Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAFG INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T06:27:04Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00467
FILE SIZE 50592 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAADCB PATH 00282.QC.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 ad289a1c686ce7e20aa0e61aeaf0d16eSHA-1 d9a31d540e977e54e75a827848e8ec9e8c8562d7
52089 F20090115_AAADAZ 00277.txt 4d9fa8e65ac0abcf39eb9abc31adf140b38625468fe2ef45c0b7f51489e72108a45231a6
6349460 F20090115_AAADCC 00282.tif a46e1b53415330065b71bd35d39a7ad699dd1ddabafd68a31953929fc6eecbc738ee58cb
40563 F20090115_AAADCD 00282.txt fd82b334317ea37a341f2c9af0e351a3993f773169a8d8c597f07712d81d275969c54c53
12646 F20090115_AAADCE 00282thm.jpg 4e339447abbd72508d42857e8bc99ba96ac2c04b091c4bc8886fd60926da54cadf68d4f5
800082 F20090115_AAADCF 00283.jp2 10abd5fcce2c2594a4cda149a2a8a8c1992c68591c8ef1bcb3fb2ff1a3074d730c7b03fc
313812 F20090115_AAADCG 00283.jpg 59c16d59703fce9825ea373e073c939cfaf73672b585e3f0361633959623f6421e99913c
46601 F20090115_AAADCH 00283.QC.jpg 238784165b090465845f38420e87536eca1276d91ad6734160c073011e7de1a0aaaa5399
6395739 F20090115_AAADCI 00283.tif 49119960ba9396a9d7b48d8d822f885fa5aba059a92f3d368853d8ee323c8f1fdc540516
37374 F20090115_AAADCJ 00283.txt bace47804b3addf1e137cce0cc48168bfaa36a50578b3676362868d2bf7776e20f777c25
12018 F20090115_AAADCK 00283thm.jpg 09eb79cb49ebf9731eea10364d206e30ed3e23a76ea73cbb5bf1f1e1f701c47a179a2081
17797 F20090115_AAADCL 1967070801.xml FULL 9bd4b43c95a89c6f9a43039d4cbd7279131a8b988169f656aac780970291b68d8b0a4dd9BROKEN_LINK 0272.jp20273.jp20274.jp20275.jp20276.jp20277.jp20278.jp20279.jp20280.jp20281.jp20282.jp20283.jp20272.txt0273.txt0274.txt0275.txt0276.txt0277.txt0278.txt0279.txt0280.txt0281.txt0282.txt0283.txt0272.tif0273.tif0274.tif0275.tif0276.tif0277.tif0278.tif0279.tif0280.tif0281.tif0282.tif0283.tif0272.jpg0273.jpg0274.jpg0275.jpg0276.jpg0277.jpg0278.jpg0279.jpg0280.jpg0281.jpg0282.jpg0283.jpg
24131 F20090115_AAADCO UF00028362_00467.mets 3ff37a2ddd188d3cec3038dd20beecdb5b48730ba11ac7d486c8d84b89689768614fdbe1
28319 F20090115_AAADCQ UF00028362_00467.xml cd82bd32dee27fac361a9630cd50db7f2a32092a8b4e4255e2de27460ea414e5697ce558
12324 F20090115_AAADBA 00277thm.jpg 5d659de92a23b8312d39bccac6ee7c852abfda8dcabc737de5af2839c563a4be5e353a06
789499 F20090115_AAADBB 00278.jp2 0041425c8b18f5c571d56fcddebc7b973920b84f2cf5090f381b84a93a02ccbc101b4101
346225 F20090115_AAADBC 00278.jpg 1ca5005576c725e70ab6b319631026b79e0bb0e3dbad1946a5ce3b55803d27b24e9c633f
49225 F20090115_AAADBD 00278.QC.jpg 6edde7946ce13012aa16aa38c257417ac5e0f7ccb44fff8ffc4d1f528a4742b096849e3a
6316933 F20090115_AAADBE 00278.tif 1a3a7d313ca3c55b11efecc8d4387eb1c4ac9e3b25d4de9c3ba184295dc1fc25b5b7bacb
42440 F20090115_AAADBF 00278.txt 4fe37edcf644e80821c0136f76024baa04a6bdd5785ab8cf9dc38ef6ab2cb44fa2351c96
11904 F20090115_AAADBG 00278thm.jpg 146d88d0517289f86324dd9ab0430ee418b45a64faf01a52c2e63c145fce04be6f3a599c
803319 F20090115_AAADBH 00279.jp2 d9095875daf638e25338d5382626806fcd6649f9f3c5e7f5c3c64bb3583b9cf26d328bf9
327041 F20090115_AAADBI 00279.jpg f7ce19e1f67eb37f80a4222164297088a967ec07e596674036c2a8aff7a209d68689ae2b
49939 F20090115_AAADBJ 00279.QC.jpg 3db10d9006db0b0038ab0664c4b4049035e17d67fdcbcab3f5aa82c5e5f88ff85416f670
6420547 F20090115_AAADBK 00279.tif 7547a6d16594badae92f4a47ea05572d097996c87dfb3f69837c86c10ad7650b40d32969
30524 F20090115_AAADBL 00279.txt 1454deed7e912fff2dc86ad40bc1391932a5f2a6642f91c40ec85eae6cccb4be4cb958fb
12534 F20090115_AAADBM 00279thm.jpg da163ef33d7f20429a52e756143f63907909eb4bf71d562804eb95dbc5188455ce42d0bc
774926 F20090115_AAADBN 00280.jp2 50ecc344e551eaab3375d0bc91a664f3a80a869a4e95da4cfdc246cdea842f482ecf4958
340082 F20090115_AAADBO 00280.jpg 2e7aa3c552d0d4978da38f4eb7e59a34c6ad5b889a317b13d4118df637f5707c5f78f104
48358 F20090115_AAADBP 00280.QC.jpg bcf587968ae3df5a6802866eb793d02ffb78177ef0cc0b203309293eae15f4e8892ad3d9
6193139 F20090115_AAADBQ 00280.tif a0e7bb53326e9f119fc659aafc2ebc8e8b2caa71a4039157bec2b594ba774164eefef320
48767 F20090115_AAADBR 00280.txt 3a83bf4252c073eeefb759c19c1771d68520149706a6eab497e1cfe65e93cf99f8454db7
12015 F20090115_AAADBS 00280thm.jpg a3b66ba5b656d9d3b61854232b38343e787285c89a9f98295208cc2a31445c24368bb0e4
784495 F20090115_AAADBT 00281.jp2 44baab837bcb900ce64bc84f5a9a98c4400b6a73c8469687dec1d3f9285783415b680c5f
6246127 F20090115_AAADAA 00273.tif 6c61a9e138412240198dd0ac12fff30d0b316cebddee132dcf7f19413057c010f898851c
344122 F20090115_AAADBU 00281.jpg f51b042331ad12dd2e4a3cc174dc699abd747e56e8cd3c4701a2b6223cb9e1e6381d8a1d
42902 F20090115_AAADAB 00273.txt c615dd7ab7cf7485345a747c2851f2aa6e9066ca114575181b5c91324cc7e14725a428c4
50327 F20090115_AAADBV 00281.QC.jpg 20f3b5ab76abee10d644a1b72d15c5a06e2ee255383f7d6a3b853abf585cda402c7b6128
11980 F20090115_AAADAC 00273thm.jpg 86dce4350312820c105a5674a91e5a67b288842879522ede0d7cca66d114c9acff1d05a5
6269655 F20090115_AAADBW 00281.tif 18d1e697991fdae7847fe1f39fc9392670f9b58fee875e2e2609f60565113e844437f9f3
791503 F20090115_AAADAD 00274.jp2 ad634ca218786bb4dc4f84d766e17c248204b17c500cf48afeea0713e9dbdec2baf4af9e
41722 F20090115_AAADBX 00281.txt 4c6c1472e295a923e451114cecdd53f7fd3253ade3efc7e3069761e3770365bfd18089f3
325928 F20090115_AAADAE 00274.jpg 6e2cc190baa728aeea8145f5de2b1b64c02108a5c6aa02aa6ef6710bf1cf4fd530777cdd
12494 F20090115_AAADBY 00281thm.jpg f0a7658c7342f9d6473515ddbc4e0871a95d4f7c1ac7849c2b21664bafcda16073622be0
798472 F20090115_AAACZR 00272.jp2 4d857800574bd82b7aee274c506a073c94fe5336a1f4841595b8dee31d715db5161390f0
49805 F20090115_AAADAF 00274.QC.jpg 553c65be662f2a724662f495f73ba6308163a3c2a120b19ab6e2a3fbfba902a83441e9b0
794810 F20090115_AAADBZ 00282.jp2 0055a6c3c4e94c844102a3ae76e395295e8a346691989036dd0d4d6fe4e5190a8615d916
352981 F20090115_AAACZS 00272.jpg ad9c3799fa302c13b8e4820cd2284aee5e0c7f433d9d8a4d5370245a95d4c5bbf27cae3b
6326303 F20090115_AAADAG 00274.tif 8c6903488f4b80688b2e10db6173492dc926a69a935f3fe2dd20298c475447b76e0a259f
51740 F20090115_AAACZT 00272.QC.jpg fe08a12b7adc34089ce12ade75fabb7723c76c29ff5f3afa84fd5d79f0de64d5e5080667
6387569 F20090115_AAACZU 00272.tif 89b23a0378d7dd6ff6655cc430169fb00ecc4ab14e1a3d8f6cbce850b79b0bc36ca3fc96
41071 F20090115_AAADAH 00274.txt 84cee150ea10afd8d8e60af1fe27cfe8dc7cdfb462c84160ef42925b5da1ce0440e9668c
32039 F20090115_AAACZV 00272.txt fe21035345411a2eb8e35329a00769732d74af7540ca2893adf5e90acf1af4946dd94894
12433 F20090115_AAADAI 00274thm.jpg c9e82b13520f8f2ac8baadf9530c5e79bc34d316e2b24c4370abad33bac3626d4b96967d
12842 F20090115_AAACZW 00272thm.jpg fe01d4ec4ca115806fd473c363e5c110d1a2ae32613173886cd60af77b67ab631b51ed87
801865 F20090115_AAADAJ 00275.jp2 c32ad540198de13f6826906b8e8cf9cc2d9469bb1553d532e0fe36b118de53e17518389e
781549 F20090115_AAACZX 00273.jp2 21a760db8f5206f6840feacf7daadec4ec265211acb4a27278e5da22a02239f7643f46c5
312808 F20090115_AAADAK 00275.jpg ed68617c584dd6a4fa5586f6c0be5510e6e4ccda1f47a786b95f6d899b2e0968da4cafec
377823 F20090115_AAACZY 00273.jpg 34e8468a163c147628bd95d3695a382b2ad737ce7c936f43e34d711ac315ebefb090fc62
46422 F20090115_AAADAL 00275.QC.jpg d24b3fd8cd9c4d4d0551570239539afdc0c0f8de4c5af1247417825116dad4a774ac05bf
51247 F20090115_AAACZZ 00273.QC.jpg 4b6e238bd439fb7653f649fa50ebbacb385ab067c729353d54b90550d72ee18152a65f1e
6414973 F20090115_AAADAM 00275.tif e8fa58f49da18162587894f26314f9b9a0c77b897803092a13133304cfd2fe401279eef6
36939 F20090115_AAADAN 00275.txt dd43060ff8d9113bb536f165a0d29d53c9758241fa6f048ac71210cf33fe4c8860d7e22f
11961 F20090115_AAADAO 00275thm.jpg 5cf93fb5ac9491ecb6dd205c6555bd7d91404c13f3754c3209965af2508d8998bd49b6d8
816062 F20090115_AAADAP 00276.jp2 a230f6bff9b641c6a227e960b3d951d80f297fd95c870060915c0f645afef87608bc2965
396194 F20090115_AAADAQ 00276.jpg 8d77cf7dd0422dbf028d6968a0cf7be7f5eeb4ab7774a337ab6ec88d0367dc8e438c994b
53222 F20090115_AAADAR 00276.QC.jpg b5b29a1c384c9492114d2b92b5da7c756ae0b98e71be6f0e6e5e89acd8d1d28c9115507c
6529505 F20090115_AAADAS 00276.tif f42ebe70baf9bfdf088a02eeae096056289a9a469f05d1146be7b3b405da0bc30f87ecb2
42238 F20090115_AAADAT 00276.txt fbce2efb17a3c0f0503cc9e90af32714224f7d7ec8db0d04cf242fe8eb5472a1128a4bf3
12450 F20090115_AAADAU 00276thm.jpg 91a4e3cadf52e16f4fce61d531d97ac7aa427fc7811dc8c53cb26f5df18c207bba980e16
799852 F20090115_AAADAV 00277.jp2 1b83e108ec6351f8bb0e0d065092ba07c8342e20d43a9bb1f8e3566e6889140ad1fc5c01
347988 F20090115_AAADAW 00277.jpg 9cc97cab9d66f1db4359bd387cb79600de4a10011d0162c809a7d757221930573b4dd850
50244 F20090115_AAADAX 00277.QC.jpg 5361e8acf406df6b1d4fd50f6dc1336d59c424abae65588d1e44c6137492a74902d8bb4a
353895 F20090115_AAADCA 00282.jpg a9f55790cd98826cf0df5e09491e4902cf8aaeba72b63ee8382cce3896abc6d7bbf6de16
6396089 F20090115_AAADAY 00277.tif 35dcebb4d22fc3c6117c944f5526fa1ed1c1279cfb5c921c6b29358b4f36d6d79887278f

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACDM INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T23:27:22Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00467
FILE SIZE 46422 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABPHA PATH 00275.QC.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 d24b3fd8cd9c4d4d0551570239539afdSHA-1 c0c0f8de4c5af1247417825116dad4a774ac05bf
800082 F20090222_AABPIU 00283.jp2 10abd5fcce2c2594a4cda149a2a8a8c1992c68591c8ef1bcb3fb2ff1a3074d730c7b03fc
6414973 F20090222_AABPHB 00275.tif e8fa58f49da18162587894f26314f9b9a0c77b897803092a13133304cfd2fe401279eef6
313812 F20090222_AABPIV 00283.jpg 59c16d59703fce9825ea373e073c939cfaf73672b585e3f0361633959623f6421e99913c
36939 F20090222_AABPHC 00275.txt dd43060ff8d9113bb536f165a0d29d53c9758241fa6f048ac71210cf33fe4c8860d7e22f
46601 F20090222_AABPIW 00283.QC.jpg 238784165b090465845f38420e87536eca1276d91ad6734160c073011e7de1a0aaaa5399
11961 F20090222_AABPHD 00275thm.jpg 5cf93fb5ac9491ecb6dd205c6555bd7d91404c13f3754c3209965af2508d8998bd49b6d8
6395739 F20090222_AABPIX 00283.tif 49119960ba9396a9d7b48d8d822f885fa5aba059a92f3d368853d8ee323c8f1fdc540516
816062 F20090222_AABPHE 00276.jp2 a230f6bff9b641c6a227e960b3d951d80f297fd95c870060915c0f645afef87608bc2965
37374 F20090222_AABPIY 00283.txt bace47804b3addf1e137cce0cc48168bfaa36a50578b3676362868d2bf7776e20f777c25
396194 F20090222_AABPHF 00276.jpg 8d77cf7dd0422dbf028d6968a0cf7be7f5eeb4ab7774a337ab6ec88d0367dc8e438c994b
12018 F20090222_AABPIZ 00283thm.jpg 09eb79cb49ebf9731eea10364d206e30ed3e23a76ea73cbb5bf1f1e1f701c47a179a2081
53222 F20090222_AABPHG 00276.QC.jpg b5b29a1c384c9492114d2b92b5da7c756ae0b98e71be6f0e6e5e89acd8d1d28c9115507c
6529505 F20090222_AABPHH 00276.tif f42ebe70baf9bfdf088a02eeae096056289a9a469f05d1146be7b3b405da0bc30f87ecb2
42238 F20090222_AABPHI 00276.txt fbce2efb17a3c0f0503cc9e90af32714224f7d7ec8db0d04cf242fe8eb5472a1128a4bf3
12450 F20090222_AABPHJ 00276thm.jpg 91a4e3cadf52e16f4fce61d531d97ac7aa427fc7811dc8c53cb26f5df18c207bba980e16
799852 F20090222_AABPHK 00277.jp2 1b83e108ec6351f8bb0e0d065092ba07c8342e20d43a9bb1f8e3566e6889140ad1fc5c01
347988 F20090222_AABPHL 00277.jpg 9cc97cab9d66f1db4359bd387cb79600de4a10011d0162c809a7d757221930573b4dd850
50244 F20090222_AABPHM 00277.QC.jpg 5361e8acf406df6b1d4fd50f6dc1336d59c424abae65588d1e44c6137492a74902d8bb4a
6396089 F20090222_AABPHN 00277.tif 35dcebb4d22fc3c6117c944f5526fa1ed1c1279cfb5c921c6b29358b4f36d6d79887278f
52089 F20090222_AABPHO 00277.txt 4d9fa8e65ac0abcf39eb9abc31adf140b38625468fe2ef45c0b7f51489e72108a45231a6
12324 F20090222_AABPHP 00277thm.jpg 5d659de92a23b8312d39bccac6ee7c852abfda8dcabc737de5af2839c563a4be5e353a06
789499 F20090222_AABPHQ 00278.jp2 0041425c8b18f5c571d56fcddebc7b973920b84f2cf5090f381b84a93a02ccbc101b4101
346225 F20090222_AABPHR 00278.jpg 1ca5005576c725e70ab6b319631026b79e0bb0e3dbad1946a5ce3b55803d27b24e9c633f
49225 F20090222_AABPHS 00278.QC.jpg 6edde7946ce13012aa16aa38c257417ac5e0f7ccb44fff8ffc4d1f528a4742b096849e3a
6316933 F20090222_AABPHT 00278.tif 1a3a7d313ca3c55b11efecc8d4387eb1c4ac9e3b25d4de9c3ba184295dc1fc25b5b7bacb
42440 F20090222_AABPHU 00278.txt 4fe37edcf644e80821c0136f76024baa04a6bdd5785ab8cf9dc38ef6ab2cb44fa2351c96
11904 F20090222_AABPHV 00278thm.jpg 146d88d0517289f86324dd9ab0430ee418b45a64faf01a52c2e63c145fce04be6f3a599c
803319 F20090222_AABPHW 00279.jp2 d9095875daf638e25338d5382626806fcd6649f9f3c5e7f5c3c64bb3583b9cf26d328bf9
327041 F20090222_AABPHX 00279.jpg f7ce19e1f67eb37f80a4222164297088a967ec07e596674036c2a8aff7a209d68689ae2b
17797 F20090222_AABPJA 1967070801.xml FULL 9bd4b43c95a89c6f9a43039d4cbd7279131a8b988169f656aac780970291b68d8b0a4dd9BROKEN_LINK 0272.jp20273.jp20274.jp20275.jp20276.jp20277.jp20278.jp20279.jp20280.jp20281.jp20282.jp20283.jp20272.txt0273.txt0274.txt0275.txt0276.txt0277.txt0278.txt0279.txt0280.txt0281.txt0282.txt0283.txt0272.tif0273.tif0274.tif0275.tif0276.tif0277.tif0278.tif0279.tif0280.tif0281.tif0282.tif0283.tif0272.jpg0273.jpg0274.jpg0275.jpg0276.jpg0277.jpg0278.jpg0279.jpg0280.jpg0281.jpg0282.jpg0283.jpg
49939 F20090222_AABPHY 00279.QC.jpg 3db10d9006db0b0038ab0664c4b4049035e17d67fdcbcab3f5aa82c5e5f88ff85416f670
6420547 F20090222_AABPHZ 00279.tif 7547a6d16594badae92f4a47ea05572d097996c87dfb3f69837c86c10ad7650b40d32969
798472 F20090222_AABPGG 00272.jp2 4d857800574bd82b7aee274c506a073c94fe5336a1f4841595b8dee31d715db5161390f0
352981 F20090222_AABPGH 00272.jpg ad9c3799fa302c13b8e4820cd2284aee5e0c7f433d9d8a4d5370245a95d4c5bbf27cae3b
21808 F20090222_AABPJD UF00028362_00467.mets 11f1c9da63ee257351551bab5d615fb40e8f5e795de248f945b51ef738cc2ead2a36265c
51740 F20090222_AABPGI 00272.QC.jpg fe08a12b7adc34089ce12ade75fabb7723c76c29ff5f3afa84fd5d79f0de64d5e5080667
25403 F20090222_AABPJF UF00028362_00467.xml 4e6d3ec23b4467ab5f15f66aae9b814db447d05b5d1aa4faab1d31a9ab6f041d3f8357b3
6387569 F20090222_AABPGJ 00272.tif 89b23a0378d7dd6ff6655cc430169fb00ecc4ab14e1a3d8f6cbce850b79b0bc36ca3fc96
32039 F20090222_AABPGK 00272.txt fe21035345411a2eb8e35329a00769732d74af7540ca2893adf5e90acf1af4946dd94894
12842 F20090222_AABPGL 00272thm.jpg fe01d4ec4ca115806fd473c363e5c110d1a2ae32613173886cd60af77b67ab631b51ed87
781549 F20090222_AABPGM 00273.jp2 21a760db8f5206f6840feacf7daadec4ec265211acb4a27278e5da22a02239f7643f46c5
377823 F20090222_AABPGN 00273.jpg 34e8468a163c147628bd95d3695a382b2ad737ce7c936f43e34d711ac315ebefb090fc62
51247 F20090222_AABPGO 00273.QC.jpg 4b6e238bd439fb7653f649fa50ebbacb385ab067c729353d54b90550d72ee18152a65f1e
6246127 F20090222_AABPGP 00273.tif 6c61a9e138412240198dd0ac12fff30d0b316cebddee132dcf7f19413057c010f898851c
42902 F20090222_AABPGQ 00273.txt c615dd7ab7cf7485345a747c2851f2aa6e9066ca114575181b5c91324cc7e14725a428c4
11980 F20090222_AABPGR 00273thm.jpg 86dce4350312820c105a5674a91e5a67b288842879522ede0d7cca66d114c9acff1d05a5
791503 F20090222_AABPGS 00274.jp2 ad634ca218786bb4dc4f84d766e17c248204b17c500cf48afeea0713e9dbdec2baf4af9e
325928 F20090222_AABPGT 00274.jpg 6e2cc190baa728aeea8145f5de2b1b64c02108a5c6aa02aa6ef6710bf1cf4fd530777cdd
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6326303 F20090222_AABPGV 00274.tif 8c6903488f4b80688b2e10db6173492dc926a69a935f3fe2dd20298c475447b76e0a259f
41071 F20090222_AABPGW 00274.txt 84cee150ea10afd8d8e60af1fe27cfe8dc7cdfb462c84160ef42925b5da1ce0440e9668c
12433 F20090222_AABPGX 00274thm.jpg c9e82b13520f8f2ac8baadf9530c5e79bc34d316e2b24c4370abad33bac3626d4b96967d
30524 F20090222_AABPIA 00279.txt 1454deed7e912fff2dc86ad40bc1391932a5f2a6642f91c40ec85eae6cccb4be4cb958fb
801865 F20090222_AABPGY 00275.jp2 c32ad540198de13f6826906b8e8cf9cc2d9469bb1553d532e0fe36b118de53e17518389e
12534 F20090222_AABPIB 00279thm.jpg da163ef33d7f20429a52e756143f63907909eb4bf71d562804eb95dbc5188455ce42d0bc
312808 F20090222_AABPGZ 00275.jpg ed68617c584dd6a4fa5586f6c0be5510e6e4ccda1f47a786b95f6d899b2e0968da4cafec
774926 F20090222_AABPIC 00280.jp2 50ecc344e551eaab3375d0bc91a664f3a80a869a4e95da4cfdc246cdea842f482ecf4958
340082 F20090222_AABPID 00280.jpg 2e7aa3c552d0d4978da38f4eb7e59a34c6ad5b889a317b13d4118df637f5707c5f78f104
48358 F20090222_AABPIE 00280.QC.jpg bcf587968ae3df5a6802866eb793d02ffb78177ef0cc0b203309293eae15f4e8892ad3d9
6193139 F20090222_AABPIF 00280.tif a0e7bb53326e9f119fc659aafc2ebc8e8b2caa71a4039157bec2b594ba774164eefef320
48767 F20090222_AABPIG 00280.txt 3a83bf4252c073eeefb759c19c1771d68520149706a6eab497e1cfe65e93cf99f8454db7
12015 F20090222_AABPIH 00280thm.jpg a3b66ba5b656d9d3b61854232b38343e787285c89a9f98295208cc2a31445c24368bb0e4
784495 F20090222_AABPII 00281.jp2 44baab837bcb900ce64bc84f5a9a98c4400b6a73c8469687dec1d3f9285783415b680c5f
344122 F20090222_AABPIJ 00281.jpg f51b042331ad12dd2e4a3cc174dc699abd747e56e8cd3c4701a2b6223cb9e1e6381d8a1d
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6349460 F20090222_AABPIR 00282.tif a46e1b53415330065b71bd35d39a7ad699dd1ddabafd68a31953929fc6eecbc738ee58cb
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12646 F20090222_AABPIT 00282thm.jpg 4e339447abbd72508d42857e8bc99ba96ac2c04b091c4bc8886fd60926da54cadf68d4f5


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 8, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 8, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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. . . . . . ,


...,. -... -- -.. "" '
** **'*****|j ; '''Iff!: .....' : .;; 'f., '..r'f'I.: : ;. :, { ,";'' --l----r- : ""....,.,. ,. I I" ... f..

.a..a..a... *** 'I_ D" .' "'\.' .n. I. ,. 1' ,;"'.j'" f: I T .I":.,..'. ,, ''I I '. .1\'" Ii.' ... ,iJ-it.t.J) .1.;,. .. '
'I if
; ,?*..* :.. "-';> "-lTft. ,_' "' __>,. _"'-._ .. ,' : f.:.. '. :_'> "7 .' '. :

: **.** > **** ** ** **... # R'r' :




** ** *****..***. ...........e.... ****.**** *****,

I Named For Manned Orbiting Program

_. .




I i
ret. n M. tl' 'SATKUT .JUT I, ton .15 CENTS I

******** ** ''' ,,:.,,.. '' ...,..u.....,.,. ....,..!JIo .,,- ....-* ***********'

: iiJ .." ,," '" !\; ... I
S 'tIiii"- BOaiI.I' "g ," )
< \
,,lJ ,Sol.liJ ,,\.'>i. _Ii 110.. ,,, 4nMHr: ...:.;"'l.. ....,'..+.iw ir ..._'r._,_+a..wwwRa..Y .w r
*********** ** *******

TblAir moaKedUitwwkBi Ml tlone< four imore mil-
Vietnam combat pilot, for Its Man-
Astronauts, Including the tort Negro, and the first
ned Itary Orbltlnl Procram. The four Aerospace research plots (I,4) MaJ.) James A. Abraham-

I. the Lt. Col Robert T. Harres; Ma). Robert H, Lawrence Jr., the Grit
ML Newer andW Donald; H. Peterson; will Join 12 other Air Force Officers who will train

first manned space prgoram- cheduled for launch In 197k AGAINST STAR
for the military 0/p1/ TELEPHOTO) LIBEL SUIT l I


me1trSfNeiro] Young Woman Shot u.. **# _
.N ****** *. *** .

Pat CORE Urges ,
For Rejecting St.
Ashley' Figure

jf) :'M_ aoned.ml.; : On The Hip, That IsA heck Power h

LOS ANGELES-After being other three are Lt CoL RobertT. Jax man terermlned to force May Take Action OAKLAND, CALIF,-\ the j'j
his attention toward
chosen as the first Negro astronaut Herres, 34. Denver.. Colo. Bush's Tavern became ayoungladyin outraged Congress of Racial Equality's : .. ;r ,; ;piyCf
for Manned Orbiting MaJ. Donald H. Peterson, 33, 24th Annual Convention Negro rW
and shot her when she
Laboratory (MOL) program Winona, Miss.; and Maj.] James refused leader spurned talks of integration -
to his advances.Lue
Major Robert H. Lawrence Jr, A. Abrahamson, 34, Portland, Ella accept Johnson, 19-years- For False Arrest and urged creation of a Li
Ore black civilization in America
called his selection "nothing
old of 912 W. 17th Street,was an
dramatic." Majo. Lawrence was one of based on black values and black
assault victim last '
Tuesday ***
MaJ. Lawrence told newsmen It four more aerospace research power.
pilots named by the Air Force when she refused to have anything Former national director of Jacksonville's avowed segregationist, Warren Folks falls to
was "just a natural pro- Reports Say Real Robbers ,Still Free '
to do. with an admirer I
gression" and that be was for- In' the Department of Defense CORE James Farmer said, win damages In excess of $10,000 which be sought to recoverin ,
.The victim stated she was In Lan t Circuit Court suit from Erie: 0 Simpson publisher of tot
MOL program They completea : "you t potential political ,
'..... list of 16 plaits two of whom .Bush's.'"Titer*; at 273$:DavisSt., That .HeisM Nearly J60.000, power, to* out lore ttorts from,, "FLORIDA> STAH. '.v..
"ere scheduled to be aboard when (he suspect, name not racists .due North to move you .bU-;t; t.j.aJ returned'' caused the County toorthouse to #
.Titan m C booster sometime known, came" into the tavern and Jerome Slngletary, I popuiaf( '.Ashley", Stiei'Ggurh' who was out of the ghetto ,Into the. verdict of not oUtyin favor of .be evacuated with the sieeptior
1970 beaded for orbltuglab- asked her td'danc'/'with him arrested as a suspect in connection with the darinf salt robbery suburbs" Simpson who was the defendant t' d' the courtroom where tilt
oratory, Miss Johnson immediately refused of the. home of..the swanky Dr.L.B.CbUds home at 328J Farmer said that the concentrated accused by Folks of libeling him Folks-Simpson case was In pro
O f the two men scheduled to' him and upon doing so the W. Ednwood bas vehemently. denied any involvement what- black vote of the ghetto in an article published In Dec ecu Judge Roger Waybrlght
go a loft in 1970 MaJ. Lawrence suspect settle on a forward evir'with the crime. Weston of the Sheriffs office, would be lost if its residentswere ember 1966. refused to be intimidated and
could be one of the men aboardthe gesture of patting the victim on Stofltiarv who operates a mo.> the 59-year-old Slngletary who' integrated In dominantly The news story which Folks gave no hint to PIt courtroom.of.
craft. The military man who the upper hip. The victim stated .,.,; .IIo..h resides at 2112 York St., was white communities. "They are barber contended was libelous the bomb scare
was Just pormoted on June 20,is that with this occurring: told .:, .>.. placed under$Z5OOO bond which now trying,'to stop black power and millstone and caused him The Jury deliberated 14 minutes
expected to graduate from the the suspect to keep his hands to 1-, was later reduced to $5,000.00. before yon get started,"Farmer Jury had to do with Incident on before returning a verdict.
training program July 25. He himself. The daring robbery took place said. Dec. 15, 1968 in which Folks Intervened -
reportedly has met the training After the suspect: advances had several weeks ago when two "141'. not spend all of our while t Jar policemanwas Boston To Host,
program's "stringent eligibility been ignored be became outraged armed men and a woman accomplice time talking about black power, arresting a Negro, Arthur
requirement" Including and pulled a gun .38 in white uniform pushed lef Implement It." Robinson of IMS W. 16th St. NAACP Meetiif
piloting ability and educational callbre revolver and shot the their way into the Child The author and editor of the Folks reportedly toed ag gun
victim in the rear of her left mansion and tied the doctor's: asserted "the
achievement. up Ebony Magazine, while Robinson and police officer Mass.-f the third]
Major Lawrence: bas been thigh. : brother and 11-year-old step last refuge of white supremacyin Lumen\ were scuffling: and BOSTON, National
participating\ for the past year The suspect left the scene Ins son.. this country Is in the black then proceeded to beat the youth time in its history,the Advance',
in the Aerospace Research Pilot 1965, red and white Buick, but The trio fled with a safe said man's mind." He orgedthat the with a baseball bat over the Association for till
UWMNCltunate Training program, a select was later apprehended at Monroe to contain $10,000 but specula- 'black people "change from a bead. meat of Colored People Is returning ; I
to be chosen for the school at Edwards Air Force and Madison Sta., by Officer Urn as to the actual contents of group organized from the outside The trial which began last to this annual city convention.Some July 10-19,: I

"nona ggresstve military operation. Base, Calif., where be is now' M. Newsom. toe safe run as high as$60,000. to a group organised from Monday at 9:30: ..m., and lasted for its 38th delegates are expected :
." serving a tour of duty. The revolver was later turned Also arrested,in connectionwith the !inside" until 11:35 p jn.,was not with- 2,000 and the I
Lawrence, from Chicago, Is The Major is known to want to over to homicide by Officer T. the robbery were Ralph This could be done by using excitement. A bomb scare resulting : from 50 states :
the youngestof four selections, become an astronaut. G. Carter. J Terrell, 36 of 201) W. 14th St., black values for everything. from two phone calls District of Columbia.
lr'ord,1531 McCcnlbe8t In 1911, when the Association
Lester J.
at 31 and is the only one with a

from Ph. D.Ohio in State physical University.chemistry The Jackie RobinsonCalms DET. WILLIE WESTON and .Annie D. Gates. 5902DroadRd. I Civil held this its historic third annual city,conventionIn the local

Islet American Beach and a While Singletarjr professesthat Rights RoundupLOS branch hadnotyetbeencharterwed.
Denver Job Centers barbecue establishment on be is a legitimate business- The Boston Branch: was or
connection what paired the following January.
man with no
Rioters Uoocrlel Road said his arrest ever with the crime, there are ANGELES-NP1)-CORE plans to keep tabs on the police Meeting in the Park Street
Help Cool Summer, was without foundation and hinted persistent rumors that the real department in an effort to Identify bigoted policemen. Local Church, March 30 and 31, delegates -
to possibility of a court' action i,brains behind the heist bas been CORE executive director Ben Hoard announced the move as the considered questions of
DENVER, Color-A "Cool and BUFFALO To the Negroes on the East side of Buffalo, N.Y. toxlear his name. He denied seen riding around town, indicating federal government withdrew support from the CommunityAlert segregation, Infringement of
ContrucUve: Summer" program Jackie Rklnson is still a "champ" in their eyesight, being a in night the owner,u that some 00 IDSbtrW Dale Patrol ald to be trying to identify troublemakers in property rights and education.
initiated here by the National Robinson better known for his will stay that way. But then you reported by Detective dally pr'I"Arr.sted Willie careen's office has pulled a terrible the community and also allegedly monitoring the police, That year, 71 persons, 63 of I
Association for the Advancement atardom with the former Brooklyn see the broken windows, ttje "goof'. at Uncle Sam's expense thm Negro, were lynched in the
of Colored People> has resulted Dodgers when they were smashed store fronts, and the NEA Merger Plans. United States.
in the employment of 'world champs In 1959 is now a garbage on tilt sidewalks." Escape Death Bombing Delegates adopted resolutions
more than 100 Negro youths. spelcal assistant to Governor "I can't condone the kind of ';: '" _:- calling for "the recognition
Accepted By
Jesse Johnson,president of the Nelson Rockefeller for community things that have been going on," protection of the Negro's rightto
Colorado-Wyoming NAACP relations. Robinson told a crowd that assembled ) and vote, and the creation d ft.
State Conference of Branches, Walking downtbe streets lined in a Negro church But white educational organizations F public opinion which win not
slad the program which includes with trees of the Negro area he could understand frustration in six Southern states accepted tolerate injustice In the courts...
the operation of a Job Placement Robinson said, ''I came to do from not getting what they merger plans on behalf of the T. which will demand proper edvcaUonal -' I
Center bas been under- what I can to get things quieted wanted. one million-member national facilities,. and Ne-
written by private industry.Mr. down and then see what can be Education Association grad right to labor' without .
Johnson announced here done about solving the problems Assailant Shot There bad been threats of dls- I' hindrance and toenjorthefrtits', 1
recently* that a delegation of that caused violence" affiliation 'from Mississippi .of their labor. j I
civil.rights leaders, including On e of the spectators called In lackTuesday North Carolina, Gerogla, Alabama Five years later at an NAACP I
Denver's three NAACP branch him "WhIte,'. politician," but Arkansas and Louisiana r MASS MEETING INTremontTetpie
presidents, met with city officials no one called him"Uncle Tom," Night according to a spokesman for In Boston, on Feb. *2, 1918,
and leading businessmen becuase to allot them be Is their the NEA. the second Splngara Medal was
establish the center "soul brother" An unkown assailant shot Joe Meanwhile the NEA board of presented to Charles Young
King Supermarkets and Safeway Following a meeting later with Council of 1911 W. 4th St., bathe directors outlines proceduresto .;!,:oM "1r ,,'Ji..1 ,.j Tenth Cavalry, U.S. Army, for
stores have contributed city official Robinson said they right side of his bach on last be used when teachers representatives .'.,;.' services in organlialng the LI*
$6,000 so far,Mr.Johnson said, had agreed to try to find 6,000Jobs Tuesday night around 9.49: p.m. reach a negotla- ttJ... kerlan constabulary and developing
to finance theempolyment for Negroes. He said additional The victim statedbewuwalk- ting "Impasse with agencies Job counselors to work with the recreation facilities at lag alone the street in the 1700 controlling schools" 1950, 500 delegates from 49
youths seeking empolyment. parks and school playgrounds block of W. 6thandbeardanolse Detail of the m.rpnertnot ,> ..,''I I; slates and the District of Col
The civil rights leaders have would be opened over the long that hounded Ilke firecracker. revealed but a special comI. cobia again convened Bostontor
also discussed possibility of holiday weekend. He poted that at the same time it mltteo win serve u overseer to ,7 I"" the Association's 91st meet
gaining additional recreational Robinson's visit to the east felt as if he bad been struck lathe ,make sure that each state's proposal : : vd Special: Counsel Thurgood Mar-
facilities for the city's young side followed three nights of back with a brick,not knowing wUl be followed.NEA '" shall presided over the opening
people. They were usured by violence that bad erupted in that that be badbeen shot. President Irvamae Ap- I in session, June 20,historic Onion -
city officials that swimming 14 persons were lnurdnooe] About five minutes later he became plegate of St. Cloud Ulna.,stat- Methodist Church. .
pools, tennis courts and baseball seriously by shotgun blasts, aware that the noise be bad ed "Joint committees represesting 'h'. 6 n ',,lf.._ The 39th Splngara Medal was
fields would be expanded and 4 policemen were treat- heard was a shot from a gun and these dualafflllates are aa warded posthumously t o
In time for use this summer ed for other Injuries such as it had hit him. Council stated meeting In good faith and it 110. MOBILE,' AULr-Ctvfl rifhts leader J. 1.. LeFlore and his wife Teak stand before shattered Charles R. Houston distinguished
"Of course we're hoping the bruises and cuts. that when be beard tilt noise be their Intentions to follow none early June Mm after a bomb was thrown during fet alga Pollct said a wire civil rights lawyer and
kids will be hired for the playground During his East side tour be didn't see anyone nor which way throajV mesh fence around the house-placed there in 1951 to keep bombs out- prevented dy- organiser of the Association's.
programs too," M r. said, "1 Just can't believe this the shot came from. Florida South Carolina, Tennessee aamlte drum rolling under the structure and killing the UFlores. The LeFlores, alone modern legal program. The a*
Johnson added, "to make this is a city of turmoil." Re walk- The victim was taken by taxi to Texas and Virginia are fat the one-story, six-room bouse, were sleeping in bedrooms on one side of the b Ildtsg. lard, presented by Dee Erwin
really a cool and constructive ed down the street surrounded DMCwbere be was treated. The among the [group which recently Tie ken rv4 away almost the entire wall on the other side.! LeFlore blamed the blast en .. of the HarvueV 01-
summer" by a crowd of fascinated youngsetrs. suspects) have not been apprehended agreed tocombine.These states "those folks In Jackson," a town in South Alabama where a Negro youth was slain by tversity Law School, was accepted
There have been no outbreaks He said, "Touseepeople as of the time of tilt report will supervised by the compliance police last month. by Mr. Houston's six-
of riots la Denver this summer. smiling and laughing,yon hope it to authorities. committee (TELEPHOTO) year-old son, Charles Jr,

I ..... ." L
4 I .1 l .

R"I-----! ...j-...-............... --.............. ..._............. ., -AMA-_.._........... .a __ a a a_ a..a a i


..<11 __ ___. __..__

.'TWIT FLOftfDA STAR \ ,.. ..' -.,. LETTERS TO 1HI lull UK -
".''mws\U \: ,. '1MEk HO ; Welcomes-
VPublished- < % .. ". ",,. "',.. '6'IV : ,
: ,
by the Florida Star Publishing(1" -, I' '' \ JL'k
r : ( <' ,,, ,' :
\ \ ; ,
'' ...." z". C"' I ... '., Of
MEMBER I r ;..1'" if, Elimination
\\O ?t. 3: "..' ,, A' *l"c.,. ..',;'; '''t't.<". ":j.

SEGRCT PR '.':'," i "'. 1. .: '' >.I"" ..
NATIONAI2 .. .. :i'-t T-U 'Star' PageThe
,- "I ''>," ..f...., .......0.: '.
"" .." .,'j
;; .. .,," ', .:
.. .... ..: {. ,
\.. ..,..." ., Negro community of Jacksonvilleand
Ell 0. SIMPSON '. "" .. --,, ,
MiiifiDfHIIOA uifu :. '; "' : vicinity welcomes Positive news
,. ,: ; exposure and dedicates itself to show

WtiOTEN .......Circulation! Manages "' ,:1' the better side with the elimination of
r ;> > the Star Edition of the Florida, Times

:1. '

2323 Moncriif Road Phone Elgin/ 4.712''M ,...( ?, ':f-:;' Union.Almost seven years ago (Aug. 18, 1960)Jacksonville's )

4 :, ';' racial pains were at their
/ Address 'j: ; highest. Feelings were so high that

P.O. liti'599 Jacksoiiiilli, Florida/ 32201)', : : t portions aNo of Man's the city Land'were, to blockedofflike protect the
: .
; ,; : innocent. Because of a news blackout,,
MIAMI OFFICE uniformed citizens were caught in a web

they passed through forbidden -
of violence
5018 NW 7tb kit. Phone 751-3879 ,\ zones.as The number of casualtieswould

,.\ have been smaller if the press had
f'lyi'si \ .,.,rpri. :. .;. played its part. Flare ups also occurredin
8 '' \ "" '. ..
"' < still the
.IoiI 1964 and 1965, local press
One Year $6.00 Half Year $4.00 ;; f : '''' $ ,
feet of
:; its assumingits
.;ii.* ; was dragging
Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States ,,: : : moral responsibility to the entire
Subscription In .t" $.
payable advance
'. ;r' j,, ; :i. ,, Jacksonville community.
. Send check or Money Order 'to ,''S
: ,, ; :,,
1 /:; "; ,) Resentment of being blacked-out, during
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 :"I'r'i..l"\r'I !
'"\. ; tx such crucial emergencies, spawned anew,
Jacksonville 1. Florida "
... .' I'Jr'(. 1'7" f."<" ", .Jf'j.,''f.-:[;' ideas of eliminating the Star Edition and
; ; ":.: '," :;: J, -. if? ; ::; boycotting the Times-Union. Many citi-
1 ".t(V./; .) F, :"' i "' \ :' "J'"M' zens-of-color had intermittently voiced

Clay Can't Kick Against The PricksIn J ; :, :,f.\::\;( : t.si: : : : ;; ; ... V. \/7\; : '>V'.IV-: ': their disapproval of the segregated
the in general.
colored page and paper
the New Testament there is a state- 1 ', IT'S TIME TO SPEAK UP Many plans had been started, but all
ment that says you "can't kick againstthe organized efforts seemed to fizzle because -

pricks And the case of Cassius -----.. .'--- --- -- -- !'"- ----rraw,....- -.--:.-.. --...--- -..r: of a lack of communication.
Clay demonstrates this very well. rI r- Visitors to the city were always sure
Clay refused to shoulder arms for the to shame Civil Rights Leaders here for

federal government now engaeed in the YOUR Weekly' .1.1i not eliminating the last colored page of'

Viet Nam War, on religious grounds. But I a major newspaper in the United States.
when tried by a Jury and found guilty of They refer to Jacksonville as; The Alamo

violating the draft laws, clay was givena L Custer's Last Stand, and The Lone Wolf,
five-year orison term and a $10,000 1 simply because it was the last to capit-

fine. In fact when found guilty justicewas i Horoscope Guide ulate. We trust that this is not an

meted immediately.. indication that this city intends to be
The government argued that the draft law the last to grant full democracy in other'
is our law, and that therefore it shouldbe : *;* 1 areas too.

obeyed. Clay argued that he should ,,I **"* By PABLO The ASTROLOGER 1 Now, for the first time White sub
excused because he is a muslim minister.In t scribers have a chance to see and read

this country, we have over a million II 1 about the positive structure and the good

ministers. Supposed we excused every tI: WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS F9R' 1 side of the colored community. This is
minister on the grounds .of his religion. I because the same paper is being distributed -

It would mean discrimination is being .'. I throughout Duval County. This is

practiced against laymen in favor of : ,BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL' I as it should be, for readers will soon
ministers or preachers. God knows that I realize that they cannot Judge whether
this kind of thinking is not sound. I. .j I people are good or bad on the basis of

Every citizen; be he preacher lawyer, I' J their ethnic or geographic origins and
; -
-P -- {r----r--w------woos--w----r--w.
teacher, nurseunless he relinquisheshis r that Negroes are not all murderers ,

citizenship owes allegiance to his rapists and robbers as previously por-

country..and therefore -- as all other CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN trayed. There is a cultured side to the
American citizens are---he is duty boundto ARIES Jacksonville Negro that far outweighsthe

dpfend) his country unto death.We BORN MARCH21thAPRIL BORN, JUNE BORN"Slpf.Subtlety BUN OEC. derogatory side. '"'> 'i '
(recognize that Cassius Clay and many, I ... I' I. Elimination of the Star Edition Is a
many; others d i sap pro v e of the \191\\ 22nd JULY 22 "'uoCr-23rd': : }2pd.JAN. Uti step that will help to further inject',
United states' involvment in tiet Nam' us into the mainstream of public life in

United does It. Not Duval County. We realize that 'Freedom'is '
only are
states' involvment in the Viet
Nam Don't take "nos". If for Do what Despite the. Be true to yourself. Those
any you say. at'their '
conflict and of the Democratic Admini- hopes peak, but they who not Free" and we want to pay our way
genuinely to obtain
of are trying -
failed to factors
any reason, some obtain presence retarding
also have reached the
stration's stand. But, as remote it point and Just as others do. At the same time we
as the results that were pictured this could turn out to be the materialization. If heavenly guidance< ,
might seem, Cassius Clay and those who during the first quarter, most favorable quarter of the friends with whom having feel tree any whose faith Is backed by real do not want to be "Blacked-Out" again'

share his sentiments have 'a recourse. chances achieving these ends month. The personality Is magnetized enough to ask favors you, get right convictions, may conceivably because folks who do not understand, nor
President Johnson could be impeached anda now are even more promising.You and mental powers are down to brass tacks on the 9th. receive It In good< measure. care to understand Negroes are placed ina
recall election could throw out the do not seem to lack the razor-sharp, within ones own I t may be necessary to playa This would be of special valueto position to Judge our articles.
heads of the Democratic Administration. Imagination, resourcefulness, particular limitations. A building double game or make use allies who may have come Perhaps the relatives of the more than
We must remember that until an desire and vigor to carry every- project may hold a certain of some deviousness. But as close to the parting of the. 30 servlcemen-of-cblor from the Gateway

established order is overthrown or repudiated thing before, especially when attraction for you, but it may long as alms are honorable and ways because of misunderstandings city, who have died, or others who .
those who live under the orderor someone dear Is Inspiring you have too many speculative angles the states! Important enough, or lack of compati lost limbs or have been wounded in Viet'Nam
An to reachan
bility. opportunity
and, perhaps, acting as a trail- to arrive at any hasty '
establishment are expected to conform blazer. And while at It, see to conclusions. The possibility of anything to goes. Although preferring accord may be at hand on will begin to stop wondering 'Why?"
remain in
with the rules and regulations .set up It to create living surroundings making a discovery or Inventing ows, friends may have the entirely shad- the 10th, llth. It may also be and feel that it was truly for the betterment '.
by it. that measure up to require- something out of the ordinary different notions or Intentions. repeated a couple of times, of all Americans. '
As a Muslim, and as a minister, to'boot, ments as well as to cravings.A is bong for the researchers I under a different guise, on the Change is something that upsets the'
no one knows better than Cassius Clay little attention to security and thinkers among 3-30-44 -16 -952' 13th, 14th. It would be a pityto equilibrium of everyone no matter how

that the religious-racio ideology of the needs would not be amiss. you. SCORPIO pass them up because the much effort is made to prepare the mindsof

Muslims places strict and stringent 8-70-33-16-942 chance to become closer rather people for the inevitable. Yet history
2-70-55-18-933 BORN OCT.24ti'NOY than further apart not be
demands upon its followers who have may. proves that a lack of change or progress
for ume
repeated some ,uever.
embraced the faith of Islam..And Mr. TAURUS "LEO :; 22nd has caused the stagnation of many great
Clay knows too that those who violate or 7908814445AQUARIUS nations and societies. Although we wish
fail to conform with the establishment of BORN APRIL BORN JULY Branch out. A certlan number that more systematic steps had been taken

Muslimism are, shall we say, duly dealt may be on leave making it to prepare the sepia subscribers to the

with. No established order, be it Mus- ,20tb.MAY 2011)), 23rd-AUG., 22nd dreams possible that to materialize have the BORN IAN.20IBFEB. Times-Union for this change for progress
limism, Communism or Americanism can been part and peace, we wholeheartedly welcome it.
Let It happen. Taureans may Snare It. There Is nothing that of one's secret world. Such '
tolerate violators of its rules and be In the grip of undeclslveness should escape notice not matter opportunities as openings to 18th At the same time, we urge readers to
regulations if it hopes to survive. but this Is not likely to alter how well comouOaged it may travel, meet strange people and understand what is happening and request
Thus, Mr. Clay was punished for his the shape of things to come. be. You may uncover the chance add to store of knowledge and Two can agree. Although you that they continue to submit news to the
violation of American principles. Destlngy will not be thwartedand of a lifetime to turn a trlcleof experience should never be pas usually are the one who establishes Times-Union until we get a breakthrough
It has many ways of seeing profits Into a flood that would sed up. The things that happenm the conditions In a in this phase too. This can be marked
to it that Its mandates are surpass the dondest dreams.A and the friends collected, could partner ship, it could be that as another step in the battle for equality
For Our Graves carried out. For the Taure- little more curiosity than usual change the whole tenor of one's you will defer to the terms and human dignity. The affects
Should We
of such
Prepare ? ana whose time has come to. followed by prompt action future existence. Spiritual development set by the other party. Which- a long awaited deed
fall head over heels In love, when the necessity is recognized may ensue as well ever It Is who has the final the will contribute to
or to take the final step to the would be all that is as a brand new philosophy that word, it will be of mutual advantage I, continuing of the 'Cool Summer' in.
In ancient times, there were nations and altar, there will be little choice necessary to get the ball roll- may come fairly close to an to agree on a courseof Jacksonville
cultures that lived for the privilege of but to get In line and do what log The danger of having it understanding of the great universal !- action that will Insure a "Congratulations" and "Thank You"
dying. The high'' officials even built is being expected of you. Those too good is that it encourages mysteries. happier and more prosperous Times-Union
tombs. to accomodate their household who are already spoken for spending ways that are not future for both. Those who work The Jacksonville Branch NAACP
---prime ministers, wives, servants and' should not permit yourselves to easily curtailed even after 9--77-13-988 and save together are laying
get Into the signs indicate that this would the most solid bedrock
anycompromlslngsltuatlons. -
others. Upon the death of the ruler his 'be the wisest course to follow SAGITTARIUS which a secure and serene way Bill Proposed To Give Families Security
entire household was buried with him. ci life may be founded.
2-60-88-15-372 2-90-66-19-842
Men of that day looked forward to death .BOEH fflV. 1.80-66-17-323
Individual of all races and
with are'
pleasure for they considered life
after death one of happiness for ever GEMINI' 'VIRGO 23ri.0EC.. 21st'Carry PISCESBORN engaged in the business of enforcing the'
cities, counties, and states.
they Telt that there would be no trials
and frustrations in the land beyond. BORN MAY BORN AUG.WEPT. FEo. Often in their tours of duty. they are
Somehow, people in the United States it'off. Do not miss a by criminals.

have a morbid fear of the grave. Some 21st JUNE 21st { : .22nd cure should It be given during Ut..MIR. 201.. When this happens, the' family bread-

even panic in a distressing illness, for It's shaping up. While hands this quarter because honors Make It official. Whatever It ,winne"r is taken away forever. ''Then what..
they are not like the men of, old who may be tied by circumstancesof Shine brightly The sunny appointments and material is that you have decided to do; will his family do?
that could
a physical character the smile along with a brilliant wit advantages accrue Well the Florida House
approach their appropriations
to lie desires
graves down In are not apt to be insignificant to fulfill your bearf ,
mind is free to roam un- could mark an outstanding per- committee has proposed
pleasant dreams. That is to form a happy team or to an.approoriation
ones. why
Not long Ago in Miami, Florida, a rabbi challenged.In all Allow It to spreadout cles.son in This social may and also fraternal be the cir i good deeal of forethought undertake In the creative or bill calling for payment of $10,000-to
directions. When It way
delivered must vocational fields, it appears i the family of any law enforcement officer
his own funeral eulogy. Before comes with to convince the right in be indulged In beforehand -
up something -
his so as not to make to be about time to set the killed in carrying out his duties.
death he had recorded this regarding buying or share ones life now and for- any
slips when the critical moment cornerstone. The aspects are Ten thousand dollars won't far these
funeral oration Certain go
and it was played during selling property, or establishing ever mor. sacrificesmay '
brilliant in all
arrives. Even If the final especially days, but it
his funeral services upon his death new headquarters, don'tpermit be entailed such as and should be will help the averaie'famlly
respects they
spending more than is word Is not said until a few a great deal until it
Part of the s'ermon said, "I carry no anything discourage your taken as good auguries for the can make an '
wont. It would be wiser nto to days later, as is possible, one adjustment to the
malice to the grave. To you who have formulating plans of the well days to come. Some family consequences caused by
can fairly assume that
walked with along the most contructive nature.Should mention the fact lest this objections be encounteredbut the bread- Inner' a death. And Jt is
way, I have not there creates a bad impression In ,you are to be the chosen one.. may ,
gone..Death is a misnomer. be some obstacle* like it should not be too difficult hoped that in addition '
I am just those of financial place of the one you are attempting This would be especially true to policeman
going out of one door and into another: this Is not reason enough sacarclty to, to put over. The best iof+ the Saglttarlans who have to get around them when Job fringe benefits, there is some
affection binds all of Us members
just like going into another-room. drop everything and resign days when magnetic powers are not shirked striving valiantlyto private insurance coverage.
The fact that
Perhaps men should give as much planning 'yourself to a state of Intellectual being accentuated are the llth- perfect their skills, talents together.IOIDtflnaDclalUm1taUOIII Since the law official is vulnerable to .
there exist
to their hour of death 14th. and aptitudes in the,past. the criminal's
as they do in inertia. / willing to work and sacrifice pistol, be needs this
setting their goals for life. 9-80-44-1J-$4%' 2-10-99-14-328" together370441S5I added protection proposed in the House}
15-eo --11-389 : 'appropriation committee's bill.U '

4 1 1

...- && & & ,, __ A __ ._ .& _- ._ ._ __ I
------ -- .__ .. .. _

--.--.-.-...- . -
. . n. .

: : ; RS' 3' I

StTllllT JULY T 1KT __ STAI &'[ r fW b.

Mrs. T.W. Owens Norman Harris Jr. ..... .................wr CLUB NOTES ,.wrwIIWW 1fliSpurS Susifc Trip TEA TIME !

ABOUT PEOPLE The GTO Club Is sponsoring
In Benefit RecitalThe Awarded Scholarship a trip to American Beach, Sat-
urday. July | ." .130 pjn.
Harris Jr., a "67" & A "Pretty flat Tea" will .beheld
TEACHERS TO TAKE EDUCATIONAL TOUR Norman Jupiter Ave, according to an The bus stops are: New Stanton -'
of New Stanton In the auditorium of Revelation -
announcement the club's Senior High School 9
by reporter p.m.,
Booster Club of Matthew High School has been awarded -' Baptist Church onSonJday -
CLUB MEETSETThe Mrs. M. Wilson. 8th and DavtsStreets,9.10p.m.: ,
W. Gilbert High School, will a four-year music scholarship ; July 18 at 8p.m.
Mrs. Geneva Marks itpresi- and Kings Road and Davis St.
present Mrs. Thomasena Wilson to Florida MM University. next meeting of the Glad- dent of the club. 9.20 pjn. The bus will leave The event Is expected: to attract -
Owens, in a Benefit Recital lola Ladles Club Is scheduled Kings Road and Davis Streets a number of participant
July 9, at 8.00 p.m. in He's the son of Mr. and Mrs for Wednesday night, July 12, promptly at 9:30 who win display the latest In the
the auditorium of Payne Norman Harris Sr., of Jacksonville at I p.m., at the home of Mrs. fem'no/e Club Tickets are in p.m.the hands of eabpean for the ladles. It was
Chapel AME Church, located Fla Luclous Kennedy, 1717 W. 16th the club members. Anyone desiring also announced by Mrs.Edith R.

..,,:;;'tY: : on Mrs.East Owens 23rd and will Plateau be accompanied Sts.- Life Saving CourseTo Street Mrs. Locale Scott will be co- Calls Special Heel to the Seaside to take a In leisurely comfort trip cant, Jackson gram featuring that an Interesting several, talented pro--
by Mrs.Sammle L.Davis hostess to the hostess, Mrs. checking with the artists Is being formulated
do so by
.. and Mr. will Billy be Beal Mrs. Cele-Guest Be Offered Soon: Kennedy. Mrs. Cora H. Lewis SEMINOLE CULTURE CLUB members of the GTO Club. '*****>
appearing president of the club announ- The Seminole Culture' Club will Is t the president
Brown ,
i stine Waye, and Choir No. 2 Junior and Senior Ralph A Spiritual Tea will be held
'I" / A two week ced that final plans for club's hold a special meeting on Monday and Donald is the club's1
I '. of Payne Chapel. Life Saving course will be offered annual ride will be made. This July 10, at ':30 p.m.,in the Pugh, Sunday. July 9, 196'7 at the horn
i Ushers for this affair will be: Jefferson Street of Mr. andMrs.Leonard Blood-,
\ at the year's ride will take the Glad- home of the Secretary at 1303
'. :)\, : Mrs. Wilma Lavant,IIrs.Gerl- swimming pool July 17, throughthe ,lola Ladles and their guests to Lee Street. Each member Is ,worth 1412 W. 7th St, from

I .J. .. .. < ," ,dine Payton, Mrs. Gloria 28th. Golden Head Lake on July 16. asked to please be present at .4 to 6 pjn. Bishop Evelyn
'- '- Daniels Mrs. Louise BelL The course Is sponsored by the this business meeting Gladiola Ladies Club" > Charles will be the speaker.The .
MRS. ROSES MRS. SCARBOROUGH IoIrs.-Airedt Williams, Mrs. Duval County chapter of the ** *** The club will sponsor a trip meet in the home of Mrs. public Is Invited to attend -

American Red Cross with the JOLLY GROUP CLUB to Golden Head Arrow State, Luclous Kennedy, hostess and .
Touring the western states this summer by plane-train- v.r" ., cooperation of the Jacksonville Park on July 22. Various stops Mrs. Lucile Scott co-hostess,
motor coach and ship will be Mrs. Walter V. Scarboroughand Recreation Dept. Instructorsfor The Jolly Group Social and will be mad*. Tickets are in Wednesday 8 p.m., July 12.
her sister, Mrs. Charles D. Rosier Sr. the course will be Jonathan Savings Club will bold Its next the hands of the members for An annual outing to the Golden FIGHT CANCER 1\\ ,
They will board an Eastern Air Line Jet, July 7, for Chicagoand McCone and Julius Gulnyard. meeting on Saturday, July 8, those who wish to have an enJoyable Head Lake, ls set for July It.
Join the tour there. both certified American Red at 7;30 p.m., In the home of Mr. time Watch paper for various "Bus CHECK UP AND.A,CHECK'
Some of the places they plan to visit are Salt Lake City, Cross Water Safety Instructors. and Mrs Manuel Huff, 2837 Stops".

Grand Canyon Bryce Canyon, Los Angeles and Hollywood, Person Interested In taking I. .-- I
San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Portland Seattle, Vancouner, the Junior course must be 12 -;; ; : : '; II

Calgary and Chicago. to 15 years old in good physical .:> '" > > ',, ,..: ">1.,, 1<.
Some of the sights they expect to see are: the Mission condition,capable of swimming __ ."' .':" A.".\\.t''t''.' J... __" *_" F
Dolor, Twin Peaks, Stelnhart: Aquarium, Golden Gate park, 220 yds., continuously using
Seal Bocks, the Cliff House, Toe Cascade Gardens, Lake several differnt strokes.To .
Louise The Miracle Mlle, Hollywood's movie and TV studios be eligible for the senior
the much discussed Sun Set Strip the fashionable course you must be 18 years old

resldental area of Beverl7 Hills, the UCLA campus, Disneyland ,,/ 'or older and capable of swimming ONTGOMERY
and other points of Interest. ../' 440 yds., continuously NOW !
They will shop at San Francisco's Chinatown, the largest ., log different strokes. 1
oriental community in America. The Junior coursewlll requirea
Mary Mungln, Mrs. Rebecca WARD
Mrs. Rosier and Mrs. Scarborough feel. that with this firsthand ;: minimum of 15 hours and
Lambert, and Miss Victoria
information along with the slides and photos will do the senior course a minimum
Mullino. Hostess will be the
much to motivate and stimulate the interest of their children of 17 hours.
Simplicity Social and Saving
in the classroom. Persons passing the course
Club. Proceeds will help to
They will return to the city on August 4. will receive Red Cross cer- j
purchase for the Matthew new band W.uniforms Gilbert tification. I71 !!! !

GIBSON OFF TO PIIILADEPHIA 'High School Band AdmissionIs Registration at the Jacksonville blanks are available Recreation -- _; hj J
free and the Is Invited
Mrs. Joe Gibson's Sr., Misses Agnes and Wendy Gibsonof to,attend. public Department. and the
5749 Abelia Rd., are visiting In Philadelphia. Jefferson Street pool
Roy I. Mitchell Is the
They are the guests of Mr and Mrs Joseph Gibson Jr., pre- Other swimming: courses offered -
sident and H.J. Owens public
They will also visit Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Cobb, brother and relation officer.Calendar. Jetferson, are: beginner 1
sister-in-law of Mrs Gibson. advanced beginner, Inter 1/2 PRICE
Mrs Gibson and daughter are members of St. Matthew mediate swimmer and adult instruction BIG

AME Church of which Rev. Motley is pastor. Events .
Public school Instruction assisting -
Swim" program are James
Mrs Cobb of 638 17th Street and her sister Mrs ,. ,
Agnes W. TO RENDER PROGRAM Williams and Arnold James, '-'-" -. "
Daisy Sumpter of 1317 W. 31st St., returned recently from hit 1o ':f. iAp: .. "r : {
of Darnell Cookman
both Junior : 9 ( ,
r, ; 1JIf $,. ., ... ., rt.iJI
Chattanooga, Tenna., where they spent several days visiting The Zion will Ugh school ... j } :;: : .
Mrs. Cobb's brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs render a Hope Singers at the African '..:. ._ ., __ ._ ,__1 __ .. .___ "l\: :" '
Walter Cobb. Shirley Harris
Mrs. Sumpter and Mrs. Cobb are members of Mt. Sinai United Church, Sunday i ir
Baptist Church of which Rev. Thompson is the pastor. night, beginning at 8:30 p.m.
Mrs. Cobb is also a member of Deaconess board No. 1 The program is being sponsored Receives Degree iitA(
where she serves as treasurer. They both reported having by Mrs. Bertha Belle who !
announced that refreshments
an enjoyable stay. Shirley Harris has completedher SHOE
will Invited.be served and the public is studies toward a Bache-

Bethune Cookman College,

1/cpl. Kenneth A. Rosier of Washington, D.C. was in the The Gateway Ladles Auxiliary, Daytona Beach, Florida. She
city recently visiting his parents Mr., and t Mrs. Charles' was an Instrumental Music Ma- .
I ,
j ,
War 1 ,
No. 3131.VI, of World 4 ," J
Dt te 1e : tU '1' III'' ,a will sponsor a trip to Magnolia jor.The i '. / ., f ." _,,; ,' ,,., '. .T
Rxa6; di e",4thJuly Solldaj:: : said that in ., v"'''
Lake, July 16.' pretty co-ed ..1...:>... .,\. ",, "\ ;.'.'''tp;,:.. .' ''> !", J::4"" .'" II ,'
The bus will leave 31st and > ; "J ','. \ \. 'i... : ,\;.' :N '
Moncrlef Road at 9 a.m., Kings
Road and Myrtle Ave., at 9.15:
Mrs Jeanette Boggs and children, Carolyn and Leander a.m., and Broad and Orange
Jr., and Mrs. Rosanna Quarterman have Just returned to Streets at 9:30 a.m. GRAND NEW, FIRST QUALITY BUY 2 PAIRS FOR i
the city after having spent a couple of weeks with S.Sgt and The public is Invited to come
Mrs',Noah H. Newman and family in Lawton Oklahoma.
along and enjoy this treat. EACH STYLE OR COLOR .
SSgt. Newman is stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. THE PRICE OF 11 NOT EVERY SIZE ,
While there visited Indian Oklahoma Whicta M ,a
they City, '
The Young People Union will
Texas and Dallas Texas ALL! JUST SAY "CHARGE IT"I
; meet Sunday, July 9 at 3 p.m., BUT GREAT BUYS FOR
They reported having an enjoyable trip. at Community Baptist Church

on Decott and Baker Ave.

Rev.Davis, pastor The Jackson WOMEN'S AND TEENS' SHOESBIG
singers will be guest of
WEDDING IEUS the Union. ,4J J
The public Is Invited attend.. -- '

Nathaniel Griffin, 921E. AshAlel Daniel Hutchinson, Jr., Ministers Wives I
Icy St., 24 and Sadie Matilda 6564 New Kings Rd., 20 and SHOES :
Sanders, 1666 W. 24th St., 20.; Carolyn Louise Vinson, 4348 List Activities 1 DAYTIME SHOES DRESSY SHOES CASUAL j

Tenton Dr. S., 17.
Joe Louis Standley, Lakeland the near future she would lib
The Baptist ministers Wives
Fla., 23 and Shirley Anita Hurbert Gadson, 922 4th Ave. Alliance had their ground to become a Band Director on !
Cruse, 1623 Campus St., 24. S., Jar Bch. Fla., 18 and Sha breaking,for their retreat,June the college level. The daughter
of Mr. and Mrs.Norman Harris 94I 94
Linda Hicks
ron 7412 Bustle
25 at 4:30 In Green-
Gordon 1244 24th of Jacksonville, and a graduateof
Freddie W. Dr., 18.James. land, Fla., with the Rev. S. 294 3
Mattie Mae Andrews Northwestern JuniorSenior
St., 19 and L. Badger delivering the mes B
1644 W. 31st St., 18. Hurst Jr., 1850 W. sage. High School Regularly Regularly
28th St., 21 and Sylvia Jean The Baptist Ministers Wives For the summer she plans to to 7.99 -***- to 13.99
Jimmie Brinson, Jr., 921 Brown, 957 W. Ashley St., 20. Alliance of Jacksonville and visit her Aunt In Texas
Ave 23 and Elizabeth j
vicinity, will hold it's monthly -
Newman, 1171 W, 6th St., 17th Now get the extra,pairs Here's your chance to buy those Pick your new flats and casuals I
** **** meeting, Monday, July you can
It Covers HairWm.
25. in the home of Mrs. C. G. Gray you want at half price I Slings, special occasion shoes and save now, at giant savings I Soft-nap

ARMY Gordon, 1836 W. 31st Street,. straps, ties, new rounded half I Exciting selection of new brushed pigskin' suede, grolnedtoesallheelheightslSoftsuedes I
Clinton Carl Martin,735 Court ..J, Brandt's Liquid softleathers smooth leather I little heels,
at 5:30 p.m. I styles and colors! Suedes, or ,
C! 20 and Sandra Louise Green, The President Mrs C. J. I soles, thongs, 'low-boots I
RESERVE leathers combinations! ,fabrics and many more crepe _
833 St. .
; 20. .
Oakley ,
1 Williams will explain the blue ''' I', I.,1i", ,.. '
EAU : '
DENNA ', .I-fJ'\ "
to the retreat., : \. '
** *** print pertaining .. ". .. d.
The 7th Annual House party
sponsored by the Women Missionary !
"NEED A PROFESSIONAL and educational convention !'FORMEN FOR GIRLS '

auxiliary tothe general Will cover gray hair in 10 .A
Baptist Convention of Fla., to 20 minutes No pack. No
PHOTOGRAPHER1''CALL Inc., will convene Tuesday,July mess Anyone can put it on at q BLACK LEATHER OXFORDS 69,& ;'t i CANVAS SHOES' 97*
25, through July 27, at ,home. 3 Eyelet Tie Reg.to 13.99 ). Grasshoppers & S'ipons. .

4 ONE OF fLORID 5 FOBMOST Florida Memorial College in i" PLAIN AND MOC TOE 9,& .< GIRLS DRESS SHOES 29,I

St.Mrs.Augustine C. J. ,Williams Florida.2nd vice WILL NOT TURN HAIR Dress Shoes. Reg. to 10.99. d Assorted. Styles, Reg. ".99 I'
& president and chairman and Dr. BROWN or BLACK DRESS !;;';" GIRL'S OXFORDS .3" : ,

EXPERT SERVICE. Susie C. Holler, is president, will not rub off, it stays on Oxfords, Reg. to 7.99. 39. Casual Assortment, Reg. to .
of the House. several months Shampooing ,

sea bathing,' ,sun, permanent 'r''''''''''''' ,
LOW DISCOUNT RATES THESE 'MONTHS waving,'curling or straightening '.,"',, .Jt, ,, ",'> I. "' 'J"t"1)"" 'I. :, ... ,
Eastern Stars Iron takes You
-nothing If' off. 1
,can cover any gray hair no

'x Family News Paper Pictures Coverage Plans Sessions cued matter. BLACKSTAYS bow stubborn BLACK or how. SPECIALS ::1{ FOR WOMEN '

'v Weddings & Receptions WONDERFUL FOR j
Club Group Pictures Royal Eastern Grand Star Chapter, Prince, Orderof Hall ,TOUCHING BP. Blpck leathers, Reg. 6.99.". 29 Ii Casual & Dress, Reg. 4.99 I

session in Orlando. Mon 1 leathers, Reg 8.99 ;
: (HUT IX Till \\l! day day, July 10, 1967. They will Permanent Waving Living Wi Summer Styles, Reg.2.99. ,

be guest of the ten chapters ,CAUTION: Use u directed on WOMEN'S CANVAS SHOES 97 i:' WEDGES ,"

UTINI' !lIll) there. labeL Colors: Black"; Dark. Summer Asst., Reg. 2.99 Dress Casual, Reg. 3.93. .19 I.
All subordinate chapters, Brown, Medium. Brown. : !
.imxR com courts,and local councils are Price per box (2.98 .plus,
expected to represent with the Federal
II required amount TaxDIXIE HIWq I
A program from President / p IkQ b, ,1.. ; j
SLACK IXI HUE: Sallle Armstead will follow g arn. r p.ni3ue,13; ta.M. e
Mrs Hannah B. Miller, Is PHARMACY C+NMtt Fr 3e4t:. it e3 5 r:111

the Grand RoyalUatron and.
CALL TO DAY. : 7il42dO.' Rev. J. H. Hunter, ls the Grand
., Royal Patron 1305 Kiois li, \\\i\\\\; \

1 .

A .6 6A. -_ .. -- ---- -_ ..... _.. ... .

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: ; :


Central C.M.E. Church To Observe heir Annual Women'sMrs. ; Day CelebrationHUR


Participants In Mt Ararat Event E. P. Wyles To Speak

Sunday At Central A.M.E.The )

Wonte.0: of Central CME. Church will be in charge of EWS

worship services all day Sunday, July 9th.

; The program will get underway the chairman for this occasion,
: !, ti beginning with Sunday School at Mrs. Essie M. Tucker Is the
y { 4 ':30 a.m. Guest teachers from Co-chairman: and Mrs. Juanita
h's ;; t various churches throughout Wyatt, Program Chairman. UNION PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST EVENTS
; city will be In charge of each The public Is Invited to attend Services at Union Progressive Baptist Church of which Rev.
.1 t I class. all services.Rev. Jake Ray is pastor will begin with Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.,
At 11:00: Worship, Mrs. Ella M.C.Merriweather is the with the Superintendent, Mrs. My Dasher In charge.
0 I Perry, Wyles will be the speaker forthright pastor of Central The 11 aim. worship service will find Deacons D. B. Pollard
of the hour. Mrs. Wyles CMS. and Louis Kbtg In charge of devotion. Choirs No. 2 and Sat
a member ofWestUnionBapUstChurcb well as Usher Board 2 will serve throughout day. The pastor .
\ where she takes an active Women's Day will deliver both sermons.
f frt. part in various Religious Evening service will be held at 6p.m.,and will be followed by
functions fo the church.Appear- an After-Service program which will feature the Singing Won.
ing as guest soloists will be Observance Held. ders. The program is being sponsored in the Interest of the
Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Davis and forthcoming celebration by Mrs. Eudell Mitchell, Captain.2

mrs. JuneU Watkins. At faith Temple of the Annual Women's Day Committee.
At 5:00 p.m., a Cornatlon will i
; t' "' be held. The winners of the con- MT. OLIVE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST
L1T 'I.> test between the Groups will be The 2nd Annual observed Women's at Faith Day, Sunday School will convene at 9:30 a.m. at Mr. Olive PrimItlve .
Crowned Mrs. Central and Miss will be Baptist Church with the Superintendent, Mrs. Aj M. Frailer -

". ., Central. Temple The services on Sunday will,begin July with 9th. in ciiirge. Rev. J. M. Dixon, the pastor will conduct the
Mrs. Z. C. Merriweather Is morning service.
School at 10ooa.m.,
f the Sunday Prayer meeting will be held Tuesday night and Rev. Dixon will
Elder A. Hill Will with Missionary Guest teachers C.Barrel are Miss pre- be the speaker at Heulah Baptist Church on the same night.; He
siding. Mrs.Luella will be accompanied by Choir No. 2 and Usher Board No. 2.
Margrett Systrunk; SICK LIST members include: Mrs. Eula Lee Powers Mrs.
Observe Robinson Missionary FreddieM.
,. Anniversary Jones;and Missionary Pauline Ella Fulcher Mrs. Battle Moseley andMrs.Hattie Belle Smith.

Elder A. Hill will observe Bright. Guest secretary will

'r .... .<; his 13th anniversary as pastorof be Mri. Jessie M. Blachshere MT.The OLIVE regular A.M.E.order of CHURCH service will prevail at Mr. Olive A.M.E.
"j-., ,. The First Born Temple,. and Mrs. Lucille Everoardt
i e. J Church. The Flower Club will celebrate Its Thirteenth Anniversary
.. .. \Arr:a"J.< '' ._.__... ._ 825 Monroe Street,Sunday.July review the lesson. at 11:00: a.m. The speaker will be Mrs. Mattie Campbell
9, 1967 with the will at
services begin
Morning worship
Music will be furnished
by the Gospel Chorus. Mrs. Jean Lip-
The Friendly Hostesses Club along with Carene Will, I lams president of usher boardNo. at 11:00: a.m. 12 noon with Mrs. Essie M. trot, soloist, for the Flower Club.

the president of Usher Board No. I of I ; Mrs.Irene Williams president of ..Herbert The speaker Cohen will and be Elder, Jackson and Mrs.Dorothy Sam- Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.Special religious movie at 10:20: ajn.

I Mt. Ararat Baptist Church served as host- the Hostess Club; Mrs. Queen Mitchell of Atlantic Beach congregation Fla. uel ushers leading will the be devotion.Mrs. Kassie Guest Teachers Mostly Planning Meeting at 10:30 ajn. Paul Owens,
Mrs. Hannah Bryant and Mrs. 'Margaret Superintendent. A. C. E. League at 5:30
esses for the usher board's fashion tea Elder C.D. Klnsly and congregation Goodman while Mri. Ruby A. p.m.
which was held at the Mt. Ararat Parson- Balwin. Other participants were : Mrs. __ ...._. _.. .....u Stewart will be guest soloist. The pastor Rev. B. J. Williams, Is Inviting all members to
age recently. Shown from left Mrs. Delores Butler and Mrs. Evelyn Hansberry. Mrs. Z. Stripling will introduce attend services in comfort

the morning speaker In the person
Session of Mrs. Sarah Summers. REVELATION BAPTIST CHURCH
Hold Two-Day
HOME To The regular order of worship will prevail beginning with the
I The offering will be taken by Sunday School at 9:45: a.m. The lesson topic, 'Men with Good
Mrs. Yrdee Brown and Mrs.
At Livingstone College News" will be reviewed by the pastor Rev. C, L. Telfair.
IMfHOVEM N1 MhES OUle Brown. Morning worship begins at no'clockwitllDeacon Charlie Tun-
ll Arthur E. Brooks, president, will be held In Detroit, Mich., general officers, as relates t< Youth hour will begin at 4:00: son in charge of devotions.
Laymen's Council AME Zion May 1968. the propogatloa of the tenet;! .p.m., wUbMissSh1rlerHeathu The pastor is asking the members of the church to accompany
Church, announced here this The Council Is a duly authoris- of the denomination, will beth mistress of Ceremonies. The him to New ML. Zion Baptist Church for the Fellowblp Hour at
ed body of the general church discussed. There Is also ttu speaker for the afternoon session '
week that the lay members of P.m. The Church is located at 618 Georgia St.
denomination will meet In and functions: as such. Mr. matter of combining some a will be Miss Joyce 101.Jordan -
a the two-day session at Living Brooks says the agenda will Include the departments, in the hope introduced by Miss Annette be Evening he1c1 worship begins at 6:30: p.m. Candlelight services will
finance, administration that they will become more Taylor. The offering will be received -
stone College, Salisbury, N.C., Thursday night July 13 Quarterly Conference will be bled
and education, as they affect efficient, thereby making then by Miss Antlonettee NwlsEvening at
July 7-8. the growth and development of in the church at 7:30 p.m. The pastor urges all officers and members -
Kitchtni. BitKroomi, NwRoom more helpful, building t .
The meeting will bring together
the denomination. It will to be present for business of vital Importance.
Additions fr Cirtftl.CuiumBulll go greater Image. service will begin at
have to
the laymen who
Kitchen Cabi-. Into the effect of the Central The question of merger wi 8:00: with Mrs. Americus District No. 1 will sponsor a Pretty Hat Tea the 3rd Sunday
".,. & Bathroom Vanitin, do with the policy making of the Budget Committee, which came other Negro Methodist bod1e8wiU p.m. afternoon at 3 p.m. in the auditorium of the church the programsill
Spencer in charge of devotion.
Lamlnatad of Fini Woodi.Selph denomination. The delegates
Into being at the 1964 General attract much interest, in Mrs. Dorothy Fisher will Introduce be printed Mrs. Edith R. Jackson is the sponsor.
the needs of the
Cabinet Shop, ,... church study and then set up guidelines Conference. It Is expected that view of the fact that the target -.- the speaker for the The pastor has announced that Revival services will be held
Its administration will be date for the sly 1721. The Evengellst will be Rev. Joe Chaloun pastor of
that they hope to use in augu- merger, hu of the Holy Temple evening in the person of Missionary -
764-9078 mented Implemented, at the been set as 1972 with vie St. John Baptist Church, Orange Park.
DAY NIGHT proposing legislation for the a Churn'1 of God In Christ, 5th Helen Watson.
19G8 General Conference,which 1968 meet. of merging with toe Methodist' and! Wjods Sts., will be the Officers for the program forWomen' BETHLEHEM
The election of bishops and Church, In 1980. speaker at 3 Day are: Miss Edna BAPTIST CHURCH
Sunday School begin at 9:30 a.m., with Superintendent Dec
At 8 p.m. closing sermon Thompson Chairman; Mrs. 01- E. Sawyer, Mrs. L. Webbert Mrs. Sadie Fedd In charge.1Morning
lie P. Barrel Co-chairman'
will be delivered by Elder water : ;
j' service win be, held at 11..m.and., Evening. service
r yeM. L. Smith and congregationsof Miss Annette Harvey Secretary |'la set for "m: .
Palatka, Fin and Mrs. bell Barring acting Hoot
Rev. W. will celebrate his 1st anniversary radio pastor -
The public welcome to attend pastor.
at 7:30 p.m. Usher Board No. 1 will serve as hostess.

UOiues Mrs. S.I. Usher Board No. 2, young adult Choir will serve throughoutthe
Mothisjo Speak day with the pastor, Rev. Anderson in charge of services.
Monday July 10 Senior Choir Anniversary Saturday July 15
.. Sunday At Ebenezer MethodistMrs. Usher Board No 3 Is sponsoring a trip to Butler's Beach and
Sunday July 16 Repeat of Mlglt Wedding Saturday July 22 Usher
Sallye B. Mathls, recently elected as Councilman Board No. sponsoring a trip to Magnolia Lake.
: for the Third War, Jacksonville City Council, win deliver
'.i the message for the 11:00 a.m., worship service at Ebene- NEW MT. OLIV5 BAPTIST

I I ,', rer Methodist Church on Sunday July 9.Boards. Service will begin at 9:30: a.m., with Sunday Scboo. and the
superintendent Deacon R. Cambridge will be In The
A native of Jacksonville, Mrs. charge.
Jacksonville Urban
of the
'. Mathls is a lifellng resident lesson subject, "Men With Good News", win be reviewed by
and the Jacksonville -
of this city, and attended the Branch NAACP memberof the pastor Rev. Robert Brooks.
local public schools. The recipient Morning worship will begin at 11 o'clock with the Deacons In
Delta Thea Sorority
Sigma ,
: of
charge devotions.
Q of the Bachelor of the Citizens Committee for
O' Orn Science degree from Tuskegee Better Education the Human The sermon will be delivered by the pastor, of his apointee.
District No. 2 will meet at the church at 4
Institute, Ala., and the Master Relations Council: and the YMCA p.m.
of Science degree from Florida Evening worship will begin at 6:30 p.m.the pastor will deliver
pt '. MM University, she is a for Planning As the Committee.result of outstanding the sermon. Choir No. 2 and Usher Board No. 1. will serve
mer teacher In the Dutal County throughout the day. Miss Wilma F. Corbin will be presiding at
and meritorious service in her
Public School System, and at she has received the Instrument.
the time of her retirement community, The Board of Deacons will meet Monday 7:30: p.m. Prayer
citations from the
Yl several years ago, was dean pba Phi Alpha Fraternity, and service and Bible Study will be held Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. The
of girls,,at Matthew W. Gilbert monthly business meeting of the church win be held Thursday
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
lunior- 8n1or at 7:30 p.m. and the combined choir rehearsal
High School. will be held
I .i j7t1S She Is the witfow of the late' include: program Wendell participantswill P.Holmes, Friday at 7:30 p.m.

I 0. Earl Mathls, and is a member Jr., church lay leader, and MT. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH
;l of the Central Baptist James I. Bellinger, Jr., chairman Deaconess Boards one, two and three wll) celebrate their far
Church, where she serves asa of the official board. adversary July 10, Monday evening at 8 p.m., In the main aud
member of the Choir and the The Rev. E.W. Newman,minister Itorium d the church. Rev. S. L. Badgers of Emanuel Baptist
.' )I. Sunday School staff. and the entire member Church and congregation will be in charge of the services.
r 1' :' Her other activities Include ship of Ebeneter Methodist Senior Choir No. 2 of Mt.Calvary celebrating their anniversary -
-. membership In the League of Church eztenda warm Invitation Wednesday evening July 12th In the auditorium of the
Wpmen Voters, member oJ the church. Rev. C. E. Jenkins is
I) ; to the general public to participate pastor of Mr. Zion A.M.E. Is
T ",..Ry Board of Management of the in this service and the speaker for the oca
Jmaes W. Johnson YMCA, bear this outstanding leader. the speaker for the occasion along with his serving choir.
o member of the Executive

SALE! \ IM"..dr *M OODlIOILtsv eAVe r

Still In Progress \.ec: ;* iieI1dR!

'Prudential Bldlt.-San Marco's Village Vogue Lakewood San
'10"c Plans-phllpe Highway Plata -Southgate-Southslda DowntownGateway

E.tates-TOWII 6 Country, Arlington-Jacksonville Beach- Beef at its Best

Roosevelt MaU-Cdgevood A '.-Blinding Blvd.-Main
Street-Melbourne-Ocala: -Winter Park anrord-Palatb-
Msrrltflsland-Valdoita-Brunswkk-Regency Square

E Ei i

'' . . .. .. . . . -. .. .. . .. . . .

- ..- .-. -..- H

Wilkins Is Calm Recovering From InjuriesCLEVELANDCleveland Urban AreaStmcmilSAM

Raps Prattsville -r! "'' 1/ Ir'' r 1 j ,,- League
In Face Of Plot
man William 1.. Robersoa, son
.., Hires of David E. Robertson St., of
ATLANTA-K. Rap Brown National Chairman for SNCC To Kill Leaders Youth 2305 Woodland St., Jackson-
held a news conference recently to clarify the position of vile. Fla., has been selected

SNCC on the developments in Prattsvlile, Alabama, Autaugua NEW YOn -$1xteeD members J WASHINGTON-Negro youth hare been hired by the Urban' lor technical training at Lack-
County. of the radical Revolutionary r. League to help avert flareups In the most potent precincts land AFB, Tex., u a U.s.
On Sunday June 11, Stokely Carmlchael former SNCC Chairman Action Movement, arrested In Washington- this summer. Air Force air policeman.

was arrested by Kenny Hill on a charge of disorderly here June 21 In an alleged! plot I An angry Negro youth demands munity advisory councils. The airman recently com-.
conduct, after Mr. Carmichael had called out the slogan to assassinate prominent evil his car from a white garage But King says that: more communlcatlon -,, Dieted basic' training at Lack-
"Black Power" to some friends gathered at a meeting. The rights leaders and elected Negro service station owner and between youths and, ,7' 1.
police, who had been patrolling the area, were apparently officials apparently represent threatens to take it no matter adults must be established.
trying to stalk Mr. Carmichael with the hop>> of arresting "the most extreme of the who tries to stop>> him. "Young people>> can communicate -
him and provoking a disturbance. A crowd of friends and coworkers extreme elements among Negroes The service station owner tells with one another better than
gathered and exchanged words with the police In their ," according to Roy Wll- him he'll keep the car until adults can," King said, "and
efforts to determine the charges being levied agalnstlfr. CarmichaeL klns, the prime target of the 4 he Is paid for the repairs they can see trouble coming
Police attacked one news reporter and damaged the reported conspiracy "You people can have this and stop>> It before It starts.
equipment of Norman Lumpkln from Radio STatlon WRMA in "Over the years we have received station In six months" the The outline for summer action -
Montgomer. Shortly thereafter white klansmen riding down many threats. This,however owner says, "because Pm sick includes: Aiding residents
the main street began shooting from their cars; when black is the first time an alleged of this neighborhood. seeking or having difficulty obtaining
men returned the fire, the shooting stopped Later on that eve- threat has been reported This sort Incident In Wash- Jobs. Following up on
ning, crowds of klansmen accompanied by the police, entered from a Negro group" Mr.WU- ington and many other cities all youths who have been referredto
houses in the black community interrogating the occupants kiss, executive director of the over the Nation could blow the Jobs but who have never land. His new school is part
beating and sending home those person who were not in their NAACP, told newsmen after led this summer. But in this shown up for them, an aspect d the Air Training Command
own houses and forcibly sending persona who did not live in the Queens District Attorney's case, It does not materallte. that King gives high priority which conducts hundreds of
Prattvfflq to the hglbways. A mob of several whites Including office disclosed the arrests and Ed Preston, 18, a neighbor. since mist involved are young specialized courses to provide
klansmen and police surrounded the residence of Mr.Dan Hau- Indictments. hood troubleshooter Intervenes.In adults. technically trained personnel
ser, NAACP leader in Pratville trapping some 25 black people, At the news conference here 5 the argument before It gets Setting up a central communications for the nation's aerospace
mostly women and children, inside. When the people refused to June 21, the NAACP leader out of hand Preston Is a friend center towhlchany force '
come out; the crowd began shooting Into the house and shot out was calm, but conceded that of the youth and tells him he'll problems may be referred for Airman Robertson, a graduate -
fill street lights in the area amidst shots and screams. Finding disclosure of the alleged poll ''vr1a get help from the Urban League. discussion, additional advice or of New Stanton High School
themselves In a critical situation and their lives in danger a to assassinate him was a I .Io. 1 "I told him we could get help group action. attended Florida Judo* College
fewblack men began returning fire, which Is believed to have little unsettling. However he l 1 ,." from the program 1 work with, The group have met with, .

resulted in the wounding of five policemen. added firmly "we never allow _, _- ... .. Preston said, and he agreed police businessmen, lawyers, L . .
Eventually the mob entered the house ordered the occupants danger real or threatened, to n to try It my way" and United Planning organization '
outside and held server persons for almost an hour in front of Interfere with our work." Indians outfielder Rocky Colavlto Preston Is one of the 23 youths executives and the dialogue : :
the house with arms raised. After people were questioned Police said the fanatical death checks Tony Oliva, Minnesota Twins outfielder with a stetho- hired by the Urban League to has been lively. ..
through the use of beatings and pxyslcal intimidation, the following plot also Involved plans to mur- scope in hospital. Both are recovering from injuries sustained avert flareups in "potentially The attempt to gain a mutual 8 .
nine persons were arrested: Stanley Wise, Uzee Nunnery der Whitney M. Young Jr., in game Colavito injred his back running out a base hit in 7th tense" precincts this summer understanding of difficulties 0.;: ..
Tbeophllus Smith Julius Roberts Rev. James Harris exectuve director of the National Inning and Ollva suffered a bruslse over his right eye when he throughout the District. each group faces has surfaced BRAND NEW lit 4
Harber Willis Charlie bovine, Nathaniel Rduolph, and Horace Urban Leape.and others crashed Into a fence chasing a ball, also in Lonnie King form the Urban misunderstandings and! pro-
Morris. whose names were not Immediately / (UPI TELEPHOTO)) League spoke to the garage ,blems of ghetto living : 1967 VWSEDAN :
The black community of Prattbllle was concerned for the safety disclosed .. owner but couldn't g3t him to At the same session JamesW. '
of the arrested men becuase Charles Barberry a black James Farmer the former agree on anything. Hill, a NeighborhoodLegalSer-
man'was murdered In the same Prattvllle Janis February by head of the Congress of Racial Roy Wilkins Praises Eugene Davis' Preston said, "My friend vices lawyer was questioned .
the same policemen who arrested Carmlcahel. We in SNCC Equality said he had been Informed cooled down and decided to pay about what constitutes probable '169850DILIVIRED ..
became further concerned when we received inquiries from by police of the two- for the car this weekend He cause for searching people's .
member of the press Investigating a report that Carmichael year Investigation of RAM and Housing Ban Robbed In Home. felt he had been cheated by the pockets or entering houses. IN ,IAX"Thtfi .
had been killed Our concern was heightened by the fact that bad been told he was on the garage because he had already The group felt that too many: the
B.fl01 W' .
all of the lade men have been kept incommunicado by Prat- assassination list. NEW YORK.-NAACP Executive paid them $210 to fix !his tran- younts are being arbitrarily .
tville authorities and we were unable to get any reliable news Mr. Wilkins, whose organization Director Roy Wilkins has Eugene Davis, 53, of 640 Court misslco and it broke down the harrassed. /\:.VtjI .
of their physical condition or treatment. Mr. Hauser was severely has been in the forefront praised Defense Secretary Robert F, was beaten and robbed In following- week. When ha tank" Hill explained that probable .
beaten by poUcechased out oftown, is now in the St. of the civil rights movement S. McNamara's June 23 his home last week. it back, they Charred- n $85 cause is a legal procedure that Catlin-
Jude Hospital Montgomery and is in danger loosing sight for 58 years said "All of order that all segregated housing The victim stated that he was more" is used when police have reason .
In one of his eyes.Mr.John Holett of the Lowndes County Free- us in this movement are accustomed near the Andrews Air Force In a store in the 1000 block of: The program is the brainchild to believe and substantiatetheir : Griffin
dom Organization was beaten and chased out of town. to threats and real- Base in Maryland be placed oft W.Church St, where he made of King, Sterling Tucker actions .
We know that this entire incident was the result of deliberateand ise that they may be carriedout. limits in the future to military known that he was going to director of the Washington .
provocative violence on the part of the Prattvllle police We recognize this as an I personnel 2117 Park St., to pick St, to Chapter of the Urban League Freedom Tea Planned Volkswagen .
along with their brothers in the Ku Klux Wan. U this present occupational harard"Although Mr. Wilkins said the action, pick up a pair of special shoes and David Rusk, an associate CHICAGONPIThe( ) '. INC. .
breakdown of law and police lawlessness continues the black previous threats to I designed t o end housing discrimination from Dr. H.B. Haston. director."W International Tea 1st 1250 EAST 8th ST
community willbe forced to tat edefenslve measures and re- the NAACP leader "have all t tu against Negro ser- The suspect, known only to the envision the program not be held for Freedomwill 354.9093 .
taliate. Total rlolence will be result. For that reason we have turned ,out to be harmless," 1 vlcement.- YU "a welmm tu- victim as Robert, offered to only as community safety 3-7 Sunday Sept. 17,
called upon the Attorney General of the United States to act Mr. Wilkins recounted the difficulties ginning toward the correctionof take him out to, the doctor valve" King says "but a program Ballroom.p.m., the South Shore rmmmmvmmmi_ .!
Immediately. Mr. Ramsay Clarke was sent the following tel- and dangers he encountered a shameful discrimination." for $2.00 and Davis agreed that will touch all the pro
egram: during an extended The evil rights leader called After they left the doctors blems of ghetto life;
We direct your attention to the lawless and criminal invasion tour of Mississippi" in the USD's for similar actions in other office the suspect suggestedthat The youths have been recruited ANYTHING
of the Negro community by Prattvllle, Alabama pUce and while disguised as a drifter parts of the country to enforce they buy a bottle to drink from seven precincts considered IN CONCRETE '
Klansmen. We charge that vices and legal rights of several investigating o- light of Negroes off-base desegregation by military and Davis said ok. After they "tense"by the program DRIVEWAYS, PATtOSIIDIWALKS.ILAIS.ITC.DRIVEWAYS .
Negroes were vollated. We can document several instances. displaced by floods. Detection fiat "It emphasizes how got the bottle they went to directors. They are M, 9th,
Ten Negroes being held Incommunicado In Prattvllle Jail, could have meant death much remains to be done to Davis' house to drink andwatch 10th, llth, 12th, 13th, and 14th. 119"
where in recent months at least one Negro has been murderedby by white racist mobs in those correct the same injustice at TV. Davis said he fell asleepon The chief !task of the youths ? ., .,

police. We urge that you Investigate conduct of police act days. hundreds of bases throughoutthe the sofa and when he wokeup will be to give citizens a chance duality Prodoct-Cmranteil, .liriuuiBiit-CKtinir JitWactoi,
immediately* to protect rights of Negro population and to pro Mr. Wilkins cited a list of country" Mr. Wilkins ad- he found Robert hovering to air grievances. CET THE VERY BEST FOil LESS!
of violence against innocent NAACP staff members and ded. over him putting his wallet Police Chief John B. Layton,
J'oalelttmeirbnmes'Failure: of federal government to act ,volunteer\ local officials who)had 'L.Authortiatlvejource8, at ''the t back into his pocket. who has been approached on the JACK PARSONS CONCRETE CONTRACTING
to ensure Justice will encourage violence by white racists been killed In the performance Pentagon said one reason for The suspect then grabbed a plan Is taking a wait-and-see '..I' SIS
and leave Negro community no alternative but self defense. of their civil rights activities: the decision to take action at shoe from the table and beganto attitude. He points out that the ; Woodruff Avenue 314-1516...
Responsibility for peace In months to come rests with your Harry T. More, Florida field this time was a feeling by Mr. beat Davis in the head telling precincts already have a com All Tfpti Financing Available
department. Request that you Inform us of action you take. secretary 1951; Rev George McNamara and other Defense him that "you aren't going
Documented letter to follow W. Lee, president, of the Bel- officials that It was intoler- to live to tell nobody nothing.
H. Rap Brown, Chairman, SNCC. zoni, Miss., Branch,1955; Med- able that the large number of Davis told police he tried to
We gave also called upon the major civil rights organizations gar W. Evers Mlsslsslppifleldscretary Negro servicemen returning defend himself but be was ly-.I
to unite in the defense of the black community in Prattvllle.The ;Vernon Dahmer from Vietnam should have to fag down and was overpowered
text of the telegram sent to these organizations is available. vice president Hattlesburg. accent such discrimination- bY the susoect Robert the
We'profoundly hope that a complete and Impartial investigation Miss., Branch, 1966; and Wbai "Thousands of servicemen; ," left the bouse, Davis reported,
ofthese Incidents will be made by the Justice Department lest Jackson, treasurer Natchez Mr. McNamara said, "are being taking with him $18.00 cash that
and that appropriate charges will be brouth against the klansmen Miss., Branch 1967. subjected to humlllatlngdlscrlmlnatlon he got from him.
and police responsible for the violence. We demand that In Congressional testimony by refusal of land- Davis stated that Mrs. B. of
Atty. General Clarke take this action. Unlessthls isdone the made public last month FBI lords to rent them apartments 1063 W. Church St., knows the
black community of Prattvllle as well as blacks throughoutthe Director J. Edgar Hoover described because of race or creed." suspect and also that the wo-
South will know that their rights will not be protected by RAM as "a highly secret man who live 644 Court F mow
the legal str of this country an will move to protecg all-Negro Marxist-Lenin the suspect.

their rights Many means necessary.The ist, Chinese Communist- Davis is now on parole under NO CASH NEEDEDfor
responsibility for what happens this summer In the South oriented organization dedicatedto Jobs For Negroes the supervision of Mr. Thomas
rests, in large measure upon whatever positive action the Federal the overthrow of the capitalist M. Sweat, Jr.Howard, qualified
Government takes In this situation. Lyndon Baines Johnson system in the U.S. by property owners
has a bill beforeCongress concerning Crime in the Streets" violence U necessary. Demanded By NAACP, i1 i rl! THof t right! There's no shortage of matt I
which Is directed against America's black communities. We In Philadelphia, police announced U. Senior T, gag money when Jim Walter builds r-
In SNCC would strongly suggest that L.B.J. should be personally the arrest Friday June ( new horn*. 100% financing b available to
concerned with directing his attention the lawless whites 23, of eight persons whom they PLAINFIELD N.J,....Offlcers Awarded qualified property owners building 'hornet
of Autaugua County since his wife, Lady Bird, owns one of described as members RAM. of the Plalnfleld N.J., Branch Scholarship F lcyG through the Corporation. Choose from our
the largest plantations in he county. Of the eight three were released of the NAACP have notified more than 21 high quality low cod'home

,- four charged with vagrancy Rutgers University that Federal WASHINGTON A HowardUmversltj
and later released, and officials will be urged senior has been a- y4
Uncle Sam ha a coupl of one held on a charge of carry to insure emplyment of Negroes warded a full scholarship for
plans to make your money a* lug a concealed weapon a knife on" multl-mittion dollar graduate work in nuclear engineering new Crane
'b easy to lave ai it i i. to spend,' Robert Williams who is now construction projects underway by the Air Force Institute i wa our. '
of Technology. He is : a
There' the Payroll SavingsPlan living in Communist China Is on the campus. Jfa aE
Lester L. Lyles of 835 Fiftieth
reported to !have been the first
where work. And the "To put It bluntly we inted
you leader d RAM. He fled from to see black faces among the Place, northeast Washington,
Dond-a-Month Plan where you this country to Cuba In 1961 contraction workers when the D.C.

bank. while ,under charges of hold- Rutgers buildings go up" said Lyles will graduate from theUDlversity' r
'Ing a Monroe N.C. white School of Engineering E _
couple spurgeon Cameron, acting gb ----- -----2-------- _
hostage to force the NAACP and Architecture in
release president, In a recent
February 1968 with a B :helor rM a W..". t1eNDSOR
of civil letter to
Negro rights de- Rutgers Vice Presi-
of Science In Mechanical
monstrators. Engineering '
dent Malcolm
The 16 suspects were charged NAACP officers had charged degree lie may use Build the Jim Walter way
with advocating criminal any that labor unions working on scholarship to pursue amaster's
and to degree in nuclear engineering it's practical
chy conspiracy advocate university projects were discriminating -
at the
criminal anarchy. Thirteen against Negroes his choice. university of Budget planning b practical and Jim Walter unique home owns,' plan help you maintain your
were accused also of conspiracy Craft unions Involved In the dis In addition fo the scholarship budget by allowing you to purchase your home built to virtually any itage of compl.tlonoffer ring you
to commit arson and seven 'putelacludetheplumberssheetmetal Lyles will receive a the opportunity to make big dollar tavlngi by doing tome of the Interior finishing yourself. You may purchase
acL.oRvuW.t sC and'.11'Xuew' s" with possession of dangerous workers,pipefitters electrical U.S. Air Force commission regular package of Interior finish materials and Install them yourself purchase them Installed by Jim
: + Two of the defendants Walter.. or make own for Interior
weapons. workers ironworkers your arrangements completion Sure rfi work, but the saving b worthwhile
were accused of conspiracy ''and operating engineers rather than the usual reserve ... and saving you money li the Jim Walter way.
to commit murder Mr. Cameron also reminded commission, upon being graduated Whether you choose the bask shell. home or one more complete,everything f financed 100". Stop by your i
Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Young Rutgers officials that Labor from Howard. The regular nearest Jim Walter office: today and check the Jim Walter way.That new home b practically yours
A REPEAT OF A SELLOUT commission will give him the I
u the prospective victims. Secretary Willard Wirts had
THIS WEEKS lEST IVY Seized with the prisoners were ordered $43 million in Federal status of a U.s. Air Force

Fresh 79 C more than 30 weapons Including funds shut off in the Cleveland Academy graduate WIIKINDSStaaM M vAU rINs mau.rNr II
SHRIMP . Lb. a machine Ohio, area because A 1963 graduate McKinley -. I
more of discrimination.
: -
C H rW erf Meyeert te e M stneini enr 4iwriMe tlitunnee.itaf High School WashlngtonD.C;
v.MI.N, fee < : .. er whetevM. A Sniff .M".WP than a 1,000 rounds of ammunition .
Me ..... "We Lyles has been studying under
explosive 275 believe that
packets providing
an Air Force Reserve
of heroin, radio receivers Jobs for Negroes is a more Officers 6 3-
SPECIAL TREAT FOR THE FAITHFUL and transmitters walkie- .important goal than having Rutgers Training Corps financial assistance -- I
talkies and grant at Howard for, -
subversive literature. University meet its construction :: -
YELLOW ROE the past two years. The grant &
deadlines and
will ;
79'' The Indictment charged! that,, enlist the aid of the Federal we covers. .full.tuition,cost of_books :2
MULLETFLASH LI. the defendants bad formed a:' Government to achieve our uciaemai Ices plus a stipend Ito HAVIN lb.WWea'
FROZEN, UmtttJ Am..nt. rifle and pistol club "to be .rial." the letter stated. of $50 per month. He is a Cell, w,u. sr ce.. e, r'.s.F
member of the Howard
used u a cover and front for In closing his letter Mr. chapterof
legal possession of weapons." Cameron said that "the pre- the American Association JIM WuTEi COIroRATIDN 'J's
: d Mechanical
FANCY LIVING '-' wnttoo of riots In our cities Engineers the w (M M fir etewLy )
S 00
BIG JIM CRABS . DOZ. 1 '.lies in Jobs not in sprinklers student tecture Engineering Association and Archie; i.. UttelebiewHOT'ebeuyeorMUhfeee'rMncl. ie'eMeireee
and the apSM.PIeeies > alMle*
IUSHI HOM Bit. INLTT on the streets during the long AF-ROTC WS AM OTtN ON SUMOAT J IJ IntamrU i.Oi...
; $By U.S. hot drill team. | I
summer I
.. Lyles It married to the former rjHMe dCeHoee
university is obligated Mils McGraw a nativeof Jar, Fla.. .32205 Tallahassee, Fla. aI NA i.
by law 32670, --" I
FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT to insure that Germany and an employeeof 1281 W. Beaver St.1 isio W. Tenn. SL| I ADORnS
.unions contractors and Howard. His parents are p. O. Box GZ48PIooe:3t181585 I p. 0. Box413 I p> Box 934 CITY .nAT!.
HAM WHITI U. $1.50 CLAW .. ...IB. fl.lj comply with fair employment Mr. and Mrs Ambrose I
CeckMf Reset* U. $I.IS All Laws .. .."* fr-OO Federal Government codes outlined by the His mother U also employedat Lyles. Phone: f24.0194 Phooe: BZ2 Btlt fah tail--'sW Y i L..MI s *-r.'

the University.



... ... n--: .......-. .. . n..HH. .. .H..HH..Hn.n..n..n. ... .. .. .. nO. .


.. .. .n STAR PAPERS .

Your Good Health NEWS DIGESTINFRO Will! .... ,Run. For. Mayor Of Clevelandl3rrI To Be Equal

CHICAGO COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH network world-wide Information -

background material on activities "
t !
CANCERPart1)( ) of the UN and affiliated { ,. was a time when mod American quit school early

Much at the contusion that exists over the nature of cancer Is agencies to help support their families, but now most Americans

due to the facrthat it Is not a single dlesease but group of complete high school and many go on to collep. Those who

diseases. AH cancers, however, alter the microscopic appearance TO BE OR NOT leave school before they finish are called dropout daft
of the Involved cells and cause them to multiply In NAHA, Okinawa -((NPI) like the word. It gives a wrong picture of what

a disordered way. Quietly but Insistently, a discussion actually happens to these kids. Pd rather !

Whereas a benign tumor Is confined within a well-defined growing over whether aw call them "pushouts", because they leave school

boundary, a cancer pushes through the boundary of one organ the remote Ryukuyu Islands will not because of any great defect in themselves,.
to Invade nearby organs. Furthermore, cancer cells may remain for a time under U.s. but because the educational system Just doesn't

break away from the Initial tumor and be carried by the blood control or revert. either at t\i mate the effort needed to motivate them and

stream to a dlstanct organ and start secondary or metastatic once or gradually to Japanese I' teach them. .

turmor. control According to reports, 1 Negro youngsters attending ghetto schools lean at a very

Despite extensive research, we do not yet know exactly how the Ryukuyuans most of whom '4,1, early age that society stacks the cards against them and they

cancers are acquired. Low-grade chronic irritations appearto are said to prefer being called rr are smart enough to observe that the Negro high school graduate
be factor In their This irritation be Oldnawans favor becoming a
one production. may has the same unemployment rate as the "dropout".
heat, as In the case of cancer of the lips, seen more often "prefecture (state)" of Japan. ti mid is a serious problem, because only by continuing
in smokers than In nonsmokers.It The chain consists of
Ryukuyu sit 4h ;1 their education can they hope to gettdecent Job and escape the
may be mechanical, as In the case of cancer of the tongue, some 20 or more Islands. poverty they have known all their lives. But most educational
seen in persons whose neglected teeth have rough jagged edges. bureaucratic natures
systems are by their unresponsive to the
Or it may be chemical, as in the case of skin cancer, occurring BIAS INCREASE handle the
needs of the disadvantage. They can averagestudent
in who to certain oils In their LONDON (NPICurrent reports -
persons are expesed or dyes can't with the
pretty well, but they Just cope special
work. compiled by the government attention needed by disadvantaged youngsters raised L a
Cancer of the skin Is also seen In persons who have spent appointed race relations povertystricken racial ghetto.
to direct actinic from the board have it that there has
many years exposed rays sun.
The New York Urban League has a program
Another of is radiation either from been Increase la the
predisposing cause cancer a steady
which should serve as a model for every ghetto in the country.
long:or frequent exposure to X-rays, or to radium or or number of complaints of racial called
The League has set up storefront schools, street
board still
radioactive discrimination. The
Recnet studies indicate that some forms of cancer maybe in its operating Infancy, ,noted CLEVELAND.OHIO Rep. Carl Stokes, watched by his wife, Shirley, announces at academies, which enroll teenagers who have been "pushed-
conference June 16 that he will run for the office Mayor of Cleveland for the out" of the regular school system. League staffers give the
caused by a virus. If this is so, we can say that unlike other that 78 complaints have been a news ,
virus diseases, cancer is not transmitted from one person to received wJUhlng the past two second time. Stokes came within, 2,143 votes of ousting Democratic Mayor Ralph Locher students remedial work, discuss their problems with them,
another directly or Indirectly by an observable means. Nor months-mostly relatingtobias two years ago. He has not declared whether be will run as a Democrat or an Independent. and motivate them to go to college. For those kids who are

is there any evidence that it is a hereditary desease, deo lU in pubs (taverns) and employment (UPI TELEPHOTO) homeless, the League bas rented apartments in the neighborhood
and "dormitories" and
they serve as places where
the fact that It does at times occure in two or more member
> students can study.
of a family.
Finally, I would not want to give the impression that, be. LAST FIGHT LBJ Honors This personalized attention has paid off. Over thirty of these

cause too much exposure to the sun, X-ray, and other hazard LONDONNPl)-Far away Core Calls For kids, labelled "unteachable" or "disciplinary problems" by

may cause cancer, you should avoid all exposure of these from his homeland Patrick B. Arkansas Y oulhWASlUNGTON.D.C. the school system, have gone to college. Over 60 other were
in schools and will
things. Moderate exposures to the sun is beneficial, and it Duncan, white newsman, onetime prep eventually attend college.
isn't the patient who has an X-ray 3 or 4 tlmees a year who British colonial official, Edward The League has plans to operate its own pre school In cen
the risk and of former British Major ChangesThe tral Harlem, an area of 300,000 people which doesn't even
runs of cancer but the doctors and nurses who son
Leroy Whltfleld president of have it own high school That way graduates of the street
work with X-ray equipment every day. Governor in South Africa, died the Arkansas NAACP Youth
In a future column I will discuss some aspects of the modern in Westminister hospital recently academies won't have to depend on scholarships to out.
treatment of cancer. of aplastlc anemia,at the Council, was among ten Negroes Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) calling the 1967 of town prep schools.
cited this year as Presidential Convention "the most Mr. Eugene Callender the League's executive
age of 48. A refugee since 1962 Constitutional significant opportunityfor director,
from South Africa for fighting Scholars social and political change in N.Y. State's history" to- says: "Our premise is that 70 percent of the teenagers in'

.BRING YOUR NEWS against the apartheid system, After meeting the President for social and political change In N.Y. State's history" deprived areas have the capacity to attend junior college
RAPIDTV in a White House ceremony, announced its issues the Con or college." Thanks to discrimination
he was editor-publisher of the recently position on facing poverty, and the
TO THE FLORIDA STAR banned Mr. Whltfleld, a graduate of vention. failure of the educational system, they don't.
SERVICE newspaper, Little Rock's Central High Lincoln Assoc. Nation Integrated education In the public How long Is America to waste
author Lynch, prepared the lives of Its
of "South Africa's Rule
I Service Calli $2. '2323 MONCRIEF RD. School said he will attend Cor- schools. State aid to nonpublic -
,of Violence," and one-time national Director of CORE, at a young people in this way? The potential of youths in the ghetto
HMMI| A.u"b. MUST BE IN organizer for the Liberal nell University to prepare him- press conference in Albany this schools at this time would is great; we need to direct it and develop It. The street
Phone 724-1167 self to become social, adversely affect the public edu-
a re-
set forth CORE'S academies point the to
BY 4 P.M. TUES. party. morning position way solvingthe problem.Their teachers,
former. on"basic issues affectingthe cation systems In New York. Negroes and whites, have built a rapport with the students
State. Public education is theState'l
lives of some 2 million unsurpassed in other schools, because they really care.

Black people in N.Y. State". primary responsibility. The youngsters who are part of thlsprogram are real heroes,
"Full use of the State's resi- CORE therefore recommendsthat the kind you don't often read about in newspapers which pay

"YOUR DOLLAR dual powers" Mr. Loch said, an amendment be made to more attention to the kid who throws a rock in a riot than to
from the the educational provisions restraining the kid who burns the
quoting position paper midnight oil studying to get ahead.
BUYS MORE CORE set Convention aid for private and One of the students
has to each at the academy spoke at a meeting
I delegate, "can enable N.Y. private-sectarian schools or honoring Frederick Douglass. He said: "Frederick Douglass'

: / AT YOUR BANNER to meet the urgent problemsof similar educational .Institu- stressed education, but he also stressed self-knowledge.

1 the present and the challenging tions. He reminds us that the man who knows himself is the man
problems of the future. CORE finally believes that no who can remove any obstacle."

FOOD STORE" "This Convention", he continued state aid of any kind should be These young people are removing the obstacles placed

fleW determine the state's given directly or indirectly to in their way by a hostile society which would rather condemn

RIGHTS RESERVED PRICES GOOD THRU SATUIID't.IR.S8Y' role in guaranteeing suffrageand any institution other than public then help disadvantaged people It takes real guts to go back
equal representation, In institutions. to school and start again, more guts than It takes to stand
protecting the basic rights of Per pupil aid should reflect: on a street corner and curse fate. My hat is off to these proud
SWEET BISCUIT JENEL39C all citizens In encouraging local a basic minimum modified upward wonderful youngsters.
N [ initiative and in finding in those areas where basic .
new ways to attack the growing learning skills 'are demonstrated '*< I

I FLOUR crisis in our cities." to be ,below the state. Education
1. Simplification average.
Simplification of the State Constitution -- --.-
-essential.. The my- Financial assistance to needy
riad detailed provisions have persons is hereby declared to ACCUSED minate racial segregation la

limited not extended the possibility be necessary to the promotionof WASHINGTON-(NPI>. The Connecticut schools." The assembly -

5 LBS CANS'28C' of change.In public health and welfare President's Crime Commission directed the Legislative -

FOOD ORDER the area of housing for ex- and the protection of the rightto has accused the nation's public Commission on Human

ample, the present Constitution life of the citizens and residents school systems of contributing Rights and Opportunities to
5 LB. BAG has ten sections under of this state. Every to the Increase in Juvenile delinquency "study the problems of racial

Article XVIJI, all of which needy person lacking sufficient Its report said segregation In the schools of

should be replaced by one means to support himself, schools force some studentsto the state..and advise as to

simple provision which requires either in whole or In part, drop out by labeling them what corrective steps may properly -
liMIT ONE PLEASE WITH $$10.00 OR DETERGENT .I that the state shall foster should be granted by the state troublemakers and maters and be taken.STUDENT .

I the public welfare and general such financial assistance as is assuming beforehand they are
MORE FOOD ORDER health of all its citizens necessary to enable him to slow learners. "The schools MEETINGWASHINGTONNPI

2. Home Rule maintain a reasonable sub- have not adequately adapted to The

NESCAFE INSTANT All municipalities, counties, sistence compatible with decency new social and economic conditions National Student Association

COFFEE C towns, villages and communities and health. No such grant with the result that will'look at "Problems of Ne-
10 oz. LIMIT 1 WITH PLEASE WITH 48 hould have the right of self- should be denied, terminated, these shortcomings contribute gro Higher Education" and

LIMIT 1 WITH $5.08 98c determination in all aspects or reduce except in accordancewith to heightened delinquency," the other subjects at the 20th National -
$5.00 OR MOB FOOD ORDER GIANT without undue Interference from due process of law, including commission said Student Congress to beheld

OR MORE FOOD ORDER :the state legislature. A pro- the opportunity for a Aug. 13 -26 on the University
vision such as this, gives New fair bearing before action is CHANGE??? of Maryland's College-

York City for example Home taken. YELLOW SPRINGS, O.-(NPQ) Park campus. The major focus.
Rule over its own fiscal affairs Antioch college has been Investing of seminars will be subjects

etc. in companies that do like "The War on Poverty,"
PICNIC 4 3. SuffrageThe A&T Professor Gels business with the Union of South' "New Directions InClvllRlgbtS

59C NuMB.LB. 39C sole qualifications for voting Africa. But the policy may Movemen," "Discrimination

LB, should be citizenship, age change, thanks to the Intervention in the University," and "The
and residence. We strongly 56,000 For Research of about SO students, who Military and the Negro"

FLORIDA GRADE "A" LARGE AZALEA ALL MEAT recommend that the minimum entered a closed meeting of
Toting age be reduced to 18 college's board of trusteesand OPPOSED
years and that the only residency GREENSBORO, N.C.<-A pro- asked the board to take a FRESNO, Calif. -(NPI-
$1 I 59C fessor at AIT College hasbeen ,stand against South African
EGGS BOLOGNA'l requirement be 90 daysin Mandatory school desegregation
a:: awarded a $56,576
grant by
3 DOZ. : the state.should All literacy abolished.requirements the Council for Tobacco ,ResearchtEA ;i I they'd apartheid.consider The the trustees matter.said P. Adams has been, California opposed by Republican Frank-

to conduct
a research -
CORE urges the convention Assembly president
project over a period :STUDY
delegates to require perman- PLANNED Adams said be could stomach
"DOLLAR' SPECIALS" ent personal registration of the next three years. BRIDGEPORT, Conn.-(NPI)- desegregation as long u it
HUNT Announcement of receipt of The
the state state's general assembly wasn't forced other
throughout to be Included by busing or
$ in the Constitution and the grant was made this week |has called for an immediate means, The legislative leader
COCKTAIL 11300 by Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy
5 not to be left to the discretion prei i study to eliminate racial segregation proposed a period of "educa
sldent of the college. Director ; in schools.The NAACP tlonal
of the legislature. gradualism" to avert an'"unnatlooal
DEL MONTE of the project is Dr. Nalter' said
CORE endorses a direct statewide i the assembly's study situation caused
primary for selecting M. Chopra, professor of chemistry '"must be followed by the action by forced Integration

PINEAPPLE-GRAPEFRUIT DRINK 3 46 OI state-wide candidates with the to In,ISA!who!* Joined the All T faculI I necessary to finally ell

I system to be determined ..
by ..:
According to Dr. Chopra, the --- -
) the state legislature. The selection -
PET study alms to determine the
I of judlcal candidates
I breakdown of ''
products pestl
6 should be removed from the You Don't Have To Co tiedti
EVAPORATED MILK TAll CANS political arena"CORE' rides, commonly used by tobacco To Town to

firm belief in the producers, and how they
may be affecting the health of LOW PRICESDRUG
one man-one-vote principle.The'guarnatee .
OSAGE .. .. those who smoke.
of suffrage is
: : .' < 5 The professor said that since
FIELD #303 meaningless In gerrymandered .
PEAS :: ,/ districts, in the inner cities, tobacco is neither a food nora STORE NEEDS
there is limit to
'; : ',I in populous suburbs, and In which a pesticide be Trade with Tour Neighborhood Drag StoriWE
may pre-
FIRESIDE y(:, ;J: :! ,, PKG I any areas where this principle sent In cigarette smoke. Recently WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL
is not
Germany has Imposed Papers. We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.
Of 12 The Constitution should guarantee limitations on the amount of'

to all residents of New pesticides which may be pre
sent in tobacco smoke and it
York State the right to Dixie
SCOTT a com- is likely that the i2JJA will Pharmacy
plete public education.. ArticleXI
TOWELS 'i BIG should be strengthened beyond follow suit.
; The research will
.3: study begin
t : ROILS.'I the present "common this summer.
j schools" to assure each resi-
: ., A graduate of Punjab University 1302 Kilts Roil At
\ ( Myrtle
dent equal educational
in Lahore India, (now la .
PIG tunity to the maximum each Chopra;
Of Pakistan), Dr. receivedthe

TISSUE ,' ", 4 2 RiLLS can benefit PhJ). degree from the University Pints : '
< ,The Congress of Racial of Dublin and participated Elfii 5 55)7 98 < / ,

I :"J Equality is opposed to public in post-doctorlal work at

FAULTLESS aid for education and students the University of Toronto, PAY YOUR LICIT WATER {;
I la non-public schools. All public -
3 15 OZ where he conducted a study .lf1|
SPRAY STARCH efforts must be concentrated :
oa "Carclnogenle Substancesin .
on a gels,of quality .:, : : TELEPHONE t..
I.M Tobacco BILLS AT '
Smoke: I STItft. ., >,;
"" %IL ;,'t

: : .J

.. .. . . .
4. : ." ,.
--.t..L.I..L.l.r.. .1..wdly..rtlw.fwL1t11__'J J_ ...J' J... .. _'.'j_'.'.'. -'-' .. '"

... .. .. ... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. r .. 1" T .. .. '1" .,. ,. .. r r 1" 1 .. r r T .. .. .. ... r ... ... .. .. ... ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. ..- r.. ) I .. iT .. ... .. ...... .. .. ....-:-. .- c c. ..III


r4 1 !
1 4 .
1I 1I I 1

(S 7rx"Y 'W,.ypl pr; 1I I
j rt i .4+t1 -+

I Since You Asked Me Moon Over MiamiBY Ballplayers-.......-Wives- Flashing Smiles Bare Foot-Notes

From Maine to Malibu, simmer -
Is sandal season. Getting
LONNIE PRUITT MIAMI BEACH-Less than 100 years ago the shores of Miami ready to wear sandals takes
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALDEAR Beach went for weeks without the Imprint of a human foot. It preparation, as feet have beenunder

was then a lovely, remote place, and like Its modern counterparts likely need cover some up to pampering1.now and most

LONNIE: I feel kind of lost. Pm graduating but I of lovely, remote places practically Impossible to reach. a 1 Now until fall, beauty care
don't know what I am going to do after I finish. I can't make should include a foot-flattering-
up my mind whether to work or go to school. I bate school. Along these sands now are Includes a dozen or more nightclubs routine. The start of Foot Comfort
I could hardly make graduation. But I don't know where I can hotels and apartment buildings plus greyhound racing : Week. June 17, is a good
get a Job. I don't know what to do. with a capacity of nearly at the Miami Beach Kennel time routine to begin Is continued,but make for sure the the results

Undecided 150,000 visitors The beach Is Club. you want.
less than a day's travel from Fishing activity Increases at Dr William M, Scholl a
LOOK UP THE ADDRESS OF THE state employment office. any part of the United Statesby night during summers. The va- world-famous foot authority,
Go there and register. Ask some of your buddies who plan to air, and within two or three vatloner will find several part recommend. scrubbing the feet
days by automobile from most boats making regular offshore dally in hot, soapy' water with apedicure
work to tell you where you might get hired. Ask your parents, brush. Dry; them care
your minister, your neighbors and you relatlves..to suggest areas east of the Rockies. No trips, leaving dock at about fully, and smooth out any
places you might get t Job. After you work awhile you may longer Is Miami Beach remote, 1 p.m. Most of the reef< but It still retains the fish as weU as tarpon a 'k or At
get over hating school.If,o,you can always go nights, or some beauty lag bedtime prUIrch.;
thing. freshness of earlier times. are more active at night at this moiitur-
To the the Atlantic Is good catchesnapper 01 tang cream to keep feet soft
eas a season, so Once month
a trim toenailsstraight
eec sun-dimpled blue, to the roost grouper and snook remade I across with a nail nip
Biscayne Bay's green watersare frequently after the sun per. Apply cuticle remover to
dotted with sailing craft has set. However, daytime remains nails and gently push back the
DEAR LONNIE: Could you tell me why I have to put up with ,
outboards and Winteror the only time such pelagic ,cuticle with an orangewood
my sister? She can't wait for me to leave In the morning before skiers. stick wrapped in cotton. Then
she gets In my things. She wears all my things and get them summer the palms,grass and species as martin, sailfish apply a light, shining polish. s
dirty. Should I buy a lock? shrubs ar e green flowers In and dolphin can be taken. Arch-lift sandals, with built- "
Indignant .bloom. Special summer events still in support,will rive your newly
Visitors In most hotels have ahead Include the Miss Universe /n. pampered feet the comfort they

YES, If. YOU CAN get away with it. Will your parents let swimming pools outside their Beauty Pageant, finals of which / deserve fashion touch, and to add summer a finishing attire.

you do that? Doesn't your sister have her own th.1npIt's door, or are within a blockor are to be held July 15,and Miami -l -
two of one of the 10 oceanfront Beach's first orchid show, to
awfully bad to have to lock up your things in your own home,
but If that would teach her to ask for what she wants, and to parks In which two miles be staged in the city's giant "FASH.IONAllEAGJE" -- Mrs. Yogi 1 Berra ( left)) and Mrs. Penny
take of beach !Is reserved for swim- Convention hall Aug. 36. The! Reynolds with Charles Williams of
care of It, maybe that's a good way. : visit vice president Schenley
ming. A stroll along Lincoln latter will be In conjunction I Distillers Co. In Shea Stadium's Diamond Club In New York right The
... Mall is a walk through a subtropical with the American Orchid So good sports are here!
patio lined with stores ciety's Eastern Conference, before they joined lU other met baseball player wives to pinchhit Summer'sports clothes that

and smart shops. A cruise which will draw an attendance as models in Jerry Silverman fashions at the annual Dubonnet are "in" without being far
DEAR LONNIE: Every time I read a story thaf real scaryI through the city's inland waterways of several thousand. The show Wine, Food & Fashion show luncheon. The event Is held each year out, that can keep their cool
That I
can't when horror
Do you think sleep. am nervous happens? Also, I hate see to a sleep In movietoo.the dark. reveals vistas of modern will be the only truly world to raise funds for the care of Indigent patients at the Flushing on the hottest days, and do it

If there Isn't a light on, I Just can't get to sleep. I even wake building and homes tucked In wide display of its kind ever Hospital & Medical Center which Is loctted near the stadium and with style.
In the United I shorts and mini,skirt all with
flower held In
grdens. summer ,
Is the Mets1 wives pet charity.
up If the light Is turned off. Do you think I am nervous?
Wondering Public recreation facilities Include States. dropped waist and a wide,
two tennis centers, three All this Is Indeed a change 1+ 'hip-hugging belt. Topping
YES. But you have evidently worked out a way to manage 1I
your nervousness. All you have to do Is stop reading horror golf course, four community from even 5C years ago, when I them oft is a sleeveless top
centers i Beach had but one or with narrowed
a flshlngplerandnumerous Mlara shouldersover
I that'stoo
stories and stop seeing horror movies. don't think
two small hotels and when very Beach Shorts
hard. And If you have to have a light on, Just leave It on, parks playgrounds. -
had either the timeor
there is few
Additionally the persons
will Insist It
I that's all. Of course your parents probably on

I being a very dim light, but If thaf the only problem, you can free municipal daily,and Garden the cityoperatedBass Center, open arduous the money Journey to to undertake this pristinebut the: MIAMI BEACH, FLA.-A world review of feminine beautygirls the CBS network

probably handle it, can't you? Museum of Art. primitive paradise. Now the I from 70 countries and every continent--will be on display Other holiday attraction provide diversion fA plenty for tile
In the Miami Beach auditorium July 12 and 15. Miami Beach vlsitor,
travel Is and the accommodations -
Every summer municipal easy
is the scene of Sunday as modern and as I So, if that trip around the globe didn't pan out this year, The auditorium Is the scene each Sunday evening through
If you want to ask a question, send It to "Since You Asked evening concerts of popular economical as any to be found I some solace at least may be found in the Miss Universe con Augest of a concert, admission prices starting at JLM
Me," Negro Press International, 5708 South State Street, music eac h featuring one or anywhere. test and other sights In and about this vacation city by the Saturday right concerts also are given In the Marine Ita-.
Chicago, Illinois, 60621. sea. dium, reached in about 20 minutes via Rlchenbacker
more guest stars as soloists. causewar.
Other after-dark diversion Current Miss Universe Is Margareta Arvidson of Sweden, Swimming either alolll the public beaches or at hotel pool-
New Nectarine Vegetable Salad who checked In last summer at five feet, eight inches, 121 cabana dean, Is but steps other water sports quickly and

pounds and wearing brown hair. Although the panel of Judges easUy arranged Ashore, three municipal golf courses and
Miss is international, most of the winners have been above five two tennis centers are open to play by vacationers.
Bahamas 67" feet, six Inches. One notable and harming exception was A score or mor. night clubs assure variety In evening

,. Miss Thailand of two; )'ear'l ago, who kwalked away the entertainment. Greyhound racing will be conducted at the
> ; "'j>,o f i Mtam Beach
fiThe | : Kennel Club
,.A crown tblt1' c. through Sept, l. More than tOO .
: girls make four public appearances. These are /eating places, several open: M hours live Choice ot food
pageant opening ceremonies !In Miami's Bayfroot park the at prices comparable to those back homS. Many of the larger
a evening of July 9; the two evenings of official Judging the hotels offer a modified American plan for about $4 a day per
C Miami Beach auditorium, and at the Coronation ball July Rates
16. But they will be busy from July 7 onward for hotel and apartment accomodatlons are at their

Rehearsals and fittings for swimsuits begin July 8, and lowest In summer, range from an economical |8 a day for
rehearsals start in earnest July 10. All the girls, In groups, two for a hotel room to J15 or $20 for the most luxurious
meet with the Judges at luncheion to give the Latter a close- Apartment rentals begin at less than $100 a month, offer u
up on points of personality and charm. wide a selection II do the botels.World .

Finals of the pageant, with all the girls appearing In native

costume, swimsuits and evening gowns, will be telecast live
v News


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -(NPI>-;The Missouri Commission
Here li a really wonderful salad for summer meals It's crisp on Human Rights Inteds to see It that public swimming pools
and fresh and colorful
Nectarines succulent, those rd tasting and gold beauties now.in our markets EMORY G. DAVIS, D. D. throughout the state will be open to the public, without discrimination
from California give this salad Its "something special" quality. NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALRIOT this summer Towards this end, the commission
The unusual combination of this Juicy, golden fruit with raw LJr will conduct an educational program designed inform owners
cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and green pepper makes this salad "'rrv POWER: PRO AND CON and operators of public swimming pools and lakes of th"tirobligations

.. ft party conversation It.s easy to piece double as well the recipe as a crowd and you'll pleaser find for that a its summer good \\AsV. Negro and white ministers responded in large numbers to to admit all persons without discrimination, u

,- with all your favorite barbecued meats. the call of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., last year to come to required by the state's Public Accommodations Act.
Picnic tipNectarines: Chicago's West Side to patrol the streets after the first nightof
._ are Ideal for out-of.hand eating because you dont rioting.
need to remove their colorful, tender and satin-smooth skins DEPLORABLE
Despite the fact that many wore clerical attire, we were advised -
NECTARINE BARBECUE SALAD to also wear a WSO (West Side Orgnalzatlon) button, so stricken WASHINGTOIMNPI)- Health conditions among poverty-
I cups sliced fresh nectarines 1 cups torn western Iceberg that west side residents would know we were friends and not southern Negroes are deplorabe, a team of doctors
to halved lettuce and other greens who recently returned from Mississippi has told
cherry tomatoes Congress
foes. Those of us who patrolled felt that It was the button rather
I caps thinly sliced' Vt cap bottled Italian dressing Bahamas-Elizabeth Knowles, Miss Bashamasl967, than our visible clergy look that appealed to calmness. They reported finding hunger approaching starvation, and the
cauliflower Salt models her prize-winning form while relaxing on one of Na A few weeks while health of children "alarming. Accprding to Dr. Joseph
ago discussing of riots
/ cup diced green pepper Pepper ssau's fine white sand Brenner medical
beaches. The dark department Massachusetts
brown-eyed beauty, Institute of Tech
with a civil rights friend (before Cincinnati Boston
Combine nectarines with vegetables and in large salad with a 33-24-38 will Daytona, nology health conditions
greens figure, represent the Bahamas in the forthcoming Tampa Atlanta and Los among the poor in the South are as
bowl Cover; refrigerate until serving time. Pour dressing over Miss Universe contest. She won the Miss Bahamas title Angeles) we were bung up on whether bad as those among primitive tribal people in Kenya and Aden
mixture', add salt and pepper to taste Toss gently. In the April Bahamas Beauty Pageant. or not, if such an occasion arose again this year, we would be It not worse ,
Make 6 to I servings so quick to go Into "foreign" territory to imply that we represented -
Photo by William Roberts an authority come to restore order.

:: Your professional beautician Would not such a visible authority represent an extension of
police ? Madam Day Palm Reader
knows the answer.. power -
YOU WON'T GET Analyzation of recent riots Indicates that the continued presence
TOMORROW JOBS of the police In a riot cone increase tension which '
.' WITH YESTERDAYS prolongs the passlcn of riot. However, a new abatement tech- She Will Help You
;. SKILL nique has been developed.In .

Boston and Tampa, authorities empowered youth In the With All Problems
riot area to bring about cessation of hostilities. And It ,

-. Should every woman Madam Rachel .WORKEDI Two facts I are now clear. The answers to the naive question: Of Life .". .

"What causes riots" msut come from those who riot. Secondly '
be ,'a blonde? the power to quell riots resides to a large extent with ii V
in the rioters. 10920 Biscwi Bill !

Many of,the youth patrols In Tampa had been the rioters.

Blonde hair is beautiful for those women whose natural color- ON ARMY RESERVE One of these patrolmen, explaining the new approach quoted

Ing It flatters. But not everyone should be a blonde. The Army Reserve Mis- as saying, "They gave us" the opportunity to be proud of ourselves Call 759-9362

Expert beauticians know that complexion and hair color must Spiritual Reader sion provides for train- for_the first time. .
complement each other to glamorize and brlhg out all the natural This wen ts andher challenge to me religious leadership
beauty that was meant to be. They also know that very And Advisor ed and qualified Indi- In all our Negro continuities to begin to do something to help
coarse and lark hair often is resistant to drastic color changes. viduals and units to be thousands of Negro youth to become proud'of themselves. Rev. Uura

However, there's no doubt about slightly)lighter hair adding ex Past, Prestit ready to reinforce the Since, as we continue to say In this column, the rioters are
And hairdressers know not those usually found In the Sunday congregation religious Known Throughout
citement to a woman's appearance. active Army. The State
Ail FitnriOi leaders, clergy and lay,must go where the rioters are. Wouldn't
there Is no better product to add a whole new appeal to everywoman's 0 Army Reservists have
Miss Clairol haircoloring-extra rich Creme 11 be wonderful if we didn't have to wait until a riot breaks for her
look than All AffairsOf served this nation with out to discover these potential leaders?

Formula Both Miss or new Clairol extra products easy Shampoo lighten Formula.and color at once, com- distinction in both This same youth quoted earlier, also said that the riotous Dirini Spiritual Reiliif Art Blessiifs Of Lift

bining vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair. So Life World Wars, Korea, people "saw that the authorities were giving the Negro the

even those shades that look blonde on white hair (as shown on during the Berlin Crisisof chance The Altar to be of somebody at last." Sii Will Hilp m Join TNT PrrilMs Of
Being Somebody Is thronged with
most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red-to- 1961 and young
are doing boys and
A Week girls cr'lnelor constructive opportunities to BE-
Open 7 Days
golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin
7 a.m. to 10 p.m. so toda'yln Vietnam. COME. Strange, isn't It, that we found this Altar In the mldlst LOVE, MHRIA6E I BUSINESS
of riot.
with.Beauty salons are equipped to answer questions and help Army Reservists carry ,
with hair color selection. Depend on your hairdresser to have Call 947-967S out year-round trainingat One Visit Will Convince You
the professional skills and the total family of fine Clairol products more than 1,000 Where others Have Failed

to make every woman's experience with haircoloring com- training centers locat- DONATIONS ONLY
pletely personal and glamorous. Should you be a blonde? If youdon't 11320 Biseajn Bid ed In cities and HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE HELPWANTED CALL 757-9764
many .
really know, ask your expert hairdresser. North Miami towns of the United IS IN BUSINESS '. cell Ti 1176 Nff .791k St. MiMl
>>Ctalnri Inc.' MS7 ,Counnitt Cljlrol Ine, "
States. \ dtft V ,


- - - -- ......_ ... .... .
hl- -- .e. .. :_ -... ... "'- -.. .. 1 V -_ .. c. ............ ........



Dual Day To Be Observed At Mount Moriah Baptist Church Sunday


Baptist Training Union Congress A.M.E. Zion LaymenTo Munior Miss, New SI. James Sweetfield Baptist Dual .Day Observance Held

Meet At CollegeSunday Church Activities Sunday At Mt. Moriah I
Convenes At West Union Baptist
church services will The regular order of service Dual Day in Mount IIor ala Baptist Church set for Sunday

The District Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress beginning ,wltbSunda,School, for Sweetfield: Baptist Church July lOa will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.,
will bold UM annual sessional West Union Baptist Church at 9:30 a.m., with the) will be held on Sunday, July with Mrs M.L.Sanders as guest superintendent.
Wade I
of which Rev A. F. Cunnings is pastor, July 12 through 17. charge.At superintendent. Mr. a 9th.Sunday Church School will begin Guest teachers for the various Catherine Pugh. The pastor

Officers of the Congress are: St James Baptist Chlrch, Day 10:30: a.m. prayer service 'j at 9:30 a.m., with Bro classes will be Mrs Mary Rev. Levy Green will offer
Rev C. J. Watkins, Moderator; tona and the sermon will be delivered will be conducted by Mr.Arthnrcots Ralford McKlnnon the Super- Muller, Adult class; Mrs benediction at the close ottheafternoon
Rev D. B. Barnes, President; by Rev Robert Br i I Glass In the stewards room.Baptist intendent in charge. Beatrice Wilboura, Intermediate sessionEvening
Rev J. Coleman First Vice pastor of New Mt. Olive t interested in attending are Morning service win begin class; Mrs. Rutha M. Barber worship will get underway -
President; Dec. E. J. Vreeo, Church. asked to please be on time. at 11.00 run., and the pastor Junior class and Mrs. at 8.00: p.m., with Deacon
Second Vice President; Mrs. The Friday afternoon session i Morning worship is scheduled Rev. D.B. Barnes will deliver Sylvia Jackson Primary class Dewitt Maddox presiding.
Bessie Sermon, RecordlngSec will begin at 2 p.m., with devotional > for 11:00: a.m., with Choir Nat the sermon. The Chairman for Mrs. Annie Reed win give the Devotional services win be led
retary; Miss Patricia Hunt,As services conducted by' rendering song service. The <' the Men Day's" program is requesting lesson review. by Deacons Nathaniel Wrlgtf'and
slstut Recording Secretary; the deacons of West Friendship -> pastor will be presiding assisted that all men to remain Morning worship will get Charles Lavant.
Mrs Helen M. Lawrence, Corresponding Baptist Church and Mt. by Rev. E. McCoy. Usher for a short meeting underway at 11.00; run., with Deacon Dewitt Maddox win
Secretary; Miss Zion Baptist Church. ,Board No. 1 will serve during following the morning service.At Mrs. Catherine Win presid extend the welcome address
Emily Adams, Statistical Secretary The highlight of the session i morning service all members 5:30 pji evening service ing. Devotional service will be and Deacon James Rushing will
; Dec. Leroy Ellington, win be the delivery of the Pre- are asked to be on time and at wllT begin and again the pastor conducted by Mrs Odessa Burgess respond. Mr. Snephard Jefferson -
Treasurer; Dec.Porter Prince, sident's message by the Rev their appointed duty station will bring the message. and Mrs. Henretta White will make the presentations
Emerltu, Treasurer; Mrs. L. G. Coleman, presiding prior to service beginning.On District No. 5 will meet in The devotional reading will be and remarks will be.given by
Bessie 8. Solomon Historian; The Youth Hour will be a feature Mondayevenlngat7:30p.m. the home of Mr. and Mrs. read by Mrs. Patsy Johnson Deacon Maddox and Rev. Levy
Miss Carolyn Andrew, Music of the night session with Trustee meeting has been Willie Holsey 1248 Oakley St., from a passage of her choice. Green win dismiss the body:
Ian; Miss LoquiU Brewer, Mrs. H. Y. Lawrence, Tab- scheduled all IDter.stedmem- at 3:00 p.m. On the 4th Sunday -' The welcome address will be at the close of the, service
Chairman of Worship Committee ernacle Baptist Church Chairman bell are asked to attend this District No. 2 will cele extended by Mrs. Barbara Jefferson
; Rer. R. 1.. Jones, Dean with Mrs. Arleen Pea-
; Mrs. Bessie Sermon, meeting. : brate if s anniversary at 3p.m.
of Religious Education andDec. Greater Shiloh Baptist Church, Tuesday evening at 7:00: p.m., ':' r :, ;,.. The D.B. Barnes Club win cock responding Guest soloistare
Leroy Ellington Chairman of and Mrs. Gladjr Shannon,Sweet- the pastor will preside over our ,, : sponsor a group of singers Mrs. Mary Goodman and Worship ct
Finance. field Baptist Church in charge. financial meeting and on Wednesday \ .::,",1\ J!:, ":.';/,',, In an after service program Mrs Nettie Spates. The speaker -
The proceedings will begin andSahirdayat4.00p.m.: \: on Sunday night at 7:15 p.m. for the morning will Mrs.
Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., witha the Junior Choir will hold their The public is cordially invitedto Theo Oree who will be intro-
welcome address and a response .rehearsals. They made their ., .... .tt:...*.,,, attend the services throughout duced by Mrs. Albertha Jack this week
by Mrs. Bessie Ser first appearance recently when Little Miss Nenia Braggs wears the the day.District son.
man the pastor ask them to sing twos i) Miss New Saint At 4:00: pjn., the youth will
On Thursday morning following coveted title of "junior
.selections: during church ser be in charge with Miss Janice SPECIAL!
Saint James A.M.E.
the meditation and fellowship James" of New Day Obsermci
Dean R. L.Jones will conduct vice.From July 5-7 the Laymen win .of which the Reverend A. D, Harris is Green presiding Devotion will GOOD THOROUGH
be led by Julian Pugh Jr., and
the institute. The sermon bold their meeting In Panama 'the pastor. Nenia is the lovely 9 yearold District Day will be observed Miss Gloria Maddox. Miss WIlma ROACH
will be delivered by Rev. J. A. City and the National Layman daughter of Mr and Mrs. Mack Braggsof at Second Baptist Church Sun- F. Corbin will serve u TREATMENT
Wright, pastor of Greater Shi- New student in the will Me C..Ir..s a........
meeting will be held In Orleans 241 Woodlawn Avenue, a day. The business meetings Mistress of Ceremonies intro '
lob The Baptist Church of Palatka., d. In August, where Mr. E. fifth grade at Forest Park Elementary be held in the various homes beginning duced by Miss Cynlthla Jefferson I IIDKOOM 900
theme speaker for the
L. Thomas will represent us as at 4 MO"W
The I..OOM
welcome address will J
afternoon service which beginsat school a girl scout a member of the ..
our delegate. Activities for the day will begin in the *11ge> M n Itwp*
2p.m., will deal with "The Sunday School Department and chairman of with the School at 9:30 come speaker person of
--- There win be a special one Sunday Miss Gwendolyn Stevenson ORBITPEST
Seed of Love/' followed by a hour service from 8:00: to 1:00 the Allen Star Group of the Young Peoples a.m., L. C. Chester assistedby Presentations will be made by
Panel Discussion by Teenagers, a.m., on Sunday morning for division of the womens missionary societyof the asslstnat general and departmental Miss Janice Green and remarks CONTROL
with Mrs Rose Barrows serving The educational sermon will those members who have to go New Saint James A.M.E. Church. The superintendents will will come from Mrs 7(3-0461
as moderator. be delivered by Rev. H. L. Baker to work and cannot attend our honor was won by Nenia in a contest be in charge. ,
Fridays" sesglon will open with pastor of St. Paul Baptist regular service at n a.m. This sponsored by the W. R. Akery, Sr. Young Rev. J.C.Sams,the pastor will
devotional services led by Dec. Church of Baldwin and Rev. C. service will be held each and Women Of Allen Club of New Saint James review the lesson and will also MUTUAL FUNDS
James Webb of New Mt. Olive A. Weaver will conduct the Educational every Sunday except the first deliver the sermon for the maJor -
during its first anniversary celebration.Mrs. .
Baptist Church. Rally. Sunday in the month. Our pastor worship periods.
The theme speaker will be The speaker for the Saturday Rev. C. E. Toston will deliver callie D. Akery. wife of the late Consecration rites for the deacons -
Miss Josephene Jenkins of New morning July 16 service will be the messages during these Rev. W. R. Akery for whom the club was deaconesses ushers and Natiiial imsticits c.npaij Isel.i"
Miss Deborah Boyd of Bethle special services. named crowned the honoree during the choirs will be lIeld at 10.45a.m.: ,
Fellowship SpeakerThe hem Baptist Church of Palatka.. beautiful caronation ceremonies in the followed immediately by Morn-

A.CJE. Fellowship of St. The Memorial Service will be Young Women'sSet church's auditorium. Mrs. Lynette Braggs ing worship beginning at II o'- its narketiif stiff ii thiJackunilli
Paul A.M.E. Church will present .conducted by Rev. D. V.Slngle- Nenia's mother, is the president of'the clock.
tary, pastor of First Baptist Baptist Training Union will begin -
Mr. Jeffery Vaughn of Event Young Women Of Allen Club, Mrs. Ivory
Church of Yulee. at 5:45 p.m., with Mrs. R.
Nashville Tennessee,Sunday Asbell, secretaryand Mrs. W. E. Akery
H. Morrlssettee assisted area
The final day ?f the seas'-: wIll by
5p.m. :; open Sunday morning with Young Women Missionary Harris, supervisor. Bro. Alexander Heard in
As one of a series of programs Society of the Second Baptist
the Sunday School in charge will charge.
entitled In My Vocation""Witnessing the youth Christ will be Dec. J. H. Hood, and Dec.E. celebrate Church 954 its t3rd Kings anniversary Road will Christian Endeavor lodge To Meet Evening service is scheduledto Fill till ud part tine positions
J. Vreen of Mt. Tabor First begin at 7 o'clock p.m., and
hear Mr. Vaughn speak on"Se Baptist Church of Palatka. Sunday, July 16th 1967,at 3 p.m., Annoucement has been made the closing program for the
curing Federal Jobs." Mr. Vaughn In the main sanctuary of the Slates Grand
Rev D. B. Barnes will deliver Hour ProgramThe that the Pallbearers vacation Bible School will be
Is the manager trainee of the sermon and the theme church. Union Lodge, No. 224 will meet presented during this,hour. Cwp.iy "
the new Federal Building on Bay proceeding Rev. Barnes will be Rev. George Price pastor of Christian Endeavor Hour.JacUonvWe' .Wednesday, July 5, at 1:30. traiiiii,. ,prifran. Earrings, wtaM
activities encludes {the ? j. ? m ii an iy rlf Tennessee St. .
Street.. He ls'agrdduate of Miss Geneva Jackson of Tab Matthews Baptist Church popular monthly p.m., In the Educational Bldg., Weekly *
A" I and has worked ernacle Baptist Church. will be guest speaker. A unique youth program Is scheduled for of St. Stephen's AME. "Prayer of Faith Hour"Tuesday -
with the Post Office Department program has been arranged st. Paul A.M.E. Church the Mrs. Essie H. Campbell, president night at 7 o'clock.
All have been asked
prior to his assignment here bring pastors their choirs. for the occasion. July services of the activity.The of the organization has While the Sunday School Council Officers Call Fiiaicial Profrao lie. 3315032
program has sought to issued a call urging all mem- and Teachers
help active Christian youth bers t to be present will meet Friday at 'Ip. r.. ,

Waters students College attending and is dedicated Edward

For extra fun to giving Christian youth the -

church opportunity programs for developing and using ATTENTION JAXONS

their talents In the process.
Rivalry for the Attendance
take Banners In groups 1 and 2 is
more expected to reach a new high
and directors are urging all

participating sent. churches be pre- The Florida Star Will PublishYour

Churches having contributionsfor
than one. the Scholarship Fund are expected -
to make their reports
---- ...."..._---_... ....._-- Sunday July 16 at 3:00: p.m. to
Mr. Wrns teasurer and
George ,
Mr. Harry Williams executive _. '.
asslstnat director.Progressive. "

BaptistIn Church Hews Club News :, v

Take an extra Tampa

Meet July 1823The Social Notes Wedding AnnouncementsFREE

carton of Coke. Sunday Progressive School and Baptist Baptist Sato N

Training auxiliary Union to the Progressive Convention OF CHARGE

n1YOlMHIYY Baptist State Convention of

YM Florida, will convene with the
St. John Progressive Mission
e Y ary Baptist Church at Tampa, We'll Publish Your Pictures
e Tfl1I ) 1"Y Y Florida July 18-23. '
Y A large number of prominent
Y "illIw1JIJI udlll Jaxons serve as leaders and
( Color Photos
"" Iu"u workers of the state body. Except ) t
G. W. Scott of Jacksonville is
I III the president of the Sunday
II I School Department and the Rev.
I Leon T. Freeman of Bartow is C\ : .,

I Y eE the Training president Union of Division the Baptist Rev. .Do You Wont A Photographer To Cover: .. j' ; .

J. C. Burney of Jacksonville "

I E Ni treasurer of the Sunday School, ..... .
I and Alexander Heard the State
Director of the Training Union > .'tlIt't. ,

eI e and Rev general James president Carl Sams of,the lathe Teas Banquets Weddings 'Social I Events? '."'i'.'.

State Organization ,]
"What Baptist Most Surely Be-1.
lieve", is the theme for this Call I
session. Selected speakers will 354.6782
serve as the discussants
The Teaching and Training
I factors will be embraced In the

be complete held under Workshop the >>guidance which will of DEADLINE FOR NEWS: TUESDAY 4. P. M.

Rev J. L. Stephens of Fort
Myers the dean, he will be assisted
And buying Coca.-Cola. in Half-Quarts is a of by Tampa.the Rev Twelve M. J.courses Williams Bring News To: Mail Hews To:

good way to keep plentyof will be offered for the study of e
both ministers and adults Florida Star "Florltfl Star
laymen,. .
Coke,on hand. and the youth. ; A Y
The classes are to be held |n
e. a centrally located High School. 2323 Moncrief Rd. P.O. Box 599
Coca-Cola has the taste you. Rev. W. H. Smith,the pastor of
First Baptist Church of St.Petersburg .
neverget tired of. will be the guest speaker -'
-- .. J K. ". ..... H..w fa 1,,4pv fwHll. CVv..Cnl4 FWtllflf CnmnUT for the Social.Service. Hour,. Cor. 13th Street. Jacksonville 1, Fs.! 32201

If '

. . 1 ;,;..:.:.:. .:;. :. :..: .=. :..::. : .:. .:. .:. -.:. :. '.:...:..: Co .:. .:;,. :.- .:.,} ) ::.i:..:.:. .:. ...::. ....;o..:...:..:.

.. .. .. .- .. .. .- .. .. .. ,. .. .. .. .. .. .r.--
> .. .. .. .. .. ,. I> ,. ,. .. ... ... ,. .. ,. .. .. .. ,. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .r.....,"w.. ..- .. ,.. ..-., "" r..rss J' J' "



171 Of ,looks Philadelphia Baptist Shiners Visit Hone Of Coci .Cola Your Social Secretary Weaver

History IS THEIR of the OWS American WORDS.Ne A Plans Hen's Day Security"ClassffledInformatlon".Thls Appoints Lawyer

gro. Volume 1: 1619 1865; v r
2 lien's Day will be observedIn Francis D FisherRobert
Velum : 1865-1916. Volume may well be the tern to describeJOUI' ,
3: W.8-1966. Edited by Milton Philadelphia Baptist Church
Social Security
Melt Mr. mustrated. New York; Sunday July 9, 1967, throug- / personal C.Weaver Secretary of
account or about claim
the day. The church is
Crowen. Three Volumes: 195, the VS.Departmnet of
cannot be revealed to other
180 and ta pp. $IU5 each. located at 5577 Moncrief Rd. -L and Urban Development recent-
Services will with the people. If we take a Doe line approach
begin ;
These three comprehensive announced the Olntmentol.Francis
we can't even tell :your ly & ) .
Sunday School at '30
: : a.m.,
volumes are Identical for Fisher
D. a 41yearold -
family you or your case.
followed _
mat: each has about 30 selections by morning worshipat This Is strictly your business, lawyer, Regional Admin-
chosen from assorted 1100: a.m., the Rev F.D. et and Information give usls istrator for HUD'S Midwest Re-
Davis will be the you
speaker. _
Negro letters, books,speeches, Afternoon services will begin -, between you and us. The information gion.
reminiscences, Journals,newspapers Is forthe processing of Mr. Fisher win assume Ms
at 3:00 and Rev.
and public testimony. p.m., new duties soon. He succeeds
I' your claim and not for publicuse.
Alonco Blount will the
Each selection Is preceded bya bring John P. McCoDum, who Is re-

brief background essay, and message. tI Once in a-while one of the lining after 23 :years Federal
Evening service Is slated for
each volume concludes with a service. Mr. McCollum has
heroes of the comic strips
6 00 with the W. L.
: p.m.,
reading list and calendar of Williams the TV circuit will use a SoclalSecnrlty been appointed a Special Consultant -
events. bringing message. that his services and
number to trace down the
The male chorus of Philadelphia t r1
Using the words of articulate y r errant husband (wife) or mabe experience can be continued to
Negroes Ueltier traces: an episodic serve throughout be avallabel to the Department.
the Deacon James find the person wanted for some
day. Bailey
highly: moving panorama Is chairman Deacon crime. This makes a nice story From 1953 to 1962, Mr.Fisher
of the brutal treatment of the John general Atwaters is co-chairman., but it reveals information about was a parnner in the Chicago,

Negro In America. This Is a Rev. J.A. w1I1An. as a worker except in very limited law firm of Tenney: Sherman,
story seldom told and rearely Payne cues Bentley: and Guthrle. Ha was a
understood. pastor for the day; Deacon member of the Board ft The
Australia Is 4 li lit to begtnwithwe make no effort
On this ,continent, the Negro Perry program b maintaisarecordafaddress- Metropolitan Housing and Planning -
chairman Rev Johnson
heritage goes back as far u is the host, pastor. ess of our account number hold Council of Chicago] and of
the "hlte.but white Americans ers. Once a person is Issued a the Chicago Welfare Council and
have blithely: Ignored this fact number, thatis often the last we served u Chairman of the Co-
by Inflicting a second class \. hear from him until an application ''mittee on Illinois Government

citizenship on people of color. Is made. For all the yearsin In his law practice, Mr. Fish
I between we simply don't er represented suburban com
know or care, what his addressIs. munities on bond Issues and In
Of course, If he bad to be Commerce Commission proceedings -
WRHC TODAYWin located to claim a large inheritance on mass transit pro-

: or some similar reason, blems. He also worked with the
we could give the Ust-k n o w nemployer's University of Chicago In connection -

$25.00 For Your Church name, but we would with urban renewal pro
need to know theSocialSecurlty blems.
Cut number of the lost person. To Born In Winnetka, HI., he Is a
out the coupon below and put it simply, we are not in the graduate of Harvard College,
ATLANTA GEORGIA, JUNE 23, 1967 -- A right) J. :a-rTAcey, past potentate ; business of finding runaway: majoring In social anthropology
,write your question. then moil recent visit to the home of the Coca-Cola Nabbar Temple of Atlanta ; and Augustus husbands or long-lost cronies. and economics. He received his.

Company In Atlanta by Shrine Grand Imperial Hogan Nabbar Temple. They were enter- Our office Is at 400 W. Bay Bachelor of Laws degree from

to radio station WRHC P. 0.Box Potentate Roscoe C. Washington tained by Market Development Manager Street, Jacksonville the second'' Harvard Law:School 1951. He

( seated 3rd from left ) provided the Kelvin Wall (seated right) Paul Brown floor of the new Federal Build served with the Navy from 1944
Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company ; and ing. We are open 8:30 to 4:30 to 1946. Francis Fisher Is the
opportunity to discuss final plans for
2467 from 9:00, of Walter T Fisher, for-
Jacksonville Flo. Harold Hamilton Assistant to the Market weekdays and open son ,
participation by the Company and Coca-Cola to Noon on Saturday: mer chlarman of the Illinois
Bottlers In the Shrine national conven- Development Manager. The Coca-Cola Commerce Commission and

PHONE: 389.1111 tion in Cleveland, OhIO In August. With Company and Bottlers of Coca-Cola across grandson of Secretary of Interior '

US 'RUCTIONS' : The WRHC "Mall &1" will attempt to get Mr. Washington were ((seated left to the nation have continual participation 5 Negroes Receive Walter L. Fishes

an aver to any question you may have on any: subject: such with local Shrine' temples.Dr. Mr. Fisher cam to HUD from

u schools, rents, taxes, city,and county government and so Sales Promotion the Agency for International Development -
on. wherehewufeputy':
Write your questions below and mall at once. Your'question Birmingham. Gets Aid Louise Director for the Agency fro International '
Blackwell Awards Certificates Pa.-Gulf 011
and the answer along with your name and address will be PITTSBURGH Development>> Miss
broadcast from time to time on WRHC, so please print your Towards Employment Program '- Corporation has announced the, ion To Colombia! South Amer-'
and promotion of five men to Sales ica adn General Counsel -
name address. Write as often as you like and listen for previously

you. answer on WRHC,1400 on your: radio your total community WASHINGTON D.C.-ACoo- ,win assist a slenJ,1lcantnumber 7, Relresentatlves, three In and Its for the Far East
station, on the air 24 hours a day. centrated Employment Program of disadvantaged resident Eastern Marketing Region The Chicago Regloncoversthe
For the best question each week of two In its Midwestern Region ten States of Illinois, Indiana,.
during this mailing Radio I (CEP) designed to assist the target area to move towards those promoted was '
Station WRHC will award $25.00 to the church of Jour choice approximately 1,400 unemployed meaningful well-paid /a 41r Iowa, MlchaganMlnnesotaHe
work student
Paul Brown a former
!MY QUESTION IS: and underemployed In Birmingham the Secretary: said of Edward, Waters College. brash, North Dakota, Ohio,
South Dakota and Wisconsin.
was announced today by "This makes It possible ,
program Brown a native of Akron, Ohio,
Secretary of Labor W. WlllardWlrtt to give each Individual was assigned to work out of the

whatever manpower services Detroit office Credits of his
'" The program will cost approximately needs to take him all the way background Include experience Florida Birth Rate

$3 million In Federal from unemployment and dependence ,in sales and interior decorating

funds in Birmingham, Wins to a Job Independence The other four are Paid 'Declined In 1966
said. Mr., Wirts stated. .
; Bennett and Lawrence Edger-
PLEASE'PRINT "r", ,;: 1 :'! '1 :BIIIIS' 1f"7MY The contract: agency for the While,setting up qver-al1 facilities son 'of Philadelphia Gerald 0.

NAME'MY !''Blrrillngham'sprojraials, :,the- tot resrutlag, ,training,, Final niurtalor 196hbow th .
Jefferson County Committee for providing work experience and births are continukng to decline
ADDRESS B- Economic Opportunity, the community 'Individual assessment in the In Florida, the State Board of

If my question Is Judged best, please send $25.00 to the churchof action agency for Bir- target area, the CEP projectwill : TALLAHASSEE Fla.- The major from Orlando; Miss Health says

my: choice, which is mingham. also enlist the participation Beta Delta Chapter of Lambda Doris J. Leonard, a Junior English A total of 102,952 live infants _
"The object of the program Is of employers, organized labor Iota Tau International Literature -. major from Lamont; Dr. were born to Florida residents
to concentrate manpower and and civic: groups In making Honor Society at Florida Lowell L. Simmons, chairmanof lastyear, a decrease of3,15Zor
,.,(PRINT NAME NAME, OF LOCAL.CHURCH employment resources which Job opportunities.available AIM University was reactivated the English Department; and 3.4 per cent said Everett 11.
I recently with an Initiation Mrs. Bernice Reeves Boulware, Williams Jr., director of the
': ENROLL IN ceremony for new members.Dr. assistant professor of English. board's Bureau of Vital Statis

Louis Blackwell professorof The purpose of the honor society tics.
English at t FAMU was is to recognize unusual "This mark the fifth year' In a
EOLDEN'S ADULT CLASSES moderator of the program and scholarship in literature, row that births hare shown a decline
awarded certificates of membership whether In English or another since reaching a recoidin
to four students and modern languae. Regardlessof 1961 118,683.The rate perl.000

Starting September 5th honorary certificates to two their major fields, students [ population has shown an even
members of the English faculty. who have completed at least more drastic: downtrend. After
Awarded certificates: were: 12 hours In literature with a setting a high of 24.7 births per
I Ann Johnson "B" who have 1,000 population in liSa,the rate
Miss Margaret average, a ,toothers r Pittsburgh" J.
Pr- T b c, t a senior English major from cumulative average of"C plus" B. Martin m, of Chicago. ,All has fallen contlnously and now

Ocala David A. Scott an April and who have reached the Junior were employed as sales stands at 17.3 declinedeach
graduate in speech and drama year In college are eligible for trainees.Mr. White births have
from Daytona Beach Miss Mar- membership. year from a peak 85,000
Bennett a native of
In 1961 to for 1965.Tbe
va L. Harris, a Junior English Georgetown Del.,and a Philadelphia 73,738
c current rate forthe) white Is the
r resident since 1960,has
---I\ lowest ever recorded In Florida
y > Florida Memorial Robert Kennedy To be*..n assigned to the Philadelphia but is due In part to the growing

District. proportion of whit residents

..a', .are E EI I Receives HEW GrantsA Keynote Convention Mr. Edgerson circulation, who manager was a district for- outside Births childbearing naong nonwhites ages.peaked -

federal anti-poverty grant the Philadelphia Bulletin before at 31,208 In 1960 and have fallen -

of $65,727 to Escambla County, Senator Robert F.Kennedy will Joining Trenton Gull has been assignedto at a bury: constant pace to
Flolrda. was announced by keynote the August convention the N. J., Districtand 29,169 In 1966.

Frank K. Sloan, Southeast regional of the National Catholic Conference is working Camden N.J. Last year there were 62,601
Mr. Strother Is assigned to the
director of the Officeof for Interracial Justice malesboro, 50,248 females Cl
Economic Opportunity, At- at Rockburst: College in Kan Allegheny District, which pe r cent male, a normal per-
covers a large area of Western
lanta. sas City, Mo., Mathew Ahmann, centage.
Register Ties Tfcar Fri 8 To 10 ''P.M. The Community Action Pro- executive director, announced. Pennsylvania north and east of Since the end of World War n,
He had been
Pittsburgh. a commission -
birth rate has been about -
gram-Committee, Inc., of Pen- Senator Kennedy's address, nor Ida's
sacola will use these funds to "Crisis in Our Cities Thursday salesman and an assistant 2 per 1,000 below the nat

COURSES provide for the administration evening August 17,will openthe department manager ional rate.
of Its necessary: services. four day meeting of representatives during 15 years with Sears & Data now available do not allow

These services Include: accounting from Catholic Interracial -, Roebuck in Pittsburgh for completeanalyalsWllliams
and fiscal manage Councils Diocesan Mr. Martin, assigned to Chi- said, but they: Indicate that the
ment, staff training and community Commissions on Human Relation cago, is a native of St. Louis "baby booms" d tile Ute 40 sand
development. A portionof and inner city projects and a graduate of Fisk University. mld-Ws were the esulofdandies
Li HOSPITAL AIDE CLASS I* BAND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS that money will also be used throughout the country. having their children at

to assist the administration ol The convention theme, "The a relatively early age with less
their many community action Church and the Urban Racial Faith Temple Church space between each child. Recent -
projects which are serving to Crisis," will explore the rate declines appear to be

combat the effects of poverty Church's: role u a force for Observes Women's due to young couples shifting
"J* BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CLASS :* KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS' COURSE in Escambla County. social change in the city today. Day their chlldbearlngto later years

The director of the Community Senator Kennedy is deeply: involved Woman's Day will be celebrated and an overall tendency to smaller -

Action: Program-Com' in the Bedford-Stuyves- at the Apostolic Church familes.
mittee, Inc., Is Mrs.Sybil Jones ant project for renewal and of God In Christ 2032 Benedict It Is recognised that modern
>S Desmond. rehabilitation la his own city methods of contraception now
Rd. all day Sunday: July:
Two Neighborhood Centers for and has proved leadership on make It easier to delay or avoid
target low-income: areas will De- the national scene In the Senate 9.Evangelists childbearing," Williams said,
CASHIER SALES operated by: this sk-month Subcommittee: on Federal Aid chairman and A.M. Pearson, "but the falling rate cannot be

grant. These centers will offer tor Cities and In the Senate :co-chairman anticipate a Jubilant entirely: charged tothlsbecuast
,information and referral services Subcommittee on Employment and Inspiring the decline started before these
to the residents of the Manpower and Poverty which modern metnods became avail
Some of the are
participates :
ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF area. Part-time programs of held bearings on the poverty Mrs. G. Wells, Mrs. Sallle able to the general public."
cooperating agencies will augment program In a dozen cities re-
John H. Bolden. president B. S. M: S. M. Ed. ED. S', Bertha M... the work done by the cently.: The Senator maintainsa who Bryant will and Mrs.asSundaySchool IM. Wright

B old e n, Vice president.' B.S. Elzie i L. Johnson, Dean of the centers. special Interest In health, teacbersand serve Mrs.Bessie Jackson 00 ;

Faculty B.S N. A. E.: Whltfleld, Registrar B.S. Rebecca The grant will be adminis- welfare education and economic will serve as superin
Thompson Head Hospital Aide Dept. RN. Richard L..Bolden.: tered by: the Palm Beach Community development legislation.He tendent. tell your nelihborlUll

Administrative Asst. B. 'A"y Action Council, Inc. Is a member of the Labor and The speakers wfllbe as follow:

S.Bokleii's Public Welfare Government Mlssonary: A. Collins:: Mrs. 8.
j' Operations and District committees Mathis, Evangelists E. Stakes,
College BRING YOUR NOTICESTo In the Senate. I
D. Davis. Sermon win be delivered -
TheFLORIDA Following his address in by D.Swift and F.Free-
1816 W.: 20th Street .fffti" STAR Kansas City the Senator will man. I
y... 'f ,. ; 2323 Moncrlef Road enter into dialogue with a panel Other features of the program
Or Mall To: Including: Rev. Ceno Baron,
will Include music by mistresses -
: Registrar 356.6465 .P.O. Box 599 executivesecretary: of theArchblshc Manning. : 0,0f
; t ., t Fla.. 32201 '. .

i (

. -- - _.. -- -& & & & & & .

.. ..... .
._ __ T .. __ ____. _T. .. "


I Learning To SwimOur Mayor Lindsay Congratulates Tennis Stars *

[ Sports Parade J,

second half of the -Learn How To Swim" program

Dclal UDder respiration.operation NOD, (No Other Drownlngs) deals with arU- TitTi i ii************* **,*'*' *?" yO''

we talked about the back pressure arm"'t
method. This week, we will-discuss the mouth-to-mouth
method which has proven to be the' best method yet divlsed. STILL CHAMP: BRITISH .,
In 1958 the National Academy of Sciences-National Research { LONDON (CNPl}-The British Boxing Board cf Control last ,
Council Ad Hoc: Committee CD artificial respiration re* Y week refused to Join the American-Influenced World Boxing
Association and the New Tort State Athletic Commission in
viewed the data on other methods obtained through research '
projects supported by the Department of the Army, The dumping world heavyweight champion Muhammad All, better
American Red Cross and others. It was unanimously agreedby known U Casslus Clay. Teddy Waltham, secretary of the
members of the commute that the mouth-to-mouth method BBBC, said the British would continue to recognize All
Is the most practiced method for emergency ventilation of as the heavyweight champion "until be Is actually convicted
an Individual of any age who has stopped breathing.The "through appeals of refusing Induction for U.s. Military ser- ,
average person does not have the first-aid training, vice.
or experience and equipment to' tell whether or not a lack
of breathing the result of disease or accident. EUOREAN FIGHTS '
of breathing Is the result of disease or accident Therefore, HOUSTON--Report circulated last week that embattled ,
some form of artificial respiration should be started as soon heavyweight chamlon Muhammad All (Clay) may travel to
as possible.The Europe for fights In August and September, while his convlctlon <.
mouth-to-mouth method has the advantage of inflating for refusing military service Is being appealed to the ,,
the victims lungs Immediately. First, place the victim on his U.s. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals There was the possibility ..
back kneel at the head of the subject and to the side. that Ml might fight in London, since the British Boxing
Be sure to clear the mouth of all foreign matter. If you're Board of Control continues to recognize him as champion.:!

kneeling on the right side of the victim, place your right '
band,under the chin and tilt the bead back so the chin Is PAW $75.000 '
pointing upward, force the mouth open with the hands, then NEW YORK-(Npr>-The New York Knickerbocker last week'.Icne '.
with the left hand pinch the pinch the victims nostrils close. Openyour mouth wide and place it tightly over the victims National Invitation star, to a multiple contract reported to ..
mouth, and blow into the victim mouth. Remove your mouth, i1itve be around $75,000, after they bad made him the team's NoJ
turn your head to the side, and Inhale then repeat the blowing' draft choice. Afterwards,Nicks Coach Dick McGuire exuded that
effort For an adult, blow vigorously at the rate of about be thought "we got the best ballplayer to come out of college .
12 breaths per minute. For a child, the rate would be much this year" n;
faster 20 per minute.
,' T-- LR
Operation NOC Is sponsored by the local Red Cross Chapter. .. w i1 4 SIGNS ROOKIE '
William H. Shearin, Safety services director for the Duval CHICAGO--Tbe Chicago Bulls of the National Basket-. %
County American Red Cross and Miss Flo Hyman safety s ball Association have signed Clem Haskins ,-3 guard from ?
services chairman of the Jacksonville Pilot Club are directing Western Kentucky to a professional contract at an undisclosed: ,
the program. amount. Haskins who Is expected to Join playmaker Guy ;,
These articles are written by American Red Cross Swimming Rodgers In the Bulls backcourt, was the Chicagoans No. 1 (,

We will Instructor continue our and program NOD committeeman next week. Julius Gulnyard. Mayor John .V. Lindsay congratulates'a-p iT lp Morris inc. .-gift of $15,000 to draft choice. ;,

tennis players Arthur Ashe and Charles the city's summer tennis program. Clark HOT BATHOUSTON :.
Men's Club SlatesThe Pasarell at Bronx River NeighborhoodCenters Gum Company a subsidiary of Philip -(NPl)>-Slugger Jim Wynn wielded such a hot bat
Open Singles Tennis
tennis exhibition match June 10, Morris, has given a grant to the Bronx for the Houston Astros In May that be established a new .?
Wilder Park Tennis Club from a years study at Arizona The two Davis Cup Team members playedat River Centers for tennis development. club record for the most borne runs hit during a single .
win conduct Its first annual State University. James Monroe High School courts as a Left to right; Ernest P. Quinby of Clark month, 10. The previous record ((8)) was set by Roman Mejlasin

Duval County Men's Open Ernest Wilson, who is pro- highlight of the Neighborhood Centers' Gum Co. ; Roger Brach member of Board 6f May, 1962. ",

singles tennis championships bably the dean of all local tennis program. Mayor Lindsay announced Directors of the Centers; Ashe Lindsay HONOR "NOHIT"HOUSTONNPITb
today at 10:00: a.m. tennis players will see action Pasarell.
The event was previously also. Wilson Is also a'teacher. Houston Astros and a large crowdof
scheduled for last week, but, In the school system and partisan fans honored Don Wilson, last week for pitching
had to be re-scheduled because William Raines HlghSchool tennis f IJYIaIKanfoeBealln L i Paul Casanova the Astros to a 2-0, no-hit victory over the Atlanta Braves von
of inclement weather. coach. f[ < Joe Frazier To June 18. Wilson was showered with gifts and lustily cheered .'

Trophy awards will be pre Wilson will meet Preston during the ceremony prior to the Astros (June $0)) game with ,,,
sented to the winner and run- Moman a former member of MANY LUIS CAN BEFALL TilE FEET Meet Chuvalo Swings Big Bat the Los Angeles Dodgers.
ner-up In the finals. The event APPEAL ,
the Tennis Club of
Is being sponsored by the Jack ,The common foot Is subjectto The role of the podiatrist HOUSTON.(NPO-Attorneys for heavyweight boxing chamv
Philadelphia, Pa. an uncommon variety of NEW YORK-Joe, Frazier of WASHINGTON D.C.- Paul
plains APA, Is to consider the
sonville Recreation Depart Luclous AlberUe, one of the disease and disorders. foot problems of the patient in Philadelphia unbeaten and No. Casanova whacked an 0-2 pitch plan Muhammad All, better known as Casslus Clay, served ;
ment. Julius Gulnyard Is top local players Is expectedto And these ailments, although their relation to the total healthof 2 randed heavyweight contender by Steve Barber Into the Sena notice last week of an appeal of the sentence of five years'
tournament director and Pres- give a good account of him- often minor at the outset, can the Individual. It's the patient singed a fight contract to meet tors' bullpen In the fourth imprisonment and $10,000 fine Imposed upon the fighter by tl
ton Moman, chief umpire. self. Lucious has participated develop into serious problems, not Just his corns or Canadian George Chuvalo at Inning, driving In the runs that a federal Judge for refusing Induction: into the armed forces. ,
Henry Daniels local school In several tournaments. especially the victim in seeks later prompt life, unless professional calluses or other foot disorders Madison Square Garden July accounted for a 3-2 victory over The attorneys indicated they will carry the case to the U.S. ...
teacher and tennis coach of that requires treatment, the Supreme Court. If
Eugene J. Butler High School The next tennis attraction con- care.Ailments podiatrists point out. 19 in what may be the first the Orioles before a surprising'crowd necessary v
that afflict the foot Here's of the ailments of the elimination bouts for of 17,693 inD.C.Stadium. b
ducted by the Wilder Park Tennis a glossary
will be the player to watchIn NO-HITTER INDOORS
MeDl'Senior Include circulatory diseases, that most often affect Cassius Clay vacant heavy- Cassanova who may have had,
club will be the
this tournament. metabollo and nervous disorders the foot. Usually, these are dreams of making the All-Star HOmTON-NPl-Doo Wilson, 23-year-old Houston Astros
Henry a veteran of the local singles championship strains and sprains, symptoms of, or related to, wight crown. team pitcher from Monroe, La., last week had the unique distinction..
tennis bums, having played In July 18, at Wilder Park. weak arches, hammertoes and other health problems Frazier who like Clay was when he was weaving a of pitching the first indoor no-hit baseball game in major league :
tournaments in Daytona and The Wilder Park Tennis Club ulcers. The foot Is also subjectto CORNS often caused by an Olympic heaY"Welghtcbamp, baseball glove out of plant history. Wilson, who compiled an 18-6 won lost and 2.21 earnedrun -, .
such disorders heel Is undefeated In J6 professional leaves In Cuba eight or nine
meets at Wilder Park for practice spurs friction and pressure. Some
at Florida University. avenges with Amarlllo In the Texas league last blazed
neuritis, foot Imbalance, weak other contributing factors are rights, including knockouts. years ago of course would need year, '
Another tennis veteran participating sessions every Monday ankles, bursitis, fractures, poor circulation, Joint distortion a comeback since Bauer's vote to make the squad. his no-bitter in Houston Astrodome, while leading the Astros. "
'Chuvalo on
In todays matches Is Wednesday and Friday from arthritis, skin diseases, to ,a .2H> victory the,
tumors \lone 5
deformity and improper losing a decision to Clay ,In Bauer got an eyeful of Casanovathe peer power.riadeBuAtIantaSBr( >y Jimmy Walker, also a schoolteacher 8:00: to.9:30: p.m. ,- .warts,'and'-congenital: 'and M>" Jnutrltion. .
deformities .t' a title fight, will enter the bout the Orioles and. u
who had just returned quired ? I with a record of 12 consecutive Senators met )>-\ strange fist fight involving two major.....' .-
I knockouts It was.Casanova's single! that league baseball players occurred last week thousands of feet ,
Former heavy-king Floyd Patterson above the ground in a chartered airline Jet taking the Atlantai>
is.expected to against Braves to Los Angeles According to the report, the fight *
.Argentinian Oscar Bonavena In involved teammates Hank Aaron and Rico Carty, who scuffled .
.. the Houston Astro-dome whichIs briefly until( they were separated They were kept apart
4/44 :,. part of the elimination series for the remainder of the flight 1

the World Boxing Associationhas !
called to select Clay's successor FAT PACT
SUPER MARKETS SAN FRANCBCO-NPI- center Nate Turmond last
Karl Mildenberger Is said to week signed a three-year contract with the San Francisco ,
be slated to fight Thad Spencer Warriors of the National Basketball Association for a salary :
of Portland Ore., nextSeptem- said to be comparable to that of Wilt Chamberlain and Bill
THESE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. ber In Frankfurt, Germany Russell-tooth reported to be drawing $100,000 each. Neither
that leaves former WBAtltllst Thurmond nor Warriors' officials would specify the amount. .

FLA. GRADE A Ernie Terrell looking for an
opponent as part of the elimi POSTPONEMENT .
nation DALLAS-{NPI-.The scheduled welterweight championship
battle between Curtis Cokes and Cypsy Joe Harris last week
was postponed from June 27 to July 24 after problems developed .
LB.29C A Nite In June In lining up sufficient sponsors for the telecast. Explaining -
I' 1 PAUL CASANOVA promoters Kenneth Barley, and Tommy Bullock
Big Mss for Station said the postponement was necessary after RICO cancelled
t.; To Remember drove In the winning run in the plans to televise the event
22-lnnlng: victory over the
SAM Hal Sox. and his high hopper SIGNS FIRSTMIAMMNPI
1 I I FRANCISCO Calif.-will thought the Infield< that sent the )-The University of Miami last week signed Its
LanIer ard Willie Mays June final run home In last week's first Negro basketball player to a college contract He is
CELLO BpKG.57C not forget the night of four-run ninth. Inning that beat Willie Allen three-time All-City basketball player from
13 in an overtime between
the Giants and the 'As Boston. Montgomery High School, who received a grant-ln-ald con
tros. The 25-year-old Cuban Is acknowledge tract.
the best arm
to have
The 36-year-old Mays came
in the league adding to his
off the bench as a pinch-hitter
with the bases loaded, one out All-Star qualifications .
and the Giants trailing 2-1, while be Is playing It cool, REBUILT MOTORS
Y2 GAL. and ended the sixth Inning by a nomination to the All-Star U00 MHw. w II .... CMmlmNO
BLEACHQUAKER 9c rolling into a double play. squad would be an overwhelming MONEY

LIMIT 1 WITH ORDER But, Mays was not to be denied thrill for a ball player who DOWN
four Innings later, score tied, has known more hardship than "'"
two outs, bases loaded, Willie most of his fellow players E-Z TERMS

N swung at a pitch thrown by reliever -
Barry Latman, and Negroes Top EL 44000l4

crashed left field seats It 400 to win feet the Into game.the Whites At Job EAGLE MOTOR!EXCU NGE w. UNION

5 LB. It was his first grand-slam ;
FLOUR 39C homer since 1962 and the M.ae c.wT_" 'Ii.

BAG.: seventh grand-slam of his career CentersWASHINGTONAccording
It also was his 550th
to ii
major league home run.
a for the Office of Economic -

WESTERN CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS IB. 69* came Mays on, April previous 28, 1962 grand-slam, against make better Opportunity Job Corps, Negroes mater- HOME OWNERS f
Al Lary of the Cubs In Candlestick g
Park. ial than whites BORROW UP TO $5,000ON

U.S. GOOD CLUB STEAKS LB.. 85* 13 Lanier contest, who as shortstop started the>,wound June Job The Corps Negro centers youths better arrive educated at the YOUR EQUITY! t!

up at second base and.it was more bigly motivated and Consolidate AH Your Bill and Make Only I M
In a friendlier frame of mind. O..."Monthly
that be Payment
while playing there pick
FLA. GRADE, A SMALL EGGS 3 DOZ. IN CARTON 69* ed up an error; It was HaPi These revealed striking in one differenceswere of a aeries *
first miscue In 72 consecutive HOMESTEADINVESTMENT
of Louis Harris of
dating back to July 30, surveys

I U.S. #1 POTATOES -"*, 10 IB. BAG 29* 1966-456 358 total chances putouts ago.202 Rebooted assists, Job discharges.More Corps graduates. dropoutsand CORPORATION I

Negroes come from IMS WUTtOCIWOOO
Ron Brand's roller.

FROZEN FRENCH FRIES I W: 2 IB. BAG 19} easy large Corps members cities wile are predomlnately white Job- CALL 765-7044 'TODAY v map. Gaepse ores

/. southern and rural. Although fA MX veil MCXSONVIUf. sac.game
', &: Harris didn't attempt to __
EATWEll TUNA ; explain the difference, they ap-
: CAN 19* pear to be at least in part due HAMS: ....................... ....r./...
'i .A to cultural and social back-

ground.In I ADDMS8 ...............!...,........................".
OLEO MARGARINE 1 ; *f 29 .I six months time after leaving
the Corps, eight per cent COT; ..?,............... FHONX' ,..........,...
rB of the Negro graduates got Into I OpeaCfcSttudart
SMAII-SIZEP CIGAR ARE SMOttPW trouble with the law, comparedto -..-.". .....-. -
.,, CIRCUS FRUIT DRINK t. .' 348 oz. CAN 69tw WELL OVER ONFI POPUlA710N.LriLL IIW OF THE. 16 per cent of the white grad "
uates. .. ,
; <; \\'jI ,1 qt i't. J ,
1" ,
A II t 1 lt" !$M AgED

s j : (,l'fl!

u du .., .. .. .c, .. rlLlL[_ .... ,. .. jii..c I .....har[. ...__....:.J. _....: _., ... ,.II'1.oj" r1 '.: :.-.u.:.;...".


I 1._ Dolphins Gets Haynes While Wilson, Jr., Gilchrist Goes To Broncos I IArL

| Prexy Announces Delta Sorors Sponsoi r' Patterson Thinks Seeks RecognitionIn
raAe y I

Preseason l Schedule Scholarship Breakfast Clay's Sentence JustDA f College Ranks

American Football League Tampa Alumnae Chapter of NANG, Vietnam FloydPatter.on in small college ranks, will beheaded
teams have complete a record Ga.-1beroarofthe
the Rams' best belle
Delta Sigma Theta's finale of by
the former world
schedule Ram will finally be beard when
2t-game pre-seascn
its football All-
t annuals for
the 1966-67 fiscal year was
heavyweight boxing champion
that stretches over six weekends the 1967 football season for
>I tj rI comprised of its annual scholarship thinks the Gve-year prison American honors, elusive and
and includes 18 pines Albany State College gets
Breakfast appointmentof slick Charley Lawrence, hailed
sentence Imposed on Cassius
with National Football League underway on September 23
the Nomination Committee In the"pecan plains"of Georgia
Clubs, AFL President Milt Clay is Just. against Miles College at
report of the Nomination Com "Any man who lives in the as the "Tampa express"Lawrence
Woodard announced.The Ala.
and ..Y : mittee, Election of National United States and enjoys the Birmingham national, a S.I, 19o-pound senior,
largest longest preseason Vying recognition
Convention delegation and the runs from the split end position.
fruits of the United States and
show the nation's small
history among
installation of officers. On the opposite side, Just u
who is not willing to fight for
U were played last college grid the Rams
games i4A The Scholarship Breakfast was powers, devastating and perhaps a step
-gets underway Saturday with a veteran squad returning
year h r held at the TampaSheraton faster, is lithe Chuck Henry,
July 29, when Miami and Den intact, will be heard through the flanker back
tor Inn, in the John Kennedy manning post.
ver meet la Akron, Woo The Room. Persons in attendancewere the roughest nine-game schedule Holding down the strong side
win be the first for the In the school's history.
game ten high school graduates of the forward wall at.fight
AFL la the state d Ohio,where representatives of Blake Main causes for big noises in end will be Chris Roulhac, the
the new Cincinnati franchisewill the Southwest Georgia area area 6-5 215 ".
and Middleton, Sandar Livingston pound "strongman,
begin operations In 1968. vaunted passing offense and
Gwendolyn Johnson, Catherine who edged out David Welles
The Broncos, under new Coach the nucleus of twenty lettermenfor last Welles
Belinda Stephen, as a regular season.
Loa Saban, also' will be In action Barbee Brown Williams, Marlene I the first two teams returningfor returns to the fold also for
In the first the '67 1 grid wars.
preseason York, Mae Carolyn McPherson, another tussle between the two
game in professional football Chestine Bell, Maude Johnson Quarterback Allen Pounsel returns for the regular berth on {file '67
history between AFL and NFL and Duhart. for his Junior campaign eleven
teams, meeting the Detroit The Otis Quick-Scoring test which should be his best yet Dale O'Neal charges will face
Lions at the University of Den His receivers, the equal of any little of the
was administered by Soror Ea- |lust a more big-
ver, Saturday night, Aug. 5. lla Mlms to the Blake and time competition each weekendof
Pete Barnes
That same weekend the other Middleton student representatives FLOYD, PATTERSON the grueling '67 1 slate. After
seven AFL teams roll in action America should to the September 23 debut at Miles
who is vying for scholarship go Jail or
for the first time. The Receives HonorsBATON the Rams to
honors. be run out of the country. Journey Daytona
Boston Patriots meet the New The nest two consecutive said Patterson. Beach, Fla., on September 30
Jets at ROUGE La.-(NPI)>
York .Bridgeport.Coon.!, meetings were held at the Congress Clay, who has been stripped to test the strength of Jack
Friday night before the full I For the second straight year, McClalretfs Bethune-Cookman
of the
Inn where the appoint heavy weight crown by
weekend program ends witha i ment of the Nomination Com- the World Boxing Association, Southern University hard- Wildcats, one of real tough:

four-game Saturday night mittee, reporting of the Nominating Is appealing a five-year Jail hitting outfielder Pete Barnes SIAC powers.

show that Includes, besides the.,i Committee, and election sentence on charges of evade has capped double All-Amert- Morris College, an SEAC opponent
Buffalo honors In baseball and foot
Denver-Detroit match-up, of delegates to the National log the drafts He failed to report ,can provides the opposition
vs. Miami at Memphis, Convention was the ord- for induction on groundsthat ball, the school reported. for the Rams in their first home

Temu, Kansas City at Houston j....--.....""" "-...l' .. I -_ tional Convention was the order he is a minister of the Barnes won National All-American Athletics appearance of the season before
in the
and San Diego at Oakland. ABNER HEYNES JERRY HOPKINS of business Sorors Jean Muslim faith and thus is exempt honors a High School Day audienceon
Each AFL team will meet at Intercollegiate Association
Bolen chairman, Glorldlne Me October 1.
least one NFL rival.San Diego's Nalr,,Lucille McKinney, Vivian "I'm not her e because of week, after leading all hitters From then on, the Saturdays
Chargers meet three NFL opponents Broncos Trade With Kitchen and Florin Kitchen Clay. I'm here because I believe in the circuit with hefty batting get rougher, with Edward

-Detroit, Los Angelesand comprised the Nominating in what we are fighting for average of.432. Waters (Oct. 14)),South Carolina
Pittsburgh while Houston Dolphins ManForManMIAMI Committee, In Vietnam," Patterson tolda Earlier this year he also won State, SIAC Kingpins (Oct 21).
York and Oakland All-Amerlcan honors in football
New play
.' 0 group of U.s. Marines and and Morris Brown (Oct. 28;
only one each. The other teams --Since the organizing of the Miami Dolphins, the most outstanding deal ever made t Virmen at Da Nang Air Base and was signed to a pro- appearing on the slate on successive
meet two NFL Clubs. saw the trading of Cookie Gilchrist, George Wilson, Jr., Earl Faisoa and Ernie Park to pL Patterson expressed the de- fessjpnal contract with the weekends.

While the Denver-Miami game the Denver Broncos for Ahner Haynes and Jerry Hopkins asj YI ire to gight Clay again for the Houston Oilers of the American Alabama State, a 20-18 winner
AFL Ohio for reported
football to
Football a
will League
bring title but "Clay is on his over the Rams In 66, and Its
for the first time, Cincinnati In return, the Dolphins received and Cadillac-frosted fringe helped take to the 1965 AFL s'oil: to Jail. In the previous meet- three-year $120,000 contract, colorful and brassy band come
also win get its first on-site three first-stringers la benefits were sources of con championship. ;, plus, $45,000 in bonus.
November 4
Ing Clay was the victor via a to Albany on u
look with an Inter-league game Abner Haynes,linebacker Jerry stant Intramural bickering. Gilchrist says Saban is "a GO 12th round TKO. Barnes also won NAIA All. ASC's alums return for the
between the New York Jets Hopkins and defensive end Dan With the departure of young big man in the trade for us. Dr Mary Whitman American honors in baseball annual homecoming affair. Revenge
and the NFI/s Philadelphia LaRose. Wilson ends a father-son-- He's a fine offensive lineman and football in 1966.
will be the
Eagles Saturday night, Ang.19 There was no cash Involvedin latlonship which Is considered with the exerience and all the Gadget printing is a good F NAIA pollsters voted the baseball "byword"In
lor the children to make unmanttxxwAwrrxuua.er this all-Important contest.
In three other Inter-league the trade, but did Includea unique In the pro ranks. As a equipment." Cookie Is 6.3, and way gift wrap. All-Amerlcan honors to The last two on the
games Infra-state rivalries will high draft choice for the Dolphins rookie the quarterback guidedthe weighs 245 pounds What you need to gather are Barnes and named him to its packed slate games which has

be started with San Diego meetIng and is expected to stren- Dolphins to their first Park, who spent three yewrs brown and whIte paper, Jars I I first team along with Gramb- power six SIAC opponents and three
Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon ghten Miami's running game victory in the AFL 24-7, over with the San Diego Chargers of poster paint available at the line College's Wielder and pit- SEAC teams pits the RamsIn

Aug. 27,Houston taking on\ considerably as well as receiving the Broncos the Orange Bowl. before the Dolphins got him In stores creative and art household racks of gadgets variety cher, Ralph Garr, and JimmyJackson two real ,"blood" battles

Dallas, Saturday night, Sept. 2, corps with the addition "As far as I was concerned," the expansion draft, leaves the galore For the moat part the --- respectively Savannah State (Nov.
and Oakland meeting San Francisco of the fleet Haynes, a three- said Coach Wilson, "he madeIt largest void among those paint will wash off easily If the SendGeorge The pro contract given Barnes Hand) Fort Valley State)

Sunday afternoon,Sept.3. time All- American Football on his own. That goes for traded. gadget. surface Is firm When. by the Ollerss was the highestever Nov 18 on consecutive Sat
The Oakland- San Francisco League choice and Player of the the rest of the staff, who felt There are only two ex.perienced porous surfaced printing corks, for gadgets Instance Washington given a football player urdays. ,
game winds up the pre-season Year in 1960, his rookie sea he was a fine athlete." guards on the left are used it's better to supply to Viet Nam. from a predomlnatly NegrocoUlege.

schedule the same day the regular son. He finished sixth in league side opposite Billy Neighbors, old pr throwaway Items, .
season begin with Denver LaRose, who spent five of his statistics with a .42.1 average they are Ken Rice and Jim '"' .

opening at home against Boston; sit pro seasons In the National' for, 42 punts,' but injuries kept Higgins Jim Riley, the Oklahoma PRICES IN THIS ID
In 19M'pTesets It plafLIUnsas 'o ,v League Including1 two is-a re-' hljivWeUno4.:part Pi tilt sear: B. who Miami's.No... .

City's eventual league tlphlt GeArf*WOSbttwheaA scobt.lt is felt that his chances 2'''draft.choice,'It expected to ARE GOOD THROUGH
champions and New York put Coach tutored the will be better playing as a quarterback get a shot at the position when
Attendance Detroit Lions, Is a 650 with Denver without .
together 4-0 records. camp opens at Boca Raton next
for the 18-game program pounder who has operated on being handicapped by having his month. [ JULY 8TK.

was 441,394. both defense and offense. Den .dad as the bead coach. From the Dolphins point of

ver acquired him after be was Falson came to the Dolphins view Haynes is the key. A : QUANTITY RIGHTS
released by the Atlanta Falcons in mid-season from San Diego versatile seven
year pro,
where his credentials Included Haynes stands third on the all- The store that car.c.Raboutyour RESERVED.
UWN SAND. FILL DIRT The departure of Gllchr 1st,obtained all-AFL four years as defensiveend. time AFL rushing list .with :

OYSTER SHELLS from Denver last fall The 6.5, Z65 pounder was 964 carries for 4,284 yards
EXTRA SIC LOADS after refusing to report to the handicapped by back problemsand and 44 touchdowns

ORBIT SAND CO. Broncos, ends a brief bat did not start a game for Haynes was a.star for the IOC OFF LABEL DETERGENT AlP BRAND TROPICAL

7U& L.... tua"ae au.7N stormy chapter In front-office Miami. Dallas Texans and Kansas City .J
.eea relations with the well traveled Gllchrist and Park, the starting before being traded to Denver SUNSHINERINSO

fullback whose $37,500 contract .left guard, are consideredthe in 1965, Haynes Is seventh in _. FRUIT PUNCHOR

I keys to the deal from the AFL career receiving with
standpoint of Lou Saban, in his 271 for 3,435 yards and 20 '
first year of a 10-year Denver touchdowns.He ,

contract worth an estimated has also returned 86 kickoffs GRAPE DRINK

$500,000. for 2,456 yards and brought
-Seek The Best Doctor, a"., Saban coached Gllchrist at back 79 punts for 838 yards. L i 1.or
When Your Doctor Prescribes. Buffalo two years ago. It was The 6-0, 190 pounder stands I : }

Get Experienced Pharmacists% Saban who made Gilchrlst fifth in AFL career scoring ; \.' .j: 3 LAMS: 8ge
According To Your Doctor's .1 I apologize publicly: before being with 67 touchdowns and 402 ,

Orders. We Use.OUy The Best P reinstated to the team Cookie points Las year he caught 46 GIANT 59G ,

Duality Drugs. passes for 480 yards PII6.llNli 11131f

C; E, SLACKVfroprletor: FAMU's 23rd Clinic ....
Clown 1 WITH $5.00 ORDER
> Registered Pharmacists To Serve You This Proves Beneficial & ANN PAGE

.........._-M COMPLETE LINE OFCosmetics ..._............ 02-31-92 TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-College B-B. Q SAUCE

Rubber Goods Candies Sundries 61-04 -. 32 and high school coaches MEL-0-BIT SLICED SWISS
who participated la the FloridaA
5 i M University Football i 18 OZ., '
PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND. DEUVFRFDLilly's Coaching Clinic only had praise s.ot. ,33"YUKON

I lft. 1 for the organization and effectiveness CHEESE ; 25C BOTTLE ,
Drug Store 1 of the 23rd clinic. PN6.

Some coaches came from

.1907 .KINGS. ROAD El-3-4276 311-31-14 Tennessee Louisiana to, participate.Alabama, and I CLUB

--J 559421Seutetiafes Robert Mosby of Anderson, AURORA BATHROOM

1 Ala., has been a head coach BEVERAGES12OZ.
I for 12 years and has attended PKG .
IMPORTANT AJUTO INSURANCE NOTICE TO He's Up;Sometime* AIM clinics for 13 consecutive TISSUE .
He's Down, years my years
He works it all around. as a head coach,"he said, "I've 2 ROLLS Pulses Mutfirinifir I 15 $1
recent bankruptcy of a Florida Insurance Company won the state championshipeight

has left many motorists without insurance coverage The 99 69 84COMING'ASTRACTIONS times and have been coach CANS
State of Florida Financial Responsibility Law states In part; of the year eight times. My

MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE credit the AiM clinic for being
THREE YE4 S". 35-99-52 responsible lot of In successful some way sea-fora BLUEBERRY OR CHERRYPIES FIESl, RED, RIPE
To assist all persons sublect to the provisions of this law, "
ROBERT TRAVB A ASSOCIATES have made arrangementswith JJU. Lee in, assistant football -

the FIRST AMERICAN INSURANCE COMAPNY.: issuea coach at Albany State College WATERMELONS

NEW low cost 10/20/5 monthly auto policy payable !monthly i and son of J.RJE. Lee,Jr.,
with NO INTEREST OR FINANCE CHARGES. SR-22 filings vice president of FAMU, has
win be made free of charge: Man's Days are Numbered. attended many clinics and feels
Monthly premiums vary;.from $7.50 per month according Jlealth and Fortune Can Be that MM does a better job.
to the ages and driving records of all operators.To (Yours When You Know Yourfcicky
"When it come to getting topflight .
find out U you qualify for ,this NEW low cost quality Days. "
people, he said, "you
protection: contact our nearest office today. An accident have to go along with Jake ; :
without insurance: could mean the loss of your license.: ,L Icky Colors, etc. .GaIther and his clinic. I always s490EACH

Send $2.00 for your learn something that 69c

ROBERT TRAVIS ,Horoscope Guide for proves beneflcirJ to me duringthe lit I EACH

JULY.Fill football season"

Panel discussion: movies,
in the blank below and
I ASSOCIATES INC. mail to ZODIAC, Post Office filmstrips, informative lectures "iOPEA-R1611" HEAVY WESTERN BEEF
all dealing with modern
iBox 1171 Jacksonville Fla.
day football and its complexities

121 E. 8th Street Rood 10, Collier BId(. 354-7897 were included.

,U6S Edgewood Avenue S. 389-3483 STREET NAME =--- The clinic also featured a lecture CHUCK ROAST BONE-IN 48C

6483 Roosevelt Blvd. 389-3583 .bATE OF BIRTH-.-- and demonstration on the

MOo Dad football.use of exer-genle. equipment in Lt.UTlIlU .


Q -





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I lunr. house fur rent Rush references, lien and women, to seu aovertlsing. FOR SAInt::
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Chicago, m. 60628 'I Barber Lounge 622 Ashley St. Shi Rtjiriif last May 2& The program Furnished apartments foi
Call 354-9774. honored outstanding student married couples only. Phone
MACHINE academic achievements 3539942. Friday, p.m. and all

ILESSINGSI ILESSINGSThe. 01 An Kill CONSOLE MODEL, SEWING alls Bloottvorth a juniorPsrcholosSocioiccmabr, day Saturday.

man born with the gift.Rev BisiiiH MACHINE Must place In your
Is Sir lily
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THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INCA I Georgia It is through God that 934 E. UNION ST. makes, button sews holes on, fancy buttons designed -, Young lady, between the ages

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Bloodworth, 1412 W. 7th St., AT SHIPYARDS
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Immediately Required

I Colorful Scenic- Ave. FIRST CLASS

13 Negro CollegesTo 4311 PUP Iwt. SHEET METAL

Place 1 398.4200-w. elw $aNOrin MECHANICSWELDERS

.. lA-College Placement Services, HONDA Of JACKSONVILLE PIPEFITTERS
$ Incorporated, of Bethlehem 6425 NORWOOD AVE. I
FREE ENCOE,1719A Pennsylvania, announced recently ELECTRICIANSMARINE
I that It had negotiated
"t ,< ., t grants exceeding $115,000 for 13
:,' predominantly Negro colleges ((6 blocks north of
At the same time CPS Managing Gateway Shopping Center) CABINET MAKER

I Direcgor Andre G. Bean- ,
mount outlined plans for a campaign -

when "Put the new Tiger in Your Tank to create a $200,000 fundto SOUTHSIDE FT, OF{ NDRICKSAVB DIVISION_ .
you } extend this program of finan- A. tOlUOl _$Iunlly !I::
? 764-2419 IMV"nt
moo.; SIIII.
cial assistance to other colleges ..- l''tNJ 1 l''fit T. I>>ntl.:

(a fill-up of 8 gallons or more) participating Inthe CPS project.
CPS service Is a non-profit organization' advisoryand which There's A Great Uncap Of

operates with funds from a$310-
,000 grant from the Ford Foundation -

Assisting underprivileged -
:i : : colleges In the developmentof
: their career counseling and
placement programs CPS has W

": a working relationship with

,' ; : forty-four predominantly Negro
''' colleges
: All of the funds granted to the
", j?,. > colleges will beusedexcluslve-
ly to improve or establish
< I
'" : : areeer counseling and place EDGEWOOD LOUNGE
,4iJ/f.<': : ment services on their camp
> ,..
,, ""' no'. : : : .q I uses by implementing recommendations -
; l made by CPS advisory Free Champagne
: .. ) .' teams. 14oadayLADIESNITE

The $115,000 in grants comes T.lsdayJOHN STANBERRY (Rec. Artist)
I'i' from three sources. Ten colleges
i Live Broadcast- Station WRHC
fli received grants totaling
I : $35,000 from the CPS College Wednesday-
Fun for |
Assistance Fund, a fund creat- JAM SESSIONCreat
1 ed by contributions from ma-
I. J I +t zPS jor United States corporations.Three T.lrsdIYTHE JOHNNY SHAW SHOW
institutions received
k gifts totaling nearly $66,000 Great Entertainment
directly from corporations
ra through the auspices of CPS Friday & SatirdayLeo -
Two other colleges were recipients -
Doe Sanders
of equipment and buildIng Dorsey '
s materials valued at 14000. John Sanders 'Jjf Hawkins|'
yw "Bubba" Mc Cruder Sid. a>m Ty Ty

Jacquelyn Merritt

It Victim Of AssaultLester I
CypressGarQens- '
y' r( 'A

Kendrick d 708 Court
1,19yearsoldwasarrestedforassault & MAINt
and heldfor Investigation -
in connection with beating
Merritt'of 64 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.$2695
Jacquelyn the same
Shrimp Boats { address 64 Pontiac 2+2. It's Almost New ... ,..$1$95;

h Witnesses stated they saw 64 Ford VJ .......... ..... ... .$1095
Kendrick and the victim
rJ fighting
K* Oldest House, St Augustine, Fla, in the 700 block Court F.Some- 67 Pontiac'Catalina Coupe .....j,......$3295
one placed a call to the police AIR CONO. FACTORY A .
At participating Enco stations. start a set today station and car No. 24 answered 67 Rambler Rebel 770 .. .. .. .. .$2695
the call. Arriving on the XitgJ8 1 .PACfOAY WAAMENTNTILA.OWEA: IUUI.

Scene DreSS dinner table with these In scene officers S.W.Washingtonand 67 Camaro' .... ..... .. .
I' up your handStop today where you see the "Scenic Place W. H. Harris reported finding AUTOMATIC A&N.PACTOit:"WARRANTY.:ONLY: .Sfl: ,

some place mats. There are six favorite scenes Mats" sign. And while you're there, try a tank- the victim on the front room 66 Valiant 200 4-Door .......... .. .......$1795
I each preserved In 17" x 11>" frosted nonful of new High.energy Enco Extra gasoline floor at 1142 Community Court.' !:rt.t TiC61W W?tHH1l1oRy'tl( ITEERINO. I AND

glare matte plastic! AND THEY'RE IN FULL with the extra punch. Keep using new Enco Jacquelyn was carried toDMCby 65 T BIrd SuTjer, Clean... ..............$2795
I I". j COLORI So beautiful frame theml! Gateway ambulance service All CQNOITTOIaD I LOADED
can Extra '
you even you get extra, power 0 extra mileage. around 1:15 ajn., unconscious. 65 Pontiac ta .....................$1995

I Augusta National Golf Course These are exclusive reproductions of familiar Dr. Story the attending pbysican 66 Falcon AIR CONDITIONED.Futura 4-Door.....,... ......$1695
scenes painted by famous artist George Shawe was treating the victim! and TRANS R1H.

; especially for Humble customers) And each H.PPYMOtorlnW8 serious. 67 Mustang/ .. ....:. ... .. .. ... .. .$2395.
Kendrlcks stated when -
of these place mats Is reversible, soilproof questioned 63
that the victim bad a knife Chevrolet Imp..Hardtop, Air Cond. ..$1295
washable and heat resistant! Start set RiM. AUTOMATIC
your HUMBLE REFINING COMPANY at him, but witnesses statements 65 Mustang ,... ." ,.. .. ..j....$1395
Each Is free OIL &
right away at any participating seem to contradict the RADIO ft HEATER. a i'i
Stone Mountain Enco station! H AMERICA'S LEADING ENERGY COMPANY suspect. But they did testify OVER 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM
that Lester Kendrick cad been
beating the victim.

I 1 i PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK! upon The further suspect investigation is still being held S.EVANS3rd & MAINEL


rl .
r M I

I ... ... 6