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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200493datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 3, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=004930740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 3, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 3, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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?-'.,_*- -V"! *





,. .,
'- -- : -
; ; ;: : 7" /

':.':r. ..".;:,<:axe t:;:' :'>W ': S .:" .' .' ,.""::
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L 1. I .::1 ;i kR9if/4qfl'9
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Y 4: '.,,. 'I": y .: /
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., < y< .

r ; 'f : : r .'-

c >'f 4M "4 I nc* ,,. ''iCJt eM ah

s> : j

b :, R iF\", I I Bombings Desegregatio: ii

a r gw 3! .Were Issues In pa

;1 I Top 1. : e.

: ) .


':::>,: I _
k Wf ':'

t .: 1t THROUGH FEDERAL COURT R J i! 9 3J! CALL I fl/i ni>D* fll-aj:* ;.., ,

BY ROY \\7LKINS, Executive Secretary
The battl between RevA- Coleman, pastor of Shiloh
i:1 'atiornl} Association: "for tho Advancement of Colored People' :Metropolitan Baptist Church and a group of members who
Th election! ret rns of Nov. 4 may well prove to be the, are seeking to oust him moves into another stage next week
most Figniffcant! development in the area of race relations when depositions are taken for the coming court fight-

in !!United! States during! 1959. It was. learned this week(
Tho; number of avowed aci- -- that depositions will be tak- Union Street, beginning at

"catcs. of civil rights elected tragic toll of the children of en before a notary public on 9:30: am.The .
both Houses of Congress ]I!. their states. A reaction Saturday. January ]JO in the!
Chances the opportunity for 1 I against this kind of sacrifice' "KP" Buliding at 612 West same source revealed
'7rPN Jt. 4 that Henry Anderson of 837
of additional
the enactment -
indicated -
his already been bv | --- ---- --- -----
>E Ef i human 'rights legislation dur- many of the parents as well i clergymen in Birmingham on ;West 17th Street, treasurerof
A 1 1 the church has been sub-
ing the 86th Congress. revision is by the children. Ii i ii suspicion of planning to urge'!
of Senate Rule 22 to ;peonaed to bring forth all
make it possible to stop a filibuster -i i. Despite the school closings |'I Birmingham Negroes to buses refrain -I'books and records pertaining
,< from riding city
ail 9 by majority vote also and other attempts to evadeintegration business and financial transactions -
seems probable as the resultof i, of public school as long as they are segregated J;;r of the church.i .
the election. i systems in the South, the : ; and the sentencing of i
f two 8-and-9-year-old Negro i The battle to oust Rev-
\J ( } .z Outside of the South, liber- i i number of desegregated sys-
boys to a reformatory in ; Coleman started early 1958
of both elect- tems continued to increase in
parties were
; !: Monroe, N. C., because one of when church trus-
; ed to office. The returns may T58 and now, according to |;' a group
be interpreted as indicating a "Southern School News," ;: them was kissed by a little t;' tees charged that the minis-
,E trend. from Jtandpatconservatism amounts of 790 out of a to- '! white girl playmate. t3r had failed to give an account >
,. ;,'( ( away not only in civil Hl of 2,890 bi-racial school :;: Two of the school bomb- for monies belonging-;
(' (:"k 1' rights but; also in social welfare -i districts in the border and:I jogs are significant in that t tothe church and expressed i
-'f'i :< legislation.*.Eves ."in',the southern states. In 1958 there they occurred in schools I the belief that he had used
2S t South, Senators ,Albert Gore I r were more than '400,000 Negro where desegregation was underway 'I' the church funds to purchasen

S. : t of Tennessee and Ralph Yar- students enrolled in de- without overt incident M automobile- ___ ,_....
I segregated school systems as although in Clinton, ,1-
brough of Texas, both moderates -
TOP GOLFERS Winners of the top awards the Pepsi Cola trophiesto the were elected over opponents 'compared with 350,000 in i I Tenn., there had been troublein ti{ A church conference later
Initial Links Open Tournament sponsored: by the Ladies of the Links Golf Club. Dec,.' committed to defianceof 1957. Meanwhile another 2-, 1956. The Clinton dynamiting -( cleared Coleman 0 f the
28 and 29 at Ine Hyde Park and Linclon courses are seen here 'Miss Gertrude Styles '! the United States Supreme 500,000 colored children con1 I and that of the Atlanta -j! charges, but a group headed
president of the Ladies of the Links who won the first place Pepsi Trophy in tb "A"I Court.s.desegragation de-1 tinned to attend compulsorysegregated Jewish Temple attracted I jby Matthew Price, deacon is
Flight for women is seen with John Fowler who garnered ihe*Pepsi Trophy in the Championship crees. : schools. I nation-wide attention and i carrying on the fight to remove -
flight Fowler a native of Norfolk. Va is stationed at McDill air force base in: I Churches Call for Compliance I hardened public I opinion I the pastorAPPEAL
Tampa is shown receiving his award from charming Theresa Mackey. popular radio : Negro citizens and others ': Four important religious I If : against lawless and violent
personality as Dr. H James Greene one of the tournament officials looks on- who believe in implementation -' coups voiced support of the i defiance of the courts. I.
MORE GOLF WINNERS Another group of golf era who took top honors in the I of the Court's rulings Supreme Court's desegregation -! The revelation of the crude :!I
holiday tournament is seen here Standing from left are: George McClellan 1st place A ; and in the enactment of civil I I rulings during the year. : manner in which Negro citi- ; SEEN
Flight James J* Hammond 2nd place. B Flight Mrs. Orpah Jackson. 2nd place B Flight. i{ rights measures were heart-I J In October the: Protestant zens are denied the right to ,.
Mrs. Mildred Brown 3rd place. B Flight. M. M Maples, 1st place Novice (Stooping) W ened by the election returns. Episcopal Church's House of sister: and vote in Alabama,
H- Parker W- A Wynn Atlanta. Georgia. 3rd Champ Melvin Ward, 3rd place 1st flight.. Already plans have been for- Bishops issued a statement: (i i j ji and the defiance of the requests -' BYNAACPINARKANSAS
--- -- ----- ----------- mulated to secure congres- .i; calling for equality of opportunity -I of the Civil Rights
I sional action in support of the : in education housing. Commission for records and '
YOUNG WOMAN\ FATALLY SHOT 'MAN'S BODY j Supreme Court's decisions as i I employment and public accommodations o/:er testimony gave impetus': CASENEW
well as of other civil rights "without discrimination -I to the demand! for the enact- '
f I IAFE measures. and without sep- ,, ment 01 aqidtional: and stron-
IN RESTAURANT ACCIDENTA I FOUND BY Court Reaffirms j i aration." The following 22r civil rights legislation by YORK-The National -
_ DesegregationOn month both the Roman Cath- ; the 86th Congress. of the Ad.an'cement -
Sept. 29, the Supreme olic Bishops of the United !, The segregationists lost of Colored People is
handed down a States and the Methodist ground during 1938. "reasonably c e r t a i into apPeal' -
wounded with Ci OWNER\ Court sweep-
21-year-old woman was fatally n : to the
I United
Council of Federal States Supreme -
issued i
ing decision reaffirming, am- Bishops | Activity Increased
tol that was thought to be a toy cap pistol in a I i i Court the
at 2651 Kings Avenue last Tuesday, police reported. E plifying and clarifying its strong statements in supportof The year was marked, also, Arkansas ruling of the
-- I historic ruling of :May 17, the Court's anti-bias rul by increased activity of the State Supreme
Police said Miss Earnie Mae I' i II DAYTONA BEACF-The 1954, banning segregation in ings. In November, 309 white(! Federal government in thecivil I Court requiring! the Associa
B. and
Woods, 23, of 604 Ct. E., told Whittington C. P. Hunter and A. ': of a 41year-od man public education. The de- Protestant and Jewish clergymen I rights field. Two forthright -'I tion list to reveal its membership
men and
them she and Flora Bell Mc-';Ruff investigated. :!s found last Monday and cision spelled the doom of in Atlanta called upon;}I I speeches by Attorney L. Carter financial data, Robert
was reported by the sher- the "massive resistance" to "community leaders and state I General \Vm. P. Rogers, especially -| NAACP general
21, of 312 Orange Street o'o,'..'.'''''"'''''''', I I 'councel, said here this
coy 18 d'.. ,, 1 s office that the man was desegregation by some south- I leaders to give creative the one to the Amen v/eek.
were the best of friends and ri '., beaten to_death. ern states. The Court held I thought t 0 maintaining a I I|: can Bar Association conven- i Final determination of action -
they worked together atSPringleton's ., '.,.', : < The man was identified as unanimously that "the con sound public school plan. Such !t!: tion in Los Angeles, left no I to be taken, he asserted,
Place, and they I *.' ,,': Hester. The body was stitutional rights of children a plan must be consistent doubt that the government "must await a study of the
discussing uniformswhen i ., ,'., lying: behind a Second not be discriminatedon with the law of the land, re- would take vigorous measures 'complete text of the Arkansas -
were cafe about 6:30 a.m. the grounds of race or color spect and preserve the rights'' to secure enforcement of Federal ; court's opinion."
she picked up the pistol -' I Deputy Jack Lynaby, who can neither be nullified of all citizens and assure the'' court orders and to up- Thf Arkansas court ruled
thinking it was a toy gun. I working with the Daytona openly or directly by state I' preservation of our system of I j' hold the Supreme Court. ,:on Dec. 22, that the NAACP,
She said after picking up I police department on legislators or state executiveor public education." !. The Department of Justicemoved :I|in order to remain a tax-ex-
she case, said an autopsy dis- judicial officers, nor nullified -i The denial of freedom of expeditiously in the the pistol from the table, i I S'f .. -,1 that Hester had died indirectly by -t hem residence, the urban Negro's, Litle Rock situation, not only state would have to rev.,1 that!
turned around and pulled the I'! most serious problem, attacked with extra U. S. !
a blow on the head from through evasive schemes for was marshals the names of its m mbr
trigger, the gun fired and i b 'it instumert. segregation whether attempted -' by the Commission on ready for service in Little The court also upheld fines .,%f" '
Flora fell to the floor. Allen icvjtyLynaby said the "i11s.r nioush" or ingenuously : Race and Housing, a private Rock, but with briefs, peti- ?2o each against Mrs. I,. g.
Bannister Jr., who runs the I :.* was found by Loran ." 'Pie court banned the use group financed by: the Fund tions and arguments in the I Bates, president! of the ....
employs both owner of the cafe, and of pvolic}j funds to support for the Republic. The report, Eight Circuit Court of Appeals Kansas State NAACP, and-
restaurant and a ce I the victim had $42 in a "privace" schools. based on three years of intensive and in the U.S. Supreme Mrs. Birdie Williams
women as waitresses, said his .. -.,. 5arsr I found in his pocket. Meanwhile, pursuant to the| study, recommended fed-, Court. I 0 f the Association's president -
son left his cap pistol behind policy of "massive resist-i eral and community action to Arthur S. Fleming, Secre- branch in North Little Rock
1i elementary eliminate discrimination in tary of Health," .ducation and I( ,
the counter and when he op- i ance some 16,000 :j because they withheld
jcaed: tha' place Tuesday morn-Ijg |I I said. and'secondary school pupils housing. Serving on the com welfare,issued a *tron<; rtate- I bership l lis t s demanded byi
ho placed his .32 CaL pis-t r' >t Miss Helen Jackson, of ,the vast majority of them mission were prominent men ment on the cloy: g cf public I city authorities of Little
MONEY TAKEN -t W. Baaver Street- told in industry, finance, housingand schools with d.! i Rock
t1 i the table where the cap tvliite boys and girls, were I : ir wr-nings :I and North Little Rock.
.. as they sat i, the :u eked out of public schools in education. of the injury toc E',4ienal The Ark.
nsas decision
pi4c tlr ir pocketbooL ,ttle Rock and in three Vir-I Bombings DenouncedOn welfrThe "il fMghts: I said, Mr.
Miss fWoods claimed the FROM V able, a man i" g aia communities by actions! the negative side were ConnIon held IIi r. -ringson Carter with appears to be "in
2y< 3tirj rs accidental. :Miss as Nathaniel Tic -t .1 I f Governors Orval E. Fan- the bombings of churches, th ial of \othr Thts United States a ruling by the
:\-Toy v J taken to Duval in and picked tnvthei : ijs of Arkansas and J. Lindf -, synagogues, schools and pri- : in Mi ry.: Ala., will in the Alabama Supreme Court
\\?.wl Center and :Missfxxls PURSE RY MANOne Miss D e l'" r e tValker. ty Almond of Virginia. The' vate homes; the defiance of hold P .')T 4ioj.ig in Court held in that case. The
/\ W: arrested and of Philadelphia, Pt., 'rraleshiftprivate! schools into the Civil Rights Commission New V evident 1. :smhoirer : the NAACP need case that"
thf gP.d y." 3S3.ult to. mur- $5 and '*;ve $''l her to' look the mar: had: I Trh! ::h many of them have : Alabama election officials :u"wncedbthe its membership lists.not"submit
(":1'. 1lli ...iCay; dk in the taken fr the up her pocketbocV. r eon; herded,do not appear toe who refused to cooperate in bombi > of houses tj.or- T. .* separate
L}. I;:tat were of -visitor' She said ,.!F' snatchM her meeting. standards re- He investigation of violationscf ship rjid the refuvJ of Ala- { :. upheld the opinion, the
a as she sat in *. right
: m lilac 'd s Negroes' right to vote in bamA authorities t obey sub. tho
rj ifi :rd for admission to col- ) s.r,e to
G. H. collect
P. Ccrlcy, of oiher"women .
ltrts.E. company a $50
HowelL. Lt. R. a booth at 626 W. Ashley f( ecked it i.a found own SJ I' !tescs.: The intrasigence of the that state; the highhandedarrest poenas of the Civil Rtrl.tJ i Iran chase tax from annual
'eyPercy.; > I and five vl; bill mt ; c two governors is exacting a of three visiting Negro Commission.! i sociation retroactive to the lost0 :


I 1

G -1

Page Two
THE FLORIDA STAR Week EndI.a Saturday January 3. 1953


THE FLORIDA STAR r .. "Politics As Usual"By

NEWS rr7s ,,- ..?,.. Ui me CULT CF kiEOIMIJTY t ERIC O. SIMPSON


Published bj The Florida Star Publishing Co. ITS ATTITUDE TOWARD AFRICA .

"Member of Associated Negro Press". :;:;' Congressman Charles C. Diggs, Jr. (D-Michigan) tolda
Eric O. LLWIT pF -, ..'; Detroit Press Conference that "the United States is in
Simpftoa _Editor -- ENM' ,- danger of losing the present advantage it holds in Africa
C. Paxham Johnson -News Staff In the Soviet TTnirm."

11 lsmae Rickardon .-Circulation Depx. f Diggs atended the All-African -
r rji'" } '
People's Conference in being directed to African
a + D Accra, Ghana, December 5-13, Countries. lie said that Rus-
MAIN OFFICE & PI : as an observer for the United sia is
spending huge sums in
2323 Moncrfef Road 44782 EL 46783Pfaocs &diM States Government. He was giving Africans technical and
the only elected American
Downtown Branch Office: 423 Broa I. EL 43773Mailing educational assistance.The .
public officals at the historic
E qn uv Diggs reminded -
meeting of independent na- are taking full advantage -

tions."f of African concern
P. O. Box Pointing out about the racial problem in
561 Jackson a 1. Florida that im-
.. many America.He .
ts'.' s+" -. 1I portant Afri- noted, however, that Africans -

SUBSCRIPTION RATES i, ,. R I j ...... eluding vcan leaders Ghana's in-- I by seem the struggle to be unimpressed between
l One Tear. $540; Half Year $3.00: Three Moothi. $1.83 ._ PrimeS I
East and West and show no
Mailed To You, Anywhere In The United Stares. I .--;. ''MinisterKwame i i indication of using the cold
Subscription Payable in Adrance. Send Check or Money Order To: I R i S '*- Nkru- war to bargain for aid. This
FLORIDA '.: mah,were edu- attitude he felt is substantiated
.1. ::; Jcated in this by the Conference's adoption -

,.r I ;;:N J;, >country' the of a firm policy of
.. \ /IN Congressman "
egro "positive neutralism.
THE QUESTIONJust ::.r.. ,. _...j/ warned Commenting on' the Conference's
that this aim of creating a
Simpson.: United States of Africa,
favorable factor will be for- Diggs said that African lead
about everything: in this country has been getting fieted unless the United ers are aware of the many ex-
bigger. States takes a more real- ternal and internal problems
istic attitude in its relations they must overcome.
This trend, the economists confidently tell us with hardly ttfgsgmsg rfagte. r/ gsa y s s 2 with African Governments." "African leaders," he ob-

a dissenting voice, is not only sure to continue but to ac lie said Americans dealing' served "willingly admit that

celerate. They blueprint a future of ever-increasing incomes MAJORITY RULE, COULD 1uAKE THIS TRIP USELESS with African countries reflect t they will make mistakes but

ever-improving living standards, the mass enjoy both "indifference and a lack they want them to be their

ment of luxuries which would have been beyond the imagination of understanding" and empa- own mistakes."
sized that "our Nation needsto
Diggs described an underlying
of man not long ago. Your Weekly be educated on the tremendous power struggle between

We are on the verge of explosive break-throughs in physical __ __ significance of development Nkrumali and Nasser of

sciences. The age-old mysteries of space are being fath Horoscope Guid in Africa." Egypt which has dramatized
Diggs sharply criticized the the unsuccessful attempt of
and soon will be mysteries
no more. The miracles o f
small amount of United States the Pro-Russian United Arabs
nuclear physics are at hand. Longer, healthier, happier live rr__ WHICH ARE TOUR OJCK' DAYS FORe economic and cultural aid i Republic delegation to domi-

for all are promised. And we are not alone. All over the BUSINESS LOVE JWEL I nate the Conference. This sub-%
world, peoples and nations are swept along, to varying degrees fetters of home ties, but be tie tug-of-war, he said, may
in the tide. to in the present threat to Nkru-
same willing join you a
By PABLO Th* AS ROLOGER ___ ____ spots and outdoor activitiesso mah's desires for an nonviolent
This is fine. Almost everyone wants more money, more to well-be African revolution which
necessary your
of the things that money can buy, more of what we know ARIES | CANCER I I wherewithal to' live according ing. No one can repay a mate would employ economic boycotts -
Born March 21 Ihru April 20 Born June 21 thru July 221 to your standards is an es
by the word "progress. with affection than and similar passive
In some ways, for your! A life partner who will understand ,!Isential for a completely happy for more you measures.

Yet a nagging question arises-the biggest unanswered marriage to be successful,I that much of your, marriage for you You 6--50-55-49-54-654 exercise.

question that confronts the changing world. While just about your chosen mate will have,, existence is spent: on a sort I don't wish to keep up with Revealing that he seeks to
is to be a paragon of virtue.'( of dream world conjured up'the Joneses, you aim to get'far be assigned to the House Foreign -
everything getting bigger is the I
greatest resource of al I That is because it is innate I by your vivid imagHation is ahead of them! Your II PISCES I Affairs Committee when

getting smaller That resource is the individual. Not just with you to demand perfection a necessity for you. That I[ dream is for a lifemate who Born Feb. 19 thru March 20 Congress reconvenes in January

people in the mass, but individual people-each different, or as close to it as is hu ideal mate would see to it;:has plenty of money, an ex There are many, many reasons Diggs felt that he

each unique, each a spirit as well as an appetite. Is the in- manly possible. that you are not disturbed :citing personality, and one- why a marriage can bea "could make a contribution

dividual in very real danger of being dwarfed by the bigness However, one bone of con during such mental sessions, who will cater to your whims happy one, or go on the to sounder relations betweenthe

around him, and of being reduced to a statistic tention you will avoid-un even if you do not emerge You are likely to fly off rocks. The main one for failures United States and Africa
tidiness. For, loathing any- from them with some idea{the handle, sot 0 speak, if the astrological one- during this critical period.
It's easy enough to say that it can't happen here, even thing slovenly as you do, it that can have a beneficial effect you are thwarted in your is that the two contracting

though we have all seen it happen in vast reaches of the is hardly likely you would locally or universally, marriage life. parties have not comparedtheir . .
earth. Easy enough, but untrue. This nation was founded be attracted by anyone whose you are at least refreshed in i; 1--40-77-39-64-149i individual qualifications
habits are questionable. mind, body and sp! it. i| as plainly indicated by
en certain the .
concepts- fullest freedom for all, an unflagging 110331231113GEMINI 430222921432LEO | SCORPIO their birthcharts- Those who

sense of the spiritual nature of man, a passionate regard (Born Oct. 23 thru Nov 22 have, and have discovered FIGHT BOMBS

for the worth of every individual human being. But !! Someone who will believewith their fitness for one another,

these, like all other concepts and philosophies, will wither Born May 21 thru June 20 Born July 23 thru Aug. 22 you, that home is the can be headed for a long and WITH BALLOTS

away to nothingness unless theyare eternally prized beyondall : You are rather possessive, More than all else you center of all that is desirableon fruitful life together. . I
else and faithfully protected. They must be supported and you also wish to know wish to be loved devotedly, the face of the globe can 3-20-11- -14-329
everything that's going on,so and you wish to be told i be the ideal Ifiemate for
absolutely specific ways. They demand the degree you.
highest if you happened to be mar about it constantly by one That one will recognize and
of individual independence and responsibility. If, for ried to someone you did not who will never tire of your I adore the fact that once you You Don't Have to Go to Town to Get

instance, we give to government the initiative and the power trust implicitly, jealousy own intense capacity for ado I withdraw into its sacred portals -
to regulate and dominate our lives in the name of secur- could make you rather mise ration. (i that shyness and timidi-

ity, the ultimate end will be the security of the penitentiary. rable. Your mate should be gentle -i ty I drop from you like a cloak LOW PRICESOn

Power once granted to government must always be bal- It is your good fortune.' and willing to he sub-|i end that you receive love
I merged in which
however, that you have a case your with welcoming arms.
anced against a greater in the hands Yaw-
power of the people. will be exhilara-
flair for making proper selections marriage an 9-90-99 SB-97-989
We pride ourselves on our material achievements. But so it will be instic- tnig experience. If not, you I

pride can result in a deadly blindness. Other nations, whose tive in you to select a part-I can become resentful because I I SAGITTARIUSBorn DRUG STORE HEEDS
ner who will not bo a cuse i you can't have your own Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21
concepts are utterly opposed to ours, are producing their of anxiety, but will agree: way, as you do in everything I Married life, with you, can Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store

own wonders. Communist Russia and Communist China are, with you in most matters. else. I be the happiest of all human

so to.. speak... .., .moving. mountains... The whip and the chain, 8-60-; -59-65- 96 I 2-90-77-89-76-238 I experience if you are not WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES:: ADVERTISEDIN

usea with dedIcated ruuuessness, can also get out the gooas, -- I forced to give up the peronalI YOUR LOCAL PAPERSWe
while the soul of man dies. I TAURUS I LIBRA |I freedom which is the breath

It took f. cn April 21 thru May 20 Born Sspt. 23 thru Oct. 22 j I[t of.life to you. Deliver We Also Fill All Doctors' Prescription
centuries of turmoil and
war revolution to estab- A lifemate who would
Someone who could Your ideal mate -bould br in- /
lish the lights of man-the rights of the individual. Theycan appre- I st m pinning down
ciate your strength of character I willing to believe, with you, you to
be lost overnight by sins of omissions no less than sins and determination to get that never was a marriage li r' Itiple of routine duties Dixie Pharmacy

of commission. A people whose eyes and minds are fixedon somewhere in the worll I n-ore completely "in2.'e ini I j could be pronouncnig on you

material ends alone will not long remain a free people. could contribute tremendously I heaven" as yours. and go a- |!' the death sentence to happi- 1302 KINGS ROAD At MYRTLE AVCMJ'ti I

They will become merely instruments of power. I to the success of your marriage 'long with you in your willingness is nSelect a lifemate who PHONES EL S-S597-PS
If the mate you select, to prove io rnyone' willing to accept you as a
There is no foreseeable limit to what we, through our should also be willing to who dares to be skepi'cal.: w/onderful comrade, as you PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE -

economic, social and political organizations can achieve. It work side by !side with you, You will never detract I are to everyone. -
will be the ultimate irony if, in the light of this, we surrender to encourage your ambition, from your mate's dignity, -39- -543

the individual to material bigness-whether in :gover i- then your cup of joy can be I(I but to live up to your idea
filled to overflowing. I|of a successful marriage,your CAPRICORNBorn
ment or Anywhere else. We never had
a more urgent Dec. 22thru
: Jan. 19
will have
tc be a docile
to uphold age-old principles and convictions that make for The inspirational valuesand collaborator. You like Libra, are possessive SUPPORT THE DRIVE

the only worthwhile kind of progress-confidence in something cash assets that both of 6-20:=5C-19-54-624 I but in a different way,

faith in ideals, fairness, the determination to defend you give to your home makeit for unless your mate is the I
a place
what one believes to be right. with pardonable you pride. VIRGO yielding sort who will do FOR BETTER TREATMENT 1
78OS7987787 Bom Auj. 23 thru Sep 2? anything to a v 0 i d.an argu-
Walt Whitman wrote, a century ago: "Tha whole theory :\:OIor at least the v ent you night: as well have

of the universe is directed unerringly to one single individ- I I your tunes.partner in irons.. at 1 OF NEGROES BY LOCAL FIRMS\i

ual-namely to You. Man in the mass must never hide the GET YOUR HOROSCOPE READING
On the
face of the individual other hand,
man. Use tila your I would lib to see a new policy of better treatment
ooupan. loam more about y mtU. Seas 10 eca'a (cue mate can feel amply rewarded
dime In cola) for each horoscope>> ordered by maIL Indsde oeU by the enchantment of- to Negro customers adopted by local firm
addressed. stamped! i-nvelope. Write ptatar/ Infc ofier dee cot appq< your companionshipwhenyou I resent being called by my first name by salesman
IJ:lJ$::nUiUS = = to resident and saleswomen. ,
xt thn doiMsloa of CaIta a.r get
your own
wayandyou I believe that
Negro patron should b* provided
can make life ,
p7aW: : ample rest room facilities in local establishments rod
.a FORIDA STAR ASTROLOGER stimulating. But try to nn end put la J/m-crow !
signs on drinking ;loa'ittlai
I P. O. BOX 561JACKSONVILLE I II buck you! ocd real roo.-is.
9-70-39-68-97 979AQUARIUS
1, FLA. To accomplish these changes I am witting to cease ,
I I r patronising firms thai are tmwflllng to meet thoee !

nquem.NAME .
L Born Jan- 20 thru Feb. 18
I --. I II Your ideal llf malo should
be adept in
rn moving through

I I life swiftly, for it may Be ADDHESS __
alt State difficult I
to keep with
up you-
You have I wand! thAt ray name will be held confi
I *to 01 Birth 'I to move at a fast :
dential unless IndicUed otherwise
DIIIiI .I egb pace, to be happy.. below.

L.. __ _-_ -.J Your mate should not make ( ). You may dsriose my name if aecerart.






Week Ending Saiurday, January 3, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Three

ABOUT PEOPLEMr Wedding Bells ..

'. '4 rVA' .. ,
: and Mrs: Thomas Longof Applications for Marriage

Welch W Va, are the Licenses .p..Ka S.a".d5 Y'.i;iC.d'r I IkX
house guest of' the Rev and ,
Mrs Benjamin Frazier, 1673' kL By

McMillian Street. Preston Turner, Jr., 1552 LOUISE G. GUINYARD

logan St., age 24 and Costine

MrsLucindaReed, motherof Siplin, 1947 DeCottes St.,age|I
Mrs- Emma Watkins of 13 23. !

C2 W 25th Street is spending I Eugene L- Norton, 2318 Da Christmas Day has come and gone, and so has an event

the holidays in Tallahasseewith vis St., age 25 and Sveria A., that has come to be associated with the Holiday Season in
relatives and friends. | Johnston, 1731 Hiram St,age Jacksonville
the annual Fla-Jax Ball.
: 24. .y aSv .
I >' t
Mrs. Bertha Ford, of 1181 Lester Arnold, 669 N- Lin- Although it was our misfortune to miss this grand af-
Durkee Dr. left the city re- coln Court, age 32 and LoisF fair (being in South Carolina
Bell 669 N- Lincoln Court at the time) we have heard
cently attend for the Detroit funeral, Mich of ,her to age- 27., [ from ail sources that the usual gay atmosphere prevailed in

friend, M r s. Wilhelmenia Ernest Robinson, 2343 the beautifully decorated Duval Armory, and that everyone
Brown Jernigan Road, age 54 and L present had a delightful time.

j Elouise Williams, 2343 Jer
a a nigan Road, age 30 :,.s The Fla-Jax Club, Inc., held initiation ceremonies recently -

Mrs. Mamie G. Nichols of John D- Stanton, 902 Ea- ::: for eight new members: Mr. J. H. Batts, Mr. Maurice H.

New York City is in the Mrs-city gle Ave, Box 56, N. Y. age : 'wrrini::y3/x k k.0 :ICd6, I Barnett, Mr. Adrian Kenneth Knight, Mr. James Genwright,
visiting Ruth Devoe daughter grandchildrenand and Barbara J. Reed, 1420 Dr. E. A. Cosby, Gainesville; Mr. C. W. Banks, Jr., Gaines-
her sister, Mrs. Essie Prospect 21 Ave-, Bronx, N. Y, I vine; Mr. Arnett Osgood, Palatka; and Mr. W. E. Harris,

- Mae Pryor. age a a a a a Hastings. Its present slate of officers consist of Mr. Charles
I E. Simmons president Dr. James
R. Henderson vice
Ormand Joyce, 739 W. Ash- CELEBRATED 3rd ANNIVERSARY The Sepia Ladies who presented a musical I ; president
Mrs. Sadie Toston of 1080 ; Mr. Raiford Brown, Sr., recording secretary Mr. I. II.
Street is !': ley St., age 23 end Bernadine tea in honor of their 3rd anniversary, all agree the affair was a highlight of the year II ;
Troyan spending Burney II, financial secretary; Dr. W. W. Schell, Jr., treas-
the holidays in Chicago, Illinois -|j Davis, 7391/2 W. Ashley St., Members of the Club are seen here: Mrs. R ealha Paullc Mrs. Mildred James., Mrs- Mr.
urer; E. L. Harris, business manager; Dr. J. A. Long,
with her brother and age 27.Lewis. Gloria Glenn Mrs Violetta Jenkins Mrs- Gladys Quick.. Mrs- Lillie Mae Hamilton Mrs Palatka, parliamentarian; and Dr. E. H. Washington, ser-
sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.: King, 919 CarolineSt.
Walter. Sherman. I ., age 19 and Emogene Ray, Gertrude Brown. Mrs. Evelyn Edwards and Mrs. Elizabeth Pierce. geant-at-arms. Standing members are: Mr. Theodore L.

834 W. Monroe St., age 16. Redding; Mr. Robert Peppers; Mr. C. L. Williams, Mr. E. C.

Mrs. Ruth Jackson is convalescing I I James R. Baker, 1580 W. BINGHAM GUILD I WEST UNION PLANSHOMECOMING LAYMEN LEAGUE Deas, Mr. J. D. Brooks, Mr. James E. Whittington, Dr. Lin-

in her home at 1711 I 11th St., age 17 and Yvonne SLATES CAMPAIGNThe DAYi i ELECTS OFFICERS coln B. Childs, Dr. Lansing G. Childs, Mr. L. I. Alexander,

West 25th Street. Mrs. Jack-I Stubbs, 1562 Franklin St., age i Mr. Chester Sattenvhite, Dr. J. C. Downing, !Mr. Fred Brooks,
son is a member of Zion' 15. 1 1I ', The Laymen League of the Palatka; !Mr. William Maxwell, Palatka; Mr. Doc Taylor,
Rev. A- F. act-
Ida Mae Bingham Cummings,
Church- Samuel Collins 1824 Louisiana
Hope Baptist -
; I I East Florida Conference of Palatka and Mr. Tallahassee.
Ulysses Ingram
; ,
Guild in the St.
St., age 26 and Louise worshipped ing pastor of West Union District
I the llth
I I Episcopal ,
Mrs. Gussie Lee Gordon of Seabroks, 1345 EvergreenAve. Paul AME Church recentlyto Baptist Church will deliver AME Church held a meeting I Among out-of-town guests were Miss, LaKay Beasley

1522 Harrison Street, accom- ., age 23. launch a campaign Memorial of the I the homecoming sermon during -: recently for the election of I ("Miss FAMU"), who was the guest of Dr. C., W. Banks, and
Ida Mae
panied by her daughter, Mrs. James C. Bruxton, 1631 W. Bingham the morning worship, be-, officers. I Dr. Leander Shaw of FAMU.
Alma Cook, niece, Miss Grace 35th St., age 21 and Naomi appeal. ginning at 11 am- Felix White presided over
Ross and nephew, Leroy Dixon, age 21 1012 Myrtle The organization has beei the election of officers Re-I According to numerous reports, all of the ladies were elegantly -
music will be
Hampton, Jr., left the city to Ave.Carlton set up to memoralize the life I the Furnishing Junior Choir and :Male narks were made by J- L.I gowned and Mr. William "Bill" Pauline, Mr. Sollie

spend the holidays with her Jerkins Jr., 1331 of Miss Ida Mae Bingham, Chrous, with Mrs. Norma R Williams, retiring president. :Mitchell, and Dr. II. James Greene topped the list of well
who her lifetime
son and daughter-in-law, Mr. Whitman St., age 23 and Maria during ''White at the and Mrs- Officers installed were: P. groomed gentlement.An .
and Mrs. Frank Gordon, Mrs..I Andrews, 2060 N"3rd served at St. P a u lAME Ruth Solomon organ at the J. McIntosh, president; J. H.

Rose Johnson, Reverends Ave.; Miami, Fla., age _1.2G Church and community. with Usher Board 2 serving.piano : Hicks, first vice president; E- aftermath of the Fla-Jax dance was the delightful
Samuel and Charles Hutson. The first project of the SBell, second vice pres.; breakfast party given by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Redding
Officers elected for 1959
Guild will be to erect a me- 1 Mrs Ada Rembrant, third; of 190; Myrtle Avenue.
will be installed by the act-
CLUB HOLDS morial headstone the .
Mr. and Mrs- Clarence Pope over Mrs- Mattie Williams, secretary -
and children of Laurinburg, grave of Miss Bingham. The ing pastor during the morn- ; Mrs. Hazel Manor, Among guests were Dr. and Mrs. Lincoln B. Childs, Dr.

H. Care in the city visiting guild \vill set up projects later -ing worship. I assistant secretary; Mrs. Ruth, and Mrs. II. James Greene, Miss Laura Wynn, Mr. Thomas

their grandmother Mrs. Lena ELECTIONMEET which will aid deserving I Choirs 1 and 2 and the i Walthour, corresponding secretary -! Sellars of Durham, N. C.; Mrs. Sadie Tillis, Mr. and Mrs.

Brown and aunt, Mrs- Nancy young musicians in the com- Gospel: Chorus will serve dur-!t ; E !. Thomas, trea- Robert Pepers, Dr. and Mrs. E. Washington and Mr. and
B. Eutsay of 1266 West 21st munity. ing the evening worship, be- surer; C. E. Law, chaplain;
with cnosecration Mrs. Charles Simmons.
Street. The 2 G Community Club ginning Vernon King, parlimentarian;
held a meting recently at Si- j: service at 6:30: to be followedby Amos Rose, public relations a .

Pvt. William J. Mazeke, a monds-Johnson Club house, THE FLORIDA STAR Holy Communion. I chairman; Mrs. J B. Epperson 'I
Board 1 will Mrs. Ora Mae Mclver who is quite a social figure has
Deaconess ,
1955 graduate of Gilbert High with F- Kirkland, presi- WISHES EACH OF YOU historiographer; Mrs- A-
School, completed the eight- dent presiding. Officers were meet Sunday at 2:30: pmin'H. Thorpe, director, lay ac I returned to the local scene after spending several weeks in
week teletype operationcourse installed. HAPPY NEW YEAR the Educational Building in tivities'and Mrs. Alice Me- Miami.

at the Army's South- Officers elected were: Mrs. srss.-.-srssrzx---s-----rsa_. >Sx---i::.. its monthly session. iJntosh! ----,-organist-- -- We have received several reports concerning her stun-

eastern Signal School, Ft. Willie Griffin, president; ning attire at the Fla-Jax BalL
Gordon, Georgia.Mezeke James Hawkins, vice presi- STITCH-YOUR-OWN WARDROBES
is the of Mrs. I a a a a
son dent; Mrs. Ernestine Holzen-
Lillian Mazeke of Palatka, Jim CREATE FASHION STIR
Florida. dorf, recording secretary; :Mr. and :Mrs. Richard Hunter (she is the former Miss
my Washington, assistant; .
+ Maxie Borders: financial secretary Laurice McLean of DeFuniak Springs) are in Jacksonvillefor
by EVELYN CUNNINGHAMThe seemed a cinch on the knubby ruby and black tweed
Elder W- C. Young, pastorof ; Mrs. Naomi Saint Jac operation has demanded paper far Jacket tops a plaintextured'ruby the Holiday Season. He is a student at Meharry Medi-

Day Spring Pentecostal cb assistant; MrsBertha creative itch in every more than enthusiasm.In wool Jersey dress. cal College, Nashville, Tenn.
Church, 1771 West 5th Street Scott, sinking fund treasurerA
woman that has brought about Fabric choices for this suit a s a a a
and family returned to thecity r net t Griffin, treasurer; untold do-it-yourself disastershas short, the longtime sew- could range from linen to

recently from Lake City, MrsEthel Wright, welfare happily driven these your-own stir has more than fleece. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin II. Lawson spent several days in
S C., where he treasurer Mrs. Harris held its own. This season,
presided over ; Mary creators back to
courageous of Mr. and Mrs. James Hammond
Tampa recently guests
the than before The short-jacketed as ,
general assembly. refreshment chairman; Char the sewing machine. Where more ever imagi- trapeze
Several elders were ordained lie Jones business managerand building coffee tables and nation and ingenuity have suit is youthful but certainlynot 2505 Nineteenth Street.

and plans were made to Mrs. Alice Freeman, erecting shoji screens had found outlets in self-made restricted to the young. a a a a a a
wardrobes. Well-executed Its easy-to-make, comfortable
erect a southern district chaplain. patterns -
throughout the state. Members of the directors I. ,true to fashion's newest lines are classic and chic,I' We are wishing a speedy recovery for Mrs. Essie D. Mc-
line and whim, are the keys to and an interesting touch to who sustained in fall Mrs. Julia Jones wife
Cray injuries
board are: Willie Greene, confidence, pride and budget the skirt are the suspenders.' ; ,
J.frs.V.. E. A. Harris of chairman; Charles Lott, cochairman balancing so eagerly soughtand Made here of a lightweight of Mr. Mint Jones, who is convalescing from a recent illness;

1592 West 11th Street is con- ; Maxie Borders, so easily! gained. basket weave wool, in a clear' and Lt. (jg) and Mrs. Raymond Lambert (residents of this

fined in Brewster Hospital as secretary; Philip Levy, Jim- Bristol blue, the suit is city while he was stationed at the Jacksonville Naval Air
the result of injuries sustained my Washington, Sylvester ; Suits, of course, know no further enhanced by motherofpearl -'J
Station both confined to in Tenn.
), a hospital Memphis, as
at school. Black, Charlie Jones, Wilson season. Making them yourselfcan buttons. This suit
Mrs. Harris is director of Allen, James Hawkins, Ar- be 'ridiculously simple. might be made of tweed,' the result of an automobile accident... The Lamberts were

YPD, AME Missionary Soci- nett Griffin and Chester Sat. Best of all, this creative kick corduroy, flannel, linen, silk scheduled for another stay in Jacksonville prior to the mis
ety and the wife of Rev. A. terwhite. can eliminate completely the tweed, synthetic suiting hap.
D. Harris. F universal headache of havingto zibeline or jersey suiting.
compromise on color or Mr. and Mrs. William Rolle of Miami (she is the former

Albert Mungin is ill in Brew- "BLOB" AT STRANDs #; fPt fabric for a particular Style. Fashion-Sewing Take it Weekly Frankie Shannon) are visiting relatives here.
Tip: easy! Don'thurry.
ster Hospital. He is a mem- ; f w Color, for instance, runs A calmly made garment a a a a a aMiss
ber of First Corinth Baptist n wild this season. The meek, is a better made one.
Church and leader of District s a< 4 l gentle pastels have been Betty Bowers is visiting her mother, Mrs. Violetta

7. S i A p, :< i iYy'Y'i blown away by the vibrant, Jenkins of 1412Vest Twenty-Fifth Street.
rich, Jewel tones. 'Color is
Butts Brown will play tag ta :' definite, and no one color a a a a a a
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Butts how
no matter noisy need
Mrs. Ida Simmons,Holt of 9416 Rhodes Avenue, Chicago,
announces the engagment of be isolated. Strong purples,
their daughter, Anie Virginiato blues and greens are blended. IlL, and Mrs. Sylvia Bennett Belton shared honors as guestsat
Clanzell Thornton Brown, a f fJ Even the oranges and pinks two enjoyable parties held last week-end.

son of Mr.\ and Mrs.\ Judson compatibility.. The earthy a a a a a a
Brown of this city. PHiaitr browns, golds and clays are y
The wedding will be an subtler, but just as positive.The yF.kt4 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simmons of 121 W. Ninth Street,

event of Saturrday in St. Paul 1 t new fabrics are a joy. entertained :Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Belton with the following
Baptist Church. Friends of
the couple are invited. m The mohairs and souffles are G r/. guests present: Mrs. Dorothy McCone Steele, Mr. and Mrs.
s J like tinted whip cream. Printsare James McMillan\ Mr. and :Mrs. John Mitchell, Mrs. Florence
H found the i.
Mrs. :Mary :Moody-Taylor, on surfaces:most velvet-unexpected Lawson Wilson, Mrs. P. II. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Shehee, :Mr.

formerly of this city and now eens, corduroys, wools and 1a and Mrs. Paul T. Bennett, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mc-
asst. dietitian at the St. Luke knits. Long-standing tabooson Cone, Mr. John L. Jackson, Mr. George Whitehead, Mrs.

Hospital, Women's divisionin mixing certain fabrics Evelyn Wells, Mrs.\ Beatrice B. Vaught, Mr.\ Rodell Roberts: ,
New York City, arrived in have gone with the, wind.
Mrs. Sylvia Armstrong Hart, and Mr. Moms Simmons.
the city last Friday to'spend Tool keeps company with

the holidays; with her mother, chiffon; corduroy cuddles with a a a a a
"Mrs. Nina E. Moody, at 1536 pure silk; mohair mates with .'
Evergreen Avenue. J satin. Just about everythinggoes t I.x
a a when the basic style is Mr. and Mrs. Jan T. Bennett entertained the ladies witha

Mrs. Johnnie Lee Byrd and sound and the pattern easy to bridge party held in their home at 1526 W. Fifth Street.
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Nelson feted one of the most follow. Among guests on this occasion were Mrs. Charles Sim*

Miss Sara Elizabeth Davis, ,strange characters 70x11 McCall's moos, Mrs. Lucille P. Jones, Bliss Charles Etta Spicer, Mrs.
who became the bride of Mr. ever see when you teethe The: two here ideal Patterns Annette Howard Taylor, Bliss Margaret Austin and Miss
are many-
George Washington, Jr. last technicolor: 1Ocbr'BLOB.ahcnriDg purpose garments, although Myrna Lynn Bfurray. .
"THE at .
Saturday at Mt Olive AME each has a distinctly different Both Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Belton received lovely gifts
the Strand Theatre
Church, with a miscellaneous now THE "WALKING SUrr....tria.tig i feeling., The "walking'swt," WARDROBE WO&.the r+ait from the hostess. .
shower at the home of Mrs. through! Monday Cohitl : otto the faaUoa sceae. Loag : unanimously accepted as a with the free-cwiagteg Try']
Nelson, 1536 Evergreen Ave. the technicolor: action jacket covers a........ ore**.. fashion 4-starrer. features II U a "kopsackJaflT wool. h'.] a a a a a a
Sew-it u Uw Bewert fabrics .4eLoo.e winyoa .ukstt
Mrs. Myrtle Drake, mother of western, "LIGHT IN MeCna Patters *4 i B3. the lengthened jacket and the >mean f iron McCeII'. P a test,
the honoree and aunt from THE FOBEST.idardng l -IL7Sf'I 'I relaxed. theath., .Here_the Wis.s ta.Aaie.ak.: I The old year is making a graceful exit, and with the
'Tennessee and several friends Fees Parker and Joanne. I L. _, approaching New Year we again wish for our readers peace
were present. Dru- ..rod prosperity. HAPPY NEW YEAR!





Fcur -
-. .-- --- -- THE FLORIDA GYAB Week Endingf Sat\trda January 3.- 1359
-- -


) S

P r Y \

4. v ) Y

? u : .j'w' L _______

t '
.4Y $
'L : Ii. ,; v }
.. .
% ; .
.... .;, .,.. ..,. "J .. "" ..'.{"
/ .:
r; J rlt l' i .. t r ) .". 4 t.:..
'' 4c %-, t
h '
f ._ CI -' .
a a {
I >'
; ,
r' it"u '
<. .
p .
< f
.. ( .
': '
: ,{ .
.. "" "

X Hughes, daughter of Rev and Mrs: A: J: Hughes is
: MAY 3 H \ : seen prettily dressed for pre-Easter activities when it
b r Hnq: c James We'd! n J 'r son School
feared she would not be able to her Easter be-
a Jew.sh: s nag-jgue was one in a seri f rornbj rcc and b r'b ="!>r c n'r" etrat- was see
in For: da' Dr I Srott. director of Nergo schools! and H Jarv i Greene. cause she was losing her eyesight. This story had a
are s.e'1 the happy ending in that through the efforts of the Florida
surveying damage done to the school
I Star funds were raised through public contributions to
.. defray the cost of transplanting a new eye which gave
i Janyce back her sight-
t.l l I __

: r ":':> :..,:
r ".;;:; :' : fj}; .
I' : / ;?

.{..... r. 9 by

APRIL 5.- f
Burroughs is s K.at
Fleet Award .
r r
County: from )
with Joseph r

Safety I 9 4 ac* zE c r7M

s .. ... .
u '
:;:.,.". ; r Rr ( Su.

1t f .:."' ': : .gR
'.' : I : :
'. "';' : I .,
: hn
.(. : ,v.Y.Mbn,
: \: )wH.I
: : : ;

::: ::::::;:;; : :I ----- .- -._- -- Ya ..---. -- --" .- : '. ,t. w

; ... .FEBRUARY 1 HIGHWAY DEATH t..1. -3 perished when their car and ,j ,. \ .
;. > I truck became a Krairinfe<: _.:> car: :: (JIll! : .: .. U- S. Highway No. 1. Joseph I
," tro* mall: c'*!"rci'' :: :d his :ell c.;n ;\ .. :-n the wreck 1 { I
-. :
::: }i.; I i ,

t r .
tk I w IT h r e e Jacksonville young
s 0g men were killed) instantly
when a pile of pulp wood
y' 3 |:smashed in their car Two of

.. life'w w .. is ...YwiOi ; a ; the victim? are soon here,Hen
r !; ry Blake, :25! of 1771 West 19
L Street and William R- Bodieof

I 1560 Madison Srteet. ,
I d
3 x 3 k NII1I

"': } .
..- "
i f a ,
4 f'lIII
1fl: I
t tZr ti

DEATH Isabell Stephen 34,
:t =rat ;: (.,p of 904 Clay Street, held !
... for the fatal. shooting of Dc- '
S'w rothy Clay Jamison 2.3, bot- ,
tom, after Dorothy came !
OCTCi3.'!1 home from a ride with three !
Rudolph tnen. I % r ; .y M.pc.
Dr: :
triple \ -
The homicide investigation :
before burial: : ::: .
Tcitr, il1th i n I. termed the fatal shooting as
'strange circumstances-

H.::'..\ ANOTHER BOMBINGSCEN T C' h Officers and Investigators from A s
;t recent-organized City-County Bomb Investigation Detail are seen looking for II S .
; at the site where a bomb was thrmt a tavern on 45th StreetS I
S __ DRAG PACERS Anthony
I I i BERRIERS i iI Clyde Coley. 12 and Lofton -

3atronbo: Star Advcrfl:> I ICE CREAM ; 14, two east side boys
.lZ .9ar ,daxaR were killed b y irresponsible

F' azyi. -- --

4. '

+.* '

4. vf,






strick with of Bejamin Young, 32, of 755 West Monroe Street, who 21t & MONCRIEF
Christmas- ?
ended his,life with a revolver.shot through the chest is S : > -PI.2y of Paritiag SpacePage ,
mas Ing for party 10s seen as it was found by the'Homicide Squad detectives* : .



1 e

.. .

Ending Saturday, January 3, 1959 .. THE FLORIDA STAR .. Page fiy.H .

._ __, _______________
.. ; Sq*; ,3? 'c;?" : "- *}: ch" .
>,'" ''': : ; ./ ; : ; : .' JR K r .QB 'Wf1tff: ar E f Ci

1:1-" : 'yKi4Jft..: :.;:"' ":'.-;::::/ Tft. %?:. '!.f.y .;!1i: ''irA .">>.."m.,.,.*''.,',";,,..;t>:.;.,..:;';%;t'.:" ,! Q r
.: : :-::;; <:: ..; : : .. :fk::. '.'" <' :' /A ."}'(" ; Yoeg-.,.....*"<<'..; "=JiJxfn: 'J:! 1;,,:,'''
Z :
::, :: ,. ,. > 1'1! .4-,:....<<: ._. ..1 &; > ; l,
: .4" .,: .nm h "< ,' "' ':I', .';' 'W V:,# ft? .;:' 4 \
;Jtf :<'A:4 :, "
: ltt.t.
v .
: .., 7fP'fJ : '"" < .
:i- ..' "
< "w
: iNc ps*> NUa.M .
k < ,
u. -A3 lk1i;M:. ::::;. s. "- '." ? '. ..
f r', "." '/ J;L.' y: '" ; : .:d.<<..wM, ( .. ilCA... ,
A ,
.- : \
: .
../ ''....''r .yw. ? : ., .i ;,
>> J .-. ". 'p.WL.13Z"t "
Mo.- / JOf! -i-"l<, .. : L h !N If t "S
i.!.'n"c: *.
"!-"'.'..' '..'. ..". ., .." ,..... f. ,., "......\..:. ....-.... ", p 4
;; t 4n
A: : '. ... L'

:: :

yr ; W y Y' E
% n f [

Jrt M ,L 1 JL
11 d*S; A r 7i t(9f jy + a)

'" .......',.'$- p Sk a
<< ff

1. i


; +:.


many years wafting for a sergeant's test 4 Negro patrolmen
;! PROTESTING REZONING Eric Simpson.. Florida are finally promoted. Acting Police Chief, C: V

.. Sler: edi'cr, ih'rd from: left in background is seen protest- Branch is seen presenting a sergeant's badge to Solomon

AUGUST 2 EBONY CAB COMPANY- the top photo is seenthe new Negro- I', the. r !*.n"nr o! Grand Park area lo keep Negro citi- Weston as Charlie See looks on- Others who were

owned 5-car riet: 01 cxbs which is serving .nc county r_ .> d-ti' brm,,1.g tit m: to the :0: .-. frobuiTd'zj": ho-ies: in the section TV.. CovingtonTcrc I promoted were Beamon Kendall and Edward Hickson-
city and frem city to county. iovr.d) aso protested the move to restrict Negroes' i -- -- -

I living privileges. I I ed on the sulewalk with an she would receive $2oOO..
She said she waited and
in his hand. He
-- -- envelope

'. : i :r: ? Ml' FLAMMERS I cliamed he found the envelope,waited and after she decided
l : .".: with $10,000 in it and a let they were not coming hack,
summoned l i She
I she police.
ter.The man said he couldn.t I I said the man appeared 1 to

STRIKE AGAININ read and Mrs. Green read it I be about ,50 and the woman
for him and he offered her I.about 10."They were riding in

.4 some money for reading it. II I I a white and grey car, make
Mme: 4a. Mrs. Green sail) the man 'unknown.I'atroimen.
4OCTOBER THE CITY I, ed if she had any ask-I| J. J. Doe andF.

I her own and she went and D. Mack investigated.
----- -- --
a A 5-ycar-old i ; woman was :, got $2."iO: and gave it to the i

the victim of film flammersvho j two. They took her to a downtown I
came to her home at I building where the man
12D2 \V. Adams Street fnst was supposed to work. \ GEuIG; UP iGrilS
>F f yga aY Tuesday and twined her into Going down to the building t< ttiy
I It worried tf Bladder:: Weakness" (Oet-
riving them $250. police "aid. she was 'left standing in the ting Up Nights or Bed Welting too frequent -
8 S0 :COO block of Laura Street I burning cr Itching urination or
4 H Mrs Elizabeth Green told Strong Smelling. die to
V lE1.1ll
'x)lice a woman unknown to waiting for the couple to i try common CYSTEX Kidney UT gmek D far.p 30 it- LSOprove .
'or came ar-1 'H:1rnr1 '-,>- -i>out come out with her money. I safety for young and old. Ask Crug-
for CYSTEX under money-bacX tuar
iY gt' 0 .nother. \vonr.n u''iom she did I She said the man told her the; Slst ante See bow fad you Improve.SThAfllStarts .
S *+ t-'r..v. As the visitor was President of the company

t4 about to Il'aq a man ap-'.ar- I would change the money and


; HUNTED Miss Thelma Jean Weda
Watts, 20, was found dead as
i a result of a22 rifle woundin
af : the top of her head in the

OCTOBER 13 D R I V E-IN MURDER VICTIMS Two of the victims in the tri- : home of Martin Luther Williams -. THE GREAT DRAMA YOU MUST SEE!
Jr. 864 Market Street.A
ple killing which occurred at the Sky-view Drive-In Thleatre are seen as thousands
viewed their remains At left is MrsElea"or- Tc'vr' and her mother, Mrs. Amelia warrant was issued for .
Martin Williams, a suspect =,
Lewtcr is on the right. i
of the murder.

"t' ,. .'" "! i

4'a*l : H 1a tij) .I A SHOCKER !

..ycT V IIDrII: "_" --..- ". _=__.. ,

1 1'f' .
44 .

1t, ... $ -

.- '- .
Afi '
& >- -
!: ,:;" J .
iJjbfrt : it xw' MrNg ,I ) ii4 ....- ': -$.,,: -V- ._ '!lf" ":
ss1 :.
f. .. .1a

r 1 .. ,/ A. '1:. .a
... > : t c s .{; .
y ti1>.Y." .: .... a 'J... ,...JJl Cot.
< ,, t Va r;VA 4f t a j.- ".f ", ". 1nr0 ,, of: ...
\ \ t SS v C' r( aOrPvi,4a 'b'i .
JP} :T -
? '
:: / :' :,
urr "' :>' .
""' -, <'- :
; -
\ L <1q.1- A..fFl" ;' -:.:. : .".....'" ..--.1 ..
q .
s a R Oypi : -1 "$ J.. '-. ':! ., : .
i M.Y z a : -V" :' "b "" ;-'-> -.... .
1 .:' ',': ',
r.f:''' -- :i <
\ ,' < ;:, -
''4 c ':> '; \- _J :' .
r "" -:- x. .' -* -
t '"-- -. 'oL I >' ;
,.. ....,, '
\ JUSTIFIED The fatl shooting a-1- : :< 1--- Y <.jt ( 1

;a\. Oi Algie .Nevels, Negro, Mr' J ... -J i-: N ."'> .
-f ; -
: f1fJ
onrof the ".oat notorious V" -' .,..
t "
figures in Ji-skrSeville's: police ._ .. ': :

NOVEMBER 8 -J XON TO BUILD $40,:OO Motel Bcaurcgard Gallon. Well- ; ai.d: underv.'oild. history, I ,.. .. .. .. 'J:!fitr'J, _.- : 42<
"=v/io! shot and kiil.d -.... ,
known restauranteur and proprietor of Mom's Kitchen s-'1necl a contract for the was by I ''': ..-'" -:. -. :--. ""<"( _
construction of a 10-unit motel to be located on US- Highwa' 1 near Lin?.In Villa. George Ya n c y, white are -....... : A-. m M
The new motel is being built at a cost of $40,000. 1 1 seen hereThe shooting was I W. ; T -<. ?; .$-A

Gallon is seen shaking hands with William Stephenson, representative .0 f the ruled "justifiable-. ;-'" .j..,;'" 'i::\ .r: "'\'" : ,.
I -
-- ..
Frisco Construction 1- \ 1 ; is .
Company. A.f : \\ :
: "" ; y < ,' \.
------ -- --- -- -- ; : :; ;- 4 .\ \\ :;
"' '
11 ii .," '> t: '.'
2 .
,, ..: "'-- -::, ,,, -- i, ..

n .v >. : .' ;;.'. :. ,j ." "'-,. -.., .>< f fi .' :.

H. : ./.V

.+ vetas LOOK AT THEM '
I A black man and a white

ft' t&iUJ& tT\: E IE H\ man clawing at each other's flesh..smashing steel In each other's'facel

; R MJy ) j And always behind them-the sheriff and the killer dogs to finish the Job!


r w ,t i if : STAKlLEY .KRAMER_ prounts
.' .
s 4.Rdt -

J 't 'V 4f44i


MAUDE HIGGINS STILL members of the Brewster Mothers 'Club'are seen with VETERAN DROWNS Robert -
MISSING Mrs- rows dls- Herdon, .23, drowned as
"Little David" who born.without
Washington, was legs, .
is a real mystery he leaped to save his brother's PLUS 1ST RUN CO-HIT SOOT BATTALION"CHILDREN
appearance standnig on his new artificial legs with which. they :
hat in the St John'sRiver' -
which has not been slyed'provided him- ." .. -
She has been missing during .a fishing trip ,ADULTS-eo CENTS IS CENTSWeek -

Labor Cay: : .' near St George-




r. '" .


Pogo Six THE FLORIDA STAR" Week Ending Saturday. January 3, 1959
_______ ____ ______

TO GIVE MONTH District'Church 12 met of Bethel recently Baptist ir ALL..CffIZENRECISTRATION

the home of Mrand Mrs _
RADIO PROGRAM I William Johnson to review ATLANTA, Ga.-An All-Citizen Registration campaign,
its activities for the year! under direction of Rev John L. Tilley, of the Southern Chris-
and make plans for the ensuing tion Leadership Conference, has launched a city-wide ,move-
ment designed to add thousands of voters in Atlanta and
: f Fulton County lists. Some 100 leaders form the executive

I : ___ __ committee.The .
Atlanta committee, --

;! BURNING The men and women seen here are writing the last representing; a cross sectionof IMRS.! BROOKS
; I an act that makes the members of the A. M E. Zion Church very proud. the city's civic, politicaland
j' ; scene of the burning of a mortgage at Cornish A-.M.E.Zion Church, Key religious leadership, formally
The mortgage was not due and and payable until 1960, but the pastor and accepted the offer Leader-of. WOMAN OF YEAR
: ; decided to pay in 1958- L R Augustus Morgan, Mrs- Lucille Pope, Mrs. Southern Christian Rev.
George Sands, Rev. A.Franklin Hooper, Pastor, George Dean, Gilbert ship Conference to use
and its Atlanta office
I Samuel Laurce, Leon Summer and Edwin Lampkins- Mr. Tilley in the month registrationdrive. -I TALLAHASSEE Mrs.

Rev. Tilley recently Vivian S. Brooks was selected
I concluded a similar voter reg- the "Outstanding Woman of
ARCED 5CHOIAR&W3 PAW BAND istration effort in Baltimore, the Year" bv the Tallahassee

; ., ''''"' .. :Md., upping the lists above Branch of the National Association -
I II of College Women.
the 100,000
MAKES RECORD The first full meeting of I Mrs. Brooks wife of Rev.
the registration committeesaw David H. Brooks, rector of
TALLAHASSEE The famed a number of cash contri- the St. Michaels and All An-
3. Florida A&M\ University butions and pledges for expenses gels Episcopal Church, was .
Marching Band has "gone on of the four-month presented a gold loving cup
record" with the recent release drive. by Mrs. LeRoy Collins, first
of a 45 rpm extended Atlanta lady of Florida.
Jesse Hill an
play record. insurance executive, Active in the Osceola Street
There are four sides on the is chairman company of the Atlanta Center for Girls and at W. T.
record, "Old Time Religion", All-Citizens Committee. Miss Edwards Hospital M r s.
"When the Saints go March- Judith Fisher, office assist- Brooks has served as super-
ing In", "Quality Plus March"and ant of Rev. Mr. Tilleyv was intendent of the church Sun-
the famed "FAMU Drum named an assistant directorof day School and is now presi-
\ Cadence".The recording was the campaign which begins dent of the Women's Auxil-
I I '- done, in Lee Hall auditoriumon January 1, closing May, when iary of the church. She re-
: for
Dimes-raised funds provided scholarship by Bobby Dukoffof I
campus sides at 2109 Owens Street.
; Atlantic City, N.J.. for physical therapy state registration books close.
Records of Miami
University: Charles Releford. Nashville Tenn., Disc Although there are some Dr. Marian D. Irish, head
; research at Meharry Medical College, and Eva B. I Beach.A 28,000 Negro voters in Atlanta of the political science department -
; '" Colo., for medical social work at the University of limited unmber of records and Fulton County, citizens of Florida State University -

Foundation new niulti-nullion-dollar will provide scholarships scholarship for program 505; young: were pressed and may have sensed a responsibility was the principal speaker
in career preparation for nursing physical ther be ordered via mail for 1.00plus to raise their registration at the meeting held in the '""'
therapy, medicine and medical social work. twenty-five cents mail- total to between 50,000 Charles \YinterVood Theater
I ; of Dimes opens Jan. 2. ing charges from the univer- and 75,000, which would more on the campus of Florida A &
I sity bookstore. nearly equate the over 200- University..

iS: scr isr 3 sz kc ; 000 Negro population of the Mrs. Bernice Clausell,
BETHEL DISTRICT THE FLORIDA STAR metropolitan area. The com- president of the branch, was
WRITES mittee plans a thorough precinct in charge and presided at the
by precinct registration. meeting.
,! District No. 12, Bethel Bap- 2I.

tist recently Church in the held home meeting of Mr. i

Vio and MrsWilliam Johnsonand ? = --'='
i Without :
Luther King,, elected officers for the l "i 0i f4 T Tearnings

title of the forth new year- t.s
I wg
Law :\
: ,, to be published Officers elected were president: Mrs fromfflie Bi i61 lt :
P. Thorington, ;
and And all thy children shallbe
by Harper
Howard Singleton, vice presi.. taught ef the Lord and Our vry liberal
to the life storj I dent; Mrs. Rena Owens great shall be the peace of are compounded Each accoual Is
integration lead cording secretary; Mrs. Alta I II thy children.(Isaiah 54:13.) 'S.m iAanuallr UIIIII ..w insured up to

contains accounts I mese Weaver, financial sec We seek the best there is on SavUgs fl0. 1I1 I $10.000 by tb.
; Peace pilgramage rotary; Mrs' Arlenna Moore' ,,,: for our children in schoolingand in this Asso Federal Saving
D.C., a serious treasurer; MrsNellie McRoy material happiness. But dation which is .....mn( md Loan Incur
Montgomery Bus chaplain and T- A. Jackson,, the greatest gift that parentscan chartered and supervised t c___.. Xi anc Corpormiioaaulboriied
intimate reports reporter I give their children is reli- by the by aa
of Negro Visitor present was Mrs. gious training and devoted U. S. Government ad of Congress
Vice President Helen L- D. S u t t on of District example In the home for
No. 13 these will comfort and sustain -
President Eisen
1@o. lives.them the rest of their

Reddick witness- DEAN T. M. JENKINS

hand the now his- SPEAKS IN ORLANDO
in Montgom-
ORLANDO Dean Thomas
in 1955,
it began
Miller Jenkins, dean of the
closely College ofLaw, Florida A&M i
He is chair- University, served as lecturer -
-- -
History Depart- consultant, and panelist, f;
State Col during the Institute on Con- 41ttBiMt
and is tinuing Legal Education and Wherefore take unto you
Jacksonville., Legal Ethics which was spon- the whole armor of God, that Would You Like To
coming printing of sored by the Committee on you may be able to withstand
Jr's, Legal Education of the Flor- in the evil day .and, having
: King ida Bar, held here recently.DEATHS done all, to stand.-Ephe-
[ d Freedom: BEANExecutive
w a r sians 6:13.) -
: t go mer y Story"
Why should to it
total to 50,000 we try go
alone humanly weak as we SecretaryYou
are, when God's love, His
guidance and power are ours

PARTY HELD CROMARTIE Funeral for the asking through Will Find Many Positions AwaitingFor
NIEL services for George Cromartie prayer? He is ever presentand
of 1633 West 9th Street willing; when we let our Private Secretaries
CIRCLE will be announced by Dallas foolish pride and self-center- LEARN IN ONLY 30 WEEKS
Graham Funearl Director. He edness cut us off from Him
completed for passed away on December 27 we deprive ourselves needlessly DAY CLASSES :-: EVENING CLASSES
party during the and was a member of the of strength and help. SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS
; held by the New Bethel AME Church. POSITIONS
Garden Circle Survivors include his wife,
the home of Mrs.I Mrs Rebecca Cromartie, son, Your WHILE YOU ATTEND SCHOOL

t t Hart. The affair Leslie Cromartie, daughter, Free Job Placement After Graduation
l in the home of Mrs- Helen Holland, other relatives LUCkYNumbers
J Butler, 1544 Jef- -
beginning at 7 MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY!

BEAS LEY Funeral services -
1 t Fleming, presi. for Randolph S- Bea's- NAME DATE
J over the meet- le of 2008 Davis Street this
Ethel Hamilton ADDRESS PHONE
week extended
following an Lucky Days Lucky Color
t : Hart, Mary: Jones illness. Until his retirement BY ASTROLOGY CITY STATE

Jones serv- a few years ago, he had been I! 'in Tour WeaklyHOROSCOPE Please Send l-ie FREE Information
employed as a messenger GUIDE
with the local office-of the
HAT TEA Seaboard Airline Railwayand Bead $2.00 for your Horoscope
EMANUEL a veteran of World War Guide with lucky num.. WALKERVocational
I. bers. lucky days. lucky colon.

I He is survivedby his wife, Enclose a damped envelope.

Hat Tea will be Mrs- Elizabeth Beasley, & Commercial
by District No. 13 daughter;; Mrs. Mary Ir Will- -0III "
Baptist Church, iams, sister. Miss Ada Beas-
from 3 to 5 po m. ley, other relatives. College
hall of the rm and Man tos

the participants HARRIS Funeral services ZODIAC Elgin 4-0177 P.'O. Box 4935

Rich for Mrs- Mary L- Harris, a Dez MSJaeJExmrlBe Ninth StreetJACKSONvILLE
Eliza Perry, P. O. Myrtle Avenue at
1 well known old and respected r
: : : Badger, ,Mrs-Lau-: resident of 2803 Wilson 1, Ho. '9, FLORIDA.
Mrs: E: Freeman, Street held this week. ,
I Simmons and were Name "...................... "i, ,
Mrs. Harris is survived by APPROVED FOR VETEIt 'S TRAINING
: her daughter.. Mrs'Alberta E ADDRESS .................: -.- -

: .._ 4.Wi rehearsal,, Harris, cousins, Mrs.-Chris- dtjr. State ........v........ Register Now! Register Nor! Register Now!
tina Mamie Austin
The DiggsMrs.;; -
I : at 430 Society p- m. will Howard; Johnson, Ben Birthday .................... I
: z:=::2i t&7
: I at 5 p. m at Johnson, Mrs. Ruth Roberts
I other relatives and friends. I -=

A. .


-- -- -
-- -


Week Ending Saturday. January, 1959 THE FLORIDA STAR Page Seven

II Sporting Events Of 1958 Will Carry Many MemoriesI I I

_._.._. -
-? r < '., .,, .mn..n = 1958 ALL-SIAC FOOTALL TEAM

I J .J IT'UP ;. ::;w.:-.. .... ,
II < ,:\>. ..
". .,.., ,. ,., : Herbert Pratt, End Benedict, 19, 190 Ibs- Soph, Miami,
BY C PARHAM JOHNSON II -.. :. y '. j Florida. David Jones, Tackle S- C- State, 21, 220 Ibs. Soph

Homecoming events on college .,':. -..'.>:':"':, : Orlando, Florida- Roy Knight, Guard Allen U-, 22, 220 Ibs.

MANY RECORDS WERE MADE I l campuses throughout the I : "' ..1 Senior, Camden, S- Edmund Peters, Center Ft- Valley,

nation. High powered camaa .\ 21, 200 lbs. Senior, Atlanta, Ga Willie Wyche, Guard -
p istanlled to make slow motion Florida A & M, 22, 210 lbs., Senior, Tallahassee Wm- Montgomery
AND MANY BROKEN IN 1958During t pictures of Willie Gali- I. t Tackle Morris Brown, 21, 200 Ibs-, Senior, Blue-

more in action. New Stanton 1 I' :. field, W Va. Glover Jones, End Tuskegee 21, 200 Ibs-,
I High School and Matthew W ? Yfilt .i i ii .if. Soph., Columbus, Ga. Eddie White, QB Alabama State,

the year of 1958 many things happened in the Gilbert High played their an i '1 1i 21, 165 lbs., Junior, Memphis, Tenn- Alex Gardner, Back -
world of sports that will last for a long time in the mem- ual East West Classic at the ..... S. C. State, 23, 180 lbs Senior, Orangeburg, S. C. Leroy

ory of those who are sportsmen at heart, and the many Gator Bowl. Texas bars Ez- i : .1 -'ff. '-. .. .:',. Hardee, Back Florida A & M, 22,175 lbs., Senior, Bartow
thrills, spills and chills and upsets that caused some deep zard Charles in his attempton '. ... .' ... ,.i ..l l,...' .i '..;'Jr Florida Cecil Peoples, Back Morris Brown, 23, 178 Ibs-,

oncem fVirntifthoiit the vear. a comeback after he was ": >>-.">;-kt" ,":..... 1.. .;-... :,... A.... Senior, Jackson, Tenn. Alvin Chavis,Back Florida A & M
of .ap x"1iiNOwA 1*'4y. M.R..ay.RATTLERS ..- ..'.A: 24 185 lbs. Senior Fo -Pierce
pages Florida.
In turning the t almost blasted beyond recognition 14 :;r..pi't-r.-: .:. .... .__ ,
history as the new year be-I i Stars. Then Francisco by an unknown Texas SECOND TEAM
ins one will see the month Giants opr- p 1 "'1'* 1S58 season -1 light heavyweight Donnie NAMED Three members of the Florida
Coyle Wise Jr.. End Clark 19 162 Ibs-. Junior. A'.vita.
January-Trophies were with V,' Mays, Millie, Freeman. Florida A & M A& M Rattlers were named to the 1958 AllAmericalearn
'. I Georgia Isaac Aycocks, Tackle Fort Valley, 19, .!...; }H>s-
n ;ented to Henry Matthew. Kirkland ir "iu field- Orlando Haulers announce Prairie. in the Pittsburgh Courier's annual selection of
Senior Newnan Otis Baker, Guard ClaA' : _
I Georgia. :
r jiv Thomas, Paul Haw- Cepeda on first base View State Panthers as top players over the nation- The Three FAMU All-
237 lbs, Junior, Atlanta, Georgia- Willie Taylor, Center
Glover and Do- and Blossom Classic Americans shown are Willie Wyche ), the hard -
i -s, Frank Valmy Thomas catching.I Orange opponents {top 252 .
Florida A & M, 21, lbs., 'Senior, Tallahassee, Fluiula
nald Israel for their showingin MAY Sugar Ray Robinson I charging lineman who has been a tower of strength
Norris Guard Morris Brown 21 207
Hogans, IIK '
AAU The I 1 I throughout the season for the Rattlers at >
Florida Boxing guard.
plans European trip. DECEMBER !
I I I University Senior, Defuniak Springs, Florida. Lambert Reid, Tackle -
held in Jackson Los I Willie Taylor the towering center of the Rattlers
Tournament Angeles Dodgers groom cf Buffalo turns down Tan-| Morris Brown, 20, 220 Ibs-, Senior, Douglas, Georgia. Jut.
John Roseboro take was placed on the second team. He barely edged
to -was
ville. RoyCampanula's gerine Bowl offer because of McKee End Xavier 21 186 lbs. Junior Minette
Bay ,
out by Herman O'Neil of Lincoln
Frank Gilmerof behind University of
JANUARY place the Federal I
segregation Ala. Ronald Brown, QB Fort Valley; 21, 165 IDS-, Juimu.
named chair- the bat. Harris the heavyweight Taylor was tabbed All-American timber from
Illinois was Roy Court rules on Louisianalaw.
Tampa, Florida. Clarence Childs, Back Florida A & M, ':u
I the of the
man of the State Athletic from Cut and Shoot Don Newcombe set to ]!I- beginning season. 175 lbs., Junior, Lakeland, Florida. Joe Green, Back 'lSA
Commission. Gilmer, the first Texas seeks title bout with
go on trial. Shrine game played i 22, 180 Ibs-, Soph-, Nashville, Tenn. Curtis Horton, Back -
tan chairman, was appointed Heavy weight Champion
in Greensboro C-
by Governor William G.I Floyd Patterson. Detroit citizens Capanella accepts N. position Roy,OUTSTANDING Z EVENTS OCCURRED Tuskegee, 21, 160 Ibs, Senior, Mobile, Alabama.

Stratton to a full three year I ask for Negroes on Tigers with youth program- Coach'', THIRD TEAM

term; State Senator Leon I baseball team- Bill Bru- II Earl Kitchings named "Coachof Razzie Smith, End SC- State, 21, 200 lbs., Senior, Or

Butts of Stewart County, I ton slated to return to Braves I the year" in the state.iW1T11 IVIDUAL PERFORMERS lando, Florida. Robert Dabney, Tackle Tuskegee, 20, 205,
Georgia offered another bill lineup. New Stanton Blue :Matthew W- Gilbert's Fighting -I Ibs- Senior, Atlanta, Georgia Charles Armster,Guard -Fort
in the Georgia Assembly to II Devils win city baseball title I Panthers BY C PARHAM JOHNSON Valley, 20, 200 lbs., Senior, Newnan, Georgia. Becton Don
win the
ban mixed sports in Georgia.The from : Gilbert. city,I e-- ---- aldson, Center Clark 20, 200 Ibs., Junior, Fairfield, Ala-
bill was killed for the thea Gibson makes TV appearance -, state Big 9'football Conference and the of sports produced many outstandin!]:. Donald Dollar, Guard :Morehouse 19, 194 Ibs, Soph., College -
features and
third time. with Ed Sullivan championships.I i many individual performers that national acclaim Park, Georgia. Lon Collier, Tackle, Tackle Florida

Joe Louis former world'sheavyweight .I j Branch Rickey honored i in Prairie& M State in the defeats Orange FloridaA Blos I _1.. by sports lovers in every nook and corner of th: A & :M, 22, 2201b ., Senior, West Palm Beach, Florida.

boxing champion 'Chicago. ; giooe. Herman Scott, End Morehouse, 186 lbs., Senior, Atlanta,
som Classic in Miami. Jacksonville -:! Collegiate football star of
L signed an agreement with I JUNE Coach Jake Gai Ladies of the Links' 1958-Halfback Homer Co-Captain Wi 1m e r Fowle] Georgia. Harry Nelson, QB SC- State, 160 lbs. Senior
) the government to make payments I ther announces Coaching Clinic Floydwas I and Ron Burton of Northwestern Charleston, S- C. James Mitchell, Back Alabama State,
of $20,000 per year on faculty. Light Heavy I sponsor first Open Golf Tournament name the most valuable played steady ba L.1 180 Ibs-
I Soph-, Selma, Alabama: David Latimer, Back -
at Kansas
his overdue income taxes! weight Champion Archie Althea Gibson. famous -i player University. for the Big Ten school. Florida A & M, 186 Ibs-, Senior, Fort Pierce, Florid At-
Jimmy Brown the sensational !Moore defeated heavyweight tennis champion pick- Floyd was co-captain and Tan players in th .
were phonso Crutch Back :M h Freshman
I I !j the 0 r e 0 use, 170 Ibs-, ,
ed No. 1 Woman leading receiver in
athletePee pass
tan star of the Cleveland Charlie Norkus. Jacksonville limelight as star performers
Chattanooga, Raymond Hughes, Back, 160 Ibs., Fresh
Browns pro football team reported I Charities, Inc, presented a I Wee Reese sings as Los An-Big i Eight conference; Ted at the nations leading unive man, Danville, Virginia.
for Army dutv at beautiful trophy to the New I geles Dodgers coach. Sugar I Bates, 215-pound tackle on sities, and they all conduct L

Fort Ben n i n g, Ga. Willie I Stanton Blue Devils, City!t Kay Robinson makes singingI the Oregon State Beavers themselves as sportsmen. '
became baseball's four and I I team appears to be the only There
Champions gold footballn debut are many others to .
on Allen Show. ,
th highest paid player whehe t'to'I all members of the All-'I i I tan college player who will numerous to mention here.

signed his 1958 contractwit ; City team. Detroit Tigers of:I A very happy and prosperous win first team All-American BASKETBALL STARS of

h the San Francisco i ''the American League signs I' New Year to everyone-I honors this season; Dick Bass, 1958 Oscar Robertson, an !
Giants. His salary called for first tan player.Ollie Matson i halfback for the college of All] American star at the University NOW OPEN! 'III'

$65,000 per year. Emlen Tun- signs Chicago Cardinals contract I Pacific, won three national of Cincinnati, played I
nell, one of the best defen for the sixth straight collegiate offensive titles; Jim his usual game that made:
sive backs in profesional year. 4A2 1 1s I Marshall,tackle of Ohio state him one of the most feared !II

football over a period i of JULY Big Don Newcombe was a tower of strenght in players in basketball; Willie: ,

; year announced his retirement former pitcher with the Los I the for Ohio state. Newsom and Barney Cabey

from football to enter Angeles Dodgers accepted Don Clark, halfback for of the University of Toledo

business. Tunnell was a 10- the blame for the Dodgersslump. Ohio state was leading were mainstays for theirteam !

I year man with the N. Y Lightweight: Champ ground gainer for the past ; Johnny Green,of Michigan PALMS {

Giants. The American Foot ion Joe Brown defends title .. three seasons. Prentice Gautt,I State has been tabbed aan
ball Coaches Association against Keny Lane in Hous I a3 of the Oklahoma Sooners wasa sure bet for All-Americ

honored Florida A & M Rattler ton. Tan track stars chosen star fullback throughoutthe j( honors; Bob Boozer, the Allj 1- t

Coach Jake Gaither.Light, sets- Althea Gibson wins ten. season. Gautt was chosena j American picked on several
heavyweight Champion Archie i member of the All-Big All-American teams last
to represent the United over OF
Moore defeated Brazil nis championship for second \ ;.." ," ." "'.A. Eight team; Sid Williams still. year was also a star in 1958 JACKSONVILLE I ill!
ian :" .,' clicked the lone for
Champion Louis Inacio- time in Wimbledon, England. ;i j as regulartan Kansas State College;;
FEBRUARYHank Aaron, Jack Burke wins golf match quarterback in the Big, Tom Hawkins, co-captain of (FORMERLY THE 2-SPOT) IU
the hard hitting outfielderoft from Charles Sifford. I Leroy Hardee the 174-pou n d Ten. He has ben a great de Notre Dame's team is another ,
h e Milwaukee Braves senior from Bartow. Florida fensive star for Wisconsin;. sure bet for All-Ameri
visited Jacksonville as a representative AUGUST -Old Timers who recorded a record of 70 4 Willie Wood, the Southern I can honors.
of the Miller plays Liniment Classic for yards rushing in 87 carries California quarterback was iil N.
Jax YMCA benefit at MyrtleAvenue : IN 1958 The; I DANCING NIGHTLY rjl!
Brewing Company.. He was Baseball for an 81 average He scored the sparkplug of the Trojans;::New York Yankees won the f i iN.
highly entertained during Watkins and park. eight touchdowns and ran two all year; Willie Fleming and i World Series after losing the i
Willie Gali-
his stay in the city. :Middleweight points after to lead the Rattlers 'Bob Jetr co-starred to help. first three Both

; Champion Sugar Ray ,more tract. sgin Pitcher Chicago Satchel! Bears con in scoring with 52 point I put Iowa in the Rose Bowl; I were filled games.with tan teams stars ''II I
Paige ON 1l !
signed for a return : who plaYed a major in l 1//
bout vith Carmen Basilio given suspension by Miami the part l I '
Marlins. Edward Waters Col- games. With the Yankees: 'I
HEAD COACH E. J. (Ox) was Alston Howard :' Thru JANUARY 4 I II.j
Clemons of the Morris Brown lege opens practice sessions- ed who play.j I !1'
Frank Barnes pitches second GO FIRST CLASS great af/ensive and defensive 1 'I
College Wolverines was hospitalized ball for the '
no-hitter for Omaha against Yankees-
The Milwaukee Bra\e.. r 'I The :I
Carl Erskine, Los Angeles "Louisville*ralmy Thomas Colonels.of the Catcher San .. v.ere Hank Aaron, !West: stars Co-' Midnighters Ii

i Dodgers pitcher expressed Francisco Giants barely escaped .. with America's i GOLDEN ( vington, Bly! Bruton ai.d :e I
grief the
over near fatal lix
au- Mantilla.
death from JIGGER M -PLUS- III!
toTiobile accident of Roy Cam| lightening Finest Bourbon There is a I' '
panella,Dodger catcher. Wild i'while taking a bath- move- on at pre : CAL !!
y. r r I ent by White Citizens Coun GREEN !

placed er Athletic fourteen Boxing Men on Club'he I SEPTEMBER: Redskins -defeated The Washington the- in a handy .t'Sti'. :cil the to Los make Angles in effort to bring I and his Orchestra* !IIIII I

team to take part in the Golden Philadelphia Eagles at the San Franca Dodgers and ,
Gator Bowl in Jacksonville- flask G'antF: *o the 'a!
Coves Tournament John, pocket ;
point of lir III !
Woods a rnembe- the Wilder !(I Robert Trimble of the Thunderbirds itig Negro play ))1)1II'
ers on their l
: rosters- The Monday thru Thursday 75
Athletic Boxing team an-! of the Ja; Recrea- f Giants cents j
noun d his retirement from I I don Department pitches a no h : already started Wednesday thru Sunday 90 cenlsSTARTING ;IJ
thr mateur ranksWilliam hitter. Florida: Normal College hard-hitting catcher and I -- --- I, '

(Bill) Perkins, former battery Lions open football drills TTa'rty Thomas and their =

mate of Leroy Satchel Paige with 20-lettermen expectedto 7 The pitching Giants staRuben'laVE' Gomez 1: 1- II':
lieu.p report. Coach Rudolph carolled ,j JANUARY 5th
uB move ;o being up other:: t aan .
k ,
un y" Matthews ,111"" \
p Wilder Athletic Boxing twelfth opens YEARS Players for 1959- The entire 1'1 1
1 team won third place in the (the year Bethune-Cookman as head mentoro OLD Giant team appeared shocked I H'' TRIPLE ATTRACTION !Ii I
Golden Gloves boxing tournament F when Tho I Iilll
Wildcats- 11 m E s and Gomez Ii
in the Novice division Florida A & :M Rat .I were illl f '
Icrs traded it way reported- I I I II
Florida A & M: Univpr- prepare for a hard and ". A happy and I II

sft opens baseball drills.! strenous OCTOBER season. :f! New Year very to evc-"Yo prosperous e'. I i.!i COOTIE WILLIAMS Ii!II!!
President _
Sandy Amoros, Dodger outfielder *** -- -, -..
sold:; to Montreal Roy- George :M. Trautma of the f !I I

minor leagues refused,to eliminate +t 1-20-fig -PLUS-

alsMARCH Suglr Ray Robinson Negroes from the Texas -= i 10'3 pgo0, 376 44 582 1m! 1
League team to bow toi :

;turn ilio.begins Hank bout Aaron with training Carmen signed for b contract Ba-sreI i the law.will Birmingham of the Birmingham Mayor 4/s QUwra Watch This down I L C. COOK ,ijl ijl.H

for $40,000 with the Mil James W. Morgan issued a ti T t'k c .H.HIII
statement that Birminghamwould IiAlltl.W1! 7
waukee Braves Joe Just returns not drop ifs racial ban 3 5' III -AND- I'iii s' .,
: 'II'
to Jacksonville as manager to benefit ,the Texas team. ", J wall BROWNS i'
of the Jacksonville The Florida A & M Rattlers 3 ... 7
Brav($. Fans raise howl over defeats the BethuneCookman j

the inactivity of the heavy- Wildcats in the Gator '"
weight champion Floyd Pat Bowl in Annual Florida Classic 123 56 239; 1'1 1. P E-C I A L f fI
terson. opens at The 996807SometfJDM I
Florid SIAC&Relays Philadelphia hires a I EARLY SUNDAY "
Negro scout Leroy (Satchel) ADULT MATINEESTAB7S
APRIL Charles Sifford Paige, the' legendary pitcher btft op
wins Gate City Open Golf with the Miami Marlins quit Sometfcne* he's 4ownHa 7:30 P.M. TIL 2 A.K.
Tournament at B ren twood. baseball to'go Into moviesNOVEMBER Be wvrka adds It Kd&raeta aD Around .

Jacksonville season against Braves Savannah.opens Newcombe, Cincinnati- Big Don Red- .,.._a 13 =.77 515 25 VISIT THE PALMS DINING ROOM 1

J1MtMu .
Goose .
Tatum --- n -
goes back into leg pitcher 'indicted 'for"assault ; : I -
baseball with Colorful
the Detroit events mark .-




Page Eight
THE FLORIDA STAR Week Fn/Hnrr Satiivrlatr.._ Tantiam. 1._ IQtQ....
v ------ ----.II --
--- -
1 -
I| THE FLORIDA STAR I UNFURNISHED ROOM ]MAN SHOOTS WIFE I scene with officers in pursuit,1 1 1I' i(miles north of Chiefhnd and I]
REFRIGERATOR ;I WISHES EACH OF YOU FOR RENT I AND KILLS SELF I Sheriff J. \\'. Turner, of Levy i ij j jI i fled i into the woods v.ith deputies I
Christian H o m eElectrickitchenVenetian I'I trailing him with : ie
said. ;
FOR SALE ; HAPPY NEW YEARPATRONIZE blinds-S .SO j County '.Lloodhounds. ,lie
t per week-1778 Spires Are-1 CIIIEFLAND-Self inflicted -:! The body Sanford White Shenff Aimer So"1idVhite i I
Very Good Condition I I nut EL 39942. I' shotgun wounds took the;was found in a watermelon(:,shot Mrs. Hattie White his ie'lc
Call- PO 4-0127 a I I I'1 life of a man after wounding patch between Chiefland and wife, at the home of Dr. C. M. |lie EPI d
aI I 1 his wife during a ChristmasEve Trenton, officers said. He had ,Farnell, where she worked. ,
I; Star Advertisers I ROOM FOR RENT I] argument and fleeing the abandoned a car about four:S'ie' was hit in the shoulder. -'
.1 ---- ----- ---- -- ------ I I
Modern Furnished Room White fled in Dr. Farnell's '-
Single man or couple prefer- SUN. ,'rar. I i!I z'ry..
red Hot water 1430 West BOTH RITZ j White's dea h.as te "r.1c. '
2nd Street -EL 4-3189- i suicide by the sheriff.CARD j .

The Coast s family of the late Mrs.
Modern furnished room L,, Guard got h Minnie Moore Logan are('j
more for lots than anyone else in town .. -.. him now!
TELEPHONE: ELGIN 5.5592 or EVERGREEN 9.5437 I All modern conveniences-i '..: 1ft :, ,I very grateful to their many
Phone EL 4.6515 .. :. IA -a.
'P I i friends who
were so thoughtful ,
"4ffJ ,.. & : i WJattltvzcd
f $$
I and kind her /
i .! !(! iii during illness -I,
Modern furnished house r. ...' ; and death and for the
'or two furnished rooms Ph "Ij '"":-' ;'S.t.btl: If:/ r-1. I i many cards, telegramsbeauti j jI k *
; \ ,. .._ j e.I. t1 ; i ful flowers l and '
;EL 4-1717- tk .personal
r I
ll f\{ )!) I
M wmll. >AJ
pDsNFiSwrTfl I fp1M 0BU1I W1"J 1lf'JVr U1] er a.JALSO : J '; courtesy extended- .
k ,! Rev. Wilson, Rev- Robinson i
AptFor Rent Rev Boyd and Rev. A.
Unfurnished apt. for rent. 'i "CASE AGAINST BROOKLYN" D Harris for prayers and'! A tip of the Papal C.f
Phone PO 4-1468- :, consolation. J to these outatandtnc
A -- -- Brewster Hospital officials I young Americans, wto
and Geter and Bakerunder;, make our country antf
taker) for their obliging service -i our community a betterrtACl'hn
0 9OWEN CHIROPRACTIC II. ; and many others whose,' which to Uv.

reams J'IDW hoar wtch 0 CLINIC !# > r names The we failed to get. * !
ebonaireer.aw. rq' Logan Family.
... 3215 MAIN STREET f : 1VVi v.. :
CIEME PlESS 0 ,_ o .
7 ARTHRITIS 11; i ;J, .4! Enroll Now/ in thr

the > ', Arthritis is the most common condition affecting J. I: South's Finest Collect- II
i L and disabling persons of 40 and over today. 14'" ', A I
Ca rwt 1o t wtIIt pp '. ; Arthritis may affect any moveable Joint In the !1M Y : BARBER
tboaalreIaCI DR. OWEN body but it usually begins in the hand feet. DR. GREESON COLLEGE BRANCH

CUlL> Y knees shoulders or back. The area around Joints may become tender red swollen.i 630 Davis St. at Beaver vtI
A with the pain worse in the morning and gradually seeming to leave you after you A* Phone I
0 move around. You may feel tired and restless when the pain is worse. In the early : EL 3-9874 t 2s?
S stages the pain often seems to leave completely for a few weeks only to come back .-"_-.-..:"""' --""'."'-- --....,.. SANDRA PERRY
ffl worse later. "
New Stanton Senior
V A Doctor of Chiropractic Is trained to find and correct the basic cause of your LEARN TO DRIVE
A condition. Time may allow your condition to become worse. A Chiropractic examination Securo Drivers License High School
1 1 / t Y is urged for you to find if relief can be yours. SAFEWAY DRIVING Pepsi A Salute Cola is Bottling paid by Com-the !
,A 22ND and Main Street EL 6-0186 Jacksonville Florida SCHOOL
parry to Sandra,of the 10th
------- 600 West Beaver Street 'prade' class She is a mem
Office ELgin 5.7742 ber of the St Stephens

I Res. ELgin 4-0639 [Church, secretary of her
[activity and an honor
PERPENA. Dir student
Announcement! k r,+rkIrtir,ink# flr .

The Strand will
i iI I the
II I I regular engagementof
Effective Jan. 1st New Address, New Telephone Number I "DEFIANT the sensational drama" Vp
ONES. next s.
'= Tuesday. Jan. 6lh. star ,
ring Sidney Poi tier and t


------------------- '

., ',' .I",:" _---..; : w-ii-iTE-SWX-I
848 CASSAT AVE : & LAUNDRY I New Stanton Senior
:Wishes All Its' Customers I I' Pepsi Cola Dealers and

JACKSONVILLE :. HAPPY NEW YEAR !n.4'Pepsi Cola Bottling Com-
., f parry are proud to salute
: I. {Catherine, who is a men-

S TELEPHONE EV 8-3505 i :: ExperiencedHand Council I ,

.. Finishing' Ttional Honor Society and

OVER 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE make "Pyrofax" Gas the LEADERin I: HATS t- t3t Ja Council member at of the the Laura Youth

: CLEANED I fr Street Presbyterian church

the bottled gas business --- you 1 just can't buy a more dependable I If r&EXPERT BLOCKEE:CLEANING*' I 1 1 1t ***********I rM *

f fuel I service. f....-.:--., I :Dial- I I:
,': I : ELgin 6-0593 f.

COMP ARE--POINT BY POINT !; w.-iIiI-iI-'Av.v.v I.

Only Pyrofax Offers You ALL These Advantages I RUN SHOCKERS II II1ST i : y

IJ.I !
Dried to remove all moisure scrubbde to other I ----.... 'Y.'a'
remove :: iC
impurities-No cold weather problems down to 40s below C ,; I I CECIL New Stanton WILLIAMS Senior
r I iC
zero High' School
I I Cecil, is a member of'"
2. GUARANTEED SUPPLY Supply assured through a fleet .,.. I I the Future Business Leaders -'
of over 600 tank cars owned or. leased by Pyrofax Gas 3> t# of America Club, National -
Honor Society,Glee c
:::: Corporation. "'yy ,x3. C 1 u b. She is reporter ofc

SUPERIOR BOTTLED GAS SERVICE her homeroom class and is JcI' :
Prompt delivery e 1'atfiliate
a with the St.
and service and you are guaranteed in writing that I I'phens Church. Ste-tc

each cylinder contains 100 pounds of gas. * *

I THE, .
4. METERED BULL SERVICE You pay for metered"Pyrofax" 1* OoogntalatlaDs front IVprt
I"" Coin to theM three Ibrtt
bulk gas after yea have used it on a regular N Award Trtnncn.Llctoa .

monthly billing and have adequate storage to handle your f ; sY'.p4 "* < to Pepd Merit Avu.
requirements. # : 7GIUS v f At YC'-To_lN_ [ I Mklatatian cm Peed
5. FREE EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT Regulating I i ca year dial Btrday
s 41I 10:45 to Uttf ....
equipment free, if needed no matter how long in service: I: I II
'- s
= w 4, I .
I ,,'.>.,""".3.1. '" "::>,....y

There's Only One PYR FAX GAS R 1 ** Erb-a.' '.

1'i.1 .m. ..
?' ,
:< $
\ :
MZorro" Serial and Pluto
4 7-

ALWAYS AVAILABLEt S2YVIEW Sun. Tuea- t. 'r':. > IL,.., y'
I -
: "MAN OF THE WEST" I 5.wm

_1 ALWAYS Dependable Garr Cooper & -, lee!!.
Julie London .
I -Pint."Ljvenua ;ll/ttd
METERED BULK GAS of Frankenatela"win \. -----;-

$650 Monday I

_, t-l .
". ,',. .. ._ .., -- .. .... -." -.- ._.::

,. >C
,. ., --