Florida star

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FILE SIZE 39369 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090401_AACFEI PATH 00024.QC.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 117c0a729ea5267d7c953ddbab0a434fSHA-1 4be2feb5622883ed321e6cacdd5087ae0be98e09
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3165212 F20090401_AACFEK 00024.jp2 3ccfc739e33ae0272150e4d9ae58701656664a9324bef278b21052391cfdeb55e3a7de91
355864 F20090401_AACFEL 00025.jpg 9ab9b4400049b48a54127ce639aee961c64cf1779563969f3efa14f8fe354165615bca91
41641 F20090401_AACFEM 00025.QC.jpg 5e880d253092a34630d035eea2843a6b2a7f73e55f844272c45313c8a3002df6834e9b52
9882 F20090401_AACFEN 00025thm.jpg cbedd05e241366d82fde109cba9ef1b7b351b47c6ed76c38d89c11cb1b292f981af3a3b4
1618011 F20090401_AACFEO 00025.jp2 6803464a63d8d8035c7e01e7e04955d53929c91413998ff2d505585ce7706f821899519e
422994 F20090401_AACFEP 00026.jpg 5c264c8bd1722f1783b0d207c0579008046d22318b67241dc4a8473e05155032c38af012
44274 F20090401_AACFEQ 00026.QC.jpg 4fddcaafb32e7e472dc57a9359e4209baf104b57ac65516f1941424f5900f50f8de7987f
9832 F20090401_AACFER 00026thm.jpg 7427fb4ac3e5911a24861ef28e89e20c2b8715bd9abe2770af6c6c187800a4dd541a7520
1601883 F20090401_AACFES 00026.jp2 156d9fe7ba4046dd1dad18c5ffa785051b2c28c292b2fd2ffddc6ff2ce16f88632d3b210
419415 F20090401_AACFET 00027.jpg 884a2bd1b131bc5a665bc680f21994a68651a0456e7b8f4f514e0a121bca9a95971fe101
42822 F20090401_AACFEU 00027.QC.jpg 71b1ce7cd15a683e180c5559d87de720025b718320792c26c4742bf7e919b29e2942f9d2
9626 F20090401_AACFEV 00027thm.jpg 31b473003e54ac64e3a6ca827ab6524f1e7d91a77f9962ec147c1db95eeb952c5478bd27
1621610 F20090401_AACFEW 00027.jp2 2d1d597175a3bb0cf43d494bc9c1a2c3ef547588b02c25819bd78dc62db7379fde3c63fe
330478 F20090401_AACFEX 00028.jpg 2a101f7df61de45eb61063c2b8ecf9f40b3ab5de7ed02687f2c902ca4cb882da1aa2f017
33211 F20090401_AACFCA 00009.QC.jpg 0eab8d92d5d99dfa57ed2ede26a26fc51abcf03bd7b1fc0bd4f88200d47a9030aa650552
38743 F20090401_AACFEY 00028.QC.jpg c8f6c7f8bf87a82f3810ff61b3bb28d4c8cb6d8563b4960fe06259122e6a95d71b6a6080
8283 F20090401_AACFCB 00009thm.jpg e67bec3fb43153588b1055c43193e99efbab3130c5c1d10812164d465dd9b4c3b612112c
9211 F20090401_AACFEZ 00028thm.jpg 0b181a127ea1b8709f4dc9cf19d261707d1f8918e599a676e8f7390c4370e4d606eee1c5
1640533 F20090401_AACFCC 00009.jp2 896744328dbd434ed4f62be4cf7b72bf44cd3c0b0b7cdfd5ab6cad5c5696358febb344a9
7403 F20090401_AACFHA 00032.txt 4ce2ab4c57031bccb2fdc874c29a8c003fe864edf6afedb6be52b236b62b1fbcb95434ba
373672 F20090401_AACFCD 00010.jpg 09026e673d8c21389b49338b9887c340935dc68cf82206f15f27e3a62d8970e0bb5a9041
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42119 F20090401_AACFCE 00010.QC.jpg 32dc79ee27b3ef577933219ddafe26f4b7136cdfa7b35de61fb3585cacce745acb629cfc
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9586 F20090401_AACFCF 00010thm.jpg de6e764fa8a5555fe01986c271d670fa499bb8575e1da9715866c0f61abaa0e6cd5f0791
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1627445 F20090401_AACFCG 00010.jp2 3c84fa4c76964751eddb1a5e22c79b626e4fdf2e000f82008e78988210fc557d065a794f
334790 F20090401_AACFHE 00003.pro 41b0c0247fa9e4f69454280bb404e65df4a2fbfb016d72f4e15ff8fc4b29d71cd6fdf58dconflict in mime type metadata
373895 F20090401_AACFCH 00011.jpg 182c753c7cd75008a58332744c977ed86b7f66f6a1bfc93c7e8bde90acb2ef26365c719e
130572 F20090401_AACFHF 00004.pro 482cc0cb376b3a3e121a4d2aa76ec4ec7ee46c47d2c0b3ceaa10c38ca5704b8ba171029fconflict in mime type metadata
43105 F20090401_AACFCI 00011.QC.jpg 7658e79cb1765eee65064c7be2e9f1fd999e2b6e54bed2c9c5ad4e7c488507730153eff7
324562 F20090401_AACFHG 00005.pro 745d64b80c8141d7a46a55eb798927ae7cc69c36aaa0517a16c8ccf9de1c7057df582edfconflict in mime type metadata
9592 F20090401_AACFCJ 00011thm.jpg be5fa5d121607f63898997b2bac6613287e67ccb5b5e54784e3d639ea564f2e5415ae21d
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1572534 F20090401_AACFCK 00011.jp2 5359cec92311e69688fd2cd553ff2c1423eb11920f1cc38126de4ce548e4053470bea94e
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343055 F20090401_AACFCL 00012.jpg 5894ed14df6ee724d472266b05a24af014279c3c5422a8f39d10351ee360ef20f2da6859
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37541 F20090401_AACFCM 00012.QC.jpg 4c102405c1d23341af28f7f2f174282e1843a25b0215af8c863b2a1b4590fe37a277e96a
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9252 F20090401_AACFCN 00012thm.jpg 86cca603c601dbfb9a37c3ff1467218d7f47dd4e5684ee6466fd9d25f845a6c8c35cab50
1624291 F20090401_AACFCO 00012.jp2 f727b5dc7ab735a1a78e889ef51260b683ea7e0c09bd1bbe8c6280f85fd15325824a4418
131361 F20090401_AACFHL 00010.pro 1dd97f83f0e7147f0deff7acc481caeffd1620fcb581b2ad0a2a77576d3e05afd6a07a1dconflict in mime type metadata
372229 F20090401_AACFCP 00013.jpg 48a8ad01b37ee2f77362769ec08144bf1a6548d08039d8f3a1d96c5394bb016d1d8aaf54
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39996 F20090401_AACFCQ 00013.QC.jpg 32f1fe83da6cc6ee969f343c015de7141b232bc0b7a552343bc71657d67ae80bef51462a
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9555 F20090401_AACFCR 00013thm.jpg 0692ba6e6c5ef4eecfc9289f61a28aff7249698f53dc498c30dbc4b88f01d4920afe0d95
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1612176 F20090401_AACFCS 00013.jp2 23004641e209ba93f190ddcacfb2ecc93066d18da062bef1f47fe2956e97a804e50e963a
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233884 F20090401_AACFCT 00014.jpg 3b6ed61f7c2027cabbdcbf7cac3ade8aef0b444623ffd0798001ae9bf807a6bc733f3aa0
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32991 F20090401_AACFCU 00014.QC.jpg 2947c27e9d6c7a257d72e9fdc70e94b365317c539958eff82fed632a76a152afd7ce98a1
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8596 F20090401_AACFCV 00014thm.jpg 5040e27d2699d91048befeff5140f1c45308d673ac72f235253dbb9a22b8bd9217fa86ca
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1621612 F20090401_AACFCW 00014.jp2 b4a386a33147c218b64f25c80fce5e7f9bda49947fc44dc5fb509c52dc3c4637b8450081
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330607 F20090401_AACFCX 00015.jpg 86aec8577e2ae26d9dbd6d38c968008bdc7f9abd4facdae01b994a13f7659a73fbcff4f0
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39275 F20090401_AACFCY 00015.QC.jpg 9aa3d8cc1972db37da19bd07e5270680d23351633f645c885eae0dde826c11d846d97838
353544 F20090401_AACFHW 00018.pro e54477c2afb202bbb4a4c15d8a01a453e05530d17cbd945c1c797bf428b20c91d85de9dcconflict in mime type metadata
12472500 F20090401_AACFAA 00015.tif 4ec885aade4b14f7688c15694f087f1eefa52d745d4a41138da51b7a29e5375d490b5c9c
9280 F20090401_AACFCZ 00015thm.jpg 1744cedd44e30efb918cd4d1ed88ab15f7f829e31e40bf082d424a1812b9998bfa391af8
13110880 F20090401_AACFAB 00016.tif 48a57035ecb1dd7ff3a6aad34f86697f314c5fff6d94111eea6d5880fe259509dbf03b2a
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12911908 F20090401_AACFAC 00016_archive.tif 135f485d14b80bcc3933baecc76c0e174346032550fd5b7448935da79a66f4344191780b
1609479 F20090401_AACFFA 00028.jp2 7038bae627c1beb0a9d65a8774a88dd2f891005c3856e9f46439d8a37b9fec47992ea0cd
45445 F20090401_AACFHY 00020.pro cee2814ede9c6bbf4d93f24f8c01428f879cf12614e92c0a5be882762ab9bc3ef142b24dconflict in mime type metadata
76341156 F20090401_AACFAD 00017.tif 8437a1e44d063722b812bbeecdd3a1588dbc6c8f1da63376136294670e8232a8bf390ceb
194416 F20090401_AACFFB 00029.jpg dc907e3e14fd1884faa524aa0a9c17d974b302f66a23ceddc43919882a7b963c3746ad8b
377438 F20090401_AACFHZ 00021.pro d21690db7ca6d1538495953c897adb74b5adce34f9bfebd256ba09c097ad0d6523388ebbconflict in mime type metadata
25310008 F20090401_AACFAE 00018.tif df1afc237fe7940ec71f8b4d38be29707e7bb0a74a49655a8c20bdf085e34e0c6b914b3d
28459 F20090401_AACFFC 00029.QC.jpg 1a99a1554ea673b806dedb04701c4d38889b5bbae3883895f2dedcd4b4ed40e350b2e0bd
26266188 F20090401_AACFAF 00019.tif 4793fdbcf3c007e5f80223ef3c09d10ce8187ccfc0024ec452416a6bdf2210e62dd15205
7715 F20090401_AACFFD 00029thm.jpg e441071600973eb50d03ae7b19565bfbe3bb5bb81791b7525c61071576d6b17898bc8920
75500572 F20090401_AACFAG 00020.tif 6a219da381368d3c56ed7fcd143a596034ec96bd568e6285f412a31c1cef140835402d3e
1570760 F20090401_AACFFE 00029.jp2 520e1896acf8bfa7aab271829d9794d3987246e646718c6cf8d18f7308ac551f33cc2479
76383300 F20090401_AACFAH 00021.tif b2b46f926fcaf52df1e107e65d1224894903633631b37aade0798938ce59b00b968b2421
389744 F20090401_AACFFF 00030.jpg 9dd8a54b89cb4d88c2dd5c331526824e9b6fc314c3288f820e62383c4b20f6b83876fa9b
25295468 F20090401_AACFAI 00022.tif bad2dc51ba356aaa3975c475d30b8a867d237aa5cb8141ceab07cc346d48cf7068153817
43276 F20090401_AACFFG 00030.QC.jpg dc77b761291280d08c438a08f803e1c0b10c05124896935342469b219bb0a56f1a8da07c
26266412 F20090401_AACFAJ 00023.tif 481188276bbee81ed5628e0adf7c1db240e148d979faaaac2dccb1bfd71262f5dda040b9
9937 F20090401_AACFFH 00030thm.jpg 69542da91cbb9321bd27b6c7ded4edd7517d0b7988cde04ebc24b7a0a952e42da1040b4c
25334768 F20090401_AACFAK 00024.tif b744ca2e0caef285574fbb7c11488e823c185022847c96e705f0071812c47e2022268e40
1553114 F20090401_AACFFI 00030.jp2 e88dd9d8a630bb3a707afef6f46e57377d893613d05f59e9af7139624e9ed0ceef8d1b4c
38847024 F20090401_AACFAL 00025.tif 966f277a72da44032edd984070a94025684d4e3cbe68e2d8b8bc7439abbe47377414bd1d
373721 F20090401_AACFFJ 00031.jpg 440c94d302bcfb30bbfe482c4a045382774d5ef8acd1b8683674091b1eb660a965ac8a34
12831524 F20090401_AACFAM 00026.tif d684710c9f3dd6a4a4e68977bed82c55fcc5e70da0bffa155b50ca3d59e9d36eeea0dbba
41955 F20090401_AACFFK 00031.QC.jpg a2414035647bce7b2c4532dd44227486d2bd17c51ca199b0f704fbcb47d2fcddd7580895
12988864 F20090401_AACFAN 00027.tif b5cc6b0d2498d3f6ae2d0cef25213b7ba99c21cfa5f4cfd3ba121f4592eaef84341c67a4
9580 F20090401_AACFFL 00031thm.jpg 11e2ee3f84518be61180643a5f95fd0ae9538be2b3e6a0c577c8899ac7c816ecb84d45d7
12892300 F20090401_AACFAO 00028.tif 96e08b034db27f397a778983ff5b0c7bec1e6ca5bfea70a6cbad53b68e9e4d5507fd68fb
1584931 F20090401_AACFFM 00031.jp2 b610b259ebf67b27e74c8f1e3f8a39f8a1a4c680f0245ff3d2744b6400191c2ccd85b134
12582124 F20090401_AACFAP 00029.tif e3b93be95f44ddadfafd62bd5dafbd18890a3b352a2f1ab4152e637c4eba1d3fbdab3fec
379327 F20090401_AACFFN 00032.jpg 995a8e95ad05235c9ab7aa86ecfc605324a6f786230d8919a55771aa948644fc96280864
41999 F20090401_AACFFO 00032.QC.jpg 38fd476af885e13f06801f8f98aa3887ac63075c00dc81a8880f540f3f8b2459e61ec591
12441360 F20090401_AACFAQ 00030.tif 66a13bee4b49a96276dc688d2ceeec6d7922fad360650b00ce2e2fa3750c009d53c94a9c
9681 F20090401_AACFFP 00032thm.jpg 16d30b768a2962c5e3aba5b1743cf0353b9e3d18af14c60fb4f3072298f64b0c7ca36fe5
12695900 F20090401_AACFAR 00031.tif ff922224f7654b51118efa23345e4a269abea43802598dfa610b2da06026fa81dfd13be7
1574636 F20090401_AACFFQ 00032.jp2 5440a5a371c98528f5443410379d163c2abbcbe0755b994ad490e26d8b63cb465e2ead0a
12614056 F20090401_AACFAS 00032.tif a41895f12030c04c279d24657792f0e0fe63717c95a579642b06a1ab17f3045001622261
8941 F20090401_AACFFR 00001.txt 00b1b08a3a14f84c1efba96348d40ce73f60944ffd2647efdb7e9dc4ab7c04a047083b3f
452796 F20090401_AACFAT 00001.jpg db6238da15beaab01207074f65094f48f7b7595950ef9375b2dd285a2742641dffaa4237
8646 F20090401_AACFFS 00002.txt 972b8b623feba99b2cb70f7cfcdb1e4263b7929a20e957adf5141698fc2070da71c4535d
57208 F20090401_AACFAU 00001.QC.jpg 3e26bd5b118243fee77f007d776de4bcc7e5cec7f4721d5cbe2097640ed891e0d7e81736
13700 F20090401_AACFFT 00002_archive.txt 1467cec7b6e1e1e1ec5a6f4f1a972995adc273b225396e433cb8fd5922b1848d6b703bf9
16440 F20090401_AACFAV 00001thm.jpg c5b89ec3ad6b823f0a9f72ea19fd13521974a2abec00b1fd71f3133a6058c60c03336456
13539 F20090401_AACFFU 00003.txt 2cd114035ce6049238a8e0e844ec78de4ba054cee3978e195db8792647437fadd769a7aa
3230862 F20090401_AACFAW 00001.jp2 175a84d092cb6a3219e61b57f650624e4131ef9176fe9019b39f87767ef429c52aed37e0
378433 F20090401_AACFAX 00002.jpg 1fa5aaf088a09ca6f14c9081b1ac490a3ba2372bfe77c0832d1e09fcc83b201bf0f5bf05
5421 F20090401_AACFFV 00004.txt 21598d790013885015d1c967f6af844f2b5e1f11d01cf3582a8a48d5eb9e339ebf0e8fe2
49217 F20090401_AACFAY 00002.QC.jpg dcc957920c86cca7ce78af1d8d73e97d9efb6f8d469f388fbf6b5448d4aa59cc39741b46
12990 F20090401_AACFFW 00005.txt 7842ed5e10662065d9f45bc2c0a5500f0d9ce435b90381e23bdd4967bf853b06fffdeff7
14469 F20090401_AACFAZ 00002thm.jpg 13ec455647d0e5c4920d870f0f12ead17508fc5f76623e7b1672ab408b13f653b157e373
12716 F20090401_AACFFX 00006.txt 866bf42fd1451d0717d0dc01e23083e795000dce958ea97736c8c73134348e593cf98ead
13217 F20090401_AACFFY 00007.txt 98b9667cb9aabbd10deb696e282485c69e485fb545392cd104522f1d8c24836650e2380e
1557069 F20090401_AACFDA 00015.jp2 fe6a5c58fc2a09d9896824280b43bc63b554f18250b03e5ad7288c6c6578270e1327877b
2426 F20090401_AACFFZ 00008.txt 4a57aa7e22fd33a72c7866082093b50185921e75ae5dafd2a4b3d78d4da0844701548f29
155984 F20090401_AACFDB 00016.jpg 1e40b616ce1c0a7904d854a732d53e0bad2e5e9c01d64ad9c80998c0e32c739b16e8e9a2
24304 F20090401_AACFDC 00016.QC.jpg 8568256b8506a225ab8ef2c4461255bce70ffbb1ac9a96273251c6ea6d821e824ec81bce
373164 F20090401_AACFIA 00022.pro acd9c38724bac86c6130af8568878a9eb2b0426cad948c2f522ca5eff86c97f433a5439aconflict in mime type metadata
6824 F20090401_AACFDD 00016thm.jpg b4868c019225a692b0281f1635d2f51eb021b2611e2d6baf1e4a486130c38645632f2a64
417561 F20090401_AACFIB 00023.pro 3f4a50d66ad7c95671d77c41eea5c3f41fa4da0949735d8f970197dbb75b55776c80d2baconflict in mime type metadata
1636932 F20090401_AACFDE 00016.jp2 0c1900f8abbccf764aa83b36ff5d364e9ebf671a6ce56e2dab16402417d2bc2a633af38f
90080 F20090401_AACFIC 00024.pro a79bc8c75292f9e581bc815bb4d7a3ff9786c79cb74cf327489d0bc43222ea5264fbdb31conflict in mime type metadata
353409 F20090401_AACFDF 00017.jpg f57be86d52b574261eabd8c9f66b453f5c5b0e918bb2d81c8a27241ea3d7b4c49f278c3e
116505 F20090401_AACFID 00025.pro ca455004655cfdddd4b4ab2908666773d72159782aa54bdc480b6d248e5b70cc8b2904f0conflict in mime type metadata
46328 F20090401_AACFDG 00017.QC.jpg 1226eb39ddb0d1c256a20bbc1ee0fdba07ca73744e31ed728de23858e81693c6effc9ab5
286150 F20090401_AACFIE 00026.pro 63ca632bad45aa6934f4c776cff5123833fb0449a64398eafbad5bf8c42407b83b52e177conflict in mime type metadata
14050 F20090401_AACFDH 00017thm.jpg ead4891cb40ff3448ba13adbc5a1b61a6ee127d8ef92d61021f3e77cf6d87b49a2301386
288261 F20090401_AACFIF 00027.pro 6a63669ce8f884bebccdcf38806e2a73fadacda4cafa0bbe8d1417f5c23c7b84e4280289conflict in mime type metadata
3180373 F20090401_AACFDI 00017.jp2 f675de212b44c2dfd353d0226b3a47d7225431d20790986dc534a1dae52d6925528867c7
98008 F20090401_AACFIG 00028.pro 1b9d2780e89a3eb0d29841c3c4d0f9b75fefab13495a973dfd7e4d9fab4a789146008459conflict in mime type metadata
467359 F20090401_AACFDJ 00018.jpg 94d41427c24e0a6316f871a4af6cd2aa3932a6816e16d6cda096e0825d3d08c351936fa3
24295 F20090401_AACFIH 00029.pro 36e4d09c8f3f58283520276123ab9644dc778aaf894c7dd1fd44c3d317e21ec13a35f100conflict in mime type metadata
57461 F20090401_AACFDK 00018.QC.jpg bcc3c61acb766a08e0686cebf0bd921c60697fa4581711744fafaa3ede4b586dd173def5
241890 F20090401_AACFII 00030.pro d5c8c8ae49a246af4ec57df8cecdfc6fd49a51a75bb9fd6edc9dbfc2425e6aeefa1e8094conflict in mime type metadata
15809 F20090401_AACFDL 00018thm.jpg 5322e105b9e1cdd8582fa03c7a35f38b989f375ab8d89cfcff7980a232b101891e85785e
192604 F20090401_AACFIJ 00031.pro 7452a4d91c09b3fbb83f4f6a753de25551b6925b7087bc4405c6c5a78e140bff521ab02aconflict in mime type metadata
3162175 F20090401_AACFDM 00018.jp2 32cc1c7fb21d5520873a84048e64b6773a5982a6f855d0ea47a9daf758115d8cc5afc1e9
181291 F20090401_AACFIK 00032.pro 47d74f941433afde23b7330961773599721bfe34ca89544309f0769a9835bce1afec0401conflict in mime type metadata
432154 F20090401_AACFDN 00019.jpg 4bfc31dcab0c0ea1f003ac047703fb5f8d9e3a4c7726b2ff6cb3774d186d6c130e7f6cfc
52813 F20090401_AACFIL UF00028362_00118.mets FULL d2b8ef51ea63b2432f84e3372f1e1285cab68c4232270010d1d3912758c952951b5ee558
52444 F20090401_AACFDO 00019.QC.jpg 4e61433814206073d4a3bea13f063c606f3966e9ba3d03eb6c4d3ab4f49f5604371e86b6
14314 F20090401_AACFDP 00019thm.jpg ae067b57afb72c546f57a1b7ca5bfe17d64a047272baa0d8d0296b92589d42bbaa73cfc1
3281739 F20090401_AACFDQ 00019.jp2 58a87e27f9ccdd5b2bfc723c2570f45a0d43045e4db8432e1603a907254803197f7238a9
67724 F20090401_AACFIO UF00028362_00118.xml 53eb40615a529857bd6bf270566c9d156f4b388a4d05f55a6ce2531ff832fec0af9968a9
498667 F20090401_AACFDR 00020.jpg 57dbc5d6e838dd4744701c611627b7a3db10294575a1ef4ab3100df0bfbd33b49e3bb0c7
55146 F20090401_AACFDS 00020.QC.jpg 67d099f91ae938351f94c17462043e193dca45bdb055919e3646e5e471322e9b9f1c6c3d
16177 F20090401_AACFDT 00020thm.jpg eaafe9dd484a489c3d288d69a415c3e3dfc22f1e1efe5b2e44cb236dba32148ffbe1dacf
3145208 F20090401_AACFDU 00020.jp2 ef87f529ee18164df7d62b74a35e2c330a020e25e7d6339f95f4d962bd5becebd23e71df
483569 F20090401_AACFDV 00021.jpg 930703899c7c850844a93a91a885618a1af0bf0e70004269030d57c52d33805ec01d0d6c
58152 F20090401_AACFDW 00021.QC.jpg b2339818230c643d53aff93d4ec886d08e088f757db84b2dc85b8a646f387d7059f0476a
16175 F20090401_AACFDX 00021thm.jpg a8381e846f1da129c06d15ec2b0c3138f2d268d6f1aefe1aa9213aabf7af9d66edb9b0e8
3160392 F20090401_AACFBA 00002.jp2 a1f22e34fe4d64ee7e5b7de992fcf2ded51099ed1a15e52660a0d223be3d1237e65b7faa
3182168 F20090401_AACFDY 00021.jp2 720c82fbc2bbb9aa874af1c752d21b9ea182c57d995bd1d5b2bcf8dcb6d61c1e7928ad59
458199 F20090401_AACFBB 00003.jpg 07632af2442449b9482c7b425f0bc21249b7e8efa4ee02622a22b52a94c959ad30f2327b
476375 F20090401_AACFDZ 00022.jpg 1f60cab3ac081b2f265a3f04f714884b27160fc0c8e3b23c6b755d04b87d660b2e3ff5d9
56747 F20090401_AACFBC 00003.QC.jpg 716d5bc19580bf3d8d80eed23a6f7ee527dfe464763ecfced493680733d19d6104e0b5ee
15552 F20090401_AACFBD 00003thm.jpg e4c3915fbb0c202e3ddb6c0e949d35832d81c9765ba78e7a66c162d93d802f433a473530
840 F20090401_AACFGA 00009.txt f7eb001bf7ea1ef91464ea52a6572eb580b2237a4cf82e70ec3742fe678822895e71ef0e
3199116 F20090401_AACFBE 00003.jp2 791531246683e6fb3ceee8df0508b482f0d976cdc17913e43a3675d3f366c0fe5ea0af80
5047 F20090401_AACFGB 00010.txt 13dcbe095c4e8837b053300ea22e7aadbdb9f8f2e83d654c97a5cc5014f6488389c78959
429137 F20090401_AACFBF 00004.jpg 493578d9f4468d538cd0411d515b09e566886c98225a2b6c82f8ccc66a986fe06c1fccce
5110 F20090401_AACFGC 00010_archive.txt efd8188d00c56d4b4ae638175e560ad82ca630cbfa43ce37567ad1017934f8dfbeef2387
52470 F20090401_AACFBG 00004.QC.jpg af998f0930d1e6d097ce377abaffd7522d39118c51a094e63c0bf16e146688d862844c47
7111 F20090401_AACFGD 00011.txt 1d6bee5c80549abf3ce500a108d49ab66198896406181197f047081f02425dc5f4180714
15348 F20090401_AACFBH 00004thm.jpg 9de817ec3ecb1a07752887cc2a0012f92c7e255b4807e9098afb9284d2fea40cc858c13c
2039 F20090401_AACFGE 00012.txt 0b938bceafa8382b78436e9d69a3d72609931bde9f9b1f83c09c2258fdbbd790d69571e0
3308424 F20090401_AACFBI 00004.jp2 69e921cb0ebfc5e00124a30d7e39c202455388f531c4229a23eefd730cd33a46d491dea7
3583 F20090401_AACFGF 00013.txt 2abb87dc3abe6c6c09a75d76710180051bf1a422cece4643eff70fc2cdc4f35beb2b0c3a
77553080 F20090401_AACEZJ 00001.tif 07e63aa91d7215cbe88cf133527f4cd8fa15861ecf4bddbc058e172cc04817c539660de9
441538 F20090401_AACFBJ 00005.jpg 81f1bebc22ec5e9d3ee3e0544e361bef2f2dca06fb30d17a37d1b3776d804ad14a172e63
1417 F20090401_AACFGG 00014.txt 67fb10aa1a60e4c850832f076d6a46a91c2e644c7f87b8742080e00cb9b22ae9b1fddccb
53090 F20090401_AACFBK 00005.QC.jpg d21a343323be269cc821e8314aa41b4c1c5b86108f2d91c6f83af22b1f63691901d0b078
1568 F20090401_AACFGH 00014_archive.txt dce64cc1c8b8d7e2e61410e018241b5dfaa4cd74ecef3de803a02dc35144d40900d585a4
25296752 F20090401_AACEZK 00002.tif b593546b9c00869848f8ee0a34c3013776e1697d7293264eed3da0fa4d6054ef752b1d03
14623 F20090401_AACFBL 00005thm.jpg 97179d8b52ec100a3a4e82f08da6084305fffce8a714f44f26cbb55aa39cfe0735208de3
4838 F20090401_AACFGI 00015.txt 31dd3f47c9edf29e8dad541cd69c71cdb7d18b70331000bdea771f219f707e0d0d45369f
3207047 F20090401_AACFBM 00005.jp2 38115f02f25930bbce45baff9404455faa2cb6d6e7820274701fb67e2ac9926a4e03ea83
234 F20090401_AACFGJ 00016.txt 004cfbbd54af2e73774e5275e52d1f2ea241baadc66b0a8e32755df198a3b6456266d77b
25603816 F20090401_AACEZL 00002_archive.tif 1d372d26a2fce93209d796c05ca75f6b1d2678692859a46757a795c913857e5771856174
467582 F20090401_AACFBN 00006.jpg ebd9b67bffc04be37af0ec917fba20e360fa1a6a2c94a66e8410566c9c323216fb8eca2b
5073 F20090401_AACFGK 00016_archive.txt 1c6f3c5539a03f61863e50e81a9af2aef7b894bd2939a96c44ead9a357986f40cdebfa2d
25606048 F20090401_AACEZM 00003.tif ba1a1d2376291e12c1b55d23b914d9063195573f37e6129e0fabf73d77556bbe1c7d9812
56731 F20090401_AACFBO 00006.QC.jpg 52c26f178c799c71259ccde4a75e462e3d2a9e5c906487b8ce23e829873ac3e1608c035f
5406 F20090401_AACFGL 00017.txt 6a13763e1c686b4ad1883a80066e6455910fdad35aaab8cd55c44d3abc19e7acc920f393
79415032 F20090401_AACEZN 00004.tif 1f8e8fd623c2417685faff92eb603d4dce6ae7ddf347b5fb90c8903ad1486372525e84a1
15447 F20090401_AACFBP 00006thm.jpg 9d1e490c21d39d62ddeee70a24d2ebe01ddeab9ab5b1c7bbaef2691e5e921bf12db3dcdc
13691 F20090401_AACFGM 00018.txt 250a3c322c003b9579aa76472f169dc44cdc27d3abacb4867905fb3807925fd7a8e7ae7f
76981984 F20090401_AACEZO 00005.tif 7223ff732f3ee86c3d7b073c967606ea4a963319ee0b64f11d5c144c05e335763a4464f8
3188745 F20090401_AACFBQ 00006.jp2 543d080704e3475baf260b281b1c525b796dd8166845f112fb7f6a060df58e4dbc648ac1
11948 F20090401_AACFGN 00019.txt 50b69fa003e1b661c348c4bf16cfb27e6fb7151af7700550a53f57701b7959b5ee947ce8
25523536 F20090401_AACEZP 00006.tif 2dce8ab93c3215b7c8ff99dfb03a4ac823a06b19c98d0f1c44a0a6a9c7fddd49bd369804
2083 F20090401_AACFGO 00020.txt 81bc8de0d07b58def030326c5a43fc5d811d63ae9276415a15c991dfa199970424317841
25762188 F20090401_AACEZQ 00007.tif 377e49034f74f5174bd2400746a37b0efc591276b012ab2ee796236c13b08c1dfa822f24
416618 F20090401_AACFBR 00007.jpg 8170ae86bdb0536c2760d8b80db84d78367fe7755aa614f65c52bef00f2886ae7b2e4156
14600 F20090401_AACFGP 00021.txt d07129711727bd3405af053cffe007f5a559786dd7d0fedfa4fda6383bca7f4abef5adf3
25641460 F20090401_AACEZR 00008.tif 010f3e7d539d544c61f61f19270bd0129b749eb8af8dd6eaff28005794bf03f454eb86cb
15253 F20090401_AACFGQ 00022.txt 4b0eeae11295ecc81e7ba254deb4170233ee12cbf9c8564eb4bd470f827f08ff856a6873
39386916 F20090401_AACEZS 00009.tif 08c56cf4f78b455addebfb0b105b89625189bbada8d009d0eb4ece1f6d55e7b794e959fb
51669 F20090401_AACFBS 00007.QC.jpg 508ab58b151d584424bb918813ba4362b2effc45ea0507e5ceb5f0d8edcb0347ab38cf79
17519 F20090401_AACFGR 00023.txt 215d121b1c8bf01d5572153464c52892a716955a8fca3a2bd9964f95a6eaa46007dc841c
13036112 F20090401_AACEZT 00010.tif 1c1ffc861b094f470774550b0151ce838b48fc32f1fddee6db42de859e1684d81aa8a0bf
14191 F20090401_AACFBT 00007thm.jpg c154c154d1439f7c9c1614e77353473a24c2d4c553cc8523ba4deb2626722e15febc59d1
3944 F20090401_AACFGS 00024.txt a10cad118126330455dcca707b580e6581d1056d9bde60639f4fb2968ee7cb365310662a
13094264 F20090401_AACEZU 00010_archive.tif 1815437034944edfe765e8c062cfff1f58f508d25d92f807491fa2ad6d37ada64a7c9ab5
3218747 F20090401_AACFBU 00007.jp2 4747bffa0aa4e9654101dd4e2a403b42ac67cf20ac479e1983aa4a4a1be85ac8ae8d1104
4524 F20090401_AACFGT 00025.txt 3ed9fe7d23ebac587e6d23f2a2bd620370e134548a5b84505205eeb5614f54e0747b2924
12596560 F20090401_AACEZV 00011.tif 4be2d53219c572dc6752ace57e4bc24daf7f89c5dac6770452583ccf0fd262ceb8ae1734
325146 F20090401_AACFBV 00008.jpg b6bc072f9b385043667a2883064b1fac3af9e6508fcb2e7696a956ec4b045cb752778184
11593 F20090401_AACFGU 00026.txt c7c25d211d08192c56edb345111c3386fdee196f7f832c5d3f6d225781cdd33c5f65e1f5
38998548 F20090401_AACEZW 00012.tif ecb5f9b6fc7dedfa9ebaee32a4bc045d83a119a4926829bd6b8be1403edc438b2511f46e
41293 F20090401_AACFBW 00008.QC.jpg cde93667f994c3f53909533c01e53df6fbe92e7e0c7e6a7fd7f39bc2710231e6c713579e
11718 F20090401_AACFGV 00027.txt 439be21c8734b208eeea7868b890709d952508c9543d63c86aba01e15a9a103a67d6fa30
38707108 F20090401_AACEZX 00013.tif 179dff432fa4f22cabde4642810a2c491da1a4529d295b95555f27287021d8b77037d8fc
12487 F20090401_AACFBX 00008thm.jpg beec93acc07ac0b660b6cc4877f84461e311b27dc60b15b565eb03ca02605c14bbe72f35
12989572 F20090401_AACEZY 00014.tif 5946fe711666582c810b8a5286499400fb1dfae3af7a0a4dba99e00964620dd0c396a639
3203474 F20090401_AACFBY 00008.jp2 29412f0f684e32a0502fb774c30c6d21f2e47c11c4baeecd72c73f0584bc383d0b97aacb
3921 F20090401_AACFGW 00028.txt c8b09adfb120f2dfd45320d6374eb678397eaf11cdf11578126d9b131587742bd30f6b32
12836660 F20090401_AACEZZ 00014_archive.tif 024c335d4dfe84478f47568827c4e682558e11c5f3abcdbdbc8eda0a558773e2adf8f59e
326736 F20090401_AACFBZ 00009.jpg afdc6c48b365629afc5a047feaafd2fd4060f81e3038c83fb1b0e3d22a6f92ebe4dcc86b
1017 F20090401_AACFGX 00029.txt 07db6c603f6029bd7c71cd61eb94f250f27594acdc58b5fc6bc3518234ee2cb0f4f3592d
56334 F20090401_AACFEA 00022.QC.jpg b48674ba9ef444cb44c44abaa2641a1f0e059cb8f47676f30c53be95838ba26eb4c3a63f
10810 F20090401_AACFGY 00030.txt 2672106d5d5d7117a30b681d74f15bfecf9d85042926967bc9415c4e0778d54d98985c5b
15523 F20090401_AACFEB 00022thm.jpg c1d923427f4e3f1fe42a4be13eecaf80a5d8ad62cd55dbeb1ea53d2d942b0eba6f4dd242
7683 F20090401_AACFGZ 00031.txt b0facd272fa4665c385b36cd81513578307d9a8d9459bf000794ca66d658c90b9f42f45c
3160368 F20090401_AACFEC 00022.jp2 b1374e9322284d4005e68deb082e642e1596479377f723dd08e58c7fa3d9dfbc1722ea23
390891 F20090401_AACFED 00023.jpg af0f010f969890897a3fc453524f6ccca086eda3ee206f01d396458a04a4790fc572e5a1
50386 F20090401_AACFEE 00023.QC.jpg e3608969f79830839e3fed285233df40d8f9c044a37703bbf6ae4392ecab525d81b31116
14103 F20090401_AACFEF 00023thm.jpg fd73155fbb443173b849946900d309f1d1304e54bf395830acf71b3e21b67da0ccd04e88
3281725 F20090401_AACFEG 00023.jp2 0619496eeee2e4d308a1e5320f00869c901d9a1debedd002981596c31af54a4ce9cf28a7
281468 F20090401_AACFEH 00024.jpg fcdd1149c301b33c6f522cd501d70abf3de47067d6f2bc63b66cc851879f88971c850c70

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200118datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. May 5, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date May 5, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00118000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 5, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 5, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
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Ileck1Ju71. I A A A~??~?~~? A

Page C-4

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r ..?,,-
i .~,~:~r ,-tjF7\

FBI Impersonator
This man targets elderly
women between the ages of
71 to 91 to get money out of
them. According to the
Jacksonville's Sheriff's
Office, he has used several
names but he appears to
always introduce himself as

an FBI agent. As an agent,
he calls the women and
convinces them to allow
him to visit their homes. He
advises them that he is
doing an investigation on
identity theft. Once he
-receives their confidence, he
gets them to withdraw
money from their bank
accounts. One lady gave
him $14,000.
The women have
advised that once the man
gets the money from them,
he disappears. The Sheriff's
office is asking for help to
locate him and wish to alert
older women to be aware of
this and other scam artists.

Shootings in the City

A Wednesday Night Murder on the Westside, Six
Teens Shot in the Talleyrand Area and a woman
was found shot near Moncrief Road

There is a cry to stop the violence and even though a
smaller number of incidents have occurred since last year
this time, crime with a gun must come to a halt. Police are
looking for the persons) who shot Joni Lynn Bright, 34
on Redpoll Avenue off Moncrief Road.
Six teen age boys, between the ages of 15 to 19 were
shot with birdshot bullets at two different locations
Monday. However, the Sheriff's office feel the shootings
are related and stemmed from a fight that had been held
two days earlier about a girl. None their wounds were
Michael Jones, 26, was found lying on the ground at the
Morningside Apartments Wednesday on Jammes Road.
There have been no arrests in these cases and Jacksonville
Sheriff's Office is seeking your support in providing what
information you may have. Call Crimestoppers at 866-
845 TIPS. Your call will always be anonymous and you
may eligible for $1,000.


Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 pm
The Florida Star and
Impact Striving to
Make a Difference!

Community Talking About Suspects

Man Murdered on Mattox

His nick name was
"Trouble" but his father said
that was just his nickname
and not his personality.
Lorenzo Jiles, Jr.
appeared to know that life
for him was short, according
to his father but, he always
considered others. On
Monday, April 30, things
were different for him and
he elected not to wear his
bullet-proof vest. While
visiting a family, Lorenzo
observed a car in the neigh-
borhood and recognized
there was a problem.
Therefore, in an effort to
protect the others, he told
them that he would run out
to his car because with him
not in the house, they would
not be in danger, according
to sources.
Lorenzo thought he had
time to get to his car before
the vehicle that was cruising
by could turn around and
come back. What he did not
know, was those in the car
also had others hiding at or
near the house next door. In




Stanton High School's First Gala

Deborah Thompson, Betty
Asque Davis and Carl Davis.
P- ,,(Story and more pictures on A-

The Florida Star at the Baseball Park

'---- -- THE -- The Florida Star
*" IsRID f S culminated it's 56th
anniversary at the
Jacksonville's Sun
.. baseball game. They
,.. were joined by friends
-.,...R, 'from around the city,
.' including two players
from the old Negro
.* League and Tonyaa
L-R, Ron Bell, David Bell, Art Hamilton, Nick Green, Laurence Green, Weathersbee of the
Tawana Lizzmore, William Kelly, William Kelly III, Tawan Surrency, Tyri Florida Times Union,
E. Kelly, Dan Randolph, Tricia, Tonyaa Weathersbee, Dennis Wade, See C-1 & C4.
Robin Gundy, Harold Hair, Travis Powell and Clara McLaughlin.

addition, witness believe
there was another shooter
hiding in the woods. He
was unable to make it to his
car because of the "hidden"
shooters who, after Lorenzo
was shot, were able to join
the others in the vehicle that
Lorenzo had recognized.
Lorenzo had recently
completed a 14-month stay
at the Jacksonville
Detention Center. He had
told his father that he would
never have to be concerned
about him killing or rob-
bing. He said that he under-
stood God too much for
His family, including his
9-year-old brother said that
he had prayed with them
and alone, "God please
deliver me from these
streets. His little brother
said that was his prayer and
that is what God did when
he was shot down Monday.
Lorenzo's death is very
painful for the family but
they want the community to
know that they are not seek-

i n g
only jus-
tice. The
father said
he was mis-
quoted by
the media
who said he
He said his
words are
from the
is mine"
said the
Lord. He
said the

Lorenzo Jiles, Jr., 27, Victim

family has
already forgiven the shoot-
ers and he is falling back on
a sermon preached by his
pastor just two weeks ago at
Open Arms Christian
Mr. Jiles said he loves
his son so much yet, he is
not a "mad dad." He under-
stand the organization and
what they are trying' to

accomplish and truly wish
them total success in trying
to get the criminals off the
streets and making our
streets safe again. He wants
these "young people to
know that they must stop
killing our seeds. We are
the chosen people and there
is strength in numbers."
Continued on Page A 7

Tennis with the Mayor and the Sheriff

The MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation

From Left (excluding the Mayor and the Sheriff: Devon Price, Travis Willis, Benzell Lang,
Tyrone Davis, Trenden Davis, Coach Devin Reddick, Ciara Walker, Keanna Bell, Shadarian
Davis, Coach Marc Atkinson, Isaiah Phillips, Deshawn Brown, Keric Johnson, Kelton
Johnson, Jazzauria Williams, Tyquan Brown, Shawnica Youngblood and Taliyah Atkinson.

News Briefs

New York, Ny Imus Is Not Giving Up Job Without A Fight
Don Imus, the radio host who lost his job at CBS and was taken off MSNBC has
hired Martin Garbus, a widely recognized First Amendment lawyer, to review his con-
tract regarding his comments or description of the Rutgers Girls R.ikeib.ill team.
Garbus said he plans to file a breach of contract lawsuit by the end of next week.

Detroit, Mi. NAACP Plans To Have A Funeral For The N-Word
The NAACP held a symbolic funeral in Detroit 63 years ago for Jim Crow. The civil
rights organization will do the same this summer for the "n-word," the Rev. Wendell
Anthony said Sunday. The NAACP said they will hold a symbolic funeral for the N-
word at their national convention in Detroit this summer.

Washington, DC Obama Now Has Secret Service Protection
It has been reported that Senator Obama has been provided Secret Service
Protection. This is unusual so early in a campaign. He has not received threats, accord-
ing to his headquarters.

rI- *r~

s~~~,~~ :g 1 i I(o I ge~ Illloh i A~ iTe`ll-~~`lh`~~ ~ir~gg ~'~f~"L~L~a~dP~-I~'~.
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tTc%`W;kl~YI1~IW~TFI~1P dr~~cr~dP.P~aB ? ''p~lar: o
arar(; ~p~Facrl.as~~l ~SC:,IL:I~ ~;_.;~ce' I ~
iP ~P~ia~Bivl~i~E~ I C(DI I~

PO BOX 117007 1.1,08


c I

II-- -ire I


I.e nTFlV-,.l*',l,..
c 1
ep 'R
giness etwork:,.""j


1Vl-AI J. VUU /

TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau,
Alachua, Flagler, Marion
McIntosh, Camden And Glynn County

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

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The Florida Star,
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. -a -

L M0
% %IV l

New Book Unmasks Clarence Thomas

George E. Curry
NNPA Columnist


- ~.



Anyone who has followed
my career knows how I feel
about Clarence Thomas. In
fact, Jack E. White, writing in
Time magazine, said, "No
matter what George Curry
accomplishes during the
remainder of his journalistic
career, he will be remem-
bered for one thing: he was
the editor who slapped a por-
trait of Clarence Thomas
wearing an Aunt Jemima-
style handkerchief on a 1993
cover of Emerge magazine."
White continued, "That
shocking image outraged
Thomas supporters, of
course, but it crystallized the
disgust that many African-
Americans had begun to feel
about the ultra-conservative
legal philosophy of the U.S.
Supreme Court's only black
Given my view of
Thomas, I never thought I'd
want to read a book on the
supreme prick from Pinpoint,
Ga. However, I resisted the
urge and this w.,ek read
Supreme Discomfort: The
Divided Soul of Clarence
Thomas.' The only reason 1
read the book was because it
was written by Kevin Merida
and Michael A. Fletcher, two
friends who work at the
Washington Post. They have
done a superb job describing
the many contradictions of
Clarence Thomas.

III E 'in M STA51 1

After reading the book, I
have one regret about that
famous Emerge cover. If I
had an opportunity to do it
over, I would tie the Aunt
Jemima knot tighter.
While criticizing African-
Americans for embracing
"victimhood," the book por-
trays Thomas as the ultimate
professional victim, at every
turn claiming that people did-
n't like him because of his
dark skin, his broad lips, or
his conservative ideology.
Recounting a 1998 speech
before the National Bar
Association, the authors note,
"In remarks that veered from
self-pity to combative, he
maintained" that the "princi-
pal problem" he faces could
be summed up in one suc-
cinct sentence: "I have no
right to think the way I do
because I am black."
As the late Appeals Court
Justice A. Leon
Higginbotham pointed out at
the time, "He's got a right to
think whatever he wants to,
but he does not have a right to
be free of critique." And a cri-
tique of Thomas shows that
while professing to oppose
special treatment because of
his race, every job he has
held, including his appoint-
ment to the Supreme Court,
was obtained, in part, because
of his race.
"Every Thomas employer,
from Danforth, who gave him
his first job, to President
George H.W. Bush, who

The ..:: Fair *', .' Adct ... y our '' to 1' ywhereYon
want. In fact, In dedsion ',rental, sales, or It
is .:.I the law to., ; r ace, color,. ,' ... ; *Of.* riai, sex,
or. *. :,* :i. .. : :~* If you think .. been denied '

please us. Fair Housing. It's not an option. It's the law.

nominated him to the
Supreme Court, chose
Thomas at least partly
because he is black. Race is a
central fact of his meteoric
rise, and Thomas has alter-
nately denied it and resented
it "all the way to the top," the
book states.
To get to the top, to the
Supreme Court, Thomas
allowed his Right-wing han-
dlers to misrepresent his past.
"The Pin Point strategy."
some advisers dubbed it: file
down the sharp ideological
edges and keep emphasizing
Thomas' personal story of
"triumph over adversity," the
authors wrote.
"What the White House
advisers didn't know, or, per-
haps, just ignored. was that
Thomas' connection to his
birthplace was tenuous at
best. His family's house had
burned down when he was
six, and for most of his young
life he was raised comfort-
ably in Savannah by his
grandfather, Myers
Anderson, one of the black
community's leading busi-
Although Thomas' affec-
tion for pornography was dis-
closed during his confirma-
tion hearings, the books
details Thomas' long and
deep attraction to pornogra-
phy. He told Dan Johnson, a
Yale classmate, "My favorite
movie of all time is Deep
Throat. I've seen that [MF]
six times."
In the public arena,
Thomas appears only before
friendly audiences; he rarely
speaks to Black organiza-
tions. He saw nothing wrong
with officiating the wedding

or conservative talk" snow
host Rush Limbaugh while
sitting on the Supreme Court.
The most incredulous
assertion made by Thomas
was that his actions benefit
African-Americans. He told a
visitor to the Supreme Court,
"It's unfair how black
America criticizes me. I'm
trying to help black
Help us to do what?
Return to slavery?
African-Americans are
not fooled. According to a
study by the Joint Center for
Political and Economic
Studies, cited in the book, a
1998 poll showed that
Thomas had a favorable rat-
ing of just 32 percent, the
worst numbers of any promi-
nent African-American.
Judge Higginbotham said,
"I have often pondered how is
it that Justice Thomas, an
African-American, could be
so insensitive to the plight of
the powerless. Why is he no
different, or probably worse,
than many of the most con-
servative Supreme Court jus-
tices of the century? I can
only think of one Supreme
Court justice during the cen-
tury who was worse than
Justice Clarence Thomas:
James McReynolds, a White
supremacist who referred to
blacks as "n*ggers."
George E. Curly, former
editor-in-chief of Emerge
magazine and the NNPA
News Service, is a keynote
speaker, moderator, and
media coach. He can be
reached at george@george-
cury.com or through his Web
site, www.georgecurry.com


Founded In April 1951 By Eric O. Simpson
First African American Inducted Into
The Florida Press Hall Of Fame






\ 'i











'?: I
i : "--"' "1
~ .:

~~j'L ",Z A

I, _

111"ItA"l LPE Ia

I W o M

6w -I -- '


MAY5, 2007

Faith In Our Community
Schedule of Events and Services

Pentecostal District of the Florida Central 2nd
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God In
Christ, Elder W.F. Robinson, Superintendent and Elder
Edward Robinson, Sr., Bishop. Conference Dates: May
8th 12th, 7:30 p.m. nightly at the Southside C.O.G.I.C.
located at 2179 Emerson St., Jacksonville, FL. Youth
Night, Tuesday, May 8th; Women's Day, Wednesday,
May 9th at 9:30 a.m. for breakfast, day session 11a.m.
to 1 p.m.; Superientendent's Night, Thursday, May
10th, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Bishop's Night, Friday, May
11th; and Family Fun Day, Saturday, May 12th from 10
a.m. to 4 pm.
FAST will take place at Wyndham Jacksonville
Riverwalk Hotel located at 1515 Prudential Dr.,
Jacksonville, FL, Tuesday, May 8th at 7:27 a.m. For
more information call (904) 358-8866.
The Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church and the
Daughters of Zion Women's Ministry invites all men,
women, boys and girls to the 3rd Annual Pre-
Mother's Day Breakfast and Fashionatta, Saturday,
May 12th at the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel located at
1515 Prudential Drive from 9:0am to ll:00am.
Featuring Couture Designer Andrena Meeks Morgan of
Duluth, Georgia. For more information call Minister
Scott at 608-2962.
CHURCH invites you to their 99th CHURCH
ANNIVERSARY. The church is located at 2036 Silver
St., Jacksonville, FL with Rev. R.L. Gundy, Pastor.
Celebrating the entire month of May, with special serv-
ices every Sunday morning, 10:30 a.m., Sunday
Evenings, starting at 4:00 p.m., and Wednesday
evenings at 6:00 p.m. A Gospel Fest will be held May
6th at 4:00 p.m. featuring the male groups of Mr. Sinai
(for more info, see ad on this page).

If/c re had been a d
in In'ur /antill' .'e'se'
'hai Hat wolI 11111 he e


s About Our










Since 1988
4409 Soutel Dr. Jacksonv ille. FL. 32208
Tel: (9114) '66-96'1 Fax: (904) 766-2354

Deborah \ est

Alphonso % est

Jacqueline Y. Bartle)


.> ; h i/' / .. i. t

Are You Hungry
for a Fresh
Touchl ofCod-

S'ul'hwiQL CaiL -m Clay County
Are You Hungry
for a Fresh
Touch of God?
South '. apin Clay Coumilnty
V" jn'. l : < |1..W li.....- I1
IThe Last in Our Sirii e onl

..St.NI II.ll glii c'i m t p ..
\%N dJIn.d ti i : I'oi r f I nn eailn lln l 74I 11. 'I
7:.:.' 9 -,. -7 I 8ul... I 3....n ll. il -. I.I "" :"
90-i-78 1-9393
,l ,I I, .

P.M. NIGHTLY to be held at the St. Joseph Missionary
Baptist church located at 485 W. 1st St., Jacksonville,
FL, with Rev. H.T. Rhim, Pastor. The public is invited
to come and be blessed by the Word of God.
SHOW presented by the Calendar Committee of the
First A.M.E. Church Modeling Coordinator Tonya
Gaines has been working with the young people. The
fashions will be highlighted by Commentator Donna
Banks, and light refreshments will follow after the
show on Saturday, May 5, 4:30 p.m. In addition, the
Senior Usher Board, while existing for 15 years, will
present their Second Anniversary Celebration and a
light repast on Sunday, May 6, 4 p.m., at the church.
The fashion tickets are $7 each, and a love offering will
be asked for the anniversary. First A.M.E. Church is the
pastorate of the Rev. Gillard S. Glover, 91 Old Kings
Road North in Palm Coast. To contact the church, call
(386) 446-5759.
Legend Deacon Henry Simmons, Saturday, May 19 at
8a.m to be held at the St. Thomas Missionary Baptist
Church located at 2119 Rowe Ave., Jacksonville. Rev.
Ernie L. Murray, Sr., Pastor. For more information, call
(904) 768-8800.
Mark Baptist Church located at 6538 Restlawn Dr.,
Jacksonville, FL on May 5, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. with
Reverend Edward Lavant, Pastor. Featured singers will
be: Antwoine Peterson & The Supreme 7, jessie & The
Miracles, Touch Gospel Singers, and many more. Free
to public. For more information, contact Mrs. Hollis at
(904) 651-3847.
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com

D)r Be.Irnce House. Pa:tor.r
(A ll cr ice- a-re held .t I-lospiilit Inni
71171 103rd St Jacksonm~ lle. FL 32210
1904) 7. I7 .5 I
Sunday Celebration Service ........................ 10 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
Thursday ............. Word Service .................. 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
Youth Service ............. (Third Thursday) .... 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
"You are invited to join us for a time of celebration and exaltation of
our God and King. The word is rich, the fellowship refreshing and
the presence of God mightily manifested. "
"Helping Others Pursue Excellence and Eternity"

i ` u~""


-* j 1';rdI i

fi~ :
r, ~s
_I sV
;~j~-5 ';i:~C;:~:;~~;~;S~:;C=~:'~i';~;;58CL 5SSTSC95

Mit,'it, 1.il.tat C04IM Ill L tI ?I a-2e '' I Mec thu.' a
.4 'ii (itirL QO lL)
J,1 h f R
.. .


BARNES, John A., died
April 22, 2007.
BERNAL, Gladstone, 93,
died April 28, 2007.
Alphonso West Mortuary.
BRONNER, Belynda,
died April 30, 2007.
BRYANT, Lillian, died
April 29, 2007.
BRYDEN, Royce, 73,
died April 28, 2007.
COLLINS, L.C., 75, died
April 28, 2007.
COUSAR, Lindy E., died
April 24, 2007.
DEANS, Joan W., 77,
died April 24, 2007.
GADSON, Chilion V.,
19, died April 23, 2007.
GORDON, Gerline, 61,
died April 29, 2007.
HAGANS, Rosebud,
died April 28, 2007.
HAMMOND, James, Jr.,
died April 27, 2007.
HART, Grady, Jr., died
April 28, 2007.
HAYNES, George R.,
died April 29, 2007.
HOPKINS, Edward, died
April 30, 2007.
LAWRENCE, Timothy,
died April 25, 2007.

LEE, Estelle, died April
25, 2007.
JOHNSON, Freddie,
died April 24, 2007.
JOHNSON, Nancy L.,
52, died April 30, 2007.
JOHNSON, Syrina L.,
25, died April 26, 2007.
Dionne, died April 24,
2007. Alphonso West
MINNIS, Joseph H., died
April 30, 2007.
NORRIS, Lovey Q., 82,
died April 26, 2007. She
was a longtime resident
ofBrunsw'ick, GA.

O'NEAL, Maggie, died
April 29, 2007. Alphonso
West Mortuary.
PARKER, Terry Lee, 49,
died April 24, 2007.
WATKINS, Marie Rose,
died April 29, 2007.
'WEEKS, Ethan J., died
April 26, 2007.
WISE, Pearl, died April
29, 2007.
WRIGHT, Tyrone, 28,
died April 23, 2007.

The Church Directory )

"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
Sunday School ................. ..................9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship .......................11:00 a.m.
Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays
(Old Sanctuary)......... ...................11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting............:. ........ 7:30 p.m. '.
Tuesday Pastoral Bible Study ................ 8:00 p.m. I
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor '
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus
(904) 764-5727 Church ":.A

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church
SBible Power Enrichment Hour
Sunday School 9:15 10:15 a.m.
Baptism-Praise & Worship
i (Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
S Fellowship Hall 10:30 a.m.
Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service...................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ died for our sins...was buried and Rose again" (see I Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 am.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 am.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
"Call or Write Mt. Charity for FREE Sunday School Outlines"
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 am.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00 p.m.
Thursday Joy Night,7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gospell75@aolcom
Website: GreaterelbetheLorg

Pentecostal Church of God
"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don't"
Elder Joseph Rice

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship 12:00 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study Tuesday & Friday---- 7:00 p.m.

(912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
2705 MLK Blvd., Brunswick, GA 31520

i; nieth


Sting there
is a season
and a time
to'everypurpose under the heav-
en. A time to be born, and a time
to die."-Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about
death and funerals. Too depress-
ing. Unfortunately, death is a fact
of life and there simply is no way
to avoid it. For indeed there is a
"time to be born and a time to
You may want a traditional
funeral service with visitation
and a member of the clergy con-
ducting services at a church or a
funeral home. Would you want
an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do
the eulogy or family members to
read scripture passages or poetry.
Any favorite hymns?
First, you should shop
around and talk to a few funeral
directors. Yes, let your fingers do
the walking-comparing prices.
for such things as casket,
cnilil .niiiii. ant the cost for pro-
fessional services.
Resist one-stop shopping,
which can include such things as


praTer cards, thank-Iou notes,
and guest registers-theN add up
quickly Man) opt for the funer-
al home their neighborhood
foi personalized services.
Decide on body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth bur-
ial, a cemetery plot should be
purchased; if above ground, a
mausoleum crypt. If cremation is
the choice, plan disposition of
the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to
have your ashes scattered?
An option some people take
is to donate organs and tissues to
a medical school (have a donor
card and check on requirements).
If you would rather have a
memorial service express that
wish. That means a service in the
funeral home or a church where
the body is not present. A com-
mon misconception is that when
the body is cremated you don't
hold a funeral. You can hold a
fimeral before cremation.

"Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.
Tel: 768-0507




il ~-r-


AI1 4VdA- TH SA MA ---0-

Socially Speaking

Betty Asque


"There's Always Something

Happening On The First Coast"

Stanton Spirit Is Enormous at POCC
The Prime Osborne Convention Center had multiple
simultaneous Galas this past Saturday evening.
However the 'real' Gala was the First Annual Stanton
Gala. In fact there were nearly fifteen hundred in atten-
dance at the Stanton Gala and I am told that more than
seven hundred disappointed Stantonians were unable to
purchase tickets to the sold out event. For the fortunate
'early birds' it was so marvelous fun seeing former
teachers, classmates and friends. It was an evening of
personal nostalgia for this writer as I met my future
husband during my first year at New Stanton. That was
over fifty-one years ago and thanks to DJ Rodney
Hurst (who has the very best collection of 'oldies' I
have experienced), we danced the steps of our day
(which included 'The Twist' to Hank Ballards and
The Midnighters') between hugs and kisses with old
friends and teachers.
From Old Stanton's Class of 1931 (represented by
Mrs. Ruth Cummings Solomon, who also taught so
many of us mathematics at New Stanton) to Class of
1953 (the last class to graduate from Old Stanton High
School) followed by the Class of 1954 (the first class to
graduate from New Stanton Senior High School) to the
Class of 1968 (the last class to finish New Stanton
Senior High School). And then there was Stanton
Vocational High School which began at Old Stanton in
1954 during the day and in the evening it was the cen-
ter for the Adult and Educational Program. The voca-
tional studies continued at the New Stanton facility
until 1971. In 1971 the New Stanton campus became
both an academic and vocational institution of learning.
Thanks to local historians Mesdames Camilla Perkins
Thompson and Nancy Scriven Watts; our own memo-
ries were reaffirmed. This gala was for each of these
Enjoy the scenes from the 2007 Annual Stanton Gala
and I promise that there will be more next week. Stay
tuned for more!
Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming
events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
or fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper!

Stanton Annual Gala Planning Recording Secretary Mrs. Sandra
Cummings Thompson '60, Gala Chairman Kenneth Reddick and Mrs.
Larletta Galvin Reddick'64 and Gala Vice-Chairman Clarence Von Bostick

Class of '58 out of owners: Screen Actor A.B. Brown, Mrs. Barbara
Pearce Jones Brown, Ph.D., with her daughter Ms. Chavella Redd
Grayson and The Bakers (Mrs. Delores Pearson Baker).

.' .. .

The Charles Scrivens, Tallahassee and The Charlie Williamses, St.

... .. .

Stanton Annual Gala Chairperson Kenneth Reddick following plaque
presentation to the planning team (not in order of their names):
Sandra Cummings Thompson '60, Charleyene Bloodworth Martin
'65, Norma Lang Brown '54. Julie Newman Boulware '67, James
Tippins '53, Rev. Bernard Wright '64, Gail Walden Holley, Claude
Hunter '53, Charlie Kennebrew, Jr. '66, Sandra White-Manigault
Jones '66 and Eula Mayes'44.

Class of '55 out of owners: The Isaac Chandlers, Mrs. Ann Sullivan
Weston and The Jacksons.

The Lionel 'Billie' Moores (Mrs. Joyce Graham Moore, Ph.D.,
Atlanta, GA.

The Lang sisters: Mesdames Norma Lang Brown '54; Loyce Lang
Hill '48, Inglewood, CA; and Barbara Rose Lane '50.

Members of the Class of '38 Mrs. Mary Cobb, Mrs. Ruth Wheaten,
Mrs. Evelyn Galvin, Dr. James Henderson and Mrs. Elizabeth
Guyton Hunter with former Stanton teacher Mrs. Isabelle Kelly, Dr.
Janetta Norman and James Guyton '49.

Faculty/Stantonians: Mrs. Ruth Solomon '31; Dr. Norma Solomon
White '51; The Sollie Mitchells (Mr. Mitchell '40 and Mrs. Mitchell a
former faculty member); Mrs.. Louise Killons '36, Mrs. Adeline Cobb
Stantonians Richard Anders, Lake City and Mrs. Louella '36, Mrs. Marian Jeffers '36 and Mrs. Janie Madry '36.
Washington McBride.

Class of '60 Classmates: (By their maiden names) Mesdames Sandra
Cummings, Shirley Ford, Betty Richardson and Marilyn Madry.

Stantonians: Mrs. Patricia Hill Mitchell, Mrs. Sharon Koon, Mrs.
Verdell Bailey Benefield, Dr. Orrin Mitchell and Mrs. Juliette Hunter

Former Stanton faculty members Dr. 1
0 0 0* a *

jIg $

* P~

k Mrs. Mary Pearson Crumley with heridaughter.

Former Stanton Administrator Mr. Edwin 'Butch' Lawson and Mrs.
B. Joyo~ Brown-Blakely Lawson '48. 4

The Andrew Martins.

H.:- ppy 6i itnico ck


PA/E A_-


MAY 5, 2007





Judge Under Fire F r a not guilty verdict, Greene
said to the defense attorney
and prosecutor that "this
was an NH-II case,"' accord-
Racially Tinged Remark aing to Fntei's letter
ing to Finkelslein's letter.

Broward County coun-
ty's chief criminal judge has
asked to be reassigned, after
coming under fire for mak-
ing a derogatory remark fol-
lowing a criminal trial.
Criminal Administrative
Chief Judge Charles Greene
- who has been on the
bench for nearly two
decades requested the
transfer one day after Public
Defender Howard
Finkelstein asked the coun-
ty's chief judge to remove
him for using the acronym
"NHI," which stands for
"no humans involved."
SThe pejorative and often
racially insensitive term
applies to the attitudes of
certain people to crimes.
The idea being that those
who are the victims are not
worth investigating for
some subjective reason -
such as being a prostitute,
drug dealer or any kind
of background that can let
some people express the
fact that they don't deserve
to have their case investi-
gated or that it will cer-

tainly be lowest priority.
The case he was presiding
over involved a black vic-
tim, a black defendant and a
black witness.
"It is a deeply, deeply
offensive term that at the
very least is classist,"
Finkelstein said Tuesday.
Once the term is used,
judges don't have to work as
hard because there are "no
humans involved."
Finkelstein said he want-
ed Greene removed from
the criminal bench, but does
not have a problem if he
presides over civil cases. In
a letter to Chief Judge Dale
Ross on Tuesday, Greene
requested he be reassigned
from the criminal division.
He said he did not.know
there was any "racial impli-
cation or overtone" to the
comment he made, but said
the incident has now
become a distraction.
Greene said his com-
ment was meant to charac-
terize the credibility of the
witness, not the witness'
race. After the case ended in

Tuitions Going Up

at State Schools

Parents and students planning on attend-
ing Florida State University, the University
of Florida and the University of South
Florida could see a 15 percent tuition
increase in the fall under a bill the House
passed Wednesday and sent to the governor.
That could grow to as much as 40 per-
cent after three years at Florida State and UF
if the Legislature does not raise tuition at the
state-run universities in that time. The USF
tuition increase would be capped at 30 per-
Advocates of the proposal (SB 1710)
said raising tuition is vital to raising
Florida's education standards through the
hiring of more counselors and faculty mem-
bers. They argued that the cost of higher
education-in Florida rests near the bottom
nationally, and while that is something to
boast about, it has hurt the overall quality of
education in the state's university system.
Opponents said it's unfair to place tuition
increases on the backs of students who can
least afford it, instead 'of having the
Legislature increase education funding in
the first place.
Only incoming freshman in the fall of
this year would be charged the increased
tuition. During the first year, the additional
fees at the three universities are expected to

"In my 16 '/ years on the
bench, I have always con-
ducted myself in a manner
that I thought was appropri-
ate to insure that justice was
evenly dispensed," Greene
wrote in his letter to Ross.
"Now it appears that a mis-
understood comment is cre-
ating a situation that should
not continue in the best
interests of the circuit and
the criminal division."
Finkelstein said he did
not think Greene was racist.
"I really do believe he's a
good man who spoke stu-
pidly, but unfortunately,
there are consequences."
Minority bar associa-
tions criticized the Broward
judiciary a year ago, after
Korda commanded a bat-
tered wife seeking a
restraining order to speak in
English instead of Spanish.
To combat the negative
publicity, Ross ordered
Broward judges and magis-
trates to take racial, reli-
gious and ethnic sensitivity
training. He took the course

raise about $3.6 million. By the fourth year,
the fees would pull in an estimated $73.6
Students who qualify for the state's
Prepaid College Program would be exempt
from having to pay the fee. The Bright
Futures Scholarship Program would not
cover the fee.
Although student groups have come out
in favor of the proposal, many lawmakers
said it was inappropriate to charge students
an extra fee that will hurt a middle class
already straining under other economic
Opponents argued the increase breaks a
promise the state made with the Bright
Futures program.
"We told our best and brightest that if
you stay in the state of Florida, if you work
hard, if you achieve a certain grade-point
average, if you get a certain score on a col-
lege entrance test, that we will pay your
expenses for a higher education in the state
of Florida," said Rep. Curtis Richardson, D-
Tallahassee. "Now we're telling those stu-
dents and families we're going to break that
covenant now and charge you in addition to
Bright Futures. Members, that is wrong."
Current in-state tuition is $3,307 at
Florida State and $3,416 at USF.
In-state tuition and fees at the University
of Florida $3,206 this year are among
the lowest charged by top state schools
around the country. It ranked lowest among
the top 15 public universities ranked this
year by U.S. News and World Report.

h&e ecaw (ice of

Dawitd eaw qwwp, q..e.

.2 '1h i ~lii
,i4w lt /d P/ ii

"DeX'dicated 'dttf fduqi 'J tI 3tU
303 N. Liherl Strcet
Ja~cIs-oin~ilk., Florida 322012


Lawmakers Give Up:

Special Session for Taxes

In a move that surprised very few,
Florida lawmakers suspended all negotia-
tions on cutting property taxes Wednesday
and will return for a special session next
month to try to break the logjam.
After a
impasse on the "The issue is too impo
major policy
issue of 2007, our taxpayers for us
issue of 2007,,
House Speaker that we will n(
Marco Rubio
and Senate
President Ken
Pruitt made obviously choreographed state-
ments to the House and Seanet chambers,
saying the subject of taxes is too important
to risk getting wrong. "The issue it too
important for our state and to our taxpayers
for us to give them a product
that we will not be proud of,"
Pruitt told senators. "While
we are disappointed, we have
come a long way."
House Speaker Marco
Rubio interrupted discussion
on university fee increases to
break the news.
"The good news is I
believe we have made
tremendous conceptual
progress in our conversations
with our colleagues the sen- Florida Sen
ate. We can feel confident Ken
that property tax relief and
reform is going to happen for Floridians and
God willing, it's going to happen this year,"
he said.
"The' bad news is, and it's really not all
that bad, is that in order to put this into prac-
tice 72 hours simply is not enough time."
The announcement spotlights the contin-
uing differences between the House and
their desire for a radical swap of higher
sales taxes in return for lower property
taxes, and a more cautious Senate, which
favors a controlled reduction in local prop-
erty tax rates and more control over local
government spending.
In the highly charged atmosphere of the

final week of the session, it became clear
that the more deliberative Senate was
increasingly uneasy about rushing to a deal
in the final 72 hours.
Early on, Senate leaders emphatically
rejected Rubio's

rtant for our state and to
to give them a product
ot be proud of,"
Ken Pruitt Senate Pres.


call for a 2.5-
percent sales tax
increase in
return for the
elimination of
property taxes
on homesteads
levied by cities

and counties.
Gov. Charlie Crist has offered a third
plan that takes from both the House and
Senate proposals.
By forming a joint House-Senate confer-
ence committee on property
taxes, lawmakers created a
mechanism that might have
produced a take-it-or-leave-it
product, negotiated by only a
few lawmakers and present-
ed to both houses for an up
or down vote.
But property taxes is a
highly emotional issue with
many lawmakers, and many
have sharply different defini-
tions of what constitutes the
te President "meaningful" and "immedi-
1ruitt ate" tax relief most have
The two leaders said the proper course of
action was to end the regular 60-day session
Friday and return later for a session devoted
exclusively to property taxes.
Leaders tentatively have set the dates for
the special session as June 5 to 15.
Crist has a planned week-long trade and
goodwill mission to Israel ending June 3.
Several legislators will be on the trip.
"Mark your calendars," Pruitt told the
John Wayne Smith, a lobbyist for the
Florida League of Cities, said legislators
made the right call. "It's the responsible
thing to do. It gives everybody the chance to

Florida State News Briefs

South Daytona, Fl Police have arrested the man they say killed an 18-year-old
woman and stuffed her body in a garbage can in South Daytona. Clayton Williams, also
known as 'Big Boy,' was arrested last night on charges of first-degree murder, said South
Daytona police spokesman Lt. Ron Wright.

Hialeah Gardens, Fl Two men robbed an armored truck of more than $1 million
as it delivered money to a check cashing store Wednesday, police said. Shots were fired,
but no injuries or arrests were reported.
The truck belonging to AT Systems was making a delivery to E-Z Checks Cash at a
strip mall when two men approached the two guards who were with the vehicle, Hialeah
Gardens police Lt. Carlos Fojo said. Fojo did not discuss the exact amount stolen, but
confirmed it was more than $1 million.

State House Adds Slots

to Property Tax Bill

A plan to expand gambling in Jacksonville
and across Florida surfaced Monday in the
state House and was immediately linked to the
ongoing legislative battle to slash property
With less than a week left in the 2007 ses-
sion, a key House committee suddenly
approved a measure that would allow nine
pari-mutuels across the state to install up to
1,000 slot-machine-like video terminals that
are now legal only in American Indian casi-
Backers pledged to use the up to $1 billion
they predicted the machines would generate to
lower school property taxes mandated by the
In an effort for a positive spin, Rep. David
Rivera, a Miami Republican and top lieu-
tenant to House Speaker Marco Rubio, called
it "a bill about property-tax relief."
The House bill would allow video slots at
dog and horse tracks and jai-alai frontons
within 40 miles of Indian casinos or in coun-
ties with more than 800,000 people that have
an Indian casino. None in Central Florida fits
the bill, but Tanipa Bay, Fort Myers, South
Florida and Jacksonville have eligible facili-

' .. ; J *'- a-, -

/ Paxon Middle School .
/.. pr~I

Cultural Festival \\

2\ 007 1/

Your Passport to //
World Class Education
'-"- t. ---- ."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

5:00 7:00 p.m.

Paxon Middle School

Celebrate our Middle Years International
Baccalaureate Programme. Grab your p.i'poujt
and travel with our students to 8 destinations.
For More Information 693-7600
3276 Norman Thagard Boulevard .':k ion--.k,. FL 32254

Svi O ",,ooAM

MAY 5. 2007




rAtlrli A-0TA -I IY-5-

Hip-Hop Exec

Wants to Ban

Three Racial,

Sexist, Words

Hip-hop mogul Russell
Simmons said last week that
the recording and broadcast
industries should consis-
tently ban three racial and
sexist epithets from all so-
called clean versions of rap
songs on the airwaves.
Currently such epithets
are banned from most clean
versions, but record compa-
nies sometimes "arbitrarily"
decide which offensive
words to exclude and there's
no uniform standard for
deleting such words,
Simmons said.
The recommendations
drew mixed reaction and
come two weeks after some
began carping anew about
rap lyrics after radio person-
ality Don Imus was fired by
CBS Radio and NBC, for
referring to the players on
the Rutgers university
women's basketball team as
"nappy-headed hos."
Expressing concern
about the "growing public
outrage" over the use of
such words in rap lyrics,
Simmons said the words
"bitch," "ho" and "nigger"
should be considered
"extreme curse words."
"We recommend
(they're) always out,"
Simmons, the pioneering
entrepreneur who made mil-
lions of dollars as he helped
shape hip-hop culture, said
in an interview Monday.
"This is a first step. It's a
clear message and a consis-
tency that we want the
industry to accept for more
corporate social responsi-
Last week, Simmons
called a private meeting of
influential music industry

GOP Sen.
Backs DC
Vote Law
A prominent Senate
,Republican, Orrin Hatch,
threw his weight behind a
D.C. voting rights bill
today, boosting its chances
of passing the upper house
of Congress.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman
who introduced the bill
today with Hatch, called the
Utah senator's backing "a

executives to discuss the
issue. However, no music
executives were associated
with Monday's announce-
ment by Simmons' lip-Hop
Summit Action Network.
The recommendations
also included forums to fos-
ter dialogue among enter-
tainers, hip-hop fans and
executives and the creation
of a mentoring program for


S .

Russell Simmons

entertainers. Another rec-
ommendation called for the
establishment of a coalition
of music, radio and televi-
sion executives to advise
those industries on "lyrical
and visual standards."
The announcement cau-
tioned against violating
free-speech rights but said
that freedom of expression
comes with responsibility.
"Our discussions are
about the corporate social
responsibility of the indus-
try to voluntarily show
respect to African-
Americans and other people
of color, African-American
women and to all women in
lyrics and images," read a
joint statement from
Simmons and Benjamin
Chavis, the network's exec-
utive director.
Simmons and Chavis
issued a statement differen-
tiating hip-hop artists from
shock jocks like Imus. They
said offensive words in hip-
hop "may be uncomfortable
for some to hear, but our job
is not to silence or censor
that expression."

turning point."
"I am certain his co-
sponsorship will lead to the
breakthrough we've been
searching for," Lieberman
The legislation is a polit-
ical compromise that would
pair a new House seat for
heavily Democratic D.C.
with an extra seat for
Republican-leaning Utah,
which fell 856 people short
of getting an added House
member after the last cen-

National News Briefs

Washington, DC Fewer U.S. employers are offer-
ing health benefits, mostly because many new small
employers have chosen not to pay for health insurance,
the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported on
Monday. The GAO found an 8 percentage point drop in
the share of small employees offering benefits from 2001
to 2006 and said many employers that offer health bene-
fits now make workers pay a higher share of out-of-
pocket costs

Montebello, CA, A circus performer fell about 40
feet to his death during a performance in Southern
California, authorities said.
The man was performing with Circus Vasquez, a
troupe that Bad traveled to California from Mexico for
the show at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in
unincorporated Los Angeles County, Gonzalez said.

Princeton, NJ New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine has
voluntarily paid a $46 fine for violating state law by not
wearing a seat belt in his near-fatal car accident, his
spokesman said Tuesday. Spokesman Anthony Coley
said Corzine met with State Police Superintendent Col.
Rick Fuentes and Attorney General Stuart Rabner, as
well as two state police investigators, for a half-hour
Tuesday at the governor's mansion in Princeton to dis-
cuss the accident.

Hillary Visits South Carolina

As Dems Begin Convention

South Carolina's Democratic Party
capped off three days of national atten-
tion by electing its first chairwoman
last week.
Carol Fowler faced no opposition in
being elected to a four-year term at the
party's annual convention.
But Fowler now faces months of
challenges as she tries to put the party
in shape financially and internally to
handle the nation's second primary in
Taking advantage of the emphasis
on Demo-crats, Hillary Rodham
Clinton arrived in Greenville for a
Chamber of Commerce appearance
and a town hall meeting at a favorite
Democratic stopping place.
But, this is not Hillary Territory.
This is, in the words of the local
Democratic chairman, "the front line in
the culture wars," Greenville, SC, a
Southern town where Republicans rule
and people from both parties are wary
of the famous senator from the North.
"1 just think she's annoying," said
Leslie Milling, a creative consultant
from a construction company attending
a chamber of commerce meeting
where Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton,
D-N.Y., spoke last week. Milling, a
Republican, was particularly irked by
Clinton's recent speech in Selma, Ala.,
in which she seemed to put on a
Southern accent.
Others in the crowd were equally

wary even the Democrats. "I think
she's too divisive," said John Bell, a
Democratic lawyer who is undecided
about a presidential candidate.
But in the chamber of commerce
speech and at a town hall meeting the
same day, Clinton softened her tone,
emphasized personal responsibility a
subtle appeal toconservatives and
avoided the faux Southern accent.
Local and state Democrats said this

Senator Hillary Clinton

morning they're giddy over their choic-
es for president and in no rush to
decide from a crowded field of candi-
dates lavishing attention on their state,
from Greenville to Allendale.
Among Democratic voters, Clinton
leads in most of the early primary and
caucus states, including South

Tuskegee Airmen Museum

Planned at Detroit Airport
The Tuskegee Airmen, the World War II soldiers whose
heroics have gone largely unheralded for more than 60
years, have announced plans for a $32-million national
museum in Detroit, to be built with corporation donations
and the unique strategy of asking every African American
for an $8 contribution.
The campaign will involve a marketing blitz next year
that will spread the word through public service announce-
ments on radio stations, notices in black publications and
faxes sent to black churches.
"It is our responsibility as African Americans to get this
story out," said Brian Smith, a
General Dynamics engineer who
is chairman of the museum's cap- The Armen
ital campaign committee. "No War II not losing
one else has been willing to tell enemy fire in more
the story." sions is a record
The campaign committee, other fighter group
which represents the fewer than
400 surviving airmen, has signed
a 50-year lease with the Coleman A. Young Airport. The $26
million museum honoring the Tuskegee Airmen is planned
for a renovated 35,000-square-foot hangar at Detroit's air-
port, an organizer said Friday. It would replace the small but
well-maintained museum at Historic Ft. Wayne.
Plans for the new museum include a three-story center
that would house photos, books, a virtual theater, an aviation
history exhibit; flight simulators, three classrooms and, most
important, replicas.of 10 planes the airmen flew.
The airmen plan to announce further details of the cam-
paign at a gala celebration May 11 at the Charles H. Wright
Museum of African American History, which, from that
point, will display a replica of the Congressional Gold
Medal the airmen received March 29.
The capital campaign will be done in two phases. During


Carolina. Among Democrats in the
state, she leads with 33 percent, com-
pared with 26 percent for Sen. Barack
Obama of Illinois and 21 percent for
former Sen. John Edwards, a native of
South Carolina.
But her negative ratings remain
quite high: 46 percent among all voters
nationwide and 83 percent among
Republicans, which helps to explain
the cool response she got at the cham-
ber meeting in conservative
The chamber of commerce meeting
attracted a mix of Republicans and
Democrats, so Clinton was not espe-
cially partisan in her speech. To avoid
accusations that her universal health
care plan was "big government, she
emphasized personal responsibility,
saying she would ask people to take
better care of their health.
The town hall meeting, held in a
church auditorium, was a more lively
affair, with nearly 1,000 people cheer-
ing and waving signs when she walked
on stage.
During a question-and-answer peri-
od, Clinton was asked why abortion
was not considered murder. Clinton
replied with a history of abortion law,
tracing the U.S. approach to British
law. She said women in the United
States should be able to choose.
"I believe abortion should be safe,
legal and rare, she said.

the first, the airmen will seek corporate donations and feder-
al funding. Then, the airmen will call on African Americans
for their $8 donations. Smith said he hopes to announce at
the gala the names of some donors who have pledged
Gen. Lucius Theus, who coordinates the airmen's fund-
raising, said he hopes the nation will embrace the mission of
these soldiers, who initially weren't considered smart
enough to fly and who returned from war to an America that
offered them not only no thanks, but few jobs.
"The message we try to drive home is that regardless of
how you may perceive the playing field. .. if you are will-
ing to work hard and constantly pursue excellence, you can
succeed," Theus said.
The Tuskegee Ainnen are working on two national fund-
raising campaigns at once: one to establish the national
museum in Detroit and another
to complete a statue at Moten
access during World Field in Alabama, which the
a single bomber to National Park Service has reno-
an 200 combat mis- vated and designated as a his-

d unmatched by any

toric site.
They have raised $1 million
for the statue, said Lt. Col.
Donald Thomas of Detroit, who

is working on both efforts.
The sites will not compete for visitors, he said. The
Alabama site will serve as a memorial, a tribute to the dead.
The Detroit museum will serve as a tribute to the survivors
and a lesson for youths.
"We want a world-class museum," Theus said. "We want
it here" in Detroit "because we have the support... and we
have a dedicated group of airmen working to make the
museum a success."
The U.S. Congress authorized $29 million in 1998 to
develop the Tuskegee Airmen Naitonal Historic..Site, with
the University, Tuskegee Airmen Inc. and the National Park
Service serving as partners in its development. To'date, a
mere $3.6 million has been appropriated for the Site's

IW 1--w --- 16 N


WW '

A ~

I -a 1 -

B. \ ~
'~ .,',



Yvonne Brooks



8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

WCGL 1360 AM
On the Web: www.WCGL1360.com

4l~~f~mn--- lllelsrrrIRrll~~lri

MAY 5, 20077



~~Cn~ i~ ~
s*9 ~;-:~~ f''':is

-~ B ~'
Z ;jb
~Fn'- P; r

AlAIlj, U43lIt

MURDER Continued from A-1
The family and friends are upset about the length of time his body laid on the street,
uncovered with those large holes showing for about three or four hours and therefore
began to deteriorate. The officers said they were searching for clues. Even though the
investigators say they have no suspects, it is rumoured that the shooter or the shooter
leader was just released from jail on February 7, 2007 and that this same group is respon-
sible for the murder of a 19-year-old on 45th around Easter.
Mr. Jiles stated that when he went to the funeral home and was able to see the wound
and hold his son, a certain calm came over his body and he now feels that God has
brought him through. He said that he has been going through a lot lately, including losing
his mother and his job. This senseless murder however, has given him strength and
Wednesday night was the first night he was able to sleep. He feels that all of this is in
God's plan, he said.
Mr. Jiles said, Lorenzo is from a large family on both his parents side and they all
believe that one should live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God
will come to know, God because they know you. He said his son knew God.
He is asking the community to continue providing information to the Sheriff's office and
keep the family in their prayers.
Lorenzo Jiles' funeral will be held on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at the Joint Heirs Church
on Dunn Avenue.

Pleae don't lIe one Imore Ca'll.

60 F0 P0%crI)LII.I.0 1Tg 11111 g 11i

m b-. crohail ~ I ca,' ,.,,
i~ ~ h u~llll C ,3 l ~'1'lThJ l

First Black Daily Newspaper Founded
By: Dr Clint Wilson
Thirty-seven years after the first Black newspaper in America was founded in New York
City (Freedom's Journal, 1827) the Black press reached another milestone with the launch-
ing of the New Orleans Tribune, destined to become the race's first daily news publication.
The Tribune's roots can be traced to another landmark event that saw the first Black
newspaper published in the South. That was L'Union (the Union) a paper published in both
French and English beginning in 1862 during the Civil War.
After L'Union ceased publication in 1864, Dr. Louis C. Roudanez, a wealthy Black
physician, bought its printing equipment and issued another bilingual newspaper called La
Tribune de la Nouvelle-Orleans the New Orleans Tribune. The Tribune debuted on July 21,
1864 as a tri-weekly and became a daily organ in October that year.
The Tribune was a champion of equal rights for Blacks and called for an end to discrim-
inatibn in employment, education and voting privileges. Dr. Roudanez was vice-president of
New Orleans' Freedmen's Aid Association and the following excerpt from the Tribune
attests to its work.

"The Freedmen 's Aid Association will meet this evening, and will have under considera-
tion several important propositions. Up to this time the interests offreedmen or more gener-
ally of the colored people have been very imperfectly protected. Efforts have been made by
the competent authorities; but however sincere these efforts were, they have not been ade-
quate to the urgency and the difficulties of the situation. All over the state, the Freedmen are
threatened in their lives, robbed of their liberties and deprived of the fruits of their toils and
... In many parts of the state, a system of terror has been inaugurated, to keep down the
Freedmen; several have already been murdered and many more will be if we do not resist.
The right of self-defense is a sacred right. We read in the American Constitution that it is an
immunity of its citizens of the Republic that they can bear arms. Assassins are not brave; and
afew cases of self-defense followed by the punishment of the would-be murderers, would be
sufficient to plunge into a solitary terror the slavocrats of the parishes. These people must
be taught to respect the lives of their fellow citizens. But, to avert the recurrence of murder
and ambush it would probably be sufficient .to send afew companies of colored troops into
the worst parishes. The presence of our armed brethren, wearing the United States uniform,
would do a great deal toward bringing the slaveholders to their senses. The black regiments
carry with them the vivid and forcible image of the revolution, i.e. of the elevation of the


CALL (904) 766-8834

r --------------------------------------------------,
II want a One Year Subscription to The Florida or Georgia Star! Please donate 10% of my paid
Subscription to the church or non-profit organization listed below.
Please send my Subscription to:

I 1.
I cIry
STATE Zip Code
Name Of Organization:

A TRf f DiTliON OF
() 6 Months -$20.00
() Year-$35.00 () 2 Years $67.00
The Florida/Georgia Star
P.O. Box 40629
Jacksonville, FL 32203-40629
Cash, Check, Money Order
Si or Credit Cord Accepted.
I ------- -----I----
LI- -------l~l -- 111--1l lle--- -

' Oierrnir e-. in families, we'll try to take on en..-.:,--]f- .I ., .ji ,l t :'ui I' r,:_-.,i -
we've been -,-u th r.h.hir r': ,',u' r. '.:r);t',l':L..lfi ,-r duty. l, ;-i: ,,7 o*u ,rii. ,, _i'
Community H-.:-, .: n,- %i ..' ,,-_.n i,, It v..j as if'. .-- :r.- -,m' fn ,i .j, .:
times like this that's c: jrc tl.jr ) :,u n. r-.

There are times when medical treatments no
longer offer the quality of life we want for
ourselves and our loved ones. At these trying COP
times, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida c
is here to help your family. If you or someone
you know needs Community Hospice's services, 1.800.
ask for us by name.

Northeast Florida
compassionatee Guide
274.6614 toll-free

April 23, 2007

Bid #E2J70, Financial Project #20761145201, CONSTRUCTION
Landscaping on SR 222 (39th Ave.) in Alachua County. There are 60 calendar
days given for completion with an additional acquisition days for materials of 16.
Budget estimate is $84,999.00. The pricing will be by lump sum. Per Standard
Specification for Road and Bridge Construction, 2007 edition, section 580 3.6, a
Registered Landscape Architect will act as the Contractor's Landscape Quality
Control representative to oversee and certify monthly of certain information. Also,
per section 580-5, a WarrantylMaintenance Bond is required for the establishment
period (to be submitted at the time of planting). The bonding company will have to
meet a certain rating for the bond to be accepted. These costs shall be included in the
lump sum bid price.

Construction Office Conference Room, 5201-A NE 39th Avenue, Gainesville, FL
on'June 5, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. Bid package will be issued to attendees of the manda-
tory rebid conference only.

SEALED BIDS will be received before June 27, 2007, 2:00 p.m. at FDOT, Lake City
District Office Procurement, and 1109 S. Marion Avenue Lake City, Florida 32025-
5874 and opened publicly at 2:00 pm local time. For questions call Patsy Bikinis,

The Small Business Initiative calls for the following and is being advertised in compli-
ance with FDOT Innovative Contracting authority provided by Sec. 337.025 F.S. and
us reserved for bidding by "Small Businesses.
1) These businesses are classified as not having a contract awarded to them
by the Florida Department of Transportation during the past twelve
months and
2) The Small Business shall be either be a Certified Disadvantaged Business
Enterprise under Florida's Unified Certification Program or must
3) Meet the definition of small business as defined by the USDOT, (49CFR
part 26.65), which identifies by size by Small Business Administration's (SBA)
definition. For details, refer to: http://www.dot.state.fl.us/equalopportunityof-
4) arid if company qualifies under #2, submit a notarized affidavit on the
form provided in the bid documents attesting to meeting the requirements as
defined by USDOT (49CFR Part 26.65), or
5) Bidders not possessing the certification mentioned above must submit
tax returns for the three previous years, upon request, and
6) Every company bidding must submit A BID GUARANTEE OF $500 with
the bid. No other bid or performance bond is required. The bid guarantee
Must be in the form of either a certified check, cashier's check, trust company
treasurer's check, bank draft of any national or state bank made payable to the
FDOT. NO Personal checks will be accepted.

1) Authorization to do business in the State of Florida and
CATE and the FDOT shall be named as the insured and
3) a DBE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PLAN or their plan approval letter by the
FDOT DBE office and
4) Anticipated DBE Participation Statement and Bid Opportunity List

FDOT reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

BID POSTING: ,Unless notified by fax or email the bid tabulation will be posted on
FDOT, District Two website and DMS, Vendor Bid System at the time and date stated
on the Calendar of Events. Posting provides notice if the Department's intent to award
a contract or reject any or all bids. See DOT Rule 14-25 and Section 337:11(5)(a)
Florida Statutes for questions on rights of any person filing an action protesting a bid
solicitation, a bit rejection, or an award.


001 FOR a REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: This RFP seeks an Offeror who will.
perform a site plan for short term, long range and immediate use of the multi-
purpose building construction project. This will include analyzing the new
building for acquisition; expansion or remodeling of the building out non
occupied space to be used for classrooms, sporting events, and meetings.
Perform Architectural services to provide guidance needed to restore the Susie
E. Tolbert building to its original state, and adapt the interior to accommodate
21st century uses by EWC and resident stakeholders. The Susie Tolbert House
is an important source of pride for people living in the community surround-
ing the college. In addition to identifying a professional licensed HVAC con-
tractor to perform requested professional HVAC services and conduct a com-
plete evaluation of the college's buildings, systems, and infrastructure. This
evaluation should produce a comprehensive report that outlines the current
conditions as well as 1, 3, and 5 year deferred maintenance plan with budget-
ing recommendations. PACKETS MAY BE PICKED UP ON Wednesday,
April 25, 2007 AFTER 10:00 AM AT 1658 Kings Road, JACKSONVILLE,
PROPOSAL) WILL BE 4:00 PM; Tuesday, May 14, 2007 BID OPENING
WILL BE May 18, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. AT THE ABOVE LOCATION.

^''/.. ,

"'~" ~) -V

I IT~ _- II


I ?AZI -1 -7.A, f V /


,,~r j:: : : ~ ;:-l::M I SMl,-i

..,: : Ib
Pork Loin Chops
Or Butterflied Ch, p-., Pu.blix Pc.rl. --r 1-tir3.
Full-Fl .j r, P.:..rk L ". i ,:: P, ."a ;
.' .

Mangos or
Hass Avocados........ *
Excellent for Salsas and Dips,
Grown in Central America, each
" *'. ,i .'," 1'..' 1 '. ':* 4

*~~tNi- .. 4..

p I am I
mu mmicalar

Carrot Bar Cake....... ..... .29
Delicious Cake Filled With Carrots and Walnuts, Topped With
Soft Cream Cheese Icing, From the Publix Bakery, 20-oz size


~~"' !
f~ ,~
flrlrol II ;i~~

20 Piece
Hot & Spicy
Regular or Breaded, Fried in
Transfat Free Oil, Hot or Mild,
Also Available Freshly Chilled,
each box
; i/VE UF' I(.C'. .0


Kello g's BY ONE
Cereal ............. GET oNEFREE
..... 719 Special K, 12 to 14-oz box, Smart Start,
15.2 to 17.5-oz box, or Raisin Bran,
25.5-oz box (Limit two deals on
selected advertised varieties.)

, "" .=...W ",

Premium BUYONE
Crackers ...........GET ONEFREE
Assorted Varieties,
16 or 16.5-oz box
(Limit two deals on selected
advertised varieties.)


Thirst Quencher...... 35.00
Assorted Varieties,
64-oz bot.
SAVE UP TO 2.35 ON 3

Prices effective Thursday, May 3 through Wednesday, May 9, 2007.
Only in Orange, Seminole, Brevard, Duval, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, Flagler, St. Johns,
Columbia, Leon, Volusia, Marion and Alachua Counties in Fla. Quantity Rights Reserved.
www. p u b l i x.co m/ads 'd '. / ~s

I I X0


A P L E A S U R E.-

If you or a parent of a Higl School Senlior

Who Failed the FCAT

There Is All Alterlnative

Call RT-Windsorfor more information at


SWWMVM1,AJi.R(,1' AIID TOLL [.EE AT 8,-534.'2I.RAD

Don- be blah.
Don't be blah.

.% p
b .


A' ~~1~'
t: 44;" ~' I~'
': S!Z.,vv.$

VOL. 12 NO. 04
Published Weekly
By The Star
May 5, 2007

2007 Winn-Dixie Take Your Daughters

& Sons To Work Day




"Take Your Daumhters and Sons to Work Da\" is a national effort through which adults can show\
girls and boys career opportunities the\ ma\ have other\\ ise never kno\ni existed. It also is a chance
for children to have a better understanding of their parents' \\ork.
KIDS TO WORK DAY continued on B4

JUST FOR KIDS! .. ................... .... ...... .. ... .... B 6

-~ -- m --- 119- ,c-~Y-~ -II---

----- I I I -I I -- I


Sj. CFoster Care

May is National Foster Care Month
( BLACK PR WIRE) ( April 26,
2007) Over 513,000 American children
are in foster care because their own fam-
ilies are in crisis and unable to provide
for their essential wellbeing. Of these
children, 32 percent are African
American. These numbers are quite dis-
proportionate when you look at the fact
that African-American children make up
only 15 percent of the total United States
Research indicates that children of
color are not at greater risk for abuse and
neglect than Caucasian children, howev-
er, they are more likely to enter and stay
in foster care for longer periods of time
and are less likely to be either returned
home or adopted. Like all young people,
youth in foster care, regardless of color,
deserve and benefit from enduring, posi-
tive -relationships with caring adults.
Now is the time to get involved.
This May, National Foster Care
Month (www.fostercaremonth.org) will
serve as a platform for connecting more
of these vulnerable children to con-
cerned, nurturing adults. Join America's
leading child welfare agencies, advo-
cates, experts and more than 12 million
foster care alumni as they come together
to address the needs of young people in
foster care. Their message is simple: No
matter how much time you have to give,
you have the power to do something pos-
itive that will "Change a Lifetime" for a
young person in foster care.
Across the nation, caring individuals
are helping foster children build brighter
futures by serving as their foster parents,
relative caregivers, mentors, advocates,
social workers and volunteers. But much
more help is needed. If nothing changes
by the year 2020:
> Nearly 14 million confirmed
cases of child abuse and neglect will be
> 22,500 children will die of abuse

or neglect, most before their fifth birth-
> More than 9,000,000 children will
experience the foster care system;
> More than 300,000 children will
age out of the foster care system, in poor
health and ill-prepared for success in
higher education, technical college or the
workforce; and,
> 99,000 former foster youth, who
aged out of the system, can expect to
experience homelessness.
> African Americans have long
exemplified the meaning of family and
have held true to the African proverb that
it takes a village to raise a child," said
Virginia Pryor of Casey Family
Programs and chair of National Foster
Care Month. "Unfortunately, so many of
our children today are growing up with-
out a permanent place to call home, with-
out a caring adult in their life, and with
no 'village' to help rear them."
Each year, more than 20,000 young
Americans "age-out" of foster care, most
at the age of 18 and without the appropri-
ate resources, skills or options they will
need to live on their own. Without lasting
connections to supportive adults, foster
children are far more likely than their
peers in the general population to endure
homelessness, poverty, compromised
health, unemployment, incarceration and
other adversities after they leave the fos-
ter care system.
The National Foster Care Month
campaign is presented by 14 of the
nation's foremost child welfare organiza-
tions and is led by Casey Family
Programs. "Many children in foster care
require secure, stable places to call home
until they can either safely reunite with
their parents or establish other lifelong
family relationships. We hope to inspire
and engage many more individuals to
take action in support of these children
and their families. There are so many
ways a person can positively affect the
life of a child in foster care," added
For more information about National
Foster Care Month, planned community
events and activities, and the many ways

in which you can make a lasting differ-
ence for America's children and youth in
foster care, please visit, www.fostercare-
month.org or call 888-799-KIDS (5437).
National Foster Care Month is a part-
nership of Casey Family Programs; the
Annie. E. Casey Foundation/Casey
Family Services; Black Administrators in
Child Welfare; Children's Bureau,
Administration for Children and
Families, U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services; Child Welfare League
of America; Jim Casey Youth
Opportunities Initiative;
APHSA/National Association of Public
Child Welfare Administrators; National
Association of Social Workers; National
Association of State Foster Care
Managers; National CASA; National
Foster Care Coalition; the National
Foster Parent Association; and the
National Resource Center for Family-
Centered Practice and Permanency
Planning at the Hunter College School of
Social Work, a Service of the Children's

Page B-2/May 5, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

The Star Page B-3IMay 5, 2007


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 27, 2007 -
Claudette H. Williams, Ed.D, an eminent educa-
tor and outstanding academic leader will become
the 28th president of Edward Waters College,
effective June 1, 2007. Dr. Williams was elected
today by the EWC Board of Trustees. The
appointment concludes a search launched in
March 2006 involving consultation with an exec-
utive search agency, representatives from the
offices of Mayor John Peyton and Governor Jeb
Bush, faculty, staff, and alumni. Dr. Williams
was selected from a pool of 52 applicants.
"We are extremely excited and elated about
our newly elected president. She is a talented,
resourceful leader for the 21st century. Dr.
Williams is a model of excellence in higher edu-
cation," says Bishop Mckinley Young, Chairman
of the EWC Board of Trustees, and presiding
Bishop of the 11th Episcopal District, African
Methodist Episcopal Church, (Florida and

Dr. Williams joins Edward Waters College
from Bennett College, Greensboro, NC, where
she served as Executive Vice President. She also
served as Chair, Department of Educational
Leadership, Clark Atlanta University. She has
over 26 years of successful experience in higher
education as an administrator and academician
having served as a leader for the re-affirmation
of accreditation at two Thistorically black institu-
tions of higher education.
Dr. Williams has been the recipient of many
grant awards from prestigious foundations as
The Andrew Mellon Foundation, Rockefeller
Foundation, NASA Faculty Development Grants
and AmeriCorps Corporation for National
Service. She has led fundraising efforts totaling
over $11 million.
"I am excited to join Edward Waters College's
rich legacy", says Dr. Williams. Their emphasis


on excellence and
ethics, and a i
desire to advance
quality education :
while preparing
students to be /
change agents I
and leaders in a global society are the same val-
ues, goals and interests that I share as an individ-
Dr. Williams and her husband are the parents
of three adult children. She is a native of Jamaica
and has lived in the United States since 1988.
Edward Waters College is a fully accredited
private, historically black college whose future is
lined with pride, growth and success. Edward
Waters College, the oldest private institution of
higher education in the state of Florida, was
founded in 1866 specifically to educate newly
freed slaves. www.ewc.edu

How Do I Choose The Right Major?

Choosing A College
By Sintilia Miecevole
Once you are accepted
into a college and begin
taking classes, the next step
is to decide- on a major.
Most college graduates
change their major several
times before they finally
pick one and stick to it, so
it is important not to get
discouraged if you have a
hard time deciding right
away. However, there are
some factors to consider
beyond your general inter-
ests when you decide the
subject on which you will
focus your studies. It will
take a lot of research and
soul-searching for you to
find a good and somewhat
practical match for your
interests and lifelong goals.
What Are Your Interests?
The first thing to con-
sider when choosing a col-
lege major is what interests
you the most. Some sub-
jects are more financially
lucrative than others, but
there is no sense in study-
ing a subject that will make

you miserable once you
begin working in your
field. It is obvious that
business, sales and market-
ing degrees tend to put you
on the path toward finan-
cial wellbeing, but if you
are not interested in the
business world you will
find that you do not enjoy
your chosen career path.
Rather than choosing
something simply because
of future financial benefits,
try exploring a variety of
options before locking
down on one. If financial
status is major goal, take a
variety of science classes to
see if those suit your fancy.

Why Are You In College?
However, practicality
should be considered when
you choose your major.
You should evaluate that
reasons you are in college,
and plan your course of
study accordingly. If you
are attending strictly to
gain general knowledge
and experiences, then
choosing something simply
because you are interested
in it might be an acceptable
way to go. If you enjoy

reading and writing, get-
ting a degree in English
might be beneficial to you.
However, English degrees
are not quite as marketable
as business or science
If you are unclear
about your interests when
you first enter college, rest
assured that you are not
alone. Many people look at
their undergraduate experi-
ence as a way to get
acquainted with them-
selves in an intellectual and
a personal way. Take a
wide variety of classes dur-
ing your basic coursework,
and you might find that
_your major finds you. If
you tend to enjoy psychol-
ogy classes more than any-
thing else, you might con-
sider majoring in the sub-
ject, especially if you plan
to attend graduate school.

You Can Change Your
Keep in mind that you
can always change your
major. Granted, you may
end up spending more time
in college than you had
originally planned, but if

you look at it as a journey
of exploration, you will
find that you will learn
more from your college
years than you would if
you had the get in and get
out mindset. Once you
finally decide on your
major, you will feel confi-
dent that you will have
made the right choice, and
you will be able to learn
more from your classes
than you would if you were
still unsure.
No matter what college
major you choose, remem-
ber that you are not writing
anything in stone. Once
you graduate, you will
have the freedom to choose
whatever sort of profession
that holds your interest.
Recent graduates are all the
same in that they have lim-
ited experience in any
given field, even if they do
have specialized degrees. If
you are planning to attend
graduate school, you will
once again be able to
choose another course of
study. As an undergraduate,
your main goal should be
to learn as much as you can
about everything that inter-

ests you, and to gain as
much real life experience
as possible. College is your
last chance to explore the
world without extreme
financial responsibilities,
so use your time wisely and
learn as much as you can.
Sintilia Miecevole,
Administrator of
om is an expert in the field
of college information. Be
sure to visit
om for a comprehensive
resource for finding degree
programs, associate, bach-
elor, master and doctorate
programs and much more.

'The Star

Page B-3/May 5, 2007

Page B-4IMay 5, 2007 The StarlPrep Rap

KIDS TO WORK DAY continued from front cover

'' "I, !

.. .. .' ..

Dejan Green, age 9, from Lake Forest Elementary School, Secret Spears, age 8, from Andrew Robinson Elementary,
Keyshayla Gaulgen, age 11, from Biscayne Elementary School and Malcom Kitt-Denton, age 6, from Hendricks Elementary
School were among more than 150 children who had some fun and toured Winn-Dixie's corporate headquarters as part of
the Jacksonville-based grocer's annual "Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day."

f 7 .

Jasmine Thomas, (on left) age 14, and Vileshia Salley, age 14, both stu-
dents at Stillwell Middle School, say their lines for a Winn-Dixie com- we
mercial. A scene from inside a store will be electronically spliced into Keyshayla Gaulgen, age 11, from Biscayne
.the shot, making them appear to be inside a store. The youngsters Elementary School, was getting her face painted
were among more than 150 students who toured Winn-Dixie's corpo- among more than 150 children who had some fun
rate headquarters, food laboratory and video production studio as and toured Winn-Dixie's corporate headquarters as
part of the company's annual "Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work part of the Jacksonville-based grocer's annual
Day." All of the participants have parents who work for the "Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day."
Jacksonville-based grocer. KIDS TO WORK DAY continued on B5
Jacks~onville-based grocer. KIDS TO WORK DAY continued on B5


The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-4/M~ay 5, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap Page B-5/May 5, 2007

KIDS TO WORK DAY continued fron B5 7 2 ; -

-y ;, ...*- o ," ...'. .' ..-iV ..*, r b -" '' 1'- ,- -. -"- -'.. t

o-.-, -T X. :' "S .- n- -u R b -
;- ,n- ,. *'. ;- '-. '- a ,. >;

... ,. "

Ste .t o
Keyshayla Gaulgen, age 11, from Biscayne Elementary School, eager to play the dunk tank, was among more than 150 chil-
dren who had some fun and toured Winn-Dixie's corporate headquarters as part of the Jacksonville-based grocer's annual
"Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day."

KinmbroLh spented hei day % ith students arid
reacier; encouraging hernm to "Reach .tr teil-f-e -
Starc." A i gI

David L. Trainer Elementary imts lcatde a
Kimbrougo h r ae e precentatioie to studentson
in tee on. rs. t noo e met s i-li
t be ht fI I ade science classes for a brief qltes-
tion-and-ans~~ er sesion, followed b, a meet-
Sieie with gifted and talented ctudentes.
Exlraig i lae F r tate e nin Kibroleug s ent b schded his isit %% ith a bref e presen-
Ctaeon tor teachers on the oFuure or
Spaceflight." A
NASA Astronaut Robert "Shane" 850 May Creek Drive, Kingsland, GA. The

Kimbrough school has recently received a nomination
from the National Blue Ribbon Committee. D.L.R. is one of eight Georgia schools
to be nomin ated for this prestigious award and the only school in the haSoutheast.oniles d g eran al
DaDavid L. Rainer Elementary serves approximately o600 students in grades Pre-Kil 3.
Kmbthrough 5. Students have the opportunity to participate in exploratory classents sundch

Space Station systemschnology, physiological Eductraining, MedT-38 flight training, and water Guidand wilderness survival training. Completion of this training
l ifies him for vri teche r assignments foech oin the As trnauOiceu act te sclht ass nt as a msson sclst.
S-ities. '
Selected by NASA in May 2004, Kimbrough completed astron aut candidates .,. .... ..- .
training in February 2006. His training include scientific ands tor technical briefings, intensive instruction in space shuttle and International
Space Station systems, physiological training, T-38 flight training, and water and wilderness survival training. Completion of this training.
qualifies him for various technical assignments within teache Astronaut Office and fu spaceflight assignment as a mission specialist.

qualifies him for various technical assignments within the Astronaut Office and future spaceflight assignment as a mission specialist.

Page B-6lMay 5, 2007 The StarlPrep Rap


Silly! Silly!

Who is in cowboy films and
always broke?
Skint Eastwood!

Who is the biggest gangster in
the sea?
Al Caprawn!

What do you get if you cross a
nun and a chicken?
A pecking order!

Why did the silly kid stand on
his head? /
His feet were tired!

Were you long in the hospital?
'*'o, I was the same size that I
am now!

How did the farmer fix his

With a cabbage patch!

Why did Robin Hood only
steal from the rich?
Because the poor have noth-
ing worth taking!

Who invented fractions?
Henry the 1/8!

What's an insect's favourite

What kind of car does Mickey
Mouse's wife drive?
A minnie van!

What stories do the ship cap-
tain's children like to hear?
Ferry tales!

Color This


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S .m

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4, 0

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P Syndicated Content 4
Available from Commercial News Providers"

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Ills A

* *

a POW 0 M

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0 0 a a

0A a V I
A &a..d



- 4 -

Tic! Tac! Toe!

*~ S

.. S

* 4


The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-61/May 5, 2007

A 4 a

The StarlPrep Rap Page B-7IMay 5, 2007

Crime Dog McGruff"

Visits First Coast Schools

Cinco de Mayo Celebration with Dora
Dora the Explorer Launches Adventure

Landing's Character Series

S F-r Adventure Landing is hosting a series of comic

.a. the summer. Kids and parents will have oppor-
S tunities to meet the characters for free, get
,.4 autographs and take pictures of some of their
S. i. -:,-.L.g favorite television and big-screen characters.
The scheduled characters are Dora the
Explorer, Spider-man, Curious George, Hello Kitty and the Care Bears (Cheer
Bear and Sleepytime Bear).
Adventure -Landing's character series is
also being offered at some of the other
Adventure Landing locations across the
country: Dallas, Raleigh and Rochester. In
fact, Adventure Landing has secured the
only three Dora the Explorer costumes in the
country on Cinco de Mayo!

Typically, character appearances draw a
,- very large crowd to Adventure Landing. Last
year over 1500 people came out to see Spider-
Sman in Jacksonville and over 900 came to see
iDora in Dallas. Both North Florida Adventure
Landing locations will also offer their guests
special packages for the character series.

DORA THE EXPLORER Saturday, May 5th
Jacksonville Beach: 8am Noon (breakfast at 8am followed by free meet and
greet) Breakfast w/Dora $9.99 (includes buffet) $12.99 (includes buffet and one
attraction) Jacksonville Blanding: 3pm 6pm (free meet and greet)

SPIDER-MAN Saturday, June 2nd
Jacksonville Beach: 8am Noon (breakfast at 8am followed by free meet and
greet) Breakfast w/Spider-man $9.99 (includes buffet) $12.99 (includes
buffet and one attraction pass) Jacksonville Blanding: 3pm 6pm (free
meet and greet)

CURIOUS GEORGE Saturday, June 23rd
Jacksonville Beach: 8am Noon (breakfast at 8am followed by free meet and
greet) Breakfast w/Curious George $9.99 (includes buffet) $12.99 (includes
buffet and one attraction pass) Jacksonville Blanding: 3pm 6pm (free
meet and greet)

HELLO KITTY Saturday, July 14th
Jacksonville Beach: 8am Noon (breakfast at 8am followed by free meet and
greet) Breakfast w/Hello Kitty $9.99 (includes buffet) $12.99 (includes buffet
and one attraction pass) Jacksonville Blanding: 3pm 6pm (free meet and

CARE BEARS Saturday, December 15th
Jacksonville Beach: 8am Noon (breakfast at 8am followed by free meet and
greet) Breakfast w/Care Bears $9.99 (includes buffet) $12.99 (includes buffet
and one attraction pass) Jacksonville Blanding: 3pm 6pm (free meet and greet)

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-7/May 5, 2007

Jacksonville, FL The Sheriffs of Jacksonville are
taking crime prevention into our First Coast schools.
The Boys and Girls Club teamed up with the officers
to bring a special visitor to S.A. Hull Elementary.
McGruff talked to kids about gun safety.
"We're asking the community to get involved. CrirLe
is allowed to happen if the community allows it to hap-
pen, so our challenge is to get involved -- and it starts
with the children," said Lt. Lamb.
The kids took a pledge to never bring a gun to school
and to never use a gun to settle an argument.
McGruff and the team will be visiting two other ele-
mentary schools this month. They hope to bring the pro-
gram to all schools next year.

Summer Art Camp at The Cummer


The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is host-
ing Camp Cummer, a one-week art camp for chil-
dren. The week will be filled with drawing, painting,
working with clay, exploring the galleries and gar-
dens, music and so much more.
Camp Cummer is offered in five, one-week ses-
sions for children ages 6 to 12. Parents may
sign their child up for one session only.
The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, locat-
ed at 829 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida.
To be held Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3:30
p.m. Ages 6 to 12.
Session I: June 4 8
Session II: June 11- 15
Session III: June 18 22
Session IV: June 25 29
Session V: July 9 13
COST: Members: $175 per child,
Non-members: $200 per child. Full payment is
required for registration and is non-refundable.
Space is limited. For more information or to reg-
ister, please call Art Connections at 904-355-0630.

Page B-8/May 5, 2007



* a -


- a

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iSynndicated Content

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The Star/Prep Rap



- *

1lMAT .tiU/


SOut o The B


Black Community


Our City's



Harold 'Buster' Hair
Played third baseman for both
the Birmingham Black Barons of
baseball's Negro Leagues, and
the famed Kansas City Monarchs

Art Hamilton
Playedfor Indianapolis and
Detroit in baseball Negro
Leagues. Was a Negro League All-
Star catcher for Detroit and hit a

from 1953-58. Harold Also home run in the upper deck at the
played as a Negro League 1960 All-Star Game at Comiskey
Barnstormer in Canada. Jacksonville's Tony Richardson is a Little League Park. Art Caught Satchel Paige in
Commissioner and has been a volunteer for more the early 60 's
than 20 years. At the 24th Little League International
Congress in Houston, Texas, Tony was recognized
with his receipt of the Peter. J. McGovern Little
League Distinguished Service Award.

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too!

Jacksonville pro baseball was started in 1904. It began when the
Jacksonville Jays participated in the South Atlantic League. In those days,
baseball was played at Dixieland Park in the Southside of town. Fans would
have to ride ferries to attend the games because there were still no bridges
connecting one side of the St. John's River to'
the other.

But,, the small, historic neighborhood of
Durkeeville looms large in Jacksonville and in
African American history. Durkeeville was ". .':
home to the Jacksonville Red Caps, a team that '
was part of the Negro Leagues of professional
baseball. The ball park in which the Red Caps
played, J. P. Small Ballpark, is still preserved
in excellent condition, and is used by local
leagues. Last year folks turned out to the his-
toric J.P. Small Baseball Park as the city
unveiled a tribute to its National Negro League I.
baseball legacy.
The "Heading for Home" statue was offi-
cially unveiled in a ceremony on December 15,
2006, at the historic park which is located on Statue at
Myrtle Street near 8th Street on the Northside.
Also located near the field's entry gates is the
J.P. Small Museum and Negro League Exhibit.
The local ball-field's history is rich with legend "., ,
and lore. Baseball greats Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, .
and Frank Aaron played there. On June 3, the newly
renovated J.P. Small Memorial Stadium in the
Durkeeville community of norl1icl 't Jacksonville/
reopened. The grand reopening was a celCbration of ,
sports, history and neighborhood pride. 1
I iB -

J.P. Sr

Field, Joseph E. Durkee Athletic Field, and the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park,
was the first municipal recreation field in the city of Jacksonville.
The city took over of the property in 1926, renamed it Joseph H. Durkee
Athletic Field, and created Jacksonville's main municipal park on the site.
In 1936, after the original stadium was
-. a-"i .. destroyed by fire, the present structure was
built with a larger building that afforded space
:,; r'.8. for a separate section to seat African
.. -^. ;F Americans in the era of segregation.
SDuring the 1920's and 1930's Negro League
i greats, including Satchel Page, played at
S'" Durkee Field. Jacksonville's only Negro
i1 League team, the Jacksonville Red Caps, made
;i. up of employees of the East Coast Railroad,
Used the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park as their
home field.
i In 1953, the field added another layer ofhis-
,..., ..- tory when it became the location of the first
s t games played by the. newly integrated
Jacksonville Braves (a farm team of the
Milwaukee Braves) that included a 19-year-old
mail Park Hank Aaron. The team's manager hired Aaron
and two other black players.
The following year, Wolfson Stadium
replaced Durkee Field at the municipal ballpark.
SThrough the years, the Myrtle Avenue field pro-
vided the city's African Americans other impor-
i t tant uses. Area schools, including Sta.mton where
J.P. Small served as the coach and athletic direc-
,. "'. tor from 1934 until 1969 and Raines High School
i.' where Bob Hayes played on football and track

Old Team Photo of the Jacksonville Red Caps

The stadium, known at various times as Barrs




ir AVr I T 1)/2 7

AL AA- A "Al
AKD NARaPolReldi
I Mo*

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based

Dear Deanna!
I'm having a challenge with my new girlfriend. She is
adorable, nice and sweet but her hygiene and housekeeping
habits are horrible. She can cook, but she leaves dishes in the
kitchen for a week, never vacuums and her cat walks around
the house. I always thought I could handle most things in this
relationship but this is a bit much. We make love in a dirty i
bed, cat hair is everywhere and there's never any clean dish-
es. How do I gently handle this issue?
Clean Man On-Line Reader

Dear Clean Man:
Your girlfriend is a slob and it'll take an infection or food poisoning to get her to see
the light. If you want to drink out of a dirty class and have cat hair in your throat hang
in there with it. If this cramps your style, surprise your girlfriend with a few visits
from a cleaning service and'hope she gets the hint. If this doesn't help then tell her
to clean her house and keep it clean or you're gone. If she chooses dirt over you, say
and keep it moving.

Dear Deanna!
My uncle is newly divorced and he's driving me crazy. He always wants to go to
the club, hang out and drink, I don't mind going out with him every now and then
but he comes over every day, eating dinner and begging me to go out. At first, my
girlfriend was okay, but now she's forcing me to turn him away, not take his phone
calls and avoid him. He's my favorite uncle and I don't want to hurt him but I don't
want to hurt my girlfriend either. What do I do?
Nephew John Pasadena, CA

Dear Nephew John:
Apparently your uncle doesn't know much about responsibility, thus his divorce.
Although you have an obligation to put family first, you must never sacrifice your
relationship for nonsense. Have a talk with your uncle and tell him that you want
your relationship to work and you can only go out with him on a conservative basis.
If he doesn't understand then he's selfish and deserves to go out alone.

Dear Deanna!
I have gained a lot of weight and I feel that my husband is falling out of love with
me. He's not intimate with me, we don't cuddle and he always acts as if I'm annoy-
ing him. I am trying to diet but it is so stressful sitting by watching and feeling that
I'm losing my husband. He claims that he still loves me but his actions are extreme-
ly different from the words he says. What can I do to recapture the fire and energy in
my marriage?
Overweight Wife Toledo, OH

Dear Overweight:
If you're having these feelings there's no sense denying there's some truth to what's
going on. The best way to tell if your husband is slipping is for you to lose weight.
You need to be happy with good self-esteem. Once you get back into your zone,
measure your husband's activity and behavior towards you. If things don't change,
you have a problem that goes beyond weight. Be prepared for a discussion and seek
honest answers regarding your relationship.
Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email:
askdeannal@yahoo.com or write: Deanna M., 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly
Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna.com.

Women's Health

Think of Your Health on Mother's Day

By Douglas W.
Laube, MD, MEd,
President, The
American College
of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists

On Mother's
Day, we cele-
brate the special
women in our
sisters, daugh-
ters, and friends-and all that they do
for us. But it is also a time when
women should focus on their health,
for their benefit and for those they
Mother's Day kicks off National
Women's Health Week (NWHW), an
initiative sponsored by the federal
Office on Women's Health that
encourages women to take simple
steps to improve their health and
In recent years, new research has
advanced the study of women's health
tremendously, and women are living
longer, healthier lives because of it.
NWHW celebrates these positive steps
and educates women about what the
research is teaching us.
The NWHW website (www.wom-
enshealth.gov/whw) provides impor-
tant information on conditions affect-
ing women, such as cancer, lupus, HIV
and other STDs, cardiovascular health,
menopause, and sleep disorders.

Participating organizations from
across the country will hold health
events and expos where women can
get free health screenings and learn
more about achieving and maintaining
overall good health.
National Women's Check-Up Day
on May 14 highlights the importance
of regularly scheduled doctor's visits.
Most women know that staying cur-
rent with routine and preventive health
screenings is one of the best ways that
they can protect their bodies now and
in the future.
Routine screenings, such as Pap
tests, clinical breast exams and mam-
mograms, diabetes and colon cancer
screenings, and blood pressure tests,
help doctors find problems early or
prevent them before they occur.
Regular face-to-face visits also
strengthen the doctor-patient relation-
ship and give women the opportunity
to ask questions and address health
Have you been to the doctor late-
ly? Check your records to be sure. If
you haven't been to the doctor in the
past year, try to schedule an appoint-
ment soon. And remind your friends
and relatives to make an appointment.
Taking an active interest in safeguard-
ing your health and the health of the
other special women in your life is the
first step in ensuring that you'll be able
to celebrate Mother's Day for years to

Inside Investigations
by Ester Davis

In the 1960's along with the ongoing investigat- ."
ing of Dr. Martin Luther King, the FBI, under the .
auspices of a federal law investigated the words of "i
the song "Louie Louie." The law "ITOM," prohibit-
ing interstate transportation of obscene material, was' i
launched to determine if the song was actually ;,t
The Federal Bureau of Investigation was created in 1908 to gather information
about potentially dangerous activities to protect the safety of the American Citizens.
In these investigations, a huge amount of information is researched and gathered as
with any other process. However, since Dr. King's era, the Federal Bureau of
Investigations has lost its significance and seemingly is always in a titsy busy cov-
ering up and explaining their many flaws. Much like FEMA. They spend senseless
hours investigating subjects that seem completely irrelevant. Sex lives of celebrities
have been monitored under the umbrella of national security. Entertainers with polit-
ical beliefs have been routinely harassed. Black elected officials are leading the band
of endless investigations. All of this while crimes of corporate theft goes unnoticed.
Halliburton is the immediate word that comes to mind. I don't have space for the oth-
It is documented knowledge that most investigations lead to a dead end, but the
mere mention of an investigation in a civilized tax paying society is an alarming
word. And it shouldn't be. Investigation is not a serious word. It is plain vanilla, a
beat up ole Buick, a soap opera. Now, indictment, that is a word to worry about. It's
a serious word.
What is disturbing is the number of FBI investigations in clear view for the
naked eye to see. If you 'google' FBI investigations, you will get about 1,200,000
pages. If you 'google' black elected officials under FBI investigations, you receive an
opportunity to view about 850,000 pages. Is there something wrong with this pic-
Oh, back to Louie Louie. What was the conclusion of the investigation? The FBI
concluded after their 'investigation' that the song was 'unintelligible at any speed.' In
layman terms ... deficient in intelligence, dull, stupid.
Ester Davis is a celebrated host/producer of a No. 1-rated show on PAX-TV, Channel
68, every Saturday from 5 to 6 a.m. Visit her website at: www.esterdavis.com "The
Ester Davis Show" copyright 2006 by Ester Davis

A Public School That Emphasizes
African Culture and Rites of Passage?
It's About Time
By Tonyaa Weathersbee, BAW
(with permission)
The folks at J.S. Chick Elementary School had better
K watch themselves. If they don't have one already, they
might wind up with a waiting list. Or with a longer one.
That's because this Kansas City public magnet school
is accomplishing the reverse of what so many other
schools are failing to do. It is attracting and keeping black students -- and closing in
on the achievement gap -- by showing them that they matter. That they don't have to
be society's afterthoughts, but its architects.
Chick is doing that by basing everything it teaches around the history and culture
of Africa and its diaspora. And so far, it's working. According to The Christian
Science Monitor, its 300 students -- 99 percent of whom are black -- are posting
achievement test scores that are well above the statewide average.
It manages to accomplish that, a feat that flies in the face of conventional wisdom
that accepts that black achievement must always be tethered to assimilation, by incor-
porating things such as African rites of passage into academics as well as lessons on
leadership and esteem. It's about time someone tried that approach.
It's easy to believe that if a school focuses only on academics, then the esteem will
take care of itself. But what we forget is that when children come to a school, they've
already absorbed messages and beliefs about themselves that stain whatever canvas
that we expect the academics to stick to. That's especially true for many black stu-
dents, most of who have repeatedly heard Africa referred to as the Dark Continent,
and who only see it through the prism of suffering and stereotypes.
These same students are also now grappling with a hybrid black culture that has
been spawned from a core of negativity. I mean, we're now debating whether we
ought to continue to vilify "nigger," as the ultimate hate word, or defang it by contin-
uing to use it as a term of endearment.
What that means is that many times, a black child has to unlearn stuff to begin to
believe that he or she can learn at all.
Not surprisingly, the Chick program has garnered acclaim. According to the
Monitor, educators from countries such as Japan and Brazil have visited it, and other
districts with large numbers of black students are looking to replicate it.
Yet, even with all the promise shown by such an approach, there's still a catch. The
catch being that even though this is a new program, one underpinning needed to guar-
antee its success is based on an old truth: Any school is only as good as the students
and the forces that are behind them.
But at least the people who put the Chick program together understood that.
Somehow, they managed to harness the frustration of black parents who were tired of
seeing the fate of their children's learning shackled to the outcome of desegregation
decisions. So they built a community coalition that worked to develop the school's
curriculum, and to ensure the success of the students there. That, in and of itself, was
a miracle.
In many black communities, where parents work two and three jobs, coalition
building often doesn't get such a high priority. Coalitions mean a lot of meetings. But
apparently, in this case, the interest of education trumped fatigue, and it worked.
But now, the problem is keeping it going once the children of the parents who orig-
inally started it graduate, or once the teachers and administrators either move, or are
transferred. The rope of unity can be so easily frayed. And there's the chance that the
next group of folks in charge won't share that same vision.
Obviously, those are issues that must be wrestled with in the future. Yet right now,
it's good to see that a group of black people took charge and decided to make the pub-
lic education system work for them. More communities -- at least those black com-
munities that can muster the will and the social capital -- ought to try it. It makes sense
to do so. After all, more and more white people are abandoning public school systems,


so black people shouldn't be shy about trying to incorporate programs that bolster
their kids' achievement.
There are lots to think about. But here's what's key. The coalition that came up
with the Chick program didn't wait for the fate of black kids to be decided upon by
And for ~at, they deserve an A-plus.

May 5, 2007'



Ij1 V f, T A P E--

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. May 1, 2007- The City of Jacksonville's Environmental
Resource Management Department issued an air quality warning today, saying that
high levels of ozone and particulate matter are again present and vulnerable individ-
uals should exercise caution. Data collected by the department's Air Quality
Monitoring Section indicates current ozone and particulate matter levels are signifi-
cantly elevated.
The elevated level of particulate matter (solid or liquid particles that are less than
2.5 micrometers in diameter or "fine particles") in Jacksonville's atmosphere is a
direct result of the extensive wildfires currently occurring in southeast Georgia and
a local fire in the Glenn Kernan area yesterday. Extended exposure to a high level of
these pollutants can pose health risks to children, the elderly and people with preex-
isting health conditions.
People with asthma or other respiratory diseases that may be more vulnerable to
the effects of ozone will generally experience health effects earlier and at lower
ozone levels than less sensitive individuals.
Steps to avoid unhealthy exposure include: staying inside and refraining from
strenuous activity when outdoors. If exercising outdoors, substituting less vigorous
exercise (a walk instead of a jog, for example) can be helpful. In addition, outdoor
activities should be planned for times when ozone levels are lower, usually in the
morning or evening.

THE PLAYERS Championship A Unique Way to Celebrate
Mother's Day Tournament
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL -Tournament officials at THE PLAYERS Championship
today announced a unique series of activities designed to help spectators celebrate Mother's
Day, Sunday, May 13, at the event. With THE PLAYERS move to a May date, the exciting
final round falls on Mother's Day, and fans can enjoy an inter-faith church'service and a-
Mother's Day breakfast, and commemorative pins will be distributed to moms at the gate.
"THE PLAYERS Championship would like to extend an invitation to all fans to spend
Mother's Day with us," said Brian Goin, Executive Director of THE PLAYERS. "We'll have
a church service, a breakfast in our beautiful clubhouse followed by the best players in the
world competing on one of golfs grandest stages. There's something for everyone, and it's
going to be a great day."
Mother's Day will start at THE PLAYERS with an inter-faith church service at the 18th
green bleachers at 7:30 a.m. The service, which is open to anyone with a Sunday tournament
ticket, features Tony Boselli as the guest speaker. Boselli, who fans will remember as a five-
time Pro Bowler with the Jacksonville Jaguars (1997-2001), is now an ordained minister.
Fans can then treat their mothers to a traditional European-style breakfast featuring "A
Time to Swing Quartet" from 8-10:30 a.m. The new 77,000 square-foot clubhouse at TPC
Sawgrass will serve as the setting for the breakfast where clubhouse and lawn seating will be
available. Reservations, which are required and limited, can be made by dialing 904-273-
3621. To gain access to the Mother's Day Breakfast, fans must show a Sunday tournament,
ticket, and the additional cost is $20 per adult and $10 per child ages 6-12 (plus tax and
drinks). Children 5 years old and younger can dine for free.
To further mark the occasion, the first 10,1000 mothers who enter the gates on Sunday will
receive complimentary commemorative pins. The pins will feature the newly redesigned
PLAYERS logo with "Celebrating Mothers" scrolled across the top of a bouquet of roses
(image attached).
Free parking and complimentary shuttle service are available at the University of North
Florida on Sunday beginning one hour prior to the first tee time. On-site parking passes may
be purchased in advance by calling 904-285-7888.

TransifT iK

The Jacksonville
Transportation Authority
is redesigning the bus system
to build a better, easier and
more useful system for

We want to get your ideas,
thoughts and suggestions.

Take the JTA Transit Talk
survey online now at

Help us better understand your
transit needs and travel habits
so that we can plan a better
regional transportation system.



Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.
CLASS OF 1967 NB FORREST HIGH SCHOOL is having their 40th
Reunion, July 20-21, 2007 Crowne Plaza Downtown/Riverplace .Tower.
Contact: Reunion Classics: (904) 269-5471 for registration info.
East Seventh St., Charlotte, NC by invitation only. Boys and girls ages 10 -
19 are eligible to apply. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries attend-
ed the 2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for players
selected to the All-American Team; Camp locations include: Glassboro, NJ,
Prescott, AZ, Thousand Oaks, CA, Sterling, CO, Babson Park, FL, Atlanta, GA,
Champaign, IL, Ypsilanti, MI, Hickory, NC, Mitchell, SD, Lebanon, TN,
Commerce, TX, and Blacksburg, VA. There is also a Summer Camp available
for boys and girls ages 6 18 of all skill levels. For a free brochure on these
Summer Camps, please call (704) 373-0873.
To improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthri-
tis and related diseases. To be held at Carrabba's Italian Grill, Monday, May 14th,
in Jacksonville from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Guest speak Stanton Longenecker,
M.D. For reservations, by May 7th, call (800) 741-4008 x231.
Over $100,000 in prizes will be awarded this year in the International Open Poetry
Contest. The deadline for the contest is June' 30, 2007. The contest is open to
everyone, whether previously published or not, you can be a winner. To enter, send
ONE original poem, any subject and any style to: The International Library of
Poetry, Suite 19925, 1 Poetry Plaza, Owings Mills, MD 21117. The poem should
be 20 lines or less, and the poet's name and address should appear on the top of the
page. Must be postmarked or sent via the internet at www.poetry.com by June
SOCIETY OF FLORIDA at the Jacksonville Public Library downtown,
Saturday, May 5th at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Guest will enjoy tea, light lunch and fash-
Sion. Due to space limitations, call Nick Geinosky at (904) 493-7738 to reserve
Your ticket. Tickets are $30 per person. For more information about the local divi-
Ssion, log on to www.chsfl.org/buckner.
SUMMER CAREER ACADEMICS Duval County Public Schools and Florida
SCommunity College at Jacksonville have partnered to help prepare Jacksonville
high school students for life after high school by offering "Summer Career
Academics," a- month-long exploration of career and education opportunities.
Weekdays, June 4th to 29th to explore seven career fields at seven FCCJ campus-
es and centers from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Parents and students are encouraged
to visit www.fccj.edu/summeracademics to complete admission applications and
summit as directed to via fax or postal mail.
THE WORLD FAMOUS "INTRUDERS" will bring their Philadelphia sound to
Jacksonville on Mother's Day, May 13, 2007. The event will take place at the
Scottish Rites Masonic Cathedral, located at 29 W. 6th St.(1 block west of Main
St.) Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. The Intruders will perform many of their #1 R&B
hits including, I'll Always Love My Mama," Cowboys To Girls," Live is like a
Basketball Game," When We Get Married," "United," and many more. Antonio
and the MVP Band & a live DJ will be on hand for your dancing & listening pleas-
ures. For ticket info contact Infinity Productions (904) 610-3945 or 303-8299.
TEN STAR ALL STAR BASKETBALL CAMP Final applications are now
being evaluated for the Ten Star All Star Summer Basketball Camp. It is by invi-
tation only. Boys and Girls ages 10 19 are eligible to apply. Past participants
include: Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Grant Hill
and Antawn Jamison. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries attended the
2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for players selected to the
All American Team. Camp locations include: Babson Park, FL, Prescott, AZ,
Thousand Oaks, CA, Sterling, CO, Atlanta, GA, Champaign, IL, Ypsilanti, MI,
Glassboro, NJ, Hickory, NC, Mitchell, SD, Lebanon, TN, Commerce, TX, and
Blacksburg, VA. There is also a Summer Camp available for boys and girls ages 6
18 of all skill levels. For a free brochure on these Summer camps, please call
(704) 373-0873 anytime.
BALLOTS Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland began mailing sample ballots
to registered voters today for the May 15th election. Sample ballots are personal-
ized for over a half-million Duval County voters. The mailer includes each indi-
vidual voter's polling location, an image of the ballot the voter will receive on
Election Day and a compilation of statements from each candidate. Sample ballots
also include educational information such as: How to request your absentee ballot,
identification requirements, how to mark your ballot, voter bill of rights, voter
responsibilities, and provisional ballot procedures. As of today, 15,189 absentee
ballots have been requested for the May 15th election. For more information visit
the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website at: www.duvalelections.com or
call Bennie Seth.
GALA "CELEBRATE THE WORLD" at Carl's Main Street Restaurant,
located at 1748 N. Main Street, Jacksonville, FL. Friday, May 18th, at 7:30 p.m. -
11:00 p.m. Tickets are $10.00 each. For more information call Lucius Leverette at
(904) 339-1760, Fax (904) 381-1267, email luciusl@bellsouth.net or you may
contact: info@JacksonvilleDiversityNetwork.org.

Anyone registered to vote in Duval County may vote at any early voting site dur-
ing early voting. The sites will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until
6:00 p.m. and Saturday and sunday from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. For more infor-
mation about early voting, visit Duval county Supervisor of Elections website at:
www.duvalelections.com or contact Bennie Seth.
FAMILY CONFERENCE 2007 "It Takes A Church To Raise A village" May
13th-16th at the Royal Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church located at 1320 West
21st St., Jacksonville, FL with Rev. Jeremiah Robinson, Sr., Pastor. Times are:
Sunday, May 13th at 6:00 p.m.; May 14th 16th, General Assembly 6:30 p.m.;
Men's, Women's and Young People's Classes are 6:45 p.m. 7:30 p.m. and
Worship 7:45 p.m. Music by special guest groups. For more information, please
call Pastor J. Robinson at (904) 751-4451.

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.. .. ......
rp ni-s ''jthgo el to
an d ut

S8 A 1,ll..a'- ". t -
64 1~i~o
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#4 athe ns fist
!"j 'q .... ..

ain #t nAaeI te tone-ad thf~l u

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el, o e'ofi se.ing. o
IF, e a'ir' '' .. d l n n n p
y~li' ";"+'^' "^.'Il. '*. "' Oi": '' 'r : : I "'
W t ta r: : *nn ;n *****;, n n .. .. n .. ? ,'', i ., ; n n "

S bope) Daughter of Eric O. Simpson, Phylls Erca ;
Simpso" and her son, accepting the certificate hon-I
Uwbring her father in 2003 as the first black person to!
be'in.ducted into the Florida Press Association 's Hall"
\ ,of Fan ie. ..
S (left).ounder of The Florida Star, Eric 0. Simpson :
"!',::,;.: ..
.. .. ... .. ... .. .... .. .. ... ':-. -L -- ,_ V


p. .~ -


I, II 111

MAY 5. 2007


Dr< Ca i d




.~ ....

!;' :



''~ ''~
ii i i
I ~

\E J .,
` 76'


cornerback Darrelle Revis
Sor Nelson, the Florida

A u I r nI r Revis, however, was
4 A I 1 Yselected at nick 14. after the

Florida Star Party
The Florida Star had a birthday party last week.
My kind of party!
They held it at The Baseball Grounds of
Jacksonville during a Suns/Biscuits game. Normally a
night at the ball park is all it takes to make me go home
whistling "Take me out to the ballgame." But this party
held yet another set of treats. First my son David who
is a baseball fanatic was able to attend with me, and
second we had the pleasure of talking with two of
Jacksonville's remaining players from the Negro
Baseball Leagues who were guests of the newspaper.
Harold "Buster" Hair and Art Hamilton played with
the men who were my heroes growing up. Harold was a
batboy for the Jacksonville Red Caps back in the late
30's. He later played third base with the Kansas City
Monarchs and the Birmingham Black Barons.
Art was a catcher and played for the Indianapolis
Clowns and Detroit Stars.
Art told the story of his game-tying home-run in
what turned out to be his last game. The setting was the
final East-West All-Star Game in the summer of 1960.
With the detail of network announcer Art set up the
story by explaining how his teammates gave up four
gift runs on errors in the first four innings. Heading into
the bottom of the fourth with the West trailing 4-3,
Hamilton's blast was a low line drive that reached the
left field seats. And after his team had tied the score in
the fourth at four, it was the East Team's time to play
Santa Claus, committing five errors of their own in the
bottom of the fifth as the West scored four runs to win
the contest 8-4.
When asked about Satchel Paige, both men chuck-
led. "You tell him" Art said.
Harold stepped back and took up a batters stance
and stepped us through how Satchel Paige had a 'hesi-
tation' pitch that completely broke the batters rythym.
For about three minutes we got a real-life animation
of a batter facing Satchel Paige in a Negro League
Baseball game. Harold demonstrated how Paige's 'hesi-
tation' froze you long enough that he could get that
blazing fast ball by you. And we got this, not from a
movie or a book, but from the men who were the batter
and catcher.
If you like baseball, it doesn't get much better than
It is sad when you realize that the day will come
when folks like Art and Harold won't be around to tell
these stories and they will be lost.
When my grandson.is here this summer I am going
to see if I can get Harold Hair and Art Hamilton to
lunch with us. I want my grandson to be able to brag
that he talked with two men who helped make history
playing a game they loved.

Sports Briefs

Jacksonville, Fl The Jaguars signed FAMU play-
ers Daniel Parrish and Roosevelt Kiser to free agent con-
tracts Monday. The length of both contracts was for
thiee-years with signing bonuses. Kiser, an All-MEAC
receiver and returned, said he's not yet ready to buy a
Bentley, however. "I don't know about Dan, but I'm still
broke," Kiser said. "Right now, all we have is a foot in
the door."

Chicago, II Chris Leak, the quarterback of the
national champion Florida Gators, signed a free-agent
contract with the Chicago Bears after going undrafted in
this weekend's NFL draft. Leak was not rated highly
going into the draft, but was expected to draw interest
from teams in the later rounds.
Going undrafted allowed the former Gators signal
caller to choose the team with which he'll head to camp
with this summer. He joins a Bears team that is the
defending NFC champions, but has an unsteady situation
at quarterback with former Gator,Rex Grossman.

#3 Noles Take 2

of 3 From Miami

Florida State dropped to #3 in USA
Today's polls as the Rice Owls moved
into the number two slot. with a three-
game sweep of UAB on the road.
The Noles took two of three in
Miami this past week. They won
Friday's opener with four runs in the
top of the ninth for a 7-6 victory over
the Miami Hurricanes in game one of
a three game set. Tony Thomas Jr, and
Mark Hallberg hit back-to-back home
runs in the ninth to cap a ilir'-. run
Seminole deficit.
Florida State got a career iij:lil
from Buster Posey with a 13-8 victo-
ry over Miami. I',o.\c went 3 I;' r
\\ith ai single, iloiuhl c: :IInl :, ,,in 11


While the Dolphin fans
booed their teams manage-
ment for passing on Brady
Quinn, the Jaguars passed
on him twice! But the con-
sensus is that the Jaguar';s
had a great draft.
The Jaguar's manage-
ment expressed satisfaction
with their
N F L,
draft ..I
results .l
Saturday. i-
Vice e
President '
of Player
nel said Regg
immedi- Jaguar's
after the
draft. "We think we
addressed several needs. We
feel we added depth and
competition. We added
some speed at wide receiver
and we got a play-making
safety," Harris told
'Like at least 10 other
teams, coach Jack Del Rio
and personnel boss Harris
found themselves fielding
questions they never
thought they'd have to face.
Why didn't you draft
Quinn, they were asked?
"In the end, we thought
it was better for us to take
the deal we did ... to get

Bucs Get 10

Players For

A Solid B+
The Bucs appear happy
with their catch. Ten total
picks is a good haul, partic-
ularly with seven choices
devoted to rebuilding an
aging defense. Defensive
end Gaines Adams is one of
the most explosive play-
makers out there and should
be the prospect the Bucs
can build around.
Second-round guard
Arron Sears could team
with Davin Joseph and real-
ly shore up the interior of
the offensive line. Like
Joseph, Sears has some
bruising nastiness to him.
Safety Sabby Piscitelli
was an interesting choice in
Round 2 because many
scouting reports didn't have
him as a fit for a Cover 2.
Meanwhile, fourth-round

defensive back
Jackson seems like
fit for the scheme.

Miami's Eric Erickson silenced the
FSU (39-7, 17-4) bats on Sunday
afternoon as the Seminoles fell 7-1 to
the Hurricanes in game three .
This week the Seminoles travel to
Maryland for a three game series with
the Terrapins.

The Gator nine journeyed to
Nashville last week for a conference
series with the country's top collegiate
team, Vanderbilt. V:id,. took the
opener 10-1 with a 15 hit barrage that
produced 7 runs in the 7th inning
Vandy snapped a 6-6 lie niili an
RBII ..hiir l in ilI- sixth 1', Andrew
i, il.li and exploded lor nine runs in
ili -..\ ,nih on its way to a 17-6 victo-
ry ".- IIIII .I.
11 I C'(uiiiiiiIIli'ic-, completed ili'
sweep with a 13-5 victory over
I lI li ,I .1'.: 1. In I 11 I n S0ii ll:n\
l< <'

another first-day pla
help us," Harris sai
trade with the Bronc
sent the Jaguars' thi
sixth-round picks
moved the Jaguars
four spots from 17 to
So why didn't yo
Quinn at 21, the qu

ie N
#1 1

a perfect

just took
the best
per our,
I sions. We
felt that
,.., pla yerr
w a s
Draft Pick Nelson,"
The Jaguars selected
Nelson to bolster a second-
ary that lost starting free
safety Deon Grant in free
agency this past winter.
Nelson is a player the
Jaguars had targeted from
the start of the evaluation
process and consensus of
opinion was that the
Jaguars' first-round pick
would come down to Pitt

ayer to
d of a
os that
.rd and

Jets traded up just ahead of
the Steelers for the purpose
of picking Revis.
"He was obviously a
player we had a lot of affec-
tion for," Del Rio said of

and Revis.
down With Revis gone, Nelson
21. was the easy pick, right? No
'u draft way. Quinn, who was
estions expected to be a top-five
pick, was in free-fall and all
We of a sudden the Jaguars

were in a quarterback con-
troversy they never expect-
"We always consider
everybody. He was there
and staring us in the face,"
Del Rio said of Quinn, the
Notre Dame quarterback.
"We didn't feel it was a fit
for us and we didn't do it, so
here we are."
Nelson, of course, is a
perfect fit for the Jaguars,
who have need at free safe-
ty. Del Rio referred to
Nelson as a "free safety in
the mold ofRashean Mathis
and Ed Reed. He's got
speed to close and make
Byron Leftwich was
reinstated as the Jaguars'
starting quarterback on Feb.
22 and Harris was asked if
passing on Quinn sends a


Fish Fans Find Fault on

Draft Day Performance

When the Dolphins passed on Brady
Quinn to select Ohio State's WR Ted Ginn
Jr., the Dolphins fans were left angry and
puzzled. The conventional wisdom was that
the Dolphions needed a quarterback more
than pass-catching help.
Everything was shaping up to perfect
-just as if Randy Mueller had scripted the
first eight picks of Saturday's NFL Draft.
But then the Dolphins did something no one
predicted and practically no one outside the
team's management liked.
They passed on Brady Quinn!
Instead, the Dolphins went with Ted
Ginn. He's skinny, he probably isn't a threat
across the middle and he may have trouble
getting off the line against press coverage.
But, according to the Dolphins, he's light-
ning in a bottle about to strike on the out-
side. And now, he is a Dolphin
Randy Mueller, Miami's GM and archi-
tect of the draft addressed the decision in
front of the Dolphion faithful immediately
following the selection.
"Not to say anything bad about Brady --
we had a great visit with him. But we
thought the combination of Ted Ginn and
another guy would fill more needs for us to
have the right kind of mix. It's more about
what we thought about Ted Ginn than what
we thought about Brady Quinn."
"I think I'm a big-play guy," Ginn said.
For Florida fans who remember the BCS

afternoon. VU banged out 17 hits and
used a career-high 11 strikeouts from
junior Cody Crowel

The Rattlers made it 8 out of the
last 10 with a sweep of Coppin State
on the road. The Rattlers won the first
game of Saturday's twin bill 14-1 and
followed up with a 16-0 win in the
nightcap. The Rattlers put up another
16 on Sunday to complete the sweep
with a 16-2 win.

The UNF Ospreys lost both ends
of a double header last Saturday when
at Mercer. The first game was a 10-0
shutout and the second game went 10
innings with Mercer getting a 4-3 nod.
The Ospreys came back with an
impressive 8-2 win on Sunday to pre-
vent an embarrassing sweep.

Championship game, and who don't it
was Ginn who returned the opening kickoff
93 yards for a touchdown.
Of course, the disappointment will be
forgotten soon enough if Ginn is the speedy
spark to a Miami offense that ranked 29th in
scoring and a special teams unit that hasn't
returned a punt for a touchdown since 2000.
Ginn's speed is billed in the 4.3 range,
although a foot injury has him at "'80-85
percent now," and he timed at 4.4 at his only
workout. His
5-11, 178-
pound frame
is not made
for press cov-
erage, how-
"I haven't
seen a lot of
that ,
Mueller said.
"I can say Ted Ginn Jr
this, they
ought not
miss him because he'll go by them fast."
With their second pick, the Dolphins
took BYU's John Beck.
In 43 games at Brigham Young, Beck
started 38 times. On 1,685 plays, he gained
11,059 yards in total offense, an average of
257.2 yards per game.

A Round with Tiger and Michael!

They were out early, rid-
ing shuttle buses into
Charlotte's Quail Hollow or
walking from well outside
the perimeter of the golf
course where Tiger Woods,
Michael Jordan and
Charlotte car dealer Skipper
Beck play a round of golf.
The golf wasn't bad.
Woods shot 1-under par on
the front nine though he
never actually finished the
ninth hole. Jordan was a few
more over par and Beck was
hanging in there.
By the time the group
reached the 10th tee, they
had played the front nine so
fast they had to wait for
Trevor Immelman's group
to tee off. Woods chAtted

with Immelman while
Jordan stood nearby while a
clatch of photographers

Tiger and Michael

gathered. It didn't exactly
feel like a golf tournament,
more like a parade in a real-
ly pretty park.

A AV ?nn/)7

IIAiI J) (IV /

message that Leftwich is
"The Man" and if that might
help persuade Leftwich to
do a long-term deal.
"We didn't go into it try-
ing to sell ourselves to
Byron Leftwich," Harris
said. "We like our quarter-
backs. We evaluate the
league, we evaluate our
quarterbacks and that's the
option we choose. That's
the best option for us. We're
making the best decision we
can make ... for the roster."
Cleveland traded with
Dallas right after the
Jaguars picked Nelson. The
Browns gave the Cowboys
this year's second-round
pick and next year's first-
round pick and then select-
ed Quinn, who's from Ohio.
Del Rio said Cleveland
had called the Jaguars twice
to attempt to make a trade.
Harris declined to make the
deal because it would've
moved the Jaguars' first
selection in the draft into
the second round.
"We're excited about a
play-making free safety
from right down the road.
We feel like he's a guy with
special range; speed, athleti-
cism and sideline-to-side-
line range," Del Rio said of
"My emotions are going
crazy right now. Add anoth-
er Gator to the list," Nelson
told reporters.

TIJrl L- A -IF T ARw MAY--- 2007

21 From Actual Police Reports
Your Weekly Horoscope SHH Did You HearAbout?
Did You Hear About?

(Aries March 21st thru
April 19th) Whoa! You
have your eye
on the prize as
the week
begins, but
there's more to life than
this one particular goal.
Slow down, look around
and consider the full spec-
trum of priorities. Around
Wednesday, the give and
take of life is richly
rewarding, whether it's at
work, with friends or in a
relationship. Lend a hand,
and get some support your-
self -- it'll feel great.
Taking it easy isn't always
easy for you, but give it a
try on Friday or Saturday;
quiet time clears your
head. On Sunday, you've
got just the idea for fun.
(Taurus- April 20th thru
May 20th) You're starting
the week off on
the right foot as
the week
Begins, if the
Universe has its say. Get
grounded -- with exercise,
meditation, those who
make you feel most won-
derful -- and you can reach
for the stars. Around
Wednesday, though, the
world may feel like it's
pushing you. Will you push
back, or go with the flow
and see where it takes you?
Your personal connections
and community both figure
prominently on Friday and
Saturday. Let your network
work for you, and give
back, too. On Sunday, a
leisurely brunch with a
loved one is exactly the
thing that makes you
(Gemini May 21st thru
June 21st) A significant
other, a friend or
someone you're
partnering with
at work at the
beginning of the week may
need handling with care.
Listen carefully to what
they're saying, and urge
them to verbalize the
between-the-lines stuff.
Around Wednesday, are you
being fickle or are you truly
considering new ideas and
points of view? Make sure
things are legit before incor-
porating. Creative activities
and pursuits suit you on Fri.
and Sat., and getting cre-
ative about communication
helps, too. On Sunday,
someone's got some words
of wisdom for you.
(Cancer June 22nd thru
July 22nd) Retreating into
your shell (just
a bit!) might not
be a bad idea as
the week
begins. Do check in with
loved ones, though, and let
your boss know exactly
what you're working on
prior to clamping on the
headphones. Around
Wednesday, you may still.
be feeling sensitive, but
exercise your emotional
intelligence, too; you'll see
different aspects of situa-
tions around you. You've
got a knack for connecting
with others -- and proceed-
ing to a deeper level -- on
Friday and Saturday.
Inquire about their personal

philosophies, and enjoy the
discussion. On Sunday,
practice patience with a
friend or relative.

(Leo July 23rd thru
August 22) A random or
act of kindness
gets the week off
to a positive start
-- and that's you performing
one, not waiting for it to
come to you! Around
Wednesday, you'll want to
take your outlook, turn it
upside-down and shake well
for best results. A terrific
solution to a certain situa-
tion requires only a little
stretch of the old noggin.
Then let both intellect and
instinct weigh in on Friday
and Saturday, especially
when it comes to others.
Look and listen more than
you talk. Then, on Sunday,
someone may throw you for
a loop -- in the best possible
(Virgo August 23rd thru
September 22nd) You've
got your head on
straight and a
definite twinkle
in your eye as the
week begins -- a stellar
combination for both work
and love. Around
Wednesday, kick a precon-
ception, an expectation or a
well-worn favorite way of
doing something to the curb,
then try several ways of
replacing it. Feels risky?
Good. Then -- gosh! -- oth-
ers are so slow on Friday
and Saturday. But acting
impatient won't hurry things
along. Go at your own pace,
and let them do the same.
You may be ready to take
issue with someone on
Sunday, but if it's an older
relative, choose your battle
(Libra September 23rd
thru October 22nd) Expect
some emotional
ups and downs
as the week
begins. Be ready
to breathe, meditate or
maybe run screaming
through it, and have some-
one who understands ready
on speed-dial. Around
Wednesday, it's the upside
that's emphasized, and the
chance of romance is high!
A new sweetie -- or renewed
fun with a dear old one --
awaits. Get ready, get set,
go! Big agenda items and
projects may be hard to
cross off your list on Friday
and Saturday, but smaller
stuff can be surprisingly sat-
isfying. On Sunday, a cer-
tain relationship can flour-
ish under your care.
(Scorpio October 23rd
thru November 21st) Look
at you, biding
your time and
making brilliant
plans as the
week begins. You've got
patience with a purpose,
and calm, cool and collect-
ed suits you. Things may
be rockier around
Wednesday; are you con-
tributing to the drama or
just in the audience? It's
easier to find it amusing
(and stay nice and neutral)
as an onlooker, so consider
your role carefully. On
Friday and Saturday, let
the good times roll -- and
let your love show. You're
much admired now, so
enjoy the attention. Keep

the love energy going on
Sunday rather than getting
entangled in an argument.

(Sagittarius November
22nd thru December 21st)
It's not like you to
be less than gen-
erous, but tighten-
ing the purse
strings and taking an over-
all conservative approach
may be best as the week
begins. Around Wednesday,
you're making connections
that completely crackle,
both in your mind and with
others. You're electric, and
you just might do some-
thing shockingly brilliant.
If you're fuzzier on Friday
and Saturday, well ... every-
one needs downtime, and
you're probably processing
something important. Do
something to recharge.
Sunday's a fun day -- play a
game, see family and
friends, and just enjoy.
(Capricorn December
22nd thru January 19th)
Your famous
persistence pays
off at the begin-
ning of the
week. Check up on a situa-
tion or connection you've
been cultivating, and you'll
likely see great results.
Around Wednesday,
approaching a different
idea (or the person who has
it) with caution makes
sense, but don't dismiss it
(or them) outright.
Expanding your repertoire
is a possibility now, and
something outlandish could
be the starting point. You're
awfully impressive on
Friday and Saturday, what
with your rock-steady heart
and open mind. Dare to
show you care, and watch
what happens. Family's in
the forefront on Sunday.
(Aquarius-January 20th
thru February 18th) Get a
little help with
managing your
time and setting
your priorities
from a mentor or friend as
the week begins.
Otherwise, the first couple
df days this week will be a
time-suck. Around
Wednesday, though, you're
on top of the world and
reaching for the stars, if the
Universe has its way. Big
stuff at work, in. romance,
related to personal growth -
- it's all possible now. Then
it's time to get more practi-
cal on Friday and Saturday.
How will you keep on"
track? What will you do to
stay motivated? When do
you take the next steps?
Take an objective look.
Then, on Sunday, you may
have a breakthrough.
(Pieces February 19th
and March 20th) Do a lit-
tle planning as
the week begins -
for work, your
social life, your
personal projects.
You'll be that much more
impressive as the days
progress. Around Wed., an
interesting vision may come
your way. Surrounding your-
self with what inspires you
helps cue it, as does getting
grounded and opening your
heart and mind. Then, you're
downright inspiring on
Friday and Saturday.
Affection with friends, hot
stuff with a certain someone

and fun all over the place is
favored -- not to mention
transformation. Sunday
finds yolfdreaming all day.

BEER BOTTLE HEAD An officer was dis-
patched to a nightclub located in the 800 block of
University Blvd., N., when he was approached by
Ms. R (victim #1) stating that she was battered by 'r
an unknown black male. She stated that the t .
unknown man was involved in a fight with the
nightclub security officer, Mr. AS. Ms. R stated
that the suspect was pushing and shoving with Mr.
S when he stepped on her foot. Mr. R stated that
she pushed the suspect in the back and he turned
around and hit her in the head with a beer bottle.
I caused a small bruise on Mr. R's forehead, but
she refused services of rescue. Mr. S stated that the suspect was trying to hit him
with the bottle as he hit Ms. R. He stated that the suspect punched him several times
in the chest area with a closed fist. Mr, S stated that he did not know the suspect..
Mr. R stated that she saw the suspect get in the passenger seat of an unknown vehi-
cle and leave the parking lot area. A search of the immediate area failed to locate the
suspect or the listed vehicle.

patched to the 11000 block of St. Joseph's Rd in reference to a cutting complaint.
Upon arrival he made contact with Mr. DSH (victim) who was bleeding from the
head. He stated that Ms. BNI (suspect #1) cut him. Investigation revealed that the
victim and suspect resides together as husband and wife and have children in com-
mon. According to the victim, he was at home cooking when he became involved in
an argument with his step daughter (suspect #2) over using the telephone. Suspect
#2 has been staying with the victim and suspect #1 for the past two weeks. The argu-
ment escalated into a physical confrontation after suspect #2 refused to stop using
the telephone. The victim stated that suspect #2
struck him with her hands and threatened to cut
-- him with a butcher's knife, but suspect #1
Stepped in to prevent her daughter from using the
S,, knife. JFRD responded to the scene and treated
g Mr. DSH (victim) for the laceration above his
right eye. Both suspects stated that the victim
was upset over the telephone being used by sus-
pect #2. They denied striking him and stated that
he cut himself during the altercation when he
struck his head on the corer of the wall in the
dining room. Both suspects were arrested based
on the injury to the victim.

to the 3500 block of Columbus Ave in reference to a reported battery domestic vio-
lence call. Upon his arrival he observed Ms. J (victim) sitting on the front porch with
a swollen left eye. Investigation revealed that the victim and her kid's father Mr. BP
(suspect) engaged in a disturbance because the suspect wanted the victim's cell
phone. The victim stated the suspect took her cell phone and called another woman
in front of her. The victim stated that she threw a bottle at the suspect, but she did
not hit him. The victim stated that the suspect got up off of the sofa and punched her
in the left eye with his fist. The victim stated that she would not fight the suspect
because her kids were in the house. She stated the suspect lives with his mother on
Walnut St. The suspect fled the area after committing the offense. The officer will
seek prosecution against this suspect.

WHY DIDN'T HE CALL TO REPORT THEFT? An officer was dispatched to
the 5400 block of Beach Blvd. in reference to a theft. Upon his arrival, he was met
by Ms. G (victim) stating she contacted
Mr. W (suspect) who is a mechanic at a
repair shop. She had an oral contract with
the suspect regarding making minor
repairs to her vehicle. The victim met with
the suspect about 2 weeks prior and gave
him the keys to her vehicle. The victim
returned to the business and observed that
the vehicle had still not been repaired. She
observed the vehicle to be in proper condi-
tion at that time. The victim returned to the
business 2 days later and observed the
vehicle's CD player, a TV that was inside the vehicle, and all 4 of the vehicle's tires
and rims to be missing. The victim contacted the suspect who responded to the
scene. He lives at the end of the street that the vehicle was parked on. The suspect
said he left the car unlocked in the rear of the business parked on the street. He fur-
ther stated that he walked his dog the day before and observed the vehicle to be in
proper condition. He further stated that the next day he observed the vehicle's tires
and rims to be missing, but did not call the police at that time because he had work
related business in GA. The suspect's residence was checked for stolen property, but
proved negative.

WHY THE VEHICLES? An officer was dispatched to the 900 block ofBullsbay
Hwy to investigate criminal mischief at an auto parts lot. Upon arrival he spoke to
Mr. K (complainant) owner of the salvage yard. He stated he had a dispute over tools
with his step-daughter's son, Mr. J (suspect). The
suspect became angry and with a yard rake broke
se\erl \\ indshields/windows of company vehi-
cles and one salvage vehicle. Some o'f the vehi-
les \'eie to\\ trucks used to facilitate the busi-
ness. The suspect fled on food when the com-

plainant called the police. The complainant said
he \\ias in process of repairing the vehicles and
declined to have an evidence technician respond.
SThe of'licer observed the damage on all five
\ chicles. Patrol will attempt to locate the suspect
ol Iolo'\\ -up with the SAO.
r "

I I i -r e" I -

MAY5, 2007




PAGE C-a2-/

MAY5, 2007


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S Jim ('amr'Bk Ben PrcI'.taig Papal
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Cdchltalrtllg flmjld lul. POrk

,t'I Ikh I I lm'i IQ. .I-L

MAY 25-27, 2007
I a ,l't ulila? ict.ult:titlj Ci~iLt,.
:Tdd Ihid 1'I :jr1lu lbi; 1Tn
t eorr Dle lSa 'alrm .rA VTIR'
doki. & Lorauts Mt ,rjk Red Ci tn
Ud; ';Innifr~n. i3 l 111i.11!.

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TrdTIXi I e D~ :- 8~1 I

1'9m'' u Saturday -:- May 5 -:- 10 a.m.

48 Beautiful Building Sites
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Townsend, GA near Shellman's Bluff ..
"Tranquilitp on the South Natieport Ri t ,'
Upstioe 'Gated Community, Pooi, Cliubhouse,
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--- .,

MAY 5, 2007



The Jacksonville
Transportation Authority
is redesigning the bus system
to build a better, easier and
more useful system for

We want to get your ideas,
thoughts and suggestions.

Take the JTA Transit Talk
survey online now at

Help us better understand your
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100 North Myrtle Avenue, Jacksonville Florida 32204
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Under provisions of Chapter 101.71, Florida Statutes, notice is hereby given
of a change in polling place for the Unitary Election to be held May 15, 2007,
in the City of Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.

02R FCCJ South Campus Center for the Arts Good News Baptist Church
11901 Beach Boulevard 2600 St Johns Bluff RoadSouth
Jacksonville, FL 32246 Jacksonville, FL 32246

03C FCCJ South Campus Center for the Arts Beachwood Civic Center
11901 Beach Boulevard 11758 Marina Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32246 Jacksonville, FL 32246

03N Timberwood Trace Apartments JEA Ridenour Water Treatment Plant
12250 Atlantic Boulevard 102 Kernan Boulevard North
Jacksonville, FL 32225 Jacksonville, FL 32225

04V Hilton Garden Inn Southpoint Baptist Church
9745 Gate Parkway North 3335 Tiger Hole Road
Jacksonville, FL 32246 Jacksonville, FL 32216

13V Carver Community Center Pablo Hamlet
738 4th Avenue South 1600 Shetter Avenue
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

14L Fire Station # 14 St Johns Presbyterian Church

4242 Herschel Street 4275 Herschel Street
Jacksonville, FL 32210 Jacksonville, FL 32210

(904) 630-1414 www.duvalelections.com
ATTEST: Cheryl Brown Secretary/CiQy Council

* 3 Bedrooms
* 2 Full Baths
* Study/Office
4 Shirley Oaks
* One Story Style
* Brick Front

4 Attached Garage
4 Large Back Yard
# Ceramic Tile
+ French Door(S)
4 Picture Window

This Beautiful Home W/Fantastic Curb Appeal Has His & Her Walk In Closets And The Huge Mba Has His & Her
Sinks W/Roman Tub & Shower. Family Room W/Gas Fireplace; Enormous Backyard; Neighborhood of Exercisers
& Walkers; Open Airy Home W/High Ceilings On A Hill. Wireless Wired,

(Visri I T-

I I flsinu,,,upI is e i s wd~afflliea.

The Station "Where Christ Gets Lifted"

VictonyrAM-13 60BWCGL

12518 Richfield

Features Include:
4 2309 Sq.Ft.
* Central Cooling A/C
* Central Heating Heat
* Electric Source Heat
S1 Fireplace
. Asphalt Blacktop Roadway

For more information and/or a private showing call:
Betty Asque Davis
Watson Realty Corp
615 Highway AIA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Office: 904 285-6300
Office Fax: 904 285-5330
Office: 904 473-1502


- r I



1& I
WAUr ~ute

LAX Boyz: Teen

Heartthrob Rappers With

The Midas Touch!

By RL h ML Cam.i.
tCb'i-hac1 k hi
s( ghloal nti
Ph1/ o i !' .-4i he' B
_lii1 h I ll ei i ,'ti tL 1 /117-V
1/'Ile//C 1 L U/M
The West Coast has
produced another
smoking rap sensation
in the form of the LAX
BOYZ! They -are
teenagers who are cap-
turing the fancy and
attention of fans world-
wide, especially the
young ladies. It has
been a while (maybe as
far back as the duo
Kriss Kross), since a
young group has pro-
jected the charm, sex
appeal and mic skills to
create the kind of phe-
nomena that these
young men are gener-
ating. This writer has
personally know these
youngsters and their
parents since their
early pre-teen days
performing at middle
and High schools on
the S.E.A.P. (School
Activities Program)
tour throughout the
greater metro Los
Angeles area. Needless
to say, they are mem-
bers of Rych McCain 's
Personally Hand-
Picked Family Of
Spiritually Chosen
Child/Teen Artists.
The group is com-
prised of brothers Polk,
16; Spank B, 15 and
their fist cousin Zay
Zay (nicknamed
"Zay"), 15. They began
rapping around the age
of nine \\lien they start-
Ced mlessingll aroui
\\ith a beat machine

that Zay's dad had in his
garage. Things became
serious and the group
\\as formed. They start-
ed to perform all over
Southern California and
Nevada. The boys have
al\va.s had a special
effect on the girls. At the
S.E.A.P. shows we used
to have to lock down the
back stage area every
time and still the girls
would try to climb into
the windows or wait to
bum rush the cars that
took them away.
After hooking up
with producer Poli Paul
and managers Doc
Clarke and Ian Fletcher
of 3pm Inc., LAX built
up a substantial fan base
and were offered multi-
ple major record deals.
They selected veteran
A&R guru Demetrius
Spencer and Texas
based venture capitalist
Bobby Patton, who
signed the trio to their
well-funded One
Recordings label. Rap
Jazze Pha was
impressed and brought
aboard to produce their
current hit single and
video, "Ride Like This,"
which has begun to bur
on radio airwaves.
The group's new
is scheduled to drop this
summer and includes
some special producers
and guests. When asked
about the kind of jour-
ney it was from those
first days to now, Zay is
the fir-,t to chime in.
\\'e \ ere just ha\ in
hmu at first but it has

LAX Bo.yz
been eight years and all
through that time its
been real hard work but
at the end of the day it's
all worth it." Poke adds,
"I have to say its been a
pretty crazy adventure
man. It's been wild, I
mean blood, sweat and
tears but through it all,
we're rising up. We've
had some falls but we
are shooting to be on
top. This is LAX, you
know how we do it."
Spank B rounds it out by
saying, "It's been a
learning experience,
that's the best way I can
describe it. You learn
how to trust (or not
trust) people, how to
view people to see
what's inside of them
instead of what they are
saying. See through
those words that they
are talking. Some people
can say stuff and have
the worst intentions but
we are on top, never
going to drop, LAX!"
The girls have 'some
how really zeroed in on
LAX more so than any
teen rap group that has
been out in a while.
What are the guy's reac-
tion to the screaming
and chasing? Zay says,

"When I see those
reactions I'm just in a
zone. I say dang, this is
what I-really want to do
and this is what I love
doing. That is what's
really going through
my head." Polk says,
"It is really unrealistic
to me to see that
because it's like a
dream that you are in.
A lot of people want to
be where we are and I
am grateful and thank
God." Spank B adds,
"It's all good and
everything but when
I'm on stage, that's last
thing I'm thinking
about is females. I'm
thinking about the
whole crowd in general
and thinking about dif-
ferent ways that I make
them scream and give a
good show so our name
will be on the tip of
their tongues every-
where they go. I do my
best to do that."
There is no question
that the LAXBOYZ are
destined to be on the tip
of the tongue to mil-
lions of fans who are
steady coming on

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May 5, 2007





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)*I Corrina. Corrina 1994j Wihooi Goldbera. Ra/3 LUota 'CCi

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COM 65 43 *** Nurse Bety (2I0001 Moaran Freeman. Renre Zeilieger (CCi Corky Romano (2001. Comedy) Chris Karan, Vinessa Shair (CC) The Ladies Man 12000) Tim Meadows, Karvn Pars.-.ns ICC,
DISN .22 16 Lo & Slitch is Replacements I** Gotta Kick I1 Up 20iYr) Susan Egan ,t (CCj Kim Possible Replacements Replacements Emperor New JEmperor New American Drgn Kim Possible
ESPN 48 34 Today at the Kentucky Derby Farr, ':hur,:hill IIjhL in LiU..iii i1i.e, ICCi Kentucky Derby Special ii.e iCC, IPBA Bowling PBA Bowling
FAM 43 23 Sabrina-Wilch ISabrina-Wilch ja* Casper Meets Wendy 119981 Shelley Dur.all. Hilary Duf ICC) ** Hook 199i1) Dusltn Hitman. Lawyer lumrn inio Peer Pan tosave kids from Capiain Hook (C-
HBO 2 201 ** Blue Chips l 194. Dramai tir Nolle Mary McDconnell (CC| IAddict-Series I* Son of the Mask (20051 Jame Kennedy fi ICC) I ** The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (200r6 Lucas Black 6i
LIFE 18 28 The Pilot's Wife (2X,2) ICCi The Good Girl (210?I Jenniter Anston Jake Gyllenhaal CCI ** The Cutting Edge (1992) D B. Svweenee. MUirra Kelly CCI A Decent Proposal (20'7) (CCi
NICK i42 41 TEENick6 ITEENick 0 TEENick ITEENick SpongeBob ISpongeBob Jimmy Neutron jOddParents Avatar-Last Air ITEENick 0 SpongeBob Drake & Josh
SPIKE 61 37 Horsepower TV IMuscleCar is Xireme 4x4 i Trucks! t iCCi Bullrun is World's Wildest Police Videos World's Wildest Police Videos World's Wildest Police Videos
TBS :17 18 Corrina. Comna Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002 (IPAI Sandra Bullock (CC) I* The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) (PA) Elijah Wood, lan McKellen (CC)
TNT 46 17 ** Shaft (20'31j Samuie L Jaricon Vare%._a L Viilram (CCi ** Boyz N the Hood 1991) Larry Fisnburne. Ice Cube ICCi I** Rush Hour2 (2Oi1, Action) Jackie Chan. Clir Tu.,. I (CCi
USA 64 25 Dragonfly ")'002, Suspense) .evin Coster. Joe Moron iCCi Traffic 12;(ii0) Michael Douglas The war on drugs bnri many casualtes and few virlones (CC) a Casino I1995i ICC)

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TNT 146 17 ** Charlie's Angels (2000) Cameron Diaz (CC)I Pregame NBA Basketball Fiarl RFurni, -- Teanmis. TBA IL,'e) CC) Inside the NBA ICC)
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TNT 46 17 Law & Order Cojnlsiiorn I Law & Order "Crade i. G-av aIe *** Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) John Curac. Minnie Drr/er iCCi j- ** Charlie's Angels r:li00sI:' Carr-ri.r Dia,; L"o BPirrrr.or. ,
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I COM 65 43 Corky Romano National Lampoon's Van Wilder ,'0021 Ryan Reynolds ICC) Relative Strangers 121'.1i RFn Lrvlngs.on. Nes CamFbell (CCI Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie *2,ii
DISN 22 16 Lilo& Stitch so Replacements ** Pixel Perfect 12C04 Co3iedy Ricky Ullman. Lejh Pipe- ms ICCi Zack & Cody IThat's Raven Naturally. Sadie Phil of Future Cory in House Cory in House
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HBO 2 201 The Avengers iq li 0 i CC Real Time With Bill Maher ,CC t** Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World f J* Rebound 12,)6) Manin L3arence am 'CC) I* King's Ransom i2',F.) 6r CC,
LIFE 18 28 Second Honeymoon 120011 Frima i:.:.'ne. Tim Mains:.n CC) No Higher Love (1999. Drama rKatlg, Sagal Annabeth Gjn (CI I Shall We Dance? i.'004i Richard Gere i~nnrlr Lopez ICC
SNICK 42 41 TEENick TE ITEENick EENck [TEENck SpongeBob SpongeBob Jimmy Neutron OddPaients Avaiar-Last Au ITEErickii SpongeBob jAmanda
i SPIKE 61 37 Xtreme 4a4 Trucks' I The Untouchables !1987. Cnrre Dranm Ktevir C~s.:lrir Searn Connery j** Predator 2 (19'0. Srn:ne Fe,.lilini Dann GkI.:,er iGar Busce PRuben Eisa3er
ITBS 17 18 *** The Fugitive (193) iP~i MLB Baseball Lc-: r i- Dc ie r .atl lldni. Bria.. w; Fjr Turir F-~ii r Ariiani IL,.. (.L Home Improve Home Improve *** Gladiator 12l0'i IPAl ICCi
STNT 46117 **a Save the Last Dance ,200' RPromrrK:. Julia .les IC-C) I Hardball (2,il0 Drama, KIeanu Revess Diane Lane iCC, *** Spanglish 1200.) Adam Sjndler Tea Le-ni FP'rmiEre i
.USA 64 25 **' Casino A Man Apart 120r Cr.rnm Drirn-i, Vrn i- ~el L TrV T, at-r i 1 C ** The Hunted 120031 T:.mmy Lee Jone, Benco Dl Tro ICCi End of Days i1'i9 Arnoil Sch.ar/rzeneger

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COM 65 i 43 Blue Collar Lan y Ihe Cable Guy: Git-R-Done 'C: National Lampoon s Van Wilder i.i--! II1_C i1 Mencia Reno 911! South Park Mencia
DISN 22; 16 Suite Lile Suite Lile Montana ISLiIle Life Return to Halloioeenioamn l?'.ii Sar P -,rin sI Phil Sadie Suite Life So Raven
ESPJ i834 Sp.orsCenler iL. ,' i_ Beshail Tonight .Li 4 MLB Baseball Fii! ..-pr,, FHii,.- -.3,, HF ,... Ca, '.-i.--i i.:C SportsCenler i .-. :*:
FAM 43 23 rMatilda ';.j. I '.. ; .'. r -. _.. .,, "', Like Mike 2. Sir etbl all ,r-rF. i. l, ,i W ,,.h., Like Mike 2 Streetbail :-L100c i J.ri..: i- '' .r.uL.
SHBO 2 "201-- ngr ; Ran~,n -. T.-lste i1 -Ci H-I'n Huri : P '.Rn-.-i, -#p -ii I Ther Sopianos, .i ,. Entourage ]e La Hoya T* The Hills Have Ey.es
LIFE 18 28 Luc' 7 '',., 'r,'i ', My First Wedding I '' e. .".' -: Leiqii :.:. I', Blood Ties ;!-..i... ,,'nIi Grey's Anatomy oi 4', '
NICK 42 -41 Schrol Ifla-ed ,Drae IJsi Jordan Zoey 101 jUnfabuioui Videos Videos Roseaiine IRoseanne Fiesh Pr. Fresh Pr.

Trs -T __
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6-1 2.

CSIl Crime Son CSI: Crime Sen CSl: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Son -CSI: Crime Scn
S* >'jl.'i c .. : ... ,i -- i ..i rC..-. ..'.': .','- J_ _The Lord ri Ihe Rings. The Tto Tovwers r' i 'r ..- lar. Ii.I .ii. ,' Fugitive
j: nl h !- 'ha;' o'lIr'nnl Want' ". 1 H i i 1-r ,* L-'-n-illy BlonrlR _".i'.i .: ,, .. .. N* Nhai Womenri yan
* nF.n! Il DT- I- Col'at-ral Damnair;-: ... .. i .:..i. '; i ... r ,._ The Scorpiol n King _i.' :i i T-, P F .:: .:_ Laa & Order S.'U

The Star

Pagre D-3/May 5, 2~007

PaeUP INM 5.207ThSta

By Rych McCain/ feedback-
rych@sbcglobal. net
Superstar Gospel Artist
Andrae Crouch celebrated his
40th Anniversary in Gospel
Music with a two-day schedule
of festivities. Beginning with
Friday, April 27, 2007, Mega
stars The Rev. Shirley Caesar,
CeCe Winans, Jessie Campbell,
Bill Maxwell and an all-star
band joined forces at the
Sheraton Universal Hotel for a
blow out gospel bash. The next
night saw more of the same as
Crouch's church in the San
Fernando Valley, New Christ
Memorial, hosted Tramaine
Hawkins, Donnie McClurkin,
BeBe Winans, Donald
Lawrance, Tonex and the New
Christ Memorial Church Mass
Ne-Yo's sophomore album,
Because of You, will drop May
1. The first single, the album's
title track is out now. Guest
includes Jay-Z and Oscar win-
ner Jennifer Hudson. Ne-Yo
will also be writing material for
Usher, Chris Brown, Jennifer
Hudson and will also be work-
ing with producer Will.i.am on
Michael Jackson's new album.
The Fixxers i.e., Quik & AMG
have launched their new produc-
tion and group on
Dirty West/Interscope. The
Prince of the Bay area MISTAH
FAB will be dropping his new
May 15.
28 Weeks Later stars Robert
Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy
Renner, Harold Perrineau,
Catherine McCormack,
Mackintosh Muggleton,
Imogen Poots and Idris Elba.
This is the sequel to 28 Days
Later. It picks up six months
after the first outbreak of the
dreaded rage virus. The US
Army declares that the infection

has been put down and the
British people can return
home. Unfortunately this is
not true. One lady who has
been in hiding turns out to be
infected and starts the virus
spread all over again. She is
Alice (McCormack) the wife
of Don (Carlyle) who left her
behind in a country cottage
while escaping out of a win-
dow when the infected zom-
bies attacked and broke in.
Don panicked and was too
chicken to help his wife
escape once he got out. His
act of cowardice comes back
to haunt him when he is
reunited with his 9 year-old
son Andy (Muggleton) and
teen daughter Tammy (Poots)
who discover that mom is still
alive. This movie is a bit too
gory and bloody in some
scenes. A lot of the action is
somewhat predictable but it
does have the element of fam-
ily sticking together no matter
what. If horror and psycho,
bloody zombies are your slice
of the pie, you should get off
on this one.
Spider Man 3 stars Toby
Maguire, Kirsten Dunst,
James Franco, Thomas
Haden Church, Topher
Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard,
James Cromwell, Rosemary
Harris and J.K. Simmons.
The third installment of the
Spider Man franchise was a
disappointment for this
reviewer. The only excitement
generated by this version was
the fight scenes with the spe-
cial effects. Otherwise this
was a boring love story
between Perter Parker
(Maguire) and M.J. (Dunst).
There was way too much
moral philosophizing going
on between Spiderman and his
enemies Sandman, arch-
nemesis Venom and Harry
Wassup cont'd on D-8

r kid. ...'be n
sentnce to 1"'e.4

I w w w .. o r:

If you are ani

African American.
.-You are at

high risk
for heart

T 1' 1E,-'E-r 31011e :vE
frorrl (Irjj:'V .cL.:i3r rl -ease
T'he gr:d r*- s e- It i s i r;t
a.O~rt lle ParnIC~I:
r~ctiv ~jt ejlfrico.-s an3
develop 3a rreve;tlifl p13n
Sia~" ilu Jctj
hE ar disease
Tc, Ij;irn mrnrt. ikP '-
I *ir,- a'rd I wn rliu% h~ i Z, ro;
1-888-AHA-2222 or v'isi

,A111Lcic.n Harl

sd~i~L Lt'Learn airdl Litt-,.

- I

The Star

Paaa D-4/Mav 5. 2007

m ana mar V 0

a r

l op

-- "Copyrighted Material

SSyndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

Taj & Eddie George
Sat. 5/5 @ 10 pm EST
This week Taj, takes a
Streak from married life
with Eddie and goes
camping with her girls.

Movie: Sparkle
Sun. 5/6 @ 9 pm EST
Before there was
Bey'once in Dreamgirs
there was Irerie Cara in

James Brown Tribute
Thur. 5/3 @ 8:30 pm
TV' One pays tribute to
the birth of a legend
with this JB special
airing on his birthday.

7 A

The intimate one on one interview specials, with today's
hottest talents such as Steve Harvey, Mo'nique, Star Jones
Reynolds, Evander Holyfield and Pebbles.

"~f- U ~~-9~~~

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TV-ONE his Wee

d 0 .Mw
p0 'r

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IND A 3 4 News The Morning Show IThe Morning Show Judge Alex [Judge Alex Maury Eye for an Eye IEye for an Eye
NBC (03D 11 12 Good Morning Jacksonville Today Live With Regis and Kelly Martha
ION 13 12 2 Varied Programs Shepherd's Chapel Paid Program Life Today Christians-Jews Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS I 8 5 Between-Lions Postcards Arthur Clifford's-Days Curious George Clifford-Red Dragon Tales BiBigig World Sesame Street Caillou Barney-Frienou
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IND 3 4 News Paid Program Maury Dr. Phil Rachael Ray Oprah Winfrey News News
NBC j 111 12 News Be a Millionaire Days of our Lives Passions Montel Williams Be a Millionaire Extra News News
ION i 12 2 Paid Program Paid Program Through Bible [Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
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SCW AI 9 7 Cristina's Court Cristina's Court The Tyra Banks Show The 700 Club What I Like What Like Reba Reba The Tyra Banks Show
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TBS 17 18 NewsRadio ICosby Show Steve Harvey ISteve Harvey Fresh Prince [Fresh Prince Home Improve. IHome Improve. Yes, Dear Yes, Dear King of Queens IKing of Queens
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FOX 0 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld Ct House "Skin Deep" (CC) 24 (N) 0 (PA) (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld 4 Frasier (CC)
IND C 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil ) (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC M 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Deal or No Deal (N) (CC) Heroes 'The Hard Part" Real-Crashers News (N) Tonight
ION (C 12 2 Moral Court C0 (CC) Amen Alice 0 Mama [Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr [WonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
-PSS 8 5 Cliff Pup [Business News-Lehrer Antiques Roadshow (N) Jackie Gleason American Experience Secrets of the Dead (CC)
TBN 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Cameron Jakes Dino Chironna Kingdom [Duplantis Praise the Lord (CC)
CW 'i7'. 9 7 Friends 6t lwill-Grace My Wife Jim Hates Chris JAll of Us IN) Girlfriends (N) (CCI Friends C [My Wife Jim jSex & City
COMI 65 43 ** Madhouse l'ii iC: IScrubs ,: :-". Scrubs:' I Dail Show Colbert Chappelle's Soulh Park Scrubs '. Scrubs .: Dally Show iColberi
DISN 22 16 S Rav Rav en Raven Montana ,Suite Life An Extremely Gooly Movie 12,i0.,' K. Possible Life Derek Phil Suite Life !So Raven
ESPI 48 34 SportsCenter ,L. ,i i MLB Baseball '- :i.. I I- .r i ;i '.' ',-,r ,'1..-- u:j- :i 1 l.,.. '..-. Baseball Tonight ,L,.e; SportsCenter L, -, .L'C;
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven "We Do" JFalcon Beach (N) (CC) Kyle XY (CC) Whose? IWhose? Whose? Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 r r Mrs. Sn 'h .-~~: ''; i :, Real Time The Sopranos s .'.*.: I De La Hoya The Break-Up '10i:'ol '.'in. '.uihn
LIFE 18 128 R-eba iR.b. '. j S i r sd Still Stnd Reba I' Rebla .' Tell Me No Lies I ..-i .i, IP ll,.rt .'.l Prni,,.r:e Will-Grace Will-Grace
!i'IlCK 42 41 School jOddParents !OddParents INeutron SpongeBob Drake Videos JFull House [Roseanne [Roseanne IFresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
SPIN!E 61 i37 r.1i Crime S_':ri !csl Cr'me 5cn CSi: Crime Scn Ou ol Time '.,, '- iii r,-n- ',i:iti'.'n E. i, __
TBS 17 17 8 Seinfeld i6 Seinfeld fa Rayinonri Raymond Friends n [Friends Friens friends i Family Guy Family Guy [Seinfeld Seinfeld

46 [17 Law & Order "Sundown"
.4 23 La.-.; .'., O d:r S'.UJ

|Law & Order (CC) (DVS)
lr-j' Order C (

NBA Basketball Conference Semifinal -- Teams TBA (Live) (CC) [NBA Basketball: Conference Semifinal
Li & Oidr-r SVU IV/VE londa Nighi FIa L.:*., : Order S:.U

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The Star

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ABC 5 10 News (N) ABC News News (N) Extra (N) 0 George Lopez (N) (CC) Dancing With the Stars Boston Legal (N) 0 (CC) News (N) Nightline
CBS 4 6 9 News (N) News. Judge Judy Raymond NCIS "Trojan Horse" (N) The Unit "Paradise Lost" Without a Trace A( (CC) News (N) Late Shovr
FOX N 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 American Idol (CC) House "Resignation" (N) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld 6 Frasier (CC)
IND ~ 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC & 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC 0 (CC) Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU News (N) Tonight
ION Z i 12 2 Moral Court 0 (CC) MLB Baseball Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Baltimore Orioles. (Live) WonderYr IWonderYr BodogFight f (CC)
PBS C3 8 5 Cliff Pup IBusiness News-Lehrer Nova (N) ft (CC) (DVS) Niagara Falls Frontline "When Kids Get Life" (N) a ILens
TBN 0 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Dr. Baugh Wheaton Awakening Meyer John Hagee IJoy-Music Praise the Lord (CC)
CW )1 9 7 Friends f Will-Grace My Wife Jim Gilmore Girls (N) 6 (CC) Veronica Mars (N) (CC) Friends 0 My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 Shrimp-Barbie Scrubs (CCI Scrubs ICCj Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park Mencia Mencia Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Phil So Raven Montana Suite Life ** Mulan 11998). Lea Salonga (CC) So Raven Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter iLivLel CCI NFL Live U.S. Poker ChampionshiplContender Challenge Baseball Tonight Liv-i SportsCenter rLi'..- ICC'
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven i' iCC) ISmallville R.i'c ICCi *** A League of Their Own (1992) Tom Hanks Geena Daviw, Madornn (CCI The 700 Club ICc.,
HBO 2 201 The Ring Two (2005 Naomi Warts. ft (CC) United 93 (2006) David Alan Basche. ft (CCi IThe Sopranos fs (CCi Entourage jDe La Hoya
LIFE 18 28 Reba ICCi Reba iCCi Still Sind Still Stnd Reba iCCI Reba ICCI Nora Roberts' Montana Sky t2007i John C:.rirtt Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Funniest IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. [Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSa: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn UFC Unleashed Bullrun (N) 6i The Ultimate Fighter 4
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 4 ISeinfeldf Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Sex & City Sex & City Friends IFriends Sex & City ex & City
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Untitled" NBA Basketball Conference Semifinal -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball Conference Semifinal -- TeamsTBA. (Live) (CC)
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law Order: CI jLaw & Order: SVU I| Liar Liar (1997) Jim Carrey Maura Tierney iCC) ILaw Order: Cl

Wednesday Evening http://www.zap2it.com May 9, 2007
*icfrrllil~Rc1r111Fi ---. I *1* I, SI i il M .....
ABC 5 10 'News (N) ABC News News (N) Extra (N) 4 Jim IUnderbelly Lost "The Brig" Co (CC) Lost (N) Ct (CC) News (N) Nightline
CBS I 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Jericho "Why We Fight" Criminal Minds "Legacy" CSI: NY (N) 0 (CC) News (N) Late Show~
FOX 0 110 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6f Bones (N) 6t (PA) (CC) American Idol (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld 0 Frasier (CC)
IND 9D 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 46 (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The insider
NBC 9 i11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Thank God You're Here Crossing Jordan (N) (CC) Medium (N) A (CC) News (N) Tonight
ION D 112 2 Moral Court 0 (CC) Amen t Alice A Mama IMama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS M 8 5 Cliff Pup [Business News-Lehrer Secrets of the Dead (N) Secret Files Secret Files An Ice Cream Show (CC)
TBN 9) 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Clement IJeffrey Bible IVan Impe Praise the Lord (CC)
CW ( i 9 7 Friends 0 Will-Grace My Wife Jim Next Top Model One Tree Hill (N) ) (CC) Friends 4) My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 165 43 ** overnight Delivery Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's ISouth Park South Park Halfway Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Montana ISo Raven Montana Suite Life Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (CC) Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN i48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) MLB Baseball Texas Rangers at New York Yankees. (Subject to Blackout) (CC) Baseball Tonight (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 71h Heaven D,.:k C i Smallville Magnei,: i ] ** Sister Act 11992) Whoopi Goldberg (CC) Whose? IWhose? The 700 Club iCC.i
HBO 2 201 ** The Family Stone 6 ** Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) Steve Martin f6 Shrek IEntourage Real Time The Sopranos ( i.CCi
LIFE 18 28 Reba rCCi Reba (CCi Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba iCC) Reba ICCI Between Truth and Lies (2006) Mariel Heminuway Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Videos IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scene CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: NY "Stealing Home*~
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 6' ISeinfeld as Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Raymond jRaymond King King Sweet November iCC)
TNT '46 17 Without a Trace 4t (CC) Without a Trace 40 (CC) NBA Basketball Conference Semifinal -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball: Conference Semifinal
USA 164 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU JLaw & Order: SVU ILaw & Order: SVU JLaw Order: Cl

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 04/23/07
1. American Idol, Wed. FOX
2. American Idol, Tues., FOX
3. House, FOX
4. CSI:Miami, CBS
5. Grey's Anatomy, ABC
6. The Game, CW
7. Dancing with the Stars (Monday), ABC
9. Shark, CBS
10. Without A Trace, CBS

Source: Nielsen Media Research

9 p.m. on
... CBS M
CSI: Miami:
i I"- They may be
*.. .. hot, but some-
one wants
them in the
cold, cold
ground. A
criminal cou-
pie (Chris Batstone, Ana
Alexander) whose sex appeal
got them lots of media atten-
tion are released from prison
in "Free Fall." They may have
paid their debts to society, but
somebody thinks they still owe
and is trying to kill them. Emily
Procter also stars.

8:30 p.m. on
The New Ad-
ventures of
Old Chris-
h tine: Fun has
Sconse -
This shouldn't
be news to Christine; she has
a child, after all. But it turns
out one crazy night could ruin
her chance to be more than
Ritchie's (Trevor Gagnon)
mom where his handsome
teacher, Mr. Haris (Blair Un-
derwood), is concerned. Oh,

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The Star

Thursday Evening http://www.zap2it.com May 10, 2007

ABC ~25 5 10 News (N) ABC News News (N) Exlra i,.) ( Ugly Bely NJ) i, CCl Grey's Anatomy IN) iCC) Traveler PIl ',N) i,CC, News (ri) Nightline
CS K7 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Survivor: Fiji (N) ) (CC) CSI: Crime Scn Without a Trace (N) (CC) News (N) Late Show
FOX 130 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 0 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (N) 6 (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld f Frasier (CC)
IND 9D i3 4 News(N) News (N) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) IDr. Phil a (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC 111 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Name Earl The Office (N) t (CC) IScrubs (N) ER "Sea Change" (N) 0t News (N) Tonight
ION 2112 2 Moral Court 0 (CC) Amen 6 Alice 0 Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS 8 5 Cliff Pup IBusiness News-Lehrer The This Old House Hour Antiques Roadshow (CC) Warplane 0 (Part 1 of 2) (CC) (DVS)
TBN (i 113 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Majesty JM. Youssef Jakes IThis Is Day Praise the Lord (CC)
CW i 9 7 Friends A Will-Grace My Wife Jim Smallville "Prototype" (N) Supernatural (N) (CC) Friends My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 165 43 Juwanna Mann (2002) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park South Park Spade Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Suite Life ISo Raven Montana Suite Life **k* Stuart Little 2 (2002) Geena ,Davis (Lile Derek Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
E8PN i 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball Conference Semifinal Game 2 -- Teams TBA. NBA Basketball: Conference Semifinal
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven (CCI ISmallville nSrit-redl i *** Superman (1978, Science Fictionj Ch-rilopher Ree've. Gene Hacdrrnan (CCI The 700 Club iCC)
HBO 2 201 Looking lor Comedy in the Muslim World 12005) *** Jarhead 12005. War) .I.kte Gyllenhaal ia iCC) |Big Love "Ejir ICCi Orgasm: A Real Sex Xtra
LIFE 18 28 Reba ICCi Reba ICi: Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba iCCr Reba iCCi A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araulo Story i;L,06i ICCi Desperate Housewives
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Videos IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn TNA Wrestling Impact! The Ultimate Fighter (N) UFC Unleashed 6
TBS 17 18 Seinleld ISeinleld a, Raymond IRaymond Friends 44 Friends a, Friends IFriends 6, Exit Wounds 12001) iPP] S.leven Seagal' (CC
TNT 46 17 Without a Trace i, CI: Without a Trace at iCC *** The Filth Element 119971 Bruce Wills Gary Oldmarn CC I The Fifth Element 1i '17) ICC,
USA ,64 25 Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU JLaw & Order: SVU ]Law Order: CI JLaw Order: CI

Friday Evening http://www.zap2it.com May 11, 2007

ABC 5 j 5 10 News (N) ABC News News (N) Extra (N) 6 Grey's Anatomy 6 (CC) 20/20 (CC) 20/20 (CC) News (N) Nightline
CB @ 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Ghost Whisperer (N) (CC) Close to Home (N) (CC) NUMB3RS (N) 6 (CC) News (N) Late Show
FOX i 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld t Nanny 911 0 (CC) Bones 0 (PA) (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld 6 Frasier (CC)
IND C 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC U2 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Making the Cut Dateline NBC (CC) Law & Order (N) A (CC) News (N). Tonight
ION 21 12 2 Moral Court 6 (CC) Amen 6 Alice 6 Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS M 8 5 Cliff Pup IBusiness News-Lehrer Wash Wk Review NOW (N) t McLaughlin Bill Moyers' Journal (N) Secrets of the Dead 0
TBN E9) 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Bible Primary Behind Hal Lindsey Joel Osteen Price Praise the Lord (CC)
CW C1 9 7 Friends 0 Will-Grace My Wife Jim WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) 6 (CC) Friends My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 Drive Me Crazy (1999) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's IChappelle's Presents Demetri Martin (CC) Presents
DISN 22 16 Life Derek ISo Raven Life Derek Suite Life Montana Cory *** Finding Nemo (2003) Voices of Albert Brooks. Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball Conference Semifinal Game 2 -- Teams TBA. INBA Basketball: Conference Semifinal
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven (CC) ISmallville "Asylum" (CC) *** Mrs. Doubtfire (1993, Comedy) Robin Williams, Sally Field. (CC) The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 ** She's the Man (2006) Amanda Bynes. f (CC) ** The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) 6 IEntourage IEntourage Real Time
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CC) Reba (CC) The Perfect Neighbor (2005) Perry King. (CC) Good Times Roll: Bunco
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron Nicktoon Nicktoon Nicktoon INicktoon Videos IFull House Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
SPikE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn UFC Fight Night 0
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 6 ISeinfeld 0 MLB Baseball Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates. (Subject to Blackout) (CC) Raymond Raymond I* Vegas Vacation (1997)
TNT 46 17 Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Maritime' *** Spider-Man (2002) Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe. (CC) *** Spider-Man (2002, Action) (CC)
USA 64 25 Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU [Monk (CC) IHouse "Family" 6 (CC)

Wassup cont'd from D-4
Osborn who takes his
father's place as the
new Goblin. Ether kick
their behinds or let them
do what they do but you
don't try to reason with
hardened criminals and
plead with them to see
the light. This movie
does not live up to the
hype but some die hard
Spiderman fans will
swear by it anyway.
Hit me up at feed-
backry ch @

9 p.m. on
CBS (47M
SThe Unit: In
S "; their line of
work, they
/ sometimes
have to break
the rules, but
somebody is-
n't happy about that. In the
season finale, the Unit returns
from a mission to some dis-
turbing news: An agency is in-
vestigating its less-than-legal
activities on past missions.
The result could be criminal
charges and possibly even the
end of the Unit. Dennis Hays-
bert and Scott Foley star.
A-i -I "

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The Star