Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAEF INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T04:52:39Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00449
FILE SIZE 12729 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090114_AABYMI PATH 00089thm.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 3738c8a7af82713dc07553aa44938c34SHA-1 e1d290d8c73e2ff3bff1d99fc641ac68a1d69027
806417 F20090114_AABYMJ 00090.jp2 59a62c650645d364690560f1700048126f31743f0050e4e7132ed94f27008df707a49c07
357768 F20090114_AABYMK 00090.jpg d0bf7b46c931f61e2e5c07ba950e780d4d79d4a094d07d159fa28dbf6c2fdd6683a8f5a5
50283 F20090114_AABYML 00090.QC.jpg 5da60d936288d50167f401412c636cc7dbc6d11f669df17438a639b839e320f7b3d6d1fe
6441989 F20090114_AABYMM 00090.tif fde2287526468f57fb44dc716012636806b00dd1d767e6a6d614710d394dc3ecc65ed8f1
38629 F20090114_AABYMN 00090.txt 65199d5cf3b62bd5a59ece2ffaa8d66b48d435483e2054ee53778e6e4304e3cbd7799771
12265 F20090114_AABYMO 00090thm.jpg 698880ba6dd79d66d240c3dbd1fe7452115b5a15193ab15af3c9bfdff2336c723399e1c0
791925 F20090114_AABYMP 00091.jp2 c5f5fe5fd72e2741826732e58944bec82b969fd06d6b01e156dd8292dc0b7a0e69fbc66b
321643 F20090114_AABYMQ 00091.jpg 4645c342218dd02e1847b31b3fdbe77ded6b15bc164bcdedd473771b71255fcdeb335a80
51086 F20090114_AABYMR 00091.QC.jpg 1b024e54f2cb37eb8cdd7574c9370eb8050873b403709397673456e45d09ff262b437adb
6326569 F20090114_AABYMS 00091.tif adf4f8f30c8f901f6ad75af2fc7a5273c985987f1401e391d005f8261481586280b3d7e1
18253 F20090114_AABYMT 00091.txt 4859384921d92ff49bb56b99eecd5f31dd09de49b6f9c0a69b11133e0b26e02299d2401a
317688 F20090114_AABYLA 00084.jpg 318220ee78ea35a1766a2da74cf3b1dd771e9851442adebfe20f26e724a62bd7936e041d
13224 F20090114_AABYMU 00091thm.jpg ebe45a85042e78280057c99c742a95ab760233402f519c35ac64c382474380eabee5efc4
48785 F20090114_AABYLB 00084.QC.jpg ee8f4546f5a8654dafc91e6b4a43e675e77e1bb5f0b4c656e9601ede767d80d382240bb9
15755 F20090114_AABYMV 1967030401.xml FULL b45c454f09a3c434d36063f000ed8f05d9e3ff7f88b115dec4fd93fc7f13638e95e6271aBROKEN_LINK 0082.jp20083.jp20084.jp20085.jp20086.jp20087.jp20088.jp20089.jp20090.jp20091.jp20082.txt0083.txt0084.txt0085.txt0086.txt0087.txt0088.txt0089.txt0090.txt0091.txt0082.tif0083.tif0084.tif0085.tif0086.tif0087.tif0088.tif0089.tif0090.tif0091.tif0082.jpg0083.jpg0084.jpg0085.jpg0086.jpg0087.jpg0088.jpg0089.jpg0090.jpg0091.jpg
6352829 F20090114_AABYLC 00084.tif 3006ecb52df09dd418eb4164ee1da2a88fc7ae643617a1b48b8e509db8e59512a62e3c98
26670 F20090114_AABYLD 00084.txt fd0a6783ded0ffe99c4e4b14b2ae192f2f3c39e31ee5fbddc5ef8ec449f6ff48ce719e2a
12533 F20090114_AABYLE 00084thm.jpg 555ec7550a9f310e0f0eba8ddf317a7ae8ad83c689c9388acdabfd74ef3caff8598586e9
21505 F20090114_AABYMY UF00028362_00449.mets d03055adcf3315cfd9384f827d0dc8ba7829294da70aba4649355f9d89ee75f1224ce9c1
787559 F20090114_AABYLF 00085.jp2 aabb1c56882a157384122e046860ffc0244a929d69df2250eae4c72aab6c89a7f3315f60
359546 F20090114_AABYLG 00085.jpg 1f19884845f99e1210bbda60ae9cb9ba5dffe0fc4a2d281bcacb0f43bc6bce13fd27818e
53693 F20090114_AABYLH 00085.QC.jpg 77d9ff3e1e3d94126133da057f2a222297212dabbabe3f1745438e3133476b57cdd07a1a
6291192 F20090114_AABYLI 00085.tif f70e379145eff300d90bd0824e06b4465306a55220af374d4afbdc67b1235fecfc96c96d
49147 F20090114_AABYLJ 00085.txt 11eca8ac645101cc5be9ba8458d166e9dad420c3b08afa5b7dce119f78a8a16e46bc4ca3
12894 F20090114_AABYLK 00085thm.jpg 59b68c0a7098f51bde780b2d74546a1a66d35fe21ad26242e539a9a2e0edff1c74bed96c
796506 F20090114_AABYLL 00086.jp2 8e9d4c368f7d6c84f383214bddb736b9640fdc5d6f1bde9566edd8bec93c48eebda24e67
346276 F20090114_AABYLM 00086.jpg 30704e010e1bf0b51d0ffd9be869581bd34b1ff724c4da1901469a87c85255d8a495ddd8
50227 F20090114_AABYLN 00086.QC.jpg 9ed5bf383e418251a2fbcba1629a154df5481ef41470581029bcb19b5994797889d1a30f
6365661 F20090114_AABYLO 00086.tif b113bf118e7f39989c5e3e26c609a89b8ac138e25eedeb421307210d6b331fb6425e605f
35096 F20090114_AABYLP 00086.txt d783e0c4d3ccd2a7fb2720506e66c0fe0eceedbf25038b7d31a74580f3b3ef05b3a1102f
12325 F20090114_AABYLQ 00086thm.jpg ee708b1fbd4067731d69de7f17aed59669193494b897157ad506d5052fe907c1c11a7f6d
793429 F20090114_AABYLR 00087.jp2 46ddeec4cc835d1f738b3a0af1800650bdc83675a270929cb9d097c49f75307cd2d897ff
337460 F20090114_AABYLS 00087.jpg 695ad5e6d56c8d4817a0ce26736869db8eb1faad0c3b070af5521448b35c4ea81ae7c0fa
48858 F20090114_AABYLT 00087.QC.jpg 58c842042946d2738674e0e5aaf340f6c85a1d7295c70603e74d3620534c8305097379cb
6344423 F20090114_AABYLU 00087.tif 50d762174ac5476b43cadf088cdaefac8c338777115071481420cf068849a83a80fd36fb
46145 F20090114_AABYLV 00087.txt 17fafc70d1e084e2ddfb453748c9763e924a39f627a961e02d9797c6018305ca6136e9c9
12227 F20090114_AABYLW 00087thm.jpg 53d29aaeefaeab5153c26b26d599a209ec2e8142e17d378a218e3217b57f2891ca40369f
794863 F20090114_AABYLX 00088.jp2 00922b853a8f6ec2a5477d7f4ebfbf47dbbee930cfb827b6bf882a23fca3481588b0e100
24704 F20090114_AABYNA UF00028362_00449.xml ca96d5de71c1bd07d063493aacc47e44797cdcf0ba60d6cba58bdcda47c1693134d19fc0
385188 F20090114_AABYLY 00088.jpg b4c236b98d14303ed79e67dd5d45d6596aaf2e44685a040e3e24e7d5d09a918036a17e1e
56377 F20090114_AABYLZ 00088.QC.jpg 7bac842f5d57a23c57b22bab97db43311ea13d513f26aac296473a008e842ab19dfb96ae
792728 F20090114_AABYKN 00082.jp2 6d84c4acbe83f59c9299ef1e5b9e8a7ea6f23cb1ff5c5a325e39864cd126c92fd6719c1c
348510 F20090114_AABYKO 00082.jpg 4c102509d7c87afc19f2873fbda8443b61d14a6d5ff7dc8728ccd9afd39be236003683f2
51377 F20090114_AABYKP 00082.QC.jpg 16f1598761d23567df3b52a3428908af28ab5ad842796c661c6db6c35805b4f82fc2bc51
6333269 F20090114_AABYKQ 00082.tif 35155f7da8b22fe2c1f1c59172a79416251dd290482740d7cb2f68cd0e810889b179f58d
33427 F20090114_AABYKR 00082.txt 9f55d7dfbb573c34f2e8d32f93aacbdd000a88bd09b0a1d1ae5c7186fae840e269243883
12821 F20090114_AABYKS 00082thm.jpg cc82c366ef2747ef4ee19e0b7ae0eec78adb2b32cdd985e637db55e927ada13863585cdd
791953 F20090114_AABYKT 00083.jp2 03445e72be584df41e865d7d878fbb74f4e2369bcaf7c644f068337c0708ad53a2bbcac4
381646 F20090114_AABYKU 00083.jpg a7aee7aecbdca5d453b033b68f0c34562ed765d5e889b6f3b07fd8e0af3265ef7ee28ad4
52118 F20090114_AABYKV 00083.QC.jpg bcb99171f6ef5747459cefdbd61e0024f6518fb3b701e498a89d8f35726a1c1b0a6f1b82
6332287 F20090114_AABYKW 00083.tif f9b97840fe932c114780c56cefa65f2e196471c121d48ec76425b1b7c304f1082a70e1ba
38143 F20090114_AABYKX 00083.txt 18e2a74dd61a2583d47529a53af85e5916295550d8d3b2ade2c37d930c3de0ccc04c0b18
12321 F20090114_AABYKY 00083thm.jpg 0583315c7694b2c453192ad451a58b6c70f435d23fd2ecde8b228833e78b9f6dfc9c87bd
6349718 F20090114_AABYMA 00088.tif 3f53c83d0b7331a96000ec09a72231928a0ced57e0be4b21b7aa9963bc1ef98bf6a052f1
45162 F20090114_AABYMB 00088.txt dc1b2fd60c493caf760f9616e1d163c6eb25aa1a009899ce583ddc29b31ed38eceb8426e
794119 F20090114_AABYKZ 00084.jp2 40cd56977fafc60e2afff2b0b7d64c21d9c7122de8a11bc286688418695bdc6940532c88
13730 F20090114_AABYMC 00088thm.jpg 083092cf0004ed8157c383eb0f4a0f8eef3781defd4aaefe362741d0e12a93fc994d63e8
787061 F20090114_AABYMD 00089.jp2 2b52ef141e77b5ec79e6efc200c96be9655064ad0a8bf8de2c81fe4dfa1c25624e93e4c3
369041 F20090114_AABYME 00089.jpg 54d9be4a04aaac848d40d356ea2d74e9951513251f04902896c25697eeb3511bd4f93a06
51888 F20090114_AABYMF 00089.QC.jpg 0a7de8846169920f2cd2a0b5e3a9eba030f7129f56d296fb5a1ba847dc8e071ebe4fab61
6296837 F20090114_AABYMG 00089.tif f4be25472d7208c40a9fb234f446334b65cf866e7db3e13ebc66887b095bc3680bef155a
47627 F20090114_AABYMH 00089.txt b0199cc333ea7debbc033b45e9beea5ffe47a969e6da13f948377d715ca25cd3b1cdddac

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACCU INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T22:06:29Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00449
FILE SIZE 12729 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABNCJ PATH 00089thm.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 3738c8a7af82713dc07553aa44938c34SHA-1 e1d290d8c73e2ff3bff1d99fc641ac68a1d69027
806417 F20090222_AABNCK 00090.jp2 59a62c650645d364690560f1700048126f31743f0050e4e7132ed94f27008df707a49c07
357768 F20090222_AABNCL 00090.jpg d0bf7b46c931f61e2e5c07ba950e780d4d79d4a094d07d159fa28dbf6c2fdd6683a8f5a5
50283 F20090222_AABNCM 00090.QC.jpg 5da60d936288d50167f401412c636cc7dbc6d11f669df17438a639b839e320f7b3d6d1fe
6441989 F20090222_AABNCN 00090.tif fde2287526468f57fb44dc716012636806b00dd1d767e6a6d614710d394dc3ecc65ed8f1
38629 F20090222_AABNCO 00090.txt 65199d5cf3b62bd5a59ece2ffaa8d66b48d435483e2054ee53778e6e4304e3cbd7799771
12265 F20090222_AABNCP 00090thm.jpg 698880ba6dd79d66d240c3dbd1fe7452115b5a15193ab15af3c9bfdff2336c723399e1c0
791925 F20090222_AABNCQ 00091.jp2 c5f5fe5fd72e2741826732e58944bec82b969fd06d6b01e156dd8292dc0b7a0e69fbc66b
321643 F20090222_AABNCR 00091.jpg 4645c342218dd02e1847b31b3fdbe77ded6b15bc164bcdedd473771b71255fcdeb335a80
51086 F20090222_AABNCS 00091.QC.jpg 1b024e54f2cb37eb8cdd7574c9370eb8050873b403709397673456e45d09ff262b437adb
6326569 F20090222_AABNCT 00091.tif adf4f8f30c8f901f6ad75af2fc7a5273c985987f1401e391d005f8261481586280b3d7e1
794119 F20090222_AABNBA 00084.jp2 40cd56977fafc60e2afff2b0b7d64c21d9c7122de8a11bc286688418695bdc6940532c88
18253 F20090222_AABNCU 00091.txt 4859384921d92ff49bb56b99eecd5f31dd09de49b6f9c0a69b11133e0b26e02299d2401a
317688 F20090222_AABNBB 00084.jpg 318220ee78ea35a1766a2da74cf3b1dd771e9851442adebfe20f26e724a62bd7936e041d
13224 F20090222_AABNCV 00091thm.jpg ebe45a85042e78280057c99c742a95ab760233402f519c35ac64c382474380eabee5efc4
48785 F20090222_AABNBC 00084.QC.jpg ee8f4546f5a8654dafc91e6b4a43e675e77e1bb5f0b4c656e9601ede767d80d382240bb9
15755 F20090222_AABNCW 1967030401.xml FULL b45c454f09a3c434d36063f000ed8f05d9e3ff7f88b115dec4fd93fc7f13638e95e6271aBROKEN_LINK 0082.jp20083.jp20084.jp20085.jp20086.jp20087.jp20088.jp20089.jp20090.jp20091.jp20082.txt0083.txt0084.txt0085.txt0086.txt0087.txt0088.txt0089.txt0090.txt0091.txt0082.tif0083.tif0084.tif0085.tif0086.tif0087.tif0088.tif0089.tif0090.tif0091.tif0082.jpg0083.jpg0084.jpg0085.jpg0086.jpg0087.jpg0088.jpg0089.jpg0090.jpg0091.jpg
6352829 F20090222_AABNBD 00084.tif 3006ecb52df09dd418eb4164ee1da2a88fc7ae643617a1b48b8e509db8e59512a62e3c98
26670 F20090222_AABNBE 00084.txt fd0a6783ded0ffe99c4e4b14b2ae192f2f3c39e31ee5fbddc5ef8ec449f6ff48ce719e2a
19483 F20090222_AABNCZ UF00028362_00449.mets 979a56c18e70198b5a7dde867a352680f0f4f14d97711cf8343801c6dd65b962e8ee90f3
12533 F20090222_AABNBF 00084thm.jpg 555ec7550a9f310e0f0eba8ddf317a7ae8ad83c689c9388acdabfd74ef3caff8598586e9
787559 F20090222_AABNBG 00085.jp2 aabb1c56882a157384122e046860ffc0244a929d69df2250eae4c72aab6c89a7f3315f60
359546 F20090222_AABNBH 00085.jpg 1f19884845f99e1210bbda60ae9cb9ba5dffe0fc4a2d281bcacb0f43bc6bce13fd27818e
53693 F20090222_AABNBI 00085.QC.jpg 77d9ff3e1e3d94126133da057f2a222297212dabbabe3f1745438e3133476b57cdd07a1a
6291192 F20090222_AABNBJ 00085.tif f70e379145eff300d90bd0824e06b4465306a55220af374d4afbdc67b1235fecfc96c96d
49147 F20090222_AABNBK 00085.txt 11eca8ac645101cc5be9ba8458d166e9dad420c3b08afa5b7dce119f78a8a16e46bc4ca3
12894 F20090222_AABNBL 00085thm.jpg 59b68c0a7098f51bde780b2d74546a1a66d35fe21ad26242e539a9a2e0edff1c74bed96c
796506 F20090222_AABNBM 00086.jp2 8e9d4c368f7d6c84f383214bddb736b9640fdc5d6f1bde9566edd8bec93c48eebda24e67
346276 F20090222_AABNBN 00086.jpg 30704e010e1bf0b51d0ffd9be869581bd34b1ff724c4da1901469a87c85255d8a495ddd8
50227 F20090222_AABNBO 00086.QC.jpg 9ed5bf383e418251a2fbcba1629a154df5481ef41470581029bcb19b5994797889d1a30f
6365661 F20090222_AABNBP 00086.tif b113bf118e7f39989c5e3e26c609a89b8ac138e25eedeb421307210d6b331fb6425e605f
35096 F20090222_AABNBQ 00086.txt d783e0c4d3ccd2a7fb2720506e66c0fe0eceedbf25038b7d31a74580f3b3ef05b3a1102f
12325 F20090222_AABNBR 00086thm.jpg ee708b1fbd4067731d69de7f17aed59669193494b897157ad506d5052fe907c1c11a7f6d
793429 F20090222_AABNBS 00087.jp2 46ddeec4cc835d1f738b3a0af1800650bdc83675a270929cb9d097c49f75307cd2d897ff
337460 F20090222_AABNBT 00087.jpg 695ad5e6d56c8d4817a0ce26736869db8eb1faad0c3b070af5521448b35c4ea81ae7c0fa
48858 F20090222_AABNBU 00087.QC.jpg 58c842042946d2738674e0e5aaf340f6c85a1d7295c70603e74d3620534c8305097379cb
6344423 F20090222_AABNBV 00087.tif 50d762174ac5476b43cadf088cdaefac8c338777115071481420cf068849a83a80fd36fb
46145 F20090222_AABNBW 00087.txt 17fafc70d1e084e2ddfb453748c9763e924a39f627a961e02d9797c6018305ca6136e9c9
12227 F20090222_AABNBX 00087thm.jpg 53d29aaeefaeab5153c26b26d599a209ec2e8142e17d378a218e3217b57f2891ca40369f
794863 F20090222_AABNBY 00088.jp2 00922b853a8f6ec2a5477d7f4ebfbf47dbbee930cfb827b6bf882a23fca3481588b0e100
22173 F20090222_AABNDB UF00028362_00449.xml e6f2a4bf1c23db954c1405ab48dd13984f9866d29ed3368ab048092fbed339fd27de2e26
385188 F20090222_AABNBZ 00088.jpg b4c236b98d14303ed79e67dd5d45d6596aaf2e44685a040e3e24e7d5d09a918036a17e1e
792728 F20090222_AABNAO 00082.jp2 6d84c4acbe83f59c9299ef1e5b9e8a7ea6f23cb1ff5c5a325e39864cd126c92fd6719c1c
348510 F20090222_AABNAP 00082.jpg 4c102509d7c87afc19f2873fbda8443b61d14a6d5ff7dc8728ccd9afd39be236003683f2
51377 F20090222_AABNAQ 00082.QC.jpg 16f1598761d23567df3b52a3428908af28ab5ad842796c661c6db6c35805b4f82fc2bc51
6333269 F20090222_AABNAR 00082.tif 35155f7da8b22fe2c1f1c59172a79416251dd290482740d7cb2f68cd0e810889b179f58d
33427 F20090222_AABNAS 00082.txt 9f55d7dfbb573c34f2e8d32f93aacbdd000a88bd09b0a1d1ae5c7186fae840e269243883
12821 F20090222_AABNAT 00082thm.jpg cc82c366ef2747ef4ee19e0b7ae0eec78adb2b32cdd985e637db55e927ada13863585cdd
791953 F20090222_AABNAU 00083.jp2 03445e72be584df41e865d7d878fbb74f4e2369bcaf7c644f068337c0708ad53a2bbcac4
381646 F20090222_AABNAV 00083.jpg a7aee7aecbdca5d453b033b68f0c34562ed765d5e889b6f3b07fd8e0af3265ef7ee28ad4
52118 F20090222_AABNAW 00083.QC.jpg bcb99171f6ef5747459cefdbd61e0024f6518fb3b701e498a89d8f35726a1c1b0a6f1b82
6332287 F20090222_AABNAX 00083.tif f9b97840fe932c114780c56cefa65f2e196471c121d48ec76425b1b7c304f1082a70e1ba
56377 F20090222_AABNCA 00088.QC.jpg 7bac842f5d57a23c57b22bab97db43311ea13d513f26aac296473a008e842ab19dfb96ae
38143 F20090222_AABNAY 00083.txt 18e2a74dd61a2583d47529a53af85e5916295550d8d3b2ade2c37d930c3de0ccc04c0b18
6349718 F20090222_AABNCB 00088.tif 3f53c83d0b7331a96000ec09a72231928a0ced57e0be4b21b7aa9963bc1ef98bf6a052f1
12321 F20090222_AABNAZ 00083thm.jpg 0583315c7694b2c453192ad451a58b6c70f435d23fd2ecde8b228833e78b9f6dfc9c87bd
45162 F20090222_AABNCC 00088.txt dc1b2fd60c493caf760f9616e1d163c6eb25aa1a009899ce583ddc29b31ed38eceb8426e
13730 F20090222_AABNCD 00088thm.jpg 083092cf0004ed8157c383eb0f4a0f8eef3781defd4aaefe362741d0e12a93fc994d63e8
787061 F20090222_AABNCE 00089.jp2 2b52ef141e77b5ec79e6efc200c96be9655064ad0a8bf8de2c81fe4dfa1c25624e93e4c3
369041 F20090222_AABNCF 00089.jpg 54d9be4a04aaac848d40d356ea2d74e9951513251f04902896c25697eeb3511bd4f93a06
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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 4, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 4, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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T . .TT. ,


.... "' ... "' of flA. HISIORI:
1.-1' ; -" 1'' .. r\ .. ....... ,: "" :I I ; ', j ,
t ; -- -

.. I (" j f.\ _! trrB L'rJ' "liB"I @ L _{J JJJl\\\ I',\ '.. ,....._.., .,!\< r.I"-.' ; I ..... ..

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Oaivereity of r
Getineeviwae Florida ;
----- -
***** ***** ** *

I. Death Scene la Natchez Evers Leads


.',r6L. 16 NO. 48 SATURDAY MARCH 4, 1S67 15 CENTS t MississippiProtest

** **** ** ** **** March

: ,_ tt I :tl, ::J '_ :.:.. ", :. ) ) Evers NATCHEZ for, Mississippi the, NAACP MlMv-Charles field Tuesday secretary ,I I

******* ****** T'k night told a rally of 2.000 Ne-f ,
laying goes portestlngthebooby-trap of a civil rights leader,
"We're going to meet the
HINT POWELL PLANS kluxers face to face"
Negroes marched to the Arms
trong Rubber and Tire Col plant I
at the change of shifts at 5 p.m.
"We Just want them to know we

mean"We want buslneas them."to Ems know we said want

FIGHT IN U .5. COURT charged the Civil kulxers rights that out some of leaders there plant;. have em-

ployes are "known" klansmen,
****** and Even Implied the klan was

Victory For Powell PredictedIf night Involved of Wharlest In the death Jackson Monday,recently I

Ja xons Want Talk promoted to a plant Job I
formerly held by a white man.
He Runs For Vacated Office
; rti. Jackson 37, was killed when his
BIMCtt BWI- Adam Clayton pullcans. ; pickup truck exploded and
With Duval SheriffFears Powell who was barred Wed Although the vote was expected 'z4 crashed Into a pole three blocks l
nday: seated In the 90th Congress 10 be close, the result came' from the plant. )
is reported by a reliable as a surprise to House leaden A similar blast In 1965 seriously -
of "mounting racial tension" were aired this week Injured GerogeMetealfe
source to be planning two who warned of constitutional '
U a group of Negro citizens requested a meeting with Sheriff moves. The first is to Institute difficulties if Powell werioustjd. Mother Negro worker at the '
Dale Carson to discuss: home protection, treatment by law a suit to win back his seat and plant who bad been active la
enforcement officers and the subject of KKK markings on then to run for the office from But colleagues of the once civil rights.
homes and autos in the Lincoln
Estates-Richardson Heights Rewards totaling $38,000
which he was deposed. powerful colon moved swiftly
area. In that way, it is figured,c thADAM to exclude him after weeks d have been posted in connectionwith I
"." The reque.t for an audience the calls was that they were hearing Powell accused ubhi,- the Jackson kOUng, which j
with the Sheriff came after a' being made by pr hk5tft.:'He sly of padding his payroll, & GoY Paul Johnson' labeled e"heinous
k .shooting nearly occurred when also said plans have made to lug travel funds of his education and senseless mardtr. -
.Duyal County patrolmen werecalled deal with would-be titackerd and labor committee for pleasure F ."' Johnson/ assigned ,state
td. investgate the defacing and hinted that even the telephone trips ant for refusing to Investigators to the case. I
of Negro homes The nuisance: callers are sub- "cooperate" with the special .,, Officials of Natchez, where
flare-up occurred when a county ject to being trapped. He did committee investigating Nny National Guardsmen were ant! I
officer alleged pushed a Negro not elaborate.Not $L Powell evedently eas cutoff: to keep racial peace for several '
complainant during the Investigation only county residents have the payroll at $30,000 a year weeks last year vowed that
and wound up with both been victims of annoyances.Residents with the exclusion vote Wed every effortwiHbemadetoap-
officer and complainant drawfog In the rapidly integrating s nesday. One of the special com prehend the person responsiblefor
guns. Springfield have reported ti mittee's other recommendations the "dastardly crime" that
Another development since the that during the night! prowlers -that Powell's secretary shattered six months of tran-
FLORIDA STAR carried an account have filled their auto gas tanks f 1 and traveling companion, qulllty.Cms.
: of the KKK markings. Is with water. Miss Corrine Huff, be fired brother
that Eric O. Simpson,managing There are some who. In all -took effect because Powell whose
killed at his
was by a sniper
:editor of the publication hasreceived tames, have not discounted 0t DO longer rates a congressional NATCHEZ, MBS/-A police officer walks around the boned and twisted cab too UIIIt war borne in Jackson in 1963 after
several death threats.On the theory that the home and staff. blown from the pickup truck in which Negro leader Wharlest Jackson was fatally injured. attending a civil rights meeting
two successive evenings car defacing could well be the The last time a member was Spectators watch the officer February 28th. Negro leaders blamed members of the Ku led about 2,000cltliens..
Monday and Tuesday-office work of young Negro ne'er-do- excluded was in 192L when the Wux Klan for the killing.
workers at the FLORIDA STAR well. On the other hand, It House barred Victor Berger

reported receiving telephone has been learned that lie-filled a Milwaukee Socialist: who had .._- 'd__ d _
,calls Inquiring for Eric propaganda is being seeped to been convicted of sedition.
Simpson.. On Monday the caller whites to the affect that Negroes There is differing opinion over Miss Eartha White .re 7
stated be did not like what was are raping white women. Despite k > I how many members-elect have ,
printed in the paper and went the tact that there have been denied admission, but five
on to state that "we are goingto been no official reports of such is considered the maximum. iTwlde-eyed I blackbeautywith nSencasToa toiMrve WGHFf
kill Slmpon." The caller crimes it is readily seen that Realizes DreamOf : and all the tiles (Pagans) until the time
also stated that the office wouldbe some unthinking whites might characteristics of a Nubian of the Gentile 1s fulfilled.
bombed. believe such lies and set out to CLAYTON POWELL Move To Trim peasant girl came to Jackson-
Simpson's first reaction to get revenge. Harlem congressman can't lose Nursing HomeA i iI i: vlll bearldlng a seldom heard Q. Were Jesus and the Jews
Citizens realize that home and If the courts rule In his favor theme: That Negroes miut prepare white?
and nuisance to back to Africa-the A. Not Jesus and the Jews
car defacing go
as it did fn the case of
NAACP Seeks calls whether are EEOC homeland were of the same people as the
they perpetrated Bond, all well and good.If Opposed !
by whites or Negroes the courst don't rule in bisfavor I milestone and the fulfillment of lifelong of a 90-year-old I r Unlike Marcus Gamy, the (so called) Negro. They looked
Negro Jacksonville woman will mark tie dedication of the Just u your brethren. They
-could lead to racial strife he'll in the special I t Black Liberator of the twenties
FRI Probe run t
Thus, Negro leaders issued an election, to fill his seat. And WASHINGTON- The National : 120 bed Eartha M.M. White Nursing Home. Sunday afternoon at j[ who encouraged Negroesto were and still are a black
to Negro youngsters to it is figured that be will win, Association for the Advancement 2 p.m. j I contribute nickels and dimesto nation of people. (Jews, Hebrews
Of Shooting stop It, If they have been committing hands down. of Colored People has I The home, at 5733 Moncrlef munlty center a soup kitchen purchase a ship for the Israelites all pertain to
the acts. It Is pointed Powell has been quiet during barged that the propsed merger 'Road, was bult with a $780 during the depression, Old Journey back to Africa, Gloria the same people.)
PR4 TTYlW. Ala The that aside from disturbing the the days while congressional of the Equal Employment : 000 federal Hill-Harris grant I Folk's Home, home for delinquent ..rner. who comes from .
NAACP. bas asked the FBI to peaceful relationship that li committee has been deliberating Opportunity Commission Intoa and is on a two-acre tract I Negro girls, the Harriet Chicago, merely admonished Q. Who are the people who
'investigate circumnuinces under currently existing in Jackson- over his case; but no cabinet-level department donated by Miss White. The ,,- who ever would listen to her to, call themselves Jews In America
which one Negro was rill and Duval person of both sooner than the fateful decisionwas would seriously impair the abllty edifice represents 71 years of: Shereuto the emigration. and have control of Israel
fatally shot in the back in the races might become seriously. given, h be let the world to obtain redress of service to the Negro community -, declared Negroes today
station, and murder and possibly fatally hart. know the penalty meted out to ployment discrimination, grbevf f by woman who was I I need not worry about the I A. They are Europeans, that
being charged with the him stemmed from racial discrimination. a ces. ; born 13 blocks away from where i i cost of transportation to the came into the East during the
of a white man during a dispute President Johnson has asked f her mother was sold on the slave; Promised Land. She adds confidently reign of Alexander the Great I
over repusesslon of an Year Round House members,suddenly that the commission,established } auction block.Dedicating "It didn't cost Negroes and the Roman Empire,adopted i
automobile.The ned righteous ignored their by the 1964 civil rights law, ( the three-story''! a penny to get over here and your culture way of ]
Rev. Kenneth 1.. Buford, Negro History leadership's pleas and voted be absorbed into the proposed J faculty for Indigent patients will : it won't cost them anything to carried it back Into Europe.]
NAACP state field director to bar Powell from membership Labor and Commerce Depart- be Miss White, U.s. Rep. |i get back there-going to Africa
reports that the Association In the 90th Congress It ment. Charles Bennett and two of, will be a matter of fulfillment Q. Are there any white Jews I IHebrews I
Is charging civil rights violations. Study Urged was the first such move in Roy Wilkins executive director Miss Whites friends who have' v. .... of Scripture.In ( Israelites) I
Mr. Buford has an affidavit 46 years. of the NAACP said that seen more than 100 years pass. !! a pamplet captioned "True A. There are no white JewsHebrew
singed by Charles EASTON Pa Knowledge Powell was at "The End of since last Sept. 23 be bad been Harold Gibson, executive director -, ) Identity of the People Called ( Israelites The white
Raspberry shortly before lILt of one's own history is the the World" t her on BImini Island requesting the Secretary of Labor of the facl'lty. full- Negroes" some of the questions that call themselves Jewlshare
death, stating that after he was "very essence of building a In the Bahamas! when the to shut off funds to the Ohio time 70-man staff, with Dr. W., and answers given are u follows not the Descendants of the Biblical -
questioned at the police station sound psychology" for any people House voted to deny him the State Employment Service. Be W. Scbell as medical director : Jews (Hebr..latael1te.).
of William charged that the Ohio Bureauof Q. Who the People Called They are only foUowlngtbe t$ culture.
about the killing said Dr. John A. Morale, oath of office ,and lILt teat will begin accepting patients are
Cranmore, the white auto dealer assistant ececutive director of for a 12th term. Unemployment Compensation from two existing delapldated MES EARTHA WHITE Negroes? .
be was told be was free to the NAACP u be addressedthe The final roll call to bar bad tolerated anti-Negro practices homes on Mllnor Street.Gibson Beecber Stowe Center A. They are the Children of
leave. The affidavit states that concluding rally of the second Powell was 248 to 176. said the two homes, begun by Community Israel, descendants of the people Q. Were the people called
.'u be was walking away, be was annual Negro History Week On an earlier showdown vote, Herbert Hill, the NAACP Miss White win be phased out. for, day turning care over center building to the whose history is recorded Negro picked up from the Gold
shot in the back. Police claim sponsored by the Easton Branch the House rejected a plan proposed national labor secretary filed The new facility, with semi- Greater Jacksonville In the Old Testament of Coast of Africa?
that Mr. Raspberry bad attacked of the NAACP. by a special investigating charges with the Labor Department private rooms will provide Opportunity Inc. and Economic> your Bible. The same people A. Yes, our people fled Into
an officer while leaving the "If we are to come to grips committee and supportedby against the Youth Opportunity physical and occupational home. a Nursing as were Moses, Jesus Joshua Africa during their many trou-
;Jail. with our own history we ought Democratic and Republican Center of the Ohio Service theraphy as well u outdoor and all the prophets bison times Last from Cpersecution ') .
Meanwhile James Huffman, to; learn and discuss it all leaders to seat Powell and then in March, 19M. recreational areu to welfare : of the Romans !
who was himself shot during year round so all our child subject him to public censure, The NAACP has filed more patients from the county and Q. Are the Israelites God's (Titus) In 70 A.D. This was
with Mr. Cran i than 1,200 chosen ? foretold by the prophets years
the argument ren -white and black-will loss of his 22 years of seniority of discrimination state. people
more, had been arrested and know their complete heritage. and an unprecedented $40,000fine with the Equal The facility under construction RACE: AND SUICIDE A. Yes, they were chosen and sgo
.charged win Mr. Cranmore's I Dr. Morsel predicted that the for misuse of public funds. Employment Opportunity Commission for the past year was given the law, by the God of Q. Can we prove that the
.murder, Sheriff Philip Wood civil rights struggle In the next That crucial roll call vote was accusing employers, begun four years ago when Miss In the U.S., the Negro suicide Abraham Isaac and Jacob.Q. ((So Called Negroes are the
.of Autanga County says an autopsy 10 to 20 years is going to be 222 to 202, with 109 Democrats unions and 30 state employMntservlces White made application for the rate b 3.9 per 100,000; the House ethereal?
will establish whetherthe i harder than in the past. "The nay 03 Republicans rejecting supported by the .funds. white rate U 11.4, the Catholic Then why do n suffer? A. Yes, we can prove beyond
shots that caused Mr. apt Is not going to be drama- the seat-and-punish Labor Department. Miss White's philantrcplc Digest note. A. For disobedience to God a shadow of a doubt, that
mores death were cran-j Ic or spectacular. The Job resolution. Favoring it were ivities Include the Clara WhiteMission by breaking the law and profaning the people called Negro are the
Mr.. Raspbery or Mr. l Is to ret to the roots of poverty. 131 Democrats and 71 Re- .. *** *** a World.War Lcom- His Name. We were Rouse of Israel.

1 \


0 -_. --_. 0 .
I :: U y q


-- -
I I. --

NEWS ],o.. ,Be ItplBy 'I If

Published by the Florida Star Publishing Company f YOUNG

MEMBER I write this week with profound sadness. Two of the most

r remarkable and valuable young people In our history are
dead. Stephen and Audrey Currier, both In their early 37s,
NEGRO PRE TIONAL, were''ost In a plane over the Caribbean. They leave all who .

I knew them shocked and 'saddened but they leave us with a '

i legacy, which If we could but understand and learn from It,
ERIC 0. SIMPSON Editor i. I could save our society from further pain guilt, and human
..Managing r I suffering
I Stephen and Audrey Currier defied the usual
\W\ '
HILDA WOOTEN......Circulation Manager : .: \ : generalisations and stereotypes. They had great 1

j wealth, but felt their richest momenta jrere iii
I In sharing that wealth with Individuals who bad
2323 Moncrief Road Phone Elgin 4-6782 ,# : : A i the least and with the causes that represent them. I
i They moved comfortably wlhhesdsndstatessnd
Mailing AddressP.O. most relaxed and happy when they talked and worked with time

who were society's greatest victims. They appreciated Beauty
Boi 599 Jacksonville, Florida 32201 -that which nature has produced as well as that created by our
great artists-but could always see and work toward the potwtlal -
( t' beauty present in people living In the worst slum.
MIAMI OFFICE They were white in complexion, but saw this as an accident of
{ t "I .birth--not as. a symbo'! of advantage, privilege or superiorityover
5018 NW 7th Ave. Phone 151.3819 .\.\ other human beings of different color. --
I The were Protestant in religion but chose to express their
SUBSCRIPTION RATES J faith, not In creedal affirmation, but In the confirmation of
One; Year $6.00 Half Year $4,00 I ____ ; I their daily deeds. Above all, they were never condescending In

Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States r "r their relations to others; rather they possessed humility con
Subscription payable In advance staidly searching for truth right and beauty.

Send check or Money Order to: I Stephen and Audrey Currier expressed, in many Informal
ways which the world will never know, thler concern, thler "
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 generosity, and their decency toward their fellew human beings
Jacksonville 1. Florida The Institution which more formally reflected their desireto
I help people was the Taconic Tfoundatlon. But here again .'
Administrators Must Get New IdeasOur II Ii i Stephen and Audrey Currier refused to fit Into a pattern
I Because of them this foundation dared to accept new challenges.
administrators in the predominantly i Instead of Investing the bulk of their foundation resources In

Negro colleges cannot be contented to traditional health and educational programs and institutions
they chose other wise. They gave these resources to theunpopular
rest on their laurels and continue to THE JOB SQUEEZE MUST BE BROKENI! even those not yet fully-respectable causes. They
offer the same kind of programs year in
chose not brick and mortar-but programs and people.
and year out. The nuclear age demands I The Taconic Foundation was different also in that the Curlers
progressive changes and departure from ,.-- ----- --- -- ----- -- ------- -- --- -- --- -- -- _._. were most active inlts day-to-day administration and decisions.

common liberal arts curriculum, teacher They knew Intimately the organizations and Individuals who
were the beneficiaries of both their funds and their sympathetic
training program, old-time argicultural YOUR Weekly il understanding and counsel. Unlike some foundations, they
and home economics centers.We often gave "with no strings attached" because they trusted and
have moved by the 'mule and plow respected the organizations and people to which they gave.
age" and "the agricultural agent" 1 Their creative imagination and great dedication led to such
training approach will never do at this 1 significant developments u the Council for United Civil Rights

time. Who needs Jeanes supervisors in Guide I Leadership, which brought unity, communication, stabilityand
Horoscope financial resources to the civil rights movement when they
home economics? Who needs industrial 'were most desperately needed.

training of the "old shoemaker hammer i I Those same qualities gave birth to the quietly effective Potomac
** *
Institute in and to Urban America
and nail type, "house constructionof I Washington a merger
fifty-years ago in a mobile home' and"prefab" *** By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER *.* *. of two groups concerned with urban planning that in Its brief
I tenure and begun to make a major Impact on this crucial
era? The answer is obvious.A American problem.

case in point is that of four pre- 1 These accomplishments are know-though not well enough.But .
dominantly-Negro colleges in North 1 WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR there were many others. For example, only a very few
Carolina. These state schools requested I people know of the part Stephen played in the life of the brilliant -

enormous biennial budgets, buy they were Negro youth who had to take leave of his Peace Corps
I BUSINESS I LOVE TRAVEL duties In Africa because an eye Infection threatened loss of
cut drasticiallysome as high as 80 percent
i his sight Because of his sympathetic concern, this young man
The reason given for the cuts included was taken to one of the nation's best specialists, who worked
: ._ __ ___ ____ night and day to save his sight and to return him to the worldto
.rrrrrrs.rrrrrARIES .rnr..rrrrrrrCANCER rr.rrrrrrrrrrIORN "' ----- ------ -,
"Sweeping changes are required if the realize his great potential. Although they never knew the
state's five predominantly-Negro colleges I I young man, the Curriers paid the bills.
CAPRICORN Because they passed this way, this world is a far better
are to assume their rightful places in ,LIBRA, ,' ,,, I place-and many of the human beings who inhabit it will enjoya
the mainstream of higher'educatfon. ..' BORN MARCH BORN JUNE ...,n ?;f EPT.: :'..-:.. BORN DEC. I happier 0 and much more productive life As their closest

The Governor and the BucTget Advisory"Commission JULY 22nd 23rd : JAN. friend attorney Lloyd Garrlsonsaid, at the memorial ser
19th 23rd 22..
added: "We believe that the 21tft. APRIL 22H- -OCT J 1 15th vice "No sea

philosophy under which thest institutionswere The beat Is slow. Many Arlans See and learn. There Is a Ifs up to you. The privilege Keep posted. Seeing that there* all hen and "ey.
created is outmoded, that their should have learned through time for learning and there is a to say yes or no Is entirely Is little planetary activity to!) mankind
continued development along present lines the years that the first 3 weeksof time for action. It thereforeis yours when somebody makes .talk about during this first What Mikes A Hospital?
to the state." this month are never much exceedingly Important to unusual proposition. Consider quarter, it Is more of a period< will prove costly to brag about. In fact, they stretch the educational period what this will do to good name, for study, planning discussion,! When we read the newspapers these days,
Thus, the Negro state collegeswere often comprise the periods when as far as it will possibly go professional standing, and or Just relaxation. This could' we note that much is said about impressive
limited to modest improvements on health Is at its yearly low and without Jeopardizing your family relationships before aid in refreshing your mind;
the assumption that the North Carolina frustrations at their annual ability to make the most effective taking any steps that could be and body for the rise In tempo!! buildings and size of the facility. Size

General Assembly will act on the more high. The surest way to cope use of it. There is no called drastic or UDCOOvenUooai. due to follow almost immediately -| means nothing unless there are enough
with such situations, when they age limit for those who really One may already have thereafter. Ai> nurses to care for each pa-
comprehensive recommendations of the crop up, is to retire to the are Interested In acquiring an inkling of what is brewing significant event Is the entry'! tient adequately.Sad .
board when they are presented.One side lines and watch the rest knowledge or perfecting suspected and this should goad into doing of Saturn into your solar 4th, truth of the matter is
must not be too quick to accused the of the parade go by. Obtainall as well as established a lot of self-questioning before house on the 3rd. Mental endeavors that the
the rest you require, accept talents. It will no doubt be committed to a single projector or obligations may be public has been impressed more by the
officials of racial without
prejudice corrective treatment for what prudent to obtain the1 full understanding person. While this replaced by physical ones building, of more and more hospitals than
first examining the evidence. The Negro ever may be bothering you, of existing or Intended first quarter it relativelycalm calling for fitness and 'building' nurses.
citizens should visit these schools and and do a Uttle looking into the life associates. this does not apply for endurance on the highest level. We come now to a very important fact
see for themselves first hand. Alumni past. 4 60 55 19 100 the remainingoneswhlchahould This also Is one of the major! it must be :
contain enough excitement to milestones that we all apparent by now that
must not be reticent in making suggestionsthe LEO last )'oufor a good while. encounter in life Indicating that the training of nurses is just as impor-
administrations, that if they came tant and a public the
we are leaving one sector and as construction
from certain members of their faculties. TAURUS BORN JULY entering a new one. of hospital buildings.

Often a faculty member, with a "sparking BORN APRIL 23rd.AUs. These two compliment each other. We can
idea" and the courage to present it, is 22DI I
no longer afford to leave the educationof
cut down in ignominous defeat.In MAY 20th Dreams can materialize. The BORN OCT. : nurses to chance as we have done so

the past, when rating agencies have Ask yourself. Before arriving Leos who dream regularly may BORN IAN. I long in the past
24th .
NOY 22nd
at definite conclusions be said to be living two lives. .
any ,
visited many of these colleges for the about those close to your heart While this is entertaining, the 2oth- .. 18th l The nation must quickly face up to fact

purpose of reaccrediting, they don't find as well as about yourself, it tendency to mix the two should Ifs lighter Matters that were 'Your' hands are willed Thi that once we have Improved our nurse
the whole truth drafted into the recordsto would be wise perhaps to ask not be allowed to develop. The lying heavy on your heart, In departure of Saturn from yom training program to the point where it
be examined by the team. Many times yourself some very pertinent world that we reside in is very connection with children, romance solar fond house should be plea commences to produce a sufficient numberof

the faculty members have already pointedout questions. Have you always real, as many are about to find or your creative of welcome news that you hat nurses for every local need, we are
valid criticism and made creditable followed the dictates of your out subsequent to the entry of Interests, may be on the way been waiting a -long time t< going to have to pay those
: conscience? Have you Saturn into the solar 9th house out. But this also signifies that bear But the experience gains nurses
recommendations.But after the 3rd. If have madeno enough salaries to induce them to
been Inclined to spoil your you you have to undergo a periodof regarding the earning, spend serve
then what happens? Some high-level cherished ones,or allowed them provisions for the future, readjustment which is not log, and managing of personal in several communities
administrator, or team of administrators too much liberty and too little many who may be classed as the easiest thing for most and family funds, is likely to
rehash the report with considerable "pad supervision? Or have you been senior citizens are liable to Scorpios to do. Keep on the be invaluable in I the condos Cyclists Becoming Street Hazards
remiss about start feeling the pinch. Those
shouldering lookout against the hidden activities of your affairs hereonward.The
ding in order to make it look good on certain who are enough shouldsee
responsibilities that young of teenagers who are rather carefree ways of the past If one delved into the North Carolina
paper. were yours exclusively? to it that you are fully most susceptible to fall in bad are bound to make way for records he
that two-wheel
trained to meet a world that
But, of one thing we are sure, 3-30-22-18-554 company and Indulge harmful the more conservative policies
is changing faster than UK vehicle accident skyrocketed during 1966.
the teams fools these practices that come with the years. In
visiting are no GEMINI
of to with The
ability many keep up instances where tensions have record indicated:
days. Our predominantly-Negro schools BORN MAY It. 1 50 II -13 143
existed in key associations, (a) Forty-four motorcycle riders were
must candidly admit their weaknesses
2ht- JUNE there 1* good reason to expect killed in 1966 as compared with
tell the whole truth, and then seek ways 2ht SAGITTARIUSBORN a spirit of greater friendliness 27 in 1965.b .

and means to correct their deficiencies. It may beyouAlthougbprWing VIRGO NOV. to tirely.reduce. or replace: .them en- ( ) Fatal motorcycle accidents in that

yourself on being more reason. BORN AUG. 23r1-DEC.' 21st 8-10-99-14-220 state increased 67' per cent while regis-

This Week In Negro HistoryFeb. able could than emotional, Gemini 23rdSEPT. 22nd Look some more. While you tration went up 50 per cent.

succumb to the call of It's love or respect. It takes may be warmly I enthusiastic PISCES( (c) Motorcycle deaths accounted for
28, 1869 Fifteenth Amend neat (Negro suffrage)passed. romance. Geminlans who are the exceptional Individual to at first
very well over a person, hobby BORN FEB. nearly 25 per cent of the increase In
young may run Into
Feb. 27, 1844 Dominican Republic established.Feb. parental apposition Others who respect command of both others.the affection One oftenis and or interest anything, It may that not captures take muchto your 19th-MAR. 20(1(" highway death in 1966.
are more mature Here is the in
face cyclists' problems are
gained at the expense of the cool off With liars readyto Find yourself Many of
28, 1776 Phyllis Wheatley, famed Negro poetess, visited the frowns of disapproving other, and It is up Hach and start on a retrograde Journey are apt to find yourselvei Florida, and we are considering bycyclesas
Gen George Washington on her birthday. friends. And those already 'Wed, the priceto is to be preferred. It burning duration, at the close of this of the new sense of freedon wheel drivers bob and weave in and out of !
Feb. 28, 1869 First recorded exodus of the Negro people obtain your freedom could with ideals or belonging to theopposite quarter, you should ban time to which, )'OIIlDty have becomunaccustomed. traffic lanes with complete abandon.
from the South. run high. This all adds up to camp, It is difficult to do a lot of thinking Ton may This Is gob
the conclusion that the pathof to evade building up startling have to alter your approachto to call for considerable though They seem to think they are privilegedcharacters
Feb. 28, 1943 Anti-Negro rio:s in Detroit, Michigan. love may be strewn with enmities But if preferring to one that Is more deliberate, and a program that you cai .
thorns besides roses.No matter 'remain In a'neutral corner realistic and conservative. Ton follow without too much con Many of the 'motorless'cycle ridersare
Feb. 28, 1956 Beginning of bus boycott in Montgomery, Ala., what anyone may be going and to be friends with everyone will' then become less likely fusion. It should considerably not defensive drivers. They expect
which resulted in desegregation in public transportation through, guard reputation or, one risks antagonizing the to get Into difficult situations easier for the Pisclans who the bigger and heavier vehicles to give
facilities. position jealously, and do not who Is, or expects: to with top
person people or key have, or expect to Join op with, them break
give away or spend your earnings be, your life companion. You associates And if you have a partner who has all a even if they are in the
Feb. 28, 1957 Cast rules Jim Crow buses unconstitutional. too liberally. When it .may not dare reveal the true curtailed social activities the answers and who can provlitentloo wrong.
I comes down to brass tacks nature that Is hidden from view .you We are not traffic experts, but we feel
Feb. 28, 1957 ;federal flvlj Bights Commission created most could be Interested In lest you relinquish, ftihtim somewhat j=:= thdtvour experts can slove this problem
success key associates who be
Feb. Z8, 1960 First student sit-in AiTCollege, Greensboro considered Indispensable.may premature. to earning capacity, together with the backing of the
North Carolina. 5- 90 -88 -13 -680 1-80-44-11-700 3-40-33-17-200. 3.60-x5.19.389 citizenry.
uw I .;,.... .t IS I

1 .

.... T "" ..... .. ....

SATURDAY MARCH 4, HBJ till tttttt __ PAGE 3- ..

TEA TIMEMrs. First Lady Honored By her Sorority Sigma Gamma Rho Epicurean Culture Club; Session : I

be the. Sarah speaker Washington tor the annual will Presents ContestantsGamma ;i ,
Coffee Sip scheduled March 12 Omicron Sigma Chapter -
In Day Spring Baptist Church Sigma Gamma Rho SororIty
dining area. The event is being :I r will present for the second

sponsored by Usher Board 2. I i rlrI time, its Junior Miss e,
My f
Other participants In elude: "Rhomania Contestant, ,"comprising -
Rev. John Payne, Mrs.Theresa I the Royal Court.
Donald, Mrs. Ann Taylor, Mrs. I This extravaganu will be
Pirscilla Wilson, Mrs. Esther presented in the auditorium of
Milton, Mrs Lena George and the Eugene Butler School on
the Male Chorus of Mt. Sinai Acorn St. April 21, beginning
Baptist Church i
.....?... at 8p.m.
The Royal Court will Include:
Miss An Glgl Williams,daughter -
An Appreciation Tea will be i I 1snr .y t. of George Williams and
sponsored March 12 from 4 to Mrs Gladys Robinson -
i sponsored t. 7 Y a
6 p.m., in honor of Mrs. E.M. : by Soror Dorothy K. ;J Jw
Alvarez Mack The event will
I Owens and Soror Emma Lee a ti ,. R
be held in the home of Mrs. 'I Duncan, sponsored by Soror
Alice Conway, 1288 W. 28th Rosalie H. Shannon and Soror
St. Mrs. Mack Will be the Mary Alice C. Smith Miss
speaker. ', Patsy Brinson,daughter of Mrs.
********** l
Thomas Brinson, sponsored by
ioror Rubye L. Wilson and
A Candlelight Tea will be >I I i' r n n iA i Soror Trellis Murray; Miss
sponsored March IS at 8 p.m., Shirley Jackson, granddaughter
in the home of Miss Evelyn of Mrs. Shirley Lyons, sponsored
Hlghsraith, 2826 Jupiter St. by Soror Marie L. Jackson
Mrs. E. M. Mack will be the and Soror Thelma'
speaker. I Bridgette Miss Charlene
iI i Elaine Davis, daughter of Mr.
i and Mrs. Harper L. Davis,
Pride of Maceo Temple 186, {i sponsored by Soror Annettee
Daughter Elks, will sponsor a !I Cunningham TrJ1f -r-1'
W1ViLL 1
Calendar Tea March 19 from '

4 to 6 p.m., at the Elks Home, ..- -- -- Ladies -
71} W. Duval St. Mrs. Edith' Miss Nancy Frlnks, a Florida A4M University Simplicity Mrs. Jeanette Seals recording .
Taylor is the general chair- MtETING -"When the Epicurean Culture Club, secy. ;
man. Outstanding talent in the sophomore speech correction major Install Officers one of Jacksonville's popular groups held Miss Clotel Seals, vice-president; Mrs.
lty will participate from Jacksonville.I kisses Mrs. Pearl Gor its regular meeting recently a delightful Mrs. Juanita Whitt, sinking fund treasurer -

upon presenting her'a token of appreciation Installation service was held evening was enjoyed following the business ; Mrs. Mildred Pearson reporter,

WedsMr. from the Beta Alpha and Delta Kappa for the Ladles officers Social of and the Simplicity Savings- session. Among those present were Mrs. Odell I El White, sick fund committee

Newly Onega Chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha: Club In the home of Mrs. G.V. seated from left Mrs, Eugenia 8. chairman; Mrs. Viola Monroe, financial

and Mrs. Arthur Smith cxjrorlty, Inc. The occasion was at the Davis. Mrs. Mable Stokes conducted Chisholm, Miss Helen Robins, Mrs. Mary secy. ; Mrs. Vivian Robinson, Miss Bernice'

of 1016 Powhattan St., have sorority's Founder's deck banquet helu the installation. Mackey, Miss Barbara Robinson president; Griffin and Mrs. Henrietta.Abney, parlia
announced the February 24th recently on the Florida MM Universitycampus. The officers are: Mrs. Eloulse Mrs. huth D. Brown, treasurer; and Mrs. mentarlan. The meeting was held In Doby
Wells, president, Mrs. Helen
marriage of their daughter, home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pearson.
Fatty Jean Smith to Fred Allen Jackson, vice president; Mrs. Bertha Torrence, chaplain standing are Street

Sawyer son of Mr and Mrs. Annie Stokes, secretary; Mrs.
John Foster of 1027 Daniel St. FAST FOWL Mary Mathis, assistant secre- I Miss D. Gilmore J.R.E. Lee Installs f Heroines Of Jerico : Sleeping Car Porters '
The tary; Mrs. Jeanette Thomas, ll
reception will be .
The fastest flying of the standard game birds is the .pur.I
announced at a later date. I financial secretary; Mrs. Officers Plan Observance Ladies AuxiliarySponsors
wing goose, with a recorded speed of 88 m p h.l Florizell Bryant, treasurer; Elected President Chapter |

--- -- .. .. Mi's. Mary Rivers, business Mrs. D. Gilmore was elected George W. Conoly, executive I t:I ContestThe
t.i( ;. manager; Mrs. Mable Stokes, president of the Chit Chat secretary of the Florida AAM Of Palm Sunday j. '
chaplain; Mrs. G.V. Davis, reporter Social and Saving Club in the I University Genenl Alumni Association The annual Palm Sunday I!i Ladies Auxiliary to the
.J4xs lOBBOX'' sinking; Mrs.fund treasurer Speller Mrs., home of Mrs Mattle Brown. : Installed the officers celebration of the Heroines of j i Brotherhood of Sleeping Car
Mildred Cain, Mrs. Catherine; Other officers are: Mrs. E.i! for the J.R.E. Lee Chapter Jericho of Duval and adjacent I Porters, Jacksonville Division,I
;Floyd, vice president; Wlllene I at Holiday House. counties will be held March 19 will sponsor a baby contest Sun-
King, Mrs.
1701 MAtiM, ; .$r I RN R ith, r : committee Beverly; Mrs.Hudnellprogrm Maudella- Walker, recording secretary;i I Officers installed were: Mon- at 2 p.m., In Simpson Methodist I'day I I from 4 to 6 p.m., at the
Mrs. E. Wilder assistant I soles T. Davis, president Al- : Avenue
Myrtle Library
t Greene secretary Church, Kings road and Cleve-
\ Mary Wright,Mrs. I
n ,$ fH 'f ''.D\ lobe Evans Mrs. ; Mrs. Alma Henry,financial phonso Scurry, vice presidentKay land Street. The contestants are: ValerieL.
AWe Lucy
1 ..r McDanIel and Mrs. Fannie secretary; Mrs.B.Ryles F. McKinnon, secretary; Deputy A.M.Frailer has askedall Bryant, daughter of Mr.,Mrs.
Williams hostesses. chaplain Mrs Mattie Brown, Jewel Holloway, assistant secretary matrons, officers apd members Bernard Bryant, 1919 College
GRIIND OPENING sinking fund treasurer; Mrs. ; Walter H. White, to be in wttendance. The Circle and Donna Monlque Con-
Theta Phi Chapter Thelma Toney,business manger treasurer; Hadassah Bullard, sermon will be delivered by nor, daughter of Bottle AllbrtttODI
and treasurer; Mrs. Hattie chaplain; Percy L. Parsons, Rev. A.J. Reddlck, pastor.,I and Joe Conner, 1316 McConlhe
DON'T MISS THIS EVENT Washington, Corroespond- business manager; Beamon All lady auxiliaries and,Jst.,
NAME BRAND SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILYAT Holds Monthly MeetThe log secretary and reporter. KIndall, public relations chairman masons have been asked to{ The participants on program
serve as escorts for the are: Miss Sheila Hlghtower,Miss
DISCOUNT PRICES monthly meelng of Theta The Torey Alveta Johnson, Miss Val-
greatest number of chi dren in history was 69 produced Herlones. I
'l, JH ;;F. Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi by the wife of the Pfjssiart,Fyodor Vassilet'in! the 19th eria Mallory Gary and Terry : "
; Fraternity wastold : century! 5 Baker. I
Davis and O.D. Walker hosts I
RISQUE 4 ,RED CROSS'NATURALIZE The agenda included review
I of activities involving the chap' x.> SHOP AT YOUR ASP

CAPEZIOS ter for the remainder of the 1'' /
I I tJ
3 ::::
Baslleus Rudolph L. Daniels SH@PThe
LIFE STRIDE 'INOREW GEUEI presided. Roy Mitchell was asked I k'J J 1 3000 W. 45IB ST
to represent the group ;
GEPEITO CHARM STEP during the regional meelng in
March in West Palm Beach. I PRICES : THIS AD
MR. EASTON 1ARMANFASHION Present In the meeting were: that ; !
CRAFT William H. Adams, James D. L cares..about; ARE I THROUGH
Alfred, King D. Brltt,MonsoleeT. "J .. I j '- -', j,f
MANEQUINS / H. MIllER Davis, Willie L. Davis, SATURDAY, MARCH 4
g i L' Ulysses Glover, Edward Hall, M
alBERTINA S'' W VOGUE Booker T. Hill, Vernon KJng, '
Willie T.Lee,Cornellous Lock- GRADE "A" 'FRESH FLA. OR GA. ICE PACKED

FREEMAN ; SANDY McGEE ett, Andrew Martin, Roy '
( Mitchell, Percy L. Parsons,
SANDIER j ar COBBLERSMOTHER Rev. Joshua Reddlck, William FRYERS 2 TO 3 IB. AVG. BAGGED 25 :
LEPRECONS GOOSE Scott Jr., Oliver D. Walker, IB.
Walter H. White, L.T.
BUSTER BROWN FIANCEESAMERICAN of St. Augustine, and Willie _

Clil To Meat '
The Seminole Culture Club
MISTER )JAY PAPAGAllOo will hold'it meeting on Monday PEACHPIES
0I1 March 6th at 7 o'clock In the
home of Mrs. Leonora A.Davis
401 West 16th Street. .
ra S OF Mrs. Jennie Ford. President,
FLATS HEELS announced that she is urging ill OIL' :
members to attend what she
SALE described will be"an Important 1 IK PT.
business meeting. She added 1 LB '
that reports will be given the
at the meeting. (LIMIT 1 WITH 3 9C I OZ.: EACH 39C ;

55.00BOTTLE ORDER) ,,..

Ant. .1811.r- I



/Ode 10attir BONE-,IN CLOSED S4T


t!: --- 1 : 1 I

Pretties MIUler1I.
1I.. :r.;
r ..,




Beef at its Best g s EDs e IB. PX6. 38CI 1 3 1 1 OZ.QTM 89Cells

I "(UNIT 1 1WITHI5.000R$ MORE ORDER) Meat .luIIU-

.. ... .. .-- .. I



mi 4 mi urns SATURDAY mm 4. un I II

I Thelmiretles GroupIn McCall Singers Set For Musical Battle Of Songs

i = Altar Call Anniversary Event r Set March 7lh TWO MINUTES rR' .

Mrs. Thelma Edwards and the Sister Rosetta Cabana and I UHH THE IDLE .

Tnelmarettes will observe their r { Mother Maggie Bines will be rr coiNiuut a. HAM Mia.M1IAM .

BY EMORY G. DAVB, DJ). second anniversary March 12 at featured in a Battle of Songs. MU OCHTTCMCAOO 0M 4"J L
NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL"SO 8:30 p.m., in First Born Church, Tuesday night March 7, at HiMQM 1
1459 W. Union St. 8'clock in the auditorium of

YOU THINK YOU'RE FREE Master of ceremonies will be the Holy Church of God in
Deacon Charlie Clsero. Wen Christ. I860 W. 5th St. CAN THE LAW SAVE?

Part of the experience of being a Negro In (the current human appearing Include: Mrs. Eisle Allslngers and groups of the
don clerical therefore, men and brethren,
This writer not wear that
Mae Thomas and the EverReady city hare been invited to attend -
revolution Is an essential quality of courage. This courage Gras garb, but somehow when he visits by this Man it preached unto you
Is called for in a n atmosphere where It Is difficult to Gospel Singers, Boston Singer, r'u' the singing event. !
of sins
_. I church away from home, someone the forgiveness ; and by Him
Travelettes Excelsior GospelSingers ------- -
find an abundance of models for courage,and where Negro frequently it apt to step up to him and Ilk: all that believe are justified from
retreates with the feeling that too much is required of Traveling Stars, Dives
from which
all ,
min. things could
Specials, Gospel Echoettes, Cel- ; ; "Are you by any chance a ye not
itter"' be Justified by the law of Motet"
estial Singers, Latimore Singers
American has the r
small of experienced '
segment Negro
Only a
Nathaniel Jackson Octa- k7,.. 4r Act II tells how this once hap (Vera 38, 39)).
required to march, or picket, or strike. The larger
courage numbers have been only the bystanders-4ometlmesmarveling, vettes, Voices of Faith, Soul pened to Paul and BarN b... They This wat the gist of hit "exhorta
had tlon : Don't trust in the law for
Revivlals, Sunbeam Singers, entered a synagogue at strangers
sometimes sniveling at their more courageous brothers.
and down listen salvation-trust In Christ, who died
Bertha Harris and Harris << simply tat to
In order to crack the patterns of segregated housing, for
Singers, Starlight Gospel Sing After "the reading of the law and for your sins. This makes sense
example, the Negro Is faced with the deeper challenges
courage Some Negro family must be the first to move into the ers, Jerome Thomas and Thomas r the prophet.," however, the leader and it agrees with the Bible at a
Paul of the service tent to ask whole. "By the law it the know
all-white suburb, the all-white neighborhood, the all-white Singers, Rev Fountain and someone
apartment or condominium. the Dixie Jubilee Stagers,McOU them: "If ye men and brethren ledge of tin" (Rom. 3:20)); "it war

Not all whites in these areas have the "courage" to continue Singers, Austin Twins, Krs. have tome word of exhortation for added because of transgressions;
defending these bastions of segregation from what they might Willie V. Bryant, Mrs. loss the people, ..yon" (V'en. 14, 15)). (Gal. 3.19): ); "for as many. are

call the invasion of the non-white. Often there are whites who Bivens, Mrs. Loraine Shepherd, Somehow Paul and Barnabat had of the works of the law are under a

would stand firmly: beside the Negro newcomer to make his Deacon and Mrs.Cooper,Mrs been recognized at men of God. curse" (Gal. 3:10): ); but "Christ
entry facile and riot-less. Sarah Wilson, Mrs. Rosetta Cohen 1 The custom at that time wu to hath redeemed ui from the curse of

There Is another quality of courage that would motivate the Cliftones Mrs. Maggie i1 attending will be asked to render read a passage from the law and the law, being made a curse for u."

Negro to complain, file charges, and sue those who preventhis Black, Mrs. Ruth Fedd and toe a selection then tome page in which the (Gal 3:13)). "Therefore we conclude

free movement, his free selection of where he wants or Sunbeam Christian Club men The program is being sponsored prophets urged the people to ob- that a man it Justified by
choose to live. bers, who will serve u host -, ..,- by Sister Lillian McFad- serve the law. This was followedby faith, without the deeds of the law"

Those Negroes whose segregation-warped minds tell them esses. Tie UcCall Singers .U1 be Thompktns Singers, Golden den. Elder D. Calvin, pastor an exhortation by one or more (Rom. 3:23): .
there is no need to complain, in most Instances are more the slug-laymen brothers a musical re Clouds, Sunbeam Singers, Mrs. of the church announced that of the religious leaden present It should be obvious that the
victims of their own suppositions than the actual discriminat The Laymen Brotherhood Unlcc cHHalanSunday: night In lit. Thelma Edwards, Gospel Trot- the public is tolled.CATHOLICS Well, Paul did have a word of law can only condemn sinners, butit
Loa Those who fear reprisal from the "great white father" of Second Baptist Church will Morlah Baptist Church, 9th and ters, Rev A.Williams,Dinettes exhortation for the people, but It it also a fact that Christ died for

yet lack the courage to be free.A observe Its 21 st anniversary Pullman Streets, sponsored by Miss Barbara Jean Williams, IN JAPAN would be somewhat of a turprite. sinners, to save them from the con

very popular columnist, Sydney J. Harris, suggests that March 13, at I p.m.,at the church. Mrs F. Pugh. Mrs. Miry Nealey, Mrs. Mary Getting to the point of hit message, demnation of the law. "Therefore,
"freedom should be divided into its two components of 'inner Rev. T.R. Lee,pastor of Sprlnghlll Appearing on program will be: Goodman, Arthur Goodman, Only 333,000 among almost t he preached to them Christ and the being justified by faith w* have
freedom and outer freedom. He further defines these Baptist Church, will deliver Evangelist Andrew UcCall and Mrs.! Alice Phillips and the 100 million Japanese are Catholics resurrection and closed hit talk with peace with God through our Lord

components: a) "without the Inner freedom to think, outer the message. He will be accom-i Singers, Soul Revivers,Thomas Excelsior Gospel Singers. according to the Catholic the words: "Be it known unto you, Jesus Christ" (Rom. 5:1).
freedom Is meanlngllss; and b) "without the outer freedomto panted by his choirs and ushers i Singers, Traveling Stars, Digest.

act on our Judgments, inner freedom is irrelevant,*' -- -- GLORIOUS DELIVERANCEFinally II
It Is in this that the who be
conceptual trap Negro ought
* ... It _
emerging from the ghetto mind-the racial mind-4s caught. In 1 Thessaloniant 1:10: ,the Apostle the believer in Christ
In order to actualize freedom, one must first think freedom, * ** *;* CHURCH NEWS C I * Paul, by divine inspiration ass shall be delivered even from the

and then move forward as though freedom is a reality. May cures believers that the Lord Jesus present of tin, for at our Lord'i
we dare suggest that courage Is Inherent in the mind of the WALTERS MEMORIAL Christ hat "delivered ut from the coming for ut "we thai! all be

man who thinks and believes be is free? WRIGHTSVILLE METHODIST Services Sunday in Walters i Memorial AME Zion Church wrath to come."He refers,of course, changed" (I Cor. 15:51)). Believers

There Is an Altar called Freedom, not found In churches, or Services Sunday: in Wrlghtsvllle Methodist Church will begin commence with the Sunday chool at 9:30 with Super- to deliverance from the prissily of should long for Christ's coming for

In some obscure corner of a room in the house, or even in the with the Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Morning service at U'clock: intendent )..B. Rogers pres king: assisted by Eddie Brew Jr. tin. But in other passages he de- them, not merely because these

streets where courageous people march. It is In the mind, and and evening service at 7 o'clock.: Rev. H.C. Archie, pastor, wll U review the lesson, "How Shall clam that we are also delivered bodies of humiliation will then be
the segregated do not have to go far to find it. The Holy Communion will be admlnstered during the services We Pray." from the power of sin. In Col. 1:12: glorified but because from that

by the pastor and officers. Morning service begins at 11
The monthly: official board meeting will be held Saturday at The Christian Endeavor Has r will begin at S p.m., and the to God "Who hath delivered us be tempted or defiled by sin What

8 p.m., at the church. evening service at 6:30: oclcx! The pastor will administerver from the power of darkness and a change that will bel I
Dinners will be sold March 11 in the home of Mrs. J.; Aldonla the Holy Communion and deli the sermons for the major hath translated us into the kingdom The apostle Include all three

ROYAL ART STUDIOGoing I Hopewell, 330 Nixon St. services. Choir 1 and Usher B
J. Rogers at the Instrument. This deliverance, and the glory II Cor. 1:10, where he tells how

of our heavenly position and helve God hat "delivered ut from to great

Macedonia Baptist St. Matthew AME ingt we may enjoy experientially a death, and iotk deliver; in whowe
I Mt. MoriahMen's Communion Rites now, by grace. Rom. 6:14: says: trust that lit will yet d they."

Slates AnniversaryDeaconess Set To Observe "For tin. shall not have dominionover This it why he could write to the
you for ye are not under law Philippiani about hit confidence

Board 2 of Macedonia Day Slated For New MembersAn but under grace." This does not "that He who hath begun a good

Out Of Business Baptist Church will observe Anniversary Men's Day: will be observed mean that it It not possible for the work in you will complete it until

Its 31st anniversary March 19 in Mr. Morlah AWE believer In Christ to tin, but rather the day of Jesus Christ" (Phil. t:6)).
St. Matthew AME: Church will adult class of 15 will be
that it it In
Sunday at 3 p.m., in the church Church with Daniel Bryant as possible any situation, Some may not feel the need of
its 43rd
observe received
anniversary Into communicant
chairman and Eugene Alexander not to tin. Thus the tame passagein deliverance now, but all
auditorium.The we
: PhotosSam'a March 6-12 In the church auditorium
Pick membership Sunday at 11 a.m. '
Up Romans to that
participants are: Deaconess co-chairman. goes on say we need deliverance from sin and its
according to Rev. E. in St. Paul Lutheran Church
board, St. John Baptist Dean James A. Espy of Ed- not yield.ourselves at aer- results Why not place your trust
Church; Rev J. C."Roprs Motley pastor.Monday'at ,ward Waters College will be 2730 W. Edgewood Avenue. vents to tin, but to God, who, in in Christ who died to "deliver ut
8 Rev. N. The class
p.m., Jtte morning speaker.'..:... recently com gnte'hutbrokdl'' sJlfk slower t erEVERLASTING '
f from.'yie'wrath'tofcome.w
Choir ? ; :
3,1I1ufarJL.Flanders McCray'pastor of Union Com Dieted. a ,three month course"entitled ", *, .
t"'At Address21st '" Miss Dorethia, Smith Mrs 'Services; Sunday begin with tM HieoWn.1"r. 1 r ft <\,, W", + r. .a /l,rill
munlty AME Church and members "Life With Cod." The
maybell Paul, Deacon W.... will render service. Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., course stresses the teachings I
with Mrs, Pauline Bryant and
Wright and Mrs. Mary Middle LIFE
Tuesday at I p.m., Rev R. L. of the Lutheran Church.
teachers dedicatory
conducting a -
ton. Wilson pastor of West Friend- service at the altar. Before the rite of confirmation Romans 8:2, when correctly read, lieveth on the Son hath evfrlaittnf/
ship Baptist Church and Rev. four adults will receivethe II li/," and Col. 3:4 declares that thebeliever's
The Holy Commulon will be a most blessed passage of Scripture
J.W. Jones of Allen Chapel sacrament of it "hid with Christin
Holy life
& administered during the major get the tense we should
Myrtle Ave. AME Church, will render the and the class will receive Ito God."
services with Rev. J.C. Sims place a dash between the word."Spirit" .
6% of Americana now service. first communion. Thus the apostle could say:"The
services with Rev. J.C. Ban- and 01. Thus it would
live on farm, the Catholic DI. Wednesday at 8 p.m., Choir 2 Persons to be baptlted' are: Law of the Spirit, [that oil] l\ft in
read "For
airman pastor in charge. The : the law of the
Spiritof -
SAME PHONE 354-1894 gest notes. of Mt. Morlah AME Church Mrs. Kenneth Mae Henderson, Christ, bath made me free from the
pastor will also deliver the life in Christ Jesus, hath made
will be presented in a recital Miss Louis Holxendorf, Miss I law of tin and death." Adam forfeited
sermons and commune the sick me flee from the law of tin and
and Tursday: at 8 p.m., Rev. members following the service. Marian Holzendorf and Mrs. death." hit life by sin, but the be-
ZJ. Tyrus pastor at New Hope Joan Wilson. liever't life be forfeited
ISr 'sa- el'a"rres.r' new can never
The youth deprtment will meet When a sinner places hit inChrist
AME Church, will conduct the Being confirmed are: Mrs for thin life it nothing lest
NOW! each Monday: afternoon for the as Savior he it justified before
service Betty Eddy, Miss Mary Graham than the life of Christ in whom the
Easter rehearsals. the bar of God, because Christ's
Miss Lira Green, Mrs. sinner hat already died and paid
3118 Edgewood Ave. W, Caroline Hammond, Mrs. Ken- death and righteousness are Impu for hit tint-and in whom he nowstands
Services ScheduleServices ted to him. This i
St. Stephen *judual matter.
neth Mae Henderson, Mrs. perfect and complete before
4 LOCATIONS But at the
moment tome-
Sunday'in St. Stephen AME Church begin with the Bernice Holzendorf, Miss thing else God.
happens the
: Spirit
TO SERVE YOU Louise Holzendorf, Mis re It it law, fixed
a a unchangeable
Arthur C.
Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent generates and gives new hft (Tit.
f Madry in charge. Consecration service begins at 10:45: a.m., Marian Holzendorf, Mrs. Ken- 3::5). Now this it a law an inexor law, that tin bring forth death
3701 EMERSON neth Mae Johnson
and morning service at 11 o clock.: able, unchangeable law. The sinner (Rom. 5.12: ; 6:23; et. al). This it
830 CASSAT AVE. The United Choirs and Usher Board 1 will serve, and the Lucas. Mrs. Gwendolyn Mor who sincerely places his trust in called "the law of tin and death,"
ton, Herbert Morton,Mrs.Rosa but the believer kai already died
administered Rev. J.S. Johnson
Commulon will be by
Holy Christ
as Savior ia given life by the
I' 1824 WEST BEAVER Morton, Mrs. Joan Wilson and for tin in
pastor and pulpit associates. The pastor will also deliverthe Christ and has been given
Fred Woodard. A for Holy Spirit. It it always to; it is
sermon. ACE League begins at :5 I p.m., with Miss Edna reception never otherwise I John 5:12 a new life by the Spirit. Thus"The
Boyd in charge and evening service at 7 o'clock.: the new members will be held : sayi:II law of the Spirit," that of "life in
US SAVE YOU following the service. "He that hath the Son hath fife, ." "
Christ, has made the simplest be-
I John 3:36: lays that "He that be-
MONEYl I I liever free from "the law of tin and
rLET death."




I SUGAR 39c RICE 49c .


1 "" "--S'" i "EiIS
: 46 0%. 6 CANS


: $1 00 CLOROX 2geI SALE

I .w



}Pmoaal. Portable TV :

of-LB. BAG
GIANT RESORT a X19 IOC 9 109 DAILY MON. i FRI. 9 to 0

-Invites You To Listen To- "
29c 5ge Light bright and beautiful...

FAD ii I featurea power-packed 20,000
GRITS rl volt chassis that delivers '.ANOI I ei6ANi TI ICAmiANCii <

IIG lAND unsurpassed plcttire: brightness Tiuvnto

and Slim, twautgul s "
tatty fo
-lone color cabinet F 0 MILLER r
i! FLA. GRADE A In charcoal color and Olf White I lIv1tt .

cetor.: Handsome matching *,'u ,a

LARGE EGGS 37 UHF-VHF Mounted Speaker.lt'aArnerlca's controls. !5" x V Front Qaally''gala.. Ser,1ft'

most popular TV
11:30: tl 12:00: Sitirijy 9 '.1. DOWNTOWN

msq. to. JlJi? .SIVD, MJiv.tLTTI171I.UJJ .
ew a u" nM



.L I !

r ..

-..... ..--- .. -..
. ,. ',., .

I :


Only You Can Stem The Tide 1 be Clines fitlu Btivoii Sewers CiYi! Rights MovemeRt Net DJIq

Of Rising Traffic Accidents Leer Says.. Sees- Quiet Revoletien

Who is responsible for the majority of auto accident Prominent civil rights latyer sistance and welfare informa
in this community and on our highways? Is it the automobile lUll R. Douglas decried u non
manufacturer in Detroit? Is it the police, localor onsense today reports that the "We can divide the movementinto
state, who are lax in enforcing safety laws? Is it our civil rights movement in the two phases/* sir. Douglas
large brood of young drivers whose motoring mannersare United States might be slowing said. "Phase one could be described
down or even dying. as opening the doors
as fresh as their licenses? *
h > The movement for1 equality
of society; pining access to
Shockingly, we. you. the man next door and everyone
may: change its norm and oar' rlghts-and that is a legal
who pulled a car away from a curb today in every character its rate, and direction accomplishment. Phase two
local community in every city and town In the country but it can new die- then Is walking through the
are the ones who are largely responsible for "the rising It has in fact turned into a doors of society-end that
tide of blood" on our roads. We are the ones who literally I new revolution, Mr, DouglasS means holding w to the ac-
must stem the tide. said.Mr.. cess.

This was brought vividly to our editorial attentionby .I i Douglas, the new 33-year "It comes don to economics
a current study on automobile safety In a booklet old Board Chairman of the and politics. We must get the
which crossed our desk today. Originally: written for a Scholarship Education and Defense Job but. If necessary, we must
publication of Employers Insurance of Wausau Wau- ::;: Fund for Racial EqualIty get the Job training\ first. We
..u. Wis.. the article has been reprinted at popular demand : (SEDFRE). said: must get the education but, if
by the company for free distribution to inter "A quiet revolution is taking necessary, restructure the
ested parties. A hard-hitting,in-depth piece which uses ; place now, but it is profound educational process We must
words as an automatic power hammer handles nails, and Intense and will reshape get the house but change the
it surveys the field of automobile safety from manufacturer I / our society to bring America housing laws beforehand. We
to motorist. ; 4 much closer to the ideals of must get the vote, but press

From its beginning, which talks startlingly: of how in Justice our Constitution and equality'" inherent even harder" at voting regis
American soldiers are statistically safer in Viet Nam tration.,
A New Orleans who
attorney added that the
Mr. Douglas
than on American highways, the pamphlet spares few has fought successful
many: civil rights movement now Involves -
delicate sensibilities to make harsh sense.
civil rights Mr.
cases, Douglas new people the poor
The booklet points out that auto accidents are multiplying said< he was referring to the and uneducated, who are using .
in number and that their severity is increasing. many: civil rights workers who their energies to keep the communltles 1
It emphasizes that "the guilt-edge remedy" of financial were active now, North and on their feet. "We J!
compensation, to salve our collective public consciencefor South, on a community level welcome the poor white as
injuries and fatalities suffered In highway accidents training local citizens to help well as the impoverished Net t
is far from a solution and distracts attention their communities and them- gro into oar ranks," be said. ,
from the need for a few ounces of prevention."You selves.

can't fix a leak with a mop," states the author. "the shift in emphasis from First Adam
Dlgby Whitman, editor of the Employers Insurance of h direct action to direct results, ,
Wausau publication. The pay.'emof.and.forcetItpol1C y to leadership training on a coramunlty -
I Then Esther
| basis, Is a revolutions -
billion dollars
)' cost this country almost twelve a

,year, nearly two per cent of the gross national --. -- l a for turning Metro point equality in the," Mir.Doug Now MalcolmNEW

product. HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA --A group of National live, Metro Chicago; W. K. Harnew, vice las said "Organised communities '
features in the manufacture of automobiles
Improved safety president central 1 region 6ev show the new direction yoR&NPIFirat
partially inspired by the recent Ralph Nader Distillers executives relax between a manager;
the civil rights movement is
controversy, ate to be applauded, he says, but then series of seminars at the company's Wilder, sales I representative, Metro Indeed moving. This' Is bow the ttterewas Then Esther Adam James.Clayton And Powell.now,a
makes the point that no machine injures by Itself biennial international saoes conference: Chicago Over 500 field men, company and Negro win put an sod to the record featuring the words of
only by human error. held here recently at the Hollywood Beach ad agency executives from all parts of sacrifices society has Imposed the late Malcolm X has teen

We shuddered but were impressed by the author's Hotel. They are from left A. G. McNltt, the world attended the 3-day meeting I Nearly ." planned.
,question: "When the car climbs the sidewalk and butters a million N'eroe.ban the 60-minute
C e n t r a I division manager; Henry A. featuring seminars on the company's Proceeds from
an old lady along the side of a building, will she leading been registered to vote in the record album will be used to
brands -- Old
Metro Grand-Dad Old
Dumouil' sales representative South since the of the
be comforted by the reflection that the driver and his passage provide a home and
passengers are insulated from all harm?" Chicago; Carl 0. Gary, sales represents' Crow, Old Taylor, Vat 69 Gold and others. Civil Rights Act of 1963, Mr. security for his widow nanc1a11. J i
Douglas old. TbJ.anutatta.tnlst. _____..,__ ._ the Rev.,t
Summarizing the article's principal message, two caldres, BCCOTQlUK: HI i
methods are open to change human behavior behind Famed Globetrotters At, Chihuahua! Negro vote in the South at Laurence Henry,associatemin-
Growbltog Nips !.1 million ,or about 60 percent later Union Baptist Church
the wheel of a car. They are persuasion and compulsion I ,
of the
or in plainer words,. education and law In Jax Negro voting age Philadelphia. j
enforcement. Jackson Stats Appear ALPERT AIRS AMALGAMATIONS opnlatlon of the U Southern Malcolm was slain In the Aod-
states. ebon ballroomln Febrnary.1963.He .
Of the two, education is the more valuable "ounce of A version of the Mariachi sicians into her court. Their He said some 7,500 local, was a top leader of the Black '
prevention." Soaring statistics show urgent need for James Jonesenrapturedadotea I chief function was to play at I wait ated civil
with Us sound! was made popular several rights or- Muslims before >"' broke with I
driver education in every state public high school sys protelllooallCout.dazzling i ;"" years ago by Herb Alpert'sTijuana weddings, which earned them, ganisations are active right! them and started his own organnation. -'l}
tem. Today, young drivers under 25 years old make mating shooting, Brass However the the unofficial French title of: now across the country: workIng {
up approximately on-fifth of the nation's drivers but passomg and equally: startling ambling : Catholic Digest observes that manage musicians.By 1 mostly doa community Rev. Henry and his brother, 1 I
are responsible for one-third of our auto accidents and defensive smothered play Jackson: u Cf; State, the pure and ancient mariachi 1900, particularly in the 1 and Individual buts. Atty. Milton Henry,taped an address {
one-third of all fatalities caused by auto accidents. Yet, to win a share of the music ia still considered an west-central state of Jalisco and The lawyer, a graduate of made bydalcol \10 19M. j
only 18 states Include driver education for teenagers in 100-M Athletic Conference American rarity. its capital Guadalajara, mari- Dlllard University: and one of The record wu to br released
high school curriculums. ... acM music had evolved into a the first Negroes to receive in March
Rather than laying all the blame for accidental death The championship.6-6 senior AU- merlw < ', MariacM music is unlike the kind of national anthem, folk!1 a degree from the'Loyola OhIverslty Mrs. Betty Shatau, Milcolm'swidow

and Injury on intentional economy by auto manufac candidate was positlvelypheno-: .t" .. \ folk music of any other country.It song and love ballad combined.\ School of law, said will receive J1 cents
turers, we should clip human error in the bud with menal and gave a splenlferoos ,''I..r;:: developed The chars were expert hone.: .SEDFRE regarded leadership! from the ale'of each $3.75 record -
driver education in the schools. And t.her.than making performance..* ., .i..P'. .. .Austrian.born Emet'orMaxi.milieu ael\whose daring in the saddle training as its most Import. This Is all the royalty I'
more laws, we should enforce the ones that already "Jones scored 30 points against .iI" ? Ui-.EmpJell: and 'talent forsaking' love tprettp'Iedoruel art service. JIT croup, also monet'J&t RsT. Henry,
are on the books with greater zeal. two and sometime three pursuer Carlotta imported french mu 4 emphasizes! defense:'auchprojects as Toe eeveni live in New'York
legal scholarship as
We can't detour the conclusion. Safety on our city and in general p.e' Jackson ,. City.
streets and highways is everyone's responsibility. What agonizing fits. His deadly accuracy .
are you doing about it? and aplomb accountedfor l\\\' '
22 points in the second '. '.. I
half, hiking his season total to .
.' 615 points in 24 games
SOME STROKE! While Tiger fans were elated t tI

The largest painting in existence is probably the Cy. t with Jones' scoring' efforts, I

"cloramn of The Bathe of Atlanta painted in 1885-86, which Jerry Bullets: Krause of especially the Baltimore impressed MEADOWLARK LEMON SU PER MA RKEt ti;
'now hangs in Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia. It is 60 feet with his mental con HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS .i
:high, 400 fet in circumference and weighs 9 tons.
tributions. When the world-famed Harlem
Jones brain threw off sparks Globetrotters appear In Jack- THESE PRICES GOOD IBiOUGB. SUNDAY AT EDGEVOOD AYE. :

throughout the contest sonville one of the most widely
Krause added this appraisal: known basketeers will be one
GOOD PAYING JOBS AVAILABLE "He is a very impressive of the featured attractions
player and be had a great He is Meadowlark Lemon the
IBM CLERK TYPIST "" Bight" : showman who will be packing SUGAR CURED HICKORY SMOKEDPICNICS
NCR GCASHiERSCHECKERS- The entire Grambling squad the Globetrotters with..a bag
responded magnificently: as of tricks against the New York ,
Coach Fred Hobdy; won his 19th Nationals. The performancewill SMALL SIZES
Train Mow-Pay Later. game in 25 starts. take place In the Coliseum 39
Top jobs la lax area for Bowie Davis, a pesky jun10r1IJIU'd Wednesday night March 8, at8p.m. LB.
trained people. High school helped cool off the .
not needed. No age limit visitors with 25 points, and'
Day & night classes. s sN Emanuel Cannon followed the VACATION A LA MODE'
script! by adding ,18 more. M
FREE PLACEMENT: Jackson gave the Tigers' a
SERVICE bad scare before Intermission,|
Accredited by NJAX bad scare before intermission.
CALL J5J-4MJ 31i I They trailed, 50-49 but ran
out of steam chasing the defending
second: half. ROAST LB.49C
The Mississippi five trailed,
by 25 points halfway throughthe I
final 20 minutes and merely -)
: went through the motions.
Big Edward Manning maintained -[
Full Price Down his poise to :pop in 21
66 HT .. $2395 $295 points for the losers and Aaron I j
IAI&NC ::WVfsSKIVSSSSrtr. Sellers pounced on the boards| "
66 Dodge Dart 270 Series $1895 $245 for 18. Near paradise is Guadeloupe's
/ TlC. aiH beach, fringed, with
60 jfSm Sta. Wagon ... $2995 $395 palms and dotted with tiny DETERGENT
tIlit n'Il'M'r. ill'lHTY.a fishing fleets. Air France flies GIANT IZE 59FLA.
Plymouth Valiant 200 $1895 $245 ARMY direct from New York to this
H..AAAUYTOMAAATICNTwt.STalR. RESERVE French Caribbean island of I
M Chrysler New Yorker .$3695 'scenic beauty and old world .I,
65 Buick Wildcat .$2693

j5 Ol LOADID.{ds mobile All' CONDITIONED.BARGAIN'lt Coupe LOAOfo. ,.SHAM At A PIN. $2695 WHEN YOU ARE 'ILL FLAB ''GRADE A FRYERS :! 11. 29* :

63 Cadillac Coupe' When Your Doctor Prescribes
64 Ford Convertible .$1195 Get Experienced Pharmacist
63 Pontiac BonnevlUe.................$1095 According To, Your Doctor's S. GOOD RIB STEAK 6' :
choose from .$ 995
64 Volkswagen ((3 to ) Orters. We Use Only The Best ,
62 Oldsmobile 88 Coupe .$ 595

62 84 Buick Ford Falrlane Electra 225..$$1995 595 Quality Drugs.'; HANDY PACK FROZEN[ FRENCH FRIES 2 LI. lit ".,'" 25e

*. All C. E. BLACK, Proprietor
65 Ponlac Catalina'fD.Hardtop ....$1995Aid '
CONDITION WORTH I MOM. Registered) Pharmacists 'To Serve, You FRESH TENDER POLL BEANS : L1. : 17*
64 Plymouth Barracuda .. ...$1595 ,
V*AIR CONDITIONS. AUTOMATIC MM. _....-.....-": A; COMPUTE LINE Of--......--..- : '
Over 100 Cars To Choose From FLA. GRADE A SMALL EGGS IIHI ni Hirer'; 35ROYAL *
Candies. ,
Cosmetics Rubber Goods Sundries ,. :

). R. EVANS PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED LONG- GRAIN RICE .' ...:;'..:':,- ,.' 511. rn.I .. .' 51*

: Lilly's,I Dreg Store HUE BIRD ORANGE I JUICE '1 .' !I ; 4i ii._ ., CAR\ 25*
3rd MAIN
& .
'." ,
ISO? KINGS : ROAD EL-3.1271 f '
_EL 382_ DFLMOHTE FRUIT COCKTAIL 3ij "us1 : 1941r
___..__ u. ._ .... ___ p. .I ., II' :

f I
---- -- -- -

... . .... .J n. "
. . -

r '

PACE 11 'nofmut "iriiimt M'AICH 4, nil.

-- --

cycle PLENTY America riders OP,hit the PEDAIERS Catholic 60 million Digest bl- On The Other HandBY Count's To Marry Daugilier Negro r::: : Campus NewsNAACP

BRUSSELS Belgium -llucb Tennessee Ail State University. .
LOUISE P. DUMETZ COLLEGE The vespers speaker will be James L. Grant, president

i Blessings, NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALBiting of the FAMU Alumni Association with Miss Darnells Andrews,,
awarded B contract of $28,000, by choral director, Carter-Parramore.H1cII School Quincy, u>
The man born with the gift Rev. stinging rejection Is the forte of the white back- Agriculture, to continue a reaserch guest soloist

Roosevelt Franklin of Macon, lash. This rejection part of the angry resistance characteristic the utilization of wheat by the adult The speaker for the luncheon on Saturday will C.M. Speed,,
Georgia. B Is through God that of a hard core of Northerners who are fighting the assistant superintendent of maintenance at FAMU. The

: I can remove all evUcondittonv drive toward equality for the Negro. this month, is being operated annual pilgrimage to the graves of the founders restingIn
i some questions you may wl* Leading disciples of this newest subversion set for themselves Ceclle H. Edwards professor of Tallahassee will also be made on Saturday. All participants -
to know. during the last election the task of remvolng buman- Dr. Seetha N. Ganapathy,.associate la the Pounders' Observance are graduates of FAMU.
Itarlanlsm from the vocabulary: of the Caucasian population research, will serve u co-director

DO YOU NEED MONEY? The un-American credo of this outspoken sect urges that FORT VALLEY STATE COLLEGE

IS MY SICKNESS NATURAL?' whites stop being "pushed around."

CAN MY HUSBAND STOP It proposes Jail for unwed Negro mothers COLLEGE President Blanchet announced that communications: received
It lashes out at elegant Negroes who can afford homes in
DRINKING? from the Office of Economic Opportunity Mr. Theodore M.
CAN MY WIFE STOP luxury neighborhoods. of Bishop>> College in Dallas,, 1 Barry Director Community Action: Program stated that the
DRINKING? It says, "Take s stand. Resist any kind Improvement in the 1967 Luther Holcomb Award for Fort Valley State College Is recipient of a $116,541 dollar
CAN MY LOVE ONES the lot of the harassed, segregated minority population. Fightto >> February 2L Dr. Holocmb

BE RETURNED? not only keep the underdog where he Is, but work to push Dr. Carry on behalf of the Dallas grant.The grant will help support the "Upward Bound Project

him farther back-and thus make being white a badge shining I the special noon meeting of that which became a' part of the Fort Valley State program In

They call me Uw (Rodman). distinction. that."T i Crystal Ballroom of the Baker Hotel June of 1966. The project affords under-prlveleged children
But I am only a servant of The backlash hogwash may prove palatable to some. But it of the surrounding counties, opportunities beyond their present
God. Because God 'Is the would seem that most Americans would see through this for his efforts on behalf of the means .

at>rwer to all Wes problems. neurotic regurgitation on many counts. President of a
I am the King of all Day It would seem that most would recognize that a new day has College, be makes GRAMBLDJG COLLEGE
Prophets. Send for my special Indeed arrived. This new day Is one that can make the dull I to assure that there are ab

selected Bible verses. To be pallor of rust that Impedes peaceful integration bright or religious lines drawn at the The Louisiana Higher Education Facilities Commission has
shiny armor of accomplishment. In the public Interest have e-
read on SPECIAL DAYS. recommended t federal grant of. J459.575 Grambllng
Send a self-addressed,stamped( This new day can also see a kind of retrogression toward lines. Au a member of Dallas e College for application toward construction 011 $Zoooooo
envelope and $2.00 for Bible the thinking feudal days. for Dallas" Committee Dr.

verses and spiritual Message. How biting and stinging the backlash can become will be impartial concern for the education The grant building.Is part of $3,650,342 proposal being recommended
reflected in the results of future elections across the country.
Tou will receive Bible six state
verses to the UJ5. Office of Education for construction on
by return mall With entrenched resistance In the South, the spread of back-
lash Northern recalcitrants could difficult AiM university and college composes.College
Send To mean : days ahead UNIVERSITY
: official at Grambllng said the education building
Elections In the coming are of tremendous Importance
,Rev. Roosevelt Franklin the 1967-68 session
630 Morrow Avenue to the future of the Negro. Consequently those citizens who are will celebrate Its 80th Founders' 7 expected to be completed

Macon, Georgia 31201 reluctant to demonstrate peacefully, or write or speak for Founders' Observance Convo I HAMPTON INSTITUTE
racial equality-can express their concern by showing up at the March 10, at 10.00: a.m.. In Lee

'!'I specialize In all case work polls In solid ranks and voting for the liberal candidates who will be Dr. Alonzo T. Stephens, Dr. Jerome H. Holland, president of Hampton InstltuteVa.)

Phone area code, 912-4.55475). care about all of the people. : of History and Political Science at last week announced a grant of $300,000 from the Irene

--- --- -- I Heinz Given and John La Porte Given Foundation to establish
the Given Endowment for Nursing Scholarships at the college
Urges | In com from the Endowment will fund at least twelve nursing

scholarships a year, in perpetuity. The scholarship program

Farmers' Removal will begin next September.


Some 200 Morehouse College faculty membefs, graduates
.MANNING, S. C.-Tbe National
students and friends were treated to a gala reception given
Association for the Advance-
the National Committee recently.
by Republican
ment of Colored People has urged -
the Federal government to In attendance at the reception, honoring the Morehouse
Centennial Celebration were Morehouse graduates repre-
Intervene In behalf of 80 Clar ,
senting professions spanning Medicine, Science, Education,
endon S. C.
County Negroes
Journalism Theology Law Industry, Business and Politics.
and FIGURES threatened with eviction from
their property to provide additional

:; fuge. acreage for a wildlife re- PURDUE UNIVERSITY

"The white people apparentlythink
Harland W. White admissions director Purdue
According to ,
more of wildlife and bunting -
drive to Increase Negro enrollment is currently
University, a
than they do of the Negro
d44 underway. Only 183 Negro undergraduates were enrolled full-
families that will have to move
from properties purchased by time at the university's Lafayette campus last semester.About
tf Also there 26
them through years of hard one-third of them wee athletes. were only
fulltlme students at Purdue's Calumet in
Negro campus
work, blood and sweat, Billy S.
Renaming, president of ,the Hammond, Ind.
"In the past the Negro student didn't hive much of a future
Manning S. C.,NAACP Branch
at Purdue because of the limited Job opportunities in the
said after disclosing: that the
HIGHLIGHTS OF 1966 families were being ordered to field for which we educate," White said.
move "Immediately." "However that's changing, possibly faster than most Negroes !

LIFE INSURANCE IN FORCE .. .$1.573,636,991.42 MORE THAN 31 MILLION PAID TO In an attempt to halt the displacement realize. Where there Just wasn't a demand for Negroes in some
4 the is'ttpyrmiL
:, .. .. : .. II': ..::. :'" : : POLICYHOLDERS! AND BENEFICIARIES $ 31,009,939.40 I. 'of the Negro dirt professions $two or three. ..years- ago... ..now- .. qualified. <*Negro
ADMITTED ASSETS . .$ 187,756,863.91 RESERVE FOR PROTECTION: YJC\UTA1; 'u I I II i corps farmers Include: whose tobacco chief cottom money : *; ,'f g. ; !f" "I ,'U'O'1; u. j

I I OF POLICYHOLDERS . .1134,715,956.51 and syobeans NAACP Execu SHAW UNIVERSITYThe

tive Director Roy Wilkins urged -
nation's educational must to with
system prepare cope
Secretary of the Interior
CONDENSED STATEMENT OF CONDITIONSAS Stewart L. Wall to "stay further challenges far cure complex and urgent than those of the
(displacement) proceedings past according to M.A. Wright president, Chamber of Com-
'. of the United States.
OF' DECEMBER 31, 1966 ; even If It means missing merce
Speaking at a public affairs forum'at Shaw University
season of duck hunting, pending -
1 equitable arrangements with Wright urged a more receptive attitude on the part of educators -

and for displaced families." to the new tools and techlnque learning.
: ASSETS LIABILITIES "Education has been a prime mover in the technological
The land being sought by the
BONDS Reserve for Life Policies and Contracts ..132593434.11 government would be used to and scientific: revolution of the 20th centruy," he said,
"but has remained almost untouched this revolution In
j U. S. Government .$ 3.199,40533 Reserve for Accident and Health Contracts 2,122,922.40! provide more than 1,000 additional by
State County & Municipal 11363553.53 Supplementary Contract Claims Payable 211240.98 acres for theSantee Wild- Its own operations
Public Utility 20,344,109.40 Policy and Contract Claims Payable 3092104.39 life Refuge to raise game "While almost every other Institution has undergone rapid
I IndustrialRailroad : and recent the methods and
47.887.909 change improvement over years,
Premiums Received In Advance 1036209.14 Mr. Flemmlng said that most
5.794,677.71 equipment used In preparing the nation's most valuable resources -
of the
Negro property owners
Commissions Due and Accrued 596,989.16
: human have remained intact
: STOCKS General Expense Due and Accrued . 459,063.32 had already made farm loans for Intelligence nearly
: Public Utility fed'' Taxes, Licensee and Fees Due and Accrued. 2,894,67275 the coming year and had purchased t

Public Banks, Utility TrutU-end Common Insurance Companies 2439137.00 Amounts Withheld M Agent or Trustee,, 219,458.56 s 1181 before being in- VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE
Preferred 101078.10 Unearned Investment Income .' . 7476.08 formed that they would have to
vacate their
:' Banks, Trusts end Insurance Companies- Notes and Interest Payable 10,056,16664 land. Present and future Statesmen will pay tribute to the past
"These people havetarmed all
I Common pf firred' 606,138'00 Security Valuation Reserve '. 520.907.93 when Virginia State College commemorates Its eightyfourthschool

Industrial Industrial! --Common 1.503:896:00 323,453.70: : Other Liabilities/ 365.809.10! their lives. How are they going year In Founders Day Ceremonies Sunday March S,
to exist? Mr. Fleramlng asked.
Railroad Preferred on Petersburg Campus
: Savings and Loan Association Shares 70:000:00: : TOTAL RESERVES AND LIABILITIES .154172050.18! "If virtually Impossible for Virginia State College was established In 1882 as the resultof

I: Investment In Herald Life Insurance Co. 4010768.03 Negroes to buy land down here. the political activities of Virginia Negroes following Re-.
i Capital Stock . 4867937.00 The whites have a closed mar-
Pint Loans
Mortgage on Real EstateReal 67694744.72
,: Estlte. 8825419.51 Paid In Surplus . !9,691.930.74 ,,ket." construction. Today Virginia State College Is a multi-purpose
Institution which the
as commonwealth's only com
: Cash and Bank Deposits 2662091.56
Time Certificates of Deposits 1000000.00 SURPLUS .blnatlon Land Grant College, College of Liberal Arts, and
f Premiums Due and Uncollected 3,280.041.92'' Group Contingency Reserve 811.398.43 College of Education. From an original class of 117 men and

S Investment Income Due and Accrued 1462148.39 Unassigned t. . . 22.253.947.56 College Choirs women, Virginia State has grown to 50 permanent buildings
: Loans to Policyholders 1139215.71 and more than! 2,200 students on Its 210 acre Peterburg cam-
I Collateral' Loans 1410500.00 TOTAL CAPITAL AND SURPLUS .$ 33.584,81373
Other Assets 284230.08 pus. The Institution also maintains a division at Norfolk

TOTAL ADMITTED ASSETS 187756863.91 AND SURPLUS .$187.756.86391_
choirs of six North Carolina
v colleges will be featuredon
the opening March broad-
cast of ABC's "Negro College
i WILFORD C. LYON SR. CECIL B. CARROLL Choirs" series the week of

I ( JAMES H. STANLEY GRACE D. COBOURN March S. The series Is co-
i HI
: G. HOWARD BRYAN BURTON C. BRYAN produced by the ABC Radio

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: j. ALEX HOWARD LUCY B. GOODINQ College Fund and features the
R. M. LYON VIRGINIA Y. HENDRY choirs of the Fund's member
i colleges.To .

11 I be heard on the month's

i : Initial broadcast are the choirs lllJ5 P.M, FRIDAY
n of Barber-Scotia College In -JN COLpIiNTHi

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University Charlotte, Living

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There I./ No Substitute for life Insurance The program will include
f i choral music ranging from 16th

JACOB r BRYAN m..Pm. Chairmen of the BoutfWILPORD JOHN ... .IfGALUI..I Pmldent century\ anthems to music by I j
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: : Gaesti Include. .
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JAMES CRAIG .. .. ...........Vloe President JACK W. a t1C5.Aesictent Vice President and Saint Paul's College, Law-
ii: r J.B. PATS..Vice: : : : ::::: President end Actuary ETHERIDOB JORDAN.::::,::.:.:AMUUnt Via President rencevllle, Va., the week of V

: JAMES B. REEDER....... .. .... .......Vice President GERALD B. HAND.AMUUnt Vice President March 26."Negro .
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,i' J. .. CROUCB..,....>.,%..............unt Vice President 0. SUMNSR.'aiDl4edcsI. ., Dlnotot ,try on varying days and at
different hours. Check your local 1
j newspaper listing for

v f airtime In specific areas :


Lh.<1 _r..... _



.Among The StarsNEGRO Graats-InAid ''Awards For FAMUi', Press Workshop Bias Charged Orders H. Y. School 1 Beard "

Brought To Court '. ::... iSt ;,To U.S. St.el
PRESS INTERNATIONAL ORLEANS- After '.'.".....J' .".'"\""...'.1... .,"..".'"'. ',, '
NEW State Education Atten
'' NAACP Suit YORK- Commissioner James E.
Hot on the heels of their recent signing with PhWpa records a two and ..bIlI year visit, ...t .1. ,:' ." Jr., in a unprecedented order to alleviate racial Imbalance, has-

comes the new release the tile craut.ln-a14projectlibelDl) ..,.. ordered the New York City Board of Education to rescue high
by Toys entitled "Clao, Baby". .
.brought to court. The first sa1ttlap1nIt '" ,
The Italian phrase ( '. school attendance areas In Queens to prevent de facto segregation.
PI'OllOWlCICI''ChawBab1'? means -seeyoa the project Louisiana, national Association for the
later, you flak! The Toys Jumped on the bandwagon to stardom which permits the state to !: ... i Advancement ot Colored Peoplehas '.
win their "Lew's Concerto" which sold a million right give to a student the sum of charged that tilt United The National Association for'' petition.- i

quick.They haven't looked back since WWI the Ashley-Famous $2 daily win which he is enabled lri"i\: iA''it\; \;: j.i, ; ;'i.:.: States Steel Corporation the Advancement of Colored In (is :order, 'Commissioner''
agency *"$*** their bookings, 1 am Dot surprised to see to attend privately .:. I ;,, ,in Fairfield Ala., U guilty of People and other community Allen said"t serious sltuaUotof
that they will replace the Sspremes al the Raaetsrtall in Detroit owned segregated school \. f!; ; "j; ( ',',''i\;' :'i'j; "a longstanding policy" of groups Jointly take Dr. racial Imbalance must be
u co-stars with Henry Youngman. Good looking outl! b scheduled to be beard in1\ \;:. : ,:.i (( racial iyrlHnMn" against Allen last spring steps deemed to exist" when school

federal court on March ZOo .. ... .""' Negroes.In to force the Board of Education has three times more Negro:>>
***************** ., '
The plaintiffs claim that this .;! a suit filed here II'U. 'S., to redraw the boundaries surrounding pupils than the Queens County
is but schemeto /.i District Court Monday Feb Andrew Jackson High average which is about
project nothing a :.: ,
Otis Redding the center of attraction in half-million ., School '
a operate publicly-supported 13, In behalf of the 4,404 Negro Cambria Heights, IS per cent.
dollar lawsuit filed against Joe Gluey Assolctated: Booking segregated schools and henceIt '- employees of the corporation Queens, N. T., to reduce, White enrollment in the school
by Shaw Artists Corporation. SAC charges JG and ABC with perpetuates segregation HIs Cynthis Moore displays the plaques which also employs more than imbalance White and Negro at present stands at 51.' pet

acting u agents for OJt. and accepting commissions for in public schools. and trophies that will be presented in 10,000 white workers, NAACP parents had supported the' cent. The Commissioner suds
engagements they procured for the soulful singer while Robert Carter "It appears that the percentage
The of grants-ln-aid General Counsel
D coal system the and yearbook judgings during
full well be was under contract to SAC. Redding has newspaper of Negro'students In tbe Andrew
has been attacked AttorneyOrzell
by many and Birmingham ,
CM of the top artists in the country and his latest series of and the 17th annual Florida University Jr. alleged La. CongressmanPraise Jackson High School in 1960
Btllingiley ,
hits include "Try A Little Lover's persons organisations Interscholastic Press Workshop which will I 27.S 'Thus in
TendernessMy Prayer, white and Negro Most of all that U. S. Steel has a "con was per cent. ,
and the Rolling Stones' goodie, "Satisfaction." the PTA organisation in the be held at FMU) on March U through March tinuing" policy of racial NegroMasons' six years there has been u

state have opposed It, U. The charming Miss Moore is society discrimination which It In Increase of nearly 100 per cent
*********** **** Negro
Claims have been made that editor of The Famuan FAMU's newspaper violation of Title TO of the adens.prcentage'bf :
the schools sub-standard Civil Rights Act of I M. Project
BITS AND PIECES .. are and will be around to greet the visiting for
:"One Hurt Deserves Another" is the In Title TO of the 1964 Civil Herbert Kahn, an attorney
title of Tie Raelets first single for Tangerine Records. This and faculty curriculum., Many havebeeooperated high school journalists. She is a nativeof Rights Act prohibits discrimination NEW ORLEANS NPI-U. S,' the Negro and white Boar

is their Initial waxing without "Father" Ray Charles..jScbed- in old worn-out buildings Tallahassee and a freshman psychology in employment on tile Congressman Otto Passman, said that while the
uled to become one of the campest gimmicks In the nation Isr"Coloredman. is the of Mrs. Jane tests of or color, resumed to cut"down Jfegr6
and even In discarded major. She daughter race from the Fifth District, paid
He dresses like a soulfulSuperman enrollments nothing was done
andthough street buses. One principal was Moore. Including but not limited to a nigh compliment to tbe efforts .
I have not heard him slngyet,be'llbe one of the top attractions : to draw more whites.Dr. '
Pm predicting... charged with belngablacksmith fAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau.I promotional and on-tbe-job of Negro Masons of Louisiana Allen had never before
and a plumber without any training opportunities.TIM for their efforts in providing
Barbara Rue hart hasn't down off Cloud Nine Her issued edict
yet charged a desegregation
training in education suit specifically recreation center for the youthof
personal manager, Sam Phillips, has lined up several teevee Steel discriminates for a city school. He had,
The system ran out of money Protests Loom Against Retrial that U. the state.
shots for and they are still dickering with big-name record In recruitment however, ordered a "freese"on .
recently due to the run on thetrtUUl'J against Negroes Rep. Passman was speaking
companies for a lucrative contract. More .. construction of
later. : seven new
and excludes
by newlyopenedschools and hiring to the members of the Grand
Pearl Bailey "doltf it up brown" in her current series of but the governor said Of Negro Ii 1962 Rape Case Negroes on racial grounds from Lodge of Free and AcceptedMasons schools In Brooklyn.In .
one-nlghters across the land Wortlqwlth hutiJ Louis Bellson the Dr. Allen in his
he found a way to circumvent job training and promotions. (white) of LouisianaIn past, ,
.PB .almost killed herself last year with overwork She has which annual session Integration suldelines, has
the law and provide enough U. S. Steel, representsa their being
slowed her pace considerably and still gives a fantastic per money to operate in 1967. LYNCHBURG, Va. Public opinion is rising against con- substantial part of Alabama's held In New Orleans and he warned that whenever a school's

formance... The case Is scheduled to behead tinuing efforts by the state of Virginia to execute 22-year-old total economy, also discriminates urged them to "follow the Negro attendance exceeds the. J
Percy Sledge's new Atlantic release, "Baby, Help Me,"looks in federal court under' Thomas Wansley for rape. racially against! example of the Negro Masons halfway mart, it is in danger
like a bit from here..As does "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" by Judges John Minor Wisdom, Corporation Court Judge Raymond 0.Cundlff has set March Negroes by hiring white and use their annual dues to of becoming a de facto segregated
Marlena Shaw on Chess records. Her version Is almost u Robert A. Ainswortn Jr., and 14 for Wansley's retrial on a charge of raping a white womanin \workers with less seniority to construct: youth centers/' school. .
soulful u Cannonball's. Too tad Nash couldn't take White In most northern
Johnny Herbert W. Chrlstenberry. 1962.His fill higher rated Jobs rather The congressman was parents
care of our little business a wee mite sooner... The court has been asked to retrial on a related on charges of raping Miss ADnJe'Lee than promoting Negroes in evidently referring to Camp areas, however In the past,
Newest craze for entertainers is poolroom visiting and most enjoin the schools from' robbery charge and a second: Carter, then 59, and a accordance with their Chlcota, the camp'sponsored have expressed strong feeling
of Ifs being done in Maywood (Illinois) a suburb of Chl-Town operating under the plan as long rape charge are set for the woman of Japanese descent, qualifications and seniority,the by the Prince Hall Masons of against sending their.
where tile "Guys and Dolls"parlor has Just opened for business. as Negroes are excluded from same date However, Cundlff Mrs. Kyoko Fleshraan. He was suit alleged in seeking a Louisiana and located in the youngsters from their neighborhoods

the schools. has a motion under study to also given a 20-year prison permanent injunction against! .geographical center !oTtbestate to schools In
hottest Jam this week; "love is Here," Supremes; By strange coindlcence the dismiss the second rape charge, term for the robbery charge U. S.Steel. near St. Landry, La. This predominantly Negro
"Tell U Like It Is," Aaron Neville; "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy," Jurist who handed down the on the grounds that It was not The Virginia Supreme Court On March SI, 1968, Negro :camp has been dedicated by communities.
Cannonball Adderley; "Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" original school desegregation beard in four successive terms' overturned the convictions and employees of U. S. Steel filed tile Prince Hall Masons and
Marvelettes; "Hey Leroy" Jimmy Castor; "Standing in the decision, Judge J. Skelly of court. ordered new trials in 1964. His a1, complaint with the Equal Eastern Stars to the recreational Union OffersScholarship
Shadows of Love," Four Tops;"I Dig You Baby," Jerry Butler; Wright, is in the city attending Wansley, a Negro, has been lawyers have been, unable to Employment Commission, use of the youth of the stateregardless *
and See You Among the Stars, Lee Ivory I a convention of trial Judges. He !in Jail and prison more than ,,have the case removed tog alleging denial by defendants of color.creed,

** *'* said that most of the opposition four years, including months federal court for retrial., of their rights under Title VII. religion, or fraternal
to the U. S. Supreme Court on death row awaiting a date Wansley was arrested shortly The NAACP, the nation's connections of. themselves or CHICAGO A. $1,000
FIGHT CANCER was racial and not legal. with the electric chair. He was 'after Lynchburg Negroes oldest and largest civil rights their parents.The scholarship is awaiting some
sentenced to die twice in 1963, became Involved in the strugglefor organization had previously, camp at present has an qualified young person who has
t ___ __ I equality lt-lns and called on U.,S. Steel to appraised value of $257,000 and made an "outstanding contri
demonstrations. supporters voluntarily desegregate already constructed on the US- bution" in the cause of civil
"YOUR DOLLAR feel that one purpose of the employment opportunities.The acre plot are 0 dormitories, rights. .
arrest,was to intimidate local Commission, on Nov. 18, two swimming pools, gymnasium The award Is given annually

BUYS MORE black people and stop them from 1966, reported that it had found, ,, cafeteria, hospital, two by the United Packinghouse,
; protesting denial of their civil reasonable cause to believe the buildings for caretakers and Food and Allied Workers,
rights. allegations trough by the plain.. ample facilities on the grounds AFL-CIO. '

AT YOUR BANNER Recent bearings at which Judge tiffs against U. S. Steel. outside for basketball,baseball, Applicants may be either' in
,, ; Cundlff set the dates of the On Jan. U, 1967, the Com handball, track and field sports high school preparing for
new trials alio revealed another mission notified plaintiffs thatit three-hole
and a
enrolled and
college or
FOOD STORE" r? way in which feelings of dread. bad made conciliation efforts golf.course. There is also a ,,a candidate for a degree.JpOCU5chQlarshlp ,
I.. 'QUANTltY' are aroused among the people. vim, U. S, Steel but had failed IZ-aere lake stocked with fish.' f t'tlle RuaseU U
"YOUR HOME -' ')-1 q I ITftieOUGlfSATURDAYpl; Cat"Glass: aC, enetal:.J to achiev I vvoluntary compliance When the camp is finished 1pnel.nta }
$ are lMsg
; .
GROCER11 eweov RIGHTS :}
_. ,TOWN RESEIIYED.J manager of the twolocalpeperswU .with, the Civil Rights 'Act .VU Ali will represent an estimated accepted until April 1, onion
called to testify. He was
1964. expenditure of a half million president Ralph Helsteln said..
forced to admit that be got files
More than 13,000 complaints dollars and will serve the Inquiries should be directed
FA59 on Wansley's attorney, William charging discrimination in recreational needs of many to the union ,at Room 1800,
Kunstler of New York directly have been madeto
employment children with possible care of
608 South Dearborn Street
WOODSMAN ,from the House Un-American ,the Equal Employment Opportunity 600 at any given time.! Chicago, Illinois 60605.
PORK PICNICS FAB Activities Committee (HUAC). Commission in the
SlICED.IACON Stories referring to Kuntstler past 18 months J .
u one"linked with Communist-

GIANT LeE front organizations"" have beenappearing Annual Lincoln, Yon Don't Have To Go To Town To ,Get.
4 TO 59c 59c in both papers ever
.29 SIZE 'since be entered the case in Douglass Day
8 LB. early 1963. LOW PRICESDRUG

The charge of subversion Isoften Banquet SetST.
tied to tile rape charge, '
in an effort to frighten off those STORE NEEDS
WESTERN .who would help the ;
bad been suspected that (tte) Williams, president,
PORK STEAK FRESH SEl, BONELESS ,Southslde Republican Club has Store
HUAC and similar bodies were Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug
SPARERIBS feeding their files newspaper announced completion of WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL

590 PORKROAST publishers Rep. William for Tuck this of purpose.Virginia arrangements annual Lincoln-Douglass for the club's Day ,. .Papers. ,We deliver. We ':also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.: ..

is vice chairman of HUAC. He Banquet. An outstandingRepublican
is currently overseeing' personality will be
to the Dixie PharmaCy'
preparations for HUAC's upcoming the banquet speaker,
e..to investigation of outbreaks ,, person of the Honorable RobertC.
Henry, Mayor of the City
5 IBS. cities in the ghettos of large of Springfield Ohio. 1302 Kings Road At Mjrtli, i Alton

MONTE affair will be held at the,
DEL ago The
U. S. courts sent the Wacky .
mml. 39tCRISCO 'cases! back to the court hereafter Sheraton-Outrigger Inn on '
FRUIT COCKTAIL 303 having them under study Saturday, March 4, 1967 at Phones Elfii 55597SB "
CAN for almost a year. A contempt 7.30: p.m. A hospitality ,
at 6.30 will precede
beginning '
sentence against Atty.
'the dinner. : PAY YOUR '' LIGHT WATER
HUDSON BERSHEY'S Hlrschkop, which resultedfrom to the Suncoast' I ,,. '
Henry comes
his efforts to have the cases
removed to federal court, Is with an outstanding background AND TELEPHONE'BILLS AT OUR STORELAYAWAY
I.. FACIAL TISSUE' and community achieve
200 CT SUGARi still being reviewed. ,. in civic Funeral
A licensed
Protests are planned around; :ment.
the new trials for WansWy Director, he graduated from
the Cleveland College.., of\
:. 'DEL MONTE,, 303 Californians Hear Mortuary Science and did

FRUIT COCKTAIL CANS FORE ,i, 38 C ds.48c Senator E. Brooke further University.study He has at Wittenberg served on

( LOS ANGELES Republicans: the City Commission of the FOR
f 'were told at a Lincoln Day City of Springfield since 1962.
LIMIT ONE PLEASE LIMIT ONE PLEASE : Luncheon here that the Party Re-elected to a four-year term

'. SWIFT. PREMIUM 4 fit WITH I "must not misread the election .earlier this year, he was the
: $5.60OR WITH $10.00 OR MORE the EASTERBOYS
returns from last year," but top>> vote-getter among
VIENNA SAUSAGE.. CANS'AINi chanceof candidates elected. He Is a ,
MORE FOOD ORDER FOOD ORDER that they had a good
: victory in 1963. member of the board of
The advice was given in a Management of the YMCA., a .
speech by Massachusetts member of the' Frontier SUITS GIRLS i : DRESSESSIZES
: PRARR 381 I Republican Senator Edward W. International. ,Springfield .
WROLESON MORTON Chamber of Commerce, ," ..
Brooke m, the first Negro ever ,
ORKA, & TOMATOES ) POT to win popular election to the the Urban League and the 2 TO 20 SIZES 1 TO 14SLIMS
ORANGE U. Senate. ,NAACP. "
TUFTHoai BEEF Speaking before an annuallyconservative Henry has received innumerable REGULARS fjJ(1

[ :"::33" 'GUrEFRU JUICE CHICKEN 5..Z.890 declared that audience the fact: Brooke is this '!" becoming honors Kaor twudsslnee' of the HUSKIES ""UILlY' NYLONS
Ohio his
of Sprlngleld ,
nation "will be looking for and city ,
t BLEACH'JUICE 29C TURKEY, lacking leadership" next year ;election having been reported OACRONS I COTTONS
media and
on a whole wide range of subjects on all major U. S.
and it is up to the GOP by the British Broadcasting MO95 '& UP

GAL to provide that leadership. Corporation and Radio Free ,LARGE SELECTION
Brooke followed up his speech: Europe. One olDie many awards

PlASTIC 29Cau it29 C.IELU .with a reception and a brief ,to an Outstanding go to Mr.Service Henry Award was FREE: III TIE $, n9. .
,UllIID chat with predominantly Negro & U,
audience at Roger Young presented in May 1966, by the lit- (EVERY nn, .
Ohio House of Representatives.
fAilS HAFT BISCUITS He said I that the program The tickets are 17.90 each forunreserved .

JUICE ,should be "geared toIncelltins" seats and 10.00
ICE MILK ORANGE nLueoar 4 39C and Republicans for reserved seats. Reservations
IAENS.ilStlllL9 may be made by
could serve a great purpose"U
(DIll" 29C we don't Just say Irf to writing I. W. Williams at RtJRPYlRY'

CAl. 49C the programs"" but offer constructive ., P. 0.Box 13517,61.Petersburg
plans for .specific. : Fla. 33733 or calling 862473Sor :
1mpt 4menta. 894-4819.


PILE I STAR HUB milllT HUH 4, 1U1 ;

,. .
:Z -

s \!' :t- ;(:< a a Ir1ft'tit' '" r J' t'r .' : ..

: a .. .
'K..Vfr. ,J. ,., .: {. .
: ., \ """ "' .;.; : .. '
; ,!.... ;&,\\1.
: \
.' .. : -.ts-, : a .....
.', \ ( I '''I!'
I" : ." '::00('.

.. A. .' I'' : }
{ .,
If' '
cI --"" Y
; : 1 .
,,1 .' .... r,
\" ... ,.., ," I iff.. ,; .., .Iit'
---- -

I Swingle Singers Modern Jui Oturelet ,

____ __

1"100n I \, c p

( ) "

i .soar' qucilioiu about
The Birds have 11 t Junior Mat itiqueUf,
against eight major grooming slid ,"'.,."..
in Miami Stadium ----'--

break camp In early Q. sometimes, wonder If my have a ball listening to them
the Journey northward boots were made for bid remembering good times you
regular season. weather. They soak clear had while they were popular.
Their schedule: New ) through In rain or snow. They Then have a trading session.
Yankees March 12 take forever to dry, and look Everyone sure to find treasurer -
; the rejects, and
terrible. Cot a solution among
Athletics March 15
; there are bound to be some
Mets, March 17; Los A. Help stamp out cold feet, left over that nobody wants. "
Dodgers, March 18 and 19; first! When you get indoor, Donate those to a worthwhile
burgh Pirates March 1 take off the boots and let them organization (Mom will be
25; drain onto old newspaper able to suggest names.) Its a
27; Boston Red Sox, while you put on warm shoe wonderful opportunity to have
30 and Atlanta Braves, Then dry the boots Inside and a fun party, Improve your ,
1 out with doubly absorbent record collection help solve the ,'.
'T ) _
New ;s.j Kleenex paper towels. Rinse the pace problem, and help some
outside with dampened paper worthy group all at the same
towels to remove chemical that time!
Worker might discolor them and wipe Q. Sitting under the hairdryer
dry again Then let your boots broils
practically my
but not too fait or they
dry -
ears to crisps, not to mentionthe
To FloridaST. may crack Polish them to restore
back of my neck. But whenI
appearance, and coat them turn the dryer down to "cool,* .

PETERSBURG, ? with waterproofing for good my hair takes forever to dry.
The NAACP National II 5 measure Is there anything I can do to
Gently announced the r Q. I wu going through my keep a cool head while I dry
'.1') record collection the other day, my hair
ment of Miss Hazel M. .
as Field Director with '. ,. and wow! There sure art a lot A. Keep cool! There an .
of records I never listen to nay easy solution to end under-the- :
emphasis on the more. I hat to throw them dryer roasting! Wrap a strip of '
and conduct of ; but I need space for new
away Delsey bathroom tissue around
campaigns. : : ones. What con I do with them? head covering those sensitive
Miss Land graduated I .'. -. A. Sounds like a groovy excuse areas of skin where the ,
honors from Tuskegee for a party! Why not Invite dryers heat blasts. A net will '
with a bachelor: of I II t the most inventive of the contem- orded a new LP for the Philips label a bunch of girl (boys, too hold the tissue on,and the til- ..

jazz aggregaa Ions are seen above entitled, "Encounter" if you like) over and have them sue protects your head from
/Io.r \. old records You'll net marks!
I : recently where they jointly rec- ..bring......their........................................................ "

ti .. .. ..,..., [ 'I County CIA Among The Stars Area Gives j Beach Miami Beach Seen :"f

S : I
i: : ;. | Four WITH LEE IVORY "Cultural Bootstraps" As '68 National t

;i .t" I ShortsMIAMI "

;..i Lectures Holy Mackerall Things are really happening for Barbara CHICAGO .(NPI)- The Hal- Convention Site :

,( : : Rinehartll sted Repertory Company, BEACH FLA/ -Cape >
First of all, she was "discovered" (as It wart) in Chicago founded by Nathaniel McUn, Florida lighthouse Just south of Congressman Claude Pepper
Today and To- after being one of the most sought-after 'local" vocalists cultural coordinator, Halsted Miami Beach, Is by far the Florida should
(D-Fla.) said :
: will be the theme I in the Midwest. No one had ever suggested that she Urban Progress Center and oldest structure in this area. ,I in Its
: \ I of four free lec i; record because after all, she was Just a "local" singer Lena Me Lin, composermusical It was erected in 1826 and has > bid move to swiftly bring the preparing 1968 Demo- .:

by the Dade and everybody knows that "local" singers don't go anywhere! director is providing survived attacks by Indians and I cratic National Convention to
Classroom Teachers' They probably said that about Nancy Wilson, too, when she "cultural bootstraps" for a bombardment during the Civil l .
Miami Beach
degree in physical/ I (CTA) on March 2, was Just a "local" singer in Chllllcothe,'Ohio. community torn by rioting last ,War, The light was taken out "John Bailey tells 'me he is
She did graduate work at j April 6, in the Dade Any way, record producers being the hungry-type guys summer. of service in 1878 and now is going to name the convention
AIM University i r School Beard Audi. that they are and knowing that bit-time stardom for many Leaders of the teenage dra- within a state park. site committee about March
Springfield College I I Hopkins Build entertainers nowadays Is Just around the corner or some- matic group see it as an answer tats***. be
should ready
9th and we
Formerly a i N.E. Second Avenue, body in Chicago heard her and flipped. He told somebodyelse to racial turbulence and One example of the popularity, committee Is "
when the ready,
Alabama Florida and they in turn, got the word to Bobby Miller, one frustration vented in violence.The of sailing In this area where
r speakers from in dramatic sche- the sport is on a year around Pepper said.
of the top talent-finders America groups
Jersey Miss Land Dem-
first volunteer, to do two MIAMI"w.i,i 1: of higher learn- i Bobby was, at the time, working for Mercury Records as dule Includes "Joseph Cinque, basis Is that a single yacht I ocratic Bailey, chairman National of Committee the
meats with the Peace | be featured In the a producer. When the tried to get the big wigs to sign her African Prince" set for Feb. club has trained 6,000 youngsters -
In the Philippines and which is open to all -with-out even hearing her-they nixed the Idea, and reportedly 17; "The Maid of Japan," Beb. in handling eight to 14 i which officially chooses the
Since returning to the and other educators, 1 I Miller packed up and left. He has been working 24; the opera, "Down in the foot prams. i national convention site, discussed -
States Miss Land ; general public. The with Jerry Butler and Jerry Ross, who produced Bobby Valley" in March; "The Im- : the Miami Beach cia
the NAACP Regional authorities will dis I HebVs "Sunny." mortal Pagliaccl," with the MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Although with Pepper In a meeting in
: trends in teacher there are no more than the Miami office -
a Task Force Worker In Word gets around taU! Record men are like broken refrigerators McLln Opera Company in
last summer. Recently In their respective -they can't keep anything/ Carl Davis beard March; and '"The Sleeping 1,000 Seminole Indians livingin recently."I .
worked from the National and the effect of about her; Ronnie Granger heard about her; Larry Maxwell Beauty of Loveland," in April. Florida, they are divided believe we have an excellent -
as a Special Fall on the educa t heard about her...and the next thing you know she's in New The dramatic company was into two distinct tribes, each chance to bring the
Campaign Worker today. York as the personal guest of Johnny Nash..and his wife, formed during last summer's speaking a completely different Democratic and Republican
signed to Florida. on the series, I Margaret! riots In a effort to offer an language. national conventions to Miami

Miss Land, a "first" in a long line Not one, but five companies have tendered conditional contracts acceptable alternative to emotional .. Beach next year," Pepper said. l
Brooksville,' Fla, Is Innovation, Executive and bless he sweet heart, she isn't rushing into tension expressed through "officials of both parties have *
Who's Who Among Pat L. Tornillo Jr., anything. She reminds me of a carbon copy of business- violence. The center is locatedIn Indicated a keen interest in a *
American Universities i. series is designed woman Nancy Wilson. She, incidentally doesn't sound like a low-income area not far Conflict continues in South strong bid from florlda on
a stimulus for bet Florida between expanding Industrial half of a Miami Beach
Colleges, a member of Nancy at all. from the scene of the rioting.
Phi Beta Sorority, and : between Her personal Manager Sam Phillips reports that Barbara Rigorous rehearsals astute and agricultural vention site," he said. be-I'
of the Baptist faith. I' education departments "sounds like a mixture of Aretha Franklin and Della Reese"There I: leadership, and a impelling desire Interests and conservationists "With an expanded
: teacher or- Is simply too much sould there and It can't be con to succeed in their dramatic seeking to preserve the wildlife hall, our unmatched hotel
In addition, It Is tained. Naturally everybody can compare her voice to any- efforts helped them become and beauty of the area. restaurant facilities, and
means by which we body they really like. one of the leading teenage Drainage of waters that other- financial backing from our business i
keep the public fully She does have a "thing" all her own, though, and It Is this 'I groups of their kind in the Mid- wise would flow into the community tarn sure we
about teachers, little extra something that puts her ahead and shoulders I west. Everglades Park, Is the crux can make a winning presentation I
methods and educa above most of the performing artists of today. You'll see I Their performance of "The of the dispute. I to the site committees. J
the State of Florida, this Is true once we get the recording business out of the Maid in Japan" to be repeated 41
this way do we feel we way and she Is given national exposure she so richly de- later this month was an im-
our full respon serves." mediate success.

toward the children we As was mentioned here some weeks ago, Barbara RinehartIs According to Urban Progress

DIAL on her way. Center officials leaders of the
up for the programs dramatic project have put light
all begin at 7:30 ****************** into an area which had theatrical -
the dates specified darkness.

M. Ruth Albert, Nina Simone has done It again. Her "High Priestess of .'
ent of St. Dominic Soul" album Is the living end. Perhaps it Is because I am
In St. Charles, Illinois, .,. outrlghtly biased. The second cut on side one was written L I II.
speak on March 2nd, b y a friend of mine, guitarist Rudy Stevenson, and If. called "
representing Flori. "I'm Gonna Leave You." I I... ', k,

University in Boca This if you will recall, Is the tune that Jerry Butler had
(tobe announced) first crack at back in May when Rudy sent the band track, .aw.tuhllr .a e
speak on March 9th, words, and complete Instructions.
R. Berry, Dean of the Jerry, who really isn't a bad guy, said "Pd love to do the SHORTY.' $35. t I

Education, University this tune, but the 5/4 time may make it hard for anyoneto MEDALO STYLE #685
Coral Gables, on dance to It." rat .."",1.1. 11t"'n..4 C..IOI.1 .
; and Dr. Royal W. lie thinks, J.B. there will be a new dance created for I .nd Med.lo. .H.lr.. m,-MYIp nta albH.lf Send name saps and
President ,Florida this one if it gets the airtime It needs. Sorry 'bout that, .... II'. yowa., rUES pot
College, Miami, on Chief! "'"w/Meool ttiPpd.Ice.D.p ,
Chuck Berry's (another Mercury artist) "Brown-Eyed Bard. CROWS from Healthy Ih. HAIR Normal ROOT 11.*. ). 5t 3. ehlye 1 35. H.Y.
conclusion of the some Man" Is represented here and she does a fantastic Job to YOUR SCALP. Tht condition of
the speakers will of It. Oscar Brown and Nat Adderley gave her "Work Song," in four bo hair.natural oll.n depend health el heevlr jw** t

question from the floor. and hubby Andy Stroud wrote ''1 Love My Baby" and she )sea tp. Yean age DOCTORormulsanneallad .medlratod CAW-Ui
really kills that one! CARBOKOEb
Be sure to read the liner notes by Del Shields, a member which bene/ldal la mixed. Infredlenla.with many provon CAM- .,
of the National Association of Radio Announcers. They really i BONOEC I* such a irons' power- : '
TilE I I .'ul eitleeptla and 'doe such fins .
the soulful
compliment\ album. work In ITCHY. ,
D-T :RUri
RESERVE See you Among the Stars... Ruhr 'BUMPY unr PRESCRIBE DOCTORS retard It. for ecalp IlilfUlTand manytalp thai !

". trouble' Man? annoylnixtarnaUy / '
REPRESENTS'J ciuaed snip eondlMOM -
: are erectly relieved kjr the
UM .( thus Triple otrennfc, tar :
According to a recent Gallup Protestants as viewed by formula. Write for this DOCTOR \
RADIO Poll sponsored by The Catholic Catholics and Jewi. Forty seven SCALP rOJLMULA
be ..". .. alt
: Digest Americans how deS ijllOl j m IT tact comb end truth to odd cold/
4 a percent of Catholics said Yes. ready, and to U UM Mlajtlafled lane. ...h.. out. W1U .oNOT rub sit,
nite disposition to resist any Only 16% of the Jews were your money sea back are Pay to odd A EMlaet.oAilckoet color way
outright amalgamation of re willing to have Jews marry WMBMSpotlight fcjy (US on delivery.. Thla talludaa THAT IA..d lib AVOID LOOK
traditions everything Dent 'Iu. a..h.H.ch.d'0'.1... ......
ligious through Intermarrisge. Protestants. penny VMONttemtrit" "lain". P".nea a.tlIns, rubbtepit.
w ilrecflajia l- Coen.. lie P/eetl. Can.. Can
Catholics 01 viewed by Prates- 1 ProductOf ?can SCALP kuy fORMULA Yaur heir rIe anddeeervo 'lID C._carted. In aU In .p.ek.t....., a steak POW"s.
The question "would and Jewi. 37 of fin* ..... Just end Plaaam else..
you tarts Only % .
.. .
r and addreea to-COLOess 'fuel write, ....e oh... pay .aI,
just 03 won have a member oj the Protestants said Yes. The Week AL Nabs PSODUCTa INC.J II.91en delivery pine peetoie.
IN Only ; Bhp : If not ";. '. .
your family marry a 'Grl': '
13% of the Jews said Yes. Iy11ULA30.4Ip" x100 Mt Hol/Prcducta, Inc.
Catholic, or Jew at % ... i
someone of Miami Florida Depfc if I, BfoeMrn JS, Yerl
Nfl anna Mar par.. ..).
your own religion or not? *


. .. .. -... ----

--- -
y y. y y. y yy y -
=- yy y. y yyyyy "" yyY yy y Y


: I Albany State Rams Capture SEAC Basketball Crown{ For The Second Time I .::'t\y

RaIns Blast Paine Virginia State BandIttited olr Jaxons Is WinnerOf Sports Parade

To Play AtCanada's Golf Trophies

132-76 In Tourney WINNER Mrs. Marine
World Fail
Meares who Is rated among WANTS MAYS SALARY
the top>> female golfers across SANTO DOMINGO, f\omfnf..a-NPJ-Juan Marietta, the
Albany State College's "running, gunning" Hunt woo their Virginia State College's the state displays two of the San Francisco Giants peat righthander. Is playing a waitIng ..
second SEAC double crown In the last three season, fa' ft'"g' Symphonic and Marching Bond she game with the Giants. He wants the Giants to pay bin
Paine College 132-76 here In the r1Da.1a' of 18th annual Southeastern known to the Trl-Clty area ed.trophies recently garner $125,000 for the 1967 season, exactly the same amount they ,

Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament. and the commonwealth for Its Mrs. Hearse place second: shelled out last season to Willie Mays, who happens to be .01,
Using the same formula which precision marching style and the champlosthtp' night at the the highest paid player In the major league.
..' has been the pattern of their 14 shots In the opining twenty Ugh musical ability, is the
outstanding succes this season- minutes and clucking off 16 re- only college band In Virginia DON'T "KNOCK" FOLLEY: CLAY
one part "run and gun" one pa' bounds. Jones' defense forced invited to perform In a VS. e1h 'hx rTr NEW YORK (NPI-Polntlng out that as the world's No. 1 ; !
.,' Mel Jones and one part Mac. Pine Into numerous violations sponsored program this summer heavyweight challenger Zora Folley must be an outstanding I
': Daughtry Bob Rainess Rams around the key and nullified their at Expo '67 Canada's fighter, Muhamma All called on critics last week to halt 01
.: won the SEAC's coveted double offense. World Fair. what appeared to be a subtle downgrading of Folley. The '.
crown by taking both the tourney Fame's mistakes In the opening The band, wbch functions as f heavyweight king fired at the critics for suggesting that he 4 t.
w and the regular season half was trying to run with the both afootball marching band might have run out of worthwhile opponents, after All and ,-:.
champiODSl1ip. Rams. The formula's, first part and a concert group, will journey .1 Folley bad signed to meet in a title bout to Madison Square -':
Moving ahead 23-23 on one of "run and gun" was abetted by to Montreal to representthe Garden, March 22. : :
.: Daughtry classic 3O-fodjump- their Illusions of even thinking United S f rl
ers Albany State opened up a they could run with a team that American institutions In a UNANIMOUS CHOICE ".:
commanding 23 point lead 50-27 went over the century mark for Special Events program on June NEW YORK-(NPI)>-To nobody's surprise, Lew Alcindor, 1,11wa'
'. In less than four minutes. the 12th time In 28 games and 27. The program will Include UCLA's great 7-foot-l plvotman, was the unanimous choice .: '"
Here's how they did It: ranks as one of the top>> small- performances by high school of coaches of the professional National Basketball Association -'.
Shifting Into a half court press, college offensive teams. and college bands and choral 11'MidWiner for their 1967 Ail-American college team. The high
with Daughtry and Pritcbett out Jimmy Reams, Pritcbett and groups from throughout the regard shown Alclndor, weds still only a Sophomore, by '.
': front, the Rams stole the ball Daughtry provided the early game groups from throughout the the pro coaches raised speculation that the NBA maybe ....:
repeatedly and forced the Paine offensive heroics, hitting the country Including two Virginia preparing to outsnare the Harlem Globetrotters for Lew's .:
five into consistent turnovers. spectacular long Jumpers that College choirs and two high open held In services. The trotters reportedly offered Alcindor $1,000, ,.......;
'. daughtry and Reams, shooting thrilled some 1,000 tans raising school bands. Rodgers Park Golf Course In 000 recently to Join that funmaklng team ;,.,:.
with abandon on the outside propelled the well-anchored roof of San-' "This invitation Is Indeed Tampa last Feb. 5-6 and went ...
w" the Rams Into a 60-34 ford Gymnasium. Reams and significant for Virginia State on to Miami for .the North- IMPRESSES PROSGRAMBIJNG ... 0';
.; baltUmelead. Daughtry bucteted 12 points each College, Peterburg, the State CHAMPION JOINS 'HOLIDAY ON ICE'. South Tourney, Feb. 8-12 where La.- Mel Jones,the most under-rated In the first half and Pritchett, of Virginia and America," she also placed second In the besketbatt-outside of UCLA's Lew Alclndor-ls a 6- :
player on the club looked like a scored 10.RalneJ said Dr. F. Nathaniel Gatlln, Petra Burk. 1965 World's profession skating championand Second night. Mrs. Meares. oot-8 honey of a guard at Grambllng college named James
"giant Bill Russell" blockingMEADOWLARK who guided the Ramsto director of the band and head ntwtit addition to the I list of famous skaters performing resides at 17 S4 Campus St. Jones, whets shooting at 25,3 average clip and Is otherwisea .. :S
the SEAC double crown In of Virginia State's department with "Holiday on Ice", U called the world's finest freestyle fine all-arounder. Jones, who last season sparked Grambl1nc .."..
J '65 emptied his bench early of music. "It provides and auspicious woman skater The Canadian lass will present her to the Southwestern Athletic Conference title, Is so

In the last twelve minutes substituting opportunity to..be. presented championship comet to Jacksonville routine when Coliseum the star for studded 4 days ice only spectacular from outstanding ,as a shooter, dribbler, defenseman and take-
f liberally as eight men through the symphonicband : Thursday March 9 thru Sunday March 12. Show times THREE WAY STRETCHYour charge playmaker that he has attracted several clubs, Including -
scored in double figures. before an international are Thursday and Friday at 8:00 p m., Saturday at 8.45pjn. the Detroit Pistons and the Baltimore Bullets.
Daughtry, whoalongwlti Paine audience which Includes the ., with matinees at 1:00: p.m. and 6:00p: m. on Saturdayand ;..:
I Bob Caldwell were unanimous major countries of the world." Sunday. Children 12 and under are naif-price at the ALL-CONFERENCE PICKS '1'"
I all-tourney selections, led the Dr. Catlln's optimism Is 5.00: p.m. matinees on Saturday and Sunday. DURHAM, N.CMNPIWlnstonSalem) State College and ...... '
: scoring with 28 points. Pritchett tinged with a small bit followed with 19, Wllbert Jones however, as he faces the task Intercollegiate Association's All-Conference College Basketball >;J
08 ), Joe PoWer Q6)), Reams of raising a minimum of $1,500 Southers Outscores Coach Gaither Itu.. iy team selected by the conference coaches recently. With ,'.1*
04)), Ted Anderson 04)),Mel Jones to cover the expenses of the 70 Wlnston-Salem and J.C. Smith represented by James Reid, .:.*
((11)), and Clarence "Cowboy"Ellis students, faculty members, and Grambling Tigers Named To Post Earl Monroe, Reginald Randolph and Jackie Wilson, respectively ..'j;:"
00)), chaperones necessary for the the rest of the All-Conference team Include NorthCarolina's X
Caldwell led the futile Paine performance and trip. Lee Davis, James Grant of Norfolk State, AAPs .....0(
attack with 26 points, giving hima Student leaders of major organizations Southern University panicked TALLAHASSEE Fla.-.Jake Ted Campbell Ron Horton of Delware State, Virginia Union's '::1\-
FEATURING three game total of 108. on the campus are before 6,000 screaming fans Gaither, athletic director and stomach is kMlke Davis, and Freddie Lewis of Elisabeth City State :
Selected on the AllTourneyteam already hard workattemptlng here Saturday night and collapsed head football coach at Florida that a pear < :
shaped pouch hold
> k with Daughtry and Caldwell to rail the money to support t the 89.81 In direct confrontation ARM University has been appointed two can DEFENDING TRIPLE CROWN
to three of food
,: were Albany State's Jones project Dr. Gatlin said. with the Grambllng District Four chairman to pints the makers according of BALTIMORE(-BaltImore Orioles star Frank Robinson ::
I brothers, Wilbert and Melvin, Dr. Gatlin is also attempting College Tigers. of the Small College All AmerIcan aid who last season won the American League triple crown :
and Melbyn Coleman of Edward to bring the people of Petersburg It was a dreadful night for t the Selection Committee of the Di-Gel acid an relieving championship while slugging 40 homers, driving in 122 runs
I Waters. and surrounding community Jaguars as they suffered double American Football Coaches As- I: gassy indigestion The and batting .316, Is sure he can successfully defend his triple
of the
Rainy, who guided the Rams into the fund-raising, cam- Indignity. What visions they sociation. Mr. Edward T.Dun D stomach harbor laurels In 1967. Robinson, however, will have to overcome i i
;' to three consecutive SEAC Tourney paign.If might have had of at least sharing of Springfield College Is overall more than five million glands two major factors: successful recuperation from his Injured
id a diadems-65, '66 and '67- all goes according to plan, the Southwestern Athletic chairman of this committee. :, concerned with the chemical right knee and the challenge of Minnesota batting star Tony .
was voted the SEAC's Most Outstanding the trip to Canada will mark an Conference basketball van Other members of the committee processing of thing you eat. Ollva. .1

LEMON Coach Award.Watch. extension of six-year long ished behind the Jitters and a --..-- ::.::.
: vs I series guestperformancesby barrage of layups, jumpers and '. "..*..
the band In the Eastern United dunks
: ;?
NEWYORK States and Canada.In Grambling and Bduttern entered Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans

1960, the band was invitedto the contest making ::S
i This Clown present a btU -Um. performance championship bids. Beth teams Air ,frf ::
.t before 69,000'' fans were tied with Jackson State,
NATIONALSPLUS at a nationally-televised New Alcora AIM and Arkansas .
26 50 -12 York Giants football game In AMtN for loop leadership with t 4r'Iti
Yankee Stadium. The performance '- identical .... records. Sat
was so enthusiastically urday's setback provoked only '\" .'
A BRILLIANT 42-85-19 received that It earned four exasperated snorts from disappointed nS ....
return engagements In six Jaguar fans :..:dt
4 5 years Including the most recent The Tigers can at last share '5' 5.'..':
ALL STAR last November. the title with a victory over f ,:1
1 9 Following the Initial television Jackson State In the congenial 1''.Ya.
VARIETY appearance In 1960,the demands surroundings of the Grambllng ,I...
6 8 for the service of the band at gym Monday night.AUAmerlcan. \, :',\
professional football games led candidate ,';':'
SHOW 64-22-51 to appearances three consecutive James Jones, the leading exponent Include: Guy Peony, X:?
Morehead State
years for the Philadelphia of Coach Fred Hobdys University, : .'
JACKSONVILLE Eagles, a performance for the run-and-gun attack, wrecked Morehead,Ky.and JackClayton, f ? ,k'
20 13 48 Washington Colts and a performance Southern with 27 points. Emanuel State College, ; :
for tie, Baltimore Cannon fielded 21and Lavert NatchitochesLa The announcement .\F Vf6snAr adoJ
COLISEUM Sometimes He's Up,Sometimes Colts. Dr. Gatlln'notes that Howard added 19 more. was made by Ben
He'. Down, He Adds,Subtracts, this amounts to nine national Jasper Wilson paced the Scbwartzwalder Syracuse e .
He works it all around. ly-televised performances in I Jaguars with 19. University, president of t the .:.c
American Football
major cities In six years.The i Grambllng led most of the Coaches Aa- M ,r.15n
WEDNESDAY 97 32 -14 series of Invitations was I contest by 16 points.The Tigers soclatloo.RESERVE. ,4
culminated this fall when the bad a 44-36 Intermission ad- ':I1Ir
COMING ATTRACTIONS ;Montreal Beavers extended the ; vantage. ':.':.
MARCH tint Invitation to any college Grambllng now carries an 18- :'"",
56-41-23 :band In America to perform S record for the season while ..

at a Beavers half-time show Southern dropped to a 17-5 -,-,.
MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED In Montreal, Canada. The band I
accepted the Invitation, making i..::' ,
8 8.00 Its first trip outside the United
P.M. States to perform. While In A
"Man's Days are Numbered." Montreal the group was welcomed DEFENSE

Health and Fortune Can Be : at a gala parade and chart."t Matthew Alexander Henson (1866.1955)
TICKET PRICES Yours When You Know You presented) two assembly concerts -
Lucky Days. at Canadian high schools.
1.502.002.50TICKETS While appearances at professional -
Lucky: Colors, etc. football games were primarily ARMY RESERVEVETERANS
HOI ON SALE IT TIE tend 12.00 for your financed by the host
COUSEUhMIEIIMINfi MIX TICKET Horoscope Guide for learn, the federal government HUMAN MOTIVES M/5 A CIGAK
OFFICE AND IDDITOiniM Is uanble to provide funds to 1 If CUAKLV A YMKt OF MASCULINITY.
MARCH the of the world.The
---- -- --- top
defray costs of food, lodging .
RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED Fill In the blank below and tad transportation for collegiate
mall to ZODIAC- Post Office organizations. Thus, the
PHONE 354.2041 Box 1171, Jacksonville Fla. college: while enthusiastic '
signs of a true adventurer showed to the Pole and fast, since a number of
abut t the Invitation It has re- up early in the life of Matthew Henson.At nations were vying for the claim.

JIMMIE MURDOCK NAME STREET elved lacuna:: ,the Is offer aware If that Itcannotflnd It must THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC. the ripe old age of thirteen Henson Matt Henson was the man. Trudgingthe
shipped out at cabin boy on a schooner last painful miles, recording obser
DATE OF BIRTH he to finance the unique
PROMOTER 35J 56S6 money
and course
bound for China. vations calculating a true ,
Mo. Day ipportunlty.I When he returned to Washington, Matthew Alexander Henson became the
-- Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking D.C., he met the man who helped make first man to locate and nand on the

him lamau..The then Lt.Robert E.Peary North Pole.Peary arrived forty-five minutes
: discovered Matt Henson working in a later,and,together the men plantedthe
Applications For Its Washington hat shop. Peary was immediately American flag.
impressed by Henson and he No longer was Matt Henson an oo>
invited the young man to Join a canal- score adventurer. He was given a ConJl'csalonal *
surveying expedition to Nicaragua. Hen Medal,l life membership In the
Veteran Class. son accepted.Under Explorers'Club a commendation from
Peary'. tutelage Matt Henson the President,a Master of Science degree
/ became an able navigator,' adept at calculating by Morgan State College,and numerous
The Size Of Our Classes distances and plotting charts.A medals and plaques from civic organizations. ..
short time later, Peary began his renowned ;:
arctic expeditions! to locate the April 6,1959, the 50th anniversary of '
North Pole, and Henson accompaniedthe the discovery of the North Pole, was .:
1 admiral on all seven trips. proclaimed by the governor of'Mary ".
Is Limited By Law On the final trip Peary lay drained land at Matthew Alexander Henson
: > from exhaustion and crippled by frose. Day.Fitting tribute to the first man ever'
bite. Someone had to make the last dash to stand on the toP of the world.



DVFPN.eff8Avt1RI Place. Would you like to own this handsome sculptured bust of Matthew Henson? It's S" toll, made of
antique bronze cast stone,and carries the complete Henson story. H costs $$.00 (which b what It I
i I, cost us).Send check money: order to. Old' Taylor Room 1340,99 Park Ave.N.Y, N.Y. 10014.

I CALL 355-9874 "

I : 'h i I tl i I i II : t

11 __ _

I r ; :

10 STAR nm Simmy& MARCI 4. m

'F1 aFt. rm. Single man or mar- HELP WANTED
ried couple. Hot and cold water. Reward offered. If found SECRET PRAYER DENTURES HURT?' SALES PEOPLE Sin Riparlif}
A:style show, entitled,''P""- MAIDS, N. Y. SLEEPINJOBS
call 765-4518.
1564503. the M>*IWil t'm Ic.ft ,
ions Supreme, will be presented MIS I l *OMO Iv' *'* to $&5. fare liberal
Liberal 'draw.
in St. Paul AME Church FORMULA CHART lilt trom p.Nleele.nomn.l .MiliM ewturoi hat inort com- adranced. Rush references, tising. Of Aif KM
Cars ".Iw" commission wort, quick
K ', 5.hsIoe ; ..* .,'" phone number. ABLE MAIDS easy
p0 Pr.5.5t If
: :1IoooIrm + You $75 to$150
Mr..u A.C.a featured Chandler model will alone appear READINGS MAIDSfOR NEW YORK PSYCHO THE PHYSICAL DIVINE MOTHER TEMPLEOF ado Ind Oh ;/''':J \ :: '-1. 1 JORT.AGENCY N., Y.163 N. MAIN,FREE- salsa youTe keen.earn Fringe benefits/ Is Our Oily" Iisiuss
with other models. UP TO $75 WEEK INC. SECRET PRAYER ;cor 13th. 934 E. Dales St.
STYLE SHOW the' Past, Present, Top>>jobs NOW best homes in N. My prayers tie being sent out
'The Citywide Beauticians will Future. Answers all, Y. City, New Jersey. Friendly and blessings are coming In. --
present their annual benefit questions on all problems families. Fare sent,rush refer, Send for Free Daily Blessing.
style show March 27 at the of life, business g emcee FREE GIFT. How to get what you want throughthis EXTRA MILD' IT'S IMPORTEDIThe
Dunk Armorjr. Tickets may Guarantee to1. Ji MISS DIXIE AGENCY new way of Prayer. Mall I /il ,t
secured from the members. help In all walks of self-addressed envelope toRe -
be. :SOO W. 40th St., N. Y.C. Dept
life. 218, C. Forster P.O. Box 56, If
BUY A GOOD One; mile south of PalatkaFla., St Allans, N. Y. 11412. Gentle Scotch HIGHLAND
on Highway 17. Sign in frontof
TIRE FOR house. Phone 3255319.

&00 AT JONES' TIRE, I tM MISTBlended
SERVICE 2015 Kings Rd.Phone y"'ldfNlae9lotllt'r"' tail> e1 arI4T''tle t, ,y+)+b "' rrw
THAT'S ME I 11 have the Amazing TO $5,000 WHITING tfJ.Cc

.' WANTED do.forBoall*the of 30 things$1.00.you Satisfaction wantto ] EQUITY* and) Make Only ROE MULLET L, tiM SCOTCH WHISKY
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:j SHRIMptarge PlokI:: A/;" FIFTH .

910I' 1 .
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MCKtoNviLn, 'LA. ...,....4"J
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......................... W
Advises on all Problem -
of'Love.Sickneu and Buiintti I .. PHONE ..............I JOX
oil At Stores
HOURS 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. ----------

Located DAILY In

989 N. Orlando Ave.
(Hi-Way 17-92 N.) M
For Adpl. Call 644-4941 I

LOCALTIGERINO win up to $1,00022!! !





: I WE niA/t'C GIVE "S&H"curATE' J x at the Tiger Sign ot

:. 301 I Main 1990 San o MARCO I RING I l 'Happy Motoring .

.: n Caner.a.p.hl :'", H'S: : :''Tha.lr.. LOWI'S

'1" Murine E iD2f *6" I .31'I WINS $1.000
I : I ISI'I I I I Mr. William W. Kingston of
I N + Droppor Or | S ot. I C. Jacksonville, Florida won

I9ir1 Vick's '44' Cough N winning$1,000.00 ticket picking at' William's up Ml

V.U Syrup Or DIM"Cut T. 169'1 I I.?: I I Humble Sarvlcenter. // \\

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