Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAEH INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T04:58:01Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00450
FILE SIZE 798984 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090114_AABYSB PATH 00098.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 001b0a0ef5f9f6004c6b8f293d78f4afSHA-1 b2468a9c468c85bbab8692a4ef714021dd5ffa8c
49737 F20090114_AABYQZ 00093.QC.jpg 42c45addd94566d591bcb3c80549016bfa4cf87f94ee1fc7aaff95581256a1f33c3fed2b
323176 F20090114_AABYSC 00098.jpg 4b4a38efaddb95f29e7d8d207359590ee817bb31882c6709dd6a71a0978f426d4bd8c0a7
50852 F20090114_AABYSD 00098.QC.jpg b45ae5cac9d0342863b4ccca763f8af9e696b88d0b80dcd839d47b05e2922f47ffbbcd81
6382689 F20090114_AABYSE 00098.tif fb0f7def26d3f405665e52b848960c4ba03582f88b09036d7c377b8091c79ebbbac5442a
33542 F20090114_AABYSF 00098.txt ea7668e7e45b606fce1d1513d10b883f714c8613d0b7696a662e462516f13813fe8a5a90
12713 F20090114_AABYSG 00098thm.jpg 8608cb5f2c790aaf58449d23aa9b03103930637ac9a54d223764687a62647774b3d75023
798018 F20090114_AABYSH 00099.jp2 ab85217d641d7d55ca1e83864a88ea47eaef485f346cf9a8ecc97be9944a757aa0bc09fe
334266 F20090114_AABYSI 00099.jpg c68fd0f7dbb997f6f484426f3ccada0d0dfd5b6c1c784cb0be2a635ac86544730a781341
48904 F20090114_AABYSJ 00099.QC.jpg 29e978c348ea1f96b987810343be051103a219a899501a929265c9f204988f0e7e7fdd0c
6377797 F20090114_AABYSK 00099.tif c86b63b9ece8378a5f4ab8ff4dd6c8cbb78e7e1c3c4ba380d542578a1fdac0baef4366e6
41385 F20090114_AABYSL 00099.txt 9a5590a5f8c4eb62ea3a0820c662d7b2b05f8176bcafe87af237cf06ce0ec91d1d9f8b2d
12212 F20090114_AABYSM 00099thm.jpg 79039c53dd212f89e1545d2493bb267f784840e2a496154d3254a54aea347f9501c88a56
804128 F20090114_AABYSN 00100.jp2 6005f3119091e3604443551a8891f3e6c04ab936f135370d26862b001e62aca462d1e543
358957 F20090114_AABYSO 00100.jpg eada9cd0655df070dbd37332dc88feb6c342eba5e9a1c657dd5dddc47e88e76dea0c212a
50356 F20090114_AABYSP 00100.QC.jpg ec831aa629be4bb9264148d05771b54db0d2d056acedb523af7a2696227d085815d342d0
6426889 F20090114_AABYSQ 00100.tif 5c4ea177dde259af6fd715c24f9bcd820f2aefcab0269ac2ad3c68b3c99fd43a35fcf760
46436 F20090114_AABYSR 00100.txt b3fb06f3bce8cbdc81cf17112e0019e49be6ebd66e9348dfbd6ab8faee7e28c9fa1c2035
12218 F20090114_AABYSS 00100thm.jpg dfb92f607a04654a55eeb447da3ca967c1caa61269d3fd2acfe2d192046dbe42d9c4122e
797487 F20090114_AABYST 00101.jp2 9fb619d77559c4b6497885ee12b3c18dc0426d8357a0e357913378b3d4ab9fdcc48b086e
6392729 F20090114_AABYRA 00093.tif f58feb06ae515716b1ce8434919aae8f470737084d52b726c2566211556da225354bf159
333469 F20090114_AABYSU 00101.jpg e00082a7154cd6404b78c83a62d9673f4fa25f4ebd8120ad03c329e757cfc09352eb455e
42526 F20090114_AABYRB 00093.txt 807827eb21d3aa5281afad80d0cd5ff99f54dea079e41ed9d6298d62cc0a9f54c49f9ef3
51062 F20090114_AABYSV 00101.QC.jpg 424bec2188a5b40a046575675268036eba5ceeeb994168b66c5ca8efb92ba39e2f5f788f
11906 F20090114_AABYRC 00093thm.jpg 0ff3a404570aac94418bb54ce94ad846ec421db895130fe26f6efe293720cf3a071d7add
6380129 F20090114_AABYSW 00101.tif e8fda12b76aacec7b71bac329af4e5c62581ee821fa744ba436aaca07fa383a098cf86e1
804729 F20090114_AABYRD 00094.jp2 36a2fd655edc93139e3f170ef1c3afe7639f4a1eacabed6d48d2a4ce1a6a60f64b8159fc
38876 F20090114_AABYSX 00101.txt 34dcbb55d3b4ab647076bcc58b7edc9b54794ddd6d0b97aae74afac5c916b40821667adb
317256 F20090114_AABYRE 00094.jpg 7fa78538ea9c71118016c77cb8c114622bd6aa7afd061998d3f3ea9f0445c78fe6f13092
12901 F20090114_AABYSY 00101thm.jpg 52591b9aa4466fbdd85688ce9612dd13be3766c7b5c40242bfe42a72e0bf325eee21166f
47091 F20090114_AABYRF 00094.QC.jpg 7a462f1c6d87ebb8d65edb9572c6a01bb97e4a00a20a495c3db62f6f1f50b440e1abe3fe
15784 F20090114_AABYSZ 1967031101.xml FULL daae37996c4f12971d9f178573a631c0c6b99f994d23448039114ce379626d95e134e823BROKEN_LINK 0092.jp20093.jp20094.jp20095.jp20096.jp20097.jp20098.jp20099.jp20100.jp20101.jp20092.txt0093.txt0094.txt0095.txt0096.txt0097.txt0098.txt0099.txt0100.txt0101.txt0092.tif0093.tif0094.tif0095.tif0096.tif0097.tif0098.tif0099.tif0100.tif0101.tif0092.jpg0093.jpg0094.jpg0095.jpg0096.jpg0097.jpg0098.jpg0099.jpg0100.jpg0101.jpg
6428999 F20090114_AABYRG 00094.tif 865fc22a96e013246d40c50d7c065c7728e491d17e264fc8c0db4e1f2b1b0e4825648b24
28590 F20090114_AABYRH 00094.txt a745a8757bf3c5ee2b43626640924bd6110ba1ef2a9ff1f3c2c384e79fb3051535af928c
11932 F20090114_AABYRI 00094thm.jpg 0b7a533158f0606bfadf86666bead6771f66980fc56cbe444719740b6a70c8bdd817654f
787378 F20090114_AABYRJ 00095.jp2 3ae18067d7fe47d5ab0ff2e224ca5e93c500d1c67d5a41213b97a3c567da478bc309e6b7
304972 F20090114_AABYRK 00095.jpg 3de81a98fc7f60eda2a0335f58d8b7baea28ab805c1928f21b9b7929d8fcbbdf6426d1dd
47600 F20090114_AABYRL 00095.QC.jpg ec6f8a39558e12be0ae7a2d426d4ed884dc2103dfa4de7a85b5ef71302032335bf71e38f
6298913 F20090114_AABYRM 00095.tif 1e264b64da8cd1b5f4db5ea7661f8ee9d1d6100e29a22664300cf593bf8542b81610c2ba
23620 F20090114_AABYRN 00095.txt 331771b3af937d89b75bc5b5fe0a084738023324b6fd5b81e6d65ef1f7c4c85b8cf8ce26
12395 F20090114_AABYRO 00095thm.jpg 041f703ee894556d20a7161ba7cddee02cb5b1ada6ed72c363ad2c078b1f826f38cd4040
795390 F20090114_AABYRP 00096.jp2 e2403b69e536f49fb380af8d971680fc91807485e137c22408cf7a7b0352bc6b7d37acf8
345199 F20090114_AABYRQ 00096.jpg a951c912141fc75b302ff51dfa18299e6ba82249b697103e1dc3eac936e56f606e064349
50780 F20090114_AABYRR 00096.QC.jpg 237071bac981585d23b45289dc8ee59e81b4ad6f68fc21450428c00b8d8bfb26b762ee3d
6353753 F20090114_AABYRS 00096.tif d7765eb4ef66aaf1d775da150df34dfd1b8ce2d304d6999c63079d346a48c8328c56f068
38945 F20090114_AABYRT 00096.txt 1b628aa2d1f1d3ca43eeb1ea8e2c4bbe35afb7cd5dd065b0ed4222abf7dd9c6d646363ef
12688 F20090114_AABYRU 00096thm.jpg 030e39750a13f7adf14dd97aa80c100d982ed987f2a86994589da2560df61caa054daa0f
793256 F20090114_AABYRV 00097.jp2 e4523386fc9f8f640de1eb587c8a5087bcaeba8f75247bb65fac48a371b956e4dfeb05a6
351216 F20090114_AABYRW 00097.jpg 25f169900baa688f8ce4a7dec363407611f78d287bca73fbbb4d7b65a9d4f4f3c52d7091
51846 F20090114_AABYRX 00097.QC.jpg 8e64e2dfb220e03b1487e937a8af8f581a8eafda5852981e1d3a3c943cfb786658b2fa51
6339683 F20090114_AABYRY 00097.tif ecdccc0d13f21c71ac730571e58fb70ed4736123a9806bcf7175156a0dfdae43e04f445a
41338 F20090114_AABYRZ 00097.txt 1a5530dd2819ea8c73a5b35af27aa0a90a604c9a7c90b2a5db997f7ba0b31ad8d4177a6c
21508 F20090114_AABYTC UF00028362_00450.mets 591a2df398f90d0ae85197a889c2d6655f0dbef7b9bcf9658d831beb6b56cfe80542db39
24705 F20090114_AABYTE UF00028362_00450.xml 90308c92ab648d3f5b62c41efe4bfe7ad5ad1d4f9c8f33417f787e09fa037c57845711b4
788941 F20090114_AABYQR 00092.jp2 eab8a773192b0501d1dcdc44f30e373809cf86b1457822aac55cd8d14360435ce6b6239a
364006 F20090114_AABYQS 00092.jpg e424fb3dfde7673426beb13d9bca1d34a8180a7a3719433bbad3b54600535306994831b2
53813 F20090114_AABYQT 00092.QC.jpg c34e0b161cc3a7e82df946352088bdec1577ca990f018522da4df3d2264ad5b9ce0e5e66
6308374 F20090114_AABYQU 00092.tif 8c82d194942973673b155561c90a556252362005462439932c08d87a13668affad59af15
30944 F20090114_AABYQV 00092.txt 687e64e2cc7ba23d2a43beadd5f54705298212c226f199c8647dd407f86ee5693355db8d
13199 F20090114_AABYQW 00092thm.jpg 6b17af05ac2651451341134a9ad7dae3d9cdbcc3c5592df59a1e5f1915008652021b420b
799065 F20090114_AABYQX 00093.jp2 d128297868400ec9eca5ee812de5bd304c825cab60de18b37c272f2b351a8bda77d62548
13023 F20090114_AABYSA 00097thm.jpg 6cf935c797cc6e5c506b76f2359d4f1f0619334def9a6e3add394bb7a21ce401d5a20957
371002 F20090114_AABYQY 00093.jpg 9400501c4e6210d9a8392e7c4fb3c097f2818f6535a5ea31cef3398183a6391e37e874dd

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACCV INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T22:09:55Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00450
FILE SIZE 798018 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABNFG PATH 00099.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 ab85217d641d7d55ca1e83864a88ea47SHA-1 eaef485f346cf9a8ecc97be9944a757aa0bc09fe
334266 F20090222_AABNFH 00099.jpg c68fd0f7dbb997f6f484426f3ccada0d0dfd5b6c1c784cb0be2a635ac86544730a781341
48904 F20090222_AABNFI 00099.QC.jpg 29e978c348ea1f96b987810343be051103a219a899501a929265c9f204988f0e7e7fdd0c
6377797 F20090222_AABNFJ 00099.tif c86b63b9ece8378a5f4ab8ff4dd6c8cbb78e7e1c3c4ba380d542578a1fdac0baef4366e6
41385 F20090222_AABNFK 00099.txt 9a5590a5f8c4eb62ea3a0820c662d7b2b05f8176bcafe87af237cf06ce0ec91d1d9f8b2d
12212 F20090222_AABNFL 00099thm.jpg 79039c53dd212f89e1545d2493bb267f784840e2a496154d3254a54aea347f9501c88a56
804128 F20090222_AABNFM 00100.jp2 6005f3119091e3604443551a8891f3e6c04ab936f135370d26862b001e62aca462d1e543
358957 F20090222_AABNFN 00100.jpg eada9cd0655df070dbd37332dc88feb6c342eba5e9a1c657dd5dddc47e88e76dea0c212a
50356 F20090222_AABNFO 00100.QC.jpg ec831aa629be4bb9264148d05771b54db0d2d056acedb523af7a2696227d085815d342d0
6426889 F20090222_AABNFP 00100.tif 5c4ea177dde259af6fd715c24f9bcd820f2aefcab0269ac2ad3c68b3c99fd43a35fcf760
46436 F20090222_AABNFQ 00100.txt b3fb06f3bce8cbdc81cf17112e0019e49be6ebd66e9348dfbd6ab8faee7e28c9fa1c2035
12218 F20090222_AABNFR 00100thm.jpg dfb92f607a04654a55eeb447da3ca967c1caa61269d3fd2acfe2d192046dbe42d9c4122e
797487 F20090222_AABNFS 00101.jp2 9fb619d77559c4b6497885ee12b3c18dc0426d8357a0e357913378b3d4ab9fdcc48b086e
333469 F20090222_AABNFT 00101.jpg e00082a7154cd6404b78c83a62d9673f4fa25f4ebd8120ad03c329e757cfc09352eb455e
42526 F20090222_AABNEA 00093.txt 807827eb21d3aa5281afad80d0cd5ff99f54dea079e41ed9d6298d62cc0a9f54c49f9ef3
51062 F20090222_AABNFU 00101.QC.jpg 424bec2188a5b40a046575675268036eba5ceeeb994168b66c5ca8efb92ba39e2f5f788f
11906 F20090222_AABNEB 00093thm.jpg 0ff3a404570aac94418bb54ce94ad846ec421db895130fe26f6efe293720cf3a071d7add
6380129 F20090222_AABNFV 00101.tif e8fda12b76aacec7b71bac329af4e5c62581ee821fa744ba436aaca07fa383a098cf86e1
804729 F20090222_AABNEC 00094.jp2 36a2fd655edc93139e3f170ef1c3afe7639f4a1eacabed6d48d2a4ce1a6a60f64b8159fc
38876 F20090222_AABNFW 00101.txt 34dcbb55d3b4ab647076bcc58b7edc9b54794ddd6d0b97aae74afac5c916b40821667adb
317256 F20090222_AABNED 00094.jpg 7fa78538ea9c71118016c77cb8c114622bd6aa7afd061998d3f3ea9f0445c78fe6f13092
12901 F20090222_AABNFX 00101thm.jpg 52591b9aa4466fbdd85688ce9612dd13be3766c7b5c40242bfe42a72e0bf325eee21166f
47091 F20090222_AABNEE 00094.QC.jpg 7a462f1c6d87ebb8d65edb9572c6a01bb97e4a00a20a495c3db62f6f1f50b440e1abe3fe
15784 F20090222_AABNFY 1967031101.xml FULL daae37996c4f12971d9f178573a631c0c6b99f994d23448039114ce379626d95e134e823BROKEN_LINK 0092.jp20093.jp20094.jp20095.jp20096.jp20097.jp20098.jp20099.jp20100.jp20101.jp20092.txt0093.txt0094.txt0095.txt0096.txt0097.txt0098.txt0099.txt0100.txt0101.txt0092.tif0093.tif0094.tif0095.tif0096.tif0097.tif0098.tif0099.tif0100.tif0101.tif0092.jpg0093.jpg0094.jpg0095.jpg0096.jpg0097.jpg0098.jpg0099.jpg0100.jpg0101.jpg
6428999 F20090222_AABNEF 00094.tif 865fc22a96e013246d40c50d7c065c7728e491d17e264fc8c0db4e1f2b1b0e4825648b24
28590 F20090222_AABNEG 00094.txt a745a8757bf3c5ee2b43626640924bd6110ba1ef2a9ff1f3c2c384e79fb3051535af928c
11932 F20090222_AABNEH 00094thm.jpg 0b7a533158f0606bfadf86666bead6771f66980fc56cbe444719740b6a70c8bdd817654f
787378 F20090222_AABNEI 00095.jp2 3ae18067d7fe47d5ab0ff2e224ca5e93c500d1c67d5a41213b97a3c567da478bc309e6b7
304972 F20090222_AABNEJ 00095.jpg 3de81a98fc7f60eda2a0335f58d8b7baea28ab805c1928f21b9b7929d8fcbbdf6426d1dd
47600 F20090222_AABNEK 00095.QC.jpg ec6f8a39558e12be0ae7a2d426d4ed884dc2103dfa4de7a85b5ef71302032335bf71e38f
6298913 F20090222_AABNEL 00095.tif 1e264b64da8cd1b5f4db5ea7661f8ee9d1d6100e29a22664300cf593bf8542b81610c2ba
23620 F20090222_AABNEM 00095.txt 331771b3af937d89b75bc5b5fe0a084738023324b6fd5b81e6d65ef1f7c4c85b8cf8ce26
12395 F20090222_AABNEN 00095thm.jpg 041f703ee894556d20a7161ba7cddee02cb5b1ada6ed72c363ad2c078b1f826f38cd4040
795390 F20090222_AABNEO 00096.jp2 e2403b69e536f49fb380af8d971680fc91807485e137c22408cf7a7b0352bc6b7d37acf8
345199 F20090222_AABNEP 00096.jpg a951c912141fc75b302ff51dfa18299e6ba82249b697103e1dc3eac936e56f606e064349
50780 F20090222_AABNEQ 00096.QC.jpg 237071bac981585d23b45289dc8ee59e81b4ad6f68fc21450428c00b8d8bfb26b762ee3d
6353753 F20090222_AABNER 00096.tif d7765eb4ef66aaf1d775da150df34dfd1b8ce2d304d6999c63079d346a48c8328c56f068
38945 F20090222_AABNES 00096.txt 1b628aa2d1f1d3ca43eeb1ea8e2c4bbe35afb7cd5dd065b0ed4222abf7dd9c6d646363ef
12688 F20090222_AABNET 00096thm.jpg 030e39750a13f7adf14dd97aa80c100d982ed987f2a86994589da2560df61caa054daa0f
793256 F20090222_AABNEU 00097.jp2 e4523386fc9f8f640de1eb587c8a5087bcaeba8f75247bb65fac48a371b956e4dfeb05a6
351216 F20090222_AABNEV 00097.jpg 25f169900baa688f8ce4a7dec363407611f78d287bca73fbbb4d7b65a9d4f4f3c52d7091
51846 F20090222_AABNEW 00097.QC.jpg 8e64e2dfb220e03b1487e937a8af8f581a8eafda5852981e1d3a3c943cfb786658b2fa51
6339683 F20090222_AABNEX 00097.tif ecdccc0d13f21c71ac730571e58fb70ed4736123a9806bcf7175156a0dfdae43e04f445a
41338 F20090222_AABNEY 00097.txt 1a5530dd2819ea8c73a5b35af27aa0a90a604c9a7c90b2a5db997f7ba0b31ad8d4177a6c
19488 F20090222_AABNGB UF00028362_00450.mets 85600d56d98ffd6860bc113b5b179f06365271ac3a8cde4f54e34ae57c08ef3bb72dc9a4
13023 F20090222_AABNEZ 00097thm.jpg 6cf935c797cc6e5c506b76f2359d4f1f0619334def9a6e3add394bb7a21ce401d5a20957
22176 F20090222_AABNGD UF00028362_00450.xml 3c67d8f2ccd1023eb2bb3a81b32be71349346f2e6fd67202c9655ca93692424683fb9547
788941 F20090222_AABNDQ 00092.jp2 eab8a773192b0501d1dcdc44f30e373809cf86b1457822aac55cd8d14360435ce6b6239a
364006 F20090222_AABNDR 00092.jpg e424fb3dfde7673426beb13d9bca1d34a8180a7a3719433bbad3b54600535306994831b2
53813 F20090222_AABNDS 00092.QC.jpg c34e0b161cc3a7e82df946352088bdec1577ca990f018522da4df3d2264ad5b9ce0e5e66
6308374 F20090222_AABNDT 00092.tif 8c82d194942973673b155561c90a556252362005462439932c08d87a13668affad59af15
30944 F20090222_AABNDU 00092.txt 687e64e2cc7ba23d2a43beadd5f54705298212c226f199c8647dd407f86ee5693355db8d
13199 F20090222_AABNDV 00092thm.jpg 6b17af05ac2651451341134a9ad7dae3d9cdbcc3c5592df59a1e5f1915008652021b420b
799065 F20090222_AABNDW 00093.jp2 d128297868400ec9eca5ee812de5bd304c825cab60de18b37c272f2b351a8bda77d62548
371002 F20090222_AABNDX 00093.jpg 9400501c4e6210d9a8392e7c4fb3c097f2818f6535a5ea31cef3398183a6391e37e874dd
798984 F20090222_AABNFA 00098.jp2 001b0a0ef5f9f6004c6b8f293d78f4afb2468a9c468c85bbab8692a4ef714021dd5ffa8c
49737 F20090222_AABNDY 00093.QC.jpg 42c45addd94566d591bcb3c80549016bfa4cf87f94ee1fc7aaff95581256a1f33c3fed2b
323176 F20090222_AABNFB 00098.jpg 4b4a38efaddb95f29e7d8d207359590ee817bb31882c6709dd6a71a0978f426d4bd8c0a7
6392729 F20090222_AABNDZ 00093.tif f58feb06ae515716b1ce8434919aae8f470737084d52b726c2566211556da225354bf159
50852 F20090222_AABNFC 00098.QC.jpg b45ae5cac9d0342863b4ccca763f8af9e696b88d0b80dcd839d47b05e2922f47ffbbcd81
6382689 F20090222_AABNFD 00098.tif fb0f7def26d3f405665e52b848960c4ba03582f88b09036d7c377b8091c79ebbbac5442a
33542 F20090222_AABNFE 00098.txt ea7668e7e45b606fce1d1513d10b883f714c8613d0b7696a662e462516f13813fe8a5a90
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 11, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 11, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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. r r. + r' y rAFI Y'rr-r...w ........rrr... r-wt .r rr- .-...._-- rr7r _................ .. ... ...........

:;- l "'mI'F""u.Of'' :RlfiYesem. sq I II"

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'. .........;,, .... .... .... .... _. ... ........ .... .. .' *** *****. ********:
'- TT

_a onRK Ur l jJbfl l t ry



alb) .


",### #* .. # # **. *. *. ,.
** IIi*****' .... .-. ... .-..-. -
,__..._ -----r- --- -----. '----- -- --- '

City, County Ribbon Cutting; Ceremony tP weltFjles, < DlR.Qg a i ..; S 1It -1 J

kk&ei[ j A,4a .
District V.oto ***** *-** *** **.* ** **

WASHINGTON-The Justtc Department -
hu asked the Supreme
Court to extend the one-man one ATTACKS ON HOMES
vote doctrine to county and city

government try.Because ol"malapportlonment"throughout the coun R ,

at the local level, million of
Americans are denied full and

effective government partlcpatlon u.s. Solicitor In Gen local CARS RISE IN JAX

court.eral Thurgood Marshall told the

"The former NAACP. general ..... ..... .... -.'- -.'- ..L.... -.'- .'".. .*...or**.- *.-*.- *.- .*..'.....
counsel coodMed/TtJs toe pollTHOWOOD -

Vandal I Damage Negro Teachers Rites Viet Set VictimFuneral For

To Homes. Cars
services for Pfc.Edwin
Intimidated By Jones, a victim of the Vietnam
Plague Jaxons War, will be bid on Saturday,
March 1L at 2 p.m. In ZIon HapBaptist '
Chard with Rev E. R.Pfc. ,
School kids are still learning
a fourth "R"-racism-through NTE WitchhuntNew
textbooks that Ignore minorities,
acordlng to Dr. Gibert L.Porter,
O'El-CalcreSIIIIID Charles E. Bennett is seen.Ube completed cutting the ribbon mark- former executive Tremors shook the already proctors the examination area
SftVnln? ![ of the Earths M-M-WWta Nursing Rome l Sunday, In the presence of Miss the Florida State .ecreiary.i\\ embattled Duval County Public and that If anyone cheated they'
a and Mayor Louis H. Hitter. sociation and Schools u school officials began should be notified or apprehend
The 120 assistant to the deputy Into scores made ed at that point rather than watt
MARSHALL -bed facility which Bennett said will "fill an Important need In the health facil superintendent an Inquiry
ities planning of schools, Dade by some teachers on a recent until the scores are returned
built at
was a cost of $
lion of the UA that u a matter 900 under the NW-BurtonHosppital construction waifsecured grant of $318. County. Porter said that "mass NTE exam. Another was asked If only
program through efforts
of constitutional principle, logic of the Duval U.S. Representative the ive distortions" still exist In It Is. reported that several "successful" cheaters were being
and sound policy the principlesof textbooks despite a nationwide teachers have been called in persecuted about those who,
Reynolds apply to local governmental cheat and do not ?'.
may pass
effort to adopt multi-ethnic books by school officials and quest-
bodies whose membersare Navy Still Holds Tampa Woman, Lavderdale LawyerIn I( and materials. ioned. Most of the inquerles are was his answer "After all the
elected from districts and tine I "7n 1965, only 13 texts were centered around what school authorities test administrators this case
'require that thoM districts be Negro Sailers Down 'RIJI -' 'pt&lsbed vita' multi-ethnic. call "un-realistic"',the Duval County School Board,
substantially equal in opulatlon. -Off, Tuesday, March 14 content," said Dr. Porter. "But hikes In test scores. One of the are responsible for ted

.".The high court has also SAIOOKNPI)- The UA during the past 18 months 400 persons Involved reputely made 'security." ...
held that u.s. Congressional districts Two Negro candidates are among aspirants for legislative Pending In state courts Is a -
Navy does not to be texts with a multi-ethnic theme a 70 point Increase In her score EDWOf JONES
must be based on this following the appear nominations in Democratic Party run-offs to be held Tuesday, have been published. This showwe time around. It Is reported that case brought by four Duval County
,one-nun onevote principle army's exampleof March 14. Mrs Mary Alice Dorsett of Tampa will face Tommy are making progress, but its school officials and representatives teachers whose certificates have -.killed' la action'
In the main these decisions have integration.While a racillay united ,Stevens of Tampa_in.a_contest for the 70th District nomination. going to, take many more conferences of the Princeton, New been withheld because of alleged (Simpson, mlnisferj; officiating:
army ''I
given city voters a larger voiceIn devoted its efforts to fightingthe George Allen, of Fort Lauderdale -,former Racing Commission at the local, state and Jersey, based testing service cheating on a previous NTE exam.: Tbe young Stanton High School
government Viet Cong the navy seemed the only Negro graduate member are aspirants for the national level to change the view an Increase of more than Even though Statement of Educa graduate resided with Is parents
Last December the Supreme to be busier of the University of Florida thinking about textbooks," he ,,fifty points u unlikely. don officials Issued a statement at 1463 Kings Road
Court agreed to take on three Itself along racial fighting lines. among Law School and A practicing said. On the other band, FLORIDA several months ago declining to Survivors Include,mother Mrs.
cases that question extension of Only one cent ofthenavy'sofficers attorney will vie against R.C. Dade County officials have expressed -, STAR reporters talked with'withhold certificates unless Geneva Jones; father Charlie
one manone vote to county per Dick cheating was the local Jones Sr. grandparents, Mrs.
are Negroes. The Negro ( ) Brown also of Fort a willingness and are several educators who disagreed proved
government and county school sailors aboard ships like Lauderdale for the 48th Dis- eager to use multi-ethnic texts very strongly with the position teachers have not been hired on Delia Richardson, Steve. Allen;
boards. In one case, citizens the aircraft carrier Enterprise v. but "are some what handicapped taken by the officials. a full-time basis. The decision godparents Mr., Mrs. Nero
of Midland, Texas are asking off North Vietnam, facea because they must use state- Others pointed out that there was reached la the awake of Mitchell; sisters, Linda Patriciaand
tile court to rule that the county heritage of segregation and adopted textbooks," explainedDr. are many "Intervening vari-, suits filed by twenty-two teachers Ruth Jones; brothers,Larry
must be redistricted on a population racial discrimination which the, Porter. Fpr several years ables" which may affect the test throught the state who had been Lorenxo, Robert and Charlie .
basis. Tbe coy.rnmentmade navy has not yet shaken. Negro groups have complained scores made by an Individuals refused certificates because of",Jones Jr.; four aunts, three
It clear that It supports the one Negroes had been used only' because of the exclusion of Negroes at any given time. One factor alleged discrepancies In their' uncles, other relatives and
man, one vote principle not only as messmen in the navy. They form text-book and other such u fatigue, emotional disturbances examination sores.WASHINGTONAttorneys. friends.
In Midland County but throughout are allowed to do other kinds advisory committees other In or conditions at the
the country. of work now, after being replaced token numbers. test center plus the all-Import Powell Asks Court
The case has special implications by Filipinos.The "Florida Is still using material ant human element may and do
for Florldlans. Sam Filipino messmen have which distort, or leave out Information Influence a person's performance I
Jones of Jacksonville, an segregated billeting and assignments on Negroes, Indians, were reasons given for
unsuccessful candidate for the Just as Negro sailors and other ethnic! groups,"Porter doubting the validity of the assumption To Order Seating
state senate has filed I'case had been previously. said "But there are supplementary that scores can only
challenging the present legislative Aboard the carrier Enterprise texts and materials local be increased by a given number
districting. Jones contends racial brawls,social discrimination schools can use on their own of routs. for ,Adam Clayton Powell flied suit
that if the principle of one man, discriminatory -- WILLIAM. H. MANNESS Initiative so there's really no' Teachers charged the school in UJS. district court to force the House to sea the Harlem
one vote were properly applied, ratings of Negro sailors have MRS. MARY ALICE DORSETT 10th District nomination excuse for a school to have all officials with conducting a purge Congressman who was expelled:last week for misuse of govern-
candidates would run from stipulated been reported.No Local election officials expecta "white" textbooks. of Negro teachers and compared meat funds.
districts rather than at- Negro has ever risen above trelct nomlnalon. Winners of very light turn-out of voters. The effect of textbooks which their tactics with those used In Tbe suit charged that Powell's Mississippi and was later shot,
large. the rank of navy captain, although the democratic nomination will Officials of the Democratic Impart so-called "middle- the infamous Inquisition. They constitutional rights had been down in a civil rights march
Political observers have for Comdr. Samuel L. face Republican opposition) in Party are concerned over apparent class" value systems on child- contend that a test score Increase violated. asked preliminary announced that he would oppose'
many years construed that the Gravely, Jr., a N'crowllocom- the March 28th general glee public apathy In regardto ren from disadvantaged groups Is not necessarily evidence of Injunction to permit Powell to Powell on the Republican tIcket.
at Urge principle was adopted mands a destroyer is said to tions.Duval. the elections. It was was pointed out several studies cheating. It was also pointed -------- Meredith's choice by the GOP
primarily to keep Negroes from be considered for a promotion. County voters will have announced by officials of the conducted la urban areas by out that only Negro teachers came u surprise to politicians
being elected. In several previous to confirm two nominations In Duval County Republican Executive "War on Poverty" groups and ire being called In for the most of both parties where..
: county and city elections, j Accused Rapist Faces the local run-offs. All Millar, Committee that national educational Institutions. Experiments ,part. This point was highlightedIn it had been predicted that the
''Negro candidates "carried" the an attorney Is pitted aglnst COP Chairman Ray Bliss had conducted under the a report made by a NEA Task Republicans would have little
:districts they sought to represent llcal businessman Roger West assigned campaign workers to Great Cities Program In St. Louis Force which Investigated teacher luck glndlng a Negro of statute \
by over-whelming majorities but March 14 Retrial, for the 9th District senatorial Dade Dual and Hillsborougb Detroit and Chicago have shown 'displacement in Florida schools. to run against the pastor-
were defeated by votes cut In nomination. Former circuit Counties la the hopes of Increasing that pupil achievement Improved The Florida Task Force,headed politician.
ether districts. Judge William H. Manness and chances for Republican when mult-ethnic material' 1 by\ Dr. Charles Grlgg of Florida When asked about Meredith's
It was also brought out that even In Lynchburg, Va. Robert C. "Bob" Le llDer, I candidates In the written In the language of the <:State University called attention opposition to him in the coming 4

though three of the nine wards RANDOLPH WANTS forthcoming general election.. I pupil's sub-culture was used.I I to the methods used by many I election, Powell In his usual
In the city of Jacksonville are LYNCHBURG Va. -(NPI)>- Florida counties and the "In tongoe-u the cheek manner m-, .
white Thomas Wansley, 22 Is to be teachers --- -
predominately Negro timidation" of Negro
voters In other wards determine, retried March 14 on a chargeof MORE NEGROES ON by local officials and representatives ADAM CLAYTON POWELL.. .
the election winners. raping a white woman in 1962. I of the national testing ser''take: his eat immediately, and
The court date was set by AFUIO BODY I =iWorH News -=-1 vice. The procedures were cited a permanent Injunction restraining .:
School Head Named' Corporation Court Judge Raymond as giving rise to low morale Speaker of the Rouse
0. Cundlff.Wansley BAL HARBOUR, F1L-(NP1)A. )- and a climate not conducive to John W. McCormack from refusing
has been in Jail and Philip Randolph wants a' C.O.D. FIRES educational purpose. to administer the oath
HARYO .ACT DirectorNEW prison more than four years, second Negro named to the TEL -NPl-It Is costly to call out the fire departmentIn One teacher readily admitted of office to the Harlem Democrat i
-Charles. including 18 months on death AFL-CIO executive council. Tel Aviv these days, principally because the fire department that she had been called In and .
R. King executive: director, row awaiting a date with the The man to has selected for is operating at a deficit. Under regulations set by the Interior questioned by the Personnel Office On the bells of an announcement "
School for Boys in electric chair. the post Is Frederick O'Neal Ministry, the minimum charge for calling out the fire department of the local school board. by GoY Nelsoa
Yorktown Heights N.Y., has He was twice sentenced to die would replace Walter Reutber Is $7. Small fires average about $10, and bigger ones She angrily told the FLORIDA Rockefeller that a special
beta named executive: director In 1963 on charges of raping bead of the United Automobile cost according to the time and equipment Involved. STAR "No Negroes handle those election will be held April H,
Baryse-Act, Harlem's antipoverty -' Miss Annie Lee Carter, then Workers, In the AFL-CIOposl- tests. If they got out, then someone -,,to fill the seat, Powell began
agency. 59 j and a woman of Japanese tIeD if Randolph, president of SHEBA SEARCH downtown put them out." gaining support for his election -
Be replaces Livingston 1... descnet Mrs. Kyoto Fleshman. the Brotherhood or Sleeplnr Car ADDS ABABANPI)>- A nationwide search Is on throughout Others were less vehement but to the office to has told
Wingate, who has boined the He was also given a 20 year Porters, get his way. Ethiopia for an Etboplan beauty to play the role of Queen of expressed slmlUar views. for 22 years.
Citizens Crusade Against prison term on a robery Randolph said he had nominated Sheba In a new movie, "Solomon and Shaba," to to filmed In One teacher called attention to Floyd McKlsslck, executive JAMES H. MEREDITH .
Poverty. charge. O'Neal because he felt Ethiopia and Israel. Already picked for the role of Solomon Is the" fact that there are many director of the Coner...' or 'quired, "Meredith who Is .to?
Haryon-Act hu long been t The Virginia Supreme" Court "the Negroes ought to have Israellan actor Halm TopoL Racial Equality (Core),.,,said Exiled In Blmlni to avoid ar-4
center of political controversy.' overturned the convictions and more representation on the ConstructionNEW his organisation will give 'rest, Powell hu said Meredith;
Dr. Kenneth Clark, noted ordered new trials In 1964. His council" NEW NATION YORK- (NPI- With- Powell Its total support. The would not be a formidable opponent
pyschologist, once accused Attorneys have been unable to: Another reason for naminga UNITED NATIONa4PI)> Independence :will come to the tiny fc :twoyears, midtown Man-' race, said McKlsslck, Is a and Is "not even a
Wingate of being a political, have the cases removed to a Negro be added, was that "I Island of Antigua in the West Indies Monday, Feb. 27, after tattle YiW boast of a $2 million major civil rights struggle, ad aril rights leader"
'Rep.. Adam federal court for retrial. will no doubt be reaching the' five centuries of foreign domination, first by Spain and then mosque, built to serve the curs I only In Powell's New York "What civil rights group has
C. performer Wansley vas arr.stedlhortI1'aft.r point where I will step down." three centuries. by Britain. Head of the 132nd Independent 70,000 Moslem community. City district but nationwide. Meredith led?' asked Powell. ; )I'
King who will be paid$25.000. local Negroes became Inrovled Randolph Is currently the only nation of the world will to Vere C.Bird,premier and chairman Some 20 Islamic countries are In the meantime, James H. ,"There was BO Meredithbefore
a year described his new Job In 'sit-ins and demon- Negro member of the.AFL-CIO of a aei en-man executive co ncIl. The legislature will consist sponsoring the new religious Meredith, the first Nelro to 1 went to-Congress and thereIs
.. a "terrific. ehaUenxe. .rtrations.' Council ..va + .f1>,ec 14 delegates In the House and 10 In the Senate. and.cultural ,center..; Integrate the University d no Meredith now.

I J ,

._ .
-- -- .ItR H. -

:! ,UtJ'1 SU.-j--tlft SATURDAY MARCH 11 1967

"HI.f )ORI.DA;NEWS; i-STAR E1: 110 i BtE qua I ,

Published bjke Jwrlda Star Publishing Comp
1111.wm'11iEY M. YOUNG JR.

;M t"M IftrRGltQ

p Y The President Crime Commission recently Issued Us
s Y which explodes number of myths and
M report, a
badly burdened by mis-
helps restore sense to an issue

ERIC ,0. SIOTSON' ,, Maaatiof EdifoCHJLDA ( / cooscept1O ODe 1. damaging bits of racist nonsense, which has
been related so often that many people now believe It, fafhA

Circulation Maoafer 11... fha* white people are more likely toJaJtevtetliM
WOOTEK-...... The com
of crime at the handset Negroes.
mission's study proves that crime, like muck

2323 Moncrief Phone Ellin( 46U2Mailing else in American life, is segregated White
Road people are most likely to commit offense IJ

Address- against Negroes other whites; Negroes against other

in the. nutria of Columbia the study found
P.O. Box 599 lackson.ille, Florida 32201; that only 12 of 172-murders were interracial andTa( percent

of all involved persons of the same race. Less than

MIAMI OFFICE one out often aggravated assaults were Interracial.1t also
;' found that crimes of violence Including rape, most often
Ji/ know each other.
'occur between people who
5018 NW 7th Ave. Phone 751-3879 "
/ Another myth the Commission exploded was the popular
SUBSCRIPTION RATES ;?/1r.1'(' Idea that the wen-to-do are most In danger of becoming
, Year. $4.00 't ": : ', l victims of crime. Actually it is the poor who suffer most
$6.00 Half /
One Year : earning less than $3,000 per year are
/ '" from crime. People
to You Anywhere in the United States .r'j, victims of and five times
Mailed ;. : four times as likely to be the rape
Subscription payable in advance as likely to be robbed as those earning more than $10,000.
Send Che.ck or Money Order to: :::(: ;:.. ; ;.' ;>" r A Another finding shows that few of us can point the finger

PO. BOX 599 :7.if./ ." at "criminals." Out of a sample of 1,700 adults, 91 percent
tr t/ ''' admitted to offenses for which they could have rcelved a
: '
Jacksonville -Florida : / ,"
sentence And some of our more "respectable" people
; ,,,, /t.Y' / .
', ; '' '" commit such "clean" crimes as fraud, consumer cheating,
FAMU..What's The Rolet? pl."d 4f4r '-t / r'It. and embezzlement, which cost the nation almost three timesas

t, rjr; t:' much in lost property as more common crimes like robbery -
of have happened since the ;t ,?"
A lot things / : ,-Q\Io," and theft.
passage of the 1965 civil rights laws The Commission's findings prove that the people most in

which have affected public school danger from crime and most In need of adequate protectionare
education in the old Southern area. We SKEPTICAL .AS TO OUR RIGHT TO LEADI! Negroes living In the ghetto. The ghetto or ethnic slum

Has always bad crime. When the Irish, Italians, and other
have seen the transfer of operation of -- -- -- -- -- --- -- -- --- -- -- -- -
nnnnu --------7---r: groups first came to this country they too lived In overcrowded
the State University System from Boardof slums and tad high crime rates. But housing discrimination

Control pattern to one of Board of i YOUR Weekjy-n- 1 ,locks Negroes into the ghetto, with little hop of escaping to

Regents. I more decent surroundings.

Negro citizens have been acutely con- The study shows that Negroes are four times as likely to

of the things which has 1 be robbed as white persons. A Negro man In Chicago runs
cerned over some
the risk of being a victim of being a victim of assault or robbery -
'happen to Florida A&M University within nearly six times as often as a white man; a Negro

the total frameword of future projectionof Horoscope Guide woman runs the risk of rape, robery, or assault nearly;,

the functions of the respective insti- *.' :. eight imes as often as a white woman

tutions of higher learning. I 1I That is why, in a recent survey, ghetto residents placed
#* better police protection as one of their prime needs. llany
The announcement that the FAMU Law School of the policemen patroling well-to-do neighborhoods couldbe

will be p has e d out this year or ** By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER *' better used In the fight against ghetto crimes In this, as in

next brought forth a group of defendersfor I almost all other aspects of American, life, the Negro- is the
1 1 victim
the law school. The defence came too neglected The Commission also recommended that police in minority
late, since the decision had already been WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1' group neighborhoods cultivate better relations with the people

made. Negro groups were too busy demon 1 II living there. Fair handling of citizen complaints against

strating to know what was going on behind police abuses, human relations training for policemen, and
educational doors.We BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL greater citizen involvement In precinct affairs were all called
that the role of Florida for.Perhaps
i I the most significant aspect of the Commission'sstudy
A&M University will be that of educating relates to prevention. It is useless for society to
.- -- ----- ----- -------- ----- --- -- -- -- ---- M ,
youths who need remedial'underpining, and -- tolerate conditions which breed crime and then call for

who cannot meet the entrance requirements ARIES greater strktnes s and punishment for offenders The real
crime is the of social conditions like
LIBRA 'CAPRICORN neglect by society
established at the University of Floridaand CANCER
BORN, MARCH: poverty, discrimination, and prejudice
the University of South Florida.Any "2HfJ APRIL 19th BORN IUNE BORN SEPT. BORN DEC. That is why, the Commission endorsed such measures asa

group or association attempting to ,, 22nd- JULY 2Zfll 23MJ-OCT.. 23rd; 22nd- JAN ; minimum family income, expanded Job opportunities for
protest against the undisclosed"' never- 19th the poor, including creation of new kinds of;jobs such as
The beat is slow. ManyArlansshould medical assistants and teacher helpers steps to strengthen
theless ant i c i pat e d functionof Balance accounts. Nations can ,
have learned through the What Is ? Ask hundred family life, revision of such welfare rules as the "man in
FAMU should have an assembled report right a get away with deficit spending, Jt takes two.Even if many Cap:
years that the first 3 weeks Of people and you will receive a"' for a while, built is the rare in- rlcornlans figure among the ex- the house" rule which encourages the break up of families,
full of facts. The irresponsible utterance this month are never much t o hundred different answers.This duvldual who can successfully treme Individualists in our midst and Improvement of slum schools which contribute to delin-

of discrimination in alloting brag about. In tact, they often can be pretty confusing to those emulate this example. Should it can be pretty forlorn experience quency by discouraging young people and not preparing themto

appropriations and functions cannot comprise the periods when who have no wills of their own, you find yourself guilty of a to go through life alone compete for employment. School segregation and housing
continue but must be factual these health Is at its yearly low and let alone opinions.> It behooves similar charge, the time to turn It is essential to have friends, segregation were singled out ,as helping to cause crime by

want to exert weight in their frustrations at their annual you, therefore,to get into closer over a new leaf, while you still social outlets, and, above all, a freezing minorities out of the opportunities other Americana
groups high. The surest to have. This last point makes the report an historic documen
way cope rapport with your intutltion. havea chance to dosoeffectlve loyal mate who can share sor ,
protest. with such situations, when they Each person is an entity and ly. Any Indications that you may rowsllwenasluccel. e. for It marks official recognition that crime Is often yet
If the FAMU administration crop up, Is to retire to the sidelines must beheld accountable for decisions be below par as regards physic Those who feel rather isolated another legacy of racism.

has not declared what it intends its role and watch the rest of the and deeds that direct his al condition should be taken at should make matrimony the

to be, find out why. And then ask for a prade go by. Obtain all the rest or her life It Is unjust to place face value. It always Is wiser to cornerstone of long-range plan Lee County To Speed Up Integration
forthright declaration of what the future you require, accept corrective the responsibility of doing soon apply remedies at the start nlng. It is futile to be deterredby
for whatever may be the shoulders,of friends, loved since they usually are more effective the repeated and ominous
It comes almost statement of relief
will be.
role bothering and do
you, a little
ones or even wayside strangers. then. Service or employment signs or statements about the
We are hopeful that Governor Kirk will looking into the past: And of course, those who offer problems are other days to come,since all past generations that Lee county Board of Education .won

appoint another Negro representative on unsolicited advice deserve factors that may lie it the root of also took the same dark recently federal court approval of plansto

the Board of Regents. It will not be TAURUS nothing better than a rebuff secret misgivings. If you allow outlook regarding the fate of proceed immediately to implement school
which you should not delay In them to grow out of reasonable mankind. Somehow or other,we integration plans.
enough to appoint a Negro to the Board of
BORN APRIL, giving proportions, you may be building muddle through from on century The U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appealsset
Regents but Negro organizations and 5-90-88-13-680 up future handicaps that you to the next and manage to
political groups must develop the ways 20thMAY 20th would be much happier without. better our lot In many ways up stiff guidelines for desegregation -

and means of letting this representativeknow friends LEO 7- 90 'l'1 -14 244 1-60 55 19.389 of public schools December 29 but
Do the picking. Some later agreed to hold
a rehearing on March
what Negroes themselves want their
more than to
may enjoy nothing BORN JULY SCORPIO' AQUARIUS 10 in Jacksonville before making a final
predominantly-Negro institution to do in act as matchmakers. U you allow -

the state. yourseUtobecauchtintheir, 23rd-AU&, 22nif BQRN OCT. BORN )UN.20tb.fEB. decision.
tolls have all the timeIn Meanwhile, representatives of the Lee
you may
There was a time when agriculture and
the world for subsequent re- You're near the top.> There no 24lb-NOV.. : 22nd .. ]18tk County School Board asked the federalif
home economics and teaching dominated the This does not signify longer is tar to go for the Leos '
i cui grets. who have had goal Joy returns While you may they might take immediate steps to
one one
cur r a r offerings of most pur
that you have not the rlghfio still be somewhat Ask to be As
Negro colleges and universities. The pose and a determination to surpass fuzzy about shown. far as i comply with the court's ruling even though
,marry,but simply that you must! all others In whatever Job you-: true sentiments regarding strangers are concerned, you'j the final decision has not been reached.
demand for agricultural agents, home romance, marriage, or related may Just as well be from MIss-
first place
In the have chosen.
be certain, or profession they It is
economic demonstrators, and Jean super- that you are not being misled into While you are,still climbing do matters, this really is the best curl. In short, you doo'J want to i partly commendable that the Boardof
visors has been reduced to a matter of maklngan unfortunate choice. not underestimate the power of time to give them earnest consideration ibe told but to be stown.would Education saw fit to take steps to put

inconsequence. The new curricular It would be even more tragic to the ladles to ease your task.And Friends are not 'be a good attitude to develop Justnow I into action its plan of immediate deseg-

approaches in education demand that the cast aside present mate or par- Instead of stripping your assetsto likely to be the best Judges as since the planetary signs regatiin, but why did it wait until an
The In the
,to what is best for you. concur belief that anything
tner when under the spell of a the bone,take advantage of the
old must now be revised, some of it conniving charmer. ,institutions or partners who are biggest mistake on your part but the truth maybe said,print regation, but why did it wait until an
. .
eliminated, and there must be vigorous willing to undertake the financ would be to ask them foradvice ed, or bruited about. Make any imperative was imminent?
'I '10 99 -,15 87' after and a certain party adjustments, or conduct dealIngs In breaking
ry attention to the Inauguration of new log of promising enterprises.This you a habit o f overeating,
programs to prepare young Negroes to fill not only will make your have come to an agreement' of a financial, Investmentor drinking liquor, and/or smoking the best
Your owngood Judgement puls security nature without for-
, and GEMINI position stronger, but it may alsp way to do it is to stop
new positions enter new careers for the burden of debt a touch arms dramatic or unexpected -; getting the necessary safeguards overeating,
their livelihoods BORN MAY from remove your shoulders! in case should lead you Into -' against errors of any drinking,,;and smoking at ine time. The

1 Too many of the private Negro collegeshave 21st- JUNE J ( list( something; goes wrong.An unex-' drawing you conculsions., description Read" the fine printin step-by

settled with the idea that "all pexted occurrence of this sort 6 -80,! 88.-15.- 732 all cases. step-by-step method is slow and painfuland
they want to develop is a good liberal could very well transpire. 3.30 -,22 -18 554 often ineffective. It prolongs the

arts college. Yes, we admit that It has a meaning There Is ai I GO 66 -13 943 SAG1UARIUJJOHN $ ; ,PISCES goal which couod be reached forthwith,

Negroes need good liberal arts colleges, pronounced dissatisfaction still __NOV. BORN FEB.19IIIHAR. if only the person or Board of Education,

but they need far more opportunities to could lurking prove somewhere difficult Inside to describe,but U VIRGO. 1,23r..DC. 21 $], 20fk in' this case, had the willingness and

trained for functioning in a nuclear age. it entirely. Should it stem from BORN m.23rdSEPT. courage to do what must be done'
These institutions Display ab Mies. It could require s somewhere else. No mat
higher learning physical causes, obtain the ser 22nd the sheer force of achievement ter how you look at It, it seemsas eventually.The .
must be willing to experiment with new vices of a quallfiedpractltloner to convince those In if many Pisclans will be far old saying 'never put oft' ntl1"
approaches in sciences and mathematics. to uncover them. Or If your Job that deserve far happier tomorrow
If s life It Is the unpredict power you more living somewhere away what should be done today" has
Is palling It be meant
Some of the profitables areas for !you to start looking may 'for a new for abilities that so often make existence recognition than yoy may now from their birth places. It may merit if only one has the courage to refrain -
"enjoy. It Is better to do be
developing new curricular include some- by personal clinic e, 0 r
: space one. Tbe indications, that a' In this world so trying from procrastination.
thing positive than to suffer In through the force
and nuclear sciences, IBM data proces- change is due are quite positive. but seldom uninteresting.What-, silence, even if you obtain partial tances, but the fact of that circums tote I. Integration in the public schools of the

sing, training programs in internship As langasyouarecoavlncedthatyou ever it to. happen will happen,no or no results at alLSte e 1 ,behind whatever U happening can be achieved immediately but it wtllt
what. Instead of
tea chi n g, special education for have much to gain\ and combing to fears and doubts sue yourself for any ordeals y o U you is unmistakable Happy are take firm leadership on the part of
nothing to lose do not hesitate ,
have reason to believe belying who have stqjnch
exceptional children; remedial reading ,even when this requires moving welcome each new experiencewith may yon 's ally to administrators.G .
in wait for The stab share in fortunes
yOU your and to
areas: diagnostics in speech, hearing, elsewhere, prehaps! to distant zest and store it away for you now take a few more days to make existence far more
reading, and writing parts. And of course,should the future reference You have been agree.
; laboratory Just what the effect able than It could ever be living
techPicians; science and technical insti- assignment prove to be Important singled out particular attention ,will be. Rivalry, or the opposition along In the eases of many who
by strong Influences
tutes for the 1970's; specialization in enough, having tomake new of somone who is in authority remain unattached, the possibi
quite I
borne, other friends and a different
can be counted to at lily of
the upon plunging Into the sea of
development of
"underpinning"techniques Mftave twetihe ordeals of the
sort of life than the use
least delay expected results. matrimony should
not be d1sCounted.ltmaYI1mplybeamat
based put nose still tocome -
upon scientific research to which you had grown accuse should But you must also rely on the

undertakings; revolutionizing teacher tomed. This Is life, appear .like cblld'.playbycompar1soa. tanexpected to provide the for ;;:tel of overcoming old habit or*,

training programs; and a willingness to junate ending prejudices. ... UAH WITH

venture forth into the deep', 9- 10 .," -it. '100 ", -to. 11-17' 'JOG' 'S .40 :l4.96; :4-eO-5S., : 11 -100 u.s. SAVIN S ON,

t I .




I AKA Sorority To Host South Atlantic Regional MeetDr. '

: Dorothy Ferebeo Speaker Joined In Matrimony I

During March 24-25 Session

Gamma Rho'Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Inc, will be host to the South Atlantic Region, March 24-25
In the Mayflower Hotel.
The opening bushes cession will be held at &30 p.m
The charter members of the chapter will be hnonored. The
charter member In the city art: Mrs. Louise Sheffield, Mrs
Vivian Ingrain, Mrs. Aldoola Seabrook, Mrs.Elizabeth Jasmin
MM. Mildred White, Mrs Thelma Harris Mrs. Lois Roberts
and Miss Coatsle Jones

'v4 I
The opening business session Phi Delta Kappa Sorority Kappa
will be held at 2:30 p.m. The alpha Pit, Omega Psi PU,
charter members of the chap- Phi Beta Sigma and Alpha Phi
ter will be honored. The Alpha Fraternity If
charter members in the city r/ ?

are; Mrs. Louis Sheffield, Club r "' NAVY
Mrs. Vivian Ingram, Mrs Aldonla 1 1r /
Seabrook, Mrs. Ellatbeth
Jasmin Mrs Mildred White, Observances SlatedThe
Mrs Tbelma Harris Mrs Loir. \
Roberts and Miss Coatsle' annual Community Club

Jones. Day observance will be held "
Other charter members In March IS at New Stanton Sen- '
otbe r cities are: Mrs Helen ior High School Various groups i :_ .sharpest new
Taylor Mrs. Battle McKlsslck, will be presented to the stu- :
Mrs Melba Sunday Miss Daisy I ,dents, according to Principal

Brooking and Miss Edna Charles D. Brooks and Miss \ \ I recruits for the
Calhoun L.E. Solomon, dean of girl
The public meeting will be ,and program chairman \
held at the Civic Auditorium Coach Ike Grayson is servingas
Little Theatre at 7:30 p.m. coordinator of the dance Easterdressparade
Or. Dorothy B Ferebee of '!and talent show which will be <
will be the : An 1 _
Washington D.C., held during the afternoon.
speaker and selections will be assembly program will be presented r, 4 t r

rendered by the William Raines I a 11 a.m. Mrs. Thelma :::
High School String Trio. 'H, Jones/former chairman of ": 'I- i

Include The events the business on Saturday session will the and curriculum Mathematics assistant Department at the MARRIEDMiss Betty Ann: Briggs of I IU2I I West ''31st, daughter of Mr. G ,;

regional luncheon and banquet. school will be the speaker. Freddie Greene of Jacksonville I became the bride of Mr Creswell 1.

Courtesies are being given by More than 24 community clubs Foy of 7224 Myrtle Avenue son of Mr ., and Mrs. Aslone Foy of

Delta Sigma Theta Sorortlty, have made arrangements to Houston Texas on March 5. The wedding) was held In the home of Attention I That's the orderof

lunch together In the school Mrs. Louise Roberts, I IU3I I west 31st Street, Jacksonville, Florida.
EuGene Butler School cafeteria and make pictures the day for navy In these new
according to Principal Brooks. Photo By James Singleton

Faculty Is, featuredIn The dance and talent show will vervy, top-brass fashions. Win admiring
the school
begin at 2 p.m., in
gymnasium. "Faculty Extravaganza"TALENTDisplajring "Gwen" Wilson

Talent Show glances wearing misses'. cr junior'sdresses
fete' Named Club President
The faculty of Eugene I:But- of Whipped Cream< )

ter Junior-Senior High School The Gateway Choral Group Mrs. Gwendolyn Wilson was'

will present "Falcons Faculty under direction od Mrs. Theo elected president of the Gay prints and acetate knits I
Fantasy" talent show Friday dore R. Oree will present a Ladles Whist Club In the meet-
at 8 p.m., in the school audi- musical program entitled, ing held In the home of Mrs

torium. Melodies to Cheer the Heart" Willie L. Buchanan.
Principal George Nairn has Sunday at Joe H. James Com- Other officers are: Mrs.
announced that the faculty Is munity Center.Anniversary. Dorothy D. Lucas secretary; 0 Fullpleat.dsklrtonDacronilpoIyesterWhlpped
proud In being one of the most Mrs. Etta Smith assistant
talented roups In the country. Slates secretary; Mrs. Claudia Bur-' Cream navy-
The major attractions will include xt rte, financial secretary, treasurer white 2-pc. print.12-20 10.99
the vocal discovery of The Chit-Chat Civic Club will ; Mrs. Thelma Mendet,
Principal Nairn,"Beverly Hillbillies observe its seventh anniversary business manager; Mrs. .
," "Night Train," "Oc- Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., in Marilyn Jones Mrs. Gladys (D) Navy acetate knit with red-

cupational Rhythm Band,". the Prince HalL, 913 Jefferson Nelson, welfare committee. t white-blue striped band at the
'Tramps." and "Molecules.."' St.

Mrs. S.D. Washington p white yoke, hem. 915. 13.99

Speaks At, Coffee Hour "

Mrs. Sarah Davit Washlnton
A Olive AME Church will .f ,
be speaker for the Coffee Hour
Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., in WARDS CONVINIINT
Day Spring Baptist Church. She
will be introduced by Mrs Gertrude CHARO-ALl CREDIT PLAN

lltheter psecoreans grace are kri. Harrison.
w wWr The is being sponsored -
V j program
"JalelsohtdIIe4 Largttt and Sett Known'* Mildred K. White and E.L. Lawson memberrof the Stanton by Usher Board 2'of the \n 3y
r Vocational School faculty.: They will appear In the "Faculty church. Other participants Include -
to be held In the auditorium of the school on r
THIS Extravaganza" John Payne Mrs.
at 8:00 Others listed to appear Include
March 13. : p.m. Ann Taylor Mrs. Prlscilla
In a comedy routine The Three Buddies.ew oN.Sanford,
Pelham Mrs Esther Milton,
WHITiNG 35'' Mrs. A.T. Hart and Mrs. F.P. McGee), Mrs. D. Bennett, Mrs.F. Mrs. Lena, George Mrs. Vera

LI. WMtfleld Mrs. I.L. Knox Miss B.J. Pearson, Miss II. Rogers and Mrs Johnnie Mae
Howel, Mrs B.C. Turner. -
TIRTOII $AMI At SPICKLID TIOuy, IONS SAT surlmlea Moore.Wedding.

PRODUCED OFF MAYPORT Your Social SecurityThe Famous Picture Rye ,aka 4
1820 Coo-
FLASH fROZEN-WHITE Cecil Thomas Jr.,

Lge.! l..lb1 s I 0Mea. deadline for tiling your ,Shown Easter Sunday per Bryant Lane 1930, 22 and Benedict Ramona Rd.Faye, 17.

SHRIMP ; : 1966 tax return 1s drawing near. Floyd Perkins 3638 Owens
:: :: At this time of year we get a Ave., 20 and Dorothy Mae Thomas -
I Ib.1 lot of questions about Social "1bI Robe" a multi million claulo S136 Paris St., 20. .
dollar motion
Security and the self-employed Lavern Collier U77 W.26th St.
adapted from the world famoui -
person. This Is because the self novel by Lloyd C Doug 20 and Ruby Lee Denmark, 1136 \ /)4')

FLORIDA LOBSTER I ; emplyed pay Social Security la*, will be irio'vn for the lint W. 23rd St., 18.
9 5c tax and Income tax at the time on television this Easter Raymond Walthour, 130S Lee
STIU IOlDING I f AT tHIS A SURD 'RIC( n. same time. Because of this Sunday, March In 26th its, entiretyby at 700; St., 21 and Carolyn Louis My 'r
interest I will take this chanceto p.m. Sponsored Ido' f ,
The Ford Motor Company ers, 1021 Julia St., 21.
IINttT To IAII O. UOII.-.4Y1 T.41. I talk about self-employment and aired. over ABC-TV, The Wilbert Harper, 316 Nixon St., .
I and Social Security. Rebe" will set an unprecedented ,20 and Sarah Ford, 334 Elm St., 1
KINGFISH STEAKS 59c If you r net profit Is $400or video Industry milestone 18.
LB. In that the spectacular
taxable PlacediSt.
more In your year' Marion Nelson 2231 :
motion picture will be presented
you must report the profit and with only one "Inter ., 18 and Bertha Lee Jackson: ,
pay the Social Security tax that ''mission' Interruption for a 2230 W. let St, 19.
Is due. Even if you owe no Income -. brief commercial message Harry Lee McCants, 1464 Mt.,
tax you must still pay the Over 20,000,000 readers Herman St.. 24 and Argret Anita V c t
warmed'to Inspired
ConsultationCONSULT Douglas'
'. Social Security tax. To glgurej St. 21. O
fiction prior to Its being made Henry 4816 Amos ,
DR. FREE'Examination your net profet you simply total' Into a motion picture with ;; John Henry Morrison,' 3304 c'AI'
SMITH from the business -
up your Richard Burton. Jean Simmons
Myrtle Ave,, 21 and Louise Jaciuellne -
subtract all of your ,Victor Mature and Michel
business expenseslncludlngde '. RennIe. Yet a Robe, tradlttonally < Shaw, 1291 W. 30th St. '
Identified as the seamless *
!YOU Will Be Told in plain Words what The Troubl predation of your equipment garment woven by Mary

is, What II Causing It And what nay Be Done To The remainder Is your netproPt. 'fqr her son and thought to TEA TIME !
4 Remember that In one of the have been worn by him on the
It.jf you suffer With
:Correct :, past columns I mentioned that way to the cross actually exists pallbMrers Grand Union
'ARTHRITIS' TNaOAT "DIS08DIRS Social Security benefit Is today. Known as the Holy Coat
224 will
.HEADACHES your of Treves It U enshrined In the Lodge sponsor a r
ASTHMA BLOOD.PRESSTOET SINUS INFECTIONS based on your average earnings] ,ancient Cathedral of, Treves ;Spirtltual Tea March 19 from
0011)8) NERVOUS DISEASES For' this reason a correct report (Tyler). Germany where It has. ,|,4 to 6 p.m., In the home of
Is very Important. The? '.'been venerated for sixteen centtiries Mrs. Laura Flcney 929 W.
DiaUENZA STOMACH DISORDER ,PELVIS DISEASES ,filing of a report that does note H one of the most hallowed Duval St. Mrs. Melvin Wright wet tr. 1
relics of ChrIstendom..
RHEUMATISM BLOOD) 4: pun PROSTATE TROUBLE Include: all you stlf-employ .Douglas' story of "The Robe" will be the speaker.
HKWns> 'DISEASES INTESTINAL DISORDERS ment Income can result In a' It that of a Roman officer -
loss of benefit to the self-em-l, eaeae
SCIATICA played by Richard Burton -
KIDNEY 4BLADDER ;CHRONIC JDISEASES ployed person and to his family., who, as commander of the execution .

LUMBAGO LIVER,ft. GALL ..BLADDER DISORDERS Beside making sure that their[( detail wins..Tormentedby the gar Lily: White Lodge 131 will sponsor
ment on Calvary.
Medical 'Reducing Treaments (Men &, woan, report Is accurate I woul4 urge tol knowledge that he has put a St. Patrick's Day Tea
all self-employed people an Innocent man to death the March 19 from 4 to 6 p.m..In
t! trait conditions commonly conalderea' surgical i make sure that their Social'Security I Roman goes mad but Is the educational building of St.
without the use'o.a Jmlfe, Modern methods Ofdiagnosis' account Is correct. To eventually cured by contact Stephen ALOE Church, 5th and
miraculous Robe
help a person do this we have with the Davis Streets.Mrg .
and treataenj. FREE-EXAMINATION BJ a postcard that you can use toj The earliest mention of the Julia Gllmore Is chairman -
Holy Coat of Treves Itself dates:
rPOIN'J'IENT' ONLY r3gyears successful. practide ask for a statment of your ac-| fully three centuries later and Mrs. Ola Lawrence,
Jacksonville.. HOORS' '9: 30 A. M. to' TfJO P.M'J;.. count. It It only good business! when the pious Empress.' co-chairman.
to make sure that your records) Helena returning from a pUgrlmaga
EL,4.1187DR.; are accurate and doubly'good- to the Holy Land presented -,
the Coat to the city of,'
\ ,REX SMITH' business to make sure << HISTORY-MAHINGHYMNAL'
Social Security Treves In.the year.338
have kept your \
&: >G:lest state_street (Upstairs) record up to snuff. I suggestyou / From the flrsl however the
call or write our office. history of the Holy Coat has The largest advance tale in
I J 4 ':Social Security Administration," been one of steadfast conceal': ;the history of the U.9. publish Fillips" lila, 5121, RirniBij filmy S."iff. t
ment. In 1196 the Archbishop
LynckatOppoeite .* 400 W. Ashley St., Jacksonville of Troves finally decreed that ing industry was a new Methodist Plan IM.PI tutor ,
Of.flce Formerly occupied by Dr. Florida and ask for your the treasured relic should be hymn book, the Catholic '
Ritz free copy of the booklet "Your Immured beneath the altar of Digest find Advance orders 353-2711, PI. 311-2271 '1. 14.2511
Social Security". ,St. Peter In the Cathedral. totalled 2154000. ,



I Progressive Baptist Convention State Convention Meets In Clearwater

"faO.'IERS OF FAITH'' Rev. J. C. Sams Will Preside

CHURCH NEWSWALTERS ? tr y Over 53rd Anneal! Sessions I

I The Progressive Baptist State Convention of Florida and
MEMORIAL Us auxiliaries will conduct the annual .sessions Mt. Camel
Services Sunday in Walters Memorial A.KE Zion Cborck t k r Baptist Church,Clearwater,March ....., Rev. ...._. .
will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30 *BL, with Assistant I DOlt pastor. study periods forums are also
Superintendent Eddies Brown Jr., presiding Eer. HjC. scheduled to be held during
Archie, minister, will review the lesson, "Man Under Judg the missionary and young

ment.Morning" service commences at U o'clock. The Rev. Mr. y F, a.:,. ., 4. people's The presidents meeting. win deliver
Archie will deliver the message. At 2 p.m.. Stewardess their addresses Friday morning
Board 1 will meet with Mrs. Marie Lawrence presiding. At and the Rev. Mr.Sams will give
a p.m., Mrs. tussle Murphy will sponsor a program in behalf rs 41 + his annual address at the Joint
of the trustees. Mrs. Ann McNeal will be the speaker. assembly at 2 p.m.The meeting
The Christian Endeavor Hour will begin at 5 p.m., and will terminate with a lOsslon!
evening service at 6:30. Choirs I.. and Usher Board 1 will Mass meetJngSundayatternoon.
serve with Mrs Annie Mae Davis at the Instrument

CENTRAL AME ,, w, y Blessings! Blessiis1
Services Sunday in Central Baptist Church commence with r
the Sunday School at 9:30 am., with Mrs. E.M. Johnsca 'the man born with the gift.Rev
presiding. Roosevelt Franklin of Macon
Services will be held at 11 a.m., and 7 p.m. with a vlsitlac Georgia. It Is through God that
minister In charge. Senior Choir 2 and Usher Board I will I can remove all evil conditions,
serve with Mrs. Gussle Wise Tucker and Mrs. Annie M. I some questions you may wish
Brown at the Instruments. The BTU will begin at 8.30p.m., to know. ,
with E.H. Clipper In charge.
Monday at 6 p.m., the missionary society will meet and Rev. James C. Sams, general DO YOU NEED MONEY?
Bible study and teachers meeting will be held Tuesday at 4MNV ,"1'r. president,will preside over the IS MY SICKNESS NATURAL?
7 p.m. At 8 p.m., prayer meeting will be held. Friday at 1 business session for the 53rd CAN MY HUSBAND STOP
8 p.m., Senior Choir 1 win rehearse. k d'h DY r4 y'v ry1 wy.W hr meeting of the group. Mrs. DRINKING?
A Palm Sunday tea will be sponsored March 19 in the home H.B. Miller will preside over CAN MY WIFE STOP
of Mrs Sallye B. Mathis, 1160 Durtoe Drive from 4 to *p.m. the Senior Women's Auxiliary, DRINKING?
Senior Choir 2 will render the program. and Mrs. Rosa S. Lee of Avon : CAN MY LOVE ONES
nktre Park will have charge of the I BE RETURNED?
CHURCH OF GOD Junior Women's Division
Missionary Day will be observed Sunday to the Church Others to preside are: Mrs. They call me the (Rootman)
of God In Christ 3, southslde, with Mrs. Llbby William to Idella William over the Ushers But I am only a servant of
charge. Union; S.M. Davis, Laymen's God. Because God is the
The services begin with the Sunday School at 10 am.. Brotherhood meeting; Mrs. M. answer to all lifes problems.
with Superintendent J. Wilson In charge. The lesson topic, M. Warren, Adult Leadership I am the King of all Day
"God Loves and Judges," win be reviewed by Missionary of the Children Convention Prophets. Send for my special
E.B. Wilson. Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve. TV ECUMENISM-Ecumenical and inter-rellgioas under Lutheran pastor who Is professor of at and Mrs. Battle L. Alexander, selected Bible verses. To be
The morning service begins at IMS: o'clock. Music win standing will be demonstrated on the NBC Television Network College. With him religion Muhlenberr Youth Department activities. read on SPECIAL DAYS.
on each of the telecasts I
be directed by Miss Edwlnla Smith with Miss Marine Davis when the "Frontiers of Faith" color series brings together the Rev., Thomas E. wUl be (]left bright) The theme Is, "What Bap Send a seU.addreased.umped
at toe console. The missionaries will deliver the message. representatives of Judaism, the Greek Orthodox Church,Roman H. Tanenbaum, national Ambrogi director, a Jesuit of teacher::.Rabbi' .Marc. fist Most Surely Believe" envelope and J2.00 for Bible
The YPWW begins at 6 p.m., with Missionary T. Chapman Catholicism and Protestantism on successive Sundays (March American Jewish Committee and the Interrellgioua Afblrs., Rev. M.L. Price of Houston,, verses and spiritual Message.
presiding Evening service at 730. 12,19 and 26)for examination"The Holy Seasons"- Passover Greek Orthodox pastor.; Rev. Robert G. Stephanopoulos Texas, will deliver the address You will receive Bible verses.
and Easter. The weekly host_Dr._Hagen Stuck (right), is a during the social service by return maIL
Thursday afternoon. Send To:
Friendship Baptist The Rev. Mr. Price will also Rev. Roosevelt Franklin
deliver the sermon for the 630 Morrow Avenue
Slates AnniversaryThe President's Night program Macon Georgia 31201I
"tYogue S Friday. Workshops will be conducted .
61st anniversary of dally with outstanding .I I specialize In all case work.
Friendship Baptist Church and Instructors In charge of the Phone.area code_ 912-'I'4.56475.
the seventh at Rev. Remus
Smith, pastor win begin Mon
day and continue through March WHEN YOU ARE ILL

20.Rev.. D J. Jones of New Hope
Baptist, Rev J.M. Hazelton You Seek The Best Doctor,
of Mt. Canaan Baptist and Rev. 'When Your Doctor Prescribes.
D.J. Graham of Mt. Ararat Get Experienced Pharmacists
491 Baptist Church will have charge According To Your Doctor's L ?")
\ Roll sleeve of the opening> service. The Orders. We Use Only The Best
ministers will be accompaniedby 'QualIty Drugs.
,. t, Blouses their choirs, ushers and .
>u '. members.The .
air ae ,' .C. E. BLACK Proprietor
:1,9It Icli9 Inc i 399 service will begin at :
... 8 each 3 Regfsfired!
-- {: p.m. night Rev EU* .!. PhafmagfsU.. eToirt'"Yo'u. .
a i gene Mobley of St Matthew 'v .II.A (
S 1r,, ,. ; !b"s AME and Rev. A. Anderson ...........-.. COMPLETE LINE OF...............
; ftiifM of Bethlehem Baptlsb Churches
k I : S will conduct the closing ser Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries..

Skirt r SWEATER: a child!
t' garment a Lilly's Drug Store
wean when his mother feels
chilly.: Sam Levenson in Catholic
399 S Lli. 4 Digest 19.01 KINGS. ROAD El-3-8276


Capri Af o 4 LOCATIONS !
% sae s ee TO SERVE YOU3118CdgewoodAve.W.
R a
(average e aSgt' I
tall) e' j' k 3701 EMERSON
399 t v : 1824 WEST BEAVER
: *tp e ah


t tf'e' a w tr

,' r V Je o !/2 BEEF

!I ... ... 49cCUT

'Jamaica 5 MONTHS TO PAY


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; PrafcatM BUt-feii Uarccrt VlDageYepa- akewoodfaa'. Roosevelt ibU- dgewood AveT-Blandtof BlvtL-WauT: I GRADE A
I Jose PHti.-PMllp. Highway loutnpto-Southslde Street-Melbourne-Ocala-4Wnter Pu -* nford-4>alatka-< .'. I
r I Estate*-Town *. Country, Arlington-Jacksonville BeacbMerritt Island Valdosto-Brunswlck? : .::Regency S
V. :1 J .


.'- .....--_- :. lit ..... ...

t t ,

..... .

$ r1111iIT, rroiflil PAu sI

I WORLD OF BOOKS _{ IitPUIU)2.DRS: o JEw IU. The College StdaM Speaks

: 8T D01UB >OWN
....r..La -

BUCK IS BEST. The Riddle TWENTIETH-CENTURY r KNQXWLLB. ;..'newly-elected presided of Knoxvllle -'
of Cassius b.
Illustrated.Clay.New JackOUen.: MUSIC: An Introduction;; By! : college. : Robert L. Owens, HI,hu set the goal and the
; G. Eric Salman; New York; Pre- ttmpo for his adminfirtratian. Said Owens recently to a chapter
P. Putnam"
Sons 2SS pp. $4.<< \ the Knoxville Aril latlon
95. ntlce-Hall; 824 pp $5.95. n ( lot College istof !
o Thla new norel Musk lovers willlookforwardto I "As president of Knoxville College, I would Ilk to see the
by authorof the March publication dated college continue to seek academic excellence: be an innovator
"The Climb "
an excellent Up to Bell, Is this sensitive,non-technical lot Ideas become a college listed In the top fifteen salary wise,
than vindicates which more terpretation of the difficult and ,establish a PU Beta Kappa chapter on the campus, and develop
the writer. UM talent of varied music of the 20th century nature young people lor new Jobs not now la existence."

for the general audience. Dr. Owens said that he feels that the college should have
cart about the plight ofCasstus Seventy-five years of musical curriculum designed to train young people-the leaders of to- .
Clay when you read I -to move smoothly hoot Job opened to them De
this Ideas and personalities are re- ..narrow any
book And ..,
yon ponder -
era! viewed. The diverse techniques ald "Young people mnstbt adequately prepared to cope with
,0II11n1sh.important questions when of early modernists Debussy, t Jobs that .have lot even been thought of."

Olsen pictures Clay u being Stravinsky Bartok Schoen- eeeeee..ee
berg Berg and Webera are as
poorly educated but a witty i
sessed. And
enlightening exam
young man who has become ples of the works of composers DAYTONA BEACH fla.-A reverse minstrel snow using a

be pathetically disoriented since from Ives and Varese to the post Negro cast made up In white face,was part of a recent production .

started his struggle for world war avant-grade Cage, Babbitt, at BethuM-Cookman College TbeplaJ,"DIJol Absence: ," '

acclaim. The story suggeststhat Bodes and Stockhausen give was part of a program of twoone-act comedies by Douglas Turner -

of Clay may be a captive new Insights into their music. Ward. The other play,"Happy Ending,"told of the plight of
Black Muslims and that Salomon a former critic with two Negro domestics whose employers are on the verge of di .
this is a threat to his welfare.
the NEW: YORK TIMES: and the vorce.
The questions that bother you NEW: YORK HEARLD TRI: ]fi iririt The Vernon Rice and Chit Award were presented to author- .

wiU probably have to do with BUNE, notes: "It is clear that producer Turner for his production of the two plays which are
the outcome of both his boxing
In the best work of the ; still currently off-Broadway. '
younger : .
career and his sect affiliation. !; [;W
The directed TnurmaaW.
men and the best recent output Bethune-Cookman production was by
No matter what conclusionsyou "Wiiiltl Standback assisted Dor.. tt featured Abigail ; '
of older composers, the newest .i' by Margaret ,
draw from reading this new music has a new and vital Thompklns, Layers Evans,Stephaa Holllnger,Sylvester Reid,
lucid account of the 25 year '\ '
., subject matter; the total Curtis Dlron.WASIOMGWNDC .
lucid account of the 25
of experience. The old .
of Muhammad All, you will range categories: serial" aleatory, '.111r President Lyndon B. Johnson in a major :

probably find the book absorbing called for action to the 14 million .
closed form, open form,chance message to Congress help
and a interesting.aaaPERSPECTIVE and ultra-rationality a r e a o young American under 17 years of age,whose parents cannot -

longer really relevant. For the i now adequately feed, home and educate them.

younger composers, and many; Said the President: "We look toward the day when evey child -
: On the Atlanta.' of the older ones, the barriersare ,no matter what his color or hisfamlly's means, gets the med

Rebellion. San Francisco; down, the categories destroyed ical care be needs, starts school on an equal footing with his 0

Movement The pictures Press.more$.50.than the the old battles over and Constant Smith (center) Is presented with a check on his retirement Joined the-company January- 19S5. the occasion was a dinner' classmates, seeks u much education u be can absorb la

poignant moving, words make done with. Any kind of state- recently after 32 years of service with National Dis recently of the company's t5 Year Club at the Hotel BUtmore short goes as far as his talent will take him."

this small, booklet a superiorinvestment. meat Is possible" tillers. William P. Marsh, Jr., (left) president of National here. With this year's enrollment, there are now 803 company The sweeping youth program touching every criUcalarea of

:Distillers, makes the presentation, while John E. Bierwirth, ,employees theft Year Club.WORLD. youth's problems will require 1968 over $D.S billion aid u
On the front cover the
the President said "More than three times UM amount
chairman of the board adds his Smith
is an Atlanta officer cruelly ., "
government spending eight years ago.
manhandling a hysterical WO-
drama.man. The back cover is pure Caste in Culture and Personality ',You Doutt Have To Co To Ton To"Get" i

Frustrated, bitter, expression ; By Geroge De Yea and Hi- CONYERS QUESTIONS UNPRECEDENTED :- 'NEWS'DIGEST I
roshl Illustrated
of contempt are etched into ; ; LOW PRICES

the faces of onlookers In the Berkeley of and California Los Angeles Press: University 415 IN ADAM POWELL CASE
surging rebellion. You know ; --- --

exactly what Is happening and PP.As; W.75.minority members of a society Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (Dem-Michigan) who was. DRUG STORE NEEDS "
know how feel
you exactly they which discriminates most a member; of the nine-man select committee named by Speaker BETTER EDUCATED
about it. Rufus HInton and Julius -
viciously in terms of color, it John McCormack to investigate the right of Adam Clayton"Powell PRETORIANPI)>- The South African government is loudly
Lester for
are responsible will be astonishing to the American to take his seat In the House of Representatives last proclaiming that its black citizenry receives better education Trade With Your Ne1rllborllooci'Dnr Store

the inspired photography whichappears Negro to find that a society week. than that enjoyed by the people of other African nations. The, WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL

on every page of the exists which discriminates Just to boast was contained in a rebuttal to a United Nations report,: ..Papers. %We deliver. We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.
booklet.An exclusive was
as viciously on the basis of family The Committee fully and carefully ( responsibility on the effect of apartheid on education. South Africa laid thatit I
explanation of the title determine whether or not Mr.
background. considered the right of the has achieved a "literacy rate In excess of 55 cent..
says: "We use the word 'rebellion .Powell had a right to sit In
In Japan the Burakumln are people of New York's 18th Dls- which compares with only five per cent for the total populationof > Dixie Pharmacy
Instead of riot,because the House of Representatives'and :
"untouchable."Even though trelct to reprdsentatlon in the Ethiopia, and 10 per cent for Liberia."
it conveys a truer meaning of wlltbemin&1ewitlltllelrftff'ow House of Representatives and : whether or not his constituents -
what has been occurring. In they are Indistinguishable would be denied their
decided that because allegations
none of the Incidents of the constitutional rights were he 1302 Kiw Road At Myrtle
misconduct the ATNIIP.ens
of on part
citizens, the members of this *I BAMAKONPI)- After seven years of operating outside the
summer of 66 did black peoplego not eated said Conyers.
group continue to suffer d 1 scrlmlnatory of Mr. Powell were fully known French community of nations, Mall (formerly French Sudan)
into white feel that the Committee
neighborhoods. do not
I by the electorate in his district -
practices which recently reached an agreement with France toreenter the franc
Their first target was alwaysthe should further confuse the Issue Elfii
are u chronic.u those confronting prior to his election and monetary tone which brings with it a solution to the country'sproblems.
r I police Their second hat the Negro in America.It that with this knowledge be was by combining two grave Mr. Since It stepped out of the French community, two
r been white-owned businessesin constitutional questions.
is difficult to under stand why duly elected In November; that years after receiving Its Independence In 1958 Halt bas
the ghetto. These targets Powel's conduct while a Member PAY, YOUR LIGHT
the Inhabitants) nfpppfnlfmifa1y| he does have full right to be suffered mounting economic problems. WATER
have been chosen deliberately, sad thousand ghettos sprinkled seated as a Member. .of Congress of Congress, Is a totally -

because they are the mottYIsIble'slena'of'opprewoold -"',(across. Japan continue ,to re* .. different and separate issue*, .. Aft. TEUPHM 6IIIS AT OUR STORE .
the be :seated.
from his right to
main caste victims when they 1. would like' to commendmy r
ghetto." The conduct of a Member is '
collegues on the Committee
could so eaisly intermingle and
The whole tone of the publication for the very careful distinction beyond the purvue of a committee -' I
is geared to refute the escape. specifically set to
But the reason is explained\ which they made between the up
findings of the city-guided Investigators determine whether or not be
clearly. The people are victims responsibility given them by the I
who declared that should be seated."
House of Representatives and
of habit. They need the security
the of the Student In his additional statement ,
presence .of their Identity. Most are dependent all the other matters not directly -
Non-Violent CoordlnatlngCom- public welfarefunds relating to the question Congressman Conyers pointed
mlttee for the upon that Mr. Powell and his .RKEiS
was responsible and mostwould consider of seating Mr. Powell which out SUER M
disturbance. It unbearable to and be were raised and aired In the attorneys should have been.
This graphic account of the discovered. escape public press," said Cocytrs. granted the right to cross examine -,

plight of Atlanta Negroes places From their point of view discovery "They can only be respectedfor the witnesses against JHBOUG8
most of the blame for unrest "would inevitable, the manner In which they him; that at no time did he; THESE PRICES, GOOD SUNDAY EDGEIOOS, AYE

on the bitterness felt over urban seem withstood the tremendous political feel that Mr. Powell had been
because of the
age-old Japanese
renewal.It disrespectful his actions toward -'
created by the '
custom of
states; "As it has been ivestlgattng family highly emotional furor which the Committee or the''

exercised in most cities, Including backgrounds Burakumln prior have marriage Baited has clouded the real issues in Congress; and that the punitive U. S. GOOD

Atlanta,.urban renewalis The the minds of many Americans." measures recommended'
nothing more than evicting since the virtually prehistoric the Committee were unprecedented -
Although Mr. Conyers expressed -
poor black people from their age of slavery through long periods his agreement at a in the history of the, CHUCK ROAST LB. 49iC
when Burakumln w e rsegregated e .
homes, razing the area and of morning press conference with Congress. "A review of all.
because occupation -
'renewing1 it with high cost of Buddhist the Committee's report regarding cases of alleged misconduct
apartments, hotels, motels,and and because the seating of Mr. .brought before the House and

expressways. In Atlanta. a religious attitudes.feudal Powell be stated that he bad .Senate Indicates that punish-I
deluxe accommodated, stands Finally the Tokugawa filed an addltonal statement in ment has never exceeded censure -

in the heart of what used to be Era developed rughtlesly rigid the report pointing up his die, : ," declared Conyers.
class structures: so that today WESTERN CUT
a black slum area, Buttermilk agreement with the Committee' :"There is no precedent for the CENTER
Bottom. though Burakymln are not other removal accumulatedsenior-
Copies can be purchased by descendants of a single line, dations. "I believe recommen that our sty combined with a monetary

writing The Movement Press, they still continue to occupy the assessment u has been proposed PORK CHOPS B.69t

west l'1IDIoftheaoc:1aI1a41er. y .in the Powell case."




line W. Hobson,civil rights lea-'

.ANNUAL GIANT der district's, and others school, asked system that be put the :

.into,receivership and the U8.
..commissioner! t education: tate

TRADE-IN it over.BobsonPslawyersargued' DIXIE' CYSTAL' '

w ed that tile court could order

schools built in the predomlnatly -'.
white suburbs for the Dis
SALE 'trict's gredominatly( Negro,, SUGAR 6 LB. BAG 29

pupils. *

NEW YORK -(NP1)>-T h e
'I board of education has been ordered I
to rescue attendance: areas -
\lg tcrem. IT in Queens to keep Andrew FLA. GRADE "A" .
dtgantlf |Jackson High school: from becoming -

Personal Portable- TV SOUTHSIDB NEW STORE. DOWNTOWNThe HOURS:. Negro has grown In all-Negro.i960 from to ZT.Sjpr 48.1 The percen school cent U.S. GOOD() RIB STEAKU. u.Jl .. ," :

9 to 9 DAILY MON. & FRI. 9 to 9 In WnreeQmes That of: the '

THE SUM RESORT UNI.SERIES WOC MON. THRU SAT. TUES.. WED. THURS., SAT. 9 la 6 I average for: pie county.A .S. # I POTATOES u. IKII. .

WOMAN' who lived 'In the 3ftW
beautiful.. .
Light features bright a power and"packed 20,000 ., uburbs.WM chatting over the FRESIf TENDER POLE BEANS ,
volt chassis that delivers PIANOS OMAMI IT" 'C' back fence with her neighbor. ,
AmuNcn ..TUIVISI9F.OJIIIM'- "We're going to be living in a : ,
unsurpassed picture" .
.. and 'eelutuI';! better neighborhood soon," she! BLUE PLATE MAYONNAISE II. Ill 34t
? .. .
cladne color cabinetIn lIc4tl b. cackled. I :%". ., '' .

Chafcoel. Handsome color and matching CifWhiteer. 1/1\1.1 ,'..s.VHF replied."So are we!" her neighbor QUAKER SSLF RISING FLOUR 5 'u.', 'ni'.'' ., 3'

controls.*x 3' Front Q.sttty. \01.. Sewn I" I Ii ,

i MountedSpe"ake.lrIAmerJca'I'most popular TVI' NOW J UXATWHJ too"What?" ? Are you moving, JIM DANNY'GJUT f 0 : : .
JOUTHSIM DOWNTOWN $ .ti. MI3 ? 0 ; ,. Oc.
m 14. 1'o. se UNIX B1VO 411'DUV Al ST. "No the :.. IJ I
Co Minili*,,w f< c.a_ wu icy reply. -,

512388.: : 11L r31.113r TIL 314-5103 Digtt"We're-staying February.here." Catholic ,"MAHATMA' RICE -' LI. ,,u. '4ATIRiAtA



-- -


I .. ,

: ; .



ALTAR CALL w-r.... ,Welfare Client Cannot Be Jelled -ii--- Fad Baseball Plays Signs AI!crh For B.cC Coeds _

-- pytMORYO.DAVB.DD: e-a For Refusing Work, Court Roles

4. s
first visit ,to a "train-racial" church was, to to sure, a ALBANY, N.Y- welfare beacuse of their ailfarestatos.
unique eiperlenct. By an appearances I would bar called It recipient cannot be compelled Welfare laws are purposed to _
Interracial church. Later,In the conversatloowtth ot tilt to accept a Job offered him, raise the economic statue of the
,, staunch members, learned there wu a difference between tilt the New York Court of Appeals less fortunate and needy. Application
two terms. unanimously ruled In a decision of the law by the

Under: a grevloui white minister's leadership the church be- handed down on Feb. 23. Niagara County Welfare officials
,I came Inter-raclal-purel for .UfY1'al,since whitt.were flee-' The decision reversed a 30 perverts this purpose and
''J I tug to the suburbs and Negroes were moving Into their vacated day Jail sentence Imposed on the law becomes a weapon to
properties. Moses Plckett of Niagara Falls coerce and Intimidate the economically

:J, Needless to say the masslce, costly building had to be preserved when he refused to accept a deprived; the financially -
't U for no more than to satisfy the nostalgia of t b o s t low-paying Job to which he was secure are not subject
'I whites who may have loved it more than the religious ethic U, referred by the welfare agencyon such a penalty." Mr
:l should have promulgated. April 18, 1966. Mr. Plckett The NAACP brief furtnereon-
a Negro and father of three tends that tbe New York Welfare
I Indeed this prominent"white"church in the heart of Chicago'ssouthslde
children, said that to rejected laws were Intended to penalise
:r Negro community, became an inter-racial church.
Inter-raclsl the offer because he was looking fraud and that the case presents
: then meant that beads were counted to see t bat'
'l f for a better paying Job in the no vidence of fraud.
equal numbers of whites and Negroes sang in the choir served
: on tilt usher board made up tbe officialry,etc. Obviously, even construction industry., Earl W. Bridges Jr., Mr. ; I
;t this was too much for many whites and they moved their church In a friend of the court brief Plcketf court appointed coon
: membership elsewhere tiled on the appeal, NAACP sel also based his appeal upon
: However, many-Although they bad moved their residence- General Counsel Robert L. the contention that tbe Jailing I t
:( kept their membership there adjusting to the "quota".y.tem. Carter and his assistant, Miss of his client was In violation
This practice raised l the level of racial consciousness: for all Barbara A. Morris, charge that of the Thirteenth Amendment."We It J
concerned the PIckett conviction violatedthe believe," the opinion, J

,I j The present senior pastor (white) recognizing this ambgulty prohibition against" "invol said, "that the legislature 4 .
; term'trans-raclal" in his effort to correct untary servitude in the meant to provide penal sane -
.: the, former introudced Inequity.the Nowthe members are called upon to transcend Thirteenth Amendment to Jhe tines only for acts motivatedby During a recent visit to Dartona Beach,Fla,,Jackie fiobtoson. tory at B-CC" Robinson said wtoen-his wife j joined him later
of oranyselfawarenessot United States Constitution.The fraudulent intent. Since the Bank Executive and Baseball Hall of Famer spoke to the Student they found the campus a favorite area to spend leisure time.
racial any definition self-consciousness and difference. race No one counts for quotas now. case, the NAACP brief defendant was neither chargedwith Body at Bethune-Cookman College. During his first year in He is shown signing autographs for two B-CC Coeds, Miss
issersts "presents a novel fraud nor was proof of organized baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers 21 years ago, the Verna Tunsil from Lake City Florida and Miss Benneye
application ci the welfare laws fraud on his part introduced team trained in Daytona Beach when they were not permitted to Langley from Jacksonville Florida. Miss Langley will be
In the State of New York where- upon the trial, his conviction use their regular camp in nearby Sanford!, Florida because the featured as guest artist in Carter G. Woodson's school's first
by recipients are made subjectsof must be reversed and the Information team was Integrated. A one time resident the men's doroi* annual faculty talent show in Jacksonville, Fla.:
criminal prosecution solely dismissed."

Jim Crow Volunteer Bailey Names Two Additions

Units Banned To Political Staff He's Expanding,,

By Long Island Washington D. C,...John M. Bailey, Democratic National Committee .

Chairman, recently announced two more additions to
MANHASSET, N.Y.-Thetown the in for the Presidential
political staff be is expanding preparation
of North Hempstead L. I.
campaign of 1968.
e''l threatened by civil rights leaders '

) with demonstrations, has UAW ) Billie S. Farnum 50 former
representative I where ,
written an anti-discrimination be worked! as orglnlzer, contract Congressman from Michigan's19th
Easwr \ N.! clause into contracts with eight negotiator, brief writer, District, was named to the
volunteer fire
departments on
commentator, suitor and post ofDeputyChafrmanforRegistratbon -
rS Long IsJawL director of several educational and Organizations
The Inability of Negro esjdenisto !
1 3o programs. Mr. Farnum's experience His unitwill spark a stepped-up
gain admission to volunteer
T also includes six years nationwide registration drive:
'. fire companies icNanssav with the Pontiac Motor Division and an expanded! effort to coordinate -
had led to ,
County numerouscomplaints
.i of General Motors \ political programming
t. Spruce up your family for the Easter Parade. of racial discrimination Chairman Bailey also design- with other national organiza
fabt and threats of demoo-
OJ ( Big savings, big selections, biggest values 'in town! strations. ated R. Spencer Oliver(> : a 30- lions
c / ....... year-old lawyer from Bowie, In announcing the appointment
On Jan. 17, Gerald Taylor,
-- Maryland, as Administrative Chairman Bailey said
!. BOYS' SUITS state president of the National ''Assistant Mr. Oliver who received -' "I can think of no person better I
t.It Assolcation for the A4Y&.IICement -
his bachelor of Laws degree -' suited to this all-important :
of Colored People's Youth
'MAN' TAILORED and College Division had attended from George Washington than Bill Farnum ,union. man, i
n t'S1 fr
d University will perform duties Senator's Aide, distinguished ,
1.fl. JUST LIKE DAD'S meeting a Hempstead to protest Village alleged Board for the office of the Chairman pulblc servant in nis norae state I
and the Treasurer of the Nat- and an outstanding RepresentaI I
discrimination against Negroesin ional Committee tive in the 89th Congress of the
\ the volunteer fire units.tay- Mr.Oliver born inNewark ,United States."
L'V' \ 5.97 lor and leaders of other civil was ,
\ i Sale rights also announced New Jersey, and grew up inthe "He brings to the National Committee -
groups D. C. where 31 of
Washington area experienceIn
LITTLE IOY$' SUITS plans to stage demonstrations years
V'M be attended Alice Deal Junior building and administeringlarge
I Spnngweight fabrics restrictions barring qualified High School ,and,_ the Woodrow programs of braod Impact
'Big Man' styling negro applicants were nothalted. 'Wilson High School. He earneda on the citizens of his state and
y .
i I. Fully lined, sizes 3-7 Bachelor's Degree in govern- 'our nation" Chairman Bailey
xnS ,the civil
rights representatives
r 1i1 Christian University in Fort Mr. Farnum who was born in
muss ., I
SHEER STRETOT NYLONS and the Board ended abruptly
6 88- 'Worth and 'later' studied served the
Safe l ; with a warning by Hempstead Un a -saginaw, Michlgas Democratic;
GeorgeWashington Michigan Party
PENNLEIGH PIEP Mayor Walter B. Ryan that any iversity's from precinct worker to full-
College of Law
3 2 disorder would be "put down
Sale PRS. lEO.JPas.U7Stritch ,-- JUNIOR IOYS' SUITS2button.rayonaoetate with guns if we have to." For four and one-half years time Deputy State Chairman;,,
Mr. He has also served his native
.was employed
T bean -dlscriminatlon, as a
i r Ivy or Continental special assistant and state as the elected A a III tor
to fit perfectly. Won't wrinkle bag or sag. a s clause written in the volunteerfire press
In long wearing, run.resistant mesh or plain. Proportioned i Colors, patterns. 612. j department contracts secretary to U. S. Senator Carl General, Deputy Secretary o f
for Petite.Averae, or Tall 1st quality. :states that "The fire company Hayden President Pro Tern State, -"slatantSecretary
i ate and as a member of the Michigan -
pore of the United States Sen-
,represents that it has not and
aMNr.vva Sale 9.88NO :'agrees that it will not discriminate ate and Dean of the Congress State Fair Commission
Mr. For two he served on the
I against the administra Oliver is presently First years
MaNlY DOWN Vice personal staff of the then U. S.
; President of the Young Democratic -
lion of volunteer
TOTS PENNLEIGHT PUP PERMANENT PRESS SUCH '& i Law Monthly Terms Clubs Senator Blair Moody.
of America '
.. members to its organization a
V'S Ivy or Continental 6.20. Sol 4.33aslANVa y' ga PENNUICHT PUP SOYS' cause of race, creed, color or position to which he was elected Before joining SenatorMoody's '
a In 1965. staff, Mr. Farnum
r % VARSITY SUITS IN national origin." '
ten international1
spent rears
t L PROPORTIONED SIZES The Nassau County Commission -, *
I 2-button Ivy style on Human Bights had investigated -

v Paisley lining, pocket puff cbargesof discrimination -
and reported that it found no
Reg, slim,husky. 1420. specific evidence of such prac- 1 +adam Margo

,tlce. The report also stated, Palmist) & Advisor
'''however, that of the 71 Nassau

volunteer fire departmentswhich She Advises on all Problemsof
have more than 10,000 LoveSicknessondBusinere
members only two members '
,were Negroes HOURS
A DAILY 8 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Big Savings note onPEIMANENT NAACP Urges Located In r

PRESS 1 U.S. To Halt 989 N. Orlando Ave.
I Sate 66e extra Men's
on Penrdelgh\ (Ni.Wey 17.92 N.) p


honey: southeast NAACP regional -
director, predicts that
Polyester/cottons in a reruSale a an outstanding roster of del-
Special >
Jar collar broadcloth: 1417 %- 2 9 7 egates will come from branches _
Purchase .
; 32-35. or button-drnv .
throughout the area to attend .
oxford: 1/%-lliyl: 3234. 3 33 Camp Value 3.f* ,the Association's 15th Annual ELECT -- r-
lI White or blue. Just wash, Regional Convention which :
I dry and wear 'em! mo..a.ft POI urns SISTER j, j opens in Greenville on March t "
a .Pert styles in gay colors ; +t r Bread and Butter-Economic WILLIAM H. MANESS "

Wash and wear, $ + Security" is the theme of the
MORE EASTER SPEClAlSCIUS1 no Iron fabrics a convention which will be held STATI SlNATO.DISTRICT 10

.Sizes 1 to 3 and 4 to 6x t at the Jack Tar Polnsett Hotel,
The Right Rev. Carey A.Gibbs
Large assortment of 7.14. MANESS IS
Bishop of the AME Church,will

LITTLE GIRLS' HAT AND RAG SETS Special 3 5 7 be featured speaker at the Minister THROUGH ,
Purchase Luncheon, March 2. Or.
Delicate fcnciei", smart tailored Sale| 2.77 Comp. Value 4." Vivian W. Henderson,president LONG EXPERIENCE
of Atlanta's Clark
FOR 110 SISTER be the keynote speaker that e AS A PRACTICING ATTORNEY
Stays neat. White colors 620. Sal.| 244 .Dan River fabrics ,evening. Mississippi NAACP PROSECUTING ATTORNEY

MEN'S PERMANENT PUSS DRESS SUCKS, REG. S." .Fortrel poly ester/cotton will Field Director Charles Evers LEGISLATOR 154.157
Scotch jard' finish; 7-14 a, s speak at a public meet- CIRCUIT JUDGE NSI-1941
Ivy. 29-42, Continental Sale 497 : Ing of the NAACP Youth on
Friday night, and Miss Lucille COMMUNITY LEADER
...__JI. Black, National Office secre- CHURCH LEADERVETERANWORLD
Times change-and so does GRANTS-bo* our basic policy ot tary for membership will be WAR
the guest of honor at
the Free-
BIG VALUES has not changed since 1966 dom Awards Dinner Saturday FAMILY MAN-MARRIED 25 YEARS. CHILDREN

Charje. .R.Ns mosey ...i.... "iN.,'" ,G R, N ,. (: 0 ,. Chr;.-...... ituy in*... ANY SPECIAL BAKER INTERESTIN DUVAL.NASSAUST.

''y.. ,., [ A.1I441 f.t.. LCr.".. WEDDING PRESENTS are a prob JOHNS and UNION COUNTIES
,.2m for ,noGg'''. What do you
give to the couple who ha DOth
,ing? Have you ever been to i MANESS'' IS YOUR' MANI

SHERWOOD PLAZA SOUtEL DRIVE shower for'a teenage bride? -..-.....-..-
Instead of 15 toasters, they gel
22 Barbie dollii I Catholic Di,


v I t

-1 __ -. .. - -\'L, .1SCE

1- 1

UllliJiT MilCJI 11. UI7lerajfc .

StiteCassettes H&aed Triple Crown Wtoaer I
Lwgb, More LerybsAboa Albuy


l IB New "HoiI ey OB Ice" r Gala

Caned/ basic Ingredient Saturday and Sunday. FIBS' favor
Karl and his tarn
day On Ice" of<< 1m .
hu mirth
QUI "unrldeable" mules are Another basketball team at! n"
provoking antics In
There art abundant. back This Is one of the most Albany State College has Ilea
two hour UcgJugUore labs hilarious acts to the entertain drawing large crowds then
and _
thirty minute stow men world and who In _
that comes to tilt everyone days. Playing preliminary
Coliseum Jacksonville witnessed members of the audience times prior to the start for 4 days only! from
trying to play "cowboy" Albany -
Thursday March 9 State'sregular'uric
March thraSunday. last year will be anxious to see co -
IZ. Show times art more of the same. Few comedy ker-Jack" girls basketball...
Thursday and Friday at 8.00, segments la any show created 'i 4 that plays "racehorse" brand
P.m. Saturday at 8,45<<
: p.m., of
: end
the furor from one basketball too has been catching -
Saturday and Sunday at 100. America to the other than KossBuyer's -* eyes In these parts.
p.m. and 9.00
P.m. Children 12 mules did during their Edit
and under The Ramettes, piloted by }
are half-price at first United States tour. tmbeatea
Daniels ran 19 an
both 5.00
p.m. matinees,
pa skein of six wins during the
"'67 campaign before rnnnlni
out of competition. Danleli
; .i :' guided the Ramettes to wins

1, over Savannah State, Fort
CLAUDE NOLANTHE INC.. Valley State Morris Brewnsnd

Washington High School.A .
::s Florida Mil UII"raltJlD4
FINEST IN LUXURY CARSAIR Ohio State University graduate,
Daniels Joined the Albany
'Holiday On Ice' duties Tame a Tiger on Skates"Ya faculty two years ago. Prior'
CONDITIONED CADILLACS to Joining the coUege'sphyslcal .'. .
Cotta Tiger In Your Tank. Especially: Lucille with two education: faculty here, Miss TRIPLE CROWN .AWARD-Jerold C. Hoffberger board chairman
1966 CALAIS SEDAN . 469S punter pretty "GUmour-Icers"(left) and Roxanne as gas Maxcjr attendants.(right' ) examine Car-the Daniels a native fit's Whlak.r'." Inside I the Tiger you'll find John LaDue taught In Greenville' Fla,where Award to Oriole outfielder Frank Robinson. Robinson, the 1966 triple crown winner, the
1966 SEDAN DE VILLE "." .4895 and Alfredo Mendoza and they're very funny In "Holidayon she had state Championship American League's Most Valuable Player and the Associated Press Athlete of the Year,; ''
Ice" coming to the Jacksonville I Coliseum. for 4 days girls' basketball teams in 19S9, .Is the first receplent of the Triple Crown Award. Mr. Hoffberger, who also Is board chairman -
1965 SEDAN DE YULE . 379S only from Thursday, March 9 thru Sunday, March 12. '60, 63,and '55. and president of the National Brewing C?., said a duplicate trophy to be presented
Show times and at 8:00 Satur-
are Thursday Friday
1964 COUPE DE VILLE ,2995196J day : with :00 p.m.: and p.m. lOa Daniels says that In to the BasbaU HaU of Fame will cantata the names of all triple crown winners dating back ..
on Saturday and Sunday. Children, 12 and under par. Shirley Ann Bolden and Gloria to 1909. The National Brewing Co. brews the nationally distributed Colt 49 Malt Liquor at

SEDAN DE VILLE .. .2295X half-price at the 6:00: p.m. matinees on Saturday and Hicks, she has two of the most Its four breweries as well as National Beer at Us Baltimore brewery; Regal Beer at it
Sunday. outstanding female cagers any- Miami brewery; Altes Beer at Its Detroit brewery; and A-l Beer at Its Phoenix brewery.

REAL SELECTION I -Deer Released In Union, Lafayelte' viral Keenly of Intercollegiate Interested In athletics the re* VIA Tournament- Albany Ram One Step From

1967 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4095 for women In college Miss
4 OR HT.AIR 1000 MILES LAKE CITY-Four "penalty"deer success now In progress by Daniels Is now busy mapping
and two bonus deer were Commission personneL plans for I tract program this Begins March 9 NAIA Takes OR StillmaR Colleje
1966 CHEVELLE MALIBU '.' 2195 released in Union and Lafayette Major Brantly stated the replacement spring.. .

1961 MERCEDES BENZ . 1095 Counties February 3-24tore. s were possible as a Mini Daniels bubbled as she OR VSC Albany State College's buk"etbQ11.u. Just one step away froma
place deer taken la violation result 1962 CORVAIR 700 4 DR ... .495 hiring the recent hunting season county and W. F. Anderson, "In Vedora Christian, soho- stride of that giant step.
according to Major Robert Levy County, aU of whom added form Statesrllle. Cs we The 1967 State Basketball .night..
northeast 1125.00 to other fines assessed : Tournament will be held March The "running gunning" Two years ago Bob Rainey
Bantly, repooalmanager oulstaodlogprospect
TOO BUSY TO DROP BY for the Game and Fresh to replace each deer taken la have potentially In the long an running e- 9, 10, II In the beautiful new Invade Tuscaloosa, Ala.,for the made his first trip with the
!la best-of-three
Commission. taken la violation la ther co Danell Memorial Gymnasiumon first game a .Rams to Kansas City. After
Water Fish "
SECOND AND ,MAIN vents, she said. "She has natural Petersburg Campus of series against Stlllman CollegeIn
scbeduledfor unties. the toppling Transylvania College
Three deer were : talent and can do almost NAIA
the District 8 (small
CALL Union, one for Lafayette and one "While game violations U a & In an Intramural Virginia State College.The Tournamentin la the opening round, AlbanyState
356-J&16 whole tournament will mark the collge nationals) lost out to St. Benedict
for Levy County.addition to decreased la the class lastything. spring, I clocked her
\VE'LL COME TO YOU the doe deerI''bODua''deerls last few years,some people still In 5.8 In the SO yard dash." first time la ten years that the ,a Kansas"showcase"City. for the tourney best, 'College. This time, with five
earmarked for each of three counties preslst in violating the taw Call Wars, t freshman, also entire tournamentwWbeplnyedon players who were freshmen on
dependent upon trapping drew praise from Miss Dan the Virginia State Campus. .teams-lathe nation,college begin March cage that club, Rainey seeks to return -
Last rear Group I teams played the cattle-center of the
!lets "As ft high schooler, she and the 18.
at Hampton Institute and |13, runs through midwest, armed with more
ran ft 9.6 yard dash and an 11. Dole O'Neal
to W.
DOLLAR Group n teams played at Virginia According depth and height and a determination
"YOUR 5 100," Miss Daniels added. State College. With the chairman of District 6,the first to take It all
"We have ft real beginning seat Daniel contest on Friday will be played about
BUYS MORE J1Th& here." Gymnasium,a00 facility .Is at Stlllman and the second game his Rainey team's, when preparation queried for the

t rAT A college where the girls out race again available which Is will take place here on the Stlllman contest, said, "We'lldo
number the I to I track' Rams' bomecourt at Sanford
boys to accommodate
large enough much of the same thing
YOUR BANNER,, has ft wonderful chance to become all the games.A Gymnasium the following night ;we have done all season We 1
the. 1 -Saturda A third U .
no. sport among full schedule of games will game like to run and that's the key
nearly 1,000 women. Edith Dan *be played on the opening day, necessary, will be played here to our ..1ICNII.GiRLS I
FOOD STORE""YOUR n. QUANTITY PRICES GOOD ell! ft bundle of energy who Thursday March 9, beginning at Sanford Gym also on Monday
likes to get things done and at 9 a.m. Games alternate between ,
HOME TOWN GROCER" RIGHTS RESERVED, THROUGH SATURDAY see progress unfold, Is Just .Group I and Group Q

,.... .. the person to develop It as aDO teams; with the final game In
--II' '4 tl:1, .H. .F. .i. I Ii: I' 1 sport among /omen. the first round being playedat .< ,LAYAWAYFOR f '

9:30 p.m. Thursday. ..
war slow Friday will mart the semifinal -

RERSREY'S from Genesis to her three-Tear.. rounds with winners from
5 LB. BAG 38 old granddaughter. After the the first day meeting games
LIMIT 1 WITH $5.00 I DR had finished the girl seemed at 2 and 3:30: p.m. for an
SUGAR lost in thought afternoon session and 7:30 and EASTER
MORE FOOD ORDER 9 p.m. for the.".DIne..lon.
"Well, deer what do you Consolation games will be
think of it?" played at 1 and 1:30 p.m. Saturday -

"Oh, I love it," the child re afternoon and championship BOYS SUITS
SNOWDRIFT I plied. "You never know what games will be Saturday ( DRESSESSUES
God )is going to do next!" & group H teams meetIng .
LIMIT 1 MIiH 55.00 OR 48C p.m. and Group I SIZES 2 TO 20 1 1.TO. ]14
SHORTENING 3 ? en meeting at 9 p.m.
I Cavalcade of HATS I Association came Into existence

la April, 1954 created by the HUSKIES FRILLY NYLONS
Through" the years, famous: menhave department of secondary school
DIXIE LILYMEAL been aitoclated with the hats principals they wore. And too torn hats Teachers Association to provide OACROtt _t. COTTONS .
are clotely linked with hlitory- coordination and NO95' '
OR GRITS 5 lB. BAG 49'FAB mating count of event all our that livet.changed See if you the organloilon of high school act'tvlties. -. &UP.. LARGE SELECTION

cm recognize: the following Prior to that time the,
-headline hats" selected by the state basketball tournament was '
research .Institute of the John B. sponsored by the Virginia Interscholastic FREE: BOW TIE

below.Ste'jon) Company. (See answers : Athletic League WITH EVERY SUIT $298 UP.
Purpose of the VIA Is to"pro-
'C 1 This Cavalier hat was worn mote and coordinate amon pub- ,
LIMIT 1 IITH $io-o OR SIAN) 1 ,
38 by the Three Musketeers tic secondary schools of
D DETERGE' celebrated heroes of a book
mi nw ORDER SIZE written byi Virginia a broad program of !
.... worthwhile activities".
r :; a) Victor Hugo la 1954-55, the VLVs first RRCRDWRY:

L' ) .. year of operation) 89 schools
belonged to the association.
LUCK CUT can' ) .Membership reached a high ,
DOUBLE $1' [1Chari.
BEANS 303 CAN 7 TOWELS i JUMBO FOR j 'l ) mark of 104 schools 1964-65

iEN-Fir I

HOTEL SLICED IIIDPACK 2 President Abraham Lincoln,
POTATOESAURORA 4 seen In his top hat, fathered
; s) One son YOURSELF
PACK OF' 2 ROLLS i .'' b) Two sons [

MIXED VEGETABLES 303 CAN $ t I &: ell) Four sons

SUNSHINE $1 1 1SWEET 1 I .<, I

3 For many years a clgaret
TURNIP GREENS 383 CAN DRINK 489 CAN manufacturer advertised, his
f -- product with this capped bell-
boy named

s) Johnny

FLOUR BISCUIT 5 U. BADSHIFT 38C STEW BEEF 35c I..1-: 1''' b)) Freddiec Ronnie

: : d) Teddy
I Ii'''HStON ,4. '

STEAK ", 890 i PORK ROAST u. 49Cnut 4 bishop The official In the I Western headdress Church of a, ..1"I ,

Is called

SWIFT neriewCHUCK I' II')) Miter Mitzvah boxb with theSmooth _

ROAST u. 49c PORK STEAKS u. 59C 0'): j c II)) Miter Miter.gear Seagram's Canadian. V.O. ,

r' A ;
i B.S ai 1 WHITE
TIP TOP on* "A" 39"I'OTATOES ANSWER 1 1at I "

DQHUTS+ *". *y v (: ) (e-t (W-Z (PM: ) |

........ -

p ) J" on J .

: "l

e kftr | _till pmiS. SUBHIY MA8M 11, Hi?'

-- -- -



-, 0V


Fl :_

r ... ""' 0 it.

trG'': MOON OVER MIAMIMIAMI Observe Founders' Day -Entertainment Hues And Cries t

BEACH, FLAv-Tennls, anyone? Or opera? Or Use- .7
ball? Or racing? Or golf? Or swimming? : :

The "ors" stretch on ad Infinltum for springtime ncatloo- ;, INAUGURATE LIBRARY
r mark the birth-
LOS ANGELES--A ball on March 17 to
d:! er In this sun-bathed Island where wlnter'afullichtduJe of e.- mark another
Nat King Cole will
of late singer-entertainer
tertalnment shows little diminution before the arrlnl of summer day at
IV: major step toward the establishment aCole Medical library
May i.
Proceeds from the ball will go to
t UCLA In honor of the singer.
While the opera of the season ways and the municipal pier. .
'' addition of theunfnrs1ty'
tote housed in a new
In the Miami Beach auditor It should be added that many of iJ.. the financing the library

t. turn will be on Wednesday,syox- the hotels, now that the peak dema.ocIlIpua1nrcanproridtac- hospital, now under construction

:phony: concerts In the same* -

'!:'building will be heard March 19, commodations, although reservations (.. X-ATCHMO SIDEMAN DIE claimed a
NH -Death recently prominent
.-Aprll t! Z, 9 and 16 and May 'I.t atsorae still are suggested. ,.; CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-( ) sideman when clarinetist .
Louis Armstrong
r.i Professional tennis will be on ,one-time
died at the of 65. Hall,who
Edmund Hall of fame age
exhibition In the Flamingo park
'center March 23-26, but courts Most of the country's touring also played with the late Lester Young,performed with the Arm-
golf professionals will tee oft from 1953 to 1958 and credited with ularis-
(0, In Northhhore park and Flanlngo strong group was pcg
March 2 in 72 hole
a quest
I log "propulsion" type of clarinet playing.
art open for play by risltors for the $100,000 In prize money ,+
,ail during the day. All three posted for the Doral Open.This y
: municipal golf courses continue
"'in operation. will be preceded March 1 by KINGSTON, Jamaica {(NPI) Former football star Jim Brown
the Jackie Qeason pro- 1 has film role In the
Major league baseball spring Final been signed for a Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer
celebrity matches. of "Dark of the Sun "It announced He
"exhibition' hare gotten production was recently.
games March
36 holes of the
Open, will join South African actor Bloke Modisane supporting role
under in Miami stadium
way 4 and 5 be viewed nationally
,''across' Biscayne bay, training on ,television.may In the dramatic film starring Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimleus

t.:home of the champion Baltimore Some bowlers
29,000 good,
Orioles. These will continue
tad and Indifferent will be in
through April t. Miami Beach between, March KNOXVILLE, Tenn.-(NPQ-The New Jan Sister, a group of
six musicians which plays jags classical and modern original -
The year's biggest variety of 6 and May 3 for the America young
w racing offers vacatlonersachoice comP.. of thoroughbreds,stand- Bowling Congress The city's March 10. Headed by trombonist Tom Mcintosh, the group

are breds and greyhounds at Convention hall, complete with Includes Jimmy Owens, trumpet; Benny Golson saxophone;Roland _
32 1
J".o Gulfstream Park, TropicalPark especially lanes, Kara, piano; Barre Phillips, toss, and Freddie Walts t ,
pin spotters and other equipment t
and West Flagler Kennel will house the Congress.
Club respectively The Gulf- Activity will go on 16 hoursa ,d {rit
stream card runsthrough April CENSORSHIP IRKS
24, the sulkies will be wheeling day. TORONTO, Canada.- exhibition for
.,rIt at Tropical through April 22 and the Opening"home" Baltimore game Orioles i censoring out parts of his upcoming television spectacular,
"A Time for Laughter producer-entertainer Harry Beta-
the hounds will be chasing the
rabbit at West Flagler through scheduled March 10 In Miami CELEBRATION-Members of the Gamma Omega Chapter their Rededication Ceremony which was one of many colorful fonte said In an Interview last week that he may produce at

May 4. Jal alal also operating stadium Just across Btscayne of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority who prttclpated in the annual events of the annual event (See story on this page) least four of his next "television specials" in Canada and sell
The world
tyJ-,,under the pari-mutuelsys- Bay. champions will Founders' Day observance are shown as they gathered for them in the United States Independently. In "Laughter" featuring
11 exhibitions
tem continues through May 1. play more against Belafonte, Sidney Polter (as master of ceremonies,comedians
', Competition in American eight after other the major league clubs theMinnesota Crowned AKA Sorority Holds impressiveFounders' Dick Gregory and George Kirby among others,cracks

Bowling Congress is keeping opener against about LBJ and the word "n-r"by Gregory were deleted by the
Twins with the final
ABC network The show will be seen on ABC on April 6.
lanes in the big Miami Beach tilt set for April 2sndAtlaata'sBraves Day Observance _
Convention hall busy from a. .
m. until midnight This tourna- Competition in the Metropolitan Members of Gamma Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha PRICE, BUMBRY EXCEL
ment, which will not to concluded Miami Fishing Sorority observed Founder's Day recently with an Informal New York-(NPI)--Metropolitan Opera star Leontyne Price

until May 3, will see nearly Tournament gets more chat with the South Atlantic Regional Director, Miss. OdessaS. and Brace Bumbry won new plaudits from opera critics and

15,000 bowlers on the boards, as leaders Nelson at the of Mrs Frances Chambers. fans alike when they sang lead roles recently in Gulseppe Ver-
Interesting change
Including'. most of the best In weekly for many species In all The group held a closed Yams, Baslleus for the Miami 41'. "Alda". Miss Price, singing the title role, and Miss
the country the final luncheon the Norway Ban- Bumbry as the Princess Amnerls, reached their peak in a
before five tackle classes. The new "Oneen"I Jn chapter; Blanche Dean, Gussie
diet depleting Radames' return from battle In the Egyptian op
pin ran. light tackle general division 'quet Room of Scanda House Dobbs, Ada DeVeaus, Naomi

Night club entertainment has proved exceptionally Smorgasbord, 8515 Blscayne Grant, Ida Ratcliffe, and era.

meanwhile remains on or popular, permitting the use of Blvd. The occasion market the Carolyn Young.
near the top priority: list for 59th anniversary of the APPOINTED DIRECTOR
bait for the first time In the founding Guest speaker for this observance -
many visitors.Fishing .spinning, plug casting and fly of the sorority which began was the Regional Direc- CmCAQO.-NPl-Cierald Wallace,young Chicago actor-play-
reached another point in his career when be was
andboating two of ,
of Howard University
classes; The tourney will run on the'eampu. tor, Mrs Odessa Nelson. Mrs.
most popular all-year sports, through April 16. in Washington, D.C., Nelson, who la the acting headof recently named director of the "Undergoumd Theater" of the
always attract their share of at- Boating in the- area will be In 1908. Proceeding the lunch- the Math and Science Division Henry Booth House, a Hull House Association affiliate. The

tentlonas vacation pastimes. featured by the Lipton Cup and c eon, the Rededication Cere- and Head of the Biology Department theater Is a very active branch of the Chicago association

Sailboats and outboards have the Miami-Nassau race March mony was held and carriedout at Allen University,

miles of protected waters In 4 and 6 respectively. Both are In an atmosphere of solemnity Columbia, S.C., was dynamic "REQUIEM" STARS
Biscayne bay for cruising and events in the Southern Ocean and reverence Inspiringeach and enthralling as she spoke CHICAGO (NPI)-Three a spiring Chicago actors Clarence

fishing. The fishing Includes sea Racing Conference, part of the .t I soror to continue to carry on the theme, "Alpha Kappa Taylor, Adrian Ricard and Christine Earl were given starring

trout, bonefish and snapper In winter circuit of blue-water out the aspirations of the original Alpha Embraces the Challengesof roles recently in "Requiem for Brother X" anew one-act play

these Inside waters. Channelsand sailing yachts. The Lipton Cup t'y' founders, and to strive with the Sixties" She focused on opening at Parkway Community House May 7. The play will be

Immediate offshore areas will be sailed over a 30-mile renewed determination to be the Involvement of Alpha Kappa twin-billed" along with another one-acter, entitled "The Integrators -

are getting more play as tarpon triangular course Just off Miami "supreme In service to all Alpha Women many national at the theater through May 7.

1 move Into these haunts on their Beach and the thrash to Nassau I mankind." RededicaUon wu led projects, among them being the

annual migration. starts Just off the city's south by Mrs. Arleen Williams very successful Cleveland Job ,

Offshore a mile or two the shore. ,r Mrs. Mayme Williams,former Corps Center for Women. She

chater boats troll for sailfish, Night club, theatrical and Southeastern Regional Director' urged the members to press

marlin, dolphin, king mackerel musical events will continue : t presided over the program forward to attain the mark In Photographer

!land bonito. Altogether there are to give variety to the entertainment which included musical selec- sisterhood, loyalty, and ser- MARY COBB ROLLINS

more than 30 species of game calendar. Dine and' lions by Mrs. Marsha Campbelland vice to all mankind and emphasized -

fish taken around Miami Beach dance spots feature lavish Miss Cassandra Hanna.. the fact that our tasksto P.O. Box 232
and more than 600 species In shows while In the Miami Bead xt Also appearing on the program live depend on change. .
)0 these waters. Fishing costs were Mesdames GirthiaC.Wllr Phone 226-2645
auditorium will be such events ''II'I1.ED-Mr. Lavirne Roundtret Is shown adorned with
&': range from $50 a half-day for
r'rjba four aboard a chartered cruiser as a choral concert Much March 15 and 13, the crown which was bestowed upon her, naming her "QueenOf ... 1M. .. w""' .-. '" _' J. 707 Lester Street
grand opera A.M. Cohen Temple".
to $4 to $5 a half-day on
symphony concerts March 12 The crowning took climax to the Second
place as a AnnualWomen' 'm Thomasville Georgia
drift boats, to for free cause ,, ,
and 19. Day celebration of the A.M. Cohen Temple Church :
of God which was held recently. \



, ,, rJ i Second Annual Woman's Directors of the Roosevelt

..rJT I Day Celebration was climaxed Savings Loan Association and
with a golorlous day of Mother E. McEwen, Supervisorof

festivities on Sunday, Feb 26, Greater North Carolina respectively.

: 1260 1967. Speakers for the morning .

and evening services were Mrs. During the afternnon services, 0M1

1olJ t Dana D. Chapman, Secretary the youth of the Church entertained t

-. and Member of the Board ofWMBM with singing, dramatic .

readings, and film, "Womanto I '

FLORIDA'SRHYTHM Remember." The youth .. .

captains included Geraldine

Jordon, Clendolyn Jenkins, ,. ,
Gwenvanette Cromartte Pearl A
Floyd and Diane Brown. Miss y r 0" <
Geraldine Jordon reported the <

highest amount and was crown the SHORTY-$35.

ed "Youth Queen" for 1967 by MEDALO STYLE #681.

her predecessor,Miss Bernetta ;p+ e. ar For ......1... tlluatrol.d Catalog of

Storr. These girls raised i total +ii 3" ,. and twdalo alt..hm.nthind Hilr et,1.wq.H.l1.apf n.os an4aottroia.
of $432.50. Or'p, It'. lava FRBB "P1n
Mrs. Laverne Roundtree won the coveted tide of "Queen of now.u .Dy from UM shy HAIR Normal BOOTS Tlai* D.... St S. Bklyn IS, IC.Y.COMBIJJ.

A.M. Cohen Temple" for 1967. U YOU SCALP.Tha condltloa fcaavlMt
tour hair NNn d.pond
She was crowned by Mrs. Ver- ft tbo natural ht.lth et y *
nella Dlckerson the Queen for Zr.Tp. Yew do DOCTOR CA9-
[MOT InYantad S mtdlraMd UPformula
1967. She was crowned by Mrs. fall sA nllo4 CARBONOBb
4 (which H mlxod with many prorWtwfleUI -
1967. Other adult captains Included } r 1i I 1.5 : Inu d1.W CAR.
Mrs. Ethel Williams, 0NOLC I. ouch a .trans.pew.r.Lvl .
aaU..paa ..d doss .urn On.Iwo'h .
Ill ll Mitt Mrs. MaydeU McSwaln, Mrs _. holplni an ITCHY,
Rosa L. Storr, Mrs Annie BUMPY DANDRUFF aealp that
mtnr DOCTORS rti.rd fclfhlr
& BLUES Mack, and Mrs. Nancy Miles. 'and PRESCRIBS l lot Bur
Total receipts for the day amounted -' :. joxtemaUr(pulp troublaa eauMd Man alp? annoying aandi .

to $5,'nUl. Von* ara (raaflr ntiavad br theM Drf

Woman's Day Chairman, Mrs la.thIa Watts Trlpl.for thU itronrtn DOCTOR tar \
Rosa L. Storr, was presenteda ; 1MB SCALP FORMULA "V-

RADIO STATION lovely trophy for her untiring .___ .., w _. w.lod It and wm nasty bo MOO to UM to VIS rou all IT :).o<. ..... and. .......h to add ..1.! .

efforts in making the THI VElVETS, a trio of exquisite eclairs, ling up a storm tWl.dp.Yr- T DAYS, and ntonay U you back.are Par not' NOT Up. W..K.DVB. *out o.lo.Will'...,u.not...rub.< .OF oft

Second Annual Woman' Day with their new tingle! for 20th Century-Fox Records, "What else an fUUv.ry. Tbla to THAT tadd .la flrodu.lly>> AVOID.
such avarytMnf Dont tar w......"SUDOeanosDYth. .......
Celebration a peat suc Now My love, and "I'm Gonna Find Mo Somebody" en a nara You tot It wtih tuUna 105. Pnnat..IUn. .
Spotlight Product cess. rhythm and blue note. Oldtlmen at the average ago of UM Via hoot IIi .;I.OI COM In Pla.tlo a C..rubble,. CMM :
.SCALP rORMULA you avTl.d .....
"WHAMMYIN Officers include: Mrs Rosa twenty, those youngster have toured the key cities of the can buy. tour h.lr and C._. In1 In "oek.t-....' or"." '..

Of f The Week L. Storr, Chairman; Mrs. United States, and have successful engagement behind r .aaanrk Una addroM eara to Just-GOLD a.n l Plata..' wrll..1.. ..tot... 011..... pa y adp

Syretha Strong, Co-Chairman; them In Japan and Honolulu. They have |Iud been signedto .mJoand fe7 BnMMho PRODUCTS>4 INC. {i.. ;:! rue d.llnrp 4.0 : ,.......

Mrs. Nancy Miles, Church an exclusive five year recording contract at 20th CenturyFox. 7e+ TY. KOTB THlV G:11-1UAt I HarPi3.ni."!....

MIAMI" Miami, Florida, Mother Pastor. and Rev Jacob Cohen, Donna. From Slater.top to bottom! Janet Terrell, Imogene Brown and [a.M9 ,kajl.* ruartalaa.a 100% writ* Doafc Sal, Braadyn,15. Now Tort


.... ...a..


... PACE 1

I Oh! Oh! Willie A&T Allies

___ ..__u_ __ A EAtSERVICEMEN

u Wfa Over 1

FSC Broncos ST. GEORGE, Bermuda-Otis !](

C. Starrer, whose sister, Urs.
Pl Agnes Harper, lives at 029 [
The AIT College Aggies last Talladeia Road, Jacksonrllle -
week converted the Charles Fla., has been promoted,1
Moore Gymnasium Into a shootIng ,to airman first class In the tJ.
gallery in bombing the ,to airman first class Ia t. e '
Fayettevllle State College itY4' V. 8. AU Force '

Broncos, 121-82, but had to Airman Sberrer Is an aircraft i
their be 'loadmaster at Klnoley AFB
ffsin beth
the City Bermuda. He Is a member of ,

1 ,State College Vikings, 116-101, tt Bermuda. He Is a member !
In the final games of the CZAR of the Aerospace Rescue and '
t basketball season I. Recovery Service which fUel

Ion Against Fayettevllle the combat and peacetime air rescue
'f II
Aggies got 78 points from three uromed1ca1encuat1oa

,eagers, Carl Hubbard with 27, missions. '
Sylvester Adams with 26 and The airman is a 1964 radiate
freshman Daryl Cherry with 111A. of Northwestern Senior High'
&5. Ted Campbell had 19 and School.
had 25 rebounds.
The Aggies whipped the
Vikings in double overtime in. Airman Jerry Robinson, son
a game which saw six technical of Mrs Rosexlna Robinson of

fouls called, nine players disqualified has Court D,Jacksonville.Fla,.'

one ejected. TENNESSEE All RECEIVES SCOTT TROPHY The W.A. during ceremonies at Atlanta's Marriott Motor Hotel. Seated been selected for technical'training

----- --- The Vikings finished out the Scott, H, Memorial Trophy has gone to Tennessee All from left, are banquet speaker Fran Tarkentoo, Minnesota at ChanuU AlB, DL,
Willie Mart followi his tee- U In the AMERICAN ASTRO- game with four player in the State University, 1966 Negro Intercollegiate Football Cham Vikings quarterback and marketing representative for Coca-. as a U.s. Air Force aircraft

JET GOLF CLASSIC In Carlsbad, California at till LaCocta last 18 seconds, but at that pion. The coveted trophy, sponsored by the Coca-Cola Co., Cola, W.A. Scott, m, Atlanta Dally World, whose father is equipment specialist.
I Country Club sponsored by American Airlines. The tournament point It had no Influence on the was received by the Nashville Institution on the occasion of memorallied by the trophy, Mr. Dickey, Dr. A.L. Thompson, The airman recently com
featured businessmen and professional Baseball and final outcome. They were about the 32nd annual All-Sports Jamboree of The % Wrong Club, 100%Wronc Club president, Mr Merritt,and Charles W.Adams, pleted training at Amarillo
Football players. hopelessly behind at 114-101. Atlanta, Ga. Above ALPS head football coach, John H. Merritt, senior vice president, the Coca-Cola Co. Ail won all of Its afb, tez. His new school Is
Not all of the technicals went End from right, and Ms stir quarterback, Eldrldge Dickey, ten games In 1966, including the post-season Grantland Rice part of t the Air Training Command -
against players. Tbe two 3rd from left 100% which conducts hundreds
player-of-the-year, collect their trophy Bowl encounter ,
SPOTLIGHT ON SPORTSBY coaches picked yp one each- of specialized courses to provide -"

Cal Irvin his second in 17 yearsof Mack Davghtry Six Negro Stars Ford To Press Hunting Season the technically trained personnel -
CHARLES J. LIVINGSTON coaching The Vikings had for the nation's aero-

TALENTS With the A-PLENTY start of league play in the newly-born, American end to play of the catchup first overtime also at the as Named SEAC's :Name To Look'sAilAmerican For Victory Almost Ended space Airman force.Robinson Is a 1966)graduate :.)

based North American Soccer league only slightly less than Robert Chadwlck dumped in a TALLAHASSEE Florida's. of New Stanton High.
two months away April 22- a drive is In full swing by the layup wit h Just four seconds Team I 1966-67 bunting season Is rapidly School.
the 12- remaining. It was during this Val[ able Player At Seining
individual teams to recruit professional players for drawing to an end as quti and _
period that Elizabeth City had-
club league., squirrel season closes Feb -- slam
< Negro, college stars have
A mad scramble Is perhaps a better way to describe the way the advantage, leading by three Mack Daughtry, Albany State's been named to Look Magi tine's The Ford Motor Company'baa ruary 26, except in the Third Mr. and Urs.J. Jac* Nelson of
the teams are canvassing European and other soccer marketsfor points with Just 45 seconds 'versatile backcourt star, wasnamedthe 10-man All America Team, announced that they are assigning Conservation District where '504 First Ave 8 Jacksonville
left on the clock. Southeastern Athle- four of their drivers to ,
talents. ; top hunting continues
picked by the U.S. Basketball through
Naturally, the draft is the only way America can get professional Esroy Watts, a Greensboro tic Co terence'. most valuable Writers Association GT Prototype cars which will March 5. Tbe spring turkey Beach, Fla., has been promoted'to

players, since it would take many years,maybe decades, youth, saved it for the Aggies basketball player by the lea- The players chosen were:Lew make a determined effort to gobbler season open March U U.s.airman Air Force.second class In the:
of talents needed for International competition ,u be sank three straight tosses gue's coaches here .. repeat last win In the
to develop the type recently Alcindor, UCLA; Jim Walker, years south of state road 50 and Airman
Nelson is
-especially in places where the sport bas acquired from the charity line He Daughtry, an outstanding Providence; Westley Unseld, SEBRING 12 Hours of Endurance March 29 north of state road an administrative -.
missed the fourth shot at the 14 specialist at IfcCon-
shooter for the Alitalia Airlines
.amateur status only. averaging 21.8 points
second mark which could have ; Mel Daniels, New 50.Hunters nell AFB, Nan He Is a memberof
And naturally, also, the logical places for America to tap inthe per game, was a "shoo-in" Mexico; Elvin Hayes, Houstonand Trophy. who have not had the the
draft of players are the countries "across the pond," ellmnated the agony Aggies fans In the balloting by SEAC Clem Haskins, Western National Driving Champion opportunity or been too busy which Strategic mainTotni Air Command
where soccer has already acquired International status. Need- had to suffer for another five coaches, being named on six'' Kentucky. Mario Andrettl, together with to enjoy the regular hunting America'sconstantly

less to say, the Yankee owners are using money as inducement.But minutes of play. The period of the seven ballots. The selections, made by the Bruce McClaren, A.J. Foyt and season should take note that alert force cf intercontinental -
even with the offer of fat financial contracts and all the ended 98-98. The 6-3 Junior who pre- writers' nine-man awards com Lloyd Ruby will be on the Ford the season on Florida's commercial missiles andjet
usual bonus trimmings, Europe and South America are not It was during the final overtime pped in Nashville, Ga., his mittee representing the eight team when the field starts the shootingpreserveswlll bombers. Continued OIl-page 1ft'
stars to the Yanks shortof period in which the Aggies hometown led the Albany State :LeMans dash at llo'clck on
about to surrender their top soccer ncAA districts, were announced remain open through April 20.
war. finally recovered from the Rams to both the SEAC regular in the new issue of the morning of April 1. Florida's shooting preserves iWatch
Therefore, It would profit the American owners far more to shock. Sylvester Soap)Adams season championship and Look. Both AndreW and Ruby have provide outstanding hunting opportunities '
be practical and diversified in their talent search. who led all scorers with 26 the tournament title.His sparkling Others chosen for America,'been conducting exhaustive and the bag.limit This. Clown I
This brings us to the topic of this colum: The West Indies asa points, set the stage for the play has been the spirit behind honors were: Bob Lloyd, tests during the past few weeks U' restricted only by the size
source of soccer talent. thrilling victory. He made t the "running, gunning" Rutgers; Don May, Dayton; to enable the Ford Racing Engineers ol' the huntert bank roll. A '
The West Indies, Including the Latin and English areas of quick, three-point play and legend that has followed the Larry Miller, North Carolina to correct malfunctions regular hunting license or the .21 9f 69
Central talents. another field goal to put AliT Albany State quint this 'which ruined the teams chances
America, abounds with soccer year. and Bob Verge, Duke. special shooting preserve '
The sport has been the leading spectatro activity in those in lead 103-98.p and in the wild The 175 pound Ram ranks third The much acclaimed Alcindoris at the recent Continental. According license is required !in order to 64-22-51 '

Islands and nations In that area for years-primarily because scramble which followed fouls In SEAC scoring with 607 points.He the only sophomore namedto to well informed take game on a commercial
most of the enthusiasm for the game was engendered by the were called right and left. ALT is the team's leading shooter the team, which comprised sources the results of the test- preserve. 1 7

British, Dutch, Portuguese, Preach,:and other European coun4.tries lost three City players seated, while six EHsa'beth of hitting on 270 of 522 field goals of four Juniors and five seniors., lag have been most satisfactory. -'." ... .
which have been In and out of the area for centuries. men for .517 percent. His .807 per- Walker, one of the top scorers Mario Andrew, the Italian Albany State f.
The .,West Wee boast of"some real talent In the game, "The their 10-man squad. ', cent at the\ free throw line, and bestb411-h !nndlers In the born racing sensation now living -.5
ancIitrouJdn't surprise nfl to glance at the respective rosters Aggles'blew 16i101nt'lead 67 of 83 also tops the team country, is the lone repeaterof In Nazareth, Prennsylvanlv Gain,. : .',1
after six minutes of
ere next April 22 roll s around and find listed among the in the second half. The Vikingsput play and ranks second In SEAC those picked. must well be the 'Hottest Pro- Fans'FoyorAlbany '2
players some of the current top names in the sports in the ranks Unsaid, a rugged 68 rebounderis perty' !in competition today. ,
on a full court press and in State College annexed
Just last week he the
Caribbean area. the chipped the Bob Ralney, the Rams' coach, described U "Chairman of won their fourth Southeastern Athletlc 51
process away ''L .11
It will be fascinating sitting in on the birth of professional bulge, tielng the ball game at says, "on a less balanced ball- the Boards" la the Look article. richest purse in stock car Conference visitation :.
in the United States. Could be In that racing history, driving Ford
soccer years to come club, Daughtry would Clem "The Gem"; Haskins' effortless '
87-87 with 36 seconds left. average basketball championship In five
''the U.S. will become a leading figure in the soccer world. 30-39 points a He's style gained national Falrlane to victory In the Day- ,48 32.65
Daryl Cherry, who got points game. good tona 500.Lloyd years here recently The .
for the evening bucketed right now as any backcourtman recognition for him on a three Rams
a is "running, gunning" Sometimes He's UpSome'tfmeiRe's
Ruby no stranger
layup with 11 seconds showing In collegiate ranks, except per year basis, despite the fact that steered by Bob Ralney finished
to the Grand Prix of Sebrlng Down, He AddsSubtracts
R. S. EVANS him ,
haps Providence an injury sidelined a major ,
on the clock, which sent ALT College'sWalker of th1Iseuon. since he and his team mate the regular with a spectacular ,Re works It all around .
Jans into short-lived 'hysteriaSlllt.lt (Jim) orWlnston-Salem part the late Ken Miles the 21-9 record and 11-1 mark in
State's Monroe (Earl)." The writers cited Hayes for were 4
: only set for the SEACplay.
winners of last test of 50. 17
star S wage With the NAIA District Playoffs his relatively unhearalded defensive years to the final standIngs
play by According -
3rd & MAINEL Endurance. Ruby, who lives in
coming this week Ralney prowess ("be blocks ATTRACTIONS
Ellzabith City came IntoMoore Wichita Falls Texas is 1 released here by theSEAC' :DOMING
Gymnasium charged for is raring for the chance to get u many as a dozen shots a., a versatile secretary treasurer,

the affair, fighting for a last to Kansas City and the NAIA game") u well as his obvious experience performer in'with both plentyof road Oble W. O'Neal, the Rams .1 H .5.1 .Ut.?
finals March 13-18 for the ,i scoring talent. Daniels was also r
place berth in the 22nd annual wound up the SEAC slate with '
course and oval track
CADILLACSBUICKSCONTINENTALS CIAA Tournament to be playedat chance to open the eyes of I praised as a top performer at racing a 22.08 Dickinson Rating, the ; 'M4N'S DAYS'NUMBERED '
PONTIACS the Greensboro Coliseum the folks who make the all- 1 both ends of the court who competition.Four system used by the league to ,
time National
America picks and to "sing i sure to go in the first round Champion J I
on March 2, 3 and 4. determine its champion.
A.I. from Houston Texas
COUPE DeVILLE $3795 the praises" of Mack Daughtry.. 'I of the pro draft Foyt ,
65 CADILLAC will be paired with Ruby while Under Ralney, who took' over
WON'T SINNEU.CAS Alt CONDITIONO.R':::: HURRY Olt IT Hampton Swimmers Lone 'DogsCFNDachshunds New'Zealander Bruce McClaren the Albany State helm In 1961, '"Man's Days are Numbered."

66 Cadillac Sedan DeVille ...............$4795 Florida Hunters ( were deliberately will share driving duties with the Rams won the regular sea- I Health and Fortune Can Be.,.
bred to be long and title In 1963 19" and 1965. I
set THIS one. '";TosY WARRANTY. Remain Unbeaten Andrettl. son Yours When You Know Your,
Calais low reports the Purina Pet Care
65 Cadillac I Coupe D. Trailing the Rams in the final Lucky Days.

66 Continental LOADED LIKE NfW. .AIM. .D'liio'N.. .' .. ........ $4395 HAMPTON INSTITUTE,VA,- Number 24,821TALLAHASSEE Center,:badger's that they deng.could venture standings was Edward Waters l I
'ACTOIIY IXIC. CAIt. College (Jacksonville Fla.)who !!
Institute's ,
AIR CONO: FACTORY WAUANTY. Hmapton swimming )Lucky Colors, etc.
66 Buick ONLY 1,000> MILl .. ..$2595 team ended its 1967 season !in ablaze A total of DEEP SEA DIVERThe handed Albany State Its only Send $%.00 for your
4000N Special E AIE CONDITIONED. of goory u they downed 1,554,386 hunters purchased maximum known SEAC defeat of the season, a Horoscope Guide for '
AUTOMATIC POWEN.v ............$2695 Tennessee Ail.,85-49.The win migratory bird hunting depth to which a whale has dived l In 63-61 setback at Jacksonville.The .
65 Oldsmobile 98 Coupe ... ..... stampsto 3,720 feet, as proved by the remains of a whale MARCH
IR o marked the end of a second un hunt ducks and during sperm entangled Tigers, with a 9-3 slate J f
65 Buick LOADED Electra 225 .EQUIPMENT. .. ...A.I4ONI .$2595 defeated'bome- season for the. 'the 1965-66 hunting geese season.The in a submarine cable.MUSCLE. and a Dickinson Rating of 20.83 'Fill 'la the blank below and]

AIE CONDITIONED Bonneville LOADED WITH, $2595 Pirates. states of the Atlantic Flyway finlsed ahead of third place :mall to ZODIAC, Post Office I
65 Pontiac( h\ ONE OP THE ... 12595 all record and a 7-1 record In and Florida recorded total the visitation title last sea-,
Chev. Sort '... ... .. a
.66 Super CONSOLE CIAA confernece meets. The of 24,821 duck hunters for the smallest muscle in the human body is the itapediui son. Leo Richardson's Tlgeri NAME '
66 MusTang V4J .. .. .".................'.. $24 season's losses were to Tennessee season.A which controls the stapes, or stirrup bone, in the middle ear.. concluded the '67 campaign with I STREET
AIR CONDITIONED LOADED. : earlier !in the season five of It's less than l/20th of inch ant SEAC log and t rating DATE OF
65 Ford Galaxie ......... $1995 year summary migratory an long! BIRTHMo. --- -
X&x&xz Morehouse College and Howard of 18.75.
AlII bird hunting stamp sales Day
HTOI' __
M I lsR 98 holiday Sedan .......... $1995 University. Howard handed the Just released by the U.S. Department -

65 Rambler AIR CONDITIONFO Wagon!O l OWNER 990 UK' NEW. /110 |1W5 Pirates their only regular of the Interior shows ,
1011010.WORTH MORV. season conference loss. that Florida ranked fifth In
65 Ford v S Alit Country Sedan .. .. ... .. .. .. ... $199 That loss cost the Pirates thler duck hunters along the Atlantic ). Are

63 AIR Cadillac Coupe. ..... ...................$l59 a CIAA Vlsltatlen Championship, Flyway and nineteenth in the rr
64 Ford Fastback ... .. ..... .........$tiwv won during the 1966 season. nation. California lead the nation rr
MOTOR. The Pirates win travel to.Washington with 141,664 hunters. On-
64 Volkswagen STICK SHIFT ((3 to choose from) ...........995 ,-D.C., on March 1$. the bottom of the list is Hawaii

62 Oldsmobile 88 Coupe ...... .... ........ .. 493 17; and 18, for the CIAA Swim- with a total cf 13 stamp sales.In .
mint and Diving Championships. addition to the hunters who

are required to purchase the
stamp in order to hunt ducks r

and geese, except hunters under .
the age of 16, a total of 4,369 \ / AD00 1TosS

stamps were purchased by .,

stamp collectors. "
O.E. Frye,Director,Game and ,
Fresh Water Fish Commission 1

commented by saying,"Florida M
sales for the 1965-66 season
were below that of the 1964-65 1. FIREN

season when 26,029 hunters obtained
duck stamps. This reduction ,
was probably because M.or
this particular season was not

considered a good duck hunting ..-v .9
year due to poor production on ,
the northern breeding grounds.
The sales for the 1966-67 sea
son have not been compiled
but will probably exceed all
previous sales as the recent ,

OW/N.e N1Ad1 season was excellent and reports Beef I

hunters indicate afield more than duck ever at its Best


11*"" S.'we4WNM ifN>f1MII .1Y411/tIWi...... -t.iIIA.. WW1. Ire 1 .owjA
,,' ..

i .
1 I

rr. ..



Church Of God Nigeria. Kisacs U.S. Representative --CALENDAR EVENTSBETHE '- YOUR GOOD HEALTH
-,....""" Campus News
To Observe
4 ri : '
JlEIl BAPTIST night in First Bon Temple CATARACTOld
SLATE OBSERVANCE 825 W. Monroe St. age often brings with it
Missionary DayA MT COLLEGE Bethlehm Baptist Church men The Temple Chorus will render the development of a cataract

selections for the opening! This, however, does not herald
Revival Meeting will begin, r GREENSBORO, N. C.-AiT College wlllconductaSummer Institute will observe their annual day
and other will partici the end of the world. The treat
March grow
for Advanced In Grade Elementary throughout the day.
Monday night March 13,1967 at Study Reading Upper pate. The is being ment of cataracts has been
Pentecostal Church of God In''' Teachers (Grades 6-8), beginning June 12 and entendlng The officers are: L.C. Curry, sponsored program by Mrs. Rosetta steadily Improving In recent
Christ Jesus. The church is located !i through July 28. general chairman Willie Reese, i Cohen. .
: at 1663 W. 26th Street. I The seven week Institute, a program of the National Defense ,co-chairman; Hollls [iru non, years.Although slower, the clouding'
I aiti
This Soul Saving, Healing Re- f' ,:: Education Act, Is being supported by the UnltedStates Office of public secretary relations and Eugene Sawyer '* ** of the lens in your e,11I similar
rival will last two Education.The chairman
weeks. Elder Bishop Julia Brown advisor to the way the white of an egg
Stasis will be ,J Is designed for teachers of reading In the sixth ,
the **
speak I" ,. program and leader of the Vermel Jones turns opaque when you cook it
.er. Bishop 0, L. Gates seventh and eight grade classes seeking Increased knowledge,
pas- ,:t" t and Mrs. Thelma Edwards and the Prayer Band, will observe her Although aging is the principal
tor. skills and understandings of reading Instruction Improved
::7; Tbelmarettes will observe their third anniversary Sunday the cause of cataracts, a penetrating -
teacher effectiveness.
lo'I second at of Mt Ararat Injury will cause them.
anniversary Sunday annex building
and allowance for
Participants will receive the usual stipends : !
Ht. Ararat District I'I institutes 8.30: p.m.,in First Born Church ,Baptist Church. Poisoning with such chemicals
dependents as provided for such publicly supported ,
1459 W. Union St. The revival hour will be fea, u naphthalene, thallium and
I and earn to tix-semester hours of graduate credit.
tiles : may up The participants win include, tured. Other prayer bands in dtaitrophenol is another cause
AnniversaryDistrict and
Enrollment will be restricted to 27 participants appUca-
!} t Deacon Charlie Cisero, Mrs. the city have been Invited to u is, in some cases, the pro-
tIonsare Information
now being received Further application
Essie Mae Thomas attend. longed use of the cortisone type.
9 of Mt. Ararat : EverBeady
I blanks, etc., may be procured from the director.
Baptist Church will observeIts Gospel Singers, BostonSingers, **** develop an unpredictable -
****** rate and
Travelettes, Excelsior Gospel may take
29th anniversary March 19
at 3 p.m., In the church audi- II I UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Singers, Rev Paul Fountain Senior Missionary "A Society Song from a few months to several
;Circle 2 will
: present
torium. Singers, Traveling Stirs, years to reach the stage when
12 lathe
Rev Wilbur Burgess, pastor j Rochester, N. Y/ ''Frederick Douglass spoke to our generation Sirens Specials, Gospel Echo- Is Born"auditorium service of Mt. Sinai the best results from operationcan

of Julington Baptist Church, as well as his own, "Prof. John Hope Franklin of the UnIversity ettes, Celestial Singers, LatI- Church. be expected.
will be the speaker. Other districts of Chicago history department said recently at the University more Stagers, Nthan Jackson's: Baptist Music will be rendered by Some small cataracts start
and board have been asked of Rochest. Octovettes, Voices of Faith near the outer border of the
Choir 1 and the combined chorus
to attend. Franklin spoke at the second of the University of Rochester's Soul Revivers, Sunbeam Staggers Emma lens where they do not interfere
with Mrs.
three-month Frederick Douglass Sesquicentennial Lectures. Starlight Gospel Singers, of the society Mrs with vision and never advanceto
The lectures are being given In honor of the 150th anniversary Rev. Paul Fountain, Dixie Bryant as organist. RubyF. a stage where operation Is'
Tribe Of Daniel Unit ,of the birth of Frederick Douglass, the distinguished 19th cen- Jubilee Singers, McCall Herndon will serve as nar- required.

,:, HEW' YORIU-Anrey K. OJ1 studied economics and law af tury Negro American who lived and worked In Rochester for Stagers, Austin Twins, Mrs rator. So, if you have a cataractyou .
Sets Calendar Supper has assumed the post of Llal- the University of London and many years. Willie V. Bryant, Mrs. lass SICK on Chinese restaurant: should bare your eye
''son Officer in the u.s. of the holds an LL.B. degree with a "No detect In American life escaped his (Douglass') search- Bivins. "The Chow'i the Mein Thing'' I specialist: examine it periodIcally -
The Tribe of Daniel of Eben- government of Eastern Nigeria. specialization in International Ing scrutiny and us withering criticism, "Prof. Franklin said. Also Mrs. Lorranle Cooper Catholic Digest- .
ecer Methodist Church will present Eastern Nigeria Is one of the law. Because Douglass believed that the "famedwork of the American Mrs. Sarah Wilson, Mrs Ros-

a calendar supper In the four regions of which the republic Before Joining the Foreign social order was sound"Franklin asserted,"hewrote and etta Cohen, Cliftones, Mrs
social room of the church Sun- of Nigeria, most opulous Service, he served the federal spoke and worked so hard induce the American people to con- Maggie Black, Mrs. Ruth Fedd, ROOM FOR RENT
day a 7 p.m. nation of Africa, is comprised. government of his country u duct their lives and order their relationships within that fame- and the Sunbeam Christian Club FttTn.( rm. Single man or mar
Each table will be decorated'with Mr. OJ1 was born at Arochukwu Commercial Officer and Import work members, who will serve u ried couple. Hot and cold water': HELP CANTED

the color motif usually Eastern Nigeria, where he and Export Licensing Authority Franklin Concluded: "Douglass has recently been called the hostesses. 356-2503. PEOPLE
attributed to the months. Delicious had his early education. He which assignments 'Father' of the Civil Rights Revolution. This Is a sobriquet not' Also appearing will be Miss ,SALES

refreshments will be him to all parts of Nigeria. easily won nor lightly conferred. Itwas won becuase of the consonance Delphlne Cherry and Miss Men and women, to sell adver,
offered at the tables. of his views and actions with those who today seek equ- Olivia McGaf ver. Using. Liberal Uraw, liberal
The Ebenezer Trio will render It was conferred because of the growing recognition 'commission
ality. easy work, quick
music *
along with the LoDeStar that his counsel and leadership are as fresh and as effective as HElP ,jiilO'I' sales You earn $75 to $150 if

Is tribe Choristers.leader. Robert T.Hall AREA SERVICEMENContinued they were '75 years ago" of The ML Charles Zion AILS E. Toston Church Club will N. Y. SLEEP-M you're keen. Fringe benefits.

JOBS, salaries to Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323
meet March 16 in the home $65, fare
***** *
,advanced. Moncrlef Rio; cor. 13th
From Page 9 of Mrs. Nathaniel Davis, 1416 Rusts rel\unces,
Girl Scott Event JACKSONVILLE: UNIVERSITY Jefferson St., beginning at phone number. ABLE MAIDS
SAN ANTIONI, Tex. Airman Staff John H. Lamarson ,AGENCY 163
Ad Scouts of Norweaster Sergeant 7:30o'cIoct.: N. MAIN, FREE-
Neighborhood Pbelemon T. Williams son of of Mrs. Pauline Lamar of Jacksonville University's 1967 Living Endowment Fund drive The group will be reorganized ''PORT, N. Y.DENTURES.
/ is
Troops that Mrs. Emma L. Williams of 1068 W. Union St.,Jacksonville, officially got under way, and almost immediately, the University Other members Interested in
Scouts planning in attend St. Council Wide 2723 Waldo Ave., Jacksonville, Fla., has been graduated from moved $3,000 closer to Its record goal of $175,000 with a Joining have been asked to attend -
Augustine from
Fla., has been selected for the for presentation by the Clvitan Club of Jacksonville. .
special training course the meeting. Rev. CJE.
3 to 4:30.with: Troops or individual technical training at Lackland C-141 Starllfter flight engineers The campaign kickoff was held at a dinner meeting at the Top Toston, pastor will be presentto MAIDS. FOR NEW TOR*
their families
attend girls as spectators. Thirty may AFB, Tex., as a U.s. Air Force at Tinker AFB, t>Ua. of the Mayflower. Attnedlngwere 100 members of the University explain the group's alms I 'UP 10 ..515 JljfJ-(
air policeman. family representing University Council,the Board of
Sergeant Lamar who studied and purpose, it was announced. .
the are participating in The airman recently com- electrical systems instru- Trustees, and several members administration and wives. HURT? Top>> jobs NOW, best homes ID N.

All pageant.Girl Scouts pleted basic training at Lack- ments and hydraulics, is being The annual fund drive conducted by the University Council, a ****. Y. City, New Jersey Friendly
are asked land. His new school Is partof assigned to a Military Airlift 50-member group of business and civic leaders. Chartered in Erin thi beit. fitting donturn CM hurt Kotperojld families. Fare sent
to wear their uniforms and l h.nd, for fill, Ion'.IStinr riIlif ,rush refer
gloves.; Cadettes the Air Training Command Command (MAC) unit at. 1956, the Council is an advisory body which functions as a liaison Choir 2 of Evergreen Baptist from piln Mikti dmlurti (.' mar contorU6lt.uothi ences. FREE GIFT
I are asked to which conducts hundreds of McGulre AFB, N.J. MAC provides between the business community and the University. In so Church will honor Andrew.hpob.hnlpu prtvint non ,,_._,,- 'MISS DIXIE
\ wear stockings. ; AGENCY
spreclllzed courses to pro global airlift for the doing, it assumes certain responsibilities for public relations McCall with totot tnd Inltcllon. Ask anrds..ingky.rdnr
The concession stand will be vide technically trained personnel nation's military forces. and, fund-raising activities. an appreciation phdrrnnclclor Add=. / 300 W. 40th St., N. Y. C. Dept.
open and The Amastasla Park .. program March 19 at 8 p.m., er.-i.M dISABELLA z8.1rlI
is for for the nation's aero- The setgeant Is a graduateof in the church auditorium,
nearby those who are YMCA Will Begin
taking lunches. space force. Stanton High School. I Cleveland and Logan Streets.

There will also be sightseeing Airman Williams is 1966 His wife, Sarah, Is the daugh- rEADY. : Tennis Classes Mr. McCall Is pianist and di-,
tours and exhibits graduate of Douglas Anderson ter of Arthur Williams of Cam- RESERVE rector
High School. den, N.J. The Johnson Branch ,
i RESERVE The participants include; rr r .
ARMY will begin spring and summer of! PARIS, .
JOIN I Sunbeam
FIGHT CANCER' THE MARCH Voices! of Jerusalem,
: Of DIMES I .. Court tennis classes(700 Cleveland on the YMCA Road Singers, Traveling Stars, Miss THAT* MEt the Amazing : :
Alice Boston, Bostonettes, Celestial SUPERIOR TONIC

;' ): : : .:.: : ... ..: ..:::::., ..:.. : .' SHOP AT YOUR ASP Saturday Julius Culnyard at 9 a.m., Instructor, Singers, Mrs. Mary Pep for all the things you want. ,.. .
,:: i'lti'!! ; 'n : ....****"<* ( :**::: .;:. : ::';: :: : :>.:,::: has announced that a limited Goodman Gospel Artiur Singers Goodman Clittooe Excelsior fa do. Box guaranteed of 30 $1.00.or Money Satisfaction .. ..

of will
WAREHOUSE STORE number participants be W.L.r Lavant
Stagers, Rev Back.
: ::!il::, -*. accepted. All Interested persons Harris SIngers, Thompkln Stagers ISABELLA : BRAND NEW :
: 5HP have been asked to \
: :' 3000 W. 45th ST. regIster Elder Moss Davis, Miss RO. Box 239, Dept. S Gary, .
::.:)::;:::., { early as possible. Thelma Edwards, Bethlehem wdlajia. 1967 YWSEDAN
:;' : :. ::,;. Classes will be conducted once Chorus and .
:> :.:: : '' Gospel Gospelettes
.. : '. :. :!:\; PRICES IN THIS AD per week a five week period' Sammie Lee Jackson, wo will I!' :

:The' that : from Saturday through August serve as master ceremonies.
: .store .cartes. .about you!r:: ARE GOOD THROUGH All person are to bring tennis ': :
'' shoes, racquets and towels. *** 169850DILIVIMD
SUNDAY MAR. 12. Mr. Culnyard has also stated a
The Voices of Faith will render LEO'SShe IN JAXCAILINGRIFFIN
that for the first ime, classes
a Monday
will be offered for advance program : :
\ players and beginners. .
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I CLUB NOTES Repariif .

PICNICS WHOLE OR HALF LB 3\C Savings The Goodwill Club will Sewing celebrate and Its BUY nit A Ont GOOD Of Ai| Kind :

18th annlversay Sunday at 3:30
p.m., In Simpson Methodist $5.00 AT JONES TIRE Is Oir Only Bisinesj : VOLKSWWEK INC.

Church ,SERVICE, 2015 KInes Rd Phone 1250 EAST 8th ST.

Rev. A J. Hughes, pastor at ,,34-7504. WE FIX FLATS. 934 E. Uiim St. ,. 3549093It r

"SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY GROUND SPECIAL j St.the John speaker.Baptist' .Church will be _. .JUUa.

$129 The Gladiola V *Club*will observe -' .-

; BEEF 3 its 35th anniversary and ,
PKfi. the 33rd of Mrs. Cora Hall

Lewis,.president L April 9 at HELP WANTEDTop
JfXtost. 4 p.m:;' in the Wilder Park Jobs NOWbest homes ii

MatfftfRutftr( Center, 3rd and Mt. Herman 'N.Y. City,New Jersey.Friendly
Streets. m1l1es. Fare sent, rush rev
'ANN PAGE rPra The public has been invitedto .Jerences.FREE GIFT

attend. A program will be 300 :Ii., 40 St, N.Y.C, Dept.VETERANS .

i1'i1'I} fCHUP. 21ot: hs39C presented_ in the with city: outstanding participating.talent I ,



,RICE 2 LB. PKG.iOC 29 lO

:1 +El 'Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking

Applications For Its


At Veteran Class.


,PKG, I The' Size Of; Our ClassesIs

: -Invites You To Listen To-

:V'lPER-RI6Hr: ) I

: LUNCHMEAT 12 02. en 43' Mnt Miniir Limited By Law. '' IIG BAND

I Enroll Now To Be Sure rOf' "DANCE PARTY"

I : Place. Wilt 11:11: I112:00: Saturday '.I..

POT A TOES 1 10 S9cj '.

ic :I .CALL. 355-9874, 1400 WKHC 1400PAGE


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