Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAES INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T05:27:03Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00454
FILE SIZE 6458809 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAABEX PATH 00134.tif PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 7ffd4b3f76a6d70635e9ee77b9eadef0SHA-1 afe7636a6367ce2df5b02d1e5ad3ab8bfc284fb5
52604 F20090115_AAABGA 00139.QC.jpg bfcdc7923db4756a44009b4e9f7512e530749ce0d217e9719561e943467d5bf6e2d0d066
36781 F20090115_AAABEY 00134.txt de4dc2ed22d2073d103891f3ee4443f16d40dd64103d6be71cdb604b6c12020cd92f726d
6487093 F20090115_AAABGB 00139.tif bfaee9515c2abdc7883738a2401b2c4571c52e39ef3ff00d5a279eaf247514bc5341a3a4
13063 F20090115_AAABEZ 00134thm.jpg 24b25da2c57c109e551cedb9d0a2f717c4039b2acdf602ca56d638f30106c79addb4c3f7
42738 F20090115_AAABGC 00139.txt d93428cb3a8c29f4735a5515d199055077ddb169420dd2919c22d3d65a457e406958a926
12745 F20090115_AAABGD 00139thm.jpg c0f62800efc3709d9ae11aa02fb54960e1a4bc3838f754f2a25349a9af6cadca29086fda
793045 F20090115_AAABGE 00140.jp2 6120fc50a877e6991b45733cdc1e0891c8daf288d15f50093637868f394d2a6e98d999e4
371832 F20090115_AAABGF 00140.jpg 64411d73e92d6bb272fa3c8e18eed573ea4747cc290cb331b913cd64223d2b75e882c392
52886 F20090115_AAABGG 00140.QC.jpg 678ac8efd1d682d140f2fefcd77d57802c9544425bd587cc950980aaab64781bde7cd0fd
6341279 F20090115_AAABGH 00140.tif 8c960a297ebfe01e8c9d552a6520899fe09976c4ef681231a995efdc74c634da4c9fbf70
36595 F20090115_AAABGI 00140.txt dc5098df43ff27a524e53e835c4857d2aea577b3f08e56cb4681058cb71152b689436a10
13025 F20090115_AAABGJ 00140thm.jpg a196a633f20437ce33907f5d1ec2ebb621a3b2b720bbc9769a06309b5d2d498b65316002
795709 F20090115_AAABGK 00141.jp2 7c2fd8f70c4583ca3793bd0f482b8ab4db2f10572722fc7be8bc3cea9918952bbb9dd700
325005 F20090115_AAABGL 00141.jpg 484aec55443f38a3fcc7b3e76635463795c836473311668b6e8c732d5395badec0382488
47879 F20090115_AAABGM 00141.QC.jpg 08248bb74a3d295f2664d8b421a737f3471d6dfbd2a3d3b280eb9ff350c375bee5d45d3d
6365429 F20090115_AAABGN 00141.tif bd7de6c00cd6b2ab3786958e2826c6c5e58d526688d7f5f62bca3a961c6ec0b543debac6
35971 F20090115_AAABGO 00141.txt dcebd7855d0d26333bde917afe5f923b71865debc17af570f29b88f1259b90179d8cfa8e
12077 F20090115_AAABGP 00141thm.jpg 780edca2087176b7b339d7127b1433d8b706aecb418a1f66450a1d254c7606d45bd97f80
780471 F20090115_AAABGQ 00142.jp2 ee10d62a6b0b9fc163918e3630c3931b95611ac890fa76c0d61302011be14e121dac3dcf
340162 F20090115_AAABGR 00142.jpg 7f17fb094c0fc2f6611f3478f73c28df2252f2de97d4cb0d7be7f76c3be374608ef192f9
52444 F20090115_AAABGS 00142.QC.jpg d220c69b5b8d0a16f8be0ca16eec34a161bec945815d713e598d6caf87d46032d44c661c
6237583 F20090115_AAABGT 00142.tif 9732a61325bf95f97dd7501a739c60fe9b026614fc7f3103a231563f5fa15f6cd0696b2e
31149 F20090115_AAABGU 00142.txt a7b64287fed93adfba4a272b3eefa083f781d56c81dbbb752de631e6106b446d6e6ed327
813103 F20090115_AAABFA 00135.jp2 4c1963d3b0df74ae1bb0b446607f879924fb8ac0672fb59dbe6143376ff77f3ae7db3877
13311 F20090115_AAABGV 00142thm.jpg 4a3a81ceaf83c32b9684161bf9d60a573afe5fedaea8b8a2dbe15e5d1a3f11a23a754a78
375477 F20090115_AAABFB 00135.jpg cefc31867b1d77e3179dfac95656ea065b3f13493e1e7fa7cf8e8d5c1ff77b9cd7d21bf3
799735 F20090115_AAABGW 00143.jp2 68f3430c16ce22ea8b8a2c76ce84ef900251ba2b9c09a6bdca437929a5ae01c5f08de378
51998 F20090115_AAABFC 00135.QC.jpg b133c36997b4647dde16af0ca270f712a39b4c970752bd9a0c0078170b64d046ca616fc2
334633 F20090115_AAABGX 00143.jpg d9af8e7591233f58accc7a62d076c70b07ee133888fe5085fc5a0d74b0982c7379d4dcd8
6495389 F20090115_AAABFD 00135.tif c67f1910224d5b2c374a5dd0c63b569a7ec154890d0f260faad6d6a39cc80ac48657093c
40721 F20090115_AAABFE 00135.txt 9836cec063358449933974b017afd33ca09cc451b3a539532fdeb303ed522c3fe3cf1e9b
51093 F20090115_AAABGY 00143.QC.jpg c0ae9da509d8a788e455196758bb62434ee25a987db9e339fc264388a95b3b92a7bc901d
12425 F20090115_AAABFF 00135thm.jpg fa64b8868f2bb238a2ce627ed978b67a4740fc514ab93591b0eee584234797b763fb5e52
6394607 F20090115_AAABGZ 00143.tif 498509d49a06a010d6cc18e1b72902aa0facbe0cf901fae42b61105222ca57d98aa9335b
812476 F20090115_AAABFG 00136.jp2 48f7f2b6d0afab7c5a0ed5bd2a1f0cd05d336aa0ed91dbad8f9ed0635e93449168f783c4
260735 F20090115_AAABFH 00136.jpg 1474139375b9cb47cbe25dd092cd5b400f4c8b88819edcc6c026a3678a79eb8247b4090a
42071 F20090115_AAABFI 00136.QC.jpg 9df9d45a09d6a208064ca94f1d1cb3b5a2da35fdc66d1d7290b038f40c02267f2a87f29e
6500177 F20090115_AAABFJ 00136.tif 1a989cf48c7b9c774566fb721597f2217dd17a77dff71bee8844424020e85dab013a4cbd
20920 F20090115_AAABFK 00136.txt 5ec92446a7a14fdb9a020a989cea551dfba972da79706a2ce745aa72f808dda94a024794
11322 F20090115_AAABFL 00136thm.jpg feaa64cfcd8e0ae64d31be1d39b25f3eb5e7b4d2da7e534a707b554ae7dc0d18992dd148
807091 F20090115_AAABFM 00137.jp2 2462af9c5c7c7c1ed47b7affee70bf5e2c9af59ac2faa9f85f118a25679f2888600576d4
340421 F20090115_AAABFN 00137.jpg fb8b3dad27af583445baea7586d49353b5284cbeaf37e97863a66ab66d53ab27b84898b7
48539 F20090115_AAABFO 00137.QC.jpg 470762a7220052ab7c5abe794f0339cd0e4da36ff8d5a5395873a3075fed05715cf99c03
6447579 F20090115_AAABFP 00137.tif 8af37d51ced7493a4cb521c7e15960d4905cadea7e00cbda2faf49995d35b91730de6000
47019 F20090115_AAABFQ 00137.txt 596143a8f74f5b680957df904221204073348977c7d777d3d3a450c2cd3a6ed6f1fbf414
12061 F20090115_AAABFR 00137thm.jpg 03c2cebb399a98a8eead2ae17db3df226c89a403b0df238fc50ad323ab0d454b7210bdc2
807313 F20090115_AAABFS 00138.jp2 2fd37c83354a6b62e69687e797953553d59f67bf302dcb30f7157ca3c8d7c386fb7c88f8
314832 F20090115_AAABFT 00138.jpg f7d04b02e49a394d8fe6fdcafd076b8673e819e03c5f261de689712b2f752a6b97b41e61
48107 F20090115_AAABFU 00138.QC.jpg 0e4a9d0020606803593fd51b4a29c432d0fcb71e974666b2a7335f3e7f200f03a95f8d96
6452099 F20090115_AAABFV 00138.tif acb3c44e55a65873aaf8a2d1c968429d90642dd8471053d760656c10e31273b3f340c467
29301 F20090115_AAABFW 00138.txt a09c89001357ae5b516c79cd18e2f68d8a4ef04221fbc09549fd7837410f2a598ea1d465
12308 F20090115_AAABFX 00138thm.jpg a6c33bdd8448349e511b9a21fe80ff51526fbe106b06de2c56d7c79e6c4be8ab0858ae01
35632 F20090115_AAABHA 00143.txt 4035f4ac971e78dd1a5accb2484c6d63a7105df321207611dc44500befd9f03cc36be196
811286 F20090115_AAABFY 00139.jp2 de7f20044da7d728b08a24fc3cae623feb729362b5a820495fe95bed27c5400a32f0f043
13206 F20090115_AAABHB 00143thm.jpg b247b6231738a6ade21d0322cfc35f992983cb69d424f3fa22526c8cfc1b55e64f118cf9
369587 F20090115_AAABFZ 00139.jpg 3c1e6bd0a1c66d65e37a8c03fc55d6b0b10983a47bd7a0a46b8246046c836d3b43775218
15885 F20090115_AAABHC 1967040801.xml FULL f8d303c6db37a916719d8226b6ce117ab495c951ff4a67e9f90345151916662cbdcb5ad3BROKEN_LINK 0134.jp20135.jp20136.jp20137.jp20138.jp20139.jp20140.jp20141.jp20142.jp20143.jp20134.txt0135.txt0136.txt0137.txt0138.txt0139.txt0140.txt0141.txt0142.txt0143.txt0134.tif0135.tif0136.tif0137.tif0138.tif0139.tif0140.tif0141.tif0142.tif0143.tif0134.jpg0135.jpg0136.jpg0137.jpg0138.jpg0139.jpg0140.jpg0141.jpg0142.jpg0143.jpg
21505 F20090115_AAABHF UF00028362_00454.mets b03d8f98d96de0d7b49e0a027741560fb215c73860cd92a5ad1215eb7c1ebb1acc15ba1b
24704 F20090115_AAABHH UF00028362_00454.xml 8a42b3720993328dbe238d276c835dbd78130dafdbbe65e89b0076cf4470a961b896dd15
807375 F20090115_AAABEU 00134.jp2 9f554fa7d3951e4170d73297906292ac2ee4277712f2403055850250a3debd3bf1d45cdc
368300 F20090115_AAABEV 00134.jpg 6eb5ba4b81cc06a9922fc45f6ab28114e192a1681cf2748ffe7c87d7dfb3632ed8c6aefc
53376 F20090115_AAABEW 00134.QC.jpg 5b316d1e7bbc72e08e9e5ba1f77bda367b040a38dcf29fcf1fc293e85e3ec5c51eef9371

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACCZ INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T22:23:51Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00454
FILE SIZE 13311 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABNSL PATH 00142thm.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 4a3a81ceaf83c32b9684161bf9d60a57SHA-1 3afe5fedaea8b8a2dbe15e5d1a3f11a23a754a78
799735 F20090222_AABNSM 00143.jp2 68f3430c16ce22ea8b8a2c76ce84ef900251ba2b9c09a6bdca437929a5ae01c5f08de378
334633 F20090222_AABNSN 00143.jpg d9af8e7591233f58accc7a62d076c70b07ee133888fe5085fc5a0d74b0982c7379d4dcd8
51093 F20090222_AABNSO 00143.QC.jpg c0ae9da509d8a788e455196758bb62434ee25a987db9e339fc264388a95b3b92a7bc901d
6394607 F20090222_AABNSP 00143.tif 498509d49a06a010d6cc18e1b72902aa0facbe0cf901fae42b61105222ca57d98aa9335b
35632 F20090222_AABNSQ 00143.txt 4035f4ac971e78dd1a5accb2484c6d63a7105df321207611dc44500befd9f03cc36be196
13206 F20090222_AABNSR 00143thm.jpg b247b6231738a6ade21d0322cfc35f992983cb69d424f3fa22526c8cfc1b55e64f118cf9
15885 F20090222_AABNSS 1967040801.xml FULL f8d303c6db37a916719d8226b6ce117ab495c951ff4a67e9f90345151916662cbdcb5ad3BROKEN_LINK 0134.jp20135.jp20136.jp20137.jp20138.jp20139.jp20140.jp20141.jp20142.jp20143.jp20134.txt0135.txt0136.txt0137.txt0138.txt0139.txt0140.txt0141.txt0142.txt0143.txt0134.tif0135.tif0136.tif0137.tif0138.tif0139.tif0140.tif0141.tif0142.tif0143.tif0134.jpg0135.jpg0136.jpg0137.jpg0138.jpg0139.jpg0140.jpg0141.jpg0142.jpg0143.jpg
19483 F20090222_AABNSV UF00028362_00454.mets 8f1e2285727b2882b866c7c90614344c898d78550e211654b52262a7e750903c6e34822a
20920 F20090222_AABNRA 00136.txt 5ec92446a7a14fdb9a020a989cea551dfba972da79706a2ce745aa72f808dda94a024794
11322 F20090222_AABNRB 00136thm.jpg feaa64cfcd8e0ae64d31be1d39b25f3eb5e7b4d2da7e534a707b554ae7dc0d18992dd148
807091 F20090222_AABNRC 00137.jp2 2462af9c5c7c7c1ed47b7affee70bf5e2c9af59ac2faa9f85f118a25679f2888600576d4
340421 F20090222_AABNRD 00137.jpg fb8b3dad27af583445baea7586d49353b5284cbeaf37e97863a66ab66d53ab27b84898b7
22173 F20090222_AABNSX UF00028362_00454.xml 9e84415c7f3f1536f45a1396b5e6771eb0ee2b2d4dcffdd75885af2a1da6a76a633a7735
48539 F20090222_AABNRE 00137.QC.jpg 470762a7220052ab7c5abe794f0339cd0e4da36ff8d5a5395873a3075fed05715cf99c03
6447579 F20090222_AABNRF 00137.tif 8af37d51ced7493a4cb521c7e15960d4905cadea7e00cbda2faf49995d35b91730de6000
47019 F20090222_AABNRG 00137.txt 596143a8f74f5b680957df904221204073348977c7d777d3d3a450c2cd3a6ed6f1fbf414
12061 F20090222_AABNRH 00137thm.jpg 03c2cebb399a98a8eead2ae17db3df226c89a403b0df238fc50ad323ab0d454b7210bdc2
807313 F20090222_AABNRI 00138.jp2 2fd37c83354a6b62e69687e797953553d59f67bf302dcb30f7157ca3c8d7c386fb7c88f8
314832 F20090222_AABNRJ 00138.jpg f7d04b02e49a394d8fe6fdcafd076b8673e819e03c5f261de689712b2f752a6b97b41e61
48107 F20090222_AABNRK 00138.QC.jpg 0e4a9d0020606803593fd51b4a29c432d0fcb71e974666b2a7335f3e7f200f03a95f8d96
6452099 F20090222_AABNRL 00138.tif acb3c44e55a65873aaf8a2d1c968429d90642dd8471053d760656c10e31273b3f340c467
29301 F20090222_AABNRM 00138.txt a09c89001357ae5b516c79cd18e2f68d8a4ef04221fbc09549fd7837410f2a598ea1d465
12308 F20090222_AABNRN 00138thm.jpg a6c33bdd8448349e511b9a21fe80ff51526fbe106b06de2c56d7c79e6c4be8ab0858ae01
811286 F20090222_AABNRO 00139.jp2 de7f20044da7d728b08a24fc3cae623feb729362b5a820495fe95bed27c5400a32f0f043
369587 F20090222_AABNRP 00139.jpg 3c1e6bd0a1c66d65e37a8c03fc55d6b0b10983a47bd7a0a46b8246046c836d3b43775218
52604 F20090222_AABNRQ 00139.QC.jpg bfcdc7923db4756a44009b4e9f7512e530749ce0d217e9719561e943467d5bf6e2d0d066
6487093 F20090222_AABNRR 00139.tif bfaee9515c2abdc7883738a2401b2c4571c52e39ef3ff00d5a279eaf247514bc5341a3a4
42738 F20090222_AABNRS 00139.txt d93428cb3a8c29f4735a5515d199055077ddb169420dd2919c22d3d65a457e406958a926
12745 F20090222_AABNRT 00139thm.jpg c0f62800efc3709d9ae11aa02fb54960e1a4bc3838f754f2a25349a9af6cadca29086fda
793045 F20090222_AABNRU 00140.jp2 6120fc50a877e6991b45733cdc1e0891c8daf288d15f50093637868f394d2a6e98d999e4
371832 F20090222_AABNRV 00140.jpg 64411d73e92d6bb272fa3c8e18eed573ea4747cc290cb331b913cd64223d2b75e882c392
52886 F20090222_AABNRW 00140.QC.jpg 678ac8efd1d682d140f2fefcd77d57802c9544425bd587cc950980aaab64781bde7cd0fd
6341279 F20090222_AABNRX 00140.tif 8c960a297ebfe01e8c9d552a6520899fe09976c4ef681231a995efdc74c634da4c9fbf70
36595 F20090222_AABNRY 00140.txt dc5098df43ff27a524e53e835c4857d2aea577b3f08e56cb4681058cb71152b689436a10
13025 F20090222_AABNRZ 00140thm.jpg a196a633f20437ce33907f5d1ec2ebb621a3b2b720bbc9769a06309b5d2d498b65316002
807375 F20090222_AABNQK 00134.jp2 9f554fa7d3951e4170d73297906292ac2ee4277712f2403055850250a3debd3bf1d45cdc
368300 F20090222_AABNQL 00134.jpg 6eb5ba4b81cc06a9922fc45f6ab28114e192a1681cf2748ffe7c87d7dfb3632ed8c6aefc
53376 F20090222_AABNQM 00134.QC.jpg 5b316d1e7bbc72e08e9e5ba1f77bda367b040a38dcf29fcf1fc293e85e3ec5c51eef9371
6458809 F20090222_AABNQN 00134.tif 7ffd4b3f76a6d70635e9ee77b9eadef0afe7636a6367ce2df5b02d1e5ad3ab8bfc284fb5
36781 F20090222_AABNQO 00134.txt de4dc2ed22d2073d103891f3ee4443f16d40dd64103d6be71cdb604b6c12020cd92f726d
13063 F20090222_AABNQP 00134thm.jpg 24b25da2c57c109e551cedb9d0a2f717c4039b2acdf602ca56d638f30106c79addb4c3f7
813103 F20090222_AABNQQ 00135.jp2 4c1963d3b0df74ae1bb0b446607f879924fb8ac0672fb59dbe6143376ff77f3ae7db3877
375477 F20090222_AABNQR 00135.jpg cefc31867b1d77e3179dfac95656ea065b3f13493e1e7fa7cf8e8d5c1ff77b9cd7d21bf3
51998 F20090222_AABNQS 00135.QC.jpg b133c36997b4647dde16af0ca270f712a39b4c970752bd9a0c0078170b64d046ca616fc2
6495389 F20090222_AABNQT 00135.tif c67f1910224d5b2c374a5dd0c63b569a7ec154890d0f260faad6d6a39cc80ac48657093c
40721 F20090222_AABNQU 00135.txt 9836cec063358449933974b017afd33ca09cc451b3a539532fdeb303ed522c3fe3cf1e9b
12425 F20090222_AABNQV 00135thm.jpg fa64b8868f2bb238a2ce627ed978b67a4740fc514ab93591b0eee584234797b763fb5e52
812476 F20090222_AABNQW 00136.jp2 48f7f2b6d0afab7c5a0ed5bd2a1f0cd05d336aa0ed91dbad8f9ed0635e93449168f783c4
260735 F20090222_AABNQX 00136.jpg 1474139375b9cb47cbe25dd092cd5b400f4c8b88819edcc6c026a3678a79eb8247b4090a
795709 F20090222_AABNSA 00141.jp2 7c2fd8f70c4583ca3793bd0f482b8ab4db2f10572722fc7be8bc3cea9918952bbb9dd700
42071 F20090222_AABNQY 00136.QC.jpg 9df9d45a09d6a208064ca94f1d1cb3b5a2da35fdc66d1d7290b038f40c02267f2a87f29e
325005 F20090222_AABNSB 00141.jpg 484aec55443f38a3fcc7b3e76635463795c836473311668b6e8c732d5395badec0382488
6500177 F20090222_AABNQZ 00136.tif 1a989cf48c7b9c774566fb721597f2217dd17a77dff71bee8844424020e85dab013a4cbd
47879 F20090222_AABNSC 00141.QC.jpg 08248bb74a3d295f2664d8b421a737f3471d6dfbd2a3d3b280eb9ff350c375bee5d45d3d
6365429 F20090222_AABNSD 00141.tif bd7de6c00cd6b2ab3786958e2826c6c5e58d526688d7f5f62bca3a961c6ec0b543debac6
35971 F20090222_AABNSE 00141.txt dcebd7855d0d26333bde917afe5f923b71865debc17af570f29b88f1259b90179d8cfa8e
12077 F20090222_AABNSF 00141thm.jpg 780edca2087176b7b339d7127b1433d8b706aecb418a1f66450a1d254c7606d45bd97f80
780471 F20090222_AABNSG 00142.jp2 ee10d62a6b0b9fc163918e3630c3931b95611ac890fa76c0d61302011be14e121dac3dcf
340162 F20090222_AABNSH 00142.jpg 7f17fb094c0fc2f6611f3478f73c28df2252f2de97d4cb0d7be7f76c3be374608ef192f9
52444 F20090222_AABNSI 00142.QC.jpg d220c69b5b8d0a16f8be0ca16eec34a161bec945815d713e598d6caf87d46032d44c661c
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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 8, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 8, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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. ... ...................... ............... ... ..- ...-..... ... .. ... .....T'r-"' .. . . T : : : .
.:,.; .

1"1 (Ji : V"ItJ'-fU.en: : :,;

******** lIuII" lIl _J_ .. ******* *

.. )'v

.... .. ... .. ...... .... *t.:...:: lfJ "! I


** ****** ****** ** .... .,. .... .

; ;:: s. "!*!ntOy[ **rf'' "Viet! ?" ,i" .WarFBI i f

'********' ** *** **


l tn rJl' J'to7tID& rUJ
) :, FI. ID.t ;


VOL. 1 11'? NO 1 SATURDAY' I 15'
Hero li Viet ,WaiVALUT '
Burning Wilkins **! *!**' ** **. *.. *** ***** '* ** ****
-- Roy *" *I'' '

laid, To KlalCREEIMi.LEJ.USI.._ The II'UI MI 1 Is Hailed (dare "NatB illD n1 nj@tioritJJlggg

FBI Is Investigating a cre s- h ******* *** **" -***' ** *' ,

burning at the headquarters of ."'IU" I. ;' ? Preside
tile National Council of AM r. ':. ly
Churches' Delta Ministry at ., 1
Mount Beulah,Mlssissippl-the 'Jjii NEW YORK. Roy WUklM executive TORTURE MURDER .
lat dct in series of incidents at director: of the NAACP I
the Isolated rural site. t received! the 1967 Freedom
r Few men believed to be \ 'f Award Wednesday, March 29,
members d the Nan, chose at a Hotel Waldorf Astoria dinner -
mMnlght between Maundy t t atended by 1,200 distinguished -
Thursday and Good Friday to Americans.Mr. SUSPECT RELEASEDTorture

set the e'-foot cross afire ." J _\:.. Wilkins, who became executive

!i the former Allege campus ( .4' director of the NAACP'In
near Jackson. ,. .0 :" 1955 upon the death Walter
,?* char A agency had <<'1 i : White, received the award for Victim

recently huvd a night watchman J ".'.' .. "courageous and responsible Joshua Hillman All-White Bank
after night Intruders had 1'0"';:', leadership. He Is the first Burial Set I
entered buildings on the campus (ii civil rights leader to receivethe Has Negro President I
several times. Last January : ; award, one of the nation's
a dozen rifle shots were top>> honors. For Saturday Under $300 BondIn CIUCAGONPINorman
fired toward people on the cam > President Johnson, last year's A. Simon has become the first 1
Elbe : recipient, sent the following Jacksonville's Homicide Di- Negro banker in the nation to
night watchman who was J message of acclaim to the vioslon d the City Police Department bead a formerly all-white bank. n
alone because the people who civil rights leaden is still baffled by the Election FraudJoshua Simon a former officer d \
lire and work at Mount Beulah ,---" "Since 1943, the Freedom Award torture murder of a 25yearold the Exchange National Bank l
were away at meetings, said FORGE-, Pa.-- --C.-Squire Thomas, 26 d Albany has honored champions! woman whose mutilated Hillman,Jacksonville political figure whose activities was elected president of -

he saw four men erect the cross New Tork gets a !hand shake from Col. John B. Coates, in the struggle for human rights body was found in the bedroom as an undercover man came to light a little over a year ago, Guaranty Bank and Trust Com- I-
and set it ablate. commanding officer of Valley Forge Military Hospital, after at home and in the support\ ot d her apartment on. March bounced back into the news this week withhls arrest last Tuesday Tefirst
Be did not call the sheriff, a the Cot awarded him a Silver Star for gallantry in action. free societies and insltutlons 29.Last for violation of the election code. Negro tobepadu-
pokesman said, because, the Pfc. Thomas recleved the award for disarming a claymore abroad. Snnrte ,nKf.. Nkta.. ated with a degree commerce
sheriffs office bad refused to mine while under fire in Vietnam, and thus saving the lives This year's recipient is a Hillman who has been Identified the past that were Just as serious from Roosevelt University,
answer calls for help on pre d men in his company. (UH TELEPHOTO) unique American whose contributions u president of the Florida (if not more so) u those Simon also was the first nonwhite -
Tious occasions.The FBI,which I transcend the Educational and Charitable which Hillman is charged. The officer in a Chicago Looporked ,
is alsoInvestigattngtbe boundaries of both time Benefit League Inc, and also ty64 presidential elections bank.
shooting incident, arrived at Faircloth Names and territory. heads Voter Education organisation -- He toward his bache
1 ajn. --one hour after the men "Under his vigorousguldance, was booked the county lor's degree In commerce while
bad first appeared.The the NAACP has grown in site (all but has been released under being Imployed at nights by
incident: occurred the and influence. It has waged $WO bond.In Mammouth Life Insurance
same night a Jackson news Negro AssistantMIAMI an effective and tenacious bat-i, direct Informations filed Company.

paper article had declared: that' tie t o help our country. set a bv the State Attorney he U {
nan actlrlty was dying out InMlsstsstppi. true course' o n the path 4f charged 'on three 'counts with-. Segregation Acts
Staff members of Attorney General ant UJ5. Attorney, while Brynonis liberty and of Justice. And the violating Florida election
the Delta Ministry and local Earl Faircloth last Friday an-; Now.an attorney for the federally seal d Roy Wilkins on all statutes, Laid To Hospitals
leaders however nouced the appointment of Jess ,. sponsored Technical: ,
Negro say these efforts has become the He is charged publishing
the Hand is more active than J. McCrary Jr., a Miami attorney Assistance Program. symbol of promise and of fulfillment and cirulatiag a "voting WASHlNC TOND.C.NAACP
ever in rural areas. u an assistant attorney The appointment will giveme for millions of Americans. MRS. VITALJNE HOGGINS machine; AmPle ballot, on Feb. ',eneral; Counsel J. Francis

In rural Hinds County,in which general.The an opportunity to render shipyard worker, Alfred Ar- 25, three days before the Feb.28 Pohlhaus had charged that state
Mount Beulah is appointment, effective service to the state and my Democratic laws in Arkansas Louisianaand
situated in
,Negro "Unflinching freedom's grett, 28, of 4272 Katnap Dr. special primary ,
groups have been assisted by Monday, makes McCrary the country said McCrary. "If progress, unyielding to momentary for Investigation in connection ,election. Alabama are requiring'
Delta Ministry staff in register first Negro to be named to I return to private practice tMft of public fashion, with the brutual murder. They State Atty. William A. hospital practices which not
lag voters at a record rate. this state omce. It will help me to become aq acted on Information received Hallowes d, said only one name --- only violate the Constitution,
There is now a Negro voting "He will be working out of effective, lawyer"k"' :ar-W ha MidThe 1Tu !> that Argrett had been seen in appeared in each race on JOSHUA HILLMAN but also make such Institutions I
majority in the western part post hold the neighborhood of the murder tollman's sample ballot which which had many Florida state ineligible for Federal financial:
of the Is one of the highest held by the Impression that the assistance!
county. apartment on the day of the gave officials seeking office brought
One observer suggested that a Negro in the southeast killing, but released him -on candidates whose names appeared out an election "ticket" which In a letter, dated March 28,
the recent violence-.which alas Monday for lack of evidence, did not have any was highly imaginative and to Surgeon General William
Includes Han warnings and SCLC Differs connecting him with the crime,. opposition. caused many to wonder about H. Stewart he calls upon him
shots fired at Freedom City, Argrett is currently free under Hallowes said the "sample the authenticity and the authority to either "secure abandom-
a Delta Ministry project near bond facing trial for We ballot" failed to carry the named for the use of President ment of the practices or institute -
Greenville. ''might be an admission With WilkinsOn Oct., 1966 assualt to ,murder the author or publisher as Lyndon B. Johnson's signatureat proceedings under Title
that they can't get the P .d a 60-year-oM woman required brlaw.Ev1denU the bottom of the "ticket". VI to terminate Federal assistance.
Delta Ministry out d here by Last Wednesday police were the candidates whose A reproduction of the "ticket"is ."
peaceful means. Now they art i Viet War the whereabouts names appeared on the"sample shown below.
getting tough." Investigating ballot" have denied knowledge : To Protest War
d a .Hillman leaped into the limellght -'
17-year-old youth picked
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -4P0- up by the robbery detaiL of it, since it is charged that, when a probe into city ,NEW YORK-(NPI- > Three i
Should the civil rl&htllDd Vit- Yitallne who the ballot was Issued without: expenditures disclosed that be d the nation's top>> rights leaders -
Miliiiry Huggins
Miiop Makes nam war issues be mixed? the approval of the candidates.The had
compromising la the defense lived at 613 Florida Ave., was been on the payroll of tty will be taking part in antiwar
Leadership issuance of
The Southern Cristlao d Roy Wilklns condition misleading City Police Department for protests April 15.
righteousness, 'ound U a semi-nude ,
One Molhe' Happy
Conference and NAACP campaign literature has been
over four years at a glary of SNCC
is one of the true leaders, not wind bead and foot tyan Stokely Carmichael, ,
Executive Director Roy Wllkln. only of our time, but of all lectric cord.The victim's body prevalent, in the Negro areas $4,600 a year in an ueCteclosed chairman, will Join Dr. Martin
hi Another One Sad came up with opposite answersto time. .He has truly counseled was mutilated and her mouth .for troubles many years when but Hillman's the Duval capacity, Luther King, Jr., at a demonstration -
that question. began When questions were raised
wisely, guided firmly, withstood gagged. outside the United
DENVER-(NM)- A military SCLC. is its first official attack the storms of many seasons Detective Sgt R.T.. Matthews Democratic Committee called regarding Hillman's duties, the Nations building in a protest
.., ,- the Vietnam War charged for a grand Jury Investigation then GOT. Haydon Burns said
on ,
mlxup brought grief to a Denver in the struggle for human said the woman had been struck I against the Vietnam war
mother, followed by Joy, and JET J. McCRARY JR. that the Asian conflict was rights. several times on the bead with of the phony ample ballot which I Hillman had done undercover At the same time t Floyd
sadness to a Chicago mother,' 'thi Miami office and will principally drowning out the Negro's cry "May God continue to assist a heavy instrument and the room was circulated heavily In the' work for "in a very sensitive McKisskk, CORE chairman,
alone nib! a kind of happiness. handle criminal appeals for equal rights. him in !his mission, and may was in a shamble, indicating trickled Negro areas into white and somehow' area" for the police depart- will take part in a similar
Lo/ally, Mrs. Pearl Pratt of the state d Florida in the But Wilkins, taking brae wilt America continue to reap rich that a terrific struggle and hoods. neighbor ment. anti-war demonstration in Sao
learned that her son, Pfc., Third District Court.'ol efforts to drag the Vietnam harvests from his achievements ensued before the killing. Francisco.
I Observers have
Robert Earl Brown, 20 haddled Appeals Faircloth said. war into the civil rights Issue, .IIBecretarr The victim's sister-in-law recognized
that there election
have been
in Vietnam fighting.But then she Born in Ocala, McCrary graduated -. declared that "Civil rightsbat- of State Dean Rusk, Mrs. Mary Waugh who livesat code violations and : Evers Call For
was told that it was all a mIstake from Florida AIM University flea ark going to have to be who made the presentation to 606 Florida Ave., told police lorpr1e.1IIltlpoyerly .
and that her son was alive. Law School in April fought and won on their own Mr. Wilkins, read the text ot she and Mrs. Huggins had gone Foods T More Demonstrations
The dead soldier turned out to 196! A bachelor, he lives at. merits, irrespective of the stated President Johnson's messageto downtown shopping earlier in '
be Pfc. Robert Edward Brown war and peace in the world.". the 1. 1 NATCHEZ Mlssd- Civil
961 N.W.13th Ave. the audience attending the day and they returned to 1'1'' ,
18, son of Mrs. Alma Brown The 29-year-old lswyerwork- SCLC couldn't have disagreed ceremony.NAACP. their homes about 12;45 p.m. Improperly Used rights leader Charles Ever

of Chicago. ed in the law offices of Allen more. Its board ot directors' About 45 minutes later she .. a..w r- TIle w1Y. M.. TITr has announced plans to resume
The mlxup apparently re- and Hastings, Fort Lauderdale, said it could not for long tell Protests went to the home d Mrs,Vug- City Report Charges c-o protest demonstrations in this
suited from the soldier's and now is a member d the Americans "to prarlce nonviolence gins where she found her in Mow" .w Mo.wl racially-torn Southwest Mlss-
similar names and the tact firm of Matthews and Braynon. at home while our nation the dlssheveled bedroom, dead.. NEW TORK- that they were in the same Matthews.is a former Assist is practicing the very essence Naming Of Real learned Controller Mario Procacclno $oaeerr.hsaude., that city officials reneged on
company and had similar Iden Funeral of violence abroad in this Investigating officers has charged that Harlem antipoverty & their pledge to appoint a Negroto
Services Held victim had cashed a Craw l. IIMne"
that the
WkatlollllUlDer.. morally and politically unjust Commissioner agency Haryou-Act the school board.'
For eight days, ,Mrs. Pratt war." Estate check for $60., which was not poured hundreds of thousands mydonttumtTonOntM Evers, Mississippi state field
awaited the body d her son, For Robert 6. Sweat Calling the Vietnam conflict SAN FRANCISCO The found. of dollars In unauthorized or M L.I 1 director d the NAACP, said
Then she was told that the "war against the poor".SCLC' nomination by Governor Ronald Funeral services for Mrs; unidentified programs in 1965. Clyde MMM1mw w. S/mpMJIf the promise to appoint a Negro
body was not her son. The final rites yer.performed condemned it u "monti and Regan of Burton E. Smith, former Hugjlns win be held at St The finance director in a city eaaif to the school board was contained -
Mrs. Pratt had refused to rut Thursday morning for politically unjust" president of the California Johns Baptist Church, Bridler report, beldformer Haryou-Act in a agreement reached
believe that her son was dead., Robert G. Sweat an Inspector "For Negroes,"' SCLC said, Real Estate Association, u and Oakley Streets at 2 p.m. Executive Director Livingston M MM with Natchez Mayor: John J.
"The Army must be making'' In the City Food Sanitation Department "the first and most urgentflght state real estate commissioner Saturday Burial will be under Wingate largely to blame for --'wood Amos Nosser. To date no_Negro has
a mistaken she told the officer is for absolute unqualified has drawn astrongprotecttrom the direction d CM. Shaw the agancy's !haphazard bookkeeping MizeYqr KtlfhWtlttrMTMM been
bringing her bad news. Sweat whose work was confined equality la a nation of peers Leonard Carter, West Coast Funeral Rome.Survivors and administration. i' On Nosser
''IIr.. Pratt we don't make largely to Negro areas Harlem, regional director of the NAACP d the deceased Wingate resigned Novemberto lob Iei"** and Evers Jointly announced
mistakes," the officer is reportedly brought him in frequent con clearly reveal that this frustration The California Senate, by aOOIY. clude: husband, Richard Hug- Join a private antipoverty : M> I an agreement unprecedented
answered. But then tact'vHb colored citizens who is spilling ever into a margin, refused to gins Jr.; son, Tony Hoggins; project in Washington Fbr. rMwgMI ,this deep South area, aimedat
.It was found that the Army developed much admiration for dangerous bttternesi that confirm Mr.Smith when a vote daughters Misses Denise Sar- According to the city report, N. had erred-and officials from him, for pleasant manner and threatens American democracy was called shortly before via, Paula, Irene Yvetts, and more than $700,000 in Haryou- M_ rMw PtuI low Akltt hiea by Negro citizens.
the Pentagon to Vietnam were conduct relating to his work. from "errl1dt. Easter. The Governor is reported Diane Huggins,; father, Sam- Act funds went for"miscellane ;: : :::; The settlement, which ended
shaken op. Sweat who is the son d the "'!be President and the nation preparing to resubmlt ale Richard WeeksSr.motber; mss and unclassified"expenses. ;U.MoatrMw4a..bN.Yr a three-month boycott d downtown -
In Brown was Mrs. Johnnie Mabel Weeks, The agency still owes$200,000 .b.- r pledged
Chicago Mrs. late former Councilman MarTin must not commit u to suicideby the nomination at a later date. ; stores by Negroes,
saddened by her son's death Sweat died last Monday pretending not to..e that 1.1. latter to Governor Regan, brothers, James Lee Sarvls, la unpaid withholding taxes and t.r A..W j Jobs, equality of courtesy among
but was happy for Mrs. Pratt night at his home. Funeral services the war against Inequality Mr. Carter charged that the Ronald Weeks, Sammie Richard $600,000 to commercial cre citizens regardless duce,desegregation -
in Dearer. were held at Wesley, racism, and poverty is the foremost Smith appointment "appears to Weeks Jr., Robert Eugene ditors.; d public facilities,
Pfc. Robert Earl Brown, 20, Memorial Church with several: need of the nation at the be a reward for his having led Weeks Indiana; sister, Charges of improper management the hiring of Jftgro police, the
of Denver, was to be brought Negro' citizens along with the I crossroads d hUtory." the fight to pass Proposition) *.. Shirley Ann Robinson, of Baryoo-Act money appolntnent nit tree-waned-
bit shortly for duty in the Mayor d Jacksonville, Louis 14,"' which banned enforcement Miss Cynthia Elaine Beatrice halted federal funds 1965.The visory committee to be composed
Baited States in view of the, H. RItter and other city and ...... d the state's fair housing leg H. Ross, and grandfather, El- city report affirmed those d white and Nejpn omen-
anguish, family had suffered. county rffiiait in attendance BOOKS.OPEK-REGBTEB NOW islation. more Ross city charges. bers."T. .

.t' \ t v

. -....- .. . .e. ;
. .
.Aaaa. iJi J iLi L l t lii ur::::

I J ..0..0. ... ... -
0 0 0" 0

? !



Published by the Florida StarTnbllshlMCp. pi y t ","" .
.>x ><4 taM -
for Negro citizens
The outlook for employment opportunities
31'Ifl is still band. Unemployment continues at more than double the
rate for white workers and the unemployment rates for youngpeople
looking for their first Jobs is catastrophically: high; one

fI! EGSD P ll! oat of every three Nero teenage boys who want Jobs cannot
+ find them'Corresponding figures for white workers and white
youngsters have been at the
time that the figures for New s have

.ERIC b. SltfttON IHiaiitf' Mittl getting worse.
viI w This is, of course, one of the great IIDIII)

fiUBA IOOTEK,......Circilatiii Miiifir facing gross DatIooa1.American product democracy.this year A nation is

to be In the neighborhood of $780 billion
be able to Include all of Its citizens In its prosperity, ana a
2323 Mucrief tint Plm Eljfi 4JIZMiiliif certainly should not let race or color be the decisive elementin

determlng whether a man works or not.
Address In the face of an otherwise grim situation however, some
progress Is being made. More than ever before, the thousands
P.O. Bti 599 Jacksuiilli, Fliritfi. 32211, of Negro college graduates are finding acceptance in professional -
and managerial jobs long closed to them. They are

MIAMI OFFICE opening doors in government, business and Industry through
will follow.
which many others
of nonwhites holding professional Jobs has
The proportion
loll NW 7ti' An. Phut 751-3179 increased from 3.9 percent In 1955 to 5.9 percent in 1965,

the last year for which there are figures. This Indicates that
SUBSCRIPTION RATES I the expanded educational opportunities of recent years have
One Year. $8.00 Half Year, $4.00 begun to pay off in better jobs for the determined pacesettersof
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United states the new, generation. It also indicates that employers are
Subscription payable In advance q ,. beginning. to learn bow to be color-blind in their hiring prac-

Send check or Money Order to: ,tic".
1 But there is such a long way to go. Much of the new hiring
:was don by government agencies, and a lot of the improved
Jacksonville 1. Florida q Job status of many Negro workers is du< to upgrading and

training on their government jobs. Although the government'sI
I I employment policy leaves much to be desired, private Industry
A Boycott That Won't 1 FlopThe is still the follower, not the leader, in hiring Negroes far

'managerial positions and in training and upgrading their

recent Negro school boycott In Leon ..... -, THE SHOE FITS...WIL THEY WEAK IT? present A look Negro at some employees.government agencies reveals the wealmof /">

County, sponsored by the NAACP "to talent lose to business through its hort-sighted hiring
.-rr.rrrrrrr. rrbrrr.rrroc.y..r..r..rw. e1.rU.r .rirr practices. .The three largest post office in the nation-
attitude of the
protest the general 1 Chicago New York, and Los Angeles-are run by postmasterswho
school board, and failure to transfer 1 are Negro. '

Wanda Crutcher to a school of her YOUR Weekly 1 Taken together, these three offices handle n billion piecesof
mall receipts of$650 million and have 77,000 employees -
choice, and deplorable conditions in someschools' 1 per year,
Few than these offices few
corporation are larger ;
labelled by
a flop
was In have that
managers private industry anywhere near many
Tallahassee Democrat. employees to supervise. The management capabilities neededto

The Democrat Jus t i fie d its"flop" Guide run these offices are the same u those needed to run a
Horoscope large corporation, yet very few Negroes are anywhere near
label. u'po the premise that the $ **. the corporate hierarchy industry.

boycott cost the school system 1 1 'That such talent is available to the federal government Is
only about 10 per cent of ,its at 1 due to more progressive policies of hiring Negroes and promoting

tendance. The 'flop' however, hurt *"*> ,By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER *-* ; qualified men. A Post Office official is quoted assaying
"While others were discriminating against Negroes,
more achingly in monies, for, the boycott II we were hiring them, and u a result, we got a lot of good Negroes
cost Leon County School system $25,000in to promote. There's no reasonprivate industry or anyone
Income to be sure, and so did the WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR : else couldn't have had these people except they didn't hire them

Negro schools where the boycott all these year"
have always been amazed at the way some private companies
,occurred in it like cuttingoff
a way, was .
win not hire for level and then have
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL a Negro a top position
one's nose to spite his face.
their business records audited by a Negro internal revenue
Since the federal government is now agent or have to defend themselves from dlscrlmlnaUoncharges

bringing strong the Leon pressed by a Negro lawyer from the Department of Justice.
pressure upon
County School system, the boycott had !...-.--..r.---.,....-------------.. __.,. -Sw U.r..r,n.reen. _..' Had they hired these men to begin with, they wouldn't have bad

little logical purpose. Matters of -.,. '>< Aim CAKE lIBRA. CAPRICORN any I am problems.reminded 'of'what James A. Linden President of Time
discrimination will be ironed out'next Inc, told the Urban annual conference last summer.

school year and many problems will ,be BBRN..MARCH2UIAPRII :'BORN tUNE BORNIEPT. BORN DEC. He said "We ( Leas) carefully calculated the most
resolved. Certainly some. at the county .. efficient use of capital equipment and machinery,but when It

dilapidated N e.g "r r o schools Heed to J9tk 221d':)IULY' 22 '} <;1 23-OCT. 23rd comet to'the.utilization of manpower we have allowed uneconomic -
,221d-jAl Iftfi factors to enter into the equation. We have allwed
be closed, but boycotting won't do it. .
There's boss. It bias heed on race or religion to determine, in too many
This kind of boycott has been worn thin what price'success. 'A financial Ambition mounts. The presence Is the case one that the generally one who Grab and run. The only days 'instances whom we would hire..."

by civil rights advocates.Let dilemma'that mar have of Saturn In your solar takes the upper hand at the that may be considered, propitious Fortunately many other top businessmen share Mr. Linen's
us suggest a different kind of coincided with the beginning of 10th house is being accentuatedby beginning of an alliance if he u regards the chances concern and are making progress in opening up job opportunities >>-
the month still be the New Moon tenanting the of having your own way are at all levels of The
may Dumber she employment. big problem
boycott or what have you. Why not or can get away with It,
one oa you list of most same sector. This is probably Is the one who will hold It the 9th 10th. Nothing should is In getting smaller firms with less sophisticated and Intelligent -
demonstrate and work in a project to wanted solution Buth with you going to'create a tremendous from then on. Those who are be put off, whether it is a mat managers to see the light, as well as in getting
acquaint Negro youths with Job appor-- receiving such powerful planetary incentive for you to mark In in a position to ter of choosing allfecompanlon the message filtered down from progressive company pre-

tunities in new careers how to move up attention, you may menage the world. But remember that successfully make marry. a bid may for, a new friend, or a permanent sidents to their middle-level managers who do most of the
to tip the scales In you may never forgive yourself abode. The opportunities seem '
own hiring.
to the top, and how to be absolutely your
If .
favor This may be done by eventually should you sacrifice leadership. you succeed to be there, according to some
efficient in these careers. Even if p buying or selling propety, love or the welfare of dear do not abuse the advantage and fine planetary aspects. It only Presbyterians Urged Ghetto Action

only a small number of youth catch .new profitable Investments farsightedness ones. too, may have to be counted keep playing the game In your requires personal initiative and
career fire, the boycott demonstration in the pact, or discreet as"lost u soon u they usual manner, with poise prompt action to benefit from Presbyterian Church U. S. A. with
realize that the y are being charm and the highest form them. Many other factors are
projeot will be a success. arrangements for the The 3.3 million members, has been, urged to
of diplomacy.:
future. This being the birthday left behind In your .scramblefor opportunity apt to crop up from then on,
period of may of you status. The best ,day to to obtain a more remunerative giving rise to problems of major embark on a program to "demonstrate to
Some Curbs On Abortion RacketLast reveal actions or intentions, you may Inta examine the.whole matter, with position, or to strike out for proportions and robbing you Americans of all races and, cultures that
oguarded moment rot> cele heart u well as with mind, Is yourself, should be looked Into of the chance to pin &IIth1nc it is possible to combat potentially-
the 10th when under and accepted when you feel absolutely -
brafion,1de0.88 you are down.
sit t Ion in
explosive u a s
week the daily newspapers caMed the Influence of much more qualified. 7-90-44-IS-847. "
attention to two persons charged with W,..193' uplifting forces. 3-60-99-15-898 racial ghettos.
'> "f ,I nil I Bill f The project, proposed by the national
crimes of abortion. One was a Tallahassee IIIIV".IU.
TAURUS 9.80 a 33 IS zoo would
young woman who was allegedly SCORPIO, Health and Welfare Associations,

Involved in performing an abortion on LEOBORN .BORN IAN initiate a massive economic developmental -
BORN educat ional and
'two white women. : OCT ,

When one of the two women developed JULY 20th-FEB. 18tk community organization program for
complications' and was admitted to a- :11th,WAY 20th, 24t1-NOY. 22id Mexican-Americans in the East Los

officials Appearances While 23rd.UG.t 22i"< Act first think later. There I Angeles area and for Negroes in Watts.
hospital the county law age may be no time to stop and
.Be available. Sometimes, opportunity
stepped in and arrest the alleged .criminal' you may be obtaining 11'. a dream.. Your mind Is actually forces It way reflect when offers related to Surely the proposed project of t h"e'

: ., the approval from individuals likely to roam everywhere else in regardless of the fact that living quarters, profession Presbyterians is noteworthy and if
close to regarding '
Under state laws persons convicted.of' amorous or you financial: but either,where you have to stay, the person concerned pretty cation, or economic development established, would set the example for

performing abortions may be punished up question your conscience before the force by choice of circumstances.or through slow about giving It the appropriate Take them suddenly at face confront value you.and the'rest of the country, all ofjthe
welcome. But this .
to'seven years in the state' prison. But taking any major steps Travel Is costly these days accept them with alacrity so states and federal government.
Is not apt to be the case, U
should not the persons seeking abortion Opportunities to Indulge in short despite bargain fares or other far u Scorpios are concerned U not to give anyone else a ,One of the basic problems of NegroesIs
trips for social family or private Inducements, and additional chance to snatch them right economic, and his economic problemis
services be Indicted as well? They are reasons can be accepted right now. Be quick to take
provision must be made for of or from under your nose Although intertwined with his of edu-
aware t they are doing wrong 'too. And u long u you are not committed the up offers studies lack
for ever-mounting expenses occasions to do some profitable conditions for short trips may cation, his. lack of motivation
when they submit to these illegal to trInIfoar..U up that are encountered In all be deemed far from Ideal, on to
abortions and pay a fee, they are Justas an Indefinite period of time. corners of the world. It would .,fall to take traveling.positive Should actions you on the whole, compelling reasons achieve'and rise' above his handicaps.

guilty morally as the performer of Openings be made for available gain may but also pay you to investigaU all the spot, you may discover that may force you to undertake Nothing defects the desire of a man to

the crime is legally. should not benefit from, them you possible factors betori you you have missed the boat entirely. some. If there Is the slightest get ahead than poverty, lack of a good

Therefore since when sense that there are commit yourself, or youa cash, These will be days when opening to postpone them, you job. and ,lack of adequate education.
the performer of you to
any unusual trips or pur should not hesitate: to do
so on
In will be perhaps
tears spilled regret This is
hidden to an undertaking of the
abortions dangers yourself suits. The .
place themselves i n great best day to.potato when the sins the 12th-15th.
of no avail, or
1 -? the true facts and tof Presbyterian church, but it may wish to
Jeopardy to Judge
earn some easy money, they of omission will be u frustrating 8-30-77 18 W
them correctly Is the 109. consider seeking; federal assistance in
consequences when caught. u can be.
Many medical doctors in their greed for UI L $ 30'- 33 -18 -,/87 .48028l9458SARITiARIIS* PIJCEJ the form of a grant.

big fees and easy money, will often risk IORN.rldA; YIBCO
their state licenses. Their own greed ), BORN FEB. >Know The State Challenge Yourself ,

often becomes. their downfall.We BORN.AUG. URN
are' not condoning the sin of performing :;2UtJO.NE, 21st. NOT 19th-Mi. 20tl It has been announced that when the

fc abortion at all, but should* It has it's price. Even if doubt ,23r*''SEPi. 22ii 23rd-IEC. 21st Speed does It. Since you may Florida legislators meet on this monthin

women getting the abortion be, allowedto .are continuing to cause some Attack first. The only day have only two days to win your Tallahassee, they'll find a copy of"Florida's
concern, the moment to accept You can say "no. It couldbe that seems to contain all the goal or heart's des1rtfOllbadbetter Challenges" on their desks.
escape free when the law
catches'upwith your rightful\ or destined place"tn.tbe'world : a friend, or It could be a favorable In dlcattons Is the prepare yourself to think If you read the newspapers, you have
the deed? could be at hand. very close partner, who is 10th. Excellent aspects that and act u fast u is necessay.
We. feel that both .the mother seeking The fact that your status may buttering you up or in some follow right on the heels of the Make all decisions and arrangements noted the challenges which have appearedin
the abortion as well as the be raised should not over shadow way trying to get you interested New Moon make it advisable in comecttonwlthtnvel, several issues of the St. Petersburg
person i
rendering the service 'the monetary advantages that in a flnancllal proposition. Regardless to extract whatever you have education and cultural pursuits, 'Times, in the ,recent Sunday,.issues. Very
should be appre- ;aecessarlly follow. The genuine of whoever It is and coming in the way of money u soon as others are able to, worthwhile are these challenges which
hended by the law. day cf opportunity when you, for what it may be., withhold promotion: or something that serve or cooperate with you represent than five
more months of work
nay have to make up your mind, your f reply for u long as it is closest to your heart.Tty Even If money Is of secondary '
Join The Str.Spugled Stviiis HH .positively ma'r"rr wen be the may take to get at the bottomof to settle matters having to do Importance, you cannot get very, by the Times staffers.We .
10th. Put the next phase wllli c it all. Important accords with real estate, legacies or for without,It. The realisation trust you have clipped out the pages

On May 1, 1941, the V.S. Treasury issued the first lerlegr'! not be.quite so easy to goi,. 'that' have -nothing to do. with occupation on these days. of any shortage of cash,could that contain these challenges. Not only
E Savings Bond. through A separation from money or material things may Whether you succeed entirely tempt you to find an easy way is. it.necessary for the lawmakers. to be
In love ones, meads, and a familiar entertained and cot in the to a hold on enough to see '
the 23 rears since 1941, Americans have botftit more be' freely ac- or your attempts get reminded of their 'formidabel
1150,000.000,000 worth of Series E and H Savings Beads. 'locate' could be required. I cepted. This may corer such, deslrahUty of holding your fire yon through. But there Is no tasks, but
They still ova $49 bd ioo. leaving some emotional .aad 'pursuits u travel education, for the rest of the quarter easy way. after. an Is said the public must be informed also

For your future, your family's future, and your' country's r'1 '1IW'f1atIDII social events. is clearly mealed and in order to ascertain whether our legislators -

future join the greatest thrift program la the world. i-to"- 33"- n -884, .'

\, 't r of ,

-- --- -.-

. . .

HIDEOUT APRIL. 8, 1967 Sill puns. PUE 3'
m -m i i fc.

I Some 01 The Guests At. Ambassadors Club, Costume Sail


; r i
c, ; t I

Ii I
I r I i


t I It


1 1 1

e. .' .
-- --
1 Mr:and Mrs. Walter Bryant Robert Jones, Oscar Hillman, 1Ir': Claudia Jenkins, Fred Robinson, Earl Morse, Mrs. MtD4 Yore. llr: ADD Robhaay I n
p.I. Ieot1us. :'

-- -

.- ;

:f N
+ '

f fl e

:' r iii

t ;


1 r } :


"" '- ...:.1..... .:."': 1 ..rII ytf. _'! II J"'II" !" A. .. '..J__r I
Willie! Wells, Mrs. Emma Lee George, Matthew George, Waltee Perkins," Mrs Kvelra'Barnes! Itrs. Kathryn Robinson, Mrs. Leant Bennett, Edward
I J.C. Pirklns, Mrs. Pauline Davis, Alonxa Davis. Barnea, Walter BrJlDt. I

L _


Reliable long-life transistorsNOW

1 \ \ \ L Lt

.. t It
\ ,

t t -

Mr. and Mrs.W. B.Weubler

Heroines Of Jericho "Chip" Reed .

I ""1-,1\\ 1 Darnel! Copkman! '
'JJ.r.: Dual CoBBBilcifio K Parents ; I"N' )
s In concert April 14, : 'l'.< 1.' I :
s Set For April 17-19 Civic In the Auditorium.Little '

----1 Tbs! 86th annual conunuoi- The Chorus will sing
cation of the United Grand Court semi-classics, ,J
__ __
1\ Heroines of Jericho, will be tongs.
r. held April 17-19 in Temple CUE CLUB NOTES
,...... ...,/ Church, beginning at 9:30: a.m.
--- UTS. Annie L. Davis, grand The Gladiola Ladles ;
ITSWYELSIaunt most ancient matron will pre observe It s 35th
side, assisted by E.V. Patter, and the 33rd of Mrs.
I -In for twlvetbait con. grand patron. Lewis, president :
vanlant ill.room The! annual educational ban- Center, 3rd and W. Sucetat"v
1 TV viewing. quet will be held at Kennedy Sunday from 4 to 8 .
High School, Riviera Beach, clubs In the city
I April 19 at 8 p.m.Caletier. invited to attend.
*- Smart, modern cabinet In sled '
hardwood vm.er..nd solids with ',: ,
an appllad Walnut or Mahogany .
: Tu
ralnVmih I (23*ovarall dw tub.tIAC.Ace
| 282 sq I In.! pictura viewing YOU) 'C N'T .
euA"UTr' ,The Baptist Minister Wives OUR \ $ ; ,
Alliance will sponsor a Talent .OR;#1/1/ ;:'lit( 1<;
Tea April 17, at 5.30: p.m.,
in thejiome of Rev and Mrs.
Odom, 1533 McConlhe Street. :
For reliability-for accurate, precise

of incoming TV signal $1 000control seeesar

Choir 3 of Mt. Ararat Baptist :
Advanced,design!t Space.age technology! No tubes to burn Church will sponsor a $50.00 ?

;. out in solid state signal sensor! Solid reliability! a All 82. Gospel Tea Friday at 8:30 p.m., v
in the home of Mrs Marie Jenkins -
indicators 5J5 MO.
: j channel UHF/VHF reception with lighted 716 W. 21st St. Mrs. Anna All T,,
I., Solid state UHF Tuner a Custom.Matic preset VHF Tuner BeU Williams will the speaker. tfomt ..,.,. (.'.m i young

.' 3 IF a Push/ HERNDON
Front-mounted speaker amplifying,system ... osen
Pull on-oll'controls Golden M 500 picture tube SCRtIN RirAIR
The Ministers Wives of St.
Joseph Gateway Association -
will sponsor a Spring Tea,Sun- 3059 Leno
day at 3 p.m.


MOTOROLA I Relieve the
MOTOROLA : iouRSKIN I ,Itching Misery MISMS*



..lie .bibs. to. w. putt I a Automatic Frtq Control M FM
Gays 71..Ii alp. IIIub ltalf sfl" SGpWaV leapaliaVMr
.Lell,..ten tkas M ark G wine w.nut, w.sn..1Ict CRIES coordinated
o CIIIIct s13 subs woodsollas _, '
skirts to give

HELP ] .little keep effort.you

You don't have to live with the able again htmerh'Skln Amer
awful torment of skin upset by theionics Ointment. Only'.44*. Sell cotton .epa-
of itching of certain minor buying the Urge economy
RIVERSIDE skin irritations,Palmcr'a"Skin Sueetas four times u much for I Tops in
Ointment Is the proven way Satisfaction guaranteed
301 PARK ST. wars millions get fait,blessed relief whentheir money refunded. prints coor
cs+acK skin cries"het I p' As this internationally
62493CEDAR : including ones
EL famous skin i medication i LOVIUKM COM
HILLS :ales! the Itchin, and induces fast ...plus head-to-to* stretch pants.
relief from itching miseries, you'll the deep-actins foamy
3625 BLANDING BLVD.SP feel better taut Doctors' know of "Skin Saccttt" Soap,
scratching can diafilllr_ well ascause bathes while it tights (
12880JACKSONVILLE dangerous Infection. often aggravate ...65-2111
BEACH You owe k to your comfort and .makes you sure you're
a. pearance.'to let "Skin Succtsa" lit near. ralimr's SUa
325 9th AYE. N. inrnMnt help make your life live Soap.CRR 'BIT. .1I1-2211
}"'h 5121 Mriiily ..
CH 9-4388 { AlJi'auA.IL'KIM: .9qC C a INC; {Np
tether ,714-2511.
J. itlI3PrSIeplq
f.,, ,

t'l' ....-

. .. ........ .. ... .. .
.a. L LLL LL t: 11. tL1.LAA'a%.i.....J..... .i I. yaf .t.r-slit. :l':

. . .
. *
. .


Joseph Johnson Mt. Sin! Baptist Cited Fir Pres..i.lMi

t To Give Recifil Slates Act Mes' ALTAR CALLBY

Services Sunday in Ml Sinai
Baritone singer Joseph Johnson Baptist Church win begin with J EMORY G. DAVIS, D.o.
will render a recital at NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL"YOU
the Sunday School at >:%5 a.1I4
the R4. Brown School 153SIlllnor with Mrs. Willis D. Lace U
April 1Kb at I p.m., charge. The lesson tope, "The AIN'T SICIP'
In the school auditorium Coming of the Holy Spirit" : ; Now that the drama, pomp and pageantry of Easter Is over,
J 4I the Gentleman from Nazareth out of the tomb
Mr. Johnson will be accompanied win be revlewd by Rev. Vernal and we've gotten
at the piano by Mrs. again, let's see bow many are prepared to take a closer loot
L pastor.
Johnnie II. Lewis of the city. At thompson 10:40: a.m.,the Male Chorus. at the Man who caused all the furor in the first place.Fr. .
The program will terminate Senior Choir 1 and Usher Board William J. Bryan Jr., head of the American Institute of
eight and a half years riser 1 will lead processional witt Hypnosis Los Angeles, Is quoted In the Washington Post recently

vice In the P.T.). of R.L. Cass W.Shootes Jr.. Mrs.Catherine saying that "mu, healing acts performed by Jesus
Brown of which be is presi W. Kykes and Mrs.Em and the Disciples Involved the power of snggestlonhat! a
,. .
dent. ? number of miracles described In the New Testament can be
in of the
L. Bryant j'i
He has held many offices in music. The Rev. Mr.Thompson explained by principles of hypnotism and auto-suggestion

the P.T.A. and reclved several will deiver the sermon.At or self-hypnosis"
citations and awards for his ISO: p.m., District wfll The good doctor confesses that he is a Christian and what
ooemtlons diminish the significance of
not feel his
work meet in the home of Mr. and he "does
Mr. Johnson became State Mrs. Jerry award ST., MMLouisaina the Scriptures."
Chairman of Parent and Family St. He Ladies at Before we cary "foul," let us try to sweep away hundreds of

education In 1961, and was listed Leisure Social and Saving Cub years of rellglousity that has surrounded our lately celebrated

in theState Department of Educ- will sponsor ill Seasonal Tea Hero, and whew with objective, rational, logical reality such

cation Directory for this, at 3:30 p.m., in the lower unttof a possbillty.
Biblical student-clerical or laic-analysing New Testa-
the church with Mrs.FlorlM Any
Recently Mr. Johnson was Wilcox In charge. The BTO ment "miracles" of healing win discover that there is valed

honored by the Criterion will be held at $:15 pjn., with evidence of mental participation on the part of the cured person.In .
Matron's Club outstanding Mrs. Non G. Anderson pre i addition the explanation given on the spot by the Man of
community service among siding. Evening service begins Nazareth is generally an affirmation that It was the FAITH of

yout. at 7 oclKk. the sick person that was the determining factor In the cure.
He holds membership in the The Semi-Civic Social Ch* To name a few In whom Jesus activated this faith: the woman

duval County P.T.A. Council win observe Its 35th anniversary a P !I;' w with the hemorrhage, the invalid man by the pool the man with

serving as Chairman of the April 17, at 7:45 P.... L the arthritic-drawn hand, the deformed woman In the synagogue
Legislation Committee He is The Youth Choir will sponsor service blind Bartimaeus and many more, could easily be

also Director of Church Musicat Us annual Musical Tea April defined u autosuggestion.This .

St. Plus Catholic Church. 16 at ISO p.m., In the lower writer has seen charlatan"healers"whose only"power"was
Mrs. W. G. Patterson is serving unit of the church with Mis that of mind over matter-the use of repetitive gimmicks,
*" as chairman of the affair Doreath Wilcox charge. Senior words and phrases.-practice autosuggestion and hypnotherapyand

and extends an invitation to Choir 3 win present its. effect cures.
music levers to attend the pro- 17th musical April 11 at 7 p... In either case-Jesus or charlatan-cures are the result
gram. The Friendly Sewing Circle wffl of the FAITH of the invalid person.
observe Its 35th &DD1"rlU'fAprU The major difference between Jesus and charlatan Is thaL

Deu9 ers Of AllenTo Z3 at 3 p.m. The Mate the former' only Interest was the actullzatlon d the !LOVE'be
Chorus will observe Its 15th APPRECIATIVE GESTURE The NAACP Legal Defense and right the new LDP chairman in New England looks on as bad for human beings, while the tatter's sole Interest Is

Meet April 12 anniversary April 15 at 7.30 Educational Fund Inc, (LDF) this week said thanks to the Gustav Henlngburg assistant the president of the LDF, makes In bulging money pockets. *
p.m. Toe group will worship Rev. John Crocker, left retiring chairman of Its New England the presentation. The LDF, which Is independent of the NAACP,. What has all this to-do with the usual racial Implications of
The Daughters of Aden of with the Choirs Union April Committee which raised $85,000 last year.George Cabot Lodge, serves as the legal arm of the entire civil rights movement.. this column?
Grant Memorial AME Church Simply that Negroes ought stop expecting racial problems to
15, at 1:30: p.m., In Mt Carmel ....
will meet April 12, at 7.30 Baptist Church, Folkston, Andrew HcCall be solved by miracles, either at the hand of so-called religious
p.m., in the home of Mrs. Ga., and at Mt. Canaan Baptist -. Little Rock Baptist Church Symphonic BandTo leaders or a "Santa Claus" god and discover and

Charles McCoy 1559 W. 31st Church April M, at 2:SO Program Sunday develop>> a FAITH in their own personbood that heals.In .
Street p.m. Give Concert other words, "Get up off your (lame) bed and walk."
Mrs K. McKenzie, president Evangelist Andrew McCallandthe To Celebrate Woman's Day Now this WOULD be a miracle.
has asked all members to be CHEESE CATEGORIESThe McCall Gospel Singers will The Band Parents Club of New What an Altar I Inrg

in attendance, and be preparedto U. S. Department of Agriculture .render a program In Blbleway Annual Women's Day will be observed April 16 In Little Stanton Senior High School win

make a report on the recently lute 18 basic types of, 'I Church, 329 Orange St., Sundayat Rock Baptist Church beginning with the Sunday School with present the Symphonic Band In
held project. cheese with at least 20 varieties j 3 P.m. Mrs. Mary Washington as guest superintendent The lesson concert April 21, in the Civic
will be revlewd by Mrs. Victoria FarrelL Auditorium, beginning at 8:IS
Morning service will begin at' Nelly Mrs. Louise Clark Mrs. pThe ='
band under leadershipof
Mathis Miss Carolyn ,
11 o'clock Mrs. Ella Rich Diane ,
Wise win be the speaker. She Mitchell, Soul Sisters and Miss K.D. McFarlln, recently attended THf &IBLE
of Lincoln Business the District 4 Band e.TAM
will speak from the theme, Gladys Canty MIL
Festival Fernandina Beach MIIAM Mail IOCICTY
"11Ie Power of True Spiritual College. ,
and received superior ratings
Togetherness. Mrs. Lena
In all
George of ,Senior first vice Women's president Con- Blanche R. Coleman Tickets categories.for the event may be
the I IA
V secured from the club of any GOSPEL?
ue vention, win give moments of
member of the bead
meditation. Club To Present
During the evening service, friend asks: "Have you heard simply ititea that the twelve disciples .
Gateway Barracks 1
Mrs Faye Maxwell and Miss the good news? and you reply: went about preaching the
Artist In
Recital "Uhat good ncwi1 Naturally! All ," but Verse
Cara Lee Moore will be guest gospel 2 of the same
iiiimrGreater soloists. Slates AnniversaryGateway good news is not the same Yet chapter explain. how the I lord had
JACKS Value) DAYS Others appearing during the The Blanche R. Coleman few people follow this procedure sent them "to preach THE KING.
Friendly Club of Mt. Zion'AME when they had In the Bible the DOM
day are: Mrs M.L. Lawrence, OF GOD"-not the! cross,
.. llllsVleL Barracks 3131 and ItlauxWary. "
w Church will present Mrs. ;
Mrs.Alvenlce McQueen,..Urs.. World War I Veterans 'phrase "the gospel"which.imply' but t"the Icmgdpin,. since fie the 'I I
JHURSDAYfRIDAYSATURDAYDRESS Annie D. Collions, Mrs. Willie E stella Regina Matthews 'mean'-'the good news. :They have King, ..ai In their midst. These
will observe the fifth anniver-
t). Lucas, Mrs. Jessie M.Cobb, Hamilton in a vocal recital 22 Central Baptist been taught that "the gospel the disciples could not have engagedin I
Mrs. Bernell Sims, Mrs. AJR. April 23, beginning at 30p.m.: Church sary gospef" and "there ii only one gospel "the preaching of the cross," as I

Hicks, Mrs Carlena Jerigan, Mrs. Hmilton will be accompanied The celebration Is In connection : ," but this is simply not so In Paul later did, for it was not untilat
Mrs Gertrude Moore Mrs.Nora by Mrs. Maybelle the light of the Bible itself least two
SALE'up with the golden anniversary years after that the 1
Williams, Mrs. Sylvia pliant Waterford of the country's entry Into God has not proclaimed only one Lord "began" to tell them how He ,
Mrs Hmilton is the daughter
gospel,one item of
good down
news must suffer and die (Matt. 16
of Mrs. Wardell Matthews and World War L :21))
through the but
ages many and then Peter
is active member of Choir Past Commander Harland "began to rebukeHim" I
Hattie C. Dandridge an has qualified the word
2 of the church She Is an Lloyd will be the speaker and distinctive titles, "gospel" by (\er 22)) and none of the i
to OFF elementary music teacher In the Gateway Chorus, Ladles Ju.t as a woman twelve even understood what He '
% label.
( Grand Guild Slate the public school system and auxiliary under direction of different preserves goodies she to distinguishthe has was talking about (See Luke 18:34): ).
put up But whereas "the
-I represented the elementary Mrs. Theodore Oree, will for the winter. gospel of thekingdom"
render the music. Other talent had been committed to
Annual ConclaveThe music department as a delegate :
The"gospel of the kingdom and the twelve,
A special group of our famous Qiime to the Florida Education will participate. while Christ was on
the "gospel of the
All veterans and the public grace of God"are earth, "the preaching of the cross"
brand dresses reduced up to Y off. A Association meeting at the not the
14th annual conclave of Coliseum. have been invited to attend.. same certainly the (as good news) and "the gospel of
I wide assortment of styles. the Hattie C. Dandridge Grand Mrs Hamilton studied music "gospel of the circumci.ion" and the grace of God" was later com
Guild will be held 17 at "gospel of the uncircumcl.ion"are mitted to the Apostle Paul and
Vprll to
under the direction of Mrs.Alpha Rev. W. S. Peoples
: not the
9:30 a.m., In the Masonic Hayes Moore and HenryW. same. us (I Cor. 1:18: Acts 20:24)).
OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF '67 Temple with Grand Princess Jenkins Jr.; also Mrs Rebecca When we come upon the phrase Today we do not proclaim the
To Deliver Sermon the gospel" without
Captain B. Louise Rolle pre Brown Steele at Florida any qualify. kingdom rights of Christ. Ratherwe

NEW STRAW siding.She will be assisted by the Hall AIM at University Alabama and State Frederick College At! State ConventionRev. ask ing:title the"Which, we gospel ihould?"immediately and invari. proclaim blood, the"redemption forgiveness throughHis of sins,
Grand Royal Advisor Sir Knight In Montgomery. context will provide the according to the riches of His crace"Eph.
rHANDBAGS Glasco Davis. Princesses and w$. Peoples, ministerat answer Luke 96, for example, ( 1 7)).

knights throughout the state will CALENDAR EVENTS Magnolia Baptist Church, ,
be In attendance. will deliver the sermon for 1 -
wr 20% OFF April 16, at 10:45: a.m., all Elder Mose Davis will ren- the General State Convention
3 DAYS ONLY der Monday April.
princesses will assemble at .a program in Orlando Saturday.
Mt. Olive AME Church, Pippin 10th at the First Born Temple, The Rev. Mr. Peoples is a' NhtcIam' 'Margo

and Franklin Streets, for wor- 825 W. Monroe Street. graduate of B.F. Lee Semi Palmist &
SLEEPWEAR SALE ship service. The program is sponsored by nary at Edward Waters College !

A Get Acquainted Social win Sister Rosetta Cohen. The pastor and has studied at More- She Advises vn sill Problem
Is the Elder A. HIlL
specially priced $ 329 beheld April 17, at 8:30: p.m., All Invited to house College, Atlanta, Ga. He of'LoveySickneii and Busmen
i singers are
at 1910 W. 6th St is a graduate of the American

Or2for on the program. Baptist Seminary, Nashville, HOURS 8 AM. to 9 P.M..
Tenn., with the BTH degree. DAILY
$6 IUY & SAVE GROCERY The minister will be accom .
panied by Choir 2 with Mrs. Ltcattd (fit

and Summer .2025 W. 45TH ST. ',Phone 165 9255 Willie C. Harris, organist and WINTER PARK) FLORIDA.. r
Spring sleepwear
director, In charge.Douglas 919 Orlando Ave.
Register SpecialsFridaySaturday'R ,tHi.W rP
y'1742 N.)

now at anyVogue FULL FASHIONED CARDIGAN Sunday Only Anderson f,L4nPe'. ;Call 4.4941HOME

SWEATER $399FREE Chorus In Recital
for a Pantry Pride ..;.., .

+ Choir 4 of Day Spring Baptist
COLOR TV 6'41 COSTUME JEWELRY SALE TUNA ,5.0 OZ. Cans 79$ Church will present Douglas

: SIMULATED PEARLS 99* With $5.00 Food Order. Limit, 5 Anderson Chorus in a recital
: April 1'7. In the church auditorium OWNERSBORROW
i PIERCED EARRINGS 2 for $3 Instead of April 10 as
UP TO $5,000ON
flay BrandEvaporated' previously announced, accord-
38 log to Mrs. Dorothy Green YOUR EQUITY!
Special of
MILK program
' : Use your 'S'IITS..lU 3 Tall Cans The group was recently presented Consolidate All Your Bill and Make Only
With $5.00 Food Limit S
Voguecharge Order :in its spring festival One'Monthly Payment
,; Dp to 5 54 off American Beauty'j ; according to Vernon Smith,
, tor
; 19t director and will be featuredin HOMESTEADINVESTMENT

ft 1 account livitm US W. Aims St. MIXED 'VEGETAILES'150Z.. cansWith spiritual classics selections., semi-classics '

;- fx .JhirtnJ. Plaza titmj> > 'I $5.00 Food Order,' Limit 5 Sunbeam Singers 1MI WIST CORPORATION IDCIWOOD

I, Prudential Blot-Can Marco's Village Vogue-Lakewood San .SMOKED' ( IACONIT ,a Musical SetThe CALL 765-7044 TODAY Mall c..,..'*,

: I, A Jose Phi*.-Philips Highway Plata-Southgale-8outhslde, *A SOX Mil MCKMMVIUI, HA. sues
' : Estates-Town A. Country Arlington-Jacksonville.Beaqb-- ;- A -
GREEN GIANT -M--I oz. cm Sunbeam Singers will be
8 featured In a musical Sundayat
. Roosevelt Matt-dgewood Ave/-Blandlng Bl'& -Main .- With '5.00 FooTOrder, timlt: S V.PEACHES Calvary Baptist! Church at NAME: ."....."...."...."...".."...........,.{...
< .Str.-KelbovDe-Ocalao-Wr Park Sanfordr-l alatkaMerrltt
p.m. The Is being .
;:' Island Valdosto-& t.1CeceneJ-Square. 1St sponsored by program Mrs. Laura W. ADDRESS ...............!.............?............./

': OZ. Carter. .
I; { With JS.00. Food Order qan.Limit 1 The group win be presented I CITY ........,..,..-............ PRONE ........,.,...

:" Other Bargains Which Do Not Appear.. during Baptist church the evening Rev J in.Wright ShUon. 1._. _....:.;..,.....Open OB SaturdaysSIT' _......:..:. .. .

In This Ad Are Available At The Store pastor sponsored! D.Grooms. r- ___



-- --- -
--- --- -- -

. . . .



Huploi Rtciim Click for Biilding laid MIJOBJ Coasfricl Ei-Tiskeget Official

Civil Rights RoundupRECOMMENDATION __.. .. ,...... .,., ._ I. '.
Apirfnetf. Project Buried ID BirminghamNEW

United Supreme Council S3 degree ftl services were-held recentlyfor
WASHINGTON{NPI>resldent Johnson's Commlsloa on t s j Ancient and Accepted Leon Brown Srft. former
tile ,Draft moved into the controversy over all-white draft Scottish Rites of Freemasonry assistant reglstrft at Ttukegee
boardi by recommending that they be closed. The commission Prince Han Affiliation, Southern Institute, and a member of Phi
proposed that local boards made up of less than t per cent Jurisdiction, last week, Beta Sigma fraternity whodled
Ntfcroes be abolished in their form and that :
present a consolidated initiated the construction of a at Veterans Hospital after a
and centralised system be substituted The power |L9 million rental housing development lenghty Illness.
of tovernors to nominate draft board members blocks adequate In Dallas, Tex. The Services were cooJoJiiJ from
representation for Negroes on draft boards, tin commission apartment project will be constructed St. Mark Episcopal Church,with
told the President. with the assistance Rev. Wallace L. Wells officiating. -

of FHA Insurance pursuant to .
Section: (tO) ((3)) of the National A member of the vestry, and
YORK-(NPQ-ftlghts leader Bayard Rustin has accused -
Bousing Act. treasurer for the church) for a
a top soviet official of to hide the frets about
trying John C. Lewis, Sovereign number of years, he was also
Russia's mistreatment of Its Jewlshcittxens. Rustin. an outspoken Grand Commander,advises that a member of the National Photo
of Soviet anti-Semitism, accused the first
the complex will be completed grapher association. He served
secretary of the Russian embassy In Washington, Igor'D.Bubnov .' u assistant registrar at
of "dogmatic denials" and "evasion" of the "stub Of next December. He said Tuskegee for IS years.
born bets" of anti-Jewish discrimination In the Communist p the project Is the first of Surviving him are I son, Pvt.
country several sponsored by the organization Leon Brown Jr.,Camp LeJeune,
throughout the Southto N.C. j daughter-in-law, Mrs
'FAIR SHARE' assist low-to-moderate income Georgia Brown, Tuskegee Institute
SAIGON--SIP-Who( said Negroes get less than their lair pa. families In obtaining decent Ala.; dater, Mr..
share, both here and at home? In Vietnam, they suffer 22.4 v safe and sanltar) housing Venltta Foster, Bessermer,
per cent of the Army deaths and comprise one fifth of that The Supreme Council Is presently Ala.; three brothers Paul T.,
armed service. Back home, they have more than 20 per developing similar Bessmer; Maurice, Birmingham -
cent of the population. However, to offset things they have projects through Its constituent ,, and Charles W., Pratts-
less than five per cent of the nation's wealth and make up organ!ationa In Fort Worth Hue, Ala., as well as a host
about L 1/4 per cent of Congress. and Port Arthur, Texas; Birmingham of nieces and nephews.
and Montgomery, Interment was In Shadow Lawn'
BROWN POWER'SACRAMENTO T31 Ala.' Sparta nburgS.C.;Frankfort Cemetery with Smith and Gaston -
Calif.-(NPI-Flrst, there was black power. iiIL Ky.,; Knoxville, Tenn.; t funeral directors,In charged
Then green pwer (money). An now "brown power" What's IL __ 1 'Wlnston-Salem, N.C. and the arranplD.M1tJ.VETERANS.
that? The goal of the Mexican-American Political association. -1t ,1 District of Columbia.
which held a conference recently In a effort to promote civil I
rights, employment, and poverty legislation. The organization, -
said to be California's largest Spanish-speaking bloc, re-
'presents some 2.5 million MexicanAmericans..PIECEMEAL t !

I I ... ...-. .
'". GULF AIDS HAMPTON Hampton Institute President Jerome With them are, from left, Clydell Johnson, Gulf Sales Representative -
WASHINGTON- (NPI-Reasoning that the whole Is equalto Holland (second from right) accepts a $5,000 check from Southern Region; Dr. Hugh ... Gloster, Hampton THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC..
the sum of Its parts, Senate leaders have sought to save W.L. Young Sales Supervisor. for Gulf Oil Corporation's Dean and President-elect of storehouse College, Atlanta;
the 1966 Civil Rights Bill by chopping It Into sections and Richmond, Va., Sales District, covering a Gulf capital grantto and J.A. Rader, Gulf Sales Representative, Richmond
Introducing it piece by piece. Many observers see little aid the building phase of Hampton's Centennial Fund. Of 630 DAVIS ST. Is Now Taking
hope for the controversial open housing provision of the bill, ., ,
'In view of the stronger Republican faction In Congress this State'
Knoxville Ft. Valley Gets
year and a more vicious than ever white backlash. But Pastor
l sections of the bill upholding Individual civil rights and NAACP To Defend Suspended Scientific Journals Applications For Us

1; binning jury discrimination may squeak through. To Teach In Africa

SMASHER SMASHED? S.C. State College Students of MACONGa.NPlCopies scientific )
KNOXVILLE, Tenn.- SPRINGFIELD, Hl.-NPI>)- of the world's largest The Rev. Dr. James Foster back 33 years have been donated Veteran Class.
I atom smasher in Weston may be called off In the wake
United to Fort Valley State College by
COLUMBIA, S.C, -NAACP National Office and South Carolina Reese, pastor First
\ a. of a Circuit Court Judge's order permanently barring the Church the a U.s. Department of Agriculture -
State NAACP Conference attorneys Joined In filing a complaint, Presbyterian on
I, state from carrying out Gov. Otto Kernels open housing Friday, March 10, In Federal District Court here charging thatuiiM KnoxvWe College campus, will scientist. The Size Of Our ClassesIs
Howard Lee White said the executive order
order. Judge teacher of Dr. Lane A. Moore, a diary
:gents at South Carolina State College were suspended serve as volunteer
conflicted with the legislature's powers. Without a state without proper hearing. Christian education St.Paul's nutritionist In USDA's >tf icul-
open occupancy ordinance, and with communities in the 'Theological College, Llmuru tural Research Service, Belt-
I Weston area continuing to restrict Negro residency, chances The NAACP complaint alleges cation they were receiving. Kenya, April 17-July 11. villa, Md., sent publications
dimmed that the $375 million atomic facility would be built that the failure to provide the At the time, the college 41sc1'The trip Is being sponsored to Fort Valley State after learning Limited By Law.
In the Chicago suburb. Congressional leaders.have Indicated students with a full list of pine committee, consisting of by the Commission of that the school needed
that the smasher will be located in Weston only if Its Negro charges against them, an opportunity five faculty members, gave Ecumenical Mission and Relation technical Journals In agricul \
employees are free to Uve In its vicinity. to confront their them two hours notice to leave of the United Presbyterian ture.
accusers and to present lVIthe campus and the Dean of Church In the U.s.A. The college, located 23 miles Enroll Now To Be Sure Of
RULING DUE dence on their own behalf Students Informed them that His wife, Mrs. Neola Reese, southwest of here, has a Division
WASHINGTON-NP1)-Doe.( ) the federal government have the denied. the due\ process of lay they were "Indefinitely suea first-grade teacher at Ster- of Agriculture Involvedin
" right to act like another mean old landlord? Or must It take In violation of the 14th Amend- from the college chi Elementary School, will both teaching and research.
e Into account the poverty of its public housing residents? These ment to the UJS. Constitution. effective Feb. 24, 1967 until join him after school Is out In USDA partially supports the Place.
e were questions to be decided by the U.s. Supreme Court which The Association's attorneys August 11870. June. division.
..1. Is about to rule on the eviction of an indigent mother of four ask for ft temporary restraining Dean HJJ.Vincent futher stated '
,from an Atlanta project. Mrs. Joyce Thorpe and her four order setting aside the suspensions that "On or alter that date HELP HUT CANCER CALL 355.9814suPERM'ARK 1
" t children/ were ordered out of the McDougald Terrace pro and a permanent un- August L. 1970) lOll may're- .
e'l:'' hot' In 1964. She Instead re;fused to"fudge' add fought back w Junction prohibiting'future apply for'readmission, bUt re-'' ..
e in court. bearings from befog conducted admmlslon shall depend on the' -
1 under the aegis -of the college. unanimous approval of the
t COLLECES NOWADAYS are RECIDIVISM The three-Joseph Hammonds, discipline commltte in full
I emphssuing\ education. One of.the NAACP state "
strict About 75% of the men released president session of the assembly
e university hat become so youth conference Benjamin student
from penal institutionswill After the 1500-member
e ., it won't allow a basketball return to statistics Bryant Jr., and John Stromans body Initiated further protests
I player his letter unless lie cane prison were suspended for engaging of
in the Catholic Digest show and began a boycott
,I tell which ope it is. Catholic Di. In on-campus: protests con- classes March 2, which Is continuing
e ii jest cerning limitations academic and It reportedly 90
e I freedom and the quality of edu- per cent effective, the discipline

! ROYAL ART STUDIO AKA Presents Gilts termination commltteee to August date IJ of changed 1967.the suspension the- THESE, PRICES GOOD ,7H"U&1 SUNDAY AT ECEEIOOD. AYE

o YMCA, Ul, NAACP Newman, NAACP state field

. Going -- CHICAGO - conferences with both the stu'
Kappa Alpha Sorority has presented dents and the Rev J. Herbert I I SMALL LB.35C
$500 gifts to the Chicago Nelson, president of the State.
Out Of Business Urban League, the Chicago Conference of NAACP SIZES
: Branch NAACP, and the New Branches, and Dr. C. H.Thomas .
Woodlawn YMCA.
Jr., a professor of
The contributions were presented South Carolina College and also
: Pick Up Photos during the sorority's president of the Orangeburg
March meeting. .
NAACP Branch.
Receiving the gifts on behalf NAACP General Counsel Robert LB.47Cu.
of their
respective organizations -
- L. Carter,Assistant Counsel -
were John Harwell, employment
At Same Address and guidance special South Lewis CarofUaStateConference M.Steel,and NAACP

lit and Mrs. Idarae Jackson,
Attorney Matthew J. Perry are
membership secretary, CUL; the students Involved
the Rev. Robert Thomas, Jr., representing S. # 1POTATOES
in the suspension.SAID
t NAACP branch president; and
Mrs. Exle Jones, of the YWCA.
21st & Myrtle Ave. Mrs. Nadyne Ware Is baslleus THI BEATNIK as he :
of AKA's Theta Omega chapter, walked into the grocery store
which yearly sponsors the Aka- with in empty banana skin in oLB.15cLIMlT
SAME PHONE 354-1894 rams, a benefit for civic his hand" : "Likt man, I want a 1
refill. Catholic Digest
organizations In the community.
1 fill $5.00A NOR HtSE Fail II ORDER








Sc tcJIlardwIttI use SLUE BIRD ORANGE JUICE, U u. CAN 25$

s49 ,r.c. ... \ L:' '

; 2 lI. ,CUll 2'$


f :
PAYMENT.J.11I15TIMATII mil DELIVERY 30 Year*Experience JEWEL SHORTENING t r" 3 u CAN 55$
Same Location tl
I IN 45 DAYS ''TROPIfiA.srv r u Ffswi L DECORATORS. ,. _., &*-M UPHOLSTER-., ... CAMPBELL PORK A lEANS 21 .t, tee 25e'


.. 4



AMONG THE STARSNEGRO Negro Among Winners Dr. Julian He.ds C..I..II SitS Hot! Chicagoan' Wins Segregation' 'Sees

In Orartory Contest To Boaice
$$1 Million' Drive Art Institute Prize

among the winners In the CfflCACO-NPI A South-'
Franklin while she was with Columbia Records John F, Kennedy Memorial NEW YORK -NPt- Dr. cider Benjamin Clark, 33, has NEW ORLEANS4PIFen
had hit like she has No one could be more Ritman of)
never a now. Oratorical contest held at won the Louis prixa
hare been
deserving; no one Is better prepared for hit recordom than .Louisiana State University'sNew renowned Percy L.chemist Julian Is,pearbead-world- ,,$150 for his painting "Beyond many made years to occupy, Negroes certain specific : -
Miss Franklin. Orlean branch, was a Negro the Maelstrom," which will: sections ci
to raise at least and separate
Her tune, "I Never Loved A Man the Way I Love You," Dan1elSpencerF1rstplace $tog I million an effort for the NAACP Legal ''hang in the city's Art Institute., the various cities of the South
lias now been put into a a album and the advance sales have honors was taken by Thomas and Educational The only Negro representedIn nd also the North
made the people at Atlantic most happy. This is her first Rand. defense fund. the institute's 10th annual -- .
efforts have
still resulted -
The Systematic
Atlantic release too. Ask for Atlantic 18139, you dlgl Spencer, a senior, Is 23 years' scientist 68-year-old Is co-chairman of the Chicago Area Art Exhibit Clark In keeping the Negroes
done his work .Is now creating works for a.
.-.... of age and has National Negro Business and confined to these sections
In the taU
In the school of science. He Professional Committee for the i one-man showing This helped-In New Orleans'case
plans to study medicine next ia A native of Benton Harbor
Defense Fund. especially the city to
Twooo hucb..the two some of Peaches and Herb. They Legal t M Ich., he graduated from Fisk ,
have been dubbed "The Sweethearts of Soul" and they have University, where he 'studied maintain separate schools;
talen 'popular standards and scored In the rhythm and blues year.AREA fine arts and sociology. equal and unequal. It created
a barrier between the race*
Idiom. SERVICEMENSAN After six years' study at the '
not able to be
that seen
They look very much like brother and sister and If lever (Art Institute be was awarded was
evident in its
see them In person, you can bet that Is the first question I'm ,\ .a master's degree in fine arts but very workings.
to ask! ANTONIO, Tex.-Airman Paul Simpson,son of Mrs.Johnnie r 1965 Today this eparatlon seem
M. Simpson of 1483 E.23rdSt,Jacksonville, Fla., has been to be bouncing back and bursting
..-.... selected for technical training at Lackland AFB Tex.,as a U.s. New Job OpeningsThe In the face of the South Negroes

Air Force air.policeman. .... In the ghettos have been able

Atco Records' star Mary Wells has returned to the seat .....'.... .. JAZON SELECTED FOP Teacher Recruitment :to get togehter and organise
with "(Hey You) Set My Soul On Fire." The tune, many think! j'...' '.,:. ::",.. <.. ', TECh LAICAL TRAININGSAN Committee ofthe Urban League their own business and hare
will hit near the top was rltten by Mary and her bobby ,.. .., \, of WesUhester is now referring'' thrived. The Negro Insurance
Cecil Womack. I was pleased to learn that Bob Gallo co- ./ ANTONIO Tex/ Air: HOLLYWOOD-Cannonball Adderleys recording of "Mercy, Negro teachers for Cjptember company and the Negro funeral
produced the session with Womack. man Ronnie L, Williams.ton) Mercy, Mercy" has become the biggest-selling single in the 1967 openings The committeehas and burial establishment have
Gallo, whom I met some time ago is a genius engineer who of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams! great jazz artlsf career, and the album of the same name, in its files 350 openings in been given birth toand nurtured
did a truly fantastic thing with Dee Dee Warwick and an old of 1479 W.lOthSt.,Jacksonville, which Capitol released last month, is also headed for the 47 school districts in West- Into full growth
chestnut "I, Who Have Nothing." Fla., has been selected for same distinction Chester County ranging from In New Orleans last week,
technical training at Amarlllo1 The "Mercy" single has already sold morethan 600,000 kindergarten through 12th gradein Negroes In the famous ghettoof
........ AFB, Tex., as a U.s. Air Force' copies since its release and occupies the highest chart all subjects. Teachers must' the Garden District-the up-
aircraft maintenance spec- position of any previously-released Adderley single As for have New York State certification town section between Louisiana
Speaking of Dee Dee, this charming Mercury recording ialist. the album pre-release orders number 100,000 and an additional to quality avenue and Fekl City showed
artist has a new one called "When Love Sips Away," and I The airman recently completed 100,000 orders were received by the label on the The Teacher Recruitment that Negro goups were separate
love it Dee Dee recently appeared at Leo's Casino in Cleveland ,.,, basic training at Lack' day It was released Committee has been in groups. They voted almost to a
with the fabulous Four Tops. They say she scored heavily ,,, land AFB, Tex. His new school Adderley has just finished recording a follow-up single and operation for ten years. During 'man for their candidate and'
wltb the Big Four. Is part of the Air training' album to "Mercy." Release date for the single has not, as this time, it has established an ,had him elected by hugh ma-
RECORDS TO WATCH..Chuck Jackson "Need You ThereTo Command which conducts hundreds yet, been set. The new LP will be released in early summer.. excellent rapport with school: jorlty ,
See Me Through;" Tamiko Jones (recently featured In Airman Terrace L. McCIain of specialized courses to administrators and since 1960 Eddie Sapir running for a
Jet 'Magazine) with Herbie Mann, "Day Tripper; Pattle son of Mrs Marie B. McClaln provide technically trained per- has placed 150 Negro teachers seat on the city council showed
LaBelle and the Blue Belles, "Always Something There To of 5025 Lincoln Circle N.,Jacksonville sonnel for the nation's aero- Noted U.S. COllpo ers NAACP UrgesRelenlioD in Westchester County schools what the local Times Picayune

Remind Me; Lou Rawls "Dead End Street," and Walter Fla.,has been selectedfor space force. Aaron Copland dean of American with salaries ranging from J600 newspaper (white) called 1 Jackson, "Speak Her Name".AU great! training at Sheppard AFB, Airman Williams, a 1965 composers and Internationally Of" to $14,950. sided majorities in the Negro
Tex., as an Air Force con- graduate of Alfred Ely Beach sections

......a struction specialist High School, Savanah, Ga., attended author and renowned lecturer conductor will will1' Control PolicyNEW Nabrit Becomes LDF -The opponents of Sapir are
Hr recently completed basic
Florida AIM University. visit Jacksonville University accused of distributing hate
Lou Rawls' very 'hot album "Live" has been adjudged a training at Amarlllo AID, Tex. April 6-7 to participate in a YORK Gloster B. Cur- Associaternel;: .literature among the voters of
million-dollar elpee. No Jivel! It has made a million dollars The airman, a 1966 graduateof RELIGION AND contemporary music festival. rent, director of the more than :; the district where the election
for somebody! New Stanton Senior High RACE Copland will rehearse both 1,800 branches of the National! NEW YORK-NPI>)- James was held, making the Negro

Jimmy Reed Is the worklng'est musician In America today. Schoo attended the FlorldaJun- SING OF RACISM'PORTLANDOr.NP1) days with the JU Chorus Wind' Association for the Advance- Nabrit m, has become associate question a domlnaant factor In'
He has become a legend in his own time and Jerry Butler, for College at Jacksonville, ( .-. Ensemble, Chamber Orchesta ment of Colored People says counsel of the NAACP ;the election. This,they deniad.

Mercury's balladeer keeps listners In stlchee talking about Airman James D. High on the agenda of the 179th and caulty lololsts in prepara. New York City's proposal to abandon Legal Defense and EducationalFund. Eiemepted From Draft
}lr. Reed's early days with Veejay Records. Crooms General Assembly United ton for a concert featuring rent control would cause '
Well, yawl, his 20-year-old son, Jimmy Jr,, has Joined Crooms son of Jr.Mr. of and 1665 Mrs McMillian Mike I Presbyterian Church in the his works which he will con such turmoil that "recent"conflict -' Nabrit, whose father Is president NEW YORKNPISNCC
the Mercury stable of artists and mighty big shoes have been U.S.A., which convenes in duct. The concert will be given situations in other cities' of Howard University Chairman Stokely Carmichaelmay
set out for this youngster to fill. Everybody who knows Junior, St., Jacksonville Fla.,has been Memorial Coliseum May 18- at 8:30: p.m. Friday, April 7, would seem, like a picnic." Previously was named associate be 1-A In the eyes of his
though, swears he will give the old man something to think selected for technical trainingat 24, will be the final vote on in Swisher Auitorium and the Appearing at the New York City counsel of the National black power followers, but his
about. Now, ain't that lovltf you baby?" Air Sheppard Force AFB Tex., as U.S. the proposed Confession of 1967 public Is Invited Council Hearings on Rent Control Office for the Rights of the draft board considers him
communications wirIng Of particular interest In this The contemparary music recently Mr.Current said Indigent. The new office, administered strictly 4-F.
t specialist. balloting will be one of the festival JVs first, will begin the Mayor's proposal to premlt by LDF, provides By being so classified, he Is
too Don't Have To Go To Town To Get The airman recently com- first creedal statements to Include 'with a banquet at the Thunderbird landlords to Increase rent by 15 legal aid to the Indigent of all virtually exempted from military -
pleted basic at Lack-
training a specific section on"the Restaurant April 6 at per cent in apartments which races service.
LOW land AFB Tex. His new,schoolis sin of racism." Among other ( p.m., at which Copland will have had only one 15 per cent As LDF associate counsel, Formerly he was classified
PRICES: part of the Air
Training increase since 1943 would adversely 1-Y which meant be fell shortof
Command which conducts hundreds major reports to be rendered be honored by the JU music Nabrit will hold the organization ,
will be those dealing with black faculty, students and Interested affect most "Negroesand second highest administrative some physical or mental
specialised courses to, power South Africa, and goals public. Later in the evening, Puerto Ricans in this city graduate of Bates requirement for service but
:provide technically trained per Co llegeeand could be called In
sonnel for for Indian ministry. the JU Dance Theater will pre- who live in controlled units Yale Law School', upon case
the nation's aeorO- In his to retain rent' of a national .
sent a ,program of original argument he has served as acting LDF emergency.In
space force. CRISIS IN OUR CITIES dances choreographed by control, Mr.Current said,"neIncome'of associate counsel since 1965. later ruling that be vii4F :
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store Airman Crooms a 1965 graduate -
non-whites living In the board said he had fail-
Chrlsta to music Aaron ,
WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADY IN YOUR LOCAL. of New Stanton High School, KANSAS CITY, Mo.-NPI Long by medical
rent controlled apartments Is BUY SVGS ed a re-examination
A and several Florida )
four-day conference on "The
\, :Pagers We deliver We also Oil all Doctors Prescriptions. attended Edward Waters Col- Church and the Urban Racial comnosers.. including William substantially unchanged over a and there was no Indication
leg period .of.the past, five YOU WORK OR BANK. another would be needed.
; ajrman 'recently' com 'Crisis," sponsored by the National Hoskins, JVt\ composer in re- years
Catholic and Gurney Kennedyand Their real income, In terms of,
Conference sidence
pleted' basic training at Lack-. for
Dixie Pharmacy Interracial Ralph Long associate purchasing power,is less than If CASHNo
land His new school part of. Justice in Rock- pro- NO
the Air TralnlngCommandwhlch: 'hurst College, Aur.17-20. will fessors of music at JU. The was five years ago .
have as one of Its sub-topics program will be presented In "We know from past experience '
conducts hundreds of specialised Take Notes
1302 Kings Road At Myrtle Avenue courses toprovlde technically "Crisis In Our ClUes" Other' Swisher Auditorium at 8:30: p.m. ," Mr. Current decared, : Credit Up

trained personnel for the nation's 'sub-topics Include "The Equal Friday April 7, Copland will "that if rent Increases were '
aerospace force. 'Rights of the Poor and"Chal- address a convocation of the approve landlords would'not With Good Job
Phones Elgin 5559798. Airman Simpson is a 1946 J llenge to Change in the Urban University student body and Invest these rent increases in
Church" A faculty in Swisher Cumnasium. fixing up ratlnfested, W-ma1D-
graduate of Matthew W. Gilbert paperback book, "
High School He attended Kansas ,bearing the overall title of the The traditional ceremonial assembly tamed dwellings. Can Be ArrangedBy
PAY conference be will begin at 10 a.m. Mr. Current called on Mayor
YOUR LIGHT, WATER City (Mo.) College of Automaton will issued after
the meeting by the Divine Word Copland's visit to JU Is being' John V. Lindsay to maintain Calling 356- 0244
Publications financed in part by a federal' rent control in city dwellings for
AND TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE His father Cornelius Simpson,
resides at 1425 Glenn Drive, matching grant administered, the following reasons: 61 Pont. 2Dr., HT, Bonv.******************** $ e.OOwk.
North; .Chicago, m, DISCUSSION through the Florida State De, -Rent controls protect tenants 57 Cadi., fully equip************************ $ 6.00wk.
WASHlNG1UN-NPO- yelopment Commission Tickets who in a period of low vacancy 63 Corvalr, stick, nice*********************** $ .00wk,
800 delegates from throughoutthe to the Thursday evening and unavailable living space, 59 Pont. 4Dr., HT, extra clean*************** $ I.OOwk.
nation gathered in the Mayflower dance presentation and Friday are at the mercy of landlords, 58 Chrysler one owner********************** $ S.OOwk.
NOW! 0 Hotel this week for a concert are available by mail who own and control ghetto property 61 T-Bird, like new************************* $10.OOwk. '
three-day biennial conventionof 'through Jacksonville Univer .- 5S Ply 2Dr., HT, D1ce---**..******** $J5.00wk.
4 LOCATIONS the National Women's division sity's College of Music and Racial discrimination I n 57 Merc., conv., extra clean**************** le.OOws.
', American Jewish Congress Fine Arts. Amdmlsslon to the housing and failure non-white 63 Stud. Blk, like new*********************** $6,OOwk,
TO SERVE YOU to discuss and lmple-+t dance program is $1 for adults; income to keep pace with other 63 Falcon, Wht., fully equip*********.********* $9.00wk.

3118 Edgewood Avc. W. ment programs around the .students will be admitted free wage earners prevent nonwhites 59 Buick 2 Dr. HT ****************........._.l7.0Qwk.,$ .
j theme "The Achievement of Admission to the concert ls$2. from p.1n1ng access to better

3701 EMERSON Peace and Opportunity. Topping 50 for adults and $.50 for students housing accommodations at fair O&P Molors-1935 N Main ST.
rents. <
the list of subjects treated .
sL 830 CASSAT AVE.l were promotion of civil rights Due to the very limited seat -The city administration would

l 1824 WEST BEAVER religious freedom and civil liberties ing capacity for the dance program not be able to protect the poor
; advancement of public and concert only limited from gouging and other practices -
and private programs to eli number of tickets are available which plague the disadvantaged -,.
minate and There will be for admission citizen 1<
GIANT poverty urban dIsorganization no charge -
; and peace in Viet- to the convocation Mr. Current recommended a
JEWEL nara. Aaron Copland was born In long-range housing program to
Brooklyn New Yor, in 1900. He eliminate over-crowding in the
S9C SSe *. attended Brooklyn public ghetto areas and to free the
FAB SHORTENING schools and was graduatedfrom housing market to the extent that
J Boys' High School in 1918. He landlords will find it profitableto

3 LB. CANLONG OttTa1t.s first sister studied and continued piano his with studies his ilitate upgrade their, maintain property.and rehab'

with Leopold Wolfson, Victor
Wittgenstein and Clarence

5 Lbs. Dixie Crystals GRAIN Adler. Begglnnlng in 1917, he FIGHTCANCErt
A DENTIST thought he had studied theory with Rubin Gold-

solved the scared patient prob. mark for four! .. years. w

ROYAL lem. When the next nervous patient -
SUGAR sat down in his chair to'
have a tooth pulled, the dentist 1. lonno aocaocaomori1FOR i
39c SSe offered him a shot of Scotch. '' F
WITH $5.00 The fellow, however, asked for : o o(
another, then another. I BEAUTY
FOOD ORDER I D Choose a P;
5 LB. BAG After six shots, the dentist

asked, "There now, have you O CONCRETEPRODUCTS I Lasting Lawn Ornament O,;,
SMOKED got back?" '
your courage

"Yeah," snarled the patient, n 2025 HAMILTON I I lARGEST UCKSOHVULEJ SEUCTION( OF ,
35cGfiAPEi5 ,
PICNICS LB and nobody had 'better o PH. 188-1390
.. .... .. '
touch my tooth either!I" Catho.:, D 0..._....ct.... C.uM. I rlCd.....,.ha.. e 'kEN KNIGHT
lie Digest-March ......
=.i..;.4.a .rII.
O AcffM"eM III...... c..ter I. ...,...., o
D ;IN wreaoaya n, Invites You To Listen To-
RED ** ., fATUIIDAYa-1 Y
'-'., '
O --- ..: -



the arithmetic of O irwa I, "DANCE ;
n e PARTY"Nijltly
love one plus one equals PATIO TAILI SITS
LETTUCE, 15CIAlqtHE' everything, and two minus o T MUM tnm til t

one equals nothing. POPCORN 7 HIM' PATIO-TC.STONIt.lM Si(, 11:31: II I2.M: Sitirtij IJL
Catholic Digea-March. IAR.I-Q miPLACES. FOUNTAINS r ro ,
.u O
UK KNIGNF'SNOB ON- fltf j J| CHANNEL 4 OLdL7I;: ; OCZOCJOzr,O.w.tr :; OL 1400 WRHC '1400PIer : t


....... .-.-. .-.-.---- --.-..--- -'. ''':..a --' ..... ..t... R' ft. ....

. .

fAj i.UI'IL.\ .i.: MMCAMPUS
UII .nut' _
.. .... ft. .... u
rUE 1Ellettl'.e'
NEWSBETHTJNECOOKMAN World News Ciacer's 7 Waning Signals '
t 1J".el AM Cries
RULE CHANGE .,-...., .--- .
New rules under which South '
A special Fund Raising Drive to purchtM 40 Blasers at African athletic teams will operate know the FEATURED
Ole cost of $1500 b aww underway by the Betame-Cooknaa on tours abroad were announced Do you CLEVELAND->- to heunine, the 42nd annual
CoUege:. Choir according to Thomas D. Damp, Director of last week by the South seven warnirig signals Metropolitan Opera Spring Festival, internationally famous
the Choir. African Olympic Games Association. soprano Leontyne Price will sing title roles in two performances -
The Maroon and Gold Blazers will bt used u a trawling In the future racially ofcancer In Public Auditorium April 29 and t$. She will star
uniform. In an effort to ralM money the choir hu organised mixed teams will compete 5 as "Amelia" In the "Masked Ball", on April 25. and U
a Madam Butterfly Contest which will culminate the first abroad wearing the same uniform "Aida," on the latter date.
week In April. The contestants.ra.IaIDr the highest amount of bluer and marching under ,
1. Um
money will te named queen the same South African banner. ng of barge. "UP TIGHT'
Representing the Maroon Group Is Donna Leggett a sophomore Selection of participants wilt 9 A full ini PHILADELPHIA(NPI) The proverbial grape vine Is bus
from Key W.st. and Harolya Nelson, a Junior from be handled by a Joint whitenOlwhite east ting with rumors about the relationship of Jan trumpet star
Tampa, is the choice for the Gold Group>> liaison committee Mile Davis and Broadway and movie starlet Cicely Tyson,
4.lTl.. r with speculations! as to whether they are "up tight", roman
FARM LOANDOUALACNPQAn habit tically. Sources close to the pair say they have been seen
VmGINIA STATE COLLEGE $U million ,,1 together often and that Davis has indicated that they are more
Virginia State Opens Art Gallery loan has been awarded Hoarsens than Just "friends." A controversial jazz artist, Davis Is
the Cameroon Republic by the fclmfigestttwaDow ly current estranged from wife, Frances a former Katherine
Virginia State College will formally open its first per- World Bank and Us affiliate, */ Dunham dancer.HOMETOWN .
nunent art gallery featuring the Byan-Schlemnv: collection, the International Development
at 4 p.m., Sunday April 2, in the basement of Johnston Memor Association (IDA), to underwrite t LAUDSGREENVILLE ,
ial Library. a large scale plantation S.C/--Clayton (Peg Leg) Bates, 60,
The collection of watercolors and oils by 30 contemporary program. IDA put .up $11 mil returned to nearby Fountain Inn last week In the role of the
artists was the result of the efforts of Elizabeth Ryan and lion while the remainer came bometown-boy-made-good, and was lauded by former town-
Betty Log Schlemm, tow outstanding New York artist to from the World Bank In addition (folks at a luncheon at which be received the town's Rotary
assist Mrs Ellen Mohammed associate thft rnmmlolnit rj th. Club's Honor Day Award. Bates an dancer
professor of art at adew' t .a' t.w amazing on wooden
Virginia State College in deTcIoping a permanent art gallery European Economic Community" a.. ., IBM.-- la currently-----. -ttin- w-w..4----. .............w1.ek..-- --. 71.-f..... ....._ 4.Country ?/._
to Increase student exposure to and appreciation of art; (EEC) hu approved a $6.4 AN EDUCATIONAL POSTIIt designed t. alert Floridians t. the Impertance t. "Kllow Club in the Catsklll Mountains After dancing virtually -
The collection includes nearly 50 paintings, representing million loan.INLAND volunteer Cancers '7 WamllllJ Slgnais" wee pre.v lewsd IIr Governor Claude Kirk. Feed .. Karl (rlllht), all over the world, be Is In semi-retirement except
about SO artists. Included in the collection are three works III behalf of Shfe Chairman of the American Cants Society, displayed the poster and aceoptlll for occasional performances at his club. I
0.000 fellow
by Edgar Whitney, painter teacher and author of "The CANALS Cancer Cent,..,.Month throughout Florida VOlllllt-ilodds the Governors Proclamation designating' April II
Hows and Whys of Water Color, paintings by Margery Ryer MEXICO CITY {(NPIV-.Like FILM ROLE
son, an internaticnally-know artist, clebrated for her child Israel Mexico has begun constructions LOS ANGELES(NPIMinger Ray Charles has been tabbed
ren's paintings\ and works by the late Russian painter Rarer on an inland water. Sipreae Court AskedTo by producer Walter Mlrlsch to write the lyric and sing the
ban Vasstef, who died in January. way as a means of raising Education title song In Mlrlsch's production of "The Heat of the Night,"
the cation's economic level. Review starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. Band leader-com
In Mexico's case, estimated Rope Seitaice poser Quincy Jones Is doing the melody for the flick, now
AIT COLLEGE $32 million before the cameras
canal stretching WASHINGTON Tbe U.S. Supreme Court was asked last

Local alumni of AIT College last week chipped 11 $7.500 1,065 Mexican miles Gulf and ports connecting from RoundupFIRST to week by the NAACP Legal Defense and Education: Fund, Inc, SMITH LEAVES JAZZ SCENE

to exceed the goal for Greensboro in the annual Alumni Brownsville Tex., to Port Car- of five reverse words a uttered 20-year eight rape mont sentence based on the repetltlor LOS ANGELES(NPI-Death recently moved from the jazz
GiY1DCProcram. rubella, Fla\, would open the nrSOMETHING scene one of the top>> Instrumentalists of the big band era of the
TA goal of $5.000 bad been set for the local Gate City Chap country's vast agricultural MONTGOMERYNPI) Sixteen year old Archie nor relatives were present,nor 1930 and '40 s. when alto saxophonist Willie Smith died at
tor by the national Fund Raising Committee as part of the tenor to world markets. As Alabama has become the first Nathaniel Blggers of Nashville, had they been notified of what the age of 60. mated with Johnny Hodges and Benny Carter
national effort by the ALT College General Alumni Association for Israel, the 175-mile canal Southern state ordered by a Tennessee, was arrested on was taking place. The boy had as one of the three greatest alto sax men of that era, Smith
to raise $75,000 by April 20 of this year. would link the Negev desertwith 'federa court to desegregate allis August 17, 1965 and allegedly no lawyer. No line-up or alternative had played In tilt jazz band a of Jimmy Lunceford, Harry
The funds were contributed at the Pacesetter Dinner held ports Mediterranean public school district. The identified by a woman U the !\ procedure was utilizedby James, Charley Spivak and Billy May.Brooke's .
at Murphy Hall. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy president of the College and transform mineral-rich court ordered 99 school man who attempted to rape police..
host for the dinner was principal speaker. region Into a booming Industrial districts to end segregation by her the night before. The LDF attorneys argue in OLDEST CHEESEThe
area. next fall. Alabama Gov. Lur- Yet, young Blggers was never their briefthat tbe police station Asia TourIs
HAMPTON INSTITUTE lees B. Wallace, State School tried on this charge. identification without a lineup only cheese deliberatelyaged
NO CHANGE Supt Ernest Stone, and 10 other Later the same day, another and without Biggers lawyer Hopeful .Key for longer thin three yearsis
Hampton Institute toot another major step toward the completion DJIBOUTI-CNPI changewas state officials were directed woman, Mrl.M arearet Reamer was unduly suggestive. Saanen, produced in Sw'ilzerland .
of the Centennial Building Project, last week, with recorded recently In the by the U.s. District court to was brought to police head- They further argue that, if To Vietnam Peace the Catholic Digest finds.It .
groundbreaking ceremonies for a new $715,000 early childhood referendum of the future poll ""take affrlmatlve action to disestablish quarters to "look at suspect;. Riggers bad had a lawyer pre- is always aged 'six or seven
education building.The tical status of French Somali- all state-enforced or Mrs. Beamer bad been rapedon sent, be could, in the youth's WASIIINGroNNP1)Sen.. years. In older times, a wheel of
building is the second under construction in Phase nof land. The retention of French encouraged public segre the night of January 22, behalf, have "questioned the Edward W. Brooke's 15-claJ-. it might be put away in a cellarat
the three phase project. Tbe.college will celebrate its colonial rule-much to the Joy gations." I965- lght months earlier.She prosecutrlx before she placed fact-finding tour of Asia may the birth of a child to be
centennial during the 1967-68 academic year.A of Ethiopia-was made possible had been accosted in a dark herself in rte position of making have been the trick that brought out when the Young
single-story domed building, the new structure will by the rural Afar tribesmen, VOW, DEMAND hallway and taken to a nearby a positive identification." clicked to get the Vietnam war. man or woman was betrothed.
house 14 classrooms and several supplementary rooms. The with the stipulation that "In- HAZELHURST, Miss.-(NPI)- patch of woods where the The "mere presence" of an over with. Some Saanen cheeses have re-
dome will hive a balcony to be used for television viewing, creased autonomy be granted"* ClvU rights leaders in this' attack took place. attorney might possibly have The Massachusetts Senator mained edible for 100 years.
filming and observation. Television cameras will be stationed Ethiopia was agreeable to the Southwest Mississippi community Nelthertlrs; Beamer,nor her served to counterbalance that ,back from the tour, described
in the balcony to record behavior habits of young children status QUO since under the have vowed to continue daughter who approached therapist of the police, the LDF attorneys his trip as "very informativeand
in the classrooms.The French It would be assured their boycott of an Negro in the hallway before suggest. very successful" He said '
first portion of Phase 0, currently under construction, access to the Red Sea and Parrish High School until their being ordered away by her The police than asked Biggers he had made "overtures" to' '.I. ).
is a $1.1 million gymnasium Phase I buildings a complex Gulf of Aden, a vital link to demon for the ouster of Negro mother could Identify or to say: "Shut up, or Pll kill North Vietnamese official>
housing the divisions of business nursing, home economicsand its trade with the outside world. principal A.J. Dlllion, is ap- describe the rapist at the time you." during a stay in Cambodia. v.
social sciences were completed earlier in the winter. oroved. Charles Evers. Miss The case lay dormant for lack "From the sound of these In a bid to open a line of
ANTI-flUNGER DRIVE issippi NAACP leader, said of qlues.<< few ords..spoken eight months communication with the North .n.\Cl"o 4
LUSAKA (NPi)-An all-out parents in the community had Mrs. Beamer saw young earlier during events which Vietnamese, he let it be known I
JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY campaign against malnutrition become "disenchanted with Mr. Blggers for the first time at lasted from 15 to 30 minutesat yhat h.'"wanted to talk" with '
has been launched by the Zambian Dllllon because of the over- the police station on August most," Mrs. Beamer identified the representatives of the .
Jacksonville University has offered approximately eight government with the formation crowded situation in the class 17tb. He was guarded by five young Blggers as "the man North Vietnamese government. --
acres of its riverfront Arlington campus to the Ellvtroom CaI of a statutory organi rooms, the absence of inactive officers who bad raped her," the He. got no response. he said
Science Services Administration In a effort to help attract- satin, known as the National parent-teacher association,and r'Neither. ,,the, )youth-s.parents LDF asserts. ***** *'
the proposed $5 million ESSA oceanographic research laboratory Food and Nutrition Commission charges that funds donated by I -
to Jacksonville. Working under the Health parents have not been accounted

The site to.be offered to ESSA Is located at the northern Ministry the commission will for." Dllllon denied the Your Good Healthy GATEWAY COHERE OF BEAUTY
seek to charges. But 1,600 of the
lend of the JU campus, adjacent to the St. Johns River and raise the standard of
is believed to meet criteria set by the Department of Com- nutrition tboughout the country, school's 2,000 students continued SAMUEL: L.: AMDELMAN, M.D., M.P.H.
merce for the lab site particularly among mothers, to miss school CJUcAGO.IEAjTH; -',QMM14SIONER. 629 Pearl Street, Jacksonville, Fla.
infante: school. and pre-school ,WATER -
I children PARKS PROPOSED Nothing is mor e Important to your health than an ample!
lAIR WASHINGTON (NPI)- Educational -' supply of pure water. Although we have come to take such
WHEN YOU ARE IR POLLUTION park plans have been a supply for granted, it is only by constant vigilance that You, Too, Can
RIO DE JANEIRO-QiPI- proposed here and In Philadel we keep such water-borne diseases as cholera, typhoid and Make
Concern over air pollution is dysentery from occurring u devastating epidemics.A 81 G MQyP 1

You Seek The Best Doctor, h 'not restricted alone to the VS. Community more subtle, but no less serious danger, is the contamination
and European countries
When Your Doctor of public water supplies with radioactive and
Prescribes Several South American cities mended that Shaw Junior High chemical poisons.
IGet Experienced Pharmacist* which, within the past and the planned new Seaton communities it |
According To Your Doctor's' years, Many are finding difficult to maintain a'
fvOrers. have been rushing pellmell toward Elementary Schools be merged safe water because of limited
supply the capacity of their,
.Drugs We Use.Only The BestQuality industrialisation, are Into an educational park. water purification plants which are often outgrown within ',Become A Professional! Hair Stylist
The area is to be redeveloped
finding the contamination of air a few years after their completion.
,by industrial wastes Is an attendant in an urban renewal program One complicating factor is the fact that the polluted water
C. E. !BLACK. trcwlator. evil.- Perhaos the worse balled by Dr. Martin Luther that reaches a community Is usually not polluted in that Qualified, Licensed Gateway College
3 1hllt.red'Pbarmacuta example is Sao Paulo, Brazil ,King Jr., and others. In Phlla- community but In the one up the river or bordering the Instructors 'of Beauty Culture
To Serve You followed by Santiago Chile; idelphla, the Board! of Education
...... ..A COMPLETE Lima, Peru, and Buenos Aires, proposed il&t three educational When travelling in foreign country many persons get sick and Facilities and most modern
------- LINE OF
------ -------, begot White
parks jp. organizations Night Classes beauty school In the
Argentina. from drinking the local water.This may be due to contamination Begins Every
upset by the threat- with Intestinal disease germs or to chemical constituent'of. Tuesday south
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles
.SundriesPRESCRIPTIONS ened decrease in school
SIXTH SESSION segregation the water to which they are not accustomed.
-X CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED -., UMTATA, South Afrlca-NPI)- fought the proposal. The trouble can usually be avoided by drinking only tea or Enjoy the rewards
Tbe sixth session of the Trans- bottled water and refuslnganydrlnkstowUcblce has been add d a fascinating and

Lilly's Drag Store tel (bantustan) Legislative assembly CLOSED NEW toRKNPITwo ed. Various tablets for the disinfection of water on a small-. successful.carreerl
Is scheduled to open scale are also available for travellers.
**, on April 19, with South African I Hlrlera Schools closed in disputes Now, assuming that all problems pertaining to the purity
1917 JINKS ROAD (n.34216flT'S94P Prime Minister John Vorster over educational policy, of water you drink have been solved, how much water should (Register For Door Prizes Complete! WIG CAKE and SALES).

"." .... .. hand to officially set the Public school 194 closed for you take in a day's time? Three pints a day In addition to what .
I assembly into action. This will a day Ii teachers and abructlv dismisSed is dranked with your meals, is considered enough for your FREE Gift with each hair color or hair relaxer
-- mark the first time that the classes walked off health. '
country's prime minister hattravelled their Jobs to protest 'b adequate Although It Is possible to drink too much fluid, most peopleerr if(
u i to tile Transkel Ir beat" in the building in the other direction
more than 50 years Earl Schmidt, school custodian Come In, Call, or Write for Information

said the teachers "nevei 829 Pearl Street Jacksonville Fla. '
,OFF SHORE OIL complained to me." Meanwhile Phone 353 0983
.JA'Q' llNlLO..NOON 10NGSTON-NPI- Possibilities 200 youngsters who-have been
boycotting Public School 125
of oil deposits some 60
miles off the southwest coast bad a play-In at City Hall, Ara 4OO
of independent Jamaica were where they sought unsuccessfully .
raised recently when the SignalOil to see Mayor John Lindsay. -
ft Gu Company,Los Angles Their parents demand a
formed a local firm-Signal greater voice in the school'soperation.

Exploration (Jamaica) company .
j -to prospect for oil. An ,
M rOWER agreement signed with the! NO SHOCK '
government calla for 6,000 WASHINGTONNPIDIs-
courteous treatment of Selective
square miles to be searched
'Doable Distilled with particular emphasis on the Service System Director extensive Pedro Banta area Lewis B. Hershey at Howard ,

.L......... .. University came as no shock ;2
GIN .' .fi'es .f to those who have watched
frI ,.- An* UNSUCCESSFUL' : POET radicllsm and activism growon

rIki married a rich wife., At the the University campus About
wedding, when the the same time u Hershey was
; .forced off the In
stage A
; ''PINT $2'85 the poet out the tried traditional to. repeat words than, Cramtom auditorium, NathanHare ,,

sin ."With all my goodly words 1. assistant professor of ":
iri sociology announced formation
I thee endow," he (aid, Gathpfy .
1ofa campus Black Power com
455k :
% PINT Digeit .mittee. Observers: remembering ,, : .
***** > Howard u atra1Dlncp'OUDd _

'. WJ0alr ,I A Cut came (o i stop In for conservative middle-class UJv'O
f ; .. midtown Manhattan, and the Negroes said the new activist N
driver asked I man on the; students had become "some
r I curb -S', tnttter, where's thing else. p

At Your Sioret. 42nd 5-? Beef its
Tm BertI
pedestrian the man, .i ARMY
: !
growled. / do,., kelp autumn

bilcsL'_ ,Cath9lic_.Digest-: ,_ ''E OULSERVEl


..... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .
-- '- '- ... .. ... ... ... ... .. ... .... ...... ... .. .. -III..,,. .:....:... .l. :..... -:. -.. '_ -_





1 l
( 1A
i r
>tr. y

I Slim Aulvtrsiry Celtbrwts ..1'004 Crctfit Uilea li. Ojsnlki Motorcycle Stars1

,. .. ..
'I.. -._--.----.
t ( MIAMI Gelling Ready For

Reading, Pi. EyelID -

DEATHS smashing three records In the
tour major AMA events ot the
I' ,. 1967 Daytona Motorcycle
lfrbavidTwlne ofZ947N.W., Classics, the handlebar derby
45th Street passed away oa r riders have scattered to 41
', ,.Tuesday, March 28, 1967 at the states which were representedIn
Christian Memorial Hospital., what was described u the
,,; rt Among his survivors are his most successful year In the
I wife Mrs. Edith Twine; one history of the Daytona cycle
: brother Mr. Richard Twine; events
three sisters, Jessie Bessie The next national champion
and Mae Twine; a nelce, Mrs ship AMA event Is scheduled for
J I : Harriet Hart, and many other Beading, Pa., for May 21 and
relatives. The remains were Daytona Speedway's" next racing
shipped to St. Augustine, '11., program will be the annual
i for final rites and burial. r Ir"A,1 Paul Whiteman Trophy SCCA
i tr sports car races August 5 and
If' aaa.e t'? k a tt 6.

II Gary Nixon of Baltimore,Md.,
; + Wilma Porter of 1795 N.W. accomplished what no other
e IIJ I 58th Street the sister and ..e1 rider has ever done during the
/ \ J sister-in-law of Rev. and Mrs final two days of the 1967 pro-
,J P. D. Brantley died on Tuesday I h gram by riding a factory Japanese ; -
March 28th.She survived Ik Yamaha to victory in the
5' by a daughter Carol Denis .. .... ......' h'1 ad 250 cc class race for expert

Porter; tour sisters, Mesdames IN OPERATION-The' Calmer Neighborhood Federal Credit Union, operated under the and amateur riders on Satur-
Mary Gathers, Louise 'Economic Opportunity Program Inc., of Dade County is now In full operation as the picture day and then coming back on
)0< Woods, Jessie Crosby and Lillian above attests. Mrs Eartha Copeland of 545 N.W.12th Street Is seen receiving a check Sunday to register his first
.. Brantley; a host of other for the first loan from manager, George Brown. triumph in the Daytona 200,
relatives and friends. Funeral The credit union is located In the Culmer Neighborhood Center at 490 N.W. nth Street the most prized motorcyclerace
service will be held Thursday and residents of the community, clubs and other organizations are invited to save and staged annually In the
April 6th at 4:00 pan. in the borrow through the CNFCU where interest rates on loans are lower than that charged
I 'Israel Primitive Baptist Continued on page 10
Church ,by small loan companies.Moon .._

"seas Over MiamiMIAMI Y our-profeSs onal beautician

knows the answer. .
Mr. Alfred Roker of 1412 N.W.
BEACH, FLAj Erery year several thousand people,
63rd Street passed away on visitors and residents, neophytes and experts, participate in
L' Wednesday March 29th. He is the Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament. And every year
: survived by his wife, Mrs. many of them emerge with sad stories the one that got away. Can your hair damaged
: 'A ,Maude Roker; two stepsons

L.II, '! k .. '--.u.c ,c.. .... ...?LIIA.Oef Felix and Fred Lavarlty; many So routine, and sometimes so terested in fishing or not, will from brushing alone?
n-l DJlD-.llr. and Mrs.- William J. Jackson who celebrated OMIT SSih wedding ft- other relatives and friends. incredible,. are these mishapsthat find belle rates down a sub- ,
Funeral services were held Phil WyU, the author and stantial 25 per cent from winter -
820 N.W. 43rd Street Miami are shown hert with their goddaughter
at their home ,
I ,Gently Gloria D. Atkinson., The couple renewed their marital vows with Rev. Samuel Atkinson Monday, AprU 3rd at 1:00: p.m., angler bat posted a bard luck levels, and such winter All hair becomes damaged from exposure to sun and natural
in the Funeral Home awarded activities as thoroughbred elements. Certain greasy compounds and many chemicals, Im
Mr. and Mrs. James Chaney of 1793 N.W. 48th Street served Range trophy, every year.
I 'performing the ceremony. Chapel. Now, please shed a tear for racing available until April 24, properly used also take their toll, ., not to mention simple attempts
as bestman and matron, respectively. John 0>Mara and one that didn't harness racing until April 22 at beautifying the hair with any brush not mde of
per,. 'get away. O Mara landed a 35- 1 and Jal till until May 1. natural bristles. The results are brittleness, breakage, dry and
I AntiIsolationismATLANTIC NAACP Issues Call'For pound dolphin on spinning tackle dull looking hair

Mr. Julian Wade of 1240 N.W. checked It at an approved weighing MIAMI BEACH ''Havana" Your professional beautician knows how artificial bristles
,1 CITYNPIdenominational ).- A nation-wide conference is Volunteers I 64th Street died on Saturday station, then took It home cigars are being band made In actually brush away a great deal of the "lubricants" of the hair
drive has been to beheld early next year to April 1,'1967. He U survived and ate it. the Miami Beach area by Cuban that give it body, lustre and protection. And trained beauticians
launched by Msgr. James C. implement plans to rid the Tte Miami branch NAACP by his wlfe. Mrs. Leola Wade; Then, 'and then only, PMara refugees. The tobacco is grown claim that nothing beats Clairol' conditionBeauty Pack Treatment
Donohue, chief education :schools of "racial isolation," currently Involved In a membership three children, Julius, Wesley learned his dolphin was U in certain Central American for overcoming brittleness, dryness and breakage .
spokesman of the U.s. Cathol ''which Msgr. Donohue holds is campaign is seeking and Pamela; a father Mr.Julian pounds heavier than the all- areas from seed smuggled out leaving haij\ lively and easy to manage condition Is an easy.to-
e Conference (composed of incompatible with,claims by additional workers. The cam-, Wade, Sr.; three brothers. time Met record spin-caught of Cuba. After maturing, the work.with creme which can even be applied during a chemical
bishops), to ward off tendencies the church that "we love our 'palgn will run the entire month Harry George and Anthony dolphin and the Met goes backto leaf shipped here. straightening retouch to prevent drying of hair that has been
of parochial schools to brother" of April. Workers are asked to' Wade; two anutns Mesdames; 1933. As all record fish must previously relaxed, condition is the ultimate in repairing ceep-
'I I become "refuges for whites." solicit memberships in their Leatha Baker and WUda Mae be examined by an official tourney pee down damage And, when time is a factor for their customers,
neighborhoods on their jobs Butler; one uncle, W.C. Black, committee to be recogoexed -' Many of those figures carved' hairdressers turn to new Clairol Hair Dew*-the lotion conditioner
and among their friends. a grandmother Mrs. Amanda O'Mara has lost his from coconuts that Miami Beach that penetrate: so fast many think of it as an Instant
CASHIER TRAINING INSTITUTE' I Dr. George Simpson,Miami Barnes other' relatives and trophy as well as a mark that visitors buy as souvenirs are conditioner When applied regularly by your beautician, Clairol
branch president is asklngall to friends. Funeral services will probably would have stood in carved by a 65-year-oIdwoman Hair Dew adds body, softens and gives a glowing new look to
OF MIAMIJOBS join in to help make the mem- be held Thursday, April 6th at his name for years, all after who once billed herself as the your hair that many friends will notice and admire.
bership campaign a successfulone. 2:00: p.m. in the Range Funeral getting his fish in the boat, only woman alligator wrestler Damage can come from using brushes with artificial bristles.
: Home Chapel. ashore and home in the world. Known in the 1920s But damage to every woman's hair comes from,so many other
Those desiring to work In the, Not so unlucky have been other as Katherine Reid she caught causes that all human hair (including wigs) needs to be re
F campaign should contact 1m-: A LITTLE BOY oenhed, fishermen u this edition of .her own 'gators in the Ever vitalized periodically. Visit your professional beautician and ask
mediately the NAACP Miami hit teacher. "Mrs. Allen, could .the tourney enters Its final glades wrestled them on stages this expert to check the condition of your hair.
branch office at 809 N.W. Srd you please tell me what we ,week. A year ago Roger AT- throughout the country.ABUNDANT Only your professional beautician )Knows,the answer for sure.
t l Avenue or call J74-5631. learned today? Became when I senault made'his first blue- *Clirollnc! 1967 Courtny CI.lrollnc:. 'TMfflSoRTHWEST
,water fishing trip and landed
II get home, my mommy it tare to BUDS
18-Inch sallfish. A baby sail .
.j.jI Aspirin was not introduced Digest that small Is one of the rarest In all, there are about 9.000 \ IIAI (m .;' 'j
__ )t into medicine until 1899, although and irost of all P.AINTS ;
Join The StarSpangledBanner prized game! taste buds' in the mouth, the J I C !!t. ; 1-
it comes from a family fish. So Arenas goes out again Catholic Digest notes --- -- '
Saving Plan SUPPLICS
: NOW OPEN of herbal remedies that 'ere BUY U.s. SAVING BONDS a year later almost to the day r.. -.. ..k.o n...+ I .Ut AUTO, -JA.'. "MARINE 0' ".'.., ." +r.rs' .)
used in the Stone Age. and boat an 89-nnunder.! an : .+

: ':.kIN" NOW FOR GJ0BS I fall-time Mt record b' i :.YfO'"UIleU"' '. HSK'-.Metro:?'. MAr IBSBKf'

pound test line. ri 1.
Athough the tourney closes
> WAMEDIAL : April 16, 'anyone planning a ..
'... : ..II u: : : .
Miami Beach vacation that includes ; .
115*** *1'*(*
a little fishing, can get -
an Idea of the action by thefact H" ,>( *'.
that last week 23 marks :
changed hands in the Met. The KOfiTHWEST AUTO & MARINE SUPPLIES

1260 con\ tg two months normallyare r i
-among the best in the year 4925 N.W. 22nd AVENUE MIAMI FLA.
I ,
\ ,for the angler.
I'I In offshore waters dolphin,
is the
NOW time to do your SPRING
sallfish and white marlin, with
I I Iw FLORIDA'SRHYTHM an occasional blue marlin will DECORATING; > and see how you can SAVE

hold the most interest.As sum- with MARY CARTER PAINTS..2 Gallons'for

/ ,mer advances, so should ONE LOW PRICE.OtlECOAT.NO .
l catches of blues and of wahoo.
$ f Close offshore and in the channels DRIP LATEX WALL PAINTI
form ocean to bay the ONE COAT COVERAGE.
.tarpon should remain on hand > NO.DRIP-ENDS. MESS
'r until in numbers. PAINTING
July large DRIES IN 10 MINUTES
,These areas also should remain OUTSTANDING HIDING
1 on band until July In large' POWER
numbers. These areas also NO PAINTY ODOR
TYPES I should produce king mackerel -."- WASHABLE AFTER
snapper and grot er.Bonefiah WMBM'SpoIIIgbt
on bay and ocean cars
W1iITLia flats. wlUattracttheUghttackle, Product 2 FOR $ ,
mm fisherman, u will snook,
permit and spotted weakflsh. '
Of the
WHIN MtcW cuix This type angling can be done Week Auto Paints..Qts. & 3 fc pts. Lac, Tinner
from outboards and guides are
II II I I 'available. Miami Florida Auto Plastic Putty. Gals; Only Fiber-
I '
I April visitors, whether in- glass Cloth 6" 12" 38" & 60"

& BLUES -" _.-- ........ .... -7.,.--: f+'rni iV Matting. Woven Roven. Sand Paper Masking''
Tape..SOLEVENT..Lac. Tinner in Gals.Qts. .

k PhotographerMARY'COOB'ROlLI & 5 Gals..Reducor Acetone


P.O. Box 232 Gals. $3.75 Qts. $1.00

Phone 226.2645 Boats Plastic Putt Qts. & 3% Pts.


CALL 377-194 "WHAMMYIN 707 Lester Street REGULATORS. For Delivery ; ;*

Thorrusville Georgfa, Phone 633-3109 Open 7 Days a week
CASIIEI TRAINING INSTITUTE ROOM 504 Mon. 'Thru. Sat. 8 A....: 6 P.M. "

MIAMI" Sundays 8 A.M. to 12 noon
121 ,U 1st STREET MIAMI, FLORIDA .,r i


__ __ .. ..
-- 1 1 _

--- --- ... .
I r


I.L Diricll Cookoia Vikhgs Get" ;". Chip Reed Award Sebrlag Installs Safety Device

II' For Auto 'Racing Track

SEBRING-\ dramatic for and designed with the help ofUkehoust
BY ward step In Auto Racing Track New Jersey U&
,safety will first be used In the Air Station personnel, the arresting
'Mar Si-April 1, Scoring World gear Is reported toabsorb
JNSELFISH y ',, ', .., Championship races. Locatedat 12,000 pounds of pressure
As this column 8 the tu end of three critical per square Inch Used
Association's escape roads are flexible tar- by the nations Aircraft: Carriers
elusion. The A : : tiers of Nylon webbing indeatl- .as a back-op system to"catch"any
and there is llUle LQ *JI eal to that ued on aircraft aircraft that fails to take
crowned, carriers of the United States' Its book, the flexlable action of
delphia leers, Nary. Made of specially constructed the webbing, while of enormous
But timeliness Nylon bands-' "wide strength, fires sufficiently to
emphasized Is and 1/4 of an Inch thick the, cushion and ease the Impact
statistics but the webbing Is stretched across of the fast marine race car.
Is truly being the escape road and Is secured -' The Nylon nets are but one
an unselfish man by four Inch pipes sunk of many new safety steps taken
chose not to do so Into six foot.concrete foundations. by the Automobile Racing Clubof I I
througb team play. b Florida in their Sebrlng 1m' I
The man around t Brought from the VS., Navy provement program.
is Chamberlain, l

yet Everybody seen. knows '65 CADILLAC} COUPE DeVILLE $ 79j'

previous seven 66.Cadillac SWan! DeVille .a.. ,$4795
capturing scoring '68 Dodge Dart tf 0 Series .."., .$1895 $245
However, Wilt f lto:!'wfflwvr TN: "'N,

concerning himself 66 Fury HI Sta. ". .$2995 $395
and drawing off the m AY. tMMlNoe*. AIR coNo'wm. e
While the O ) 68 Plymouth Valiant 200 ..$1895 $243
off to teammates : n TOSYWAAl1ANTRSTEER.
Jackson, who were ,. :
In key plays and for : .:.. ... 06 Buick Special .. .. .. ....$2595
w .WK. J=JiJ r '-.. .. -, "1.1:. '__ 1,; -' .DOOR o'ruxty 1.,AIR CONDITIONED' ,
In the past, the & jjmmmfmm AUTOMAT POWER .
all AWARDED The DroeU-Cnnkman Vikings wtIonn'declared of- the plaque. Members of the team, from left to right, are 65 Oldsmobile 98 .$
scoriagbut the visitation champions of the Duval County Junior. High Willie Burns, Cornelius Lewis, Gregory Walton, Frank Hart, LOADED, AIR I Coupe J '
place honors. School Baketball Association also won the first leg of the Tyrone McDanlels, Lorenso Wiles, receiving award from 85 Buick Electra 225 ... .. .$2695
repeatedly playing Emmett "Chip" Reed Memorial Award. Shown presenting Johnson, Donal d Smith, Frederick Plnkney, Gary Tucker, 66 Chev.AIR CONDITIONED Super Sport LOADED WITH.EQUIPMENT AHONEY.$2595
Incomparable the plaque Is James "Jimmy" Johnson, sports official and Richard Johnson and Wilbert Briggs The team Is coached vi AIR' c .
.With the 76ers, .representative of Foland and Hlgbee Rental Agency: donors by Oliver D. Walker. 65 Mustang R Heat, 3-Speed .$1595
Man, Never the ; B5 Ford Galarle 500 V-8 $1995
.But all that has "no> AIR CONDITIONED'loBID.
teamplay. And as Bottlers BelliHiril Gnnbling) Tigers A&T Aggies OH Slow 64 b Ill i ds CpHDITIDNlo.. 98 Holiday ONI OWNIII.Sedan LIRE.NEW. $1895.

team was lose Three Games 65 "'ont Country Sedan .................... $1995
This Is not to Trlllill Tike Doubleheader : \
player, Interested 64 craFastback .. ............ .4........$1295
scoring ace. I From Central StiteCRAMBLCSG GREENSBORO, N.C.- The nightcap on Monday. 64 Volkswagen ST'CI SNIPT.3 s MOTOII... $ 995
of points In a TALLAHASSEE- ICs a five AliT College Aggies, last week,. In the meantime, the Marietta 62 Oldsmobile 88 '
SERV'CE'I. Coupe .. 495
100()()-was a day week, two hours a day for' Catcher Ben opened the 1967 baseball season outfit touched Aggie pitchers fora 60 Cadillac Clean ... .
the FAltU Rattlers' football Williams hit a do-it-yourself In total .........$ 795
He must have catastrophy, dropping three 3I-blnglesI3-eachlnthe 56 Ford 2-Door. Real Clean
his huge points team and the first game is homer in the first game of a; consecutive contests to Marl- final tow games. 55 Olds. Runs Good .$ 225
toward play-offs still six and a half months ding-dong doublebeader and ett College of OhIo, In a single In the opener on Saturday $ 95
on teamplay, rather away. Thirty eight returning Jerry Washington whitewashed game on Saturday and a doubleheader afternoon, the Aggies were Over 100 Cars To Choose From
But someone or lettermen are engaged In one the Mules in the nightcap as on the following Easter edged 4-3 losing In the ninth
and the 76ers, for of the most Intense Rattler Grambllng defeated Central Monday. as Jerry Rubbo was waved home
face In strategy. spring practices ever. "We're State 6-2 and 5-0, in a intersection Superior pitching by the Ohio for the winning tally on a balk R. S. EVANS
regular season : going to try and eliminate many *! twinbill.The club all but silenced Aggie bats. by Aggie pitcher, Ronald
playofis in i6, kinks now. Emphasis will be Tigers shackled the Mules during the three-engagments, Bowden, breaking a pitcher'sduel
toward another on fundamentals, blocking and 7-1 and 7-0 Saturday. militarist 'holding AliT to nine hits, Including which saw both teams go
Celtics. tackling and we've got a long virtually stole the show with a one-hitter in the scoreless beginning at the fifth 3rd & MAIN
Somehow, I felt the ,way to go," says Rattler bead his hitting fireworks. In addition frame.
victorious, you coach Jake Galther. to the three-run homer,'. EL 4-8382
the credit for the Only seven lettermen were lost be connected for four single
Yes, it must have ,but all seven were key men at In six: trips to the plate. "YOUR DOLLAR
scoring title, guard and tackle except end Grambllng exploded for five
merely going on the 'Andre White.A runs U the sixth inning or
Instead Wilt chose 7-3 record for two consecutive the opening>> contest They BUYS MORE
He realized that years is the cause trailed 2-1 before Williams delivered I I
and others around, of the Rattler's determination his Jack-pot wallop. .N '
under the nets In to work harder this spring A double by Robert William AT YOUR BANNER .
Now he passes practice. While a 7-3 is a and a shot by Frank Patterson
in the process, goo season at almost any college plated Grambllng'B Initial tally FOOD STORE11" ?
Never mind the In the country, the Rattlers early In the second stanza :S 1
are not use to losing The Tigers extended their winning QUANTITY PRICES GOOD
flock' of other
later a ), .Including a' three In one season, and 19(7 streak to 16 game*In the ."YOUR HOME- TOWN GROCER" RIQHTS3ESERVED THRpUG I* SATURDAY,
playoff game. club will be out to restore nightcap as Washington checked 'a
And it couldn't FAMU to national rank come CMSC on two hits. His masterful -
September. Job enabled the Tigers to r r-r -rMAXVELL (
Three returning quarterbacks post their eighth shutout ci r
Elroy Uorand who completed the season in an amazing string IWECOFFEE ./
SO of 101 passes for 778 yards of performances
and seven touchdowns Ken Charles Jones blanked the C
Riley, who completed 36-74 for Mules la the second game 1 LI. CAN
601 yards and six touchdowns, Saturday. 48 .
and Alonto Gilbert,17 for 52 and The hex held In the final contest (LIMIT 1 lIT J5.IO IIIEl)
two touchdowns and 263 yards- u Crambllng bunched four
will give the Rattlers more runs In the third and addedan
experience! at quarterback than insurance marker in the -111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
theY''' had In over four years. sixth.
The backfield Is strengthened John Mooney and Gary Schmidt
fLORI IDA by the return of Hubert Gins, were the pitching victims.
BONDNUM I leading ground gainer with 308 The Tigers collected 10 hits :
: yards In 68 carries for a 4.9 In the opener>> and seven In the DETERGENT $5U'I 48
: average Three lettermen finale.
Preston Johnson,Robert Lamp- They had 39 tingles In the (LIMIT 1 VITI )
kin, and Walter Lewis will series, compared to eight for
return at fullback Joining GInQ Central Missouri
at halfback will be Glenn Edwards .
Henry Scott and Sam KIAFTU.S.
Anderson. A darkhorse Is Alfred Watch
Dixon, winner of the snake I I
pit award. Dixon has been Impressive This Clown
KITCHENS + Gerald White, Horace Lovett,
Charles Henderson, Sharon, 64-96-15
BEDROOMS 'Stallworth, Alvin Logan Mel-
vln Rogers, and Carlmon Jones 11' 11111111' 6
return at the tackle positions, 4& 2114..
NOTHING and Gerald Ford leads a tough .111$11 CERTIFIES
BgJrK returning guard group Including 4 .1 GNIOLE
i Walter Spicer,Arthur PIa,Zeke 48

AyN HLY Sims Ail-American, and Rudolph end Sims.John Eaton. I 5 HAM II.

FREEEMMA beads a list of flankers and ends II SALE
ESI that could make FAMU place 2 .
more emphasis on passing than
ever before. Eugene Milton, 11 111 11I 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111116

I I I I II Kent, and Scboolfleld Alfreddle, Benny Sykes Johnson have 34-191-51' //HI WHITE fFT EVAPORATED

all proven that they can catch I
the ball; so weD, In fact, that Sometimes He's Up,Sometime*
the Rattler gained more yard- He's Down, He Adds,Subtracts,' POTATOES J MILK
age passing than rushing a He works It all around. ,
rarity for Galtber team. .
15 2. 19 ,
Buy u.: "s. .t
Savings bonds COMING ATTRACTIONS 1111. BAfi 29 l. )i. _
16-42-39 3 48



"Man's Days are Numbered.". u II. PK, 2 ratORANGE ICE MILK 48'H :
Health and Fortune Can Be .
Yours Wheel You Know Your CAROLINA

Lucky Colors, etc.
Send $2.00 for your SLICEII
I Ir1UPPN..fHavitf Horoscope' Guide for NIA 1

In the blank below and'
mall to ZODIAC, Port Office JUICE\ Ill. 48C
.Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fla.' 11
: ; h NAME CAlllACE 49""
Ctll ,
i i

DATE OF BIRTH-Mo. Day'. BUNS 2 FOR 3 C ( -

I )

............. - ."'- ............... .- .. .t -- .--......... _........ ...........L _-l.l..l.. ___ __._ _


,. ROOM FOR IENT. Fight Cancer Musical Ensenblei Motorcycle Stirs ARTIST'S CIRCLE -

Varnished room for rent. lIY-AWAY LEFT BUY A GOOD. CALLOWAY
Single Man or Couple. Hot andLEO'S INCLAIMED ZIG ZA6 TIRE FOR Sat Coflcerl Continued from page 8 BY PRESS INTERNATIONAL
ttAater Calf iBB-f!\ '
iy- Club
The Orchecta Parents
JEVIKfi ,'ACIINEWe $$.OO AT JONES'" win present the New Stanton Frederick C. lime
F6I KEN AND OMEN TIRE In winning both races, the Four compositions composed by ,
have two 1967 Dlal-O- SERVICE, 8>15KlngsRd.Phone Symphony, James Weldon John* 26-year-old Maryland speed- of music theory and composition, and director of
Matte 2lg Zags, that nave never IF All ACES ,JW4-75M. WE FIX FLATS.ISABELLA SOD String Orchestra and the ster established two new re- professor the colleCt orchestra Gambling (Liu) college was featured
been used. They were lay. R. V. Daniels McLeod
Take New IMPROVED NATURE cords. His time of one hour, during Illinois Wealeyan University's Fine Arts Festival
Slue R.partif aways, "'never picked op. TABLETS for that tired Bethune Elementary String Orchestra four minutes and 45 secondsIn Tbe medal contemporary program performed by faculty
Customer left this tret. We In concert at New
of t Brass Qulnter (0962))
run down feeling that keeps the 250 cc event established members sad students consisted
Of Aiy KM lire unable to locate them. You you! from enjoying life: 100 Stanton High School AprU 10", a new record speed of 94.094 "Three Movements for Piano" 0964)), "Motions for Trombone
have these sewing machine: at I .
can Tablets $3.00; 200 TabletsEMPIREPRODUCTS p.m.The miles per hour to top the old and Piano" 0965) and "Quintet for Four Woodwinds and
of $47. each.
for tbe Balance parent club has solicited
$5.00. $LOO deposits on C.O.D. record held by Robert Wintersof Percussion (0963)).
Is Our Only Bisiuss CUb terms.Phone 353-1946, the of tbe
or 7I. cooperation community
most of Dr. Tillls' compositions
SALES$ 91,876 miles per hour set It is interesting to note that
Anytime, wit deliver no ob in their Immediate effort he has an orchestra under
and that
Dept. FS 5937 N. BroadwalChicago last year.Nino are written for Instruments
J34 E. Iliiii St. ligation.ffjteffi in, 60626 I. to raise funds for students after a heated duel with his direction which naturally would inspire tin to compost in
to attend tbe State Or
Dick Hammer of Lakewood, ''that medium.
'chestra Festival.Bby Calif., for the first half of the Until recently Negro composers were limited tocomposltions

.. U. S. race, beat off a late threat by for voices and choruses. TIle expanded instrumental program
HOMEOWNERS 'MAIDS. FOR NEW YORK Savings Bopds tbe 1966 winner, Buddy Elmore of today's college and universities into chamber ensembles,

TO 575 WEEK lot, El Paso, Texas, to ride a concert bands and orchestras has provided greater opportunities
.'( DP ,British Triumph to victory in. for exploring other areas of composition.
yy.\\.O"\ Top>> j Jobs NOW, best homes Id N. OF PARIS'' 195)AUTO FOR SALE the Daytona 200, establishing Dr. mils' "Grand March"received premiere performance
p Cadillac, 60,000 miles; another new record of two in February at the centennial anniversary of Morehouse college,
That's Mel I have tbe Aouts-
a BOOMADDITIONS? Y. City, New Jersey. Friendly Air, RAH, PJ5. P.B. No hours, two minutes and 32.6S Atlanta.
\ \ 1 NEWBATH?CARPORTS? famlllM Fare sent,rush refer. log superior tonic tablets, pep rust, best buy In city. Call seconds for an average speed of When the Music Teachers National Association meets later
all the want todo.
for things
FRl'E you
enct* GIFT. 7257767.APT.
NEWWINDOWSJYOU NAME IT. Box of 30, $1.00. Satisfaction 98.227 miles per hour. This this month In St. Louis, Dr. Tillls will serve as moderator of
MISS DIXIE AGENCY topped Elmore's 1966 mark of a panel discussion on "Electronic Music." He Is also secretary -
guaranteed or Money
T'OU Cell WILL FOR:iMOIRYAIIE4lfl FREE ESTIMATE .300 W.. 40th St.', N. Y. C..Dept ,.back. For Men and Women 96.582mpb. of the composition section of Pie( MTNA.
.216. .luiuu Another new record was A native of Galveston, Texas, the composer received his
,... IM tit ...t a. ear, l..... FOR RENT established in tbe 100-mile B.A. degree in music from Wiley College; M.A. in music
,. Two bedrooms unfurnished amateur championship race composition from the University of Iowa,, with additional
Best Jacksonville location in- when Walter Fulton of Orange, study at forth Texas State University; and his PhJ in

(eluding stove, refrigerator, hot Calif., streaked to victory in music composition from tbe University of Iowa
fclessinfs! liissioisl! !rater and space beater $70 a the Friday race on an Ameri- Other works of Dr. Tillls include a "Rondo for Clarinet and
J month. Apply 1643 MaID St..AX can Harley-Davldson at an Piano" performed 1961 at the Dallas Museum of Fled'Arte.
u y.gsyYnr The man born with the gift.Rev. HELP WANTED call 355-4061.433 W..18th StreetHELP average speed) of 94.010 mj>.u. "Militant Hood" performed at Wiley College In 1964 and at
Roosevelt Franklin of Macon, Fulton, the 1966 novice winner Grambllng College in May, 1966.
111 Georgia. It is through! God thatI at Daytona, was clocked at one Two scholarship grants from the United Negro College Fund
Cy can remove all evil conditions, women, hour, four minutes and 49.08 were awarded him to assist with is study toward the PbJ,'
some questions you may wish, Men and to sell adverliberalcouimtuioareasy seconds. In 1962-1963.

to know. work, quickpales. Florida's Sarasota own, a Kenny Junior Stephensof college listen Stirs Dovil, Clay Mesons

DO YOU NEED MONEY? You earn $75 .to $130 if, WANTED student, piloted an independent To
(IS MY. SICKNESS NATURAL I you rf teen. Friage benefits Top>> Jobs NOWbest homes m Yamaha to victory in the 78.71 TO CORY6R8 Participate
:CAN: MY Apply: FLORIDA, STAR, 2323Moncrlef N.Y. City,New Jersey.Friendly mile novice championship race Cornerstone laying
w DRINKING? I Rd..cor. 13th. families. Fare sent, rush re'ferences. on Saturday,completing dis- April 18-20 .
st a CAN MY WIFE STOP FREE GIFT tance in 53 minutes and 8.09 The 56th annual session of Masons of Clay County hare
Tai wttk Tr.i Mttf wvtrtl f *H d.onlledett DRINKING? I 300 K, 40 St, N.Y.C Dept, seconds for an average speedof tbe Royal Grand Chapter,Order invited the Masons of Duval
TAe Railroads are striking CAN MY LOVE ONES' HELP WANTED 88,868 m.p.h. Just short of Eastern Star of tbe Stateof County to assist them In the
The mill people are striking i BE RETURNED? of the old record of 89. 122 Florida, working under the laying of a cornerstone for
The TV and Radio stars are striking Female established by Fulton on a Worshipful New Bethel Baptist Church,

nil .(tart Mara m oat wtiHitr In Iht tfttffHmt. Out tftfct They call me the (Rodman): Suzuki 1966. onPrinceeHall Grand Pierce Station, April 9th, at
ctmftfti-i fKta taN rtmtiii e.nN.et It nee MriiMfltdtrmtii But I am only a servant of TYPIST Fulton and Nixon now each Lodge, Ancient Free and Ac- 3 p.m. .
wfct ra4iKt In ill kind. tf wtathtr if M it til kMitf then bold two race records for the,
.Ml M4 M H..uNi.5 Ihtir{ tlftrta' .ii JictittMM I God. Because God is cpeted Masons of Florida and Rev Clarence Franks,minister -
ed cti. SM k.lt / answer Id all llfes problems MUST 00,60 W.P.M. ACCURATELY.GOOD HELP WANTED 3.81 mile Daytona course, the its Jurisdiction, will convene is a member of Fidelity
_r- I am the King of aU Day IN EN- MAIDS : same payout that is used for In West Palm Beach April 18- Lodge 215. Cars will leave the
Sf-ICIAL THAT Prophets. Send for my special GLISH, SPELLING N. Y. SLEEP-IN the world famous Daytona 24-. 20. Masonic Temple at 1:45 p.m..
COTMEI 201 raTion mal m) OFF selected Bible verses. To be Apply: FLORIDA STAR salaries to 365, Jars Hour Continental which has already Mrs. Hannah B. Miller Is The District and State Grand

WK unroll IK HE soir mm, run $ read on SPECIAL DAYS. :2323 Moncrlef Rd., Jax Fl*. advanced.number.Rushrdeyenes'bhone A&l. MAIDS been scheduled. for. Feb. grand matron and J.C. Jenkins, Deputies Council will bold sessions -

1 fend a self-addressed,stamped AGENCY 168 MAIN 3-4 of 1968. grand master, April 17, at I p.m., In
DEEP SEA ROYAL ik.M. envelope and $2.00 for' Bible HELP WANTED 1IRT.r: More than a thousand machines The Grand Chapter will be the 2-G Center, 29th and Chase
frMtn .III 2 .It. tan ..y. IIII ins I verses and spiritual Message. competed in the various Daytona guest of Queen of tbe East, Streets. L. G. Bode is president -
Ctufhl I. MM CIe",. Call II... Male C.H. I You will receive Bible verses events that Included Mrs. Eula Craft, worthy ma- and H. Simmons, host de-
LfmlttJ ..nn.nt.ielleaITCAIGMTW. by return mall. Hale sportsman lightweight races, tron; Bethlehem, Mrs. Oreatha put).
Send To: short track racesandendurance Randolph, W.M. Covely Mrs. The Grand Lodge sesslonswlll.
KIR THEBEACH Rev Roosevelt Franklin WORK AS REPORTER runs in addition to the speed- E. Bergman, W. M., and Faith be held in tbe Masonic Temple

| Clot '630 Morrow Avenue ************* way races. Chapters, Mrs Mary Block- April 1820.
WHITING 49 Macon, Georgia 31201 WILL TRAIN AS REPORTER OENTURES'HURT? worth, w.m. Master Masons of Duval
.tMtta, MM _....*, few wwkfa. heel Ib FURNISHED APARTMENT April 17, the executive board County have been called to assemble
I .1_ .._ ... t..... ...... .. N"hN.d speclaliM In all cue work. Apply: FLORIDA STAR Iv.*-Hit)_bnt]*d flttlni handy.... for dMturn lit, Ion cm..liurt Lenin Knor njell Completely furnished 2 Bed- will meet at 3:30 p.m., at St. April 23, at U a.m., at
Iron ptlii M fonturm toil ,
h.da mere comotttolt
Phone area code 912-74-56475 .. Johns Baptist Church, 2007 First Baptist Church Jacksonville -
I 2323 Moncrlef.,Rd. ( toothtt ion T room Apartment for rent. Call
(M ll M.i.fttlpi InfictfoiifAtli: trtvinl .*aii d" *;inlt'" Nodor .768-4324. ... Contentment Ave. At 8 p.m., Beach, for a Joint ".It
( ote.rm.eUler ADrJJ -1. the annual oratorical contest In" service H.Y. Brown Lodge
N d I LOVE will be held in Tabernacle Baptist 458, Lavern Brown, worshipful -

"The way to love anything Church, 801 ElghthSt.M.W. master, Is host 'lodge.
here! to realize that it might be lost." Saxon, director, will preside..
MOlorlng''sOld _. .. .
'Happy .-. :-':. ... .. ., ,. '. ., .:
: :? .
: :
: .
: t :<:... : : "" .... : ,.,..::: SHOP AT ,yau..u'it
; '
: : 1.

.:::!:t:... ; WAREHOUSE STORE
<* .5'H' P. '+'""" '"
) f: ::, '. 3000 .. 45ti. ST.
: .. .: .
; : ;":"" :' .. ....): ':.
.. :. :: :. .:::: '.,:' : ; PRICES IN THIS AD,

:, The: store that. ::: : :: )''uj '
c r.s.abou.ty: !
A.' .:... '. .. .. .* : ., .. .. '
jri iir -


\ .;: :


4 I I orI TffiF) r '

IIMIT1DMIiNEN1 1 5 .9c 5 c

'W / I $5.1. IIUI' CIIMT 'I" LI.Aaa1 .

!I ,''i'HlJ' ? ':
!. '
:u.: ,
p u.f ,
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Z .

._ UNIT) 1 BUI $5.80 ORDER ., :, {LIMIT 1 WITH J5.H SHIER)

-:=i ji A C 1\: '

: 5 -:: 49 ::
-I 5u'u38c
I. '
\\ \ ', fe5Pnfict' \ \ ...l

Happy MotoNngf '
T TNew w I P



sun service, symbol ol quaiia Y i' .. BACON 0'WEHItir

ID. PXfi.

Your"Happy Motoring" dealer, still/ dependable, "Happy Motoring!"Stop In 4. DL CANS 79: Hut mmir-
dealer has I new sign on still trained to take the best where you see the new
this station/ -a new sign cart of and HUMBLE
you your car. (non sign and "Put a Tiger
on his uniform EncoT Ifs And Ifs still our same In Your Tank?'
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He'lstill Leading CNergy the same friendly And energy it still Enco adds Extra up"to soline. lftt4ftlca's' llHt.dl"I '" !alamu:!!VI". _COmDMV COMPANY I K PD1I LOIN SUCEH

...u..... OIL 0../ ......COP.FU.Y. 'HY TI 3 1LAYG. *



i\ I L '

jt .. ........ ..-- -_-_