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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200500datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date March 7, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=005000740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 7, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 7, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Dynamiters ;Soughtm

---- -- ,- ,VOL. 10 N';;. ; &rjc? '*3El3f5; MARCH. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 CeJ' .iSS. N .
'. ..ct:
1 ::J

f.. 1 'I ") !4CF:} ? ATMC! '! 'Jft(1_!! JAMSThe j .f j. '

Bethune Cookman Dorr l 0N *

t Y.." Kfns Hilly $200,000 BIazt .: .1-a As 0K CO P.



"'n'TO'-!' :,*.CII M-r-h 2 .\ girl's dormitory at Bethune- 0
Erie O.
okman; College was swept by a destructive fire early Monday Jacksonville;: ; 'CM'de.ii.IJy ; a.e refcislerinjT Simpson t, i it"\Ollh. 1|"a.ifieJ) Zvolurs
I morning causir*; an estimated! loss of ovr 200 000.
al v.a.-:: : :..; .vpuiiing; slo\v tale that the h bnUuuon. Dnhersbj
-- --- --- ---
I' The 3"-y ear-':>>ld brick stmcI -' I *:icrc:: :.:: c: J'-a little over 21.00X\) .a voi.i-s is ,):>.
!urc, known as r1.urlls; ll-ill air-
44f J 4 rice! oer;,.ll ins>'*-fjcc of !'S 00"t :: :GATE CiTY OPEN I simply sh :-.-:d'x- -- .- : *
: $ >; t. ii ''r telling; to allege ofr.: >:ril. 'I Negroes wm ian i iu rt gis-. I 67-
No injuriesvere reported ter are seen as nitii find \*omen I,groups and individuals, with ...I|
ante"g the 8T frcshrv' i and' SC iEDutED? TOREGIN : who are pa iiiiij uj/ ) the opportunity I cars i is r.rjrcr.Uy repdc'l 1 for a 0
ophoninre students \\lio nxv : to extM\Ise: ; theirconstitutional I I ivhirlv1u'! drive! tc get ft1-! ; jj
( 1"1 Negre n', ", register?!! bo- ..
buj 11-1Z IIt i righ
4 cJ to( flee the flaming: I I ,
.J ; : P ; about 4 a.m. i: 3 ffJARCli 26 Men ; nd women who fail to ::| fore llr' :''c1' 21.Congressman. '
i* "Mie !Mj&e i', bcKevr 1 : *! tn !h'vc registc*' within! the ext week, ;: Charles Diggs
"ti' in a third: floor util'}; : ; : efore the rogNlra-ion bo;.ks .;f Michigan\ has consented to
.. !
> insist: in a series of !kick-off
1 xrtni. However. Fire ?Marsh:ill} I close (.n- March 2i will beJookeu '
s ..'r-t.i: Viall continued his! in- I J. i J. !I..t'hI.i; CiiauMiun and J ,I II. i tenon as ale ones who l programs: at Jacksonville!
Y iy. ; << I.j i''ndcrvmter cf the Calc City I I are hindering file progress ofNegroes j Tampa and Miami. The City-
: derni'ne <;t' (Open Anr.rul Golf Tournament, ;i in thi community.: ;: \/We VotrLerr: ie ;", pre-
The LADIES NIGHT at Ponce De Leon Raceway was enjoyed by a sizable groupof : ranting the Cor.'n-essr'nn! at
the teat: the \Vc will!:! be. ., lcd to
i fI nlv! lire. t j rtiaci uann"n:Crte.ii] : i (: : Ul)ci'; '
harness and quarter horse racing fans from the colored community. The winnerof i TutalertnJis"of two"th>..K.juiinm ,u1E.I 1 event will lie held at the I elect officials f1..' 11-d city :JTOVmrncnt |'Jacksonville: on Thursday evening -
tho award was Mrs. Jacqueline Bryant of Jacksonville. At the presentation, there Mac Quartmcn aerie I. Bretwood Municipal i i I Golf in the April 21 elections March 19; at Tampa, on

were, from the left, Leo Blank president of Ponce De Leon; Joe Johnson of St., Au- "oris White, spared many of, CorrvThurdiy: Fri.lsv.. Sat-I 1 1t I and at tha-: time; v.-c will Saturday I land .Iiami evening, M-rch ni't-21
students from i i-nd Morel. \227 abe! to elect .he who at : on Sunday
the sleeping! int.Vry ;,civic : Sunday, | :e men 1 I
gustine: Mrs. Bryant the winner: fool MandeL a director of the track: and Theodore i iI :i.noor:. March 22.
; or death, since it was t'\t.-\ I 11:.3 and 29. !: \:ill give us the type of gov- I
Redding. The fans reported they liked the thrilling harness and q-sarterhorse racing t ho first spotted smoke coining ;:< eminent the rig ins we are entitled j i .
and intend to visit Ponce De 'Leon regulary. Post time is 8:15 every night except I from! the utility: room and roused! I "f The the Gate largest City tournaments Open is one otf to,-IF WE REGISTER BULLET ENDS TALK <

,Sunday and racing will be presented through April llth. j the other girls in the 5.)-room. -f. ts kind in' the nation and topnotch I AND VOTE. ;WITH MAN'S WIFE
{ dormitory. Hut WilI be able to do :
.._ 7 'An''CDDtar!h.ls'bccn.issucd for! polfers! from all over the: if not qualified '
--------------- -- -- ------- -- '- -- J nothing we are L
j been
& have extended .
I clothing for the girls and donr.-: i ruiurv There an to vote. \\"c will have tc Larry Sjkes got shot I lost Suh-
I tons will be accepted at: t!:.' I invitation to participate. accept all types of injustices ; day evening for talking to another -
will he 18 holes of medal
SHERIFFS WANT DEATH PENALTY !ROBINSON GETSTHRAT !i City Island recreation lulLPIJZZLED I each day.Leading. name in the form of discrimination, '! man's wife.
segregation, sub-normal }housing Sykes, 37ho ;lives on Helena -
f I : he' list of k"1-:]( td!, I civil service job diserim- j Road, was sitting in his
FOR FLORIDA HATE BOMBERS LETTERJ.i j I golfer; expoctctl to b" jirosrpt iiation and any other form of. parked car near the Moncrief
I LAI BY 1, t "tcp ofF time tf ill bo CI! .-rrSiFford I denial' of our rights heaped en'': friend, Miss Pearl Gask'ns: of
., I t tern 10TS Profm.rinl; the Negro people j .130 MoncriVf lid., and to Mrs.
The Florida Sheriffs Assn. are pressing to' make terrorist kie n hin"h. 'O-ch.'irman i 'Champion of the Gate (itv:J The citv7ide'ote ., league: '1 nby Lee Gand)'.
bombing a capital offense. If the lawmen succeed\ in convincingthe of tilt planned NAACP:r Lite I: STRANGE CFJfiIE* !rnen. Siffnrd ir.i n'v on the"'I has launched a rlito regis'ter !;; Isaac Candy, 45, of 618 Lee:
mltcrship! \ ) drive, received a 1 I Ih1 :'trifle: Coast vl'rrf .' 'his 1 I-.T.I 40,000 Negro voters in Street is reported to have come
April legislature of the need for Such a law, lute bombings ':::--kUcr ih/eatenini him with 1I I I I I Inlaying; during; ; the winter gclf Duval county in the hope of up and ask Sykes if he was talking
will then be punishable: "by death Jn this State.In iKxlHv :darn IKV..IISC of his appearance :I 1 VALDOSTA, GA. Strange i t t">nr. ()thr'rlave" e"pc'rd are swlling the Florida voter to his wife. When Sykes replied
the wake of two recent -- -- -- --- ----- in Philadelphia to I I I 1 circumstances surround toe IZeke t Ibrt Field, New York City; t strength to 300,000.A "What docs it look like,"
racial bombings a Jewish cuter hate loribins and bomb threats spark: the Asociation's drive for I i death of a white service station I j Jimmy; Taylor, New Y"rk: Ha- special meeting of pre- Gand is said to have cursed and]
in Jacksonville and a Negro have caused in the South in 50,000 new members. i I j owner in Valdosta, Georgia. Tltci I Irold Delciall! Snvinah: (::'''rtiat : :I cir"t committeemen and com- then shot him.
school in Miami as well as a recent months is almost sure to Said Robinson in response to I i men, Glenn Westbeny, was shot t eddv'Rhodes, Ch--" .: Joe I Jeewomen with their block Sykes is .at Duval Medical
series of bomb threats in Miami bring the full facilities of the the letter: "If they think I'm !! to death last Friday evening bvI i hoach.( Chic::!!o: ?1'tll,>h Aloaijder -i( j leaders will be held at St. Paulj Center in critical condition witha
and Tampa the Spring sessionof Federal Government and the going to run because of coward-I I I an unknown person whom hn i Charlofte. N. C.; Richard :j j AME Church, Wernesday gunshot wound in the face.
. the l legislature will have a FBI into action against such 1 lv ;inonymoiis letters, they have I I I wife described a Negro. t 'xr.vis and Herbert t D\on: RarI r right, March 11 at 8:00 p.m. Dct. Sgts. E. P. Corley and L.
number? of anti-bombing pro perpetrators. another thOli;ht ('Omin ." Mrs. Nancy Westberry, wife I tow. I for the final push and it is A. Hamwey, and patrolmen Willie ,
posals to consider. Many Southern States are already Addressing an audience of I I of the victim Glenn Westberry, I f !Vilsr-i McDonald, '''P:,s )IMmiVa : urged that every committeeman Solomon :and M. L Massey.
Threatening to use explosiveswith ;showing signs of tightening over R9(10Nerth Phil dcbhians told Sheriff ]r.' L Futcli! that a 1 ,*h; Joe> Carter, DiytnnaBeach I and committeewoman Isaac lindy was arrested
intent to do bodily harmor the laws against bomb who thronyed the Zion Bantist Xogro armed with a andwearing I : Leroy Ash, T:illahas damage to property will be crimes, Church' to'display( their support a ha. ikerchiefover: gun the II and several others. A' mrng! the I I in the drive attend the shooting; and charged with assault -
among the proposed bflls. If In Tennessee, for example, a of the, drive. Robinson said: "Ibelieve low': ;art of his face, entered outstanding amateurs arC' Alfred -I session. The aid of clubs, civic' murder..
this bill is passed, such a crime bill was introduced" in the State the time has come when the station. (Tup) Holmes, 1953 Na- I
would punishable 20 years Legislature which would] requirethe %vfi should demand our rightsas \\.(,tbeIY! the wife reported I tional Amateur Champion of JAX PRINCIPAL SUSPENDED\
in prison. A bomb hoax wouldbe telephone company to trace American citizens, and I be- then reached for a gun whichv Atlanta, Gedrgfa; J. B. Malone! .
punishable by 10 years. bomb hoax calls "when at all lieve we are ready for that <:* V pt behind the counter. In"f i Willie: Wynn, and Teddy Crimin .
The cost of life, property feasible) or practical.: fight" the I'lirst of gunfire;' that followed I of Atlanta. From Miami will PENDING TRIAl
damage and general anxiety that; 1 North Carolina has rent several The letter Jackie received Mrs. \Vcstberrv wes unable I'' come James Everett, Coach at ABOARD .
persons to jail on bomi! threat Stated: "We will fix Jackie Rob- to tell who fired the shots. It i h Booker T. Washington High ---- -
, charges; while the General Assembly inson if he appears In assumed;; however, that the assailant f School 1 and one of the best Among the decisions of the school board this week were
NEGRO'KILLED' ::roved to ejrJjze! sentences phia with any talks on PNhdeJ-j} players in the Dr.
: I wrs wounded in the eiange \- f game. J. two suspensions. One of a Principal and one of a tpacher.
f f up to 50 years for and you too.You may: -! since he sank to'hisiecs Bunch, Lakeland; Edward HenI Maurice H. Barnett, Principal of Darnell-Cookman Elementary -
persons convicted of bomb shot Smart niggers. I t I ] and then got u, and fled t try.I Clearwater; ; A. H. McDonald, School was suspended from duties this past Thursday -
I ROW \WITH crimes. The threat included the Rev. 1 i in! the! darkness. '\' therrv cc'Iipsed !. I Robert Jones, St. Augustine; J.I J. by the Duval County Board of Public Instruction. He
Virginia has. sentenced: at I.eoa H. Sullivan who presidedover I to the floor in front of Adams: St. Petersburg and, was charged with dishonest: cffice.
least 10 teen-agers to jail terms the meeting. the counter: others will lie expected. The school board action -
WHITE' VENDOR\ of up to 30 ds-s; for various I how I
ever, the baffh'ni aspect j Local l golfers are extended a came as a result of a ,resolution -I 1--------
degrees of the same: charge. NEGRO CHILD DIES I of the case is that: the Sheriffs t'public invitation to play in the ,
from the Beard of School
FROM DYSENTERY officer have been maMe to Icajte b- tournament: Caih prizesvill got ;
MACCLENNY. March 2 WHIir BROTHERS the pistol which Glenn ,> t. e nrofrssiouals and trophies Trustees whicl said i "Bar-!I! Another school! bo-xrd action
Ed vrax% 55, was shot to death I AREA TO GET AID Westberry is suposcd to have netf submitted t-: ie Board I resulted in the dLc-arge::
last] Monday by a white man, GIVEN JAIL TERM for dysentcry-strickei Ncproqrcrters used to shoot at the mvsteriomNogro :: MURDER TRIAL SET I of Public Instruct) payroll,:of an elementary school tea-
MitcVIl! Khr.den, G2. The shoot- r near Safety' Harbor skver. The holster fcrWcstbcny's I records which c*..-iiy that; cher, Miss Daisy E. Bums:
ing; cliflLaxe ", a fight betweenthe OCALA, Feb. 27-Two white was promised Tuesday.The gun is also missing: TO START APRIL 6 :Sollie Mitchell was employed ,I whoaccording to board
two men which took place mm: were sentenced to six county ccramiseion voted .:nd no trace has l been found of as a substitute teacher (on member Martinez Baker, was
in the Nero !section of Macclen- months in the county jail last to ihsate 1200 feet of two- the Negror the gun he dleged- The first degree murder trial various dates in ISC'*, and :convicted of larceny here in
ny. I Iou week, and $500) fines; or analditio'il inch water pipe to the city. ly used in the: fatal shooting. of Mis. Elizabeth Figgs, 42, of !!)59) and on said datci Sol-!j.1?45.
The fight MjpposedJv started six months in jail. The pipe ...iIlbe, used to.con Another obstacle'the*Sheriffs 133 Spruce Street, was: set for lie :Mitchell did not serve as, Investigation disclosed no
al! bill! Marie Ferguson, Cimri Judge D. R. Smith nect the city's 'water system oTficp rt faced with is tint f s.1fstbeny April 6 by Circuit: Judge Bay aid,a substitute teacher and vas!l fir gerprint record of Miss
common-la'v wife cf the dead gave; t .:k Hicks 26, and his to the 'area, ,which has been \\ the only eyewitnessto B., Shields ju'rjr: she: had entered employed, elsewhere." j j Burns. Taking iss:*;:, Baker
man owed lth')den, who 'is a brother 'William 31, the so-,I served by shallow wells. th-i shooting, was Incoherent a pca! of n gnilty. f said, "I'm disappointed ts
produce vta; 1"". called "isaximum' sentence, after One child died ,and several when 'gave: her statement on Mrs. Figgs was indicted lost A hearing on ;the'charts see that somewhere along
The white nun is said to have they u' found guilty of assault_ others'beci1ni sick from )F.rid' \ t Voveniber 1 for the Sept. 13, against! him has teen 'set for t the line the school persona
sustained a broken arm during and fcaUfry against a Negro drinking the polluted water T5ic iLtwJt odd development is iOiife slaying of Milton Hicks, March 26 at 9 a. m. in that|J department is not fallowing
thernstruggle, .vhlch! 'ended by woman: Miss Grace Roberts. during the, past.inonth. that cri t..' denti cd 15-Tar-old 33;'of 120 Spruce Street,. daring! Echool board auditorium;:our policy of having all ap.plicants
Rhoden shooting Ware: through Miss Roberts was shot in the Pipe 'Available Negra eM has 'Verified* Mrs. an argument on the back porch the courthouse. Barnett 11' fingerprinted.
the heart at close range with a leg on Jan. 1, when she resisted _" County Engineer L. O. Hester \Vec1 thet' V incoherent account and iu the yard at Hi b' bouse. receive''a'lWay() notice of the ''' 'his' teacher left the
.38 caliber pistol. Rhoden, who the advances of the brothers. told:'the'; board the ,pipe of the shooting. Attorney Lloyd Bass \rcsdefenso hearing. school system and is now.
kcpt'the'h-pbtol in his truck fired The pair had formerly faced was available; and wood cost The,gun, the'holster and the lawyer and State Atty. At the hearing, the schoolboord back in,".he added..
twice at Ware before hitting himwith the graver charge of aggravated, I the -c o).u'r1 f y, approximately: rnvsteriousNegro ..killeris still WilL'cni).-Hallo- es' r resertwl a will decide whether to, Miss Burns lives at 1179
.i .the third and fatal bullet assault in the -s1 nooting.- -'*- $500.:>()( 'f. '' missing. the state at the axrer. nect. dismiss the educator cr\re-t Durkee Dr.


.. ..



Page Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. March 7, 1959
-- --


HERE! 5! ,
NEWS :. ,

Published by The Florida Stay Publishing Co. ar :;; 1

"Member of Associated Negro Press" .
Eric 0. Simpson .. > -_ _-_.Editor S '' Citizens of Jacksonville will be called upon to elect officials -

C. Parham Johnson _..___..__.___- __ n._'._ __Ni Staff L P' for the entire city government on April 21. the date

ABAtnae Richardson ..n__..._.._.__.._.. ..............__ Circulation Dept set for the first primaries which will be followed by the
second primaries on May 5. '
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: --- Candidates .

2323 Moncrief Road ........_._... __.__ EL 4.6782 EL 4-6783 .
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad St. Phone EL 4-3773 ; .,. ., for offices in ,is a fairly( good figure but
F '. the coming i
but the Negro vote could bemore
Mailing Address* ,. city elections :
:.r5 :.. .: R .' 4' Avill' qualify'between more effective if we

P. O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1. Florida a1 ,iat4:' \ : ';-4 M r- had a&oui 30.000. which

:' J' ch 16 and Mar- would give us about half of
# b
SUBSCRIPTION RATES nJl i r,{s i. t /
One Year. S5.00: Half Year. 53.00; Three Months. S1.80 r. -Jng to an an- Now is the time for the

Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States. i :' nouncementJustice clubs civic and' fraternal organizations -
f bY of churches and the
Subscription Parable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: : the Peace Dor-
ministers to busy because
ffE.fj.: get
FLORIDA STAR-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA "f::; as Drake, i his coming election givesus

:W c hair man of the opportunity to elect
Simpson ;the City De-
new men or re-elect those we
TIME TO TAKE STOCKIn mocratic Executive Commit- want in the various city offices -

N tee.With .-. And heavens knows
1yc the first primary elections VIe can do with a little house
AK'D SOU STILL slated for April 21, it cleaning in the city council.
view of the prominence of the so-called "Negro IE U.S.A means that the registration

Question" in the United States, and particularly in the READY 1 books will be closed 30 days Members of the CITY COMMISSION -

the South; and in view of the increasing responsibilitieswe prior-March 21, to be exect.It who are up for reelection -

black Americans are shouldering in shaping the future means that we have just this year are: \Ia\or-

destiny of this nation; and in view of the fact that the two more weeks to get re- Commissioner Ilavdon Burns,

Negro must sooner or later face up to the many abortive ..w.. .,,,,. gistered to vote. Commissioner of Public Safetyin
things wrong WITHIN our race as well as those wrong Negro registration in the charge of Police Fire Buildin -

WITHOUT the Editor of the STAR regards it a timely city is around 21,000 which and Plumbing Departments,
service to reprint portions of a very significant and pointed : :9..i -L..r ...z+ ;;i and! also the office of the IIous- 1

editorial appearing in this month's edition of EBONY -- J i log Director, Louis H. Hitter,

magazine. EFFECTIVE NATIONAL LEADERSHIP, CAN CHANGE THIS PICTURE, spring are, on the whole, : Commissioner of Highway, Sewers -
most favorable and should and! Airports; J. Dillion; Kennedy -

"SIXTY years ago seven men sat down in the backroom MR. PRESIDENT bring you a good deal of hap- Commissioner of Public

Durham barber shop and took stock of the Negro's poverty and piness and fulfillment, and Utilities in charge of Electric,

his inability to borrow or to build. Putting ambitions and dreams occasions to make profitabledeals. Water Docks and Terminalsand
where money and training should have been they founded the Radio Station; Claude! Smith

North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company a $60 million institu- YourWeekIy & -SO-99-29-98-339 i Ir., Commissioner of Health and
5- i! Sanitation in charge of the
tion."A :, Health. Street Cleaning and Garbage -
of later in the state, 15 drivers AQUARIUSBorn
a century same jitney Guide ': Departments, and also the
stopped squabbling among themselves long enough to pool their Horoscope : Jan. 20 thru Feb. 18 City Garbage, and Dallas TlioI -
and \Yinston-SaIem Safe Bus Inc. The had This week
resources time : Mercury stirs miss: Commissioner of l Finance,
conn." says one of the founders, "to cooperate or lose all." Today, -- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR Jupiter from your fifth house I, also in charge of Parks Zoo,
they own the states third largest mass transportation firm with BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL / and this is excellent for intellectual -i, Golf Courses \trricultiire Department -
an annual load of :3 million passengers.The literary, artistic or 'I and Priosn I Farm and

.\'egro w making more money and i is better trained now I, Iy PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES I Venus educational also activity.makes strongly Besides. I \nrsen. .
than cccr before. As it/ teas with the scan insurance men and the ,
\lemhers of the CITY COUNCIL -
VE jitney timers, the time has come for the race to sit down and I CANCER ., light. Discover their true and constructive Uranus aspects to Mars whom we will have to vote

take stock of f its mounting assets, to 1 plan how they can be used i Born March 21 thru April 19 Born June 21 thru July 22 ,worth. I to stress and these seem for or against if they choose tonnf

io lessen the liabilities that hinder its 1 progress. It is time, also I Tne sextile of Venus and This seems to be a good ,! 4-20-11-19-12-429 romance, anew include:
for individuals to /squabbling/ {! among{ themselves over their week to see friends, visit partnership. successful legal
indicates fortunate i)I I I
shortcomings; and start pooling their resources and talents in orderto Mars climate a for (neighbors and, in one way Ir LIBRA I affairs, and possibly a long I. Marvin Sweat. Sixth Ward;
build business and the I emotional you- I r journey-perhaps for the impeding X. Walter, Eighth Ward
more enterprises to fight for rights of where or another, meeUiew people.Born Sept. 24 thru Oct. 23 Ralph ;
all men so that they may enjoy the: blessings of economic inde- you seem happy you Such meetings might easily Real estate developments Easter vacation.Thisis James M. Peeler. Third Ward l;
pendence. are, enjoying your contacts I I I an excellent week to pre- Robert H Knlicrts Fifth Ward,
have romantic overtones
and all that
around you/There may even agriculture pare for some big project. Vice (President; Lemuel Sharp
The needs to re-evaluate the of for love and you should feel both glamorous with home products provide
Negro monetary resources be opportunities a I It'' All that relates to the arts ,: Second ard. President; Chile C.
his race and set up a rigid program of economic austerity to offset affair-lovely while it lasts. and affectionate. apparently an excellent foun- and the theatre s h.o u 1 d be Cannon, Fourth Ward!; Elhert
the jars of squanderingvhich have robbed him of financial After the 5th a long journeymay is also an auspicious time dation for your business acti- favored. Hendricks, First Ward; Cecil F.

security his most! potent weapon of protest. For the higher aman's attract you. You mightdo for intellectual stimulation,'' vities, or at least those of 4-20-11-19-13-423i I/me, Sp'nth'anl J. P. King,
Dun and Bradstreet, the closer is he to full equality. well to take it; providedyou good reading letter writing. : your marriage partner. The I Xinth \\'lTd.
% "Like the Argentinians, Negroes have been consuming at a : can have all your affairsin and for everything that pertains entire month up to the 27th

higher rate than they have produced. Too many have been spend- ; good order firt. ; to. or verges on. litera- should witness very encouraging -i Born Feb. PISCES '. Other city offices open for
ing more than they earn. They have been living too much with the :540333931543TAURUS; ture. All in all, enjoy yourself happenings and you 18 thru March 20 voting are:
glamour of today to be concerned with the unpredictability of and let your personalityshine. should be in good form to This week your home life '
City C. Almand
tomorrow. They have l been doing too well as individuals to l he : -- take full advantage of them,Iis, favored by Venus under Hl'"OrterV. ;
Treasurer Clarence lIen-
worried with the problems of the group.They have leaned so ]long ii-90888987897LEO I' particularly if face these very good aspects. Work of City '
I yu all kinds, but especially work : lev;; Tax Assessor \\ F. Wilson;
the aid of white that reluctant
upon people they are to rely upon with a Plutonian sense of
1 Charles
themselves. Born April 20 thru May 20 done at home. or to improveyour Municipal Judge,
The first week is particularly -: ,! depth and objectivity, and personality. your health Wilson..

Today the Negro is facing his toughest battle for equality. significant for you in Born July 23 thru Aug. 23 act with a broad grasp of or your figure, should be
Opponents of integration are spending millions to deprive him of terms of money and business t tI I There could be an important -i i world' trends. eminently successful. Intel- C .
his constitutional liberties, yet the NAACP working halfstaffedand deals; but monetary gains change for the better in i I I -40-88-37-86-846 lectual activity is also highlighted -I

continually damned must l beg for hinds to carry on. may be replaced as well by|your finances perhaps I I -- 0 or the more psycho- I
"In this present civil rights crisis, backrooms or barber shops an increase of inner psychic through the receiving of I i|i SCORPIO 1 logical type of concentration I # e

should be filled with men taking stock of the race's shortcomings wealth, by a keener and some unexpected favor, bon,I Born Oct. 24 thru Nov. 22. which is usually called me-I
and collecting loose nickel and'dime. And be- ( I Some unusual friends or' I II
together every it : more stirring sense of value us or social assistance. A legal -I'' dilation. You should find a REGISTER NOW
hooves those who would l he leaders I 'some new cause which has i
to ceases petty bickering over i in a spiritual cultural affair also be settled
0 r' may (great ,wealth of inspiration
opinions and and unite to the total come to your attention, pro- I So You Can Vote .
organize resurcesof sense. Real estate would to your advantage before or:, 'within your deeper nature. I
the race into a powerful fighting machine, if it would meet i bably through some associates -
seem to, be a good avenue{around the 6th. and thereby j i Listen to your inner voice I For Your Rights
the challenge of those who would deny a man his birthright for if i I in should prove extremely -.
profit. especially you your prestige your community -, or to one whom
because of color ot his skin. !i inspiring. Your whole may I/ .
can sell Banking should be notably in- have
you now. : taken as guide in
The Negro must not only muster the 'mental I attitude might conceivably your
money necessary to
I operations should work creased. The end of this week 'spiritual unfoldment.
carryon this all-important fight, but also provide the brain 'I be changed by these
smoothly: I leads to an excellent New 12 70 66 69 65 276 C C .
power to re-evaluate the aims of his race within the greater concept !0-60-77-59-76-967 i 1foonushering in a fortnight I II '|!new contacts.This is assuredly -1----- -
r of world affairs. The money is available (more of it than ever j filled with excellent possibi-1:, an excellent week for following -
l before), but it is being waisted by uninhibited and often mis- I lilies.! ''l this new line of U

directed spending. I and 'tS
/ thought a s throughly '
6-80-55-79-53-683 5ri
The obvious is of I It do
answer a self-imposed program economic wisely as you can. may
austerity program urged by Secretary of State Dulles for all of Born May 21 thru June 21 i !something quite wonderful

us if the United States is to follow ;h foreign policy designed to Most of this month, at I;, !for you. 'j

block aggressive force promote human dignity and freedom and least until the Full Moon of VIRGO 7-30? -22-29-21-732 jl j
stimulate economic growth and interdependence."Such the 24th. should bring you II!''Born' Aug. 24 thru Sept. 23 :,

a program will mean sacrificing some of the fancy non- happiness or inspiration,but'M!I A n intellectual friend i SAGITTARIUS I .

essentials in which most Americans and all too many Negroes this will be so largely to the I''seems very influential in all Born Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 off w--

indulge. Such a program will mean extending the Negro's vision extent to which you can put this and, in turn. he may al- I You seem to have gaineda Y

further than the overloaded dinner table. It will mean budgeting yourself wholly and warmly!'ISO succumb to your personalcharms.w technique or capacity for 71
., )his income past the last payment on an automobile that is above into whatever you undertake.I 1 hie h should be sustained, yet imaginative

his social station and beyond his financial means. A constructive trine aspect most effectual just now! Try:('work which should now
BLUEPRINT FOR VICTORY of Mercury, ruler. to1''to I, extract from whatever I
your [ .bring you quite exciting results -
iF THE Negro would beg from the of the jupiter stresses further. I I refresh-'
a page plans on may happen a truly in business or in what I
seven insurance founders he would take stock of his financial the 6th, the definitely personal -'ed and inspiring sense of va-'ever field you act publicly. 5

assets, his ballot power and his numerical strength."If opportunities which'I lue. See your life your personality -i'There could be professional
the Negro would borrow a phrase from the 15 jitney this period should bring. A'1'I and your creative I changes just around the corner
drivers he would pool his physical and financial resources together new and valuable relation'artistic abilities-also your I! which would culminate I

with his mental capabilities to build skyscrapers instead of shacks. ship may begin. II relationship to children, if l lI I:your efforts over some weeks'
He would command egal vctories for the human of 7 50 44 i
rights all -49 43-753 I you have any-in a new:or months, yet which in some
instead of compromising! for petty individual gains.if respect may still surprise
the Negro would steal a plank from the austerity programs !
GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING yo u. You should put your-,
of France and Argentina he would have the blueprint whereby
he and his will live better eventually because they have plannedwell Uee till coupon Learn more about jtraneU. 8a.J'Ie jMnts (one .self wholly into what you '_ A 1 rt ,1r r;
today. S dime ID coin) for each horoscope ordered by -tnafl. ladnde MUddreMed are doing and avoid indeci-
sion or a sense of inferiorityand
stamped envelops Write
pUinrXbia offer doe* aot appIJ'to
: doubt. !p ,
residents \f the dominion of 0UIada. F y-y-{ ..Yf1O
:1-10-22-12-21-112 -
I ---
I dirk 44

-- 1t I P. O. BOX 561JACKSONVILLE ;Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 KENKMGIIT

1, FLA. It might have to do with 1 1I ,

I I !politics 0 r management, 0 I
r'l Invites You To listen To
Name -
I wth the .organization of social ]

t aa r I affairs, receptions or any i "KNIGHT TRAIN"
ea \
I land of group-functions.This it

is ,a week of preparation for j t
I CWjf tllfal I II the New Moon of. March 9th Starting At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -

which could be quite important '

J I Dee e Btrta. I for you -if it falls very) 1400! RllC-i4 1
I eau < '".. 1ae_ .t_ I close to your birthday. The .
-. -. .- -. -. -'- I days before the beginning of.I
N ,;;-. e. "' .J :' ,[



/ .

/ I .
Week Ending Saturday, March 7; 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page.Three

--- m
mc--- '
I '

? Wedding, Bells :
r .p i
:, Applications for Marriage ,
; : w

,iS; ;' IeF ,;. ., Licenses I 3 : yaNr. ,...
; Donald Brackett, 5545 Mon- I C 'r/,: '4R A 4

,. ,' crief Road, age 22 and Jean Hall '.un., '.r Ss ;
fr-. ',' : 8.52 Franklin SL, age 21. I : S4 .

,: '''me D. Jliver,1025 W. 23rd I
::..>.: St., age 24 and Wata M. I'ittman P-; Y f. .\

'',' 1925 \V. 23rd $t.; ape 22. 4, B-
F. Riley Davis, 2541 Moncrief r- F c ms
:;.: ii 1 Rd., age 20 and Lucinda Ellis,
j I 2330 Moncrief Rd., age 16.

';, I Johnnie Bailey iU. 8 lox'407

J w } I i age 21 and Myra Hartley, 1136 I t ?
Florida Ave. age &. \ f ,
j ats > S.

}y. o .

U N n
ir i _
b ::
yj Mrs. Maggie Sloan of 1439 : :

West 5th Street is ill in
'Brewster Hospital. She is a t.a
member of Second Baptist
'ybG; a s :Y p PSa rI Church. f
< '.
r w M' 'S 4 u
.; 6' ., r, ti rjGbY' f. 4 :Mrs. Marion Kelly of 1537

:iJ Logan Street, is ill in Brew- vA4., M ktj:; .a Y a axe; dk
ster Hospital.. Mrs. Kelly is

a member of Second Baptist
j Church.
w.4v.-.rw w.mwvi4a04.w mea:i wp woY.Wer.M 'nw W'.w. :.0
LES CAMELLIA CLUB PLANS ANNIVERSARY TEA-Pictured above are mem- INSTALLATION CEREMONY-Newly installed officers of the Venetian Club are
bers of the Les Camellia Social Saving Club who met recently at the home of Mrs. The Rev. B. H. Hartley of seen here with members during the installation ceremony held last Friday night. in

Mae Willie Lee. 676 South Lincoln Court to complete plans for their anniversarytea 1631 West 24th Street is ill the Club Eldorado. From left are: Attorney Jennings H. Best who installed the of-

which will be held in the Sweetfield Baptist Church. March 15. Standing from in the Brewster Hospital. He ficers: Frank Cooper president; L. Stukes vice president; Freddie Gardner record
left Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan business Miss is the pastor of Friendly Thomas Myers financial Nathaniel Sears
are: manager: Betty Williams financial ing secretary; secretary; treasurer; Frank

secretary; Miss Carolyn Gamble, reporter: Mrs. Mattie P. Harding treasurer; Mrs. 'i!Baptist Church.* Courtney assistant treasurer; John Pickins business manager Williams Lucas as-

Altamae Nunn. secretary; Mrs:: Virginia Freeman vice president; Mrs. ,Juanita Alex- !I sistantant business manager; Anthony Oree chaplain; Wheeler Sally public relationsand
ander president. Sitting in the same order are: Miss Hilda Woolen Historian; Mrs. j; Mrs. Pearl Golden is convalescing Charles Nicholson. Sergeant-ai-arms.

Elizabeth Ward committee chairman; Mn. Mae Willie Lee marshal and Mrs. Mary. : : at her home at 1872 Other members some of whom are shown include: Leonard Atwater. Grover Ha-

L. Pleas saving treasurer. i' Johnson Street, following gans, George Smith William Striven John Wash, Williams Wells Curtis Taylor

Members not shown are: Mrs. Dorothy Thomas chaplain; Mrs. Flossie Parsons i'several days illness in Brew- Willie Weston Willie Robinson. Prince Mill Jr.. Ivory Elps Willie Harris and

and Miss Juanita Prince. -Photo by Avery's Studio, ster Hospital. She is a mem Samuel While.
ber of Stewardess Board No. '
------ -- Photo by Avery's Studio
4t Central CME Church.


@:@ ffw1 R1U1 the city visiting. her parents, !
at their home, 1926 1ST ANNIVERSARY
I i ______ Davis Street. Miss Smith is installation and a social Brcwstvr Men's Club held
By'LOUISE i a social worker in New York The first anniversary ot the meeting was held recently by ,, its meeting recently with the

G. GUINYARD The Jolly 16 Social Saving City. !J. B. Cook Circle, unit of the'SCS the Jacksonville Alumni Chapter I president, J. Earl ,Morse presid-
: Club Club of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternityin ing. '
was organized re- \\ of Simpson Methodist
\ cently in the home of Wilbur: Mrs. Rosa Williams is ill Church will be observed, March the Richmond Hotel Tea J Election of officers were held

Jones. at her home at, 1328 West 8 from to 6 p.m.ith a Pretty Room with Robert Mitchell and :; during the meeting with the
Mrs. Doris G. Bennett entertained Entre Nous Bridge
12th Street. She is Isaac Grayson serving as co- j following elected to
a mem- Hat Tea in the home of Mr. I person sene
Club in her home two Saturday evenings ago with Mrs. Officers designated to hosts for the affair.
serve the
of Stewardess Board No. and Mrs., Nathaniel \Calker, 6252 ensuing year: J. Earl
Lillie Allen as visiting player. are Mrs. L u 1 a 'Mae Grier, 2 of St. Matthew AME Avenue B. The new officers were installed I Morse! president; )J. J. Nixon

Prizes were won by Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons. Mrs. Fran- president; Wilbur Jones, secretary Church: : The Methodist Youth Fellow- by Dr. Robert E. Smith, !vice president; C. A. Willis,

ces Johnson and Mrs. Camilla Thompson. ; Mrs. Viola Tate, trea- O o ship will present the Northwestern dean of pledges for the local treasurer; William Searcy, secre

surer; and Dan Tate business -,' Mrs Lucinda Williams, a'' Junior, Senior High School chapter. Officers designated to tary; Eugene II. Brown, chap

: manager. member of Stewardess Board Glee Club in a recital, March: serve for the current year are: lain; and Solomon !Jones, serge-

If you are a regular reader of .this column, and if you I No. 2 of St. Matthew AME 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditoriumof L Parsons, polemarch; John ,, ant-at-arms.

get around in the bridge circle you will note that Elizabeth Church is ill at. her home at the church. Flayed, vice; Alvin G. White '1 The chili is making plans to

Simmons, mentioned in the above paragraph, is a regular : ULTRA MODERN CIRCLE 2060 Hartley Street. keeper of records; William A. i support the financial drive for

and persistent winner of bridge prizes. Consequently, we : CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARYThe : I[: MRS. ALVETA ALLEN liard Johnson historian, exchequer Lawrence; Claude Hil-V. 'the new improvements of the

think we will have to concede that she is a "wizard" at 14th anniversary ot the, Mrs. Marion Kelly of 1537 i PRESIDES AT MEETThe ; j hospital. '
[Tones, chaplain George StarkesIII
the game of bridge.A Ultra Modern Saving and Sew- Logan Street is confined to the i William; D. Sweet t
few weeks ago she was first prize winner at a meeting ing Circle was observed recently Brewster Hospital. She i is a iournalist Lionel; B. Moore '! STANTO MUSI
Zeta Amicae held ; -CHO
:'at the member of a meeting -
Recreation Center 3rd the Second
of Les Elite Bridge Club held in the home of Mrs. Baptist
lieutenant Guin-
the home of strategic!; ; Julius
and Mt. Herman Streets.A Church. recently at ;. PRESENTS RECITAL
Lula Courtney. Again we must admit that she frequently o 0 Yerdic Cruise, 1567 Florida vard reporter and R. E. Smith, ,
walks with first prize in this club, and many of us program was presented with dean. -
Avenue with Mrs. AhetalIen.
have resigned ourselves to second and third\ places, feeling ', the following persons appearing: Mrs. Maggie Sloan of 1439 I I A recital will f>e presented in
chairman of the
in election
Mrs. Arzada Floyd, Mrs. Ruth West 5th Street is ill in Brewster charge -
do the
fortunate if we qualify for these positions. Frankly, we Williams of the officers. ill JWJ GLEE CUB auditorium of St. Stephens
Mrs. Beadie She
'' ;: Singleton, Hospital. is a memberof AME
not know what we are going to do with our "prexy. I Church March 8 featuring
Officers to for the
Mrs. Lucious Kennedy, Miss the Second Baptist Church serve ensuing PLANS RECITALThe the
A couple of years ago Les Elite (then known as the Ccml Patty Flo, Miss Lelia and serves as an active member year are Mrs. Alice Johnson I direction of under the
Cosami- Bridge Club) sponsored a duplicate bridge tourna of the president Mrs. Billie "'iI- James Weldon Johnson Mrs. Olivia K. Smith
i; Floyd, John II. Gripper, Willing j Sunday School and Bap ; for the benefit
School Glee Club I of the
Junior High ,
ment (the first, we believe, for this area). It is our hope : Workers Spiritual Singers, Mrs. tist Training Union Department. kerson, vice president; Mrs. will be I I drive of the church. building
in recital.
that this, or some other club, will become concerned as to Leola Segar, Harry Simmon, e e o Margaret Daniels. financial sec- a
who are actually top performers at bridge in Jacksonville Mrs. Wihelmenia Francis, Mrs. retary; Mrs. Leola C. Comes, March 13 at S p.m. by the Duval I Also appearing will be students
County Seen trial Associationin of the Dramatic Class of
and continue this tournament. 1 Eliza Mrs. Henrietta Thompkins of212.t recording Mrs
Rich Perry and others. acting secretary; !
\\'. 19th Street the auditorium of Susie E. J Isaih Blocker Junior High School
is ill in the Anna Lee, chaplain Mrs. AliceS.
Local'"experts" are numerous, and we are happy to add Duval Medical Center. ; Tolbert School. \lr Rachel 1! under the direction of Mrs. L. G.
the of Mrs. Nell Cason. to the city, She is a Bellamy, reporter; Mrs. Birdie
name a newcomer as J
G. N. BARNES COURT member of Grant MemorialAME I i I Simmons business Hampton is president. Cemvright. Arthur Madry, prihj -
one that should be considered in included in the upper I manager. The Creative Dance Group cipal of John E. Ford Elementary
i GIVES HOLIDAY TEA Church. The next meeting will be held j -
category. !, A of the school under the direction School will serve as master
St. Patrick
Day Tea will be
% 1 March 2 at which time the installation -
; u ___ _u. of Mrs. Geraldine Milliard I of ceremonies for the occasion.
-sponsored by the G. :X. Barnes: ot othcers will be held.
Els' de Art models put on.. a dazzling display of fashions 1 Court 75, II. of |J., March 8 from I Mrs. Inez Sparks of the Ladies will appear also. | Mrs. Geneva P. Guy'ton, Mrs.j .

recently in the auditorium of Oakland Elementary School.1! 4 to 6 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Auxiliary in Tampa, state president SEMINOLE CULTURE Students from the various j Willie D. Lucas, James Gen-

Mrs. Ethel Spears is director of the charming mannequins. I\t, Pastola CI,1}ton, 1504 West 22nd of the Ladies AuxiliaryLaymen's -, high schools will servo as hos- I wright and "TillieVcston along

The show which proved quite successful was narrated Street I League, was in the : CLUB GIVES PARTY tesses for the affair. I with others will participate on

by Mrs. Beulah L. McClelUn: .(![ All heroines and members of city recently and attended the II I -- I the program.
I I the masonic family have been I, meeting held in the home of ,I The Seminole Culture Club SAY YOU SAW IT I" Hostesses for the affair will -
Mrs. McClellan is member of the Gallant' Ladies Social
a I invited, to attend the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Walden. I sponsored its annual Valentine be members of.the clubs of the
Club. which noted fashion
for its
is revues. S o e
I Some rf the participants to an- I Party recently in the home of IN TIIEFLORIDA city. The event is l being sponsored -
s s I pear on program are Mrs. Willie The Rev. T. Collier ministerof Mrs. Maybell W. Taylor, 1756 I by Mrs. Jennie V. Croc-

We simply cannot resist informing our readers about Mae Hart, Mrs. Arzada Floyd; Shilo Baptist Church, Orlando Fruncis Street. I kett. ,
the "Cha Cha" classes which began, at A. L. Lewis YWCA,!r Mrs. Rosalie Shannon, Mrs. Fla. and national representative Many guests were present at
582 West Eighth Street, Friday evening. I Alice Scott and others. for the Foreign Mission the affair and received gifts.
Instruction on the Latin-American step is given each i I I Board of the Progressive Baptist Gifts were exchanged by mem- BEAUTY'S TELEVISIONAND Enroll Now in the

Friday from 8 to 10 p. m. by Fredrico A. Dixon, Jr. We' CONDUCTS MEETING ____ Convention of Florida is ill in ber of the club. South's Finest College
- expect to meet a number of you at the "Y" this coming I The Wyonette Ladies Social his home at 632 Jackson St., Guests present at the event RADIO SERVICE

Friday.The I and Saving Club held.its meeting Orlando. were Mrs. Pearl Calhoun, Mrs. FLORIDA BARBER

recently at 1419 West 22nd Helen Lang, Mrs. Margaret Hall Home Calls on all Makes COLLEGE BRANCH
Street with Mrs. Louise Mrs. Ellen Whittie of 962
and granddaughter, Mrs. Anna
nightly races at the Ponce De Leon Raceway are i serving as hostess. Julia Street is ill at her home. Bell Lee, Mrs Ida Chisholm, Used Radios from $5.00 Up G. Approved

becoming quite popular with Jacksonville Socialites. Re- The February meeting was She is the president of Dea- Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Mack, Mr. We Finance

cent visitors at the track included Dr. W. W. SchelL and held at the home of Mrs. Bessie coness Board No. 1 of Second and Mrs. J. B. Bolden, Wiley 816 FLORIDA AVENUE 620 Davis St. at Beaver.

some of his friends. James E. Lewis Jr. (your Afro Insurance I. Cues 1336 West 22nd Street. Baptist Church.. .. Gordon Mrs. Annie Lou Williams ELGIN 6-8074 Phone: EL 5.9874LILLY'S
vice president; Milton Hardrick., public relations of : GLENDALE CHARITY CLUB Miss Dorothy Williamsand

Miami's Sir John Hotel; Joshua. "Jay Jay" Williams and TO OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY I Mrs. Tasker Jenkins of 2053 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Graves.

the Florida Star Editor. The Glendale Social Saving \\'. 16th St., and mother, Mrs. The next meeting will be heldat /

We have been informed that a number of Social Clubsare Charity' "Club will observe its I Minnie Gillette of 1400V. 26th the home of Mrs. Dora An-

planning race track parties- to the Ponce De Leon 11th anniversary, March 27 at I St., are visiting relatives in derson, 1346 McConihe Street. DRUG STORE

Raceway, which features harness racing and quarter horse 8 p.m. in the West Union Baptist I Charlotte, N. C. They are mem-

racing which provides good chances for fat women from Church, I bers of the Second. .Baptist BLUE LIGHT SAVING 1907 Kings Road at Spires

the nightly endeavors. daily double and quinella premiums. A program has been arranged CLUB TO OBSERVE4TH
this weekend for the celebration with artistsof Y
The Ponce De Leon stands will be graced H
with a bevy of beauties representing the Beaux Monde the city participating. LES CAMELLIA CLUB ANNIVERSARY y Where ExperiencedPharmacists

Bridge Club. :Members of the club are Miss Clarkye Lee PLANS ANNIVERSARY TEA ar Prepare .
LILAC LADIES The Les Camellia Social ., R Your PrescrJ WOD According t
Boatwright, Miss Ida Logan, Miss Mary Alice Guyto ,'Mrs. The 4th anniverary of the
Dorothy William Miss Ann McClain, Miss Dorothy Jones, GIVES SOCIAL HOUR ings Club met recently in the Blue Light Saving club will J to your- doctor'sInstructions .
The meeting of the Lilac La- home of Mrs. Mae Willie Lee. Using
Mrs. Dorothy King and Mrs. Virginia Harper. be observed, March 8, from '
dies Social Club was held recently Plans were completed for theirniversary' only the best quality
to take 3 to 5 at the home of
Another listed planning a m.
of charmers : p.
group at the home of Mrs: Gertrude tea to be held on drugs.
trip to the race track. March 14 is the Les Fleurs Social Harrison 1453 West State March 15, at .the' Sweetfield Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Oliver, I
Beltbn Is 557 West* 20th Street The
Civic Club. Incidentally Mrs. Betty enter- Street with the ,vice president Baptist Church. ,
the club with the attendance Dr. C. ;XL Black Pkannaiaxa Dr. W *. Grb amA
taining the Les Flours this Saturday night. March, 7 at presiding.The < Mrs. Virginia Harper will be largest -I -
New Lincoln Golf and Country Club. Members of the clubsinclude members celebrated Mrs. the 'speaker for the occasion. will receive a prize. '. -:- -:- -:-

Mrs Ruby Dwight. president; Mrs. Danaeie Howell L V. Starling Mrs.. Annie Mae Some of the city's leading Artists New members were wel-'

rice president; Miss Estella Williams, secretary; Mrs Grant and Mrs. Catherine Striplin will appear. comed to the club by the COMPLETE LINT OFi
Irma VWa n. treasurer; Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap.. reporter} birthdays. ''The dubs next meeting will president ,Mrs.' Bertha Walker Com: .iica Rubber Goods- Cm(flee' .:. Stuuirfos

Mrs. Betty Belt on chaplain; Mrs. CorD.Ua' Oren 'Mrs Guests present at the event be held' in :the: borneo Mrs: at"the previous meeting.Mrs. P c. &. .t.YPDO YS GALL 5OS" AND DtXIVXRI")
Juanita Wyatt Mrs Far Helms, Mrs Doris Scott and Mrs were Willia mG. Ford, C. Wil- Altamae,'Ntuin, 2003 Venus,St Arnetha Wallace served,
Barbara Walker. son and"W. T. Watt. on March lii as hostess. # -

I .. 5






Page Four THE FLORIDA ::S'l"ni\ Week Ending Saturday March 7, 195$

I 7-Day Revival To: Be Given By Adventist Chruch I

--- -

CHURCH NOTES FIRST NEW ZION -/: ;:." .... <. .. ;\.....-/. ii/i.: .,.: '\. Jl!'' .. ;;... .. -: You ,,_." ..... .. DR. J. H. WAGNFR TO SPEAK
t; :; 1 'if '
i : :

FIRST BORN TEMPLE meeting will be held by the ::' :< AT REVIVAL MEETING MARCH 7
Deaconess Board of First New
i jr
Zion Baptist Church, March Sat f :

Saturday Night Singing 4 p.m. iu the home of Mrs. II|I .\ Bm i, I ilexival will lv h"'ld at Kph.,s*.!> S,-'\{'itti:-: \Jvcntist

Convention will be held at S. Scott, 730 Court I with the __ !. .r:':I., ru-i ,j'i tv.;. le and VmBurrn Striots: 1'gin.i-{ : '." on the
the First Born Temple, 825 president Mrs. A. Anderson presiding ro t. SiMuth (Satud.:.: ) \ ,.iil 7th at ll'OO ..m. The next sinicej

:Monroe Street, March 7 at 8 r ta : j i ,_\.;!JJ J he Sund.'y night Ix'::inning at 7:30:: p.m. and throu liort the
p. m. District No. 7 will hold it., :; \'; fX.: M'lh "th I I'tronah time 15th iK';;;mfin, at the sum* hour
Invitations have been extended meeting, March 8 at 4:30 at th"} x i P.-".uh-! ",'! ,"HI]| 1)(.,"'; !, ',t 8:00( p.m.
home of'Mr. and Mrs. Fore, 159-'
to'the general public I iir's! Hc..i'alI1( lx oonduc- --- ----- --

.to attend the occasion. West 22nd Street. The group will* ...1 I bv *mr Presiding: Bishop i Dr. Tlie Platform Committee, uJll
sponsor a fish fry March 7 .: I I I. iiVaqner, President ot the l he in charge rich ni ;ht. They

CENTRAL BAPTIST UNIT hams 1&5Vest: 22nd Stri-ct I .(nth Atlantic Conference of ire \"Hun Gol'io" r:1: ,,,' ..,.m.
Stanto- Iusi-CIIO will l hc
SETS ANNIVERSARYThe prethe I ';w':ill i Day Adxcntists.: He will loiathanV'lIi-!m., 1.:1. rhrfstnn -
home of Mrs. Ethel Wl .,
-: u-: 'soul stirring and heart .
I' and'
Pcc iot
: J.
Dented in a recital l, !I.ch l ) -A. i i I .,
.- "\t cich time.
'ntx "T ;OT
68th IT..1Lord! iMprF: I tJdmrch. }
anniversary of 7-r:)0 p.m. in the auditorium or I '"* *:
the BTU of Central Baptist the church; in the interest of DJ. i :. Irs will furnish l beautiful .
Church will be observed rd melodious music in songs.
trict Xo. 7. .... ...' *
March 15 at 3:30 p. m. at the .d. : : rp will lv ill sonti.
I I'
church.A II 'isvell..

I .. ... '.. S. Hill
program will be MT. ARARAT UNIT' : I .
pre- : I -'. T.. f" ,hip in-
sented with Mrs. Dorothy P. GIVES MUSICAL TEA 9 v YM ,- h. w.,,.a.x4. I "It !"MTPn
ti :
ou come
King as speaker and Mrs ... ... sirit'ul
.ot t'i!. u? thS:; groit: ojc--
Georgia Benjamin as guest .\ Mii ;rl: 1 Tea will be spon- .1i .N. .....'" <;; :1.MOurH.
soloist. Other participants ;;ored by District No. :20! of MlArar jtN' s ';.,.' .. :

win appear on the program.REGISTER ; .it Bapt':t Church, March Sat i :;;>-,., -+ !
the home of Mrs., Lucille

s I Jones, 1034 West Sixth Street [Y LIVE

from 4 to 6 p.m. !, 'I

So You Can NOW Vote A the prcgrr-i o": ',i has ion been wil arrangedfor the following N !O C!L ArfE !1 fta

participants appearing:
For Your Rights James Bryant. James tittles rrF
,1' \icC'v. M-s. Bonnie Frazier f| I Ii. OJ4'SDY; ; I ,, r- >e
II :
Mr. !Mary HjrtsficlJ. Mrs Glad II I I

I ys LjUles Mrs. Lucy I1i htower. I
Mrs D Washington: Mrs. El- I The Mount Olive Primiti'" '

1\10.\1; \ (; l'X' n ;TUnSS fl : nora McBride, West Union Go*- I .t*'C.i! Church will obsenc tl,r S- > a JS F

Del! Chorus, Mrs. Corine Williams i. '.<" ">.;i.1,: I "f'P'Dl'S Day. March S DR. j. WAGNER

Short $2.UII( Long Sl.olIl Mrs. Josephine Brown, .' 1I>i ; t1," "!nircl Auditorium with
.Form Form Mrs L Denmark Mrs. A. Williams I : :. .... '.11" Mars Alice C. c:1>:''1. anM a a

NED JACKSON Mrs. Lucille Jones and M.t t it : tnictnr at Edward Water O'Jdivenno '- -
T. Pnnvn .1?(:"* .. .. I I. '(* ; the mrss:'''':'e ic<< : 1

TAX EXPERT Members of the Les Clnrmettc .;,,:.:. \ ... Ij.._ :.iorninq vorship. JOINT RECITAL SET .
133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6-3703 Social Saving Club, the t : <" ., ':',.:' .Ti 'ocJccr! Juniori AT SHAW MEMODIALA
I ..... .... .y. f under the
9 A. M. 'ill 9 P. M. Cherry Blossom Social Saving I : ,. \* ; .,... t S: :"'-' Chrnis. '
Club, Usher Board No. 2 anal '''' ''o',:*':. I tion of \Irs. i 'b" q.f >on<'
District No. 31 of Mt. Ararat ) '-. .v.';:, _.t. .; j l...kl'W, will render a recital in the Shaw Memorial
Baptist Church will lie the JlOnor I MT. BETHEL DISTRICT CELEBRATES EVENTMembers and friends of District :. tlie e\cnin \vTTship
the '.
Chujch. Re C.
Real Estate guests for the affair. : No. 8 of the Mt Bethel Baptist Church who celebrated their Homecoming recently t. C:'mtams of the \arious "ronnsMr I Crosby : J.,
Lob pastor March\ S at 3X)
I with a Victory Dinner in the home of Mrs. Matilda' Reid. 2810 Venus Street are seen ;.. >. Rosalie Hall Mrs featuriii the
$ LOANS $ in the above phcios. They are: Rev. and Mrs. B. \V. Williams Mr. and Mrs. J. H. I I .'-. ... r : :-" '" D.l"is. Mrr -;. p.m I Goipt-1 SensationalInspirational Singers of
!b B\-
:, 'r SIh:: 'r'; rs. (
Griffin. Mrs.Ethel Carnegie Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Rice Mrs. E. M. Cannon Mrs. M. Charlotte, N. c., under the direction
I Yton, -
$lOOO $,000 $S, OO 1REFRIGERATORS Tucker, Mrs. Sallie Whitehead. W. Willis Mrs. Clarissa White. Mr. and Mrs. C. Griffin -l 1, Mrs": Gemmie of the JIe\r. Jon;'ph M.
Thefrni Cd\vards. Mrs.
Sr., .Mr and Mrs. C. Griffin. Jr., Miss Barbara Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Oats \trs
",000 up to E ,ooo I I & FREEZERS I Smith. Fa}Jon, and the Celestial Spiritual -
Jk>n&'a $1.00 per mo. per hundred I Henry White, Mrs. Marie Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Mobley. Mrs. Leola Hart Mrs. -'i'e'Vright.trs.: Amy Singers of JacLsonville.
I Serviced I Rosaline Gibbs. Mrs. Matilda Reid Daniel Mumford and Mrs. Charlotte Griffin. Fran
on unpaid balance at c%. :
TIle Bivcns
II : Specials mil
-Photo by Avery's Studio appear -
Let U9 belp you to complete Licensed Technician: I j r- -- -- --- -- --- .---- -- --- --- y..J .f Iml nd. Mr;. Almeda 'n: an after service rccitaU
>"...r hCuad or refinance S3VC0..3 ; M. E. DELEMOS Davis. :March S in the dlUrdl.I .
'.. I in Ine same place. I''I 1 I USHER BOARD SETS; CHURCH OF GOD MJNIVERSARYT Mrs. Vxcey F. J..:-n{'. \:1::I l>e i
I: Call ;I I Call- PO 4-0127 'I 28TH ANNIVERSARY BY FAITH BEGINS the chairman of the activities: I Choir :No.: 2 still sill 1 cU'id'cdap

I I "tIt, Mi-[ ,. Edna Mw: Thorn:is !ICS all day Saturday, March

J. P. YOUNG I TENT REVIVAL 'Si: [ nti JAT s'rYIH! .s ro-.Itairn"n. 7.

EATBERRIERS -put' ..S(tir.iIolcrstrvot UjliTi : 1.1 ij l.lu\ltL' La'AT ----
Jtfr. Simmons or Air. Walsh I ; 1 The Church of God By CHURCH
.u i".i. 2 oi b"jud >"' ?5t: EMANUEL
MaID and Monroe Chiaxii! will be olistrveu, March : Faith will begin its series of' FRIE ID&mp SPONSOR TEAA NEW BETHEL MEN'S
213 Masonic Temple BId,. 11 at 8 p.m. 'I G o s p e 1 Tent Revivals on TO CLUB TO PRESENT-
Phone EL 5-8314 March 16. The tent will be
EL 8.39l ICE CREAM A pro rt mhas i 11x11 airang1 l ]!I located on Haines Street at Sacred Musical Tea will RECITAL MARCH 15
by tJu itogran came 'tte' for be sponsored by Usher Board
23rd. I :
-I : East 1i: ::-id anniversary of the
the ,. ...hrationV ti aruts dI 1 u: you can't seem to find FiCh! LhP rJaptist Ch: rcli will!1 No. 2 of Emanuel Baptist Prof. E. Clifford D.IVis. raini-
the city appearing.The : I March 15 from 3 to
I inner comfort, come with us. Church, ster of music at Shiloh aptist
March the church
I i : 'rninate, 9 in of
I HcJ.j. C. Sams, pastorof : ', to the tent and hera the prescription 5 p. m. in the auditorium Church will be presented: a
GRAY HAIRS need wony you no more the church will deliver the I II that has been pre-' :Miditorium 'I llr tc:1tlJ Trjiver-I the. church. recital March: J 15 at .'5 pin. in

sermon. Choir No. 3 trrbr the i,f sen bed by our Lord, Jesus. "'irot thc pastor, the Kiev. A.! A program will be rendered the auditorium of the church

Wm.uculD 3.ere at", EAU DENNA ". I direction of Mr*. G. C. V.mght''.The Elder Willie Matthews, i ft.i le: i':i will tenmnate along I during the affair with under the sponsorship of the

e HAIR I COLORER :"" and {;!)r.C'no-r'o.. 1 .f the'I of Ozark, Ala. will be doing I with tje, church aiaihesary.Ma I some of the city's leading Bii;;iiit'is and Profe ,io1J r Mou's
.... tha ::H } : I church will the preaching nightly. the talents appearing.Mrs. Club of New Bethel AMT, Mr.
W3I; W m JO K 30 win. 1' aenjOificers I II tcrS to participate in
.. :, -
'YM __U .ot v ow It ... w 11r Y h w L ,- I Laura Harris, president Leonard J J. Roberts Jr., p.t/tulcnt
...* INwQ if- ; Through his divine -, ." .. the llev. E. H.
prayers "
.b.VM* O- .pPhc..ilh. : !1." of the boar! are Mrs.Leaiia Aii wij ry are: has extended an invita- Pro Davis is a gospel .
I songwriter
.. f I C. j Johnson, p: *;-lent; people have been mira-i .-i.ii ;.>on, Zion Hope Baptist tion to all boards: choirs and and co-conductor of the

YOU'SAVE hoar TIME ko AND b.MONEY- d,t4.! N.U-.v..w.n.fc NIt Nf". r ''f .. .: Mrs. Alice Anderson, vice presi- I(cleously healed. You are all'! %;;-rcVi a, !P:-". A. F. Cummings, auxiliaries to attend the affair Nationa Baptist i Convention

-.pct.d iwt..yew a._._..f-.-'""i.eels.....eeI.r-.ks-ti |.....pHI 0lG.d. ... 'tt tFp.< '' .1'1.1tif". dent; ,Mrs. Willie L. Turner welcome I ; we are looking for I \\ lt Union, Rev. Richrd Wilson I Voice Choir, formerly of Chica-

WIll NOT TURN HAIR KtDDISH. :{ I second vice pre: ; Mrs. Lula B. I you., ': West Friendship Rev_lL II.I I I ;(rr III He is a native: of Icrsev
... .
Sh H.w.iU,,....;....f...b s.o.tI.bot"i.It:tars .. s ar l s ** .' rft.. '? Williams, r x .,rding secretary; I \Vri -ht of First Baptist Church. PRIDE OF MACEO 1 Qty, !\. J. '
i.e.. o<1 lu;>9 s ....a.st ./-- '. ;, ,lGu I Mrs. Lc tta Holmes, assistant ANNUAL DAY SET s sAT net: D. \\\clttnne.) of New The program is Ixifj g presented -
.qs recorder: ; Mrs. Jean DamcL, financial -I' r;:bL James Rev. G. Curry ofAf to help complete tho-
: secretary: ; Mrs. Ora Sur- ,:,ncM"n! Baptist C'r-ch.! At.ltntic church building accordant to tha
.. Y..,..pvI It M V/OMOERFUL|two.....<<...._....TOO: .....W wP e eha.dr...s..M. Srhw.. ency, treasurer; Mrs. Pearl l-Iu. New Mt. Olive Baptist !'I. Beach Rev. J. C. Finney The 3Slh anniversary: ,of the plans of time Rev. F. J. Jones,
... .. ..... Lad Ga..S t
W -
.4 a.-a b Church will observe 'iit' of T i ;:. IB-
peda WAVING \Vasliington, reporter; Mrs. Em- c" ; .f Galilee ij t,1.: l M-\". T.('- Prdi- Macco <' ipU pastor.: .
111 DOES da.die.s NOT.-INTERFERE b.s is t.r WITH !PttMANINT" CA1fiON-.::. Dr.4 ma L. Copier religious leader Men's Day, March 8 throughout i i f[McQueen of Royal Tabernacle POE: of W. will IKJ observed,

._....,.....h.I.G1a Arb.a +Puce: ':: Dark. :1.It...ell.;hM..r.0$.....i. c.t sM. ... s: ml Mr.. \.llle Hadley, chairman the day with the officials "n ]I (.lt-a.ist Church. Each minister March 8 at 3 p.m. in the KIL.Vi'iflr'ro .
.... ..;. w M -. s.p. Y..r MssY .... II Ms Ea..IY of the bn c lent commit- charge of the ,act \.itics. II j I I will be accompanied by their .I !: T12 Duval Street.
tee. I Tm Rev. II. L. Herod viflclcliv foirs, mhors and congregation Mrs-Queen B Williams a ..nivirsiry -! .

\ DIXIE PHARMACY cr the sermon at the mom-I I The nev.\ il. Hooks rf Bcthb- chairman announced
and The contest between Mrs. lug worship at 11 a.m. At 3 p.m. ; hem Baptist Church will lC in that a program will be presented Star Advertisers=
Kings Road Myrtle .. I L".b Williams will terminate the ttev. Robert*TI. Wilson, pas- I I :::h. gc of the scr.rit! 2.30 Burin; the ocon'io->. .

:\during the celebration. tor of Itethel Baptist Church 1 '.ra and the Rev. M. J. Trowell I Mrs H...ttI! I I. '''TIlcs. daughter}

will deliver tape semon He will ,)f St. Luke. Baptist Church and 'I niles. has ::1c;!. ed11 daughtersto PATRONIZESHOP
Ix1 ,accompanied by his Mais the Rev. \\ C. Whitten of Mt. attend the celebration. All

You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get t Chorus. The closing message I Pleasant Baptist!; Churchill I Bills have been invited to give S S .
MEN'S DAY SLATEDAT I will be delivered by the Rev. I render scrvu:o, M: xfi 10. their support. .
itemtr' S-rjIth, associate minlt'r
PAYNE CHAPEL at West Union Baptist Church. '
LOW PRICESOn 1 Others sppcahng during the

Annual: Men's Day will be ob- observance will be A. Alston,

You> served in the Payne Chapel 1 B. H. Kelsey, J. L. Flenoid M. .

AME Church, March 8 in the E. Patterson, Fred Washington, I
UntIe STORE HEEDSTrade auditorium of the church A. C. Jackson Robert James,
throughout the day. Harry Simmons, James Smith fit. 4

and N. Prime.HOUSEWIVES.
With Your. Neighborhood Drug Store Samuel Bruee will serve as ;
chairman with Charlie Powell as ,I GROUP" :f'

WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISED co-chairman and Robert Mainor : '1 fr


Samuel Bruce. Charlie Powell, 1 AT YOUR NEAREST

w\ D.Il'ee We Also Pm AD odeft'. Pre cI1pUou J. J. Benekin Fredie Richardson, House Wives League

Robert Manor, Oscar Joyner I will hold its ,,regular meeting .
J. Sanders,:Malachi Pringle, Eur- : I'
March 11 at 8 p. m. in the 1DAyLIGT S-TORE.
Dixie PharmacyuOL OPcope Perry, Donald Mitchner, Clara White Mission. t'k ..". ...
Charles Mungin Ode D. A program has been arranged M

Phillips. for the .meeting with zP't t t'Z
KINGS PHONES EL l-Nl'Ja The Rev A. P. :Postelle, preside Mrs. Marie Mangram Singleton ,; EVERY DAY LOW PHICE3BE .- '

: ?' elder, of the West Jack as the speaker. y -SUBE. TO VISIT OUR NEW STORE- AT .. -, ;.
LIGHT AND TELEPHONE 'fuf."i112'District- ,will be the All women of the city & MONCRIEF ; 1
AY YO JR WATER ... :. 21st .

BILLS AT OUR STORE 'speaker and for John the Cripper morning. will.worship be have with the been organiDtionMis.,invited to meet. r... '....t '. ,t. .J --. ,_,i-, d- Parking. Space ',.-:. ',. t -.,. ." ,-. "A'c..6. Jr.:1'- .- .,

-.....- the guest soloist Lenora Davis pr-et idea.

+ ,



.. .
,; -
[t I' __ :t"--.. ;

b .

t I- r ..,_ .- -V" ; r ,
Week Saturday. March 7. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR '" Page Fl.-
;E' Ending .h "
"___2 __. __ __ _-:.._ _

I:t Know Y our City I. And Its Government- .

i -----.._--..-Q-.r.--..--...w....._. 1..._. _.,_ft.__I..IlI'.AAJ 7 -- .---_!'_!"'1Ni. +ttMSt'YSIb.1.ti1:; 1J 1J' -&"i-t. 1'.. -". .....---_,,,.,' ,.. ,'C.--

I, HOW YOUR CITYGOVERNMENT Photo-Scenes Of Jacksonville's Growth I. And Progress I


I I I :t
I IS OPERATE : y r *

4 .
< $ JiI

t ... _
Jacksonville's IW' 'r.' "*> :* a pr I
,, II : .
OT-Commissiore'i, it 11"r, ,-i1ii 7 a. I
of government finction-: : si+"'li j ...
It ]larly to that of the State jjovettiment. ( ; -

-: : i __ sr

The Mayor-Commissior.e'1 ,'- :
t ..
sits 4is the City's chief executive I- d: ;a$ .1

with authority to recom-
mend legislation anti also \YJ I ro a 3
veto power over the Council

as does the Governor with I a +.

the Legh l ature. He is also, the i i! 3 ... %, x
permanent chairman, of the I : 0 .
; 'ij Pi. SB!>
City Commission, the administrative ': -- I : .. tr
body, just as the i, o
Governor is chairman of thI i CITY COMMVSQION-Me-br3: cf he 71: 7 ra.nisslcn.: aro shovm:: hero coalad: CJv! F"' '.1'" L -- U-," ihers: of ihs: Cit C.unriJ shown hero lef !ol"ighrare: J. Mar

Cabinet, mads up of otlit I around ihs conference::: .; iublc fa:- a vcckly.csiiag.: Left lo right, they are: Louis H. vin Sweat. Sixth Ward: Ralph N. Walter, E-ghth Ward ; James M. Peeler. Third Ward;
elective officials, all of them Hitter, Commissioner of Highways, SeVer1c! ?+::JOrls; J. Dillon Kennedy Com- Robert P. Roberta, Fifth Ward Vice President; Lemuel Sharp. Second Ward President;

supervising the administrative missioner of Public Utilities in rharge of Electric. Water. Docks: and Terminals and Clyde C. Cannon. Fourth Ward: illbcri 1 cn. ticks First Ward; Cscil F. Lowe Seventh
functions of the State. Radio Station: Mayor-Commissioner Haydn Burn:. Commissioner;:: cf Public Safely Ward; John p. King.! Ninth Ward.JACKSONVILLE'S .
in charge of PoIce.} Fire. Building and Plunblrg D-aartments. and also the office of
Nine members compose the the Housing Director; City Attorney Willhrns M. Madison; Claudo Smith. Jr.. Commissioner -
Council, the law-making body, of Health and Sanitation in chr-= pf 1' 3 Health. Elrcci Cleaning and
which also makes the ....
up Garbage departments and also the City G ..,-o "*d Dallas Thomas, Commissionerof
budget, appropriating all of
Finance also in of P'ir'.s. Zco and
the funds. The Commission charge Golf Cou-ses. Agriculture Department: : I
Prison Farm and Nursery.
administers the various departments
------ ------- ----- -- -------
on money made ,
w y
available under the Council's < .
; .
.' ';/' : \ \
budget. 4 : .' : '< : =:'}" "; \. '.
'While the MayorCommissioner 'ht.c. .ri:f 3t.r t ...", .;- J;; <-.., a .

,.. __ ;;
has veto power over z ':;'s.i'ir1, : ,
the Council, that body also has

power of impeachment overall
elective officials. In addition

the Council has powerof
confirmation over most
Commission appointments.This '
form of government

provides an olmost perfect
system of checks and bal- 2:.:: -n +r

ances, which results in efficient <}. '
governmental opera t

The City Commission was
created in 1917 by an act of 3xc

the State Legislature. It was : ,w \ v+ -.-..... ,-..
} .
2" 4S
preceded by a Board of Public I

Works and.bef. that by a i! 1 4:
Board of Bond Trustees. The a : : .
I .: <
Commission is still the trustee

for all bond issues. Personnel I 9 S 1 r GATOR BOWL Housing most of the major) Athletic Activi-
of the first Commission was M ties in this sports-conscious city. '
chosen by the Council, and J
iS- v 1
thereafter by the electorate.On J __
v ''' ,
'C .awa aacaLa.
June 22. 1931: the .
change was effected in the LANE AVENUE SWITCHING STATION A modern plant carrying Light and i, ;: f. -t: ,. : : : :
I ( [ ::7. )? (: t f .{fi .rfrtf/ :
government by which the Power to rapidly expanding Jacksonville. -> .$Ii-q------, .:.:_ ", -..'. ._ -iII--! .
-i!!! "W--
Mayor-Commissioner m'e ... .
c a .. -... .. ,
-----v- -- -
into being with his dual authority -I .. -",', i3 r
'of executive and ad- I ". '.t .F .. .. : .:>. <-:> ....':. :.:: .:"}'. "' I : 1Y"3ia. C.E': ;! ..2.}t
ministrative powers. Prior to : fv 1p r }

this, the Mayor was elected 5fi ;> ;\: r A1f!
separately from the Commis- : : : ;
sion, and he had only executive '
powers. The Commission
formerly elected its 0 w r ; r r SO
4 ,
chairman on a rotating basis. > f .j .: v 7 '-MMrwr..
The Commission e't S ;
m e s l .,. .,. m -..., ... .... ", < .-,,,,.,. .
weekly, and may be called into t' > 4-w'.-, .>
special session. The Council! % "f'? .: :
r convenes on the second and ;y bye ; ,

fourth Tuesdays, and may be
called into special session by 9ny
"he' Mayor-Commissioner. In ..... .: .:' ;. ..

\lie absence of the Mayor- .
Commissioner, the Presidentf 3MY

the City Council serves as
Acting-Mayor but cannot sit s .Y. K

as a member of the Commis- I4 4 v
sion. ?Xt4 t aa i c "

.. a
The Commission appoints 4.

members of independentboards .
: ea ,
such as Library Trustees 4 4 ,4-y i ,
who must be confirmed c'X '4 5- ry

by the Council, and the City ,
KeiTt'atiqn Board. The 1fuyorI, Q r>'

r,'mmissior.er appoints mem-.
crtJ( the Housing Author- .r Act ; ha' YWY
'y. The Commission makes
.t 1 1. ;ointments to the Police

1 tp-\rtnient, but these are
.- biect to confirmation by the i ic pJ ; 1{

until. I

The City Commission operates MYRTLE AVENUE-8th to 26th STREET LOOKING NORTH FROM 16th Street

ill of the various City; de;,' after paving program.JACKSONVILLE'S.

partmcnts, including s u c h MYRTLE AVENUE-8lh lo 26th Street looking north from IGth Street before I 1-.1.
; construction __-________ __ -- -5--
-- -- ---- -
utilities as the electric and of paving program. .

water, radio station docls ... -o6JoAM.s --.""'------ -=- ., ... ., ., .
Oneof ths Cornri'!'eri* ; 'rc. ;s. }. .''l.. ,.. '" .", .> '' --'" < :.r{ .
aY t. 1"
and --,, ,'V".r: .... ..., .,. .. ,... 'N'4 '
; ,
terminals, parks and golf > L. -- ;\ e 1+ \' .
serves oc Ccz n!-:-!iccr:.: of IY..,.J.A.V w.:'V Ii.V ..1'vt..., ..r.--oJ1I.nr.r: ..;..\A.\; :: : : ; :; ;

courses.The Mayor-Commissioner is It"c..14'; .;. ,\ ....._'_.i" ,..,-."-_...!'_._v..._...., .",,u.t ; >, \: ( :)J i;: :ect.I:/
--r :
also Commissioner of Public the. enJL:: :c vi,-....Zt.4 "-11- i- ; : ;

.Safety, having supervision of pc= tl.a Lc:;.r d cl ia.:ai..l. A. Civic Education .. r, .. .. .:. .
.-.. '
the Police and Fire Departments The Commissioners; are f" f y ;;, : 'I'
the Bureau and _.
trustc-t of rl bpn4( isr: *. uid al S
the and Plumbing
Inspection Building Departments, as authorize the execution 01 all
contrciC1.S.. "J. : FEATURE Sr
well of HousingDirector.
as Office
j.1 )
y de- In making up the budget; .; .
The remaining -
the Council), in effect) appro- ;
r: rtments are divided among
pria.ea; aii moneys and the .
the other four Commissioners TO BE CONT1UUED ..
\..10 have, gClcral.sup.'rvision t City Co unission j- expends themoneys. .
i- ,
I ;
over such departments, hut Any :buug terry ; ,
the operations of which 'are changes mncle (&\i11g' a i&cslyear ; NEXT WEEK .J ... 1 .- _
: umbe- effected only by r
under the
authority of the en- joint ixtion of the Commission I : MUNICIPAL JUBPORT -_.Considered ODe of She major #sriIgala :
tire Board. P..ie uae iu+r. !'rt*. xi.a+nrbcyv."> rwtm t] -i l
Council. in airline 1
YyY17.ihW I lMARM fNY.lifdbVlM1sfbWlfb' Mt tilt .ihe east coast crsrem.



/ I ,!


Page Six THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. March 7. 1959
---- --
------- --

I ; saoa.. ....... a." I q

I-' '- ;The Firms Listed Below Arc Recommended As Reputable Establishments 1111 II

1 Specializing Services and Products. j I


Complete Body Repair & Paint We specialize in serving trailer parks
-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- Better Used Clothing Also 100 lb. cylinders or.bulk tanks Septic Tanks Cleaned & Serviced
Price Start at $4.00 For Men Women and Children At your home for your convenience 1388 Agnes Street PO 4-1461
1532 East Adams Street EL 5-81351 -:- Household Rummage =- Reasonable :- 15845 West Duval Road PO 5-3561
2155 Edison Avenue EL 6-0166

1525 Main Street EL 5.8091( ANA R. DAVIS DRESSMAKER We Deliver Fuel Oil Fill Dirt For Bigger Profits Use X-tra Good ,
Custom Made Seat Corers Drapes & Slip' Covers Accurate Meter Delivery Dependable Feeds Mixed Fresh Dally
i Dress Making- 6330 Avenue B PO 4.9516! 2762 West Beaver Street EV 8-260! I
A & W GARAGE 526 Davis Street EL 6-8077!

-Complete Overhaul and Hepalr Service- E. G. COLDER COMPANY .. FLORIDA RUG CLEANERS Cary u ant and Sephia
For All Makes and Models EASTSIDE HOISERY SHOP Kerosene Fuel Oils Loren (above) star in Para

Terms Can Bo Arranged Attend Our 7th Anniversary Sale -Over 50 Years Service to Jacksonville- Wall-to-Wall Upholstery Carpets Cleaning Cleaned in Home362Q'z ,mount's technicolor drama.
EL 5.2582! Florida Avenue EL 6-0612] "HOUSEBOAT." cofeatureon
710 Ocean Street 1062 2329 Boulevard EL 3-3643' St Johns Avenue EV 8-106; '
the big new movie bill at
Auto Body And Fender Repair INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Sunday through
t REED TAILORS IN the Strand
KOONS 'and KOONS Jacksonville's Only Distributor of 641 West State Street EL 6.9432! GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOP I Saturday. Main feature is
2404 Laura Street EL 5.982 -We Specialize In the new western thriller.
Tailor Supplies and Cleaners Supplies SOUTHOIL COMPANY OF FLA Convertible Tops Door Panels "ESCORT WEST." which

HOUGABOOK AUTO SERVICE 519 Broad Street EL 4-17J Phillips 66 Products Headliners Furniture Slip Covers .stars Victor Mature and Rex

General Auto Repair P. MENDEZ, Tailor FlUe Fuel GasolineTropArtic 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-8114 Ingram who starred recently -
I Specializing in Motor Tune-Yp** Cuban Tailor Motor Oil 4 in "Anna Lucasta."
Generator. Starter and Carburetor Servi "It's Performance That Counts" POWELL At the Roosevelt Sunday
Ladies & Gents Suits Made to Order GEORGE W.
J. H. HOUGABOOK. Prop. 1721 Franklin Street EL 6-76E through Tuesday frst run is
1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659! Alteration & Repairs Real Estate Mortgage Loans t h o Columbia western hit
IDS Broad Street EL4-S77 Rents Collected
Young's Amoco Service Station -- 410 Broad Street EL 4-620' MOUNTAIN" with Raymond

-Tune-up and Brake Service FOODS GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOM Burr (TV's Perry Mason)

I'General Motor Repair & Ignition Service --- ----- Serving Jacksonville & Duval Jones Institute of Physical Culture II' and Valerie French plus
2506 West Beaver St. at McDuff EV 9-944 COMPANY *: County for over 50 Years School Of Barber. Beauty & Massage 'James Cagney in "YANKEE"
767 West Beaver Street EL 4-181; Colored Owned and Operated DOODLE DANDY.
I FRESH HOME MADE & "Earn As You Learn i Dorothy Dandridge will be
I Goodrich Tires-Exide Batteries-Recappin SAUSAGE DAILY CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME : 812 Clay Street EL 4-600 at the SkYview with Bred

"Use Our Easy Pay Plan" 645 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308- 24 Hour Ambulance Service I 4 ;Crawford in "DECKS RAN
700 West Adams.Street EL 4-161 Colored Homes Since 1918 CENT .RED." Sunday through Tues
1161 Road 'MOM'S KITCHENHome SerVing JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 !day nights. along with the
( Kings EL 3-620( D. C. Jernigaii> owner S.. L. Davis mg
cooked meals served 24 hours Beaver Street EL.4.0545.6 / STORE -. co-hit "G U N RUNNERS."
329) West I i
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service 7 days a week Courteous Treatment starring Audie Murphy.
EL 4-932 West Funeral Home I 1 -----------
Batteries $6.95 & up 1285 Kings Road Holmes & Open 8:30 to 7 p. m.
Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car -Ambulance Service- 306 Davis Street. EL 4-121C I BAND PARENTS CLUB


3711 Main Street EL 6-209 >41 West Ashley Street EL 4-930! E719; West_Edgewood Avenue PO 5-164 Mahoney Terminix Termite Control I I

Huff Funeral Home Complete Termite Control- A Calendar Tea will IK- sponsored -
by the Band Parents Club
Materials -:- I
Batteries Generators.Starters FLAMINGO RESTAURANT 24 Hour Ambulance Service -:- Building EL 4-1768 I of Do J.lSmIer on Senior
Regulators Auto Repairs _:_ Specializing 35 Cents Plate -:- 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896- 414 N. Myrtle I' High School, :March 15 in the

:1 Delivery Service Homemade Pies and Cakes auditorium of the school.I. .
1: 1050 Broad Street EL 4.1715i 18 West Ashley Street EL 6-916! FURNITURE MYRTLE AVENUE BARGAIN E. Alexander will l he the

M FURNITURE COMPANY! __ HOUSE guest speaker for the occasion.
ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP UR BASE Cigars'Cigarettes Candy j4 I Captains for the months arc:
Complete Home FurnishingsWe :Mrs. Ethel Thomas,
i Reconditioned BatteriesAll Home Cooked Foods Milk Bread and Ice Cream I January;
Kinds of Battery Service 617 West Ashley Street EL 4-9701 Invite Your Credit 511[; Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9752! I Mrs. Audrey Brown February;
Price $5.00 and up 953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-461 Mrs. llutli \1. Wright, March;
"0 Florida Avenue EL 5-490C Mrs. Tlielma. Ray, April; Mrs.

;I-S ABOARD BODY COMPANY Home Cooked Meals Furniture & Appliances Fresh Pies Daily 1 I Grant June; Mrs. Essie Waters,

'*ve Repair Auto Painting GOOD COFFEE Low Prices Easy Terms Potato Pie Our Specialty-From fresh : July; :Mrs C. Baker, August;
Auto ur Wrecker Service 337 Myrtle Avenue EL 4.9321LANE'S ? 928 Florida Avenue EL 6-0471 Potatoes We Deliver \Irs. B. Bartk'V, S :body W;' k 2t- 1429 Steele Street EL 3-0864 Annie Jones October; Mrs. Bcu-
I I AAA Service: -- Pr36 timates ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. I lah Austin, November: ; and Mrs.
I All Work Guaranteed CHICKEN t Mozell Jones, Dccemhl'r.I .
Beaver Street EV 9- 418 Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que Home Furnishings For Every Room QUICK SERVICE MATTRESS CO. I _______
2949 West South h1 EL 4-48.1
We Cater To Private Parties 502 Florida Avenue- Mattress Renovating Our Specialty i FIAA TO SPONSOR
THIGPEN'S BODY SHOP To Carry Ou' One Day Service 11:
"Baked On Enamel"Wrecks 1 l446[ N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6.SS'16Seaside ---- 1703 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634
[680 East 21st Street EL 35080Mmfs Fish & Poultry CompanyFresh Hair Cuts Our Specialty: Royal Crown Bottling Company'', I __
rr- Station Fish Daily Ladies Children Gents 235 San Marco Blvd. FL 9-4488! Class AA Boys State
: Gulf Service 1 1SKINNER'S
l he
Basketball Tournament will
EL 4-2903 Sat. 8 til 11 II
Beaver Street Open 9 a.m to 8:30 p.m. -
I U3 West
Complete Car Lubrication held at Blanche Ely High SCIxll'ompano
Street EL 4.911:;
i7 ))6 West Ashley
9 P.M Beach Florida, March
Open Daily 7 A.M. to 1 I. il I ,
2055 West Beaver Street EL 49459MEYER'S GROCERIESBE Les Charmette Beauty Salon Flowers. For All Occasions J I 12, 13, 14.
514 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 4-7275 I The tournament is !lponsoTl'llfjbY
to Hair & Scalp Treatment
SERVICE STATION pedal Attention the. Florida Interscholastic
MEATS Hair Cutting and Styling SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICEt There will
& Association.
& Repair GROCERY
Tune-up MEIDE
.Motor Street EL 69907LA
Lubrication Simonizing Wax Washine Groceries Fruits I!1427 Davis All Kinds of Hard Tooth 14 teams competing in the
Mechanic on Duty at All Times Staple and Fancy Fresh Meats Daily CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR Blades Sharpened and Sold to be lick.
Vegetables EX 8-9504. l The annual Tennis Tourna-
EL 526 Gary
N. Myrtle Ave. with Hair Style -
1001 _
4.5376John Free Delivery Free Scalp Treatment r tent will also l he sponsored by
Open) Daily 7 to 7 Sunday 7 to 11 a.m. During the Month of February STANDARD FEED STORES ,he Forida Inter-scholastic Athletic -

J. Coleman's Service Station 132 Kings Road EL 4-3735 Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator BL 4.9531TOBY'S We Appreciate Your PatronageWe j Association.
811 Davis Street Deliver

2564 Edgewood Magnolia Avenue Gardens PO 51766Bishop's ACE FISH MARKET 'I BEAUTY PARLOR 839 Florida Avenue EL 5-8064 ETHEL: HOME CLUB

p r Gulf Service Station Fresh Seafood In Season Specializing in Hair Cutting-- 282' Kings Road EL 4-2922 INDUCTS: MEETING

701) Florida Avenue EL 3-7511\ Styling Scalp Treatment Standard Home Improvement Co. t I.
Gulf Gas & Oil Mrs. Tabitha Taylor prop. Of AU Types LAKE CITY The Bethel
Home Improvements
-Car 815 Davis Street EL 4-9813 Home[ Demonstration Club held
1005 .Florida Avenue EL 49915Farmer's ; AVENUE B SUPERMARKETFair 3-5-11 Beaver Year Street Financing EV 7-4671 its meeting recently at the home

Service Station Prices MISCELLANEOUSAAA 627 West of Miss Ruby Jones, with the

Service TAXI"At resident Mrs. Everlena Bradley
Courteous I
Motor Repair & TuneUpGas BONDING residing.
& Oil "We Deliver Orders Above $3.00"PO 5-1,103 I City County and Federal Bonds Your Service" Members present at the meeting -
... Road Service 673 Avenue B aw Exchange Bldg. EL 5-1932 NEW DEAL CAB were Mrs. E. Bradley, Mrs.
EL 4-1611
358 S. Myrtle Avenue EL 5-8141 CAB ola Belt Mrs. M. Murphy, Mrs.

MORELAND TIRE SUPPLY CHARLES'JOSEPH GROCERY ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE Timiquana Road Trading Post ; :Edith\ Ruby Jones Jones., Mrs. L. Ford andtliss

Amaco Gas & Products-Full Capping Tires I Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetable I I 30 Years In Electronics Complete Garden Supplies The next meeting will be held
For A Better Deal Try Moreland Deal Free Delivery I All Work' Guaranteed Fertilizer-- Fruit Products \ at the home of Mrs.. Martha
3409 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9451 002 Florida Avenue EL 6-8'5i!I f43' Forest Street EL 46804 Hew and Used Furniture bought and sold- Tale.
-. I I 564 Timlduana Road SP 1-3762,


THRIFTY DRY CLEANERSWhere Fresh Fruits Vegetables .i Guaranteed Repairs & Paris Everything in Hardware TO GIVE TEAA
Quality Counts Paints Garden Supplies
Free Delivery I On All Makosp1.t3
-Expert Dyeing- Street EL 4-S.1O FL 3-797S; 391 W. Beaver EV 8-4898; Pre St Patricks' Day Tea
Davis Street
1236 Davis Street EL 5-81U! 301 Mary 8th and Main Streets EL 4.7511 rill be sponsored by the P-TA

of[ S. P. Livingston Elementary
CAVALIER CLEANERS GUS INA'S SUPERMARKETII I STUDIO Washington's Health Service SchooL March 8 c t 4 p.m. in the
612 W. Ashley Street hock au'litori'ir-j.
In Groceries "Abundant Health Is Rightfully
and Myrtle 814 West 8th St You Want Weddings Home Potralls A h" been
21st Come See Us Commercial Swedish Massage Mineral Steam Baths; program planned
914 Davis Street 1302 Davis Street l! And Meats ELI 6-6413 Yes we do it in color alro Colonlc Therapy 4D. for the event, with the Living-
---- 300) Davis Street Street EL.4-7695 t I Glee Club His Gail
611 West Ashley C. Washington Masseur Same Location ton Price,
SPOT RITE CLEANERS _|__ --, For 23 Years >fiss Bevy J ? It of Boylan-

One-Hour Service Avenue EL 4-2478 Haven School, M'V Petty Smith
Pick-up & Delivery ADAiRS of rd1vardVatC""J College Mrs.
Avenue EL 5-974! Staple Groceries Flowers For All Occastonj Mz:. Mitchell Chomnan of thetea
760 Florida -- Fresh Meals Members of the FNB charge plan WILLIE SMITH DRUGS and James Smith appearing.\
i Open 7 to' 7 328 West Forsyth Street Free delivery any part of the dry "

ONE HOUR CLEANERS 2015 Broadway EL 6-9183 -s- OLD RELIABLE -: .
.: ., ---
EL 61831TAYLOR'S (I 1 : 01 West.Ashley Street EL 4-1380
911 West Ashley Street Z SIGH COMPANY I
-------.-- M & M MARKET '3 WORKING_ MOTHERS i
v 'LET'I'LRIN s c
LAUNDERETTE Fresh Meals -- Will Keep Children So You Can Vote
I Modern a PricesGold -
;- Pro; 'iT .
I :
Dry Fold. Excellent Service .- Open 7 >Cards In My Home While You" Are At Work I For Your."'-1. "
S fie H Greea Stamp $4 Davis Street EL 5-15 t EL-3-5181 I 1 336 UcCoaJhe Street EL 6-8369
We Give 18 Obi Utrewi ),
EL 4.944 i" _.: .J : ."t *//r--
C 27th
Moacrief Bd. "'
5603 -
: .
-, ".-; '; :. >- '




____ _

:i---__ u-

-- -

Week Ending Saturday. March 7. 1959 THE FLOR'DA' STAR Y qP S "..BII

II Heavyweight Title Fight Appears Certain I


<::':.::;. ::" '


: : .
('v '


3 The long awaited defense bout for the heavyweight

if ... f boxing championship is about to materialize with Ingemar
I Johansson of Sweden furnishing the competition for Floyd

The record made by the YORK-Althea Gib- Patterson.

basketball Blue Devils of son, United States and British Although Patterson has
ion of
New Stanton High School I women's tennis champion not defended his title againsta champ
I world. No
the has
one ever
shows why they clinched the has arrived in BarranCquilla II top notch contender since
t Columbia, from Gua- he became the world's cham- denied the,fact that Patterson -
second straight County Basketball -I itemala City last Tuesday,toI six f f s Ij I pion movemet is underwayto is a good fighter but the

Tournament last I begin a tour of South Ame- i include him in that exclu- public has been calling for
week.A irica.I L1 siveand revered circle of
.j j|I some action in the heavy-
I all-time champions.
team with a 6-0 county;, From Barranquilla, the great ,.weight division.
I Since whipping light heavyweight
I and 12-2 ajl games record tennis queen will travel to : Archie
s t champion While Cus D'Amato wagedhis
proves the kind of competition -!,Bogota, Columbia; Lima, Moore, who claimed the title
Peru, Santiago, Chile, and with personal and privatefight
both in offense and defense -, because of his fight
i Rio "before flying Pan Am with the International
ii Rocky Marciano, the heavyweight -
produced by one of the i j northward Caracas and l
to f division has become Boxing Club, Patterson sat
best balanced teams in all!
Port au Prince, Haiti.
|practically stagnant. From supinely by waiting for the
in the state. The
\ xf the way things look from the smoke of battle to clear
Blue Devils were equipped, k press box there would be no away. Now the smoke has
with substitutes who could thers finished second with a title; fight at this time if the
cleared and the IBC is
be called on at a moments I county record of 4-3 and an courts had not dissolved the away
!all record of 9-6. The International Club. out of commission, D'Amato
games I Boxing
I notice and go in and do a'
-, Yelllow Dragons of Douglas Only twice has the title comes up with Johansson as
jam-up job. I Anderson posted a season I been at stake since Patterson the man who will furnish
The team whipped every record of 3 4 in the county arose to the throne and that the competition.

team they played in the:and an 8-5 all games record. was when he fought Tommy
celebrities such
i county in establishing a 6-0,The Yellow Jackets of Northwestern CHAMPION COACHES-The Matthew W. Gilbert coaches who steered the"Fight- (Hurricane) Jackson at a Fight as
r record and all but two in all Ir : was fourth, with a ing Panthers" to three championships in football and runner-up in basketball in the guarantee of $175,000 or 40 George Gainford, one of RayRobinson's
record of 2-5 in the county county standings are shown from left kneeling-Charles Waldon. William Hugginsand per cent of the total receipt.In managers says;
games played which shows and 2-5 all-games r e cor d. Walter White. Standing from left-James Robinson Earl Kitchings Oscar Norman one of the most weird "Johansson punches too hard
: the Montgqmery coached,,The Duval County Vocational and Willie F. Cannon. The football team won the city, conference and state transactions of all time, he for Patterson. Johansson will
i squad was geared up for, Engineers finished with a 2-6 titles. The basketball team posted a 4-3 county record and a 9-6 reord for allgames.The elected to waive the $175, beat' Patterson by a knock-
I heavy duty. It can be well record for the county and a coaching staff can be termed producers of champions.i1Lt 000 after the fight and ac- out.' Joe Louis said: "Johans-
\ said that the team also met 3-C for all-games. cept the 40 per cent, which''son is a puncher, and you always -
I contenders for amounted to $123,859.62. The have to watch out fora
I, some strong
the 'county basketball cham-i Much credit is due all \ DODGERS NAMEIROSEBORO earnings from the fight a-'. puncher." Sugar Ray said:
f pionship. players and coaches for a : ; .. mountedto $51,140.38 less "Johansson has the greatest
t very fine job done in basket- f that he would have received. sneak right hand punch I
:Matthew W. Gilbert Pan ball in the 1959 campaign. TOP There was no serious competition have ever seen."

from Jackson be-
1 SPORTS CORNER i I cause Patterson almost blasted -' Conversatons and expressions -

I !I PERFORM ],I him into oblivion. There where are since popping the bout up appearsto every-
was no test for
; a heavyweight -
i be a surety from Ihi
: I champion. Nothing
BIG GEORGE CROWS the man who blastd National Ii i! LOS ANGELES-The top I else was heard of a title point.
League pitiching all over the place while covering first .brass of the Dodgers regard fight until the champ signed
base for the Cincinnati Redlegs has at last signed his St.I their top catcher John Rose to take on Pete Rademacherin ( -
'r e eI Louis Cardinal) contract. After the transfer of his con-, boro, of the already signed a title fight.Rademacher.
# s tract from Cincinnati to St. Louis he was considered a players as one of the most 1 the 1956,
holdout. Strange as it may seem Joe Cunningham the ,j improved players on the Olympic champion had never'' 782 50 127
other Cardinal first baseman has not come to terms. Joe squad. fought professionally and -

9 ee is listed among the holdouts. I'I Faced with_ the responsibility never more than five rounds.' .8 ... 3

BOB LEMON. the former i of taking over the This so called championship .
sinker ball artist for the sports should they decide to:! catching duties of Roy Cam-I 1;[I bout astounded the fight 4 :
pursue athletics. The field is !I: world. Never before in the
Cleveland Indians is in campat j panella after his tragic acci- .8
ii r Tucson working out with wide open in the pro ranks' dent, Roseboro proved himself -I,.'history of boxing had such
the Indians. Lemon is tryingto and in collegiate fields. j f equal to the task with'a thing been done. Never before -; Watch This Clown
QFh stage comeback. The 38- LARRY DOBY is all set continuous improvement as had the h e a v Y weight,
/hE year old Lemon has a record for a trial' at the first base' the season progressed. He championship been put on':
Q of 207 victories for seasons post with the Cleveland In-'has become a steady catcher such a small scale as to 39-74-69
e l dians. Doby has been outfielder I match a champion with a': 202 02 112
tp4, with the tribe. Manager Joe an and quite competent at the
RMfA Gordon who was once a team during his entire: Career plate. fighter who had never fought Sometimes he's np
mate of Lemon at Clevelandsaid in the major leagues.He His batting average of .271 professionally, not even as Sometimes bn'n down
; "If Lem can throw that' will have a terriffc battle to was only one point below'much as 10 rounds at one' -- He adds subtracts
sinker again, he'll help us. wage for the first base post!I the mark of catcher Del, time. ( "* He works It all around f
i With that sinker he'd be .with the Indians since he:| Crandall, of the Milwaukee' Well, the fight was held
Receasie.deir sr errs.I rough for a couple innings will have to compete with I Braves, who led the league's and as expected, Patterson Coming Attractions I
THE PAY for the tan athlete -Vic Power, who is .considered regular catchers in hitting. >I blasted Pete Rademacher to
has arrived. In every one of the smoothiest i i. Roseboro had an unusual every corner of the ring and 227 16 426 73BALLROOM
major sports program the fielding first basemen in the distinction in 1958. In his was again announced the'

face of the tan athlete is game. Doby is not only a first first:. full season in the National -1-' .-
I "; quite a stand out. In basketball class glove man, but he is League he was picked ,,
also a hard hitter. It will bea for the National
you will recognize the League's:
faces of such stars as Goose battle to a finish betweenthe All-Star team although he
GO FIRST Tatum. Bill RusselL Marques two.BASEBALL. I did ot see any action.
CLASS Haynes Elgin Baylor. Oscar PLAYERS who John, one of the many I
Robertson Wilt (The Stilt) made up the various teams;National League players who I PALM
Chafberlain. Bob Boozer anda in the city Recreation pro-suffered because of the long"
f ..with America's GOLDEN host of others who have gram are waiting the call to''|I right field barrier, led the
JIGGER blazed the trail of tan starsin ,begin practice. The players:|club in homers on the road
Finest Bourbon CAP basketball 'are making preparation for with 12. His only homer to
.. the opening 0 f the playground .I right field in the Coliseum '
in a an' FOOTBALL has given such season. The competi I came in.the ,last game of the l
outstanding stars as Jim tion last season was very season, but he hit one to left
Brown, Willie Galimore Ol- strong with some well earlier in the season which'
pocket flask. lie Matson. Roosevelt Brown, trained youngsters who play.I gave him a.total of 14.
Roosevelt Grier, Emlen Tun-'ed a great game. The teams / OF JACKSONVILLE
nel, Lenny Moore.: "Big Dad-f,were well balanced, I
dy" Lipscombe, Jim McClai- BILL WHITE, the fellow Tour \

i d r e n, Willie McClung. and who was going like a house I p
7 many others. I j!afire at first base for the I! LUCkYNumbers 'fm
; New York Giants before her NOW SHOWING A
I went into service and before

YEARS,4J. DUVAL COUNTY has;(the Giants m 0 v,ed to San IN PERSON Ai
: OLD d many potential stars whoj j f:Francisco is on the block. He'is r j
..' have shown their wares to up for sale. With Orlando I
the sports world. A great'Cepeda, the National iRookie:' ,
future looms bright on the of the Year playing and hit- Lucky Days, Lucky Colon B. B.
( sports horizon for such stars' ting at such pace there p BY ASTROLOGY KING ,

in football as John Dantzler would be no chnace of bench-1 )in Tour WeeklyHOROSCOPE N
Al Denson, Willie Joyce,'ing' Cepeda for White and GUIDE
1 : 88 PROOF \ Willie Hayward, Elliott Chat-i i White could do I '
'\ some good. Sex $%.00 for your Horoscope : AND HIS SENSATIONAL BAND i'SWEETHEARTS
O & 100 HOOFBOTTUIMNeOKO man, Kirkland McKenzie SMOOTH SAILING 'T I L Guide with lucky num. .
Blackshere and ot-"M WE :MEET AGAIN. I bees, lucky days lucky colon. -
hers to numerous to name. DANCE r
Enclose a stamped envelope.
t 411 QwRT>f Every school in the county I S s s' I ,
rrNi that had a football team produced SUN. NIGHT ONLY (Between 7-9 P. M.)
i some great' potentials. REGISTER NOW --0- \
Leaving .out 'the names of So You Can Vote TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
some of the others is by na Your s s RightsLEARN s Fin" In and flail tot

means discounting their con-. *
tribution to the game.BASKETBALL
t in the city MONDAY thru THURSDAY75c
P. a Box 7yt3acksonrtfe
and county in 1959 furnished TO DRIVE
much competition with' Mar Secure Drirers License 1, Fla. A
cus Banks. Van Jenkins. EARLY SUNDAY \
Kirkland McKenzie. Jake Ha 3AFEV/AY DRIVING Name ....._.............._.
gin. Carlton Jones L. Scott. ADDRESS: .....:............ I

Al Denson and a host of others. 600 Weal Bearer Street Qty. StateBirthday .................. 7:00 P. M. 2 A. *!.
....I.d1i R Every school in the Office ELgln 5-7742
S ..utiAArttela I1osi.. system produced some ialeni- Ret.ELgta 4-0639 1- ..................,.

-.- ed players. Many of them GEORGE: PERPENA Dk month-it day \:: !
will go far in the world of. ,"oso"a"ao




Page Eight --i-__ ____ ___- ____ .__ __ __ ________THE FLORIDA STAR __ ____ __. ._ __ _.. __ ___Week Ending Saturday March 7. 1959

----- ,
l I
: :

I i t ti I i WOMAN \VOUNDED '
Usher! Board No. 2 of Bethlehem ,i MONTICELLO The meetj j i QUINCY : BY STRAY BULLET :
i' of the Third Bivision oi the! .) will; lw 'tQ Alk
Baptist Church will observe : inS : u> Polite! reported the mysterious M.
its Gth anniversary, March 2 1!I American Legion will l be held, I II I ir'..> .v -.1 : I I I i :.hootln of a woman 1 Lust Monday :- !
at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of I i March 15 at Live Oak, with Post : '.'.itCi!, ? v. -! as she went into her yard I
the church. Mimic will be furnished 279 as host to the meeting, which charge of : i at :415 Orange Strtct to put out j I
by the Male! Chorus of : will begin at 9:45 a.m. Officers i! her garbage. .
the church, an! U..her Board j j Commander+ : George W. Pitt- ; ro: B. O. I I Mrs. Margaret Davis, 51 said 4 1 *
j nun has r-xjiuxited: all corrmun- she shot in the IrrestantT) w U UI
No. 2 ot Cr<'nt Memorial: AMEChurclf I \\ M. '; was *
and Usher Beard !No. I Iclc 1"3 delegates and friends to j T. ILile ': the bullei l lodged iT ':cr left
2 of ML Ararat Baptist Church I ;attend the mooting. '' ii.-r.is pro!...-. for(,lrrn. She said she had not 1, *
will participate :In *he observance. A program will he p"csent?tl I .,:r:; 'n.\ 'II. had any argument with anyone. *
: various jy:,nps. Coinmandei -' I (.\'C Jr., Q> !! Police Said Mrs. Davis was *
Some of the participants to 11)\ J. B.-.S., .11 bo the host com. I.te, K. D. I possibly hit by a stray bullet. *
nder. I Police said Mrs. Davis was' Tag RCA Scholarship outlines
the ittee ){
: ;
appear on program are: J. ;
B.. Bcmbry, Rev. Henry Web- I! O. S. Seabi )ols: principal I II committee ; 'I'IlS. I: possibly hit by a stray bullet RCA SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS-Paul L. Brown '
bert, Mrs. Isabella Ellis, Mrs. + the Madiso: : County Tr .j..ing \' R. B. She was taken to Duval Medical (left), physics major at Howard Universary.Washington. : "It1We
George Etta Rich, mistress: ot: I Srhoolt 'Madison wiil l he the I Smith : Center where she was treated D. C.. and Robert L. Montgomery, mathematics major I ;.
ceremonies; Mrs. Mae West; i striker for the occasion. Stephens, i and released by Dr. D. Lake. ; at Clark College Atlanta. Ga., are among 63 students
Mrs. M. L. Copper, Henry Gil- I I II Senior Patrolmen C. Barton and T.t' recently awarded financial grants under the Radio Corporation 1 /7 I
lard Mrs. Mary Jackson Mrs. I ----- ver, Thomas, I.. lays investigated.. < of America's Scholarship and Fellowship Program. t *
i Lucile Williams Mrs. Estell I REGISTER NOW I Lanier and :I I'I tucdI
--- -- -
------- -- -
--- -
James, Mrs. Leather Smith and ., So You Can Vote i Captains are -
others. For Your Rights i D. Roberts, I WITH WINE BOTTLE I I A tip of the Pepsi 09

--- --- -- ---- I Ting.ter Ellis Jr., : Kings Rudolph Road told Harris police, 34.he 1070 was. PAIR\ HELD IN UNSOLVED[ I I to these oatataD4Jq:

II I hit in the face with a wine l hot- I : young Amuleans.make

HAVE CMM win l i-Lr-j: L.' .J fU -- i I! tIc last Saturday with Herman during Haber-an argument :.MURDER OF JAXMAN2 f YEARS AGO I I community our country a better>> ftaftour '
j ji
i sham, 56, over some chic..kens.Harris : place In which to UT

YOUR VACANT LOTS 1: i, PLANS I! Medical Center was treated and both at Duval men ;'I An unsolved murder which occurred-- over .t year ago was I * !

were arrested for fighting. '.: brought to the surface again last we. ::; as a r'Si.!: .\f !inform-.>tionreceived .. *
Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay According from who had lxv i' OlJ! !
a woman )\ h. t.ffic accident.
Mack and ,
I Patrolmen Freddie .
TIarrL ''t1t4" i'
I ,:Lurch> pastor Johnnie J. Doe investigated. I', 1 his strange course of inclirec- -- -- --- -- .. :. ,
made II I tion prompted Lt. H. L. Sand ; \\.... '; \.1 ;hi ::...:::e v::!!L'. Police "i
'"1 : xCcn and Deputy B. P. McCauley to I she told them she had been 1+ "
FIRST TIME OFFERED FOR SALE I 1 i servance Officers! i AT B-C COLLEGE :''Tt''t Charlie Lee Johnson 36'of I' a say friend of Johnson) who wasawrv .
NEAR RIVERSIDE I! ties are Mrs. 1203: W. Monroe Street and at Griffin for stabbing v +
.. TERMS al chairman : Leroy Graham, 44 of 2343 Thomas I, her..Griffin was out of jail on .. *'

2563 CALVIN ST. 3 bedroom home in good condition Smith, CONTEST SET I I'YTONA Street. :i i l ond for tine ;stabbing; ai the > +
modern. bath & kitchen front porch. hot water !: thins are: The sudden police action was I time he was killr-d. ,. .' *
heater, garage. $5.000 Terms, Sun. Ph. EV 84417. i Mrs. ., I Nov. 16, 19:57: murder of Eddie I A lie detector test is scheduled \ ". .v';,i. :'*
2259 CALVIN ST. Modern 6-room home very clean. sie Moffitt, r.cn The :j Lee Griffin. Griffin was shot to frr tic! > tvo :rvwj-cts. who are a-r.i. ':.' 'i
front porch, modern bath & kitchen. heater included. Mrs. Viian ''"inc-C:r"-"''.Ir..>.*i College: : will : deaht at his hom eat 2183V.. I i ii I ;!t pre alt I being detained: on

also garage, price $5.000 Terms. Sun. Ph. EV 84417. | Brown, Mrs. ? I I Ix' host' to'the...* Oratorical Contest 'I i 39th Street. Until the arrest oJ I vagrancy it'.m'('' in Duval I' TOMMIE MAE JONES *
DUPLEX 2551 '- 2549 CALVIN ST. Each apart- Christine '-'.r!* :'c. 7 ($ the Amcricii tIll' two men, both Negroes j Ii i. COtmty jtil.nizP1. New Stanton Senior: High
1 Brown. Legion:;: el f'lv Suite ot Flo- Griffin's assailant had remained -- --- ---- -- '
ment has 2 large bedrooms modern bath & 'kitchen. ,. I Pepsi Cola Dealers and the
____ I the
rida. Marrh 8 at 3
p.m. unknown.
terms. Sun. Ph. EV 84417. : | Pepsi Cola Bottling Company *
2553 CALVIN ST. Modem 6-room home front porch. APTS. ', .:..:. : dll !i.hturmi;. The unidentified woman '' informant : P1: Star Advn-ttsr' .T<:' proud to salute Tommie *
rs I
living room bathroom and kitchen, garage, terms. Sun. i Modern 1 -; -i \ir>et y :1Uf'r'I"t'? I It i implicated the two men II I Mae Jones of the 12th grade *
Ph. EV 84417. Near bus schools, shopping. 'Kitchen I! h)' Frank W. Hampton of Lccs- during a lie detector test she j :-lass. She is: a member ot the
-itWaal? Director ofLJui *
ALSO 431 West I :-itanto 11a\ -(::110. and 111e'.L
Corner Lot 40 SO Feet 1643 Main i.i. Xu. 7/According to Mr. I :\It. Ararat Baptist ( .....
x } .
I RUN 'hurcha,4
Hampton all ornts: must j .
: ; C' ; "
i I
bo b! nafide stnrM': s \ WED. .
325 W. FORSYTH ST. PHONE EV 8-4417 Sun.-Sat. ; j tc ;: :
I IIIICP ': 1 ; : rquivaK'.it! to the -t ul i vMi -0-- -- ... k a sI '
----- --- -- iJ Is I'I'iIJ i j I lath(>: lllli or l th grnti.m. ; I?J T OLD I. I 0 I + ;, ., V. .
1st of this e \''''
I I I i 2 BIG 1 II III I January The first, second year.,and (iiir! : ; .NDIDLY TR E I, d ". I "': \ <; -' 1
: '
*'*- i I :. place winners will \\K uranicii+ l t OCKllmLY I J ""
tfP'NHtttei18 seliolarships to coi- ; REAL ; :,
one W
-. year '
I t' TOO
t T'l .
:and the first OtlLY f { ( 1
I" lege placevini .r .
L.1 L.\ I
: !
:: is eligible to go to the rejiio..d (f' y. .
Doyrn ,N'
the sectional and if iul: ,
1O : : >ou<:cs> 1c'
I to the national final: in i..+Io, u j'. :
I ;
1.\ ', Calif., April' 20.. L, J i
---- -- ,
j jI AN ALLIED ARTISTS aura{ ; I lb'JC -
I ..

I o o I ;'>, 1J !I -tt; Douglas Anderson
pJ 'I > Also "Abush At Cimarron Pass"COMINGI I: if Junior-Senior High School
e I II I i -tc George is a member of the
_..rmm+ 'SPEAK FOR PROGRESS I 1 lOt 1 grade( class, where he
j -
T*serves as president. lIe is a
Ilt .1 1 I TRANSMISSION i and i RiTZ COMING! I I T member of the Student Council -
---- ---- --< -- -
I : : I I, I -- ; Iii-)', Marching Band and
; w I : 4: an honor student.

.I MIDNIc-fE i I I I **********. r

-., \ S TONITE ONLY! He iE mtet ami tliacns ,I .r,.. ., -. --0- k
atenthE '
I I iSAT.. MARCH 7th introduced '
; x'i4''L
H 0 Hsr.-- STRAND '
l\YIS' : I II ,,x ths tommy &mI to gangtamllB I S '. Ii'

H- Itl. .F. )
r 'f.<, .... .
I'6dWril. N .. M:::;;;.' .. k
I .,... .
j I : ? .
t /
: I : ri'
A : ': .

BACINCXFLORIDA'S Sun. 6' r\i\' ROONEY I: 1 Ike.. l." .. .3'A.3'i. ; ; ., V,..

+ t tn I ,. '>- -* //C
I cPoN) If .' +' tc
: : .
: ONLY PARI-MUTUEl !/1 : f..

HORSE TRACK j. ._ I ,. f1W..UNTlL NJ\/I New Stanton Senior High ate
,:.t' ,: Tribute is paid! to Sylvia of 9
vValerie.r... OC4., the llth grade class. She,, is
t'>>' ., +1 ls 4 a member of the Glee Club
'iJi -? ., National Honor Society Student .
Council and is affiliated
I II I with the New Bethel A.M.E.' C
1I I 1 i Burr I The SEAFOOfJJ CenterCORNER Church.


POST TIME 8:15 P. M. Special Facilities i BONELESS DEPT. u OMigratotettonj from FeprtOol
DAILY DOUBLE fr ForColored I \ i 181j .. to tteM three Uettt
QUINIELAS Patrons : I Standard OYSTERS-for Stewing _.___._ Pint S3c Award wioain.
Sun. White DeLuxe CRAB MEAT _. ._ .. uq_ Lb. $1.10 l II.Men
? ,
I to Her4&A1I'Ut
PONC: DE LEON RACEWAY i Jumbo Shrimp for frying _____ Lb. 1.05 t. k I eatctetaa 011.i"'t .
DOROTHY Medium SHRIMP for boiling ___ Lb. 83c: I I'IIpsI
._. 17 Mi. So.yard of, Florida JjckscpviileBo i AUDIE [1l i1 : LOBSTER TAILS for broiling __ Lb. $1.25 I TLLN.UiZWZF1O Toni 4H1 rutardajiI' IMten
!"i' '\ "Decks r; Cherrystone. CLAMS $1.00 Daz. *'
: General) >Jaiutoa .50 -- ------ i!: 10:0 U cots &.:1.It .
a_,? (Sorry Na Minors) "GUN DOORS OPEN 1130 p. m. -
iJI !r .r .. -,.?; I -- For 1E59 Roaunh TocghThrillsil 1. THIS WEFK.'S SPECIAL "
-- "
___- .-,_----
.r -stc> >lnsaQ ---. ....vI -ALL SEATS 50c- Ltrga MULLET _. .. Lb. : *

-Coming SAT.-Midnlte- I f:,) Shrimp Gendho Boat Buck:WHITING SHAD Lb.Lb. 4)9 @ I ** n

MARCH 14lh I

Fish Steak _._ ._..___ : Lb. 49c
; t A M.G MidLOf .. Striped Rock Bass _._ ___. '. Lb. 43c la .
il. i. 1 Pink Snapper ___ Lb. 39c
1 VtIV'tItA"tiV VAfi11t'K'1f1HR11N ..AUNIisWLIVE l
; ri. + i
f 4 .. i .- BIG JIM CRABS $1.00In
E{ a .. Jwia.r1rjo
cue Warehouse back of Sea Food Canter Doses r
aE Nn/NIAT MIIQr pubs


'II ri : ...d
ib I tt ttt 1r
,M.AT, nd Jldtrii Pfeoa* Q 4>14M
,., .._. i '::'?? .u --=- -

l ._ I _... r;._

.. .!. < ; -_ ; .0- ..,.. __ .._-,...,. .......,. to__,-;;,
.. a