Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAFB INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T06:12:53Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00469
FILE SIZE 787779 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAACIR PATH 00299.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 ff637c8a9e92965d6dc2f661348906baSHA-1 8016d274708c80224be24933c79b2b5af0e77e9a
306790 F20090115_AAACIS 00299.jpg 6c1f3f4c57e15a2d99636482765b11a936bb98f1610e41ed9ba73c08352fb45cb0d75b08
46891 F20090115_AAACIT 00299.QC.jpg b212ff9259836ff64d63195d6edc20a64a60cad877e9ae448a00554d985567c348dea72d
6293273 F20090115_AAACIU 00299.tif b06ab208d2506520058c4200cba8856b3dbcb972020236f8ac86e1d127b5c04054bbe9a4
32843 F20090115_AAACIV 00299.txt f6310e73e17fe15bb8eedd8de96aef61fe6a5e5acecd3304aa1bb9fc10776c0b70318a62
12148 F20090115_AAACIW 00299thm.jpg 02be59b805be2abf93c4c66dc372a7d91961d5797c1644b0cd339135955fc7dea9a5ab55
804958 F20090115_AAACIX 00300.jp2 e730f1a94974629f84d4e0255abf216f563d3d025216f9b4b3261a07e438503e06bd10ca
379500 F20090115_AAACIY 00300.jpg 5c3903ec25878e2373e5d8b8d336ea27eb0bbecd2fa42534dfc5e265cae5f34829748058
12260 F20090115_AAACKA 00304thm.jpg 74b13255833daa25beab8a9dce3282db944a9f9368d80196d942bd3ef8a19825d95dfa08
796686 F20090115_AAACKB 00305.jp2 aa40e3d0c6147f645894e2e636fba3ab2a4d074296ef7d5f0498161b8e7d6fc981627cc8
52280 F20090115_AAACIZ 00300.QC.jpg 62309762ef87e8ee1a0d25845020a61d6b319c49facd81baadf2029060b3e456c3f6a709
358054 F20090115_AAACKC 00305.jpg 9ec387d5b4f9176b43aaa7b37f91b03fd23d3cd8954079529cfcaa99c7c0f0235b9a1a3b
51268 F20090115_AAACKD 00305.QC.jpg 27d676c47d08d9ca587d56d1f32afb3929565dad4a71f58818d4795a335be5022bc3ff44
6364258 F20090115_AAACKE 00305.tif 722954f395c1af66a47dac07d5e7d9695da2a1475ac2ea72890b96e6fd17ba66ffef439d
53291 F20090115_AAACKF 00305.txt 9d9bb090366b8aa62050e641e730649fb98c3bd23586325660f44aa7a5424de502676dfd
12541 F20090115_AAACKG 00305thm.jpg 26cfb4d9cb44cf01c40c078942b43dcba8ecea653035e2885a11a4a8e6be04eb24c60a52
785589 F20090115_AAACKH 00306.jp2 9b246f9140fc6de8ce6de2149d265531276df9fd2085a26e624c3402f7bd58bed4e15b6f
355453 F20090115_AAACKI 00306.jpg 7f180440a1e3f74acec7e0db17a31d41a3acf87afc1108f85decd33928a8fd1bae7254dc
52416 F20090115_AAACKJ 00306.QC.jpg 3a228efd28127f8af26a530f957ded50d66f8257d3952efa3c0b08daa91c14419cd56f26
6284381 F20090115_AAACKK 00306.tif fd2e60c2c719f8b8f18ba55cc34c45745f1f4799c3b10c462dc75dc51920feb42ef393c9
35321 F20090115_AAACKL 00306.txt 88ee07fc7193cc89caa959d19d7997b11d409b955a59970bf41087a686cf8d4f0fa7c74a
12781 F20090115_AAACKM 00306thm.jpg 02321ee9267f7da58eec83634e992e6ab79ab9857c289a427ef275488e7fa2f7f31db2cd
802951 F20090115_AAACKN 00307.jp2 c44f46cd6ad680f75b876bb6b21bce40425dc6c0ca033a50426bcf4780ae782dba0f3ef7
281744 F20090115_AAACKO 00307.jpg 0a32046f7e571def50fb5f3bb17c043b8a907b0ab7d081662ef5154fa1942c5e247aaa38
46218 F20090115_AAACKP 00307.QC.jpg 23e392c9490fa4731aa1fc63db7fa4aa6e544ccc5d001e775bdac025a349b6b40e448a23
6423405 F20090115_AAACKQ 00307.tif 53fb74d286e75ea65f5d908cc5e0461e2fb130e99a004ed4179160e022d52796b624c94f
21479 F20090115_AAACKR 00307.txt b387c2de6b10ea098135f0dd7d42ffb8e6732fe8ee31e34f72a2906c436c541c26df3736
12580 F20090115_AAACKS 00307thm.jpg 184a9040932bc915ad0bcf65675ac12b8a2f158f7619a573c894943d4354c52aa134f4b9
17800 F20090115_AAACKT 1967072201.xml FULL b697252fbbb04573199a87a9d093a262c4f1e88f19e70578339295aa881bf633553116bfBROKEN_LINK 0296.jp20297.jp20298.jp20299.jp20300.jp20301.jp20302.jp20303.jp20304.jp20305.jp20306.jp20307.jp20296.txt0297.txt0298.txt0299.txt0300.txt0301.txt0302.txt0303.txt0304.txt0305.txt0306.txt0307.txt0296.tif0297.tif0298.tif0299.tif0300.tif0301.tif0302.tif0303.tif0304.tif0305.tif0306.tif0307.tif0296.jpg0297.jpg0298.jpg0299.jpg0300.jpg0301.jpg0302.jpg0303.jpg0304.jpg0305.jpg0306.jpg0307.jpg
6430188 F20090115_AAACJA 00300.tif 9e77d0276883e458eb76d71a65ff53d7007396333a3464c5495649900bfbe7ad33fc03e5
43533 F20090115_AAACJB 00300.txt 426de75b254a9a835cb66be001c9d998eb0a61c22df08bed9ee97689659dde00a4ea9a6d
789315 F20090115_AAACHZ 00296.jp2 1494d130fa8b7fe3216b551e5955e81113e2821c9ef7fd15c2e95da2ed887a29e29e38ad
24134 F20090115_AAACKW UF00028362_00469.mets f25f566a2bb06250c0e05981630fb3ff0cb9e10c22a8581342255f0e0f3dd09a03b1c768
12214 F20090115_AAACJC 00300thm.jpg f4c018bc96943f93827a259b4e30516efe99216cec35005500b70a8e54dbc895b6755754
806137 F20090115_AAACJD 00301.jp2 538213230f5811e2a7b8b5f3e45c4ca4e80d4dcccd395245a1069e4da7d6815a4778b140
28320 F20090115_AAACKY UF00028362_00469.xml d658441b3bd979cf7146fd6135d92982ac92983413bce9b4813f9653b724fad51d3c5cfc
343250 F20090115_AAACJE 00301.jpg 09e84b4818a60a25dbf8b490ca660a739b077a7217c2673a0d45593e0623394deef06746
47191 F20090115_AAACJF 00301.QC.jpg 72495568c6d99acb744e9a992af07e112b36e5843e36da3e4124cdf29ef2704eea784ece
6446327 F20090115_AAACJG 00301.tif d161fea9fb676981c4e1c89afd49403649b2c73155b1e1506bbb39253c0779dd0df82b48
40627 F20090115_AAACJH 00301.txt f450beb2e394c3f8c08fccb536292c4b0cd3f28387fdaf6db18e1b54ca70b85a4bb12324
11700 F20090115_AAACJI 00301thm.jpg c525059980e154188a1582ad18f32f15028dc5784817dd0ee9e70d170dc9ec305917c160
785435 F20090115_AAACJJ 00302.jp2 ac72dc360300349050a82a223506738d997d717392931e0ac6f21734f238b1bcc7fd67eb
352585 F20090115_AAACJK 00302.jpg 058a63e3eb8bdaa4e9bd4317bf302a0be1d3dbbf0bf78bbc3a7dd8dc204697c913758353
52210 F20090115_AAACJL 00302.QC.jpg a83f15c5c44782a51475ad2e05185672aba34f560cb5dbbb0b181cbeb91aa6ebaa0a327f
6280279 F20090115_AAACJM 00302.tif 6a1d30ca872344838ac0bc19d8fc51c5e0f8c821391944eecb1ba4640330b099ccfa995d
34946 F20090115_AAACJN 00302.txt 17ba1cd7dea0029a6e0fd629aa660691a3a5582e81544637edfc6f10cd43e944a1a33bbe
12985 F20090115_AAACJO 00302thm.jpg 03ddb5458a02a4e2f9aee57cbd2c766a0181075dcfc77f72e8d4c484806426f686c472a7
790479 F20090115_AAACJP 00303.jp2 fc432cd412b04955cbb2c2ac817b04a7995604c81cf7ad0c41db9d5e57584e59ebc39cce
366399 F20090115_AAACJQ 00303.jpg bcc95670f52441dfe10249405f07e38b97a208741c885fbef4d5785b657ea7dd9ef83309
50294 F20090115_AAACJR 00303.QC.jpg 32592509329105b8b762d259a4efe0174068a2497fea4fb44804eabd76cfc1c36e2eeabe
6317927 F20090115_AAACJS 00303.tif c411a1249480fe3c27201c528e8b783106d68613cf1526ca4de95060e58fa88074cb1cc4
53600 F20090115_AAACJT 00303.txt d573fdc615f4156f4b3370b22538255b1348b799123d16ecbda55dc452a107b26f35e883
12195 F20090115_AAACJU 00303thm.jpg d051e8a68c3cdc04d79233db1b0f4e443fe7165e934b9d4259e5cb7d7ec7aaba7de3b976
369792 F20090115_AAACIA 00296.jpg 83f71fd8949fc168821fa3ffc918ae87050f84ba13819c7677a99926379187793407f4c4
791709 F20090115_AAACJV 00304.jp2 9e878d90fe52ef27243bba289392a81c76adcb8229e4ee69d707255fbe6dea1bf0047c87
53129 F20090115_AAACIB 00296.QC.jpg 511fbdb652a007270b82fb20d38e359c4bb807873ecbfe39d987fa4b52902c477828f1bb
316761 F20090115_AAACJW 00304.jpg ecb14febf3ebba8c50499cc474dd04699e0479b6cd8d7f5c5cacf0eb9580cc8b26c9b629
6314441 F20090115_AAACIC 00296.tif af1485617c09c622e47958708116cf9b0daf60318065ed82dcdce29ae0bc3889a0d360dd
47622 F20090115_AAACJX 00304.QC.jpg 9e3f4ad22fc7e1a8a900a0c2e114602d599336b32b393cb3eec6ffb391f37725cd0a0f47
37667 F20090115_AAACID 00296.txt 154bde08d2acd579f9ab9dcb9184eec3e644c72508bb0f310afa9917dc6ac4a087707ff7
6324488 F20090115_AAACJY 00304.tif b2d93550b6f6997e8f98111f6150829eb66335848fd02399e7e1a1114a77f9f7560e8b01
12998 F20090115_AAACIE 00296thm.jpg ed59c20ec013aa182ecb67c02cdbb5bc987f82fbe09ac4ab976db5a56c753e7164449021
24922 F20090115_AAACJZ 00304.txt 8d3ddee16314075c9b5e98da1893378c9b9067b0fec1874f744990f670d33bfedac03917
796703 F20090115_AAACIF 00297.jp2 13b9b9523cde84ef6de38b10ca4f31d59fc2535336e1e0af24aff899703cb104d3a76abf
357404 F20090115_AAACIG 00297.jpg 1c029c549417fdca9cc857e0881cbc2fa8f1db45591f3c773a54eca7a88ebc0bba99a29a
49556 F20090115_AAACIH 00297.QC.jpg 07dd0c183fbf5097f3e2f4b6853fbd8653724baad6919004efa0069c4fb90d4291474c85
6367287 F20090115_AAACII 00297.tif 40fb2734ab4b4c7f9e4724e8c08c02ec7b06f6958aa28ae9a561eb4297073c597207dda3
44831 F20090115_AAACIJ 00297.txt 4cb48a1fca067c3ecc41d95e8661c5a1b4a547397c314949ebbbe049e4c61af57869530b
11662 F20090115_AAACIK 00297thm.jpg 9e3731bfddc852fb2ec68a2d428b555d925e15f89a0b8a3e7cee5859ef7e561feff4f6f9
793493 F20090115_AAACIL 00298.jp2 81834554d1f4220c59d3c0e51c9fe89ba756b8e254cd4352a94edf3e61284ddfc6fbd650
350716 F20090115_AAACIM 00298.jpg 33f066fb4c113f86638d20efe7522a6788a4a9e0265f325c617cc11d985b3099b4262f8d
50537 F20090115_AAACIN 00298.QC.jpg 300a47fed82ddab9150bb5573dbc7de3023a9a9c7fe0419b843a968ece05deb55fb5c137
6341769 F20090115_AAACIO 00298.tif dc49e8db5727549d64297808278bf44d314d8d104674ed0bff66cb7c58c4df10eb407c3d
33273 F20090115_AAACIP 00298.txt cf7f05bfb9ff1f43528a432f29f3f1f9e70728b375cfa51a98c66485b79a52c958ed47b2
12539 F20090115_AAACIQ 00298thm.jpg a9361e95df357f739ce2b0077ae7384c61de6fc77ac229a01ff67b695e5951147f3dfeb1

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACDO INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T23:35:45Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00469
FILE SIZE 343250 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABPON PATH 00301.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 09e84b4818a60a25dbf8b490ca660a73SHA-1 9b077a7217c2673a0d45593e0623394deef06746
47191 F20090222_AABPOO 00301.QC.jpg 72495568c6d99acb744e9a992af07e112b36e5843e36da3e4124cdf29ef2704eea784ece
6446327 F20090222_AABPOP 00301.tif d161fea9fb676981c4e1c89afd49403649b2c73155b1e1506bbb39253c0779dd0df82b48
40627 F20090222_AABPOQ 00301.txt f450beb2e394c3f8c08fccb536292c4b0cd3f28387fdaf6db18e1b54ca70b85a4bb12324
11700 F20090222_AABPOR 00301thm.jpg c525059980e154188a1582ad18f32f15028dc5784817dd0ee9e70d170dc9ec305917c160
785435 F20090222_AABPOS 00302.jp2 ac72dc360300349050a82a223506738d997d717392931e0ac6f21734f238b1bcc7fd67eb
352585 F20090222_AABPOT 00302.jpg 058a63e3eb8bdaa4e9bd4317bf302a0be1d3dbbf0bf78bbc3a7dd8dc204697c913758353
52210 F20090222_AABPOU 00302.QC.jpg a83f15c5c44782a51475ad2e05185672aba34f560cb5dbbb0b181cbeb91aa6ebaa0a327f
6280279 F20090222_AABPOV 00302.tif 6a1d30ca872344838ac0bc19d8fc51c5e0f8c821391944eecb1ba4640330b099ccfa995d
34946 F20090222_AABPOW 00302.txt 17ba1cd7dea0029a6e0fd629aa660691a3a5582e81544637edfc6f10cd43e944a1a33bbe
12985 F20090222_AABPOX 00302thm.jpg 03ddb5458a02a4e2f9aee57cbd2c766a0181075dcfc77f72e8d4c484806426f686c472a7
21479 F20090222_AABPQA 00307.txt b387c2de6b10ea098135f0dd7d42ffb8e6732fe8ee31e34f72a2906c436c541c26df3736
790479 F20090222_AABPOY 00303.jp2 fc432cd412b04955cbb2c2ac817b04a7995604c81cf7ad0c41db9d5e57584e59ebc39cce
12580 F20090222_AABPQB 00307thm.jpg 184a9040932bc915ad0bcf65675ac12b8a2f158f7619a573c894943d4354c52aa134f4b9
366399 F20090222_AABPOZ 00303.jpg bcc95670f52441dfe10249405f07e38b97a208741c885fbef4d5785b657ea7dd9ef83309
17800 F20090222_AABPQC 1967072201.xml FULL b697252fbbb04573199a87a9d093a262c4f1e88f19e70578339295aa881bf633553116bfBROKEN_LINK 0296.jp20297.jp20298.jp20299.jp20300.jp20301.jp20302.jp20303.jp20304.jp20305.jp20306.jp20307.jp20296.txt0297.txt0298.txt0299.txt0300.txt0301.txt0302.txt0303.txt0304.txt0305.txt0306.txt0307.txt0296.tif0297.tif0298.tif0299.tif0300.tif0301.tif0302.tif0303.tif0304.tif0305.tif0306.tif0307.tif0296.jpg0297.jpg0298.jpg0299.jpg0300.jpg0301.jpg0302.jpg0303.jpg0304.jpg0305.jpg0306.jpg0307.jpg
789315 F20090222_AABPNI 00296.jp2 1494d130fa8b7fe3216b551e5955e81113e2821c9ef7fd15c2e95da2ed887a29e29e38ad
369792 F20090222_AABPNJ 00296.jpg 83f71fd8949fc168821fa3ffc918ae87050f84ba13819c7677a99926379187793407f4c4
21813 F20090222_AABPQF UF00028362_00469.mets fa17cb007bb51ec8b8a6117c86d9519380d096a412f7961c9b878b52f7a878ddc73eee5b
53129 F20090222_AABPNK 00296.QC.jpg 511fbdb652a007270b82fb20d38e359c4bb807873ecbfe39d987fa4b52902c477828f1bb
25406 F20090222_AABPQH UF00028362_00469.xml 8d1604575643ce6b9a2bd996a528462f18e928dbc4f07b4490a50050b06203753d22833d
6314441 F20090222_AABPNL 00296.tif af1485617c09c622e47958708116cf9b0daf60318065ed82dcdce29ae0bc3889a0d360dd
37667 F20090222_AABPNM 00296.txt 154bde08d2acd579f9ab9dcb9184eec3e644c72508bb0f310afa9917dc6ac4a087707ff7
12998 F20090222_AABPNN 00296thm.jpg ed59c20ec013aa182ecb67c02cdbb5bc987f82fbe09ac4ab976db5a56c753e7164449021
796703 F20090222_AABPNO 00297.jp2 13b9b9523cde84ef6de38b10ca4f31d59fc2535336e1e0af24aff899703cb104d3a76abf
357404 F20090222_AABPNP 00297.jpg 1c029c549417fdca9cc857e0881cbc2fa8f1db45591f3c773a54eca7a88ebc0bba99a29a
49556 F20090222_AABPNQ 00297.QC.jpg 07dd0c183fbf5097f3e2f4b6853fbd8653724baad6919004efa0069c4fb90d4291474c85
6367287 F20090222_AABPNR 00297.tif 40fb2734ab4b4c7f9e4724e8c08c02ec7b06f6958aa28ae9a561eb4297073c597207dda3
44831 F20090222_AABPNS 00297.txt 4cb48a1fca067c3ecc41d95e8661c5a1b4a547397c314949ebbbe049e4c61af57869530b
11662 F20090222_AABPNT 00297thm.jpg 9e3731bfddc852fb2ec68a2d428b555d925e15f89a0b8a3e7cee5859ef7e561feff4f6f9
793493 F20090222_AABPNU 00298.jp2 81834554d1f4220c59d3c0e51c9fe89ba756b8e254cd4352a94edf3e61284ddfc6fbd650
350716 F20090222_AABPNV 00298.jpg 33f066fb4c113f86638d20efe7522a6788a4a9e0265f325c617cc11d985b3099b4262f8d
50537 F20090222_AABPNW 00298.QC.jpg 300a47fed82ddab9150bb5573dbc7de3023a9a9c7fe0419b843a968ece05deb55fb5c137
6341769 F20090222_AABPNX 00298.tif dc49e8db5727549d64297808278bf44d314d8d104674ed0bff66cb7c58c4df10eb407c3d
50294 F20090222_AABPPA 00303.QC.jpg 32592509329105b8b762d259a4efe0174068a2497fea4fb44804eabd76cfc1c36e2eeabe
33273 F20090222_AABPNY 00298.txt cf7f05bfb9ff1f43528a432f29f3f1f9e70728b375cfa51a98c66485b79a52c958ed47b2
6317927 F20090222_AABPPB 00303.tif c411a1249480fe3c27201c528e8b783106d68613cf1526ca4de95060e58fa88074cb1cc4
12539 F20090222_AABPNZ 00298thm.jpg a9361e95df357f739ce2b0077ae7384c61de6fc77ac229a01ff67b695e5951147f3dfeb1
53600 F20090222_AABPPC 00303.txt d573fdc615f4156f4b3370b22538255b1348b799123d16ecbda55dc452a107b26f35e883
12195 F20090222_AABPPD 00303thm.jpg d051e8a68c3cdc04d79233db1b0f4e443fe7165e934b9d4259e5cb7d7ec7aaba7de3b976
791709 F20090222_AABPPE 00304.jp2 9e878d90fe52ef27243bba289392a81c76adcb8229e4ee69d707255fbe6dea1bf0047c87
316761 F20090222_AABPPF 00304.jpg ecb14febf3ebba8c50499cc474dd04699e0479b6cd8d7f5c5cacf0eb9580cc8b26c9b629
47622 F20090222_AABPPG 00304.QC.jpg 9e3f4ad22fc7e1a8a900a0c2e114602d599336b32b393cb3eec6ffb391f37725cd0a0f47
6324488 F20090222_AABPPH 00304.tif b2d93550b6f6997e8f98111f6150829eb66335848fd02399e7e1a1114a77f9f7560e8b01
24922 F20090222_AABPPI 00304.txt 8d3ddee16314075c9b5e98da1893378c9b9067b0fec1874f744990f670d33bfedac03917
12260 F20090222_AABPPJ 00304thm.jpg 74b13255833daa25beab8a9dce3282db944a9f9368d80196d942bd3ef8a19825d95dfa08
796686 F20090222_AABPPK 00305.jp2 aa40e3d0c6147f645894e2e636fba3ab2a4d074296ef7d5f0498161b8e7d6fc981627cc8
358054 F20090222_AABPPL 00305.jpg 9ec387d5b4f9176b43aaa7b37f91b03fd23d3cd8954079529cfcaa99c7c0f0235b9a1a3b
51268 F20090222_AABPPM 00305.QC.jpg 27d676c47d08d9ca587d56d1f32afb3929565dad4a71f58818d4795a335be5022bc3ff44
6364258 F20090222_AABPPN 00305.tif 722954f395c1af66a47dac07d5e7d9695da2a1475ac2ea72890b96e6fd17ba66ffef439d
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785589 F20090222_AABPPQ 00306.jp2 9b246f9140fc6de8ce6de2149d265531276df9fd2085a26e624c3402f7bd58bed4e15b6f
355453 F20090222_AABPPR 00306.jpg 7f180440a1e3f74acec7e0db17a31d41a3acf87afc1108f85decd33928a8fd1bae7254dc
52416 F20090222_AABPPS 00306.QC.jpg 3a228efd28127f8af26a530f957ded50d66f8257d3952efa3c0b08daa91c14419cd56f26
6284381 F20090222_AABPPT 00306.tif fd2e60c2c719f8b8f18ba55cc34c45745f1f4799c3b10c462dc75dc51920feb42ef393c9
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12781 F20090222_AABPPV 00306thm.jpg 02321ee9267f7da58eec83634e992e6ab79ab9857c289a427ef275488e7fa2f7f31db2cd
46891 F20090222_AABPOC 00299.QC.jpg b212ff9259836ff64d63195d6edc20a64a60cad877e9ae448a00554d985567c348dea72d
802951 F20090222_AABPPW 00307.jp2 c44f46cd6ad680f75b876bb6b21bce40425dc6c0ca033a50426bcf4780ae782dba0f3ef7
6293273 F20090222_AABPOD 00299.tif b06ab208d2506520058c4200cba8856b3dbcb972020236f8ac86e1d127b5c04054bbe9a4
281744 F20090222_AABPPX 00307.jpg 0a32046f7e571def50fb5f3bb17c043b8a907b0ab7d081662ef5154fa1942c5e247aaa38
32843 F20090222_AABPOE 00299.txt f6310e73e17fe15bb8eedd8de96aef61fe6a5e5acecd3304aa1bb9fc10776c0b70318a62
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12148 F20090222_AABPOF 00299thm.jpg 02be59b805be2abf93c4c66dc372a7d91961d5797c1644b0cd339135955fc7dea9a5ab55
6423405 F20090222_AABPPZ 00307.tif 53fb74d286e75ea65f5d908cc5e0461e2fb130e99a004ed4179160e022d52796b624c94f
804958 F20090222_AABPOG 00300.jp2 e730f1a94974629f84d4e0255abf216f563d3d025216f9b4b3261a07e438503e06bd10ca
379500 F20090222_AABPOH 00300.jpg 5c3903ec25878e2373e5d8b8d336ea27eb0bbecd2fa42534dfc5e265cae5f34829748058
52280 F20090222_AABPOI 00300.QC.jpg 62309762ef87e8ee1a0d25845020a61d6b319c49facd81baadf2029060b3e456c3f6a709
6430188 F20090222_AABPOJ 00300.tif 9e77d0276883e458eb76d71a65ff53d7007396333a3464c5495649900bfbe7ad33fc03e5
43533 F20090222_AABPOK 00300.txt 426de75b254a9a835cb66be001c9d998eb0a61c22df08bed9ee97689659dde00a4ea9a6d
12214 F20090222_AABPOL 00300thm.jpg f4c018bc96943f93827a259b4e30516efe99216cec35005500b70a8e54dbc895b6755754
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Florida star
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Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
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Florida star news
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The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 22, 1967
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African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
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"Florida's statewide black weekly."
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Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 22, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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-- -------- -

'" .\ J IH wac'&oi.a .; o AWYMwttJ. _.. .. :

*** Negro Councilwoman Calls Duval Consolidation Plan "Objectionable" ** *

*** ***

****** *


.*.. wr-r-wwwwww-rf -j Ht,.jJOM" ** ***** ********** ****. <**************

'Police Brutality' D f ed, .10 Tampa Va1.era1 J.1\t'1'1 of norllaI nod

*** ********** *** **... Qa1aeniU',



YOU 17 NO. 1 II UTiiiiT IDLY 22, mi 15 CENTS
** *********** ** ** **********
***** ********** ****** *** **** *

I Winna Get AM AGAINST* *CONSOLIDATION"* Homes Of 2 Negroes Bombed

j Sees Dilution Ot Negro Vote ; ** ** **** **** -................... ........

I Increased Taxes, Gross Inequities

'\' By Mrs Mary Singleton FIGHT BREWS OVER

I (Councilman, Ward 3)) :

When the 1965 Legislative! Session saw fit to name a local
I Study Commission for Duval County and 10.tructed -
1 it to study the structures, functions and operations
all governmental units and bodies located within the said 'LOU' CARTER'S JOB

Including the county governments, municipal govern
II public bodies corporate, and all offices, agencies,
thereof; to determine the need, If any, for con-
separation, addition, removal or other revision of ***** *** *

structure, functions and operations and to determine Negro Leader
Blest "Hick Power"Advocate
J tax savings can be made and whether efficiency can GJEO Hiring
gained through such revision of such governmental
--:- ';:; functions and operations and at the same time Police Brutality Die

NASHVILLE, TENNHerman that this committee shouts have the further function
cott, 34 leave the marriage license duty to draft a plan or plans for the solution of any problem TAMPA Community Relations Policy Questioned IH JacksonvilleViolence
a license. July 13th by Probate as a result of such research and study, which It i Commission representa- I
Tennessee law forbids marriage to be feasible, desirable and economical and to subi i live. Charles Jones, told a conference shy citizens stirred'somewhat
Milton Rice, aa assistant state such plan or plans to be members of the Florida Legls- ; of policemen what Negroes *** uneasily this week
Cowry Court Clerk R.E. Worrell from Duval County, I was appointed as a member of this mean when they charge Report Director Bunch Has when It announced last Wednesday -
Coat decision which overturned a It was my hope that this committee could accom Negro Brutality. : that "Black Pow. 'ad-
Invalidated Tennessee's bans the purposes u outlined in the enabling act for the Local Brutality by policemen be vocate Stokeley carmichael is
Attorney David Vincent said the Study Commission bill. said, Is what _a Negro feels Handpicked Man For Deputy PostBy coming to Jacksonville to deliver -

Friday for the license and be PLAN OBJECTIONABLE w lees policemen repeatedly. an address
at the Nashville Metropolitan After this committee had com- call him "nigger" or "boy" 11 Eric 0. Simpson It Isn't that Stokleys name
It work and I".u able what he reads into a contempt Is synooomous with riots or
read the study commission's ous tone of voice is what he The vacancy created when Louis Carter, Deputy Director, violence. One of his coworkers -
ROTC Classes lax report of the plan to be.ubmltted r understands when he; sees what of the Greater Jacksonville Equal Opportunity Inc., resigned Moses Davis president,
to the Duval County appear tobeunnecessarlyrough lasLveek to accept a position with the Community Relations 'of the Jacksonville Christian
I reallzedthatthere but not brutal tactics used In Service Is causing much more than the expected scramble for Leadership Conference CSCLC)
Under Fire certain features in the pus arresting persona for minor of- the position.The .
were so objectionable to fensees such u drunkeness. '
Frew Groups Sgt. community U a whole and Jones hastened to say that frequently heard charges the hiring<< practices of the GJEO
my race in particular, that 1 last month's principal problem of favoritism objectionable prone to attach some significance
and became a charter wasn't police brutality enn In hiring practices and politcal: to the recent hiring of
The FAMU Friends of the of Better Government the wide definition of the term, and social: perference In hiringare CM Donald Lott to work In

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Duval County, Inc., in aa 1 Police brutality can be harm- being echoed once again the public relations for the pro
Committee petitioned the Board Sgt. to find a solution to oargovernmental leis but Infuriating act which Consternation over the appointment gram. Loll, up to kw weeks
of Regents theState of Floridato problems that perpetuates the Image .of-.the of "a new Deputy Director ago was working for a tabloid
abolish compulsory Reserve ember I began rowing when a newspaper with which Hampton
be acceptable to all police u "the enemy, he laid.f .
Officers Training .Corps, Light / .andlndivtduals concern, "" ...,... .I..nnth rumor got out that Bunche and has been associated.
MW t ** w ww -- .. -
ROTC) at W. Instead the tor "' Frank Bawptcotanwln\ *pm I. '
-r teemed urhave' bewail of or '
.., 'V iilatlMtoeTlott'
group acted that ROTC be made NEtmOVOTEDILUTEDSingleton Negro! discontent and hostility I ed Virgil D. Hawkins,present There" sp;: 1.. FBROWNCAR1nCRABL -
.aa. elective course, with,students whatever the cause, directed Director of Neighborhood Ser might continue hlsllft'lllP8r"
given free choke'in deciding : Now that the final plan to be submitted to the citizens of against some merchants and vices for Carter's Job. functions with the "Advocate",
I whether or nto to take it. County on August 8th for a vote has been made avail- the police, who are the only Hawkins: who brought suit to newspaper during his off-hours. pointed out there have been
; The petition was given to Dr. \1i I am very disappointed to find that It still contains people Negroes can associatewith bring about admission to the Such a procedure would be per- riots In Tampa and Newark
f. Lander L. Boykln the Deaa : ( features that are so objectionable that I will not be the community's power University of Florida Is aa fectly legal but many would and Stokeley was not mere.,
of Academic Affairs at FAMU to support it. There are gross inequities in the pro- structure. amiable person but many feel question the propriety In suchan However, none can forget that I
oa June 21, 1967, but they d plan that I feel will be detrimental to the community Jones' talk was to explain to that a man of more positive arrangement in these days violence broke out In Nashville t
reported he refused to accept solved personality and action when "code of ethics" Is of Tenn.,Atlanta and Prattsvllle -
a whole and particularly to the Negro race, as It will the policemen how Tamp Deputy
the petition and turned it to to a modern form gerrymandering. The political the situation last month sired la the position of prime concern. Ala., when the Black
George Bess, a member of the of the Negro community has been very carefully and why racial relations gen Director. Power advocate and his sidekick -
Bundle's hand in
: suspected an
group working for SNCC during chapter."I and the districting has been done In such a manner erally have been good here. In a telephone Interview with attempt to railroad a handplcked H. Rap Brown appeared
the summer. to weaken rather than strengtr-n the political portion The single most Important factor the FLORIDA STAR Bunche! candidate into the vacant on the scene.:
According to the FAMU my particular race. In solving the Watts-style said there were three applicants Both of them will appear at
Friends, Dr. Boykln, in his fo the position, among position !has served to stir up Trinity Baptist Church, Jefferson
As real estate taxes are of vital Importance to every citi rioting was the White Bat criticism of the him
letter, claimed that they did ment of this community, It Is my opinion that this new form ,Patrol. ,These young people them Hawkins. Be said that self. Director and Duval Streets, on Aug.
act follow the proper procedure Army government would prove to be very expensive to this know how to talk and work with no selection had teen made tat 9p.m.
la filing the petition. that the appointment will be Moss Davis and SCLC executive -
nam. entire population. Although a millage limitation of young people, talking derstandably There are some who feel he
However during the second' On mills has been set la this new plan, it is apparent that with them In manner determined at a board meeting has not given the firm and secretary. Levy II. Wilcox -
trimester 1967, Brother Bees scheduled for next Wednesday, said Carmichael and Brown
maximum millage, plus obvious service fees added to- adults couln't.A positive leadership his post demands
talked with DeaD Boykins, the ing an would be far in excess of present cost of taxes.I permanent youth patrol July 28.Postmaster. and that under his directorship are coming for a rally In connection -
SMS reportedly told Bess that James E. Workman win. campaign to Improve -
am, particularly Interested la the preservation of the under a police community relations hiring policies have
such a petition should be President I of the GJEO local conditions.
of the individual this community, and it is my opinion bureau is being considered been dictated by others.
to aim, as the Dean of lying this new plan of government would Jeopardize these he said. however, stated that there' Davis stated that Mayor Hans I
Academic Affairs. Bess promised fire & I have particularly noted as an example of the pro- were between five to eight applications Many of the complainants who busier has been requested to 1
that him a petition at ing In this new plan that would call for a $5.00 fee to be Bomb Explostoas for the position.., are lathe low Income brackets provide approximately 300 Jobs
that time. .! by individual citizens for the privilege of protesting the that three would be selected: mourn that the poverty program for the remainder d the
Bess, who is scheduled to '. tax assessment. It would appear to me that the Rip Two Hewes for Interviews. is the poor summer for ghetto young men
graduate in December, has refused the & to disagree with our elected officials including the Juan who are opposed to and needy bud rsthert at middle and women
to take the required assessor, is one of the rights that should be guarded BATON ROUGE Bomb explosions the rumored\ Hampton-Bunche! class citizens are reaping He said, la a recent survey of
coarse la ROTC because of fields protected at an costs. It is noted that his right was ripped the homes of selection of Hawkins to fW the the benefits. the ghetto communities, "we "
his "opposition to Black men to us by Article I of the First Amendment to'' state labor leader Victor post regard the move as another have found toe most,argent and
serving In Amerlc's racist,Imperialist the Federal Constitution dated December 15, 1791. Our ef Bugle and Mrs. Viola Logan, link In the chain Hampton's Finally, there art those who foremost subject is trying to "
armed forces." BessIs form of government would limit this right, Section a retired Negro school princi efforts to use the poverty program feel that the position of Director get a Job to prOfIde'speDdlnl
also classlfed 4-F by the force proposed Charter. Once the right to protest or dis pal. No one was injured. to enhance his position should be fined by a Negro money for schoolclothesfor
Police said the blast at the
Selective Service System. &' with the tax assessor has been taken away from the by winning poverty program who has a better under coming school year. Most of'
Student at FAMU plan to hold citizens I would be concerned as to what other home of Bustle, Louisiana Jobs for political and social: standing of the problems ci these kids parents cannot afford
f several meetings on the cam- and privileges might also be removed AFL-CIO president damaged allies. Negroes who are In the majority these things on their j
pas to discuss "ways to hurdle Although I am not a civil service employee of the City of two cars,one of them extensive Jaxons who are dissatified with of the needy, salary." J Jr
Iy blew out window of
the administration's cowardly sonal or the County of Duval I cannot help but take one JI
the house and loosened exterior
placed roadblocks to our llbera1 Riot-lorn Newark
to the seniority rights being taken from these.mplO'ItI ,
1 .-." Action will step-op In lions forts by our new form of government. away, bins The shock also blew ----..-.-.. .. .." I
out a window in house la the
the ,
September when majority
tack Although some changes in modernization in our present
rear of the Bustle home.
of the FAMU undergraduates Cong of government would prove to be desirable, feasible
Across the River
rettra to campus they said economical, I feel the Duval County delegation could make I
from Baton Rouge the blast
Letters protesting Dr. Boyt1a' round. changes without completely abolishing our present I
at Mrs. home la Port
action are being sent to :
of government and substituting a form that would un *
Governor Kirk, State Legislators Allen damaged the lawn and
son's prove to be a very decided: power structure to be '
and to the Board of Re- the front d the house.
lant against'. labor and the so-called minority groups in this Three Negro youths told the .
Leaders ) sheriffs" office white i
of the group vowed If we are to progress It must be with equal opportunity and they saw
that If no action is taken or If to all of the cltisens of Duval County regardless of persons throw something oa the : :1
the ROTC program remains in lawn and then sped away la a -
color or creed and without preferential treatment to the ; :
art present status, students blue car ,
d FAMU win continue "the Cong.Sgt Mrs. Logan retired principal .' ,
tm find DOtIIIDI In this plan that would improve condition ':
of the West Baton Rouge
bag hot summer" well over
our disaccredlted schools or give a more representative
were school .Is u active '
Mo September and October. system
of government to oar cltlteus. To the contrary feel
Theodore Loess, Acting Chair- member of the all-Negro West i' : 'F I
the added tax burden that we are to assume for those .
nag of FAMU Frlnds of SNCC Army Baton Rouge Improvement Association
of our government other than schools would make It :
states that "No one la Tallahassee upon .. likely that the schools would receive additional funds which has been involved -
will rest until la a running fight with!
we are
quality education and I am sure that the government
M loafer forced to lean how the parrlsb school board over
be less representative of all of our citizen;. .
to km our brothers la THESE REASONS, I URGE THE PEOPLE OF DUVAL ;1
Africa and Latin America latkelr TO VOTE NO ON AUGUST I, 1967. at all-Negro Cola High
strnfcle for liberation School in Port Allen ,

,self determination.'! C Fakfai Com Hires 1
ft 1st Negro Poll emu : i

Taft 1,1.--\
Vav-Tbe Fair partment will be sworn iuAag. Alexandria has one Negro ,
POWELL URGED TO County Police Department 1, as a regular patrolman. His policeman hired In IMS. A ;I l'',
NEW TGMU-4dain C. placed a Negro policeman exact assignment has not yet Citing ten commendations
Powell has been asked to com people its M7 man force, Chief been determined, Durrer said. Stokes received during five
'home by organisers of the Hacler L. Denier announced Fairfax only the second major years In Richmond Durrer '
ttoaal Conference on Black from suburban Jurisdiction In the said, "Stokes has proved aim- NEWARK, NJ/-TUS aerial view of Newark's Sprtaejsesl Avesm stows tened-oex bowing
Power, meeting July 20-S3 in Ahmed Christopher Stokes, 2 6. metropolitan. area to begin desegregation self a good police officer,thars and ,debnL-llttered street following second: sight of rioting and looting in Hen Jer
_-ltswat r, CORE the Richmond Police: De- : date police: force what we are looking for." sey's Urpst city (onW ..tItfr01I

I "r,.. :''Vmf( I
h lt

., ;' L (( fMI.R E ] i ,I .'. .,1f

,,' : ,1.il t; ";j ;: ;\'IJ1,: ''- I'

r U' <-t.oi.iA ..til 10 | .

-- -



Published by the Florida Star Publishing Con pall, ,


MEMBER R the Supreme Court reconvenes, history will
___ Ct( be maoloS the other Judges on the highest court to the

NEGRO PR u.JT ;, .., ..T': '.. ) f!,,i1f."III''AsUce land will 10 be our Thurgood history.miss .Marshall, the first NegroSupreme Court

# 11 aD tremendOlll significance for Negro citi

It Is an example of the new heights '

ERIC 0. are open to kids to the ghetto. There
SIMPSON Hanging EdiUf, r time when Negro youth could aspire
becoming boxing champs or stagers. The Wb1cIl.

HILDA WOOTEN ...... Circihtin Muifir to shut.positions of power and Influence were j

But now we see Negroes to the
2323 Honcrief Road Phone Elfin 4.6712 the cabinet, to high administrative positions, andDOW,w1tI1 Mr.
Marshall's appointment to the most thatwhatever the
Mailing Address Judicial system; His appointment is proof the
obstacles, Negroes can fight their way to the top.
Marshall wasn't born with a silver spoon touts
P.O. Boi 599 Jacksonville Florida 32201 nureood
mouth-bis dad was a Pullman car steward, and his familywas
xi sold her engagement ring to
so poor that his mother
MIAMI OFFICE j help pay his college expenses. TWs is the kind of success
j story all Negroes are familiar witb-the hard work and painful
5018 NW 7tb Ave. Phone 151.3819 J sacrifices so many families have made to help their children

escape poverty.
f'l Thurgood Marshall graduated from Howard Law School at the

SUBSCRIPTION RATES tIIt bead of his class during the Depression In the thirties. Since
then he has his place hhistoryargufmg civil rights cases
One Year $6 00 Half Year $4.00
f before the nation's courts.It was he who argued the historic 1954
Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States
Court's ruling against
f case which resulted In the Supreme
Subscription payable In advance
segregation In the public schools.
Send Check or Money Order to: He won 29 of 32 cases before the Supreme Court-a fantastic

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 ,'.., record of success which is primarily responsible for the end of ,
Jacksonville 1. Florida r : 1- the legal basis for segregation.Since then he has been a federal
Judge and sollctor general of the Justice Department.He .

Yielnam-We Must Win Withdraw DON'T LET TIM DOWN HOME'FRONT.' .has had a great career. President Johnson summed it
Or Else ON THE
up best- when he said In his announcement of the appointment:
"I have 'no doubt that his future contributions will add even

Youth from all walks of life, from ..- .....-- --- --- ..r ----- ---...- -- --- -- -- .e more prominence! to his already well-established place to
various racial groups, and from numerous I American history,"
religious creed are losing their livesin r 1 The things to remember about Mr. Marshall's appointment
YOUR 1 fs that be is regarded as the best man for the Job. In the past
almost military endeavor.To Weekly
an impossible : 1 'that often meant that the Job went to the second best man whoa
mothers and wives, the United states was white. But times are changing, and the Negro who is the

seems to be casting i s pearls before best man can and often does get the Job.
swine and no end is in sight. 1 It is a great appointment-great for those who, like myself,
i 1 have known and Mr. Marshall for great for
respected years,
Now the debate continues to rage on
Horoscope Guide f all Negroes, and great for all Americans. It is too important
how we got into Vietnam in the first 1 to have any but the best men at the helm, and it Is good to
place, but more important still is how 1 see that rate Is no longer the barrier it once was.
can the United States get out of this 1 Even outer space will be explored by Negroes. Major Robert

war with honor. / By PABLO The ASTROLOGER 1, R. Lawrence, Jr., was named to a team of astronauts who will
>* >* 1 be placed to orbit for up to 30 days. Here is another stride
The truth of the matter is this: We
1I 1 forward Major Lawrence, who Is only 31, is an experienced
entered the Vietnam War to preserve our 1 filer with a PtuD. to chemistry. In about three years, be maybe
defense line in the pacific. And this 1 WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR f performing experiments and observations many miles
line runs from the 38th parallel in Korea above the earth as part of an Integrated team of astronauts.

,through Japan and Okinawa and Taiwan and 1a Appointments like these have Important symbolic value and
TRAVEL signify that our most highly placed leaders are no longer
the Philippines to Vietnam. BUSINESS LOVE -
f willing to waste the great potential of so many talented Ne-
It is argued that the military involve- J groes. But these gratifying signs of change can't take the

ment is keeping Borneo non-communist and place of the programs needed to help change life to the ghettos.
is the from 1-- ---- -- --- --- --. -- -- -- -- -- Tn.4a *,...M. 4hA.. ."MnjM *....'. .VA, <..............Mr4A._. .._.H.ll1......A..d.... .n'.. .....*hw1
keeping Phillipines being ---- - - - -- -- -- -- ..v, ..vu. .uuu.
and enter a lifetime of underachievement and poverty. Given
outflanked to the south. It is pro-
tecting the appreaches to Australia.It ARIES CANCER 'LIBRA CAPRICORK half the chance, these young people could make a great contribution -
to our country. America cannot be content to be
seems to us that we are engaged in a BORN MARCH BORN JUNE BORN SEPT.23OCT. [; BUN DEC. fair only to exceptional men like Mr. Marshall and Major I
war which is essentially a holding action, Lawrence. It must also be fair to the countless Negroes to the

a waj of raid, and amtausl'! }) fought injungs, zlth -APRIL Utk 23rd Und d.JAN. 19th ghettos who want better education and decent homes and Jobs
1 2lnd
) -,JULY 2 and complete equality.
atia'( tl.r'1c 'p ddles and bylair' attack on"trcttOfl } ''The good side shpwa.: up.There.fllttlt'rtoiM Justice ,prevails The 'decisions

lo-tftrflo tfl "ftnd.line.-ofnroilit:.ary +,....iJa.. { 'Wilt..the-fact, 'h,..caaaie.your. .r 'rI. Take the wise course.If that ,have ,been arrivedat ... t .... '" I IA'
"" ".* .**"'*" th8day friendship or marriage >Is offered fairly and complete/ '
communicat'IonS'bnlyV; ttat some may have suffereda have been preparing f r big privacy Genocide'
Our plea is to win the war by the meanswe severe shock because of when you.will have reached on either tilde, there are the ones most likely Look At Mississippi
something that has happened an objective to' the form of seems to be no valid reason to bear the trademark of Justice -
have at hand, and if Mao Tse-Thung wlthing the family or in pro honors and or solid cash,should for refusing The signs pointto and fair play. But if permitting -
doesn't like our techniques, let him try fessional circles. But when this bold yourselves to readiness a continuity that nothing, the intrusion of so- After a television broadcast showing
to retaliate has been the cause of over- on the 25th. Whatever good past, present or future, is called modern concepts or the poverty in Mississippi and after

Let us win the war and if we don't throwing long-range plans that may be derived then could be likely to Interrupt Be very popular opinion of the loose the report of a medical team bearing
than withdraw. otherwise had outlived their usefulness, flung away through lack of self- careful about the financial side sort, you will be the principal similar news, recently two civil rights
we will surely control for the satisfaction of professional or worldly activities sufferer of
and to draw up a complete or your own mistakes. investigators who have
suffer. new set that Is far more prac- of a whim. Whether it Is you especially when feel- The effort to convince one that Just returned froma
tical and arseeing to take their or someone loved who Is responsible tog the impulse to splurge drastic measures are the best 1,700-mile tour of the Mississippi
When Should Phones Be 'Bugged'A place, consider yourself lucky the ensuing developments reaching a high pitch. Your means of coping with family Delta supported the testimony of six
Indeed. There should greater can be quite upsetting. closest ally, too, should be reminded and partnership stuations may doctors in Washington that Mississippi
great deal of evidence has been pro- stability In life, for along time nose considered to be friends of the advisability of be made on the 26th, 27th is trying to drive or starve out
duced to show the benefits of tugging' to come, when you have learnedto orsome of them,maybe liberalwith being very deliberate before They should be taken at face Alex Waites.
a New
telephones by IRS agents to snoop on control your emotions and, advice but stingy with making. any significant commitments value, namely-that they wouldbe told a news conference that NAACP official
as worthless 'Mississippi
Impulsive money they are
private citizens suspected of illegal ill-advised has a plan of genocide. "

activities, or avoiding payment of Income 2-60-99-18-387 -40-44 -19-755 9-80-99-16-762 ( -807714 -893AQUARIUS Rollie Eubank, the other investigator.

taxes. There is some disagreement as to said the situation has
TAURUS reached the
whether this is all right in cases where LEO SCORPIO portion of ",a national
citizens are suspected of such activities.At BORN emergency"
BORN APRIL OCT. warranting immediate federal action in
rate BORN JULY BORN JA20th.FEB. $-
anT ,, a federal oaw has been order than
24ta minimum health and welfare
passed to supposedly protect the rightsof 20th-MAY 20th 23rd-AUG, 22nd -NOY. 22nd 18tb standards could be enforced.

citizens who can prove that their Some come, some go. If numbering Waites said he and
Take the slow road. Circumstances both
consent. How's the moment. Taureans, among those who are If s time to give In. If a saw swollen Negroes,
But in the case of crank calls, the on the whole, are far too practical as well as more cautious coming back to work, the time promised accord has not yet of children who are
self be hungry but
annoyed citizen Is at the of the and,, realistic to believe may advocating may have been well chosen. materialized as anticipated, do their stomachs are full.
mercy patience and a slow but metho-
caller who the that hose who have nothing can Excellent aspects will not hurt not pass up what may be the Our civilized nation should not postpone
uses telephone to intrude dical approach to a
be happier than the persons project chances of taking command or last opening to get it signedand action oq this'problem
upon the privacy of people in their own who have everything.They learn that is personal, creative or assuming added responsibilities delivered. Throw away your can the United any longer. How
vocational. There Is little doubt States
homes. early In life, or through bard all of which should entail old prejudices or overly conservative score poverty
Crank experience, that the opposite that sound planning is first required of and abroad when it exists in the 'worst way
telephone ,calls'are often lewd, yery ,before more Interesting remuneration way thinking
larcenous mysterious or just, plain Is true. As a result,they one can depend Refrain from being accept the broader views of the right under its very nose?
on your good fortune to put
lose little time acquiring the overly anxious, reckless or aggressive associate who is a most important -
annoying, and id distressed that these anything across. The to
us talents skills or advantages of urge
for this could create asset. This no doubt .
types ,of calls are increasing. will place them high on the skip all that and to fall back a rift to Important associations.It will mean a freer way of life The Magic Of One IdeaSome

I.' \Sometimes a caller will ring a certain list of the affluent society. One solely on Impulse and daring is possible to note a growing as regards to travel!, money r
could backfire and
elephone every fifteen minutes for a splendid day, to get around ob- upset one, tendency to take chances that and key relationships. The dan
the family and the deal pend- men have taken
stacles Influential one idea and changed
by pulling
would of friction
two-hour normally be avoided.This ger creating tem-
period about the middle of the ing. It has often been told that
themselves into
strings or tapping is a sign that It should be replaced peramental clashes could be millionaires.
the night. And he makes it a point not sources of information, is the one cannot burnt.play with This fire isatruth without by one that is far more. sidestepped by refusing to be For instance, Henry Ford's one idea of '"

to answer when the person'on' the other 25th. that getting some may discover the cautious and conservative. moved by any force other than. making a good automobile so cheap that

end says "hello. 4-70-88-13-592 painful way at this time. cold logic and common sense even the man "farthest down"! could

One individual 'informed us that the 2x706615316SAGITTARIUS 3-40-77-16-956 afford one made himself rich and his

state attorney will not issue an order to G'EMINIlORN 2-50-88-17-349 wealth came very near buring .him if he
wiretap the phone of a suspected nuisance hadn't watched out.

caller, unless the caller uses profane MAY VIRGO URN W. PISCES. The hula hoop toothpick matches,

language we 'need a law to cope with BORN AUG. 23r..IEC. 21st BORN fEe1'9t..III1. cigarettes, ice cubes, frozen foods ready
2lst- JUNE
nuisance-type telephone call. 21st
23nEPT.Yon | 22.d Bounce back Of all people, for the oven, toothbrush, broom, and mop

To give people some assistance in coping Don't be tense. Success appears can't do better Saglttarlans may be entirely 2011 are just a few, of ideas that have brought
with} crank calls the American Legion to be close at hand for to the pattern tiisclosed According sold on the theory that the Excellence, no less natural wealth' and fame to their inventors.

Magazine published some tips that will the Gemlnlans who have striven, planetary aspects, you shouldbe by the one who wastes time mining aptitudes in combination with Most recently, an ant hunter named
trapjnuisance-call victims, This article determlndedly for it in.e past. safe from economic, do- past deeds or misdeeds, or to highly specialized training Gidney of Los Angeles Ken
and would spends a great deal
Whether self-pity recrimination place some Plsclans far
comes through
wss reprinted in the 1965 issue ofthe.Reader's mlstlc and emotional
May, problems of his
malls, or on account of the Adhere to the status will not get anywhere, ever. above the average. If considering time on his hands and knees hunting
Digest. influential Intervention of a keep on living by the quo code and One must simply take matters oneself as belonging to ants. His business Is collecting the

THIS WEEK IN KEGRO HISTORY powerful friend,should cut little that life and experience have into his own bands and look only this' enviable category, see to insects for use in teaching biology and
In one direction ahead. Use it that- fitted to
ice u long as taken quick shown you are the for scientific
to be the
July 17, 1862 Congress arms Negroes to take part la the advantage of. Make caution the If still dissatisfied best one. But the past only U a guide that right Job and receiving the pro research.' .
Civil War guiding principle when you or this condition to and allow will enable planning for a better per compensation. With so Every two months, he sends to the Walter
fellow-workers are trying new risk grow and grow I future as well u for an many people away on vacationsthe Reed Army hospital a shipment of 4,000
July 18, 1868 Negroes were legally declared American citizens methods or undertaking something you Imperiling chalked all the accomplishments enlightened outlook. Those who number of unusual opportunities ants, for which he is paid $100 for each
In a number of southern states. up to to the of for *
art changing advancement
of process
a dangerous character. may
.date. Any decisions shipment. On the he
made average is
on paid at
This also applies to traffic locales must do so firm to be more abundant for those
July 19 1875 Alice Ruth Dunbar Nelson this day are apt to be on the the rate of o cent for each ant.
sociologist, author hazards and the 'maintenanceof 'impulsive the determination to make the who are at their regular occupations
and'wldow of noted poet Paul ,Laurence Dunbar, was born good health and productivity. than on a practical and rash side rather best of things once you have TWs os one day when Now, someone needs to come up with a
In New Orleans. level. Also been fully committed. But if exceptional safeguards shouldbe method of
The posslblUlty. of landing to be more careful than gathering these ants without
ever when
dream bouse is not you have allowed for possibilities taken against mechanical
your as
,crossing streets so much time on hands
July 20, 1848 World's first Women's Rights Convention held. remote as some of may believe. around. Ifs not a time or driving to of changes of mind, and breakdowns or other hazards knees. and _
You can think about it. ,chances. take are financially sound, follow Including those to be found on
July 21, 1861 The first Battle of Bull Run, significant vic' your urges. :the crowded biehwa,.. ,
tory for the Confederacy during the Civil War, was fought .20-77-15-954 1-60-55-18-206 5-70-22-17-338 8-70-66-13-596 BUY U. S. SAVING BONDSVISE


<< 4 r 1yj
." j

t_ ,_tt

I' -


Ladies Auxiliary Y.P.D.'ers Branch Kelly-Love Nuptials Announced <' Calender Events : :

.. _. .
Tea TimeThe -- -- ------- -
Sets Weekly Meeting Schedules MeetingThe ,, A beach outing gill be sponsored The Booster dub cI MatthewW.
by the'Biven Specials to Gilbert will have a Social
Young Matron Society of American Beach on Saturday Event In the home of Mr and
First Corinth Baptist Church Ladles Auxiliary to Gateway East Florida Conference July 22.The Mrs. EM G. Williams. 16ZS
will sponsor their annual tea, Barracks No. 3131 Veterans of Branch Y.PJVers will meet bus win leave from 1JI1 E. 19th Street, I p.m., Saturday
Sunday July 23, from 4 to World War I U.S.), will hold Sunday July 23 at 4:30 p.m.. Fairfax at 6 pjc., Duval and night, July: M.
6 p.m., In the borne of Mr. their; regular meeting Saturday In the kit. Zion AME Church Jefferson at 6:15. and Vermel's The Public Is cordially Invited -
and Mrs. Rayfield S. Brown at 2 p.m. corner of Beaver and Newman 1 Diner at 6:30 p.m. to attend. Mr. Roy L
6920 Rhode Island Drlye,West. All officers and members are Streets.All The public Is Invited to go Mitchell, President.
ask to attend, at which time all Y.PJXers are urged to / along for an evening cl.fun.
committees are expected to report be present and on time. A short '
*** and Information on our program will be presented with :** .* **
Choir 2 of Grant Memorial port and information on the Mrs. W. E.Altery Harris,Episcopal jIwt The Lily White Security Benefit
Church win hold their annual building drive win come before Director bringing the Association will observe s The Sutton Prayer Band Is
Fashion Tea, Aug. 20 at the as. message. A brief business \ 32nd anniversary Sunday after sponsoring a trip to American
Garden Center, 344 W. 17th session will follow W swy noon., July 23, at Shiloh Metropolitan Beach on July 29th.
St., from 4-6 p.m. Leading ta- Vagabonds Club Please,bring your Young people ) Baptist Church, at The bus will leave 1S28 LouIs,
lent of the city will parUclpate. to this meeting 3 p.m. ana St at 8.00a.m.: and Darts
Mrs. Thelma Argrett will narrate To Install Officers The Area Directors will be All Lily White members have St., at 1:30: s.m
the fashions as they are present and make their Area been asked to be present forth The public Is Invited to partici
shown. Mrs.E.M. Richardson At Lawn PartyA reports. affair and the public Is pate., Tickets can be obtained
will preside at the consol for Mesdames Beatrice Zeiglerof tw r J. ted. the bus stops.CCWhen .
this affair and the chairmanis lawn party at the Edgewood the West; Bernice Henry of the ,
Mrs Doris P. Smith, assisted Avenue home of Jacksonville Northeast; and Laura Rose of i
by Mrs Esther M. Mil ReletordMcGrl f,will the South will be present with WED I take a case, I thoroughly
attorney, : -Mrs. Dorothy Love announces the marriage of her daughter HattIe to Samuel Kelly.
ton. be the background for the Installation their Area Representatives.A. The ceremony toqkplace on June 25, 1967. study the background
of officers of the The couple Is 'shown with the bride's From left PFC Love Mrs. Doro- .
: family. are Leroy ; Events happening years before.can I I
Vagabonds Club. The even will L. Lewis Branch thy Love, mother-Til the bride; the bride and groom; bestman Edwin Love and Brides-
Choir No. 2 or Grant Memorial be held Friday night July 28. maid, Mrs. Vermeil Allen. win a day in court."
Church will hold Its Fashion The officers to be Installedwere After the.wedding reception the couple left for a honeymoon In the Bahamas.
Tea, August 20th, at the Gar- elected June 30 at a call YWCA ProgramTwo (Photo By Emerson's Photos)
din Center, 344 W.lTthSt.,from meeting held at the Vagabonds' that's why I picked 'I
!-G p.m. clubhouse. weeks Recreation and Parent Youth Gordon's London Dry Gin. ;
The newly elected officers who Craft period will begin at the 'WEDDING BELLS
Organization To Meet Good ,
It Covers Gray HairWm. will be given their charge of YWCA A. L. Lewis Branch English background.
responsibilities are: Releford for the young people (girls and The monthly meeting of the Chas. Allen Woods 1735 Mc- Court H., 19 and Thelma Lee Dry the way I like it "
J. Brandt's Liquid McGriff, president; Bennie L. boys) Monday, July 24th. Parent Youth Organization will Quade St., 32 and LUUe Mae Henry 356 W. Nixon St., 17. ,
Canty vice-president; Monso- Parents interested may send be held Sunday at 5 p.m., at Manning, 759 Court B, 29. CterfM t Uoytt Attomty.M 'tv W 1M ..,.-Widwpron
lee T. Davis, secretary; Gardner their children ages 814. No Mt Olive AME Church. The Allen James Jr., 1324 s Contenting_..u ant Counc ol tht Coun mott*/tucctuful for TIM Bmk young. ol fmtnc Irwytrt*AdHtona in tfw Sovthwt Optrttai
EAU DENNA Sams, Jr., assistant secretary fee Is required for craft ma- features for this meeting are Lovla Copeland, 1804 W. 19th Prince SL. FOIteri, 20 and
; Capers Thompson terial.A games music and recreation. St., 21 and Aqullla Annette Patterson Cynthia Elizabeth Duncan 737
treasurer; Phillip Douglass sports hour which includes Current events will be given 1671 Academy St., 18. Orange St., 16. I
HAIR COLORER Chaplain; Emerson I. Bryan, Softball and other forms of at- by Ronald Backmon and Mrs. '
parlimentarlan; and John Graham letlcs will be held during the Myrtle H. Jones will conductthe Wm. Henry Manning,1680 King f.." I,
Will cover gray t hilr In 10 sgt-at-arms. day. games. St., 25 and Elizabeth Carol Tyrone Power Slaughter IiI \'YI.'' ,, ',.
to 20 minutes. No pack No Charles Simmons, member of The hours are 9:30 a.m.-1:45: The pastor.Rev.B.l.Williams Thomas 2541 Wisteria St, 20. Philadelphia, 1'&., 28 and Margaret : '
mess. Anyone can put It on at the City Civil Service Board wily J' p.m. will donate watermelons for the Ann Carroll, Philadelphia '
home perform the installation rites \ refreshment hour. Andy Leonidles Turner 705 1'&., 24. ,., ; .' ,
", \ ". .
WILL NOT TURN HAIR ... : ..... y
REDDISHIt : .CL..U. NO.TE.S" a .. I I IGonIott'
.II ,-.o ... .. .. ", ., .. _
will ... _. .. _. ____
not rub oft, It stays on
several months. Shampooing,I GLADIOLA LADIESTO at 6 p.m., In the temple located on Wednesday July 26. LACKAWANA SOCIAL CLUB and Myrtle Ave;9:45: ajn.
sea bathing sun permanent' MEET at 410 Broad St. Bible verses will begin with PLANS FOR OUTING All clubs and friends are invited -
waving, cu'lingorstralghteninglironnothing' \ The Gladiola Ladles will meet All members are asked to at the alphabet "J" this week. The Lackawana Social and to go along with us. Tickets -
takes It off You tend. Mrs A. McIntosh, president, can be obtained from any
July 26, In the home of Mrs. Saving Club Is sponsoring a
can cover any gray hair no Sarah Dixon, 1816 W. 6 th St. is asking all members to come bus ride to New Smyrna Beach, club member.
matter how stubborn or how All members all asked to be EPECUREAN CLUB prepared to pay out towardthe Sunday July 30, 1967.
caused. BLACKSTAYS BLACK.J project.
present. TO MEET Mrs C. A. Duke will serveas All clubs and well wishersare CHATTER-BOX SOCIAL CLUB
WONDERFUL FOR co-hostess to Mrs. Brooc cordially to go with us. SPONSORS OUTINGThe
:tovt'' q DELIA' CAMPBELLCHAPTER The Epecurean Club will meetIn e. Mrs Georglanna Ford Is pre-
Delia Campbell chaPter: 198 the home of Mrs. Henrietta LUCKY 16 SEWING AND SAVING sident and Mrs. Eloulse Under Chatter-Box Social Club
'DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH will meet Thursday, July 27, Broome 1941 Venus St., 8 p.m. CLUB TO MEET is the club's secretary. will sponsor a trip to American -
Beach, Sunday July 23.
Permanent Waving The Lucky Sewing and Saving BLUE LIGHT SOCIAL The bus will leave from the M
CAUTION: Use as directed on About PeopleRETURNS Club will meet in the home of AND SAVING CLUB home of Mrs. Corine Clark

'label. Colors: Black,,. Dark Mrs Lucille Similton 1453 W. The Blue Light Social and 1532 W. 24th St., at S p.m. assilhnlatl
Brown.14ed1um.brown.. FROM 22nd St., Thursday night, July Saving club is sponsoring a Other stops will be made at oar
Price per box J"Z.8 plus 27, at 7.30p.m. trip to Magnolia Lake Sunday the following points: 21 and N

Federal Singleton and her son, Darrell Lee has Just All members are asked to be morning July 30, 1967. Myrtle Ave; and Simond-John- ,fnoW CMICfd"LOIIdM *>1761i .
TaxDIXIE returned to the city after a visit to Detroit, Michigan. present.The The bus stops designated are: son Part. 11' It*Vital"""* *fngltni. 1
Mrs. Singleton visited two of her sisters while In Detroit. previous meeting was held 45th St. and Ave. B, at 9 a.m.; The public Is Invited to go AtIIetQ IIId'd .
While in that part of the country she and Darrell visited In the home of Mr. and Mrs 14th and !Wltscben 9.15: ; Jefferson with us for an afternoon of .f tote cl ir u J.k tea wnui mm Kraut nw cm N ma tonvnderful lilt.IILUl..tlUU.
PHARMACY Expo '67. in Montreal and Canada's celebration of It-II centennial. John Higbtower., anoij Orange 9:30: ; and 8 fun and relaxation. _,

'1305 Kings Rd. JuJla They reported having enjoyed the entire trip. f
\ Princess Hall Masonic Club
r, will meet at the Masonic Hall

n np ? 915 Jefferson St., Sunday July crJopues 17
IIIO 23 at 4 p.m. o
All Master Masons, Eastern 0 D
s D D Stars and Heroine of Jericho .
are asked to be present and .
on t1l6e.
9-eedroore COMA OCHELL Daniel Hudson,presidentofthe &
club Is asking the various lodges
and chapters to make their reTorts -
; on the building fund. /


Dephinium TO Ladles MEET Club will

t hold meeting and social
1pJ1rrk.w affair Saturday evening July
22nd, 9 p.m., In the home of
Mrs. Louise Hargrove 2222
Edgewood Ave. n .'$
44 ( '

WE'LL FINANCE YOUR OES The will L.W. Howard Chapter 171 F I 1;r / s 1 i I f +,ln, ?, //lj/11,1 1 sM y kh e

sponsor their annual
NEW HOME IOO % ride to American Beach, Sat.urdaj
July 22. W

Financing wont be a problem when you how your new horn built on your properly by Jim Walter. The bus will leave from the t 7
100% financing h available to qualified property owners with no down payment YOU NEED following points:2006 TaUadega V } 1; '' a Y rIN a
NO CASH because Jim Walter finance everythingnot |just 70 or 80 per cent. All you need to do Rd, 8.00 a.m.; 23 and Davis Sts, 4t.: p t, b y''' r i p' 4 r f i1h 6 ,
li chooM your home from the more than 20 models available-oil meeting the tome high itandordi 8.30 .ajn.,913 Jefferson, 9:00 if dtr
of quality at the lowtit pouible prkeMONEY am., and Florida Ave and Union V
Sts., 9:30: a.m.
Mrs. Thelma White and Mrs.' /

tGO lm nm b-moOO1mrm( ( f O 000 00 0 00 0 00000 0 Eva Lee are the sponsors a llf+ l kti. 'r n pr rAr


..velars" wi.M bun Mn. MM.ta H|"p pw....Tei CM km j*.ken. M*M jw,.e- SAVING CLUB ,' tau an 'j)1
I1y h*t ifl'*,tip eJ ampMM innfcf( JM to vert e..hj M Mck n IN (*-.men DIM r*MMil (I. d dpt .
ya1 CII llkre at......its laic ii..... ........,a.BAMwhitsw. b.telll prn h...... Ie The Centruy Social and Saving ), pt Ii I r 11& 1 1 1 '
M-.ie M els ppe ,. .., Mid 5 pcMpl el Ptrn. ... ........I.e h. w.1IIr MII Club will observe Ifs sixth In l 1 savt + 6q
0..!.......eiidMilMiintilMtf. M Iblllr.... .... p enurnfMm. Nrw.r...s kr kkAN. Anniversary July 23, 4 p.m.,
.Tl..mm.UUri tMim. ft et jnnHmm|e.m*.Pert.H Wl fcuKlet. p*tn t. at St. Paul AME Church. Rev. f '} t 1hfSOfJ ) ,
V Read Maw.."!!*snla ta fitor ml tonsil. ill lit titifli Te>en eih. m htintiltih. ;,.,.. A.C. Chandler Is the pastor. : t / a tQ ; ?t
Ml iw tome.l W cenebMf. piM h M*U riwt fwi Skf h..*1M..........Sol... .J All clubs are Invited and the ; + v i, ar h f 1.I, f } t i .t ,F+ l
!toil ta hiUrt Mf f.M IMM.cettit r<|M mf club with the largest attendance
,, 41 .1 {
.U ..u.rnooo 0 00000000 000 00 000 0 0 will receive a prize.
An enjoyable program has been Here Ines t' "s{ liar ori" d
prepared for your entertain r yo o 1lu tamp keep a

-. WEB IKOS VACATIONS CETIAENENTGCQew ment. lump h ad trr'inter'; r p now f r cold-
Mistress of ceremonies will be I' a,
Mrs. Delores Duffee and Mrs. weath r oats pricet n us al use of advanced planning.
Louise Giles will bring the
B welcome address. Choose from I h scious sdede mile'ool ns TV 100% ptbnleres fur

The club's president Mrs. blends d f n-furs. II t est with excitin fur collars.Consid
M; Breeden will crown the a ne style m a Y .
quern of the affair r all th s plus t astry f f ous amrands anc youll know what a

Ste NAvu4 TbUWenr ROSS BIBLE OF CLUB SHARON great a nt this is! Don t mis it! / / /

The Rose of Sharon Bible Clu I J
will sponsor strip to Magnolia
Lake on Saturday July 22. .
'r r JIM(Mod+I WAITER to tie wr.A.tea CORPORATION) .JAZt; The bus will leave Carr ne our co veni nt .AWAY p' r your charge ac ounto
and McQuade Sts..
I weed He M INM mere eboM MW kvUdbtg end at.9:00a.m.
M.ndM.i.a" a+d .. In.rxMMe Fairfax and McQuade at 91: :
WI AU OHM IUNDAn I ,. p.m., Kings Rd. and Pure that we a bra g on an a er selectio o coats
Q MM* D u-warll '
at 9.2S Pullman and 13th SLat
u..r.tira.s. twot' his year, a co a ollowing s e only
: 9.35: ; 13 and Fairfax at 9:4: !
;:: .... .... I
.. .
.... .._ Go x ADDRESS p.m., and 22nd and Pearce a
srarws -- aal/ I eTAn 10:00 p.m. and 1431 W. fIn .WNTOWN E ENCY SQUARE e PROpENTIALe
St. at 1015.Accrdlai .
I / rM N ice./,. Invitation has bee e GATEWAY Q EVELT, MALL VALDOSTA.GA.I' .

extended to the mbllc. j i

EAU 1 1 '

., / f :, .. .

r .Her'. J. trio. Diprpr SITBH'jiT lOLf 22, US) ,[
-- "

I Primitive Baptist Churches Of Jax District To Hold Fifth Sunday Union '1 1I I I

I Pleasant Grove Prr.liflv.- Participants In Appreciation PrograaPARTICIPANTSMember National Council Of Churches

Baptist To Host Union L Receives $1.1 Million Grant

I The Minister, Deacons and Laymen's fifth Sunday Union p dA NEW YORK, N.Y<-The National Council of Churches has
i Primitive Baptist Churches of Jacksonville District will received a grant of $108,000 from the Ford Foundation for
convene at Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist on July 26- use In assisting predominantly Negro church-related collegesto
30,1967. The Rev. Karl:: Rollins Is the pastor create more efficient educational enterprises through a
variety of cooperative projects.The .
The union is scheduled to get presid tg.
underway Wednesday at 745 Each"Sunday School department grant-to the council's log Colleges, rec'enQy formed,
m. with the deacons of Mt.Sinai I has been asked to report newly created United Board for with the board's help and encouragement -.
and MU Olive in chargeof at this time., The lesson will College Development-Is partof by six privately
devoUonalsenlce. be review ed by Mrs A.M. some $1.1 million given this supported, four-year, pre'
A panel discussion "Is It Frailer. a.. week to a number of similar dominantly Negro colleges asia <
Faithfulness That Counts/"will Morning worship will begin at + projects as the first step In "cooperative self-helpagene
be discussed by the following: 1110 a.m.,with the deacons from a new Ford Foundation effortto to share limited resources and
Deacon David Harvey, Sister Mt. Olive, Macedonia and meet specific needs of predominantly achieve economies through Joint'
Thelma Harris, Sister Doro- Friendship in charge of devotional -; Negro college In endeavors."
thy Harris,Sister Hannah Hous services. Friendship the south. TADC members. are: Bishop-
ton. Sister Fannie Bradley Sis choir will render song service The NCC grant will benefit College, Dallas; Huston-1:
ter Ellen Jones, Sister Mary Mrs. Alback will bring highlights -* 5'' some 60 predominantly Negro Tillotson College, 'Austin;!
Morrison, Sister Elizabeth of East Florida District colleges in the south which Jarvis Christian College,Haw-1
Herndon and Skter Lucille Convention followed by a selection are related to religious bodies tins; Paul Qulnn College,Waco;
Johnson. from Friendship Choir. affiliated with the council. Texas College, Tyler;and Wiley
Miss Frankle Harris is pro- The Rev Haywood Robinson Spread over a two-and-a-half- College, Marshall I
gammed ,to sing a solo and the Union's president, will bring year period, it will cover administration -- The presidents of these
message will be brought by the message at that hour. and personnel colleges are exploring the possibilities -'
Brother Elton Rodgers. Afternoon service Is scheduled costs for the board, to be headquartered of cooperative pro-,
On Thursday evening, 7:45 for 2:30 p.m., will all ushers in Atlanta, Ga. grams In curriculum development
p.m., services will be in the, and Deacons charge. National NCC-member denominations reduction of overlapping'
bands of the ushers and deacons The message will be broughtby cooperating In the courses, Joint faculty appoint-
from Pleasant Grove, Mace- Rev Bobble Sheffield, followed project will also contribute to ments, pooled purchasing
donia and Friendship.The union the financial reports,remarks by ? its support, according to the training workshops for administrators -,
chorus will render a selection and the closing ode. ..... -... Rev. Dr. Hubert C. Noble, exe- sharing library
followed by a panel discussionin The union has chosen, for if s of the Youth Department who served Eddie Macon B.C. Williams, Miss Debris Lee, Rose Robinson cutive director of the council's resources and Joint fund-
titled "Followers scheduled of Jesus"to. theme song, "Jesus Is Real as hosts and hostesses for the testimonial banquet and Miss Call, Miss Claudia Harris, Mrs. Sylvia Levy, Department of Higher Edu- rasinlnt.
Panel members Sisters Lula To Me" and their aim program which was presented In honor of Rev. R. L. Wilson Dean of Hostesses, Miss Deborah Hanson, Miss Faye Green, cation, which is responsible
participate are: "Christians, Hold Your LightHigh. pastor of Friendship Baptist Church are shown with the Miss Diane Oliver, Miss Mary Hodby and Miss Elaine Kil- the new board. Fraternity Sponsors
Anderson, Bessie Hall Mary The board will serve as a resource -
Dean of Hostesses. From left are: Houston Fisher, Jr., Han.t. .
Robinson Rachel Mallory, "for Implementing pro-
Willie Mae Jones Anna Gain- r jects for church-related col- Discussion Series,
ous; Deacon R. Rosier, slab Youth To Present WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT, leges founded for Negroes to the
Ellis, Bro. Phillip Alback and end that the opportunity ft, On Consodidation
Nathan Sallet. Missionary HourThe higher education among Negroes -
The Bible lesson will be con- to the end that the opportunity Upsilon Lambda Chapter of
ducted by Deacon Eugene Mat- Young People's Division! of for higher education Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will
hews. ,the Women's Missionary Society ,' among Negroes may be.of the sponsor a series of public discussions -
Ushers from Macedonia 2 and of NewSaint James A.MJB. :, highest quality and may be of relative to the issueof
Mt. Olive 4 will serve on Friday Church, Reverend A. D. Harris ,. the types which the times demand a Consolidated form of
night at 7.45 p.m. pastor, will have charge of the ," Dr. Noble said.It government for Jacksonville
All ladles are requested to 11 o'clock service on the flftli J" will also "assist collegesby and Duval County.
wear white during this service. Sunday In July. making available staff per- In accord with its programof
Devotional service will be led The Youth of the church will .. f sonnel skilled and experiencedIn civil action and community
,by all deaconess from the vari- present a program as announced \I',' preparingappiicatlonsforthe concern, the fraternity has extended -
ous participating churches. by Mrs. W. E. Akery Harris, (5'. ) consideration of government Invitations to the two
Toe topic for discussion will supervisor. agencies and foundations pro- quasi-official organizations for
:be, "Training of Children". The Choral Group from the I < ; jects which may be conceived and against Consolidation to
Sisters Essie Brooks, Sylvia Boys and Girls Parental Home for groups of college or for Individual send representatives to the
Dixon, Ines Harris, Mine under the direction of Mr. '. institutions." meetings to make formal pre-
Vance; Deacons Joseph Joseph Johnson accompanied by .", .. Cooperation wit h the colleges sentations at these meetings.
McPherson, Blrnet Gee, E. Mrs. Bateman will be special. In "programs designed to The first meeting will be at
Mathews; Slate r Elisabeth guests on the program. '.;, strengthen internal aspwcts of First Baptist Church, the Rev.C. .
Herndon Nellie Wallace, Pris- Mrs. Hattie Perry,Y.P.D.dir- and Mrs. Lymus James Institutional life and ad- B. Dalley, pastor, at 3:30:
cilla Glrll and Frances Sanders ector, and Mrs. Lynette Brays, Butler Sr., anounce the engage- ministrationsuch as admissions p.m., Sunday, July 23. Subse-
have been selected to participate supervisor of the Allen Star ment and approaching! mar student services, quent meetings will be at Wood-
on the panel. Sister Rosa group, are calling the youth to riage of their daughter Miranda compensatory education, administration lawn United Presbyterian
Ashley will summarize the dis- rebearstlat o'clock Monday,) Luvenla to Sp/4 Willie Henry and trustee trainIng Church at 8 p.m., Sunday July
cussion. July 24th at the church." Toler on Saturday, July 22, at faculty and curriculum"Is 30, and at Grant's Memorial
The Rev. Earl Rollins, host --- 4:00: p.m., at Dayspring Baptist also envisaged he said. AME Church at 8 p.m., on Sun-
pastor,for the union will bring TESTIMONIAL-Her. R.L. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson (shown at left) are seen rece1ur; Church.. The foundation announcedsimultaneously ,day, August 6.
the' Educational sermon. Vntlt.. gifts presented by members of the congregation Airing"a testimonial banquet held in his Thre reception will follow immediately a\ separate\ The public Is inivlted and urged -
Sunday school 14 scheduled,jo, FIGHT CANCER i honor. at'Wed: 'Friendship Baptist Church.last W/ 1da1YJJul11.Jfalng the presentations after ''theremonyi, graht'' Ml20,000 td'the first ,: to participate la the discussions -
.begin at 9:30: a.m., with Deacon A CHECK VP.AND XtTHEtK' are Mrs.' Vermel Sims, Miss Queen E,' Jenkins, program committee chairman for and all frelnds and relatives development of the United Board of this vital issue which
William Hunter, superintendent the event and Mrs. Mary Kllllan. of the couple are invited. for .College Development will be decided by Duval County
i Texas Association of Develop- voters on August 8.

SATURDAY SUNDAY Rev. AbrahamLET Dill Services Silted For

N JULY 22.23 ME PRAY FOR YOU I It Union Chapel AME Church

I WINFEELD, Fla.-Dedication and Corner-stone laying
services -
9 A.M. 6 ,
e Saturday P.M. I will be held Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m., July 30, for UnIon -'
Whatever Your Problem Chapel AME Church, Rev. Solomon C. Waterfordls pastor.
Under the pastorate of Rev. theological Instructors. "
Sunday 12 Noon 6 P.M.
'Waterford, a new house of worship The honored guest and speaker
I Have The Answer was erected. This esteem will be the Ecclesiastical bead:
leader Is the son of the late Re,. of the lithe Episcopal District
E. T. Waterford, DD, un,who of the state of Florida and the '
I WHAT GOD HAS DONE was a member of the first graduating Bahamas, Bishop Eugene Clifford :
I class that Wilberforce Hatcher. '
University produced. Bishop Hatcher has come to
FOR OTHERS Florida and Is already manifesting -
t his great works. He has
WAREHOUSEt purchased an nth Episcopal residence -
I He'll Do For You and set up plans for a,
i new Layman's auditorium and
citizens' gymnasium at Edward
t LET HE PRAY FOR YOU Waters College, Jacksonville,
t Florida. According plans this
Write Today! edifice will seat 2,500, at a cost
'of $250,000. His other con-
tributions and accomplishments,
ta all fields are too numerous
REV. ABRAHAMP.O. to mention !
Z motorcade win leave Mt.
Zion AME Church, corner of'
'Newmanand Beaver Sts., July.
Box 1233 30 at 1.3Q p.m., for Winfield

Rev. Waterford proudly meajtionsthe led by the Rev. Charles .T0I1
II.! \ CiccraaJlUJiio 45202 fact that be sat at the ton, pastor of historic Mt. Zlon:
I feet of the late Dean Jessie P. AME, Jacksonville, Florida.
I Epperson, who was one of his, After the services refresh-
ments will be served;: .




i '302 North Lane Ave.


t '\ ,.f { ,000 fTOFfs
'f.. ; '
: .

.. ... v .l
r ,-

C) ;. @ ; : )


f '

\ tri t'

I! : -"SAVE: UP TO 70 % ::

.J'ef at its i Best


t tj

j s




II' First Corinth Baptist Church Slates- Duel Day Observance Aug 13 '

.Tea Sponsored By SiBsaiae And Crawders Annual Dual Day Set For

a 1 1s First Corinth Baptist

Duel Day will be observed all day August 13, at First Corinth
,Baptist Church

' Deacon Lucious Lewis and for 11.15: ajn. with!the devotional
: Mrs. 'Mary Taylor are the service being led bythe youth
MT. ZION AME CHURCH chairman for the occasion. assisted by Deacon E. Sims
, Sunday services will begin at 8 a.m., with Rev. C.E. Toston The Sunday School departmentwill At 6.45 evening worship will
I bringing the message. sponsor a' too trip on August begin with the deacons charge,
Church school will begin at 9.30 with Mrs. Charlotte Steward 3rd, In behalf of Duel of devotion. Choir 1 the gospel
presiding The lesson will be reviewed by Miss Mar gret Wilson. Day and Mrs. Deborah Davis chorus and usher board 2 wfll
,; At 10:30 a.m., Mr. Arthur Class will lead prayer for the ,will sponsor an after service serve.
officers please be on time. -j on the 5th Sunday night In con- The pastor or his appointee
" On Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m., class meeting will be, junction both the 3 p.m., service will bring the message at that
, held. The pastor has asked all members to come out and -.1 on Duel Day. hour.
( meet their new leaders.Rev E.McCoy will assist the pastor All young people are asked to An after service musical has
, In the class services. :_ F e come out t the church on Sat been planed to begin at 8J5
Wednesday and Saturdays will find the Junior Choir meeting 4 urday at 1 p.m., for a meeting. in behalf of our Duel Day ob
with Miss Wilson and Miss Williams in rehearsals. The Young Matrons are sponsoring servance. Deacon Willie Frank
Thursday evening at 7:30: p.m., the gospel choir will rehearse a spiritual tea, Sunday Smith and Rev. Leonard
with Mrs. Calls Dowllng, president, and Mrs. Alberta In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Williams will be featured along
Lattlmore directing. Rayfteld Brown, 6920 Rhode with other outstanding mlaM-
Official board meeting will be held on July 24, at 7.30 p.m. Island Drive West, 3.30-9.30
Again each member is urged to come out to help in constructing p.m.
; laws of the church and making necessary adjustments Sunday's church services will Choirs Union TO Hold ,

get underway with Sunday School
beginning at 9:30 a.m., with the Hiss Revival MeetThe
MT. OLIVE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST superintendent In charge.
Sunday services will begin with Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Morning worship is scheduled Westslde Choirs
with the superintendent Mrs. A.M. Frazier In charge. Friendly
Morning worship will find Rev. Rogers bringing the message. Zion Hope Singers Union revival will hold meeting its monthly Sunday,
Prayer meeting Is schedulted for Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m., h mass
In the main auditorium -
Choir 3 and Usher Board 4 will serve. 'f fo Render ProgramThe at 2:45 p.m.of ,St. Paul Baptist

WEST UNION BAPTIST Zion Hope Sunger will Church Baldwin, Fla., Rev.S. .

Youth Day will be observed Sunday at West Union, Rev render a program at the African A. Baker combined:pastor.choirs of Mt.
A.F. Cummings, pastor, beginning with Sunday school at 9:30 United Church on the The
a.m. The Sunshine Girls and Crusaders Boys of Shfloh Baptist Mrs. Susie 'Keith, (Directress). Also shown on backrow aret 4th Sunday night, July JO, at Pleasant Baptist and combined Church,usher Cal-

Morning worship is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m., with the Church who sponsored a tea Sunday July 16, at the home of the participants From left, Brenda Badger Thyra Felton, 8:This 30 p.m. will be lahan boards, Fla.of St., Paul, will serve..
Junior Choir and Junior Usher Board serving. The sermon Mr. and Mrs James Keith, 5350 Newcombe St., are shown Brenda Ivory, Mignon Bryant and Chryl Hughes. program Sister Bertha spon-Belle Mrs. Ruby B. Allen Stewart,
will be delivered by the pastor and youth communion will be here: From left; Claudia lister Sarah Webb (participant), other members include: Jeanette and Patricia Ann Thomas, sored by ,
is the
and refreshments will be served presidentIN
administered. Valencia Fort, Patrlca Thomas Janie Mae Dove Jacquelyn Warren Frederick, Wayne and George. Wilson.
Evening worship is scheduled for 8.30 p.m., with the gospel Keith. Robert Monroe.. ,Sharon Woodward Earl Rivers and!. following the program. ....
Chorus rendering song service. The Junior ushers board will '

serve and the pastor will bring the message. Charles C. King Serves As M.C. Bethlehem Grand Chapter White House Tea KEMORIAMIn
Prayer meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening at 7:30 memory of AJ./c Joseph
P.m. Pk. Sponsored By Leon Waiters who touched so
Holds Meet Pomona
Wednesday the Sunday School council meeting at 6:30 p.m. For World University BoRquet Board many la his great endeavors.He
All teachers and members are requested to be present.The Bethlehem Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star, PHA Usher was a former FLORID STAR
Missionary Society will meet Thursday evening at Charles C. Kliig, currently serving as Assistant Director d State of Florida, Dr. C.B. Nelson Daniels Grand Worthy Usher Board No. I of St. newsboy In the E. 21st Street
8 pro., and choir 3 will hold IPs rehearsal and business the Eastslde Neighborhood Center,a component of Greater Jack Matron, held Its 3rd Grand session of its Young people's Thomas Baptist Church will area for some ten years. A
meeting at 7:30 p.m. son vllle Economic Opportunity, Inc., will serve as Master department at the Clementine Daniels "Gift of Love Pamona sponsor a White House Tea, graduate of Matthew W. Gilbert
The Board of Deacons willl Mid their official meeting on d Ceremonies for the banquet at the Twentieth Annual Con. Park, Florida. Sunday, July 23rd from 4 to High School class of "62"
Monday night at 7:00 p.m., July 31, and Deaconess Board 2 ference of the World University, at Washington, D.C., Sat., In addition to their business ler and Miss Brenda Law- ,6 p.m. completed Hers Radio and
will bold their business meeting Monday July 31, at 7 p.m. July 22, 1967. session the young people en- rence all of Ocala, Fla. Television School In Miami,
Deaconess Board 1 will meet Tuesday at 6 p.m., for their He will Introduce the speaker 'lor .L mat>purpose ana 'L we ueeded Joyed activities of all sorts, These young people were Atkins To Wed florlda, and Joined the U$.
monthly meeting. Dr. Howard John Zltko, buildings will be erected over swimming various games and chaperoned by state supervisorMrs. Air Fore in 1964.
who Is Chairman of the Board the next two years. talent night. Many new talents Mary L. Jannlngs Ocala Clem Johnson. Jr. On July 23 1966 near Beale
MT. TABOR BAPTISTThe and one of the founders and Mr. King has also been Invited were discovered from all over Fort of Orlando.Dr. Air Force base California
financial drive at Mt. Tabor will terminate on Sunday initiators of the World University to assist in the develop the state. Daniels who charged Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Simsof where he was stationed, diedIn
night. All auxiliary boards and districts are ask to make movement. Dr. Zltko has ment of several aspects of the Several young people were others present to do their best Tampa, Florida announcethe the Uuba City Hospital.
their reports at that time. received nearly forty citations University including curri- awarded trophies for outstanding at all times for the world today engagement of their daughter The family 0 f the late AIr-
Sunday services will begin with Sunday School with Deacon nod honorary awards from culum building, public relations presentation at the bi-annual Is looking for our best. Miss Bertha R. Atkins toJ.'lA man includes Ms mother Mrs.
Jason Bass and teachers In charge. The pastor Rev. H.T. schools and societies around constitution and cam- conference Chapters of Order All supervisor are expected : Clam E. Johnson Jr.. Ida Mae McQueen, Father,*Edward -

Overstreet will bring the lesson in review. the world for his gifted expression pus planning.Mr. of Eastern, Star UJS.A, Africa, to meet at the,OES,Workshop Walters,Step-father,Mil-
Consecration period is scheduled for 10:45 a.m., followed I of the principles and King is a native of Jacksonville Canada, kles I of the Sea at, in Orlando, Fla., ton McQueen; Brothers Moses

by morning worship,,..the pastor ,and ,Rev. Gjaorge.,,Cherry, objectives of tile World University having graditttedfrom! \W.P4rkSbecton Hotel,';New York, Complete information. concerning 4, Walters, Milton Jr., and James
presiding.; whose primary purpose is Stanton High School 0934)),Oaf- City August, 1966.Recievlng the'workshlp will W'.ent McQueen;Sisters Brenda. Bar-
BTU scheduled to meet at 5 p.m., with the president: to develop an international lla College the School of the awards were: to each Worthy matron bara, and Windle Jean McQueen;
Mr. Theo Smith presiding.! stitution of learning for all Religion, Howard University Miss Marlon Fort, Orlando through the mall.Rites Grandmother, Mrs. Llssle Tyler
Evening worship will begin at 7 p.m. Choir 3 and Usher ages of students to be preparedfor and has almost completed the Fla.; Miss Sale Price Jacksonville : ; Grandfather, James Tyler
Board 1 will serve throughout the day world service careers. The requirements for the Ph.D. degree Fla.; Miss Charyl Set aunts, uncles, cousins and
latest farhnlnneft' In educational at the University of Chi- Loiun.. Ocala: -Miss Sylvia .. niece.
UNION PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST practices; are to be employed: *cago. Jones; Miss Gwendolyn Keni l This poem written by the
Sunday School will begin at 9:30 a.m.,with Mrs. Mary Dasher Mr. King and other members .tv \ brother of the deceased speaksfor
and teachers in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the of the World University round- the family:

pastor, Rev. Jake Ray Jr. table (which embraces sixty Churches Of God In ChristHeld ,; CHERBHABLE
Morning worship is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m., with nation and maintains secretariats Now you have met the requirements
Deacons L. Brooks and Major Hicks In charge of devotional : of life
Tommy ,
all the continents) : I
on )}. ;
Youth RecentlyDr.
his will the Congress ''' if; ion of Ethel Johnson of And have
services. The pastor of appointee bring will gather together at the ? \ Mrs. you parted this world
morning's message. Jacksonville, Florida. and its strife;
Sherton Park Hotel to review :
3 will the day. Robert C. Weaver member of President Johnson's f The bride-elect Is 1967 We can't but
Choir 3 and Usher Board serve throughout the of the last I''f a help miss you,
Installation services for the pastor win begin on Monday and progress to round out plans for year the Cabinet headed a dlstlngushed list of speakers who addressed '' '!: ; graduate of Howard Blake SenIor because your empty space has
the Churches of God in Christ International Youth
night after the fifth Sunday thru the 1st Sunday In August. final phase of the inaugurationof held Congress \ High School slowed the pace,
the North American Regional recently in Washington, D.C. The groom-elect graduatedfrom But still feeling the effects of

TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCHThe College located at Tucson Arl- Dt. Weaver, Secretary of the Hilton Hotel New Stanton Senior High our grief and sadness we con-
W.E. Young and Willing Workers Clubs will observe zona. A 600 acre tract of land' VS. Department of Housing and "The Church of God in Christ School He Is presently serving tinue the race,
their anniversaries JolnUy SundayJuly 23, at 3:30 p.m., In has been leased from the state Urban Development, delivered and the nation as a whole can Funeral services for David with 836th Security Police The good ole love and affection
:the church's auditorium. Mrs. Pin Denlfield and Mrs. Ida a keynote Speech to highlight be Justulablyproudofthelrcoo- McQueen of 639 Lee St., who Squadron at MacDUl Air Force we have always shared has not

King are the presidents. the convention which attracted duct," hotel officials declared tilde ,July 11, will be held 3 Base at Tampa. ,perished,
Sunday School will begin at 9.JO with the superintendent New M( Olive Slates 15,000 delegates and visitors. p.m., Saturday In the Funeral The wedding will be on Apgust For in our hearts, and in
C.A. Lawrence in charge. A key address was also delivered Chapel with Rev. E.W. Malnor, 20, In the First Baptist Churchof those to follow us, that love
Morning worship' is scheduled for 11 a.m., with Rev. W.E by the Rev. ChandlerD. Rites Set For officiating. Burial will be madein College Park in Jacksonville will be cherlsed.
Young bring log the message. All youth choirs and usher Youth Anniversary Owens, International President Sunset Memorial Cemeteryby Florida. By Moses Walters
.Board 4 will serve of the COGIC International Carter's Funeral Home,
On Wednesday afternoon all youth choirs will meet at, Youth day will be observed Youth Congress, who Mr Elmer AdamsMr. Sammie L. Davis, L.F.D.
S:30 p.m., and prayer meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. throughout the day Sunday at spoke to over 5,000 delegates
Elmer Adams will be fun-
New Mt. Olive. The youth department on the convention theme:
BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHURCH will be in charge of "Christ Is the Only Hope for eralize., at Saturday the Second afternoon Baptist at 3p.m. (astern Stars Hold WRITE WRHC TODAYWin
Sunday services will be conducted by the youth. all activities Permanent Peace"
Church 954 Road with'
Sunday School will begin at 9:30 a.m., with guest superintendent Sunday School is scheduledto The convention opened with a Kings One-Day SessionA
Miss Beverly Franklin in charge. Mr. Lawrence begin at 9:30 a.m.,with Miss Pre-Muslcal, featuring Wattle Rev J. C. Sams officiating. ChirchCut
Pratt will give the lesson In review. Jennie Taylor, youth super- Clark, of Detroit, assisted bya Burial wU) take place In St. one-day session of we Royal $25.00 For Your ,
Devotional service at 11 a.ra., service will be led by Benjamin intendent in charge. Mass Choir representing 20 Nicholas Cementery South Grand Chapter t* fie Order of '
." Holloway and Alphonso UrlUo In charge Morning worship is to begin states. The Texas State Choir, ,Jacksonville. Eastern Star of the State of. out t the coupon below ind,
Evening service Is scheduled for 6 p.m. at 1100: a.m. with devotion being under the leadership of Bishop Mr. Adams of 750 Court "A" Florida working under the most
The Junior Ushers and Junior Choir will serve throughout conducted by the Junior deacons. T.L. Haynes, won first placein departed this life on Friday, Worshipful Prince Hall Grand 'write your question then mill
The will bring the mes music July !14,1967 la the Veteran's''Hospital Lodge AF-AM was' held last ,
'!he day. Mrs. Commodle will preside at the console and Rev. pastor the competition. ,
will be In of the service. sage. The list of distinguished Lake City Florida.. week in Orlando.
Earnest Williams charge station WRHC K 0.
He South Jacksonville radio
born in to
Bible School will begin at 9:00 ajn., Monday July 24, Mrs.: At 6:30 p.m., evening wor- speakers also Included Dr was Royal Grand Matron Mrs. ,
all of his
Mary Glover and, Mrs. Helen Thomas will be In charge. ship Is scheduled to begin. Drenla C. Mallory, Presidentof and lived here Hanna B. Miller presided with
choir 3 and usher board life and was a member Second her officers in what was the
No shorts will permitted Youth Saints Junior College, a Box 2467 Jacksonville Fla.
3 will serve the entire day. Church of God in Christ Institution Baptist Church. Serving. on most largely attended meeting ,
1f ',SINAI BAPTIST CHURCHThe District 4 will meet on Sunday located in Lexington, ,District 1'1. In .evemyears. '
afternoon at 4 p.m. Miss. The deceased was a veteran of The morning session was devoted PHONE: 389-1111
Friendly Westslde Union Male Chours, Mount Bethel Ban- Activities for the week includes World War I, and a member of to bulness and the after Bozo.
list Church Mael Chorus and the Saint Ambrose Other features of the Congress DESTRUCTIONS. The WRHC "Mail will attempt "to' get
Singers will be 3131
Gateway ,
presented la concert, "Songs With A Message" Sunday evening! Tuesday night at 7:30 Licluded an Oratorical contest, He leaves to mourn a devotedwife noon session found the delegates an answer to any question you may have on any subject, such,
July 30 at 7:00 p.m. at Mt. Sinai Missionary BaptIst Church, p.m., prayer service and Bible participated In by young delegates Mrs. Emma Lou Adams, participating Instructional as schools rents taxes, city and county government and son
1551 Lee Street. study; on from several\ states; a period under the of on.
ynightU7:30 '
Mrs. Mary Helen Bellamy Mrs. Catherine p.m.; fashion show highlighting the"Do's" three daughters: Mrs Natalie the Grand Matron. Participants Write your questions below and mall at once. Your question
W. ,
Sykes and
Mr, Sims Mrs. Doris Anderson
in the Instruction session included
Choir 1 is scheduled to meet
Thomas and "Dotfts" In dress with and address will be
Dow will be In charge of this affair. and the answer, along your name
rev. Vernal Lloyd Thompson is the esteemed pastor. on Thursday night at 7:30 PAland ; for LOGIC fOlIC people and a Mrs. Annie Bentley Alma, one Cash.stepdaughter Six- Mrs. Louis Haggln, Mrs. :broadcast from time to time on WRHC, so please print your
on Friday. night, 30p.m.., Inter-Faith Hour Panel discus Mrs. Mary B. Herd, Mrs. Gladys name and address. Write as often as you like and listen for
the gospel chorus win meet. :sons, Henry, Paul Richard,George Foster Mrs. Pearl Hudson and ,
ROYAL TABERNACLE BAPTISTThe sion. and A- gour answer OB WRHC,1400 on your radio your total commaaitystation
Winners the Oratorical con- Wyncllff, Havlyn Mrs. J.E. Bradford the air 24 hours a day. '
Friendly Westslde Union Mael Chorus will bold its Quart dams oflacksanvlle.Onsister on
Mass test Miss thomasina Boston, For the best question each week during this mailing Radio
revival meetlngSunday afternoon,Jyly 30at 2.45p.m., Uinst Nat Seti Mrs. Louise MenU of New Jersey ,
to the main autidotlum of Royal Tabernacle B8pUst ChurchT 1320 of Detroit, who placed first, brother Mr. ::11 Station WRHC will award $25.00 to the church of your choice
W. tlst St., Rev. Lee McQueen pastor. For WashimUn D. C. '' and Douglass Wilkins, of Mem- Adams of Now York.Three son- VY QUESTION IS;
Reverend L. M. Williams and choir i of Mount Tabor Baptist phis, the runner-up, are being inlawMr., Edward Sims, ia loving memory of our wife, t
.Church wlfl"render the song.serrlce. WASfflNGTOH-CNPI>- Sum- presented Scholarships. Charles Anderson and H. C. .mother and sister, Annie Clyde
mer outbreaks are unlikely in the Inter-Faith Hawk, who departed this life.
NEW REDEEM BAPTIST according Hourof Discussion ,Bentley of Jacksonville, one
the nation's capital, Faith 1 one year ago today July 23,
Sunday worship at New Redeem will get underway with Sunday to the Rev. E. Franklin Jackson were Dr. J.D. Tyms, Howard step-son-in-law, Mr. George 1966. A loved one from us is
School beginning at"9:30.a.JI!.,with Deacon.. J. H. Washington and pastor, John Wesley AME Zion University Professor; Rev.jW.( Cash, Five: daughters-in-law., gone a voice we loved is stilled
teacher in charge.. Rev frank Mathis wW'review the hii a. Church. The DUtilctDemocra- F. Fauntroy, Rev. Earl Harrison ,Josephine Lena, Mary, Regina a place Is vacant la our home,
Morning worship is scheduled to begin at 1LOO with the Deacons tic National Committeeman said and John Yaywood. Moderator and Lottie Adams all of Jack- which cannot be filled.We loved :PLEASE PRINT

la charge of devotion. Choir and ushers Iwlll serve throughout threats of violence "are from was J.L.Wh1tebeadoDe- sonvllle. her, yes, but Jesus loved her ,UY NAME B
the! day with Mrs. Fannie Jackson chare of the music depart outside the city and do not represent trolt. Thirty-si grand children, best, so be took er home to
ment. the feelings of Washington Convention headquarter at the four great grandchildren. Three dwell with him at rest And MY ADDRESS B! .-
District > win meet at 3:00 p.m., at the church. All member citlxens." He cited tIe Shoreham and Sheraton /Park; nephews, one niece and a hast ol while she lies in peaceful sleep If my question Judged best, please send $%5.00 to the church
ax* asked to attend. role of tin Opportunities Industrialisation cousin and friends.DEADLINE .
Hotels and the Temple Church her memory we shall always of my choice, which Is .
The Christian Aid Society will meet on Sunday afternoon 4:30p.m center In training of God In Christ Important I keep.
at the church. and placing the unemployedIn fissions of the Congress was ; FOR I Signed

Baptist Training Union is scheduled] for 5.-00 pjn. with Miss Jobs and thus preventing sum also held at the Washington CHURCH NEWS I The Hawks, Myrlcks adsRobimsons. (PRINT NAME & NAME.QF LOCAL) CHURCH). .

Marj,Gqaterman presiding.! mer frustrations. Coliseum and the Washington TUES. AT 1 V CLOCK I .
+ 11 I
-.-...... ...... -. ....... & & ... ... .


PACE $ 'STIR piPERS SlImlY lilY 22. '

I Briefed OB Career Opportaiities Virginia State's Summer Education RoundupAGREEMENT

::;. _:, _____ .".. L ...._._c._. .

c.; i : jlNsitHte Sponsored By NDEA

I Innovation and enthusiasm are posed to look like a regular HOU5RON Tex.- classroom course." police charges against more than 400 students arrest.
the watchwords at Vtrglnta State
t ; College's NDEAsponsored And Indeed, a visitor peeringinto ed wing riots at Texas Southern University last May?. The
sumer Institute for educational the institute's meeting mayor went along with a flve-poim program submitted by the
+trt ,media specialists, now being room on a typical day will see city's eight NAACP branches. In the program, designed to
.held on the Petersburgcampus nothing that (esembles a college "bring justice" to the TSU campus, the mayor agreed to
t The Institute, direct by Dr. classroom. Students may be set up a program on police-community: relations and to
i Harry A. Johnson, director of operating a television camera, establish a committee for compensation of student property
ip > the Audio-Visual Center at Virginia sitting at a videotape console, damaged or destroyed by police during the riot.
State College is one of or turning an Idea Into a slide
;'' rteyt i two funded by the ul Office of title cell by utilizing basic MARBLES GAMEWASHINGTON4iP1)Like
Education this summer to offer mounting and lettering techni ( a little boy who quit a marbles
:,j advanced study to trainers of ques. game because be didn't always win, Dr. Carl F. Hansen,
41 4' teachers. Enrolled are 32 "The group is remarkably enthusiastic superintendent of education for the District of Columbia, has
college teachers, three members ," noted Choog Youb announced his resignation. His reason: He doesn't go along
of public school systems, Oh, an Instructor and production with a federal court's desegregation decree that the city
J supervisor in Indiana Uni school beard is trying to obey. Dr. Hansen complained that
k'' yuLr' w "' y fi' s'sd ({ YSEMINAROtnCtaU and one member of the military
: t I l i }
r service. versity's Audio Visual Center, his "civil rights" were violated. He did not mention any.
While increasing their know- who spent three days as a visiting thing about the rights of the school system's 93 per cent
I ledge and skills in organization staff member. Negro student body.
administration supervision Local and area participatesin
I It of educational media services, the institute included, HARE FmEDWASHINGTONNPI"Blact
t participants may also earn up Dr. Edward 0. Minor, Director: ( Power" advocate Nathan Hare
to four semester hours in of Communications Services, was among five Howard University faculty members fired In
graduate credit to apply toward Florida AIM University, the last two weeks because of their support of campus unrest.
an advanced degree. Tallahassee, Fla., Elizabeth The sociaology professor was said to have lek a group of
I The Institute, which runs four Redding, Jacksonville, Fla., militants in needling the Howard administration Fourteen
weeks, is an Intensive program Edward Waters College; Lester students have been dismissed and three others suspendedfor
which keeps those enrolled Involved Ruty, Leesburg, Fla., Lake- participating the campus activism.
in a rigorous 35-hour Sumter Jr. College, Leesburg.

week of lecture,laboratory,and BOMBS AWAYWADESBORO
of four major national Negro coUege Negro, undergraduates at both integrated and 1ICD1Dtecratecl'coUeges. workshop>> activity. The group Aides NamedAS N.C.-(NPI>-Bombs damaged the homes of
fraternities became acquainted with career opportunities ; The fraternities were urged to encourage students to begins at 8 a.ta., each morning .New five Anson County school officials who had sought end racial
available to college graduates at a consumer goods manufacturing utilize fully the counseling and placement service available to and rarely breiks: up until after segregation in the public schools. Among the targets of the
company during a recent two-day meeting at General them on their campuses. 4 p.m. Even evening hours are Operations Expand bombings was School Supt. W.L. Wilmuth. No one was injured.
Foods Corporation headquarters In White Plains, New York. Pictured (cleft to right) are William F.Doar,Jr., executive. utilized, since that is the period Officials recently had agreed to combine the three school
The food company's experts In personnel, college recruitment, cretary of Phi Beta Sigma; Finus Winkler, assistant executive designated for aprevlewthea- MEW: YORK -{NPI) The systems in the county with one high school for the 11th and 12th
marketing, sales, research, chemistry, enlgneerlng, public secretary of Omega Psi phi; Leon A Miller, vice-president- ter, where participants may NAACP and the National Urban grades. The new high school would be totally integrated.
relations and food technology explained the training needed by personnel of General Foods; Lawrence T. Young, executive view and learn toevaluate educational League have announced severalnew
college undergraduates to prepare for the broad range of secretary of Alpha] Phi Alpha] ; Julius Thomas, Industrial relations films. staff appointments resultIng NEXT TARGET
careers open to them In industry. consultant and former industrial relations director "The Institute is designed to from expansion of the two WASHINGTON-(NPO) The North Is the next target of fed'
During the seminar, Ideas were exchanged on using the fraternities of the National Urban League,and Jackson W.Campbell, executive ,be innovative' said Dr. Johnson organizations' operations. eral efforts to combat school segregation, according Peter
I as an effective means communicating the personnel requirements secretary of Kappa Alpha] PsL "Quite frunklvltf DOt sup4 In the NAACP, Mrs. Portia Llbassi, civil rights enforcement director, Department of
I of industry to their members! colleagues and to I Waldon was. named director of Health, Education, and Welfare. He said federal efforts
pupu incentive programs Previously expected to begin about the middle of the coming schoolyear
I '*'*****' :4?*****'** :t-:.. ** ** # she was project director would concentrate on gerrymandering of school boundaries

of the Boys High School asslgment of teachers along racial lines, and use of
youth development program. optional>> school tones between white and Negro areas to
tf- James H. Tar was appointed permit whites to attend predominantly white schools. He
director of promotion for the added the new effort should not be interpreted as an attack
NAACP Special Contribution on de facto school segregation based exclusively on residential
3nljn innta Sailors i Fund He has been a branchmanager patterns

for the American.

Home Daniel Products Mosely corporation.was named a Most While Cops In Dr. Gladys Graham I

... : life membership! assistant. He
( 44.rIftL fa
4 has done promotion work for 3 Ciliesfound Biased Gels' uEA*"" Award
"i : Rasanny Bros. Inc., In Monrovia The luuiuu Ophe.".* wviui*
:. Liberia. WASHINGTON -(NPI) A Award for outstanding achelve-
; James Brown, Jr., was appointed study made for the National ment by a woman was presented
4" "APPAREL FOR GENTLEMEN" + regional youth field director Crime Commission has found to Dr. Gladys P. Graham for
+It Southwest region, that three-fourths of white her pioneer work in the field of

# ? 1013 NORTH THIRD STREET PHONE 246-1131 # NAACP.eral office He formerly manager was of Q.V.gen- policemen areas of Washington working ,in Chicago Negro communications.was made at the The graduation presentation

Williamson t Company, Inc., and Boston have anti-Negro fashion show.and.dance of than.
: .' t.' JACKSONVILLE .I Atlanta, the largest Negro real prejudices.But Ophelia 'DeVore School of
# estate firm in the Southeast
on the other band, the Charm, in the Grand Ballroom
Charles E. Mays who has been
of the Hotel Diplomat.
study found that the white policemen -
# an NAACP field director for the ususally leave their Joan Murray, CBS-TV newscaster -
44. -ANNOUNCES- West Coast region, was reassigned prejudice at home. a long time friend of
as youth field director Obervers for the st-xly said Dr. Graham and a grad of the
.for the ,Central Western, area.. they seldom'saw the pollce1 School made the presentation
VI 1. r, ,-fa, the Vrban., League BetaWbaTey (, nenf prejudice surface m hostility in New York.
J ( CLEARANCE 5., wft:! appointed program -. or other"unprofessional" Dr. Graham; 'whose"career
director. She formerly conduct during their contacts spans a number of professions -
was associate director of per. with Negro citizens. teacher, Journalist
i SALE' sonnel. "I f anything the study report public relations coubselor,
i io Establishment of her new office concluded,"police officers psychologist is the only
was made theleague's
necessary by appear less hostile and brusque American woman whose name
current expansion. appears on the masthead of
toward Negroes and to ridicule
j} "J01INSTOMAN Ltd. ANNUAL STORE-WIDE SALE will coordinate the functions of an African dally White
IS CONDUCTED FOR THE SOLE them less often than whites. a guest
the league offices. of the Liberian she
% PURPOSE OF ACQUAINTING YOU WITH THE SOUTffS MOST UNUSUAL AND, UNIQUE I' The found policeman's to be matters prejudicewere of was decorated by government President, W.

# FINE MENS APPAREL ESTABLISH HI ENT YOU MUST SEE TO BELIEVE- Former Publisher personal Judgment which did V$. Tubman. Her writing has
not materially affect their police appeared In hundreds of newspapers
Returns fo work. and magazines here and

: SPECIAL NOTICE TO GOLFERS SAVE UP TO 50% OR MORE # UNION, Mo.NPIEugene Prison, white Seventy-two policemen per observed cent of the inn I abroad most major She networks has broadcast and was on

+. ICOL'SLACKSARNOLD. JACK NICKLAUS R.PALMER-SAM. 1295 to 1593 SNEAD- ON THESE FAMOUS NAMES IN FINE MEN'S APPAREL +l.J. l- M. "Gene" Garner, former the three cities readily revealed .the first Atro-Americanwoman
East St. Louis, m., Newsmanwas anti-Negro prejudicesin to appear on WOR's "Womenof
4"IT'+ Now $6.88 MITS&) HAND SPORT TAILORED COATS IH\D SLACKS TAILORED DRESS SHIRTS SPORT :4 4-::. back in the state penitentiary conversations with other officers the Press."
Miss DeVore and Dr. Graham
after personally appealing other whites, and the
+r ARNOLD PALMER GOLF SLACKS PETROCELLI DAKS FROM ENGLAND SERO $ hU four-year prison sen observers hare been guests in Jacksonville -

:!1+ REGULAR $18.95-NOW $12.88 HAMMONTON PARK GULF STREAM GENO PAOLI +l' tence before Judge George P. Of tans, 45 per cent used and other Florida points.
Adams who complained about vile epithets In Negroes A member of Psi Chi National
REGULAR $2295 NOW 14.88 describing
4 MAYFAIR COUNTESS MARA $ Garner's conduct in court. Another :34 per cent Honor Society, In Psychology:
-- :! COir HATS-All TypeRESITOLKELVINLORD TERRA, Ltd TIFFANY ltd. MERRILL SHARPE, ltd. The Judge who said Garner were more moderate in their she taught at LeMoyne College,
McANDREW-CHURCHILL-R.|. LONDON FASHIONS 1 CORBIN BARRY OF SCOTLAND "ITt would have been Jailed for con racial criticism.Yet Allen University and Miles High
tempt of court had the former the report said, "There School Dr. Graham holds earn
;'-t I $;," Now 1/2 Price BERNARD ALTMAN LA LOLLA CREIGHTON # newsman been a lawyer, took is a general paucity of evidence ed degrees from Cincinnati,
.b.: DAKS 1 TAILORS BENCH MANHATTAN + the Incarcerated man's case of discriminatory or pre Columbia and New York Universities

'* ALL MEN'S COSMETICS. 30% OFF AFTER SIX FORMALS 1 DE ROSSI PRINGLE I- under advisement. judiced behavior on the part of the American and is Association a member of d-
Garner was convicted In 1966 police officers In face-to-face
t+} ALL SPORT SHIRTS. 20% OFF CRUISE CASUALS HAMMONTON.PARK ENRO of Isslng a bad check to the encounters with Negroes" University Women, Allance: Internationale -
'* DAVINCI 1 PETROCELLI D. J. ANDERSON MIssourian Publishing Company The observers reported a des Femmes, Alpha -
: ALL MEN'S WALK SHORTS. 30% OFF Washington, Mo., for a sharp difference between the Kappa Alpha Sorority,
AND MANY MORE printing bill. The firm printeda anti-Negro attitudes displayedby Freedoms Foundation at Valley
ALL SILK NECKTIES. 50% OFF paper for Garner that was policemen in the privacy Forge, Education Writers Association
it 1100 TROPICAL WT. SPORT PUTS 1000 HAND TAILORED SUITS distributed in Memphis, Tenn., of their police cars and the the Drama Desk and
?* ALL SWIMSUITS ... .30% OFFJOHNSTONIAN'S ara 'RICI SAL HICI where Garner lived at the time ,way they conducted themselveswhen Music Critics Association and
FromllxofAm.rfc"'flnestn.mellnman'l. of his imprlsoonment.Garner encountering Negroes the Daughters of Elks of the
Conventional Tradltlon.II"I.tJ.
."IT 42.50 SPORT COAT 26.50 wits' variety of fabrics. and Slits from 36 short- reportedly was placed Only in the case of Negro World ,
48.50 SPORT COAT,34,50 tos s52 extra long I I on probation and ordered tot drunks were the white policemen I
'* 59.50 SPORT COAT 39.50 MC' ma +3' make_ _the check good When found to be more abusive
SUMMER CLEARANCE SUPER SPECIALS 75.00 SPORT COAT 49.50 6950 SUITS SA114PCCU be C1WJ1't.the. probation was toward Negroes than toward NOME .
4 revoked and be was given a whites.
85.00 SPORT COAT 59.50 75.00 SUITS . 52.50 I sentence.
4 four-year prison Negro drunks are ridiculedor
95.00 SPORT COAT 69.50 79.50 SUITS . 54.50 I The accused man got himsell otherwise abused twices as IM; QMfI1 ESI1 us
I, +r 138 TROPICAL WEIGHT SPORT COATS HO00 SPORT COAT .79.5025CO 95.00 SUITS . 62.50 +i' I in more trouble when he pleaded often as white 'drunks, the
+r REG:4850 NOW $19.95 110.00 SUITS 76.50 +1' his own case in circuit study reported.
'* 270 PAIR DAC/WOOL DRESS SLACKS FINE QUALITY SUCKS ))2000 SUITS 82.50 4} court. Judge Adams called Gar

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4 196 PAIR ARNEL FLANNEL SLACKS'. SLACKS .22.95 44" nesses, and even his own court- THE WANT ADS LAm.nRAPID KircKtM' Bathroom. New
'. REG $19.95 NOW IS OUR BUSINESS appointed attorney whom he Room A44tint flr Car... .
4 $12.95 *
v 32.50 SLACKS .24,95 MCIlARGHORALrERATIONSo 4'' Cuii....-..m Kited* c....-
said be
+} 142 DAC/WOOL TROPICAL SUITS 35.00 SLACKS . 27.50 FOR. Till Ufl or fill SUIT. did not need. ..". b ..,h,*.. v..i,,..,
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r SALE BEGINS WED., JULY 19 T" .I' .Il t!


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: Sunday 9 A.M. To 6 P.M. a DRIVEWAYS 40'.x4'' 119"Qn&tj
i, inn
a efyn .
rnfat-Cnnflitl IrtwBiiMistnir
2S C r' To recognize outstanding Utblxtfci!
i :# For Your Convenience r AQ! I Achievement' by.a school CIT THE VERY lEST FOR LESS!
.. :,board, the National l Educa-.
; .+Jo Phone 216.1131 Appointment -....;;;__. -WIG -_, '" lion Association" and Thom JACK PARSONS CONCRETE ,CONTRACTING

+r FOR A TREAT COME TO THE EACH AND McAn Shoe Company jointly 518 Woodruff Avenue 384-3536 I

'***: **: ***, ********; ********: *.* VISIT THE FAMOUS "JOHNSTONIAN HOUSE" !Sponsor:program: .a nationwide awards AH Types Financing. AvailableI

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- .


Government Programs Seek Provety War Pits Girl That Girl Ytockerj Wilds Civil

Rights Roundup

Negro Employment Advances Race Against Race


WASHINGTON-NPl)- vernment programs were set Into SHUBUTA, Miss. White
motion across the country to to the MAYORAL SUPPORT
give the Negro a better leaders treaded a path
10 the Job market bleat door of Jesse Allen's com- w NEW IBERIA, Le.r--Mayor J. Allen Daigre has supported
munity center designated fora the local NAACPs opposition to the reinstatement of
Yet, despite the local, state, an effort to find more jobs. Negro Headstart classroom a police lieutenant charged with kidnapping. "I cannot believe
and federal efforts, the Negro Despite the gains Jackie as soon U It was finished. that you Intend to compel the city to reinstate and reemploy
continues to have twice the poverty Robinson, special assistant to The Mayor was the first to In the same position a police officer who stands charged with
and unemployment, along Gov. Nelson Rockefeller warned show Interest In the structure, simple kidnaping and simple battery' the mayor said In a
with half the Income, op the city officials that they were wanting to rent it. Hq letter to the Civil Service board. Li. Henry Dorsey has been
average, of his white brothers.In In danger of more racial violence "But be said I would have to k1i accused of various law violation, including Immoral con-
some places, like Washing unless more Jobs were spend the rent money In duct.
ton, D. C., the Negro wal losing made available Robinson was Shubuta," Allen recalls "and
ground In the employment field in Buffalo to assist in cooling I told him Pd spend where I ACCUSATION
due to the relocation of industry tensions.In wanted to." -( )-CiTll rights leader Marion Barry has

to the suburb. Negro employment Philadelphia, President L. After the Mayor came a white accused city police of wasting their time with 81,000 disorderly
In D.C., was found bya B. Johnson went into one of county official with a similar conduct arrests a year while people are being raped and mur
federal report to be con- the most rundown areas of the offer, and Allen turned that dered. He made the statement after being acquitted on a charge
flailed to the central city, while city and liked the self-help down, too. of kicking In a patrol wagon door. Barry charted police with
major Job expansion took placeIn program he saw. St. Mary's Community CenterIs r widespread brutality and discrimination against Negro officers,

tlM suburbs.In He spent more than an hour a strategic fort In the final .,; 1i ? and urged citizens to "keep a watchful eye" on police.
Los Angeles, an effort was with low-income Negroes being skirmishes of Mississippi'sepec .. .. ( ,'( \. : : !
made by the U.S. Department of trained for jobs by the Philadelphia battle over anti-poverty '.. .,. .. Housing and Urban Development Opportunities Industrialization Headstart school funds. The .. .1 ; CHICAGO-(NPl)-The Negro middle class In being squeezedby

to offset the Inner city Center. The center statewide struggle Is over but ,' 'r: : :. ..,. .:., ... the destruction of segregation, according to Andrew F.
., ,, ,\ : .. .
dweller's problem of getting aprlvate agency recently received rages on In Clarke and five w ''KP ;;. '" '-.; Brimmer, Federal Reserve Board member. He said Negro
to Jobs located far from home, a $6.5 million grant other counties with the Jesse WOWI A MINI WHAT? Miniskirt Is what the fashion designers call It, and Corrine Brown teachers are being left out as schools are integrated, and
often in the suburbs from the Office of Economic Aliens ranged against the people Is catching eyes of the male population>> every time she strolls through the Florida A4M Negro life insurance companies are losing business to tile

HUD'S subsidization of a public Opportunity.The they call the "power struc- University campus enroute to her classes this summer. Corrine is a junior sociology big nationwide firms. Negro hotels, restaurants, and banquet
transportation program was center Is run by the Rev. tare" major from Jacksonville. FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. balls have become empty as their clientele move to down-

paying off In a 13-mile bus linkup Leon H. Sullivan, who believes In t the six counties (CDGM), twon locations. As a* result, he Indicated the Negro middle
between Job hunters in Watts that "the Afro-Amerlcan com- Child Development Group of class which has built Its status on service to.fellow Negroes
and Industrial centers In the munity must do for Itself; it Mississippi once operated Howard University President Dillard U. Alumnus -has lost much of Us economic power.

northeast side of Los Angeles.The cannot wait for the white com- Headstart schools with Federal
year-old project was instituted munity or the government to funds.: SUPPORT SOUGHT
after the McCone commission take the initiative." Sen. John Stennis D-Mlss) Announces His Retirement! Gets School PostNEW GENEVA, Swltterland-NPI>)-Whltney M. Young Jr., has

concluded that the time In Ft. Myers, Fla., 50 Negro forced a showdown In Wash- urged the World Council of Churches to support a practicing
and money consumed trans- youths were put to work ington with the Office of WASfflNGTOND.C., Howard University President James ORLEANS-(NPI>- belief In racial Integration among Americans. If the churches
portation isolated Watts resi- cleaning up a city slum under Economic Opportunity concerning Madison Nabrlt, Jr., announced his pending retirement as Henry M, Williams, native of don't bock the civil rights movement, he said, they will lose
dents from Job opportunities in Operation Cool Summer,a self- extracurricular political head of the nation's largest predominantly Negro Institution New, Orleans and a former their "credibility" with young Americans. The Rev. Eugene
other parts of the cities and help program.The and civil rights activities. of higher learning.The retirement will become effective as soon teacher-principal and associate Carson Blake WCOs general secretary backed the idea, declarIng -
thus made them frustrated.In City Council put the youths In the final settlement, as a successor has been named to replace him, Dr. Nabrlt director of special projects In that "we must pick up" integration campaign again.

Buffalo, Mayor Frank Sedlta on the jobs and agreed to place CDGM was permitted to operate said. local public schools, has been

said 960 new Jobs for Negroes Negroes in City Hall positions classes In 14 other counties The Atlanta-born educator and civil rights attorneys until assuming appointed assistant superintendent -
bad been found In the wake of other than janitorial. while a new bi-raclal the Howard presidency in the school system Colonel Gels Bus
constitutional has ,
lawyer served
The had asked In Washington, a recent federal
rioting. mayor Headstart program, Mississippi of Howard Dr. Nabrlt began his law prac- according to announcement by
as president
Negro youths to cool it for awhile court decision on job discrimination Action for Progress the Orleans Parish school
since July 1, 1960. He joinedthe tice In 1930 at Houston, Texas.
till be gets business leader by contractors was (MAP) was assigned other sections faculty of the HowardSchoolof In his ults before courts from board.
s to come up with more em- seen as a powerful tool to pre- of the State. Law in 1936. the local level to the U.S. Supreme Williams a graduate of the

ployment. vent such discrimination across This action calmed most In announcing his retirementthe Court, Dr. Nabrit was city's high school and Dillard
City Hall was picketed about the country.U.S. Misslssipians but In Clarke to be instrumental in removing University holds a master's
66 old president said
200 demonstrators from a civil District Judge Joseph P. and the five other counties the year racial barriers to voting Interstate degree from Columbia Univer
that he was exercising his option
rights organization called Klnnearjjln Cleveland had ruled old CDGM workers refused to travel equal salariesfor sity.
after reach-
of retlrment
BUILD. The pickets demanded that Gov. James A. Rhodes of give up. Now operating with teachers ownership of Until recently be was direc-
lag the of 65. At Howard property
3,500 permanent jobs for Ohio could not sign contracts volunteer teachers and a Field retirement age is permitted at 65 and admission to state tor of the Intensive Instructional -

Negroes.The with four construction companies Foundation grant under the and mandatory at 68. universities. He considers his Improvement Project
mayor told the demonstrators for work on a $12.8 mil- banner of "Friends of the greatest legal victory the suit within the system under title
Dr. Nabrlt who leaves on a
that 2,000 letters had lion medical science building Children of Mississippi." moth-long tour, of seven South against segregation in D.C.pub- 1 of ESEA. It is understood +
been sent by the Chamber of at Ohio State University.The in Clarke County, the lone American countries later this lie schools which be and Wash- that be would have duties simi-
Commerce to Its members In reason for the ban: Discriminatory MAP school has 41 children week, said be will spend his ington attorney George E.C. lar to the other three assistant -
hiring practices white the Friends centers have superintendent of the sys
future traveling and Hayes won when the Supreme
YOU WON'T GET permitted by the contractors.Complete .
several hundred. Most Negro writing.The Court handed down Its now tem.
TOMORROW JOBS SR. parents keep their children out president stated emphatically famous May 17, 1954 decision.Dr. This is not the first time
WITH YESTERDAYS New Orleans has had an assistant 4
MAP schools which
SKILL that the unrest that has Nabrlt in married to the
u one Negro friends leaderIn superintendent. Another 1.
plagued the University's cam- former Norma Walton of Jacksonville -
IntegrationSeen Jackson put it, "Map has Negro appointed in 1922
the past did
pus year Fla. They have
) Samuel Shlnkle "" "'"
UWN SAND' FILL DIRT the (Federal) money and we not Influence his decision to Taylor-ser-
James M m
have the kids." associate ved in this capacity for several COL. VAN E. COLLINS has his full colonel bars pinned on
EXTRA OYSTER IIC SHILLS LOADS In La. SchoolsNEW The residue of anger has retire"I have at this time. felt that I counsel for the NAACP Legal years but left the city. No his shoulders by his wife, Mrs. Ruth Collins and Fifth Army
always Defense
and Education Fund other to commander Lt. Ceo John H. Mlchaells. Col.Collins,assigned
ORBIT SAND CO. pitter Negroes against Negroes Negro was appointed
should retire before it became -
of New York
ORLEANS-NPl and whites against whites.A he "I City. the position. No reasons were as chief clinician at Ft. Sheridan (DL) Dental clinic No. 1
UJI UW 7Ii.'U.N'I aenar ID. Is now mid-summer, but Integration Negro minister on MAP'Sboard have wanted mandatory to ,travel and to given for his leaving. is the first Negro dentist In the U.s.Army to tattain the full

In schools takes the has been called a "Ju write and I would like to begin |Buy U. S. The New Orleans schools are colonelcy d all In 18 years. Congratulating their father at
1' ,headlines In the news. One dispatch ,das; by the Negro community this new place oI\\ '' entirely integrated from Kindergarten ceremonies In Gen. Mlchaelts office. are Jacqueline%, and
\ay oat bonds \ s
says New Orleans must organizer for Friends in Clarke reer at an are and In a state 'Sat1h'gs through grade112.: Michael!; '16. (liP Photo)

r r' r integrate all of Its pupils, fac- County, and is trying to persuade of health that will permit me -
,ulltes and facilities come his congregation to stop
to do It.
: : September. paying his salary. "I, plan to write about the
item In
rp says Clarke County whites are angry -
nations of Asia and
rs developing
nearby Jefferson parish, just
0.- with their few leaders who Africa and their
across the river,.boys and girls sponsored the MAP program, United Na-
to the
States Dr.
i BRAND NEW will be in separate classes, principally Subuta Mayor brit added. "I also want to
in separate schools whereverand George Busby, and have refused -
about the civil
: 1967 VWSEDAN' : whenever possible.An to send any of their write struggle In this country.rights I returned SUPER MARKETS
institute aimed at training
children to the one MAP cen
Howard this because
to year -
teachers, supervisors and
counselors to deal with children ter.Negroes affiliated with it was the University's100th

$169850 ; In an integrated school Is Friends schools swear they will help anniversary direct the and Centennialcelebration. 1 wantedto THESE PRICES MOD; THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE.

being conduted In NewOrleanswith never let their children go Into ."
DELIVERED IN |lAX local colleges and universities MAP schools.
r Regarding the campus unrest
riifti m Bf ufK oH- .. cooperating. Among Dil MAP organizers have been Dr. Nabrlt said that he had been SUGAR CURED HICKORY SMOKED
these schools are Tulane
trying to hire away the Friend's"transporters
distressed the
r @ tI lard, :xavier, Loyala and St.Mary's "deeply by
Negro emen events of the past year as well
Dominican.The and women who drive the child as by the steps It became LB.
Catlin- Important question of
ren to classes necessary for him to take In PICNICS.SMALL 39CCENTER
grant-ln-aid which permits a
The MAP board in Clarke order to maintain law and orderon SIZES
student to receive state funds
Griffin County consists of four Negroes campus.
; I enabling him or her to attend
a minister a schoolprincipal Adding: "I was distressed too
a private and segregated school
I a teacher a farmer
Volkswagen by erroneous
Is still in the air,the case being and three white-the Mayor of that some people gave to my CUTPORK
r INC. a{ decided by a federal court anda Shubuta the health officer
county actions. Intimating that 1 bad
s 1250 EAST 8th ST. new law standing by in case and a nigh school prin deviated from my life-long adherence c
the old one Is outlawed.
354.9093 cipal. to civil rights, civil CHOPS 69
** **** Friend eomnlaln that tha MAP and freedom of
r. e II I r_r! : liberties LB.
b Ucji a middle-class establishment )- speech."

both white and Negro The Howard president's decision
and not representative of to retire came six months
JOBS ARE OPEN poor Negroes Friends was or- after he returned to the UnIver-
polled from the ground TIME SAVER
up sity, following 15 months as a '
with poor Negroes planning and member of the U.S. Mission to
V.. FOR TRAINED PEOPLE operation the schools.
the United Nations. During his *
But a more likely outcome last nine months at the U.N. he BLEACH10
\ observers believe, is some sort served as UJ3. Deputy Repre- ,
of cooperative arrangement between sentative with the rank of Am-
I.B.M. Key Punch MAP and Friends. bassador Extraordinary and

The Friends organization In Plenipotentiary, the No. 2 post LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
applying for a new $4.4 million In the 123-member American
grant recently, also suggestedIt delegation.

Alde Cashier Checker could work out an agreement One of the nation's leading PILLSBURY
Nurses- I II with MAP.

You Don't Have To Go To Town To Get FLOUR 5LBeBAG43C

I Clerk Typist j I If LOW PRICES LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 OR MORE


Trade Drag Store
with Tour Neighborhood
Papers. We deliver. We also fill.U Doctors Prescription'

High School Not Required. No Age Limit, BANQUET FROZEN PIES CIIHM, nun. BEEF i oz. us 15*

Day or Evening Classes. Dixie Pharmacy M*


Student Loans -"PLACEMENT .J,

_______ SOAP 4 wt BARS 25t
1302 Kins lid At Myrtle IVORY

356-8301 Pints Erie 5-5597-93 BORDEN'S EVAPORATED MILK 3 mi cm 45$



:- 218 W.. Adams Street 7EUPIOXE BILLS AT OUI STOtt JEWEL SHORTENING 3 LI. cm 49<

- ...... . '" ,. ...- .

.,.. .

"t t1'i. ml iEr3 U"fiiii HIT 22. 1M1

oL: -- ___; ,,'T ....-_......,.. .., ....._ ..;. --= --.s ...... __ --'t/-: y :M'-.r- .. I

I "Toast Of Gay' Paree"'. 400 Recruit Foi 1: FAMU Stiff" For Curricula Improve& eat Distaff Law Student To Attend

: American Law SlIde Confab;

Installation Of Miss Arthenla Lee Joyner of the Florida AIM University

College of Law will attend the annual meeting of the AmericanLaw

Student Association in Honolulu, Hawaii, during August 5-

Lincoln ParkA 10,
,. schools throughout me cowry.It '--.
two Miss Joyner will represent
is the only nationwide organisation -
Committee of 400 is being FAMU at the meeting as theofficial actively promoting the

I called up from all over the voting delegate in the which was foundedby

country to raise the $400,000 -z Association's House of Dele- organization Association
American Bar -
required to complete Installation gates Miss Joyner presidentof the
II in 1949. The ALSA represents -
in Lincoln Park, Washington I the FAMU Student Bar Association students

D.C., of the Mary is a senior. She is the over 136 65,000 accredited
e McLeod Bethune Memorial authorized the daughter of Henry Joynerof attending

by Congress according 1 1906 St. John Street Tampa. is scheduled to adopt the student -;

to an announcement recently I N This ,ear'l meeting will be group as a division of the

by Dr. Dorothy I. Height I the 19th for the law student ABA during this Hawailconfer-

1T president of the National Council .. -;;...'...- ence, thus offering law students
of Negro Women. membership In the ABA. 1

"It is appropriate to honor Highlights of the American

Mrs. Bethune at this time," Law Student Association program

said Miss Height"because July include the election of new

'10 is the 92nd anniversary of executive officers a Legal Education

the birth of this remarkableslave I Symposium exploring

child who grew up to be r problems of legal education today -

adviser to four United States and la the future a Seminar;

presidents found Bethune"! --' on Challenges Faced by the
Cookman College and organ- PROJECT STAFF-This is the staff for the curriculum Improvement project at Florida Legal Profession focusing on

ized the National Council to be AIM University The members of the staff are attending an indoctrination program at .... the areas of the law which need
I the united voice of Negro women Pine Manor Junior College in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Members of the staff shown are, stand- ., reform and a Conference on

for Justice and equality" ing left to right; Dr, Leedell W, Neyland, Benjamin H. Croomes, Kobe Gritting, and Leon Providing Legal Service to the r

CAf.ERfCATCHES the famous "Toast of Gay Each of the 400 leaders will Stallworth Seated left to right are Mrs Willie T. Williams, Dr Fredlrick Humphries Poor in cooperation with the

Paree Josephine Baker as she wowed recruit a team of 10 persons director of the project and Mrs Beatrice Clarke. FAMU staff photo by Ernest FUlyau. ,,' National Legal Aid and Defender -'

the usually staid audiences at London's and is assuming responsibility -, Association, the OEO

exclusive Savory hotel last week. Danc- for a goal of ROOD.( "Mrs. :' 1 Interests of tow students. Lega Service Program and'

Bethune belonged to many Hike Checks Births! MOON OVERM1AMI'1 The American Bar Associa- other national legal organizations.

ing French. American and British, songs, people" explained Miss Height' tion, which will hold !Its annual .

the gorgeously-gowned Miss Baker was "and people in all walks of life, T meeting during the same period

performing In yet another of her con- want to have the opportunityto MIAMI BEACH, FIJC football and orchids art added to the

share In this memorial tri August vacation scene in Miami Beach, lending even more
drives to maintainher Gives
tinuous fund-raising "Sweet Lovin" Mtowka.
canlPaeqMon. varieity to a summer season that includes big-game fishing,
French chateau for her multi-racial Required approval of the design ': cesSAwweauq concerts greyhound racing night stubs and sightseeing.

ado t d family of orphans. The Paul l Kelly Some
p e and location of the r SlllVl' Jumping the whistle on the gri- Many of the larger also offer Good llvia'With

St. Louis-born entertainer had come out memborlal has been given by '. diron the AFL, Dolphins have two meals a day at about $4 per

of retirement she has done In the the Federal Fine Arts Com- two exhibitions, scheduled in the ,person. his recent Philips Record, "Sweet Sweet Loving"'a big,
mission and the National Planning An added dividend for many Big hit, Paul Kelly has learned alot-mostly abbut himself. For
past to seek the funds to Orange Bowl across Blscayne
his third teacher.!
he has stopped bating grade
one thing
will stand
keep her home. Commission. It bay. On Aug. 12 the Dolphinstake visitors and the primary reason ,

(NPI Photo) in one end ofthe redesigned! on San Diego's Chargers thousands come here In Back Miami,Fla.,when Paul ,has' found greater fulfillment

and refurbished Lincoln Park under the lights, and on Aug. 19 August andSeptember,is Miami was attending school he used and pleasure in his work. The I

which is dramtlcally. ton they are host to Atlanta's fledgling Beach's reputation as a refuge to homework assignments for search for a groove goes oil..
the eastern axis of the Jefferson Falcon In September from hay fever. The air in and many of the other kids in orderto be would like to establish a

I Reassigned! As Pilot Memorial U.S.Capitol h both collegiate and professionalball around this Island city has less; earn luck money. At the end musical bag midway between

building the Washington get under way on a play for ragweed pollen, chief cause of.I of the term he was "flunked"and pop and H4 B.Originally ,
monument and the Lincoln !
keeps basis hay fever tbaDalmostanyoter subsequently flipped about from Florida, Paul
monument and is part of the
Aug 3-6 Miami Beach will, community east of the Rockies school, learning and the aforementioned first went to New York when hi*
broad plans for beautification includes
stage its first orchid show, and Day-to-Day recreation third grade teacher parents moved there In 1959.
of the nation's capital.At THIS B "Mike" from Allqtdppa -' this promises to be the most golf on anyof three municipal He adopted the youthful, petu, He didn't like It at first and
the end of Lincoln Park '' '
Greens for
Pa.,-: The last name'lBroobwbo Spectacular event of Its kind courses. lant attitude that if he stopped returned to Miami. There be
is the statue of Abraham Lincoln 18-bole links in
the two $3
sells "birth cer- ever put on in the South. Some are working at school be wouldbe found only menial manual labor
with a slave in broken $1.50 for the
,, tificates" at the Chicago Cer- 60,000 square feet of exhibit summer, par-three "hurting"" the teacher whose Jobs and literally walked the
which by
chains was
Tennis courts rent for
is course. job It was to that be streets for weeks at
tificate Center. Actually she space already reserved in see a time
emancipated citizens in 1874. does not sell the certificates, Convention hall 25 cnets per person per hour. at learned. Today he knows that He bad format musical training
The Bethune sculptural tableau, the two tennis centers.
.I, Ir leader but ranter digs up the required This South Florida area is recognized the only one he was hurting but bad feeling that cried
consisting of the great ,Concerts will be given each
19 Information for those in as probably the was himself It was a hard, for expression through singing
her cane and passing munlcl-
leaning on Sunday evening in the
and need of the document,who might world's premier producer of but well-learned lesson. and be gave vent to them through
her legacy to a boy
; on not know how to go about securing hybrid cattleyas the shoiest of palaudltorlum through August He's also learned to rely on guest dates at local clubs before
will stand at the opposite admission
girl, with prices ranging
She's all orchid Local hemself. For the formative
one. one of the genera. com- Joining a group.
end as a symbol of the con-
from $L50 to$4.Saturday evenIng -
tribution of the sescendants of New Breed who knows. merlcal aadhobby growers can concerts years of bis entertaining career Music is the only real hobby
(NPI Photo) be expected to exhibit many out- arepresentedfrom- Paul bounced around witha Paul has He's gone In for songwriting -
those emancipated over stage in the Marine-
standing flowers In competition a floating group known as the Valla- lately and with Increased -
the Emancipation century
The memorial sculpture first Sunglasses More with the best grown elsewhere in stadium.Drift and deers They picked up small success he has had
American, in the United States,Eurpoe and: fishing deep-sea Jobs-something like five dol- the opportunity to do much more
to be erected to an craft be
son trolling may engaged
Latin America lars per man and were at travelling. This, he says provides -
Negro on public land in the Than Meets The Eye
., nation's capital is the work Additionally, many other consistent artistic and bu1nesl. him with the opportunityto
New York species and crosses will be on loggerbeards which. 'we ..-*. see much, learn lots and get
of Robert Berks
Look for sage green or display, probably: Includingsome J. Trapp Ideas for songs.
sculptor. It will stand 12 feet neutral gray GLASS lenses,
Lenses of other colors never before seen In this His career hasn't left much
high whencompletedandaroundits are weed
base carries a quotation for special purposes, such as country. Sponsors say the show Dies In Miami time for dating frequently, but
1.- of hunting or Industrial work, but will be the onlytrue world-wide when be does, Paul again mixes
from Mrs. Bethune's legacy
they are not suitable for sun event ever In In business with
summer pleasure by usually -
love, hope and faith to her fellowmen wear use. Plastic lenses will this Thomas J. Trapp father of
country to club to
going a see
I, The .architectural design not Inferior filter to Infrared glass for rays ultraviolet and are For the first time ever, it is Mrs. Sarah Trapp Bellinger, ,other performers and stay on

suggested the August visitor well known Jacksonville public top of what is happening in
reaches out toward the Lincoln
Look at make advance reservations school teacher of 1790 N.W. his
reflections on the in field. His favorite fare on
If status and moves into a focus lens surface Tilt the lens Miami Beach Indlcaglons are 58th St, Miami, Fla., died July (TV is "I Spy" and reruns of
of vistas from every street slowly back and forth to move 11 In Miami, terminating an extended -
that most of t the better known the Dick Van Dyke Slaw He
approaching the park. The the reflected Image across the
setting provides t monumental lens If the reflection shows hotels will be close to full, al Illness.A likes steaks watching pro football -
CAPT. PRINGLE shown above mining an intercontinental for outdoor concerts any wiggles or waves, the lens though rooms of course win be native of New berry Fla., and dreams of one day:
Ballistics Missile console at Chanute ((11L) Missile Guidance background dramas forums and Is very poor available in many others. Anyone Mr. Trapp bad lived in Miami owning a Rolls Royce.

Center is expected to be reassigned next January to duty as a planning to fly also would be for mre than a half-century. He is the youngest of three
pilot of a C-123 troop transport plane In Southeast Asia. Capt. other cultural activities as Put them on and look in wise to book seats as early as His religious affiliation was brothers and has two sisters
recreation for child the mirror.
areas If
as you can see
with Greater AME
your the Bethel
Pringle, who Is now taking refresher pilot training was for- ren. It is the work of HilyardR. eyes easily, they are too transparent possible. He thanks his older brother
merly an Instructor In missile technology at Chanute Field for comfort In strong Both hotel and apartment rates Church, the Rev. S.A. Cousin, Henry for encouraging him in
Robinson, Washingtonarchitact sunlight. will pastor and he also held mem-
(NPI Photo) als career Paul's mother liked
and establishes a beautiful r'j
bership American Legion
levels through Octover,mean- !me idea ofbaY1ngaprofessionalentertainer
memorial setting of durabilityand Make sure the lenses Post 165. He was the owner of
Your are
professional beautician large ing rooms, double start around, in the family but .
dignity. enough to give good
Barber In
protection Broadway Shop
$6 a day and at less with
knows the On 22 1963 a Join!: from light coming at apartments o material reservations always -
1 answer. Resolution of the 89th, Congress, the aides and top that $100 a month or$501 week. Miami, aDS was a veteran of wanted him to have a trade

.. President Tops in hotels' Is $15 to $18. World War One or special skill to back him up
e signed by B.Jobnson. Survivors in addition to Mrs.
in case success proved elusive.
granted a two-year
Bellinger Include: a devoted
He 's on the move and his
to time to the NCNfl
give more HEALTH wife, Mrs. Beatrice C. Trapp direction Is
upward. acting
then deeply involved, along of Miami; grandson; John and
Idol Is Bill
Cosby and perhaps
other in civil

\\1 :Should, every woman rights to activities.erect the The,memorial authorization ]i and SAFETY TIPS James Thomas; two I. Harris Bellinger sisters;of son-in-law Jr.Jacksonville Jack--, big one a day marquee his name mainstay may be If u*'

stipulates that it Is to be done I something to aim for and with
sonvllle a number of nieces
be blonde ; ,
a ? "without cost to the Federal I You ant rally' best the heat, off Get plenty of rest and deep nephews and other relatives. each performance, Paul Kelly
Whether it i the heat the draws a closes bead.
Government. The present t t or
i Eat your regular diet and don't go Funeral services will be at
humidity or both Iti hot In
I drive for funds is being made I most all of the United States al In overboard on cold cute and salads, 11 a.m, Saturday, July 22, in
1 Blonde hair Is beautiful for to meet this stipulation. unless like them
those whose natural
women color. July. After wall of and you anyway the Greater Bethel AME
Ing it flatter's But not everyone should be a blonde. teaming its not uncommon sweating to Get up early In the morningto Church, with the Rer. SJU 'j ,MADAM DAY PALM ILADH

I Expert beauticians know that complexion and hair color must find the heat U beginning to wear do your heavy work on the lawn Cousin officiating Interment I Madam
lEACH SHORTS --- J Day-She will
complement each other to glamorize and bring out all the nat you down. 11\\ win be In Lincoln Memorial 'impeded their advancement.y.--- you with all problems help of

ural beauty that was meant to be. They also know that very' I You can't do anything about 11 III., .Cemetary Miami.Wonder Since leaving behind and life. 10920 Blscayne Blvd. Call
coarse and dark hair often is resistant to drastic color changes MIAMI BEACH, FLA,- Anglers the ouuide temperature You can t groups 159-136Z
S n n striking out on his Paul ,
avoid It if foKunate' own
However, there's no doubt about slightly lighter hair adding excitement chartering a cruiser for you're enough
tow mach wine
to a woman'S appearance. And hairdressers know* offshore trolling at Miami\ to work and live In air-conditioned need for dinner? Mogen
comfort, but It
there Is no better product to add a whole new appeal to every:) Beach frequently do a double- ouuide be hot -avid Wine recommends one Known Throughout The State

woman's look than Miss Clairol haircoloring-extra rich Creme: take. One charter cruslser here The American Medical Auo- vs.. .bottle for every six persons. It..

Formula or new extra easy Shampoo Formula 1 I is owned and operated by a lotion points out that there are or garden, Or work at dusk in the .white hospitable table to offer wine.both Burgundyand red and for "herDiiiai

__ Both Miss Clairol products lighten and color at once, combining 30-year-old woman and!, her some things you can do to be evenh:g, but try to avoid heavy ex sauterne, respectively are
vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair. Sol' male competitors agree t the 'more comfortable-things that can ertlon during the hottest hours of the nation's favorites in those Spiritual Rtaliif Jri, Blessiafs {Of Lift

even those shades that look blonde on white hair (as shown on gal knows what she's doing help you beat the heat the day. There U a sound physical categories. -- :

9 most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red-to-' Stay out of the sun si much reason behind the data custom of Those moleskin foot comfort Sfci 'Will Help Ysi Silvi Toir PraUtis If
taeae pottible' especially the the tropics.You ;
golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin aids with adhesive backs are
'with middle of the day when rays are need exercise the turn ideal for keeping lamps and
hottest Wear light, loose clothing liter ss well ss In the winter, but from scratching the
Beauty salons are equipped to answer questions and help One way to work your way It ashtray LOVE MARRIAGE I BOOTS$ '
The ladies have an edge over the don't overdo especially on extra table. Just stick them on the ,
.with hair color selection Depend oh your hairdresser to have: through college .la to sprout men In this raped Drink more hot days. Don overdo physical exertion bottom. This eliminates fussing ,
the professional skills and the total family of fine Clairol prod-! orchid seeds. At least, a 20- liquids than usual but take extra whether at work or at play ;with felt and glue. One Visit Will Convince; toil

I y ucts to make every woman's experience with haircoloring completely year-old student in the Miami salt only on your physician ad. The more relaxed outdoor life S e e Where Others Have Failed

I personal and glamorous Should you be a blonde? If you Beach area, Is doing it. Seeds vice: particularly you have liver of the summer months has many Fitted bottom sheets ft on
5 don t really know, ask your expert hairdresser j jA are sent to him by growers, or kidney trouble or a heart con advantage to compensate for the more easily if you start with CALL 7573714Ci
who get the results back In the didon. heat Stay relaxed and Ute commonsense diagonal top and bottom corners .
dilrol/ 'Inc. 1967! ., Courl"y of Clairol Inca,I Take and can best the heat Instead of working Ti
shower ,
form of one to two-Inch plants, a or dip In the you your .l 1171 M 7JII St. Mifti!

ready to go la conventional pots. pool once or twice a day to cool si least..!somewhat! war each corner around ai the it cornea bed, talcing .

I- "....


..- .. .. _.. ,
--- iii
.' --- -- ----


i. Receives Silver Medall ion LDF Holts 58 California MADAM MARYL L' II

,r '
Executions Pending Hearing PALMIST READER AND ADVISOR 4 '

SAN FRANCBCO-A bait to the execution of 58 Inmates
of San Quentlrfs "death row" pending arguments next Guaranteed to help in all
month-was woo her last week by NAACP Legal Defense walks of life. Answered all nand
( P yr w. 'K and Educational Fund, Inc, (LDF)attorneys any questions correctly. .

The attorneys maintain that' and Initial appeal. However, Will tell your past, present Rand
death sentences are Imposedby there Is no provision for appointment future if you are nick,
Juries which have unlimited of counsel to aid in suffering, need advice on
4 r't undirected and unmieved preparation of petitions for fur-
Love Business
Courts or
discretion In determining that ther appeals which are possible
r i J Is3' m\ t utsi !sentence. They say no standards to avoid the death penalty.B. anything you have in mind.
for making this determination Death-Oriented Juries I can 'help you. All readings guaranteed
are set forth by statute, Judicial In the State of California, satisfaction or no charge office in my
P i ir decision or administrative persons who conscientiouslyobject home. First time here.
/ F
',or executive pronouncements. to death penalty are excluded -
I Just West 1 Block off Phillips Hwy.
The attorneys argue that the from Juries.* The attorneys I
death sentence Is cruel and Inhuman argue that this is a Next to Kings Dept. Store. )
punishment since, without ,violation of the defendant's I Open every day Including Sunday, 9 a.m.
4 4M standards for the Judge to rights since it results Juries 10 p.m.
consider In reducing! sentencesand predisposed toward conviction
without provisions made .and the death penaltY. 5149 University Blvd W. Phone 733-5512
zor guidance for the Jury, it Is

arbitrary. Oil} SI.DO with This At
who filed
Private attorneys Wills Give ViewsOn
the petition for habeas corpus
and injunctive relief along with
the LDF are: Shift To Third "NEED A PROFESSIONAL
"" .
Jerone B. Falk, Jr., Roy
Elsenhardt, Harry J. Kreamer .
NEW YORK-Former -
Richard Bancroft,and Garfield<
Stewardt of San Francisco, and< League All-Star shortstop -
-. Clinton White of Oakland. Maury Wills of the Pittsburgh ONE OF FLORIDA FORMOST
LDF attorneys alone with Mr. Pirates has given indications
Clark are Jack Greenberg,director that he is unhappy at
rgT. : counsel, and Charles his shift to third base with the PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR QUICK &
Stephen Ralston of New York Boos, according to an interview
I I'CITEDDr. City; also Nathaniel Colley appearing in the current EXPERT SERVICE.
issue of SPORT Magazine
1m Western Regional Counsel
r ,, NAACP,Sacramento; and GaryD. The interviewer, sportswriter Wills LOW DISCOUNT RATES THESE MONTHS
...-- .ftWI.W'tII! Burger,San Francisco. ferome Holtiman, asked
if he thought his new teammate,
Richard V. Moore Is shown Editorial Section to Dr. Moore, who has Robert Federal Peckham District responded Court Judge to Gene Alley, was the best defensive 1

rede.lvjno a Sterl Ing Silver Medallion, recently, completed his 20th year as a petition filed ten days ago last shortstop In the league I;' News Paper Coverage
a citation for 20 years of outstanding President of B th ne-Cookman College. by LDF Attorney Leroy Clark was season."I a shortstop last year," .,.. : r \ Family Pictures
service from Dr. James Henley, chairmanof .The 'SOOword editorial entitled "TributeTo and a group of private attor. answered Wills. "Why should \ Weddings & \Reception

the Board of Trustees, during recent A Man" said, "He's the kind of man who neys.Mr. Clark noted that the LDFIs you ask a question like that?" Club Group Pictures

graduation exercises held in the col lege has the courage and the sagacity to let acting in behalf of all the Wills When might Holtzman still suggested be playing that! :\ / '

gymnasium. dissenters, even the fiery kind, have prisoners and that 17 out d shortstop If the had been traded i (liCiT III YOUR m
their and then calmly go on with the the total 58 are Negroes Wills answered ,
The July 2 edition of the Sunday News- say to another team,
business at hand." (See complete text of The LDF, In a similar action curtly: LIVING
Journal in Daytona Beach, which has a recently, baIted 51 scheduled ROM)
editorial below.) "Don't bug me like that! -
circulation of devoted its entire in
65,000, executions Florida. Concerning his adjustment to '
-That case Is still pending star : LIVIRB COLDS
third, the former Dodger
Peckham cited the following
explained the difference between
AlributeloAMan LDF arguments in Us the positrons "The ball IR
I nine-page order, comes off the bat Quicker,"
A. Denial Counsel Miury. "IPs Initial SLACK AM ffHITE
says I
California law provides for II
movement thats Important.You I
Reprinted From Sunday's News Journal, Daytona to in.
court-appointed attorneys
don't have to be fast, but you ''
digents for the purpose of trial must be quick. CALL TODAYI 168,32.00'e
HE'S THE KIND of man who has the courage tendance young men and women who rebound
and the sagacity to let dissenters, even to patronize Daytona Beach business "YOUR DOLLAR
the fiery kind, have their say and then places. ,
clamly go on with the business at hand. see BUYS MORE
His business: To create an atmosphere WHEN HIS STUDENTS wanted to have Stokely ,
democracy and dedication wherein good Carmichael come here during his swing of
life can evolve.We Negro college campuses, there's no doubt '
speak of Richard V. Moore, who this that inwardly Dr. Moore seethed. Behind
year rounded out 20 years as presidentof this angry young Negro lay wreckage in FOOD STORE"QUANTIT'RIGHTRESERYED
Bethune-Cookman College. things 'physical and in human relations.Dn .

"..'I* )",.li JM\ ",.' .t I M a !" .'" .' ".. :ibiocfliifcA; buUder' ,' aid he hadworked .t. ., .PMCES $000.THRUA1UI \f :,, '0( ....:...... '" ../IIf.-::;
THE 1967 ;j'B-LEAN'he'c'li lege'' s; hard to build up BCCbothhysicTljand !

yearbook, is dedicated to Dr. Moore and in community respect HERSHEY'SSUGAR
his outstanding family. It notes; But it had been a democratic vote by
He could be labeled one of the most the students in selecting Charmichael

successful salesmen in the state, but Calmly, he faced the prospects of trouble, C
his official title is college president. yet with firm confidence in the good

"Contrary to the common belief that sense of B-CC students.. 5 IB. BAG 39
most college heads serve only in an Carmichael came and spoke wrathfully at LIMIT 1 PLEASE WITH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
administrative capacity Richard V. Peabody Auditorium. They cheered him,
Moore's main interest is in 'selling' but they refused to take his bait that
Bethune-Cookman College. could have made the meeting get unruly. FOL6EH

Me carries the Bethune-Cookman story When it was over, Dr. Moore swallowed
with pride to national groups, clubs, again and agreed to their request to take Ilun48C
fraternal organizations and to anyone he their guest to the campus. and continuethe COFFEE 1
might have a chance to meet." dialogue.
The yearbook didn't say so, but it also Until 1 in the morning, the then head of
can be noted that along the way, he is Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committeeand
benefiting Daytona Beach also. the young college students talked,
As he gets support for his institution; argued and exchanged ideas.
as it continues to grow, money is being When it was over, the students sheepishly
poured into the city. There's now nearly agreed that when you boiled it all down, COFFEE'1 BAG 38C
$7 million in construction at B-CC. Carmichael had been saying nothing more
There are nearly 1,000 students in at- worthwhile than 'what Dr. Moore had been
saying down through the years; Have pridein YOUR CHOICE OF ONE 11TH $5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER

your race and achieve a position of

WATCH REPAIRSPECIAL $ preparation.The dignity and. influence through personal "DOLLAR, SPECIALS"

0 students completed their year maybea ,CARNATION
little more thoughtful and appreciativethan 6 $ MONOGRAM LONG GRAIN
Your Choice they had been. And not a hint of EVAPORATED MILK TALL CANS

STEM MAIN SPRING any disorder at this college. Good sense RICE
CROWN SET STRING and democracy had triumphed.VETERANS. LYKES 33 '
Jnst bay Charge Jt VIENNA I SAUSAGE oz 3 LB. BAG "
''J_BAY srlVler-i Y CUMNTJI


Me CRORYSJULIA Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking ORANGE BLUE BIRD JUICE 4 4S oz. Sitar Silt 59. C


Applications For Ms 69

Seek The Best Doc- Veteran Class. PINEAPPLE 0 #300 CANS LIMIT PLEASE 1 IITI'$5.DD

Prescribes. Get Experienced It u

Pharmacists PEAS WITH SNAPS 5 .#303
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1- I


I San Francisco Giants' Ollie Brown Takes Advantage Of Chance Given HimI

I Bing Devine Tells Of HopesTo Bill While Denies Bruins Made Final Surges Astros' Front Office Ollie Brown Supplies More

Develop Nets' Super-star Retirement Ch Irg ; For 1st Without Mr. Cub Re-evaluates Team's Power For A Giant AttackSAN

NEW YORK-The New York Mets have high hopes that Cleoo to PHILADELPHIAAccord1nc the reports BiD White has CHlC.AG-irn1t: Banks, Mr. Cub for more than a decade Roster And Problems FRANCECO seems that Ollie Brown has found him
I and become the star they so wasn't in the uniform here on July 2 when the Bruins! chargedInto I
Jones will soon find himself resented being platooned this the National League lead. But be was nevertheless, HOlSTONRe.YaluaUon a permanent post In the Giants' lineup.

badly need. season and was getting readyto easily the most popular nan at Wrigley and was cheered wu on the agenda for the front It all began on May 12. The time up, but singled on his

That Is Bing Devlne's dream, Jaytoday performance, no denials retire from met the with Phillies'some heated first before: during and after the day's dramaticField 4-1 win over the office of the Astros as the Giants were languishing In 7th second. After the game

as he tries to rebuild the Mets. woo-lost record can affect my Reds. s! '' a- '. 1 season reached its halfwar"mark. place rumors alread were circulating Manager Franks said, "Now
attitude baseman. that Manager Herman there, gentlemen, Is a man
Muslal was Bug's big mIn CleonJonesbattine The story printed In a New This was the victory that The of Jim and for the ax, for all men."
I their days in St. Louis Now, Devine rates hitting Wynn Franks was ready you,
as headmaster of the Mets De- under .200 as the club's York paper said White insisted closed a 12-game Cub borne Rusty Staub and the perfor- and Ollie Brown was. hitting All around him there were
disappointment he would not go on being pla- stand (Ql-wlns) and catapulatedthe mance of four starting pitchers .271. slumping Giants. Only catcher

vine can hardly be blamed if be .biggest.- ''' .....- tooned as Manager Gene Maucb Wrlgleys Into first-place represented the season Then In the seventh inning of Tom Haller and great pitchingwere
for another out of '
hopes player
has been doing this season.. tie with the Cardinals. It was OWe keep the
"plusses.; a in San Francisco relief helping
the same mold as Stan The Man. game
and said be strongly be achieved before a
standing- Raymond afloat.
I After that the management pitcher Claude ship
"A super-star could make the ;
said the front-of- would retire. room only crowd of 40,646 I fans could find very little to crashed a ball off the jaw of Going Into that memorable day
difference "That story wasn't right. n'. the largest crowd the Cubs have fir base much hope. Brown, the silent outfielder on May 13, Ollie bad only two-
fice boss whose team droppedInto just not fair. If s unfair to Gene to bere In the last four
last played Going Into the season Manager from Southern California doubles and three RBIs to show
place poorest 1
and unfair to the Phillies and years. Grady Hatton bad felt the Brown went down as though for his 13 hits
In its six
May"I don't mean that-year we history have a : feel its unfair to me. This all And it was Banks who drew Astros bad four of the eight felled by a rock. After he game of May 13, the
when I
to of
came up was talking most the cheers. regular positions well fortified -
super-star or even the potential" (New York Met i Coach Yogi) Banks had been accidentally for -whatever climb the

of one in our organization, De- Berra the other night and this spiked by Cincinnati's Pete club ultimately could make.

vine added. "You never canted I writer must have been listening Rose in a play at first base Those were the two outfield

about that type of player. Youdon't in, but he wasn't making any the day before. positions filled by Staub and
go out and buy one. That notes White said. to hustle outa
Rose attempting .
Wynn and the second base combination
kind of fellow suddenly sprouts 1 I "I told: Yogi that if these Injuries routine grounder made a of Sonny Jackson and

out. did not come around I leaping last stride and came. Joe

"But a super-star sure helps would nto play next year. No- down on Banks' right heel. .. ; Hatton Morgan hped that John Bate-
The Yankees for Instance always 1
where was platoonlng mentioned "It was my fault, Banks would he
man give proof was
had one, or I should say except I said I had too-much said later. "I should have pulled :- the answer to the catching

.at least one- Ruth, Gehrlg pride to. play on a part-time my foot off the bag." f'Ernie 'I 'needs, that left field would firm
DlMagglo, Mantle. basis, Banks was taken to Wesley, AIw
and that Cbucb Harrison
At moment, though, the Mets Asked about his toughts for Memorial Hospital where ten Banks would up make further
are still without a superstarand next White said "All stitches to
year were required close
at first
the club and told what pitchers base.
struggling, with scant hopeof the doctors have said I wouldbe the wound. The next day he
Not did of those
It the hurlers were trying to make only none
pulling out of their cellar
100 percent, or 98 to 100 was still unable to put a shoeon but
our bitters hit. things happen, judged on
miseries. percent next ." said White his right foot and had to
year. In addition Banks also led the half a season, Hatton can't even
"Lefs face it, I didn't expect ,
who affirmed the fact that be remain in civilian clothes.
things to be better! Devine Cleon Jones cheering and was constantly count on being fortified where
would continue to Banks Lou
play only as was a guest on
be felt
said. "What have to do is yelling: "C'mon Ferrie.C'moo secure.
we "He batted ,275 rookie
as a long as be felt be was earninghis Boudreau's pre-game show and
The relief tailed to
Ronnie pitching
try to put pieces together fix last year and there was every handsome salary-aboutS50,000the told the audience why the Cubs Attaboy.
up a spot here and there. When the fan rose for the materialize accentuating the
reason to believe he would das Phillies pay him would win the 1967 pennant.
other And over-all
"we have a long-range program well, if not better this "This happened White said, Banks then asked Boudreau if seventh-inning stretch, Banks problems.

Young players are the season," Ding pointed out."But pointing to the injury he suffer he could remain in the radio also got up to stretch his legs. pitching has been handicapped
the failure of the Houston
And tbe crowd In by
as soon as
key. "My responsibility is to the
boy simply can't get ed last mid-December playing booth.
sign, develop and build. No untracked." the grandstand saw him, the infield to present a strong first
paddleball in a St. Louis gymn "Sure said Lou. "We'd be9elighted. hooped-up fans started clapping line of defense
In contrast Devine considersRon "in a sense while I was on my ." their hands Jackson's ineffectiveness at
Swoboda an Improvement, time but the PnllUes Banks spent the rest of the
own organization the plate has been the
Watch Banks, smiling, then led the perhaps
even though Ron's batting aver has been nothing but afternoon sitting between Bou-
fans in cheers. He extended his biggest disappointment of theseason.
age has been no better(ban.250 to dreau and Vince Lloyd theCub'
good me. ,
there Is
hand and led the crowd as if any
most of the first half of the 1967 '
"Pm playing now because I play-by-play announcer,
were conducting a symphony such thing as a sophomore jinx
season. want to play. Mr. CarpenterPhiltes' and helped them with the broad- Houston is ':
orchestra management hoping ,
91-312-21 The Mets' chieftain believes : :
( Owner Bob Carpenter cast.
The crowd replied with bigger first half of 1967 doesn't
the club is set at three position ) told me to sit out all The reaction by the audiencewas represent Jackson's true ,
cheers. Banks then twice capabilities -
18 41 92 -with Bud Harrelson at year if It takes that long to wonderful. Everyone said gave at the
them tile V for Victory sign plate.
shortstop Tommy Davis In leftfield heal this thing, but I didn't Banks did a great job on the The Astros have not
3 After the game which Fer- definitely _
6 and Jerry Buchek eitherat want to do it. Pm lucky to be I
been the
air."He guson Jenkins won with a three- thinking man's ball _
4 1 seconl or third. playing against rlghthanded was terrific," said Bou- hitter Banks was literally trap- team.
Then, of course the Mets have pltchersm and Pm lucky to be dreau. "He made some fine All of this has caused Astros
ped In the radio booth.
2 8 their leading candidate for baseball at all I comments. He listeners
playing so gave our Banks said he enjoyed his big to try to reach an objec-
super-star 22-year-old freshman lot of the inside
can't complain. a dope on five
15-83-11 afternoon as an announcer but understanding of Just where
right-bander Tom Seaver.LEO'S
White is from
a the team stands not for
admitted "I like being on the only
severed Achilles tendon in his Another Record field a lot better." this- -- season,. but___ In_ the long ----. .- --
53'3318Sometimes right
run. "Ollie," said trainer Leo Giants had logged 23 bomeruns;

He's Small In Size Throughout the first half of Hughes "didn't know where he none by Ollie Brown. Twenty-

UpSometlmesHe' lilies. Broken By Aaron the season, officials and fans was. Even after we carried him five games later, the Giants
Down, He Adds,Subtracts, 18-30: had hoped the team "would
Shot : Ripariif get oft and got him into the club- had hit 56 home runs an increase -
He workds It all .
around. The Jacksonvllle'Recreaton ATLANTA-lt seems: almost But Being SeenTWIN house, he was stunned.and in- of 33.; 'Brown had bit ,

Department will sponsor an organized -. every time the Braves' Hank aware." 11 of those.

3.1. + 49-11 Of Aiy Kind basketball league for Aaron swings his bat,be breaksa CITIES, M1nn.-About Several stitches were required On May 14, In the second game

COMING ATTRACTIONS women. record. thirteen months ago, Sandy to sew the Inside of his mouth. of a double-header with Houstonat

Is Oil Oily Bisiius All Interested young ladies Aaron became the major Valdespmo threatened to quit When he returned to work the Candlestick Park, the Giants

812-88'-58 between the ages of 18-30 years leagues' leading active hitter playing baseball after being Bent i next day, tbe side of his face: trailing, 3-2, in the ninth inning

934 E. UNION ST old are asked tocontact Herbert of grand-slam homers June 27 back to Denver In the Texas was swollen. with two out, Jim Hart on base,

MAN'S DAYS Morris by calling 356-2602.' when he belted one against League. Nobody really expected to see and now it was Brown at the

Astros' lefthander Wade Blas- Valdespino had started only Oils the next day;nobody would plate; Claude Raymond,the man

ingame In a 13-5 Braves' vic- one game all year--and that have criticized him had be stay who had felled Ollle only three

NUMBERED AUTO INSURANCE. tory. was because of an Injury to ed home with ice packs resting games earlier was on the

"Man's The slam was the nth of Tony Oilva. He bad been to on his damaged head mound.

Health and Days Fortune are CanBe' $25.00 Down, $9.00 Per Month. Aaron's big league career and bat only 22 times-most of "It was," explained Ollie after Would Gills flinch? Would he
broke a tie with the Cub's these his return to ?
Yours When You Know You were as a pinch-hitter. "tough enough stand In there firmly
Lucky Days. Ernie Banks for most bases'leaded After playing the outfield only get into the lineup In the first Raymond took the sign, rock-

home runs by an active twice, one day not long ago place. And I don't want out ed and fired Brown swung

Lucky Colors etc. No Interest Or Finance Charges player. The all-time leader is Cal Ermer, the Manager of Yes, it bad been tough for the -and the ball soared over the

Send $2.00 for your former Yanke Lou Gehrlg, who' the T>lns, sent Sandy into leftfield lithe, talented, 6-3, 180 pound center field fence.

Horoscope Guide for had 23."Wow. at Cleveland and on the Ollie Lee Brown to crack the Drulng the next 25 games

SR-22 Filings FREE. ," said Aaron, when he first play, he made one of the lineup regularly. Ken Henderson Brown hit ten more home runs,

JULY heard that. "I guess that's one most spectular catches ever at 21, had opened the sea- drove In 24 runs, and scored

record I can forget." made for Minnesota since the son in right field. 22. He made it to.302 ten games

.r Fill In the blank Immediately ahead of the twins entered major league. Brown played sporadically. before suffering a muscle pull

1'. mall to ZODIAC Post office ROBERT TRAVIS Braves' Dodgers N.L.are baseball .araa>a "" Ultimately Henderson, down to that kept him out of the Astro

Box 1171 Jacksonville Fla. Gil Hodges ( ), who had And even more unique, it was 'V .205 was benched and the call series in Houston June.12-15. ;
I & Associates, Inc. 14; Rogers Hornsby (Cards, third winning play of the season went out to Ollie. tttst.

ii NAME-. Giants, Cubs) and Ralph Klner -following a perfect strike Sonny Jackson The season was 25 games old,

I STREET 121 E. 8th Street Room 10, Collier Bldg. 354-7897 (Pirates), who bad 12 apiece. throw to borne plate and a key going." Nearly Ohio has played in 16 of them, I
DATE OF BIRTH 1165 Edgewood Avenue S. 389-3483 Aaron had another homer and home run.'r. everyone 11 as a starter and bad a total FOR MEN AND WOMENOF
thought they would.
Mo. Day 6483 Roosevelt Blvd. 388-3583 'single In the game and drove in In most of Its winning games of 13 hits. Henerson, too,started All AGES
.six runs. on May 12, but in left field
Houston has looked like a sharp Take NewIMPROVED NATURE.
while Brown
-- .club. The team has I I opened right
"slopped 'TABLETS for that tired ru4down
Two days later Henderson
: was
through" to few victories. But
feellngthat keeps you
in Phoenix and Brown was in
It has been quite InconsistentIn
enjoying life.
.j ".... coming up with these sharp right field, firmly established, '. 100 Tablets 13.00.200 Tablets
although still a little damaged.
,. performances. Aster 76 $5.00.
games $1.00 deposits on
Actually it all
began on May
the Astros never bad
managedto 13, when Brown bravely shook c.o.d's.
( win more than three in a EMPIRE PRODUCTS SALES '
off the blow of the night before
row. Dept. FS, 5937 N. Broadway r
and in
was again right field
Typical of the club's fortuneswas '
60626 I
He had
struck out his first
Don Wilson's pitching of __
F' a no-hitter June 18, and-the

1 Astros following that up with i
r seven straight losses

...... .. i a "During the second half of the 65 AIR Cadillac' CONDITIONED.Coupe oNe DeVille OWNER.

SANDY YALDISMNO season, Hatton plans to make 64 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Ie.. .. ... ... .$2693
"It was the-greatest catchI some players' long-rage capabilities AIR CONDITION W.*. TI.I!$. AND JUST IIKI A New CAR
ever saw in Municipal Stadium and this Includes 64 Pontiac 2+2. It's Almost_New .$1595 I

," said Gabe Paul, Cleveland several who will be called up 64 Ford V-8 .$10P5:; I
soft RtH.
"I from the minors *
general manager say i
67 Pontiac Catallna Coupe .$3295AIR
that because of the nature of CONO FACTORY' WAIR/ TY.

this catch The bases were 67 Rambler Rebel 770 .$2695
loaded. A home run would have Honor Interracial Ate COHn.. pactocYWA C'IMII"; posse II\AKI"

t won the game 64. Instead we 67 Camaro Coupe .. ., ..$2495AUTOMATIC f

Valdesplno standing only 5-6 Movie ProducerNEW 66 Dodge Dart 270 .'.. .$1795
caught a grand-slam homer by YORKNPIStanley( 65 T Bird Super, Clean.$2795

Any I eyl. U S. tute plu parti S cyl. auto Offer( toad during mentft ef May enly) Cleveland's Larry Brown Kramer who has produced several AIR CONDITIONED. LOADED.
... "the hardest ball I hit 65 Pontiac Catalina.$1993
It M plut pert AnyUS iuUpluiMrta.A rr far MIM ever movies either with
IS ten of elr eondiUonlni+ to provocative AIR CONDITIONED.

Well clean ft -ipice plugs; met tin Our experts will do all thli work at this accroding Sandy did Brown.it by leaping so racial themes or starring 67 Mustang ... .. .. .. ... .... .. .. ... .$2395
Ins t point;adjust) carburetor choke; $8 special low price,.III plCt front-end Negroes In key roles, last HiM AUTOMATIC POWER STUCCO FACT. WARRANTY.
with his
Clttn fuel bowl tit filter battery; springs, ihock absorbers and steering high back turned to week was the recipient of the A- 63 Chevrolet Imp Hardtop[ Air Cond. .$1293
check Ignition wlrei,condenier,dlitrlb- wheel aiiemblyt align front-end cor home plate, he caught the ball merican Jeslsb Committee's HIM, AUTOMATIC H.

utor cup, flatter regulator, generator reel camber cuter and toe.In. Service over the fence and came down entertainment division's fourth 63 Mustang .$1395

A-: 'f fan belt, cylinder companion, battery. now-.use out easy pay plan with the ratting.his arm He had over walked the top up the of human relations award The irard 58 Cbev.RADIO 4 HEATER.IPEED$195 59 Cadilac .$695

which was presented by 62 Old.$495 !7Chev.$150
: GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE It stilt a mystery how Sandy last year's winner Sidney Pol-
i was able to see the ball. He tier, cited the producerdirector OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM

said; for "...pointing th e way,

"I looked straight back over through the film medium to S.EVANS3rd ;

Downtown 231 Broad & Monroe my bead and never lost sight greater" understanding among
His films Included such
of the ball. Tbe wind (blowing men.
bar d hi from center field) Potter.flicks as "The Defiant & MAIN
Ones and"Guess Who's Coming
: -
held the ball tip. If there bad
: to Dinner." EL 44331 OPEN TILL 9.30 P.M. EL 44382
Ph. EL 4.0411Plenty of FREE PARKING been co wind it would have been :

. home tees.
t long easy run.

f V '

"- .
- -- - ... ..
._ ._- -

'r HTIiiiT IlLYn': ;: STAR 'APE IS. PACE 11


Yankee Pitchers stars in the making Sapor-Sub Chico Is Now A .

LEiPadei Starved For Runs; with Super-Regular For Tribe '
NEW YORK-Remember when Cincinnati L E
the Yankees were the most the. reds CLEVELAND-The name of thegam to ChIco Salmon Is

WANTED feared team in baseball?If you "Play, man,play. Anywhere. Just play everyday.
J Heavyweight champion Muhammad A" Clay) U a wanted do, cling on to those memoriesfor CINCINNATI 1966, his first Mason with the Cincinnati Salmon used to be Indians "Super-Sub." Now bets their
ID MIamI. although IIIJt for a major crime. Nevertheless the current Yankees Reds, 2J-jr ar-old Dick Simpson flashed the potential predicted second baseman. :

a warrant wu Issued for AU's arrest should !be return to wouldn't scare a Little Leaguer for him by many competent baseball men.The 6-4, 174-pounder 'a Ilk It fine," said the 26- nonetheless accurateap R D
the city after a traffic court Judge ..even If he wasn't the best displayed pwer at the bat, range in the field, power with his year-old Panamanian. "I Uk praisal of his performance.
in Jail and $270 find for making aD i Wepl teiltstOdSand pitcher in the league. throwing arm and is one of the teal speedsters in baseball any position fine as long as Finally, Brown returned and I
falling to have a valid Florida driving 1Jcense.MISS The current Yankees are Pm playing aQa-tlme. Salmon went back to alternat-

struggling: to stay out of the Chlco, who has done everything In g among the other positions '63
ROBINSON league basement, despite a fin : but pitch and catch for Cleveland There's no doubt he's the most 61
TIMORE-NPI-1bt) faltering Baltimore Orioles are pitching staff and a tight de CKI ,S'IM'PSQNI: K { .. 1'1' : \ sine coming into the organization valuable tenth player" In the
missing the potent bat of their star outfielder, Frank Robin fense. AH of their problems In 1964,was Installedat major leagues,but If s descrip
son, who Is sidelined indefinitely with occasional blurred center around their Inability .er. second base when Pedro tion Chico would prefer not be '64 "65FORDS
vision u a result of a collision with like their' used.
a Chicago: White Sox to hit with anthing Gonzalez hitting faltered and
player. Robinson won the American League's Most Valued old ability Cl Joe Adcock sought more punch "I don't want to be nobody's
Player award while leading Baltimore to the pennant and the It Is so bad with the Yankees t at the plate Earlier, Gus Gil tenth man. I want to be a
World Series victory last year. He Is considered the Orioles' that when one 01 them get a had failed to hold the job for regular he always snorts.
"bread-and-butter" player. hit, he ends a slump. What the same reason. In his third About fls work at second base,
other club in the league can game u the regular second he said, "If I play there alia-
KEINO WINS start a lineup with four play sacker Salmon led the Indians time for two more weeks, I'll ALL "

LOS ANGELES-(NPI[) 4Jpchoga Kelno, 28-year-oW Kenyan ers, not including the pitcher, to a 8-I decision over the Tigers play second base real good.The Cab over Engi.'
policeman far more famous for his track heroics, scored with batting averages under the with two doubles, a homer and only thing I don't do too good
a spectacular upset of Ron Clarke In the United States- .200 mark? four RBIs. now is pivot for double plays."
British Commonwealth track and field meet, last week, darting Life for a pitcher with the When reporters descendedupon "They (the oppostlon runners) Priced to
from behind to defeat the Australia world record-holder Yankees was once a ball, but the jack-of-all-trades In are kicking back. You wait and
In 5,000 meters run. Kino's victory came 00.the final now it is a traumatic experience the clubhouse after the victory see. Pll be good if I play there
day of the meet which saw the United States defeat the Commonwealth Take Frits Peterson, for in one of their first questionswas alla-tlme: for two more weeks," MOVEThis
nations, S56-295 So overall points standings. stance. He is an extremely "Whatposltlonls your best he promised again
capable pitcher, but u July one?" The way Chico sparked the Month
FACING TEST approached, he hadn't won a Chico didn't hestitate."Hitting Tribe In his early opportunityat
NEW YpRK-NPI( )-fleavywelght contender Joe Trailer's game, through no fault of his man, hitting. Thats what I dobest. the keystone, there's no Ad Unto Are I I. '
title aspirations will be put to a severe test July 19 when he own. ." doubt Manager Joe Adcock will Excellent Condition
tangles with George Chuvahv the durable Canadian In Madison In four recent starts, Peterson Salmon also is a fine first grant the wish. There is only
Square Garden. Unbeaten Frailer, aDu-Dlymplcboxlngcbam- pitched a total of Innings.; baseman, third baseman and one problem. Many Other
plon and Chuvalo, who has never been floored in 62 pro fightsare In that stretch the Yankees outfielder. The worst anyone On July 29, Salmon must report Makes & ModelsTo
part of an elimination tournament, to decide a successor scored a big, round nothing on can say about his defensive ability to his National Guard unit Choose From
for Muhammad All (Clay), the current controversial champion. his behalf. He has twice been at shortstop>> and second has* in Norwalk, Ohio, for two weeks
shut out and, mere than the, is that he's adequate. of training. ,
DELAY in both games he runs .that Last season, when regular "But PU be back When I comeback *- *

HOUSTOtMNPO. District Judge Joe Ingraham last beat him were the results of shortstop>> Larry Brown suffered Pll still be ready,"vowed
week delayed until July 21. the reguested ruling on a bid by misplays in the field l a fractured skull: and two other I the ever-smiling, 157-pounder
heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad All (Clay) to go to EWe Howard who was partof Al recplacements were Injured almost who stands 5-10 but packs surprising
Tokyo, Japan, for 30 days, beginning Aug 15. All, who Is out the good old days, is running -. -------. ._ Immediately, ChIco took power.
on $5,000 bond after his five-year sentencing for refusing into the hard fact that age ?ti. Dkk 51..." ., ,....n'. over and played sensationally 6.

Army induction, had asked the judge to rule on his request has caught up with him.Howard The Callfrnla is speedway Angles signed Dick out of their ', r1t"

last week. The judge said he needed more facts. doesn't want to face facts and whatever he does but Is especially -' first Tryout Camp In Februaryof :, ,i,-' CChico QUALITY HOME
admit the old gray mare Isn'tElsfon "
so when going from 1961. \:
Grambling Is Top >.1., \ ... .. WATER SYSTEMSJet
Archie Gallon Wins to third base. Dick batted .288 for States- t .
Simpson played in 92 games vllle In 1961 with 15 homerunsand Pumps &, INCORPORATE
AFL Talent Producer 'Table Tennis OpenArchie with 14 at-bats and hit .238. chased across 64 runs in 353.1066
GRAMBLING, Lav-<(NPIGrambling >) Dick batted ,103 before the All- 88 games. In 962 he set a Tanks
College did not filed Gallon, a student at ,\ Star Game and .309 after the club record for homers for REDUCING STOCK 'Tht First Njrrt
a hlgh-producttn track team Edward Waters College won the 1966 All-Star Game Simpson San Jose with 42 as he batted, ,In Trucki'
this spring, but total dedication Wilder Park open Taule Tennis "Hit hit an fnslde-the-park home 250. On the final day In 1962 2203
by three stalwarts who kept Championship last Tuesday. it run off Woody Fryman at Pittsburgh season In Cleveland, Simpsonwon UP
the Tigers breathing have Gallon defeated David Zeigler ,;1 on June 14, 1966. the 75-yard-dasb, running TO 40* W. Beaver.'

earned them spots on the Trinidad In tie finals 21-18,21-17. ,I Simpson graduated from Venice away from other contestants AIT COOK
Pan American team. On his way to the title, Gallon High (Cal.) in 19C1 where beaded by Pedro Ramos wo Is OFF DUO TRUCK M6R.
They will partlcpate In the eliminated Eric Burner, and, r starred in basketball and track. reputed to be one of the base Salmon Mack Financing
fifth.Pan American games In Jerome Reed He reportedly high-Jumped ball's fastest runners. (RIVERVIEWPUMP Available
Winnipeg, Canada July 23-Aug. Zeigler, eliminated Billy Hart,, In high school and broadJumped Hampered, by a throat Infection for three weeks & WELL Inc.
5, according to Alexander Chat and Otis Speight, the event was 25-3 for a school record and Injury for nearly half "For three weeks I was the CLOSED SUNDAY
man, secretary, Trinidad and sponsored by the Jacksonville and ran the hundred twice In of the season Dick hit only All-Star shortstopl' be re- MS f*.M Brtv.
Tobago Olympic association, Recreation Department. 9.4 and most of the time averaged .%32 for Hawaii with seven flected. It was a frank-*ut 7<...!,7 OM MMiJiy
Port-of-Spain. Ribbon awards were given to It in 9.5. He attended homers In 89 games ID 1963.
the finalists. Mack Clark, assistant Santa Monica 'City College Simpson got another chalICe
director at Wilder Park briefly in 1961. The Los Angeles In 1964 but after batting .140
SPECIAL! was tournament director. In 21 games for the Angels he Does Coca-Cola
Tony Taylor'Proves' was back at Hawaii.Still bothered .
GOOD THOROUGH by chronic' throat aliment .......-.

, : ROACH Simpson blasted" 16 homers In
TREATMENT'N. C.M..., a..x.acnn..' U.S. ,.. ". ValueNo winter 105 games Dick JLnd: had batted his.243.tonsil That have the taste, 1 :

1 IIOkOOM removed and he began to gain
I HDROOM. e 1 000 she used to be, but his two men guiding the destinies weight. Re was with Seattle
w. *"..*H ..... SWUM 'SAVINGS.BONDS .96 batting average presents of a big league club (.301) and the Angels (.ZZZ in you never get tired of?
Irrefutable evidence of the fact. ,
ORBITPEST has been more active in the 8 games).
CONTROL Til get going,"Howard keeps trading market In the past half- On December Z, 1965 Callfor
insisting "Fll get up to around dozen years than Phillies'Gen- nia traded Simpson to Baltimore
768-0461 .270 before the year is over. eral Manager John Quinn and for Norm Slebern. This past
Pm just in a long slump." Manager Gene Mauch. winter Simpson played with Is it ?
It isn't a slump, but a way This combo has virtually revamped Ponce In the Puerto RIcan Winter .refreshing
To Frank Robinson of life that Ellle will have to the Phillies'entire roe League.
accept. The old snap Isn't in ter and turned an eighthplaceclub Simpson came to the Reds
is just somethinghe his tat any more and his reflexes Into a winning one that has through a trade with Baltimore -
pressure aren't. sharp u they been In the thick of the pennantrace that saw Frank Robinsongo
checks in his tires. were when he was one of the for some year. to Baltimore for Simpson Do things go better
top>> hitters and run producerson There have been may advant- Milt Pappas and Jack Bald-

the club. ageous trades and some that schun, Dec. 9,1965.
Once in s while, Howard will may not turn out that wya when with -
r=:: Triple-Crown winner Frank Robin hit one with his old verve, all the returns are in, but certainly Coke
I SPI'--IT"-- son about pressures and he asks you, but hose occasions are getting ( one they didn't make Involved Albany Stale's Season
"' = -;::; "What's that?"-a surprising answer few and far between. Elite has
I=.:.:.:: the Infelder Tony Taylor.
=..:.'-.tier 1 from a player who almost has had to only 14 RBIs with two homers. In the past two seasons, Taylorhas after Coke after Coke ?
,.----, carry the sagging World Champion The fact that he often bats in been a lifesaver for the 67 Ducats On Sale.
Orioles by himself. the cleanup spot against left- Phils. ..-...... .......-.
Read this m-depth 8-page close-up of handed pttcbers emphasizes the' Taylor was involved in the ALBANY, CaFootball reason
Frank Robinson and his incredible drive state of the Yankee line tickets were placed on sale
sorry first major trade the Phillies
in August Sport. Then turn to a reveallog at Albany State College!: recent
r r---.__ article on another MVP winner, up.With that kind of hitting and made after Mauch became the ly. According to C.K. Dunson, Ask schoolteacher Shir/ v Has/ey Let her tell you
Roberto Clemente, and learn how pressures have dtamatic- manager In April 1960. At chairman of the college's athlete Write;Mrs.Shirley, H_.P D. Bo...,.San Francisco." Call.94126 '
hot bat In the lineup
life. no really the completion of his first
his personal and professional August Sport'
ally changed board, 500 season ducats
it Is little wonder that the
also gives you"The Inside Story of Spying f|n fl month on the job, Mauch obtained sin be availabe for choice seats
in Pro Football."Plus 21 other V U| HI' Yankees are fiddling around Taylor in a trade with f
on a first come teals
tides on the college and professional sports ||I in the second division. It becomes the Cubs, and Tony's been with '
The 67 season's fourgamecard
scene.: Pick up August Sport;on sale today! nnl aquas.r"s,.itt more frustrating with the the Phillies ever sine*. ,
offers local football followers !-
realization that with hittingat
any The bustling Cuban was a regular -
all the New Yorkers couldbe the most attractive home
too, until Cookei Rojas,
slate In the school's history
for third or
scrambling wh a second
o was originally
There's A Great lineup Of fourth place. baseman and then developedinto Follwong the opening High
School Day test with Morris :
Houk keeps Insisting that the the league's most versa- .
club will start hitting, but off tile player while with the Phil College on October 7, the Ramstake
MMER.ENTERTAiNMENT Marrls Brown(Oct.28)
S early season evideocetheYan* lies, beat him out of his Job. on l'
Alabama State (Nov. 4)), and
be manager will get his Christmas In 1965 Rojas became the regular -
Fort Valley State (Nov 13), .
it presents before his club aI second, and Taylor
all three grid In the
.tarts hitting to powers
was relegated part-timeplay
formidable Southern Intercollegiate
for the first time since he'I
i* Athletic Conference
W .I came to the Majors with the
Cubs In 1958.
Season ticket prices are $7.50 .
In the fall of 1965 QuInn and ;
HONDA! HONDA! Mauch, who knew, they had for the Tickets full are four-game currently pack on l Ape, n
another pennant contender if ,
: Set tht sale on Uh college's business
they could obtain one more qualIty tf r
office. Other sites In the city ;, ,
ptlcber, let it be known they 1
'win have tingle tickets
ON DISPLAY were open to offers for Taylor. game .
after September 1. i I
There were some offers for
EDGEWOOD LOUNGE AT All home dates are scheduled ,
Taylor but none offered what
again for Mills Memorial Sta
JACK KULAH Qulnn and Mauch thought was .dium.U .
fair value.
<' -
Mo.d.,- LADIES NITS tree Champagne MOTORCYCLES One again they were happyto it. v ... ... 3'.W
4311 flip I.,. have Taylor still !In a Phil MONEYMimiE JOQ UIW "M' MI wI/N.MM4.M..II wMl M11 IM M. I M /.wIM....
lies uniform when another InJury -

Tllsd.JOHN STANBERRY (Rec. Artist) 398.4200_ of serious nature came CAN COME TO YOU S. : You know it. It's best

Live Broadcast- Station WRAC .w....else....'M,... along. Join this new Prosperity your
This time it was first baseman Movement! Writ today for free ,.

W0 if a eS day- .JAM': SESSION treat Fun for Everyone; HONDA of JACKSONVILLE also .lined.Bill WhIte who was side I I -lsformat may be sgi.energized Indlvlduat-You, magnetized refreshment buy.Bottled

In 33 of the Phillies' first and polarized to attract.the .
6425 NORWOOD AVE. 52 games, Taylor played at flow of money Properly magne.
,..rs d If- THE JOHNNY SHAW SHOW ,first base. Not only did Tony flied, any human being can summon a
play first base exceedingly well, a Money Miracle.Writ for

Great Entertainment ((6 blocks north of but his bitting was a pleasant details about this new Pro-
surprise. Until about mid-June, sperity Movement. Writ TO:
& Safirday- Center
frldiy Gateway Shopping ) Taylor was batting over.300 I
Leo Dorsey Doe Sanders Then about the time Whit OBADLUrS CQ J COkel,

John Sanders "Si" Hawkins was able to play on a limited MONEY MAGNET -_ .
: basis, Rojas Injured his knee
Sid Clem
+ "Bubba" Me Cruder Ty Ty INFORMATION
and switched to second
764-2419 '
9204 8. Commerlcai Avem
t.Plua.4 1.ET'dRq.. -base. ChIcago JOlionU 60617 under the authority of The CoclJ- Company by Jtessowllto Bottling Company
e + ,.




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