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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200504datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date April 4, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005040740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 4, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 4, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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____ 'w



Qdfa r


I For- Barnett )81STAR ) COcmwr c min M y 1o

f'( < o

Launched ;lln,; Private -.- -.- -- .

---- --- -- -- 8 'ON 01 "IOA =l.1 itJEttVi"APRIL 4. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 6 f'

i -- -- -- -- -- --- -

IN BARNETT!' :i I r pia 1 Arkansas

i f i y } Integratiio

BO. 11 A&,pn A..A> H Jl.1J AR1NG" 1} _.W .

A hearing was opened ,i. '

Thursday by the Duval Coun- \
ty Board of Public Instruction -' Leader Coming To K

to study lodged charges against of Mau-dishonesty .

p'v nqN.r
rice H. Barnett, Principal of

Darnell-Cookman tary Mr.School.Barnett was E suspendedby 1 e m e n- WOMAN WHOLEDARKAKSAS) \ FIGHT'|GOLF LINKS ORDERED CLOSED

5 issues because the in school connection board of questionable on with March his 44J-.I TO 1IX SCHOOLS TO APPB -R HERE:AS CITY PONDERS SALE OR LEASE

hiring of a substitute teacher. 1 By Staff Correspondent

Board Chairman RaymondA. Mrs. Daisy Bales spark plug behind the Fight to end t
.Day i d said the hearingwas segregation in Little Rock's schools. will appear on a 1 The 9-montb-old litigation involving four Negro citizencI
private "because it con- i'.".._ .. '"-"JJ' "" series of speaking engagements on behalf of the big I reached a critical anti-climax this past Wednesday when
cerns a n employe charged : 1;' "Golden Anniversary"* membership Drive held br Flo- 1\ U.S. District Judge Bryan Simpson ordered the city's twp
with dishonesty.The employehas j1' v rida's NAACP Branches during April through June. I municipal coif courses opened to Negroes on an unrestrictedi

the right to request a .. .. I Mrs. Bates will spark meetings in Jacksonville Day- i I and the City Commission countered by voting to close

private." hearing and has doneso. ..........$.. ..{o- :. lona Beach and West Palm Beach on April 26. 27 and 'he links "temporarily."
I "" 28. She is expected to draw large crowds to hear her ; The decision to close the ;(
Although the hearing was I }> : ; \ tell of experiences in Little Rock. I Brentwood and Hyde Park i! Commenting on the court
not completed ) 'i. ; Mrs Bates will -- I order to integrate the courses,
Davis an-I / ), : appear at courses came at a special I
nounced that no new date : f n.">Vt:: 11i' the St Paul AME Church on :leetinjr of the City Commis- !:Mayor Haydon Burns said:
was set for J :J" ",,, is 1t, iIFST 9 ''I I
its continuation. I April 26, at 3 p. m. Mrw N I sion called on Thursday morning "The harmonious relations
: W'J.f:;1f.MC'. t..;.... .,. ,".. : 'I"i..t'J- I.Irs. Bates' is nationally '1 U'Hl tA1'i U1 QPRSN with 18 Negro spectators :I between the races here in
------------ ,, / "' .
... :, '' ,;; > I
.i. ] 1." 1: '' ; : _:.. J;!own for sparking the successful 'I and 17 whites. Jacksonville has been a treasured
integration of Central II I
SLASHING DUEL Mrs. Daisy Bates who led the fight to end segrega- High School in Little! Rock, ) TERM Commissioner Dallas Thomas asset, which has bene-
tion in Little Rock's schools will appear on a series of September 1957. in charge of the courses, ]fitted our entire city." Bums

speaking engagements in Florida and will be heard in A generally outstanding FOB' I J i made the motion to. close the added, "I don't believe our

S ENUSCAMBLINGA I 1_Jacksonville on Sunday._April 26 I woman, Mrs. Bates is the edi- s T.ABBNG"I.1 in courses study temporarily of whether, pending they t colored citizens approve of

I tor of "Arkansas Gazette. "I hould be sold or leased to private -1 i this action taken by a few
She also enjoys the honor of t
19 ARRESTED SLAYER CAUGHT interests I Negro golfers. They realize
dice game erupted into :1I I I being selected as "Woman of, I II
that 30 members of
the Year" for 1957 the, Offers Received soma
knife and bottle fig'.it, betweentwo by I I A 23-year-old woman was I Il
I Ass':'"iated Press ',.1-I L their race are regularly employed
men last Sunday which Ia LcnUnted;; March 24t:
IN VOLUSIA VICTIM DIES **" Mrs. Tuesday, T.h'IJ1as: told a reporter the
resulted in the injury of both ; Batespresence in 31/2 in the I'city had received "several ; ac the municipal golf
to serve years
Jacksonville will be to kick- and in addition to
and their subsequent arrest. I verbal offers and two written courses ,
for stabbing
Involved in the affray were off the NAACP branch mem- tate prison a1 i( 100 caddies
iSHMEDELAND RAIDS man in the stamrch with a| }ffeis for purchase of both I some are dependi -
bership drive for Duval Co.
Davis Gadson of 1143 "
Leroy i
knife the night of last July courses. upon the operation of the.
Julia Street, and Herman i Milton; Bryant, 40vys stab- :The Association's goal is for '
Brown, no address given. ,t bed to death on Monday eve- '7000. new members in this 4th. I Thomas said he decided to I courses for their livelihood.

Police report states that i -RaiJs conduct-, fling in front of 831 W. Bea- county. Mis Mae Lilly General of,dose the courses: with a view I ".1.."JIe peace: 01" our commu- ,

Gadson and Brown had l been cd last Tuesday by state and \ver Street. His assailant, identified !'722 Jessie Street, convicted, toward the "welfare and safe- njty is a sacred? thing, and the
ereraged 1 in a dice game at| as Willie Bunn, 12, of ;bv a jury 'for aggravated as- ty of our thousands of golfers! I Bible
Volnsr.i;; County officers re- I' (, of both I says, thy light hand
110 Julia Street, when a'I 80C W. Union Street, was arrested -,, fault; was sentenced by Crim- races. offend
sultod in the arrest of 19!) J Arsons IN BREAK-IN TRY thee, cut it off. I feel}
fight started: between them. I within ten minutes after -j: i'ial: Court Judge William T.l! The at ceriian
I ir the DeL.md and De- Tory's Confectionery at city present permits that tile citizrns of all
Gadson brought a l knife into Leon Springs sections on I the stabbing. I 711 E tbrook was entered Harvey.: \ j I Negroes to play' on tho Brent- races believe that if the golf

play and Brown broken ret bottle:liatcd byusing 'a I moonshine durgs.t : Bryant died of multiple I I I.i jt Tuesday and on attemptto 1 Asst. County Solicitor R.I,wood course on Mondays and ; courses are going to be a point
a as by break open the juke box at Hyde Part on Friday. The of contention or a diiruptirn
t A four-day investigation wounds, being slashed at the I Hudson oPt who prosecuted j
weapon. I
was made by the burglar, but courses are closed to white of the fine relationship which
Both men received cuts in,Ernie Ilelstrom acting district base: of.the right car and stab-I the case said evidence showed 'I
I I I officers appeared on the scene i golfers on those days. I now c-dsts here, they should
the fight and were taken to supervisor of the State Bev- bed repeatedly in the chest. that Miss General chased)I I
Department, Deputy He dead I before he could get very far. Richard Soloman 45 of 1957 be eliminated," he declared.
Duval Medical Center by police erage I was pronounced on I j t! Judge Simpson's order and
car. They were treated Sheriff Gene Petrone and bev-j arrival at Duval Medical Center When Patrolman R. E. Barber Albert Street before catching permanent injunction prohibit Attorney of the plaintiffs,
agent S.A. Sharon, end- by Dr. F. D.Jones. lIe had i and D. L. Poston apprehended him and the wound.
and released by Dr. Jarrell, erage Andrew Mil- I inflicting t I the city from refusing to allow Ernest D. Jackson, who is a
and then taken to City Jail ed with the mass arrests. formerly lived at 755 W. Ash-I Charley I I'I four Negro golfers who candidate for City Councilman
with the sale of ligan, 20, of 837 Baker Avenue ; The woman, charged with
charged with Charged ley ( brought the action in the
: disorderly con- court "and Fifth Ward pleaded
he still had in his intent to commit first degree]I I
moonshine Annie Davis, ; possession
duct and fighting with'knife. a are all other Negroes similarly : with the commission
Cleveland McKelvin Sarah Patrolman G. L. Bradley' .fie screwdriver used in murder. was convicted on the to leave
arrested 1.I I I situated to use the said city- the courses open and see
Norwood Ra- the attempt to open the juke lesser charge of "aggrevated
Patrolmen Johnny J. Doe Washington, box assault". owned golf courses upon the I whether integration would
and Milton Newsom investi- mey, Joe Walton, Mary Jones, investigation was I I I I same basis and noon the same work.
Henry Mays, Hattie Givens, .conducted by Lt. B.'W. Rowe, t conditions as white persons
Ida Davis Betta Butler, Leona Sgts. L. A. Hamway and E. |are permitted to use theI : Rev. J. S. Johnson, pastor
f' 2 GIRLS MAKESHOPLIFTING r' { Burroughs, Dorothea Gib- P. Ccrley, and patrolmen J. I same." of St. Stephens AME Church,
son, Allie Smith and Leron E. Seldon, W. Solomon and C. II pleaded to the commissioners:
Givens, all of DeLand; :Morris Barton. The suit was filed l by Jack- "Will it be a segregated heaver -
} Murphy, Treasia Cox and Mae son on behalf of Frank Hampton :, will there be a segregated
Wells, DeLeon Springs. i I Edward Joseph Norman hell?" The highest .up," he
Eddie West and Katie May MAN IS CHARGED Devoye Austin Brown and said, "can never be safe until
TOUR OF CITY of DeLand, are charged with WITH OIL THEFTS Charles M. Brown. the lowest down is protected."
possession and sale of moon- .
shine also. '

Two 14-year-old girls wenton Hearings are scheduled before -I Mr. Herman N. Bennett, 'JAXONS EXPRESS MIXED FEELINGS
a shoplifting rampage last Justice Wallace Smith. i 7140 N. Main Street reported

Satuprday when they visiUd I to police the theft of 8 cases

S. H. Kress Company, 120 'of H. P. Oil, $55.80; 2 cases OVER GOLF COURSE LAWSUITThe /
Main Street; Shoppers World of Puritan Oil, $9.60 and 10
Dept. Store, 1 Main Street; POLICE REPORTSWOJUN ,cases of Pure Lube Oil, $91.
Outlet Dress Shop, 8 Main He said the oil was stolen!

Street; Bottom Dollar Dept. between 8 and 10 a.m. last H Supreme Court's order
Store, 712 Davis Street Lynn HIT IN FACE to integrate the city'smunicipal tWI
; --- -
Monday by an employee, Harvey -
golf and the
14 W. Street WITH GLASS BOTTLE .' courses resultant decL-ior ff'the City
Store Bay
Dept. '
: Cannon 55, of 1625 W. Commission
to close the links rather than
ant .' t..1-. comply with the
and W. Y. Grant's Dept. Union Street. He said the oil F I court order is
being met with mixed reactions the
by Negro
Store, police said. A 41-year-old woman was was ,stolen between 8 and 10 Seen abore with their at citizens of this city.

From Kress's the two girls hit in the face with a glass a m. last Monday by an employee -, torney. Ernest D.. Jackson r Random street interviews made by the :STAR since last
took head scarfs and, 1 girl'shalf bottle last Saturday she :
Harvey Cannon. 55, of i ,Wednesday's: decisive and historic
slip-total $3.75; from went to 710 W. Ashley Streetto center are two of the three I equally : Supreme Court
1625 W.Union Street He said 1 judgment, give strong Indication:that There Is
a significant
Shopper's World, 2 pairs of visit her ex-boy friend Cannon stole the;.20 cases of! UdgiatSfia. ,ih* sow ooniroTortUl : t segment of Negro Jaws who regard the golf course issue
shoes 1 pair of girl's undies- whom she once lived with. as ofl from the storeroom whileno I as an which
I golf links gar' At tumeeeflsary anxiety : win serve no purpose other
total $9.60 from Outlet Dress his wife. :
; \ one was looking, place it in I I thin stimulate, racial antagonisms'' in areas where
Shop, _draess:'and sweaters- Mrs. Dorothy Allen, of 1083 his car and haul it away when i left is Edward J. Norman did not formerly enat. .r they

total $ .98; from Bottom.Dd W Duval Street stated' to police be knocked off for the day.; Sa.c1UN.::! X
tar 2 pairs of girl's-pants$1; chat'she went to visit the Patrolman .A-A,'.Richard I right Brows.1. I Negroes seem to feel'that there are more vital Issue* '
.Lynn Dept Store Slisi' Jim man and found another woman Sot.investigate.te. ., Ian.i the.:.scalp columnbat :rigit '1* confronting the.entire city of Jacksonville: ..:

pant, knitted tee top, $6.50; in his room. She said when :-;- of 'Frank Hampton- a : 0;; :-.. A large segment of the,colored citizenry eeemed to be
from w. Y. Grant's sweater;; she,asked to speak with hex 'I .c more concerned about job opportunities, economic security
socks, cosmetics, $11.91, & to ex-boy friend,.the other wom- Police said the victim had former. tiir poJlcvasa, &. .1 1 .\ and genuine political: .representation. They! see the employ
tal of $40.14. an apparently objected and a been.drinking heavily and third parly. InTotred fan .the! J' i. meat of Negro bas drivers, Negro meter-readers In colored
The girh were arresteu and fight started' could not give name or description r flections of the city, Negro firemen the 'stMishment of a
Placed in the Juvenile Shelter. Mrs. Allen received lacerations of the suspect. dosegr egatloa snit.s .... --' water and electric branch office for rxvyicc:: bills, manned

Patrolmcu J. R Bother and I over the left eye that Patrolmen T. 'L. Mays and I by colored personnel!, and: the Ecensb of colored "*IBLIBRARY
C. B. Bean ey 1nv tio"'l1ted. wen? caused by the glass bot- G. L. Bradley investigated. s. s land ekctriciaas as some of our vital need.1.v .


-- -

Two THE FLORIDA STAP Week Ending Saturday April 4, 1959 U
----- ----


- Polif i
r ; ccs As UsualBy .

NEWSPublished 1a

by The Florida Star Publishing Co. "WHY WE ARE IN POLITICS"This

"Member of Associated Negro Press'
Erie O. Simpson -Editor week we are passing along an article written by:

G Parham Johnson .. -. _____News Staff James L. McDevitt. National Director

JUtamae Richardson .._ _. Circulation Dept. Committee on Political Education AFL CIO

Government is not a vague group of people called "they."
W/. It is composed of men and elected
MAIN OFFICE fc PLANT: > women to public office

2323 Meocrief: Road EL 4-8782 EL 4.6783 for specified periods of time br_ each citizen.
'Ve cMttnrrin depending
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. -= Phone EL 4-3773 -prosper or -,i

upon their wisdom, rious thing is that the more
foresight, prejudices, and
Mailing Address ly f, pacity. As the world has involved people get in politics -

P. O. Box 561 Jacksonville 1, Florida N grown more complex the role and government the

of government has become .more clearly they see the importance -

SUBSCRIPTION RATES more important and the re- j of acting together.
sponsibilities of the governed
One Year, $5.00; Half Year, $3.00; Three Months $1.80 have grown. I'Acting individually they can

Mailed To You. Anywhere In The United States. Growth and Government do something. Acting together -

Subscription: Payable in Advance. Send Check or Money Order To: "" 1 As a simple they can do much more.

FLORIDA' STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDALAW illustration, in Our trade unions are instruments -

if -?*1930 approximately we have devised

4, ] 3.7 mil-' j for
improving the welfare of
Vr oo n i indi v i-
our members. When so much
?duals filed f e'deral -

AND COMMON SENSE ."' income 1 lor< the welfare of our mem-

'. ,: ;tax returns. In'':'bers 1 is determined in the
CAN CURB HATE BOMBERSOCCASIONALLY .I... /fmillion:| v e r 57 i held of politics and government -

'.;-....::::; ." indivi-3 it is impossible for us

:,'!J.-:.::: 4 ,L. Ad u a 1 federal ;as trade unionists to ignoreit.

f x ; -/ income tax rei i .
there is honor in violence. Man com
fn.J '
4.turns were
mits violence upon man in defense of character or kin. ------ The politician knows bettor -
SIMPSON filed.
Threatened ideals, threatened security, self protection or '' than else
Federal anyone who is
there -
protection of flag or country some of these things and I In 1930, was no
retirement a registered voter his district
others, perhaps, justify violence, because somewhere in th old-age pro- in -
involvement and the tragedy there is honor. MUST WIN THIS TIME OR THE WORLD WILL FURTHER DOUBT OUR grsm. In a one month period 1 and who is not. He

But what of hate bombings? Who can step forward and LEADERSHIP o/ 1958, the U. S. Departmentof knows where his support is
Health Education and
declare that there is honor or even the merest justificationin coming from and where he
Welfare mailed out ;
destroying families, congregations. or properties with explosives : receive
million checks to retirees un may opposition.
? Who can say that ignorance, backwardness, brutishness -- der the Social Security A c tEach i, only knowledge he has of the
fear-all synonymous of a dangerous fallacy knownas Your Weekly ''
month the Railroad Re-wishes of the people is the
white supremacy-are sufficient grounds for this most
tiiement Board mails out a-j j!knowledge he receives at the
cowardly, unforgivable expression of violence? t :

It requires little or no thought. There is no honor in hat -- roscope.Guide ___- bout 450,000 Administration checks while theVeteran's ;I'ballot: box.on election day.
bombing. Nor is there justification valor satisfaction
any or or !
unless it be felt by the insane. The sly, slinking : """HICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FO; rics about 2.8 million people COPE'S AIM
on its payrolls beneficia--
methods by which such persons carry out their atrocities bUSINESS LOVE TRAVELBy __ ries. !I COPE seeks to help the
proves how little pride they take in their actions, and how /I member of Congress and the
much they acknowledge the ungodliness of what they do. i In 1930 when a man was! member of government know
PABLO The ASTROLOGER thrown of work his
out only
Somewhat ,
belatedly, the legal consciousness of Florida ; :the wishes of his constituents
has turned its attention to the utter criminality of terrorist --- means of feeding his family] ''a n d likewise
ARIES deed is clear and legally I I and keeping a roof over their.: to help the
bombing. As such, a number of anti-bombing proposals Born March 21 thru April 19 sound. SAGITTARIUS heads his constituents know something
submitted to the April Legislature for consideration stand Constructive Uraniun vibration 5-50-44-49-43-543 I Born Nov. 23 ihru Dec. 21 1 handouts were own from resourcesand ''about their i representatives.

strong chance of becoming law, since it is realized in most April be You would no doubt fine! charity. :The only effective way of
operate as the
echelons of the State's government that dynamiting private gins, very good for intellectual LEO I assistance in so doing, and Today, average unemployment 1!'I i acting is obviously through

homes, schools, churches and other properties is a heinous endeavors and for contacting I you will also most likely I I e n t is $29 compensation a week paym -;: politics and the? only effect -
form of racial intimidation which must be checked Born make contacts and enter. tive
as quickly people in neigh- July 23 thru Aug. 23 new ; (i politics is organization.
your enough, to maintain a decent :!
and effectively as possible.The borhood, selling objects etc.I Thus you may experience; I II ,into yew relationships, some standard of living but !jNo one can afford to sit on
certainly -
Flordia Sheriffs' Assoiation would have such crimes However, do not be too emo-I this week some transforming I'Jof I i which might verge on a I I better than the 1930:;, the sidelines.
punishable by death. Whereas, the State's prosecuting at- tional over-forceful about inner experience, perhaps as very active sort of romance. j;
torneys are dctrmined to get passage on a bill making your endeavors.or You might'a human relationship comes I'! Your work should not scale. i(i|! Jack Johnson, the great

bomb threats a felony. tend to force issues rather to a kind of conclusion. On I I I but do not try to show off lag'l I You and Government i:Negro heavyweight, put hiss

These and other attempts to legally curb the insane unwisely. Relax and avoid I the other hand, the situation 1!!create envy in your What government policy i linger on it back in 1915

activities of fanatical racists are healthy indications of a trouble at home. Such trou my refer primarily to busi-!4-70-22-68-21-471 I,acid what it will be in the i when he was fighting Jess

general awakening in this State and throughout the Southto .I ble would probably refer tan '!ness, and you might find next few months will hit j' V/illard under Havana's blazing -

the fact that the turmoil of racial issues can never be : old problem which has no,I'I' yourself unexpectedly the recipient -I each of us in the bread basket -;, sun. A spectator at the

abated or compromise reached as long as terror groups and easy solution n d which L; of some bonus or dividend. -, whether we like it or not.! ringside kept up a running

hate-mongers are enouraged, by the absence of preventive",may remain a more or less, 'I Beware however,; CAPRICORNBorn The inescapable fact of life I fire of abuse. H e criticized

laws, to express their twisted philosophies in terms of I j sore spot in your life for lest there b unpleasant! Dec. 22 thru Jan'-19 is that government determines :Johnson's about style, made cracks
bombing, cross-burning economic policy and his color, complained
kidnaping. torture and murder. some years. strings attached. Some of them
It is true that there is no overall solution in sight for 3-40 55 39 54 349 110111315113VIRGO imply a therefore the amount of food I bout his ancestry and be-
large of i in
the South's racial dilemma. It is as well true that the pre-I measure success I in the family pot. Every product littled his courage in the
your profession or in your
sence of intcmperates in the state and national govrnments TAURUSBorn i you buy and use, every 1 ing.
public within
dealings I
seriously hamper the progress being made toward solu- j your thing you do, whether it i is
a April 20 thru May 20 As Finally, between
Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23))I community. April begins, I recreation, work, or other is I! rounds,
tion.Nonetheless There might be, however I Uranus is Johnson leaned
You particularly important ; over they -
the may be stimulated, or controlled in some b :
even most extreme racist knows instinc- way
some inner, perhaps subconscious even I and it may spark a new I Ii ropes, smiled down at the
tively that emotionally aroused by government
existing racial tensions I
must and will
eventually difficulties for you to money trend for You man and'said, "Man, you're
a friend who you. I II
resolve themselves into may help : Labor's Role
harmonious co-existence you I i
between overcome if you try to release I mi ht change 'j down there talking. I'm
the black and white citizens of the South and the entire ) to understand better matters i! your job, or be I The question is often as kI here up
nation.In .spontaneously ,your'energies. of a religious or philosophi-,!transferred to a new and ijcd I: Why does organized 1 la-I fighting.
You also have Letter
the meanwhile such legislation as anti-bombing spend a good may deal of to cal type. You may also find;i affect paid department. Thiscould ,bor engage in political: action In the effort we are en

statutes the Civil Rights Act, desegregation in the public your resource -I an excellent, quite aggress -:,force your residence ? Why is this not left up :gaged in, none of us can af-

schools and on public conveyances, the Fair Employment well as financial-on s-psychological the a ;,sive lawyer to take care of I j you to move and sell to individual members? We ford to be "down there talk-

Act, reenforccment of voting laws in states resistant to| of what have attainment your interests in some legal!,you r property-very likely] can, of course, engage in the ing." All of us have to be
[quite .
you profitably
human rights, and considerable other laws designed and come to desire. The weekends I oiitagQemenL Money seems I ; so.6Y448743693 process of government as individual "up here fighting''

enacted to hasten the realization of racial harmony, must with an annular solar at stake, perhaps in relation!jI voters, but the cu-
be taken as proof that to a large firm or some high-J --- -
some gains are being madehowever
eclipse (April 7th) which may I pressure
doubtful-toward that social tomorrowism known stir group. I
as even more deeply your' ,
SO 66
Racial -79-65-968

memories.subconscious and and nerhans agitate fears..old, I.. f f Born AQUARIUS I c
-- Jan. 20 ihru Feb. 18
8-60-88 58 86
--- 865
;, Born Sept 24 thru Oct. 23)j Exoansion might be there-]
Equality.'t S
A stimulated Uranius in'suit: of a physical change of)

GEMINI your Second House suggests!envunment. or of increased, 4f 5.. e
-I Born May 21 thru June 21 indeed, financially active knowledge and undrstanding,

iC1k'K You should be in excellent period. You may have a good I'[*or arain 0 f the sussessful,

shape after a rather somber deal of writing to do in or-!iccncK'Sion I' ] of a legal process. I t1y.

few days before and through der to take advantage of'Thus, vour own initiative and

Easter. If some obstacle had what has been gradually i(eagerness for self-expression I, .

been placed upon your path, building up in recent 'weeks-I fare I' probably the causes of Z lc
since the early hours of Mar. perhaps also seeing the' expansive trend. An active -
many I
31st. it should have vanished, people and talking to groups. Mars in your Seventh .

perhaps after a mild crisis on Let yourself be gu i d ed by j,House indicates also that a I ..
the 30th. This refer to your hidden I dost
) may voice, yet do partner may push you S
: ; something of a more psychological not rush unprepared into new ,and mpel you to mobilize

character, which fields. ,your energies-perhaps because
could be '
faced and y
-- of an ambition motive.
if you use your imagination. SCORPIO -11-19-13-129
Nevertheless, try not to force Born Oct.' fw x
24 t h r u Nor. 22 :t
i issues or to work too hard. Your attention should
4& -77-S9-76-497 focused, this week and the ;.

next, upon matters dealing 'ISCES ,

CANCERBorn with' your conjugal life or Born i.', thru March 20 .r.
June 21 thru with business
July 22 partnerships, Bt utters '
are a
It favors-all real estate and contracts: etc. With Mars\ in chaotic, or else they requirea :

.j future profits from land and your Ninth House and semi- push which you are not in 1}. )(
agriculture. It might be a L square to Uranus, it cpuld be enough of a positive mood

ijood time to reorganize your that TV legal Proceedings at to give. Opportunities should .
business or introduce stake. The Uranus KENKNIGHT
new influence be there, nevertheless, and
TR' elements into it. You may refer to your S
may lawyer in you should try totake full
also: be .the recipient of some 'a suit against some partner advantage of them, even if Invites You To.Listen To ,
bequest. SOme. new technical contracting party. This this
means a change of
device may improve would be the last "KMCHTTRMN" .1
your phase of This
a hange might be forced
"ANOTHER AROUND THE WORLD? working, ability and stimu,long process, and,.while your upon you, especially if you

,-, LETS QO QOM ESE E ELSE/* oa late handle your business the ,_ provided I facers they may be. excellent are in government work, or Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly --
...,... care may run against an accumulation in a business influenced by ;
+covriNE il fN s fully and avoid any legal of abstacles and
4 or even less official
troubles. If you sell or buy the antagonism of the court. pressures. 1400( WRHC 1400Page

some property be 2-20-33-19-31213
sure the 7--60-59; .-- 8-87-769 .






Week Ending Saturday April ,4. 1959 .


. I i _
ipiiB&1t; w ROSEBUD GARDEN ,
Applications for Marriage CIRCLE HOLDS ITS I Mrs. Dorothy Bowden of

I Licenses MEETINGThe 1231 West 31st Street is ill in

Brewster Hospital. She is the
By Rudolph Mercer, 265 WattsSt. Rosebud Garden Circle daughter of Mrs. Bell Mitc-

., age 23 and Lucile B. Kal- held its meeting recently hell. "
ker 3784 Freeman Road *
age in the home of Mrs. VioletB.

p 22.Harlee y Kinnon. 1365 West 23rd Mrs. Mary' E. Allen of 1087

Turner, 1130 Florida Street with Mrs. Irene Dow- West Monroe Street is recuperating -
The rain might have dampened the spirits of the adult \ ., age 22 and Charlie M. dell, Mrs. Vorice Courtneyand at her home fol-

population on Easter Sunday but not so for the kiddies all Abe. Dcnegol, 709 Phelps St., age Mrs. Mary Jones serving lowing several days illness.

who turned out in large numbers for a fashion parade at *1. as co-hostesses. ,She is a member of the Se-
their own-to and from the various programs held Hayes Gantt 739 W. ChurchSt Church.
and ; 4H Plans for the flower show'w cond Baptist
the afternoon
churches throughout the city during .,' age 36 and Ethel Crooms ere discussed during the I I *

evening. 3616 Pearce St., age 19. meeting by Mrs. L. Dena :I. !Mrs. Arthur N. Edward

Speaking of fashions we were informed by Mrs. Del- .< Melvin Butler, 5574 Ave.B. McClellan. Mrs. Bernice P. and daughter, Eloise of New

phine Mainor Brinson that many fashion-oonscorus citizens .. age 19 and Laura L. Cook, Engagement AnnouncedMr. Pugh, president presided at Rochelle, N. Y., spent the

attended the recent grand opening of the new and modern Mrs. Thelma Spicdr/' Williams 5131 Ave. B., age 16. and Mrs. Raiford Allen the meting. j I I Easter holidays in the city
Academy of Charm and Modeling at 610 West Duval Street. Kilbert Small, 5764 Carver II with her parents, Mr. and
recently awarded a Brown. Sr. of 1144 Evergreen I
.,,., :/, ;:;s Del covered for me during a recent illness Fellowship Grant b7 the Circle, age 20 and Cynthia Avenue announce the betro- BAND PARENTS CLUB Mrs. Calving G. Williams,
for most of the items you Graham, 5778 Carver Circle, j 1765 Davis Street. They will
is responsible Fund for Adult Education. thal of their daughter, Char- SETS SPRING EVENT :
home 4.
age return today, April
will. read here this week. She talked at has chosen the University of L. Stevens 311 S. lotte Annette to Clarence .
.,length concerning the background and experience Michigan at which to pursue 10th St., Jax. Beach, Fla., Von Bostick son of Mr. and The Band of New Stanton I Mrs. Marie Wilder is still

't .> of Mrs. Shirley Click operator of pest graduate work in Liberal -',age 21, and Mary Wilson, M r s. William H. Anderson Senior High School will be ill at her home at 731 West
; Adult Education. cf this city. .
z 'the school in the modeling profession Also Mrs. Williams who teaches 311 E. 10th St., Jax. Beach, The wedding will be solemnized presented in its annual spring Union Street. She is a member
Fla. 22. concert 17 at 8 of Grant Memorial AME
there many favorable comments about age April p. m.
were in the A. L. June 13 in the Mt.
consultantfor : Harvey Badger, 1412 Madi- in the auditorium 0 f the, Church and serves as presi-
Mrs. Rose Morgan Louis guest Lewis Elementary Junior Zion AME Church.MARECHAL '
son St., age 16 and Margaret school. I lent of the Greater Grant
the grand opening.Del High School is the only public Johnson The affair
1534 Madison St., is being presented Memorial Club.
Brinson school classroom person-- age 14.Frank. CIRCLE by the Band Parents Club *

nel to receive one of the Harris, Jr., 1192 W CONDUCTS MEETING 1 The affair is being presentcd -I,' Mrs. Celia Anderson is con-

twenty-one Fellowships a- 21st St., age 21 and Lillian by the Band Parents Club valescing at her home. She is

Educators from throughout the state attended the Florida warded by the Fund. I Brown, 1186 W. 21st St., age 'cf the school. {I i a member of the Camellia

State Teachers' Association meet in Tampa, Florida recent- Mrs. Williams earned herB. 15. The Marechal Neil Garden Mrs. E. M. Richardson, president -!l Ladies Club and other orga-

ly. Persons attending from Duval County included: Mrs. S. Degree from Florida Curtis Russ, 743 DeWittSt. Circle held its meeting of the club, has asked'nizations.

Martha Matthews; Mrs. Alean Tarrer; Mrs. Dora Anderson; Normal and Industrial College ., age 20 and Doris J. Jackson recently at the home of Mrs.Amelia all members to attend their I I

Mr. and Mrs. Edwad Hendeson; Mrs. Elizabeth Smimons; in St. Augustine and a 2079. W. 17th St., age 19. Sanders, on AvenueB. business meeting, April 6 in : EUGENE
D. Brooks Mrs. C. S. M. S. Degree in Elementary and Moncrief Road. the band BUTLER
Mr. Charles F. James; Miss Polly ; Victor Holzendorf, 1225 W. : room to complete
Long; Mr. George Nairn; Mrs. Eva Guyton; Mr. Edwin Education at Tennessee A. & !Monroe St., age 20 and AnnieB. Mrs. Eva Satterwhite, Mrs. I plans for the concert. CHAPTER PLANS

Matthews; Mrs. Martha Greene; Mrs. C. Frankie Summers; .I. State University. Nash- Maddox, 918 Church St., Amelia Sanders, 1lrs.Vilhel- I SPECIAL MEETINGA

Mrs. Edith Anderson; Mrs. S. Elouise Brooks; Mr. and Mrs. \ille. Tenn. age 17. menia Skinner served as GLENDALE CHARITY I

Chester Cowart; and many others. Berry L. Groomes, 2979 hostesses for the meeting. CLUB
J I "The Place of Flowers in CELEBRATES11TH j special planning meetingwa
SweeiAtf Snowdrop Court
Our congratulations to Mr. H. James Greene who was C"ringonn I Lucile Williams, age 26 and!AT*'' was the roll call. Mrs. ANNIVERSARY I ; held by the Eugene But-
822 E.
elected Treasurer-Comptroller of the Florida State Tea- 5th Annie ler Chapter of the local American -
St., age 20. I Fleming presided over The 11th anniversary of the"
chers' Association. 3 I Theo. Sapp 1616 W. the meeting. Glendale Social Cha- Cancer Society recentlyin
17th Saving
St.. age 20 and Doris Moul-I The previous meeting was rity Club was observed re- Stanton the auditorium Senior of New

I trie, 1955 W. 45th St., age 17. I held at the home of Mrs. cently at the West Union High School.
Ladies Bridge Club are com- Leroy Jackson campaign
Members of the Charming .. Wendle G. Thomas 1257: Jamie Mendez on West Monroe Baptist Church. !
annual tea screduled for .director for the 1959 Crusade
their second ,
pleting plans for Chaple St.. 19 and Doro-I Street, with Mrs. J. Men- Participants who appearedon
4:00: p. m. Sunday, April 12, 1959, at the A. .L. Lewis thy Johns, 2122D Venus Mars: dez, Mrs; Eleanor Littlejohn the anniversary I cutlined plans developed by
Branch Y. W. C. A.. 582 West Eighth Street. it Court, age 17. ; and Mrs. Ethel Pierce serv-:were: the Rev. A. F. Cum- the chapter's for conducting executive committee the-

Mrs. Hortense Jones Brewington is program chairmanfor I Willie Fields, Jr., 1119 !lag as hostesses. !mings, Mrs. Ida Thomas' Mrs. month Ion j crusade. He is

the event' which is appropriately titled 'The Flowersof I Jackson St., age 21 and Mary Christine Munglin. Mrs. Mattie -!I one of the founders of the

Fashion Tea." Assisting Mrs. Brewington will be the bl Moore, 366 Chelsea St., age'I SEMINOLE CULTURE Blount, Mrs. Laura Harris, Negro Division and has served -

following members of the club: Mrs. Josephine Cleveland. j 1:0.: CLUB HOLDS MEET Mrs. Carolyn Limbric, Mrs. I, a s co-chairman of the

Mrs. Clevel Cromartie. Mrs. Ruth Carter Mrs. Margaret C.l- I i" Roosevelt Knighton, 1941B !! Maud Dennard Mrs. Dorothy I lights on drive for the past

V. Glover. Mrs. Earnes- Illinois St. 25 M u n gin and Mrs. .
Day Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap Mrs. age and Ethel' The Seminole Culture Club singers, ten or more years.
tine Poole. Mrs. Lillian Stukes. Mrs. Sophye White and ;tw 4 iJ. Frasier, 510 Everson St., i met recently at the home of Mary Jackson and Mrs. Lu-

Mrs. Delphine Brinson.Spring age 21.Henry. 'i Mrs. Dora B. Anderson with i cile Edwards.
-N the colors of the various L. James, 1205, W.;Mrs. Bessie S. Gorden,
and Summer apparel in pre- ,
Monroe St. '
48 Anna
age and ,
will be sident presiding. GOVERNING BOARD *
members display.
flowers represented by club on Eates, 1205 W. Monroe St.,I I
with promises for an interesting and unique show. ape 43.Willie. Among the guest present CONDUCTS MEETINGThe
I. I at the Mrs. ,
meeting were
j T. Ziegler, 1292 W. ,Helen Land and Mrs. Mary Govering board of the LEARN TO DRIVE

..,/ Adams St., age 22 and Low- Federated Garden Circles Secure
Lue Ward. License
Music lovers are flocking to the Ribault Supper Club J. I'reatha Holly ,1292 W. Adams I,
I I Mrs. Dora Anderson, Mrs. conducted a meeting recent-
and hear the talented combo comprised of St. SAFEWAY DRIVING
nightly to see } age 24. !
Anna McGee and Mrs. Fran- ly in the home of Mrs. E. L.
Gonzales and the fabulous SCHOOL
Teddy Washington, Gene orga- Billy Marlow, 1013 Davis I
ces McRae served as hostess''\V e ems, 434 West Beaver f
nist, Mr. Walter.Invitations Leading milliner Mr. John; St., age 23 .and Virginia Ma es. Street. 600 West Beaver Street

models: his Spring bonnet" the this, 1307 1/2 Mt. Herman St. !' The club will hold its next Appointments of nominat-I Office ELgin 5-7742
"CandyGram on actress 22.Leonard.
Greta Thyssen. Inspired by age meeting at the home of Mrs.H. ing committees the school Res. ELgin 4.0639
have been sent for the Florida & M Alumni the new candy-with-tele service : G. Jones, 2046 I. James, 1718 Myrtle Avenue ground beautificcation pro-{i GEORGE PERPENA Dlr

dance scheduled to be held this weekend at the Duval Armory ,the hat designer suggests his !!:Brady Court, age 28 and Er-, April 6 at 6 p. m. with ;ects and reports from the|
sponsored by the J. R. E. Lee Chapter. confectionery chapeau. decorated nestine Jones 2046 Ct. 'I
with chocolates and other confections ,'! Brady I Mrs. Eloise Lewey and Mrs. ,Flower Show committees'!: .
presideht the solution for those age 30. Ada M. Lee hos were discussed.
Mr. Claude Hilliard, of the Chapter, announcesthe as !: serving as
lose election other Robert L. Stevens 1609 1---- ------- -
dance committee as follows: Monsalee Davis, chairman; who (or type) : tesses.
bets and have to eat their hats. Anderson St.. 27 and
George Williams; Mrs. Josephine Cleveland; Richard Williams age !
and Mrs. Lenora Shirley A. Grooms, 1316 W. UPSILON CHAPTER 1 II It
Robert Mitchell; Otto McQueen; --- -
Lee. ; -- ,45th St., age 22. ( GRAY HAIRS need worry you no more
Be Well-Heeled Floyd Monroe, 341 Oak St. I(

1i. ',,--.y: :ye"y" 'i age 22 and Frances D. Pink- ;, AT SUPPER CLUB w"'JQ. rand'J '. EAU DENNA

< : 'ney. 1769 Francis St., age 20. i iI e
Mrs. Barbara Harper was hostess to the Kevinettes at a ;;j"" : I HAIR- COLORER
i I i hair U 10 la :30...... thatyo
Street home ; Will covor roy M
recent held in her West Seventeenth .. .
meeting 1 The Upsilon Lambda Chap-, would oat know it ar was -r It Mld.
with Mrs. Wincna Britt as special guest. ;f:' LA TRIANGLE CLUB f I Oo. application with loath broth owab
ter; of Alpha Phi Alpha Fra-: doot it. No po High scorers for the evening included Mrs. Celeste Nicks,I : t : SPONSORS EVENT : ANYONE CAN PUT IT ON AT NOME .

Miss Gwendolyn Johnson, and Mrs. Helen B. Robinson. I re-cently YOU your SAVE hair TIME..AND.. boon MONEY..*ed.N..n.wiR L_.. tt sail too.pact .
The La Triangle Club presented -I I and 1vsbs.-M dead color-.a.tr.afci-..lootofvtt
: Clubhouse with W. P. Holmes ...1_color if proporly ...ro....
Mr. and Mrs. Junius B. Jones of 1540 West Fifteenth K its fashion show, April WILL NOT TURN HAIR REDDISH t
week-end in Pomona Park, Floridaas i i3;) in the Wilder Recreational presiding. fI i It will not rub off. It ttayt oo tv..rol .iialtt.my fSMnp.oiny
Street spent s relaxing 1 A report regards: to, the, ... b.'hh.q. Ns. p.-.I w..w
of Mr. and Mrs. John Dix. President and Mrs. W. ti's' Center, corner of Third and _r..9 or.traig...,...., woo, Pirtiiiif*oko>
guests program s 'made by Jessie, it ._. Yoa can cover oow .ray o -haw +
the lake- Mt.: Herman Streets. ... ..... _.... ,
B. Stewart were also week-end guests at lovely W. Word, executive : or *ow secretary
I Students from Gretel and AU color* ski
side home of Mr. and Mrs. Dix. -I of the James t.WONDERFUL FOR TOUCHING IJP
Weldon Johnson
I'' Gertie Dance School, Joseph Yo can pal it o*jot; whor.....dd.Ca h* .od o.oj.....,i,..or wtoraawdortd
The Dragons were entertained at a recent meet- : Harper, Cheryl Ford ana Branch, YMCA. Nathaniel -: ...._have boon......Waaiaa..d MOB aa Eaa Daana..advoittof..
Davis was appointed chairman NOT INTERFERE WITH PERMANENT WAVING
held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Bennett, Sr., j I 1! Murnace Coleman appeared ran DOES dir.cfio..i.a....h.t "Kth a.d s.-w.! !.CAUTION:"U.a>dVxW
ing of
< ',_. I !on the with Gloria I a committee which .."- Mack; Dark .....; Miji.. ...., baM. .....; Croat'
1526 West Fifth Street. 'will solicit 0LnldA.b.r... Prko hoi J7.50 phn >.d.rrf Tarn). Cot *M *d oo* -
The slate of officers and membership roster are: Naham I, r.'Wellheeled ::1 I I '!Glover in charge of the mu-" the YMCA. membership. for I: a.d MV lor ....S',oar.,-.. Taw Mniy .... tf Nat ....f s..w-

Richard Roby vice president; A. T. :sic. 1 I
McClellan. president: Members
Moore recording secretary; Home Lee financial secretary; 'I 1 I Others_ who participated present at the DIXIE PHARMACYKings
meeting Eddie
; I were:
Charles Simmons chairman of the in the event were: Mrs. Leola
Major Bryant treasuer: shall Hen Road and Myrtle
; I r.y Covington,
Griswold King Stuart, Mrs. Hortense
Johnson Jose :
board Henry Smart: Harry ; H 'James E.
Harry Littlejohn: Maricn Care; John Reeves: Eddie Dur- ,#.I>- .. McLendon, Mrs. Rose Exson,'i 1 James Genwright\ C. S.
J. W.
I ; Word A. St.
Genwright Alexander Stewart: and J. L. ,;Mrs. Eddie Tatum, Pamela. ,
ham; McKinley ; ,:). :and I i George Richardson, Elisha S.
: Yvonne Robinson.
Bentley Jr. : : .::-- Linda i Handy, W. H. Seabrooks,I You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
I :Milton Emerela
and Bever-
Mr. and Mrs. Junius Jones were special guests. ., .
I James H 11
gals-about' town : lyn McNair, Marilyn Mainor:; o o"w a y, Raiford
can now give shoes lift without Aleatha Brown, W. P. Holmes, Ernest
The Dragonettes, an auxiliary of the Imperial Dragons cooling heels 'at the cobbler's.An Kirby, Gwen Jackson, Sr., Jerry Issard, LOW PRICES
and sweethearts, entertained dolyn and Marilyn Green,
composed of their: wives ingenious do-it-yourself device Sollie Mitchell, Ralph Stewart '::
them at an affair held recently in the New Lincoln Golf called Liftsavers makes Carolirye You 1}{ g. Fannie; J. -'
Club. lifts last the shoes' lifetime! Grant, and Rosalind Howell. Downing, Charles: On Yom-
and Country I\
Maxwell N. Davis !
And since they slip Into place Clifford
Dragonette officers include: Mrs. Martha Lee, president; without nails or glue heelsplit- Buggs Frankie Clark I
1 1I and E.
Mrs. Mary Porter, vice president; Mrs. Doris G. Bennett, I ting problems are over. : MASONIC CHAPTERS W. Bryant I DRUG STORE NEEDS

secretary; Mrs. Margaret Griswold, treasurer; and 1\Irs..1',, Liftsavers are small lift pro- TO HOLD SESSIONSThe

Louise Genwright. chaplain. that lectors lasts molded four times of tough as long vinyl* as : Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
Miss Earnestine Whaley of St. Matthews S. C..spent the I shoes-leather.heels They like slip tiny mudguards over your ,I 48th session of the MRS. M. SURCEY I WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN
protecting lifts from Royal Grand Chapters Order I I'
recent Holidays in the city as the guests of Her aunt and wear. 'ENTERTAINS
I I I. And vinyl gives the comfort ; of Easter Star under CIRCLE YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe
uncle. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Williams. 2123 Davis Street. I I and safety of rubber since it has I
similar soft-tread I the protection of Prince Hall I.
cushiony Garden Deliver We Also FBI An Doctor. Praeriptloaf;
Mrs. Evelyn Hughes''' and Mr: Josephine Meares were spring, quiet step. Non-slip it Grand Lodge, AF and AM of: The Seminole Cir- -
Elvin' Roulhae entertained the Cotillions I takes the skid out of nylon or;. Florida and its :Masonic ju-'I''cle conducted its meeting at
guest at the:when new. ISncoln Golf,and, Country Club recently. ,I I metal You lifULI can buy these new lift I,risdiction, charted by the su-I the home of Mrs. M. Surcey,

High scorers among this fashionable whist, group were:I savers for 39 cents a pair at shoe preme Grand Chapters, OES[551' Minnie Street. Dixie Pharmacy

Mrs. Josephine Cleveland, Mrs. Evelyn J. Thompson, and dime and department stores orsupermarkets. of North America, Dominion "What J have growing in

Mrs.: Edith H. Weston. I black shoes dear. Choose for colored black for !of Canada and Isles of the my spring garden"' was disi 1502 KINGS ROAD ft* MYRTLE AVENUE:
trembers'priticlpating: in addition to prize winners in-I print shoes and white for sum Ses will be held in West i cussed. Mrs. W. L. Jones ledi rHONEIN r, MM7 J>

eluded Mrs. Carrie Parsons?;;:Mrs. Viola Monroe; I.Irs.I mer whites or as contrasting: Palm Beach, April 21-23. 'the discussion. -
Bessie Mrs Dorothy Woods; and Mrs. Hortense trim on dark or'pastel shoes. Royal Grand Matron Han- The previous meeting was ,PAY YOUR LIGHT. WATER AND TELE--
Canty : -
; ,YouHnrant! to this :
.. try ounce nah B. Miller has asked all"held at the home of Mrs. L.
Brown. -*" .. : otprevattlat_uft cmiT > Elvin favored.hc, guests withlovely; St. Patrick's Day t I matrons to be present to re-,i'Scurry.. Refreshments were

gifts, followed by a*delicious dinner. ; '!present their chapters. served by the hostesses.

I ..



-- -
--- ------ ---- -- -- -- _


Page Four I THE FLORIDA ATM Week Ending Saturday April .(. 1959

I : Bishop S. Greene_Announces Conference Dates I

SOUTH FLORIDL- ; r .'. .r: -n.. .: tETO I. } CHURCH{ NOTES

C01\"l11\ l r IPtr." N L A_F'>,I II 'Ii'J.titsi: / _r-J i$" j\x.,

-- J- .. ro-fr-' ._ for the first
Dates for the st'riof: o : ; e:
half co1edinu! ; rof the G: leral buuget Fun 3.la\'e.been set bBishot ) i I The 34th anniversary of
) S. I. G:cen: tsiding: : :--:1-.t: .,f (. '": 11 J Episcopal c-- << Choir No.2 of Mt. Calvary
District AME Church, c--- :-: tl) Dr. C. .n' \mhms) public : S Baptist Church will be celebrated -

relations director. April 6 in the church
The South Florida cue -- --- -- ------ ::' auditorium at 7:30: p. m.

er.ce will convene at l'ie! Al- will be held, April 21 at the P 4 I,I The Rev. W. L. Wilcox

len Chapel AME Church, Lake "Jrant Mem'r,11IE.Church, pastor of Bethany Baptist

Wales, the Rev. A. D. Bnrtoi. *''ie Rev. J. T. McMillan, pas- Church will be the speaker

pastor, April 14; Orlanc! i' tor. TV TVA ,for the observance.
Conference, April 1:t, ether 1 Invitations have been ex-
AME Church: Lakeland, the I :tended to various choirs and

Rev. A. C. Chandler castor: : CHURCH DISTRICT singing groups of the city to
Tampa, Florida inference. : attend the anniversary.
i&L '
April 16, Bethel AME Church, SETS ANNIVERSARYThe '2 ; QA l!

St. Petersburg, the Rev. H.

McDonald Nelson, jpastor; FIRST NEW ZION

Central Florida Conference, ninth anniversary of .- -; UNITS GIVE TEA

April 17, Bethel AME Church, District No.3'of Royal Tab- --- _V7------._._____.n_____V? ______ ----- ---.- -- ,' A tea will be sponsored Sunday -
Gainesville, the Rev. L. II. ernacle Baptist Church will April ;o by District NTo. 7
U G A H 0 L D ANNUAL the left to right are Mrs. Florence Coleman
SESSION-Members of Standing
Haisley, pastor. be oI served, April 5 at 3 p.m. of First New Zion Baptist
West Florida Conferencewill in the auditorium of the executive committee cf the United Golfers Associationare Wake Robin. D. C.; Maxwell Stanford U G A eastern Church from 4 to 6 p.m. in

be conducted at the St. church. seen above during tournament planning conferencein vice president Philadelphia; Robert Crawford. Royal the home of Mrs. Ethel Williams,18521Vest2'nd -
James AME Church, Marianna the offices of The Moss H. Kendrix Organization Golf Club. D. C.: Joe Cole. Royal Golf Club president.D. Street.A .

April 21 with the Rev. H. Persons who will partici- Washington D. C. Front row left to right are Harvey C.: Luther Mills. Arlington Divot Golf Club. Arling- ; golden tea will hp sponsored -
L. Smith as host pastor. Florida pate in the observance are: L Boykin UGA southern vice president Dallas; Mrs. ton. Va.; \V. D. Jones. UGA treasurer. Dayton, 0.; by District No. 8, April

Conference, April 22, Ar- the Rev. Levi W. Alexander, Gertrule Seer} president. Wake Robin Golf Club. D. Mrs. Anna M. Robinson, ass'i tournament director. 5 at 3 p.m. at the church.
nett Chapel AME Church, Mrs. Lettie :McQueen, Jerry I C.; Howard Anderson. U G A midwest vice president. Chicago. 111.; A. D. V. Crosby. Capital City Midiron i Choir No. 2 will observe its

Quincy, the Rev. R. C. Snell- Robinson,Mrs. Dolores Payne, Toledo. 0.: Moss H. Ken d r i x, kneeling. Franklin T. Golf Club. Columbus. 0.: Mrs. Mary CampbelL UGA j anniversary April 27 at 8 p.m.
ing, pastor; Northeast Florida Mrs. ,Anna B. Lawrence, The Lett UGA president Detroit. Mich.; Jack Ferguson secretary Chicago Ill.; Nat Jordan UGA central vice The rally which is now in progress
Conference, April 23, Ebe- Rev. W. L. Proctor, the Rev.II. chairman UGA's professional division Indianaplois.Ind. president. St. Louis. Ma.; Miss Lorraine Osborne. UGA at the church will ter-
nezer AME\ Church, Live Montgomery, the Rev. C. .; and Mrs. Paris B. Brown U G A tournament di youth director. Chicago. Ill.; and Dr. George Adams. minate April 26.

Oak, the Rev. A. Hunter, pastor P. Nichols, Rev. W. M. Smith, I rector. D. C. Royal Golf Club ,D. C. I
; East Florida Conference and the Rev. W. Lavant. I'' -- -- --- -- --- I
---- --- ------ ,


Big Weeks June 15-July 24 j j I j i.

SCHOOL SUBJECTS Grades 1 8 A meeting for the Mary F. I Ij j '
I Handy Society Sunrise. service will be heldat II Usher Board No. 1 of Mt. No. 2xof :Mt. Sinai
Missionary of I
Piano Band Voice Accordion Disable Veterans 0 f Church
Theory the Mt. Zion AME Church the Mt. Zion Methodist. A 11 Calvary Baptist Church will I Baptist will present
2922 PEARCE STREET Ph. EL 5-9722 Church 5 at the usual World War I and II and Korean Mrs. Alice Burrough in her
April {'
.1 will be conlucted April 5 at asked by sponsor a trip around the
hour followed have been annual musical recital, April
4 p. m. in the home.of Mrs. by Sunday Commander Herman A. Gat- World, April 4. Choir No. 2 12 at 7
[,Eliza T. School. j jl I p.m.
president at ,'tis to attend a meeting, April will observe its anniversary She will be accompanied by
1624 Jessie At 11 Love Feast and
.from DRAB. DAZZLING! Street. ,l a m. 6at730p.m. April 6 in the auditorium of Mrs. Victoria Terrell and Cass
.. to testimonial service will be
An orientation i the church.
programhas I Fowlerof W. Shoetes.
: I conducted. The Rev. T. J.1 Commander Ida
"' """' '' -- --'- been
arranged for the is I Choir No. 1 will present the
the Women Auxiliary ,
Brown will be in charge of, The message for the anniversary
I Northwestern School l Glee
all the Veterans wives
asking ,
the service at 3 Choir will be delivered by
I Vera Davis, chairman p. m. ('I sisters to the i Club in a recital, April 12 at
mothers or join
the Rev. \V. R. Wilcox
of Promotion and No. 1 and Usher Board No. 1 pastorof
Missionary will serve. I Auxiliary. The State Wide Bethany Baptist Church. p.m.
and Miss Delphine The :Convention for the D. A. V. District No. 6 will hold its
1 Band will
i A. Thomas i i Prayer meetat '
chairman of the will be held at the May- ABYSSINIA CHOIR
committee the home of Mr. and Mrs. meeting Sunday, April 5 at
in program charge' of the will be Algie Demps, April 6. 'I flower Hotel in June. I the end of the morning worship GIVES SPRING TEAA
meeting. II
II I District No. 4 will hold

f I its meeting April 5 at 3:30 Spring Tea will be spon-

I: FASHION ANNUAL DAY SLATED'EMANUEL UNITS I pjn. at the home of Mrs. Sa- sored by Choir No. 2 of Abys-
TEA SET MEETS rah Morris, 2716 West 45th sinia Baptist Church April
a AT BETHEL Street.
t 'fA CHURCH 12 at 3 p.m. in the dining
: I room of the church.A .
Mt. Pleasant Baptist District No. 1 of Emanuel has been
A Fashion program ar-
Tea will be
I i :Church Souihside i II observe Baptist Church will conduct.
ranged for the occasion with
sponsored by District No. 18of
Bethel Baptist Institutional armualVomenrs- Day, its meeting in the home ofairs ,J. THOMPSON PLANS local artists of the city appearing. .
April 12 throughout the day Willie Moore\ 451 Wade .
_-LJ E Church, April 12 from 4to with ?Mrs Marie K. Murrell, Drive at 3 p.m. District No. i FOR ANNIVERSARYThe The church and pastor'sanniversary
6 m. in Bethel's ''
-< Wald-:general chairman in charge. 9 win hold its meeting at 3 j will
begin April
ron House, Caroline and Hogan -: Mrs. p.m. in the' home of Mrs. Mattie eighth ofEvangelist
Streets. Nealy Glasper will be! anniversary 12 with various ministers and
with fm".r Larieuse Mrs. t the speaker for the 3 p nu Tutsen,308 Spruce Street. J.Thompson as organist their congregation in chargeof
!f Haircolor economics Jessie instructor M. Fears, home'service and Mrs. Amanda At 3: p.m. Sunday, April 5 ,.will be observed, April the services each night.
at Edward Anderson will deliver the District No. 12 will meet at 8 at the MtTabor Baptist

.-. Would you trade an hour for hairlike Waters College will de 'closing sermon at 7:30 p. m. he home. of Mr. and Mrs. Church, Fifth and Mt. Her-
o this professional model'? ign and narrate the fashions i James Rose, 728 Cleveland man Streets, the Rev. II. T.
.' I One hour is all it takes forGodefroT's for the occasion. '' Street,, and:! District No. 1-f Overstreet pastor.
Larieuse Haircolorto Mrs. Helen Gibson is the will meet ire the home of Iand" .
\ the
back Appearing on
to bring youth to gray.dull MRS. H. HEROD program EATBERRIERS
lJ tkv Gf. or faded hair! program chairman for the Mrs. Collins Fields, 248G will be the Cavalier Singers,
L Mti tipitil COlIEverything you need is in the l event. The refreshment committee -I TO NARRATE EVENT Ellington Avenue at 3 p.m. Mrs. Ethel' L. Bannister,
tints Md liquid. famous red box.Get oodefro Y', include Mrs. Ruth I I The contest between District .Bishop. Baker and Singers,
2.Apply b halt with
pplicitor. long-lasting Larieuse now! Holiday, Mrs. Lydia Boater An evening of music will beheld ; No. 7'and 16 will close.Mrs. BerniCe Thomas, Miss

4.as Itt dmlop sUmpoo..11 000E ROY MFC.CO..3510 OU..St..St.Look.Mo. Waters.right, and Mrs. Hazel I at the home of Mr. and Sunday, April 5 at 3 p.m. in I Alice Boston and others. I ICE CREAM .
I I Mrs. Cass W. Shootes Sr., auditorium of the church. :Mrs. Pearlfe Ruth Love will

I 1436 Myrtle Avenue, April 19 The Rev. J. C. Finney, pastor be the mistress of ceremonies I
in the behalf of the Women's of the DeLand Baptist for the occasion.
PANSY I Church,. will conduct services, --- --
BLOSSOM Day drive of Central fTME -- -- -
FOR CIRCLE ANNOUNCES I Church, the Revs+D.:-W. Bass, April 6 at S1 p.m. in the interest CHURCH OF CHRIST
pastor. of District No. 2. He THE FIRST

REGULAR MEETINGThe I The program will begin at will be accompanied by his UNUS ZIONIs
DISTINCTIVEPRINTING 3:3ft: p.nu with various choirs choirs and congregation.ST. awarding prizes as follows. 1st prize 14000. tad

Pansv Blossom Sewing and soloists appearing. Mrs. prize. S7.00Q. 3rd prize $3.360. 4th prize 2000. This
Circle held its II. L.Herod will serve as mis-
in the home of Mr. and meeting Mrs. tress:;of ceremonies for the af- STEPHENS ENDS Is a church opening drive. These tickets are Certified
fair. and Bonded. They are $3.00. You will receive free of
D. Denard,
1135 Evergreen REVIVAL, SERVICES-
i scientific Bible Interpretation -
month on
Avenue with Mrs. Minnie'' Services Sunday will begin cost a two course
Pitten with Sunday School at 9:30 SUNDAY EVENINGSt. and a study on how to lire successfully daily.
serving as co-hostess. the first week in May. the drawing for
The aon. and Youth Fellowshipwill Beginning
previous meeting was! 27th. winners be paid within 48
held in the home of Mr. be held at 5:30 p.m. with these tickets is June
Mrs. and ,:Mrs. Norman Walker I in ho'irs. Send American Express Money Order or Dank
W. M. Waddell Stephens AME Church I
-:- INVITATIONS 1030'Ode charge. Drafts make your M. O. to C/O Rev. H. Lane with
s s a Street with Mrs. has been in the midst of revival the above name. Send to Oakland Office. 1813 13th
Ethel services the
Griffin throughout
-:- NEWSPAPERS serving as co- Oakland. California. .
hostess. I week and it has been announced -

-:- MAGAZINES Mrs. Nellie Brown, the':ZION GROVE TRIO by the pastor, the Rev. J. --- .
president, presided at the'SETS ANNIVERSARY S. Johnson, that"The Crusade .

-:? PROGRAMS meeting. |I I Sunday.The for Christ". will terminate I PII4i *v, !&.'lUII) F on ,

I The first anniversary of the
-:- TICKETS REV. C. B. DAltEYCONDUCTS Zion Grove Trio of the Rev. T. S. Johnson, EVERY OCCASION l lE

SERVICE Greater Zion Grove Baptist pastor of Fountain Chapel
\ -:- BOOKS Church, Wesconnett, will be A3J1B\ Church, Tallahassee, is r -- --'t Expert Photography I
Services observed in the church audi- doing the preaching. The spir- Portraits Weddings Banquets
Sunday April 5 has been & Identification Photos
torium, April 10.Participants itual fervor high Passports
SPECIAUdNO IN HIGH CLASS WEDDING INVITATIONS at the First Baptist'Church to with the members and friendsof $ Photostats & Commercial Work
AND SOCIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS will be conducted by the Rev.,program are: Miss appear Jacquelyn the various churches joining Photos For Newspaper Cuts

Charles' 1,.-Dailey- .who was 1 Inez Fort; :Melvin Grace Biv- in to help make the services While You Wait
: PROMPT DELIVERY .REASONABLE'PHICES recently Called to the pastor- ens Specials, the Latimore spiritually high. Coloring & Picture Framing
W.ate M.o f Grimes the ckurck The Rev. Gospel Singers, Samuel Sis-I "The Crusade for Christ" is ?" Let Us Take A Photo Of You t
&lIE ma: minister. the associate ,ters, Richard Gilbert,'United serving a two fold purpose, :; : And The Kids In Your Easter Outfit

The Gospel Chorus,Gospel Echoes, one is-to invite the unsaved to A'' In Natural Color -=
Rev. C. B. Dailey cur' :Celestial Gospel Singers, and Christ and the second is to re- M

mitty serving' the Second Rev. Robert Brooks pastor., I juvenate the deep religious J. AVERY
Baptist C h u r c h. Anderson, Hostesses for the occasion spirit of the Christ.

Ina, as pastor, will be accompanied -. will be Miss Frances Kohn,, The sermons delivered by Special Easier Rate Sunday & Monday
by his ,wife. He' the Rev. T. S. Johnson have I
Miss Dally Kohn, Miss Linda AVERY'S PHOTO
OFFICE AND PLANT will deliver the messages for Kohn, Miss Dorothy Johnson, been filled with food fcr the STUDIO '

222? Moncrief Rd.-JacktonTille, Fla.L the: 11 a. m, worship and the :Miss Emily Johnson, Mrs. Joe souL A special invitation is 611 West Ashley Clara White Mission! Bldg. .- ,, 1 1

5p. m. service, at which Ann Daniels WhIte. Mr?. D. r- beirrg extended to evryonc to I Phone EL 4-7635 For :
Phone El 4-6782 tUne.the monthly: communionservice othy Samuels and Miss,Bren- attend the dosing out serVices Appolnh"RUw '

will be held. da HiD. .. through Sunday night. .



t .... .- : -

. l

t :
Week Ending Saturday April 4, 1959 I THE FLORIDA STAR Page Fir


--- --- -- -- .
IN HIS BID! FORCITY TREASURER I TALLAHASSEE 0 n e TALLAHASSEE prominent cation Jias not been tried as However w hit i e leaders public schools seem to be the
nine-week term and several sociologist states that yet in the race problem. : must develop a new "primary[alternatives, with the Possi-
\...:>rl: hops will be open this whites and Negroes must 'In the! S.\ut1i. Kiv'.icul".rIy,';| object" if talking! is to do any ] bility that desegregation may
i Robert R. Roberts local businessman and member of the .urr.raer at Honda .-\&:\ Uni- learn to talk to each other white loaders; h.ve mt beenac'usomC'.l good he said. They must want 'come eventually still remain-

t City Council who announced his candidacy for the office v et'u'.y; according to the sum- across a table if they are to negotiatingwith j i ito reduce racial tensions and .. ing.
of City Treasurer in the approahing Democratic primaries i' acr session director Dean H. going to resolve the racial Negro I Ic:.kr:'." Killian ,I f allow a new type of racial harmony "At the same time. Negro

was reported this week to be winnnig support in his bid I Manning Efferson. crisis. said, during,a lecture at the ; to grow. leaders would in order to sit
for the nomination. lio, ristration for the sum- Dr. Lewis M. Killian, sociologist American Studio. "For negotiation -;: "If the objective i3 to pre-;[down at a 'Truce table have
Observers said that large mer session will begin June 13 at Florida State University to take place both i vent! any desegregation no I I to accept the fact that even

groups of citizens have indicated {or all persons within commuting -i observes that nego- groups will have to develop ,.: matter what the costs, then ,I 1 with a policy of all-out legal
of the tiation as a type of communi-I and P--O te! skilly of
their preference fora distance univer-i ? Mogotia- open defiance of federal :I assault desegregation will
who would sity. i I tion. courts and abandonment of acme slowly if at all" he said.1tIlvf' .
younger man ._ _
bring modern methods to the x% 9 j Last day for undergraduates -I'HOUSE COMMITTEE i -- u __ ___ _

operation of the city treasurers ,I !1 to make application will I GIVES SILVER TEA ,..
office which handles be June 1; June 12 will be the I 1 I ""'1I\N.J\f: It..V"V ..Nt.. V.n.V ", .,..,.IV'Vl .JVVV'
i last day for students takingany I i r ft .
millions of dollars of
' payers' money. tax- 9' graduate courses to apply A Silver Tea will be sponsored '; ft Al A'ey.: !Fays To Deal W=th I S
for admission.DR. by the House Conm t- : .
Roberts holds a degree p ..,i .__tit...\6 Sri/tR10i"JbaitlhtlV".l'JMl.V.Ji.t.T fUb .a41MtAM
of the Branch
te A. L. Lewis j
from the Universityof i H I H. GREENE YWCA, April 26 at the
Florida which he attended after ] 1 1Mrs.
xe I Branch building. |
graduation from Andrew Jackson ACCEPTS OFFICEDr. E ,
!!! Gussie CunninghamI
High School. Before he acqmred I I will serve as chairman of the i iI \

Iris own business, Roberts gained II. James Greene, principal I refreshment committee. !iI \ S"eePHIL
valuable federal
experience as
s. \
Investigator-auditor, in banking as]I of James Weldon John-i I I Participants for the event II j r
\ son Junior High School was ] are: James Gemvright, Mrs. ,
comptroler for six corporations in .
elected to the office of comp Estelle M. Hamilton, Mrs. i
five southeastern states, and in his
]I t 1 troller-auditor of the Florida I Robert II. \Vilson, Evelyn i
work during the past four years,I, State Teachers Associationfor Squires, the Male Chorus of: / i REMOTE CONTROL
on the and, ;
important City Budget
I 1 I its annual meeting which Bethel Baptist Institutional i
Finance Committee. He his II
sup-']I will convene in Tampa, April Church, the Jacksonville Choral -:,
ported the installation of modern ROBERT U. (HOB) ROBERTS
18-20. Ensemble with Parris Davis -
and progressive accounting methods -I!I < Presently he is comptrollerof and Richard Hadley, directors -

government in many with departments resultant savings of city I the Progressive Investment and Mrs. T. 0. Butler. 1 PORTABLE TV
-- -- ]
Corporation. Members of the House j
to the '
taxpayers.In !
Other members of the Committee are Mrs. Pansye' ,
his annou"f>r.1 nt. Roberts !SCOUT LEADERS James Weldon Johnson fac- Washington, chairman; i) RH
stated: 'In offering to serve as ulty, who attended the con- Mrs. Thomas McGee, Mrs. Julia J a aid
your City Treasurer I will: use my i vention were: Mrs. L. T. Als- Brooks, Mrs. Blanche Baker -
training and experience to modernize :CONDUCT MEET ton, K. D. Britt, Mrs. S. E. Mrs. A. Charles Robinson \IW) onIy.j'

the antiquated procedures of Brooks Miss Mozelle Bruton, Mrs. Ella Jones, Mrs. Sal-

that office and at the same time. :\I1's.1.. I. Harrison, Mrs. R. lie Harris, Mrs. Hallie .4 ".,,, DOWN
work to improve the conditons un- ; L. Jackson, J. H. Jackson, H. way, Mrs. Sallie H. I1allo-l" DELIVERS

der which its employees have had i ii i A meeting was held recently :McMickens Mrs. W. M. Mc- Mrs. Gussie ,
There is no place in a I .. -,
to serve. by the Scout leaders of the Rae and Mrs. A. M. Robinson. Mrs. Pearl Calhoun. I : Just
new and modern city hall for out I --- II a Squeeze
--- --- ---- --
of date methods and practices.: I, North Florida Council, Boy ---I k
I Scouts of America to outline > tarns set "on" or "off", or .
pledge my honesty and integrityfor plans for the participation of NAACP SCHEDULE TAMPA MEET JY chances channels with "
courtesous and personal consideration i '. xdnfve PMlce NEW-MATO
who has bus- all clubs, scouts and explorersof "
to everyone "- R m te Control
the Cherokee District in p"
iness with the Treasurer's office r
and I will continue my proven record the Boy; Scout Circus which TO OFF-SET SEGREGATION LAWS 3 Now it's here % Portable
of dedication to good govern i will be held in Jacksonville r TV with the luxury of Remote "-
I Baseball Park, May 2 at 8 p.m. Control at no added
ment. j Other districts of the North TAMPA-A special session of the Florida Conference of r: cost! It's the Phflco Slender

{j Florida Council to participate the NAACP has been scheduled for April 19 in this city. # s Seventeener NEW-MATIC with exclusive
NEW STANTON DADS!are the Shawnee, Seminole, Reason for the special meeting will be to duscuss counter K i Control. World's Remote slimmest
!Mohawk and Muskogee. measures for anti-integration laws. 5'k .
CLUB TO PRESENT i! The meeting will be -- sor i ...
1 A Visit to will be
THE BIG BROADCAST Jupiter !ed by Clarence Mtichell attendNEWS a r
l (presented by the Cherokee DIGEST
] District. B. Kirklin is the act tor of the NAACP \ < ?.' t ;_: ,
The Big Broadcast will be coordinator for the Cherokee ton bureau. According to As-

presented by the Dads Club II District assisted by Dennis sociation field secretary Robert ty 1
of New Stanton Senior High. Stewart. Saunders Mr. Mitchell's
School April 13 at 8 p.m. in function at the meeting will LADY LAWMAKER :
the school auditorium.Ken I Leaders attending the plan- i be to "receive reports and UNHAPPY I__ _
Knight Theresa Mackey ning session were: Maurice observe the activities of' this I LOW _

Jesse Fergerson, Johnnie Protheroe, vice president of state to prevent implementation INCLUDESREMOTE .
Shaw and Yvonne Daniels, local the North Florida Council and of the U.S. Supreme WASHINGTON white "- CONTROL Idol Lr........ Pstl d 1o Wiws v1.wi.0 "-

disc jockeys will partici- general program chairman; Court decision which ended congresswoman, Iris F. Blitch,
pate in the event. Vic Norman, council act coordinator racial segregation. He will report has come forth in a" blast ,
The show will feature some ; Field Scout Exec- his findings to the appropriate against Federal aid to Educa-
1 of the local star attractions, utive M. L. Rudd, Bruce R. U.S. congressional tion. A champion of segregation -

singing groups, novelty acts, Seldon, B. Kirklin and Monroe committees concerned with Mrs. Blitch volubly expressed -
skits and other attractions. E. Patterson.LILLY'S civil rights." her views on the

Further explaining the significance school integration issue.

STOREa'I of the scheduled At one point, Mrs. Blitch : <';." ; ; r
i < ,
> > .;
DRUG meeting, Saunders said the denounced any integration at- / ..' ;>.'. ..,;Iw:; ':' .,;,.y.:. f,:.',:i.: ; I \: I
meeting is necessary "becauseof tempt in her State of Georgia, : I "

1907 Kings Road at Spire the for various the coming bills being Legislature proposed saying: 1 JH :?;;Ji t1 : ilO"'rr- ,.

;;iti all of which are designedto "I can speak with absolute I : ,.;:/: -"" ;""''''''''" .
Where ExperiencedPharmacists I' circumvent the desegregation assurance for myself, and I
t Prepare of Florida schools and to believe I can for the great j = a

Your Prescription Ac- '1 retard the progress of this majority of Georgians, white .. ; r
cording to your doctor state's Negro citizens towardthe and Negro, when I say that ': ..I..
Instructions Using ,, achievement of first-class before I would mix the white I .
p, only the best quality citizenship." children of.Georgia with the q: i 1I'i
drugs.'i *IY Negro children f would close
Saunders said the meeting every public school in .Geor-

_. .will make recommendationsfor gia," the Congresswoman "
Dr. 0. E. BUck Ptermaetete Dr. W. J. Graham
countering whatever action said: "All the money in the i
-:- -:- -:- the taketo
Legislature may world would not raise the i !
continue racial segregation. standard of education where .
the Negroes brought into the
Cosmetics Rubber Goods .:- Candles".:- Sundries white schools and vice versa.


over- 1 "
crowded Negro community in
Tins WEEK'S SPECIAL ; this city w sagiven a way out
IJlack Sea Bass. Produced at Mayport --. Lb. 32c 1 of their difficulty last week The H-i; .; i
Flounders. Large_Genuine Virginia ___ _. Lb. 45c ] when 27 families in a white rights of Negro doctors and i it t
FAMOUS FORTY-NINERS subdivision known as Pine- boxers in the South, and the I mMT .-

'Kingf ish Steaks ____u____ T h. : hurst Courts agreed to sell or validity of Southern state actions : i ,.
Fresh Water Catfish Lb. 4 9 rent their homes to Negroes. assertedly aimed at the I i
C National Assn. for the Ad- i
Speckled Trout m Lb. L Kent Harris, Lakeland realtor
in charge of the transac- vancement of Colored People,

BARGAIN"DEPARTMENT' tion, said 24 of the homeowners are involved in seven appeals

Shrimp Boat Whiiing ---- ----- Lb. 29c will sell and three will rent now before the Supreme

Blue Fish __ -.-.--- Lb. 35c their property to Negroes. Court.
Pompano Produced at Jax Beach Lb. $1.10 ; "The Negro community is It is the largest stock of
Fresh Frozen Fancy Yellow Mullet Roe Lb.. 98c: \ surrounded on four sides by racial issue cases to reach the $
Medium "Mulet. -- -- Lb. 25c white homeowners and has .court since its 1954 decision wo TDH FOR YOUR

Largo Mullet Lb. 29c << expanded to its limit," Harris outlawing compulsory public I1 .
Spanish Wackeral Lb.,35e said. "The agreement of the school segregation BOX"

:'.Red Snapper iLb. 35c Pinehurst Courts people to Three Negro physicians of IIPL i OLD
y for 'Lb. $1.03'Medium
Jumbo Prawn Shrimp
move opens uP.the whole Wilmington, N.C. want the
SHRIMP. for,boiling_ _,Lb.79c north end of town for Negro high tribunal to declare they NO DOWN PAYMENT
BONELESS DEPT. expansion. have a right to practice in the
;;While DoLuxe CRAB MEAT Lb. S1.10 James Walker Memorial Hos- Buy This 11 Foot PHILCO Refrigerator
George Sanford, city plan-
Select OYSTERS-for Frying Pint $1.15 pital there. NOW EASY TERMS ON BALANCE.
.' ning director, said 9,000 Ne- r.
Pint 96c
: Standard..OYSTERS-for Sttwlag groes are now sandwiched in Atty. Gen. Jack P. -F. Gre-
LIVE 'BIG JiM CRABS $1.00 an area where "there is not million of Louisiana 'in an-

.Ia'In'Warehocte back of Sea Food Cemter DoseaFRSE I one building lot eligible for other appeal challenged a I DAV!S FURNITURE CO.
FHA financing lower court decision. that the
; PARKZHO.KDB XKQ. lIEU Louisiana Athletic Commis-

JL SE 3I3AFOOD CENTER "This unique move win sion may not bar fights be- J 135 BROAD STREET ELgn 3-5791 JACKSONVILLE FLA.
open the gate for them to tween Negro and white box-
AT and EL s.J
t Myrtle Ad.ma '!" r :Pbeae build more homes he said. ers. ... """ ',: "

c.. ,.--. I


-- .

-1.. THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. April 4, 1959
I a. ... _____
I i: I I I

EELBECtCZtvticked : Short Form $ )( Form Long $1.01)) I I i; I i I BEFORE APRIL 6 I I PRO IN GATE

; Tallahassee- A Court Of
!f'Honor program was held re-:!I will be sponsored by the: Mrs. D. B. Barnes, chairman TOURNEY

QUICKI; i EXPERT cently by the Leon County,, City Wide Ushers Union,' of the George O. Sum. ,CITY !

ri I 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6-3703 I:Division of the Boy Scouts I April 4 at 8 p. m. in the Mt.'!ner Scholarship Fund of the
y i 9 A. M. '!l1 9 P. M.REFRIGERATORS. ''! I A I
GRITS.f of America in the Bet h e I' Pleasant Methodist Church,BTU and Sunday School Congress -

nowin new f{ ,|:AME Church with Troop 153, the Rev. U. M. Ferguson,'' of the General State I II I Teddy Rhodes of Chicago

box with the I l serving a host. ,; I I 111. the professional
gingham ----- -- ------- I II I Ii i pastor. j i I Baptist Convention, has ask- was top

El;, y cooMn pot trademark! :, I I j i Millard Johnson, administrator -i I The Rev. A. Wright will be I'''ed: all pastors of the state to:'winner Gate City in Open the 5th Golf Annual Tour-

II IlL : : of the A and M Hos-,in charge of the morning and,.:make their financial report!'.nament which was held re-

pital was the speaker for the'evening: services, April 5 at:before, April 6. cently on the Brentwood

4! I & FREEZERS j affair. He was presented by the Shady Grove Church. i The affair will be conducted -I'I'i Municpal Golf Course. I

I Life Scout L. C. Jenkins. A musical will be
Serviced By i program at the Bethel Baptist I Richard Roundtree of New ,

p y# vy Licensed Technician I The formal program began rendered Bethel Baptist April Church 5, in the at Mi-Mt. Church, Tallahassee the Rev.i I.York City won the amateur

M. E. DELEMOSCall j:wit h a processional with '' 6.1 I I j Championship flight in a I
.canopy, the Rev. W. Jones,'C. K. Steele, pastor, April I"sudden death" playoff with
PO 4.0127 members of the Order of the pastor. The affair will fea-, The program is designedto three other players who had
Arrow the guest speaker and t u r e the Starlight Gospel help some worthy student
;the same scores at the \
'the Advancement committee. Singers, at 3 p. m. further his or her education.
--- -- -- ________ _Un ------ -- I of regulation play. Along I
--------}! with Roundtree the follow- .

] ing players had posted a .\
BL5NESS DIPETORY ... ... ...: i score of 233. Fourth place in

I -. The Firms Listed Below Arc Recommended As Reputable Establishments > ...__ Vl -. _--- _- ... '' : the Championship flight went
"' to James Everett of Miami.
,"" .:''I
Specializing Services and Products ..
.. 1
I ____ .. ... ___--- =, A complete list of the trophy ,
1\ i winners are; Third flight,

I Curtis Duncan, St. Augus-
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Dry Fold. Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: :I:. tine; Ernest Hayes. Miami;
We Give World S & H Green Stamps Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate Prices :H I!' Elwood L. J. Banks, Jack- I
Complete Body Repair & Paint Work Glass Sho-Cards
Gold Leaf Trucks
3633 Moncriaf Rd.. 6330 Avenue B PO 4.9516E. -
Cor. 27th
EL 4-9404 Ii' :wnville; Senior Flight E.
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- 416 Oak Street EL 3-5100:
Price Start at $4.00 CLOTHING G. GOLDER COMPANY Rouse, Chicago; Oscar Edwards -
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 : Miami; Earl Washington -
A and R TRIM SHOP -Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville- I 'Jacksonville Second Flight,
Attend Our 7th Anniversary Sale : ;
2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643 Septic Tanks Cleaned & '
1525 Main Street EL 5-8091 1062 Florida Avenue EL 6-0612 1388 Agnes Street PO 4-1460:I'I Eddie Monroe. Jacksonville;
Custom Made Seat Covers'A INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Harold Chilsom. Jacksonville;
REED TAILORS I'' Charles Baldwin, Jackson-
641 West State Street EL 6-9432 i
& W GARAGE Jacksonville's Only Distributor of One Day Service 1\''I ville. ,

Overhaul and Repair Service-: Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. Royal Crown Bottling Company ii''I First Flight winners i are;
AU Makes and Models 519 Broad Street EL 4-1735 "
Phillips 66 Products 1235 San Marco Blvd FL 9.4488 Walter Rainey, Lakeland;
Can Be Arranged FOODS FlUe Fuel Gasoline j I!; Walter Iobinson, Miami; Willie -

EL 5-2582 Trop-Artie Motor Oil il 1! Jenkins i Jacksonville;
--- ----
| 1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 Convertible Tops Door Panels I Roundtree, New York,
i General Auto
Repair ,
i Thomas Mathis, Green Cove
Headliners Furniture Slip Covers i
& "Specializing In Motor Tuneup"Generator SAUSAGE DAILY FUNERAL HOMES II
j Springs George Harris,Jacksonville
Starter and Carburetor Servici 646 FlordJa Avenue EL 6-3303-9 3227 N Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114j ; -
i : ; Mrs. Mary Minor,

1361 Kings Road EL 43659Young's Serving Jacksonville & Duval -We Specialize In Harrington. Jacksonville.
cooked meals served 24 hours-
County for over 50 Years GEORGE W. POWELL INC. 4:
Amoco Service Station 7 week f
days a Professional players listedj
767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812 :1,1,
Tune-up and Brake Service- 1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 Real Estate Mortgage Loans j;I order of cash awards pre-

General Motor Repair & Ignition Service CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected 1 y scntations are:Teddy Rhodes,
2506 West Beaver St at McDuff EV 9-9449 STRAND HOT DOG STAND 24 Hour Ambulance Service 410 Broad Street EL 4-6204 Chicago; Z eke Hartsfield,

641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303 Colored Homes Since 1918 : t New York City; Sam Woodson. -
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service Serving Columbia. S. C. Herbert
O. C. S. L. Davis ; -
Jernigan. owner
Jones Institute Physical :
Batteries $6.95 & D i Bartow
up 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6 x o n, ; J. D.
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage I I Sanderson Fort Worth. Texas -

I Free Pick-up Homemade Pies and Cakes Colored Owned and Operated t ; David Rudolph, Jacksonville -
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004 718 West Ashley Street EL 69169BUBBA'S Holmes & West Funeral Home "Earn As You Learn' 1: ( ; Thomas Williams, Jacksonville -
312 Clay Street EL 4-6005 I:11! ; Harold Delegall Savannah -
-Ambulance Service-
BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP COFFEE SHOP Public) 8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634 ; C. C. Richardson,
>rj Batteries Generators Starters Home Cooked Foods 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5.1641 1'1'Jacksonville; Leroy Hunter,
Auto 617 West Ashley Street EL 49701TIPLIGHT'S
I Regulators Repairs Jacksonville; Pete Brown,
Delivery Service SKINNER'S FLORIST I I'I Tampa and K. D. Morgan,
1 1050 Broad Street EL 4-1715 RESTAURANT Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home Flowers For All Occasions 1 i:Orlando.
Home Cooked Meals 24 Hour Ambulance Service 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL I II i i
ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE GOOD COFFEE 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 4.7275i:,:1'1' J. E. Hutchins, the general I
Reconditioned BatteriesAll 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 49329LANE'S i. chairman and underwriter of
Kinds of Battery Service SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE:I.1',the event announced a field

Price $5.00 nd up CHICKEN SHACK FURNITUREAIR All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws ;:,',I'of 103 golfers participated in
Southern Chicken Bar-B-Que this year's event.KNIGHTS .
520 Florida Avenue EL 5-4900 Fried -
and Sold
Blades Sharpened 1
We Cater To Private COMPANY :,J I
Parties BASE FURNITURE 1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504 Ii i
SEABOARD BODY COMPANY Chicken in the Box To Carry Ouf Complete Home FurnishingsWe

Automotive Repair Auto Painting 1446 N- Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 OF PYTHIAS
Invite Your.Credit
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service Seaside Fish & Poultry CompanyFresh 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 TAXI"At 1j SLATES SERVICES
AAA Service Free Estimates i
Your Service"NEW I __
All Work Guaranteed Fish Daily ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 j Tallahassee-The
813 West Beaver Street EL 4-2903 Knights
2949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418
Home Furnishings For Every Room LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 ,I of Pythias will observe its

I THIGPEN'S BODY SHOP GROCERIESACE 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 I Pythian-Calanthean anniversary c."

"Baked On Enamel"RebuUt JOHNS FURNITURE COMPANY and Thanksgiving service -
Road Post
FISH MARKET April 5 in the Bethel
j Wrecks Fresh Seafood In Season Furniture & AppliancesLow Complete Garden Supplies A M E Church in the after-
680 East 21st Street EL 3.5080
701 Florida Avenue EL 3-7531 Prices Easy Terms Fertilizer Fruit Products 1 noon.
Mim's Gulf Service Station 928 Florida Avenue EL 6-0478 -New and Used Furniture bought and sold I
AVENUE B SUPERMARKETFair 564 Timiquaoa Road SP 1-3762''::1 Charles Sumner Lodge 14,
Complete Car Lubrication BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS : Ale II. Walton Lodge 56,
Open Dally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M Prices I :Leon Court and Pride of Tallahassee -

2055 West Beaver Street EL 49459MEYER'S "We-Deliver Courteous Orders Service Above-$300" lies Charmette Beauty Salon Washington's Health Service I'', 61, will be host to

SERVICE STATION 5673 Avenue B PO 5-1103 Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours" the event. The Juvenile

I I Motor Tune-up & Repair Hair Cutting and Styling Try, Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Bathi i:I:II Courts will also be presented
I CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 Colonic TherapyD. 4 during the services.
Lubrication Simonizing Wax Washing I
I Mechanic on Duty at All Times Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables EBONY BARBER SHOP C. Washington Masseur-Same Location : The Rev. A. J. Reddick,
1001 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 6-9460 Free Delivery : I pastor of the church will deliver -
lor Home-EL 4-5376 1002 Florida Avenue EL 6976FRED'S Hair Cuts Our Specialty For 23 Years the sermon with the
Ladies Children Gents 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-2478 : choir in charge of the music.
r Bishop's Gulf Service Station FOOD MARKET Open 9 a. n. to 8:30 p.m. Sat. 8 til 11 i The occasion marks the anniversary -
Fresh Fruits Vegetables 736 West Ashley Street EL 4.9112 ': for the
Gulf Gas & Oil WILLIE SMITH DRUGS :1 period Py

-Car Wash Free Delivery LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR Free delivery any part of the city j Ihians and Calantheans
Davis Street EL 4-S240
1005 Florida Avenue EL 4.9915Farmer's 301 .. OLD RELIABLE I throughout the world and is
.4 Free -:- -:-
Scalp Treatment with Hair Style I'I'I celebrated
GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380 I I by parades, feas-
Service Station During the Month of February I '.jing and praying. It also commemorate -
Motor Repair & TuneUpGas You Want The Finest In Groceries Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator j I the founding of
& Oil And Meats Come See Us 811 Davi&Street EL 4-9530, JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT i the Order.ILOCAL.

Road Service 300 Davis Street EL 65412MIKE'S TOBY'S BEAUTY PARLOR STORE _- 'I i
358 $. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 .
GROCERY Specializing in Hair Cutting- Courteous Treatment \ BRIEFS

CLEANING Staple Groceries Styling Scalp Treatment I Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. 1
306 Davis Street EL 4.1210
I !
THRIFTY DRY CLEANERSWhere Fresh Meats Mrs. Tabitha Taylor prop.
EL 4-98121
Quality Count 615 Davis Street j WOMAN STABS MAN

-Expert DyeIng- 2015 Broadway Open 7 to 7 EL 6-9182 MISCELLANEOUSAAA I Mahoney Termini Termite Control DURING ARGUEMENTLucius

1236 Davis Street EL 54115 -Complete Termite Control- Smith,31,1016 Julia

M & M MARKET BONDING AGENCYCity -i- Building Materials -:- Street was stabbed in the

,.CAVALIER CLEANERS Fresh Meats County and Federal Bonds 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 chest Sunday, stomach as he argued and thigh with.last-

612 W. Ashley Street EL 4-1629 Open 7 a Tn. to 6 pm. Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5=1932 woman about some'money he a,

21st and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. 504 Davis Street EL 5-1532 ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE I NELLIES PIE SERVICE claimed she owed.
914 Davis Street 1302 Davis Street --- He told police he met Miss
/' 30 Yean In Electronics FI'Mh.P_ Daily Alice Scott 24 'at '
SPOT All I Work Guaranteed Potato Pie Our Specialty-From fresh -
Orange Streets and
--' Potatoes W ,Deliver an argue-
I One-Hour Service 943 Forest Street EL 44801AVERY'S '
ment'st rted.When

lit Delivery AA BOTTLED GAS : FUELWe r" 1429 Steele Street EL 3-0664 I she pulled
Pick-up ,, a 'switch blade knife, 'he hit
76G Florida_.Avenue_.... EL 5-9745 specialize in serving trailer pvk' her,and it,was then,that she
Also 100 Ib bulk tank i
cylinders or Commercial Weddlagg Home Potr&ittYe stabbed him
I' r ONE HOUR CLEANERS. At your borne for your cocvenlance' WB do it in color''also : QUID. SERVICE.MATTRESS CO. The wounds Smith said.

911 West Ashley Street EL 6-1839 15845 Wed Dunl Rod PO 5-351 611 West Ashley Street EL.4-7I851, Metv-Tj Benontiag Our SpecUlry: sidere serious. were not con-

\ --p- --wi ..- .- .. _.;--." :. -- ., :;. .. 4 _.,- I W.II.Harris investigated.


L ,'s

Ending Saturday April 4. 1959 THE FLOR.DA: STAR fJ"..a S...."

II Jacksonville Points Toward .Attendance m_ Trophy I

-- --'-- -- -




ELIJAH (Pumpsie) GREEN, the first Negro to wear Boston -, for the Cleveland Indianshas few more days remain before April 13 and the coming
Red Sox uniform is making a great bid for a place in been sold to the Detroit home of the Jacksonville Braves to start the 1959 baseball
r rx
I t the Red Sox lineup. Green has shown Manager Mike Higgins '.Tigers. Doby is one of the season with the Savannah Redlegs and it is the hope of the

1 enough to cause the manager to believe he has what most powerful hitters in base I|I Braves front office that the grandstand will be filled to

it takes to make it. Higgins-- says Green has shown a strong ball. Doby started his major its capacity from end to end and no room to spare in the
determination. league career with the Indians bleachers for the purpose of winning the opening night attendance -

BOB GIBSON, a former, --- -' and after a long stay trophy. ,

i Harlem Globetrotter basket- LIe of doing a very good job with the Indians he was '" :Many of the familiar faces --- --
ball player is making a bid,Both men can field and both traded to the Chicago White -that carried the Braves too sensational pitcher in Hum-

for a job as a pitcher with,can: hit.LEFTY. Sox. In Dcember,1957 he was t r"t within a game of finishing IJ e r t o Robinson and then

the St. Louis Cardinals. The i O'DOUL, who was traded to the Baltimore Orioles ,in first place last season will Nat Peoples, Wes Covin ton.

t 33-year-old fast ball pitcher: hitter, but and after a short stay i not be seen with the club Ed Charles, Lee Maye, Ray
once a great now
is up from Rochester has not'batting coach for the San with the Orioles, he was: ; this season and yet there will Reed, Bill Thompson.. Juan
been placed on the St. Louis Francisco Giants has traded back to the Indians. I Le some of the fans remember Guzman, Howie Bedell and
roster. Gibson yielded only I that Willie Mays predicted of He is now a Detroit Tiger. ,e 1: ed. It is expected that several others. The 1959
four runs in 15 innings in the Doby is the first tan playerto t will
the Giants will be the next ( from year to year some Braves is expected to bring
Grapefruit League. I.400 hitter. He says batting enter the American Lea, '.: got 0 higher classification hi several who will be drawing -

SAD SAM JONES the fel- coaches should know enoughto gue.BASEBALL tr \land some will remain for a cards to I lure the fans

low who struck out 225 bat stay away from hitters EXPERTS are little more seasoning. back to the park in large
lers while pitching for the'' ]like Mays and Ted Williams. wondering how the* regular It is' a difficult task for numbers.A .
"Sophomore Jinx' will affect Manager Sibi Sisti or Business winning team,
St. Louis Cardinals last season -:. TOM HAWKINS the tan proper
{ has been sold to the San basketball star at Notre Orlando Cepeda, the 'j Manager Dan O'Brien facilities and the right kind

Francisco Giants. The addition -||I D a m e has been called the hard slugging San Francisco to say at this stage of the of treatment at the park will
of Jones will round outa greatest scorer in the history Giants" 1958 "Rookie of the season just who will be on keep the turnstiles clicking
starting staff of Johnny'of Notre Dame. When Haw- Year. The old saying is justa iir hand when "The Men in with patronage. The team

AntonellL Jack Sanford.Mike kins was a sophomore. he myth because so many first Blue" yell "Plav Ball" to will begin the season with anew

McCormick and Sam Jones. set a Notre Dame scoring year stars have become com- start the ball rolling. manager, new business

Jones is the same pitcher total of 976 points another plete flops in the second year .% r There are some hopes that manager, new owners, the
that pitched a no hitter t record of 848 rebounds. As a The Giants are expecting pitchhers Tony Diaz. Lefty same owners that acquired

while pitching for the Chicago -junior in 1957-58 season he another great year for the rvag4l( 'Hank Hemmerly. and lefty possession of the Braves last
i Cubs. '!went out and bettered both star who was a sensation in Wynton Overstreet. catcher season, but they will be new

THE MILWAUKEE BRA-i of his own marks and set a his first year in the majors. :'John Mac k 1 e y, infielders at the beginning of the 1959

third with a single game highof HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL Uud Whitley and Bob McCon-,opener, and a new league
VES have been dickeringwith 43 points. in Jacksonville has ,nell and outfielder Ray Reed,president.
other clubs about
man j gotten off to a good start. It will be back in the Braves, Jacksonville will]] win the
to fill the second base gap,I LARRY DOBY will be another -:.is expected that the New; BUSIEST CHAMPION-Light Heavyweight Cham lineup. 'trophv in atttndance and

but evidently they have de i, B o b o Newsom, the Stanton Blue Devils and the pion Archie Moore who will fight a return title match should the team show the
cided to go along with either once traveling pitcher from,Matthew W. Gilbert will be with Yvon Durelle the French Canadian scrapper has From reports given out by fans enough on opening nightto
Mel Roach or Felix :Mantilla to team. Sisti, some mightyfine I
learn Doby who was the leading contenders again.jBoth .' been termed the busiest of all champions. The title manager gain their confidence the
cr both. Both men are capa- all set on playing first base( teams have started out bout will be held July 15 in the Montreal ball park. prospects have been in I II I attendance will continue to

"(like they mean to have good,, Moore scored a sensational victory over Durelle the I training at the Waycross;hold up and support the team.
: t seasons. Some mighty fine'! last time they met. The defeat of Durelle brought the
; I baseball players have gone champion the Edward J. Neil award as fighter of the ;training he would be very I I II PATRONIZE

GO FIRST CLASS 'out from the two teams.I I year and was named boxer of the year by the National I happy to keep some of the

I! RELIABLE SOURCES have Boxing Association and the bout was named the "fightof ;what prospects Louisville, but ,not Atlanta knowing I. Star Advertisers
!revealed the fact that Bill, the year*' br Ring Magazine. The champ won his or
Lucas, one of the finest plaY-! latest match from Sterling Davis a wrestler who recently ;Austin will send to the
...with America's GOLDEN f ers: to be developed on the turned boxer. Since that time it has been widely I Braves it is impossible to

JIGGER %a- sand: lots of Jacksonville and I II rumored that a match between Moore and Sugar Ray :say right now how the Braves. 17-26-85
Finest Bourbon.. CAP ; the campus of Florida A & M Robinson is very close to becoming a reality. will open but it is believed 263'-68-876
I that the team will be much
---- -
has informed the -- -
University i
i in a handy I Milwaukee Braves that he 'OFFICIAL SUGGEST !was stronger last opening season.Jacksonville day than it!
will ;
only be interested in at i MCKENZIEHITS
r TAKING TITLE AWAY is of the:i 4 6
flask : :Triple A contract when he one )
|I released from the Armed FROM RAY ROBINSON best baseball towns in the, 2 5
I(I i service. Bill was named the:HOME RUN FOR I south Atlantic League. The,

I I I"M 0 s t Valuable Player" in i fans are loyal to the core. j 2
I I! the WASHINGTON i t h all The fans the Jack-
California League in' supported ]
f of the talk circulated! Watch This down
sonville Tars when
(1957. I GILBERT TEAMKirkland they were j
I about a light heavyweight
fNy i 1 SMOOTH SAILING TIL1 ,:winning one game only now 19-04-36
p : WE MEET AGAIN. i i 'match between middleweight:and then. When the Braves;
0 28-315-62-13
I iI 'I champion Sugar Ray Robinson -;came into being that loyalty
YEARS I and light heavyweight:continued.
i McKenzie, one of i Archie They came up Sometime he's up
champion Moore thecapital's
OLD { I with some real baseball talent Sometime he's
4 athletes -
the most versatile
CARDS CARRIED be in this, boxing commission I II in Hank Aaron, Horace I Be adds, subtractsHe
to developed said
recently that Robinson ,
Ray Garner, Billy Porter, Felix i works It all around
i i of the state holds the I
part should be stripped of his
the I I Mantilla Paul Cave, Bob
distinction of
11 NEGROES middleweight title. ;, !
I first home run of the 1959 I II Trowbridge, Al Spangler and Coming Attraction
high school baseball season I!I The District of Columbia:ethers who helped to revive; 381-55-174
i I ':'iii Jacksonville. 'i commission r e c o m mended baseball in the city. I
{ ., 85 PROOF TRAINING CAMP that the National Boxing As-! Later on they brought in a
The star
h i young I sociation set up an elimination -!
y. : s. !i\V. Gilbert High School play- tournament to find a''' ,, :'. "
d 5 I! 1!a lot of football for the city,I'successor! to Robinson -
4la among
St. Petersburg, Fla.-The conference and state champ-I the eight '
PI/iT8 I IHALI'.Nm top ranking con-
I Ie ,St. Louis Cardinals openedthe :ions. Kirkland Jr., was one tenders as of next May 1. : J
1958 spring training with:of Gilbert's most outstanding,,Commission Chairman Joseph ': PALi'SBALLROOM
j eleven Negroes in the I
II camp, I oerformers. He was at end (Jocko) Miller said Su- A
i largest number in the. historyof +{in all of Gilbert's crucial I gar Ray is making a mockery!'

vi I the Red Birds. 'games and played a big part I of the sport. i iI '
I In 1953, August A. Busch,':in the "Fighting Panthers" i Robinson '
I has
not defended
,march to three champion-:, ]
I Red Bird owner, told reporters -' |his world championship!'
:ships. '
!I : that there would be no i i ij since winning it from Car-l.!. OF JACKSONVILLE
color line on the team. He '
j After the football season,!men Basilio one year ago.'I
j vowed to hire players "on i he donned basketball togs 1 NBA rules provide for aj;
jI ability to play.," The Cardi-i and took up where he left title defense within 'six'months. I A
Is I I nals jumped from nine in i r
i off in football. The young,[ '!
i ; Itaeait Mialstrll la ,1953 to 11 in 1959. i,athlete continued his spark-j i! e LAST TIME TODAY AND SUNDAY "I
x 1e......II W. a hs "What do you think' of the! ling play in basketball. The "If Robinson is to be permitted -'i
&-.- I playing ability of the 11 Ne- tail stately built performer i i to make mockery of':.' '
I t tI ',groes on the roster?" the. contributed a great deal to the s p o r t and boxing commissions -'i| SENSATIONAL

question was asked Solly He-'the success of his basketball i then the purpose; ;
I mus, manager of the Cards. and ideals of the NBA
i ;(; team. Kirk is called a team I j|
r"I can't tell yet," Hem us I Ir !man and not an individualist -!become mockery, too," Miller -''
r answered. "I like Julio Gotay and whatever said. (; .

real well, also Dick Rickettsand f tions he makes is contribu-I ,
Robert Gibson, I haven't!'welfare of his team. I

,'Cn Frank Barnes. Of course Now that basketball is I r I
George Crowe will be with1 i iI I AM.
over and baseball is in, he i} .
I the team," Hemus said. |continues to star. In a game 1 i BEAUTY'S TELEVISIONAND J

Curtis Flood, who was'against the Duval Vocational!
rated_ next to Willie :Mays by! Engineers, Kirk lashed a RADIO SERVICE e .
I Ithe Cardinal front office will1:! ,
terrific home that
definitely be back with the a big part in run the Panthers'played;,I. Home Calls on all Makes 1
Redls !+i Used Radios from $5.00
I when he finishes victory over the Engineers. Up i''
"sta: :!he service. :As ';I We Finance
an outfielder he' has *
,T., "egro players with j proved -, 816 !t COOKE
his worth as a glove man,'I FLORIDA AVEIIUE :,
they "dinalsare, : Frank J and as a batter, he is des- ELGIN 8-8074 i j
B E. :, Marshall Bridges, tined, to be poison to oppos- ,,
. I Ia Robert Gibson, and DickRic- ing pitchers. *
ketts, pitchers; George
hE Crowe, Billy Harrell. Julio Kirkland Jr.,is the son of ,
lx Gotay, infielders; Ellis Bur- Mr. and Mrs. Kirkland :McKenzie e SHOW
Enroll Now in the.South's ,
011 ton, J6e Durham and. Curtis of. 1154 Spearing .
Street and a senior at Matthew
Flood; outfielders. Finest College f
The: Card owner August W. Gilbert. # d
FLORIDA BARBER ::$ =: =: =
t Busch, "has decided to base e .
: the team fortunes on scouts, SAY YOU SAW IT COLLEGE BRANCHG. 0 4
... .,N I coaches and a sound farm MON.-FRI.-SAT.-$2.O0
system. At first he tried to iIN THE," .f Approved

buy players, but it wouldn't 630 Davis St. at Beaver
work He, paid $100,000.,for \ FLORIDA STAR \ 0soos_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-,. -\,-_-_-.-..-.._.-._.--__--__--_- 'i iWeek .
Tom Alston in 1953," Hemus Phone: EL 5-9374 --v.:
said. I. .. w ....w'-

FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. April_4. 1956
Page Eight
-- -

,.,., ---_ .. -",* ,8.8'.3 ..""- .. ....:tt"
I .7.Y4"V"" ,
N"'iI7,7 ..:" _"-y.--- __-.--: ."_ -,". ..-t NAACP LEADERS NOT SURPRISED ; Real Estate I TROUBLED? icok


BY THE $ 0 $.....000 $3.803 Ill Help. += FI

.,.------v CHIPPER"i wtn' +tiww i WASHINGTON-In what appears to be concentrated retaliatory -, 51,000 up to $ &"OOO SolutionAvailable
WWX/tAA/V action, Southern politicians have succeeded in pres-' Payable $1.00 per mo. per bun *
the"cha- he visited the various ta- balance at 6';/. If Instructions
Everybody's doing I'as suring the Internal Revenue Service into launhing an intensive Bred on unpaid Followed *
cha-cha" at the Palms Ball-, bles and signed autographs. tax probe of the NAACP, its lawyers and affiliates. '-.e1..4 help .you to complete ,;;
this k. The boys'' to to hamper -I I II house or refinance 3* Strictly Personal: *
room wee Belated happy birthday I i Grimly determined I I your JOHN WAMSTEKERDept.
and gals are all swinging to Hattye Daniels Stewart, It I I and even halt the tre- much of its present vitalityto years in.-the same place. 15 *
Samuel Cook better known I j'I took a natal day spree and I e mendous I legal successes of the vigilance of the NAA- CaD i Box 10 Oltery *
as Sam Cooke. The songster::pulling by Esther Morse and j i the Association in civil rights CP. It would be tragic indeed 1I! Cape, South Africa
is backed by the B. B. King Mrs. Robinson to pull her actions, the prosegregationbloc if Byrd & Co. are successful -,; J. P. YOUNGMr. I
All-Stars. Cliff Edwards provides :' Cooke show.I I said to be headed by in their :
M lout' to see Sam "'testthdri' Slmmona or Mr. Walsh ,! $ *
I 4.
music for Wynn, Democrat, taxes tactics. i /WPlIatJaud
I Prince Matt,Jr.,Laura powerful Virginia I I' Main and Monroe I
Sam on the guitar. We must,!J. H. Delaney and party had ,Sen. Harry F. Byrd, bass of, On the other ,hand, ,many I I I i 212 Masonic Temple iswg.I -- ---- I
say that Sam is much more' ringside seats as did Nettie:,the Senate Finance Committee -observers foel ie 'tairf"..that I Phone EL, 64014 I II .
cf a showman now than he I i, Lucas, Johnny Shaw and ordered the tax investi- Senator Fyru and his associ-I:I EL .331t The Three Friends Barber I
was four months ago when Washington.I I gation. ates are due for a rude disap-:i I I
!I frau, and Teddy I i! Shop located 801 Broad St. !
he last appeared in Jackson Walter[ Thornton of the Ri-I The Internal Revenue Service -!I pointment when thb tajrprobe will have to move due to I!
ville. Rocking and 'rolling are bault combo also took a "bus is said to be none too I results are all in. --.
the Joylarks- Jacksonville:: driver's holiday" and listened -: enthusiastic about the tax-'t 1I 1- : the Expressway tip of the f.pai Oaf
and the Pyramids of Miami.!I to someone else play instead -i peeping job which. accordingto CHILDREN PERISH APT. FOR RENT I 1st. My i these outataadmC
Next week Cal Green and of being listened to. I Revenue Commissioner Dana -: IN EASTER FIREDANIELTON Downstairs apt. Freshly I customers J ; Americana ...
the Midnighters open up. I i I Latham, will require sev- 'painted. 1551 West 33rd St.' Melvin :! our country and
I The Strand is bringing: eral months, and will include Va.-Seven,'I Palms I : community a better
Jerome Singletary has a."The Tempest" in the near I branches of the Association children, ranging in age from EL 50835. II II I I : in which to dw
real live rock and.roll show i future. 'Tis supposed to be a i in all parts of the country. '! 10 months to 11 years, per- : Davis St.
]jumping at Shady Oaks. The I good flick. The re-issue-or we| According to certain sour-'ished Sunday In flames that I ---- ; ing you ..* *

Five Knights from Brooklynare .!should say remaking-of "Imii -: ces, 'the Byrd Boys' hope to '!destroyed their small, four-I I FURNITURE FOR SALE I years and
featured along with au-i i itation of Life" brings a tear i break the back -and, if possible room frame cottage while ; to do so. 4t
dience participation if you to one's eyes as he thinks of the will- of the NAA- their parents attended Easter 1 Bedroom suite davenport i
know what I mean. The dan-i, the role Louise Beavers made;CP by creating internal disruption Sunrise services. i'bookcase and other furniture.. /
cers present as'good a showas famous and of the heroine's I and they hope-, The youngsters were children the acts. '.name "Peola" which becamea eventual collacse. I of Mr. and Mrs. Edward --- -- --- -

The editor Mr. E. O. S. I household t e r m arouna: The basic aim of these political Lewis, Negroes. Lewis, 34, a t
himself looked in these parts for many a year. muscle- men is, of laborer, and his wife were at-,1,I %
Monday on !
R i t don't miss Sal | tending at Mt. Zion HAVE CASH ,, t
the Palms. Among those in I At the z 'course, to crush the Negro I services c.
the :Mrs. Lillie Mineo in "Tonka" and the vote in the South which owes Church, a mile away, when
party were
|coming "Raw Wind In Eden."; the fire was iscovered at 5:40 ,<
Mae Smith who beamed t
___ .1 .. YOUR VACANT
-:! \i:;; a.m. by a passerby, Lynn
proudly as her son performedwith NEWS BRIEFSELECTION Towers.
the Joylarks. Of all the When Alberta firemen Call EL 4.6782 Mr. I FORRESTERi
parties in the house think ar- I i Anderson T
that Mesdames Henderson we GETTING UP NIGHTS ;I TO- BE I rived the house was in ruins. : High School T

Ruth Childs. Luther James, SCRUTINIZED BY JURY I Cola Dealers and rI
Jerri Williams of Tallahassee It ting worried Up NlghU br "Bladder or Bed Wetting Weakness"too(Get frequent I LITTLE ROCK, Ark A 'I -- ---- -- --- -- I Bottling Com- 4
Almira Wilson and Mozelle burning Smelling.or Cloudy tuning Urine urination,due) orStrong to I U.S. grand jury has begun an C* d SUN. WED. I' proud to salute"
Bruton enjoyed the music common try CYSTEX Kidney for and quick Bladder help. SO Irritations years BM examination of ballots cast in ( ran APRIL s-e : Forrester of the.
the most. Johnny Shaw of prove safety for young and old.Ask drag- last year's election in which 2 Top Technicolor Hits! i class. She is
under money-back guar I at
WOBS squired Sam around gist antee.for Be CYHTKA* bow last yon improTt. .J Hep. Dale Alford (D-Ark.) '" .. .. I of the Dramatics.j...
---------- ,I i I unseated veteran congress- ; -; JAYNB 'i i EVERYTHING FOR THE !I and an honor J.
i i i Brooks -MANSFIELD 1 .
man Hays. : .
,; The grand jury inquiry foli I i ) Bait Shrimp Live ********
i lowed an investigation by the I Ico I
Miracle Productions I FBI on two specific comi r_ : rfff- Fishing Tackle :I t ta 1
to the Justice
I plaints Depart- ;,
i I
ment. One of these charged .. ;.COLON ky..DC LUX j 8019_MAIN_ STREET: _
e M tai C.tT* JMffiMIW I i, ..* : t i! l
INCE I'i that in certain precincts more I" JACKSONVILLE
I ballots were counted than D / : tI
!j there were persons registeredto \ ; I '

Presents I( vote. The second alleged IINIANrDI I \,
i, that anonymous campaign literature i
tI., _tr..e_..
j prohibited by federal I1SIUD I 'EMCMINTEDfS1AvD'h I A yt
statutes, was circulated. I j r
IN PERSON'America's Hays is considered a mod- J I -.t. 1ttH \\C\.OR-{)\ I t 4 ,* h
erate on racial issues. 1 :.u"
Thurs.-FrL-SatApril- 9-11 I I ANN ROBERTS
ILLINOIS JACQU.ET Excellent$250.00EL Condition- I -+ High School

is paid to Sue
4-C677 I 12th grade class.
---- -- -- --
Will Keep ChildrenFor 0.q is a member of the
Great Jazz Saxophonist"AND
Working MothersOn \ Honor Society.
WestsideEL Student Council and
4-0815 I with the St.
i\ I A ...J._.-'- -" ...&...J.-
\ ? SUN. II I _eJ ;-rr- .;;," TI !
1 I'Pa.ms \ rfTZFIRSr
\ N M
-- .
SI i ii Itk

Ballroom Formerly 2 Spot A story ofcojrageand r j'X'X
and adventure.thatviolent I Sat. -Midnight April 11 I '
BRAND NEVI11t'4. -
MONDAY APRIL 6th 9:00 P. .M. day... I 1 tc
when 8't BAUDOT"She kIl

a boy I /' JC
ADMISSION $1.50 NO ADVANCE SALEPWftU' becamea I Il '>"4'.r\1 ,.:y., J f(
A bone
becamea Ii County T*

hero! /lrlllUHlYilIl/ School 9 C
And Is a member|Jc
Cutter 12th 9 r ado class.-tc
'] became x=<: '0-
tIqeodl -( f secretary of the.t.(
; B' a ". :.t\ = class member
w T :: ?TRANSMISSION-; ; I ? t ) Girl's club a Student..t(

: :b 6VERHAOLEDPITED 1 and is president 1.- l
.Down : "She National Honor So-iC
: :;kt: t1 breathessex SHOCKER OF THE <<

r n'Wln bikini in-a RACIAL BARRIERS OF *

T -:, a dazzling MIDNITE &nJaUCDI from rapt
1 j0 package
s I j a indeedr' -AT STRANDi ) to wtonant.' UMM three 1eeN

\ a to rep.t Melt Awied
HOTt Ton r W.inert. .tile.ndwianyttiiMC ...<. i RooseveltSun. n I'fpsI o.Ia
TWIMICOL01t' fait fc+|p n$" b t *tr
.w f1flCjP t.fK.: .'... _' J'ea t3tai titttuMar
"rnlll. :::-!'.: : :tI.II! '1 Ie U.u A-YIfi.
17" SwUng Co-Featura "ALL MINE TO
: SEXATION1! .1 : Ij'i

.. ,.. --'- I u __ __ : 1'rawE



I Bl Al lS o


: r L I nOSE CIItn1S tftfMl liMlt NkREI Tdt9glQliNlTl ti

-: 1 Mf3Mil IflNt1 I'Mtl1 '
.I' "";
.- .: f MIlQS11E NI4S1111N1If
: : N1 ntIJIIo:IffI( !Mt Iii Hy SItIMij

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111 ] 11

I j f V .