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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200498datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date February 14, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=004980740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 14, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 14, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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-- -

II_ WFGA Fails To Show t.

: kROR/1d84RA

I i NAACP Reply Program -. I 1

.- VOL. 9 N 0.,$ :4. kb I ?{SV/5 FEBRUARY 14. 1959 JACKSONVILLE 9. FLORIDA 15 Cent __

A i j\ TVi? .SUSSAIR : liiIt. I NAACP URGES3E6RO ..-- **.- > ...
-- -- -------- ---- -- -
I' 11\j J r Ut
.! :! .. : a,.

t A. TO AID PASTORS FiGHT> !'Body Woman. Fount. Iff'

i: i f ficial TAMPA Negro Thursday,-.-ministers An urged-NAACP to Southern step of-:With Gunshot Near U. S. LJ 1 I !; '

up their battle for integration

.___ hearhes"so in we Florida can enjoy under the HAH! FINDS BODY CHARM SCHOOL SEN.RIPLEY MIGHT BE RIGHT;.',

: God's sun just like every- 'A

body The else CK." Steele, leader :if A WOMAN Oil TO OPEN HERE .,NEGROES CANT READ OR \WRITE .,, ,.

II cf the. in Tallahassee 1956, said in bus his boycott keynote -- 45TH SHEET [SINCE THOUSANDS VOTED FOR HIM

address to tHe ministers i Of interest to the commu-

;.TTh&Ji- LiT:: i that fear among members of i. ', .i I nity, is the February 20sche-,I. v By Staff Correspondent
,both races is the biggest obstacle -' The holy oPtfa I. nitis the February 20 sche i
FOR. C E MISSILE DEVELOPMENT CENTER.N. to integration. .it her was-found on the shoulder duled opening of the Academy -I Tallahassee Senator Wayne E. Ripley showed his gratitude -

M,-"I'm going to put you in a sling.shot and fire He said too many Negroesare of the road on 45th Street, : of Charm devoted and Modeling the development ,;; to Duval County Negroes who helped to elect him
school to
you from here to there" Thus Colonel (Doctor) John afraid to stand up for.;' :past of New Kings; Road last ; a of feminine charm-, by stating before a House-Senate Appropriations sur.:om-
Paul Stapp at AFMDC's Aeromedical Field Laboratory : their rights or even take ad- '.':.vdnesday by4 mmvho W.lS' mittee last Monday that, Negroes who cannot read and
teased Airman Alton W. Yates. Here sits Yates in the i vantage of new rights wonifor :.i :his way. to work, police rp.rtecl. .and beauty. ': write cast 25,000 votes in my county, so I don't see where

"slingshot"actully the 20-foot shock-cord-impelled them by the NAACPHesaid .' Extensive remodeling and. education helps with voting." .
The victims, Mrs.' Evelyn i n; 1ou'. .. ..".,u.OT' ....h;.,...},.. ;..n-I... ---- --- -----: ---
Bopper sled-and-track unit built by Northrop Aviationand too many white persons decorating are now in pro "'Ul' '-.7' > QU "'-''' nu. :
used at Ibis research and development center for are afraid to speak out I', "rags I 2212 McMillan( Street was; i i'I gress; students may now en- plies that the 25,000 registered -I During the school car 195677 -

human endurance tests of abrupt deceleration. Yates { against segregation eveni found" by Hosie[ Bellamy, 45. of roll by phoning ELgin 67176. voters in D u val are illiterate I 5SO adults were enrolled in

has now made more than 65 Bopper runs; still volun- i i though they oppose it- ..*554 Minoso Circle about 6:50: Mrs. Shirley Glick, owner was during the sub-I the various centers and 30 persons -
teers; says: "It makes you ,feel that you're doing m. Bellamy immediately called and manager, is wellknownin committee's discussion of a (
something." To right stands civilian technician CarrollF. t f Ruby Hurley of Atlanta,,,,j I! the> sheriffs'office and Deputy Jacksonville as owner and proposal to cut the "frills"I : earned high school cliplo'mas. -
Dayley busy doing calibrations with machines which i regional secretary for the i I Sheriff R. McCauley)' was dispatched :.,manager of her Forsyth : from Florida's public school I .

later will record such data as time sled_velocity. G. NAACP, called for more! ,I to the scene. The body Street, School, Charm, Inc. .program by abolishing free I In 1937-5S there were 623 enrollees
help from Negro ministers as; was viewed l)y Judge Harris ct 'Her text-books, the summer I
forces produced at impact acceleration. EKG (electro- new Academy of Charm
in the adult and
she gave her "state of purjpose" -' the scene and sent to the mor- and school and the program
cardiogram) graphs. To yates' left stands Berkeley Modeling will duplicatethe program
!! (
counters and oscillograph to record further data. All j address at the openingof : I M'1Ie. courses offered at Charm,,, adult education progrm.Rep. : 1 'fty persons earned diplomas.
instrumentation is developed and operted by Land-Air : the seventh annual South-.I( Dr. Carl) II. Wells Duval .Inc., which include: Model-, J. J. Griffin ot OxcuLii During the summer of 195$
County Medical l
Incorporated. who maintain a permanent contractorsite I j 1 eastern conference of the the Examiner and found performed ing training, speech training,,i i said he favors abolishing. the I] the entire Veterans and Adult
at this Air Force research and development center. : I 1 autopsy ISO i cia 1 graces, posture and.!i whole free textbook program I
that the been "
victim had
shot which is estimated program in Duval County were
poise, wardrobe and styling,,. cost the
i Negro clergymen from sis i the left side and .32 lead
I in one and '
figure control,, :state S'/a million dollars in the reorganized plated under
fencing jandr
: -";states opened the conference bulla reimfved from, the the -
: war direction
1 oF U.
CHANNELI2FAILS TO GIVE r ballet. These designed .,1 nc\rliennium.. Floyd Jaggears. ;
; with their annual meeting'and t' courses are
:. body and turned oveto Deputy i William DoVaughn 'Sweet
were urged to bolster .. McCauley. to develop the quali ;i "Let the parents who are able a veteran teacher, was appointed
TIE FOR NAACP REPLYHIJNUEY'S j church support of the NAACP .1 Investigating officers said ties of poise,charm and good j buy their children's books and coordinator of the entire Negro
EQUAL I which was founded 5C I i they were informed that the I II grooming that are the inherent -:the civic clubs can furnish them program with Jolin Morris as
I.years ago today. husband Willie James Bush and i right of every girl and.;; for the needy Griffin said. hh Assistant in charge of outJ '
.. Ii j woman; and are so essential 1: "I would hate )
victim have been separated to semI
!1 e my ing centers. The enrollment
TO CHET ATTACK The speaker triticizesome d in grew
t for labout one year but he was today's competitive em- children to school under such : to a phenomenal .,125.. A total
ministers who I
Negro : taking care of his children. I plo 'II1ent and social systems. a hap-hazard program as that," I of SO
I persons are
: expected
By Staff Correspondent refused to aid the NAACP's,I The horn eat 2212. McMUhn j ;, Mrs. Click invites the :,' Rep. Woody Liles of 'Hillsbo-'I earn diplomas in June. In addi-to
fight integration on 'Street was being purchased l H' questions and inspection of r?;.u-jli.; countered. tion to the main office locatedat
Because of a station imposed blackout which TV StatioiWFGA 1 grounds the church should..i the! husband and wife, police! all parents and will appreciate ;(' Rut Liles- said: he'' would upj the Duval County Vocational
placed last Sunday afternoon on the !NAACP's televise(I not become involved in poli 1 Deported. 1 their visits at all times,!j alonn with furnishing free books High School (Old Stanton)
answer to diet Huntley's "Second Agony"editorial challenging tics: The NAACP is not a.1 I Officers continued the in- !;particularly at the initial en j! in the elementary. grades and there are 16 outlying centers
!; poli 1 tic a 1 organization, shesaid far the rollment time- making high school students
'i i vestigation into night, 1; I buy which bring the
the organization to get out the civil rights camp-ugn; thousandf and the fight for integration their opportunity to
Wednesday Feb. 11, the day the own. learn to
Jaxons and Florida residents denied the of;r is Ballet classes are being every corner of our
were opportunity not necessarily Pobody J was found and up to this j!formed for I I Sens. Wilson Carraway of county. '
getting the XAACP's side of the lit ical. youngsters be- Tallahassee and
; story. time no arrests have been made: i iI Wayne Ripley
---------- --- tween the ages of 4 and 16. Jacksonville attacked The adult school has
Huntley's attack on the NA- "We're not asking you toi I .' I For information I jof special sent outover
parents 675
ACP was televised over NBC-. over the matter before making : !i hate white folks," she said. call Elgin 6-7176. may education programs and the I who transcripts of persons
TV on Sunday Feb. 1 and as :.l decision, Mr. Bruton? I j"I don't hate white folks. I.!.!HIT-AND-RUN CARe : summer enrichment program of these attended the school. Many
result of a flood of protesting .' R I II If I which together cost the state persons entered college,
; A. Yes '('s. Of \\ .just hate the some '
telephone calls to the New York } course. ( way KILLS MIAMI MAN f bout 10 million dollars. i some moved to other areas and
and Atlanta stations the net- discussed it very carefully. Ani I folks behave. j I Carraway said the summer continued the work they had
feeling it was timely w e r NEWS\ BRIEFS started
work )4.year-1 I I, "which is nothing but many needed proof
dcuided to give similar decided in favor of it. We're no t The NAACP, she said, Ben Will Jones, () a .of for
i recreation Earn schooling advancement
should job
seeks to gain more dignity old Miami Negro, was struck pro -
time to the NAACP Sunday, siding,with anyone. As a communication II I '
cut out altd 'ther. But
; for Negroes. She said itt and killed by a hit-and-run Departmcnt
Feb. 8, to air its side. medium we have ai I : of Education
Hundreds of listeners who had obligation to feature what's mos t won't stop until it has broken driver at 7 a. m. on Sunday. WOMAN IS BEATENBY this has officials said Other program which arc
watched the Chet Huntley "Second popular with the public. down segregtion in schools Jones, who succumbed UNKNOWN MAN Florida's program low a bearing on under fire by various J legislators
and other public facilities. from multiple head wounds, Mistaken juvenile elinquency 'include the Driver
Agony of Atlanta editorial Q. Don't think Ole Ro :: identity was the Education
you ) rate.Caraway
OerVFGA Channel y"We are going to enjoy these was struck on Sunset Drive, cause of program and the
12 in Wilkins answer to II un t i C"?,.r \ a woman receiving said he is opposedto so-called'loIJby"
Jacksonville, tuned their sets to would have been popular wit t h I beaches in Florida underGod's I South Miami. bruises of the head and face the state's financing vocational offerings.
the local television outlet ex- the public? sun just like everyone Police are searching for last Monday when she was attacked for the education manyprograms
pecting to witness the.NAACP's ,A. I really l can't say. We received ,. else doesshe said. I the driver of-,the car. by a man unknown to adults! particularly those which of !

rebuttal program which had no word to show. it. old I her. do not l lead, to a vocation HUSBAND USESAXE
daily been papers.publicized in the local) Journey"went on as scheduled GROCER IS SHOT !I.A I[!N HIS' STORE Miss Beatrice Perkins, 18. 429 high school diploma.. a IN MONEY SQUABBLE

N. W. Avenue, Gainesville; told Deputy School' Supt. J. K.
Instead they found that a police she was getting in a taxicab Chapman said only about $500-( Climaxing}
29th Street store I riot sness of the wounds. 000 of the an argument over
titled! Bold Journey"had WIFE CUTS FOOT grocery at Ashley and Davis Streets fivemilliondollaradult
program been substituted.As operator was badly beaten and Policemen William R. Harm, about 10:05 p.m. and a man program is spent on som from cmoney him supposedly stolen
a result] of a flood of calls KICKING GLASS sericudy! -shot then- robbed 1 lost I Sidney Gaines, Sgts. J. R. Heard mistaking her for someone else dents who are not working tu-I wife in the, a mouth husband with struck the his

to the FLORIDA ST\R, both IN AUTOMOBILE Monday by three or foirr: men I and R. B. Simmons investigated. snatched her out of the cab crud. a degree or vocation.. I end of an last blunt
Sunday and Monday crtact: who <'nfcred his'store and} imn.-I I started beating her. "L t's cut out some of this and axe Saturday.

was finally made. with a Nation: Mrs. Ella Evans 32. of 1281 diatei jumped: him-on e :aerir.,.f,1 MONEY I':, STOLEN I' Miss Perkins was taken to .if the adults want it, let them I The wJ ''.rise Bell West, 32

official Monday. Clay Street was acddcnlally cut Benjamin s Gamble, 55, 1532W. }1 FROM POCKETBOOK Duval Medical( l Center for treat- pay for themselves," Carrawaysaid. of 835 L t I.I. OTJ Street, stated
According to" Mr. Rusty Bni-.t while kicking glass out of the 20th Street told police fir! s. Henry Bricle, C20) S. Lincoln. ment by police. She was left at that: her Lv.;:bn'1. Johnnie West
ton, WFGA Program Directorthe family car which was parka) or four men came in his store ee I Court told police when he got the hospitaL Carraway pointed put that the' !t! J Jr., accuse1 1 her and a friend
station had a previous com-:I on the parking lot-of 1Iodg zit between 9:30 and 9:43: and out of bed )last Sunday morning Patrolmen W. Solomon and adult program ho jumped from: Miss Dorothy Mym, of stealing
k mittment to the Rai ton Farina I:. Homes because it would net hit him on tile head] witH pjn.! some his pocketbook hd been robbedof G. L. Bradley. .investigated.. 15.2 units in 11M9-50 to 522 unitsin his JOCm.)'. When Mrs.( West denied -
people, who sponsor'' the Bold crank. thing and knocked him out He $20. 1960-61.' Each unit costs the the accusation West is saidto
Journey program at 6:30 Sunday If said he didn't remember Briele said'he went to bed state $ ,OOO. have struck her rich tho axe. '
r evenings. The network official She told police she wanted to thing after the first blow any because about midnight and when he GIRL FRIEND HITS Chapman said the program West reportedly completed his
continued by saying that it tise the car last Monday and her he..was unomscious. arose next morning his pocket- IAN WITH BOTTLE returns tixfts and other benefitsto 'actions by cutting Miss Myers
would have .been "poor advertising husband did not want her to use : book had been robbed. His landlady James Howard, 47, 608 W. th" siatc and communities by I MI the left thigh u-i h the same
' policy* to have risked it... She went to the automobile .Pogo said Gamble was shot: suspects her brother. She ]Beaver Street reported being :fncreasir.j J g the earning power oi 'weapon.
losing a steady account (Ralston :and attempted. to star it, V:it in both. legs and in the groin. A said he was at the house trying 1 hit on the .head with a bottley adults and also their voting Both
) by showing another pro- when it failed to crank she] check.was.taken and $37 in bills to borrow money; but she noticed > his girl friend as they argued ;iblllly.: ]uval Medical women were taken to
in the place of their thought her husband had dene were missing. From the looks: : he was spending freely Sunday I n the tome and. he then hither "Nejroe5 who cannot read Cent for treat-
regularly gram ] sponsored one. something to it to keep it from of the place struggle had takenSlaoe morning. I with an unnamed object ,and write cast; 5OOOutes in I nentJphaney ,

When asked who had made starting. She kicked some gloss l behind the counter, and TheVillie James t hat caused laceration of bur. 1 ay county," R iJ *-y retorted, "so West was jihad and
out and cut her foot doing* of'the men could of orehead.i: I[ tk i.'t sec 'tcl.'re' education ,
the decision to show The Second oq Culpepper, 21, 1203 W. 30th ; 4:hargecTwiUi assault to murder.
Agony of Atlanta here in I She was taken to Duval Medical not"be secured from the vi trim, Street has no visible means of Both victims were treated at j helps. with tithe The "busy' axe: was taken'over
Jacksonville, Mr. Bruton replied: Center for treatment She police said.Gamble support, police said. Police advised ]Xcval Medical Center and dismissed In an interview" with STAR to Lt O. A. Johnson of Homi
"We had a meeting myself and was,treated and released. was treated at Duval Briele obtsin a Howard is ]reporters tis! K-al office of cede: Division. Patrolmen J. P
other officials. .. ." Patrolmen,Robert George and Medical Center' but could ot Patrolmen S.. Gaines.and W. Patrolmen"J.Doe unenmlf'ed'l,Adult Education released the Branch and R. R WoHirz. conZjucted
Q. Did you actually reflect: Clarence Barton investigated. : be released because of tile> sct M. Harris investigated. on: investigated. : j following facts. the investi F:atkn.II .

,t I
h 1

Two Tic r "\OA CTS Q Week Ending Saturday_ February 14. 1999

"Politics As UsualBy

THE FLORIDA STAR .t i ti i t f J., 1.



Published by The Florida Staz Publishing Co. 11; TAKING STRONG ANTI-NEGRO STAND
"Member of Associated Negro Press" Editor's Note: This week's column was prepared by

Eric O. Simpson ____-______n editor iIIci.1 :? aI Chuck Payne, FLORIDA STAR staff writer.

C. Parhaxn Johnson __ __._._____.____ .News Staff I Sr Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was accorded passing mention -

Anamae Richardson _._ ', __._Circulation Dept. / in the editorial column of the FLORIDA TIMES
, t UNION which in recent weeks has been raising its editorial -
MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: voice louder and louder in favor of the segregationists

2323 Moncrief Road ___ EL 4-6782 EL 4-6783 -4 -and- at the same- time taldna a stronger anti-Neoro stand.-
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broad SL Phone EL 4-3773 y The mention was plainly, ----- -----

a vehicle which attempted.active resistance and disorder -
,: t6 4 f fI to draw a negative compari- ."
Mailing AddressP. on between the Rev. Martin The significant similarityof
O. Box 561. Jacksonville 1, Florida. Luther King and Mahatma' these two social forces,
;, Ghandi, the immortal spiritual 'I and their resultant triumphsfor
SUBSCRIPTION RATES ,- :i 4 -7 _- tLkI --- leader of India. the eause of Freedom in
One Year $5.00; Half Year, 53.00; Three Month. 51.80 S 3 ylt1 Rev. King, who arrived in social orders congested with
New Delhi, India, this past injustice leaves little doubtas
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United! Stales. ,
weekend, was treated with to their surviving the most
Subscription Payable) in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To:
P sly disdain in the editorial calculated designs of their
FLORIDA STAB-P. O. BOX JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA TEE for the great respect and admiration -:enemies to make them ap-
he has always had pear to the watching world
for; Gandhi, as well as for as spurious outbursts of out-

THIRD PARTY SOUGHT AS F t t that leader's effective appli-'lawry, contempt for govern-
1 i iCIVIL+ \\4'4'i cation of nonvjolencebut'noncooperationagainst British I ment harmony.The or.disruption of social

SOLUTION FOR SOUTH'S AILSThe rule in India; a passive''' Montgomery Boycott,
: force[ which eventually freed as the fall of colonialism in

his countrymen from the(India, are written pages of
yoke of British colonialism. endorsed the end-
history, by
bipartisan political system in this country may soon .,
'"-' Therefore, the
:less of time and the
here in the J; passage
be replaced by the formation of a third party poles of comparison -'
South-if the misgivings of Georgia's Sen. Herman Tal- : ;: Jtty uplifting of countless people
madge become a reality.In 4 3E: \:;. used I,I from the morass of indignity.
LEGISLATION WITH TEETH WILL SHOW WE ,: '.. .:|by the writer:!: Rev. Martin Luther King,
a radio-TV interview last week in Atlanta, Sen Tal- RIGHTS SJW a s unwisely as Mahatma Gandhi, as
madge stated that, if the Democrats and Republicans "vie PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH 1 the' defeat of Abraham Lincoln, are herewith
with each other to give us (the South) bayonet rule with! ,j> British rule injlndia us. Their accomplishments -
a vengence", then a third party undoubtedly would be 4 : through. are here with us. And
formed.A I:-:.::1. 'J.Gandhi's soul-,like Truth, a continuing belief -
: : '.force, and the in God,and a continuing
third.party is of course not a new idea. Even a skim- Your Weekly .. .. A'successful I 1
\ .:.: .. !fight for the Dignity of Man
examination of the of this
ming political history country '
y Montgomery
::: ; -" :they shall remain.
;::" "
would reveal an abundant record of 'splinter parties'whiclcame 1., / Alabama bus
Guide ,, .;.; ;'
into being and which shortly perished fer lack of Horoscope '' ''" iJboycott thru I
support, lack of recognition and lack of a clear definitionof Simpson Rev. King's .1oo-

'policy'. __ _- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR passive resistence. t,

The present stubborn third party threat, however,should BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL It is not long before we YOUR
not be taken any way but seriously, since it is being quite see that the written attack IS

seriously considered by a strong bloc of Southern Democrats By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES against Rev. King utterly
as the expedient retaliatory measure in the face of I fails in its ambitions to mini-I NAMEIN
ever-increasing civil rights pressures. Sentiments of Southern i i CANCER I yourself at more 'or less any.cost. .:1U.U.C: condemn and destroythe ;
Republicans toward the tri-party escape hatch is not I Born March 21 Ihru April 20.. Born June 21 thru July 22 historical impact of the THE
as easily analyzed. It is fairly positive, however, that the Something may happen to'|'I You may have some strong :16--40-55-53-39-643 Montgomery Boycott. i I
measure will have the support of members of both partiesin i;ia long journey you had opposition:, to some of your Implying defeat in the separate I
the South since a tightening of state sovereignty and I planned, or you may have worst enemy! Either you' SCORPIO'Born but similiar battles of BOOK?
the creation of at least a 'containing force' in the civil to leave sooner than you had I may "rush in where angels Oct. 23 thru Nov. 22;I these two great men, and
rights war are conclusive necessities to both parties southof I expected, which would in-I[fear to trend," or you may| This, and the opposition of weighing these suggested defeats -
the Mason and Dixon line.! creae greatly the pressure of|harbor an unnecessary" sense Mercury to Uranus, mightd j I one against the other, I
I of guilt. I' 0 something toward dis-|the editorial states in part:
work.You be writing or
Studied in perspective, however, forming of a third seeing people a great deal,I 7-70-11-67-14-771 j I turbing or altering altogether I I"Though dissimilar, the ideas,
party does not present itself as a solution to the South'sdelimma normal [your financial status and. of both Gandhi and King -
trying to hurry a (I I
Indeed, the three-party system would not only ,
friends LEO I I your business. Perhaps you share the same dreadful
unleash uninaginable confusion into a type of government process.Intellectual '|Born July 23 thru Aug. 22 i feel urged to, or have to,]|I shortcoming. Gandhi's 'soul-I II
I problems, or per-
completely alien to it, but even more, would undoubtedly may pose 'I I
enable to meet: The fortnight of the waxing draw from: your reserves in|,force' burst into violence in
destroy the comparatively healthy 'lateral' .conflict which you Moon: February 7th to order to meet some business;:the Punjab and elsewhere.King's ;I
exists between the two and which been more objectively your emo-' '(
parties, has so 'confrontation I
tional disturbances. Do not 23rd may not be n easy pe-! or seeming opportunity passive resistance in
successfully 'workable' in this country. rush compulsively into important -,;Tiod. Emotional relation re-;1 I Montgomery was social disruption -I
Moreover, the entire structure of the United States moves. lationships to friends and adventures -18-70-88-69-87-876 I pitting men againstman WITH BALLOTS
government, from the Federal to the regional, will have to 220221921229TAURUS ;, connected with the on a basic of race. Both I 1
revamped if the tri-party system is ever adopted. Upon 'theatre or some place of entertainment -I SAGITTARIUS'Born ideas are germs that breed FIGHT BOMBS
what will be created I have a ra-' Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 1-
analysis, as a guarantee against so- may ;1.
called usurpation of rights will before long develope intoa !trier drastic effect upon your!,! And as Jupiter moves into
Frankenstein of political anarchy and socialeconomicchaos Born April 21 thru May 20 finances, and upon yourmar-:I'I your Sun Sign, Sagittarius. You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

the end product of which can in no wise be en- It could be an important I.I fed life or your business as-I it exactly opposes Mars moving -
visioned. 1 sociations. into Gemini after its
week professionally, or in, 7- -55-49-54-759 long six-month stay in Taurus -: LOW PRICES
Southern politicians may or may not justified in their terms of the unfoldment : your Sixth House. This:
grim consideration of a third party. Still, it seems pain- some intellectually concerned -i F I could compel you to make:
fully obvious that if our present system of government is plan which should enhance -,I! VIRGO the jump, and it should be I On Yow-

to survive-to be improved upon-then surely another your public prestige.You 'i Born Aug. 23 thru Sept. 22 i good i for your health and
way will have to be found to preserve the sacred tradi- must be very careful,! Mercury is also involved, state of mind. DRUG STORE REEDS
tions of the South against the insatiable monster of however, in investing your I i I a* on the 14th it conjoins 4-30-77-20-76436CAPRICORN
Progress. money or financing a new!I the Sun.The issue is decidedly Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store
business enterprise in which I
; one that will affect your
I .
Chuck Payne I you would participate.Watch mental outlook, your intel Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADVERTISEDIN
for the possibility of troublein lectual beliefs or prejudices.You The financial situation and YOUR LOCAL PAPERSI
IA real estate deals, or in be assailed I
may by i its peculiar problems seem
connection with a place you doubts. Your respect for social complicated by some development -I Deliver We AIM Fffl AH Doctor Preocriptioa
[ may rent or buy for businessor
or religious authority affecting your employ
$;- professional purposes. nay be rudely shaken. ment and possibly your heal-
310331231332GEMINI Q6&79-65-968 th. But you should also be DixiePharmacy
able to cash in on some insurance -I
LIBRA 'I pelicy or social
Bona May 21 thru June 20 Born Sept. 23 thru Oct. 22 security funds.19099S998.
In the process you may They may refer at first to I II .

find yourself at odds with a'' a plan for a long journey,I YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELE--
close associate-perhaps yourmarriage or for a legal move which AQUARIUSBorn
S partner. You seem!I I might be a very dynamic II Jen. 20 thru Feb. 18 j PHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE

to be very determined to I situation which could easily There may be difficultieswith 'i ,

have your way, yet you! get out of, hand. This couldbe a child, or with some .
should avoid unnecessarily related to an artistic or I I emotional adventure. You II III h
t aggressive gestures or a f sel-: theatrical enterprise, or to may be torn between passionand
ing 0 f ruthlessness. eve c.iildren's education. Your a highter kind of friendship SUPPORT THE DRIVE

though there may actually i I mind seems very active, but and your mini maybe:
be some situation which has beware lest it. is moved essentially -restless You will no doubt
to be cleared'up in a positive *by your emotions, strive to think clearly,deep-I FOR BETTER TREATMENTOF

forceful manner. Ii or at least by your ambition,I I ly; but your emotions most:
6-10-44-12-43-612 and our eagerness to express probably will make this dif
I ficult. Yet you may reach NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMSI
the, real truth of the situation -I
GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING intuitively. Better. not would like lo see a new policy of better hutment *
I UM thls eo1IpGD. Loan more about yoUlMt 8md 11 eta (ocediiae
try to be too intellectual lo Negro customers adopted by local lira
to oath) for each horoscope odUed bj''. maD. Iadmde iiisddmeed
a :about it. I resent being called by my ilrsl name by salesman ,
stumped eaftlope. Write pIaIAIs.-1'1:18 offer: daM DOt $PP1yto i--60-11-59-12-561 and saleswomen.
r.deot8 "t the dominion ,
of 0aaad&
I bellere thai Negro patrons should be provided'
.. .... ..
IP7u -: PISCES ample rest room acfllHes in local .atabtS-'= Land
I FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER Born Fed. 19 Ihru March 20 an end put to Jim-crow. signs on drinking: fountains
KENKMGllT'- I P. O. BOX 561JACKSNVILLE .' I You may experience some and rest rooms.'
1. FLA. problems concerning Tour I To accomplish tnese ckmges: I.am wfillng to c-..

Invites You To Listen To"KNIGHT I Name I home life and relation Snip to requests patronizing firms that are. uawflHng to meet these
parents or

( TRAIN" I hddreeai I II. You al opportunities may face new, "childrcn.1 NAME '

t, assert publicly
Startjng At 7:00 P. M. Nightly i I.: a .. er saI14te -I but this could yourself mean l ] ADDRESSI .

your home a great aving'l understand: Hat my name will be Laid ...
1400 WRHC 1400 er Bert I 5 I changing residence, and you dsatial tmlecs indicated! otherwise below.
.... .
.- >..... may hesitate.
I I ( ) Too may disclose) asm. ifPage aeon
I- -- -.9-20-33-19-31-:023 say .

1 i .



Ending Saturday February 14 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page ThrN

I F -: ? -
V -
rt -- -- -
Samuel Jordan is ill in ,the The Plaza Social Club held I

Brewster Hospital. He is a member I I*its annual party recently at

of Usher Board No. 1 of : the home of Mrs. Lottie Rod- By "

Greater Macedonia* .Baptist. j i Best, and daughter, Jennie LOUISE G.
L., 1550 West: Seventh Street. GUINYARDf
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Davis, I I
I Many guests were present
1033 Scriven Street, left the +I' '
'and .
gifts were
attend the,
city recently I
followed the serving of ;
funeral of a relative in New j x a e i
York membersof i refreshments. "Curiosity killed the cat, "THEY" say. So, we try to
City They are The club will hold its next < satisfy the curiosity of many of our readers concerningthe

Shiloh Baptist* .Church meeting t ,the home of Mrs. f'd names and the meanings behind the names of some of

Mrs. Mender L. Polite is ill Bessie Mitchell, 1728 Myrtle x our ladies' clubs, especially those with foreign or unusual

at Brewster Hospital where she Avenue, February 19, with appellations. We, too, have been curious about some of -
has undergone She is :Mrs. Carrie McCadrin serving ,ys. s )).. ncti. them, so we consult our French and Spanish dictionaries,
a member of Greater Macedonia t as co-hostess. The meeting "Mr. Webster' contact a foreign language instructor,

Baptist Church and president-of: 'i will begin at 6 p. m. .. ..f'rc. telephone several individuals, and this is what we found:
the II. and H. Saving Club.. 5)' Les Juenes Flues: a club: affiliated with the YWCA.

composed of rashly energetic but pleasant young ladies.
Charlie "H 0 S s" Singletonand She is a member of the Cen- The name is French, meaning. "the Young Ladies."

wife, Sarah, former resi- I tral CME Church* Las Senoras: This club denotes Us time to playing bridge.Its .
dents of this city, now liring |I name is Spanish meaning "ihe married women"
in St. Albans, NY.. are in ;i Mrs- Georgia Pittman is n.Y I Las Boniias is another bridge club with a Spanish, name.It .
''ill at her home on Pippin has reference to 'pretty" or "beutiful" ladies.
the at
city visiting
.. .
2MO Run Street. Before returning -j I Street. Mrs. Pittman is a t /I R) .+; : //k:} S+yM.8ct 55s,7R.a \ Les Bijoux French for "The Gems," is the title given recently

to New York, they' member of the Stewardess to one of our well-known bridge clubs.: The name
will visit relatives and Board No. 1 at Fountain means figuratively something precious and priceless.

friends in Miami. :; Chapel AME Church.I .. If I l The Zenith Ladies selected an English name for their
:* I owk dwiwc.th. : :'..aawoc.'uic cetY+3a a Rx A.aaa Rar tai : : club. The name describes a wonderful group of women at

Ray Solomon of Brooklyn, '! ?\ Thelma McNeal is ill LEE--MICKINS WEDDING Participant of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Charles : the height or peak of social culture. Their pastime is

N. Y., is in the city visiting ':'at her home, 1209 Grant St., Lee. which was held in the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church. February 8 are seen in this bridge.
relatives and friends. He is a:She is a member of Fountain photo From left; Miss Marva Jones. Miss Anita Woodfin Mrs. Delores M. Mitchell I II The Entre Nous. Bridge Club: The name is definitely
former resident of this city. 'Chapel AME Church and Mrs. Dannie Carswell. Mrs. Marilyn Surcey. Mr. and Mrs. Lee. E. B., Marshall.. I French. It means 'among us" or 'between us."

He will visit friends in Miami serves in Choir No. 2. I Von Bosiick. James M. Fowler. Joseph R. Flanders. Ernest R. Wyatt. H. O. Hair. Jr.. i Les Femmes Charmantes is another bridge club with a

and other Florida .cities before and H: McMickens. Flower iris are: Alveria Robinson and. Candis Dowdell. Ringbear-I French name that so' adequately describes its members

returning to New York. Mrs. Georgia Wyatt is ill er is Jordan Daris- t "the charming ladies."
Photo-By Avery Studios !I Les Regalettes is a popular social club. The is
i Jin the Duval Medical Center.! _____ __ ___ -0 name
--- --- I French and It refers
Miss Frankie A. Lewis, an --- -------- to "royalty.
iSh e is a member of Choir
instructor at Howard Aca-, Les Trieze Amies: The name French the meaning "ihe
No.1 of Fountain ChapelI F. G. AND C. CLUB
Bells CLUB NOTES thirteen friends."
demy High School, Monti- AME Church. Wedding i
cello, was in the city recent-I!!, INSTALLS OFFICERS I Les Elites: A bridge club with a name that is, French
ly to attend the funeral of Applications for Marriage I meaning a choice or select group.
her aunt, 'Mrs. Mattie i I John Bailey and family of i!1 The F. G. and C. Social Club < Licenses EBONETTES LADIES CLUB L'AHegro Bridge Clubc "Mr. Webster tells us that this

Roberts. { 1537 West 10th Street left{I held its meeting recently at the Perry Cooper 1214 Grant St., SLATES NEXT MEETINGA : word is Italian. As an adjective It means "merry" and
j the city recently to attend It Home of Mr. and Mrs. M. C.CopcJand. age 32 and Doris White, 1244 "gay". which is so appropriie for the group that selected

Mrs. Minerva T. Brown.,the funeral service of his j 1010Vest 13th St. ,Grant St., age 24.Wm. It.
1416 Jefferson Street, is ill! father, John Bailey Sr., in Installation of officers was A. McN'cal, 1001 Myrtle( meeting for the Ebonettes: Les Meres: This group plays bridge. The name they Hare
in D u val Medical Center. '!Charleston. S. C. J,I held during the previous meet- Avc., age 50 and Cracie L. Ladies: will be held, February I chosen is French and It is used to designate matrons or
-- ------ ing. Officers designated) to serve Alexander, 1110 Rushing'St., age 27 at 8 p. m. in the home of'mothers. '

for the ensuing year are: Mrs. Mrs. Willie Bell Lowe, 1110 Les Fleurs: "The flowers' is the meaning of this French

Beatrice Copeland, president; 42.Thos.. J. Byrnes, 2352 Broad- Grothe Street. I, name selected by Jacksonville's leading whist club.

Want to Look Mrs. Alice Benekin, vice president way, age 2S and Bessie Lee Officers for the current! Feminae Graviiae; This name, we have been told, is
; Mrs. Maple I Cray Dean, Lane 2352 Broadway age 38. year were elected at the pre-, Latin and It means "Gracious Ladies." Thie club Is comprised -

recording secretary; Mrs. Maggie Grant' Daytona Beach meeting. I of a group of ultra-gracious women with a fond

Harris, assistant; Mrs. Emma age-31 and Virginia L. White, II ness for bridge. '

Wilkerson treasurer; Charlie Daytona Beach, age 30. MARECHAL GARDEN I The Kardeiies: A, group of keen bridge players. The
Frazier, chaplain; Ernest GarVin, J. O. Richardson, 1023 W. CIRCLE o name we believe grew out of the word "card."
Like a Model? marshal; Mrs. Louise Frazier 23rd] St., age 37 and Onita Up- CONDUCTS MEETING I < Although space would not permit us to include all clubs,

sinking fund] treausurer; Mrs. ton, 1312 Pasco St., age 25. |we hope that we have enlightened you about some of them.
Marie( Black sick treasurer; Mrs. James P. Vooshees 712 E. 5th .

Atelia Adams, reporter and St., age 21 and Minnie Grait 712E. The monthly meeting of i 1 Its election time for clubs and found Les
the Marechal Neil Garden many we
Lovelines. chairman of sick committee and
Open the Door to .. 5th St., 22.
Mn Harris, treasurer. age Circle was hied recently in Bijous Bridge Club holding its election meeting last Friday
Maggie Clabc Mitchell, 1811 W. 2nd
the home of Mrs Henrietta evening in the home of Miss Z e 1 m a Johnson, 1255 Hart
the key is at the St., age 81 and Sadie Mitchell, Street.
yours Kennon, 3309 N. EdgewoodAve. ,
1S11 W. 2nd St., 61. '
., with Mrs. Ada Lee,I New officers are: Miss Zelma Johnson president; Mrs.
Carl 2032 W. 6th St.age .
CHARM .Frances Richardson vice president Mrs. Grace Sykes secre-
ACADEMY of 18 and Crews.2032W. Mrs. Annie Bell Lee Mrs.Lillian ;
,BY BLUE LIGHT CLUBThe 6th St., Sylvia 19. Dorsey and Mrs. H.:tary; Mrs. Sylvester Bossard, assistant secretary; and
AND MODELING Winthropc L. Surrency 920 Kennon serving as hostesses.I Mrs. Mattie Montgomery ireaurer.I .
V 9 W W
annual party for the Blue Scrhen St., age 23 and Cecilia; Mrs. Annie Fleming, presi-I
Light Saving Club was held re- M. Campbell 512 W. Ashley dent, presided at the meet-!I. L'Allegro Bridge Club met last Saturday evening in the

cently in the home of Mr. and St,. age 23.Warren ing. College Circle home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. James.

c Mrs. John Bailey: and gifts were Kohn: Jr., Rt.I Box High scorers for the evening were Mrs. Florence Turner
exchanged by members of the 434-BB, age 21 and Celestine SEMINOLE GARDEN I and Mrs. Julia Hazzard, with Mrs. Mildred Peterson qualifying

club with Mrs. Carrie Mallard Jackson, Rt. 4 Box 438, age 19. .CIRCLE for consolation.
distributing the gifts. Roosevelt Legette, 3010 Myrtle HOLDS REGULAR MEET I Other guests included: Mrs. Vanorian Schell Mrs. Theo-

v Guests present were: John A'"C., age 49 and Eleanor I dosia Childs. Mrs. Ruth Childs. Mrs. Annette Espy. Mrs.

ty, I Bailey, Mrs. Deloris Butler Jons, 1317 W. 20th St., age 27. The Seminole Garden Cir- Lois Iszard and Mrs. Almira Wilson.
I Mitchell Oliver Mrs. Velzoro I Theron Ford 2ia5 A, Mars- cle held its meeting recentlyat t *

tXnderson_ Mrs Callia Parson, I Venus Court, age 19 and N'oreal the home of Mrs, W. L-!I The Zenith Bridge Club met recently in the home of
Mrs. Pearl Mitchell, Mrs. Mattie I L. Little 948 Pearl St., age 16. Jones, 1763 West Ninth Street! Mrs. Willie :Mae Smart, 1051 Frazier Stret.
Lucas Van Roberts Mrs. Frances with Mrs. Ditchings lead-!I Officers were elected at this meeting, and a baby shower

Robinson, Miss liable Reid, I LES FLEURS CLUB ing the discussion i I'j was given for Hubert Alexander, Jr., and Kenneth Burns,
Mrs. Dannes Daniels, D. T. Walcr : PLANS MUSICAL TEA The circle held its previous I Jr., both grndsons of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Burns.
: Addis Davis, Mrs. Ruth Dais : meeting at the home of Mrs.;I The new state of officers consist of Mrs. Catherine pre lI -

Mrs.>\. Johnson J. Mc air, L. Macon, 1354 West 11th St.'I'dent; Mrs. Willie Mae Smart vice president; Miss Mary
Mrs. Mary Jones. The Les Fleurs Social and Refreshments were served Prime recording secretary; Mrs. Janie Reynolds financial
I .
New members were welcomedto Civic Club will sponsor its and'words of appreciation by i secretary; Mrs Claudia Burris. treasurer; and Mrs. Evelyn
the club during the meeting annual Musical Tea, February -
(I Jasmin, business manager.
Mrs. H. Scruggs. ,
which was held in the home of 22 at 4 o m. at the

5 Mrs. Arnetha Wallace on Madison Ebenezer Methodist ChUrch.I.

Street. Proceeds from the, -.
--- ---- ---- .
; --
will be used to support the J' ,
; club's charities. which in-'
elude the Urban League, the| \ : Special

1 I Boys ''Parental Home, the "

CLUB ELECTS! Laura Center Street, nd PresbyterianYouth others. \ ''

A program hag been ar- .
: : '
--- Purchase
ranged for the occasion under % .
t. .
CALL the direction of Mrs.Ir- :,
__ ma Villarin. '
EL 6-7176 P _
Soloists for the affair are : ,,. ===-==--- ---=
We are enrolling kes Camellia Social :Mrs. Barbara Walker, Mrs. t tS
and Saving will 'hold its! NATURAL FLORIDA
and Miss
Wyatt '
Students Now! meeting February 14 In the!I Gwendolyn Johnson. Mrs. \ t- a WEAVE, AND MADAGASCAR -

.. .-...... home of Mrs. Mattie Pearl I I I Amy Currie, head of the ALLIGATOR IN RED,
--- ----------. ---- -- pOur Hardings, 706 Court H at 8:.English Department at New BROWN and SALMON.
m. ,
P. Stanton High School will r :" .
courses are ,
6 to 10.
has been announced by I _
develop the hidden beauty In 'serve as mistress of ceremonies -
ihs club members that the I I
for the affair.
girl and -woman! Our I
every -- -
-- --
I = -----
books for .
new members
are open -
training will help you to Be I + .
prettier" healthier and : MEXICAN FIESTA'TEA 1
a more --;-- .-
The previous meeting was
candidate for the lobs :
poised and social advantages that n. \ at the home of Miss Carolyn SLATED FOR SUNDAY ONE WEEK ONLY Beg. PrloeC95
Gamble.\ Officers for 1958 and
quire charm. confidence: and .... 1960 were elected, with Miss i i The PTA of James. Weldon
good -' 'Johnson Junior High School will : $10.95
Delaris Wright a former
t .
.. \ sponsor its annual Mexican Fi-
=. -.--.-- member' the club acting as esta Tea February 15 at 4 p.m. 14/8
cKairiaan t
; Designated oserve
in the gymnatorium of the Heel
: are:
schooL Tea bagshave been distributed .
S MODELING TRAINING Alexander president; Mrs. -
to all patrons of --
POSTURE and POISE Virginia Freeman,vice president school and ,sheets for .;.. ;
.' TRAINING r ,1 ; Mrs. Altamae Nunn, sponsor
SPEECH .patrons and friends may be secured -
-. SOCIAL GRACES # secretary; Mrs. Flossie Parson from Mrs..Sadie Braxton, -

WARDROBE & STYXJNG assistant Secretary; Mrs. general chairman of the tea. I .
S FIGURE CONTROL Mattie Pearl Harding; treasurer A musical_ program featuring S N S USE YOUR

FENCING and BALLET ; Mrs. Elizabeth Dim- talent of. the city will be ren- .
MAKE-UP can; Business! manager;Miss dered under ''the direction of "'/hAJ F.N.B. CHARGE

e.HAm STYLING :j i i Carolyn Gamble, reporter; Mrs. Sadie Gibson. Several dubs PLAN "''
Mrs.. Mary L. Pleas, saving have been ,invited to decorate (7'T' ..
Enroll Now! CALL El>6-71167: treasure;, Miss Betty Williams tables for the fiesta.The -
; :: :::; :::::: : ::::=
: :
,ffrwncinl secreta 7.Jlio&erehy..JlaeTM.u ,o :evaatsis..,:in _connection 40 -.ar n. FIUU S Y 'H ;Ja. \ V -roWeek' ; ,

-- Iain nd Krs. Mae Willie Let! .


' t.t.
S '


# .


Page Four I
THE FLORIDA si Aft Week Ending Saturday. February 14 1959

I I'r> Day:! __Spring; Church!_Choir; To Observe Anniversary; I

. ISIU UtfAKI1Ylhffloru! (tilVt: -' -A

eya S ,


o The anniversary of Choir No. 2 of the Day Spring Baptist

Church will be observed, February 16 at 8:15 p.m. in the auditorium >. / l n
of the church. 'n z w
w p.rp

Rodell F. Roberts will serve I %&A n I --
as master: of ceremonies for the ist and Mrs. Mary Floyd will l he OF DAY SPRING DEDICATION SERVICE
observance. Also appearing will the guest speaker. f PLANS VALENTINE TEA SET AT LITTLE CHAPEL

I hc the Stanto-Musi-Cho, under District No. 28 will observe a.: 5..: Valentine Tea will IH spots:, The Little White Chapel,
the direction of Mrs. O. R its anniversary February 15 at -ored Sunday by the BTU 01!f 1[ 640 West 10th Street will ob-

Smith. Mrs. Florence Johnson is 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. F. Day "Spring"B'.lptist amrdtrm 1 serve its monthly dedication
the of the Burgess. 4 to 6 p.m. at the church,
sponsor program and ,. service, February 15 at 3 p.
Mrs. Katye Strickler will he the The anniversary of District ]13: ; k -V unique program has been are', m. at the church
featured soloist for the occasion. will lx) observed, February :22 I II II \need 1 by Miss Chutlia Mae;
It was also announed that at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. : ru ;, chairman and narticipanti_ Patricia Thomas, freshman
District No. 21 will hold its Alice Butler, 511 Jessie Street i the program will be: ResI '. college student, will be the
meeting, February 15 at 3:3( I District No. 15 will observe its Y a na.Y4Y i0,. .rkyq \ xrdx"n ) Duncan, Mrs. Rosa Speed, featured artist for the program -
p.m. in the home of Mr. and :anniversary, February 22 in tlio Mrs. Lilte M. Smith, Mrs. Katye to be presented. Miss -
Mrs. Jesse Ilollis, 932: Jefferson home of Sirs. Olivia: McGJiet I : :p fiit Strirkler Mrs. Dorothv Wil- Thomas will accompany her-
Street. District No. 16 will meetat 1318 \V. 5th Street. Mrs Ethel I Ims; Miss Gail: P. Smith. Misv. self at the piano in rendition

4 p.m. in the home of Mrs Conkel will l he the guest speakerfor Carol Jean Brown. Mrs. Mary of vocal compositions.I .
Annie R. Booth, 1103 Palmett the occasion. Floyd Mrs. Indinese Everett, I
Street. A mectin will lx held -------- __ Mrs Gussie Mae \lcCln.Irs..

for District No. 18 at the horn MASTER KEYS GROUP \V' M. McKelton and Rev. OBSERVANCE: SET
ol Mrs. Ella B. E\ans, 1261 Clay, -c v V\eaver. I
Street at 4 p.m. SETS ANNIVERSARYThe Refreshment: will fa servediftfr AT SAINT PAUL

5th nniversary of the I_ the pro ram. ,

The BTU Department of Day Master Keys will be celebrated Annual celebration of the
Spring Baptist Church will '
February 23 at 8 p- USHER BOARD GIVES TEA-Members of Usher Board 2 of Macedonia Baptist birth of Richard Allen,foun-
Tea sponsor its annual Valentine: m. at the gospel concert ,to Church who sponsored a lea recently at the church are seen with their guests. Officers MT. OLIVE CHURCH der of the AME Church, will
February 15 from 4 6
at the church. Mrs. be held in the Duval Armory. of the Board are: Mrs. Essie L; Barneil Spiritual Advisor, Mrs. Annie R. GIVES SINGING ba held at St. Paul AME
Williams p.m. will be the Dorothy solo, Featured during the occa ( Lewis. president. Frank Luster vic -president. H. Burke secretary. Mrs. Lula Wallace Singing Tex: will lie givenat Church, February 15-
guest sion will be Little Richard, treasurer. Members are: Thomas Lewis Mrs. Ruth Huff Mrs. Daisy Wallace the Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist -; Dr. IL James Greene, prin-
Church 15 at ;3 :
and Rosetta Tharpe. | Mrs. Ella Webb. Mrs. Clara Coughxnan Mrs: Margarine Williams Miss Willie M. f February the Deaf and cipal of James Weldon John-

Real EstateLOANS Little Richard's quartet, Myers Mrs. Claree Barker Mrs. Alzater Wyatt. Mrs. Christine Williams Willie I Blind i m. featuring Students Singers ol the son School, will be the guest
and pianist will be featured i Davis Mrs. Idella Wade Rueben Barnett Jr., Mrs. Retha Burke Rev. Joseph Harper I. Deaf and Blind speaker for the occasion.Dr..
$ $ along with him.MISSIONARY. I Donald Bass Miss Margaret Bass. Mr. and Mrs. Bass: i School.Augustine ;C. S. Williams public rela-
----- '
i The is under the direction -'ticns director will be featur.
91,000 ,, ,OOO Sa,000 SOCIETY I I EMANUEL UNITS. of Prot. Mathew McCall. I I i ed along with other speakers. f

$..000 up to 125.000 PLANS ANNIVERSARYThe PLANS FOR RECITALA CHOIR GIVES TEAA : I The general public have been I St Paul Youth Choir andMrs.

Payable $1.00 per'mo. per bun. Hattie A. Beasley Missionary I '->\';fed: to attend the aft-ir. Alvarenia Alexanderwill

dred on unpaid balance at 6%. Society of ML Morioh Valentine Tea will IKJ sponsored i TO GIVE TEAAn i furnish music for the

Let ua help you to complete AME Church. will observe itsnniversary iwital wj1l} I he presented at by Senior Choir No. 4 and! PASTOR; TO ADMINISTER affair. Dr. Reid E. Jackson
your house or refinance S8'ee : ; February 20, according the Mt Zion Church of Godin Usher Board No. 4 of Abyssinia HOLY SACRAMENT dean and director of Christ-
to the same place. to Mrs Ethel Richardson Unity featuring Mrs. Rosetta Baptist Church, February 15 at t annual spring tea mil \be I SUNDAY ian Education for Edwards
*. Call the auditoriumof 15 at 3:30 3 p.m. in the auditorium of the Waters and St. Paul I
president, in Cohen February p.m. sponsored by District No, 14 of KINGSLAND, GA.Services College
the chuf bJ Also appearing will be Mrs. church. Melvin Grace will serveas Emanuel, Baptist Church., February Sunday at Evergreen Baptist AME Church is the sponsor
J. P. YOUNG "Choirs Ou Parade"will bethe I fuhx liohertion, Mrs: Camilla master of ceremonies for the 15 from 4 to 6 p.m. a the Church will begin with Sunday ;!.of the program

feature of the program. Sanders Robert Williams, the event. dining room of the church- School at 9:30 a.m. followed I!
Mr. Simmon or Mr. Wakh Other artists of the city will Gospelettes Singers, Cavaliers, I
Serving choir for the occasion Some of the with morning:worship at 11 a.m. '
Main mad Monroe participants to JR. WOMEN'S SOCIETY
participate in the celebration. Hannoniers, and other. Mrs. v/ill be Choir No. 4 of Mt. Ver-| with the deacons in charge of
Eli Masonic Temple Bid*. Invitations have been extended :ulie Neal: will serve as mistressof non Baptist Church'under the M.participate L. are I. C. Hands, Mrs. devotion. The'pastor Rev.G. M. I PLANS ANNUAL TEA
Phone Stcrey, Laura Ifarris.rs. ,
EL 8401ft to the missionary societies ofthe ceremonies for the occasion.
direction of Hubert Engram. I ; Estelle MizelT will deliver the sermon
EL LSD attend the anniverary. The is being sponsored lama, Mrs. Sarah
to I
city program and administer the Holy Communion -
Also in the Smith Ted Storv and the Rev.S. 'I The Junior'om'n's Missionary -
bv Mrs./N. L. Hodges. participating: oc-
s; at" 3 Choirs 1 and
casion are Miss Irene Allen. L. Badser. pastor. p.m. Society of Second Baptist
2 and Usher Board 1 will serve I
Miss Betty Putmart Mrs. A1- District No. 18 will sell chicken Church will sponsor its annual
c ')('rt.\ 'Richerson, Mrs. Josey I dinners February 14 :at the throughout the day. I pre-Spring tea February 22 in

P E CIA: L Vflly, Mrs Alberta Grooms ;,,1 home of Mrs. Annie McKee\cr, the basement of the church from
S REV. W. M. HILL ..
J 0
5:30 with
\ Mrs. Jeanetta Mun in, Johnnie :i 2070 Wccdiide .\\' ::lie. 10)0: > to p.m. Mrs Lu-
Thomas and his trio, Henry A mtetjiv'' for District Xo. 3 TO RENDER SERVICE \::I cile Scott serving as ch:tin nan of

+r-t Gardner Mrs. Harriett Kelly, I will! IMJ !ield Sunday at 3:30 p.m. I the! program committee.

ggNew Miss Mablc Taylor the Allen in i the Ix.>e -ie:'t of the church The Rev.V.. M. Hill pastor ofMt. Ii i "Fellowship"will Itc the
TechniqueNoExtra! \ \Cost Trio! Miss Wessie Mae Samuel|I':and the shoe rally will terminateat Calvary Baptist Church will theme for die event and seven

EH: tI t.. t and Mrs. Mary Hallback. j : the dos of the meeting. Dis- he in charge of er"iCal I tabLwill; be fe-turw'J by the
NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME WE OFFER*'PERMA-STO IN THE 1! trict Xo. 4 will meet at 3 p.m. Betheleltem Baptist. February various committees. Chairmen
COMPLETELY NEW SUPER-IMPOSING TECHNIQUE-AT NO EXTRA at the chur.h.District 25 at 8 p.m. lIe will l he accom- of the table are: Mrs. Annie L.
tttlll: '. COST INTRODUCTORY LOW PRICE IS GOOD FOR A.LIMITED MT. OLivE BAPTIST I Xo. 10 will hold its panied by Choir No. 3, Usher Huff finance; Mrs. Frances
'. TIME ONLY, SO ACT AT ONCE WOMEN'S DAY meeting at 3 p.m. at the home Board No. 2 and congregation Rhoulac, courtesy: ; Mrs. Gladys
.... -I t I Ii It of Mrs. Ida Dorsey, 1525: Ever- A trip around the world will Benjamin distress; Miss Esther
| j green Avenue. District No. 13 be sponsored by Choir No. 2 on James, music; Mrs. Tasker Jenkins -
i MVS. Vicey James was elected will meet at 4 p.m. in the homeof February 14. Various stops will I social; Mrs. Ruth Bryant
\ t general chairman for the annual '< Mrs. Maggie lucid, 1345 Mc-I 1 lie rnide The f final stop will ben missionary; Mrs. Rosa L. Hagins.l ,
ERMA-5TO il women's obsrvance at Mt. Olive I I'Pfimitive 'Conihe Street. A meeting, for ;. \\"tconnelt.: !benevolent; Mrs. Mary( A. Flan
E" which will ', District Xo. H will! be IieU decoration and
.i' Baptist at District No. 9 will sponsor uhor ders art; Mrs
--- .
.... .) .s ,.' 011 I terminate March S. '&, Ir-nt .'f Mr and Mrs. John I ;:) tt.i. February: from 4 Cola McCoy. tea bag chairman
8eauty Pe mane fce ,. :$trengfh { Other officers elected Mitchell, 15S.3 Iris Blvd. i
i were: M ,- (j:1"1.: jt the home ot Mr and and Mrs. Alberta J. Williams
-- I 1 Mrs. Edna Mae ''Thomas !nolia Gardens II.
t; TIn cochairman Mrs./ M. Hayes, 5214 Mays Dr.I president.
Porter. ---
Mrs. Rosina ---- -
; '-----
combination with other materials Perma-Sfone Is engl-:. secretary; Mrs. Willie Mae Jones ,'
neered to suit the style of your home. Wide choice of beautiful "t assistant Mrs. Esther Stephens
; .
stone designs textures colors. ,' ..... treasurer; '"Mrs. Gloria F. Best.chairman" r_, -i: j OWEN CHIROPRACTIC, ..... -;;-
of committee t. 1
: ''
program .
Mrs. Thelma F. Harris publicity <" I G' CLINIC -
:,,:,, ;: ,! 't y< chairman; Mrs. Alma Minus, tag .fU; 3215 MAIN STREET --- --j:
"' '7"': chairman; Mrs. Leola B. Solo- ..- r. .". J r
J' J
i ," 1 ti man, sponsors and ad chairman; ... 'L i4 J ARTHRITIS
t. 1r. ,
Mrs. A. M. Frazier chairmanof \1'
0 ,.
Arthritis is the condition affect. 4 v' -
: most common : ac
... t
'. Sunday School. '.
j [1..*-*, .! m Sipw-lmpKlag. Ttckiqvt "' Miss Deloris Rodgers, chair- I Ing and disabling persons of 40 and over today. 'l '' ; .
I ; ; sins ixtMdtd kdgt with pi.t .- f :-- '. ." of ; Arthritis affect moveable the ,
man BTU Miss Nelouise t may any Joint In ,1
f ....,.. sk d.. !Ii.! .-a drilinj flKt.. ", j(
,. ,' Sample Miss Celestine Dubois DR OWEN body but it usually begins in the hand feet. DR. GREESON

t ';;-- ,:: ;;, of and decoration Mrs. Amy and Smith flowers, chairman knees. shoulders or back. The area around joints may become tender. red. swollen r:
'. ., : .,. ; Mrs. with the pain worse in the morning and gradually seeming to leave you after you
> Messie -Mae Johnson, chairmanof Am
-- around. You feel tired and restless when the
'"."". move may pain Is worse. In the early
.t- .- ushers and Mrs. Rod
I t Maggie stages.j the pain often seems to leave completely for a few weeks only to come back "
chairman. '
gers hospitality
: .-.'I' i I Other officers will be worse later. i
L. 't announced AA A Doctor of Chiropractic Is trained to find and correct the basic cause of your
:\1.i 1. later. Ay condition. Time may allow your condition to become worse. A Chiropractic examination .

is urged for you to find If relief can be yours.
MRS. DAVIS 22ND and Main Street EL. 6-0186 Jacksonville FloridaSHOP '
... .
a HONORED BY I. .. "'" .. 'b"- ""- 'L "'- "-


Members of Shiloh Baptist C
i Church ]ionored Mrs. E. Clifford -

: Save $$$ Modernize Your Home with D \" !.'wife of the :Ministerof
I' now r I Music' ,with a welcome banquet
the church her
at following
Perma-Stone During this BIG SPECIAL EVENT! arrival in the city J

Among the guests presentwere
Coleman Oscar Brown, L. B.
; Baety. Airs. Mable Davis, Mrs. AND .SAVE
Be Sure To See Louella Price Mrs.Lilouise Mc- .. AT YOUR NEARESTDAYLIGHT ..
Cray Mrs. Susie Keith, Mrs.
Our Display At VISIT OUR OFFICE OR PHONE US Alice Roberts, Mrs. Fannie

Brown Louis Brooks Mrs. Mary .
Chambers Mrs. STORE -
MAKERS 'Mary Cunning-
THE HOME PERMA-STONE, ham Mrs. Thelma Sampson .

SHOW Mary Levi Mrs. Mattie Echols,
I, SERVICE Robert Weston, Davis Thomas )
.', Miss Dorothy Pinkney Mrs. M. BE STJHE TO VISIT OUB NEW STORE AT v21t '. .. .
Dwml County Armory FL 3-7734 F. Royster, Mrs. Ora Brooks,
i i" ? ?a-n3e? ; __ ,? Willie P. Shavers, Mrs: Janice &:. MONCR1EFPhT -
brury 1920.91t t ,". ; Evans Mrs. Ernestine B. Denton .' :' v ?. of FeUsg Spac.-. Jr : !

'. .- -- ., ....... ... .- .... .. and Raymond Arnold. -- .- .
.q- '' : t f'T : 1I -
u.? t .. .'_. ...'





Week Ending Saturday. February 14 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Five

J .-. ...... .


I The Firms Listed Below Are Recommended Ac Ffomitrrhle Establishments "" 'I

,. .. "- Specializing Serve-es'' and Products "" "." ...- "'" ". "-. ".. "

: :>'... : I --- -- -- ---- 1 -- -- --

. 8 Y p NnJ Timiquana Road Trading Post INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Jones Institute of Physical Culture SOUTH ATLANTIC SAW SERVICE 1

Complete Garden Supplies I 641 West State Street .EL 69432 School Of Barber Beauty & Massage All Kinds of Hard Tooth Band Saws
w Fertilizer Fruit Products Colored Owned and Operated Blades Sharpened and Sold 4

.z -New and Used Furniture bought and sold I GETER & BAKER FUNERAL HOME 'Tarn As You Learn 1526 Gary Street EX 8-9504
564 Timiquana Road SP 1-3762 812 Clay Street EL 46005SOUTH
Serving Jacksonville & Duval ACE RADIO & TV SERVICE
for 50 Years
County over "
.e AUTO PAINTING COMPANY ,767 West Beaver Street EL 4-1812 OIL COMPANY OF FLA. 30 Years In ElectronicsAll

t tPRESEITS : Complete Body Repair & Paint Work. Phillips 66 Products \ Work Guaranteed .

-:- Oven Baked Paint Jobs -:- CARTER'S FUNERAL HOME Flite Fuel,Gasoline 943 Forest Street EL 4.6804AVERY'S

Price Start at $4.00 Trop-Artic Motor OUIt.s
24 Hour Ambulance Service
r "
'1532 East Adams Street. EL 5-8135 Colored Performance That Counts' STUDIO
Homes Since 1318
I Serving
1721 Franklin Street EL 6-7681
I O. C. Jernigan. owner S. L. Davis mgr, Commercial Weddings Home Potraits
\ A and R TRIM SHOP 929 West Beaver Street EL 4-0545-6 Yes we do It in color also

1525 Main Street EL 5-8091 Royal Crown Bottling Company 61TWest Ashley- Street EL 4.76954+

Custom Made Seat Cover Holmes & West Funeral Home 1235,San Marco Blvd FL 9-4488 ,4

well-known, radio disc jockey I A&WGARAGEComplete -Ambulance Service- AVENUE B SUPERMARKETFair Meet Your Friends Here j
wh oreccntly entered the public 1 (Notary Public)
relations field with the iormd-t i Overhaul and Repair Service- 2719 West Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1641 Prices 736 Davis Street EL 4-1705

tion of COVERAGE IXC has ;,' For All Makes and Models Courteous Service -

announced that the new organization : p Terms Can Be Arranged Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home "We Deliver Orders Above $3.00" ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE t

will sponsor Us fiat; promotional : 710, Ocean Street .. EL 5-2582 24 Hour Ambulance Service 5673 Avenue B PO 5-1103 Septic Tanks Cleaned & Serviced

project The Home-i 1337 Davis Street EL 4-6896-7 M & M MARKET 1388 Agnes Street PO 4-1460 1
makers Service Show which will Auto Body And Fender Repair
be held at the Duval County Fresh Meats
Vitalyte Battery Sales & Service ADAIRS HOUSE OF FLOWERS
Armory, Feb. 19 thru 21. Open 7 a.m to 6 pm -
The show will feature exhibitsof Z404 Laura Street EL 5-9828 Batteries $6.95 & up 504 Davis Street EL 5-1532 Flowers For All Occasions

several products and goods Guaranteed For The Life of Your Car Members of Jhe FNB charge plan +

from numerous local firms. I AAA BONDING AGENCYCity Free Pick-up GENERAL UPHOLSTERY SHOPWe 328 West Forsyth Street .

The popular deejayvho! is County and Federal Bonds 3711 Main Street EL 5-2094
also the PR man: for the new Law EL 51932QUICK Specialize In STANDARD FEED STORESWe
Exchange Bldg.
Convertible Tops Door Panels
Ponce DeLcon Raceway which Appreciate Your PatronageWe
opens Feb. 20 with'accomoda- Headliners Furniture Slip Covers Deliver
tions for colored fans announced; I SERVICE MATTRESS CO. One-Hour Service 3227 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4.8114 839 Florida Avenue EL 5-8064 -

that a highlight of the Service p Mattress Renovating Our Specialty Pick-up & Delivery 1282 Kings Road EL 4-1322,
{ will be the appearance of Mi s. : One Day Service 760 Florida Avenue EL 5-9745 \NA R. DAVIS DRESSMAKERDrapes 4

.Ethel Spears and her models 8703 Old Kings Road PO 5-1634 & Slip Covers MYRTLE AVENUE BARGAIN 1
who will serve as hostesses. i ONE HOUR CLEANERS 4
Dress Making HOUSE
CAVALIER CLEANERS 911 West Ashley Street EL 6-1830 526 Davis Street EL 6-8077 Cigars Cigarettes
II 612 W. Ashley Street EL 4-1629 Milk Bread and Ice Cream
ETS de ART MODELS I I I 21st and Myrtle 814 West 8th St. Mussallem Rug Cleaning CompanyRug HEYMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1511 Myrtle Avenue EL 4-9759 j

,914, Davis Street 1302 Davis Street Cleaning Specialists Ladies Ready To Wear

Choir 3 of St. John Baptist, Over 44 Years Experience Gents Furnishings. MOM'S KITCHENHome
Church will the Ets del
sponsor << ACE FISH MARKET 1922 Phoenix Avenue EL 6-7117 -Complete Line of Shoes- cooked meals served
Art Model> in a Spring Fashion i 24 hours-
Fresh Seafood In Season 801 Davis Street EL 4-2695 7
Revue on Tuesday evening, Feb.; days a week
24 in the auditorium of Oakland'' 701 Florida: Avenue EL 3-7531 i FLORIDA RUG CLEA'NERsUpholstery 1285 Kings Road EL 4-9321
Elementary school. The modelsare I Cleaning

under the supervision of AIR BASE FURNITURE COMPANY Wall-to-Wall Carpets Cleaned In Home FRESH. HOME HADE I STRAND HOT DOG STAND
Mrs. Ethel Spears and they will Home 3620K St. Johns Avenue EV 8-1067 SAUSAGE DAILY 641 West
Complete FurnishingsWe Ashley Street
feature the latest creations for 646 Flordia Avenue EL 6-3308-9 EL 4.9303

the spring and summer season. Invite Your Credit
Other models to appear are: ,,2627 West Beaver Street EV 7-4671 JOHNS FURNITURE COMPANY LA CONGO BEAUTY PARLOR FLAMINGO RESTAURANT
Misses Yvonne Daniels, Helen Furniture & Appliances
: -:- Specializing 35 Cents Plate
Free Scalp Treatment with Hair Style -:- i
Patton, Agnes Banks Gloria I i A. I. SECOND HAND STORE Low Prices Easy Terms Homemade Pies and Cakes 1
Brawn, Barbara Spears, Mrs. I I, 928 Florida Avenue EL 60478FRED'S During the Month of February 718 West
Ashley Street
Barbara Reed, Mrs. Barbara II Better Used Clothing Mrs. Rosa Lee Speed operator EL 6-9169
Bentley. For Men Women and Children 811 Davis Street EL 49530TOBY'S

Mrs. Beulah McCIellan will -:- Household Rummage Reasonable -:- FOOD MARKET AA BOTTLED GAS & FUEL CO.
2155 Edison Avenue EL 6-0186 Fresh Fruits Vegetables
serve as narrator for the pro BEAUTY PARLOR We specialize In serving trailer parks

gram. t A to Z SIGN COMPANY 301 Davis Street- Free Delivery EL 4-924C Specializing in Hair Cutting- Also At 100 lb. cylinders or bulk tanks
Styling Scalp TreatmentMrs. your home for your convenience
r :: LETTERING :: 15845
GRANT MEMORIAL Duval Road PO 5-3561
Service Moderate Prices Tabitha Taylor prop. .
SLATES SERVICE'After Gold'Leaf Trucks Glass Sho-Cards 615 Davis Street EL 4-9812
You Want The Finest In Groceries BUBBA'S COFFEE SHOP
416 Oak Street EL 3.5100
And Meats Come See Us
Service will be conduc- WORKING MOTHERS Home Cooked Foods _
A and W Vacuum Cleaner Service 300 Davis Street EL 6-5412 617 West
ted in the Grant Memorial AME Will Keep Children Ashley Street EL 4-9701
Church, by the Rev. W. E. .- Guaranteed Repairs & Parts -
Young, pastor of Tabernacle I On All Makes .. Batteries Generators Starters 1336 McConihe Street EL 6-8369 JULIA GEORGE 5 & 10 CENT
Baptist Church, February 22 at -
8:30 p.m.Solomon. I 1143 Mary Stree FL 9-7979 Regulators Auto Repairs STORE) __

Small is sponsoringthe Delivery Service Mahoney Terminkx Termite ControlS Courteous Treatment

service for the benefit of I; Standard Home Improvement Co. 1050 Broad Street EL -Complete Termite Control r- Open 8:30 to 7'p. m.

the annual Men's Day celbration I Home Improvements Of All Types- -:- Building Materials -:- 306 Davis Street EL 4-1210
which is scheduled for March 15. 3-5-11 Year Financing ATLANTIC BATTERY SERVICE 414 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 4-1768

j 5953 Roosevelt Blvd. EV 7-4619 Reconditioned BatteriesAll WILLIE SMITH DRUGSFree

ST. MATTHEW BOARD I ROBERTS NEW & USED FURN. Price Kinds-of$5.00 Battery and Service up SUSIE SIMMONS CATERERS delivery any part of the city

GIVES ANNUAL TEAA I Distinctive Catering -.:- OLD .RELIABLE _:_
Home Furnishings For Every Room 520 Florida Avenue EL 5-4900
1571 West 7th Street EL 42227Washington's 601 West
i Ashley Street EL 4-1380
502 Florida Avenue EL 448.0 .
Valentine Tea will be, TOWERS HARDWARE STORES Health Service Mr.
Coleman's Service
sponsored by Usher Board Automotive Repair Auto Painting Station
No. 1 of St. Matthew Baptist! Everything In Hardware BodyWork 24-hour Wrecker Service "Abundant Health 'Is Rightfully Yours" Magnolia Gardens

Church, February 15 from 4 Paints Garden Supplies AAA Service Free Estimates Try Swedish Massage Mineral Steam BathsD. 2564 Edgewood Avenue PO 5-1766
to 6 p. min the home of i 2391 W. Beaver EV 8-4898 All Work Guaranteed :- C. Washington. Masseur-Same Location .

:Mrs. Louise Brown, 2222, 8th and Main Streets EL 4.7511 2949 West Beaver Street EV 9-3418 For 23 Years Bishop's Gulf Service Station
934 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 42478CHARLES

A program has been arranged General Auto Repair Bigger Profits Use X-tra Good JOSEPH GROCERY -Car Wash-
for the occasion with 1005 Florida
Specializing In Motor Tuneup"Generator. Dependable Feeds Mixed Fresh Daily Avenue EL 4-9915
:Mrs- R. L. Smith as the Groceries Meats Fruits Vegetables
Starter and Carburetor Servict 2762 West Beaver Street EV 8-2608
speaker. Others to appear on.i J. H. HOUGABOOK. Prop. Free Delivery LANE'S CHICKEN SHACK
the program are: Mrs. Ida 1361 Kings Road EL 4-3659 MIKE'S GROCERY 1002 Florida Avenue EL 6-976!
Scott, Mrs. L. Brown, Mrs. Southern Fried Chicken Bar-B-Que
A.- Perry, Mrs. Ruby Lewis,II r Young's Amoco Service Station Staple Fresh Groceries Meats MEYER'S SERVICE STATIONMotor We Cater To Private Parties .
Chicken In the Box To
Mrs. :Marie Robert Carry Out
-, '
-Tune-up and Brake Service- Open 7 to 7 .
Williams, Mrs. LucileLuster Tune-up & Repair 1446 N. Myrtle Avenue EL 6-9876
General Motor Repair & IgnUion'Service- 2015 Broadway EL 6-9182
:Lubrication Simonizing Wax
-, Washing
Louise Har
2506 West Beaver St. at McDuff EV 9-9449 I
grove and the Rev. R. L. : EBONY BARBER SHOP Mechanic on Duty at All' Times TIP LICHT'S RESTAURANT '
Smith pastor. NELLIES PIE SERVICEFresh 1001 N. Myrtle Ave. EL 6-S460
Hair Cuts Our Specialty Home-EL 4-5376 Home Cooked Meals _
Pies Daily. Ladies Children Gents GOOD COFFEE
UF ENROLLS SECOND I Potato Pie Our Specialty-From fresh Open 9 a.n. to 8:30 pm. Sat. 8 ill 11 2937 Myrtle Avenue EL 4.9329
GAINESVILLE The University 1429 Steele Street EL 3-6864 ECONOMY DRUG STORE Real Estate Mortgage Loans SKINNER'S FLORIST
& Precripuona Rents Collected
of Florida Graduate: ABE MEIDE GROCERY & MEATS Drugs Patent Medicines 410 Broad'' Street EL 4-6204 Flowers For All Occasions
School l has announced 1514 N. Myrtle Ave.
a EL 4-7275
Staple and Fancy Groceries Fruits 900 Kings Road at Davis EL 4-4707
local high school teacher became Vegetables Fresh Meats Daily ., Seaside Fish & Poultry Company
the second Negro to''Cn- Free Delivery REED TAILORS .. EASTSIDE HOISERY SHOP
I Fresh Fish Dally
roll in the University.. She will -
take I Open Dally 7 to 7 Sunday to 11 a.m. .Jacksoaville's Only Distributor of 813 West Beaver Street EL 42905Farmer's Attend Our 7th Anniversary Sale
a single graduate
"Professidaal service" which I 1132 Kings Road EL 4-3736 Tailor Supplies and dealers Supplies 1062 Florida Avenue EL 6-0612
I j 519 Broad Street EL 4-1735 Service_ Station
one evening a week. TIRE 'N TUBE
[ .
The Lincoln High School instructor MORELAND TIRE SUPPLY Motor Repair & Tune-Up: Les Charmette Beauty Salon
Goodrich Tires-Exide Batteries-Recapping Gas & Oil
trance in bold the College qualified of for Educa-en- "Use Our Easy Pay Plan" Amaco Gas & Products-Full Capping Tires Road Service Special Attention to Hair & Scalp Treatment

tion school She registered for 700 West Adams Street EL 4-1616 I.- For A Better Deal-,Try. Moreland Deal 358 S. Myrtle Avenue XL 5-8141 1427 Dam Hair Culling and Styling
the in-service course by mail 1161 Kings Road EL 3-6203 [:3409 Myrtle Avenue;; > EL .4-9451 Street EL 6-9907
and Mim's Gulf Service ,Station .
her first class met Tuesday
night Complete Car Lubrication COOK'S OIL SERVICE

George Starke Jr., law student "At Your Service* Keroceae: -Fuel Oils I. Open Dally 7 A.M., to 9 P.M Prompt Delivery ,
from Sanford was the first Negro .NEW DEAL CAB EL 4-1611 Over 50.Years"Service Jacksonville' 2055 Wed Beaver Street EL 4-9459 Our 38th Yea- of Sensce _

to enroll after a U. S. .District LINCOLN CAB EL 4-1611 2029 Boulevard EL 3-3643 I '- 5505. Balsa Street EL M796EL
Court Order P. MENDEZ, Tailor. ,
last 'June to de-
'segregate the University's graduate : ._ Cuban Tailor THRIFTY
schools. He. satisfactorily We Deliver Fuel.Oil "Baked Oa Enamel" Ladle & Gems Suits-Made to OrderAlteration Where DRY CLEANERS

completed his first semester Accurate Mates Delivery. -" .. -- Wreck BebidU" -: .:.- & Repairs 0u1Ur Counts _

workk-and is now beginning his, 6339; Avenue B ..: ,' PO:4-9611. 680. .Em list >Street EL 3-5460 l 188 Broad Street EL4-9778 1238 Davie s
secimd _.- '-c. ,.""! .:i" .. anus
: -semester -* .j ,
: : .- -
"< -



.>, .

:: ::
'."-' .... ;; .

Pa'ge Six THE FLORIDA STAR --. Week Ending Saturday February 14 -1959

"-. ':'"'",-. "- ',: ."-.,.: : : : : ',: ,: :':

I ",,, .- -: 0 ::!: : "", ;

of Up-to-Date Medical Knowledge ,;"


Encyclopepia Of Medical Self-Help $* .<"> ON DELIVERY

A ready reference book on all questions of health and Disease of body and mind, from infancy to old age. With its.1600 00 PER WEEK

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aim, of this great: book is to help you to "Keep Healthy-Stay Live Long." Every man and woman, young and old, and s

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: '- ; % rr
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; f -. Prevello'n nd detailed Treatment
; ,'_ :. / ; 7. Symptoms Diagnosis.
2 '\ i -fI of all generally known diseases of men. women and child-

J' 1-1 ,. % A. ',kl > ren.Anatomy-body structure. PhysIology-body functions.

+s* .: ;{ Personal and mental hygiene. Alcoholism Allergy Cancer.
\ ? ''h Venereal disease. All diseases of the male. and female

\l r ,genitals. First aid in emergencies. Abnormal psychology

v ,. ,. : mental diseases and psychosomatic medicine. Diseases ofrT
; : i the skin ear nose heart lungs liver Wood glands. sto-
\ / mach, intestines kidneys bladder and prostate. High blood"

":.f :' 'f:' 1t (iV pressure. Low blood pressure. Diabetes. Food for health,
91 a (ut and long life. Diets in health and disease. Description

d ,''r ,. analysis and valuation of every individual article of food
rye' 'II S .. in tae American' diet. Preparation of food for the well person -
,, i. .. and for the ill. Nursing and care of the ill personA
r. r .r ; Chronic heart ailments and other chronic diseases-how lor .
I live a long and ueful life in spite of them. Love and mar.4 '"
: ; %: riage. Pregnancy prenatal care. Childbirth without dread.
J"': ; ?; drugs or anesthesia. How to deliver a baby. Infant and.4:
child care and feeding. Change of life in men and women.,-:
Sexual hygiene. sexual information for children and ado-!
: = .. 1it: lescents. Underweight. overweIght. weight reduction with
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# "
t years.

T _


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:J": r Kay Wilson The News & Observer Raleigh. N. C..
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_w4 original proved are *
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:.... i rS '. / ."
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x .-
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x Home Libraries Research Co. Of Fla., Inc
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0 a

.. .

Week Ending Saturday. February 14 1959 _

,II Middleweight JitleBout.. May SeJ-leld I In May Or June I

---- --- ---- .
\ I champions and gold footballsto
.... !I BREWSTER CLUB r member of the All-
: each
U P ,, ?_ 'J; :; City team, through the solicitation
...-r -,""",: ; ., : {: ,I .GIVES TROPHY Men's Club.of the Brewster

BY C. PARHAM JOHNSON ,. ....,.- 1 1i '
The same program is being
:\ : I TO 'PANTHERS' followed this year by the-
ORLANDO C E P E D A first baseman. WILLIE KIRK- and the request of a group i i club. The trophy presentedto
LAND and LEON WAGNER outfielders of the San FranCisco -,of Negro citizens to reopen -l. ., I I .1, the "Fighting Panthers"of
Giants were fined a total of $750 for conduct unbecoming the parks were turned.The '. .#' : '.. s.I Matthew W. Gilbert, city
a baseball player in the Winter League. Kirkland group also made an attempt'' I Champions of 1958 was Boated -

and Wagner were fined $250 apiece and barred from win to have a Negro placed on '- ., .' A beautiful trophy was_ directly from the Brew-
attempt ,
and that -
ter baseball for a year by Baseball Commissioner Ford the parks board W ster Men's Club and likewise
awarded the .
Frick. Kirkland and Wagner left the league without per also failed. will be the gold footballs
mission. Cepeda was fined $200 for throwing a ball into I LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHTCHAMPION ,. Gil b e r t Fighting Panther that will be given the All-
crowd after they had thrown fruit'bottles and beer cans ARCHIE the I F: : .. championship team last Friday -' City team members.
*-him. 'MOORE was awarded night by the BrewsterHospital
at at
J Neil award as, Attending the banquet
and.- : r '
WES COVINGTON Men's'Club as atriute -
Gilbert led AdministratorJack
i of the Year. Moore by
J Bill Bruton have come to:I the near fatal accident. i,Fighter Was also winner of the S.I > to the winning of the H. Whittington, President -

terms with the Milwaukee BIG JIM: GRIBOSKI, the Rae Hickock award as the city championship I "Morse, were J. Nixon,
Braves and signed their contracts -' 6 feet, 9 inches, 295 pound professional athlete of the I I club vice president, Harold
but H a n k Aaron isI I sandlot baseball player recently year. Moore received 248, The Brewster Men's trophy -.Ferguson, Ellis Morse, Lu-

still among the dissatisfied.)< signed a contract to, points to nose out Johnny was awarded by President -cious Clark,J. Gardner"Nip"
General Manager Birdie Teb-|play football with the Philadelphia -i,Unitas, Baltimore Colts bril- ; J. Earl Morse and J.I Snms and C. Parham Johnson -
betts is having a little trouble Eagles of the Na- liant quarterback who received tx Gardner (Nip) Sams, with I' The .entire membershipof
bringing Aaron and some tional Football League. He 226. Moore has announced ,. the the club could not be pre-
President making
of the other Braves to terms.;I will be one of the biggest that his greatest am- :sent
ERNIE BANKS, the hard players in the game. He wasa :bition before he retires from presentation speech. The trophy : Charles F.James

hitting shortstop of the Chicago member of the Philadel-,the ring is to get another QUEEN OF THE COURTS-Althea Gibson is shownas was received by co-cap-1 mentioned Principal a great deed done
Cubs and the National phia Sphas, a pro basketball i crack at the heavyweighttitle. she receives "Woman Athlete of the Year" Award tain Cicero Bell. I the Brewster Administrator -
L e's Most Valuable] team, and toured with the coach. The !by
e a g u from Sidney Lewellen well known tennis ,
Brewster Hospital is a hos- Jack H. Whittington coa'cerning -
Player for 1958 represented Harlem Globetrotters. I A N EPIDEMIC OF DIVORCE presentation is being made in behalf of the 100 Per (I' member of the
baseball on the panel of celebrities -:I'! HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION CASES appear to be I Cent Wrong Club an Atlanta. Georgia sports group pital that is serving Jacksonville -.'t'"Fighting a Panther" team.

at the Phoenix Press FLOYD PATTERSON raging among professional 11 which is sponsored by the Atlanta Dally World with and all surrounding:*:Principal James also asked
Box Association's tenth' annual I:|and Middleweight champion' athletes. It eppears that the the cooperation of the Atlanta Life Insurance Companyand sections and the Brewster ,the administrator to make
Sports Award Dinner I i Sugar Ray Robinson have ,water has been rough on the the Coca Cola Bottling Company. The award is Hospital Men's Club is one! remarks. M r. Whittington
held earlier this month. He made promises to the National ,sea of matrimony for the of presented to outstanding athletes annual I
I one many of the volunteer groups servo.1 premised( the full cooperation
was joined by Andre Rodgers -1 1m Boxing Associationthat ;(Most Valuable Player 111 the!I Ii ly. Miss Gibson is two times winner of the World re- and .of the hospital and its facilities -
the doing a L
Class.AAA batting they will defend their i,National ,League Shortstop knowned tennis matches and several championships in ing hospital i! -
champ. I championships in the very I Ernie Banks and the missis.'I her country.iBASILiO. great job in a civic manner,.i, .
near future. Sugar 'Ray ----- -------- -- Their work is not confined l,
ROY CAMPANELLA. one was Banks is the great shortstop ----- .
of the most popular men in I threatened by the NBA of of the Chicago Cubs. Dick strictly to the hospital but.

the country at this time was I taking his title unless he defend I(Night Train) Lane outstanding -:i IS NAMED LOGICAL ., I wherever .a helping hand is Secure LEARN Drivers'TO DRIVE License
chosen "Citixen of iheYear"by I I it. Robinson said he I halfback of the Chicago I worth' J
the Sports Lodge of B'nal, would defend in May or June I Cardinals and Mrs Lane needed to put over a SAFEWAY DRIVING ]

fl'rith of New York. Cam."and' the general opinion is::,were also having. family CONTENDER FOR SUGAR RAY while project. SCHOOL *

panella who came near losing -,' that his opponent will be I. troubles which seemed to be Fqur years ago the club 600 West Beaver Street
his life in an automobile I'Carmen Basilio. '!headed for the divorce courts.I BY PARHAM JOHNSON ,
was invited by the Jacksonville Office ELgin 5-7742
accident has received several THE CITY PARKS of: COLLEGIATE BASEBALLis -- I
I has come from Sugar Ray Robinson Charities, Inc. to help: Res. ELgin 4-0639
awards and citations since'Montgomery are still closed. beginning to take on life Nothing definitely ,
,'and the opening of the season -, concerning a middleweight title fight with Carmen Basilio, prumote the first professional; GEORGE PERPENA Dir
s s
J is near at hand. FloridaA ut it appears almost certain that Sugar Ray will I football game to be playedin
ADVERTISE. & M University which always -Us title aeaL'it Carmen Basilio in May or June. Jacksonville and because,I

turn out some of the Basilio, the man who won( I lot the fine work done by the I i, i tI
best players in the business. |! the title from Robinson and for his'singing career.1ollowing I I
IN FLORIDA STARLILLY'S Many of the Rattlers have|:then lost it again appears to;( the first fight in I'I club under the dynamic leader -! .
and ?hip of J. 'Earl :Morse, the
played som'e professional,be in tip top shape' says'whcih Basilio took the crown I I f
s s s ball after leaving the campus. he is ready for the match: from Robinson, Sugar Ray I I club has worked hand in
I SMOOTH SAILING TIL'anytime it comes because he,lauded the courage of Basilio;;hand with the Jacksonville I 'PATRONIZE
WE :MEET AGAIN. h.s::! been waiting a long time,,
; and said he is a great fighter -, Cnarities through a 11 ,the I
: for the chance to regain the. "I don't think he is the I that followed.
.' I title. toughest fighter I ever fought i 1 Star Advertisers
.,-- : Very recently, the National -,.Jake Lamotta was the toughest -J Last year the Jacksonville,
1907 Kings Road at Spires ; FAMU BASEBALL Boxing Association informed They just don't come any i Charities, Inc., presented atrophy i I S SOI

... : Sugar Ray that he would(tougher than that fellow was,,[ to the Stanton High I
I either fight in the near future -!but I'll say-this though, Ba-I II s ..,.
Where Experienced i School Bli u e Devils, city I : --
Pharmacists Prepare ,! or lose his middleweight:silio hits hard enough to let:
,!i title Robinson answered the know he's in 'there,"
you -- ------- .
Your Prescription Ac- .e:=
> association by telling them:,Robinson said. ,_. '
cording to your doctor'sinstructions kv ; b, SLATE' a.- 7 IPAlMS
Using < ;,,that they couldn't scare ] When the next bout ma-'F
"" I because there were champ"ions -.
only the best quality terializes, if it should, it will
who have not
drugs. 'I TALLAHASSEE The|him since winning Amongthe i i be the third meeting of the I NOWOPEN!
Florida A & M; University champions named was t\y& with each fighter winning r
Dr. O. E. Black Fhannadsta Dr. W. J. Graham baseball Rattlers have sche-:I II Floyd Patterson, the. heavy-!' one. Robinson has never t tI

-:-, -:- -:- I duled 26-games to be played:weight champ. I I'been convinced that he was -
the loser of the first bout, a;
during the collegiate baseball;
Robinson said, he was certain
A COMPLETE LINE OF: 'I season, which included one' the six months period I,'belief that was shared by 17

Cosmetics Rubber Goods -:. Candies -:. SundriesrBESCBIPTIOXS i exhibition 'and 25 SIAC leagee -,;had long passed since Patterson i!'ringside reporters. Robinson! '
:finally said "the decision
contests. ,
I defended his title and
II has been made and I
I am I'
did want to pickon !
why they
The Rattlers who always I ,willing to abide by the de-
him. The champ said further
field one of the strongest i cision..
teams in the conference hada I that he wasn't easily '
record of 12-6 during the frightened into fighting.The I I The second match was won
GO FIRST CLASS 1958 season. They finished I' most recent announcement by Robinson overwhelming-I
third in the conference Standing made by Robinsoncame (ly. There was no question I.
behind Alabama State just ,a few days ago>> about it that time.,He regained -!
College and Tuskegee Insti when he said he would be his middleweight championship

...with America's aavRnest tute. ready for a fight about Mayor but has never defended -
.ssoER June.The champ has been since whining it back
Bourbon. ctP r Of the 26 games scheduledfor .{having .constant conversations The fight fans all over the OF JACKSONVILLEBALLROOM
tR this spring, 15 of them with many of*his clos- nation are awaiting the announcement _
in a handy will be played at home and 11 I,est friends who have' been that Sugar Ray I
on the road.Home games advising him to quit the will defend his title against
will begin at 2:30 and will ring for good and go all outYour ,Carmen Basilio.It is believedit <
flask. ,
pocket be on the new university I' will be a million-dollar
diamond Railroad Avenue. i ga tee LAST TIME FRIDAY & SATURDAY t tI
4lz Coach O. A. Moore said he
r has 13 lettermen returning I: I ''I
: this season and he should be I i BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND
in ,strong contention for the I LuckyNumbers
loop c row n. The Rattlers I
opened: practice. with the 256 50 178 Phu -
pitchers and catchers report- 73 -.35 19

c ing Feb. 14. i ; .: LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER

The season opens March 7 .
with the Tampa All-Stars. Lucky Days Lncfcj Oolon Iii with
N The schedule March 13- BY ASTBOLOOTla 3Watch 8 '

14; Tuskegee Institute here; Tour NnklrHOROSCOPE .:: JOE FRITZ & HIS BAND
l March 20-21, Alabama Stat I GUIDE .This Clown hI'll

r n ., 6S PROCft College, here; March 27-28,I I Bead ;2.00 for year Bore.scope I'll!! DON'T MISS THIS SIZZLING SHOW
.," ,. b 100 PR001 University, ; Guide with lucky numbers 371 44 535
3-4 Morehouse Col-
April ,
4 7 BOTTUD4N.B0R94r lucky days lucky colon. 24 07 S3
lege, Atlanta; April 10-11,1 Enclose a stamped envelope. I I FRIDAY._ SATURDAY SUNDAY III
au4n"A' South Carolina State College,1 Sometimes be'a .r, I AND HOLIDAYS 90c
PNT9r here; April 14-15, Benedict Sometime hc.'djvraHe MONDAY ihru THURSDAY 75c I
:'. MIrJsi College, here; April 17-18, --0.+ wtrks adds It subtrrrtsBe aU around :
Morehouse College, here; !

April 20-21, Tuskegee Institute FID In and Ua3 to:
there; April 23-24,Ala- Coming Attraction SPECIAL- I
bama State, there; April 27, ZODIAC
181 33 957 ,- 62 .-
South EARLY -
a Carolina State, there; 1 SUNDAY' :
and May 4-5. Allen University P. here. JacbMBTffle 1, Via. ; ADULT MATINEE I

7:00 P. M. .=, TTL,
Name _...................!... -. I

i ADDRESS .................. r.- I
"sAY YOU,SAW XTIN .Florida Star Editorial
Qty, State _................. -. : I
01 ___ P' VlSrrTIlEPALMSDININGRt. ;:
.' #_ '...McMe.t Atlrt 11.O1fP, .THE. Birthday: ....-................ "sP' A1c FOR PROGRESS' .

1* a -' -._ ; I. -H_-...-.....Jl-" ., ,," .- day '' L .

.. PLOY)A STAB I e e ___ _



Page Eight THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday February 1. 1953


EATBERRIERS Nice furnished room. Settled I
single 'man or woman desired CALL TO NORTH PLANS CONCERTAn
l : 1112 Durkee Drive Chips Off The Blocks MIAMI BEACH .

Phone EL 52479. annual concert will be :.
;i ic
I i presented by the Isaiah
I By Jay Jay Rev. Bouman .-
Jam pastor of Blocker Junior High School rP
i 1 ROOM FOR RENT I! SL Paul Lutheran Church, Mag- Band and Chorus, February .{:

-- ,Large furnished room. Modern A sure way to tell when electing familiar ring. We ran to find out '; solia Gardessj; has announcedthat I 23 at 8 p. m. in the school
j, coveniences. Single .time is coming is to watch the causa of the ruckus md lo he has accepted a call to i,cafetorium.

& FREEZERS ;, man preferred. EL 57176. for smoke from the various ;.: and b hold, x\e had to pincH,be the pastor ,of Mt. Calvary i I|I The *
campfires. Another sign of activity 'ourselves to make sure that it !I Ii 1 i Lutheran Church North Miami I planning committee
Serviced By I is the sound of drums. Both i,i was 1950 and not 1939. King 1 1I I Beach. I I'I I members for the concert are: *

Licensed Technician of the signs are abounding I I Boss, or,.\o youall, Charlie Hoss I II I 'Mrs. Emma Coles, Mrs. W- .
M. E. DELEMOSCall ROOM throughout the city. The first I Singleton was holding court in I Pastor Bouman who has sen'I W. Schell, Jr., Mrs" Doris *'
i Modern furnished room in outing of the season was held !I the 600 block. The only differ- .''ed St. Paul's since 1937, will : Scott, Mrs. R. L. Kirklin,
PO 4-0127 : respectable home. Convenient \ !! preach his farewell sermon Feb. :Mrs Ruby Askew Mrs.
Wednesday evening at St. : ence v,as that he had picked up ,
to bus and shopping Paul A.M.E. Church. The meet weight He still had the broad !115 i' and take over his new duties Norma White,J. L. WilliamsJr.

center. Hot and cold water. was sponsored by the NAACPand I smile and ever present h.mdker-J th following week. During the ., and Williams T Harper. 1UJatjatcd

EL 43184. must be classified as civic chief in his,hand. Years ago his 1'I pastorate of the Rev. Bouman,)j j|I The band was organizedby :
Etrroll Now in the
rather than political. Be on the sidekick was a tall slim fellow i St Paul has reached a membership ,I Mrs. Norma Solomon

South's Finest College ,lookout for the J kickoff of a big who sang "Here come Charlie i of over 200. Organization of j I I I White n 1955 and has been

Help Wanted registration drive. Hoss, Charlie is the boss Jump I Woman's Society and a Senior I rated superior in marching *

FLORIDA BARBER Charlie jump, make those jitter-I Choir, property improvements, I I i concert and sightreading at
COLLEGE BRANCHG. Jaxons: of color were very disappointed bugs jump. This little ditty adoption of a budget and pledge I II 4[the District and State Festi-

HELP WANTED FEMALE last Sunday when heralded the approach of The i I system, and active participation:vals! for three years.

I. Approved Housekeeper toll v e on Channel 12 did not carry the Hoss". Well his side-kick is a I in community affairs are among I A tip of the Papal Oaf
program featuring Roy Wilkinsof the highlights of Pastor Bou- ,I --- i to these outstanding:
Health card and big lxy now and has a kitty i !
630 Davis SI. at Beaver premises. the NAACP. Wilkins answered man's te ure. ,- Americans, wke
almost Charlie's steel : FIRST young
references required. Anyone as long as SUN *
Chat JOBy I Ii
Phone: EL.. 59874h'COlIK from out of town wantingto I.i televised blast Huntley's on the nationally NAACP. grey coupe. Oh yes his 'name j The'congregation was also received RUN tfo 1 I &* WED. Ii make our country better an4
community a
is E. "Lordy" Norman. our
come to Jacksonville this The, listed in the TV I -into advisory membership -
programs Lady barbers are appearing' i place In which to UT*
is an excellent opportunity.Call columns but did in the Florida-Georgia District -
not come on as
after 9 a. m.'EX 8.9382:: on the scene Stop by and I of the Lutheran Church, i *
scheduled. This is another *
example '
: 8rn : t
'Mrs. Canady at Striplings on Tlit
I ( ( TAX\ RKTIIBXS.; of "Mr. Charlie's" n- see Missouri Synod. !
------ -- ----- 45th Street and don't fail to visit I wonota ofI ft
tary censorship of any program that I During the period when St. a
HELP WANTED FEMALE Jones Institute so Sally
Short gtiiForm Long !tOtJ) ; which would tend show ther'egro's ,
) $ to
$ ) Form ; MAID TO LIVE IN GEN- I Mains can render any service. I Paul is calling a new pastor, : '
f side of the desegregation services and activities will t/ ;; ,' ,t.. .r: "
do business '
continue .
ERAL 1I0USE\YOnK-LOCALREFEHENCES It's a pleasure to I I sL :f"" <-{ $.; t
NED JACKSON AND HEALTH squabble. The Fla. Times I with the fairer sex. You know i as usual under the guidance -Ii w;t.,., :4, '/ :. "" ,' .' <'
TAX EXPERT CARD REQUIRED. PLEASANT -I. Union followed a newly stepped the gentle touch etc. of other Lutheran pastorsin i N. rDYiIAtIt ?s" trend and leveled blasts at the ;, : :
133 Clay St. Ph.EL 6.3703 POSITION FOR RIGHT. c NAACP on its,editorial pages. News for you. According E.to the Jacksonville ,area. I ,, :,,,,j" \.,", Jf :- t
PERSON. our State Senator Wayne '<. ,: 4-
9 A. M. 'til 9 P. M.BEAUTY'S I. All around the town, peopleare all in i ; ",'\1 t, : ,
CALL ATwater Ripley, 25,000 Negroes
5-6J58 N '
putting on' !their} dancing Duval County that vote cannot :: .
.. i shoes. In fact, some 'of the play- read and write. Maybe thafswhy r -NNE.;
I lx>ys did not take their off. On I II HOLDS MEETING HAND
TELEVISIONAND his name was pulled byso ,
STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! You 'I Thursday night the perennial many Negroes: in the last I 10M TechnicoIer vA NORTNWESTERN JR. ...

RADIO SERVICE Can Afford Our Prices. Call I'I fa\orit of Jacksonville dancers, i election.. The S. G. Baker Club held i MA1llEYi5 KAillRYNc SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL*"
Buddy Johnson and his sister I # N Pepsi Cola Dealers and
Me On Any Home Improvement its February meeting "recently -
Home Calls on all Makes Addition Florida Ella, thrilled a big crowd at i : TI .... Y RDEf, .ce ri.taakLTda Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -*
Room I at the home of Mrs. Ca- *NQ G5lOE.foacT A cau r PCIM[
Used Radios from $5.00 Up Room, Painting, Decorating.Get the Duval County Armory. On MASONIC GROUP therine Williams, 1118 Harrison are proud to salute 1-
our price before you start Friday night in the same audito- Street. Minnie Hand of the 10th jf
We Finance
rc-Tiodehng Reasonable Price. rium the Royal Vagabonds Club The ADVENTURE IN CRIME! grade class. She is a member j.
816 FLORIDA AVENUE I played hosts to at their I i previous meeting was
Work. many z i of the Student Council
Fine MEETING held at the home of :Mr. and +
ELGIN 6.8074 anual anniversary ball Furnishing ,CALLS Chairman of Social
Call MR LYM:\N, EL 5-3603 Mrs. C. G. J3rown, 863 Palmetto RORY con*
4-950S. music for the affair was the : r miitee in her
or EL I homeroom..Land
Street with
"JoyI.uks" Tampa. Most of i I,i I a member of ther
the members of the band were )i worshipful masters past ;, dent presiding. Newspaper Club.BENNIE : :

S I in the old Charlie Brantley crew. masters and master masons ot At the close of the meeting -I # .. ....
****** *
HAVE CASH \WILL BUY Nxt big formal on tap is the 1 Jacksonville, Duval and adjacent I a repast was served by I! I ',*' ---..,....
annual Eastertime shindig of the countiesorking under protection [the hostess assisted by Mrs. I III :; 'J;;.':.4
I ': 1.tif ,
Barons. Rumor has it that the I Lula Jones and Mrs. Dorothy '
of the Most Worshipful \ !& '
YOUR VACANT LOTS B.irons will continue the "name!i Union Grand Master, have been K. Owens.Words of appreciation .' N <- y ot-rff

band"policy thev started off'! asked to assemble at the Masonic !I were given by Mrs ', '
Call EL 4-6782 Mr. Kay with last \ear We ain't saying' Temple 410 Broad Street: Catherine Williams ... m; -
nho, but if its true, the dance ; .mhere lit ---- -- A '
February 15 at 12:30: p i 111 ..

will be the MOST. i I I a motorcade will be formed and II 3rd ANNUAL VACATION and ;1 1I .. f '. ..
The Ritz Theatre came thru1 will move to Callahan to assist I ,. l txay
HIGHEST PRICES FOR YOUR LOTSANSBACHERmore with sneak and played "Rally!! Champion Lodge 2, Willie Williams -I I EDUCATIONAL TOUR j I IIt ) .,.... (,' ,
i Round The Flag Boys". On the I h worshipful master, in laying It -To EUROPE : ,,< ,-p,,'\:..
MORRIS of the cinema the Strand -
I subject I,I a cornerstone at the Mount it Under Auspies ill -
has "Some Came Running"!1 1hilJe i.Pleasant Baptist Church, the!I Of II THOMAS

pays for lots than anyone else In town <1. !i 1 I Rev. C. \\'. Whiten, pastor. I EBONY TOURS ,!{!, NORTHWESTERN JR.

TELEPHONE: ELGIN 5.5592 or EVERGREEN S5437TRANSMISSIONS Several regular patrons have i All Royal Arch Masons, 32nd 'I 4 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
called: attention to the fact that Degree Scottish Rite Masons; CONTACT c. Pepsi Cola Dealers and

there are no restroom facilitiesin Sublime Prince of the Royal i BUREAU i'j I. Pepsi Cola Bottling Company -
the Bus Station Bar for Negro Secret and Nobles of the Mystic I SNELLER t are proud to salute

I MOTORS I I IO s. Patrons of the bar haveto Shrines, have been invited to I PHONES EL 6.8635 & EL 6-1431 7" Bennie Thomas of the 10th

hike upstairs and use the be special guests of the Master i:f ************ ****** ****** I } grade class. He is captain

*f& TRANSMlSSfof! public lounge in the bus station Masons. I I f of the Football team vice

fMomontJ OVERHAULED proper. The white bar has lovely,, Cornerstone services will begin I : I 3 president of his homeroom

Down ladies and gents lounges. Tis I at 2 p.m. under the direction Enjoy Yourself' GET OUT TOo I Land a member of the Var-
ironic but the owner of the Bus, of the Rev. H. Y Brown, state I I A GOOD MOVIEI! : I Tslty clubr's .

'Station pub also operates I deputy grand master, assisted .
"Manuels. ,by ether Grand Lodge officers. *********** "

Editors Note In a talk with I\I STRAND .r --- "
Roosevelt I. 1
Herman Klausner, operator and I 1 iCk

lessee of the bar, he explainedthat CHRISTMAS SAVING !I i SUN-SAT FEB. 15-21 SUN. TUES. ,I Af kk:
he did not the -
Towing design place GANGSTER THRILLER FEB. 15-17 I
as it fc. lie said he leased it in CLUB HOLDS MEET iI i I
its present state. He added that[ I THE LOW-DOWN Technicolor Top,Western

he has considered means of MADISON A meetingwas ON THE "Last of the Fast Guns" -IeIe
adding a toilet facility which I .... '. u:
held recently by the JOCK MAHONEY In %
would entail cutting through 12 Christmas Saving C 1 u b at *;. :!, PLUS 1ST RUN I .
# i
/ IttOTQff 1 CENTER : feet of concrete to install plumb- the home of Mr. and Mrs. *. ., w .., :.WHO GETFAROUND <<
ing, bit the bar is already too Johnnie McKinney. + ,-ci., ':,". : BLCNDE..NUSBANG..OTHER MAN t ti
small .
to accomodate another
,Officers for the new year -
room. Moreover, the bus sta- a.IITIIQCOI.QII -
elected during a
AUTHENTIC CUBAN REBEL tion owners have refused, for were I JOAN WILLIAMS
S the present, to give him additional -meeting. rw6u DUVAL COUNTY'VOCATIONAL "J'
to provide such Present at the_ __meeting SCHOOL iC
Pennant Souvenir r accomoaations.We were Mrs. Thelma Hester, Joan is a member of the (

Made In Cuba had a real pleasant,visitor Mrs. Rachel Benjamin, Mrs. (lOih grade class where
this week. Sam Solomon blewin 'Jannie Bellamy, Mrs. James a' R RI the serves as secretary of

7" X 19W'I fro m fiami. Next to the late :Miller, Mrs. Lessie Thomp- tar homeroom: She Is a
C. A. Irvin (formerly of the kins, Mrs. I d a McDaniels, ,..UNDEaTNE SAME ROCFt e member: of the student t

STARS) we consider Sam one of Mrs. Carebell Davis, Mrs. cunciL secretary of the

: the most interesting people we Eliza McGee, Mrs. Mamie f tutuble club and sings In tc

ever met. His career has run Curry, Mrs. Vivian Smith,) the glee club. 4*
the gamlet-from mortician to Mrs. C. McKinney and Mrs.1 '' DRAMA! i' .
u * *
politician, to investor to newspaper Henrietta Sloan. i t

publisher and almost any The next meeting will be I ,; PARAA10tJi'11' yr. OarratoJaUc1a8 It'OI ....
other held that held February 20 i the
requires nerve n I ( Cola to theM three M erttJL.
Much of the credit for Florida home: of the Rev. and Mrs.I !l .- 1 SKRLEY Award
Negro-f in politics belongs to I James' Miller.. ,j t BOOTH iPs whinersIJateu

Sam_ Solomon. When.. he began I I t ANTHONY( j Qottof ? ClirA k ( to Peps Kertl Awut
IN ,BRILLIANT RED & BLACK a to advocate voting years ago B. ,SUTTON CLUB QUINN u ex P lade aZutaUoa a Pep.S Cda
whites threatened to bomb his loco... % j TEEN.m.DWBBD., 111
26th of JULY ANNUAL FETE EN'L en dial '
home and business. His "MIAMI aEY '- (JAW year t3eturdeys

ONLY WHIP"was the state's most mili- ::1a3cLANEHOWMANJiM.WAlliS'! murder! 10i3 te Ilia AJC

tant weekly for many years. Its R. B. Sutton Club _pg 4 '. 5' I
OFFICIAL COLORS always a pleasure to sit and The R. B. Sutton Club held CUD WOE'FUCfi KK TO8 EDWARDS *

0 0 IMAGE OF FIDEL CASTRO listen to him talk and gather in its annual party in the home of fS Also -No 4 Hop Harrigan
PREPAID the of Mrs, with f( 4
pearls wisdom he sows. Nina Moody recently :4 ,And Color Cartoon
$1 No Stamps or C.O.D. Sam. B. is promoting a line of dinner served buffet style by *
hair preparations labeled "Velvet Mrs. Evelerna Davis and Mrs. -

Send $1.00 with Every Touch" in beauty parlors Margie Harvey. Gifts' were exchanged COMING TO ROOSEVELT WED. & THURS *

Pennant Ordered to: which he says enables. milady's by members and their DIZZY GILLESPIE *
hairdo to "last longer". friends.
eIJmUed Quantity ...- the "JIVIN' IN BE BOP" i
r: Members of the Les Fleurs Remarks were given by m
Immediate Delivery |I CUSA ASSOCIATES- Club are making plans for their I president, Mrs. Gertrude Hoffman -
Cuban Peso Accepted, P. O. Box 14&-Naple& Fla. I annual tea and MusicaL Theprogram and a variety of gar les Plus.. "NO. DOWN..--PAYMENT"TONITE.,... -
EVERYONE SHOULD | I is under the direction were introduced by Mrs. Elizabeth

Name of Mrs. Irrna Villarin of the Nelson. .
e ; High Femandina. Guests present were:
f ,Souvenir of Our Times) Address ABOUT TOWN: Jerry Nashis Mary H. :Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. r.v, r>MeW

Conversation Piec J sort of peeved because Robert Arthur Jones, Mr. and Mrs. "HORRORTHON SCREAMORAMA"

Collectors Item I' Brymer took "Pops" Frazier out James Bradley, Mrs. Pearl Jones, BLOOD CURDLING HITS-

e -. Display la 'Homer on 'City Stag: in the Galaxie"Ford b ggyand Lawrence Armstrong, Charlie 8 SPINE-CHILLING SHOCKING I
: Ate. etc. I_ ._ ; ] be had to find out about it by Tenson, Mrs. Arthur Glass, Miss

..' U-- ff1. M the grapevine .The big noise Ruth Gregg, Miss Helen 'Price .DUSK "TO DAWN! SOc 'FREE DOUGHNUTS! ..

tip and down the block: nad.a end George Jamison. : .i.:... ,
.' .- a <' *...ft ,.... .