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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 21, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 21, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Internal Probing Revenue NAACP:;' k Roa/8jg4& ; 4I

-... 1
-- ---
I t?t'!
---- -- ----=--- -
: VOL. 10 NO. 6 And NEWS March 21. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 ,fir ;So .

x ; Con'g. Diggs Criticize\\;

"' I' Voting Apalh 1.,lA _

f Y




,, .' By Staff CorrespondentThe

Visiting Congressman, Charles C. Dig 9 s. Jr.. mad his

presence felt on Thursday evening when he delivered a I ,FLORIDA, STAR has issued a call to veterans and

powerful address to members of District "No.,.2 of the Florida adults who wIlL
Voter's League at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church. :'result of the closing of Duval "County's Negro adult educa-

i The dynamic Congressman ____ __ I:I lion program to join a mass registration at the white Central -

Episcopal Church Photo I I roundly attacked apathy, _Grammar_and Technical ,High schools.

BIOLOGY STUDENTS AT VOORHEES JUNIOR COLLEGE, Denmark, S. O, member, lack of cooperation, political, i The plan to have uuvai
school of the American Church Institute for Negroes. The Institute, an Episcopal Church !' ,1,1I [Negroes seek registration at "Well, Sweet would probably -
and lack of posi- [
agency organized to promote the cause of better education for Negroes in the South, empha- ignorance I the white adult schools was l like to know, and I

'sizes the importance of Christian education in a scientific and technological age I'tive action. in the Negro'sfight mttl [''announced by Eric O. Simpson i would, if he's supposed to

I for equal rights. x. '! publisher of the STAR I follow instructions when I

h________ I "We need leadership. For I who said: "The school board : give them," Jaggears replied.
leaves us no alternative. Du-
/>T IPP !three hundred years Uncle ,|val 1 Negroes have not been'
ASSAULT I! REPORTS I Tom has been ''laffing' under pushing integration but if w I*iFAMILYBRAwL

Mr. Charley's magnolia tree. j A +' they close the Negro adult

TELLS OF II Then there are the 'Black y/ ; ( school it means that we will j
who'll sell their
; IAN HIT IN HEAD Judases have to seek enrollment at i, '
. V ( UP> FIGHT !race for thirty pieces of silver I the white school." Simpson SENDSFATIIERr

BY CHUCK PAYNE :Mrs. Susie Lee Davis, 38, I a high sounding title, a I added: "It looks a s though I ?

;, Pleasant Street was hit on i minor position or a pat on the f J the school board is forcing: I
Mrs.\ Amanda Washington, the ;53-v ear-old 1 head with a piece of wood i head. We are calling upon the intergration. ,

on Saturday .March 7, was the victim of a ; ) "t Saturday a. she attempt I average Negro to use his nu- i I !1 A
showed signs of pain as she bent over to indicate to imerical strength and solidairityHto The Negro evenmg gene- -year-c/ man was
stop a fight between her I
left leg where she had been kicked by a State { furnish leadership. I ral education was treated at Duv.nl) Medical Cen-
and another man. .... program I i ter for lacerations
. trolman. 'to .. .ci on the head
_. P lasTuesday
..... 3.1ys.Bavis said ,. ordered closed suddenly t
site -
} '11 :::- + ues 4 -* +' lUiat'
-j a U'i. black": toothers in "f I werecsusrd when his
According y:
to Mrs. Washington j unanimous vote
one but |
four doctors at the 1 Jon the I Rhodesia, Kenya and the :i two ,sons jumped on him and
ground he did not know which one. I C. DIGGS. JR. f loa a moticn by board member beat
Duval County jail, where she Belgian Congo and all of him up last Sunday.
I stomach and war treated at the office i 'Ned Searcy because of
was detained after the Saturday ''on Fleck Africa are pealing with i f j Frazier said his sons jumped -
me \ Dr. E. Washington 821 "an overspent budget and insufficient -
incident, declared her I ton described the I i:1gs Road. f blood the'privilege ol seeking -)1- i funds." .j on him for no reason at
the ballot" the Congressman -' all, but Albert Lee FClzier
ankle fractured as a result of times she was I
the kick. Mrs. Washington many to count. I! I said. "VIe seek to turn:CONTRIBUTIONSOIlliSTIONED Board Chairman Raymond!contradicted his father by
said that she was instructedto BROKEN our backs on our heritage in A David said it had come to saying his father argued all

"soak" the injury. It remains A number of FItih'l WITH UNCLE 1 Black Africa as they seek the 'the board's attention that as night Saturday night and

a mystery why the leg: fied Mrs. 1Va: Thomas Ruckor, 45, 1016! right to vote. : last Friday there was nothing -I about noon Sunday bo jumped

was not put in a cast by the count of the 1 Street was hit on I left of $60,550 in funds I on his mother and slapped his
and Windle } loft arm with a stick by j "In Jacksonville there is baby brother.
doctors."I I allocated to the for
fore it had run uncle after the uncle be-!jno rest:;taco to the right to1! the 1958-59 school program I I i Albert Lee said his fatheri

hurt all over my body," counted for angry when he refused i vote; yet less than one third i Washington The National The board said that year.as early -i I drew a knife vhich his mothr -

the woman said, during rests besides give him to i jof the are Association, for .Advance-. ,
a money buy qualified Negroes i ii i, \\ as Oct. Floyd R. helped to take. He said
FLORIDA STAn interview at ton's, the eating Rucker said. i'registered.i There is no excuse -:;I meet of Colored People: to;' 3. of a d Jagi i(! when his father started beating

her home at 8121 Tarlings and the Rucker was treated at Du'i{| ," he declared. "\V e:;lie: the object of an intense;i education gears supervisor discussed u and I his mother, he hit his

Avenue, on Thursday eve crowd that had edical Center for should translate income tax investigation, according I
a our yearnings i|i -. wrote Sweet father wit'i! a hoe h::.idle.
DeVaugh principal -
ning. "And the back of my gun-ready police arm police reported. I for liberty and justice:''I to the commissioner of the Negro adultevening Frazier was: intoxicated, police -
head hurts me all the time ments. Patrolmen Freddie Mack\ I from prayer into positive:'of r internal revenue. 1 1 1I 1 i reported.

now. lie (the officer) sat on The. three Johnnie Doe investigated. (action and supplement our I 1 I Notifying Sen. Harry F.i lin program, concern-i,[ Patrolmen Sidney Gaines
I : the "extreme serious-i'
my stoma dl for almost thirty were Leroy i i!ii prayers with action." j Byrd (D., Va.) of this action,; ness"r of the budget problem.Tuesday's and W. H. Harris investigat-
j I : ,
minutes. Corbitt and BAT} STOLEN I Commissioner Dana Latham; II
Robinson Darnell Cookman Elemen-' The audience 0 f nearly said the I j I meeting revealed -',
1rrs.Yashington who i ipartially is was inquiry probably! that the entire school)'
beaten School) 1701 1000 persons were kept spell I i will ;: ed.DEATH
by Davis St. I several months. He I
paralyzed, gave this :. "bound by the fiery logic of (I:board groping in the dark,
away from the broken into and entered j i said a report then will be! STRIKES
account of the incident: 1 the Congressman's s tat e- ;and not fully aware of what
Thomas and Monday'and: eight base !made to the Senate Finance'
County'jaiL'n :
was driving home from town ments. Ii jis going on when a controversy -*
rested for bats valued at $40 were Committee which Byrd heads I
with some friends. At Mon- their aid to the Byrd asked in March !91 j( developed over :a list DURING BIGGS '
"Too that a I
crief and Kings: Road I no- I many sav votingis I !of 11 part-time teachers as-!
than see him l f Miss A. L. Lattimer, secre- letter for of''
an investigation !
ticed a State Police car was for white folks, he said, .signed to the Negro proiraml!
sault of Mrs.\ \ said the school was whether NAACP activities I '
following me. lIe followed me II at one point. "There is too by School Supt. Ish :rant
right to the front of my R. J. Ridaught last Friday at 4:30 much of a lack of political! ':and those of the Committee:through the personnel de- MASS MEETING
identified as the ., but when the janitor re of 100 fall :
within the law
i nVe have )
house, and then asked me j a c t o hardly I II partment. It developed thatithe i
who sat on Mrs. \ for W p r k Monday scratched the surface in permitting donors to deduct !
something about: how I was I poli- i central office thoughtthe j
driving. I told him I was just stomach and beat he discovered the I tics. Civil rights is the most ,contributions for charitable,I!, list was being sent to be! The program that was
afternoon He school
urday said the
driving normal like anybodyelse. '[I important national issue. The,II educational and other such!drawn only for needed sponsored at the Mt Ararat
been entered upon
Then he said 'I'm going Wednesday hearing lockon the door by breaking at the(''I I Negro vote is a prize in this purposes, in figuring income i replacements, whereas a d-,Baptist Church list Thursday -

to take you to ?"ail.' He told Judge Sarah was -P {,i country. We need an army of taxes. |ministrators in the adult night was saddened by

me to get in the police car, wing. j!Paul Reveres to go out and' Latham said he would fol-| thought the teachers tle.sudden collapse of :Mrs.
Mrs. \ Nothing but the baseball program :
which I did ." wake up eligible Negroes." i ij low procedures which were!I to be hired. Nora White Allen of 1129
ently free were I
According to reports, thlegat't7 e on said.Patrolmen. reported. missing,I i!suggested when he appeared]I The board session already Kings Road.
: pending a Don't wistfully, he *
l of Mrs Washington's j yearn before the Joint. Committee Mrs. Allen opened the
charges against Jesse Jackson ''said. "Don't tolerate !'I jarred by disclosure of "hor- : pro-
t i v.'r's license and hp* state : indigni- CI n Internal: Revenue and! gram that featured a speech
ating a c\r Johnnie J. Doe investi:ties. No rifying conditions" i nth e
f s. bcrness were the b1'olmds longer is there an Taxation. deliveby U. S. Congressman
for me officer's action driving while excuse. In the ballot box t I school: system ended up inan Charles C. Diggs. After

When asked what sisting arrestSLATED there is power to make our I z.tempt to make DeVaug-.,
Gc"rr: ed STABBED MONEY 1 STOLENAT han Sweet the prayer she returned to hers
scapegoat inj i
cries heard
in the police car while she was WIFE JN FIGHT from Jacksonville s t and was in the midst of
FOR to Tallahassee to Wash CHIC "N SHACK the muddled situation of the,
being taken to jail, Mrs. Chaphas Carter, 42, of 637, Negro adult education 'getting some money from her
ington. From program. *
Washington replied: "H* kept GRAND JURY -State Street told police he: the courthouse 'pocketb=.'?c to put in the collection

cursing me and threateningme. stabbed in the left shoul-: tot h e statehouse tot h e Lane's Chicken Shack, 1446 Martinez Baker ,who |. -. hen she collapsed,
White signs
Then he said Til knock House. We don't need Myrtle Avenue was broken .
Mrs. Jimmie during a fight with his 1 persons sitting near. her said.
the school teachers' checks
your brains out' 1 asked him Mrs. the majority,.just the balance into and entered last Friday ; She
scheduled to face Dorothy Mae Car.! Laid, "It seems to me since): was picked up and
of and
not to hit me, whatever he County Grand last Sunday.He : power. $39 was reported missing Mr. Jaggeirs: out rushed to the hospital for
did, because I'm partially par- 10 days," : said. he and his wife i Congressman: Diggs concluded from'a'box der that was kept un- this situation in a letter last i treatment, but was dead on
rJyzed. Then he hit the a bench in the '
me on spokesman for the having an argument; his hard-hitting address kitchen. October, there has been some i arrival. Mrs. Allen was a
left side of my fate.. torney Office. e ,his being a\u from! somewhat : insubordination 'member of Shiloh Metropo-
::on gun er Mrs. or at lest
41 tried to rH oat of the Dorothy Johnson, an
: The too long when LJ was litan Baptist Church.
young note !by saying"The vouesof someone doesn't These
car, :Mrs.Washington contin ently charged' ; employee said when she re-
ued. "I was afraid and didn't Carter taken our ancestors are echoing ported for work. last Friday areserious matters; school
of Leo t
shooting. was J a .
down the 'corridorS'f time. .board members have been s s
want him to boat me any Sunday morning, dic l Center in pot morning noticed the right
:I crying to us :to'sustain the dismissed: for
more. He stopped the car Mrs. Hast was he was,treated 11i.re- rear window jalousie.;; had I overspendiEg YOuR'LASt? CHANCE
} : I .
right 4>iril of co rage/ which can been removed.She budgets"Searcy .
there r.t Tyler and Win : ed. ; .I. ; To
'coroner's Both parties .
by Register
a jury wore ar -
die x> called Christian, : not'w1fsWe :' asked Jaggears To
said :
Street. He ran around the tion,with the ': -. 2.78 was J left fn a \ 'Sat. March 21
car and kicked me and started : I must maiataln..faith in paper bag on the kitchen you think you could put
day, Feb. 27th, Patrolmen .C:'Barton:,and RegUtrmllon Office
God faith ; Sweet Open
t1ling on mw any'' when I fell confined in.Duval i George S investigatedr* .II faith, in"each: ,in-Jhertiatlon other." ,,and: i floor. Nothing missing. else was reported ?" up for insubordination From 8:30 AT M. io 5 P. M.NEGROES

'. ..

'-.-'., .

Page Two- -.....- ,:" Ending Saturday. March 21, 1959
._ h. ____
-- -
--- -

A8 ;
\\ LWCnli =S s SW1Ck"EIUC -

NEWSPublished N .+

t By 0. SIMPSONIt :

by The Florida Star Publishing Co. }

"Member of Associated Negro Press"1 1ti would be quite foolish for anyone to expect any gene-

Eric O. Simpson _.. .-_____n__Editor ral reversal in the South's present anti-integration' policy.
C. Parham Johnson _,___._._...__.._Newi Staff hr Z At least not in the near future.
ABamae Richardson ..Circulation ---- --
Dept. Fnthermore.. when and ifs
u c h a reversal in policy j game.It .
T t. { does come about, it will in is almost laughprovoking. -
no way be 'general' in the i Almost-but not quite.As .
,._. cS
2323 Moncrief Road EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783
.. true sense of the word, but, a matter of fact. when
Downtown Branch Office 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 -
: rather, gradual, regional and !separated from all its whirling -
a ; 'I segmented. It will probably : distractions and artifi-

Mailing Address be a considerable time before P. O. Box 561 Jacksonville 1, Florida school integration in the: is quite UNfunny.

4 South become sufficiently,, These
I are not times for
1 + ti significant as to be termed the people of this nation to
SUBSCRIPTION RATES acceptance. be torn asunder by any such

One Year. $5.00; Half Year. $ .OO: Three Months $1.80 __ issue from within. Not when
r- 'V ""'' Ever sinceQ
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United: States. Governor Fau- foreign aid-the most effective -
Bobccription Payable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: f t- : .nus stuck his anti-American weaponof

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA\ t: ; : tongue out at the cold war-is drainingus
f .jthe FederalCourt of economic: potency. Not

.., r back in when our youth are becoming -

t 0 :., September 19 pampered irresponsibles
taP / ,
HUMAN RIGHTS JEOPARDIZEDBY 4. .57, this schoolintegration -tomorrowism.an atmosphere. of atomicn

: business Certainly
not while
p : has beXcome a real threat of
POLITICAL BACKWARDNESS .t ......... : a well-. war remains such a physical
# possibility.The .
:::$.. nflated foot-
....' : ; J all whole magnificence of
i. very
f.. "* "I
nation is
envied in the
.I j 0 u n ceable
It is becoming more apparent that the Negro has to be ; '. SIMPSON and,' for the world. And that is under-
shocked into realization of his netls. One hesitates to believe 1at ;T'2. f most part, constantly air-. standably so. We-none of

that he has an actual affection for abuse and brutality.. But, borne. Politicos-particularly us are ordinary people. The
at times what else is there to think? in the Southern bloc-refuse very fact that we have to
let the continually strive t 0 b
to matter e ac-
In large numbers there exists a strange breed of blackman
who demonstrates a mulish disaffection for the one ..WITH VIGILANCE, COURGE AND INTEGRITY They refuse to, because cepted as 'regular guys'
throughout the world
they've got a good proves
massive force of representation ballot.
thing-politics wise-and the fact of our uncommon-
He has been begged pleaded with, cautioned, warned i in know it. And they intend to( ness. We are a great and
connection with voting. Register and vote has been the play the field with it as longas generous people; blessed with

drum-beat of this newspaper. Consistently and faithfully we Your Weeklyroscope possible. ,. good-humored humility:
have pursued this course of enlightenment. Still a pisto 1 __ which, sadly, is too often mis-
butt viciously applied to a black skull appears to be the most '" fit I Take the Bade taken for arrogance, and as
effective method of enlightenment, up to this point.Last .: Guide __ School Board decision to admit such basically the reason for
weekend, here in Jacksonville, the person and dig ___ four Negro children to1'our costly unooDularitv-
nity of a Negro woman suffered a vile and barbarian abuse a white elementary school. -
in the presence of citizens who were herded and kept at bay -- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Certain Southern lawmakers i!i' Integration is not an instrument -
by readied fierarms. BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL have quite nearly suffered : of racial mongreliang -

The perpetrators of this primitive outlawry were-ironically strokes denouncing the or cultural depreciationor

-policemen. The woman, as record will show, was sat By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER board's decision as the vilest anything of the sort. On
upon and beaten by a State IIi hway natrolman. while his : sort of infamy. "Treachery!" the contrary, integration is a

cohorts treated the crowd of shocked and outraged citizens, ARIES I I LEO I SAGITTARIUSBorn others have screamed. "Trea-,: promise of racial harmony-
M they would a herd of cattle, subjecting them to the vilest Born March 21 thru April 19'Born I July 23 thru Aug. 23 ] Not 23 thru Dec. 21 chery and backbiting!" so necessary in such a racial-

curses and imprecations, while threatening their lives with This is the period that)| This i is spring equinox' This should be a very fine I ly: diverse nation as ours. In
These frequent and always costly departures from the leads to the New Year's of week, and everything shuold'turn week, and the fatigue or unpleasantness -Quite Why all the hysteria? '' final focus, all creeds, con-
simple. Because such a' and
weapons. nature, the spring equinova u u t well. While Merj j noticeable around -I' loyalties must
Laws of the Constitution are violent reminders that the rightsof time of great significancefor cury becomes retrograde on New Moon time should positive move as Dade Coun- reside HERE, if "one nation

human beings remain in constant jeopardy whenever civic you. This could indeed bea t the 20th and things might 1 be completely gone. Make them ty's decision threatens to de- under God, indivisible, with
indifference abides in the place of political collectiveness. period of red-letter days, slow down after a few days,, o s t of opportunities for,I.flate the most valuable political -'libertry and justice for all,"
This is particularly true here in the South where, in spiteof lasting until the Full Moon. 1 this Planet, which is so important work in the line of your profession football since the hungry is to survive. ,

a widening segment of politically aware Negroes, there Business should be very good 1 for you, makes two' J or of public activityof days when a chicken And to those men of office
still remains a discouragingly solid mass of unresponsive, inner trine-aspects to Uranus within I promised for every pot.
until Easter, your j any kind-before March lest they
; In forget: the line
apathetic black folk whose i ways, the to-hell-
stubborn resistance to the I many
protective of six This could
fe-the very essence days. bring; 20th if possible. Take advantage tween political
and progressive power of political representation being-is quite exciting events in term 1 of social with-integration issue e x-' zealotry and
personal new
particularly or politi-
through voting, is causing to lose your in importance the ,rabble-rousing is so thin as
us ground nearly as fast favored by broadening enterprises L cal trends. especially if they i to be questionable.
as we gain. explosive 'exterior' I I I
i or illuminating planetary 1 1asoects. plans for reform or improve'im a ffect you personally. !'! crises Ii
This backward within is in Developing throughout I Ii
mass the
our race great degree e n t in matters touching i 5-30-11-29-13-532i '
responsible for such crude exhibitions as last week's public 2-110-66-12-66-216 I:your profession. i I i world. While Russia's Khrushchev -:
police brutality. Advocates of white supremacy feel fully .420-55-19-53 423VIRGO -between Vodka sips
confident.that they can get away with murder, so to speak; }i I-slyly eases the noose of *
and will try again and again to keep the nigger in his place '; :''i CAPRICORN communism over the world-
-regardless what he has to hit him in the head with. TAURUS :Born 'Born] Dec. 22 thru Jan. 191, J Southern lawmakers burn *
Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 1 I II I
20 This
Born April 20 thru May really includes the the midnight oil I
This period covers actuallythe I Mercury turns retrogradeon whole period until the 24th.1 I 11 I legal constructing
the 20th ramparts which they 1 YOUR LAST
while CHANCE
in ]
period from the 15th to Perhaps you are receiving I hope will stymie
NEGRO PRESS IN AMERICA the 24th of March. It should .+I i J excellent trine-aspect to Uranus some bonus or financial help, social evolution a very natural -'!>
he an excellent period judg- finances.which pertains to your i which paints the picture veryje;:,;I eningly known as integra-:i' To Register
ing from planetary indica- There are great: 1 bright, and under the trine t tion. Again, while
TOLD RESPECTED INSTITUTION tions. The spring season begin -. J possibilities for you in yourprofession under the very best auspices -J particularly along; i may make a flamboyant gam-'' become I,
particularly for you. intellectual, spectacular, pioneering -' ble of some kind which,I j I and full-fledged from thence revolutions -i Registration Office Open
In the year 1827, one hundred and thirty-two years ago The sextile of Saturn to Neptune lines. The spring; ;alas, presumably will bcome full-grown i
this week, John Russwurm became the first Negro in the' suggests the possibility (equinox brings the Sun to> 3 rang and leave you a bit i J j t world-a breed wars,of plague the I!i From 8:30A.M.to5P.M.
United States to hold the distinction of being editor of a of a long journey for you or Aries and your Tenth House,!stunned. Before this happens I 1 big-chested men here politically i!
in the
newspaper. stressing public work and 1 I take i
for a good for
marriage opportunity !
partner. United
your | *
States *
From pioneer Kusswurm's humble but courageous start You may sign new contracts; communal activity. Try to work which may arise with I the are jubilant
the Negro press in America has become a world-respected which would take you to relatively start any important move Ia; large organization and try;I 1 prospects of a nice
1 long a a
institution of social education, cultural enlightment and po distant lands. Love just before the 19th or 20th.) .to!i demonstrate publicly ], integration football a
j your --- -
6 30 I -- ---
litical 22
focus. 29 21 ,
skit 1
too, is in the picture for you. j j'i
In accord with this the past week has been devoted to the 78077-79-76-786 j i|19! -60-44-58-43-963

observance of the 132nd anniversary of Negro Newspaper This should be a very happy -.j I AQUARIUSI I -S .. +" s>
Week.Following and successful week, an :
the tradition of the Negro press, the FLORIDA no adverse planetary aspects I _
STAR has always devoted its entire effort toward being a I GEMINI I of general consequences occur -!i iBorn J Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18
light of leadership for the Negro citizens of Jacksonville. Born May 21 thru June 21 i ( either before or after th : More than ever during this {

believe that the road to harmonious racial existence-which This should be a splendid vernal equinox on the 21st.LIBRA emonth. ] financial matters or,
is the basis of most of the South's problems-lies in enlightenment. week, generally speaking.;:' 1 the care of your possessions
We have always been pledged, therefore, to the en Some large organization may ,Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23|I I;seem to be in the spotlight. n r j
lightenment of our people, without any manner of comer be successfully dealt with| :Your home life should be Some legal problem may be
mise. and may give you credit or greatly benefited. At the !efficiently solved by you

some unexpected benefits. ;same time a repeated trine lawyer, and you may possibly<
You should be quite successful ] take a long
of :Mercury to Uranus seems journey to settle
if you are either a crea an; issue. This latter '
to stress inspiring inner i possibi-'I
t i v e artist particularly in' ] perhaps l lity might lead to ,
. CREED OF THE NEGRO PRESSThe I the musical in field, or a sales- (experiences.religious Your or mystical.mindr i (;\.fusion. An unusual situation
man adept the use of gla- should caused by
be your participation
greatly broadened'
mor and subtle arguments Finances: should also prosper. I in a large organization, perhaps -,

Negro Press believes that America can best lead the while conducting his busi-,'3-50-22-49-21-352 I. the government, should,
world away from racial and national ness. i t' II bring valuable
antagonisms when i it I' {I returns. Intellectual -{
98-379 '
accords to every man, regardless of race, color or creed,his work may produce.
human and legal rights.,: Hating no man, fearing no man, the !!, SCORPIO I I good returns along unexpect-
Negro Press strives to help every man in the firm belief |I Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22 :ed lines.
that all are hurt as long as anyone is held back. CANCER i! The fine opportunities of :8--80-33-49-32-353 I II

Born June 21 thru July 22.! i of the last weeks should I

r '__ This week, and indeed the r e a c h a climax gradually PISCES
period from :March 10th to through the period of the Born Feb. 18 thru March 20

the 24th, should be quite un- waxing :Moon, which ends on Whatever might have saem-
usually pleasant and success- :March 24th. Whatever has ed an obstacle around March lJ.
ful, as no adverse planetary 1 been started should sink everdeeper 9th or 10th should have been

aspects (except lunar ones into your subconcious forgotten soon after, and until
of course) occur at all Mer-i, nature and perhaps March 24th quite happy KENKNIGHT

r cury twice finds itself in good[,'implant within new images times should be experienced
relationship to Uranus, promising 'or new realizations. Yet at by most people. In your case Invites You To Listen To -
either unexpectedly 'either level much depends a great deal of public life-

good business returns- un-upon human. relationship social functions parties or "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting ,
usual experiences resulting,aad mutual agreements. or professional meetings and

rz from new associations, new may wish to sign some can- discussionsems i nth e I At 7:00 P. M.. =
Nightly .
friends .perhaps also religious -,trat-.if: so. dolt before March mss, and you should use

experiences, or a very' 20th, the day Mercury with good effect your back
significant 1-90-.88---89--87--198 Ing journey. ,turns retrograde ground and prestige. I 1400 WRHC 1400Week

\. -7O66686587Gw 6-40-22-39-21-&43 r ;_ _

.<' F,

--------- __
-- -----
----- --- -- -
1 ------ ---- ------N---- i- -

-. ,

Week Ending Sain/d': /. March 21. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Three ,

,r k fur I
: ;' nfeJ Wedding Bells
1;_ I I

-l@Jl Ji ..LIJJ @u Applications for Marriage

By i _
Applications! for Marriage ;
E s if The Club Royal Ambassadors -
Inc. held its first meet-
'. Alfred Williams, lit. 1, Box ing of the month recently at

283, age 63 and Annie M. the New Lincoln Golf.and
The Easter Season approaches and we begin thinking Brooks, Kt. 1, Box 283, age 39. Country Club with Prof. C. F.
about the many gorgeous outfits that are sure to be on Mack Bragg, 2035 Lewis James, principal of Matthew

display in the parade of farions-from the very young to \t, age 38 and Lynett L. Har- \\'. Gilbert High School as

those who can still remember what it feels like to be a .is, 2037 Lewis St., age 23. ;

"dressed up doll" enough to see that the "little ones" in Clifford Hayes, 1182 W. host.Elwood L. J. Banks, chairman -

the family are pleasingly togged.We % y eI 28th St., age 21 and Marian of the Annual Golf Tour-

see such dazzling displays of hues in the shops in r"ittles, 1026 E. Union St., age nament for the club, gave a
fashion magazines until we feel assured that this will be I 18. report of the details of the

one of the most colorful entries ever made by spring. The : event which will be held
feeling has long existed that manufacturers and designers R. Smith, 1561 Louisan.l March 22nd at the New Lin- .
have been trying to compete with i nature-and we are : St., age 20 and Marjorie :coln Golf Course.
S. 9th St., Jax
firmly convinced that somewhere along the way they
Beach, Fla., age 18. An Easter hunt will be
achieved success. We have been giving such striking colorsas egg

"green tea," "true red," "s Herbert pink," "garden v a 4. af'..: M Jessie Floyd, 528 ChurchSt. given under the supervision
green," "blue moon," and "champagne," with the smooth roti.. : f '' ., age 20 and Christine Williams of the Ambasadors wives.

hues included in lingerie-and, incidentally, ladies, the 341 Phelps St., age 19. The event is being given for
colored stockings that became so popular this winter are .. the children of the members.
continuing into spring with new and fascinating shades I h Y $ 3 Y a Malachi R. Johnson, 4649 Members of the club are:

added, such as "firefly" and "nasturtium," recommendedfor Moncrief Village, age 22 andBeatrice I Robert Acosta, James Allen,
shades of orange; "candle lite," and barely there," for I' Tisdale, 5869 Mary- :I Elwood L. J. Banks, K. D.
;old Road, age 21. Britt, William i i Broadway
coffee; "hot pink" and "pink tea" for "true red; and ,
"bali rose" and "rose glo" for "sherbert pink." A little Jos. L. Johnson, 209 Laur- '!James Bennett, \V. II. Bentley -

hint about selecting stocking color; It should blend with ..na St., Fresno, Calif., age 23 I Henry Belliny, Edward V.

the shade of the shoe. :. w. ................... .. -.m:$amxwxwaaNa aa !I and Willie M. R'alker,1291. I James Barnes,Greene Oscar I.Eulene Ilillman Jones, II.
So, when you go to the "Easter Parade, prepare your- :30th St., age 2:>. I ,
self for some EXCITING SIGHTS. EXCHANGED VOWS RECENTLY-Pictjred above are Lieutenant and Mrs. Law- Robert Jones, Al C. Joyner,
rence A. Ellis and their attendants. Miss Miudesiine Jamison and Rudolph W. Mc- I John Beamon, Jr., Rt. 9, C. F. James, Robert Gray,
Kissich best man immediately following their ceremony which was held in the Box 1026A, age 39 and Louise James Morton, James A. Joy-

which faint of home. of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Argrett foster parents of the bride recently.: Green, Rt. 9, Box 1026A, age ner, Charles Parson, Longeniu
Jacksonville society caught a glimpse
within months has her The Rev. Robert H. Wilson pastor of Bethel: Baptist Institutional Church officiated 31. Parson, A. R.lIcDonaldVa)'--
Miss Johneita Beiscr recent osst .
at the ceremony. *' Frank Williams, 310 Lee mon Surcey, T. B. McPherson,
again-this arts at time the to University Europe where of Poiters she will in Tours.pursue France.the lan- Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Argrett entertained the wedding party and guest with a recep- St., age 51 and Essie R. W. R. Robinson. Emmett
guage Johnestine S. Smith, 20,13V.. 14th St. Reed, Andrew Martin and
Miss Betsch is the daughter of Mrs. Mary Lewis Betschof tion following the ceremony. Mrs. Young. Mrs. Velma Shoemake and age
Cassius Jones.
Mrs. K. Moman assisted in the 38.
this city and the late John T. Betsch. She is a graduateof Josephine serving
Oberlin College and holds the Masters Degree in Cul- ---- James M. Walton, 5762 Be-

from Northwestern University.She ROYAL PALM SEWINC gonia Road, age 19 and Cla-
tural Anthropoogy Alvin Clark, 1430 W. 1st
was accompanied to New York City by her mother CLUB HOLDS MEET ., 17. 2215 PlocelaSt. St., age 35 and Willie M. Lewis -
and is schedued for a stop in Hanover. Germany with her age 1430 W. 1st St., age 28.
sister Marvyn.We Robt. L. Thompson, 1138 Eugene Shaw,Jr., 5757 Car-
predict an interesting and exciting trip and a brilliant EAST SPRINGFIELD ,,Cherry of 1608 Harrison St., age 21 and Jennie ver Circle, age 20 and Patricia
CIRCLE SLATE MEETINGA West 22nd Street is ill in the The Royal Palm Sewing R. Littleton, 306 Dellwood
future for this young lass. who has so effectively Shelley, 1479 W. 9th St., age
combined charm and brains. Studying under a Ford Foun- meeting for the East Juval: Medical Center. lIe is a Club held its meeting recentlyin Ave., age 19. 17.

dation Scholarship grant sue plans to continue work on Springfield Garden Circle was member of the Mt.\ Tabor Baptist the home of Mrs. Gertrude Sydney S. Wliitter, 1077
Jefferson St., 27 and Mat- Bertrand Danils 1117 W.
conducted recently at the Church. age ,
her PhD at Northwestern University her re-
Degree upon home of Mrs. Susie M. Shel- Harris with Mrs. Lena Howard tie Washington, 1077 Jefferson 20th St., age 31 and Beulah
the States.
turn to ton, 511 Odessa Street, with Dr. C. Williams, public serving as hostess. Devotion I St., age 32. Kimble, 1069 Ellis St., age 24.LILLY'S .

f t the president presiding.The relations chairman, AME was conducted by Mrs.

next meeting will be Church left the city recently Nancy Bradford, chaplain and .
and smartly dressed
We can expect to see some poised held in the home of Mrs. Ethel for Ft. Lauderdale where he Mrs. Bertha Cleveland DRUG STORE
females in this area in weeks to come, assisted by the president
Le Simpson, 506 Jessie St. will be the speaker at the .
various modeling schools and the new Academy of Charm Flowers in Youth celebration at the presided.
the kitchen will be Day 1907 Kings Road at Spires
just recently established. the roll caU.YJEVEL Mt. Herman AME Church. Installation service for the ,
As treat to fashion-conscious socialities the 4
a special .
charm academy is featuring Mrs. Joe Louis of the Rose CLUB Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Ham- newly elected officers was Where Experienced .wrsewxgw '(.
Morgan House Beauty during its grand opening.Mrs. conducted by Mrs. Rosa >' e ;
GIVES SOCIAL mond of 1488 West 6th Street Pharmacists Prepare .
Louis will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian The Y-Jewel Club of the A. left the city recently for Ala- Counts. Officers installedwere : Your Prescription According j

Kenneth Knight while in the city. L. Lewis Branch YWCA held chua to attend the funeral of Mrs Bertha Cleveland, i' t'. to your doctors

C its social meeting recently at her mother, Mrs. Ella Debose president; Mrs. Marion Glover instructions Using <
the YWCA 582 W. Lewis. members of vice president; Mrs. Edith
Eighth St. They are only the best quality
Even though spring has not yet arrived, we find several Music for the occasion was the Westside Church of ,,0. Milner, second vice; Mrs. % drugs.Dr. f H'R ,
young couples giving it a slight "push" as love conquers furnished by local musicians. Christ. Mr. and Mrs. Ham- Agnes Hicks secretary reserved I M

all. Miss Joan Frazier and Mrs. mond were accompanied by funds; Mrs. Ruby
Miss Carole L. and Lt. Lawrence A. Ellis Blacknell, financial secretary; O. E. Black Pharmacists Dr. W. J. Graham
Joyner were Margaret Day served as host- her uncles, Joseph Debose,
united in a beautiful home ceremony performed March 11 esses for the affair.SHASHANIS and the Rev. E. A. Debose. :Mrs. Lucinda Henderson, assistant -:- -:- -:-
at the residence of her foster parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. ; Mrs. Leila Mosley,

Argrett. The Rev. R. H. Wilson officiated. SOCIAL CLUB Mrs. Hazel Todd of 1373 treasurer; Mi's. Gertrude Harrison A COMPLETE LINE OF:

Mrs. Ellis is the daughter of Mr. William A. Joyner of CHANGES MEETING DAYS VanBuren Street, left the city treasurer Christmas Cosmetics Rubber Goods- Candies. Sundries
:Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the late Mrs. Florence Brown The Shahanis Social Saving to visit her sister, Mrs. Jose- ; Saving Bradford ; Mrs.and Nancy I PRESCRIPTIONS; GALLED FOB AND DELIVERED
chaplain Mrs.
Joyner. Many readers of this column will know her also Club conducted its meeting recently -I phine Fuergerson in Philadel- I Grace Muldrown .I
as the sister of Mrs. Joyce Joyner Driscoll, formerly of in the home of Mrs. phia, Pa. Before returning, reporter. --

this city, who is well known to many of us. Ophelia Johnson, 1630 Union she will visit her brother and

The Ellises, both graduates of Tuskegee Institute, were Street. The club will 'hold its other relatives in New York

entertained with a reception immediately following the meeting each first and third City.

ceremony and left later on a wedding trip to points in New Tuesday instead of the pre- *

Jersey for visits with relatives of the groom. They will vious date announced.The Mrs. Hortense Farmer, Miss I .

travel to Frankfurt, Germany in the very near future, previous meeting was Vivian Scott ef Asbury Park, Ad&X? I
where they will reside during Lt. Ellis' duty assignmentin held in the home of Mrs. Ann N. J., were the house guestsof -

that area.Another Walker on New Kings Road. George Lee Smith, of 614 &
ROYAL TERRACE Jefferson Street
recently. .
CHARITY CLUBCONDUCTS They were tendered a farewell
MEET by Cecil Jackson at the
wedding of great interest was that of Mr. and supper
The Terrace Ribault Club.
Charity Supper
Mrs. Cleotis Raines. This honored with Royal
young couple was a Club held! its mating recentlyin *
reception recently, hed in the home of the bride's mother.
the home of Mrs. D. Harris Mrs. Jame Hill of 1630 W.
Mrs.Raines is the former Miss Mamie Elizabeth Wilson
1112 W. 19th Street with 26th St., left the city recently
daughter of Mrs. Flossie Wilson of 3221 Moncrief Road. r
Mrs. Cecil Holmes serving as for Philadelphia, Pa., to at-
She is product of : State Baltimore
a Morgan College, Mary- hostess. tend the funeral of her uncle.
land, and Florida A. and M. .
Mrs. Annie Bell Williamswas [ Jet Jordan, former residentof
Raines is a graduate of ,Bethune-Cookman College the guest speaker at the this city. Mrs. Hill is a
and a member of Omega, Psi Phi Fraternity.Mrs. A
program was pre- member of Day Spring Bap-
: Wilhelmina W. Glover, sister of the bride, and Mrs. sented with local artists ap tist Church.
Myrtle Nearing, (both of New York City) were among out- pearing. ,
of-town I
guest Mrs. R. E. Linning of 1061 -

i TRUE PAL SOCIAL Clay Street is convalescing at
CLUB ELECTS OFFICERSThe her home following an opera- %10' 'g &RE9; %

A very impressive Founder's Day Exercise was held at True Pal Social Saving- tion in a local hospital. Sheis

the A. L. Lewis Branch YWCA. 582 West Eighth Street, Club held its meeting recently a member of the Harmony ...that's a pair of

last Sunday. in the home of Mrs. L. Len- Baptist Church, serving as Poll-Parrot shoes.

Participating in the annual event were: Mrs. Morris ton. 1231 Franklin Street. superintendent of the Sunday Styled to live up to ,

Goosby Mrs. Lucile Baines, Mrs. Lenora Davis, Mrs. Re- The previous meeting was School and is affiliated with the occasion...to

becca Brooks, Mrs. Hortense Williams Gray, Mrs. Nell Ca- held in the home of Mrs. Silver several lodges and other or- match your boy,or girl's

son, Miss Kathleen Corckett, Mrs. Lye i a Cutten, Mrs. Laidler at which time the ganizations. finery..to keep their jr
Thomas McGee, Mrs. C. A. Ward, Mrs. David Washington, election.of officers were held. *
good looks for
months to .
and Mrs. Wilson Baker. Officers elected were: James Steward First Class A. V. ,, {

Mrs. Florence Dixon is executive director, Mrs. Vera Gordon, president; Mrs. Mary Bradley and Mrs. Bradley of come. Correctly fitted
Davis, Y-Teen director, and Mrs. Frances Walden, young Slater, vice; Mrs. Tommie 2230 Brido Road, left the city for comfort and long wear. Sq,

adult director. Lenton, secretary; Mrs. Sarah recently for New York City to 1 1t.ou
t f Coley, financial treasurer; visit friends. They will leave $5.95

We have news of a very successful "Talent Hunt" spon- Mrs. Lassie Eubanks, treas- for Bayonne, N.J.,where,they mill :

sored by the local chapter of 0 m e g a Psi Phi Fraternity urer; M. Pickett, banking will sail from .McGuire Air AKD
which ended last Friday evening.Several committee; Mrs. Silver ll 1 Force forRoda, Spain. March pot SQT'AN, situ

members of the fraternity and their friends were Laidler, rainy day fund com- 17. Steward and Mrs. Bradleywill -
in the mittee; and Mrs. Annie Ruth be stationed in Spain for $7.95
seen dining out later evening. We refer to Mr. and Pickett .w&P..U
Mrs. Rudolph Daniels, Mr. and Mrs Ernest Wyatt, Mr. and business manager. three years.
Mrs. Percy Parsons, Mr. Russell Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. .
Francis Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan McCone, and Mr. OWENS ILLINOIS LADIES Mrs. Luanda Reed of 1362 S Children's
and :Mrs. Cleotis Baines. CLUB HOLDS MEETINGThe Wert 25th Street is ill in her Bootery I
I home. She is a member of 3

Mrs. Evelyn Calvin gaTe an excellent account, : of herself Owens Illinois Ladies ;Mt. Olive: Primitive Baptist, 4\ \ FOR,30 YEAS

as a hostess when, aha entertained Les Bijoux Bridge Club Club .will hold its meeting. Church and the mother of

last Friday evening at the,Lincoln Gofl and Country dub. March 21 in the home of Mrs. Emma. Watkins. v \ -OUR NEW ADDSESSBootery-

She bad Mrs. Barbara Harper .and Mrs. :Nan Fletcher atgnest Mrs. Cecelia: Craig, 523 -
Players.The "" Carolina Street Paxson
beautiful club prizes ware won by Mrs. NU Casoa All ladies of husbands em- Hegbier :
Mrs. Maw Montgomery: and Mrs. Zebaa Je&.rm.. and I ployed by Owens Illinois SaL March 21

lovely gift* were preseaiftd to Mesdames- Fletcher and .:have been asked to be present s&tratioa Office Open I' .48 W. FOES TH STHEET
to enroll Fr>sj *:30 A. M. to 5 P. U. I .

i T

-, .'. I a

Page Four THE FLORIDA :sins Week Ending Saturday. March 21. 1959


CHURCH NOTES LAYKEN[ : 1+ IffilONTO l\J t.t :' ::: CHURCH !IJr iTS-TO- -OBSERVE--- ,

I\\ < .


Mass Mission ,of the I T _

Union Progressive Baptist The Ministers, Deacon an
Association will be held on Laymen Union, auxiliary t4 St. t t a m. with Johnny Jackson
March' 24 at 8 p.m. in the the Union James Baptis serving as guest superintendentand
I R'
: Miss Jo Ann Guess
Association will secretary.
auditorium of Bethlehem r !
Baptist Church.A March 22 in the Tabernacl
'Baptist Church, the Rev. W School departmen will be of Philadelphia Baptist

program has been arranged -E. Young pastor. The Rev. D I. h hiss Gerladine Moment, Miss.''Church' will serve for the
with the following Barnes and Mrs. Ethel Jone::; Bettye Jean Handal, Miss Susan -service.

artists scheduled to appear: is-the president.The Ishmael, Miss Florine Choirs No. 3 and 4 will observe

Mrs.' Kitty Bently, Mrs. Is- School am 1 James, Miss Deris Postell and their second anniversary
belle Ellis. Mrs. Vera Wilson, '' Sunday Miss Lutrica Jackson. Miss
Sunday March 22 at 3pjn.
'BTU will be i ir 1 .r ,
Mrs. Marie Griffin, the Johnson Gertrude Miller will review with Miss
of the service Marcl
Sisters, Mrs. Charlotte charge 1I the lesson. :Miss Bessie Pearl Rob-
21 at 11 a.m. A program wil I t
Stewart. Mrs. Mattie Gillian, be the Morning devotion will be erts, Miss Jo Ann Guess, Miss
presented during
Mrs. Lottie McQueen, and the ice. y e. conducted by Rudolph Taylorand Geraldine Petty, Miss Jacque.yn -

Rev. W. Webber. Robert Lewis Jones at Bell, Caudell Murray,

Sunday School will begir 11 a.m. Choirs No. 3 and 4 of Miss Henry Mae Terry, Eli-

.at 9:30: a.m., March 22. The 1r the church and Choir No. 3 jah Hamilton Jr., Eddie Shep-

HENRY GORDON AME lesson will be reviewed bj hard, Miss Annie Mae Wrightand

TO PRESENT PROGRAMA ';Remus Smith. Morning wor the junior choir of the

program will be presented ship will convene at 11 a.m WEST UNION CHOIRTO Sweetfield Baptist Church.

by the Stewardess Boardof and the sermon will be delivered r Daniel Campbell and Shirley -

the Henry Gordon AME: by the Rev. L. J, SPONSOR TEAA Ackers will conduct devotional -

Church, 23rd and Wilson Sts, Coleman with the Rev. D. B service for the evening

March 22 at 3 p.m. in the auditorium -: Barnes as alternate. worship at 6 p.m. Participantsfor
Flower Tea will be
of the church. :; The Rev. H. L. Herod, will l err spon- the evening service are:
w 4tF. sored Choir No. 3 of West
Appearing on the program 1 deliver the address at 2:3C: .y J. W. Booker, Lambert Leroy
Union Church March
will be Valorie Dowdell, Opal. p.m. with the Rev. E. Murphy. Baptist Brantley, Eddie Shephard,
will be
22 at 4 A concert
M. Brown,'A. Hodgers, Alfo-,'as alternate. Each ministe, p.m. Miss Brenda Joyce Johnson.
nia Watkin, Mrs. Lacy Olivia will be": accompanied by his. ;! .. I'presented at the same hour Miss Jessie Mae Campbell,
; Isaiah B 1 k
Hunter, who will be the choirs and congregations. ST. PAUL AME KINDERGARTEN PL A US FOR EVENT Pictured above are students featuring o c e of r :Miss Barbara Simmons, Betty

speaker for the occasion. Rev. II I of Si. Paul AME Church Kindergarten, who will appear in the Kinder-RellaI Band, under the direction Lewis, Robert Lewis Jones,

T. D. Tyson, pastor. I I which will be presented at James Weldon Johnson Jr. High School, April 24 at 8 p. Mrs. Norma R. White. Miss Jo Ann Guess, Mrs.
I District NO. t> will hold its
m. Murray and the
BEV. CHARLES C. KING 22 livered and "The by the One pastor Thing, March That l Among the students io appear with nine other Kindergartens under the direction meeting Sunday, March 22 at 'Jxev. E. L. Wilcox. Usher
3 in the home of Mrs.
ANNOUNCES SERMONS Cannot Die" will be delivered of J* H. Eolden, who will present the Rhythm Bands of the Duval Kindergarten Association p.m.amb,' 1958 West 10th''Board 3 will serve throughout -

Easter season sermons have by the pastor Easter Sunday I include. Michael McTaw, Winnie Heasiies. Arthur Burner Lydia Johnson, Street.A Daisy. the day.
been announced by the Rev. March 29.Services. Glorida Mangum, Lyneiie Comb, Dayle Ducan, Alphonso Johnson, Larry Moss, Inez --- -- --
will be
C"narles C. King pastor of' held Girardeau, Neil Williams, Denise Heaslies Veronica Douglas, Renee Austin, Trevor meeting con-
Fellowship Youth Temple.'Strand Theatre.are at the I Williams, Thaddeus Alnez, Sharon Williams, Patricia Grier, Deborah Hart,Otis Girardeau ducted by District No. 14, EATBERRIERS
Ashley and II March 22 in the home of Mr. [
"Profit and Loss", will be de-j Jefferson Street each Sunday i I Gregory Lee Brown, Mary Alice Johnson Gweneiia Jones, Lillian Peterson, and Mrs. Neutie Williams in''
at 10 a.m. I Jerry Carter, Denise McTaw Nadine Broo'on Michael Cottrell, Judith Howard,
I All persons completing the I Ivory Reeves, Deborah Samptosn Vanessa Ccbb, Phillis E. Simpson, Bridget Coppock Magnolia ,I

PLEASE GET YOUR course will be j The instructors are Mrs. Ophelia Green and Mrs. Dorothy W. Bacon. ICE CREAM
awarded certificates
--- ----
and there is ,
THESTAR: no age
The Districts and AUX Iia-

I : I ries Convntion is in progress,!;
from GRAY to GLORIOUS I "Christ Above All" will }he at Emanuel Baptist Church, $ LOANS $

the theme for the Annual i Annual Women's Day will and will terminate Sunday| $1.000 VT.OUO P, OU
Convocation which will be !be observed in the Central night, March 22 with various
held March 24-31. accordingto ;; West Union Baptist Church ministers and their $".000 up In $25,000
CME Church, April 26 with congregations ;
Payable $1 DO per mo. per hun-
the neYales R. Nesbitt, observe Youth Day,
will in charge of the serv-:
for the Mrs. :Myrtis Bradley Shootesas dred on unpaid balance at 6%.
Sr., presiding prelate: March 22 beginning with ice. I
chairman and Mrs. Anna Let u* lamp you to complete
Churches of God in Christ
SU'1 pay:: School at 9:30 a. m. I Joint fellowship services;
''R. Lewis as co-chairman. j your house or refinance 38
d Western Florida. I i w i t h Miss Sandra Y. Cummings will be held Sunday March,

I The Convocation will be in charge. 1 J i: A meeting was: held recently 22 at 2:30: p.m. at the Abys-! years in the. same place.
Call -
held in the State Temple, 038
I!' for the various committeesto sinia Baptist Church. j
I Chelsea Street.Superintend'nts. : Other participants: attend: Mrs. J. D. Wyatt, The Rev. S. E. Felder and I;
representing I: Bainister, Miss Juanita Will- J. P. YOUNG
program; Mrs. V. W. Williams congregation of the Campbell
''A 4a; the districts are Elder M. ;'. isms, Miss Bernice Kearse. decoration; Miss Sara Chapel AME, Baldwin will be Mr. Simmon or !11'. Walab
7 L. Presley! Jacksonville; Elder Wilfred Reddick. Miss Lizzie
i... ,.Folsom, tags; Mrs. Mary in charge of the service with Main and Monroe
J. C. Williams, Gaines- Downer. Charles Reddick,!I I
Wise, finance; Mrs. Marion the deacons in charge of de ?12 Mii ville: Elder L. H. Hart, Orlando Kenneth Reddick and Miss'EmiI I
((Strickland. ushers; Mrs. Mary I votion. Mrs. E. Jean Jackson Phone EL UOlt
Elder J. J. Flowers, Tam- Reddick. i iI !' I
; | h.
... : I I I Black and Mrs. D. W. Bass, will serve as mistress of cere- EL 6-32V1
E j pa; Elder T. B. Belfard, Dads \, Mornin devotion will convene I
!I. music. monies for the wroship
City; Elder Arthur Speights, ;. at 11 a.m. with Reuben
n East Coast; Elder R. L. Mc- Hoed and Kenneth Reddick;'

Leod Apalachicola and Elder The 6f his,
; i i-i charge. pastor
,.. .
'-- -- Pensacola. I It
I R. L. Powell appointee will deliver the:I

with fm/cf LARIEUSE 1 I sermon.The Isaiah' Blocker Band 1 i'. (;;

Haircolor FIRST CORINTH +Concert will be presented at:, t BUSTER BROWN.AMERICA'S .

I4 in the auditorium of ,
t p. m. ;
hair rich and
Today..have as natural-looking as UNIT TO OBSERVE ,
the! professional model shown here! One hour, and the church. I| FAVORITE CHILDREN'S SHOESi
Godefroy's Larieuse brings back youth to drab I FIRST ANNIVERSARY !I I Evening devotion will be.,
over-processed or graying hair.It's easy to use..: M' i held at the usual hour withR 'i
no extra purchases needed.Get long-lasting ,
Godefroy's Larieuse now! The First anniversary of Reed .and K. Reddick pre-;

lco / a ..--.-..-.,.--:-.=..-=--:--: Usher Board No. 4 of First 1 I siding. Offering by K. Red-
-- ----
--- ,dick Ronald Blan ling and
liqlid.'f. I' Church will <
1.Mil capsule contents end ;;; Corinth Baptist i t tI tI
lun in the!Juanita Petty. The Junior!
2. Apply to with applicator. be observed, March 22
1 Let develop...then shampoo 'ch.oirwill throughout
.auditorium of the church at3p.m. serve
OODEFROY MFG.CO.. 3510 Olive Street.St.Louie Miuouri i i Vie day, Miss Margie Kellyis

II A program will be presented -, the general cchairman.ST. I
--- during the celebration I

'I,I I with'Harvev Belcher, Miss!, MATTHEW CHOIR I ( ff

Frankylen McSaxnuel: Miss:TO GIVE PEW RALLY
Easter SpecialVISIT Shirley M. Stephens, Lessie i !

Mae: Samuel, Marcia Campbell -
An annual will ,
i, pew rally .t +
the Rev.
GROFF HOSIERY STORE John Darwey, be sponsored by Choir No.1 I I

FOR YOUR NYLON SPECIALS. Wilbur Burgess, Charlie H.I'iof, St. Matthew Baptist II
and Rev. W. L. Jones
BUY A BOX FOR $2.49 AND Cooper, j Church, March 22 at 8 p. m.I

GET ONE FREE! praticipating. with I Mrs. Daisy Kelsey i ILt'JJ mcT JIll I
The Junior Board of Beth-
.: 51 GAUGE -:- FIRST QUALITY I serving as mistress of cere-
lehem Baptist Church will ;
monies. ..
!be the board. Other '
Groff Hosiery Store (serving guests will be the Others to participate on
:the f Mrs. Vera
I!Y-Teens Club of John E. program
Fergerson, Amanda L ark e,I
819 DAVIS ST. I Ford Elementary School and. Ii
Rosa Mozell V. Bradford II .
'Girl Scout Troop 256. i ,
Mildred Brown, Victorial

WWWVVtfUV\AASlAAAASV\/\AA/\n/VWVW ..VV'tVlM.IVVVV\N'.V { W M Speed, Annie M. Robinson,I i r'uv :

;,l'' Ida Scott, Geraldine Sykes, # ;

I ITO |,Leila Singleton, M. Bason
Mattie: Smith and the Prime

!:i,Sisters. Jq ft <<

!I I J Mrs. Ethel Wright is the .r

April 1st Is The Last Day .: program committee chairman .

!, and Mrs. Thelma Nixon, '
[ president. jj WJU .d 1d-r d f l !

FILE 1959 [: Saturday, March 21, District c -
No. 3 will sell
TAX EXEMPTIONIf 11;I pies. The Fellowship potato Hours Be sure your child has the correct size-let our Buster Brown .

HOMESTEAD ;: will be held Sunday, March salesmen fit your child perfectly with Buster Brown's long'r
;}22 at 2:30 p. m. at the Abyssinia -
You -Bought A Home During 1958 ;. Baptist Church. famous 6-point Fit Plan,Buy your children's shoes wisely / .; I

Your Deed With You ,
Bring I
: ai 216 W. Adams Open Mon I In
File Now ..; z;,j. paxon Shopping and Frf.Night \ ,

: .. t,. -Vii < Ceniair Open Every Ere.rSHOES .
.- :. 3573 SL Johan 1984 San, JfarcoAre. j
Leon K. Forbes,. Assessor 104 Court House ':.i;: Star 'Advertisers ,

:: : '
.. '. 1
3;1 : .- .: ; .,
IItIVW'A1A..i7.tr.JO '_".. '..i.vw.AJY.-. YtI'.4tA- -- -.n ,PATRONIZE I

r I






Week Ending Saturday, March 21, 1959 .. THE FLORIDA STAR.
Page Fir

II I Iby

I SUNDAY MUSICAL j EVELYN CUNNINGHAM The two suits shown here wool for w
Spring..in a pretty
are solution. She feel
been announced by the Rev. "Young" suits aren't can easy-to-care-for cotton for
QUINCY Passion Week nec-
; in them
A Palm Sunday musical grownup because theyare warmer days ahead. It's the'
( : essarily for the
T. S. Johnson of Foun-
L young only.
observance will in the suitable for both her
begin and kind of
will be presented by the More appropriately creative fun with a1
tain Chapel AME Church that a "young"garment her
St. ames AME Church March | the Rev. I. D. Ilinson: pastorof :;sixth grade classes of Mon- Mans a youthful one. the mother.fact that A major she attractionis purpose..to keep you smartly;
23 and continue through the : St. Mark AME Church, Or- : crief Elementary School, >ti It infers that in the wearing either one of them can herself attired through your own
29th, with the Rev. F. H. !| lando, will deliver the sermonsin I March 22 at 3:30: p. m. in the a woman can look younger with a minimum of effort,

Ashe pastor delivering the ; the church for the morningand auditorium of the school. f Yc trw than her teal age, without time and Typicalof Of course there are a
t expense.
nightly. The is under the: appearing ridiculous. A middle- variety of suits
messages i evening services, March I program the young, she can bring you can
; ( sponsorship of the PTA of aged, dowager-type, however, all that enthusiasm and choose from in your McCall'.'
The services Sunday, will 22.The is hardly likely look spiritto Pattern '!
r thc school. to fora this creative effort and be Catalog which also!
begin with Sunday School at services are being ren-
the soloists and' junior or "young" design. includes coats, ensembles.!
dered in the interest of the Among especially proud of its results.
a.m. with Thomas Williams ,: But for the '
1-groups to appear will be the most part, the sportswear, separates and'
superintendent. The i i building fund rally which will Grant Memorial' Trio, the' I It average woman of wide age McCall's Patterns keep the many other fashions just*
terminate the
Junior choir and Usher Board during evening I II for
worship.The 1 Stanton Adult Male Chorus, 1 I range can wear what is con- young and the uninitiated in the woman who sew hct[
No. 1 will serve throughout a sidered a "young" own.
: mind
Mrs. Elnora McBride, Mar- garment so that making a dressis
the day. The pastor will de- Rev. I. D. Hinson is the
lene Matthews Jerome For-. The truly more a joy than a chore. Fashion-Sewing Weekly
liver the former pastor of Grant :Memorial young woman Tip:;
sermon. I
AME Church Jacksonville est. Ruth McMillan, In e z 0 goes through a period when The light grey suit pictured In cutting a pattern, keep' -
Stewardess Board No. 2 will and a native of Havana. Evans, Carmen Atkins, Mu- her iiterests and desires in (McCall's .Pattern No. 4681) fabric flat with a sharp pairof

hold its meeting Sunday, riel Lewis, Edward Fleming clothes are directed toward has a modified slim-line skirt shears, cut with long,

March 22 at 4:30: in the nad others. : I more mature sophisticated with two slash pockets. The even strokes. Bent-handle
home of Mrs. Ola Holmes. A Mrs. Marion Glover will designs. She yearns for slinky adorable, free-flowing jacket shears with blades six to .

fish fry will be sponsored on I be heard in dramatic read- Y u 1 Brynnef (above) and j She satins abhors and low-cut the necklines. is is dramatized cut to the new by a length next self-and eight inches long are best.
Saturday, March 21 at 5 p.m. j ings. Homeroom mothers and Charleston Heston star in that bow at the waistline. The

in Mrs. E. Stephens' beauty j'1 YOUR LAST CHANCETo I faculty will be the guests. Cecil B. DeMille's techni- | for her. Consequently are usually, right she simple, high, round neckline ,,, ,
shop by the senior color action spectacle "THE J rr
choir. II Register 'i is always faced with the is detailed so that it can be
The F. I! Sat. March 21 BUCCANEER. showing Sunday blem of "nothing to WC3 .ufi either adorned by jewelry or
H. Ashe Club
will ;
Registration Office Open I JULINGTON CHURCH through Saturday at the left as-is. This suit, made
meet April 5 in the
Mrs. home of i i From 8:30 A. M. lo 5 P. M, ''SLATES ANNUAL DAY Strand at regular admission here in flannel, can be equally
Josie M. Everett at 41p.m. : Co-hit is the shock .i.ii .
II 1 in tweed, cotton, .t
: thriller. "SHE DEMONS. silk or any of the synthetic
I Annual Women's Day will
-- ----------- a a aI Tonight the Strand pre- fabrics. .

-- --- --------- be observed in the Julington sents the midnight premiere ,, .
1 I Baptist Church, :March 22 beginning showing; of the new sexation, i ':' More casual is the two- P

REFRIGERATORS I I\1))1E} TAX\ HETUnXS\ with Sunday School] "THE GIRL WITH AN ;,:; ::; ; piece tweed suit (McCall's
1 > Chairman of the activitieswill ITCH." i' Pattern No. ,4682). Just as

& FREEZERS Short Long be Mrs. Essie Mae Jones ." easy-to-make,' it combines

Serviced I Form $ .(jigs Form $1.00 : with Mrs. Susie Green serv- 1 > many of the latest style .

By f ing as co-chairman. Mrs. I I features: the silhouette, the
Licensed Technician NED JACKSON Jeanette Thomas will serveas I NEWS BRIEFS loose-but-fitted look, the
M. E. DELEMOS'I I TAX EXPERT pastor for the day. I I collar interest, the pocket .

Call- PO 4-0127 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6.3703 Mrs. Bessie Joiner will be : I e1 : ;' placement. Collars are important \..
the guest superintendent with j i I 1 this season. Thereis s
J 9 A. M. 'til 9 P. M.
: either
I I Mrs. Elle nRandall reviewing (]I Fire Fatal To Family no collar at all, or
I wide
the lesson. / a very collar. The widthof
I I CROSS HILL, S.C.Elevenlives t
this notched
I Mrs. Alethea Tucker will were lost in the early collar bringsit
I be the to the shoulder line, giving
speaker for the morning morning fire which completely I it a soft
J worship and Mrs. Amanda -; destroyed the five-room non-military effect.

GRAY HAIRS need worry you no more. Anderson will deliver the house of the Byrd family. low The, so two are buttons the flap are pockets.placed

""' ''1rendt'. I message for the 3pm. service. I Dan Byrd, 32, and eight of Here the beige, brown and
.ucuro local artists will his nine children were
par-, among gold tweed suit is worn with a
HAIR COLORER ticipate in the observance! the victims. The other two a gold wool jersey mock ., !"
Will_.r froy l>oJ*w 10 I.30 t.i..ts*.ifcotb throughout the day. victims were two small girls "x '
7.. w..Id ... '..w il we W.. ,. II .Y turtle : ,
vid. Ooo .ppCcotioii with tooth ....... M first cousins of the Byrd chil- of
swab. dais it. Na pock. No oiow. .
ANYONE CAN PUT IT ON AT HOME ,, DARNELL dren, who were visiting the .1.1 frilly -
oo* c o house. suit. It
poet your boir. Ion .... ._.,eeL, lo.*o> k tuft c SETS wife t in _. ,........
mnmlvtlroo\ *- o deed color no ti oktfttt ; BANDORAMAThe Byrd's was away at the '. any "
-fnt m ...f_ color' if proporly pplwd. To suit mood
time of the fire, visiting their any or mode. ranging
a sleeveless
dress wearing..the
If wiU not nit.off. It stays. .* MV....! OMoAki r 5th annual Band-O- ninth child who was ill in a skirt that Hares gently with at slim the to the in three.parts..mOdiri<

Sba.p.o.,9..t. <*rUi. >9 .UU. itratghtooMg batb.y s.e ir-' p.rw.eM. MoHunfl .w.w... k Rama will be held in the Greenwood, S. C., hospital. hemline. The dress is topped \ -skirt that flares slightly
it off. Yoo COM c..r OJiv ror, bowtabbara by a overblouse the hem two-button Jacket
jacket that bows
AU. colon orhow.. ": t-i ><. auditorium of Darnell Cook-, at the waistline PerfecMosew to make widely notched collar and
toy .t.
WONDERFUL FOR TOUCHING UP> I man School, March 26 at 8p.m. Jewelry Lost in Tweed, Linen, Faille Shan. your' fa charming little blouse...
% Too if_ ....... .. _........ I twig. Printed Silk, Cotton. is yours.for.tbe.md.f with
l iioWotl.C.C ofron
coo pot "* oo4 o* .y.4.4 or
p- .........ha...........w_.... __Lw D....I.d..t.gw PALM SPRINGS, Calif. IfcCall's Pattern t4,,31. Sizes 's Pattern 46S2. Sizes
DOES NOT INTERFERE WITV? PERMANENT WAVING "Parade of Animals," will The wife of singer Nat King 10-18.6St might 75*
Ml diroctioot io oocb hoc U CUa c*4 S..wi.t CAUTION .<" / be one phase of the Cole reported to police the either
= program
l fc l.Colon: tlKh; Dorh ftrowa MWww krow Ugkt I. -
Blond; Aa...... ',ic. par b.. S7.M (plw fodorol T_). Cot tK$ od ..t .rr featuring children dressed in loss of two-diamond four- -- .
.M! ..._ for fvtw* ...-_ Yoor M-., Dan M Not brtvoly Setis&oL
costumes representing different pearl platinum earring valuedat -}

animals. $1,000.

DIXIE PHARMACYKings The regular band will :>
aP-1 "xab" <
Road and Myrtle pear along with the string I I'
I Church Will Block
orchestra, rhythm band
melody -'
band and the junior Integration.BIRMINGHAM : !
band. Ala. A }I

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get The parade of animals will group of Methodist layment t
be led drum have announced a scheduled )
by a major from
I meeting during which they 1
each class and two
ettes. The Rev. H. L. major will map plans to preserve ra- xg
LOW PRICESOn Herod in their i
will narrate the program. 'I cial segregation

The Band Parents churches.,
Club Their first will be
Your will objective
serve as hostesses
I to form beknOn
occasion. an organization to
I. '
DRUG STORE HEEDS I Folk dances _as.the Methodist Laymen -
are being o .
Union. ;
taught by Mrs. R. h' t ,

Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store I Mrs. L. P. Jones and H. Johnson Miss T., Prompted cnurch by a belief that .Z N ,
L. Robinson. "the on a national be'p

basis is moving toward inte- v ep, ?rY
CHORAL gration, a spokesman said:
YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe PARENTS' "Our idea is not to' be wild "; a ?_JF

EASTER THEME rough or mean This is F "

Delher We Also Fill AU Doctors PrmcrlpttoM simply a union of. Christian

The Choral Parents' Club l laymen looking to the future .
welfare of Christianity in ti' .
of Northwestern Junior and general ,

Dixie Pharmacy Senior High School is pre- ,, and the Methodist"

senting its glee club in Church in particular. .

1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVE.'rnEPBON'Q ptefr Cantata. "The* Seven an I "Let's just say we are trying _.:. 9s
to get ourselves ready for
EL RDda7J$ Words of Christ" by Ted "
Debuis, in the school cafeto- : miy emergency," he concluded. -

PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE- rium, March 25 at 8 pjn. '

PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE The public is invited alone I Representatives from Methodist ..w .
the special guests to
.. attend the affair and hear the I Alabama and Northwest Flor- 9w

...r.. true meaning of the Crucifixion ida are slated .to attend the
of Our Lord meeting. STUDENTS at -
and ,' points out that '
'I Savior, Jesus Christ. Carnation is bottle.

I The glee club is under the I II I Some Integration Necessary

I Direction of Richard T. Had- I A "rA-During a: re- College child-development : .

|ley with Mrs. Joann W. Fel- I f c-e n t television interview.

der as the accompanist. .I. Mayor William B. Hartsfield Recommend
I stated that integration "is not feeding'

'rt MRS. ESSIE THOMAS j I i something we want" but that
: this must be nation of law.
PLANS FOR a Professionally, Mrs. Winder-Gilkes double-rich, it is
RECITAL "After all legal remedies known
I as Dr. T. Vivian Winder. "
cooking too. Dr.
are exhausted in the courts, teaches nutrition '
A recital will be presented i'I very likely as much as we-dislike and child form of milk

at the Mt. Olvie Primitive :!I it the larger cities of the ment at Morgan State College in lump-free

Baptist Church, 4th and :Myrtle !' South may be forced to accept more, Md. "Carnation is the Carnation in the

Avenue, March'23 featur-;!i some token integration if we digestible form of milk for infant is the world's lead-
1.IM1 "
ing Mrs. Essie :Mae Thomas.I jare to have public schools, mulas," Dr. Winder states. "And milk.

The program is being the mayor contended. ...
spon- ------
sored by the Pallbearers Society Referring to developmentsin "',

: oEN 18 of which Mrs.. Ella Little Rock and Virginia, I RECIPE: 1_____s.-.wrr---r-
the warned that the ,
NF ush Telfair is the president mayor

l Others to appear on the time might come when some I I CARNATION CREAM SAUCE I [ I T1UiJ
sort of token integration
e aA, program are: The 'Gospel I f...a abets'era J
oxo I might be the only-way to keep
; fl Cavaliers, House of God'Saint i the public'schools open. I 2 tabfespooos butter V4 teaspoon pepper .. I
in Christ Chorus, Suothside 1 2 tablespoons flour 1% I
cups(large can) undiluted
Ushers Chorus I
Lattimore 1 % teaspoon salt CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK
Singers, Miss Farlye Graham I
Sammie L. Henderson, Voices YOUR LAST CHANCETo : Blend butter, flour,salt and pepper In saucepan over tow II

Dtwuuaas e.nltr e of Jerusalem, Victory Gospel ;Ragfrfw I fceat until smooth.Gradtafly add undiluted Carnation.Co*. J

Singers McCall Singers,- Mrs. Sat. MarrA 21OffIce I tfeu tSrrfeg tmta thJcfcafNd last smooth.Use for cr; ataed I

Bernice Thomas, Heavenly. Beg&irailoa oPFzom cfafcfcen too, dripped beef and mserofe. I s acrlas
Fire 8M'A./J! (. to-5.P..M. .
Gospel Singers and other
----- --------- ,_I Outs.M1llstur'
groups. .. t.rrtat..assf 1. .


-- --
-- -


.. .

f.-r THE FLORIDA STAR .. \'."
... ek Ending Saturday. March 21. 1959
----- -- -- ---- -- ---- -- -- -



EELBECSC I I OiV'c'V'! of the Lifavolte The Les, Bon Ami Social
Symphonic Band of 1".\lies Club were installed by I The first anniversary of the and Saving Club was orga-
4s Cw cIuJ :Matthew \\V. Gilbert High Mrs. Ethel Powell, home demonstration ![i Friendly Sympathy Club of nized recently in the homeof Aix. t
# : agent for Duval Mrs. Eura Cook with the
School will be presented in a .lt. Olive Primitive
QUICK concert April 3 in the school County at the home of Mrs. I Baptist following officers being elect-
Church observed
was recentlyn
r Xnnie Burnett, 1104 Spear-
at 8:15
auditorium beginning
GRITS ing St. t the auditorium of the ed.Officers
p.m. by the Student Councilof elected are Mrs.
e! the school. Installed to Serve for the t church. M. Lattimore, president; Mrs.P. .
now in the new "iiiTent year are: Mrs. Clemen who M. Robinson, vice; Mrs. _
gingham box with the G. II. Hill, director of the tine Hunter, president; on Participants program were: Rev.appeared E. W. M. Flagg, financial secretary; Q M"a
band is of FloridaA
trademark! a graduate Miss Catherine Johnson vice Mainor Mrs. D. Eastern, recording
cooMn pot and M and Rev.J.M. Dixon,Mrs.
University received president; Mrs. Evelyn Pack, Dclphenia Brinson. Mrs. Al- secretary; Mrs. L. Lattimore,
his masters
P F degree recording secretary; Mrs. Ol- assistant E. Cook
Mrs. re-
can Tarver, Mrs. Elizabeth ; :
from the University of Michi-
I lie Baylock financial secre- 'porter Mrs. Francis Cook I
Hall Mrs. E. Lundy, Mrs. ; ,
For the 'five .
gan. past years, 'i
Mrs. treas-
i tary; MaryVynn, business and Mrs. a
Nettie Spates, Mrs. Dazella manager
: Mr. Hill has served
as president -
Mrs Eunice Sutton
urer; ,
Hill, Mrs. Mary Jane Jackson, Nellie Bruce, treasurer.
EEtBEGlC of the Florida Association ;,
chaplain. .. .. .. .
Mrs. Anna Blount '
t of Band Directors, and at Other members of the club Mrs L. YOuR LAST CHANCE ... -- "

J the recent annual meeting of are Mrs. Annie Burnett, Mrs. ard.Cleveland, and Mrs. H. How! To Register LACKLAND AFB, Tex.-

directors, he was elected to Margaret Johnson, Mrs. Elou- Sat. March 21 I Airman Blondell Allen, son of
j serve as president of the ise Wallace, Mrs. Iris Wilson Mrs. Ella M. Howell, president Registration Office Open I Mrs. B. J. Stewart, of 83B
_e- a group for the ensuing year. and Mrs. Clara Durham. I gave remarks. From 8:30 A. M. to 5 P. M.' Chelsea No. 3, Jacksonville,
------ -- :
----- -- .
-- ----- --- --
.00. ------ --- ----- : Fla., nas
c--= ___ completed his initial
l i course in Air Force basic military -

:', ," irmaUS1ESS DIRECTORY ,'-" '" ,1 I I been selected training to here.attend He has the

.;:Establishments: I technical training course for
; == 1 Aircraft and Misp.le: Maintenance -
U : at Sheppard AFD Tex.

Airman Allen attended Car-

AUTO PAINTING COMPANY Dry Fold. Excellent Service We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt :: LETTERING :: } Basic airmen at Lackland
We Give World S & H Green Stamps Accurate Meter Delivery Prompt Service Moderate Prices : are selected for specialized
Complete_ Body Repair & Paint_Work_ 3633 Moncrief Rd. Cor. 27th EL 4.9404 6330 Avenue B PO 4-9516 Gold Leaf Trucks Glass Sho-Cards i training at technical: schools
: Oven. Baked Paint Jobs : the
416 Oak Street EL 3-5100 on basis of their interestsand
Price Start at $4.00 CLOTHING E. G. GOLDER COMPANY aptitudes. They are reas-
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 EASTSIDE -- Kerosene Fuel Oils signed to the school after four
SHOP -Over 50 Years Service to JacksonvilleACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE weeks of basic and are given
Attend Our 7th
Anniversary. Sale 329 Boulevard EL 3-3643 Septic Tanks Cleaned & Serviced additional military basic i
1525 Main Street EL 5.8091 1062 Florida Avenue EL 6-0612 1388 Agnes Street PO 4-1460 training along with the tech-
Custom Made Seat Covers REED INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY nical subjects.
641 West State Street EL 6-9432
Jacksonville's Only Distributor 0 One Day Service -
Complete Overhaul and Repair Sendee Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies SOUTH OIL COMPANY OF FLA. Royal Crown Bottling Company FRATERNAL NOTES
For All Makes and Models 519 Broad Street
EL 4-1735
Phillips 66 Products 9.4488
Terms Can Be 1235 San Marco Blvd, FL
Flit Fuel Gasoline
7ta Ocean Street EL--5-3582 FOODS Trbp-Artic Motor Oil AH heroines of Jericho, local

HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANY 7t'. Performance That Counts" GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP matrons have been asked by
Deputy A. M. Frazier
to at-
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681
General Auto Repair FRESH HOME MADE Convertible Tops Door Panels tend the annual Palm Sunday
"'Specializing in Motor Tune-up SAUSAGE DAILY FUNERAL HOMES Headliners Furniture Slip Covers observance of Heroines of
V Generate Starter and Carburetor Senrlci 646 Flordla Avenue EL 633039MOM'S 3227 N, Myrtle Avenue EL 4.8114 Jericho, March 22 at 2:30

J. a HOUGABOOK. Prop. GETER &. BAKER FUNERAL HOME p.m. in the Central CME
1361 Kings Road EL 48659Young's .. KITCHENHome Church
Serving Jacksonville & Duval We Specialize In -
cooked meals served 24 hours- All members of the Masonic
SO Years
Conaty for over GEORGE W. POWELL INC.
Amoco Service Station ,
7 doa week 767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812 I family have been invited as
Tune-up and Brake SenIce1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 Real Estate Mortgage Loans special guests and escorts for
General MWor Repair & Ignition Service CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME Rents Collected the observance.
STRAND HOT DOG STAND 410 Broad Street EL 4-8204
2506 West Beaver St. at McDuff EV 9-9449 24 Hour Ambulance Service
641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303
Colored Homes Since 1918
Sales & ServiceBatteries
Vitalyte Battery
O. C. owner S. L Davis, mgr,
$6.95 & up FLAMINGO RESTAURANT 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-OS45-6 Jones Institute of Physical Culture ; POLICE REPORTSTRUCK
Guaranteed For The Life of Your,Car -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- School Of Barber Beauty & Message
Free Pick-up Homemade Pies and Cake Colored Owned and Op aced BROKEN INTO
3711 Main Street EL 5-2004 718 West Ashley Street EL 6-9169 Holmes & West Funeral Home "Earn As You Lear '' VALUABLES STOLEN
812 Clay Sireet EL 4.6005
BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP -Ambulance Service- 8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634 Willie Hooker, 1020 Wilcox .
Batteries Generators Starters Home Cooked Foods (Notary Public) Street, told police James Mason
if* Regulators Auto Repairs 617 West Ashley Street EL 4-9701 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 asked him to let him sleep

Delivery Service SKINNER'S FLORIST in his truck last Sunday night
, 1050 Broad Street EL !-1715 TIPLIGHT'S RESTAURANT Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home Flowers For All Occasions and he refused and left, but
Home Cooked Meals 24 Hour Ambulance Service: 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275 later returned to find the
ATLANTIC BATTERY' SERVICE GOOD COFFEE 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 glove compartment had been
!I Reccjidjtloned 1 Batteries 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 49329LANE'S broken into and $65 was miss-

i -*- AH Kinds of Battery SerTlce. SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE ing along with one pair of tan
CHICKEN SHACK shoes, a pair of black boots
Price $5,00 nd up All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws
Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que pair of pin striped blue pants
'EL 5-4900 Blades and Sold
520 Florida Avenue Sharpened
We Cater To Private Parties AIR BASE FURNITURE COMPANY 1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504 and a shirt.
SEABOARD BODY COMPANY Chicken in the Box To Carry Out Complete Home Furnishing* James Mason was suspectedof
446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876 .. taking the money and the
Automotive Repair Auto Painting We Invite Your Credli goods from the truck. The total -
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service Seaside Fish & Poultry Company 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 TAXI damage is estimated at
AAA Service Free Estimates "At Your Service"NEW $105.
All Guaranteed Fresh Fish Daily ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 Patrolmen Milton Newsomand
WorkS 813 West Beaver Street.EL 4-2903
2949 West treet EV 9-3418 Home Furnishings For Every Boom' LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 Johnnie J. Doe investi-

'Baked On Enamel_ ACE FISH MARKET Tuniqua&a. Road Trading Post 11 gated.NEWS
Wrecks Rebuilt Furniture & Appliances Complete Garden Supplies
Fresh Seafood In Season -
680 East 21st Street EL 35080Mim's BRIEFS
701 Florida Avenue EL 3.7531 Low Prices Easy Terms Fertilizer Fruit Products
Gulf Service Station 928 Florida Avenue EL 60478New and Used Furniture bought and sold
AVENUE B SUPERMARKET 564 Timiquaoa Road SP 13762Washington's ..
Complete Car Lubrication BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS
Fair Prices VALDOSTA, Ga. Two
Open Daily 7 A.M. to 9 !.
I Chicago men, considered
2055 West Beaver Street EL 4-9459 'We Deliverrt OrdersService $3.00" Les Channette Beauty Salon Health Service j suspects in the strange slay-

I MEYER'S SERVICE STATION 5673 Avenue B PO 5-1103 Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment "Abundant Health Is Rightfully Yours"i i ing of Glenn Westberry, a
Hair Cutting and Styling Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths service station operator, have
Motor_ Tune-up & Repair CHARLES JOSEPH GROCERY 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907 Colonlc Therapy been cleared by Atkinson
Lubrication SImonizing Wax Washing Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables D. C. Washington. Masseur Same Location County authorities of havingany
Mechanic on Duty at All Times Free EBONY BARBER SHOP connection with the case.
Delivery -
N. Myrtle Ave. EL ,6-9460 45376Bishop's 1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-9762 Hair Cuts Our Specialty For 23 Years The two men are James Hall
t llOOI Home-EL Ladies Children Gents 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4.2478 and James Mclntyre, both 22
Gulf Service Station FRED'S FOOD MARKET Open 9 ajn to 8:30 p.m. Sat. 8 ill 11 years old.
l' Fresh Fruits Vegetables 736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112 WILLIE SMITH DRUGS \Vestherry was shot to
Gulf Gas & Oil Free death about 9 P.M. Feb. 27,
: -Car Wash 301 Davis Street- Delivery EL 4-9240 LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR Free delivery any part of the city in what his wife said was a
1005 Florida Avenue EL 4-9915 OLD RELIABLE holdup
Free Scalp Treatment with Hair Style -- -:-
Farmer's Service Station: GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETDuring the Month of February 601 West Ashley Street EL 4-1380 Despite being cleared of the

If You Want The Finest In Groceries Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator murder charge, the two men
Motor Repair Gas & &OU Tune-Up And Meats Come See Us 811 Davi _Street EL 4-9530 JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT are burglary.being held for attempter

Road Service 300 Davis Street EL 65412MIKE'S TOBY'S BEAUTY PARLOR STORE .._ \VesU.>erQ"s' murder is still

358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 GROCERY -Specializing in Hair Cutting- Courteous Treatment unsolved. _

CLEANING Staple Groceries: Styling Scalp Treatment Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.
Fresh Meats Mrs. Tabitha Taylor, prop. 806 Davis Street EL 4-1210 SEGREGATION 'DEAL'
Where Quality Counts effort to "sell" segregation to
--,Expert Dyeing- 2015 Broadway 0pen7to7 EL 6-9182 MISCELLANEOUS Mahoney Termini Termite Control the North, State Rep. W. H
1238 DavU Street EL S-8115 -Complete Termite Controls- Reedy has boasted that

: M & M MARKET AAA BONDING AGENCYf- Building Southern governors, congressmen
CAVALIER CLEANERS Fresh Meat City Coumty and'Federal Bond 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768 and legislators are lining

Bit W. Ashley Street EL 4-1849 Open 7 ium; to 6 p.m. Law THrtt"tr Bldg. EL 5-1_ 000,000 up behind'publicity'his proposed 811,--

21st and Myrtle 814,West 8th Si. 584 DvU Street EL. 5-lM ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE NELLIES PIE SERVICE Said Reedy ."If program Madison
914 DavU Street 1302 Davis Street -- Avenue
-; ------ 30 Years In E2eciro icAH Fresh' Pies Daily publicity experts can
SPOJ: RITE CLEANERS. FUEL OILS_ Work Quaraateed Potato Pie Our SPKialty-Fr.a fresh make a household word of an
: 0 e.Hocr Service 943 Forest Street HAVERVS 6-8IIC Potatoee W. Deliver Hollywood starlet
Ptck- &,DsRvtK AA BOTTLED' GAS &; FUEL. CO. 142 Stbde Street EL 3-0664 they can sell to the public an
: up issro that is
760 Florida Avenue EL S-8745. We rpinftll, la .serving_inger parks STUDIO Ri'edy will introduce right.
--' -' -' bilk tanks WedAa Home Pct a bill
-- AlaoW.fc.. *&dan or Gocuncrdal .:' the
ONE. HOUR, \CLEANERS' AA you boaa:far your ces Y..w. ..do H to cdfev aboMl I Ql.'ICKL SERVICE MATTRESS CO.. p in ron;" a April to $500,000 legislature to ap-'

911 West Ashley Street ; &. totDl 11646 We*'Dave:Road PO!W6H ,West Asttey Street -HL 449N Mattress Tlnnritiflinj Our Speebtty da's first.two-year as share Flori-of

_. -... -- '- -.. -- J .;;.,. I the publicity pot
,.. __ ._ ... .. ,
.; ,


Week Ending Saturday March 21. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR
PaceI Seven
---- --- -

I II 1( Coaching! Clinic !Is Planned! At Florida A. & M I

__ n __ _

: .., -.., -- -
ALL-TOURNEY R y]; : ,. ..' ,-{* :1 ; o1JTTAbic I COilfE ) !i ViIiD

: :



TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE M rd'k'y x.+lwri" 0 TALLAHASSEE Florida A&M University will be
Ala.-Sports writers and of- b Fk host to the 15th annual Coaching Clinic which has been

ficials attending the South planned and four of the 1959 grid. bowls will be represented.
Central District Regional Basketball Clinic director Jake Gaither -- _
Tournament, NCAA has waisted no time in select- Packers earlier in the year.
Divison, unanimously selected ing bowl experienced coaches ;Hardee was a Courier All-.
George Pruitt of Lincoln Uni- to invite as instructors. American.The .

versity, Jefferson City, Mo., '..' ... The Rose Bowl will be represented signing of Taylor and
Al Attles, of North Carolina by Jerry Burns of Hardee brings the total num-

A & T College and Leo Mor- ". '., ,,Iowa. From the Sugar Bowl ber of players from the University -
gan of Florida A & M University ,'j">'" ." comes Frank Howard and in professional foot-
t to members of the All- i! Charlie Waller of Clemson. ball to five. Former Rattlers
Tournament All-Star team. Gomer Jones of Oklahoma., with the professionals
Joe Howell, A & T forward, the Orange Bowl representative Halfback Willie G a 11 m o are r e:
won the fourth coveted spot, and from the Gator Bowl and Tackle Willie Lee of the
and Charley Harrison, A & T, '" [ comes Bob Woodruff of Florida Chicago Bears and Tackle
i Leroy Gibson, Florida A & M, University. Willie
t McClung of the Cleveland
1 Herb Gray, A &.T, tied for -
the fifth and center position. g H :q.. : q. t St Other coaches invited are An- Browns.
The team as it was chosen: I.3 ton Pilne yof Tulane, Ray --- .- -- --
George Pruitt, Lincoln Uni- t Elliott of Illinois, Whitie Ur- :

versity, Forward; Joe Howell, ( k !! ban of Georgia Tech, and :: i. 3.
North Carolina A & T, For- n 1 I Dave Nelson of the Univer-
ward; Charles I Harrison, ro s a wTy y sity of Delaware. Coach J. B. :!
I North Carolina A & T, Herb : McLendon of Tennessee State! YOUR LAST CHANCETo

Gray, North Carolina A & T two time N.A.I.A. basketball I:
i and Leroy Gibson, Florida A champions will handle the Register
& M tied for the Center posi- I II I J I basketball section. t
tion; Leo Morgan, Florida A 1' Two members of the 1958't Sat. March 21 :
& M, Guard; AI Attles, North bl+lw. ku xr Rattlers have signed grid !!I
Carolina A & T, Guard. ., pacts with the Green Bay II j+ Registration Office Open
( The j
most valuable player Packers of the National Football -
award also ended in a tie. The : x {: League. !
two best r From 8:30 A. M. to 5P.NL
guards seen in that i r ,
section for a long time were 1 Willie Taylor, who played i iI
Leo Morgan of Florida and Al j such great football at center I -

Attles of A & T, tied in the j 1 1 was sought after by every !I .

contest for the most valuable i I team in the league. It was re.1I 1-_____ ___ _______
player award during the tour- : ported that Taylor received a1 I
; nament. Both players were :. xN' bonus for inking his contract.!I: BEAUTY'S TELEVISION 1
superior. He was a member of thCourier's e j AND
'>9v: iM1.if _._ } --W--a'Sr-F -U.r u- 1958 AllAmericanteam
CHAMP AND FAMILY LIght Heavyweight Champ Kendrix. left and Boxing Writer Wendell Smith of 'I and described by Coach I
SAY YOU SAW IT I Archie Moore listens with,his family as he.is awarded Chicago. Seated at the bottom are other recipients of Gaither as being "one of the i Home Calls on all Makes

the 100 Per Cent Wrong Club citation as "Boxer of the citations. The citations were made at the 24th annual greatest linemen" to play for Vied Radios from $S. O Up
IN THEFLORIDA : Year." Others shown in,the picture with the champion All-Sporfa Jamboree sponsored' br the Atlanta Daily I the Rattlers. I We Finance
{ and his family are Public Relations executive Moss H. World. ', Halfback Leroy Hardee, the 816 FLORIDA AVENUE
.. .leading Rattler scorer and
STAB ---- -- -- ---- -- --- ----- --- -- I
___ __u ,_ --- -_ __ __-_ --------__ __ _. !ground gainer is the other ELGIN 68074TRANSMISSIONS
i Rattler drafted the I
BEGINS player by
??:?? ICAMPY .
-- '- -
782 50 127 i!'e--- -r SPORTING' IT UP j! I--,
39 74 ,


8 a VALMY THOMAS, a catcher and RUBEN GOMEZ, a fine job. !
j pitcher were recently traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, and ,
Watch This flown: I/ from all accounts they are going like wild fire in spring VALMY THOMAS, the lit- VERO BEACH-Roy Cam-
training. The San Francisco Giants traded the two players to tle catcher obtained by the panella joined his teammates

16 29 45 cut down on their tan players, but they are still heavily Phillies from the San Fran- in Dodger Town with a strong
202 02 112 loaded with tan players. Thomas and Gomez will be a great cisco Giants will have a hard determination to help the I
help to the Phillies if they continue to star as they did with Dodgers regain the standing
job getting into the Phils line-
thp_.. fitnt. <:.
Sometime '" &O he
he's up they occupied so long when ,
Sometimes he'd down THE GIANTS have on their up when the season gets underway handled the catching chores
lie adds, nnbtract roster, Willie Mays, Leon the Year" are the most wide- He has a hard hill to and one of the first state
He work It all around Wagner, Willie Kirkland, Fe- ly known. Before the end of climb with such true and tried ments he made was, "I thinkI i

lipe Alou, Orlando Cepeda, the 1958 season Willie Kirk- stars as Stan Lopata, Jim lIe- can help John Roseboro very
TillieVhite and Willie Mc- I land was on his way to establishing much."
and Carl Sawatski in the
Comng Attractions Covey. Willie I gan _
Mays, called the the fact that he could
227 16 426 20 greatest baseball player in the hit the ball. Bill White was the way. Roseboro is the young j # .
catcher who stepped in to fillCampanella's ,
game today and Orlando Ce- Giants regular first baseman LEE MAYE. who formerly
peda, last year's "Rookie of before he went into service, i place when Cam-
I roamed the outer garden for py met with his near fatal f '
but the chances seem verv. automobile I,"oae- : s ,
I very slim of getting.his first the Jacksonville Braves has accident that now
base job back since Cepedahas shown up well in spring has him oartiallv- naralvzed. :,
GO FIRST I done such a masterful training. He has hit 'the ball Roseboro was theN 1 catcher -
CLASS job. Andre Rodgers is back like a well seasoned veteran. last year and is being
primed to take over again this
If there has been a question as'
I season. "I've known Roseboro '
...with America's FRANK HOWARD, the 6- to whether he can hit major, for a long time. lie has to i PALMS E
GOLDEN foot, six-inch outfielder who league pitching, he has erased I learn how to talk to the pitch
Finest Bourbon J/GG-R GP s was All-Big 10 as Ohio State's that from the minds of all who ers. He has to gain their con-
/ basketball captain is making fidence. 1
would question it_ unless they
in 't', quite a showing in spring should add that When asked if he i
a handy training. He is trying for a the pitchers could
N berth with the Los Angeles have not turned loose as yet. teach those qualities to a man I .
Dodgers. Last Well who says he doesn't like to BALLROOM
pocket flask. year at Green maybe Mayo hasn't
catch, or anything about it, i
Bay, Howard led the Three- loosened |
I up fully either.
Eye League with 37 homers, Camp said, "That is no
b. .
I 119 runs bated in, 104 runs, THE JAX PLAYGROUND lem, believe me. Catching prOb-//
311 total bases and a batting r LEAGUE has uncovered some good occupation, and I will OF JACKSONVILLE
nm j average of .333. Pete Reiser, lof the brightest young baseball convince Roseboro in a hurry.I j'
the old Brooklyn Dodger flash f I prospects that have been watched him in person. He {I' .
i I said: "He is the best big man I i seen in these, parts in a long does not have to change his !,| -
> .' )
of --
ii :
i style throwing. He's as fast -- ---
YEARS .I I ever saw in baseball. long f time. The teams will operate ----
1; :.. this as any catcher I've ever I,
STATE summer
p 0 1 1LD ?v turned down a UNIVERSITY bid-I many of the young players known and hitter.he will" be an outstanding I, j r Starts stogy! Mar. 23rd Thru Sun. Mar, 30th ,

to play in the NCAA basketball ,, will be out there.battling. Every /a
tournament because of' member of all teams work ,'I I If
Negro players on the other!f; just as hard and conscientiously ; f RUTH
air teams. A straw vote was I j" and as fully determin- LEARN TO DRIVE BROWN #
taken and the student body I ed as if they were on the re- Secure Drivers' License '
approved by vote that the ceiving I end of one of those SAFEWAY DRIVING 0
p team play in the tournament. I big healthy checks, but one SCHOOL
_& l0O F2tc FBOl11DW1Ol It was also agreeable with the 'thing is certain and that is And
team to have a shot at the some of those boys are mak- 600 Weal Beaver Street
j i ,, national championship, which ing their way: toward baseball Office ELgin 5-7742
Ns Quura goes to prove that if present fame. Hes. ELgin 4-OS39 o Paul Williams! Oroh.A

conditions were left up to the DO YOU REMEMBER GEORGE PERPENA. Dir .
student bodies of the .
< various
1 WHEN the Edward'Vaters
schools and, higher institu- College Tigers baseball team .
tions of learning everythingcould was: almost Invincible wits 0
be worked out in a very ,
such players as James,"DeanBlue"
systematic, congenial and sat- Everett, Booker Simp- I Enroll Now in theSouth'8 ;4. "-.J,1' ;, _'9'v" __ J:_ i
A state law
kins Frank ,
Lloyd"Rocky"Hasley ,
prohibited the Maroons from Finest College 9i
"Red" Fran- .
for taking'all a concerned part but the fortunately tournament cis, "Cocky" Dukes, Robert FLORIDA BARBER Monday Thru Thursday 75c 0
Jerkins .
Jackson -"Big Jack"Daniels'and
went and the teams ::
1. did not stop to wonder whether others to be nam- Friday Saturday Sunday $1.00
or not :Mississippi State ed at anothe rtime. ,In those G. I. Approved A
I days the Tigers were A A uvwww -----------
5 ::- --- had a team. The Universityof 630 Davis St. at Beaver y" .w Vl ready for all
..MiIIiI"tlr..> ltd's0 Kentucky filled the bill in : comers. j w.Y"r.

-- representing the Southeastern SMOOTH SAILING TILL Phone: EL 5-9874 l" .

Conference and did a very WE MEET AGAINV .. ..." ," "


. Page Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday March 21. 1959
---- -- -
--- --



,j :: Z 1 I mass meeting of the : will convene at the Redeem P
TALIwUIASSEE-Thiee white men were ('hr } h East Florida Laymen's ue !I Baptist Church, :March 21-22
grand larceny this week* for faking an armed ': :BY ENQUIRE will be held in the Grant Memorial !I with the Rev. J. Williams,I i<
Sunday which 1:! they blamed:! on "two Negroes." i, I i iI AME Church, March :: moderator and Mrs. Josephine *
Sheriff. P. Joyce said he : 22 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. ':Streett as secretary of the *
obtained signed statements I the mon'v., and then ![ i with the North Jacksonville i. Women's Department. *
from all 1 three men admitting lice that they had 1 I i The Duval County Sales-: District as host.Participants : Devotion will be conducted *
their ports in the fake rob- bed of that i I i l ,man and Merchant Associa-i from other districts -! by the deacons and reports of
bery. 1 $300. ; I Ii i tion will present editorial will appear on the pro- i I!auxiliaries will be made. Rev. *
According to the Sheriff, '! Horner called i }i iI i certificates to head Bellmen I gram. Each lay; district is expected -', E. L. Wilcox will deliver the *
Lamar Strickland, ?!Sunday and reported i!of the Jacksonville Hotels in to be represented numerically -:'I sermon with the Rev. W. L.
the Bay Service managerof St".ti(\non i been krocked out I :,:a honor session to be held in and financially and';Bell serving as alternate. NAt :
North Monroe\ Street, had of $:)6.'> by two : :the Enquire Lounge, 8th and I make reports to the following 7:30 p.m. the deacons /Wed-
a shortage of $300 on hi c j i was questioned and i Davis Streets, 0 n Tuesday i district presidents: J. A. Watson will conduct the devotion with
books. The: manager told station lie detector test. I"night, March 24 at 7:30 p. m.I West District; Albert Davis -1 the Rev. P. Josey deliveringthe *
attendants Andrew Hor-I, It was later [$ The hotel men who will St. Augustine District; E. message, alternated by
ner and Blain Winston to Horner took $183 in i I 'I be honored'are: Pat Saunders S. Bell, South District and; the Rev. C. Davis. The ministers &
empty the cash register, split i!in checks and $21 in I Seminole Hotel; Chester P. J. McIntosh, acting president i-:i will be accompanied by $ &%
I card sales from the II II Ford' George Washington of the North District.I I,! their choirs and ushers.
I ister Sunday, Joyce ,Hotel; Jimmie McMillan. Choir No. 2 of St. Paul I I II A tip ol the Pops 09
:: '
MIDNITE TONITE I ston buried the I ';;Mayflower Hotel; Ivory i AME Church and Usher I I to these outetaadttsg
STRANDSUN.TUES.MARCH I checks along U.S. Epps, Floridian Hotel; Willie Board No.1 of New Bethel i Will Keep Children young Americans, vM
22.24 i at the north city limit I Quarterman, P o n t e VedraI I AME Church will serve. ForWorking I make our country MM)
AT ROOSEVELT I Horner reported he ,I Hotel; and M. :MalIoy, Robert; I Mothers's i our community a better
1 robbed of '$565, I : Myers Hotel. I On Easiside I II Dlace In which to llr
"GIRL WITH I the sheriff. t I I i I I I EL 6-6851 I
AN ITCH"SEXATIONALI j The Merit Award Presentations II ** *_* *. |
YOUR LAST i are being made under I ,
i .7- ...
NEWI! 1- To RegisterSat. the sponsorship of Isiah :o... ." .
PLUS "MACHETE"STRAND March ; I White, Sales representative i I .,' t' +
I II {. .
Registration Office for Consolidated Distributors. -I. HAVE CASH WILL BUYII ;:;: l
From 8:30 A. M. to GUN"I! Serving in the capacity '," ::t, I.L.
+I I of host is J. D. Brooks, genial -:I .; .
First Run i I manager of the Enquire!I r YOUR VACANT LOTS Q fi +
SUN.-SAT. -MARCH 22-28 Ritz I I Lounge and public relationsman I I
BOTH for Drive Inn Liquors. I Call EL 4.6782 Mr. Kay \ 4-
Presentations will be made I +
; to other '.
K persons at similar : .
I I j programs in the near future.I I k .
fro '
.; *
i ( -
I I : Vocational School' ".
I VALUABLES STOLEN Lectra Fuel Igniters Papal Cola Daalars any+
1Sb v; \; I I II i Pepsi Cola Bottling Com-*
j' ,:J The home of MrsMaude: Are a permanent i pany are proud to salute jf
i fp! SC.H Richardson, 1143 Kings Road replacement for old fashioned spark plugs Inez Deloris Stinson of*
was broken into last :Mondayand the 12lh grade class. She
\ I valuables to never wear out last forever honor student presi-*
amounting is
k r K an ........
$11'5 were reported stolen by 1-Get up to 8 more miles per gallon dent of the Senior Class. .
( police. 2-Get 30 more horsepower Student Council and the.
DemonsPlus (I \ 3-Get faster pick up Modem Business Club. *
Charles Simpkins, who lives
I e! .at 1145 Kings Road was nam-! 4-Save 100 dollars. a year year after year *** *******
5-Star quicker cold and wet weather
SHOCKERI! : ed as the suspect. The investi-j Increase RPM throttle I
gating officer said he made a j any setting I
7-Never have to be cleaned gapped or adjusted 1 f II II
call at the home of the SUS- I
B.-; 8-Use
Cooco pect, he was not at home but .' only regular grade gas !
YUL lYHNER i his wife, Mrs. Della Simpkins J Guaranteed I fX I
-- I I gave him permission to search' Dealers Inquire AM EL 5-3608 or PM EL 4.9508The I'n
ClAIRE ILOOM the apartment. He said he : I
CHARLES BUYERCHARLT6NJESTGH I i searched but none of the I E
I II : !missing property was found. j
TEH1 ;
1J Rrt I I No arrest was made and it I! SEAFOOD ctrl1 I
II B A 8.iod.Prodwti : was not known why Charles I
-...........- rlAllA ,TEO NIcOLOR- j Simpkins was suspected of !
I.I I WARNER NIM I I stealing the goods, Sgt. Tom-1\ CORNER MYRTLE AVENUE AND SHAD ROE ; > ___. ._. __' ",<_;".f--U j

e 'mcxzwzcoxoR, : linson said. I i BONELESS DEPT. ill; J HERMAN CREWS
tvkdMl"'l a bdill t.itirtl. .I Also "MAN or inves- 7' New Stanton
Sgt. W.M. Tomlinson
Standard OYSTERS for Stewing Pint 93c
$< Senior High SchoolC
tigated. \ I
.\ White DeLuxe CRAB MEAT Lb. S1.1C
I Herman is a member of
""" '' Jumbo Shrimp for frying -- Lb. Sl.05f'i -It the senior class. Ho is a

______________________ ___ __ _____ ___ ______________- 1 Medium SHRIMP n m_____ -Lb. 79c I member of the Handicraft -
Fresh FLORIDA LOBSTERS ____ _Lb. 59c T
1 club and
It Always Pays To Deaf With .e.e DdVlS II i ".1'}'".student. His hobbies an are
I T leathercraft and general
,.. _- BLACK SEA BASS ____ _Lb. 32c t 3 rnetals. He plans to major
4 in Industrial Arts.
MULLET _Lb. 29c I :
-- -- --------- :
-. I Blue Ocean BREAM __ ___-____ Lb 39c )I. ., < : ; !
: ..sl i.k i. I WHITE PERCH m __________ _Lb. 39c ,f:; '. ;:A". 'I '' .k
i SHRIMP BOAT WHITING __- -----.___Lb. 29c } I' 1"It : / iC
SPECKLED TROUT "Chicken of the Se '__Lb. 49c a q; >.: j

: I FLOUNDER. Large and Medium Size ____Lb. 45c ;I.I I.I.t t ,. I'i :: :c
:: BEACH WHITING .___________________-___Lb. 3Sc '. ,t<< /.,; ,," F i '"
I GENUINE RED SNAPPER __________ Lb. 55eI : : okto
\ \! tctc
7 !i. LIVE BIG JIM CRABS $1.00In '-}; :-
I INN ",'* ft '
0 Warehouse back of Sea Food Center Dozen '_ ._;t. ', J'm..J"2. ""

r Senior High School C
: .. t Myrtle AY*, end Adams Fhoaa EL 4-14(8. 4;I Tribute is paid to Sarah J
# of the 9th grade class Sh9 f
Fk Is amomber of the Science
Club Girl's Softball team*

ti Student Council and ihofc
i ate.I HORS [ ,National Hcncr Society. 'K
I n 7 PieceSOFA
,tea, * *

BEDGROUP Oa9 T:taLttlocM front PefII
I* Cola to these three Mere
} Award wlizMn.I .
A I Llrtm> to Pepri Merit Award
.alnt+Y.oq ea I VIlA
i K A c
TBEN.TnrwE1Io.. 14M

includes FLORIDA'S ONLY PAPJ-MU1UEL P GII your did aastudaya
1\ .
< K 1': 1. IhQ

: y r -:- Matching Sofa and Chairs HORSE TRACK tr1t /. -.; ; *
"- -> and 2.Boa*.tif ol Table lAmps fr 1 v' P"
.:.2 Step Tabloj -:. 1 Coffee Table *



\ OPEN YOUR -- $12995 ; $1 OO DOWN e


BALANCE EASY' POST TIME 8:15 P. Me Special i;Faculties '
DAILY DOUBLE b ForColored t


Davis Furnithrej _
17 ML So. .f ..locboniZSc
IeferaFiorillo' .
Gea.,41 Muasioo ..SO1Scir7 r
> b M orsi

"'" ....:,:.....: .,"'"'''''"'',,"'....." I I :. tu t

-...... _. ... _.