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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200501datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 14, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005010740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 14, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 14, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Congressman Dig gsSp.eaks 1- = FIOR/MBMR 4 : IiI

At St. Paul .f.z N H c1"

I VOL. 10 NC.- s And NEWS March 'H-1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 CentO 0

+ .

I, : + : Shiloh: Pastor Gets Ordei t

: _1 '

X tt Sk.4 .. To Give Account Of Fun t R* y Y7'

"" -



\. tiK F.fA 4. n N i. .By CHUCK PAYNE
?b4a The battle Leiweos embittered members of Shiloh Bap-

tist Church and Her..A; B. Coleman came closer to being Citizens are shocked and resentful over a case of severe

straightened out as Circuit Court Judge Charles Luckie brutality which A highway patrolman inflicted upon a 53-

last Monday ordered that a financial statement be pro- year-old woman last Saturday afternoon in the area of Tyler

_duced__'L.__in_ t three._ __1.1 weeks e_and a'l.._,ruled_'1.1.that.. the complaining and,...Windle_. _Streets._ _____ __ _L_ '-1 -__--_-_- ,-
UltfDJJ.XnJ uu LVlua3WGYJudge \Uu.l' Mate: uignway pairoiman
Luckie said beforea -- ----- -- -- -- R. J. Ridaught has been iden-I George Hams, Democratic

packed courtroom that the supervised by Mrs. Justine tified as the officer who sat !Committee woman Gertrude

method Rev. Coleman usedin Henderson.At straddled Mrs.\ A man d 1 a Glover declared: "Tho bond
< turning members out ofi Washington of 3121 Tailing )II .
was excessive since no :rime
t i the church was illegal ip that one point in the Street, and cuffed her into'!;,was committed by those men.

I no election had been held in ing Judge Luckie hear-I I submission. The vsr o m a n j.I don't see what Judge Harris
period of 6 7 to cite Mrs. eventually had to he lifted}_]
or years I had to do with it anyway.'The
members of the Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority who [
from the street, and
are making plans for their eight biennial Jlbberwock. which will be held at New I'I'a Last M o n d a y's hearing atlmpting to evade giving I I I in semi-conscious condition appeared i[incident happened in Judge
Stanton Senior High School April 20 at 8 p. m. They are from left sitting; Sorors around the opera-- testimony. During the trial'[according to witnesses. '.[Sarah Bryant's district, that'swhy
Mary Hunter. Pauline Smith. Marian Sultan Edna Adams chairman Sybil tion of the Shiloh kindergarten. I had the case:: transferred -
general ; she couldn't tell the court I Observers report that 1 1I I "
manygatheied there. Mrs. Glover isa
Butler. Lois Gibson Lillian Small, president Lucile Jones and Winona Alexander. The members chargedthat
; who hired her to operate the i I offered to aid the I I committee-woman in
national founder. Standing in the same order are: Sorors O 1 g a Bradham. Hazel Coleman. failed to give him I pyres
officer rather than
OversSreei. Annie Ruth Brown BJyldstine :Bowman Margaret Howard, Emma any financial accounting of kindergarten nor the person] continue to assault the see wom I cinct... 5i- C. -

Brown SaUye Mathis. Hettie Mills, and Wyllie F. Dennis. the operations which was to whom she turned over the I an.. All such offers--wertreated A he.:'ring scheduled for

-Photo by Avery's Studio monies from the operation. with curses: insults 1'Wednesday, March 11, was
-- --- -- --- --- -- -----
, -- ---- --- -i I NEWS BRIEFS I She gave the impression that and even threats of death. !1 i postponed by Judge Bryant

i LONHER SUMMIT CONFERENCE .she( turned the kindergarten Leroy Thomas,one of three until! Friday, March 20. .
TO POLICE REPORTS \1 The three arrested
t TO PLAN VOTE DRIVEr receipts in by placing the Linen later arrested, gave this men are
free bond thfhearing.
I' : on pending
; !mor.ey.on. a table during the'account: "I offered, to help) ;:

SPUR VOTES J t 9R !1.A .gJJ ''ER__I;offering period. the officer. hold the VII j ., : t ;
' 7.IAN-SHOT IN LEG -- .:.- ,>iTfc .,[1 rf>Fsa- tjjfncr" -*= ij""ii* ;i.ICLAIMS *>.ic :) 18'atop' ltltil1Jonher' -
. BY ANGRY FRIEND r A <" ,h Summit Conference" S 1' wms; bia Negro slapping her like that. J. rlTnchi; gt n, b.ot:2\'er;

,Roger Fleming, 30, 616 W of all ctganizationslias : school teachers found themselves -t' He ca1Jed-me'-out of my name t is beirs i : detained in Duval
Union unemployed in Moberly, ACCIDENT County i?iJ.1 She L; charged:
Street, told police he t and threatened''' to blow
been called for March 21, Missouri :when the students my I with ro tti''ihr? ; arrest in connecting -
was shot in the left leg by his !N SHOTGUN SLAYING brains out. I walked
. .*t'Ir g w friend Leroy Jones, 111 Davis in Jacksonville to-' discuss a coordinated of ,Lincoln School, to which'the I But when the reinforcements away. with the police assault

.M Street, last Sunday as ,they voter registration } were assigned were integrated STARKE A youth was I came I was arrested and taken -1 I
t stood on the corner of Ashley program ard: to launch a drive into white school: arrested and charged with fa- to jail."
and Lee Streets. that will increase the number, Carl Henderson superin- I I.' I I
Fleming said they started of registered: Negro voters in tendent of schools;'stated,that tally shooting a woman during. Berry Corbitt claims he

\. '. teasing each other and Jones Florida to more than 300,000. the teachers met the required ,. a fight in the Hampton area was arrested for merely requesting I
of this
city Monday. ;
f became and The academic qualification and I that the patrolmenget
angry threatenedto meeting will be held in I
youth, 16-year-old
the performed satisfactorily. He : off the woman and
shoot and he did shoot niter Masonic Temple's fifth stop
he (Fleming) said he floor auditorium, 410 Broad explained that they were dis- 'I Wheeler, insists that he : striking her. Whereas,Samuel I
was shooting at Lucien Block-i
would not. Street and will begin at 10:00 missed because the integra-: Robinson, who insists to have I
er, one of the two men involved -I
The yictim A.M. tion move necessitated fewer';I said nothing to anyone, was >-m
was taken to I
in the actual fight, but
I teachers.The pounced upon and beaten by
.. Duval Medical Center for
A Y Leaders that the shotgun blast acci-
I of some of this NAACP has filed a : police as he walked toward
treatment. Victim
4,4Nq"" ,,,' warrant. will sign state's largest religious, civic brief in the United States dentally struck Louise Hagan. Union Street. Robinson is
r. :. and fraternal organizations Court of Appeals in St. Louis : Mrs. Hagan was the motherof still suffering the effects of

.; '.' Sgt. E. Hickson and Patrol- have joined to urge a large attendance asking for a reversal of the Blocker. the beating. !i, ,,
,: r. man J. Jackson investigated. at the meeting and dismissals. The other man involved in
/ to push. the organization of a the altercation va3Villie Ha Other witnesses claim that "

: : HUSBAND HITS WIFE coordinated effort. Some of FIRE VICTIMS. BURIED i gan, the stepfather of young I an officer identified as S. M. :. >: :'\f .,1r

.. trCongressman WITH PIECE OF IRON them are Bishop,Sherman L. LITTLE ROCK. Ark. Wheeler. Schwartz threatened the I '.'...;:. .
I Mrs. Callie Bryant, 29, of Greene A31E. Church; Rev. While L. R. Gaines superintendent :- Wheeler has been, bound''crowd: with-! his! revolver and : t .< : .r
C. to circuit court to stand'I boasted of being able to take .:
Charles C.
K. over
I 2070 Brady Court told Steel president.. Inter of the Negro Boys'Industrial I '.: '1"I ,
Diggs, Jr.,, (D-Michigan) her husband beat her ,on the Civic Council Tallahassee: School wept intermittently trial for murder. them on "nine at a time". I I&;,I."'N. ....,w.:;.".._".._.. ..___ ,
, pictured above will be ,the II head with a piece of iron be- Edward D. ,Davis, President, 14 of _the 21 boys The boy's mother, Louise I i "I'd" never seen so many
:. principal speaker for the:.t: use she 'refused to pay the Florida Voters League Rev. who perished in,.,the early Hagan. was also bound over.i t guns, said one woman. "And I Rose Morgan, former wifeof
Florida Voters League Kick-I rent out of her money. A. Leon Lowry: president, dawn fire that gutted their for trial on a charge of being 1 I nobody was trying to do any- ', Joe Louis, and world re-

off Voter Registration Drive t She said she is undecided as Qonda; State Conference, dormitory were buried in a a principal to the murder.'. thing. All we asked the officer ,'I known beauty culturist, as
Program Thursday night,I Ijto whether she wants to NAACP and many others mass funeral last Tuesday.The She is said to have told!!! to do was stop beating'swell as an outstanding per-

March 19, at Mt. Ararat Baptist prosecute j her suband, Wood- An effort is boys, aged -13 to 17, young Wheeler, "If you can't''I!'the woman." sonage in the field of cos-.
Church and beginning at row Bryant, 32. He is an employee have bring made to were burned to death Thursday get Blocker,get hiis mother.",: Mrs. Julia Mack of Tyler ,medics, will be the honored

8 p. m. f of the Standard Oil of the representation state's 67 from each March 5. They died trapped Both Wheeler and his mother i!II i I Street related how Officer Ri- guest at the grand openingof
i Company. counties on in a locked dormitory. are being held without bail.,i daught aim his pistol at her the Academy of Charm
hand ,
Congressman Di'! g g s is I Patrolmen S. Gaines and R. and to make- this a successful -' e silence, of the 300 perTh -j.I Blocker' and Hagan were I I[when she requested to pull and Modeling located at 610

serving his third term in the Jenkins investigated. fully represented sons watching th,e funeral sentenced j! to a year in jail Mrs.Vashington's dress West Duval Street.
House of Represcatatives meeting.to attend groups are,invited was broken only b" the an- '!y for committing the affray. down since the W 0 man's i The event will tae! place
and is currently serving on SCHOOL SITE NIXED and to send- rep guished outcries of the dead body was exposed up to the next Friday evening. March

the House Foreign Relations ROCKLEDGE Construction resentation.. youths relatives. The funeral WOMAN ARRESTED waist. "I looKed J right" into 2Cih, from 7 io 10 p. m.
of expenses weir r>?id for by the the barrel of that gun, said
Sub-Committee. He is, well a t Miss Morgan long famous ,
the .school has been 'forbidden by state of Arkar: $ .s. i IN LYE CAKE GIFT I Mrs. Mack. "And when I'.for her beauty
informed as to major Denial many products -
the i the City officials because the for construction of The ether, T of the 21 victims asked him to lot some of us and her under-
coniror unique
problems !dug the school was endorsed by buried ,l women.help ham, he just kept
school was to be built in an were privately. -Mary Manning -
American people m all sections the starding beauty problems
Rockledge ; pointing the at 4
building inspector j-un me.
area "which up to now has :, 49, was arrested late is aloo sole the
of the country owner of
particularly who
been white," according to R. refused to issue a VOTERS DENiEDMONTGOMERY last week by postal authorities Mrs. Florida Granger, who !fabulous
in the South. permit for the ; $225,003 Rose Mor-
L. Murrell\ chairman of the schooL Ala. and charged with sending had called police headquarters I
visit to House of New
The congressman's gan Beauty
to report i the incident said.
Gov. John Patterson has
City Council. a poisoned birthday cake
and other York City which has facilities
Jacksonville key
"Seems to me they didn'tknow
School Supt. Woodrow Dar called Supreme Court ruling through the mails. I
cities in the state are all un den of Brevard County said. HAITIAN'S ARRESTED against Negro,voting rights in Four children suffered what they, wanted you for serving 128 patrons

der the sponsorship of the the 12-acre site is the only i MIAMI Mrs. Evon3ab- this state, "a victory for the bums of the mouth becauseof to do. First they'd say 'every- Hourly and offers serried in

Florida Voters' League; one available for the school. i oun, ;45,and: her daughter Naoia. people and our constitutional eating the c a k e which body get back'. Then right all phases of hair and akin
The main purpose ol- having ., 17, were arrested last form of government." He saidthe after that they'd'shout 'don't care.At
such a nationally prominent week on a charge of shoplifuwere ruling sustains the "basic was Miss concentrated with lye. nobody move'..And they kept the, grand opening Mia;
come to the in Manning, identified pointing' their all,.the Morgan ,will answer: I
pesonality electing the best J ng. They accused of principle of the rights cf the the former guns am
city and state is: ,to encourage candidates to; POSSibJe'i stealing. S ,pieces of jewelry. state jo governtheir;_own affairs wife fit of George Collins cmoaon-law; mailed while' When asked if she hadseeJ question, pertaining to beauty *
> md ladies' ; ) the. police beating any- or maka-up, problems,aoi
and provoke more qua- people a_ blouse totaHn It was a sound de- '
"* the poison cake Dec. 1 to on 2 oth.r ,than Mrs. Ya h- will r.oommteid.whkh ,
lined Negro dtiZen.to' be Isadora Vice- $16.98.. ; feat for theSouth-hating federal : } : < of the.
Collins1 soD :
time registered voters it is President of the;: Duval civil rights meddlers.'' 13-year-old- ; Wil i icgton, ?*ii.Granger replied: Academy of Charm 'courses
The two women are,the The eourtrolhi ''Y4L r c.V! a op beating s win ,be belt suited for lh.
also desired that Negroes b* County, 8r'rmckoi- the state mother! ?stated that lie.Although $ ; j
: 1 isterTbf the H i using a fictitious m mown at.bbo end of U applfcaat.
better acquainted with organization:: along with the 1557 Ovfl RlghtAd..didnot ; ,
ome 1 Bart Consul in New: name, and return .address .. -- '
York. a ; The
the COmr1&T-W facets of our:other'Tocal dUzess,1.will appear 1 : give the federal governin be open tot
;"as well as'thegreat J ion the same i 'heirriugtleir'rrta mistake mear-aatheritr"to'. 'aue indS- AJabamaKaNiIag Refstnnsfto the three men any woman laterwfed;'i.l;
Eovemnwmt, program v
; with they were on wa.. trapped by her.....ted-.... arrastai and the bond of $L000 I ,
1 ad
1 rcjpoagibility involved Congreflgnan M,000 bond ,....., .+> _aLviQo: -- .- sP TR !
__AI, ... r -' >>o each> 1. =Negro voting rights. l'isg' : -set upon;: ,them by Judge ooafldeace




Page Two THE 'LORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. Much 14. 1959


THE FLORIDA STAR "Politics As Usual"By
LOKD, HELP ALL ,;.. .,,


10 HAVE THE 5ANAE RI6HT5... ., i -
Pubtiihed by The Florida Star Publishing Co. ?

"Member of Associated Negro Press'1 Since Sunday afternoon my phones at the office and

Erie O. Simpson .Editor home. hare been "jumping off ,the hook". as the mrpromTrin
C. Parham Johnson ___--News Staff goes. with calls from persons who desire that this newspaper

Attama Richard .Circulaiiotj Dept. publicize the recent brutal treatment given a colored:

citizen by a local law enforcement officer.These .
C' t4I .--:::-- callsl------- ----- -
1323 Msncrirf Road .. .,____ EL 4-6782 EL 4.6783 'i
Downtown Branch Office 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 to ; the Court House on East Bay
t ; : ''';Street so that he or she can
Mailing Address t become a registered voter.
_: I.detinile'''
P. O. Box MI. Jacksonville: 1, Florid : We need every Negro voterwe
{c. I can get on the books.
s. [ .
One Year. KMt Half Year. 13.00: Three Month SI.80 L..J" i' .. DOES THE

Mailed To Too, Anywhere In The United States. Ir ; .;*'champ ion of WHAT NEGRO WANT?
ubecrlpJkm Payable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: CAN- E N ER NE R ; i{ '. and Negro will rights not Much has been said and

FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA .. ., Ou R10E N ERE : 'o.t:' :' hesitate toeak written about. "What the
., C R K "
f.. Ou is out Negro Wants. Recently 112

TRABBARRiM A I NDERANCE CIO P RE fiT ainst injus- Negro ministers in Dallas,
i1/ Simpson tice. 1 Texas, signed a statement

Ou C pN E A' NTc R The only thing I regret is i listing what they believe is
the desire of the citi
TO NEGROES'PROGRESSTHE C DR 1NK that more colored Jaxons will$

= Gp K N I not heed our advice and qualify ,zen.
:...,. AN HIP a themregistering selves as citizens by The statement includes

three most dangerous enemies facing the Negro in s., NTr i so they can vote.".nine points and follows:

his struggle for human rights, racial recognition and the -, Uf f I regret too, that more of us 1 1 The Negro Wants:
dignity that comes of these two are TREACHERY, ENVY ; ? jI who are already registered I:. No special privilege. -
'' the of first class
will not give some time getting rights
and DISUNITY. f r others American citizenship in all
i registered.
under ,
These patterns of behavior, forever dangerous any '

circumstance. are particularly dangerous in our case, for This exact cartoon that was supposed to be used in Bessemer. Alabama In connection unless These we are hare crucial enough days voting and-I'aspects.! To be respected as a per-

they exist abundantly within the body of our race, robbingus incur with urging Bessemer Negroes to pay poll-tax, register and io vote by Asbury strength to elect or de.I son-not a race. Christianity

of vital strength, clearer vision and greater strides Howard President of the Bessemer Voters' League a Baptist Deacon for 20 years feat the men who have to do.I and democracy both teach
pursuit of those freedoms which have been so long and national Vice-President of the Mine Mill and Smelter Workers was Called with the laws that affed our

kept from us. "obscene libelous. low and indecent" by a Bessemer Alabama court, this cartoon exlsiance we'll find ourselves I this.To live in a truly free so
One does not have far to look in order to find examplesof caused the author. Ashurr Howard to be beaten by a mob and thrown into an Ala- pushed around and deprivedof ciety-to be released from
the tructiveness of envy and treachery, nor to experience -
bama "city" chain gang. our rights as citizens. I the terrifically harsh effects
the dangers of disunity. of segregation-to live in an
We have but one more.
Black of worth and have been stoned,
men great courage week to .registered before atmosphere where there is
lynched, jailed, brutally beaten or made homeless because, $ for mutual
the books close opportunity confession -
on Saturday
needs of they stepped for- Your Weekly I'
interpreting the our people, March 21. If you are not re-t understanding, ford -
ward-thinking we were behind them-and found I love for fellow.I ,
giveness an
gistered do If al- ,
so. are
selves -alone. Thinkers, leaders, fighters; honorable men,all : : Guide you I man.Services.
:)! ready registered ask
essential to the cause of freedom have been abused, broken scope your rendered in his
neighbor the fellow who
and discarded far more frequently and effectively by WE behalf, as should be true for
outside of the u'41 ICH ARE YOUR LUCKY< DAYS FOR works with you if he or she
the black people than by any enemy race.
all citizens to be based
is registered, and if he is not :, upon
It is still happening; and shall continue to happen that until 2USINESS LOVE TRAVEL ...urge him to do so. Go one deeper values than purely
we only so long as to realize and admit our
pause humanitarian
better than that, if you havea : philanthropy

basic problem is internal.It distasteful and tiresome !:y. PABLO, The ASTROLOGER car offer to take your and paternalism.
is, therefore, becoming acutely neighbor or friend down to His differences be neither
to intelligent black p e o pIe to hear the continual ARIES by a nasty problem j just before j ing for a larger share of prof 'ignored or accentuated.
whihing of these same traitors within the race to the effect Born March 21 thru April 19 Easter Day even its. Unity in diversity. America

that the white man won't give them "a break. Yes, The New Moon of March though things may appear togo C4412742121.I. Jan.AQUARIUSBorn 20 Thru is a diversified country.

it is usually the traitors within the race who cry the loud- 9th is located on a degree of well for a fortnight or so. I It would be Feb. 19 :i i The Negro wants to be accepted -
a splendid time
est about wanting full rights, and yet who do the least '
the zodiac filled with spiritual G-GO-77-5S-75-6G5. LIBRABorn for spring cleaning in whatever I| in terms of the American
about acquiring these rights. They m a k e it a point to implications, and much that is Sept. 2:5: Thru Oct. 23 I I locality: this woahl-! l not he ..' culture and wishes to

leave the fighting up to someone else. But as soon as any- beautiful could well happen CANCER Your perspective upon life premature.} :Any effort to ac- play his part along with
thing is achieved, they block the view with their bodies as until the Easter Full Moon of Born June 21 Thru July 22 and your understanding of quire some- new technique, or :: others in making America a

they crowd themselves into the newly-made opening. the 24th Your mind or nerves This favors your finances cultural or spiritual ideals to develop new }possibilities of i;! strong cosmopolitan nation.

Regardless what field of endeavor is scrutinized, whet- may be tired around New and it should bring to a con- !:should expand greatly. A work at home, should be i Unity on equal termsnotof
her it be business or church, social exchange or civic pursuit Moon time, perhaps becauseyou crete fact the promises or !friend or group of friends are worthwhile and at least relatively I, superiors dominating over
the same vicious, poisonous conditions exist: every- have been rushing last hopes of the last few days. I undoubtedly instrumental: in I successful. However, do or condescending to inferiors.

body wants to lead, or give orders, or be boss-or to hell minute preparations or work [There is, however, a hint of; arousing you to a very fine not let a friend! or legal adviser !!i! The right to live and find
with itBlack before a move. Try to take it troubles which to pitch of emotional
are likely I eagerness.to lead you astray, and beware i free expression of his native
people are notorious for demonstrating an obvious easy, and do not let profes- develop very late in the become a new person will- of even old acquaint I endownment as an individual
distrust in the integrity, intelligence and wisdom of our sional details or possibilitiesof month. They are probably re- ing and able to contribute to ances' requests for a loan. i This involves the whole
own leadership-even while acknowledging the fact that. what might happen In your lated to an 'elderly partner, some constructive trends in 9-80-44-79-43-987. realm of equality in political
we need leaders of our own if we are ever to reach the absence worry you. Things perhaps your husband, or to your community, or in the I and economic rights, which
other side of this damnable wilderness known as suppres usually are taken care of, a contract which may prove world at large. PISCES I'include job opportunities,

sion. And perhaps more than leaders we need FOLLOWERS somehow. far more binding than you ex 9-70-88-68-976. Born Feb. 19 Thru Mar. 20 ;schooling, public conveniences -
; people of vision, courage and determination ,who recognize 3-20-11-19-13-323. pected. \Vatch closely any legal i The only drawback: is a'I:: etc.Peace.
the distance we have yet to go, and the qualitiesit proceedings. Read the fine SCORPIO-- square of Mercury to Saturn I:1 and harmony in an

will take to get there. TAURUS print in any agreement. Born Oct. 24 Thru Nov. 24 which probablv foreshadows : ordered society...
It is that must cease subjecting ourselves to 480997897487.LEO. serious difficulties
plain we Born April 20 Thru May 20 The New Moon falls in some more :I
the stupidities of the CRAB BARREL by overcoming the New Moon on the 9th startsa your House of selfassertionand 1 after the Full Moon of the S f eS
of 'tomism within ranks. 2.1th. The be
troublesome left overs our emotional problem seems to
new period. Legal difficul- outgoing i ,
Above all let realize-each unto himself, and together money. You may be a little too
us ties may have to be faced at Born July 23 Thru Aug. 23 stressing further the validityof .
that those among us who insist on practicing treachery, this time, and they should bemet You may be stirred, indeed the above remarks. You optimistic and pay for it
and in whose narrow hearts there is envy instead of bro- somehow during the very last
by careful of should ahead and take the
a study should be stirred, by powerful go
therly love, are agents of disunity in our race, and are i their implications. Otherwise initiative whenever it days of the month, so be care- REGISTER NOW
ideals and great hopes, at both
therefore far greater enemies to our growth as a people after having been seemingly the emotional and the mental feasible or sound. A rather ful. Yet do enjoy this and the So You Can Vote
than the most blind, Godless, hate-crazed white supremists. next week, for they can bring
overcome, they might reappear i levels. You should seek to em- heavy square aspect of Mer- to
after the Full Moon of brace valuable causes to help cury to Saturn may slow you rare opportunities exercise for Your Rights
March 24th. However theseare somewhat either because of [authority, generosity and to
transform your environmentas
most likely not too ser- well)) as yourself. Again, the overwork and fatigue, or as a glowing light. :I
ious, for excellent aspects friend already mentioned is result of unfavorable weather. 320331931321. II I .
point to good financial possi- seen arousing in you the em Watch your moves in traffic.

bilities-again especially in 1 ergy to become a different, a Do not. write depressed let
the fields of real estate and' greater and spiritually freer ters. .

wherever the products of the person. However, do not let 830662864834.
JACKSONVILLE has outgrown the curfew. This is the land are concerned. You may all this ferment upset your: r. r
general opinion of the majority of citizens who have watched indeed have pleasant sur- health. SAGITTARIUSBorn

the accelerated growth of the city. It is also the opin- prises., 556224821552. Nov. 23 Thru Dee. 2 y
ion of new-comers who regard the 12 midnight 'shutdown' 1-40-33-39-31-143. The 9th accentuates theabovementioned

in a city of this size as something hard to believe. VIRGO trends. Business

City officials cannot claim to be unaware of the need to:. GEMINI Born Aug. Thru Sept. 23 and the work you do fora

, extend the hours of legitimate night activity in the bars, Born May 21 Thru June 21 Try not to lose time and to living are particularly fa
lounges. public and private clubs to a tim'e beyond the The New Moon activates have things weD under way vored. New development are

midnight limit. further the pleasant potentialities before Mercury turns retro- probable which would bring
The need for such an extention is a geniune one, since of this month, but grade on March 20th. The sit- you greater inspiration or in-
Jaxons who seek relaxation in the clubs, lounges and other the square of Mercury to Sat- uation could also deal with centive. There is, however,
such places throughout the city continually decry the pro- urn on the same day (March personal psychological mat- some reactionary trend begin- .try 't. sEQ n'fir

vincial Cinderella! Curfew" as being not only obsolete, 9th) may throw some cold ters, such as your relationshipto ning to manifest, which may
but as cheating them of a fuller evening by forcing them water on either a new friend- your parents'or your home. herald some deeper trouble as
into the streets, usually, just at the height of their enjoyment ship or some idealistic plan Some problem might arise the month ends. Do not fail to

which you had favored, yet concerning a child, or you take care now of what is hap-
Curfew extension boasts of a simple logic: By extendingthe which now seems rather impracticaL might have to smooth out pening, particularly in your
operating hours for places of refreshment, patrons If you insist, you things with a partner perhaps home, even if it is as yet very

would thereby be encouraged to spend more money for the may find yourself confronted- I jealous of.your success or ask- slight.
fuller satisfaction they would enjoy. This buying increase 790558853798.

would produce more taxable money and therefore benefit GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING CAPRICORNBorn 1S 't
the iity and the state with greatly increased revenues
Ue this ooopoo. Lmrn man abort yrmnett Bead IV ante (CMAm Jan. 20 Thru Feb. 19March
which, when returned into circulation, t/culd; benefit us all.
la coin) for verb hcnacape ordered by MlL Inefcida self 9th energizes fur-
The adamant stand of City officials against amendingthe
eadreeeed. stamped envelope. Write pWaly. tine slier tfov not aPPly ther the pleasant trends of
law is boon to moonshiners and bootleggers
midnight a to rnldeots tf the "nt'ft hrHi at ri aitiI the preceding week. The romantic
who in answering. 'after-hour need, are made wealthy
element is
while robbing the government of staggering sums of taxes. r---------- ", more em-
phatic now than before, but
And admittedly, because of this! human preference, alcoholic
the io
should fttroUed law. the : I P. O.:BOX, 561 I I II relationship which it
beverages: be-C by' By sametskei'Dowevesuch' refers is presumably not to be KEN KNOT I
laws t&oold be sufficiently{ amend- ; j! considered a permanent one.
aWe 'adjust to the I Increased demand which always follows I I
I Yet !it'caald be highly'sUinnIsUng -: l rkea Yce To' Uataa TomnriRfltr -
population' growth. ,
both andInteBectuany.
: emotionally .
:Oa the other hand, 'many:.predncta of ,Jacksonville are I I',' Something in. i !
mere liberal! hours. ,
already tntfoyta night jroor Bubeonadocs *****. or
,Bow :tbea,:about cur.'City 'officials. grrafr. TXryal Cotatyas some traditional prejudice.

. c.opportunity: ; 'to tstfofr.a> ;SsOger. ,1,.. a 4osger! tenth-. CIIIr J may however,retrain you, at .e--: 1 M'7:66 P. IL
The=azly per ''n wno ever beeadEtted"fr:a -ral&dgBtfeadte (,_,'f least for/ a white. Yoa->Ey 1 \ :
CfcxJare2a-! caugkt the cUdnet' fot I aiM'.i .- I
\m .the I' write A letter ypq TnlfM come : WRHC i400'

,vWlfr.-,. -... I".t:i nk' __. .....11_. ... s r w. -a' .; : .. .J -70-77-83-76-W7.to regret 1 _. -- .. .'.._ ._ .__ > __ .::1L j



.. / I


Week Ending Saturday. March 14. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Three




An annual variety show will rte..:? .. Cyrus Brown of 1130 West I CONDUCTS MEET
be presented by the P-TA of #;$ .
: 3th Street is convalescing in I j
The Sixteen Club
fourth anniversary of Matthew W. Gilbert High f Jolly _
$ k his home. lie is a member of I held
j its meeting recently at i'
Ladies Club 1
the Invincible was School, March 23 beginning at
the ::f.: Methodist Church the home of Wilbur Jones,
observed recently at Way- 8 p.m. in the school audito- b and a member of the Brotherhood I
1218 Phelps Street.
Church. t
man Chapel rium.
of Sleeping Car Porters.
The following participants Johnnie Shaw will be the : The previous meeting was
appeared on the program for master of ceremonies for the I held in the home of Mrs.
I Elder C. M. Edwards is con- Lula Mae Carter with Mrs-
the anniversary: the ReG.. program with several singing 1 ,
W. Smith. Miss Mildred Sim- groups of the city as the featured calescing at her home at 350'2'Japonica Dorothy Gray leading devotion
po. Mrs. Carol Jane Harris IL guests.' t Rd., following several : and the president pre-
days illness in local hos.
J. Elliott, Mrs. Thelma Ray, I a siding over the business sea-
Miss Patricia Thomas, Tim- II I pital. She is the assistant pas

othy Williams, William Ken- with Mrs. Frances Robinsonand ., ..}I f" :- tor Church at of the the House Living of God.God, j.sion.The group completed plans
neriy. Quincy Murrell Rev. II.: .i( for an entertainment to be
Mrs. Doris L. Uutchins rW.C.bn 5 "I'qy. '
L. Herod, Mrs. Eula Davis, serving as cohostesses.The ...,,., :: : ; Algia D. Barnett business given, March 28 at the homeof
< : ,
and S. \ Mrs. Grier 1524 Milnor
Mrs. Mary Washington ;' jcyrar<: 4"V ;? C ,
February meeting was ; manager at Edward Waters Street.
Johnson. I held in the home of Mrs. Lu- f'f : College, returned back to his j

ther B. Callahan 1438 West :. ., R work recently after an emer- ;SETZER'S SOCIAL CLUB .
BETTER GARDEN 1 12th Street. Mrs. Nellie gency operation at the Duvall CONDUCTS
Young, Mrs. Cora H. Lewis Medical Center. MEETINGThe
CIRCLE CONDUCTSThe ,I and'Mrs. Sadie Johnson served !I Setzer's Social Saving
las hostesses. L4 Mrs. Thelma McKesson of.Club held its regular meeting
Better Garden Circle j A table discussion ; recently at the home of Mrs.
round 1489 Steele Street left the city .
I Ola Mae ..
Mays, 815 East Un- .
held its meeting recently! at with reference to the springtea recently for Mobile, Ala., to'' ion Street.
the home of Mrs. Larma scheduled in April, was a attend the funeral of her sister The 1

Smith, 736 W. Church Street, feature of the meeting. I-. .r Mrs. Eula Wright a for- held at previous the home meeting of Mr. was and

rY.g ) mer resident of this city. She .', Mrs. E. \V. Shipp, 81.Il\Tarket\ t
: : LS a member of Grant.Iemo- Street, wit i h refreshments .-"
"- '" 'ial AME Church. !served by the hostess, assisted
AT jI I by Mrs. Altamese Miller.
Mrs and Mrs.\ Albert B. Rog-
Officers elected for the
s of 171H University Street !are Nathaniel Taylor, president year-
: (eft the city recently for Dar- RV..
.. ; Shipp, financial
ien. to attend the funeral
I secretary Altamese Miller,
.. 1. ;. of his mother, Mrs. Idella I recording secretary; Davis

: % Itogers. ;King, treasurer: ; Leola Porter,
\i ..lhl' j i !chaplain and Gertrude Shipp
i. ,
\ +, +. -;. !' Mrs. Peola! Hopkins of 1521; ;

PATENT ,1 ....... J.... .,):fI,!.;..'.--. I Powhattan:: ..Street, left_ the} ;reporter.-- ---- --- --

i OR WHITEPclllffro I ROYAL VAGABONDS INSTALL OFFICERS-The newly elected officers and city recently lor Newark, '! "
y who the installation held N. J., to attend the funeral of i!
members of the Royal Vagabond wers present at ceremony i
____ recently at the Vagabonds Clubhouse are,seen in the above photo. Sitting from left; her uncle. Before returning, Want To Look '
I t. -o.-----=r--- =; she will visit friends in New ,
_ \ Preston Peterson president; Osburn Jenkins Emmett Caesar recording secretary: J.
SH AN EASTER BEAUTY THAT B. Stewart treasurer; Phillip Douglas chaplain; and R. M. Harvey sergeanl-at-anns. I i York member City.of Mrs.Grant Hopkins Memorial is a Like A Model?

qE\S, \ FEATURES FINE FIT AND : Members standing in the same order are: Prof. William T. Harper, principal of I AME Church. II
fa Boys and Girls SMART STYLING YOU 1 Isaiah Blocker Junior High School who installed the officers; E. L. Weems, Attorney I I I
Releford McGriff, C. R. Middlebrooks John Graham Anthony Kinnons Dr. HunterH. 1 I I II

"T"oo YOUNGSTERS WILL LOVE_ Satterwhite, Frank Jones, George Cash and Theodore Jones. I I :Mrs. Hazel B. I II '
Jenkins, left
QUALITY LEATHERS TO : Other Vagabonds, who attended the ceremony are shown sitting from left; Mrs. (t
Bluette enklns.. Mrs. Alma Cash Mrs. Thelma Jones. Mrs. Mary Jones. Mrs. Vivian I the city recently for New :i f.Z:1.
II York to attend the National '
LAST and City You're Invited v" C
Satterwhite Mrs Willie Mae Weems Mrs. Honrieit Kinnon. Standing in the Art Education Associa-I
IT PAYS TO SEE OUR COM- j same order are: Mrs. Sara L. Stewart Mrs. Harriott C. Graham Mrs. Mildred A. Peterson !' To Visit y.
tion sessions this week. She is
Mrs. Lucile Guest Mrs. Ola Mae Caesar, Mrs. Theodosia Our Studios
.- .ors AND gills PLETE RANGE OF STYLES I Mary Harper ; f fa memebr of the Eastern Art ,
Childs. Mrs. Frances Middlebrooks. and Mrs Bessie Canty.
I I Education Association thePennsylvania
$5.95 io __ 1 __ _____ __ ___ Photo by Avery's Studio I State Art Edu-
$7.95 ,:...:. _; -="-=-= ;--:-.:-... cation Graduate Club and is

-' meeting held last Friday evening vice president of the Florida
: -A----- -=-----I at the Lincoln Golf and State Teachers Art Depart-
FOR 30 YEARS ::: % nr III rn Club with
1 : Country Mrs. Pearl ment. While there, Mrs. Jenk-
OUR NEW STORE NEXT TO FEDERAL BAKERY == = tJ I DmJ: : Miller as hostess. ins will join the PennsylvaniaArt
!I Special guests at the meet- Club in the second re
Paxon's Bo te.e i ling''I included! Mrs. Virginia union. She is a member of the
<< ) By I. Long; :Mrs.; Catherine Jackson, Grant Memorial AME\ Church.
40 W. FORYSTH STREET i!and Mrs. Cmmalee George,
LOUISE G. GUINYARD [,, with the latter winning the
---- ._--- ---- ----- .:guest prize.Mrs Mrs. Marie Wilder is ill at -FREE-
U ,I ., Leona Bennett Mrs. her home at 721 W. Union ConsultationENROLL V

The Flo-Jills;} Club, com- gave a party for the group Lola Dudey! and Mrs. Claudia Street. She is a member of I
ANNUAL STATIAfroAmerican Ii posed of wives of Fla-Jax Wednesday evening; Mrs. I Jenkins were high scorers the Grant Memorial AME

Club members, held a delightful Mary L. Betsch entertained_ among club members, while Church and president of the I
Life' Insurance i party recently in the Jef- with a party Friday evening; Mrs. Evelyn Barnes qualifiedfor Goodwill Charity Club.S. .
': ferson Street home of Dr. and a breakfast was held Saturday consolation.
j Mrs. Warren Schell I morning, followed by a tour I G. BAKER CLUB s 6
COMPANYDECEMBER j! The atmosphere of the I of the city. i Les Femmes Charmantes:
party was greatly enhancedby met last Friday evening also, CONDUCTS MEETING
31. 1958 the presence of a musical The beautiful Edgewood I at 1829: West 21th St., with /
combo which furnished enter- Avenue home of Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Venial Glover as hostess. TheS.. G. Baker club 'of
taining numbers throughoutthe W. B. Stewart was the setting I Miss Glover had as her Mt. Olive AME Church con-
evening. for the recent meeting of the guests Mrs Hortense Brown, ducted its meeting recently
Fla-Jill officers are: Mrs. Feminae Gravitae B rid i ge I Mrs. Sarah Logan and Mrs. in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore L. Redding, presi- Rosalee Shannon. Mrs. Shan- Jake Simmons, 1359 Van

,dent; Mrs. James Long, Pa- Club.Mrs.. Theodosia Childs, Mrs. non was the happy recipient Buren Street. I
btkice president; Mrs. Allean Clark, Mrs Betty of the guest award. The February meeting was
I j Charles E. Simmons, secre- Stewart, and Mrs. Eleanor Club prizes were won by held in the home of Mrs.
tary; Mrs Warren Schell, Gay were special guests at Mrs. Margaret C. Day, Mrs. Catherine Williams- Mrs.
treasurer; and Mrs. Robert this meeting. Delphine Brinson, and Mrs. Annie Hooks, chaplain con- NOW FOR
Ww- Peppers business!' manager. Ernestine Doole. ducted the devotion. Courses designed to
6The Fla-Jax: Club will enter- The "St. Patrick's Day" Mrs. Sophie White, Mrs. Plans for the 20th anniver-, develop your
tain their wives during the decorating scheme was carried Ruth Carter, Mrs. Dorothy sity of the organization were' natural charmINSTRUCTION
month of March at an affair out when Mrs. Marie Mc- Dunlop, Mrs. Cleve Cramertie discussed. IN:
ASSETS scheduled to be held in Palat- Clain and Mrs. Hortense Brewing- Present the MODELING
Bonds .__ --______ ____m_ 5318768.80 ka. Mr.. Charles Simmons is entertained Les Elites ton make up the remainder of the at meeting was POSTURE AND POISE
Club last Rev.
Stock _- --__________________ 693222.79 of this I Bridge Tuesday eve- the membership rostes.Wedding B. Williams, pastor SPEECH
president group. ning at the Lincoln Folf and who
t conducted
Mortgage Loans _________ __ 1.918,438.09 Club. I It tion the elec- SOCIAL GRACES
Country of
Estate __ ___ I t
Real 960702.31 t
f Mrs. Lois Randall WARDROBE & STYLING
Loans Mrs. Lois Avery Randall and Mrs. Words of appreciation were
Policy: 229796.89 '
Cash _. 301398.79 was hostess when Les Bijoux Elizabeth Simmons were Bells expressed to the hostess by FIGURE CONTROL

Shares of Savings & Loan Associations 153,450-93 Bridge Club met last Friday among Other prize members winners._ present for Mrs. Janie Griffin HAIR MAKE-UP STYLING ,

Premiums in Process of Collection _..____ 142,128.83 evening at the Linco (i Golf themeeting were, Mrs. Ber- Applications for Marriage FENCING & BALLET

Investment Income Due and Accrued ______ 83346.90 and Country Club. nice Henderson, Mrs. Vermal .Licenses BEAUTY'S TELEVISIONAND

Other Assets : _____ 9971.05 Mrs.Nan Fletcher and Mrs. McCone. Mrs. Lula Courtney. ACADEMYOFCHARM
Total Admitted Assets ________ .9811225.23 Evelyn Jasmin were special and Mrs. Johnie M. Roberts. RADIO SERVICE .
for the occasion both ,
LIABILITIES guests Chas. Brown, 1336 Franklin '
receiving lovely gifts from St., age 40 and Irene L. Home Calls on all :Makes
CAPITAL AND SURPLUS the hostess. Mrs and Mrs. T.
J. Jackson
Lawrence 13-t 2' FranklinSt. Used
Reserved for payment of Claims ____ $ 7326363.96 Among winners of club of 1556 West Second Street ., 29. lj2 Radios from $5.00 Up And Modeling
Premiums & Interost paid in Advance 31231.67 prizes were, Mrs. Zelma Johnson -: were hosts at a recent dinner age We Finance

Reserves far Taxes and Expenses __ 74826.20 and Mrs. Nell Cason. I party honoring Mr. and Mrs. : Theo. Hill, 627 'V. Ashley 816 FLORIDA AVENUE 610 WEST DUVALEL
:ether Liabilities ___ 784417.82 Other members present for Johnson Humit of New York St., age 23 and Minnie L. Ste- ELGIN 8-8074<< 6.7177LILLY'S
Total Liabilities Except Capital ___h___ 8216429.64 the meeting included Mrs. City: Mrs. L. M. Roberts of I vens, 627 W. Ashley St., age .
Capital Reserves 250000.00 Bonnie Bush, Mrs. Marie Mc- Poughkeepsie, New York, and 21.Vance
Capital Stock ___ 500.000.00 Clain, Mrs. Nell Cason, Mrs. Mrs. Charlotte B r y c e of Moody, 711 W. Duval
Unassigned Surplus 844.795.59 Alvenia Scriven, Mrs. Sylvester Washington, D. C. St., age 28 and Valerie Hug- I
Total Capital & Surplus $ 1,594,735 i Bossard, Mrs. Grace Many local guests attended gins, 711 W. Duval St, age DRUG STORE
Total Liabilities Capital & Surplus 9811225.23 I Sykes, Mrs. Mattie Montgomery this enjoyable affair, including 24.Willie
and Mrs. Evelyn Galvin. Mr.and :Mrs. T. Walker, Williamson, 768 1907 Kings Road at Spire
BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF Following the meeting, Lois Mr. and Mrs. DavidV. Mote, Robinson Ave., age 19 and
AFRO-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYDr. favored her guests with an Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Miller, Lee Minnie B. Hartley, 1566 W.
James H. Lewis", Chalrman-Preideat! unusually delicious dinner. Garvin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank 10th St., age 15. Where Experienced
Mrs. Mary L. Betsch' Exec Vice-Pres-Treasurer Courney,Robert Holley,.Mrs. Wendell P. Gates. Rt.3, Box Pharmacists Prepare
.. Mr. I. H. Bux ey. IL Vice-Presp..Secretarr Quite a few social events Mildred Gillian, :Mrs. Estelle 346, Washington, Ga., age,25 Your Prescription According *
.: Mr. James C.', Evan Vice-Presideni held during the: past week Corbit, .Mr. and Mrs. ,Julius and :Mattie Smith, 1310 E. ( to your doctor's .i
Mr. F. W.-Barnes.. Sr. Bishop C. A. Gibbs were centered around the annual Hunter, Mrs. Fannye Sutton 30th St., age 29. ,' -.j,
J Rev. K. D. Britt Mrs M. E. Harris meeting of the Afro- Mr..and:Mrs. S. Young, Mrs. Willie Cobb, 1464 Ever- .. sb only quality
; Mr. J. A. Baits Rev. J., J. Heath American L i f e Insurance Estelle Morris, Mr. and Mrs. green Ave., age 34 'and.Barbara lirug*. .
Mr. F. W. Erria Rev. ,E. M. Hurley Company employees.Mrs. E. Johnson, Mrs. Sallie Har- J. Coleman, 719.W..State jp! ;*iDj
Mr. L. D. Ervm Mr. Allen H. Lee Virginia McBride and ris, Mrs. Gertrude Crawford St. age a.Ralph .
Mr. J. 'S.; McLane Mrs. A. D. Devon of Daytona .[and Mr. and Mrs. George.Cov- Burns, 2051 VenusSt. CL m. Black Ftamtctts Dr. W. *. Graham

.Mr.,L. D. Milton Beach, stopping over with ington. i age 21 and Jeanette -:- -I-
Dr..{'Kelsey L.'Pharr Mrs. Lois Randall of 1584 s iMrs. I Boyd,- 1159 W. 23rd St., age
Dr. L"WWiim* West'- 21st Street, were only Nan Fletcher is back :20. A COMPLETE LINE OFtCane'ta'
,Dr.-E. H Wejhisgtoa a few-'of the out-of-town with the Hd1ene. aas' Bridge I Chas. W. Henderson, 729 s. Rubber Goods CanAai .s- SaddM
members of the AfroAmerican Club after several months Court I, age 69 and Lizzie In-
I (. ) DECEASED clan here for the raeeti&g. leave of .absence. She was il gram, 729 W. Church St., age PKJCSCKIPTfOX? CALLH) FOR AND I UYBDJ "

__...-. .r !, Mr. and Mrs, J.:-A.-Batts .greeted by 'members sty a. 66.



Page Four THE FLORIDA :riA, Week Ending Saturday March 14. 1959

-- ------ --- -- -- ---





45th annual session of the Progressive Baptist wil

State Convention of Florida, Rev. J. C. Sams, general presi- .. _.p
dent, will convene at the St. John Baptist Church, Tampa, .: .

Pla., the Rev. F. G. Hilton, pastor, March 17 through March w .. T
if is 'vt 3k'. S ST. PAUL UNIT Annual Men's Day will be

Z2n'!_be__ OL_ the convention__u__":__'s_ six_:_ I __ GWES PALM TEA observed at the Grant Memo-

auxiliaries will also meet I MANUEL USHER car rial AME Church. March 15
simultaneously in various I I A Palm Tea will be spon- throughout the day.

churches in the community.The BOARD TO GIVE sored b y Stewardess Board Richard} McBride, program

senior women, Mrs. H. MUSICAL TEA No. 2 of St. Paul AM E committee chairman, presiding .

B. Miller, president will observe Church, March 22 at 1405 Prelate of the 11th Episcopal

their 45th session, the West 10th Street at 4 p. m_ District, AME Church
"In My Father's House",
WA and Junior Women, A program has been ar- will be the speaker for the
will be presented by Mrs
Mrs. Agnes Dean, presidentand Laura Harris, who will be accompanied ':'1 fi. ranged with local singing 11 a. m. worship. A musical

the youth convention will Ly Cecil B. Fisher \groups appearing. program has been plannedfor

meet in its 32nd meeting. for the third annual Sacred f the 6:45: p. m. service
Mrs-M. M.\ Warren is the general -
Musical Tea, sponsored by
Usher Board No. 2 of Eman-
Union, Mrs. Idella Williams, uel Baptist Church, March 15 OBSERVES HOMECOMING OBSERVES ANNIVERSARYThe
and the Laymen'sBrotherhood
president :from 3 to-5 P. M., in the auditorium -
Sam Davis ,. of the church. Homecoming Day will be BTU of Central Baptist -
president will meet in their Mrs. Alice Burroungs of Mt. : observed in the Campbell Church will observe its

7th and 9th sessions Sinai Baptist Church will be ULTRA MODERN SEWING CIRCLL OBSERVES AAUVERY-Jaons wino participated !Chapel AM E Church, Bald- 68th anniversary, March 15

The conventional program the guest soloist. Choir No. in the anniversary of the Ultra Modern Saving and Sewing Circle, whichwas ''win, March 15. in the auditorium 0 f the
folds goals includingthe
2 under the direction of Mrs. held in the Recreation Center last work include: Mrs. L. M. Harris Mrs. Bedie church at 3:30: p. m.
drive for education. In The Rev. S. E. Felder,
pas- A
Marion Carter will be the'serving Mrs. Johnnie M. Sallie Mrs. Beatrice program will be presented -
Singleton. Straw Mrs. B. Anderson Mrs. Bowman. -
educa- tor has
connection with the announced the
choir for the event. Gar. Mrs. Ethel Flo, Mrs. Annie Mie Hines Mrs. Alice Jones Miss A. Hines. regular with Miss Verdell Mons,
session will order
tional I of services with
goal a new ,
Miss Patricia Brown Miss
be instituted during the ses- Other artists will appear on Miss Essie Smith Arthur Lee Singleton. Ella Williams. and Aerial P. Flo. I morning worship conveningat June ,
Miss Robbin
the program. *+Ti*.,.__.. """ -Photo by Avery's Studio 11 3. m.
Forester, Mrs. Georgia Ben-
sion.The -- -- -- --
Bible lesson and ser- jamin and others appearing.
OBSEDVANCE SET ')' : At 3 p. m. the Rev. Inez
mons will also be centered : Invitations have been extended -
J HN Johnson of Bethel
/' around the theme, "The Message BY CENTRAL CHOIR AT MASONIC HALL FOR MARCH 19 ui. r I 'Methodist pastor- Church, Macclen- to the BTUs of the
of the Church as it Re- FOR MONDAY NIGHT city to attend.
913 JEFFERSON ST. !' ny, will be the speaker.
lates to the World Crises, is I
Choir No 2 of Centrol CME TO OBSERVETOWWQ --
the .
key thought the parent -, : :
body. Church will celebrate its 11th The State Convention and GRANT MEMORIAL AME ; S f .

The anniversary Monday night in Paul Lawrence Dun bar Women's Congress of Florida j I OBSERVES MEN'S DAY .
presidents will deliver the auditorium of the church. Court, No. 175; St. Johns and South Georgia will convene DAY I
their p I
addresses Friday Choir No 2 of Emanuel Court, No. Ill Eureka Court at the Mt. Olive Primi- u .HT"0: :: CHURCH

morning March and 20.EMANUEL .Friday afternoon Baptist Church will be the I I and Heroines of Jericho;;vrk- tive Baptist Church, St.j -- J PRESKMTS; GLEE CLUB I Ita;. t\the'rIiSL'rS: :)

,i serving choir and Choir No !ing under Prince Hall Jurisdiction Petersburg. Rev. J. E. White j "The Seven Last .Y ul' .J of
.a- 1 of Second Baptist Church [ A. F. & M. of Florida host pastor,March 19 through! The St. Jnhn Baptist Clnircltv.'Il :Christ," will be presented by

CHURCH will serve as guest choir. I will hold Palm Services at 3 24. : ckx "c its 30th annualWomen's 1 ,the Glee Club of N >r i.wei :>,,- t PATRONIZE

Appearing on the program i P. M., Sunday: March in I Day ohsen ante. ;i ern Senior High School Palm i.
SETS CONVENTIONThe the Masonic Hall 913 Jefferson The welcome by Sunday March\ 22
will be Mrs. Wilhelmina Rut- I program 'March 15 throughout the d{.'",r during the
ledge, the Rev. D. W. Bass, Street. the host church will be held. Vvith "Striving for OhrMhn Fell morning worship at New EAT
soloist and various ,Tuesday night. At 10 a. m. Hope AME Church. The group
Districts and Auxili- guest I Mrs. Vincey Williams i l I'hi.io" the theme for the !!
aries Convention will convenein choirs of the city. \LA.M Mrs. Rebecca Lin- Wednesday the sessions will day. I''is under the direction of Richard BERRIERS
; begin with the president,the T. Hadley, head of the I
the Emanuel Baptist Mrs. Myrtis J. Shootes is
M.AM. and Mrs.
Church, March 15 through the chairman of the program rang Davis, M.A.M, requestingall Rev. C. P. AIlen.SWEETFIELD. ;, Officials for the cI i'v.H't \;- !'music department of the ; ICE CREAM
are tics :arc: Mrs. Ella L. Jones;, :;school.' I \
22 with various ministers and committee; Hillie Howard is members to be present. ;:
their congregations in chargeof president and the Rev. D. W. Those failing to attend will !i i'chairman; Miss Thomasenia!' The Junior Church is spon-
the services nightly. is Wilson, co-chairman; Mrs. Gloria soring the group under the t'
Bass pastor. be t> fined. The members are CHURCH :I Real Estate I
Herod Young lt'omen'schairman :leadership of Ie'wLlo)9d
Usher Board No 2 will.. I Ii
------ ---- --- also asked. to come preparedto SLATES t
sponsor its third annual sac- ACTIVITIES t; ; Miss Alice Nixon, cochairman i:Ritchie. I
f pay all ues. i' 1 $
red musical tea, March 15 1 ; Miss Marie Murray, $ LOANS

from 3 to 5 P. M., in the auditorium :(Secretary; Miss Johmiie VanDyke 11.000 *3.00U .s.

of the church. A pro- ;. \ j Choir No. 3 of Sweetfield i treasurer. .E. CLIFFORD DAVIS ]
DR. C. i $4,000 up
gram will be presented for Baptist Church will observe !
ITO j The program committee in- PLANS FOR RECITAL $1.00 hr i.
the occasion with Mrs. Alice REGISTER NOWSo ATTEND 45th its 1st anniversary. March 15. ;dude; Mrs. M. I.. Butler clnir- e I dred Payable on unpaid per balance mo. per at-*<%.
Burroughs of Mt. Sinai Baptist ANNUAL SESSIONDr. The combined choirs will man Mrs. CLiricc Huches, Mrs.
; E. Clifford Davis, minister: Let us ,help you to comptet
Church as guest soloist.A You Can Vote sponsor the pastor in a drama I Mildred Forehand: Miss Patsy
trip to the zoo will be :entitled "The Weary Traveler Johnson. Mrs. Sadie Aleta'v!....r. of music at Shiloh Baptist your bouse or retie ct 38year
15 For Your Rights C. D. Pettaway of Little ," April 3. Church will be presented in,; in the same place.
Ipoosored Saturday, March I Mrs. Dillie Home, Mrs. C1- r-
Rock, Ark., will be the guest 1 I :a recital. March 15 by the Call -
m the interest of Mrs. :Mae lotte Dtrrow, Mrs. Pearl \f ltthews. -
District No. 2 will meet
of the Progressive Baptist I
Helen Shields. The bus will State Convention during its I Sunday, March 15 at the homeof Mrs. Ola Mae Fields.|Men's Club of New Bethel:. J. P. YOUNGMr.
I lease- the church at 10"A. M., 45th annual session which will Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, Mrs Wilma LaVanf, Mrs. Ethel'AME Church at 3 m. in

r ----------------.-.-.-.-----------------. -_- be held in March 17- I Sr., 1253 Milnor Street. A Hall and Mrs. Gloria Herod. p. Simmons or Mr. Wabfe
------------------------ Tampa, I the B. F Lee Auditorium at .
LADIES! ONLY CASANOVA 22. i meeting for District No.4 will f j Mrs. Clarke Hughes; MI.S Edward Waters College. Main aa4 M.Ir.>
MAN'SWEDDING he held at 3 P. ,M., at the Bobbie Jean Mcrvin, Mrs. Mildred -( tit MWMMIK Tempi ids
COULD SO NTTEI! DON'T MISS THISI Dr. Pettaway is presidentof :home of Mrs. W. Whitfieldand I. Forehand and Mrs. Delia I I The program is being presented Phono EL 5MH4EL
the National Baptist Con- : District No. 3 will meet 'Smith will 1 be the music com- for the building fund $-uyt

vention of America and pas- in the home of. Mrs. Walter I mittee for the day. of the church. l
tor of the First Baptist ------ --- -
Smith, 1461 E. 22nd Street. ---,- -- -- ----_- -
--_-.-_--------------.-_--- A
--------------------- -
MORI THAN AN HOVft.. A HALF .Church, Little Rock. He also The Les Camellia Ladies -. .- --------- ------------- ---------------------------
I ::: II
: : ; OF MARATHON LOVE MAKBM.. :serves as president of theArkansas will observe their anniversary KNOW YOUR CITY AND ITS GOVERNMENT
'u'% M.nN rn1. Baptist State Con- at the church Sunday, March "

", r..C* I.vention. II 15 from 4 to 6 P.. M.REFRIGERATORS. : Y !?i ; :6f ; ;I'V.:V. : V]

?: jitf : ; : s/ ; : ( V. :.:

1 MT. ARARAT BOARD ,. Ja.- .... ,. l .;: ... ,.. l t .1:
t'J .
SPICY FRENCH HITI! 1ST JAY SHOWING! ; I > ,,"':'-- '"* <; .", ". :- .. :'" '. .',,. ,.?, .
SETS ANNIVERSARYFOR ;s$> :'_""-,:.-:.- -:<::,t.-:$<".... 'Z"4..$ .,, "w,. .T.et 6'"'.-. 1;,, f..1)t,..;: y..,.-f:.:,..l. / 4/-.I >. 1Ji1:1'/..--/Ai< .I''; $/.,.,-.".-..'.''''J. i
: .. .. '
; !'l. ?#, --' .. .. '"
> "
A. ; : ; : .. + .
WED-THUHSFHL BEG. 1. .:. : >::. !). ,;: .: I',{' !. '!.i;.;..x..."44.,.. ..It'I.t.. "..> <' ;.{>' :;
& FREEZERS \- :- -1 : "
To -iil- -'Jk _
100SEVQ.T Abo-VHOT CAR GIRL- PRICES MONDAY NIGHT r ,rY "....a .x'*.*f-.w /..'';,_..;!..(. :; '. \.p'" Jo-, ...,T..... :....,...'!'.1". ,',',:':,;.:;'-1iM. :.'.-i,if_ :.til.--JIy.'J..N.;* ,:tfl.4.f.'', ....
ftI.W, J .7 v 't- .g .g ..."_ Serrlced By ........:#, .: ;ti ...: :. vtf. "- ,#.l';, T. .-t, :1''ifj't'.r _."'"'>.';!.{j- ''''''.:;; H.:.,J.1 ,,..<;>...; I t
!e.VV r .. ""' } /
Usher Board No. 1 of Mt. Licensed Technician IV :-... ." V'4' ? ''t ,"> .. ;.-" ,,. "i )!'"' .
y "
Ararat Baptist Church will 14!. E. DELEMOSCall .: !I. "" -\:-, ;..I'.k%. .'1 1cpp 1-.<.<' .. !, ,
__ ... .; yI< -
observe its 34th anniversary, -. "" :
in the church PO 4-0127 J JL
4 V Easter SpecialVISIT Monday auditorium.night ,' : ,

GROFF HOSIERY STORE Appearing on'the programthe
Industrial School of Deaf
BUY A BOX FOR $U9 AND and Blind, accompanied by I c t'
Matthew McCoy, director. I ITOE} TAX IIBTUIUiS t
I The Rev. Benjamin J. Williams I
-:- 51 GAUGE a:. FIRST QUALITY Short Long ,
the addressof 9 On
will deliver .OIl $i. 1'
Form Form

Groff Hosiery Store master the of evening.ceremonies Serving will be as NED JACKSON NEW DEAL AND LINCOLN CAB COMPANYFRIENDLY

C. Parham Johnson. I
819 DAVIS ST. Board No 1 is extending an TAX EXPERT DOOR TO DOOR SERVICEEL

invitation to the public. I 133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6-3703 4-1611

9 A. M. 'Ml 9 P. M.

tS"A tI'"tNV'4i+> _______________._. ...._. ...___ytMnn. ars'v+. ti nnnr wv+rrir.roN'JI.ft.o _
----- -
!t I V"vv- -- ""'- ::..-': : : : :.- T : : :: -=
__ .__ _- __ __ '- .
_; -- n- : ': ::=;;r;
-- -- -
==== -

4 .

April 1st Is The Last Day :, & Accidlenl 5as Dl"mllCe Cornpany: :I!

TO' FILE 1959 t 'a o '.' Jacob F. Bryan 111.. President ':\\1 10 t tS .


Home Office Jacksonville fla.ll .
If You Bought A Homo During 1958 {i4Ft t

Bring Your Deed With You i f e I1tE .. OFFERS -

Fife Now [ There Is No Substitute ORDINARY ud WEEKLY PREMIUM PLANS of I

With ._ Llfft Accutoai Endowment Elir m i il. Inoom*, Family O.. > \

Leon E. Forbes,, Aueuor 104. Coart House For 'Life Insurance 'Mcngage And,Ho plUIizaliba" In. rs cs


.. .. -
.._ -= -- -
------- --- -- ------. -
.,. : +wwrou-_--w+ --- --- --- ---- ------ .





.. .
.':. -

Week Ending: Saturday. March 1 4, 1959 THE FLORIDA STARI
Page Fir
--- -- -- --- ----- ---
--- -- --

I Know Your City." And Its-- Government I


I JACKSONVILLE !1 Photo-Scenes Of Jacksonville's Growth And Progress I I


S St -vtl
The gains Jacksonville has L
made as a city in the past ykr, '
eight ;years has to be attri- x ) *; .!r

buted to the combined effortsof -
the two main: branches of sa
our municipal governmentthe c:
City Commission and the
City Council.
Believing in the growth and v) r'qy
refinement of our city, these
men have consistently applied
themselves the task of
transforming the will of the
I w. ,
people into practical and lasting w ky.t

improvements throughout ,
the city.Their. z
0:4 i 'V'i a
goal is to make Jack- .. .
E. i7 k :AJa QpyNY 4'xM. iVw
sonville outstanding among
the cities of the nation.
Among the many and significant .b 1 1 1v1 1w 3z
improvements out--
lined for the city of Jackson-
ville is an immense surface] 'rki a 4
program having to do particularly .y, i. 4
with paving and
age. Accordingly, a drain-I' MONCRIEF ROAD PAVING pav'na projecl hailed by citizens.1JiA:1L w v 1 1J.
and ever-increasing
need would be met in a pro
posed $6,0000,000 program
covering these two phases of s s '

public improvements.It : y ,N .a..
is proposed to initiate

such a broad-scale undertaking -+ L ... .
at the earliest time '
possible b',.AC' t Z9
after autorization of NEGRO POLICE AND SERGEANTS-Another
sign of progress and good relations
such a program. was the appointment of Negro policemen followed by the upgrading of four patrol
Equally as important as the men to the rank of sergeants in 1958.IR6lVYW .
principal street paving projects _.. --_. ---- ----- -
will be the resurfacing.and -= "
$ W V V YM1/W Lf VV W W IYYr W wv. rr.Lr-L Y rI
rehabilitation of approximately -
50 miles of existing .
streets, as well as the improvement .- /i} w
of several hundred
streets in residential areas ,
throughout the city. This k
planning would provide an efficient a z a rrir ACivic
net-work of secondary *

streets feeding into the ,, J : ;
arterial thoroughfares, which! ,
loads.handle the greatest traffic

Another feature of-the pav- i- ./
work will be the necessary Everyone likes -Animas! J M. >+
improvement to access streetsto
or connecting links with; Y51 Mf J''
the Jacksonville Expressway
System. THE ZOO-The new improvements at the Zoo have made it a very delightful
Major drainage projects place to visit for parents and children and many happy hours are spent in whole !

will include improvements, some entertainment. EducationFEATURE
which are calculated to bring
the maximum relief from
-flooded conditions the city has .deal xfxr
experienced is past years dur- h : ./
Jng periods of excessive rain w}'

.fall.PROPOSED !
CITY HALL. 1'( V .wiR
Under the proposed pro s. "

gram of capital improvements ... .. :
the Commission would *
propose to replace the 53- 1: : 1 _
year-old City Hall, now too
inadequate and obsolete, with! iiig 4-
a new 15-story structure to pie Iff. !#r j1:1
house all municipal offices .fI7 : To BeContiuned

roof.and departments under one

It is proposed to devote the >f ?
first floor to the offices of M

departments primarily con ,
cerned with dispensing public b'N '.
services and the collection of:
public moneys. The first two J LI +
floors would be considerably
larger than the shaft which
will carry the upper 13 floors. # t 4
It is planned to have a major- J s I
ity cf the floors to house a .
complete department on each
automobile owners in Jacksonville's busy downtown hub. '
Commission and Council
chambers would be on the up- THE PROGRAM-The drainage program
per floors, with public meet- which is now in progress will greatly improve health
i' I -1 conditions: in Jacksonville.
ing rooms and necessary con-
ference and caucus rooms also -i 4 'S "V..tt.'I4'V L v a".fJtrJU". IVttrA'V\V.Yf .Y1 t1i..NI'il'UVJ'tItN"
located on the same floors. r ti..I ".-.a1rVv'lU1r'iwtiJ.W J..ill".i"'I fWIS:tV'-vt.V"J\t"\N\
mow i
--- --- -----
-- -
The city's great need for an .
auditorium to accommodatea : I

variety of atractions, whicha Fi
tremendously growing com- I

munity requires, would be ./- .. ...J 7
adequately net with the con-
struction of the proposed mu-
sic hall type of building con
taining 3,800 upholsteredseats
on a sloped orchestra
floor and stepped balcony, i
providing excellent.visibilityand
hearoing$ conditions,. in- Fwr
eluding hearing aids. i

From the proposed program CITY COMMISSION-Members ::of the City Commission .are shown here seated
of capital improvements, it is around the conference table for a weekly meeting. Left to right. the ue:, Louis H.
proposed to set up 1000.000 BiUor. ow.Yfttow:1ft: of Hlghweya, Sewers and Airports:: 1. Dillon Kennedy, -Com.
In a special trust account --ft of Public Utilities; In charge of E1edric:, Water. Docb and TenzWWa aDd
which would.be supplemented Radio Stations MaJ'Oil"'Ct---' er Hardoa Bursa Goner of P'h1L S'
by moneys revived: from the ia chsg. oft Po&. Fire, Building aDd Plnmbh Departments and aUo th. oiflae of
sale would of city properties that .the Hotuiag Director; City Attore.y WUBaa. M Madfeoa Clndemi.+bJr.misala"er' Com- CITY .COUNCIL- -berg of th.'City*CouciL shown kar lift to dg i an J.rin Ku.
result become of the surplus as the of Health aDd Saaiiatfca la charge of the Heftta Street CJ&ad ''Swt. Sixth Ward Ralph N. W U r. EIghth Ward j Jane M. PaO.. Third Ward
1n3uction of Garbage dopertmeals' and also Uw City Gtngo. and Dallas Thomas: C.oaa'i -ner acbart B. Boboris Fifth Ward. Vice PreMdeolj Lasia .Sharp.. Second Ward, Pr..scSeat1
departments a new City Hn.U to house all Ftounca, a&o la diarga,of Parla. .Zoo.' .Goll Cos:'sea Ay uiItcr. Urpartmea+L.ai9dd I 3rd C. -...-. Forth Ward Elbftrt Headricks First Ward,, C dJ F. Low. SPvei I
Priac sad
X.-r. -- "
Ward; Join P. Dag Ntfttb Wud. ,, Jf.t 1!

....."...."':.\,- .



Week Ending Saturday. March 14, 1959

_._ -
-- - -

i : Flyer Stationed Here


The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended As Reputable Establishments -- ,[f; .'t\ .
,,:i:. :i: .. '' '. .\ 1
Specialirina Services end, Products i k i&; ,:&. .", ,f ..:'.\i.;;....
-- "jMISCELLANEOUS i ).' 't
,'. '" ".${

AUTO- -SERVICE-- CLOTHINGA. I FUEL OILS 1 i., <..- '.>..;;... .:.J.o:
AUTO 1 1! ,- t
PAINTING COMPANYComple.'e AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO. I; : ,.\<, .":." <. '''<,,: !i
i '
: >
Body Repair & Paint Work .
trailer parks ;';
We ppecialize in serving I ,. .
Oven Baked Paint Jobs '
-:- -J- Better Used Clothing I 1 tft 1 j
I Also 100 lb. cylinders or bulk tanks Septic Tanks Cleaned & Serviced: .\
Price Start at $Loo For Men Women and Children I i ,j

1532 East Adams Street EL 5-8135 -:- Household Rummage Reasonable .:- 15845 At West your Duval home for Road your convenience PO 5-356; 1388 Agnes Street PO 4-1460 14l-f :" ::{ '.,. :" ,.",.'....',;it.(,

2155 Edison Avenue EL 6-0166 ,: "
A and R TRIM SHOP I '$i' ," .,.. .
1525 Main Street EL 5-8091 ANA R- DAVIS DRESSMAKERDrapes ..
Profits Use X-tra Good :
We. Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt ,
Custom Made: Seat Coyer & Slip Covers II' Feeds Mixed Fresh I .:'. ." .
'Accurate Meter Delivery Dependable Dally t' .. ,. : ..
A & W GARAGE Dress Making 6330 Avenue B ; PO 4-951 2762 West Beaver Street EV 8-2608 .... .:-' ." ..' .. .. 1
526 Davis Street EL 6-807: I [;., t : 'j. '.+( : r
-complete Overhaul and Repair Serrice E. G. COLDER COMPANY t: .$ ", .'\, N'.. 1
For All Makes and Models ,
f'. .
Terms Can Be Arranged Attend Our 7th Anniversary Sale Kerosene Fuel Oils Upholstery' Cleaning I,o .........'"..' ,'.'';;:....;..;... :....:"- -''": "',.j
Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville
710 Ocean Street EL 5-2582 :1062 Florida Avenue EL 8-0612 Boulevard EL 3-364 Wall-to-Wall Carpets Cleaned In Home 1 LT. RICHARD WILLIAMS
I 2329 3620K2 St, Johns Avenue EV 8-1067
Auto Body And Fender Repair I Lt. Williams is now stationed -


i 2404 Laura Street EL 5-9828 Jacksonville's Only Distributor of 641 West State Street EL 6-943 GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOPWe f A former Stanton graduate,
Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies Specialize In -
Lt. Richard Ellis Williams
HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE 519 Broad Street EL 41735P Convertible Tops Door Panels :holds a B. S. degree in the
Phillips 66 Products Headliners Furniture Covers
Slip :
General Auto Repair mistry from Kentucky State
MENDEZ Tailor FlUe Fuel Gasoline
3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL
Specializing In Motor Tun -up" Motor Oil 4-8114J j College. He is also tho proud
Generator, Starter and Carburetor Senrici Cuban Tailor Trop-Arlic ] possessor of the coveted Gold
Ladies & Gents Suits Made to Order "It's Performance That Counts" GEORGE W. POWELL INC.
J. H. HOUGABOOK. Prop. Wings earned at the Naval
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-768
1361 Kings Road EL 49859Young's Alteration & Repairs Real Estate Mortgage Loans ;j 'Annapolis' of tho air at Pen-

103 Broad .Street EL4-5778 FUNERAL HOMES Rents Collected 'I. sacola. He is a specialist in
Amoco Service Station 1
EL : anii-submarino warfare.
410 Broad Street 462044Jones ,
-Tune-up and Brake Service- FOODS GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME : When not in the air scanning -
General Motor Repair & Ignition Service i I' our off-shore approaches
-- -------- --- I
Serving Jacksonville & Duval Institute of Physical Culture i
2506 West Beaver Si, at McDuff EV 9-9449 Lt. Williams is Assistant
AZAR SAUSAGE COMPANYFRESH County for over 50 Years School Of Barber Beauty & Massage ,: Personnel Officer of Patrol

TIRE 'N TUBE HOME MADE 767 West Beaver Street EL 4-181 Colored Owned and Operated I Squadron Eighteen.

Goodrich Tires Exlde Batteries-Recapping SAUSAGE DAILY CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME "Earn As You Learn"' I,; He is the son of Mr. and

"Use Our Easy Pay Plan" 646 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308.9, 312 Clay Street EL 4-6005 j.I Mrs. James Lange of 1328 W.
24 Hour Ambulance Service
700 West Adams Street EL 4-1616 .I!30th Street.
1161 KInga Road EL 3-6203 MOM'S KITCHENHome I Serving Colored Homes Since 1918 JULIA GEORGE 5&10 CENT 4 I ,
O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis.
mgr ---- ---
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service cooked meals served 24 hours- 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545- STORE r i
7 week
days a
Batteries $6.95 & upI 1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321 Holmes & West Funeral Home Courteous Treatment i!! NEW STANTON
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Open 8:30 to 7 p. m. j i

Free Pick-up STRAND HOT DOG STAND -Ambulance Service 306 Davis Street EL 41210:1ltahoney :
('3711 Main Street EL 5-2004 (Notary Public) :SLATES TEA

1 641 West Ashley Street EL 4-9303 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-164 Terminix Termite Control j I.i i I

'.. BROAD STREET BATTERY SHOP Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home -Complete Termite Control:1::1 i::
FLAMINGO RESTAURANT j NeS_.U1t.''n Senior High
Generators Starters 24 Hour Ambulance Service -:- Building Materials -:- |11 i F
L Regulators Auto Repairs -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 414 N Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768.1| :School I'-IA will sjxjnsor thepostponed

Delivery Service Homemade Pies and Cakes _-{:1 i II "First" Annual In.ernation -
1050 Broad Street EL 6.9169BUBBA'S FURNITUREAIR '. < lea, March 15 at
EL 4-1715 718 West Ashley Street MYRTLE AVENUE BARGAIN |!
I 3oO p.m. i in the school library -

COFFEE SHOP i lie" D. Lucas, president of the-
Reconditioned Batteries Complete Home FurnishingsWe Cigars Cigarettes Candy P-TA and Charles
Home Cooked Foods D. Brooks,
All Kinds of Battery Service Milk Bread and Ice Cream ,
617 West Ashley Street EL 49701TIPLIGHT'S Invite Your Credit 1511 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9759 I principal.
Price $5,00 and up 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 Serving as special coordinators i-
520 Florida Avenue EL 5-4900 for this affair will beMrs.

Home Cooked Moals Furniture & Appliances Fresh Pies Daily ..1 Hampton, Mrs. Willie D.

Automotive Repair Auto Painting GOOD COFFEE Low Prices Easy Terms Potato Pie Our Specialty-From fresh I Lucas: 1. Emers>on Bryan and
Body Work 24-hour Wrecker Service 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9329 928 Florida Avenue EL 6-0478 Potatoes We Deliver. Mrs. L. E. Solomon.
AAA Service Free Estimates 3-08641 the
1429 Steele Street EL I Highlighting special
All Work Guaranteed LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. program will be the three
,12949.. West Beaver Street EV 9-3418 11 main units of the music department
r l-" MMHHfr-- *MHmMM OTMMMMHH H B M M _BlTHIGPEN'S Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que Home Furnishings For Every Room QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. I -
502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 t I of the school and
We Cater To Private Parties -
BODY SHOP Mattress "Renovating Our Specialty r(several musical groups from

"Baked .On Enamel" Chicken In the Box To Carry EL Ou 6-9876 BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS One Day Service 11 I.I I the community.
Wrecks Rebuilt ]1446'N.- Myrtle Avenue B703 Old KIngs Road PO 5.1634Royal
-- v
160 East 21sf Street EL 3-5080 EBONY BARBErTSHOPHair I

Seaside Fish & Poultry CompanyFresh Cuis Our Specialty Crown Bottling Company j i : ELECTRIC WEDDINGSET

l\ im's Gulf Service Station Fish Daily Ladies Children Gents 1235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488 I AT CALVARY

Complete Car Lubrication I 113 West Beaver Street EL 4-2903 Open 9 ajn to 8:30 pm. Sat. 8 til 11

Open Dally 7 A.M. to 9 P.M 736 West Ashley Street EL 4-9112 SKINNER'S, FLORIST PALATKA En "Electric
t 2055 West Beaver Street EL 4-9459 jl I -
GROCERIESBE Les Charmette Beauty Salon Flowers For All Occasions Wedding" will be fcjwnsored

; MEYER'S SERVICE STATION Special Attention to Hair & Scalp TreatmentHair 1514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275 by the C-Ten Club of Calvary
Baptist Church, March 23 in
j Motor Tune-up & Repair MEIDE GROCERY & MEATS Cutting and Styling SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE! the auditorial i of the church.
Wax 1 1427 Davis Street EL 6-9907
Lubrication Simonizing Washing
Steple and Fancy Groceries Fruits All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws Special mil >?cal selectionswill
Mechanic on Duty at All Times
Vegetables Fresh Meats Daily LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR Blades Sharpened and Sold be given by the junior
1001 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 6-9460
choirs of the and other
1526 Street EX -9504
Home-EL 4-5376 Free Delivery '- Free Scalp Treatment with Hair Style Gary +
Dally 7 to 7 Sunday 7 to 11 a.m singing artists.
Open of
During the Month February STANDARD FEED STORESWe The is under the
John J. Coleman's Service Station U32 JOngs Road EL3'138 program
Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator direction of Mrs. Ross K.
Appreciate Your PatronageWe
Gardens Bll Davis.Street EL 4-9530
Magnolia Deliver Kagsdale:. a member of the

564 Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1766 ACE FISH MARKET -TOBY'S BEAUTY PARLOR II 39 Florida Avenue EL 5-8064 club and Mrs. Ollie Howard,

Bishop's Gulf Service Station, Fresh Seafood In Season' -CuttingMrs. I,]1282 Kings Road EL 4.2922 club Other president.club members are

Gulf Gas & Oil 701 Florida Avenue EL 3-7531 __, .", __ Standard Home Improvement Co. Mrs. Robbie nerve, Mrs. Alma -
-Car Wash- .inminn Taylor* I. Brown, Mrs. Lue Helen
Home Improvements Of All Types -
1005 Florida Avenue EL 4991SFarmer's 615 Davis Street EL 4-9812 I:f Brown, Mrs. Daisy Bennett,
SUPERMARKETFair 3-5-11 Year Financing
AVENUE B Mrs. Isom Mrs. Annie
Service Station MISCELLANEOUSAAA 2627 West Beaver Street EV 7-4671 i Lucille ,
Prices Lee Williams, Mrs. Pearl Wil-

Motor Repair & TuneUpGas Courteous Service BONDING AGENCY TAXI"At son and Mrs. Connie Frazier.
& Oil "We Deliver Orders Above $3.00"
Road Service 5673 Avenue B PO 5-U03 City County and Federal Bonds Your Service"NEW
358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 Law Exchange Bldg. EL 5-1932 MT. ZION SLATES
CAB EL 4-1611


Amaco Gas & Products-Full Capping Tires Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables 30 Years In Electronics: Complete Garden Supplies --
1 For A Better Deal Try Moreland Deal- Free Delivery All Work Guaranteed Fertilizer Fruit Products HASTINGS-The Mt. Zion
3403 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-3451 EL 6-9785: AME Church will observe
Avenue EL 4-6804
1002 Florida 940 Forest Street -New and Used Furniture bought and sold-- Annual Men's Day, April 12
CLEANING 534 Timicxuaoa Road SP 1-3762 with Hinson
iil Andy servingas

THRIFTY DRY CLEANERS FRED'S FOOD MARKETFresh A and W Vacuum Cleaner Service TOWERS HARDWARE STORES I chairman for the day and

I Where Quality Counts Fruits Vegetables Guaranteed Repairs & Parts Everything In Hardware !I I man.Edward Dixon as co-chair-

-Expert Dyeing- Free Delivery I On All Makes Paints Garden Supplies :I I Services will begin with

1236 Davis Street EL 5-8115 301 Davis Street EL 42240GUS 1143 Mary Street FL 3-7979 2391 W. Beaver EV 8-4898 :I Sunday School at 10 a. m.,

CAVALIER CLEANERS 8th and Main Streets EL 4-7511 !I I with A. Hinson in charge.

Morning worship will convene

!612 W. Ashley Street EL 4-1629 INA'S SUPERMARKET AVERTS STUDIO Washington's Health Service I i at 11 a. m.

21 st and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. -If Yon Want The Finest In Groceries "Abundant! Health Is Rightfully Yours
Home Potrslts
914 Davis Street 1302 Davis Street And Meats Come See Us Commercial Weddings: Swedish Massage Mineral Steam
Try B&tha1
. EL 6-5412 Yes we do It in color also .
300 Davis Street' Coloalc Therapy .
611 West Ashley Street EL 4-7895 NORTHWESTERN PTA
D. C. Washington Masseur-Same Locution
, One-Hour Service ... For :23 Years TO SPONSOR TEA

Plck- p& Delivery: ) MIKE'S GROCERY- ADAIRS HOUSE OF FLOWERS 934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 44478

:780*Florida' Avenue EL 5-3745 ,:- -:. Staple Groceries .. For All Occdoos A Calendar Tea will be sponsored -
Frtki Metis Members of the FNB charge plan WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree by the members of the
Open ,7 to 7 P-T-A of Northwestern
ONE HOUR CLEANERS 2015 Erosdwmr ** M182 328 West'Forsyth Street delivery any part of the city School, April 19 from 4 to 6 p nx
with Mrs. L. L. Garrett.
fill Street EL 6.1830TAYLOR'S
Woe Aihlty '
601 West Ashley Street_EL 4-1390 of the as'ch.ilim.m

M & M MARKET} A to Z SIGN COMPANY WORKING ,MOTHERS This affair will presentation be the;main
r. offering of the
Meats association.
. Fresh L N.
F :.:Dry 'Fold,' ExceQeal Serrice 7 to 6 Service Modcr&ie: Prices Will Keep Children -r Pearson was appointed defelgate
Open as
am pm.-
Gold Leaf Tracks Glass She-Cord la My Borne While You Are At Work the
We Give World S & H Grams Stamps I 504 Darts Street EL $-1_ to State Parent-Teacher
0.. 3633 MoD rief'BL' "Ccr. 27th EL 4-3404: 418Oak Street EL"WI. 1336 UcCofiihe Street EL 6-8361 CongrVhich was held In
' -;;e---.T. :_,...r:;-.rE::( .:y- : y y .. -" ,"' Tampa, February 28.





I F ,
Week Ending Saturday. March 14. 1959 THE::: FLORIDA STAR gage SennII

Ii II Gate City Open Is Scheduled To Begin March 26 I

---..- _-4j -- .- -- ,... .- --- --- -- ....-.-- -.--.-. -- ---

--- -- -.- '- .u I FAMILIAR FACES TO BE SEEN

a.a? I., cdl

j, ?e-/7/-rt -'--'.? / "-... SPORTING IT Up .? AT BRENTWOOD IN TOURNAMENTBY


$ Many familiar faces will be seen in Jacksonville whet
OLLIE MATSON, one of the greaiesl players ever to play Redlegs will land Jones and the Gate City Open Golf Tournament begins onthe Brest
pro football and at one time called: tHe greatest player in the Cardinals will get out- wood Municipal golf course Thursday March 26 and com
the game has been traded by the Chicago Cardinals to the fielder Jerry Lynch and a tlnue through Sunday March 29. '

Los Angeles Rams for eight player The deal la called the I I pitcher. Lynch. 28, led Cincinnati .......m..... nf v.tn.....,.,... y--n ,.ti.in..-r---HntY
biggest In National football League history. In the six, in batting with a .312 X .. have appeared at different }
years Matson has been with the Cardinals he has carried i and hit 16 homers in 122 REDLEGS OPEN
the ball 781 times for 3.331 yards; caught 130 PUMPS for games. Pitchers Tom Acker 4 btyp Mcsy times and many others are j
I 2.150 yards: returned 48 punta 542 yards and 86 kickoffs I and Charley R a b e are con-, expected to participate for;
for 2,453 yards; and scored 300 points. Maisonvas called sidered possibilities in the the first time. Invitations SE ASONWITH
MMr. Offense" of the Cardinals. I deal. Jones. 33, struck out Ii have been sent out and golf-t h .

THE BASEBALL TEAMSin I 3 -5 Katt *rc and nosted a 14-- ers from all parts of the 1!
;d-fo-- JAX BRAVES
13 season.
the Jacksonville Recreation II I Keep up the good work Ken, THE JACKSONVILLE country are expected to be I,

Department have started I only wish it could be heard BRAVES will be off and present. ,
practicing for the 1959 cam I
paign. The Thunderbrds,one I from coast to coast. The moving when the 1959 cur- The Gate City Open has r 1 For many years the Jack-

of the strongest teams in the I hour of 11 p m. is just the tain goes up. They will be- developed from a small beginning -'!!sonville Braves have beet
league opened practice with,'early part of the night when gin the season with a new 3 .. : to one of the most;'!launching the baseball sea-
strong determination of i waiting to hear the sports. manager and new business son in Savannah, but there
j The team has had widely known attractions inI will be in the
winning the 1959 champion1ship. I This is just a token from an manager. ( change opening
They started out like,ardent, interested and ap its share of managers since, the field of sports and J. E. of the 1959 campaign
they mean to make trouble,i'preciative listener.AfATTHEW the old master, Ben Geragh- Hutchins, Chairman and Un-',''with Savannah coming ta
for the other teams in the; ty left. It is now up Sibsi derwriter for the event has'Jacksonville for the April 13,
W. GIL- Sisti to bring another
I pen- opener.
league. I i'B E R T'S Fighting Pantherswon nant winner to Jacksonville. f CARDINAL REGULARS-T he three tan players been highly elated as he has I I I Jacksonville will be aiming

MR.KEN. KNIGHT, DEAR the city championship Spec Richardson is now in shown in the picture are regular members of the Si. watched the increase in interest for the opening day atten-

SIR; after a long delay, it,in football. The Blue Devils Houston. Texas.BALTIMORE. Louis Cardinals roster. From left is Frank Barnes. a from year to year. !,dance. From year to year
of New S t:a n t o n won the picture who Is counted on very heavily to Help the :!the attendance trophy has
finally comes time when I'I(i County title in basketball. MARYLAND Cards clinch the pennant; Curtis Flood known to base- Golfing fans will again i changed hands, but is hoped
can delay no longer to express is making a strong ball fans the and the best have an opportunity to see
!I I What will the result be i in as one of surest one of ,that the fans will welcome
a deep appreciation for'j f baseball? The Blue Devils bid for the title match be- clutch hitters In the game. The top brass of the Cardinals some of the best in the busi- manager and Sibi Sisti to the
the wonderful service you'won the baseball title in 1958. tween Heavyweight Champion once said they only rated Willie Mays of the ness. The 18-hole medal play city with the largest opening
render the sports loving pub-:'will they repeat in 1959? Floyd Patterson and In- Giants over Flood and that was when Flood was only a is attracting such nationally,i''day crowd in many years.
o I gemar Johansson of Sweden. rookie; Sad Sam Jones the strikeout king of the major )' Every team in the league
lic with your 11 p. Sports CINCINNATI RED LEGS Baltimore has to meet j, known golfers as Charles
agreed leagues. The Cincinnati Redlegs are making strong bids ,will be making ready to open,
Show. Ken, you do a jam up FRONT OFFICE is trying to the S i f ford, Zeke Hartsfield,
cash guarantee ef any, for Jones. They believe they will have what they needif ,with the largest crowd bnt
job. Your sports coverage is close a deal with the St. other 'c i it y-$500,000 and to' they can get Jones to team up with Big Don New- Jimmy Taylor. Teddy Rhode,,no city in the league can
clear concise and Louis t
superb, ac- Cardinals for
strikeout make available its huge Mu- combe. With them the Cards will be contenders. boast of
Joe Roach. Ralph Alexander, a more lyal following
curate. It is educational, in- king Sad Sam Jones. If the nicinal Stadium. with a seat'ing" -I, .- than
formational and entertaining. deal should Richard Lewis. Herbert Dix-:, can the Braves. The
go through, the i capacity of 80,000. Pro-' |'teams
-- -- were supported backin
moter received Bill Rosensohn invitation has al- FAMU RELEASES :TRAUTMAN ASK Carter.on, Wilson Leroy McDonald Ash ,and Joe at, the days of the Jacksonville -
ready an ,
Tars when the teams
1 host
others who have been
1 i I from the City Council who : invited to take in the'i!were winning only once ina
passed a resolution to bring 1959 SCHEDULE :EXECUTIVE TOPROCLAIM part while.
tournament.One .
{ I in the fight. When the Savannah Red-

OSCAR ROBERTSON of the most familiar ;legs move into Jacksonville
oft h e greatest collegiate, one::! FOR ONDERMENI !: 1 WEEK:'sights around the course is 0 Monday April 13, they win:

at' basketball players of all time':, i the presence of the Links of be greeted with the largest
led the voting for the 1959 ;, : I,JacksonviHe. Each year the crowd in the opening day
United Press International i iAn i I TALLAHASSEE The i i President George M. Trauti ladies have played an active!activities in many years.
,I America team with a re-' Florida A & :M University'!i man of the minor Leagues is part in the tournament and
I cord popularity. The great !cindermen will participate'[asking all 49 governors and at present they are making"
tan star polled 290 votes of ]in seven track meets this,ithe mayors in every National,preparations to join the out i
sports writers and radio-TV spring' according to the schedule -[II Association city to proclaim I,'of town golfers who will be:;il.I"il. I
broadcasters throughout the I I released by Pete Griffin -I April 4-11 as "Let's All Play,,I out there waging a battle for i iI i
rI naton. The great Cincinnati;\ head track coach. i if [Ball Week" in a ceremonial,supremacy of the links. 1'
star whose 33.6 point scoring I I f Coach Griffin said the an-'[,prelude to the opening of the 1'i The local .
I I golfers are n :
I I 1 =
u 1. nual Florida A & M University baseball .
average was only a small season. 1 ?
Relays will be held I i i,ing plans to enter the f' <(r-l t
part of his varied basketball
talent. Robertson has been .Saturday :March 28. The relays -I Trautman is sending $h echampionship('petition e 11 though skilled hand of the Ger-
"Mr. Basketball" in are open and a large]I.governors and mayors a sample was won u nsmilh is responsible
major t
'I field of entries is proclamation and a picture -;year in the pro ranks by|
college circles. He is currently expected. ( I (or tail .22 caliber. 6-shot reI -
leading the nation in-: The A & M 1969 track and I of the National Associa,ji;Charles Sifford, the 1959 I pealer automatic with self.
scoring for the second straight I field schedule; March 21, tion's new "It's fun to be championship has by n 0 t ejecting clip. Just 4" long fife
Fan" mascot. means been conceded to himbecause
Pelicans Relays Southern j :
year. asilr into pocket or pvne
You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get of his victory last I 1
Uniiversity. Baton Rough; "Let's face it-this has I I deal[ for sporting events slag t tI
WHO KNOWS I i year. It will be a fight to
? Jacksonville March 28 ;
Relays,;beEn; a long, tough winter." I xse (not available to Calif
the .
has a possible chance of Florida A & M University;(Trautman said. "I think fans I finish.i esidenls). Comes fojr $&>$
lOW PRICESOnYow turning basketball out some big time I April 11, South Carolina In-,everywhere are eager for th !t i I The amateurs and pro f pd. from _-
stars with the ,vitational Meet Carolina i "
brand South -baseball season to begin fessionals will be numerous! BEST VALUES
this year.of basketball played State College; April 18,I Everywhere I go I see kids;i|,!and persons who know nothing : 403 Market
SMOOTH Alabama Relays. Alabama Jin ths sand lots out playing,i about the game are in-!I Newark New Jersey
DRUG STORE NEEDS WE MEET SAILING 'TIL State Teachers College,i ball, even though they are vited to see and learn. j

AGAIN Montgomery; April 23-24,I wearing overcoats and earmuffs 1- ___ _.. ._ .- --
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store Penn Relays,Franklin Fields, a lot of the time Ican't ,.,"''"''-",'
Philadelphia; May 1-2, Tus-I remember a spring g 1-- A
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN kegee Institute; May 8-9, S. when all of our fans seemed
LEARN TO DRIVE I. A. C. Championship Meet, so anxious for the baseball
YOUR LOCAL PAPERS Secure Drivers' License Atlanta University, Atlanta.i.'!season to get started." I!

We Deliver We Aloe FlU AU Doctor m crlpflam 3AFEWAY DRIVING This wll be the 41s PLMSd
SCHOOL annual Baseball week and s
600 West Bearer Street Enroll Now in the Trautman emphasized that
!" .
Dixie Pharmacy Of Ceo ,ELgla 5.1742GEORGE South's Finest College every effort is being made to
!"make this the
BM..ELgin 4-C639 one bIggest
FLORIDA BARBER of all through our intensified -
every National Associationcity.


PHONE.BILLS AT OUR STORE 630 Davis St. at Beaver "Our clubs and leagues OF JACKSONVILLE
Year have spent thousands of dollars
Phone: EL 5-9874
in a nationwide advertising -

campaign stressing the : ..
theme that "It's fun to be a fA .
fan" and I think by now I yd
.I I everyone is aware of our Starts Mon. Mar. 16th Thru Sun. M... 22nd

782 50 1273974C9 little caricature mascot," J ,
Trautman said. "We want to

build this program up to a J LOUIS JORDAN
Locky Days Lucky
e b t e i irr BY ASTROLOGY 3 gets underway and that is ,
+ In Your We.kty1101EOSCOPE 8 why I feel it is so important .
1 s4't GUIDE 8 3W for our governors and mayors AND HIS

Sod J2.00 for 7007 Bora. to proclaim the first week in J

cope Guide with lucky num. arch This Clown April officially as 1/et's All
beta tadcy days, lucky Ehclo e a etunped eareiope.RD 1-29-45. on the threshold of a great e
revitalization in baseball at
2Q2-02--114 :our level. Our clubs are reporting FEATURINGDOTTIE
r -0- a nreat surge of ad-
Sometime* be, op ,o
t 1Ct Bcsnettme k,... d.iwa vance ticket sales. The fans ,
1t fa,aai Mca tot He adds, snfsraae want baseball, in fact they
Z09X&O He,wvrka ft aD ,aeIDICcIiIu. can hardly wait for'it." J# SMITH 0ei..n.n.


P. O. Box:Mt e. e Ca _\' --- -------
tl -----
I AIJtI.: ll --- p '
-------- -
,, ,I. nil '- :II- 8-. *. -- -- -- __h
1 i p
Krr..b ._...............*...... .iZ 111"11>.L.J._ HOW .. $1 m-r.i. as.e. $+so '

A ',. tactfl ....,.**,*......... 3vI 1 N 9
w.r.r.e.. BAT TOO+ SAW IT .3Yva Veto evtmrris/: : ,
Qty 8Ut* .................. .. 9i%

&ti ....-...-...N.I.r... ft ..,. ,r ," _\'S8 ,...... '. .'. t- "._...,... .." .#.. .:..., i- = t =lsi.: .:4

4 :
... >-' a.a, a ,

t ,

Pale Eight .. THE FLORIDA STAR .Week Ending Saturday March It 1951
-- ---- ----- -- -- --

... .-....,? W.ltSTRAND i ROOM FOR RENT -
I Modern furnished roo m-

MIDNITETONITESTRAND: I j._ferred.Couple EL or 41717.single man pre HAVE CASH WILL BUY



I II NEW! 1ST RUN! Modern furnished: room. i Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Ky -

Hot water. Near bus and cab: LQ
a.+uoruo fsf 'line. Phone EL '4-3189. -
t t: -- --- -- ---- I
? ; --
b4 la N f. d Starting Monday March 16 I 11Wed

r rerwr.r..e.erI I Davis Employment AgencT 2163 W. 2nd Street Nice maeoaerr 6 rooms well
1933 Davis Street. will be) built home. Good *size lot. New
located at 428 Broad Street.) roof and plumbing Price $3.95XOO(
uc u Phone EL 47257. '
Terms can be arranged.
W/ HOT r i 1988 W. 12th Street Lovely frame home. newly painted I
se... 'j and remodeled' in first class
..,11111'1' f .1 11t HELP 1 condition. Price $5.95000
rrrr.w tee. r..a rr I I Earn MALE Extra OR FEMALE Money now.Opprttudty .i i Terms can be arranged. i
I We 349 W. 18th Street Lovely corner 3 bedroom home
i for everyone. I
k' { all modern convenience, and a
t can help you and you calhelp (
STRAHD price $11,500.00
garage -Ii
Terms can be arranged. A Up of the Ftp*! 09
rucooc you should have money com-i! 2 story duplex. 2 bedroom to theee 0Gt--- 'U
u r week. Study 1849. W. 24th Street up
ing to you next and 2 bedroom down $9,000X0 JLI yorog AnMriesfiS* tilt
c POLICE work. Write for
2 bedroom home modern make oar country sad
1651 W. 20th Street
: con I
Plus "MACHETE"Not First Free Lesson. Professional -:
your M
., I vienence Price-SOOO.oo) our community m bettsf
I It For Kids! Investigators., Jackson-11- 525 W. 21st Street' 2 bedroom home on a large lot J DIMe JA which to Bvif .
North Ocean Street
LROONEY 1 I.I II.I. ,'yule 2. Florid i J Price and a 14000.00 small store on corner Ji I * *

I.I I I;1 7852 Moses StreetSweetenwater 2 bedroom: home. modern convenience v
I.I I ATTENTION! CAR OWNERS! ( ) small down-payment
i I.I i Price $6,9StLOaCorner
u f I Irish Bird. Nice corner 3 bedroom home
I Lectra Fuel igniters I! & Edgewood Ave. modern convenience $8.000.00 21 ?;j jL"Mti

IlYrll biMf Mss Are a permanent I MARSHALL L BROWN

--HAl 868m I I IJAl replacement for old fashioned spark plug Office Phone Registered EL 4-1827 Heal Estate_ liroker Re*. EL 6-3486 jd

never wear out last forever 703 BROAD STREET
::1:1m.Mc ;
1--Get up io 8 more miles per gallon : -
I + :
2 Get 30 wm
i i4'rlltoeas.oP more horsepower
l' i t f. MIDNIGHT SHOW New Stanton Senior High
..E.R'.COLOII .' e i iI I 3-Get faster pick up RITZ Pepsi Cola Dealers and *

4-Save 100 dollars a year, year after year MARCH 14 Seats 50c Pepsi Cola Bottling Corn- -
Reg. Price! play are proud to salute j
I S-Star quicker in cold and wet weather --- -- ;
Carolyn Baker .
HITS IN COLOR i Increase RPM throttle HE INVENTED THE RUB OUT Margaret j.Df
SUN. TUES. 2 at any setting the 12th grade class.
SIDNEY POITIER & EARTHA KITT I 7-Never have to be cleaned, gapped or adjusted i GANGLAND THE TOMMY' GUN She is a member of theT
Glee Club, National Honor
Religious Thriller : 8-Use only regular grade gas \ ; .- .' ., I Society and the Bethel }
o d !._dIIrr: ;: .; I1" y
"MARK OF THE HAWK"t t 9-Guaranteed Baptist Church. *

Dealers Inquire AM EL 5-3608 or PM EL 4-9508 I
I i 'j
\ THE NO. 1 w I IS'
-- -- ----- -
---- -

\ h

: I

I x
j jI :
J J ,,3 r / rp

I Because '

"yl'' C6p
New Stanton Senior High
Louise is a member of
_ _. :, the 12th grade class. She
a IS
J : f wl.r, .. A a I'M an honor student, sacra*
- : ::4 xyff C +' >? r y%": Lary of the glee club,vie

they & L 4 president of the French
A.ttr Y.I +e
. 3 Class and a member of the
I .
t t. Student
**** *Council.'r
., '
: r r ; .882'
w ; i ''f4 v A- 3 f u.w ... .

I f.,,1 depend SJbllffllFiTJJ1J1f?! r.q+ rYbe4' '

'i1 : ik.

r ri f.

t \,.
:H .wJES
M ap'

I on you. _!NElEMIJf1lflllJ'1Ifl IIt1/JIT 1xw '

: ., '. '
J : -...:,..... .:., JilJ JilJrI.l flJ' xl f Y f Duval County Vocational (
; it.t +
I ..-r.t ::. ..,w.er.nu. School C
) ___ Tribute is paid to Mar-C
; of the 11th class.,
,.. ADULTS 60e CHILDREN-15c va grade {
She is president of the

Everyone looks to Dad .. because upon his Co-hit "JOY RIDE"FLORIDA'S Futubule Club, glee dub M
; Student Council, and aD'J'
shoulders rests the problem of providing for :
tho .4-::; Honor Student. She wa:

needs of his family, pints the needs of the future- .eo. Miss Duval County Voca iC
: HORSERACING tlonal School of "58*. ..t(
for the kids
for '
protection the home
stability in financial emergencies, ipdspendence, 1. .Y ru can depend on Life of Georgia :' * *

upon retirement. i u- bon 2'-z

Life of Georgia has practical insurance plans" |I. HIGHUGHTS-1958 4 | Award Ooa to winner time three JIeI'II'

to meet these needs. It is the wise father who I. t I Listen to Ppllllmi AwardBtetatton

starts early in life to build a sound insurance LIFE INSURANCE I *" J ea JEtpeJ DO
program ] IN FORCE. .. .$1,582,876,837 TEEN.TTME WEEKX 1118
to care for his loved ones. I I
Gain of$II G,731l35 in one I ea jour fial EatanZajs104ft
See your Life of Georgia representative xFT ONLY .f fc> 11 A.JL


;" -. AND BENEFICIARIES $ 16,972,864 : ., *
: I *

t L1fI I ..' i'..- .. '" I i ASSETS .. ......$ 171,779,931 fr PONCE DE L iEO J
.. Increase of I .
opGEORGRI" .....1'.2.l..-.. $16,182,321 over 1957 ,.. '., fr

._, : .-: :l'.' .I. ..LIABILITIES ... .$ 'I '

---.;--. ;- t Liabilities Includ*Policy Reserve, .
". ,. ... ...:....'.. I ,... f .. I I0. 9 RACES NIGHTLY EXCEPT SUNDAYS .f
.. ..t- T ";" -;<" -" .. ,'..f... .;....'.'u.jf .........\.- .. SURPLUS TUNDS. .. POST T2M> "5:15 P. M.DAILY Special:! Fsdlisla ;.
.. ., "" .T-O-> '- '! :'. I AND .. I Iestt For
(. ....--: CAPITAL $ 21,180,959 ".:t. CC-UtLE OrQUIKlEUi .
\ '... ,, ... a I:' I. f Colored Pairoas I .
r : :+ t e.u _' _. a
._ ..
c' sir e. -'
.. -:: /' -. < --y .-" .' '..' 'I: -'. ..P. : .
.. ..MM.** IRea111e'S

...... ., .' .. ". '....sv. V' Kit. U-.J .. .. .
., ,
,'. ..... v Jr.. Di Mer, : .. "'....-,...y."-S.--JONES.. .- .' RA6'c. ....' 17 Mi So. *f JeckseeIe
f1ori4a .
::-. Ls.aI' LYe of B'.L... e.-r r .
; .. :: ti.e's'Me.... 3* I
ys TO Cotitt StreettJtea ,. '

'..,.' .... fa. EDfoDk. ...a.nu-lte-- --.I' ....:)..':... !t......... i.,... ''.., *EL* 4.78tt. ti. it vW: ,{'* .. i aS ntrf 1i AUaes,1I L: : '.."-., ..' ..:.:::: .:. :.:..-',.

,. .MMMMMsMMM ... : .. Y -.-."' .... ,
} ."" .'- ." .: .\ .. ,, Jo.rt :t I 3i y n,r.....,.. *-_-4-.-': ....A .""."s....''S