged -' I
ANNIVERSARY, !Connoisseurs of Cosmetology for the occasion with local LILLY'S DRUG STORE
,! in the meeting at the homeof artists participating.A .
I i'' the president 1907 Kings Road at Spires
The --1756 Davie prize will be awarded to
anniversary of the H. Street. =
H: social Saving Club the visiting c 1 U b with the -.rU- Mc
be ,observed,, April 12 at 3 ij! largest number of members Where Experienced x
TEA present at the affair.
min. the Macedonia Baptist I, I ''3 ; Pharmacists Prepare ,.

f. Church, 24th and Franklin'SLATED BY_ CHAPTER '. Your Prescription According ,
anth f ; to your doctozrri

Haircolor A program has been arranged A Pretty Hat Tea will be TO SPONSOR TEA Instructions Using

l f with the following :sponsored by the Temple :, only the best quality!
aqe Would you trade an hour for hair persons appearing: the Rev. Chapter 60 Order of Eastern An annual tea will be drugs.
like this professional model's/ ,,, C. Rogers Rev. B. F. :Star April 19 spon-
One hour is all it takes for Miss Frazier beginning at sored by the Phyllis Wheat-
Godefror's s Larieuse Haircolor Alice Anderson Charlie 4p.m.Aprizewill be awarded ley, OES and Pride of East "Dr. CL E. Baric Pad r> W a. Grass
to brim back youth to gray,dull; e.....-=:: Bacon, Choir No. 2 of Redeem to the lady wearing 19, OES, April 12 at 3
xiw / faded hair! = .z:: p. m.
or -
Baptist the = -:- -
Church, Choirs 1 prettiest hat. in the
: Masonic Hall
Jefferson -
L MX catMto cahveythinq need.is In the ;7; 4 ,
you : ; and 5 of the
host A,
*Mts Md fcquid. famous red box.Get Godefroys church mu;:crl program will be : StreeL. A COMPLETE LINE O/t
t.Apply to Uiiwtfc long-casting Larieuse now! and others. j presented during the affair A has
program been
>L t i Mrs. Bernice ar-// Cotmttlci .Bobber Goods- CaIdfn1- SuDdrbNB .
Mni.t u.OODt01 Reid will J and invitations have been extend :ranged for, the occasion
m WOK AND nr.LZYfl1

nies for the occasion. It 1 t the occasion. 4 of the city appearing. I ;..---



-- -- -


Page Four THE FLORIDA STA{ Week Ending Saturday. April 11. 1959


---- ---- --


I A CHURCH NEWS I ,t :cam :? 8 1 1k l : MISSION WEEKParish '

r A4' Life Mission Week Till be observed at St. Philip

.. Ii .. & F FT Episcopal Church. Union and Pearl Streets April 1923.
i -- --

\ NATIONAL FAMILY WEEKTO -after: service April12 at the I ,t, 1Ti'' The Mission is scheduled basis and Mrs. Beulah Hughes, Fa-
to be on
BE OSERVED IN MAY St. Peters AME Church, the I h I ther T. Vincent Harris, Rec
112 hours nightly beginningat
N. Arnold
Rev. R. pastor. b I tor.
Simpson Methodist Church The service is being rendered 7:30 promptly. Canon
I .
will observe National Family for the benefit of the bud- S 7 Thomas Burns, Director of I
Christian Education for the
Week, May 3 through May get fund. ABYSSINIA CHOIR
10. 0 n May 10 Children'sDav The general public have diocese of Florida will be in!
will be observed with a been invited to attend the k aj charge of nightly sessions. TO SPONSOR TEA
Members of the chruch will
program at 3 p. m. in the service.
main auditorium of the ... 1.- bo given an opportunity to Choir No. 2 of Abyssinia
church. ,I 1.R hold group sessions and each Baptist Church will sponsora
L will have chance
The J. B. Cook Circle will j DEACONESS BOARD mJm person a to tea, April 12 from 1 to 6
share in the and
hold its meeting, April 12at OBSERVES ANNIVERSARYThe : planning contributions p.m. in the home of Mrs. Ma-
4 p. m. in the home of Mr. j ANNUAL MEWS DAY TO BE OBSERVED Pictured above are Andy Hinson. making overall ple Hall, 2362 Summit Street.A .
and Mrs. Willie Easton. 3641. 'Chairman; James Campbell, program chairman for the Men's Day Observance which,to the church program. The program has been arranged -
Ardisia Road.RECITAL. will be held at the Mt. Zion AME Church. Hastings. Fla.. April 12 and the Rev. J. S. effectiveness of the Mission for the affair \.:ill the
Deaconess Board of
:Johnson ;,will depend upon the attend.ance -
who will be the speaker for the 11 a.m. worship. following: participants Baring -
PLANNED :the Heaven Church of will Christ observe Writtenin its I The activities will begin with Sunday school at 9:45 a.m. with M. D. Smith as the 1! of the members for : James Franch. Mrs. Al-
AT i guest superintendent the five nights the session is berta Lucas :\I Julia :Mae
t s.
i lath anniversary April 12 at ___________ ''held.
Moilaral, Mrs. Etta Johnson,
A recital will be presented:3 the p. church.m. in the auditorium, of,!CHURCH !SWEETFIELD CHURCH ,BIVENS SPECIALS I, Canon Burns met recently Mrs. Annie Mae Springlon,
UNIT Mrs mess Johnson. Miss Wil-
in the
of the E-,, ,
A has been : with a special sterring como -
program arranged ANNOUNCES SERVICE
I | GIVE MUSICAL TEA ma J. Da\is. Mrs Marvina
phesian Baptist Church
for the annual observance. mittee of St. Philips to make
Wright, Mrs. Myrtice Franch,
April 12 at 8 p. m. featuring ;
I I : preliminary plans for the
the Gospel Echoes. I I iTO SPONSOR I The Sweetfield Baptist i A Gospel: Musical Tea will Mission. Mrs. Alberta Grooms, Mrs.

The program is being spon-: GRANT MEMORIAL CHOIR, I I Church will conduct a church I be sponsored by the Bivens Mildred Me Knight and Mrs.
cored in the interest of Dis-' GIVES PINEAPPLE SIP I convention, April 19-26 and Specials, April 12 at 3:30 p.m. The theme of the meetingw Annie Bell Read.

trict No. 1. I I A pineapple sip will be given -GOLDEN TEAA Prayer meeting for the revival -i, at the home of Mis. Inez Biv centered around the

o I by Choir No. 2 of Grant services will begin, April ens, 1311 Fairfax Street. :. topic-"A Suggested List of
Memorial AME Church, April 2/. According to Miss Jacque- Standards by which the Congregation MISS ALICE BOSTON
MT. OLIVE CHURCH 19!> at 4 1 pm. in the home of District No. 3 will hold its ,|I lyn Inez Fort, program chair- can be tested to PRESENTS MUSICAL

TO RENDER SERVICE :Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, golden tea will be spon- meeting, April 1 2at 3:30 p.m. man the following: artistsvill ,see if it is living up to its
I 2103; Payne Street. Mrs Es- sored by District No. 8 of at the home of :\11". and Mrs. ';{ appear on the program: Five :Responsibilities.*' The out-
The Mt. Olive Primitive ther Milton is chairman of the First New Zion Baptist Johnny Bennett, 1218 Spearing -, Star Gospel Singers of James growth of the discussions revealed A musical recital will be

Baptist Church will render''group. Church, April 12 at 3 p.m. I Street. ': Weldon Johnson School, the that the following presented April 19 at 7 p.m.

a Mrs. Lena George will be the The Shadow Social Saving : Zion Grove Trio, the Gospel areas are good focal points, at the Robert Mt. Pisgah

Vote For Fair guest speaker for the occa- Club will observe its 24th an- ;, Echoes the Bivens Specials, Education, Fellowship. Wor- AME Church Atlantic Beach,
RepresentationElect sion. Other artists will appearon niversary, April 26 at 2:30 Mrs. Alberta Latimore and ship and Outreach. the ReI T. Torrence, pas-

the program. p.m. The Rev D. B. Barnes 0 Church. Miss Mary Mangram, Members of the steering tor.Miss
I Alice Boston, gospel
The Junior Church will will deliver the message. who will serve as the mistressof I
committee B.
are George singer and soloist will be the
I ceremonies Miss Lillie
:. sponsor an outing, April 11 at It ; N air n, Senior Warden; W;,featured artist for the affair.
Elect Pearl Heed, Louise Buens.
9:30 a.m. The bus will leave
Russell Robinson Junior
Also appearing will he Mrs.
Miss Xortha Lewis Richard :
from the church.A COIFFURE ; ,
p Warden Mrs. Anetta Walker
; Bernice Thomas, Choir No. 2
Gilbert and Charlotte Vanessa
SAMUEL BRUCE <-.. meeting for District No. TO BE SPONSORED !i pi Brown, who will be the fea- Mrs. Thomasina McFar-'of Midway Baptist Church,
4 will be conducted, April 12 Ii n, Mrs. Virginia Mathis. Arlington and others.
HOMEThe : tpred soloist for the occasion.
Councilman At Large F 'P and the Deaconess AT THE ELKS
at 5:30: p.m. I David Crawford will serveas Mrs. Marie Stewart, ElwoodL. The program si being presented
Board will meet at 4:30 i J. Banks. A. St.
Third Ward i-: Also will George in behalf of the Pastor's -
pianist. appearing
at 1526 Illinois Street. I Coiffure fash-' Richardson Alton Adams
p.m. annual I be Alvin Crawford and Miss Jr., Aid Board.
You Live Choir No. 2 will observe its I ionette and dance of the City, Flowers. -
April 27.The rally and Jonquil t
In The LlmltsNegroes inniyersary Wide Beauticians League
will terminate, April 26. l'I the Jacksonville Barbers As-:, s :
You Can Vote jwl The officers and membersof sociation will be held, April; Vote For : UNUS ZIONIs (

w St. Thomas Baptist Church 124 I at the Elks Home, 712 W.
follows 1st 14000. 2nd
BRAD TREDENICK ; awarding prizes as prize
will be in charge of the serv Street.
w. I : prize. 57.000. 3rd prize 3360. 4th prize 2000. This
i ice. April 17 in the interest
Some of the models to participate -i, Councilman Ward 1.
District No. 4. I ; is a church drive. These tickets Certified
in Jacksonville represent one-third of the of in the affair are: ;I opening are
I '!' VOTE FOR A MAN ; and Bonded. They $3.00. You will receive free of
total population .. therefore under a fair representation Mrs. Bertha Demery, IDa B. are
plan Negroes should be represented on the City ,Thornton, Gladys Ruff, Wil-!! Who'll Be A Friend cost a two month course on scientific Bible interpretation -
Council. 'ST. JAMES CHURCH !' lie Kemp and Maggie Killon.!! t and a study on how to live successfully daily.
SERVICE:i The latest hair cuts for! To All The PeopleBOLDEN'S ; Beginning the first week in May, the drawing for
I i I will work to foster good racial relations. [ANNOUNCES male and female will be demonstrated -i : these tickets is June 27th winners be paid within 43
I I I o hours. Send American Express Money Order or Bank
I will work to clear up the Bus Company Mess.I QUINCY -The St. James -- ----- Drafts make your M. O. to C/O Rev. H. Lane. with

will work for a better Jacksonville for both AME Church will conduct its I II I the above name. Send to Oakland Office 1813 13th
I Negro and white citizens. regular services Sun d a y. SUMMER MUSIC SCHOOL Avenue Oakland: California.
I April 12 beginning with Sun-I Six Big Weeks June 15 July 24 1- ____
Ask your white friends your employers to be day School at 9:30: a. m. with! SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades 1 8 1I
fair minded to give me a chance. Thomas Williams in charge. I
Piano Band Theory Voice Accordion
Morning worship convene -
Vote For: I 2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 I
at 11 a. m. with the pas
tor, the Rev. F. H. Ashe in I OCCASIONExpert

SAMUEL BRUCE charge of "the service. The .. .
junior choir and usher board TRANSMISSIONS I & MOTORS I Photography

will serve throughout the Portraits Weddings Banquets

(Paid Political Adv.) day. Evening service will be- TRANSMISSION 1L Passports & Identification Photos
gin at 7 p. m. I A No Motley; OVERHAULED j Photostats & Commercial Work
-- -- Photos For Cuts
--- -- ,
--- -- ---- --- -- Down I
$29.50IX j While You Wait

6 Hour j W Coloring & Picture Framing

Service l .j- Let Us Take A Photo Of You

ii..Jb1; And The Kids In Your Easter Outfit

*ree OI I ; : In Natural Color -

Towing AVERY

UNITED I AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION and 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission Bldg.

--.. I MOTOR CENTER "' Phone EL 4-7695 For Appointments

i Your Municipal Judge J 0 H N E. SANTORA + 1225 HENDRICKS AVE. DC B fct
f must be a man of integrity JR., will give and demand -

g and honor. What respect and dignity -
r he does affects the welfare in your Municipal WHICH IS BETTER?

of you and your Court; protect the \ SIXTEEN YEARS OF PROGRESS
family. He should be rights of the innocent

legally trained and mo. be just to the accusedrally OR THREE WEEKS OF ABSURD PROMISES

qualified to ren- and will not permit any

der Justice. John E. person or group to influence My opponents are trying to make the All they're really saying Is that they

S a n lor a Jr. has all the judgmentthese b bus issue the main one in the camwant a new bus company to come to
qualifications. :of the Court. 4 2&c Council.Jacksonville..
paign to get my seat in City
JOHN E. SANTORA JR.. 36 JOHN E. ,SANTORA JR. is ac- They're at a loss to attack my past reEVEN KNOWING THE FACTS.
of has resided in Jacksonville live In civic, fraternal and
years age cord in working for Jacksonville's Jacksonville is paying $4,500 for a .
for the past 25 years. atchurch work, being a member of .'; % growth and progress. survey by experts. THIS SURVEY

tended L.a n don High School the Masons.., Elks and many other They don't dare attack my sixteen HAS THE F ACT The facts are now t

Jacksonville Junior College is a constructiva orgmlz lons. He at- years of conscientious and fruitful serhere and open to the public. e ,
graduate of the University of tends the First Presbyterian vice for our city as amember of City ISN'T THAT THE BUSINESS-LIKE _
Florida Law School and has Church and is President of his
Council. WAY
practiced: law for 9 years. Sunday School Class. ..

To Always Get The Facts. To Get The Best Possible Bus Service,
Be Sure You Get Lemuel Sharp B a c k As Your Second Ward

EL 40HN % Coundlmau.




(Paid Political Adv.) (Paid Political Adv.)

-.- ... .. : i!
.. -
... .. "'-- :; -
-.J< : s: ,
-;,. .. # -.>- r

1 1 j

.. J \ I




Wf Week Ending Saturday. April 11, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Fir


I IN HIS BID FOR CITY TREASURER I IN RACE FORRERECTION sponsored Xo. 1 pineapple of St. Matthew Deaconess sip will Baptist Board be !TO APPEAR RE-ELECT

Church 28th and
Robert R. Roberts who is giving up his city council Road, April 19 from .1 to Gp.m. IN RECITAL j ji
post to run for the office of city treasurer and has prom- at the parsonage.A W F 'Charlie' WilsonProtect
ised to bring his knowledge of modern methods of accounting : : program has been arranged -i i iI .
into the operation of the treasurer's office is being hail TO COUNCILRalph for the affair with local I I .I

{ eel as the best man suited for the position. District artists appearing.No. 1 will i; Prof. E. Clifford Davis, Your Homestead Exemption
--- --- --- sponsora
Observers said that largi 8 "I(4k musical I minister of music at the Shiloh -
.r '- "' pew,rally, April 8 at
groups of citizens have in- : : Ji. 1: 11 8 p.m. in the' auditorium of Baptist Church will be

dicated their preference fora the church. t I presented in a recital, April KEEP TAXES DOWNDON'T

younger man and Rob- 19 at 3 p.m. in the B. F. Lee I
erts has stated that he will Auditorium, Edward Waters
establish more convenient lo- I
cations for branches in the i LET
colored section where water IacJ The affair is being: spon-
and light bills may be paid. f6 I -L--- sored by the Business and
1 1l Irresponsible Tax Assessments Slow Down
Roberts holds a degree I Professional Men's Club of
from the Universityof I New Bethel AME Church.The
Florida which he attended after I Male Chorus and others will Jacksonville's Progress-
graduation from Andrew Jackson
appear on the pujjram.Hosts .
High School. Before he
his own business, Roberti gained 1 I and hostesses for the Continue The Experienced Assessing

valuable experience aa a federal occasion will be: Willie Spencer -
investigator-auditor, In banking That Has Meant For Years.
1f1tI Leron Prison, Roosevelt Progress 13
for six 1ROBERT I
comptroler corporations In
Holmes, U. Brown, Robert
five southeastern states, and in his ,
work during the past four yearsen \\., Walter, former city I II Randall, James Connelly, Miss I ELECT
the important City Budget and commissioner and three-time city I Minerva Brown, .Miss Gloria'!
Finance Committee. He has supported ( ) councilman today announced that F ( Adams, Miss G \\ end 0 I yn
the installation of modern he is a candidate for re-election I i i Green Miss Edith Baker, Miss I
and progressive accounting meth- Ii I to the Eighth Ward council seat 1CfATlQN OFUFE't.l u), Guendolvn Thompson, Miss W. F 'Charlie' Wilson
i .
ods In many departments of city in the Democratic Primaries.
government with resultant savingsto I Walter, owner and operator of i Above is Susan Kohner Mattie Thompson Miss Joyce I I
the role of Sarah Hunter Miss Juliette Hunter
the taxpayers. Walter Gulf Station has served the who plays ,
t MASONIC FAMILY i i people of Jacksonville for 12 years, I Jane Johnson, the girl who Miss Beatrice Curry Miss I (Paid Political Adv.)
f In his announcement, Robert HOLDS ANNUAL MEET 10 years as a councilman and two wants to "pass"' in the brand I Eleanor Blue, Miss JeanetteI I
stated: "In offering to serve as ;years as commissioner of health !law technicolor re-make of Coffee and Diane Lewis. .
your City Treasurer I will use my and sanitation. He has twice i{It the all-time great drama,1-
training and experience to modernize The 78th annual communication -I served as president of Council, "IMITATION OF LIFE," com
the antiquated: procedures of of the United Grand' twice was chairman of the important -/ing to the Roosevelt Theatre
that office and, at the time, Wednesday. April 15th for
same Court of the Heroines of Je- Budget and Finance Committee f
work to improve the conditons under rico of Florida of Florida Inc.,i! and has been a member of all I Ian extended roadshow en-
which its employees have had working under the protection maor council committees. j gagement The tremendous
to serve There is no place in a oft heM 0 s Worshipful i! Active in civic and service affairs -{I film stars Lana Turner and I II rI _
new and modern city hall for out Prince Hall Ancient Free and; of the city, he is on the board '!'Juanita Moore as "Annie,I
of date methods and practices. I Accepted Masons of Florida t:i of governors of the Jacksonville !Johnson" with Mahalia Jackson I PUDGE COURTEOUS PEBSDBBlCOnSIDEBBTlOn IBDl9 tOGSIOE9 iElf
pledge my honesty and integrityfor and it's Jurisdiction will be;Traffic Bureau; member of Boy's i i who will thrill you with
courtesous and personal consid- Service Council; member of the her rendition of "TROUBLESOF TO EYEBYODE
held, April 20-21( in West B PfRS008t IEpOfST FOt
eration to everyone who has bus- Palm Beach. f fAll !executive committee of St. Luke's THE WORLD," BfiDPEOGBESSIYEfiDHIIITlOOVVWVVVVVVW
iness with the Treasurer's office Hospital; president of Riverside "I
and I,will continue my proven re- courts, Heroines of Jericho -[I[Optimist Club; president of Allied VOTE FOR A MANWho'll Of gOUa TREBSDBEB'S OffiCE 9DBB VOTE flfSUPPOftIct

cord of dedication to good govern PHM have been asked Gasoline Retailers Assn.; memberof Be A FriendTo ud'l eua7n ol7olLualiv
All Mr ( +
ment. to attend the annual meeting.I Riverside Masonic Lodge, the People I 7r
---- --- .- -- Shrine Vote For II
-! American Legion, the Elks Ii I '
and an honorary member of the BRAD TREDENICK i : .

It's "Time for A Change'' Committee of 100. A veteran of Councilman: e e Ward. 1.
both World Wars with four years'
-- -- ----
overseas duty, he was an original
member of the Third Army Ad- -
:;; =ilf. i i eight years. He is a member of St. D
John's Presbyterian Church. Always Pays To Deal With av I sPassenger

'Y1Y .T i Walter owns his own home at AAAAAJfcJfcJWfcJfcJfcjfcj.. -.. *..?---..? _.....- _-.:'. .. -w-.v- ... _.-.-..-""" .....??......... .. .?v--It

IMPORTANT ..< 4217 McGirts Blvd. Mrs. Walter, a
former school teacher, is active in
civic and Garden Club work and > r1'i"--" + :+YKb.aF'.Y4__ -N'wMi1F ,
I' is a vice president of the Women's ALL f. I t r

TO THE i j i said Club.In: his announcement Walter 1, STEELPorch

"The city's tremendous programof .l.la
COLOREDVOTERS ; I progress began during my term SET s

t.. as president of City Council. It is
.. k : my intention, if re-elected, to see _
this program carried through to $ A95 :
its successful completion, to make ,
I t
N .J.. I, Jacksonville the leading city of
wa r z the entire South." gL LI

4 -
I i
FROM ih h

I Ar


Mayor CommissionerFor -.
16 years you have "gone down the line"* in a J r
solid block vote for your present Mayor Mayor Burns. I I i s

Naturally in the coming election you probably thoughtthat The Senior Hi-Y Boys Of:
you could still depend on him but now Matthew W. Gilbert High DOWN i ,r
I School sponsored a "Benefit : DELIVERS
Hop" for the sole of
ERS On His Golf Course helping the James Weldon \
Action ) itciI
I Johnson: Branch YMCA and 6 ,
You, who elected him for years and kept him in office. I the YMCA World Service Pro

Many of your leaders have been getting rich by selling I gram.
and delivering your colored vote for your present I At a recent chapel Iffi
Mayor. These leaders live from election to election on I gram, Miss Lou Ann pro-I
I j
your money you sell your vote for a measly 50c to "Miss Senior Hi-Y," :
$1.00. Your vote is worth $5 to $10 don't sell your J ed a $30 check to present-I A
selves shortlIf I !. tary JesseV.. Word M
YMCA World Service program -j
your mayor doesn't get your vote hell get beat! I Eddie Wilkes, president i

Don't forget his .'wishy.wash"way of telling you f'of the Hi-Y Club, presented a j I

ono thing and doing another. Remember the proof check for $50 to "Y" Board r ,//1
has been in his past performance, and recent "turn Chairman Alton Adams Jr.,
about actions". Especially the 83-day bus strike and for the support of the Johnson I'I'I'
the robberies by several police.I r Branch YMCA. I

am for segregation of our schools. and believe U'. "The Senior Hi-Y Boys, OPEN I
.' best for BOTH races. BOTH races, are entitled to a their advisor, Ezekiel W. Bryant MON. & FRI. NITES I
1 the principal, Charles F. ,
fair daaL I
am glad to see your children attending I''
James and others deserve TIL 9
new and modern schools. I 1
warm praise for making this -
Go to the polls and vote your way. particular project a great success I Select. From Beautiful,2 Tone Colors. Long Lasting Baked Enamel Finish" Rocker or Chairs
Vote for fairness more and more continued progress ," said Mr. Word. Available With Large 3 Passenger Glider.

". among your race and living conditions and a man who "Also, thanks to Johnny
I s p will be the same after election. as he Isbefore election. '
Shaw local radio
a announcer 1-- OPEN: MON. & FRI.. NITES TIL 9.
VOTE FOR AND ELECTEf.'ORY who served as disc jockey for
the benefit dance. In this

splendid benefit effort, the COMPANY
PRICE Hi-Y group carried out a code '
1 of ethics, that is 'To create, Davis Furniture

maintain, and extendthroughout 135 BROAD'ST.
Mayor CommissionerPaid the home, school, ,and
community, high standards of Ph. EL 3-5791
( PoliticalvAdv.) Christian character," Word.

." stated.



; .
p.'# THE FLORIDA STAR____ ____, Week Ending Saturday April 11, 1959


concert choir of Ed- PLANS PROJECT'Tallahassee !NOUS SOCIALITESA i SETS CONTESTThe
Men'sDar -- ward Waters College, under The Lay Electoral College'for

will be observed at the BZACH-Sum-,'the direction of Howard Spi- the East Florida Con- I

Calvary Baptist Church,April mer School: for 1939 at BethuneCookman vey, will be presented in a Twenty elementary -ferencce will hold its meet- meeting for the Entre''' Homeroom Mothers

19 thrmghout the day. College will concert, April 17 in the Lee school principalswill ing June 10 at 12 a. m. in Nous Socialites was held at Club of New Stanton Senior

Dr. Richard V. Moore,pre- beg'a. June 15 and last for Auditorium.The visit Florida A and M the Macedonia AME Church, the home of Mrs. Jeanette;High School will sponsor a
ndert of Bethune-Cookman nine consecutive weeks. ending : Gospel Chorus will be University, April 3-11 as voluntary -,Fernandina Beach, according ,"Mother of the Year" contest,
August 3. according to an featured in spiritual selec- Scriven, 1777 West 11th St.|I
will to.
College be the speakerfor participants in the a n announcement made .April 19. I
the 11 a. m. worship and announcement from the of-: tions. 'school administration study. :by Dr. C. S. Williams public for business. J JPhe The contestants are: Mrs.

the Rev. Benjamin O. Frazier .ice of Dr. William McMillan, Arnett Scott, Patricia Sto-'I The is to,relations director. AME !W. M. Vaughn Mrs. Mildred
will be the speaker at dean of the college. ney, Charles Wilbur and Bet- reveal the study various designed Church. i i previous meeting was,Kohn, Mrs. Florence Strain,

3pm. He will be accom-i, Courses in Liberal Arts ty Smith will be the soloistsfor behavior involved patternsof in the i Ii held at the home of Mr. and'Mrs. Ethel Bra c y, Mrs. W.
panjpd by the Male and in Teacher Training with the group.The trio Quintet --------- _!
Chorus -- Duncan, Mrs. Frank Styles,
jcb of the elementary principal i Mr. Ben Durham Jr., with
to the A. B.
of Mt. Ararat offering leading and octet will also .
Baptist Church, appear : Mrs. Jennie Crockett, Mrs.A.
which is Educational Testing Service.
supported by Mrs. Nelson ;
Jacksonville.At or B. S. degree will be offered the Gladys serving
i .
on program. M. Scruggins Mrs. Hen-
the! ,
United States
Office of Princeton, New Jersey. j (I
7.30: p. m., the Rev. J. i ii :education. It is sponsored by, Dr. Daniel E. Griffins will'as hostess. Members present!rietta Miles, Mrs. Lottie Hen-

\\'. Cole of Daytona Beach,;i A Kindergarten Workshop,:,Art Workshop. & M Workshop -,,,the University Council of direct the project at the Tea- were: Mrs. Delores Mitchell,: ty, Mrs. Minnie Lee Rankins,

will be the. guest speaker andthe a new workshop, will be introduced Shorthand and Typing Educati n a 1 Administrationand chers College, Columbia University -Mrs. Rosa Exon, Mrs. Chris-,Mrs. Elizabeth Dean, Mrs.

Rev. L. D. Greene, pastor this summer and Workshop, Office Manage- is being conducted jointly New York City and tine Lang, Mrs. Delores Allen -!'Mattie! Foster, Mrs. Mattie
will preside for the ac- will be offered with the other ment Workshop and Activity by Teachers College, Columbia 'will also conduct the study Miss Barbara Lang and'Albertie, Mrs. Dorothy M.
tiriti ns throughout the day. '; rkshops which include: Workshop. Sweet, Mrs. Willie Thomas,
University and the at the Florida Centers. Mrs. Annie L. Latimer. 'I I

tIo.--: ... .__'& . & . -------- -- --- ',Mrs. F. Aikens, :Mrs. L. M. I
--- -
Hayes, Mrs. C. L. Byrd, Mrs.

l BU5IESS DIRETQRY ,'" 4,'Ruby Anderson Raiford., Mrs.Mrs.Daniel Ernestine Jennings -
I The Finns Listed Below Arc Recommended As Reputable Establishments _- -"= _r -=_ _'-__-- j. Mrs Trudie McGriff,

Specializing Services and Products X K Mrs Marion Jackson, Mrs. E.
11:,tt Freeman. Mrs. Beverly
Demps. Mrs Christine New-

Malissa Ravmond and Mrs.
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Dry Fold. Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: :: Hannah Halmon.
Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate Prices \
We Give World Green Stamps :1
: Officers of the club
Complete Body Repair & Paint Work 3633 Moncrief Rd., Cor. 27th EL 4-9404 6330 Avenue B PO 4-9516 Gold Leaf Trucks Glass Sho-Cards }i!'John Thomas, president Mrs.are:
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 416 Oak Street EL 3-5100 :i' ;
Price Start at $4.00 E. G. COLDER COMPANY I' I Will! :e M. Vaughn, vice president -

1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 CLOTHING Kerosene Fuel Oils I''! I ; Mrs. Elizabeth Dean,

A and R TRIM SHOP -Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville2329 One Day Service [I II j(, recording Lillie Han secretary, financial ;secre-Mrs. \

1525 Main Street EL 5-8091 ; Boulevard EL 3-3643 Royal Crown Bottling Company i Ij ihtary I I; ; Mrs. Jennie B. Croc-

Custom Made Seat Cover REED TAILORS INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488'I i, kett, treasurer, Mrs. A. Scrug-
Jacksonville's of gins, business Mrs.
Only 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 i manager
HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies I i, Ernestine Anderson, repor-

General Auto Repair 519 Broad Street EL 4-1735 SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP t e r; 1\1 r Warren Duncan,
'Specializing in Motor Tune-up" Convertible :chaplain, and Mrs. Henrietta
Phillips 66 Products Tops Door Panels
i Generator, Starter and Carburetor Servict Flite Fuel Gasoline Headliners Furniture Slip Covers I : Miles, program committee I

J. H. HOUGABOOK Prop. FOODS Trop-Artic Motor Oil '3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114 !

1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 "It's Performance That Counts" JOWr-SESSION
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681
-l; Young's Amoco Service Station AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY _. -We Specialize In I!


General Motor Repair & Ignition Sendee SAUSAGE DAILY ---- Real Estate Mortgage Loans SET BY KNIGHT
2508 West Beaver St at McDuff EV 9-9<<9 646 Flordia Avenue EL 63308.9 GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected

Serving Jacksonville & Duval 410 Broad Street EL 4-6204
Sales & Service
Vitalyte Battery
County for over 50 Years I!TEMPLAR GROUP
Batteries $6.95 & up MOM'S KITCHENHome 167 West Beaver Street EL 41812CARTER'S tl:

Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car cooked meals served 24 hours- Jones Institute of Physical Culture "
Free Pick-up FUNERAL HOME ;
7 days a week School Of Barber. &
Beauty Massage A joint session will beheld I II
3711 Main Street
EL 5-2004
1285 Road EL 4-9321 24 Hour Ambulance Service
Colored Owned and Operated April 14 in the Masonic Temple -
Serving Colored Homes Since 1918 "Earn As You Learn"' I
i by the following
STRAND HOT DOG STAND O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis mgr, 812 Clay Street EL 4-6005 i' manderies, eminent commanders -
Batteries Generators Starters 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6
8703 Old Road PO 5-1634
Regulators Auto Repairs 641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303 Kings : past commanders, generalissimos -

Delivery Service 'I captain generals,
Holmes & West Funeral Home I treasurers, secretaries, and
I sir knight templar masons of
-:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- ; -Ambulance Service Flowers For All Occasions I Jacksonville and Duval County -

Homemade Pies and Cakes I (Notary Public) 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275 I t working under the protection -
: ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE 718 West Ashley Street EL 6-9169 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 I of the Grand Com-

is'.: Reconditioned Batteries I j rnandery No. 22 Magnanimous -
." All Kinds of Battery Service BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP I Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICEAll 1 Order of Knight Temp-
Price $5.00 and up Home Cooked Foods II 24 Hour Ambulance Service Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws lars of Florida, Prince Hall

520 Florida Avenue EL ,5-4900 617 West Ashley Street EL 4-9701 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 Blades Sharpened and Sold Affiliation, Rudolph Bradley
1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504 :32nd degree, Right Eminent
Grand Commander and the

Automotive Repair Auto Painting Home Cooked Meals TAXI"At I auxiliary to the Knight

Body Work '24-hour Wrecker Service GOOD COFFEE BASE FURNITURE COMPANY You Service": I Templar Mason, Mrs. A. B.

AAA Service Free Estimates 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9329 Complete Home FurnishingsWe NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 I Thomas, District Deputy.
All Work Guaranteed LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 I
2949 West Beaver Street EV 93418THIGPEN'S LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK Invite Your-Credit ADULT SCHOOL
5953 Roosevelt EV 7-4619
Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que RE-OPENS IN
We Cater To Private Parties ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. Timiqua&a Road Trading Post
BODY Chicken In the Box To Carry Out Home Furnishings For Every Room Complete Garden Supplies I
"Baked 6n Enamel" 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 Fertilizer Fruit Products i
Wrecks Rebuilt -New and Used Furniture bought and sold I The Duval County Evening
680 East 21st Street EL 3-5030 I GROCERIES BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPSLes 564 Tlmiduan Road SP 1-3762 I(Adult School has reopenedto
serve the Adult Educational -
Charmette Beauty Salon needs of the community.

Mim's Gulf Service Station AVENUE B SUPERMARKETFair Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment Washington's Health Service Centers have been established -

Complete Car Lubrication Prices Hair Cutting and Styling "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" I at the following
Open Dally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Courteous Service 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths schools: D u val Vocational,
2055 West Beaver Street EL 4-9453 I 'We Deliver Orders Above $3.00" Colonlc TherapyD. New Stanton Baldwin Wes-

I 5673 Avenue B PO 5-UM EBONY BARBER SHOP C. Washington Masseur -Same Location I't connett' Jacksonville Beach,

Hair Cuts Our Specialty i' Douglas Anderson, Matthew
AUTOMOBILEFor Ladles Children !, W. Gilbert, West JacksonvilleNo.
Your Next Car Open 9 ajn to 8:30 p.m. Sat. 8 ill 11 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-2479 : ;, 143, John E.Ford. Forest
Groceries Meats Fruits VegetablesFree Park James W. Johnson and
-:- New Or Used -:- 736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112 I ,
-We Can Finance Anyone- Delivery ,Northwestern.
I. Phone EX 8-0677 1002 Florida Avenue EL 69762FREDAS : LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree i Courses offered are: Gene-
Ii ral Education from 1st thru
Free Treatment with Hair delivery any part of the city II
.i FOOD MARKET Scalp Style 12th
grades, Bookkeeping,
tt III
the Month of
During February 1
Farmer's Service Station Fresh Fruits Vegetables Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed. 601 West Ashley Street. EL '-13801 Shorthand. Beauty Culture,
Free Practical Auto Mechanics
Delivery ; Nursing,
Motor Repair & TuneUpGas 1 I i
& Oil 301 Davis Street EL .&-92.0L .I 811 David Street EL 49530TOBY'S ,: Tailoring, Shoe Re-

Road Service JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT j pairing and Upholstering.

358 S.; Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 1 L GUS INA'S SUPERMARKET BEAUTY PARL'ORSpec1alWng STORE \t I Class hours are from 4:40:
If You Want The Finest In GroceriesAnd ''p. m. until 10 p. m.V.. D.
CLEANING Meats Come See Us in Hair Cutting- Courteous Treatment --1: j(S w e e t, Principal, Burnell
Treatment Open 8:30 to 7 m.
300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 t Styling Scalp p. I Jones, president of Student
: Mrs- Tabliha Taylor. prop. 306 Davis Street EL 4-1210 J I j t Council and Pauline Wiggins,
THRIFTY DRY CLEANERS MIKE'S GROCERY 615 Davis Street EL 4-9813 .secretary.
Where Quality Counts I
-Expert Jyeipg- Staple Groceries I
Fresh Meats Mahoney Terminix Termite Control !JABBERWOCK SET
1236 Davis Street EL 5-811!5 MISCELLANEOUSAAA
-Complete Termite Control- BY SORORITY GROUP
Open 7 to 7
-:- Building .Materials-
2015 Broadway EL 8-9183
CAVALIER CLEANERS BONDING AGENCY 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 "Jabberwock" will be pre

612 W. Ashley Street. EL 4-162 M & M MARKET City County and Federal Bonds .. sented, by the Jacksonville
21st and Myrtle 814 West 8th Si Fresh Meats Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5J98I Alumnae Chapter of Delta
914 Davis. Street 1302 Davis Sire t Sigma Theta Sorority, April
Open 7 am to 6 pja NELLIES PIE SERVICE 20 in the auditorium New
504 Davis Street EL 5-15%I ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE Stanton Senior High
Fresh Pie Dally SchooL
SPOT RITE CLEANERS 30 Years la Electronics Potato Pie Our SpecWty-Frem fresh ,"Epoch Panorama"* will be

One-Hour Service FUEL OILSs An Work Guaranteed Potatoes .- We Deliver the theme for this year, "Jab.

Pick-up &, Delivery 943 Fore Street EL 4-8664 1428 Steel Street EL 3-0664 berwock is a term taken

760 Florida Avenue ,EL 5-374 AA POTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. I If 1 from Lewi.s Carroll's

w. tpacializa In serving trailer perks AVERY'S STUDIO 'Through the Looking Glass,
and What Alice
.. Abe 100; fix cylinders or balk tLu:nAt Commercial Wedding Home PoinSti Found The re"
I It is also
ONE HOUR CLEANERS I your Lome for your cceveeivaca: f. Yee w. do it m color ate QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. j project, Deltas an International

Sll West Aster Street EL-UN. 15845 Wed Duval Road PO 5-356 I611 I! Weet Ashley Street EL '-,. MtMresa Renovating our Specialty world around thee
,- -. .-.- .-. ,. -- .:I .prepaiing the prodttctton. -'




'- .i



Week Endina Saturday. April 11. 1959 THE::: FLORIDA STAR Page Sev"*

|II| Savannah_ Redlegs! _Come I__ _Town Monday! :/ April; _13 \

-- --- --- -------------
-- -

..r-vrr'r...........,..;....... ,.,..... ...... ......:SPORTING' IT UP .a? I I :}\i;;,'>'1','."i:y; ,\.-...' I REDLEGS WILL OPEN SEASON yi

: ;:? k.j(: ; I \WITH i WELL BALAr CED CLUB .1


1 FLORIDA A & M BASEALL Battlers are resting comfortably ; THE BASEBALL TEAMSof _f- When the Jacksonville Braves trot out on the field

on top of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic ., the City Recreation Dept. .o, : :l4 >' next Monday and the "Men in' Blue" yell "Play Ball tho
Conference. The Rattlers are playing the brand of ball that are hard at work getting '.. : Savannah Redlegs' lead-off man will step up to the plate
has established them as one of the best all around aggre- ;ready for the opening of the I .M: )(f. :* ; :, .: : I with his war club in his hand ready for the first pitch

gations offensively and defensively in the conference. The I playground season. Most of: ?i4f ;i 1:. .\. --..-.J- the 1QCQ ha.seba.ll-- sea.SOD- will__n_ KA__ An__ in_ __TofWnnvilla_____.___
pitching has been g rea t. The hitters have been coming the" teams will begin the sea-" ';W '' ; ,. I The Redlegs was about -
p through when, hits means runs and the base runners have son with the same lineups ( t/t the toughest team in the league is Francisco Obregon,
I been circling the base paths with s pee d. From year to they closed with last year.I ( i throughout the first half a camp shortstop candidate.
year a'1 the Rattlers have been putting & me good teams on Many of the players are labeled of last season and then sud- Bobby Hemrich and Bernie
future baseball stars.
i AUt: U.C.Lu. : I denly the team took a nose Parrish, a former University
--- -
JUNIOR GILLIAM. is called Fans will have an opportunity dive and the
put on sponge of Florida star are expectedto
the handy-man of the Los 1 if they will take advantage I
I he J Redlegs. ed toward the bottom. The
Angeles Dodgers because ; Redlegs march to the 1959
I l has played the outfield, se-' DID YOU KNOW, Vada'J'visiting of the the park opportunity when the by team was well balanced all pennant. The Savannah Red-
cond and third bases and pison, one of the fastest men .1 nI'a over, of course there is a l legs will come into Jacksonville -
f teams play. Hope to
is beginning you cause for everything that with of familiar
He the
shortstop. ,}in baseball hit a ball far over at some of the and I I' some -
j his seventh season as a maj j the right field barrier against|,until then, games happens and the cause was 1; names that helped totrer
I jor leaguer and all seven the, White Sox with three i, SMOOTH SAILING TIL 09 3, the parent club the Cincin- the Redlegs to the first
\t have been spent with the ,men on base and nobody out,: WE MEET AGAIN.RATHERS nati Redlegs, who called up half leadership last year, and
key man the thickest of
Gilliam considered in there will be faces
Dodgers. is ]but didn't get credit for ai I i r v some new
one of the best leadoff grand, slammer? He did. The: the fight. Id be seen in the 1959 lir; Kip.
i men in the business and it i ii Cincinnati Redlegs were at I SET ; Advanced warning is being' General Manager Dan O*
i is certain that he will be at bat in the ninth inning, nobody ..d\ circulated throughout the Brien is expecting a record
I second, third or shortstop out and the bases load- the South Atlantic League that I breaking crowd to be on handto
i when the season gets underway will have to be witness the curtain raiser
ed, Eho Chacon first
was on 10 GRID GAMESTallahassee Milwaukee star who went from the Jacksonville Bravesto considered. They are rebuilding Monday night when tw wellmatched
base and instead of running
stardom with Milwaukee believes his brother
younger from the start and will
teams lift i
the lid
SAMUEL TAYLOR, is he was watching the ball sail Tommy shown above has what it takes to handle be ready for the 'strongest off the 1959 baseball) .
J leaving Bluefield State Col- over the fence and Pinson Five of the the situation. Tommy has been in training with the Jax competition.. Jacksonville will teasoo.The
lege to take up his new duties passed him on the base path Florida A& M Rattlers'scheduled Braves and what he has shown in practice sessions and ,not have an easy time of it
as head coach at Kent and was called out for pass-' 10 grid games will be! exhibition games is enough to justify big brother Hank'sconfidence for its opening assignment.
I t r tucky State College. Taylor, ing third a scored runner.and The man on played at home, according tan 0 I and to attract ,noticeable attention from the f There is a possibility that
Ir I who once starred as an end Pinson got announcement made by: Sax management. Tommy is a shortstop. He Is a good :either Bill Beck, Bob More- ,
i. t Northwestern University credit for a single. Jake Gaither, athletic director glove man and has also shown power at the plate. ,head, Chuck Lybeck (expected t 'tt -'
i is: one of the best known BIG DON NEWCOMBE,, and head coach. -- ----- ---- --- i back), Steve Watson, Kro- : : '

coaches in the country haying can be a mighty cog in the i In seeking a more attractive CLOWNS TO PLAY 'plewnicki, Reds 1958 bonus: E' .,
coached at Prairie View wheel of the Cincinnati Red- home football schedule FLYERS WELCH/ NAMES pitcher may draw the pitch- : ,.,-
State College Prairie View,, legs in their march toward 1.for the Rattlers, Coach Gai- I inig assignment. Pitchers skilled hand of the German -
Texas; Virginia Union Uni- the pennant. The Redlegs are i ther has scheduled Benedict 'AT MYRTLE" PARK' i George McWilliams and Burt gunsmith is responsible
f ersity, Richmond, Virginia i expecting Big Don to come J Wiley, Morris Brown, .SoutliCarolina I1:I i' __ PIPER 3 DAVIS Dziadek, with Paltaka last (for this -22 caliber. 6-shoi re
and Clark College, Atlanta,, tnrough with flying colors: State, and Southern season should be able toi peater automatic with self-

Georgia. this season. If Don can keep i University for games in the The Indianapolis Clowns TEAM PILOT i stick. ejecting clip. Just 4" long. fits
BILL WHITE, the hard his bread winning arm in t newly built Bragg Memorial] will cross bats with the I KnoWn all over the league (ashy into pocket or purse-
hitting first baseman the St.L..uis shape he will strengthen the? Stadium. The Stadium seat s 'Georgia Flyers at the Myrtle: I are Chi c o Cardenas. last [deal for sporting events stage
Cardinals secured from chances of a real fight to tne s 10753. Avenue Baseball Park, Wednesday ,:year's shortstop and "Cook- see (not available to Calif
the San Francisco Giants has| finish in Cincinnati. The Rattlers 1959 schedule::: April 29 at 8 p. m. Birmingham, Ala.-Lorenzo ]k" Rojas, last year's second esidents). Comes for $6-95
Carolina State for (Piper) Davis who played 1 baseman and members of the ,,
been moved to first base by TAN STARS with the Cincinnati College >pd. from
: noted for for Fort Worth in the Texas
Manager Solly Hemus. With Homecoming, Oct. 31. The The Clowns are 1958 South Atlantic League' BEST VALUES
While going to first base L Robinson.Redlegs Vada are Pin Frank,: annual Florida Classic will)[l their superb baseball playing League last season, has been All-Stars. At present the two;,; Dept. G-675 '
o n and their notch fun show named o fare
Joe be played in Jacksonville top playing manager ; with Havana. '
Cunningham has beent against j 403 Market
i Lawrence Bob Thur- j"headed by the old master the Birmingham Black Barons
shifted to thei.outfield. White Bethune-Cookman ColIcge. Manager'Bob Wellman Newark. New
i Jim Jersey
man Pendleton, Jesse
Punster, himself Ole King of the American
I is the l The 27th Blossom '
big tan star who was i Go'nder and Big Don New- Orange ;leading home run hitter last
j l Tut, Midget Bebop, Ed Hamin League.
playing a lot of first base for combo Lawrence and Newt Classic will be played i car until injuries halted his i .
3 n, Natureboy Williams The announcement --
was -
the Giants 5. home ---
before he went t combe run rampage will beat
into the service of Uncle Sam L ton is an are infielder-oulfielder.pitchers Pendle- The Rattlers 1959 scredule:, and Bobo Nickerson. made this week by W. S.' first base. One of the brightest PATRONIZE .

and before the Giants moved[ Robinson is an outfieldor-in- Oct. 3-Benedict College, Tal-: Natureboy Williams, is considered Welch, owner and general' ;, prospects in the Redlegs'1
lo the Pacific Coast. lahassee; Oct. 10-Wiley Col. manager of the club Davis, I Slar AdvnrlisRrs
: is i fielder. Manager Mayo Smith ,; by many of base- ;
r was an outstanding 'infielder-
one of the best lege, Tallahassee Oct 17- -
stickmen In i i s contemplating making a ; ball's experts as one of the i
1 Morris cut-fielder with Birmingham i -
the Brown
major [' Talahassee
league. The
regular first baseman out oft J;;most sensational first base-
t also have Big George t Frank Robinson. Thurman ian s Nov. 7A& T College;,':inn In the business. Nature- j for five years before he went IUOME' ( \ m\ iinrnis
j into baseball /
Crowe Greensboro organized as
ready for first base outfielder and Gonder is S. C.; Nov. 14-boy can cover the initial bag ai(II : 16 -- 39 47
duty. The Cardinals secured 1 a catcher. Allen University, Columbia,,''equal to any in the game,.member of the Aakland club I;( Short 9 Long 351 70 652
S. C.; Nov. 21-SouthernUni-1',and he is just as well versed of the Pacific Coast League } Form .... Form ,..011 I
versity, Tallahassee and Nov in the fun ]He also played with the Lost:,
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get 26-Texas Southern, Houston L i,I ment. making depart-,Angeles Angels and moved.1)kI NED JACKSON I 4
i Texas to Ft. Worth when the Dodpcrs -I| TAX EXPERT : r 1

The Clowns was once the / transferred to the West; 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6.3703 : t 7' q t
!j LOti P RI I :top team in the Negro American (Coast. !i
ES I -
I : League and many of The new Birmingham pilot) 9A. M. 'til 9 P. M.REFRIGERATORS. I 6
:the 'greeted thirty candidateshere 8Watch
players with the Clowns j This
On YouSTORE have been scouted by major ] last week when spring (.1o\ti'n
league scouts. Hank Aaron, 1 training sessions started. He! ---- -- -

DRUC 1EE.DSI ,who has won just about all believes' he has the nucleus 599 28-55-10_
I, honors that one player can of an outstanding club with! 165
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drag Store attain is a product of the Indianapolis -,*such young players as Tony; I Sometime he's
l lr < ]Lloyd, rookie third up
Clowns. There are baseman, & FREEZERS Mometin?s h*'* down
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN ,several other players on the; who starred the past four rte add, nnhtractfi
YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe team who are considered ma-, ]years at Tuskegee; Bobby.j Serviced By I He work It all around
jor league prospects. Sanders; brilliant sophomore! Licensed Technician I

Deliver We Also Fill All Doctors' Prescription I The Georgia Flyers are expected -!'a shortstop lefthanded and Willie pitcher Smith from,!! M. E. DELEMOS 16-35-276-97 Coming Attractions

to give the Clowns as1 Huntsville] Ala., in the fold,! Call- PO 4-0127 I
much competition as they and ready for action. I
Dixie Pharmacy could ask for. The game will, Welch, who purchased the
I r be well worth the price paid f team in January, said two! ooe: : swoaio "
ISO KINGS ROAD at MYBTLI AVENUE to see it. A hard fought bat-major league clubs have already -
PHONES EL >U5TM8 I tie between two good teams expressed an interest I
and the fun show will be a i in those three players. "How-

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE ,thing to see. :ever," he added, "they are]io PALMS e

\( BILLS AT OUR STORE *For Continued I April 29 will be a big night;not for sale now. We are-trying -
in the baseball world at the to build a good team for
Courteous Service To Myrtle Avenue ball park.'our The Birmingham fans." I f r Q
f first
,Baseball fans will have an game
: __ All Citizens opportunity to see one of the :of the spring season will be I

f I Ii Ir I'the best field drawing of sports attractions in the Indianapolis in-':Sox plaed. at with Rickwood the Memphis Field here Red # OF JACKSONVILLEFRIDAY
Clowns. ; Sunday, April 19th. The
i VOTEI I regular Negro American Lea-I
I gue season starts
next month.BEAUTY'S .
I --------- ---- i ik k i. AND SATURDAY ONLY

t I Ia To ElectH.

.. S. tilbury .SAFEWAY Secure Drivers'DRIVING License RADIO AND SERVICE tJ -.

SC :::OOL Home Calls on all :Makes OSCO'E'LO'O.RDONand I IM

trtyl I -CITY TREASURER 600 Weal leaver Street Used Radios from S .OO Up J

We Finance
Office ELgL5.7742
"Thar Ii No : i I
Res. ELgin 4-0639 FLORIDA AVENUE j

S Si

;Lfl i et ;1 (1-Paid" Political, ... Adv..' ) 1 Enroll Now in the i BOBBY LONG

;; t4 > South1 Finest College

: .

.. SAY. YOU...dW.4'- ft. COLLEGE--... .. BRANCHG SSSSSSSwiv. S viiS" V
J1It.nn: -
--- ., CU .M: 630. Davl9fSt.. at Beaver

ILOI_A? _A. a""".AB'- .- Phone:. 1/5-9374 J
1. i



c : : : :t :

Page Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, AprU 11, 1959
-- -___ __h ____ _

\-..,_ Several months ago we wore- pro teams come to town. Foot
ChipsOffTheBlocks'BY: I told the end of Wilder Park. ball fans are tired of being 1 1

I The Wilder play area had the pushed in the end zone as ;

I only cinder track in town for their place in the "separatebut : : FIRST QUAUttBUIIDIN6
"THE CHIPPER"1AAAAAAAA ::t ,, ,,: :; t Negro youth to run on. With equal" deal they brag of.t t j l'7!
the coming cf the Expressway Folk don't know whether'th" 'i ; WR1ALS

.. -.Yfj:''<:. the entire park area was I local school wheels are j; .:a.f-'>' or 1
MNWWVYAll .'ktftllJlAfliWAN. torn up. Stanton and Gilbert i trying to make like Abrahamof '
of the'boys can put the plan to mak"'e *t topnotcn- t i resort -\competed on an improvised j( the Bible and want a sacrificial -I' t.., :, \ Call JOHNLANAHAH I ;

overcoats in "Storage" for the I out of the area. x trujk at the Simon Johnson I lamb or Tom Sawyer : ?' : II
winter r s old King S">1 looks I Jazz fans; got'a bdlyfql t'at; Playground Wednesday after- looking for whitewash as the I "f; 1 i *

like .le is here to stay until week end when.,Sir Charles neon. Tis a small: wonder that hassle continues. When the .
Fall lushes, in. With the hot!''I Thompson, the jazz great,'sat the kids dIJ not suffer serious smoke clears you will see the ';
weather brings a dazzling !I in at the Ribault Suroer Club. injury running on the grass I960 elections just over the t" ii LANAHAN LUMBER CO? *
display of feminine pulchritude Few of the patron: anew the track which had a Softball horizon. *
as the gals come out of J,longtime Illinois J-.;'iot pianist pitchers mound in the centerof The Jacksonville area will ,, ,.". 2014 E. Adams Ph. EL 6-5593 *
the coats and heavy wraps. j when :lie s:1t d wn. One the track. Several of the be treated to a special menu Y-r I *
:Marie Fernandez aLI Edythe1 wag, remarked "That fellow lads were involved in a nasty Sunday: evening when '1.lrs.Verdel !
Taylor paced the pedal pushing sounds like a 1>1'0." Sr Charles pileup.on one of the slippery Sullivan ;Jones will (Paid Political Adv.) A

set as they set late evening came uj from. Miami to see hie grassy turns. Where is the present the.J ksonville Chorus --- -- -- -- .. -- : ,t-
styles in the Tropjcan-} ;:longtime pal Ted "Rhodes separate but equal premise : at St.fPaukAME: Church. I.. l lI
na. A few nervy souls managed again take honors in the golf Mr. Charlie dreams; of and The group is composed ,of I

to take in American I' tourney. Friday a.m. membersof :spiels to the North. young folk, many of whom 1 BSIGHTE i STRAND
Beach last Sunday. Bill Gra- I the B.B. King crew had a Up Tallahassee way one sang in college glee clubs and :
ham is o nhand at the Honey- rocking time ,at the Ribault group is yelping about money choruses who banded togetherto ytoOM&
dripper waving all to come in 1|l when along with Walter shortages and another crew sing for fun. We really need MIDNITE TONITE!
and look around. On the '!'Thornton I I on organ the musicians wants to take a half millionof some local culture and this is r BMDOI AND -i A Up of the P.pal Cup
beach rotund Walter Reynolds i j I played until dawn just the taxpayers dollars and I surely a step in the right di- 7 BIG DAYS to these outstanding
is set for another season. The : for "kicks." Among those spread the hows and whys of rection. Hugh Wilson is still APRIL 12- 18 American, wfe
only big if is when is the keeping time and enjoying the' segregation in the North. Dig beating the bushes and yelping ,2 TERRIFICTOP young make our country Md

Pension Bureau of the Afro- j j"gig" were Sam Cook and his the nerve of the lawmakers- for thespians to work with ., our community a better>>
American going to do some- entourage. Freddie Brown, Lt. they'll take our tax dollars his drama group. :.a < a HITS! In which to liv'
thing about the lots at the I R. Williams of the Navy, Eli- and go up North to tell the After the game the other a} :> 4 Regular Prices- pUee
beach such as clearing them I sha Handy, David Mathis, "good white folk" why they night. Robert Brymer and I * f'I

off and trying to sell them. J Marion McClain and the must keep us in our places. Pop F r a z i e r strong-armed '1*
IIenyVashington, Clar- ,,Missus, Nat Greene, Roy Memo to the cinema own- I Jerry Nash and took him out .. 'I I
ence Allen and a few other Dowdell and Rayford Brown ers-Thanks for "The Defiant I on the town. The wealthy "er) t Y :f*

fellows have bought themselves I were among those in on the Ones," and the forthcoming I Broad Street business man I n I
a whole island off I sessIOn. Tempest, but what about I barely missed his rival for the The I*
Heckscher Drive. The boys I told you so department: "Gigi" and South Pacific and" title Mayor: of Broad Street," f fI I f :*
will we see Porgy and Bess. most
I Jack LeGette who had just ,
Next week don't miss "Imita- has 0
departed. Otis Speights
tion of Life" at the Strand.Oh exciting ..t+ '.
the title and is nowa
given uhe
I up I""
the public wants the French ,
yes of tail- I
dignified perfesser f
: : tic
Enroll Now In The =.. i Ritz to let them know a littlein oring. offering '< 1i: breathes t' I h
South Finest College advance when they bring .I'\ t."x'" 1-tc.
; sex
Florida Barber College those good first run flicks. j VOTE FOR A MAN I since II t.:..___ J ..<....... .. ". .
Branch G. I. Approved Poor city officials, looks as j 1 Who'll Be A Friend champagne 'L
I tho they did it again. Isadore To All The People bikini,
and Stanton Senior
Singleton is on the warpath I' Vote For I i
Woodrow Patterson" manager Prof. James Glover and for a good reason. Some- I BRAD TREDENICK ''ctepes t.:, High School
had better tell :Mr. Robinson Patricia is a member of the
630 Davis Street At Beaver one Councilman Ward 1. dazzling
I sutett f' y. 12th grade class where she
Phone EL 5.9875 and crew to get ready
I ----
--- -----
for another fight when the PIANO FOR SALE, 'ouarrar>> <, package serves as president of her
--- ------ ------ Condition homeroom. She is a memberof
Excellent indeedf'tIIY.
ROOM FOR RENT I $250.00EL A \ the NIIA, Mt. Ararat Baptist
Furnished and unfurnishedrooms. Post Church and honor
HAVE CASH WILL BUY One block from bus I : student.
-- --- --- -- --
line. Private home Phone Will Keep ChildrenFor TWDON V.rn o.p. Ms t*******. .....
PO 5-6275. Working MothersOn EUGENE O'NPU.'S vickaiict

Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay 521 West 21st Street _
5 room bungalow -very clean Real Estate I UNDER it _
Kitchen Equipped ," -.. THE EI.MS

----- --- -- -- --- $75.00 per month ( h. f1RK.N.r
Apply 1643 Main Street $ LOANS $ geRM;: R r is --Ieic

NEED MONEYBeat $1,000 $..000 $*.000 1

$4,000 ap to $%IJOOO
the cost of the and enjoyableway. TROUBLED? f
high living
easy Payable Jl.CKJ per mo. per hun. II.
Be successful La Cosmetic Salesman LOVE? -- I
Dainty -
a Bred on unpaid: balance at 6%. -
or Woman full time or p&rt time. We train you. Pro MONEY? Let us help you to ccmplete SYLVIA CRUM
tected territory. Phone or call at once for the best PROBLEMS? your house or refinance 38 ROADSHOW ENGAGEMENT!IR II I New Stanton Senior High
Ill Help. I
offer you have ever had. years In the same place i BRAND NEW! School
SolutionAvailable r1 It Starb- j Pepsi Cola Dealers and
Call -
REV. C. L CULVERLA OSe e WED. -APR. 15th Pepsi Cola B tilinj, Company
If Instructions -- are proud to salute Sylvia
DAINTY DISTRIBUTOR Followed J. P. YOUNGMr. Ci un, of the lOtb grade class.

Strictly Personal Simmons or Mr. t'hhl. She is an honor student, Secretary
2416 N. Myrtle Avenue Phone EL 4-3582
JOHN WAMSTEKER Main and Monroe cf her horn:'room and
Dept. 15 212 Masonic Temple Bldg. AS WOMEN THErE financial secretary of the
------- --- -----
Box 10 Oiterr Phone EL 5. 014 WAS NO SARRIER NHA.
Cape, South Africa EL S s.-at r' --x'ti.i Cr'trr
1 AS
lect iIJ,1


Frank T. Cannon FACE TWO '_ 9hA

s a t ; *
Candidate For A
Municipal JudgeA WORLDS! /mm % N
Capable &

( Political Adv.)

Vote For And Support \ ttThe rot'or tine won4 New Stanton Senior
High School
\look", :"
Representative GovernmentFOR Will Make A stop -e Mal' I Tribute is paid to Freddie
$,ink wute'ee of the senior
ALL THE PEOPLE f ', class. This
GOOD JUDGE I'' prd I'm going to charming young lady was selected
Elect Mdile 'Y< Yearbook Queen of
morry the 1958 Annual She is a
E. D. JACKSON (Paid: Political Adv.) member of the YWCA, Social

Club, and attends Central
CJkLE. Church
CITY COUNCIL5th ---_-- ------ -
n * *
Ward At LargeIf r1R IT SUN. 41.5 fr
VV WED. r ,?, 9ryen meti Onfi al floe from 1'

You Live In The CUT You Can Vote For Me VI7':14 : MAMNNk1lAmerica's o a moth Cola to theM fltuw Kcrtl
Award wlnoee .
BACKGROUND Imo t.repa>earttA.ra
Favorite miotetloo Mjf Pit y. Oat*
Practicing Attorney for six yean. xwttitiol, ltol

Married and the father of four children. EThELWATERSd w,., -,.,yuag MW -
r T
f y. to U-I A.*.
Holds AB degree la Business AdmlnlslrmiJcn..

/ i Hs
LLB c gree.1D law from Howard Univercerr/ "Yoec're trying to ,xt

Winner of Democratic Nomination for Justice hide what you feel 1
of Peace 2nd District 1956.PLEDGES. for that girlr !" ,yC6wTARS

II .
:i., .p f. t' 'U: ,:
; !>> t KY
f '
<. ;. '\ 'i ;,. .... ,._:_ ._
.e To prcti ,plaaaod.h et project. *.::. :; : .:f. WITH TUL BBENNEROTE ,
: t- :' .- .. ... ALDAf Mjllili
To plan bad g tto-..*Ward's seer : e

To protKt'uan d EbctricUy:; from uafslrEUckrlc souND.THE.F It'Y" 4UANffA
Gripping Story of
9 To'dtvtlop sstaQ trail qu&ped tad coama- THE UNWRITTEN COMMANDMENT t EAM. = lfaI.

lead r located ceeamanUr pleygtot e. sie 'Wba el ue- I.
.. ALSO A&lfei 75e Kldb 25c

PoatJcaLAdr. J V at.
Paid a "" -_- ;''''"'' .. NtI"_ l -- -
I .
.': '- :,,' -. .... .......-. .. ..- '.
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