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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 28, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 28, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Wider Wanted IntegrationIs In Dade '( 'PdBMRo; >

..... ., .
-;---- I

_. _
-- -- -------- And
VOL. 10 NO. 7 NEWS MAR '
I K'" 'I':: I' H. t i.t, .,,::.".., ';., .".";;":,"....".:,-:.,. .,. ,f;,',, ':r".J t;",:,i... ,.. :::,E",,<,::.. ,.>.., ':;I ,:N..:.::. .. '. \,, ',.,, T .. ,OlD
I ;" ::, ;,':}t' ; : >:/:' ': ," ,', : :::..';t,;t."t: : :: : : ; < '" .:: .-,., ?

; 36: ; .:,I 2 Negroes Enter 'Raci :

2tN .t .Y 3

tn Ry.. a Mt 'For I City Council Post': '




: + TO RUNNEGRO ADULT SCHOOL By Staff Correspondent

..,, I 4 By Staff CorrespondentThe Two Negro Jaxons tossed their hats into the political
a y arena last Saturday as they qualified to seek nominations.
Duval County School Board quickly changed Us for posts on the City Council.

1; ::' mind last Monday and opened the Negro evening adult, The two candidates for office 1
,' education which it ordered closed last Tuesday .
"L, program are Ernest D. Jackson, S t
';:::'i March 17 and followed up with a decision at Thursday's: well-known local attorney,'
z meeting to drop the idea of taking disciplinary action, j
J aaainst Prindpal W. DeVaugh Sweet. i'

,f.. :? The board had ordered the. -- _. j I:
shutdown of the Negro even-)submitted statistics showing '
y; lug night adult program, "be-:\that the budget was not ir I'
tiv cause of an overspent 'budget''e effect overspent. and thai R.A>
ACADEMY OF CHARM HOLDS OPENING-Pictured above is beauty culiurfst. and insufficient funds." I It there were sufficient hours I ,

Mrs. Rose Morgan styling Miss Maggie Kelam's hair at the formal opening of the The board's sudden decii remaining' to continue both
Academy of Charm and Modeling 610 Duval Street which was held last Friday even I sion to reopen the Ne, g r o,the white and Negro programs
ing. Standing from left looking on are Mrs, Beulah McClellan editor of the Star I education program came on: scheduled.
edition of the Jacksonville Journal; Miss Laura Wynn and Shirley Click director of the heels of an announcement -
the Academy of Charm and Modeling. that the. FLORIDA,
--- .- STAR would lead a mass enrollment -' I NEGRO SCHOOLS
of Negroes at the

NAACP TO PUSHINTEGRATION 1 WOMAN JAILED JAX J RACIST I Negro white adult program schools was discon-if the |SHORT S CHANGED

IN. SHOOTING 1 r RAPS GOVERNOR I tinued. '. >"- v ""_* "* ""JT .__ ,
-tt s-o
I eadIines i i 'Eh e 1Iarch j, The controverlhl $60,550 j
21st issue of this J
newspaperstated adult
allocated to the *|
DADE SCHOOLS I t that Negroes may education gro here in i I
HER HUSBAND !FORRACE STANDTALLAIIASSEE "seek to enroll in Jacksonville's Duval County program is part of the

I. O.white Simpson adult, publisher schools"Erie overall allocated budget to all of adult$200,10000 education I PosS .
MIAMI-A spokesman for of the STAR, summed up the !
The National Association for A 23-year-old man was shot G ov. situation at that time by say-' in this County. I, ;, ;'.
Adult school records show --
the Advancement of Colored I Leroy Collins was the objectof
"The school board leaves .
last Tuesday in an altercationwith ing: white
has announced that another verbal attack this that( there is an 1863 :
People alternative. Duval Ne-
us no
the Association will attemptto his wife. at state and'week when it was:: charged bya have been pushing in- membership in the program,
enroll ,Negro children at Davis Streets, police reported.([ Jacksonville attcunpv" that I groes tcgration, but if they close j as against 1731 Negro mem \ SHOT
all levels at Dade County. '1 the Governor had committed the adult school it bers. In terms of percentage,I :
Emmit Bruce, of 1423 E. Negro
suicide"; his standon this is nearly equal membership
schooL "political by I
j 27th. Street and his wife Mrs. the racial question. .means that we will have to being 53% white to 47'5 n>
The Reverend Theodore seek enrollment at the white :
Sadie Mae Bruce. 18, of an I I Ii Negro. I
Gibson head of the ,
Miami :school. added "It
i i Tostaled e attorney Fred Kent. Simpson : !
chapter of the NAACP. said,;i E. 30th Street address met at I|I I I that a strong segregationist -I:looks as though the school Under existing 'separatebut ''
"We feel that one big shock 1 State and Davis Streets and I I I was needed in the Gov I board is forcing integration." equal' laws govering all' .
is better than a series of started The March school appropriations, i it:
an arguement about ;I ernor's office. Kent, a former 17 school clos-
eight or nine shocks every; some furniture she had moved I I chairman of the State Boardof ing involved approximately would appear that the Negro i!

time we integrate at a from their home. During the' Control, is regarded as a 2000 students and 55 tea- education program should II Wheeler,
school." | likely candidate for Governor. chers. The move also subjected have been alloted about $94., electrician
The integration offensive'arguement Mrs. Bruce became'I j Gov. Collins, called a mod!; William D. Sweet, 047. Yet all monies allocated:i 4'z! years
f: supposed to take place(!angry and started shooting, erate on the race issue, is being -I principal of the Negro adult tu the Negro program amounted I of Joseph
this fall. In the meanwhile,}witnesses said. pressured to announce his i evening" program, to severe to $60,550-leaving:!gated."V from
a meeting is scheduled of the I i! It was also reported that stand on racial bills to be considered censure by board members. $139,550 at the disposal of the''I 1, ; after
Miami chapter of the NAACP J j'I in the l591egislature. However, reopening of the white adult program. Or, in: of the
to discuss when Mrs. ,Bruce saw the patrol schools other words, there is the fabulous
pushing integration Attorney Kent called Collins in all appearances,' ['i i :I
in 'this city. I car coming she turned "an ambitious man poll absolved Mr. Sweet of the sum of $79,000 lying( of
The Miami branch of the the corner and ran but was tically" who wanted the vice somewhat hasty changes around for the convenienceof on June
Assocciation is using the recent apprehended. The victim was president's spot on the 1960 brought against him by board a mere 132 white adult: of
Dade County school I taken to Duval Medical Center Democratic ticket. members. students who make up the i of that
board decision to admit four The :difference in enrollment totals f, I Blvd.
and Mrs. Bruce Board of Public Instruction
I was lodged Sees No Chance the
Negro children to an all- between two races. trial
white elementary school as a I in jail, police said. "Even if the radicals do was. told Thursday I These figures are for the I j Baldwin
control the Democratic nat by attorney, Elliott 1958-59 school (!
precedent for the integration I The gun was not recovered ional convention and decide ,Adams, that it is powerless year. :! a hearse

campaign. 'i Police said the wife threw it to run a man for vice president -I.to initiate disciplinary action CAB DRIVERS' UNION'i south a car of ,
away when she ran. It was who will attract votes against supervisory personnel
picked up by a bystander who from the south, they would I considered responsible by the MANAGER RESIGNS; 'I E. Aides,
\MIAN SLAIN ran north on David Street. not be stupid enough to nominate M board for mismanaging the'DAYLIGHT MARKET e the
'' I him," Kent said. Negro adult education pro ,
Patrolmen Walter Soloman I gram.,: WORKERS
they knothat Thur-
IN LOCAL BRAWL\ j!j and G. L. Bradley investigat- I good Marshall (NAACP attorney -'| An opinion from Adams,,t I i ;, pointed of a-

ed.ied. ) probably is the only*"!read by board member It was learned this week
i person: in America who would, Charles W. Johnson Jr.,said that Clarence Allen business bullet
I -- attract fewer votes to such a I Ii j J the board must refer matters ;agent and treasurer of the and the
A 31-year-old woman was<,! i ticket in the South than he i{of disciplinary action to the'Beard II.II.i
shot andrfatally wounded last to Duval Medical Center i would." of School .Trustees. t\jion: who led strike againstthe a I d win'
she with \!
Saturday as argued
a crip-
by police ambulance' where -Kent again recommended a I Defending its reasons for[. Lincoln and New Deal '
another whom she called
woman she: three-point legislative program -j stopping the .Negro adult, an "Off Breed", polite re < was treated by Doctors
Hirris : to strengthen segregation i program, the school board 1 his position.Allen .
: Jones .
ported. Knowles. officers
charged that *
laws.. i there was "a who admitted that
Witnesses said Miss 'MariaNicholas' Upon examination, doctor said J lack of it. Four
.the I The three-point program is, communication with-|he resigned"under pressure"and
Livingston, of 1253 bullet struck the victim and Aides
in the, t
basically, Florida's pupil i and in-( complained that
in her left chest. many .
tti. Adams Street and Miss I of Duval
law, a Parent option: structional, offices and'a-pf the men were undermining :
Jewel 'Jackson, 45, of j h
Fanny the drink- She died at Duval Medical tution plan, and a. so-called: lack of proper chain of cOmmand the union by not payingup > 0 n Jr. ,
.inu some address were Center and her body was sent local option" plan' which : ....'laxity in not mak: dues, said he expects to :t in.

ed between when arguement.start the two. It was also to the morgue. Police were un- would allow citizens of any;,ing .(the program's) problems take, up duties as organizer : any ..
reported that when Miss able'tp obtain statement from county to, close their school'by 1[ xrown..laxity in not tak-'lifer the teamsters'union.1It : filed

Livingston called Miss ,Jackson victim. referendum vote 'to'vent pre; : :'i" corrects measures .... ; was also reVealed-that the two.
o an "Off Breed'rMiss: Jack. Patrolmen G. L. integration. .. : and insubordination :at-some. an attempt being made : Aides_ .
Bradley, .
He said he would be .. ,
strong unionize' s' a-
son pulled -.s. the Daylight Market g
a pistol out of her T. I* Mays and Sgts. J. M. I
bosom ly opposed to any law which k board workers who hardy to dropped
and shot one'time hit Parker, G. H. Hurlbert, 'S. : also charged 'are'
ting, victim. Weston andLL-B.-W..Uowe would close down-all schools: that the:program budget be.compl ining.of long hours and he
Miss Livingston was" r- investigated. of the State to prevent Sac e: mishandled and overspen.; fox.,low pay and poor condi- trial
mixing. but, School S p.Ish. : Bran J bons. fired the
caliber pistol



Page Two FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday March 28. 1959
---- -- -- ---- --

I 11J J(

THE FLC IDA STAR I "Poli&ics As Usual"By


by The Florida Star Publishing Co. FEP rjlw 1 n I have to admit that a humble satisfaction is overcomingme.

"Member of Associated -Negro Press"7Edc There were times when as a black man. I felt desolateand
O. Simpson .. .--:-----.-- Editor
alonenearly lost in a wilderness of racial deprivationand
C. Parham Johnson ..__________._____News Staff indignity. But that is no longer the case. The drumsare

.AJlamae Richardson, .._ ....__.___Circulation Dept. beating now: the drums of Awakening and to a significant

degree the drums of racial unity. I can hear them

very clearly. You can too if you listen. '
-- ---
: thousand --- -
M23 Maocrie Road _.__ ____._ EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 t Only a -
Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 f.., people US affect the Negro problem. c
Downtown ..
.' ", '..,.' heard the. Population expansion over
|words of visiting -'the world makes the white
Mailing Addreut J ':"K-' I Congress-
race a minority. No longer is
Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida ,. r Charles
P. O. '" jn a n there a myth of Anglo-Saxon
; \; C. Diggs last superiority. Mid-20th century

t Thursday. But,I race relations are viewed
.: then, only against the significance of
One Year $5.00: Half Year. $3.00: Three Months. $1.80 r '.'..thousand peo-international implications.I .

Mailed To You, Anywhere"' In .The United Stales t '.' !/.Ple could find

gobscriptton Payable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: .::;-L; "t\"' roo m in theiisW made two trips to the
1. FLORIDA t auditorium 0 f Carribean Asia, Africa and
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX 561-JACKSONVILLE i L ;z fl.Q.:M t. Ararat:the Mid-East. The voices of

-4 ; ; % SIMPSON Baptist church whites and non-whites are'
ci '
P' :
/t1 %, ; to hear the words of a man asking: about race problems
COMMUNITY! PARTICIPATION ;, whose wisdom and couragefar in the United States. Talk about .-

t+i r rf, r exceeds his 42 ye ars. Hungary, that's white

What a pity alt Jaxons could versus white. Let's talk about

NECESSARY FOR YOUTH not have heard the message.racial oppression right herein

What a pity all the world Jacksonville and in Flo-

could not have heard it... rida. That's black versus
LONELINESS is perhaps one of the least understood and Recorded here are some of.white. There has been violence -

most dreaded of all human experiences. An agonizing and the statements delivered by outside the United

corrosive thing, it is responsible for most of man's depar-: the Congressman. Only States for far less indignities -

tures from lawful, Christian and moral behavior. Sociologist -: : SOME. Most of what he said that have been heaped

have long identified loneliness as the motivation be- was felt rather than heard; upon us in darkest Mississippi -

hind most of the crimes that a man commit against man. felt in the human heart,. and Florida.

This does not lessen the significance of any crime com- DEMOCRACY MUST BE THE ENTIRE FOOTPRINT .where it can produce the i "Despite the non-violence

mitted against society. The necessity nor its pursuit by most good. |course we are taking, thereis

law. However, if these experts in social studies are correct- There is a rising tide of, a passionate feeling smoul-

and there is strong evidence that they are-then our societyis nationalism in Asia, Africa!''dering in our bosoms. It

tragically Jacking in psychological medicines.The South America and the Car- is fanned by discrimination

desires of chronically lonely people are seldom nor- Your Weekly ribean. The voices of millionsof j! against us in employment,

mal, because they describe hungers which are abnormal. : brown, black and yellow.denial of the right to vote,

Unprejudiced analysis would probably uncover that a large : : roscope Guide people are screaming for economic reprisals the housing -
of juvenile delinquency, among other things,
percentage equal rights and human dig 1 problem-North and
originates in social atmospheres conducive to lonelinessand nity. I South-and all around inti-

consequently, crime. wriCH; ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR midation including frequent

The point is that loneliness-is' dangerous to the health of BUSINESS LOVE -' TRAVEL In the Free world the;! police brutality.. Its a moral

society, because it produces tensions which develope into whites are outnumbered. The j, cancer eating at human dig
criminal activity.The whites in America should be '
'- Ey PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES =.: especially among army ,
young, especially, should be guarded against loneli- thankful for organizationlike veterans who have fought for

ness, being more supsecptible to adventures into outlawry.! fessional situation may be SAGITTARIUSBorn the NAACP and the the. flag.
More youth clubs and more serious youth activity in com- j Florida Voters League who
Born March 21 thru April 19 the cause. Avoid being de Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21
munity affairs-above all, mental as well as physical acti- This period actually shouldbe pressed by it. Keep positive, On the 26th of March conflicting -.1 I have kept level heads and I The white man must live

vity should be emphasized in safeguarding our youth a- made to begin with the yet not aggressive. Watch trends are in evidence -I held passions in check.From I wit i h his colored brelhern.

gainst.the ravages of loneliness-and boredom. Full Moon, a partial lunar your health carefully, yet do both gain and loss.I Chripus AttuCks to the last:Africa, the continent of tomorrow -

This city is ;;abundant with clubs, fraternaties and various I eclipse. Easter occurs on the not worry. I!Perhaps you did speculate,I black finger that pulled a is 4 times the size
other social, civic and political organizations. These groups,. 2 10-33 12 31 213 and trigger in Korea black men :of the United States
29th just after a heavy -- or gamble go beyond and has j
all should focus of their attention the: hove died the altar of
on |I
worthy, a part Saturn I the on
square of the Sun to : your depth. Now comes : i ever 200 million people.
need for youth Freedom. Discrimination
more planned activity.
which indicate a trend toward reaction-just around Good
Qualified citizens! should step forth to guide our young- depression or professional -I 1 :Friday. Try to think fast and:.sows the seeds from which a The white man must treat i

sters along the paths of becoming upright and contributive worries. Something! VIRGO i do not give in to moods of i! tree of hate may grow in': all people of color with respect -
citizens in Jacksonville, the United States and the world. j i Born Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 j Jacksonville 0 r the same
might happen 0 nth e 26th depression o r exasperation. ; if they
: expect him to
Youngsters, particularly of pre-working age, must be !,I Everything seems to go at I If is 'seeds of hate which gave: /
which.would be fine a long journey
freed of the burden of unproductive time, boredom and I a opportunity head- top speed and with excellent take necessary.birth to the Mau Mau move- tay with the free w 0 r 1 dr
I chances
business no
loneliness. Increased human however is yet a results in what- unnecessary i Race problems
companionship, by I ache. Youfshould watch your particularly and protect your health: I ment. ( are no longer
itself not a solution. Our youth must be given somethingto ever refers to the land and I 1 40 22 39 21 143 I on the local I eve 1. It' is a
finances Rrery carefully as -- -
do; something that they both like and understand in'the month closes. Do not i its products, until the Full j The new Negro is no long-| question of survival in a
terms of community importance. They must be groomed I 1. !Moon' : of the 24th. However, (er afraid. The new Negro is world menaced
with love by the sha-
for their future responsibilities of citizenship and govern-: gamble money or Good Friday seems to take prepared to defend his gains dow of communism."

ment But they must be kept healthy: their minds, their: Relax. Let events. take their:place under a very real pall I CAPRICORNBorn [with blood. The Negro wants I
bodies, their attitudes, their desires and their dreams... : natural ceourre.5l35451l5l5 : of darkness and depression. ,little. His wants can be sum-I -----------
Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 .
folk old cannot in Watch then and fora med: up in one sentence, an 'C '* *
Lonely -young or fully participate carefully I Ij
I All is well until the Ful'Moon
(equal opportunity to a ,
community activities, simply because they are lonely and few days your children and get
TAURUS of March 24th and
j j job and to be treated with
as such preocccupied with bitterness. your business. This is no
Born April 20 thru May 20 your inner life should be the same dignity as any LEARN TO DRIVE
Surely, somewhere there is a proverb whih says "A I time for taking gambling | j
..The Full Moon of the 24th rich and inspired. But'
very other human beings. ; Secure Drivers Lfcensa
lonely heart is liken wet clay unto the fingers of thedevil" !risks in any field. Keep steady -
W:ek. and i just around Good Friday I
falls during The whites should
I sign a
... ; : but do not allow your- SAFEWAY DRIVING
Easter the day of a several squares, particularly,
occurs treaty in the interest of
self to
of the Sun and | worry. whatever may of the Sun to Saturn, reveal SCHOOL
conjunction I living in racial harmony.
MERE\ IS THE CHURCH{ Mercury, which may com- I happen.970776376 the possibility: of obstacles of I When England woke up she I I GCO West Beaver Street

plete the change of attitudeab : t one kind or another. It may gave independence and welcomed -! Office ELgin 5-7742

o v e-mentioned. Completeany j be overwork, or simply a na-{ her black, brown and I Res. EI.gIn 4-OBJ3;::

IN THE. RIGHTS FIGHT? business deal contract:: I itural reaction to stirring.yellow brothers into the British GEORGE PERPENA. Dir

you may be working on before j i events now past, or cold weather -t Commonwealth and they I
I March 23rd and do not LIBRA affecting home
j your or are all working together. 5 .
worry if there are temporary Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 any interest you may have in Race relations outside the,
THE time has come for the. Church in America eitherto complications. I But by Good Friday the I th.l= .Face the situation i I. -- -
_. _
reaffirm itc position the seat of I f fe'
as organized Christianity, 711219271712GEMINI, I fortunate trend has reversed I qUietly, intelligently, with- .
or openly declare its position of militant in
partisanship itself and now a feeling of out undue concern.
the severe racial antagonisms which are threatening to rent weight or depression could 4-50-11-29-13-433

the constitutional: structure of this nation asunder.It Born May 21 thru June 21 easily envelop you-and
is possible that the prominent station of the Church in
You may still be very active -many other people as well.
civic and social expressions exposes it to the danger of in- and filled with ideas and All important still, however,I AQUABIUSBorn t

advertently becoming a political organ or, at least, a re- intellectual plans of action,)is whatever partnership you! Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18
actionary force in the turbulent tide of existent racial is but at least count have' entered recently.| ,
you can on upon You might have antiCiPated 4f
sues. But even if this possibility the I'
were acceptable
Church in thi nation still has to define its position, and some delays and a somewhat Difficulties might come;, it around last New Moon,, ,,. ,
confused situation Easter through father.
as your or pe- but now mind II
i your seems
identify its activities and intent in the battle for civil week begins. Avoid being I culia home conditions-per- weighted heavily by a sense
either depressed or emotion-I culia home conditionsperhaps -If gloom. cr perhaps of guilt.!I
This has to be done promptly. Surely before the narrow- ,'
restless. Think because
ally clearly. a harsh ccold If you are careless in traffic.
ing wedge of distinction: between the
government of the affeccted
212569785257CANCER wave home
Church and that of the State result in the merger of these businee in some ycur way, and or you Some may emotional have to disturbancecould pay: for it.\
two possibly forced repairs or endanger the
There is. for an example, a current campaign by church- Born June 21 thru July 22 financial readjustments. your h o m e-perhaps peace L ;

men and laymen whose aim is to popularize widespread Most likely, emotional con-, 7-90 S8-89-87-793 marriage your
partner's d is
anti-integration sentiment in the churches of certain faithsin fusion, or an oppressive feel-I pointment in sone matter a p- 'j ,, $ $ % *
this nation. If these misnuded; churchfolk are even moderately ing-caused
probably by
your affecting his or her social 41d ,i&Ir
successful, they would have been too successfulFor partner's behavior cr by some II position or K
not only is their behavior lacking of temperance,being as yet unnoticed feature in a I SCORPIOBorn steady and cheerful. e e p
both unchristian and unconstitutional but W F
such embarkations contract or partnershipmayaffect 6-50-55-49--54- !y
Oct. 24 thru Nor. 22 mVt
are the degrees by which a government "of the people you. Do not give intoit This

for the people and by the people": could be transformed and use Easter day to trend culminates generally with excellent the

into a government of, for ard by the Church. think everything over again.
Full Moon of the 24th but PISCES
The Church unquestionably has its place in a communityof YOU may be much wiser as thereafter reverses it sell, Born Feb. 18 thru March 20
civilized men, as do a constant belief in God have its a result. The 1
you have been too week quite
Perhaps begins
place in the consciousness of m n. But the Churh cannot 718377388182LEO
optimistic or have expendedtoo brilliantly under an excel- 44
qualify to administer such judgments and disciplins which, lent
largely In the hands of the describe much of your energies, Sun-Jupiter aspect fa-
people, popular acceptance .-
but more likely it is the wea- voring your profession and
of government; order and social equity. Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 ther or some heavy pressures your social prestige. Your adviser KEN KNIGHT t

Mis-channeled religious movements have, at too frequent The week begins with a focused in year immediate may make you loss.

stages in history, been responsible for the tragic upheavalof highly expansive SunJupiter enviroment which are responsible -money, or you may be de-|I -- Invites You To Listen To -
social order. This can be repeated as m any times as It should '
aspect. for pressed the
bring y 0 1J r difficulties. by size of a bill
' people succumb to the belief that social, civil or political much joy i in self-expression. Watch Your: :Tieclth! and for services rendered. Use "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
antagonisms: can be corrected by militant religious reaction. But perhaps have: :
and mind
you gone your be aware even your end dze up the:
The Church must speak out. The Church must declare too far and too emotionally, mere of situation call fly
your psychological objectively At 7:00 P. M. Nitf.ity
whether it is to follow a Hue of unconstitutional resistence I in -
some After the atutude and your nerves. A- Do not rush into action and.
in the race problem, or to ::uitiin: its traditional practice of Full Moon of March 24th,the void any association which do;>> not let your health be, af

Christian instruction, openLeortcdness and moral custodian happy: trend reverses itselfsuddenly. could spoil your reputation. fected. 1400 WRHC 1400THE .

ship. __ __. .. ___ .__ A parental or pro- 8-80--00--73-07-897 3-20-66-19-65-326 .# '"
.-. ,
i- f
:., F .. ,




.- ,

Week Ending Saturday March 28. 1959 sI ;THE FLORIDA STAR Page Thr '

tt --- n -- = I '..,;j' ..I' ; 4..,: t :5: ; !: ABOUT PEOPLE : Bells '

Wedding I

@1l ] iJfJi tilUll LUimf :I 1 JI. : Mrs. Dorothy Bowden of Applications Licenses for Marriage

1285 West 31st Street is ill in

By Brewster Hospital. She is the

u1i daughter of :Mrs. Bell Mitc-I,
LOUIS. GUINYARD hell. / Rodell Shuford, Jr., 530 W.

Arange St., age 21 and Veli-
f Mitchell 530 W. Orange
Mrs. Grace Vinson Monroeof ria ,
The very beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. James Burris, 1736 Pearce Street is recuperating SU age 21
2029 Durkee Drive, was the setting for a meeting of the' e 3 at the home of
David Hester, 1538 Market
Zenith Bridge Club held last Saturday evening.Mrs. f5; her sister, Mrs. Beatrice Wilcox St. 21 and Madonna In-
.. Lois Avery Randall, special guest at the meeting, +.r + jiiS. I| 2009 Venus Street. She age 1538 Market St., 18.
: w fi fv I' gram, age
was the recipient of a beautiful gift from the hostess. S
5 i i'"s i a public school instructor, Samuel J. Williams, 2027
Club prizes were won by Miss :Mary Prime, :Mrs. Hazel .1' .( '. S !'I member of Shiloh Baptist, St. 18 and
Lillienthal and Mrs. Dumas. Mrs. Ruth Parrott i Hartridge age
Mary :
;\ { Church and Alpha Kappa,Marva A. Denson, 825 Acorn
qualified for the special prize. } \ I Alpha Sorority.. St age 15.

S ,. *
"*:',":,,;(,3:"i.1: .< ..'. >:A. ,.' .. ,.... :Mrs. C e 1 i a Anderson of Palm Tea was sponsored
Lady Luck smiled Mrs. Vermal J. McCone when Les )'; ,. ];;'l >>l' R I Joe H. Prime, 3620 PierceSt.
on :' T:; .._ : :: :.:' ;: 1494 West 6th Street is ill in
Elites met recently in the home of Mrs. Johnnie Mae i rr.- .es..S Brewster Hospital She is the ., age 62 and Roberta Page,

Roberts, 3539 N. Ardisia Road. I president of District No. 27 3620 Pierce St., age 49.
Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons, presided over the meeting, CONCERT PIANIST TO APPEAR HERE--Miss Philippa Duke Schuyler. talented of Second Baptist Church,
which was devoted' mainly to business matters. pianist. who will appear in a concert. Easter Monday March 30 at 8 p. m. in the auditorium the Gladiolus Caladius Ladies -: Wm. Harold, 813 Ionia St.,

of New Stanton Senior High School: is seen hare. I : Club, the Ladies Auxi- age 19 and Dorothy Walker,
s s s s
The affair is being presented by the music: department of Bethel Baptist Institutional liary to the Pullman Porters 604 E. 3rd. St., age 16.

Mrs. Hattie Stewart entertained the Kardette Bridge. Church. and the Westside Community 1 Ronald J. Zidick, 113 12th

Club recently et the Ribault Supper Club. Club. St., Renovo, Pa., age 19 and

We regret that we do not have full details, but we do I :jMary Winingder, 3750
know that Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson was guest. CHARM I Mrs., Irma Lynch is recuperating I iPeachtree St., age 21.

Incidentally, this charming group boasts a four-table at her home at 5837
I i i Theo. Harris, 835 W.\ DuvalSt.
memberships. Marigold Road
Magnolia Gardens
OPENING HAILEDLast I ., age 21 and Gladys Briggs
$Y following several
,,916 W. Church St. 25.
k4 : illness in the Brewster IIos- age

Mrs. Kathyrn Robinson of 3204 Pearce Street did the ? I pital. She i is a member of !I. Dandria Tinsley, 4106 Fairfax -

honors for the Hellenesian Bridge Club last Saturday. even- .. : Abyssinia Baptist Church St., age 38 and Irene
ing with Mrs. Hattie Stewart as guest. Friday evening's formal -. member of the Business and I Martin. 4910 Wolcott Ave.,

opening of the Academyof Professional Women's Club. l age 36.Frank. _
High scorers for the evening were Miss Bernice Griffin, Charm, 610 W. Duval Y\VCA, and a member of the ;

Mrs.: Margaret Williams, and Mrs. Claudia Jenkins, with ,9 Street, proved to be both a Ladies of the Links Golfers I Johnson, 512 E.

Mrs. Nan Fletcher qualifying for consolation.Mr. social and business success.(Guild. Church St., age 18 and Edith

Sanderson, 1094 W. 19th St.,
and Mrs. Knight (Frenchie and Ken) entertained According to Shirley Glick, t i age 17. ,
friends last Saturday afternoon in her beautiful Spires
director of the Academy, "We. ?Ir. and Mrs. Ernest A. Edwards
Street home at an affair originally intended as a cocktail feel that the response was, had their Mrs.- Weldon B. Hargrove, 1564
as guest
party honoring Mrs. Rose Morgan. the former Mrs. Joe terrific. Colored women have Elnora Sweet of Pensacola W.\ 34th St., age 46 and Alta-

Louis who was in town for the opening of the Academy of tremendous natural beauty I recently. While here, she was mese G. Brown, 1411 W. 6th

Charm and Modeling. The famed beauty product manufacturer lit simply needs professional St., age 46.PLAZA.
ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY i entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
had to rush back to New York before the time of '
guidance to bring it out"Referring James :
INVESTING FOR HUMAN WELFARE: National j Chapel, Mrs. Lucile

the affair. Basileus of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Dr. Marjorie I' to the Acade-1 1 Rhylander and Mrs. Mattie;

The Knights proved they live up to the theatrical creed, H. Parker left is seen giving a check for $38.000 to : my's charm and beauty development -Albritton., CIRCLEjCONDUCTS

"the show must go on" and the party went on with the Wilhelmina B. Drake. Director of Women's Activitiesfor : courses. Mrs.I :I

same elegance originally planned. A surprise guest at the SPECIAL MARKETS. INC. of New York's Wall Glick said, "Our courses are
early 'soiree' was Louis Jordan, internationally famous Street Area. Check is for first investment in a Mutual i to MEETi
designed acquaint our
musician of "Stone Cold Dead In The Market" fame, "Be- Fund Program to establish a $500.000 Endowment for iI I clients with their beauty potential :!LE LA LET CLUB

ware," "Calidonia" and other hits. Others present who en- the Sorority's four National Projects-The American by emphasis on and'
joyed the exquisite as well as palatable hors d'oeuvers Council on Human Rights Scholarships Housing I I
instruction in cor r e c tive TO PRESENT ITS i The Plaza Circle conducted -
served to tho accompaniment of coctails included Mrs. (Chapter Houses and a National Headquarters) make-up,hair styling, speech,:: : its meeting recently in the

Adelaide Jenkins, Mrs. Etta Brooks, Mrs. Sylvester Bossard, Health and Medical Research. posture, poise, and the many: :\ horn of Mrs. Francis Mid-

Mrs. Ora M. McIver, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bartley, Mr. and other things s o absolutelyessential FASHION SHOWy I dlebrooks with Mrs. Nellie

Mrs Eric O. Simpson and Mr. Charles McDowell to the modern, well- : Mitchell serving a s co-hos-
-- ------ -
-- -- EASTER SERVICE I CLUB NOTES 1 groomed, successful woman."''t I tess.

I previous meeting was
Rose Morgan, of beaut "The01"ld's Creation of
CLASS ORGANIZES APPEAR IN CITY I I I I I I I i Fashion" will be j held at the home of Mrs.
WILL CONVENEAT FLORIDA SAVING CLUB II Culture fame, who flew fromNew presented by
I Bessie Mitchell for the election
BUSINESS GUILDAn GIVES PALM EVENT York especially for the the Le La Let Teenage Club, -
I opening, demonstrated the i :March 30 at the Elks Audit- I of officers. Officers
BALL PARKJoint rium, 712 West Duval Street. elected to serve for the year
The Bethel Baptist Church magic of make-up and hairstyling I
I A Palm Tea was sponsored
.. 1 Participating will be the | are: Mrs. Ne IIi e Mitchell
Eastside Business Guild. will present Miss Philippa i by the Florida Saving. Club who: to over 300 guests Gretel and Gertie Dance :,president; Mrs. Annie Per-
appeared at the modern
recently 1 Duke Schuyler, renowned pianist in the home of Mrs. Emma, :kins vice Mrs. Annie Bais
was organized by I salons of the Academy for School under the direction of f ;
the Business Educcation I in the auditorium of New Watkins, 1362 West 25th. the opening. ,, )[rs. P. J. \Vise and Mrs. E. ;,.den, secretary; Mrs. Minnie

Class of the adult class of(':Stanton Senior High, School, Easter Sunrise serv- Street with Porcher Taylor: !'B. Cox; the Petunias, the I Thomas, financial secretary;
as guest speaker. I In response to a questionabout Royal] Impellers the! King Mrs.| Lillie Rodgers, savings .
March 30 at 8
Matthew W. Gilbert p.m. ices will be held in the Myrtle
High; Other artists of the '
I city I beauty, Mrs. Glicksaid :. Crooners, B r end a Johnson, i!secretary; Mrs. Severia Bole.
School j| She has been selected three Avenue Ball Park, March 29 appeared included Mrs. Ver-I, at one point: "A woman' Fiona Herring and others. i sinking fund treasurer; Mrs.

The organization is for''times as goodwill ambassador under the direction of the In-I'nell Glover and Mrs. Rosa should be mentally and physically The program will l be narrated Carrie Jackson, saving trea-

members to become better''of the United States State terdenominational Ministers -
acquainted with eacch other.j i] Department, and has been Alliance. the other results in i' field and Miss Marvene[ Tol- :(business manager; Mrs. Ella

The officers are: Leon Scott,'', given 28 awards in music for i EXCLUSIVE SOCIAL CLUB incomplete woman; therefore.':,bert. They will be introduced I Johnson, reporter and Mrs.
president; Mrs. Emma Butler,'outstanding musical talent at The Rev. R. J. Blaine pas- ', HOLDS ANNIVERSARY i her self-confidence, too, i is by :Mre. S. Gibson. ''B. Mitchell, chaplain.

vice i president; Mrs. Dora I j the Detroit Symphony Music tor of the St. Paul AMEJ I. : incomplete ..." ----------

Washington, recording secre-]:i Education League Wayne Church will deliver the sermon The Exclusive Social Saving The director states that the
tary; Mrs. Quinn L. Holzen-'University, Young Peoples for the service and music Club of Arlington ,'
Academy invites the visit of Easter
dorf Carolyn, financial secretary; Mrs.'I Philharmonic and others. will be furnished by the I brated its second anniversary any woman sensibly interested SpedalVISIT

Mrs. Mildred Kendrick, treasurer;.!I, Jacksonville Choral Ensemble I recently at the Midway Tabernacle -:|I, in bringing forth her best

Mrs. Forehand, reporter -!I under the direction of Mrs. I Baptist Church.I'I'[with the aid of professional GROFF HOSIERY STORE
Margaret Gris- '
Mrs. Aldonia ,j guidance.
aId Verdell Jones and SPECIALS.
w chaplain and :Mrs.
; principal of Susie E. Tolbert'I
Ruth Bailey Wilson, instructor. -EASTER i ON PARADEI bined choirs! ;: of the city under Elementary School delivered BUY A BOX FOR $2.49 AND
the direction of the Rev. A. J. ; the anniversary and .
I, message, :- 51 GAUGE -:- FIRST QUALITY
nugh s. !Miss Nellie Graham was the
The Rev. R. A. King\: pastor. guest soloist. i i MISS BETSCH Groff
LADIES OF LINKS On Parade"' will ,i Hosiery Store

HOLDS FORUM MEET be presented in the St. Joseph of the Payne Chapel AME SHADOW SOCIAL CLUB i -.. \

:Methodist Church,Jessie -Churchill preside. I PLANS ANNIVERSARY : 819 DAVIS ST.

I and Spearing Streets, I I Ii Miss B. Johnetta Betsch,
Other daughter
ministers to
appear of 1 I r s. John T. -
March 30 at 8 p. m. with j The Shadow Social and -- -
The forum meeting the Hariett Dorsey as l\Irs'l are: the Rev. I. McPherson, {! Saving Club conducted Its' Betsch of 1748 Jefferson St.,

Ladies of the Links Golfers I Rev. S. L. Badger, Rev. J. T. i meeting recently in- the homeof I left the city recently for New from GRAY to GLORIOUS !
Guild was held recently at the A "Spring Tea" will York City where she boarded .
I 'McMillan, Rev. J. C. Sams, Mrs. A. Scott, 1003 Odessa
New Lincoln Golf and Country -{i given in the home of :Mrs.I'I the SS" United States for ,
Rev. F. J. Jones Rev. I Street. II f'
Club with the vice presi- 'Eliza I James, 729 Phelps ., II. H. Tours, France to study languages .
Plans for the
i ,
dent, :Mrs. Orpah Jackson. ,!:March 22 from 4 to 6 p. m.A I Robinson and the Rev. Robert preanniversary at the Univer ite de I

presiding.. program has been arrangedfor I H. Wilson. I party were discussed.1! Poitiers, Institut D'Etudes
j j The club will
I observe its
the occasion I Fran '\ises de Turaine. I
A round table discussion \ featuring The Rev W. B. Miller, pastor anniversary _April 26 in the i tVim'

was held by the members. The I t local artists. of the Laura Street Pres- Sweetfield Baptist C h u r Chi 1 Miss Betsch, hoMer of the > _

Gate City Open Tournamentwill I The affair is being sponsored -I byterian Church is the chairman with Mrs. Flossie Morgan,'I IBS degree from Oberlin Col-

be held at the Brentwood by the women of the of the program committee :president presiding. I II lege, was awarded the Masters "
Municipal Course. i'church. for the occasion. Degree in Cultural Anthropology v' 1

i I LE LA LET CLUB ;, with special concentration 4 w

1 TO GIVE FASHION REVUE in African Studies fro m
t j Northwestern University this a .
The Le La Let Teenage I year. She '.awarded a Ford f
1907 Kings Road ai I Club will present a fashion, Foundation Scholarship!=; when
Spire '
NARRATE EVENT revue, March 30. A meeting*she received the BS degree ,v TfJ Fy!' r

j was held for the club recently -' and will continue her studies

Where Experienced ; with Albert Thomas Reli-' under this grant. She will return /
i. ford to the States in September .
Pharmacists Prepare A "Panorama- the Holy.Land" presiding. j ji !
1959 nd "s
r r return to Northwestern
h' Your Prescription According i : will be presented by i
,GLENDALE University and
; i SAVING CLUB! continue ,
to your ..doctor'sInstruction the Sarah McGinnis Missionary
I work the PhD LARIEUSE
i degree
Using Society, March 29 at 6 ,where she will I with llKlJ'
"" serve as an Haircolor
only the best quality p, m. in the auditorium of! assistant
The (in the Department.
drug New Bethel AME Glendale Social Saying -
; Church. I Charity Club' Today..have hair as rich anJ natural-looking u
will ob-
Upon arrival in Europe:Miss the professional model shown here! One hour,and
Mrs.' Serena Tolbert is the serve its 11th anniversary, Betsch will Larieuse back
Dr. E 1 first visit Eng- Godcfroy's brings youth to drab
$taictt Pfcannmetrti Drl W. J. Onhaa chairman of the program March 27 at the. West Union land and Copenhagen then over-processed or graying hair.It's easy to use..f

-:- -:- committee: assisted by Mrs: Baptist Church with C. Parha1'J1 ,she will visit with her,sister no extra purchase needed.Get long-lasting
Lanetue -
Olivia: Harrell: Mrs. R B.I Johnson serving now
as master :Miss Marvyne Betsch of Hanover
A COMPLETE LINE OF McMillan: .w i 11 present the of ceremonies for the I Germany. Marvynne' is "cJ tI
Cosmetics: :. Rubber Goods -:- C>dies -t- SuadrIIsPBE8cJuI.nONS Holy, women of the Bible I eventA music student there. The sisters a ... Z.L Apply iii.upale to kw COIIt witt b wo6ubr1wa M41q'." &-":"e-

CALLED FOB AND DEUVB09) and Mrs. Helen, Tillis Hawkins program has been ar- : will visit Hamburg and .....,...UIft......... ;

will serve as narrator I ranged for the celebration West Berlin. Then on to OOOBTOY. ].CO..3510 Cfto.SUM. St LM*UiMovf
for the occasion. with local artists, I
. appearing.Tours, France for Johnetta. -- .


... -
Page Four THE FLORIDA Siva Week Ending Saturday. March 28. 1959


I Ministers! ; And Deacons Union To "Close Sunday I I

-- -



xy h ,
r v n

n a.. The Ministers and Deacon Union with the Women's Aux-
I iiarv, die Sunday School and BYPU Convention, auxiliarieso
the East Florida and Bethany Baptist Association will terminate -
BAPTIST DISTRICT GREAT MACEDONIA UNIT 2Qd in the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church :March 29! with the
GIVES FASHION SHOWAn OBSERVES ANNIVERSARY'I Ilev.: W. M. Hill as moderator and the IteII.. II. Robinson
p.s the host pastor.
Show I I The opening sermon delivered ---- -- --- ._- --
Easter Fashion Usher Board No. 1 of Greater was -
will be sponsored by DistrictNo. :Macedonia Baptist Church i'I by the Rev. \V. C. and congregations.The .
17 of First Baptist 'will observe its anniversary y cal pastor of St. Thomas
Church, March CO at 8 p.m. in March 30 at 8 p.m. in the g acao: the educational building. !'''auditorium of the church. : i rI of 'the Cross was pre- invited to attend these serv

Participants of all ages |I I Regular Services Sundaywill i sented at 7:.15 p.m. under the ices.
Kill display the latest fash- begin with the Sunday ;, direction of Miss Coastsie
iGp:. School department followed I| Jones. I
Delegates who attended the by the morning worship with I j { d: I Iz Services Sunday, March 29 NEW! MOUNT OLIVE
15th annual sessron of the j the deacons conducting the will begin with Sunday School :CONDUCT'S MEETINGi
Progressive Baptist Conven-I'devotion. j at !9:30: a.m. followed by morning -

Hon in Tampa at the St. John I j, ________ i.. worship at 11 a.m. with -
JUpU'st; Church were: the i iRev. I : th: Rev. II. L. Robinson in'i i The ne'It.. Olive Baptist
W. D[. Grimes, Emerson j MT. SINAI MALE j| { f charge. The Rev. G. T. MtCall.,.Church, the Rev.: II. L. Jen-
Thompson, Mrs. Earlene Foster -I!i CHORUS Sl.ATESIUSICAL |I i .,i ,.r t. Vernon Captist Church :'''kins, pastor will conduct early -
Mrs. Lizzie Anderson.;! An annual Easter nrsic: : 1 ; \ will deliver the sermon. | morning service, Sunday,
and Mrs.Ifary New by. I I program will be sponsored by At 2 p.m. the women will' March 29! beginning at ;5 a.m.
Ii /)..' in charge of the services. '
i the Male Chorus of Mt. Sinai ;A The Rev. II. L. Jenkins will
iiie Rev. \V. Grimes, associate!
NEW BETHEL AME I Baptist Church, M-rcn 29! i in .minister of First the sermon and com-
: Baptist ,,
limed choirs
TO PRESENT EVENT II i and Usher Board
the auditorium of the churn'!V. u I lurch will deliver the ruesj '' No. 1 will serve.
Music will be under the direction ; sage. Each minister will be
The Business and Professional : Other services
of Mrs.\ C. \V. Schootesand accompanied by their choirs ; begin
Men's Club of New!! i with Sunday School at 9::30
Bethel AME Church will pre-,; Mrs. K. Sykes. Various ZION HOPE SETS i a.m. and morning; worship will
sent Prof. E. Clifford Davis,i, choruses of the city will participate -j Pictured above are the members of the first graduating class of Florida Barbering convene at 11 a.m. The Sun-
minister of music at Shiloh' or. the program. College Branch which was held last Mond y. March 23 at 11 a. m. nt the college. EASTER SERVICE iI i day School l department will
Baptist Church in a recital,1' l They are from left: Clevern Sharpe John Mass Jr. Maxwell Wilson, Cornelius I present its annual Easter
April 19 at 3 p. m. 1 .:. I Coplin. Hamp Cohen James Bailey Richa-d Small. Jonathan Williams and Robert Regular services at Zion I program at :3 p.m. A Passion
The recital which i was; MT. OLIVE CHURCH ; Mass Sr. (Inset left) Prof. Jams Glover instructor and (Inset right) Woodrow Pat Hope Baptist Church Sunday, Play entitled. "The Life,
scheduled for March 15 was,;TO RENDER SERVICE 1 terson manager. March 29 will begin with Sunday Death and Resurrection of
postponed because of incle Easter Sunrise Service will i School at 9:30: a.m. with !Christ." will :be presented
ment weather. be conducted at the Mt. Olive I ASSIONPLAY W'iHieVilliams, superintendent I during the evening service.
AME Church, Sunday, March SET HAROLDBARGETO in charge.
29 at 5 with Choir No. 2 I DAYSPRING
the music under ,
TERMINATE SUNDAYThe furnishing vene at 11 a.m. with the dea- BETHEL CHURCH
the direction of Mrs. Mary L. I Prof. Harold Barge, blind cons in charge of the devotional ,
ministers, deacons and. Betsch, organist. Service will An annual Passion Play en- pianist and gospel singer of f UNIT OBSERVES service. The Rev. E. P. UNIT PRESENTS_
laymen fifth Sunday Unionof f begin with a candlelight pro- titled "Crucify Him" will be .,Port Clinton, Ohio, will ap Simpson, pastor or his appointee -i EASTER PARADE
the Primitive Association cessional. presented in the Mt. Ararat pear at the Day Spring Baptist will deliver the sermon
will Baptist Baptist Church Easter Sun- Church, March 27 at t; ANNIVERSARY and Choir No. 1 and 2 will
March 29th FIRST BAPTISTKINDERGARTEN ,day, March 29 during: the evening 8:15: p. m. in the auditoriumcf serve throughout the day.
at the Pleasant
SLATES : worship. i! District No. 2 of Bethel
the church.
Grove Primitive Usher Board No. 5 will serve j
Church, Van Buren Baptist and EASTER PROGRAMThe Various characters portray- i The program will benefiti The first anniversary ')f the for each service. :>I Baptist Church, Southside,
ley Street. The Oak- Kindergarten of First ing: Biblical men and womenof i the women's hour of the as, Gospel Chorus of Day Spring At :S:3f)) BTU will convene j'! will present its annual Easter
Kollins is the host Rev. Earl] Baptist Church will presentits the Bible will be directedI sociation which will convene'Baptist Church will be observed with the president in charge i| parade of fashion, March 30
pastor. Easter program, Sunday I by: Mrs. Hazel Reynolds Gross,,:at the church, March 29 at 2 April 20 at 8:15 p.m. and evening worship will begin i at 8 p.m. with B. S. Brown in
ST. THOMAS March 29 at 3 p.m. in the The Rev. Dallas J. Graham, p. m. The program is being in the auditorium of the at 6:30 p.m. with the deacons charge. .
basement of the church. I I pastor, will serve as narratorfor /
: Miss ClaudieM. church. in charge. j
OBSERVES HOMECOMINGThe : The will include: the program. 'sponsored by I The latest styles$'n after-
The Easter will be
recitations, songs, drills and': Sunrise services will be Jones. Willie D Cannon of New resented at 3 program with 1\Irs.1 j|noon, school, sporty church
St. Thomas, Baptist 1 held AME Church will de- p.m. and party wear wilt be mod-
playlets in keeping with the April 29 at 5 a.m. Music : Bethel p. Small and Mrs. S. Mann in S
Church will observe Home- season, under the direction of 'will be furnished by the com- : MISSIONARY GROUP liver the annual address.{ Other j eled.

coming day Sunday, March 29 Mrs. Earlene Foster, super-I'bined choirs of the church j[.SLATES QUARTERLY : pulpit guests to partici- charge. I: Hostesses for the occasion
at 3 p.m. with Mrs. Eleanor I visor. with the Rev. D. J. Graham MEETING MONDAYThe pate will he the Rev. \V. C. will be Betty Simpo, Mildred
Jackson, chairman in charge. I j:delivering a special Easter I II j I ; ?Veal. ,, St. Thomas Baptist FASHION SHOW SET !i Simpo, Mae Eunice Gooch,
Regular services Sunday I NEW MT. OLIVE CHURCH I message for the occasion. : Church. Rev. R._ L. Wilson of CHURCH Deloris Seals, Sandra Thomas -
will begin with the Sunday"PRESENTS PASSION PLAYA I I First quarterly meeting West Friendship Baptist i I I Vernetta Jones, Yvonne
School department followed Passion Play entitled 'I II of the East Florida Con- Church and the Rev. W. B. I i An Easter Fashionw Show;!Jones and Loretta Bowman.
by morning worship with the "The Life of Christ" will be I I I NEW BETHEL AME ference Branch Missionary :Miller pastor of Lurn Street will be presented by the ;; Mrs. Thelma Ray will 'serveas
deawons' in charge of the de- presented in the auditoriumof I|TO CLOSE ANNUAL Society, AME Church will be Presbyterian Church. Youth Department of the: narrator for the event.
votional service. the New Mt. Olive Baptist ;: I IMEN'S conducted, March 30 at 4 p. Emanuel Baptist Church, 30 i iI ,
"--'***'w Church, March 29. DAY DRIVE !m. in the New St. James AME Choir No. 3 of St. John in the auditorium of the I

BAPTIST MINISTERS The program will be presented -I Church, 2228 Forest Street. Baptist Church will ,be the I;church. !II
WIVES ALLIANCE during the evening The last half of the Men's'! The Sarah Dawkins Miss- ,serving choir. Also anoearinr i The Miss Emanuel Baptist I
PLANS MEETINGThe worship with Mrs. M. L. B. Day program at New Bethel ; ionary Society will be the will be the \It Ararat Quintet |contest will terminate during !
Story in charge of the music. AME\ Chm"ch11 be held I host and the local society with Mrs Hazel Reynolds the affair. Youth Day will be EATBERRIERS
Baptist Ministers \Tes I I April 12 during the 11 :.m. will be in charge of the de- Gross in charge. observed March 29 at which
Alliance will hold its meeting MT. ZION UNITPRESENTS worship with Willie D. Cannon votional service. Directors of the programare time a program will be pre-
March 30 at the home of Rev. AFFAIRAn delivering:: the address. The North Jacksonville Mrs. Tiny Thomas and C. sented. '!

and Mrs. H. II. Robinson, 1110 annual A-La-Mode will Leonard J. Roberts Jr., 'District will render the literary Barnes Fisher. I The children' choir will. ICE CREAM

West 8th Street at 5 p.m. be presented by Choir No. 1 Thomas Williams and P. J. program. All members I meet Saturday, March 28 at'j'
An Easter program will be of Mt. Zion AME Church, Williams will be the soloistsfor and delegates \!to the Quadrennial 4:30 p.m. The Male Chorus |
-- --- -
presented with a guest speaker March 30 in the Sunday I the observance.At I meeting have been REV. D. B. BARNES will meet at 7 p.m. At 6 p.m. i -

delivering the address. I School room of the church. : 3 p.m. Eugene Culbert, !asked to attend.N. : APPEARS IN DRAMA Sunday, March 29 the Easter i!
I i chairman of the activities will i I program will be presented in I
I' present the Male\ Chorus of I' the auditorium of the church. Real Estate
FOR 'Mt.\ Ararat Baptist Church.' J. C. S. CLUB The Rev. D. B. Barnes,

I Male Chorus of Tabernacle WILL OBSERVE ITS 'pastor; of Sweetfield Baptist WOMEN'S HOUR SET $ LOANS $
I Baptist in a musical program I j >I Churh will be presented in a '
The Rev Frank J. Jones, j 12TH ANNIVERSARYThe drama entitled "The Weary AT DAY SPRING $1,000 s.'ooo $J. 00
I I Travelers", April 3 under the 1 _______
DISTINCTIVEPRINTING pastor; Eugene Culbert, I 1.000 up to $25,000
I chairman and Leonard J. I 12th anniversary of;;sponsorship of Choirs No.1,| Woman's Hours will be observed Payable Jl.OO per mo. per hun-

I Roberts, Jr., reporter. I the N. J. C. S. Club will be:.2, 3 and 4 of the church. In the Day Spring, dred on unpaid balance at 6%.
: to be heardon Church, March 29 at'
celebrated, March 29th at 8 Supporting cast Baptist Let us help you to complete
I MISS L. SHEPHERD the the will be the which time the association:
;,p. m. at Long Branch, program your house or refinance 38
I I'1! 'win
be in
School. Lighthouse Gospel Singers, progress.
TO SPONSOR EVENT years in the same place.
the Gospel Chorus of Day On March 27 Prof. Harold
Participants to I ,
i ________ 'I'I' appear on Call -
'' the program are the Summer- Spring Baptist Church, under -Barge and singers will be
'I' An evening of music will ville Baptist Trio, Mrs.: John- the direction of Cecil B.'f'presented in a musical program J. P. YOUNG
-:- INVITATIONS be sponsored by Miss Lorene nie Campbell, Miss Gloria Fisher, Mrs. Ethel D. Bannis- in the auditorium of
I Shepherd i nth e Morning Goggins and Mrs. Alice Mar':ter and others. the church at 8:15: p. m. I Mr. Simmons or Mr. WaJb
-:- NEWSPAPERS I}Star Freewill Baptist Church, tin. "\V hen the Gates Swing Officers are: Mrs. Minnie'Lee '' MaIn and Monroe '
i April 5 at 8 p. m. for the, Following the Open." "The Day is Past and I Brown, Mrs. Carrie 212 Mav>nlr Trjpnle Bd.:
-:- MAGAZINES I benefit of the Community members of the club will, Gone", "I'm Going Through", Sloan and Mrs. Ruby Askew. Phone EL 543014
Health Club. make their report to Miss M.'will be sung and dramatizedby The theme for the service EL A 171111j
-:- PROGRAMS Melvin Grace will serveas Hastings, the financial secre- the Rev. D. B. Barnes. will be "Lift Him Up." I

master of ceremonies for tary. 1.________________________---- ----- -- -- ;: ..;. ;,;;..;-.. -
the ___ _.___-_--_-_-_-_-_-_--_-.-_-_--_-_---_-_-vvvvv----- vYVVVw--- .ww-----
-:- TICKETS occasion. Appearing on: Friends of the club have

-:- BOOKS the Singers program Swanaires, will Singing be, Holylight the Wonders Latimore,I anniversary.LES been invited. t 0 attend the j NOTICE TO HOME OWNERS

SPECIALIZING IN HIGH a..ASSrnDDL"lG INVITATIONS Singers The* public and others.have been in-' CAMELLIA CLUB "
1 1st Is The Last
AXD SOCIAL ASROIINGLStENTBPROMPT : vited 'to attend the affair. SLATES NEXT MEET April Day

ANNOUNCES SERVICEThe :Saving Club will conduct itS
SZ DIll I meeting.. March,--28 ;at the '
i home of Mrs. Altamae.::Nunn HOMESTEAD TAX EXEMPTION

Julington Baptist i The previousmeeting. was f
Church will observe its an- I held at the home of Mrs. Flo '- If You Bought A Home During( 1953
FLOIJDA! STARMrN nual Easter Services, Sunday; sie Parsons, 331 West 19th St. .
March 29 beginning at 5 ajn. The club celebrated its an- Bring Your Deed With, You ;.: : ,
with the pastor, the Rev. E. .niversary recently at the : "
OFFICE AND PLANT V. Grant in charge of the pul- .Sweetfield Baptist C.h u f c h ,, .- File- Now a:q'' v" .,. ..f
pit services. with Mrs. ,,; i. .,
Virginia;Harper delivering .. With '1
232. M-ncrief Rd.-Jactsoeville.FIa. Prayer "I'\'rvi'as will be the ..
address and
conducted by the deacons. Estelle Williams Miss Leon E. Forbes, Assessor 104 Court Kouse: _' ,
3 I'fone serving asmistress
EL 4-6782 '
Choir ;
\ No. 1
aa J Usher. Board of .'
ceremonies for : ; wwv.
.... ...,. .. ,,:,: No. 1 will serve. i the celebration r' ...frAMiiM.__-:...-"" ----------- --------------r.r.ru.w--- r..nv.. -
\, I .y..wV..V.vv..w..a.. .




- --- -- -

I : : .

Week Ending Saturday. March 28, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB Page FlDEACONS ..

DISTRICT UNIONTO Dorothea Towles To Edit Weekly News I
BE CONDUCTED Column On Beauty Hints For Women : _

conducted at the Evergreen i! : ..h.f'Z.L .
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. An anti-integration movement I
Baptist Church March 29 at \
mt sponsored !Ly Methodist laymen is reportedly unanimously'
3 p.m., at which time a program I I. ; N
approved by- churchfolk who attended the AlabamaPest'FI
Ministers will be presented. Choir
The District t. da meeting i in this] city !late this week.
of Corinth Ba ; .
and Deaco Union of the 0. 2 First
t Circuit Judge R lilt V ind-
East Florida and "Bethany Church will be the serving .r' ham of Birmingham, who was

Baptist Association will terminate choir. rto r elected president of the Methodist BUSINESSMANTO

in the Mt. Zion Baptist :Minister Eddie Taylor of Laymen's 'Union, said,
Zion Hope Baptist Church "We are opposed to the mix-
Church, South Palatka March t
k>'i iil;l be the speaker and the o. ., ing of white and Negroes in BE AWARDED\ i
...;ale and Female Choruses of s r the close intimacies that we
The District superintendent :roil: Hope Baptist Church j jI i 1: have in Sunday school and :

A. M. Smith, will) be in will also appear on the pro- I church. i i i The Jacksonville] Negro
f "Hate dislike ill-will and'''
School gram. Chamber of 'Comnterce will
charge of the Sunday ,
's b d prejudice are not the basis for j j I
larch 29 at 9::>0) a.m. and the this organization," he said. I conduct its March meeting in n4

Rev. E.'Burroughs review i MT. ZION CHURCH I tMnI Windham, who was one of : the New Lincoln Golf and q.

the lesson. Morning worship : I the :31 sponsors, said, "We''! Country Club, March 30 at 8
I PLANS ANNUAL DAY would be mentally unbalanced : p.m., according to Isadore Sin-
will at 11 with
convene a.m.,
delivering 'I IIASTIXGSAnnualllen'sD if we let our children run with / gleton, president.
the Rev. J. D. r
;: wM 1 be observed: in the those children who records Anthony Kinnon local businessman

the sermon and the 1 ev. : Mt.\ : Zion AME Church, April show have the highest crime will receive "The

L. M. Jones will serve as :1.1-1 112 with Andy Hinson and Edward r rate, different habits in sex, t Man of the Month Award"

ternate.At I I Dixon serving as chairmen morals, social habits and soj I the'meeting, which will Ix one ROBERT I:. (BOH) K01SKKTS

: for the lays activities. forth. i, of the monthly activities of Robert R Roberts, a local bus-
2:30 p.m. the Rev. E.!! -lames Camp! ell is chairmanof the Chamber of Commerce
inessman and member
of the
Burroughs will deliver the the program committee.The "Therefore we have a duty'to during the future. i City
; oppose integration of our. Officers of the Jacksonville Council today made formal announcement -
message for the Mission Hour financial rally will terminate "
churches Windham said. of his candidacy for
Negro Chamber of Commerce :
and the Rev. \." Finnell will :I. service, April during 12 the and ten evening Dorothea Towles America's most famous Negro The 0:11discordant note for 19o9 are: Isadore Singleton ,the office of Treasurer in the ap-

serve as alternate. BYPU will ;I have been chosen. captains fashion model is shown signing a contract to direct the sounded during the two-hour president; J.D. Bass. vice proaching city Democratic prim-

convene at 5 p.m., an Easter : Rudolf Ramsey William Theyare editing a weekly column on beauty hints for women. meeting was by two young president; Porcher L. Taylor, aries. Roberts, who is :39, is a life-

program will be presentedwith Fields, Robert Fields, Pelma Witnessing he signature in New York are Margurite persons, one a lay preacher. !Sr., recording secretary ; long resident of Jacksonville. lIe
Belafonte, model, and Jesse J. Lewis, Public Relations Thomas Ruling of Sylacauga -: Ralph Tisdale financial sc'I "- 'holds a degree f.om the Universityof
all churches participating. Arnold, Eddie Arnold the
Counsel for J. Strickland & Company. the lay preacher, said, retary and Samuel Caswell, I Florida which he attended after
Ministers to
i irticipate Rev. J. \V. Jones, Jack Jones, 'I
---- -- -- --- "This proclaiming graduation from Andrew Jackson
group is treasurer :
will be accompanied by their William Cobbs, Thomas Mer-
that the Anglo-Saxon strain is High School. Before he
i acquired
JERUSALEM CHURCH i businessmen of the
choirs and ushers. ritt, and Andy Hinson. .
--' __. 'BAPTISM RITES : the one true strain and must'i city have been extended an invitation ; his own business, Roberts gained
SLATES ACTIVITIES remain undiluted." to join the I valuable experience as a federal
. Psyche Slims Down jk I I I -
o or. investigato'-auditor, in banking, ascomptroler
Gloria Randolph of Birmingham -
SET SUNDAY AT Dinners will be sold Saturday -' i iI for six corporations in
.Psyche, fop C4 years the silent artists have given to Psyche, is asked the delegates I I I'
five southeastern states and his
inithe ,
sylph on a shelf has broken a far cry from, the first models afternoon, March 28, I from the floor what her : in
out_of her shell at last. This year used, who were decidedly on the Education Building of the church would do when a I KID KISSERS I'work during the past four yearson
hefty side. Tailored to today's ST. PHILIPSHoly Jerusalem Baptist Church, in''! the important City Budget and
slim trim look, Miss McCormackand the behalf of the Women's' spreading Negro section near- ARE RELEASED Finance Committee. He has sup-
( Psyche) stand 5'1" tall by engulfed it. "What are we I
r the installation of modern
Day I
h and are 34-21-35 reading ,In the Baptism rites will be ( going to do when those streets '
\ usual direction. They both tip conducted at the St. Phillips Services Sunday, March 29''II around church become CHARLOTTE, N. C.-Da- and progressive accounting meth-

6 the scale at a pleasant 112. but Episcopal Church, Union and will begin with sunrise worship -' our she a i vid Simpson, 8, and Hanover ods in many departments of city
the difference between the two I Negro neighborhood,
will be in costume. Psyche In Pearl Streets, Saturday, at 5 a.m. Choirs No. 1 asked. Thompson, 10, have enrolled government with resultant savingsto

MI ads, will continue wearing her March 28 at 5 p.m., with and 2 and Usher Board No. : Mrs. J. C. Brewington of in a public school in Charlotteand the taxpayers.In .

diaphanous robe, but Miss McCormack Easter service at 5 a.m. 1 will serve and the pastor will Pensacola Fla. told the dele- are now "on the way to a his announcement, Roberts
as the living representative ( stated "In to as
The Choral Holy Eucharistand deliver the sermon. good life, Kelly Alexander, : offering serve
will fashionable tailored gates "We see that they are
wear president of the North Carolina your City Treasurer I will use my
suits. sermon will be conductedby The Fifth Sunday will be what
I too to know theyare
Father T. Vincent Hams conducted young I State Conference of training and experience to modernize -
The new Psyche figure, derived at the Bethel Bapt- talking about and it is our
through the years after, at this time. An Easter program ist Church with Jerusalem I teach them I NAACP branches, reported the antiquated procedures of
much study of the female anatomy responsibility to that office and at the same time
will be presented, Easter Baptist Church in charge of I j "
and its changes. a welcome -: the truth. I
E at 6 the The two boys released work to improve the conditons under -
I change from the 1894 figure -: Sunday, p.m. morning worship. Choirs' were
i I which stood 5*4" measured' The annual Easter egg hunt No. 1 and 2 and Usher Board on Feb. 13 from the Morrison which its employees have had

i 4 37-27-38, and more than tipped, I will be held, Monday, March No. 2 will serve. II,I STRAND EASTER! Training School where they to serve. There is no place in a
the scales at a muscular 140. t I new and modern city hall for out
k 30 at 4 I had been detained since Nov.
; p.m.Father The Easter exercise will be :
t Anne McCormack, as Psyche Vincent II! 1958, following their arrest of date methods and practices. I
T. Harris
t.- f w \ presented at 5 p.m. in the auditorium \ I
It' / will conduct service at the of the church under.. for being kissed by a little pledge my honesty and integrity
Emanuel I white girl playmate in Monroe j for courtesous and personal consid-
\1. Episcopal Church, the direction of Mrs. Lucille -
Southside Sunday, March 29 Merritt. N. C. The NAACP under- eration to everyone who has bus-

!-:' at 9 p.m. tok the legal defense of the i iness with the Treasurer's office

boys. A petition for a writ of I and I will continue my proven record -

: j&1 ST. MATTHEW UNIT 4. CA habeas corpus, filed by of dedication to good govern-

I Jv on Jan. 12 by Superior Court Active in civic affairs, he is

Ij I NS I Musical rally: will be Judge Walter E. Johnson. state chairman of "National Lib-
Ii j pew rary Week," and a member of the
FOR FASHION SHOWA They were released and returned -
i sponsored by District No. 1 of
I to their families before First Baptist Church, Gator Bowl
I fashion show will be I St. Matthew Baptist Church, Executive Committee. Friends of
; the White Rock Girl, will be sponsored by the Methodist April 8 at 8 p.m. in the audi- : :f the case went up on appeal.
of Florida
travelling from city to city asa Meanwhile, the Association the Library University
torium of i:
the church.
[t not only does she talk (In n W'S-1 good will ambassador, visiting Youth Fellowship of Ebenezer relocated the families of the |I Alumni Assoc. Downtown Council -
i paper ads and on radio), but dealers, attending sales convert Church, March 30, at 8 p.m. A program has been ar- : two in homes in Northside Businessmen's Clubs,
'she is also being represented bya tions, and dropping Into stores The show will be divided into ranged for the occasion. Dea- '! youngsters j!I Temple Lodge Scottish and York
living breathing girltwentytwo during the next twelve months. four coness Board No. 1 will -' Charlotte. The NAACP is providing
; of attire sponsor
sequences Rite Masons the Shrine, West-
QN ttLVfl:1LCi them with financial
year old Anne McCormackof Today Psyche looks lovelier 'NO NAME
Brooklyn. than ever, and you'd never guess} worn at parties, church, a pineapple sip, April 19 | and other assistance pending I i brook and Grand Park Civic Clubs

Anne, who possesses the exact she's 64 and old enough school, and sports. at the parsonage from 4 to 61 I Audie Murphy and Joan' an adjustment to their new Central Labor Union, and the

__same_measurements_ n, that the your grandmother! Models to participate are: p.m. I I Evans (above) star in the:,environment.' I Downtown Lions Club.

Lynette: A. Maxwell, Barbara I new technicolor smash wes: The arrest and detention of j I Roberts, who has three children,
Easter, Ollie A. Collins, Ron ,, his own home and business.
-- tern drama "NO NAME ON the children aroused world1wide owns
Easter Egg Nests ald Galvin, Joann Kennerly, THE B U L LET." showing indignation. People and I'Mrs. Roberts a former teacher at

Maxine W. Maxwell, SandraMaxwell XI worried by "Bladder We knet" Sunday organizations ,
d tins Dp NlghU or Bed Wetting too frequent I It-I
Paul \V. Smith, burning or tithing urination or at-the Strand. Co-hit also aly, France Germany is active in civic and youth activities -
Cloudy tJrID .due to
Strong smel ng : I
Cheryl Ford, Barbara McClain common Kidney ftn&Bladder. UrtUUon. brand new and in technicolor elsewhere flooded the office and serves with him Jointlyas
Jakie Sandra Jones I try CYSTEX for quick belp., SO ears UM '
Stripling, I prove. sIe tyjarxtv) >g and old.Ask dtugT3C ; is "GEISHA BOY" starring,I' of Gov. Luther Hodges with president of the Kirby Smith
and J. Wilson.OPERETTA. -t Ql under.JI1 -6|' luyr., Band Parents.
S f ssItto r ja a> KB i j cttsiX,,,ir Jerry Lewis. protests. .
---- -
--- --

PLANNED ....-.v.-\N" .. ,.., ,,, 'VtIV\.v.v.-.6'-.N
y AT JOHN E. FORD 't I 'VAANVVVVA"V'V"'A"A+"" tRr, ,, V.---- --W 3- P I E C E GLIDER I SET

i The Intermediate Grades :

of John E. Ford Elementary

School will present their operetta -\I tT'L S $ 95

entitled "The Golden i

I Whistle/' April 15 at 8 p.m. in II i

I! the School Cafetorium. I
Mrs. Mary Gillis is chair-! ,

'I man of the production com- ,;

i' mittee. The afair will be centered l

around fairy folk of the.!

woods. | Sl.OO DOWN

I Invitations have been invited -
For the hostess who is looking for a novel Easter-time ,
to the general public to 3 PASSENGER GLIDER
party table idea edlbleEaster
egg nests offer a practical I attend the affair. |
starting point for a wealth of clever dessert and decoration '
possibilities. I MATCHING ROCKER or CHAIR

The* nests-wn't your guests be surprised to find they can I ,

cat them, too-are simple to make. The only ingredients ST. JAMES AME I ., METAL COCKTAIL TABLE
needed are 3 Musketeers
bars cereal
flakes shredded coconut -
and a little bit of milk. ANNOUNCES SERVICEMARlANNA
I : .
[ Easter Services COLORS:
Easter Egg Nests } -
Soften, ...,. Six 3 will l>e ,held in the '= t
? Musketeers bars with-*tbsp. of milk,, St.1 t *
Green With White
over hot water. James AME Church, )

Bemov..... candy- mixture from heat, stirring until 29 beginning at 4 a.m. with
Jl ..smooth.Combine.,4 Choir No. 1 leading the pro Y 4 Yellow With White .
cessional. The Rev. H. L. .;.0-
and 1 of
cups of cereal flakes cup
shredded coconut in bowL Smith will deliver.the sermon.' -, Red With While

I Fold In,,.,,; candy mixture with rubber spatula.L Morning worship'will convene _
S H ... at 11 a.m. with Choir No. RJ
inches in
p ...-.jnto'"nests approximately 2H-3
;' diameter with moistened hands Note: ,n 2 leading the processionalThe OPEN
N- u makes 12 nests. pastor will deliver the : Spears Brothers

Place On.....waxed paper; set in-refrigerata/to chill message. The Sunday School

t, FUl.....1.with. shredded coconut, tinted, if desired will present its annual Easter
(green would be a good color) by mixing program at 3 pjn.
a few drops of food coloring with 1 top. off. Special candlelight services ACCOUNT FURNITURE Co. Inc.

water and tossing with coconut. will be held at 6 pan. "The Old ,

I "J addition to the shredded coconut, nests can then be, Rugged Cross" will be the .

flhled.wrth such things'as colored Easter eggs,Easter candies,'. theme for the service. The W BROAD STREET PHONE 'EL 54641
f piacecarda and paper cutouts or miniatures of Easter bunnies Easter message will be deliv-
acid cluckeus. ered by the Rev. H. L. Smith.



F .

-," ., .' ,

.. .

: THE FLORIDA AF Week Ending Saturday. March 28. 1959
-- -- --
--- -- --- ---


i I,i f i ;


An annual Spring Tea will LAKE CITY The Wom :IADI:" O:%--The Christmas n lden's College of Music, Matthew \V. Gilbert High .

be sponsored by the PTA of en's Missionary Society of Mt. Savhi Club heLl i is meeting, 'a non-profit educational insti- ; School:: Glee Club, under the I

Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary Pi:-:;ah AME Church conducted : recently at the! home of Mis. 'ulior... will conduct its regulars ;,direction of Miss Ruth Gregg

School, April 9'in its meeting recently in the Ida McDaniels with 1-Irs.j; The elementary department u m mer school, beginningJune will be presented in a recital \ ,

the school cafetorium from 4 ;iioni2 of Mrs. Ola Jenkins Chris'.inc Mdvinney, presi- of Isaiah Block e rThe 13. April 26 at 3 p.m. in the au- I -,'
educational del p a r trent !litorium of the New Bethel
School, will jts annual ; .f
to 6 p. m. with the president, Mrs.V.. dent. ;;esiJing. present 1
will offer AME church.
?1. Burke, presiding. operetta entitled, "In summer r
Mrs. Johnnie L. Byrd is Present at tae mceLingvere for students in grade 1-8 who
chairman with Mrs. Lillian Members of the society are: Mrs. C. l'.IcIinnefrs.. Marie Fairyland." Aprirr20 in the have been retained or need The event the ACE is being sponsored rD
Mrs. W. P. Jenkins, school auditorium.The :J summer school credits to be by League of ;
super- C '. \Il's. r'A
Dennis serving as co-chair-J! IlT C. Davis, Mrs. : the church under the leadership -
visor Mrs. W.M. Burke, promoted. (
man. < pres- Thelma Hester, Mrs. Le ,sil i 's tory.is centered around :1 of Leonard J. Roberts, Jr.
ident; Mrs. Naomi Floyd, Classroom piano will be of-
Mi's. Janie Members of the
Tompkins, Bel-
i a pair of naughty sponsoring ;
chaplain Mrs. T. Pierce
A musical program has ; lamy, Mrs. Eliza McGee and fered for Kindergarten and are Miss Jo
group : Bettye
children Jack and
treasurer Mrs. V. Jones Judy con-
; ; par- Classroom teachers. Credits
been arranged for the occa- )\ Nettie B. Cason. I Anderson, Miss Sandra New-
liamentarian; Mrs. L. V. Rich- fined to the house and ordered received in these courses may AIRMAN
sion with various artists and..,ardson, secretary; Mrs. Flos- Miranie Lus McDaniels to read their story books be transferred to other colleges son and, Miss Miss Gwendolyn. Green ROBERT GRAHAM
dips of the city appearing.'sie Lang Mrs. Bessie Alex- and Miss\ Rudell McDaniels as- by their parents as punish- in Florida. Classes will Albury.The Lackland AFB. Tex.AIrman -

Spring colors will be dis-'andra, Mrs. Pearlie Goines, sisted the hostess in serving. :ment for their Wanton destruction be held in piano, theory, band : program is being pre- Robert R. Graham son
plpyed to carry out the .as-!'!Mrs. A. Roberson and Mrs. E. The next meeting will be and cruel treatmentto instruments, guitar and accordion. sented to secure an electric of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gra-

signed color schemes. 'Brown. held April 24. dumb animals. organ for the church. h a m. Sr. of 2926 Redmond
---_ ---- --... --- ---- ------ ---- --- I Ave.. Jacksonville Fla., has
tx -- ----- ----- -------- _. __ I
: ----- -- --- --- -- ------- ---- ----- ---
--- !;'bee n assigned to a unit of

'"..: ."," BU5NESS DIRECTORY ",1 I''I the Air Training Commandat

--.--- :-- ..... ;The Finns Listed Belnw' Jho 'R -- -. -.-- ---- .u. __ Keesler AFB. Miss., for
...--- -- mmTripri A:: Rpnutable Establishments _- rrz_: _-- --- ---- 1 and Administrative

..., ..... :pda1izino: S !'''n'''' w. P ducts .. ._- "" "" """ ..,,,,,, ,--.. : :I :i training Clerk.duty as an He recently --

---- -- -- -- 1 .-. -=-:-_ !_ 1 I, : completed basic military .

AUTO SERVICE TAYLOR'S LAUNDERETTE BYRD & SONS FUEL OIL A to Z SIGN COMPANY i'i Airman training Graham here.is a graduate .
AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Dry Fold. Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: I' of Matthew W. Gilbert

We Give World S & H Green Stamps Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate Prices ,High School.
Complete Body Repair & Paint W or.3633 Moncrief Rd.. Cor. 27th EL 49404CLOTHING 6330 Avenue B PO 4.9516 Gold Leaf Trucks Glass Sho-Cards Ii: : Airmen assigned directly
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- EL 3-5100:
416 Oak Street
:, :o a duty station from basic
Price Start at $4.00 E. G. GOLDER COMPANY r';!;
jj''I training at Lackland will receive -
1532 East Adams Street EL 5.8135 ---- '- '
Kerosene Fuel Oils |, on-the-job training
A and R TRIM SHOP Attend Our 7th -Over 50 Years Service to JacksonvilleACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE ji Iii i der highly-qualified spocial-
Anniversary Sale 2329 Boulevard EL 3.3643 Septic Tanks Cleaned & Serviced I,: isis. They are selected for
1525 Main 1062
Street EL 5-8091 Florida Avenue EL 6-0612 !
1388 Agnes Street PO ,I assignments on the basis of
REED TAILORSJacksonville's their interests and aptitudes.
A & W GARAGE 641 West State Street EL 6-9432 i:I'' ------ -- ___
Only Distributor of One Day Service -
-Complete Overhaul and Repair ServiceTailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. Royal Crown Bottling Company :i MADISON CIS.
I For AU Makes 519 Broad
and Models Street EL 4-1735 881
Phillips 66 Products 1235 San Marco Blvd FL 9...
Terms Can Be Arranged j
FlUe Fuel Gasoline
710 Ocean Street EL 5-2582 FOODS SLATES EVENTS
TroP-Artic Motor Oil j I


General Auto Repair FRESH HOME MADE 1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681 Convertible Tops Door Panels 4,!I
Headliners Furniture Slip Covers I 1:; MADISON Commence-
Generator Starter and Carburetor ServiclJ. 646 Flordia Avenue EL 633089MOM'S ____ __ __ __ 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114;;I announced j j by the Madison
men t activities have been
County Training School be-
1361 Kings Road KITCHEN .
EL 4-3659
-Home cooked meals served 24 hours Serving Jacksonville & Duval -We Specialize In \:II j ginning with the junior class

Young's Amoco Service Station 7 days a week County for over 50 Years GEORGE W. POWELL, INC. :!!I'p 1 a y, which will be held.
1285 767 West Beaver Street EL 4.1812 Real Estate Loans |;March 31 at 8 p. m.
-Tune-up and Brake Service- Kings Road EL 4-9321 Mortgage
:!II| Other activities to be held
General !
Motor Repair & Ignition Service CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected
2506 West Beaver St at McDuff EV 9-9449 STRAND HOT DOG STAND 410 Broad Street EL |I are: Band concert, April 2 at
24 Hour Ambulance Service 4-62041;( m. April G, intermediate
--- 641 West Ashley Street EL 4.9303. j 1(8 p. ;
; Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service Serving Colored Homes Since 1918 I j operetta at 8 p. m.; On April
O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis mgr ::I 26 the chorus will
Batteries $6.95 & up FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Jones Institute of Physical Culture jj j[ be present-

Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- 923 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6 School Of Barber, Beauty & Massage j\..1\;Jed in a recital at 4 p. m. May

Free Pickup Homemade Pies end Cakes Colored Owned and Operated 1'! Day activities will be held,
3711 Main Street 718 West 1 i.May 1 at 1:30: p. m.; Mav 10,
EL 5-2004 Ashley Street EL 6-9169 Holmes & West Funeral Home "Earn As You Learn" J,
I Senior consecration at 11
812 Street EL 4-6005 ( a.
BROAD STREET. BATTERY SHOP BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP Ambulance Service- 5703 Clay Old Kings Road' PO 5-1634 JI JIt ,m.' May 14, juniorsenior

- Batteries Generators Starters Home Cooked Foods (Notary Public) [' I It prom at 8 p. m.; May 17,
Regulators Auto Repairs 617 West Ashley Street EL 4-9701 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 i ;.baccalaureate services at 5

'* _' Delivery Service SKINNER'S FLORIST :' .p. m.; The sixth grade projmotional -
TIPLIGHT'S RESTAURANT Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home i exercise will be
. 1050 Broad Street EL 4.1715 Flowers For All Occasions 11 11.j'
held, May 18 at 2
Home Cooked Meals p. m.
24 Hour Ambulance Service 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275.1,
I ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE GOOD COFFEE 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 I.1! The senior class exercises
.j'!. Reconditioned Batteries 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 49329LANE'S ;will be conducted, May 19 at
XI: :45 p. m.; May 21, cominencement -
All Kinds of Battery Service SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE !
Price $5.00 end uP. FURNITURE. All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws .
scheduled at 8
Southern Fried Chicken ( p m. and
520 Florida Avenue EL 5-4300 -
Blades Sharpened and Sold 1 :
We Cater To Private Parties AIR BASE FURNITURE COMPANY 152& Gary Street EX 8.9504 1]school will close, May 22.

SEABOARD BODY COMPANY Chicken In the Box To Carry Ouf Complete Home Furnishings i I!

Automotive Repair Auto Painting 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6.9876 I SCOUTSySJf!
We Invite Your: Credit 41
Work 24-hour Wrecker Service TAXI
Body Seaside Fish & Poultry Company 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 !
AAA Service Free Estimates 'i
"At Your
All Works Guaranteed Fresh Fish Daily ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. DEAL CAB EL 4.1611 l'i:FMU TO LOOK
813 West Beaver StreetEL 4-2903
2949 West treet EV 9 3 18 Home Furnishings For Every Room LINCOLN CAB EL ...1611THIGPEN'S 1 I

BODY SHOP GROCERIES 502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0
"Baked On Enamel
ACE FISH MARKET Timiquana Road Trading Post "
Wrecks Rebuilt
Fresh Seafood In Season Furniture & Appliances Complete Garden SuppliesFertilizer :
680 East 21st Street EL 35080Mim's
701 Florida Avenue EL 3-7531 Low Prices Easy Terms Fruit Products I TALLAHASSEE Three
Gulf Service Station -- S28 Florida Avenue EL 60478N and Used Furniture bought and sold- ,I scouts were recent visitorsto
AVENUE B SUPERMARKET 564 Timicfuana Road SP 1-3762 i the Florida A & M Cam-
Complete J Car Lubrication Fair Prices BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS ;r,pus in search for professional
7 A.M. to 9 P.M
Open Daily !
and baseball talent
2055 West Beaver Street EL 4.9459 ''WeDe Courteous. Orders Service Above-$3.00" Les Charmette Beauty SalonVashington's Health Service ::1'I Keith Molesworth, personnel -

MEYER'S SERVICE STATION 5673 Avenue B PO 5-1103 Special Attention to Hair &: Scalp Treatment "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Xours" 1 1I director for the Baltimore -

Motor Tune-up & Repair Hair Cutting and Styling Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths 11 I Colts, world professional -

I Lubrication Simonizing Wax Washlnc CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 Colonic Therapy f' I football champions, and
Mechanic on Duty at AU Times Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables D> C. Washington Masseur-Same Location''! Joe Madro, chief scout for
Free EBONY BARBER SHOP I I the Los Angeles Rams took
Delivery 11 I ,
1001 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 6-9460 '
* Home-EL 4-5376 1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-976 Hair Cuts Our Specialty For 23 Years .1'a look at the Rattler grid
-- Ladies Children Gents team during spring training.
934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-247E!
" Bishop's Gulf Service Station FRED FOOD MARKET Open 9 am. to 8:30 p.m.Sat, 8 tip 11 __,.,.i,I' Molesworth spent the day

Gulf Gas & Oil Fresh Fruits Vegetables -736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112 WILLIE SMITH DRUGS :jj i'with Coach Jake Gaither
'and staff
t Free Delivery looking at Rattler
-Car Wash- '
1005 Florida Avenue EL 4-9911 331 Davis Street El 4-3240 LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR Freo delivery any part of the city i:'!game films and talking with

Free Scalp Treatment with HaIr Style -:- OLD RELIABLE -:- ji I;,the coaches about various

Farmer's Service Station GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETIf During the Month of February 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380JJ.I players. The Colts scout told

Motor Repair & Tune-Up You Want The Finest In Groceries Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator ::;!Gaither; that he didn't have

Gas & Oil And Meats Come See Us 811 Davis Street EL 49530TOBY'S JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT j f' to worry about his players

300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 .graduating, "But they
Road Service ... .. BEAUTY PARLOR STORE _- f:I would certainly -
i get old and
358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141
1\IIKE'S GROCERYSpecializing In Hair Cutting- Courteous Treatment would have to be replacedwith

CLEANINGTHRIFTY Staple Groceries Styling Scalp Treatment Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. J young material"
306 Davis Street EL 4-1210't!
Mrs. Tabitha
Fresh Meats Taylor
DRY CLEANERS .,._ prop. I f
_Where Quality Counts _615. Davis......Street., .. EL 4-9812 .1! MEET
Open 7 to 7 Terminix Termite Control SLATED
2C15 Broadway EL 6-9182
1236_ Davis Street EL 5-8115 __ ___ --Complete Termite Control- I I LAKE CITY-The Fifth

M & M MARKET AAA BONDING AGENCY -:- Building Materials -:- I Sunday Union will conveneat

CAVALIER CLEANERS Fresh Meals City County and Federal Bonds 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 : the Spring Branch Baptist -

61XW. Ashley Street EL.4-1629 ; *- Open 7 a m. to 6 pan Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5.193221st Church, between White

and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. 504 Darii Street EL 5-1532 ACE RADIO &, TV SERVICE NELLIES PIE SERVICE 28-29.Springs and Jasper March.
314 Davis Street 1302 Davis .
30 Years In Electronics Fresh Pies Dally All church, Home Missions
SPOT RITE CLEANERS FUEL OILS All Work Guaranteed Potato Pie Our Specialty Frog fresh and deacons enrollments are

One-Hour Service 943 Forest Street EL 46804AVERY'S Potato We Deliver I to Be reported.The .
Pick-up & DellTM? AA BOTTLED_' GAS & FUEL CO. 1423 Steole Street EL 3-0664 Rev. T. C. Carter, preadent

760 Florida Avenue EL S-0!5 We specielz in serving trailer parks STUDIO of the First Central-
'"'-- .. -v- Also 100 U,. cylinders or balk Unto Commercial -' Weddings Horn Poftrslts Association has
ONE HOUR CLEANERS At your home for your convenience Yes we do U in color also QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. that all churches* Of the district

911 West Ashley Street EL 6-1830 15845, West ,Duval Road PO 5-3561 811 West Ashley Street EL 4-7885 Maltreat Heaortling Our Specialty have bene invited to

.. ... .'_ ._ ';11! the attend
.--_ ;- :-: : : : meeting.
.- '

Endinn Saturday.. March 28. 1959 1 : F Cfl DA STAB pae: beveaIf
'- --

If; MoorekobinsonMatch; Is LabiIdFor$1dOO&bO I

-- -- --

.- ----; Air. Wonderful I By Ed 19o.KE I FIGHT FANS ARE DIVIDED\'

I f ..- .........__...r. .'. '-''''':-tC.'-'\" --..-' ..-' "' _u"" .,

I -' CZU't= '' ; ; N r..f.Tnf\O\ !.ut !l-SlGAR!J FAY= ROUT "

By c. 1'Ai.iiAM jo::-so:; / A SYMBOL
: FIS7/CUJ"J"S. :
HOWARD EHMKE Is dead. Every deep dyed in the wool renowned newspaper man A 't.-g: THE F.'G/2C.2 RAY L sports fan remember the World Series of 1929 when Connie was once an outstanding r TAKeTS PlACE ll.H7H topic of discussion right now is the proposed match between
athlete? was captainof + TNtZ All.-TIME"GRtZAT. Middleweight Champion Sugar Ray Robinson and
t Mack shocked the baseball world by naming him to open Spike .h 1
the series. Mack was well fortified with such pitchers as the Stanton High School I Light heavyweight Champion Archie Moore which is estimator -
; ....___! _brie__ $1.000.000. .
t Lefty Grove Georga Earnshaw. John Quinn. Rube Wal- ,;baseball: team and played -n- u." a- --- --- gate-
}. berg. Eddie Rommel and Bill Shore the pitchers who had first base. He was also a i The many friends of Sugar'''. ----- -

\ pitched the Philadelphia Athletics to the pennant. very capable and dependable Ray who have been in his knocked out by the heat. It
: BASEBALL FOLLOWERSwere -. -- -- -- quarterback on the football corner over a period of years: was in that particular fight

8'.1! set on George Earn-I Haynes, Robert Hall, Bill|t ti team. Leroy once headed the are divided in the opinions that the referee was also
shnw opening the Series and i t Russell, Oscar Robertson, vast athletic program spon- i about the fight. Some say flattened by the heat.
Connie Mack named Howard Bob Boozer, Benny Stokes, sored by Simpson Methodist Ray is a middleweight and Both fighters are terrific
Ehmke to pitch the opening K. C. Jones, Wilt ''The Stilt) Church during the days of the! best there is in the busi- punchers and they know all
game. He wasn't even included -I Chamberlain. Elgin Baylor,i iI the late Rev. Thomas H. B. } k I ness and he should stay in(:;of the arts of the game, but
among the front line pit-i Si Green, Willie Naulls and I I I Walker. During those days the middleweight division,can either one go on forever?
chers, but on that memorable!,a host of other tan stars who 1t I.I seats were at a premium in and retire with dignity. Some t Can the legs of either go oa
I afternoon, the 36-year-old i have carved their names the Epworth League. Spike say Moore is a light heavyweight and on? Should the fight
struck 13 batters 'I I i drew young men and women the I materialize it will be of
Ehmke out high in the annals of the; and the best in one
and 12 swinging on the last, game. I I from every nook and corner i business. Moore has not only: the biggest drawing cards in
strike. He not only won the! NEWS FROM T H E DOD. of the cityBASEBALL / fought in his division but as the fight game. Both fightersare

game but he added such hefty -;,GERS training camp at Vero I i! FANS are a heavyweight. Should Moore : favorites with all fight
swingers as Rogers Hornsby -Beach gives a beautiful pic- wondering if Leroy (Satchel) f win from Sugar Ray, he. fans.
Hack Wilson, Kiki Cuy- future of the great job Roy Paige the grand old man of f rn would have nothing to gain;, Financially Moore and
ler, Riggs Stephenson a n d i Campanella is doing in his baseball will come back to but a big purse, it will add Robinson will be able to
Gabby Hartnett to his strike-i position as coach. The wheel the game since his old pal 'Vt.rc&AY nothing to his laurels as alight ';salt back one of the largest
out list. Ehmke will not be;I chair has been no handicap Bill Veeck is back in base- I K heavyweight champion.:purses since they enteredthe

forgotten.The i,to him from the way he has ball. Everywhere ,Veeck has / 5 I Sugar 'Ray has had one I, professional ranks Infighting
BASKETBALL WORLD gone about his work with been connected with the .- chance to fight for the light It is the general
will long remember such! the pitchers and catchers. game he has always brought er'r'v 4S heavyweight crown and that:opinion of the fight fans that

star performers as Reece The players appear fo be Jubilant -Paige into the picture Paigewas was when he was seven years win or lose it will probably
(Goose) T a turn, MarquesSAY : over Roy's presence in with Veeck at Cleveland younger than he is now. His:mark the end of the road for

I camp because of his peppery St. Louis and on down into j opponent at that time was I Sugar Ray.
-- --- ;and hustling spirit. It is be- Miami. I Joey Maxim. Those who can. "
YOU SAW IT lieved that Roy will !'remember that fight also
that supply JAMES (Dean Blue)EVERETT -: f .lr i can PATRONIZE
the remember that
j something Dodgers the affable and esteemed Robinson was:
IN THEFLORIDA o lost when Roy was seriously coach at Booker T. Wash- THE PEOPLE'S IDOL-Sugar Ray Robinson the I I Star Advertisers
(i injured in an automobile ington High School in Miamiis middleweight champion of the world is still the idol of

STAB .I season. o"Dean Blue" as he is affectionately years are waiting to hear his final decision on a pro-
Enroll Now in theSonth's
DID YOU KNOW Jack Archie I
known among his posed bout with light heavyweight champion BEAUTY'S TELEVISION
14-74-91 I Kearns is now manager of a iricnds has enjoyed a very Moore. Sugar Ray as he is shown has taken on all Finest College AND
263 68 876 j Negro fighter? The fighter is wide and extensive life in comers and has done very well for himself is a very RADIO SERVICE
,light heavyweight champion athletics. After leaving Ed- cautious worker. It is predicted that bout between the FLORIDA BARBER I
6 9 (Archie Moore. Did you know ward Waters where he star- two will attract a $1.000.000 gate. Sugar Ray will de- I COLLEGE BRANCH ''Home Calls on all Makes

8 ..,. 2 that it is% the same Jack red in baseball as a pitcher,, cide for himself the best thing to do about a match Used Radios from $5.00 Up
I Kearns who once managed G. I. Approved
football with Moore.
as a halfback and We Finance
8 3 Heavyweight Champion Jack basketball as a forward he I 630 Dads St. at Beaver
? Well
Dempsey when he
Lecame an All-American in
Watch Thi Flown: j.managed managed Dempsey to get around,he always let-I I football at Florida A & M. ,TEAMTHREE CANCELS !IPAIGE HOPES j Phone: EL 5-9874 ELGIN 6-8074
pitched for a spell in the I
ting Dempsey meet -- ----- -- --
j Harry Negro American 1------------- -
League. He i
19-04-36 V/ills. Archie Moore 'TO CONTINUE
383 52 133 J en the run around for was quite giv- could also hold his own in GAMES
I boxing. He is- quite a fellow. I
I a while when he
*<>nw tlme'' h*', upw'metimwi to was trying I SMOOTH SAILING 'TIL I i I
h.'s down I: get because a of with Kearns Joey,Maxim but-i VIE MEET AGAIN.IEXPERTS IN THE SOUTH
11* add "jbtractsIlf ( !
work* it all urnnnrt ; when Moore finally caught:
;! u with Maxim --
p h e beat !

Maxim i to win the light-I MAKEPREDICTIONS I! MIDDLETON: Coim.i .-\\" -1 i! Leroy (Satchel) Paige the.i

i Comng 83-26-32 Attractions is heavy his manager.title and now Kearns! i I leyan University announce;1 1':ageless wonder of baseball

I DID YOU KNOW that Leroy -I! I that three baseball game:s |!has announced that he has
(Spike) Washington the II I I scheduled for a Florida sprinj g !i given up all plans to orga- O

: I Vacation trip have been can."nized i a barnstorming team

ON 'celled when it was ]carnet I this but expressed ,
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get
I i that two prospective opponents i i his hopes of remaining in I
I ; the University of Tampa .-
t aceball.
: ,
I and Florida State Prison i ,I I c Ii
LOPRICES I !I still the
The Jacksonville Braves;. would not play against Ne Paige property:
of the Miami Marlins and
will open the 1957 season in groes.
On Your I i i'.stands a good chance to ba:!
against the Savannah
The team flew t Wesleyan
| back in a MarLn uniform.
DflpG STORE NEEDS) Redlegs and already: Florida March 27 for game*s>> '
I the Braves are being torn !with the University 'of Jacksonville .[ Bill Durney, the Marlins: ,
Trade. With Your Neighborhood Drug Store ,apart and analyzed from top at Jacksonville and[ public relations chief said,
I to bottom by the street corner -Rollins College at \ 'inteiPark. :"Paige has been sent a contract -
WE. WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED pool room, barber shop At present, Coach Norm t( and all he has to do is" r
t![and cafe boards of strategy, Darnels: is attempting arrange sign it and report. i PARIS
IN YOUR LOCAL PAPERS j experts and statisticians to: three additional gamesto ;1'' In the meantime Paige I
II I;determine their chances in the cancelled con 1
i : replace said. "Unless I get a good
We De11\er We Also FlU All Doctors' Pre erlpUouDixie the I
raceOne I tests. contract offer to play I i
I' i
of the main points of:I Daniels explained it has always ., would b e interested in tak- BALLOOMi

Pharmacy interest is, who will be the; been Wesleyan's prac, ing a coaching job. The
a 'chief drawing attraction and tice to admit qualified stu, ,great Paige who hasn't been i: OF JACKSONVILLE
AVENUE 'I who will turn out to be an-;dents regardless of race, "and thrown by "F a the r Time"
other Hank Aaron acknowledged that he k still
Humberto this practice is also naturally .
II Robinson, Felix :Mantilla,:followed in Wesleyan's ath. :the property of the :Marlins,i i" L ; -- -- T t.-.fii; _)/'

LIGHT WATER AND TELE- Horace Garner, Tex Coving-I letics. but has not received any.
t! l i A Starts Mon. Mar. 30th Thru A
ton, Bob Trowbridge: Paul: ;word to report. I Sun. Apr. 5th
PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE ''Cave and others who l "In view of this fact. Dan- 1
.:to draw the helped'iels said, "games with oppo- !I Since Bill Veeck reentered 1I
,parks. crowds to the nents who prohibit Negro I :baseball; fans have been..I i SENSATIONAL
j '
( .
players would not conform to 'v.-atching very closely to see
,[ What will the Braves turn]1 traditional Wesleyan policy." ;what will be the outcome of : )
-n up with that will give the :Paige' rejoining his very close I Ii i -- ...J.- fI\">>< -"T"- "'
__ N other The team earns its own ex- .friend member -- -
teams in the league i as a of the I
u for the lOkiay trip by
some 'Caicago White Sox.
competition? How will"
advertisements for (
selling I
,, I with Manager Sibi Sisti compare'football and basketball programs !; Several sports writers have, J
4 Ben
Garaghty in producing -} running concessions at i said that Paige will be connected -j AI'I (
s / vI winners? Another''! games and doing maintenance with baseball some'wheie -!

I / + r II question that is causing deep''i work on the campus.FRESHMAN i' in 1959. He is said to'I'II !

: concern: is, What will General '' I be one of the greatest drawing -,''
t. : Manager Dan O'Brien !offer I attractions in the game.,
baseball I It
hI fans that former general I '
manager S p e c Richardson
never got around to? t'flaw" in his j jumping style." \
BREAKS "He moves his had at the C IE

Many of there who profess Ito j,.HIGH JUMP RECORD approach and he kicks in in- S JSHOW
4 >> know the game from stead of up."

every angle have promised
Gf hL that they would be present I Thomas stands over 6 feet

htQ len opening night to see what CHICAGO-John Curtis and weighs 184 pounds, has '
ro d Braves will have to of- 'rhomas, the phenomenal Boston won foUl'' letters in track and
I r I fer in the way of. pennant 1 University' freshman, became to prove his versatility, can
i ,cGcntenders. ... c cI America's most, talked produce two letters in tennis.
Sr I about track star and a major -
f\- "' 44'r---I
The Braves will The modest master of the xxzxszz _. .
be out to weapon in the cold war.Two r. ---------------
I win the attendance trophy 1 limes in week 'the then high jump states "I always
one ,
to do iay best and MON. FRI. SAT. $?.OO I
on opening night From all I I never
L7 J L year old student topped; AA
1 S .. indications the team will take the 1 world's indoor highjumping think about the,height"Although TUES. WED. THURS. & SUI $1.25W
the 1d
field with a much improved mark.: Thomas is h e i s amazingly :1

r potential than ,what i depicted: as "a shy, quite proficient in sports, his main /UMAMNUtM'.r>Q// gA/11+* "V'f. /
it was on' opening day last J spoken young man who is al interest is to become. a tea """' V\- #'

year. "-' 4 world champion despite a I cher. : : .: : '.I: t-?,. .



Page Eight THE FLORIDA STAB Week Ending Saturday. March 28. 1959
-- -

VJ.r8.4'VJV'I,.,.,, .- ... ..v.-" -_ --II. ... _.._ "U""P4V8A.J._ ., .J_
Moved To New Location ALCAPONE STORY BROUGHT BACK A"" ;: .v :. :" -Jg-.wT _-;; v.--.v ;-J. itIe

The Three Friends Bar- Chips Off The BlocksBy --IeIe

ber Broad Shop.Street located will hare at 801 to TO RITZ FOR LIMITED SHOWINGThe -

move due to the Express By Jay Jay -Ie

way. To my many friends RITZ Theatre announced this week that it is bringing XwYffS. YSJJ *AAAAAA.nAA/VVU\AA.nA.f\/\AS. '
have ---------------------- i
and customers I back the sensational "AI Capone" movie for a limited en- J
to vacate my present shopon gagement starting Sunday through Wednesday for the bene- is in the air and The chief bellmen of the var- has been remodeled. Bill Pau- ,

April 2. I Melvin Jackson fit of Jaxons who were unable to see the historic film due come Sunday the little boys ious hotels received certificates line, one of the city's top mix-

will be located at the to the recent bad weather. and girls and many grownupstoo of merit at the Enquire ologists is home from New f

Palms Barber Shop. 815 will don their Easter fin- Tuesday night. Quite a few York and mans the bar. Helen i
Davis Street. I have been The "Al Capone" story man who invented the "rub fellows from the various hol- Bradley is your hostess. I
giving services based on the life of the coun- eries and strut about town. steries turned out to see their For a real tract you should *
you my "
for 11 years, and hope to try's number one mobster was out, the "one way ride" and and as the saying goes folk "chiefs" feted. Clarence Bel- hear the trumpet player with

continue. seen by thousands of Jaxons also gave to gangland the tom- will be "all dressed up and no ton, Jr. and Sr. were there Paul Williams at the Palms. : /t/! l-
from the Mayflower, Verniss Ruth Brown is in fine voice. ,
who hailed it of theyear's place to go.
as one my gun.
Jenkins of the G. W. and Harry Proof of Pauls' years in the /1le tV I
most thrilling motion In response to hundreds of According to'Eric O. Simpson White of the Rooseveltlent business is a son playing

pictures. It is the story of the the editor, Jax Negroswill critical eyes to the pro drums and a darn good job. *
Eastslde Nursery requests from Jaxons who
ceedings. In the gallery John-
have spent a half million The Borsolinos Club will: r
ForWorking missed the movie on accountof "Justthink" ny Shaw, Marshall Brown, play host to the boys from the I WWQM&A
FURNITURE FOR SALE dollars on Easter togs. Clarence Mathis Robert Harvey
Mothers the recent bad weather the Duval County Boys Home on I
"if Ne-
E. O. laments Henry ."Babyface"-
Bedroom suite davenport. Tuesday afternoon. The clubis I
. Call EL 4-3521 bookcase and other furniture. management is bringing back groes would pool their buying liams, and Sylvester 'Fathead' one of the city's youngest tip of the Papal Oaf

713 W. State St. EL 4.2226: the action-packed story of the; fesourses and patronize only Saunders watched Isadore Paige Twins, Bun psy Bradley I to these ootataiuEteg
underworld for four-day Singleton spiel he deliveredthe young Americans, wa.
a run the stores that treat us with as Muller, Jerome Forrest Harvey -I *
-- -- -- --- ----- ---- -- ------
ate popular RITZ th ineatre. main address. Jennell Wilson Johnson, James McBride ,, make eur country asd
respect and give our young
made our community abettor
a pretty picture as and
PIIOTOGUAl'HS FOR Appearing in the starringrole 'uns fair employment oppor- she presented the certificatesto the members Kirkpatrjck of areamong the'I Clare in which to llv

as king of the underworldis tunities, we might see some the honorees.
** '
Steiger, supported by a progress for the race. Receiving the beautiful certificates Knight has gotten in

--. cast of stellar actors who ABOUT TOWN FrankIIampton's were: Pat Saunders, the latest from Capitol Re i aa

Expert Photography bring to life the shocking era Gulf Station is hot Chester Ford, Jimmie McMil-\ cords. Among them are "Jackie aa
Portraits Weddings Banquets of the reign of mobsters. lian, Ivory Epps, Samuel W. Davis Meets the Trom-
Passports & Identification Photos I air headquarters for the mo- bones." Its the .
Epps, Eddie Gager, Collis i .
Photostats & Commercial Work ment. His Institution of Poli- Quarterman, Fred Marshall latest. Request it and you'll y. t

'V r Photos For Newspaper Cuts i tical Enlightenment is in full and Robert Murray.Oh hear it. Ken plans to spend
While You Wait iI Easter in Daytona with his t
Professors Ralf Mault-
,.t,. Coloring & Picture Framing iI I swing. yes, White formally in- folks. :
A"J; v. Let Us Take A Photo Of You 1t I Enjoy These Gala sby, E. J. Norman, Isadore i troduced a new drink called Jimmie i II u g e r passed ii:

j.And' The Kids In Your Easter Outfit Singleton and Dean Emeritus! "Gimlet Cocktail." through on his way to Savan-I aNew

/ .f In Natural Color I Easter Joe James are ready to instruct The Southside Harlem Club
.... <<:... nah and the Alpha Regional.The .
HOLIDAY HITS I all novices. I BCC Wheel is Regional t
Out in the county Coach I of Alpha. *
Special Easter Rate Sunday & Monday Stanton
STRANDSun..Sat. I Elcee Lucas is busy training PIANO FOR SALE I Senior High School T

AVERY'S PHOTO STUDIO "battling" Earnest Jackson Excellent Condition- SHIRLEY ROBINSON *
Mar. 29-Apr. 4 $250.00 I IWOUBTAXRETIIRXSNED I } { ; I
Shirley a member of
for another shot at the city 4.
Clara White Mission
West Bldg.
611 Ashley 2 New Top Hits In EL 4-8677 the Senior Class. She
Phone EL 4-7695 For AppointmentsSun. Technicolor! I council up with trophj.the familira Porcher quota-came Form Short $9.fill Form Long $1.011 the President of the Ca-T

mra Club vice president T
tion "I do not choose to run"
of her homeroom honor
---- -- -- --- an
and is sitting this one out. HELP WANTED
Fh'NONAME Student and a member of T
Samuel Bruce, a tenderfoot in Zion Hope Baptist church.*

Wed. RIIZ Scarface ON THEBULLET politics has stepped into the CHANCE TO EAR EXTRA -. 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6-3703 >r... *********

Only! Returns! political pool, running for MONEY NOW. Opportunity -. 9 A. M. 'til 9 P. M.REFRIGERATORS.

councilman in the third ward. for everyone. We can tc

NOTICE-Because Of The Bad Weather Last Week I' Tiplight Durham is the only t help you and you can help t : r
And The Many Requests We Have Received We Are -maw an lura jmos.11 ussnss in town who has us. Start tomorrow and Ton L
man gone
Bringing This Great Feature Back For Those Who A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURERoosevelt fishing and lost the whole should have some extra l
Were Unable To Attend. boat. Tip and some friends money coming to you every: t f I II

went out and when they dock- week. Study our course io. .,.. .. <
Police work and tell & FREEZERS ,.:
ed the boat slipped for yoU
rob.out and the away
i invented the
He an unmanned cruise down the friends about our course.

one-way s" lde" and introducedthe Riabault River. .Johnny I Write for. TOUT first free, Licensed TechnicianM. By 11.1 .... ..t%%.}, ,..
is back in working t
Stewart town, '
W j lesson. Professional Investigators .
tommy gun to gangland! E. DELEMOS {;. x.,,. .'<
hi at the painting trade. I Academy. 11 North I f :"' '" ."';:<"
I 2.I:i Call- PO 4-0127 ..
Jacksonville --
Ocean Street.
I The Ritz is bringing back I! :

"Al Capone" starting Sunday.I Florida.' __ ___ __ ____ ____ u ___ ': Douglas DORIS Anderson WHITE
I. .which features cgstoiunm '.
A I .Another must for the weekend I "t Jr. Senior High School

zJ 1 1d tali I is,the races at the Ponce I II I Pepsi Cola Dealers 'and
d TECHNICOLOR de Leon Raceway which fea- I' HAVE CASH WILL BUY I Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -

(11.Jf1JONe I tures nightly racing with 3 are proud to salute
Doris White of the llthw
.. "matinee races" Saturday afternoon -
I starting at 2 p. m. YOUR VACANT LOTS grade. class. She is a member -
THE STORY NO ONE DARED They tell me quite a few have T of the National Honor

FILM...UNTIL NOW! Sun.-Tues.-Mar. 29-31 I been picking some nice coinon Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay J Society and an honor Stu-

2 Big 1st Run Hits! the dailey double and quin- I T dent.

Also "SHE PLAYED WITH FIRE" elas. *****.**7k*** r
,- 7 ----
I "tAN"NVr. t I w-- 1 .Jc
The wild chick with the .
| :
iLONEY wayout bold blond cluster is s I f -x r v I Ia Ik.
Rhoda Jackson, sisterinlawof 4 .. I .
shapely Gladys (Bus Sta- : -
hare excellent positions for gocd female t
I II many open
tion Bar.. Moseley. .
I, .
domestic workers Steady Jobs with nice private families J
Lovely 3 bedroom home all
313 W. 18th Street N a RECALSCOPE ncruaS \ I Lolita Stephenson has gotten who will treat you right! and provide a nice room. meals
modern .
convenience price ...r"",, iucnN.cs.. __.,2011I t-- .
S11.500.CO. Terms can be arranged. back from Houston. She and all privileges Salary to $50 weekly io siart.
plans to leave again in a few Transportation to New York advanced If you are lookingfor 1 <<
Lovely corner 3 bedroom home
349 W. 18th Street all modern YOU NEVER SAW THIS KIND days. Carolyn is back on the a good sleep in Job contact Florida Domestic Supply I, I I tc
convenience. and a .
OF MANHUNT BEFORE! set in the 600 block with flam- P. O. Box 323 Lakeland Fla. or Phone MUtual 5-5504- .1 I
garage price 11500.00 ing hair and the latest orange -.v....._. .'-_:-.'"\ \ ".-.-_.;_.-_ .-J.""Volv.v, JMARTHA I iCok
1849 W. 24th Street Terms can be arranged. i --- -- ---- LLL
shades in makeup. She has .
2 story duplex. 2 bedroom
been to New Orleans.
Corner Irish Blvd. and 2 bedroom dOWn$9.000.00 I ACQSTWS 'Duval County C
& Edgewood Ave. Nice corner 3 bedroom home The grand opening of the Vocational School J(
modern convenience 8000.00 I Academy of Charm with Rose Tribute is paid to Mar-J
2 bedroom home modern con- irkuedlbnIMrtH (the former :Mrs. Joe Louis) EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMANBait tha of the 12th grade T

1651 W. 20th Street venience Price $6.000.00 Mats I Morgan as guest demonstrator Shrimp Live Crabs class. She is a member of n
2 bedroom home on a large lot is the talk of the town. the Business Education tc

525 W. 21st Street and a small store on corner 111 With the opening of the AC Fishing Tackle C I u b. Student Council fC

Price 14000.00 I we expect some graceful girls Business Manager of the )K

7852 Moses Street 2 bedroom home modern convenience Also No. 10 Hop Harrican around town in the near fu- 8019 MAIN STREET PHONE ELGIN 4-9570 I I Glee Club and an honor|(
small down-payment. Plus 2 Cartoons ture..The Girl Friday i is ,!student.
(Sweetenwater) over at the academy is Shirley JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA
Price $6,950.00 *
SKY VIE WI Battles Anderson, a New *
IN THE SPRINGFIELD SECTION I first office practice at the OoagratnlatlntiB trop feist
RENTAL AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENTWE a Sun. Tues."Fraulein" Cola to theM three Kertt

SPECIALIZE IN MORTGAGES LOANS with Dana Have you dug the crazy SUPPORT.THE. DRIVE Award winner.
I Winters-]as. Edwards And pony-tails the two Barbaras Listen te Peptllertl.Awmrtsalutation
MARSHALL L BROWN "Gunsmoke In Tucson"Mark Miss Spears and :Mrs.\ Reed I Pepd CMs
Registered Real Estate I Stevens Thriller is FOR BETTER TREATMENT Is
Broker are sporting. All I can say s TEEN-TEOC: WBBO 14Moo
Office Phone EL.4-1827 Res. EL 6-3486 Both Technicolor! "they are way out" I year' dial Batorday
703 BROAD STREET !; Also 3 & Cartoon *
out to BY LOCAL 11:4.1 t4 UIM L1R.
Frank Hampton and his family *

..... ---- in.the death of their Moth *
would like to sea a new policy of batter treat
er. .'Lester Young the dean ment to Negro customers adopted by local firms.I *
of tax men known to music "resent being called by my first name by salesman
buried OlH .
lovers as "Pres" was and saleswomen. ws

last, week' in New'York.OBSERVATION I believe that Negro patrons should be provided *

: If you ample rest room facilities In local: establishments and e -
don't' think the Negro press an end put to Jim-crow signs on drinking fountains

can get things done, observe and lest rooms.
r how quickly the school board To accomplish these changes I am wEUag to coax

found some funds to re-open paironWcg firms thai are. cnwQllng to .mart Ilium.
the Negro .adult evening requests. ,
school after the STAR announced NAME x Diisrusa
it lead a mass registration -

of Negroes at the white i .ric >ffaeliaw7
adult school. ADDRESS i -

Isiah. White and J. D.Brooks I understand that-my Dame Trill be hold confidential .
collaborated and madea i ml MS indicated oibsrvris below. 7 .

an woese-- >0s r::;_ -11II fuss over a group of fellows I ( ) Ton may dfcrlosa- my rrrma If nceos.' :
we usually take for granted. I II .-